Tools 2004

90855NetworkActiv Web Server denial of service🔒
90854Unmanarc Remote Control Server privileges management🔒
90851php-fusion cross site scriting🔒
90848Horde IMP Webmail cross site scriting🔒
90846Donk Trojan privileges management
90843Microsoft Windows Explorer.exe denial of service🔒
90842phpMyBackupPro privileges management🔒
90841TUTOS company_new.php cross site scriting🔒
90840BBS E-Market HTTP Request index.php' File information disclosure🔒
90839MailEnable DNS Response denial of service🔒
90838Simple Form Message Header Spam privileges management🔒
90837BEA Systems WebLogic JNDI Internal Object information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
90836Turbo Seek tseekdir.cgi information disclosure🔒
90835Apache HTTP Server htpasswd memory corruption🔒
90828Netscape Browser OpenSSL missing encryption
90827Keene Digital Media Server cross site scriting🔒
90826eZ/eZphotoshare Service denial of service🔒
90825Microsoft Windows information disclosure
90824Microsoft Windows information disclosure
90823Microsoft Windows information disclosure
90822Microsoft Windows LSA Username information disclosure
90821psyBNC information disclosure🔒
90820Typsoft FTP Server Command denial of service🔒
90819Microsoft FrontPage Server Extensions _vti_log information disclosure
90817WebMatic Remote Code Execution🔒
90815Ilohamail Password information disclosure🔒
90814Ilohamail Spell Checker privileges management🔒
90812TorrentTrader sql injection🔒
90811Ilohamail cross site scriting🔒
90810Ilohamail Contact denial of service🔒
90807Cerbere Proxy Server denial of service🔒
90806MailEnable HTTP Header MEHTTPS.exe denial of service🔒
90805MailEnable GET Request MEHTTPS.exe memory corruption🔒
90804NetAsq IPS-Firewall information disclosure🔒
90802South River Technologies Titan FTP Server path traversal🔒
90801Jerod Moemeka Xedus information disclosure🔒
90800GNU Cfengine information disclosure🔒
90799Ilohamail information disclosure🔒
90798Ilohamail File information disclosure🔒
90797Real Networks RealPlayer privileges management [CVE-2004-0550]🔒
90796Opera Web Browser denial of service🔒
90795McAfee VirusScan Virus Definition File privileges management
90794McAfee VirusScan Real Time Protection privileges management
90793Arkoon Security Dedicated Appliance TCP Service information disclosure🔒
90792ignitionServer Command denial of service🔒
90791Ulog-php port.php sql injection🔒
90790PlaySMS URL privileges management🔒
90789PlaySMS sql injection🔒
90788TikiWiki privileges management🔒
90787PhotoADay cross site scriting🔒
90786AWStats privileges management🔒
90784Opera Web Browser Javascript denial of service🔒
90768QuiXplorer File Manager path traversal🔒
90758Microsoft Windows WIA Service information disclosure
90757Microsoft Windows IPv6 Internet Connection Firewall Service information disclosure
90753Microsoft Windows Distributed Link Tracking Client Service information disclosure
90752Microsoft Windows IPSEC Services Service information disclosure
90751Microsoft Windows Removable Storage Service information disclosure
90750Microsoft Windows Smart Card Helper Service information disclosure
90749Microsoft Windows Installer Service information disclosure
90748Microsoft Windows Wireless Zero Configuration Service information disclosure
90747Microsoft Windows Automatic Updates Service information disclosure
90746Microsoft Windows Audio Service information disclosure
90744Microsoft Windows Workstation Service information disclosure
90742Microsoft Windows COM+ Event System Service information disclosure
90353Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Service information disclosure
90347sympa do_search_list denial of service🔒
90346sympa LDAP denial of service🔒
90345sympa Web Interface privileges management🔒
90344CuteNews show_archive.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
90343Simple Form Relay privileges management🔒
90342Cvstrac timeline.c timeline_page memory corruption🔒
90341Cvstrac Ticket Title privileges management🔒
90340Cvstrac chdir path traversal🔒
90337Cvstrac cgi.c code injection🔒
90336Cvstrac File privileges management🔒
90335Kerio Mailserver privileges management🔒
90316Basilix information disclosure🔒
90314PSCS VPOP3 denial of service🔒
90312YaPiG code injection🔒
90311Pete Stein Goscript go.cgi command injection🔒
90309phpBB sql injection🔒
90308BreakCalendar cross site scriting🔒
90307Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access information disclosure🔒
90306Basilix Webmail cross site scriting🔒
90298Microsoft Windows Net Logon Service information disclosure
90296Microsoft Windows Shell Hardware Detection Service information disclosure
90295Microsoft Windows Remote Procedure Call Locator Service information disclosure
90294Microsoft Windows Remote Procedure Call Service information disclosure
90293Microsoft Windows QoS RSVP Service information disclosure
90292Microsoft Windows MS Software Shadow Copy Provider Service information disclosure
90280Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator Service information disclosure
90253Mirabilis ICQ Lite information disclosure
90252Microsoft Windows TCP/IP NetBios Helper Service information disclosure
90250Seattle Lab Slmail Command memory corruption
90186Microsoft IIS IISHelp information disclosure
90167Compaq Web-Based Management Service information disclosure
90165Oracle 9iAS CallCORBA.jsp Path information disclosure
901644D WebSTAR ssi_demo.ssi privileges management
90163MyServer math_sum.mscgi cross site scriting🔒
90162Francisco Burzi Postnuke Reviews Module cross site scriting🔒
90161Francisco Burzi Postnuke install.php Credentials information disclosure🔒
90160Imatix Xitami Web Server testcgi information disclosure
90156Allaire JRun Management Console improper authentication
90154Netscape Enterprise Server Web Admin Interface privileges management
90152Netscape Enterprise Administration Server Config privileges management
90148Microsoft Windows Registry privileges management
90147Kerio Mailserver memory corruption [CVE-2002-1434]🔒🔒
90145Cisco Router Management Services Config privileges management
90144osTicket open.php denial of service🔒
89861osTicket information disclosure🔒
89860IMP Horde Chora Service information disclosure🔒
89859OpenDocMan commitchange.php privileges management🔒
89858Mandrakesoft Linux Patch Management privileges management
89666Oracle 9iAS XSQL Servlet information disclosure
89656AnalogX Simple Server cross site scriting
89655Microsoft Windows DCOM Over HTTP information disclosure
89654Serena TeamTrack tmtrack.dll cross site scriting
89653Microsoft IIS Directory information disclosure
89652Microsoft Systems Management denial of service🔒
89651Imatix Xitami Server cross site scriting
89650Mensajeitor Tag Board privileges management🔒
89649SuSE Linux Patch Management privileges management
89648IMP Webmail information disclosure🔒
89647osTicket unrestricted upload🔒
89646SquirrelMail information disclosure🔒
89645Samba Distcc privileges management🔒
89644Open Webmail information disclosure🔒
89643Invision Power Board SQL information disclosure🔒
89642Artmedic Kleinanzeigen file inclusion🔒
89641phpBB admin_board.php sql injection🔒
89640Sun Solaris Patch Management Local Privilege Escalation
89639FreeBSD Patch Management privileges management
89638Red Hat Linux Patch Management privileges management
89637Qualcomm Qpopper privileges management
89636Red Hat Fedora Patch Management privileges management
89628Cisco IOS MD5 Authentication authentication spoofing
89627IBM Lotus Domino HTTP Request information disclosure
89626Microsoft Internet Explorer ADODB.Stream Object information disclosure
89625osTicket setup.php privileges management🔒
89616Beagle.AB/Beagle.AG privileges management
89609PHP-Nuke viewforum.php sql injection
89605Microsoft Windows Security Event Log denial of service
89604Microsoft Windows Application Event Log denial of service
89602Singapore PHP information disclosure
89601Microsoft MN-500 Wireless Base Station information disclosure
89597Microsoft IIS Download.Ject Trojan backdoor🔒
89596Singapore Gallery adminusers.csv information disclosure🔒
89594Pivot module_db.php code injection🔒
89593Allaire Macromedia ColdFusion Server Config privileges management
89592Microsoft IIS ctss.idc privileges management
89591Windriver PCNFSd User information disclosure
89590Windriver PCNFSd User information disclosure
89588National Science Foundation Squid privileges management
89587Cacheflow CacheOS HTTP CONNECT Method Local Privilege Escalation
89585Microsoft Internet Explorer Global Proxy cross site scriting
89584Chora os command injection🔒
89583ISC BIND denial of service
89582ISC BIND Cache denial of service
89581Microsoft ISA Server information disclosure
89580IBM HTTP Server SSL Record denial of service
89578nTNewsTraXer information disclosure
89577Hpmaker privileges management
89576Novell NetWare BTCPCOM denial of service
89575HP Web JetAdmin privileges management
89574Host SSH Service User information disclosure
89573WebCam Live HTTP Request denial of service
89572Cisco Security Agent information disclosure🔒
89571Microsoft Windows IMAPI CD Burning COM privileges management
89570Microsoft Windows Netmeeting Remote Desktop Sharing privileges management
89569Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Service information disclosure
89568Microsoft IIS ASP.NET information disclosure
89567Host Web Application user session
89566Microsoft SMS Console information disclosure
89565Microsoft SQL Server Agent CmdExec privileges management
89564Zope Web Application Server privileges management
89563Microsoft SMS Server information disclosure
89562Microsoft IIS excessive authentication
89561Microsoft Outlook Update 300500 information disclosure
89560Microsoft Outlook Update 300551 information disclosure
89559Microsoft Windows Patch 833858 information disclosure
89558Apple iTunes File Sharing information disclosure
89557Skype information disclosure🔒
89556U.S.Robotics Router Web Interface menu.htm missing encryption🔒
89555Edimax 7205APL hard-coded password🔒
89554Microsoft SQL Server Mixed Security Mode Local Privilege Escalation
89553Microsoft Windows information disclosure
89552Microsoft IIS Active Printers Directory improper authentication
89551HP Printer Telnet Daemon privileges management
89550Invision Power Board ssi.php sql injection🔒
89549W32.Dabber.Worm privileges management🔒
89548Open Webmail cross site scriting🔒
89547CollabNet Subversion privileges management🔒
89546Microsoft Windows NT Server information disclosure
89545CollabNet Subversion information disclosure🔒
89541Microsoft ISA Server Service Pack 2 information disclosure
89540Microsoft IIS information disclosure
89539McAfee Antivirus information disclosure🔒
89537Korgo Worm backdoor🔒
89536Real Networks RealServer default.cfg information disclosure🔒
89535IBM Lotus Domino Config information disclosure🔒
89534IBM Lotus Domino notes.ini path traversal🔒🔒
89533IBM Lotus Domino Default Navigator information disclosure🔒
89529ClaSS Source information disclosure🔒
89528osCommerce File Manager information disclosure🔒
89513HP Web JetAdmin ExecuteFile Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
89510W32.Netsky.AB@mm privileges management
89507Cisco IOS ACL privileges management
89506Microsoft .NET Framework global.aspx information disclosure
89505Microsoft Windows FTP Server privileges management
89504Microsoft Windows System Event Log privileges management
89503Microsoft Windows Protection of Shared Objects information disclosure
89502Microsoft Windows AutoReboot information disclosure
89501W32.Netsky.Y@mm privileges management
89500W32.Netsky.X@mm privileges management
89499Microsoft Windows privileges management
89498McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator information disclosure🔒
89497Monit Web Server denial of service🔒
89496Monit Web Server Basic Header denial of service🔒
89495Macromedia Dreamweaver mmhttpdb.asp sql injection
89494ReGet Deluxe path traversal
89493Esignal WinSig.exe memory corruption
89492Nexgen FTP Server path traversal
89490psInclude nPsinclude.cgi command injection
89489Microsoft FrontPage Extensions vti_inf.html information disclosure
89488Rolis Guestbook code injection
89487Microsoft Exchange information disclosure
89486w-Agora information disclosure
89485rWeb HTTP Proxy information disclosure
89458W-Agora Web Publishing information disclosure
89457Agobot.FO backdoor🔒
89453Rational ClearCase LockMgr denial of service
89452Oracle Database privileges management
89451Foxmail Email Client memory corruption
89450Patchlink Server information disclosure
89449Symantec Norton Antivirus information disclosure🔒
89448Microsoft Windows information disclosure
89447PlatinumFTP format string
89446Microsoft IIS ISAPI Filter Local Privilege Escalation
89445Bradford Barrett Webalizer information disclosure
89444Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop/Terminal Services Web Connection improper authentication
89443Cisco IOS Web Interface privileges management
89442Xerox Printer Management Interface privileges management
89438Nortel Phone Switch privileges management
89437Microsoft MN-700 Web Interface information disclosure
89436Netgear MR814 Web Interface information disclosure
89435Netgear WGR614 Web Interface information disclosure
89434Linksys WRV54G Web Interface information disclosure
89433Sophos Anti-Virus information disclosure🔒
89432Microsoft Windows Service Pack 3 privileges management
89431Microsoft Windows FAT32 Partition Driver information disclosure
89430Halo Network Server information disclosure🔒
89429Epic Games Unreal Tournament Server information disclosure🔒
89428Watchguard FireBox SOHO Web Interface information disclosure
89427D-Link DI-624 AirPlus XtremeG Web Interface information disclosure
89426PhatBot backdoor🔒
89425W32.Netsky.P@mm Worm privileges management
89424Oracle 9iAS iSQLplus cross site scriting🔒
89423F-Secure SSH Server Password Policy privileges management🔒
89422Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro memory corruption🔒
89419Microsoft Windows SMB Signing improper authentication
89418Microsoft Windows RAS Connection Log privileges management
89417Microsoft Windows RAS Connection missing encryption
89416Microsoft Windows RAS Connection privileges management
89415Microsoft Windows Shortcut Local Privilege Escalation
89414Microsoft Windows 16-bit Compatibility information disclosure
89413Microsoft Windows Default Share privileges management
89410W32.Beagle.M@mm Worm privileges management
89409Robo-FTP denial of service🔒
89398MySQL Password missing encryption
89394W32.Netsky.K@mm Worm privileges management
89393W32.Sober@mm Worm privileges management
89390PhpNewsManager functions.php path traversal
89388GameSPY Server denial of service🔒
89387Typsoft FTP Server denial of service
89384Netscape Enterprise Server Default File information disclosure🔒
89383Microsoft Windows information disclosure
89375Apache HTTP Server Mod_perl privileges management
89374Apache HTTP Server mod_cookies.c Make_cookie memory corruption
89373Apache HTTP Server Mod_PHP information disclosure
89368Knooth.E Trojan privileges management
89366W32.Netsky.C privileges management
89365Xlight FTP Server PASS Command privileges management
89364Talentsoft Web+ Path information disclosure🔒
89361BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure
89352W32.Netsky.B@mm Worm information disclosure🔒
89351W32.Beagle.B@mm Worm backdoor🔒
89350W32.Welchia.B.Worm privileges management
89348ASP Portal cross site scriting🔒
89333Crob FTP Server denial of service
89327Novell NetWare Novonyx Server information disclosure🔒🔒
89321Novell NetWare Sample File viewcode.jse Source information disclosure🔒🔒
89320Novell NetWare Novonyx Server information disclosure [CVE-2002-1634]🔒🔒
89318DansGuardian Webadmin Module path traversal
89274NetServe Web Server path traversal
89273MyDoom backdoor🔒
89272Beagle Worm backdoor🔒
89271Microsoft Windows Update information disclosure🔒
89270PHPix os command injection🔒
89269Mambo mod_mainmenu.php privileges management🔒
89268MetaDOT Local Privilege Escalation🔒
89267phpShop Local Privilege Escalation🔒
89265FreeProxy/FreeWeb denial of service
89264FreeProxy/FreeWeb path traversal
89263BONZI BUDDY information disclosure🔒
89259Microsoft Windows Patch MS04-002 privileges management
89258WildTangent information disclosure🔒
89257POWER SEARCH information disclosure🔒
89255MAPQUEST TOOLBAR information disclosure🔒
89254IPINSIGHT information disclosure🔒
89253FREE COMMUNITY information disclosure🔒
89252DOWNLOADWARE information disclosure🔒
89251CYDOOR pop-under information disclosure🔒
89250BETTERINTERNET pop-under information disclosure🔒
89249BARGAINBUDDY information disclosure🔒
89241ALEXA information disclosure🔒
89240Web3000 information disclosure🔒
89239WEBHANCER information disclosure🔒
89238VCATCH backdoor🔒
89237TIMESINK backdoor🔒
89236LOP.COM information disclosure🔒
89235SaveNOW information disclosure🔒
89234SAHAGENT information disclosure🔒
89233RADIATE information disclosure🔒
89232Gator information disclosure🔒
89231DSSAGENT information disclosure🔒
89230Brilliant Digital Entertainment Spyware information disclosure🔒
89229AUREATE information disclosure🔒
89228Yahoo Messenger information disclosure🔒
89195KpyM Windows Telnet Server command injection🔒
89194Compaq Web Enterprise Management Server denial of service🔒
89193HotNews file inclusion [CVE-2004-1796]🔒
89175Pi-Soft SpoonFTP Server memory corruption
88890Michael Lamont Savant Web Server GET Request Folder privileges management
86940Neverwinter Nights denial of service
869393ds Max Backburner denial of service
86910WinFTP Server denial of service
86904Xitami denial of service
86851First Class Client memory corruption
84240UNIX-V7 Local Privilege Escalation
83371Slashcode cross site scriting
82892OverByte ICS FTP Server denial of service
82891WinRar RAR Header memory corruption
82890CuteFTP Macro File privileges management
82520XMB Forum misc.php cross site scriting
82507phpCodeCabinet header.php cross site scriting
82499glFTPD dupescan memory corruption
82373XMB Forum today.php cross site scriting
82372XMB Forum member.php cross site scriting
82371XMB Forum forumdisplay.php cross site scriting
82370XMB Forum post.php cross site scriting
82369XMB Forum stats.php cross site scriting
82368XMB Forum u2u.php cross site scriting
82356Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server com Path information disclosure
82355Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server webaccess Directory information disclosure
82290YaCy Wiki.html cross site scriting
82289ZeroBoard write.php privileges management
82288IBM AIX invscout privileges management
82287Ricoh Aficio ICMP Packet denial of service
82286UBB.threads online.php cross site scriting
82285UBB.threads login.php cross site scriting
82284Tom's IPX Tunneling Daemon TipxD Config tipxd_log format string
82283Codename Eagle UDP Datagram denial of service
82282Adobe Version Cue privileges management
82209Kerio WinRoute Firewall SMTP Inspector denial of service
82208PHP Gift Registry event.php cross site scriting
82207GetRight Skin File DUNZIP32.dll memory corruption
82206JanaServer http-server denial of service
82205MailEnable IMAP memory corruption
82204NetNote Server denial of service
82203Secure Network Messenger Service denial of service
82202Aztek Forum subscribe.php cross site scriting
82201Aztek Forum search.php cross site scriting
82200Gfhost dl.php privileges management
82199SpamAssassin Emain Domain Address URIBL denial of service
82198DCP-Portal contents.php cross site scriting
82197libxml2 FTP URL xmlNanoFTPScanProxy memory corruption
82196Goollery viewalbum.php privileges management
82195Goollery viewpic.php privileges management
82194Land Down Under plug.php sql injection
82193Land Down Under auth.php sql injection
82192Land Down Under comments.php sql injection
82191Chesapeake TFTP Server path traversal
82190FreeBSD bmon privileges management
82189libxml2 DNS Reply xmlNanoFTPConnect memory corruption
82188BitchX IRC Client memory corruption
82187Serendipity exit.php privileges management
82186Serendipity comments.php privileges management
82185SalesLogix Server Database Credentials information disclosure
82184ZanfiCmsLite home.php Path information disclosure
82183ZanfiCmsLite footer.php Path information disclosure
82182ZanfiCmsLite del_page.php Path information disclosure
82181ZanfiCmsLite del_block.php Path information disclosure
82180ZanfiCmsLite corr_pages.php Path information disclosure
82179Duclassified adDetail.asp sql injection
82178Duforum messageDetail.asp sql injection
82177Duforum messages.asp sql injection
82176Desert Rats vs. Afrika Korps Chat Message memory corruption
82175DCP-Portal register.php cross site scriting
82174DCP-Portal search.php cross site scriting
82173DCP-Portal news.php cross site scriting
82172DCP-Portal announcement.php cross site scriting
82171php-fusion comments.php sql injection
82170Serendipity comment.php sql injection
82169YahooPOPS SMTP Service memory corruption🔒
82168GNU sharutils format string
82167MDaemon SMTP Server Command memory corruption🔒
82164Apache HTTP Server htpasswd memory corruption
82163Turbo Seek tseekdir.cgi File privileges management
82162Oracle SDO_ADMIN Package SDO_CODE_SIZE memory corruption🔒🔒
82161PHP-Nuke POST Request privileges management
82160Ipswitch IMail Web Messaging denial of service
82159TorrentTrader download.php sql injection
82158CesarFTP Command denial of service
82157Xoops Dictionary Module letter.php cross site scriting
82156zlib Error inflateBack denial of service🔒
82155Gaim RTF Message memory corruption
82154Gaim Local Hostname Resolution memory corruption
82152Hafiye Escape Sequence privileges management
82151AXIS Network Camera factorydefault.cgi privileges management
82150AXIS Network Camera/Video Server paramlist.cgi information disclosure
82149AXIS Network Camera/Video Server restart.cgi denial of service
82148AXIS Network Camera/Video Server serverreport.cgi information disclosure
82147AXIS Network Camera/Video Server systemlog.cgi information disclosure
82146AXIS Network Camera/Video Server setparam.cgi privileges management
82145AWStats privileges management
82144sredird LogMsg format string
82142Icewarp Webmail HTML Message Body cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1719]
82141Icewarp Webmail calendar.html cross site scriting
82140Icewarp Webmail attachment.html cross site scriting
82139Icewarp Webmail readmail.html cross site scriting
82138Icewarp Webmail settings.html cross site scriting🔒🔒
82137Gyach Enhanced Chat Room Status Bar memory corruption
82135IBM Lotus Notes Java Applet Local Privilege Escalation
82134Linux Kernel Sbus PROM Driver copyin memory corruption
82132Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management
82131RiSearch File information disclosure🔒
82130ASPRunner export.asp cross site scriting
82129ASPRunner example_list.asp cross site scriting
82128ASPRunner example_edit.asp cross site scriting
82127Serena TeamTrack LoginPage information disclosure
82126Serena TeamTrack LoginPage tmtrack.dll User information disclosure
82125Helpbox selectrequestlink.asp sql injection
82124Helpbox selectrequestapplytemplate.asp sql injection
82123Helpbox requestcommentsenduser.asp sql injection
82122Helpbox requestauditlog.asp sql injection
82121Helpbox quickinfoenduserrequests.asp sql injection
82120Helpbox quickinfoassetrequests.asp sql injection
82119Helpbox manageanalgrouppreference.asp sql injection
82118Helpbox export_data.asp sql injection
82117Helpbox editsuspensionuser.asp sql injection
82116Dr Cat memory corruption
82115Microsoft Internet Explorer location.cache privileges management
82111Eudora Base64 Attachment authentication spoofing
82110phpGroupWare Path information disclosure
82109phpGroupWare Path information disclosure
82108phpGroupWare Path information disclosure
82097HTTP Server Input Header ap_get_mime_headers_core denial of service
82048PHP-Nuke Score Subsystem denial of service
82047Encyclopedia Module cross site scriting
82046Ethereal BGP Dissector memory corruption
82044Apple Quicktime Streaming Server User-Agent memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
82043Borland Interbase Database Name memory corruption [CVE-2004-2043]🔒🔒
82041KDE Konqueror ImageMap authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0527]
82040e107 CMS news.php sql injection
82039e107 CMS usersettings.php cross site scriting
82038e107 CMS Submit News cross site scriting
82037e107 CMS Email Article To A Friend cross site scriting
82036spamGuard functions.c memory corruption
82035spamGuard loadconfig.c memory corruption
82034Coppermine Photo Gallery Path information disclosure
82033Coppermine Photo Gallery ecard.php Path information disclosure
82032Coppermine Photo Gallery displayecard.php Path information disclosure
82031Coppermine Photo Gallery db_input.php Path information disclosure
82030Coppermine Photo Gallery config.php Path information disclosure
82029Coppermine Photo Gallery addpic.php Path information disclosure
82028TTT-C Edit Panel cross site scriting
82027TTT-C Edit Panel cross site scriting
82026TTT-C Edit Panel cross site scriting
82025TTT-C Edit Panel cross site scriting
82024TTT-C alert.php cross site scriting
82023Linksys bootp Memory information disclosure
82021Secure Computing Sidewinder G2 MIME Mail Filter denial of service
82020Secure Computing Sidewinder G2 RTSP Proxy denial of service
82019Stories_Archive Module cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0731]
82018Sasser Worm FTP Server memory corruption
82017Symantec Firewall DNS Kernel memory corruption🔒
82016Symantec Firewall NBNS Response heap-based overflow🔒
82014eMule Web Interface POST Request denial of service
82013Mailenable Professional HTTPMail Service denial of service
82012PHPX forums.php cross-site request forgery
82011PHPX images.php cross-site request forgery
82010PHPX user.php cross-site request forgery
82009PHPX news.php cross-site request forgery
82007HP Web JetAdmin ExecuteFile privileges management🔒
82004Sambar Server ssienv.shtml cross site scriting
82003Web Wiz Forums pop_up_ip_blocking.asp denial of service
82002xine-ui MRL Playlist privileges management
82000IBM AIX bos.rte.serv_aid privileges management
81999Microsoft Internet Explorer Share Name memory corruption
81996Postnuke changeinfo.php sql injection
81995ssmtp log_event format string
81994BEA WebLogic Deleted Group privileges management [CVE-2004-0715]
81991AzDGDatingLite view.php cross site scriting
819901st Class Mail Server list.tagz cross site scriting
819891st Class Mail Server advanced.tagz cross site scriting
819881st Class Mail Server general.tagz cross site scriting
819871st Class Mail Server members.tagz cross site scriting
819861st Class Mail Server cross site scriting
81985Emumail Webmail Login cross site scriting🔒
81984Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server information disclosure
81983InoculateIT Linux uniftest symlink
81982InoculateIT Linux unimovecreates symlink
81973Cactusoft CactuShop mailorder.asp sql injection
81972Mambo Open Source index.php cross site scriting
81971cPanel addhandle.html cross site scriting
81970News Manager Lite news_sort.asp sql injection
81969News Manager Lite category_news.asp sql injection
81968News Manager Lite category_news_headline.asp cross site scriting
81967News Manager Lite search.asp cross site scriting
81966IBM AIX putlvcb memory corruption
81965Phorum profile.php cross site scriting
81964Phorum login.php cross site scriting
81963vBulletin showthread.php cross site scriting
81961phpBB viewtopic.php cross site scriting🔒
81960cPanel del.html cross site scriting
81959cPanel editmsg.html cross site scriting
81958cPanel doaddftp.html cross site scriting
81957cPanel repairdb.html cross site scriting
81956cPanel showlog.html cross site scriting
81955cPanel ignorelist.html cross site scriting
81954cPanel dnslook.html cross site scriting
81953cPanel erredit.html cross site scriting
81950uudeview Parameter Parser memory corruption [CVE-2004-0333]🔒🔒🔒
81948@Mail cross site scriting🔒
81944phpCodeCabinet input.php cross site scriting
81943phpCodeCabinet category.php cross site scriting
81942phpCodeCabinet comments.php cross site scriting
81938Oracle Database NUMTODSINTERVAL memory corruption🔒
81937Real RealPlayer/RealOne SMIL cross site scriting
81935IBM Informix privileges management
81934Gaim HTTP Proxy memory corruption
81933BEA WebLogic HTTP Request cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2320]
81932Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server lcgitest.nlm information disclosure
81931Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server information disclosure
81930Novell NetWare Enterprise Web Server snoop.jsp information disclosure
81929Quadcomm Q-Shop search.asp sql injection
81928Quadcomm Q-Shop newuser.asp sql injection
81927Quadcomm Q-Shop cart.asp sql injection
81926Quadcomm Q-Shop modline.asp sql injection
81925Quadcomm Q-Shop addtomylist.asp sql injection
81924Quadcomm Q-Shop users.asp sql injection
81923Quadcomm Q-Shop showcat.asp sql injection
81922Quadcomm Q-Shop details.asp sql injection
81921Quadcomm Q-Shop recommend.asp cross site scriting
81919Phorum login.php cross site scriting🔒
81918Phorum profile.php cross site scriting🔒
81917phpGedView source.php cross site scriting
81916phpGedView relationship.php cross site scriting
81915phpGedView login.php cross site scriting
81914phpGedView individual.php cross site scriting
81913phpGedView index.php cross site scriting
81912phpGedView descendancy.php cross site scriting
81911EasyDynamicPages config_page.php file inclusion
81910HotNews file inclusion
81805GTcatalog information disclosure🔒
48385Sun JRE access control [CVE-2004-2764]
33522Alliedtelesyn AT-TFTP stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6184]🔒🔒🔒🔒
25399Microsoft Windows memory leak [CVE-2005-1792]
25230Apple Mac OS X memory corruption
25178WowBB Web Forum view_user.php sql injection🔒🔒
24015Twiki Search search privileges management🔒🔒🔒
24001gdlib Graphics gd_png.c gdimagecreatefrompngctx heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
24000XMLSoft libxml2 Proxy Function nanoftp.c xmlnanoftpscanproxy memory corruption🔒🔒
23940mpg123 httpget.c getauthfromurl memory corruption🔒🔒
23928Zinf pls memory corruption🔒🔒
23920Neoteris Instant Virtual Extranet LDAP Authentication changepassword.cgi information disclosure
23772Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1229]
23764Digital Illusions Battlefield 1942 denial of service [CVE-2004-1220]
23761Hosting Controller statsbrowse.asp privileges management
23758Burut Kreed memory corruption [CVE-2004-1214]
23755David Harris Mercury IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-1211]🔒🔒🔒
2375221-6 Productions Orbz memory corruption [CVE-2004-1208]
23751Serioussam Serious Engine denial of service [CVE-2004-1207]
23740Lucasarts Star Wars Battlefront memory corruption [CVE-2004-1194]
23738Citadel UX lprintf memory corruption🔒
23703Prozilla Download Accelerator http.c memory corruption🔒🔒
23702WeOnlyDo! ActiveX wodftpdlx.ocx memory corruption
23698Skype memory corruption [CVE-2004-1114]🔒
23695Kerio Personal Firewall infinite loop [CVE-2004-1109]
23684zgv Image Viewer readbmp.c integer coercion🔒🔒
23682Atari800 Configuration File rt-config.c rtconfigload memory corruption🔒🔒
23671PHP Safe Mode privileges management [CVE-2004-1063]🔒
23663Linux Kernel sendmsg deadlock🔒🔒
23636Namazu namazu.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒
23623OpenBSD OpenSSH config [CVE-2004-2760]🔒
23622Sun Utilization Suite information disclosure [CVE-2004-2759]
23621Sun SunForum denial of service [CVE-2004-2758]🔒
23620Novell iChain Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2004-2757]
23619Xoops viewtopic.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
23618YaBB SE SSI.php sql injection
23617HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2004-2753]🔒🔒
23616PostNuke Downloads Module cross site scripting [CVE-2004-2752]
23615PostNuke sort sql injection [CVE-2004-2751]
23614JBrowser browser.php path traversal🔒
236132wire Homeportal wralogin path traversal
23612Pablo Software Solutions Quick N Easy FTP Server Error Message path traversal
23611Pensacola Web Designs Xtremeasp Photogallery Login adminlogin.asp sql injection🔒
23610Anteco Visual Technologies OwnServer path traversal [CVE-2004-2745]
23609PHPlist Mailing List Manager information disclosure [CVE-2004-2744]
23608Raditha Dissanayake Mega Upload Progress Bar upload.cgi access control
23607Horde Application Framework help.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
23606PHProjekt code injection🔒🔒
23605PHProjekt setup.php access control🔒🔒
23604ZeroBoard check_user_id.php cross site scripting🔒
23603Netsupport DNA Helpdesk Help problist.asp sql injection
23602Polar Software Helpdesk improper authentication [CVE-2004-2736]🔒
23601Fredric Fredricson P4DB setpreferences.cgi cross site scripting
23600Novell NetWare WebAdmin webadmin-apache.conf improper authentication
23599Webwiz Web Wiz Forums pop_up_ip_blocking.asp access control
23598Netbilling nbmember.cgi os command injection🔒🔒
23597Linux Kernel openprom.c copyin_string numeric error🔒🔒
23596Hummingbird Connectivity Administration access control [CVE-2004-2729]
23595Hummingbird Connectivity memory corruption [CVE-2004-2728]🔒🔒🔒
23594MailEnable memory corruption [CVE-2004-2727]🔒🔒
23593MailEnable HTTPMail Service denial of service [CVE-2004-2726]🔒
23592Aztek Forum search.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
23591Lionmax Software Chat Anywhere improper authentication [CVE-2004-2724]
23590nessuswx credentials management [CVE-2004-2723]
23589Nessus credentials management [CVE-2004-2722] [Disputed]
23588Heiko Stamer Openskat checkgroup cryptographic issues
23587Snitz Forums 2000 register.asp cross site scripting
23586Foxmail punylib.dll urltolocal memory corruption
23585PHP Heaven phpMyChat Installation setup.php3 access control
23584PHP Heaven phpMyChat admin.php3 path traversal
23583PHP Heaven phpMyChat sort usersl.php3 sql injection
23582PHP Heaven phpMyChat edituser.php3 improper authentication
23581WindowMaker format string [CVE-2004-2714]
23580ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm access control [CVE-2004-2713] [Disputed]🔒🔒
23579Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced memory corruption [CVE-2004-2712]
23578Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced memory corruption [CVE-2004-2711]
23577Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced Status Bar memory corruption [CVE-2004-2710]
23576Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced util.c strip_html_tags memory corruption
23575Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced Configuration File credentials management
23574Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced memory corruption [CVE-2004-2707]
23573Phrozensmoke Gyach Enhanced Error Message input validation [CVE-2004-2706]
23572PvPGN Account information disclosure [CVE-2004-2705]
23571Hastymail cross site scripting [CVE-2004-2704]🔒
23570Swsoft Plesk login_up.php3 cross site scripting🔒
23569AspDotNetStorefront signin.aspx cross site scripting
23568AspDotNetStorefront File Upload images.aspx access control
23567AspDotNetStorefront deleteicon.aspx access control
23566IMWheel race condition [CVE-2004-2698]🔒
23565IBM AIX race condition [CVE-2004-2697]
23564Jelsoft vBulletin lsof authorize.php sql injection🔒
23563HP HP-UX access control [CVE-2004-2693]
23562Kyberdigi Labs php-exec-dir Safe Mode php_escape_shell_cmd access control
23561newsPHP Administration Panel memory corruption [CVE-2004-2690]
23560newsPHP access control [CVE-2004-2689]
23559newsPHP index.php cross site scripting
23557Sun Solaris vfs_getvfssw path traversal
23556YoungZSoft CCProxy Proxy Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-2685]
23555Intersystems Cache csp information disclosure
23554Intersystems Cache information disclosure [CVE-2004-2683]
23553PeerSec MatrixSSL cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2682]
23552PeerSec MatrixSSL cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2681]
23551Apache mod_python memory corruption [CVE-2004-2680]🔒🔒
23550HP Tru64 Certificates ike Remote Code Execution
23549Qwikmail QwikMail SMTP qwik-smtpd.c memory corruption
23548Spy Sweeper Enterprise Client spysweepertray.exe privileges management
23547ArGoSoft FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2675]
23546ArGoSoft FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2004-2674]
23545ArGoSoft FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2673]
23544ArGoSoft FTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2672]🔒
23543eNdonesia Error Message mod.php information disclosure
23542eNdonesia mod.php cross site scriting
23541Neocrome Land Down Under Installation users.php sql injection
23540InterChange sql injection [CVE-2004-2668]
23539Mantis Web Interface information disclosure [CVE-2004-2666]
23538HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2004-2665]🔒🔒
23537John Lim Adodb Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-2664]
23536IBM Egatherer ActiveX Control SetDebugging memory corruption
23535Soft3304 04WebServer denial of service [CVE-2004-2662]
23534Soft3304 04WebServer information disclosure [CVE-2004-2661]
23533Linux Kernel direct-io.c memory leak🔒🔒
23532Opera Web Browser PEAR unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2659]
23531SuSE Linux Terminal authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2658]
23530Mozilla Firefox Installer information disclosure [CVE-2004-2657] [Disputed]
23529Open Source Development Network Slashcode cross site scriting
23528xscreensaver information disclosure [CVE-2004-2655]🔒🔒
23527PD9 MegaBBS userlevelmembers-edit.asp Remote Code Execution
23526SourceFire Snort Verbose Mode decode.c decodetcpoptions denial of service
23525Michael Christen YaCy index.html cross site scriting🔒🔒
23524Apache James Foundation retrieve memory leak
23523Eudora Status Bar input validation [CVE-2004-2649]
23522FreezeX to denial of service
23521Connect denial of service [CVE-2004-2647]
23520Free Web Chat adduser denial of service
23519ASN.1 Compiler Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2645]
23518ASN.1 Compiler decoding Remote Code Execution
23517Microsoft Cabarc path traversal [CVE-2004-2643]
23516Nathaniel Bray Yeemp authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2642]
23515Linux Kernel lstat.cgi path traversal
23514Drew Withers Journalness Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2639]
23513osCommerce Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2638]
23512Zonet Zsr1104we Wireless Router Runtime Code unknown vulnerability
23511Tiny TinyWeb information disclosure [CVE-2004-2636]
23510McAfee Security Installer Control System ActiveX Control regqueryvalue Remote Code Execution
23509Arjohn Kampman Sesame Rdf Container Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2633]
23508phpMyAdmin left.php denial of service🔒🔒
23507phpMyAdmin left.php eval denial of service🔒🔒
23506phpMyAdmin privileges management🔒🔒
23505First Virtual Communications V-Gate denial of service [CVE-2004-2629]🔒
23504Acme Labs thttpd path traversal [CVE-2004-2628]🔒🔒
23503Virtual Machine Sandbox memory corruption [CVE-2004-2627]
23502Siemens Phone Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2626]
23501Outblaze Outblaze Email cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2625]
23500Wackowiki cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2624]🔒🔒
23499Matthew Skala Rippy the Aggregator Filter Remote Code Execution
23498Altiris Deployment Server Extension For Ibm Director aclient.exe Remote Code Execution
23497Paul L Daniels ripMIME mimeh_read_headers unknown vulnerability
23496Paul L Daniels ripMIME Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2619]🔒🔒
23495Pegasi Web Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2618]
23494Pegasi Web Server path traversal [CVE-2004-2617]
23493Onnuri Infotek Activepost Standard information disclosure [CVE-2004-2616]
23492CuteNews Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2615]
23491MyWeb memory corruption [CVE-2004-2614]
23490Vserver Linux-Vserver proc Remote Code Execution
23489BNC Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2612]🔒
23488Sophster Suite permissions Local Privilege Escalation
23487mntd mntd_mount.c privileges management
23486Symantec PowerQuest DeployCenter Account memory corruption
23485Smartwebby Smart Guest Book access control [CVE-2004-2608]
23484Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2004-2607]🔒🔒
23483Astats symlink [CVE-2004-2605]
23482PHProxy index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23481Ubertec Help Center Live Search Module index.php cross site scriting🔒
23480Ubertec Help Center Live pipe.php file inclusion🔒
23479Ubertec Help Center Live skin.php file inclusion
23478Intel Server Platform SR870bh2 Intelligent Platform Management Interface information disclosure
23477ID Software Quake II Server Console memory corruption [CVE-2004-2599]
23476ID Software Quake II Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2598]🔒
23475ID Software Quake II Server authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2597]🔒
23474ID Software Quake II Server input validation [CVE-2004-2596]🔒
23473ID Software Quake II Server Linux denial of service [CVE-2004-2595]🔒
23472ID Software Quake II Server Windows path traversal [CVE-2004-2594]🔒
23471ID Software Quake II Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2593]🔒
23470ID Software Quake II Server Stored input validation [CVE-2004-2592]🔒
23469Perl information disclosure [CVE-2004-2591]
23468Meindlsoft Cute PHP Library Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2590]
23467Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2004-2589]🔒
23466XMB Forum phpinfo.php information disclosure
23465SmarterTools SmarterMail login.aspx memory corruption
23464SmarterTools SmarterMail frmgetattachment.aspx path traversal
23463SmarterTools SmarterMail frmcompose.aspx cross site scriting🔒
23462SmarterTools SmarterMail frmaddfolder.aspx unknown vulnerability
23461SmarterTools SmarterMail SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2004-2583]
23460Novell iChain Proxy Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2582]
23459Novell iChain denial of service [CVE-2004-2581]
23458Novell iChain cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2580]
23457phpGroupWare cleartext storage [CVE-2004-2578]🔒🔒
23456phpGroupWare htaccess acl_check information disclosure
23455phpGroupWare htaccess information disclosure
23454phpGroupWare Error Message information disclosure
23453phpGroupWare index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23452phpGroupWare file inclusion
23451Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server Error Message netaddressbook.php information disclosure
23450EnderUNIX isoqlog parser.c loadlang memory corruption
23449Opera Web Browser Location Object memory corruption [CVE-2004-2570]🔒🔒
23448David Stes ipmenu symlink [CVE-2004-2569]🔒🔒
23447ReciPants cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2568]
23446ReciPants sql injection [CVE-2004-2567]
23445Liveworld Liveforum search.jsp cross site scriting
23444Sambar Sambar Server showini.asp path traversal
23443Serena Teamtrack tmtrack.dll cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2563]
23442Leigh Business Enterprises Web Helpdesk Help jobedit.asp sql injection
23441Internet Sofware Sciences Web+Center Search search.asp sql injection
23440Andreas Gohr DokuWiki .php memory corruption
23439Andreas Gohr DokuWiki Search Remote Remote Code Execution
23438Netgear WG602 Account unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2557]🔒
23437Riverdeep Foolproof Security information disclosure [CVE-2004-2555]
23436Novell Client Firewall Help Function memory corruption [CVE-2004-2554]
23435Ignition ignitionServer Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2553]🔒🔒
23434Tim Mann XBoard Setuid memory corruption [CVE-2004-2552]
23433Layton Technology Helpbox User Account editcommentenduser.asp sql injection
23432Xperience Sandsurfer cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2550]🔒
23431Nortel WLAN Access Point Telnet Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-2549]
23430Netwin Surgemail Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2548]
23429Netwin Surgemail Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-2547]
23428Samba memory leak [CVE-2004-2546]🔒
23427Secure Computing Sidewinder G2 Monitoring denial of service [CVE-2004-2545]
23426Secure Computing Sidewinder G2 Admin Console information disclosure
23425Dynix Webpac Stored Procedure sql injection
23424Cscope memory corruption [CVE-2004-2541]🔒🔒
23423Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment denial of service [CVE-2004-2540]
23422Network Appliance Data Ontap denial of service [CVE-2004-2539]
23421Nilesh Dosooye Phpcodegenie memory corruption [CVE-2004-2538]
23420Netwin Surgemail Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2537]
23419Linux Kernel process.c ioperm privileges management
23418Matthew Phillips Sticker Encryption Key missing encryption [CVE-2004-2535]
23417Fastream NETFile Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2534]🔒
23416Serv-U input validation [CVE-2004-2533]🔒🔒
23415Serv-U Administrator Account credentials management [CVE-2004-2532]
23414GNU GnuTLS Certificates denial of service [CVE-2004-2531]
23413Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2530]
23412Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2529]
23411Webcam Corp Webcam Watchdog sresult.exe cross site scriting🔒🔒
23410Microsoft Windows Utility Manager memory allocation [CVE-2004-2527]
23409IBM Tivoli Directory Server ldacgi.exe path traversal🔒
23408S9y Serendipity compat.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23407WHM Autopilot clogin.php clogin_e cleartext storage
23406OpenFTPD FTP Server msg.c (cat_message memory corruption🔒
23405Geeos Team Gattaca Server 2003 cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2522]
23404Geeos Team Gattaca Server 2003 denial of service [CVE-2004-2521]
23403Geeos Team Gattaca Server 2003 denial of service [CVE-2004-2520]
23402Geeos Team Gattaca Server 2003 denial of service [CVE-2004-2519]
23401Geeos Team Gattaca Server 2003 Error Message information disclosure
23400myServer index.html denial of service🔒🔒
23399myServer path traversal [CVE-2004-2516]🔒🔒
23398VMware Workstation memory corruption [CVE-2004-2515]
23397PowerPortal index.php cross site scriting🔒
23396Pmail Pegasus IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-2513]
23395Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal Web Cache calendar.php authentication spoofing🔒🔒
23394Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal calendar.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23393Ubbcentral UBB.threads showflat.php cross site scriting🔒
23392Ubbcentral UBB.threads calendar.php cross site scriting🔒
23391Linksys WVC11B main.cgi cross site scriting🔒
23390Linksys WVC11B Camera main.cgi path traversal
23389WIKINDX information disclosure [CVE-2004-2506]
23388Macromedia ColdFusion Error Message memory allocation [CVE-2004-2505]
23387Inweb Mail Server SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2004-2503]
23386Im-switch Core tmp symlink
23385MailEnable Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition IMAP Service memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
23384Ilohamail Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2500]🔒
23383Hitachi Web Page Generator Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2004-2499]
23382Hitachi Web Page Generator Enterprise Error cross site scriting
23381Hitachi Web Page Generator Enterprise Error cross site scriting
23380Opentext HTTP Daemon search denial of service🔒
23379Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server SMTP Service denial of service
23378Mail Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2494]
23377Hitachi Groupmax World Wide Web Desktop path traversal [CVE-2004-2493]
23376Hitachi Groupmax World Wide Web Desktop cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2492]
23375Opera Web Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2491]🔒
23374IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2490]
23373IBM Informix Dynamic Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2489]
23372Nexgen FTP Server FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2004-2488]
23371Nexgen FTP Server FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2004-2487]
23370Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2486]🔒🔒
23369PHP Live! conf unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2485]🔒
23368PHP Gift Registry event.php cross site scriting
23367Kerio Winroute Firewall DNS Cache denial of service [CVE-2004-2483]
23366myproxy Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2481]
23365National Science Foundation Squid Web Proxy Cache privileges management
23364Jetty HTTP Server Web Services path traversal [CVE-2004-2478]
23363Diamondcs Guard ntoskrnl.exe denial of service
23362Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2004-2476]
23361Google Toolbar about.html cross site scriting🔒
23360PHPNews sendtofriend.php sql injection🔒
23359wmFrog Weather link following [CVE-2004-2473]
23358Jamesoff Quoteengine sql injection [CVE-2004-2471]
23357MadBMS Login Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2470]
23356Brickhost phpScheduleIt reservation.class.php privileges management🔒
23355Scripts For Educators Sillysearch cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2468]
23354Efs Software Easy Chat Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2467]🔒
23353Efs Software Easy Chat Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2466]
23352Efs Software Easy Chat Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2465]
23351Ada Imgsvr path traversal [CVE-2004-2464]
23350Ada Imgsvr memory corruption [CVE-2004-2463]
23349cplay cplay_control symlink
23348GNU gnubiff pop3.c memory corruption
23347GNU gnubiff denial of service [CVE-2004-2460]
23346GNU gnubiff information disclosure [CVE-2004-2459]
23345Open Webmail unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2458]
233443com 3crwe754g72-a denial of service [CVE-2004-2457]
23343MiniBB index.php sql injection🔒
23342Sweex Wireless Broadband Router Accesspoint 802.11g accesspoint information disclosure
23341aMSN hotlog.htm information disclosure
23340Tutti Nova cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2453]
23339Hitachi Cosminexus Portal Framework information disclosure [CVE-2004-2452]
23338Gamespy Roger Wilco Graphical Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2451]
23337Gamespy Roger Wilco Graphical Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2450]
23336Gamespy Roger Wilco Graphical Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2449]
23335Itransact RediCart Shopping Cart smart.cfg information disclosure
233341st Class Internet Solutions 1st Class Mail Server Mail server cross site scriting
233331st Class Internet Solutions 1st Class Mail Server Mail server path traversal
23332Jaws index.php path traversal🔒
23331Jaws index.php cross site scriting🔒
23330Jaws admin.php logged_on cross site scriting🔒
23329Kerio Mailserver memory corruption [CVE-2004-2441]🔒
23328proxytunnel cmdline.c information disclosure
23327HP Laserjet 4300 Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2004-2439]
23326PHP-Fusion cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2438]🔒🔒
23325PHP-Fusion index.php sql injection🔒🔒
23324Uunicenter Common Services information disclosure [CVE-2004-2436]
23323PeopleSoft HRMS Management System cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2435]
23322Microsoft Internet Explorer Error Message { denial of service
23321Kazaa Media Desktop ActiveX Control isvalidfile memory corruption
23320TFTP Server off-by-one [CVE-2004-2432]🔒
23319Ignition ignitionServer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2431]
23318Sendmail parser.c stack-based overflow WWWguestbook dbase.mdb cleartext storage
23316AXIS 2110 Network Camera getparam.cgi denial of service
23315AXIS 2110 Network Camera editcgi.cgi path traversal
23314AXIS 2110 Network Camera virtualinput.cgi privileges management
23313IPSwitch IMail Web Calendar calendar denial of service🔒🔒
23312IPSwitch IMail Web Messaging denial of service [CVE-2004-2422]🔒🔒
23311Hitachi Jp1 P-1j41-9471 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2421]
23310Hitachi Jp1 P-1j41-9471 denial of service [CVE-2004-2420]
23309Keene Digital Media Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2419]
23308Whitsoft SlimFTPd memory corruption [CVE-2004-2418]🔒
23307smtp.proxy smtp.c smtpc memory corruption
23306YoungZSoft CCProxy Logging memory corruption [CVE-2004-2416]🔒
23305Davenport denial of service [CVE-2004-2415]
23304Novell NetWare information disclosure [CVE-2004-2414]🔒
23303Virtual Programming VP-ASP Shopping Cart shopproductselect.asp sql injection
23302Virtual Programming VP-ASP Shopping Cart shopreviewlist.asp sql injection
23301Virtual Programming VP-ASP Shopping Cart shop$db.asp cleansemessage cross site scriting
23300Samhain sh_hash_compdata null pointer dereference
23299Samhain sh_hash_compdata memory corruption
23298Vserver Linux-Vserver proc denial of service
23297phpGroupWare Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2407]
23296phpGroupWare Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2406]
23294YaBB cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
23293YaBB cross site scriting🔒🔒
23292IPSwitch IMail Express Web Messaging stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-2401]
23291winftp Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2400]
23290Secure Computing Sidewinder G2 denial of service [CVE-2004-2399]
23289netenberg fantastico de luxe mysql information disclosure [CVE-2004-2398]
23288Bluecoat Security Gateway OS Management Console cleartext storage
23287PassWD pam_start Local Privilege Escalation🔒
23286Mandrakesoft Linux memory leak [CVE-2004-2395]🔒
23285passwd denial of service [CVE-2004-2394]🔒
23284Sun JSSE authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2393]
23283Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server denial of service🔒
23282Jabber Gadu-Gadu Transport denial of service [CVE-2004-2391]
23281Jabber Gadu-Gadu Transport denial of service [CVE-2004-2390]
23280Jabber Gadu-Gadu Transport infinite loop [CVE-2004-2389]
23279Denis Sbragion sredird sercd.c handlecpccommand memory corruption
23278Denis Sbragion sredird logmsg format string
23277Emumail EMU Webmail cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2385]🔒🔒
23276NullSoft WinAmp denial of service [CVE-2004-2384]🔒
23275PerfectNav denial of service [CVE-2004-2382]
23274Jetty HTTP Server denial of service🔒🔒
23273Twilight Utilities Web Server postfile.exe path traversal
23272Calacode @Mail Webmail System cross site scriting🔒
23271Calacode @Mail Webmail System denial of service [CVE-2004-2378]
23270Twilight Utilities Web Server postfile.exe memory corruption
232691st Class Internet Solutions 1st Class Mail Server POP3 Server memory corruption🔒
23268Working Resources BadBlue Server Installation phptest.php information disclosure🔒
23267Bochs memory corruption [CVE-2004-2372]
23266Red Storm Ghost Recon denial of service [CVE-2004-2371]
23265Cerulean Studios Trillian stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-2370]
23264IBM Lotus Domino WebAdmin path traversal [CVE-2004-2369]🔒
23263Opt-X header.php file inclusion🔒
23262WFTPD Control Panel denial of service [CVE-2004-2367]
23261GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2366]
23260Microsoft Windows memory leak [CVE-2004-2365]
23259PHPX admin/ page.php cross-site request forgery
23258PHPX checkuri cross site scriting
23257PHPX Error Message forums.php information disclosure
23256Digital Game Engine memory corruption [CVE-2004-2361]
23255Targem Games Battle Mages infinite loop [CVE-2004-2360]
23254Dell Truemobile 1300 Wlan Mini-pci Card Util Trayapplet Help Function Remote Code Execution
23253phpBB admin_words.php cross site scriting
23252Proofpoint Protection Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2357]
23251Fizmez Web Server null pointer dereference [CVE-2004-2356]
23250Crafty Syntax Live Help cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2355]
23249Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke modules.php cross site scriting
23248BugPort Configuration File config.conf information disclosure🔒
23247Martin Bauer gBook Stored cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2352]
23246Martin Bauer gBook cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2351]
23245phpBB search.php sql injection
23244Tunez sql injection [CVE-2004-2349]
23243Sybari Antigen bagle denial of service
23242Leif M. Wright Web Blog blog.cgi privileges management🔒 Forum Web Server post1.htm cross site scriting
23240Oracle Database Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2345]
23239Vocaltec VGW480 Telephony Gateway h.225 denial of service
23238Apache HTTP Server htaccess httpd.conf information disclosure [Disputed]
23237ChatterBox denial of service [CVE-2004-2342]
23236iSearch memory corruption
23235Even Balance Punkbuster Database Login Form sql injection [CVE-2004-2340]
23234Microsoft Windows ntsystemdebugcontrol memory corruption [Disputed]
23233OpenBSD Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2338]
23232inlook .crypt information disclosure
23231Novell GroupWise gwapache.conf information disclosure
23230Macromedia Installer privileges management [CVE-2004-2335]
23229Emumail EMU Webmail Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2334]🔒🔒
23228Bodington File Upload information disclosure [CVE-2004-2333]
23227CPAN WWW::Form form cross site scriting
23226Macromedia ColdFusion Sandbox createobject information disclosure
23225Macromedia ColdFusion denial of service [CVE-2004-2330]
23224Kerio Personal Firewall Configuration File memory corruption
23223Vizer Web Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2327]
23222IP3 Netaccess Wireless Hotspots sql injection [CVE-2004-2326]
23221DotNetNuke editmodule.aspx cross site scriting
23220DotNetNuke linkclick.aspx sql injection
23219DotNetNuke Configuration File web.config information disclosure
23218phpWebSite sql injection [CVE-2004-2322]
23217IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server 001 symlink
23216Netwin FTP Server surgeftpmgr.cgi denial of service
23215Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2317]
23214Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2316]
23213Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2315]
23212Novell iChain Listener improper authentication [CVE-2004-2314]
23211Inter7 SqWebMail Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-2313]
23210IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2004-2312]
23209IBM Lotus Domino WebAdmin path traversal [CVE-2004-2311]🔒
23208Crob Crob Ftp Server path traversal [CVE-2004-2309]
23207cPanel dohtaccess.html cross site scriting🔒
23206Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2306]
23205CA eTrust Antivirus EE unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2305]
23204Cerulean Studios Trillian heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-2304]🔒
23203mtools unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2303]🔒
23202Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2004-2302]🔒🔒
23201Eudora memory corruption [CVE-2004-2301]
23200ucd-snmp memory corruption [CVE-2004-2300]
23199Omnicron OmniHTTPD memory corruption [CVE-2004-2299]🔒🔒
23198Novell Internet Messaging System unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2298]
23197Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke memory allocation [CVE-2004-2297]
23196Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message preview_review information disclosure
23195Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2004-2295]
23194Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke send_review cross site scriting
23193Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke savecomment cross site scriting
23192Alt-N MDaemon IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2292]🔒
23191Microsoft Internet Explorer mshta.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
23190Jelsoft vBulletin index.php cross site scriting
23189DSM Light Web File Browser explorer.php path traversal
23188Activestate Activeperl integer coercion [CVE-2004-2286]
23186Open Webmail read_list_from_file privileges management🔒🔒
23185Daniel Barron DansGuardian URL Filter unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2283]
23184Daniel Barron DansGuardian URL Filter unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2282]
23183IBM Lotus Notes Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2281]
23182Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php cross site scriting🔒
23181Chaogic Systems Vhost cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2278]🔒
23180aGSM memory corruption [CVE-2004-2277]
23179I-mall Commerce I-mall.cgi i-mall.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
23178W3C Jigsaw unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2274]🔒
23177Evan Sims efFingerD denial of service [CVE-2004-2273]
23176Evan Sims efFingerD sockfinger_dataarrival memory corruption
23175Minishare Minimal HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2271]🔒🔒🔒
23174IBM Parallel Environment privileges management [CVE-2004-2270]
23173Passive Asset Detection System pads.c report_file stack-based overflow
23172Pimentech Pimengest2 information disclosure
23171Ansel cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2267]
23170Ansel sql injection [CVE-2004-2266]
23169uudeview denial of service [CVE-2004-2265]
23168GNU less filename.c open_altfile memory corruption [Disputed]
23167PlaySMS fr_left.php valid sql injection🔒
23166e107 CMS ImageManager images.php memory corruption🔒
23165e107 CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2261]
23164Beasts vsftpd denial of service [CVE-2004-2259]
23163hummingbird xconfig unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2258]
23162phpMyFAQ Authorization unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2257]🔒
23161Alpha Directory path traversal [CVE-2004-2256]
23160phpMyFAQ index.php path traversal🔒🔒
23159Netwin Surgeldap Administration Interface admin.cgi Remote Code Execution
23158Netwin Surgeldap user.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
23157Astaro Security Linux information disclosure [CVE-2004-2252]
23156Goosequill Audienceconnect Remoteeditor Remote Code Execution
23155Goosequill Audienceconnect Secureeditor Remote Code Execution
23154Goosequill Remoteeditor Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2248]
23153Goosequill Audienceconnect Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2247]
23152Goollery viewpic.php cross site scriting🔒
23151Goollery viewalbum.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23150Oracle Oracle9i Application Server memory allocation [CVE-2004-2244]🔒
23149Phorum profile.php Remote Code Execution
23148Phorum search.php cross site scriting🔒
23147Phorum search.php cross site scriting
23146Phorum read.php sql injection
23145Sybase vpopmail vsybase.c sprint memory corruption
23144Sybase vpopmail vsybase.c sprint format string [Disputed]
23143Moodle Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2237]
23142Moodle Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2236]
23141Moodle Filter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2235]
23140Moodle Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2234]
23139Moodle Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2233]
23138Moodle sql.php sql injection🔒🔒
23137Mlink tmp symlink
23136Mozilla Mac OS X authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2228]🔒🔒
23135Mozilla Firefox right-click unknown vulnerability🔒
23134Appfoundry Message Foundry com1 denial of service
23133FsPHPGallery denial of service [CVE-2004-2223]
23132Gallery Directory index.php path traversal
23131Mercantec SoftCart softcart.exe memory corruption🔒
23130Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar history.back authentication spoofing
23129Phpmywebhosting pmwh.php sql injection🔒
23128yChat yhttpd denial of service [CVE-2004-2217]
23127Sun Java System Application Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2216]
23126rxvt-unicode information disclosure [CVE-2004-2215]
23125Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server Access Restriction Remote Code Execution
23124Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2213]
23123Alivesites Forum forum.asp sql injection
23122Alivesites Forum post.asp cross site scriting
23121Express-Web Content Management System default.asp cross site scriting
23120Ideal Science Idealbb sql injection [CVE-2004-2209]🔒🔒
23119Ideal Science Idealbb cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2208]🔒🔒
23118Ideal Science Idealbb cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2207]🔒🔒
23117Natterchat sql injection [CVE-2004-2206]
23116Macromedia Application Server createobject Local Privilege Escalation
23115Ansel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2203]
23114Duware Duclassified addetail.asp sql injection🔒
23113Duware Duforum Login Form messages.asp sql injection🔒
23112Duware Duforum cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2200]🔒
23111Duware Duclassified cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2199]🔒
23110Duware Duclassmate Account account.asp cross site scriting🔒
23109kdocker kdocker.cpp Local Privilege Escalation
23108Zanfi CMS Lite adm_pages.php information disclosure
23107Zanfi CMS Lite index.php file inclusion🔒
23106Mailenable Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition denial of service🔒🔒
23105Cjoverkill trade.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23104Turbotraffictrader Php settings.php sql injection
23103Turbotraffictrader Php ttt-webmaster.php cross site scriting
23102Unzoo path traversal [CVE-2004-2190]🔒🔒
23101Dmxready Site Chassis Manager sql injection [CVE-2004-2189]
23100Dmxready Site Chassis Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2188]
23099MediaWiki unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2187]🔒
23098MediaWiki sql injection [CVE-2004-2186]🔒
23097MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2185]🔒
23096Digicraft Software Yak path traversal [CVE-2004-2184]
23095Wehelpbus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2183]
23094Macromedia JRun improper authentication [CVE-2004-2182]🔒
23093WowBB Web Forum view_user.php sql injection🔒🔒
23092WowBB Web Forum view_user.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23091Microsoft Internet Explorer asycpict.dll denial of service [CVE-2004-2179]
23090DevoyBB Web Forum sql injection [CVE-2004-2178]🔒🔒
23089DevoyBB Web Forum cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2177]🔒🔒
23088Microsoft Windows sessmgr.exe Local Privilege Escalation
23087All Enthusiast Inc Reviewpost Php Pro showproduct.php sql injection🔒🔒
23086Early Impact Productcart custva.asp cross site scriting
23085Early Impact Productcart Search advsearch_h.asp sql injection
23084Early Impact Productcart Encryption cleartext storage [CVE-2004-2172]
23083Cherokee httpd Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2171]🔒🔒
23082Niti Telecom Caravan Business Server sample_showcode.html path traversal🔒
23081A-a-s Application Access Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2169]
23080Baardsen Software Basomail Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2168]
23079Latex2rtf expandmacro memory corruption
23078Canon Imagerunner 5000i denial of service [CVE-2004-2166]🔒
23077Impressions Games Lords Of The Realm Iii denial of service [CVE-2004-2165]
23076Virtual Programming VP-ASP shoprestoreorder.asp denial of service
23075TUTOS app_new.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23074TUTOS file_overview.php sql injection🔒🔒
23073Xmlstarlet Command Line Xml Toolkit xml_elem.c memory corruption
23072Xmlstarlet Command Line Xml Toolkit xml_elem.c memory corruption
23071S9y Serendipity exit.php sql injection🔒
23070S9y Serendipity comment.php cross site scriting🔒
23069Recruitment Agency Software Online Recruitment Agency Remote Code Execution
23068Online-bookmarks Authentication Mechanism * cross site scriting🔒🔒
23067Easy Software Products CUPS cupsd.conf Remote Code Execution🔒
23066Real Estate Management Software Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2153]
23065MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2152]🔒
23064Virtual Projects Chatman memory allocation [CVE-2004-2151]
23063Nettica Intellipeer Email Server Error Message information disclosure🔒
23062MySQL memory corruption [CVE-2004-2149]🔒🔒
23061fprobe Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2148]
23060Symantec Norton Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2004-2147]
23059Pd9 Software MegaBBS thread-post.asp cross site scriting
23058Pd9 Software MegaBBS ladder-log.asp sql injection
23057Baal Smart Forms regadmin.php Remote Code Execution
23056Mambo Mambo Portal index.php sql injection
23055Jorg Schilling Sdd remote.c Remote Code Execution
23053YaBB cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2140]🔒
23052YaBB memory corruption🔒
23051Allwebscripts Mysqlguest awsguest.php cross site scriting
23050Loom Software Surfnow Professional memory corruption [CVE-2004-2129]
23049BRS Webweaver isapiskeleton.dll cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2128]🔒
23048ISS BlackICE PC Protection Firewall ini memory corruption🔒
23047Gallery file inclusion [CVE-2004-2124]🔒🔒
23046Nextplace E-Commerce ASP Engine cross site scriting
23045Borland Web Server For Corel Paradox path traversal [CVE-2004-2121]
23044Tiny Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2119]
23043Tiny Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2118]
23042Tiny Server path traversal [CVE-2004-2116]
23041Oracle HTTP Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2115]
23040Internetnow Proxynow Proxy stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-2114]
23039Herberlin BremsServer cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2113]
23038Herberlin BremsServer path traversal [CVE-2004-2112]
23037Serv-U memory corruption [CVE-2004-2111]🔒🔒🔒
23036Phorum register.php sql injection
23035Quadcomm Q-Shop imagezoom.asp cross site scriting
23034Quadcomm Q-Shop Search search.asp sql injection
23033Novell NetWare information disclosure [CVE-2004-2106]
23032Novell NetWare information disclosure [CVE-2004-2105]
23031Novell NetWare snoop.jsp information disclosure
23030Novell NetWare cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2103]
23029thttpd cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2102]
23028Geovision GeoHttpServer memory corruption [CVE-2004-2101]
23027Geovision GeoHttpServer information disclosure [CVE-2004-2100]
23026Electronic Arts Need For Speed Hot Pursuit 2 memory corruption
23025Native Solutions TBE Banner Engine preview cross site scriting
23024SuSE Linux fvwm-bug symlink
23023Mephistoles httpd cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2096]
23022Niels Provos Honeyd information disclosure [CVE-2004-2095]
23021Darkwet WebcamXP cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2094]
23020Karjasoft Sami FTP Server pmsystem.exe denial of service🔒
23019Jelsoft vBulletin search.php cross site scriting🔒
23018Bolintech Dream FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-2074]🔒🔒🔒
23017Mambo CMS index.php cross site scriting🔒
23016Macallan Mail Solution Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2071]
23015Altiris Client Service privileges management [CVE-2004-2070]
23014OpenBSD OpenSSH sshd.c denial of service🔒
23013Leafnode fetchnews denial of service [CVE-2004-2068]🔒
23012Daniel Barron DansGuardian Filter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2065]
23011Antiboard antiboard.php cross site scriting🔒
23010Antiboard antiboard.php sql injection🔒
23009Xlinesoft ASPRunner cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2060]🔒
23008Xlinesoft ASPRunner table-name]_search.asp cross site scriting🔒
23007Xlinesoft ASPRunner Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-2058]🔒
23006Xlinesoft ASPRunner sql injection [CVE-2004-2057]🔒
23005Nucleus CMS ITEM action.php sql injection🔒
23004phpBB privmsg.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23003eSeSIX Thintune Firmware Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2052]
23002eSeSIX Thintune Extreme Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-2050]🔒
23001eSeSIX Thintune Extreme Configuration File cleartext storage🔒
23000eSeSIX Thintune Extreme Firmware improper authentication [CVE-2004-2048]🔒
22999APC PowerChute denial of service [CVE-2004-2046]
22998Conceptronic Cadslr1 Adsl Router HTTP Administration Interface denial of service
22997Apsis Pound svc.c logmsg memory corruption🔒🔒
22996Zen Cart application_top.php sql injection
22995Zen Cart password_forgotten.php Remote Code Execution🔒
22994Zen Cart login.php sql injection
22993Activestate Activeperl stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-2022]
22992osCommerce file_manager.php path traversal🔒🔒
22991Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Statistics Module index.php cross site scriting
22990Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message information disclosure
22989Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke index.php file inclusion
22988Turbotraffictrader C Control Panel cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2017]
22987Netchat Subnet Chat Application HTTP Server stack-based overflow
22986WebCT cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2015]
22985GNU wget symlink [CVE-2004-2014]🔒
22984Linux Kernel socket.c integer coercion
22983NetBSD systrace systrace_exit Local Privilege Escalation
22982Microsoft Internet Explorer msxml3.dll denial of service [CVE-2004-2011]
22981phpShop index.php file inclusion
22980E-Zone Fusetalk Account adduser.cfm cross-site request forgery
22979OpenBB Search board.php sql injection
22978Protector System Filters index.php sql injection
22977Protector System blocker_query.php cross site scriting
22976Epic Games Unreal Tournament 2003 Manifest manifest.ini path traversal
22975phProfession modules.php sql injection
22974phProfession Error Message upload.php information disclosure
22973Xine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1951]🔒🔒
22972Postnuke index.php sql injection
22971Kphone sipclient.cpp memory corruption
22970Nuked-Klan index.php path traversal🔒
22969Shiba-Design Nukecalendar Modules modules.php sql injection
22968Shiba-Design Nukecalendar modules.php cross site scriting
22967Shiba-Design Nukecalendar Error Message modules.php information disclosure
22966Azerbaijan AzDGDating index.php cross site scriting
22965Symantec Security Check Virus Detection Profiles rufsi.dll GetPrivateProfileString memory corruption [Disputed]
22964ClamAV bagle denial of service🔒🔒
22963McAfee Freescan ActiveX Object mcfreescan.comcfreescan.1 getspecialfolderlocation information disclosure
22962McAfee FreeScan memory corruption [CVE-2004-1906]
22961Panda Activescan ascontrol.dll SetSitesFile denial of service
22960Panda Activescan ascontrol.dll memory corruption [CVE-2004-1904]
22959Blaxxun Contact 3d memory corruption [CVE-2004-1903]
22958Portage Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1901]🔒
22957Pan Vision IGI 2 Covert Strike Logging logging memory corruption
22956Tildeslash Monit Administration Interface off-by-one [CVE-2004-1899]
22955Tildeslash Monit Administration Interface stack-based overflow
22954Tildeslash Monit Administration Interface memory corruption [CVE-2004-1897]
22953SuSE Linux YaST cookies symlink
22952Mlink symlink [CVE-2004-1894]
22951Dreamweaver mmhttpdb.asp information disclosure
22950eMule decodebase16 stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
22949SGI IRIX ftp_syslog unknown vulnerability
22948SGI IRIX denial of service [CVE-2004-1889]
22947Aborior Encore Web Forum display.cgi privileges management🔒
22946Ada Imgsvr information disclosure [CVE-2004-1887]
22945IPSwitch WS FTP Server iftpmgr.exe privileges management🔒🔒🔒
22944IPSwitch WS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1883]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22943Cactusoft Cactushop popuplargeimage.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
22942Cactusoft Cactushop mailorder.asp sql injection🔒🔒
22940PHPKIT cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1879]
22939Alan Ward A-CART category.asp sql injection
22938Nival Interactive Etherlords II denial of service [CVE-2004-1869]
22937Web Fresh Fresh Guest Book guest.cgi cross site scriting
22936XMB Forum editprofile.php cross site scripting
22935XMB Forum Dashboard memory corruption [CVE-2004-1860]
22934Web JetAdmin stricmp denial of service News Manager Lite comment_add.asp cross site scriting
22932Member Management System error.asp cross site scriting
22931Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke admin.php cross-site request forgery
22930MS Analysis Website Traffic Analyzer sql injection [CVE-2004-1841]
22929Joel Palmius Mod Survey cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1837]
22928Invision Power Services Invision Power Top Site List Comment index.php sql injection
22927Invision Power Services Invision Gallery index.php sql injection
22926Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1832]
22925Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2004-1831]
22924Belchior Foundry Vcard Authorization uninstall.php unknown vulnerability
22923Jelsoft vBulletin memberlist.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22922Jelsoft vBulletin showthread.php cross site scriting
22921Vocaltec VGW4-8 Telephony Gateway path traversal
22920Vocaltec VGW4-8 Telephony Gateway path traversal
22919CA Unicenter Tng cam.exe stack-based overflow🔒
22918Opera Web Browser Javascript Engine denial of service [CVE-2004-1810]🔒🔒
22917phpBB viewtopic.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22916Metamail symlink [CVE-2004-1808]
22915Dogpatch CFWebstore index.cfm cross site scriting
22914Dogpatch CFWebstore index.cfm sql injection🔒
22913Epic Games Unreal Engine memory corruption [CVE-2004-1805]
22912Invicta wMCam Server denial of service [CVE-2004-1804]
22911Chat Anywhere Administration Web Page unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1802]
22910PWebServer Web Server path traversal [CVE-2004-1801]
22909Sysbotz SimpleData Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1800]
22908OpenBSD Packet Filter authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1799]
22907FreznoShop search.php cross site scriting
22906HotNews file inclusion🔒
22905Info Touch Surfnet Filesystem information disclosure [CVE-2004-1795]
22904VCard4J cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1794]
22903Yatsoft Switch Off action.htm stack-based overflow
22902Yatsoft Switch Off swnet.dll infinite loop [CVE-2004-1792]
22901Edimax Full Rate ADSL Router Web Management Interface improper authentication
22900Edimax Full Rate ADSL Router Web Management Interface cross site scriting
22899ASP-Nuke information disclosure [CVE-2004-1788]
22898Postnuke Software Foundation PostCalendar Search search sql injection
22897FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2004-1783]🔒🔒
22896David Maciejak Athena Web Registration athenareg.php privileges management🔒🔒
22895Info Touch Surfnet denial of service [CVE-2004-1781]
22894Info Touch Surfnet Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1780]
22893Thwboard Beta board.php cross site scriting
22892Skype input validation [CVE-2004-1777]
22891Cisco IOS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1775]🔒🔒
22890GNU sharutils memory corruption [CVE-2004-1773]🔒🔒
22889GNU sharutils stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1772]🔒
22888Sun Solaris modload access control
22887Mod Security off-by-one [CVE-2004-1765]🔒🔒
22886Haht Commerce Hahtsite Scenario Server hsrun.exe memory corruption
22885Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2004-1761]🔒
22884Mozilla Firefox Java Plugin authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1753]
22883Sysinternals Regmon denial of service [CVE-2004-1748]
22882Network Everywhere NR041 cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1747]
22881PHP Code Snippet Library index.php cross site scriting🔒
22880JSHop Server page.php cross site scriting
22879Cacti Error Message auth.php information disclosure🔒
22878Mantis bug_api.php file inclusion🔒
22877Mantis login_page.php cross site scriting🔒
22876John Bradley XV xvbmp.c stack-based overflow🔒
22875PHP-Fusion Error Message updateuser.php information disclosure
22874Cerulean Studios Trillian MSN Module memory corruption [CVE-2004-1666]🔒
22873SCT Campus Pipeline cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1593]
22872ocPortal index.php file inclusion🔒
22871Micronet SP916bM Default Password improper authentication [CVE-2004-1591]
22870Clientexec phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
22869Gosmart Message Board forum.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
22868Gosmart Message Board Login forum.asp sql injection🔒🔒
22867Monolith Productions Blood memory corruption [CVE-2004-1587]
22866Jera Technology Flash Messaging Server unknown vulnerability
22865Jera Technology Flash Messaging denial of service [CVE-2004-1585]
22864WordPress wp-login.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1584]🔒🔒
22863Tridcomm FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2004-1583]
22862Blackboard Internet Newsboard System more.php file inclusion🔒🔒
22861BlackBoard Error Message information disclosure
22860Devellion CubeCart index.php sql injection🔒
22859Devellion CubeCart Error Message index.php information disclosure
22858Invision Power Services Invision Power Board index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22857Greg Donald PHP Links Error Message index.php information disclosure
22856Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death denial of service [CVE-2004-1576]
22855Apache Xerces-C++ XML Parser denial of service [CVE-2004-1575]🔒🔒
22854Vypress Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2004-1574]
22853Cutephp CuteNews users.db.php Local Privilege Escalation
22852AJ-Fork Tools information disclosure [CVE-2004-1572]
22851AJ-Fork Error Message auto-acronyms.php information disclosure
22850Eaden Mckee bBlog sql injection [CVE-2004-1570]🔒🔒
22849Illustrate Dbpoweramp Audio Player musicconverter.exe memory corruption
22848Parachat Server path traversal [CVE-2004-1568]
22847Silent Storm Portal profile.php cross site scriting🔒
22846Silent Storm Portal index.php cross site scriting🔒
22845w-Agora list.php cross site scriting🔒
22844w-Agora subscribe_thread.php cross site scriting🔒
22843w-Agora download_thread.php cross site scriting🔒
22842w-Agora redir_url.php sql injection🔒
22841Icecast memory corruption [CVE-2004-1561]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22840WordPress wp-login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22839YPOPs! stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1558]🔒🔒
22838MyWebServer admin information disclosure
22837MyWebServer denial of service [CVE-2004-1556]
22836Broadboard Instant ASP Message Board Search search.asp sql injection🔒
22835Alexphpteam Alex Guestbook livre_include.php file inclusion🔒
22833Full Revolution aspWebCalendar Login Page calendar.asp sql injection🔒
22832PHP Arena paFileDB cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1551]🔒
22831Motorola Wr850g ver.asp information disclosure
22830Onnuri Infotek Activepost Standard cleartext storage [CVE-2004-1549]
22829Onnuri Infotek Activepost Standard path traversal [CVE-2004-1548]
22828Onnuri Infotek Activepost Standard memory corruption [CVE-2004-1547]
22827MoniWiki mod_mime uploadfile.php memory corruption
22826JSPWiki search.jsp cross site scriting
22825Korweblog viewimg.php path traversal🔒
22824Raven Software Soldier of Fortune memory corruption [CVE-2004-1542]
22823Van Dyke Technologies SecureCRT Configuration File privileges management🔒🔒
22822ZyXEL ZyNOS Configuration File rpfwupload.html denial of service🔒
22821Gearbox Software Halo Combat Evolved denial of service [CVE-2004-1539]
22820PHPKIT include.php sql injection🔒
22819PHPKIT popup.php cross site scriting🔒
22818ibProArcade index.php sql injection🔒
22817phpBB admin_cash.php file inclusion🔒
22816ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm denial of service [CVE-2004-1534]
22815Digital Mappings Systems Pop3 Server pop3svr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
22814AppServ Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1532]🔒
22813Invision Power Services Invision Board post.php sql injection🔒
22812PHP-Nuke Calendar Module sql injection [CVE-2004-1530]
22811Rob Sutton PHP-Nuke Event Calendar Calendar Module cross site scriting
22810Rob Sutton PHP-Nuke Event Calendar Error Message config.php information disclosure
22809New Media Generation Hired Team Trial Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1526]
22808New Media Generation Hired Team Trial denial of service [CVE-2004-1525]
22807New Media Generation Hired Team Trial denial of service [CVE-2004-1524]
22806New Media Generation Hired Team Trial Console denial of service
228053do Army Men Real Time Strategy Game denial of service [CVE-2004-1522]
22804Qualcomm Eudora authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1521]
22803IPSwitch IMail stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1520]🔒🔒🔒
22802phpBugTracker bug.php sql injection
22801Phorum follow.php sql injection
22800ZoneLabs IMsecure Filter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1517]
22799phpWebSite index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22798Jelsoft vBulletin ttlast.php sql injection
22797Soft3304 04webserver Webserver denial of service [CVE-2004-1514]🔒
22796Soft3304 04webserver Webserver authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1513]🔒
22795Soft3304 04webserver Error Page response_default.html cross site scriting🔒
22794Open Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2004-1511]
22793Webcalendar view_entry.php Remote Code Execution🔒
22792Webcalendar Error Message validate.php information disclosure🔒
22791Webcalendar init.php Remote Code Execution🔒
22790Webcalendar login.php cross site scriting🔒
22789Webcalendar view_entry.php cross site scriting🔒
22788Salims Softhouse JAF CMS index.php path traversal
22787Salims Softhouse JAF CMS Error Message config.php displaycontent information disclosure
22786Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment integer coercion [CVE-2004-1503]
22785Software602 602 Lan Suite Telnet Proxy denial of service [CVE-2004-1502]
22784Software602 602 Lan Suite WebMail memory allocation [CVE-2004-1501]
22783Monolith Productions Kiss Psycho Circus denial of service [CVE-2004-1500]
22782Webhost Automation Helm Control Panel cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1499]
22781Webhost Automation Helm Control Panel sql injection [CVE-2004-1498] Web Forums Server username.ini cleartext storage Web Forums Server path traversal [CVE-2004-1496]
22778Kingsoft XDICT memory corruption [CVE-2004-1494]
22777Master of Orion III memory corruption [CVE-2004-1493]
22776Quicksilver Master of Orion III denial of service [CVE-2004-1492]
22775Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1490]🔒🔒
22774Opera Web Browser Installation information disclosure [CVE-2004-1489]🔒🔒
22773Serviceguard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1486]🔒
22772InetUtils tftp Client gethostbyname memory corruption
22771Socat HTTP Proxy error.c _msg memory corruption🔒🔒
22770Symantec Clientless Vpn Gateway 4400 ActiveX Remote Code Execution
22769BNC sbuf_getmsg Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
22768HP Storageworks Command View Access Restriction Remote Code Execution
22766Hitachi Cosminexus Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2004-1478]🔒🔒
22765Macromedia JRun Management Console cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1477]🔒🔒
22764SuSE Linux Video stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1476]🔒🔒
22763Xine Video xine-lib stack-based overflow🔒🔒
22762Symantec Enterprise Firewall/VPN Appliances Configuration File unknown vulnerability🔒🔒🔒
22761Symantec Enterprise Firewall/VPN Appliances information disclosure🔒🔒
22760FreeBSD Wrapper wrapper.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22759Snipsnap cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1470]🔒🔒
22758Peter D. Gray SnipSnap log memory corruption🔒🔒
22757Webmin privileges management [CVE-2004-1468]🔒🔒
22756Egroupware Calendar Module cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1467]🔒🔒
22755Gallery save_photos.php set_time_limit privileges management🔒🔒
22754MoinMoin Access Control List Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1463]🔒🔒
22753MoinMoin unspecified Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
22752Cisco Secure Access Control Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1461]
22751Cisco Secure Access Control Server Novell Directory Services Remote Code Execution
22750Cisco Secure Access Control Server denial of service [CVE-2004-1459]
22749Novell BorderManager denial of service [CVE-2004-1457]
22748Cvstrac privileges management [CVE-2004-1456]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22747Xine xine-lib stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1455]🔒
22746GNU C Library setuid Program information disclosure [CVE-2004-1453]🔒🔒
22745Apache Tomcat privileges management [CVE-2004-1452]🔒🔒
22744Mozilla Status Bar unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1451]
22743Mozilla LiveConnect information disclosure [CVE-2004-1450]
22742Mozilla File Upload denial of service [CVE-2004-1449]🔒
22741Jetbox One CMS memory corruption [CVE-2004-1448]
22740Jetbox One CMS cleartext storage [CVE-2004-1447]
22739Roundup HTTP path traversal [CVE-2004-1444]🔒🔒
22738Horde IMP cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1443]🔒🔒
22737IBM Net.Data cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1442]
22736Board Power icq.cgi cross site scriting
22735SapporoWorks Black Jumbodog FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-1439]🔒🔒
22734Subversion mod_authz_svn information disclosure [CVE-2004-1438]🔒🔒
22733Pavuk sprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
22732Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform User Account denial of service🔒
22731Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform denial of service🔒
22730Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform denial of service🔒
22729Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform denial of service🔒
22728Formmail.php formmail.php information disclosure
22727Ipbproarcade arcade.php sql injection🔒🔒
22726ArGoSoft FTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1429]
22725ArGoSoft FTP Server Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1428]🔒
22724Korweblog index.php file inclusion🔒
22723Korweblog index.php path traversal🔒
22722Moodle file.php path traversal🔒🔒
22721Moodle view.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
22720Php-calendar calendar.php code injection🔒🔒
22719WHM Autopilot information disclosure [CVE-2004-1422]🔒
22718WHM Autopilot step_one.php file inclusion🔒
22717WHM Autopilot header.php cross site scriting🔒
22716ZeroBoard outlogin.php code injection🔒🔒
22715WPKontakt cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1418]
22714PsychoStats login.php cross site scripting🔒
22713Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser Plugin pnxr3260.dll memory corruption
22712Ben3w 2bgal disp_album.php sql injection🔒
22711Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2004-1414]
22710Kayako eSupport index.php sql injection🔒
22709Kayako eSupport index.php cross site scriting🔒
22708Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger infinite loop [CVE-2004-1411]
22707Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger Error Message cross site scriting
22706Singapore Image Gallery Web Application cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1409]🔒
22705Gallery Image Gallery Web Application admin.class.php Remote Code Execution🔒
22704Singapore Image Gallery Web Application thumb.php path traversal🔒
22703Ikonboard ikonboard.cgi sql injection🔒
22702MediaWiki mod_mime php.rar memory corruption🔒
22701Opentools Attachment Mod mod_mime php.rar memory corruption
22700Sir GNUboard index.php file inclusion🔒
22699iWebNegar Login Page index.php sql injection🔒
22698Asp-rider verify.asp sql injection🔒
22697Active Server Corner ASP Calendar main.asp Remote Code Execution🔒
22696Opentools Attachment Mod path traversal [CVE-2004-1399]
22695Roxio Toast prelink.c memory corruption
22694UseModWiki cross site scriting🔒
22693NullSoft WinAmp denial of service [CVE-2004-1396]🔒
22692Monolith Productions No One Lives Forever 2 denial of service
22691Sun Solaris or pfexec Local Privilege Escalation🔒
22690PHP curl_init memory corruption🔒
22689QNX RTOS Trusted Execution privileges management [CVE-2004-1391]
22688QNX RTOS memory corruption [CVE-2004-1390]
22686Apache HTTP Server symlink [CVE-2004-1387]
22685Tiki TikiWiki tiki-editpage.php input validation🔒🔒
22684phpGroupWare Error Message preferences.php privileges management🔒🔒
22683phpGroupWare index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22682phpGroupWare index.php sql injection🔒🔒
22681GNU C Library symlink [CVE-2004-1382]🔒
22680CVS denial of service [CVE-2004-1343]🔒🔒
22679HP HP-UX stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1332]🔒🔒
22678IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2004-1330]
22677HP HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1328]🔒🔒
22676Crystal Art FTP Client memory corruption [CVE-2004-1327]
22675Microsoft Windows winhlp32.exe heap-based overflow🔒
22674groff symlink [CVE-2004-1296]🔒🔒
22667Mozilla Firefox memory allocation [CVE-2004-1200]🔒
22666Microsoft Internet Explorer memory allocation [CVE-2004-1198]
22664GNU Enscript memory corruption [CVE-2004-1186]🔒🔒
22663HylaFAX Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1182]🔒🔒
22662Debian debmake symlink [CVE-2004-1179]🔒🔒
22661Microsoft Internet Explorer Popup Blocker Remote Code Execution
22660Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1155]
22659Cvstrac main.c cross site scriting🔒
22658GNU Mailman cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1143]🔒🔒
22657Ethereal HTTP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2004-1141]🔒🔒
22656Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2004-1140]🔒🔒
22655Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2004-1017]🔒🔒
22654zgv Image Viewer denial of service [CVE-2004-0999]🔒🔒
22653Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2004-0997]🔒🔒
22652Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Help memory corruption [CVE-2004-0985]
22651GNU Mailutils Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0984]
22650Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag/Drop Local Privilege Escalation🔒
22649HP HP-UX TFTP Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0952]🔒🔒
22648HP Ignite-UX TFTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-0951]🔒🔒
22645MySQL MaxDB IsAscii7 denial of service
22644FreeBSD information disclosure [CVE-2004-0919]🔒🔒
22643Ecartis Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0913]🔒🔒
22642Mozilla information disclosure [CVE-2004-0909]🔒🔒
22641Mozilla JavaScript information disclosure [CVE-2004-0908]🔒🔒
22640Mozilla memory corruption [CVE-2004-0907]🔒🔒
22639Conectiva Linux heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0904]🔒🔒
22638Apple Mac OS X Server QuickTime deadlock [CVE-2004-0825]🔒
22637Apple Mac OS X pppd symlink [CVE-2004-0824]🔒
22636Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2004-0821]🔒
22635Red Hat Enterprise Linux BMP Image heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0817]🔒🔒
22634Ide-cd denial of service [CVE-2004-0813]🔒🔒
22632cdrtools cdrecord Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0806]🔒🔒
22631Red Hat Enterprise Linux Imlib2 memory corruption [CVE-2004-0802]🔒🔒
22630AXIS 2120 Network Camera Firmware denial of service [CVE-2004-0789]🔒🔒
22629Oracle Oracle9i ksdwrtb memory corruption🔒
22628SuSE Linux Netfilter tcp_find_option infinite loop
22627University of Minnesota gopherd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0561]🔒🔒
22626University of Minnesota gopherd integer coercion [CVE-2004-0560]🔒🔒
22625GNU Queue queue.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22624Business Objects Webintelligence Web Client unknown vulnerability
22622StoneSoft Firewall Engine denial of service [CVE-2004-0498]
22621Enterprise Linux denial of service [CVE-2004-0491]🔒
22620Juniper Junos Routing Engine denial of service [CVE-2004-0467]🔒
22618Web Server cleartext storage [CVE-2004-0462]🔒
22617Apple Mac OS X Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0429]
22615SCO OpenServer Xauthority Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0390]
22613Typsoft Typsoft Ftp Server FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-0325]🔒🔒
22612Xmb Forum viewthread.php sql injection
22611Linux Kernel bug denial of service🔒🔒
22610Apple Mac OS X File Sharing Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0090]
22609Mozilla nsnntpprotocol.cpp heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
22608ViewCVS Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1062]🔒🔒
22607Turbolinux Turbolinux Server symlink [CVE-2004-1377]🔒🔒
22606NetCat doexec.c SessionWriteShellThreadFn stack-based overflow
22605phpBB privmsg.php cross site scriting
22604HP HP-UX System Administration Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1375]🔒🔒
22603NullSoft SHOUTcast Server denial of service [CVE-2004-1373]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22602Microsoft Windows BASE winhlp32.exe heap-based overflow
22601Oracle Oracle9i new.column_name sql injection
22600Oracle Oracle9i access control [CVE-2004-1338]
22599Ubuntu Linux memory corruption [CVE-2004-1337]🔒
22598Debian tetex-bin symlink [CVE-2004-1336]
22597Nortel Media Communication Server 5100 denial of service [CVE-2004-1305]🔒
22596telnetd-ssl telnetd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0998]🔒🔒
22592phpGroupWare cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0875]🔒🔒
22591Apple Ichat Av Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0873]🔒
22589Microsoft Internet Explorer access control🔒
22588Joerg Schilling Star Tape Archiver Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
22587GNU Radius asn1.c asn_decode_string integer coercion🔒🔒
22586Mandrakesoft Linux USB Driver memory corruption [CVE-2004-0834]🔒🔒
22585Debian Linux Sendmail linux Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
22584SuSE Linux Firewall denial of service [CVE-2004-0816]🔒
22583Netopia Timbuktu Pro Mac memory corruption [CVE-2004-0810]
22582Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server layer2.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22580Gentoo Linux mod_authz_svn information disclosure [CVE-2004-0749]🔒🔒
22579Linux Kernel USB Driver copy_to_user information disclosure🔒🔒
22578Macromedia JRun mod_jrun writetolog memory corruption🔒🔒
22577Distcc BASE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0601]🔒🔒🔒
22576Roaring Penguin pppoe Installation unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0564] [Disputed]🔒🔒
22575Freenet6 Configuration File tspc.conf information disclosure🔒🔒
22574SCO OpenServer denial of service [CVE-2004-0512]
22573SCO OpenServer denial of service [CVE-2004-0511]
22572SCO OpenServer memory corruption [CVE-2004-0510]
22571ncompress FTP Server comprexx stack-based overflow🔒🔒
22570Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Privileges covert stack-based overflow🔒
22569TCP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-0068]🔒🔒
22568TCP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-0067]🔒
22567TCP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-0066]🔒
22566Skype lang Local Privilege Escalation
22565Apple Mac OS X libTIFF tif_dirread.c tifffetchstripthing heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
22564IBM AIX Trusted Execution Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1329]
22563Ultrix Dxterm memory corruption [CVE-2004-1326]
22562htget Flow memory corruption [CVE-2004-0852]🔒🔒
22561NetBSD Privileges memory corruption [CVE-2004-1374]
22560Microsoft Windows Media Player getiteminfobyatom information disclosure
22559Symantec Brightmail Antispam Messages denial of service [CVE-2004-1768]
22558Linux Kernel ip_options_get integer coercion
22557Asante FM2008 Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware cleartext storage
22556Asante FM2008 Managed Ethernet Switch Firmware Remote Code Execution
22555Debian Linux denial of service [CVE-2004-1142]🔒🔒
22554Debian Linux denial of service [CVE-2004-1139]🔒🔒
22553mnoGoSearch cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1059]
22552Sun Solaris rwho Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2004-1351]
22551Ethereal SNMP Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2004-0635]🔒🔒
22550Ethereal SMB SID Snooping denial of service [CVE-2004-0634]🔒🔒
22549Ethereal iSNS Dissector integer coercion [CVE-2004-0633]🔒🔒
22548MySQL stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0628]🔒🔒
22546Websoft Infinity Web Authentication sql injection [CVE-2004-0625]
22545Artmedic Links index.php file inclusion🔒🔒
22544GNU GNATS misc.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22543Apple Mac OS X LoginWindow information disclosure [CVE-2004-0622]
22542Zaireweb Solutions Newsletter ZWS admin.php privileges management
22541Jelsoft vBulletin newreply.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22540Red Hat Linux ubsec_keysetup integer coercion🔒
22539FreeBSD denial of service [CVE-2004-0618]
22538ArbitroWeb cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0617]
22537BT Voyager 2000 Wireless Adsl Router SNMP information disclosure
22536D-Link Di-614+ cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0615]
22535osTicket privileges management [CVE-2004-0614]🔒🔒
22534osTicket Attachment privileges management [CVE-2004-0613]🔒🔒
22533ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Mobile Code Filter privileges management [CVE-2004-0612] [Disputed]
22532Netgear VPN Router Web Admin Interface denial of service [CVE-2004-0611]
22531rssh File information disclosure [CVE-2004-0609]🔒🔒
22530kame racoon eay_check_x509cert improper authentication🔒🔒🔒🔒
22529Infoblox DNS One cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0606]
22528IRCD config [CVE-2004-0605]🔒
22527FastTrack HTTP Client denial of service [CVE-2004-0604]🔒🔒
22526gzip gzexe privileges management [CVE-2004-0603]🔒🔒
22525Wingate privileges management [CVE-2004-0578]
22524Wingate privileges management [CVE-2004-0577]
22523GNU Radius SNMP Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0576]
22521Linux Kernel privileges management [CVE-2004-0497]🔒🔒
22520Linux Kernel privileges management [CVE-2004-0496]🔒🔒
22519Juniper Junos Packet Forwarding Engine memory leak [CVE-2004-0468]🔒
22518pavuk HTTP Header stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0456]🔒🔒
22517www-sql cgi.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22516rlprd msg memory corruption🔒🔒
22515syslog loginfo format string🔒🔒
22514jftpgw log format string🔒🔒
22513xatitv Config File privileges management [CVE-2004-0395]🔒🔒
22512rlpr daemon msg format string🔒🔒 compose.cgi os command injection🔒🔒 nph-mr.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
22509Apple Mac OS X Apache privileges management [CVE-2004-1083]🔒
22508Apple Mac OS X Kerberos Mail privileges management🔒
22507Apple Mac OS X Postfix Server Spam improper authentication🔒
22506Apple Mac OS X Terminal privileges management [CVE-2004-1087]🔒
22505Apple Mac OS X psnormalizer memory corruption [CVE-2004-1086]🔒
22504Apple Mac OS X hitoolbox denial of service [CVE-2004-1085]🔒
22503Apple Mac OS X Apache privileges management [CVE-2004-1084]🔒
22502Apple Mac OS X Application Framework privileges management [CVE-2004-1081]🔒
22501scalable ogo privileges management [CVE-2004-1771]
22500Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform improper authentication🔒
22499Apple Mac OS X TCP/IP Networking memory allocation [CVE-2004-0744]🔒🔒
22498Apple Mac OS X Safari information disclosure [CVE-2004-0743]🔒
22497AOL Instant Messenger URI memory corruption [CVE-2004-0636]🔒🔒🔒
22496Greg Roelofs libpng pngread.c integer coercion🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
22495Greg Roelofs libpng PNG Image png_handle_iCCP denial of service🔒🔒🔒
22494Red Hat Linux Advanced Workstation Virtual File System privileges management🔒🔒
22493Linux Kernel File Offset Pointer Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
22492Apple Safari Javascript Engine denial of service [CVE-2004-0361]🔒
22491Invision Power Services Invision Board index.php cross site scriting
22490Virtuasystems Virtuanews Pro Admin Panel admin.php cross site scriting
22489Seattle Lab Slmail Pro user.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0357]
22488Seattle Lab Slmail Pro Supervisor Report Center stack-based overflow
22487Invision Power Services Invision Board Error Message Path information disclosure
22486GNU Anubis log.c ssl_error memory corruption🔒🔒
22485GNU Anubis auth.c auth_ident memory corruption🔒🔒
22484Spidersales missing encryption [CVE-2004-0351]
22483Spidersales information disclosure [CVE-2004-0350]
22482Gweb HTTP Server URL path traversal [CVE-2004-0349]
22481Spidersales viewCart.asp sql injection🔒
22480Volition Red Faction Server Name memory corruption [CVE-2004-0345]
22479YaBB modifymessage.php path traversal
22478YaBB ModifyMessage.php sql injection
22477Texas Imperial Software wftpd Command off-by-one [CVE-2004-0342]🔒
22476Texas Imperial Software wftpd Command denial of service [CVE-2004-0341]🔒
22475Texas Imperial Software wftpd Command stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0340]🔒
22474phpBB viewtopic.php cross site scriting
22473Invision Power Services Invision Board search.php sql injection🔒
22472Software602 602pro LAN SUITE index.html cross site scriting
22471Software602 602pro LAN SUITE Login Form information disclosure
22470Software602 602pro LAN SUITE index.html information disclosure
22469Innomedia Videophone videophone_admindetail.asp privileges management
22468eXtremail Password improper authentication [CVE-2004-0332]
22467Dell OpenManage Web Server HTTP POST heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0331]🔒🔒🔒
22466FreeChat denial of service [CVE-2004-0329]
22465Gigabyte Gn-B46B 2.4Ghz Wireless Broadband Router improper authentication
22464Skintech PhpNewsManager functions.php path traversal
22463Proxy-pro Professional Gatekeeper GET Request memory corruption
22462Singularity Team Factor denial of service [CVE-2004-0321]
22461nCipher Nshield information disclosure [CVE-2004-0320]
22460Ezboard cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0319]
22459Platform Load Sharing Facility privileges management [CVE-2004-0318]
22458Platform Load Sharing Facility memory corruption [CVE-2004-0317]
22457aVirt Soho memory corruption [CVE-2004-0316]
22456aVirt Voice GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2004-0315]
22455Freewebs WebzEdit done.jsp cross site scriting
22454PSOProxy Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0313]🔒
22453Linksys WAP55AG information disclosure [CVE-2004-0312]
22452APC AP9606 hard-coded password [CVE-2004-0311]🔒🔒🔒
22451LiveJournal cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0310]
22450Cisco ONS 15454 Optical Transport Platform TCP ACK denial of service🔒
22449Webcortex Webstores 2000 error.asp cross site scriting
22448Webcortex Webstores 2000 browse_items.asp sql injection🔒
22447PassWD index.php File information disclosure🔒
22446Fools Workshop Owls Workshop index.php path traversal🔒🔒
22445Ecommerce Online Store Kit more.php cross site scriting🔒
22444Ecommerce Online Store Kit shop.php sql injection🔒
22443Smallftpd FTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2004-0299]🔒🔒
22442ACLogic CesarFTP Command resource consumption [CVE-2004-0298]🔒🔒🔒
22441Ipswitch IMail LDAP Daemon ildap.exe memory corruption🔒
22440Transsoft Broker FTP Server Connection TsFtpSrv.exe denial of service
22439Transsoft Broker FTP Server TsFtpSrv.exe resource consumption
22438YaBB Error Message User information disclosure
22437ShopCartCGI genindexpage.cgi path traversal🔒
22436Karjasoft Sami HTTP Server HTTP GET Request memory corruption🔒🔒
22435YaBB post.php sql injection
22434Freeform Interactive Purge Jihad memory corruption [CVE-2004-0290]
22433Paul L Daniels SignatureDB memory corruption [CVE-2004-0289]
22432mnoGoSearch UdmDocToTextBuf memory corruption🔒
22431Xlight FTP Server RETR Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-0287]🔒🔒🔒
22430RobotFTP Server Username memory corruption [CVE-2004-0286]🔒🔒
22429Voice Of Web AllMyVisitors/AllMyLinks/AllMyGuests code injection
22428Microsoft Internet Explorer Encrypted Pages denial of service
22427Mailmgr mailmgr.unsort symlink
22426Crob FTP Server Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-0282]🔒
22425Caucho Technology Resin information disclosure [CVE-2004-0281]
22424Caucho Technology Resin Source information disclosure [CVE-2004-0280]
22423AIM Sniff symlink
22422Ratbag World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars Game Engine denial of service
22421Bolintech Dream FTP Server format string [CVE-2004-0277]🔒🔒
22420Monkey HTTP Daemon get_real_string input validation
22419Bosdev Bosdates calendar_download.php sql injection
22418Eggheads Eggdrop IRC Bot Share.mod privileges management
22417RealNetworks RealOne Player path traversal [CVE-2004-0273]🔒🔒
22416MaxWebPortal sql injection [CVE-2004-0272]
22415MaxWebPortal dl_showall.asp cross site scriting
22414ClamAV libclamav denial of service [CVE-2004-0270]🔒🔒
22413Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module sql injection [CVE-2004-0269]🔒🔒
22412EvolutionX Telnet Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0268]
22411CA InoculateIT unimove symlink
22410Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2004-0266]🔒🔒
22409Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke modules.php cross site scriting
22408Jim Rees palmhttpd HTTP Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-0264]
22407PHP Global Variable information disclosure [CVE-2004-0263]🔒
22406The Palace Client palace:/ URL stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0262]
22405OpenJournal oj.cgi improper authentication
22404Cactusoft Cactushop Lite AddToMailingList privileges management
22403Joe Lumbroso Acks Formmail.php formmail.php check_referer cross site scriting
22402RealNetworks RealPlayer File memory corruption [CVE-2004-0258]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22401NetBSD/OpenBSD IPv4 Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-0257]
22400GNU libtool Temp File tmp symlink🔒
22399Xlight FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0255]🔒
22398Crosscom Olicom Discuz! Board IMG Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0254]
22397IBM Cloudscape jdk 1.4.2_03 sql injection [CVE-2004-0253]
22396TYPSoft FTP Server User resource consumption [CVE-2004-0252]🔒🔒
22395rxgoogle.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0251]
22394PhotoPost PHP Pro showproduct.php sql injection🔒🔒
22393PHPX privileges management [CVE-2004-0249]
22392PHPX cross site scriting
22391Cauldron Chaser Server UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-0247]
22390Laurent Adda Les Commentaires fonctions.lib.php file inclusion
22389Web Crossing HTTP POST Request denial of service [CVE-2004-0245]
22388IBM AIX Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-0243]
22387Qualiteam X-Cart information disclosure [CVE-2004-0242]🔒
22386Qualiteam X-Cart general.php privileges management🔒
22385Qualiteam X-Cart auth.php path traversal
22384PhotoPost PHP Pro showphoto.php sql injection🔒🔒
223830verkill parse_command_line memory corruption
22382Aprox PHP Portal index.php path traversal🔒
22381Steelid thePHOTOtool login.asp sql injection
22379OpenSSL Kerberos Ticket memory corruption [CVE-2004-0112]🔒🔒🔒
22378OpenSSL Message Type infinite loop [CVE-2004-0081]🔒🔒🔒
22377phpBB viewtopic.php privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
22376PHP rfc1867.c privileges management🔒🔒🔒
22375PHP php_variables.c privileges management🔒🔒
22374FreeRADIUS denial of service [CVE-2004-0938]🔒🔒🔒
22373Debian netkit telnetd denial of service [CVE-2004-0911]🔒🔒
22371Microsoft ASP.NET Forms Authentication path traversal [CVE-2004-0847]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22368Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒
22366Squid Proxy NTLM Authentication denial of service [CVE-2004-0832]🔒🔒
22365IBM AIX ctstrtcasd File privileges management
22364LibTIFF tif_dirread.c denial of service🔒🔒
22363RealNetworks Helix Universal Server POST Request memory allocation🔒🔒
22352Apple Safari HTML Tag authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1121]🔒🔒
22351Sun Java System Web Proxy Server Connection Request memory corruption
22350Mozilla/Firefox/Gecko Binary File memory allocation [CVE-2004-1639]
22349Hawking Technology HAR11A DSL Router Management Interface information disclosure
22348Net Integration Technologies Inc. WvTFTPServer new_connection heap-based overflow
22347Bugzilla/CVS Comment show_bug.cgi information disclosure🔒
22346Bugzilla/CVS process_bug.cgi privileges management
22345MoniWiki wiki.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22344Open Work Flow Engine rmi:/ URL Port information disclosure
22343Open Work Flow Engine Login Form cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1630]
22342Bugzilla/CVS Attachment information disclosure [CVE-2004-1635]🔒
22341Dwc_articles sql injection [CVE-2004-1629]
22340rssh log.c format string🔒🔒
22339Code-Crafters Ability Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-1627]🔒
22338Code-Crafters Ability Server Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-1626]🔒
22337pGina Restart/Shutdown denial of service [CVE-2004-1625]
22336Altiris Carbon Copy privileges management [CVE-2004-1624]
22335Ubbcentral UBB.threads dosearch.php sql injection🔒
22334S9y Serendipity index.php cross-site request forgery🔒
22333Akella Privateers Bounty: Age Of Sail II Nickname memory corruption
22332Mozilla Tab privileges management [CVE-2004-1381]🔒
22331Ipswitch Whatsup Gold HTTP Daemon prn.htm denial of service🔒
22330Ipswitch Whatsup Gold maincfgret.cgi memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
22329GNU zlib Error inflateBack denial of service🔒🔒🔒
22328SpamAssassin Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0796]🔒🔒🔒
22327IBM DB2 Universal Database DB2RCMD.EXE DB2REMOTECMD privileges management
22326Debian bsdmainutils Calendar Event access control [CVE-2004-0793]
22325GTK+ gdk-pixbuf integer coercion [CVE-2004-0788]🔒🔒
22323Rob Flynn Gaim memory corruption [CVE-2004-0785]🔒🔒
22322Rob Flynn Gaim Smiley Theme privileges management [CVE-2004-0784]🔒🔒
22321GTK+ gdk-pixbuf io-xpm.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
22320GTK+ gdk-pixbuf io-xpm.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒
22319Icecast Web Server list.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒
22318Inter7 Courier-imap Debugging debug.c auth_debug format string🔒🔒🔒🔒
22317Widcomm Bluetooth Connectivity Software stack-based overflow
22315Greg Roelofs libpng memory corruption [CVE-2004-0768]🔒🔒
22314Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby CGI::Session privileges management [CVE-2004-0755]🔒🔒
22313Rob Flynn Gaim Groupware Message integer coercion [CVE-2004-0754]🔒🔒
22312gdk-pixbuf/gtk2 BMP Image Processor infinite loop [CVE-2004-0753]🔒🔒
22311OpenOffice Temp File privileges management [CVE-2004-0752]🔒🔒
22310Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl char_buffer_read null termination🔒🔒
22309Red Hat Linux redhat-config-nfs privileges management [CVE-2004-0750]🔒
22307SuSE Linux parse.c integer coercion🔒🔒
22305Webmin/Usermin symlink🔒🔒
22304Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2004-0162]
22303Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2004-0161]
22302Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2004-0053]
22301Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2004-0052]
22300Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2004-0051]
22299Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2003-1016]
22298Clearswift MAILsweeper MIME privileges management [CVE-2003-1015]
22297Antivir Security Gateway MIME privileges management [CVE-2003-1014]
22296Vypress Tonecast mp2 Stream denial of service [CVE-2004-1618]
22295University of Kansas Lynx HTML Tag input validation [CVE-2004-1617]🔒🔒
22294Links memory allocation [CVE-2004-1616]
22293Opera Web Browser HTML Tag denial of service [CVE-2004-1615]
22292Mozilla HTML Tag denial of service [CVE-2004-1614]
22291Mozilla HTML Tag denial of service [CVE-2004-1613]🔒
22290SalesLogix path traversal [CVE-2004-1612]
22289SalesLogix improper authentication [CVE-2004-1611]
22288SalesLogix privileges management [CVE-2004-1610]
22287SalesLogix HTTP Header slxweb.dll Password information disclosure
22286SalesLogix slxweb.dll sql injection [CVE-2004-1608]
22285SalesLogix Error Message slxweb.dll Path information disclosure
22284SalesLogix ErrorLogMsg Cookie slxweb.dll denial of service
22283cPanel Hard Link privileges management [CVE-2004-1603]🔒
22282MailCarrier Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-1638]🔒🔒🔒
22281CoolPHP Web Portal index.php path traversal🔒
22280CoolPHP Web Portal Error Message index.php Path information disclosure🔒
22279CoolPHP Web Portal index.php cross site scriting🔒
22278Pinnacle Showcenter Error Message SettingsBase.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22277SalesLogix Cookie improper authentication [CVE-2004-1605]
22276RIM BlackBerry 7230 Calendar Message denial of service [CVE-2004-1597]
22275ShixxNote memory corruption [CVE-2004-1595]🔒
22274E-Zone Media FuseTalk IMG Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1594]🔒🔒
22273Icewarp Web Mail viewaction.html privileges management🔒
22272Icewarp Web Mail accountsettings_add.html File privileges management🔒
22271Icewarp Web Mail Attachment attachment.html information disclosure🔒
22270Icewarp Web Mail topmenu.html information disclosure🔒
22269SuSE Linux DIGEST-MD5 SASL Plugin for Cyrus-SASL digestmd5.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22268RealNetworks RealPlayer RJS Filename path traversal [CVE-2005-0192]🔒🔒
22267RealNetworks RealPlayer HandleAction stack-based overflow🔒
22266Athoc Toolbar SetBaseURL format string
22265Hitachi Cosminexus Enterprise improper authentication [CVE-2004-0928]🔒🔒
22264cPanel symlink [CVE-2004-1604]🔒
22263Tsugio Okamoto LHA os command injection [CVE-2004-0745]🔒🔒
22262Trolltech Qt GIF Parser denial of service [CVE-2004-0693]🔒🔒🔒
22261Trolltech Qt XPM Parser denial of service [CVE-2004-0692]🔒🔒🔒
22260Trolltech Qt qimage.cpp read_dib heap-based overflow🔒🔒
22259KDE DCOPServer tmp symlink🔒🔒
22258MIT Kerberos BER Encoding asn1buf_skiptail infinite loop🔒🔒
22256Sygate Secure Enterprise Broadcast Message privileges management
22255Easy Software Products CUPS IPP Request denial of service [CVE-2004-0558]🔒🔒
22254Rob Flynn Gaim Protocol Plugin slp.c strncpy memory corruption🔒🔒
22253Nicolas Boullis mah-jong null pointer dereference [CVE-2004-0458]🔒🔒
22250Sygate Secure Enterprise Session resource consumption [CVE-2004-0163]
22249IBM DB2 Universal Database Shared Libraries privileges management
22248IBM DB2 Universal Database Command Line Argument memory corruption
22247IBM DB2 Universal Database privileges management [CVE-2003-1049]
22246Sygate Enforcer Port 39999 Service denial of service [CVE-2003-0931]
22245Clearswift MAILsweeper HQX File privileges management [CVE-2003-0930]🔒
22244Clearswift MAILsweeper ZIP Archive privileges management [CVE-2003-0929]🔒
22243Clearswift MAILsweeper RAR Archive privileges management [CVE-2003-0928]🔒
22242Port80 Software ServerMask information disclosure [CVE-2003-0105]
22241IBM DB2 Universal Database db2ckpw memory corruption [CVE-2002-1583]
22240Leadmind Popmessenger Base64 denial of service [CVE-2004-1698]
22239Pinnacle Showcenter Web Interface SettingsBase.php denial of service🔒🔒
22238CA Unicenter Management Portal Error Message Username information disclosure
22237EmuLive Server4 Port 66 Service denial of service [CVE-2004-1696]🔒
22236Symantec ON Command CCM/iCommand Default Account improper authentication
22235Jabber XML Parser denial of service [CVE-2004-1378]🔒🔒
22234EmuLive Server4 URL improper authentication [CVE-2004-1695]🔒
22233Mambo function.php file inclusion
22232Mambo index.php cross site scriting
22231Rhinosoft DNS4Me Data resource consumption [CVE-2004-1691]
22230Rhinosoft DNS4me URL cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1690]
22229Business Objects Infoview Document Upload cross site scriting
22228Tech-Noel Pigeon Server Port 3103 Server resource consumption
22227Snitz Forums 2000 down.asp cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
22226xine-lib DVD Subpicture Decoder heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1379]🔒🔒
22225Opera Web Browser Cookie missing encryption [CVE-2004-0872]
22224Mozilla Cookie missing encryption [CVE-2004-0871]
22223KDE Konqueror Cookie missing encryption [CVE-2004-0870]
22222Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie missing encryption [CVE-2004-0869]
22221Microsoft Internet Explorer Top-Level-Domain Cookie privileges management🔒
22220ImageMagick memory corruption [CVE-2004-0827]🔒🔒
22219Apache HTTP Server mod_dav denial of service [CVE-2004-0809]🔒🔒 Foomatic CUPS privileges management [CVE-2004-0801]🔒🔒
22217Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1686]
22216SMC Networks SMC7004VWBR/SMC7008ABR status.HTM improper authentication
22215Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Drag/Drop privileges management [CVE-2004-0905]🔒🔒
22213ZyXEL ZyNOS ARP Request information disclosure [CVE-2004-1684]
22212QNX RTP crrtrap race condition [CVE-2004-1683]
22211Pingtel Xpressa HTTP GET application.cgi memory corruption
22210Logicnow PerlDesk Error Message pdesk.cgi path traversal🔒
22209Lexar Jumpdrive Secure Password XOR missing encryption
22207Logicnow PerlDesk Error Message pdesk.cgi Path information disclosure
22206Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger GG_MSG_IMAGE_REPLY heap-based overflow
22205Icewarp Web Mail viewaction.html path traversal🔒
22204Icewarp Web Mail search.html cross site scriting🔒
22203Easyweb Factory Subjects Module index.php sql injection
22202Gearbox Halo Combat Evolved Client Response off-by-one [CVE-2004-1667]
22201Ulrich Callmeier Net-Acct Temp File symlink [CVE-2004-0851]🔒🔒
22200OpenLDAP improper authentication [CVE-2004-0823]🔒
22199Apple Mac OS X Server CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2004-0822]🔒
22198Sun Solaris in.named denial of service [CVE-2004-1348]🔒
22197PsNews index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22196Activision Call Of Duty Buffer Overflow Protection denial of service
22195Brocade Silkworm TCP Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-1663]
22194Sitecubed Mailworks Professional Cookie improper authentication
22193CutePHP CuteNews index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22192Kerio Personal Firewall Security Feature privileges management
22191Oracle Database Server ctxsys.driload code injection [CVE-2004-0637]🔒🔒
22190Newtelligence DasBlog Activity/Events Viewer cross site scriting🔒
22189Comersus Cart HTTP Response privileges management [CVE-2004-1656]
22188phpWebSite Comments Module/Notes Module cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1655]
22187phpWebSite Calendar Module sql injection [CVE-2004-1654]
22186Oracle10g MDSYS.MD2.SDO_CODE_SIZE memory corruption [CVE-2004-1774]🔒🔒
22185OpenBSD OpenSSH Default Configuration privileges management [CVE-2004-1653]🔒🔒
22184Brickhost phpScheduleIt privileges management [CVE-2004-1652]
22183Brickhost phpScheduleIt cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1651]🔒
22182D-Link DCS-900 Internet Camera UDP Port 62976 IP Address privileges management
22181Microsoft Windows Msinfo32.exe memory corruption
22180Web Animations Password Protect users_add.asp cross site scriting🔒
22179CutePHP CuteNews show_news.php file inclusion
22178Web Animations Password Protect index_next.asp sql injection🔒
22177Jerod Moemeka Xedus URL path traversal [CVE-2004-1646]🔒🔒
22176Jerod Moemeka Xedus cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1645]🔒🔒
22175Jerod Moemeka Xedus Connection excessive authentication [CVE-2004-1644]🔒🔒
22174Texas Imperial WFTPD Pro Server Command denial of service [CVE-2004-1642]
22173South River Technologies Titan FTP Server Command heap-based overflow🔒
22172Xoops letter.php cross site scriting🔒
22171Massive Entertainment Ground Control II: Operation Exodus Socket denial of service
22170QNX Photon microGUI memory corruption [CVE-2004-1681]
22169YaBB Error Message admin.php Path information disclosure
22168Gaucho POP3 Email stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1752]
22167People Can Fly Painkiller memory corruption [CVE-2004-1745]
22166EFS Easy File Sharing Web Server HTTP Request denial of service
22165EFS Easy File Sharing Web Server HTTP Request disk_c information disclosure🔒 WebAPP path traversal [CVE-2004-1742]🔒
22163CDE Mailer format string [CVE-2004-0800]🔒
22162Music Daemon LOAD denial of service [CVE-2004-1741]🔒🔒
22161Music Daemon LOAD File privileges management🔒🔒
22160Bird Internet Chat Server User denial of service [CVE-2004-1739]
22159Sympa cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1735]🔒🔒
22158MyDMS path traversal [CVE-2004-1733]🔒
22157MyDMS out.ViewFolder.php sql injection🔒
22156Mantis signup_page.php Bomb denial of service🔒
22155Nihuo Web Log Analyzer HTTP Header cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1729]
22154British National Corpus SARA memory corruption [CVE-2004-1728]
22153Working Resources Inc. BadBlue Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-1727]🔒
22152John Bradley XV Image xvpm.c heap-based overflow🔒
22151PHP-Fusion db_backups Backup information disclosure🔒
22150Firebird/Firefox/Mozilla Password Cache cleartext storage [CVE-2004-0779]🔒
22149Mozilla Bugzilla LHA Archive header.c memory corruption🔒🔒
22148NGSEC StackDefender ZwOpenFile denial of service
22147NGSEC StackDefender ZwProtectVirtualMemory denial of service
22146Mozilla Firefox cert_TestHostName authentication spoofing🔒🔒
22145Mozilla Firefox Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0763]🔒🔒🔒
22144Mozilla URI privileges management [CVE-2004-0760]🔒🔒
22143Mozilla File information disclosure [CVE-2004-0759]🔒🔒
22142Mozilla CA Certificate Import denial of service [CVE-2004-0758]🔒🔒
22138SquirrelMail abook_database.php sql injection🔒🔒
22137SquirrelMail mime.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22136SquirrelMail compose.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22135Apple Mac OS X AppleFileServer privileges management [CVE-2004-0518]🔒
22134Apple Mac OS X Package Installation Scripts privileges management🔒
22133Apple Mac OS X Package Installation Scripts privileges management🔒
22132Apple Mac OS X LoginWindow privileges management [CVE-2004-0515]🔒
22131Apple Mac OS X LoginWindow privileges management [CVE-2004-0514]🔒
22130Ethereal MMSE Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2004-0507]🔒🔒
22129Ethereal SPNEGO Dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2004-0506]🔒🔒
22128Ethereal AIM Dissector denial of service [CVE-2004-0505]🔒🔒
22127Ethereal SIP Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0504]🔒🔒
22126Microsoft Outlook Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2004-0501]
22125cPanel privileges management [CVE-2004-0490]
22124MPlayer/xine-lib RTSP Client memory corruption [CVE-2004-0433]🔒🔒
22123Netegrity Sideminder Affiliate Agent Cookie heap-based overflow
22122GNU Mailman Email Request Password information disclosure🔒🔒
22121Linux Kernel Panic panic memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
22119F-Secure Anti-Virus LHA Archive path traversal [CVE-2004-0235]🔒🔒🔒
22118F-Secure Anti-Virus LHA File header.c get_header memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
22117Utempter path traversal [CVE-2004-0233]🔒🔒
22116Midnight Commander format string [CVE-2004-0232]🔒🔒
22115Midnight Commander Temp File format string [CVE-2004-0231]🔒🔒
22114Linux Kernel Framebuffer Driver fb_copy_cmap memory corruption🔒🔒
22113Linux Kernel CPUFREQ Proc integer coercion [CVE-2004-0228]🔒🔒
22111OpenBSD OpenSSH path traversal [CVE-2004-0175]🔒🔒
22110SGI IRIX libcpr privileges management [CVE-2004-0134]
22108Mozilla Bugzilla describecomponents.cgi information disclosure🔒
22107Mozilla Bugzilla votes.cgi information disclosure🔒
22106Mozilla Bugzilla Group Permission editproducts.cgi privileges management🔒
22105Mozilla Bugzilla editkeywords.cgi sql injection🔒
22104Mozilla Bugzilla sql injection🔒
22102Catdoc Temp File symlink🔒🔒
22101Merak Mail Server calendar.html sql injection🔒🔒
22100Merak Mail Server Port 32000 Server function.view.php File information disclosure🔒🔒
22099Merak Mail Server HTTP Request information disclosure [CVE-2004-1720]🔒🔒
22098Merak Mail Server address.html cross site scriting🔒🔒
22097Pedestal Integrity Protection Driver ZwOpenSection denial of service
22096Cacti auth_login.php sql injection🔒🔒
22095gv ps.c psscan memory corruption
22094Powie PForum cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1716]
22093QNX RTP FTP Client format string [CVE-2004-1682]
22092ISS BlackICE PC Protection/BlackICE Server protect.ini privileges management🔒
22091HP Process Resource Manager File denial of service [CVE-2004-1713]🔒
22090GNU Cfengine AuthenticationDialogue denial of service🔒🔒
22089GNU Cfengine Command AuthenticationDialogue heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
22088TypePad cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1712]
22087Moodle post.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22086Andrew Kilpatrick Page CGI page.cgi os command injection
22085HP HP-UX DCE Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2004-0716]
22084IBM Websphere Caching Proxy Server HTTP GET denial of service
22083Symantec Norton Antivirus Directory resource consumption [CVE-2004-0683]
22082Comersus Cart Price comersus_gatewayPayPal.asp privileges management🔒🔒
22081Comersus Cart comersus_message.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
22080Zoom Model 5560 X3 Ethernet ADSL Modem Password improper authentication
22079Unreal UnrealIRCd IP Cloaking Feature cloak.c IP Address information disclosure🔒
2207812planet Chat Server one2planet.infolet.InfoServlet cross site scripting🔒🔒
22077Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server Floppy Drive Hang denial of service
22076Fastream NETFile FTP/Web Server path traversal [CVE-2004-0676]
22075Mcmurtrey Whitaker And Associates Cart32 Shopping Cart GetLatestBuilds Command c32web.exe cross site scriting🔒🔒
22074Enterasys XSR-1800/XSR-3000 IP Record Route Option denial of service
22073Simm-comm SCI Photo Chat Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0673]
22072Netegrity IdentityMinder Web Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0672]
22071Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam privileges management
22070Gentoo Linux Rule Set Based Access Control privileges management
22069popclient POP3_readmsg off-by-one csFAQ Error Message csFAQ.cgi Path information disclosure
22067PowerPortal modules.php path traversal🔒
22066PowerPortal modules.php cross site scriting🔒
22065PowerPortal Error Message modules.php Path information disclosure🔒
22064D-Link AirPlus DI-614+ DHCP Request denial of service [CVE-2004-0661]
22063Cutephp CuteNews show_news.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
22062MPlayer common.c TranslateFilename memory corruption🔒🔒
22061NTP Daemon Request integer coercion [CVE-2004-0657]
22060PureFTPd Connection accept_client denial of service🔒🔒
22059esearch eupdatedb symlink🔒🔒
22058Cisco Collaboration Server UploadServlet privileges management🔒
22057l2tpd control.c write_packet memory corruption🔒🔒
22056Shorewall Temp File chains-$$ symlink🔒🔒
22055wvWare wvHandleDateTimePicture memory corruption🔒🔒
22054Secure Telnet telnetd.c SSL_set_verify format string🔒🔒
22053SquirrelMail cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0639]🔒🔒
22052Linux Kernel Load-balancer for Serial Network Interfaces eql.c null pointer dereference
22051Inter7 SqWebMail delivery-status print_header_uc cross site scriting🔒🔒
22050Usermin E-Mail Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0588]🔒🔒
22049Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux HbaApiNode denial of service🔒
22048IBM acpRunner ActiveX Download memory corruption🔒
22046Horde IMP cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0584]🔒🔒
22045Webmin/Usermin Account Lockout improper authentication [CVE-2004-0583]🔒🔒
22044Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux ksymoops-gznm tmp symlink🔒
22043Super format string [CVE-2004-0579]🔒🔒
22042Sound eXchange WAV File Header wav.c st_wavstartread memory corruption🔒🔒
22041Linux Kernel Signal crash.c frstor denial of service🔒🔒
22039Aspell compress.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
22038PostgreSQL ODBC Driver memory corruption [CVE-2004-0547]🔒🔒
22037IBM AIX LVM symlink [CVE-2004-0545]🔒
22036IBM AIX LVM memory corruption [CVE-2004-0544]🔒
22035Oracle E-Business Suite sql injection [CVE-2004-0543]
22034Apple Mac OS X Server Safari privileges management [CVE-2004-0539]🔒
22033Apple Mac OS X Server LaunchServices memory corruption [CVE-2004-0538]🔒
22032Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux e1000 Driver Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
22031PHP tmp privileges management
22030cPanel addalink.cgi privileges management
22029Netscape Navigator Status Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0528]
22028HP Integrated Lights-Out Hang denial of service [CVE-2004-0525]
22027SquirrelMail change_passwd Plugin memory corruption [CVE-2004-0524]
22026Gallery improper authentication [CVE-2004-0522]🔒🔒
22023vice Command format string [CVE-2004-0453]
22022log2mail printlog format string🔒🔒
22021Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2004-0447]🔒🔒
22020CVS memory corruption [CVE-2004-0418]🔒🔒🔒
22019CVS resource consumption [CVE-2004-0417]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
22018CVS memory corruption [CVE-2004-0416]🔒🔒🔒🔒
22017CVS memory corruption [CVE-2004-0414]🔒🔒🔒
22016Subversion svn Protocol libsvn_ra_svn heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
22012Business Objects Crystal Enterprise crystalimagehandler.aspx path traversal🔒🔒🔒🔒
22011Microsoft Windows idirectplay4 API denial of service [CVE-2004-0202]🔒🔒🔒
22010SGI IRIX denial of service [CVE-2004-0137]
22009SGI IRIX mapelf32exec denial of service🔒
22008SGI IRIX sgi_ioprobe privileges management
22007FreeBSD Routing Table privileges management [CVE-2004-0125]🔒🔒
22005Thomson Speedtouch TCP Initial Sequence Number authentication spoofing🔒
22004Datakey Rainbow Ikey2032 USB Token missing encryption [CVE-2004-1709]
22003twinftp path traversal [CVE-2004-1679]🔒
22002Oracle DB memory corruption [CVE-2004-1371]🔒🔒🔒
22001Oracle DB sql injection [CVE-2004-1370]🔒🔒🔒
22000Oracle E-Business Suite TNS Listener denial of service [CVE-2004-1369]🔒🔒🔒
21999Oracle E-Business Suite ISQL*Plus load.uix privileges management🔒🔒🔒
21998Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure [CVE-2004-1367]🔒
21997Oracle E-Business Suite credentials management [CVE-2004-1366]🔒🔒🔒
21996Oracle E-Business Suite Extproc privileges management [CVE-2004-1365]🔒🔒🔒
21995Oracle E-Business Suite path traversal [CVE-2004-1364]🔒🔒🔒
21994Oracle E-Business Suite extproc memory corruption [CVE-2004-1363]🔒🔒🔒
21993Oracle E-Business Suite PL/SQL Module privileges management [CVE-2004-1362]🔒🔒🔒
21992Shawn Webb Webbsyte Chat Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-1708]
21991U.S. Robotics USR808054 Wireless Access Point HTTP GET Request memory corruption
21990Oracle Application Server Portal dbsnmp/nmo privileges management🔒
21989Citadel UX Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2004-1705]🔒
21988Wire Plastic Design WpQuiz adminrestore.php privileges management
21987Fusionphp Fusion News index.php cross-site request forgery
21986Jaws controlpanel.php sql injection
21985LinPHA Cookie session.php sql injection
21984Verylost Lostbook cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2064]
21983Risearch path traversal🔒🔒🔒
21982Sun Java System Portal Server privileges management [CVE-2004-0742]
21981Lionmax Software WWW File Share Pro URL memory corruption [CVE-2004-0741]
21980Lexmark T522 Network Printer HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0740]
21979Snapfiles Whisper FTP Surfer Filename memory corruption [CVE-2004-0739]
21978Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module sql injection [CVE-2004-0738]
21977Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke index.php cross site scriting
21976Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message Path information disclosure
21975Electronic Arts Medal Of Honor Allied Assault Network Play memory corruption🔒🔒
21974eXtropia Webstore Web_Store.cgi privileges management
21973Ollydbg OutputDebugString format string
21972Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module index.php sql injection
21971Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke index.php cross site scriting
21970phpBB cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0730]🔒
21969phpBB Error Message Path information disclosure
21968Microsoft Systems Management Server Remote Control Client Service denial of service🔒🔒🔒
21967Microsoft Windows Media Player cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0726]
21966Moodle help.php cross site scriting🔒
21965Valve Software Half-Life Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2004-0724]
21964Microsoft Java Virtual Machine Sandbox privileges management
21963KDE Konqueror Frame authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0721]🔒🔒
21962Apple Safari Frame authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0720]🔒🔒
21961Mozilla/Firebird/Firefox/Netscape Frame authentication spoofing🔒🔒🔒
21960Opera Web Browser Frame authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0717]🔒🔒
21959HP Openview Select Access UTF-8 Unicode privileges management
21958MoinMoin User privileges management [CVE-2004-0708]🔒🔒
21957Mozilla Bugzilla editusers.cgi sql injection🔒
21956Mozilla Bugzilla Image URL Password information disclosure🔒
21955Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0705]🔒
21954Mozilla Bugzilla duplicates.cgi information disclosure🔒
21953Mozilla Bugzilla Administrative Controls privileges management🔒
21952Mozilla Bugzilla DBI information disclosure [CVE-2004-0702]🔒
21951Sun Ray Server Software Smartcard improper authentication [CVE-2004-0701]
21950mod_ssl ssl_engine_log.c mod_proxy format string🔒🔒🔒🔒
219494D WebSTAR symlink [CVE-2004-0698]🔒🔒🔒
219484D WebSTAR Configuration File php.ini information disclosure
219474D WebSTAR ShellExample.cgi path traversal🔒
219464D WebSTAR FTP Command stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0695]🔒🔒🔒
21942PHP strip_tags cross site scriting🔒🔒
21941PHP zend_hash_init memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
21940EasyIns Stadtportal index.php file inclusion
21939Esesix Thintune Mobile file:// privileges management [CVE-2004-2051]🔒
21938Easyweb Filemanager path traversal [CVE-2004-2047]🔒
21937TopLayer Attack Mitigator HTTP Request resource consumption [CVE-2004-1749]
21936phpBB search.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
21935Apple Mac OS X SSH URI privileges management [CVE-2004-0489]
21934Apple Mac OS X HelpViewer memory corruption [CVE-2004-0486]🔒
21933Apple Mac OS X Default Protocol Helper privileges management🔒
21932Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS mshtml.dll denial of service
21931SGI IRIX RPC Request infinite loop [CVE-2004-0483]
21930OpenBSD procfs integer coercion [CVE-2004-0482]
21929Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript denial of service [CVE-2004-0479]
21928Mozilla JavaScript resource management [CVE-2004-0478]
21927Microsoft Internet Explorer Help Function showHelp privileges management
21926Microsoft Windows Help Center HelpCtr.exe Remote Code Execution [Disputed]
21925Opera Web Browser Argument privileges management [CVE-2004-0473]🔒🔒🔒
21923BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2004-0471]
21922BEA WebLogic Server Access Restriction SecurityRoleAssignmentMBean.toXML privileges management
21921IEEE 802.11 Wireless Protocol Clear Channel Assessment denial of service
21920Symantec Norton Internet Security SYMDNS.SYS infinite loop [CVE-2004-0445]🔒🔒
21919Symantec Norton Internet Security SYMDNS.SYS stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
21918South River Technologies Titan FTP Server Disconnect denial of service
21917KTH Heimdal kadmind heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0434]🔒🔒
21915Apple Mac OS X Server User Authentication stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
21914Linux Kernel do_fork memory leak🔒🔒
21913Andrew Tridgell rsync path traversal [CVE-2004-0426]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
21912Linux Kernel i_sockglue.c ip_setsockopt integer coercion🔒🔒
21911ssmtp Temp File ssmtp.log log_event symlink
21910GNU Flim Temp File symlink [CVE-2004-0422]🔒🔒
21909Psionic Logcheck Temp File tmp symlink🔒🔒
21908xpcd xpcd-svga memory corruption [CVE-2004-0402]🔒🔒
21907Free Software Foundation Inc. libtasn1 DER Parser Remote Code Execution
21906University of Cambridge Exim headers_check_syntax stack-based overflow🔒🔒
21905Cadaver Webdav Client ne_rfc1036_parse heap-based overflow🔒🔒
21904Subversion sscanf stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
21903Sun Enterprise Storage Manager privileges management [CVE-2004-1345]
21902Sun Solaris Volume Management Daemon denial of service [CVE-2004-1346]🔒🔒
21901Kame racoon infinite loop [CVE-2004-0392]🔒🔒
21900Triornis ZoneMinder Query memory corruption [CVE-2004-0227]
21899Microsoft Windows Help/Support Center dvdupgrd.htm memory corruption🔒🔒
21898Verity Ultraseek MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2004-0050]🔒🔒
21897Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server imapparse.c integer coercion🔒🔒🔒
21896PHP-Nuke admin.php eregi privileges management
21895Xchat SOCKS5 Proxy stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0409]🔒🔒
21894Macromedia ColdFusion HTML Form Upload Disk Exhaustion denial of service
21893CVS path traversal [CVE-2004-0405]🔒🔒
21892Kame Racoon ISAKMP Packet memory allocation [CVE-2004-0403]🔒🔒
21891Cisco Hosting Solution Engine privileges management [CVE-2004-0391]
21890RealNetworks Helix Universal Server Request denial of service🔒
21889MySQL mysqld_multi symlink🔒🔒
21888RealNetworks RealPlayer/RealOne RT3 Plugin stack-based overflow🔒
21887Oracle Application Server Web Cache HTTP Request Method heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
21886GNU Mailman Field denial of service [CVE-2004-0182]🔒
21885Linux Kernel JFS File System information disclosure [CVE-2004-0181]🔒🔒
21884CVS Client File privileges management🔒🔒
21883Cadaver Webdav Client format string [CVE-2004-0179]🔒🔒
21882Linux Kernel SoundBlaster Driver denial of service [CVE-2004-0178]🔒🔒
21881Linux Kernel ext3 File System Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
21880xonix x11.c memory corruption🔒🔒
21879ssmtp log_event format string🔒🔒
21878Kame Racoon X.509 Certificate Chain Validation improper authentication🔒🔒
21877Linux Kernel XFS File System information disclosure [CVE-2004-0133]🔒🔒
21876Microsoft Windows H.323 memory corruption [CVE-2004-0117]🔒🔒
21875Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler eventtriggers.exe privileges management🔒🔒
21873Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2003-0719]🔒🔒🔒🔒
21872Vignette Storyserver denial of service [CVE-2002-0385]🔒
21871e107 CMS content.php sql injection
21870e107 CMS secure_img_render.php file inclusion
21869e107 CMS clock_menu.php cross site scriting
21868e107 CMS alt_news.php Path information disclosure
21867Neocrome Land Down Under BBcode cross site scriting
21866Jportal Web Portal art_print sql injection🔒
21865Linux Kernel cryptoloop missing encryption [CVE-2004-2135]
21864Minishare Minimal HTTP Server HTTP Request denial of service
21863Orenosv HTTP FTP Server GET Request denial of service [CVE-2004-2033]
21862Liferay Enterprise Portal index.jsp cross site scripting
21861Trevor Hogan BNBT Util_DecodeHTTPAuth denial of service
21860e107 CMS user.php cross site scriting
21859e107 CMS stats.php cross site scriting
21858Icecast Basic Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2004-2027]🔒🔒🔒
21857Adam Webb Nukejokes mainfunctions.php JokeView Path information disclosure
21856Adam Webb Nukejokes modules.php sql injection
21855Adam Webb Nukejokes modules.php JokeView cross site scriting
21854Qualcomm Eudora Email memory corruption [CVE-2004-2005]
21853SuSE Linux SSH Service improper authentication [CVE-2004-2004]
21852Delegate SSLway Filter sslway.c ssl_prcert memory corruption
21851SGI IRIX UDP Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-2002]
21850SGI IRIX ifconfig privileges management
21848Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Downloads Module modules.php cross site scriting
21847Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message modules.php Path information disclosure
21846Kolab Groupware Server OpenLDAP Password slapd.conf missing encryption🔒
21845Simple Machines SMF Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1996]
21844E-Zone Media Fusetalk Ban banning.cfm denial of service
21843Omail Webmail checklogin privileges management
21842MPlayer HTTP Parser memory corruption [CVE-2004-0386]🔒🔒
21841Apple Mac OS X Mail Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0383]
21840Apple Mac OS X CUPS privileges management [CVE-2004-0382]
21839MySQL mysqlbug symlink [CVE-2004-0381]🔒🔒
21838Microsoft Sharepoint Portal Server cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0379]
21837Larry Wall Perl win32_stat memory corruption
21836oftpd PORT Command denial of service [CVE-2004-0376]🔒🔒
21835InterChange HTTP Request privileges management [CVE-2004-0374]🔒🔒
21834KTH Heimdal Cross-Realm Request privileges management [CVE-2004-0371]🔒🔒
21833FreeBSD KAME setsockopt unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
21831Ethereal Presentation Protocol Selector denial of service [CVE-2004-0367]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
21830Leon J Breedt pam-pgsql sql injection [CVE-2004-0366]🔒🔒
21829Ethereal RADIUS Dissector packet-radius.c dissect_attribute_value_pairs null pointer dereference🔒🔒🔒
21828OpenBSD isakmpd memory leak [CVE-2004-0222]🔒🔒🔒
21827OpenBSD isakmpd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0221]🔒🔒
21826OpenBSD isakmpd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0220]🔒🔒
21825OpenBSD isakmpd denial of service [CVE-2004-0219]🔒🔒
21824OpenBSD isakmpd infinite loop [CVE-2004-0218]🔒🔒
21823LBL tcpdump isakmp_id_print memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
21822LBL tcpdump ISAKMP Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2004-0183]🔒🔒🔒
21820Xboing memory corruption [CVE-2004-0149]🔒🔒
21819Ecartis memory corruption [CVE-2003-0782]🔒🔒
21818Ecartis Password information disclosure [CVE-2003-0781]🔒🔒
21817FTE Text Editor BASE memory corruption [CVE-2003-0648]🔒🔒
21816suidperl File information disclosure [CVE-2003-0618]🔒🔒
21815Aldo Vargas Aldos Web Server HTTP GET Request path traversal
21814YaBB Subject privileges management
21813Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2004-0428]🔒
21812Coppermine Photo Gallery Error Message phpinfo.php information disclosure
21811Linux Kernel Address Space Layout Randomization mmap.c arch_get_unmapped_area infinite loop🔒🔒
21810Business Objects Crystal Reports Web Interface Disk Exhaustion denial of service
21808Coppermine Photo Gallery theme.php file inclusion
21807Coppermine Photo Gallery file inclusion
21806Coppermine Photo Gallery privileges management
21805Coppermine Photo Gallery cross site scriting
21804PROPS glossary.php path traversal
21803PROPS do_search.php cross site scriting
21802Moodle help.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
218013com NBX IP VOIP NetSet Configuration Manager Nessus Scan denial of service🔒🔒
21800SMC 7008ABR/7004VBR Remote Administration privileges management
21799PHP Arena paFileDB pafiledb.php cross site scriting🔒
21798PHP Arena paFileDB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1974]
21797DiGi Web Server HTTP GET Request denial of service [CVE-2004-1973]
21796Video Gallery Plugin sql injection [CVE-2004-1972]
21795Video Gallery Plugin Error Message modules.php Path information disclosure
21794Samsung SmartEther SS6215S Switch Error Message privileges management
21793OpenBB myhome.php readmsg privileges management
21791OpenBB Avatar Upload privileges management [CVE-2004-1969]
21790OpenBB cp_forums.php cross-site request forgery
21789OpenBB cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1965]
21788Freshmeat Network Query Tool nqt.php cross site scriting🔒
21787Freshmeat Network Query Tool Error Message nqt.php Path information disclosure
21786Protector System blocker.php sql injection
21785Protector System Error Message blocker_query.php Path information disclosure
21784Advanced Guestbook Password sql injection [CVE-2004-1952]
21783PostNuke cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1957]
21782PostNuke Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1956]
21781phProfession modules.php cross site scriting
21780Kinesphere eXchange POP3 Mail From memory corruption [CVE-2004-1945]🔒
21779phpBB Header authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1950]
21778Softwin Bitdefender ActiveX Control RequestFile memory corruption
21777Cherokee httpd common.c print_error memory corruption
21776phpBB album_portal.php file inclusion
21775FaSTream Netfile Ftp Web Server Login denial of service [CVE-2004-1941]
21774Phorum userlogin.php sql injection
21773SCT Campus Pipeline Mail Attachment cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1935]
21772Isesam Gemitel affich.php file inclusion🔒🔒
21771xine symlink [CVE-2004-0372]🔒🔒
21770Symantec Norton Antispam symspam.dll LaunchCustomRuleWizard memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
21769Double Precision Courier Mta WebMail shiftjis.c memory corruption🔒🔒
21768Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine LiveUpdate symlink
21767Apache HTTP Server Cygwin path traversal [CVE-2004-0173]
21766Emil Error Message format string [CVE-2004-0153]🔒🔒
21765Emil memory corruption [CVE-2004-0152]🔒🔒
21764Xintercepttalk Xitalk privileges management [CVE-2004-0151]🔒🔒
21763Python IPv6 getaddrinfo memory corruption🔒🔒
21762gdk-pixbuf BMP Image denial of service [CVE-2004-0111]🔒🔒
21761isag symlink [CVE-2004-0108]🔒🔒
21760sysstat post/trigger tmp symlink🔒🔒
21759Linux Kernel kmod denial of service [CVE-2003-1040]🔒
21758SAP MySAP Business Suite Server memory corruption [CVE-2003-1039]
21757SAP Internet Transaction Server AGate Path information disclosure
21756SAP Internet Transaction Server WGate format string [CVE-2003-1037]
21755SAP Internet Transaction Server AGate memory corruption [CVE-2003-1036]
21754SAP R3 Lockout privileges management [CVE-2003-1035]
21753SAP DB RPM Installation lserver privileges management
21752SAP DB instlserver privileges management
21751Microsoft Windows Media Services TCP/IP Packet denial of service🔒
21750Mozilla Cookie privileges management [CVE-2003-0594]🔒
21749Opera Web Browser Cookie privileges management [CVE-2003-0593]
21748KDE Konqueror Cookie privileges management [CVE-2003-0592]🔒🔒
21747Apple Safari Cookie privileges management [CVE-2003-0514]
21745IBM AIX format string [CVE-2003-0257]
21744Brian Renaud Metrics gather_stats symlink🔒🔒
21743SAP GUI denial of service [CVE-2002-1579]
21742SAP R3 Installation privileges management [CVE-2002-1578]
21741SAP R3 hard-coded password [CVE-2002-1577]
21740SAP DB lserver symlink [CVE-2002-1576]
21739Qualcomm Eudora MIME Message denial of service [CVE-2004-1944]
21738Rhinosoft Zaep Antispam cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1939]
21737Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Authentication functions.php bblogin sql injection
21736BEA WebLogic Server cleartext storage [CVE-2004-1758]
21735Citadel Directory privileges management [CVE-2004-1933]
21734Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke auth.php sql injection
21733Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke mainfile.php cookiedecode cross site scriting
21732Tiki Tikiwiki Image Upload wiki_up input validation🔒🔒
21731Tiki Tikiwiki sql injection [CVE-2004-1925]🔒🔒
21730Host TCP Implementation denial of service [CVE-2004-1060]🔒🔒🔒
21729Tiki TikiWiki path traversal [CVE-2004-1927]🔒🔒
21728Tiki TikiWiki code injection [CVE-2004-1926]🔒🔒
21727Tiki TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2004-1924]🔒🔒
21726Tiki TikiWiki Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1923]🔒🔒
21725Microsoft Internet Explorer BMP Image memory allocation [CVE-2004-1922]
21724X-Micro WLAN 11b Broadband Router hard-coded password [CVE-2004-1921]
21723X-Micro WLAN 11b Broadband Router hard-coded password [CVE-2004-1920]🔒
21722Crackalaka hasch.c hash_strcmp denial of service
21721RSniff Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-1918]
21720LCDProc test_func_func format string🔒
21719LCDProc Message parse_all_client_messages memory corruption🔒
21718LCDProc Message parse_all_client_messages memory corruption🔒
21717Sun Solaris sshd privileges management [CVE-2004-1357]
21716Coppermine Photo Gallery modules.php path traversal
21715SGI IRIX FTPD denial of service [CVE-2004-1890]
21714Linbit Linbox Officeserver privileges management
21713ClamAV VirusEvent Directive privileges management [CVE-2004-1876]🔒🔒
21712cPanel testfile.html cross site scripting
21711Alan Ward A-CART deliver.asp cross site scriting
21710WebCT Campus Edition CSS url cross site scriting
21709PhotoPost PHP Pro showmembers.php cross site scriting
21708PhotoPost PHP Pro addfav.php sql injection
21707Synaesthesia Configuration File symlink [CVE-2004-0160]🔒🔒
21706lgames lbreakout2 editor.c memory corruption🔒🔒
21705Apple Mac OS X Keyboard Sequence privileges management [CVE-2003-1011]🔒🔒
21704Apple Mac OS X Server fs_usage Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2003-1010]🔒
21703Apple Mac OS X Screensaver improper authentication [CVE-2003-1008]🔒
21702Apple Mac OS X AppleFileServer memory corruption [CVE-2003-1007]🔒
21701Gus and Psilord freesweep memory corruption [CVE-2003-0828]🔒🔒
21699SGI IRIX rpc.mountd privileges management [CVE-2003-0796]
21698Robert Hyatt Crafty main.c memory corruption
21697Stanley T. Shebs xconq memory corruption [CVE-2003-0607]🔒🔒
21696Apple Mac OS X Server privileges management [CVE-2003-0601]
21695GTKSee PNG Image memory corruption [CVE-2003-0444]🔒
21693Nstx nstxd null pointer dereference
21692bBlog Administration Panel index.php cross site scriting🔒
21691XMB Forum member.php sql injection
21690XMB Forum xmb.php cross site scriting
21689Esignal WinSig.exe stack-based overflow🔒
21688Netsupport School missing encryption [CVE-2004-1861]
21687Mollensoft Lightweight FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2037]
21686HP Web Jetadmin setinfo.hts path traversal🔒🔒🔒🔒
21685Picophone Internet Telephone Logging memory corruption [CVE-2004-1854]
21684Dameware Mini Remote Control Server Encryption Key missing encryption
21683cPanel dodelautores.html cross site scriting
21681Ipswitch WS FTP Server Default Password backdoor [CVE-2004-1884]🔒🔒🔒
21680Mythic Entertainment Dark Age of Camelot Server missing encryption
21679Dameware Mini Remote Control Server Encryption Key cleartext storage
21678Fluidgames The Rage infinite loop [CVE-2004-1850]
21677MS Analysis Module modules.php cross site scriting
21676MS Analysis Module Error Message browsers.php information disclosure
21675xweb path traversal [CVE-2004-1838]
21674News Manager Lite improper authentication [CVE-2004-1847] News Manager Lite more.asp sql injection
21672Member Management System news_view.asp sql injection
21671Apache HTTP Server mod_disk_cache privileges management [CVE-2004-1834]🔒
21670Borland Interbase admin.ib privileges management
21669Atari Terminator 3: War Of The Machines memory corruption [CVE-2004-1853] Error Manager Error Message error.php Path information disclosure Error Manager error.php cross site scriting
21666Mambo Open Source 4.5 index.php sql injection
21665Mambo Open Source index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
21664YaBB Tag cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1827]
21663Phorum login.php cross site scriting
21662Warpspeed 4nalbum modules.php sql injection
21661Warpspeed 4nalbum displaycategory.php file inclusion
21660Warpspeed 4nalbum Error Message displaycategory.php Path information disclosure
21659Warpspeed 4nalbum nmimage.php cross site scriting
21658Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke modules.php cross site scriting🔒
21657Sun Java System Application Server SOAP Web Service memory allocation
21656Sun One Application Server SOAP Web Service memory allocation
21655Symantec Gateway Security 5400 Error Page sgmi cross site scriting
21654Squid Proxy Access Control List privileges management [CVE-2004-0189]🔒🔒
21653Calife Password Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2004-0188]🔒🔒
21651Samba smbmnt privileges management [CVE-2004-0186]🔒🔒
21650University of Washington wu-ftpd SKEY Request ftpd.c skey_challenge memory corruption🔒🔒
21649Juan Cespedes ltrace search_for_command memory corruption
21648Apple Darwin Streaming Server Service BufferIsFull denial of service🔒🔒🔒
21647Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation Notification Logging Remote Code Execution
21646Samhain Labs hsftp LS Command format string [CVE-2004-0159]🔒🔒
21645XMLSoft libxml2 nanohttp/nanoftp memory corruption [CVE-2004-0110]🔒🔒
21644XFree86 X11r6 GLX Extension integer coercion [CVE-2004-0094]🔒🔒
21643XFree86 X11r6 GLX Extension memory corruption [CVE-2004-0093]🔒🔒
21642Linux Kernel Vicam USB Driver copy_from_user denial of service🔒
21641Sun Solaris Basic Security Module Logging privileges management
21640cPanel Login privileges management [CVE-2004-1770]🔒
21639cPanel Password Reset privileges management [CVE-2004-1769]🔒🔒
21638Myproxy URL cross site scriting [CVE-2003-1199]
21637Aldo Vargas Aldos Web Server Path information disclosure [CVE-2004-1990]
21636Kame Racoon isakmp.c improper authentication🔒🔒🔒🔒
21635Nokia 6310i Bluetooth OBject EXchange Message memory corruption
21634Visualshapers ezContents db.php privileges management
21633GNU Radius logger.c rad_print_request denial of service
21632phpGedView Authentication login.php information disclosure
21631phpMyAdmin export.php path traversal🔒🔒
21630phpGedView theme.php file inclusion🔒
21629phpGedView editconfig_gedcom.php path traversal🔒
21628Microsoft Virtual PC VirtualPC_Services VPCServices_Log symlink
21627FreeBSD/NetBSD/OpenBSD Shared Memory vm_map_find privileges management🔒🔒
21626XFree86 X11r6 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0106]🔒🔒
21625Metamail memory corruption [CVE-2004-0105]🔒🔒🔒
21624Metamail format string [CVE-2004-0104]🔒🔒🔒
21623Linley Henzell Crawl memory corruption [CVE-2004-0103]🔒🔒
21622FreeBSD mksnap_ffs privileges management🔒🔒
21621Openh323 PWLib H.225 memory corruption [CVE-2004-0097]🔒🔒🔒
21620mod_python denial of service [CVE-2004-0096]🔒🔒
21619Apple Mac OS X Safari memory corruption [CVE-2004-0092]🔒
21618Apple Mac OS X TruBlueEnvironment memory corruption🔒
21617Apple Mac OS X System Configuration Subsystem privileges management🔒
21616Apple Mac OS X System Configuration Subsystem privileges management🔒
21615Apple Mac OS X Mail memory corruption [CVE-2004-0086]🔒
21614Apple Mac OS X Mail memory corruption [CVE-2004-0085]🔒
21613XFree86 X11r6 CopyISOLatin1Lowered memory corruption🔒🔒
21612Andries Brouwer util-linux Login information disclosure [CVE-2004-0080]🔒🔒
21611Mutt menu.c menu_pad_string memory corruption🔒🔒
21610Yamamoto Hirotaka trr19 privileges management [CVE-2004-0047]🔒🔒
21609Linux Kernel ncpfs ncp_lookup memory corruption🔒🔒
21608Apache-SSL authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0009]🔒
21607Ultramagnetic Direct IM Packet integer coercion [CVE-2004-0008]🔒🔒
21606Ultramagnetic MSN/YMSG Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2004-0007]🔒🔒
21605Rob Flynn Gaim memory corruption [CVE-2004-0006]🔒🔒
21604Rob Flynn Gaim yahoo_decode memory corruption🔒🔒
21603FreeBSD TCP MSS sowakeup denial of service
21602GNU Mailman Command denial of service [CVE-2003-0991]🔒🔒
21601Apache HTTP Server mod_digest memory corruption [CVE-2003-0987]🔒🔒🔒
21599orville-write memory corruption [CVE-2003-0441]🔒🔒
21598ixj Telephony Card Driver memory corruption [CVE-2002-1574]🔒
21597Mitel ICP Web Management Interface Cookie improper authentication
21596Confirm Mail Header memory corruption [CVE-2004-0324]
21595XMB Forum member.php cross site scriting
21594Openconnect Webconnect MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2004-0466]🔒
21593Linux Kernel dm-crypt missing encryption [CVE-2004-2136]
21592Jelsoft vBulletin register.php cross site scriting [Disputed]
21590Stoitsov EasyDynamicPages config.php file inclusion🔒
21589Accipiter Direct Server HTTP Request path traversal [CVE-2004-0072]
21588PHP Man Page Lookup class.manpagelookup.php buildManPage path traversal🔒
21587Visualshapers ezContents module.php file inclusion🔒🔒
21586HD Soft Windows FTP Server wscanf format string🔒
21585PhpDig config.php file inclusion🔒
21584phpGedView descendancy.php cross site scripting
21583phpGedView indilist.php Path information disclosure
21582phpGedView placelist.php sql injection
21580Fishnet Fishcart rnd integer coercion
21579Lionmax WWW File Share Pro Access Restriction privileges management
21578Lionmax WWW File Share Pro POST Request denial of service [CVE-2004-0060]
21577Lionmax WWW File Share Pro HTTP Header path traversal [CVE-2004-0059]
21576LBL tcpdump ISAKMP Packet print-isakmp.c rawprint denial of service🔒🔒
21575Nortel Succession Communication Server 1000 H.323 memory corruption🔒🔒
21574LBL tcpdump print-radius.c print_attr_string denial of service🔒🔒
21573Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2004-0054]🔒🔒
21572RealNetworks Helix Universal Server HTTP POST Request denial of service
21571Linux Kernel eflags Checker privileges management [CVE-2004-0001]🔒🔒
21570Pi3 Pi3Web Directory Listing memory corruption [CVE-2003-1032]
21569vBulletin register.php cross site scriting
21567LBL tcpdump L2TP Dissector l2tp_avp_print memory allocation🔒🔒
21566GNU Mailman cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0992]🔒🔒
21565KDE VCF memory corruption [CVE-2003-0988]🔒🔒
21564ELM Subject memory corruption [CVE-2003-0966]🔒
21563GNU Mailman cross site scriting [CVE-2003-0965]🔒🔒
21562netpbm Temp File privileges management [CVE-2003-0924]🔒🔒
21561Linux Kernel C-Media PCI Driver get_user privileges management🔒
21560rwho denial of service [CVE-2004-1180]🔒🔒
21559Karjasoft Sami FTP Server pmsystem.exe denial of service🔒
21558Opera Web Browser File Name authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-2083]🔒🔒
21557Visualshapers ezContents Access Restriction Remote Code Execution
21556Microsoft Baseline Security Analyzer Analysis Engine privileges management
21555rsync socket.c open_socket_out memory corruption
21554CA InoculateIT Registry privileges management [CVE-2004-2092]
21553Red-M Red-Alert SSID denial of service [CVE-2004-2080]
21552Red-M Red-Alert Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2004-2079]
21551Red-M Red-Alert memory corruption [CVE-2004-2078]
21550Sandsurfer privileges management [CVE-2004-2087]🔒
21549Nadeo Game Engine TCP Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-2077]
21548Microsoft Windows Media Player PNG Image memory corruption [CVE-2004-1244]🔒🔒🔒🔒
21547Jshop Server search.php cross site scriting🔒
21546Matrix FTP Server Command denial of service [CVE-2004-2089]
21545Sambar Server HTTP POST memory corruption [CVE-2004-2086]🔒🔒
21544Linux-Vserver Filesystem privileges management [CVE-2004-2073]
21543Brad Fears phpCodeCabinet comments.php cross site scriting
21542Apache HTTP Server mod_digest_apple Password information disclosure🔒
21541Snapstream PVS LITE GET Request cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0046]
21540Cisco Personal Assistant Password Authentication improper authentication
21539Beasts vsftpd Error Message User information disclosure
21538mod_auth_shadow Access Restriction access control [CVE-2004-0041]🔒🔒
21537Jitterbug privileges management [CVE-2004-0028]🔒🔒
21536phpGroupWare Calendar/Infolog Module sql injection [CVE-2004-0017]🔒🔒
21535phpGroupWare Calendar Module privileges management [CVE-2004-0016]🔒🔒
21534vbox3 Privilege privileges management [CVE-2004-0015]🔒🔒
21533Jabber Server SSL Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-0013]🔒🔒
21531Michael Bischoff xsok Privilege privileges management [CVE-2003-0949]🔒🔒
21530Minimalist privileges management [CVE-2003-0902]🔒🔒
21529Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag/Drop privileges management [CVE-2003-0823]🔒🔒🔒
21527Microsoft Internet Explorer NavigateAndFind privileges management🔒🔒
21525Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript privileges management🔒🔒
21524Nokia GGSN Gateway GPRS Support Node input validation [CVE-2003-0368]
21523SGI IRIX denial of service [CVE-2003-0175]
21522IBM AIX secldapclntd Daemon privileges management [CVE-2003-0119]
21521Entrust Authority Security Manager Authorization improper authentication
21520Microsoft Windows File System CONVERT.EXE privileges management
21519Crob FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2003-1207]
21518CVSup packages privileges management
21517PJ CGI Neo Review pjreview_neo.cgi path traversal🔒
21516WildTangent WebDriver WTHoster/WebDriver strcat memory corruption
21515Oracle Application Server Encryption Algorithm missing encryption🔒
21514IBM Informix Extended Parallel Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-2131]
21513Intra Forum intraforum_db.cgi cross site scriting
21512Tiny Server HTTP GET Request denial of service [CVE-2004-2117]
21511Reptile Web Server GET Request resource consumption [CVE-2004-2120]
21510Cisco Conference Connection Authentication improper authentication
21509Cisco Conference Connection resource management [CVE-2004-1759]
21508Leif M. Wright Web Blog path traversal [CVE-2004-2127]
21507Opentext Firstclass Desktop Client Hyperlink privileges management
21506Jelsoft vBulletin calendar.php sql injection🔒
21505Phorum register.php sql injection🔒
21504Phorum common.php phorum_check_xss cross site scriting🔒
21503PHPGEDVIEW admin.php phpinfo information disclosure
21502PHPGEDVIEW search.php cross site scriting🔒
21501PHPGEDVIEW Install editconfig.php privileges management🔒
21500PHPGEDVIEW functions.php privileges management🔒
21499nd WebDAV Interface memory corruption [CVE-2004-0014]🔒🔒
21498fsp memory corruption [CVE-2004-0011]🔒🔒
21495Midnight Commander direntry.c vfs_s_resolve_symlink memory corruption🔒🔒
21493SquirrelMail To Field parseAddress privileges management
21492mpg321 MP3 File printf memory corruption🔒🔒
21491IBM AIX getipnodebyname resource consumption
21490Novell Nsure Audit ASN.1 webadmin.exe denial of service🔒
21489HP HP-UX memory corruption [CVE-2004-1764]
21488SCO UnixWare Jail/chroot privileges management [CVE-2004-1124]
21487lintian symlink [CVE-2004-1000]🔒🔒
21486Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux formats.c format_send_to_gui denial of service🔒
21485Macromedia Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2003-1017]🔒
21484Ethereal Q.931 Dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2003-1013]🔒🔒
21483Ethereal SMB Dissector denial of service [CVE-2003-1012]🔒🔒
21482Cisco PIX SNMPv3 Message input validation [CVE-2003-1003]
21481Cisco CatOS Firewall Services Module memory corruption [CVE-2003-1001]
21480Xchat DCC Request denial of service [CVE-2003-1000]
21479CA Unicenter Remote Control Privileges Local Privilege Escalation
21478CA Unicenter Remote Control Host resource consumption [CVE-2003-0997]
21477CA Unicenter Remote Control Host Help Interface Local Privilege Escalation
21476Microsoft Windows Message Queue Manager memory corruption [CVE-2003-0995]🔒
21475Cisco Unity User Account improper authentication [CVE-2003-0983]
21474Freescripts Visitorbook cross site scriting
21473Freescripts Visitorbook cross site scriting
21472Freescripts Visitorbook Spam privileges management
21469Iatek Portalapp 8275.mdb privileges management
21468Invision Power Services IP.Board calendar.php sql injection🔒🔒
21467Webcam Watchdog HTTP GET Request memory corruption [CVE-2004-1784]
21220Vserver denial of service [CVE-2003-1288]
21106SSH Tectia Server Password Change Plugin Private Key information disclosure
19143Pablo FTP Server Command format string [CVE-2002-1244]
18903Edonkey2000 Client ed2k URL memory corruption [CVE-2002-0967]
18692Mozilla Bugzilla User editusers.cgi privileges management🔒
18687Macromedia JRun ISAPI DLL Filter memory corruption [CVE-2002-0801]🔒
18680FreeBSD accept_filter Mechanism denial of service [CVE-2002-0794]
18656Id Software Quake 2i Server Macro privileges management [CVE-2002-0770]
18501Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC DDC Server Protocol User information disclosure
18485Compaq Insight Manager Xe SQL Service improper authentication🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
18430Zope Header denial of service [CVE-2002-0687]
18399Microsoft Commerce Server AuthFilter ISAPI Filter memory corruption🔒
18398Microsoft Commerce Server Office Web Components privileges management🔒
18345Microsoft SQL Server SQLXML ISAPI Extension memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
18280ISS RealSecure Network Sensor DHCP Packet denial of service [CVE-2002-0601]
18149GNU sharutils uudecode privileges management🔒
18147Red Hat DocBook Stylesheets Default Stylesheet path traversal
18090Horde IMP status.php3 cross site scriting🔒🔒
18050ELM Message ID Header memory corruption [CVE-2001-1174]🔒
18043Squid Proxy DNS Response memory corruption [CVE-2002-0163]🔒
17928Linux Kernel Fragmented ICMP Packet Memory information disclosure
17927OpenLDAP slapd privileges management [CVE-2002-0045]🔒
17595Microsoft Internet Explorer Dotless IP Address authentication spoofing
17509Netscape Messanger mailbox: URL information disclosure [CVE-2001-0745]
17477IBM AIX uuq memory corruption [CVE-2001-1095]🔒
17323GNU Mailman Authentication crypt Password improper authentication
17031OmniSecure HTTProtect symlink [CVE-2001-1172]
1100Easy Software Products CUPS HTTP Request denial of service
1091Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Download path traversal [CVE-2004-1376]🔒
1090Business Objects Crystal Enterprise Report .RPT URL cross site scripting
1089Perl rmtree race condition🔒🔒
1088Microsoft Windows HLP File winhlp32.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
1087Microsoft Windows ANI File memory corruption [CVE-2004-1049]🔒🔒🔒
1086Microsoft Windows LoadImage API memory corruption [CVE-2004-1049]🔒🔒🔒
1085Linux Kernel load_elf_binary denial of service [CVE-2004-1234]🔒🔒
1084Linux Kernel Call Emulator memory corruption [CVE-2004-1144]🔒
1083Nokia IPSO OpenSSH information disclosure [CVE-2003-0190]🔒🔒
1082Linux Kernel cmdline race condition [CVE-2004-1056]🔒
1081Linux Kernel Direct Rendering Manager denial of service [CVE-2004-1056]🔒
1080Linux Kernel aio_free_ring denial of service🔒🔒
1079RarLabs WinRar Archive File Delete memory corruption [CVE-2004-1254]
1078MIT Kerberos libkadm5srv svr_principal.c add_to_history memory corruption🔒🔒
1077Google Desktop Search Google Search Privilege Escalation
1076Microsoft Windows Media Player setItemInfo privileges management🔒
1075Microsoft Windows Media Player getItemInfoByAtom information disclosure
1074KDE Konqueror Java Sandbox privileges management [CVE-2004-1145]🔒🔒
1073Linux Kernel ip_options_get memory corruption🔒🔒
1072Linux Kernel vc_resize memory corruption🔒🔒
1071Linux Kernel ip_options_get memory corruption🔒🔒
1070Microsoft Windows privileges management
1069Easy Software Products CUPS lppasswd memory corruption [CVE-2004-1267]🔒🔒
1068Easy Software Products CUPS HPGL File ParseCommand memory corruption🔒🔒
1067NetBSD compat denial of service [CVE-2004-1323]
1066GNU Samba smbd Security Descriptor heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1154]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1065Veritas Backup Exec stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1172]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1064PHP Upload magic_quotes_gpc path traversal🔒
1063PHP exif_read_data memory corruption🔒
1062PHP addslashes input validation🔒🔒
1061PHP shmop_write privileges management🔒
1060PHP unserialize memory corruption🔒
1059PHP realpath information disclosure🔒
1058PHP Safe-Mode realpath memory corruption🔒
1057PHP safe_mode_exec_dir memory corruption🔒
1056PHP unpack memory corruption🔒
1055PHP pack memory corruption🔒
1054Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Edit ActiveX security check for standard🔒🔒
1053Cisco Guard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1322]
1052Cisco Unity Account Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1322]
1051Sun Java Messaging Server cross site scriting
1050Opera Web Browser kfmclient exec privileges management🔒🔒
1049Linux Kernel IGMP __scm_send denial of service🔒🔒
1048Linux Kernel IGMP igmp_marksources denial of service🔒🔒
1047Linux Kernel IGMP ip_mc_gsfget memory corruption🔒🔒
1046Linux Kernel IGMP ip_mc_source denial of service🔒🔒
1045Adobe Acrobat format string [CVE-2004-1153]🔒🔒
1044Adobe Acrobat mailListIsPdf memory corruption🔒🔒
1043OpenBSD isakmpd IPsec pfkeyv2.c heap-based overflow
1042Microsoft Windows HyperTerminal URL memory corruption [CVE-2004-0568]🔒🔒
1041Microsoft Windows WINS Name Validator memory corruption [CVE-2004-0567]🔒🔒🔒
1040Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service memory corruption🔒
1039Microsoft Windows Local Procedure Call memory corruption [CVE-2004-0893]🔒
1038Microsoft Windows WordPad Word for Windows 6.0 Converter memory corruption🔒
1037Microsoft Windows DHCP Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-0900]🔒🔒
1036Microsoft Windows Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0899]🔒🔒
1035Sun Java System Web/Application Server Session-ID Privilege Escalation
1034Novell NetWare nlm Screensaver Local Privilege Escalation
1033Sun Solaris Sendmail memory corruption [CVE-2002-0906]🔒
1032Symantec LiveUpdate Privilege Escalation
1031phpMyAdmin Upload information disclosure [CVE-2004-1147]🔒🔒
1030phpMyAdmin sql injection [CVE-2004-1147]🔒🔒
1029F-Secure Policy Manager HTTP fsmsh.dll information disclosure🔒
1028Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP URI code injection [CVE-2004-1166]🔒🔒
1027Linux Kernel sys32_vm86_warning memory corruption🔒🔒
1026Linux Kernel sys32_ni_syscall memory corruption🔒🔒
1025Squid Proxy Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-2479]🔒🔒
1024Microsoft Internet Explorer sysimage URI Privilege Escalation
1023IPCop proxylog.dat cross site scriting
1019nfs-utils statd.c denial of service🔒🔒
1018FreeBSD procfs/linprocfs denial of service [CVE-2004-1066]🔒
1017Ipswitch WS_FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1135]🔒🔒🔒
1016Ipswitch WS_FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1135]🔒🔒
1015Ipswitch WS_FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1135]🔒🔒
1014Ipswitch WS_FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1135]🔒🔒
1013Sun Solaris ping memory corruption [CVE-2004-1352]
1012Alt-N MDaemon Mdaemon.exe privileges management🔒
1011Microsoft Windows WINS memory corruption [CVE-2004-1080]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1010Microsoft Internet Explorer Save Picture As Privilege Escalation
1009Citrix ICA Client APPSRV.INI information disclosure
1008Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2004-1074]🔒🔒
1007Linux Kernel Binary denial of service [CVE-2004-1074]🔒🔒
1006F-Secure Anti-Virus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2442]🔒🔒
1005Sun Java JRE Plugin Sandbox access control [CVE-2004-1029]🔒🔒🔒
1004NullSoft WinAmp m3u Playlist IN_CDDA.dll stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1003ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Ad-Blocking Javascript memory corruption [CVE-2004-1053]🔒🔒
1002FreeBSD fetch memory corruption [CVE-2004-1053]🔒🔒
1001Linux Kernel smbfs smb_recv_trans2 information disclosure🔒🔒
1000Linux Kernel smbfs smb_receive_trans2 denial of service🔒🔒
999Linux Kernel smbfs smb_proc_readX_data denial of service🔒🔒
998Linux Kernel smbfs smb_receive_trans2 memory corruption🔒🔒
997Linux Kernel smbfs smb_proc_read memory corruption🔒🔒
996Linux Kernel smbfs smb_proc_read memory corruption🔒🔒
995Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript execCommand privileges management
994Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTP Reply unknown vulnerability
993Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie privileges management [CVE-2004-1527]
992Todd Miller sudo Bash Scripts Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1051]🔒🔒
991GNU Samba QFILEPATHINFO memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
990Cisco Security Agent memory corruption [CVE-2004-1112]
989Cisco IOS DHCP denial of service [CVE-2004-1111]🔒
988ClearSwift MIMEsweeper for SMTP Encrypted Attachment containing cryptographic issues
987Linux Kernel ELF Binary Loader denial of service [CVE-2004-1073]🔒🔒
986Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management
985Mozilla Firefox privileges management
984Mozilla Firefox File Download File Name Privilege Escalation
983Mozilla Firefox Local Image DOS Device Name denial of service🔒🔒
982Mozilla Firefox Local Image information disclosure [CVE-2004-2227]🔒🔒
981Microsoft Proxy Server/ISA Server DNS Revese Lookup Cache authentication spoofing🔒🔒🔒🔒
980RealVNC TCP Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-1750]
979Sun One Messaging Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2766]🔒
978GNU Samba Wildcard Character ms_fnmatch denial of service🔒🔒🔒🔒
977Microsoft Internet Explorer res URI Privilege Escalation
976Nortel Contivity VPN Client Authentication Error Message information disclosure
975GNU gzip Script Collection privileges management [CVE-2004-0970]🔒🔒
974ISC DHCPD Log errwarn.c format string🔒🔒
973Symantec LiveUpdate path traversal
972Symantec LiveUpdate ZIP Archive denial of service
971Astaro Security Linux TCP/IP Stack Privilege Escalation
970Astaro Security Linux PPTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2004-2251]
969Sun Java System Application Server cross site scriting
968Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2004-2226]
967F-Secure Anti-Virus ZIP Archive security check for standard [CVE-2004-2220]
966RarLabs WinRar Repair Archive Feature denial of service [CVE-2004-1495]
965Apache HTTP Server mod_include get_tag memory corruption🔒🔒
964Apache HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2004-0942]🔒🔒🔒
963Cisco Secure ACS EAP-TLS improper authentication [CVE-2004-1099]🔒
962Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME Privilege Escalation
961Microsoft ISA Server HTTP Keep-Alive improper authentication
960Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1050]🔒🔒🔒🔒
959Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Link Table authentication spoofing
958PuTTY IPv6 memory corruption [CVE-2004-1008]🔒🔒
957Shadow pwdcheck.c passwd_check Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
956pppd cbcp_input denial of service🔒
955Perl Script race condition [CVE-2004-0452]🔒🔒
954Apple QuickTime BMP Image integer coercion [CVE-2004-0988]🔒
953Apple QuickTime HTML Document heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0926]🔒
952PuTTY ssh2_rdpkt memory corruption🔒🔒
951RealNetworks RealPlayer DUNZIP32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2004-1094]🔒
950OpenSSL Temporary File der_chop race condition🔒🔒
949Mozilla Firefox race condition [CVE-2005-0142]🔒
948Mozilla Firefox HTML denial of service
947Linux Kernel hugetlbfs privileges management [CVE-2004-0814]🔒🔒
946Linux Kernel ReiserFS setxattr denial of service🔒🔒
945Linux Kernel Terminal denial of service [CVE-2004-0814]🔒🔒
944Linux Kernel Terminal denial of service [CVE-2004-0814]🔒🔒
943Foo Labs Xpdf PDF Document memory corruption [CVE-2004-0888]🔒🔒
942GNU C Library Temporary File catchsegv race condition🔒🔒
941IBM HTTP Server apr-util denial of service [CVE-2004-0786]🔒🔒🔒🔒
940Apache HTTP Server mod_include get_tag memory corruption🔒🔒
939libpng PNG Image png_read_png integer coercion
938libpng PNG Image png_handle_tRNS integer coercion
937Microsoft Windows WAV Media File infinite loop [CVE-2004-1623]
935Linux Kernel iptables memory corruption [CVE-2004-0003]🔒🔒
934Protector Plus Antivirus Software MS DOS Device Name privileges management
933Twister Anti-TrojanVirus MS DOS Device Name unknown vulnerability
932Antivir Antivirus DOS Device Name security check for standard
931Symantec Veritas Netbackup administers privileges management🔒
930IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1621] [Disputed]🔒
929Nortel Contivity VPN Client Authentication improper authentication
928RAV ZIP Archive Scan Routine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0932]🔒🔒
927ESET NOD32 ZIP Archive unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0932]🔒🔒
926Maxthon Browser Tabs Browsing Privilege Escalation
925KDE Konqueror Tabs Browsing Privilege Escalation
924Avant Browser Tab Browsing Form Field information disclosure
923Avant Browser Tab Browsing Dialog Boxes authentication spoofing🔒
922Opera Web Browser Tabs Browsing unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1380]🔒
921Mozilla Suite Tabs Browsing Form Field information disclosure🔒🔒
920Netscape Browser Tabs Browsing Dialogbox authentication spoofing🔒
919Apple Safari Tabs Browsing Dialog Boxes authentication spoofing🔒
918Mozilla Firefox Tabs Browsing information disclosure [CVE-2004-1380]🔒
917Mozilla Firefox Tabs Browsing authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1380]🔒
916Microsoft Internet Explorer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1043]🔒🔒
915McAfee VirusScan/WebShield/GroupShield ZIP Archive unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
914Sophos Anti-Virus ZIP Archive privileges management [CVE-2004-0937]🔒
913CA eTrust Antivirus ZIP Archive Arclib.dll privileges management🔒🔒
912Kaspersky Anti-Virus ZIP Archive privileges management [CVE-2004-0932]🔒🔒
911Sun Solaris privileges management [CVE-2004-1353]
910Symantec Norton AntiVirus VBS Script privileges management
909Microsoft Windows ASCII Editor Privilege Escalation
908Microsoft Windows JPEG ActiveX Image Control asycpict.dll denial of service
907ProFTPD User Account information disclosure [CVE-2004-1602]🔒
906Veritas Cluster Server privileges management [CVE-2004-2205]
9053com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless Firewall Router improper authentication
9043com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless Firewall Router memory corruption
9033com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless Firewall Router Privilege Escalation
9023com OfficeConnect ADSL Wireless Firewall Router security check for standard🔒
901Adobe Acrobat Embedded Macromedia Flash Handler privileges management🔒
900Microsoft Windows grpconv.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
899Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2004-0214]🔒🔒
898Microsoft Windows SMTP DNS Reply memory corruption [CVE-2004-0840]🔒🔒🔒
897Microsoft Windows ZIP Archive dunzip32.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
896Microsoft Internet Explorer SSL Cache authentication spoofing🔒🔒
895Microsoft Internet Explorer Plugin-In Navigation heap-based overflow🔒
894Microsoft Internet Explorer Double Byte Character Set authentication spoofing🔒🔒
893Microsoft Internet Explorer Install Engine Inseng.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
892Microsoft Internet Explorer Cascading Style Sheet heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
891Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2004-0206]🔒🔒🔒🔒
890Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2004-0211]🔒
889Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2004-0209]🔒🔒
888Microsoft Windows privileges management [CVE-2004-0208]🔒
886Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2004-0207]🔒
885Microsoft Windows WebDAV XML Message denial of service [CVE-2003-0718]🔒🔒🔒
884Microsoft Windows RPC Runtime Library denial of service [CVE-2004-0569]🔒🔒🔒
883Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2004-0574]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
882Sun MySQL MERGE Table denial of service [CVE-2004-0837]🔒🔒
881Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2004-0846]🔒🔒
880Squid Proxy asn_parse_header resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
879Sun MySQL Table Rename privileges management [CVE-2004-0835]🔒🔒
878Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl privileges management [CVE-2004-0885]🔒🔒🔒
877Microsoft Word DOC Document denial of service [CVE-2004-0963]🔒🔒
876Sun Solaris gzip privileges management [CVE-2004-1349]
875IBM DB2 Universal Database XML Extender memory corruption
874IBM DB2 Universal Database DB2FMP memory corruption
873IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption
872IBM DB2 Universal Database DTS to String Converter Local Privilege Escalation
871IBM DB2 Universal Database JDBC Listener Privilege Escalation
870IBM DB2 Universal Database SATADMIN.SATENCRYPT Local Privilege Escalation
869IBM DB2 Universal Database Library Name memory corruption
868IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption
867IBM DB2 Universal Database Shutdown denial of service
866IBM DB2 Universal Database denial of service
865IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2005-4863]🔒🔒
864Easy Software Products CUPS Samba Error Log information disclosure🔒🔒
863Symantec Norton AntiVirus MS DOS Device Name unknown vulnerability
862Microsoft Windows SYSTEM32 memory corruption
861RealNetworks RealPlayer heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1481]🔒🔒🔒
860Microsoft Windows Packet Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2005-4316]🔒
859Linux Kernel Packet Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2005-4316]🔒
858GNU Samba unix_clean_name privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒
857Microsoft SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1560]
856RealNetworks RealPlayer path traversal [CVE-2005-0190]🔒🔒🔒
855RealNetworks RealPlayer path traversal [CVE-2005-0190]🔒🔒
854RealNetworks RealPlayer heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1481]🔒🔒
853Alt-N MDaemon SMTP/IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1546]🔒🔒🔒
852Apache HTTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0811]🔒🔒
851OpenBSD Radius login_radius security check for standard
850Sophos Anti-Virus MS DOS Device Name privileges management [CVE-2004-0552]
849Symantec Enterprise Firewall denial of service [CVE-2004-1472]🔒
848Symantec Enterprise Firewall denial of service [CVE-2004-1472]
847Symantec Firewall/VPN UDP Portscan denial of service [CVE-2004-1472]
846Todd Miller sudo Symbolic Link Validator information disclosure🔒🔒
845F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper MIME Content-Transfer-Encoding unknown vulnerability
844Apache HTTP Server .htaccess memory corruption [CVE-2004-0786]🔒🔒
843Apache HTTP Server IPv6 apr-util denial of service🔒🔒
842McAfee VirusScan System Scan race condition [CVE-2004-0831]
841Apache HTTP Server mod_dav denial of service [CVE-2004-0493]🔒🔒🔒
840Mozilla Firefox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒🔒
839Mozilla Firefox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒
838Mozilla Firefox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒
837Mozilla Firefox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒
836Mozilla Firefox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒
835Mozilla Firefox Textbox heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0902]🔒🔒
834Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2004-0906]🔒🔒
833Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2004-0200]🔒🔒🔒
832Microsoft WordPerfect memory corruption [CVE-2004-0573]🔒🔒
831BEA WebLogic JNDI memory corruption
830GNU Samba nmbd process_logon_packet denial of service🔒🔒
829GNU Samba ASN.1 Parser infinite loop [CVE-2004-0807]🔒🔒
828Squid Proxy clientAbortBody denial of service
827Rhinosoft Serv-U FTP Server MS DOS Device Name input validation🔒🔒
826Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl memory corruption [CVE-2004-0488]🔒🔒🔒
825OpenCA cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0787]🔒🔒
824F-Secure Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2004-0830]
823Squid Proxy NTLM Authentication ntlm_fetch_string denial of service🔒🔒🔒🔒
822IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2004-1372]🔒🔒
821Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl infinite loop [CVE-2004-0748]🔒🔒
820WinZip Command Line Argument memory corruption [CVE-2004-1465]🔒
819WinZip memory corruption [CVE-2004-1465]🔒
818MIT Kerberos memory corruption [CVE-2004-0642]🔒🔒
817MIT Kerberos krb5_rd_cred memory corruption🔒🔒
816MIT Kerberos memory corruption [CVE-2004-0772]🔒🔒
815MIT Kerberos memory corruption [CVE-2004-0642]🔒🔒
814Ipswitch WS_FTP Server File Path denial of service [CVE-2004-1643]🔒🔒
813GNU Samba FindNextPrintChangeNotify denial of service🔒🔒🔒
812Cisco IOS Telnet TCP Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-1464]🔒
811OpenBSD Routing IPsec ICMP denial of service [CVE-2004-0819]
810Cisco ACS improper authentication
809Cisco Secure ACS NDS security check for standard
808Cisco Secure ACS LEAP Proxy security check for standard
807Cisco ACS security check for standard [CVE-2004-1458]
806NullSoft WinAmp wsz Skin File Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0820]🔒
805Microsoft Outlook Express BCC Multi-Part Message information disclosure
804Symantec Firewall denial of service [CVE-2004-0369]🔒🔒
803Netscape Network Security Services Library SSL2 Hello Message heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
802ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm NTFS Permission privileges management
801Web Browser denial of service
800KDE Konqueror cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0746]🔒🔒
799Sun MySQL Reverse DNS mysql_real_connect memory corruption🔒🔒
798Sun MySQL symlink [CVE-2004-0457]🔒🔒
797Cisco IOS OSPF Packet denial of service [CVE-2004-1454]🔒
796Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag / Drop unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
795NetBSD ftpd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0794]🔒🔒
794CVS Error Message history.c information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
793Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar Privilege Escalation
792Microsoft Windows Internet Download cmd.exe unknown vulnerability
791Adobe Acrobat URL Handler RTLHeapFree memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
790rsync sanitize_path privileges management🔒🔒
789ClearSwift MIMEsweeper for SMTP PowerPoint Document memory corruption🔒
788Adobe Acrobat File Name Handler memory corruption🔒🔒
787Adobe Acrobat File Name Handler uudecoding memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
786ClearSwift MIMEsweeper for Web path traversal [CVE-2004-1715]
785Nokia IPSO denial of service
784Matthias Ettrich KDE Symbolic Link .kde privileges management🔒🔒
783Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access HTML Redirection cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
782Sun Solaris XDMCP Parser denial of service [CVE-2004-1347]🔒
781IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business Privilege Escalation
780Microsoft Internet Explorer mms Protocol Privilege Escalation
779GNU libpng PNG Image memory corruption [CVE-2004-0597]🔒🔒🔒🔒
778Mozilla Firefox File Name heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0757]🔒🔒
777Simon Tatham PuTTY SSH Connection Attempt heap-based overflow🔒🔒
776Juniper NetScreen ScreenOS denial of service [CVE-2004-1446]
775Netscape Browser SOAP integer coercion [CVE-2004-0722]🔒🔒🔒
774Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0764]🔒🔒
773Mozilla Firefox Certificate document.close race condition🔒🔒
772Check Point VPN-1/Firewall-1 ASN.1 Decoder heap-based overflow🔒🔒
771GNU Samba Hash smb.conf mangling memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
770GNU Samba SWAT HTTP Basic Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2004-0600]🔒🔒🔒🔒
769Tenable Nessus adduser race condition🔒🔒
768Cisco ONS Network Traffic security check for standard [CVE-2004-1432]🔒
767Sysinternals PsTools NetBIOS Share access control [CVE-2004-2730]
766Microsoft Internet Explorer privileges management [CVE-2003-1041]🔒🔒
765Microsoft Windows heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0201]🔒
764Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler containing stack-based overflow🔒🔒
763Microsoft Windows POSIX Subsystem memory corruption [CVE-2004-0210]🔒
762Microsoft IIS Redirect memory corruption [CVE-2004-0205]🔒
761Microsoft Windows Utility Manager winhlp32.exe memory corruption🔒
760Microsoft Outlook Express Mail Header denial of service [CVE-2004-0215]🔒
759Microsoft Internet Explorer window.createPopup unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
758Microsoft Internet Explorer Channel Link cross site scriting🔒🔒
757Microsoft Internet Explorer Active Action Remote Code Execution🔒
756Microsoft Internet Explorer Function containing Remote Code Execution🔒
755IBM Lotus Notes Client memory corruption [CVE-2004-2280]
753Adobe Acrobat File Extension Handler memory corruption🔒🔒
752Linux Kernel Switch-Code psr.mfh denial of service🔒🔒
751Microsoft Word Email privileges management [CVE-2004-2482]
750Microsoft Internet Explorer Sun Java VM tmp privileges management
749Opera Web Browser Address Bar Reload information disclosure
748Mozilla Firefox shell: information disclosure [CVE-2004-0648]🔒
747Sun MySQL sql_parse.cpp security check for standard🔒🔒🔒🔒
746IBM Lotus Domino Web Access denial of service [CVE-2004-0668]🔒
745Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0842]🔒🔒
744Mozilla Firefox XPInstall Dialogbox unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0762]🔒🔒
743Oracle Database Installation tmp privileges management
742Linux Kernel privileges management [CVE-2004-0495]🔒🔒
741IBM Lotus Domino IMAP Quota Stored privileges management
740Juniper NetScreen 5GT Firewall Antivirus cross site scriting
739FreeBSD Linux Compatibility Mode denial of service [CVE-2004-0602]🔒🔒
738ZyXEL Prestige Router Web Interface Password memory corruption
737Linux Kernel Netfilter tcp_find_option denial of service🔒🔒
736Microsoft Internet Explorer Cross Frame authentication spoofing🔒
735BEA WebLogic role-name improper authentication
734Apache HTTP Server HTTP Header ap_get_mime_headers_core denial of service🔒🔒
733GNU Openswan verify_x509cert improper authentication🔒🔒
732ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Mobile Code Filter SSL unknown vulnerability
731Sun Solaris Kerberos Client missing encryption [CVE-2004-0653]🔒
730Linux Kernel IEEE 1394 Driver integer coercion [CVE-2004-0658]
7293com SuperStack 3 Switch Web Administration Interface denial of service
727IBM Lotus Domino URI cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0480]🔒
726IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting [CVE-2004-2667]
725Sun Solaris Basic Security Module Administrative denial of service
724ISC DHCP vsprintf memory corruption🔒
723ISC DHCP memory corruption [CVE-2004-0460]🔒🔒🔒
722Unreal Engine secure Query memory corruption [CVE-2004-0608]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
721Check Point Firewall-1 IKE information disclosure [CVE-2004-2679]
720Netgear BEFSR41 Administration Connection denial of service
719Netgear FVS318 Connection administration denial of service
718Linux Kernel Driver memory corruption [CVE-2004-0003]🔒🔒
717Symantec Enterprise Firewall DNS Cache improper authentication
716Cisco IOS BGP Routing denial of service [CVE-2004-0589]🔒
715BEA WebLogic RMI via IIOP credentials management [CVE-2004-2696]
714BEA WebLogic SSL Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-2424]🔒
713Microsoft Internet Explorer mshtml.dll denial of service
712Linux Kernel __clear_fpu denial of service🔒🔒
711NetBSD swapctl denial of service
710Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Zone Privilege Escalation
709RealNetworks RealPlayer Media File memory corruption
708RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2004-0550]🔒
707RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption
706Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0492]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
705Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy denial of service
704Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy privileges management
703Microsoft ISA Server Web Proxy denial of service
702Microsoft ISA Server External HTTP Traffic missing encryption
701Microsoft ISA Server ICMP Privilege Escalation
700Trend Micro OfficeScan Windows Help Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2430]
699Cisco Catalyst CatOS TCP Connection denial of service [CVE-2004-0551]🔒
698Squid Proxy NTLM Authentication Helper memory corruption [CVE-2004-0541]🔒🔒🔒
697Microsoft Internet Explorer Location URL privileges management🔒🔒🔒🔒
696Jamie Cameron Webmin Administration denial of service [CVE-2004-0582]🔒🔒
695Jamie Cameron Webmin Module Configuration Local Privilege Escalation
694PHP escapeshellarg privileges management🔒
693IBM WebSphere denial of service
692NetGear WG602 Default Account unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-2556]🔒
691Linksys BEF Router Authentication Gozila.cgi denial of service🔒
690Tripwire format string [CVE-2004-0536]🔒🔒🔒🔒
689IBM Tivoli Secureway Policy Director improper authentication
688Opera Web Browser Favicon Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒
687Sambar Server Sysadmin Web Site showini.asp path traversal
686Sambar Server Sysadmin Web Site showperf.asp cross site scriting
685Linksys WRT54G/BEFSR41 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2606]
684MIT Kerberos krb5_aname_to_localname memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
683Microsoft Windows improper authentication [CVE-2004-0540]🔒🔒
682Apple Mac OS X Terminal URL denial of service [CVE-2004-0171]🔒🔒
681Apple Mac OS X AppleFileServer Local Privilege Escalation
680Apple Mac OS X TCP/IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2004-0171]🔒🔒
679Apple Mac OS X Packaging denial of service [CVE-2004-0171]🔒🔒
678Apple Mac OS X LoginWindow denial of service [CVE-2004-0171]🔒🔒
677Apple Mac OS X NFS Logging privileges management [CVE-2004-0513]🔒
6763com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router security check for standard
675OpenBSD XFree86 xdm improper authentication [CVE-2004-0419]🔒🔒
674Sun Java System Application Server Query Privilege Escalation
673Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl ssl_util_uuencode_binary stack-based overflow🔒🔒
6723com OfficeConnect Remote 812 ADSL Router denial of service [CVE-2004-0476]
671FreeBSD msync unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
670F-Secure Anti-Virus LHA Archive memory corruption [CVE-2004-2405]
669F-Secure Anti-Virus PKZip Archive privileges management [CVE-2004-2276]
668Symantec Norton AntiVirus ActiveX Control denial of service [CVE-2004-0487]🔒
667Netgear RP114 URL Filter privileges management [CVE-2004-2032] [Disputed]
666CVS heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-0396]🔒🔒🔒
665Matthias Ettrich KDE URI Command authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0527]
664Microsoft Windows CLSID desktop.ini memory corruption
663Microsoft Outlook RTF Document OLE Object containing privileges management
662Microsoft Internet Explorer META Tag mshtml.dll denial of service
661Sidewinder G2 Firewall Proxy denial of service [CVE-2004-2543]
660Sun Solaris SMC Webserver containing sendError path traversal🔒
659Microsoft Outlook Express access control [CVE-2004-2694]
658Linksys BEGSR41/BEFW11S4 information disclosure [CVE-2004-0580]
657KDE Konqueror Telnet URI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-0411]🔒🔒
656Opera Web Browser Address Bar onUnload unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
655Microsoft Windows FTPD Sasser Worm memory corruption
653Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0526]
652Microsoft Outlook HTML Mail Reply privileges management [CVE-2004-0502]
651Agnitum Outpost Firewall TCP denial of service [CVE-2004-2472]
650TrendMicro OfficeScan privileges management [CVE-2004-2006]
649Microsoft IIS information disclosure
648Sun Java JRE/SDK denial of service [CVE-2004-0651]🔒🔒
647Exim Internet Mailer Header header_syntax stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
646Exim Internet Mailer Source Address Verifier exim.conf sender_verify stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
645Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1 VSX NG ISAKMP memory corruption
644ProFTPD ACL CIDR Address privileges management [CVE-2004-0432]🔒🔒
643Apple QuickTime QuickTime.qts memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
642GNU libpng Error Message memory corruption🔒🔒
641GNU Midnight Commander sqllog memory corruption🔒🔒
640IBM AIX Commands Collection symlink [CVE-2004-2634]
639IBM AIX dig dns_name_fromtext memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
638Apache HTTP Server Secure Hash unknown vulnerability
637Microsoft Windows NetBIOS Share Name memory corruption [CVE-2004-0214]🔒🔒
636Sun Solaris TCP/IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2004-1355]
635Linux Kernel CPUFREQ Proc information disclosure [CVE-2004-0003]🔒🔒
634McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator privileges management [CVE-2004-0038]🔒
633Sun Solaris sendfilev denial of service🔒
632Sun Solaris Secure NIS Map improper authentication [CVE-2004-1942]
631mbac ident2 child_service memory corruption🔒🔒
630Alexander V. Lukyanov LFTP Password missing encryption
629GNU wget Password Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2004-0411]🔒🔒
628Symantec Client Security TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2004-0375]🔒
627Sun Fire/Netra IP Type of Service denial of service [CVE-2004-2641]
626Cisco IOS SNMP Service denial of service [CVE-2004-0714]🔒🔒🔒
625BEA WebLogic Config Log File missing encryption
624BEA WebLogic URL Filter * privileges management
623BEA WebLogic EJB Object privileges management [CVE-2004-0713]
622Mike Gleason NcFTP missing encryption [CVE-2004-1948]
621ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Mail Filter privileges management [CVE-2004-1936]
620Rhinosoft Serv-U FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-1992]🔒
619Linux Kernel setsockopt memory corruption [CVE-2004-0109]🔒🔒
618Microsoft Windows MS04-011 Patch unknown vulnerability
617Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator missing encryption
615Linux Kernel Raw Devices information disclosure [CVE-2004-0003]🔒🔒
614Linux Kernel ISO9660 File System memory corruption [CVE-2004-0003]🔒🔒
613BEA WebLogic Custom Trust Manager administrator's improper authentication
612BEA WebLogic Group Creation administrative Local Privilege Escalation
611BEA WebLogic administrator Remote Code Execution
610Microsoft Windows ASN.1 memory corruption [CVE-2004-0123]🔒🔒🔒
609Microsoft Windows Negotiate Security Software Provider memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
608Microsoft Windows Virtual DOS Machine null pointer dereference🔒🔒
607Microsoft Windows Local Descriptor Table privileges management🔒🔒
606Microsoft Windows Taskmanager memory corruption [CVE-2003-0910]🔒🔒
605Microsoft Windows Utility Manager memory corruption [CVE-2003-0908]🔒🔒
604Microsoft Windows Help/Support Center memory corruption [CVE-2003-0907]🔒🔒🔒
603Microsoft Windows Metafile WMF/EMF integer coercion [CVE-2003-0906]🔒🔒🔒
602Microsoft Windows WinLogon Domain Object memory corruption [CVE-2003-0806]🔒🔒🔒
601Microsoft Windows PCT Message memory corruption [CVE-2004-0120]🔒🔒🔒🔒
600Microsoft Windows Domain Controller memory corruption [CVE-2003-0663]🔒🔒
599Microsoft Windows LSASS Request stack-based overflow [CVE-2003-0533]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
598Microsoft Windows RPC/DCOM Object Identity Remote Code Execution🔒
597Microsoft Windows RPC over HTTP Reply denial of service [CVE-2003-0807]🔒
596Microsoft Windows RPCSS memory leak [CVE-2004-0116]🔒🔒🔒
595Microsoft Outlook Express MHTML URL memory corruption [CVE-2004-0380]🔒🔒
594Microsoft Jet Database Engine Query memory corruption [CVE-2004-0197]🔒🔒
593Microsoft Internet Explorer Print Privilege Escalation
592Microsoft Internet Explorer BMP File Size denial of service
591Microsoft Internet Explorer IST information disclosure [CVE-2004-0380]🔒
590Sun Cluster Global File System denial of service
589Kerio Personal Firewall URL denial of service [CVE-2004-1907]
588Sun Solaris SSH Daemon ListenAddress privileges management
587Cisco Catalyst 6500/7600 VPN Services Module denial of service🔒
586Qmail Non-Delivery Notification denial of service
585Adobe Photoshop Photoshop.Application.8 denial of service
584Adobe Photoshop Photoshop.Application.8 information disclosure
583F-Secure Anti-Virus ZIP Archive privileges management
582Citrix MetaFrame Password Manager Wizard unknown vulnerability
581NullSoft WinAmp in_mod.dll heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1896]🔒🔒
580Microsoft Internet Explorer Statusbar Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1104]
578Oracle Application Server Single Sign-On cross site scriting🔒
577ISS BlackICE PC Protection Default Configuration privileges management
576HP Web JetAdmin setinfo.hts path traversal
575HP Web JetAdmin devices_update_printer_fw_upload.hts privileges management🔒🔒
574Trend Micro VirusWall path traversal [CVE-2004-1859]
573Ipswitch WS_FTP Server unknown vulnerability
572Ipswitch WS_FTP Server Default Account improper authentication
571Ipswitch WS_FTP Server resource management [CVE-2004-1848]🔒🔒🔒
570Apache HTTP Server TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2004-0174]🔒🔒🔒
569Symantec Norton Internet Security WrapUM.dll LaunchURL denial of service🔒🔒
568ISS Proventia/RealSecure PAM Module stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0362]🔒🔒
567OpenSSL SSL/TLS Handshake denial of service [CVE-2004-0079]🔒🔒🔒
566IBM Lotus Domino Quick Console dlgFilesFolderNew cross site scriting
565IBM Lotus Domino Quick Console privileges management [CVE-2004-2310]🔒
564Microsoft Windows WMF File explorer.exe denial of service
563Ipswitch WS_FTP Pro ASCII Mode resource management [CVE-2004-1848]🔒🔒
562Alt-N MDaemon Form2Raw.exe memory corruption
561Compaq/HP Insight Manager Certificate improper authentication
560IBM AIX rexecd privileges management [CVE-2004-2388]
559Yahoo! Webmail cross site scriting
558nfs-utils Reverse DNS Entry denial of service [CVE-2004-0154]🔒
557Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl denial of service [CVE-2004-0113]🔒🔒
556F-Secure Anti-Virus privileges management [CVE-2004-1762]
555Microsoft Internet Explorer Cookie path traversal [CVE-2003-0513]
554Sun Solaris uucp memory corruption🔒🔒
553Microsoft Messenger File Request information disclosure [CVE-2004-0122]🔒🔒
551Microsoft Outlook mailto cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0121]🔒🔒
550wu-ftpd restricted-gid information disclosure🔒🔒
549Norton Antivirus File Name security check for standard
548Cisco Content Services Switch denial of service [CVE-2004-0352]
547ProFTPD containing _xlate_ascii_write memory corruption🔒
546Adobe Acrobat XML Handler OutputDebugString memory corruption🔒🔒
545SonicWall ARP Mapping Privilege Escalation
544Netscreen SA 5000 delhomepage.cgi cross site scriting🔒
543FreeBSD TCP Queue Sequence denial of service [CVE-2004-0171]🔒🔒
542SonicWall ARP Proxy denial of service
541Symantec Firewall/VPN Web Frontend Password missing encryption
540FreeBSD jail_attach privileges management🔒🔒
539Microsoft Internet Explorer Event information disclosure [CVE-2004-2383]
538WinZip UUDeview memory corruption [CVE-2004-0333]🔒🔒🔒
537Sun Solaris passwd privileges management [CVE-2004-0360]🔒
536Sun Solaris conv_fix privileges management🔒
535Rhinosoft Serv-U FTP Server Timezone memory corruption [CVE-2004-0330]🔒🔒🔒🔒
534Symantec Gateway Security cross site scriting
533ISS Proventia/RealSecure PAM SMB Reassembler memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
532Mozilla Firefox Event cross site scriting [CVE-2004-0191]🔒
531Alcatel OmniSwitch denial of service [CVE-2004-2377]
530Microsoft Windows EMF File shimgvw.dll integer coercion🔒🔒🔒
529Apple Mac OS X pppd option_error format string
528Apple Mac OS X IPsec Key Exchange infinite loop [CVE-2003-0989]🔒🔒
527Apple Mac OS X Driver Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0167]
526Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation Notification Logging information disclosure
525Oracle Database User Session improper authentication [CVE-2004-2229]
524Cisco ONS Telnet Authentication improper authentication
523Cisco ONS Connection denial of service
522Cisco ONS TFTP Server improper authentication [CVE-2004-0306]🔒
521AOL Instant Messenger File Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-2373]
520ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0309]
519Linux Kernel do_mremap memory corruption🔒🔒
518Microsoft Windows ntdll.dll Privilege Escalation
517phpMyAdmin Directory path traversal
516Microsoft Windows BMP Image imgbmp.cxx memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
515Sophos Anti-Virus MIME Boundary privileges management [CVE-2004-2088]
514Sophos Anti-Virus MIME Header infinite infinite loop
513rsync RSYNC_PROXY memory corruption
512GNU Samba Password improper authentication🔒🔒
511GNU Samba smbmnt privileges management [CVE-2004-0082]🔒🔒
510XFree86 ReadFontAlias memory corruption🔒🔒
509Microsoft Windows WINS Server GS input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
508Microsoft Windows ASN.1 lsass.exe integer coercion🔒🔒🔒🔒
507Microsoft Internet Explorer VBA File information disclosure [CVE-2004-2090]
506Oracle Database memory corruption [CVE-2003-1208]🔒🔒🔒
505Check Point Firewall-1 HTTP format string [CVE-2004-0039]🔒🔒🔒
504Check Point VPN-1/SecureClient ISAKMP stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-0040]🔒🔒🔒
503Cisco 6000/6500/7600 OSI Layer 2 input validation [CVE-2004-0244]🔒
502Sun Solaris tcsetattr denial of service [CVE-2004-1393]
501Microsoft Internet Explorer URL input validation [CVE-2003-1025]🔒🔒🔒
500Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML dragDrop Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
499Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Zone access control [CVE-2003-1026]🔒🔒🔒
497ClearSwift MAILsweeper SMTP RAR Attachment infinite loop [CVE-2004-2328]
496ISS RealSecure ini File packetLog.fileprefix memory corruption🔒
495BEA WebLogic Administration Server Console config.xml missing encryption🔒🔒
494BEA WebLogic Operators information disclosure [CVE-2004-2321]
493BEA WebLogic HTTP TRACE containing information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
492BEA WebLogic FAT Client Certificate Authentication improper authentication
491Microsoft Windows .folder memory corruption
490Finjan SurfinGate FHTTP improper authentication [CVE-2004-2107]🔒
489Apache HTTP Server mod_perl privileges management
488NetIQ WebTrends Reporting Center information disclosure
487Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS File memory corruption [CVE-2004-0420]🔒🔒🔒🔒
486Microsoft Internet Explorer unknown vulnerability
485Netscreen Security Manager missing encryption [CVE-2004-1766]
484OpenCA Certificate libCheckSignature improper authentication🔒🔒
483Qmail SMTP Session memory corruption🔒
482Symantec Web Security Default Block Page cross site scripting🔒🔒
481H+BEDV AntiVir Startup Procedure tmp privileges management
480SuSE Linux YaST symlink [CVE-2004-0064]
479Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access information disclosure🔒
478Microsoft Data Access Components Broadcast Reply memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
477Microsoft ISA Server H.323 Filter memory corruption [CVE-2003-0819]🔒🔒🔒
476Microsoft ISA Server H.323/H.225.0/Q.931 memory corruption [CVE-2003-0819]🔒🔒
475BEA WebLogic JVM XML denial of service
474BEA Weblogic missing encryption
473Sun One Application Server memory corruption
472Symantec Norton Internet Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2003-0994]
471ISC INN art.c ARTpost memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
470Yahoo! Messenger File Name memory corruption [CVE-2004-0043]🔒🔒
469ZyWALL containing cross site scriting🔒🔒
468IBM Lotus Domino notes.ini privileges management
466Linux Kernel /dev/rtc information disclosure [CVE-2003-0984]🔒🔒
465Linux Kernel mremap privileges management🔒🔒
463Microsoft Word Document Security improper authentication

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