Risk 2000

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

111324BEA WebLogic privileges management [CVE-2000-0685]medium🔒---
90818Microsoft IIS iisadmin information disclosurelow🔒---
90780Microsoft Windows ICMP Redirect TCP Parameters Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90772Microsoft Windows TCP Max Connect Response Retransmissions Policy information disclosurelow🔒---
90771Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
90328A-Trojan Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90327Xylo Eclypse Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90326Taskman Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90320Jade Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90187Symantec Norton Antivirus for Internet Email Gateway Path information disclosurelow🔒---
90178Host privileges managementmedium🔒---
90177Kyocera Mita IB-21E Print Server hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
90176AXIS Print Server hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
90174Intel NetPort Printer Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
90173Sharp AR Printer privileges managementmedium🔒---
90172Brother HL Network Printer privileges managementmedium🔒---
90149Qualcomm Qpopper PopAuth Trace privileges managementmedium🔒---
89851Netscape Certificate Server/Directory Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89665Oracle Oracle9iAS Web Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89634Oracle Internet Application Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89607Oracle Web Server a.jsp File information disclosurelow🔒---
89538Microsoft Windows Autologon improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89509Microsoft Windows LPC denial of servicelow🔒---
88887CSM Alibaba Pipe privileges managementmedium🔒---
88790Microsoft FrontPage _vti_aut denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88669Watchguard SOHO Admin Password privileges managementmedium🔒---
88661Microsoft Windows Auditing privileges managementlow🔒---
88651Microsoft Windows SMB missing encryptionmedium🔒---
88644Microsoft Windows Active Directory Kerberos Ticket Logging privileges managementlow🔒---
88637Microsoft Windows Workstation Restriction privileges managementmedium🔒---
88636Microsoft Windows Winlogon privileges managementmedium🔒---
88588Roxen Challenger Webserver Counter Module resource consumptionmedium🔒--🔒
88485Axent Raptor Firewall Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88474PHP IMAP Module memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
88470PHP Forum common.php File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88469Nortel Router privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88468Nortel Router Manager improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
88467CGI Simple Web Counter memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
88466Apache HTTP Server Config File privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88465University of Washington POP2 Server FOLD Command File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88464Netscape Server admpw privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88463Sambar Server mailit.pl information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88462Sambar Server sendmail information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88461CVSWeb Source information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88460spin_client.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88459LCDProc privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88458Talentsoft Web+ CGI privileges managementlow🔒---
88457WinSATAN backdoormedium🔒--🔒
88456Host denial of service [CVE-1999-0770]medium🔒--🔒
88427PFTP Server File missing encryptionhigh🔒--🔒
88426Max-Wilhelm Bruker bftpd format stringmedium🔒--🔒
88423Cat Soft FTP Server GET Command denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88405Amanda Backup System Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88319Microsoft Windows File Protection privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88312Microsoft Windows Winreg Registry Key Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
88289Microsoft IIS Sample Files information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
88281Microsoft Windows SvcOpenSCManager information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88278UltraVNC information disclosurelow🔒---
88257Solsoft NSM format stringmedium🔒--🔒
88247Microsoft IIS Sample Application Form_JScript.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88245CGI Script printenv information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88243Microsoft IIS repost.asp File privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88242Microsoft Windows LPC Request denial of servicemedium🔒---
88241Microsoft IIS Sample Application iissamples Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88153Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
86881Sun Solaris denial of servicelow🔒---
86870KDE kwintv memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86869Expect expect memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86868INND/NNRP memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86867BSDI memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86858HP HP-UX memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86857Mailing List / News maillist.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
86856ListMail lmail.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
86855xsplumber strcopy memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86854Slackware Access ppp-off Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
86853Half-Life Linux Server format stringmedium🔒---
86852gnomehack memory corruptionmedium🔒---
82095ProFTPD Command memory leaklow🔒---
82049Linux Kernel umount memory corruptionmedium🔒---
82045Ethereal EIGRP memory corruptionmedium🔒---
82022SSH Client ssh-agent Forwarding information disclosurelow🔒---
82015FreeBSD procfs mmap denial of servicelow🔒---
81952NAI NetShield AutoUpgrade SETUP.EXE privileges managementmedium🔒---
81947Ultraboard UltraBoard.cgi path traversallow🔒---
81896Cisco Gigabit Switch Router Line Card denial of servicelow🔒---
81893iPlanet CMS path traversalmedium🔒---
81892bftpd Command format stringmedium🔒---
81837Microsoft Windows SynAttackProtect denial of servicemedium🔒---
81836Microsoft Windows DNS Server memory leaklow🔒---
81815Microsoft Windows Registry privileges managementmedium🔒---
81808Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions shtml.dll denial of servicelow🔒---
81779Trend Micro OfficeScan Web Interface privileges managementmedium🔒---
81770Freak88 Server denial of servicelow🔒---
81769Microsoft IIS cmd.exe privileges managementhigh🔒---
17068Microsoft NetMeeting Remote Desktop Sharing denial of servicelow🔒---
17048Microsoft Internet Explorer CHM File privileges management [CVE-2001-0002]medium🔒---
16741Nokia IP440 Voyager Web Administration Interface memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16539ProFTPD Command resource management [CVE-2001-0136]low🔒--🔒
16531Zope Role privileges management [CVE-2001-0128]medium🔒--🔒
16514Iomega JaZip Zip/Jaz Drive Manager memory corruption [CVE-2001-0110]medium🔒--🔒
16472Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame privileges management [CVE-2001-0092]low🔒---
16471Microsoft Internet Explorer Scriptlet ActiveX Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
16467Kevin Lindsay Secure Locate Database File memory corruption [CVE-2001-0066]medium🔒--🔒
16466Cisco CBOS URL denial of service [CVE-2001-0058]low🔒--🔒
16462Cat Soft Serv-U path traversal [CVE-2001-0054]low🔒--🔒
16453Joseph Engo phpGroupWare phpgw.inc.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
16451Cisco CatOS Telnet Authentication resource management [CVE-2001-0041]medium🔒--🔒
16450APC apcupsd Process ID File apcupsd.pid path traversallow🔒--🔒
16424Sun Solaris catman symlink [CVE-2001-0095]low🔒---
16422FreeBSD telnetd privileges management [CVE-2001-0093]medium🔒---
16415Ncipher swinit privileges management [CVE-2001-0081]low🔒---
16406GnuPG Secret Key Import privileges management [CVE-2001-0072]medium🔒---
16405GnuPG Detached Signature improper authentication [CVE-2001-0071]low🔒---
16398FreeBSD procfs jail privileges managementmedium🔒---
16396FreeBSD CTL File procfs jail privileges managementmedium🔒---
16393NetBSD/OpenBSD FTPD replydirname off-by-onehigh🔒--🔒
16391Igor Khasilev Oops Proxy Server Reverse DNS Entry memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
16368WatchGuard SOHO Firewall IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2000-0896]low🔒---
16367WatchGuard SOHO Firewall GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0895]high🔒---
16366WatchGuard SOHO Firewall Administration Interface privileges managementmedium🔒---
16343Netscape Navigator HTML Parser memory corruption [CVE-2000-1187]medium🔒---
16342phf MIME Header memory corruption [CVE-2000-1186]medium🔒---
16340FreeBSD Telnet Daemon denial of service [CVE-2000-1184]low🔒---
16325OpenBSD OpenSSH Forwarding privileges management [CVE-2000-1169]medium🔒--🔒
16323FreeBSD ppp privileges management [CVE-2000-1167]medium🔒---
16293GNU Ed symlink [CVE-2000-1137]low🔒🔒--
16291Debian Linux fsh Daemon symlink [CVE-2000-1135]low🔒---
16290Red Hat Linux Shell symlink [CVE-2000-1134]medium🔒---
16288DC Scripts DCForum cgforum.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
16281restore privileges management [CVE-2000-1125]medium🔒---
16275IBM AIX setsenv memory corruptionlow🔒---
16259BSDI BSDOS privileges management [CVE-2000-1103]medium🔒---
16255Sun JDK Sandbox privileges management [CVE-2000-1099]medium🔒---
16253SonicWALL SOHO Firewall Web Server denial of service [CVE-2000-1097]low🔒---
16252Paul Vixie Cron crontab privileges managementlow🔒---
16250AOL Instant Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2000-1094]medium🔒---
16229CA InoculateIT Agent for Exchange SMTP Header privileges managementmedium🔒---
16228Dansie Shopping Cart Password information disclosure [CVE-2000-1243]low🔒---
16227APC PowerChute HTTP Service hard-coded credentials [CVE-2000-1242]medium🔒---
16226Haakon Nilsen SIPS privileges management [CVE-2000-1241]medium🔒---
16225AnyPortal PHP siteman.php3 Path information disclosure [Disputed]low🔒---
16224IBM Tivoli Management Framework Log File improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16223BEA WebLogic Server Restrictions privileges management [CVE-2000-1238]medium🔒---
16222Floosietek FTGate POP3 Server information disclosure [CVE-2000-1237]low🔒---
16221Oracle Internet Application Server mod_sql sql injection [CVE-2000-1236]medium🔒--🔒
16220Oracle Internet Application Server HTTP Request sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
16219Phorum violation.php3 Relay privileges managementmedium🔒---
16218Phorum read.php3 sql injectionmedium🔒---
16217Phorum upgrade.php3 privileges managementlow🔒---
16216Phorum code.php3 File information disclosurelow🔒---
16215Phorum auth.php3 backdoormedium🔒---
16214Phorum admin.php3 path traversallow🔒---
16213Phorum Password Reset admin.php3 improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16212Microsoft Windows SMBnegprots Request denial of service [CVE-2000-1227]low🔒---
16211Snort ASCII Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-1226]low🔒---
16210Imatix Xitami testcgi.exe information disclosurelow🔒---
16209HP HP-UX cstm memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16208NetBSD/OpenBSD eeprom format stringmedium🔒---
16207OpenBSD su format stringmedium🔒---
16206OpenBSD yp_passwd printf format stringmedium🔒---
16205OpenBSD fstat format stringmedium🔒---
16204FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD libutil pw_error format stringmedium🔒---
16203SSH/OpenSSH scp Server path traversal [CVE-2000-0992]low🔒--🔒
16202Hilgraeve HyperTerminal Telnet URI memory corruption [CVE-2000-0991]medium🔒---
16201Krzysztof Dabrowski cmd5checkpw SMTP AUTH Command denial of servicemedium🔒---
16200Intel InBusiness eMail Station POP Service memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16199Bardon Data Systems WinU Default Account backdoor [CVE-2000-0988]medium🔒---
16198Oracle Command Line Argument memory corruption [CVE-2000-0987]low🔒---
16197Oracle names memory corruption [CVE-2000-0986]low🔒---
16196Nevis Systems All-Mail MAIL FROM/RCPT TO memory corruption [CVE-2000-0985]high🔒---
16195Cisco iOS HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0984]low🔒--🔒
16194Microsoft Netmeeting Desktop Sharing denial of service [CVE-2000-0983]low🔒---
16193Microsoft Internet Explorer Credential privileges managementmedium🔒---
16192MySQL Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2000-0981]medium🔒--🔒
16191Microsoft Windows NMPI Listener denial of service [CVE-2000-0980]low🔒---
16190Microsoft Windows File/Print Sharing Service improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16189BB4 Big Brother Network Monitor BBD Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
16188Oatmeal Studios Mail File mailfile.cgi information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
16187XFree86 X11r6 xlib memory corruption [CVE-2000-0976]low🔒---
16186Anaconda Foundation Directory apexec.pl path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
16185GNU Privacy Guard Signature Check improper authentication [CVE-2000-0974]medium🔒---
16184Daniel Stenberg cURL Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2000-0973]high🔒---
16183HP HP-UX crontab symlink [CVE-2000-0972]low🔒---
16182aVirt Mail Server RCPT TO/MAIL FROM memory corruption [CVE-2000-0971]high🔒---
16181Microsoft IIS ASP Session Cookie improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16179Valve Software Half-Life Dedicated Server rcon Command memory corruptionhigh🔒---
16178PHP Error Log format string [CVE-2000-0967]medium🔒--🔒
16177HP HP-UX lpspooler memory corruptionlow🔒---
16176HP VVOS NSAPI Plugin denial of service [CVE-2000-0965]low🔒---
16175Siemens HiNet LP GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0964]high🔒---
16174ncurses memory corruption [CVE-2000-0963]medium🔒---
16173OpenBSD IPsec denial of service [CVE-2000-0962]low🔒---
16172Netscape Messaging Server IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0961]high🔒--🔒
16171Netscape Messaging Server POP3 Server User information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
16170GNU C Library symlink [CVE-2000-0959]low🔒---
16169Sun HotJava Browser JavaScript privileges management [CVE-2000-0958]medium🔒---
16168pam_mysql SQL Statement privileges management [CVE-2000-0957]medium🔒---
16167Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus-SASL privileges management [CVE-2000-0956]low🔒---
16166Cisco Virtual Central Office 4000 SNMP Service Password missing encryptionmedium🔒---
16165Evolvable Shambala Server Password Storage cleartext storagehigh🔒---
16164Evolvable Shambala Server Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0953]low🔒---
16163Shigio Yamaguchi Global global.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
16162Microsoft IIS Index Server privileges management [CVE-2000-0951]medium🔒--🔒
16161TIS Firewall Toolkit x-gw privileges management [CVE-2000-0950]medium🔒---
16160LBL Traceroute savestr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16159GNOME GnoRPM symlink [CVE-2000-0948]medium🔒---
16158GNU Cfengine CAUTH Command format string [CVE-2000-0947]high🔒--🔒
16157Compaq Easy Access Keyboard Software Lockscreen improper authenticationlow🔒---
16156Cisco Catalyst Web Configuration Interface privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
16155CGI Script Center News Update Password Change improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16154Max-Wilhelm Bruker bftpd USER Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0943]high🔒--🔒
16153Microsoft Indexing Service htw cross site scriting [CVE-2000-0942]medium🔒---
16152Kootenay Web Whois privileges management [CVE-2000-0941]high🔒--🔒
16151Metertek pagelog.cgi path traversal [CVE-2000-0940]medium🔒---
16150Samba Web Administration Tool denial of service [CVE-2000-0939]low🔒---
16149Samba Web Administration Tool User information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
16148Samba Web Administration Tool improper authentication [CVE-2000-0937]medium🔒---
16147Samba Web Administration Tool cgi.log Password information disclosurelow🔒---
16146Samba Web Administration Tool cgi.log symlinkmedium🔒--🔒
16145Red Hat Glint tmp symlinkmedium🔒---
16144Microsoft Windows Input Method Editor privileges management [CVE-2000-0933]low🔒---
16143ClearSwift MAILsweeper for SMTP ZIP Archive denial of servicelow🔒---
16142David Harris Pegasus Mail memory corruption [CVE-2000-0931]medium🔒---
16141David Harris Pegasus Mail mailto privileges management [CVE-2000-0930]low🔒---
16140Microsoft Windows Media Player OCX Control denial of servicelow🔒---
16139WQuinn QuotaAdvisor privileges management [CVE-2000-0928]low🔒---
16138WQuinn QuotaAdvisor privileges management [CVE-2000-0927]low🔒---
16137Smartwin Technology Cyberoffice Shopping Cart Form privileges managementmedium🔒---
16136Smartwin Technology Cyberoffice Shopping Cart the _private privileges managementmedium🔒---
16135Armada Design Master Index search.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
16134Aplio Phone authenticate.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
16133Bytes Interactive Web Shopper shopper.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
16132Hassan Consulting Shopping Cart shop.cgi path traversallow🔒---
16131Boa Webserver Get Effective Rights Engine path traversal [CVE-2000-0920]low🔒--🔒
16130PHPix Directory path traversallow🔒---
16129KDE kvt format string [CVE-2000-0918]medium🔒---
16128LPRng use_syslog format stringhigh🔒---
16127FreeBSD Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0916]medium🔒--🔒
16126FreeBSD Fingerd privileges management [CVE-2000-0915]medium🔒--🔒
16125OpenBSD ARP denial of service [CVE-2000-0914]low🔒---
16124Apache HTTP Server mod_rewrite RewriteRule privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
16123Jcs Web Works MultiHTML privileges management [CVE-2000-0912]medium🔒--🔒
16122Horde IMP Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0911]medium🔒---
16121Horde privileges management [CVE-2000-0910]low🔒---
16120University of Washington Pine FROM memory corruption [CVE-2000-0909]medium🔒--🔒
16119NetcPlus BrowseGate MIME Header memory corruption [CVE-2000-0908]medium🔒--🔒
16118EType EServ HELO/MAIL FROM memory corruption [CVE-2000-0907]medium🔒---
16117Moreover.com Cached Feed.cgi Script cached_feed.cgi path traversallow🔒---
16116QNX Voyager embedded.html Stats information disclosurelow🔒---
16115QNX Voyager .photon information disclosurelow🔒---
16114QNX Voyager path traversal [CVE-2000-0903]low🔒---
16113Nathan Purciful PhotoAlbum getalbum.php path traversallow🔒---
16112Juergen Weigert Screen format string [CVE-2000-0901]low🔒---
16111Acme Labs thttpd path traversal [CVE-2000-0900]medium🔒--🔒
16110ISC BIND SRV Record denial of service [CVE-2000-0888]medium🔒--🔒
16109ISC BIND ZXFR Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0887]medium🔒--🔒
16108Microsoft IIS Executable Files Parser privileges management [CVE-2000-0886]high🔒--🔒
16107Microsoft Network Monitor Browser Name memory corruption [CVE-2000-0885]medium🔒---
16106Microsoft IIS Unicode path traversal [CVE-2000-0884]medium🔒--🔒
16105Oracle Listener Logging privileges management [CVE-2000-0818]high🔒--🔒
16104Microsoft Network Monitor HTTP Parser memory corruption [CVE-2000-0817]medium🔒---
16103CGI Script Center Auction Weaver auctionweaver.pl path traversallow🔒---
16102CGI Script Center Auction Weaver Form path traversal [CVE-2000-0810]medium🔒---
16101GNU Groff Device Description File privileges management [CVE-2000-0803]medium🔒---
16100Zope File Object privileges management [CVE-2000-1212]medium🔒--🔒
16099Zope OBJECT privileges management [CVE-2000-1211]medium🔒--🔒
16098Microsoft Windows Cenroll ActiveX Control xenroll.dll denial of servicelow🔒---
16097Mirabilis ICQ Web Front Server URL guestbook.cgi denial of servicelow🔒---
16096Sun iPlanet Web Server SHTML Logger memory corruption [CVE-2000-1077]high🔒--🔒
16095Netscape Directory Server Credentials cleartext storage [CVE-2000-1076]high🔒---
16094Netscape Directory Server Services path traversal [CVE-2000-1075]low🔒--🔒
16093Netscape iPlanet iCal libnsl privileges management [CVE-2000-1074]medium🔒---
16092Netscape iPlanet iCal cshttpd privileges management [CVE-2000-1073]medium🔒---
16091Netscape iPlanet iCal iplncal.sh privileges managementmedium🔒---
16090Netscape iPlanet iCal Access Control privileges management [CVE-2000-1071]high🔒---
16089CGI-World Poll It pollit.cgi information disclosurelow🔒---
16087CGI-World Poll It pollit.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
16086FreeBSD DNS getnameinfo denial of servicelow🔒---
16085HP Jetdirect IP denial of service [CVE-2000-1065]low🔒---
16084HP Jetdirect LPD Service denial of service [CVE-2000-1064]low🔒---
16083HP Jetdirect Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2000-1063]low🔒---
16082HP Jetdirect FTP Service denial of service [CVE-2000-1062]low🔒---
16081Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Virtual Machine privileges managementmedium🔒---
16080XFree86 XFce Xauthority privileges management [CVE-2000-1060]low🔒---
16079Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux Xsession privileges management [CVE-2000-1059]medium🔒--🔒
16078HP Openview Network Node Manager SNMP snmp.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16077HP Openview Network Node Manager Database privileges managementlow🔒---
16076Cisco Secure Access Control Server LDAP Server improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16075Cisco Secure Access Control Server TACACS+ Packet memory corruptionhigh🔒---
16074Cisco Secure Access Control Server CSAdmin Module memory corruptionhigh🔒---
16073Allaire JRun JSP Servlet com.livesoftware.jrun.plugins.jsp cross site scritinglow🔒---
16072Allaire JRun SSIFilter Servlet Source information disclosurelow🔒---
16071Allaire JRun SSIFilter Servlet path traversal [CVE-2000-1051]low🔒---
16070Allaire JRun HTTP Servlet WEB-INF privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
16069Allaire JRun HTTP Servlet path traversal [CVE-2000-1049]medium🔒---
16068Qbik Wingate Logfile Service path traversal [CVE-2000-1048]low🔒---
16067Lotus Domino Enterprise Server Mail From memory corruption [CVE-2000-1047]medium🔒--🔒
16066Lotus Domino ESMTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2000-1046]high🔒---
16065Padl Software nss_ldap LDAP Request denial of service [CVE-2000-1045]low🔒---
16064SuSE Linux ypbind-mt format string [CVE-2000-1044]high🔒---
16063Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux ypserv vsyslog format stringhigh🔒---
16062Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux ypserv vsyslog memory corruptionhigh🔒---
16061Swen Thuemmler ypbind memory corruption [CVE-2000-1041]high🔒---
16060SuSE Linux Logging ypbind-mt denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
16059IBM AS400 Firewall GET Request denial of service [CVE-2000-1038]low🔒---
16058Check Point Firewall-1 Session Agent User information disclosuremedium🔒---
16057Extent Technologies RBS ISP path traversal [CVE-2000-1036]low🔒--🔒
16056Typsoft FTP Server USER/PASS/CWD Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-1035]high🔒--🔒
16055Microsoft Windows System Monitor ActiveX Control memory corruptionhigh🔒---
16054Cat Soft Serv-U Anti-Hammering Feature privileges managementmedium🔒---
16053Check Point Firewall-1 Authentication User information disclosurelow🔒---
16052HP HP-UX dtterm memory corruption [CVE-2000-1031]low🔒---
16051CS&T Corporatetime For The Web Authentication User information disclosurelow🔒---
16050ISC BIND AXFR Query memory corruption [CVE-2000-1029]high🔒---
16049HP HP-UX cu Program memory corruption [CVE-2000-1028]medium🔒---
16048Cisco PIX FTP IP Address information disclosurelow🔒---
16047LBL tcpdump memory corruption [CVE-2000-1026]high🔒---
16046Unify eWave ServletExec java denial of servicelow🔒---
16045Unify eWave ServletExec UploadServlet privileges management [CVE-2000-1024]high🔒--🔒
16044Alabanza Control Panel Authentication nsManager.cgi improper authenticationmedium🔒---
16043Cisco PIX Mailguard privileges management [CVE-2000-1022]medium🔒--🔒
16042Alt-N MDaemon WebConfig memory corruption [CVE-2000-1021]medium🔒---
16041Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient memory corruption [CVE-2000-1020]medium🔒---
16040Inktomi Search Software URL denial of service [CVE-2000-1019]low🔒--🔒
16039Mendel Cooper Shred Wipe information disclosure [CVE-2000-1018]low🔒---
16038WebTeacher WebData Import privileges management [CVE-2000-1017]low🔒---
16037SuSE Linux packages information disclosurelow🔒---
16036Open Source Development Network Slashcode Config hard-coded passwordmedium🔒---
16035SCO UnixWare SCOhelp HTTP Server search97.cgi format stringmedium🔒---
16034FreeBSD setlocale privileges managementmedium🔒---
16033FreeBSD catopen privileges managementmedium🔒---
16032FreeBSD catopen memory corruptionmedium🔒---
16031Red Hat Linux Talkd format string [CVE-2000-1010]high🔒---
16030NetBSD/Linux dump privileges management [CVE-2000-1009]medium🔒---
16029Palm OS Credential missing encryption [CVE-2000-1008]low🔒---
16028Symantec I-gear URL Logger path traversal [CVE-2000-1007]low🔒---
16027Microsoft Exchange MIME Header denial of service [CVE-2000-1006]low🔒--🔒
16026Extropia WebStore web_store.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
16025OpenBSD photurisd format stringlow🔒---
16024Microsoft Windows NetBIOS Client denial of service [CVE-2000-1003]low🔒---
16023Stalker Communigate Pro POP3 Daemon User information disclosurelow🔒---
16022Element N.v Element Instantshop add_2_basket.asp privileges managementmedium🔒---
16021AOL Instant Messenger File Transfer privileges management [CVE-2000-1000]medium🔒---
16020OpenBSD OpenSSH format string [CVE-2000-0999]high🔒--🔒
16019FreeBSD kill/renice format string [CVE-2000-0998]medium🔒---
16018IBM AIX sysback privileges management [CVE-2000-1222]medium🔒---
16017Caucho Technology Resin HTTP Request Source information disclosurelow🔒---
16016Microsoft Windows Domain Account Lockout privileges managementlow🔒---
16015I-Soft Quikstore GET Request quikstore.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
16014Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux mod_perl information disclosure [CVE-2000-0883]low🔒--🔒
16013Intel Express Switch ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0882]low🔒---
16012Plus Technologies LPPlus dccscan privileges managementlow🔒---
16011Plus Technologies LPPlus lpdprocess path traversallow🔒---
16010Plus Technologies LPPlus dccbkstshut privileges managementlow🔒---
16009Ranson Johnson Mailto CGI Script mailto.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
16008Ranson Johnson MailForm mailform.pl File information disclosurelow🔒---
16007Texas Imperial Software wftpd %C Command Path information disclosurelow🔒---
16006Texas Imperial Software wftpd Unprintable Character denial of servicelow🔒---
16005Qualcomm Eudora VCF Path information disclosurelow🔒---
16004IBM AIX Netstat privileges management [CVE-2000-0873]low🔒---
16003Nathan Purciful phpPhotoAlbum explorer.php path traversallow🔒---
16002Khamil Landross And Zack Jones EFTP denial of service [CVE-2000-0871]low🔒--🔒
16001Khamil Landross And Zack Jones EFTP String memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
16000Apache HTTP Server WebDAV Directory information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15999Apache HTTP Server Source information disclosure [CVE-2000-0868]low🔒--🔒
15998Linux klogd syslog privileges managementmedium🔒---
15997Borland Software InterBase SuperServer Query denial of servicelow🔒---
15996Tridia DoubleVision dvtermtype memory corruption [CVE-2000-0865]medium🔒---
15995GNOME esound Unix Domain Socket race condition [CVE-2000-0864]medium🔒--🔒
15994Listmanager memory corruption [CVE-2000-0863]medium🔒---
15993Allaire Spectra Administrative Interface Utility privileges managementmedium🔒---
15992GNU Mailman privileges management [CVE-2000-0861]medium🔒---
15991PHP Script Variable privileges management [CVE-2000-0860]medium🔒--🔒
15990Gordano NTMail Web Configuration Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0859]low🔒---
15989Microsoft IIS URL INETINFO.EXE denial of servicelow🔒---
15988Sebastian Kienzl muh Nickname format string [CVE-2000-0857]medium🔒---
15987Rasmus J.P. Allenheim SunFTP GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0856]medium🔒--🔒
15986Rasmus J.P. Allenheim SunFTP Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0855]low🔒---
15985Microsoft Windows Office 2000 File riched20.dll privileges managementhigh🔒---
15984YaBB path traversal [CVE-2000-0853]low🔒--🔒
15983FreeBSD eject Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0852]medium🔒---
15982Microsoft Windows Still Image Service memory corruption [CVE-2000-0851]low🔒---
15981Netegrity SiteMinder Authentication privileges management [CVE-2000-0850]medium🔒---
15980Microsoft Windows Media Services Unicast Service denial of servicelow🔒---
15979IBM WebSphere Application Server Host Header memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15978University of Washington C-Client Library X-Keyword Header memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15977Ashley Montanaro Darxite memory corruption [CVE-2000-0846]medium🔒---
15976Digital Unix kdebugd privileges management [CVE-2000-0845]medium🔒---
15975Unix Locale Subsystem catopen access controlmedium🔒---
15974Samba pam_smb/pam_ntdom User Name memory corruption [CVE-2000-0843]high🔒--🔒
15973SCO UnixWare scohelphttp Web Server vtopic path traversallow🔒---
15972Davide Libenzi XMail APOP Comman memory corruption [CVE-2000-0841]high🔒--🔒
15971Davide Libenzi XMail USER Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0840]high🔒--🔒
15970Ipswitch WinCOM LPD Options denial of service [CVE-2000-0839]low🔒---
15969Fastream FUR HTTP Server GET Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0838]low🔒---
15968Deerfield Serv-U denial of service [CVE-2000-0837]low🔒--🔒
15967Broadgun Software Camshot Webcam Authentication memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15966Sambar Server ISAPI Search Utility search.dll privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15965Microsoft Windows NTLM Authentication telnet.exe privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15964Jack De Winter WinSMTP USER/HELO Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0833]high🔒---
15963Oscar Nierstrasz Htgrep privileges management [CVE-2000-0832]medium🔒--🔒
15962Fastream FTP++ Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0831]medium🔒---
15961Microsoft WebTV UDP Packet annclist.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
15960Red Hat Linux tmpwatch denial of servicelow🔒---
15959Mobius DocumentDirect for the Internet ddicgi.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15958Mobius DocumentDirect for the Internet Authentication memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15957Mobius DocumentDirect for the Internet GET Request ddicgi.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15956Ipswitch IMail Web Service denial of service [CVE-2000-0825]low🔒--🔒
15955GNU C Library ld_library_path unsetenv privileges managementmedium🔒---
15954Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 FTP Connection privileges managementmedium🔒---
15953Sun Java System Web Server com.sun.server.http.pagecompile.jsp92.jspservlet privileges managementhigh🔒---
15952Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 Inter-Module Communication Mechanism memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15951Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 Seed Generator missing encryptionmedium🔒---
15950Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 OPSEC authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0807]medium🔒---
15949Check Point Firewall-1 FWA1 denial of service [CVE-2000-0806]low🔒---
15948Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 FWS Packet privileges managementmedium🔒---
15947Check Point Firewall-1 TCP Fragmentation privileges managementmedium🔒---
15946GNU gcc Integer Overflow integer coercion [CVE-2000-1219]medium🔒---
15945Id Software Quake UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-1080]low🔒---
15944PGP Personal Privacy BAIR privileges management [CVE-2000-0802]low🔒---
15943HP HP-UX bdf memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15942SuSE Linux linuxnfs/knfsd rpc.kstatd privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
15941SGI IRIX InPerson .ilmpAAA symlinklow🔒---
15939SGI IRIX gr_osview memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15938SGI IRIX dmplay memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15937SGI IRIX lpstat memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15936SGI IRIX gr_osview memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15935Symantec Norton Antivirus Auto-Protect Module denial of servicelow🔒---
15934Alan Cox Gnome-Lokkit Port privileges management [CVE-2000-0792]medium🔒---
15933Trustix Secure Linux httpsd privileges management [CVE-2000-0791]low🔒---
15932Microsoft Windows Web-Based Folder ShellDefView InvokeVerb privileges managementlow🔒---
15931Bardon Data Systems WinU missing encryption [CVE-2000-0789]low🔒---
15930Microsoft Word Mail Merge Tool privileges management [CVE-2000-0788]medium🔒--🔒
15929X-Chat URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0787]medium🔒---
15928GNU userv privileges management [CVE-2000-0786]low🔒---
15927wIRCSrv IRC Server Message of the Day privileges management [CVE-2000-0785]medium🔒---
15926Rapidstream Account hard-coded credentials [CVE-2000-0784]high🔒---
15925WatchGuard Firebox Authentication Service denial of service [CVE-2000-0783]low🔒---
15924Netwin Netauth netauth.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
15923CA ARCserve Backup Temp File agent.cfg privileges managementmedium🔒---
15922Ipswitch IMail Attachment path traversal [CVE-2000-0780]medium🔒---
15921Check Point Firewall-1 RSH/REXEC privileges management [CVE-2000-0779]medium🔒---
15920Microsoft IIS ASP File privileges management [CVE-2000-0778]medium🔒--🔒
15919Microsoft Money Password Storage cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0777]low🔒---
15918Mediahouse Software Statistics Server LiveStats GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15917RobTex Viking Server GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0775]medium🔒---
15916Bajie Java HTTP Server Java Servlet test Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15915Bajie Java HTTP Server URL path traversal [CVE-2000-0773]low🔒---
15914Tumbleweed Messaging Management System Account hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
15913Microsoft Windows RPC denial of service [CVE-2000-0771]low🔒---
15912Microsoft IIS File Permission privileges management [CVE-2000-0770]medium🔒---
15911OReilly Website Pro uploader.exe privileges managementmedium🔒---
15910Microsoft Internet Explorer Domain Name File information disclosuremedium🔒---
15909Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control File information disclosuremedium🔒---
15908vqSoft vqServer GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0766]medium🔒---
15907Microsoft Word/Excel/Powerpoint Object Tag memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15906Intel Express 500 IP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0764]low🔒---
15905David Bagley xlock xlockf format stringmedium🔒---
15904CA eTrust Access Control authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0762]medium🔒---
15903IBM OS2 FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0761]low🔒---
15902Apache Tomcat SNP Extension Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15901Apache Tomcat URL Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15900Lyris List Manager Web Interface privileges management [CVE-2000-0758]low🔒---
15899Aptis Software TotalBill improper authentication [CVE-2000-0757]high🔒---
15898Microsoft Outlook vCard denial of service [CVE-2000-0756]low🔒---
15897HP OpenView Network Node Manager privileges management [CVE-2000-0755]low🔒---
15896HP OpenView Network Node Manager Web Access Password unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
15895Microsoft Outlook Rich Text Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15894FreeBSD brouted memory corruption [CVE-2000-0752]medium🔒---
15893NetBSD/OpenBSD mopd format string [CVE-2000-0751]medium🔒---
15892NetBSD/OpenBSD mopd memory corruption [CVE-2000-0750]medium🔒---
15891FreeBSD Linux Compatibility Module memory corruption [CVE-2000-0749]medium🔒---
15890OpenLDAP privileges management [CVE-2000-0748]low🔒---
15889OpenLDAP klogd path traversal [CVE-2000-0747]low🔒---
15888Microsoft IIS Error Message shtml.dll cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
15887Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke admin.php3 improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15885University of Minnesota Gopherd GDESkey Request memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15884Microsoft Windows IPX Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0742]low🔒---
15883Network Associates Net Tools PKI Server XUDA URL strong.exe format stringmedium🔒---
15882Network Associates Net Tools PKI Server HTTPS Service strong.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15881Network Associates Net Tools PKI Server HTTPS Request strong.exe path traversallow🔒---
15880Network Associates WebShield SMTP Mail Address denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15879Microsoft Windows Service Control Manager privileges managementlow🔒---
15878Rimarts Inc. Becky Internet Mail MIME Header memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15877Rimarts Inc. Becky Internet Mail MIME Header memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15876eEye Digital Security IRIS UDP Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0734]low🔒---
15875SGI IRIX Telnet Daemon format string [CVE-2000-0733]medium🔒---
15874Jeremy Arnold Worm Webserver URL denial of service [CVE-2000-0732]low🔒---
15873Jeremy Arnold Worm Webserver path traversal [CVE-2000-0731]medium🔒---
15872HP HP-UX newgrp privileges managementlow🔒---
15871FreeBSD ELF Image denial of service [CVE-2000-0729]low🔒---
15870Foo Labs Xpdf symlink [CVE-2000-0728]low🔒---
15869Foo Labs Xpdf Web Browser privileges management [CVE-2000-0727]medium🔒---
15868Stalkerlab Mailers CGIMail.exe privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
15867Zope DHTML Editor getRoles privileges managementmedium🔒---
15866Helix Code Go-Gnome Pre-Installer tmp symlinkmedium🔒---
15865Helix Code Gnome Installer Config File tmp privileges managementlow🔒---
15864Helix Code Gnome Updater RPM Packet helix-install privileges managementmedium🔒---
15863Multisoft FlagShip privileges management [CVE-2000-0721]medium🔒---
15862GWScripts News Publisher Author news.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
15861VariCAD Installer privileges management [CVE-2000-0719]medium🔒---
15860Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux RPM File tmp privileges managementlow🔒---
15859GoodTech FTP Server RNTO Command denial of service [CVE-2000-0717]low🔒---
15858Alt-N MDaemon WorldClient Email Client user session [CVE-2000-0716]low🔒---
15857Kirk Bauer DiskCheck Temp File diskcheck.pl link followinglow🔒---
15856University of Massachusetts scheme privileges management [CVE-2000-0714]medium🔒---
15855Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF File memory corruption [CVE-2000-0713]medium🔒---
15854Linux Kernel privileges management [CVE-2000-0712]medium🔒---
15853Netscape Navigator ServerSocket privileges management [CVE-2000-0711]medium🔒---
15852Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions shtml.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
15851Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions shtml.exe denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15850Pragma Systems TelnetServer 2000 rexec memory corruption [CVE-2000-0708]medium🔒---
15849PCCS-Linux MySQLDatabase Admin Tool dbconnect.inc Password information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
15848Luca Deri ntop Web Mode memory corruption [CVE-2000-0706]high🔒---
15847Luca Deri ntop Web Mode path traversal [CVE-2000-0705]low🔒---
15846Omron Worldview Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0704]high🔒--🔒
15845Larry Wall Perl mail privileges managementmedium🔒---
15844HP HP-UX RC Script net.init symlinkmedium🔒---
15843GNU Mailman format string [CVE-2000-0701]low🔒---
15842Cisco IOS Line Card Failure privileges management [CVE-2000-0700]medium🔒--🔒
15841HP HP-UX FTPD format string [CVE-2000-0699]medium🔒--🔒
15840Jukka Lahtinen Minicom uucp User symlink [CVE-2000-0698]low🔒---
15839Sun Solaris Answerbook2 dwhttpd Web Server privileges managementhigh🔒---
15838Sun Solaris Answerbook2 dwhttpd Web Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
15837Tech-Source Raptor GFX PGX32 Configuration Tool pgxconfig memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15836Tech-Source Raptor GFX PGX32 Configuration Tool symlink [CVE-2000-0694]medium🔒---
15835Tech-Source Raptor GFX PGX32 Configuration Tool cp privileges managementmedium🔒---
15834ISS RealSecure SYN Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0692]low🔒---
15833Gert Doering mgetty .last_run symlinklow🔒---
15832CGI Script Center Auction Weaver privileges management [CVE-2000-0690]high🔒---
15831CGI Script Center Account Manager amadmin.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15830CGI Script Center Subscribe Me Lite subscribe.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15829CGI Script Center Auction Weaver path traversal [CVE-2000-0687]medium🔒---
15828CGI Script Center Auction Weaver path traversal [CVE-2000-0686]low🔒---
15826BEA WebLogic Server JSP Servlet privileges management [CVE-2000-0684]high🔒---
15825BEA WebLogic Server SSI Servlet Source information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15824BEA WebLogic Server File Servlet Source information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15823BEA WebLogic Server Proxy Plugin memory corruption [CVE-2000-0681]high🔒--🔒
15822CVS Server Update.prog privileges managementmedium🔒---
15821Client unknown vulnerability [CVE-2000-0679]low🔒---
15820NAI PGP Additional Decryption Key cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0678]medium🔒---
15819IBM Net.Data db2www memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15818Netscape Communicator Java Applet privileges management [CVE-2000-0676]medium🔒---
15817Apple MacOS Runtime Java java.net.URLConnection privileges managementhigh🔒---
15816ISC INN Article memory corruption [CVE-2000-0360]medium🔒--🔒
15815Acme Labs thttpd If-Modified-Since Header tdate_parse memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15814Red Hat Linux initscripts Package symlink [CVE-2000-0031]medium🔒---
15813iputils ping memory corruptionlow🔒---
15812iputils Socket ping privileges managementmedium🔒---
15811Nachuatec D435/D445 ICMP Redirect Message Storm denial of servicelow🔒---
15810Apache HTTP Server mod_vhost_alias cgi-bin Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15809Red Hat Linux tmpwatch privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
15808Red Hat Linux Usermode Package userhelper privileges managementmedium🔒---
15807Lee McLoughlin Mirror path traversal [CVE-2000-0354]low🔒---
15805Microsoft Windows NetBIOS authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-1079]medium🔒---
15804BSD mailx memory corruption [CVE-2000-0545]low🔒---
15803SalesLogix Corporation eViewer slxweb.dll denial of service [CVE-2000-0278]low🔒--🔒
15802Microsoft Windows NetBIOS Name Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0673]low🔒--🔒
15801Michael K. Johnson pam_console Display Manager path traversallow🔒---
15800Conectiva Linux gpm denial of service [CVE-2000-0667]low🔒---
15799AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW URL Encoding privileges management [CVE-2000-0664]medium🔒--🔒
15798Microsoft Excel DLL Register.ID privileges managementlow🔒---
15797Microsoft Windows Path explorer.exe privileges managementlow🔒---
15796AnalogX Proxy SOCKS4 memory corruption [CVE-2000-0659]medium🔒--🔒
15795AnalogX Proxy POP3 memory corruption [CVE-2000-0658]medium🔒---
15794AnalogX Proxy SMTP memory corruption [CVE-2000-0657]medium🔒---
15793AnalogX Proxy FTP memory corruption [CVE-2000-0656]medium🔒---
15792Netscape Communicator JPEG Comment memory corruption [CVE-2000-0655]medium🔒---
15791IBM WebSphere Application Server Invoker Servlet file privileges managementmedium🔒---
15790Roxen Webserver URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0671]medium🔒--🔒
15789Texas Imperial Software WFTPD MLST Command denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
15788Texas Imperial Software WFTPD STAT Command Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15787Texas Imperial Software WFTPD REST Command denial of servicelow🔒---
15786Texas Imperial Software WFTPD STAT/LIST Command denial of servicelow🔒---
15785Apache Tomcat Permission admin privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15784Microsoft Outlook Express Persistent Browser Link information disclosurelow🔒---
15783NullSoft WinAmp EXTINF Extension memory corruption [CVE-2000-0624]medium🔒---
15782Microsoft Outlook Cache privileges management [CVE-2000-0621]medium🔒---
15781HP Jetdirect FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0636]low🔒---
15780OReilly Website Professional Webfind memory corruption [CVE-2000-0622]high🔒--🔒
15779TopLayer AppSwitch ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0619]low🔒---
15778Astart Technologies LPRng lpd privileges managementlow🔒---
15777Red Hat Linux Usermode Package denial of service [CVE-2000-0633]low🔒---
15776BlackBoard CourseInfo user_update_admin.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15775Computer Software Manufaktur Alibaba GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15774NetZero ZeroPort Credential Storage missing encryption [CVE-2000-0625]low🔒---
15773Microsoft Outlook Date Field memory corruption [CVE-2000-0567]medium🔒---
15772GAMSoft Telsrv denial of service [CVE-2000-0665]low🔒--🔒
15771L-Soft Listserv memory corruption [CVE-2000-0632]medium🔒---
15770Microsoft IIS Request privileges management [CVE-2000-0630]medium🔒--🔒
15769OReilly Website Professional HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0623]high🔒--🔒
15768Red Hat Linux nfs-utils rpc.statd format stringmedium🔒--🔒
15767Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME privileges management [CVE-2000-0662]medium🔒---
15766Microsoft IIS Administrative Script denial of service [CVE-2000-0631]low🔒---
15765Infopulse GateKeeper memory corruption [CVE-2000-0675]medium🔒---
15764Microsoft IIS HTTP 1.0 Request IP Address information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15763Virtual Vision FTP Browser ftp.pl path traversallow🔒--🔒
15762CVSWeb Repository cvsweb.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
15761Alt-N WorldClient WDaemon Web Server path traversal [CVE-2000-0660]low🔒---
15760ITAfrica WEBactive URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0643]medium🔒---
15759ITAfrica WEBactive Log File active.log privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15758Sun Java System Web Server JSP Compiler Servlet board.html privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15756Samba smbmnt privileges managementmedium🔒---
15755Novell NetWare SMDR.NLM denial of servicelow🔒---
15754Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager Password information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15753Network Associates VirusScan/NetShield AutoUpgrade setup.exe privileges managementlow🔒---
15752Texas Imperial Software WFTPD denial of service [CVE-2000-0648]low🔒--🔒
15751Sean Macguire Big Brother bb-hostsvc.sh path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
15750Joshua Chamas Apache::ASP source.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15749WircSrv IRC Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0661]low🔒---
15748Akopia MiniVend view_page.html privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15747SuSE Linux tnef 0-123 privileges management [CVE-2000-0614]high🔒---
15746Blackboard CourseInfo Registry cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0605]low🔒---
15745Michael Lamont Savant Webserver GET Request privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15744Steve Poulsen Guild FTPD Error File path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
15743Novell BorderManager ClientTrust Program privileges managementmedium🔒---
15742Microsoft SQL Server Stored Procedure privileges management [CVE-2000-0603]low🔒---
15741University of Washington wu-ftpd setproctitle format stringmedium🔒--🔒
15740University of Washington wu-ftpd site exec Command lreply format stringhigh🔒--🔒
15739FreeBSD libedit privileges management [CVE-2000-0595]low🔒---
15738Novell BorderManager URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0591]medium🔒---
15737Oracle Web Listener URL denial of service [CVE-2000-0576]low🔒---
15736SSH Kerberos Ticket information disclosure [CVE-2000-0575]medium🔒--🔒
15735Visible Systems Razor Password File missing encryption [CVE-2000-0572]low🔒---
15734West Street LocalWEB HTTP Server GET Request denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15733BitchX IRC Client Invite denial of service [CVE-2000-0594]low🔒---
15732CGI-World Poll It privileges management [CVE-2000-0590]medium🔒--🔒
15731man makewhatis symlinkmedium🔒---
15730Canna Input System SR_INIT Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0584]high🔒--🔒
15729Microsoft Windows Administrator Account improper authenticationlow🔒---
15728Inter7 vpopmail vchkpw Syslog denial of service [CVE-2000-0583]low🔒--🔒
15727Check Point Firewall-1 SMTP Security Server Proxy denial of servicelow🔒---
15726Microsoft Windows Telnet Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0581]low🔒---
15725Microsoft Windows Port denial of service [CVE-2000-0580]low🔒---
15724Sybergen Sygate DNS Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0569]low🔒---
15723Sybergen Secure Desktop ICMP Router Advertisement authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
15722Microsoft Windows ARP Table authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0612]medium🔒---
15721iMesh Service memory corruption [CVE-2000-0599]medium🔒---
15720DALnet IRCd SUMMON Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0586]high🔒---
15719Microsoft Internet Explorer VBA SaveAs privileges managementmedium🔒---
15718Microsoft Internet Explorer Access Database File privileges managementmedium🔒---
15717SapporoWorks WinProxy HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0593]low🔒---
15716SapporoWorks WinProxy POP3 Service memory corruption [CVE-2000-0592]medium🔒---
15715Centrinity FirstClass Intranet Server Mail denial of servicelow🔒---
15714HP MPE-iX TurboIMAGE DBUTIL DBUTIL.PUB.SYS privileges managementlow🔒---
15713Netscape Enterprise Server URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0600]medium🔒---
15712Fortech Proxy+ Telnet Proxy privileges management [CVE-2000-0598]medium🔒---
15711Flowerfire Sawmill Password Storage cryptographic issues [CVE-2000-0589]medium🔒--🔒
15710Flowerfire Sawmill Config File information disclosure [CVE-2000-0588]low🔒--🔒
15709GlFtpd privpath Directive privileges management [CVE-2000-0587]high🔒---
15708LeafDigital LeafChat Error Message denial of service [CVE-2000-0601]low🔒---
15707ISC DHCP Client dhclient privileges managementhigh🔒---
15706Netwin DMailWeb/CWMail POP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-0611]low🔒---
15705Netwin DMailWeb/CWMail Authentication privileges management [CVE-2000-0610]medium🔒---
15704Stanley T. Shebs xconq/cconq memory corruption [CVE-2000-0618]low🔒---
15703Stanley T. Shebs xconq/cconq memory corruption [CVE-2000-0617]low🔒---
15702ISS BlackIce Defender Nervous Traffic privileges management [CVE-2000-0562]medium🔒--🔒
15701Macromedia JRun viewsource.jsp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15700Macromedia JRun Session Servlet information disclosure [CVE-2000-0539]low🔒--🔒
15699Netwin DMailWeb/CWMail denial of service [CVE-2000-0609]low🔒---
15698Netwin DMailWeb/CWMail POP denial of service [CVE-2000-0608]low🔒---
15697Red Hat KON fld memory corruption [CVE-2000-0607]medium🔒---
15696Red Hat KON memory corruption [CVE-2000-0606]medium🔒---
15695Red Hat Linux gkermit privileges management [CVE-2000-0604]low🔒---
15694Kevin Lindsay Secure Locate Config File slocate privileges managementlow🔒---
15693SGI IRIX crontab privileges management [CVE-2000-0579]low🔒---
15692SGI MIPSPro Compiler Temporary File tmp race conditionlow🔒---
15691Netscape Professional Services FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2000-0577]high🔒---
15690Easy Software Products CUPS Authentication denial of servicelow🔒---
15689Easy Software Products CUPS POST Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0511]low🔒---
15688Easy Software Products CUPS IPP Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0510]low🔒---
15687BEA WebLogic Server URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0500]medium🔒---
15686SGI Workshop Debugger And Performance Tools cvconnect privileges managementmedium🔒---
15685IBM AIX cdmount privileges managementmedium🔒---
15684Open Group X11r6 Resource Mask libX11 infinite looplow🔒---
15683International Telecommunications WebBBS GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15682Network Associates Net Tools PKI Server HTTP Server denial of servicelow🔒---
15681Network Associates Net Tools PKI Server XUDA Template privileges managementmedium🔒---
15680Open Group X11r6 libICE SKIP_STRING denial of servicelow🔒---
15679Panda Antivirus Console privileges management [CVE-2000-0541]high🔒---
15678Easy Software Products CUPS Request File denial of service [CVE-2000-0512]low🔒---
15677Alt-N MDaemon UIDL Command denial of service [CVE-2000-0501]low🔒---
15676Symantec Veritas Volume Manager vmsa_server Script .server_pids privileges managementmedium🔒---
15675Shadow Op Software Dragon Server Telnet Server denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15674Shadow Op Software Dragon Server FTP Server denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
15673Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15672Zope DocumentTemplate privileges management [CVE-2000-0483]medium🔒--🔒
15671Microsoft Windows Station privileges management [CVE-2000-0475]low🔒---
15670AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW GET Request cgi-bin memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15669PGP Certificate Server Reverse DNS Entry denial of service [CVE-2000-0543]low🔒--🔒
15668MIT Kerberos GSSFTP Daemon privileges management [CVE-2000-0514]high🔒---
15667Symantec Norton Antivirus NavExchange privileges management [CVE-2000-0478]medium🔒---
15666Symantec Norton Antivirus NavExchange memory corruption [CVE-2000-0477]medium🔒---
15664Mindstorm SmartFTP Daemon path traversal [CVE-2000-0565]low🔒---
15663Ericsson Axc Tigris Multiservice Access Platform Authentication privileges managementlow🔒---
15662FreeBSD Random Generator random missing encryptionmedium🔒--🔒
15660Lilikoi Ceilidh POST Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0555]low🔒---
15659MIT Kerberos double free [CVE-2000-0550]low🔒---
15658MIT Kerberos AUTH_MSG_KDC_REQUEST Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0549]low🔒---
15657MIT Kerberos kerb_err_reply memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15656MIT Kerberos process_v4 memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15655MIT Kerberos set_tgtkey denial of servicemedium🔒---
156543R Soft Mailstudio 2000 userreg.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
156533R Soft Mailstudio 2000 mailview.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
15652Linux Kernel Capabilities privileges management [CVE-2000-0506]medium🔒---
15651Lilikoi Ceilidh Path information disclosure [CVE-2000-0554]low🔒---
15650OpenBSD OpenSSH UseLogin Option privileges management [CVE-2000-0525]medium🔒--🔒
15649RSA ACE Server Authentication denial of service [CVE-2000-0522]low🔒---
15648McAfee VirusScan Alert File privileges management [CVE-2000-0502]low🔒---
15647BEA WebLogic Server JSP File Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15646Unify eWave ServletExec JSP File Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15645IBM WebSphere Application Server JSP File Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
15644Microsoft Windows Remote Registry Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0377]low🔒---
15643CA eTrust Intrusion Detection Password Storage missing encryptionlow🔒---
15642Allaire Coldfusion Server Login denial of service [CVE-2000-0538]low🔒--🔒
15641apsfilter Config privileges management [CVE-2000-0534]low🔒---
15640FreeBSD SSH Server privileges management [CVE-2000-0532]medium🔒---
15639Stelian Pop Dump Tape Name memory corruption [CVE-2000-0520]medium🔒---
15638HP HP-UX SNMP Daemon snmpd.conf Config privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
15637i-drive Filo HTTP Proxy Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0376]high🔒---
15636HP Openview Network Node Manager Alarm Service memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15635Mirabilis ICQ Webmail Client information disclosure [CVE-2000-0552]low🔒--🔒
15634EType EServ MKD Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0523]high🔒---
15633Intel Shiva Access Manager Credential cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0516]low🔒---
15632Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME NavigateComplete2 privileges managementmedium🔒---
15631Check Point Firewall-1 Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2000-0482]low🔒--🔒
15630Computalynx CMail Web Interface memory corruption [CVE-2000-0557]high🔒---
15629Computalynx CMail Web Interface memory corruption [CVE-2000-0556]medium🔒---
15628Microsoft Windows DCE/RPC Request SMBwriteX denial of servicelow🔒---
15627Tolis Group BRU Backup Config File privileges management [CVE-2000-0537]medium🔒---
15626Microsoft Exchange Field Blank denial of servicelow🔒---
15625Michael Lamont Savant WebServer GET Request Source information disclosurelow🔒---
15624Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL Session authentication spoofinglow🔒---
15623Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL Connection privileges managementmedium🔒---
15622xinetd Filter privileges management [CVE-2000-0536]medium🔒---
15621PassWD Password missing encryption [CVE-2000-0492]medium🔒---
15620HP HP-UX man Command tmp symlinklow🔒---
15619Sambar Server Hostname memory corruption [CVE-2000-0509]high🔒---
15618Concatus IMate Webmail Server HELO Command memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15617Atrius Trivalie Simple Network Time Sync String memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15616NetWin DMail ETRN Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0490]high🔒--🔒
15615Microsoft Windows Protected Store missing encryption [CVE-2000-0487]medium🔒---
15614XFree86 X11r6 Escape Sequence denial of service [CVE-2000-0476]low🔒---
15613RealNetworks RealServer Viewsource Directory denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
15612Allegro RomPager URL denial of service [CVE-2000-0470]medium🔒--🔒
15611Sam Lantinga splitvt Screen Lock memory corruption [CVE-2000-0467]medium🔒---
15610Host Legal Warning Message privileges management [CVE-1999-0590]medium🔒---
15609KDE KApplication privileges management [CVE-2000-0530]medium🔒---
15608Apache HTTP Server Directory information disclosure [CVE-2000-0505]low🔒---
15607Microsoft Windows Media Services Encoder Request denial of servicelow🔒---
15606ITHouse Mail Server RCPT TO memory corruption [CVE-2000-0488]high🔒--🔒
15605Cisco TACACS+ Packet memory corruption [CVE-2000-0486]medium🔒---
15604Microsoft SQL Server Data Transformation Service Package Password privileges managementlow🔒---
15603Microsoft SQL Server Log File cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0402]low🔒--🔒
15602Mirabilis ICQ Guestbook denial of service [CVE-2000-0564]low🔒--🔒
15601FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD Semaphore semconfig denial of servicelow🔒---
15600David Bagley Xlock Xlockmore memory corruption [CVE-2000-0455]low🔒---
15599Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux cdrecord memory corruption [CVE-2000-0454]medium🔒---
15598NetBSD FTPD ftpchroot information disclosurelow🔒---
15597NetBSD denial of service [CVE-2000-0456]low🔒---
15596KDE kdesud memory corruption [CVE-2000-0460]medium🔒---
15595Darren Reed IPFilter Rules race condition [CVE-2000-0553]low🔒---
15594Netscape Communicator SSL Certificate authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
15593Microsoft Windows CIFS Computer Browser denial of service [CVE-2000-0404]low🔒--🔒
15592Microsoft Windows CIFS Computer Browser denial of service [CVE-2000-0403]low🔒---
15591XFree86 X11r6 xdm memory corruption [CVE-2000-0491]high🔒---
15590Marty Bochane MDBMS memory corruption [CVE-2000-0446]medium🔒--🔒
15589NAI PGP pgpk random missing encryptionlow🔒---
15588HP JetAdmin Service denial of service [CVE-2000-0444]low🔒---
15587HP JetAdmin path traversal [CVE-2000-0443]medium🔒---
15586Qualcomm Qpopper euidl format string [CVE-2000-0442]medium🔒---
15585IBM AIX Filesystem privileges management [CVE-2000-0441]medium🔒---
15584Alt-N MDaemon POP Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0399]medium🔒--🔒
15583Rockliffe MailSite Management Agent wconsole.dll memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15582Pacific Software Carello Duplicate File add.exe Source information disclosurelow🔒---
15581Danware Data NetOp File Transfer improper authentication [CVE-2000-0551]high🔒---
15580Cayman DSL Router ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0418]medium🔒---
15579SuSE Linux fdmount memory corruption [CVE-2000-0438]medium🔒---
15578Sun Cobalt RaQ Web Server privileges management [CVE-2000-0431]medium🔒--🔒
15577Intel Express 8100 ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0451]low🔒---
15576Metaproducts Offline Explorer path traversal [CVE-2000-0436]low🔒---
15575Microsoft Windows IP Fragmentation Jolt2 resource managementmedium🔒--🔒
15574Be BeOS TCP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2000-0463]low🔒---
15573XFree86 X11r6 TCP Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0453]low🔒---
15572Lotus Domino Enterprise Server ESMTP Service memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15571Sean Macguire Big Brother BBD Server privileges management [CVE-2000-0450]medium🔒---
15570Network Associates WebShield/Gauntlet cyberdaemon memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15569Axent NetProwler Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0394]low🔒---
15568Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame DocumentComplete privileges managementmedium🔒---
15567Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Parameter memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15566Cayman 3220-H DSL Router Administration Interface denial of servicelow🔒---
15563Matt Kruse Calendar Script calender.pl privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15562@stake AntiSniff DNS Response memory corruption [CVE-2000-0405]high🔒---
15561Computalynx CProxy Server HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0395]medium🔒---
15560KDE kscd privileges managementmedium🔒---
15559MIT Kerberos ksu memory corruption [CVE-2000-0392]medium🔒---
15558MIT Kerberos krb_rd_req memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15557MIT Kerberos krb425_conv_principal memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15556MIT Kerberos krb_rd_req memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15555Netopia R9100 SNMP Service privileges management [CVE-2000-0379]low🔒---
15554Microsoft Windows Service Control Manager denial of service [CVE-1999-0980]low🔒--🔒
15553George Burgyan CGI Counter privileges management [CVE-2000-0424]medium🔒---
15552Seattle Lab Software Emurl Session URL privileges managementmedium🔒---
15551Matthew Redman Allmanage File Upload allmanageup.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15550Matthew Redman Allmanage Password Storage missing encryptionmedium🔒---
15549Microsoft Active Movie Control Filetype input validation [CVE-2000-0400]medium🔒---
15548Microsoft Outlook Message denial of service [CVE-2000-0415]low🔒---
15547Sun Solaris netpr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15546Microsoft IIS HTR Request ISM.DLL privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15545Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie information disclosure [CVE-2000-0439]low🔒---
15544Mozilla Bugzilla process_bug.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15543Microsoft Windows Startup Key missing encryption [CVE-2000-0420]medium🔒---
15542Microsoft Office UA ActiveX Control Show Me privileges managementmedium🔒---
15541NTMail Proxy Restriction privileges management [CVE-2000-0416]medium🔒---
15540Microsoft IIS File Extension denial of service [CVE-2000-0408]low🔒--🔒
15539Matt Wright FormMail Environment Variable information disclosurelow🔒---
15538Allaire ColdFusion Server File Cache denial of service [CVE-2000-0410]low🔒---
15537Netscape Communicator SSL Certificate Import tmp symlinklow🔒---
15536Netscape Communicator SSL Certificate Warning privileges managementlow🔒---
15535Microsoft IIS HTR Request inetinfo.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
15534Alexander Siegel golddig privileges management [CVE-2000-0387]low🔒---
15533Intel Netstructure 7110/7180 Default Account privileges managementhigh🔒---
15532AOL Instant Messenger File Transfer Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15531Allaire ClusterCATS URL information disclosure [CVE-2000-0382]low🔒---
15530Microsoft IIS Frontpage Server Extensions shtml.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15529UltraScripts UltraBoard denial of service [CVE-2000-0426]low🔒---
15528NetWin DNews memory corruption [CVE-2000-0423]medium🔒--🔒
15527Gossamer Threads DBMan db.cgi information disclosuremedium🔒---
15526Trend Micro InterScan VirusWall SMTP Gateway memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15525Aladdin eToken EEPROM improper authentication [CVE-2000-0427]low🔒---
15524Netwin DMail memory corruption [CVE-2000-0422]medium🔒---
15523HP HP-UX Shutdown privileges management [CVE-2000-0414]low🔒---
15522Mcmurtrey Whitaker And Associates Cart32 Debugging Mode information disclosurelow🔒---
15521L-Soft Listserv Web Archives memory corruption [CVE-2000-0425]high🔒---
15520Red Hat Linux PAM Module pam_console privileges managementmedium🔒---
15519Cisco IOS On-Line Help System Option information disclosure [CVE-2000-0345]low🔒---
15518GNU C Library ID Generator authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0335]medium🔒---
15517UltraScripts UltraBoard ultraboard.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15516Id Software Quake 3 Arena path traversal [CVE-2000-0303]medium🔒---
15515SuSE Linux aaa_base tmp privileges managementlow🔒---
15514FileMaker Web Companion authentication spoofing [CVE-2000-0386]medium🔒---
15513FileMaker Web Companion privileges management [CVE-2000-0385]medium🔒---
15512Microsoft Windows NetBIOS denial of service [CVE-2000-0347]low🔒--🔒
15511Apple AppleShare Range Request information disclosure [CVE-2000-0346]low🔒---
15510Brecht Claerhout Sniffit Logging Feature memory corruption [CVE-2000-0343]high🔒---
15509SuSE Linux aaa_base privileges managementlow🔒---
15508Host DDoS Attack Master Infection privileges management [CVE-2000-0138]medium🔒--🔒
15507Omnis Studio Database Field Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2000-0449]medium🔒---
15506Network Associates WebShield SMTP Configuration GET_CONFIG privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15505Network Associates WebShield SMTP Configuration memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15504FreeBSD/NetBSD IP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2000-0440]low🔒---
15503PDGSoft PDG Shopping Cart redirect.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15502Linux Kernel NFS Server knfsd denial of servicelow🔒---
15501Atrium Software Cassandra NNTPServer Login denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15500Qualcomm Eudora Attachment Filename denial of service [CVE-1999-0427]medium🔒---
15499SuSE Linux Gnomelib memory corruption [CVE-2000-0340]medium🔒---
15498Qualcomm Eudora Attachment privileges management [CVE-2000-0342]medium🔒---
15497Mcmurtrey Whitaker And Associates Cart32 backdoor [CVE-2000-0429]medium🔒--🔒
15496Red Hat Linux xmonisdn privileges management [CVE-1999-0706]low🔒---
15495Cisco IOS HTTP input validation [CVE-2000-0380]medium🔒--🔒
15494IBM AIX Fast Response Cache Accelerator frcactrl privileges managementmedium🔒---
15493ON Technology Meeting Maker Password Authentication missing encryptionlow🔒---
15492Symantec pcAnywhere Port Scan denial of service [CVE-2000-0324]low🔒---
15491ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm UDP Port 67 privileges management [CVE-2000-0339]medium🔒--🔒
15490Sun Solaris Xsun Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0337]medium🔒---
15489Allaire Spectra Container Editor privileges management [CVE-2000-0334]low🔒---
15488Red Hat Linux Piranha Virtual Server passwd.php3 privileges managementhigh🔒---
15487ICRadius User Name memory corruption [CVE-2000-0321]medium🔒--🔒
15486Sun Solaris lpset Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0317]medium🔒---
15485Sun Solaris lp Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0316]medium🔒---
15484Red Hat Linux Virtual Server GUI backdoor [CVE-2000-0248]high🔒--🔒
15483CVS Temporary File denial of service [CVE-2000-0338]low🔒---
15482Eric Allman Sendmail mail.local denial of servicelow🔒---
15481IMP MSWordView denial of service [CVE-2000-0459]low🔒---
15480IMP MSWordView tmp privileges managementlow🔒---
15479OpenLDAP symlink [CVE-2000-0336]low🔒--🔒
15478Qualcomm Qpopper Message fgets denial of servicelow🔒---
15477Atrium Software Mercur Mailserver path traversal [CVE-2000-0318]medium🔒--🔒
15476LCDProc screen_add memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
15475Microsoft Windows cmd.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15474Microsoft Windows Domain Controller privileges management [CVE-2000-0311]low🔒---
15473RealNetworks RealServer Port 7070 Service denial of service [CVE-2000-0272]medium🔒---
15472Cisco IOS Telnet Daemon denial of service [CVE-2000-0268]low🔒--🔒
15471Cisco CatOS Enable Mode improper authentication [CVE-2000-0267]low🔒---
15470Adtran Mx2800 Ethernet Interface denial of service [CVE-2000-0292]low🔒---
15469Novell NetWare Remote Administration Utility memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15468Microsoft FrontPage imagemap.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15467GNU Emacs Lisp read-passwd cleartext storagelow🔒---
15466GNU Emacs Lisp make-temp-name symlinklow🔒---
15465GNU Emacs Slave PTY Device privileges management [CVE-2000-0269]low🔒---
15464Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross Frame privileges managementmedium🔒---
15463HP HP-UX Audio Security File audio.sec privileges managementlow🔒---
15462Panda Security Add/Remove Programs Applet privileges managementlow🔒---
15461Panda Security REG File privileges management [CVE-2000-0264]low🔒---
15460Sun StarOffice Document memory corruption [CVE-2000-0291]medium🔒---
15459Red Hat Linux X Font Server xfs denial of servicelow🔒---
15458XFree86 X11r6 memory corruption [CVE-2000-0285]medium🔒---
15457University of Washington imapd LIST Command memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15456Red Hat Linux X Font Server xfs denial of servicelow🔒---
15455Microsoft Windows Domain Name Resolver authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
15454Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions dvwssr.dll backdoor [CVE-2000-0260]medium🔒--🔒
15453Craig Dansie Dansie Shopping Cart URL cart.pl backdoormedium🔒--🔒
15452QNX crypt missing encryptionmedium🔒---
15451Infonautics getdoc.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15450CNC Technology BizDB bizdb-search.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
15449SGI IRIX Performance Copilot information disclosure [CVE-2000-0283]low🔒--🔒
15448Talentsoft Web+ webplus path traversallow🔒--🔒
15447AVM KEN! Request denial of service [CVE-2000-0262]low🔒--🔒
15446AVM KEN! path traversal [CVE-2000-0261]low🔒---
15445Microsoft Windows Registry Keys information disclosuremedium🔒---
15444Microsoft IIS URL input validation [CVE-2000-0258]medium🔒---
15443Craig Dansie Dansie Shopping Cart Form cart.pl backdoormedium🔒--🔒
15442Craig Dansie Dansie Shopping Cart cart.pl backdoormedium🔒--🔒
15441SCO UnixWare privileged privileges management [CVE-1999-0979]medium🔒---
15440Microsoft Windows Unattended Install config [CVE-1999-0701]medium🔒---
15439Bluestone Sapphire Web Session ID improper authentication [CVE-1999-0699]medium🔒---
15437Jim Housley healthd memory corruption [CVE-2000-0294]medium🔒---
15436Be BeOS Interrupt denial of service [CVE-2000-0276]low🔒---
15435CRYPTOCard CRYPTOAdmin PIN improper authentication [CVE-2000-0275]low🔒---
15434Bray Systems Linux Trustees Path denial of service [CVE-2000-0274]low🔒---
15433Symantec pcAnywhere Login Reset denial of servicelow🔒---
15432Microsoft Windows Unattended Install privileges management [CVE-2000-0298]medium🔒---
15431Be BeOS Packet denial of service [CVE-2000-0279]low🔒---
15430Ipswitch IMail AUTH Command denial of service [CVE-2000-0301]low🔒---
15429Symantec pcAnywhere Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2000-0300]medium🔒---
15428HP VirtualVault Interface privileges management [CVE-2000-0251]medium🔒---
15427Nbase-Xyplex EdgeBlaster Scan denial of service [CVE-2000-0255]low🔒---
15426Apple WebObjects HTTP Header WebObjects.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15425Stalker Communigate Pro path traversal [CVE-2000-0634]low🔒---
15424Allaire Forums privileges management [CVE-2000-0297]medium🔒---
15423RealNetworks RealPlayer Location URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0280]medium🔒---
15422Microsoft Excel XLM 7pk security [CVE-2000-0277]high🔒---
15421Netscape Communicator Javascript information disclosure [CVE-1999-0790]low🔒---
15420Microsoft Index Server Webhits.dll Source information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15419Michael A. Gumienny FCheck File Name privileges management [CVE-2000-0296]medium🔒---
154184D WebSTAR GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0290]medium🔒---
15417Sun Cobalt RaQ Apache access.conf information disclosurelow🔒---
15416Microsoft IIS ISAPI Extension Source information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15415Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Printing Services denial of servicelow🔒---
15414Novell BorderManager Telnet Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0152]low🔒--🔒
15413Citrix MetaFrame ICA Protocol missing encryption [CVE-2000-0244]medium🔒---
15412Linux Kernel IP Masquerading privileges management [CVE-2000-0289]medium🔒---
15411SGI IRIX Objectserver Daemon User privileges managementmedium🔒---
15410FreeBSD orville-write memory corruption [CVE-2000-0235]medium🔒---
15409Napster Client Message memory corruption [CVE-2000-0281]medium🔒---
15408AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW GET Request cgi-bin denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15407GeoCel WindMail privileges management [CVE-2000-0242]medium🔒--🔒
15406Linux Kernel Domain Socket denial of service [CVE-2000-0227]low🔒---
15405GNQS privileges management [CVE-2000-0247]medium🔒---
15404Alessandro Rubini gpm gpm-root privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15403vqSoft vqServer Config File server.cfg cleartext storagelow🔒---
15402vqSoft vqServer URL path traversal [CVE-2000-0240]low🔒---
15401Cisco PIX TCP RST path traversal [CVE-2000-0613]low🔒---
15400Microsoft IIS Chunked Transfer Encoding memory corruption [CVE-2000-0226]medium🔒--🔒
15399Symantec Norton Antivirus URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0238]medium🔒---
15398Netscape Enterprise Server Directory Indexing information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15397Microsoft Windows Media Rights Manager denial of service [CVE-2000-0228]low🔒---
15396SuSE Linux kreatecd privileges management [CVE-2000-0231]medium🔒---
15395Atrium Software Mercur Mail Server WebView WebMail-Client memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
15394SuSE Linux IMAP Server 1.0 privileges management [CVE-2000-0233]high🔒---
15393Atrium Software Mercur Mail Server POP3/IMAP4 Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15392Oracle Application Server Web Listener ows-bin privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15391Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager missing encryption [CVE-2000-0199]medium🔒--🔒
15390Generation Terrorists Designs And Concepts Sojourn Search Engine sojourn.cgi path traversallow🔒--🔒
15389imwheel memory corruption [CVE-2000-0230]medium🔒---
15388Netscape Enterprise Server Web Publishing publisher Directory information disclosuremedium🔒---
15387Check Point Firewall-1 IP Address information disclosure [CVE-2000-0181]low🔒---
15386AT Computing atsar File Permission privileges management [CVE-2000-0171]medium🔒---
15385Sam Hawker wmcdplay Parameter memory corruption [CVE-2000-0223]medium🔒---
15384Michael Sandrof IrcII DCC Chat memory corruption [CVE-2000-0183]medium🔒---
15383SCO UnixWare EELS denial of service [CVE-2000-0173]low🔒---
15382Red Hat Linux Printtool privileges management [CVE-2000-0184]low🔒---
15381Sun StarOffice StarScheduler memory corruption [CVE-2000-0175]high🔒---
15380Sun StarOffice StarScheduler path traversal [CVE-2000-0174]low🔒--🔒
15379Microsoft SQL Server SELECT Statement privileges management [CVE-2000-0202]medium🔒--🔒
15378RealNetworks RealServer IP Address information disclosure [CVE-2000-0185]low🔒---
15376Microsoft Clip Art Gallery CIL File memory corruption [CVE-2000-0200]medium🔒---
15375Oracle Installer orainstroot.sh symlinkmedium🔒---
15374Caldera Openlinux rpm_query information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15373Trend Micro OfficeScan Configuration privileges management [CVE-2000-0205]medium🔒--🔒
15372Matt Kimball And Roger Wolff mtr Setuid privileges managementmedium🔒---
15371Corel Linux Dosemu system.com privileges managementmedium🔒---
15370AOL Instant Messenger Message denial of service [CVE-2000-0190]low🔒---
15369DNSTools privileges management [CVE-2000-0177]high🔒---
15368Open Group CDE ToolTalk memory corruption [CVE-1999-0693]medium🔒--🔒
15367SGI IRIX InfoSearch infosrch.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15366Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Help File window.showhelp privileges managementmedium🔒---
15365Allaire ColdFusion Server onrequestend.cfm Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15364Microsoft Exchange Read Receipt denial of service [CVE-2000-0216]low🔒---
15363ht:/Dig htsearch privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15362Axis StorPoint CD Administration Interface path traversal [CVE-2000-0191]medium🔒--🔒
15361Cat Soft Serv-U Path information disclosure [CVE-2000-0176]low🔒--🔒
15360Trend Micro OfficeScan HTTP Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0204]low🔒---
15359Trend Micro OfficeScan HTTP tmlisten.exe denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15358Red Hat Linux nmh memory corruption [CVE-2000-0196]medium🔒---
15357Red Hat Linux dump memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15356HP Openview Omniback Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-0179]low🔒---
15355Foundrynet ServerIron TCP/IP Sequence privileges management [CVE-2000-0178]medium🔒---
15354University of Kansas Lynx URL memory corruption [CVE-2000-0209]high🔒---
15353Alex Heiphetz Group EZShopper search.cgi path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
15352Alex Heiphetz Group EZShopper loadpage.cgi path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
15351Linux man memory corruption [CVE-2000-0170]medium🔒---
15350Nortel Nautica Marlin SNMP Service denial of service [CVE-2000-0221]low🔒--🔒
15349ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Event cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0220]low🔒---
15348SSH X Forwarding privileges management [CVE-2000-0217]medium🔒--🔒
15347FTPx FTP Explorer Profile File missing encryption [CVE-2000-0214]low🔒---
15346Pragma Systems InterAccess TelnetD Server Terminal Client Configuration File denial of servicelow🔒---
15345Corel Linux setxconf .xserverrc privileges managementmedium🔒---
15344Corel Linux buildxconfig privileges management [CVE-2000-0194]medium🔒---
15343Red Hat Linux Single User Mode access control [CVE-2000-0219]medium🔒--🔒
15342Sambar Server HELLO.BAT privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15341Microsoft Windows Media Services Handshake denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15340iPlanet Web Server HTTP GET denial of service [CVE-2000-0182]low🔒--🔒
15339Sun Workshop Flex License Manager symlink [CVE-2000-0210]low🔒---
15338Pragma Systems InterAccess TelnetD Server Login memory corruptionhigh🔒---
15337FreeBSD asmon/ascpu privileges management [CVE-2000-0163]low🔒---
15336Microsoft Internet Explorer Active Setup ActiveX privileges managementmedium🔒---
15335Sun Solaris ISP Server cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0164]medium🔒---
15334Microsoft Internet Explorer Microsoft Virtual Machine privileges managementmedium🔒---
15333Microsoft Site Server Identification Number sql injection [CVE-2000-0161]medium🔒---
15332Microsoft Windows Autorun autorun.inf code injectionmedium🔒---
15331HP HP-UX Ignite-UX passwd privileges managementmedium🔒---
15330SCO OpenServer MMDF Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-0158]medium🔒---
15329Microsoft Internet Explorer Image Access privileges managementmedium🔒---
15328SCO UnixWare ARCserve Agent symlink [CVE-2000-0154]low🔒---
15327FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD File Descriptor mem privileges managementmedium🔒---
15326SCO UnixWare ARCserve Agent symlink [CVE-2000-0224]low🔒---
15325Microsoft Windows Share improper authentication [CVE-2000-0222]high🔒--🔒
15324Microsoft IIS File inetinfo.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
15323Microsoft Windows Scheduler privileges management [CVE-2000-0197]low🔒---
15322Check Point Firewall-1 FTP Server privileges management [CVE-2000-0150]medium🔒---
15321SSH TCP Connection privileges management [CVE-2000-0143]low🔒--🔒
15320Netopia Timbuktu Pro Authentication denial of service [CVE-2000-0142]low🔒---
15319Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board privileges management [CVE-2000-0141]high🔒---
15318True North Internet Anywhere Mail Server POP3 Server denial of servicelow🔒---
15317SCO UnixWare cu privileges management [CVE-2000-0215]medium🔒---
15316Zeus Technologies Zeus Web Server String Source information disclosuremedium🔒-🔒🔒
15315MySQL privileges management [CVE-2000-0148]medium🔒--🔒
15314SCO OpenServer SNMP Daemon privileges management [CVE-2000-0147]low🔒--🔒
15313Novell Groupwise Enhancement Pack denial of service [CVE-2000-0146]low🔒--🔒
15312Axis 700 Network Document Server URL path traversal [CVE-2000-0144]medium🔒---
15311ISC INN Cancel Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-0472]medium🔒--🔒
15310Debian Linux gnucash libguile.so privileges managementmedium🔒---
15309Cat Soft Serv-U FTP Server LIST Command SHGetPathFromIDList memory corruptionlow🔒---
15308Daniel Beckham The Finger Server open privileges managementhigh🔒---
15307Microsoft Windows rdisk information disclosure [CVE-2000-0089]low🔒---
15306SuSE Linux umount memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15305Progress Webspeed Administration Utility wsisa.dll privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15304Wired Community Software WWWThreads sql injection [CVE-2000-0125]medium🔒---
15303SurfControl SuperScout Category privileges management [CVE-2000-0124]low🔒---
15302Microsoft Frontpage htimage.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒---
15301Selena Sol WebBanner path traversal [CVE-2000-0469]low🔒---
15300Microsoft IIS Frontpage Server Extensions shtml.dll Username information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15299Debian Linux MBR privileges management [CVE-2000-0112]medium🔒---
15298Apache HTTP Server printenv.pl ap_send_error_response cross site scriptingmedium🔒---
15297NetBSD Debugging Mode ptrace privileges managementmedium🔒---
15296GNU make Makefile symlink [CVE-2000-0151]medium🔒---
15295CartIT Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0137]medium🔒---
15294Mcmurtrey Whitaker Cart32 Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0136]medium🔒---
15293@Retail Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0135]medium🔒---
15292Adgrafix Check It Out Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0134]medium🔒---
15291H. Nomura Tiny FTPdaemon memory corruption [CVE-2000-0133]high🔒---
15290Jgaa WarFTPd CWD/MKD memory corruption [CVE-2000-0131]medium🔒--🔒
15289Filemaker Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0123]medium🔒---
15288Microsoft Windows Directory Permission privileges managementlow🔒---
15287Baron Consulting Group WebSiteTool Form privileges managementmedium🔒---
15286Intelligent Vending Systems Intellivend Form privileges managementmedium🔒---
15285Debian Linux apcd symlink [CVE-2000-0107]medium🔒---
15284EasyCart Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0106]medium🔒---
15283Microsoft Internet Explorer/Outlook Express Javascript privileges managementmedium🔒---
15282Web Express Shoptron Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0104]medium🔒---
15281Netsmart SmartCart Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0103]medium🔒---
15280SalesCart Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0102]medium🔒---
15279Make-a-Store OrderPage Form privileges management [CVE-2000-0101]medium🔒---
15278Microsoft Virtual Machine getSystemResourceAsStream information disclosurelow🔒---
15277Comstock MultiCSP mcsp Client hard-coded credentials [CVE-2000-0109]high🔒--🔒
15276Sun Cobalt Raq siteUserMod.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15275Check Point Firewall-1 Script Tag Filter privileges managementmedium🔒---
15274AVT Rightfax Session Number Generator improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15273IBM AIX portmir echo_error memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15272SCO UnixWare scohelp memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15271Sybergen Sygate Administration Server backdoor [CVE-2000-0113]medium🔒--🔒
15270Microsoft IIS Sample Internet Data Query Script path traversallow🔒--🔒
15269Microsoft Index Server Internet Data Query Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15268Microsoft Index Server WebHits ISAPI Filter webhits.dll path traversallow🔒--🔒
15267Qualcomm Qpopper LIST Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-0096]medium🔒---
15266HP HP-UX PMTU Discovery denial of service [CVE-2000-0095]low🔒---
15265Microsoft IIS Visual Basic Script denial of service [CVE-2000-0115]low🔒---
15264Red Hat Linux Initial Password Generator crypt missing encryptionmedium🔒---
15263Inter7 vpopmail memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
15262Microsoft Word/Powerpoint Conversion Utility memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15261Microsoft Windows System Page privileges management [CVE-1999-0595]low🔒---
15260FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD make symlinkmedium🔒---
15259SCO UnixWare ppptalk memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15258Netopia Timbuktu Pro Authentication cleartext storage [CVE-2000-0086]low🔒---
15257W3C CERN httpd Request Path information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
15256HP VVOS Trusted Gateway Proxy privileges management [CVE-1999-0992]high🔒---
15255VMware Workstation tmp symlinklow🔒---
15254Computer Power Solutions Visual Casel privileges management [CVE-2000-0072]low🔒---
15253Avtronics InetServ HTTP GET memory corruption [CVE-2000-0065]high🔒--🔒
15252Nortel Contivity cgiproc denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15251Nortel Contivity HTTP Server cgiproc privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
15250Nosque MsgCore Command memory leak [CVE-2000-0075]low🔒---
15249OReilly Website Professional Request Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15248Netscape Communicator Mail Notification Utility cleartext storagemedium🔒---
15247Microsoft Windows LPC NtImpersonateClientOfPort privileges managementmedium🔒---
15246Corel Linux get_it privileges managementmedium🔒---
15245Netscape Communicator Mail Password missing encryption [CVE-1999-1002]low🔒---
15244Powerscripts Plusmail Password File privileges management [CVE-2000-0074]medium🔒--🔒
15243Microsoft IIS IDA/IDQ File Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
15242Cybercash Merchant Connection Kit symlink [CVE-2000-0067]low🔒---
15241MySQL GRANT privileges management [CVE-2000-0045]medium🔒--🔒
15240Microsoft Hotmail Javascript cross site scriting [CVE-2000-0081]medium🔒---
15239IBM AIX techlibss symlinklow🔒---
15238Mirabilis ICQ Message memory corruption [CVE-2000-0046]medium🔒--🔒
15237SGI IRIX lpd privileges management [CVE-2000-1221]medium🔒---
15236SGI IRIX lpd privileges management [CVE-2000-1220]medium🔒---
15235Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Zone privileges managementhigh🔒---
15234Globalscape CuteFTP Login Data tree.dat missing encryptionlow🔒---
15233Sun Solaris chkperm memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15232Jgaa WarFTPd Macro privileges management [CVE-2000-0044]high🔒---
15231Handspring Visor Network HotSync privileges management [CVE-2000-0058]medium🔒---
15230Ipswitch IMail IMonitor status.cgi denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
15229Microsoft Hotmail Javascript cross site scriting [CVE-2000-0085]medium🔒---
15228Zope DTML Editor privileges management [CVE-2000-0062]high🔒--🔒
15227PHP Safe Mode popen privileges managementhigh🔒---
15226Allaire ColdFusion Server Cache Engine information disclosuremedium🔒---
15225Microsoft Commercial Internet System IMAP Server denial of servicemedium🔒---
15224Red Hat Linux usermode path traversal [CVE-2000-0052]medium🔒---
15223Allaire Spectra Configuration Wizard denial of service [CVE-2000-0051]low🔒---
15222Allaire Spectra URL privileges management [CVE-2000-0050]low🔒---
15221NullSoft WinAmp Playlist memory corruption [CVE-2000-0049]medium🔒---
15220Red Hat Linux screen privileges management [CVE-1999-0894]high🔒---
15219Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-1999-0876]high🔒---
15218Netscape Enterprise Server HTTP GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
15217KDE K-Mail File symlink [CVE-1999-0735]low🔒---
15216Microsoft WebTV Mail Client privileges management [CVE-2000-0082]medium🔒---
15215HP HP-UX awk privileges managementmedium🔒---
15214HP HP-UX aserver privileges management [CVE-2000-0077]medium🔒---
15213Allaire Spectra invoke.cfm improper authenticationmedium🔒---
15212Sun Solstice Backup Recover Program privileges management [CVE-2000-0069]low🔒---
13694Red Hat Linux rpc.lockd denial of service [CVE-2000-0508]low🔒---

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