Risk 1998

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

90332DMSetup Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90319Agent 40421 Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90168SGI IRIX Performer API Search Tool pfdispaly.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
90155IBM Lotus Domino missing encryptionmedium🔒---
89521Microsoft Office information disclosurelow🔒---
89517Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88654Microsoft IIS Remote Administration Script privileges managementmedium🔒---
88643Microsoft Windows Passfilt.dll privileges managementmedium🔒---
884873com SuperStack II Switch Authentication hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒--🔒
88293Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
88240Microsoft Windows SNMP GET Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-0517]medium🔒--🔒
88233Lucent Ascent MAX Router Discard Service udp denial of servicelow🔒---
81945MetaInfo MetaIP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
81835Microsoft Windows Password Policy privileges managementmedium🔒---
81834Microsoft FrontPage Extensions Users.pwd Password information disclosurelow🔒---
15665Sun Solaris ufsrestore memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14292SSH Port Forwarding privileges management [CVE-1999-1159]low🔒---
14291Linux Kernel urandom resource consumptionlow🔒-🔒-
14290MySQL Log File privileges management [CVE-1999-1188]low🔒-🔒🔒
14289Winddance Networks Breeze Network Server configbreeze denial of servicelow🔒---
14288James Seter BNC IRC Proxy memory corruption [CVE-1999-0968]medium🔒---
14287Nlog nlog-smb.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
14286Backweb Client Registry missing encryption [CVE-1999-1277]low🔒---
14285Corel WordPerfect Working Directory privileges management [CVE-1999-1173]low🔒---
14284Sun Solaris passwd denial of servicemedium🔒---
14283Sun Solaris mkcookie memory corruption [CVE-1999-0139]medium🔒---
14282RealNetworks RealSystem G2 Server Configuration File missing encryptionlow🔒---
14281Linux Kernel fte-console privileges management [CVE-1999-1276]medium🔒---
14280Platinum Policy Compliance Manager Agent Service smaxagent.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14279FreeBSD/OpenBSD bootpd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0798]high🔒---
14278Hummingbird Exceed Library test.log missing encryptionmedium🔒---
14277BNBForm Automessage Form privileges management [CVE-1999-0937]high🔒--🔒
14276BNBSurvey survey.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
14275SCO UnixWare uidadmin race condition [CVE-1999-0836]medium🔒---
14274Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0869]medium🔒---
14273Sendmail Connection denial of service [CVE-1999-0478]low🔒--🔒
14272SGI IRIX denial of service [CVE-1999-0463]low🔒---
14271Microsoft Exchange LDAP Bind bind memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
14270PAM Temporary File Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0342]medium🔒---
14269Microsoft NetMeeting memory corruption [CVE-1999-0332]medium🔒---
14268Sun Solaris kcms_configure memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14267Excite EWS Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-1073]medium🔒---
14266Excite EWS Authentication File architext.conf missing encryptionmedium🔒--🔒
14265Excite EWS Authentication architext.conf improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14264Debian Linux fsp Package improper authentication [CVE-1999-1411]medium🔒---
14263Samba wsmbconf privileges management [CVE-1999-1288]low🔒---
14261KDE kppp memory corruption [CVE-1999-1107]medium🔒---
14260KDE kppp privileges management [CVE-1999-0782]low🔒---
14259KDE privileges management [CVE-1999-0781]medium🔒---
14258KDE klock denial of service [CVE-1999-0780]low🔒---
14257Eric Allman Vacation Sendmail Command privileges management [CVE-1999-0057]medium🔒--🔒
14256CA ArcServe Backup Log File exchverify.log missing encryptionlow🔒---
14255Sun Solaris CDE/NIS+ Screenlock improper authentication [CVE-1999-1025]low🔒---
14254Mirabilis ICQ IP Address information disclosure [CVE-1999-1289]medium🔒---
14253Lakeweb Mail List CGI Script Email Address privileges managementmedium🔒---
14252Lakeweb Filemail CGI Script Email Address privileges managementmedium🔒---
14251Hamcards Postcard CGI Email Address privileges management [CVE-1999-1153]medium🔒---
14250SSH Client DNS Hostname memory corruption [CVE-1999-1321]medium🔒---
14249Puppets Place NukeNabber report.exe resource consumptionlow🔒---
14248FreeBSD/OpenBSD IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-1999-0052]low🔒---
14247BMC Software Patrol Agent race condition [CVE-1999-1459]medium🔒---
14246Sun Solaris HP OpenView privileges management [CVE-1999-0254]high🔒--🔒
14245IBM AIX infod Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0118]medium🔒---
14244SGI IRIX Routed privileges management [CVE-1999-0215]medium🔒---
14243IBM AIX automountd Service memory corruption [CVE-1999-0088]high🔒---
14242FreeBSD TCP denial of service [CVE-1999-0053]low🔒---
14241Red Hat Linux Mountd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0002]high🔒--🔒
14240Dbadmin memory corruption [CVE-1999-1381]medium🔒---
14239SCO OpenServer mscreen .mscreenrc memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14238Microsoft Windows TCP Packet authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-1291]medium🔒---
14237IBM Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent denial of service [CVE-1999-1404]low🔒---
14236IBM Tivoli OPC Tracker Agent Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1403]medium🔒---
14235Palace Client privileges management [CVE-1999-0343]medium🔒---
14234Microsoft Internet Explorer File Upload Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
14233Microsoft Windows User Access Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14232Microsoft Windows User Access Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14231Microsoft Windows User Access Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14230Sun Solaris SNMP Subagent privileges management [CVE-1999-0186]high🔒--🔒
14229SGI IRIX On-Line Customer Registration privileges managementmedium🔒---
14228Microsoft Windows RPC Server Snork denial of servicelow🔒---
14227US Robotics Modem ATH Command privileges management [CVE-1999-1228]medium🔒--🔒
14226Globetrotter FLEXlm LicenseManager lmdown denial of service [CVE-1999-1054]low🔒---
14225Seattle Lab Software SLmail Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1265]low🔒---
14224Novell Netware NDS NLIST.EXE privileges managementmedium🔒---
14223Apple Ichat Server File path traversal [CVE-1999-0897]medium🔒--🔒
14222Sun Solaris ping memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14221GNU Bash Directory Name memory corruption [CVE-1999-1048]medium🔒---
14220Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame privileges management [CVE-1999-0871]medium🔒---
14219Matt Wright WWWBoard Message privileges management [CVE-1999-0930]medium🔒---
14218HP HP-UX SharedX recserv denial of service [CVE-1999-0779]low🔒--🔒
14217Kolban Webcam32 Administration memory corruption [CVE-1999-1292]medium🔒---
14216Osicom Routermate SNMP improper authentication [CVE-1999-0792]medium🔒--🔒
14215SSH privileges management [CVE-1999-0310]medium🔒---
14214Sun Solaris FTP Client privileges management [CVE-1999-0302]medium🔒---
14213Cisco IOS Filter privileges management [CVE-1999-0162]medium🔒--🔒
14212Cisco PIX Manager privileges management [CVE-1999-0158]medium🔒--🔒
14211Sun Solaris dtmail memory corruption [CVE-1999-0065]medium🔒---
14210SCO OpenServer/Unix memory corruption [CVE-1999-1041]medium🔒---
14209Inso dwhttpd Encoding privileges management [CVE-1999-1417]medium🔒---
14208Inso dwhttpd denial of service [CVE-1999-1416]low🔒---
14207Cisco IOS IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-1999-0157]low🔒---
14206Opera Web Browser Scheme denial of service [CVE-1999-1283]low🔒---
14205Cisco IOS privileges management [CVE-1999-0159]medium🔒---
14204Apache HTTP Server MIME Header Sioux denial of servicemedium🔒---
14203Renaud Deraison Hylafax Faxsurvey Query privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14202OpenBSD chpass privileges managementmedium🔒---
14201SNMP Server Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-0516]medium🔒--🔒
14200Microsoft Windows System Process Sechole access controlmedium🔒---
14199Sun Solaris libauth memory corruption [CVE-1999-0339]medium🔒---
14198HP HP-UX OpenView Omniback privileges management [CVE-1999-0333]medium🔒--🔒
14197Microsoft Windows WINS denial of service [CVE-1999-0288]low🔒--🔒
14196Netscape Enterprise Server information disclosure [CVE-1999-0269]low🔒--🔒
14195HP HP-UX Data Transfer information disclosure [CVE-1999-1136]low🔒---
14194Qualcomm Eudora Date denial of service [CVE-1999-1448]low🔒---
14193Red Hat Linux dumpreg denial of servicelow🔒---
14192Microsoft Internet Explorer OBJECT denial of service [CVE-1999-1447]low🔒---
14191Mutt Mail Client privileges management [CVE-1999-0941]medium🔒---
14190Xylogics Annex Terminal Query denial of service [CVE-1999-1070]low🔒--🔒
14189N-Base NH2012/NH2012R/NH2015/NH2048/NH3012 TFTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14188N-Base NH2012/NH2012R/NH2015/NH2048/NH3012 privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
14187Vintra SMTP MailServer EXPN Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1200]low🔒---
14186University of Washington Imapd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0005]high🔒--🔒
14185Digital OpenVMS loginout improper authentication [CVE-1999-1558]medium🔒---
14184Sun Solaris Power Management improper authentication [CVE-1999-1432]medium🔒---
14183CSM Proxy FTP Port denial of service [CVE-1999-1149]low🔒---
14182Sun Solaris SUNWadmap privileges management [CVE-1999-0263]low🔒---
14181Cisco PIX Filter privileges management [CVE-1999-1582]medium🔒---
14180HP JetAdmin jetadmin.log race conditionmedium🔒---
14179Sun Solaris OpenWindows/Xview privileges management [CVE-1999-1297]low🔒---
14178Sun Solaris rpcbind libnsl denial of servicemedium🔒---
14177Qualcomm Qpopper POP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0006]high🔒---
14176Slackware Linux group privileges managementmedium🔒---
14175KDE KMail PGP information disclosure [CVE-1999-1270]low🔒---
14174NEC Socks5 memory corruption [CVE-1999-1435]medium🔒---
14173Seattle Lab Software SLmail FROM memory corruption [CVE-1999-0102]medium🔒---
14172Ray Chan WWW Authorization Gateway privileges management [CVE-1999-1436]medium🔒---
14171Ralf S. Engelschall ePerl ISINDEX Query bar.phtml information disclosuremedium🔒---
14170IBM AIX nslookup memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14169NetBSD at Utility information disclosure [CVE-1999-1409]low🔒---
14168StarTech POP3 Proxy Server/Telnet Server Authentication denial of servicelow🔒---
14167WinGate Proxy POP3 memory corruption [CVE-1999-0494]medium🔒--🔒
14166SGI IRIX ioconfig Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
14165SGI IRIX Pathname Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0313]medium🔒---
14164Linux Kernel SIGIO denial of service [CVE-1999-1441]low🔒---
14163Livingston Portmaster TCP ISN authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-1150]medium🔒---
14162Microsoft SQL Server Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-1556]medium🔒---
14161Sun SunOS NIS Finger denial of service [CVE-1999-0797]low🔒---
14160Tamu Tiger File race condition [CVE-1999-1038]medium🔒---
14159Coast SATAN rex.$ race conditionmedium🔒---
14158COPS mail.chk privileges managementmedium🔒---
14157Microsoft IIS PKCS #1 information disclosure [CVE-1999-0007]low🔒---
14156Matt Wright Textcounter textcounter.pl privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
14155Linux Kernel Instruction denial of service [CVE-1999-1442]medium🔒---
14154FreeBSD NFS denial of service [CVE-1999-0783]low🔒---
14153SSH Secure Shell CBC/CFB Modes Insertion missing encryptionmedium🔒--🔒
14152Cheyenne Inoculan Anti-Virus Server Directory privileges managementmedium🔒---
14151IBM AIX aclput race conditionlow🔒---
14150Macromedia Dreamweaver FTP Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-1271]low🔒---
14149Sambar Server HTTP Request dumpenv.pl information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
14148Sun Solaris ftpd denial of service [CVE-1999-0054]low🔒---
14147Sun Solaris NIS+ rpc.nisd memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14146Compaq Microcom 6000 Access Integrator Lockout Mechanism improper authenticationlow🔒---
14145Compaq Microcom 6000 Access Integrator Session Timeout denial of servicelow🔒---
14144Micah Software Full Armor privileges management [CVE-1999-1443]low🔒---
14143Router/Firewall Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-0508]medium🔒--🔒
14142Unix Account improper authentication [CVE-1999-0501]high🔒--🔒
14141SGI IRIX mediad privileges management [CVE-1999-0329]medium🔒---
14140Microsoft IIS ASP File information disclosure [CVE-1999-0278]medium🔒--🔒
14139Red Hat Linux xosview 1.5.1 memory corruption [CVE-1999-1490]medium🔒---
14138SGI IRIX diskperf Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
14137SGI IRIX diskperf privileges managementmedium🔒---
14136Sun Solaris BNU UUCP Daemon memory corruption [CVE-1999-0303]low🔒---
14135KDE klock memory corruption [CVE-1999-1096]medium🔒---
14134SysAdmin Magazine man.sh privileges management [CVE-1999-1179]medium🔒---
14133Sun Solaris libnsl memory corruption [CVE-1999-0055]medium🔒---
141323com Total Control Netserver Card Filter privileges managementmedium🔒---
14131Check Point Firewall-1 Keyword privileges management [CVE-1999-1204]medium🔒---
14130Motorola CableRouter Telnet Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0919]medium🔒---
14129Motorola CableRouter improper authentication [CVE-1999-0816]high🔒---
14128Microsoft Windows WINS Coke denial of servicemedium🔒---
14127Digital Unix Advanced File System Utility privileges managementlow🔒-🔒-
14126Sun Solaris Admintool privileges management [CVE-1999-1027]medium🔒---
14125Xfree86 xterm/xaw memory corruption [CVE-1999-0126]medium🔒---
14124FreeBSD T/TCP Extension authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0796]medium🔒---
14123SGI IRIX Printer Program memory corruption [CVE-1999-0108]medium🔒---
14122Bernd Johanness Wueb Kppp memory corruption [CVE-1999-1106]medium🔒---
14121Sun Solaris rpc.mountd information disclosure [CVE-1999-0212]medium🔒---
14120Sun Solaris ufsrestore memory corruption [CVE-1999-0069]medium🔒---
14119Debian Linux suidmanager suidexec Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
14118Qualcomm Eudora Internet Mail Server User Name memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
14117ISC BIND SIGINT/SIGIOT race condition [CVE-1999-1499]low🔒---
14116Stalker Internet Mail Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1504]medium🔒--🔒
14115NFR TCP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-1503]low🔒---
14114Id Software Quake Client Console memory corruption [CVE-1999-1502]medium🔒---
14113SGI IRIX ipxlink privileges managementlow🔒---
14112SGI IRIX Korn Shell suid_exec memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14111SGI IRIX NetWare Client 1.0 ipxlink privileges managementmedium🔒---
14110Apple AppleShare IP Mail Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1015]medium🔒--🔒
14109Sun Solaris rpcbind privileges management [CVE-1999-0190]medium🔒---
14108ISC BIND CNAME/Zone Transfer denial of service [CVE-1999-0011]medium🔒--🔒
14107ISC BIND DNS Message denial of service [CVE-1999-0010]low🔒--🔒
14106ISC BIND iquery memory corruption [CVE-1999-0009]high🔒--🔒
14105Id Software QuakeWorld memory corruption [CVE-1999-1505]medium🔒---
14104Slackware Linux pkgtool race condition [CVE-1999-1498]low🔒---
14103SGI IRIX pfdispaly.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
14102SGI IRIX mailcap privileges management [CVE-1999-1183]medium🔒---
14101HP OpenMail Print Request privileges management [CVE-1999-0551]low🔒---
14100Microsoft Internet Explorer Active Content privileges managementmedium🔒---
14099Router/Firewall Password improper authentication [CVE-1999-0507]medium🔒---
14098Linux Kernel IP Fragmentation Nestea denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14097Sendmail SMTP EHLO memory corruption [CVE-1999-0098]high🔒--🔒
14096Sun Solaris ToolTalk rpc.ttdbserverd memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14095SGI IRIX cdplayer privileges management [CVE-1999-0960]medium🔒---
14094IBM AIX inetd denial of service [CVE-1999-1075]low🔒---
14093Lucent Ascend Router Discard Service denial of service [CVE-1999-0060]low🔒--🔒
14092Sun Solaris ndd denial of service [CVE-1999-1118]low🔒---
14091Red Hat Linux DHCP ifdhcpc-done race conditionlow🔒---
14090SGI IRIX CDROM Confidence Test Program memory corruption [CVE-1999-1272]medium🔒---
14089Sun Solaris/SunOS NIS+ privileges management [CVE-1999-0795]medium🔒---
14088Host UDP Packet Fraggle denial of servicemedium🔒---
14087Sun Solaris Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-0502]high🔒--🔒
14086Linux Kernel bdash Game memory corruption [CVE-1999-0330]medium🔒---
14085Sun Solaris rpc rpc.cmsd privileges managementhigh🔒---
14084Roar Smith info2www CGI Input privileges management [CVE-1999-0266]medium🔒--🔒
14083IBM AIX sadc privileges management [CVE-1999-1486]low🔒---
14082Id Software Quake 2 Server config.cfg race conditionlow🔒---
14081Qbik Wingate Connection Localhost denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14080Squid Proxy Access Control privileges management [CVE-1999-1273]medium🔒---
14079FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD mmap privileges managementhigh🔒---
14078Network General NetXRay HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-1999-1207]medium🔒---
14077Microsoft Windows SMB Logon denial of service [CVE-1999-0225]low🔒---
14076Microsoft Windows IP Fragmentation Bonk denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
14075KDE .kss.pid race conditionlow🔒---
14074Microsoft IIS File Name privileges management [CVE-1999-0012]medium🔒---
14073Slackware Linux IMAPD/POP3D memory corruption [CVE-1999-1445]medium🔒---
14072AOL Instant Messenger Hyperlink denial of service [CVE-1999-0486]low🔒---
14071FreeBSD/OpenBSD Sysctl authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0305]low🔒---
14070FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD Device mmap memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14069Sun Solaris volrmmount privileges management [CVE-1999-0296]medium🔒---
14068Jgaa WarFTPd USER/PASS Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0256]medium🔒--🔒
14067IBM AIX Telnet denial of service [CVE-1999-0087]medium🔒---
14066Miva htmlscript privileges management [CVE-1999-0264]medium🔒--🔒
14065Sun Solaris mailx memory corruption [CVE-1999-0125]medium🔒---
14064SSH privileges management [CVE-1999-0013]medium🔒---
14063IBM AIX digest privileges management [CVE-1999-1487]medium🔒---
14062CDE denial of service [CVE-1999-0014]medium🔒---
14061Progressive Networks RealServer Request denial of service [CVE-1999-1045]medium🔒---
14060Progressive Networks Real Video Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0271]low🔒--🔒
14059Todd Miller sudo path traversal [CVE-1999-0958]medium🔒---
14058cidentd/jidentd .authlie memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14057IBM AIX routed privileges management [CVE-1999-0086]medium🔒---
14056DIT TransferPro Device Permission privileges management [CVE-1999-1429]low🔒---
14055Linux Kernel ICMP Smurf denial of servicemedium🔒---
14054GNU gcc race condition [CVE-1999-1439]low🔒---
14053Slackware Linux deliver memory corruption [CVE-1999-0341]medium🔒---
14052Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-1999-0331]medium🔒---
14051Cisco IOS AAA Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-0293]medium🔒---
14050Microsoft Exchange SMTP HELO memory corruption [CVE-1999-0284]medium🔒--🔒
14049Excite EWS privileges management [CVE-1999-0279]medium🔒--🔒
14048Sun Solaris Telnet denial of service [CVE-1999-0273]low🔒--🔒
14047Netscape FastTrack HTTP privileges management [CVE-1999-0239]medium🔒--🔒
14046ELM Filter race condition [CVE-1999-0114]low🔒---

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