Submit #347403: Labvantage LIMS 2017 SQL Injectioninfo

TitleLabvantage LIMS 2017 SQL Injection
DescriptionIssue Overview: * Vendor: Labvantage * Product: Labvantage LIMS * Endpoint: /labvantage/rc?command=page&page=SampleList&_iframename=list * Vulnerable Parameter: param1 * Type of Vulnerability: SQL Injection Description of the Vulnerability During penetration testing, an SQL injection vulnerability was discovered in the param1 parameter of the POST request to the specified endpoint. This vulnerability allows an attacker to manipulate the SQL query by injecting arbitrary SQL code.
UserFarouk (ID 69824)
Submission05/30/2024 09:24 PM (2 months ago)
Moderation06/08/2024 09:38 AM (9 days later)
VulDB Entry267454

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