Risk 1996

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

88156Microsoft Windows Network Monitor BHSUPP.DLL missing encryptionmedium🔒---
86897Linux Kernel memory corruptionmedium🔒---
13794HP HP-UX Direct Audio denial of service [CVE-1999-1251]low🔒---
13793Renaud Deraison JJ Metacharacter privileges management [CVE-1999-0260]medium🔒--🔒
13792Sun Solaris aspppd .asppp.fifo privileges managementmedium🔒---
13791FreeBSD ppp memory corruption [CVE-1999-1385]medium🔒---
13790HP HP-UX swinstall/swmodify privileges management [CVE-1999-0127]medium🔒---
13789Linux Kernel ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0128]medium🔒--🔒
13788HP HP-UX chfn memory corruption [CVE-1999-1089]medium🔒---
13787Vixie Cron Library Environment Variable memory corruption [CVE-1999-0297]medium🔒---
13786IBM AIX DNS Hostname gethostbyname memory corruptionhigh🔒---
13785Sendmail Decode Alias privileges management [CVE-1999-0096]medium🔒--🔒
13784Apache HTTP Server nph-test-cgi information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
13783SGI IRIX searchbook Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1401]low🔒---
13782ISC INN Metacharacter privileges management [CVE-1999-0043]high🔒--🔒
13781Eric Allman Sendmail Forward File privileges management [CVE-1999-0129]low🔒--🔒
13780SGI IRIX fsdump privileges management [CVE-1999-0044]medium🔒---
13779HP HP-UX newgrp memory corruption [CVE-1999-0050]medium🔒---
13778Gracenote cddbd memory corruption [CVE-1999-1240]medium🔒---
13777KTH Kerberos UDP Packet information disclosure [CVE-1999-1099]low🔒---
13776Digital Unix dxchpwd dxchpwd.log privileges managementlow🔒---
13775Berkeley Sendmail Daemon Mode privileges management [CVE-1999-0130]medium🔒--🔒
13774HP HP-UX ppl memory corruption [CVE-1999-1161]medium🔒---
13773HP HP-UX mstm memory corruption [CVE-1999-0336]medium🔒---
13772HP HP-UX fpkg2swpk privileges management [CVE-1999-0311]medium🔒---
13771SGI IRIX Indigo Magic System Tour/Systour Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
13770Sun Solaris WorkMan privileges management [CVE-1999-0277]medium🔒---
13769Sun SunOS lpr memory corruption [CVE-1999-0032]medium🔒---
13768University of Washington wu-ftpd PASV memory corruption [CVE-1999-0075]medium🔒--🔒
13767GNU Bash Argument privileges management [CVE-1999-0234]low🔒---
13766xmcd Resource Setting memory corruption [CVE-1999-0319]medium🔒---
13765HP HP-UX gwind privileges management [CVE-1999-0308]low🔒---
13764HP HP-UX Remote Watch privileges management [CVE-1999-0246]medium🔒--🔒
13763Eric Allman Sendmail MIME memory corruption [CVE-1999-0206]high🔒--🔒
13762HP HP-UX sysdiag privileges management [CVE-1999-0961]medium🔒---
13761IBM AIX SYN Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0116]low🔒---
13760Transarc Dce Distributed File System Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
13759GNU Bash Back-Tick access control [CVE-1999-1383]low🔒---
13758Berkeley Sendmail memory corruption [CVE-1999-0131]medium🔒--🔒
13757SCO UnixWare System Call privileges management [CVE-1999-1252]medium🔒---
13756HP HP-UX ppl privileges management [CVE-1999-0324]medium🔒---
13755Sendmail Debug privileges management [CVE-1999-1309]medium🔒--🔒
13754University of Washington Pine Lockfile privileges managementlow🔒---
13753IBM AIX rwhod memory corruption [CVE-1999-0085]medium🔒---
13752Sun Solaris Expreserve privileges management [CVE-1999-0132]low🔒---
13751Adobe Framemaker fm_fls License Server privileges managementlow🔒---
13750Sun SunOS vold privileges management [CVE-1999-0134]medium🔒---
13749Sun Solaris Coredump Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1413]low🔒---
13747Sun Solaris Kodak Color Management System privileges managementmedium🔒---
13746Sun Solaris admintool privileges management [CVE-1999-0135]medium🔒---
13745Sun Solaris rdist lookup memory corruptionmedium🔒---
13744Red Hat Enterprise Linux CPIO Archive privileges management [CVE-1999-1572]low🔒--🔒
13743FreeBSD Z-Modem Protocol privileges management [CVE-1999-1301]medium🔒---
13742Fred N. Van Kempen DIP memory corruption [CVE-1999-0137]medium🔒---
13741Sun Solaris expstr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
13740Novell Web Server convert.bas privileges managementmedium🔒---
13739Linux Kernel suidperl privileges management [CVE-1999-0138]medium🔒---
13738SCO OpenServer Kernel privileges management [CVE-1999-1253]medium🔒---
13737HP HP-UX nettune denial of service [CVE-1999-1205]low🔒---
13736CGI Interpreter code injection [CVE-1999-0509]high🔒--🔒
13735NIS+ Table Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0522]medium🔒---
13734FreeBSD man Command Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1313]low🔒---
13733FreeBSD Union File System denial of service [CVE-1999-1314]low🔒---
13732Sun Solaris rpc.statd unknown vulnerability [CVE-1999-0019]low🔒---
13731Sun Solaris pcnfsd privileges management [CVE-1999-0078]low🔒---
13730Digital Osf 1 dxconsole privileges management [CVE-1999-1103]low🔒---
13729Apache HTTP Server test-cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
13728Netscape Navigator Java Bytecode Verifier privileges managementmedium🔒---
13727NCSA Webserver phf privileges management [CVE-1999-0067]high🔒--🔒
13726Netscape Navigator Java Applet Security Manager privileges managementmedium🔒---
13725Microsoft IIS cmd privileges managementhigh🔒---
13724MIT Kerberos improper authentication [CVE-1999-0143]low🔒---
13723Echo/Chargen UDP Packet Storm denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
13722Red Hat Linux abuse.console privileges management [CVE-1999-1491]medium🔒---
13721SCI IRIX Object Server Program Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-1319]high🔒---
13720Rxvt privileges management [CVE-1999-1186]medium🔒---

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