Risk 2013

Overview of the different risk assignments of different sources of the documented vulnerabilities.

144128HuntCCTV/CaptureCCTV/Hachi/NovusSec/Well Vision DVR Config improper authenticationlow🔒---
88143Microsoft Outlook S/MIME EmailAddress authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
88142Alt-N MDaemon IMAP over TLS privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88141Alt-N MDaemon WebAdmin User Account Import privileges managementmedium🔒--🔒
88140Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient Credentials information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
88139Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient user sessionmedium🔒--🔒
67286GNU C Library getaddrinfo denial of service [Disputed]low🔒-🔒-
65925Barebones Yojimbo Software Update input validation [CVE-2013-3667]medium🔒---
65924Ubnt UniFi cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3572]low🔒---
65923op5 Monitor access control [CVE-2012-0264]medium🔒🔒--
65922op5 Monitor Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2012-0263]low🔒🔒--
65921op5 Monitor code injection [CVE-2012-0262]high🔒🔒--
65920op5 system-portal license.php code injectionhigh🔒🔒--
65919Mislav Marohnic Will Paginate cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6459]low🔒🔒--
65918CloudBees Jenkins cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5573]low🔒---
65917ZenPhoto sql injection [CVE-2013-7242]medium🔒---
65916ZenPhoto export cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65915Cisco Unified Presence Server sql injection [CVE-2013-6983]medium🔒---
65914JForum cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-7209]medium🔒---
65913ESRI ArcGIS sql injection [CVE-2013-7232]medium🔒---
65912ESRI ArcGIS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7231]low🔒---
65911ESRI ArcGIS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5222]low🔒---
65910HOT HOTBOX router input validation [CVE-2013-5220]medium🔒---
65909HOT HOTBOX router path traversal [CVE-2013-5219]low🔒---
65908HOT HOTBOX router wlanAccess.asp cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65907ADTRAN Netvanta 7060 Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5210]low🔒---
65906HOT HOTBOX router cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5039]medium🔒---
65905HOT HOTBOX router improper authentication [CVE-2013-5038]medium🔒---
65904HOT HOTBOX router credentials management [CVE-2013-5037]medium🔒---
65903HP Service Manager Web Tier cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6198]low🔒---
65902HP Service Manager Web Tier memory corruption [CVE-2013-6197]medium🔒---
65901HP Application Information Optimizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-6189]high🔒🔒--
65900Matrix42 Service Store cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2504]low🔒---
65899Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2013-6929]medium🔒---
65898Nextdc ONEDC Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6812]medium🔒🔒--
65897Zend ZendTo NSSDropoff.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6808]low🔒---
65896EMC Replication Manager unquoted search path [CVE-2013-6182]medium🔒---
65895EMC Watch4Net Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6181]low🔒---
65894Cybozu Garoon improper authentication [CVE-2013-6006]medium🔒---
65893OpenStack Havana Certificates access control [CVE-2013-2030]low🔒---
65892Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2011-2519]low🔒---
65890Apple QuickTime CoreGraphics CoreVideo.dll memory corruptionhigh🔒---
65889Telligent Systems Zimbra Collaboration Remote Code Executionhigh🔒🔒--
65888Etoshop Classifieds Creator sql injection [CVE-2013-7216]medium🔒---
65887FFmpeg av_probe_input_buffer memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65886FFmpeg ffserver.c prepare_sdp_description denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
65885FFmpeg mov_text_decode_frame memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65884FFmpeg ff_ass_split_override_codes null pointer dereferencelow🔒🔒--
65883Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Configuration File access controllow🔒---
65882Duckcorp Bip connection.c cryptographic issueslow🔒--🔒
65881ownCloud Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6403]medium🔒🔒--
65880Duckcorp Bip cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4550]low🔒---
65879OptimizePress File Upload media-upload.php input validationmedium🔒---
65878ZNC znc-msvc fish.cpp memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65877SuSE WebYaST access control [CVE-2013-3709]medium🔒---
65876Debian Linux improper authentication [CVE-2013-6890]low🔒🔒--
65875Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager Configuration File improper authenticationhigh🔒---
65874IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On access controlmedium🔒---
65873Digia Qt input validation [CVE-2013-4549]low🔒🔒--
65872Red Hat Enterprise MRG sql injection [CVE-2013-4461]medium🔒---
65871Red Hat Enterprise MRG cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4414]low🔒---
65870Red Hat Enterprise MRG cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4405]medium🔒---
65869Red Hat Enterprise MRG access control [CVE-2013-4404]medium🔒--🔒
65868Idleman Leed Authorization action.php input validationmedium🔒---
65867IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65866IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65864Cisco Unified Communications Manager Disaster Recovery System information disclosurelow🔒---
65863HP Autonomy Ultraseek cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6196]low🔒---
65862IBM Sterling File Gateway improper authentication [CVE-2013-5413]low🔒---
65861IBM Sterling File Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-5411]low🔒🔒--
65860IBM Sterling File Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-5409]medium🔒🔒--
65859IBM Sterling File Gateway Access Restriction input validationlow🔒🔒--
65858IBM Sterling File Gateway MHTML Protocol cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65857IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5405]low🔒---
65856IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosurelow🔒---
65855IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosurelow🔒---
65854IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services input validation [CVE-2013-4046]medium🔒---
65853IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65852IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosurelow🔒---
65851NovaTech Orion5r Dnp Slave input validation [CVE-2013-2822]medium🔒---
65850NovaTech Orion5r Dnp Slave input validation [CVE-2013-2821]medium🔒---
65849Efrontlearning eFront cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7194]low🔒---
65848Etoshop C2C Forward Auction Creator sql injection [CVE-2013-7193]medium🔒---
65847Etoshop Dynamic Biz Website Builder Quickweb Login sql injectionmedium🔒---
65846Tenmiles Helpdesk Pilot cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7191]low🔒🔒--
65845TYPO3 Flow Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7082]low🔒🔒--
65844LiveZilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7002]low🔒---
65843Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6162]low🔒---
65842Idleman Leed action.php cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65841Idleman Leed action.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65840iScripts AutoHoster Parser path traversal [CVE-2013-7190]low🔒---
65839iScripts AutoHoster checktransferstatus.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65838Hostbillapp HostBill cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7188]low🔒🔒--
65837Ncrafts FormCraft form.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65836Steinberg MyMp3PRO memory corruption [CVE-2013-7186]high🔒---
65835Quickheal AntiVirus Pro pepoly.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-6767]medium🔒---
65834UPC Ireland Cisco Epc2425 Passphrase cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-7136]medium🔒---
65833Wireshark create_ntlmssp_v2_key memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65832Wireshark input validation [CVE-2013-7113]low🔒🔒--
65831Wireshark SIP Dissector dissect_sip_common input validationlow🔒🔒--
65830Digium Asterisk unpacksms16 memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65829Cisco EPC3925 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6976]medium🔒---
65828IBM Content Navigator input validation [CVE-2013-5462]medium🔒🔒--
65827IBM FileNet Business Process Framework information disclosurelow🔒---
65826IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
65825IBM Rational Clearcase Web Client information disclosure [CVE-2013-5422]low🔒---
65822webbynode notify.rb message code injectionmedium🔒---
65821Mike Stefanello OG Features Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
65820D-Link DSR Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2013-7005]low🔒---
65819D-Link DSR Firmware credentials management [CVE-2013-7004]medium🔒---
65818No-margin-for-errors prettyPhoto setTimeout cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65817GNOME Gnumeric ms_escher_get_data memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65816Zabbix code injection [CVE-2013-6824]medium🔒---
65815IBM Rational ClearCase memory corruption [CVE-2013-5416]medium🔒🔒--
65814IBM Rational ClearCase memory corruption [CVE-2013-5415]medium🔒🔒--
65813IBM Maximo for Utilities cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5402]low🔒🔒--
65812IBM Rational Focal Point Access Restriction information disclosurelow🔒---
65811IBM Rational Focal Point Access Restriction information disclosurelow🔒---
65810ThemeBeans Blooog theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7129]low🔒---
65809Cru-inc Ditto Forensic Fieldstation cross-site request forgerylow🔒🔒--
65808Cru-inc Ditto Forensic Fieldstation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6882]low🔒🔒--
65807IBM Security Access Manager For Web cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6329]medium🔒🔒--
65806IBM Sterling Connect Enterprise Http Option cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65805Trimble SketchUp Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-6038]medium🔒---
65804Cooperindustries SMP 4/DP/16 Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-2816]medium🔒---
65803Cooperindustries DNP3 Master OPC Server input validation [CVE-2013-2814]medium🔒---
65802Cooperindustries SMP 4/DP/16 Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-2813]medium🔒---
65801Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6966]medium🔒---
65800Siemens Ruggedcom Rugged Operating System access control [CVE-2013-6926]medium🔒---
65799Siemens Ruggedcom Rugged Operating System random values [CVE-2013-6925]medium🔒---
65798HP Operations Orchestration cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6192]medium🔒---
65797HP Operations Orchestration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6191]low🔒---
65796Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-3140]medium🔒---
65795Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6973]low🔒---
65794Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6972]low🔒---
65793Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6971]medium🔒---
65792Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Error Message information disclosurelow🔒---
65791Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6969]medium🔒---
65790Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6968]low🔒---
65789Cisco WebEx Sales Center Subsystem input validation [CVE-2013-6967]medium🔒---
65788Cisco WebEx Training Center Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
65787Cisco WebEx Meeting Center access control [CVE-2013-6964]medium🔒---
65786Cisco WebEx Training Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6963]low🔒---
65785Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Subsystem cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6962]low🔒---
65784Cisco WebEx Meeting Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6961]low🔒---
65783Cisco WebEx Meeting Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6960]low🔒---
65782Cisco WebEx Sales Center input validation [CVE-2013-6959]medium🔒---
65781Cisco WebEx Sales Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6711]low🔒---
65780Cisco WebEx Training Center cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6710]medium🔒---
65779Cisco WebEx Training Center Access Restriction information disclosurelow🔒---
65778IBM Flex System Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5438]low🔒---
65777IBM Cognos Command Center Authorization improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
65776IBM Cognos Command Center cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4000]medium🔒🔒--
65775IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager path traversallow🔒---
65774IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager path traversallow🔒---
65773Fujitsu Interstage Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-7105]high🔒---
65772XMLSoft libxslt xslt.c denial of servicelow🔒---
65771McAfee Email Gateway os command injection [CVE-2013-7104]medium🔒---
65770McAfee Email Gateway os command injection [CVE-2013-7103]medium🔒---
65769Devscripts Devel Team devscripts input validation [CVE-2013-7085]medium🔒---
65768Beyondgrep ack code injection [CVE-2013-7069]medium🔒---
65767OpenStack Heat access control [CVE-2013-6428]medium🔒---
65766OpenStack Heat Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6426]medium🔒---
65765OpenTTD aircraft_cmd.cpp HandleCrashedAircraft memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65764OpenStack Keystone access control [CVE-2013-6391]medium🔒🔒--
65763Quagga bgp_attr.c bgp_attr_unknown denial of servicelow🔒---
65762RockMongo Login index.php path traversallow🔒---
65761Zabbix rlogin user.login improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
65760SAP EMR Unwired sql injection [CVE-2013-7096]medium🔒---
65759SAP Customer Relationship Management XML Parser information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
65758SAP NetWeaver RSDDCVER_COUNT_TAB_COLS sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65757SAP Network Interface Router improper authentication [CVE-2013-7093]low🔒---
65756GNU libmicrohttpd MHD_digest_auth_check memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65755GNU libmicrohttpd MHD_http_unescape memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65754Philippe Jounin Tftpd32 format string [CVE-2013-6809]medium🔒---
65753Munin Node input validationlow🔒---
65752Munin HTMLConfig.pm get_group_tree input validationlow🔒---
65751Sonarsource Jenkins Plugin cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5676]low🔒---
65750McAfee Email Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-7092]medium🔒---
65749Telligent Systems Zimbra path traversal [CVE-2013-7091]medium🔒---
65748Devscripts Devel Team devscripts get_main_source_dir code injectionmedium🔒---
65747Percona XtraBackup Crypto cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6394]low🔒---
65746MediaWiki information disclosure [CVE-2013-4569]low🔒---
65745MediaWiki checkCss incomplete blacklistlow🔒🔒--
65744Novell openSUSE thttpd.c access controllow🔒---
65743MediaWiki CentralAuth Extension cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5394]medium🔒--🔒
65742InstantSoft InstantCMS sql injection [CVE-2013-6839]medium🔒🔒--
65741Cybozu Dezie Cancel Button cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6005]low🔒🔒--
65740IcoFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-4988]high🔒🔒--
65739Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Maintenance memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65738sprout unpack_zip code injectionmedium🔒---
65737OpenJPEG memory corruption [CVE-2013-6054]medium🔒---
65736OpenJPEG information disclosure [CVE-2013-6052]low🔒---
65735OpenJPEG memory corruption [CVE-2013-6045]medium🔒---
65734Red Hat Enterprise Linux mod_nss access control [CVE-2013-4566]medium🔒---
65733GNU C Library getaddrinfo memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65732NETGEAR RAIDiator np_handler.pl cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2752]medium🔒---
65731NETGEAR RAIDiator np_handler.pl code injection [CVE-2013-2751]high🔒---
65730Red Hat Enterprise Linux X Window file-xwd.c read_xwd_cols memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65729Red Hat Enterprise Linux X Window file-xwd.c load_image numeric errormedium🔒---
65728Janrain ruby-openid resource management [CVE-2013-1812]low🔒---
65727OpenJPEG memory allocation [CVE-2013-1447]low🔒---
65726Memcached numeric error [CVE-2011-4971]low🔒🔒--
65725ZippyYum Subway Ordering For California cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65724EMC Connectrix Manager code injection [CVE-2013-6810]high🔒🔒--
65723Microsoft Windows Authenticode WinVerifyTrust input validationhigh🔒---
65722Cisco Scientific Atlanta Dpr/epr2320 cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65721IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5404]low🔒---
65720Cisco Scientific Atlanta Dpr362 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3047]low🔒---
65719Novell SUSE Lifecycle Management Server access control [CVE-2013-7042]low🔒---
65718Siemens COMOS access control [CVE-2013-6840]medium🔒🔒--
65717Islonline ISL Light information disclosure [CVE-2013-6237]low🔒---
65716Novell SUSE Lifecycle Management Server Installation cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65715LiveZilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6224]low🔒--🔒
65714Supermicro Intelligent Platform Management Intelligent Platform Management Interface memory corruptionhigh🔒---
65713Supermicro Intelligent Platform Management Intelligent Platform Management Interface logout.cgi memory corruptionhigh🔒---
65711Cisco Cloud Portal access control [CVE-2013-6708]low🔒---
65710IBM Forms Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5447]medium🔒---
65709Linux Kernel ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65708Enorth Webpublisher CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-6985]medium🔒---
65707NagiosQL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6039]low🔒🔒--
65706Sharetronix cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5355]medium🔒🔒--
65705Sharetronix sql injection [CVE-2013-5354]medium🔒🔒--
65704CMS Made Simple cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3929]low🔒🔒--
65703Dell Sonicwall Universal Management Appliance E5000 ematStaticAlertTypes.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65702FFmpeg jpeg2000_decode_tile memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65701FFmpeg ff_combine_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65700FFmpeg g2m_init_buffers memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65699FFmpeg filter_frame resource managementmedium🔒---
65698FFmpeg read_header memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65697FFmpeg get_cox input validationmedium🔒---
65696FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2013-7018]medium🔒---
65695FFmpeg null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-7017]medium🔒---
65694FFmpeg get_siz memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65693FFmpeg flashsv_decode_frame input validationmedium🔒---
65692FFmpeg add_bytes_l2_c numeric errormedium🔒---
65691FFmpeg g2m_init_buffers numeric errormedium🔒---
65690FFmpeg get_siz memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65689FFmpeg read_header memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65688FFmpeg numeric error [CVE-2013-7010]medium🔒---
65687FFmpeg rpza_decode_stream memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65686FFmpeg decode_slice_header deadlockmedium🔒---
65685Quassel IRC access control [CVE-2013-6404]medium🔒🔒--
65684Dovecot improper authentication [CVE-2013-6171]medium🔒🔒--
65683x2go X2Go Server Wrapper libx2go-server-db-sqlite3-wrapper.c code injectionmedium🔒---
65682AutoTrace input-bmp.c input_bmp_reader numeric errormedium🔒---
65681openSIS JAXP ajax.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65680FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2011-4351]medium🔒---
65679FFmpeg dirac_decode_data_unit denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
65678FFmpeg dirac_unpack_idwt_params denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
65677FFmpeg ff_h264_decode_sei resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
65676FFmpeg smacker_decode_header_tree Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒--
65675FFmpeg decode_mb memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
65674ffmpeg ffmpeg.c codec_get_buffer denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
65673FFmpeg vp3_update_thread_context resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
65671NowSMS SMS / MMS Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-7001]low🔒🔒--
65670NowSMS SMS / MMS Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-7000]low🔒🔒--
65669FFmpeg wavpack_decode_frame numeric errorhigh🔒---
65668Apache Solr Updater denial of service [CVE-2012-6612]medium🔒---
65667Wouter Verhelst nbd Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6410]medium🔒---
65666Debian adequate access control [CVE-2013-6409]medium🔒---
65665Apache Solr denial of service [CVE-2013-6408]medium🔒🔒--
65664Apache Solr Updater denial of service [CVE-2013-6407]medium🔒---
65663Apache Solr ResourceLoader path traversal [CVE-2013-6397]low🔒🔒--
65662Supmua sup message_chunks.rb code injection [CVE-2013-4479]medium🔒🔒--
65661Supmua Sup code injection [CVE-2013-4478]medium🔒🔒--
65660Steven Jones context json_decode code injectionmedium🔒---
65659Steven Jones Context access control [CVE-2013-4445]medium🔒---
65658Apache roller code injection [CVE-2013-4212]medium🔒---
65657Apache Roller cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4171]low🔒🔒--
65656IBM SmartCloud Provisioning access control [CVE-2013-5455]medium🔒🔒--
65655Microsoft Windows IsHandleEntrySecure null pointer dereference [Disputed]low🔒🔒--
65654Siemens Sinamics S120 Access Restriction improper authenticationmedium🔒---
65653Ruby-i18n MissingTranslationData.new cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65652Ruby on Rails translation_helper.rb cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4491]low🔒---
65651Jamroom Search module Search Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6804]low🔒🔒--
65650Chamilo LMS Installation check_user_password sql injectionmedium🔒---
65649Ganglia Web header.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65648Dokeos index.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65647Claroline cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6267]low🔒🔒--
65646RockMongo Login Page index.php xn cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65645Easytimestudio Easy File Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-3921]low🔒---
65644Cybozu Garoon User Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6916]low🔒---
65643Cybozu Garoon Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6915]low🔒---
65642Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6914]low🔒---
65641Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6913]low🔒---
65640Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6912]low🔒---
65639Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6911]low🔒---
65638Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6910]low🔒---
65637Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6909]low🔒---
65636Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6908]low🔒---
65635Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6907]low🔒---
65634Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6906]low🔒---
65633Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6905]low🔒---
65632Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6904]low🔒---
65631Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6903]low🔒---
65630Cybozu Garoon Space cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65629Cybozu Garoon Space cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65628Cybozu Garoon Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6900]low🔒---
65627Cybozu Garoon access control [CVE-2013-6004]medium🔒---
65626Cybozu Garoon input validation [CVE-2013-6003]medium🔒---
65625Cybozu Garoon resource management [CVE-2013-6002]low🔒---
65624Cybozu Garoon Space sql injectionmedium🔒---
65623Tattyan Tattyan Hptown path traversal [CVE-2013-6000]low🔒---
65622OSEHRA VistA access control [CVE-2013-6945]medium🔒---
65621Elecsyscorp Director Industrial Communication Gateway input validationlow🔒---
65620MyBB Ajax forum stat ajaxfs.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65619VideoCharge Watermark Master memory corruption [CVE-2013-6935]high🔒---
65618att Connect Participant Application memory corruption [CVE-2013-6029]medium🔒---
65617IBM FileNet Content Manager workingSet.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65616VideoCharge Watermark Master memory corruption [CVE-2013-6937]medium🔒---
65615Cisco Prime Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6690]low🔒🔒--
65614Samba Access Restriction winbind_name_list_to_sid_string_list input validationmedium🔒---
65610DjVuLibre code injection [CVE-2012-6535]high🔒---
65609Novell SUSE Cloud cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-0434]medium🔒---
65608Novell openSUSE access control [CVE-2012-0427]medium🔒---
65607Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications race conditionmedium🔒---
65606Opensuse Zypper Wrapper Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2012-0420]low🔒---
65605Novell SUSE Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2012-0414]low🔒---
65604novell Open Enterprise Server input validation [CVE-2013-3707]low🔒---
65602Alstom e-terracontrol input validation [CVE-2013-2818]medium🔒---
65601IBM Advanced Management Module cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6718]low🔒🔒--
65600Satechi Smart Travel Router Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
65599Codeaurora Android-msm genlock.c genlock_dev_ioctl resource managementmedium🔒---
65598IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65597IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65596IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65595AMD 16h Model 00h Processor resource management [CVE-2013-6885]medium🔒🔒--
65594HP Service Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-4844]medium🔒---
65593CiviCRM sql injection [CVE-2013-5957]medium🔒---
65592Jahia xCM Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4624]low🔒---
65591Jahia xCM information disclosure [CVE-2013-4617]low🔒---
65590Jahia xCM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3920]low🔒---
65589Cisco Prime Network Registrar cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3394]low🔒---
65588Nagios Nagios XI NagiosQL sql injection [CVE-2013-6875]medium🔒🔒--
65587Vortexgroup Light Alloy memory corruption [CVE-2013-6874]high🔒---
65586Testa Online Test Management System sql injection [CVE-2013-6873]medium🔒🔒--
65585SavySoda WiFi Free Hd path traversal [CVE-2013-3923]low🔒---
65584Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4525]low🔒---
65583Moodle Filesystem lib.php path traversalmedium🔒---
65582Moodle lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4523]low🔒---
65581Moodle Proxy Server filelib.php information disclosurelow🔒---
65580Jenkins-ci Exclusion access control [CVE-2013-6373]medium🔒---
65579MediaWiki index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65578Gummy Bear FTP Drive + HTTP Server path traversal [CVE-2013-3922]medium🔒---
65577Elastix cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6608]low🔒🔒--
65575SAP NetWeaver SRTT_GET_COUNT_BEFORE_KEY_RFC sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65574Novell openSUSE Default Configuration credentials managementlow🔒---
65573Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6868]medium🔒---
65572Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2013-6867]medium🔒---
65571Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise code injection [CVE-2013-6866]high🔒🔒--
65570Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise code injection [CVE-2013-6865]high🔒---
65569Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise path traversal [CVE-2013-6864]medium🔒---
65568Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise access control [CVE-2013-6863]medium🔒🔒--
65567Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2013-6862]medium🔒---
65566Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6861]low🔒---
65565Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6860]medium🔒---
65564Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Authorization improper authenticationmedium🔒---
65563Robert Ancell LightDM AppArmor access control [CVE-2013-4459]low🔒---
65562OpenFabrics ibutils link following [CVE-2013-2561]medium🔒---
65560Canonical maas cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1058]medium🔒---
65559FFmpeg aac_decode_init memory corruptionhigh🔒---
65558FFmpeg avcodec_decode_audio4 memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
65557Novell openSUSE alloca memory corruptionlow🔒---
65556Augeas transform.c transform_save path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
65555Augeas transfer.c rename information disclosurelow🔒---
65554Augeas transform.c transform_save link followinglow🔒---
65553OpenStack Horizon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6858]low🔒🔒--
65552OpenStack Image Registry And Delivery Service (glance) input validationlow🔒---
65551FFmpeg av_reallocp_array null pointer dereferencehigh🔒--🔒
65550FFmpeg kempf_decode_tile memory corruptionlow🔒--🔒
65549GraphicsMagick export.c ExportAlphaQuantumType denial of servicelow🔒---
65548Red Hat Enterprise Linux untrusted search path [CVE-2013-4482]medium🔒---
65547Red Hat Enterprise Linux luci.ini race condition [CVE-2013-4481]low🔒---
65546Poppler extractPages input validationlow🔒---
65545Poppler extractPages memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65544BusyBox access control [CVE-2013-1813]medium🔒---
65543Clusterlabs Pacemaker resource management [CVE-2013-0281]low🔒---
65542Quassel-irc Quassel Irc ctcphandler.cpp resource managementlow🔒🔒-🔒
65541Tweet-blender cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6342]low🔒🔒--
65539IBM Rational Performance Tester information disclosure [CVE-2013-6312]low🔒🔒--
65538Kingsoft KDrive Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5999]medium🔒---
65537GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Ifix input validationlow🔒---
65536GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Ifix input validationmedium🔒---
65535EMC Document Sciences xPression Dashboard path traversal [CVE-2013-6177]low🔒---
65534EMC Document Sciences xPression Dashboard sql injection [CVE-2013-6176]medium🔒---
65533EMC Document Sciences xPression cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6175]low🔒---
65532EMC Document Sciences xPression input validation [CVE-2013-6174]medium🔒---
65531EMC Document Sciences xPression cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6173]medium🔒---
65530LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5996]low🔒---
65529LOCKON EC-CUBE Helper information disclosure [CVE-2013-5995]low🔒---
65528LOCKON EC-CUBE Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2013-5994]low🔒---
65527LOCKON EC-CUBE cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5993]medium🔒---
65526LOCKON EC-CUBE displaySystemError cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65525LOCKON EC-CUBE displaySystemError information disclosurelow🔒---
65524PineApp Mail-SeCure 5099SK access control [CVE-2013-6831]medium🔒---
65523PineApp Mail-SeCure 5099SK Networking code injection [CVE-2013-6830]medium🔒---
65522PineApp Mail-SeCure Networking code injection [CVE-2013-6829]medium🔒---
65521PineApp Mail-SeCure improper authentication [CVE-2013-6828]medium🔒---
65520PineApp Mail-SeCure path traversal [CVE-2013-6827]low🔒---
65519Mozilla SeaMonkey Netscape Portable Runtime PL_ArenaAllocate numeric errormedium🔒---
65518SAP NetWeaver Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6823]medium🔒---
65517SAP NetWeaver GRMGApp Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-6822]high🔒---
65516SAP NetWeaver path traversal [CVE-2013-6821]low🔒---
65515SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure memory corruption [CVE-2013-6820]high🔒---
65514SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6819]low🔒---
65513SAP NetWeaver Logviewer Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6818]medium🔒---
65512SAP Network Interface Router memory corruption [CVE-2013-6817]medium🔒---
65511SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6816]low🔒🔒--
65510SAP NetWeaver SHSTI_UPLOAD_XML input validationlow🔒🔒--
65509SAP NetWeaver Passport input validation [CVE-2013-6814]medium🔒🔒--
65508Debian Linux resource management [CVE-2013-4560]low🔒🔒--
65507Debian Linux clone access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65506Adaptivecomputing TORQUE Resource Manager send_the_mail code injectionhigh🔒---
65505Gnu GnuTLS numeric error [CVE-2013-4487]medium🔒---
65504Theforeman Foreman sql injection [CVE-2013-4386]medium🔒---
65503Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6074]low🔒🔒--
65502Zkoss ZK Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5966]low🔒🔒--
65501FOSCAM Wireless IP Camera cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5215]low🔒🔒--
65500Linux Kernel do_ip_vs_get_ctl memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65499Linux Kernel ath9k_htc_set_bssid_mask cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
65498CollectiveAccess Pawtucket cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4507]low🔒🔒--
65497Dlink Dir865l Remote Management hedwig.cgi cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65496Sunil Nanda Blue Wrench Video Widget bluewrench-video-widget.php cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65495Google Chrome jdmarker.c get_dht numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
65494Softaculous Webuzo cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6042]low🔒---
65493Dlink DSL-2760U sntpcfg.cgi cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65492Reviewboard Review Board cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4519]low🔒---
65491Percipientstudios Imagen cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0741]low🔒🔒--
65490Mozilla Network Security Services Network Security Service input validationmedium🔒--🔒
65489Cisco Unified Communications Manager File Permission input validationmedium🔒---
65488Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enterprise License Manager path traversalmedium🔒---
65487IBM Cognos Business Intelligence access control [CVE-2013-4034]low🔒---
65486Cisco Server Provisioner access control [CVE-2013-3407]low🔒---
65485Cisco Service Portal input validation [CVE-2013-3406]medium🔒---
65484IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Servlet Gateway input validationlow🔒---
65483Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2013-6799]low🔒---
65482SPIP code injection [CVE-2013-4557]medium🔒🔒--
65481SPIP cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4556]low🔒🔒--
65480SPIP cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4555]medium🔒🔒--
65479Tryton path traversal [CVE-2013-4510]medium🔒---
65478Red Hat Network Satellite Administrator Account access controlmedium🔒---
65477Osirix-viewer OsiriX Listener credentials management [CVE-2013-4425]low🔒---
65476Google Web Toolkit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4204]low🔒---
65475MediaWiki File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2013-2114]medium🔒🔒--
65474MediaWiki access control [CVE-2013-2032]medium🔒🔒--
65473MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2031]low🔒🔒--
65472Canonical maas Configuration File input validation [CVE-2013-1057]low🔒---
65471Olat Calendar Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6794]low🔒🔒--
65470Olat Calendar Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6793]low🔒---
65469AjaXplorer path traversal [CVE-2013-6226]medium🔒---
65468Zikula Application Framework index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65467ProjeQtOr sql injection [CVE-2013-6164]medium🔒🔒--
65466ProjeQtOr cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6163]low🔒🔒--
65465appRain sql injection [CVE-2013-6058]medium🔒---
65464JustSystems Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2013-5990]high🔒---
65463IBM Security Network Protection Management Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65462SilverStripe Browser History information disclosure [CVE-2013-6789]low🔒---
65461SilverStripe rlogin input validation [CVE-2013-2653]medium🔒---
65460Qualcomm Quic Mobile Station Modem Kernel Access Restriction goodix_tool.c input validationmedium🔒---
65459Qualcomm Quic Mobile Station Modem Kernel goodix_tool.c race conditionmedium🔒---
65458OpenVZ vzkernel compat_quotactl access controllow🔒🔒--
65457Cisco NX-OS memory corruption [CVE-2013-5566]low🔒---
65456Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant credentials managementhigh🔒---
65455Cisco Wide Area Application Services Mobile path traversal [CVE-2013-5554]medium🔒---
65454PineApp Mail-SeCure access control [CVE-2013-4987]medium🔒---
65453Tattyan Tattyan Hptown cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4716]low🔒---
65452Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis/Response System cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65451Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution HTTP Service memory corruptionlow🔒---
65450IBM Platform Symphony memory corruption [CVE-2013-5387]medium🔒---
65449TikiWiki sql injection [CVE-2013-4715]medium🔒---
65448TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4714]low🔒---
65447Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator path traversal [CVE-2013-3626]medium🔒---
65446EMC Documentum eRoom cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3286]low🔒---
65445EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3281]low🔒---
65443AjaXplorer index.php path traversallow🔒---
65442OpenAFS cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4135]low🔒---
65441OpenAFS Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4134]medium🔒---
65440Tuxfamily Chrony sed Command cmdmon.c handle_client_accesses information disclosurelow🔒---
65439Tuxfamily Chrony pktlength.c PKL_ReplyLength numeric errormedium🔒---
65438Juniper Junos J-Web input validation [CVE-2013-6618]medium🔒🔒--
65437Opsview cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5695]low🔒---
65436Opsview sql injection [CVE-2013-5694]medium🔒---
65435OpenStack Havana Backend access control [CVE-2013-4497]medium🔒---
65434Ldap-account-manager LDAP Account Manager cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65433Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server access control [CVE-2013-4419]medium🔒🔒--
65432Smackcoders WP Ultimate Email Marketer plugin access controlmedium🔒---
65431Smackcoders WP Ultimate Email Marketer plugin cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65430SaltStack salt access control [CVE-2013-6617]high🔒---
65429Roundcube webmail sql injection [CVE-2013-6172]medium🔒---
65428S9y Serendipity spell-check-savedicts.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65427SaltStack Salt access control [CVE-2013-4439]medium🔒---
65426SaltStack Salt code injection [CVE-2013-4438]medium🔒---
65425SaltStack salt tmp. Remote Code Executionhigh🔒---
65424SaltStack salt Default Configuration input validation [CVE-2013-4436]high🔒---
65423SaltStack Salt improper authentication [CVE-2013-4435]medium🔒---
65421VMware Hyperic HQ Console Runtime.getRuntime(.exec Runtime.getRuntime.exec code injectionmedium🔒---
65420Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution memory corruptionlow🔒---
65419HP LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2013-4839]medium🔒---
65418HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4838]high🔒---
65417HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4837]high🔒---
65416HP Alm Synchronizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-4836]medium🔒---
65415HP SiteScope memory corruption [CVE-2013-4835]medium🔒---
65414HP Application LifeCycle Management memory corruption [CVE-2013-4834]medium🔒---
65413Apple Motion parseElement numeric errorlow🔒---
65412Linux Kernel ipc_rcu_putref numeric errormedium🔒---
65411McAfee Email Gateway code injection [CVE-2013-6349]medium🔒---
65410Apache Struts cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6348]low🔒---
65409Modpagespeed Mod Pagespeed mod_pagespeed cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65408TVT Dvr Firmware path traversal [CVE-2013-6023]medium🔒---
65407OpenStack Grizzly access control [CVE-2013-4477]low🔒---
65405Red Hat Enterprise Linux reds_handle_ticket memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65404NAS4Free exec.php code injectionmedium🔒---
65403Openbravo Openbravo ERP Interfaces access control [CVE-2013-3617]medium🔒---
65402EMC Unisphere Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3287]low🔒---
65401EMC NetWorker Management Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3285]low🔒---
65400OpenStack Folsom File System resource management [CVE-2013-4469]low🔒--🔒
65399Thoughtbot Cocaine os command injection [CVE-2013-4457]medium🔒🔒--
65398Andrew Simpson WebCollab cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2652]low🔒🔒--
65397Cart66 Cart66 Lite plugin Cart66Product.php cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
65396Md-systems Simplenews cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4447]low🔒🔒--
65395Linksalpha Social Sharing Toolkit plugin cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
65394Cisco Unified Communications Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-5555]low🔒---
65393IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway input validationmedium🔒---
65392I-O DATA Rockdisk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4713]low🔒---
65391Varnish memory corruption [CVE-2013-4484]low🔒🔒--
65390Moodle code injection [CVE-2013-3630]low🔒---
65389Red Hat OpenStack Backend memory corruption [CVE-2013-4261]low🔒---
65388Red Hat OpenStack cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4185]low🔒---
65387Triplc Nano-10 PLC Firmware input validation [CVE-2013-5741]medium🔒---
65386Apache Solr cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6289]low🔒---
65385Apache Solr Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-6288]high🔒---
65384Fengoffice Feng Office cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5744]low🔒---
65383Ubuntu Developers systemd Configuration File SetX11Keyboard access controlmedium🔒---
65382Ubuntu Developers systemd resource management [CVE-2013-4393]low🔒---
65381Ubuntu Developers systemd File Permission access control [CVE-2013-4392]low🔒---
65380Ubuntu Developers systemd valid_user_field numeric errormedium🔒---
65379Novell libzypp cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3704]low🔒---
65378OpenText OpenText/IXOS ECM for SAP NetWeaver Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
65377Andreas Krennmair tpp code injection [CVE-2013-2208]medium🔒---
65376KTH WaveSurfer GetWavHeader memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65375Drupal access control [CVE-2012-0827]low🔒---
65374Drupal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-0826]medium🔒🔒--
65373Drupal information disclosure [CVE-2012-0825]medium🔒🔒--
65372Aircrack-ng memory corruption [CVE-2010-1159]medium🔒🔒--
65371Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform input validation [CVE-2013-2186]medium🔒🔒-🔒
65370Tylertech TaxWeb information disclosure [CVE-2013-6285]low🔒---
65369Tylertech TaxWeb User Account passwordRequestPOST.jsp information disclosuremedium🔒---
65368Tylertech TaxWeb cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6019]low🔒---
65367Tylertech TaxWeb login.jsp cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65366OpenStack Grizzly Registry access control [CVE-2013-4428]low🔒---
65365CMU Cyrus-SASL crypt numeric errorlow🔒---
65364nginx Default Configuration access control [CVE-2013-0337]medium🔒🔒--
65363F5 Big-ip Protocol Security Module Accelerator input validationmedium🔒🔒--
65362PolarSSL ssl_tls.c ssl_read_record memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65361Dlitz PyCrypto Pseudo-Random Number Generator Crypto.Random.atfork cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65360Binarymoon TimThumb Cache timthumb.php input validationmedium🔒---
65359VideoLAN VLC Media Player m3u File input validation [CVE-2013-6283]medium🔒---
65358Puppetlabs Puppet Access Restriction improper authenticationmedium🔒--🔒
65357Puppetlabs Puppet Dashboard code injection [CVE-2013-4957]medium🔒🔒-🔒
65356Simplemachines Forum File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2013-4465]medium🔒---
65355Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server Error Message numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
65354Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server packet.c buf_decompress numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
65353Canonical Linux Setuid access control [CVE-2013-1067]medium🔒---
65352WellinTech KingView ActiveX Control KChartXY.ocx access controllow🔒---
65351WellinTech KingView ActiveX Control SuperGrid.ocx path traversallow🔒---
65350IBM Flex System Manager Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-5424]medium🔒---
65349dhtmlx dhtmlxSpreadsheet cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6281]low🔒🔒--
65348Linksalpha Social Sharing Toolkit plugin cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65347Cisco Identity Services Engine Software improper authenticationlow🔒---
65346Cisco Identity Services Engine Software os command injectionmedium🔒---
65345Cisco Identity Services Engine Software access control [CVE-2013-5521]low🔒---
65343Dell Quest One Password Manager access control [CVE-2013-6246]low🔒---
65342Apache Sling Auth Core input validation [CVE-2013-4390]low🔒🔒--
65341Red Hat JBoss Operations Network input validation [CVE-2013-4373]low🔒---
65340Apache Shindig information disclosure [CVE-2013-4295]low🔒---
65339Red Hat JBoss Operations Network cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4293]low🔒---
65338Quagga ospf_api.c new_msg_lsa_change_notify memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65337Landing Pages Plugin index.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65336Quassel-irc Quassel IRC sql injection [CVE-2013-4422]medium🔒---
65335BoltWire index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65334DrayTek Vigor 2700 router os command injection [CVE-2013-5703]medium🔒---
65333Mozilla Network Security Services Network Security Service denial of servicelow🔒--🔒
65332Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2013-5550]low🔒---
65329Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2013-5542]medium🔒---
65328Cisco Unified Computing System cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4115]medium🔒---
65327vBulletin access control [CVE-2013-6129]medium🔒---
65326Cisco Unity Connection Web Service path traversal [CVE-2013-5534]low🔒---
65325I-O DATA HDL-A/HDL2-A Firmware resource management [CVE-2013-4712]medium🔒---
65324Cisco Unified Computing System Certificates input validationmedium🔒---
65323Cisco Unified Computing System information disclosure [CVE-2012-4116]low🔒---
65322Cisco Unified Computing System cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4114]medium🔒---
65321Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4113]low🔒---
65320Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4112]medium🔒---
65319Juniper Junos input validation [CVE-2013-6170]low🔒🔒--
65318Process-one ejabberd cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6169]low🔒---
65317Feep libtar block.c th_read numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
65316Apache Mod Fcgid mod_fcgid fcgid_bucket.c fcgid_header_bucket_read memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65315rubygems version.rb ANCHORED_VERSION_PATTERN cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65314rubygems version.rb VERSION_PATTERN cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒--
65313Apache Sling AbstractCreateOperation.java deepGetOrCreateNode memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65312IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Software cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5376]low🔒---
65311Ruby on Rails format string [CVE-2013-4389]low🔒---
65310IBM Rational Focal Point cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3025]low🔒---
65309IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Software input validation [CVE-2013-0500]low🔒---
65308EMC Atmos credentials management [CVE-2013-3279]medium🔒---
65307Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65306Cisco Identity Services Engine Software resource management [CVE-2013-5540]medium🔒---
65305Cisco Identity Services Engine Software input validation [CVE-2013-5539]medium🔒---
65304Cisco Identity Services Engine Software access control [CVE-2013-5538]medium🔒---
65303Cisco Video Surveillance 4300e Ip Camera Hardcoded Credentials credentials managementmedium🔒---
65302IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring input validation [CVE-2013-5394]medium🔒---
65301IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
65300IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5390]low🔒---
65299Infohr Hr Human Resource Information System cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65298Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex 2942 configuration access controlmedium🔒---
65297HP Service Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4833]low🔒---
65296HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4832]low🔒---
65295HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4831]low🔒---
65294HP Service Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4830]medium🔒---
65293Oxid-esales eShop recommlist.php getRecommSearch cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65292HP Intelligent Management Center sql injection [CVE-2013-4827]medium🔒---
65291HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-4826]low🔒---
65290HP Intelligent Management Center Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
65289HP Intelligent Management Center improper authentication [CVE-2013-4824]medium🔒---
65288HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-4823]low🔒---
65287HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2013-4822]high🔒---
65286IBM Business Process Monitor memory corruption [CVE-2013-4804]high🔒---
65284IBM InfoSphere Information Server cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65283Alstom e-terracontrol input validation [CVE-2013-2787]medium🔒---
65281IBM Business Process Monitor memory corruption [CVE-2013-2366]high🔒---
65279Invensys Wonderware InTouch memory corruption [CVE-2012-4709]medium🔒---
65278Cisco Unified Computing System os command injection [CVE-2012-4108]medium🔒---
65277Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4107]low🔒---
65276Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4106]medium🔒---
65275Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4105]low🔒---
65274MostGear Easy LAN Folder Share Registry memory corruption [CVE-2013-6079]medium🔒---
65273Adaptivecomputing TORQUE Resource Manager access control [CVE-2013-4319]medium🔒---
65272Red Hat Enterprise Mrg input validation [CVE-2013-4255]low🔒---
65271Richard Cook rgpg Helper gpg_helper.rb self.run_gpg code injectionmedium🔒---
65270xymon path traversal [CVE-2013-4173]low🔒---
65269CMS Made Simple cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4167]low🔒---
65268Status StatusNet sql injection [CVE-2013-4137]medium🔒---
65267Red Hat Enterprise Mrg input validation [CVE-2009-5136]low🔒---
65266RSA Bsafe Crypto-c Me Mfp Psos cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-6755]medium🔒---
65265Kwoksys Information Server hardware-list.dll sql injection [CVE-2013-5028]medium🔒---
65264Ovislink Airlive Poe200hd cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3687]medium🔒---
65263Ovislink AirLive WL2600CAM Camera access control [CVE-2013-3686]high🔒---
65262TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware access control [CVE-2013-2581]medium🔒🔒--
65261TP-Link TL-SC3130G File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-2580]medium🔒---
65260TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware credentials management [CVE-2013-2579]medium🔒---
65259TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware os command injection [CVE-2013-2578]medium🔒---
65258Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Web Interface path traversallow🔒---
65257Cisco Identity Services Engine Software sql injection [CVE-2013-5525]medium🔒🔒--
65256Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65255Cisco Identity Services Engine Software input validation [CVE-2013-5523]medium🔒🔒--
65254Symantec Management Platform Encryption Key information disclosurelow🔒---
65253Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution File Permission credentials managementlow🔒---
65252IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
65251IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite access controlmedium🔒---
65250IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
65249Eucalyptus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4767]high🔒---
65248Red Hat Enterprise Linux access control [CVE-2013-4342]medium🔒---
65247Restlet Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-4271]medium🔒---
65246Restlet Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-4221]medium🔒---
65245Menalto gallery Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2241]low🔒---
65244Menalto Gallery flowplayer.swf.php information disclosure [CVE-2013-2240]medium🔒---
65243Menalto Gallery input validation [CVE-2013-2138]medium🔒---
65242GNOME Librsvg input validation [CVE-2013-1881]medium🔒🔒--
65241Cartpauj Mingle-forum cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0736]medium🔒🔒--
65240Sebastien Corbin Make Meeting Scheduler module Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65239AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management radar-iso27001-potential.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65238Call-cc CHICKEN memory corruption [CVE-2013-4385]medium🔒🔒--
65237Google Site Search module Search Module cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65236Red Hat Enterprise MRG resource management [CVE-2013-4284]low🔒---
65235Radscan Network Audio System osLogMsg format stringmedium🔒---
65233Radscan Network Audio System osLogMsg memory corruptionlow🔒---
65232Python ssl.match_hostname resource managementlow🔒🔒🔒-
65219McAfee Agent FrameworkService.exe resource managementlow🔒---
65218ASUS RT-N10E improper authentication [CVE-2013-3610]medium🔒---
65217Philips Xper Information Management Physiomonitoring 5 Monitoring memory corruptionhigh🔒---
65216Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
65215Brickom 100ap Device Firmware access control [CVE-2013-3689]medium🔒---
65214AXIS Media Control Activex Control ActiveX Control AxisMediaControlEmb.dll access controlmedium🔒---
65213Ovislink AirLive WL2600CAM path traversal [CVE-2013-3541]medium🔒---
65212Ovislink Airlive Poe200hd cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3540]medium🔒---
65210vTiger CRM CalendarCommon.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65209IconCool PDFCool Studio PDFAX0722_IconCool.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65208Django this cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65207Citrix Netscaler Application Delivery Controller input validationmedium🔒---
65206PolarSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5915]low🔒🔒--
65205rsyslog Search Plugin writeDataError resource managementmedium🔒---
65204Apache Camel code injection [CVE-2013-4330]medium🔒🔒-🔒
65203Django cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4249]low🔒---
65202Red Hat Storage Server limits.conf link followinglow🔒---
65201Wernerd ZRTPCPP getEpHash memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65200Wernerd ZRTPCPP findBestSASType memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65199Wernerd ZRTPCPP storeMsgTemp memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65198HP Color LaserJet CM4540 information disclosure [CVE-2013-4829]low🔒---
65197HP Color LaserJet CM4540 cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4828]low🔒---
65196Accelatech BizSearch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4711]low🔒---
65195IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-2964]medium🔒---
65194Corel PDF Fusion wintab32.dll untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3248]high🔒---
65193Corel PDF Fusion memory corruption [CVE-2013-0742]high🔒---
65192Canonical Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4327]low🔒---
65191Red Hat Enterprise Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4326]low🔒---
65190Red Hat spice-gtk Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4324]low🔒🔒--
65189Red Hat Enterprise Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4311]low🔒---
65188polkit Authorization race condition [CVE-2013-4288]medium🔒---
65187Ubuntu Developers language-selector Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
65186Martin Pitt Jockey Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-1065]low🔒---
65185Ubuntu Developers apt-xapian-index Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
65184Canonical Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-1063]low🔒---
65183Michael Vogt ubuntu-system-service Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
65182Marc Deslauriers Software-properties Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
65181Wearegumball Comment-attachment cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6010]low🔒---
65180Open-Xchange AppSuite code injection [CVE-2013-6009]medium🔒---
65179Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5690]low🔒---
65178Siemens Scalance X-200irt Management Interface improper authenticationmedium🔒---
65177Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Management Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65176Baramundi Management Suite Encryption Key credentials managementmedium🔒---
65175Baramundi Management Suite Data Storage cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
65174Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Hardcoded Credentials credentials managementmedium🔒---
65173Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management information disclosuremedium🔒---
65172Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management access controlhigh🔒---
65171Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management code injectionhigh🔒---
65170Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65169Springsignage Xibo index.php path traversallow🔒---
65168Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Web Framework sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65167IBM InfoSphere Information Server access control [CVE-2013-4067]low🔒---
65166IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console input validationmedium🔒---
65165Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4111]medium🔒---
65164Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4110]medium🔒---
65163Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4109]medium🔒---
65162Cisco Unified Computing System path traversal [CVE-2012-4104]medium🔒---
65161Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4103]medium🔒---
65160Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4102]medium🔒---
65159Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4095]medium🔒🔒--
65157F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager Access Policy Logout Page cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65156F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager access control [CVE-2013-5975]medium🔒🔒--
65154MongoDB resource management [CVE-2013-3969]medium🔒🔒-🔒
65153OpenStack python-keystoneclient information disclosure [CVE-2013-2013]low🔒---
65152MongoDB nativeHelper input validationmedium🔒---
65151Barton ngIRCd conn.c Handle_Write input validationlow🔒---
65150Grandstream Gxv Device cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3963]medium🔒---
65149Grandstream Gxv Device cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3962]low🔒---
65148Brickom OB-100Ae cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3690]medium🔒---
65147David King vino vino-server.c vino_server_client_data_pending input validationmedium🔒🔒--
65146Iij SEIL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4708]low🔒---
65145Arubanetworks ClearPass Guest Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65144Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Supplementary Crafted Program resource managementmedium🔒---
65143MariaDB MySQL credentials management [CVE-2012-5627]low🔒🔒--
65142RubyGems SSL Certificate cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-2126]low🔒---
65141RubyGems Installation unknown vulnerability [CVE-2012-2125]medium🔒---
65140Linux Foundation Xen resource management [CVE-2011-2901]low🔒---
65139IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
65138IBM Maximo Asset Management access control [CVE-2013-5383]low🔒🔒--
65137IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-5382]low🔒🔒--
65136IBM Maximo Asset Management privileges management [CVE-2013-5381]medium🔒🔒--
65135IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-5380]low🔒🔒--
65134IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65133IBM Maximo Asset Management memory corruption [CVE-2013-4021]medium🔒🔒--
65132IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
65131IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4019]low🔒🔒--
65130IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-4018]medium🔒---
65129IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-4017]medium🔒🔒--
65128IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4014]low🔒---
65127IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-4013]low🔒---
65126IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-3973]medium🔒---
65125IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-3972]low🔒---
65124IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
65123IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
65122IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3048]low🔒🔒--
65121IBM Maximo Asset Management privileges management [CVE-2013-3047]medium🔒🔒--
65120IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-0451]medium🔒🔒--
65119IBM Maximo Asset Management access control [CVE-2012-3323]medium🔒🔒--
65118Zabbix Console access control [CVE-2013-5572]medium🔒---
65117IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65116IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65115EMC VPLEX Geo Configuration File credentials management [CVE-2013-3278]low🔒---
65114Metaclassy Byword access control [CVE-2013-5725]medium🔒---
65113Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch resource management [CVE-2013-5516]medium🔒---
65112IBM Rational ClearQuest Web Client information disclosure [CVE-2013-3041]low🔒---
65111Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4096]medium🔒---
65082X2Engine X2CRM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5693]low🔒---
65081X2Engine X2CRM path traversal [CVE-2013-5692]medium🔒---
65080PolarSSL x509parse_crt input validationlow🔒---
65079Werner Baumann davfs2 File System kernel_interface.c "system" access controlmedium🔒---
65078OpenStack Keystone credentials management [CVE-2013-4222]medium🔒---
65077FreeSWITCH switch_regex.c switch_perform_substitution memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65076Debian txt2man link following [CVE-2013-1444]low🔒---
65075libarchive archive_write_set_format_zip.c archive_write_zip_data numeric errormedium🔒--🔒
65074Cdsincdesign Simple Dropbox Upload Form File Upload multi.php unrestricted uploadmedium🔒---
65073Envato Complete Gallery Manager plugin File Upload memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
65072Danny Morris Lazy SEO File Upload lazyseo.php Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
65071Emeric Vernat JavaMelody HtmlSessionInformationsReport.java cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65070Simone Tellini Mod Accounting mod_accounting.c sql injectionmedium🔒---
65069Red Hat libvirt virBitmapParse memory corruptionlow🔒---
65068Jean-paul Calderone pyOpenSSL input validation [CVE-2013-4314]medium🔒---
65067Red Hat libvirt virFileNBDDeviceAssociate memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
65066Canonical Linux remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats memory corruptionlow🔒---
65065Red Hat libvirt resource management [CVE-2013-4292]low🔒🔒-🔒
65064Red Hat libvirt virSecurityManagerSetProcessLabel access controlmedium🔒---
65063Red Hat libvirt xenDaemonListDefinedDomains memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
65062Red Hat libvirt input validation [CVE-2013-2230]low🔒---
65061Red Hat libvirt Interfaces resource management [CVE-2013-2218]low🔒---
65060Adcisolutions Node View Permissions hook_query_alter access controllow🔒---
65059Joachim Noreiko Flag module Administration Page cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65058Red Hat JBoss Fuse Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4372]low🔒---
65057Phusion Passenger link following [CVE-2013-4136]low🔒---
65056OWASP Enterprise Security API Default Configuration cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
65055Cisco Identity Services Engine Software Administration Page cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65054Cisco Identity Services Engine Software Mobile Device Management cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65053Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Administrative Web Interface improper authenticationlow🔒---
65052Bluecoat Proxysgos memory corruption [CVE-2013-5959]medium🔒🔒--
65051Little CMS Color Engine Utility memory corruption [CVE-2013-4276]medium🔒---
65050Jgroups JGroup information disclosure [CVE-2013-4112]medium🔒🔒--
65049Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine path traversal [CVE-2013-2068]medium🔒---
65048Apple iOS Passcode Lock access control [CVE-2013-5161]low🔒---
65047IBM Rational ClearQuest cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0598]medium🔒---
65046IBM Websphere Datapower Xc10 Appliance access control [CVE-2013-5403]high🔒---
65045Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-1313]medium🔒---
65044Graphite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5943]low🔒🔒--
65043Graphite Whitelist datalib.py code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65042Graphite renderLocalView code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
65041Marketpress BackWPup Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4626]low🔒🔒--
65037Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface input validationmedium🔒🔒--
65036Cisco Unified Computing System User Account credentials managementmedium🔒---
65035Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4079]low🔒🔒--
65034Click2Sell Click2Sell Suite module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5938]low🔒---
65033Click2Sell Click2Sell Suite module cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
65032WikkaWiki wikka.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
65031Open-Xchange AppSuite Network Configuration information disclosurelow🔒---
65030Open-Xchange AppSuite Interfaces information disclosure [CVE-2013-5935]low🔒---
65029Open-Xchange AppSuite credentials management [CVE-2013-5934]medium🔒---
65028Google Android sub_E110 memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65027Friends Of Symfony Project FOSUserBundle Login Form resource managementlow🔒---
65026IBM Rational ClearCase access control [CVE-2013-5373]medium🔒---
65025Open-Xchange AppSuite improper authentication [CVE-2013-5200]medium🔒---
65024Google Android config [CVE-2013-4777]medium🔒---
65023Linux Kernel and cryptographic issueslow🔒---
65022IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager access controllow🔒---
65021IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager information disclosurelow🔒---
65020IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager credentials managementlow🔒---
65019Cisco Unified Computing System Setup Script config [CVE-2012-4086]medium🔒---
65018Tenable SecurityCenter devform.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65017Esri ArcGIS input validation [CVE-2013-5221]medium🔒---
65016KnowledgeView KnowledgeView Editorial/Management application cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65015Optimalpayments Neteller Direct Payment Api None access controlmedium🔒---
65014Cisco Unified Computing System Smart Call Home memory corruptionmedium🔒---
65013Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4089]medium🔒---
65012Cisco Unified Computing System Setup Script input validationmedium🔒---
65011Cisco Unified Computing System Intelligent Platform Management Interface input validationlow🔒---
65010Cisco Unified Computing System improper authentication [CVE-2012-4078]medium🔒---
65009Real-estate-php-script Real Estate PHP Script property_listings_detail.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
65008Real-estate-php-script Real Estate PHP Script search_residential.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65007OpenStack Keystone Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4294]medium🔒🔒--
65006Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cache link following [CVE-2013-2217]low🔒---
65005Simon Mcvittie Telepathy Gabble input validation [CVE-2013-1431]medium🔒🔒--
65004Cgi HotScan memory corruption [CVE-2012-2624]medium🔒---
65002JForum Login input validation [CVE-2012-5338]medium🔒---
65001Platinum SEO plugin platinum_seo_pack.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
65000Rodrigo Coimbra NOSpam PTI wp-comments-post.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64999Cisco MediaSense access control [CVE-2013-5502]medium🔒---
64998Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager information disclosuremedium🔒---
64997Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager information disclosuremedium🔒---
64996Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager processImageSave.jsp os command injectionmedium🔒---
64995HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-4821]low🔒---
64994HP IceWall File Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4820]low🔒---
64993HP IceWall SSO Agent Option information disclosure [CVE-2013-4819]low🔒---
64992HP IceWall File Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4818]low🔒---
64991HP IceWall SSO Agent Option information disclosure [CVE-2013-4817]low🔒---
64990HP Xp 9000 Command View cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4814]low🔒---
64989HP Linux Imaging And Printing Project Access Restriction check_permission_v1 access controlmedium🔒---
64988GLPI Installation cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5696]medium🔒---
64987Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance Web Framework improper authenticationmedium🔒---
64986Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4082]medium🔒---
64985Cisco Unified Computing System memory corruption [CVE-2012-4081]low🔒---
64984Cisco MediaSense cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5501]low🔒---
64983Cisco MediaSense cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5500]low🔒---
64982Cisco Unified Computing System Smart Call Home input validationlow🔒---
64981Cisco Unified Computing System Administrative Web Interface memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
64980Cisco Unified Computing System Subsystem credentials managementmedium🔒---
64979Cisco Unified Computing System KVM Subsystem cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64978Cisco Unified Computing System KVM Subsystem input validationmedium🔒---
64977Iij SEIL PPP Access Concentrator memory corruption [CVE-2013-4709]medium🔒---
64976Dlink DES-3810 SSH Implementation access control [CVE-2013-4707]medium🔒---
64975Dlink Dwl-2100ap SSH Implementation access control [CVE-2013-4706]medium🔒---
64974Apple iTunes ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-1035]high🔒---
64973Mozilla SeaMonkey drawLineLoop memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64972Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Authorization access control [CVE-2013-5754]high🔒---
64971Siemens Scalance X204irt numeric error [CVE-2013-5709]high🔒---
64956Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 credentials management [CVE-2013-3615]medium🔒---
64955Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 access control [CVE-2013-3614]high🔒---
64954Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Telnet improper authentication [CVE-2013-3613]medium🔒---
64953Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Authorization credentials management [CVE-2013-3612]high🔒---
64952SUBNET SubSTATION Server input validation [CVE-2013-2788]low🔒---
64951Slickremix Design Approval System plugin cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64950Eucalyptus information disclosure [CVE-2013-4766]low🔒---
64949Eucalyptus EuStore Default Configuration credentials managementmedium🔒---
64948Eucalyptus Authorization access control [CVE-2013-2296]low🔒--🔒
64947Eucalyptus resource management [CVE-2012-4067]low🔒---
64946OpenStack Compute access control [CVE-2013-4278]low🔒---
64945Ansibleworks ansible __init__.py access control [CVE-2013-4260]low🔒---
64944Ansibleworks Ansible access control [CVE-2013-4259]low🔒---
64943Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_abc.cpp memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
64942Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_abc.cpp abc_set_parts numeric errormedium🔒---
64941OpenStack Compute resource management [CVE-2013-4202]low🔒---
64940OpenStack Cinder clear_volume information disclosurelow🔒---
64939Theforeman Foreman access control [CVE-2013-4182]medium🔒---
64938Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization addAlert cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64937Theforeman Foreman input validation [CVE-2013-4180]low🔒---
64936OpenStack Compute memory corruption [CVE-2013-4179]low🔒---
64935OpenStack Havana access control [CVE-2013-2256]medium🔒---
64934Exactcode ExactImage input validation [CVE-2013-1441]low🔒---
64933libraw JPEG Decoder null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1439]low🔒---
64932IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management code injection [CVE-2013-5369]medium🔒---
64931IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management File Upload resource managementmedium🔒---
64930IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64929IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64928Moodle code injection [CVE-2013-5674]medium🔒---
64927Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4341]low🔒---
64926Moodle sql injection [CVE-2013-4313]medium🔒---
64925Cisco NX-OS input validation [CVE-2013-5496]medium🔒---
64924Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5495]low🔒---
64923Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5494]medium🔒---
64922ChamaNet ChamaCargo cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4704]low🔒---
64921PHP Parser information disclosure [CVE-2013-1824]low🔒---
64920HP ProCurve Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4813]high🔒🔒--
64919HP ProCurve Manager Certificates input validation [CVE-2013-4812]high🔒🔒--
64918HP ProCurve Manager input validation [CVE-2013-4811]high🔒🔒--
64917HP ProCurve Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4810]high🔒🔒--
64916HP ProCurve Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-4809]medium🔒🔒--
64915Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 6000 Access Restriction input validationmedium🔒---
64914Cisco SocialMiner Administration administration.jsp cryptographic issueslow🔒---
64913Cisco SocialMiner Browser History access control [CVE-2013-5489]low🔒---
64912Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution access control [CVE-2013-5482]low🔒---
64911Intel C204 Chipset Trusted Execution Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
64910CapaSystems Performance Guard path traversal [CVE-2013-5216]low🔒🔒--
64909Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2940]high🔒---
64908Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2939]high🔒---
64907Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2938]high🔒---
64906Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2937]high🔒---
64905Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2936]high🔒---
64904Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2935]high🔒---
64903Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager access control [CVE-2013-2934]high🔒---
64902Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2933]high🔒---
64901Debian Phpbb3 Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-5724]low🔒🔒--
64900Cisco Unified Service Monitor input validation [CVE-2013-5488]low🔒---
64899Cisco Digital Media Manager input validation [CVE-2013-3446]medium🔒---
64898IBM Rational Requirements Composer improper authentication [CVE-2013-3039]low🔒---
64897IBM Rational Requirements Composer credentials management [CVE-2013-3038]medium🔒---
64896IBM Rational Requirements Composer access control [CVE-2013-3037]low🔒---
64895IBM Rational Requirements Composer input validation [CVE-2013-3036]low🔒---
64894IndiaNIC Testimonial plugin testimonial.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64893IndiaNIC Testimonial plugin cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5672]medium🔒🔒--
64892ImageMagick gif.c ReadGIFImage memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64891389 Directory Server input validation [CVE-2013-4283]low🔒🔒--
64890Kingsoft Writer 2012 memory corruption [CVE-2013-3934]high🔒---
64889Cybozu Cybozu Office cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4703]low🔒---
64888Gomlab Gom Player input validation [CVE-2013-5716]low🔒---
64887Gomlab Gom Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5715]high🔒---
64886VideoWhisper Live Streaming Integration plugin cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64885Twilight CMS path traversal [CVE-2013-4900]low🔒🔒--
64884Twilight CMS gallery cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64883Prosoft-technology RadioLinx ControlScape Passphrase cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64882Trianglemicroworks SCADA Data Gateway Libraries memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64881Trianglemicroworks SCADA Data Gateway Libraries memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64880MatrikonOPC SCADA DNP3 OPC Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-2791]medium🔒---
64879IBM Rational Policy Tester Jazz Team Server cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64878IBM Rational Policy Tester improper authentication [CVE-2013-4061]low🔒---
64877IBM solidDB Stored Procedure memory corruptionlow🔒---
64876Advanceprotech Advanceware access control [CVE-2013-3596]low🔒---
64875IBM Security AppScan Encryption Algorithm cryptographic issueslow🔒---
64874Cisco SocialMiner bookmarklet.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64873Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface PrivilegeCallBack input validationhigh🔒---
64872Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface config_date_time.cgi input validationhigh🔒---
64871Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface login.cgi memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64870Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64869Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64868Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System Error Message cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64867Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64866Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64865Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System Error Message cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64864Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System admindocumentworker.jsp sql injectionmedium🔒---
64863Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System JSP access controlmedium🔒---
64862Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System input validationmedium🔒---
64861Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System userlogin.jsp input validationhigh🔒---
64860Cisco Jabber Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1228]medium🔒---
64859Cisco WebEx Recording Format Player Exception memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64858Cisco Prime Network Control System Login Page cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64857Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5698]low🔒---
64856HtmlCleaner race condition [CVE-2013-5035]low🔒---
64855Open-Xchange AppSuite IMAP Server credentials management [CVE-2013-4790]medium🔒---
64854Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3106]low🔒---
64853Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2583]low🔒---
64852Open-Xchange Server code injection [CVE-2013-2582]medium🔒---
64851Open-Xchange Server Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1651]medium🔒---
64850Open-Xchange Server Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-1650]low🔒---
64849Open-Xchange Server credentials management [CVE-2013-1649]medium🔒---
64848Open-Xchange Server Gopher input validation [CVE-2013-1648]low🔒---
64847Open-Xchange Server code injection [CVE-2013-1647]medium🔒---
64846Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1646]low🔒---
64845Open-Xchange Server path traversal [CVE-2013-1645]low🔒---
64844Cisco Global Site Selector cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5471]medium🔒---
64843ShareThis cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3479]medium🔒🔒--
64842Cisco Mobility Services Engine Replication information disclosurelow🔒---
64841Palo Alto PAN-OS API Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5664]low🔒--🔒
64840Palo Alto PAN-OS access control [CVE-2013-5663]medium🔒--🔒
64839Palo Alto NetConnect Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6606]medium🔒---
64838Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6605]high🔒--🔒
64837Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6604]high🔒--🔒
64836Palo Alto PAN-OS Web Management improper authentication [CVE-2012-6603]medium🔒--🔒
64835Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6602]medium🔒--🔒
64834Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6601]high🔒--🔒
64833Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6600]medium🔒--🔒
64832Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6599]medium🔒--🔒
64831Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6598]medium🔒--🔒
64830Palo Alto PAN-OS input validation [CVE-2012-6597]medium🔒--🔒
64829Palo Alto PAN-OS credentials management [CVE-2012-6596]low🔒--🔒
64828Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6595]medium🔒--🔒
64827Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6594]medium🔒--🔒
64826Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6593]high🔒--🔒
64825Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6592]high🔒--🔒
64824Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6591]medium🔒--🔒
64823Palo Alto PAN-OS information disclosure [CVE-2012-6590]low🔒--🔒
64822LOCKON EC-CUBE doApiAction path traversallow🔒---
64821Lulusoftware Soda PDF dwmapi.dll Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-3485]medium🔒---
64820Cisco Wireless LAN Controller memory corruption [CVE-2013-3474]low🔒---
64819Cisco Unified Computing System 6120xp Fabric Interconnect resource managementlow🔒---
64818Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64817iD libdigidoc Parser DigiDocSAXParser.c handleStartDataFile path traversalmedium🔒---
64816Adam Zaninovich sounder Sound sound.rb code injectionmedium🔒---
64815Roundcube webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5646]low🔒---
64814Roundcube webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5645]low🔒---
64813cacti sql injection [CVE-2013-5589]medium🔒---
64812Cacti cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5588]low🔒---
64811IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4003]low🔒---
64810Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enterprise License Manager cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64809Cisco Identity Services Engine Software credentials managementmedium🔒---
64808Fail2ban apache-auth.conf input validationlow🔒---
64807Red Hat hawtjni Library.java code injection [CVE-2013-2035]low🔒---
64806Erikwebb Password Policy password_policy_admin_view cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64805BOTCHA information disclosure [CVE-2013-4272]low🔒---
64804Stage File Proxy denial of service [CVE-2013-4139]low🔒---
64803Alienwp Hatch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4138]low🔒---
64802Fast Permission Administration Administration Module access controlmedium🔒---
64801Login Security memory corruption [CVE-2013-2197]low🔒---
64800Nodeaccess Userreference Module User Account access control [CVE-2013-2123]medium🔒---
64799Novell openSUSE input validation [CVE-2013-4111]medium🔒🔒--
64798Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization resource management [CVE-2013-2176]medium🔒---
64797HP StoreOnce D2D denial of service [CVE-2013-2353]medium🔒---
64796SearchBlox path traversal [CVE-2013-3598]low🔒---
64795SearchBlox information disclosure [CVE-2013-3597]low🔒---
64794SearchBlox File Upload code injection [CVE-2013-3590]medium🔒---
64793Samsung Smart Viewer improper authentication [CVE-2013-3586]medium🔒---
64792Samsung Smart Viewer Web View credentials management [CVE-2013-3585]low🔒---
64791Corporater EPM Suite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3584]low🔒---
64790Corporater EPM Suite Change Password saveProperties.html cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64789Softwaretoolbox TOP Server input validation [CVE-2013-2804]medium🔒---
64788Schneider Electric Tburjr900 Encryption Key cryptographic issueshigh🔒---
64785IBM Cognos Business Intelligence path traversal [CVE-2013-2988]low🔒---
64784IBM Cognos Business Intelligence path traversal [CVE-2013-2978]low🔒---
64783IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0586]low🔒---
64782StarUML ActiveX Control WINGRAPHVIZLib.NEATO memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64781Intel WiMAX Network Service L5SocketsDispatcher.c numeric errormedium🔒---
64780Intel WiMAX Network Service InitMethodAndPassword cryptographic issueslow🔒---
64779Intel WiMAX Network Service OSAL_Crypt_SetEncryptedPassword cryptographic issueslow🔒---
64778Intel WiMAX Network Service Trace_OpenLogFile access controllow🔒---
64777Cisco Unified Communications Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-3462]high🔒---
64776Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3461]medium🔒---
64775Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3460]medium🔒---
64774Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3459]medium🔒---
64773Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource managementmedium🔒---
64772Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource managementmedium🔒---
64771Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource managementmedium🔒---
64770Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource managementmedium🔒---
64769Myrephp MYRE Business Directory search.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64768Myrephp MYRE Business Directory links.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64767Myrephp MYRE Vacation Rental cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6587]low🔒---
64766Myrephp MYRE Vacation Rental sql injection [CVE-2012-6586]medium🔒---
64765Myrephp MYRE Realty Manager search.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64764Myrephp MYRE Realty Manager sql injection [CVE-2012-6584]medium🔒---
64763IncrediMail ActiveX Control INCREDISPOOLERLib.Pop memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64762Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5587]low🔒🔒-🔒
64761Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine code injection [CVE-2013-4172]medium🔒---
64760Best Practical RT File information disclosurelow🔒---
64759Best Practical RT code injection [CVE-2013-3373]low🔒---
64758Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3372]low🔒---
64757Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3371]low🔒---
64756Best Practical RT access control [CVE-2013-3370]medium🔒---
64755Best Practical RT Administration Page cross site scriting [CVE-2013-3369]low🔒---
64754Best Practical rt link following [CVE-2013-3368]low🔒---
64753Cacti snmp.php code injectionmedium🔒---
64752Cacti Utility api_poller.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64751Best Practical RT credentials management [CVE-2012-4733]low🔒---
64750Simon Tatham PuTTY memory corruption [CVE-2011-4607]low🔒---
64749Axel Jung Js Css Optimizer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5570]low🔒🔒--
64748Heiko Sudar Slideshare sql injection [CVE-2013-5569]medium🔒---
64747Imagemenu cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6583]low🔒🔒--
64746Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3453]medium🔒---
64745OSIsoft PI Interface memory corruption [CVE-2013-2801]low🔒---
64744OSIsoft PI Interface resource management [CVE-2013-2800]medium🔒---
64743Kepware KEPServerEX Communications Platform resource managementmedium🔒---
64742Advantech WebAccess cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2299]low🔒---
64741Sixnet UDR Firmware via code injectionhigh🔒---
64740Janrain Php-openid memory allocation [CVE-2013-4701]medium🔒---
64739Yahoo! Japan Shopping Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4700]medium🔒---
64738Yahoo! Yafuoku! Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4699]medium🔒---
64737IBM Global Console Manager 32 ping.php input validationmedium🔒---
64736Monster Menus access control [CVE-2013-4230]medium🔒🔒--
64735Monster Menus cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4229]low🔒🔒--
64734Puppetlabs Puppet nodes credentials managementlow🔒---
64733Puppetlabs Puppet access control [CVE-2013-4964]low🔒---
64732Puppetlabs Puppet credentials management [CVE-2013-4962]low🔒---
64731Puppetlabs Puppet information disclosure [CVE-2013-4961]low🔒---
64730Puppetlabs Puppet Browser Cache information disclosure [CVE-2013-4959]low🔒---
64729Puppetlabs Puppet improper authentication [CVE-2013-4958]medium🔒---
64728Puppetlabs Puppet access control [CVE-2013-4956]low🔒---
64727Puppetlabs Puppet Login Page input validation [CVE-2013-4955]low🔒---
64726Puppetlabs Puppet input validation [CVE-2013-4762]low🔒---
64725Puppetlabs Puppet File System Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4761]low🔒---
64724OpenStack Swift memory corruption [CVE-2013-4155]low🔒---
64723SPICE resource management [CVE-2013-4130]low🔒---
64722Apache XML Security for C++ memory corruption [CVE-2013-2210]medium🔒---
64721OpenStack Grizzly code injection [CVE-2013-2161]medium🔒---
64720OpenStack Keystone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2157]low🔒---
64719Apache XML Security for C++ memory corruption [CVE-2013-2156]medium🔒---
64718Apache XML Security for C++ verify input validationmedium🔒---
64717Apache XML Security for C++ getURIBaseTXFM memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64716Apache XML Security for C++ cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2153]medium🔒---
64715Stanislas Rolland Static Info Tables cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5323]low🔒🔒--
64714Jan Bednarik CoolURI sql injection [CVE-2013-5322]medium🔒🔒--
64713Spambot stopforumspam.com cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64712AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management sql injectionmedium🔒---
64711Sourcetreesolutions mojoPortal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5320]low🔒🔒--
64710Atlassian JIRA Admin Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5319]low🔒---
64709Benjamin Arnaudetr Ginkgocms index.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64708RiteCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5317]low🔒---
64707RiteCMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5316]medium🔒---
64706Alcatel-Lucent Omnitouch 8460 Advanced Communication Server Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64705ows Scald cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5315]low🔒🔒--
64704Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization denial of service [CVE-2013-4236]low🔒---
64703Ows Scald scald_image_scald_prerender cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64702Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server input validation [CVE-2013-3567]medium🔒---
64701Apache CXF XML Parser resource management [CVE-2013-2160]low🔒---
64700Apache CloudStack cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2136]low🔒🔒--
64699Mesa3d Mesa Array Access remove_dead_constants memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64698Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization denial of service [CVE-2013-0167]low🔒---
64697Red Hat Jboss Fuse Esb Enterprise WS-Security cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64696S9y serendipity serendipity_admin_image_selector.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64695BigTree CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5313]medium🔒---
64694Vastal phpVID browse_videos.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64693Vastal phpVID browse_videos.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64692BigTree CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4881]medium🔒---
64691Canonical Linux config [CVE-2013-2175]low🔒---
64690HP Service Manager privileges management [CVE-2013-4808]medium🔒🔒--
64689Happyworm Jplayer ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2022]low🔒---
64688Pip-installer pip link following [CVE-2013-1888]medium🔒---
64687Mauro Lorenzutti wfqbe sql injection [CVE-2013-5310]medium🔒---
64686Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5309]low🔒🔒--
64685Juralsulek realurlmanagement cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5308]low🔒---
64684Kennziffer Ke Search cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5307]low🔒🔒--
64683Die-netzmacher Browser sql injection [CVE-2013-5306]medium🔒---
64682Joachim Ruhs Locator cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5305]low🔒🔒--
64681Joachim Ruhs Locator sql injection [CVE-2013-5304]medium🔒🔒--
64680Joachim Ruhs Locator Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5303]high🔒🔒--
64679Kennziffer Ke Search sql injection [CVE-2013-5302]medium🔒🔒--
64678Trustport Webfilter help.php path traversalmedium🔒---
64677Henri Wahl Nagstamon credentials management [CVE-2013-4114]low🔒🔒--
64676Cybozu Mailwise information disclosure [CVE-2013-4698]low🔒---
64675IBM Advanced Management Module adv_sw.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64674IBM InfoSphere Information Server User Account information disclosurelow🔒---
64673IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64672IBM InfoSphere Information Server User Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64671AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64670MongoDB null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-2132]low🔒---
64669Happyworm Jplayer ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2023]low🔒---
64668ownCloud ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1942]low🔒---
64667Apache Open For Business Project input validation [CVE-2013-2250]high🔒🔒--
64666Apache Open For Business Project cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2137]low🔒🔒--
64665PHPFox sql injection [CVE-2013-5121]medium🔒---
64664LibRaw memory corruption [CVE-2013-2127]medium🔒--🔒
64663LibRaw libraw_cxx.cpp unpack resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
64662BigTree CMS add.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64661BigTree CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-4879]medium🔒---
64660IOServer driver19.exe input validationmedium🔒---
64659HP H3c Ethernet Switch denial of service [CVE-2013-4806]medium🔒---
64658Cisco Finesse Web Interface path traversal [CVE-2013-3457]low🔒---
64657Cisco Finesse credentials management [CVE-2013-3455]low🔒---
64656IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface cryptographic issueslow🔒---
64655IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
64654IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface credentials managementhigh🔒---
64653Selinc SEL-3530 input validation [CVE-2013-2798]medium🔒---
64652Schneider Electric CitectSCADA access control [CVE-2013-2796]medium🔒---
64651Selinc SEL-3530 input validation [CVE-2013-2792]medium🔒---
64650IBM Sterling B2B Integrator resource management [CVE-2013-0494]low🔒---
64649IBM Informix Open Admin Tool cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0492]low🔒---
64648Moxa Oncell Gateway G3211 Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-3039]medium🔒---
64647Franz Holzinger Static Methods t3lib_div::quoteJSvalue cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64646SilverStripe cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6458]low🔒---
64645Anchor CMS article.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64644Mikejolley Download Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5098]low🔒🔒--
64643Cotonti Cotonti Siena sql injection [CVE-2013-4789]medium🔒🔒--
64642Magnolia Form module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4759]low🔒---
64641NetWin SurgeFTP memory corruption [CVE-2013-4742]medium🔒---
64640Cory Lamle Duplicator Installer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4625]low🔒---
64639OpenEMR cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4620]low🔒🔒--
64638OpenEMR sql injection [CVE-2013-4619]medium🔒🔒--
64637Alkacon OpenCms cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4600]low🔒---
64636YARD RADIUS log.c build_version format stringmedium🔒---
64635Mikejolley Download Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3262]low🔒🔒--
64634XnView memory corruption [CVE-2013-2577]high🔒🔒--
64633B-e-soft Artweaver memory corruption [CVE-2013-2576]medium🔒🔒--
64632Sagelight numeric error [CVE-2013-3480]high🔒🔒--
64631Xhanch My Twitter cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3253]medium🔒🔒--
64630Jason A Donenfeld cgit Filesystem ui-summary.c cgit_parse_readme path traversallow🔒🔒--
64629Siemens COMOS access control [CVE-2013-4943]medium🔒---
64628Nttdocomo overseas usage improper authentication [CVE-2013-3659]low🔒---
64626Shareaholic SexyBookmarks cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3256]medium🔒🔒--
64625Cisco TelePresence System Software Default Password credentials managementhigh🔒---
64624Ni lookout ActiveX Control lookout650.ocx memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64623ni LabWindows ActiveX Control exlauncher.dll denial of servicelow🔒---
64622NI Measurementstudio ActiveX Control NationalInstruments.Help2.dll information disclosurelow🔒---
64621NI Diadem ActiveX Control denial of service [CVE-2013-5023]low🔒---
64620Ni Teststand ActiveX Control cw3dgrph.ocx path traversalmedium🔒---
64619Ni Teststand ActiveX Control cwui.ocx path traversalmedium🔒---
64618IBM InfoSphere BigInsights input validation [CVE-2013-3996]medium🔒🔒--
64617IBM InfoSphere BigInsights cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3995]low🔒---
64616IBM InfoSphere BigInsights cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3992]low🔒🔒--
64615Python setuptools input validation [CVE-2013-1633]medium🔒---
64614Guillaume Gauvrit pyshop input validation [CVE-2013-1630]medium🔒---
64613Pip-installer pip input validation [CVE-2013-1629]medium🔒--🔒
64612HP Integrated Lights-out Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4805]high🔒---
64611Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64610Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64609Cisco Unified Communications Manager Web Portal information disclosurelow🔒---
64608Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2013-1190]low🔒---
64607Monkey HTTP Daemon mk_request.c mk_request_header_process input validationlow🔒---
64605Cisco Wide Area Application Services Web Framework os command injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64604Cisco Wide Area Application Services Web Service Framework input validationhigh🔒🔒--
64603Cisco Vc240 Network Bullet Camera denial of service [CVE-2012-3913]low🔒---
64602Siemens WinCC input validation [CVE-2013-4912]medium🔒🔒--
64601Siemens WinCC cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4911]medium🔒🔒--
64600Siemens Scalance W788-1pro Management Interface memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64599Siemens Scalance W788-1pro Installation credentials managementmedium🔒---
64598MiniBB bb_admin.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64597Vector Ultra Mini HTTPD memory corruption [CVE-2013-5019]high🔒---
64596Novell Client numeric error [CVE-2013-3697]medium🔒---
64595GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Cimplicity CimWebServer.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64594CA Service Desk Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2630]low🔒---
64593Radius Extension radius_get_vendor_attr memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64592389 Directory Server access control [CVE-2013-2219]low🔒---
64591Reviewboard Review Board cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2209]low🔒---
64590Red Hat Openstack code injection [CVE-2013-2121]medium🔒---
64589Red Hat Openstack access control [CVE-2013-2113]medium🔒---
64588Red Hat Network Satellite improper authentication [CVE-2013-2056]low🔒🔒--
64587EMC NetWorker information disclosure [CVE-2013-0943]low🔒---
64586Wdc My Net Firmware main_internet.php credentials managementlow🔒---
64585Hitachi IT Operations Director Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-4697]high🔒---
64584HP SiteScope SOAP memory corruption [CVE-2013-2367]high🔒---
64583Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2013-1377]high🔒---
64582phpMyAdmin Error Message config.default.php information disclosurelow🔒---
64581phpMyAdmin Error Message Error.class.php information disclosurelow🔒---
64580Wireshark Netmon File Parser netmon_open memory corruptionlow🔒---
64579Genetechsolutions Pie-Register wp-login.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64578Topgames Top Games Script play.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64577Elemata Elemata CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-4952]medium🔒---
64576Mintboard cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4951]low🔒---
64575Appnitro Machform view.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64574Appnitro Machform File Upload view.php unrestricted uploadmedium🔒---
64573Appnitro Machform view.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64572Sawmill Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4947]medium🔒🔒--
64571BMC Service Desk Express QV_admin.aspx cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64570BMC Service Desk Express Dashboard DashBoardGUI.aspx sql injectionmedium🔒---
64569Drupalisme TinyBox cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4140]low🔒🔒--
64568Fusedpress Buddypress-extended-frienship-request cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64567Monkey HTTP Daemon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2181]low🔒---
64566Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012 etxrw.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-0723]high🔒🔒--
64565HP Network Node Manager I Enterprise Portal Platform denial of servicelow🔒---
64564TrustGo Antivirus / Mobile Security input validation [CVE-2013-3580]low🔒---
64563IBM Tivoli Remote Control sql injection [CVE-2013-3033]medium🔒---
64562Moodle flashuploader.swf cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64561Moodle uploader.swf cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64560Moodle io.swf cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64559Moodle io.swf cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64558Moodle mod_form access control [CVE-2013-4938]low🔒---
64557Moodle lib.php access control [CVE-2013-2246]low🔒--🔒
64556Moodle improper authentication [CVE-2013-2245]low🔒--🔒
64555Moodle conditionlib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2244]low🔒--🔒
64554Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-2243]low🔒---
64553Moodle Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2242]low🔒---
64552HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4801]medium🔒---
64551HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4800]high🔒---
64550HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4799]high🔒---
64549HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4798]high🔒---
64548HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4797]medium🔒---
64547HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-2370]medium🔒---
64546HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-2369]medium🔒---
64545HP LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2013-2368]low🔒---
64544HP Application Lifecycle Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4802]low🔒🔒--
64543Cisco Identity Services Engine access control [CVE-2013-3445]low🔒---
64542Liftweb Lift memory corruption [CVE-2013-3300]low🔒---
64541Cisco Video Surveillance Manager improper authentication [CVE-2013-3431]medium🔒---
64540Cisco Video Surveillance Manager improper authentication [CVE-2013-3430]medium🔒---
64539Cisco Video Surveillance Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-3429]medium🔒---
64538IBM Social Media Analytics cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3999]low🔒---
64537IBM Star Command Center Web Client cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3979]low🔒---
64536Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
64535Best Practical Request Tracker Stored access control [CVE-2012-6581]low🔒---
64534Best Practical Request Tracker Encryption cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64533Best Practical Request Tracker Encryption cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64532Best Practical Request Tracker cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6578]medium🔒---
64530Cisco Unified Operations Manager Administrative Web Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64529Cisco Unified Operations Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3439]low🔒---
64528Cisco Unified Operations Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3437]medium🔒--🔒
64527Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G Networking resource managementlow🔒---
64525HP Database/Middleware Automation information disclosure [CVE-2013-2365]medium🔒---
64524HP System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2364]low🔒---
64523HP System Management Homepage information disclosure [CVE-2013-2363]low🔒---
64522HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2362]low🔒---
64521HP System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2361]low🔒---
64520HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2360]low🔒---
64519HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2359]low🔒---
64518HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2358]low🔒---
64517HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2357]low🔒---
64516HP System Management Homepage information disclosure [CVE-2013-2356]low🔒---
64515HP System Management Homepage Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
64514HP System Management Homepage Access Restriction access controllow🔒---
64513Markus Blaschke Tq Seo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4871]low🔒🔒--
64512News Search sql injection [CVE-2013-4870]medium🔒---
64511Cybozu Cybozu Office improper authentication [CVE-2013-3656]medium🔒---
64510Nashtech Easy PHP Calendar index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64509Apache ActiveMQ scheduled.jsp cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64508WordPress swfupload.swf "ExternalInterfacecall" cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64507EMC Avamar Server input validation [CVE-2013-3275]low🔒---
64506EMC Avamar Server Authorization access control [CVE-2013-3274]high🔒---
64505IBM API Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-0559]low🔒🔒--
64504Parallels Plesk Panel Default Configuration access control [CVE-2013-4878]medium🔒---
64502IBM Lotus Notes Parser memory corruption [CVE-2012-6349]high🔒---
64501Verizon Wireless Network Extender improper authentication [CVE-2013-4877]low🔒---
64500Verizon Wireless Network Extender Login Prompt credentials managementmedium🔒---
64499Verizon Wireless Network Extender Login Prompt improper authenticationmedium🔒---
64498Verizon Wireless Network Extender improper authentication [CVE-2013-4874]medium🔒---
64497Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch os command injection [CVE-2013-4781]high🔒---
64496Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch information disclosure [CVE-2013-4780]medium🔒---
64495Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4779]low🔒---
64494Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch information disclosure [CVE-2013-4778]medium🔒---
64493ubnt Aircam Mini Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2013-1606]medium🔒---
64492Cisco Unified Communications Manager Encryption Key credentials managementmedium🔒---
64491Cisco Unified Communications Manager untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3434]medium🔒🔒--
64490Cisco Unified Communications Manager Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒🔒--
64489Cisco Unified Communications Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3412]medium🔒🔒--
64488Cisco Unified Communications Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3404]medium🔒🔒--
64487Cisco Unified Communications Manager untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3403]medium🔒🔒--
64486Cisco Unified Communications Manager unspecified code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64485Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-2135]high🔒---
64484Quade Edit Limit access control [CVE-2013-2122]medium🔒🔒--
64483Drupal Chaos Tool Suite access control [CVE-2013-1925]medium🔒---
64482Acquia Commons Commons Module access control [CVE-2013-1908]medium🔒---
64481Acquia Commons Commons Module access control [CVE-2013-1907]medium🔒🔒--
64480Drupal File System access control [CVE-2013-0246]low🔒---
64479Drupal access control [CVE-2013-0245]low🔒---
64478Anshul Sharma Category-grid-view-gallery cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64477Mdolon Sharebar cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3491]medium🔒🔒--
64476Wave Embassy Remote Administration Server Help Desk sql injectionmedium🔒---
64475Wave Embassy Remote Administration Server Help Desk sql injectionmedium🔒---
64474HP Network Node Manager i denial of service [CVE-2013-2351]medium🔒---
64473Metin Saylan Dropdown Menu Widget cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
64472Sharp Aquos Hn-pp150 Networking denial of service [CVE-2013-3655]low🔒---
64471BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64470BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform bpe_decompress memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64469Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64468Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Management Interface resource managementmedium🔒---
64467Apache Geronimo code injection [CVE-2013-1777]high🔒---
64466Apache OpenJPA Serialization access control [CVE-2013-1768]medium🔒---
64465Alstom MiCOM S1 Studio access control [CVE-2013-2786]medium🔒---
64464Triplc Nano-10 PLC Networking cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2784]medium🔒---
64463HP SAN/iQ credentials management [CVE-2013-2352]high🔒---
64462Lookout Security / Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2013-3579]low🔒---
64461Cisco Unified Service Monitor Web Framework cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64460Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 6000 access control [CVE-2013-3408]medium🔒---
64459Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64458Cisco Telepresence Tc Software access control [CVE-2013-3405]medium🔒---
64457Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-2115]medium🔒---
64456VideoLAN VLC Media Player ASF Demuxer asf.c memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
64455XMLSoft libxml2 parser.c memory corruptionlow🔒🔒-🔒
64454SPIP privileges management [CVE-2013-2118]medium🔒---
64453OpenStack Grizzly File System resource management [CVE-2013-2096]low🔒---
64452strongSwan Encryption atodn memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
64451Openswan Encryption atodn memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64450HP Integrated Lights-out Bmc improper authentication [CVE-2013-4784]medium🔒---
64449Supermicro BMC improper authentication [CVE-2013-4782]high🔒---
64448EMC Replication Manager credentials management [CVE-2013-3272]low🔒---
64447WordPress Default Configuration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2205]low🔒---
64446WordPress input validation [CVE-2013-2204]medium🔒---
64445WordPress Error Message access control [CVE-2013-2203]low🔒---
64444WordPress information disclosure [CVE-2013-2202]low🔒---
64443WordPress Installation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2201]low🔒---
64442WordPress Capabilities access control [CVE-2013-2200]low🔒---
64441WordPress access control [CVE-2013-2199]low🔒---
64440WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0236]low🔒---
64439Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console information disclosurelow🔒---
64438Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64437Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console sql injectionmedium🔒---
64436HP Procurve Switch memory corruption [CVE-2013-2341]high🔒---
64435HP Procurve Switch memory corruption [CVE-2013-2340]high🔒---
64434IBM Business Process Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0581]low🔒---
64433MongoDB access control [CVE-2013-4650]medium🔒---
64432Lianja Lianja SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-3563]medium🔒---
64431Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64424Freedesktop dbus _dbus_printf_string_upper_bound input validationlow🔒---
64423Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2013-2144]low🔒---
64422Remotesensing libtiff tiff2pdf t2p_write_pdf_page memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
64421Remotesensing libtiff tiff2pdf t2p_process_jpeg_strip memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
64420IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-3020]low🔒---
64419IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-2987]low🔒---
64418IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-2985]low🔒---
64417IBM Sterling File Gateway path traversal [CVE-2013-2984]low🔒---
64416IBM Sterling File Gateway Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-2982]medium🔒---
64415IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0568]low🔒---
64414IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0567]low🔒---
64413IBM Sterling File Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-0560]medium🔒---
64412IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0558]low🔒---
64411IBM Sterling File Gateway credentials management [CVE-2013-0539]low🔒---
64410IBM Sterling File Gateway Console information disclosure [CVE-2013-0481]low🔒---
64409IBM Sterling File Gateway Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-0479]medium🔒---
64408IBM Sterling File Gateway FTP Command privileges management [CVE-2013-0476]medium🔒---
64407IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0475]low🔒---
64406IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0468]low🔒---
64405IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0463]low🔒---
64404IBM Sterling File Gateway unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-0456]low🔒---
64403IBM Sterling B2B Integrator cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5936]low🔒---
64402IBM Sterling B2B Integrator screen sql injection [CVE-2012-5766]medium🔒---
64401HP LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance hydra memory corruption [CVE-2013-2343]high🔒---
64396IBM IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP privileges management [CVE-2013-3003]medium🔒---
64395IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2983]low🔒---
64394IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0455]low🔒---
64393Cisco TelePresence TC Software unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3401]low🔒---
64392Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience memory corruption [CVE-2013-3399]medium🔒---
64391Choice Wireless WIXFMR-111 ajax.cgi improper authenticationmedium🔒---
64390Usertask Center Messaging cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4749]low🔒---
64389Georg Ringer News sql injection [CVE-2013-4748]medium🔒---
64388Kasper Skarhoj Accessible Is Browse Results cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64387Kurt Gusbeth myquizpoll cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4746]low🔒---
64386Kurt Gusbeth myquizpoll sql injection [CVE-2013-4745]medium🔒---
64385PHPUnit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4744]low🔒---
64384Atlassian Crowd Backdoor command injection [CVE-2013-3926] [Disputed]medium🔒---
64383Atlassian Crowd input validation [CVE-2013-3925]medium🔒---
64382Services cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2158]medium🔒🔒--
64381TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6148]low🔒---
64380TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6147]low🔒--🔒
64379TYPO3 History Module cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6145]low🔒--🔒
64378TYPO3 History Module sql injection [CVE-2012-6144]medium🔒--🔒
64377LOCKON EC-CUBE Search Feature cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3653]low🔒---
64376LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3652]low🔒---
64375Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Default Password access controlhigh🔒---
64374Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4734]medium🔒---
64373Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS access control [CVE-2013-4733]medium🔒---
64372Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS credentials management [CVE-2013-4732] [Disputed]high🔒---
64371Choice-wireless WIXFMR-111 ajax.cgi improper authenticationhigh🔒---
64370Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Default Configuration cryptographic issueshigh🔒---
64369LOCKON EC-CUBE path traversal [CVE-2013-3654]low🔒---
64368LOCKON EC-CUBE code injection [CVE-2013-3651]medium🔒---
64367LOCKON EC-CUBE lfCheckFileName path traversallow🔒---
64366HP StoreOnce D2D Default Password credentials management [CVE-2013-2342]medium🔒---
64365HP Smart Zero Core denial of service [CVE-2013-2339]low🔒---
64364DS3 Authentication Server input validation [CVE-2013-4098]medium🔒---
64363DS3 Authentication Server Error Message path traversal [CVE-2013-4097]low🔒---
64362DS3 Authentication Server input validation [CVE-2013-4096]medium🔒---
64361Imperva SecureSphere input validation [CVE-2013-4095]medium🔒---
64360Imperva SecureSphere input validation [CVE-2013-4094]medium🔒---
64359Imperva SecureSphere Error Message path traversal [CVE-2013-4093]low🔒---
64358Imperva SecureSphere Browser History secsphLogin.jsp credentials managementlow🔒---
64357Imperva SecureSphere Login Page secsphLogin.jsp credentials managementmedium🔒---
64356KENT-WEB CLIP-MAIL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3649]low🔒---
64355KENT-WEB POST-MAIL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3648]low🔒---
64354Indra EDItran Communications Platform lsConnectionCached memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64353JS-YAML input validation [CVE-2013-4660]medium🔒---
64352HP Nonstop Sql/mx Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2323]medium🔒---
64351HP Nonstop Sql/mx information disclosure [CVE-2013-2322]low🔒---
643423ds Push2rss 3ds sql injection [CVE-2013-4721]medium🔒---
64341Webempoweredchurch WEC Discussion sql injection [CVE-2013-4720]medium🔒🔒--
64340Lina Wolf Seo Pack For Tt News sql injection [CVE-2013-4719]medium🔒---
64339Typoheads Formhandler sql injection [CVE-2012-6577]medium🔒---
64338Antti Alamki PRH Search Search Module cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6576]low🔒---
64337Mobile4social Exposed Filter Data cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6575]low🔒🔒--
64336Soprano Fonecta verify cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6574]low🔒---
64335Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Web Framework information disclosurelow🔒---
64334Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64333Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine input validationlow🔒---
64332Christophe Balisky Meta Feedit sql injection [CVE-2013-4683]medium🔒---
64331Bas Van Beek Multishop sql injection [CVE-2013-4682]medium🔒🔒--
64330Michael Staatz sofortueberweisung2commerce sql injection [CVE-2013-4681]medium🔒🔒--
64329Urs Maag Maag Form Captcha unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-4680]medium🔒---
64328Kristof De Jaeger Display Suite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2177]low🔒---
64327Jordan De Laune MP3 Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1971]low🔒---
64326Alejandro Garza Apachesolr Autocomplete cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64325Nathan Haug Webform Webform Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2129]low🔒🔒--
64324Yoran Brault Filebrowser cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2036]low🔒🔒--
64323Alexey Sukhotin elFinder cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1972]low🔒---
64322Wolfgang Ziegler Rules cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1906]low🔒🔒--
64321PHP fileinfo mget input validationlow🔒---
64320WordPress WP Maintenance Mode plugin cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
64319Kong Inf08 template.php phptemplate_preprocess_node cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64318IBM Tivoli Monitoring Basic Services input validation [CVE-2013-2961]medium🔒---
64317IBM Sterling Connect Direct User Interface access control [CVE-2013-0529]low🔒---
64316IBM Sterling Connect Direct User Interface Console information disclosurelow🔒---
64315Cisco TelePresence TC Software access control [CVE-2013-3379]medium🔒---
64314Cisco Telepresence Te Software input validation [CVE-2013-3378]medium🔒---
64313Cisco Telepresence Quick Set C20 resource management [CVE-2013-3377]medium🔒---
64312WordPress cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2173]low🔒---
64311Raphael Zschorsch rzautocomplete sql injection [CVE-2013-4634]medium🔒🔒--
64310Catalin Florian Radut Zeropoint cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1905]low🔒🔒--
64309CurvyCorners cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1393]low🔒---
64308Huawei Seco Versatile Security Manager access control [CVE-2013-4633]medium🔒---
64307Huawei S3700 cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6571]medium🔒---
64306Huawei S3700 memory corruption [CVE-2012-6570]high🔒---
64305Huawei S3700 memory corruption [CVE-2012-6569]high🔒---
64304Huawei UTPS Configuration File memory corruption [CVE-2012-6568]medium🔒---
64303Huawei E200E-X1 Stored cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4960]medium🔒---
64302IBM Sterling Control Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2969]low🔒🔒--
64301IBM Sterling Control Center memory corruption [CVE-2013-2968]low🔒🔒--
64300Siemens COMOS Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-3927]low🔒---
64299Cybozu Live webView Class information disclosure [CVE-2013-3647]medium🔒---
64298Cybozu Live code [CVE-2013-3646]medium🔒---
64297JustSystems Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2013-3644]high🔒---
64296REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4612]low🔒---
64295REDCap Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4611]high🔒---
64294REDCap Utility Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4610]high🔒---
64293REDCap Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4609]medium🔒---
64292REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4608]low🔒---
64291IBM Data Studio Web Console path traversal [CVE-2013-2981]low🔒---
64290IBM Data Studio cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2980]medium🔒---
64289Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64288Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64287Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64286Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Login Page fwdToURL input validationlow🔒---
64285REDCap input validation [CVE-2012-6567]medium🔒---
64284REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6566]low🔒---
64283REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6565]low🔒---
64282REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6564]low🔒---
64281Adgjm Galapagos Browser webView Class information disclosurelow🔒---
64280Adgjm Angel Browser webView Class information disclosure [CVE-2013-3642]low🔒---
64279IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino ActiveX Control qp2.cab memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64278SoftBank Android smartphone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2310]low🔒---
64277Tejimaya OpenPNE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2309]low🔒---
64276Faircom c-treeACE Default Configuration cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64275libchromeXvMC numeric error [CVE-2013-1994]medium🔒---
64274Mesa3d Mesa numeric error [CVE-2013-1993]medium🔒---
64273libXext numeric error [CVE-2013-1982]medium🔒---
64272Siemens WinCC User Account information disclosure [CVE-2013-3959]low🔒---
64271Siemens WinCC credentials management [CVE-2013-3958]medium🔒---
64270Siemens WinCC screen sql injection [CVE-2013-3957]medium🔒---
64269IOServer input validation [CVE-2013-2783]medium🔒---
64268HP Integrated Lights-out 3 Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2013-2338]high🔒---
64267HP System Management Homepage os command injection [CVE-2013-3576]medium🔒---
64266HP Service Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2337]low🔒---
64265HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-2336]low🔒---
64264Orchard Orchard.Comments cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64263Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager input validationmedium🔒---
64262Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64260Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution resource management [CVE-2013-3381]low🔒---
64259Pizzahut Pizza Hut Japan Official Order application Certificates cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64258FileMaker Filemaker Pro Advanced Publish cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64257FileMaker Filemaker Pro Advanced Certificates cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64256Linux Kernel kvm_vm_ioctl_assign_device access controllow🔒---
64255Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2011-4098]low🔒---
64254Linux Kernel br_parse_ip_options resource managementlow🔒---
64253Linux Kernel apparmor_setprocattr input validationlow🔒---
64252Red Hat Enterprise Linux vlan_hwaccel_do_receive resource managementmedium🔒---
64251Red Hat Enterprise Linux Promiscuous Mode denial of service [CVE-2011-3347]low🔒---
64250Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subsystem denial of service [CVE-2011-2693]low🔒---
64249Linux Kernel sctp_sock_migrate null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
64248Linux Kernel cifs_find_smb_ses access controllow🔒---
64247Linux Kernel iriap_getvaluebyclass_indication memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64246QNAP Viostor Network Video Recorder cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64245QNAP Surveillance Station Pro code injection [CVE-2013-0143]medium🔒---
64244QNAP Surveillance Station Pro credentials management [CVE-2013-0142]medium🔒---
64243Linux Kernel tcp_read_sock memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64242Linux Kernel bat_socket_read memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64241HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2335]high🔒---
64240HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2334]high🔒---
64239HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2333]high🔒---
64238HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2332]high🔒---
64237HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2331]high🔒---
64236HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2330]high🔒---
64235HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2329]high🔒---
64234HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2328]high🔒---
64233HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2327]high🔒---
64232HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2326]high🔒---
64231HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2325]high🔒---
64230Jig MovatwiTouch Paid Authorization access control [CVE-2013-2318]low🔒---
64229IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64228IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors Manifest memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64227IBM QRadar Security Information/Event Manager privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
64226Fenrir-inc Sleipnir Mobile Address Bar authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
64225Yahoo! Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2316]medium🔒---
64224IBM SPSS Data Collection cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0464]low🔒🔒--
64223Photogallerycreator Flash-album-gallery cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64222Mutiny Mutiny Virtual Appliance path traversal [CVE-2013-0136]medium🔒---
64221TIBCO Silver Mobile access control [CVE-2013-3315]medium🔒---
64220Cisco Prime Infrastructure cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1247]low🔒---
64219Cisco TelePresence System Software resource management [CVE-2013-1246]medium🔒---
64218PsychoStats awards.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64217Feedweb widget_remove.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64216Algisinfo aiContactSafe cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3719]low🔒🔒--
64215LOCKON EC-CUBE reminder input validationlow🔒---
64214LOCKON EC-CUBE Authorization adminAuthorization cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64213LOCKON EC-CUBE improper authentication [CVE-2013-2313]low🔒---
64212LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2312]low🔒---
64211MIT Kerberos schpw.c input validationlow🔒---
64210Red Hat livecd-tools access control [CVE-2013-2069]medium🔒---
64209Red Hat libvirt remoteDispatchStoragePoolListAllVolumes resource managementlow🔒🔒--
64208IBM Sterling Connect access control [CVE-2013-2989]medium🔒🔒--
64207IBM Rational Directory Server information disclosure [CVE-2013-0599]low🔒---
64206IBM Tivoli Monitoring Enterprise Portal cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64205IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite credentials managementlow🔒---
64204IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64203IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Console sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64202IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
64201IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite improper authenticationlow🔒---
64200IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Certificates cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
64199Wireshark tvb_unmasked numeric errorlow🔒---
64198Wireshark MySQL Dissector numeric error [CVE-2013-3561]medium🔒---
64197Wireshark MPEG DSM-CC Dissector dissect_dsmcc_un_download format stringlow🔒---
64196Wireshark PPP CCP Dissector dissect_ccp_bsdcomp_opt numeric errorlow🔒---
64195Wireshark dissect_ber_choice memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
64194Wireshark fragment_add_seq_common input validationlow🔒🔒--
64193Wireshark GTPv2 Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-3555]low🔒---
64192Moodle formslib.php input validation [CVE-2013-2083]medium🔒---
64191Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2082]low🔒---
64190Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2081]medium🔒---
64189Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2080]low🔒---
64188Moodle locallib.php access control [CVE-2013-2079]medium🔒---
64187Microsoft Windows bFlatten path traversallow🔒---
64186Microsoft Windows pprFlattenRec memory corruptionmedium🔒---
64185Siemens Scalance X204irt Firmware input validation [CVE-2013-3634]medium🔒---
64184Siemens Scalance X204irt access control [CVE-2013-3633]medium🔒---
64183TURCK Bl20 Programmable Gateway credentials management [CVE-2012-4697]high🔒---
64182MICROSYS PROMOTIC ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2011-4520]medium🔒---
64181MICROSYS PROMOTIC ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2011-4519]medium🔒---
64180MICROSYS PROMOTIC path traversal [CVE-2011-4518]low🔒---
64179Elgg Cache access.php access controlmedium🔒🔒--
64178Elgg useradd users.php access controlmedium🔒🔒--
64177Elgg views.php cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6561]low🔒--🔒
64176FreeNAC deviceadd.php input validationmedium🔒---
64175FreeNAC stats.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64174HeavenTools PE Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2012-6558]medium🔒🔒--
64173Zodiacdm Aboutme-plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6557]low🔒🔒--
64172Jspautsch FirstLastNames cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6556]low🔒🔒--
64171Sahotataran LatestComment cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6555]low🔒🔒--
64170A51dev Activecollab Chat Module preg_replace input validationmedium🔒---
64169Angusj Resource Hacker memory corruption [CVE-2012-6553]medium🔒---
641683s-software Codesys Gateway-server Server App resource managementhigh🔒---
64167Infotecs ViPNet Client access control [CVE-2013-3496]medium🔒---
64166Web2py cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2311]low🔒---
64165OpenStack Keystone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2059]medium🔒🔒--
64164OpenStack Keystone Debug Mode information disclosure [CVE-2013-2006]low🔒---
64163OpenStack devstack keystone.conf access controllow🔒---
64162Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Aus credentials management [CVE-2012-6137]low🔒🔒--
64161Canonical Linux input validation [CVE-2007-6746]medium🔒🔒--
64160EMC Celerra Control Station access control [CVE-2013-3270]medium🔒---
64159Vercot Serva32 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0145]medium🔒---
64158Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-2728]high🔒🔒--
64157Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Maintenance Service access control [CVE-2013-1673]medium🔒---
64156Cisco Telepresence Supervisor Mse 8050 Software input validationmedium🔒---
64155Cisco Unified Communications Manager improper authenticationlow🔒---
64154Wesley Destailleur forum todooforum.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64153Wesley Destailleur forum todooforum.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64152WHMCS Group Pay functions_hash.php gp_LoadUserFromHash sql injectionmedium🔒---
64151Themelogik CMSLogik cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3535]low🔒---
64150Algisinfo aiContactSafe cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3534]low🔒🔒--
64149Linux Foundation Xen access control [CVE-2013-1922]low🔒🔒--
64148389 Directory Server do_search access controllow🔒---
64147Cisco IOS Encryption resource management [CVE-2013-1136]low🔒---
64146Virtualaccess Virtual Access Monitor sql injection [CVE-2013-3533]medium🔒---
64145Webdorado Spider Video Player settings.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64144RadioCMS meneger.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64143Fabricio Zuardi XSPF Player plugin playlist.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
64142Smartypantsplugins Wp-funeral-press cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3529]low🔒🔒--
64141Vanilla Forums Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3528]medium🔒---
64140Vanilla Forums sql injection [CVE-2013-3527]medium🔒🔒--
64139Wptrafficanalyzer Trafficanalyzer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3526]low🔒🔒--
64138Best Practical Request Tracker Approvals sql injection [Disputed]medium🔒---
64137Simpilotgroup Pop Up News popupnewsitem sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
64136Gajennings This sql injection [CVE-2013-3523]medium🔒---
64135vBulletin sql injection [CVE-2013-3522]medium🔒---
64134phpVMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-6552]high🔒---
64133Wppa.opajaap Wp-photo-album-plus cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3254]low🔒🔒--
64132Netweblogic Login With Ajax cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2707]medium🔒🔒--
64131Cisco Unified Presence Server Web Framework resource managementlow🔒---
64130EMC AlphaStor memory corruption [CVE-2013-0946]high🔒---
64129EMC Documentum Webtop input validation [CVE-2013-0939]medium🔒---
64128EMC Documentum Webtop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0938]low🔒---
64127EMC Documentum Webtop improper authentication [CVE-2013-0937]medium🔒---
64126IBM Sterling Selling/Fulfillment Foundation improper authenticationlow🔒---
64125IBM Sterling Secure Proxy input validation [CVE-2013-0520]low🔒🔒--
64124IBM Sterling Secure Proxy information disclosure [CVE-2013-0519]low🔒🔒--
64123IBM Sterling Secure Proxy input validation [CVE-2013-0518]low🔒🔒--
64122Softbanktech Online Service Gate information disclosure [CVE-2013-2308]low🔒---
64121Symantec Brightmail Gateway Management Console cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64120Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal access control [CVE-2013-1225]medium🔒---
64119Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal path traversal [CVE-2013-1224]medium🔒---
64118Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Log Viewer input validationmedium🔒---
64117Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal config [CVE-2013-1222]medium🔒---
64116Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Web Management config [CVE-2013-1221]high🔒---
64115Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal denial of service [CVE-2013-1220]medium🔒---
64114Invensys Wonderware Information Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0688]low🔒---
64113Invensys Wonderware Information Server input validation [CVE-2013-0686]medium🔒---
64112Invensys Wonderware Information Server access control [CVE-2013-0685]high🔒---
64111Invensys Wonderware Information Server sql injection [CVE-2013-0684]medium🔒---
64110Juniper SmartPass cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3498]low🔒🔒--
64109Juniper Junos Space Virtual Appliance screen credentials managementlow🔒---
64108Gwos GroundWork Monitor cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3513]medium🔒---
64107Gwos GroundWork Monitor Authorization input validation [CVE-2013-3512]medium🔒---
64106Gwos GroundWork Monitor input validation [CVE-2013-3511]medium🔒---
64105Gwos GroundWork Monitor sql injection [CVE-2013-3510]medium🔒---
64104Gwos GroundWork Monitor access control [CVE-2013-3509]medium🔒---
64103Gwos GroundWork Monitor code injection [CVE-2013-3508]medium🔒---
64102Gwos GroundWork Monitor Configuration File information disclosurelow🔒---
64101Gwos GroundWork Monitor Server Side Includes access control [CVE-2013-3506]medium🔒---
64100Gwos GroundWork Monitor Configuration File credentials managementmedium🔒---
64099Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch.cgi path traversallow🔒---
64098Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch.cgi access controlmedium🔒---
64097Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch_scan.cgi credentials managementmedium🔒---
64096Gwos GroundWork Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3501]low🔒---
64095Gwos GroundWork Monitor Admin Interface access control [CVE-2013-3500]medium🔒---
64094Gwos GroundWork Monitor Forms Authentication access control [CVE-2013-3499]medium🔒---
64093Crunchify Facebook Members cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2703]medium🔒🔒--
64092Thulasidas Easy-adsense-lite cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2702]medium🔒🔒--
64091Novell ZENworks Desktop Management ZenRem32.exe Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
64090Hexagon ERDAS ER Viewer ermapper_u.dll ERM_convert_to_correct_webpath memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64089Cisco 2504 Wireless Lan Controller denial of service [CVE-2013-1235]low🔒---
64088Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3267]low🔒---
64087Joomla CMS remember.php input validationlow🔒---
64086Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3059]low🔒---
64085Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3058]low🔒---
64084Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2013-3057]low🔒---
64083Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2013-3056]low🔒---
64082Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2017]medium🔒---
64081EMC Avamar input validation [CVE-2013-0945]high🔒---
64080EMC Avamar information disclosure [CVE-2013-0944]low🔒---
64079EMC NetWorker access control [CVE-2013-0940]medium🔒---
64078Novell iPrint memory corruption [CVE-2013-1091]high🔒---
64077IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0535]low🔒🔒--
64076strongSwan improper authentication [CVE-2013-2944]low🔒---
64075Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1884]low🔒---
64074Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1849]low🔒---
64073Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1847]low🔒---
64072Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1846]low🔒---
64071Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1845]low🔒---
64070Django numeric error [CVE-2013-0306]low🔒---
64069Django information disclosure [CVE-2013-0305]low🔒---
64068Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4481]medium🔒---
64067GNU C Library svc_run resource managementlow🔒---
64066GNU C Library __tzfile_read numeric errormedium🔒---
64064HP Service Manager Web Tier cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2321]low🔒---
64063HP Service Manager Web Tier information disclosure [CVE-2012-5222]low🔒---
64062Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager memory corruptionlow🔒---
64061Cisco TelePresence Management Suite TMSSNMPService.exe input validationlow🔒---
64060Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64059Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64058Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Monitoring cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64057Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Servlet Container cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64056Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution path traversallow🔒---
64055Galilmc Rio-47100 Plc input validation [CVE-2013-0699]medium🔒---
64054MatrikonOPC MatrikonOPC A/E Historian path traversal [CVE-2013-0673]medium🔒---
64053MatrikonOPC MatrikonOPC Security Gateway Configuration Utility resource managementlow🔒---
64052IBM Lotus Notes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0538]low🔒---
64051IBM Lotus Notes access control [CVE-2013-0127]medium🔒---
64050Dentrix G5 Installation credentials management [CVE-2012-4952]low🔒---
64049IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2012-5947]high🔒---
64048IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control C1sizer.ocx memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64047IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2012-5945]high🔒---
64046Canonical Linux memory corruption [CVE-2013-1927]medium🔒🔒--
64045Canonical Linux Class Loader information disclosure [CVE-2013-1926]medium🔒🔒--
64044Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Web Framework cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64043IBM Lotus Sametime Web Client unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-0553]low🔒🔒--
64042IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0533]low🔒🔒--
64041HP Managed Printing Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5219]low🔒---
64040IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-0593]high🔒---
64039IBM Application Support Facility cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0572]low🔒🔒--
64038IBM Application Support Facility cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0571]low🔒---
64037IBM Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0569]low🔒---
64036tinc VPN net_packet.c receive_tcppacket memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
64035Crunchify Foursquare-checkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2709]medium🔒🔒--
64034Yahoo! Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2307]medium🔒---
64033Jb+ jigbrowser+ Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2306]medium🔒---
64032Bluemarblegeo Global Mapper dwmapi.dll Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒🔒--
64031HP Storage Data Protector privileges management [CVE-2012-5220]medium🔒---
64030Blinkwebeffects social-media-widget unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-1949]low🔒---
64029Rob Westgeest md2pdf privileges management [CVE-2013-1948]high🔒---
64028Kelly D. Redding kelredd-pruview os command injection [CVE-2013-1947]high🔒---
64027Documentcloud karteek-docsplit text_extractor.rb extract_from_ocr os command injectionhigh🔒---
64026Plataformatec Devise Security Check resource management [CVE-2013-0233]medium🔒---
64025Grape input validation [CVE-2013-0175]medium🔒---
64024Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4466]medium🔒---
64023Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4464]medium🔒---
64022Crunchify All-in-on-webmaster cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2696]medium🔒🔒--
64021Cybozu Cybozu Office cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3269]low🔒---
64020Cybozu Cybozu Office Change Password cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
64019Lexmark Markvision access control [CVE-2013-3055]high🔒---
64018Hexagon ERDAS APOLLO ECWP NCSAddOn.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-0728]high🔒🔒--
64017Cisco Unified Contact Center Express access control [CVE-2013-1214]medium🔒---
64016HP ElitePad access control [CVE-2012-5218]medium🔒---
64015IBM InfoSphere Replication Server User Account information disclosurelow🔒---
64014IBM Lotus Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0503]low🔒🔒--
64013IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5950]medium🔒🔒--
64012IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5949]low🔒🔒--
64011IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform gantt-jws.jnlp cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64010Ruby on Rails MySQL Database Stored input validationmedium🔒---
64009Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC memory corruption [CVE-2013-2780]medium🔒---
64008Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC memory corruption [CVE-2013-0700]medium🔒---
64007Bitberry Software BitZipper memory corruption [CVE-2013-0138]high🔒---
64006Apache ActiveMQ improper authentication [CVE-2013-3060]medium🔒---
64005Apache ActiveMQ Default Configuration resource management [CVE-2012-6551]low🔒---
64004Apache ActiveMQ PortfolioPublishServlet.java cross site scriptinglow🔒---
64003Opera Web Browser missing encryption [CVE-2013-3211]medium🔒---
64002Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2013-3210]low🔒---
64001Mitsubishi-automation Mitsubishi MX Component ActiveX Control ActUWzd.dll memory corruptionhigh🔒---
64000Lester Chan WP-DownloadManager cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2697]medium🔒🔒--
63999pd-admin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0129]low🔒---
63998Cisco Network Admission Control Manager And Server System Software sql injectionmedium🔒---
63997Cisco Telepresence Mcu Mse Series Software input validation [CVE-2013-1176]medium🔒---
63996Arecont Vision AV1355DN MegaDome camera denial of service [CVE-2013-0139]medium🔒---
63995Chatelao PHP Address Book edit.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63994Chatelao PHP Address Book edit.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63993Rockwell RSLinx Enterprise LogReceiver.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63992Schneider Electric MiCOM S1 Studio Configuration File access controlmedium🔒---
63991Rockwell FactoryTalk Services Platform RNADiagReceiver.exe numeric errormedium🔒---
63990Rockwell FactoryTalk Services Platform RNADiagReceiver.exe numeric errormedium🔒---
63989Rockwell RSLinx Enterprise LogReceiver.exe input validationmedium🔒---
63988Google Chrome OS Whitelist access control [CVE-2013-2835]medium🔒---
63987Bestwebsharing Groovy Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-2760]medium🔒---
63986Fenrir-inc Sleipnir Mobile access control [CVE-2013-2304]medium🔒---
63985Fenrir-inc Sleipnir authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2303]medium🔒---
63984phpMyAdmin tbl_gis_visualization.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63983Cisco Unified Presence XML Parser input validation [CVE-2013-1197]medium🔒---
63982IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4829]medium🔒---
63981Canarylabs TrendLink ActiveX Control TrendDisplay.dll access controlmedium🔒---
63980ZAPms sql injection [CVE-2013-3050]medium🔒🔒--
63979OpenStack Folsom Access Restriction improper authentication [CVE-2013-0282]medium🔒---
63978OpenStack Folsom memory corruption [CVE-2013-0270]low🔒---
63977XMLSoft libxslt keys.c xsltDocumentFunction null pointer dereferencelow🔒🔒--
63976IBM Sterling File Gateway privileges management [CVE-2012-5937]medium🔒---
63975Cisco Asr 1023 Router input validation [CVE-2013-2779]medium🔒---
63974Splunk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2766]low🔒---
63973Puppetlabs Puppet Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2716]low🔒🔒--
63972HAProxy memory corruption [CVE-2013-1912]medium🔒🔒--
63971Red Hat Openstack Folsom credentials management [CVE-2013-1815]low🔒---
63970Red Hat Openstack Folsom access control [CVE-2012-6120]low🔒---
63969Digineo thumbshooter thumbshooter.rb code injection [CVE-2013-1898]medium🔒---
63968Dan Kubb extlib access control [CVE-2013-1802]medium🔒---
63967John Nunemaker httparty access control [CVE-2013-1801]medium🔒---
63966John Nunemaker crack access control [CVE-2013-1800]medium🔒🔒--
63965Poppler lookChar memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
63964Poppler arbitraryTransformMask null pointer dereferencelow🔒🔒--
63963Poppler memory corruption [CVE-2013-1788]medium🔒🔒--
63962nori gem input validation [CVE-2013-0285]medium🔒---
63961Newrelic Ruby agent information disclosure [CVE-2013-0284]low🔒---
63960Apache Maven Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-0253]medium🔒---
63959Intridea omniauth-oauth2 gem cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6134]medium🔒---
63958Fedorahosted cronie crontab information disclosure [CVE-2012-6097]low🔒---
63957Red Hat Storage Server Management Console access control [CVE-2012-5635]low🔒---
63956Chatelao PHP Address Book cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2778]medium🔒---
63955Chatelao PHP Address Book sql injection [CVE-2013-0135]medium🔒---
63954AirDroid cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0134]low🔒---
63953Todd Miller sudo File Descriptors access control [CVE-2013-2777]low🔒---
63952Todd Miller sudo File Descriptors proc sysctl access controllow🔒---
63951Novell Kanaka Installation input validation [CVE-2013-2770]medium🔒---
63950IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage access control [CVE-2012-0706]low🔒---
63949Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub config [CVE-2013-0683]medium🔒---
63948Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub memory corruption [CVE-2013-0682]medium🔒---
63947Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub input validation [CVE-2013-0681]low🔒---
63946Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub memory corruption [CVE-2013-0680]medium🔒---
63945Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Service Manager memory corruptionlow🔒---
63944IBM IMS Enterprise Suite cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-0483]low🔒---
63943IBM Netezza Performance Portal config [CVE-2013-0470]low🔒---
63942TransWARE Active! mail information disclosure [CVE-2013-2302]low🔒---
63941TigerText credentials management [CVE-2013-0128]low🔒---
63940C2enterprise C2 WebResource fileview.asp cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63939Invensys Wonderware Win-XML Exporter input validation [CVE-2012-4710]medium🔒---
63938Schneider Electric Modicon M340 memory corruption [CVE-2013-2763] [Disputed]low🔒---
63937Schneider Electric Magelis XBT HMI Access Restriction credentials managementhigh🔒---
63936Schneider Electric Modicon M340 FTP Client memory corruptionlow🔒---
63935Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum Plc memory corruption [CVE-2013-0664]high🔒---
63934Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum Plc cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63933pixman pixman-sse2.c pixman_fill_sse2 numeric errorhigh🔒---
63932Mark Burns ldoce word.rb input validation [CVE-2013-1911]medium🔒---
63928Transmissionbt Transmission utp.cpp memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63927Red Hat Enterprise Linux Default Configuration config [CVE-2012-4546]low🔒---
63926Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1823]low🔒🔒--
63925Candlepin access control [CVE-2012-6119]low🔒🔒--
63924Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php phpinfo information disclosurelow🔒---
63923Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63922Ithemes BackupBuddy Restore importbuddy.php Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
63921Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63920ZeroClipboard ZeroClipboard.swf cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63919Gnome Gnome Online Accounts SSL Certificate cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒--
63918ZeroClipboard cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6550]low🔒---
63917Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63916Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System sql injectionmedium🔒---
63915Siemens Cp 1604 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0659]high🔒---
63914Coreftp memory corruption [CVE-2013-0130]medium🔒---
63913OMRON OpenWnn Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-2301]low🔒---
63912Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Remote Code Executionhigh🔒---
63911Novell ZENworks Mobile Management DUSAP.php path traversalmedium🔒---
63910Novell ZENworks Configuration Management ActiveX Control ISProxy.dll path traversalmedium🔒---
63909IBM Rational Policy Tester cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0532]medium🔒---
63908IBM Rational Policy Tester privileges management [CVE-2013-0513]medium🔒---
63907IBM Rational Policy Tester memory corruption [CVE-2013-0512]medium🔒---
63906IBM Security AppScan access control [CVE-2013-0510]low🔒---
63905IBM Rational Policy Tester information disclosure [CVE-2013-0474]low🔒🔒--
63904Novell Sentinel Log Manager access control [CVE-2012-6534]low🔒---
63903Synchroweb SynConnect Login index.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63902Aruba Networks ArubaOS Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2290]low🔒🔒--
63901ngIRCd channel.c denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
63900EMC Smarts Network Configuration Manager Remote Code Executionhigh🔒---
63899EMC Smarts Server Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0936]low🔒---
63898EMC Smarts Network Configuration Manager improper authenticationhigh🔒---
63897Views cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1887]low🔒🔒--
63896Thomas Seidl Search API cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2715]low🔒🔒--
63895Chris Desautels Node Parameter Control access control [CVE-2013-1859]medium🔒---
63894Devsaran Corporate cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1787]low🔒---
63893Devsaran Company cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1786]low🔒---
63892Devsaran Responsive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1785]low🔒---
63891Devsaran Clean Theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1784]low🔒---
63890Devsaran Business page--front.tpl.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63889Devsaran Responsive Blog cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1782]low🔒---
63888Devsaran Professional theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1781]low🔒---
63887Devsaran Best Responsive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1780]low🔒---
63886Devsaran Fresh cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1779]low🔒---
63885Devsaran Creative cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1778]low🔒---
63884Varnish cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0325]low🔒---
63883Tomasbarej Menu Reference cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0324]low🔒---
63882Display Suite Project Ds cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0323]low🔒---
63881Ubercart cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0322]low🔒🔒--
63880Ubercart Views Project Uc Views cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0321]low🔒---
63879Mattias Hutterer Taxonomy Manager cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63878Yandex Metrics cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0319]low🔒---
63877Banckle Chat access control [CVE-2013-0318]high🔒---
63876Joe Haskins Og Manager Change cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0317]low🔒---
63875Drupal resource management [CVE-2013-0316]low🔒---
63874Elliot Pahl Drush Debian Packaging information disclosure [CVE-2013-0260]low🔒---
63873Boxes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0259]low🔒---
63872Google Authenticator Login Project Ga Login improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63871David Alkire email2image access control [CVE-2013-0257]medium🔒---
63870Bart Feenstra Payment Payments access control [CVE-2013-0182]medium🔒---
63869Thomas Seidl Search API Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0181]low🔒---
63868Pm9 FlickWnn Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-2300]low🔒---
63867Cob's COBIME Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0720]low🔒---
63866Codedesign ArtIME Japanese Input Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0719]low🔒---
63865Simeji Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0718]low🔒---
63864Cisco Jabber IM XML Parser input validation [CVE-2013-1161]medium🔒---
63863Moodle access control [CVE-2013-1836]medium🔒---
63862Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-1835]low🔒---
63861Moodle access control [CVE-2013-1834]medium🔒---
63860Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1833]low🔒---
63859Moodle WebDAV lib.php information disclosurelow🔒---
63858Moodle setuplib.php information disclosure [CVE-2013-1831]low🔒---
63857Moodle Google Search access control [CVE-2013-1830]medium🔒---
63856Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-1829]low🔒---
63855Terillion Terillion Reviews plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2501]low🔒---
63854OpenStack Keystone Folsom Access Restriction improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
63853OpenStack Compute Backend information disclosure [CVE-2013-1840]low🔒🔒--
63852OpenStack Compute addFixedIp resource managementlow🔒🔒--
63851OpenStack Compute access control [CVE-2013-0335]medium🔒🔒--
63850MailUp Wp-mailup ajax.functions.php access controllow🔒🔒--
63849MailUp Wp-mailup ajax.functions.php access controllow🔒🔒--
63848Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2636]low🔒---
63847Linux Kernel rtnl_fill_ifinfo resource managementlow🔒---
63846Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2634]low🔒---
63845Piwik Logging input validation [CVE-2013-2633]low🔒---
63844Piwik cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1844]low🔒---
63843ASKIA askiaweb Administration Interface AskiaExt.dll cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63842ASKIA askiaweb Administration Interface sql injection [CVE-2013-0123]medium🔒---
63841Verizon Fios Actiontec Mi424wr-gen31 Router Administration index.cgi cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63840IBM Rational ClearQuest Web Client cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5757]low🔒---
63839SSSD Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-0287]medium🔒🔒--
63838Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 path traversal [CVE-2013-0679]low🔒---
63837Siemens WinCC credentials management [CVE-2013-0678]low🔒---
63836Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 information disclosure [CVE-2013-0677]medium🔒---
63835Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 access control [CVE-2013-0676]low🔒---
63834Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0675]medium🔒---
63833Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-0674]medium🔒---
63832Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0672]low🔒---
63831Siemens Wincc Tia Portal path traversal [CVE-2013-0671]low🔒---
63830Siemens Wincc Tia Portal input validation [CVE-2013-0670]medium🔒---
63829Siemens Wincc Tia Portal input validation [CVE-2013-0669]low🔒---
63828Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0668]low🔒---
63827Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0667]low🔒---
63826Selinc AcSELerator QuickSet access control [CVE-2013-0665]medium🔒---
63825Siemens Wincc Tia Portal credentials management [CVE-2011-4515]low🔒---
63824Rubygems curl curl.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2617]medium🔒---
63823Rubygems Mini Magick mini_magick.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2616]medium🔒---
63822Rubygems fastreader entry_controller.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2615]medium🔒---
63821Rubygems Command Wrap code injection [CVE-2013-1875]medium🔒---
63817Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0716]low🔒---
63816Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0715]low🔒---
63815Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0714]high🔒---
63814Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0713]medium🔒---
63813Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0712]medium🔒---
63812Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0711]medium🔒---
63811Puppetlabs Puppet Default Configuration memory corruption [CVE-2013-2275]medium🔒🔒--
63810Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-2274]medium🔒🔒--
63809Puppetlabs Puppet input validation [CVE-2013-1655]medium🔒🔒--
63808Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-1653]high🔒🔒--
63807Puppetlabs Puppet Cache access control [CVE-2013-1652]medium🔒🔒--
63806Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-1640]high🔒🔒--
63805TYPO3 resource management [CVE-2013-1843]medium🔒🔒--
63804TYPO3 Extbase Framework sql injection [CVE-2013-1842]medium🔒🔒--
63803Red Hat libvirt access control [CVE-2013-1766]low🔒🔒--
63802ZoneMinder path traversal [CVE-2013-0332]low🔒---
63801ZoneMinder setDeviceStatusX10 privileges managementmedium🔒---
63800Apple iOS Passcode Lock access control [CVE-2013-0980]low🔒---
63799NEC AtermWR9500N cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0717]medium🔒---
63798IBM Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Foundation cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63797IBM Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Foundation input validationmedium🔒---
63794CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2013-0331]low🔒---
63793CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0330]low🔒---
63792CloudBees Jenkins CSRF Protection cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63791CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0328]low🔒---
63790CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0327]medium🔒---
63789Debian latd llogincircuit.cc memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63788Mathijs Koenraadt Search API Sorts cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0227]low🔒---
63787Zugec Ivan Keyboard Shortcut Utility access control [CVE-2013-0226]medium🔒---
63786User Relationships cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0225]low🔒---
63785Video config [CVE-2013-0224]low🔒---
63784Leighton Whiting Mark Complete cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0207]medium🔒---
63783Guy Bedford Live CSS File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2013-0206]medium🔒---
63782restws cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0205]medium🔒---
63781Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-2492]medium🔒--🔒
63780TIBCO Spotfire Web Player access control [CVE-2013-2373]medium🔒---
63779TIBCO Spotfire Web Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2372]low🔒---
63778TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services information disclosure [CVE-2013-2371]low🔒---
63777Foscam Fi8919w path traversal [CVE-2013-2560]medium🔒---
63776Apache Commons FileUpload Default Configuration javax.servlet.context.tempdir access controllow🔒---
63775Linux Kernel crypto_report_one cryptographic issueslow🔒---
63774Linux Kernel crypto_report_one cryptographic issueslow🔒---
63773Linux Kernel library cryptographic issueslow🔒---
63772Linux Kernel isofs_export_encode_fh information disclosurelow🔒---
63771Linux Kernel udf_encode_fh information disclosurelow🔒---
63770Linux Kernel __tun_chr_ioctl information disclosurelow🔒---
63769Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2012-6546]low🔒---
63768Linux Kernel Bluetooth RFCOMM information disclosure [CVE-2012-6545]low🔒---
63767Linux Kernel Bluetooth Protocol Stack information disclosurelow🔒---
63766Linux Kernel l2tp_ip6_getname information disclosurelow🔒---
63765Linux Kernel af_llc.c llc_ui_getname information disclosurelow🔒---
63764Linux Kernel ccid3.c ccid3_hc_tx_getsockopt information disclosurelow🔒---
63763Linux Kernel ip_vs_ctl.c do_ip_vs_get_ctl information disclosurelow🔒---
63762Linux Kernel socket.c dev_ifconf information disclosurelow🔒---
63761Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c copy_to_user_auth information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
63760Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c information disclosurelow🔒---
63759Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
63758OpenAFS numeric error [CVE-2013-1795]medium🔒🔒--
63757OpenAFS memory corruption [CVE-2013-1794]medium🔒🔒--
63756Piwigo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1468]medium🔒🔒--
63755FusionForge File Permission link following [CVE-2013-1423]medium🔒🔒--
63754Debian cfingerd ident Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-1049]high🔒---
63753Ganglia Ganglia-web cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0275]low🔒---
63752Red Hat Enterprise MRG input validation [CVE-2012-4462]low🔒---
63751Apache qpid Buffer memory corruptionlow🔒---
63750Apache qpid checkAvailable numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
63749Apache Qpid numeric error [CVE-2012-4458]low🔒🔒--
63748Apache Qpid Default Configuration improper authentication [CVE-2012-4446]medium🔒🔒--
63747Apache Rave User Account information disclosure [CVE-2013-1814]low🔒---
63746Piwigo install.php path traversallow🔒---
63745389 Directory Server numeric error [CVE-2013-0312]low🔒🔒--
63744Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2013-0168]low🔒---
63743Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager credentials managementlow🔒---
63742Red Hat Automatic Bug Reporting Tool access control [CVE-2012-5660]medium🔒---
63741Red Hat Automatic Bug Reporting Tool untrusted search path [CVE-2012-5659]low🔒---
63740Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Default Configuration access controlmedium🔒---
63739FreeRADIUS User Authentication credentials management [CVE-2011-4966]medium🔒---
63738David King Vino denial of service [CVE-2011-1165]low🔒---
63737David King Vino config [CVE-2011-1164]low🔒---
63736boost utf_traits input validationmedium🔒---
63735Red Hat Aeolus Conductor access control [CVE-2012-6118]medium🔒---
63734Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Engine Configuration Server access controllow🔒---
63733Inkscape access control [CVE-2012-6076]low🔒---
63732Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Engine Configuration Server access controllow🔒---
63731bitcoin bitcoind FetchInputs Stored resource managementlow🔒---
63730bitcoin bitcoind resource management [CVE-2013-2292]medium🔒---
63729bitcoin bitcoind information disclosure [CVE-2013-2273]low🔒---
63728bitcoin bitcoind accept information disclosurelow🔒---
63727bitcoin Bitcoin-Qt resource management [CVE-2012-4684]medium🔒---
63726Novell ZENworks Mobile Management MDM.php path traversalmedium🔒---
63725Emerson Deltav Ve3005 Controller Md resource management [CVE-2012-4703]medium🔒---
63724Advantech Advantech Studio NTWebServer.exe CreateFileW path traversalmedium🔒---
63723360systems Image Server Maxx credentials management [CVE-2012-4702]high🔒---
63722Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-2553]medium🔒---
63721HP Service Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5214]medium🔒---
63720HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2012-5213]medium🔒---
63719HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5212]medium🔒---
63718HP Intelligent Management Center User Access Manager denial of servicemedium🔒---
63717HP Intelligent Management Centertacacs+ Authentication Manager denial of servicemedium🔒---
63716HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2012-5209]high🔒---
63715HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5208]medium🔒---
63714HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5207]medium🔒---
63713HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5206]medium🔒---
63712HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5205]medium🔒---
63711HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5204]medium🔒---
63710HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5203]medium🔒---
63709HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5202]medium🔒---
63708HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2012-5201]high🔒---
63707HP Intelligent Management Center cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5200]low🔒---
63706gnome Gnome Screensaver Default Configuration access controlmedium🔒---
63705jQuery cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4969]low🔒---
63704XFree86 x11perf untrusted search path [CVE-2011-2504]medium🔒---
63703Git input validation [CVE-2013-0308]medium🔒🔒--
63702OpenStack Folsom Configuration File race condition [CVE-2013-0266]low🔒---
63701OpenStack Folsom Installer access control [CVE-2013-0261]low🔒---
63700GNOME Evolution information disclosure [CVE-2011-3201]low🔒---
63699spree access control [CVE-2013-2506]medium🔒---
63698stunnel NTLM Authentication code injection [CVE-2013-1762]medium🔒---
63697Spree constantize input validationmedium🔒---
63696Eucalyptus improper authentication [CVE-2012-4066]low🔒---
63695Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed Switches resource managementlow🔒---
63694Cisco Prime Infrastructure cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1153]medium🔒---
63693Wireshark dissect_hartip resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
63692Dovecot input validation [CVE-2011-4318]medium🔒🔒--
63691Trimble Infrastructure GNSS Series Receivers User Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63690HP Linux Imaging And Printing Project link following [CVE-2013-0200]low🔒---
63689IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager User Interface Welcome.do cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63688RSA Authentication Agent config [CVE-2013-0931]medium🔒---
63687Freedesktop Dbus-glib dbus_g_proxy_manager_filter input validationmedium🔒🔒--
63686Arthurdejong nss-pam-ldapd File Descriptors memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
63685Thekelleys Dnsmasq Interfaces denial of service [CVE-2013-0198]low🔒---
63684Thekelleys Dnsmasq Interfaces denial of service [CVE-2012-3411]low🔒🔒--
63683GNU GDB access control [CVE-2011-4355]medium🔒---
63682Kingsoft Writer 2010 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0710]high🔒---
63681IBM Cognos Business Intelligence input validation [CVE-2012-4858]medium🔒---
63680IBM Cognos Business Intelligence code injection [CVE-2012-4840]medium🔒---
63679IBM Cognos Business Intelligence information disclosure [CVE-2012-4837]low🔒---
63678IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63677IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4835]low🔒---
63676IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2193]low🔒---
63675IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Search Feature cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63674Linux Kernel config.c perf_config Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
63673Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-2491]medium🔒---
63672Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-2479]medium🔒---
63671Linux Kernel authentication spoofing [CVE-2011-1182]low🔒---
63670Linux Kernel dev_load access controllow🔒---
63669Bayashi Dopvstar cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0709]low🔒---
63668Bayashi Dopvcomet cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0708]low🔒---
63667JustSystems Hanako Police memory corruption [CVE-2013-0707]high🔒---
63666Ruby cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0256]low🔒---
63665Rack AbstractRequest denial of servicelow🔒---
63664Rack memory corruption [CVE-2013-0183]low🔒---
63663Ryan Davis Ruby Parser gauntlet_rubyparser.rb diff_pp access controllow🔒---
63662katello katello-configure Bootstrap access control [CVE-2012-6116]low🔒🔒--
63661rack multipart.rb infinite loop [CVE-2012-6109]low🔒---
63660Red Hat Cloudforms Active Directory access control [CVE-2012-5604]medium🔒--🔒
63659Red Hat Enterprise Linux Shared Libraries denial of service [CVE-2012-1568]low🔒---
63658Linux Kernel scsi_ioctl.c access controllow🔒---
63657Cisco Unified Presence Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-1137]medium🔒---
63656Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance Monitoring input validationmedium🔒---
63655Cisco Unified Communications Manager improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63654Cisco Unified Communications Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1133]medium🔒---
63653IBM InfoSphere Guardium Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-0490]medium🔒---
63652IBM Lotus Domino cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4844]low🔒---
63651IBM Lotus Domino resource management [CVE-2012-4842]medium🔒---
63650FFmpeg h264_ps.c ff_h264_decode_seq_parameter_set memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63649FFmpeg utils.c avcodec_decode_audio4 memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63648IBM TS3500 Tape Library privileges management [CVE-2012-5767]medium🔒🔒--
63647Cisco Cloud Portal access control [CVE-2013-1139]low🔒---
63646Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_balancer.c balancer_handler cross site scriptinglow🔒--🔒
63645Red Hat openshift lockwrap access controllow🔒--🔒
63644CloudBees Jenkins Crypto information disclosure [CVE-2013-0158]low🔒---
63643CloudBees Jenkins cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6074]low🔒--🔒
63642CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2012-6073]low🔒--🔒
63641CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2012-6072]low🔒--🔒
63640Red Hat OpenShift Origin Debug Mode cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5658]low🔒---
63639Canonical Linux Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2013-0212]low🔒🔒--
63638Roundcube Webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6121]low🔒---
63637Red Hat OpenShift Origin Restore input validation [CVE-2012-5647]medium🔒---
63636Red Hat OpenShift Origin Restore input validation [CVE-2012-5646]medium🔒---
63635Red Hat Enterprise Linux automount input validation [CVE-2012-2697]medium🔒---
63634jforum cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5337]low🔒---
63633OpenStack Grizzly resource management [CVE-2013-0247]low🔒---
63632SSSD Security Service ssh_cmd_parse_request memory corruptionlow🔒---
63631SSSD Security Service access control [CVE-2013-0219]low🔒---
63630Infradead OpenConnect http.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63629Digia Qt sslErrors cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒--
63628Mozilla Bugzilla Error Message build_subselect information disclosurelow🔒---
63627Dell PowerConnect 6248P input validation [CVE-2013-0120]medium🔒---
63626CS-Cart Payments config [CVE-2013-0118]high🔒--🔒
63625Nuance Pdf Reader Plus PDF Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-0113]high🔒---
63624Honeywell SymmetrE ActiveX Control HscRemoteDeploy.dll code injectionmedium🔒---
63623BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server AntDS.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63622BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server improper authentication [CVE-2012-6274]low🔒---
63621BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server sql injection [CVE-2012-6273]medium🔒---
636203s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server memory corruption [CVE-2012-4708]high🔒---
636193s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server code injection [CVE-2012-4707]high🔒---
636183s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server numeric error [CVE-2012-4706]medium🔒---
636173s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server path traversal [CVE-2012-4705]high🔒---
636163s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server input validation [CVE-2012-4704]high🔒---
63615Novell GroupWise ActiveX Control gwcls1.dll code injectionhigh🔒---
63614Google Chrome International Components for Unicode race conditionmedium🔒---
63613Google Chrome Padding opus_packet_parse_impl numeric errorlow🔒---
63612Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2013-0898]medium🔒---
63611Sourcefabric Newscoop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0730]low🔒🔒--
63610NEC Universal RAID Utility access control [CVE-2013-0706]medium🔒---
63609IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-0472]low🔒---
63608IBM Tivoli Storage Manager denial of service [CVE-2013-0471]low🔒---
63607IBM Data Studio access control [CVE-2013-0467]low🔒---
63606IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0457]low🔒---
63605IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6357]medium🔒---
63604IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6356]medium🔒---
63603IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6355]medium🔒---
63602IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5941]low🔒---
63601IBM Netezza improper authentication [CVE-2012-5940]low🔒---
63600IBM Netezza cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5763]medium🔒---
63599IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5762]low🔒---
63598IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5761]low🔒---
63597IBM Netezza WebAdmin sql injection [CVE-2012-5760]medium🔒---
63596IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3328]low🔒---
63595IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3327]low🔒---
63594IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3322]low🔒---
63593IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
63592IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3316]low🔒---
63591Cisco Network Services Manager Identity Services input validationmedium🔒---
63590IBM SAN Volume Controller improper authentication [CVE-2012-6354]medium🔒---
63589Symantec PGP Desktop Encryption memory corruption [CVE-2012-6533]low🔒---
63588Stone-ware webNetwork cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4352]low🔒---
63587Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2013-0160]low🔒---
63586Linux Kernel kmod.c __request_module input validationmedium🔒🔒--
63585Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1128]medium🔒🔒--
63584Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1123]low🔒---
63583LSI 3ware Disk Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-0705]low🔒---
63582GREE information disclosure [CVE-2013-0704]low🔒---
63581Big imgboard imgboard.com cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63580Schneider Electric Accutech Manager RFManagerService.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63579Moxa EDR-G903 Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2012-4712]low🔒---
63578WellinTech KingView kingMess.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63577Tridium Niagra AX Framework path traversal [CVE-2012-4701]high🔒---
63576Moxa EDR-G903 Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4694]medium🔒---
63575Digitiliti DigiLIBE information disclosure [CVE-2013-1402]low🔒---
63573Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0702]low🔒---
63572Cybozu Garoon Logging sql injection [CVE-2013-0701]medium🔒---
63571Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2013-0641]medium🔒---
63570Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2013-0640]medium🔒---
63569Labelgate mora Downloader Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-5188]high🔒---
63568Cisco Unity Express Software cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1114]low🔒---
63567Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2013-1100]low🔒---
63566HP Nonstop Server Software denial of service [CVE-2012-3280]medium🔒---
63565Zend Zend Framework resource management [CVE-2012-6532]low🔒---
63564Zend Zend Framework SOAP input validation [CVE-2012-6531]high🔒--🔒
63563OpenStack Folsom access control [CVE-2013-0208]medium🔒🔒--
63562Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0029]medium🔒---
63561Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0028]medium🔒---
63560Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0027]medium🔒---
63559Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0026]medium🔒---
63558Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0025]medium🔒---
63557Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0024]medium🔒---
63556Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-1455]low🔒---
63555Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-1454]low🔒---
63554Joomla CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-1453]medium🔒---
63553Bitbucket xnbd Wrapper xnbd_common.c redirect_stderr access controllow🔒---
63552Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation resource management [CVE-2013-0241]low🔒🔒--
63551IRCD-Hybrid hostmask.c try_parse_v4_netmask input validationlow🔒🔒--
63550QEMU Device Driver e1000_receive memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
63549Featurific-for-wordpress cached_image.php cross site scripting [Disputed]low🔒---
63548Marcel Brinkkemper lazyest-backup lazyest-backup.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63547SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5263]low🔒---
63546SonicWALL Aventail Sra Ex7000 prodpage.cfm sql injectionmedium🔒---
63545Axis M1054 Network Camera serverreport.cgi cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63544SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5260]low🔒---
63543OrangeHRM CentralController.php sql injection [CVE-2011-5259]medium🔒🔒--
63542OrangeHRM index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63541Appthemes Classipress cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5257]low🔒🔒--
63540LimeSurvey cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5256]low🔒🔒--
63537Cubecart _basket input validationmedium🔒🔒--
63536Rack Cookie memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63535rack File) path traversallow🔒---
63534Squid Proxy cachemgr.cgi memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
63533Canonical Linux Message Queue virNetMessageFree resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
63532Bouncycastle Legion-of-the-bouncy-castle-java-crytography-api cryptographic issueslow🔒---
63531yaSSL CyaSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1623]low🔒🔒--
63529PolarSSL SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-1621]low🔒🔒--
63528Gnu GnuTLS cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1619]low🔒🔒--
63527Opera Web Browser cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1618]medium🔒---
63526Opera Web Browser CSRF Protection cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63525Opera Web Browser code injection [CVE-2013-1638]high🔒---
63524Ecava IntegraXor ActiveX Control PE3DO32A.ocx memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63523Doryphores Audio Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1464]low🔒🔒--
63522Tobias Bathge WP-Table Reloaded cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1463]low🔒---
63521Cisco Unity Express Software cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1120]low🔒---
63520Cisco Webex Social search information disclosurelow🔒---
63519Weathernews Touch access control [CVE-2012-5187]low🔒---
63518Fleugel myu-s cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5186]low🔒---
63517HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3285]high🔒---
63516HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3284]high🔒---
63515HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3283]high🔒---
63514HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3282]high🔒---
63513HP XP P9000 Command View Advanced Edition denial of service [CVE-2012-3281]medium🔒---
63512HP Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3279]low🔒---
63511libssh publickey_from_privatekey resource managementlow🔒🔒--
63510Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform Authorization access controllow🔒🔒--
63509Google Android memory corruption [CVE-2011-1352]medium🔒---
63508Google Android information disclosure [CVE-2011-1350]medium🔒---
63507Fortinet FortiMail Encryption cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1471]low🔒---
63506Wireshark resource management [CVE-2013-1589]low🔒---
63505Wireshark dissect_pft_fec_detailed memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63504Wireshark dissect_rohc_ir_packet denial of servicelow🔒---
63503Wireshark DTLS Dissector fragment_set_tot_len denial of servicelow🔒---
63502Wireshark input validation [CVE-2013-1585]low🔒---
63501Wireshark dissect_version_5_and_6_primary_header input validationlow🔒---
63500Wireshark dissect_version_4_primary_header input validationlow🔒---
63499Wireshark dissect_clnp numeric errorlow🔒---
63498Wireshark dissect_pft_fec_detailed input validationlow🔒---
63497Wireshark dissect_cmstatus_tlv input validationlow🔒---
63496Wireshark RTPS Dissector rtps_util_add_bitmap resource managementlow🔒---
63495Wireshark dissect_pw_eth_heuristic input validationlow🔒---
63494Wireshark SIP Dissector dissect_sip_p_charging_func_addresses input validationlow🔒---
63493Wireshark SDP Dissector dissect_sdp_media_attribute cryptographic issueslow🔒---
63492Wireshark dissect_r3_cmd_alarmconfigure input validationlow🔒---
63491Wireshark dissect_bthci_eir_ad_data input validationlow🔒---
63490Wireshark csnStreamDissector input validationlow🔒---
63489Wireshark dissect_oampdu_event_notification input validationlow🔒---
63488Samba Web Administration Tool input validation [CVE-2013-0213]medium🔒---
63487IBM Sterling Connect memory corruption [CVE-2012-6352]low🔒🔒--
63485Palemoon Pale Moon xman fast_composite_scaled_bilinear numeric errorhigh🔒---
63484MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction numeric errormedium🔒---
63483MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
63482MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63481MiniUPnPd SDP minissdp.c ProcessSSDPRequest denial of servicemedium🔒---
63480portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63479portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63478portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63477portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63476portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63475portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63474portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63473portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63472EMC AlphaStor memory corruption [CVE-2013-0930]high🔒---
63471Oracle JRE Sandbox unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-1490]low🔒---
63470Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63469Cisco Carrier Routing System input validation [CVE-2013-1112]low🔒---
63468IBM InfoSphere Information Server Login Page information disclosurelow🔒---
63467IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administration cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63466IBM InfoSphere Information Server input validation [CVE-2012-0705]medium🔒---
63465IBM Infosphere Information Server Information Services Framework input validationmedium🔒---
63464IBM Infosphere Information Server Information Services Framework Authorization improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63463IBM InfoSphere DataStage access control [CVE-2012-0701]medium🔒---
63462IBM InfoSphere FastTrack Access Restriction credentials managementlow🔒---
63461IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench Access Restriction access controlmedium🔒---
63460IBM InfoSphere Information Server untrusted search path [CVE-2012-0204]medium🔒---
63459IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench cross site scripting [CVE-2012-0203]low🔒---
63458Sysax Multi Server memory corruption [CVE-2012-6530]high🔒---
63457Marinet Marinet CMS galleryphoto.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63456ATutor cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6528]low🔒🔒--
63455Joedolson My-calendar cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6527]low🔒🔒--
63454Vastal Freelance Zone show_code.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63453Phpbridges Dev Team PHPBridges members.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63452Powie pGB kommentar.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
63451w-CMS getMenus cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63450w-CMS getContent path traversallow🔒🔒--
63449X3 CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5255]low🔒🔒--
63448Cstech webConductor default.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63446Beijerelectronics H-Designer memory corruption [CVE-2012-4696]medium🔒---
63445TinyMCE Spellchecker Php access control [CVE-2012-6112]medium🔒---
63444Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6106]medium🔒---
63443Moodle rsslib.php information disclosure [CVE-2012-6105]low🔒---
63442Moodle rsslib.php information disclosure [CVE-2012-6104]low🔒---
63441Moodle cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6103]medium🔒---
63440Moodle lib.php access control [CVE-2012-6102]medium🔒---
63439Moodle input validation [CVE-2012-6101]medium🔒---
63438Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6100]medium🔒---
63437moodle lib.php input validation [CVE-2012-6099]medium🔒---
63436Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6098]medium🔒---
63435GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Process Systems input validationhigh🔒---
63434GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Process Systems Subsystem path traversallow🔒---
63433GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Real-Time Information Portal access controlmedium🔒---
63432GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Real-Time Information Portal Configuration File access controllow🔒---
63431Red Hat FreeIPA cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5484]medium🔒---
63430CoolPDF memory corruption [CVE-2012-4914]high🔒🔒--
63429TP-LINK TL-WR841N Management Interface path traversal [CVE-2012-6276]low🔒---
63428SUSE WebYaST information disclosure [CVE-2012-0435]medium🔒---
63426HP Diagnostics Server magentservice.exe memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63425Dell OpenManage Server Administrator cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6272]low🔒---
63424Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software denial of service [CVE-2013-1102]medium🔒🔒--
63423Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6442]medium🔒---
63422Rockwell ControlLogix controllers information disclosure [CVE-2012-6441]low🔒---
63421Rockwell ControlLogix controllers improper authentication [CVE-2012-6440]medium🔒---
63420Rockwell ControlLogix controllers denial of service [CVE-2012-6439]medium🔒---
63419Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6438]medium🔒---
63418Rockwell ControlLogix controllers improper authentication [CVE-2012-6437]high🔒---
63417Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6436]medium🔒---
63416Rockwell ControlLogix controllers resource management [CVE-2012-6435]medium🔒---
63415FreeType _bdf_parse_glyphs memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
63414Elefantcms cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6521]low🔒🔒--
63413Wikidforum sql injection [CVE-2012-6520]medium🔒---
63412DIY-CMS sql injection [CVE-2012-6519]medium🔒🔒--
63411DiY-CMS mod.php cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
63410DiY-CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6517]low🔒---
63409Shawn Bradley PHP Ticket System index.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63408eFront Error Message index.php information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
63407Netshinesoftware Com Netinvoice cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6514]low🔒---
63406gpEasy CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6513]low🔒🔒--
63405Organizer Plugin plugin_hook.php Path information disclosurelow🔒---
63404Organizer Plugin admin.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63403Netartmedia Car Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6510]low🔒---
63402Netartmedia Car Portal File Upload php%00.jpg Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
63401Netartmedia Car Portal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6508]medium🔒🔒--
63400Jason Sexauer ChurchCMS admin.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63399Zingiri Zingiri Web Shop zing.inc.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63398Shawn Bradley PHP Volunteer Management cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6505]low🔒---
63397Shawn Bradley PHP Volunteer Management sql injection [CVE-2012-6504]medium🔒🔒--
63396Ninjaforge Com Ninjaxplorer JAXP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-6503]high🔒---
63395Wikidforum cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2099]low🔒---
63394Sitecom WLM-2501 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-1922]medium🔒---
63393Simplerealtytheme Advanced Text Widget plugin advancedtext.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
63392Sixapart Movable Type Upgrade.pm core_drop_meta_for_table improper authenticationmedium🔒---
63390Activision Call of Duty Elite SSL Certificate input validationlow🔒🔒--
63389MariaDB Replication sql injection [CVE-2012-4414]medium🔒---
63388Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2012-3364]medium🔒---
63387Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2012-6502]low🔒---
63386Cisco WebEx Training Center access control [CVE-2013-1110]medium🔒---
63385Cisco WebEx Training Center access control [CVE-2013-1108]medium🔒---
63384Siemens SIMATIC RF-MANAGER 2008 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0656]medium🔒---
633833s-software CODESYS Runtime System Listener path traversal [CVE-2012-6069]medium🔒---
633823s-software CODESYS Runtime System access control [CVE-2012-6068]high🔒---
63381Schneider Electric Interactive Graphical SCADA System memory corruptionhigh🔒---
63380Schneider Electric Software Update Utility input validation [CVE-2013-0655]high🔒---
63379PHP openssl_encrypt information disclosurelow🔒---
63378Cisco NX-OS Interfaces resource management [CVE-2012-6396]medium🔒---
63377Olivetoast Documents Pro File Viewer path traversal [CVE-2012-5185]medium🔒---
63376Olivetoast Documents Pro File Viewer cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5184]low🔒---
63375uTorrent memory corruption [CVE-2009-5134]medium🔒---
63374JustSystems ATOK Screen Lock Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4738]medium🔒🔒--
63373Cisco Asa 1000v Cloud Firewall Firmware input validation [CVE-2012-6395]medium🔒---
63372IBM Intelligent Operations Center cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6360]low🔒---
63371IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager access control [CVE-2012-6359]medium🔒---
63370Cisco ASA Firmware access control [CVE-2012-5717]medium🔒---
63369rpm package.c rpmpkgRead credentials managementmedium🔒🔒--
63368Fireflymediaserver Firefly Media Server null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
63367Inkscape access control [CVE-2012-5656]low🔒---
63366Red Hat Enterprise Linux resource management [CVE-2012-2124]low🔒🔒--
63365EMC NetWorker memory corruption [CVE-2012-4607]high🔒---
63364IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager credentials managementlow🔒---
63363Cisco VPN Client denial of service [CVE-2012-5429]low🔒---
63362SpecView path traversal [CVE-2012-5972]low🔒---
63361GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Cimplicity CimWebServer.exe numeric errorlow🔒---
63360Cisco WebEx Training Center testingLibraryAction.do cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
63359Cisco Quad cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6397]low🔒---
63358Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution input validation [CVE-2012-6392]high🔒---
63357Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Servers Software access controlmedium🔒---
63356Oracle JDK access control [CVE-2012-3174]medium🔒---
63355HP PKI ActiveX control ActiveX Control HPPKI.ocx input validationlow🔒🔒-🔒
63354Pragyan CMS download.lib.php path traversal [CVE-2012-6500]low🔒---
63353Age Verification age-verification.php input validationmedium🔒---
63352Elite-board Elite Bulletin Board checkuser.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
63351Connections Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-5254]high🔒🔒--
63350Thegr Dl Authorization improper authentication [CVE-2011-5253]low🔒🔒--
63349Orchard input validation [CVE-2011-5252]medium🔒🔒--
63348Ettercap ec_scan.c scan_load_hosts memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
63346Pizzashack rssh incomplete blacklist [CVE-2012-2252]low🔒🔒--
63345Pizzashack rssh input validation [CVE-2012-2251]low🔒🔒--
63344Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0618]medium🔒---
63343Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0614]medium🔒---
63342Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0612]medium🔒---
63341Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0611]medium🔒---
63340Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2013-0609]medium🔒---
63339Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0608]medium🔒---
63338Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0607]medium🔒---
63337Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0603]medium🔒---
63336Microsoft XML Core Services numeric error [CVE-2013-0006]high🔒--🔒
63335Maxtom Atomymaxsite File Upload index.php unrestricted uploadmedium🔒---
63334Apache CXF WS-Security access control [CVE-2012-2378]medium🔒---
63333libav Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3937]high🔒---
63332Red Hat CloudForms Cache access control [CVE-2012-5605]low🔒---
63331Red Hat CloudForms Certificates access control [CVE-2012-5603]medium🔒---
63330Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager information disclosurelow🔒---
63329Red Hat CloudForms pulp.conf credentials managementlow🔒🔒--
63328Red Hat Certificate System input validation [CVE-2012-4556]low🔒🔒--
63327Red Hat Certificate System null pointer dereference [CVE-2012-4555]low🔒---
63326Red Hat Certificate System cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4543]low🔒🔒--
63325Red Hat CloudForms credentials management [CVE-2012-3538]medium🔒---
63324Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2012-2696]low🔒---
63323Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager SSL Certificate cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
63322Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager untrusted search pathmedium🔒---
63321Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2011-4316]low🔒---
63320Centrify Centrify Suite centrify.cmd.0 link followinglow🔒---
63319Foswiki numeric error [CVE-2012-6330]low🔒---
63318Perl Maketext code injectionmedium🔒---
63317SWI-Prolog expand memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63316SWI-Prolog canoniseFileName memory corruptionmedium🔒---
63315Ruby on Rails information disclosure [CVE-2012-6497]medium🔒---
63314Ruby on Rails Finder sql injection [CVE-2012-6496]medium🔒--🔒
63313e107 CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6434]medium🔒---
63312e107 CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6433]medium🔒---
63311MoinMo MoinMoin path traversal [CVE-2012-6495]medium🔒🔒--
63310MoinMo MoinMoin rsslink cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
63309MoinMo MoinMoin File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2012-6081]medium🔒🔒--
63308MoinMo MoinMoin _do_attachment_move path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
63307ownCloud cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5666]low🔒🔒--
63306ownCloud settings.php access controlmedium🔒🔒--
63305Steven Jones Context access control [CVE-2012-5655]low🔒---
63304Nodewords information disclosure [CVE-2012-5654]low🔒---
63303Drupal File Upload input validation [CVE-2012-5653]low🔒---
63302Drupal information disclosure [CVE-2012-5652]low🔒🔒--
63301Drupal access control [CVE-2012-5651]low🔒---
63300ELinks http_negotiate_create_context improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
63299Apache CXF WS-Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-2379]high🔒---
63298WP PHP widget Error Message wp-php-widget.php information disclosurelow🔒---
63297Opera Web Browser Configuration File access control [CVE-2012-6472]low🔒---
63296Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2012-6471]medium🔒---
63295Opera Web Browser Error Page information disclosure [CVE-2012-6469]medium🔒---
63294Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2012-6466]low🔒---
63293Opera Web Browser code injection [CVE-2012-6465]high🔒---
63292Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6464]low🔒---
63291Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6463]low🔒---
63290Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2012-6461]low🔒---
63289ConnMan Bluetooth information disclosure [CVE-2012-6459]low🔒---
63288LemonLDAP::NG access controlmedium🔒---
63287ircd-ratbox null pointer dereference [CVE-2012-6084]low🔒---
63286IBM SPSS Modeler memory allocation [CVE-2012-5769]low🔒🔒--
63285Polycom Hdx System Software Web Management Interface cross site scriptinglow🔒---
13133Cisco Unified Communications Manager Command Line Interface input validationlow🔒---
13078TinyMCE bbcode Plugin access control [CVE-2012-4230]low🔒---
12731Linux Kernel ioctx_alloc resource managementlow🔒-🔒-
12619Microsoft Internet Explorer XMLDOM ActiveX Control resource managementlow🔒-🔒-
12220cPanel WHM XML/JSON API getpkginfo information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒-
12219IrfanView Folder Name memory corruption [CVE-2013-6932]medium🔒-🔒-
12216QEMU KVM libspice memory corruption [CVE-2010-0430]medium🔒-🔒🔒
12156Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Account Activation access controlmedium🔒🔒--
12155Cisco WebEx SPI Call Arbitrary File Enumeration access controllow🔒-🔒-
12154Cisco WebEx One-Click Client Password Encryption missing encryptionlow🔒---
12153Cisco WebEx Social Authentication Session Hijacking cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
12152Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Event Center Module Password and Host Keys improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
12151Cisco WebEx Certificate input validation [CVE-2012-6399]medium🔒🔒--
12150Cisco WebEx Social Post URL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1244]low🔒🔒--
12149Cisco WebEx Social Input Field input validation [CVE-2013-1245]medium🔒---
12148Cisco WebEx Meetings Server/WebEx Node Uninitialized Memory input validationmedium🔒🔒--
12147Cisco WebEx User Input Sanitizer input validation [CVE-2013-1231]medium🔒🔒--
12133Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-1376]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
12132Horde Groupware Util Library variables.php code injectionmedium🔒-🔒-
12131Tripwire Enterprise methodCall.do Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒---
12088Python zipfile.py ZipExtFile._read2 input validationmedium🔒🔒--
12087Google V8 runtime.cc Runtime_TypedArrayInitializeFromArrayLike integer coercionhigh🔒---
12075Python Software Foundation BaseHTTPServer HTTP Request denial of servicemedium🔒---
12074Linux Kernel farsync.c fst_get_iface resource managementlow🔒-🔒-
12073Linux Kernel yam.c yam_ioctl resource managementlow🔒---
12072Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization SPICE service untrusted search pathmedium🔒---
12071Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Local Privilege untrusted search pathmedium🔒-🔒-
12069Cisco Linksys Restore Router Configuration privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
12068Linux Kernel wanxl.c wanxl_ioctl Memory resource managementlow🔒---
12049Apple Safari URL authentication spoofinglow🔒---
12048Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Remote Privilege Escalation [Disputed]medium🔒---
12047Google Chrome WebRTCIdentityServiceHost use after free [CVE-2013-6644]medium🔒🔒--
12046MediaWiki Upload XmlTypeCheck.php Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒🔒
12043Check Point Endpoint Security X.509 Certificate Validator cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒🔒-
12042Check Point Security Gateway Email security check for standardmedium🔒---
12041Check Point Security Gateway VMWare OVF Template improper authenticationmedium🔒---
12040Check Point Security Gateway File Scanner security check for standardmedium🔒---
12039Check Point Security Gateway SIP/MGCP Packet cleartext storagemedium🔒---
12038Check Point Application Control Engine SSH Encapsulated Packet Detection security check for standardmedium🔒---
12037Check Point VSX Virtual System Virtual System Policy Installation cpstart security check for standardmedium🔒---
12036Check Point Security Gateway VSX Mode cpstart Policy privileges managementmedium🔒---
12035Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit XML External Entity InterfaceGenerator.java information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
12034Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit Seam Remoting InterfaceGenerator InterfaceGenerator.java access controllow🔒🔒--
12033Fluke Visual UpTime Select Analysis Service Element Authentication hard-coded credentialshigh🔒---
12032Juniper Web Device Manager Authentication hard-coded credentialshigh🔒---
12020Google Chrome AccessibilityTable.cpp isDataTable denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
12019Google Chrome PopUp Invisible Popup Dialog privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
12018Google Chrome PolygonShape.cpp shapePaddingBounds memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
12017Google Chrome web_contents_view_aura.cc CreateView Invisible Popup Dialog memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
12016Google Chrome LazyFeatureProvider Class base_feature_provider.cc denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
12015Google Chrome MultiProfile Lockscreen Bypass improper authenticationlow🔒🔒-🔒
12014Google Chrome Bitmap Clipboard memory corruption [CVE-2013-6644]medium🔒🔒-🔒
12013Google Chrome Media Thread Safety HTMLMediaElement.cpp denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
12012MediaWiki Sanitizer.php Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
12011MediaWiki Upload UploadBase.php input validationmedium🔒🔒--
12003libvirt libxl_driver.c libxlDomainGetNumaParameters Invalid Free access controlmedium🔒🔒--
12002MediaWiki Deleted Page ApiQueryLogEvents.php information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
12001SuSE openSUSE aaa_base Image Creation Configuration shadow Password information disclosurelow🔒---
11995libvirt virnetserverclient.c virNetServerClientStartKeepAlive race conditionmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11987Google Chrome SVG Context Elements use after free [CVE-2013-6644]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11986Google Chrome SVG Matrix use after free [CVE-2013-6644]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11985Google Chrome Frame Viewer Document.cpp updateLayout use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
11984Google Chrome Parent Tear-Off SVGPropertyTearOff.h use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
11965Google Chrome Forms use after free [CVE-2013-6644]high🔒--🔒
11963Google Chrome VP8X Flag Parser demux.c memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11962Google Chrome Form Control FormAssociatedElement.cpp formRemovedFromTree resource managementhigh🔒---
11960Google Chrome Speech Input web_contents_view_aura.cc OnWindowRemovingFromRootWindow resource managementhigh🔒---
11803Linux Kernel dgram.c dgram_recvmsg information disclosurelow🔒---
11779Valve SteamOS Authentication hard-coded credentialsmedium🔒---
11767Linux Kernel af_x25.c x25_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11766Linux Kernel af_packet.c packet_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11765Linux Kernel af_netrom.c nr_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11758Linux Kernel datagram.c pn_recvmsg memory leaklow🔒---
11757Linux Kernel socket.c mISDN_sock_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11756Linux Kernel ddp.c atalk_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11755Linux Kernel l2tp_ip.c l2tp_ip_recvmsg input validationlow🔒🔒--
11754D-Link DSL-275OU Authentication config improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11727FFmpeg hevc.c hevc_decode_free memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11726FFmpeg lagarith.c lag_decode_zero_run_line Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11725FFmpeg wc3movie.c wc3_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11724FFmpeg siff.c siff_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11723FFmpeg alsdec.c revert_channel_correlation Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11722FFmpeg iff.c get_metadata Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11721FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_extradata Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11715Netgear Router Port tcp/32764 backdoorhigh🔒---
11714Cisco Router Port tcp/32764 backdoorhigh🔒---
11713Python Generator denial of servicelow🔒---
11712Linux Kernel recvmsg af_ipx.c ipx_recvmsg uninitialized resourcelow🔒🔒-🔒
11711Google webapp2 webapp2_extract.security.hash_password denial of servicemedium🔒---
11710Huawei AR Router SSH Module denial of servicelow🔒---
11709Django django.contrib.auth method_decorator information disclosurelow🔒---
11708Tor Crafted Create/Relay Cell relay_lookup_conn denial of servicemedium🔒---
11707Tor Pending Destroy Cell connection_or_flushed_some denial of servicelow🔒---
11706Linux Kernel lp.c lp_do_ioctl memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11705OpenSSL DTLS Message Retransmission d1_both.c cryptographic issueslow🔒--🔒
11704IBM Lotus Notes Traveler cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
11703D-Link DI-624S Admin Password tools_admin.htm missing encryptionmedium🔒---
11702NTP Project ntpd monlist Functionality ntp_request.c query input validationmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11699FFmpeg dxa.c decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11698FFmpeg dxa.c decode_13 Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11697FFmpeg dxa.c dxa_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11696FFmpeg rpl.c rpl_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11695FFmpeg iff.c decode_byterun Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11694FFmpeg nistspheredec.c nist_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11693FFmpeg interplayvideo.c ipvideo_decode_block_opcode_0xA unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
11692FFmpeg interplayvideo.c ipvideo_decode_block_opcode_0x9 Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11691FFmpeg swfdec.c swf_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11690FFmpeg End of Packet swfdec.c swf_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11689FFmpeg flashsv.c decode_hybrid Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11688FFmpeg ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11687FFmpeg ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11685FFmpeg Timestamp pva.c read_part_of_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11684FFmpeg pva.c read_part_of_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11683FFmpeg smacker.c smka_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11682FFmpeg Header Size nistspheredec.c nist_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11681FFmpeg sierravmd.c vmd_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11680FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_read_audio_stream_info Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11679FFmpeg rv34.c rv34_decoder_alloc Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11678FFmpeg vqavideo.c decode_format80 Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11677FFmpeg 4xm.c fourxm_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11676FFmpeg isom.c ff_mp4_read_dec_config_descr Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11675FFmpeg wavpack.c wv_unpack_stereo Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11674Tor Relay/Hidden Service Identity Key Generator cryptographic issueslow🔒-🔒-
11673Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker WAV File input validationmedium🔒---
11672Palo Alto PAN-OS IP Packet denial of servicemedium🔒---
11671Palo Alto PAN-OS Zone Protection IP Spoofing Check privileges managementlow🔒---
11670Palo Alto PAN-OS GlobalProtect Pre-logon Mode improper authenticationlow🔒---
11669Linux Kernel vm86 Syscall denial of servicelow🔒---
11668Tor INTRODUCE2 Cell Parser denial of servicemedium🔒---
11667Tor DNS Reply dns.c cached_resolve_add_answer denial of servicemedium🔒---
11666Tor SENDME denial of servicemedium🔒---
11665Tor Directory Authority dirserv.c router_counts_toward_thresholds denial of servicemedium🔒---
11664Tor ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses Rule privileges managementlow🔒---
11663Python CGIHTTPServer.py CGIHTTPRequestHandler path traversalmedium🔒---
11662RealVNC User Mode vncserver access controllow🔒---
11661RealVNC vncserver-x11 access controllow🔒--🔒
11660RealVNC Xvnc access control [CVE-2013-6886]low🔒--🔒
11659FFmpeg dirac_dwt.c ff_spatial_idwt_init2 Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11658FFmpeg nuv.c decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11657FFmpeg isom.c mp4_read_dec_config_descr Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11656FFmpeg gifdec.c gif_read_image Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11655FFmpeg vc1dec.c ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11654FFmpeg wmalosslessdec.c decode_tilehdr Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11653FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_major_sync Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11649FFmpeg psxstr.c str_read_packet Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
11648FFmpeg iff.c iff_read_packet memory leakmedium🔒---
11647FFmpeg msmpeg4dec.c msmpeg4_decode_dc Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
11646FFmpeg id3v2.c id3v2_parse Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
11645FFmpeg bink.c init_bundles Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
11644FFmpeg oggparsetheora.c theora_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11643Microsoft Visio memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11642NetBSD IPv6 Routing Prefix ICMPV6CTL_ND6_PRLIST denial of servicelow🔒---
11641NetBSD ELF Binary denial of servicelow🔒---
11640Apple Safari PhishingAlert Functionality security check for standard [Disputed]medium🔒---
11639WebkitGTK+ RenderBoxModelObject.cpp willBeDestroyed memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11638Courier MTA Webmail Server External File System denial of servicelow🔒---
11637Tor Pluggable Transport Helper util.c format_helper_exit_status memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11636Linux Kernel Stack Frame process.c get_wchan denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
11634VMware ESX/ESXi vCenter Server File access controllow🔒🔒--
11627Cisco IOS XE Packet Processor MPLS input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11626cPanel WHM Reseller Login Cookie cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
11625cPanel WHM Login Security cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11624cPanel WHM Branding Subsystem cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11623cPanel WHM counter cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11622cPanel WHM Daily Process Log Screen Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11621cPanel WHM cPAddons Upgrade Password cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11620cPanel WHM Edit DNS Zone Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11619cPanel WHM SSH Authentication cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11618cPanel WHM X3 Theme countedit.cgi cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11617cPanel WHM Bandmin passwd cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11616cPanel WHM cpsrvd cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11613cPanel WHM Bandmin Reflected cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11612cPanel WHM API Call dynamicincludelist cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11611cPanel WHM Database cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11610cPanel WHM Backup Archive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11609cPanel WHM Config cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]low🔒🔒-🔒
11608cPanel WHM Translatable Phrase Maketext cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11607cPanel WHM CSRF Protection cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11606cPanel WHM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11605cPanel WHM Logaholic Session File tmp cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
11604cPanel WHM Virtualhost Installation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]medium🔒🔒-🔒
11603RealNetworks RealPlayer RMP File memory corruption [CVE-2013-7260]high🔒🔒--
11602Cisco IOS XE VTY Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-6979]low🔒---
11601cPanel WHM XML/JSON getpkginfo information disclosurelow🔒---
11600OpenSSL TLS Cipher s3_lib.c ssl_get_algorithm2 cryptographic issueslow🔒---
11599FFmpeg Uninitialized Data iff.c iff_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11598FFmpeg Uninitialized Data mov.c mov_read_extradata Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11597FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory vc1.c bitplane_decoding memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11596FFmpeg Uninitialized Data vc1dec.c vc1_draw_sprites Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11595FFmpeg Uninitialized Data vc1dec.c vc1_decode_sprites Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11594FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11593FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory asfdec.c asf_parse_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11592FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11591FFmpeg Uninitialized Data ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk uninitialized resourcelow🔒---
11590XMLSoft libxml2 xpath.c xmlXPathCompOpEval denial of servicemedium🔒---
11589Nagios daemonchk.c process_cgivars input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11588Nagios statuswml.c process_cgivars input validationmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11587D-Link DIR-645 Cookie service.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
11586D-Link DIR-645 Admin Password missing encryptionmedium🔒---
11585D-Link DIR-645 getfile path traversallow🔒---
11584D-Link DIR-645 version.php security check for standardlow🔒---
11583D-Link DIR-645 Widget Function improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11582D-Link DIR-645 router_info.xml information disclosurelow🔒---
11581D-Link DIR-645 Authentication __ajax_explorer.sgi security check for standardhigh🔒---
11580libpng pngrtran.c png_read_transform_info null pointer dereferencemedium🔒🔒-🔒
11576XMLSoft libxml2 tree.c xmlStaticCopyNodeList denial of servicemedium🔒---
11575IBM WebSphere Portal Content Template Catalog administrative PAA Installation/Execution access controlmedium🔒-🔒-
11574IBM WebSphere Portal Referenced WCM Components access controllow🔒-🔒-
11573IBM WebSphere Portal axonomy Individual Categories access controllow🔒-🔒-
11572IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6328]low🔒-🔒-
11571Synology DiskStation Manager file_sharing.cgi path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
11570Synology DiskStation Manager file_download.cgi Access path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
11569Synology DiskStation Manager file_share.cgi File Listing path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
11568Synology DiskStation Manager file_MVCP.cgi path traversalmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11567Synology DiskStation Manager file_rename.cgi Rename path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
11566Synology DiskStation Manager html5_upload.cgi Upload path traversalmedium🔒🔒-🔒
11565Synology DiskStation Manager file_delete.cgi Delete path traversallow🔒🔒-🔒
11564Novell Client Vba32 AntiRootKit input validation [CVE-2013-3705]low🔒---
11562IBM WebSphere Portal Web Content Manager access control [CVE-2013-6735]low🔒---
11561Synology DiskStation Manager SliceUpload imageSelector.cgi access controlmedium🔒---
11560Cisco NX-OS Command Line tar path traversallow🔒---
11559OpenX XML-RPC Delivery Invocation Script axmlrpc.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
11558WordPress Comment Status options-discussion.php cross-site request forgerylow🔒-🔒-
11557WordPress options-discussion.php denial of servicelow🔒-🔒-
11556WordPress edit-tags.php Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒-🔒-
11555WordPress edit-tags.php privileges managementlow🔒---
11554haxx.se cURL CN/SAN Name Field input validation [CVE-2013-6422]medium🔒---
11553RSA Archer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6178]medium🔒---
11552Apple Safari Javascript Stack Memory JavaScriptCore.dll memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11551IBM iNotes Ultra-light Mode Reflected cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11550IBM iNotes Ultra-light Mode Stored cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11549IBM iNotes Email Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4063]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11548Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface path traversal [CVE-2012-4135]low🔒---
11547GnuPG Computer Processor Acoustic Side-Channel Attack credentials managementlow🔒---
11546Google Chrome PPAPI Message Submenu Entries serialized_flash_menu.cc ReadMenu memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
11545Google Chrome Pepper UDP Socket pepper_udp_socket.cc RecvFrom denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
11544Google Chrome WebInputEvent Class WriteData information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
11543Google Chrome PPAPI Message ppb_graphics_3d_proxy.cc OnMsgCreate denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
11542Google Chrome IPC Layer PpapiHostMsg_PPBVideoDecoder_Decode denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
11541Google Chrome IPC Layer denial of service [CVE-2013-0892]low🔒🔒-🔒
11540RealNetworks RealPlayer RMP File memory corruption [CVE-2013-6877]high🔒---
11539Valve Steam OS Bug Reporter .valve-bugreporter.cfg cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
11538USP Secure Entry Server cookie-check privileges managementmedium🔒---
11537WordPress Credentials options-writing.php backdoormedium🔒---
11536Digium Asterisk SMS Message memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11535Digium Asterisk Dialplan Function privileges managementmedium🔒---
11534Cisco ONS 15454 Transport Node Controller Traffic Saturation input validationmedium🔒---
11533Cisco EPC3925 Web Frontend Quick_setup cross-site request forgerylow🔒🔒--
11532WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5228]high🔒--🔒
11531WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5225]high🔒--🔒
11530WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5199]high🔒--🔒
11529WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5198]high🔒---
11528WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5197]high🔒--🔒
11527WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5196]high🔒--🔒
11526WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5195]high🔒---
11525Apple Safari Autofill access control [CVE-2013-5227]low🔒--🔒
11524IBM DB2 OLAP Query Engine denial of service [CVE-2013-6717]low🔒🔒🔒-
11523IBM DB2 XSLT Library denial of service [CVE-2013-5466]medium🔒---
11522IBM InfoSphere Information Server Installation information disclosurelow🔒-🔒-
11521IBM WebSphere Service Registry/Repository Widgets cross site scriptinglow🔒-🔒-
11520IBM Classic Sametime Meeting Server Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11519Red Hat JBoss Portal URL Escape cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4424]low🔒🔒--
11518Irfan Skiljan IrfanView LZW Compression memory corruption [CVE-2013-5351]medium🔒🔒--
11517Irfan Skiljan IrfanView Japanese Language Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11516WebkitGTK+ Scrollbar RenderScrollbar.cpp updateScrollbarPart memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11515Invision Power Services IP.Board Search cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11514Invision Power Services IP.Board BBcode cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11512PHP Timestamp Converter openssl_x509_parse memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
11511Alcatel Lucent-7750 SR Default Account improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11510Linux Kernel lapic.c apic_cluster_id numeric errorlow🔒---
11509Linux Kernel lapic.c kvm_lapic_sync_to_vapic input validationlow🔒---
11508Linux Kernel lapic.c apic_get_tmcct numeric errormedium🔒---
11507Linux Kernel Bounds-Check kvm_main.c kvm_vm_ioctl_create_vcpu input validationmedium🔒---
11506Evernote Authentication .pref.xml improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11505Evernote Backup com.evernote_preferences.xml improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11504Google Android APK Signature Validator security check for standardmedium🔒---
11503Linux Kernel File Permission sysctl_net.c net_ctl_permissions input validationlow🔒---
11502HP LaserJet Pro/Color LaserJet denial of service [CVE-2013-6193]low🔒---
11501Apple Safari Restore Browser Sessions LastSession.plist cryptographic issueslow🔒--🔒
11500Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP Service SPDefault.cnf.xml cryptographic issues [Disputed]low🔒---
11499Microsoft Windows Media Player SND File memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11498Juniper IVE OS Feature Page Rewriting cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6956]low🔒---
11497Juniper ScreenOS Ping of Death Screen denial of service [CVE-2013-6958]medium🔒---
11496Juniper IDP75/IDP250/IDP800/IDP8200 ACM Webserver cross site scriptinglow🔒---
11495HP Officejet Pro cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4845]low🔒---
11494Microsoft .NET Framework MAC Authentication privileges managementmedium🔒---
11493Linux Foundation Xen Multiple Hypercall Implementations improper authenticationlow🔒---
11492Snes9x DLL Loader codec_mpeg.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11491Linux Kernel shm.c race conditionlow🔒---
11490Google Android :android:show_fragment intent extra privileges managementlow🔒---
11489TYPO3 (Old) Form Content Element access control [CVE-2013-7081]low🔒---
11488TYPO3 Table Administration Library feuser_adminLib.inc security check for standardmedium🔒---
11487TYPO3 OpenID Extension input validation [CVE-2013-7079]medium🔒---
11486TYPO3 Extbase ActionController errorAction cross site scriptingmedium🔒---
11485TYPO3 Backend User Administration Interface Reflected cross site scriptingmedium🔒---
11484TYPO3 Extension Manager Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒---
11483TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard Unserialize cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
11482TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7074]medium🔒---
11481TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard access control [CVE-2013-7073]low🔒---
11480Plone FactoryTool.py Remote Path information disclosurelow🔒---
11479Plone CMF CatalogTool access controllow🔒---
11478Plone Session BrowserIdManager.py Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒---
11477Plone Image Tag Image.py Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒---
11476D-Link DIR Router platform.cgi sql injectionmedium🔒---
11475D-Link DIR Router platform.cgi os command injectionmedium🔒---
11474Linux Foundation Xen IOMMU TLB Flush access control [CVE-2013-6400]low🔒🔒-🔒
11473TYPO3 Flow ActionController cross site scritingmedium🔒---
11472Linux Kernel IPv6 Socket IOCTL ip6_fib.c fib6_add access controllow🔒🔒--
11471Philips Hue Lighting System Token Generation improper authenticationlow🔒---
11470Philips Hue Lighting System Token improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11469SquirrelMail Request Path information disclosurelow🔒---
11468Microsoft Exchange cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5072]low🔒---
11467Microsoft ASP .NET SignalR cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5042]medium🔒---
11466Microsoft Office File Response information disclosure [CVE-2013-5054]low🔒---
11465Microsoft Windows Local Remote Procedure Call Server memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11464Mozilla Firefox GetElementIC Typed Array access control [CVE-2013-5615]medium🔒---
11463Mozilla Firefox GetHoverGeneration use after freemedium🔒---
11462Mozilla Firefox DispatchSynthMouseMove resource managementmedium🔒---
11461Mozilla Firefox Ordered List IsLTR code injectionmedium🔒---
11460Mozilla Firefox JavaScript Binary Search numeric error [CVE-2013-5619]medium🔒---
11459Mozilla Firefox LastRelease resource managementmedium🔒---
11458Mozilla Firefox Event Listener HandleEventSubType resource managementmedium🔒---
11457Microsoft SharePoint Server/Office Web Apps W3WP Service Account code injectionmedium🔒---
11456Microsoft Windows Scripting Runtime Object Library resource managementmedium🔒---
11454Mozilla Firefox Nested Object Element access control [CVE-2013-5614]medium🔒🔒--
11453Mozilla Firefox Character Set Encoding cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5612]medium🔒---
11452Mozilla Firefox Web App Installation authentication spoofinglow🔒---
11451Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2013-5610]medium🔒---
11450Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2013-5609]medium🔒---
11449Mozilla Firefox EV Certificate Validation cryptographic issueslow🔒---
11448Microsoft Office Address Space Layout Randomization access controlmedium🔒---
11447Mozilla Firefox Selection Paste Clipboard information disclosurelow🔒---
11446Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys resource managementlow🔒---
11445Microsoft Windows win32k.sys input validationmedium🔒---
11444Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys numeric errorlow🔒---
11443Microsoft Windows Driver Memory Object portcls.sys memory corruptionlow🔒---
11442Microsoft Windows True Type Font win32k.sys input validationlow🔒---
11441Linux Kernel Ping Socket Read Call ping.c ping_recvmsg null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
11440Samba DCE-RPC Fragment Length Field dcerpc_util.c dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_done memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11439VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite Ajx%20TemplateMsg.js.zgz path traversallow🔒---
11438EMC RSA Security Analytics User Agent access control [CVE-2013-6180]medium🔒---
11437Palo Alto PAN-OS Radius privileges managementlow🔒---
11436Microsoft Internet Explorer Permission input validation [CVE-2013-5046]medium🔒---
11435Microsoft Internet Explorer Permission input validation [CVE-2013-5045]medium🔒---
11434Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5052]medium🔒---
11433Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5051]medium🔒---
11432Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5049]medium🔒---
11431Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5048]medium🔒---
11430Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5047]medium🔒---
11429Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5332]high🔒---
11428Adobe Flash Player Type code injection [CVE-2013-5331]high🔒---
11427Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5334]high🔒---
11426Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5333]high🔒---
11425Asus WL520g Basic_Goperation_Content.asp privileges managementmedium🔒---
11424Cisco ASA Management Session Requests resource management [CVE-2013-6707]medium🔒---
11423SuSE openSUSE vhosts.d access controlmedium🔒---
11422Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform EJB Invocation for Method-Level Authorization JAX-WS access controlmedium🔒---
11421D-Link DSL-6740U CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11420HP HPLIP upgrade.py code injectionhigh🔒---
11419D-Link DAP-2553 CSRF Token cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11418D-Link DAP-2553 Config Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
11417D-Link DAP-2553 cross site scritinglow🔒---
11416D-Link DAP-2553 Session Management security check for standardmedium🔒---
11415Zend Framework Configuration File application.ini information disclosurehigh🔒---
11413BlackBerry Enterprise Server Encryption Key information disclosuremedium🔒---
11412SonicWALL GMS/Analyzer/UMA E5000 ematStaticAlertTypes.jsp value_1 Stored cross site scritinglow🔒---
11411McAfee Email Gateway 18 sql injectionmedium🔒---
11410McAfee Email Gateway Systems Tab TestFile privileges managementmedium🔒---
11409D-Link DIR Router _show_info.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
11408Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager Web Login Portal Lockout Mechanism Failure Brute Force Vulnerability improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11407TP-LINK TL-WR740N HTTP Server denial of servicemedium🔒---
11406NetBSD uipc_socket.c null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
11405NetBSD Socket Credentials tcp_usrreq.c denial of servicelow🔒---
11404FFmpeg h264_refs.c build_def_list memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11403FFmpeg log.c format_line memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11402FFmpeg g2meet.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11401FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_load_cursor memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11400FFmpeg indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11399FFmpeg ac3dec.c ac3_decode_transform_coeffs_ch information disclosurelow🔒---
11398FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_packets information disclosurelow🔒---
11397FFmpeg Coded Frame hnm4video.c hnm_decode_frame memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11396FFmpeg Dimension hnm4video.c hnm_decode_init memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11395FFmpeg hnm4video.c decode_interframe_v4 memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11394FFmpeg hnm4video.c decode_interframe_v4 memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11393FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_targa_y216 memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11392FFmpeg Uninitialized Data ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
11391FFmpeg rv10.c rv20_decode_picture_header memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11390Google Chrome Mouse Event Document.cpp updateHoverActiveState use after freehigh🔒🔒--
11389Google Chrome Audio Track memory corruption [CVE-2013-6637]high🔒🔒-🔒
11388Google Chrome WebRTCIdentityService Request Existence denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
11387Google Chrome child_thread.cc Shutdown denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
11386Google Chrome Media Subsample Calculation/Conversion integer coercionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
11385Google Chrome Alias URL Prerendering prerender_contents.cc denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
11384Google Chrome DB Dispatcher Callback render_thread_impl.cc Shutdown memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
11383Google Chrome Empty Inline RenderBlockLineLayout.cpp handleEndOfLine use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
11382Google Chrome Array Indices memory corruption [CVE-2013-6640]high🔒🔒--
11381Google Chrome Array Indices hydrogen-dehoist.cc DehoistArrayIndex memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11380Google Chrome Array Length runtime.cc Runtime_TypedArrayInitialize memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11379Google Chrome Modal Dialog FrameLoader.cpp notifyIfInitialDocumentAccessed input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11378Google Chrome javascript Protocol Script ReplaceSelectionCommand.cpp doApply resource managementhigh🔒🔒-🔒
11377Google Chrome 302 Redirect one_click_signin_helper.cc ShowInfoBarIfPossible improper authenticationlow🔒🔒--
11376David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Third-Party Libraries access controlhigh🔒---
11375David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails simple_format helper cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
11374David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Action View input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11373David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Validation number_to_currency cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
11372Cisco ONS 15454 Controller Card input validation [CVE-2013-6702]medium🔒---
11371Cisco ONS 15454 Controller Card input validation [CVE-2013-6703]medium🔒---
11370Cisco IOS/IOS XE IP Device Tracking input validation [CVE-2013-6705]medium🔒---
11369Cisco IOS XE TFTP resource management [CVE-2013-6704]medium🔒---
11368NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Privileges privileges management [CVE-2013-5987]low🔒---
11367ZyXEL GS1510-16 Authentication webctrl.cgi information disclosurehigh🔒---
11366Linux Kernel ptrace.c __ptrace_may_access access controllow🔒🔒--
11365Linux Kernel trace_event_perf.c perf_trace_event_perm access controllow🔒---
11364Linux Kernel radiotap.c ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
11363VMware ESX/ESXi Windows 32-bit Guest OS lgtosync.sys access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11362Google Android Authentication Verification com.android.settings.ChooseLockGeneric access controllow🔒---
11361FFmpeg Bounds-Check jpeg2000dec.c get_siz denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
11360FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
11359FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_cox memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11358FFmpeg Bounce Error Message jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_tile memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11357FFmpeg Bounds-Check parser.c ff_combine_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11356FFmpeg Array g2meet.c g2m_init_buffers memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11355FFmpeg Array g2meet.c g2m_init_buffers memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11354FFmpeg Fifo vf_fps.c filter_frame memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11353FFmpeg Size dsputil.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
11352FFmpeg pngdsp.c add_bytes_l2_c memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11351FFmpeg ffv1dec.c read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
11350FFmpeg ffv1dec.c read_header memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11349FFmpeg jpeg2000.c ff_jpeg2000_init_component Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
11348FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_siz memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11347WordPress Media Library multi_resize Installation Path information disclosure [Disputed]low🔒---
11346WordPress comment_form Installation Path information disclosure [Disputed]low🔒---
11345Twibright Labs Links Graphical Mode numeric error [CVE-2013-6050]medium🔒---
11344Cisco Secure Access Control System support-bundle Downloader access controllow🔒🔒--
11343Cisco Secure Access Control System Packet Saturation input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11342Cisco ASA DNS Error Response input validation [CVE-2013-6696]medium🔒---
11341Check Point Media Encryption Login unlock.exe credentials managementmedium🔒---
11340D-Link DAP 1522 Default Credentials improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11339PHP OBJECT parse_iso_intervals.c DateInterval memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11338Novell iPrint Client id1.getprinterurllist memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11337Linux Kernel socket.c memory leaklow🔒---
11336Linux Kernel Socket Calls recvmmsg(2) memory leaklow🔒--🔒
11335Linux Kernel fbdev arcfb_write memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11334Google Android Flash Message denial of servicemedium🔒---
11333Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET ASLR information disclosurelow🔒---
11332Cisco IOS XE Express Forwarding Processing Module input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11331Cisco IOS XR SNMP Module input validation [CVE-2013-6700]medium🔒🔒--
11330Linux Foundation Xen XEN_DOMCTL_getmemlist memory corruptionlow🔒---
11329Linux Foundation Xen Guest Hypercall Privilege Check access controlmedium🔒--🔒
11328Palo Alto PAN-OS import.certificate.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11327Palo Alto PAN-OS Firewall Web Interface Stored cross site scritinglow🔒---
11326Microsoft Windows NDProxy.sys input validationmedium🔒---
11325Apache Subversion mod_dontdothat access control [CVE-2013-4505]low🔒🔒--
11324Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn input validation [CVE-2013-4558]medium🔒---
11323TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request RestoreDefaultCfgRpm.htm Stored improper authenticationlow🔒---
11322TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request WlanSecurityRpm.htm improper authenticationlow🔒---
11321TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request SysRebootRpm.htm improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11320Instagram/Flattr HTTP Photo Upload missing encryptionmedium🔒---
11319Valve Steam Client Friend Message memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11318QNAP Photo Station list.php information disclosurelow🔒---
11317Linux Kernel Adaptec RAID Controller Support commctrl.c aac_send_raw_srb input validationlow🔒---
11316Apple iOS/Safari Authorization information disclosurelow🔒---
11315Linux Kernel Marvell Bxxx Libertas WLAN Driver Support debugfs.c lbs_debugfs_write numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
11314Linux Kernel Gigabit Ethernet Device Support qeth_core_main.c qeth_snmp_command memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11313Linux Kernel Adaptec RAID Controller Support linit.c aac_compat_do_ioctl access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11310IBM InfoSphere Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4036]low🔒🔒🔒-
11309Cisco IOS IPSec Tunnel Implementation input validation [CVE-2013-6694]low🔒🔒--
11308TRENDnet TEW-691GR Telnet Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11307Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics Vhayu Analytic Server Input Sanitizer VhttpdMgr code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
11306IBM Sterling Order Management Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11305phpMyFAQ ajaxfilemanager.php privileges managementmedium🔒---
11304Now Wireless NowSMS MM4 Connection denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
11303Now Wireless NowSMS MM1 denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
11302Linux Kernel xfs_ioctl32.c xfs_attrlist_by_handle memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11301OpenStack Ceilometer Log Entry impl_mongodb.py information disclosuremedium🔒---
11300Google Caja Escape Sequence cross site scritingmedium🔒---
11296Rackspace Windows Agent/Updater Signature Check code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
11295D-Link DES-3800 SSH Implementation denial of service [CVE-2013-5997]medium🔒---
11294D-Link DES-3800 SSH Implementation denial of service [CVE-2013-5998]medium🔒---
11293FFmpeg hnm4video.c hnm_decode_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11292FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_packet denial of servicelow🔒---
11291FFmpeg mjpegdec.c mjpeg_decode_app denial of servicelow🔒---
11290FFmpeg PCM Block h264_cavlc.c ff_h264_decode_mb_cavlc denial of servicelow🔒---
11289FFmpeg gifdec.c gif_read_image denial of servicelow🔒---
11288FFmpeg h264.c decode_nal_units denial of servicelow🔒---
11287FFmpeg matroskadec.c ebml_read_ascii denial of servicelow🔒---
11286FFmpeg matroskadec.c matroska_read_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11285FFmpeg motionpixels.c mp_get_vlc denial of servicelow🔒---
11284FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame denial of servicelow🔒---
11283FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_header denial of servicelow🔒---
11282FFmpeg truemotion1.c denial of servicelow🔒---
11281FFmpeg pcx.c pcx_decode_frame denial of servicelow🔒---
11280EMC Data Protection Manager Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3288]medium🔒🔒--
11279EMC Data Protection Manager Appliance SSL/TLS Handshake cryptographic issuesmedium🔒🔒--
11278Novell Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1096]medium🔒---
11277Samsung Galaxy S4 Downloader privileges managementmedium🔒---
11276Apple IOS Safari Browser privileges managementmedium🔒---
11275Staden index_tar.c main memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11274Novell Identity Manager Password Reset security check for standardmedium🔒---
11273Novell Identity Manager cross site scritinglow🔒---
11272Novell Identity Manager cross site scritinglow🔒---
11271Novell Identity Manager cross site scritinglow🔒---
11270Novell Identity Manager cross site scritinglow🔒---
11266Ruby memory corruption [CVE-2013-4164]high🔒🔒-🔒
11265Cisco IOS XE Function Crafted AAA Packet DHCP resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
11264Cisco IOS MLDP Processing memory corruption [CVE-2013-6693]low🔒🔒--
11263Red Hat 389 Directory Server/Directory Server Get Effective Rights Engine input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11262Robert Sandell and Tomas Westling Build Failure Analyzer Plugin Validation cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
11261Cisco Wireless LAN Controller CAPWAP Packet memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11260Cisco Wireless LAN Controller JavaScript Restriction access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11259Appologics UG AirBeam privileges managementlow🔒---
11258Appologics UG AirBeam delete cross site scritinglow🔒---
11257Linux Foundation Xen TLB Flush dma_pte_clear_one access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11256Linux Kernel filter.c sk_attach_filter memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11255Splunk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6870]low🔒🔒--
11254FreeBSD nand_geom.c nand_ioctl information disclosuremedium🔒---
11253WHMCS WHMCompleteSolution Input Sanitizer class.admin.php unserialize cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
11252Check Point Endpoint Security Password Policy Unlock.exe credentials managementlow🔒---
11251Cortexa Automation 7202 Home Automation Controller Default Credentials hard-coded credentialshigh🔒---
11250HP 2620 Switch HTTP Request json.html cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11249MIT Kerberos Request do_tgs_req.c input validationmedium🔒---
11248Avira Secure Backup memory corruption [CVE-2013-6356]medium🔒---
11247FreeBSD Input Sanitizer ql_ioctl.c ql_eioctl input validationlow🔒---
11246FreeBSD Input Sanitizer qls_ioctl.c qls_eioctl input validationlow🔒---
11245cURL ssluse.c ossl_connect_step3 cryptographic issueslow🔒--🔒
11244Drupal Random Number Generator mt_rand cryptographic issuesmedium🔒🔒--
11243Drupal CSRF Prevention Filter code injection [CVE-2013-6385]medium🔒🔒--
11242Drupal URL Validator input validation [CVE-2013-6389]medium🔒🔒--
11241Drupal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6388]low🔒🔒--
11240Drupal Input Sanitizer Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
11239Drupal Security Token Validation drupal_valid_token security check for standardhigh🔒---
11238Drupal Code Execution Prevetion .htaccess security check for standardmedium🔒---
11237nginx URI String access control [CVE-2013-4547]medium🔒🔒--
11236LG Smart TV Collection of Watching Info cleartext storagemedium🔒---
11233MediaWiki HTTP Header Caching improper authentication [CVE-2013-4572]medium🔒🔒--
11232Cisco NX-OS install all iso Command access control [CVE-2013-5556]low🔒---
11231RIM BlackBerry Link Peer Manager access control [CVE-2013-6798]medium🔒--🔒
11230Microsoft Word DOC Document resource management [CVE-2013-6801]medium🔒---
11229MIT Kerberos KDC Request setup_server_realm null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
11228MediaWiki Blacklist Filter checkCss incomplete blacklistmedium🔒🔒--
11227Nagios Core Config Manager index.php sql injectionmedium🔒---
11225Microsoft Windows NULL Pointer win32k.sys IsHandleEntrySecure memory corruptionlow🔒---
11224Linux Kernel UDP Packet udp_offload.c udp6_ufo_fragment numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
11223Google Chrome clipboard_message_filter.cc OnWriteObjectsSync access controlmedium🔒---
11222Apple IOS App Store Authentication credentials management [CVE-2013-5193]medium🔒---
11220VMware Workstation/Player Shared Libraries access control [CVE-2013-5972]medium🔒🔒--
11219Google Chrome integer numeric error [CVE-2013-6632]medium🔒--🔒
11218Fortinet Manager SYSAdminUserDialog cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11217Apple IOS Credential Deletion information disclosurelow🔒---
11216IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5417]low🔒🔒🔒-
11215IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11214IBM WebSphere Application Server Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11213IBM WebSphere Application Server Permission cryptographic issueslow🔒-🔒-
11212IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Functionality access controllow🔒-🔒-
11211Cisco IOS SSL VPN Implementation input validation [CVE-2013-6686]medium🔒🔒--
11210Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Permission access control [CVE-2013-6685]medium🔒---
11209Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Parameter input validationmedium🔒---
11208Cisco NX-OS IPv6 Neighbor Table Processor input validation [CVE-2013-6683]medium🔒---
11207Mozilla Network Security Services Size Validation numeric errorlow🔒🔒--
11206Mozilla Network Security Services certvfy.c CERT_VerifyCert access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11205Mozilla Network Security Services Handshake Packet ssl3con.c Null_Cipher memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11204Cisco ASA IPv6 Network Address Translation input validation [CVE-2013-5560]medium🔒---
11203Cisco IOS Parse Error Drop access control [CVE-2013-5552]low🔒---
11202IBM Security AppScan Enterprise URL credentials management [CVE-2013-5450]low🔒-🔒-
11201IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Temporary Report File information disclosurelow🔒-🔒-
11200Google Chrome RenderBlock.cpp memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11199Google Chrome Graphics3D Destructor ppb_graphics_3d_proxy.cc memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11198Google Chrome Mutation Event Handlers memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]high🔒--🔒
11197Google Chrome Touch Event WebPluginContainerImpl.cpp handleEvent memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11196Google Chrome Address Bar content_view_core_impl.cc authentication spoofingmedium🔒--🔒
11195Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]medium🔒--🔒
11194Google Chrome IndexedDB indexed_db_dispatcher_host.cc memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
11193Google Chrome SVGPropertyTearOff.h memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11192Google Chrome Text Offset VisibleUnits.cpp nextBoundary denial of servicemedium🔒--🔒
11191Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]medium🔒--🔒
11190Google Chrome HarfBuzzShaper.cpp memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
11188Google Chrome SVGElement.cpp isOutermostSVGSVGElement use after freemedium🔒--🔒
11186Google Chrome SVG Node Resources memory corruption [CVE-2013-6623]low🔒---
11185Google Chrome id Attribute strings resource management [CVE-2013-6624]medium🔒---
11184Google Chrome ContainerNode.cpp willRemoveChildren resource managementmedium🔒--🔒
11183Google Chrome Interstitial Warning web_contents_impl.cc AttachInterstitialPage authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
11182Google Chrome HTTP 1xx Parsing http_stream_parser.cc QuickGetNext memory corruptionmedium🔒--🔒
11181Google Chrome TLS Renegotiation Certificate Validation ssl_client_socket_nss.cc privileges managementlow🔒---
11180Google Chrome/Chrome WebRTC voe_network_impl.cc DeRegisterExternalTransport use after freehigh🔒---
11179Google Chrome Speech Input resource management [CVE-2013-6621]medium🔒---
11178Google Chrome HTMLMediaElement.cpp didMoveToNewDocument resource managementmedium🔒---
11177IBM WebSphere Portal URL information disclosure [CVE-2013-5454]medium🔒🔒--
11176Samba Access Control access control [CVE-2013-4475]low🔒🔒--
11174Samba Private Key Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4476]low🔒🔒--
11172IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5378]low🔒🔒--
11171IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5379]low🔒🔒🔒-
11170Linux Kernel bt8xx Video Driver copy_from_user memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11169RIM BlackBerry Link Peer Manager %APPDATA% cross-site request forgeryhigh🔒🔒--
11167Microsoft Windows DirectAcccess Server input validation [CVE-2013-3876]medium🔒---
11166HP Integrated Lights-Out improper authentication [CVE-2013-4843]low🔒---
11165HP Integrated Lights-Out Input Validator cross site scriptingmedium🔒---
11164Linux Foundation Xen Permission Check Dereferrer VMRESUME input validationlow🔒🔒--
11163OpenVAS Manager/Administrator OAP Authentication improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
11162OpenVAS Manager OMP Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-6765]low🔒🔒--
11161Apple Mac OS X Hard Link denial of servicelow🔒---
11160Linux Kernel au1200fb.c au1200fb_fb_blank numeric errormedium🔒---
11159Linux Kernel au1100fb.c au1100fb_fb_rotate numeric errormedium🔒--🔒
11158Linux Kernel Size Checker uio.c uio_mmap_physical memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11156Adobe ColdFusion access control [CVE-2013-5328]medium🔒🔒--
11155Adobe ColdFusion CFIDE Directory Sanitizer Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
11154Adobe Flash Player/AIR memory corruption [CVE-2013-5330]high🔒🔒--
11153Adobe Flash Player/AIR memory corruption [CVE-2013-5329]high🔒🔒--
11152Microsoft Windows Ancillary Function Driver afd.sys information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
11151Microsoft Outlook S/MIME Certificate Metadata Expansion information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
11150Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Data Structure Value access controlmedium🔒---
11149Microsoft Office WordPerfect Document epsimp32.flt memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11148Microsoft Office WordPerfect Document epsimp32.flt memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11147Microsoft Windows X.509 Certificate Processor Wcrypt32.dll input validationlow🔒🔒--
11146Microsoft Office epsimp32.flt memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11145Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-3940]medium🔒🔒--
11144Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS information disclosure [CVE-2013-3909]low🔒🔒--
11143Microsoft Internet Explorer Print Preview information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
11142Microsoft Internet Explorer CHtmlEditor Object memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11141Microsoft Internet Explorer CCaret Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-3916]medium🔒🔒--
11140Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3915]medium🔒🔒--
11139Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3914]medium🔒🔒--
11138Microsoft Internet Explorer CTreePos Object memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11137Microsoft Internet Explorer CEditAdorner Object memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11136Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3910]medium🔒🔒--
11135IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Domain Variable Application Cookie access controllow🔒-🔒-
11134IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Link access controlmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11132IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Link Library input validationlow🔒🔒🔒-
11131IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Chat access controlmedium🔒🔒🔒-
11130Cisco ASA Phone Proxy Untrusted Certificate input validationhigh🔒🔒--
11129Cisco ASA Auto-Update Data input validation [CVE-2013-5568]medium🔒🔒--
11128Microsoft Internet Explorer InformationCardSigninHelper icardie.dll memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11127Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosurelow🔒---
11125IBM Lotus Sametime WebPlayer Sametime Audio Visual memory corruptionlow🔒🔒🔒-
11124OpenSSH Post Authentication sshd process initialize mm_newkeys_from_blob access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11123OWASP Java Encoder Input Sanitizer security check for standardlow🔒---
11121MailEnable security check for standardmedium🔒🔒--
11120IBM Java security check for standard [CVE-2013-5375]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11119IBM Java security check for standard [CVE-2013-4041]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11118IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5458]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11117IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5457]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11116IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5456]medium🔒🔒🔒-
11115Joomla CMS Newsfeed com_newsfeed cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11114Joomla CMS Web Links Form com_weblinks cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11113Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11112Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11111Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11110Cisco IOS XR Open Shortest Path First Version 3 memory corruptionlow🔒---
11109IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒🔒-
11108IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11107IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
11106MIT Kerberos Multi-Realm KDC main.c setup_server_realm null pointer dereferencemedium🔒🔒--
11105Google Android Package Signature Verification ZipFile.java getInputStream improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11104ISC BIND WSAloctl Winsock API access control [CVE-2013-6230]medium🔒🔒--
11103Cisco IOS Session Initiation Protocol resource management [CVE-2013-5553]medium🔒🔒--
11102Ffmpeg/Libav GEOB Data Size decrypt_init Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11101Ffmpeg/Libav Leaf Table decrypt_init Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
11100Ffmpeg/Libav Stream Playback rmdec.c null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
11099Ffmpeg/Libav Channel Mapper ac3dec.c ac3_decode_frame denial of servicelow🔒---
11098Apache Tomcat HTTP Request cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6357] [Disputed]low🔒---
11097lighttpd ssl.cipher-lister cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
11096Google Chrome Autofill information disclosuremedium🔒---
11095Linux Kernel Length Variables keystore.c write_tag_3_packet memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11094Linux Kernel Structure Member Bcmchar.c information disclosurelow🔒---
11093Linux Kernel Station Name wl_priv.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11092Linux Kernel Write syscal ozcdev.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11091Linux Kernel AACRAID Driver security check for standardlow🔒🔒--
11090Linux Kernel Write Syscall exitcode.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11089Linux Kernel sb_pci_mp.c information disclosurelow🔒---
11088Wireshark TCP Dissector packet-tcp.c input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11087Wireshark Active MQ dissect_openwire_type input validationmedium🔒---
11086Wireshark NBAP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2013-6337]medium🔒🔒--
11085Wireshark SIP Dissector packet-sip.c dissect_sip_common input validationmedium🔒🔒--
11084SAP NetWeaver Cookie improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11083Linux Kernel IHL IP Header flow_dissector.c skb_flow_dissect resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
11082Novell ZENworks Configuration Management improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11081Microsoft Windows TIFF Image code injection [CVE-2013-3906]medium🔒---
11080Novell ZENworks Configuration Management CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11079Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
11078Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scriptinglow🔒---
11077Facebook Attachment information disclosuremedium🔒---
11076Zend Framework Verification security check for standardmedium🔒🔒--
11075Wireshark IEEE 802.15.4 Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-6336]medium🔒---
11074strongSwan IKE daemon charon null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-6076]medium🔒🔒--
11073Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Security Safe Search Enforcement Component input validationmedium🔒---
11072Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client VPN API COM Active Template Library memory corruptionhigh🔒---
11071Linux Foundation Xen Lock Order grant_alloc_lock input validationlow🔒🔒--
11070Tapbots Tweetbot Authentication cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5726]medium🔒---
11069strongSwan identification.c compare_dn memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11068Horde IMP Search Screen User-Defined Flag Label cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
11067Xerox WorkCentre Default Account improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11066Novell ZENworks Configuration Management zenworks-unmaninv path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
11065Cisco IOS XE EoGRE Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5547]medium🔒---
11064Cisco IOS XE TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5546]medium🔒---
11063Cisco IOS XE PPTG ALG Feature input validation [CVE-2013-5545]medium🔒---
11062Cisco IOS XE Zone Based Firewall input validation [CVE-2013-5543]medium🔒---
11061Cisco IOS IPsec Phase 2 SA Anti-Replay access control [CVE-2013-5548]medium🔒---
11060Cisco ASA SSL VPN Portal memory corruption [CVE-2013-5551]medium🔒---
11059Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird HTML Document ContentIsHostIncludingDescendantOf use after freehigh🔒🔒--
11058Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird SetEventListener memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
11057Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird SetEventHandler use after freehigh🔒🔒--
11056Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Blob URL NewChannelFromURIWithProxyFlags use after freemedium🔒🔒--
11055Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Canvas GetPresContext use after freehigh🔒🔒--
11054Mozilla Firefox/Firefox ESR IFRAME PDF.js access controlmedium🔒🔒--
11053Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird doStopDocumentLoad use after freehigh🔒🔒--
11052Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Image memory corruption [CVE-2013-5596]medium🔒🔒--
11051Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5595]medium🔒🔒--
11050Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird getBaseURI memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
11049Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Element input validation [CVE-2013-5593]medium🔒🔒--
11048Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5592]medium🔒🔒--
11047Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Input Sanitizer use after free [CVE-2013-5591]medium🔒---
11046Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5590]medium🔒🔒--
11045Linux Foundation Xen Ocaml xenstored Implementation Stored memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11044Apache Struts showConfig.action Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒---
11043Apache Struts actionNames.action Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒---
11042Horde Groupware Webmail Edition Authentication Manager basic.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11041Netgear WNDR3700v4 sprintf memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11040FFmpeg Table metasound_data.c denial of servicelow🔒---
11019What.CD Gazelle Invite Parameter Sanitizer index.php privileges managementlow🔒---
11018cPanel WHM Apache mod_userdir Tweak Interface privileges managementmedium🔒---
11017cPanel WHM SSL Certificate denial of servicemedium🔒---
11016cPanel WHM Configure Customer Contact Interface security check for standardmedium🔒---
11015cPanel WHM security check for standardlow🔒---
11014cPanel WHM File Upload security check for standardmedium🔒---
11013cPanel WHM POST Request privileges managementmedium🔒---
11012cPanel WHM Permission information disclosurelow🔒---
11011cPanel WHM LogMeIn improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11010cPanel WHM logaholic_lang Cookie privileges managementmedium🔒---
11009cPanel WHM Mailman Pickle File privileges managementmedium🔒---
11008cPanel WHM Permission Logaholic improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11007cPanel WHM Manage SSL Hosts Interface cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
11006Google Gmail for iOS Attachment Stored cross site scritinglow🔒---
11005Avira Internet Security avipbb.sys security check for standardlow🔒---
11004Microsoft Windows RDP Restricted Admin Mode improper authenticationmedium🔒---
11003Avira Internet Security avipbb.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11002GNU C Library elf_machine_rel denial of servicelow🔒---
11001SAP ERP Central Component Financial Services Module memory corruptionmedium🔒---
11000Netgear WNDR3700v4 ping6_traceroute6_hidden_info.htm cmd_ping6 privileges managementmedium🔒---
10999libvirt libvirt.so virt-login-shell access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10998Linux Kernel UDP_CORK Socket Option access control [CVE-2013-4470]medium🔒---
10997libvirt virt-login-shell.c main access controlmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10996libvirt virlog.c virLogParseOutputs access controlmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10995libvirt XML virConnectDomainXMLToNative access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10994GnuTLS DANE Library Entry memory corruption [CVE-2013-4466]high🔒---
10993CA SiteMinder cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5968]low🔒---
10992Cisco IOS Service Module access control [CVE-2013-5522]medium🔒---
10991GNOME Shell Lock Screen security check for standardlow🔒---
10990SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise privileges management [CVE-2013-6245]medium🔒---
10989RSA Authentication Agent access control [CVE-2013-3280]medium🔒---
10988Netgear WNDR3700v4 BRS_02_genieHelp.html improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10987SAP NetWeaver XML External Entity Data LUP information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10986Apple Remote Desktop Admin Authentication information disclosuremedium🔒🔒--
10985Citrix XenDesktop Policy Rule Permission access control [CVE-2013-6077]medium🔒---
10984IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Enterprise Source Database cryptographic issuesmedium🔒🔒🔒-
10983IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Jazz Team Server credentials managementlow🔒-🔒-
10982Cisco IOS XR Fragmented Packet denial of service [CVE-2013-5549]medium🔒🔒--
10981Cisco Content Security Management Appliance HTTP/HTTPS Request input validationmedium🔒🔒--
10980FFmpeg Bitstream Input vcr1.c vcr1_decode_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10979FFmpeg sgidec.c read_uncompressed_sgi Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10978phpFox Input Sanitizer view_ sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
10977Apple Safari URL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5131]medium🔒🔒--
10976Apple Safari Web Inspector information disclosure [CVE-2013-5130]low🔒---
10975Apple Safari Drag / Drop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5129]medium🔒🔒--
10974Apple Safari XSSAuditor information disclosure [CVE-2013-2848]low🔒🔒--
10973Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5128]high🔒🔒--
10972Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5127]high🔒🔒--
10971Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5126]high🔒🔒--
10970Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5125]high🔒🔒--
10969Apple Safari WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-2842]high🔒🔒--
10968Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1047]high🔒🔒--
10967Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1046]high🔒🔒--
10966Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1045]high🔒🔒--
10965Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1044]high🔒🔒--
10964Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1043]high🔒🔒--
10963Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1042]high🔒🔒--
10962Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1041]high🔒🔒--
10961Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1040]high🔒🔒--
10960Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1039]high🔒🔒--
10959Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1038]high🔒🔒--
10958Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1037]high🔒🔒--
10957Apple Safari XML File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1036]high🔒🔒--
10956Apple Keynote Presentation Mode access control [CVE-2013-5148]low🔒---
10955Apple Mac OS X Server Server App missing encryption [CVE-2013-5143]medium🔒---
10954Apple Mac OS X Server FreeRADIUS memory corruption [CVE-2012-3547]medium🔒🔒--
10953Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1857]medium🔒---
10952Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1856]medium🔒---
10951Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1855]medium🔒---
10950Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1854]medium🔒---
10949Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-0269]medium🔒---
10948Apple Mac OS X USB Hub Controller input validation [CVE-2013-5192]low🔒---
10947Apple Mac OS X syslog access control [CVE-2013-5191]low🔒---
10946Apple Mac OS X Screen Sharing Server format string [CVE-2013-5135]high🔒---
10945Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-5188]low🔒---
10944Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-5187]low🔒---
10943Apple Mac OS X Smart Card Service access control [CVE-2013-5190]low🔒---
10942Apple Mac OS X Authorization access control [CVE-2013-5189]low🔒---
10941Apple Mac OS X X.509 Certificate Handling information disclosurelow🔒---
10940Apple Mac OS X Ruby cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4073]medium🔒---
10939Apple Mac OS X Python cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-1150]low🔒🔒--
10938Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0876]low🔒🔒--
10937Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0845]low🔒🔒--
10936Apple Mac OS X Python access control [CVE-2011-4944]low🔒🔒--
10935Apple Mac OS X Python input validation [CVE-2011-3389]low🔒🔒-🔒
10934Apple Mac OS X Python cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-1150]low🔒🔒-🔒
10933Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0876]low🔒🔒-🔒
10932Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0845]low🔒🔒-🔒
10931Apple Mac OS X Python access control [CVE-2011-4944]low🔒🔒-🔒
10930Apple Mac OS X Python input validation [CVE-2011-3389]low🔒🔒-🔒
10929Apple Mac OS X Power Management access control [CVE-2013-5186]low🔒---
10928Apple Mac OS X Perl resource management [CVE-2013-1667]low🔒---
10927Apple Mac OS X OpenLDAP cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5185]medium🔒---
10926Apple Mac OS X Mail Networking information disclosure [CVE-2013-5183]medium🔒---
10925Apple Mac OS X Mail Header Display cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5182]medium🔒---
10924Apple Mac OS X Mail Account cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5181]medium🔒---
10923Apple Mac OS X Libc srandomdev cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
10922Apple Mac OS X LaunchServices access control [CVE-2013-5178]medium🔒---
10921Apple Mac OS X Kext Manager access control [CVE-2013-5145]low🔒🔒--
10920Apple Mac OS X Kernel Socket Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-5141]medium🔒---
10919Apple Mac OS X IPv6 ICMP Packet input validation [CVE-2011-2391]low🔒--🔒
10918Apple Mac OS X Multicast Packet resource management [CVE-2013-5184]medium🔒---
10917Apple Mac OS X Kernel input validation [CVE-2013-3954]medium🔒🔒--
10916Apple Mac OS X Kernel numeric error [CVE-2013-5177]low🔒---
10915Apple Mac OS X Kernel numeric error [CVE-2013-5176]low🔒---
10914Apple Mac OS X Mach-O File input validation [CVE-2013-5175]high🔒---
10913Apple Mac OS X TTY Read numeric error [CVE-2013-5174]low🔒---
10912Apple Mac OS X Kernel Random Number Generator cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
10911Apple Mac OS X Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2013-5142]low🔒---
10910Apple Mac OS X IPsec numeric error [CVE-2013-5172]medium🔒---
10909Apple Mac OS X IOSerialFamily memory corruption [CVE-2013-5139]high🔒🔒--
10908Apple Mac OS X IOKitUser IOCatalogue null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
10907Apple Mac OS X dyld openSharedCacheFile memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10906Apple Mac OS X curl information disclosure [CVE-2013-1944]high🔒🔒--
10905Apple Mac OS X curl memory corruption [CVE-2013-0249]high🔒---
10904Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics access control [CVE-2013-5171]low🔒---
10903Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2013-5170]high🔒--🔒
10902Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics access control [CVE-2013-5169]low🔒---
10901Apple Mac OS X Console input validation [CVE-2013-5168]low🔒---
10900Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork SSL input validation [CVE-2011-3389]low🔒🔒-🔒
10899Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork config [CVE-2013-5167]medium🔒---
10898Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth denial of service [CVE-2013-5166]medium🔒---
10897Apple Mac OS X App Sandbox access control [CVE-2013-5179]medium🔒---
10896Apple Mac OS X Application Firewall access control [CVE-2013-5165]medium🔒---
10895Apple iOS Passcode race condition [CVE-2013-5164]medium🔒---
10894Apple iOS Passcode access control [CVE-2013-5162]medium🔒---
10893Apple iOS Passcode access control [CVE-2013-5144]medium🔒---
10892GNU C Library getaddrinfo.c gethosts memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10891IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Authentication privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
10888Cisco ASA IKE resource management [CVE-2013-5544]low🔒🔒--
10887IBM iNotes Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5389]low🔒🔒--
10886IBM iNotes Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5388]low🔒🔒--
10885D-Link Router webs RuntimeDiagnosticPing memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10884VMware Hyperic HQ Groovy Script Console Request cross-site request forgerylow🔒-🔒-
10883F5 BIG-IP Analytics Session Cookie cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-7408]medium🔒-🔒-
10882FFmpeg Next/Last Picture Initialization h264.c memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10881FFmpeg Reference Pictures Matching Parameters error_resilience.c ff_er_frame_end array indexhigh🔒---
10880FFmpeg Packed RGB MJPEG mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof denial of servicemedium🔒---
10879FFmpeg Scratch Buffer Allocation h264.c memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10878FFmpeg Timecode Track mov.c mov_read_header memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10877FFmpeg cook.c cook_decode_init memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10876FFmpeg Block Size Signedness Comparison shorten.c read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10875FFmpeg Block Size Signedness Comparison shorten.c shorten_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10874FFmpeg Slice Header Decoder vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame denial of servicemedium🔒---
10873FFmpeg Samples Per Pixel tiff.c tiff_decode_tag denial of servicemedium🔒---
10872FFmpeg Palette Size bmp.c bmp_decode_frame memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10871Oracle MySQL MyISAM Engine init_search denial of servicelow🔒---
10870WatchGuard XTM cluster_id/name Parameter device Reflected cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10868Mozilla Firefox Cookie browser.cookie cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
10867Google Chrome browser.cookie cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
10866IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Access Control access control [CVE-2013-5428]low🔒🔒--
10865IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Session improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
10864WatchGuard XTM Cookie Request memory corruption [CVE-2013-6021]medium🔒---
10863WatchGuard XTM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5702]medium🔒---
10859Node.js Pipelined Request input validation [CVE-2013-4450]low🔒---
10858VMware ESXi/ESX hostd-vmdb input validation [CVE-2013-5970]medium🔒---
10857VMware vCenter Server Web Client Server access control [CVE-2013-5971]medium🔒---
10856IBM WebSphere Message Broker XML Parser resource management [CVE-2013-5372]low🔒🔒🔒-
10855X.org X11 Server denial of service [CVE-2013-1056]medium🔒🔒--
10854Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1743]low🔒🔒--
10853Mozilla Bugzilla editflagtypes.cgi cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10852Mozilla Bugzilla CSRF Token process_bug.cgi cross-site request forgerylow🔒🔒--
10851Mozilla Bugzilla CSRF Token attachment.cgi cross-site request forgerylow🔒🔒--
10850McAfee Email Gateway privileges managementmedium🔒---
10849OpenLDAP slapd denial of servicemedium🔒---
10848SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise XML External Entity XMLParse code injectionlow🔒🔒--
10847MobileIron Device Registration reg.html cross site scritinglow🔒---
10846Google Chrome HTMLFormElement.cpp submit use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
10845Google Chrome SliderThumbElement.cpp dragFrom denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10844Google Chrome IndentOutdentCommand.cpp tryIndentingAsListItem resource managementhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10843Google Chrome HTMLFormElement.cpp prepareForSubmission resource managementhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10842Google Chrome XMLHttpRequest.cpp internalAbort resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10841Panda Security AdminSecure Communications Agent Pagent.exe path traversalhigh🔒---
10840Red Hat Linux Device Mapper information disclosure [CVE-2013-4299]low🔒🔒--
10839Red Hat JBoss Portal JGroups Diagnostics Service improper authenticationlow🔒--🔒
10838FFmpeg Negative Coded Block Pattern cavsdec.c decode_residual_inter array indexmedium🔒---
10837FFmpeg Negative Coded Block Pattern cavsdec.c decode_mb_i array indexmedium🔒---
10836WebkitGTK+ DisplayRefreshMonitor.cpp fireDisplayRefreshIfNeeded use after freemedium🔒---
10835FFmpeg h263dec.c ff_h263_decode_frame denial of servicemedium🔒---
10833IBM DB2 UDB Statement denial of servicelow🔒---
10832IBM DB2 UDB Procedure Storage Stored denial of servicemedium🔒---
10831IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10830IBM DB2 UDB Query denial of servicemedium🔒---
10829IBM DB2 UDB ESE Monitoring memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10828IBM DB2 UDB Name denial of servicemedium🔒---
10827Cisco WebEx Meetings Center Virtual Machine Deployment input validationmedium🔒---
10826Apache Struts File privileges managementmedium🔒---
10825FFmpeg Band Block Size indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10824FFmpeg Quantization Matrix indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10823FFmpeg Run Level proresdec.c decode_ac_coeffs Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10822Oracle MySQL Server Locking denial of service [CVE-2013-5770]low🔒---
10821Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-5793]low🔒---
10820Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-5767]low🔒---
10819Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3839]low🔒---
10818Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2012-2750]low🔒---
10817Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-5786]low🔒---
10816Oracle MySQL Server Replication unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5807]low🔒---
10815Oracle MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service Manager input validationmedium🔒---
10814Oracle VM VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2013-3792]low🔒---
10813Oracle Secure Global Desktop ttaauxserv denial of service [CVE-2013-3834]low🔒---
10812Oracle Solaris User Utility denial of service [CVE-2013-5865]low🔒---
10811Oracle Solaris Configuration Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-3842]low🔒---
10810Oracle SPARC Enterprise T / M Series Servers Sun System Firmware/Hypervisor denial of servicelow🔒---
10809Oracle Solaris Kernel/KSSL denial of service [CVE-2013-5861]low🔒---
10808Oracle Solaris Cacao denial of service [CVE-2013-3837]low🔒---
10807Oracle Solaris Java Web Console unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5839]low🔒---
10806Oracle Solaris IPS Repository Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-5863]low🔒---
10805Oracle Solaris USB Hub Driver denial of service [CVE-2013-5864]low🔒---
10804Oracle Solaris CPU Performance Counters Drivers denial of servicelow🔒---
10803Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-5866]low🔒---
10802Oracle Sun Blade 6000 Platform Software denial of service [CVE-2013-0149]medium🔒---
10801Oracle SPARC Enterprise T4 Servers Integrated Lights Out Manager Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
10800Oracle Java SE/JavaFX information disclosure [CVE-2013-5854]low🔒---
10799Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded JGSS cross site scritinglow🔒---
10798Oracle Java SE jhat cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5772]low🔒---
10797Oracle Java SE/JRockit/JavaFX Javadoc cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5797]low🔒---
10796Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5784]low🔒🔒--
10795Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded BEANS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5790]low🔒🔒--
10794Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded AWT information disclosure [CVE-2013-5849]low🔒🔒--
10793Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JGSS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5800]low🔒🔒--
10792Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritinglow🔒---
10791Oracle Java SE/JavaFX Deployment memory corruption [CVE-2013-5848]low🔒🔒--
10790Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
10789Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
10788Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JAXP information disclosure [CVE-2013-5851]low🔒🔒--
10787Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JAX-WS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5820]low🔒🔒--
10786Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10785Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10784Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10783Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10782Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D memory corruption [CVE-2013-5801]low🔒🔒--
10781Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5778]low🔒🔒--
10780Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Security cross site scritinglow🔒---
10779Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded denial of service [CVE-2013-4002]low🔒🔒🔒-
10778Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5825]low🔒🔒--
10777Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5783]low🔒🔒--
10776Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
10775Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10774Oracle Java SE/JRockit Javadoc cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5804]low🔒---
10773Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5775]medium🔒---
10772Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded JAXP cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10771Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10770Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5777]high🔒---
10769Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5844]high🔒---
10768Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5810]high🔒---
10767Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5846]high🔒---
10766Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing memory corruption [CVE-2013-5806]high🔒---
10765Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing memory corruption [CVE-2013-5805]high🔒---
10764Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10763Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10762Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10761Oracle Java SE/JavaFX/Java SE Embedded 2D memory corruption [CVE-2013-5843]high🔒🔒--
10760Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10759Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JNDI cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5817]medium🔒🔒--
10758Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10757Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10756Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10755Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10754Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded CORBA cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5814]medium🔒🔒--
10753Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5829]medium🔒🔒--
10752Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5809]medium🔒🔒--
10751Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10750Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10749Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Access unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
10748Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack information disclosure [CVE-2013-5859]low🔒🔒--
10747Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking input validation [CVE-2013-2251]medium🔒--🔒
10746Oracle Health Sciences InForm Cognos information disclosure [CVE-2013-5837]low🔒---
10745Oracle Siebel CTMS SC-OC Integration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5762]low🔒---
10744Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web information disclosure [CVE-2013-5811]low🔒---
10743Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5857]low🔒---
10742Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5856]low🔒---
10741Oracle Retail Invoice Matching System Administration unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
10740Oracle iLearning Learner Administration unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
10739Oracle iLearning Learner Administration Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
10738Oracle Siebel CRM UI Framework unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5768]low🔒---
10737Oracle Siebel CRM Server Remote unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3832]low🔒---
10736Oracle Siebel CRM EAI information disclosure [CVE-2013-3840]low🔒---
10735Oracle Siebel CRM EAI denial of service [CVE-2013-5769]low🔒---
10734Oracle Siebel CRM EAI denial of service [CVE-2013-5796]low🔒---
10733Oracle Siebel CRM Server Infrastructure denial of service [CVE-2013-5867]low🔒---
10732Oracle Siebel CRM EAI information disclosure [CVE-2013-3841]low🔒---
10731Oracle Siebel CRM Server BizLogic Script unknown vulnerabilitymedium🔒---
10730Oracle Siebel CRM UI Framework Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5835]medium🔒---
10729Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Core Technology information disclosurelow🔒---
10728Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS eCompensation information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10727Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Career's Home information disclosurelow🔒---
10726Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools XML Publisher denial of servicelow🔒---
10725Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal information disclosurelow🔒---
10724Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal information disclosurelow🔒---
10723Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker information disclosurelow🔒---
10722Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlink information disclosurelow🔒---
10721Oracle Agile PLM Framework Security unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5799]low🔒---
10720Oracle Transportation Management Installation denial of servicelow🔒---
10719Oracle E-Business Suite Techstack information disclosure [CVE-2013-5792]low🔒---
10718Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Storage Management unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
10717Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Storage Management unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
10716Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Schema Management unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
10715Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform DB Performance Advisories/UIs unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
10714Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Maintenance cryptographic issueslow🔒---
10713Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters stack-based overflowlow🔒🔒--
10712Oracle Security Service cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-0169]low🔒🔒--
10711Oracle Web Cache ESI/Partial Page Caching information disclosurelow🔒---
10710Oracle Security Service input validation [CVE-2011-3389]low🔒🔒-🔒
10709Oracle Identity Manager End User Self Service unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
10708Oracle GlassFish Server Metro cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2172]low🔒🔒--
10707Oracle Containers for J2EE Servlet Runtime cross site scritinglow🔒---
10706Oracle Access Manager Authentication Engine unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
10705Oracle WebLogic Server Web Container path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]low🔒---
10704Oracle Web Services Test Page information disclosure [CVE-2013-3828]low🔒---
10703Oracle JDeveloper Java Server Faces path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]low🔒--🔒
10702Oracle GlassFish Server Metro denial of service [CVE-2013-5816]low🔒---
10701Oracle GlassFish Server Java Server Faces path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]low🔒--🔒
10700Oracle WebCenter Content Content Server unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
10699Oracle Portal Demos sql injection [CVE-2013-3831]low🔒---
10698Oracle Identity Analytics Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5815]medium🔒---
10697Oracle Database Server Security Service cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒--
10696Oracle Database Server Security Service input validation [CVE-2011-3389]low🔒🔒--
10695Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-3826]low🔒---
10694Oracle Database Server XML Parser unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5771]medium🔒---
10693D-Link Router alpha_auth_check access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10692IBM DB2 UDB XML denial of servicemedium🔒---
10691Juniper Junos Configuration Validator improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10690Juniper Junos memory corruption [CVE-2013-6013]high🔒🔒--
10689Juniper Junos TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-6015]medium🔒🔒--
10688Juniper Junos PIM Message denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
10687Juniper Junos ARP information disclosure [CVE-2013-6014]medium🔒---
10686IBM DB2 UDB memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10685IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer MON_GET_PAGE_ACCESS_INFO memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10684IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer SQLERGETFMPIPC memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10683FFmpeg Block Lenghts jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_packet Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10682FFmpeg Cursor vmnc.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10681FFmpeg vmnc.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10680Dreambox Webcontrol Authentication improper authenticationhigh🔒---
10679FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_seek Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10678FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_packet Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10677FFmpeg Array shorten.c decode_subframe_lpc memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10676Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 input validation [CVE-2013-5532]medium🔒🔒--
10675Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Image Upgrade Facility input validationmedium🔒---
10674Linux Foundation Xen QEMU Disk Backend xen_disk.c resource managementlow🔒🔒-🔒
10673Juniper Junos CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
10672X.org X.Org Server Service dixfonts.c doImageText resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10671OpenPGP Compressed Packet Parser denial of servicemedium🔒---
10670BlackBerry BlackBerry Enterprise Service Jboss Hosting Environment access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10669libpng Data png_create_write_struct denial of servicelow🔒---
10668Linux Foundation Xen Initialization traps.c information disclosurelow🔒---
10667Linux Foundation Xen Pointer xenctrl_stubs.c xc_vcpu_getaffinity memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10666Linux Foundation Xen VIF Parser libxlu_vif.c xlu_vif_parse_rate null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
10665Linux Foundation Xen libxl.c libxl_list_cpupool resource managementlow🔒---
10664Cisco NX-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-4075]low🔒🔒--
10663Cisco Appliance LDAP Packet Parser improper authentication [CVE-2013-5510]medium🔒🔒--
10662Cisco Appliance Certificate access control [CVE-2013-5509]medium🔒🔒--
10661Cisco ASA ASDM improper authentication [CVE-2013-5511]medium🔒🔒--
10660Cisco ASA HTTP Deep Packet Inspection race condition [CVE-2013-5512]medium🔒🔒--
10659Cisco ASA DNS Application Layer Protocol Inspection Engine memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10658Cisco ASA AnyConnect SSL VPN Client memory corruption [CVE-2013-3415]medium🔒🔒--
10657Cisco ASA Clientless SSL VPN memory corruption [CVE-2013-5515]medium🔒🔒--
10656Cisco ASA IPSec VPN Tunnel cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5507]medium🔒🔒--
10655Cisco Firewall Services Module access control [CVE-2013-5506]medium🔒🔒--
10654Cisco ASA SQL*Net Inspection Engine input validation [CVE-2013-5508]medium🔒🔒--
10653Cisco IP Phone SDP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5526]medium🔒🔒--
10652Cisco IOS/IOS XE OSPF Link State input validation [CVE-2013-5527]medium🔒---
10651Adobe Acrobat PDF File code injection [CVE-2013-5325]medium🔒🔒--
10650Adobe RoboHelp mdbms.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-5327]medium🔒🔒--
10649Microsoft Silverlight Access Protection input validation [CVE-2013-3896]low🔒---
10648Microsoft Word Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3892]high🔒🔒--
10647Microsoft Word Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3891]high🔒🔒--
10646Microsoft Office Excel Excel File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3890]medium🔒🔒--
10645Http-body Project Perl Temp File Name Multipart privileges managementmedium🔒---
10643Microsoft SharePoint Server Input Sanitizer memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10642Microsoft SharePoint Server Content Display in Frames access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10641Microsoft Windows Comctl32.dll DSA_InsertItem resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10640Microsoft .NET Framework JSON Data input validation [CVE-2013-3861]medium🔒🔒--
10639Microsoft .NET Framework XML External Entity input validationmedium🔒🔒--
10638Microsoft Windows TrueType Font code injection [CVE-2013-3894]medium🔒🔒--
10637Microsoft Windows DirectX Graphics Kernel Subsystem dxgkrnl.sys resource managementlow🔒🔒--
10636Microsoft Windows NULL Page win32k.sys resource managementlow🔒🔒--
10635Microsoft Windows App Container access control [CVE-2013-3880]low🔒🔒--
10634Microsoft Windows win32k.sys resource managementlow🔒🔒--
10633Microsoft Windows USB Descriptor code injection [CVE-2013-3200]low🔒🔒--
10632Microsoft Windows OpenType Font input validation [CVE-2013-3128]medium🔒🔒--
10631FFmpeg Return Value Checker asfdec.c asf_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10629Cisco IOS DHCP Server denial of service [CVE-2013-5499]low🔒🔒--
10628WhatsApp Messenger RC4 Encryption missing encryptionmedium🔒---
10627Microsoft Internet Explorer Event mshtml.dll resource managementmedium🔒---
10626Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3886]medium🔒---
10625Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3885]medium🔒---
10624Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3882]medium🔒---
10623Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3875]medium🔒---
10622Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3874]medium🔒---
10621Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3873]medium🔒---
10620Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2013-3872]medium🔒---
10619Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3871]medium🔒---
10618IBM DB2 UDB Concurrent Sampled Index Runstat denial of servicemedium🔒---
10617IBM DB2 UDB JOIN SQLDROWFETCH denial of servicemedium🔒---
10616IBM DB2 UDB Query Sub-select OLAP Function denial of servicemedium🔒---
10615IBM DB2 UDB Query Compiler memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10614GnuPG Compressed Packet Parser input validation [CVE-2013-4402]medium🔒🔒--
10613Apple iOS Find My iPhone security check for standardmedium🔒---
10612Fabrice Bellard QEMU memory corruptionlow🔒---
10607Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4099]medium🔒---
10606Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4098]low🔒---
10605Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4097]medium🔒---
10604Cisco NX-OS Stream Editor Filter access control [CVE-2012-4077]medium🔒🔒--
10603Cisco NX-OS Output input validation [CVE-2012-4076]medium🔒🔒--
10602Cisco NX-OS RIP Service input validation [CVE-2012-4091]medium🔒---
10601Cisco NX-OS Nexus 7000 Management Interface access control [CVE-2012-4090]low🔒🔒--
10600Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface Parser access control [CVE-2012-4141]low🔒---
10599Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface input validation [CVE-2012-4122]low🔒---
10598Cisco NX-OS Stream Editor access control [CVE-2012-4121]low🔒---
10597libxml2 valid.c xmlValidateElementContent null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
10596libxml2 Socket nanohttp.c xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt memory leakmedium🔒---
10595libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlFARegExecRollBack null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
10594libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlRegExecPushStringInterna null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
10593libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlRegExecGetValues null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
10592libxml2 tree.c xmlDOMWrapCloneNode null pointer dereferencemedium🔒---
10591IBM DB2 UDB Table Loader SQLUCONVDATATOTARGET denial of servicemedium🔒---
10590IBM DB2 UDB DBMS_ALERT.SET_DEFAULTS denial of servicelow🔒---
10589IBM DB2 UDB DB2FMP denial of servicelow🔒---
10588IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime Recursive Query SQLRIMOVEDATALEN denial of servicemedium🔒---
10587IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime DPF Environment Access Plan null pointer dereferencelow🔒---
10586IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime DPF Environment XML memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10585IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime Array Element memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10584IBM DB2 UDB File Event Monitor Private Memory information disclosurelow🔒---
10583GNU C Library File System pt_chown access controllow🔒🔒--
10582Google Chrome Gesture Event denial of servicemedium🔒---
10581Citrix Netscaler Nsconfigd Daemon denial of servicemedium🔒---
10580Apple Mac OS X Directory Services improper authentication [CVE-2013-5163]low🔒---
10579IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5419]medium🔒---
10578Tor Correlation Path missing encryptionmedium🔒---
10577VideoLAN VLC Media Player mpeg4audio.c LOASParse memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10576Linux Foundation Xen SCSI Reporting REPORT LUNS memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10575Cisco IOS XR UDP Packet resource management [CVE-2013-5503]medium🔒---
10574Linux Kernel ansi_cprng.c numeric errorlow🔒---
10573Google Chrome Private Browsing Search History information disclosurelow🔒---
10572Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2923]low🔒🔒--
10571Google Chrome Subframe Loader ContainerNode.cpp removeChildren memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10570Google Chrome Escaped Character memory corruption [CVE-2013-2923]high🔒🔒-🔒
10569Google Chrome Transaction IDBTransaction.cpp memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10568Google Chrome CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp setFont memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10567Google Chrome SVGUseElement.cpp instanceRoot memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10566Google Chrome Lifetime SVGPropertyTearOff use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
10565Google Chrome Different Frame User Gesture Event use after freelow🔒🔒-🔒
10564Google Chrome Popup Blocker popup_blocker_tab_helper.cc MaybeBlockPopup use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10563Google Chrome File Permission FileAPIMessageFilter use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10562Google Chrome Quota Dispatcher Termination quota_dispatcher_host.cc RequestQuotaDispatcher use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
10561Google Chrome FileReader Abort FileReader.cpp use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
10560Google Chrome Observer Object Type use after free [CVE-2013-2923]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10559Google Chrome GPU Video Accelerator gpu_video_decode_accelerator_host.cc use after freehigh🔒🔒-🔒
10558Google Chrome SMIL Animations SVGAnimationElement.cpp startedActiveInterval use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10557Google Chrome Popup Blocker popup_blocker_tab_helper.cc AddBlockedPopup use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10556Google Chrome Form Element use after free [CVE-2013-2923]high🔒🔒-🔒
10555Google Chrome TreeScope Object use after free [CVE-2013-2923]high🔒🔒-🔒
10554Google Chrome Service openFile use after freemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10553Google Chrome Author Shadow Root use after free [CVE-2013-2923]high🔒🔒-🔒
10552Google Chrome Service SVGTextLayoutEngine.cpp dumpTextBoxes use after freelow🔒🔒-🔒
10551Google Chrome Web Audio API use after free [CVE-2013-2923]low🔒🔒-🔒
10550Google Chrome SSL Request use after free [CVE-2013-2923]low🔒🔒-🔒
10549Google Chrome Template Element HTMLTemplateElement.cpp m_host resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10548Google Chrome Resource Loader resourcefetcher.cpp didloadresource resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10547Google Chrome URL Parser url_canon_relative.cc DoResolveRelativeHost memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10546Google Chrome V8 memory corruption [CVE-2013-2919]high🔒🔒--
10545Google Chrome DOM renderblock.cpp collapseanonymousblockchild resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10544Google Chrome Web Audio reverbconvolverstage.cpp reverbconvolverstage memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10543Google Chrome 204 No Content Status Code authentication spoofinglow🔒🔒--
10542Google Chrome Scheme use after free [CVE-2013-2915]medium🔒🔒--
10541Google Chrome Dialog color_chooser_dialog.cc resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10540Google Chrome XML Document xmldocumentparser.cpp append resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10539Google Chrome PPAPI pepper_in_process_router.cc sendtohost resource managementhigh🔒🔒-🔒
10538Google Chrome Web Audio audioscheduledsourcenode.cpp resource managementlow🔒🔒--
10537Google Chrome Inline-Block Rendering resource management [CVE-2013-2909]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10536Google Chrome 204 No Content Status Code use after free [CVE-2013-2908]medium🔒🔒--
10535Google Chrome Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-2907]medium🔒🔒--
10534VideoLAN VLC Media Player ASF File denial of servicemedium🔒---
10533Linux Foundation Xen Live Migration access control [CVE-2013-4356]medium🔒🔒--
10532Linux Foundation Xen I/O Instruction Emulator information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10531Linux Foundation Xen fbld Instruction Emulation information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
10530Red Hat Remoting for SOA Platform Service org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread denial of servicemedium🔒---
10529IBM DB2 Fast Communications Manager input validation [CVE-2013-4032]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10528Linux Kernel IPv6 Packet ip6_output.c ip6_ufo_append_data memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10525Apple iOS SIRI privileges managementmedium🔒---
10524Apple iOS Call Button access control [CVE-2013-5160]medium🔒🔒--
10523FFmpeg Invalid Sample Rate vqf.c vqf_read_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
10522FFmpeg Packet Data avidec.c read_gab2_sub memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10521FFmpeg Invalid Bits-Per-Coded-Sample xwma.c xwma_read_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
10520FFmpeg lpc_order Validation alac.c lpc_prediction memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10519FFmpeg Audio Frame Size mvi.c read_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
10518FFmpeg Sample Rate riffdec.c ff_get_wav_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
10517FFmpeg electronicarts.c ea_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10516FFmpeg Video Packet bfi.c bfi_read_packet denial of servicemedium🔒---
10515FFmpeg Sample Count mov.c mov_read_stts Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10514FFmpeg Deflate Decoding pngdec.c png_decode_idat denial of servicemedium🔒---
10513FFmpeg Palette pcx.c pcx_decode_frame denial of servicemedium🔒---
10512FFmpeg xan.c xan_wc3_decode_frame memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10511FFmpeg Huffman Decoding xan.c Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
10510FFmpeg Data Decoding xxan.c xan_decode_init memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10509FFmpeg Color Filling rpza.c rpza_decode_stream Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10508FFmpeg pcx.c memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10507FFmpeg Audio Data Deplanarization lxfdec.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10506FFmpeg Audio Stream lxfdec.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10505Cisco IOS XR input validation [CVE-2013-5498]medium🔒---
10504Linux Foundation Xen XRSTOR information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
10503Blue Coat Security Gateway OS HTTP RW Pipeline Pre-Fetch Requests memory leakhigh🔒🔒--
10502Fabrice Bellard QEMU virtio-blk-device resource management [CVE-2013-4377]low🔒🔒--
10501D-Link DIR-865L router_info.xml section privileges managementmedium🔒---
10500D-Link DIR-865L register_send.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10499D-Link DIR-865L SMB Server symlink [CVE-2013-4855]medium🔒---
10498D-Link DIR-865L bsc_lan.php improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10497Cisco Linksys EA6500 cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3065]low🔒---
10496TP-LINK TL-WDR4300/TL-1043ND SMB Server symlink [CVE-2013-4654]medium🔒---
10495TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgerylow🔒---
10494Cisco IOS/IOS XE NTP input validation [CVE-2013-5472]low🔒---
10493Cisco IOS ZFW input validation [CVE-2013-5476]low🔒---
10492Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5481]low🔒---
10491Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5480]low🔒---
10490Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5479]low🔒---
10489Cisco IOS VFR race condition [CVE-2013-5474]low🔒---
10488Cisco IOS/IOS XE IKE resource management [CVE-2013-5473]medium🔒---
10487Cisco IOS/IOS XE RSVP Feature input validation [CVE-2013-5478]medium🔒---
10486Cisco IOS/IOS XE DHCP Server input validation [CVE-2013-5475]medium🔒---
10485Cisco IOS T1/E1 Driver Queue input validation [CVE-2013-5477]medium🔒---
10484Ruby on Rails CookieStore improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10483Splunk Test/Troubleshoot Script path traversal [CVE-2013-6771]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10482Linksys EA6500 Redirect unsecured.html authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
10481Linksys EA6500 Configuration Validator privileges managementmedium🔒---
10480Netgear WNDR4700 Wireless Setup Page Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒---
10479Netgear WNDR4700 USB_advanced.htm Stored cross site scriptinglow🔒---
10478F5 BIG-IP APM Access Policy Logout Page cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
10477F5 BIG-IP APM privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
10476Good Technology Good for Enterprise iOS Email Body cross site scriptingmedium🔒---
10475WebkitGTK+ CSS Parser CSSParser.cpp parseFontFaceValue privileges managementmedium🔒---
10474Dell iDRAC6 Web Application cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3589]medium🔒---
10473Apple iOS TouchID security check for standardmedium🔒---
10472Apple iOS SIRI security check for standardlow🔒---
10471Dell Web Interface testurls.html backdoorhigh🔒---
10470Dell iDRAC6 Intelligent Platform Management Interface denial of servicemedium🔒---
10469Dell iDRAC6 Intelligent Platform Management Interface improper authenticationhigh🔒---
10468FFmpeg DTS utils.c avformat_find_stream_info Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10467FFmpeg Packet Size electronicarts.c ea_read_packet memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10466FFmpeg Input Packet Size wnv1.c decode_frame memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10465FFmpeg Error ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables denial of servicemedium🔒---
10464FFmpeg Initialization vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10463FFmpeg Initialization vc1dec.c vc1_decode_skip_blocks Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10462FFmpeg Slice Header Decoder vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10461Adobe ColdFusion Password Authentication credentials managementmedium🔒-🔒-
10460Apache Struts Action Mapping Mechanism access control [CVE-2013-4310]medium🔒🔒--
10459Apache Struts Dynamic Method Invocation config [CVE-2013-4316]medium🔒--🔒
10458Apple iOS Lockscreen security check for standardlow🔒---
10457Cisco Intrusion Prevention System Management Interface improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
10456Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Subversion access controllow🔒🔒--
10455HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
10454IBM Domino/iNotes memory corruption [CVE-2013-4068]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10453FFmpeg Dimensions jpeg2000dec.c array indexhigh🔒🔒--
10452FFmpeg rpza.c rpza_decode_stream memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10451OWASP ESAPI Symmetric Crypto cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5679]medium🔒---
10449Sophos Unified Threat Management WebAdmin Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒--
10448FFmpeg Block Parameters flashsv.c flashsv_decode_frame array indexhigh🔒🔒--
10447FFmpeg Sample Rate matroskadec.c matroska_read_header denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
10446Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1718]high🔒🔒--
10445Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1719]high🔒🔒--
10444Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird HTML5 Tree Builder resettheinsertionmode memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10443Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Animation Manager Stylesheets buildanimations resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10442Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird NativeKey Widget memory corruptionlow🔒---
10441Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Element isdefaultsubmitelement resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10440Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird OBJECT IsObjectInContextCompartment memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10439Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Mozilla Updater access control [CVE-2013-1726]medium🔒🔒--
10438Mozilla Firefox file:/ cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1727]low🔒---
10437Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird IonMonkey JavaScript Engine memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
10436Mozilla Firefox NVIDIA Graphic Driver information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10435FFmpeg Video Stream idroqdec.c roq_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10434FFmpeg Dimensions rv10.c rv10_decode_init Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10433FFmpeg svq3.c svq3_decode_mb Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10432FFmpeg Channel mace.c mace_decode_init Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10431FFmpeg RealAudio Codec Parameters matroskadec.c matroska_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10430FFmpeg Return Value Checker rv30.c rv30_loop_filter Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10429FFmpeg Return Value Checker rv40.c rv40_loop_filter Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10428FFmpeg oggparseogm.c ogm_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10427FFmpeg Negative Duration mov.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10426FFmpeg Color Planes ivi_common.c ff_ivi_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10425FFmpeg Dimensions mpeg4videodec.c mpeg4_decode_sprite_trajectory denial of servicelow🔒---
10424FFmpeg truemotion2.c decode_init Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10423FFmpeg Reference Frame eacmv.c cmv_decode_inter Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10422FFmpeg Slice Context ffv1_init_slice_contexts denial of servicelow🔒---
10421FFmpeg Header Parsing jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_read_main_headers Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10420FFmpeg Value Truncation xmv.c xmv_read_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
10419FFmpeg Bitrate Per Channel twinvqdec.c twinvq_decode_init Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10418FFmpeg Frame Rate rmdec.c ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10417FFmpeg Position omadec.c nprobe Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10416FFmpeg Frame Size sierravmd.c vmd_read_header memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10415FFmpeg Mid-Stream Codec Parameter Updater vocdec.c ff_voc_get_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10414FFmpeg Picture Decoder cavsdec.c decode_pic Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10413FFmpeg Index proresdec.c unpack_alpha Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10412FFmpeg Frame Rate vp3.c theora_decode_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10411FFmpeg avpacket.c packet_alloc Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10410FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_read_metadata denial of servicemedium🔒---
10409FFmpeg mmsh.c mmsh_open_internal memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10408FFmpeg Index matroskadec.c matroska_read_seek memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10406Mozilla Firefox Shared Object Library Loader input validationmedium🔒---
10405Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird XBL-Backed Node DoInitJSClass memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10404Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird GetFlowArea memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10403Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird ScrollbarActivity input validationhigh🔒🔒--
10402Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird IsLTR memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10401Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird DOM Proxy access control [CVE-2013-1737]medium🔒🔒--
10400Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10399Apple Mac OS X Wiki Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1034]low🔒🔒--
10398Cisco NX-OS Border Gateway Protocol resource management [CVE-2013-1121]medium🔒🔒--
10397TP-LINK TL-WR740N/TL-WR741N Firmware Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10396TP-LINK TL-WA850RE/TL-WA730RE/TL-WA750RE Range Extender Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10395TP-LINK TL-WR740N Firmware Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10394Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5131]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10393Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5129]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10392Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2013-2848]low🔒🔒-🔒
10391Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1012]medium🔒🔒--
10390Apple iOS WebKit input validation [CVE-2013-0926]medium🔒🔒--
10389Apple iOS WebKit access control [CVE-2013-5159]medium🔒🔒--
10388Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5128]high🔒🔒-🔒
10387Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5127]high🔒🔒-🔒
10386Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5126]high🔒🔒-🔒
10385Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5125]high🔒🔒-🔒
10384Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-2842]high🔒🔒-🔒
10383Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1047]high🔒🔒-🔒
10382Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1046]high🔒🔒-🔒
10381Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1045]high🔒🔒-🔒
10380Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1044]high🔒🔒-🔒
10379Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1043]high🔒🔒-🔒
10378Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1042]high🔒🔒-🔒
10377Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1041]high🔒🔒-🔒
10376Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1040]high🔒🔒-🔒
10375Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1039]high🔒🔒-🔒
10374Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1038]high🔒🔒-🔒
10373Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1037]high🔒🔒-🔒
10372Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1010]high🔒🔒--
10371Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1008]high🔒🔒--
10370Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1007]high🔒🔒--
10369Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1006]high🔒🔒--
10368Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1005]high🔒🔒--
10367Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1004]high🔒🔒--
10366Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1003]high🔒🔒--
10365Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1002]high🔒🔒--
10364Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1001]high🔒🔒--
10363Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1000]high🔒🔒--
10362Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-0999]high🔒🔒--
10361Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0998]high🔒🔒--
10360Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0997]high🔒🔒--
10359Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0996]high🔒🔒--
10358Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0995]high🔒🔒--
10357Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0994]high🔒🔒--
10356Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0993]high🔒🔒--
10355Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0992]high🔒🔒--
10354Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0991]high🔒🔒--
10353Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-0879]high🔒---
10352Apple iOS Twitter access control [CVE-2013-5157]medium🔒---
10351Apple iOS Telephony access control [CVE-2013-5156]medium🔒---
10350Apple iOS Lost Mode access control [CVE-2013-5153]low🔒---
10349Apple iOS Twitter Activity access control [CVE-2013-5158]medium🔒---
10348Apple iOS Sandbox random input validationmedium🔒---
10347Apple iOS Sandbox access control [CVE-2013-5154]medium🔒🔒--
10346Apple iOS Safari input validation [CVE-2013-5152]medium🔒🔒--
10345Apple iOS Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5151]medium🔒🔒--
10344Apple iOS Safari forward information disclosurelow🔒--🔒
10343Apple iOS Safari memory corruption [CVE-2013-1036]high🔒🔒-🔒
10342Apple iOS Push Notification Registration access control [CVE-2013-5149]low🔒🔒--
10341Apple iOS Personal Hotspot credentials management [CVE-2013-4616]medium🔒🔒--
10340Apple iOS Passcode Lock race condition [CVE-2013-5147]medium🔒🔒--
10339Apple iOS libxslt type conversion [CVE-2012-2871]medium🔒🔒--
10338Apple iOS libxslt resource management [CVE-2012-2870]high🔒🔒--
10337Apple iOS libxslt input validation [CVE-2012-2825]high🔒🔒--
10336Apple iOS libxml memory corruption [CVE-2012-5134]low🔒🔒--
10335Apple iOS libxml numeric error [CVE-2012-2807]medium🔒🔒--
10334Apple iOS libxml resource management [CVE-2012-0841]medium🔒--🔒
10333Apple iOS libxml numeric error [CVE-2011-3102]medium🔒---
10332Apple iOS Kext Management access control [CVE-2013-5145]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10331Apple iOS posix_spawn API input validation [CVE-2013-3954]high🔒🔒-🔒
10330Apple iOS mach_port_space_info API information disclosure [CVE-2013-3953]medium🔒---
10329Apple iOS msgctl/segctl API information disclosure [CVE-2013-5142]low🔒--🔒
10328Apple iOS IPv6 ICMP Packet input validation [CVE-2011-2391]low🔒---
10327Apple iOS Kernel Socket Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-5141]low🔒--🔒
10326Apple iOS Packet Fragmentation input validation [CVE-2013-5140]medium🔒🔒--
10325Apple iOS IPSec input validation [CVE-2013-1028]medium🔒🔒--
10324Apple iOS IOSerialFamily memory corruption [CVE-2013-5139]high🔒🔒-🔒
10323Apple iOS IOKitUser IOCatalogue null pointer dereferencelow🔒--🔒
10322Apple iOS IOKit access control [CVE-2013-5137]medium🔒🔒--
10321Apple iOS PDF Image memory corruption [CVE-2013-1026]high🔒🔒--
10320Apple iOS File System input validation [CVE-2013-3955]high🔒---
10319Apple iOS dyld openSharedCacheFile memory corruptionhigh🔒--🔒
10318Apple iOS Data Security authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-5134]medium🔒---
10317Apple iOS Data Protection access control [CVE-2013-0957]medium🔒---
10316Apple iOS CoreMedia memory corruption [CVE-2013-1019]high🔒🔒--
10315Apple iOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2013-1025]high🔒🔒--
10314Apple iOS Certificate Trust Policy improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10313Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Rendering Engine mshtml.dll SetMouseCapture resource managementhigh🔒🔒--
10312NetBSD Kernel Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
10311Django Authentication Framework improper authentication [CVE-2013-1443]medium🔒🔒--
10310SAP NetWeaver Web Application path traversal [CVE-2013-5751]low🔒🔒🔒-
10309Microsoft Internet Explorer InsertSplice resource managementmedium🔒---
10308GnuPG Subkeys cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4351]low🔒---
10307VMware Zimbra Collection Suite Web Application improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10306Apple Mac OS X Installer access control [CVE-2013-1027]high🔒🔒--
10305Apple Mac OS X IPSec Hybrid Auth Server input validation [CVE-2013-1028]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10304Apple Mac OS X IGMP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-1029]low🔒🔒--
10303Apple Mac OS X Mobile Device Management mdmclient information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10302Apple Mac OS X Power Assertion Lock access control [CVE-2013-1031]medium🔒🔒--
10301Apple Mac OS X QuickTime Movie memory corruption [CVE-2013-1032]low🔒🔒--
10300Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-1033]low🔒🔒--
10299Apple Mac OS X Browser memory corruption [CVE-2013-1025]medium🔒🔒--
10298Apple Mac OS X Browser memory corruption [CVE-2013-1026]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10297Opera Web Browser Page Encoding Settings cross site scriptinglow🔒---
10296D-Link DSL-2740B Web Interface cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5730]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10295Django defaulttags.py path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
10294GNU C Library memalign numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
10293GNU C Library valloc numeric errormedium🔒🔒-🔒
10292Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service Packet input validationmedium🔒🔒🔒-
10291Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service SSL VPN Web Server cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
10290IBM WebSphere Application Server privileges management [CVE-2013-3305]medium🔒-🔒-
10289Linux Kernel tun.c TUNSETIFF resource managementmedium🔒---
10288IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross site scriptingmedium🔒-🔒-
10287IBM WebSphere Application Server XML input validation [CVE-2013-4053]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10286IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒🔒-
10285Wireshark ASSA R3 Dissector infinite resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10284Wireshark RTPS Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2013-5720]high🔒🔒--
10283Wireshark MQ Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-5721]medium🔒🔒--
10282Wireshark LDAP Dissector resource management [CVE-2013-5722]medium🔒🔒--
10281Wireshark Netmon File Parser input validation [CVE-2013-5717]medium🔒🔒--
10280Wireshark Bluetooth HCI ACL dissector input validation [CVE-2013-5717]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10279FFmpeg Video File shorten.c decode_wave_header privileges managementlow🔒---
10278FFmpeg Missing FMT Chunk shorten.c decode_wave_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
10277FFmpeg Seektable ape.c ape_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10276FFmpeg zmbv.c decode_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10275FFmpeg mpc8.c mpc8_parse_seektable Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
10274FFmpeg Stream mpc8.c mpc8_parse_seektable Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10273FFmpeg aic.c aic_decode_coeffs Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10272FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_load_cursor memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10271FFmpeg Negative Frame Size dsicin.c cin_read_frame_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
10270FFmpeg smacker.c smacker_read_packet Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10269FFmpeg Frame Size smacker.c smacker_read_packet integer coercionhigh🔒🔒--
10268FFmpeg Huffman Codes smacker.c smacker_decode_header_tree Remote Code Executionlow🔒🔒--
10267FFmpeg dv.c avpriv_dv_produce_packet memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10266Wireshark NBAP Dissector access control [CVE-2013-5718]medium🔒🔒--
10265Linux Kernel Perf Tool access control [CVE-2013-1060]medium🔒🔒--
10264WordPress functions.php get_allowed_mime_types input validationlow🔒🔒--
10263WordPress post.php access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10262WordPress Restrictions input validation [CVE-2013-4339]medium🔒🔒--
10261WordPress functions.php code injectionmedium🔒🔒--
10260WordPress functions.php get_allowed_mime_types cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10259ProFTPD mod_sftp/mod_sftp_pam kbdint.c resp_count numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
10258FreeBSD Link access control [CVE-2013-5710]low🔒🔒--
10257FreeBSD sys_netinet6/sys_netatm Modules access control [CVE-2013-5691]low🔒🔒--
10256Synology DiskStation Manager uistrings.cgi privileges managementlow🔒---
10255Synology DiskStation Manager Web Interface info.cgi Reflected cross site scritinglow🔒---
10254Synology DiskStation Manager Web Interface uistrings.cgi privileges managementmedium🔒---
10253Synology DiskStation Manager externaldevices.cgi privileges managementhigh🔒---
10252Synology DiskStation Manager wallpaper.cgi Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10251Linux Foundation Xen HVM Passthrough libxl access controlmedium🔒🔒--
10250Microsoft SharePoint Server W3WP Process input validation [CVE-2013-0081]medium🔒🔒--
10249Microsoft SharePoint Workflow input validation [CVE-2013-1330]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10248Microsoft SharePoint Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3180]medium🔒🔒--
10247Microsoft SharePoint Server Online Cloud cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10246Microsoft Internet Explorer Table Tree use after freemedium🔒---
10245Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3850]high🔒🔒--
10244Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3856]high🔒🔒--
10243Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3855]high🔒🔒--
10242Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3854]high🔒🔒--
10241Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3853]high🔒🔒--
10240Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3852]high🔒🔒--
10239Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3851]high🔒🔒--
10238Microsoft Excel XML External Entity Data memory corruption [CVE-2013-3158]low🔒🔒--
10237Microsoft Excel XML External Entity Data input validation [CVE-2013-3159]low🔒🔒--
10236Microsoft Word/Office XML External Entity Data information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
10235Microsoft Excel/Office/SharePoint Office File memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10234Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3858]high🔒🔒--
10233Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3857]high🔒🔒--
10232Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3849]high🔒🔒--
10231Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3848]high🔒🔒--
10230Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3847]high🔒🔒--
10229Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3155]high🔒🔒--
10228Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3157]high🔒🔒--
10227Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3156]high🔒🔒--
10226Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10225Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10224Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10223Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys Kernel Memory memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10222Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10221Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10220Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10219Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3202]medium🔒🔒--
10218Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3201]medium🔒🔒--
10217Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3207]medium🔒🔒--
10216Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3206]medium🔒🔒--
10215Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3845]medium🔒🔒--
10214Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3208]medium🔒🔒--
10213Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3209]medium🔒🔒--
10212Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3205]medium🔒🔒--
10211Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3204]medium🔒🔒--
10210Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript Engine memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10209Adobe Shockwave Player Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3360]high🔒🔒--
10208Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3359]high🔒🔒--
10207Adobe Acrobat Reader Read numeric error [CVE-2013-3358]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10206Adobe Acrobat Reader Read numeric error [CVE-2013-3357]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10205Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3356]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10204Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3353]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10203Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3355]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10202Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3354]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10201Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3352]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10200Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3351]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10199Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5324]high🔒🔒--
10198Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3363]high🔒🔒--
10197Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3362]high🔒🔒--
10196Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3361]high🔒🔒--
10195FreeBSD Sendfile Length information disclosure [CVE-2013-5666]low🔒---
10194Microsoft FrontPage XML DTD information disclosure [CVE-2013-3137]low🔒---
10193Microsoft Windows Service Control Manager resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10192Microsoft Windows Windows Theme File code injection [CVE-2013-0810]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10191Microsoft Windows OLE Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-3863]medium🔒🔒--
10190Microsoft Windows Active Directory input validation [CVE-2013-3868]medium🔒🔒--
10189Microsoft Outlook S/MIME resource management [CVE-2013-3870]medium🔒🔒--
10188Microsoft Office Chinese IME access control [CVE-2013-3859]medium🔒🔒--
10187VMware ESX/ESXi path traversal [CVE-2013-3658]medium🔒---
10186VMware ESX/ESXi CIM Broker memory corruption [CVE-2013-3657]high🔒---
10185Watchguard Server Center Path wlcollector.exe access controlmedium🔒---
10184Cisco WebEx WRF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1119]high🔒---
10183Cisco WebEx WRF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1118]high🔒---
10182Cisco WebEx ARF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1116]high🔒---
10181Cisco WebEx ARF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1115]high🔒---
10179Cisco ASA x509 Certificate memory corruption [CVE-2013-3458]medium🔒🔒--
10178Apple AirPort Frame numeric error [CVE-2013-5132]low🔒🔒--
10177Sophos Web Protection Appliance Shell sblistpack get_referers os command injectionhigh🔒🔒--
10176Sophos Web Protection Appliance Privileges clear_keys.pl close_connections os command injectionmedium🔒---
10175Check Point Gateway CCP Package denial of servicemedium🔒---
10174Bitcoin-Qt Bloom Filter numeric error [CVE-2013-5700]medium🔒---
10173TRENDnet TEW-751DR UPnP Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
10172IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Session access control [CVE-2013-2997]low🔒-🔒-
10171GNOME Display Manager Directory link following [CVE-2013-4169]medium🔒🔒--
10170Drupal CSS Selectors Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10169Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform PicketBox Vault cryptographic issueslow🔒🔒--
10168IBM WebSphere Application Server JAX-WS Web Services input validationmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10167IBM WebSphere Application Server JAX-WS Web Services Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10166Belkin F5D7234-4 wireless_WPS_Enroll.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10165Google Chrome webaudiosourceprovider_impl.cc provideInput race conditionmedium🔒🔒--
10164Google Chrome ConvolverNode.cpp tailTime race conditionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10163Google Chrome AudioDSPKernelProcessor.cpp race conditionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10162Google Chrome HRTFElevation.cpp audioBusMap race conditionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10161Google Chrome ConvolverNode.cpp latencyFrames race conditionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10160Apache Subversion svnwcsub.py handle_options link followingmedium🔒--🔒
10159Apache Subversion svnserve write_pid_file access controlmedium🔒🔒🔒-
10158Apache Subversion daemonize.py daemonize link followingmedium🔒--🔒
10157Apache Subversion FSFS Repository access control [CVE-2013-4246]medium🔒---
10156Microsoft Internet Explorer Sandbox privileges managementmedium🔒---
10155FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c mpeg_motion_internal Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10154FFmpeg Max Samples Per Frame alac.c alac_set_info memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10153FFmpeg Interlaced Video mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10152FFmpeg Channel Decoding Offset alac.c alac_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10151FFmpeg Track Value 4xm.c parse_strk Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
10150FFmpeg .lang matroskadec.c matroska_convert_tag Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10149FFmpeg APE Demuxer ape.c ape_read_header Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10148FFmpeg Bits Per Sample 4xm.c parse_strk denial of servicemedium🔒---
10147FFmpeg utils.c estimate_timings_from_bit_rate integer coercionhigh🔒---
10146FFmpeg pictordec.c privileges managementlow🔒---
10145FFmpeg pictordec.c memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10144FFmpeg vcr1.c privileges managementlow🔒---
10143FFmpeg vcr1.c privileges managementlow🔒---
10142DokuWiki Fetch denial of servicemedium🔒---
10141TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer access control [CVE-2013-4320]low🔒🔒--
10140TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer access control [CVE-2013-4320]medium🔒🔒--
10139MediaWiki ResourceLoader information disclosure [CVE-2013-4301]low🔒🔒--
10138MediaWiki ApiBlock.php access controllow🔒🔒--
10137MediaWiki api.php cross site scritinglow🔒🔒--
10136MediaWiki CentralAuth Extension CentralAuthHooks.php improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
10135MediaWiki SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Extension example.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
10134MediaWiki CheckUser Extension ApiQueryCheckUser.php getAllowedParams cross-site request forgerymedium🔒---
10133MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4307]medium🔒-🔒-
10132Liquidthreads Project MediaWiki LiquidThreads Extension TalkpageHistoryView.php cross site scriptingmedium🔒-🔒-
10131SAP NetWeaver sql injection [CVE-2013-5723]low🔒🔒--
10130Red Hat Jboss NULL Character input validation [CVE-2013-2185] [Disputed]low🔒🔒-🔒
10129cPanel WHM cross site scritingmedium🔒---
10128cPanel WHM Input Sanitizer sql injectionmedium🔒---
10127cPanel WHM brandingimg.cgi improper authenticationlow🔒---
10126cPanel WHM improper authenticationmedium🔒---
10125cPanel WHM privileges managementlow🔒---
10124cPanel WHM Temporary File race conditionmedium🔒---
10123cPanel WHM Access Control privileges managementmedium🔒---
10122cPanel WHM countedit.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒---
10121Cisco Secure Access Control System TACACS+ Socket input validationlow🔒🔒--
10120Infraware Polaris Office/Viewer XML Validation denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
10119EMC RSA Archer GRC User Management access control [CVE-2013-3276]medium🔒🔒--
10118EMC RSA Archer GRC input validation [CVE-2013-3277]medium🔒🔒--
10117Linux Kernel LED State hid-sony.c buzz_set_leds memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10116Linux Kernel steelseries HID Driver hid-steelseries.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10115Linux Kernel patherlord HID Driver hid-pl.c memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10114Linux Kernel lg/lg3/lg4 Drivers hid-lg*ff.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10113Linux Kernel lenovo-tpkbd HID Driver hid-lenovo-tpkbd.c memory corruptionlow🔒---
10112Linux Kernel logitec-dj HID Driver hid-logitech-dj.c memory corruptionlow🔒---
10111Linux Kernel ntrig HID Driver hid-ntrig.c memory corruptionlow🔒---
10110Linux Kernel Report Index hid-multitouch.c input validationmedium🔒---
10109Linux Kernel sensor-hub HID Driver hid-sensor-hub.c input validationmedium🔒---
10108Linux Kernel picolcd HID Driver hid-picolcd_core.c memory corruptionlow🔒---
10107Linux Kernel Report ID Field hid-core.c input validationmedium🔒🔒--
10106Linux Kernel zeroplus HID Driver hid-zpff.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10105Apple MacOS X/iOS CoreText API denial of servicemedium🔒---
10104LibTIFF GIF to TIFF Convertor gif2tiff.c readgifimage memory corruptionhigh🔒🔒--
10103IBM WebSphere Commerce Search Feature input validation [CVE-2013-2992]low🔒🔒🔒-
10102WebkitGTK+ Root Node EventRetargeter.h eventTargetRespectingTargetRules denial of servicemedium🔒---
10101Cisco IOS TCP Stack memory corruption [CVE-2013-5469]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10100VMware ESX NFC Protocol input validation [CVE-2013-1661]low🔒🔒--
10099Citrix XenClient NDVM Connection privileges management [CVE-2013-2601]medium🔒🔒🔒-
10098Adobe Acrobat Reader Input Sanitizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3346]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10097Cisco IOS XR RIP input validation [CVE-2013-3470]low🔒---
10096Cisco ASA Idle Timeout access control [CVE-2013-3463]low🔒🔒--
10095Linux Kernel Namespace scm.c access controllow🔒🔒--
10094Instagram Command missing encryptionmedium🔒---
10093Instagram Signature Key missing encryptionmedium🔒---
10092Digium Asterisk SIP Channel Termination memory corruption [CVE-2013-5641]medium🔒🔒--
10091Digium Asterisk SIP Request input validation [CVE-2013-5642]medium🔒🔒--
10090Drupal cross site scritinglow🔒---
10089Cisco Unified IP Phone PNG Decoder input validation [CVE-2013-3468]medium🔒---
10088Cisco Secure Access Control System EAP-FAST Authentication Module improper authenticationhigh🔒🔒--
10087IBM DB2/DB2 Connect User Privilege access control [CVE-2013-4033]low🔒🔒🔒-
10086LibTIFF LAZ Decompressor gif2tiff.c memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10085LibTIFF Integer td_samplesperpixel memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10084RealNetworks RealPlayer Filename memory corruption [CVE-2013-4973]high🔒🔒--
10083RealNetworks RealPlayer RealMedia File memory corruption [CVE-2013-4974]high🔒🔒--
10082IBM WebSphere Commerce Administration Console cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10081IBM WebSphere Commerce Organisation Administration Console cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
10080IBM WebSphere Commerce Accelerator cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0566]low🔒🔒--
10079IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0595]low🔒🔒🔒-
10078IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0595]low🔒🔒🔒-
10077IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0591]low🔒🔒🔒-
10076IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0590]low🔒🔒🔒-
10075IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒-
10074VideoLAN VLC Media Player M3U input validation [CVE-2013-6283]medium🔒--🔒
10073Linux Kernel Virtual Machine Support arm.c KVM_GET_REG_LIST resource managementmedium🔒--🔒
10072NOD32 Archive Support Module v.1160 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10071NOD32 Archive Support Module v.1160 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10070NOD32 Advanced Heuristic Module v.1139 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10069NOD32 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10068NOD32 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10067NOD32 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10066Google Chrome PDF Viewer containing memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10065VMware Workstation/Player Mount vmware-mount access controllow🔒🔒--
10064BitDefender Antivirus memory corruptionhigh🔒---
10058FreeBSD SCTP Packet information disclosure [CVE-2013-5209]medium🔒🔒--
10057FreeBSD IP_MSFILTER numeric error [CVE-2013-3077]low🔒🔒--
10056IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-2979]low🔒🔒🔒-
10055IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
10054IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒🔒-
10053WebkitGTK+ Baseline JIT denial of servicelow🔒---
10051Check Point Firewall-1 OSPF denial of servicelow🔒---
10050Irfan Skiljan IrfanView DCX File i_view32.exe denial of servicemedium🔒---
10049FFmpeg g2meet.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10048FFmpeg Corrupted Blocks wmavoice.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
10047FFmpeg Packet af_earwax.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10046FFmpeg mem.c av_reallocp_array memory corruptionlow🔒🔒-🔒
10045FFmpeg utils.c avformat_find_stream_info denial of servicelow🔒---
10044FFmpeg paf.c read_packet memory corruptionmedium🔒---
10043FFmpeg vf_vignette.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10042FFmpeg vf_showinfo.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10041FFmpeg vf_pad.c memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10040FFmpeg vf_lut.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10039FFmpeg vf_kerndeint.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10038FFmpeg vf_hflip.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10037FFmpeg vf_gradfun.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10036FFmpeg vf_fieldorder.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10035FFmpeg vf_fieldmatch.c copy_fields memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10034FFmpeg vf_delogo.c filter_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10033FFmpeg vf_boxblur.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10032IBM WebSphere Portal Request access control [CVE-2013-3016]low🔒🔒🔒-
10031Netgear Prosafe Switch /filesystem/ Script denial of servicelow🔒---
10030Netgear Prosafe Switch Filesystem startup-config information disclosuremedium🔒---
10029Avaya IP Office Customer Call Reporter index.htm cross site scritingmedium🔒🔒--
10028McAfee Email Gateway Email Scanner denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
10027SolarWinds Serv-U SSL denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
10026SolarWinds Serv-U LDAP Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒🔒--
10025WebkitGTK+ RenderTextControlSingleLine.cpp layout Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
10024NetBSD Entropy Bits Provider Remote Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
10023Linux Foundation Xen MSI Interrupt access control [CVE-2013-3495]low🔒🔒--
10022EMC RSA Authentication Agent for PAM Lockout Mechanism credentials managementmedium🔒---
10021Google Chrome document::finishedparsing resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10020Google Chrome htmlmediaelement.cpp didmovetonewdocument resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
10019Google Chrome XSLT resource management [CVE-2013-2902]medium🔒🔒--
10018Google Chrome shared_memory_posix.cc create access controllow🔒🔒--
10017Google Chrome file_path.cc referencesparent path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
10016Linux Kernel armpmu_event_init memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
10015Linux Kernel perf_event.c perf_event_open input validationlow🔒🔒--
10014NetBSD Sysctl denial of servicelow🔒---
10013NetBSD Netstat information disclosurelow🔒---
10012Google Chrome ANGLE renderer9.cpp numeric errorhigh🔒🔒--
10011Google Chrome Text Rendering memory corruption [CVE-2013-2887]high🔒🔒--
10010Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]low🔒🔒-🔒
10009Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]low🔒🔒-🔒
10008Google Chrome Webstore privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10007Google Chrome Webstore cross site scriting [CVE-2013-2887]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10006Google Chrome GPU GLSL denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]medium🔒🔒-🔒
10005Google Chrome Printing print_web_view_helper.cc denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
10004Google Chrome CSSParser-in.cpp parseValue privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
10003Google Chrome Speech Recognition speech_recognition_manager_impl.cc SessionStart denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
10002Google Chrome MediaStreamType media_stream_messages.h denial of servicelow🔒🔒-🔒
10001Google Chrome indexed_db_database.cc Get denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
10000Google Chrome Prerendering privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]low🔒🔒-🔒
9999Google Chrome Signin Page Extension privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9998Google Chrome Synchronous XHR Path Mixed Content DocumentThreadableLoader.cpp loadRequest privileges managementmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9997NetBSD ktrace uipc_syscalls.c sendmsg denial of servicelow🔒---
9996NetBSD Kqueue denial of servicelow🔒---
9995FFmpeg h261dec.c h261_decode_mb Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒--
9994FFmpeg dxa.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒🔒--
9993Google Chrome GraphicsLayer.cpp setContentsTo memory corruptionlow🔒---
9992Google Chrome XSLStyleSheetLibxslt.cpp compileStyleSheet resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9991Google Chrome HTML Import denial of servicelow🔒---
9988FFmpeg nuv.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9987FFmpeg LZO Output nuv.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9986FFmpeg nuv.c codec_reinit Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9985FFmpeg Buffer Decompression nuv.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9984FFmpeg oggparsevorbis.c vorbis_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9983FFmpeg segafilm.c film_read_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9981Dell BIOS Value rbu_packet.pktSize memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9980Linux Kernel Common Internet File System numeric error [CVE-2013-4247]medium🔒🔒--
9977Juniper Junos Space access control [CVE-2013-5097]low🔒🔒-🔒
9976Juniper Junos Space RBAC Implementation access control [CVE-2013-5096]low🔒🔒-🔒
9975Juniper Junos Space cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5095]low🔒🔒-🔒
9972Cisco Linksys WRT54GL cross site scritinglow🔒---
9971PHP SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-4248]medium🔒🔒--
9970McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Session improper authenticationlow🔒---
9969McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention entropy [CVE-2004-0230]low🔒🔒-🔒
9968McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention SSH Key privileges managementlow🔒---
9967McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention MySQL privileges managementlow🔒---
9966McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Password missing encryptionlow🔒---
9965McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention entropy [CVE-2004-0230]low🔒🔒-🔒
9964McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Java Stack Trace information disclosuremedium🔒---
9963McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Audit Log information disclosurelow🔒---
9962McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Single User Mode privileges managementlow🔒---
9961McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Partition Mount privileges managementmedium🔒---
9960McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Field Autocomplete privileges managementmedium🔒---
9959McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Cookie privileges managementlow🔒---
9958Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Remote-Naming Connection Cache configmedium🔒🔒🔒-
9957Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Remote EJB Invocation Connection Cache configmedium🔒🔒🔒-
9956Python SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-4238]medium🔒🔒--
9955IBM WebSphere Portal Themes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0587]medium🔒-🔒-
9954Google Chrome Password missing encryption [Disputed]low🔒---
9953Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro Driver Sandbox.sys memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9952Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro Named Pipe acs.exe path traversalmedium🔒🔒--
9951LibTIFF Raster File Count gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]medium🔒🔒--
9950LibTIFF TIFF File Name rgb2ycbcr.c memory corruption [Disputed]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9949LibTIFF TIFF File Raster Image Data tiff2pdf.c resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9948LibTIFF GIF File Extension Block gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9947LibTIFF GIF Raster File Datasize gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9946ISC BIND SRTT Algorithm privileges managementmedium🔒---
9945Simon Tatham PuTTY Modular Multiplication modmul memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9944Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack memory corruption [CVE-2013-3183]medium🔒🔒--
9943Microsoft Windows NAT Driver memory corruption [CVE-2013-3182]medium🔒🔒--
9942Microsoft Windows Asynchronous RPC Request access control [CVE-2013-3175]medium🔒🔒--
9941Microsoft Windows Unicode Scripts Processor USP10.DLL memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9940Microsoft Internet Explorer EUC-JP Character Encoding cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9939Microsoft Internet Explorer Process Integrity Level Assignment msdt.exe access controllow🔒🔒--
9938Microsoft Internet Explorer Undo Command memory corruption [CVE-2013-3199]medium🔒🔒--
9937Microsoft Internet Explorer Page Destruction DisconnectTreePos memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9936Microsoft Internet Explorer selectAll/RemoveFormat Command memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9935Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3191]medium🔒🔒--
9934Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3190]medium🔒🔒--
9933Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3189]medium🔒🔒--
9932Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3188]medium🔒🔒--
9931Microsoft Internet Explorer SVG Element Text Element memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9930Microsoft Internet Explorer CFlatMarkupPointer Object memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9929Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9928Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value memory corruption [CVE-2013-3196]medium🔒🔒--
9927Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value memory corruption [CVE-2013-3197]medium🔒🔒--
9926Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value Handlin memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9925Gentoo Linux Nullmailer remotes access controllow🔒---
9924Cisco IOS XR ICMP memory corruption [CVE-2013-3464]low🔒-🔒-
9923Bitcoin Random Number Generator improper authenticationmedium🔒---
9922cPanel WHM Suspend denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9921cPanel WHM SSL Certificate privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
9920cPanel WHM Web Host Manager WHM privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
9919cPanel WHM Web Host Manager WHM privileges managementmedium🔒🔒--
9918FreeBSD ftpd GLOB_LIMIT denial of servicemedium🔒🔒🔒-
9917Google Chrome WebVTTParser.cpp createDocumentFragmentFromCueText denial of servicelow🔒---
9916Google Chrome DocumentStyleSheetCollection.cpp addStyleSheetCandidateNode Remote Code Executionmedium🔒---
9915Google Chrome SliderThumbElement.cpp setPositionFromPoint Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9914Google Chrome SpellChecker.cpp didSucceed memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9913Linux Kernel el0_sync_compat entry.S denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9912Google Chrome NavigationScheduler.cpp scheduleLocationChange information disclosurelow🔒---
9911FFmpeg qdm2.c synthfilt_build_sb_samples memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9910FFmpeg Frame Skip rv10.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9909FFmpeg mss2dsp.c upsample_plane_c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9908FFmpeg shorten.c read_header memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9907FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_init memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9906FFmpeg asfdec.c get_tag Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9905Nagios rss-newsfeed.php link followinglow🔒---
9904Nagios IPXPING_COMMAND link following [CVE-2013-4215]medium🔒---
9903Lenovo ThinkPad QCtray.exe unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9902Simon Tatham PuTTY information disclosure [CVE-2013-4208]low🔒🔒--
9901Simon Tatham PuTTY DSA Signature memory corruption [CVE-2013-4207]medium🔒🔒--
9900OpenX Source ZIP Container backdoor [CVE-2013-4211]medium🔒🔒--
9899Linux Kernel User Namespace user_namespace.c resource managementlow🔒🔒--
9898McAfee Superscan cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4884]low🔒---
9897FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_mc_4mv_chroma Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9896Huawei B153 3G/UMTS Router WPS Protocol improper authenticationmedium🔒---
9895Nmap http-domino-enum-passwords.nse unrestricted uploadmedium🔒---
9894Juniper Junos OSPF denial of service [CVE-2013-0149]medium🔒--🔒
9893WebkitGTK+ FormAssociatedElement.cpp formAttributeChanged denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9892WebkitGTK+ CSSParser.cpp parseValue denial of servicelow🔒---
9891Apache HTTP Server suEXEC Feature .htaccess information disclosurelow🔒---
9890Mozilla Firefox Stub Installer/Full Installer untrusted search pathmedium🔒---
9889Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird XMLHttpRequest Calls access controllow🔒🔒--
9888Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Javascript access control [CVE-2013-1713]medium🔒🔒--
9887Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Mozilla Updater updater.exe untrusted search pathmedium🔒🔒--
9886Mozilla Firefox XBL Scope cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1711]low🔒🔒--
9885Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird CRMF Request crypto.generateCRMFRequest input validationmedium🔒🔒--
9884Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Frame cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1709]low🔒🔒--
9883Mozilla Firefox WAV File CharAt denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9882Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Updater memory corruption [CVE-2013-1707]medium🔒🔒--
9881Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Pathname maintenanceservice.exe memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9880Mozilla Firefox CRMF Request cryptojs_interpret_key_gen_type memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9879Mozilla Firefox GetParentNode resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9878Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1702]high🔒🔒--
9877Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1701]high🔒🔒--
9876Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Java Plugin File Origin Policy access controllow🔒🔒--
9875phpMyAdmin Clickjacking Protection input validation [CVE-2013-5029]medium🔒🔒--
9874Joomla! Libraries example.php Reflected cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9873iNotes Integer numeric error [CVE-2013-3027]medium🔒🔒🔒-
9872FFmpeg Quantization Matrix bink.c read_dect_coeffs Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9871FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9870IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3990]low🔒🔒🔒-
9868FFmpeg Crypted File omadec.c oma_read_packet memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9867IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3032]low🔒🔒🔒-
9866FFmpeg omadec.c memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9865FFmpeg aasc.c aasc_decode_frame Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
9864FFmpeg Small Packet Size Checker xl.c decode_frame Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9863FFmpeg 8bps.c decode_frame memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9862FFmpeg Dimensions 4xm.c Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
9861FFmpeg Clipping Range alsdec.c read_channel_data Remote Code Executionlow🔒---
9860Simon Tatham PuTTY SSH Handshake Message Length sshdss.c getstring numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9859Samba Packet nttrans.c read_nttrans_ea_list numeric errorlow🔒🔒🔒-
9858D-Link DIR-645 bsc_sms_send.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9857D-Link DIR-645 bind.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9856D-Link DIR-645 authentication.cgi cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9855D-Link DIR-645 hedwig.cgi cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9854D-Link DIR-645 post_login.xml cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9853Symantec Backup Exec cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4676]low🔒🔒--
9852Symantec Backup Exec cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4676]low🔒🔒-🔒
9851Symantec Backup Exec NMDP information disclosure [CVE-2013-4678]low🔒🔒--
9850Symantec Backup Exec File Permission access control [CVE-2013-4677]low🔒🔒--
9849Symantec Backup Exec Bounds-Check memory corruption [CVE-2013-4575]high🔒🔒--
9848Linksys WVC54GCA/WVC80N snapshot.cgi sub_AE64 information disclosurehigh🔒---
9847Joomla CMS File Upload media.php input validationmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9846Symantec PGP/Encryption Desktop RDDService untrusted search pathmedium🔒---
9845D-Link DIR-645 info.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9844Cisco IOS OSPF Link State Advertisment Database privileges managementmedium🔒-🔒🔒
9843HP LaserJet Pro Access Control privileges management [CVE-2013-4807]medium🔒🔒🔒-
9842TYPO3 Backend File Upload privileges management [CVE-2011-3642]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9841FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_cell Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9840FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_frame_headers information disclosuremedium🔒---
9839FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_frame_headers information disclosurelow🔒---
9838FFmpeg Motion Vector svq1dec.c svq1_decode_frame information disclosuremedium🔒---
9837FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_assemble_video_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9836FFmpeg svq1dec.c svq1_decode_frame information disclosurelow🔒---
9835FFmpeg rv10.c rv20_decode_picture_header denial of servicemedium🔒---
9834FFmpeg xmv.c xmv_read_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9833FFmpeg bmv.c decode_bmv_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9832FFmpeg id3v2.c read_apic Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9831FFmpeg dfa.c decode_wdlt Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9830FFmpeg utils.c avformat_free_context denial of servicelow🔒---
9829FFmpeg Lace Parsing matroskadec.c matroska_parse_block memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9828strongSwan XAuth/EAP asn1.c is_asn1 memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
9826Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-4131]low🔒🔒🔒-
9825Splunk X-Frame-Options Remote Code Executionmedium🔒🔒--
9824Google Chrome BaseMultipleFieldsDateAndTimeInputType.cpp destroyShadowSubtree resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9823Google Chrome RadioInputType.cpp handleKeydownEvent memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9822Google Chrome ApplyStyleCommand.cpp removeInlineStyle memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9821Google Chrome RenderListItem.cpp updateMarkerLocation denial of servicemedium🔒🔒-🔒
9820Google Chrome Destruction of Style Elements memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9819Google Chrome Unload Event resource management [CVE-2013-2885]medium🔒🔒-🔒
9818Google Chrome Node.cpp unregisterMutationObserver resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9817Google Chrome apinatives.js denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
9816Google Chrome V8WindowCustom.cpp indexedSecurityCheckCustom access controlmedium🔒🔒--
9815Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro Database Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒🔒--
9814Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro WinDbg Plugin Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒🔒--
9813Microsoft Internet Explorer Garbage Collection jscript9.dll ProcessMark information disclosurelow🔒---
9812Google V8 Polymorphic Array hydrogen.cc HandlePolymorphicElementAccess Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9811FreeBSD NFS Server vfs_export.c vfs_hang_addrlist access controlmedium🔒🔒--
9810SAP NetWeaver DI Lof Viewer improper authenticationmedium🔒---
9809SAP NetWeaver DevInfPage improper authenticationmedium🔒---
9808Lenovo PC Backdoor improper authentication [Disputed]medium🔒---
9807Dovecot Input Sanitizer privileges managementmedium🔒---
9806TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Input Sanitizer setNTP.cgi os command injectionmedium🔒---
9805TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Request Validation cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
9804phpMyAdmin Version Information version_check.php cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒--
9803phpMyAdmin Request common.inc.php information disclosuremedium🔒---
9802phpMyAdmin TextLinkTransformationPlugin TextLinkTransformationsPlugin.class.php applyTransformation cross site scriptinglow🔒---
9801phpMyAdmin schema_export.php dieSchema cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9800phpMyAdmin display_tbl.lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4995]low🔒🔒--
9799phpMyAdmin index.php cross site scriptinglow🔒---
9798phpMyAdmin tbl_chart.js cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
9797phpMyAdmin server_status.php cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9796phpMyAdmin NavigationHeader.class.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
9795phpMyAdmin validate.lib.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒-🔒
9794phpMyAdmin Parameter Validation schema_export.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
9793phpMyAdmin Parameter Validation pmd_pdf.php sql injectionlow🔒🔒-🔒
9792IBM WebSphere Commerce Request Validation improper authenticationmedium🔒🔒--
9791IBM WebSphere Commerce REST Session input validation [CVE-2013-2994]medium🔒🔒--
9790IBM WebSphere Application Server Property privileges managementmedium🔒---
9789IBM WebSphere Application Server Security Domain initialize privileges managementlow🔒---
9788IBM WebSphere Application Server File Permission privileges managementlow🔒---
9787IBM WebSphere Application Server Cookie information disclosurelow🔒---
9786IBM WebSphere Application Server PFBC Configuration missing encryptionlow🔒---
9785IBM WebSphere Application Server File Permission information disclosurelow🔒---
9784IBM WebSphere Application Server Log unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
9780Wireshark DIS Dissector packet-dis-pdus.c parseFields numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9779Wireshark Bluetooth SDP Dissector packet-btsdp.c get_type_length numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9778Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c input validationmedium🔒🔒--
9777Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c dissect_dcom_ActivationProperties resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9776Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9775Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c input validationmedium🔒🔒--
9774Wireshark DVD-Cl Dissector packet-dvbci.c dissect_dvbci_tpdu_hdr input validationmedium🔒🔒--
9773Wireshark Bluetooth OBEX Dissector packet-btobex.c dissect_headers numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9772Wireshark GSM RR Dissector proto.c resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9771Wireshark GSM A Common Dissector packet-gsm_a_common.c input validationmedium🔒🔒--
9770Wireshark PROFINET Real-Time Dissector packet-smtp.c dissect_smtp null pointer dereferencemedium🔒🔒--
9769Wireshark Netmon File Parser netmon.c netmon_open memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9768Wireshark ASN.1 PER Dissector packet-per.c dissect_per_length_determinant numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9767Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c dissect_dcom_ActivationProperties resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9766Wireshark P1 Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2013-4920]medium🔒🔒--
9765Wireshark Radiotap Dissector packet-ieee80211-radiotap.c dissect_radiotap numeric errormedium🔒🔒--
9764ISC BIND RDATA rdata.c denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
9763Apache OpenOffice XML memory corruption [CVE-2013-4156]low🔒🔒--
9762Apache OpenOffice PLCF Data memory corruption [CVE-2013-2189]medium🔒🔒--
9761Symantec Web Gateway Input Sanitizer nameConfig.php os command injectionmedium🔒🔒--
9760Symantec Web Gateway SWG Console input validation [CVE-2013-4673]medium🔒🔒🔒-
9759RIM BlackBerry POP/IMAP information disclosuremedium🔒---
9758Symantec Web Gateway networkConfig.php os command injectionmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9757Symantec Web Gateway Transaction cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4671]low🔒🔒--
9756Symantec Web Gateway edit_alert.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
9755Symantec Web Gateway feedback_report.php sql injectionmedium🔒🔒--
9754Symantec Web Gateway Command sudoers access controlmedium🔒🔒--
9753Symantec Web Gateway blocked.php cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9752Symantec Web Gateway feedback_report.php cross site scriptingmedium🔒🔒-🔒
9751Microsoft Internet Explorer Elevation Policy access control [CVE-2013-4015]medium🔒-🔒-
9748Cisco ASA cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3414]medium🔒🔒🔒-
9747GnuPG L3 Cache information disclosure [CVE-2013-4242]medium🔒🔒--
9746Opera Web Browser memory corruptionlow🔒---
9745VideoLAN VLC Media Player PNG File denial of servicemedium🔒---
9744Linux Foundation Xen vmx_set_uc_mode memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
9743WhatsApp Messenger Payment authentication spoofingmedium🔒---
9742Linux Kernel Field voluntary_ctxt_switches status information disclosurelow🔒---
9741McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
9740McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis Zebra Service privileges managementlow🔒🔒--
9739Bitcoin Project bitcoind RPC Authentication Mechanism information disclosurelow🔒---
9738SAP NetWeaver GetComputerSystem information disclosurelow🔒🔒🔒-
9737Linux Kernel IPv6 Packet resource management [CVE-2013-4163]medium🔒🔒--
9736Linux Kernel IPv6 resource management [CVE-2013-4162]medium🔒🔒--
9735Django Password Reset information disclosurelow🔒---
9733FFmpeg omadec.c oma_read_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9732FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header information disclosuremedium🔒---
9731FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header information disclosuremedium🔒---
9730FFmpeg id3v2.c read_apic information disclosuremedium🔒---
9729FFmpeg aacps.c stereo_processing information disclosuremedium🔒---
9728FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c gmc1_motion information disclosuremedium🔒---
9727FFmpeg wmv2.c ff_mspel_motion denial of servicemedium🔒---
9726FFmpeg h264_refs.c ff_h264_execute_ref_pic_marking denial of servicemedium🔒---
9725FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_filter_params Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9724FFmpeg h264_cavlc.c decode_residual Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9723FFmpeg utils.c estimate_timings_from_bit_rate memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9722FFmpeg electronicarts.c process_video_header_vp6 Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9721FFmpeg vp3.c theora_decode_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9720FFmpeg wavpack.c wv_get_value Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9719Microsoft Internet Explorer Status Bar authentication spoofinglow🔒---
9718Symantec Encryption Management Server Encrypted Attachment cross site scriptinglow🔒🔒--
9717Samsung PS50C7700 HTTP Request denial of service [CVE-2013-4890]medium🔒---
9716Barracuda Networks Appliance index.cgi cross site scritinglow🔒---
9715Microsoft PowerPoint DirectShow Runtime quartz.dll GetMaxSampleSize memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9714FFmpeg dsicinav.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9713FFmpeg dsicinav.c cin_decode_rle information disclosuremedium🔒---
9712FFmpeg utils.c avformat_find_stream_info memory corruptionmedium🔒---
9711FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_mdhd Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9710FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_default Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9709FFmpeg ivi_common.c ff_ivi_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9708FFmpeg ivi_common.c ivi_init_tiles Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9707FFmpeg ivi_common.c ff_ivi_init_planes function Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9706FFmpeg ivi_common.c ivi_mc function Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9705FFmpeg riff.c ff_read_riff_info denial of servicelow🔒---
9704FFmpeg bitstream.c ff_init_vlc_sparse information disclosuremedium🔒---
9703FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c MPV_motion_internal denial of servicelow🔒---
9702FFmpeg qdm2.c qdm2_decode_init Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9701FFmpeg utils.c read_frame_internal denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
9700FFmpeg dcadec.c dca_subframe_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9699FFmpeg dcadec.c dca_subsubframe Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9698FFmpeg pcm.c pcm_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9697FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_restart_header Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9696FFmpeg pcx.c pcx_rle_decode information disclosurelow🔒---
9695FFmpeg wmavoice.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9694FFmpeg iff.c information disclosurelow🔒---
9693FFmpeg adpcm.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9692FFmpeg imc.c denial of servicemedium🔒---
9691FFmpeg atrac3.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9690FFmpeg atrac3.c atrac3_decode_init Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9689FFmpeg atrac3.c decode_channel_sound_unit Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9688FFmpeg qdm2.c Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9687Redhat Tomcat Init-scripts link following [CVE-2013-1976]medium🔒🔒--
9685Cisco Aironet 3600 Wireless LAN Controller FlexConnect/Standalone Mode memory corruptionlow🔒🔒--
9684Oracle Java SE sun.tracing.ProviderSkeleton privileges managementmedium🔒---
9683Apache HTTP Server mod_session_dbd denial of service [CVE-2013-2249]medium🔒🔒--
9682libvirt qemuAgentGetVCPUs resource managementmedium🔒🔒--
9681libvirt qemu_agent.c qemuAgentCommand denial of servicemedium🔒🔒--
9680McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9679McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Local Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9676McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention information disclosurelow🔒---
9675McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention information disclosurelow🔒---
9674KDE KDM/KCheckPass glibc crypt cryptographic issuesmedium🔒---
9672Oracle MySQL Server XA Transactions denial of service [CVE-2013-3810]low🔒---
9671Oracle MySQL Server Server Replication denial of service [CVE-2013-3812]low🔒---
9670Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-3811]low🔒---
9669Oracle MySQL Server Server Privileges unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3807]low🔒---
9668Oracle MySQL Server Server Partition Stored denial of servicelow🔒---
9667Oracle MySQL Server Server Parser denial of service [CVE-2013-3783]low🔒🔒--
9666Oracle MySQL Server Server Options Stored denial of servicelow🔒---
9665Oracle MySQL Server Server Options denial of service [CVE-2013-3808]low🔒---
9664Oracle MySQL Server Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-3796]low🔒---
9663Oracle MySQL Server Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-3804]low🔒🔒--
9662Oracle MySQL Server Prepared Statement Stored denial of servicelow🔒---
9661Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-3806]low🔒---
9660Oracle MySQL Server Full Text Search denial of service [CVE-2013-3802]low🔒🔒--
9659Oracle MySQL Server Data Manipulation Language denial of servicelow🔒---
9658Oracle MySQL Server Data Manipulation Language denial of servicelow🔒🔒🔒-
9657Oracle MySQL Server Audit Log information disclosure [CVE-2013-3809]low🔒🔒🔒-
9656Oracle MySQL Server MemCached unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3798]medium🔒---
9655Oracle MySQL Server GIS memory corruption [CVE-2013-1861]low🔒🔒--
9654Oracle Secure Global Desktop Web UI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3782]low🔒🔒🔒-
9653Oracle Secure Global Desktop Web UI Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3779]medium🔒🔒--
9652Oracle Solaris Libraries/Libc denial of service [CVE-2013-3745]low🔒---
9651Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-3787]low🔒-🔒-
9650Oracle Solaris Service Management Facility SMF denial of servicelow🔒-🔒-
9649Oracle Solaris Filesystem/DevFS denial of service [CVE-2013-3797]low🔒-🔒-
9648Oracle Solaris Kernel/VM denial of service [CVE-2013-3765]low🔒-🔒-
9647Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-3799]low🔒-🔒-
9646Oracle Solaris Utility/Remote Execution Server in.rexecd denial of servicelow🔒---
9645Oracle SPARC Enterprise M Series Servers XSCF Control Package XCP denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9644Oracle Solaris Libraries/PAM-Unix unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
9643Oracle Solaris Kernel privileges management [CVE-2013-3786]medium🔒---
9642Oracle Solaris SMF/File Locking Service denial of servicelow🔒---
9641Oracle Solaris Cluster Zone Cluster Infrastructure Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
9640Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for TimesTen privileges managementmedium🔒---
9639Oracle Solaris Kernel/VM Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
9638Oracle Solaris Driver/IDM iSCSI Data Mover denial of servicemedium🔒---
9637Oracle Solaris Kernel/STREAMS Framework denial of service [CVE-2013-3753]medium🔒-🔒-
9636Oracle Policy Automation Determinations Engine information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9635Oracle iLearning Learner Pages unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3775]low🔒🔒--
9634Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Saved Search information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9633Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Rich Text Editor unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9632Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9631Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Search Functionality unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9630Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Core Technology unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9629Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlink denial of servicelow🔒🔒--
9628Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Time/Labor unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9627Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Mobile Applications unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒🔒-
9626Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9625Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlinks unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9624Oracle Agile PLM Framework Security information disclosure [CVE-2013-3823]low🔒🔒--
9623Oracle Agile Product Collaboration Folder/File Attachment information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9622Oracle Agile Collaboration Framework Manufacturing/Mfg Parts unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9621Oracle Agile PLM Framework Web Client CS unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9620Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library Stored information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9619Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack information disclosurelow🔒🔒--
9618Oracle E-Business Suite iSupplier Portal unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9617Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒🔒-
9616Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9615Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9614Oracle E-Business Suite Landed Cost Management unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒🔒--
9613Oracle Enterprise Grid Manager User Interface Framework unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
9612Oracle Enterprise Grid Manager Schema Management unknown vulnerabilitylow🔒---
9611Oracle Hyperion BI+ Intelligence Service path traversal [CVE-2013-3803]low🔒🔒--
9610Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters denial of servicelow🔒---
9609Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters denial of servicelow🔒---
9608Oracle WebCenter Content Web Forms unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3772]low🔒🔒--
9607Oracle WebCenter Content Site Studio unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3769]low🔒🔒🔒-
9606Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener information disclosure [CVE-2010-0434]low🔒🔒🔒-
9605Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener memory corruption [CVE-2005-3352]low🔒🔒-🔒
9604Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2011-0419]low🔒🔒-🔒
9603Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2011-3348]low🔒🔒🔒-
9602Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2687]low🔒🔒--
9601Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5000]low🔒🔒-🔒
9600Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6388]low🔒---
9599Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5752]low🔒-🔒🔒
9598Oracle Access Manager SSO Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3755]low🔒🔒--
9597Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener memory corruption [CVE-2010-0425]low🔒--🔒
9596Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2008-2364]low🔒--🔒
9595Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener denial of service [CVE-2007-3847]low🔒--🔒
9594Oracle HTTP Server Proxy Plug-In mod_proxy_http.c information disclosurelow🔒🔒-🔒
9593Oracle Oracle WebCenter Content Content Server missing encryptionlow🔒🔒--
9592Oracle Oracle Endeca Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3764]low🔒---
9591Oracle Oracle Endeca Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3763]low🔒---
9590Oracle Oracle JRockit Java Runtime Environment integer coercionmedium🔒🔒--
9589Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3790]low🔒---
9588Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalationlow🔒---
9587Oracle Database Server Oracle Executable Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
9586Oracle Database Server Oracle Executable Local Privilege Escalationmedium🔒---
9585Oracle Database Server Network Layer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3774]medium🔒---
9584Oracle Database Server XML Parser privileges management [CVE-2013-3751]high🔒-🔒-
9583Cisco IOS Group Encrypted Transport VPN Group Domain of Interpretation access controlmedium🔒🔒--
9582Symantec Workspace Virtualization fslx.sys NtQueryValueKey memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9581Red Hat rpcbind libtirpc svc_dg_getargs resource managementmedium🔒---
9580Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS Restore sCloudBackupProvider.apk information disclosurelow🔒---
9579Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS Restore sCloudBackupProvider.apk information disclosurelow🔒---
9578IBM AIX ibstat privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒-
9577IBM AIX .arp.ib. privileges managementmedium🔒🔒🔒🔒
9576IBM Java denial of service [CVE-2013-4002]medium🔒🔒🔒🔒
9575IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3012]high🔒🔒--
9574IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3011]high🔒🔒--
9573IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3010]high🔒🔒--
9572IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-3009]medium🔒🔒🔒-
9571IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3008]high🔒🔒--
9570IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3007]high🔒🔒--
9569IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3006]high🔒🔒--
9568Apache Struts DefaultActionMapper input validation [CVE-2013-2248]low🔒🔒--
9567Apache Struts DefaultActionMapper input validation [CVE-2013-2251]high🔒🔒-🔒
9566Cisco IDSM-2 IDSM-2 Drivers denial of service [CVE-2013-3411]medium🔒🔒--
9565Cisco IPS NME IP Packet memory corruption [CVE-2013-3410]medium🔒🔒--
9564Cisco Intrusion Prevention System IP Packet memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9563Cisco Intrusion Prevention System IP Stack memory corruptionmedium🔒🔒--
9562GNU C Library longjmp input validationhigh🔒---
9561Red Hat Enterprise Linux Filesystem namei.c do_filp_open access controllow🔒---
9560Autodesk AutoCad 2014 DWG File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3665]high🔒🔒--
9559Google Glass QR Code Reader access control [CVE-2013-4872]medium🔒-🔒-
9558Novell GroupWise Client Javascript/Active X Script cross site scriptingmedium🔒--🔒
9557Tumblr Credential Transmission credentials management [CVE-2013-4873]low🔒🔒🔒-
9556Cisco Unified IP Phone Serviceability Servlet access controllow🔒🔒--
9555Cisco Identity Services Engine Web Interface cross-site request forgerymedium🔒🔒--
9554SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server SSL Renegotiation Request denial of servicelow🔒🔒--