Risk 1999

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

90847Debian Linux Patch Management information disclosurelow🔒---
90783Microsoft Windows Enabling Dead Gateway Detection Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90782Microsoft Windows Enable PMTU Discovery Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90781Microsoft Windows TCP Max Data Retransmissions Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90779Microsoft Windows TCP Security Filters Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90778Microsoft Windows Recovery Removable Devices Allocation Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90777Microsoft Windows Recovery Console Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90776Microsoft Windows Session Security Policy for NTLM SSP Based Server information disclosurelow🔒---
90775Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
90774Microsoft Windows Number of Previous Logons to Cache Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90773Microsoft Windows Formatting/Ejecting Removable Media Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90770Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
90769Microsoft Windows Idle Time Before Suspending Session Policy privileges managementlow🔒---
90767Microsoft Windows Use of Backup/Restore Privilege Policy privileges managementlow🔒---
90766Microsoft Windows Unsigned Driver privileges managementlow🔒---
90765Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
90764Microsoft Windows Ctrl+Alt+Delete Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90763Microsoft Windows Not Allowing Storage of Credentials information disclosurelow🔒---
90761Microsoft Windows Audits the Access of Global System Objects Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90760Microsoft Windows Password Change Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
90759Microsoft Windows Blank Password Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
90756Microsoft Windows WMI Performance Adapter Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90755Microsoft Windows WMI Driver Extensions Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90754Microsoft Windows WMI Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90745Microsoft Windows Time Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90743Microsoft Windows Secondary Logon Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90741Microsoft Windows Uninterruptible Power Supply Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90354Microsoft Windows NTLM Security Support Provider Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90352Microsoft Windows SSDP Discovery Protocol Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90351Microsoft Windows SNMP Trap Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90350Microsoft Windows ICF/ICS Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90349Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Help Session Manager Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90348Microsoft Windows Network Location Awareness Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90334Hidden Port Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90333Net Controller Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90331TCP Wrappers Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90330DRAT Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90329Farnaz Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90325Rasmin Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90324Bunker Hill Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90321Spirit 2000-2001 Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90315HP HP-UX dtspc information disclosurelow🔒---
90305Microsoft Windows Background Intelligent Transfer Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90304Microsoft Windows Remote Access Auto Connection Manager Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90303Microsoft Windows FTP Publishing Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90302Microsoft Windows Fax Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90301Microsoft Windows Computer Browser Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90300Microsoft Windows ASP.NET State Server information disclosurelow🔒---
90299Microsoft Windows Themes Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90297Microsoft Windows Protected Storage Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90291Microsoft Windows Volume Shadow Copy Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90290Microsoft Windows Upload Manager Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90289Microsoft Windows Telephony Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90288Microsoft Windows System Restore Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90287Microsoft Windows Smart Card Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90286Microsoft Windows Security Accounts Manager Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90285Microsoft Windows IIS Admin Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90284Microsoft Windows Indexing Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90283Microsoft Windows Network Connections Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90282Microsoft Windows Network DDE DSDM Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90281Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90279Microsoft Windows Remote Registry Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90278Microsoft Windows Routing/Remote Access Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90277Microsoft Windows Server Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90276Microsoft Windows DNS Client Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90275Microsoft Windows Fast User Switching Compatibility Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90274Microsoft Windows Cryptographic Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90273Microsoft Windows COM+ System Application Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90272Microsoft Windows Performance Logs/Alerts Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90271Hotline Connect Server information disclosurelow🔒---
90270Microsoft Windows System Event Notification Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90269Microsoft Windows Universal Plug/Play Device Host Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90268Microsoft Windows World Wide Web Publishing Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90267Microsoft Windows Web Client Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90259Microsoft Windows Event Log Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90258Microsoft Windows Help/Support Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90257Microsoft Windows Application Management Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90256Microsoft Windows Human Interface Device Access Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90255Microsoft Windows Remote Access Connection Manager Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90254Microsoft Windows RunAs Service information disclosurelow🔒---
90182Apache HTTP Server Cocoon status information disclosurelow🔒---
90180Compaq Survey Utility information disclosurelow🔒---
90175Zero One Tech hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
90171Oracle sqldemos information disclosurelow🔒---
90169Microsoft IIS PUT Request privileges managementmedium🔒---
90150Perforce Server information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
89857Sun Solaris Dtspcd Service information disclosurelow🔒---
89853ISC BIND Digital Signature Verification denial of servicelow🔒---
89852Sun Solaris RPC kcmsd Service information disclosurelow🔒---
89658Sun iPlanet Web Server .perf information disclosurelow🔒---
89635IBM Lotus Domino Database File information disclosurelow🔒---
89610Qualcomm Qpopper memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89544SKIn NT Logger information disclosurelow🔒---
89532MyWeb memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89531Intermec WAP Telnet Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89530Intermec WAP Web Interface information disclosurelow🔒---
89520Microsoft Windows Terminal Services information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
89519postinfo.asp unrestricted uploadmedium🔒---
89518Microsoft Jet Database Engine VBA privileges managementmedium🔒---
89512Microsoft Excel Lotus 1-2-3 Macro Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
89342Microsoft Windows LanMan Hash missing encryptionmedium🔒---
89322IBM WebSphere Db2www.ini information disclosurelow🔒---
89317Oracle Application Server Sample Page JDBCQuery.jsp privileges managementmedium🔒---
89316Oracle Application Server Online Order Page information disclosurelow🔒---
89315Oracle Application Server Uridemo Page information disclosurelow🔒---
89314Oracle Application Server Sample Page newsstorydemo.html privileges managementmedium🔒---
89313Oracle Application Server config.xml information disclosurelow🔒---
89312Oracle Application Server showpooldetails.jsp information disclosurelow🔒---
89311Oracle Application Server showjavartdetails.jsp information disclosurelow🔒---
89310Oracle Application Server Sample Page sqltoxml.html privileges managementmedium🔒---
89309Oracle Application Server Sample Page SQLJSelectInto.sqljsp privileges managementmedium🔒---
89308Oracle Application SQLJSelectInto.java Source information disclosurelow🔒---
89307Oracle Application JDBCQuery.java Source information disclosurelow🔒---
89306Oracle Application Server Sample Page UseHtmlQueryBean.jsp privileges managementmedium🔒---
89289Microsoft Windows Domain Master Browser Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
89262BEA WebLogic Server path traversalmedium🔒---
89261Michael Lamont Savant Web Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89260Zope Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89227Microsoft Site Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89226Microsoft Site Server sql injectionmedium🔒---
89223Oracle HTTP Server SSL Port information disclosurelow🔒---
89222Netscape Enterprise Web Server Administrative Interface hard-coded passwordmedium🔒---
89221IBM WebSphere Config File information disclosurelow🔒---
89210Oracle Oracle9i Application Server Sample Page privileges managementmedium🔒---
89208Oracle Oracle9iAS HTTP Header denial of servicelow🔒---
89207Apache Jakarta Tomcat Error Page Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89206IBM Lotus Domino ACL privileges managementmedium🔒---
89205Apache Jakarta Tomcat Error Message information disclosurelow🔒---
89204Netscape Enterprise Server REVLABEL Method denial of servicelow🔒---
89203Netscape Enterprise Server STARTREV Method denial of servicelow🔒---
89202IBM Lotus Domino File information disclosurelow🔒---
89201Netscape Enterprise Server REVNUM Method denial of servicelow🔒---
89199Netscape Enterprise Server REVADD Method denial of servicelow🔒---
89198Netscape Enterprise Server SAVE Method denial of servicelow🔒---
89196Netscape Enterprise Server Web Publishing Module privileges managementmedium🔒---
89185Netscape Web Publishing INDEX Method Directory information disclosurelow🔒---
89184Netscape Web Publishing SAVE Method privileges managementmedium🔒---
89183Netscape Web Publishing MKDIR Method privileges managementmedium🔒---
89177Netscape Enterprise Server Search Script Module denial of servicelow🔒---
89174Xynph FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89173acFTP FTP Server improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89172GuildFTPD Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89171ZyXEL Prestige 642R/Prestige 642R-I Administration Interface hard-coded credentialshigh🔒--🔒
89170Pablo FTP Service Credentials information disclosurelow🔒---
89169CesarFTP privileges managementmedium🔒---
89168Kunani FTP Server path traversalmedium🔒---
89167Mollensoft Hyperion FTP Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89166University of Washington wu-ftpd Command denial of servicelow🔒---
89154Sendmail privileges managementmedium🔒---
89153IBM AIX CLSTRMGR denial of servicelow🔒---
89152Oracle Oracle9iAS Web Cache File privileges managementmedium🔒---
89151Microsoft Windows POSIX/OS2 information disclosurelow🔒---
89150Microsoft Windows RAS missing encryptionmedium🔒---
89147Getdrvrs.exe ODBC privileges managementmedium🔒---
89146David Yuan Forum Web Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
88895Avotus MM Service passwd information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
88889Michael Lamont Savant Web Server URL path traversalmedium🔒---
88886Ipswitch IMail POP3 Service memory corruption [CVE-1999-0822]high🔒--🔒
88885Microsoft Office Service Pack 2 privileges managementmedium🔒---
88884Microsoft Windows Security Rollup Package information disclosurelow🔒---
88883Microsoft Windows VeriSign authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
88882Microsoft Windows Named Pipe denial of servicelow🔒---
88880Microsoft Windows Dial-In privileges managementmedium🔒---
88866Horde IMP Test Script information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88832Seattle Lab SLMail Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0280]medium🔒--🔒
88798Host SSL PCT1 information disclosurelow🔒---
88797Cisco IOS Tunnel Interface privileges managementmedium🔒---
88796Cisco IOS Config missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88794Enterasys RoamAbout Access Point WEP missing encryptionlow🔒---
88793Enterasys RoamAbout Access Point Firewall privileges managementmedium🔒---
88792Enterasys RoamAbout Access Point SSID Config information disclosurelow🔒---
88791Enterasys RoamAbout Access Point Secure Access Mode privileges managementmedium🔒---
88789Microsoft Windows Active Directory Setup privileges managementmedium🔒---
88788Microsoft Windows Service Pack 6 denial of servicelow🔒---
88787Microsoft Windows RAS via PPP denial of servicelow🔒---
88786Microsoft Windows NetBIOS Over TCP privileges managementmedium🔒---
88785Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88784Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88783Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88782Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88781Microsoft Windows Active Directory Schema privileges managementmedium🔒---
88780Yahoo Messenger denial of servicelow🔒---
88779Computalynx Cmail Mail Server Installation improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88778Computalynx Cmail Mail Server File privileges managementmedium🔒---
88777Netopia Timbuktu information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88776Microsoft Windows Permission privileges managementmedium🔒---
88775Microsoft Windows Digitally Sign improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88774Microsoft Windows Digitally Sign improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88773Microsoft Windows Digitally Sign improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88772Microsoft Windows Session Key improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88771Microsoft Windows .NET Password Storage information disclosurelow🔒---
88770Microsoft Passport SDK Time Window Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
88769Microsoft Passport SDK Permission Global.asa privileges managementmedium🔒---
88768Microsoft Passport SDK Sample Site information disclosurelow🔒---
88767Microsoft Password SDK Default Test Site information disclosurelow🔒---
88766Microsoft Passport SDK Registry information disclosurelow🔒---
88765Microsoft Windows Service Pack 3 privileges managementmedium🔒---
88763Microsoft Windows Remote Data Services information disclosurelow🔒---
88756Orinoco Access Server information disclosurelow🔒---
88755Orinoco Access Server SNMP Service hard-coded passwordmedium🔒---
88754Orinoco Access Server Telnet Service hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
88753Orinoco Access Server Network Name information disclosurelow🔒---
88745Orinoco Access Server Wireless privileges managementmedium🔒---
88744Orinoco Access Server IP Access Table privileges managementmedium🔒---
88741KaZaA Media Desktop information disclosurelow🔒---
88718Microsoft Windows privileges managementlow🔒---
88717Microsoft Windows DCOM Object Launch privileges managementlow🔒---
88716Microsoft Windows DCOM Default Launch privileges managementlow🔒---
88715Microsoft Windows DCOM Access privileges managementlow🔒---
88714Microsoft Windows DCOM Security privileges managementlow🔒---
88712Microsoft Windows DCOM improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88711Microsoft Windows DCOM privileges managementmedium🔒---
88706Microsoft Windows RRAS denial of servicelow🔒---
88705Check Point Firewall-1 Topology Request information disclosurelow🔒---
88704Cisco Router Logging privileges managementmedium🔒---
88703Cisco Router IP Source Routing privileges managementmedium🔒---
88702Cisco Router HTTP Config privileges managementmedium🔒---
88701Cisco Router SNMP hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
88700Cisco Router Buffered Logging privileges managementmedium🔒---
88699Cisco Router Config privileges managementmedium🔒---
88698Cisco Router Broadcast privileges managementmedium🔒---
88697Cisco IOS Strong Password Protection improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88695SourceForge Shareaza information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88694Mldonkey Telnet Interface information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88692Overnet Client information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88685Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88684Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88678Microsoft IIS Patch MS02-018 privileges managementmedium🔒---
88677Microsoft IIS Log File User information disclosurelow🔒---
88676Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88675Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88673Internet Anywhere Mail Server SMTP VRFY denial of servicelow🔒---
88670Microsoft Windows Password Filter privileges managementmedium🔒---
88666Enterasys RoamAbout Access Point Console improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88665Microsoft Windows System Key missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88664Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Security privileges managementmedium🔒---
88663Microsoft Windows Registry information disclosurelow🔒---
88660CSM Alibaba Web Server Post denial of servicelow🔒---
88658Microsoft Windows Device Driver privileges managementmedium🔒---
88657Microsoft Windows DHCP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
88656Cisco Router ICMP Echo Request Generator privileges managementmedium🔒---
88655Microsoft Windows DNS Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
88648Microsoft Passport SDK Component Configuration Document Permission privileges managementmedium🔒---
88647Microsoft Passport Manager Verbose Mode Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
88646Microsoft Passport Manager PASSPORTLOG.LOG information disclosurelow🔒---
88645Microsoft Passport SDK Event Reporting privileges managementlow🔒---
88642Smartserver3 SMTP Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
88641IBM Domino Server Web Request privileges managementmedium🔒---
88640CDDB information disclosurelow🔒---
88639Microsoft Windows Driver Signing privileges managementmedium🔒---
88638Microsoft Windows WFP privileges managementmedium🔒---
88635Avirt Mail Server PASS memory corruptionmedium🔒---
88634Avirt Mail Server Directory privileges managementmedium🔒---
88632Microsoft Exchange Freeze denial of servicelow🔒---
88630Microsoft Windows Registry Permission privileges managementmedium🔒---
88629Microsoft Windows Performance Counter memory leaklow🔒---
886283Com AirConnect Access Point Web Server information disclosurelow🔒---
886273Com AirConnect Access Point Wireless LAN Service Area ID information disclosurelow🔒---
886263Com AirConnect Access Point hard-coded passwordmedium🔒---
886253Com AirConnect Access Point Broadcast Wireless LAN Service Area information disclosurelow🔒---
886243Com AirConnect Access Point Access Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
886233Com AirConnect Access Point Telnet privileges managementmedium🔒---
886223Com AirConnect Access Point Access Control Violation Trap privileges managementmedium🔒---
88621Yahoo Messenger information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88620Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88598Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
88587HP LaserJet Display privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88586Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges managementmedium🔒---
88443FakeBO os command injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88442Check Point Firewall-1 information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88434Sendmail Accept denial of servicelow🔒---
88430NetcPlus POP3 Server memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
88424Sun Solaris FTPD information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88410CVS Pserver Detection information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88408McAfee PGPNet Daemon information disclosurelow🔒---
88406OpenAFS Client Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88325Cisco IDS Device Manager information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88323Xitami Web Server memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
88321CA Unicenter File Transfer Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88320CA Unicenter Transport Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88296Apple Mac OS AppleShare IP Server information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88284Tenable Nessus Service information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88277News Server Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88274ISC BIND Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88271IBM Lotus Domino URL Stored information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88260Microsoft IIS bdir.htr information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88259Microsoft FrontPage Extensions authors.pwd information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88258Host SQL Sapphire Worm privileges managementmedium🔒---
88248Oracle Database tnslsnr improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88246Cognos Powerplay Web Edition ppdscgi.exe information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88244Sendmail Mail redirectmedium🔒--🔒
88239SOCKS 5 Proxy Config privileges managementmedium🔒---
88238SOCKS 4 Proxy Config privileges managementmedium🔒---
88237Microsoft MS-DOS/Windows Carbon Copy 32 information disclosurelow🔒---
88235Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority privileges managementmedium🔒---
88234Symantec pcAnywhere information disclosurelow🔒---
88232Microsoft Internet Explorer SMB denial of servicemedium🔒---
88231Microsoft Internet Explorer Certificate Checker improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88230Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting resource transfermedium🔒---
88229Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88228Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting resource transfermedium🔒---
88227Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88226Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting Java privileges managementmedium🔒---
88225Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88224Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88223Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88222Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88221Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone Setting resource transfermedium🔒---
88220Microsoft Internet Explorer Desktop Content Download privileges managementmedium🔒---
88219Microsoft Internet Explorer Zone Auto User Authentication privileges managementmedium🔒---
88218Microsoft Internet Explorer Zone ActiveX privileges managementmedium🔒---
88217Microsoft Internet Explorer Zone Active Scripting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88216Netscape Navigator Non-Encrypted Data Submission Warning missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88215Netscape Navigator Mixed Security Content Warning missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88214Netscape Navigator Secure Site Warning missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88213Netscape Navigator Java Applet privileges managementmedium🔒---
88212Netscape Navigator Secure Site privileges managementmedium🔒---
88211Netscape Navigator Cookie Warning privileges managementmedium🔒---
88210Microsoft Windows Secure Site missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88209Microsoft Internet Explorer Submission missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88208Microsoft Internet Explorer Java Applet privileges managementmedium🔒---
88207Microsoft Internet Explorer Form Redirection privileges managementmedium🔒---
88206Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Certificate Checker improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88205Microsoft Internet Explorer Secure Content Caching privileges managementmedium🔒---
88204Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
88203Microsoft Internet Explorer Active Scripting privileges managementmedium🔒---
88202Microsoft Internet Explorer Active Content Security privileges managementmedium🔒---
88201Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie Warning privileges managementmedium🔒---
88199Microsoft Windows Ssping teardrop2 Patch denial of servicemedium🔒---
88198Microsoft Windows DNS Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
88197Unix/Linux RPC alis Service information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88196Microsoft Windows Force Shutdown from a Remote System Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88195Microsoft Windows Modify Firmware Environment Values Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88194Microsoft Windows Debug Programs Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88193Microsoft Windows Restore Files/Directories Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88192Microsoft Windows Backup Files/Directories Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88191Microsoft Windows Create a Pagefile Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88190Microsoft Windows Increase Scheduling Priority Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88189Linux Yppasswdd RPC Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88188Microsoft Windows Profile Single Process Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88187Microsoft Windows Change the System Time Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88186Microsoft Windows Create Permanent Shared Objects Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88185Microsoft Windows Profile System Performance Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88184Microsoft Windows Act as Part of the Operating System Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88183Microsoft Windows Increase Quotas Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88182Microsoft Windows Load/Unload Device Drivers Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88181Microsoft Windows Lock Pages in Memory Privilege privileges managementmedium🔒---
88180Microsoft Windows DCOM RunAs Key privileges managementmedium🔒---
88179Microsoft Windows Protocol information disclosurelow🔒---
88178Microsoft Windows Network Interface information disclosurelow🔒---
88177Microsoft Windows Scheduler privileges managementmedium🔒---
88176Microsoft Windows Logging information disclosurelow🔒---
88174Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler information disclosurelow🔒---
88173Microsoft Windows rsh TCP Sequence privileges managementmedium🔒---
88172Microsoft Windows Service Unknown information disclosurelow🔒---
88171Microsoft Windows Registry File Association privileges managementmedium🔒---
88170Microsoft Windows Distributed COM information disclosure [CVE-1999-0658]low🔒---
88169Microsoft Windows Repair Directory privileges managementlow🔒---
88168Microsoft Windows DCOM Registry Key privileges managementmedium🔒---
88167Microsoft Windows Syncstorm Patch information disclosurelow🔒---
88166Microsoft Windows RCMD Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88163CGI Script command injectionhigh🔒---
88160SOCKS Config information disclosurelow🔒---
88159Microsoft Windows Remote Access Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88157Microsoft Windows Password Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88154Microsoft Windows Username information disclosurelow🔒---
88152Microsoft Windows NetBIOS privileges managementmedium🔒---
88151Microsoft Windows Registry privileges managementmedium🔒---
88150Microsoft Windows Share information disclosurelow🔒---
88149Host NIS Service udp information disclosurelow🔒---
88148Host NIS Service TCP information disclosurelow🔒---
88146YPMAP NIS Maps information disclosurelow🔒---
88145Host Database Server information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88144Host bootparamd information disclosure [CVE-1999-0647]low🔒--🔒
86871Fastgraf whois.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
81891Host TCP/IP Field authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
81890Microsoft IIS advsearch.asp denial of servicelow🔒---
81889Microsoft IIS query.asp denial of servicelow🔒---
81888Microsoft IIS search.asp denial of servicelow🔒---
81843Microsoft Windows Winlogon Process denial of servicelow🔒---
81842Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosurelow🔒---
81841Symantec Mail Security information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81840Trend Micro Scanmail information disclosurelow🔒---
81839Trend Micro PortalProtect information disclosurelow🔒---
81838Microsoft Internet Explorer File System Object privileges managementmedium🔒---
81814Microsoft Windows Telnet cleartext storagemedium🔒---
81813Microsoft Windows missing encryptionmedium🔒---
81812Microsoft Windows Network Client Feature improper authenticationmedium🔒---
81811Microsoft Windows SAM Account information disclosurelow🔒---
81810Cisco Router NTP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
81807Computalynx Cmail SMTP Service Username information disclosurelow🔒---
81802Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
81801Microsoft Windows Logon Hours privileges managementmedium🔒---
81800Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
81798Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop information disclosurelow🔒---
81797Microsoft Windows missing encryptionmedium🔒---
81796Automounter Daemon information disclosurelow🔒---
81795Microsoft Windows Messenger msmsgs.exe information disclosurelow🔒---
81794Mirabilis ICQ Client denial of servicelow🔒---
81793AOL Instant Messaging Client information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81792IBM Lotus Domino Server HTTP Banner information disclosurelow🔒---
81791IBM Lotus Domino information disclosurelow🔒---
81790Microsoft Windows Password information disclosurelow🔒---
81789AT&T VNC information disclosurelow🔒---
81784NetXRay Probe Service improper authenticationmedium🔒---
81783AT&T VNC privileges managementmedium🔒---
81782Ipswitch IMail Server Whois32 Service memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81780Microsoft Windows Console privileges managementlow🔒---
81778AT&T VNC improper authenticationmedium🔒---
81777Cisco Router RTTMON denial of servicelow🔒---
81771Microsoft IIS information disclosurelow🔒---
81768RaidenFTPD privileges managementmedium🔒---
81764ProFTPD format stringhigh🔒---
81763Microsoft FrontPage Extensions privileges managementmedium🔒---
81761Computalynx Cmail SMTP Service memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81760Sendmail privileges managementmedium🔒---
81759Mirabilis ICQ Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
81758Sybase Database TCP Service privileges managementmedium🔒---
81755Samba information disclosurelow🔒---
81754Intersoft NetTerm FTP Daemon FTP Command Argument memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81740Matt Wright FormMail privileges managementmedium🔒---
81738ImageFolio Image Gallery hard-coded passwordmedium🔒--🔒
81737OpenBSD OpenSSH privileges managementmedium🔒---
81723Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
81722Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
81721Microsoft Windows Privileges privileges managementmedium🔒---
81720Squid HTTP Proxy privileges managementmedium🔒---
81719Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
81718Microsoft Windows Service Pack Patches privileges managementhigh🔒---
81717Microsoft Windows Performance Monitor information disclosurelow🔒---
81716Microsoft Windows LSA Registry Key privileges managementmedium🔒---
81685Microsoft Windows Guest Account privileges managementmedium🔒---
16507FreeBSD Core Dump File privileges management [CVE-2000-0375]low🔒---
16502Linux/NetBSD traceroute authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0315]low🔒---
16501Linux/NetBSD traceroute denial of service [CVE-2000-0314]low🔒---
16500OpenBSD Interface Media Configuration privileges management [CVE-2000-0313]low🔒---
16498OpenBSD IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2000-0310]low🔒---
16497OpenBSD i386 Trace-Trap denial of service [CVE-2000-0309]low🔒---
16492Allaire Coldfusion Server Syntax Checker denial of service [CVE-1999-0924]low🔒---
16488Allaire Forums GetFile.cfm_ privileges managementmedium🔒---
16482IBM Lotus Domino Server LDAP Service memory corruption [CVE-1999-0729]medium🔒---
15806FreeBSD fts perodic memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15757Caldera Openlinux Dump Package rmt privileges managementmedium🔒---
15564FreeBSD/Linux xsoldier memory corruption [CVE-1999-1008]medium🔒---
15438Sybase PowerDynamo Personal Web Server path traversal [CVE-1999-0695]low🔒---
15210Ascend CascadeView TFTP Server symlink [CVE-2000-0015]low🔒---
15209SGI IRIX midikeys privileges management [CVE-2000-0013]medium🔒---
15208AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-2000-0011]medium🔒---
15207Sun SunOS Sendmail Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-1592]medium🔒---
15206Microsoft IIS Microsoft Visual InterDev improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15205Muhammad A. Muquit wwwcount count.cgi path traversallow🔒---
15204IBM AIX crontab Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1589]medium🔒---
15203Sun Solaris nlps_server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1588]high🔒---
15202Sun SunOS loadmodule privileges management [CVE-1999-1586]medium🔒---
15201Sun Solaris rcS/mountall privileges management [CVE-1999-1585]medium🔒---
15200Sun SunOS modload privileges managementhigh🔒---
15199AMaViS Virus Scanner Mail privileges management [CVE-1999-1512]high🔒---
15198IBM System Data Repository privileges management [CVE-1999-1488]medium🔒---
15197National Science Foundation Squid Web Proxy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15196Intel Pentium CMPXCHG8B denial of servicelow🔒---
15195Microsoft PowerPoint Slide Show privileges management [CVE-1999-1474]medium🔒---
15194Microsoft Internet Explorer Redirect Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
15193Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML privileges management [CVE-1999-1472]medium🔒---
15192Cisco IOS Distributed Fast Switching privileges management [CVE-1999-1465]medium🔒--🔒
15191Cisco IOS Distributed Fast Switching privileges management [CVE-1999-1464]medium🔒--🔒
15190Sean Macguire Big Brother History Module bb-hist.sh information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
15189thttpd HTTP Server HTTP GET privileges management [CVE-1999-1456]medium🔒--🔒
15188Microsoft Windows RSH Service Utility .rhosts privileges managementmedium🔒---
15187Microsoft Windows Clipboard Access privileges management [CVE-1999-1452]low🔒---
15186Microsoft IIS winmsdp.exe privileges managementmedium🔒---
15185Computer Software Manufaktur Alibaba genkey cleartext storagemedium🔒---
15184Larry Wall Perl perl-eaxxxxx symlinklow🔒---
15183Novell NetWare NFS privileges management [CVE-1999-1382]medium🔒---
15182Host DNS Server authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-1379]medium🔒---
15181Microsoft Windows Kernel Mode Address SetThreadContext denial of servicelow🔒---
15180Microsoft Windows File Lock denial of service [CVE-1999-1363]low🔒---
15179Microsoft Windows Function win32k.sys denial of servicelow🔒---
15178Microsoft Windows Kernel Mode denial of service [CVE-1999-1360]low🔒---
15177Microsoft Windows Policy privileges management [CVE-1999-1359]medium🔒---
15176Microsoft Windows Policy ntconfig.pol privileges managementlow🔒---
15175Compaq Insight Management Agent Patrol improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15174FreeBSD/Linux NAT denial of service [CVE-1999-1339]low🔒---
15173Red Hat Linux cmu-snmp privileges management [CVE-1999-1335]medium🔒---
15172ELM Filter Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-1334]medium🔒---
15171ncftp Automatic Download privileges management [CVE-1999-1333]medium🔒---
15170GNU gzip gzexe symlink [CVE-1999-1332]low🔒🔒-🔒
15169Red Hat Linux netcfg 2.16-1 denial of service [CVE-1999-1331]low🔒---
15168Debian Linux db library 1.85.4 snprintf memory corruptionlow🔒---
15167Red Hat Linux SysVInit memory corruption [CVE-1999-1329]medium🔒---
15166Red Hat Linux linuxconf 1.11.r11-rh3 symlink [CVE-1999-1328]medium🔒---
15165Red Hat Linux linuxconf 1.11r11-rh2 memory corruption [CVE-1999-1327]medium🔒---
15164DEC SAS System Startup Files privileges management [CVE-1999-1325]medium🔒---
15163DEC OpenVMS VMS DECwindows/MOTIF improper authentication [CVE-1999-1324]medium🔒---
15162Novell NetWare Packet authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-1320]low🔒---
15161Microsoft Windows Symbolic Link privileges management [CVE-1999-1317]low🔒---
15160Microsoft Windows Password Complexity passfilt.dll improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15159DEC OpenVMS DECnet/OSI privileges management [CVE-1999-1315]low🔒---
15158Novell UnixWare urestore privileges managementmedium🔒---
15157Cray UNICOS accton privileges managementlow🔒---
15156Microsoft Windows Office Shortcut Bar privileges management [CVE-1999-1294]low🔒---
15155Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy denial of service [CVE-1999-1293]medium🔒---
15154Chris Matthee nftp Response memory corruption [CVE-1999-1290]medium🔒---
15153Stephen Turner Analog Forms Interface privileges management [CVE-1999-1287]medium🔒---
15152Microsoft SNA Server AS/400 Shared Folder privileges managementmedium🔒---
15151Microsoft Office Office 98 File privileges management [CVE-1999-1259]low🔒---
15150Microsoft Site Server Direct Mailer TMLBQueue cleartext storagemedium🔒---
15149Microsoft IIS Domain Resolution privileges management [CVE-1999-1233]medium🔒---
15148Microsoft IIS ASP Site denial of service [CVE-1999-1223]low🔒---
15147Microsoft Windows Netbt.sys denial of servicelow🔒---
15146SystemSoft SystemWizard ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
15145Lincoln D. Stein nph-publish Foöe Upload nph-publish.cgi path traversallow🔒---
15144Cisco IOS Cache Engine improper authentication [CVE-1999-1175]medium🔒--🔒
15143Third Voice Web Annotation cross site scriting [CVE-1999-1167]low🔒---
15142Microsoft Windows ICMP Subnet Mask denial of service [CVE-1999-1157]low🔒---
15141Microsoft IIS FTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-1148]low🔒---
15140Microsoft Windows Routing Information Field denial of servicelow🔒---
15139Microsoft Windows RPC resource consumption [CVE-1999-1127]low🔒---
15138Cisco Resource Manager File Permission privileges managementlow🔒---
15137Allaire ColdFusion HTTP Client mainframeset.cfm privileges managementmedium🔒---
15136IBM AIX lquerypv privileges managementlow🔒---
15135Microsoft Windows Remote Administration privileges managementmedium🔒---
15134Microsoft Windows PWL File missing encryption [CVE-1999-1104]low🔒---
15133lpr symlink [CVE-1999-1102]low🔒---
15132Cisco PIX Private Link Config File missing encryption [CVE-1999-1100]medium🔒---
15131Microsoft Internet Explorer mk: Protocol memory corruption [CVE-1999-1094]medium🔒---
15130Microsoft Internet Explorer JScript Scripting Engine window.external memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15129Microsoft Internet Explorer Dotless IP Address privileges managementmedium🔒---
15128Microsoft Windows Registry Key privileges management [CVE-1999-1084]low🔒---
15127Webmin Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-1074]medium🔒--🔒
15126Microsoft Excel Russian New Year Call privileges management [CVE-1999-1055]medium🔒---
15125Microsoft Exchange NNTP/SMTP denial of service [CVE-1999-1043]low🔒---
15124Cisco Resource Manager Log File missing encryption [CVE-1999-1042]low🔒---
15123Microsoft IIS HTTP GET denial of service [CVE-1999-1035]low🔒---
15122Microsoft Windows SNMP Agent memory leak [CVE-1999-0815]low🔒---
15121ISC DHCP Client Options memory corruption [CVE-1999-0808]medium🔒---
15120Microsoft IIS ASP Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15119Berkeley nvi vi.recover privileges managementlow🔒---
15118CamShot WebCam HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-2000-0043]medium🔒---
15117SCO UnixWare rtpm Program memory corruption [CVE-2000-0003]high🔒---
15116FreeBSD/OpenBSD TCP/IP Implementation ip_input.c input validationlow🔒---
15115Microsoft Systems Management Server SMS Remote Control Program privileges managementmedium🔒---
15114CSM Mail Server HELO Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0042]high🔒--🔒
15113AltaVista Search Intranet query.cgi path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
15112Nortel Optivity Net Architect rm Program privileges managementmedium🔒---
15111Trend Micro PC-Cillin Proxy denial of service [CVE-2000-0007]low🔒---
15110Apple Mac OS ICMP denial of service [CVE-2000-0041]low🔒---
15109Great Circle Associates Majordomo Config File privileges managementlow🔒---
15108Great Circle Associates Majordomo resend Command privileges managementlow🔒---
15107Michael Lamont Savant WebServer URL denial of service [CVE-2000-0014]low🔒---
15106HP HP-UX privileges management [CVE-1999-1573]high🔒--🔒
15105aVirt Rover POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0060]medium🔒--🔒
15104Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall SMTP Scanner privileges managementmedium🔒---
15103SCO UnixWare pis/mkpis symlink [CVE-2000-0029]low🔒---
15102IBM Network Station Manager symlink [CVE-2000-0027]medium🔒---
15101Hughes Technologies mSQL w3-msql memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15100Tony Greenwood Webwho+ whois.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
150991st Choice Software FTPPro missing encryption [CVE-2000-0008]low🔒---
15098Paul Kranenburg strace File Name privileges management [CVE-2000-0006]low🔒---
15097Allaire ColdFusion Server openfile.cfm privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15096Allaire ColdFusion Server exprcalc.cfm privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15095Netscape Communicator Dynamic Font memory corruption [CVE-1999-0892]medium🔒---
15094glFtpD SITE ZIPCHK Command privileges management [CVE-2000-0040]high🔒---
15093glFtpD Default Account improper authentication [CVE-2000-0038]medium🔒---
15092Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross Frame external.NavigateAndFind privileges managementmedium🔒---
15091RealNetworks RealServer ramgen denial of service [CVE-2000-0001]low🔒--🔒
15090Symantec Norton Antivirus Recycle Folder privileges managementhigh🔒---
15089Microsoft Outlook Express HTML Attachment privileges managementmedium🔒---
15088Netscape Communicator IMAP/POP Session preferences.js improper authenticationlow🔒---
15087Sun Solaris DMI db denial of servicemedium🔒---
15086Sun Solaris dmispd db path traversallow🔒---
15085FreeBSD WMMon .wmmonrc privileges managementmedium🔒---
15084ZBSoft ZBServer HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-2000-0002]high🔒--🔒
15083Eric Allman Sendmail ETRN Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1109]low🔒---
15082SGI Quake 1 Server UDP Connection Smurf denial of servicelow🔒---
15081SCO UnixWare i2odialogd Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2000-0026]high🔒--🔒
15080Microsoft IIS ASP File Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15079Microsoft IIS URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0024]medium🔒---
15078Lotus Domino Server URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0023]medium🔒--🔒
15077Lotus Domino Server HTTP Server cgi-bin improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15076Red Hat Linux linuxconf memory corruption [CVE-2000-0017]high🔒--🔒
15075Ipswitch IMail Registry Key missing encryption [CVE-1999-1497]low🔒---
15074Man and Mice DNS PRO Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0020]low🔒---
15073University of Washington wu-ftpd FTP Conversion privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15072Novell GroupWise gwweb.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15071Novell GroupWise gwweb.exe path traversalmedium🔒---
15070Symantec Norton Antivirus POProxy memory corruption [CVE-1999-1004]medium🔒---
15069Cisco Cache Engine Authentication improper authentication [CVE-1999-1001]low🔒---
15068Cisco Cache Engine Web Interface information disclosure [CVE-1999-1000]low🔒---
15067Cisco Cache Engine privileges management [CVE-1999-0998]medium🔒---
15066Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem LsaLookupSids input validationmedium🔒---
15065Microsoft Windows Keystream credentials management [CVE-1999-0994]medium🔒---
15064Infoseek Ultraseek Server HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-1999-0996]medium🔒---
15063Classifieds CGI Form classifieds.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
15062Greg Matthews Classifieds classifieds.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15061SuSE Linux PPP wvdial.lxdialog privileges managementlow🔒---
15060Intel InBusiness E-Mail Station daynad Program improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15059OpenBSD OpenSSH Policy missing encryption [CVE-1999-1010]low🔒---
15058VDOnet VDOLive Player VDO File memory corruption [CVE-1999-1007]high🔒---
15057Jgaa WarFTPd Connection denial of service [CVE-1999-1003]low🔒---
15056Microsoft Exchange Access Control List config [CVE-1999-0993]medium🔒---
15055Disney Go Express Search HTTP Server privileges management [CVE-1999-1009]low🔒---
15054Apache HTTP Server URL privileges management [CVE-1999-0289]medium🔒---
15053Sun Solaris sadmind memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15052Microsoft Windows Help File privileges management [CVE-1999-0975]low🔒---
15051Debian Linux ht:/dig privileges management [CVE-1999-0978]medium🔒--🔒
15050Sun Solaris snoop GETQUOTA memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15049WolfPack Development XSHIPWARS xsw memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15048Linux Kernel Packet Length ping denial of servicelow🔒---
15047Microsoft Internet Explorer Server-side Redirect File link followingmedium🔒---
15046Eric Allman Sendmail Alias Database newaliases denial of servicelow🔒---
15045Sun Solaris snoop print_domain_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15044GoodTech Telnet Server Nt Login Name memory corruption [CVE-1999-0991]medium🔒---
15043Microsoft Internet Explorer Directshow Filter MSDXM.OCX memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15042Gnome GDM Error Message VerboseAuth Username information disclosurelow🔒---
15041Sun Solaris Web-Based Enterprise Management cleartext storagemedium🔒---
15040SCO UnixWare pkgtrans symlinkmedium🔒---
15039Red Hat Linux ORBit/gnome-session denial of service [CVE-2000-0358]low🔒---
15038Red Hat Linux ORBit/esound Random improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15037True North Internet Anywhere Mail Server RETR Command denial of servicelow🔒---
15036SCO UnixWare xauto memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15035Stalker Communigate Pro Web Admin Interface memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15034SCO UnixWare Coredump core.pid symlinkmedium🔒---
15033SCO UnixWare mail privileges managementlow🔒---
15032Debian Linux dump symlinklow🔒---
15031PostgreSQL cleartext storage [CVE-1999-0862]low🔒---
15030Microsoft Internet Explorer WPAD config [CVE-1999-0858]medium🔒---
15029IBM WebSphere Application Server Installer bin privileges managementmedium🔒---
15028Endymion Mailman Webmail Default Configuration privileges managementlow🔒---
15027SCO UnixWare pkgcat privileges managementlow🔒---
15026Lotus Domino Server HTTP Server cgi-bin Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15025ZBSoft ZBServer URL Source information disclosurelow🔒---
15024FreeBSD mount_union symlinkmedium🔒---
15023Sun Solaris chkperm symlinklow🔒---
15022Sun Solaris Parser arp privileges managementlow🔒---
15021FreeBSD gdc symlinklow🔒---
15020Slackware Linux Login User information disclosurelow🔒---
15019FreeBSD gdc memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15018Netscape Enterprise Server HTTP Basic Authentication IDN memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15017Deerfield MDaemon Connection denial of service [CVE-1999-0846]low🔒--🔒
15016Cat Soft Serv-U FTP Server SITE Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0838]medium🔒--🔒
15015RSA RSAREF Crypto memory corruption [CVE-1999-0834]high🔒--🔒
15014FreeBSD angband memory corruptionlow🔒---
15013FreeBSD xmindpath memory corruptionlow🔒---
15012FreeBSD seyon-emu privileges managementlow🔒---
15011Microsoft Windows NTMail privileges management [CVE-1999-0819]medium🔒--🔒
15010Sun Solaris CDE dtmailpr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15009Sun Solaris CDE dtmailpr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15008Microsoft Windows Drive Letter Mapper Subst.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15007Qualcomm Qpopper AUTH Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0822]high🔒---
15006Freechess.org FICS Program xboard memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15005Symantec Mail-Gear Web Interface path traversal [CVE-1999-0842]low🔒---
15004Microsoft Internet Explorer Offline Browsing Pack access controlmedium🔒---
15003Microsoft Windows Credential credentials management [CVE-1999-0387]medium🔒---
15002Oracle Web Listener URL input validation [CVE-1999-1547]medium🔒---
15001SCO UnixWare su memory corruption [CVE-1999-0845]medium🔒---
15000Linux Kernel su memory corruption [CVE-1999-0317]medium🔒---
14999Cabletron Smartswitch Router 8000 ARP denial of service [CVE-1999-1548]low🔒---
14998Netscape Communicator Query String memory corruption [CVE-1999-1189]medium🔒---
14997HP 9000 Service Support Processor privileges management [CVE-1999-1163]medium🔒---
14996Deerfield MDaemon URL denial of service [CVE-1999-0844]low🔒---
14995Linux Kernel STREAM Socket gpmctl denial of servicelow🔒---
14994Sun Java Webserver privileges management [CVE-1999-1527]medium🔒---
14993Arcane Software Vermillion FTP Daemon cwd Command memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
14992Sun Solaris kcms_configure memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14991ProFTPD mod_sqlpw missing encryption [CVE-1999-1475]low🔒---
14990Microsoft SQL Server TDS Packet input validation [CVE-1999-0999]low🔒--🔒
14989Linux Kernel Syslog denial of service [CVE-1999-0831]low🔒---
14988University of Washington Pine URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0352]high🔒---
14987Microsoft Windows System Policy improper authentication [CVE-1999-0987]medium🔒---
14986Microsoft Windows Wordpad memory corruption [CVE-2000-0073]medium🔒---
14985Gene6 G6 FTP Server resource consumption [CVE-1999-1519]low🔒---
14984Iain Lea TIN .tin privileges managementlow🔒---
14983Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript privileges managementmedium🔒---
14982University of Kansas Lynx LYNXOPTIONS privileges management [CVE-1999-1549]medium🔒---
14981Tektronix Phaser Network Printer Webserver ncl_subjects.html privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
14980thttpd HTTP Server Date tdate_parse memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14979Matt Wright FormHandler.cgi formhandler.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14978Admiral Systems EmailClub POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1190]high🔒---
14977Prosoft Engineering NetWare Client NDS improper authenticationlow🔒---
14976Microsoft Windows Media Player ActiveX Control File information disclosurelow🔒---
14975ETL Delegate memory corruption [CVE-2000-0165]medium🔒--🔒
14974Microsoft Windows Network privileges management [CVE-2000-0330]medium🔒---
14973Matt Wright FormHandler.cgi formhandler.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
14972Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
14971QPC Software QVT Term Plus memory corruption [CVE-1999-1539]medium🔒---
14970Artisoft XtraMail POP3/SMTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1511]medium🔒--🔒
14969ISC BIND naptr denial of service [CVE-1999-0851]low🔒--🔒
14968ISC BIND maxdname denial of service [CVE-1999-0849]low🔒--🔒
14967ISC BIND fdmax denial of service [CVE-1999-0848]low🔒--🔒
14966ISC BIND TCP Session denial of service [CVE-1999-0837]low🔒--🔒
14965ISC BIND SIG Record denial of service [CVE-1999-0835]low🔒--🔒
14964ISC BIND NXT Record memory corruption [CVE-1999-0833]medium🔒--🔒
14963Irfan Skiljan IrfanView Image Header memory corruption [CVE-1999-1112]medium🔒---
14962Immunix StackGuard Canary Security Mechanism stack-based overflowmedium🔒---
14961CC Whois Domain Entry whois.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
14960Matt Whois Domain Entry whois.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
14959Internic Whois Lookup Domain Entry whois.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
14958Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall HELO Command memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14957F5 BIG-IP Configuration Interface bigconf.conf privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14956Sun Cobalt RaQ User cgiwrap privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
14955FreeBSD seyon memory corruption [CVE-1999-0863]low🔒---
14954FreeBSD seyon privileges management [CVE-1999-0821]low🔒---
14953Eicon Networks DIVA ISDN Modem login.htm denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
14952Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall HELO memory corruption [CVE-1999-1529]medium🔒--🔒
14951SCO OpenServer sar memory corruption [CVE-1999-1571]medium🔒---
14950Etype Eserv path traversal [CVE-1999-1509]low🔒--🔒
14949Hylafax faxalter memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14948Palm Pilot HotSync Manager Network Mode memory corruption [CVE-1999-1065]medium🔒---
14947Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Spoolss.exe access controlmedium🔒---
14946Microsoft Windows Print Spooler Spoolss.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14945RealNetworks RealServer G2 Administration Utility memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14944Floosietek FTGate Web Interface path traversal [CVE-1999-0887]low🔒---
14943Cisco Router NAT denial of service [CVE-1999-0843]low🔒---
14942Byte Fusion BFTelnet Username Parser memory corruption [CVE-1999-0904]medium🔒--🔒
14941Computer Software Manufaktur Alibaba CGI privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
14940IBM HomePagePrint HTML Tag memory corruption [CVE-1999-1531]medium🔒---
14939Sun Solaris Canna Subsystem canuum memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14938Sun Solaris Canna Subsystem uum memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14937AN AN-HTTPd CGI envout.bat privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14936Yamaha MidiPlug memory corruption [CVE-1999-0946]medium🔒---
14935FreeBSD Amanda Backup System runtar privileges managementmedium🔒---
14934Apple Mac OS Programmer Window improper authentication [CVE-1999-1077]low🔒---
14933Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board cgi-bin Source information disclosurelow🔒---
14932SCO UnixWare Xsco memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14931HP Secure Web Console improper authentication [CVE-1999-0829]medium🔒---
14930Microsoft Internet Explorer Sub-Frame authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
14929Microsoft Internet Explorer Word 97 Template privileges managementmedium🔒---
14928Microsoft Internet Explorer HHOpen ActiveX OLE Control hhopen.ocx memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14927Sky Communications Skyfull Mail From memory corruption [CVE-1999-0873]medium🔒---
14926Netscape Messaging Server RCPT TO memory allocation [CVE-1999-1532]low🔒---
14925Netscape Communicator Certificate Key privileges management [CVE-1999-1226]medium🔒---
14924Texas Imperial Software WFTPD MKD/CWD Command memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14923Pacific Software URL Live! path traversal [CVE-1999-0915]low🔒---
14922Falcon Falcon Web Server Path information disclosure [CVE-1999-0882]low🔒---
14921Microsoft Windows LSA lsass.exe SamrQueryDomainInfo denial of servicelow🔒---
14920Apple Mac OS Console Lockout improper authentication [CVE-1999-1076]low🔒---
14919IBM AIX Packet Filter genfilt privileges managementmedium🔒---
14918BlueFace Falcon Web Server path traversal [CVE-1999-0881]low🔒---
14917Zeus Technologies Zeus Web Server Administration Interface missing encryptionlow🔒---
14916Zeus Technologies Zeus Web Server Search Engine privileges managementhigh🔒---
14915IBM WebSphere ikeyman Tool missing encryption [CVE-1999-0944]high🔒---
14914Linux Kernel ypserv privileges management [CVE-1999-0902]medium🔒---
14913Linux Kernel ypserv privileges management [CVE-1999-0901]medium🔒---
14912Linux Kernel MD5 Hash Generator rpc.yppasswdd memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14911SuSE Linux cwdtools tmp privileges managementmedium🔒---
14910SuSE Linux cwdtools memory corruption [CVE-2000-0362]medium🔒---
14909Linux Kernel TTY Device privileges management [CVE-1999-1341]low🔒---
14908Omnicron OmniHTTPD imagemap.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14907Microsoft Virtual Machine Java Sandbox privileges managementmedium🔒---
14906Axent Raptor Firewall IP Options denial of service [CVE-1999-0905]low🔒--🔒
14905Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Sandbox config [CVE-1999-0766]high🔒---
14904Check Point Firewall-1 LDAP Attribute privileges management [CVE-1999-0895]medium🔒---
14903BSDI Gauntlet Firewalling privileges management [CVE-1999-1047]medium🔒---
14902ICQ ActiveList Server UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-1342]low🔒---
14901OpenLink HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-1999-0943]high🔒--🔒
14900Red Hat Linux PAM Module privileges management [CVE-2000-0356]low🔒---
14899Xerox DocuColor 4LP URL denial of service [CVE-1999-1343]low🔒---
14898SCO OpenServer userOsa symlink [CVE-1999-0893]low🔒---
14897Caldera OpenLinux Ident Daemon denial of service [CVE-2000-0369]low🔒---
14896T. Hauck Jana Web Server path traversal [CVE-1999-1083]low🔒---
14895T. Hauck Jana Web Server path traversal [CVE-1999-1082]low🔒---
14894Roxen Web Server RXML Parser htmlparse.pike denial of servicelow🔒---
14893Red Hat Linux .xsession privileges managementlow🔒---
14892Red Hat Linux Rlogin nologin improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14891Xlink Technology Omni-nfs X Enterprise NFS Daemon nfsd.exe resource consumptionlow🔒---
14890Hybrid Network Cable Modem HSMP privileges management [CVE-1999-0791]high🔒---
14889Netscape Communicator CGI cross site scriting [CVE-1999-1357]medium🔒---
14888Auto_FTP auto_ftp.pl privileges managementlow🔒---
14887Auto_FTP auto_ftp.pl cleartext storagemedium🔒---
14886Red Hat Linux RPMMail privileges management [CVE-1999-1542]high🔒---
14885Cactus Software Shell-Lock symlink [CVE-1999-1541]medium🔒---
14884Cactus Software Shell-Lock Encryption missing encryption [CVE-1999-1540]low🔒---
14883Sambar Web Server HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-1999-1523]medium🔒---
14882Macromedia Matrix Screen Saver Password Authentication improper authenticationlow🔒---
14881SCO UnixWare dos7utils information disclosure [CVE-1999-0942]low🔒---
14880Yahoo Pager/Messenger Message memory corruption [CVE-2000-0047]medium🔒---
14879True North Internet Anywhere Mail Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0016]medium🔒---
14878True North Internet Anywhere Mail Server POP3 Server denial of servicelow🔒---
14877True North Internet Anywhere Mail Server Password msgboxes.dbf cleartext storagelow🔒---
14876Teamshare TeamTrack path traversal [CVE-1999-0933]low🔒---
14875University of Washington wu-ftpd SITE NEWER memory allocationlow🔒--🔒
14874University of Washington wu-ftpd Message File memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14873Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME ExecCommand information disclosuremedium🔒---
14872Microsoft Excel Macro Warning link following [CVE-1999-0794]low🔒---
14871IBM AIX nslookup memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14870Hughes Technologies w3-auth HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-1999-1469]medium🔒---
14869Mediahouse Statistics Server ss.cfg cleartext storagemedium🔒---
14868Mediahouse Statistics Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0931]medium🔒---
14867Arcad File Permission privileges management [CVE-1999-1350]low🔒---
14866Linux Kernel mknod symlink [CVE-1999-1352]low🔒---
14865IBM AIX ftpd libc memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14864Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX Control pdf.ocx pdf.setview memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14863Mutt MIME Message memory corruption [CVE-1999-0940]medium🔒---
14862Knox Software Arkeia nlserverd denial of service [CVE-1999-0788]low🔒---
14861Microsoft Internet Explorer Registration Wizard ActiveX Control regwizc.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14860Microsoft MSN Messenger setupbbs.ocx bIsNewsServerConfigured memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
14859KVIrc IRC Client Listen Request Option path traversal [CVE-1999-1351]low🔒---
14858Knox Software Arkeia rnavc/nlserverd memory corruption [CVE-1999-1534]medium🔒--🔒
14857GNOME memory corruption [CVE-1999-1477]medium🔒---
14856IBM AIX named-xfer privileges management [CVE-1999-1013]medium🔒---
14855Sun Solaris TCP Stream Driver mutex_enter denial of servicelow🔒---
14854SuSE Linux sccw memory corruption [CVE-1999-0906]medium🔒---
14853Microsoft IIS File access control [CVE-1999-0777]medium🔒---
14852FreeBSD VFS Cache vfs_cache resource consumptionlow🔒---
14851Sun Solaris Profiling symlink [CVE-1999-0786]low🔒---
14850Infodrom cfingerd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0708]medium🔒--🔒
14849Microsoft Windows IP Source Routing access control [CVE-1999-0909]medium🔒---
14848Microsoft Windows RASMAN config [CVE-1999-0886]medium🔒---
14847SSH Unix Domain Socket symlink [CVE-1999-0787]low🔒---
14846Matt Wright WWWBoard Password information disclosure [CVE-1999-0954]medium🔒---
14845Matt Wright WWWBoard Password privileges management [CVE-1999-0953]medium🔒--🔒
14844Steven J. Merrifield Soundcard Cw privileges management [CVE-1999-0907]low🔒---
14843Inline Internet Systems iHTML Merchant Feedback Form privileges managementmedium🔒---
14842Red Hat Linux Automounter Daemon memory corruption [CVE-1999-0704]high🔒---
14841University of Kansas Lynx Command Line Argument privileges managementhigh🔒---
14840Matt Wright GuestBook SSI guestbook.pl privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14839Sun Solaris Mail memory corruption [CVE-1999-1014]low🔒---
14838FuseWare FuseMail POP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0759]high🔒---
14837Netscape Enterprise Server Accept memory corruption [CVE-1999-0751]medium🔒--🔒
14836Microsoft Hotmail Javascript cross site scriting [CVE-1999-0750]medium🔒---
14835Open Group CDE dtaction Utility AddSuLog memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14834Open Group CDE dtspcd symlink [CVE-1999-0689]medium🔒---
14833IBM AIX ToolTalk ttsession Daemon privileges management [CVE-1999-0687]medium🔒---
14832Computalynx CMail SMTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1521]high🔒--🔒
14831Microsoft Internet Explorer Kodak/Wang ActiveX Controls setupctl.dll privileges managementmedium🔒---
14830Microsoft Site Server/Commercial Internet System Cookie Cache privileges managementmedium🔒---
14829Microsoft Internet Explorer Import/Export Favorites code injectionmedium🔒---
14828Matt Wright Download.cgi download.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
14827SCO OpenServer Doctor privileges management [CVE-1999-0697]medium🔒---
14826Sun Solaris libc/ufsrestore/rcp memory corruption [CVE-1999-0767]medium🔒---
14825Nosque MsgCore Password cleartext storage [CVE-1999-1353]low🔒---
14824FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD socketpair denial of servicelow🔒---
14823gFTP Ftp Client Password cleartext storage [CVE-1999-1562]low🔒--🔒
14822Apache HTTP Server MIME Header denial of service [CVE-1999-0926]medium🔒---
14821Messagemedia UnityMail MIME Header denial of service [CVE-1999-0925]low🔒---
14820FreeBSD NFS v3 denial of service [CVE-1999-1564]low🔒---
14819TenFour TFS Gateway SMTP Mail From memory corruption [CVE-1999-1516]medium🔒--🔒
14818Compaq SmartStart Integration Maintenance Utility privileges managementlow🔒---
14817Netscape Communicator EMBED Element memory corruption [CVE-1999-0685]medium🔒---
14816Cisco IOS VLAN 802.1q privileges management [CVE-1999-1129]medium🔒---
14815Microsoft Internet Explorer Download code injection [CVE-1999-0891]low🔒---
14814ISC INN inews memory corruption [CVE-1999-0705]medium🔒--🔒
14813Microsoft Internet Explorer Eyedog ActiveX Control memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14812Microsoft Internet Explorer Eyedog ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
14811TenFour TFS Gateway Address denial of service [CVE-1999-1515]low🔒---
14810Martin Stover Mars NetWare Emulation Directory Name memory corruptionmedium🔒---
148093com SuperStack II Hub SNMP privileges management [CVE-1999-1513]medium🔒---
14808Softarc FirstClass Internet Server network.fc cleartext storagelow🔒---
14807Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Form Control resource consumptionlow🔒---
14806ProFTPD/Wu-FTPD/BeroFTPD MKD/CWD Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0911]high🔒--🔒
14805Debian Linux epic/epic4 Client denial of service [CVE-1999-0939]low🔒---
14804Microsoft Internet Explorer URL History information disclosurelow🔒---
14803Vixie Cron Crontab File memory corruption [CVE-1999-0872]medium🔒---
14802Vixie Cron Sendmail Command privileges management [CVE-1999-0769]medium🔒---
14801Vixie Cron memory corruption [CVE-1999-0768]medium🔒---
14800Microsoft Windows TCP Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
14799Microsoft FrontPage form_results.txt information disclosurelow🔒---
14798Linux Kernel pt_chown Command privileges management [CVE-1999-0720]low🔒---
14797Sun Solaris XDMCP improper authentication [CVE-2000-0374]medium🔒---
14796WindowMaker memory corruption [CVE-1999-1064]high🔒---
14795Wu-FTPD/BeroFTPD/Linux FTP MAPPING_CHDIR memory corruption [CVE-1999-0878]high🔒--🔒
14794Bent Bagger pb/pg privileges management [CVE-2000-0355]medium🔒---
14793Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object scriptlet.typelib privileges managementmedium🔒---
14792Apache HTTP Server mod_rewrite/mod_vhost_alias privileges managementmedium🔒---
14791Microsoft JET VBA Shell privileges management [CVE-2000-0325]medium🔒---
14790Earl Hood man2html Temporary File symlink [CVE-1999-1565]low🔒---
14789NullSoft SHOUTcast Server Configuration File sc_serv.conf cleartext storagelow🔒---
14788Debian Linux Trn symlink [CVE-1999-0743]low🔒---
14787QMS CrownNet Unix Utilities Authentication improper authenticationhigh🔒---
14786Red Hat Linux in.telnetd denial of servicemedium🔒---
14785Cisco ACS AUTH Configuration improper authentication [CVE-1999-0734]medium🔒---
14784Debian Linux smtp-refuser symlink [CVE-1999-0732]low🔒---
14783Microsoft IIS Asian Language config [CVE-1999-0725]medium🔒---
14782BSDI BSD OS Symmetric Multiprocessing fstat denial of servicelow🔒---
14781IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-1999-0745]high🔒---
14780Hughes mSQL w3-msql privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14779Oracle Database Server Intelligent Agent nmiconf.tcl Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
14778Microsoft Windows Telnet Client memory corruption [CVE-1999-0749]medium🔒---
14777SuSE Linux in.identd denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14776Hybrid Network Ircd m_invite memory corruptionmedium🔒---
147753com HiperARC Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-1999-1336]low🔒--🔒
14774OpenBSD procfs/fdescfs readdir memory corruptionlow🔒---
14773Sun Solaris IRDP config [CVE-1999-0875]medium🔒---
14772Microsoft IIS HTTP Request input validation [CVE-1999-0867]low🔒--🔒
14771Microsoft IIS SSL ISAPI Filter race condition [CVE-1999-0861]low🔒---
14770Red Hat Linux pump DHCP Client privileges management [CVE-1999-0814]high🔒---
14769IBM AIX ptrace denial of servicelow🔒---
14768Infodrom cfingerd Privilege privileges management [CVE-1999-0813]medium🔒---
14767Microsoft Windows Terminal Server improper authentication [CVE-1999-0680]low🔒---
14766Sun Solaris sdtcm_convert Calendar symlink [CVE-1999-0676]low🔒---
14765Check Point Firewall-1 Port denial of service [CVE-1999-0675]low🔒--🔒
14764Sun Solaris profil privileges management [CVE-1999-0674]medium🔒---
14763Sun Cobalt RaQ Remote Installation Service privileges managementhigh🔒---
14762Crear ALMail32 POP3 Client memory corruption [CVE-1999-0673]medium🔒---
14761FlowPoint DSL Router Password Recovery privileges managementmedium🔒---
14760OpenBSD Kernel IPsec missing encryptionlow🔒---
14759Microsoft Exchange SMTP Address privileges management [CVE-1999-0682]medium🔒---
14758Network Security Wizards Dragon-Fire IDS dfire.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
14757GNU Gnumeric Guile Plugin privileges management [CVE-1999-0719]low🔒---
14756FreeBSD/OpenBSD Block Device privileges management [CVE-1999-0703]low🔒---
14755Ramp Networks Webramp Default Account improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14754ToxSoft NextFTP cwd Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0671]medium🔒---
14753Midnight Commander FTP Client cleartext storage [CVE-1999-1337]low🔒---
14752Fujitsu Chocoa IRC Client Channel Topic memory corruption [CVE-1999-0672]medium🔒---
14751Acushop SalesBuilder Script Permission .sbstart privileges managementmedium🔒---
14750Ethereal Packet Capture File capture.c symlinkmedium🔒-🔒-
14749Netscape Enterprise Server JHTML HTML-tocrec-demo1.pat information disclosurelow🔒---
14748Network Associates Gauntlet Firewall ICMP Packet denial of servicelow🔒---
14747Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro Password Storage missing encryption [CVE-1999-1078]medium🔒--🔒
14746Check Point Firewall-1 TCP Timeout Saturation denial of servicelow🔒---
14745Microsoft Windows Phone Dialer dialer.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14744Microsoft Jet Text I-ISAM privileges management [CVE-2000-0323]medium🔒---
14743Seattle Lab Software Emurl ASP File Attachment privileges managementmedium🔒---
14742Linux Kernel IPChains privileges management [CVE-1999-1018]medium🔒---
14741Squid Proxy cachemgr.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14740Microsoft Windows Messenger Service denial of service [CVE-1999-0224]low🔒---
14739Delegate Proxy File Permission DGROOT privileges managementmedium🔒---
14738GNU fingerd Privilege .fingerrc privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14737Samba Message Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0811]medium🔒---
14736Samba nmbd denial of service [CVE-1999-0810]medium🔒---
14735Tamu Tiger privileges management [CVE-1999-1560]medium🔒---
14734Persits AspUpload HTTP Request AspUpload.dll memory corruptionhigh🔒---
14733Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem input validationmedium🔒---
14732Dbmlparser.exe chroot privileges management [CVE-1999-1378]medium🔒---
14731Microsoft IIS Data Access Components access control [CVE-1999-1011]high🔒--🔒
14730SGI IRIX arrayd improper authentication [CVE-1999-0692]medium🔒---
14729FreeBSD/NetBSD/Linux Shared Memory shmget denial of servicelow🔒---
14728Novell NetWare IPX Admin Session authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-1086]high🔒---
14727Joe's Own Editor JOE File Permission DEADJOE privileges managementlow🔒---
14726BMC Patrol Agent SNMP File privileges management [CVE-1999-1460]medium🔒---
14725Linux Kernel Segment Limit privileges management [CVE-1999-1166]medium🔒---
14724Apple Mac Os Users / Groups Data File Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
14723Netscape Communicator JavaScript privileges management [CVE-1999-0809]medium🔒---
14722Microsoft IIS SSL resource consumption [CVE-1999-1537]low🔒---
14721Microsoft IIS Sun Java HotSpot denial of service [CVE-1999-1478]low🔒---
14720Netscape Enterprise Server SSL Handshake denial of service [CVE-1999-0752]low🔒--🔒
14719Microsoft Windows IOCTL access control [CVE-1999-0728]medium🔒---
14718Microsoft Windows IGMP Header input validation [CVE-1999-0918]medium🔒---
14717FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD Security Level 1 privileges managementlow🔒---
14716Cisco CBOS Telnet improper authentication [CVE-1999-0889]medium🔒--🔒
14715HP HP-UX Visualize Conference privileges management [CVE-1999-0707]medium🔒---
14714HP HP-UX CDE Calendar Manager Service Daemon rpc.cmsd memory corruptionhigh🔒---
14713HP HP-UX CDE privileges management [CVE-1999-0690]medium🔒---
14712HP HP-UX Software Distributor memory corruption [CVE-1999-0688]low🔒---
14711Red Hat Linux PAM Access linuxconf denial of servicelow🔒---
14710Microsoft Windows Image Header input validation [CVE-1999-0726]medium🔒---
14709Microsoft Windows RAS/PPTP denial of service [CVE-1999-0140]low🔒---
14708WebTrends Log Analyzer cleartext storage [CVE-1999-0916]low🔒---
14707University of Washington Pine Lynx URL index.html privileges managementhigh🔒---
14706Microsoft Windows Directory Priority privileges management [CVE-1999-1365]medium🔒---
14705University College London SDR SIP Message privileges managementmedium🔒---
14704VMware Workstation memory corruption [CVE-1999-0733]medium🔒---
14703Microsoft Outlook X-UIDL Header denial of service [CVE-1999-1164]low🔒---
14702Xi Graphics Accelerated-X Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0778]medium🔒---
14701Eastman Software Work Management Registry Key cleartext storagelow🔒---
14700Red Hat Linux net-tools memory corruption [CVE-1999-0748]medium🔒---
14699Cabletron Spectrum Enterprise Manager privileges management [CVE-1999-1019]medium🔒---
14698Caldera Openlinux KDE klock Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0731]low🔒---
14697Microsoft Windows CSRSS Worker Thread resource consumption [CVE-1999-0723]medium🔒---
14696Debian Linux mailman improper authentication [CVE-1999-0742]medium🔒---
14695Novell NetWare Novell-HTTP-Server/YAWN Web Server denial of servicelow🔒---
14694Microsoft IIS Request IDC memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14693Debian Linux man-db zsoelim symlinkmedium🔒---
14692Digital Unix dtlogin privileges managementmedium🔒---
14691Sun Solaris useradd Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1023]low🔒---
14690Cisco IOS Routing privileges management [CVE-1999-0775]medium🔒---
14689Red Hat Linux su privileges management [CVE-2000-0118]medium🔒---
14688SSH Lockout Mechanism privileges management [CVE-1999-1231]medium🔒---
14687Todd Miller sudo Error Message information disclosure [CVE-1999-1496]low🔒---
14686Sun Solaris rpc.statd privileges management [CVE-1999-0493]medium🔒---
14685Apache HTTP Server smbvalid/smbval authensmb memory corruptionhigh🔒---
14684Omnicron OmniHTTPD visadmin.exe denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14683Apple Mac OS X Apache HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-1412]medium🔒---
14682The Economist Screen Saver privileges management [CVE-1999-1400]low🔒---
14681KDE KMail Attachment Filename denial of service [CVE-2000-0481]low🔒---
14680KDE kvt privileges management [CVE-2000-0373]medium🔒---
14679Red Hat Linux Filesystem pts privileges managementlow🔒---
14678Red Hat Linux Terminal Program privileges management [CVE-2000-0364]low🔒---
14677CDomain CDomainFree whois_raw.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
14676Linux Kernel ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0804]low🔒---
14675Compaq Insight Management Agent Service denial of service [CVE-1999-0772]medium🔒---
14674tcpdump/Ethereal DNS Decoder infinite loop [CVE-2000-0333]low🔒---
14673SGI IRIX Virtual Filesystem privileges management [CVE-1999-1485]medium🔒---
14672Symantec pcAnywhere denial of service [CVE-1999-1028]low🔒---
14671Microsoft Internet Explorer Preloader ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
14670Microsoft Internet Explorer Favorites Icon memory corruptionhigh🔒---
14669Microsoft Windows RRAS/RAS Client credentials management [CVE-1999-0755]medium🔒---
14668Gordano NTMail Web privileges management [CVE-1999-0927]medium🔒---
14667University of Washington POP2d/IMAP4 memory corruption [CVE-1999-0920]high🔒---
14666Compaq Insight Management Agent path traversal [CVE-1999-0771]medium🔒---
14665IBM Netfinity Remote Control Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1414]medium🔒---
14664IBM AIX eNetwork Firewall symlink [CVE-1999-0803]low🔒---
14663Netscape Communicator Javascript information disclosure [CVE-1999-0762]low🔒---
14662SmartDesk WebSuite memory corruption [CVE-1999-0928]medium🔒---
14661Apple Mac OS Password Security Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-1393]low🔒---
14660Microsoft Windows RAS Client memory corruption [CVE-1999-0715]low🔒---
14659Behold Software Web Page Counter counter.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
14658Behold Software Web Page Counter counter.exe denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14657SGI IRIX midikeys Remote Code Executionhigh🔒---
14656Bisonware FTP Server Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-1510]medium🔒---
14655BisonWare FTP Server PORT Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1156]low🔒---
14654Microsoft Windows Help Utility memory corruption [CVE-1999-0716]medium🔒---
14653Microsoft Internet Explorer File Upload MSHTML.DLL privileges managementmedium🔒---
14652David Harris Pegasus Mail pmail.ini missing encryptionlow🔒---
14651SSH improper authentication [CVE-1999-1029]medium🔒---
14650CA InoculateIT Malware Detection privileges management [CVE-1999-1368]medium🔒---
14649Computer Software Manufaktur Alibaba Request path traversal [CVE-1999-0776]low🔒---
14648Microsoft IIS denial of service [CVE-1999-0229]low🔒--🔒
14647Microsoft Site Server AdSamples site.csc information disclosurelow🔒---
14646Microsoft Outlook Express POP3 denial of service [CVE-1999-1033]low🔒---
14645ISC INN inndstart inn.conf privileges managementmedium🔒---
14644Sun Solaris lpset memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14643ISC INN inndstart privileges managementmedium🔒---
14642Sun Solaris dtprintinfo memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14641Intel iParty Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1566]medium🔒--🔒
14640Microsoft IIS codebrws.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14639Microsoft IIS code.asp privileges managementmedium🔒---
14638Microsoft IIS viewcode.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14637Microsoft IIS showcode.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14636Microsoft Excel Malware Warning privileges management [CVE-1999-0717]low🔒---
14635Netscape Enterprise Server URL denial of service [CVE-1999-0686]low🔒---
14634Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache improper authentication [CVE-1999-1367]low🔒---
14633Microsoft Internet Explorer FileSystemObject ActiveX Object privileges managementmedium🔒---
14632IBM AIX ptrace Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
14631NAI VirusScan Update scan.dat privileges managementmedium🔒---
14630Microsoft NetMeeting Clipboard privileges management [CVE-1999-1097]medium🔒---
14629Lotus Domino SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-1012]low🔒---
14628Gnapster/Knapster privileges management [CVE-2000-0412]medium🔒--🔒
14627Xcmail memory corruption [CVE-1999-1553]high🔒---
14626Netscape Directory Server Installer information disclosure [CVE-1999-0807]medium🔒---
14625NetBSD ARP Table privileges management [CVE-1999-0764]low🔒---
14624NetBSD ARP privileges management [CVE-1999-0763]low🔒---
14623Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Edit ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
14622Host in.comsat denial of servicelow🔒---
14621Oracle Oracle8i Intelligent Agent privileges management [CVE-1999-0711]low🔒---
14620Caldera COAS shadow privileges managementlow🔒---
14619ffingerd information disclosure [CVE-1999-0492]low🔒---
14618Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML.DLL privileges managementmedium🔒---
14617Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame privileges management [CVE-1999-0488]medium🔒---
14616NetBSD wabi privileges managementmedium🔒---
14615I-Soft QuikStore quikstore.cgi cleartext storagemedium🔒--🔒
14614Selena Sol Webstore web_store.cgi information disclosurelow🔒---
14613GNU Bash Path code injection [CVE-1999-0491]low🔒---
14612HP HP-UX Sendmail denial of service [CVE-1999-0684]low🔒--🔒
14611Darren Reed IPFilter Output File symlink [CVE-1999-1244]medium🔒---
14610RealNetworks RealServer Password rmserver.cfg cleartext storagelow🔒---
14609NetBSD ln symlink [CVE-1999-0446]low🔒---
14608Microsoft Windows ARP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0444]low🔒---
14607Symantec Norton Antivirus navieg.ini cleartext storagelow🔒---
14606BMC Patrol Agent Frame privileges management [CVE-1999-0801]high🔒---
14605Winroute Cancel Button privileges management [CVE-1999-0471]medium🔒---
14604Novell NetWare Remote.NLM missing encryptionmedium🔒---
14603Microsoft Internet Explorer Scriptlet privileges management [CVE-1999-0468]medium🔒---
14602Webcom CGI Guestbook Wguest Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
14601Hummingbird Exceed denial of service [CVE-1999-1196]low🔒--🔒
14600Andrew Tridgell rsync unknown vulnerability [CVE-1999-0473]low🔒---
14599Network Appliance Netcache SNMP Configuration improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
14598vacm ucd-snmp Community String improper authentication [CVE-1999-1245]medium🔒---
14597Procmail .procmailrc privileges managementlow🔒---
14596Mirabilis ICQ Webserver path traversal [CVE-1999-0474]medium🔒---
14595Procmail Config File procmailrc memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14594BMC Patrol Agent UDP denial of service [CVE-1999-0921]low🔒---
14593Mountain Network Systems Webcart Configuration information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
14592Mercantec SoftCart softcart.exe information disclosurelow🔒---
14591Pdgsoft PDG Shopping Cart shopper.cgi information disclosurelow🔒---
14590Seaside Enterprises EZMall mall2000.cgi information disclosurelow🔒---
14589Austin Contract Computing Merchant Order Form Shopping Cart information disclosurelow🔒---
14588Midnight Commander symlink [CVE-1999-0480]low🔒---
14587Microsoft Internet Explorer Window authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0469]low🔒---
14586Webcom CGI Guestbook rguest.exe privileges managementmedium🔒---
14585HP MPE-iX Debug Utility privileges management [CVE-1999-0447]low🔒---
14584Cisco IOS NAT privileges management [CVE-1999-0445]medium🔒--🔒
14583BMC Patrol Agent Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-0443]medium🔒---
14582Alcatel OmniSwitch Login Prompt denial of service [CVE-1999-1559]low🔒---
14581NetBSD/Linux XFree86 xfs symlinkmedium🔒---
14580Microsoft Frontpage Personal Web Server path traversal [CVE-2000-0153]medium🔒---
14579Microsoft Index Server Registry privileges management [CVE-1999-1397]medium🔒---
14578Microsoft Internet Explorer Setup Wizard ie5setup.exe privileges managementmedium🔒---
14577OpenBSD poll denial of servicelow🔒---
14576OpenSSL/SSLeay SSL Session Reuse privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14575OpenBSD TSS crashme denial of servicemedium🔒---
14574XFree86 X11 Server startx symlinklow🔒---
14573Netscape Communicator talkback denial of service [CVE-1999-0425]low🔒---
14572Netscape Communicator talkback privileges management [CVE-1999-0424]low🔒---
14571SuSE Linux Perl suidmount Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
14570NetBSD Software privileges management [CVE-1999-0422]low🔒---
14569Slackware Linux Net Installer improper authentication [CVE-1999-0421]medium🔒---
14568NetBSD umapfs mount_umap privileges managementmedium🔒---
14567Microsoft Windows Screensaver privileges management [CVE-1999-0382]medium🔒---
14566Macromedia Shockwave Flash Plugin Auto Update cleartext storagelow🔒---
14565Cisco Router Telnet denial of service [CVE-1999-0416]low🔒---
14564Cisco Router Web Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0415]medium🔒---
14563Sun Solaris procfs denial of service [CVE-1999-0417]low🔒---
14562Seapine TestTrack TestTrackWeb.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
14561Sun Solaris Terminal write memory corruptionmedium🔒---
14560Microsoft Windows ICMP Redirect Message denial of service [CVE-1999-1254]low🔒---
14559Host SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0418]medium🔒---
14558SCO OpenServer Startup Scripts S89nfs symlinkmedium🔒---
14557Sun Solaris cancel Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0410]medium🔒---
14556Ipswitch IMail POP3 Daemon missing encryption [CVE-2000-0019]low🔒---
14555Oracle Database Assistant Password spoolmain.log cleartext storagelow🔒---
14554SuSE Linux gnuplot memory corruption [CVE-1999-0409]low🔒---
14553Ipswitch IMail Web Service memory corruption [CVE-1999-1551]medium🔒---
14552KDE libmediatool symlink [CVE-2000-0371]low🔒---
14551Ipswitch IMail IMonitor memory corruption [CVE-1999-1046]high🔒--🔒
14550Netscape Enterprise Server VirtualVault denial of service [CVE-1999-0479]low🔒---
14549SCO OpenServer TermVision missing encryption [CVE-1999-0476]medium🔒---
14548Sun JDK Type Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-0440]medium🔒---
14547Ramp Networks Webramp UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0438]low🔒---
14546Ramp Networks WebRamp Router HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0437]low🔒---
14545HP HP-UX Domain Enterprise Server Management System privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
14544HP HP-UX ServiceGuard/LockManager privileges management [CVE-1999-0435]medium🔒--🔒
14543HP HP-UX ftp privileges management [CVE-1999-0432]low🔒--🔒
14542Linux Kernel IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-1999-0431]low🔒--🔒
14541IBM Lotus Notes Encryption missing encryption [CVE-1999-0429]medium🔒---
14540Linux Kernel kmem authentication spoofinghigh🔒---
14539Microsoft Exchange SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-1999-0419]low🔒---
14538Linux Kernel TCP Connection authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0414]medium🔒---
14537SGI IRIX memory corruption [CVE-1999-0413]medium🔒---
14536Microsoft Frontpage/Personal Web Server URL privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14535Netmanager Chameleon SMTPd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0261]medium🔒--🔒
14534Sun Solaris syslogd denial of service [CVE-1999-0223]low🔒---
14533Cisco Router Web Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0222]low🔒---
14532Lucent Ascend Router Administration denial of service [CVE-1999-0221]low🔒---
14531Debian Linux Super memory corruption [CVE-1999-0381]medium🔒---
14530OpenBSD FFS/EXT2FS Filesystem denial of service [CVE-1999-0483]low🔒---
14529Sun Cobalt Raq Shell Session .bash_history privileges managementmedium🔒---
14528Seattle Lab SLmail Administration Service Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
14527HP HP-UX Camera privileges management [CVE-1999-1247]medium🔒---
14526OpenBSD ping memory corruption [CVE-1999-0484]low🔒---
14525Qbik WinGate Proxy memory corruption [CVE-1999-0441]medium🔒---
14524Microsoft Backoffice Resource Kit Taskpad privileges managementmedium🔒---
14523Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall GET Request privileges managementmedium🔒---
14522Unix Process Table denial of service [CVE-1999-0377]low🔒---
14521CA ARCserve Backup Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-1049]medium🔒---
14520ISS Internet Security Scanner Temporary File symlink [CVE-1999-1168]medium🔒---
14519Microsoft Windows Known DLL List privileges management [CVE-1999-0376]low🔒---
14518SVGAlib zgv iopl privileges management [CVE-1999-1482]medium🔒---
14517Triactive Remote Management Password cleartext storage [CVE-1999-1372]low🔒---
14516Ccs Network Hyperseek Search Engine admin.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
14515Kab Software Lydia Password lydia.ini missing encryptionlow🔒---
14514OpenBSD ipintr denial of servicelow🔒---
14513Linux Kernel autofs memory corruptionlow🔒---
14512Microsoft IIS ISAPI GetExtensionVersion privileges managementmedium🔒---
14511Digital Unix nsralist memory corruption [CVE-1999-0406]medium🔒---
14510Michael Jennings Eterm privileges management [CVE-2000-0367]medium🔒---
14509SuSE Linux xtvscreen pic000.pnm symlinklow🔒---
14508FreeBSD/Linux lsof memory corruption [CVE-1999-0405]medium🔒---
14507IBM AIX snap ibmsupt privileges managementhigh🔒---
14506Tetrix TetriNet Service memory corruption [CVE-1999-1060]medium🔒---
14505NetBSD/OpenBSD TCP Server accept denial of servicelow🔒---
14504OReilly WebSite args.bat privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14503Network Flight Recorder webd memory corruption [CVE-1999-0375]medium🔒---
14502Debian Linux cfengine symlink [CVE-1999-0374]low🔒---
14501Hughes mSQL ServerStats Query information disclosure [CVE-1999-1260]medium🔒---
14500Digital Unix edauth information disclosurelow🔒---
14499Smartmax Mailmax SMTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0404]medium🔒--🔒
14498Ascend Multilink PPP for ISDN Endpoint Identifier denial of servicelow🔒---
14497Microsoft Backoffice Installer reboot.ini information disclosurelow🔒---
14496Microsoft IIS ASP showfile.asp FileSystemObject privileges managementmedium🔒---
14495University of Kansas Lynx tmp symlinklow🔒---
14494Sun Solaris catman Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
14493HP HP-UX rpc.pcnfsd privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
14492Microsoft IIS IISADMPWD privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14491wu-ftpd/ProFTPD memory corruption [CVE-1999-0368]high🔒--🔒
14490NetBSD netstat information disclosure [CVE-1999-0367]low🔒---
14489Microsoft Windows NT Hash Value improper authentication [CVE-1999-0366]medium🔒---
14488Rational Software ClearCase db_loader privileges managementmedium🔒---
14487Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Chorus denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
14486Flavio Veloso Nobo UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-1169]low🔒---
14485Sendmail Mailcap Entry privileges management [CVE-1999-0365]medium🔒---
14484Microsoft Internet Explorer Clipboard Paste information disclosurelow🔒---
14483Ipswitch WS FTP Server/IMail Registry Key privileges managementlow🔒---
14482ACC Tigris Access Terminal Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-0383]high🔒--🔒
14481SuSE Linux LPC memory corruption [CVE-1999-0363]medium🔒---
14480Ipswitch WS_FTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0362]low🔒--🔒
14479Alpha Linux MILO denial of service [CVE-1999-0459]medium🔒---
14478Cyrix CPU denial of service [CVE-1999-0403]low🔒---
14477Debian Linux Super memory corruption [CVE-1999-0373]medium🔒---
14476Digital Unix inc memory corruption [CVE-1999-0358]medium🔒---
14475Host FTP Server Pizza Thief denial of servicemedium🔒---
14474Qbik WinGate Proxy privileges management [CVE-1999-0291]medium🔒--🔒
14473Microsoft Site Server Upload privileges management [CVE-1999-0360]medium🔒--🔒
14472Caldera OpenLinux smail privileges management [CVE-2000-0370]high🔒---
14471IBM Navio NC Browser NFS Share tmp privileges managementmedium🔒---
14470Sun Solaris lpstat memory corruption [CVE-1999-0952]medium🔒---
14469Linux Kernel rpcbind authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0461]high🔒---
14468SCO OpenServer rlogin/rshd privileges management [CVE-1999-1450]medium🔒---
14467Microsoft IIS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0349]medium🔒--🔒
14466Microsoft IIS ASP Caching information disclosure [CVE-1999-0348]low🔒---
14465Microsoft IIS IISAPI Extension perl.exe information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
14464Linux Kernel ldd denial of service [CVE-1999-0400]low🔒---
14463Micosoft Internet Explorer javascript URL authentication spoofinghigh🔒---
14462Digital Unix at Utility memory corruption [CVE-1999-1458]medium🔒---
14461Microsoft Windows Packet denial of service [CVE-1999-0357]low🔒--🔒
14460ControlIT Address Book missing encryption [CVE-1999-0356]medium🔒---
14459ControlIT Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-0352]medium🔒---
14458Microsoft IIS NLST Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1544]low🔒--🔒
14457Ramp Networks WebRamp Router Administration privileges managementmedium🔒---
14456dtaction memory corruption [CVE-1999-0121]medium🔒---
14455Linux Kernel TCP Port denial of service [CVE-1999-0451]low🔒---
14454Microsoft Windows Share privileges management [CVE-1999-0119]medium🔒---
14453Debian Linux Apache Configuration doc privileges managementmedium🔒---
14452Debian Linux ftpwatch Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-1999-0457]medium🔒---
14451Microsoft IIS ism.dll privileges management [CVE-1999-1538]low🔒--🔒
14450Microsoft IIS Frontpage Server Extensions fpcount.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
14449Maximizer Enterprise Calendar Collaboration privileges managementmedium🔒---
14448Cisco IOS Syslog denial of service [CVE-1999-0063]low🔒--🔒
14447Thomas Boutell cgic Library memory corruption [CVE-1999-0392]medium🔒---
14446Sun Solaris ff.core privileges managementlow🔒---
14445KDE Konsole privileges management [CVE-1999-1268]medium🔒---
14444L0pht L0phtcrack Temporary File missing encryption [CVE-1999-0458]low🔒---
14443Microsoft Windows SMB Authentication improper authenticationmedium🔒---
14442Tripwire File Name denial of service [CVE-1999-0464]low🔒---
14441Red Hat Linux Dosemu S-Lang Library memory corruption [CVE-1999-0390]medium🔒---
14440Solution Scripts Home Free search.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
14439Debian Linux FTP Client memory corruption [CVE-1999-0914]medium🔒---
14438Debian Linux Bootp Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0389]medium🔒---
14437HP HP-UX symlink [CVE-2000-0005]medium🔒---
14436Slackware Linux privileges management [CVE-1999-1422]medium🔒---
14435Ipswitch WS FTP Server/IMail privileges management [CVE-1999-1170]low🔒---
14434GNU wget Symlink privileges management [CVE-1999-0402]medium🔒---
14433Ncftpd FTP Server PORT Command denial of service [CVE-1999-1568]low🔒---
14432Mirabilis ICQ memory corruption [CVE-1999-1440]medium🔒--🔒
14431Royal Davinci Database improper authentication [CVE-1999-1430]low🔒---
14430Red Hat Linux IP Protocol Logger denial of service [CVE-1999-0698]medium🔒---
14429Microsoft Windows Registry Key Value privileges management [CVE-1999-0665]medium🔒---
14428Microsoft Windows Registry Key Permission privileges managementmedium🔒---
14427Host Software Package privileges management [CVE-1999-0663]medium🔒---
14426Host Software Patch privileges management [CVE-1999-0662]medium🔒---
14425Sendmail Trojan Horse privileges management [CVE-1999-0661]medium🔒---
14424Host Backdoor Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0660]high🔒---
14423Microsoft Windows PDC/BDC privileges management [CVE-1999-0659]medium🔒--🔒
14422Host DCOM privileges management [CVE-1999-0658]medium🔒---
14421WinGate privileges management [CVE-1999-0657]medium🔒---
14420Linux Kernel RPC Interface config [CVE-1999-0656]low🔒---
14419Host Service About information disclosurelow🔒---
14418Microsoft Windows OS/2/POSIX Subsystem privileges managementmedium🔒---
14417Host NIS+ Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0653]medium🔒--🔒
14416Host SQL Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0652]medium🔒---
14415Host rsh/rlogin Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0651]medium🔒--🔒
14414Host Netstat Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0650]medium🔒--🔒
14413Host FSP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0649]medium🔒---
14412Host X.25 Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0648]medium🔒---
14411Host bootparamd Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0647]medium🔒---
14410Host LDAP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0646]medium🔒---
14409Host IRC Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0645]medium🔒---
14408Host NNTP News Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0644]medium🔒---
14407Host IMAP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0643]medium🔒---
14406Host POP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0642]medium🔒---
14405Host UUCP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0641]medium🔒---
14404Host Gopher Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0640]medium🔒---
14403Host Chargen Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0639]medium🔒---
14402Host Daytime Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0638]medium🔒---
14401Host Systat Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0637]medium🔒--🔒
14400Host Discard Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0636]medium🔒--🔒
14399Host Echo Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0635]medium🔒🔒-🔒
14398Host SSH Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0634]medium🔒---
14397Host Web Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0633]medium🔒---
14396Host RPC Portmapper Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0632]medium🔒--🔒
14395Host NFS Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0631]medium🔒---
14394Microsoft Windows NT Alerter privileges management [CVE-1999-0630]medium🔒--🔒
14393Host ident/identd privileges management [CVE-1999-0629]medium🔒--🔒
14392Host rpc.rquotad privileges management [CVE-1999-0625]medium🔒--🔒
14391Host rstat/rstatd privileges management [CVE-1999-0624]medium🔒--🔒
14390Host X Window Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0623]medium🔒---
14389Host DNS Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0622]medium🔒---
14388Host NetBIOS/SMB privileges management [CVE-1999-0621]medium🔒---
14387Host NIS Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0620]medium🔒---
14386Host Telnet Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0619]medium🔒---
14385Host rexec privileges management [CVE-1999-0618]medium🔒--🔒
14384Host SMTP Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0617]medium🔒---
14383Host TFTP Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0616]medium🔒---
14382Host SNMP Service privileges management [CVE-1999-0615]medium🔒---
14381Host FTP Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0614]medium🔒---
14380Host rpc.sprayd privileges management [CVE-1999-0613]medium🔒---
14379Microsoft Windows Registry Key privileges management [CVE-1999-0611]high🔒---
14378Microsoft Windows User Group privileges management [CVE-1999-0603]medium🔒---
14377Intrusion Detection System Fragmentation privileges managementhigh🔒---
14376Intrusion Detection System TCP Handshake privileges managementhigh🔒---
14375Intrusion Detection System Checksum privileges management [CVE-1999-0600]high🔒---
14374Intrusion Detection System Sequence Number privileges managementhigh🔒---
14373Intrusion Detection System Packet Assembler privileges managementhigh🔒---
14372Microsoft Windows Account Policy privileges management [CVE-1999-0597]medium🔒---
14371Microsoft Windows Log File Size Remote Code Execution [CVE-1999-0596]medium🔒---
14370Microsoft Windows Removable Media privileges management [CVE-1999-0594]medium🔒---
14369Microsoft Windows Winlogon Key ShutdownWithoutLogon privileges managementlow🔒---
14368Microsoft Windows Logon Box Username information disclosurelow🔒---
14367Microsoft Windows Eventlog privileges management [CVE-1999-0591]medium🔒---
14366Microsoft Windows Registry Key privileges management [CVE-1999-0589]medium🔒--🔒
14365Router/Firewall IP Fragmentation privileges management [CVE-1999-0588]medium🔒---
14364Host Web Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0587]high🔒---
14363Host Service Port privileges management [CVE-1999-0586]medium🔒---
14362Microsoft Windows File System privileges management [CVE-1999-0584]high🔒---
14361Microsoft Windows Relationship privileges management [CVE-1999-0583]medium🔒---
14360Microsoft Windows Registry privileges management [CVE-1999-0581]medium🔒---
14359Microsoft Windows Registry privileges management [CVE-1999-0580]medium🔒---
14358Microsoft Windows Registry Audit Policy privileges managementmedium🔒---
14357Microsoft Windows Registry Audit Policy privileges managementlow🔒---
14356Microsoft Windows File Audit Policy privileges management [CVE-1999-0577]high🔒---
14355Router Administration Interface improper authentication [CVE-1999-0571]high🔒--🔒
14354Microsoft Windows Password Filter PASSFILT.DLL improper authenticationhigh🔒---
14353Host Directory Listing information disclosure [CVE-1999-0569]medium🔒---
14352Sun Solaris rpc.admind privileges management [CVE-1999-0568]high🔒---
14351Sendmail Alias privileges management [CVE-1999-0565]high🔒---
14350Host Print privileges management [CVE-1999-0564]high🔒--🔒
14349Microsoft IIS Server Side Includes #exec privileges managementhigh🔒---
14348Microsoft Windows Directory privileges management [CVE-1999-0560]high🔒---
14347Unix Directory privileges management [CVE-1999-0559]high🔒---
14346Unix UID privileges management [CVE-1999-0556]high🔒---
14345Unix Account privileges management [CVE-1999-0555]high🔒---
14344Server NFS Export privileges management [CVE-1999-0554]high🔒--🔒
14343Microsoft Windows Login improper authentication [CVE-1999-0549]medium🔒---
14342Server NFS Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0548]medium🔒--🔒
14341SSH Server Authentication .rhosts improper authenticationhigh🔒---
14340Unix Trust Relationship privileges management [CVE-1999-0539]high🔒---
14338Host Promiscuous Mode privileges management [CVE-1999-0530]medium🔒---
14337Firewall Private Address privileges management [CVE-1999-0529]medium🔒---
14336Router/Firewall Routing privileges management [CVE-1999-0528]medium🔒---
14335Host FTP Server privileges management [CVE-1999-0527]high🔒--🔒
14334Host ICMP Echo information disclosure [CVE-1999-0523]low🔒---
14333Host NetBIOS/SMB Share privileges management [CVE-1999-0520]medium🔒---
14332Unix Trust Relationship hosts.equiv privileges managementhigh🔒---
14331Host SMTP Server Relay privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
14330Host FTP Server Anonymous improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
14329Host Samba Share path traversal [CVE-1999-0495]medium🔒---
14328Microsoft Internet Explorer IMG Tag denial of service [CVE-1999-0465]medium🔒---
14327Host TCP/IP Stack Fingerprinting information disclosuremedium🔒---
14326Cisco Router Cisco Discovery Protocol information disclosurelow🔒---
14325Service backdoor [CVE-1999-0452]high🔒--🔒
14324Microsoft IIS Log privileges management [CVE-1999-0448]low🔒---
14323Linux Kernel proc race conditionlow🔒---
14322Khaled Mardam-Bey Mirc File privileges management [CVE-1999-0399]medium🔒---
14321SSH improper authentication [CVE-1999-0398]medium🔒---
14320Quakenbush NT Password Appraiser missing encryption [CVE-1999-0397]medium🔒---
14319BackWeb Polite Agent Protocol authentication spoofing [CVE-1999-0395]medium🔒---
14318DPEC Online Courseware Password privileges management [CVE-1999-0394]high🔒---
14317Eric Allman Sendmail Header denial of service [CVE-1999-0393]low🔒--🔒
14316DataLynx suGuard privileges management [CVE-1999-0388]low🔒---
14315Microsoft Office Forms 2.0 ActiveX Control information disclosurelow🔒---
14314Microsoft Access Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-0364]high🔒---
14313LaserFiche Credential missing encryption [CVE-1999-0361]medium🔒---
14312CA ControlIT denial of service [CVE-1999-0355]low🔒---
14311Microsoft Windows Web Server information disclosure [CVE-1999-0286]medium🔒---
14310Microsoft Windows Ressource Kit denial of service [CVE-1999-0285]medium🔒---
14309JavaWebServer CGI Program privileges management [CVE-1999-0283]high🔒---
14308Hughes mSQL memory corruption [CVE-1999-0276]medium🔒---
14307MetaInfo MetaWeb Script privileges management [CVE-1999-0268]high🔒--🔒
14306IRCD memory corruption [CVE-1999-0255]high🔒---
14305SSH Authentication race condition [CVE-1999-0248]high🔒---
14304Linux Kernel cfingerd privileges management [CVE-1999-0243]medium🔒--🔒
14303Firewall Fragmented Packet privileges management [CVE-1999-0240]medium🔒---
14302Seattle Lab Software SLmail VRFY Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0231]medium🔒--🔒
14301Microsoft Windows IP Fragmentation data processing [CVE-1999-0226]medium🔒---
14300IRC Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0220]medium🔒---
14299Eric Allman Sendmail denial of service [CVE-1999-0205]low🔒---
14298Microsoft Windows WFTP Server Guest improper authenticationhigh🔒---
14297finger information disclosure [CVE-1999-0198]medium🔒--🔒
14296finger information disclosure [CVE-1999-0197]medium🔒--🔒

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