Tools 2001

90322Mantis Trojan privileges management
90318Fatal Connections Trojan privileges management
90310Basilix Webmail login.php3 command injection🔒
90183DC Scripts DCForum path traversal
90158Activestate Activeperl Path information disclosure
90157Host Server Side Scripting information disclosure
90153BEA WebLogic HTTP GET Request snoop information disclosure
90151Apache Tomcat Data denial of service
89662University of Washington wu-ftpd Globbing denial of service🔒
89657Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall URL privileges management
89633Apache HTTP Server information disclosure
89632AuthPG code injection
89526Microsoft Outlook Security Update privileges management
89523Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation
89508Inktomi Search Ultraseek Server information disclosure🔒
89370Netscape Enterprise Server information disclosure
89224Zope cross site scriting🔒
89220Microsoft IIS IDC File Path information disclosure
89211Apache Tomcat Error Message Path information disclosure
89209Oracle Oracle9iAS HTTP Header denial of service
89186Oracle mod_auth_oracle Module privileges management
89182MySQL AB mod_auth_mysql improper authentication
88806Linksys Router hard-coded credentials🔒
88795FTP Server memory corruption
88689Host Trojan Horse privileges management
88674Macromedia JRun Source information disclosure
88671Microsoft Windows Hotfix Catalog privileges management
88662Klez Worm privileges management
88631Host Badtrans Worm privileges management
88581Microsoft IIS asp.dll information disclosure🔒
88488Music City KaZaA/Morpheus Web Server File privileges management🔒
88486Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall Config privileges management🔒🔒🔒
88484BEA WebLogic default.jsp Source information disclosure🔒
88483Apache HTTP Server server-info information disclosure🔒
88482Apache HTTP Server server-status information disclosure🔒
88481Check Point Software Firewall-1 Client Authentication Web Server information disclosure🔒
88480PHP Path information disclosure🔒
88475L10n Worm backdoor🔒
88472Check Point Firewall-1 SecureRemote information disclosure🔒
88446Check Point Firewall-1 Client Authentication information disclosure🔒
88444Webmin information disclosure🔒
88414Baltimore MAILsweeper for SMTP Archive File denial of service🔒
88411Michael Lamont Savant Web Server HTTP GET Request denial of service🔒
88356McAfee myCIO HTTP Server information disclosure🔒
88355ISC BIND information disclosure🔒
88353FreeBSD Health Daemon information disclosure🔒
88352Oracle One-Hour Install Web Server improper authentication🔒
88351Oracle Administration Web Server Config privileges management🔒
88350SiteScope Management Web Server information disclosure🔒
88349SiteScope Administration Web Server Config privileges management🔒
88348Amanda Index Server Version information disclosure🔒
88347Tripwire Software Web Pages information disclosure🔒
88346VisualRoute privileges management🔒
88342AOLserver hard-coded credentials🔒
88341Sun Cobalt Administration Web Server missing encryption🔒
88340F5 BIG-IP improper authentication [CVE-1999-0508]🔒🔒🔒
88329802.11b Wireless Protocol missing encryption🔒
88297SiteScope testssi.ssi information disclosure🔒
88295BEA WebLogic Server path traversal🔒
88292MySQL Server Version information disclosure🔒
88287IBM HTTP Server Source information disclosure🔒
88286Microsoft Windows Endpoint Mapper information disclosure🔒
88285Microsoft Windows CIS information disclosure🔒
88280Microsoft Windows DCE/RPC information disclosure🔒
88272CGI Script Local Privilege Escalation🔒
88270Compaq WBEM boot.ini information disclosure🔒
88256Microsoft SQL Server hard-coded credentials🔒
88250Sendmail privileges management🔒
88249cgiemail cross site scriting🔒
86872Sun Solaris getgrnam memory corruption
82508IBM AIX bellmail race condition
82096HP HP-UX inetd denial of service
82094HP HP-UX Support Tools Manager stm denial of service
82093HP HP-UX Support Tools Manager cstm denial of service
81998Microsoft IIS WebDAV Request denial of service
81997Linksys EtherFast Passwd.htm Password information disclosure
81951NAI PGP Keyserver cs.exe improper authentication🔒
81946QVT/Term FTP Server path traversal
81895SSH CRC-32 detect_attack memory corruption🔒
81826Post-Nuke Path information disclosure🔒
81730Novell Netware Management Portal information disclosure🔒
81727Macromedia ColdFusion Debug Mode .cfm privileges management🔒
81725IBM Lotus Notes information disclosure🔒
81724Symantec pcAnywhere privileges management🔒
17962Microsoft XML Core Services XMLHTTP Control privileges management🔒🔒
17954Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒
17934IBM AIX PSSP create_keyfiles denial of service
17916Cray UNICOS NQS Daemon format string [CVE-2001-0891]
17904OpenBSD OpenSSH Challenge-Response improper authentication [CVE-2001-1585]🔒
17903Michael Barretto Cardboard input validation [CVE-2001-1584]
17902Sun Solaris LPD Service privileges management [CVE-2001-1583] [Disputed]🔒🔒🔒
17901Sun Solaris LDAP Naming Service libsldap memory corruption
17900Clearswift MAILsweeper Content-Type Header privileges management
17899Nombas Scriptease Webserver viewcode.jse path traversal🔒🔒🔒
17898UnixWare/OpenUnix timed denial of service [CVE-2001-1579]
17897SCO OpenServer CPU Register unknown vulnerability [CVE-2001-1578]
17896Caldera OpenUnix CDE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1577]
17895Caldera UnixWare cron memory corruption [CVE-2001-1576]
17894Apple Personal Web Sharing Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2001-1575]
17893Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall HttpSaveCSP.dll memory corruption
17892Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall Configuration Parameter smtpscan.dll memory corruption
17891Linux Kernel Netfilter privileges management [CVE-2001-1572]🔒
17890Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Client missing encryption [CVE-2001-1571]
17889Microsoft Windows Fast User Switching denial of service [CVE-2001-1570]
17888CMG Openwave WAP Gateway SSL Certificate authentication spoofing
17887CMG WAP Gateway SSL Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1568]
17886IBM Lotus Domino Server Database File privileges management [CVE-2001-1567]🔒🔒🔒
17885Verge Perdition __vanessa_logger_log format string
17884Apple Mac OS X Point to Point Protocol Daemon Password information disclosure
17883HP HP-UX setrlimit denial of service [CVE-2001-1564]
17882Apache Tomcat Servlet Resource handler Remote Code Execution [Disputed]
17881nvi Filename format string [CVE-2001-1562]🔒🔒
17880John Bovey Xvt memory corruption [CVE-2001-1561]🔒🔒
17879Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface win32k.sys ShowWindow denial of service
17878OpenBSD UIPC System Call uipc_syscalls.c fdrelease null pointer dereference
17877Snort IP Defragmenter frag2 denial of service [CVE-2001-1558]
17876IBM AIX FTPD memory corruption [CVE-2001-1557]🔒
17875Apache HTTP Server Log File authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1556]
17874Sun Solaris pt_chmod fdetach privileges management
17873IBM AIX PMTU denial of service [CVE-2001-1554]
17872University of California SETI@home Command Line Option memory corruption
17871Microsoft Windows SSDP Service ssdpsrv.exe denial of service [Disputed]
17870Linux Kernel setuid Program privileges management [CVE-2001-1551]
17869Centra Smart Connect Basic Authentication cleartext storage [CVE-2001-1550]
17868Tiny Personal Firewall TCP Packet privileges management [CVE-2001-1549]
17867ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm TCP Packet privileges management [CVE-2001-1548]
17866Microsoft Outlook Express Forward Email privileges management
17865Mckesson Pathways Homecare pwhc.ini missing encryption
17864Macromedia JRun Session ID improper authentication [CVE-2001-1545]
17863Macromedia JRun GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-1544]🔒🔒
17862AXIS Network Camera Default Account improper authentication [CVE-2001-1543]🔒
17861Network Associates WebShield SMTP MIME Encoded Attachment memory corruption
17860BSDI BSD-OS uucp memory corruption [CVE-2001-1541]
17859David F. Mischler IPRoute Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2001-1540]
17858Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript settimeout memory corruption [Disputed]
17857SpeedXess HA-120 DSL Router Default Account improper authentication
17856Twig Webmail Cookie config.php Password missing encryption
17855Autogalaxy Cookie Password missing encryption
17854Open Source Development Network Slashcode Session ID improper authentication
17853Apache HTTP Server mod_usertrack improper authentication [CVE-2001-1534]
17852Microsoft ISA Server UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-1533] [Disputed]
17851Web Crossing WebX Board Message privileges management [CVE-2001-1532]
17850Apple Claris Emailer Attachment Filename memory corruption [CVE-2001-1531]
17849Webmin Temp File run.cgi privileges management🔒
17848IBM AIX rpc.yppasswdd memory corruption [CVE-2001-1529] [Disputed]🔒🔒
17847Amtote International Homebet Authentication User information disclosure
17846Easyscripts Easynews settings.php Password missing encryption
17845Easyscripts Easynews index.php cross site scriting
17844Easyscripts Easynews Comment template.dat path traversal
17843Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke user.php cross site scriting
17842DMOZGateway cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1523]
17841Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke IMessenger im.php cross site scriting
17840PostNuke user.php cross site scriting
17839Intel Xircom REX Serial Monitor improper authentication [CVE-2001-1520]
17838Microsoft Windows Named Pipe runas.exe denial of service [Disputed]
17837Microsoft Windows Terminal Server runas.exe denial of service [Disputed]
17836Microsoft Windows Authentication runas.exe Memory information disclosure [Disputed]
17835Hans Wolters phpReview cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1516]
17834Microsoft Windows NTFS privileges management [CVE-2001-1515]
17833Macromedia ColdFusion createprocess privileges management
17832Macromedia JRun Session ID privileges management [CVE-2001-1513]
17831Macromedia JRun JavaServer Pages META-INF privileges management
17830Macromedia JRun JavaServer Pages privileges management [CVE-2001-1511]
17829Macromedia JRun URL privileges management [CVE-2001-1510]🔒🔒🔒
17828HP HP-UX geteuid privileges management [CVE-2001-1509]
17827SCO OpenServer lpstat memory corruption [CVE-2001-1508]
17826OpenBSD OpenSSH Kerberos improper authentication [CVE-2001-1507]🔒
17825HP Secure OS File Access privileges management [CVE-2001-1506]
17824Tinc Session improper authentication [CVE-2001-1505]
17823IBM Lotus Notes Event privileges management [CVE-2001-1504]
17822Sun Solaris Finger Daemon User information disclosure🔒🔒
17821Mountain Network Systems Webcart webcart.cgi privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17820ProFTPD Wildcard Character glob memory allocation🔒🔒
17819ProFTPD Reverse DNS Entry privileges management [CVE-2001-1500]🔒
17818Check Point VPN-1 SecuRemote User information disclosure
17817Markus Kliegl mod_bf Script memory corruption [CVE-2001-1498]
17816Microsoft Internet Explorer Password Field privileges management
17815Acme Labs thttpd Basic Authentication off-by-one [CVE-2001-1496]
17814Freshmeat Network Query Tool Phpnuke network_query.php privileges management
17813Andries Brouwer util-linux script Command symlink [CVE-2001-1494]🔒
17811Opera Web Browser Image memory leak [CVE-2001-1491]
17810Mozilla Image memory leak [CVE-2001-1490]
17809Microsoft Internet Explorer Image memory leak [CVE-2001-1489]
17808Open Projects Network IRCd DNS Lookup authentication spoofing [Disputed]
17807Qualcomm Qpopper popauth symlink [CVE-2001-1487]
17806Alcatel ADSL Modem TFTP Server privileges management [CVE-2001-1484]
17805Nrl Opie Passphrase User information disclosure
17804phpBB bb_memberlist.php sql injection
17803Imatix Xitami Password default.aut cleartext storage
17802Sun Java SDK Clipboard Access privileges management [CVE-2001-1480]
17801Sun Management Center smcboot smc$smc_port symlink
17800UnixWare/OpenUnix xlock memory corruption [CVE-2001-1478]
17799BEA Tuxedo Authorization privileges management [CVE-2001-1477]
17798Ipswitch IMail listadm1 privileges management
17797Abe Timmerman Zml zml.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
17796Daydream BBS Control Code format string [CVE-2001-1208]
17795Van Dyke SecureCRT SSH Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2001-1466]
17794Cisco ubr925 Router SNMP Service improper authentication [CVE-2001-1210]🔒🔒
17793Daydream BBS Control Code memory corruption [CVE-2001-1207]
17792Matrixs CGI Vault Last Lines Shell privileges management [CVE-2001-1206]🔒🔒
17791Matrixs CGI Vault Last Lines lastlines.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
17790Cherokee httpd Port Binding privileges management [CVE-2001-1433]🔒🔒
17789Cherokee httpd Web Server path traversal [CVE-2001-1432]🔒🔒
17788Total PC PHP Rocket Add-In path traversal [CVE-2001-1204]🔒🔒
17787Delegate 403 Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1202]
17786Namazu Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1352]
17785Alessandro Rubini gpm gpm-root format string [CVE-2001-1203]🔒🔒
17784Hughes mSQL Array denial of service [CVE-2001-1225]
17783ELSA Lancom Office Web Admin Interface privileges management
17782Namazu Index File cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1351]
17781AdCycle sql injection [CVE-2001-1226]🔒
17780Les Vanbrunt AdRotate Pro get_input sql injection
17779IBM AIX Authentication Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1440]
17778D-Link DWL-1000AP SNMP Service hard-coded credentials [CVE-2001-1221]
17777D-Link DWL-1000AP SNMP Password information disclosure
17776Oracle Application Server PL SQL Apache Module path traversal🔒🔒🔒
17775Oracle Application Server Help Page memory corruption [CVE-2001-1216]🔒🔒🔒
17774Atmel Firmware SNMP Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0888]
17773Debian Linux glob memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
17772GNU Mailman Authentication cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0884]
17771Ian Lance Taylor uuxqt uux privileges management [CVE-2001-0873]🔒🔒
17770OpenBSD OpenSSH UseLogin Option privileges management [CVE-2001-0872]🔒🔒
17769Alchemy Eye/Network Monitor HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0871]🔒🔒🔒
17768Alchemy Eye/Network Monitor Log File eye.ini information disclosure
17767Cyrus SASL Library Logging common.c _sasl_syslog format string🔒
17766Iomega ZIP 100 MB Drive Password Protection improper authentication
17765Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript self.location denial of service
17764Microsoft Internet Explorer Chinese Character denial of service
17763Michael Baumer PFinger .plan format string
17762Microsoft SQL Server C Runtime format string [CVE-2001-0879]
17761Microsoft Windows UPnP denial of service [CVE-2001-0877]🔒🔒🔒🔒
17760Microsoft Windows UPnP memory corruption [CVE-2001-0876]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17759Microsoft SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2001-0542]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17758University of Cambridge Exim Pipe privileges management [CVE-2001-0889]🔒
17757Datawizard FtpXQ Default Configuration Password information disclosure
17756Aktivate catgy.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒
17755Magic eDeveloper symlink
17754Timecop WMCube GDK Object Description File wmcube-gdk memory corruption
17753Microsoft Windows Lock Screen improper authentication [CVE-2001-1200]
17752Steve Kneizys Agora Debug Mode agora.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
17751Webmin edit_action.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
17750Marcus S. Xenakis Unix Manual URL manual.php privileges management
17749HP HP-UX RLPDaemon privileges management [CVE-2001-1198]
17748Novell GroupWise Servlet Gateway privileges management [CVE-2001-1195]🔒🔒🔒
17747KDE KDEUtils Temp File klprfax.filter symlink
17746ZyXEL Prestige IP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-1194]
17745Microsoft Internet Explorer Content Header privileges management🔒🔒
17744Khamil Landross and Zack Jones EFTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-1193]
17743Citrix ICA Client ICA File privileges management [CVE-2001-1192]
17742IBM WebSphere Application Server JSP sas.server.props Password information disclosure
17741Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame privileges management [CVE-2001-0874]
17740Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux passwd missing encryption [CVE-2001-1190]🔒
17739HP-UX/Sun Solaris/IBM AIX/OpenServer/IRIX Telnet/Rlogin Service memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17738IBM Tivoli Secureway Policy Director WebSeal denial of service🔒🔒
17737Brian Dorricott MAILTO Form mailto.exe privileges management
17736Mutasem Abudahab CSVForm privileges management
17735Microsoft IIS Content-Length Header denial of service [CVE-2001-1186]
17734SANE Backend Driver symlink [CVE-2001-0890]
17733FreeBSD AIO memory corruption [CVE-2001-1185]
17732Denicomp Winsock RSHD-NT Port wrshdsp.exe denial of service
17731Nara Vision Kebi Community privileges management [CVE-2001-0953]
17730Lotus Domino Database denial of service [CVE-2001-0954]🔒🔒
17729THQ Volition Red Faction denial of service [CVE-2001-0952]
17728Microsoft Windows IKE denial of service [CVE-2001-0951]
17727Wliang Wmtv privileges management [CVE-2001-1272]🔒🔒
17726PHP Safe Mode error_log access control
17725Cisco IOS Fragmentation privileges management [CVE-2001-0867]🔒
17724Cisco IOS ACL privileges management [CVE-2001-0866]🔒
17723Cisco IOS Fragmentation privileges management [CVE-2001-0865]🔒
17722Cisco IOS ACL Rule privileges management [CVE-2001-0864]🔒
17721Cisco IOS Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2001-0863]🔒
17720Cisco IOS Fragmentation privileges management [CVE-2001-0862]🔒
17719Cisco IOS ICMP Unreachable Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0861]🔒
17718Microsoft Windows Network Address Translation authentication spoofing
17717Red Hat Linux Korean privileges management [CVE-2001-0859]
17716Openunix/UnixWare PPP Utilities memory corruption [CVE-2001-0858]
17715IMP Horde Cookie status.php3 cross site scriting🔒
17714IBM 4758 Common Cryptographic Architecture missing encryption
17713Rational Software ClearCase db_loader memory corruption [CVE-2001-0855]
17712Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke File case.filemanager.php privileges management🔒
17711Entrust GetAccess AboutBox.gas.bat path traversal
17710Red Hat TUX HTTP Server Host Header denial of service [CVE-2001-0852]
17709Linux Kernel Syncookie Firewall privileges management🔒
17708Caldera Openlinux libdb1 vsnprintf memory corruption
17707Duncan Hall Viralator Download privileges management [CVE-2001-0849]🔒🔒🔒
17706E-zone Media Fuse Talk join.cfm sql injection
17705Lotus Domino Web Server Default Navigator information disclosure🔒
17704Lotus Domino Web Administration Interface webadmin.ntf privileges management🔒
17703DEC OpenVMS DECwindows Motif Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0845]
17702Seth Leonard Post-It! privileges management [CVE-2001-0844]
17701Squid Proxy FTP Proxy denial of service [CVE-2001-0843]🔒🔒
17700Leoboard LB5000 Cookie search.cgi path traversal
17699Ikonboard Cookie search.cgi path traversal
17698Compaq Insight Manager XE SNMP/DMI memory corruption [CVE-2001-0840]
17697Ibill Internet Billing Company Processing Plus Management System improper authentication🔒🔒🔒
17696Network Solutions Rwhoisd soa Command format string [CVE-2001-0838]🔒🔒🔒
17695Deltathree PC-to-Phone Installation temp.html information disclosure
17694Oracle Application Server Web Cache GET Request memory corruption🔒🔒
17693Bradford Barrett Webalizer Keyword/HostName cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒🔒
17692ht:/Dig Config File privileges management [CVE-2001-0834]🔒🔒🔒🔒
17691Oracle Database Server memory corruption [CVE-2001-0833]
17690Oracle Database Server symlink [CVE-2001-0832]
17689Oracle Database Server Audit Feature privileges management [CVE-2001-0831]
17688Wojtek Kaniewski 6tunnel Socket denial of service [CVE-2001-0830]
17687Apache Tomcat JSP Request cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0829]🔒
17686Caucho Technology Resin Hyperlink cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0828]
17685Grant Averett Ceberus FTP Server Command denial of service [CVE-2001-0827]
17684ACLogic CesarFTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0826]🔒🔒🔒🔒
17683xinetd String memory corruption [CVE-2001-0825]
17682SGI Performance Co-Pilot pmpost NOTICES symlink
17681Packet Knights FPF Linux Kernel Module Fragmentation denial of service
17680Dcscripts Dcshop HTTP GET Request auth_user_file.txt Password information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
17679Gaztek Ghttp protocol.c memory corruption🔒🔒
17678Fetchmail To Field memory corruption [CVE-2001-0819]🔒🔒
17677Marty Bochane MDBMS Console Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0818]
17676HP HP-UX Line Printer Daemon privileges management [CVE-2001-0817]🔒
17675OpenBSD OpenSSH SFTP Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0816]🔒
17674Activestate Activeperl HTTP Request Encoding perlis.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
17673HP HP-UX CIFS Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0809]🔒
17672Yngve Svendsen Gnatsweb privileges management
17671Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript privileges management
17670Apple Mac OS X Ddesktop Folder privileges management [CVE-2001-0806]
17669Tarantella Tarantella Enterprise ttawebtop.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
17668Valerie Mates Interactive Story path traversal🔒🔒🔒🔒
17667Open Group CDE Common Desktop Environment dtspcd memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17666SGI IRIX lpstat privileges management [CVE-2001-0801]
17665SGI IRIX lpsched privileges management [CVE-2001-0800]
17664SGI IRIX lpsched memory corruption [CVE-2001-0799]
17663SGI IRIX IGMP Multicast denial of service [CVE-2001-0796]
17662Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access privileges management [CVE-2001-0726]
17661Microsoft Internet Explorer about URL Cookie privileges management
17660Microsoft Windows UPnP memory allocation [CVE-2001-0721]
17659Microsoft Internet Explorer BinHex/MacBinary File privileges management
17658Microsoft Windows Media Player ASF File memory corruption [CVE-2001-0719]
17657Citrix Metaframe Connection denial of service [CVE-2001-0716]
17656IBM AIX lpd memory corruption [CVE-2001-0671]🔒
17655Microsoft Windows Terminal Server denial of service [CVE-2001-0663]🔒
17654Valicert Enterprise Validation Authority Administration Server rand improper authentication
17653Valicert Enterprise Validation Authority Administration Server forms.exe memory corruption
17652Valicert Enterprise Validation Authority Certificate Description cross site scriting
17651Valicert Enterprise Validation Authority Extension forms.exe Path information disclosure
17650Red Hat Linux Apmd LOW_POWER symlink
17649Microsoft Outlook Express Long Line memory corruption [CVE-2001-0945]
17648Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC DDE Message privileges management [CVE-2001-0944]
17647Easyscripts Easynews News Message Path information disclosure
17646Oracle Database Server dbsnmp memory corruption [CVE-2001-0941]
17645Lotus Domino SunRPC denial of service [CVE-2001-0939]
17644Persits AspUpload DirectoryListing.asp path traversal🔒🔒🔒
17643Matt Wright PGPMail privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17642Frox Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0936]
17641Expect snailtalk privileges management🔒
17640SCO OpenServer inetd denial of service [CVE-2001-0896]
17639University of Washington wu-ftpd glob memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17638Oracle Database Server dbsnmp privileges management [CVE-2001-0942]
17637Apache HTTP Server Directory information disclosure [CVE-2001-1449]🔒
17636University of Washington wu-ftpd Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-0935]🔒
17635Cooolsoft PowerFTP Command Path information disclosure
17634Cooolsoft PowerFTP Command information disclosure [CVE-2001-0933]
17633Cooolsoft PowerFTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0932]
17632Cooolsoft PowerFTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0931]
17631Sendpage Command privileges management
17630Cisco IOS Firewall Feature privileges management [CVE-2001-0929]🔒
17629GNOME libgtop Daemon Authentication permitted memory corruption🔒🔒
17628Macromedia JRun SSIFilter Source information disclosure
17627Red Hat Stronghold GET Request information disclosure [CVE-2001-0868]🔒🔒
17626Celtech Software ExpressFS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1514]🔒🔒
17625LBL tcpdump Packet ip_print infinite loop
17624GNOME Libgtop Daemon syslog_io_message format string🔒🔒
17623Sun Netdynamics ndcgi.exe information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
17622Patrick Schemitz Autonice Daemon Process Name format string [CVE-2001-0920]
17621Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0919]
17620Microsoft Internet Explorer File Download Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒
17619Namazu namazu.cgi cross site scriting
17618IBM Informix Web Datablade ifx path traversal [CVE-2001-0924]🔒
17617SuSE Linux SuSEHelp privileges management [CVE-2001-0918]
17616Apache Tomcat JSP Path information disclosure🔒
17615Network Solutions Rwhoisd Syslog format string [CVE-2001-0913]🔒
17614Netscape Communicator Password Field cleartext storage [CVE-2001-0921]
17613Berkeley Pmake memory corruption [CVE-2001-0916]
17612Berkeley Pmake format string [CVE-2001-0915]
17611Linux Kernel ELF Loader denial of service [CVE-2001-0914]
17610PHP-Nuke/PostNuke Cookie Password missing encryption🔒
17609EMC NetWorker DNS authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0910]🔒🔒
17608Microsoft Windows Help Center helpctr.exe memory corruption
17607Citrix Metaframe Log IP Address authentication spoofing
17606Microsoft Internet Explorer MS01-055 Patch information disclosure
17605Intel High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection Linear Key Exchange cleartext storage
17604Microsoft IIS Web Log Entry authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0902]
17603Rhinosoft Serv-U Password Authentication cryptographic issues
17602Hypermail Attachment Filename privileges management [CVE-2001-0901]
17601GNU gzip File Name memory corruption [CVE-2001-1228]🔒🔒
17600Francisco Burzi Gallery modules.php path traversal🔒
17599Rick Fournier Network Tools privileges management [CVE-2001-0899]🔒
17598Opera Web Browser Javascript privileges management [CVE-2001-0898]
17597Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board IMG Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0897]
17596Cisco IOS ARP Packet authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0895]🔒
17594Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript Cookie privileges management
17593OpenBSD vi.recover privileges management [CVE-2001-1415]
17592Acme Labs Mini HTTPd GET Request File information disclosure
17591Acme Labs thttpd GET Request information disclosure [CVE-2001-0892]
17590Midnight Commander mcedit memory corruption [CVE-2001-1429]
17589Wietse Venema Postfix SMTP Server memory allocation [CVE-2001-0894]🔒🔒
17588Netfilter Core Team Iptables Rate Limit privileges management
17587Netfilter Core Team Iptables iptables-save authentication spoofing
17586Progress Database format string [CVE-2001-1129]
17585Apache HTTP Server split-logfile privileges management [CVE-2001-0730]🔒
17584Compaq Management Agents Web Interface memory corruption [CVE-2001-0728]
17583Microsoft Excel/PowerPoint Data Stream privileges management
17582Tooltalk Database Server syslog format string🔒🔒🔒🔒
17581Sendmail RestrictQueueRun information disclosure [CVE-2001-0715]🔒🔒
17580Sendmail RestrictQueueRun denial of service [CVE-2001-0714]🔒🔒
17579Sendmail Configuration File privileges management [CVE-2001-0713]🔒🔒
17578Microsoft Internet Explorer MIME Type privileges management [CVE-2001-0712]🔒
17577IDS Encoded URL privileges management [CVE-2001-0669]
17576Microsoft Internet Explorer Services for UNIX privileges management
17575Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access resource consumption [CVE-2001-0666]
17574Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTP Request Encoding privileges management
17573Microsoft Internet Explorer Dotless IP Address authentication spoofing
17572Microsoft Windows RPC Endpoint Mapper denial of service [CVE-2001-0662]🔒
17571Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access User information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
17570Sun Solaris xlock memory corruption [CVE-2001-0652]🔒
17569Microsoft IIS Redirect denial of service [CVE-2001-0545]🔒🔒
17568Microsoft IIS MIME Header denial of service [CVE-2001-0544]🔒🔒
17567Microsoft Windows Terminal Server memory leak [CVE-2001-0540]🔒🔒
17566Macromedia Coldfusion Server HTTP Host privileges management🔒🔒
17565Microsoft Services Request memory leak [CVE-2001-0505]
17564Red Hat RPM Package Manager Query memory corruption [CVE-2001-0923]
17563RSA SecurID Debug Mode privileges management [CVE-2001-1462]
17562RSA SecurID WebID path traversal [CVE-2001-1461]
17561Handspring Visor VisorPhone Springboard denial of service [CVE-2001-1438]
17560Linux Kernel ptrace privileges management [CVE-2001-1384]🔒
17559OpenBSD OpenSSH Key authorized_keys2 privileges management🔒
17558Linux Kernel Symlink symlink [CVE-2001-0907]🔒
17557Procmail Signal privileges management [CVE-2001-0905]🔒🔒
17556Perception LiteServe MS DOS Device Name Source information disclosure
17555A-FTP Anonymous FTP Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0794]🔒🔒
17554Xchat Nickname format string [CVE-2001-0792]
17553Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall Config privileges management
17552Specter IDS Alert resource consumption [CVE-2001-0790]
17551Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus avpkeeper memory corruption [CVE-2001-0789]
17550Internet Software Solutions Air Messenger LAN Server Location Header Path information disclosure
17549LPRng privileges management [CVE-2001-0787]
17548Internet Software Solutions Air Messenger LAN Server pUser.Dat Password missing encryption
17547Internet Software Solutions Air Messenger LAN Server Webpaging Interface path traversal
17546Icecast URL Encoding path traversal [CVE-2001-0784]🔒🔒
17545Cisco TFTP Server GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0783]
17544KDE ktvision Configuration File symlink [CVE-2001-0782]
17543Cosmicperl Directory Pro cosmicpro.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
17542HP-UX/Sun Solaris/Caldera OpenServer rpc.yppasswdd memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
17541Omnicron OmniHTTPD GET Request Source information disclosure🔒🔒
17540Omnicron OmniHTTPD PHP Script memory allocation [CVE-2001-0777]
17539Dynfx Mailserver POP3 Service memory corruption [CVE-2001-0776]🔒
17538xloadimage FACES Image memory corruption [CVE-2001-0775]🔒🔒
17537Tripwire Temp File tmp symlink🔒
17536Cayman 3220-H DSL Router TCP Connect Request denial of service
17535HP HP-UX CDE memory corruption [CVE-2001-0772]
17534Spytech SpyAnywhere Login access control [CVE-2001-0771]🔒
17533Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd SITE Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0770]🔒🔒🔒🔒
17532Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd NULL Character memory leak [CVE-2001-0769]
17531Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd Password Storage default.usr missing encryption
17530Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0767]🔒🔒
17529Apache HTTP Server HFS+ File System privileges management [CVE-2001-0766]
17528Bisonware Bison FTP Server BDL File symlink [CVE-2001-0765]
17527Juergen Schoenwaelder Scotty ntping memory corruption [CVE-2001-0764]
17526xinetd Ident Response svc_logprint memory corruption🔒🔒
17525su-wrapper memory corruption [CVE-2001-0762]
17524Trend Micro Interscan Webmanager Manager HttpSave.dll memory corruption
17523Citrix Nfuse launch.asp Path information disclosure
17522Jetico Bestcrypt bctool memory corruption [CVE-2001-0759]
17521Evolvable Shambala Server Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0758]
17520Cisco 6400 NRP2 Telnet improper authentication [CVE-2001-0757]🔒
17519Virtualcart Virtualcatalog memory corruption
17518Debian Linux FTPD memory corruption [CVE-2001-0755]🔒🔒
17517Cisco CBOS ICMP Echo denial of service [CVE-2001-0754]🔒
17516Cisco CBOS NVRAM cleartext storage [CVE-2001-0753]
17515Cisco CBOS ICMP Echo denial of service [CVE-2001-0752]🔒
17514Cisco CBOS Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0751]🔒
17513Cisco IOS TCP Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0750]🔒
17512Acme Labs Acme.Serve URI input validation [CVE-2001-0748]
17511Iplanet Web Server HTTP Method memory corruption [CVE-2001-0747]
17510Iplanet Web Server URI memory corruption [CVE-2001-0746]🔒
17508Horde IMP Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-0744]
17507OReilly Webboard Paging denial of service [CVE-2001-0743]
17506Computalynx CMail POP3 Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0742]
17505Cisco HSRP Packet RFC2281 denial of service
175043com OfficeConnect 812/OfficeConnect 840 Service format string🔒
17503Engardelinux Secure Linux Guardian Digital WebTool privileges management
17502sysklogd Log Message denial of service
17501Logitech Cordless Freedom Navigator Synch privileges management
17500pine/pico symlink [CVE-2001-0736]🔒
17499Infodrom cfingerd ALLOW_LINE_PARSING .nofinger memory corruption🔒🔒
17498NetBSD Hitachi Super-H Architecture privileges management [CVE-2001-0734]🔒
17497Ralf S. Engelschall ePerl sinclude Directive privileges management🔒🔒
17496Apple Mac OS X NetInfo Manager privileges management [CVE-2001-1447]
17495Snes9x memory corruption [CVE-2001-1015]
17494Novell GroupWise path traversal [CVE-2001-1458]🔒🔒
17493Trend Micro OfficeScan Configuration File ofcscan.ini Password information disclosure🔒🔒
17492PostNuke Authentication article.php sql injection
17491Ipswitch IMail Web Calendar memory corruption [CVE-2001-1287]
17490Ipswitch IMail Session ID information disclosure [CVE-2001-1286]🔒
17489Ipswitch IMail readmail.cgi path traversal
17488Ipswitch IMail Session ID improper authentication [CVE-2001-1284]
17487Ipswitch IMail Webmail Interface printmail.cgi memory corruption🔒🔒
17486Ipswitch IMail Attachment Path information disclosure
17485Ipswitch IMail Web Messaging Server privileges management [CVE-2001-1281]
17484Ipswitch IMail POP3 Server User information disclosure
17483Advanced Poll Flat File Database privileges management [CVE-2001-1423]
17482Zope privileges management [CVE-2001-1278]🔒
17481Zope DTML Format Checker privileges management [CVE-2001-1227]🔒
17480Cisco PIX Firewall Manager pfm.log cleartext storage
17479Sun Solaris Basic Security Module privileges management [CVE-2001-1414]
17478IBM AIX muxatmd memory corruption [CVE-2001-1096]🔒
17476Cisco IOS Cisco Discovery Protocol memory allocation [CVE-2001-1071]🔒
17475Nokia Firewall Appliance SYN Defender information disclosure
17474Typsoft FTP Server Command denial of service [CVE-2001-1156]🔒🔒
17473Andries Brouwer util-linux PAM Module login Password information disclosure🔒
17472Progress Database memory corruption [CVE-2001-1128]
17471Spencer Miles W3Mail Compose Message Page sendmessage.cgi privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17470AOL Instant Messenger Font denial of service [CVE-2001-1421]
17469AOL Instant Messenger WAV File denial of service [CVE-2001-1418]
17468AOL Instant Messenger Buddy Icon denial of service [CVE-2001-1417]
17467Progress Database memory corruption [CVE-2001-1127]
17466Symantec LiveUpdate DNS denial of service [CVE-2001-1126]
17465Symantec LiveUpdate authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1125]
17464BSD Line Printer Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2001-0670]🔒
17463AOL Instant Messenger Message denial of service [CVE-2001-1419]
17462Zorbat Zorbstats privileges management [CVE-2001-1299]
17461Grant Horwood Webodex privileges management [CVE-2001-1298]
17460Actionpoll helperfunction.php privileges management
17459Marc Logemann More.groupware privileges management [CVE-2001-1296]
17458Peaceworks Computer Consulting Phormation privileges management
17457Sebastian Bunka myphpPagetool privileges management [CVE-2001-1236]
17456Derek Leung pSlash privileges management [CVE-2001-1235]
17455Gallery privileges management [CVE-2001-1234]🔒
17454phpAdsNew privileges management [CVE-2001-1054]🔒
17453Emergenices Personnel Information System Empris privileges management
17452Dark Hart Portal darkportal HTTP Request privileges management
17451CCCSoftware CCC privileges management [CVE-2001-1050]
17450Paul M. Jones Phorecast HTTP Request privileges management [CVE-2001-1049]
17449topher1kenobe AWOL HTTP Request privileges management [CVE-2001-1048]🔒
17448HP HP-UX rpcbind memory corruption [CVE-2001-1124]🔒🔒
17447HP Openview Network Node Manager Hostname memory corruption [CVE-2001-1123]
17446Apache HTTP Server Multiview Directory information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
17445AmTote Homebet homebet.log Password information disclosure
17444PGP Keyserver Authentication cgi-bin improper authentication🔒🔒
17443OpenBSD OpenSSH Authentication information disclosure [CVE-2001-1382]🔒
17442Com2001 Alexis Server Web Access Password information disclosure
17441Com2001 Alexis Server Voicemail Password Storage com2001.ini privileges management
17440Charles Clark Meteor FTPD Command path traversal [CVE-2001-1031]
17439Red Hat Linux Setserial privileges management
174383com 3CR29223 HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-1293]
17437Compaq TruCluster Port Scan denial of service [CVE-2001-1033]
17436SLRN Binary Decoder privileges management [CVE-2001-1035]🔒🔒
17435Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Configuration File admin.php privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒
17434IBM HACMP SNMPD denial of service [CVE-2001-0998]
17433Hylafax Faxsurvey faxalter format string🔒🔒
17432XFree86 X11r6 Glyph fbglyph.c memory corruption
17431Xcache URL Path information disclosure
17430Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 Authentication Code memory corruption
17429OpenBSD OpenSSH libutil login.conf privileges management🔒
17428Lotus Domino GET Request IP Address information disclosure
17427Valve Software Half-Life Console memory corruption [CVE-2001-0964]
17426Pi-Soft SpoonFTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0963]
17425FreeBSD/NetBSD IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2001-0710]
17424Microsoft IIS Unicode Character Source information disclosure
17423Denicomp REXECD denial of service [CVE-2001-0708]
17422Denicomp RSHD Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0707]
17421Maxum Development Rumpus FTP Server Command denial of service
17420Arcadia Internet Store tradecli.dll path traversal [CVE-2001-0705]
17419Arcadia Internet Store tradecli.dll Path information disclosure
17418Arcadia Internet Store MS DOS Device Name tradecli.dll denial of service
17417Grant Averett Ceberus FTP Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0702]
17416Sun SunVTS ptexec memory corruption
17415w3m Base64 MIME Decodr memory corruption [CVE-2001-0700]🔒🔒
17414Sun Solaris System Service Processor Package cb_reset memory corruption
17413NetWin SurgeFTP path traversal [CVE-2001-0698]
17412Netwin SurgeFTP denial of service [CVE-2001-0697]
17411Netwin SurgeFTP MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2001-0696]
17410Texas Imperial Software WFTPD Floppy Device denial of service
17409Texas Imperial Software WFTPD Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0694]
17408WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server URL privileges management
17407WatchGuard Firebox 2500/Firebox 4500 Base64 MIME Decodr privileges management
17406University of Washington Imapd Config memory corruption [CVE-2001-0691]🔒
17405University of Cambridge Exim Batched SMTP Mode format string🔒🔒
17404Trend Micro Virus Control System Config File privileges management
17403Transsoft Broker FTP Server Command denial of service [CVE-2001-0688]
17402Transsoft Broker FTP Server Command information disclosure [CVE-2001-0687]
17401Sun Solaris Mail Client memory corruption [CVE-2001-0686]
17400Thibault Godouet Fcron symlink [CVE-2001-0685]
17399Netscape Collabra Server denial of service [CVE-2001-0684]
17398Netscape Collabra Server memory leak [CVE-2001-0683]
17397QPC Software NET/Term FTPD memory corruption [CVE-2001-0681]
17396QPC Software NET/Term Web Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0680]🔒🔒🔒
17395Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall reggo.dll memory corruption [CVE-2001-0678]
17394Qualcomm Eudora Attachment Filename privileges management [CVE-2001-0677]
17393Ritlabs The Bat Attachment Filename path traversal [CVE-2001-0676]
17392Ritlabs The Bat Email denial of service [CVE-2001-0675]
17391RobTex Viking Server Web Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0674]
17390HP HP-UX Line Printer Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2001-0668]🔒
17389Microsoft Windows IrDA Driver memory corruption [CVE-2001-0659]🔒
17388Microsoft ISA Server URL cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0658]
17387Sendmail DEBUG memory corruption [CVE-2001-0653]🔒
17386Cisco IOS BGP UPDATE Message privileges management [CVE-2001-0650]🔒
17385Apple Personal Web Sharing HTTP Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0649]🔒🔒
17384PHProjekt path traversal [CVE-2001-0648]
17383Maxum Development Rumpus FTP Server Directory Name denial of service
17382Axent NetProwler Default Password improper authentication [CVE-2001-0645]
17381Maxum Development Rumpus FTP Server User Database cleartext storage
17380Microsoft Internet Explorer CLSID authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0643]🔒
17379Incredimail content.ini path traversal
17378man memory corruption [CVE-2001-0641]
17377Raytheon Silentrunner cle.exe memory corruption
17376HP Openview Network Node Manager ovactiond privileges management
17375Microsoft ISA Server Proxy Service memory leak [CVE-2001-0547]
17374Microsoft ISA Server H.323 memory leak [CVE-2001-0546]
17373Microsoft Windows NNTP Service memory leak [CVE-2001-0543]
17372Microsoft Windows Media Player NSC File memory corruption [CVE-2001-0541]
17371Microsoft Windows RPC Server denial of service [CVE-2001-0509]
17370Microsoft IIS WebDAV denial of service [CVE-2001-0508]🔒🔒🔒
17369Microsoft IIS Path privileges management [CVE-2001-0507]🔒🔒
17368Microsoft IIS Server-Side Include ssinc.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
17367IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite Session ID Cookie improper authentication
17366IBM Lotus Domino HTTP Header information disclosure [CVE-2000-1215]
17365Aladdin Enterprises Ghostscript privileges management [CVE-2001-1353]
17364John E. Davis MOST memory corruption [CVE-2001-0961]🔒🔒
17363Michael Boehme Webdiscount E-Shop Online Shop privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17362CA ARCserve Backup Share aremote.dmp Password missing encryption🔒
17361CA ARCserve Backup Share ARCSERVE$ privileges management
17360Microsoft IIS Index Server SQLQHit.asp information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
17359HP HP-UX libsecurity denial of service [CVE-2001-1136]
17358Counterpane Password Safe Password Database missing encryption
17357Khamil Landross and Zack Jones EFTP lnk File memory corruption🔒🔒
17356Khamil Landross and Zack Jones EFTP eftp2users.dat Password missing encryption
17355Khamil Landross and Zack Jones EFTP NetBIOS Request User information disclosure
17354Khamil Landross and Zack Jones EFTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-1109]🔒🔒
17353RSA BSAFE SSL-J SDK Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2001-1105]
17352Red Hat Linux Apache User information disclosure🔒🔒
17351Microsoft Outlook Express Plain Message cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0999]
17350Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall eManager register.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
17349Apple Mac OS X Find-By-Content .FBCIndex information disclosure🔒🔒
17348Crosstec NetOp School Access Restriction privileges management
17347Textor Webmasters Ltd. Listrec privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17346SpeechIO SpeechD Festival/rsynth privileges management [CVE-2001-0956]
17345Mozilla Bugzilla Security Check privileges management [CVE-2001-1407]
17344Mozilla Bugzilla process_bug.cgi privileges management
17343Mozilla Bugzilla sanitycheck.cgi denial of service
17342Mozilla Bugzilla Email cleartext storage [CVE-2001-1404]
17341Mozilla Bugzilla URL Password information disclosure
17340Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1402]
17339Mozilla Bugzilla describecomponents.cgi privileges management
17338Leon J Breedt pam-pgsql Authentication sql injection [CVE-2001-1369]
17337Compaq Tru64 msgchk memory corruption [CVE-2001-1093]
17336Compaq Tru64 msgchk .mh_profile symlink
17335Alessandro Gardich nss_postgresql HTTP Request sql injection
17334Alessandro Gardich nss_postgresql HTTP Request libnss-pgsql sql injection
17333Check Point Firewall-1 Policy File symlink [CVE-2001-1102]
17332Check Point Firewall-1 Log Viewer privileges management [CVE-2001-1101]
17331SeaGlass Technologies sglMerchant path traversal [CVE-2001-1019]🔒🔒
17330Hassan Consulting Shopping Cart privileges management🔒🔒
17329Randy Parker Power Up HTML path traversal🔒🔒
17328Symantec Norton Antivirus Default Configuration Path information disclosure
17327Merit AAA Radius Server rlmadmin symlink
17326Fetchmail fetchmailconf link following
17325D-Link Dl-704 IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2001-1137]
17324Baltimore Technologies WEBsweeper Blacklist Filter privileges management
17322Vibechild Directory Manager edit_image.php passthru privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17321screen symlink [CVE-2001-1012]
17320Kabotie Software Technologies Shopplus Cart shopplus.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
17319Network Associates Gauntlet Firewall SMAPD/CSMAPD memory corruption
17318FreeBSD rmuser Utility master.passwd privileges management
17317NAI PGP User ID authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1016]
17316Marconi ForeThought Telnet Session denial of service [CVE-2001-0994]
17315Inter7 vpopmail Authentication libvpopmail.a cleartext storage
17314HP HP-UX swverify memory corruption [CVE-2001-0979]
17313HP HP-UX Login btmp privileges management
17312Bell Communications Research S-Key Password Sequence privileges management
17311POP3Lite Message privileges management [CVE-2001-0996]
17310Microsoft Windows DNS Server authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1452]
17309Webridge PX Application Suite Error Message information disclosure
17308Apache HTTP Server mod_rewrite privileges management [CVE-2001-1072]
17307Sage Software MAS 200 denial of service [CVE-2001-1070]
17306Adobe Acrobat Reader AdobeFnt.lst privileges management🔒
17305Qualcomm Qpopper PAM Authentication User information disclosure
17304AOL Server HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-1067]
17303Netscape Communicator ns6install symlink
17302Cisco CBOS Configuration Utility privileges management [CVE-2001-1065]
17301Cisco CBOS HTTP/Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-1064]
17300Caldera OpenUnix uidadmin memory corruption [CVE-2001-1063]
17299Caldera OpenServer memory corruption [CVE-2001-1062]
17298IBM AIX lsmcode Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1061]🔒
17297Oracle Database Server Log File symlink [CVE-2001-1041]
17296HP JetAdmin Admin Password improper authentication [CVE-2001-1040]
17295HP JetAdmin Admin Web Interface improper authentication [CVE-2001-1039]
17294GNU findutils Formatted Filename Database memory corruption [CVE-2001-1036]
17293WindowMaker Windows Title memory corruption [CVE-2001-1027]🔒🔒
17292Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke mainfile.php sql injection🔒
17291Eric Raymond Fetchmail IMAP4/POP3 Server access control [CVE-2001-1009]🔒🔒
17290Sun Java Plug-in Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1008]
17289Starfish Truesync Desktop Password improper authentication [CVE-2001-1007]
17288Starfish Truesync Desktop File privileges management [CVE-2001-1006]
17287Starfish Truesync Desktop Password missing encryption [CVE-2001-1005]
17286Gnutella Client File Name cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1004]
17285WebCT Respondus WEBCT.SVR missing encryption
17284Red Hat Linux lpd privileges management [CVE-2001-1002]🔒🔒🔒
17283PHProjekt HTTP Request privileges management [CVE-2001-0995]
17282Ultraedit FTP Password uedit32.ini information disclosure
17281HP CIFS-9000 Server Unix Password Sync privileges management
17280HP Process Resource Manager privileges management [CVE-2001-0976]
17279Fraunhofer Fit BSCW symlink [CVE-2001-0973]
17278Surf-Net ASP Forum Session Cookie improper authentication [CVE-2001-0972]
17277ACI 4D Webserver Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0971]
17276TDavid TD Forum tdforum12.cgi cross site scriting
17275FreeBSD ipfw privileges management [CVE-2001-0969]
17274Knox Software Arkeia Default Account improper authentication
17273Knox Software Arkeia Salt crypt missing encryption
17272Nudester Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0966]
17271glFTPD Command denial of service [CVE-2001-0965]🔒
17270Oracle Database Server dbsnmp privileges management [CVE-2001-0943]
17269Cisco IOS Management Interface denial of service [CVE-2001-0711]🔒
17268IBM Network Appliance Data ONTAP ikeyman Java Class Creation memory corruption
17267Check Point Firewall-1 denial of service [CVE-2000-1201]
17266Microsoft Windows LsaQueryInformationPolicy information disclosure🔒
17265PostgreSQL pg_pwd cleartext storage
17264Qualcomm Qpopper POP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-1198]
17263University of Washington IMAP POP2/POP3 Server denial of service
17262Netscape PublishingXpert PSCOErrPage.htm privileges management🔒🔒
17261Caldera Openlinux Edesktop Telnet Daemon improper authentication
17260ArGoSoft FTP Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-1194]🔒🔒🔒
17259SGI IRIX Performance Copilot denial of service [CVE-2000-1193]🔒
17258BTT Software SNMP Trap Watcher memory corruption [CVE-2000-1192]
17257ht://Dig htsearch Configuration File Path information disclosure🔒🔒
17256Jon Atkins imwheel .imwheelrc symlink
17255Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server PHP IMAP Client denial of service
17254xinetd memory corruption [CVE-2001-1389]🔒
17253Guiseppe Tanzilli and Matthias Eckermann mod_auth_pgsql sql injection🔒🔒
17252PhpMyExplorer index.php path traversal🔒
17251ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Mutex Object privileges management [CVE-2001-0682]
17249Caldera OpenUnix lpsystem memory corruption [CVE-2001-1153]
17248KTH Kerberos Telnet missing encryption [CVE-2001-1444]
17247KTH Kerberos Telnet Client missing encryption [CVE-2001-1443]
17246Netegrity SiteMinder Unicode URL privileges management [CVE-2001-1455]
17245FreeBSD TCP Wrapper privileges management [CVE-2001-1155]
17244NetBSD dump_lfs privileges management
17243A-V Tronics InetServ Webmail Interface memory corruption [CVE-2001-1294]
17242Trend Micro Virus Buster cgiWebupdate.exe File information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
17241Working Resources Inc. Badblue Request Source information disclosure
17240ASCII NT WinWrapper Request path traversal [CVE-2001-1139]
17239Sun Chilisoft Configuration File privileges management [CVE-2001-0634]
17238Sun Chilisoft codebrws.asp path traversal
17237Sun Chilisoft Installation privileges management [CVE-2001-0632]
17236Centrinity Firstclass Spam Filter privileges management [CVE-2001-0631]
17235MIMAnet Source Viewer viewsrc.cgi path traversal
17234SCO OpenServer vi symlink [CVE-2001-0627]
17233OReilly Website Professional URL Path information disclosure
17232CA InoculateIT FTPD ftpdownload.log symlink
17231Alliedtelesyn AT-AR220e Portmapper privileges management [CVE-2001-0617]
17230Carello E-Commerce URL privileges management [CVE-2001-0614]🔒🔒
17229Omnicron OmniHTTPD POST Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0613]🔒🔒
17228McAfee Remote Desktop 32 Port denial of service [CVE-2001-0612]
17227HP MPE AIF privileges management [CVE-2001-0608]
17226HP HP-UX asecure privileges management [CVE-2001-0607]
17225Sun iPlanet Web Server HTTPS Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0606]
17224Headlight Software MyGetright DLD File or privileges management
17223Anaconda Clipper path traversal [CVE-2001-0593]🔒
17222Oracle Application Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0591]🔒
17221Juniper Netscreen ScreenOS Traffic privileges management [CVE-2001-0589]
17220Sendmail memory corruption [CVE-2001-0588]
17219SCO OpenServer MMDF 2.43.3b deliver memory corruption
17218Trend Micro Scanmail Exchange Registry missing encryption [CVE-2001-0586]
17217Gordano NTMail Web Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0585]
17216Alt-N MDaemon IMAP Server denial of service [CVE-2001-0584]🔒🔒
17215Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient aux denial of service🔒
17214Ben Spink CrushFTP Server Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0582]🔒
17213Spytech Spynet Chat denial of service [CVE-2001-0581]
17212Hughes Technologies Virtual DNS Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0580]
17211SCO OpenServer lpadmin memory corruption [CVE-2001-0579]
17210SCO OpenServer lpforms memory corruption [CVE-2001-0578]
17209SCO OpenServer recon memory corruption [CVE-2001-0577]
17208SCO OpenServer lpusers memory corruption [CVE-2001-0576]
17207SCO OpenServer lpshut memory corruption [CVE-2001-0575]
17206SSH/OpenSSH Authentication missing encryption [CVE-2001-0572]🔒🔒🔒🔒
17205Elron IM Message Inspector Web Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0571]
17204Digital Creations Zope PropertySheet unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
17203Zope ZClasses privileges management [CVE-2001-0568]🔒🔒
17202APC AP9606 Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0564]
17201Paul Vixie Cron Username strcpy memory corruption🔒
17200NEdit Backup symlink [CVE-2001-0556]🔒🔒
17199OReilly Website Pro Remote manager Service dyn denial of service
17198Matt Wright FormMail Spam privileges management🔒🔒
17197Grant Averett Cerberus FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2001-1295]
17196FreeBSD linprocfs Memory information disclosure
17195Panda Antivirus Platinum UPX Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-1149]
17194BSDI BSD OS Kernel denial of service [CVE-2001-1133]
17193Whitsoft Development SlimFTPd Read path traversal [CVE-2001-1131]
17192Lotus Domino SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-2000-1203]🔒🔒
17191Mirabilis ICQ URL privileges management [CVE-2001-1305]🔒🔒🔒
17190FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD FTS Routine path traversal [CVE-2001-1145]
17189Novell NetWare Directory Services ndsobj.nlm User information disclosure
17188Novell GroupWise WebAccess Directory information disclosure
17187Novell GroupWise Smart Card Caching missing encryption [CVE-2001-1231]
17186ZyXEL Prestige Telnet/FTP Port privileges management [CVE-2001-1135]🔒🔒
17185Red Hat Linux Swap File information disclosure [CVE-2001-0635]
17184HP Openview Network Node Manager Event Correlation Service memory corruption
17183Microsoft Word AutoRecovery File Macro privileges management
17182Cisco Content Services Switch 11000 Web Management privileges management
17181Cisco Content Services Switch 11000 FTP Server privileges management
17180Faust Informatics Freestyle Chat MS DOS Device Name aux denial of service
17179Faust Informatics Freestyle Chat URL path traversal [CVE-2001-0615]
17178Rimarts Becky Internet Mail Message memory corruption [CVE-2001-0611]
17177Jason Rahaim Mp3mystic URL path traversal [CVE-2001-0574]
17176Minicom format string [CVE-2001-0570]
17175Zope ZClass Mapping privileges management [CVE-2001-0567]🔒🔒
17174Cisco Catalyst 2900XL Switch SNMP input validation [CVE-2001-0566]
17173Sun Solaris mailx memory corruption [CVE-2001-0565]🔒
17172Electrosoft Electrocomm Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0563]
17171Drummond Miles A1Stats URL a1disp.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
17170Drummond Miles A1Stats a1disp4.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
17169Paul Vixie Cron crontab privileges management [CVE-2001-0559]🔒🔒
17168T. Hauck Jana Web Server MS DOS Device Name aux denial of service🔒🔒
17167T. Hauck Jana Web Server Hex Encoded URL handler path traversal
17166Screaming Media Siteware privileges management [CVE-2001-0555]🔒🔒
17165MIT Kerberos Telnet Daemon telrcv memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
17164SSH Password Authentication privileges management [CVE-2001-0553]🔒
17163Symantec LiveUpdate Password Storage cleartext storage [CVE-2001-0549]
17162Sun Solaris dtmail memory corruption [CVE-2001-0548]
17161Microsoft Outlook View ActiveX Control privileges management
17160IBM AIX libi18n memory corruption [CVE-2001-0533]
17159Spearhead NetGAP 200/NetGAP 300 Encoded URL privileges management
17158OpenBSD OpenSSH X Forwarding symlink [CVE-2001-0529]🔒
17157Oracle E-Business Suite Log FNDPUB11I.DLL Password information disclosure
17156DCscripts DCForum Registration Database dcboard.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
17155Sun Solaris mailtool Xview memory corruption
17154dqs dsh memory corruption [CVE-2001-0525]
17153eEye SecureIIS HTTP Header privileges management [CVE-2001-0524]
17152eEye SecureIIS Filter privileges management [CVE-2001-0523]
17151GNU Privacy Guard tty_printf format string🔒🔒
17150Aladdin Knowledge Systems eSafe Gateway Filter privileges management
17149Aladdin eSafe Gateway Filter privileges management [CVE-2001-0520]
17148Aladdin eSafe Gateway Filter privileges management [CVE-2001-0519]
17147Microsoft Windows SMTP Service privileges management [CVE-2001-0504]🔒
17146Sambar Server Telnet Proxy memory corruption [CVE-2001-1292]
17145Sixhead SIX-webboard generate.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
17144NetCode NC Book book.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
17143Trolltech Trollftpd memory corruption [CVE-2001-1113]
17142Baltimore Technologies WEBsweeper privileges management [CVE-2001-1157]
17141Linksys BEFSR41 Password.htm Source information disclosure
17140Xerox Docuprint N40 denial of service [CVE-2001-1134]
17139Emacs/Xemacs rcs2log symlink [CVE-2001-1301]
17138Avaya Argent Office SNMP Service improper authentication [CVE-2001-1262]
17137Avaya Argent Office Hold Music authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1261]
17136Avaya Argent Office Password Storage missing encryption [CVE-2001-1260]
17135Avaya Argent Office UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-1259]
17134Orange Web Server GET Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0647]🔒
17133Netwin SurgeFTP Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2001-1356]
17132phpBB prefs.php sql injection
17131NullSoft SHOUTcast Server HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-1304]🔒🔒
17130Microsoft Windows lsass.exe denial of service
17129Ti Kan xmcd symlink [CVE-2001-1119]
17128SuSE Linux sdbsearch.cgi privileges management🔒🔒🔒
17127Roxen Webserver Encoded URL privileges management [CVE-2001-1118]
17126Identix Biologon Screen Lock improper authentication [CVE-2001-1116]
17125QNX FAT Partition fs-dos information disclosure
17124Simple Asynchronous File Transfer Sendfile privileges management🔒🔒
17123Iplanet Calendar Server LDAP Server cleartext storage [CVE-2001-0620]
17122Lucent Orinoco SSID missing encryption [CVE-2001-0619]
17121Lucent Orinoco RG-1000 WEP missing encryption [CVE-2001-0618]
17120KDE kfm tmp symlink
17119Infodrom cfingerd syslog format string🔒
17118Lotus Domino URL denial of service [CVE-2001-0604]
17117Lotus Domino Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0603]
17116Lotus Domino URL denial of service [CVE-2001-0602]🔒🔒
17115Lotus Domino HTTP Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0601]
17114Lotus Domino HTTP Header denial of service [CVE-2001-0600]
17113Sybase Adaptive Server Anywhere denial of service [CVE-2001-0599]
17112Symantec Norton Ghost Configuration Server denial of service
17111Zetetic Enterprises Strip improper authentication [CVE-2001-0597]
17110Netscape Communicator GIF Comment cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0596]🔒🔒
17109Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2001-0595]🔒🔒
17108Sun Solaris kcms_configure memory corruption [CVE-2001-0594]🔒
17107WatchGuard Firebox II Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0592]
17106Apache Tomcat URL Source information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
17105IBM AIX lsfs privileges management [CVE-2001-0573]
17104phpBB auth.php privileges management
17103phpMyAdmin tbl_rename.php privileges management
17102VMware Workstation vmware-log.USERNAME privileges management
17101Wolfram Research Mathematica License Manager denial of service
17100Linux Kernel IP Masquerading ip_masq_ir privileges management
17099Microsoft Windows ARP denial of service [CVE-2001-1055]
17098Id Software Quake 3 Arena Connection denial of service [CVE-2001-1289]🔒🔒
17097Microsoft Windows Command Prompt csrss.exe denial of service
17096Entrust getAccess login.gas.bat privileges management
17095Masqmail Alias privileges management [CVE-2001-1173]
17094Snapstream PvsPersonal Video Station URL path traversal [CVE-2001-1108]🔒🔒
17093Snapstream Personal Video Station Password Storage SSD.ini cleartext storage
17092GNU groff format string [CVE-2001-1022]🔒🔒
17091Ipswitch WS FTP Server FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-1021]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
17090Sambar Server Key missing encryption [CVE-2001-1106]
17089SonicWALL SOHO TCP Sequence Number authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1104]🔒
17088Mambo Site Server index2.php information disclosure
17087Cisco IOS UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-1097]
17086NetBSD sendmsg denial of service
17085Scott R. Lemmon Proxomitron Naoko-4 Error Message cross site scriting
17084Richard Everitt Pileup memory corruption [CVE-2001-0989]
17083Knox Software Arkeia File Permission privileges management [CVE-2001-0988]
17082IBM Tivoli Secureway Policy Director path traversal [CVE-2001-0982]
17081Sambar Server pagecount path traversal🔒🔒
17080Nathan Neulinger CGIWrap Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0987]🔒🔒
17079PHPLib prepend.php3 privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒
17078Horde IMP Config File prefs.lang information disclosure🔒🔒
17077Horde IMP JavaScript cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1257]🔒🔒
17076Cisco IOS HTTP Server improper authentication [CVE-2001-0537]🔒🔒🔒
17075Merit Radius memory corruption [CVE-2001-0534]🔒🔒
17074Oracle Listener denial of service [CVE-2001-0518]
17073Oracle8i Listener denial of service [CVE-2001-0517]
17072Oracle Listener denial of service [CVE-2001-0516]
17071Oracle Database Server Listener denial of service [CVE-2001-0515]
17070Atmel Firmware SNMP privileges management [CVE-2001-0514]🔒🔒
17069Oracle9i denial of service [CVE-2001-0513]
17067Microsoft Windows LDAP Server improper authentication [CVE-2001-0502]🔒
17066Microsoft Word Macro Warning privileges management [CVE-2001-0501]
17065Microsoft Indexing Service ISAPI Extension idq.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
17064Oracle TNS Listener memory corruption [CVE-2001-0499]🔒
17063Oracle Transparent Network Substrate denial of service [CVE-2001-0498]
17062ISC BIND dnskeygen/dnssec-keygen information disclosure [CVE-2001-0497]
17061AIX/NetBSD/IRIX/Solaris Line Printer Daemon in.lpd memory corruption🔒
170603com AirConnect AP-4111 SNMP Password information disclosure
17059Microsoft Windows Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0351]
17058Microsoft Windows Telnet Service privileges management [CVE-2001-0350]
17057Microsoft Windows Telnet Privilege privileges management [CVE-2001-0349]
17056Microsoft Windows Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0348]
17055Microsoft Windows Telnet Domain User information disclosure
17054Microsoft Windows Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0346]
17053Microsoft Windows Telnet Session denial of service [CVE-2001-0345]
17052Microsoft SQL Server Mixed Mode privileges management [CVE-2001-0344]🔒🔒
17051Microsoft Windows Visual Studio RAD fp30reg.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
17050Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0340]
17049Microsoft Windows Message Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0018]
17047Host Telnet Client information disclosure [CVE-2000-0892]
17046IBM Lotus Notes ECL privileges management [CVE-2000-0891]
17045Netwin DMail/SurgeFTP NWAuth 2.0/3.0 memory corruption [CVE-2001-1355]
17044Netwin DMail/SurgeFTP NWAuth 2.0/3.0 missing encryption [CVE-2001-1354]
17043IBM alphaWorks TFTP Server path traversal [CVE-2001-1265]
17042TCL TK Library privileges management [CVE-2001-1375]🔒
17041Don Libes Expect tmp privileges management🔒
17040PHPSlice Permission checkAccess privileges management
17039Netscript Variables information disclosure [CVE-2001-1366]
17038OSI Codes IntraGnat Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1365]
17037Project Purple AutoDNS Domain Name Remote Code Execution
17036phpWebSite Domain privileges management [CVE-2001-1363]🔒
17035Horsburgh nPULSE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1362]
17034Twig Web Information Gateway mailto Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-1361]
17033Mostang SANE pnm/saned privileges management [CVE-2001-1360]
17032HP HP-UX mkacct privileges management [CVE-2001-1264]
17030ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm MailSafe privileges management [CVE-2001-1373]
17029Check Point Firewall-1 SecuRemote information disclosure [CVE-2001-1303]🔒🔒
17028Microsoft Windows Password Change NetuserChangePassword User information disclosure
17027Squid Proxy ACL http_accel_with_proxy privileges management🔒
17026LBL tcpdump AFS RPC Packet print-rx.c memory corruption🔒
17025Steve Grimm Un-CGI HTML Form privileges management [CVE-2001-1242]
17024Steve Grimm Un-CGI CGI Script privileges management [CVE-2001-1241]
17023HP HP-UX Login privileges management [CVE-2001-1182]
17022XFree86 X11r6 xman privileges management [CVE-2001-1179]
17021Samsung ML-85P Printer Driver Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-1177]
17020docview man Page Converter privileges management [CVE-2001-0980]
17019Oracle Internet Directory LDAP format string [CVE-2001-0974]
17018Id Software Quake UDP denial of service [CVE-1999-1569]
17017Oracle Internet Directory LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1321]
17016PGP Keyserver LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1320]
17015Microsoft Exchange LDAP denial of service [CVE-2001-1319]
17014Qualcomm Eudora Worldmail Server LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1318]
17013Teamware Office LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1317]
17012Teamware Office LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1316]
17011Critical Path Injoin Directory Server LDAP memory corruption
17010Critical Path Injoin Directory Server LDAP memory corruption
17009IBM Lotus Domino R5 LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1313]
17008IBM Lotus Domino R5 LDAP format string [CVE-2001-1312]
17007IBM Lotus Domino R5 LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1311]🔒
17006IBM Secureway Directory LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1310]
17005IBM Secureway Directory LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1309]
17004Sun iPlanet Directory Server LDAP format string [CVE-2001-1308]
17003Sun iPlanet Directory Server LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1307]
17002Sun iPlanet Directory Server LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2001-1306]
17001Microsoft Windows Task Manager services.exe privileges management
17000HP HP-UX Dynamically Loadable Kernel Module privileges management
16999OpenLDAP slapd denial of service [CVE-2001-0977]🔒🔒
16998Oracle Internet Directory LDAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2001-0975]
16997Lucent Radius lucent path traversal
16996Adcycle Authentication sql injection
169953com Superstack II PS Hub Telnet Server improper authentication
16994Rarsoft Rar path traversal [CVE-2001-1271]
16993Pkware Pkzip path traversal [CVE-2001-1270]
16992Info-ZIP UnZip privileges management [CVE-2001-1269]🔒
16991Info-ZIP UnZip Filename path traversal [CVE-2001-1268]🔒
16990GNU tar path traversal [CVE-2001-1267]🔒
16989Cisco IOS PPTP denial of service [CVE-2001-1183]🔒
16988Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 Control Connection format string
16987ArGoSoft FTP Server Password missing encryption [CVE-2001-1142]
16986Macromedia ColdFusion privileges management [CVE-2001-1427]
16985Engardelinux Secure Linux sudo privileges management [CVE-2001-1240]
16984XFree86 X11r6 xman memory corruption [CVE-2001-1178]
16983Lee Herron AllCommerce Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-1146]
16982McAfee ASaP Virusscan HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2001-1144]🔒🔒
16981IBM DB2 Universal Database db2jds.exe denial of service🔒🔒🔒
16980Allaire Coldfusion Server privileges management [CVE-2001-1120]
16979Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router Connection denial of service [CVE-2001-1038]
16978xinetd Umask privileges management [CVE-2001-1322]🔒🔒
16977FreeBSD Signal exec privileges management
16976OpenSSL/SSLeay Pseudo-Random Number Generator missing encryption🔒
16975Opera Web Browser HTTP Header denial of service [CVE-2001-1245]
16974Check Point Firewall-1/VPN-1 RDP base.def accept_fw1_rdp privileges management
16973Trend Micro Interscan Applettrap URL privileges management [CVE-2001-1026]
16972IRIX/Linux/Windows MSS denial of service [CVE-2001-1244]
16971Lucent Radius Log Message format string [CVE-2001-1081]🔒
16970Basilix Webmail basilix.php3 path traversal🔒🔒
16969Cobalt Qube WebMail readmsg.php path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16968Network Appliance Netcache Config config.http.tunnel.allow_ports privileges management
16967Jon Zeeff Lmail Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-1085]
16966Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2001-1076]
16965Microsoft IIS Device File asp.dll Scripting.FileSystemObject denial of service X11 Cookie gettimeofday improper authentication
16963Sun Cobalt RaQ poprelayd information disclosure [CVE-2001-1075]🔒🔒
16962Doug Neal DNHTTPD path traversal [CVE-2001-1266]
16961IBM Visualage for Java URL cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1441]
16960Lotus Domino Server URL cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1161]🔒
16959SquirrelMail Variables load_prefs.php privileges management
16957Macromedia JRun Error cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1084]
16956Transsoft Broker FTP Server lnk File privileges management [CVE-2001-1042]
16955Novell BorderManager TCP SYN denial of service [CVE-2001-0486]
16954Crosswind Cyberscheduler websyncd websync.exe memory corruption
16953Cisco CBOS Terminal information disclosure [CVE-2001-0444]
16952QPC Software QVT-NET popd memory corruption [CVE-2001-0443]
16951licq Logging memory corruption [CVE-2001-0440]🔒
16950licq URL system privileges management🔒
16949Netopia Timbuktu About Menu privileges management [CVE-2001-0438]
16948DCscripts DCForum privileges management🔒🔒
16946NAI PGP Split Key Password information disclosure
16945Compaq Presario ActiveX Control LogDataListToFile privileges management
16944Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall CGI Program memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
16943Iplanet iPlanet Web Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-0431]
16942exuberant-ctags privileges management [CVE-2001-0430]🔒🔒
16941Cisco CatOS Spanning Tree Protocol Storm denial of service🔒
16940Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator IP Options denial of service [CVE-2001-0428]
16939Sun Solaris dtsession memory corruption [CVE-2001-0426]
16938Timecop Bubblemon privileges management [CVE-2001-0424]
16937Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2001-0423]
16936Sun Solaris Xsun Server memory corruption [CVE-2001-0422]
16935Sun Solaris FTP Server Password information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
16934Oracle Application Server HTTP Request memory corruption🔒
16933NCM Content Management System sql injection
16932Samba symlink [CVE-2001-0406]🔒🔒
16931Linux Kernel iptables ip_conntrack_ftp privileges management🔒
16930Matt Tourtillott nph-maillist privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒
16929Lightwave Consoleserver Per-Login Mode information disclosure
16928Lightwave Consoleserver Disconnect privileges management [CVE-2001-0395]
16927Imatix Xitami HTTP Request aux denial of service🔒🔒
16926IBM WebSphere Application Server macro.d2w denial of service
16925IBM WebSphere Application Server macro.d2w Path information disclosure
16924Hylafax hfaxd syslog format string🔒
16923AnalogX SimpleServer:WWW HTTP Request aux denial of service🔒🔒
16922Goahead Software Webserver HTTP Request aux denial of service
16921Siemens Reliant Unix ppd ppd.trace symlink
16920The Net CheckBo TCP Port denial of service [CVE-2001-0354]
16919iPlanet Web Server Host Header information disclosure [CVE-2001-0327]🔒
16918Netscape SmartDownload URL memory corruption [CVE-2001-0262]
16917Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy denial of service [CVE-2001-0239]
16916Microsoft Data Access Component Internet Publishing Provider WebDAV Request privileges management
16915Texas Imperial Software WFTPD lnk File privileges management
16914ArGoSoft FTP Server lnk File privileges management [CVE-2001-1043]
16913PHP mail privileges management🔒
16912Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server URL denial of service [CVE-2001-1251]
16911vWebServer URL memory corruption [CVE-2001-1250]🔒🔒
16910vWebServer MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2001-1249]
16909vWebServer ASP Script Source information disclosure🔒🔒
16908PowerNet IX Port Scan denial of service [CVE-2001-1239]
16907Active Classifieds Perl admin.cgi privileges management
16906Caldera UnixWare uucp Utilities memory corruption [CVE-2001-1164]
16905KDELibs kdesu privileges management [CVE-2001-0496]🔒
16904Datawizard WebXQ path traversal [CVE-2001-0495]
16903Ipswitch IMail From Header memory corruption [CVE-2001-0494]🔒🔒
16902Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server MS DOS Device Name denial of service🔒🔒
16901Netcruiser Web Server URL Path information disclosure
16900Team Johnlong RaidenFTPD FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0491]🔒
16899NullSoft WinAmp AIP File memory corruption [CVE-2001-0490]
16898gftp printf format string🔒
16897HP HP-UX pcltotiff denial of service
16896IBM AIX SNMP Server accept denial of service
16895SGI IRIX netprint privileges management [CVE-2001-0485]
16894Tektronix Phaserlink _ncl_items.shtml denial of service🔒
16893Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux rpmdrake tmp privileges management🔒
16892Alex Linde FTP Server Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0480]
16891phpPgAdmin sql.php privileges management🔒
16890phpMyAdmin sql.php path traversal🔒
16889K5n Webcalendar privileges management [CVE-2001-0477]
16888Swsoft Aspseek s.cgi memory corruption🔒
16887Jelsoft vBulletin index.php privileges management🔒🔒
16886Brian Paul Mesa glxmemory symlink🔒
16885Mutt IMAP Server format string [CVE-2001-0473]🔒
16884IBM High Availability Cluster Multiprocessing HTTP Object denial of service
16883SSH Log privileges management [CVE-2001-0471]🔒🔒
16882Sun Solaris SNMP Proxy Agent memory corruption [CVE-2001-0470]
16881rwhod Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0469]
16880FTPFS Username memory corruption [CVE-2001-0468]
16879RobTex Viking Server HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0467]
16878Acme Labs PerlCal path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16877Spencer Christensen Perl Web Server URL path traversal [CVE-2001-0462]
16876Denis Howe FOLDOC template.cgi privileges management
16875Baltimore Technologies Websweeper HTTP Header memory allocation🔒🔒
16874Afterstep/ascdc memory corruption [CVE-2001-0459]
16873Ralf S. Engelschall ePerl memory corruption [CVE-2001-0458]🔒🔒
16872man2html memory allocation [CVE-2001-0457]🔒🔒
16871Debian Linux ProFTPD Install Script privileges management [CVE-2001-0456]🔒🔒
16870Cisco Aironet 340 Web Interface privileges management [CVE-2001-0455]
16869Whitsoft Slimserve HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0454]
16868BRS Webweaver path traversal [CVE-2001-0453]
16867BRS Webweaver Command Path information disclosure
16866Sentraweb Indexu Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2001-0451]
16865Transsoft Broker FTP Server FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0450]🔒
16864WinZip File Name memory corruption [CVE-2001-0449]
16863David Harris Mercury-NLM POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-2001-0442]
16862SLRN Wrapper memory corruption [CVE-2001-0441]🔒🔒
16861Adcycle Agent Header sql injection [CVE-2001-0425]
16860MIT Kerberos Ticket File symlink [CVE-2001-0417]
16859sgml-tools privileges management [CVE-2001-0416]🔒🔒
16858Redi REDIPlus Log File StartLog.txt cleartext storage
16857MySQL Database Name path traversal [CVE-2001-0407]🔒
16856FreeBSD/Linux Time Server Daemon denial of service [CVE-2001-0388]🔒
16855OpenPGP/GnuPG Key Signature information disclosure [CVE-2001-0381]
16854readline History File privileges management [CVE-2001-0378]
16853Michael A. Gumienny fcheck Signature Check privileges management
16852Digital Unix Printer Name lpsched memory corruption
16851Free Peers Bearshare path traversal [CVE-2001-0368]
16850Mirabilis ICQ WebFront Plug-in denial of service [CVE-2001-0367]🔒🔒
16849SAP saposcol privileges management [CVE-2001-0366]
16848Qualcomm Eudora Microsoft Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2001-0365]
16847SSH Connection denial of service [CVE-2001-0364]
16846SSH/OpenSSH PKCS#1 cryptographic issues [CVE-2001-0361]🔒🔒
16845Ikonboard help.cgi path traversal
16844Valve Half-Life Map Command format string [CVE-2001-0359]
16843Valve Half-Life Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0358]
16842Novell Groupwise Policy privileges management [CVE-2001-0355]
16841Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0339]🔒🔒
16840Microsoft Internet Explorer Certificate Revocation List authentication spoofing
16839Microsoft IIS MS01-014/MS01-016 Patches memory leak [CVE-2001-0337]🔒🔒
16838Microsoft IIS MS00-060 Patch denial of service [CVE-2001-0336]
16837Microsoft Internet Information Server FTP Service User information disclosure
16836Microsoft IIS FTP Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0334]🔒
16835Microsoft IIS Escape Character path traversal [CVE-2001-0333]🔒🔒🔒🔒
16834Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame MSScriptControl.ScriptControl privileges management
16833SGI IRIX Embedded Support Partner Daemon rpc.espd memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16832Mozilla Bugzilla HTTP Request Password information disclosure🔒🔒
16831Mozilla Bugzilla post_bug.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16830Host Initial Sequence Number privileges management [CVE-2001-0328]🔒🔒
16829Microsoft Internet Explorer Frame privileges management [CVE-2001-0246]
16828Microsoft Indexing Service Server Side Includes File information disclosure🔒
16827Microsoft Index Server Search memory corruption [CVE-2001-0244]🔒
16826Microsoft Windows Media Player Shortcut privileges management
16825Microsoft Windows Media Player ASX File memory corruption [CVE-2001-0242]
16824Microsoft Windows Internet Printing ISAPI Extension msw3prt.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
16823Microsoft Word RTF File privileges management [CVE-2001-0240]
16822Microsoft Windows Kerberos memory leak [CVE-2001-0237]
16821Paul Jarc idtools cvmlogin/statfile pathexec_env privileges management
16820Icecast HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2001-1083]🔒🔒
16819Samba Macro smb.conf path traversal🔒🔒
16818Sun Solaris ypbind Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2001-1328]🔒
16817teTeX Print symlink [CVE-2001-0906]🔒
16816Itcorp Ispell Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-1276]🔒
16815eXtremail SMTP/POP3 Command format string [CVE-2001-1078]🔒
16814OpenBSD OpenSSH PAM Module privileges management [CVE-2001-1459]🔒
16813IBM AIX privileges management [CVE-2001-1080]
16812Microburst uDirectory privileges management
16811Symantec Raptor Firewall Configuration privileges management
16810Argus Systems PitBull LX sysctl privileges management
16809Microburst Ustorekeeper Online Shopping System path traversal🔒🔒
16808Intuit Turbo Tax Import privileges management [CVE-2001-0465]
16807Software602 602pro Lan Suite MS DOS Device Name denial of service
16806Software602 602pro Lan Suite MS DOS Device Name privileges management
16805IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite Source information disclosure [CVE-2001-0446]
16804Micheal Lamont Savant Webserver Host Header memory corruption
16803Cisco VPN Concentrator Login input validation [CVE-2001-0427]🔒
16802Way To The Web Talkback talkback.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
16801Dave Mills ntpd memory corruption [CVE-2001-0414]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
16800Bintec X1000/X1200/X4000 SYN Scan denial of service [CVE-2001-0413]
16799Cisco Content Services Switch 11800 Debug Mode privileges management
16798Siemens Reliant Unix ICMP Port Unreachable denial of service
16797Trend Micro Virus Buster 2001 FROM memory corruption [CVE-2001-0410]
16796VIM symlink [CVE-2001-0409]
16795VIM Control Code privileges management [CVE-2001-0408]🔒
16794Sun Javaserver Web Dev Kit WEB-INF path traversal
16793Sun Solaris GUI perfmon privileges management
16792IPFilter Session Cache privileges management [CVE-2001-0402]
16791Sun Solaris tip memory corruption
16790Caucho Technology Resin HTTP Request Source information disclosure
16789Ritlabs The Bat! Attachment Warning authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0398]
16788Silent Runner Collector SRC SMTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0397]
16787Navision Financials Server License denial of service [CVE-2001-0393]
16786Navision Financials Server denial of service [CVE-2001-0392]
16785Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke URL banners.php privileges management
16784CA CCC Harvest Password missing encryption [CVE-2001-0382]
16783Crosscom Olicom XLT-F SNMP Service hard-coded password [CVE-2001-0380]🔒🔒🔒
16782HP HP-UX newgrp privileges management
16781Infradig Inframail POST Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0377]
16780SonicWALL Tele2/SOHO IPsec missing encryption [CVE-2001-0376]
16779Cisco PIX TACACS+ denial of service [CVE-2001-0375]
16778Compaq Web-Enabled Management Connection Proxy privileges management🔒🔒
16777Microsoft Windows Dr. Watson user.dmp information disclosure
16776Akopia InterChange Demo Stores hard-coded credentials [CVE-2001-0372]
16775FreeBSD UFS/EXT2FS File System race condition [CVE-2001-0371]
16774NAI PGP ASCII Armor Parser privileges management [CVE-2001-0265]
16773Gene6 G6 FTP Server Network Share Password information disclosure
16772Gene6 G6 FTP Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0263]
16771Sun Solaris FTP Server glob memory corruption🔒🔒
16770HP HP-UX FTP Server glob memory corruption🔒🔒
16769FreeBSD/IRIX/Linux/NetBSD/OpenBSD/Tru64 FTPD glob memory corruption🔒
16768Munica NetSQL memory corruption [CVE-2001-1163]
16767rxvt tt_printf memory corruption🔒🔒
16766SCO OpenServer scoadmin/sysadmsh memory corruption [CVE-2001-1148]
16765cgiCentral Webstore 400 improper authentication
16764cgiCentral Webstore 400 ws_mail.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16763Cayman 3220-H DSL Router hard-coded credentials [CVE-2001-1430]🔒
16762iPlanet Web Server denial of service [CVE-2001-1368]
16761IBM AIX rsh memory corruption [CVE-2001-1330]
16760IBM AIX rsh memory corruption [CVE-2001-1329]
16759Wolfram Schneider makewhatis privileges management [CVE-2001-1277]
16758HP HP-UX kmmodreg .kmmodreg_lock symlink
16757Caldera Volution Computer Creation Daemon privileges management
16756Pragma Systems Interaccess Port telnet95.exe denial of service
16755Jetico Bestcrypt fsck privileges management
16754Microsoft Outlook Holiday Feature authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-1088]
16753OpenBSD VFS race condition [CVE-2001-1047]
16752Qualcomm Qpopper memory corruption [CVE-2001-1046]🔒🔒
16751Microsoft Internet Explorer/Outlook Script MSHTML.DLL denial of service
16750ProFTPD Command privileges management [CVE-2001-0318]🔒🔒
16749Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC Registry improper authentication [CVE-2001-0315]
16748AOL Server Link memory corruption [CVE-2001-0314]
16747Borderware Firewall Server Ping denial of service [CVE-2001-0313]
16746IBM WebSphere Plugin HTTP Request Source information disclosure
16745HP OmniBack II privileges management [CVE-2001-0311]🔒
16744FreeBSD/IRIX/Linux sort denial of service
16743Red Hat Linux inetd denial of service [CVE-2001-0309]🔒
16742Oracle Internet Directory oidldapd symlink [CVE-2001-0300]
16740Microsoft Windows Encrypted File System missing encryption [CVE-2001-0261]
16739Lotus Domino Mail Server RCPT TO memory corruption [CVE-2001-0260]🔒🔒🔒
16738SSH Secure-RPC missing encryption [CVE-2001-0259]🔒🔒
16737I-Data Easycom Safecom Print Server Connection denial of service
16736I-Data Easycom Safecom Print Server HTTP memory corruption [CVE-2001-0257]
16735FaSTream FTP++ Server privileges management [CVE-2001-0256]🔒🔒
16734FaSTream FTP++ Server FTP Command Directory information disclosure
16733FaSTream FTP++ Server Command Path information disclosure
16732iWeb Hyperseek hsx.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16731Netscape iPlanet Enterprise Server GET Request denial of service🔒
16730Netscape Enterprise Server Command denial of service [CVE-2001-0251]🔒
16729Netscape Enterprise Server Web Publishing Feature Directory information disclosure🔒🔒
16728dc20ctrl memory corruption [CVE-2001-0230]
16727Lenzo Infobot Fortran Math privileges management [CVE-2001-0225]
16726Brightstation Muscat Empower Path information disclosure [CVE-2001-0224]🔒🔒
16725ja-xklock memory corruption [CVE-2001-0221]
16724ja-elvis/ko-helvis memory corruption [CVE-2001-0220]
16723MnSCU-PALS WebPALS pals-cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16722MnSCU-PALS WebPALS pals-cgi privileges management🔒🔒🔒
16721Martin Hamilton Roads File information disclosure🔒🔒
16720Way Way-Board way-board.cgi File information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
16719HIS Auktion auktion.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16718Silverplatter WebSPIRS webspirs.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒🔒
16717Carey Internet Service Commerce commerce.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16716Microfocus Cobol AppTrack Feature nolicense privileges management
16715Soft Lite ServerWorx GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0206]
16714WatchGuard Firebox II PPTP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0204]
16713Netscape Directory Server Receipient memory corruption [CVE-2001-0164]
16712Palm OS Debugging Utility privileges management [CVE-2001-0157]
16711Van Dyke Technologies VShell Port Forwarding privileges management
16710Van Dyke Technologies VShell format string [CVE-2001-0155]
16709Microsoft IIS WebDAV Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0151]🔒🔒🔒
16708Microsoft Internet Explorer SFU Telnet Client privileges management
16707Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows Scripting Host GetObject File information disclosure🔒🔒
16706Microsoft Windows Media Player WMP ActiveX Control privileges management
16705Microsoft Exchange/IIS URL Memory denial of service
16704Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Cookie cookiedecode privileges management
16703Pi-Soft SpoonFTP Command access control [CVE-2001-0781]🔒🔒
16702Qualcomm Eudora Microsoft Viewer Option privileges management
16701Sendmail Signal race condition [CVE-2001-1349]🔒
16700TWIG sql injection [CVE-2001-1348]
16699ACLogic CesarFTP settings.ini cleartext storage🔒
16698Webmin privileges management [CVE-2001-1074]🔒
16697man ultimate_source memory corruption
16696ACLogic CesarFTP path traversal [CVE-2001-1335]🔒
16695Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver FTP/Telnet Service hard-coded credentials
16694Microsoft Windows Hardware Breakpoint privileges management [CVE-2001-1347]
16693Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver chipcfg.cgi information disclosure🔒
16692Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver Telnet Service privileges management
16691Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver Telnet Server User information disclosure
16690Berkeley Softworks pmake privileges management [CVE-2001-1327]
16689Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver privileges management [CVE-2001-0749]🔒
16688HP HP-UX CDE Print Viewer dtprintinfo memory corruption🔒
16687Beck IPC IPC@CHIP Embedded-Webserver HTTP Request denial of service
16686CA ARCserve Backup Temp File inetd.tmp symlink
16685MIT Kerberos Base64-Encode radix_encode memory corruption
16684Apache HTTP Server HTTP Request null pointer dereference [CVE-2001-1342]
16683Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP URL denial of service [CVE-2001-1450]
16682Easy Software Products CUPS Temp File symlink [CVE-2001-1333]🔒
16681Easy Software Products CUPS memory corruption [CVE-2001-1332]🔒
16680mandb symlink [CVE-2001-1331]🔒🔒
16679Oracle Application Server Java Virtual Machine privileges management🔒
16678QNX RTP stat memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16677Microsoft Windows Java Applet denial of service [CVE-2001-0324]
16676Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke opendir.php File information disclosure🔒
16675Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke bbcode_ref.php path traversal🔒🔒
16674IBM Websphere Commerce Suite Report orderdspc.d2w sql injection🔒🔒
16673Linux Kernel ptrace race condition [CVE-2001-0317]
16672Linux Kernel sysctl Memory information disclosure🔒
16671Bajie Java HTTP Server Upload Servlet code injection [CVE-2001-0308]🔒
16670Bajie Java HTTP Server HTTP Request code injection [CVE-2001-0307]🔒🔒
16669ITAfrica WEBactive path traversal [CVE-2001-0306]
16668Thinking Arts ES.One store.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16667Caucho Technology Resin URL path traversal [CVE-2001-0304]🔒
16666John Roy Pi3Web URL tstisapi.dll Path information disclosure🔒🔒
16665John Roy Pi3Web URL tstisapi.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16664Stephen Turner Analog ALIAS Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0301]🔒🔒
16663Sapio Design WebReflex GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0298]
16662Dattaraj Rao Simple Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0297]
16661Texas Imperial Software WFTPD FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0296]
16660Jarle Aase WarFTPd FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0295]🔒🔒
16659TYPSoft FTP Server FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2001-0294]
16658Datawizard FtpXQ GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0293]
16657Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke User Data user.php privileges management🔒
16656post-query POST Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0291]🔒🔒
16655GNU Mailman Password information disclosure [CVE-2001-0290]
16654Joseph Allen Joe Config File .joerc symlink🔒🔒
16653Cisco IOS Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing [CVE-2001-0288]🔒🔒
16652Symantec Veritas Cluster Server lltstat denial of service
16651A1 HTTP Server GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0286]
16650A1 HTTP Server HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0285]
16649OpenBSD IPsec Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2001-0284]
16648Sun FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0283]🔒🔒
16647Guido Frassetto SEDUM HTTP Server HTTP Request memory corruption🔒
16646Microsoft Windows DbgPrint format string
16645Atrium Software Mercur SMTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0280]🔒
16644Todd Miller sudo memory corruption [CVE-2001-0279]🔒🔒
16643HP MPE-iX linkeditor privileges management
16642Working Resources Badblue GET Request ext.dll memory corruption
16641Working Resources Badblue Error Message ext.dll Path information disclosure
16640Moby Netsuite Web Server HTTP Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0275]
16639Kicq URL privileges management [CVE-2001-0274]
16638Holger Lamm pgp4pine GnuPG Key cleartext storage [CVE-2001-0273] Anaya Server path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16636Mailnews mailnews.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16635Marconi Forethought Telnet/Web Managemet Interface denial of service🔒
16634Sun Solaris pam_ldap improper authentication [CVE-2001-0269]
16633NetBSD/OpenBSD/Solaris Call Gate Creation i386_set_ldt privileges management
16632HP MPE-iX NM Debug privileges management [CVE-2001-0267]
16631HP HP-UX SD-UX privileges management [CVE-2001-0266]
16630Sun Solaris snmpXdmid memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
16629SourceForge NewsDaemon sql injection [CVE-2001-0234]
16628Chilisoft Inherit Mode privileges management [CVE-2001-0229]
16627Goahead Webserver GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0228]
16626Biblioscape Biblioweb Server GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0227]
16625Biblioscape Biblioweb Server GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0226]
16624Martin Stover mars_nwe format string [CVE-2001-0218]
16623Planet Intra pi memory corruption
16622AOL Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0205]
16621Informs PicServer GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0202]
16620Heat-On HSWeb Path information disclosure [CVE-2001-0200]🔒
16619Guido Frassetto SEDUM HTTP Server GET Request path traversal
16618Apple Quicktime EMBED Element memory corruption [CVE-2001-0198]
16617FreeBSD inetd Server information disclosure [CVE-2001-0196]
16616Easy Software Products CUPS httpGets memory corruption🔒
16615Debian Linux man format string [CVE-2001-0193]🔒🔒
16614Davide Libenzi XMail CTRLServer domaindel memory corruption
16613Andy Norman gnuserv X Window Cookie memory corruption [CVE-2001-0191]🔒
16612Free Java Web Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0186]
16611Lars Ellingsen Guestserver guestserver.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16610Macromedia JRun web.xml information disclosure🔒
16609Trend Micro Virus Buster 2001 To Address memory corruption [CVE-2001-0174]
16608Nobreak Technologies CrazyWWWBoard MIME Content-Type Header qDecoder memory corruption
16607Whitsoft Slimserve GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0171]
16606AT&T WinVNC GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0168]
16605AT&T WinVNC rfbConnFailed Packet memory corruption [CVE-2001-0167]
16604Sun Solaris ximp40 memory corruption [CVE-2001-0165]
16603Microsoft Internet Explorer MIME Type privileges management [CVE-2001-0154]🔒🔒🔒
16602Microsoft Visual Studio VB-TSQL Debugger vbsdicli.exe memory corruption
16601Microsoft Plus! Password information disclosure [CVE-2001-0152]
16600Microsoft Windows Event Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2001-0147]
16599Microsoft Outlook vCard memory corruption [CVE-2001-0145]
16598ISC INN innfeed memory corruption [CVE-2001-1442]
16597Microsoft Internet Explorer Windows Scripting Host privileges management🔒🔒
16596Linux Kernel UDP Port deadlock [CVE-2001-1400]🔒🔒
16595Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2001-1399]🔒🔒
16594Linux Kernel Masquerading denial of service [CVE-2001-1398]🔒🔒
16593Linux Kernel System V Shared Memory privileges management [CVE-2001-1397]🔒🔒
16592Linux Kernel strnlen_user denial of service [CVE-2001-1396]🔒🔒
16591Linux Kernel sockfilter memory corruption [CVE-2001-1395]🔒🔒
16590Linux Kernel setsockopt denial of service🔒🔒
16589Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2001-1393]🔒🔒
16588Linux Kernel CPUID/MSR Driver denial of service [CVE-2001-1392]🔒🔒
16587Linux Kernel CPIA Driver off-by-one [CVE-2001-1391]🔒🔒
16586Linux Kernel binfmt_misc denial of service🔒🔒
16585Don Libes Expect mkpasswd improper authentication
16584Alcatel Speed Touch Home TFTP Server privileges management [CVE-2001-1426]
16583Alcatel Speed Touch Home privileges management [CVE-2001-1425]🔒🔒
16582Alcatel Speed Touch Home improper authentication [CVE-2001-1424]🔒🔒
16581crontab privileges management [CVE-2001-0235]🔒🔒
16580Matthew Smith mICQ Description memory corruption [CVE-2001-0233]🔒🔒
16579Ibrow News Desk newsdesk.cgi privileges management🔒
16578Ibrow News Desk newsdesk.cgi path traversal🔒 wwwwais.25.c memory corruption [CVE-2001-0223]🔒🔒
16576Webmin symlink [CVE-2001-0222]🔒
16575HP HP-UX Support Tools Manager denial of service [CVE-2001-0219]
16574Shoutcast DNSA Description memory corruption [CVE-2001-0209]
16573Pierre Beyssac Bing DNS Lookup gethostbyaddr memory corruption
16572WatchGuard Firebox II Password Storage privileges management
16571Umut Gokbayrak Postaci deletecontact.php sql injection
16570Icecast print_client format string🔒
16569SSH shadow privileges management🔒🔒
16568Sun Solaris cu memory corruption🔒
16567Intranet-Server LocalWEB2000 GET Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0189]🔒🔒
16566Goodtech FTP Server Connection denial of service [CVE-2001-0188]🔒
16565University of Washington wu-ftpd Debug Mode privileges management🔒🔒
16564Netopia R9100 Router Telnet Client denial of service [CVE-2001-0185]
16563eEye Iris GET Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0184]
16562FreeBSD ipfw/ip6fw privileges management [CVE-2001-0183]🔒🔒
16561Check Point Firewall-1 IP Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0182]
16560Caldera Openlinux DHCP Server format string [CVE-2001-0181]
16559KDE Unix Socket kdesu privileges management🔒
16558Webmaster ConferenceRoom Buddy Relationship denial of service
16557Voyant Technologies Sonata doroot privileges management
16556Netscape Fasttrack Server Caching Module denial of service [CVE-2001-0175]
16555Hans Reiser ReiserFS Directory Name memory corruption [CVE-2001-0172]
16554GNU C Library privileges management [CVE-2001-0170]🔒
16553GNU C Library privileges management [CVE-2001-0169]🔒🔒
16552Macromedia Shockwave Flash Plugin Tag Length denial of service
16551Icecast memory corruption [CVE-2001-1230]🔒🔒
16550IBM WebSphere Application Server Fast Response Cache Accelerator AfpaCache denial of service
16549Icecast/Libshout memory corruption [CVE-2001-1229]🔒🔒
16548Apache HTTP Server mod_negotiation/mod_dir/mod_autoindex index.html Directory information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
16547OpenBSD OpenSSH CRC32 integer coercion [CVE-2001-0144]🔒🔒🔒🔒
16546linuxconf vpop3d symlink🔒
16545Squid Proxy tmp symlink🔒🔒
16544Gert Doering Mgetty Configuration tmp symlink🔒🔒
16543Arpwatch Configuration tmp symlink🔒
16542INN Configuration tmp symlink🔒
16541wu-ftpd privatepw symlink🔒🔒
16540Microsoft Windows Media Player Skin skin.wmz privileges management
16538Ultrascripts Ultraboard Directory Permission privileges management🔒🔒
16537Compaq Management Agent cpqlogin.htm memory corruption
16536Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall setpasswd.cgi missing encryption🔒🔒
16535Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall Uninstaller symlink [CVE-2001-0132]
16534Apache HTTP Server htpasswd/htdigest tmp symlink🔒🔒
16533Lotus Domino HTML Parser memory corruption [CVE-2001-0130]
16532Tinyproxy Connection Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-0129]🔒🔒
16530Oliver Debon Flash DefineSound Tag memory corruption [CVE-2001-0127]
16529Oracle XSQL Servlet cross site scriting [CVE-2001-0126]🔒🔒
16528exmh exmhErrorMsg symlink🔒🔒
16527Sun Solaris exrecover memory corruption
16526eXtropia BPS Forum bbs_forum.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16525Storagesoft ImageCast denial of service [CVE-2001-0121]
16524shadow-utils useradd default symlink🔒
16523getty_ps tmp symlink🔒
16522rdist tmp symlink
16521sdiff tmp symlink
16520gpm tmp symlink🔒
16519Sun Solaris arp memory corruption
16518Omnicron OmniHTTPD privileges management
16517Omnicron OmniHTTPD privileges management🔒
16516Sam Lantinga Splitvt memory corruption [CVE-2001-0112]🔒🔒
16515Sam Lantinga Splitvt privileges management [CVE-2001-0111]🔒
16513SuSE Linux rctab rctmp symlink
16512PHP .htaccess privileges management [CVE-2001-0108]🔒🔒
16511Symantec Veritas Backup Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0107]
16510Microsoft Windows PPTP Server memory leak [CVE-2001-0017]🔒
16509Microsoft Windows NTLM Security Support Provider Service privileges management🔒
16508Microsoft Windows Network Dynamic Data Exchange privileges management
16506Cisco IOS Prompt information disclosure [CVE-2000-0368]
16505SCO UnixWare Packaging Command privileges management [CVE-2000-0351]
16504SCO UnixWare Passthru Driver denial of service [CVE-2000-0349]
16503SCO UnixWare Sendmail privileges management
16499OpenBSD cron privileges management [CVE-2000-0312]
16496Netscape Enterprise Server File Permission privileges management
16495SCO OpenServer xserver denial of service [CVE-2000-0307]
16494SCO OpenServer Message memory corruption [CVE-2000-0306]🔒🔒
16493Microsoft Exchange SMTP Command memory corruption [CVE-1999-0945]
16491Allaire Coldfusion Server Snippet privileges management [CVE-1999-0923]
16490Allaire Coldfusion Server sourcewindow.cfm Source information disclosure🔒
16489Novell NetWare Transaction Tracking System denial of service
16487Oracle Database Server TNSLSNR SQL Listener denial of service
16486Allaire Coldfusion Server CFML Tag privileges management [CVE-1999-0760]🔒
16485Netscape Enterprise Server Source information disclosure [CVE-1999-0758]
16484Allaire Coldfusion Server CFCRYPT missing encryption [CVE-1999-0757]
16483Allaire Coldfusion Server Administration path traversal [CVE-1999-0756]🔒
16481IBM GINA OS2 Domain Authentication privileges management [CVE-1999-0718]
16480Microsoft FrontPage Personal WebServer memory corruption [CVE-1999-0681]
16479Marc Schaefer ptylogin Modem privileges management [CVE-1999-0359]
16478Rhinosoft FTP Voyager IObjectSafety privileges management
16477Lotus Domino Mail Server Mail Header privileges management [CVE-2001-1445]
16476Cisco IOS SNMP privileges management [CVE-2004-1776]🔒🔒🔒
16475Cisco IOS SNMP information disclosure [CVE-2001-1434]🔒
16474Compaq Tru64 inetd denial of service [CVE-2001-1435]
16473HP HP-UX Text Editor memory corruption [CVE-2001-1439]
16470Microsoft Internet Explorer Print Template privileges management
16469Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Form File privileges management
16468Jason Hines phpWebLog privileges management
16465Cisco CBOS ICMP Echo denial of service [CVE-2001-0057]
16464Cisco CBOS Web Management privileges management [CVE-2001-0056]
16463Cisco CBOS SYN Packet denial of service [CVE-2001-0055]
16461IBM DB2 Universal Database Query denial of service [CVE-2001-0052]
16460IBM DB2 Universal Database Default Account improper authentication🔒🔒
16459Colten Edwards BitchX DNS memory corruption [CVE-2001-0050]🔒
16458WatchGuard SOHO Firewall GET Request denial of service [CVE-2001-0049]
16457Microsoft Windows MTS Package Registry privileges management🔒
16456Microsoft Windows Registry Permission privileges management [CVE-2001-0046]🔒
16455Microsoft Windows Registry Permission privileges management [CVE-2001-0045]🔒
16454Lexmark Markvision Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0044]
16452Apache HTTP Server path traversal [CVE-2001-0042]
16449Ipswitch IMail Command denial of service [CVE-2001-0039]🔒🔒
16448Metaproducts Offline Explorer Drive Letter privileges management
16447Keware Technologies Homeseer URL path traversal [CVE-2001-0037]
16446KTH Kerberos Ticket File symlink [CVE-2001-0036]
16445KTH Kerberos Authentication kdc_reply_cipher memory corruption🔒
16444KTH Kerberos privileges management [CVE-2001-0034]
16443KTH Kerberos privileges management [CVE-2001-0033]
16442Eric Rescorla ssldump URL format string [CVE-2001-0032]
16441Broadvision One-to-One Enterprise Server JSP File information disclosure🔒
16440Smartstuff Foolproof Security Download privileges management
16439Endymion Mailman Webmail mmstdod.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16438SGI IRIX Distributed GL Daemon information disclosure [CVE-2000-0893]
16437FreeBSD periodic symlink
16436Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2001-1273]
16435HP HP-UX inetd denial of service [CVE-2001-0106]
16434HP HP-UX top privileges management
16433Alt-N MDaemon Lock Server improper authentication [CVE-2001-0104]
16432Coffeecup Ftp Client Password Storage FTPServers.ini cryptographic issues
16431Apple Mac OS Control Panel improper authentication [CVE-2001-0102]
16430Fetchmail Command Remote Code Execution [CVE-2001-0101]
16429Brian Stanback Bslist bslist.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16428Brian Stanback Bsguest bsguest.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16427BEA WebLogic Server URL memory corruption [CVE-2001-0098]🔒🔒
16426Infinite InterChange Web Interface denial of service [CVE-2001-0097]
16425Microsoft IIS Frontpage Server Extensions denial of service [CVE-2001-0096]🔒🔒🔒🔒
16423Kerberos libkrb kdc_reply_cipher memory corruption
16421Michael Glickman itetris/xitetris privileges management [CVE-2001-0087]
16420CGI Script Center Subscribe Me Lite privileges management
16419HP HP-UX Kermit memory corruption [CVE-2001-0085]
16418GTK+ Module privileges management [CVE-2001-0084]
16417Microsoft Windows Media Services Unicast Service memory leak
16416Check Point Firewall-1 Fastmode privileges management [CVE-2001-0082]
16414Cisco Catalyst 4000/Catalyst 5000/Catalyst 6000 SSH Service denial of service
16413HP Support Tools Manager Log File Permission tool_stat.txt symlink
16412Sun Cluster
16411Sun Cluster clustmon Service improper authentication [CVE-2001-0077]
16410Ikonboard register.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16409Technote main.cgi path traversal🔒🔒🔒
16408Technote print.cgi path traversal
16407NSA SELinux libsecure find_default_type memory corruption
16404Upland Solutions 1st Up Mail Server SMTP Command memory corruption
16403dialog tmp symlink
16402Apple Mac OS Runtime for Java privileges management [CVE-2001-0068]
16401Judd Montgomery J-Pilot .jpilot privileges management🔒
16400Max-Wilhelm Bruker bftpd Command memory corruption [CVE-2001-0065]🔒🔒🔒
16399Alt-N MDaemon Service denial of service [CVE-2001-0064]🔒🔒
16397FreeBSD procfs mmap denial of service
16395Stunnel ident Username format string [CVE-2001-0060]🔒
16394Sun Solaris patchadd symlink
16392Microsoft Windows Configure Your Server Tool improper authentication
16390Igor Khasilev Oops Proxy Server HTML Parser memory corruption
16389ProFTPD mod_sqlpw privileges management [CVE-2001-0027]
16388Roaring Penguin rp-pppoe Clamp MSS Option denial of service [CVE-2001-0026]🔒
16387Leif M. Wright ad.cgi privileges management🔒🔒🔒
16386Leif M. Wright simplestmail.cgi privileges management
16385Leif M. Wright everythingform.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16384Leif M. Wright simplestguest.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
16383Cisco Content Services Switch path traversal [CVE-2001-0020]
16382Cisco Content Services Switch show Command denial of service
16381Microsoft Windows RDP denial of service [CVE-2001-0014]
16380ISC BIND nslookupComplain format string🔒
16379ISC BIND Memory information disclosure [CVE-2001-0012]🔒🔒🔒🔒
16378ISC BIND nslookupComplain memory corruption🔒
16377ISC BIND TSIG memory corruption [CVE-2001-0010]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
16376Lotus Domino Server NSF Request path traversal [CVE-2001-0009]🔒🔒🔒
16375Borland Interbase Default Account backdoor [CVE-2001-0008]
16374Netscreen ScreenOS WebUI memory corruption [CVE-2001-0007]
16373Microsoft Windows Winsock2ProtocolCatalogMutex denial of service🔒
16372Microsoft PowerPoint File Loader memory corruption [CVE-2001-0005]
16371Microsoft IIS URL File information disclosure🔒
16370Microsoft Windows Web Extender Client privileges management [CVE-2001-0003]
16369Microsoft IIS Double Byte Character Set Source information disclosure
16365Sun Certificate Signature improper authentication [CVE-2000-0889]
16364MySQL Request memory corruption [CVE-2001-1454]🔒
16363MySQL memory corruption🔒
16362Secure Reality phpSecurePages checklogin.php privileges management
16361Phpheaven phpMyChat privileges management [CVE-2001-1358]
16360Phpheaven phpMyChat input.php3 authentication spoofing
16359AT&T WinVNC Authentication missing encryption [CVE-2001-1422]
16358MySQL memory corruption [CVE-2001-1274]🔒🔒
16357MySQL mysql.user Table missing encryption [CVE-2001-1275]🔒
16356SSH RC4 Encryption improper authentication [CVE-2001-1476]
16355SSH RC4 Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2001-1475]
16354SSH Host Key improper authentication [CVE-2001-1474]
16353SSH SSH-1 Protocol cryptographic issues [CVE-2001-1473]🔒🔒
16352SSH IDEA Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2001-1470]
16351SSH RC4 Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2001-1469]
16350Dallas Semiconductor iButton Authentication User information disclosure
16349AOL Instant Messenger Log Message cross site scriting [CVE-2001-1416]
16348PHP Virtual Host Source information disclosure🔒🔒
16347Basilix Webmail mysql.class Password information disclosure🔒🔒
16346Business Objects Crystal Reports HTML Render Engine cleartext storage
16345Red Hat Linux PAM Module memory corruption [CVE-2000-1189]
16344I-Soft Quikstore quikstore.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
16341ITServ RideWayPN Telnet Proxy denial of service [CVE-2000-1185]
16339NEC Socks 5 Connection Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-1183]
16338WatchGuard Firebox II FTP/SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2000-1182]
16337RealNetworks RealServer includes Memory information disclosure🔒
16336Oracle Connection Manager Control memory corruption [CVE-2000-1180]
16335Netopia 650-T ISDN Router Authentication improper authentication
16334Joseph Allen Joe DEADJOE Rescue Copy privileges management [CVE-2000-1178]🔒
16333BB4 Big Brother Network Monitor information disclosure
16332YaBB path traversal🔒🔒
16331Jan Hubicka Koules Command Line Argument memory corruption [CVE-2000-1175]
16330Gerald Combs Ethereal AFS ACL Parser memory corruption [CVE-2000-1174]
16329Microsys Cyberpatrol missing encryption [CVE-2000-1173]
16328Rob Flynn Gaim OSCAR Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2000-1172]
16327Markus Triska CGIForum path traversal🔒🔒
16326Pelesoft Netsnap GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-1170]
16324IBM HTTP Server GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2000-1168]
16322Christopher Heschong Twig index.php3 privileges management
16321Balabit syslog-ng Log Priority denial of service [CVE-2000-1165]
16320AT&T WinVNC Registry Permission privileges management [CVE-2000-1164]🔒
16319Aladdin Enterprises Ghostscript privileges management [CVE-2000-1163]🔒
16318Aladdin Enterprises Ghostscript symlink [CVE-2000-1162]🔒
16317Adcycle build.cgi Password information disclosure🔒
16316Network Associates Sniffer Agent Login denial of service [CVE-2000-1160]
16315Network Associates Sniffer Agent UDP Packet authentication spoofing
16314Network Associates Sniffer Agent Authentication missing encryption
16313Network Associates Sniffer Agent SNMP memory corruption [CVE-2000-1157]
16312Sun StarOffice soffice.tmp symlink
16311Joe Kloss Robinhood RHDaemon denial of service [CVE-2000-1155]
16310Joe Kloss Robinhood RHConsole denial of service [CVE-2000-1154]
16309Kenny Carruthers Postmaster URL denial of service [CVE-2000-1153]
16308Browser IRC Client URL denial of service [CVE-2000-1152]
16307Abisoft Baxter URL denial of service [CVE-2000-1151]
16306Xavier Ducrohet Felix URL denial of service [CVE-2000-1150]
16305Microsoft Windows Terminal Server RegAPI.DLL memory corruption
16304Volano VolanoChatPro Config File cleartext storage [CVE-2000-1148]
16303Microsoft IIS ISAPI ASP memory corruption [CVE-2000-1147]
16302Recourse Technologies ManTrap self denial of service
16301Recourse Technologies ManTrap Utility mem privileges management
16300Recourse Technologies ManTrap Inode Counter information disclosure
16299Recourse Technologies ManTrap Process information disclosure
16298Recourse Technologies ManTrap cwd information disclosure
16297Recourse Technologies ManTrap proc information disclosure
16296Recourse Technologies ManTrap proc information disclosure
16295Microsoft Exchange User Account hard-coded credentials [CVE-2000-1139]
16294IBM Lotus Notes S/MIME privileges management [CVE-2000-1138]
16292Debian Elvis Tiny symlink [CVE-2000-1136]
16289Flicks Software Authentix URL privileges management [CVE-2000-1133]
16287Bill Kendrick GBook.cgi privileges management [CVE-2000-1131]🔒🔒
16286Network Associates WebShield SMTP Attachment Filename privileges management🔒
16285Network Associates WebShield SMTP Recipient Field denial of service
16284McAfee VirusScan common.exe privileges management
16283HP HP-UX registrar privileges management
16282HP HP-UX set_parms privileges management
16280IBM AIX piobe memory corruption
16279IBM AIX pioout memory corruption
16278IBM AIX setclock memory corruption
16277IBM AIX enq memory corruption
16276IBM AIX digest memory corruption
1627424Link Web Server GET Request privileges management [CVE-2000-1118]
16273IBM Lotus Notes Extended Control List Feature File information disclosure
16272TransSoft Broker FTP Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2000-1116]
16271Software602 602pro Lan Suite GET Request webprox.dll memory corruption
16270Unify eWave ServletExec URL Source information disclosure
16269Microsoft Windows Media Player ASX File memory corruption [CVE-2000-1113]
16268Microsoft Windows Media Player WMS File cross site scriting [CVE-2000-1112]
16267Microsoft Windows Telnet Service denial of service [CVE-2000-1111]
16266IBM Net.Data db2www document.d2w Path information disclosure🔒
16265Midnight Commander Directory Name privileges management [CVE-2000-1109]🔒🔒
16264Midnight Commander cons.saver symlink🔒
16263SuSE Linux ident Server denial of service [CVE-2000-1107]
16262Trend Micro Interscan Viruswall Share InterScan privileges management
16261Microsoft Indexing Service ixsso.query File cross site scriting
16260Microsoft IIS Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2000-1104]🔒🔒
16258PTlink IRCD Command denial of service [CVE-2000-1102]
16257Texas Imperial Software WFTPD path traversal [CVE-2000-1101]
16256Trlinux Postaci Webmail GET Request Password information disclosure
16254SonicWALL SOHO Firewall Web Access denial of service [CVE-2000-1098]
16251modutils modprobe privileges management🔒
16249AOL Instant Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2000-1093]
16248Alex Heiphetz Group EZShopper loadpage.cgi privileges management🔒
16247Microsoft PhoneBook Server memory corruption [CVE-2000-1089]🔒🔒🔒
16246Microsoft SQL Server xp_SetSQLSecurity memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16245Microsoft SQL Server xp_proxiedmetadata memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16244Microsoft SQL Server xp_printstatements memory corruption🔒🔒
16243Microsoft SQL Server xp_peekqueue memory corruption🔒🔒
16242Microsoft SQL Server xp_updatecolvbm memory corruption🔒🔒
16241Microsoft SQL Server xp_showcolv memory corruption🔒🔒
16240Microsoft SQL Server xp_enumresultset privileges management🔒🔒
16239Microsoft SQL Server xp_displayparamstmt memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
16238Microsoft Windows TCP Connection denial of service [CVE-2000-1039]🔒🔒
16237Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server HTTP Request denial of service
16236Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server Server Side Includes denial of service
16235Max Feoktistov Small HTTP Server HTTP Request index.html denial of service
16234Cisco SN 5420 Storage Router Developer Shell privileges management
16233Cisco Aironet Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing🔒
16232Microsoft Windows Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing🔒
16231Cisco Aironet WEP missing encryption [CVE-2001-0161]
16230Orinoco WaveLAN WEP missing encryption [CVE-2001-0160]
16180Valve Software Half-Life Dedicated Server changelevel Command format string
16088CGI-World Poll It pollit.cgi privileges management
15661Sean Macguire Big Brother File Upload privileges management [CVE-2000-0639]

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