Open-xchange Ox Appsuite Vulnerabilities

Affected Versions (25): 3.8.3-rev4, 7.4.2-rev42, 7.6.0-rev37, 7.6.1-rev2, 7.6.3-rev2, 7.6.3-rev3, 7.6.3-rev34, 7.6.3-rev35, 7.8.0-rev26, 7.8.1-rev1, 7.8.1-rev7, 7.8.1-rev9, 7.8.2-rev3, 7.8.2-rev4, 7.8.2-rev7, 7.8.2-rev37, 7.8.3-rev4, 7.8.3-rev11, 7.8.3-rev38, 7.8.3-rev43, 7.8.4-rev3, 7.8.4-rev8, 7.8.4-rev18, 7.8.4-rev19, 7.8.4-rev21

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Software Type: Groupware Software

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