Exploits Topinfo

Top vulnerabilities with the highest exploit price at the moment. These price estimations are calculated prices based on mathematical algorithm. This algorithm got developed by our specialists over the years by observing the exploit market structure and exchange behavior of involved actors. It allows the prediction of generic prices by considering multiple technical aspects of the affected vulnerability. The more technical details are available the higher the accuracy of the reproducable approximation.

1Google Chrome Web Sockets use after free [CVE-2021-21157]$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
2Google Chrome V8 heap-based overflow [CVE-2021-21156]$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
3Google Chrome Tab Strip heap-based overflow [CVE-2021-21155]$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
4🔒︎ Login required$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
5🔒︎ Login required$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
6🔒︎ Login required$5k-$25k$25k-$100k
1Cisco Webex Meetings Web-based Interface cross site scriting$0-$5k$5k-$25k
2Linux Kernel BPF __cgroup_bpf_run_filter_getsockopt heap-based overflow$0-$5k$5k-$25k
3Django ASGI channels.http.AsgiHandler Remote Privilege Escalation$0-$5k$5k-$25k
4🔒︎ Login required$0-$5k$5k-$25k
5🔒︎ Login required$0-$5k$5k-$25k
6🔒︎ Login required$0-$5k$5k-$25k

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