The quality of a vulnerability database heavily relies on the update procedures of existing entries. Our vulnerability moderation team is updating such on a daily basis. We distinguish between to procedures:

  • Old entries are validated: All data is verified if it still holds true. Sources are queried to see of there are any new changes.
  • Sources are monitored for new changes: Sources are reviewed to determine if there are any new changes published affecting existing entries.
Furthermore, registered users are able to commit edits to existing entries via the web interface. All changes are reviewed by the moderation team to provide the expected quality assurance.

The prioritizing of monitoring and processing is defined by several factors like popularity of products, distribution in professional environments and SLA agreements with our enterprise customers. Our enterprise customers are able to establish custom SLA agreements.

Whenever a change is detected, the affected entry is updated. It is the goal to keep entries as complete and updated as possible. Edits are reflected in the changelog and the last update timestamp to help users to recognize changes.

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