Submit #343450: Kashipara College Management System ≤1.0 XSS injectioninfo

TitleKashipara College Management System ≤1.0 XSS injection
DescriptionXSS injection vulnerability exists in class_name parameter of submit_enroll_staff.php file of College Management System With XSS,cybercriminals can turn trusted websites into malicious ones,thus causing inordinate harm and damage not only to the victims but also to the reputation of the trusted website's owner. Websites that are compromised by XSS can cause any number of threats to attack a user's system.This can involve anything from inappropriate content being displayed to malware being downloaded onto the system without the user knowing. Payload: class_name=MCA'"()%26%25<zzz><ScRiPt%20>alert(9494)</ScRiPt> Source Download´╝Ü
UserSSL_Seven_Security Lab_WangZhiQiang_XiaoZiLong (ID 38936)
Submission05/23/2024 04:57 PM (2 months ago)
Moderation05/25/2024 08:17 AM (2 days later)
VulDB Entry266282

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