Unavailable Source

As a vulnerability database we are eager to collect as much information about a vulnerability as possible. This does also include links to sources which disclose, explain, or mention a vulnerability.

Sources Invalid over Time

However, some of these sources might become invalid over time. This is because sites might change their addresses, articles might be revoked, or services might become defunct.

Flagging Defunct Sources

If we become aware that a source has gone away, we might want to flag them as not available anymore. This is shown by either an icon or a comment. If a better source is available in the meanwhile, we might add this new source. The history feature of our commit handling helps to keep the old sources for audit reasons.

Well-known Discontinued Sources

There are several well-known sources which are not available anymore but still supported within our database.

Vulnerability Databases

  • SecurityFocus
  • Secunia
  • SecurityTeam

Exploit Databases

  • Milw0rm

Advisory Archives



  • Bugtraq

Updated: 06/09/2024

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