Archive 02/24/2020

Type »

The moderation team is working with the threat intelligence team to categorize software that is affected by security vulnerabilities. This helps to illustrate the assignment of these categories to determine the most affected software types.

Product »

Grouping vulnerabilities by products helps to get an overview. This makes it possible to determine an homogeneous landscape or the most important hotspots in heterogeneous landscapes.

Remediation »

Vendors and researchers are eager to find countermeasures to mitigate security vulnerabilities. These can be distinguished between multiple forms and levels of remediation which influence risks differently.

Exploitability »

Researcher and attacker which are looking for security vulnerabilities try to exploit them for academic purposes or personal gain. The level and quality of exploitability can be distinguished to determine simplicity and strength of attacks.

CVSSv3 Base »

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is an industry standard to define the characteristics and impacts of security vulnerabilities. The base score represents the intrinsic aspects that are constant over time and across user environments. Our unique meta score merges all available scores from different sources to aggregate to the most reliable result.

CVSSv3 Temp »

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) uses temp scores to reflect the characteristics of a vulnerability that may change over time but not across user environments. This includes reporting confidence, exploitability and remediation levels. We do also provide our unique meta score for temp scores, even though other sources rarely publish them.

Exploit 0-day »

The moderation team is working with the threat intelligence team to determine prices for exploits. Our unique algorithm is used to identify the 0-day prices for an exploit, before it got distributed or became public. Calculated prices are aligned to prices disclosed by vulnerability broker and compared to prices we see on exploit markets.

Exploit Today »

The 0-day prices do not consider time-relevant factors. The today price does reflect price impacts like disclosure of vulnerability details, alternative exploits, availability of countermeasures. These dynamic aspects might decrease the exploit prices over time. Under certain circumstances this happens very fast.

1505146.46.1Google Chrome v8 Type Confusion memory corruption$25k-$100k$5k-$25kHighOfficial FixCVE-2020-6418
1504875.45.4Widgets Extension privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9382
1504867.47.4Total.js CMS POST Request admin.js Remote Code Execution$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9381
1504858.58.5TP-LINK TL-WR849N Traceroute command injection$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9374
1504846.46.4sympa Parameter Flooding denial of service$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9369
1504838.58.2GNU screen Escape memory corruption$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2020-9366
1504827.47.4Pure-FTPd utils.c pure_strcmp memory corruption$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9365
1504816.56.3Sophos Endpoint Protection AV Parsing Engine privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2020-9363
1504806.56.5Quick Heal Total Security AV Parsing Engine privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-9362
1504778.58.5Yarn Remote Code Execution$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-8131
1504766.86.8Rake FileList privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-8130
1504756.75.9Dropwizard-Validation Self-validating Remote Code Execution$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2020-5245
1504745.75.0BuddyPress REST API Endpoint information disclosure$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2020-5244
1504736.46.4DNN Permission privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-5188
1504727.57.5DNN directory traversal$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-5187
1504714.74.7DNN cross site scripting$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-5186
1504709.89.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus HTTP Command privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-4222
1504699.89.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus HTTP Command privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-4213
1504689.89.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus HTTP Command privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-4212
1504679.89.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus HTTP Command privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-4211
1504669.89.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus HTTP Command privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-4210
1504656.46.4Kylin REST API privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-1937
1504646.16.1Apache Tomcat Header Parsing Request Smuggling privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2020-1935
1504634.34.3IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-4745
1504624.84.8IBM Spectrum Protect Plus information disclosure$5k-$25k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-4703
1504616.26.2IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Standard Edition Open Redirect$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-4595
1504606.36.3McAfee Web Advisor Web Interface Code Execution cross site scripting$5k-$25k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-3670
1504594.64.4Miele XGW 3000 ZigBee Gateway Change privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-20481
1504584.03.9Miele XGW 3000 ZigBee Gateway Admin Panel cross site request forgery$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-20480
1504577.57.2zsh setuid() privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-20044
1504568.58.2Pacman sync.c apply_deltas() command injection$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-18183
1504558.57.5Pacman conf.c download_with_xfercommand() command injection$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-18182
1504545.25.2Apache Tomcat Header Request Smuggling privilege escalation$5k-$25k$5k-$25kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-17569
1504535.25.2motors-car-dealership-classified-listings Plugin options.php cross site scripting$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-17229
1504526.96.9motors-car-dealership-classified-listings Plugin options.php privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-17228
1504515.55.5Centreon Web weak authentication$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-15299
1504505.24.9Netgear Nighthawk X10-R900 Stored cross site scripting$5k-$25k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-12513
1504495.24.9Netgear Nighthawk X10-R900 HTTP Header Stored cross site scripting$5k-$25k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-12512
1504485.55.3Netgear Nighthawk X10-R900 SOAP Endpoint privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-12511
1504477.77.3Netgear Nighthawk X10-R900 SOAP API server_sa weak authentication$5k-$25k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-12510
1504468.58.2compile-sass index.js setupCleanupOnExit(cssPath) privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2019-10799
1504455.55.5rdf-graph-array rdf.Graph.prototype.add privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-10798
1504448.58.5rpi gpio.js GPIO privilege escalation$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2019-10796
1504438.08.0Drobo 5N2 weak authentication$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedNot DefinedCVE-2018-14705
1504425.45.1TOTOLINK A3002RU password.htm information disclosure$0-$5k$0-$5kNot DefinedOfficial FixCVE-2018-13313

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