Risk 2003

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

90856W-Agora Web Forum index.php path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
90853Microsoft Internet Explorer MHT File privileges managementmedium🔒---
90849OpenBB board.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
90816Ilohamail cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
90809Ilohamail compose.php File privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
90785Mantis URL Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
90762Microsoft ISA Server URL denial of servicelow🔒---
90323AOK Trojan privileges managementmedium🔒---
90317Opera Web Browser news: Scheme denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
90249Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access privileges managementmedium🔒---
90181AXIS Print Server denial of servicelow🔒---
90170Sambar iecreate.stm information disclosurelow🔒---
90166Compaq Web-Based Management Agent File information disclosurelow🔒---
90159Macromedia ColdFusion MX cross site scritinglow🔒---
89661SAP hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
89659Smart Search CGI smartsearch.cgi command injectionmedium🔒---
89624Compaq Insight Manger Web Agent denial of servicelow🔒---
89623Netwin Surgeldap HTTP Request Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89617Netwin Surgeldap memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89615HP HP-UX FTP Server File information disclosurelow🔒---
89608Cyber-Cats Chitchat PHP Message Board Guestbook Password information disclosurelow🔒---
89603Microsoft Internet Explorer ADODB.Stream privileges managementmedium🔒---
89586Cacheflow CacheOS HTTP Proxy privileges managementmedium🔒---
89579NetWin information disclosurelow🔒---
89543Floosietek FTGatePro WebAdmin information disclosurelow🔒---
89542Surfboard httpd memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89527Microsoft Office Update information disclosurelow🔒---
89522Microsoft Office Clip Gallery Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
89491Nachi privileges managementmedium🔒---
89412Microsoft Windows MS-CHAP Authentication improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89411Microsoft Windows LanMan Hash improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89408Oracle WebDB wdbcgiw privileges managementmedium🔒---
89407Rational ClearCase information disclosurelow🔒---
89406Hughes Mini SQL information disclosurelow🔒---
89405Oracle 8i denial of servicelow🔒---
89404Oracle 8i/9i Auditing privileges managementmedium🔒---
89403Oracle Database privileges managementmedium🔒---
89402MySQL hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒--🔒
89401MySQL hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
89400MySQL improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89399Oracle 9i Application Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89397Oracle Database Listener Daemon Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89396Oracle WebDB privileges managementmedium🔒---
89395Microsoft SQL Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89389Microsoft Windows Auto Update information disclosurelow🔒---
89386Xlight FTP Server path traversalmedium🔒---
89385Xlight FTP Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89381Oracle Database Version information disclosurelow🔒---
89379Oracle User information disclosurelow🔒---
89378Oracle Database Name information disclosurelow🔒---
89377Alt-N WebAdmin information disclosurelow🔒---
89376Alt-N Mdaemon/WorldClient authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
89372Apache HTTP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89371Apache HTTP Server IP Address information disclosurelow🔒---
89369Host Load Balancer information disclosurelow🔒---
89367Cooolsoft PowerFTP Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89363MeteorSoft FTP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89362MegaBrowser User information disclosurelow🔒---
89360Microsoft FrontPage Extensions File privileges managementmedium🔒---
89359Pablo FTP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89358121 WAM! FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89357Digicraft Yak! FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89356Xynph FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89355Xynph FTP Server Path information disclosurelow🔒---
89354Xlight FTP Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89353Xlight FTP Server information disclosurelow🔒---
89349Microsoft IIS Passive FTP Connection information disclosurelow🔒---
89347SmallFTPD FTP Server path traversalmedium🔒---
89346SmallFTPD FTP Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89345Microsoft Windows NetBIOS Shared Folder information disclosurelow🔒---
89344Microsoft Windows NetBIOS/SMB Authentication information disclosurelow🔒---
89343Microsoft Windows Message Queuing Service heap-based overflowmedium🔒---
89341Microsoft Windows WINS information disclosurelow🔒---
89340Microsoft Windows SMB Service memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89339Mollensoft Hyperion FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89337Microsoft Windows FTP Service denial of servicelow🔒---
89336Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
89335Microsoft Windows NetBIOS/CIFS missing encryptionmedium🔒---
89334Mirabilis ICQ information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
89332SourceForge Monkey httpd privileges managementmedium🔒---
89331Microsoft Exchange CRLF.CRLF information disclosurelow🔒---
89330Qualcomm Qpopper User information disclosurelow🔒---
89329ArGoSoft Mail Server User privileges managementmedium🔒---
89328Alt-N MDaemon SMTP Authentication improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89325ArGoSoft Mail Server improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89324Alt-N WorldClient denial of servicelow🔒---
89323Qualcomm POP3 authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
89305ArGoSoft Mail Server GET Request denial of servicelow🔒---
89304ArGoSoft Mail Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89303Microsoft Windows Admin Account hard-coded passwordmedium🔒---
89302Microsoft Windows DCOM information disclosurelow🔒---
89301QHosts Trojan backdoormedium🔒---
89300Microsoft Windows Print Driver privileges managementmedium🔒---
89299Microsoft Windows LanMan Authentication improper authenticationmedium🔒---
89298Microsoft SQL Server Version information disclosurelow🔒---
89297Microsoft Windows Startup Malware privileges managementhigh🔒---
89296Microsoft Windows Driver information disclosurelow🔒---
89295Microsoft Windows Services information disclosurelow🔒---
89294Microsoft Windows Guest Account information disclosurelow🔒---
89293Microsoft Windows Guest Account information disclosurelow🔒---
89292Microsoft Windows Guest Account Log information disclosurelow🔒---
89291Microsoft Windows Dial-Up Password Storage information disclosurelow🔒---
89290Microsoft Windows Security Log denial of servicelow🔒---
89288Microsoft Windows Winlogon privileges managementmedium🔒---
89287Microsoft Windows Winlogon privileges managementlow🔒---
89286Microsoft MSN Messenger IP Address information disclosurelow🔒---
89285BEA WebLogic Server File information disclosurelow🔒---
89284IBM Lotus Domino nhttpcgi.exe denial of servicelow🔒---
89282Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89281Apache HTTP Server mod_log_config.c information disclosurelow🔒---
89280Macromedia ColdFusion probe.cfm information disclosurelow🔒---
89279Microsoft URLScan information disclosurelow🔒---
89278Zeus Web Server vs_diag.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒---
89277BEA WebLogic Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
89276Savant Web Server denial of servicelow🔒---
89275Sun Management Center information disclosurelow🔒---
89266ChangshinSoft EZTrans Server download.php path traversalmedium🔒---
89256NCASE information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
89200QuikStore Shopping Cart path traversalmedium🔒---
89197phpWebFileManager path traversalmedium🔒---
89192IBM Tivoli Directory Server Web Interface cross site scritinglow🔒---
89191Quickstore Shopping Cart quickstore.cgi File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
89190BulletScript bsml.pl improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
89189miniBB Forum Management System cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
89188NETObserve command injectionmedium🔒---
89187PHPCatalog sql injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
89181Softrex Tornado www-Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
89180Softrex Tornado www-Server path traversalmedium🔒---
89179Jordan Windows Telnet memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
89178CCBill WhereAmI CGI privileges managementmedium🔒---
89165DameWare mini remote control information disclosurelow🔒---
89164DameWare Mini Remote Control Service information disclosurelow🔒---
89163PHP-Ping php-ping.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
89162IPTel denial of servicelow🔒---
89161IPTel denial of servicelow🔒---
89160Xoops cross site scritinglow🔒---
89159Psychoblogger CMS sql injectionmedium🔒---
89158My Little Forum cross site scritinglow🔒---
89157KnowledgeBuilder CGI Suite command injectionmedium🔒---
89156Aardvark Topsites PHP Script sql injectionmedium🔒---
89155Invision Power Top Site List sql injectionmedium🔒---
89149Mollensoft Hyperion FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-0219]high🔒--🔒
89148Cgdynamo.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88896Novell NetWare Distributed Print Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88894Snif cross site scritinglow🔒---
88893Paul L. Daniels Ebola code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
888923AM Labs RemotelyAnywhere Login Screen injectionmedium🔒---
88891Snif File information disclosurelow🔒---
88879CuteNews phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88878Imatix Xitami denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
88877Foxweb Foxweb.exe code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88876Vpopmail.php code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88875StockMan Shopping Cart shop.plx information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88874StockMan Shopping Cart shop.plx code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88873YaBB SE file inclusion [CVE-2000-1176]medium🔒--🔒
88872YaBB SE News.php code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88871YaBB SE reminder.php sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88870Ocean12 ASP Guestbook information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88869MailMaxWeb information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88868smb2www Proxy privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88867TopSites counter.php File privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88865Snitz Forums 2000 register.asp sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88864Owl Intranet Engine File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88863Lovgate backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88862php-proxima File information disclosure [CVE-2003-0294]low🔒--🔒
88861Turba status.php Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88860Mantis Bug Tracking System information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88859Francisco Burzi Post-Nuke modules.php information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88858Webfroot ShoutBox CGI Suite code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88857P-News Bulletin Board privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88856philboard privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88855Francisco Burzi Post-Nuke denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88854Zeus Webserver vs_diag.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88853philboard information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88852mod_gzip mod_gzip_status information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88851Upload Lite upload.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88850Kietu CGI config.php code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88849JBoss foo.jsp information disclosurelow🔒---
88848PHP-Ping command injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88847P-Synch nph-psa.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88846Spyke information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88845GTcatalog index.php injectionhigh🔒--🔒
88844Infinity Explorer Scanner nph-exploitscanget.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88843Francisco Burzi Post-Nuke sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88842Dune Web Server privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88841Zope addItems Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88840WebCalendar long.php File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88839PHP Ashnews file inclusion [CVE-2006-0524]low🔒--🔒
88838Ezsite Forum EZsiteForum.mdb information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88837FsSniffer backdoormedium🔒--🔒
88836Host NetInfo Daemon information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88835TYPO3 privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88834Host Web Server phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88831RemoteNC backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88804Remote PC Access Server information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
88803Sambar Server hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒--🔒
88802Nibindd RPC Service information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88801Microsoft Windows Registry Lookup information disclosurelow🔒---
88800Microsoft IIS information disclosurelow🔒---
88799Adobe SVG Viewer Security Zone privileges managementmedium🔒---
88764Check Point Firewall-1 denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88762PayPal Store Front file inclusionmedium🔒---
88761Microsoft IIS privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88760Compaq Web-Enabled Management Remote Code Executionmedium🔒--🔒
88759Fluxay backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88758Wollf backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88743Citrix Nfuse Webserver information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88742Microsoft Windows Autoupdate Service privileges managementmedium🔒---
88740XMB Forum sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88739PT News index.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88738MPC SoftWeb Guestbook insertguest.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88737MPC SoftWeb Guestbook guestdara.mdb information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88736Coppermine Photo Gallery sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88735MyGuestBK index.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88734Sambar cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88733Host L2TP Service information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88732Check Point Firewall-1 Web Administration information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88731SheerDNS Directory_lookup path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
88730SheerDNS Cname Request memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
88729HP Jetdirect 310X privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
8872812planet Chat Server Error Message index.html Installation Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
8872712planet Chat Server Credentials missing encryptionmedium🔒--🔒
88726BEA WebLogic Server Certificate authentication spoofingmedium🔒--🔒
88725Sambar Server Pro Webmail Interface Credentials missing encryptionmedium🔒--🔒
88724Apache HTTP Server File Descriptor information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88722Netgear FM114P Authentication Credentials information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88721Netgear FM114P Port Blocking privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88720Lavasoftware ShareMailPro Username information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88719CUPS printers information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88710Working Resources Badblue Admin Interface privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88708FileMaker Pro improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
887073Com SuperStack II RAS 1500 user_settings.cfg privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88696Cerulean Trillian information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88688Microsoft Outlook privileges managementmedium🔒---
88687Squid Proxy information disclosurelow🔒---
88686Microsoft Windows Locator Service information disclosurelow🔒---
88683phPay search.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88682phPay phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88681Instaboard Web Forum sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88680Web Wiz Site News information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88679Super Guestbook superguestconfig information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88653Microsoft Exchange IMAP Service improper authenticationmedium🔒---
88652Microsoft Windows Winobj.exe information disclosurelow🔒---
88650Microsoft Windows Password Policy information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88649Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒---
88617rsync privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88616Microsoft IIS backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88615Proxomitron Proxy Server GET Request denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88614SimpleChat User information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88613Wordit Logbook logbook.pl path traversallow🔒--🔒
88612Tunderstone Texis HTTP Request texis.exe information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
886114D WebStar FTP Server Authentication memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
88599Knox Software Arkeia memory corruptionmedium🔒---
88591phpMyAdmin Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
88590phpMyAdmin information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88589phpMyAdmin cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88585Synchrologic Email Accelerator aggregate.asp information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88584Xpressions Interactive login.asp sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88583Microsoft IIS URLScan information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88582Zentrack index.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88580Anfibia Desktop Orbiter information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88579Zentrack index.php path traversalmedium🔒---
88578rot13sj.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88491Bugbear.B backdoorhigh🔒--🔒
88490iisPROTECT improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
88489TextPortal admin_pass.php hard-coded passwordmedium🔒--🔒
88479AtomicBoard index.php path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
88478Laforge News51/Board51/Forum51 user.idx Password information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
88477e107 CMS db.php Password information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
88476SquirrelMail privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88473iXMail privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88471iXMail index.php sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88455Psunami Bulletin Board psunami.cgi os command injectionmedium🔒--🔒
88454pod.board forum_details.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88453paFileDB file.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88452StellarDocs fetch.php Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88451Blaster Worm msblast.exe privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
88450GNU LimeWire information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88447Dropbear SSH Server Login format stringhigh🔒--🔒
88440Anfibia Desktop Orbiter Service resource consumptionmedium🔒--🔒
88439Avaya Cajun P330/Cajun P130/G700 Media Gateway Service Port denial of servicemedium🔒---
88437Apple Mac OS X Directory Service denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88436Microsoft ActiveSync denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88435mod_ntlm memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
88433Cisco CiscoWorks CMF privileges managementmedium🔒---
88432Netgear ProSafe VPN Firewall Web Interface denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88431SourceForge l2tpd denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88429Red Hat PXE Server memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
88428Unreal UnrealIRCd denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88425eMule Client Chat Request denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88422MeteorSoft FTP Server USER Command memory corruptionmedium🔒---
88420SmallFTP Server path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
88419BRS Webweaver FTP Server denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88418South River FTP Server path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
88417Crob FTP Server USER Command format stringmedium🔒--🔒
88416HP HP-UX FTP Server privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88415NGC Active FTP Server denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
88413D-Link DI-704P Router syslog.htm denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
88409Northern Solutions Xeneo Web Server denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88407MDG Web Server 4d HTTP GET Request denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88404Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 Syslog Daemon denial of servicelow🔒---
88354Novell NetWare FTP Server FTPSERV.NLM denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88345ArGoSoft Mail Server denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88344MyServer Connection Close denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88343MyServer denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
88337Apache Tomcat Servlet Engine users hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒--🔒
88332CVS Pserver improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
88331Sun One Application Server information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88330IBM Lotus Domino Server information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88327Visual Mining NetCharts Server hard-coded passwordmedium🔒--🔒
88326Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88324IRCXPro Server hard-coded passwordmedium🔒--🔒
88322MRSoft Personal FTP Server Credentials information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88318DBTools DBManager Password information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88317IRCXPro Server Settings.ini Password information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88316Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88314Host Backdoor/Worm privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
88313Microsoft Windows W32/Deloder Worm privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
88311Microsoft Windows UPnP TCP Helper information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88310Microsoft Windows information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88309Microsoft Windows User information disclosurelow🔒---
88308Macromedia Flash Player cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
88306SalD Dr. Web Anti Virus File Name memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
88294BEA WebLogic Redirect Hostname information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88291Netcomm NB1300 Router FTP Logon hard-coded credentialshigh🔒--🔒
88290D-Link DSL Router SNMP hard-coded passwordhigh🔒--🔒
88282Nortel Baystack Switch hard-coded credentialshigh🔒--🔒
88276Microsoft Windows shlwapi.dll denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
88275CGI Script Backup File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88269Microsoft Windows Registry Password information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88263eZ Publish cross site scripting [CVE-2003-0310]low🔒--🔒
88262Xoops glossaire-aff.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
88255Web Server HTTP Method information disclosure [CVE-2003-1567]medium🔒--🔒
86850Microsoft Windows denial of servicelow🔒---
86848Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
86847man-db open_cat_stream Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
86846Citadel/UX memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86845ColdFusion MX Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
86844Linux mail memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86843Chindi Server denial of servicelow🔒---
86753UMN Gopher Daemon GSisText memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86744Xeneo Web Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86665BaSoMail memory corruptionmedium🔒---
86484myphpPagetool index.php Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
85791a.shopKart sql injectionmedium🔒---
85790a.shopKart sql injectionmedium🔒---
83563Easy File Sharing Web Server option.ini information disclosurelow🔒---
83453Oracle9i FTP Command memory corruptionmedium🔒---
82415Webfroot shoutbox.php File path traversalmedium🔒---
82354Microsoft IIS WebDAV denial of service [CVE-2003-0226]low🔒---
82166Cyberstrong eShop 20review.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
82165Cyberstrong eShop 10browse.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
82153Apache Tomcat cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0044]medium🔒---
82143Apache HTTP Server mod_userdir information disclosurelow🔒---
82136Sun Solaris lpq bsd_queue memory corruptionlow🔒---
82133Sendmail NOCHAR prescan memory corruptionmedium🔒---
82114Microsoft Internet Explorer File Download Dialog authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
82113Microsoft Internet Explorer createTextRange privileges managementmedium🔒---
82112Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX privileges managementmedium🔒---
82107Mambo emailnews.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82106Mambo emailfaq.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82105Mambo emailarticle.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82104Mambo upload.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82103Mambo mambosimple.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82102Mambo upload.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82101Mambo uploadimage.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82100Mambo view.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82099Mambo navigation.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82098Mambo gallery.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82050DCP-Portal calendar.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
82042BSD Libc realpath off-by-onemedium🔒---
82008Sambar Server search.dll cross site scritinglow🔒---
82006Sambar Server book.pl cross site scritinglow🔒---
82005Sambar Server dumpenv.pl cross site scritinglow🔒---
81992DotBr exec.php3 privileges managementmedium🔒---
81981ThWboard Announcements sql injectionmedium🔒---
81980ThWboard Admin Center sql injectionmedium🔒---
81979ThWboard showevent.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
81978ThWboard do_editprofile.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
81977ThWboard calendar.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
81976ThWboard do_editprofile.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
81975ThWboard board.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
81974ThWboard do_login.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
81962phpBB admin_styles.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
81940Oracle Database TIME_ZONE memory corruptionlow🔒---
81939Oracle Database FROM_TZ memory corruptionlow🔒---
81920Les Visiteurs config.inc.php file inclusionmedium🔒---
81909CCBill whereami.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
81908Cyrus IMSP Server Address Book abook_dbname memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81907Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Debug Function fp30reg.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81906eZnetwork HTTP Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81905TerminatorX privileges managementmedium🔒---
81904HP HP-UX catopen privileges managementlow🔒---
81903PHP-Nuke sql injectionmedium🔒---
819024D WebSTAR FTP memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81901Piolet TCP Port denial of servicelow🔒---
81900eMule Client OP_SERVERMESSAGE format stringmedium🔒---
81899Microsoft Windows Media Services privileges managementmedium🔒---
81898Dropbear SSH Server format stringmedium🔒---
81897Mirabilis ICQ EnableWindow API improper authenticationmedium🔒---
81844Linksys WRT54G Web Server denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
81833Microsoft Internet Explorer MHTML URL privileges management [CVE-2004-0380]medium🔒---
81832My_eGallery Module privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81831Caucho-Resin caucho-status information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81830SAP DB vServer information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81829PHP Based Web Chat Manager register.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81828VChat msg.txt denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
81827paFileDB PAFileDB.PHP sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
81825BEA Systems WebLogic Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0151]medium🔒--🔒
81824Alexandria-Dev new.php information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81823Beanwebb Guestbook admin.php cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
81822Ocean12 ASP Guestbook add.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81821eZ Publish site.ini information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81820Web Wiz Forums asp information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81819Nokia IPSO Voyager WebGUI readfile.tcl File information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81818OpenBB index.php sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
81817count.pl path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
81816IdeaBox generformlib_date.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81806Snitz Forums 2000 add.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81804AutomatedShops WebC.cgi memory corruptionlow🔒--🔒
81803Coppermine Photo Gallery jpg.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81788Microsoft Windows privileges managementmedium🔒---
81787Valve Half-Life Server information disclosurelow🔒---
81786Id Software Quake Server information disclosurelow🔒---
81785Microsoft Windows Modem Driver information disclosurelow🔒---
81766Macromedia ColdFusion MX improper authenticationmedium🔒---
81756Microsoft SQL Server Jet OLE DB Provider memory corruptionmedium🔒---
81753StoneSoft StoneGate Firewall information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81752Invision Power Board ad_member.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81751Oracle Oracle9i SOAP Documentation information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81749AutomatedShops WebC.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81748Netscape iPlanet Web Server .perf information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81747Apache Tomcat status information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
81746WinMX Client privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81745Motorola Vanguard improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
81744Mozilla Bugzilla privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
81743Simplemedia SimpleBBS users.php User information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81742Kebi Academy Webmail path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
81739EType EServ HTTP GET Request information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
81734Postnuke user.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81729Tmax Soft JEUS Web Application Server url.jsp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81728pMachine index.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
81726pMachine Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
47477Web Wiz Guestbook access control [CVE-2003-1571]low🔒🔒--
45908Microsoft Internet Information Services information disclosuremedium🔒---
31141phpSysInfo Error Message index.php path traversallow🔒🔒--
28969ActiveCampaign SupportTrio index.php file inclusionmedium🔒🔒--
22941OpenLDAP ldbm_back_exop_passwd memory leaklow🔒🔒--
21821Ethereal Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2004-0176]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21700SGI IRIX rpc.mountd denial of service [CVE-2003-0797]low🔒---
21694IBM AIX FTPD privileges management [CVE-2003-0170]medium🔒---
21591Michael Bischoff xsok memory corruption [CVE-2004-0074]low🔒🔒-🔒
21581nCipher Payshield SPP Library SPP_VerifyPVV privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21568DameWare Mini Remote Control Server Authentication memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21526Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management [CVE-2003-0815]medium🔒🔒--
21497Microsoft Internet Explorer HTM File privileges management [CVE-2003-1028]medium🔒---
21494fsp path traversal [CVE-2003-1022]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21470Alexander V. Lukyanov lftp Command memory corruption [CVE-2003-0963]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21466XMLSoft libxml2 Nested Entity Reference numeric error [CVE-2003-1564]medium🔒--🔒
21465OpenBSD OpenSSH Authentication race condition [CVE-2003-1562]low🔒---
21464Opera Web Browser Referer information disclosure [CVE-2003-1561]medium🔒---
21463Netscape Navigator Referer information disclosure [CVE-2003-1560]medium🔒---
21462Felix von Leitner fnord httpd.c do_cgi memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
21461SpamAssassin BSMTP Mode memory corruption [CVE-2003-1557]high🔒🔒--
21460CGI City CC Guestbook cc_guestbook.pl cross site scriptinglow🔒--🔒
21459Scoznet Scozbook Error Message view.php Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
21458Scoznet Scozbook add.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
21457Haakon Nilsen SIPS information disclosure [CVE-2003-1553]low🔒---
21456Graeme Uploader File Upload uploader.php access controlmedium🔒---
21455Novell GroupWise WebAccess Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-1551]medium🔒🔒--
21454Xoops Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21453MyABraCaDaWeb header.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
21452MyABraCaDaWeb Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
21451Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke block-forums.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
21450Filebased Guestbook gbook.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
21449Nukestyles Viewpage Module nukestyles.com path traversallow🔒--🔒
21448Microsoft Windows Terminal Service msgina.dll denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
21447Bajie Java HTTP Server Error Message Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21446Ondrej Jombik phpWebFileManager file.php path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
21445Planetmoon Guestbook passwd.txt Password access controlmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21444WF-Chat !nicks.txt Password information disclosuremedium🔒🔒-🔒
21443ONEdotOH Simple File Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1539]low🔒🔒-🔒
21442SuSE Linux SuSEHelp input validation [CVE-2003-1538]medium🔒---
21441PostNuke index.php path traversallow🔒---
21440DCP-Portal calendar.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
21439Justice Media Guestbook Error Message cfooter.php3 Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
21438Justice Media Guestbook jgb.php3 cross site scriptinglow🔒--🔒
21437PhpPass accesscontrol.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
21436Julien Desaunay PhpMyShop compte.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21435Lilikoi Ceilidh testcgi.exe cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
21434phpBB privmsg.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21433Seagull J Walk Application Server Encoded URL path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
21432Fujitsu Siemens Networker nsr_shutdown nsrsh[PID] link followingmedium🔒---
21431ISS BlackICE Defender Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-1527]low🔒---
21430Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21429My Photo Gallery Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-1525]medium🔒---
21428dbmail IMAP Daemon sql injection [CVE-2003-1523]medium🔒🔒--
21427PSCS VPOP3 Web Mail Server index.html cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21426Sun Java Plug-in createXmlDocument privileges managementmedium🔒---
21425FuzzyMonkey My Classifieds sql injection [CVE-2003-1520]medium🔒---
21424Vivisimo Clustering Engine cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1519]low🔒---
21423Adiscon Winsyslog Syslog Message memory corruption [CVE-2003-1518]medium🔒--🔒
21422Dansie Shopping Cart Error Message cart.pl Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21421Origo ASR-8100 Administration Service access control [CVE-2003-1515]medium🔒---
21420eMule Password memory corruption [CVE-2003-1514]medium🔒---
21419Caucho Technology Resin Guestbook guestbook.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
21418Bajie Java HTTP Server cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1511]low🔒🔒--
21417Rit Research Labs TinyWeb GET Request cgi-bin resource consumptionmedium🔒--🔒
21416RealNetworks RealOne Player Temp File cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1509]medium🔒---
21415mIRC DCC GET Dialog Window memory corruption [CVE-2003-1508]medium🔒---
21414Planet Technology Corp WGSD-1020/WSW-2401 Account hard-coded passwordhigh🔒---
21413Daniel Barron DansGuardian dansguardian.pl cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21412Microsoft Internet Explorer TEXTAREA denial of service [CVE-2003-1505]low🔒---
21411Goldscripts Goldlink Cookie variables.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
21410Snert.com mod_throttle privileges management [CVE-2003-1502]low🔒---
21409Gast Arbeiter File Upload path traversal [CVE-2003-1501]medium🔒---
21408cpCommerce _functions.php code injectionmedium🔒---
21407Bytehoard index.php path traversalmedium🔒---
21406WRENSOFT Zoom Search Engine search.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21405Linksys BEFSX41 Log Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2003-1497]medium🔒--🔒
21404HP Tru64 CDE dtmailpr memory corruption [CVE-2003-1496]medium🔒🔒--
21403HP Openview Network Node Manager resource management [CVE-2003-1494]low🔒---
21402HP Openview Network Node Manager memory leak [CVE-2003-1493]low🔒---
21401Netscape Navigator Domain Cookie link followinglow🔒---
21400Truelogik Truegalerie upload.php File improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
21399Truelogik Truegalerie check_admin.php input validationmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21398Phorum Configuration File input validation [CVE-2003-1487]high🔒---
21397Phorum Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21396ClearSwift MAILsweeper input validation [CVE-2003-1485]medium🔒---
21395FlashFXP Encryption Algorithm cryptographic issues [CVE-2003-1483]medium🔒---
21394Microsoft MN-500 Wireless Base Station Backup Configuration File Password credentials managementlow🔒---
21393Stalker Communigate Pro Session information disclosure [CVE-2003-1481]medium🔒--🔒
21392MySQL cryptographic issues [CVE-2003-1480]medium🔒--🔒
21391Darkwet webcamXP cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1479]low🔒---
21390Cerberus FTP Server Password missing encryption [CVE-2003-1476]low🔒---
21389slashem-tty access control [CVE-2003-1474]medium🔒---
21388Lgames Ltris memory corruption [CVE-2003-1473]low🔒---
213873D-FTP Client Banner memory corruption [CVE-2003-1472]medium🔒---
21386Alt-N MDaemon POP Server input validation [CVE-2003-1471]medium🔒---
21385Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21384Phorum common.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21383Phorum login.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21382Phorum download.php path traversalmedium🔒---
21381Alt-N Webadmin input validation [CVE-2003-1463]medium🔒--🔒
21380mod_survey resource consumption [CVE-2003-1462]low🔒---
21379HP HP-UX rwrite memory corruption [Disputed]medium🔒---
21378Ralf Hoffmann Worker Filemanager access control [CVE-2003-1460]low🔒---
21377ttCMS/ttForum install.php code injectionmedium🔒---
21376ttCMS/ttForum profile.php sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
21375Auerswald COMsuite CTI ControlCenter User Account config [CVE-2003-1457]low🔒---
21374Mike Bobbitt Album.pl Configuration File input validation [CVE-2003-1456]medium🔒--🔒
21373PoPToP PPTP Server pptpctrl.c launch_bcrelay memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21372IP.Board Protected Store Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
21371Xoops IMG Tag mytextsanitizer cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21370Qualcomm Qpopper config [CVE-2003-1452]low🔒---
21369Symantec Norton Antivirus ZIP Archive memory corruption [CVE-2003-1451]medium🔒---
21368BitchX RPL_NAMREPLY Message input validation [CVE-2003-1450]low🔒---
21367Aladdin eSafe Gateway Virus Protection config [CVE-2003-1449]medium🔒---
21366IBM WebSphere Application Server Configuration Export cryptographic issueslow🔒---
21365Rogue save.c save_into_file memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21364Rarlab Far Manager Pathname memory corruption [CVE-2003-1445]low🔒---
21363Kaspersky Anti-Virus Pathname input validation [CVE-2003-1444]low🔒---
21362Kaspersky Anti-Virus MS DOS Device Name input validation [CVE-2003-1443]low🔒---
21361Ericsson HM220dp ADSL Modem Administration Page improper authenticationmedium🔒---
21360Posadis DNS Message input validation [CVE-2003-1441]low🔒🔒--
21359Burton Computer Spamprobe Regular Expression input validationlow🔒🔒--
21358Silc Client Memory Password credentials managementlow🔒---
21357BEA WebLogic Server In-Memory Session Replication race conditionlow🔒---
21356BEA WebLogic Server Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
21355Crossnuke Nukebrowser nukebrowser.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21354Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module sql injection [CVE-2003-1435]medium🔒--🔒
21353Pete Werner login_ldap improper authentication [CVE-2003-1434]medium🔒---
21352Epic Games Unreal Engine Game Join improper authentication [CVE-2003-1433]low🔒---
21351Epic Games Unreal Tournament 2003 Packet numeric error [CVE-2003-1432]high🔒---
21350Epic Games Unreal Engine Host Header memory corruption [CVE-2003-1431]high🔒---
21349Epic Games Unreal Engine unreal:/ path traversal [CVE-2003-1430]medium🔒--🔒
21348Proxomitron Naoko Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-1429]medium🔒---
21347Bharat Mediratta Gallery privileges management [CVE-2003-1428]low🔒---
21346Netgear FM114P Web Configuration Interface netgear.cfg path traversalmedium🔒---
21345cPanel Openwebmail openwebmail-shared.pl configlow🔒---
21344cPanel Guestbook guestbook.cgi input validationmedium🔒--🔒
21343Petitforum Cookie message.php credentials managementmedium🔒---
21342Petitforum liste.txt Password access controlmedium🔒---
21341SYSLINUX Installer config [CVE-2003-1422]medium🔒🔒--
21340SuckBot mod_mysql_logger resource management [CVE-2003-1421]low🔒---
21339Opera Web Browser Location Header cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1420]low🔒--🔒
21338Netscape Navigator JavaScript reformatDate input validationlow🔒---
21337Apache HTTP Server ETag information disclosure [CVE-2003-1418]low🔒--🔒
21336nCipher Support Software Import credentials management [CVE-2003-1417]low🔒---
21335BisonFTP Server Command input validation [CVE-2003-1416]low🔒---
21334Visual Mining Netcharts XBRL Server Chunked Transfer Encoding Extension Size memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
21333Apple Quicktime Streaming Server parse_xml.cg path traversalmedium🔒---
21332Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Error Message parse_xml.cgi File path traversallow🔒---
21331GONiCUS System Administration index.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21330Isoca Cedric Email Reader emailreader_execute_on_each_page.inc.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21329Isoca Cedric Email Reader email.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21328Ej3 TOPo HTTP Request out.php Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21327Lotus Domino Server HTTP Request Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
21326Adalis Infomatique D-Forum footer.php3 code injectionmedium🔒---
21325Dotbr Botbr system.php3 input validationmedium🔒---
21324Dotbr Botbr config.inc Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
21323Dotbr Botbr foo.php3 phpinfo input validationmedium🔒---
21322Kietu hit.php input validationmedium🔒🔒--
21321php-Board login.php Password credentials managementmedium🔒---
21320Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Avatar cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1400]low🔒--🔒
21319eject Error Message File information disclosurelow🔒---
21318Opera Web Browser PluginContext Object ShowDocument memory corruptionlow🔒---
21317Opera Web Browser File Extension memory corruption [CVE-2003-1396]medium🔒--🔒
21316Kazaa Media Desktop Ad Server Response memory corruption [CVE-2003-1395]medium🔒-🔒-
21315Coffeecup Password Wizard APW File credentials managementmedium🔒-🔒-
21314Gupta SQLBase Command memory corruption [CVE-2003-1393]high🔒🔒-🔒
21313Research Triangle Software Cryptobuddy Passphrase cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
21312Research Triangle Software Cryptobuddy Encryption Algorithm cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
21311Research Triangle Software Cryptobuddy Passphrase cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
21310Research Triangle Software Cryptobuddy Passphrase cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
21309Opera Web Browser zip Extension memory corruption [CVE-2003-1388]medium🔒---
21308Opera Web Browser URL memory corruption [CVE-2003-1387]medium🔒---
21307AXIS 2401 Video Server HTTP Request messages access controlmedium🔒--🔒
21306Invision Power Board ipchat.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21305Py Software PY-Livredor index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21304Logicworks WEB-ERP HTTP Request logicworks.ini Password access controlmedium🔒--🔒
21303Instantservers ISMail Domain Name memory corruption [CVE-2003-1382]medium🔒--🔒
21302Amxmod.net Amx Mod amx_say Command format string [CVE-2003-1381]medium🔒---
21301BisonFTP Server ls/mget Command path traversal [CVE-2003-1380]medium🔒---
21300Point Clark Networks Clarkconnect Linux clarkconnectd information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
21299Smart IRC Daemon Reverse DNS Lookup memory corruption [CVE-2003-1377]medium🔒--🔒
21298HP HP-UX wall memory corruption [CVE-2003-1375]medium🔒---
21297HP HP-UX disable memory corruption [CVE-2003-1374]low🔒---
21296phpBB auth.php path traversalmedium🔒---
21295myPHPNuke links.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
21294Nuked-klan Team/News/Liens Module phpinfo cross site scriptingmedium🔒--🔒
21293Nuked-klan cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1370]low🔒--🔒
21292Save It Software Pty ByteCatcher FTP Server Banner memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21291Electrasoft FTP Client Server Banner memory corruption [CVE-2003-1368]medium🔒---
21290Great Circle Associates Majordomo config [CVE-2003-1367]medium🔒---
21289OpenBSD Temp File chpass information disclosurelow🔒---
21288CGI::Lite Filter escape_dangerous_chars input validationmedium🔒---
21287Aprelium Abyss Web Server HTTP GET Request input validation [CVE-2003-1364]low🔒--🔒
21286Aprelium Abyss Web Server Remote Web Management Interface improper authenticationmedium🔒---
21285HP Bastille config [CVE-2003-1362]medium🔒---
21284Veritas Bare Metal Restore BMR Main Server privileges managementmedium🔒---
21283HP HP-UX landiag memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21282HP HP-UX stmkfont Utility memory corruption [CVE-2003-1359]medium🔒---
21281HP HP-UX rs.F300 access control [CVE-2003-1358]medium🔒---
21280Replicom Proxyview config [CVE-2003-1357]high🔒---
21279HP HP-UX sort Command access control [CVE-2003-1356]medium🔒--🔒
21278Electronic Arts Battlefield 1942 Remote Console memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21277GameSpy 3d UDP Packet memory corruption [CVE-2003-1354]low🔒--🔒
21276Lanifex Outreach Project Tool cross site scripting [CVE-2003-1353]low🔒---
21275Gabber config [CVE-2003-1352]low🔒---
21274Greg Billock EditTag edittag.cgi path traversalmedium🔒---
21273List Site Pro input validation [CVE-2003-1350]medium🔒---
21272Thomas Krebs NiteServer FTPd cd Command path traversal [CVE-2003-1349]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21271Ftls Guestbook guestbook.cgi cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21270GeekLog users.php cross site scriptinglow🔒--🔒
21269D-Link DWL-900AP+ access control [CVE-2003-1346]medium🔒---
21268Follett Webcollection Plus s.dll path traversal [CVE-2003-1345]medium🔒---
21267Trend Micro Virus Control System Log Collector getservers.exe Password cryptographic issuesmedium🔒🔒--
21266Trend Micro Scanmail Web Management Interface smg_Smxcfg30.exe improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
21265Trend Micro Virus Control System ActiveSupport.exe resource managementlow🔒🔒--
21264Trend Micro Virus Buster Management Console cgiChkMasterPasswd.exe configmedium🔒🔒--
21263Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2003-1340]medium🔒---
21262Ezmeeting eznet.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
21261Aprelium Abyss Web Server HTTP privileges management [CVE-2003-1338]medium🔒---
21260Aprelium Abyss Web Server HTTP GET Request memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
21259Kai Blankenhorn Bitfolge Simple And Nice Index File path traversalmedium🔒---
21258Kai Blankenhorn Bitfolge Simple And Nice Index File cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21257Intersystems Cache Database privileges management [CVE-2003-1333]high🔒---
21256Samba reply_nttrans memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21255Clearswift MAILsweeper Filter privileges management [CVE-2003-1330]medium🔒---
21254University of Washington wu-ftpd Connection Close ftpd.c denial of servicemedium🔒---
21253Valve Half-Life Counter Strike Dedicated Server SV_CheckForDuplicateNames infinite looplow🔒---
21252Elm ME+ can_open privileges managementlow🔒---
21251ELM privileges management [CVE-2003-1323]medium🔒---
21250Atrium Mercur Mailserver stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-1322]high🔒---
21249Avant Force Browser URL memory corruption [CVE-2003-1321]medium🔒---
21248SonicWall resource management [CVE-2003-1320]medium🔒---
21247SmartFTP stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-1319]high🔒🔒-🔒
21246Twilight Webserver GET Request denial of service [CVE-2003-1318]low🔒---
21245eNdonesia mod.php cross site scriting [Disputed]low🔒🔒--
21244eNdonesia Error Message mod.php information disclosure [Disputed]low🔒🔒--
21243Neocrome Land Down Under auth.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21242Eternalmart Guestbook auth.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21241EternalMart Mailing List Manager auth.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21240Netegrity SiteMinder SmMakeCookie.ccc information disclosurelow🔒---
21239Netegrity SiteMinder SmMakeCookie.ccc redirectmedium🔒---
21238fvwm fvwm-menu-directory privileges managementlow🔒---
21237Microsoft URLScan RemoveServerHeader information disclosure [CVE-2003-1306]low🔒🔒--
21236Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript infinite loop [CVE-2003-1305]low🔒---
21235Early Impact ProductCart EIPC.mdb privileges managementlow🔒🔒-🔒
21234PHP IMAP php_imap.c imap_fetch_overview memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
21233PHP IMAP denial of service [CVE-2003-1302]low🔒---
21232Sun JRE Object Array denial of service [CVE-2003-1301]low🔒---
21231Pablo Baby FTP Server Connection denial of service [CVE-2003-1300]low🔒---
21230Pablo Baby FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2003-1299]medium🔒---
21229AnyPortal PHP siteman.php3 path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
21228Easy File Sharing Web Server option.ini Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
21227Easy File Sharing Web Server denial of service [CVE-2003-1296]low🔒---
21226Xscreensaver Password denial of service [CVE-2003-1295]low🔒---
21225Xscreensaver Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-1294]low🔒--🔒
21224Nukedweb Guestbookhost cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1293]low🔒---
21223Ashwebstudio Ashnews ashheadlines.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
21222VMware ESX Server privileges management [CVE-2003-1291]medium🔒---
21221FreeBSD/NetBSD iBCS2 System Call Translator privileges managementlow🔒---
21219Sambar Server MS DOS Device Name com1.pl memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
21218Sambar Server security.ini privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21217Sambar Server testisa.dll cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1285]low🔒🔒--
21216Sambar Server testcgi.exe information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
21215KaZaA Media Desktop privileges management [CVE-2003-1283]medium🔒---
21214IBM Net.Data information disclosure [CVE-2003-1282]medium🔒---
21213Eekim cgihtml Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-1281]low🔒---
21212Eekim cgihtml Multipart Form Upload path traversal [CVE-2003-1280]medium🔒---
21211S-PLUS symlink [CVE-2003-1279]low🔒🔒--
21210Infopop OpenTopic IMG Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1278]low🔒---
21209YaBB news_template.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
21208NetTelephone User Account Netfone.exe Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
21207Microsoft Pocket Internet Explorer JavaScript object.innerHTML infinite looplow🔒---
21206NullSoft WinAmp MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2003-1274]low🔒--🔒
21205NullSoft WinAmp B4S File denial of service [CVE-2003-1273]low🔒--🔒
21204NullSoft WinAmp B4S File memory corruption [CVE-2003-1272]high🔒---
21203AN-HTTPd URL cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1271]low🔒---
21202AN-HTTPd MS DOS Device Name aux.cgi memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21201AN-HTTPd Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21200Urlogy a.shopKart process.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
21199Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd MS DOS Device Name denial of servicelow🔒---
21198EType EServ FTP/POP3/SMTP/NNTP Server denial of service [CVE-2003-1266]low🔒---
21197Netscape/Mozilla Message Trash information disclosure [CVE-2003-1265]low🔒---
21196Longshine Wireless Ethernet Access Point TFTP Server config.img Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
21195Brown Bear iCal HTTP Request ICAL.EXE denial of servicelow🔒---
21194HTTP Fetcher URL http_fetch memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
21193Globalscape CuteFTP URL memory corruption [CVE-2003-1261]medium🔒--🔒
21192Globalscape CuteFTP LIST Command memory corruption [CVE-2003-1260]high🔒🔒-🔒
21191Globalscape CuteFTP FTP Banner memory corruption [CVE-2003-1259]high🔒---
21190versatileBulletinBoard activate.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21189E-theni find_theni_home.php phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒---
21188E-theni URL aff_liste_langue.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
21187Active PHP Bookmarks add_bookmark.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21186Active PHP Bookmarks apb_view_class.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
21185Sangwan Kim Bookmark4U common.load.php code injectionmedium🔒---
21184Kelli Shaver S8Forum register.php privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21183NX Web Content Management System 2002 URL mass_operations.inc.php privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21182Efficient Networks 5861 DSL Router TCP SYN Packet denial of servicelow🔒---
21181Business Objects Webintelligence Session Cookie improper authenticationmedium🔒---
21180Positive H-Sphere privileges management [CVE-2003-1248]medium🔒---
21179Positive H-Sphere memory corruption [CVE-2003-1247]medium🔒🔒--
21178Pedestal Integrity Protection Driver ntdll.dll ntcreatesymboliclinkobject symlinklow🔒---
21177Mambo Session Cookie index2.php improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
21176phpBB page_header.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
21175Sage cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1243]low🔒---
21174Sage Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21173Levcgi.com MyGuestbook admin_suppr.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
21172Cutephp CuteNews URL comments.php code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
21171WihPhoto sendphoto.php path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
21170Nuked-Klan Team/News/Liens Module cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1238]low🔒--🔒
21169Boa WWWBoard Message Post cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1237]low🔒---
21168Tanne netzio.c logger format stringmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21167BRW WebWeaver URL testcgi.exe information disclosurelow🔒---
21166FreeBSD lseek integer coercionlow🔒---
21165Pedestal Integrity Protection Driver Access Restriction NtCreateSymbolicLinkObject privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
21164GNU Emacs Lisp privileges management [CVE-2003-1232]medium🔒🔒--
21163ECW-Shop index.php cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
21162FreeBSD SYN Cookie authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-1230]medium🔒---
21161Sun JRE/SDK X509TrustManager isClientTrusted authentication spoofingmedium🔒🔒--
21160Mathopd HTTP Request request.c prepare_reply memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
21159Gallery URL index.php code injectionmedium🔒--🔒
21158BEA WebLogic Server Password Encryption weblogic-rar.xml missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
21157BEA WebLogic Server Password Storage missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
21156BEA WebLogic Server Password information disclosure [CVE-2003-1224]low🔒--🔒
21155BEA WebLogic Server Node Manager denial of service [CVE-2003-1223]low🔒🔒--
21154BEA WebLogic Server Java Message Service config.xml Password information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21153BEA WebLogic Server T3 over SSL missing encryption [CVE-2003-1221]low🔒🔒--
21152osCommerce html_output.php tep_href_link cross site scritinglow🔒---
21151MaxWebPortal db2000.mdb Password information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
21150MaxWebPortal Topic privileges management [CVE-2003-1212]medium🔒🔒--
21149MaxWebPortal search.asp cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
21148Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke search sql injectionmedium🔒---
21147Monkey HTTP Daemon POST Request Post_Method input validationlow🔒---
21146Mambo Site Server sectionswindow.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
21145Advanced Poll booth.php path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
21143Advanced Poll Comment comments.php privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21142Atrium Mercur Mailserver Base64 Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2003-1177]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21141BDC Web Wiz Forums post_message_form.asp privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21140Synthetic Reality Sympoll index.php cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
21139NullSoft SHOUTcast Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-1174]low🔒---
21138Centrinity Firstclass Search File information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21137Apache Cocoon view-source path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
21136Gernot Stocker kpopup main.cpp format stringmedium🔒--🔒
21135DATEV Nutzungskontrolle Access Restriction privileges managementlow🔒---
21134HTTP Commander Error Code Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21133Gernot Stocker KPopup misc.cpp privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21132HTTP Commander Html.aspc path traversallow🔒🔒--
21131BRS Webweaver HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-1165]medium🔒---
21130Mldonkey Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1164]low🔒🔒--
21129Ganglia gmond UDP Packet hash.c memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
21128Tritanium Bulletin Board index.php privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21127Linux Kernel exit.c sys_wait4 backdoormedium🔒---
21126Plug And Play Web Server FTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2003-1158]medium🔒---
21125Citrix Metaframe login.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
21124X-CD-Roast symlink [CVE-2003-1155]low🔒---
21123ClearSwift MAILsweeper Virus Protection privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21122byteHoard files.inc.php File information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
21121Infrontech Webtide 3f.jsp Directory information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21119Sun Java ClassDepth denial of servicelow🔒---
21118Ritlabs The Bat ACL privileges management [CVE-2003-1133]low🔒---
21117Cisco Content Services Switch 11500 DNS Server denial of servicelow🔒---
21116Knowledgebuilder index.php privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21114Yahoo! Audio Conferencing ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2003-1129]medium🔒🔒--
21113X2 Studios XMMS Remote XMMS.pm privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
21112Whale Communications e-Gap HTTP TRACE Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
21111Sun One Directory Server LDAP Client ns-ldapd Freeze denial of servicelow🔒---
21110Sun Management Center Install privileges management [CVE-2003-1124]low🔒🔒--
21109Sun JRE/SDK Trusted Apple privileges management [CVE-2003-1123]medium🔒🔒--
21108ScriptLogic Logs Share memory corruption [CVE-2003-1122]low🔒--🔒
21107ScriptLogic Services privileges management [CVE-2003-1121]high🔒--🔒
21105RealNetworks RealSystem Server/RealSystem Proxy URL Error memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21104Oracle E-Business Suite Report Review Agent improper authenticationmedium🔒---
21103Nortel Succession Communication Server 2000 Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21102Mediatrix Telecom VoIP Access Devices And Gateways Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21101IPTel SIP Express Router Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21100Ingate Siparator Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21099Dynamicsoft AppEngine Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21098Columbia University sipc Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21097Cisco IP Phone/IOS/PIX Firewall Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
21096Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Session Initiation Protocol memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21095Microsoft Windows SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2003-1106]low🔒---
21094Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Tag denial of service [CVE-2003-1105]low🔒---
21093IBM Tivoli Firewall Toolbox memory corruption [CVE-2003-1104]high🔒🔒-🔒
21092Hummingbird CyberDOCS loginact.asp sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
21091Hummingbird CyberDOCS Source information disclosure [CVE-2003-1102]medium🔒🔒--
21090Hummingbird CyberDOCS DM Web Server Path information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
21089Hummingbird CyberDOCS cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1100]low🔒🔒--
21088HP HP-UX Temp File tmp symlinklow🔒---
21087HP HP-UX xserver privileges management [CVE-2003-1098]medium🔒---
21086HP HP-UX rexec memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21085Cisco LEAP Authentication Mechanism improper authentication [CVE-2003-1096]high🔒---
21084BEA WebLogic Server JNDI Context privileges management [CVE-2003-1094]medium🔒---
21083BEA WebLogic Server ResourceAllocationException Password information disclosurelow🔒---
21082Christos Zoulas File Automatic File Content Type Recognition memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
21081Apple Quicktime/Darwin Streaming Server MP3 File integer coercionmedium🔒---
21080Phpoutsourcing Zorum Error Message index.php Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21079HP HP-UX diagmond denial of service [CVE-2003-1087]low🔒🔒-🔒
21078Thomson TWC305/TWC315/TCW690 HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-1085]medium🔒🔒--
21077Tildeslash Monit HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-1083]high🔒🔒--
21076Sun Solaris utmp_update memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21075Sun Solaris Forward File privileges management [CVE-2003-1076]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21074Sun Solaris at Utility path traversal [CVE-2003-1073]low🔒---
21073Apple Mac OS X PKI denial of service [CVE-2003-1005]low🔒🔒--
21072Linux Kernel copy_from_user denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
21071Linux Kernel copy_from_user integer coercionmedium🔒---
21070Linux Kernel O_DIRECT privileges management [CVE-2003-0956]low🔒---
21069Larry Wall Perl Random Number Generator missing encryption [CVE-2003-0900]medium🔒---
21068Angus Mackay ez-ipupdate Temp File ez-ipupdate.cache symlinklow🔒---
21067Xscreensaver Debugging symlink [CVE-2003-0885]medium🔒---
21066Iptables Kernel Netlink Interface ipulog_read access controllow🔒---
21063PeopleSoft Peopletools psdoccgi.exe denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
21060LICQ format string [CVE-2003-0363]medium🔒---
21058iisPROTECT URL Encoding privileges management [CVE-2003-0317]medium🔒--🔒
21057PHP POST Request privileges management [CVE-2003-0249] [Disputed]medium🔒---
21056phpBB groupcp.php sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
21055Cherokee Web Server POST Request connection.c denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
21054Novell NetWare NFS Server XNFS.NLM privileges managementmedium🔒---
21053Apple Safari Link Cookie information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
21052Applied Watch Command Center addrule.c. privileges managementmedium🔒---
21051mod_python Query denial of service [CVE-2003-0973]low🔒--🔒
21050GNU screen ansi.c integer coercionhigh🔒🔒--
21049Sun Fire Network Management Port denial of service [CVE-2003-0970]low🔒---
21048FreeRADIUS rlm_smb Module SMB_Logon_Serve memory corruptionhigh🔒---
21046HP HP-UX Partition Manager parmgr privileges managementmedium🔒---
21045PeopleSoft Peopletools IClient Servlet privileges managementmedium🔒---
21044iwconfig memory corruption [CVE-2003-0948]medium🔒---
21043iwconfig memory corruption [CVE-2003-0947]medium🔒---
21042ClamAV format string [CVE-2003-0946]medium🔒---
21041SAP Database Server Web-Tools privileges management [CVE-2003-0945]medium🔒---
21040SAP Database Server WAECHO Default Service memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21039SAP Database Server Web-Tools privileges management [CVE-2003-0943]medium🔒---
21038SAP Database Server Web-Tools waadmin.wa memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21037SAP Database Server Web-Tools waadmin.wa privileges managementmedium🔒---
21036SAP Database Server sqlfopenc path traversal [CVE-2003-0940]medium🔒---
21035SAP Database Server Packet veo420.c eo420_GetStringFromVarPart memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21034SAP Database Server NETAPI32.DLL vos24u.c privileges managementmedium🔒---
21033UnixWare/OpenUnix execve privileges managementlow🔒---
21031omega-rpg memory corruption [CVE-2003-0932]low🔒--🔒
21029GNU C Library getifaddrs denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
21028Quagga/Zebra Network Interface resource management [CVE-2003-0858]low🔒--🔒
21027Stephen Hemminger IPRoute Message denial of service [CVE-2003-0856]low🔒--🔒
21024Quagga/Zebra vty Layer input validation [CVE-2003-0795]low🔒🔒-🔒
21023PeopleSoft Peopletools IScript Environment cross site scritinglow🔒---
21022PeopleSoft Peopletools Server-Side Include Path information disclosurelow🔒---
21021Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2003-0327]medium🔒---
21020Symbol Portable Data Terminal WEP missing encryption [CVE-2003-0934]low🔒---
21019Conquest memory corruption [CVE-2003-0933]low🔒--🔒
21018Ethereal SOCKS Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2003-0927]medium🔒🔒-🔒
21017Ethereal ISAKMP/MEGACO Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-0926]low🔒🔒-🔒
21016Apple Mac OS X Terminal Application privileges management [CVE-2003-0913]low🔒--🔒
21015Hylafax hfaxd format string [CVE-2003-0886]high🔒---
21014BEA WebLogic Server InteractiveQuery.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒---
21013BEA Tuxedo Administration Console cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0623]low🔒---
21012BEA Tuxedo Administration Console denial of service [CVE-2003-0622]low🔒---
21011Host X.400 Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2003-0565]medium🔒---
21010Hitachi Groupmax Mail Security Option SMIME Message memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
21009phpBB search.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
21008Tildeslash Monit Post denial of service [CVE-2003-1084]low🔒🔒--
21007Boa Vieboard getmember.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
21005IBM DB2 Universal Database db2job2 symlinklow🔒---
21004Microsoft Windows CommCtl32.dll privileges management [CVE-2003-0897]low🔒---
21003Sun JVM/SDK loadClass memory corruptionmedium🔒---
21002Oracle9i oracle/oracleO memory corruption [CVE-2003-0894]low🔒---
21000OpenSLP slpd route.check symlinklow🔒---
20999DeskPRO view.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
20998SCO OpenServer Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-0872]low🔒---
20996Apache Tomcat Catalina Package denial of service [CVE-2003-0866]low🔒--🔒
20995mpg123 HTTP Request httpget.c memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20994PHP Wrapper fopen_wrappers.c php_check_safe_mode_include_dir privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20992PHP base64_encode /GD Library integer coercion [CVE-2003-0861]high🔒--🔒
20991PHP memory corruption [CVE-2003-0860]high🔒--🔒
20990University of Washington wu-ftpd LS Command memory allocationlow🔒🔒-🔒
20989Sylpheed Error Message send_message.c format stringmedium🔒---
20987GNU cfengine Packet net.c ReceiveTransaction memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20986slocate Database main.c memory corruptionlow🔒🔒-🔒
20985SuSE Linux Temp File susewm.$$ symlinklow🔒---
20984JBoss SQL Statement privileges management [CVE-2003-0845]medium🔒--🔒
20983Dag Apt Repository mod_gzip Debug Mode symlink [CVE-2003-0844]low🔒---
20982Dag Apt Repository mod_gzip GET Request mod_gzip_printf format stringmedium🔒--🔒
20981Dag Apt Repository mod_gzip GET Request mod_gzip_printf memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20980PeopleSoft Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0841]medium🔒---
20979HP HP-UX dtprintinfo memory corruption [CVE-2003-0840]medium🔒---
20978Microsoft Windows Shell Link path traversal [CVE-2003-0839]medium🔒---
20975MPlayer ASX Header asf_http_request memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20974webfs Pathname memory corruption [CVE-2003-0833]medium🔒--🔒
20973webfs Header Field path traversal [CVE-2003-0832]low🔒--🔒
20972ProFTPD ASCII Mode data_xfer memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20971marbles memory corruption [CVE-2003-0830]low🔒--🔒
20970Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Tag memory corruption [CVE-2003-0809]medium🔒🔒--
20968GNOME GDM Socket resource consumption [CVE-2003-0794]low🔒--🔒
20966OpenBSD OpenSSH PAM Conversation memory corruption [CVE-2003-0787]medium🔒--🔒
20961Microsoft Windows Troubleshooter ActiveX Control Tshoot.ocx RunQuery2 memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
20960Microsoft Windows Authenticode privileges management [CVE-2003-0660]medium🔒--🔒
20959Microsoft Windows Listbox/Combobox user32.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20957OpenSSL ASN.1 denial of service [CVE-2003-0544]low🔒🔒-🔒
20956OpenSSL ASN.1 Tag Value integer coercion [CVE-2003-0543]low🔒🔒-🔒
20955gv Filename privileges management [CVE-2002-1569]medium🔒---
20954OpenSSL SSLv2 Message s2_srvr.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20953Apple Mac OS X nidump Password information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20952Apple Mac OS X gm4 format string [CVE-2001-1411]medium🔒---
20951PeopleSoft PeopleTools psdoccgi.exe File information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
20950Perception LiteServe Log Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2003-1144]high🔒🔒--
20949NIPrint LPD-LPR Print Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-1141]medium🔒--🔒
20948Vienuke Vieboard viewtopic.asp sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
20947Truenorth IA WebMail Server GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-1192]high🔒🔒--
20946PHPRecipeBook Receipe cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1190]low🔒🔒--
20945ThWboard Admin Center calendar.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
20944ThWboard board.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20943MPM Guestbook cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1182]low🔒🔒--
20942OpenAutoClassifieds friendmail.php cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
20941NIPrint LPD-LPR Print Server Windows Explorer Invoker privileges managementhigh🔒---
20940PostgreSQL to_ascii memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20939Apple Mac OS X Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2003-0895]low🔒---
20938Apple Mac OS X System Preferences privileges management [CVE-2003-0883]low🔒---
20937Apple Mac OS X TCP Timestamp information disclosure [CVE-2003-0882]low🔒---
20936Apple Mac OS X Authentication missing encryption [CVE-2003-0881]medium🔒---
20935Apple Mac OS X Dock privileges management [CVE-2003-0880]low🔒---
20934Apple Mac OS X slpd Daemon symlink [CVE-2003-0878]low🔒---
20933Apple Mac OS X cores symlinklow🔒---
20932Apple Mac OS X Finder privileges management [CVE-2003-0876]low🔒---
20931Apple Mac OS X QuickTime Java privileges management [CVE-2003-0871]medium🔒---
20930Charles Kerr Pan denial of service [CVE-2003-0855]medium🔒--🔒
20929Apache HTTP Server mod_cgid information disclosure [CVE-2003-0789]high🔒--🔒
20928SGI IRIX NFS privileges management [CVE-2003-0683]medium🔒---
20927Apache HTTP Server mod_alias/mod_rewrite memory corruption [CVE-2003-0542]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20926net-snmp/ucd-snmp PDU Message memory corruption [CVE-2002-1570]medium🔒---
20925Unichat ACTOR Entry denial of service [CVE-2003-1188]low🔒🔒--
20924PHPKIT include.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20923Plug And Play Web Server Proxy GET Request denial of servicelow🔒---
20922Ledscripts.com Forums index.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20921Booby Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1194]low🔒🔒--
20920Seyeon Flexwatch Network Video Server aindex.htm privileges managementhigh🔒---
20919Croteam Serioussam TCP Packet Freeze denial of servicelow🔒---
20918e107 CMS chatbox.php denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
20917Telcondex Simplewebserver Header memory corruption [CVE-2003-1186]medium🔒--🔒
20916Oracle Files WebCache privileges management [CVE-2003-1183]low🔒🔒--
20915FaSTream NETFile Server 404 Not Found Error Page cross site scriptinglow🔒---
20914Symantec Norton Internet Security Error Page cross site scritinglow🔒---
20913Musicqueue Configuration File memory corruption [CVE-2003-1140]high🔒🔒--
20912Musicqueue musicqueue.crash symlinkmedium🔒🔒--
20911Apache HTTP Server Auto Index Directory information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20910Charles Steinkuehler sh-httpd GET Request privileges managementmedium🔒---
20909Advanced Poll HTTP Request info.php phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20908J-Pierre Dezelus Les Visiteurs config.inc.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20907Chi Kien Uong Guestbook Message/Email cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1136]low🔒🔒--
20906Check Point Firewall-1 SecuRemote Request Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20905Sitebuilder sitebuilder.cgi path traversalmedium🔒---
20904gtkftpd Command sys_cmd.c memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
20903newsPHP HTTP Request nphpd.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
20902newsPHP nphpd.php Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20901AttilaPHP Authentication global.php3 sql injectionmedium🔒---
20900PY-Membres pass_done.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
20899PY-Membres secure.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
20898SAP Internet Transaction Server wgate.dll cross site scritinglow🔒---
20897SAP Internet Transaction Server wgate.dll path traversal [CVE-2003-0748]medium🔒---
20896HP Openview Distributed Computing Environment denial of servicelow🔒---
20895Castle Rock Computing SNMPc Forms Authentication Password missing encryptionhigh🔒---
20894Leafnode Fetchnews NNTP Client denial of service [CVE-2003-0744]low🔒--🔒
20892Stunnel Descriptor listen privileges managementlow🔒🔒-🔒
20891VMware Workstation symlink [CVE-2003-0739]low🔒---
20890phpWebSite Calendar Module format string [CVE-2003-0738]low🔒---
20889phpWebSite Pear Library TimeZone.php localtime Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20888phpWebSite cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0736]low🔒--🔒
20887phpWebSite Calendar Module sql injection [CVE-2003-0735]medium🔒--🔒
20886Padl pam_ldap pam_filter privileges management [CVE-2003-0734]high🔒--🔒
20885BEA WebLogic Server Servlet Container/Console Application cross site scritinglow🔒---
20884Cisco CiscoWorks Common Management Foundation Guest User privileges managementhigh🔒---
20883Cisco CiscoWorks Common Management Foundation POST Request privileges managementhigh🔒---
20882Tellurian TftpdNT Filename memory corruption [CVE-2003-0729]medium🔒---
20881Horde URL Referer user session [CVE-2003-0728]medium🔒---
20880RealNetworks RealOne Player SMIL Presentation cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
20879RealNetworks Helix Universal Server/RealSystem Server RTSP Parser vsrcplin.so memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20878Compaq Tru64 SSH privileges management [CVE-2003-0724]medium🔒---
20877gkrellm gkrellmd memory corruption [CVE-2003-0723]medium🔒--🔒
20876Whois memory corruption [CVE-2003-0709]medium🔒---
20875Tomi Manninen Linuxnode format string [CVE-2003-0708]medium🔒--🔒
20874Tomi Manninen Linuxnode memory corruption [CVE-2003-0707]medium🔒--🔒
20872GNU C Library getgrouplist null terminationmedium🔒---
20871Sendmail DNS Mapper denial of service [CVE-2003-0688]low🔒--🔒
20870Microsoft Wordperfect Converter Corel Wordperfect File memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20869Microsoft Access Snapshot Viewer ActiveX Control memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
20866docview URL privileges management [CVE-2003-0658]medium🔒---
20865Atari 800 Emulator atari800.svgalib memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20864Sun Solaris Memory information disclosure [CVE-2003-1062]low🔒---
20863Sun Solaris namefs denial of servicelow🔒---
20862Mozilla Script.prototype.freeze privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
20861GNU lsh Daemon client_keyexchange.c heap-based overflowmedium🔒--🔒
20860University of Minnesota gopherd memory corruption [CVE-2003-0805]medium🔒--🔒
20859Nokia Electronic Documentation HTTP Proxy privileges managementmedium🔒---
20858Nokia Electronic Documentation Retrieve Action Directory information disclosurelow🔒---
20857Nokia Electronic Documentation docs cross site scriptinglow🔒---
20856Brian Bassett ipmasq Packet Forwarder privileges management [CVE-2003-0785]medium🔒--🔒
20855Yongguang Zhang hztty memory corruption [CVE-2003-0783]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20854IBM DB2 Universal Database db2licm memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20853IBM DB2 Universal Database db2dart memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20852SCO OpenServer privileges management [CVE-2003-0742]medium🔒---
20851OpenBSD OpenSSH channels.c memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20849KDE Session Cookie improper authentication [CVE-2003-0692]medium🔒---
20848KDE PAM Module pam_setcred privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
20847OpenBSD OpenSSH memory corruption [CVE-2003-0682]medium🔒---
20846Apple Mac OS X Sendmail EarlyShovel memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20845SGI IRIX NFS privileges management [CVE-2003-0680]medium🔒---
20844Apache Tomcat Encoded URL cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1567]low🔒--🔒
20843XShisen memory corruption [CVE-2003-1053]low🔒🔒-🔒
20842Digium Asterisk Call Detail Record Log sql injection [CVE-2003-0779]medium🔒---
20841SANE saned memory allocation [CVE-2003-0778]low🔒--🔒
20840SANE saned null termination [CVE-2003-0777]low🔒--🔒
20839SANE saned Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-0776]medium🔒--🔒
20838SANE saned malloc memory allocationlow🔒--🔒
20837SANE saned null termination [CVE-2003-0774]medium🔒--🔒
20836SANE saned saned.conf SANE_NET_INIT privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20835Apache::Gallery Temp File Gallery.pm gallery privileges managementlow🔒---
20834Ikonboard Cookie FUNC.pm memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20833Microsoft ASP.NET Protection Feature privileges management [CVE-2003-0768]medium🔒---
20832Sun Solaris Solstice AdminSuite improper authentication [CVE-2003-0722]high🔒🔒-🔒
20830Gamespy Roger Wilco Graphical Server Client Request NETWORK.DLL memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20829FTP Desktop Client Response heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0766]medium🔒---
20828Squished Mosquito Escapade Scripting Engine Error Message information disclosurelow🔒---
20827Squished Mosquito Escapade Scripting Engine cross site scritinglow🔒---
20826Foxweb URL foxweb.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20825Digium Asterisk Session Initiation Protocol chan_sip.c get_msg_text memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20824Optisoft Blubster UDP Service denial of service [CVE-2003-0760]low🔒---
20823University of Washington Pine Array Access strings.c rfc2231_get_param memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20822University of Washington Pine MIME Type display_parameters memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20820Nicolas Boullis mah-jong infinite loop [CVE-2003-0706]low🔒--🔒
20819Nicolas Boullis mah-jong memory corruption [CVE-2003-0705]medium🔒--🔒
20818KisMAC privileges management [CVE-2003-0704]medium🔒---
20817KisMAC privileges management [CVE-2003-0703]medium🔒---
20816GNOME gtkhtml Message null pointer dereference [CVE-2003-0541]low🔒--🔒
20815Microsoft Windows Distributed Component Object Model Interface memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
20814Per Magne Knutsen Cartman Shopping Cart cartman.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
20813Sun Solaris Aspppls .asppp.fifo access controlhigh🔒---
20812Johannes Sixt Kdbg .kdbgrc privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20810Microsoft Internet Explorer Language Support memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20809Linux Kernel C-Media PCI Sound Driver get_user memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20808Netris Server Response memory corruption [CVE-2003-0685]medium🔒--🔒
20807SGI IRIX Checkpoint/Restart System libcpr privileges managementlow🔒---
20806Sun One Directory Server ViewLog path traversal [CVE-2003-0676]medium🔒🔒--
20805Leon J. Breedt pam-pgsql Authentication format string [CVE-2003-0672]medium🔒--🔒
20803Sustainable IPNetSentryX/IPNetMonitorX RunTCPDump/RunTCPFlow privileges managementlow🔒---
20802phpGroupWare infolog Module sql injection [CVE-2003-0657]medium🔒--🔒
20801eroaster Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-0656]low🔒--🔒
20800cdrtools rscsi privileges management [CVE-2003-0655]medium🔒---
20799autorespond qmail memory corruption [CVE-2003-0654]medium🔒--🔒
20798xtokkaetama memory corruption [CVE-2003-0652]low🔒--🔒
20797mod_mylo HTTP GET Request mylo_log memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20796Gamespy Arcade APK Archive Filename GSAPAK.EXE path traversalmedium🔒---
20795xpcd xpcd-svga memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20794Trend Micro HouseCall/Damage Cleanup Server ActiveX Control memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20793Andries Brouwer man .manpath privileges managementlow🔒---
20792WatchGuard Serverlock PhysicalMemory symlinklow🔒🔒--
20791WatchGuard Serverlock OpenProcess privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
20790BEA WebLogic Server NodeManager privileges management [CVE-2003-0640]high🔒🔒--
20789Novell iChain Authentication privileges management [CVE-2003-0639]medium🔒---
20788Novell iChain Login memory corruption [CVE-2003-0638]medium🔒---
20787Novell iChain Timeout improper authentication [CVE-2003-0637]medium🔒---
20786Novell iChain DNS Name privileges management [CVE-2003-0636]medium🔒---
20785Novell iChain JSTCP.NLM denial of servicelow🔒---
20784Oracle8i PL/SQL Module stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-0634]medium🔒---
20783Oracle E-Business Suite Applications AOL/J Setup Test Suite aoljtest.jsp Password information disclosurelow🔒---
20782Oracle E-Business Suite Web Report Review FNDWRR.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20781VMware Workstation/GSX Server privileges management [CVE-2003-0631]medium🔒---
20780xfstt Request off-by-one [CVE-2003-0625]medium🔒--🔒
20779Hugo Rabson mindi Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0617]low🔒--🔒
20778McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator POST Request format string [CVE-2003-0616]medium🔒--🔒
20777Debian Linux CGI.pm start_form cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
20776Gallery search.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20775zblast High Score File zblast-svgalib memory corruptionlow🔒--🔒
20774Xtokkaetama memory corruption [CVE-2003-0611]low🔒🔒-🔒
20773McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator ePO Agent path traversal [CVE-2003-0610]medium🔒---
20772sup Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0606]low🔒--🔒
20770Microsoft Windows Media Player IFRAME Tag privileges managementmedium🔒---
20769Mozilla Bugzilla Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-0603]low🔒--🔒
20768Mozilla Bugzilla symlink [CVE-2003-0602]low🔒--🔒
20767phpGroupWare Virtual File System cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0599]medium🔒--🔒
20765Merge privileges management [CVE-2003-0597]medium🔒---
20764FDclone Temp Directory Name privileges management [CVE-2003-0596]low🔒--🔒
20763WiTango Application Server Cookie memory corruption [CVE-2003-0595]medium🔒---
20761SGI IRIX NFS Daemon denial of service [CVE-2003-0576]low🔒---
20760SGI IRIX Name Service Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2003-0575]high🔒🔒--
20759Novell NetWare PERL CGI2PERL.NLM memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20758Linux Kernel Bridge Forwarding Table authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
20757Linux Kernel STP Protocol denial of service [CVE-2003-0551]low🔒---
20756Linux Kernel STP Protocol privileges management [CVE-2003-0550]medium🔒---
20755GDM XDMCP denial of service [CVE-2003-0549]low🔒---
20754GDM XDMCP denial of service [CVE-2003-0548]low🔒--🔒
20753GDM Xsession .xsession-errors symlinklow🔒---
20752Red Hat up2date RPM GPG Signature privileges management [CVE-2003-0546]medium🔒---
20751Wietse Venema Postfix Address Parser denial of service [CVE-2003-0540]low🔒🔒-🔒
20750Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Tag privileges managementmedium🔒---
20748Cisco IOS Web Server denial of service [CVE-2003-0511]medium🔒--🔒
20747Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server MS DOS Device Name denial of servicemedium🔒---
20746Wietse Venema Postfix SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2003-0468]low🔒🔒-🔒
20744Linux Kernel rpc privileges management [CVE-2003-0464]low🔒---
20743Linux Kernel Serial Driver serial information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20741KDE Konqueror Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
20740Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server Administration Server privileges managementhigh🔒---
20739Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server HTTP Request path traversalmedium🔒---
20738Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server URL Encoding Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
20737Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server parse_xml.cgi Source information disclosuremedium🔒---
20736Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server view_broadcast.cgi denial of servicelow🔒---
20735Apple QuickTime/Darwin Streaming Server MS DOS Device Name denial of servicemedium🔒---
20733Microsoft SQL Server Local Procedure Call privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20732Microsoft SQL Server Named Pipe denial of service [CVE-2003-0231]low🔒--🔒
20730McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator POST Request heap-based overflowmedium🔒--🔒
20729McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator MSDE Installer memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20728netris Service denial of service [CVE-2002-1566]low🔒---
20727Sun Solaris cachefs inetd.conf privileges managementmedium🔒---
20726Omail Webmail omail.pl checklogin privileges managementhigh🔒🔒--
20725Splatt Forum Post Icon cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0590]low🔒---
20724Digi-fx Digi-ads Authentication admin.php improper authenticationhigh🔒---
20723Digi-fx Digi-news Authentication admin.php improper authenticationhigh🔒---
20722Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board Cookie cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0587]low🔒---
20721Brooky eStore HTTP Request settings.inc.php Path information disclosuremedium🔒---
20720Brooky Estore Authentication login.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
20719Tolis Group BRU format string [CVE-2003-0584]medium🔒---
20718Tolis Group BRU memory corruption [CVE-2003-0583]medium🔒---
20717X Fontserver for Truetype Fonts FS_QueryXExtents8/FS_QueryXBitmaps8 Packets memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20716IBM U2 Universe uvadmsh memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20715IBM U2 Universe uvadmsh privileges managementlow🔒---
20714IBM U2 Universe cci_dir privileges managementlow🔒---
20713mpg123 MP3 File memory corruption [CVE-2003-0577]medium🔒🔒--
20712SGI IRIX privileges management [CVE-2003-0574]medium🔒---
20711SGI IRIX DNS Callback authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0573]low🔒---
20710SGI IRIX memory allocation [CVE-2003-0572]low🔒---
20709IglooFTP Pro memory corruption [CVE-2003-0561]medium🔒---
20708Virtual Programming VP-ASP shopexd.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
20707phpforum mainfile.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20706Leapware LeapFTP PASV Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0558]medium🔒--🔒
20705Lagarde Storefront Login login.asp sql injectionmedium🔒---
20704Polycom MGC-25 User Request denial of service [CVE-2003-0556]low🔒---
20703ImageMagick format string [CVE-2003-0555]medium🔒---
20702Neomodus Direct Connect ConnectToMe Request memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20701Netscape Navigator Client Detection Tool Plugin npcdt.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20700skk Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0539]low🔒--🔒
20699Mozart mailcap privileges management [CVE-2003-0538]medium🔒--🔒
20698Daiki Ueno Liece Emacs IRC Client Temp File privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20697phpSysInfo path traversal [CVE-2003-0536]low🔒--🔒
20696Xblockout Xbl memory corruption [CVE-2003-0535]medium🔒--🔒
20695Microsoft ISA Server Error Page 500.htm cross site scritingmedium🔒---
20694Knoppix Qt qt_plugins_3.0rc symlinkmedium🔒---
20693Early Impact Productcart msg.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20692Early Impact Productcart Control Panel Custva.asp sql injectionhigh🔒--🔒
20691cPanel URL privileges management [CVE-2003-0521]medium🔒---
20690Cerulean Studios Trillian TypingUser Message denial of servicelow🔒---
20689Microsoft Internet Explorer MS DOS Device Name Freeze denial of servicelow🔒---
20687Gert Doering mgetty JOB File faxrunqd.in symlinklow🔒---
20686Gert Doering mgetty cnd.c privileges managementmedium🔒---
20685teapop PostgreSQL/MySQL Authentication sql injection [CVE-2003-0515]medium🔒--🔒
20683Linux Kernel strncpy information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20682HP Nonstop Seeview Server Gateway privileges management [CVE-2003-0458]low🔒---
20681Deerfield Visnetic Website Server fpcount.exe Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20680MIME Library/wemi Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-0440]low🔒---
20679Microsoft Windows Accessibility Utility Manager privileges managementlow🔒---
20675nfs-utils Mountd xlog off-by-onehigh🔒🔒-🔒
20673SGI IRIX group privileges managementlow🔒---
20672SGI IRIX Name Service Daemon denial of service [CVE-2003-0176]low🔒---
20671Adobe Acrobat Reader Plugin Loader CTIsCertifiedMode privileges managementlow🔒---
20670Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript window.createPopup authentication spoofinglow🔒---
20669Metamail uuencoded Attachment privileges management [CVE-1999-1263]low🔒---
20668Phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
20667ezbounce Session Command format string [CVE-2003-0510]medium🔒--🔒
20666Cyberstrong eShop Authentication 20review.asp sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
20665Adobe Acrobat Reader Mailto Link WWWLaunchNetscape memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20664Microsoft NetMeeting Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-0506]low🔒---
20663phpGroupWare Addressbook index.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20662Microsoft Windows shell32.dll ShellExecute memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20661ProFTPD mod_sql_postgres sql injection [CVE-2003-0500]medium🔒--🔒
20660Mantis Configuration File Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
20659Intersystems Caché Database csp code injectionmedium🔒---
20658Intersystems Caché Database cache access controlmedium🔒---
20657Ledscripts.com Lednews cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0495]low🔒--🔒
20656Snitz Forums 2000 Password Reset password.asp privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20655Snitz Forums 2000 Session improper authentication [CVE-2003-0493]medium🔒---
20654Snitz Forums 2000 search.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20653Mytutorials Tutorials Upload privileges management [CVE-2003-0491]medium🔒---
20652Dantz Retrospect Client privileges management [CVE-2003-0490]medium🔒---
20651Michael C. Toren tcptraceroute File Descriptor privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20650Kerio Mailserver cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0488]low🔒--🔒
20649Kerio Mailserver memory corruption [CVE-2003-0487]medium🔒--🔒
20648phpBB viewtopic.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20647Progress 4GL Compiler Data Type memory corruption [CVE-2003-0485]low🔒---
20646phpBB viewtopic.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20645XMB Forum buddy.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20644Gero Kohnert TUTOS file_new.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20643Gero Kohnert TUTOS file_select.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20642VMware Workstation symlink [CVE-2003-0480]low🔒---
20641Affordable Web Space Design WebBBS Guestbook cross site scritinglow🔒---
20640Bahamut IRCd Debug Mode format string [CVE-2003-0478]medium🔒--🔒
20639wzdftpd Command denial of service [CVE-2003-0477]low🔒---
20638Linux Kernel File Descriptors execve privileges managementlow🔒---
20637Ashley Brown iWeb Server Encoded URL path traversal [CVE-2003-0475]medium🔒---
20636Ashley Brown iWeb Server HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2003-0474]medium🔒---
20635SGI IRIX IPv6 privileges management [CVE-2003-0473]high🔒---
20634SGI IRIX IPv6 denial of service [CVE-2003-0472]low🔒---
20633Alt-N Webadmin webadmin.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20632Imagemagick Libmagick Library Temp File privileges managementlow🔒---
20631Joe Rumsey xgalaga memory corruption [CVE-2003-0454]medium🔒--🔒
20630Ehud Gavron traceroute-nanog Argument integer coercion [CVE-2003-0453]high🔒--🔒
20629Gunnar Ritter osh memory corruption [CVE-2003-0452]low🔒--🔒
20628Xblockout xbl memory corruption [CVE-2003-0451]low🔒--🔒
20627Cistron RADIUS Daemon NAS-Port memory corruption [CVE-2003-0450]medium🔒--🔒
20626Progress Database privileges management [CVE-2003-0449]low🔒---
20625Crob FTP Server MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2003-1205]low🔒---
20624Linux Kernel Socket Filter filter.c integer coercionlow🔒🔒--
20623Aboleo.net Portmon privileges management [CVE-2003-0448]low🔒---
20622webfs URI memory corruption [CVE-2003-0445]medium🔒--🔒
20621PHP Transparent SID Support Capability index.php cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
20620Yuuichi Teranishi eldav Temp File symlink [CVE-2003-0438]low🔒--🔒
20619mnoGoSearch search.cgi memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20618mnoGoSearch search.cgi memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20617Typespeed net_swapscore memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20616Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux PDF Viewer privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20615gnocatan memory corruption [CVE-2003-0433]medium🔒--🔒
20614Ethereal BGP memory corruption [CVE-2003-0432]high🔒--🔒
20613Ethereal tvb_get_nstringz0 memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20612Ethereal SPNEGO Dissector denial of service [CVE-2003-0430]low🔒--🔒
20611Ethereal OSI Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2003-0429]medium🔒--🔒
20610Miod Vallat mikmod Archive File memory corruption [CVE-2003-0427]medium🔒--🔒
20609SMC Networks Barricade Wireless Cable Dsl Broadband Router PPTP denial of servicelow🔒---
20608Linux Kernel IP Stack Memory information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20606Norman Ramsey noweb noroff privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20604Lysator lyskom-server resource consumption [CVE-2003-0366]low🔒--🔒
20603Stichting Mathematisch Centrum Nethack privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20602Ypserv NIS Server TCP Client Request denial of service [CVE-2003-0251]low🔒--🔒
20601X.org X Server dexconf dri privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20600Sun Solaris LDAP nss_ldap.so.1 memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20599Vignette Content Suite Query sql injection [CVE-2003-0399]medium🔒--🔒
20598Vignette Content Suite SSI privileges management [CVE-2003-0398]medium🔒--🔒
20597linux-atm memory corruption [CVE-2003-0396]low🔒---
20596PHP Outburst Ultimate PHP Board UPB admin_iplog.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20595BLNews objects.inc.php4 privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20594Privacyware Privatefirewall Internet Traffic privileges managementmedium🔒---
20593ST FTP Service path traversal [CVE-2003-0392]medium🔒--🔒
20592Amax Magic Winmail Server format string [CVE-2003-0391]medium🔒--🔒
20591James Theiler OPT memory corruption [CVE-2003-0390]low🔒---
20590OpenBSD OpenSSH Reverse Mapping privileges management [CVE-2003-0386]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20589xaos memory corruption [CVE-2003-0385]medium🔒--🔒
20588Eterm memory corruption [CVE-2003-0382]low🔒--🔒
20587atftpd Filename memory corruption [CVE-2003-0380]medium🔒--🔒
20586Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux gzip znew symlinklow🔒---
20585Super-m Son hServer path traversal [CVE-2003-0417]medium🔒--🔒
20584Bandmin index.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20583Remote Pc Access Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-0415]low🔒---
20582Sun One Application Server Password information disclosure [CVE-2003-0414]medium🔒---
20581Sun One Application Server Error Message cross site scritinglow🔒---
20580Sun One Application Server URI authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0412]low🔒---
20579Sun One Application Server JSP Request Source information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20578AnalogX Proxy URL memory corruption [CVE-2003-0410]high🔒---
20577BRS Webweaver HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0409]high🔒---
20576Uptimes Project UpClient memory corruption [CVE-2003-0408]medium🔒---
20575GNOME Batalla Naval gbnserver memory corruption [CVE-2003-0407]high🔒--🔒
20574PalmVNC PalmVNCDB Password missing encryptionmedium🔒---
20573Vignette Content Suite HTTP privileges management [CVE-2003-0405]medium🔒--🔒
20572Vignette Content Suite Default Login Template cross site scritinglow🔒---
20571Vignette Content Suite license denial of servicelow🔒---
20570Vignette Content Suite login improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
20569Vignette Content Suite style information disclosurelow🔒---
20568Vignette Content Suite memory leak [CVE-2003-0400]medium🔒---
20567Pmachine lib.inc.php privileges management [CVE-2003-1086]medium🔒--🔒
20565iisPROTECT Administration Interface SiteAdmin.asp sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
20564Qualcomm Eudora Attachment Converted memory corruption [CVE-2003-0376]medium🔒---
20563XMB Forum member.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20562Nessus NASL Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-0374]high🔒---
20561Nessus Plugin Upload memory corruption [CVE-2003-0373]low🔒---
20560Prishtina FTP Client Server Banner memory corruption [CVE-2003-0371]medium🔒---
20559KDE Konqueror authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0370]medium🔒---
20558ICQLite Directory privileges management [CVE-2003-0365]low🔒---
20556GNU Ghostscript Print Job privileges management [CVE-2003-0354]medium🔒--🔒
20555Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Tag memory corruption [CVE-2003-0344]medium🔒🔒--
20554Fourelle Venturi Wireless Venturi Client Spam privileges managementmedium🔒---
20553Snowblind Web Server HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0315]medium🔒---
20552Snowblind Web Server URL denial of service [CVE-2003-0314]low🔒---
20551Snowblind Web Server HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2003-0313]low🔒---
20550Snowblind Web Server HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2003-0312]medium🔒---
20549eZ Publish articleview.php cross site scriptinglow🔒--🔒
20548Qualcomm Eudora IMAP Reply integer coercion [CVE-2003-0302]medium🔒---
20547Microsoft Outlook Express IMAP Reply integer coercion [CVE-2003-0301]low🔒---
20546Sylpheed IMAP Client integer coercion [CVE-2003-0300]low🔒---
20545Balsa/mutt Mailbox Size integer coercion [CVE-2003-0299]medium🔒--🔒
20544Mozilla IMAP Client integer coercion [CVE-2003-0298]medium🔒---
20543University of Washington c-client IMAP integer coercion [CVE-2003-0297]medium🔒--🔒
20542Ximian Evolution IMAP Reply integer coercion [CVE-2003-0296]medium🔒---
20541Jelsoft vBulletin Preview Message private.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20540php-proxima autohtml.php modload File information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20539Palm PalmOS ICMP Echo denial of service [CVE-2003-0293]low🔒---
20538Inktomi Traffic-server Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0292]low🔒--🔒
205373com 3cp4144 DHCP Response information disclosure [CVE-2003-0291]medium🔒---
20536EType EServ Connection memory leak [CVE-2003-0290]low🔒--🔒
20535Cdrtools Cdrecord scsiopen.c format stringmedium🔒--🔒
20534Hiroaki Shirouzu IP Messenger Filename memory corruption [CVE-2003-0288]high🔒---
20533Six Apart Movable Type Textbox cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0287]low🔒---
20531IBM AIX Configuration File sendmail.cf privileges managementmedium🔒---
20530Adobe Acrobat PDF File privileges management [CVE-2003-0284]medium🔒---
20529Phorum cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0283]low🔒---
20527YoungZSoft CMailServer ESMTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2003-0280]high🔒---
20526Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Web_Links index.php viewlink sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
20525Happycgi Happymall normal_html.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒---
20524Happycgi Happymall normal_html.cgi path traversalmedium🔒---
20523Pi3 Pi3Web GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0276]medium🔒--🔒
20522YaBB SSI.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
20520Linux Kernel TTY Layer denial of service [CVE-2003-0247]low🔒--🔒
20519Linux Kernel ioperm privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20518Neoteris Instant Virtual Extranet Authentication swsrv.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒---
20517GNU wget URL url_filename null terminationmedium🔒--🔒
20516KON memory corruption [CVE-2002-1155]medium🔒--🔒
20515Apple Mac OS X Server dsimportexport Password information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
20514gPS memory corruption [CVE-2003-0362]low🔒--🔒
20513gPS rgpsp Connection rgpsp.conf privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20512gPS memory corruption [CVE-2003-0360]medium🔒--🔒
20511nethack/falconseye memory corruption [CVE-2003-0358]low🔒--🔒
20510Ethereal Mount/PPP Dissector integer coercion [CVE-2003-0357]medium🔒--🔒
20509Ethereal AIM off-by-one [CVE-2003-0356]high🔒--🔒
20508Apple Safari X.509 Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0355]medium🔒---
20507Working Resources Inc. Badblue ISAPI Extension privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20506Ttcms ttForum Preferences sql injection [CVE-2003-0331]medium🔒--🔒
20505Ambrosia Maelstrom memory corruption [CVE-2003-0330]low🔒---
20504ACLogic CesarFTP settings.ini Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
20503Epic IRC Client CTCP Request integer coercion [CVE-2003-0328]medium🔒--🔒
20502Slocate parse_decode_path integer coercionlow🔒---
20501Ambrosia Maelstrom memory corruption [CVE-2003-0325]low🔒---
20500Epic IRC Client userhost_cmd_returned memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20499Michael Sandrof IrcII my_strcat memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20498Colten Edwards BitchX integer coercion [CVE-2003-0322]low🔒--🔒
20497Colten Edwards BitchX integer coercion [CVE-2003-0321]medium🔒--🔒
20496Andy Prevost ttCMS header.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20495Smartmax Mailmax IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0319]medium🔒--🔒
20494Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Statistics Module cross site scritinglow🔒---
20493Poster privileges management [CVE-2003-0307]medium🔒--🔒
20492Microsoft Windows explorer.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20491Cisco IOS Service Assurance Agent denial of service [CVE-2003-0305]low🔒--🔒
20490Oneorzero Helpdesk Administrator Account install.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20489Oneorzero Helpdesk Ticket Number sql injection [CVE-2003-0303]medium🔒--🔒
20488Apache HTTP Server mod_dav apr_psprintf memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20487Frontrange Goldmine HTML privileges management [CVE-2003-0241]medium🔒---
20486AXIS 2401 Video Server Web Administration Interface admin.shtml improper authenticationhigh🔒---
20485Microsoft Windows Media Services nsiislog.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20481tcpdump pcap privileges management [CVE-2003-0194]low🔒---
20480Red Hat Linux lv File privileges management [CVE-2003-0188]medium🔒--🔒
20479Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1564]medium🔒---
20478Symantec Raptor Firewall/Enterprise Firewall Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofingmedium🔒--🔒
20477Organicphp PHP-affiliate details2.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
20476Webscriptworld Web Shop Manager Search Box privileges managementmedium🔒---
20475Leszek Krupinski L-Forum POST Variable File information disclosuremedium🔒---
20474Leszek Krupinski L-Forum HTML Message cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1459]low🔒---
20473Leszek Krupinski L-Forum HTML Message cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1458]low🔒---
20472Leszek Krupinski L-Forum search.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
20471Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC memory corruption [CVE-2002-1456]medium🔒---
20470Omnicron OmniHTTPD redir.exe cross site scritinglow🔒---
20469MyWebServer Error Message Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20468Sun Solaris utmp_update memory corruption [CVE-2003-1068]medium🔒---
20467Crob FTP Server FTP Command denial of service [CVE-2003-1206]low🔒---
20466Sun Solaris Telnet Daemon resource consumption [CVE-2003-1069]low🔒---
20465Cren ListProc catmail memory corruption [CVE-2003-0274]high🔒---
20464Best Practical Solutions Request Tracker Web Interface cross site scritinglow🔒---
20463Miniportal Cookie admin.php privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
20462Cooolsoft Personal FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0271]high🔒--🔒
20461Youbin memory corruption [CVE-2003-0269]medium🔒---
20460Bvrp SLWebMail Error Message WebMailReq.dll Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20459Bvrp SLWebMail ShowGodLog.dll File information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20458Bvrp SLWebMail globallogin.dll memory corruption [CVE-2003-0266]medium🔒--🔒
20457Seattle Lab SLMail POP3 Server slmail.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20456Floosietek FTGate Command memory corruption [CVE-2003-0263]medium🔒--🔒
20455leksbot KATAXWR privileges management [CVE-2003-0262]medium🔒--🔒
20454Fuzz Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0261]low🔒--🔒
20453Cisco Vpn 30xx Concentrator ICMP Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-0260]low🔒--🔒
20452Cisco VPN 30xx Concentrator SSH Service denial of service [CVE-2003-0259]low🔒--🔒
20451Cisco VPN 30xx Concentrator IPsec over TCP privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20450KDE Kopete GnuPG Plugin privileges management [CVE-2003-0256]medium🔒--🔒
20449GNU Privacy Guard Key Validation authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0255]medium🔒--🔒
20448Happycgi Happymall member_html.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20447Mirabilis ICQ GIF89a Header icqateimg32.dll denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20446Mirabilis ICQ Message Session resource consumption [CVE-2003-0238]low🔒--🔒
20445Mirabilis ICQ Features on Demand authentication spoofing [CVE-2003-0237]medium🔒--🔒
20444Mirabilis ICQ POP3 Client integer coercion [CVE-2003-0236]medium🔒--🔒
20443WsMp3 Daemon HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0339]medium🔒---
20442Platform lsadmin Server lsf.conf privileges managementlow🔒---
20441Qualcomm Eudora Attachment Converted authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
20440Slackware Linux Quota rc.M privileges managementmedium🔒---
20439Selom Ofori BlackMoon FTP Server Error Message User information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20438Owl Intranet Engine cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0341]low🔒---
20437Demarc Puresecure Logging Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
20436WsMp3 Daemon HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2003-0338]medium🔒--🔒
20435Selom Ofori BlackMoon FTP Server blackmoon.mdb Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
20434HP HP-UX Privileges getc memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20433Sendmail Temp File doublebounce.pl privileges managementmedium🔒---
20431Oracle9i memory corruption [CVE-2003-0222]high🔒--🔒
20430HP Tru64 setld symlinkmedium🔒---
20429Monkey HTTP Daemon Post PostMethod memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20428Cisco CatOS Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2003-0216]high🔒--🔒
20427Battleaxe bttlxeForum Authentication sql injection [CVE-2003-0215]medium🔒--🔒
20426mime-support Temp File run-mailcap symlinklow🔒--🔒
20425PoPToP PPTP Server ctrlpacket.c memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20424rinetd Connection List handleAccept memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20422gkrellm-newsticker link/title denial of service [CVE-2003-0206]low🔒--🔒
20421gkrellm-newsticker URI privileges management [CVE-2003-0205]medium🔒--🔒
20420SGI IRIX LDAP Server improper authentication [CVE-2003-0174]medium🔒---
20419Microsoft Biztalk Server Document Tracking/Administration RawCustomSearchField.asp sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
20418Microsoft Biztalk Server ISAPI BizTalkHTTPReceive.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20417Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS privileges management [CVE-2003-0116]medium🔒---
20416Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management [CVE-2003-0115]medium🔒---
20413Microsoft Windows Debugger memory corruption [CVE-2003-0112]low🔒---
20412Red Hat Linux mod_auth_any privileges management [CVE-2003-0084]medium🔒--🔒
20411stunnel SIGCHLD Signal denial of service [CVE-2002-1563]low🔒---
20410Acme Labs thttpd Host Header path traversal [CVE-2002-1562]medium🔒--🔒
20409John Beatty Easy PHP Photo Album cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1146]low🔒---
20408Colten Edwards BitchX Channel Mode Change names.c Core Dump denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20407xinetd Connection memory leak [CVE-2003-0211]low🔒--🔒
20406Macromedia Flash User Tracking cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0208]low🔒---
20405gs-common Temp File ps2epsi privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20404KDE PostScript/PDF Document privileges management [CVE-2003-0204]medium🔒--🔒
20403Apple Mac OS X DropBox privileges management [CVE-2003-0198]medium🔒---
20402Samba memory corruption [CVE-2003-0196]high🔒--🔒
20401SGI IRIX xfsdump xfsdq privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20400Apple Mac OS X DirectoryServices privileges management [CVE-2003-0171]medium🔒---
20399Gaim-Encryption Message memory corruption [CVE-2003-0163]medium🔒---
20398Astart Technologies LPRng psbanner before symlinklow🔒--🔒
20397GNOME GtkHTML Message denial of service [CVE-2003-0133]low🔒--🔒
20396Microsoft Virtual Machine ByteCode Verifier privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20395Microsoft Proxy Server/ISA Server Winsock Service resource consumptionmedium🔒--🔒
20394Sun Solaris lofiadm memory leak [CVE-2003-1072]low🔒---
20393Sun Solaris rcpbind denial of service [CVE-2003-1070]low🔒---
20392DB4Web Debug Message Proxy privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20391DB4Web db4web_c.exe File information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20390phpGB magic_quotes_gpc login.php sql injectionhigh🔒---
20389phpGB savesettings.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
20388phpGB Delete Entry cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1480]low🔒---
20387Cacti config.php Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
20386Cacti Console Mode privileges management [CVE-2002-1478]high🔒--🔒
20385Cacti graphs.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20383HP Tru64 Packet denial of service [CVE-2002-1475]low🔒---
20382HP Tru64 denial of service [CVE-2002-1474]low🔒---
20381HP HP-UX lp Subsystem memory corruption [CVE-2002-1473]low🔒---
20380Ximian Evolution Camel improper authentication [CVE-2002-1471]medium🔒---
20379NullSoft SHOUTcast Server GET Request sc_serv.log Password information disclosurelow🔒---
20378scponly privileges management [CVE-2002-1469]medium🔒---
20377IBM AIX errpt memory corruption [CVE-2002-1468]medium🔒---
20376Macromedia Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2002-1467]medium🔒--🔒
20375CafeLog B2 privileges management [CVE-2002-1466]high🔒---
20374CafeLog B2 sql injection [CVE-2002-1465]medium🔒---
20373CafeLog B2 cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1464]low🔒---
20372mod_access_referer Referer ap_parse_uri_components null pointer dereferencelow🔒🔒-🔒
20371moxftp Banner memory corruption [CVE-2003-0203]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20370Interbase Database memory corruption [CVE-2003-0197]medium🔒---
20369HP Instant Toptools hpnst.exe resource consumptionlow🔒---
20368Red Hat Linux vsftpd privileges management [CVE-2003-0135]medium🔒---
20367Apache HTTP Server Device Name filestat.c denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20365Google Toolbar Event OnKeyDown information disclosuremedium🔒---
20364Google Toolbar res URI cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1442]medium🔒--🔒
20363Tomahawk Steelarrow Steelarrow.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20362Gateway GS-400 hard-coded password [CVE-2002-1440]high🔒---
20361HP HP-UX VirtualVault memory corruption [CVE-2002-1439]low🔒---
20360Novell NetWare Web Handler for Perl Version information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20359Novell NetWare Web Handler for Perl path traversal [CVE-2002-1437]medium🔒--🔒
20358Novell NetWare Web Handler for Perl privileges management [CVE-2002-1436]medium🔒--🔒
20357Achievo class.atkdateattribute.js.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20356Kerio Mailserver URL cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1434]low🔒--🔒
20355Kerio Mailserver SYN Packet Hang denial of servicelow🔒---
20354MidiCart midicart.mdb information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
20353Belkin F5D5230-4 Cable Dsl Gateway Router authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
20352Synthetic Reality Sympoll URL Parameter File information disclosuremedium🔒---
20351Endity.com ShoutBOX board.php cross site scritinglow🔒---
20350dotProject index.php improper authenticationhigh🔒---
20349Easy Advanced Easy Homepage Creator edit.cgi print_html_to_file improper authenticationmedium🔒---
20348HP ProCurve Switch 4000M SNMP Service memory corruption [CVE-2002-1426]high🔒---
20347John G. Myers mpack munpack path traversal [CVE-2002-1425]medium🔒--🔒
20346John G. Myers mpack munpack memory corruption [CVE-2002-1424]medium🔒---
20345Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum tmp_view.php File information disclosuremedium🔒---
20344Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum URL Encoding admbrowse.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
20343Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum showposts.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
20341SGI IRIX MAC Address privileges management [CVE-2002-1419]medium🔒---
20340Novell NetWare NetBasic Scripting Server memory corruption [CVE-2002-1418]medium🔒---
20339Novell NetWare NetBasic Scripting Server path traversal [CVE-2002-1417]medium🔒--🔒
20338WebEasyMail POP3 Service User information disclosurelow🔒---
20337WebEasyMail SMTP Service format string [CVE-2002-1415]medium🔒---
20336Inter7 Qmailadmin memory corruption [CVE-2002-1414]low🔒---
20335Novell NetWare RCONAG6 improper authentication [CVE-2002-1413]medium🔒---
20334Gallery Photo Album Package init.php privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20333Duma Photo Gallery System update.dpgs path traversalmedium🔒---
20332Easy Guestbook config.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
20331HP HP-UX ptrace denial of service [CVE-2002-1409]low🔒---
20330HP VVOS EMANATE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2002-1408]medium🔒---
20329Adam Megacz TinySSL CA-signed Certificate authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
20328HP HP-UX passwd Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2002-1406]medium🔒---
20327Microsoft Word/Excel Field Code information disclosure [CVE-2002-1143]low🔒---
20326McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator GET Request format string [CVE-2002-0690]high🔒🔒-🔒
20325IBM Lotus Domino Web Server nhttp.exe s_Validation denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20324IBM Lotus Domino Web Server nhttp.exe h_PageUI denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20323IBM Lotus Domino Web Server COM Object Control Handlerl memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20322IBM Lotus Domino Web Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0178]high🔒--🔒
20321PHP openlog memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20320Mutt IMAP off-by-one [CVE-2003-0167]medium🔒--🔒
20319GNOME EOG format string [CVE-2003-0165]low🔒--🔒
20318Ecartis/Listar Password Reset privileges management [CVE-2003-0162]medium🔒--🔒
20317SquirrelMail cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0160]low🔒---
20316Ethereal NTLMSSP Dissector heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0159]medium🔒--🔒
20315Mozilla Bonsai improper authentication [CVE-2003-0155]medium🔒--🔒
20314Mozilla Bonsai cvsqueryform.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20313Mozilla Bonsai Error Message multidiff.cgi Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20312Mozilla Bonsai privileges management [CVE-2003-0152]medium🔒--🔒
20310Apache HTTP Server Escape Character privileges management [CVE-2003-0083]medium🔒--🔒
20309MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0082]low🔒--🔒
20308MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center memory corruption [CVE-2003-0072]low🔒--🔒
20307Microsoft Windows RPC Endpoint Mapper null pointer dereferencelow🔒--🔒
20306Mondosoft Mondosearch msmmask.exe Source information disclosuremedium🔒--🔒
20305Emumail Emu Webmail Error Message emumail.cgi Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20304Emumail Emu Webmail emumail.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20303Sun Sunone Starter Kit ASTAware SearchDisk Engine path traversallow🔒---
20302NullSoft WinAmp XML Parser wsabi.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20300Cooolsoft PowerFTP memory corruption [CVE-2002-1522]medium🔒---
20299MDG Web Server 4d Ws4d.4DD Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
20294SGI IRIX rpcbind symlink [CVE-2002-1516]low🔒---
20293Coolforum avatar.php path traversalmedium🔒---
20292Borland Interbase isc_init1.X gds_lock_mgr symlinkmedium🔒---
20291Compaq OpenVMS TCP/IP Services privileges management [CVE-2002-1513]low🔒---
20290Tolis Group BRU xbru xbru_dscheck.dd symlinkmedium🔒---
20289Epic Games Unreal Tournament Server Service denial of servicelow🔒---
20288Jacques Gelinas linuxconf memory corruption [CVE-2002-1506]medium🔒---
20287Woltlab Burning Board board.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
20286Radiobird Software Webserver 4 Everyone URL path traversal [CVE-2002-1504]medium🔒---
20285Automatic File Distributor memory corruption [CVE-2002-1503]medium🔒---
20284Dave Brul xbreaky .breakyhighscores symlinklow🔒---
20283Enterasys Smartswitch SSR8000 Portscan denial of service [CVE-2002-1501]low🔒---
20282NetBSD File Descriptors FD_SET memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20281Factosystem Weblog sql injection [CVE-2002-1499]medium🔒---
20280Trevor Lee SWServer URL path traversal [CVE-2002-1498]medium🔒---
20279Nulllogic Null HTTP Server 404 Error Message cross site scritinglow🔒---
20278Nulllogic Null HTTP Server Content-Length Header memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20277Rudi Benkovic JAWmail cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1495]low🔒---
20276Aestiva HTML OS Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1494]low🔒---
20275Lycos Htmlgear Guestgear cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1493]low🔒---
20274Cisco VPN 5000 Client open_tunnel memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20271PlanetDNS PlanetWeb HTTP GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2002-1489]medium🔒---
20270Cerulean Studios Trillian IRC Client denial of service [CVE-2002-1488]low🔒---
20268Cerulean Studios Trillian IRC Client memory corruption [CVE-2002-1486]medium🔒---
20267Cerulean Studios Trillian AIM Client denial of service [CVE-2002-1485]low🔒--🔒
20266Adobe Acrobat Reader Digital Signature memory corruption [CVE-2002-0030]medium🔒---
20264NetPBM integer coercion [CVE-2003-0146]medium🔒--🔒
20263LBL tcpdump RADIUS Dissector infinite loop [CVE-2003-0145]low🔒---
20262lprold lprm Command memory corruption [CVE-2003-0144]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20260GNOME Gnome-Lokkit iptables Ruleset privileges management [CVE-2003-0080]medium🔒---
20259Martin Bauer gBook Authentication index.php improper authenticationhigh🔒---
20258Research Systems Inc. Ion Script ion-p.exe path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
20257Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 TCC/TCC+/XTC privileges management [CVE-2002-1558]high🔒--🔒
20256Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 TCC/TCC+/XTC denial of service [CVE-2002-1557]low🔒--🔒
20255Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 TCC/TCC+/XTC denial of service [CVE-2002-1556]low🔒--🔒
20254Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 SNMP Service hard-coded password [CVE-2002-1555]medium🔒--🔒
20253Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 TCC/TCC+/XTC Password missing encryptionlow🔒--🔒
20252Cisco ONS15327/ONS15454 FTP Service privileges management [CVE-2002-1553]medium🔒--🔒
20251Novell eDirectory Remote Manager improper authentication [CVE-2002-1552]medium🔒---
20250IBM AIX nslookup Command memory corruption [CVE-2002-1551]low🔒---
20249IBM AIX Temp File dump_smutil.sh symlinklow🔒---
20248Light HTTPd GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2002-1549]medium🔒---
20247IBM AIX autofs privileges management [CVE-2002-1548]medium🔒---
20245BRS Webweaver Password Protection improper authentication [CVE-2002-1546]medium🔒---
20244Cooolsoft Personal FTP Server Command Path information disclosurelow🔒---
20243Cooolsoft Personal FTP Server Command path traversal [CVE-2002-1544]medium🔒---
20241SolarWinds TFTP Server UDP Datagram memory corruption [CVE-2002-1542]medium🔒---
20240Working Resources Inc. Badblue Password Protection improper authenticationmedium🔒---
20238Acuma Acusend Report information disclosure [CVE-2002-1538]medium🔒---
20236Hans Persson Molly privileges management [CVE-2002-1536]medium🔒---
20235Symantec Raptor Firewall Secure Webserver 1.1 privileges managementmedium🔒---
20234Macromedia Flash Player SMB Share privileges management [CVE-2002-1534]medium🔒---
20233Jetty JSP Servlet cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1533]low🔒---
20232SurfControl Superscout Email Filter Administrative Web Interface denial of servicelow🔒---
20231SurfControl Superscout Email Filter Administrative Web Interface denial of servicelow🔒---
20230SurfControl Superscout Email Filter Administrative Web Interface userlist.asp Password information disclosuremedium🔒---
20229SurfControl Superscout Email Filter Administrative Web Interface msgError.asp cross site scritinglow🔒---
20228Sun Solaris newtask privileges management [CVE-2003-1074]medium🔒---
20227SGI IRIX XDR Library xdrmem_getbytes integer coercionmedium🔒--🔒
20224Cross Referencer LXR path traversal [CVE-2003-0156]medium🔒--🔒
20223BEA WebLogic Server Servlet privileges management [CVE-2003-0151]medium🔒--🔒
20222MySQL SELECT my.cnf privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20221Mutt IMAP Reply memory corruption [CVE-2003-0140]medium🔒--🔒
20220MIT Kerberos Ticket privileges management [CVE-2003-0139]medium🔒--🔒
20219MIT Kerberos improper authentication [CVE-2003-0138]medium🔒--🔒
20218OpenSSL SSL/TLS Connection privileges management [CVE-2003-0131]medium🔒--🔒
20217Ximian Evolution MIME Content-ID Header mail-format.c handle_image cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20216Ximian Evolution Uuencoded Header memory allocation [CVE-2003-0129]low🔒--🔒
20215Ximian Evolution Uuencoded Header mail-format.c try_uudecoding memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20214Microsoft ISA Server DNS Intrusion Detection Application Filter denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20213Microsoft Windows Script Engine for JScript JScript.dll JsArrayFunctionHeapSort integer coercionhigh🔒--🔒
20212OpenLDAP back-ldbm passwd.c slap_passwd_parse null terminationlow🔒🔒--
20211Mambo Site Server index.php cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20210BEA WebLogic Server Session Persistence privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20209Qualcomm Qpopper pop_msg memory corruptionhigh🔒---
20208Nokia SGSN DX200 SNMP Daemon hard-coded password [CVE-2003-0137]medium🔒🔒--
20207Multitech Routefinder 550 Web Interface hard-coded password [CVE-2003-0126]medium🔒---
20206Multitech Routefinder 550 Web Interface memory corruption [CVE-2003-0125]medium🔒--🔒
20205Andries Brouwer man Quote my_xsprintf privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20204IBM Lotus Domino Web Retriever Client memory corruption [CVE-2003-0123]medium🔒--🔒
20203IBM Lotus Domino RPC Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2003-0122]medium🔒---
20202ClearSwift MAILsweeper MIME Version Header Field privileges managementmedium🔒---
20201NetBSD ELF Header readelf.c tryelf memory corruptionlow🔒--🔒
20200Ethereal SOCKS Dissector packet-socks.c format stringmedium🔒--🔒
20199hanterm-xf Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0077]medium🔒--🔒
20198PuTTY Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0069]medium🔒---
20197Aterm Escape Character privileges management [CVE-2003-0067]medium🔒---
20196Protegrity Secure.Data Extended Stored Procedure protegrity.dll xp_pty_select memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
20195Apache HTTP Server Escape Character privileges management [CVE-2003-0020]medium🔒--🔒
20194Sun One Application Server Connector Module gxnsapi6.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20193mhc-utils adb2mhc symlink [CVE-2003-0120]low🔒--🔒
20192LBL Tcpdump ISAKMP Dissector isakmp_sub_print infinite looplow🔒---
20191GNU zlib gzprintf memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20190Nokia 6210 Handset Multi-Part vCard format string [CVE-2003-0103]medium🔒---
20189Apple Quicktime Darwin Mp3 Broadcaster Administration Server memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20188Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Administration Server privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20187Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Administration Server parse_xml.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20186Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Administration Server parse_xml.cgi Directory information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20185Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Administration Server parse_xml.cgi Path information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
20184Apple Quicktime Streaming Server Administration Server parse_xml.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20183Snort Fragmented RPC Packet memory corruption [CVE-2003-0033]high🔒--🔒
20182Microsoft Windows Help/Support Center cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0009]low🔒---
20181Sendmail headers.c crackaddr memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
20180Sun Solaris UFS File System denial of service [CVE-2003-1077]low🔒---
20179Webmin Base64 Encoded String miniserv.pl authentication spoofingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20178Cisco IOS OSPF Neighbor Announcement denial of service [CVE-2003-0100]medium🔒--🔒
20177APC apcupsd vsprintf memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20176APC apcupsd Slave Server Request format string [CVE-2003-0098]high🔒--🔒
20175PHP CGI Module privileges management [CVE-2003-0097]medium🔒--🔒
20174Oracle9i memory corruption [CVE-2003-0096]high🔒---
20173Oracle9i Authentication ORACLE.EXE memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
20172Andries Brouwer util-linux util-linux Package urandom privileges managementlow🔒--🔒
20171LBL tcpdump RADIUS Dissector infinite loop [CVE-2003-0093]low🔒---
20170Apple Mac OS X TruBlueEnvironment privileges management [CVE-2003-0088]medium🔒---
20169National Language Support libIM Library memory corruption [CVE-2003-0087]medium🔒---
20168hanterm-xf DEC UDK Processor infinite loop [CVE-2003-0079]low🔒--🔒
20167OpenSSL Block Cipher Padding s3_pkt.c ssl3_get_record missing encryptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20166XFree86 X11r6 DEC UDK Processor denial of service [CVE-2003-0071]low🔒--🔒
20165Nalin Dahyabhai VTE Windows Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0070]medium🔒---
20164Michael Jennings Eterm Windows Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0068]medium🔒--🔒
20163rxvt Windows Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0066]medium🔒--🔒
20162National University Of Singapore uxterm Windows Title privileges managementmedium🔒---
20161dtterm Windows Title privileges management [CVE-2003-0064]medium🔒---
20160XFree86 X11r6 xterm privileges management [CVE-2003-0063]medium🔒--🔒
20159Apple Mac OS X Apple File Protocol improper authentication [CVE-2003-0049]medium🔒---
20158aterm menuBar privileges management [CVE-2003-0024]medium🔒---
20157rxvt menuBar privileges management [CVE-2003-0023]medium🔒--🔒
20156rxvt Screen Dump privileges management [CVE-2003-0022]medium🔒--🔒
20155Michael Jennings Eterm Screen Dump privileges management [CVE-2003-0021]medium🔒--🔒
20154Tightvnc vncserver Wrapper srand improper authenticationlow🔒--🔒
20153XFree86 X11r6 xdm privileges management [CVE-2002-1510]high🔒--🔒
20152Red Hat Linux shadow-utils privileges management [CVE-2002-1509]low🔒--🔒
20150Oracle Application Server 502 Bad Gateway Response mod_dav.c dav_lookup_uri format stringmedium🔒--🔒
20148Microsoft Internet Explorer Help Function showhelp memory corruptionmedium🔒---
20147Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross-Domain Policy privileges managementmedium🔒---
20146dcgui Directory Parser path traversal [CVE-2003-0076]medium🔒---
20145BladeEnc samplein.c myfseek integer coercionmedium🔒---
20144plptools plpnfsd mpmain.c infolog format stringmedium🔒---
20143MySQL mysql_change_user double freelow🔒--🔒
20142Eset Software NOD32 Antivirus Path Name memory corruption [CVE-2003-0062]medium🔒---
20141MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center format string [CVE-2003-0060]medium🔒--🔒
20140MIT Kerberos chk_trans.c authentication spoofingmedium🔒--🔒
20139MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center null pointer dereferencelow🔒--🔒
20138Hypermail memory corruption [CVE-2003-0057]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20137Slocate memory corruption [CVE-2003-0056]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20136PuTTY Memory information disclosure [CVE-2003-0048]low🔒---
20135SecureCRT/SecureFX/Entunnel Memory information disclosure [CVE-2003-0047]low🔒---
20134Celestial Software AbsoluteTelnet Memory information disclosurelow🔒---
20133Red hat Linux Kerberos FTP Client privileges management [CVE-2003-0041]high🔒🔒-🔒
20132Double Precision Courier MTA sql injection [CVE-2003-0040]medium🔒--🔒
20131Red hat Linux kernel-utils Package privileges management [CVE-2003-0019]medium🔒---
20130Microsoft Windows Redirector memory corruption [CVE-2003-0004]medium🔒---
20129OpenLDAP slapd privileges management [CVE-2002-1508]low🔒--🔒
20128University of Kansas Lynx HTTP Header privileges management [CVE-2002-1405]medium🔒--🔒
20126w3m IMG Tag privileges management [CVE-2002-1348]medium🔒--🔒
20125Pingtel xpressa Authentication denial of service [CVE-2002-0669]low🔒---
20124MIT Kerberos ASN.1 Decoder denial of service [CVE-2002-0036]low🔒--🔒
20123Sun Solaris Mail information disclosure [CVE-2003-1080]low🔒---
20122Apache Tomcat MS DOS Device Name aux.jsp denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
20121Apache Tomcat cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0044]low🔒🔒-🔒
20120Apache Tomcat web.xml privileges managementmedium🔒---
20119Apache Tomcat URL index.html Source information disclosuremedium🔒🔒-🔒
20118ISC DHCPD dhcrelay infinite loop [CVE-2003-0039]low🔒---
20117GNU Mailman options.py cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
20116Noffle null termination [CVE-2003-0037]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20115Rildo Pragana ml85p printer-drivers symlink [CVE-2003-0036]medium🔒--🔒
20114Robert Krawitz escputil printer-drivers memory corruption [CVE-2003-0035]medium🔒--🔒
20113Jean-Jacques Sarton Mtink printer-drivers memory corruption [CVE-2003-0034]medium🔒--🔒
20112Sun Solaris Kodak Color Management System KCS_OPEN_PROFILE path traversallow🔒---
20111Apache HTTP Server HTTP Request privileges management [CVE-2003-0017]medium🔒--🔒
20110Apache HTTP Server MS DOS Device Name memory corruption [CVE-2003-0016]medium🔒--🔒
20109Microsoft Outlook V1 Exchange Server Security Certificate missing encryptionlow🔒---
20108Microsoft Windows Terminal Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0003]medium🔒--🔒
20107Microsoft Content Management Server manuallogin.asp cross site scritingmedium🔒---
20106PeopleSoft Peopletools Application Messaging Gateway xml external entity referencemedium🔒---
20105Celestial AbsoluteTelnet Window Title memory corruption [CVE-2003-1090]high🔒---
20104Sun Solaris FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2003-1075]low🔒---
20103libmcrypt Request memory leak [CVE-2003-0032]low🔒--🔒
20102libmcrypt memory leak [CVE-2003-0031]medium🔒--🔒
20101ISC DHCPD Error memory corruption [CVE-2003-0026]medium🔒---
20100Horde IMP mailbox.php3 check_prefs sql injectionmedium🔒--🔒
20098Mozilla Bugzilla Data Collection privileges management [CVE-2003-0012]low🔒--🔒
20096dhcpcd privileges management [CVE-2002-1403]medium🔒--🔒
20095PostgreSQL memory corruption [CVE-2002-1402]low🔒🔒-🔒
20094PostgreSQL path_add memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20093PostgreSQL repeat memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20092PostgreSQL cash_out privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
20091PostgreSQL Date Parser memory corruption [CVE-2002-1398]low🔒🔒-🔒
20090PostgreSQL cash_words integer coercionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
20089PHP wordwrap memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20088Internet Message privileges management [CVE-2002-1395]low🔒🔒-🔒
20087Apache Tomcat Invoker Servlet privileges management [CVE-2002-1394]medium🔒--🔒
20086KDE Address privileges management [CVE-2002-1393]medium🔒🔒-🔒
20085Gert Doering mgetty faxspool privileges management [CVE-2002-1392]low🔒--🔒
20084Gert Doering mgetty cnd memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
20083Geneweb URL privileges management [CVE-2002-1390]medium🔒--🔒
20082bmv Temp File gsinterf.c symlinklow🔒🔒-🔒
20080Polycom Viewstation Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2002-0630]low🔒---
20079Polycom Viewstation Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2002-0629]low🔒---
20078Polycom Viewstation Telnet Service improper authentication [CVE-2002-0628]low🔒---
20077Polycom Viewstation Unicode privileges management [CVE-2002-0627]medium🔒---
20076Polycom Viewstation Administrator Account hard-coded passwordhigh🔒---
20075Sun Solaris Wall Daemon rpc.walld authentication spoofinglow🔒---
20074typespeed memory corruption [CVE-2002-1389]low🔒--🔒
20073MHonArc HTML Mail Message cross site scriting [CVE-2002-1388]low🔒--🔒
20072Ehud Gavron Tracesroute memory corruption [CVE-2002-1387]low🔒--🔒
20071Ehud Gavron Tracesroute memory corruption [CVE-2002-1386]low🔒--🔒
20070pdftops xpdf/xpdf-i/CUPS integer coercion [CVE-2002-1384]medium🔒--🔒
20069OpenLDAP .ldaprc privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
20068OpenLDAP memory corruption [CVE-2002-1378]medium🔒--🔒
18793PHP ASCII Control Character mail privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
18792PHP Safe Mode mail privileges managementhigh🔒--🔒
18254OpenBSD OpenSSH Kerberos/AFS auth_krb4_tgt memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
16947DCscripts DCForum Perl Handler_ dcboard.cgi path traversalmedium🔒--🔒
467Microsoft IIS privileges managementmedium🔒---
464Apple Mac OS X denial of servicelow🔒🔒🔒-
462Microsoft Internet Explorer showHelp security check for standardhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
461Alt-N MDaemon Form2Raw.exe stack-based overflowmedium🔒🔒🔒-
460PHP mod_php information disclosure [CVE-2003-1307] [Disputed]low🔒🔒🔒-
459Microsoft IIS config [CVE-2003-1566]low🔒🔒🔒-
458CVS passwd double freemedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
457Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTPS Referer information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
456Sun Solaris tcsh unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-1024]medium🔒🔒🔒-
455Microsoft Internet Explorer Warning Message privileges managementmedium🔒---
454Orinoco Wireless Stations Multicast privileges managementlow🔒---
453IBM AIX diaq unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒🔒-
452IBM AIX enq format string [CVE-2003-1018]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
451Kerio Personal Firewall TCP-Stealth-Scan Detector privileges managementlow🔒🔒🔒-
450Ipswitch WS_FTP Server denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
448Apple Mac OS X cd9660.util memory corruption [CVE-2003-1006]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
447Cisco PIX denial of service [CVE-2003-1004]medium🔒🔒🔒-
446Cisco Catalyst 6500/Catalyst 7600 Cisco Firewall Services Module memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
445Sun Solaris ed privileges management [CVE-2003-1056]low🔒🔒🔒-
444Sun Solaris libprint lpstat privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
443Opera Web Browser File Download privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
442Microsoft Internet Explorer javascript URL denial of servicemedium🔒---
441Microsoft Windows SHELL32.DLL memory corruptionmedium🔒---
440Cisco ACNS Password memory corruption [CVE-2003-0982]medium🔒🔒🔒-
439Yahoo! Mail cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0223]medium🔒--🔒
438Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2003-1025]medium🔒-🔒-
436IBM WebSphere Request DTD Attribute denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
435Dell BIOS Password Protection denial of servicelow🔒---
434CVS privileges management [CVE-2003-0977]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
433Yahoo! Messenger ysmgr URI ypager.exe cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
432Sun Solaris CDE dtprintinfo privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
431Apple AppleShare FTP Server denial of servicemedium🔒---
430Netscreen ScreenOS Automated Logout improper authenticationlow🔒---
429Sun Cluster TCP Port denial of service [CVE-2003-1563]low🔒🔒--
428Novell NetWare NFS Server XNFS.NLM information disclosuremedium🔒---
427rsync Server Mode heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0962]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
426GnuPG HKP Interface format string [CVE-2003-0978]medium🔒🔒🔒-
425Sun Solaris Direct Graphics Access Mode privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
424Sun ONE/iPlanet Web Server denial of servicemedium🔒---
423Yahoo! Messenger YAUTO.DLL memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
422Cisco Aironet Access Point SNMP WEP Key access control [CVE-2002-0013]medium🔒🔒-🔒
421Linux Kernel do_brk memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
420OpenCA Certificate improper authentication [CVE-2003-0960]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
419Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒🔒
418Apple Mac OS X DHCP privileges management [CVE-2003-1009]high🔒🔒🔒🔒
417ISC BIND Reply denial of service [CVE-2003-0914]medium🔒🔒-🔒
416GnuPG ElGamal Key Type 20 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0971]medium🔒🔒-🔒
415GNU FreeRADIUS rlm_smb memory corruption [CVE-2003-0967]medium🔒🔒-🔒
414Microsoft Windows BIOS Date Reset denial of servicemedium🔒---
413Microsoft Internet Explorer Download HTM Cache access controllow🔒🔒--
412Microsoft Internet Explorer Subframe access control [CVE-2003-1026]medium🔒🔒-🔒
411Microsoft Internet Explorer mhtml URI Security Zone defining Remote Code Executionhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
410AIX/Linux/Solaris Hard-Links Quote unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
409Opera Web Browser application/x-opera-skin ZIP File memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
408Opera Web Browser Skin File unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒--🔒
407Microsoft Messenger MSG Message Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
406IBM AIX rpc memory corruption [CVE-2003-0954]medium🔒🔒🔒-
405GNU FreeRADIUS Attribute Attachment memory corruption [CVE-2003-0967]medium🔒🔒-🔒
404Half-Life Dedicated Server allowdownloads privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
403Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2003-1059]medium🔒🔒🔒-
402Kerio Winroute Firewall Xroxy Authorization missing encryptionmedium🔒🔒--
401SuSE/Red Hat Linux KDE privileges managementmedium🔒---
400Sun ONE Web Server Log Entry Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
399OpenBSD compat_ibcs2 stack-based overflowlow🔒🔒--
398Sun Solaris CDE-DtHelp-Library memory corruption [CVE-2003-0834]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
397Webwasher Error Message cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
396Symantec pcAnywhere Help Interface awhost32.exe privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
395BEA WebLogic JNDI via RMI information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
394BEA WebLogic Node Manager denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
393BEA WebLogic JMS Provider unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-1290]low🔒🔒🔒-
392BEA WebLogic T3 via SSL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-1290]medium🔒🔒🔒-
391BEA WebLogic Proxy Plugin denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
390PeopleSoft People Tools IClient Servlet privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
389Opera Web Browser privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
388Nokia IPSO Network Voyager Log cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
387Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions SmartHTML Content denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
386Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions Remote Debug memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
385Microsoft Excel Macro Security memory corruption [CVE-2003-0821]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
384Microsoft Word Macro Name memory corruption [CVE-2003-0820]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
383Microsoft Windows Workstation Service stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-0812]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
382Sun Cobalt RaQ User Interface information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒-
381IBM DB2 Universal Database DB2 Commands memory corruption [CVE-2003-1051]low🔒🔒🔒-
380OpenBSD isakmpd Delete Message memory corruptionmedium🔒---
379OpenBSD isakmpd Quick/Main Mode missing encryptionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
378Microsoft Internet Explorer getComponent Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
377Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-0817]medium🔒🔒--
376Microsoft Internet Explorer User Profile privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
375Microsoft Internet Explorer Scheme Security Zone unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒🔒🔒-
374HP HP-UX Java Classloader Applet unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
373HP HP-UX NLSPATH catopen unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒🔒-
372HP HP-UX Software Distributor memory corruption [CVE-2003-0089]medium🔒🔒🔒-
369OpenSSL ASN.1 Parser denial of service [CVE-2003-0851]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
368OpenBSD exec_elf.c stack-based overflowlow🔒🔒🔒-
367Sun Java JRE/SDK Installation symlink [CVE-2003-1156]low🔒🔒🔒-
366Oracle 9i Application Server sql injection [CVE-2003-1193]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
365Easy Software Products CUPS Internet Printing Protocol Job infinite denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
364Ethereal Protocol Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2003-0925]medium🔒🔒-🔒
362BEA Tuxedo Device Name denial of service [CVE-2003-0621]medium🔒🔒--
361BEA Tuxedo File information disclosure [CVE-2003-0621]low🔒🔒🔒-
360BEA Tuxedo administration cross site scritinglow🔒🔒🔒🔒
359Novell ZENworks for Desktops Port Mapper memory corruption [CVE-2003-1150]medium🔒🔒🔒-
358Sun Solaris NFS Server infinite denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
357Nokia IPSO IP Cluster denial of service [CVE-2003-1189]medium🔒🔒🔒-
356Rafal Wojtczuk Libnids memory corruption [CVE-2003-0850]medium🔒🔒-🔒
355Apache HTTP Server sec_filter_out heap-based overflowmedium🔒🔒🔒-
354Yahoo! Messenger File Transfer ft.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
352thttpd libhttpd.c defang memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
351Compaq Insight Manager access control [CVE-2003-1495]medium🔒🔒🔒-
350Microsoft Windows HTML Help memory corruption [CVE-2003-0711]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
349Oracle Database memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
348Microsoft Windows CommCtl32.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
345fileutils/coreutils denial of service [CVE-2003-0853]medium🔒🔒-🔒
344PGPi PGPDisk access control [CVE-2003-1524]medium🔒-🔒-
343Sun Java Plugin privileges management [CVE-2003-1516]medium🔒🔒--
342Opera Web Browser HTML Parser heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0870]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
341GDM denial of service [CVE-2003-0793]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
340Martin K. Peterson Gnome denial of service [CVE-2003-0793]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
339Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail Email resource management [CVE-2003-0792]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
338AOL Instant Messenger File Transfer memory corruption [CVE-2003-1503]medium🔒🔒🔒-
337RealNetworks RealPlayer Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
336RealNetworks RealPlayer Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
335Microsoft Hotmail cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
334Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0712]low🔒--🔒
333Microsoft Exchange SMTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2003-0714]medium🔒🔒-🔒
332Microsoft Windows Messenger Service memory corruption [CVE-2003-0717]medium🔒-🔒🔒
331Microsoft Windows RPCSS race condition [CVE-2003-0813]high🔒🔒-🔒
330Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC irc: URI memory corruption [CVE-2003-1336]low🔒🔒🔒-
329Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC DCC SEND memory corruption [CVE-2003-1512]medium🔒🔒🔒-
328Microsoft Windows Message Queuing Service mqsvc.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
327Microsoft Windows SHELL32.DLL denial of servicelow🔒---
326IRCnet IRCD memory corruption [CVE-2003-0864]low🔒🔒🔒-
325HP HP-UX dtprintinfo memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
324OpenOffice Remote Access UNO denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
323Microsoft Windows Shell Folder information disclosurelow🔒---
322F-Secure SSH BER/DER Support denial of service [CVE-2003-1119]medium🔒🔒--
321SuSE Linux SuSEconfig.javarunt symlinkmedium🔒🔒🔒-
320PeopleSoft People Tools grid Memory information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
319OpenBSD pf scrub denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
318Microsoft Windows Media Player Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-1107]medium🔒🔒🔒-
317FreeBSD procfs/linprocfs integer coercionlow🔒🔒🔒-
316Netscreen ScreenOS DHCP Offer Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒🔒--
315FreeBSD readv integer coercionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
314Cisco PIX NAT IP-Pool denial of servicemedium🔒---
313Microsoft Internet Explorer Popup Object Type aolfix.exe Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
312Microsoft Windows PostThreadMessage unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒🔒--
311Sun Cobalt RaQ Control Panel message.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒🔒🔒🔒
310Cisco Switch Telnet Server improper authenticationlow🔒---
309HP HP-UX Socket denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
307IBM DB2 Universal Database INVOKE stack-based overflowmedium🔒🔒🔒-
306IBM DB2 Universal Database LOAD memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
305Sun MySQL Authentication Code memory corruptionmedium🔒---
304OpenSSL memory corruption [CVE-2003-0545]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
303Apache HTTP Server mod_cgi denial of service [CVE-2002-1850]medium🔒🔒🔒-
302FreeBSD arplookup memory corruptionlow🔒---
301ProFTPD ASCII Mode Upload memory corruptionmedium🔒---
300Apple Mac OS X ARP arplookup denial of servicelow🔒🔒🔒-
299OpenBSD OpenSSH PAM privileges management [CVE-2003-0786]medium🔒🔒-🔒
298wu-ftpd Email SockPrintf memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
297IBM AIX tsm format string [CVE-2003-0784]medium🔒🔒🔒-
296ISS BlackICE PC Protection Update cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
295ISS BlackICE PC Protection Update Encryption Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
294IBM AIX lpd format string [CVE-2003-0697]medium🔒🔒🔒-
293RarLabs WinRar Directory information disclosure [CVE-2003-0282]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
292IBM DB2 Universal Database Discovery Service UDP denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
291Yahoo! Messenger memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
290Yahoo! Messenger memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
289XFree86 Session Cookie unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0692]medium🔒🔒-🔒
288Sun Sendmail parseaddr.c prescan EarlyShovel memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
287OpenBSD OpenSSH buffer.c buffer_append_space memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
286Microsoft Windows Buffer Overflow Protection Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
285Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management [CVE-2004-0841]low🔒🔒--
284Microsoft Internet Explorer BackMyParent2 privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
283Microsoft Internet Explorer NAFfileJPU privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
282Microsoft Internet Explorer WsFakeSrc privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
281Microsoft Internet Explorer NAFjpuInHistory privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
280Microsoft Internet Explorer WsOpenFileJPU privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
279Sun MySQL Password Field memory corruption [CVE-2003-0780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
278Microsoft Windows ZIP Manager memory corruption [CVE-2004-2289]low🔒🔒🔒-
277Microsoft Windows RPCSS memory corruption [CVE-2003-0715]medium🔒-🔒🔒
276OpenBSD Kernel semget memory corruptionmedium🔒---
275RealNetworks RealOne Player privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
274RarLabs WinRar File Size denial of servicemedium🔒---
273net-snmp MIB Object information disclosure [CVE-2003-0935]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
272Lycos Webspace information disclosurelow🔒---
271Lycos Webspace information disclosurelow🔒---
270Microsoft Windows TCP Packet Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
269Microsoft Windows UDP Fragment denial of servicemedium🔒---
268NullSoft WinAmp IN_MIDI.DLL memory corruption [CVE-2003-0765]medium🔒🔒🔒-
267AOL ICQ Webfront Guestbook cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0769]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
266Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Data Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒--
265ISS RealSecure Server Sensor denial of service [CVE-2003-0702]medium🔒🔒🔒-
264Ipswitch WS_FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-0772]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
263Microsoft Word Macro backdoor [CVE-2003-0664]medium🔒🔒-🔒
262Microsoft Office HTML heap-based overflow [CVE-2003-0347]high🔒🔒-🔒
261Microsoft Windows NetBIOS information disclosure [CVE-2003-0661]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
260University of Cambridge Exim SMTP Server smtp_in.c memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
259Check Point Firewall-1 SecuRemote Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
258ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm UDP Connection denial of servicemedium🔒---
257Microsoft Internet Explorer GIF Image MSHTML.DLL memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
255SAP Internet Transaction Server wgate.dll information disclosuremedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
254XFree86 Font Library integer coercion [CVE-2003-0730]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
253Linux Kernel whois Client memory corruptionlow🔒---
252Linux Kernel pam_smb memory corruption [CVE-2003-0686]medium🔒🔒-🔒
251RealNetworks RealOne Player SMIL File containing Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒🔒-
250OpenBSD semget memory corruptionlow🔒🔒🔒-
249Microsoft Windows Blaster/Eske memory corruption [CVE-2003-0352]medium🔒-🔒🔒
248Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache BR549.DLL information disclosuremedium🔒🔒🔒-
246Microsoft Data Access Components memory corruption [CVE-2003-0353]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
245Oracle Database XDB memory corruption [CVE-2003-0727]medium🔒🔒🔒-
244Sun MySQL my.ini missing encryptionmedium🔒🔒--
243RSA SecurID File information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
242Microsoft Internet Explorer about cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
241Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Plugin MCIWNDX.OCX memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
240Sun ONE Web Server denial of service [CVE-2003-1126]low🔒🔒--
239FreeBSD INVARIANTS ibcs2 unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒🔒--
238FreeBSD Signal Number denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
237Jeremy Elson tcpflow vfprintf format stringlow🔒🔒--
236Alt-N MDaemon Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒🔒--
234Cisco Content Services Switch TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2003-0677]medium🔒🔒🔒-
233Microsoft IIS .asp Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
232Symantec Norton AntiVirus NAVAP.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
230NetBSD OSI Networking netiso denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
229Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML privileges managementlow🔒---
228ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm VSDATANT Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2003-1309]medium🔒🔒🔒-
227IPTables/Netfilter Connection Tracker denial of service [CVE-2003-0187]medium🔒---
226IPTables/Netfilter NAT denial of service [CVE-2003-0467]medium🔒🔒🔒-
225Small HTTP Server http.cfg information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
224Novell GroupWise Client HTTP GET missing encryptionmedium🔒🔒--
223HP HP-UX Error Message rpc.mountd information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
222Symantec Norton AntiVirus qserver.exe denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
221Linux Kernel NFS XDR denial of service [CVE-2003-0619]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
220Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2003-0669]medium🔒🔒🔒-
219Hughes mSQL msqlSelectDB format stringmedium🔒🔒--
218FreeBSD/OpenBSD/MacOS X realpath memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒🔒🔒
217wu-ftpd fb_realpath memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
216Cisco IOS UDP ECHO information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒-
215NetScreen ScreenOS TCP Window denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
213Cisco IOS HTTP GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2003-0647]medium🔒🔒-🔒
212Sun Solaris ld.so.1 stack-based overflowmedium🔒🔒🔒-
211Colin Watson man-db memory corruption [CVE-2003-0620]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
210Colin Watson man-db .So memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
209Colin Watson man-db ult_src memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
208Colin Watson man-db .manpath add_to_dirlist memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
207Valve Half-Life liblist.gam memory corruptionlow🔒---
206Valve Half-Life memory corruptionlow🔒---
205Valve Half-Life memory corruptionlow🔒---
204KDE Konqueror Referer information disclosure [CVE-2003-0459]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
203HP HP-UX Patch PHNE_26413/PHNE_27128 denial of servicelow🔒---
202Pentium BIOS SYSEXIT denial of servicelow🔒---
201Cisco IOS Account cryptographic issues [CVE-2003-0512]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
200Cisco Aironet Wireless Access HTTP GET denial of service [CVE-2003-0511]medium🔒--🔒
199Microsoft MSDE/SQL Server LPC memory corruptionmedium🔒---
198Microsoft SQL Server Named Pipe access control [CVE-2003-0230]medium🔒🔒-🔒
197Microsoft MSDE/SQL Server Named Pipe Session access control [CVE-2003-0230]medium🔒🔒-🔒
196VMware Workstation information disclosurelow🔒---
195Sun Solaris automountd denial of service [CVE-2003-1065]low🔒🔒🔒-
194Apple Mac OS X Work Group Manager 1.x improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
193Microsoft Windows Media Player Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒🔒--
192Microsoft Windows File Management denial of service [CVE-2003-0525]low🔒🔒-🔒
191Microsoft DirectX quartz.dll memory corruption [CVE-2003-0346]medium🔒🔒-🔒
190Microsoft IIS Admin Interface improper authenticationmedium🔒---
189Microsoft IIS Admin Interface improper authenticationmedium🔒---
188Sun Solaris IPv6 Packet denial of service [CVE-2003-1064]medium🔒🔒🔒-
187Microsoft IIS Admin Interface cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
186Microsoft MSN results.aspx cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
185Apache HTTP Server rotatelogs denial of service [CVE-2003-0460]medium🔒🔒-🔒
184McAfee WebShield SMTP Content-Filter privileges management [CVE-2004-0095]low🔒-🔒-
183Microsoft Messenger Image Transfer memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
180Cisco IOS IPv4 Sequence input validation [CVE-2003-0567]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
179Microsoft Windows desktop.ini memory corruptionmedium🔒---
178Microsoft Windows RPC DCOM PerformScmStage memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
177Microsoft ISA Proxy Error Site cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
176Qmail AUTH Configuration privileges managementlow🔒---
175Microsoft Windows SMTP Timestamp denial of servicemedium🔒---
174Tellafriend Script unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
173Microsoft SQL Server Index.PHP memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
172Netscape Browser Client Detection Tool Plugin memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
171Debian nfs-utils xlog memory corruptionmedium🔒---
170Netscreen ScreenOS Firewall Filter unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
169GNU FreeRADIUS CHAP memory corruptionmedium🔒---
168Trend Micro Housecall ActiveX memory corruptionmedium🔒---
167Microsoft Windows utilman.exe unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
166Catalyst CatOS TCP Flag denial of servicemedium🔒---
165Microsoft Windows SMB memory corruption [CVE-2003-0345]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
164Microsoft Windows HTML Converter memory corruption [CVE-2003-0469]medium🔒--🔒
163Apache HTTP Server IPv6 FTP Proxy infinite loop [CVE-2003-0254]medium🔒--🔒
162Apache HTTP Server Prefork MPM denial of service [CVE-2003-0253]low🔒--🔒
161Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0192]medium🔒--🔒
160Apache HTTP Server Type-Map denial of servicelow🔒---
159Microsoft SQL Server Named Pipe xp_fileexist Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
158Microsoft Windows rundll32.exe memory corruptionlow🔒---
157Microsoft Exchange HTML Attachment cross site scritinghigh🔒--🔒
156Canon GP300 WebSpooler denial of servicelow🔒---
155Microsoft Windows LDAP Cryptnet.DLL memory leakmedium🔒---
154Microsoft Windows RPC Remote Privilege Escalationhigh🔒---
153Microsoft Windows Terminal Service Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
152Microsoft Windows Terminal Service improper authentication [CVE-2003-0496]medium🔒---
151Microsoft Windows ModifyDN Request denial of servicemedium🔒---
150Microsoft Windows Domain Controller Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
149Microsoft Windows Port Name API memory corruptionmedium🔒---
148Microsoft Windows USBH_IoctlGetNodeConnectionDriverKeyName information disclosurelow🔒---
147Microsoft Windows Security Accounts Manager API denial of servicelow🔒---
146Microsoft Windows IMAADPCM cbDestLength memory corruptionmedium🔒---
145Microsoft Windows Active Directory improper authenticationlow🔒---
144Microsoft IIS IIS _VTI_BOT Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
143Mirabilis ICQ Authentication memory corruption [CVE-1999-1418]medium🔒--🔒
142cnet Download.com cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
141SearchBoss.com cluster.asp cross site scritinglow🔒--🔒
140UPC Cablecom www.cablecom.ch sendertabelle.htm cross site scriting [Disputed]medium🔒--🔒
139Yahoo! Search cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
138Microsoft Internet Explorer Device aux denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
136Apple Mac OS X Screensaver denial of service [CVE-2003-0518]low🔒---
135Microsoft Windows API ShellExecute memory corruptionmedium🔒---
134Microsoft Windows Active Directory stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-0507]high🔒🔒-🔒
133Microsoft NetMeeting path traversal [CVE-2003-0505]low🔒-🔒-
132Adobe Acrobat Reader WWWLaunchNetscape memory corruptionmedium🔒---
131Microsoft Passport Password Reset improper authenticationmedium🔒---
130Opera Web Browser NULL Pointer denial of servicemedium🔒---
129ircd-RU!/Digatech/Bahamut/Andromede/Methane format stringlow🔒---
128Linux Kernel execve race conditionmedium🔒--🔒
127VMware Workstation tmp information disclosurelow🔒---
126Sharp Zaurus Samba Access improper authentication [CVE-2003-0085]medium🔒--🔒
125Symantec Norton Antivirus Floppy Disk Scan Routine unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
124Microsoft Windows Media Service ISAPI Extension scripts memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
123Microsoft Windows Media Player privileges management [CVE-2003-0348]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
122Linux Kernel proc information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
120Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Render Engine memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
119ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Application Filter URL privileges managementlow🔒---
117Symantec Security Check Service RuFSI ActiveX Control memory corruptionlow🔒🔒🔒-
115phpBB viewtopic.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
114Sun Solaris dbminit memory corruptionmedium🔒---
113SurfControl Web Filter File information disclosurelow🔒---
112ProFTPD mod_sql sql injectionmedium🔒---
111RSA Ace Agent cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0389]medium🔒---
110Microsoft Internet Explorer Local Zone shdocvw.dll cross site scritingmedium🔒---
109Microsoft Hotmail Virus Protection cross site scritingmedium🔒---
108Linux Kernel PAM Authentication getlogin authentication spoofinglow🔒--🔒
107Microsoft Internet Explorer Error Message cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
106Sun MySQL libmysqlclient mysql_real_connect stack-based overflowmedium🔒-🔒🔒
105Sun Java Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
104ISS BlackICE PC Protection Cross Site Scripting Detection privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
103Mozilla Firefox Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
102Ethereal Protocol Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2003-0428]medium🔒--🔒
101Apple Mac OS X File Sharing privileges management [CVE-2003-0379]low🔒---
100OpenSSH Client IP Restrictions improper authenticationlow🔒---
98Microsoft Internet Explorer Links unknown vulnerabilityhigh🔒---
97Microsoft Internet Explorer Links privileges managementmedium🔒---
96Sun Solaris utmp_update memory corruptionmedium🔒---
95Apple Mac OS X LDAP missing encryption [CVE-2003-0378]medium🔒---
94Sun Solaris syslogd containing denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
93Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Client onerror cross site scritingmedium🔒--🔒
92Microsoft Internet Explorer OBJECT memory corruptionmedium🔒---
91Linux Kernel mxcsr denial of service [CVE-2003-0248]low🔒--🔒
90Linux Kernel TTY Layer memory corruption [CVE-2002-0247]medium🔒--🔒
89Linux Kernel Hash Tables denial of service [CVE-2003-0364]medium🔒--🔒
88Sun Solaris in.telnetd denial of servicemedium🔒---
87Clearswift MAILsweeper for SMTP RTF Parser denial of servicemedium🔒---
86Microsoft IIS WebDAV denial of service [CVE-2003-0226]medium🔒--🔒
85Microsoft IIS ASP Response.AddHeader memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
84Microsoft IIS Server Side Includes SSINC.DLL memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
83Microsoft IIS Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0223]medium🔒--🔒
82Microsoft IIS nsiislog.dll denial of service [CVE-2003-0349]medium🔒-🔒🔒
81Apache HTTP Server Authentication denial of service [CVE-2003-0189]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
80Apache HTTP Server mod_dav memory corruption [CVE-2003-0189]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
79SuSE Linux RPC XDR glibc integer coercionlow🔒--🔒
78FastTrack Supernode memory corruption [CVE-2003-0397]medium🔒-🔒🔒
77Sun Cluster Database missing encryptionlow🔒---
76Guardian Digital Engarde Secure Linux Logging privileges managementlow🔒---
75Apple Mac OS X IPsec Policies Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-0242]medium🔒🔒🔒-
74Red Hat Linux CUPS denial of service [CVE-2003-0195]medium🔒--🔒
73Tenable Nessus libnasl insstr numeric errorlow🔒🔒🔒🔒
72Linux Kernel Route Cache denial of service [CVE-2003-0244]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
71Microsoft Windows Media Player unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
70Cisco IOS Service Assurance Agent denial of servicemedium🔒---
69Microsoft Windows Internet Connection Firewall Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
68Microsoft Netmeeting callto URL memory corruptionmedium🔒---
66NetBus Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2003-1475]low🔒-🔒🔒
65Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME Rendering Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
64University of Washington Pine memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63Apple AirPort Administration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0270]low🔒🔒🔒🔒
62Microsoft .NET Framework Passport Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
61Microsoft Windows Media Player 7.1 privileges management [CVE-2003-0228]high🔒-🔒🔒
60SAP Database Installation Routine race condition [CVE-2003-0265]medium🔒-🔒🔒
59Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Link memory corruption [CVE-2003-1484]medium🔒-🔒-
58Siemens Phone SMS memory corruption [CVE-2003-1464]low🔒-🔒-
57Mirabilis ICQ format string [CVE-2003-0235]medium🔒-🔒🔒
56Macromedia ColdFusion Server Error Message probe.cfm information disclosurelow🔒-🔒🔒
54Kerio Personal Firewall unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0219]medium🔒-🔒-
53Kerio Personal Firewall Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2003-0220]medium🔒--🔒
52Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Engine memory corruption [CVE-2003-1478]medium🔒-🔒-
51Alt-N MDaemon IMAP4 memory corruption [CVE-2003-1470]medium🔒-🔒🔒
50Alt-N MDaemon POP3 denial of service [CVE-2002-1539]medium🔒-🔒🔒
49SonicWALL Pro HTTP input validation [CVE-2003-1490]low🔒-🔒-
48Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTP Response memory corruption [CVE-2003-0113]medium🔒---
47Nokia IPSO ReadFile.TCL information disclosurelow🔒---
46Cisco Catalyst 5000 Password Authentication security check for standardlow🔒--🔒
45Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX plugin.ocx load memory corruptionmedium🔒-🔒🔒
44Kerio Personal Firewall code injection [CVE-2003-1491]low🔒-🔒🔒
43Microsoft Outlook MHTML memory corruption [CVE-2002-0980]medium🔒-🔒-
42Cisco Secure ACS Admin memory corruption [CVE-2003-0210]medium🔒--🔒
41Microsoft Windows Form Input Type denial of servicemedium🔒---
40Netgear RP114 HTTP Logging improper authenticationmedium🔒---
39Microsoft Internet Explorer Object denial of servicemedium🔒---
38ActivCard Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
37Snort TCP Reassembly Preprocessor integer coercion [CVE-2003-0209]high🔒-🔒🔒
36Samba call_trans2open EchoWrecker memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
35SETI@home Client memory corruption [CVE-2003-1118]medium🔒-🔒🔒
34Sun Solaris dtsession memory corruption [CVE-2003-0092]medium🔒-🔒-
33Sun Solaris lpstat memory corruption [CVE-2003-0091]low🔒---
32Finjan SurfinGate File Extension privileges managementmedium🔒---
31Apache HTTP Server Linefeed memory allocation [CVE-2003-0132]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
30Snort Packet Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
29Mozilla Firefox Javascript liveconnect denial of servicelow🔒---
28Siemens Phone SMS denial of servicelow🔒---
27Ethernet Driver Padding information disclosure [CVE-2003-0001]medium🔒🔒-🔒
26Sendmail memory corruption [CVE-2003-0161]high🔒--🔒
25RealNetworks RealPlayer/RealOne Player PNG Image unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒--🔒
24Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2003-0168]medium🔒-🔒🔒
23Linux Kernel mem mmap denial of servicelow🔒-🔒🔒
22PHP socket_iovec_alloc() integer coercion [CVE-2003-0166]medium🔒--🔒
21HP Apollo Domain OS Escape Sequence unknown vulnerability [CVE-1999-1115]medium🔒---
20Symantec Enterprise Firewall HTTP URL Pattern unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
19Linux Kernel ptrace memory corruption [CVE-2003-0127]medium🔒--🔒
18Samba REG Files race condition [CVE-2003-0086]medium🔒--🔒
17Samba/Samba-TNG CIFS Packet memory corruption [CVE-2003-0085]high🔒🔒-🔒
16OpenSSL RSA Key Handling unknown vulnerability [CVE-2003-0147]medium🔒--🔒
15Microsoft IIS WebDav memory corruption [CVE-2003-0109]medium🔒-🔒🔒
14PeopleSoft PeopleTools SchedulerTransfer privileges managementmedium🔒-🔒-
13Sun Solaris FTP Client Debug cleartext storagemedium🔒🔒🔒-
12Microsoft Outlook window.PopUp access controlmedium🔒-🔒-
11ISC BIND stub Resolver Library getnetbyname memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
10Sun Solaris RPC rpc.cmsd denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
9Microsoft Windows riched20.dll memory corruption [CVE-1999-1506]medium🔒---
8Microsoft Windows cmd.exe cd memory corruptionmedium🔒-🔒-
7Cisco IOS ICMP Redirect Routing Table information disclosuremedium🔒-🔒🔒
6WinZip IBDL32.DLL rand credentials managementmedium🔒-🔒-
5Linux Kernel privileges management [CVE-2003-0018]low🔒-🔒🔒
4Microsoft Windows NetBIOS resource management [CVE-2003-1448]medium🔒-🔒🔒
3Microsoft Internet Explorer dragDrop privileges management [CVE-2003-0114]medium🔒--🔒
2Red Hat Linux pam_xauth privileges management [CVE-2002-1160]medium🔒-🔒🔒

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