Version 16.3.4 (11/26/2022)

  • Commit dae79
    Improved extended CPE dictionary generation. By dropping attributes that are not necessary the file generation becomes faster and the file becomes smaller.

Version 16.3.3 (11/25/2022)

  • Commit 726b4
    Hardware upgrade for better memory and processing handling.

Version 16.3.2 (11/22/2022)

  • Commit 21d9b
    Improved coverage and flagging of software products known to be end-of-life.

Version 16.3.1 (11/21/2022)

  • Commit 23f71
    Better handling of vulnerability entries flagges as false-positives or revoked data parts. Summaries reflect the status better and overviews tag them more prominent.

Version 16.3.0 (11/18/2022)

  • Commit 085b7
    Additional links to the internal knowledge base and external sources available in vulnerability summaries and descriptions. This makes research a lot faster, easier, and more comfortable.

Version 16.2.0 (11/08/2022)

  • Commit ba2e4
    Customer request
    Introduction of the field software_support_availability to identify products which are end-of-life. These are shown in vulnerability entries and since API 3.51.

Version 16.1.1 (11/07/2022)

  • Commit 21a87
    Customer request
    Fixed a bug where some searches for CPE strings were not working properly.

Version 16.1.0 (10/31/2022)

  • Commit 62218
    Customer request
    Introduction of the fields software_license_type and software_license_name to better understand licensing and support coverage of an affected product. These are shown in vulnerability entries and since API 3.50.

Version 16.0.3 (10/20/2022)

Version 16.0.2 (10/19/2022)

  • Vulnerability entries without the definition of software_version but with a definition of countermeasure_upgrade_version will show this information properly in the document title.

Version 16.0.1 (10/18/2022)

  • Commit f18ee
    Vulnerability entries list associated changesets with date and count of changes. This makes it easier to understand the lifecycle of an entry.

Version 16.0.0 (10/15/2022)

  • Commit 30f76
    Customer request
    The vulnerability data team is taking advantage of the new source monitoring modules. An advanced artificial intelligence enumerates different sources to determine new vulnerabilities or additional details. If such are found, they are added to the submission queue and will be reviewed by the moderation team. This will increase coverage, processing speed, and data quality of vulnerability entries drastically.

Version 15.5.6 (10/10/2022)

Version 15.5.5 (10/07/2022)

  • Commit fb472
    Optimization of the user menu as shown on devices with smaller screens.

Version 15.5.4 (10/06/2022)

  • Commit 78b19
    Sites showing search results with a new search form will set the focus on the form field for faster processing of new search queries.

Version 15.5.3 (09/30/2022)

  • Commit 53399
    Customer request
    In API 3.48 fixed an issue for the field parameter where only old notations of vulnerability_cvss3_basevector_vuldb and vulnerability_cvss3_tempvector_vuldb instead also of vulnerability_cvss3_vuldb_basevector and vulnerability_cvss3_vuldb_tempvector were supported.

  • Commit 4995f
    In API 1.16/2.34/3.49 a more graceful handling of too many definitions in the fields parameter got established. If there are too many fields defined, only the first ones will be used and the others silently ignored.

Version 15.5.2 (09/28/2022)

Version 15.5.1 (09/25/2022)

Version 15.5.0 (09/23/2022)

Version 15.4.1 (09/20/2022)

  • Commit c9710
    Improved the declaration of impacts within description and summaries of vulnerabilities.

Version 15.4.0 (09/19/2022)

Version 15.3.11 (09/18/2022)

Version 15.3.10 (09/15/2022)

  • Commit 8028c
    Better memory handling of the service to improve responsiveness of queries and views.

Version 15.3.9 (09/14/2022)

Version 15.3.8 (09/11/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where empty CWE data was shown in vulnerability entries. This was just an interface error on the web frontend.

Version 15.3.7 (09/08/2022)

  • Commit e5ba5
    Customer request
    Fixed an issue with the RSS feeds where certain special characters in the title element lead to XML validation errors. Reported by Calvin Mende.

Version 15.3.6 (09/07/2022)

Version 15.3.5 (09/06/2022)

  • Commit 144c0
    Customer request
    Fixed an issue where certain search requests via web and API were not executed at all. Reported by user showmax

Version 15.3.4 (09/05/2022)

  • Commit 61068
    Another performance improvement of search queries. Lookups for functions and arguments are now multiple times faster as well.

Version 15.3.3 (09/02/2022)

  • Commit 6ae56
    Customer request
    Performance improvement of search queries. Especially queries for URLs are now multiple times faster.

Version 15.3.2 (08/30/2022)

Version 15.3.1 (08/29/2022)

Version 15.3.0 (08/27/2022)

  • Commit 13bc6
    Customer request
    Vulnerability entries show multiple CWE if available. In this case they are listed in descending order of accuracy.

Version 15.2.3 (08/19/2022)

  • Commit 87315
    Vulnerability entries flagged as false-positive are shown with this tag in lists (e.g. overview, search).

Version 15.2.2 (08/17/2022)

  • Commit 4bf82
    Another improvement of entropy of the CSRF token generation for critical forms.

Version 15.2.1 (08/14/2022)

  • Commit 6d5fa
    In API 3.46 he virtual fields advisory_reportconfidence, exploit_exploitability, countermeasure_remediationlevel provide better data accurary to improve data quality.

Version 15.2.0 (08/11/2022)

  • Commit c5cd8
    Customer request
    In API 3.45 the Vulnerability API is able to show additional CTI information by enabling cti=1 within requests. This is possible for free accounts, commercial accounts and enterprise accounts with the CTI option enabled. The real-time availability of the data introduces some increased round trip times for such queries.

Version 15.1.2 (08/09/2022)

Version 15.1.1 (07/12/2022)

  • Commit b168a
    Fixed an issue where vulnerabilities with product versions ending with .x wildcards were handled inapprorpiately.

Version 15.1.0 (07/08/2022)

  • Commit 5134e
    Customer request
    Certain views contain a column listing the latest EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System) values for vulnerabilities.

Version 15.0.0 (07/05/2022)

  • Commit c13ba
    Customer request
    In API 3.44 introduced the CTI API which supports the request types ipaddr, actor, and events. API credit consumption is slightly different than within the Vulnerability API.

Version 14.27.1 (06/29/2022)

  • Commit 093a3
    Listing of important identifiers of vulnerabilities were optimized to provide better searchability.

Version 14.27.0 (06/24/2022)

  • Commit ab1f7
    English vulnerability descriptions explain the vulnerability classes according to the CWE definitions.

Version 14.26.6 (06/23/2022)

  • Commit 0761d
    Improved the support for less popular CWE classes to provide better identification capabilities of exotic vulnerabilities.

Version 14.26.5 (06/16/2022)

  • Commit 4a400
    Faster synchronization of EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System) data to increase confidence of predictions.

Version 14.26.4 (06/11/2022)

  • Commit e54df
    Improved version listing for releases using letters in version numbering (e.g. OpenSSL).

Version 14.26.3 (06/10/2022)

  • Commit 986a8
    Better accuracy of product requests in the Monoblock.

Version 14.26.2 (06/07/2022)

Version 14.26.1 (06/02/2022)

Version 14.26.0 (06/01/2022)

  • Commit 6b2ff
    Customer request
    Introduction of the Exploit Prediction Scoring System which is able to predict chances of successful exploitation of vulnerabilities. Official EPSS data is kept in sync and shown in the vulnerability details.

  • Commit 51aab
    Customer request
    In API 2.32/3.43 introduced the fields exploit_epss_score and exploit_epss_percentile which provide live data of EPSS (Exploit Prediction Scoring System) to predict chances of successful exploitation.

Version 14.25.10 (05/31/2022)

  • Fixed an issue where certain links were not correctly used in the vulnerability summaries for authenticated users. Reported by Andrea Hauser

Version 14.25.9 (05/25/2022)

Version 14.25.8 (05/23/2022)

  • Commit 01046
    Customer request
    In API 3.41 accessing the field software_cpe23 is possible again. Other major releases of the API were not affected. Reported by Stefan Sander.

Version 14.25.7 (05/15/2022)

Version 14.25.6 (05/12/2022)

Version 14.25.5 (05/11/2022)

Version 14.25.4 (05/10/2022)

Version 14.25.3 (05/06/2022)

  • Commit e8a31
    The latest videos shown on the frontpage are updated faster to provide access to the latest entries.

  • Commit dfe4e
    Customer request
    In API 1.14/2.31/3.41 fixed an issue where requests with entry_timestamp_create did include entries that matched entry_timestamp_change instead. Reported by user

Version 14.25.2 (05/04/2022)

  • Commit 52eb6
    The personal view of My Alert shows matching entries ranging back 90 days.

Version 14.25.1 (05/03/2022)

Version 14.25.0 (05/02/2022)

Version 14.24.1 (04/29/2022)

Version 14.24.0 (04/27/2022)

  • Commit 91fce
    Customer request
    In API 3.40 using the parameter format=csv makes it possible to output vulnerability data as CSV. Not all request types are supported, not all fields are included, and API header information is not part of the output.

Version 14.23.1 (04/25/2022)

  • Commit c49ec
    Improved the actor and compaign association of the CTI module. Interlinking data is better and provides results with increased accuracy.

  • Commit 30e2c
    CTI indicators shown are either verified or predictive and shown with the associated tag.

Version 14.23.0 (04/24/2022)

Version 14.22.0 (04/21/2022)

Version 14.21.2 (04/20/2022)

  • Commit 1ca57
    Customer request
    Alerts sent via email use asterisks to prevent Microsoft Outlook from deleting newlines.

  • Commit 1ca57
    Alerts sent via email refer to entries with the new format VDB-1234 instead of the old format ID 1234.

  • Commit 00701
    Switched symbols used in the community activity stream from emoji to a dedicated font to provide better reliability on different platforms.

Version 14.21.1 (04/19/2022)

  • Commit 90187
    Certain elements on the frontpage use additional icons to visualize data sources.

Version 14.21.0 (04/16/2022)

  • Commit 0063c
    In API 3.39 enabled auto-complete feature for software_type even if the field is not yet defined in the monoblock.

Version 14.20.9 (04/14/2022)

Version 14.20.8 (04/13/2022)

Version 14.20.7 (04/11/2022)

  • Commit 766de
    Performance optimization of certain filtered views used by the CNA team.

  • Commit 45617
    Customer request
    The autocomplete feature for versioning of certain products was not able to finalize the output. Reported by user lywand

Version 14.20.6 (04/09/2022)

Version 14.20.5 (04/08/2022)

Version 14.20.4 (04/01/2022)

  • Commit 8e9e6
    The overview of monitored actors displays the number of collected IOC (Indicators of Compromise), TTP (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures), IOA (Indicators of Attack), campaigns and external references.

Version 14.20.3 (03/29/2022)

  • Commit 45456
    New overview of actors shows the amount of available indicators and used sources. The list is also sortable for better viewing.

Version 14.20.2 (03/28/2022)

  • Commit fdbeb
    Update of icons used in menus and on other parts of the service.

Version 14.20.1 (03/26/2022)

Version 14.20.0 (03/21/2022)

Version 14.19.0 (03/20/2022)

Version 14.18.4 (03/19/2022)

Version 14.18.3 (03/15/2022)

  • Commit c2804
    Scrollbars of elements provide better styling to improve user experience, especially on smaller screens.

Version 14.18.2 (03/14/2022)

Version 14.18.1 (03/10/2022)

  • Commit 25bad
    Improved layout of the changelog items to provide better visibility.

  • Commit ed2be
    Timelines in vulnerability entries do always link to countermeasures if patch or upgrade URLs are known.

  • Some links to countermeasures were clickable but still threw a 404 even though the requested resources were available. Reported by user mael

Version 14.18.0 (03/09/2022)

  • Commit 72d69
    Items listed in legends of charts are clickable to allow quick drilldowns.

  • Certain pie charts did not reflect the correct number of known matches.

Version 14.17.5 (03/07/2022)

  • Commit c162c
    A better layout helps vulnerability moderators to identify priority entries in the submission queue.

Version 14.17.4 (03/01/2022)

  • In certain views the generation of timeline graphs was not possible if the advisory_date of an entry has been changed to another year.

Version 14.17.3 (02/28/2022)

Version 14.17.2 (02/27/2022)

  • Commit c8b23
    Performance optimization of list views which contain CVSSv3 Meta Scores.

  • Under certain circumstances an existing remediation level based on the field countermeasure_remediationlevel was not shown correctly.

Version 14.17.1 (02/25/2022)

  • Commit 4882d
    Icon text in the submenu allows hyphenation to optimize the view on narrow screens.

  • Commit 60d49
    Charts for timespans are optimized to zoom into the timeframe whenever possible and useful.

Version 14.17.0 (02/23/2022)

  • Commit f8d99
    The applicable copyright license is shown in the footer of the page.

Version 14.16.1 (02/22/2022)

  • Commit c6483
    Table listings with narrow columns provide better spacing to fit the content.

Version 14.16.0 (02/21/2022)

  • Commit 93389
    Customer request
    The CTI views do allow for drilldown of IP addresses as IoC (Indicator of Compromise).

  • Commit 9e1e2
    Customer request
    Listing of version numbers ranging back to 0.x might have contained version 0.0. This is usually wrong and got fixed. Thanks to Cheek Yang of xFusion Digital Technologies for making us aware of this issue.

Version 14.15.1 (02/20/2022)

  • Commit 24c78
    Certain CTI views which have complex hostnames as IoC (Indicator of Compromise) allow much faster analysis.

Version 14.15.0 (02/18/2022)

  • Commit 4da51
    Customer request
    Custom CTI analysis contains IOC (Indicator of Compromise), TTP (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures) and IOA (Indicator of Attack) as well.

Version 14.14.0 (02/17/2022)

  • Commit 52552
    Customer request
    The CTI view for countries lists popular TTP (Tactics, Techniques, Procedures) and IOA (Indicator of Attack) as well.

Version 14.13.4 (02/09/2022)

  • Commit 291bf
    Search requests for CVE identifiers detects mismatching dashes (e.g. en and em) and corrects them automatically.

Version 14.13.3 (02/08/2022)

Version 14.13.2 (01/31/2022)

  • Commit b0bff
    Activity charts provide data with better accuracy.

  • Commit b0bff
    Activity charts have a better performance during generation.

Version 14.13.1 (01/30/2022)

  • Commit f1aa5
    Performance optimization of APT actor association charts during generation.

Version 14.13.0 (01/28/2022)

Version 14.12.1 (01/27/2022)

  • Commit 37a7c
    In API 1.13/2.29/3.37 provoking 405 Unknown request type errors again is only possible after a few minutes. This prevents flooding the API access log and prevents misconfigured clients from exhausting the API credits quickly.

Version 14.12.0 (01/24/2022)

Version 14.11.8 (01/21/2022)

  • Commit b1aa4
    Improvement of URL validation during moderation to prevent incorrect values.

Version 14.11.7 (01/15/2022)

  • Commit 9fa88
    Improved security of SPF and DMARC. Recommendations were submitted by Nikhil Rane.

  • Commit 9fa88
    Improved security and usability of signup procedure and passwort recovery procedure. Recommendations were submitted by Nikhil Rane.

Version 14.11.6 (01/14/2022)

  • Commit 68c68
    Layout optimization of certain forms using additional information or CAPTCHA elements.

Version 14.11.5 (01/13/2022)

  • Commit ac2a6
    Performance tweaks of certain views.

Version 14.11.4 (01/12/2022)

Version 14.11.3 (01/11/2022)

  • Commit b59d0
    Performance and memory optimization of certain queries which do not need CTI data to be shown.

Version 14.11.2 (01/07/2022)

  • Commit 9ade9
    Multi-threading has been optimized to decrease resource consumption and to increase performance.

  • Commit 509bb
    External links in the table of contents of the Knowledge Base open a new window.

Version 14.11.1 (01/05/2022)

Version 14.11.0 (01/04/2022)

  • Commit bfdcd
    Customer request
    It is possible to do a CTI analysis of dedicated entries to show activities, interest distribution, active actors, and indicators of compromise. This feature requires an additional CTI license.

Version 14.10.2 (12/28/2021)

  • Users hiding their profile were not able to show their own profile. This has been fixed.

Version 14.10.1 (12/24/2021)

  • Commit 8b772
    Customer request
    Scrollbars on Mozilla browsers are styled or even hidden whenever useful to provide a better user experience on smaller screens.

Version 14.10.0 (12/23/2021)

Version 14.9.0 (12/22/2021)

Version 14.8.1 (12/18/2021)

Version 14.8.0 (12/17/2021)

  • Commit bb5ae
    Customer request
    Language support for Russian (ru). This includes basic parts of the web site and vulnerability details.

Version 14.7.0 (12/14/2021)

Version 14.6.0 (12/12/2021)

Version 14.5.0 (12/11/2021)

Version 14.4.1 (12/10/2021)

  • Commit 5213b
    Commit details show more information and link to additional resources.

  • Commit 03ef5
    Performance optimization of the front page which loads the vulnerability of the day much faster.

Version 14.4.0 (12/09/2021)

  • Commit 53394
    Customer request
    All documentation files are moved into the new Knowledge Base. Old links to the documentation remain valid.

  • Commit e75bd
    Optimized padding of breadcrumb items provides better usability.

Version 14.3.1 (12/08/2021)

  • Commit 9f087
    New multi-threading handling of expensive database queries increases the performance of many requests and views.

Version 14.3.0 (12/07/2021)

  • Commit 0328b
    Added a breadcrumb navigation item to access higher level sections easier.

  • Commit 20ade
    Release versions in the changelog might be accessed via ID.

  • The user data in the side menu are shown properly even if there are very long strings used.

Version 14.2.0 (12/06/2021)

Version 14.1.3 (12/05/2021)

  • Commit 6ba63
    Databox with vulnerability of the day uses better search box for increased accessibility.

Version 14.1.2 (12/04/2021)

  • Commit ab33b
    Responsive app elements behave better on smaller rectangular screens.

  • All risk views show data properly under any circumstances for authenticated users.

Version 14.1.1 (12/03/2021)

  • Commit e5209
    Customer request
    The layout for printing views is optimized for better user experience.

  • Commit d0822
    The language path for Japanese is changed from /jp/ to /ja/ to respect ISO 639-1 language two-letter conventions. Old links remain active and redirect to the new URL structure.

  • Commit fa317
    The user menu layout has been optimized for better readability. Especially VulDB moderators and administrators get easier access to relevant data.

Version 14.1.0 (12/02/2021)

  • Commit e68e7
    Some chart types, especially pie charts and doughnut charts, show an additional legend to provide better visibility of data.

  • Commit 2fa71
    Customer request
    The responsiveness of the user menu on the side behaves better on smaller screens.

  • Commit ee455
    External URLs to MITRE CVE link to the new domain.

Version 14.0.1 (12/01/2021)

Version 14.0.0 (11/30/2021)

  • Commit bb919
    Customer request
    Relaunch of the service with a new layout and extended app capabilities.

Version 13.41.1 (11/11/2021)

  • Commit a667c
    Vulnerability entries without user comments show the requested languages, even if English was the only language selected.

  • Commit 1ff69
    Layout of the login recommendation to comment on vulnerability entries was optimized.

Version 13.41.0 (11/10/2021)

  • Commit 0c2ae
    Customer request
    Commercial customers using credit card as payment method are able to show their last invoices online. Invoices and receipts can be downloaded from our partner Stripe. All documents are hosted externally. VulDB does not store credit card details, invoices nor receipts.

Version 13.40.1 (11/09/2021)

  • In API 2.28/3.36 the field vulnerability_bugbounty_price is only shown if there is a bug bounty price defined.

  • Commit 5fe48
    Performance improvement (CPU and memory consumption) of long list views.

Version 13.40.0 (11/08/2021)

  • Commit 505be
    Customer request
    in API 2.27/3.35 it is now possible to use URL encoding in advanced search queries to make them much easier to handle.

Version 13.39.1 (11/06/2021)

  • Commit 1c057
    Customer request
    Under rare circumstances a timeframe request did contain entries outside the defined timeframe. Additional validation has been introduced to prevent this effect. Reported by user guliang

Version 13.39.0 (11/03/2021)

  • Commit 02e0b
    Customer request
    Language support for Portuguese (pt). This includes basic parts of the web site and vulnerability details.

Version 13.38.0 (11/01/2021)

  • Commit 49840
    Customer request
    Enterprise customers are able to create a custom dashboard with individual charts and lists to maintain their professional vulnerability management.

Version 13.37.0 (10/29/2021)

  • Commit ecf36
    External links in vulnerability entries known to be not working anymore are flagged as 404 Not Found.

  • Commit 00f47
    In the commit view the column Moderated is renamed to Accepted to indicate the moment a change was approved.

Version 13.36.2 (10/27/2021)

  • Commit 6ba60
    Most recent entries on the frontpage are listed faster and with more details right after the creation of a new entry.

Version 13.36.1 (10/26/2021)

  • Commit fe47a
    Customer request
    Overview pages with an huge number of entries are not limited anymore.

Version 13.36.0 (10/25/2021)

Version 13.35.1 (10/19/2021)

  • Commit fab04
    Optimization of summaries and descriptions in certain languages to better consider the expected vulnerability class of an entry.

Version 13.35.0 (10/09/2021)

Version 13.34.0 (09/15/2021)

  • Commit 153c8
    In API 2.26/3.34 information about bug bounty organization vulnerability_bugbounty_organization, price vulnerability_bugbounty_price, and payout date vulnerability_bugbounty_payoutdate were introduced.

Version 13.33.1 (09/13/2021)

Version 13.33.0 (09/10/2021)

Version 13.32.4 (09/07/2021)

Version 13.32.3 (09/06/2021)

  • Commit 3c9ba
    Ranges between versions and up to versions are shown with even higher level of accuracy. This includes titles and summaries as well.

Version 13.32.2 (09/02/2021)

Version 13.32.1 (08/31/2021)

  • Commit 7ad33
    Hardware upgrade for better memory and processing handling.

Version 13.32.0 (08/27/2021)

Version 13.31.0 (08/26/2021)

Version 13.30.1 (08/25/2021)

Version 13.30.0 (08/24/2021)

Version 13.29.3 (08/23/2021)

  • Commit 2d4fa
    Vulnerability comments in a specific language are only shown if the site is loaded in that language.

Version 13.29.2 (08/22/2021)

  • Commit 12bbe
    Finalized data migration to provide much better performance.

  • Commit 363e0
    Performance optimization of the year views of CVSSv3, CVSSv2, and Exploits by eliminating redundant queries.

Version 13.29.1 (08/21/2021)

  • Commit b2396
    Eliminated all links to SecurityFocus vulnerability database as they discontinued the service. Thank you for all your contributions to the cyber security industry!

  • Commit adec0
    Re-ordered the listing of external resourced within the reference tables.

  • Commit 9b464
    New color scheme for yearly comparison of CVSS base and temp vectors.

Version 13.29.0 (08/19/2021)

Version 13.28.11 (08/18/2021)

  • Commit 2f6c2
    Announcement banner is shown only if necessary to provide the maximum of space.

  • Commit abbea
    Time-only statements are now always shown depending on the selected request language.

Version 13.28.10 (08/17/2021)

  • Commit 8ae38
    Vulnerability entries hide header tooltip icons as soon as the screen is too small to read them.

Version 13.28.9 (08/16/2021)

  • Commit 51f56
    Faster calculation and loading of Threat Intelligence activity index chart on the frontpage.

Version 13.28.8 (08/15/2021)

  • Commit 2b166
    Better performance thanks to optimized database index for several different tables.

Version 13.28.7 (08/08/2021)

  • Fixed a rare bug on the frontpage where very recent entries are not shown with all available technical details in the title.

Version 13.28.6 (08/07/2021)

Version 13.28.5 (08/05/2021)

  • Commit 98081
    Optimized the capabilities of searching with CPE strings. Such searches are now much faster and more accurate.

Version 13.28.4 (08/04/2021)

  • Commit b697e
    Customer request
    Aligned the listing of entry_changelog to show the field name of vulnerabilitycenter_lastupdatedate correctly. This issue was reported by Fergus Nelson.

  • Commit 006fc
    Customer request
    Under certain circumstances the calculation of exploit prices was not happening. This has been fixed. This bug was reported by Fergus Nelson.

Version 13.28.3 (08/02/2021)

  • Commit 9864d
    External redirects first tested for malicious code are using HTTP status code 301 Moved Permanently instead of 302 Found.

Version 13.28.2 (07/28/2021)

Version 13.28.1 (07/27/2021)

Version 13.28.0 (07/26/2021)

  • Commit 5f4e7
    Customer request
    Language support for Arabic (ar). This includes basic parts of the web site and vulnerability details. Right-to-left is implemented whenever required.

Version 13.27.4 (07/24/2021)

  • Commit 7430f
    Current CTI scores in overviews are loaded and shown much faster which improves speed of site generation.

  • Current CTI scores are shown in overviews in any case even if the servers are under heavy load.

  • Current CTI scores in overviews show the correct timestamp of the last update for the most recent entries in the tooltip of the field.

Version 13.27.3 (07/17/2021)

  • Commit 6861b
    Better import and validation handling for APT actor IoC moderation to improve processing and quality.

Version 13.27.2 (07/16/2021)

  • Commit 363b6
    Clarification of titles of privilege escalation vulnerabilities. Remote issues that require some form of authentication are shown as Privilege Escalation without mentioning of Remote. Only remote issues without authentication are shown as true Remote Privilege Escalation.

  • Commit 61142
    Customer request
    Fixed a rare bug in API 1.11/2.24/3.31 that created an associative array for software_version if the list of versions numbers contained the value 0. Thanks to Fergus Nelson for reporting this issue.

Version 13.27.1 (07/15/2021)

Version 13.27.0 (07/14/2021)

  • Commit cc0e3
    Customer request
    Cyber threat intelligence events display emerging, current, and upcoming activities by actors.

  • Fixed a bug that temp scores of CVSS vectors are not properly stored during initial entry create. This did not affect updated entries.

Version 13.26.4 (07/07/2021)

Version 13.26.3 (06/30/2021)

  • Commit ea669
    Reinstated linking to as they resumed adding and updating new CVEs.

Version 13.26.2 (06/25/2021)

  • Commit 28728
    Customer request
    The Content-Type of all API responses is changed to application/json; charset=utf-8. This is not a change in the API itself which is why the version number of the API endpoints is not incremented.

Version 13.26.1 (06/24/2021)

  • Commit 0d89b
    Customer request
    The official vulnerability API endpoint is located at /?api and will redirect faulty URLs and GET parameters. Microsoft Power Apps did not respect this URL structure and changed the query string to a parameter tuple with an empty value. Our API endpoint redirected to the correct URL but Power Apps is not capable of following such HTTP redirects. This issue got fixed as Power Apps is now allowed to access the API endpoint even though the request URL format is not entirely correct.

Version 13.26.0 (06/18/2021)

Version 13.25.3 (06/16/2021)

  • Commit 0494b
    Performance optimization during stress (e.g. many users, DDoS attacks).

  • Commit 9660e
    Changed the algorithm to generate the category values local and remote in the RSS feeds. Also added the value partial for local if the attack vector is physical.

Version 13.25.2 (06/15/2021)

Version 13.25.1 (06/14/2021)

  • Commit fd133
    More accurate timing information about new IoC (Indicator of Compromise) assigned to an APT actor.

Version 13.25.0 (06/11/2021)

Version 13.24.1 (06/09/2021)

  • Commit 0d01f
    Optimized abuse detection of search queries for authenticated users.

Version 13.24.0 (06/08/2021)

Version 13.23.0 (06/07/2021)

Version 13.22.1 (06/04/2021)

  • Commit 03370
    Timelines indicating activities show the so called activity index instead of the generic entries label.

  • Commit 03359
    Bar charts showing exploit prives use exploit instead of the generic entries label.

Version 13.22.0 (05/31/2021)

Version 13.21.0 (05/26/2021)

  • Commit edf52
    Customer request
    Language support for Japanese (jp). This includes basic parts of the web site and vulnerability details.

Version 13.20.4 (05/18/2021)

  • Commit 02cd6
    The event of web code improvement shown in the community stream links to the changelog.

  • Commit e9923
    In API 1.9/2.21/3.28 requests by the official Splunk app with a license of less than 10 API credits will throw an 403 Splunk app license expired error to prevent stressing the service with expired Splunk installations.

Version 13.20.3 (05/12/2021)

  • Commit b4953
    Streamlined entry identifier wording on community activity stream on the frontpage.

Version 13.20.2 (05/04/2021)

Version 13.20.1 (05/02/2021)

  • Commit b0e75
    Community activities shown on the frontpage do refer to entries with their corresponding VDB ID to increase readability.

Version 13.20.0 (04/29/2021)

  • Commit 0d72f
    Frontpage does now show the latest changelog entries of the current day.

  • Commit d6b22
    Customer request
    Vulnerability entries do now always contain links to available upgrades and patches in the Countermeasure section.

Version 13.19.3 (04/28/2021)

  • Commit 6df70
    Performance optimization of the Threat Intelligence chart on the frontpage.

  • Commit d1eb6
    Customer request
    Fixed an issue where count and overview of user commits were not updated. Reported by user misc

Version 13.19.2 (04/26/2021)

  • Commit a9542
    Hardware upgrade for better memory and processing handling.

  • Commit 8dd8c
    In API 3.27 the values of numeric request types is verified and if not acceptable, a 400 Bad request error message is shown.

Version 13.19.1 (04/24/2021)

  • Commit 3855b
    Optimized load balancing, limiter, and DDoS mitigation to provide more stability for legitimate users.

Version 13.19.0 (04/22/2021)

  • Commit a85dc
    Customer request
    Submitted items are reviewed by an automated pre-parser to define a priority for processing by the moderation team. This increases priority for most important items and therefore improves processing speed.

Version 13.18.0 (04/20/2021)

  • Commit 612a5
    Customer request
    Language support for Chinese simplified (zh-Hans). This includes basic parts of the web site and vulnerability details.

Version 13.17.1 (04/16/2021)

  • Commit b93ed
    Code optimization of CTI map generation for faster processing with less memory requirements.

Version 13.17.0 (04/15/2021)

  • Commit 1ffb5
    Customer request
    Description of CTI trigger possibilities and threshold handling to create events and reports.

  • Commit 881a3
    Footer does now refer to your specific copyright and license depending whether there is a commercial, enterprise, or reseller license established.

Version 13.16.0 (04/12/2021)

  • Commit f7832
    Customer request
    Some users mistake their mail address as legitimate username to login. In this case a warning message informs the user about the mistake.

Version 13.15.3 (04/08/2021)

  • Commit 265e0
    Performance optimization for CTI country analysis (closed beta invite only at the moment). Time range analysis is now incremental which makes report generation much faster (especially for larger ranges).

Version 13.15.2 (03/31/2021)

  • Commit 05005
    All listings in the personal profile do contain timestamps to make identification of single items much easier.

  • Commit cddb4
    Completed some of the missing translations for French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, and Swedish.

  • Commit 6dc4a
    Improved the handling of time format regarding country-specific definitions. The language en will show A.M. and P.M. only if the browser is also set to en-us. Otherwise the 24 hour format is used. If the language is set to fr and the browser announces fr-fr there will be the French format 12h34. The 24 hour format is also used as default for all languages without a specific definition.

Version 13.15.1 (03/30/2021)

  • Fixed a bug where some long product names, product listings and titles did not show the product name in its entirety.

  • Commit 44ee5
    In API 3.26 fixed an issue where queries for advisory_date_start, entry_timestamp_create_start, entry_timestamp_change_start, and entry_timestamp_all_start did not work properly if the request value had a trailing whitespace.

Version 13.15.0 (03/29/2021)

  • Commit 15c50
    The personal API history does show the execution time for a request to help optimize queries. The column is shown as seconds and sortable.

  • Commit c4d04
    Customer request
    Added planned features in a roadmap to announce upcoming functionality. The items shown are just suggestions and might change regarding implementation and deployment.

Version 13.14.3 (03/28/2021)

  • Commit 1ec36
    Customer request
    Better description of update handling, especially prioritization of new data for existing entries and update requests by customers.

  • Commit ae8c3
    Optimized the description of different commit moderation approaches. The actions for handling spam and profanity are explained in detail.

Version 13.14.2 (03/26/2021)

  • In API 2.20/3.25 the list of multiple items in software_affectedlist and software_notaffectedlist do trim trailing whitespaces correctly.

Version 13.14.1 (03/25/2021)

  • Commit a8cdf
    Added a new community rank Guru which requires 5000 points to be reached. Therefore, Grand Master is not the highest rank anymore.

Version 13.14.0 (03/24/2021)

  • Commit 434e3
    Customer request
    Introduced API 3.24 with the new request type entry_timestamp_all_start which combines new items from entry_timestamp_create_start and updated items from entry_timestamp_change_start in a single stream.

Version 13.13.1 (03/20/2021)

Version 13.13.0 (03/17/2021)

Version 13.12.0 (03/10/2021)

  • Commit 699d0
    Customer request
    Made internal changelog public to provide full transparency for our customers. Entries earlier than 2020 just show milestones and not detailed changes.

  • Commit 43dfe
    Added link to changelog under support in main menu and in the footer of the page.

  • Commit c0ba0
    Updated internal quality guidance for CVSS fields during creation of new entries based on official Microsoft disclosures.

Version 13.11.3 (03/08/2021)

  • Commit 1faf6
    Updated internal quality requirements for advisory_person_name and advisory_person_nickname fields to prevent inaccurate information during daily update procedure.

Version 13.11.2 (03/04/2021)

  • Commit ecf32
    Optimized limiter to prohibit crawling of view elements by non-commercial users.

  • Commit fa612
    Limiter uses better geolocation data to prevent malicious users from changing IP addresses to slow down detection of abuse.

Version 13.11.1 (03/03/2021)

  • Fixed a rare German translation issue in a specific sentence of some vulnerability summaries.

Version 13.11.0 (03/01/2021)

  • Commit 17052
    Prepared language database for upcoming translations.

  • Commit b3dfc
    Optimized language database for better performance.

Version 13.10.0 (02/28/2021)

Version 13.9.0 (02/22/2021)

Version 13.8.0 (02/04/2021)

  • Commit 5626b
    Added load balancing features to handle performance peaks much better.

  • Commit 2efad
    Enabled priority module to provide high-availability for enterprise customers.

Version 13.7.1 (02/03/2021)

  • Commit 167ac
    Optimized normalize module to improve quality assurance of vulnerability data management.

Version 13.7.0 (02/01/2021)

  • Commit 14106
    Initiated preparation for port of web services to PHP8. First polyfill functions tested.

Version 13.6.1 (01/17/2021)

  • Fixed a bug where some new user submissions were shown as rejected even though they were still not processsed yet. This issue was reported by user misc.

Version 13.6.0 (01/16/2021)

  • Commit 960f5
    Start of internal testing for CTI attribution module to identify APT group activities as such. Used by CTI team to create CTI alerts and infos for paying customers.

Version 13.5.4 (01/09/2021)

  • Commit d53a8
    Customer request
    Changed entry_timestamp_delta behavior from 7200 to 120 to keep commit grouping much smaller. Entries updated within a short period of time will pushed into the update stream to provide the most actual data to API users.

Version 13.5.3 (01/04/2021)

  • Commit 96326
    Performance improvement of search engine. Early dissection will speed up some specific search requests.

  • Commit 96326
    Performance improvement of monoblock engine. Compilation of entries is a bit faster under certain circumstances.

Version 13.5.2 (12/23/2020)

  • Commit db3d5
    Unordered lists in regular content to not a a maximum heigh and auto scrollbars anymore.

Version 13.5.1 (12/15/2020)

  • Commit c227f
    Performance optimization of monoblock data processing.

Version 13.5.0 (12/09/2020)

  • Commit 93707
    Added a stylesheet to display "time ago" for stream items.

Version 13.4.0 (12/08/2020)

  • Commit dcd32
    In API 3.23 added request type cursorinit to determine ideal initial cursor position for ongoing vulnerability stream (e.g. Splunk).

Version 13.3.0 (12/04/2020)

  • Commit 3abdf
    Introduced information regarding ATT&CK. The fields are currently auto-generated and not part of the monoblock.

  • Commit dbcd2
    In API 2.19/3.22 added field source_cve_cna which contains a string of the CVE Numbering Authority that assigned the CVE.

  • Corrected a display bug for tooltips of CVSS fields on certain overview pages.

Version 13.2.1 (12/03/2020)

  • Commit 6c403
    Optimized signup flood protection to prevent malicious users from auto-generating community accounts.

Version 13.2.0 (11/26/2020)

  • Commit 0cd93
    Added new import feature for vulnerability moderators to handle custom entries and large batches of submissions.

  • Commit a4571
    The differences in a diff view are highlighted by color to provide better visibility.

Version 13.1.2 (11/13/2020)

  • Commit 7983d
    Performance optimization of monoblock data processing.

Version 13.1.1 (11/06/2020)

Version 13.1.0 (11/02/2020)

  • Commit f6cc6
    Paying customers do now see a summary on top of every vulnerability entry to identify the most important aspects of the vulnerability.

Version 13.0.1 (10/16/2020)

  • Commit 68339
    Optimized some indexes within the database to improve performance.

Version 13.0.0 (10/09/2020)

  • Commit 8b201
    Introduced new monoblock structure to provide more possibilities like commits, commit histories, etc.

Version 12.26.1 (09/26/2020)

Version 12.26.0 (09/10/2020)

  • Commit b015c
    The live symbol is pulsating.

  • Commit 2d270
    The CSS code for the custom worldmap is deleted to stramline the CSS file.

Version 12.25.1 (08/10/2020)

  • Commit b3264
    Optimization of browser rendering speed by adding font-display: swap to the CSS style sheet.

Version 12.25.0 (05/16/2020)

  • Commit f6e38
    Added an optimization banner to inform users about upcoming changes and features.

Version 12.24.0 (05/13/2020)

  • Commit 58be3
    New horizontal table style to make some upcoming views better readable.

Version 12.23.5 (05/01/2020)

  • Commit e655c
    Upgrading to an extended server cluster for better performance.

Version 12.23.4 (04/17/2020)

  • In API 3.21 the field entry_timestamp_change is now always present even if the entry was just created and never updated yet. In this case it will contain the same value like entry_timestamp_create. User of the official VulDB Splunk App are advised to update to the latest release.

Version 12.23.3 (03/04/2020)

  • Commit 328c8
    Optimization stopped updating their database. We keep linking old CVEs to their sites but do not do so for newer entries.

Version 12.23.2 (01/10/2020)

  • Commit ce27f
    Added validation styles for numbers, dates, emails, and urls for forms. These detect missing or wrong data before submitting a form.

Version 12.23.1 (11/19/2019)

  • Commit 7d12f
    Decreased the font-size of labes from 90% to 75% for better readability.

  • Commit c8999
    Improved style and layout of tooltips for better readability.

Version 12.23.0 (11/15/2019)

  • Commit 5c4b5
    Load new pages with extended loading time show progress bar spinner at top of the site.

Version 12.22.0 (11/09/2019)

  • Commit c4f43
    Added logos of vendors/products in entries if available.

  • Commit 46f6e
    Stramlined CSS style sheet regarding mini buttons.

Version 12.21.0 (11/08/2019)

  • Commit 4f1af
    Added tooltips for easier access to more information.

  • Commit 63433
    Added fade effect for mini buttons for a better user experience.

Version 12.20.1 (11/06/2019)

  • Commit 01634
    Stramlined box elements and columns.

Version 12.20.0 (10/31/2019)

  • Commit 032a9
    Customer request
    In API 3.20 added field vulnerability_name which contains a string or array a popular names of the vulnerability (e.g. Shellshock, Poodle).

Version 12.19.0 (09/13/2019)

  • Commit eaf94
    Customer request
    In API 3.19 added field family entry_details_* which contain entry_details_affected, entry_details_vulnerability, entry_details_impact, entry_details_exploit, entry_details_countermeasures, and entry_details_sources.

Version 12.18.0 (08/31/2019)

  • Commit 34a45
    In API 3.18 added field entry_replaces to display duplicates which have been replaced by this entry.

Version 12.17.0 (08/26/2019)

Version 12.16.0 (08/22/2019)

  • Commit 3ef93
    Added experimental world map to highlight CTI activities.

  • Commit 5054e
    Improved the layout of checkboxes on web forms.

Version 12.15.0 (07/06/2019)

Version 12.14.0 (07/01/2019)

  • Commit 2fcc6
    Customer request
    Introduction of software type categories available in the field software_type.

Version 12.13.3 (06/04/2019)

  • In API 3.16 fixed value of field advisory_identifier, disabled safeguard mechanism to prevent inconsistency in result count.

Version 12.13.2 (06/01/2019)

Version 12.13.1 (05/27/2019)

  • Commit 6e92e
    Added loading bar on top of the page to indicate the loading of large pages.

Version 12.13.0 (05/24/2019)

  • Commit bcb85
    Submitting forms locks input fields and shows progress indicator.

Version 12.12.0 (05/17/2019)

  • Commit c9222
    In API 3.15 added fields software_website_vendor and software_website_product to the output.

Version 12.11.0 (05/08/2019)

  • Commit 0fb91
    In API 3.14 requesting dedicated CVSS fields supports the official response format (e.g. vulnerability_cvss3_vuldb_basescore) and the legacy format (e.g. vulnerability_cvss3_basescore_vuldb). The legacy format will be dropped in a future major release of the API.

Version 12.10.1 (04/24/2019)

  • Commit 1dc8a
    Improved the layout of the search menu item for better accessibility.

  • Commit bb0d0
    The status boxes of live views are now pulsating if there is currently some activity.

Version 12.10.0 (04/17/2019)

  • Commit d1042
    Customer request
    In API 1.8/2.18/3.13 added field software_cpe23 which introduces full CPE 2.3 support whereas software_cpe is still providing CPE 2.2 data.

Version 12.9.0 (04/15/2019)

  • Commit 3bfed
    Added a detailed clendar view for years an months.

  • Commit faa07
    Streamlined the row behavior.

Version 12.8.2 (04/10/2019)

  • Commit 35519
    Hovering a clickable symbol in an overview will now be indicated by the cursor as pointer.

  • Commit cdf7b
    Improved the layout of buttons inside text boxes (e.g. searches).

Version 12.8.1 (04/01/2019)

  • Commit 27ca6
    Centered the purchase table for better accessibility.

Version 12.8.0 (03/29/2019)

Version 12.7.0 (03/21/2019)

Version 12.6.0 (03/15/2019)

  • Commit d3ac7
    Customer request
    Added multiple levels to the main menu to provide better accessibility to the variety of features.

  • Commit 35f3e
    Added the possibility for buttons within textboxes (e.g. searches).

Version 12.5.0 (03/08/2019)

Version 12.4.0 (03/04/2019)

  • Commit 55a0e
    In API 1.7/2.17/3.12 added fields entry_locked_status and entry_locked_reason to inform about entries undergoing update and review processes (they might change soon).

Version 12.3.0 (03/01/2019)

  • Commit 81d15
    Introduction of the C3BM Index (CVSSv3 Base Meta Index) based on CVSS data of multiple sources.

Version 12.2.0 (02/28/2019)

  • Commit 231a4
    Large tables might be shown with a striped layout to improve readability.

  • Commit 16d23
    Improved the layout of buttons in the user submenu.

Version 12.1.0 (02/25/2019)

  • Commit 9c6de
    Customer request
    Symbols in overviews are clickable to provide a drilldown feature. This is true for CVSS, exploit prices, exploitability, and countermeasures.

  • Commit 92aac
    Header text is now a graphical element.

Version 12.0.4 (02/23/2019)

  • Commit 82de5
    Slightly changed the colorization of remedation and exploitability levels.

Version 12.0.3 (02/22/2019)

  • Commit 55aa5
    Changed the pointer behavior of certain table headers from grab to regular pointer.

Version 12.0.2 (02/21/2019)

Version 12.0.1 (02/20/2019)

  • Commit 2d300
    In API 1.6/2.16/3.11 improved speed, reliability and accuracy of updates queries.

  • Commit d6d17
    Improved the width behavior of user menu buttons.

  • Commit a25da
    Links in overviews are clickable within the whole cell and not just on the text itself.

Version 12.0.0 (02/18/2019)

  • Commit b9184
    Customer request
    New overviews introduced with a lot of information items.

  • Commit 65679
    Added support for dynamic behavior for long tables with more than six columns.

  • Commit 4c719
    Streamlined the behavior of content and article.

  • Commit 4c719
    Streamlined the behavior of tables.

  • Commit 4c719
    Streamlined the behavior of buttons.

Version 11.27.0 (02/15/2019)

  • Commit c278e
    Added the posibility to fade-in some elements for a better user experience.

  • Commit 07fdc
    Improved the width behavior of user menu buttons.

Version 11.26.0 (02/08/2019)

Version 11.25.0 (02/06/2019)

  • Commit 250b0
    Customer request
    In API 3.10 added request parameter offset to set a starting point for results (pagination).

Version 11.24.1 (02/01/2019)

  • Commit 5d94f
    Reached the 10.000th community user. Congratulations!

Version 11.24.0 (01/18/2019)

Version 11.23.0 (01/11/2019)

  • Commit dfb03
    Customer request
    In API 3.8 VulDB CVSSv3 scores use AI-driven autocomplete based on historical data and additional sources. The field vulnerability_cvss3_vuldb_confidence indicates the confidence of the vectors.

Version 11.22.1 (01/08/2019)

Version 11.22.0 (01/01/2019)

  • Commit 772cf
    Enabling real-time views of recent and updated entries. You are now able to see the moderation time at work.

Version 11.21.0 (12/13/2018)

  • Commit 1deb7
    Customer request
    In API 1.4/2.14/3.6 requesting details without unlocked archive access will warn in field entry_warning about limitation.

Version 11.20.0 (10/28/2018)

Version 11.19.0 (10/01/2018)

Version 11.18.1 (09/20/2018)

  • Commit c4d5c
    Changed the cursor behavior for votes from copy to default.

  • Commit c4d5c
    Changed the cursor behavior of ribbons to default.

Version 11.18.0 (09/18/2018)

  • Commit afb23
    Added custom ribbons to popup with interesting details if needed.

  • Commit 8ee7c
    Improved the behavior of items which have a fade-in effect.

Version 11.17.0 (09/01/2018)

Version 11.16.0 (08/31/2018)

  • Commit c00a7
    Customer request
    Introduction of CPE lists in entry views to indicate the affected products.

Version 11.15.0 (08/06/2018)

  • Commit 9e978
    In API 3.5 support for the queries advisory_date_start, entry_timestamp_create_start, entry_timestamp_change_start.

  • Commit 576a2
    Customer request
    Disabled the gradients in symbols.

Version 11.14.4 (08/04/2018)

  • Commit 48a03
    Fixed an issue with the visibility of long date symbols.

Version 11.14.3 (08/03/2018)

  • Commit 7d763
    Improvement of gradient in symbols.

  • Commit 856af
    Adding support for other font families in symbols.

Version 11.14.2 (08/02/2018)

  • Commit b0000
    Introduction of gradients in symbols.

Version 11.14.1 (08/01/2018)

  • Commit 7ef2d
    Introduction of antialiasing of fonts for better readability on high-resolution displays.

Version 11.14.0 (07/31/2018)

  • Commit dc2ae
    Added support for stream symbols shown on overviews.

Version 11.13.1 (07/22/2018)

  • Commit b675b
    Improved the layout of mini buttons.

Version 11.13.0 (07/12/2018)

  • Commit b1af8
    Customer request
    Added dynamic layouts for tables to hide certain columns under specific conditions. This improves the mobile view a lot.

Version 11.12.1 (07/10/2018)

  • Commit d5a10
    Optimized the margin of header elements.

Version 11.12.0 (07/06/2018)

Version 11.11.3 (07/05/2018)

  • Commit be3b7
    A new table wrapper optimizes how tables are shown on different screen sizes.

Version 11.11.2 (07/04/2018)

Version 11.11.1 (06/29/2018)

  • Commit 7409e
    Streamlining of mini button for unlock announcements.

Version 11.11.0 (06/28/2018)

Version 11.10.1 (06/12/2018)

Version 11.10.0 (06/11/2018)

Version 11.9.4 (06/10/2018)

Version 11.9.3 (06/08/2018)

  • Commit 88f01
    Mini buttons do now animate on hover.

Version 11.9.2 (06/06/2018)

  • Commit 216df
    Customer request
    In API 1.3/2.12/3.2 fixed wrong values in response_remaining (calculation was correct, value shown was wrong). This issue was reported by user portal.

Version 11.9.1 (06/04/2018)

Version 11.9.0 (05/18/2018)

  • Commit ab9a7
    Customer request
    Introduced API 3.0, which moved vulnerability_cpe to software_cpe.

Version 11.8.0 (05/15/2018)

Version 11.7.1 (05/14/2018)

  • Commit 1d0c8
    Customer request
    In API 2.9 added detailed error messages regarding API key problems (missing, wrong, unknown, valid).

  • Commit 1d0c8
    In API 2.9 enterprise customers have performance priority over free users.

Version 11.7.0 (05/08/2018)

  • Commit a20db
    In API 2.8 the field entry_title does not show CVE anymore.

  • Commit a20db
    In API 2.8 added fields vulnerability_timeline, countermeasure_reactiondays, countermeasure_0daydays, countermeasure_exposuredays, and countermeasure_exploitdelaydays.

Version 11.6.0 (05/07/2018)

Version 11.5.0 (05/01/2018)

Version 11.4.0 (04/01/2018)

Version 11.3.0 (03/22/2018)

  • Commit b90e6
    Customer request
    Working on a proof-of-concept to use Alexa as a gateway to work with vulnerability data.

Version 11.2.3 (02/17/2018)

  • Commit f3590
    Introduction of a container element to have more flexibility with layout positioning on the web frontend.

Version 11.2.2 (02/01/2018)

  • Commit 51a81
    Introduction of a sub-title on the site title to better describe the service.

Version 11.2.1 (01/29/2018)

Version 11.2.0 (01/22/2018)

  • Commit 49bb7
    Upgrade to API 2.0. Response contains three elements (request, response, result) instead just the results.

Version 11.1.1 (09/23/2017)

  • Commit aebb3
    Improvement of the container margins to have a better layout.

Version 11.1.0 (09/16/2017)

Version 11.0.1 (06/02/2017)

Version 11.0.0 (06/01/2017)

  • Commit a862d
    Introduction of dynamic graphs shown in different views.

Version 10.12.2 (05/19/2017)

Version 10.12.1 (05/16/2017)

  • Fixed a display issue on the frontpage. Under certain circumstances new items were not shown as bold.

Version 10.12.0 (04/28/2017)

Version 10.11.0 (04/21/2017)

  • Commit e7f52
    Added dynamic charts of all kind of overview pages.

Version 10.10.0 (04/10/2017)

Version 10.9.0 (04/01/2017)

Version 10.8.0 (03/22/2017)

  • Commit 1f1f6
    Customer request
    Vulnerability entries flagged as false-positive do now highlight this fact on their pages (title and introduction).

Version 10.7.0 (03/21/2017)

  • Commit 2eb19
    Introduced data for OVAL and IAVM. Completed all existing entries with appropriate data.

Version 10.6.0 (02/23/2017)

  • Commit f7af4
    Customer request
    Supporting CVSS scores from multiple sources (VulDB, vendor, researcher, NVD).

Version 10.5.1 (02/13/2017)

  • Commit 915e2
    Optimized the indexing of the database to improve search performance.

Version 10.5.0 (02/01/2017)

Version 10.4.1 (01/20/2017)

  • Commit ed89a
    Optimized performance by using specific features and configuration settings in PHP7.

Version 10.4.0 (01/18/2017)

Version 10.3.0 (01/01/2017)

Version 10.2.0 (12/20/2016)

  • Commit afa9d
    Introduced Bug of the Day on the front page. One of the more serious or interesting issues of the recent days is shown every day.

Version 10.1.1 (12/19/2016)

  • Commit e0724
    Redesign of the frontpage with a slick layout and better data accessibility.

Version 10.1.0 (12/16/2016)

  • Commit 17b00
    Implemented a module to detect loss of data integrity on the service.

Version 10.0.0 (12/01/2016)

  • Commit 88cce
    Customer request
    Introduction of public API to provide vulnerability for automated processing.

Version 9.19.1 (11/08/2016)

  • Commit 1bf65
    Optimization of database table structures to gain more flexibility and performance.

Version 9.19.0 (11/07/2016)

  • Commit 41c1a
    Implementation of Content Security Policy (CSP) to improve web security of the service.

Version 9.18.0 (11/02/2016)

  • Commit 2c835
    It is now possible to upvote comments for vulnerability entries. Upvoted comments are shown on top of the list.

Version 9.17.0 (11/01/2016)

  • Commit 01762
    Start closed beta of community edition.

Version 9.16.0 (10/26/2016)

  • Commit 464dc
    Editing a section of a vulnerability will automatically jump to the correct section of the edit form.

Version 9.15.0 (10/25/2016)

  • Commit cbba3
    Existing vulnerability entries can now be edited immediately by members of the moderation team.

Version 9.14.0 (10/14/2016)

  • Commit 83203
    Enhanced the existing cache module to allow caching of database queries and results.

Version 9.13.0 (10/11/2016)

  • Commit 786cb
    Every user account has now a profile.

  • Commit 7868e
    Registered users are able to tweak their own configuration of the service.

Version 9.12.0 (10/10/2016)

  • Commit b9c2d
    Registered users are able to see history of vulnerability entries they have been viewing earlier.

Version 9.11.0 (10/07/2016)

Version 9.10.0 (10/06/2016)

Version 9.9.0 (10/05/2016)

  • Commit da14a
    Users accessing resources which require an authentication receive a proper error message.

Version 9.8.0 (10/04/2016)

  • Commit 2f00f
    Users are able to reset their password via email (password recovery).

Version 9.7.0 (10/03/2016)

  • Commit 5a1b1
    Customer request
    Logins with a new device or from an unknown source will inform the account holder about the potentially suspicious login. New devices are stored and shown in the personal device management overview.

Version 9.6.0 (06/24/2016)

  • Commit 688a5
    Added a limiter to prevent malicious users from scraping our data without authorization.

Version 9.5.0 (06/22/2016)

Version 9.4.0 (10/01/2016)

Version 9.3.1 (07/05/2016)

  • Commit 4aa37
    Performance optimization for all web views.

Version 9.3.0 (06/30/2016)

  • Commit 4aecf
    Some statistical data is now stored in a centralized table which allows them to be shown on multiple places without new calculations every time.

Version 9.2.0 (05/02/2016)

  • Commit 3fee0
    Support for data fields of Tenable Nessus.

Version 9.1.1 (04/29/2016)

Version 9.1.0 (04/27/2016)

Version 9.0.0 (04/14/2016)

  • Commit b3559
    Complete rewrite of the search engine to provide better matches and optimized performance.

Version 8.1.2 (04/06/2016)

  • Commit 3ce21
    Optimization of HTML code to make pages smaller and faster to download and render.

Version 8.1.1 (04/04/2016)

  • Fixed a bug or slow indexes which improved the performance of vulnerability display a lot.

Version 8.1.0 (04/01/2016)

  • Commit 7bc0a
    Introduction of new summaries and descriptions with more data enrichment.

  • Commit 56864
    Performance optimization.

Version 8.0.0 (03/14/2016)

  • Commit 5e4e5
    Introducing Chart.js to generate dynamic charts.

Version 7.1.3 (03/11/2016)

  • Commit a0b92
    Establish VulDB as independent service to gain more flexibility.

Version 7.1.2 (02/23/2016)

Version 7.1.1 (02/17/2016)

  • Commit 07bfb
    Renaming the Twitter handle from scipvulbot to "vuldb"

Version 7.1.0 (01/19/2016)

  • Commit 55bf1
    Enhancing statistical overview to provide previews and forecasts based in historical data.

  • Commit 72424
    Creating new text for different pages and sub-pages.

Version 7.0.5 (12/01/2015)

  • Commit ea951
    Customer request
    Adding caching modules to improve site performance. Caching is possible per site and file.

Version 7.0.4 (11/20/2015)

  • Commit 58def
    Customer request
    Increasing update frequency of existing entries.

Version 7.0.3 (08/19/2015)

  • Corrected the listing of multiple authors of a vulnerability.

Version 7.0.2 (08/07/2015)

  • Commit 3b6e7
    More performance optimization of database queries.

Version 7.0.1 (08/03/2015)

  • Commit b1554
    Performance optimization of database queries.

Version 7.0.0 (07/10/2015)

  • Commit 243a7
    Redesign of modular frontpage with the introduction of Top 5 lists.

Version 6.31.0 (07/07/2015)

  • Commit 44e99
    Adding Qualys data to vulnerability entries.

  • Commit fe3d0
    Adding SecurityCenter data to vulnerability entries.

Version 6.30.0 (03/09/2015)

  • Commit e19c1
    Introduction of new queue for vulnerability processing by mod team.

Version 6.29.3 (02/25/2015)

  • Commit 8695f
    Optimization of all X-Force data import and display.

Version 6.29.2 (02/03/2015)

  • Commit 3453e
    Optimizaton of summaries and descriptions of vulnerability entries.

Version 6.29.1 (01/08/2015)

  • Commit 7ac76
    Optimization of version descriptions of vulnerability entries.

Version 6.29.0 (06/24/2014)

  • Commit 0b232
    Customer request
    Approaching backlog of old entries before 2003 with vulnerabilities ranging back to 1988. More information.

Version 6.28.0 (05/26/2014)

  • Commit 0f72a
    Introduction of the "see also" hint which lists entries with are connected or similar.

Version 6.27.0 (04/17/2014)

  • Commit 35f6f
    Adding a field to declare the date of the introduction of a vulnerability.

Version 6.26.1 (03/27/2014)

  • Commit 3efc3
    Optimization of queuing of new vulnerabilities to better prioritize processing.

Version 6.26.0 (03/20/2014)

Version 6.25.12 (03/14/2014)

Version 6.25.11 (03/07/2014)

  • Commit d0dda
    Optimizing collision detection during the processing of new entries.

Version 6.25.10 (02/10/2014)

  • Commit ce076
    Optimizing summaries regarding sources of vulnerability entries.

Version 6.25.9 (01/29/2014)

  • Commit 03d37
    Added helper for vulnerability moderation team to determine arguments of attacks faster and more reliable.

Version 6.25.8 (01/28/2014)

  • Commit 53a64
    Optimizing summaries regarding code samples.

Version 6.25.7 (01/23/2014)

  • Commit 61b0d
    Optimizing helper for vulnerability moderation team to complete new and existing entries with additional data. This increases data quality drastically.

Version 6.25.6 (01/14/2014)

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes summaries and descriptions did contain spaces twice instead of once. This was just a problem in the HTML source code and not on the rendered web site.

Version 6.25.5 (01/09/2014)

  • Commit 1cd31
    Added helper for vulnerability moderation team to determine keywords which shall be used within the title of a vulnerability entry.

Version 6.25.4 (12/19/2013)

  • Commit 12a4f
    Optimizing the autocomplete feature to update new entries with historical data.

Version 6.25.3 (11/06/2013)

  • Commit 1434c
    Optimizing the pre-parser to handle import of new vulnerability entries.

Version 6.25.2 (10/22/2013)

  • Commit a52cf
    Changing the algorithm to calculate the current threat level.

Version 6.25.1 (10/21/2013)

  • Commit 921d7
    Changing the algorithm to calculate the risk rating of vulnerability entries.

Version 6.25.0 (10/18/2013)

Version 6.24.0 (10/17/2013)

  • Commit 01303
    Introducing the threat level to show an indicator for the current vulnerability landscape.

Version 6.23.0 (10/03/2013)

  • Commit e8e8f
    Adding the possibility to add a custom word to the title to provide more details on first sight.

Version 6.22.0 (10/01/2013)

  • Commit f8c1e
    Establishing a background updater which handles entries which need to be updated without interfering with the manual work of the moderation team.

  • Commit 5abb3
    Enhancement of the review procedure of CVE entries pushed by MITRE to improve processing and quality.

Version 6.21.0 (09/13/2013)

Version 6.20.1 (09/12/2013)

  • Commit 088ac
    Completing all existing entries with Secunia data.

Version 6.20.0 (09/11/2013)

  • Commit 2b409
    Introducing risk maps to provide easy comparability between risk ratings of different sources.

Version 6.19.0 (09/10/2013)

  • Commit 8966c
    Introducing support for Secunia data as a source.

  • Commit 8966c
    Introducing support for IBM X-Force data as a source.

Version 6.18.0 (08/23/2013)

Version 6.17.0 (08/12/2013)

Version 6.16.0 (08/09/2013)

Version 6.15.2 (07/05/2013)

  • Commit 4dffe
    Enhancement of the review procedure of Nessus entries.

Version 6.15.1 (06/28/2013)

  • Commit 4b14b
    Optimizing the plausability checks during vulnerability moderation to prevent contradicting and wrong data.

Version 6.15.0 (06/19/2013)

  • Commit 0b42c
    Added support for CPE to better identification of products.

Version 6.14.1 (06/11/2013)

  • Commit 0b61c
    Updating large quantities of vulnerabilities is now improved thanks to incremental updates.

Version 6.14.0 (06/03/2013)

  • Commit 207db
    Added support for screenshots per entries to illustrate attacks and countermeasures. More information.

  • Commit 207db
    Added support to embed external videos per entries to illustrate attacks and countermeasures. Videos can be hosted at YouTube and Vimeo. More information.

Version 6.13.0 (05/31/2013)

  • Commit 22b2b
    Added the capability to add quotes from advisories to enrich entries.

  • Commit 22b2b
    Added the capability to add links to videos for a vulnerability.

Version 6.12.0 (04/29/2013)

Version 6.11.0 (04/11/2013)

  • Commit 6a9d2
    Added the capability to list multiple different products in an affected list. This is done additionally to the main product that is affected by a vulnerability.

Version 6.10.2 (04/04/2013)

  • Commit 239ac
    Enhanced input validation mechanism during vulnerability management to prevent mistakes regarding vendor/product definitions.

Version 6.10.1 (03/28/2013)

  • Commit 497c0
    Optimization of logging and tracking of queued items processed by the moderation team.

Version 6.10.0 (03/19/2013)

  • Commit c46f6
    Added input validation mechanisms during vulnerability management.

  • Commit bc987
    Optimized input validation mechanisms during vulnerability management.

Version 6.9.1 (01/09/2013)

  • Fixed an issue in the database. This did only affect moderation of vulnerabilities and was not reflected on the user-side of the service.

Version 6.9.0 (12/21/2012)

  • Commit 79a9b
    Added a feature to normalize terms between different vulnerability entries.

Version 6.8.1 (11/26/2012)

  • Commit d0a20
    Prepared the support for Milw0rm data for entries with an ID up to 50000.

Version 6.8.0 (10/31/2012)

Version 6.7.0 (10/15/2012)

Version 6.6.0 (10/01/2012)

Version 6.5.0 (09/24/2012)

Version 6.4.0 (07/04/2012)

  • Commit a681e
    Migrating all available data from NASLDB.

Version 6.3.0 (06/18/2012)

Version 6.2.2 (06/05/2012)

  • Commit 895ea
    Optimizing the autocomplete feature to update new entries with historical data.

Version 6.2.1 (04/10/2012)

Version 6.2.0 (03/13/2012)

  • Commit e00e9
    Added support for better linking to external sources.

Version 6.1.1 (03/09/2012)

Version 6.1.0 (03/08/2012)

  • Commit c17b6
    Added the calculation of the exposure time which measures the time of the disclosure and the mitigation possibilities of a vulnerability.

  • Commit 23aa8
    Reviewed all available data of OSVDB.

Version 6.0.0 (03/06/2012)

  • Commit 934a4
    Optimization of summaries and descriptions.

  • Commit 3484c
    Added support to show images of vendors/products.

  • Commit 3484c
    Added support for Google dorks to find issues very quickly.

Version 5.2.2 (03/05/2012)

Version 5.2.1 (03/02/2012)

Version 5.2.0 (02/15/2012)

  • Commit d6183
    Added web import feature for vulnerability moderators to handle new entries based on web resources.

Version 5.1.0 (01/06/2012)

  • Commit 2e4ed
    Added single import feature for vulnerability moderators to handle single entries outside the regular queueing.

Version 5.0.0 (02/22/2011)

  • Commit 04086
    Establishing new database backend with much more possibilities.

Version 4.10.2 (12/01/2010)

  • Commit 8b4df
    Move to more powerful hardware due to increase in access.

Version 4.10.1 (07/30/2010)

Version 4.10.0 (06/10/2010)

  • Commit 57677
    Adding Alert Info on web site to inform visitors about latest critical issue.

  • Commit 80bfa
    Delivering ads for non-paying and unauthenticated users.

  • Commit acc6f
    Optimizing database structure for more flexibility and performance.

Version 4.9.0 (03/08/2010)

Version 4.8.1 (02/10/2010)

Version 4.8.0 (02/08/2010)

  • Commit 47351
    Adding the alert info on top of the site to show the most recent vulnerability with the highest emergency rating.

Version 4.7.2 (02/05/2020)

  • Commit 1a52b
    Improvement of VulDB alert system.

Version 4.7.1 (02/02/2010)

Version 4.7.0 (01/11/2011)

  • Commit 90de3
    Customer request
    Added VulDB Alert to inform customers about issues applicable for them.

Version 4.6.0 (12/16/2009)

Version 4.5.0 (10/27/2009)

Version 4.4.0 (09/03/2009)

Version 4.3.0 (08/25/2009)

  • Commit 61ad7
    Completing existing entries with most actual data. This includes but is not limited to CVE, Secunia, SecurityTracker, vendor, and confirmation details. More information.

Version 4.2.0 (08/20/2009)

Version 4.1.0 (08/01/2009)

Version 4.0.1 (06/26/2009)

Version 4.0.0 (06/23/2009)

Version 3.5.0 (07/01/2006)

Version 3.4.0 (05/19/2004)

Version 3.3.0 (01/01/2004)

  • Commit a2ec5
    Introduction of Emergency-SMS notification service.

Version 3.2.0 (12/19/2003)

Version 3.1.0 (11/18/2003)

Version 3.0.0 (03/01/2003)

  • Commit 94f12
    Bugbase is completely re-written in Perl and uses a dedicated backend for vulnerability moderation to gain more flexibility.

  • Commit 94f12
    Bugbase is re-branded as scip VulnDB and hosted on

Version 2.0.0 (09/01/2002)

  • Commit 51e87
    Changed from static web site to dynamic database (with the kind support of DukeCS).

Version 1.0.0 (01/01/1997)

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