Q3 2024

  • [Feature] Subscription feature for specific vulnerability entries to get notified for every change (customer request)

  • [Feature] Capability to add personal notes to vulnerability entries

  • [Feature] Possibility to deploy filters for user groups (enterprise users only) (customer request)

  • [Feature] Alerting feature for user-defined CTI events (e.g. by technology, vendor, product, actor, country)

  • [Feature] Introduction of approved users (requires extended validation procedure)

  • [Feature] Adding a dedicated data field to identify code lines of affected files

Q4 2024

  • [Feature] Export feature for applicable vulnerability entries to enrich reports and provide audit trails

Q1 2025

  • [Feature] Provide edit API to submit and edit entries with standardized and efficient API requests

  • [Feature] Introducing Karma system to elevate privileges and features of users.

Q2 2025

  • [Feature] Providing courses for certified vulnerability managers and cyber threat intelligence analysts

  • [Feature] Documentation of CTI reports

Q3 2025

  • [Feature] Capability to share personal notes of vulnerability entries with other team users

  • [Feature] Capability to assign entries and tasks to other team members (e.g. feedback requested, countermeasure required)

Q4 2025

  • [Feature] Add support for individual timezone settings.

  • [Feature] Add support for custom coloring scheme.

  • [Feature] Support for multiple filter and sort requirements for API requests (e.g. software_vendor="Microsoft" AND vulnerability_cvss3_vuldb_basescore>"9.0") (customer request)

  • [Feature] Language support for Korean


  • [Feature] Transformation of the web site to an application with additional filter and drilldown possibilities


  • [Feature] AI bot to discuss details about vulnerabilities, exploits, and threat intelligence


  • [Feature] Support of Google Shared Vulnerability Format for exports and/or API

  • [Feature] Support of OASIS CSAF format for exports and/or API

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