Tools 2005

92718NSA SHA-1 Hash Generation Collision inadequate encryption🔒🔒
85458Apache Tomcat textRotate.jspx cross site scriting
85457Apache Tomcat implicit-objects.jsp cross site scriting
84390Codewalkers PHP Event Calendar calendar.php sql injection
83516PAM-MySQL Authentication pam_get_item privileges management
83486SimpleBBS topics.php code injection
83458Microsoft Internet Explorer Table Tag denial of service
83457Direct News Search Module sql injection
83448Kayako SupportSuite User Registration cross site scriting
83444PHPSurveyor browse.php sql injection🔒
83443MyBB POST Request ratethread.php sql injection🔒
83442MyBB POST Request member.php sql injection🔒
83440Hitachi Cosminexus Collaboration Portal cross site scriting
83439phpDocumentor file_dialog.php File privileges management🔒
83438FTGate4 systemacl.fts cross site scriting🔒
83437FTGate4 licence.fts cross site scriting🔒
83436FTGate index.fts cross site scriting🔒
83435XnView RPATH Subversion privileges management
83434Icewarp Webmail index.html File privileges management🔒
83433Icewarp Webmail include.php File privileges management🔒
83432Sitekit CMS registration-form.html cross site scriting
83431Sitekit CMS Request-call-back.html cross site scriting
83430Qp7 Enterprise news.asp sql injection
83429Mantis view_all_set.php sql injection🔒
83428php-fusion BBcode cross site scriting
83427Sun Solaris PC Netlink slsmgr symlink
83426DEV Web Management System download_now.php sql injection
83425DEV Web Management System getfile.php sql injection
83424StaticStore admin11.cgi cross site scriting
83423DCP-Portal Cookie update.php sql injection🔒
83422DCP-Portal POST Request search.php sql injection🔒
83421DCP-Portal rate.php sql injection🔒
83420DCP-Portal news.php sql injection🔒
83419DCP-Portal Cookie mycontents.php sql injection🔒
83418DCP-Portal informer.php sql injection🔒
83417DCP-Portal index.php sql injection🔒
83416DCP-Portal inbox.php sql injection🔒
83415DCP-Portal golink.php sql injection🔒
83414DCP-Portal go.php sql injection🔒
83413DCP-Portal forums.php sql injection🔒
83412DCP-Portal contents.php sql injection🔒
83411DCP-Portal calendar.php sql injection🔒
83410DCP-Portal annoucement.php sql injection🔒
83409Cerberus Helpdesk GUI display_ticket_thread.php sql injection🔒
83407Cerberus Helpdesk GUI display.php sql injection🔒
83406Cerberus Helpdesk GUI addresses_export.php sql injection🔒
83405Cerberus Helpdesk GUI cer_KnowledgebaseHandler.class.php _load_article_details sql injection🔒
83404Cerberus Helpdesk GUI structs.php 'cer_email_address_struct' sql injection🔒
83403Cerberus Helpdesk GUI email_parser.php sql injection🔒
83402UStore default.asp cross site scriting
83401Community Enterprise docWindow.cfm sql injection
83400ProjectApp default.asp cross site scriting
83399ProjectApp login.asp cross site scriting
83398ProjectApp pmprojects.asp cross site scriting
83397ProjectApp links.asp cross site scriting
83396ProjectApp cat.asp cross site scriting
83395ProjectApp search_employees.asp cross site scriting
83394Cisco Clean Access Secure Smart Manager File Upload file.jsp privileges management
83393Cisco Clean Access Secure Smart Manager File Upload apply_firmware_action.jsp privileges management
83392SCOOP Missing Story cross site scriting
83391DHIS tools symlink🔒
83390Bitweaver my.php cross site scriting
83389Bitweaver message_box.php cross site scriting
83388Bitweaver view.php cross site scriting
83387Bitweaver view_post.php cross site scriting
83386Bitweaver my.php sql injection
83385Bitweaver message_box.php sql injection
83384Bitweaver view.php sql injection
83383Bitweaver view_post.php sql injection
83382Binary Board System cross site scriting
83381Binary Board System cross site scriting
83380AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise products.htm cross site scriting
83379AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise donations.htm cross site scriting
83378AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise escrow.htm cross site scriting
83377AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise forgot.htm cross site scriting
83376AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise request.htm cross site scriting
83375AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise send.htm cross site scriting
83374AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise subscriptions.htm cross site scriting
83373AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise bank.htm cross site scriting
83372AlstraSoft EPay Enterprise card.htm cross site scriting
83370Papoo print.php sql injection
83369Papoo guestbook.php sql injection
83368SPIP spip_pass.php3 cross site scriting
83367Community Enterprise docWindow.cfm Path information disclosure
83366Miraserver article.php sql injection
83365Miraserver newsitem.php sql injection
83364Caravel CMS News cross site scriting
83363Komodo CMS Search Module cross site scriting
83362Free Lanparty Inter-/Intranet Portal FLIP cross site scriting
83361Allinta search.asp cross site scriting
83360ScareCrow post.cgi cross site scriting
83359ScareCrow profile.cgi cross site scriting
83358Trend Micro ServerProtect POST Request relay.dll memory corruption🔒
83357Limbo CMS Path information disclosure🔒
83356Limbo CMS Path information disclosure🔒
83355Limbo CMS index2.php command injection🔒
83354ThWboard misc.php sql injection
83353ThWboard v_profile.php sql injection
83352ProjectForum newpage.html cross site scriting
83351mcGalleryPRO index.php sql injection
83350ASP-DEv XM Forum search.asp sql injection
83349ASP-DEv XM Forum register.asp sql injection
83348Snipe Gallery image.php sql injection
83347PhpWebGallery picture.php sql injection
83346PhpWebGallery category.php sql injection
83345QuickPayPro categories.php cross site scriting
83344QuickPayPro tickets.add.php cross site scriting
83343QuickPayPro sales.view.php sql injection
83342QuickPayPro tracking.details.php sql injection
83341QuickPayPro design.php sql injection
83340QuickPayPro subscribers.tracking.edit.php sql injection
83339QuickPayPro sql injection
83338myBloggie edituser.php sql injection
83337myBloggie editcat.php sql injection
83336myBloggie edit.php sql injection
83335myBloggie deluser.php sql injection
83334myBloggie delcomment.php sql injection
83333myBloggie delcat.php sql injection
83332myBloggie del.php sql injection
83331myBloggie adduser.php sql injection
83330myBloggie addcat.php sql injection
83329myBloggie add.php sql injection
83328e107 CMS usersettings.php sql injection
83327e107 CMS subcontent.php sql injection
83326PhpWebThings myaccount.php sql injection
83325PhpWebThings index.php sql injection
83324PhpWebThings guestbook.php sql injection
83323PhpWebThings forum_write.php sql injection
83322PhpWebThings forum_edit.php sql injection
83321PhpWebThings forum.php sql injection
83320Utopia News Pro users.php sql injection
83319Utopia News Pro templates.php sql injection
83318Utopia News Pro postnews.php sql injection
83317Utopia News Pro faq.php sql injection
83316MagpieRSS simple_smarty.php cross site scriting
83315Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--QuickSearch.php cross site scriting
83314Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--AdvancedSearch.php cross site scriting
83313Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--UserLogin.php cross site scriting
83312Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--Home.php cross site scriting
83311Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--FullRecord.php cross site scriting
83310Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--Advanced.php cross site scriting
83309Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--FullRecord.php sql injection
83308Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--BrowseResources.php sql injection
83307Scout Portal Toolkit SPT--UserLogin.php sql injection
83306Horde Kronolith Calendar cross site scriting
83305Horde Kronolith Search cross site scriting
83304Horde Kronolith Calendar Event cross site scriting
83303Operator Shell Command memory corruption
83302Lyris Listmanager Login improper authentication
83301ASPMForum kullanicilistesi.asp sql injection
83300Ideal BB.NET member.aspx cross site scriting
83299Ideal BB.NET forums.aspx cross site scriting
83298Ideal BB.NET posts.aspx cross site scriting
83297Ideal BB.NET categoryindex.aspx cross site scriting
83296Magic Forum Personal view_thread.cfm sql injection
83295FileLister definesearch.jsp cross site scriting
83294A-FAQ faqDsp.asp sql injection
83293Web4Future eCommerce viewbrands.php sql injection
83292Web4Future eCommerce index.php sql injection
83291Blog System index.php sql injection
83290WowBB view_user.php sql injection
83289phpYellow print_me.php sql injection
83288Web4Future eDating Professional fq.php sql injection
83287Web4Future eDating Professional articles.php sql injection
83286Web4Future eDating Professional gift.php sql injection
83285PHP Lite Calendar Express year.php sql injection
83284PHP Lite Calendar Express week.php sql injection
83283NetClassifieds ViewItem.php sql injection
83282NetClassifieds gallery.php sql injection
83281SDMS messages.php sql injection
83280Omnistar KBase Express category.php sql injection
83279Instant Photo Gallery content.php sql injection
83278VUBB usercp.php sql injection
83277VUBB viewtopic.php sql injection
83276Systems Panel view.php sql injection
83275Systems Panel view.php sql injection
83274Systems Panel index.php sql injection
83273Systems Panel update.php sql injection
83272Systems Panel view.php sql injection
83271OvBB profile.php sql injection
83270digiSHOP Search Query sql injection
83269HydroBB calendar.php cross site scriting
83268HydroBB pms.php cross site scriting
83267HydroBB groups.php cross site scriting
83266HydroBB usercp.php cross site scriting
83265HydroBB register.php cross site scriting
83264HydroBB viewforum.php cross site scriting
83263HydroBB stats.php cross site scriting
83262HydroBB members.php cross site scriting
83261WSN Knowledge Base memberlist.php sql injection
83253WSN Knowledge Base comments.php sql injection
83252Softbiz FAQ Script add_comment.php sql injection
83251Softbiz FAQ Script print_article.php sql injection
83250Softbiz FAQ Script refer_friend.php sql injection
83249Softbiz FAQ Script faq_qanda.php sql injection
83248Softbiz B2B Trading Marketplace Script profiles.php sql injection
83247Softbiz B2B Trading Marketplace Script products.php sql injection
83246Softbiz B2B Trading Marketplace Script buyoffers.php sql injection
83245class-1 Forum viewforum.php sql injection
83244vTiger CRM cross site scriting
83243vTiger CRM Leads Module cross site scriting
83242vTiger CRM cross site scriting
83241WebCalendar export_handler.php sql injection
83240WebCalendar edit_template.php sql injection
83239WebCalendar admin_handler.php sql injection
83238PHP Web Statistik HTTP Header pixel.php cross site scriting
83237PHP Web Statistik Log Database logdb.dta information disclosure
83236Babe Logger comments.php sql injection
83235Omnistar KBase kb.php sql injection
83234DRZES HMS software.php sql injection
83233DRZES HMS htaccess.php sql injection
83232DRZES HMS zone_files.php sql injection
83231DRZES HMS pass_dirs.php sql injection
83230DRZES HMS crons.php sql injection
83229DRZES HMS ftp_users.php sql injection
83228DRZES HMS databases.php sql injection
83227DRZES HMS pop_accounts.php sql injection
83226DRZES HMS listcharges.php sql injection
83225DRZES HMS viewusage.php sql injection
83224DRZES HMS referred_plans.php sql injection
83223DRZES HMS viewplan.php sql injection
83222BedengPSP index.php sql injection
83221BedengPSP download.php sql injection
83220Ugroup topic.php sql injection
83219Joels Bulletin Board neuerbeitrag.php sql injection
83218Joels Bulletin Board newtopic.php sql injection
83217Joels Bulletin Board showforum.php sql injection
83216Enterprise Connector messages.php sql injection
83215Softbiz Resource Repository Script report_link.php sql injection
83214Softbiz Resource Repository Script refer_friend.php sql injection
83213Softbiz Resource Repository Script showcats.php sql injection
83212K-Search index.php sql injection
83211eFiction Login sql injection
83210eFiction viewstory.php sql injection
83209Helpdesk Issue Manager find.php sql injection
83208MagpieRSS magpie_slashbox.php cross site scriting
83207PHP Labs Top Auction search.php sql injection
83206SmartPPC Pro search.php cross site scriting
83205SmartPPC Pro frames.php cross site scriting
83204Softbiz Web Host Directory Search Engine sql injection [CVE-2005-3817]
83203Softbiz Web Host Directory email.php sql injection
83202Softbiz Web Host Directory browsecats.php sql injection
83201Softbiz Web Host Directory review.php sql injection
83200Ezyhelpdesk Search sql injection
83199AFFcommerce ItemReview.php sql injection
83198AFFcommerce ItemInfo.php sql injection
83197OTRS AgentTicketPlain sql injection
83196PHP-Post mail.php cross site scriting
83195Joomla CMS mosDBTable sql injection
83194Joomla CMS cross site scriting
83193IPUpdate TSIG memory corruption
83192aMember member.php cross site scriting
83179e-Quick Cart shoptellafriend.asp sql injection
83178e-Quick Cart shopprojectlogin.asp sql injection
83177e-Quick Cart shoptellafriend.asp cross site scriting
83176e-Quick Cart shopprojectlogin.asp cross site scriting
83175e-Quick Cart shopmaillist.asp cross site scriting
83174php-fusion viewforum.php sql injection
83173Winmail Server Mail Attachment cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3692]
83172Winmail Server HTML Mail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3692]
83171Revize CMS query_input.jsp sql injection
83170phpMyAdmin check_user_privileges.lib.php Path information disclosure
83169phpMyAdmin display_create_database.lib.php Path information disclosure
83168AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro login_validate.php sql injection
83167AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro index.php cross site scriting
83166Wizz Forum ForumReply.php sql injection
83165Wizz Forum ForumTopicDetails.php sql injection
83164Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases ACID acid_qry_main.php cross site scriting
83163Moodle jumpto.php redirect
83162phpPgAds/phpAdsNew sql injection
83161phpPgAds/phpAdsNew graph-daily.php Path information disclosure
83160phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83159phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83158phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83157phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83156phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83155phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83154phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Path information disclosure
83153SAP Web Application Server Test Application cross site scriting
83152SAP Web Application Server privileges management
83151Microsoft Windows EMF File GetEnhMetaFilePaletteEntries denial of service
83150PHPList fckphplist.php cross site scriting
83149PHPList users.php cross site scriting
83088PHPList configure.php cross site scriting
83087PHPList eventlog.php cross site scriting
83086PHPList template.php cross site scriting
83085PHPList spageedit.php cross site scriting
83084PHPList editattributes.php sql injection
83083PHPKIT include.php sql injection
83082PHPKIT Guestbook cross site scriting
83081PHPKIT imcenter.php cross site scriting
83080PHPKIT Forum Post cross site scriting
83079PHPKIT HTTP Referer cross site scriting
83078PHPKIT admin.php cross site scriting
83061PHPKIT userinfo.php cross site scriting
83060F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper diag_suid.cgi privileges management
83059F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper spam_list_suid.cgi privileges management
83058F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper pattern_autoup_suid.cgi privileges management
83057F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper dns_suid.cgi privileges management
83056F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper iptables_suid.cgi privileges management
83055F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper license_suid.cgi privileges management
83054F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper pattern_up_suid.cgi privileges management
83053F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper htpasswd_suid.cgi privileges management
83052F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper edituserdb_suid.cgi privileges management
83051F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper halt_suid.cgi privileges management
83050F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper gateway_suid.cgi privileges management
83049F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper hostname_suid.cgi privileges management
83048F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper version_suid.cgi privileges management
83047F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper edittmpl_suid.cgi privileges management
83046F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper proxy_suid.cgi privileges management
83045F-Secure Anti-Virus Internet Gatekeeper reboot_suid.cgi privileges management
83044Invision Power Board Admin Interface cross site scriting
83043Invision Power Board Admin Interface cross site scriting
83042Invision Power Board Admin Interface cross site scriting
83041Invision Power Board admin.php cross site scriting
83040Invision Power Board Admin Interface cross site scriting
83039Invision Power Board Admin Interface cross site scriting
83038DCP-Portal calendar.php sql injection
83037PHP Handicapper process_signup.php cross site scriting
83036CuteNews show_archives.php command injection
83035CuteNews show_news.php File path traversal
83031Scorched 3D Logger.cpp memory corruption
83030DboardGear u2u.php sql injection
83029Simple PHP Blog colors.php cross site scriting
83028Simple PHP Blog preview_static_cgi.php cross site scriting
83027phpBB search.php cross site scriting
83026phpBB login.php cross site scriting
83025Subdreamer sql injection
83024Subdreamer vbulletin3.php sql injection
83023Subdreamer vbulletin2.php sql injection
83022Subdreamer phpbb2.php sql injection
83021Subdreamer ipb2.php sql injection
83020Subdreamer subdreamer.php sql injection
83019Microsoft Internet Explorer Java JRE mshtmled.dll denial of service
83018Microsoft Windows keybd_event privileges management
83017Novell ZENworks Patch Management default.asp sql injection
83016ATutor add_note.php cross site scriting
83015ATutor cross site scriting
83014ATutor print.php file inclusion
83013Nuked-Klan Download Module sql injection
83012Nuked-Klan Sections Module sql injection
83011Nuked-Klan Forum Module sql injection
83010Netscape Javascript Link Tag denial of service
83009PHP-Nuke Web_Links Module sql injection
83008Downloads Module modules.php sql injection
83007Saphp Lesson add.php sql injection
83006Adam Mmedici File Upload Manager privileges management
83005Zomplog index.php cross site scriting
83004Zomplog get.php cross site scriting
83003Zomplog index.php sql injection
83002Zomplog get.php sql injection
83001Chipmunk Forum reply.php cross site scriting
83000Chipmunk Forum index.php cross site scriting
82999Chipmunk Forum quote.php cross site scriting
82998ZipGenius ACE Archive Filename unacev2.dll memory corruption
82997ZipGenius UUE/XXE/MIM Archive Filename zipgenius.exe memory corruption
82996SCO OpenServer authsh memory corruption
82995Ethereal AgentX Dissector memory corruption
82994Ethereal SMB Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-3241]
82993Ethereal RTnet Dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-3241]
82992Ethereal sFlow Dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-3241]
82991Ethereal ISIS LSP Dissector memory allocation [CVE-2005-3241]
82990Ethereal RSVP Dissector memory allocation [CVE-2005-3241]
82944Ethereal FC-FCS Dissector Memory denial of service
82943Complete PHP Counter list.php sql injection
82942Xerver Request Directory information disclosure
82941e107 CMS File Upload resetcore.php command injection
82940w-Agora quicklist.php command injection
82939Oracle htmldb cross site scriting
82938MySource edit_table_cell_type_wysiwyg.php cross site scriting
82937MySource edit_table_props.php cross site scriting
82936MySource edit_table_row_props.php cross site scriting
82935MySource header.php cross site scriting
82934MySource edit_table_cell_props.php cross site scriting
82933MySource insert_table.php cross site scriting
82932MySource mime.php file inclusion
82931MySource mimeDecode.php file inclusion
82930MySource Span.php file inclusion
82929MySource Date.php file inclusion
82928MySource Mail.php file inclusion
82927MySource Request.php file inclusion
82926MySource Socket.php file inclusion
82925MySource init_mysource.php file inclusion
82924versatileBulletinBoard imagewin.php cross site scriting
82923versatileBulletinBoard dereferrer.php cross site scriting
82922versatileBulletinBoard Forgot Password sql injection
82921versatileBulletinBoard userlistpre.php sql injection
82920versatileBulletinBoard Search For Posts sql injection
82919versatileBulletinBoard sql injection
82918versatileBulletinBoard index.php sql injection
82917versatileBulletinBoard Search This Thread sql injection
82916YaPiG view.php cross site scriting
82915Cyphor newmsg.php cross site scriting
82914Cyphor newmsg.php sql injection
82913Utopia News Pro footer.php cross site scriting
82910aeNovo searchdisplay.asp sql injection
82909F-Secure Anti-Virus CHM File memory corruption [CVE-2005-2937]
82908ALZip ARJ/ZIP/UUE/XXE Archive memory corruption
82907php-fusion faq.php sql injection
82906Sun Solaris Xsun privileges management
82905phpMyFAQ User-Agent code injection
82904Land Down Under plug.php sql injection
82903Stoney ftpd Command memory corruption
82902Counter-Strike 2D Duplicate Packet denial of service
82901VisualBoy Advanced memory corruption
82900FreeRADIUS rlm_sqlcounter Module denial of service
82899COOL! Remote Control Request denial of service
82898P2P Pro Procedure denial of service
82897PBLang ucp.php code injection
82896OpenSSH X11 Channel Forwarding information disclosure
82895GTChat Chat Request Saturation denial of service
82894Host DNS Message denial of service [CVE-2005-4794]🔒
82893Funduc Search/Replace memory corruption
82889PHPOpenChat invite.php cross site scriting
82888PHPOpenChat mail.php cross site scriting
82887PHPOpenChat userpage.php cross site scriting
82886PHPOpenChat profile_misc.php cross site scriting
82885Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner HTTP Sniffer memory corruption
82884VBZooM login.php cross site scriting
82883Baby Web Server File privileges management
82882FlatNuke News Submission cross site scriting
82881FlatNuke footer.php cross site scriting
82880ChurchInfo UserDelete.php Path information disclosure
82879ChurchInfo PropertyEditor.php Path information disclosure
82878ChurchInfo PledgeDetails.php Path information disclosure
82877ChurchInfo NewsLetterLabels.php Path information disclosure
82876ChurchInfo GroupPropsFormRowOps.php Path information disclosure
82875ChurchInfo FamilyView.php Path information disclosure
82874ChurchInfo DirectoryReport.php Path information disclosure
82873ChurchInfo ConfirmLabels.php Path information disclosure
82872ChurchInfo ClassList.php Path information disclosure
82871ChurchInfo ClassAttendance.php Path information disclosure
82870ChurchInfo CanvasEditor.php Path information disclosure
82869ChurchInfo Canvas05Editor.php Path information disclosure
82868ChurchInfo WhyCameEditor.php Path sql injection
82867ChurchInfo UserDelete.php Path sql injection
82866ChurchInfo SelectList.php Path information disclosure
82865ChurchInfo QueryView.php sql injection
82864ChurchInfo PropertyEditor.php sql injection
82863ChurchInfo PropertyAssign.php sql injection
82862ChurchInfo PledgeDetails.php sql injection
82861ChurchInfo PersonView.php sql injection
82860ChurchInfo PDFLabel.php sql injection
82859ChurchInfo MemberRoleChange.php sql injection
82858ChurchInfo GroupView.php sql injection
82857ChurchInfo GroupReport.php sql injection
82856ChurchInfo GroupPropsEditor.php sql injection
82855ChurchInfo GroupMemberList.php sql injection
82854ChurchInfo GroupDelete.php sql injection
82853ChurchInfo FamilyView.php sql injection
82852ChurchInfo DepositSlipEditor.php sql injection
82851ChurchInfo ClassAttendance.php sql injection
82850ChurchInfo CanvasEditor.php sql injection
82849MySQL Eventum releases.php sql injection
82848MySQL Eventum custom_fields_graph.php sql injection
82847MySQL Eventum custom_fields.php sql injection
82825MySQL Eventum get_jsrs_data.php cross site scriting
82824MySQL Eventum list.php cross site scriting
82823MySQL Eventum view.php cross site scriting
82822Kayako LiveResponse privileges management
82821Website Baker Path information disclosure
82820PHPList users.php Path information disclosure
82819PHPList usermgt.php Path information disclosure
82818PHPList user.php Path information disclosure
82817PHPList importcsv.php Path information disclosure
82816PHPList dbcheck.php Path information disclosure
82815PHPList sidebar.php Path information disclosure
82814PHPList usercheck.php Path information disclosure
82813PHPList domainstats.php Path information disclosure
82812PHPList connect.php Path information disclosure
82811PHPList about.php Path information disclosure
82810PHPList main.php Path information disclosure
82809PHPList helloworld.php Path information disclosure
82808GForge Login Form cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2430]
82807GForge qrs.php cross site scriting
82806GForge Search cross site scriting
82805GForge detail.php cross site scriting
82804GForge task.php cross site scriting
82803Clam Antivirus FSG File memory corruption
82802Clam Antivirus CHM File memory corruption
82801Contrexx CMS Blog Aggregation Module cross site scriting
82800Contrexx CMS Gallery Module sql injection
82799DzSoft PHP Editor denial of service
82798PHPSurveyor statistics.php sql injection
82797PHPSurveyor dumpsurvey.php sql injection
82796PHPSurveyor deletesurvey.php sql injection
82795PHPSurveyor spss.php sql injection
82794PHPSurveyor conditions.php sql injection
82793PHPSurveyor admin.php sql injection
82765PHPSurveyor export.php sql injection
82764PHPSurveyor dataentry.php sql injection
82763PHPSurveyor browse.php sql injection
82762PHPSurveyor dumplabel.php sql injection
82761class-1 Forum viewforum.php sql injection
82760class-1 Forum users.php sql injection
82759Willing WebCam License information disclosure
82758CA eTrust SiteMinder IFRAME login.fcc privileges management
82757PC Registry Credentials information disclosure
82756TCP-IP Datalock Packet denial of service
82755Inframail FTP Command memory corruption
82581DUportal PRO channels_edit.asp sql injection
82580DUportal PRO members_listing_approval.asp sql injection
82572Simple Machines Forum SMF index.php sql injection
82571Bitrix Site Manager dbquery_error.php Path information disclosure
82570ATutor directory.php cross site scriting
82569ATutor subscribe_forum.php cross site scriting
82536ATutor tile.php cross site scriting
82535ATutor index.php cross site scriting
82534ATutor search.php cross site scriting
82533ATutor send_message.php cross site scriting
82532ATutor content.php cross site scriting
82531ATutor contact.php cross site scriting
82530Macromedia eLicensing Client privileges management
82529Novell NetMail IMAP Command Continuation memory corruption
82528ePSXe memory corruption
82527Sawmill cross site scriting
82526Sawmill License privileges management
82525MyBB reputation.php sql injection
82524Calendarix Advanced cal_cat.php sql injection
82523Calendarix Advanced cal_week.php sql injection
82522Calendarix Advanced cal_pophols.php sql injection
82521NPDS Modules.php cross site scriting
82519BookReview search.htm Path information disclosure
82518BookReview suggest_review.htm cross site scriting
82517BookReview add_classification.htm cross site scriting
82516BookReview search.htm cross site scriting
82515BookReview add_url.htm cross site scriting
82514BookReview add_booklist.htm cross site scriting
82513BookReview contact.htm cross site scriting
82512BookReview suggest_category.htm cross site scriting
82511BookReview add_contents.htm cross site scriting
82510GraphicsMagick XWD Color Mask Decoder denial of service [CVE-2005-1739]
82509Blue Coat Reporter Licensing Page cross site scriting
82506Serendipity shoutbox Plugin cross site scriting
82505MaxWebPortal pm_delete2.asp sql injection
82504MaxWebPortal pm_delete2.asp sql injection
82503Portal Search search.asp sql injection
82502MaxWebPortal post_info.asp sql injection
82501CDRDAO TOC symlink
82500Neteyes Nexusway ping.cgi command injection
82498Quick.Forum Backup Database information disclosure
82497Fishcart upstnt.php sql injection
82496Fishcart upstracking.php cross site scriting
82495osTicket open_submit.php cross site scriting
82494osTicket user_login.php cross site scriting
82493osTicket admin_login.php cross site scriting
82492osTicket header.php cross site scriting
82491SitePanel2 0.php cross site scriting
82490SitePanel2 5.php cross site scriting
82489Ashleys Web Server HTTP Request memory corruption
82488PwsPHP memberlist.php cross site scriting
82487PwsPHP profil.php cross site scriting
82486PwsPHP Recherche Module cross site scriting
82485PwsPHP Stats Module cross site scriting
82484Mercur Messaging 2005 messages.ctml File path traversal
82483Mercur Messaging 2005 origmessage.ctml File path traversal
82482Mercur Messaging 2005 editmessage.ctml File path traversal
82481Mercur Messaging 2005 readmessage.ctml File path traversal
82480Mercur Messaging 2005 deletemessage.ctml denial of service
82479Fusion SBX index.php command injection
82478ASP Inline Corporate Calendar details.asp sql injection
82477MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart item_show.php sql injection
82476MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart item_list.php sql injection
82475MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart item_list.php cross site scriting
82474Orenosv HTTP Server SSI Command cgissi.exe memory corruption
82473enVivo!CMS default.asp sql injection
82472enVivo!CMS admin_login.asp sql injection
82471ViArt Shop Enterprise news_view.php cross site scriting
82470ViArt Shop Enterprise products.php cross site scriting
82469ViArt Shop Enterprise product_details.php cross site scriting
82468ViArt Shop Enterprise reviews.php cross site scriting
82467ViArt Shop Enterprise page.php cross site scriting
82466ViArt Shop Enterprise forum_thread.php cross site scriting
82465ViArt Shop Enterprise forum_new_thread.php cross site scriting
82464MyPHP Forum privmsg.php Username authentication spoofing
82463JustWilliam's Amazon Webstore index.php cross site scriting
82441JustWilliam's Amazon Webstore closeup.php cross site scriting
82440MetaBid item.asp sql injection
82439tcpdump BGP denial of service [CVE-2005-1279]🔒
82438WheresJames Webcam Publisher memory corruption
82437ArGoSoft Mail Server msg path traversal
82436BK Forum register.asp sql injection
82435BK Forum forum.asp sql injection
82434CartWIZ searchResults.asp cross site scriting
82433CartWIZ error.asp cross site scriting
82432CartWIZ access.asp cross site scriting
82431CartWIZ addToWishlist.asp cross site scriting
82430CartWIZ productCatalogSubCats.asp sql injection
82429CartWIZ searchResults.asp sql injection
82428CartWIZ productDetails.asp sql injection
82427bBlog Blog/Comment cross site scriting
82426MailEnable Authorization Header memory corruption🔒
82425MPlayer MMST Stream memory corruption
82424phpbb-Auction auction_offer.php sql injection
82423AZ Bulletin Board admin_attachment.php File privileges management
82422OneWorldStore owProductDetail.asp cross site scriting
82421OneWorldStore owListProduct.asp cross site scriting
82420OneWorldStore owProductDetail.asp sql injection
82419OneWorldStore owListProduct.asp sql injection
82418Yager Data Block memory corruption [CVE-2005-1163]
82417RadBids Gold index.php cross site scriting
82416Morpheus ChatServers.ini Credentials information disclosure
82414BitComet Proxy Password BitComet.xml information disclosure
82413FireFly Registry Password information disclosure
82412LiteCommerce cart.php sql injection
82411Active Auction House watchthisitem.asp cross site scriting
82410Active Auction House sendpassword.asp cross site scriting
82385Active Auction House account.asp cross site scriting
82384Active Auction House sendpassword.asp sql injection
82383Active Auction House ItemInfo.asp sql injection
82382Productcart techErr.asp cross site scriting
82380Productcart NewCust.asp cross site scriting
82379PhotoPost PHP Pro showphoto.php sql injection🔒
82378PhotoPost PHP Pro slideshow.php cross site scriting
82377PhotoPost PHP Pro showmembers.php cross site scriting
82376ESMI Storefront products1.php sql injection
82375FreeCiv Server denial of service
82374MCPWS Personal Webserver File Request denial of service
82367Vortex Portal index.php file inclusion
82366CzarNews news.php file inclusion
82365iPool MyDetails.txt Password information disclosure
82364PHPOpenChat ENGLISH_poc.php file inclusion
82363PHPOpenChat poc.php file inclusion
82362WWW File Share Pro user.pwd Password information disclosure
82361Apple Mac OS X AppleFileServer denial of service
82360Microsoft Windows COM Structured Storage privileges management
82359Chipmunk Forum authenticate.php sql injection
82358TinyWeb Web Server CGI Request denial of service
82357LiteForum enter.php sql injection
82353Apple QuickTime QTIF Image denial of service
82302fkey File privileges management
82301Exponent CMS mod.php cross site scriting
82300Peer2Mail p2p.exe Password information disclosure
82299Apple Mac OS X Mach-O Loader parse_machfile memory corruption
82298ITA Forum adduser.php sql injection
82297ZeroBoard error.php file inclusion
82296ZeroBoard ask_password.php file inclusion
82295ZeroBoard setup.php file inclusion
82294ZeroBoard login.php file inclusion
82293Symantec Norton Anti-Virus ccErrDsp.ErrorDisplay.1 denial of service
822923com 3Cdaemon FTP memory corruption
82291iWebNegar conf_edit.php privileges management
76740Check Point Firewall-1 VPN Connection denial of service
50863Philippe Jounin Tftpd32 memory corruption [CVE-2005-4882]
46602Secureideas Basic Analysis/Security Engine acid_qry_main.php cross site scripting🔒
31504FastJar path traversal [CVE-2006-3619]🔒🔒
29796Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby RPC Server denial of service [CVE-2006-1931]🔒🔒
29433GNU Mailman denial of service [CVE-2006-0052]🔒🔒
28708Power Daemon powerd.c memory corruption
28669PAM-MySQL pam_get_item memory corruption🔒🔒
28426Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook elogd.c' write_logfile denial of service🔒🔒
28189Jevontech PHPenpals profile.php sql injection🔒
28182VEGO Links Builder Login login.php sql injection
28180VEGO Web Forum functions.php sql injection
28178Ignite Realtime Openfire Admin Console login.jsp cross site scripting
28177Ignite Realtime Openfire Admin Console login.jsp cross site scripting
28176TYPO3 phpinfo information disclosure🔒
28175Mozilla XmlHttpRequest Object code injection [CVE-2005-4874]
28174cups phpcups.c cups_get_dest_options memory corruption
28173PCRE memory corruption [CVE-2005-4872]🔒🔒
28172IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2005-4871]🔒
28171IBM DB2 xmlfilefromclob memory corruption🔒🔒
28170IBM DB2 to_date null pointer dereference🔒
28169IBM DB2 Shared Memory information disclosure [CVE-2005-4868]🔒
28168IBM DB2 Administration satencrypt memory corruption🔒🔒
28167IBM DB2 memory corruption [CVE-2005-4866]🔒🔒
28166IBM DB2 memory corruption [CVE-2005-4865]🔒🔒
28165IBM db2 memory corruption [CVE-2005-4864]🔒🔒
28164XWiki credentials management [CVE-2005-4862] Ragnarok Online Control Panel functions.php CHECK_AUTH improper authentication
28162Spectrum Cash Receipting System Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4860]
28161Chitta Mimicboard 2 information disclosure [CVE-2005-4859]
28160Chitta Mimicboard 2 mimic2.cgi cross site scriting
28159eZ publish advancedsearch.php resource management
28158eZ publish Admin Interface data processing [CVE-2005-4856]
28157eZ publish File Upload access control [CVE-2005-4855]
28156eZ publish access control [CVE-2005-4854]
28155eZ publish Default Configuration access control [CVE-2005-4853]
28154eZ publish Access Restriction admin:de access control
28153eZ publish improper authentication [CVE-2005-4851]
28152eZ publish access control [CVE-2005-4850]
28151Apache Derby databasemetadata.geturl information disclosure
28150RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-4848]
28149Spey Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4847]
28148Spey input validation
28147Sun Java Plug-in Redirector config [CVE-2005-4845]
28146Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-4844]
28145Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-4843]
28144Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-4842]
28143Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-4841]
28141Claymore Systems Inc PureTLS Certificates information disclosure
28140SourceForge Net-SNMP snmp_api.c numeric error🔒🔒
28139Apache Tomcat 1.1 information disclosure
28138MadWifi sample.c ath_rate_sample denial of service🔒🔒
28137IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-4834]
28135Oracle Oracle10g sql injection [CVE-2005-4832]🔒🔒
28134viewcvs html" cross site scriting🔒
28133viewcvs cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4830]🔒
28132VirtueMart Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4829]
28131Kolab Kolab Groupware Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4828]🔒
28130Microsoft Internet Explorer XmlHttpRequest Object authentication spoofing
28129Cisco Clean Access ieee8021x.jsp denial of service
28128Glen Campbell Siteframe classes.php file inclusion
28127HP HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-4823]🔒
28126Digger Intranet Open Source project-edit.asp sql injection
28125Neocrome Land Down Under auth.php sql injection🔒
28124SMC Networks SMC7904WBRA denial of service [CVE-2005-4820]
28123IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4819]
28122Copernicus Europa sql injection [CVE-2005-4818]
28121TMSNC ui.c wprintw memory corruption
28120ProFTPD mod_radius memory corruption [CVE-2005-4816]🔒🔒
28119SAP SAP R 3 sapsys memory corruption
28118Middlebury College Segue CMS Apache HTTP Server userfiles Remote Code Execution
28117Business Objects Crystal Enterprise Xi crystalras.exe denial of service
28116SISCO ICCP Toolkit for MMS-EASE denial of service [CVE-2005-4812]
28115Linux Kernel hugetlb.c unmap_hugepage_area denial of service🔒🔒
28114Microsoft Internet Explorer html denial of service
28113GNU Binutils tc-crx.c memory corruption🔒
28111Sun Java System Web Proxy Server denial of service [CVE-2005-4806]🔒
28110Sun Java System Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-4804]
28109Graphviz symlink [CVE-2005-4803]🔒
28108Flexbackup symlink [CVE-2005-4802]🔒
28107YaPIG mod_info modify_gallery.php cross-site request forgery
28106YaPIG mod_info modify_gallery.php cross-site request forgery
28105YaPIG view.php cross site scriting🔒
28104Linux Kernel nfs2xdr.c symlink🔒🔒
28103Sun Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4796]🔒🔒
28102Hitachi Jp1-cm2-network Node Manager 250 utility privileges management
28101phpWebSite index.php sql injection🔒
28098SuSE Linux information disclosure [CVE-2005-4789]
28097SuSE Linux information disclosure [CVE-2005-4788]
28096Turnkey Solutions SunShop Shopping Cart index.php phpinfo information disclosure [Disputed]
28095HAURI vrAZMain.dll vrazmain.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-4786]
28094Jl Webworks QuickBlogger cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4785]
28093Austin Group POSIX Filesystem xgsmlib readdir_r symlink
28092NetBSD kernfs_vnops.c information disclosure
28091NetBSD denial of service [CVE-2005-4782]
28090SergiDs Top Music module modules.php sql injection
28089Fidra Lighthouse CMS index.php cross site scriting [Disputed]
28088NetBSD verified_exec.c unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4779]
28087SuSE Linux denial of service [CVE-2005-4778]
28086Tashcom ASPEdit information disclosure [CVE-2005-4777]
28085NetBSD freebsd_misc.c integer coercion
28084Michael Scholz Contineo Admin Account information disclosure
28083Xerver %00 cross site scriting🔒
28082VMware ESX Server Service Console denial of service [CVE-2005-4773]
28081SuSE Linux YaST unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4772]
28080Digital Suite Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4771]
28079Accelerated Enterprise Solutions Accelerated E Solutions sql injection
28078Belchior Foundry vCard addrbook.php sql injection
28077Tux Racer TuxBank manage_account.php sql injection
28076BEA WebLogic Server Password Authentication password Remote Code Execution
28075BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-4766]
28074BEA WebLogic Server Administration Server Remote Code Execution
28073BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2005-4764]
28072BEA WebLogic Server Stored Remote Code Execution
28071BEA WebLogic Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4762]
28070BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-4761]
28069BEA WebLogic Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4760]
28068BEA WebLogic Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4759]
28067BEA WebLogic Server Administration Server information disclosure
28066BEA WebLogic Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4757]
28065BEA WebLogic Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4756]
28064BEA WebLogic Server nodemanager.config information disclosure
28063BEA WebLogic Server Network Address Translation information disclosure
28062BEA WebLogic Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4753]
28061BEA WebLogic Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4752]
28060BEA WebLogic Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4751]
28059BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2005-4750]
28058VWar Virtual War functions_admin.php cross site scriting
28057WebHost Automation cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4747]
28056FreeRADIUS memory corruption [CVE-2005-4746]🔒🔒
28055FreeRADIUS sql injection [CVE-2005-4745]🔒🔒
28054Nelogic Technologies Nephp Publisher index.php sql injection
28053Echelog "exploit denial of service
28052NetBSD setgid ptrace Remote Code Execution
28051IBM DB2 Universal Database Downlevel Client denial of service
28050IBM DB2 Universal Database table denial of service
28049IBM DB2 Universal Database Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4738]
28048IBM DB2 Universal Database denial of service [CVE-2005-4737]
28047IBM DB2 Universal Database infinite loop [CVE-2005-4736]
28046NetBSD fnctl infinite loop
28045Tux Racer TuxBank index.php cross site scriting
28043PEAR Text Password Random Number Generator Remote Code Execution
28042VBZooM show.php sql injection
28041amaya Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4728]
28040Martin Bauer gbook gbook.cgi cross site scriting
28039MUTE denial of service [CVE-2005-4726]
28038Geeklog Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4725]
28037PhpTagCool post.php sql injection
28035The Media Shoppe Berhad tmsPUBLISHER Error Message request_message.cfm information disclosure
28034The Media Shoppe Berhad tmsPUBLISHER search.cfm cross site scriting
28033Sysbotz Systems Panel Links index.php sql injection
28032Opera Web Browser opera.html denial of service
28031Microsoft Internet Explorer iecrash.htm denial of service
28030Hitachi TP1 server denial of service
28029Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke magic_quotes_gpc modules.php sql injection
28028OpenVMPS vmps_log memory corruption🔒
28027Pam Mysql pam_mysql_sql_log denial of service🔒🔒
28026PHP Handicapper Login process_signup.php unknown vulnerability [Disputed]
28025Neocrome Land Down Under sql injection [CVE-2005-4711]🔒
28024Autodesk/AutoCAD privileges management [CVE-2005-4710]
28023JBoss JBoss Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2005-4709]
28022PHP GEN cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4707]
28021Sun Solaris secpolicy_fs_common denial of service
28020BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-4705]
28019BEA WebLogic Server cleartext storage [CVE-2005-4704]
28018Apache Tomcat Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-4703]
28017ibProArcade index.php sql injection
28016TellMe Error Message index.php information disclosure
28015TellMe index.php information disclosure
28014TellMe index.php cross site scriting
28013Microsoft Wireless Zero Configuration system wzcsapi.dll api information disclosure
28012Plain Black WebGUI www_add memory corruption🔒🔒
28011Gaim-Encryption keys.c ge_received_key denial of service
28010mroovca mroovca stats Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4692]
28009NetBSD XFree86 tmp symlink
28008Six Apart Movable Type unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4690]
28007Six Apart Movable Type information disclosure [CVE-2005-4689]
28006PunBB unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4688]
28005F-art Agency Blog Cms TCP/IP Stack information disclosure [CVE-2005-4687]
28004PunBB config.php unregister_globals information disclosure
28003Mozilla Firefox DNS Resolver information disclosure
28002KDE Konqueror DNS Resolver information disclosure
28001PADL MigrationTools shadow information disclosure
28000AudienceView error.asp cross site scriting
27999Khaled Mardam-Bey mIRC memory corruption [CVE-2005-4681] [Disputed]
27998Sophos Anti-Virus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4680]
27997Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-4678]
27996osCommerce additional_images.php sql injection
27995Andreas Huggel Exiv2 sscanf memory corruption
27994Complete PHP Counter list.php cross site scriting
27993Complete PHP Counter list.php sql injection
27992Inicom Networks ioFTPD information disclosure [CVE-2005-4673]
27991CityPost Simple Image Editor index.php cross site scriting
27990CityPost Simple PHP Upload simple-upload-53.php cross site scriting
27989CityPost Php Lnkx message.php cross site scriting
27988RT Internet Solutions WebAdmin sql injection [CVE-2005-4669]
27987ParosProxy Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4668]
27985PHlyMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4666]
27984PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4665]🔒
27983OcoMon magic_quotes_gpc sql injection [CVE-2005-4664]
27982OcoMon cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4663]
27981OcoMon sql injection [CVE-2005-4662] Campsite MySQL information disclosure [CVE-2005-4661]
27979IPCop Firewall unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4660]
27978IPCop Firewall information disclosure [CVE-2005-4659]
27977Iisworks ASPKnowledgebase cross site scripting
27976Ocean12 Technologies Calendar Manager Pro view.asp information disclosure
27975Triggertg TClanPortal index.php sql injection
27974PHP-Fusion submit.php cross site scriting
27973HP Oracle for OpenView unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4654]
27972AL-Caricatier ss.php information disclosure
27971PHlyMail sql injection [CVE-2005-4652]
27970AlstraSoft EPay index.php sql injection
27969Joomla CMS denial of service [CVE-2005-4650]
27968Advanced Guestbook index.php cross site scriting
27967Illustrate dBpowerAMP Music Converter musicconverter.exe memory corruption
27966Pearlinger Pearl Forums index.php sql injection
27965Pearlinger Pearl Forums index.php path traversal
279643CFR index.php sql injection
27963Edgewall Software Trac cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4644]🔒🔒
27962Antharia Oncontent Cms index.php sql injection
27961HydroBB search.php cross site scriting
27960eazyCMS home.php sql injection
27959class-1 Poll Software index.php sql injection
27958Linux Kernel dst_ca.c memory corruption🔒
27957Kayako SupportSuite Downloads Module index.php information disclosure
27956Kayako Email Downloads Module index.php cross site scriting
27955OpenOffice Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4636]🔒
27954Linux Kernel fib_frontend.c nl_fib_input denial of service
27953ActiveCampaign SupportTrio index.php sql injection
27951Vote Pro poll_frame.php sql injection
27950Ryan Lath Zina index.php sql injection
27949ClientExec index.php sql injection
27948SMBCMS sql injection [CVE-2005-4629]
27947Help Desk Point Software HelpDeskPoint index.php sql injection
27946GmailSite index.php cross site scriting
27945Recruitment Software Default Configuration site.xml information disclosure
27944ATI Catalyst Driver denial of service [CVE-2005-4625]
27943PTnet PTnet ircd channel.c m_join memory allocation
27942eFileGo upload.exe denial of service
27941eFileGo upload.exe memory corruption
27940Jelsoft vBulletin profile.php cross site scriting
27938phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php sql injection🔒
27937Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2005-4618]🔒🔒
27936Forperfect cSupport tickets.php sql injection
27935Idevspot iSupport index.php sql injection
27934DapperDesk news.php sql injection
27933Sum Effect Software digiSHOP Search Module cart.php sql injection
27932VUBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4613]
27931VUBB viewforum.php sql injection Free ClickBank search.php sql injection
27929Dopewars memory corruption [CVE-2005-4610]
27928Incogen BugPort index.php information disclosure
27927Incogen BugPort index.php sql injection
27926Incogen BugPort index.php cross site scriting
27925Webwiz Database Login check_user.asp sql injection🔒
27924Linux Kernel proc_misc.c denial of service🔒🔒
27923Jean-Jacques Sarton MTink Filters memory corruption [CVE-2005-4604]🔒
27922MyBB printthread.php cross site scriting
27921file function_upload.php sql injection🔒
27920ImageMagick privileges management [CVE-2005-4601]🔒🔒
27919Moxiecode TinyMCE Compressor PHP tiny_mce_gzip.php path traversal
27918Moxiecode TinyMCE Compressor PHP tiny_mce_gzip.php cross site scriting
27917OoApp OoApp Guestbook home.php cross site scriting
27916Epistream iPei Guestbook index.php cross site scriting
27915Ades Design AdesGuestbook read.php cross site scriting
27914Gentoo nView memory corruption [CVE-2005-4595]🔒🔒
27913TUGZip stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-4594]
27912Joshua Eichorn phpDocumentor bug-559668.php memory corruption🔒🔒
27911bogofilter Email Filter heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-4592]🔒🔒
27910bogofilter Email Filter heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-4591]🔒🔒
27907libmail-audit-perl Logging audit symlink🔒🔒
27906util-vserver Default Policy Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4418]🔒🔒
27905Linux/NetBSD settimeofday privileges management
27904FreeBSD/OpenBSD privileges management [CVE-2005-4351]
27903Debian kernel-patch-vserver Kernel Patch information disclosure🔒🔒
27901Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2005-3782]
27891EMC Legato NetWorker nsrd.exe Stored resource management🔒
27890EMC Legato NetWorker nsrexecd nsrd.exe memory corruption🔒
27889Bluecoat Webproxy memory corruption [CVE-2005-3654]🔒
27887Red Hat Fedora Core adm.conf information disclosure🔒
27886Red Hat Enterprise Linux service privileges management🔒
27885Foo Labs Xpdf jbig2bitmap memory corruption🔒🔒
27884Foo Labs Xpdf readbaselinesof memory corruption🔒🔒
27883Ubuntu Linux resource management [CVE-2005-3626]🔒🔒
27882Ubuntu Linux resource management [CVE-2005-3625]🔒🔒
27881Ubuntu Linux ccittfaxstream numeric error🔒🔒
27880Linux Kernel nfs2acl.c access control🔒🔒
27879VMware ESX Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-3620]
27878VMware ESX Server Management Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3619]
27876petris memory corruption [CVE-2005-3540]🔒
27875HylaFAX privileges management [CVE-2005-3539]🔒🔒
27874HylaFAX improper authentication [CVE-2005-3538]🔒🔒
27871Linux Kernel dentry_open denial of service🔒🔒
27870Norman Ramsey noweb toascii.nw symlink [CVE-2005-3342]🔒🔒
27869tux paint Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
27866antiword link following🔒🔒
27865Fortinet FortiOS access control [CVE-2005-3058]
27864Fortinet FortiOS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3057]
27863SCO UnixWare Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2934]
27862check point zonealarm access control [CVE-2005-2932]
27861avaya vpnremote information disclosure [CVE-2005-2762]
27860Sun Java information disclosure [CVE-2005-2738]🔒
27858Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2713]🔒
27856Sun Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2530]🔒
27855Sun Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2529]🔒
27854Sun Java link following [CVE-2005-2527]🔒
27853MySQL Eventum class.auth.php insert sql injection
27852OpenBook admin.php auth_user sql injection
27851PCXP TOPPE CMS pm.php cross site scriting
27850PCXP TOPPE CMS login.php Remote Code Execution
27849Kayako liveResponse Error Message addressbook.php information disclosure🔒
27848kayako liveresponse sql injection [CVE-2005-2462]🔒
27847Kayako liveResponse index.php sql injection🔒
27846Kayako liveResponse index.php cross site scriting🔒
27845RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-2344]🔒
27844RIM BlackBerry denial of service [CVE-2005-2343]
27843RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server denial of service [CVE-2005-2342]🔒🔒
27842DNRD denial of service [CVE-2005-2316]🔒🔒
27841DNRD memory corruption [CVE-2005-2315]🔒🔒
27840Novell NetMail memory corruption [CVE-2005-1976]
27839Ipswitch WhatsUp Small Business path traversal [CVE-2005-1939]🔒
27836Red Hat Enterprise Linux path traversal [CVE-2005-1918]🔒🔒
27835PHP Poll Creator poll_vote.php file inclusion
27834Sun JavaMail Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2005-1754] [Disputed]
27833Sun JavaMail Apache Tomcat readmessage.jsp access control [Disputed]
27832Gforge viewfile.php privileges management
27831Novell iManager null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-1730]🔒🔒
27830qnx neutrino ld_library_path Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1528]
27829Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2005-0985]
27827Linux Kernel proc denial of service🔒🔒
27826Linux Kernel init denial of service🔒🔒
27825PowerDNS DNS Implementation infinite loop [CVE-2005-0038]🔒
27824DNRD DNS Implementation infinite loop [CVE-2005-0037]
27822spb kiosk engine privileges management [CVE-2005-4590]
27821spb kiosk engine information disclosure [CVE-2005-4589]
27820Dream4 Koobi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4588]
27819Juniper Netscreen-Security Manager 2004 denial of service [CVE-2005-4587]🔒🔒
27818PHPSurveyor browse.php sql injection🔒🔒
27817Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-4585]🔒🔒
27816BZFlag BZFlag server denial of service [CVE-2005-4584]
27815Scott Draves Electric Sheep Configuration File authentication spoofing
27814Scott Draves Electric Sheep Setuid memory corruption [CVE-2005-4581]
27813Day Communique cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4580]
27812Hitachi Business Logic cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4579]
27811Hitachi Business Logic sql injection [CVE-2005-4578]
27810Hitachi Business Logic cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4577]
27809Fatwire UpdateEngine cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4576]
27808PaperThin CommonSpot Content Server Error Message loader.cfm information disclosure
27807PaperThin CommonSpot Content Server loader.cfm cross site scriting🔒
27805myEZshop myEZshop Shopping Cart admin.php sql injection
27804myEZshop myEZshop Shopping Cart search cross site scriting
27803Fortinet Internet Key Exchange denial of service [CVE-2005-4570]
27802Floosietek FTGate stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-4569]🔒
27801Floosietek FTGate POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-4568]🔒
27800Floosietek FTGate index.fts cross site scriting🔒
27799ADTRAN NetVanta memory corruption [CVE-2005-4566]
27798ADTRAN NetVanta format string [CVE-2005-4565]
27797ADTRAN NetVanta denial of service [CVE-2005-4564]
27796Enterprise Heart Enterprise Connector main.php sql injection
27795rssh privileges management [CVE-2005-3345]🔒🔒
27794Merak Mail Server include.html information disclosure🔒🔒
27793Merak Mail Server settings.html Stored memory corruption🔒🔒
27792Merak Mail Server include.html path traversal🔒🔒
27791Merak Mail Server include.php file inclusion🔒🔒
27790DEV DEV web management system Management System add.php cross site scriting
27789DEV DEV web management system Management System openforum.php sql injection
27788Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-4553]🔒
27787SimpBook sign.php cross site scriting
27786Oracle Application Server Discussion Forum Portlet information disclosure
27785Oracle Application Server Discussion Forum Portlet cross site scriting
27784RWS Statistics Counter sql injection [CVE-2005-4548]
27783Epic Designs eggblog search.php cross site scriting
27782Epic Designs eggblog search.php sql injection
27781NetDirect ShopEngine search.asp cross site scriting
27780scponly Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4533]🔒🔒
27779scponly expected memory corruption🔒🔒
27777AlstraSoft EPay profile.htm cross site scriting
27776Chatspot Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4529]
27775Chatspot sql injection [CVE-2005-4528]
27774Direct News Search Module index.php sql injection
27773Clearswift MIMEsweeper For Web exe memory corruption
27772sygate protection agent smcgui.exe Local Privilege Escalation
27771Mantis cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4524]🔒🔒
27770Mantis information disclosure [CVE-2005-4523]🔒🔒
27769Mantis view_filters_page.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27768Mantis Login login_cookie_test.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27766Mantis manage_user_page.php sql injection🔒🔒
27765Mantis File Upload bug_file_add.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27764PHP-Fusion ratings_include.php sql injection
27763PHP-Fusion members.php cross site scriting
27762KETM memory corruption [CVE-2005-3535]🔒🔒
27761tkdiff symlink [CVE-2005-3343]🔒🔒
27760DHIS tools DNS package symlink🔒🔒
27759Lois Software WebDB Installation sql injection [CVE-2005-4515] [Disputed]
27758Webwasher CSM Appliance Suite memory corruption [CVE-2005-4514] [Disputed]
27757WANDSOFT e-SEARCH cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4513]
27756WAXTRAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4512]
27755Curtis Hawthorne TN3270 Resource Gateway syslog memory corruption
27754Extensis NetPublish Server path traversal [CVE-2005-4510]
27753Parallel Tools Consortium pTools index.asp sql injection
27752Nexus Concepts Dev Hound Installation information disclosure
27751Nexus Concepts Dev Hound Input Fields cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4507]
27750nexus concepts dev hound Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4506]
27749mcafee virusscan enterprise program.exe privileges management
27748Apple Mac OS X ensurerows memory allocation🔒
27747Linux Kernel File Descriptors memory allocation [CVE-2005-3660]
27746phpBB Request Validation cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3537]🔒🔒
27745phpBB sql injection [CVE-2005-3536]🔒🔒
27744Net-square httprint denial of service [CVE-2005-4503]
27743Net-square httprint cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4502]
27742MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4501]🔒🔒
27741MusicBox index.php sql injection
27740Wouter Verhelst nbd memory corruption [CVE-2005-3534]🔒🔒
27739Text-e Text-e Cms cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4498]
27738Tangora Tangora Portal CMS page1631.aspx cross site scriting
27737Forum One SyntaxCMS results.php cross site scriting
27736SpireMedia mx7 index.cfm sql injection [Disputed]
27735SPIP spip_login.php3 cross site scriting
27734SpearTek cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4493]
27733Starphire Technologies SiteSage cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4492]
27732Sitekit Solutions Sitekit CMS default.aspx cross site scripting
27731Commercial Interactive Media SCOOP articlesearch.asp cross site scriting
27730Scoop cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4489]
27729Computeroil Redakto Cms cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4488]
27728RAMSite R1 Cms cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4487]
27727Quantum Art Qp7 Enterprise news_and_events_new.asp sql injection [Disputed]
27726Iatek ProjectApp forums.asp cross site scripting
27725Iatek IntranetApp login.asp cross site scriting
27724Iatek SiteEnable login.asp cross site scriting
27723Iatek PortalApp login.asp cross site scriting
27722Polopoly cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4481] [Disputed]
27721Plexcor Plexcor CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4480]
27720phpSlash article.php sql injection
27719Papoo index.php sql injection
27718papaya CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4477]
27717OpenEdit results.html cross site scriting
27716Alkacon OpenCms cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4475]
27715udev access control [CVE-2005-3631]🔒
27714Rarlab WinRAR memory corruption [CVE-2005-4474]
27713Macromedia JRun information disclosure [CVE-2005-4473]
27712Macromedia JRun stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-4472]
27711Avaya Modular Messaging Message Storage Server POP3 Service infinite loop
27710Blender BlenLoader readfile.c get_bhead heap-based overflow🔒🔒
27709PHPGedView Login login.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
27708PHPGedView help_text_vars.php memory corruption🔒🔒
27707PHPGedView help_text_vars.php path traversal🔒🔒
27706Interactive Intelligence Interaction SIP Proxy i3sipmsg.dll sipparser heap-based overflow
27705NEC UNIVERGE memory corruption [CVE-2005-4465]
27704Ingate SIParator deadlock [CVE-2005-4464]
27703WordPress Error Message vars.php information disclosure🔒🔒
27702Tolva usermods.php memory corruption
27701Beehive Forum index.php sql injection
27700Beehive Forum links.php cross site scriting
27699Metadot Portal Server Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4458]
27698MailEnable Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2005-4457]
27697MailEnable Professional memory corruption [CVE-2005-4456]🔒
27696LiveJournal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4455]
27695LiveJournal cross site scriting
27694Ultraapps Ultraapps Issue Manager userprofile.cs Privilege Escalation
27693Information Call Center information disclosure [CVE-2005-4452]
27692HP HP-UX Software Distributor Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4451]🔒
27691phpMyAdmin server_privileges.php cross-site request forgery
27690FlatNuke verify.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4449]
27689FlatNuke cleartext storage [CVE-2005-4448]🔒
27688Qualcomm WorldMail memory corruption [CVE-2005-4267]🔒🔒🔒
27687McAfee VirusScan Security Center ActiveX Control mcinsctl.dll unknown vulnerability🔒
27686Mext phpCOIN Error Message articles_funcs.php sql injection
27685ASPBite index.asp cross site scriting
27684David Harris Pegasus Mail off-by-one [CVE-2005-4445]
27683David Harris Pegasus Mail Trace memory corruption [CVE-2005-4444]
27682gauche privileges management [CVE-2005-4443]🔒🔒
27681openldap privileges management [CVE-2005-4442]🔒🔒
27680PVLAN protocol pvlan.c authentication spoofing
27679VLAN protocol authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-4440]
27678ELOG elogd memory corruption [CVE-2005-4439]🔒🔒
27677Extended Interior Gateway Routing Protocol Authentication Code denial of service
27676Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2005-4436]
27675AbleDesign D-Man index.php cross site scriting
27674AbleDesign cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4434]
27673Esselbach Internet Solutions Esselbach Storyteller CMS search.php cross site scriting
27672PlaySMS index.php cross site scriting
27671WowBB search.php sql injection
27670LogicBill Help helpdesk.php sql injection
27669CS-Cart index.php sql injection
27668Cerberus Helpdesk index.php cross site scriting🔒
27667Cerberus Helpdesk Parser attachment_send.php sql injection🔒
27666YaBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4426]🔒
27665Kerio WinRoute Firewall denial of service [CVE-2005-4425]
27664PHPKIT include.php path traversal🔒
27663PHPFM File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2005-4423]🔒
27662Toenda Software Development toendaCMS File Upload albums memory corruption🔒
27661Dev-Editor Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4421]
27660Quicksquare Development Honeycomb Archive Enterprise search.cfm cross site scriting
27659Quicksquare Development Honeycomb Archive Enterprise categoryresults.cfm sql injection
27658Widcomm Bluetooth Default Configuration unknown vulnerability
27657TML index.php sql injection
27656TML index.php cross site scriting
27655Open Lab Teamwork Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4414]
27654IBM WebSphere Application Server login.jsp cross site scriting
27653citrix program neighborhood client information disclosure [CVE-2005-4412]
27652David Harris Mercury Mail Transport System memory corruption🔒🔒
27651NQcontent cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4410]
27650MMBase cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4409]
27649Pc Media Miraserver index.php sql injection
27648Tmc Visionpool Mercury CMS index.cfm cross site scriting
27647Tmc Visionpool Mercury CMS index.cfm sql injection
27646Random Mouse Software Red Queen Error Message redqueen.cgi information disclosure
27645Media2 CMS Media2 CMS Shop Sources default.asp sql injection
27644Qcm Marwel index.php sql injection
27643MailEnable Professional IMAP memory corruption [CVE-2005-4402]
27642Lutece cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4401]
27641Liferay Liferay Portal Enterprise portal_ent cross site scriting
27640Libertas Solutions Libertas Enterprise CMS index.php cross site scriting
27639ASP.NET cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4398] [Disputed]
27638iCMS runscript.asp sql injection
27637iCMS default.asp cross site scriting
27636FarCry cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4395]
27635Formicary Ltd. EPiX cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4394]
27634e-publish CMS show.cfm cross site scriting
27633e-publish CMS printer_friendly.cfm sql injection
27632Mindroute Software damoon cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4391]
27631ContentServ index.php sql injection
27630CONTENS search.cfm information disclosure
27629CONTENS search.cfm cross site scriting
27628contenite home.php cross site scriting
27627Colony Colony CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2005-4386]
27626Cofax search.htm cross site scriting
27625CitySoft Community Enterprise index.cfm information disclosure
27624CitySoft Community Enterprise index.cfm cross site scriting
27623CitySoft Community Enterprise index.cfm sql injection
27622Caravel CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4381]
27621Bitweaver list_galleries.php convert_sortmode sql injection
27620Bitweaver list_galleries.php cross site scriting
27619Nma Baseline CMS page.asp sql injection
27618Nma Baseline CMS page.asp cross site scriting
27617Box Uk Amaxus path traversal [CVE-2005-4376]
27616Box Uk Amaxus cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4375]
27615Allinta faq.asp cross site scriting
27614Liquid Bytes Technologies Adaptive Website Framework Error Message community.html information disclosure
27613Liquid Bytes Technologies Adaptive Website Framework account.html cross site scriting
27612Acidcat acidcat.mdb information disclosure
27611Acidcat main_content.asp sql injection
27610The Collective Acuity CMS browse.asp cross site scriting
27609Roundcube Webmail Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-4368]
27608Fad Solutions DRZES HMS register_domain.php cross site scriting
27607Fad Solutions DRZES HMS htaccess.php domains.php sql injection
27606FLIP text.php cross site scriting
27605Hot Banana Web Content Management Suite index.cfm cross site scriting
27604Komodo Komodo CMS Search Engine page.php cross site scriting
27603Komodo Komodo CMS page.php sql injection
27602Magnolia Content Management Suite search.html cross site scriting
27601Oodie ODFaq Core sql injection
27600phpBB Error Message admin_disallow.php append_sid information disclosure🔒
27599phpBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4357]🔒
27598Xmpie UStore sql injection [CVE-2005-4356]
27597Xmpie UStore default.asp cross site scriting
27596webglimpse webglimpse.cgi cross site scriting
27595Toenda Software Development toendaCMS index.php sql injection
27594Sun WBEM Services denial of service [CVE-2005-4350]🔒
27593Anthony Boyd phpBB Blog Error Message blog.php sql injection
27592Adobe Coldfusion MX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4345]
27591Adobe Coldfusion MX createobject(java unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4344]
27590Adobe ColdFusion MX CFMAIL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4343]
27589Blackboard Academic Suite information disclosure
27587Blackboard Academic Suite Reflected cross site scriting
27586Blackboard Academic Suite Remote Code Execution
27585Blackboard Academic Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4337]
27584Courseforum ProjectForum adminsignin.html cross site scriting
27583Courseforum ProjectForum versions.html denial of service
27582John Andersson ZixForum forum.asp sql injection
27581Binary-concepts Binary Board System cross site scriting
27580Cisco Clean Access uploadclient.jsp privileges management
27579iHTML Merchant sql injection [CVE-2005-4331]
27578iHTML Merchant sql injection [CVE-2005-4330]
27577PHP Arena pafiledb pafiledb.php sql injection
27576University Of Arizona webglimpse webglimpse.cgi cross site scriting
27575Michael Arndt WebCal webcal.cgi (1) cross site scriting
27574APC PowerChute Network Shutdown cleartext storage [CVE-2005-4326]
27573Driverse Driver Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4325]
27572Hitachi Groupmax Mail SMTP a denial of service
27571Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Web Client denial of service
27570Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Web Client cross site scriting
27569Apani Networks Epiforce Agent denial of service [CVE-2005-4321]
27568Limbo CMS Error Message information disclosure🔒🔒
27567Limbo CMS index2.php path traversal🔒🔒
27566Limbo CMS index.php sql injection🔒🔒
27565Limbo CMS index2.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27564Nicplex PLEXCART X3 search sql injection
27563PPCal Shopping Cart ppcal.cgi cross site scriting
27562AlmondSoft Almond Personals index.php sql injection
27561AlmondSoft Almond Classifieds index.php sql injection
27560DCscripts DCForum dcboard.php cross site scriting
27559SSH Tectia Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4310]🔒
27558Scriptscenter ezUpload Pro Search Module sql injection [CVE-2005-4309]🔒
27557Scriptscenter ezUpload Pro index.php sql injection🔒
27556Jonathan Bravata ScareCrow forum.cgi cross site scriting SiteNet BBS netboardr.cgi cross site scriting
27554Edgewall Software Trac Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4305]🔒🔒
27553Indexcor ezDatabase Error Message index.php information disclosure
27552Indexcor ezDatabase index.php sql injection
27551Indexcor ezDatabase index.php path traversal
27550phpXplorer Address Bar cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4301]
27549libremail POP Server pop.c lire_pop memory corruption Atlant Pro atl.cgi cross site scriting AtlantForum atl.cgi cross site scriting
27546bbBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4297]
27545AppServ Open Project denial of service [CVE-2005-4296]
27544Xigla Absolute Image Gallery XE cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4295]
27543Kryptronic ClickCartPro cp-app.cgi cross site scriting
27542Internet Express Products CommerceSQL Search Module cross site scriting
27541ECTOOLS Onlineshop cart.cgi cross site scriting
27540Soft4e ECW-Cart index.cgi cross site scriting
27539eDatCat Edatcat Shopping Cart System cross site scriting
27538MarmaraWeb MarmaraWeb E-commerce index.php cross site scriting
27537MarmaraWeb MarmaraWeb E-commerce index.php memory corruption
27536fore profile Profiles submit.php sql injection
27535Dick Copits pdestore Search Module pdestore.cgi cross site scriting
27534Static Store Search Engine search.cgi cross site scriting [Disputed]
27533Nightmedia The CITY Shop Search Module store.cgi cross site scriting
27532Zaygo DomainCart zaygo.cgi cross site scriting
27531Zaygo HostingCart Search Module zaygo.cgi cross site scriting
27530cmake privileges management [CVE-2005-4280]🔒🔒
27529qt-unixodbc privileges management [CVE-2005-4279]🔒🔒
27528perl privileges management [CVE-2005-4278]🔒🔒
27527Toenda Software Development toendaCMS index.php cross site scriting
27526Westell Versalink denial of service [CVE-2005-4276]
27525Scientific Atlanta DPX2100 Cable Modem denial of service [CVE-2005-4275]
27524Avaya Wireless AP-6 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3253]
27523Business Objects WebIntelligence Authentication Mechanism denial of service
27522IBM AIX unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4273]
27521IBM AIX muxatmd memory corruption [CVE-2005-4272]🔒
27520Watchfire AppScan QA memory corruption [CVE-2005-4270]
27519Microsoft Windows mshtml.dll denial of service [CVE-2005-4269]
27518GNU cpio memory corruption [CVE-2005-4268]🔒🔒
27517Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient worldclient.dll Remote Code Execution
27515Triangle Solutions PHP Support Tickets index.php sql injection🔒
27514Envolution News Module modules.php sql injection
27513Envolution News Module modules.php cross site scriting
27512Positive Software CP+ denial of service [CVE-2005-4261]
27511Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke mainfile.php cross site scriting
27510ASPBB topic.asp sql injection
27509Cisco Catalyst 8510msr denial of service [CVE-2005-4258]
27508Linksys BEFW11S4 denial of service [CVE-2005-4257]
27507ASP-DEV XM Forum forum.asp cross site scriting
27506WikkaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4255]
27505DreamLevels Dream Poll view_results.php sql injection
27504Torrential getdox.php cross site scriting
27503ADP ADP Forum users cleartext storage
27502QuickPayPro subscribers.tracking.add.php cross site scriting
27501QuickPayPro popups.edit.php sql injection
27500Trend Micro ServerProtect EarthAgent Management Console resource management
27499Trend Micro ServerProtect Management Console isaNVWRequest.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
27498Trend Micro ServerProtect Management Console rptserver.asp path traversal
27497Horde Turba H3 Address Book cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4242]
27496mcGallery PRO Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4252]
27495mcGallery PRO show.php sql injection
27494mcGallery PRO index.php path traversal
27493Plogger index.php cross site scripting
27492Plogger index.php sql injection
27491Snipegallery Snipe Gallery search.php cross site scripting
27490Snipegallery Snipe Gallery view.php sql injection
27489VCD-db cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4241]
27488VCD-db search.php sql injection
27487PHP JackKnife displayresults.php cross site scriting
27486Mantis view_filters_page.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27485Servers-r-us Mysqlauction Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4237]
27484Cartkeeper Ckgold Shopping Cart search.php cross site scriting
27483WHMCompleteSolution knowledgebase.php cross site scriting
27482Powerdev EncapsGallery gallery.php sql injection
27481Php Web Scripts Ad Manager Pro advertiser_statistic.php sql injection
27480Jamit Jamit Job Board index.php sql injection [Disputed]
27479Php Web Scripts Link Up Gold tell_friend.php cross site scriting
27478Php Web Scripts Link Up Gold poll.php sql injection
27477searchEveryAuction cross site scriting
27476PhpWebGallery comments.php sql injection
27475Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal advertiser.php sql injection🔒
27474phpWebThings download.php sql injection
27473Mywebland myBloggie add.php sql injection
27472e107 CMS signup.php sql injection
27471Utopia Software Utopia News Pro editnews.php sql injection
27470Lars Ellingsen Guestserver guestbook.cgi cross site scriting
27469Arab Portal link.php sql injection
27468Netgear RP114 Interfaces memory corruption [CVE-2005-4220]
27467Innovative CMS setting.php cleartext storage
27466PHPWebThings forum.php sql injection🔒🔒
27465Macromedia Flash Media Server Administration Service fmsadmin.exe denial of service🔒🔒🔒
27464Motorola Cable Modem denial of service [CVE-2005-4215]
27463Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN Error Message config.php information disclosure
27462Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN SSID mod.php sql injection🔒
27461Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN db.php path traversal🔒
27460Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN db.php file inclusion🔒
27459SCO UnixWare uidadmin memory corruption [CVE-2005-3903]
27457Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2005-2831]🔒🔒🔒
27454Microsoft Windows ntoskrnl.exe Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
27453Opera Web Browser Input Method Editor denial of service [CVE-2005-4210]
27452Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient code injection [CVE-2005-4209]
27451Flatnuke path traversal [CVE-2005-4208]🔒
27450BTGrup Admin WebController Script sql injection [CVE-2005-4207]
27449Blackboard Blackboard Learning And Community Post Systems frameset.jsp unknown vulnerability
27448Locazo Locazolist Classifieds searchdb.asp cross site scriting
27447LogiSphere cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4204]
27446LogiSphere cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4203]
27445LogiSphere path traversal [CVE-2005-4202]
27444Showalbumonline My Album Online path traversal [CVE-2005-4201]
27443MyBB sql injection [CVE-2005-4200]🔒
27442MyBB calendar.php sql injection🔒
27441Netref Sources index.php sql injection
27440Nortel SSL VPN privileges management [CVE-2005-4197]
27439Internet Scout Scout Portal Toolkit spt--quicksearch.php cross site scriting
27438Internet Scout Project Scout Portal Toolkit spt--browseresources.php sql injection
27437Innovateware Sights N Sounds Streaming Media Server aserver mediaserverlist.exe memory corruption
27436UseBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4193]
27435Horde Manager cross site scriting
27434Horde Nag Task List Manager H3 cross site scriting
27433Horde Horde Application Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2005-4190]🔒🔒
27432Horde Kronolith H3 cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4189]🔒🔒
27431Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-4178]🔒🔒
27430Cfmagic Magic Book Personal book.cfm cross site scriting
27429award bios information disclosure [CVE-2005-4176]
27428insyde bios information disclosure [CVE-2005-4175]
27427eFiction System Administration install.php cross site scriting🔒
27426eFiction phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure🔒
27425eFiction Error Message storyblock.php information disclosure🔒
27424eFiction cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4171]🔒
27423eFiction viewuser.php sql injection🔒
27422eFiction authors.php sql injection🔒
27421eFiction titles.php sql injection🔒🔒
27420eFiction titles.php cross site scriting🔒
27419DUWare DUportal Pro password.asp cross site scriting
27418ASP-DEV ASP Resources Forum Sources forum.asp sql injection
27417Widgetmonkey PHP-addressbook Addressbook view.php sql injection
27416Milky Captcha PHP CHAP captcha.php path traversal
27415Acme Labs PerlCal cross site scriting
27414MilliScripts register.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
27413Torrential getdox.php path traversal
27412Simple Machines Forum memberlist.php sql injection [Disputed]
27411Kerio WinRoute Firewall Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4157]
27410Mambo Open Source 4.5 magic_quotes_gpc denial of service [CVE-2005-4156]
27409Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor registration.php Remote Code Execution
27408PEAR Installer gtk memory corruption
27407GNU Mailman denial of service [CVE-2005-4153]🔒🔒
27406Soti Pocket Controller-Professional denial of service [CVE-2005-4152]
27405OSH iopen memory corruption🔒🔒
27404Double Precision Incorporated Courier Mail Server authpam.c pam_acct_mgmt Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
27403pgp desktop home information disclosure [CVE-2005-4151]
27402CA Cleverpath Portal Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4150]
27401Lyris ListManager Installation information disclosure [CVE-2005-4149]🔒
27400lyris listmanager Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-4148]🔒
27399Lyris ListManager sql injection [CVE-2005-4147]🔒
27398Lyris ListManager information disclosure [CVE-2005-4146]🔒
27397Lyris ListManager Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4145]🔒
27396Lyris List Manager sql injection [CVE-2005-4144]🔒
27395Lyris List Manager attachment sql injection🔒
27394Lyris ListManager Administration subscribe Remote Code Execution🔒
27393Ethereal Protocol Dissector dissect_ospf_v3_address_prefix stack-based overflow🔒🔒
27392ASPMForum kullanicilistesi.asp sql injection
27391Website Baker index.php sql injection🔒
27390Thwboard Beta calendar.php sql injection
27389ThWboard editprofile.php cross site scriting
27388Fad Solutions DRZES HMS viewinvoice.php sql injection
27387Fad Solutions DRZES HMS login.php cross site scriting
27386Simplemedia SimpleBBS newtopic.php privileges management🔒
27385Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2005-4133]
27384Contenido Contendio allow_url_fopen file inclusion [CVE-2005-4132]🔒
27383RealNetworks RealPlayer Sources memory corruption [CVE-2005-4130]
27379RealNetworks RealPlayer Sources memory corruption [CVE-2005-4126]
27378DoceboLMS connector.php path traversal
27377DoceboLMS connector.php Remote Code Execution
27376Check Point SecureClient NG access control [CVE-2005-4093]🔒
273751-Script 1-Search 1search.cgi cross site scriting
27374HP HP-UX IPsec Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4090]🔒
27373W2b phpForumPro index.php sql injection
27372SugarCRM Sugar Suite acceptdecline.php file inclusion🔒🔒
27371SugarCRM Sugar Suite acceptdecline.php path traversal🔒🔒
27370phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3665]🔒🔒
27369Dell TrueMobile 2300 Wireless Broadband Router apply.cgi unknown vulnerability
27368Phpbb Styles phpBB eXtreme Styles Installation xs_edit.php information disclosure
27367Phpbb Styles eXtreme Styles phpBB module xs_edit.php path traversal
27366qnx dhcp.client denial of service
27365Alisveristr Alisveristr E-commerce sql injection [CVE-2005-4081]
27364Horde IMP cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4080]
27363phpMyAdmin grab_globals.php cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
27362Ideal Science Ideal BB.NET topics.aspx cross site scriting
27361Daniel Stenberg cURL numeric error [CVE-2005-4077]🔒🔒
27360Appfluent Technology Database IDS memory corruption [CVE-2005-4076]
27359Mycfnuke Cf Nuke index.cfm cross site scriting
27358Mycfnuke Cf Nuke Sandbox index.cfm path traversal
27357CFMagic Magic List Pro view_archive.cfm sql injection
27356CFMagic Magic Forum Personal search_forums.cfm cross site scriting
27355CFMagic Magic Forum Personal view_forum.cfm sql injection
27353sunncomm mediamax drm full access control
27352IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-4068]🔒
27351Foo Labs Xpdf xpdf streampredictor memory corruption🔒🔒
27349total commander wcx_ftp.ini cryptographic issues
27348Edgewall Software Trac Search Module sql injection [CVE-2005-4065]🔒🔒
27347Alan Ward A-FAQ ITEM faqdspitem.asp sql injection
27346NetAuctionHelp search.asp cross site scriting
27345Xcent XcClassified cpsearch.asp cross site scriting
27344PhotoAlbum pasearch.asp cross site scriting
27343Rainworx rwAuction Pro search.asp cross site scripting
27342Locazo LocazoList searchdb.asp sql injection
27341saralblog viewprofile.php sql injection
27340Jonathan Beckett PluggedOut Nexus search.php cross site scriting
27339Jonathan Beckett PluggedOut Nexus search.php sql injection
27338Cars Portal index.php sql injection
27337PluggedOut PluggedOut Blog index.php sql injection
27336coWiki 26.html cross site scriting
27335e107 CMS Installation rate.php unknown vulnerability
27334e107 CMS rate.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4051]
27333Multi-Tech Systems MultiVOIP Session Initiation Protocol memory corruption🔒
27332Netart Media Blog System index.php sql injection
27331FFmpeg utils.c avcodec_default_get_buffer memory corruption🔒🔒
27330IISWorks ASPKnowledgeBase kb.asp cross site scriting
27329Sun ONE Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4046]
27328Sun Java Communications Services Delegated Administrator Default Password improper authentication🔒
27327Foo Labs Xpdf readprogressivesof memory corruption🔒🔒
27326Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite SMTP Service memory corruption🔒🔒
27325Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite input validation [CVE-2005-2923]🔒🔒🔒
27324Foo Labs Xpdf jpxstream.c readcodestream memory corruption🔒🔒
27323Mr. Cgi Guy Amazon Search Directory search.cgi cross site scriting
27322Hobosworld HobSR view.php sql injection
27321Mr. Cgi Guy Warm Links search.cgi cross site scriting
27320Mr. Cgi Guy Hot Links Pro search.cgi cross site scriting
27319Tawbaware FileLister definesearch.jsp sql injection
27318Web4Future Portal Solutions arhiva.php path traversal
27317Web4Future Portal Solutions comentarii.php sql injection
27316Web4Future Manager functions.php sql injection
27315Web4Future KeyWord Frequency Counter index.cgi cross site scriting
27314Web4Future Enterprise view.php sql injection
27313Web4Future eDating Professional index.php sql injection
27312Ali Bousahid Nodezilla nodezilla.ini information disclosure
27311Easy search search.cgi cross site scriting
27310MediaWiki eval privileges management🔒
27309Quicksilver Forums Agent sql injection [CVE-2005-4030]
27308Esi Products WebEOC Locking information disclosure [CVE-2005-4029]
27307aMember sendpass.php cross site scriting
27306Simplemedia SimpleBBS Search Module sql injection [CVE-2005-4027]
27305Geeklog Error Message search.php information disclosure
27304Help Desk Reloaded Installation install.php Remote Code Execution
27303Interspire FastFind cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4024]
27302Gallery information disclosure [CVE-2005-4023]🔒
27301Gallery cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4022]
27300Gallery Installer information disclosure [CVE-2005-4021]🔒
27299Widget Press Widget Imprint create.php sql injection
27298Landshop Real Estate Commerce System index.php sql injection
27297Landshop Real Estate Commerce System ls.php sql injection
27296Widget Press Widget Property Error Message property.php information disclosure
27295Widget Press Widget Property property.php sql injection
27294PHP Web Statistik pixel.php denial of service
27293PHP Web Statistik stat.php denial of service
27292PHP Web Statistik stat.cfg information disclosure
27291PHP Web Statistik stat.php cross site scriting
27290Codewalkers ltwCalendar calendar.php sql injection
27289Sensation Designs KBase Express category.php sql injection
27288PHP Lite Calendar Express day.php sql injection
27287Jax Calendar jax_calendar.php sql injection
27286Redgraphic SAPID CMS Authorization Remote Code Execution
27285Redgraphic SAPID CMS system improper authentication
27284PHP-Fusion messages.php sql injection
27283Infinetsoftware MyTemplateSite search.asp cross site scriting
27282ASPS Shopping Cart adv_search.asp cross site scriting
27281Esi Products WebEOC Installation information disclosure [CVE-2005-4002]
27280phpYellow phpYellowTM Pro search_result.php sql injection
27279SiteBeater word archive.asp cross site scriting
27278SiteBeater SiteBeater MP3 Catalog search.asp cross site scriting
27277Solupress News search.asp cross site scriting
27275Zen Cart password_forgotten.php sql injection🔒
27274Sobexsrv obexsrv.c memory corruption
27272Mailenable Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2005-3993]
27271WinEggDropShell memory corruption [CVE-2005-3992]
27270Phpheaven phpMyChat start_page.css.php cross site scriting
27268Avaya TN2602AP IP Media Resource 320 circuit pack Firmware memory leak
27267Pineapple Technologies Lore article.php sql injection
27266Tradesoft CMS sql injection [CVE-2005-3987]
27265Verosky Media Instant Photo Gallery portfolio.php sql injection
27264Astaro Security Linux memory corruption [CVE-2005-3985]
27263WebCalendar edit_report_handler.php sql injection
27262HP Systems Insight Manager Login Page denial of service [CVE-2005-3983]
27261WebCalendar layers_toggle.php sql injection🔒🔒🔒
27260Microsoft Windows openprocess denial of service [Disputed]
27259Edgewall Software Trac sql injection [CVE-2005-3980]🔒🔒
27258Coppermine Photo Gallery relocate_server.php 7pk security NetClassifieds ITEM viewcat.php sql injection
27256QualityEBiz Qualityppc Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3977]
27255DUware DUnews type.asp sql injection🔒
27254Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3975]🔒🔒
27253Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3974]🔒🔒
27252Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3973]🔒🔒
27251Extreme Corporate Extreme Search extremesearch.php cross site scriting
27250Citrix NFuse Access Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3971]
27249MXChange cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3970]
27248MXChange sql injection [CVE-2005-3969]
27247PHPX sql injection🔒
27246Atlassian Confluence Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3967]
27245Java Search Engine search.jsp cross site scriting
27243Integrated Computer Solutions OpenMotif uildiags.c open_source_file memory corruption🔒🔒
27242DotClear session.php sql injection
27241Perl numeric error [CVE-2005-3962]🔒🔒
27240WebCalendar export_handler.php sql injection🔒🔒
27239Kadu denial of service [CVE-2005-3960]
27238FreeWebStat pixel.php cross site scriting
27237Entergal MX index.php sql injection
27236DotClear Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3957]
27235DMANews index.php sql injection
27234Jaws magpie_debug.php cross site scripting
27233blogBuddies index.php cross site scriting
27232Bedeng PSP index.php sql injection
27231PHP Labs Top Auction viewcat.php sql injection
27230PHP Labs Survey Wizard survey.php sql injection
27229NuFW denial of service [CVE-2005-3950]
27228WebCalendar activity_log.php sql injection🔒🔒
27227PHPAlbum main.php path traversal
27226PHP Upload Center index.php path traversal🔒
27225Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2005-3946]
27224Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2005-3945]
27223ilyav FAQ System survey.php sql injection
27222ilyav FAQ System viewfaq.php sql injection
27221Greywyvern Orca Knowledgebase knowledgebase-control.php sql injection
27220Greywyvern Orca Blog blog.php sql injection
27219Greywyvern Orca Ringmaker ringmaker.php sql injection
27218WSN Knowledge Base index.php sql injection
27217Softbiz FAQ index.php sql injection
27216Softbiz B2B Trading Marketplace Script Profiles selloffers.php sql injection
27215SocketKB index.php file inclusion
27214SocketKB sql injection [CVE-2005-3935]
27213Symantec pcAnywhere Buffer denial of service [CVE-2005-3934]🔒
2721288Script 88script Event Calendar index.php sql injection
27211O-Kiraku Nikki okiraku.php sql injection
27210ASP-Rider default.asp sql injection
27209N-13 News index.php sql injection
27208Apple Mac OS X heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3705]🔒🔒
27207Apple Mac OS X authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-3704]🔒🔒
27206Apple Mac OS X unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3702]🔒🔒
27205Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3701]🔒🔒
27204Apple Mac OS X admintool memory corruption [CVE-2005-3700]🔒🔒
27203Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2757]🔒🔒
27202Xaraya Backend xarmlsxml2phpbackend.php create path traversal🔒
27201QNX RTOS memory corruption [CVE-2005-3928]
27200GuppY editortypetool.php path traversal🔒
27199GuppY error.php information disclosure🔒
27198Helpdesk Issue Manager find.php sql injection
27197Randshop Themes index.php sql injection
27196NetObjects NetObjects Fusion rollbacklog.xml information disclosure
27195Panda Titanium 2006 Antivirus pskcmp.dll heap-based overflow🔒
27194Babe Logger index.php sql injection
27193PBLang ucp.php cross site scriting
27192OvBB thread.php sql injection [Disputed]
27191CommodityRentals sql injection [CVE-2005-3917]
27190WSN Forum memberlist.php sql injection
27189Clavister Security Gateway memory corruption [CVE-2005-3915]
27188AFFcommerce ITEM subcategory.php sql injection
27187Vchs unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3913]
27186Webmin Login Form memory allocation🔒🔒🔒
27185Bosdev BosDates calendar.php sql injection
27184Post Affiliate Pro magic_quotes_gpc index.php path traversal
27183Post Affiliate Pro index.php sql injection
27182Amazon Shop search.php cross site scripting
27181Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3907]
27180SUN JDK Java Sandbox privileges management [CVE-2005-3906]🔒🔒
27179SUN JDK Java Sandbox privileges management [CVE-2005-3905]🔒🔒
27178Sun JRE Java Sandbox Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3904]
27177Virtual Hosting Control System Error Message index.php cross site scriting
27176Macromedia Flash Communication Server Flash Player denial of service
27175Macromedia Flash Player denial of service [CVE-2005-3900]
27173Google Talk memory allocation [CVE-2005-3899]
27171Apple Safari window denial of service
27170Mozilla window denial of service
27169OTRS html cross site scriting🔒🔒
27168OTRS cross site scriting🔒🔒
27167OTRS login sql injection🔒🔒
27166Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger ActiveX Control information disclosure
27165Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3891]
27164Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2005-3890]
27163Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2005-3889]
27162Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger memory leak [CVE-2005-3888]
27161Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2005-3887]
27160Microsoft Windows Rendering Engine gdi32.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
27159cisco security agent Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3886]
27158Inkscape symlink🔒🔒
27157Zainu index.php sql injection
27156PHP mb_send_mail unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
27155FAQSystems FAQRing Knowledge Base Software answer.php sql injection
27154Altantisfaq Altantis Knowledge Base Software search.php sql injection
27153Omnistar Interactive Omnistar KBase comments.php sql injection
27152Softbiz Resource Repository Script details_res.php sql injection
27151Alex King PHP Doc System index.php path traversal🔒
27150Cafuego Simple Document Management System list.php sql injection
27149Td-systems ADC2000 NG Pro adcbrowres.php sql injection
27148Enterprise Heart Enterprise Connector send.php sql injection
27147Weaverslave Netzbrett netzbr.php sql injection
27146Sourceshock ShockBoard topic.php sql injection
27145Ugroup forum.php sql injection
27144JBB topiczeigen.php sql injection
27143edmobbs edmobbs9r.php sql injection
27142Google API Search index.php cross site scriting
27140Wwwsearchsolutions RevenuePilot Search Engine Script cross site scriting
27139Wwwsearchsolutions SearchFeed Search Engine cross site scriting
27138Scripts-templates AllWeb search index.php sql injection
27137BerliOS SourceWell index.php sql injection
27136ktools VGETSTRING memory corruption🔒🔒
27135unalz memory corruption [CVE-2005-3862]🔒🔒
27134phpGreetz content.php code injection
27133Oliver May Athena PHP Website Administration athena.php code injection
27132q-news q-news.php code injection
27131Linux Kernel ip6_input.c ip6_input_finish memory leak🔒🔒
27130Linux Kernel locks.c time_out_leases resource management🔒🔒
27129Krusader popularurls.cpp cleartext storage
27128Easybe 1-2-3 music store process.php sql injection
27127EasyPageCMS index.php cross site scriting
27126Solucija snews snews.php sql injection Owos Lite search.asp sql injection Oasys Lite search.asp cross site scriting Okbsys Lite search.asp cross site scriting
27122PmWiki Search Module pagelist.php cross site scriting
27121Linux Kernel ip_append_data memory leak🔒🔒
27120Linux Kernel signal.c handle_stop_signal deadlock🔒🔒
27119Fscripts Fantastic News news.php sql injection
27118ezinvoiceinc EZ Invoice Inc invoices.php sql injection
27117phpWordPress PHP News/Article Manager index.php sql injection
27116Nicecoder iDesk faq.php sql injection pdjk-support suite index.php sql injection
27114kPlaylist cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3841]
27113Omnistar Interactive Omnistar Live kb.php sql injection
27112SupportPRO Supportdesk cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3839]
27111IsolSoft Support Center search.php sql injection
27110sCssBoard Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3837]
27109DeskLance sql injection [CVE-2005-3836]
27108DeskLance index.php code injection
27107Tunez search.php cross site scriting
27106Tunez songinfo.php sql injection
27105SpeedProject Squeez cxuux60.dll lstrcat memory corruption
27104SpeedProject Squeez cxzip60.dll lstrcat memory corruption
27103ActiveCampaign SupportTrio index.php path traversal
27102ActiveCampaign KnowledgeBuilder index.php denial of service
27101ActiveCampaign KnowledgeBuilder index.php sql injection
27100Agileco AgileBill index.php sql injection
27099Ezy Helpdesk Ezyhelpdesk Search Engine index.php sql injection
27098Comdev Comdev Vote Caster index.php sql injection
27097vTiger CRM cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3824]🔒🔒
27096vTiger CRM eval cross site scriting🔒🔒
27095vTiger CRM Login Form sql injection [CVE-2005-3822]🔒🔒
27094vTiger CRM index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27093vTiger CRM index.php path traversal🔒🔒
27092vTiger CRM index.php sql injection🔒🔒
27091vTiger CRM Input Fields index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
27090Softbiz Web Hosting Directory Script Search Module search_result.php sql injection
27089Zoneo-soft freeForum forum.php sql injection
27088Greywyvern Orca Forum forum.php sql injection
27087Orbitscripts SmartPPC Pro directory.php cross site scriting
27086Mailenable Enterprise IMAP Service meimaps.exe denial of service🔒🔒
27085freeFTPd denial of service [CVE-2005-3812]🔒🔒
27084Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server main.php path traversal🔒🔒
27083Linux Kernel ip_conntrack_proto_icmp.c denial of service
27082Linux Kernel ip_conntrack_proto_tcp.c nfattr_to_tcp denial of service
27081Linux Kernel truncate.c invalidate_inode_pages2_range integer coercion🔒
27080Linux Kernel locks.c fcntl_setlease memory leak🔒
27079Linux Kernel ip6_flowlabel.c resource management🔒🔒
27078Linux Kernel deadlock [CVE-2005-3805]🔒
27077Cisco 7920 Wireless Ip Phone VxWorks Debugger denial of service
27076Belkin F5D7230-4 Web Management Interface Remote Code Execution
27075counterpane passwordsafe (kdf) missing encryption
27074Macromedia Contribute Publishing Server information disclosure
27073phpBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-3799]
27072AlstraSoft Template Seller index.php sql injection
27071AlstraSoft Template Seller payment_paypal.php file inclusion
27070AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro admin_options_manage.php Remote Code Execution
27069AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro index.php cross site scriting
27068AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro togateway.php information disclosure
27067AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro admin_validate_login sql injection
27066Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module sql injection [CVE-2005-3792]
27065phpPgAds adclick.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3791]
27064phpwcms act_newsletter.php cross site scriting
27063phpwcms Login login.php path traversal🔒
27062phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3787]🔒
27061novell zenworks for desktops Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3786]
27060Ebuild IndeX symlink [CVE-2005-3785]🔒🔒
27059Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2005-3784]🔒🔒
27058Linux Kernel ptrace.c denial of service🔒🔒
27057IPUpdate memmcat memory corruption
27056hp hp-ux Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3779]🔒
27055fore MyBB denial of service [CVE-2005-3778]
27054MyBB unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3777]
27053MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3776]
27052pollvote pollvote.php code injection
27051Cisco PIX denial of service [CVE-2005-3774]
27050Joomla CMS File Management Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3773]
27049Joomla CMS sql injection [CVE-2005-3772]
27048Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3771]
27047Phppost profile.php cross site scripting
27046PHP Download Manager files.php sql injection
27045fuse fusermount mtab unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
27044Exponent privileges management [CVE-2005-3767]🔒
27043Exponent privileges management [CVE-2005-3766]🔒
27042Exponent memory corruption [CVE-2005-3765]🔒
27041Exponent privileges management [CVE-2005-3764]🔒
27040Exponent Installation thumb.php path traversal🔒
27039Exponent sql injection [CVE-2005-3762]🔒
27038Exponent cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3761]
27037IBM WebSphere Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-3760]
27036Horde tar cross site scripting🔒🔒
27035Google Mini Search Appliance Google Search cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
27034Google Mini Search Appliance Google Search memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
27033Google Mini Search Appliance Error Message cross site scriting🔒🔒
27032Google Mini Search Appliance Error Message path traversal [CVE-2005-3755]🔒🔒
27031Google Mini Search Appliance Error Message cross site scriting🔒🔒
27030Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-3753]
27029ldapdiff LDAP ldapdiff.conf Remote Code Execution
27028Apsis Pound Application Firewall cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3751]🔒🔒
27027Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2005-3750]🔒🔒
27026Tru-Zone Nukeet Search Module modules.php sql injection
27025Mortbay Jetty jsp information disclosure🔒
27024APBoard thread.php sql injection
27023Apache Struts Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3745]
27022phpComasy index.php sql injection
27021SimplePoll results.php sql injection
27020Advanced Poll popup.php cross site scriting
27019Almondsoft Almond Classifieds Access Restriction Remote Code Execution
27018PHP-Fusion options.php sql injection🔒
27017Fusion PHP-Fusion subheader.php information disclosure
27016Mambo Site Server globals.php file inclusion🔒🔒
27015inkscape style.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
27014Coastal Data Management e-Quick Cart shopgift.asp cross site scriting
27013Coastal Data Management e-Quick Cart shopaddtocart.asp sql injection
27012phpMyFAQ index.php cross site scriting
27011msearch Unicode Msearch cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2339]
27010netpbm memory corruption [CVE-2005-3632]🔒🔒
27009yaSSL Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3731]
27008Revize CMS setwebspace.jsp cross site scriting
27007Revize CMS debug information disclosure
27006Revize CMS revize.xml information disclosure
27005Revize CMS query_results.jsp sql injection
27004Interspire ArticleLive NX sql injection [CVE-2005-3726]
27003Zyxel Prestige 2000w V.1voip Wi-fi Phone DNS Server denial of service
27002Zyxel Prestige 2000w V.1voip Wi-fi Phone information disclosure
27001Hitachi IP5000 VOIP WIFI Phone denial of service [CVE-2005-3723]
27000Hitachi IP5000 VOIP WIFI Phone v2c Remote Code Execution
26999Hitachi IP5000 VOIP WIFI Phone Default Configuration unknown vulnerability
26998Hitachi IP5000 VOIP WIFI Phone information disclosure [CVE-2005-3720]
26997Hitachi IP5000 VOIP WIFI Phone information disclosure [CVE-2005-3719]
26996UTStarcom F1000 VOIP WIFI Phone Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3718]
26995UTStarcom F1000 VOIP WIFI Phone Telnet Daemon Remote Code Execution
26994UTStarcom F1000 Wi-fi Handset SNMP Daemon information disclosure
26993Senao SI-680H Wireless VoIP Phone VxWorks Debugger denial of service
26992Opera Web Browser Status Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-3699]🔒🔒
26991PHP Easy Download edit.php Remote Code Execution
26990Uresk Links Administration Interface index.php Remote Code Execution
26989Arki-DB view.php sql injection
26988Litespeed Technologies LiteSpeed Web Server confmgr.php cross site scriting
26987Antville cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3530]
26986TikiWiki Installation tiki-view_forum_thread.php information disclosure
26985TikiWiki tiki-view_forum_thread.php cross site scripting
26984Sylpheed ldif.c ldif_get_line memory corruption🔒🔒
26983OSH main.c getenv memory corruption🔒
26982centericq denial of service [CVE-2005-3694]🔒🔒
26981SunnComm MediaMax AxWebRemoveCtrl ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
26980Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server badlogin.php cross site scriting🔒
26979MailEnable Professional IMAP Service meimaps.exe path traversal🔒
26978Mailenable Enterprise IMAP Service meimaps.exe stack-based overflow🔒
26977XMB Forum Installation post.php information disclosure
26976XMB Forum members.php cross site scriting
26975AutoPilot Account cancel_account.php unknown vulnerability
26974NewsBoard Unclassified NewsBoard search sql injection
26973Virtual Programming VP-ASP Shopping Cart shopadmin.asp cross site scriting
26972freeFTPd memory corruption [CVE-2005-3684]
26971freeFTPd stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3683]🔒
26970Wizz Forum authd forumauthdetails.php sql injection
26969XOOPS WF-Downloads Downloads Module viewcat.php sql injection🔒
26968XOOPS Registry editor_registry.php path traversal🔒
26967ActiveCampaign 1-2-All Broadcast Email index.php sql injection
26966Google Talk input validation [CVE-2005-3678]
26965RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2005-3677]🔒
26964PhpWebThings download.php sql injection
26963TCP denial of service [CVE-2005-3675]
26962PHP exif_read_data infinite loop🔒🔒
26961RealNetworks RealPlayer dunzip32.dll heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2630]🔒🔒
26960GNU Gnump3d path traversal [CVE-2005-3355]🔒🔒
26959GNU Gnump3d link following [CVE-2005-3349]🔒🔒
26958HP Tru64 Print Server ipsec denial of service🔒
26957Internet Key Exchange memory corruption [CVE-2005-3668]🔒
26956Internet Key Exchange denial of service [CVE-2005-3667]🔒
26955Kaspersky Anti-Virus heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3664]
26954kaspersky anti-virus program.exe Local Privilege Escalation
26953GTK GTK+ gdk-pixbuf heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3186]🔒🔒
26952GTK GTK+ gdk-pixbuf io-xpm.c numeric error🔒🔒
26951GTK GTK+ gdk-pixbuf io-xpm.c resource management🔒🔒
26950microsoft antispyware program.exe Local Privilege Escalation
26949vmware workstation program.exe Local Privilege Escalation
26948Apple itunes ituneshelper.exe access control🔒
26947realnetworks realone player program.exe access control🔒
26946Tiki Tikiwiki tiki-editpage.php path traversal🔒
26945Greg Roelofs pnmtopng memory corruption [CVE-2005-3662]🔒
26944phpSysInfo Web Cache index.php cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
26943phpgroupware index.php path traversal🔒🔒
26942Qualcomm WorldMail IMAP Server path traversal [CVE-2005-3189]🔒🔒🔒🔒
26941First4Internet XCP DRM OCX ActiveX Control codesupport.ocx code injection🔒🔒
26940Moodle jumpto.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3649]
26939Moodle datalib.php get_record sql injection🔒
26938Folder Guard privileges management [CVE-2005-3647]
26937phpAdsNew sql injection
26936phpAdsNew Installation create.php information disclosure
26935IBM DB2 Universal Database Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3643]
26934IBM Informix Dynamic Database server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3642]
26933Oracle Oracle9i Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3641]
26932Floosietek FTGate memory corruption [CVE-2005-3640]🔒
26931Ubertec Help Center Live path traversal [CVE-2005-3639]🔒🔒
26930Ekinboard profile.php cross site scriting
26928SAP SAP Web Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3636]
26927SAP SAP Web Application Server fameset.htm cross site scriting
26926SAP SAP Web Application Server frameset.htm unknown vulnerability
26925phpMyAdmin Libraries string.lib.php information disclosure
26924Iisworks ASPKnowledgebase adminlogin.asp sql injection
26923Microsoft Windows Administrator Account Remote Code Execution🔒
26922e107 CMS game_score.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3594]
26921Cutephp CuteNews Error Message index.php information disclosure
26920Macromedia Flash Player ActionScript Flash.ocx ActionDefineFunction input validation🔒
26919FileZilla FileZilla Server Terminal FTP Command memory corruption
26918Advanced Guestbook admin.php sql injection
26917ClamAV petite.c denial of service🔒
26916Mambo Installation content.php information disclosure
26915PhpWebThings forum.php sql injection🔒🔒
26914PhpWebThings forum.php cross site scriting
26913Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment denial of service [CVE-2005-3583]
26912imagemagick privileges management [CVE-2005-3582]🔒🔒
26911gdal privileges management [CVE-2005-3581]🔒🔒
26910qdbm privileges management [CVE-2005-3580]🔒🔒
26909Walla TeleSite ts.exe information disclosure
26908Walla TeleSite ts.exe sql injection
26907Walla TeleSite ts.exe cross site scriting
26906Walla TeleSite ts.exe information disclosure
26905Cynox Cyphor show.php sql injection
26904iCMS index.php file inclusion
26903GNU Mailman denial of service [CVE-2005-3573]🔒🔒🔒
26902Peel index.php sql injection
26901CodeGrrl PHPCalendar protection.php code injection🔒🔒
26900Horde Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2005-3570]🔒🔒
26899IBM DB2 Content Manager local denial of service
26898IBM Tivoli Directory Server access control [CVE-2005-3567]
26897HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2005-3565]🔒🔒
26896hp hp-ux memory corruption [CVE-2005-3564]🔒🔒
26892Digium Asterisk vmail.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
26891OSTE index.php memory corruption
26890Tincan PHPList defaults.php path traversal
26889Tincan PHPList editlist.php cross site scriting
26888Tincan PHPList admin.php sql injection
26887PHPKIT Help Function help code injection🔒
26886PHPKIT include.php sql injection🔒
26885PHPKIT profile.php cross site scripting🔒
26884Toenda Software Development toendaCMS User Account information disclosure🔒
26883Toenda Software Development toendaCMS admin.php path traversal🔒
26882Invision Power Services IP.Board Task Manager memory corruption
26881Invision Power Services IP.Board Task Manager path traversal
26880Invision Power Services IP.Board Input Fields admin.php cross site scriting
26879f-secure internet gatekeeper suid.cgi Local Privilege Escalation
26878ibProArcade index.php sql injection
26877XMB Forum u2u.php cross site scriting
26876Phorum search.php sql injection
26874Horde Installation improper authentication [CVE-2005-3344]🔒🔒
26873Jed Wing CHM Lib memory corruption [CVE-2005-2659]🔒🔒
26872Linux Kernel signal.c denial of service🔒
26871linux-ftpd-ssl vsprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
26870GpsDrive fprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
26869Adventnet ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer index.jsp cross site scriting
26868e107 CMS resetcore.php sql injection🔒🔒
26867MySource upgrade_in_progress_backend.php cross site scriting
26866MySource new_upgrade_functions.php file inclusion
26865PunBB search.php sql injection🔒
26864Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Guestbook Error Message index.php information disclosure
26863Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Directory recommend.php cross site scriting
26862Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Topsites recommend.php cross site scriting
26861Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Forum newtopic.php cross site scriting🔒
26860VUBB Installation index.php information disclosure
26859VUBB index.php cross site scriting
26858Spymac Spymac Web OS index.php cross site scripting
26857JPortal Jportal Web Portal banner.php sql injection
26856Galerie showgallery.php sql injection
26855Cutephp CuteNews show_archives.php path traversal🔒🔒
26854Acme Labs thttpd symlink [CVE-2005-3124]🔒🔒
26853cPanel cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3505]
26852pwdutils Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3503]
26851Cerberus Helpdesk attachment_send.php information disclosure
26850ClamAV cabd.c cabd_find resource management🔒🔒
26849ClamAV tnef.c tnef_attachment memory allocation🔒🔒🔒
26848ClamAV fsg.c unfsg_133 memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
26847Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2005-2756]🔒
26846Apple QuickTime denial of service [CVE-2005-2755]🔒
26845Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2005-2754]🔒🔒
26844Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2005-2753]🔒🔒🔒
26843Frisk Software F-Prot Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3499]
26842IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-3498]🔒
26841Phphandicapper PHP Handicapper process_signup.php sql injection [Disputed]
26840PHP Handicapper msg.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
26839Ar-blog Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3495]
26838Ar-blog cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3494]
26837Afsl Games Battle Carry denial of service [CVE-2005-3493]
26836Johannes F. Kuhlmann FlatFrag denial of service [CVE-2005-3492]🔒
26835Johannes F. Kuhlmann FlatFrag loop.c receiver memory corruption
26834Asus Video Security Online path traversal [CVE-2005-3490]
26833Asus Video Security Online Authorization password memory corruption
26832libungif/giflib memory corruption [CVE-2005-3350]🔒🔒
26831libungif/giflib denial of service [CVE-2005-2974]🔒🔒
26830Scorched 3D serverconnecthandler.cpp denial of service🔒🔒
26829Scorched 3D Error Message comsmessagehandler.cpp addline memory corruption🔒🔒
26828Scorched 3D Console addline memory corruption🔒🔒
26827Glider Collectn Kill memory corruption [CVE-2005-3485]
26826Nero NeroNET path traversal [CVE-2005-3484]
26825GO-Global memory corruption [CVE-2005-3483]🔒
26824Ringtail CaseBook Error Message login.asp information disclosure
26823Ringtail CaseBook login.asp cross site scriting
26822PHPCafe Tutorial Manager index.php sql injection
26821Invision Power Services Invision Gallery cross site scriting🔒
26820Alpha OpenVMS denial of service [CVE-2005-3476]
26819Hasbani Web Server infinite loop [CVE-2005-3475]🔒
26818Sony First4Internet XCP DRM Driver aries.sys privileges management
26817Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog preview_cgi.php cross site scriting
26816Sun Java System Communications Express Configuration File information disclosure🔒
26815eset MailScanner path traversal [CVE-2005-3471]
26814MailScanner authenticate sql injection🔒
26813News2Net index.php sql injection
26812Serv-U input validation [CVE-2005-3467]
26811Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management Sales Remote Code Execution
26810Oracle EnterpriseOne Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3465]
26809Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
26808Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
26807Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
26806PeopleSoft PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
26805Oracle 10g Enterprise Manager Database Control Remote Code Execution
26804Oracle Clinical Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3459]
26803Oracle E-Business Suite/Applications Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3458]
26802Oracle E-Business Suite HRMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3457]
26801Oracle E-Business Suite/Applications Application Object Library Remote Code Execution
26800Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack Remote Code Execution
26799Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3454]
26798Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3453]🔒
26797Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3452]🔒
26796Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3451]🔒
26795Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3450]🔒
26794Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3449]🔒
26793Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3448]🔒
26792Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3447]🔒🔒
26791Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3446]🔒🔒
26790Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3445]🔒🔒
26789Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3444]🔒
26788Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3443]🔒
26787Oracle Security Service Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3442]🔒
26786Oracle Database Server Intelligent Agent Remote Code Execution🔒
26785Oracle Database Server Scheduler Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3440]🔒
26784Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3439]🔒
26783Oracle Database Server Workspace Manager sys.pbsde.init memory corruption🔒
26782Oracle Database Server sql Remote Code Execution🔒
26781Nuked-Klan Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3436]
26780Archilles Newsworld admin_news.php Remote Code Execution
26779Archilles Newsworld information disclosure [CVE-2005-3434]
26778Mirabilis ICQ memory corruption [CVE-2005-3433]
26777Thomas Rybak MiniGal 2 index.php information disclosure
26776Rockliffe MailSite Express path traversal [CVE-2005-3431]
26775Rockliffe MailSite Express aspx Remote Code Execution
26774Rockliffe MailSite Express cleartext storage [CVE-2005-3429]
26773Rockliffe MailSite Express cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3428]
26772OpenVPN Exception accept denial of service🔒🔒
26771GNU GNUMP3D cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3425]🔒🔒
26770GNU GNUMP3D Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3424]🔒🔒
26769Subdreamer Login subdreamer.php sql injection
2676810-4 Aps ASP Fast Forum error.asp cross site scriting
26767Hyper Estraier information disclosure [CVE-2005-3421]
26766phpBB usercp_register.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26765phpBB usercp_register.php sql injection🔒🔒
26764phpBB usercp_register.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26763phpBB register_globals cross site scriting🔒🔒
26762phpBB Security Check array_merge cross site scriting🔒🔒
26761phpBB cookie cross site scriting🔒🔒
26760eyeOS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3414]
26759eyeOS desktop.php cross site scriting
26758Elite Forum cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3412]
26757Snitz Forums 2000 post.asp cross site scriting🔒
26756Greg Neustaetter gCards news.php sql injection
26755Butterfat phpESP sql injection [CVE-2005-3407]
26754Butterfat phpESP cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3406]
26753ATutor privileges management🔒🔒
26752Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor file inclusion🔒🔒
26751Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor translate.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26750Mozilla Thunderbird information disclosure [CVE-2005-3402]
26749TheHacker unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3401]
26748Fortinet unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3400]
26747CAT Quick Heal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3399]
26746Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Backoffice Lite comersus_backoffice_supporterror.asp cross site scriting
26745Invision Power Services Invision Gallery index.php sql injection🔒
26744oaboard forum forum.php sql injection
26743OpenVPN options.c foreign_option memory corruption🔒🔒
26742PHP virtual cross site scriting🔒🔒
26741PHP curl Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
26740PHP File Upload form-data Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
26739PHP parse_str cross site scriting🔒🔒
26738PHP phpinfo cross site scriting🔒🔒
26737Luca Deri ntop ntop.init memory corruption
26736Ethereal Protocol Dissector infinite loop [CVE-2005-3313]🔒🔒
26735Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2752]🔒
26734Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2751]🔒
26733Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2005-2750]🔒
26732Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2739]🔒
26731Novell Zenworks Patch Management Server default.asp sql injection
26730GNU GNUMP3D path traversal [CVE-2005-3123]🔒🔒
26728Techno Dreams Web Directory login.asp sql injection
26727Techno Dreams Mailing List login.asp sql injection
26726Techno Dreams Techno Dreams Guest Book login.asp sql injection
26725Techno Dreams Announcement script login.asp sql injection
26724Sophos Anti-Virus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3382]
26723Ukranian National Antivirus UNA unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3381]
26722Panda Titanium 2005 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3380]
26721Trend Micro OfficeScan Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3379]
26720Norman Norman Virus Control Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3378]
26719McAfee Internet Security Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3377]
26718Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-virus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3376]
26717Ikarus Ikarus Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3375]
26716Frisk Software F-prot Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3374]
26715Dr. Web Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3373]
26714CA Etrust Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3372]
26713Grisoft Avg Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3371]
26712ArcaVir ArcaVir 2005 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3370]
26711Woltlab Burning Board info_db.php sql injection🔒🔒
26710Search Enhanced cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3368]
26709SparkleBlog journal.php cross site scriting
26708PHP iCalendar index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26707Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal register.php sql injection🔒
26706Platinum DboardGear Themes buddy.php sql injection
26705Saphp saphpLesson showcat.php sql injection
26704Jed Wing Chm Lib chm_lib.c _chm_find_in_pmgl memory corruption🔒🔒
26702FlatNuke index.php cross site scriting
26701mantis cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3339]🔒🔒
26700Mantis cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3338]🔒🔒
26699Mantis view_all_set.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26698Mantis sql injection [CVE-2005-3336]🔒🔒
26697Mantis bug_sponsorship_list_view_inc.php file inclusion🔒🔒
26696Flyspray index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26695eBASE eBASEweb sql injection [CVE-2005-3333]
26694Belchior Foundry vCard file inclusion🔒
26693Rogers Software Source Mgdiff Patch Viewer symlink [CVE-2005-3331]
26692Snoopy _httpsrequest input validation
26691PunBB common.php memory corruption
26690Network Appliance Network Appliance Data ONTAP Remote Code Execution
26689MyBB usercp.php sql injection
26688Secureideas Basic Analysis/Security Engine acid_qry_main.php sql injection🔒🔒
26687Appindex MWChat chat.php sql injection
26686Zope Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3323]🔒🔒
26685SuSE Linux denial of service [CVE-2005-3322]
26684SuSE Linux Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3321]
26683SiteTurn Domain Manager Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3320]
26682apache2handler SAPI mod_php sapi_apache2.c denial of service🔒🔒
26681Jed Wing CHM lib chmlib _chm_decompress_block memory corruption🔒🔒
26680ZipGenius zipgenius.exe memory corruption
26679Symantec On Command Discovery Database Account Remote Code Execution
26678Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-3249]🔒🔒
26677Ethereal X11 Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-3248]🔒🔒
26676Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-3247]🔒🔒
26675Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-3246]🔒🔒
26674Ethereal memory allocation [CVE-2005-3245]🔒🔒
26673Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-3244]🔒🔒
26672Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-3243]🔒🔒
26671Ethereal IrDA Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-3242]🔒🔒
26670Ethereal memory allocation [CVE-2005-3241]🔒🔒
26669fetchmail Configuration File information disclosure [CVE-2005-3088]🔒🔒
26668XOOPS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2338]
26667BMC Software Control-m Agent symlink [CVE-2005-3311]
26666phpBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3310]🔒🔒
26665Zomplog detail.php sql injection
26664Zomplog detail.php cross site scriting
26663FlatNuke index.php path traversal
26662FlatNuke index.php cross site scriting
26661Nuked-Klan Links sql injection [CVE-2005-3305]
26660Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Downloads Module sql injection [CVE-2005-3304]
26659Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2746]🔒
26658Apple Mac OS X uninitialized resource [CVE-2005-2745]🔒
26657Apple QuickTime Java Extension memory corruption [CVE-2005-2743]🔒
26656Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2742]🔒
26655Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2005-2741]🔒
26654Apple Safari Web Archives unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2524]🔒
26653Apple Mac OS X malloc unknown vulnerability🔒
26652Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2005-2747]🔒
26651Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager memory corruption [CVE-2005-2744]🔒
26650Apache HTTP Server worker.c memory leak🔒🔒
26649Red Hat Enterprise Linux usercopy.c rw_vm denial of service🔒
26648Todd Miller sudo access control [CVE-2005-2959]🔒🔒
26647GNOME libgda2 memory corruption [CVE-2005-2958]🔒🔒
26646SCO UnixWare stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2927]
26645SCO Openserver stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2926]
26644Blender Python eval memory corruption🔒🔒
26643phpMyAdmin left.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26642SuSE Linux OpenWBEM memory corruption [CVE-2005-3298]
26641SuSE Linux OpenWBEM integer coercion [CVE-2005-3297]
26640fore FTP server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3296]🔒🔒🔒
26639HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2005-3295]🔒
26638Typsoft Typsoft FTP Server resource management [CVE-2005-3294]🔒🔒
26636Xerver cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3293]🔒
26635Xeobook cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3292]
26634stani python editor privileges management [CVE-2005-3291]🔒🔒
26633Accelerated Enterprise Solutions Accelerated Mortgage Manager sql injection
26632IBM AIX passwd unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3289]🔒
26631Rockliffe Mailsite Express Cache unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3288]
26630Rockliffe Mailsite Express unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3287]
26629Kerio Personal Firewall denial of service [CVE-2005-3286]
26628Comersus Open Technologies Comersus BackOffice Plus comersus_backoffice_searchitemform.asp cross site scriting
26627AhnLab V3Pro 2004 memory corruption [CVE-2005-3284]
26626Tiki TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2005-3283]🔒🔒
26625Splatt Forum Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3282]
26624NukeFixes path traversal [CVE-2005-3281]
26623Paros Default Password improper authentication [CVE-2005-3280]🔒🔒
26622Jan Kybic BitMap Viewer vgasco_printf stack-based overflow
26621Jan Kybic BitMap Viewer gsinterf.c openpsfile integer coercion🔒🔒
26620Abisource Community Abiword ie_imp_rtf.cpp ParseLevelText' memory corruption🔒🔒
26619HP HP-UX LPD Service memory corruption [CVE-2005-3277]🔒🔒
26618Microsoft Windows Subsystem memory corruption [CVE-2005-2122]🔒
26616Linux Kernel process.c sys_get_thread_area information disclosure🔒🔒
26615Linux Kernel ip_nat_proto_tcp.c memory corruption🔒🔒
26614Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-3274]🔒🔒
26613Linux Kernel rose_route.c rose_rt_ioctl access control🔒🔒
26612Linux Kernel authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-3272]🔒🔒
26611Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-3271]🔒🔒
26610symantec norton antivirus Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3270]
26609yiff server information disclosure [CVE-2005-3268]
26608Ethereal packet-srvloc.c memory corruption🔒🔒
26607module-assistant unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3121]🔒🔒
26606symantec norton antivirus Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2759]
26605Zeroblog thread.php cross site scriting🔒
26604RARLAB WinRAR unacev2.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3263]
26603versatileBulletinBoard getversions.php information disclosure
26602versatileBulletinBoard dereferrer.php cross site scriting
26601versatileBulletinBoard userlistpre.php sql injection
26600KDE KOffice heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2971]🔒🔒
26599Novell NetMail Agent stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2469]
26598netpbm memory corruption [CVE-2005-2978]🔒🔒
26597Enigmail missing encryption [CVE-2005-3256]🔒🔒
26596Nathan Neulinger cgiwrap information disclosure [CVE-2005-3255]
26595Nathan Neulinger CGIwrap Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3254]
26594Gallery ITEM path traversal [CVE-2005-3251]🔒🔒
26593Sun Solaris Filesystem proc chdir denial of service🔒
26592ClamAV ole2_walk_property_tree denial of service🔒🔒
26591Cyphor footer.php cross site scriting
26590Cynox Cyphor newmsg.php cross site scriting
26589Proland Protector Plus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3235]
26588Grisoft AVG Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3234]
26587Trustix Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3233]
26586TheHacker Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3232]
26585CAT Quick Heal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3231]
26584Antivir Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3230]
26583Antivir Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3229]
26582Ikarus Ikarus AntiVirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3228]
26581Antivir Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3227]
26580ArcaVir ArcaVir Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3226]
26579ca Etrust Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3225]
26578Avira Antivir Personal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3224]
26577Rising Rising Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3223]
26576VBA32 VBA32 Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3222]
26575Fortinet Fortinet Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3221]
26574Norman Virus Control Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3220]
26573Avira Antivir Personal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3219]
26572Dr.Web Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3218]
26571Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3217]
26570Sophos Anti-Virus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3216]
26569Antivir Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3215]
26568Alwil Avast Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3214]
26567Frisk Software F-Prot Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3213]
26566Eset Software NOD32 Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3212]
26565Softwin BitDefender Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3211]
26564aenovo aenovoshop Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3209]
26563aeNovo aeNovoShop Error Message control.asp cross site scriting
26562Oracle forms TNS Listener denial of service [CVE-2005-3207]🔒
26561Oracle Database Server TNS Listener denial of service [CVE-2005-3206]🔒
26560Oracle Database Server ISQL*Plus cross site scripting [CVE-2005-3205]🔒
26559Oracle Oracle9i cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3204]🔒
26558Oracle htmldb Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3203]🔒
26557magic Utopia News Pro magic_quotes_gpc news.php sql injection
26556Utopia Software Utopia News Pro header.php cross site scriting
26555Aspready Faq Manager aradmin.asp sql injection
26554webroot desktop firewall Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3198]
26553Webroot Desktop Firewall pwiwrapper.dll stack-based overflow
26552Planet Technology Corp FGSW2402RS Default Password improper authentication
26550ESTsoft ALZip memory corruption [CVE-2005-3194]
26549xine xine-lib input_cdda.c fprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
26548up-imapproxy IMAP Server main.c parsebannerandcapability memory corruption🔒🔒
26547CA iGateway Debug Mode memory corruption [CVE-2005-3190]🔒
26546arc symlink [CVE-2005-2992]🔒🔒
26545Davide Libenzi XMail AddressFromAtPtr stack-based overflow🔒🔒
26544University of Washington UW-IMAP IMAP Server mail.c mail_valid_net_parse_work memory corruption🔒🔒
26543Mod Auth Shadow mod_auth_shadow Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2963]🔒🔒
26542W3C libwww htbound.c htboundary_put_block input validation🔒
26540Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2005-3181]🔒🔒
26539Linux Kernel orinoco.c information disclosure🔒🔒
26536SGI IRIX privbin privileges management
26535Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator msdtcprx.dll ndrallocate privileges management🔒🔒🔒
26534Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2005-1980]🔒🔒
26532Linux Kernel drm.c access control🔒
26531Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby Safe Level privileges management [CVE-2005-2337]🔒🔒
26530xli memory corruption [CVE-2005-3178]🔒🔒
26528Red Hat sysreport symlink [CVE-2005-2104]🔒
26527Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-1764]🔒
26526William Stearns Mason Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3118]🔒🔒
26524Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3177]
26523Microsoft Windows Terminal Service Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3176]
26522Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3175]
26521Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3174]
26520Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3173]
26519Microsoft Windows Chart widechartomultibyte memory corruption
26518Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3171]
26517Microsoft Windows Certificates Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3170]
26516Microsoft Windows Active Directory unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3169]
26515Microsoft Windows Access Control List Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3168]🔒
26514MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3167]🔒
26513MediaWiki denial of service [CVE-2005-3166]🔒
26512MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3165]
26511Polipo path traversal [CVE-2005-3163]🔒
26509PHP-Fusion register.php sql injection🔒🔒
26508PHP-Fusion photogallery.php sql injection🔒🔒
26507PHP-Fusion messages.php sql injection🔒
26506PHP-Fusion messages.php sql injection🔒🔒
26505PHP-Fusion messages.php sql injection🔒🔒
26504EasyGuppy printfaq.php cross site scriting🔒
26503MailEnable Enterprise Logging memory corruption [CVE-2005-3155]🔒🔒🔒
26502Softwin BitDefender format string [CVE-2005-3154]🔒
26501Mywebland myBloggie Whitelist login.php sql injection
26500Devellion CubeCart cart.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26499Blender Player memory corruption [CVE-2005-3151]
26498Weex log_flush memory corruption🔒🔒
26497uim privileges management [CVE-2005-3149]🔒🔒
26496storebackup privileges management🔒🔒
26495StoreBackup information disclosure [CVE-2005-3147]🔒🔒
26494StoreBackup symlink [CVE-2005-3146]🔒🔒
26493Standards Based Linux Instrumentation sblim-sfcb httpadapter.c denial of service
26492Standards Based Linux Instrumentation sblim-sfcb httpadapter.c denial of service
264914D WebStar IMAP Client denial of service [CVE-2005-3143]
26490Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Personal Security Suite heap-based overflow🔒🔒
26489Cerulean Studios Trillian denial of service [CVE-2005-3141]
26488passwd cleartext storage [CVE-2005-3140]
26487Mozilla Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2005-3139]
26486Mozilla Bugzilla config.cgi information disclosure
26485dia Python privileges management [CVE-2005-2966]🔒🔒
26484gnome libzvt2 Helper authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0023]
26483GNU cfengine symlink [CVE-2005-3137]🔒
26482ProZilla Download Accelerator get_string_ahref memory corruption🔒🔒
26481Debian Linux cfengine symlink [CVE-2005-2960]🔒🔒
26480Symantec AntiVirus Scan Engine heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2758]🔒🔒
26479Virtools Web Player path traversal [CVE-2005-3136]
26478Virtools Web Player memory corruption [CVE-2005-3135]
26477Merak Mail Server logout.html path traversal🔒
26476Merak Mail Server Error Message bwlist_inc.html information disclosure🔒
26475Merak Mail Server blank.html cross site scriting🔒
26474lucidCMS Login sql injection [CVE-2005-3130]
26473S9y Serendipity serendipity_admin.php cross-site request forgery
26472Squirrelmail Address Add Plugin add.php cross site scriting🔒
26471lucidCMS index.php cross site scriting
26470Novell GroupWise Registry integer coercion [CVE-2005-2804]
26469apachetop Debug Mode symlink [CVE-2005-2660]🔒🔒
26468mpeg-tools unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3115]🔒🔒
26467ntlmaps information disclosure [CVE-2005-2962]🔒🔒
26466NateOn NateOn Messenger ActiveX Control nateondownloadmanager.ocx memory corruption
26465NateOn NateOn Messenger ActiveX Control nateondownloadmanager.ocx Remote Code Execution
26464macromedia breeze information disclosure [CVE-2005-3112]
26463backupninja symlink [CVE-2005-3111]🔒🔒
26462Linux Kernel Netfilter ebtables.c denial of service🔒🔒
26461Linux Kernel Filesystem resource management [CVE-2005-3109]🔒🔒
26460Linux Kernel ioremap.c denial of service🔒🔒
26459Linux Kernel exec.c deadlock🔒🔒
26458Linux Kernel deadlock [CVE-2005-3106]🔒🔒
26457Six Apart Movable Type mt-comments.cgi cross site scriting🔒
26456Six Apart Movable Type cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3103]🔒
26455Six Apart Movable Type privileges management [CVE-2005-3102]🔒
26454Six Apart Movable Type Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3101]🔒
26453Astaro Security Linux denial of service [CVE-2005-3100]
26452Avi Alkalay contribute.cgi path traversal🔒
26451Avi Alkalay nslookup.cgi CGI Program privileges management🔒
26450Avi Alkalay notify privileges management [CVE-2005-3095]🔒
26449Avi Alkalay Man Cgi memory corruption [CVE-2005-3094]🔒
26448Nokia 3210 Bluetooth denial of service [CVE-2005-3093]
26447Image-Line Software FL Studio heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3092]
26446Mantis cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3091]🔒🔒
26445Mantis bug_actiongroup_page.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26444Abisource Community Abiword stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2964]🔒🔒
26443Debian Linux view_all_set.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26442Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2005-3089]🔒
26441SecureW2 Random Number Generator information disclosure [CVE-2005-3087]
26440contentServ about.php path traversal
26439Riverdark Studios RSS Syndicator module rss.php cross site scriting
26438Sony PSP Photo Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2005-3084]
26437CMS Made Simple index.php cross site scriting
26436SEO-Board admin.php sql injection
26435wzdftpd privileges management [CVE-2005-3081]🔒🔒🔒
26434GeSHi example.php information disclosure
26433PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3079]🔒
26432PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3078]🔒
26431Microsoft IE for Macintosh denial of service [CVE-2005-3077]
26430Simplog Error Message archive.php Remote Code Execution
26429Mpc-donkey Zengaia sql injection [CVE-2005-3075]
26428rsyslogd sql injection [CVE-2005-3074]
26427Interchange submit.html cross site scriting🔒
26426Interchange submit.html sql injection🔒
26425HylaFax denial of service [CVE-2005-3070]🔒
26424HylaFax symlink [CVE-2005-3069]🔒🔒
26423Eric Integrated Development Environment Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
26422Scriptsolutions perldiver perldiver.cgi cross site scriting
26421Scriptsolutions perldiver cross site scriting [Disputed]
26420MultiTheftAuto memory corruption [CVE-2005-3065]
26419MultiTheftAuto unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3064]
26418Unu Networks MailGust sql injection [CVE-2005-3063]🔒🔒
26417AlstraSoft E-Friends index.php file inclusion
26416PowerArchiver Powerarchiver 2006 stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3061]
26415Opera Web Browser Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3059]
26414Linux Kernel mempolicy.c bug denial of service🔒🔒
26413jportal sql injection
26412PhpMyFaq Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-3050]🔒🔒
26411PhpMyFaq tracking[date information disclosure🔒🔒
26410PhpMyFaq Agent index.php path traversal🔒🔒
26409PhpMyFaq footer.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
26408PhpMyFaq password.php sql injection🔒🔒
26407My Little Homepage My Little Forum search.php sql injection
26406Mozilla Firefox User Interface authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2707]🔒🔒🔒
26405Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2706]🔒🔒🔒
26404Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine integer coercion [CVE-2005-2705]🔒🔒🔒
26403Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2704]🔒🔒🔒
26402Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2005-2703]🔒🔒🔒
26401Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2702]🔒🔒🔒
26400Linux Kernel routing_ioctl denial of service🔒🔒
26399Mall23 ITEM additem.asp sql injection
26398Opera Web Browser File Upload authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-3041]🔒
26397TAC Vista Web Interface isalogin.dll path traversal🔒
26396Mall23 infopage.asp sql injection
26395Hosting Controller information disclosure [CVE-2005-3038]🔒
26394Handy Address Book Handy Address Book Server cross site scriting
26393file transfer anywhere Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-3036]
26392Compuware DriverStudio Control Service dsrsvc.exe denial of service
26391Compuware DriverStudio Control Service dsrsvc.exe Remote Code Execution
26390Cambridge Computer vxWeb stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3033]
26389Cambridge Computer vxTftpSrv memory corruption [CVE-2005-3032]
26388Cambridge Computer vxFtpSrv memory corruption [CVE-2005-3031]
26387AhnLab V3Net path traversal [CVE-2005-3030]
26386AhnLab V3Net stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3029]
26384Sybari Antigen unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3027]
26383Alstrasoft Epay index.php path traversal
26382Jelsoft vBulletin index.php cross site scriting🔒
26381Jelsoft vBulletin announcement.php sql injection🔒
26380Jelsoft vBulletin announcement.php cross site scriting
26379Jelsoft vBulletin announcement.php sql injection
26378Jelsoft vbulletin image.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3021]
26377Jelsoft vBulletin css.php cross site scriting🔒
26376Jelsoft vBulletin joinrequests.php sql injection🔒
26375Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2005-3018]
26374Content2Web Error Message index.php cross site scriting
26373Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3016]
26372IBM Lotus Domino Enterprise Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3015]🔒🔒
26371Ensim WEBppliance cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3014]🔒
26370SuSE Linux YaST memory corruption [CVE-2005-3013]
26369simplecdr-x masterdatacd.cpp createimage information disclosure
26368GNU texinfo sort_offline link following🔒🔒
26367Cutephp CuteNews Protection Feature denial of service🔒
26366Cutephp CuteNews index.php cross site scriting
26365Amar Sagoo Tofu Python Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3008]
26364Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-3007]🔒
26363Opera Web Browser Mail Client " authentication spoofing🔒
26362Helpdesk Software Hesk admin.php Remote Code Execution
26361Interakt MX Shop index.php sql injection
26360NooTopList index.php sql injection
26359OpenTTD memory corruption [CVE-2005-2764]🔒
26358SGI IRIX Mountd access control [CVE-2005-0139]
26357SGI IRIX code [CVE-2005-0138]
26356masqmail symlink [CVE-2005-2663]🔒🔒
26355masqmail privileges management [CVE-2005-2662]🔒🔒
26354Xclusive-software MCCS denial of service [CVE-2005-3002]
26353ClamAV upx.c memory corruption🔒🔒
26352ClamAV fsg.c code🔒🔒
26351Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager txt.php cross site scriting
26350Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager test.php information disclosure
26349Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager Default Password improper authentication
26348Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager txt.php path traversal
26347bacula OpenSSL randpass symlink
26346IBM Rational ClearQuest Web Client cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2994]
26345HP Tru64 denial of service [CVE-2005-2993]🔒
26344ncompress symlink [CVE-2005-2991]
26343linecontol Java Client information disclosure
26342DeluxeBB topic.php sql injection🔒🔒
26341HP LaserJet 2430 SNMP information disclosure [CVE-2005-2988]
26340Digital Scribe Login login.php sql injection🔒🔒
26339AhnLab V3Net privileges management [CVE-2005-2986]
26338AEwebworks aeDating search_result.php sql injection
26337avocent ccm console server privileges management [CVE-2005-2984]
26336Oracle Reports sql injection [CVE-2005-2983]
26335Compaq CompaqHTTPServer Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2982]
26334Orion Application Server Error Page cross site scripting [CVE-2005-2981]
26333phpoutsourcing Noahs Classifieds index.php cross site scriting
26332phpoutsourcing Noahs Classifieds index.php sql injection
26331AVIRA Desktop avpack32.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2957]🔒
26330Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor information disclosure
26329Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor memory corruption
26328Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor password_reminder.php sql injection🔒🔒
26327MIVA MIVA Merchant cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2953]
26326Subscribe Me Pro path traversal
26325Azerbaijan AzDGDating path traversal
26324Sawmill cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2950]🔒
26323Mark D. Roth Pam Per User login Remote Code Execution
26322killprocess unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2948]
26321KillProcess memory corruption [CVE-2005-2947]
26320OpenSSL Default Configuration cryptographic issues [CVE-2005-2946]🔒
26319common-lisp-controller Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2657]🔒🔒
26318arc arc.c information disclosure🔒🔒
26317Brent Ely GNOME Workstation Command Center perform_file_save symlink
26316TWiki memory corruption [CVE-2005-2877]🔒🔒
26315microsoft antispyware program.exe Local Privilege Escalation
26314gtkdiskfree mount.c open_cmd_tube symlink🔒🔒
26313Linksys WRT54G Links apply.cgi memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
26312Softwolves Software Turquoise SuperStat Utility utility.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
26311Linksys WRT54G User Authentication restore.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
26310Linksys WRT54G Default Configuration ezconfig.asp missing encryption🔒🔒
26309Linksys WRT54G Default Configuration ezconfig.asp initialization privileges management🔒🔒
26307Linksys WRT54G denial of service [CVE-2005-2912]🔒
26306Zebedee zebedee.c makeconnection denial of service🔒🔒
26305Eset Software NOD32 Antivirus heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2903]🔒🔒
26304class-1 Forum sql injection [CVE-2005-2902]
26303Cj Desing CjWeb2Mail thankyou.php cross site scriting
26302Cj Desing CjLinkOut top.php cross site scriting
26301Cj Design Cj Tag Board details.php cross site scriting
26300FileZilla Encryption information disclosure [CVE-2005-2898] [Disputed]
26299Stylemotion Web News Error Message news information disclosure
26298Stylemotion Web News news sql injection
26297PBLang Error Message setcookie.php information disclosure🔒
26296PBLang cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2894]🔒
26295PBLang Login setcookie.php cross site scriting🔒
26294PBLang setcookie.php path traversal🔒
26293Csystems WebArchiveX webarchivex.dll privileges management [CVE-2005-2891]
26292secureol ve2 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2890]
26291MyBB misc.php sql injection🔒
26290MAXdev MD-Pro Error Message wiki.php information disclosure
26289MAXdev MD-Pro openwindow.php cross site scriting
26288MAXdev MD-Pro privileges management [CVE-2005-2885]
26287Neocrome Land Down Under events.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26285phpCommunityCalendar thankyou.php cross site scriting🔒
26284phpCommunityCalendar Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2881]
26283phpCommunityCalendar Login login.php sql injection🔒
26282advansysperu usb lock auto-protect missing encryption [CVE-2005-2879]
26281Linux Kernel raw_sendmsg access control🔒
26280Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-1913]🔒
26279GNU Mailutils search.c memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
26278util-linux umount Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2876]🔒🔒
26277Py2Play Python Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2875]🔒🔒
26276Easy Software Products CUPS Scheduler client.c is_path_absolute denial of service🔒🔒
26275Linux Kernel ipt_recent.c memory corruption🔒
26273phpMyAdmin Libraries cookie.auth.lib.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26272ZipTorrent Proxy Server cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2868]
26271BlueWhaleCRM Account sql injection [CVE-2005-2867]
26270mercora imradio Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2866]
26269aMember Payments file inclusion🔒
26268URBAN Core symlink [CVE-2005-2864]🔒🔒
26267Open Webmail cross site scriting🔒
26266Road Runner ADSL Road Runner modem Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2862]
26265N-Stalker N-Stealth cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2861]
26264savant web server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2859]
26263Redi Rediff ActiveX Control fetch.dll information disclosure
26262Softstack Free SMTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2857]
26261WinACE unacev2.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-2856]
26260Unclassified NewsBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2855] Feedback Form Perl Script unknown vulnerability
26258GuppY printfaq.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26257smb4k symlink [CVE-2005-2851]🔒🔒
26256Whitsoft SlimFTPd off-by-one [CVE-2005-2850]🔒
26255Barracuda Networks Barracuda Spam Firewall Firmware dig_device.cgi unknown vulnerability
26254Barracuda Networks Barracuda Spam Firewall Firmware path traversal🔒🔒
26253Barracuda Networks Barracuda Spam Firewall Firmware privileges management🔒🔒
26252CMS Made Simple lang.php file inclusion🔒
26251Ariba Ariba Spend Management Solutions Management System cleartext storage
26250Indiatimes Messenger ActiveX Object mmclient.exe renamegroup memory corruption
26249Helpdesk software Hesk admin_main.php privileges management
262483Com 3c15100d path traversal [CVE-2005-2020]🔒🔒
26247MAXdev MD-Pro Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2840]
26246MAXdev MD-Pro dl-search.php cross site scriting
26245Mywebland myBloggie Login login.php sql injection
26244Plain Black WebGUI privileges management [CVE-2005-2837]🔒
26243Phorum register.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26242Inter7 SqWebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2820]🔒🔒
26241Eric Fichot DownFile update.php access control
26240Eric Fichot DownFile email.php,(2 cross site scripting
26239Simple Machines Forum information disclosure [CVE-2005-2817]🔒
26238Greymatter cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2816]🔒🔒
26237FlatNuke print.php information disclosure
26236FlatNuke index.php cross site scriting
26235FlatNuke index.php path traversal🔒
26234man2web privileges management [CVE-2005-2812]🔒
26233net-snmp Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2811]🔒🔒
26232urban stack-based overflow
26231silc Secure Internet Live Conferencing silcd.c symlink
26230frox Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2808]
26229frox Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2807]
26228OpenTTD memory corruption [CVE-2005-2763]🔒🔒
26227Polygen denial of service [CVE-2005-2656]🔒🔒
26226KDE symlink [CVE-2005-2494]🔒🔒
26225Trevor Hogan BNBT client.cpp input validation🔒
26224e107 CMS forum_post.php sql injection🔒
26223Hiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2803]
26222Hiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2336]
26220Linux Kernel ext3 File System xattr.c denial of service🔒🔒
26219OpenBSD OpenSSH information disclosure [CVE-2005-2798]🔒🔒
26218phpLDAPadmin welcome.php file inclusion🔒
26217phpLDAPadmin welcome.php path traversal🔒
26216Bfcommand And Control Software BFCC denial of service [CVE-2005-2791]
26215Bfcommand And Control Software BFCC Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2790]
26214Bfcommand And Control Software BFCC Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2789]
26213Neocrome Land Down Under events.php sql injection🔒🔒
26212Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog comment_delete_cgi.php privileges management🔒
26211Cosmoshop bestmail_edit.cgi path traversal
26210Cosmoshop cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2785]
26209Cosmoshop login sql injection
26208PHP-Fusion cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2783]🔒
26207AutoLinks al_initialize.php file inclusion🔒
26206Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
26205Neocrome Land Down Under cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2780]🔒🔒
26204iTAN Online-Banking Security System information disclosure [CVE-2005-2779]
26203MyBB member.php sql injection🔒
26202Looking Glass privileges management [CVE-2005-2777]🔒
26201Looking Glass footer.php cross site scriting🔒
26200phpWebNotes Core php_api.php extract file inclusion🔒
26199Lithium Software Lithium II mod memory corruption [CVE-2005-2774]
26198HP OpenView Network Node Manager privileges management [CVE-2005-2773]🔒🔒🔒
26197University of Minnesota gopher vifromline stack-based overflow🔒🔒
26196F-Secure SSH server SSH Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-2771]🔒
26195WRQ WRQ Reflection for Secure IT Windows Server information disclosure🔒
26194Inter7 SqWebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2769]🔒
26193Leapware LeapFTP memory corruption [CVE-2005-2767]
26192simpleproxy memory corruption [CVE-2005-1857]🔒🔒
26191log4sh log4sh_readproperties symlink
26190Microsoft Windows Firewall unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2765]
26189Red Hat Enterprise Linux tty_io.c denial of service🔒
26188phpGroupWare cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2761]🔒🔒
26187maildrop privileges management [CVE-2005-2655]🔒🔒
26186phpLDAPadmin LDAP Server login.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
26185PhotoPost PHP Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2737]🔒
26184YaPig cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2736]🔒
26183phpGraphy cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2735]🔒
26182Gallery cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2734]🔒🔒
26181Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog upload_img_cgi.php memory corruption🔒🔒
26180AWStats Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-2732]
26179Astaro Security Linux path traversal [CVE-2005-2731]
26178Astaro Security Linux Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-2730]
26177Astaro Security Linux HTTP Proxy Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2729]
26176Ari Pikivirta Home Ftp Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-2727]🔒
26175Ari Pikivirta Home Ftp Server path traversal [CVE-2005-2726]🔒
26174qnx rtos information disclosure [CVE-2005-2725]
26173Inter7 SqWebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2724] [Disputed]🔒🔒
26172PHP Arena PaFileDB auth.php sql injection🔒🔒
26171Foojan PHP Weblog Error Message index.php information disclosure
26170Foojan PHP Weblog index.php cross site scriting
26169HAURI ViRobot Expert vrazace.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2720]🔒
26168Flagship Industries Ventrilo denial of service [CVE-2005-2719]🔒🔒
26166Backup Manager Logging symlink [CVE-2005-1856]🔒🔒
26165Backup Manager information disclosure [CVE-2005-1855]🔒🔒
26164MPlayer ad_pcm.c memory corruption🔒🔒
26163WebCalendar settings.php file inclusion🔒🔒🔒
26162Nokia Affix Bluetooth btsrv.c event_pin_code_request privileges management🔒
26161phpkit admin.php cross site scriting🔒
26160Nelogic Technologies Nephp Publisher Enterprise browse.php cross site scriting
26159MyBB search.php sql injection🔒
26158IBM Lotus Notes Administration information disclosure [CVE-2005-2696]
26157WinAce memory corruption [CVE-2005-2694]
26156cvs cvsbug symlink [CVE-2005-2693]🔒🔒
26155RunCMS newtopic.php sql injection🔒
26154RunCMS common.php extract sql injection🔒
26153PostNuke Downloads Module dl-viewdownload.php sql injection🔒
26152PostNuke user.php cross site scriting🔒
26151SaveWebPortal footer.php cross site scriting
26150SaveWebPortal menu_dx.php file inclusion
26149SaveWebPortal menu_dx.php path traversal
26148SaveWebPortal editerfichier.php Remote Code Execution
26147Mantis Monitoring database_api.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26146OpenVPN denial of service [CVE-2005-2534]🔒🔒
26145OpenVPN memory allocation [CVE-2005-2533]🔒🔒
26144OpenVPN denial of service [CVE-2005-2532]🔒🔒
26143OpenVPN denial of service [CVE-2005-2531]🔒🔒
26142Adobe Version Cue VCNative memory corruption [CVE-2005-1843]
26141Adobe Version Cue VCNative symlink [CVE-2005-1842]
26140Virtual Edge Netquery nquser.php privileges management🔒
26139PHPKit Login member.php sql injection🔒
26138DTLink AreaEdit aspell_setup.php privileges management
26137Sysinternals Process Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2005-2679]
26136ACNews information disclosure [CVE-2005-2677]
26135Coppermine Photo Gallery displayimage.php cross site scriting🔒
26134Neocrome Land Down Under Links forums.php sql injection [Disputed]🔒🔒
26133Neocrome Land Down Under index.php cross site scriting [Disputed]🔒🔒
26132WoltLab Burning Board modcp.php sql injection🔒
26131LM_sensors symlink [CVE-2005-2672]🔒🔒
26129HAURI ViRobot Expert path traversal [CVE-2005-2670]
26128CA Unicenter Network And Systems Management privileges management🔒
26127CA Unicenter Network And Systems Management log_security memory corruption🔒🔒
26126CA Unicenter Asset Management denial of service [CVE-2005-2667]🔒🔒
26125OpenSSH credentials management [CVE-2005-2666]🔒
26124Elm expires.c stack-based overflow🔒
26123whisper information disclosure [CVE-2005-2664]
26122BBCaffe cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2653]
26121Phpoutsourcing Zorum Installation notification.php denial of service
26120Phpoutsourcing Zorum prod.php memory corruption🔒
26119Emefa Emefa Guestbook sign.asp cross site scriting
26118Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
26117W-Agora index.php path traversal🔒🔒
26116Xerox Document Centre 535 cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2647]🔒
26115Xerox Document Centre 440 denial of service [CVE-2005-2646]
26114Xerox Document Centre 535 cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2645]🔒
26113Isemarket JaguarControl jaguareditcontrol.dll memory corruption
26112Tor information disclosure [CVE-2005-2643]🔒🔒
26111mutt handler.c mutt_decode_xbit memory corruption
26110Juniper Netscreen ScreenOS IKE Aggressive Mode information disclosure
26109Valusoft Chris Moneymakers World Poker Championship memory corruption
26108PHPFreeNews newscategoryform.php cross site scriting
26107PHPFreeNews searchresults.php sql injection
26106phpPgAds sql injection🔒
26105phpPgAds adlayer.php path traversal🔒
26104WinFtp Server log-scr memory corruption
26103PHPTB Topic Boards admin_o.php file inclusion
26102mediabox404 login_admin_mediabox404.php sql injection
26101Cisco Clean Access Security Check Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2631]
26100slocate denial of service [CVE-2005-2499]🔒
26099Linux Kernel inflate.c huft_build null pointer dereference🔒🔒
26098Linux Kernel inflate.c denial of service🔒🔒
26097Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-2457]🔒🔒
26096Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2005-2099]🔒
26095Sun Storedge Enterprise Backup Software Portmapper Stored denial of service🔒
26094Sun Storedge Enterprise Backup Software Stored privileges management🔒
26093Sun Storedge Enterprise Backup Software Stored authentication spoofing🔒
26092Kismet heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2627]🔒🔒
26091Kismet SSID memory corruption [CVE-2005-2626]🔒🔒
26090CPAINT Paint executeglobal privileges management
26089CPAINT Paint calculator.asp unknown vulnerability
26088ECW-Shop Shopping Cart unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2623]
26087ECW-Shop index.php cross site scriting
26086ECW-Shop Error Message index.php sql injection
26085Apple Mac OS X IPP Request denial of service [CVE-2005-2526]🔒
26084Apple Mac OS X File Descriptors denial of service [CVE-2005-2525]🔒
26083Apple Mac OS X cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2523]🔒
26082Apple Mac OS X Security Check memory corruption [CVE-2005-2522]🔒
26081Apple Mac OS X traceroute memory corruption [CVE-2005-2521]🔒
26080Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2520]🔒
26079Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2519]🔒
26078Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2005-2518]🔒
26077Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2517]🔒
26076Apple Mac OS X Rich Text Format privileges management [CVE-2005-2516]🔒
26075Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2515]🔒
26074Apple Mac OS X ping memory corruption [CVE-2005-2514]🔒
26073Apple Mac OS X Input Fields information disclosure [CVE-2005-2513]🔒
26072Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2005-2512]🔒
26071Apple Mac OS X Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2511]🔒
26070Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2510]🔒
26069Apple Mac OS X unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2509]🔒
26068Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2508]🔒
26067Apple Mac OS X Directory Services memory corruption [CVE-2005-2507]🔒
26066Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation denial of service [CVE-2005-2506]🔒
26065Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2005-2505]🔒
26064Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2504]🔒
26063Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2503]🔒
26062Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2005-2502]🔒
26061Apple Mac OS X Rich Text Format memory corruption [CVE-2005-2501]🔒
26060Novell GroupWise Debugger grpwise.exe cleartext storage
26059Linux Kernel syscall32.c insert_vm_struct denial of service
26058ezUpload initialize.php memory corruption🔒
26057EQdkp session.php Remote Code Execution
26056Crosscom Olicom Discuz .php.rar privileges management🔒🔒
26055CPAINT unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2613]
26054WordPress Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2612]🔒🔒
26053VegaDNS index.php cross site scriting
26052VegaDNS index.php information disclosure
26051SafeHTML cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2608]
26050PHPSimplicity Simplicity oF Upload download.php file inclusion🔒
26049PHlyMail Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2606]
26048Omnipilot Software Lasso Professional Server unknown vulnerability
26047My Image Gallery Error Message index.php information disclosure
26046My Image Gallery index.php cross site scriting
26044Midicart Software Midicart Php Shopping Cart item_show.asp sql injection
26043Ilia Alshanetsky FUDForum cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2600]🔒🔒
26042Hummingbird Connectivity Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2005-2599]
26041Dokeos scormdocument.php path traversal
26040AOL Client Software Installation acsd.exe memory corruption
26039postnuke user.php Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
26038Dada Mail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2595]🔒🔒
26037Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2005-2594]
26036Parlano MindAlign Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2005-2593]
26035Parlano MindAlign Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2592]
26034Parlano MindAlign information disclosure [CVE-2005-2591]
26033Parlano MindAlign cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2590]
26032Linksys WRT54GS tkip missing encryption
26031DVBBS dispbbs.asp cross site scriting
26030KDE langen2kvtml tmp unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
26029PHPTB Topic Boards emailvalidate.php sql injection
26028Mentor ADSL-FR4II router Backup Configuration File cleartext storage
26027Mentor ADSL-FR4II router Firmware denial of service [CVE-2005-2585]
26026Mentor ADSL-FR4II router Web Administration Interface improper authentication
26025Mentor ADSL-FR4II router Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2583]
26024Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Virus linux symlink
26023Grandstream Budgetone 102 Firmware denial of service [CVE-2005-2581]
26022MyBB index.php sql injection🔒
26020Wyse Winterm Firmware denial of service [CVE-2005-2577]🔒
26019CaLogic Error Message doclsqlres.php information disclosure
26018XMB Forum sql injection🔒
26017xmb Forum xmb.php cross site scriting🔒
26016mysql mysql_create_function path traversal🔒
26015MySQL jpeg1x32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-2572]🔒
26014FunkBoard mysql_install.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2571]
26013FunkBoard Error Message forums.php information disclosure
26012FunkBoard editpost.php cross site scriting
26011SysCP cURL eval Remote Code Execution🔒
26010SysCP file inclusion [CVE-2005-2567]🔒
26009OpenBB board.php sql injection
26008Gravity Board X Error Message deletethread.php information disclosure🔒
26007Gravity Board X editcss.php sql injection🔒
26006Gravity Board X deletethread.php cross site scriting🔒
26005Gravity Board X sql injection [CVE-2005-2562]🔒
26004MYFAQ affichagefaq.php3 sql injection
26003CFBB index.cfm cross site scriting
26002ePing Plugin doping.php validation memory corruption🔒
26001MySQL init_syms stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
26000EMC Navisphere Manager information disclosure [CVE-2005-2358]
25999EMC Navisphere Manager path traversal [CVE-2005-2357]
25998Rob Flynn Gaim memory corruption [CVE-2005-2103]🔒🔒🔒
25997Rob Flynn Gaim icq denial of service🔒🔒🔒
25996KDE kpdf denial of service [CVE-2005-2097]🔒🔒
25995Edd Dumbill PHPXMLRPC PEAR eval unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
25994awstats eval unknown vulnerability🔒🔒🔒
25993McAfee epolicy orchestrator Web Server information disclosure🔒
25992Linux Kernel ptrace32.c another denial of service🔒🔒
25991HP ProLiant DL585 Firmware Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2552]
25990GNOME Evolution memory corruption [CVE-2005-2550]🔒🔒
25989GNOME Evolution LDAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-2549]🔒🔒
25988Linux Kernel vlan_dev.c resource management🔒🔒
25987BlueZ Bluetooth security.c privileges management🔒🔒
25986Arab Portal Error Message "errmsg" information disclosure
25985PHPOpenChat profile.php cross site scriting
25984Comdev eCommerce config.php file inclusion🔒🔒
25983Comdev eCommerce path traversal🔒
25982Invision Power Services IP.Board unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2542]
25981GNU Tar Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2541]
25980FlatNuke username].php registration cross site scriting🔒
25979FlatNuke structure.php cross site scriting🔒
25978FlatNuke index.php denial of service🔒
25977FlatNuke structure.php information disclosure🔒
25976pstotext privileges management [CVE-2005-2536]🔒🔒
25975CA Brightstor Enterprise Backup memory corruption [CVE-2005-2535]🔒🔒
25974Ethereal proto_item_set_text format string🔒🔒
25973Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-2366]🔒🔒
25972Ethereal SMB Dissector memory allocation [CVE-2005-2365]🔒🔒
25971Ethereal GIOP Dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-2364]🔒🔒
25970Ethereal MEGACO Dissector infinite loop [CVE-2005-2363]🔒🔒
25969Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-2362]🔒🔒
25968Ethereal RADIUS Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-2361]🔒🔒
25967Ethereal LDAP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-2360]🔒🔒
25962Web Content Management News System addmodifyinput.php Remote Code Execution
25961Web Content Management News System validsession.php cross site scriting
25960McData Intrepid 6140 Director Switch Array Access denial of service
25959PortailPHP read_message.php sql injection
25958Logicampus Helpdesk cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2485]
25957Denora IRC Stats rdb_query memory corruption
25956Karrigell Libraries denial of service [CVE-2005-2483]
25955Metasploit Metasploit Framework statetooptions unknown vulnerability
25954Macromedia ColdFusion Fusebox Error Message information disclosure
25953Macromedia ColdFusion Fusebox Error Page index.cfm cross site scriting🔒
25952Pablo Software Solutions Quick N Easy FTP Server denial of service
25951Silver-Scripts SilverNews Control Panel login.php sql injection🔒
25950Naxtor Shopping Cart Error Message shop_display_products.php sql injection
25949Naxtor Shopping Cart lost_passowrd.php cross site scriting
25948ChurchInfo Error Message personview.php information disclosure
25947ChurchInfo personview.php sql injection
25946NetcPlus BusinessMail memory corruption [CVE-2005-2472]🔒🔒
25945netpbm privileges management [CVE-2005-2471]🔒🔒
25944mozilla Thunderbird symlink🔒🔒
25943Debian apt-cacher privileges management [CVE-2005-1854]🔒🔒
25942Linux Kernel traps.c denial of service🔒🔒
25941Linux Kernel restore_sigcontext input validation🔒🔒
25939Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl off-by-one [CVE-2005-1268]🔒🔒
25938Greasemonkey api information disclosure
25937NetworkActiv NetworkActiv Web Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2453]🔒
25936libtiff tif_strip.c denial of service🔒
25935ClamAV tnef.c integer coercion🔒🔒🔒
25934sandbox symlink [CVE-2005-2449]🔒🔒
25933ekg denial of service [CVE-2005-2448]🔒🔒
25930Early Impact Product Cart viewprd.asp sql injection🔒
25929Cerulean Studios Trillian Pro Login cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2444]
25928Kshout information disclosure [CVE-2005-2443]
25927SPI Dynamics WebInspect unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2442]
25926VBzoom profile.php cross site scriting
25925Thomson Netg Web Skill Vantage Manager login.asp sql injection
25924UseBB magic_quotes_gpc search sql injection
25923UseBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2438]
25922Website Baker index.php" unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2437]
25921Website Baker Error Message browse.php information disclosure
25920Website Baker browse.php cross site scriting
25919Tincan PHPList Error Message about.php information disclosure
25918Tincan PHPList index.php sql injection
25917GForge cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2431]🔒🔒
25916GForge Login Form forum.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25915Elemental Software CartWIZ viewcart.asp cross site scriting
25914FTPshell FTPshell Server denial of service [CVE-2005-2426]🔒
25913Ares FileShare Configuration File ares.conf stack-based overflow
25912Siemens SANTIS 50 Management Interface Remote Code Execution
25911Beehive Forum Error Message index.php information disclosure
25910Beehive Forum index.php cross site scriting
25909Beehive Forum index.php sql injection
25908FtpLocate privileges management🔒
25907Eci Telecom B-FOCuS Router privileges management [CVE-2005-2419]
25905Astalavista Contrexx version.xml information disclosure
25904Astalavista Contrexx Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2416]
25903Astalavista Contrexx sql injection [CVE-2005-2415]
25902xpcom denial of service [CVE-2005-2414]
25901Atomic Photo Album file inclusion🔒
25900PHP FirstPost block.php file inclusion
25898SCO UnixWare RPC Portmapper denial of service [CVE-2005-2132]
25897gopher client gopher.c Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
25896Symantec Veritas Backup Exec heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2079]
25895Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-1762]🔒🔒
25894tDiary cross-site request forgery [CVE-2005-2411]🔒🔒
25893GNOME NetworkManager nm_info_handler memory corruption🔒
25892nbsmtp Debug Mode util.c memory corruption🔒
25891Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2005-2407]🔒
25890sendcard sendcard.php sql injection🔒🔒
25889RealChat unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2403]
25888PHPSiteSearch search.php cross site scriting
25887PHP-Fusion sql injection [CVE-2005-2401]🔒
25886PHPFinance inc.login.php privileges management
25885PHP Surveyor PSSP browse.php sql injection🔒🔒
25884PHP Surveyor browse.php sql injection🔒🔒
25883GNU phpBook guestbook.php cross site scriting
25882MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2396]🔒🔒
25881Mozilla Firefox cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2395]🔒
25880Cutephp CuteNews show_news.php information disclosure
25879Cutephp CuteNews index.php cross site scriting🔒
25878CMS Made Simple index.php search cross site scriting🔒🔒
25877Goodtech Systems GoodTech SMTP server SMTP Server stack-based overflow🔒
25876Elemental Software CartWIZ viewcart.asp cross site scriting
25875Alwil Avast Antivirus unacev2.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-2385]
25874Alwil Avast Antivirus unacev2.dll path traversal [CVE-2005-2384]
25873Fetchmail POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-2335]🔒🔒🔒
25872PHPNews auth.php sql injection🔒
25871oray peanuthull Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2382]
25870PHP Surveyor Error Message question.php information disclosure🔒🔒
25869PHP Surveyor browse.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25868Oracle Reports path traversal [CVE-2005-2378]🔒
25867Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux LDAP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-2377]🔒
25866Codemasters Toca Race Driver memory corruption [CVE-2005-2376]
25865Codemasters Toca Race Driver denial of service [CVE-2005-2375]
25864Whitsoft SlimFTPd rnfr Command memory corruption [CVE-2005-2373]🔒🔒🔒
25863Oracle Forms memory corruption [CVE-2005-2372]🔒
25862ekg resource management [CVE-2005-2370]🔒🔒
25861ekg memory corruption [CVE-2005-2369]🔒🔒
25860vim os command injection [CVE-2005-2368]🔒🔒
25859KDE information disclosure [CVE-2005-1920]🔒🔒
25858ekg numeric error [CVE-2005-1852]🔒🔒
25855Y.SAK w_s3mbfm.cgi privileges management
25854SEO-Board smilies_popup.php cross site scriting PHPPageProtect admin.php cross site scriting
25852MooseGallery display.php file inclusion
25851osCommerce update.php path traversal🔒
25850mrv in-reach Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2329]
25849Laffer im.php file inclusion
25848e107 CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2327]
25847Clever Copy calendar.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25846Clever Copy ticker.php cross site scriting🔒
25845Clever Copy results.php cross site scriting🔒
25844Clever Copy viewattach.php sql injection
25843Clever Copy users.php cross site scriting
25842CaLogic cl_minical.php memory corruption
25841WebCalendar assistant_edit.php information disclosure🔒🔒
25840Yawp file inclusion [CVE-2005-2319]
25839DVBBS showerr.asp cross site scriting
25838Shorewall Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2317]🔒🔒
25837PHPsFTPd Login inc.login.php Remote Code Execution
25836Realnode Emilda management.php Remote Code Execution
25835SMS symlink [CVE-2005-2311]
25834Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2005-2309]
25833Microsoft Internet Explorer JPEG Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2005-2308]
25832Macromedia Coldfusion MX race condition [CVE-2005-2306]
25831DG Remote Control Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-2305]
25830Microsoft Internet Explorer CC Profile denial of service [CVE-2005-2304]
25828powerdns denial of service [CVE-2005-2302]🔒🔒
25827PowerDNS denial of service [CVE-2005-2301]🔒🔒
25826Message Board forum.cfm cross site scriting
25825Softwin BitDefender Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2298]
25824Sybase EAServer stack-based overflow🔒
25822ekg privileges management [CVE-2005-1851]🔒🔒
25821ekg memory corruption [CVE-2005-1850]🔒🔒
25820Yabb ssi_examples.php information disclosure
25819Pyrosoft Inc NetPanzer infinite loop [CVE-2005-2295]
25818Oracle Forms information disclosure [CVE-2005-2294]🔒
25817Oracle Forms Builder information disclosure [CVE-2005-2293]🔒
25816Oracle jdeveloper information disclosure [CVE-2005-2291]🔒
25815Web Portal wps_shop.cgi privileges management🔒
25814PHPCounter Error Message prelims.php information disclosure
25813PHPCounter cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2288]
25812SoftiaCom wMailServer memory corruption [CVE-2005-2287]
25811Esi Products WebEOC Authorization Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2286]
25810Esi Products WebEOC Configuration File information disclosure
25809Esi Products WebEOC sql injection [CVE-2005-2284]
25808Esi Products WebEOC denial of service [CVE-2005-2283]
25807Esi Products WebEOC cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2282]
25806Esi Products WebEOC Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2005-2281]
25805MailEnable Professional IMAP Daemon stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2278]🔒🔒🔒
25804Apple Darwin Streaming Server cgi denial of service
25803CenterICQ symlink [CVE-2005-1914]🔒🔒
25802MIT Kerberos krb5_recvauth memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
25801MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1175]🔒🔒🔒
25800Nokia Affix FTP Client privileges management [CVE-2005-2277]🔒🔒
25799Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2274]🔒
25798Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2273]🔒
25797Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2272]🔒
25796Alexander Clauss iCab authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2271]🔒
25795Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2270]🔒🔒🔒
25794Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2269]🔒🔒🔒
25793Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2268]🔒🔒🔒
25792Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2267]🔒🔒🔒
25791Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2005-2266]🔒🔒🔒
25790Mozilla Firefox installversion.compareto memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
25789Mozilla Firefox Sidebar information disclosure [CVE-2005-2264]🔒🔒🔒
25788Mozilla Firefox callback memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
25787Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2262]🔒🔒🔒
25786Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-2261]🔒🔒🔒
25785USANet Creations Makebid Auction Deluxe dispallclosed2 memory corruption
25784Squitosoft Squito Gallery memory corruption
25783PhpSlash saveprofile Remote Code Execution
25782phpPgAdmin path traversal [CVE-2005-2256]🔒🔒
25781Gianluca Baldo PhpAuction index.php path traversal🔒
25780Gianluca Baldo PhpAuction index.php cross site scripting🔒
25779Gianluca Baldo PhpAuction adsearch.php sql injection🔒
25778Gianluca Baldo PhpAuction cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2252]🔒
25777Secure Reality PHPSecurePages secure.php memory corruption🔒
25776Nokia Affix FTP Client memory corruption [CVE-2005-2250]🔒🔒
25775Jinzora file inclusion [CVE-2005-2249]🔒🔒
25774Sven-ove Bjerkan DownloadProtect path traversal [CVE-2005-2248]
25773SquirrelMail options_identities.php extract cross site scriting🔒🔒
25772Moodle Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2247]🔒
25771PhotoAlbum getpage.php memory corruption
25770Cisco Call Manager aupair.exe memory corruption
25769Cisco Call Manager inetinfo.exe memory leak
25768Cisco CallManager ctimgr.exe memory allocation
25767Cisco Call Manager risdc.exe denial of service
25766xpvm symlink [CVE-2005-2240]🔒🔒
25765oftpd denial of service [CVE-2005-2239]
25764IBM AIX swcons memory corruption [CVE-2005-2237]
25763IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-2236]
25762IBM AIX WebSM memory corruption [CVE-2005-2235]
25761IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-2234]
25760IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-2233]
25759IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-2232]
25758High Availability Linux Project Heartbeat symlink [CVE-2005-2231]🔒🔒
25757elmo unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2230]
25756Blog Torrent Account newusers information disclosure
25755Bdc Enterprises Web Wiz Forums information disclosure [CVE-2005-2228]
25754softiacom wmailserver Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2227]
25753Microsoft Outlook Express News Server information disclosure🔒
25752Microsoft MSN Messenger cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2225]
25751Mailenable Professional denial of service [CVE-2005-2223]🔒🔒
25750MailEnable Professional Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2222]
25749Incredible Interactive Dragonfly Commerce Error Message dc_categoriesview.asp sql injection [Disputed]
25748Incredible Interactive Dragonfly Commerce Administration dc_categorieslist.asp Stored unknown vulnerability [Disputed]
25747hosting controller accountactions.asp sql injection🔒
25746Craig Dansie Dansie Shopping Cart information disclosure [CVE-2005-2217]
25745PhotoGal PhotoGal Photo Gallery gals.php memory corruption
25744MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2215]🔒
25743arshell Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1859]
25741Debian apt-setup information disclosure [CVE-2005-2214]
25740MMS Ripper mms.c mms_interp_header memory corruption
25739Sukria Backup Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2212]
25738Sukria backup manager Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2211]
25737Tonec Inc. Internet Download Manager stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2210]
25736Capturix ScanShare capturixss_cfg.ini cleartext storage
25735PrivaShare denial of service [CVE-2005-2208]
25734Elemental Software CartWIZ login.asp cross site scriting
25733Elemental Software CartWIZ tellafriend.asp sql injection
25732pngren kaiseki.cgi readlog privileges management
25731CA eTrust SiteMinder smpwservicescgi.exe cross site scriting🔒
25730phpWishlist login.php Remote Code Execution
25729Xerox Workcentre 2636 cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2202]🔒
25728Xerox Workcentre 2636 denial of service [CVE-2005-2201]🔒
25727Xerox Workcentre 2636 cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2200]🔒
25726Skrypty Ppa Gallery memory corruption🔒
25725SPiD lang.php memory corruption🔒
25724Id Board sql.cls.php sql injection
25723PunBB profile.php sql injection🔒
25722Alexander Palmo Simple Php Blog password.txt information disclosure
25721Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart Shopping Cart cross site scriting🔒
25720Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart Shopping Cart comersus_optaffiliateregistrationexec.asp sql injection🔒
25719Lantronix SecureLinx Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2005-2189]
25718McAfee IntruShield Security Management System Remote Code Execution
25717mcafee security management system reports-column-center.jsp Local Privilege Escalation
25716EMC eRoom Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2185]
25715EMC eRoom privileges management [CVE-2005-2184]
25714PhpXmail Error Message class.xmail.php Remote Code Execution
25713Grandstream BudgeTone authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2182]🔒
25712Cisco 7960 Router authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2181]
25711gnats unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2180]
25710Jaws blogmodel.php file inclusion🔒🔒
25709probe.cgi privileges management
25708Microsoft Windows information disclosure [CVE-2005-2150]🔒
25706Mozilla Bugzilla Replication buglist.cgi information disclosure🔒🔒
25705Mozilla Bugzilla process_bug.cgi validate information disclosure🔒🔒
25703Sun solaris information disclosure [CVE-2005-1841]🔒🔒
25702Kaf Oseo Quick And Dirty Phpsource Printer source.php path traversal Plague News System delete.php unknown vulnerability Plague News System index.php cross site scriting Plague News System index.php sql injection
25698GlobalNoteScript read.cgi privileges management
25697Covide Groupware-CRM sql injection [CVE-2005-2164]
25696AutoIndex PHP Script index.php cross site scriting🔒 MyGuestbook file inclusion
25694phpBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2161]🔒🔒
25693IPSwitch IMail cleartext storage [CVE-2005-2160]
25692PlanetDNS PlanetFileServer mshftp.dll denial of service [CVE-2005-2159]🔒
25691JBoss jBPM Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2158]
25690Nabocorp nabopoll file inclusion🔒
25689PHPNews news.php sql injection🔒
25688EasyPHPCalendar memory corruption [CVE-2005-2155]🔒
25687osTicket STS view.php file inclusion🔒
25686osTicket STS class.ticket.php sql injection🔒
25685Geeklog sql injection [CVE-2005-2152]🔒
25684Double Precision Incorporated Courier Mail Server spf.c memory corruption🔒🔒
25683Cacti config.php sql injection🔒🔒
25682Cacti graph_image.php get_request_var privileges management🔒🔒
25681Edgewall Software Trac privileges management [CVE-2005-2147]🔒🔒
25680ekg symlink [CVE-2005-1916]🔒🔒
25679SSH Tectia Server authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-2146]
25678prevx pro Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-2145]🔒
25677prevx pro unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2144]🔒
25676Microsoft FrontPage denial of service [CVE-2005-2143]
25675Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2005-2142]🔒 TCP Chat memory corruption [CVE-2005-2141]
25673FSboard default.asp path traversal
25672Pavsta Pavsta Auto Site user_check.php file inclusion
25671Comdev eCommerce index.php cross site scriting
25670NateOn NateOn Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2005-2137]
25669Raritan Dominion Console shadow memory corruption
25668EtoShop Dynamic Biz Website Builder Quickweb verify.asp sql injection
25665Raven Software Soldier of Fortune 2 memory corruption [CVE-2005-2115]
25664Mozilla Firefox empty denial of service🔒
25663XOOPS bloggerapi.php loginuser sql injection🔒🔒
25662XOOPS edit.php cross site scriting🔒
25661Community Link Pro Web Editor Login login.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
25660WordPress Error Message menu-header.php information disclosure🔒🔒
25659WordPress Login wp-login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25658WordPress RPC Server sql injection [CVE-2005-2108]🔒🔒
25657WordPress post.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25656Drupal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2106]🔒🔒
25655Cisco IOS improper authentication [CVE-2005-2105]🔒
25654Sun ONE web server Application Firewall cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2094]
25653Oracle Application Server Application Firewall cross site scriting🔒🔒
25652BEA WebLogic Server Application Firewall cross site scriting
25651IBM WebSphere Application Server Application Firewall cross site scriting
25650Apache Tomcat Application Firewall 1.1 cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
25649Microsoft IIS Application Firewall cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2089]
25648Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control javaprxy.dll resource management🔒🔒
25647phpBB viewtopic.php preg_replace file inclusion🔒🔒🔒
25646Infradig Systems Inframail Advantage memory corruption [CVE-2005-2085]🔒
25645Telligent Systems Community Server Forums searchresults.aspx cross site scriting
25644Truenorth Software IA eMailServer denial of service [CVE-2005-2083]🔒🔒
25643Cgi-club imTRSET im_trbbs.cgi privileges management
25642Digium Asterisk the stack-based overflow
25641FreeBSD unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2068]
25640FreeBSD Access Restriction unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2019]🔒
25639Lpanel diagnose.php information disclosure
25638Goodtech Systems GoodTech SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-1931]🔒
25637ClamAV mszipd.c infinite loop🔒🔒
25636ClamAV cli_msexpand memory allocation🔒🔒
25635kpopper symlink [CVE-2005-1917]
25633crip Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0393]🔒🔒
25632Microsoft Log Sink Class ActiveX control ActiveX Control pkmcore.dll unknown vulnerability
25629Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2080]
25628Sofotex BisonFTP denial of service [CVE-2005-2078]
25627Hosting Controller error.asp cross site scriting🔒
25626HP Version Control Repository Manager information disclosure
25625PHP-Fusion Administration db_backups information disclosure🔒
25624PHP-Fusion submit.php cross site scriting🔒
25623ibm db2 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2073]
25622Sun solaris access control [CVE-2005-2072]🔒
25621Sun Solaris access control [CVE-2005-2071]🔒
25620ClamAV Mail Filter Connection denial of service [CVE-2005-2070]🔒🔒
25619ASP-Nuke article.asp sql injection
25618ASP-Nuke comment_post.asp sql injection
25617ASP-Nuke Web Cache language_select.asp authentication spoofing
25616ASP-Nuke forgot_password.asp cross site scriting
25615Active Web Softwares ActiveBuyAndSell sendpassword.asp cross site scriting
25614Active Web Softwares ActiveBuyAndSell default.asp sql injection
25613Ubbcentral UBB.Threads sql injection [CVE-2005-2061]🔒
25612Ubbcentral UBB.Threads Web Cache toggleshow.php authentication spoofing🔒
25611Ubbcentral UBB.Threads addaddress.php cross-site request forgery🔒
25610Ubbcentral UBB.Threads download.php sql injection🔒
25609Ubbcentral UBB.Threads dosearch.php cross site scriting🔒
25608ClamAV denial of service [CVE-2005-2056]🔒🔒
25607RealNetworks RealPlayer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2055]🔒
25606RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution
25605d-bus information disclosure [CVE-2005-0201]🔒
25604Salims Softhouse JAF CMS Error Message index.php path traversal
25603RealNetworks RealPlayer vidplin.dll heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2052]🔒
25602Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Administration Console memory corruption
25601Tor information disclosure [CVE-2005-2050]🔒🔒
25600RealNetworks RealPlayer rtffplin.cpp heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
25599shtool symlink [CVE-2005-1759]🔒🔒
25597Symantec Veritas Backup Exec ndmlsrvr.dll denial of service [CVE-2005-0772]
25596Symantec Veritas Backup Exec RPC Interface beserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
25595DUware DUclassmate default.asp sql injection🔒
25594DUware DUforum messages.asp sql injection🔒
25593DUware DUpaypal Pro cat.asp sql injection🔒
25592DUware DUamazon Pro cat.asp sql injection🔒
25591DUware DUportal PRO default.asp sql injection🔒
25590Cacti config_settings.php file inclusion🔒🔒🔒
25589Cacti config_settings.php sql injection🔒🔒
25588Cacti top_graph_header.php file inclusion🔒🔒🔒🔒
25586Fortibus Fortibus CMS logon.asp sql injection
25585MercuryBoard Message Board Agent index.php sql injection🔒
25584telnetd Terminal getterminaltype memory corruption🔒🔒
25583Fortibus Fortibus CMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2038]
25582Blue-collar Productions I-gallery folderview.asp cross site scriting🔒
25581Blue-Collar Productions i-Gallery folderview.asp path traversal🔒
25580Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator IKE Aggressive Mode information disclosure
25579cPanel Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2021]🔒
25578PHP Arena pafaq sql injection [CVE-2005-2014]🔒
25577PHP Arena paFAQ backup.php information disclosure🔒
25576PHP Arena paFAQ sql injection [CVE-2005-2012]🔒
25575PHP Arena paFAQ cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2011]🔒
25574Uapplication Ublog Reload trackback.asp cross site scriting
25573Ublog Reload index.asp sql injection
25572Todd Miller sudo symlink [CVE-2005-1993]🔒🔒🔒
25571Yukihiro Matsumoto ruby RPC Server privileges management [CVE-2005-1992]🔒🔒
25570NanoBlogger privileges management [CVE-2005-2039]
25569Edgewall Software Trac path traversal [CVE-2005-2007]🔒
25568Symantec Veritas Backup Exec stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0773]🔒🔒🔒🔒
25567XAMPP Apache Distribution lang.php path traversal🔒
25566amaroK Web Frontend php Remote Code Execution
25565Vipul razor-agents denial of service [CVE-2005-2024]🔒🔒
25564SuSE Linux asshelp.c send_pinentry_environment Remote Code Execution
25563Sun iPlanet Messaging Server cross site scripting [CVE-2005-2022]🔒
25562Yaws Webserver information disclosure [CVE-2005-2008]🔒
25561JBOSS Installation information disclosure [CVE-2005-2006]🔒🔒
25560Ultimate PHP Board login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25559Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor browse.php cross site scriting
25558ajax-spell cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2042]
25557Cool Cafe Chat modifyuser.asp information disclosure
25556Cool Cafe Chat Login login.asp sql injection
25555sun solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2032]🔒
25554socialMPN article.php sql injection
25553Ultimate PHP Board missing encryption [CVE-2005-2030]🔒🔒
25552Enterasys Vertical Horizon-2402s Admin Account information disclosure
25551Enterasys Vertical Horizon-2402s Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2026]
25550Ultimate PHP Board users.dat information disclosure🔒🔒
25549Ultimate PHP Board Error Message viewtopic.php information disclosure
25548Annuaire 1Two index.php cross site scriting
25546InteractivePHP FusionBB path traversal [CVE-2005-1971]
25545Symantec pcAnywhere Caller Properties privileges management [CVE-2005-1970]🔒
25544Early Impact ProductCart Ecommerce viewprd.asp sql injection🔒
25543Glen Campbell siteframe siteframe.php code injection🔒
25542Cerberus Helpdesk Error Message reports.php information disclosure
25541Cerberus Helpdesk index.php cross site scriting
25540singapore Error Message admin.class.php information disclosure
25539Pico Server path traversal [CVE-2005-1952]
25538osCommerce Web Cache index.php authentication spoofing🔒
25537ePing Plugin functions.php eping_validaddr privileges management🔒
25536Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1722]🔒
25535Apple Mac OS X AFP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-1721]🔒
25534Apple Mac OS X AFP Server privileges management [CVE-2005-1720]🔒
25533Opera Web Browser Access Restriction cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1669]🔒🔒
25532Opera Web Browser XmlHttpRequest Object Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
25531Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-1269]🔒🔒
25530HAURI Virobot Linux Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-2041]🔒
25529Mambo content.php sql injection🔒🔒
25528PHP Arena pafiledb pafiledb.php path traversal
25527PHP Arena paFileDB Login Form auth.php sql injection
25526PHP Arena pafiledb pafiledb.php cross site scriting
25525McGallery admin.php path traversal
25524McGallery show.php information disclosure
25523Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager start.php code injection
25522Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager Error Message subscr_form.php information disclosure
25519Finjan SurfinGate privileges management [CVE-2005-1994]
25518Microsoft ISA Server Packet Filter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1216]🔒
25517Microsoft ISA Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1215]🔒🔒
25515Microsoft Windows orun32.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
25513Microsoft Windows Services for UNIX information disclosure [CVE-2005-1205]🔒🔒
25512MIT Kerberos Telnet Client information disclosure [CVE-2005-0488]🔒🔒
25511InteractivePHP FusionBB insertuser sql injection
25510Xerox Document Centre 440 ess Remote Code Execution🔒
25509Microsoft Windows msasn1.dll heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1935]🔒
25508Apple Mac OS X Dashboard privileges management [CVE-2005-1933]
25507Red Hat Enterprise Linux Proxy Server cleartext storage [CVE-2005-1760]🔒
25506Apple Mac OS X Dashboard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1474]🔒🔒
25505Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1473]🔒
25504Adobe Photoshop Installation Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0151]
25503jammail privileges management🔒
25502Adam Mmedici File Upload Manager User Authentication index.php improper authentication
25501Adam Mmedici File Upload Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1956]
25500singapore index.php cross site scriting
25499Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2005-1729]🔒
25498Pico Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1953]
25497eTrace Plugin etrace_validaddr privileges management🔒
25496Cisco Catalyst authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1942]
25495LBL tcpdump decode_prefix4 infinite loop🔒🔒
25494Cantico Ovidentia utilit.php file inclusion
25493Darryl Burgdorf Webhints privileges management🔒🔒
25492Invision Power Services Invision Gallery sql injection [CVE-2005-1948]🔒
25491Invision Power Services Invision Gallery cross-site request forgery🔒
25490Invision Power Services Invision Community Blog sql injection🔒
25489Invision Power Services Invision Community Blog convert_highlite_words cross site scriting🔒
25488xmysqladmin tmp symlink
25487leafnode Fetchnews NNTP Client denial of service [CVE-2005-1911]🔒🔒
25486Software602 602 Lan Suite Control Panel pre>
25485Perception LiteWeb Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1908]
25484kaspersky anti-virus Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1905]
25483JiRo Upload System Login login.asp sql injection
25482E-post SPA-PRO Mail @Solomon IMAP Service path traversal [CVE-2005-1902]
25481Sawmill Licensing cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1901]🔒
25480Sawmill cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1900]🔒
25479Rakkarsoft RakNet infinite loop [CVE-2005-1899]
25478phpThumb phpthumb.php phpthumb information disclosure
25477FlexCast FlexCast Audio Video Streaming Server Remote Code Execution🔒
25476FlatNuke Installation thumb.php path traversal
25475FlatNuke help.php cross site scriting
25474FlatNuke referer.php Remote Code Execution
25473FlatNuke Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1893]
25472FlatNuke Error Message foot_news.php infinite loop
25471AOL Instant Messenger GIF Parser ateimg32.dll denial of service🔒
25470YaPiG view.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25469YaPiG mkdir upload.php path traversal🔒🔒
25468YaPiG global.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25467YaPiG last_gallery.php file inclusion🔒🔒
25466Tomasz Lutelmowski LutelWall symlink [CVE-2005-1879]🔒🔒
25465GIPTables GIPTables Firewall iptables symlink [CVE-2005-1878]
25464CuteNews Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1876]
25463fore Directory path traversal [CVE-2005-1874]🔒🔒
25462Crob FTP FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2005-1873]🔒
25461Drupal privileges management [CVE-2005-1871]🔒
25460Popper file inclusion
25459I-Man php memory corruption
25458Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1867]
25457Vincent Hor Calendarix Advanced cal_week.php sql injection🔒🔒
25456Vincent Hor Calendarix Advanced cal_admintop.php file inclusion🔒
25455SuSE Linux memory corruption [CVE-2005-1763]🔒🔒
25451Early Impact ProductCart techerr.asp cross site scriting
25450C.J. Steele Tattle email getemails privileges management
25449Loki download manager default.asp sql injection
25448SilverCity memory corruption [CVE-2005-1941]🔒🔒
25446Novell NetMail Agent memory corruption [CVE-2005-1757]🔒
25445Novell NetMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1756]🔒
25444apple Mac OS X Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1728]🔒
25443apple Mac OS X Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1727]🔒
25442Apple Mac OS X Server launchd launchd_server_init symlink🔒
25441Apple Mac OS X Server Access Restriction Remote Code Execution🔒
25440Apple Mac OS X Server LaunchServices Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1723]🔒
25439Pragma Systems Pragma Telnetserver cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1969]
25438objectweb c-jdbc Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1961]
25436Mortiforo information disclosure [CVE-2005-1890]
25435Appindex MWChat start_lobby.php file inclusion
25434MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1888]🔒
25433YaPiG Error Message view.php information disclosure🔒🔒
25432YaPiG upload.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25431everybuddy symlink [CVE-2005-1880]
25430Lpanel view_ticket.php cross site scriting
25429WWWeb Concepts Events System Login login.asp sql injection
25428FUSE Filesystem information disclosure [CVE-2005-1858]🔒🔒
25426livingmailing login.asp sql injection
25425SPA-PRO Mail @Solomon IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2005-1903]
25424Exhibit Engine list.php sql injection🔒
25423phpcms Parser class.layout_phpcms.php path traversal
25422Liberum Liberum Help Desk view.asp sql injection
25421Liberum Liberum Help Desk castnewpost.asp cross site scriting
25420GNU mailutils sql.c sql_escape_string sql injection🔒🔒
25419Fortinet Fortinet firewall Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1837]
25418NEXTWEB NEXTWEB (i)Site jsp denial of service
25417NEXTWEB NEXTWEB (i)Site users.mdb information disclosure
25416NEXTWEB NEXTWEB (i)Site login.asp sql injection
25415Qualiteam X-Cart home.php cross site scriting🔒
25414Qualiteam X-Cart home.php sql injection🔒 PowerDownload file inclusion
25412Zeroboard zboard.php preg_replace Remote Code Execution
25411NikoSoft WebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1819]
25410NewLife Blogger sql injection [CVE-2005-1818]
25409Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php unknown vulnerability
25408Invision Power Services IP.Board sql injection [CVE-2005-1816]🔒
25407Hummingbird Connectivity FTP Command ftpdw.exe memory corruption🔒
25406Newmad Technologies PicoWebServer stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-1814]
25405FutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 path traversal [CVE-2005-1813]
25404FutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 memory corruption [CVE-2005-1812]🔒
25403MyBB usercp.php cross site scriting
25402WordPress template-functions-category.php sql injection🔒🔒
25401Sony Ericsson P900 Beamer denial of service [CVE-2005-1809]
25400Microsoft Windows user32.dll denial of service [CVE-2005-1793]
25398Hosting Controller Sources resellerresources.asp sql injection🔒
25397Microsoft ISA Server wspsrv.exe denial of service🔒
25396Vincent Hor Calendarix Advanced calendar.php cross site scriting🔒
25395MyBB calendar.php sql injection
25394MyBB misc.php cross site scriting
25393Todd Miller sudo Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1831] [Disputed]
25392FreeStyle WikiLite cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1799]🔒🔒
25391Ettercap ec_curses.c curses_msg memory corruption🔒🔒
25390ZonGG Login login.asp sql injection
25389W.M.R. Simpson BookReview Error Message search.htm cross site scriting🔒
25388MailEnable Professional denial of service [CVE-2005-1781]
25387Dotnetindex Active News Manager login.asp sql injection
25386MaxWebPortal password.asp sql injection🔒
25385PostNuke readpmsg.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
25384PostNuke readpmsg.php sql injection🔒🔒
25383Cnedra game_message_functions.cpp read_tcp_string memory corruption
25382Atari Terminator 3 War Of The Machines memory corruption [CVE-2005-1775]
25381web-dav linux file system unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1774]
25380Lsoft LISTSERV memory corruption [CVE-2005-1773]🔒
25379Atari Terminator 3 War Of The Machines memory corruption [CVE-2005-1772]
25378HP HP-UX Telnet Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1771]🔒🔒
25377Linux Kernel Compatibility Mode denial of service [CVE-2005-1765]🔒🔒
25376Firefly Studios Stronghold 2 denial of service [CVE-2005-1808]
25375Compuware SoftICE DriverStudio denial of service [CVE-2005-1830]
25374Net Portal Dynamic System glossaire.php sql injection
25373Net Portal Dynamic System admin.php cross site scriting
25372ServersCheck Monitoring Software path traversal [CVE-2005-1798]
25371India Software Solution shopping cart Shopping Cart signin.asp sql injection
25370Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-1829]
25369PHPMailer class.smtp.php data infinite loop
25368PeerCast memory corruption [CVE-2005-1806]🔒🔒🔒
25367Online Solutions for Educators Login login.asp sql injection
25366ClamAV index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25365Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-1791]
25364ClamAV Copy Function misc.c filecopy input validation
25363phpStat setup.php input validation
25362Hosting Controller userprofile.asp cross site scriting🔒
25361D-Link DSL-504T Configuration File cleartext storage [CVE-2005-1828]
25360D-Link DSL-504T Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1827]
25359Nokia 9500 denial of service [CVE-2005-1801]
25358OpenSSL Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2005-1797]🔒
25357W.M.R. Simpson BookReview Classification add_review.htm cross site scriting🔒🔒
25356GNU Mailutils memory corruption [CVE-2005-1523]🔒🔒🔒🔒
25355GNU Mailutils denial of service [CVE-2005-1522]🔒🔒
25354GNU Mailutils fetch_io heap-based overflow🔒🔒
25353GNU Mailutils header.c header_get_field_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
25352Apple Keynote URI information disclosure [CVE-2005-1408]🔒
25351Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-0150]🔒🔒
25350FunkyASP FunkyASP AD System admin.asp sql injection
25349shtool shtool.$ symlink🔒🔒
25348Distinct Web Creations NewsletterEz Login login.asp sql injection
25347Novell Zenworks Desktops Remote Management zenrem32.exe stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
25346Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite imapd32.exe stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
25345Ipswitch IMail IMAP4D32.EXE stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
25344Ipswitch IMail stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-1254]🔒
25343Ipswitch Imail Web Calendar jsp path traversal🔒🔒
25342Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite IMAP Daemon imapd32.exe infinite loop🔒
25341qpopper popauth.c unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1152]🔒🔒
25340qpopper Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1151]🔒🔒
25339BEA WebLogic Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-1749]🔒🔒
25338BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2005-1748]🔒🔒
25337BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console loginform.jsp cross site scriting🔒🔒
25336BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2005-1746]🔒🔒
25335bea WebLogic Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1745]🔒🔒
25334BEA WebLogic Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1744]🔒🔒
25333BEA WebLogic Server Security Provider cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1743]🔒🔒
25332Gearbox Software Halo Combat Evolved infinite loop [CVE-2005-1741]
25331ImageMagick infinite loop [CVE-2005-1739]🔒🔒
25330Iron Bars SHell delbadfiles.c logprintbadfile memory corruption
25329Electricmonk PROMS denial of service [CVE-2005-1737]
25328Electricmonk PROMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1736]
25327Electricmonk PROMS cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1735]
25326Electricmonk PROMS sql injection [CVE-2005-1734]
25325Metro Marketing Cookie Cart passwd information disclosure [CVE-2005-1733]
25324Metro Marketing Cookie Cart testmy.cgi information disclosure
25323ALWIL Avast Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1719]
25322LS Games War Times memory corruption [CVE-2005-1718]
25321Ej3 TOPo data information disclosure
25320Ej3 TOPo index.php cross site scriting
25319NetWin SurgeMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1714]🔒
25318S9y Serendipity cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1713]🔒
25317S9y Serendipity cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1712]🔒
25316Gibraltar Gibraltar Firewall Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1711]
25315Bluecoat Reporter Licensing cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1710]
25314Bluecoat Reporter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1709]
25313Bluecoat reporter Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1708]
25312Gentoo webapp-config fn_show_postinst symlink🔒🔒
25311MailScanner Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1706]
25310GNU gdb Configuration File privileges management [CVE-2005-1705]🔒🔒
25309GNU gdb numeric error [CVE-2005-1704]🔒🔒
25308Black Cactus Warrior Kings Battles null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-1703]
25307Black Cactus Warrior Kings memory corruption [CVE-2005-1702]
25306PortailPHP index.php sql injection
25305PostNuke pnadmin.php sql injection🔒
25304PostNuke pnadminapi.php path traversal🔒
25303PostNuke Error Message theme.php information disclosure🔒🔒
25302PostNuke Error Message simple_smarty.php information disclosure🔒
25301PostNuke demo.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25300PostNuke magpie_slashbox.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25299PostNuke xanthia.php sql injection
25298xine gxine memory corruption [CVE-2005-1692]🔒🔒
25297Wordpress Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1688]🔒
25296Wordpress wp-trackback.php sql injection🔒🔒
25295GNOME gedit Mail Client denial of service [CVE-2005-1686]🔒🔒
25294episodex episodex guestbook admin.asp Remote Code Execution🔒
25293episodex episodex guestbook default.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
25292Microsoft winword winword.exe memory corruption
25291solstice internet mail server mimemessage input validation [Disputed]
25290Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager common.php include_location file inclusion🔒🔒
25289D-Link DSL-504T firmwarecfg Remote Code Execution
25288Timo Rossi picasm Error Message stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-1679]🔒🔒
25287Groove Workspace information disclosure [CVE-2005-1678]🔒
25286Groove Workspace information disclosure [CVE-2005-1677]🔒
25285Groove Workspace cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1676]🔒
25284groove virtual office information disclosure [CVE-2005-1675]🔒
25283Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-1934]🔒🔒
25282Ubertec Help Center Live view.php cross-site request forgery🔒
25281Ubertec Help Center Live index.php sql injection🔒
25280Ubertec Help Center Live index.php cross site scriting🔒
25279Yahoo Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2005-1671]
25278Extremenetworks ExtremeWare XOS privileges management [CVE-2005-1670]
25276Debian ppxp privileges management [CVE-2005-0392]🔒🔒
25275DotNetNuke cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0040]🔒🔒
25274YusASP Web Asset Manager assetmanager.asp Remote Code Execution🔒
25273DataTrac Activity Console denial of service [CVE-2005-1667]
25272Orenosv Orenosv Http Ftp Server FTP Command ftp parse_cmd memory corruption
25270Jeuce Jeuce Personal Web Server denial of service [CVE-2005-1663]
25269Jeuce Jeuce Personal Web Server path traversal [CVE-2005-1662]
25268Jeuce Jeuce Personal Web Server Personal WebServer memory corruption
25267HTMLJunction EZGuestbook information disclosure [CVE-2005-1660]
25266MyServer filemanager.cpp cross site scriting🔒🔒
25265MyServer eManager filemanager.cpp path traversal🔒🔒
25264Mercur Mercur Messaging deletefolder.ctml path traversal
25263Mercur Mercur Messaging ctml information disclosure
25262AOL Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2005-1655]🔒
25261Hosting Controller Login addsubsite.asp Remote Code Execution🔒
25260Woppoware PostMaster message.htm cross site scriting🔒
25259Woppoware PostMaster message.htm cross site scriting🔒
25258Woppoware PostMaster message.htm path traversal🔒
25257Woppoware PostMaster Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1650]🔒
25256Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2005-1649]🔒
25255Gurgens Gurgens Ultimate Forum genid.dat Remote Code Execution
25254Gurgens Gurgens Guest Book genid.dat Remote Code Execution
25253Fastream Netfile Ftp Web Server Installation denial of service🔒
25252Keyvan1 ImageGallery information disclosure [CVE-2005-1645]
252511Two Livre d Or guestbook.php cross site scriting
25250Red Hat Enterprise Linux ext3 File System denial of service [CVE-2005-0757]🔒🔒
25249my firewall plus smc.exe unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0515]
25248SCO UnixWare tmp Local Privilege Escalation
25247Jorg Ruppel Zoidcom deserialize memory corruption
25246Woltlab Burning Board verify_email sql injection🔒
25245Ignition ignitionServer mod_channel denial of service [CVE-2005-1641]🔒
25244Ignition ignitionServer mod_channel.bas Remote Code Execution🔒
25243Atinegar Sigma ISP Manager sigmaweb.dll sql injection [CVE-2005-1639]
25242Pixel-apes Group SafeHTML _writeattrs cross site scriting
25241NPDS comments.php sql injection
25240JGS-XA JGS-Portal jgs_portal_ref.php information disclosure🔒
25239JGS-XA JGS-Portal jgs_portal.php cross site scriting🔒
25238JGS-XA JGS-Portal jgs_portal.php sql injection🔒🔒
25237Tavis Rudd Cheetah tmp memory corruption🔒
25236booby ITEM booby.php information disclosure
25235Opentools Attachment Mod Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1630]
25234Photopost PHP Pro member.php sql injection🔒 WebAPP apage.cgi input validation🔒🔒
25232viewglob information disclosure [CVE-2005-1627]
25231fore Pico Server handlers.c memory corruption
25229Metalinks MetaCart e-Shop productsbycategory.asp cross site scriting🔒
25228PostNuke pnmod.php pnmodfunc path traversal🔒🔒
25227Soren Boysen Skull-Splitter Guestbook cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1620]🔒
25226Phpheaven PHPMyChat start_page.css.php3 cross site scripting
25225Yahoo Messenger URL denial of service [CVE-2005-1618]
25224willings webcam information disclosure [CVE-2005-1617]
25223Ultimate PHP Board Error Message viewforum.php information disclosure🔒
25222Ultimate PHP Board viewforum.php sql injection🔒🔒
25221Ultimate PHP Board viewforum.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25220OpenBB member.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25219OpenBB read.php sql injection🔒🔒
25218Web Crossing Inc cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1611]
25217Tru-Zone NukeET security.php cross site scriting
25216Sun StorEdge 6130 Arrays Stored Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1609]
25215Spidean AT-Lite pnadmin.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1608]🔒
25213h-sphere winbox information disclosure [CVE-2005-1606]
25212Positive Software SiteStudio Site Studio cross site scriting
25211Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager Remote Code Execution🔒
25210NiteEnterprises Remote File Manager denial of service [CVE-2005-1603]
25209Net56 File Manager login.asp sql injection
25208Mro Software Maximo Self Service information disclosure [CVE-2005-1601]
25207LibTomCrypt Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1600]
25206Kryloff Technologies Subject Search Server cross site scriting
25205Invision Power Services IP.Board login.php sql injection🔒
25204Invision Power Services IP.Board search.php cross site scriting🔒
25203Fusion SBX index.php extract memory corruption🔒
25202CodeThat ShoppingCart ping config.ini information disclosure🔒🔒
25201CodeThat ShoppingCart ping catalog.php sql injection🔒🔒
25200CodeThat ShoppingCart catalog.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25199BirdBlog Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1592]
25198altiris client service aclient.exe Local Privilege Escalation
25197Pico Server symlink [CVE-2005-1367]
25196Pico Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1366]
25195Pico Server privileges management [CVE-2005-1365]
25194Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2005-1248]🔒
25193phpBB bbcode.php make_clickable cross site scriting🔒🔒
25192Open Solution Quick.cart index.php cross site scriting
25191Open Solution Quick.Forum users.txt information disclosure
25190Open Solution Quick.Forum index.php cross site scriting
251891Two 1Two News delete.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1583]
251881Two 1Two News index.php cross site scriting
25187Eric Fichot Bug Report bug_report.php cross site scriting
25186APG Technology ClassMaster Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1577]
25185Microsoft Windows Media Player Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1574]
25184Wenig And Spitzer-williams Showoff Digital Media Software path traversal🔒
25183Battleaxe Software bttlxeForum forum.asp sql injection
25182DirectTopics cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1569]
25181Arcowave Systems WLAN AP ADSL Router denial of service [CVE-2005-1566]
25180Mozilla Bugzilla Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1563]🔒
25179Gamespy Gamespy SDK CD-Key Validation Toolkit Authorization denial of service
25177GeoVision Digital Surveillance System Encryption missing encryption
25176GeoVision Digital Surveillance System information disclosure🔒
25175Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Protection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1551]
25174Colored Scripts Easy Message Board privileges management🔒
25173Colored Scripts Easy Message Board path traversal🔒
25172Advanced Guestbook index.php sql injection🔒🔒
25171Bakbone Netvault heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1547]🔒
25170HT Editor Parser memory corruption [CVE-2005-1546]🔒🔒
25169HT Editor ELF Parser heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1545]🔒🔒
25168libTIFF stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-1544]🔒🔒
25167Encase Forensic Edition Device Configuration Overlay privileges management
25166GNU gzip privileges management [CVE-2005-0758]🔒🔒
25165Mozilla Firefox unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1576]
25164DirectTopics Error Message topic.php information disclosure
25163DirectTopics topic.php sql injection
25162Mozilla Bugzilla Browser History information disclosure [CVE-2005-1565]🔒
25161Mozilla Bugzilla post_bug.cgi information disclosure🔒
25160Mozilla access control [CVE-2005-1532]🔒🔒🔒
25159Mozilla Security Check Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1531]🔒🔒
25153Open Solution Quick.cart index.php sql injection [Disputed]
25152Open Solution Quick.Forum index.php sql injection
25151BoastMachine users.ini.php memory corruption🔒
25150Darrel Oneil ASP Virtual News Manager admin_login.asp sql injection
25149Wenig And Spitzer-williams Showoff Digital Media Software denial of service🔒
25148MaxWebPortal inc_functions.asp sql injection🔒
25147MaxWebPortal post.asp cross site scriting🔒
25146Neteyes Nexusway traceroute privileges management [CVE-2005-1560]
25145Neteyes nslookup nslookup.cgi privileges management
25144Neteyes Nexusway improper authentication [CVE-2005-1558]
25143Pixysoft Guestbook PRO cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1557]
25142Netwin DMail dlist.exe _cmd_sendlog format string🔒
25141Dan Bernstein qmail commands.c memory corruption
25140Dan Bernstein qmail stralloc_readyplus integer coercion
25139PwsPHP Admin Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1512]
25138PwsPHP authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1511]
25137PwsPHP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1510]
25136PwsPHP profil.php sql injection🔒
25135PwsPHP profil.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
251344d WebSTAR memory corruption [CVE-2005-1507]🔒🔒
25133CJ Ultra Plus out.php sql injection
25132GameSpy Cd-key Validation System authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1504]
25131MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart search_list.php sql injection
25130Midicart Software MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart search_list.php cross site scriting
25129Midicart Software MidiCart PHP Shopping Cart Error Message search_list.php information disclosure
25128Mywebland myBloggie search.php sql injection🔒🔒
25127Mywebland myBloggie delcomment.php Remote Code Execution🔒
25126Mywebland myBloggie Error Message viewmode.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25125Mywebland myBloggie Error Message index.php information disclosure🔒
25124Oracle Oracle10g privileges management [CVE-2005-1496]🔒🔒
25123Oracle Oracle10g Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1495]🔒
25122MegaBook admin.cgi cross site scriting
25121Dead Pirate Software SimpleCam path traversal [CVE-2005-1493]
25120Gossamer Threads Gossamer Threads Links-sql user.cgi cross site scriting🔒
25119Merak Mail Server viewaction.html Local Privilege Escalation
25118Merak Mail Server attachment.html information disclosure
25117Merak Mail Server calendar_addevent.html information disclosure
25116Merak Mail Server address.html cross site scriting
25115Fishnet FishCart upstnt.php sql injection [Disputed]🔒🔒
25114Fishnet FishCart upstracking.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
25113Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server Error Message information disclosure
25112Kmint21 Software Golden FTP server path traversal [CVE-2005-1484]🔒
25111Interspire ArticleLive cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1483]🔒
25110Interspire ArticleLive cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1482]🔒
25109Aaronoutpost ASP Inline Corporate Calendar defer.asp sql injection🔒
25108Raiden Professional Servers RaidenFTPD path traversal [CVE-2005-1480]🔒🔒
25107Jgs-xa JGS-Portal jgs_portal.php sql injection
25106Netwin DMail dsmtp.exe memory corruption🔒
25105Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-1262]🔒🔒
25104Rob Flynn Gaim parsing stack-based overflow🔒🔒
25103Nissc IPsec cleartext storage [CVE-2005-0039]
25102Ethereal dissect_ipc_state denial of service🔒🔒🔒
25101Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-1469]🔒🔒
25100Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-1468]🔒🔒
25099Ethereal memory allocation [CVE-2005-1467]🔒🔒
25098Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-1466]🔒🔒
25097Ethereal NCP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-1465]🔒🔒
25096Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-1464]🔒🔒
25095Ethereal ANSI A Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2005-1463]🔒🔒
25094Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-1462]🔒🔒
25093Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-1461]🔒🔒🔒
25092Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-1460]🔒🔒
25091Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-1459]🔒🔒
25090Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-1458]🔒🔒
25089Ethereal NTLMSSP dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-1457]🔒🔒
25088Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-1456]🔒🔒
25087leafnode denial of service [CVE-2005-1453]🔒🔒
25085Apple Mac OS X Server Terminal privileges management [CVE-2005-1341]🔒
25083Apple Mac OS X lukemftp memory corruption [CVE-2005-1339]🔒
25081Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2005-1337]🔒🔒
25076Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2005-1330]🔒
25075Phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php privileges management🔒
25073HP Radia Client Radia Notify Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2005-1826]
25072S9y Serendipity Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1452]
25071S9y Serendipity Media Manager php Remote Code Execution
25070S9y Serendipity "the Remote Code Execution
25069S9y serendipity Remote Code Execution
25068S9y Serendipity bbcode Plugin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1448]🔒
25067SitePanel main.php file inclusion
25066SitePanel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1446]
25065SitePanel 5.php path traversal
25064SitePanel main.php cross site scriting
25063IP.Board index.php cross site scriting🔒
25062IBM Lotus Notes notes.ini memory corruption
25061IBM Lotus Domino denial of service [CVE-2005-1441]
25060Codetosell ViArt Shop Enterprise basket.php cross site scriting
25059osTicket attachments.php path traversal🔒
25058osTicket main.php file inclusion🔒
25057osTicket admin.php sql injection🔒
25056osTicket view.php cross site scriting🔒
25055Open WebMail privileges management [CVE-2005-1435]🔒
25054Gnu GnuTLS gnutils_cipher.c denial of service🔒🔒 WWWguestbook login.asp sql injection
25051Uapplication Uphotogallery edit_image.asp Remote Code Execution
25050Uapplication Uphotogallery information disclosure [CVE-2005-1427]
25049Uapplication Ublog Reload blog.mdb access control
25048Uapplication Uguestbook guestbook.mdb access control
25047stumbleinside gotext information disclosure [CVE-2005-1424]
25046Software602 602 Lan Suite path traversal [CVE-2005-1423]
25045Raysoft Video Cam Server raybase denial of service
25044Raysoft Video Cam Server raybase path traversal
25043Raysoft Video Cam Server raybase information disclosure
25042Ocean12 Technologies Mailing List Manager sql injection [CVE-2005-1419]
25041netleaf notjustbrowsing information disclosure [CVE-2005-1418]
25040MaxWebPortal article_popular.asp sql injection🔒
25039Soft3304 04WebServer Installation path traversal [CVE-2005-1416]
25038GlobalSCAPE Secure FTP Server FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2005-1415]🔒🔒🔒
25037exoticsoft filepocket Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1414]
25036Envivosoft enVivo!CMS admin_login.asp sql injection
25035Ecomm Professional Guestbook verify.asp sql injection
25034Ccybration icuii icuii.ini Local Privilege Escalation
25031skype Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1407]
25030MyPHP Forum post.php authentication spoofing
25029Just William Amazon Webstore closeup.php cross site scriting
25028Mtp-Target memory allocation [CVE-2005-1402]
25027Mtp-Target memory corruption [CVE-2005-1401]
25026phpcart phpcart.php input validation
25025PHP-Calendar search.php sql injection🔒
25024ce Ceterm ceterm symlink
25023Ce Ceterm ceterm memory corruption
25022esri arcinfo workstation format string [CVE-2005-1394]
25021ESRI ArcInfo Workstation Recovery memory corruption [CVE-2005-1393]
25020phpMyAdmin Credentials information disclosure [CVE-2005-1392]🔒🔒
25019APSIS Pound add_port memory corruption🔒🔒
25016SURVIVOR cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1388]
25015cocktail information disclosure [CVE-2005-1387]
25014Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message ipban.php information disclosure
25013Apple Safari null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-1385]
25012Coinsoft Technologies phpCoin index.php sql injection🔒
25010Oracle Application Server Web Cache WebCache cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
25009lam-runtime-7.0.6-2mdk) Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1379]🔒
25008Oxpus Phpbb Personal Notes Module posting_notes.php sql injection
25007Claroline file inclusion [CVE-2005-1377]🔒🔒
25006Claroline document.php path traversal🔒🔒
25005Claroline learningpath.php sql injection🔒🔒
25004Claroline exercise_result.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
25003Dream4 Koobi CMS index.php sql injection🔒🔒
25002bakbone netvault nvstatsmngr.exe privileges management
25001bulletproof ftp server bpftpserver privileges management [CVE-2005-1371]
24999SmartList Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0157]🔒🔒
24998libnet-ssleay-perl entropy Local Privilege Escalation🔒
24997Linux Kernel store denial of service🔒
24996Linux Kernel key.c key_user_lookup denial of service🔒
24995Metalinks MetaBid Auctions Login login.asp sql injection
24994Metalinks Metacart2 productsbycategory.asp sql injection🔒
24993Metalinks Metacart2 product.asp sql injection
24992Metalinks MetaCart e-Shop product.asp sql injection🔒
24991GrayCMS error.php file inclusion
24990text.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1359]
24989text.cgi privileges management [CVE-2005-1358]
24988text.cgi information disclosure [CVE-2005-1357]
24987includer.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1356]
24986includer.cgi information disclosure [CVE-2005-1355] privileges management [CVE-2005-1354] information disclosure [CVE-2005-1353]
24983Leif M. Wright ad.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1352]
24982Leif M. Wright ad.cgi privileges management [CVE-2005-1351]
24981Leif M. Wright ad.cgi information disclosure [CVE-2005-1350]
24980MailEnable Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition HTTPMail memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24979Adobe Acrobat reader acrord32.exe denial of service
24977Squid Proxy privileges management [CVE-2005-1345]🔒🔒
24976Apache HTTP Server CGI Program memory corruption [CVE-2005-1344]🔒
24975OneWorldStore owofflinecc.asp information disclosure
24974OneWorldStore chksettings.asp denial of service
24973Woltlab Burning Board pms.php cross site scriting🔒
24972VooDoo cIRCle memory corruption [CVE-2005-1326]
24971Matthieu Aubry phpMyVisites set_lang.php information disclosure
24970Matthieu Aubry phpMyVisites index.php cross site scriting
24969Intersoft NetTerm memory corruption [CVE-2005-1323]🔒🔒
24968Horde Nag cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1322]🔒
24967Horde Vaction cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1321]
24966Horde Mnemo cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1320]🔒
24965Horde IMP Webmail Client cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1319]🔒
24964Horde Forwards cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1318]
24963Horde Accounts cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1316]
24962Horde Turba cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1315]🔒
24961Horde Kronolith cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1314]
24960Horde Passwd cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1313]
24959Yappa-NG cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1311]🔒
24958Eaden Mckee bBlog index.php cross site scriting🔒
24957hyper.cgi information disclosure privileges management
24955Swsoft Confixx sql injection [CVE-2005-1302]
24954StorePortal default.asp sql injection
24953Elemental Software CartWIZ tellafriend.asp cross site scriting
24952phpBB profile.php cross site scriting🔒
24951E-Cart index.cgi privileges management
24950Asp Press ACS Blog inc_login_check.asp Remote Code Execution
24949Bitdefender program.exe denial of service
24948Argosoft Mail Server Web Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1284]🔒
24947Argosoft Mail Server Webmail Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1282]🔒
24946LBL tcpdump rsvp_print infinite loop🔒🔒
24945LBL tcpdump ldp_print infinite loop🔒🔒🔒
24944LBL tcpdump isis_print infinite loop🔒🔒
24943MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1245]
24942Safestone Technologies Axcessit qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1243]
24941Bsafe Global Security qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1242]
24940Raz-Lee Security qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1239]
24939IBM iSeries AS400 privileges management [CVE-2005-1238]
24938China-on-site FlexPHPNews news.php sql injection
24937DUware DUportal channel.asp sql injection🔒
24936phpbb-Auction Error Message auction_my_auctions.php information disclosure
24935phpbb-Auction auction_rating.php sql injection
24934JAWS glossarymodel.php newterm cross site scriting🔒🔒
24933Magnus Lundvall Yawcam path traversal [CVE-2005-1230]🔒🔒
24932GNU cpio path traversal [CVE-2005-1229]🔒🔒
24931Coppermine Photo Gallery cleartext storage [CVE-2005-1226]🔒
24930Coppermine Photo Gallery sql injection🔒
24929DUware DUportal default.asp sql injection🔒
24928Ocean12 Technologies Calendar Manager Pro sql injection [CVE-2005-1223]
24927Netref cat_for_gen.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
24926Ecommerce-Carts EcommPro Login login.asp sql injection
24925Knusperleicht Shoutbox SCRIPT settings.dat information disclosure
24924Nelso Software Desktop Rover denial of service [CVE-2005-1204]
24923eGroupware index.php sql injection🔒🔒
24922eGroupware index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24921AZbb AZ Bulletin board admin_avatar.php path traversal
24920AZbb AZ Bulletin Board main_index.php file inclusion
24919Infopop Ultimate Bulletin Board printthread.php sql injection🔒
24918Anaconda Partners Foundation Directory path traversal
24917Oracle Database Server sys.dbms_cdc_ipublish.create_scn_change_set sql injection🔒🔒
24916phpBB kb.php sql injection🔒
24915xine xine-lib heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1195]🔒🔒
24914HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2005-1192]🔒🔒
24913WebcamXP WebcamXP PRO denial of service [CVE-2005-1190]
24912WebcamXP WebcamXP PRO cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1189]🔒
24911Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart comersus_searchitem.asp cross site scriting🔒
24910X-ways Software Technology Ag WinHex heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1187]
24909Musicmatch Jukebox cross site scriting
24908musicmatch jukebox program.exe cross site scriting🔒
24907Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2005-1184]
24905IBM OS400 denial of service
24904Ariadne Ariadne CMS loader.php Remote Code Execution [Disputed]
24903Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Web Cache modules.php authentication spoofing
24902Xerox Workcentre M35 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1179]🔒
24901Oracle Forms where sql injection
24900Webmin Configuration File privileges management [CVE-2005-1177]🔒
24899IBM AIX jfs2 information disclosure [CVE-2005-1176]
24898PMSoftware Simple Web Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-1173]🔒🔒
24897Coppermine Coppermine Photo Gallery cross site scriting🔒🔒
24896phpBB Datenbank Module mod.php cross site scriting
24895phpBB Datenbank Module mod.php sql injection
24894Mafia Mafia Blog writeinfo.php Remote Code Execution
24893Musicmatch Jukebox diagcollectioncontrol.dll cross site scriting🔒
24892Musicmatch Jukebox information disclosure [CVE-2005-1167]
24891Dameware Development Dameware NT Utilities cleartext storage🔒
24890Yager Development Yager Game denial of service [CVE-2005-1165]
24889Yager Development Yager Game denial of service [CVE-2005-1164]
24888Yager Development Yager Game memory corruption [CVE-2005-1163]
24887OneWorldStore owcontactus.asp cross site scriting
24886OneWorldStore ITEM owadditem.asp sql injection
24885Mozilla Firefox eval memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24884Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-1159]🔒🔒🔒
24883Mozilla Firefox Security Check memory corruption [CVE-2005-1158]🔒🔒
24882Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin memory corruption [CVE-2005-1157]🔒🔒
24881Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2005-1155]🔒🔒
24880Mozilla Firefox setter cross site scriting🔒🔒
24879Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-1153]🔒🔒
24878CalendarScript information disclosure
24877Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog Error Message sb_functions.php information disclosure
24876Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog search.php cross site scriting🔒
24875IBM iSeries AS400 Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1133]🔒
24874LG mobile phone denial of service [CVE-2005-1132]
24873Symantec Veritas i3 Focalpoint Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1131]
24872egroupware information disclosure [CVE-2005-1129]🔒
24871Virtual Hosting Control System sql injection [CVE-2005-1128]
24870Postgrey server denial of service🔒🔒
24869Avaya libsafe libsafe_die _libsafe_die Remote Code Execution
24868Monkey HTTP Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2005-1123]🔒🔒
24867Igor Khasilev Oops Proxy Server lib.c my_xlog memory corruption🔒🔒
24866IlohaMail read_message.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24865Todd Miller Sudo sudo symlink [CVE-2005-1119]
24864All4WWW All4WWW-Homepagecreator index.php file inclusion
24863phpBB Calendar Module calendar_scheduler.php cross site scriting🔒
24862phpBB album_cat.php cross site scriting🔒
24861phpBB album_search.php sql injection🔒
24860PhpBB Plus groupcp.php cross site scriting🔒
24859cpio Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1111]🔒🔒
24858SUMUS respondehttppendiente stack-based overflow
24857JunkBuster Internet Junkbuster memory corruption [CVE-2005-1109]🔒🔒
24856JunkBuster Internet Junkbuster ij_untrusted_url denial of service🔒🔒
24855Apple Quicktime Pictureviewer QuickTime integer coercion [CVE-2005-1106]🔒
24854Sun JavaMail path traversal [CVE-2005-1105]
24853Centra cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1104]
24852WordPress template-functions-post.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24851Salim Gasmi GLD cnf.c errorlog memory corruption🔒🔒
24850Runtime Software GetDataBack for NTFS Registry cleartext storage
24849rebrand p2p share spy Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1097]
24848Ocean12 Technologies Membership Manager Pro main.asp cross site scriting
24847PopUp Plus plugin for Miranda IM memory corruption [CVE-2005-1093]
24846lightspeed deluxeftp Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1092]
24845Maxthon Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1091]
24844Maxthon to readFile path traversal
24843dameware mini remote control Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1088]🔒
24842AN AN-HTTPd cmdis.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-1086]
24841control panel Control Panel cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1085]
24840Aewebworks aeDating sdating.php sql injection
24839Aewebworks aeDating index.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1083]
24838Azerbaijan AzDGDating view.php cross site scriting
24837zOOm Media Gallery index.php sql injection
24836WebCT cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1076]
24835RadScripts RadBids faq.php cross site scriting
24834RadScripts RadBids index.php sql injection
24833RadScripts RadBids index.php path traversal
24832sCssBoard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1069]
24831sCssBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1068]
24830University of Washington Pine symlink [CVE-2005-1066]
24829Novell Linux Desktop Fonts fonts symlink
24828Kerio Personal Firewall Administration Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
24827Red Hat Enterprise Linux Parser denial of service [CVE-2005-1061]🔒
24826Novell Netware denial of service [CVE-2005-1060]
24825HP OpenView Network Node Manager denial of service [CVE-2005-1056]🔒
24824Moderngigabyte ModernBill news.php file inclusion🔒🔒
24823Moderngigabyte ModernBill orderwiz.php cross site scriting🔒
24822Microsoft Outlook Outlook Web Access authentication spoofing
24821PunBB profile.php sql injection🔒
24820PostNuke Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-1050]
24819PostNuke admin.php cross site scriting🔒
24818PostNuke modules.php sql injection🔒
24817Centrinity Firstclass Desktop Client privileges management [CVE-2005-1045]
24815PHP exif.c exif_process_IFD_TAG integer coercion🔒🔒
24814Linux Kernel fib_hash.c fib_seq_start denial of service🔒🔒
24813novell linux desktop Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1040]
24812coreutils Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1039]
24811Paul Vixie Vixie cron crontab symlink [CVE-2005-1038]🔒
24810IBM AIX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1037]
24809Netwin SurgeFTP denial of service [CVE-2005-1034]🔒
24808Devellion CubeCart Error Message index.php information disclosure🔒
24807RUNCMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1031]🔒
24806Active Web Softwares Active Auction House account.asp cross site scriting🔒
24805Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message index.php information disclosure
24804Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Downloads Module cross site scriting
24803DLMan Pro Links dlman.php sql injection🔒
24802IBM AS400 qsys.lib symlink [CVE-2005-1025]
24801Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message modules.php information disclosure
24800Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Search Module banners.php cross site scriting
24799Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2005-1021]🔒
24798Aeon getconfig memory corruption
24797CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup memory corruption [CVE-2005-1018]🔒🔒
24796MaxWebPortal events_functions.asp update_events sql injection🔒
24795MaxWebPortal links_add_form.asp cross site scriting🔒
24794MailEnable Imapd Login meimap.exe memory corruption🔒
24793MailEnable Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition IMAP Service memory corruption🔒
24792MailEnable Professional Edition/Enterprise Edition SMTP Service denial of service🔒
24791Iatek SiteEnable content.asp cross site scriting🔒
24790Iatek SiteEnable content.asp sql injection🔒
24789Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart cross site scriting🔒
24788BakBone NetVault configure.cfg heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
24787ASP-DEv XM Forum posts.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
24786Stalker CommuniGate Pro denial of service [CVE-2005-1007]🔒
24785ProfitCode PayProCart index.php Remote Code Execution
24784ProfitCode PayProCart usrdetails.php cross site scriting🔒
24783ProfitCode PayProCart index.php path traversal
24782Logics Software LOG-FT logwebftbs2000.exe information disclosure
24781Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message theme.php information disclosure
24780Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Web_Links cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1000]
24779Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2005-0999]
24778Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Web_Links information disclosure [CVE-2005-0998]
24777Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Web_Links search sql injection
24776Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Downloads Module viewsdownload sql injection
24775Early Impact ProductCart advsearch_h.asp cross site scriting🔒
24774Early Impact ProductCart advsearch_h.asp sql injection🔒
24773SCO OpenServer memory corruption [CVE-2005-0993]
24772IBM AIX unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0991]
24771GNU sharutils unshar.c symlink🔒🔒
24770gzip path traversal [CVE-2005-0988]🔒🔒
24769IRC Services NickServ LISTLINKS information disclosure [CVE-2005-0987]
24768Lucasarts Star Wars Jedi Knight Jedi Academy g_printf memory corruption
24767ID Software Quake 3 Arena denial of service [CVE-2005-0983]
24766Yet Another cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0982]
24765AlstraSoft EPay cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0981]
24764AlstraSoft EPay index.php file inclusion
24763Netmanage RUMBA memory corruption [CVE-2005-0979]
24762IVT BlueSoleil path traversal [CVE-2005-0978]
24761Linux Kernel shmem.c shmem_nopage denial of service🔒
24760Apple Safari privileges management [CVE-2005-0976]🔒
24758Rob Flynn Gaim memory corruption [CVE-2005-0967]🔒🔒
24757Rob Flynn Gaim Protocol Plugin denial of service [CVE-2005-0966]🔒🔒
24756Rob Flynn gaim gaim_markup_strip_html memory corruption🔒🔒
24755kerio personal firewall Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0964]
24754Toshiba Acpi Flash Bios denial of service [CVE-2005-0963]
24753Lighthouse Development Squirrelcart index.php sql injection🔒
24752Horde Application Framework cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0961]🔒🔒
24751OpenBSD tcp_input.c memory allocation
24750YepYep mtftpd mt_do_dir memory corruption
24749YepYep mtftpd log.c log_do memory corruption
24748InterAKT MX Kart index.php sql injection
24747InterAKT MX Shop sql injection [CVE-2005-0955]
24746Microsoft Windows Explorer denial of service [CVE-2005-0954]
24745bzip2 privileges management [CVE-2005-0953]🔒🔒
24744PHP Arena pafiledb pafiledb.php cross site scriting🔒
24742Iatek PortalApp content.asp cross site scriting🔒
24741Iatek PortalApp ad_click.asp sql injection🔒
24740Coinsoft Technologies phpCoin auxpage.php path traversal🔒
24739Asp Press ACS Blog cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0945]
24738Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2005-0942]
24736Uapplication Ublog Reload information disclosure [CVE-2005-0938]
24735ESMI PayPal Storefront products1h.php cross site scriting
24734ESMI PayPal Storefront pages.php sql injection
24733WackoWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0934]
24732Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN auxpage.php path traversal🔒
24731Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN Search Engine sql injection [CVE-2005-0932]🔒
24730Chatness message.php cross site scriting
24729PhotoPost PHP Pro showmembers.php sql injection🔒
24728PhotoPost PHP Pro showgallery.php cross site scriting🔒 WebAPP privileges management🔒
24726Ublog Reload login.asp cross site scriting
24725Symantec Norton System Works Auto-Protect Module denial of service
24724ibm Lotus Notes Microsoft Outlook 2002 Connector Local Privilege Escalation
24723Bugtracker .NET sql injection [CVE-2005-0920]
24722Powerdev EncapsBB index_header.php file inclusion
24721Webmasters-Debutants WD Guestbook ajout_admin2.php Remote Code Execution
24720Smarty modifier.regex_replace.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
24719E-Xoops viewforum.php cross site scriting
24718Tkais Shoutbox shoutact.php file inclusion
24717Valdersoft Shopping Cart category.php sql injection
24716Instance Four Tincat logging memory corruption
24715Maxthon information disclosure [CVE-2005-0905]
24714Microsoft Windows tsshutdn.exe input validation🔒
24713Apple QuickTime PictureViewer memory corruption [CVE-2005-0903]🔒🔒
24712NukeBookmarks marks.php sql injection
24711NukeBookmarks cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0901]
24710AS400 information disclosure [CVE-2005-0899]
24709Magicscripts E-Store Kit-2 catalog.php file inclusion
24708Accomplishtechnology phpMyDirectory review.php cross site scripting🔒
24707Netcomm 1300NB denial of service [CVE-2005-0895]
24706OpenMosixView symlink [CVE-2005-0894]🔒🔒
24705smail Signal modes.c memory corruption🔒
24704gtk GTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2005-0891]🔒
24703Dream4 Koobi CMS Index.PHP sql injection
24702Michael Dean Double Choco Latte cross site scriting
24701Invision Power Services IP.Board cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0886]🔒
24700XMB Forum cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0885]🔒
24699DigitalHive Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0884]
24698BirdBlog admincore.php sql injection
24697Vortex Portal Error Message content.php information disclosure
24696Vortex Portal content.php file inclusion
24695Dnsmasq DNS Cache memory corruption [CVE-2005-0877]🔒🔒
24694Dnsmasq DHCP off-by-one [CVE-2005-0876]🔒🔒
24693Cerulean Studios Trillian memory corruption [CVE-2005-0875]
24692Cerulean Studios Trillian memory corruption [CVE-2005-0874]
24691phpBB calendar_scheduler.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24690phpBB Error Message calendar_scheduler.php information disclosure
24689phpSysInfo index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24688phpSysInfo Error Message information disclosure🔒🔒
24687IBM AS400 Backdoor backdoor [CVE-2005-0868]
24686Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2005-0867]🔒
24685cdrtools cdrecord symlink [CVE-2005-0866]🔒
24684Secure Computing Samsung ADSL Modem Default Password adsl.cgi improper authentication
24683Secure Computing Samsung ADSL Modem information disclosure [CVE-2005-0864]
24682PHPOpenChat regulars.php cross site scriting
24681PHPOpenChat Login poc_loginform.php file inclusion
24680DeleGate memory corruption [CVE-2005-0861]🔒🔒
24679The Rusted Gate TRG News article.php file inclusion
24678Czaries Network CzarNews Sources headlines.php file inclusion
24677CoolForum Login entete.php sql injection🔒
24676CoolForum avatar.php cross site scriting🔒
24675CoolForum alert.php sql injection
24674CoolForum Error Message entete.php information disclosure
24673betaparticle bp blog upload.asp privileges management
24672betaparticle bp blog information disclosure [CVE-2005-0853]
24671Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2005-0852]
24670FileZilla Filezilla Server File Upload infinite loop [CVE-2005-0851]🔒
24669FileZilla Filezilla Server denial of service [CVE-2005-0850]🔒
24668Funlabs 4X4 Off-road Adventure III denial of service [CVE-2005-0849]
24667Funlabs Secret Service In Harms Way denial of service [CVE-2005-0848]
24666Code Ocean FTP server denial of service [CVE-2005-0847]
24665Netwin SurgeMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0846]🔒
24664Directory Webmail Interface path traversal [CVE-2005-0845]🔒
24663Nortel Contivity extranet.exe cryptographic issues
24662Phorum search.php cross site scriting🔒
24661Kayako eSupport index.php cross site scriting🔒
24660phpMyFamily Login people.php sql injection
24658Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-0839]🔒
24657IceCast memory corruption [CVE-2005-0838]🔒
24656IceCast Parser memory corruption [CVE-2005-0837]🔒
24655Sun J2SE Java Web Start memory corruption [CVE-2005-0836]🔒🔒
24654Belkin 54g Wireless Router SNMP Service denial of service [CVE-2005-0835]
24653Belkin wireless router SNMP information disclosure [CVE-2005-0834]
24652Belkin Belkin 54g Wireless Router Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0833]
24651PHP-Post Web Forum cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0832]
24650PHP-Post Web Forum authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0831]
24649Xzabite DYNDNSUpdate dyndnsupdate.c ipcheck memory corruption🔒🔒
24648PHP-Fusion setuser.php cross site scriting
24647CIAMOS highlight.php information disclosure
24646Ciamos Error Message viewcat.php convertorderbytrans information disclosure
24645OllyDbg denial of service [CVE-2005-0826]
24644Lgames LTris Core memory corruption [CVE-2005-0825]
24643Mathopd dump internal_dump symlink
24642word Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0823]
24641Citrix MetaFrame Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0821]
24640Microsoft Office InfoPath information disclosure [CVE-2005-0820]
24639PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0818]🔒
24638Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2005-0816]🔒
24637Linux Kernel Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2005-0815]🔒
24636Lysator lsh denial of service [CVE-2005-0814]🔒🔒
24635Initial Redirect Initial Redirect Squid Proxy Plug-in Proxy Plug-In memory corruption
24634Notify Technology NotifyLink Web Interface cleartext storage
24633Notify Technology notifylink Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0811]
24632Notify Technology NotifyLink sql injection [CVE-2005-0810]
24631Notify Technology NotifyLink Encryption get.asp missing encryption
24630Oxid Cain And Abel memory corruption [CVE-2005-0807]
24629Ximian Evolution denial of service [CVE-2005-0806]🔒
24628Subdreamer Subdreamer Light magic_quotes_gpc index.php sql injection
24627MailEnable Standard denial of service [CVE-2005-0804]🔒
24626Asp Press ACS Blog search.asp cross site scriting
24625includer.cgi path traversal
24624mcNews install.php file inclusion
24623Hola CMS votes path traversal
24622Wine information disclosure [CVE-2005-0787]🔒🔒
24621YaBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0785]🔒
24620Phorum Control Panel follow.php cross site scriting🔒
24619Phorum cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0783]🔒
24618PHP Arena paFileDB viewall.php cross site scriting🔒
24617PHP Arena paFileDB viewall.php sql injection🔒
24616PlatinumFTP FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-0779]🔒
24615PhotoPost PhotoPost PHP Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0778]🔒
24614PhotoPost PhotoPost PHP Pro check_tags cross site scriting🔒
24613PhotoPost PhotoPost PHP Pro adm-photo.php cross site scriting🔒
24612PhotoPost PhotoPost PHP Pro Logging misc.php cross site scriting🔒
24611DataRescue IDA Pro Debugger memory corruption [CVE-2005-0770]
24610OpenSLP memory corruption [CVE-2005-0769]🔒🔒
24609Goodtech Systems GoodTech Telnet Server Administration memory corruption
24608Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-0766]🔒
24607Marc Lehmann rxvt-unicode command.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24606Midnight Commander memory corruption [CVE-2005-0763]🔒🔒
24605ImageMagick Parser heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0762]🔒🔒
24604ImageMagick denial of service [CVE-2005-0760]🔒🔒
24603Novell iChain information disclosure [CVE-2005-0746]
24602Novell iChain Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0744]
24601XOOPS Uploader uploader.php memory corruption
24600Sun Java System Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0742]
24599Ethereal packet-iapp.c numeric error🔒🔒
24598Yahoo Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2005-0737] newsscript access control🔒
24596PY Active Webcam webcam.exe memory allocation🔒
24595PY Active Webcam webcam.exe information disclosure🔒
24594PY Active Webcam Error Message webcam.exe information disclosure🔒
24593PY Active Webcam webcam.exe denial of service🔒
24592Techland Xpand Rally memory corruption [CVE-2005-0729]
24589Ubbcentral UBB.threads editpost.php sql injection🔒
24588PHP Arena paFileDB Error Message pafiledb.php information disclosure🔒
24587Gamearena eXPerience2 modules.php file inclusion
24584MySQL symlink [CVE-2005-0711]🔒🔒🔒
24583mysql memory corruption [CVE-2005-0710]🔒🔒🔒
24581Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite IMAP Daemon imap4d32.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24580grip discdb.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24579Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-0705]🔒🔒
24578Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-0704]🔒🔒
24576Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0682]
24575Stadtaus Tell A Friend Script code injection
24574Stadtaus Form Mail Script file inclusion🔒🔒
24573Phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php privileges management🔒
24572Phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php cross site scriting🔒
24571phpBB usercp_register.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24570Ca3DE memory corruption [CVE-2005-0672]
24569Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN mod.php cross site scriting🔒
24568Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN mod.php sql injection🔒
24567The Pax Team Pax Linux Access Restriction memory corruption [CVE-2005-0666]
24566John Bradley xv memory corruption [CVE-2005-0665]🔒🔒
24565libexif memory corruption [CVE-2005-0664]🔒🔒
24564MercuryBoard index.php sql injection🔒
24563MercuryBoard index.php cross site scriting🔒
24562Woltlab Burning Board session.php getwbbuserdata sql injection
24561Adalis D-Forum nav.php3 cross site scriting
24560phpBB Error Message oracle.php information disclosure🔒
24559Computalynx CProxy denial of service [CVE-2005-0657]🔒
24558Arif Supriyanto auraCMS hits.php cross site scriting
24557Arif Supriyanto auraCMS Error Message teman.php information disclosure
24556The Gimp Team GIMP gifload.exe denial of service
24555OpemVMS VAX information disclosure [CVE-2005-0652]
24554ProjectBB Search Feature divers.php sql injection
24553ProjectBB Search Feature divers.php cross site scriting
24552Pixel-apes Group SafeHTML cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0649]
24551Pixel-apes Group SafeHTML cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0648]
24550PHP Arena paNews admin_setup.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0647]🔒
24549PHP Arena paNews MySQL auth.php sql injection🔒
24548CuteNews cross site scriting🔒
24547McAfee Antivirus Engine Scan Engine memory corruption [CVE-2005-0644]
24546CA Unicenter Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2005-0642]
24545Foxmail Email Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0635]
24544Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0634]🔒
24543qt ld_library_path Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0627]🔒🔒
24542Enlight Software Scrapland denial of service [CVE-2005-0621]
24541PostNuke dl-search.php sql injection🔒🔒
24540PostNuke index.php sql injection🔒🔒
24539phpBB sessions.php information disclosure🔒
24538RealNetworks RealPlayer heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0611]🔒🔒🔒
24537Devellion CubeCart Error Message information.php cross site scriting🔒
24536Devellion CubeCart cross site scriting🔒
24535gfi languard lnss.exe Local Privilege Escalation
24534unzip Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0602]🔒
24533Cisco Application/Content Networking Software Default Password improper authentication
24532Cisco Application/Content Networking Software denial of service
24531Cisco Application/Content Networking Software denial of service
24530Working Resources BadBlue ISAPI ext.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24529Mozilla Firefox Installation authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0590]🔒🔒
24528Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2005-0589]🔒🔒
24527Mozilla Firefox XSLT memory corruption [CVE-2005-0588]🔒🔒
24526Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0586]🔒🔒
24525Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0584]🔒🔒
24524CA License Software path traversal [CVE-2005-0583]🔒🔒🔒
24523CA License Software memory corruption [CVE-2005-0582]🔒🔒🔒
24522CA License Software LIC98RMT.EXE memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
24521DNA MKBold-MKItalic memory corruption [CVE-2005-0577]🔒
24520Stormy Studios Knet memory corruption [CVE-2005-0575]
24519Cupidsystems CIS WebServer path traversal [CVE-2005-0574]
24518Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-0573]
24517phpWebSite Error Message index.php information disclosure🔒🔒
24516PunBB admin_loader.php sql injection🔒
24515PunBB profile.php denial of service🔒
24514PunBB register.php sql injection🔒
24513Raven Software Soldier Of Fortune 2 denial of service [CVE-2005-0568]
24512phpMyAdmin phpmyadmin.css.php file inclusion🔒🔒🔒
24511phpWebSite gif.php information disclosure🔒🔒
24510Microsoft Word memory corruption [CVE-2005-0558]🔒
24505Sun Solaris AnswerBook2 Files" cross site scriting🔒
24504Cyrus IMAPd fetch stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0546]🔒🔒
24503Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0545] [Disputed]🔒
24502cyclades alterpath manager Local Privilege Escalation
24501Cyclades AlterPath Manager consoleconnect.jsp Remote Code Execution
24500Cyclades AlterPath Manager about.html information disclosure
24499ibm hardware management console Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0539]
24498Ginp path traversal
24497MediaWiki path traversal [CVE-2005-0536]🔒🔒
24496MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0534]🔒🔒
24495Linux Kernel addr.c atm_get_addr memory corruption🔒
24494Linux Kernel n_tty.c copy_from_read_buf denial of service🔒🔒
24493Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-0527]🔒🔒🔒
24492PBLang search.php cross site scriting🔒
24491PHP image.c php infinite loop🔒🔒
24490ProZilla Download Accelerator memory corruption [CVE-2005-0523]🔒🔒
24489chat anywhere ini information disclosure
24488Digipen Institute Of Technology Bontago memory corruption [CVE-2005-0501]🔒
24487Gigafast router Login Page backup.cfg cleartext storage
24486adp elite system max 9000 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0497]
24485Seth M. Knorr Biz Mail Form bizmail.cgi cross site scriting🔒
24484Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2005-0492]🔒
24483Knox Software Arkeia Server Backup stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0491]🔒🔒🔒
24482cURL NTLM Authentication http_ntlm.c curl_input_ntlm stack-based overflow🔒🔒
24480SGI IRIX gr_osview unknown vulnerability
24479SGI IRIX gr_osview information disclosure
24478Inl Ulog-php host.php sql injection
24477NewsBruiser unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0461]
24476MercuryBoard index.php information disclosure🔒
24475phpMyAdmin Error Message select_lang.lib.php information disclosure
24474osCommerce contact_us.php cross site scriting🔒
24473Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2005-0457]🔒🔒
24471Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal index.php sql injection🔒
24470Sami HTTP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-0451]🔒
24469Sami HTTP Server path traversal [CVE-2005-0450]🔒
24468Linux Kernel netfilter/iptables skb_checksum_help input validation🔒🔒
24467Open WebMail Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0445]🔒🔒
24466Devellion CubeCart Error Message index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24465Devellion CubeCart index.php path traversal🔒🔒
24464Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook Configuration File memory corruption🔒
24463Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook decode_post memory corruption🔒
24462awstats information disclosure🔒🔒
24461awstats path traversal🔒🔒🔒
24460awstats information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
24459awstats information disclosure🔒🔒
24458Barracuda Networks Barracuda Spam Firewall Remote Code Execution
24457Jelsoft vBulletin forumdisplay.php privileges management🔒🔒
24456PowerDNS expand denial of service🔒🔒
24455Gentoo Webmin information disclosure [CVE-2005-0427]🔒🔒
24454Sun J2SE Java Web Start Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0418]
24453Zakon Group Openconf cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0407]
24450Linux Kernel ext2_make_empty information disclosure🔒🔒
24449ImageMagick image.c setimageinfo memory corruption🔒🔒
24447Daniel De Rauglaudre geneweb File Permission privileges management🔒🔒
24446Axel conn.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24444remstats privileges management [CVE-2005-0388]🔒🔒
24443remstats symlink [CVE-2005-0387]🔒🔒 network.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒
24441Frank Mcingvale luxman Libraries memory corruption [CVE-2005-0385]🔒🔒
24440Trend Micro Control Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0383]
24439Breed denial of service [CVE-2005-0382]
24438ZeroBoard print_category.php file inclusion🔒🔒
24437ZeroBoard Login head.php path traversal
24436IMP Horde prefs.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24435Sergey Kiselev SGallery imageview.php sql injection🔒🔒
24434Sergey Kiselev SGallery Error Message imageview.php sql_fetch_row information disclosure
24433Bitshifters Bitboard cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0374]🔒
24432GTK GTK+ path traversal [CVE-2005-0372]🔒🔒
24431Armagetron denial of service [CVE-2005-0371]
24430Armagetron denial of service [CVE-2005-0370]
24429Armagetron denial of service [CVE-2005-0369]
24428Chipmunk Scripts CMScore index.php sql injection🔒
24427OpenPGP cleartext storage [CVE-2005-0366]🔒🔒
24426awstats privileges management🔒🔒🔒
24425Safenet Sentinel License Manager memory corruption [CVE-2005-0353]🔒🔒🔒
24424CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup File System privileges management🔒
24423RealNetworks RealArcade path traversal [CVE-2005-0348]
24422Arcade integer coercion [CVE-2005-0347]
24421safenet vpn client ireike.exe information disclosure
24420php-fusion viewthread.php information disclosure🔒
24419Software602 602 Lan Suite path traversal [CVE-2005-0344]
24418Logicnow PerlDesk kb.cgi sql injection🔒
24417Apple Mac OS X Finder memory corruption [CVE-2005-0342]🔒
24416Apple Safari cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0341]
24414Foxmail Foxmail Email Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0339]
24413Savant Savant Webserver memory corruption [CVE-2005-0338]🔒
24412Red Hat Enterprise Linux Backup if_inet6 Remote Code Execution🔒
24411EMotion MediaPartner Web Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0336]
24410EMotion MediaPartner Web Server path traversal [CVE-2005-0335]
24409Linksys Psus4 Printserver Firmware denial of service [CVE-2005-0334]
24408LANChat Pro Revival denial of service [CVE-2005-0333]
24407Ventia DeskNow Mail/Collaboration Server path traversal🔒
24406Rarlab WinRAR path traversal [CVE-2005-0331]
24405People Can Fly Painkiller memory corruption [CVE-2005-0330]
24404ZipGenius path traversal [CVE-2005-0329]
24403Netgear RT311 information disclosure [CVE-2005-0328]
24402PHP Arena pafiledb Login pafiledb.php cross site scriting🔒
24401PHP Arena pafiledb Error Message pafiledb.php information disclosure🔒
24400Techland Xpand Rally denial of service [CVE-2005-0325]
24399Captaris Infinite Mobile Delivery Webmail Error Message information disclosure🔒
24398Captaris Infinite Mobile Delivery Webmail cross site scriting🔒
24397Merak Mail Server users.cfg missing encryption
24396Merak Mail Server calendar_d.html information disclosure🔒
24395ingate firewall Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0311]
24394Exponent Error Message information disclosure🔒
24393Siteman users.php privileges management🔒
24392DivX DivX Player path traversal [CVE-2005-0304]
24391Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Backoffice Lite comersus_supporterror.asp cross site scriting
24390Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Backoffice Lite default.asp sql injection
24389Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Backoffice Lite comersus_backoffice_install10.asp Remote Code Execution🔒
24388GForge controller.php path traversal🔒🔒
24387Oracle Database Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-0298]🔒
24386minis minis.php path traversal🔒
24385eMotion MediaPartner Web Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-0286]
24384webseries payment application Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0285]
24383MyBB member.php sql injection🔒
24382JoWood Soldner Secret Wars Web Interface cross site scriting
24381JoWood Soldner Secret Wars denial of service [CVE-2005-0279]
243803Com 3CDaemon Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-0278]🔒🔒
243793com 3CDaemon FTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2005-0277]🔒🔒
243783Com 3CDaemon FTP Service denial of service [CVE-2005-0276]🔒🔒
243773Com 3CDaemon denial of service [CVE-2005-0275]
24376PhotoPost PhotoPost PHP Pro showgallery.php sql injection🔒
24375Photopost ReviewPost PHP Pro Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0272]
24374Photopost ReviewPost PHP Pro showcat.php cross site scriting
24373Sir GNUBoard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0269]
24372FlatNuke Administrator Account index.php Remote Code Execution🔒
24371OWL Owl Intranet Engine browse.php sql injection🔒
24370OWL Owl Intranet Engine browse.php cross site scriting🔒
24369IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-0263]
24368IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2005-0262]
24367ca BrightStor ARCserve Backup stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0260]🔒
24366BibORB unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0254]
24365BibORB index.php path traversal
24364BibORB sql injection [CVE-2005-0252]
24363BibORB bibindex.php cross site scriting
24362Sun Solaris Solaris Management Console Remote Code Execution
24361PostgreSQL fetch make_fetch_stmt memory corruption🔒🔒
24360PostgreSQL denial of service [CVE-2005-0246]🔒🔒
24359PostgreSQL Permission Check access control [CVE-2005-0244]🔒🔒
24358IBM AIX Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2005-0240]
24357Squirrelmail SMIME Plugin viewcert.php privileges management🔒
24356Mozilla SSL Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0238]
24352firehol symlink🔒🔒
24351Sun SDK Java Virtual Machine denial of service [CVE-2005-0223]
24350Gallery Error Message main.php information disclosure🔒🔒
24349Gallery login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24348Gallery add_comment.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24347Invision Power Services Invision Community Blog index.php sql injection🔒
24346Woltlab Burning Board formmail.php cross site scriting
24345Mozilla denial of service [CVE-2005-0215]
24344Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog path traversal [CVE-2005-0214]🔒🔒
24343Webtoolmaster Software WinHKI path traversal [CVE-2005-0213]
24342Amp Amp II 3d Game Engine infinite loop [CVE-2005-0212]
24341Squid Proxy wccp.c recvfrom memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
24340Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2005-0209]🔒🔒
24339Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-0208]🔒🔒
24338Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-0207]🔒
24336Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-0204]🔒
24335GNU Mailman true_path path traversal🔒🔒🔒
24334Tiki TikiWiki input validation [CVE-2005-0200]🔒🔒
24333ngIRCd lists.c lists_makemask memory corruption🔒🔒
24332University of Washington UW-IMAP Authentication Mechanism improper authentication🔒🔒
24331Squid proxy Access Control List Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0194]🔒🔒
24330AtHoc AtHoc toolbar setskin stack-based overflow
24329Mnet Soft Factory NodeManager Professional stack-based overflow
24328Squirrelmail Vacation plugin path traversal [CVE-2005-0184]
24327Squirrelmail Vacation plugin privileges management [CVE-2005-0183]
24326bidwatcher memory corruption [CVE-2005-0158]🔒🔒
24325perl perlio memory corruption [CVE-2005-0155]🔒🔒
24324Mozilla Thunderbird unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0148]🔒
24323Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2005-0147]🔒🔒
24322Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2005-0146]🔒🔒
24321Mozilla Firefox view-source denial of service [CVE-2005-0144]🔒🔒
24320Mozilla Firefox Links denial of service [CVE-2005-0141]🔒🔒
24319PeID memory corruption [CVE-2005-0140]
24318Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-0137]🔒
24317Linux Kernel unwind.c unw_unwind_to_user denial of service🔒🔒
24316ClamAV denial of service [CVE-2005-0133]🔒🔒
24315Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0127]🔒
24314Apple Mac OS X Profiles memory corruption [CVE-2005-0126]🔒
24313Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2005-0125]🔒
24312Alexander Siegel golddig memory corruption [CVE-2005-0121]🔒🔒
24311helvis unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0120]🔒🔒
24310helvis information disclosure [CVE-2005-0119]🔒🔒
24309helvis information disclosure [CVE-2005-0118]🔒🔒
24307red hat enterprise linux denial of service [CVE-2005-0091]🔒
24306Red Hat Enterprise Linux denial of service [CVE-2005-0090]🔒
24305Apache Mod Python Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0088]🔒🔒
24304Red Hat Enterprise Linux heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0086]🔒
24303Ethereal X11 Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2005-0084]🔒🔒
24302MySQL MaxDB reallocstring denial of service
24301mailman Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-0080]
24300xtrlock memory corruption [CVE-2005-0079]🔒🔒
24299kde certain denial of service🔒🔒
24298Red Hat Enterprise Linux symlink [CVE-2005-0077]🔒🔒
24297XView memory corruption [CVE-2005-0076]🔒🔒
24296sympa Setuid queue.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24295vdr unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0071]🔒🔒
24294synaesthesia Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0070]🔒🔒
24293TCP ICMP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2005-0065]🔒
24284Microsoft SharePoint Team Services cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0049]🔒
24283Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2005-0048]🔒🔒🔒
24280Microsoft Exchange Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0044]🔒🔒
24279Apple iTunes pls memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24278F2c Translator symlink [CVE-2005-0018]🔒🔒
24277mlink symlink [CVE-2005-0017]🔒🔒
24276Crosswire Bible Society Sword privileges management🔒🔒
24275ncpfs ncplogin memory corruption [CVE-2005-0014]🔒🔒
24274ncpfs nwclient.c privileges management🔒🔒
24273Dillo Web Browser a_interface_msg memory corruption🔒🔒
24272kde stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0011]🔒🔒
24271Ethereal MMSE Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-0010]🔒🔒
24270Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-0009]🔒🔒
24269Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2005-0008]🔒🔒
24268Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2005-0007]🔒🔒
24267Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-0006]🔒🔒
24266ImageMagick psd.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒
24265Gentoo Poppassd Pam Change Password Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0002]🔒🔒
24262AOL Instant Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2001-1420]
24261Ipswitch IMail IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-1999-1557]🔒🔒🔒
24260Arpanet perlshop Shopping Cart perlshop.cgi information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
24259Kerio MailServer Administration denial of service [CVE-2005-1063]🔒🔒
24258ASPjar ASPjar Guestbook delete.asp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0424]
24257ASPjar ASPjar Guestbook login.asp sql injection🔒🔒
24256delphiturk codebank information disclosure [CVE-2005-0422]
24255delphiturk ftp information disclosure [CVE-2005-0421]
242543Com 3CServer FTP Command heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0419]🔒
24253IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2005-0417]🔒
24252Microsoft Windows stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0416]🔒
24251Ulrik Petersen Emdros Database Engine memory leak [CVE-2005-0415]
24250MercuryBoard post.php sql injection🔒
24249MyPHP Forum forum.php sql injection
24248Spidean PostWrap cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0412]
24247CitrusDB Citrusdb Customer Database information disclosure [CVE-2005-0229]🔒🔒
24246Easy Software Products CUPS integer coercion [CVE-2005-0206]🔒🔒
24245Debian Linux symlink [CVE-2005-0159]🔒🔒
24244Red Hat Enterprise Linux alsa-lib memory corruption [CVE-2005-0087]🔒
24243Mandrakesoft Mandrake Linux Corporate Server Error Message dig cross site scriting🔒🔒
24242Yongguang Zhang hztty privileges management [CVE-2005-0019]🔒🔒
24241GNU wget memory corruption [CVE-2004-1488]🔒🔒
24240GNU wget path traversal [CVE-2004-1487]🔒🔒
24239CVS denial of service [CVE-2004-1342]🔒🔒
24238Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2005-1281]🔒🔒
24237MySQL MaxDB WebDAV getifheader stack-based overflow
24236Gentoo Rootkit Hunter symlink🔒🔒
24235Horde Chora cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1317]🔒
24234inserter.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1300]
24233inserter.cgi privileges management [CVE-2005-1299]🔒
24232inserter.cgi Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1298]
24231include.cgi cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1297]
24230include.cgi privileges management [CVE-2005-1296]
24229include.cgi Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1295]
24228ImageMagick pnm.c readpnmimage heap-based overflow🔒🔒
24227MySQL MaxDB WebDAV wdvhandler_commonutils.c getlocktokenheader memory corruption🔒
24226Yappa-NG file inclusion [CVE-2005-1312]🔒 Remote Code Execution
24224Linux Kernel Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1294]
24223Vladislav Bogdanov snmppd snmppd_util.c snmppd_log memory corruption
24222Eaden Mckee bBlog index.php sql injection🔒
24221CartWIZ ASP Cart addtocart.asp sql injection
24220Bk Dev BK Forum member.asp sql injection
24219WoltLab Burning Board thread.php cross site scriting
24218Argosoft Mail Server path traversal [CVE-2005-1283]🔒
24217KDE memory corruption [CVE-2005-0754]🔒🔒
24216NetIQ Pssecure qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1244] [Disputed]
24215Powertech Powerlock Networksecurity qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1241]
24214Castlehill Secure Net qsys.lib path traversal [CVE-2005-1240]
24213PHP Labs proFile index.php cross site scriting
24212PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1227]
24211Roar Smith info2www cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1341]🔒🔒
24210Kerio MailServer denial of service [CVE-2005-1138]🔒
24208CVS memory corruption [CVE-2005-0753]🔒🔒🔒
24207Inter7 SqWebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1308]🔒
24206GOCR Optical Character Recognition Utility NetPBM pnm.c readpgm heap-based overflow
24205GOCR Optical Character Recognition Utility pnm.c readpgm heap-based overflow
24204Mywebland myBloggie cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1140]🔒🔒
24203Opera Web Browser SSL Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1139]🔒
24202sphpBlog information disclosure [CVE-2005-1136]
24201Monkey HTTP Daemon cgi.c format string🔒🔒
24200Apple Mac OS X exif.c memory allocation🔒🔒
24199Squid Proxy denial of service [CVE-2005-0718]🔒🔒
24198BerliOS Konversation information disclosure [CVE-2005-0131]🔒🔒
24197BerliOS Konversation privileges management [CVE-2005-0130]🔒🔒
24196BerliOS Konversation parsewildcards Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
241943Com 3crwe454g72 information disclosure [CVE-2005-0112]
24193MySQL MaxDB sapdbwa_getuserdata denial of service
24192MySQL MaxDB denial of service [CVE-2005-0081]
24191playmidi playmidi.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24190gatos exported_display memory corruption🔒🔒
24189Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2005-0003]🔒🔒
24188Linux Kernel Subsystem denial of service [CVE-2004-1237]🔒
24187Avaya S8300 load_elf_library binfmt_aout memory corruption🔒🔒
24186Toshiaki Kanosue htmlheadline symlink [CVE-2004-1181]🔒🔒
24185Midnight Commander extfs.c memory corruption🔒🔒
24184midnight commander fish.c privileges management🔒🔒
24183Midnight commander denial of service [CVE-2004-1093]🔒🔒
24182Midnight commander denial of service [CVE-2004-1092]🔒🔒
24181Midnight commander denial of service [CVE-2004-1091]🔒🔒
24180Midnight commander denial of service [CVE-2004-1090]🔒🔒
24179Midnight commander infinite loop [CVE-2004-1009]🔒🔒
24178Midnight Commander memory corruption [CVE-2004-1005]🔒🔒
24177Midnight Commander format string [CVE-2004-1004]🔒🔒
24176Midnight Commander memory corruption [CVE-2004-0812]🔒
24175nProtect Netizen unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1301] ACNews login.asp sql injection
24173S9y Serendipity exit.php sql injection🔒
24172CalendarScript information disclosure
24171CalendarScript cross site scriting [Disputed]
24170CalendarScript cross site scriting [Disputed]
24169EasyPHPCalendar Error Message popup.php information disclosure
24168EasyPHPCalendar index.php cross site scriting
24167Desert Dog Software Pinnacle Cart index.php cross site scriting🔒
24166sygate security agent Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-1103]
24165Salim Gasmi GLD Interface server.c handlechild memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
24164XAMPP Apache Distribution Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1078]🔒
24163XAMPP Apache Distribution cds.php cross site scriting🔒
24162JPortal Web Portal sql injection
24161FreeBSD fetch symlink [CVE-2005-0610]🔒🔒
24159Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2004-0791]🔒🔒
24158DC++ unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1089]🔒
24157Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php sql injection🔒
24156rsnapshot Filesystem Snapshot Utility snap copy_symlink🔒🔒
24155TowerBlog Login login Remote Code Execution🔒
24154Azerbaijan AzDGDating view.php sql injection
24153ftp now information disclosure [CVE-2005-1094]
24152PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1072]
24151Access User Class Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1067]
24150AN AN-HTTPd cmdis.dll authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1087]
24149phpBB File Upload up.php privileges management🔒
24148SCO OpenServer memory corruption [CVE-2005-0351]
24147Ocean12 Technologies Membership Manager Pro main.asp sql injection
24145Active Web Softwares Active Auction House default.asp sql injection🔒
24144Pavuk memory corruption [CVE-2005-1035]
24143Linux Kernel load_elf_library denial of service [CVE-2005-0749]🔒🔒
24142Bay Technical Associates Rpc3 Telnet denial of service [CVE-2005-0957]🔒
24141Kayako ESupport index.php cross site scriting🔒
24140Tarantella Secure Global Desktop information disclosure [CVE-2005-0486]
24139PHP Arena paNews comment.php cross site scripting🔒
24138GProFTPD memory corruption [CVE-2005-0484]🔒🔒
24137Glftpd path traversal🔒
24136TrackerCam denial of service [CVE-2005-0482]🔒🔒
24135TrackerCam comgetlogfile.php3 cross site scriting🔒🔒
24134TrackerCam cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0480]🔒🔒
24133TrackerCam comgetlogfile.php3 path traversal🔒🔒
24132TrackerCam memory corruption [CVE-2005-0478]🔒🔒
24131Invision Power Services IP.Board cross site scripting [CVE-2005-0477]🔒
24130Hpm Guestbook.cgi hpm_guestbook.cgi cross site scriting
24129PHP Arena paFAQ question.php sql injection🔒
24128WebCalendar user.php user_valid_crypt sql injection🔒
24127FastStone 4in1 Browser path traversal [CVE-2005-0950]
24126Coinsoft Technologies phpCoin sql injection [CVE-2005-0946]🔒
24125Jimmy The Includer file inclusion [CVE-2005-0931]
24124Adventia E-Data cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0924]
24123Adventia Chat/Server main_frame.asp cross site scriting
24122E-Xoops index.php sql injection
24121Valdersoft Valdersoft Shopping Cart index.php cross site scriting
24120smail memory corruption [CVE-2005-0892]🔒🔒
24119Linux Kernel bluez_sock_create denial of service🔒
24118Cpg-nuke CPG Dragonfly CMS index.php cross site scriting🔒
24117NukeBookmarks Error Message marks.php information disclosure
24116Magicscripts E-Store Kit-2 downloadform.php cross site scriting
24115Mozilla Firefox utf8tonewunicode heap-based overflow🔒🔒
24114Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-0587]🔒
24113Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0585]🔒🔒
24112deplate Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0912]
24111Dream4 Koobi CMS index.php cross site scriting
24110Michael Dean Double Choco Latte Remote Code Execution
24109DigitalHive base.php cross site scriting
24108Interspire ArticleLive cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0881]🔒🔒
24107MercuryBoard Message Board cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0878]🔒
24106ImageMagick denial of service [CVE-2005-0761]🔒
24105ImageMagick denial of service [CVE-2005-0759]🔒🔒
24104Mozilla/Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2005-0143]🔒🔒
24100Servers Alive privileges management [CVE-2005-0352]
24099Novell Mini FTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0798]
24098Novell Mini FTP Server Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-0797]
24097ZPanel Installation install.php denial of service
24096ZPanel zpanel.php file inclusion🔒
24095ZPanel index.php sql injection
24094Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2005-0767]🔒
24093Hola CMS votes path traversal
24092phpAdsNew adframe.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24091phpAdsNew Error Message information disclosure
24090LimeWire path traversal [CVE-2005-0789]🔒🔒
24089LimeWire information disclosure [CVE-2005-0788]🔒🔒
24088SimpGB guestbook.php sql injection🔒
24087fallback-reboot denial of service [CVE-2005-0510]
24086Mono cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0509]
24085Batik Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0508]
24084GD SD Server path traversal [CVE-2005-0507]
24083Avaya IP Office Phone Manager Registry cleartext storage [CVE-2005-0506]
24082Stackworks Enterprises Information Resource Manager privileges management
24081Linux Kernel Serial Driver moxa.c moxadriverioctl memory corruption🔒🔒
24080Rob Flynn Gaim denial of service [CVE-2005-0473]🔒🔒
24079Rob Flynn Gaim infinite loop [CVE-2005-0472]🔒🔒
24078wpa_supplicant memory corruption [CVE-2005-0470]🔒🔒
24077KAME Racoon denial of service [CVE-2005-0398]🔒🔒
24076phpBB unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0259]🔒🔒
24075phpBB usercp_register.php path traversal🔒🔒
24074PHP Arena paFileDB Error Message auth.php information disclosure
24073Ethereal JXTA Dissector denial of service [CVE-2005-0765]🔒
24072Photopost PhotoPost PHP Pro member.php sql injection🔒
24071WEBInsta Mailing Manager initdb.php code injection
24070PY Active Webcam webcam.exe denial of service🔒
24069Utstarcom ATA Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0745]
24068HP Tru64 Message Queue denial of service [CVE-2005-0719]
24067Applyyourself i-Class applicantdecision.asp information disclosure
24066YaBB cross site scriting🔒
24065WF-Sections wfsfiles.php getallbyarticle sql injection
24064PHP Arena paFileDB functions.php jumpmenu cross site scriting🔒
24063mcNews header.php code injection
24062Ethereal packet-3g-a11.c dissect_a11_radius memory corruption🔒🔒
24061ArGoSoft FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0696]🔒
24060Outstart Participate Enterprise displaynavigator.jsp denial of service
24059abuse-SDL memory corruption [CVE-2005-0099]🔒🔒
24058abuse-SDL memory corruption [CVE-2005-0098]🔒🔒
24057eXPerience2 Error Message modules.php information disclosure
24056Xerox Workcentre M45 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0703]🔒
24055phpMyFAQ sql injection [CVE-2005-0702]🔒
24054Oracle Database Server path traversal [CVE-2005-0701]🔒🔒
24053Aztek Forum myadmin.php export_index information disclosure
24052Jason Hines phpWebLog file inclusion🔒
24051Brt JoWood xp_publish.php process_picture sql injection🔒
24050Hosting Controller Password Recovery forgotpassword.asp information disclosure
24049Hosting Controller hcdiskquotaservice.csv information disclosure🔒
24048JoWood Chaser memory corruption [CVE-2005-0693]
24047Gene6 FTP Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0690]
24046Jimmy The Includer includer.cgi privileges management🔒🔒
24045mlterm gdk-pixbuf integer coercion [CVE-2005-0686]🔒🔒
24044PHP file inclusion
24043Sun Solaris Answerbook2 Search cross site scriting🔒
24040PHP-Fusion fusion_core.php cross site scriting🔒
24039SocialMPN modules.php file inclusion
24038Hashcash Printing memory allocation [CVE-2005-0687]🔒🔒
24037Nokia Symbian Bluetooth denial of service [CVE-2005-0681]
24036Christian Hilgers HTTP Anti Virus Proxy HAVP Remote Code Execution
24035Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0593]🔒🔒
24034PHP Arena paBox cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0674]🔒
24033Ca3de memory corruption [CVE-2005-0671]
24032CA Unicenter Asset Management cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0641]
24031CA Unicenter Asset Management Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0640]
24030xli integer coercion [CVE-2005-0639]🔒🔒
24029xloadimage privileges management [CVE-2005-0638]🔒🔒
24028Foxmail Foxmail Email Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0636]
24027Cerulean Studios Trillian Pro memory corruption [CVE-2005-0633]
24026einstein information disclosure [CVE-2005-0620]
24025PHPNews auth.php file inclusion🔒
24024pblang delpm.php cross site scriting🔒
24023pblang sendpm.php cross site scriting🔒
24022427BB Fourtwosevenbb profile.php cross site scriting
24021Demof Forumwa search.php cross site scriting
24020RaidenHTTPD memory corruption [CVE-2005-0623]🔒
24019RaidenHTTPD memory corruption [CVE-2005-0622]🔒
24018phpMyAdmin Error Message read_dump.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24017BNC getnickuserhost memory corruption🔒🔒
24016IEEE1394 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1038]
24014SquirrelMail mime.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
24013Imap Proxy imapcommon.c IMAP_Line_Read denial of service🔒🔒
24012Kaffeine Player http_open memory corruption🔒🔒
24011fcron information disclosure [CVE-2004-1033]🔒🔒
24010fcron fcronsighup information disclosure [CVE-2004-1032]🔒🔒
24009fcron fcronsighup proc information disclosure🔒🔒
24008fcron Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1030]🔒🔒
24007Arj Software Inc. unarj path traversal [CVE-2004-1027]🔒🔒
24006Apple iCal privileges management [CVE-2004-1021]🔒
24005Info-ZIP memory corruption [CVE-2004-1010]🔒🔒
24004bogofilter denial of service [CVE-2004-1007]🔒🔒
24003Trend Micro ScanMail information disclosure [CVE-2004-1003]🔒
24002Proxytunnel Daemon Mode memory corruption [CVE-2004-0992]🔒🔒
23999Iptables Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0986]🔒🔒
23998Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby CGI Module infinite loop [CVE-2004-0983]🔒🔒
23997reportbug information disclosure [CVE-2005-0625]
23996reportbug information disclosure [CVE-2005-0624]
23995einstein information disclosure [CVE-2005-0619]
23994PostNuke cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0616]🔒🔒
23993FCKeditor unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0613]🔒
23992WebMod server.cpp heap-based overflow
23991phpBB Error Message viewtopic.php information disclosure🔒
23990Mitel 3300 Integrated Communication Platform Web Management Interface denial of service
23989cmd5checkpw execvp information disclosure🔒🔒
23988freenx nxagent Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0579]
23987Debian bmtpd privileges management [CVE-2005-0107]🔒🔒
23986Cisco Content Engine Networking denial of service [CVE-2005-0600]
23985Cisco Content Engine Networking denial of service [CVE-2005-0598]
23984HP HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0547]🔒🔒
23983sendlink information disclosure [CVE-2005-0521]
23982ArGoSoft FTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0520]🔒
23981exeem information disclosure [CVE-2005-0518]
23980peerftp_5 peerftp.ini information disclosure
23979ImageGalleryPlugin privileges management [CVE-2005-0516]🔒
23977Linux Kernel futex.c denial of service🔒
23976MediaWiki cross-site request forgery [CVE-2005-0535]🔒🔒
23975Verity Ultraseek cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0514]🔒🔒
23974E-merge unace path traversal [CVE-2005-0161]🔒🔒
23973E-merge unace memory corruption [CVE-2005-0160]🔒🔒
23972Igeneric Free Shopping Cart page.php sql injection
23971Mambo tar.php file inclusion🔒🔒
23970Jelsoft vBulletin misc.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
23969uim privileges management [CVE-2005-0503]🔒🔒
23968Knox Software Arkeia File System privileges management [CVE-2005-0496]🔒
23967Thomson Cable Modem RgSecurity.asp denial of service
23966Gigafast Router denial of service [CVE-2005-0499]
23965Pmachine Pro mail_autocheck.php file inclusion🔒
23964ZeroBoard zboard.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23963Red Hat Enterprise Linux denial of service [CVE-2005-0092]🔒
23962ArGoSoft FTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0519]🔒
23961Xinkaa Web Station path traversal [CVE-2005-0502]
23960Yahoo! Messenger ping.exe Local Privilege Escalation
23959MercuryBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0462]🔒
23958Yahoo Messenger unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0243]🔒
23957lighttpd buffer_urldecode information disclosure🔒🔒
23956typespeed Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0105]🔒🔒
23955Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0434]
23954Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke Error Message db.php information disclosure
23953Linux Kernel shmctl denial of service🔒
23952Mozilla Thunderbird network.cookie.disablecookieformailnews unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
23951CitrusDB index.php path traversal
23950CitrusDB importcc.php sql injection
23949CitrusDB Authorization importcc.php information disclosure🔒
23948CitrusDB Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0408]🔒
23947Image Processing Software information disclosure [CVE-2005-0406]
23946ID Software Quake 3 Engine memory corruption [CVE-2005-0430]
23945xpcd pcdsvgaview memory corruption [CVE-2005-0074]🔒🔒
23944HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2005-0364]🔒🔒
23943IBM AIX information disclosure [CVE-2005-0261]
23942ArGoSoft Argosoft Mail Server msg path traversal🔒
23941AWStats privileges management🔒🔒
23939ImageMagick memory corruption [CVE-2004-0981]🔒🔒
23938ez-ipupdate Daemon Mode ez-ipupdate.c memory corruption🔒🔒
23937PostgreSQL symlink [CVE-2004-0977]🔒🔒
23936Larry Wall Perl symlink [CVE-2004-0976]🔒🔒
23935netatalk symlink [CVE-2004-0974]🔒🔒
23934Logical Volume Management Utilities symlink [CVE-2004-0972]🔒🔒
23933MIT Kerberos symlink [CVE-2004-0971]🔒🔒
23932Groff symlink [CVE-2004-0969]🔒🔒
23931Aladdin Enterprises Ghostscript link following🔒🔒
23930GNU gettext symlink [CVE-2004-0966]🔒🔒
23929HP HP-UX memory corruption [CVE-2004-0965]🔒🔒
23927Apple Remote Desktop memory corruption [CVE-2004-0962]
23926FreeRADIUS memory leak [CVE-2004-0961]🔒🔒
23925FreeRADIUS denial of service [CVE-2004-0960]🔒🔒
23924MySQL memory corruption [CVE-2004-0957]🔒🔒🔒
23923Danware Data NetOp information disclosure [CVE-2004-0950]🔒🔒
23922Arj Software Inc. unarj memory corruption [CVE-2004-0947]🔒🔒
23921Trustix Secure Linux Graphics gdmalloc memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
23916Squid Proxy Cache unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0175]🔒🔒
23915Squid Proxy Cache unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0174]🔒🔒
23913GNU Emacs POP3 Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-0100]🔒🔒
23912SCO OpenServer memory corruption [CVE-2004-1131]
23911ngIRCd Logging log.c log_resolver memory corruption🔒🔒
23910SquirrelMail memory corruption [CVE-2005-0152]🔒🔒
23909PostgreSQL refcursor heap-based overflow🔒🔒
23908Newspost socket_getline memory corruption🔒🔒
23907HP VirtualVault denial of service [CVE-2005-0224]
23906SquirrelMail webmail.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23905SquirrelMail prefs.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23904Icewarp Web Mail login.html cross site scriting🔒
23903Alt-N WebAdmin Admin Server cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0319]🔒
23902Alt-N WebAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0318]🔒
23901Alt-N WebAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0317]🔒
23900Webwasher Classic Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0316]🔒
23899Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server Local Privilege Escalation
23898Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server user.php cross site scriting
23897Amax Information Technologies Magic Winmail Server upload.php path traversal
23896WarFTPD denial of service [CVE-2005-0312]🔒
23895Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Protection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0936]🔒
23894Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Protection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0935]🔒
23893Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Protection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0934]🔒
23891SuSE Linux tif_ojpeg.c ojpegvsetfield heap-based overflow🔒🔒
23890Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2004-0927]🔒
23889Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0925]🔒
23888Apple Mac OS X NetInfo Manager memory corruption [CVE-2004-0924]🔒
23886Apple Mac OS X AFP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0922]🔒
23885Apple Mac OS X AFP Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0921]🔒
23884Vignette Application Portal diag information disclosure🔒
23883Cabextract path traversal [CVE-2004-0916]🔒🔒
23882Mozilla Firefox nsvcardobj.cpp writeGroup stack-based overflow🔒🔒
23880Rob Flynn Gaim Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2004-0891]🔒🔒
23879Debian Linux integer coercion [CVE-2004-0889]🔒🔒
23877Linux Enterprise Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0887]🔒🔒
23876libtiff integer coercion [CVE-2004-0886]🔒🔒
23875Cyrus-SASL Libraries memory corruption [CVE-2004-0884]🔒🔒
23874getmail symlink [CVE-2004-0881]🔒🔒
23873getmail symlink [CVE-2004-0880]🔒🔒
23872Debian Linux information disclosure [CVE-2004-1340]🔒🔒
23871openserver Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2003-1021]
23870Exponent index.php cross site scriting🔒
23869MercuryBoard index.php cross site scriting🔒
23868MercuryBoard Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2005-0306]🔒
23867Squid Proxy memory leak [CVE-2005-0096]🔒🔒
23866Ursoftware W32Dasm wsprintf memory corruption
23865Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2005-0145]🔒🔒
23864Datarescue IDA stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0115]
23863SquirrelMail webmail.php code injection🔒🔒
23862Ximian Evolution POP3 Server integer coercion [CVE-2005-0102]🔒🔒
23861zhcon information disclosure [CVE-2005-0072]🔒🔒
23860Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server RNTO memory corruption
23859iSync mRouter memory corruption [CVE-2005-0193]🔒
23858GNU Enscript privileges management [CVE-2004-1185]🔒🔒
23857Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2004-1057]🔒
23856YAMT memory corruption [CVE-2005-1847]🔒🔒
23855YAMT path traversal [CVE-2005-1846]🔒🔒
23854JSBoard session.php path traversal
23853RealNetworks RealPlayer off-by-one [CVE-2005-0191]🔒🔒
23852AWStats open input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
23851Novell GroupWise WebAccess information disclosure [CVE-2005-0296] [Disputed]🔒
23850Guard Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2005-0295]
23849PHP Gift Registry index.php sql injection
23848Netgear FVS318 Log Viewer cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0291]
23847Netgear FVS318 Firmware Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0290]
23846Gallery login.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23845Minis minis.php infinite loop
23844Squid Proxy denial of service [CVE-2005-0095]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
23843SGI IRIX jsh privileges management
23842Microsoft Internet Explorer createElement unknown vulnerability
23841forumKIT f.aspx cross site scriting
23840MySQL MaxDB CGI Program stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0111]
23839VIM symlink🔒
23838Sergey Kiselev SGallery config.php file inclusion
23837Bottomline Webseries Payment Application unknown vulnerability
23836XShisen memory corruption [CVE-2005-0117]🔒🔒
23835Apache mod_auth_radius denial of service [CVE-2005-0108]🔒🔒
23834SCO OpenServer memory allocation [CVE-2004-1039]
23833mpg123 memory corruption [CVE-2004-0991]🔒🔒
23832Bottomline Webseries Payment Application information disclosure
23831Woltlab Burning Book Agent addentry.php sql injection
23830Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1314]🔒
23829Firewall smc.exe privileges management
23828MPlayer real.c real_setup_and_get_header heap-based overflow🔒
23827MPlayer asf_mmst_streaming.c stack-based overflow🔒
23826MPlayer demux_bmp.c demux_open_bmp heap-based overflow🔒
23825LibTIFF tif_dirread.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
23824File Header Parsing stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1304]🔒🔒
23823Yanf get.c get memory corruption
23822YAMT sort id3tag.c id3tag_sort privileges management🔒🔒
23821xlreader format.c book_format_sql memory corruption
23820Xine xine-lib demux_aiff.c open_aiff_file memory corruption🔒🔒
23819vilistextum html.c get_attr memory corruption🔒🔒
23818Michael Kohn vb2c vb2c.c parse memory corruption
23817Zack Smith unrtf convert.c process_font_table memory corruption🔒🔒
23816uml-utilities Network Service slip.c slip_down denial of service
23815Luke Mewburn tnftp cmds.c mget unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
23814rtf2latex2e reader.c readfonttbl memory corruption
23813Michael Kohn ringtonetools parse_emelody.c parse_emelody memory corruption🔒🔒
23812Amir Malik Qwik SMTPD memory corruption [CVE-2004-1291]
23811William Hoggarth pgn2web pgn2web.c process_moves memory corruption
23810pcal pcalutil.c get_holiday memory corruption🔒🔒
23809Siag o3read o3read.c parse_html memory corruption🔒🔒
23808NASM preproc.c error memory corruption🔒🔒
23807NapShare auto.c auto_filter_extern memory corruption
23806MPlayer asf_mmst_streaming.c get_header memory corruption🔒
23805mpg123 playlist.c find_next_file memory corruption🔒🔒
23804Mesh Viewer mesh.c type memory corruption
23803LinPopUp string.c strexpand memory corruption🔒🔒
23802Junkie FTP Client ftp_retr privileges management
23801Junkie FTP Client gui_tview_popup.c gui_popup_view_fly privileges management
23800jpegtoavi get_file_list_stdin memory corruption
23799Abc2ps parse.c switch_voice memory corruption
23798IglooFTP ftplist.c download_selection_recursive privileges management
23797IglooFTP tmpnam unknown vulnerability
23796html2hdml convert.c remove_quote memory corruption
23795greed main.c downloadloop memory corruption🔒🔒
23794greed main.c downloadloop memory corruption🔒🔒
23793Bolthole Filter filter.c save_embedded_address memory corruption
23792dxfscope DXF File Format Viewer d.c dxfin memory corruption
23791Easy Software Products CUPS Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2004-1270]🔒🔒
23790Easy Software Products CUPS lppasswd memory corruption [CVE-2004-1269]🔒🔒
23789Easy Software Products CUPS lppasswd unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1268]🔒🔒
23788Jacob Rhoden csv2xml csv2xml.cpp get_field_headers memory corruption
23787Alex Dunaevsky Convex 3d 3dsimp.cpp readobjectchunk memory corruption
23786ChBg config.c simplify_path memory corruption🔒🔒
23785ChangePassword changepassword.cgi memory corruption
23784Stuart Cunningham bsb2ppm bsb_open_header memory corruption
23783asp2php preparse memory corruption
23782abctab2ps subs.cpp trim_title memory corruption
23781abcpp abcpp.c handle_directive memory corruption
23780Moinejf abcm2ps subs.c put_words memory corruption
23779abc2mtex abc.c process_abc memory corruption
23778Abcmidi memory corruption [CVE-2004-1256]
237772fax expandtabs memory corruption
23776Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger integer coercion [CVE-2004-1233]
23775Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1232]
23774Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger path traversal [CVE-2004-1231]
23773Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2004-1230]
23771SugarCRM Sugar Sales Installation cleartext storage [CVE-2004-1228]
23770SugarCRM Sugar Sales Login index.php path traversal
23769SugarCRM Sugar Sales Error Message phprint.php information disclosure
23768SugarCRM Sugar Sales index.php sql injection
23767ISC BIND mtr_curses_keyaction memory corruption
23766Darryl Burgdorf WebLibs privileges management
23765Darryl Burgdorf WebLibs path traversal🔒
23763PHP Arena paFileDB cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1219]🔒
23762Ibex Software Remote Execute denial of service [CVE-2004-1218]
23760Burut Kreed denial of service [CVE-2004-1216]
23759Burut Kreed denial of service [CVE-2004-1215]
23757Advanced Guestbook index.php cross site scriting
23756Blog Torrent Preview btdownload.php path traversal🔒
23754IPCop cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1210]
23753Verisign Payflow Link unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1209]
23750pnTresMailer codebrowserpntm.php path traversal🔒
23749Opera Web Browser Error Message codebrowserpntm.php information disclosure🔒
23748FluxBot memory corruption [CVE-2004-1204]
23747phpCMS Installation parser.php information disclosure
23746phpCMS Debug Mode parser.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23745Opera Web Browser memory allocation [CVE-2004-1201]
23744Apple Safari memory allocation [CVE-2004-1199]
23743Insite Inmail cross site scriting🔒
23742Insite Inmail cross site scriting🔒
23741Lucasarts Star Wars Battlefront denial of service [CVE-2004-1195]
23739prevx home access control [CVE-2004-1193]
23737SuSE Linux information disclosure [CVE-2004-1191]🔒
23736SuSE Linux denial of service [CVE-2004-1190]🔒
23735Xine xine-lib pnm_get_chunk memory corruption🔒🔒
23734Xine xine-lib pnm_get_chunk heap-based overflow🔒🔒
23733GNU Mailman Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1177]🔒🔒
23732KDE information disclosure [CVE-2004-1171]🔒🔒
23731SuSE Linux privileges management [CVE-2004-1170]🔒🔒
23730MaxDB denial of service [CVE-2004-1169]
23729MaxDB WebDAV stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1168]
23728Gentoo Mirrorselect symlink [CVE-2004-1167]🔒🔒
23727KDE KDELibs FTP Command Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-1165]🔒🔒
23726Cisco CNS Network Registrar Central Configuration Management denial of service
23725Cisco CNS Network Registrar Central Configuration Management denial of service
23724scponly Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2004-1162]🔒🔒
23723rssh Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2004-1161]🔒🔒
23722Netscape Navigator authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1160]🔒🔒
23720KDE Konqueror authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1158]🔒🔒
23719Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-1157]🔒🔒
23717Antivir Antivirus vetmsg.exe privileges management
23716phpMyAdmin information disclosure [CVE-2004-1148]🔒🔒
23714VIM printd privileges management [CVE-2004-1138]🔒🔒
23712GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2004-1136]🔒
23711Microsoft W3Who ISAPI w3who.dll memory corruption [CVE-2004-1134]🔒🔒🔒🔒
23710Microsoft W3Who ISAPI Error Message w3who.dll cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
23709YoungZSoft CMailServer admin.asp cross site scriting🔒
23708YoungZSoft CMailServer fdelmail.asp sql injection🔒
23707YoungZSoft CMailServer cmailcom.dll memory corruption [CVE-2004-1128]🔒
23706Open Dc Hub Direct Connect Peer-to-peer Client memory corruption🔒🔒
23705KDE doimage input validation🔒🔒
23704Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2004-1123]🔒
23701Chessbrain privileges management [CVE-2004-1117]🔒🔒
23700GIMPS privileges management [CVE-2004-1116]🔒🔒
23699SETI privileges management [CVE-2004-1115]🔒🔒
23697SQLgrey sql injection [CVE-2004-1113]
23696Jean-Jacques Sarton Mtink symlink [CVE-2004-1110]🔒🔒
23694Gentoolkit symlink [CVE-2004-1108]🔒🔒
23693Portage symlink [CVE-2004-1107]🔒🔒
23692Gallery index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
23691Tips Mailpost information disclosure [CVE-2004-1103]🔒
23690Tips Mailpost Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2004-1102]🔒
23689Tips Mailpost Error Message mailpost.exe denial of service🔒
23688Tips Mailpost Debug Mode mailpost.exe cross site scriting🔒
23687Roaring Penguin MIMEDefang Capabilities Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
23686Cherokee httpd cherokee_logger_ncsa_write_string memory corruption🔒🔒
23685Sophos Anti-Virus Virus Protection zip Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
23683ncpfs nwclient.c memory corruption🔒🔒
23681Zwiki Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1075]🔒🔒
23680Linux Kernel binfmt_elf.c memory corruption🔒🔒
23679Linux Kernel binfmt_elf.c mmap memory corruption🔒🔒
23678Linux Kernel setuid Program binfmt_elf.c kernel_read memory corruption🔒🔒
23677Ubuntu Linux sock_dgram_sendmsg denial of service🔒
23676Linux Kernel unix_dgram_recvmsg memory corruption🔒🔒
23675Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server mysasl_canon_user off-by-one🔒🔒
23673PHP exif_read_data memory corruption🔒🔒
23672PHP Safe Mode realpath denial of service🔒
23670IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1054]
23669IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-1028]
23668imlib Image integer coercion [CVE-2004-1026]🔒🔒
23667imlib heap-based overflow [CVE-2004-1025]🔒🔒
23666Kerio WinRoute Firewall unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1023]
23665Kerio WinRoute Firewall missing encryption [CVE-2004-1022]
23664PHP magic_quotes_gpc 0 addslashes path traversal🔒🔒
23662Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
23661Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
23660Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
23659Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus IMAP Server stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
23658Debian Linux main.c symlink🔒🔒
23657zgv Image Viewer readprf.c read_prf_file heap-based overflow🔒🔒
23656HP Sockd memory corruption [CVE-2004-0993]🔒🔒
23655Yard Radius process_menu memory corruption🔒🔒
23654MySQL denial of service [CVE-2004-0956]🔒🔒
23653Jabber Server memory corruption [CVE-2004-0953]🔒
23652Linux Kernel smb_recv_trans2 memory corruption🔒🔒
23651nfs-utils rquota_server.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
23650viewcvs information disclosure [CVE-2004-0915]🔒🔒
23649libXpm memory leak [CVE-2004-0914]🔒🔒
23648Microsoft Word memory corruption [CVE-2004-0901]🔒🔒
23645Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2004-0894]🔒
23641DGen Emulator gzip romload.c symlink
23638SGI IRIX Networking Remote Code Execution [CVE-2004-0139]
23637zak winword.exe Local Privilege Escalation
23635LibTIFF tiffdump integer coercion [CVE-2004-1183]🔒🔒
23634Fore PowerHub Printing denial of service [CVE-1999-1373]
23633David Barrett QwikiWiki index.php path traversal🔒
23632Jowood Productions Soldner Secret Wars memory corruption [CVE-2005-0280]
23631Mozilla Bugzilla Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2004-1061]🔒🔒
23630Photopost PhotoPost PHP Pro showgallery.php cross site scriting🔒
23629Photopost ReviewPost PHP Pro showcat.php sql injection
23628Flatnuke Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0268]🔒
23627GFI Mailessentials HTML Library denial of service [CVE-2004-1312]
23626SugarCRM index.php cross site scriting
22687BerliOS GPS Daemon gpsd_report memory corruption🔒
22619Openconnect Webconnect jretest.html path traversal🔒
19468WASD HTTP Server privileges management🔒
5502Belkin Wireless Router Admin Account improper authentication
1939RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Server Routing Protocol memory corruption🔒
1938RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server TIFF Image memory corruption🔒
1937VMware ESX Server Management Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2005-4583]
1936Sun Solaris PC NetLink 2.0 slsadmin Remote Code Execution
1935Mozilla Bugzilla syncshadowdb privileges management [CVE-2005-4534]🔒🔒
1934Microsoft Windows WMF File input validation [CVE-2005-4560]🔒🔒
1933VMware Workstation memory corruption [CVE-2005-4459]🔒🔒🔒
1932Apple QuickTime MOV Movie memory corruption [CVE-2005-4092]🔒🔒🔒
1931Symantec Antivirus/pcAnywhere RAR Archive Dec2Rar.dll memory corruption🔒
1930Eric S. Raymond Fetchmail Email resource management [CVE-2005-4348]🔒🔒
1929phpMyAdmin server_privileges.php sql injection [Disputed]
1928Microsoft IIS Virtual Directory input validation [CVE-2005-4360]🔒🔒🔒
1927Citrix Program Neighborhood Client heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3652]🔒
1926IBM AIX malloc memory corruption [CVE-2005-4271]
1925IBM AIX WebSM getCommand privileges management
1924IBM AIX muxatmd memory corruption [CVE-2005-4271]
1923IBM AIX slocal memory corruption [CVE-2005-4271]
1922Macromedia ColdFusion Authentication Password Hash API improper authentication
1921Macromedia ColdFusion CFMAIL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4342]
1920Macromedia ColdFusion Sandbox Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-4342]
1919Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2005 privileges management
1918Apple Mac OS X Perl access control [CVE-2005-4217]🔒
1917Microsoft Windows Privilege Escalation
1916Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTPS Proxy information disclosure🔒🔒
1915Microsoft Internet Explorer File Download memory corruption [CVE-2005-2829]🔒🔒
1914Microsoft Internet Explorer COM Object resource management [CVE-2005-1790]🔒🔒
1913IPsec-Tools IKEv1 Packet resource management [CVE-2005-3732]🔒🔒
1912Symantec Enterprise Firewall IPsec IKEv1 Packet denial of service
1911Novell NetMail FTF IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-3314]🔒🔒🔒
1910Alkacon OpenCms cross site scriting [CVE-2005-4294]
1909Microsoft Windows UPnP GetDeviceList resource management🔒🔒
1908Cisco IP Phone VxWorks Debugger denial of service [CVE-2005-3803]
1907Cisco IP Phone SNMP Accounts improper authentication [CVE-2005-3803]
1906Microsoft Internet Explorer Image Link Destination authentication spoofing
1905phpMyAdmin cross site scriting🔒🔒
1904phpMyAdmin storage_engines.lib.php cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3621]🔒🔒
1903Check Point Firewall-1 IKEv1 denial of service [CVE-2005-3673]
1902Nortel Switched Firewall denial of service [CVE-2005-3666]🔒
1901Cisco ASA 5500 ARP Heartbeat denial of service [CVE-2005-3788]
1900GNU Openswan IPsec IKEv1 Packet denial of service [CVE-2005-3671]🔒🔒
1899Sun Solaris in.iked denial of service [CVE-2005-3674]🔒
1898StoneSoft StoneGate denial of service [CVE-2005-3672]
1897Juniper JUNOS IKEv1 Packet denial of service [CVE-2005-3733]
1896Cisco PIX IPsec IKEv1 denial of service [CVE-2005-3666]🔒
1895Cisco IOS IPsec IKEv1 denial of service [CVE-2005-3669]🔒
1894ISC Lynx Lynx URI access control [CVE-2005-2929]🔒🔒
1893IBM AIX Remote Code Execution🔒
1892Todd Miller sudo Perl Environment Cleaner Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1891Sun Solaris in.named denial of service [CVE-2005-3781]🔒
1890RealNetworks RealPlayer RJS Skin File DUNZIP32.dll stack-based overflow🔒🔒
1889RealNetworks RealPlayer RM File stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2629]🔒🔒
1888SAP Web Application Server frameset.htm cross site scriting
1887SAP Web Application Server Test Application cross site scriting
1886SAP Web Application Server Error Message cross site scriting
1885SAP Web Application Server fameset.htm cross site scriting
1884IPCop Web Backup privileges management [CVE-2005-3258]🔒🔒
1883IBM DB2 Content Manager LZH Archive denial of service
1882IBM DB2 Content Manager Excel File Import db2fmp denial of service
1881SpamAssassin Regular Expression denial of service🔒🔒🔒🔒
1880ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm MSHTML.DLL ShowHTMLDialog Remote Code Execution
1879Linux Kernel sysctl.c resource management🔒🔒
1878Veritas NetBackup vmd stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3116]🔒🔒🔒
1877Veritas Cluster Server ha memory corruption
1876Microsoft Windows WMF/EMF File integer coercion [CVE-2005-2123]🔒🔒
1875Macromedia Flash Player SWF File Frame Type Identifier memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1874IBM Lotus Domino Update Task denial of service
1873IBM Lotus Domino SMTP denial of service
1872IBM Lotus Domino Domino Web Access denial of service
1871IBM Lotus Domino Agents Local Privilege Escalation
1870IBM Lotus Domino Out-of-Office Agent denial of service
1869IBM Lotus Domino Domino Web Access denial of service [CVE-2006-0119]🔒
1868IBM AIX swcons memory corruption [CVE-2005-3504]🔒
1867Apache Tomcat Directory Listing denial of service [CVE-2005-3510]🔒🔒
1866Cisco IOS System Timer heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-3481]🔒
1865Cisco Wireless LAN Controller LWAPP Encryption missing encryption
1864F-Secure Anti-Virus path traversal
1863F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Web Console security check for standard
1862Sambar Server proxy.asp cross site scriting
1861Rhinosoft Serv-U FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-2969]🔒🔒🔒
1860NetBSD setuid Program ptrace heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
1859NetBSD imake tmp heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1858NetBSD FreeBSD Compatibility Mode memory corruption [CVE-2005-2969]🔒🔒🔒
1857NetBSD Telnet memory corruption [CVE-2005-2969]🔒🔒
1856Cisco Management Center for IPS Sensors Sensor Configuration security check for standard
1855Linux Kernel SMBus i2c-core.c memory corruption🔒🔒
1854Linux Kernel Yealink Driver i2c-core.c map_to_seg7 memory corruption🔒🔒
1853Apple Mac OS X Kernel resource management [CVE-2005-1126]🔒
1852Apple Mac OS X Keychain Access Utility missing encryption [CVE-2005-2749]🔒
1851Apple Mac OS X memberd resource management [CVE-2005-1126]🔒
1850PHP virtual heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1849PHP curl/gd information disclosure [CVE-2005-3054]🔒🔒
1848PHP PCRE Library memory corruption [CVE-2005-3054]🔒🔒
1846PHP phpinfo heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1845PHP parse_str heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1844PHP HTTP POST heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2491]🔒🔒
1843IBM AIX chcons bos.rte.console memory corruption🔒
1842Sun Solaris Solaris Management Console information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
1841PAM unix_chkpwd information disclosure🔒🔒
1840RSA ACE/Agent webauthentication GetPic cross site scriting
1839IBM HTTP Server Transfer-Encoding cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2088]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1838Skype VCARD Import memory corruption [CVE-2005-3265]🔒🔒🔒
1837Skype Client Communication numeric error [CVE-2005-3267]🔒🔒
1836Skype skype/callto URI memory corruption [CVE-2005-3265]🔒🔒
1835phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3300]🔒🔒
1834phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3300]🔒🔒
1833Linux Kernel udp.c infinite loop🔒🔒
1832RSA Authentication Agent for Web HTTP GET Redirect IISWebAgentIF.dll stack-based overflow🔒
1831HP OpenView Java Runtime Environment privileges management [CVE-2005-1974]🔒🔒
1830Squid Proxy FTP Proxy denial of service [CVE-2005-3258]🔒🔒
1829Cisco Content Services Switch SSL memory corruption [CVE-2005-3426]
1828Mozilla Thunderbird HTML denial of service
1827Mozilla Firefox HTML denial of service
1826Oracle Database cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0873]🔒🔒
1825Snort Back Orifice Pre-Processor stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-3252]🔒🔒🔒
1824IBM DB2 Universal Database db2jd Listener denial of service
1822IBM DB2 Universal Database SYSCAT.TABLES denial of service
1821IBM DB2 Universal Database Object Generator Privilege Escalation
1820IBM DB2 Universal Database db2agents denial of service
1819IBM DB2 Universal Database Join Hash db2diag.log denial of service
1818IBM DB2 Universal Database SQL Query denial of service [CVE-2005-4735]
1817Linux Kernel Keyboard Mapping access control [CVE-2005-3257]🔒🔒
1816Sun Solaris Network Security Services Security Tools memory corruption🔒🔒
1815ISC Lynx NNTP Header HTrjis stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1814Sun Solaris SCTP Socket denial of service [CVE-2005-3238]
1813GNU wget NTLM User Name ntlm_output memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1812Sun Solaris Process File System information disclosure [CVE-2005-4701]🔒
1811Sun Solaris File System Privilege Management denial of service🔒
1810McAfee GroupShield ARJ Archive Scanner unknown vulnerability
1809Avast Antivirus ZIP/CAB Archive unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3210]
1808Kaspersky Anti-Virus Archive Scanner privileges management [CVE-2005-3210]
1807Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus ARJ Archive unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-3210]
1806Veritas NetBackup bpjava-msvc format string [CVE-2005-2715]🔒🔒🔒
1805Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam MIME denial of service [CVE-2005-4695]
1804Sun Java System Application Server JSP Source Code information disclosure
1803Sun Solaris OpenSSL SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
1802GFI MailSecurity HTTP Management Interface memory corruption🔒
1801Microsoft Windows Client Service for Netware memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1800Linux Kernel namei.c resource management🔒
1799Linux Kernel request_key_auth.c resource management🔒
1798Microsoft Windows Transaction Internet Protocol denial of service🔒🔒
1797Microsoft Windows COM+ memory corruption [CVE-2005-1978]🔒🔒
1796Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator memory corruption🔒
1795Microsoft DirectX memory corruption [CVE-2005-2128]🔒🔒
1794Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Download unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
1793Microsoft Windows Explorer HTML Preview cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2117]🔒🔒
1792Microsoft Windows lnk File memory corruption [CVE-2005-2118]🔒🔒🔒
1791Microsoft Windows lnk File memory corruption [CVE-2005-2117]🔒
1790Microsoft Exchange SMTP Collaboration Data Object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1789Microsoft Windows Plug-and-Play Service stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1788phpMyAdmin grab_globals.lib.php path traversal🔒🔒
1787BEA WebLogic unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-4749]
1786OpenSSL SSL_OP_MSIE_SSLV2_RSA_PADDING unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
1785RarLabs WinRar ACE Archive UNACEV2.DLL memory corruption
1784RarLabs WinRar UUE/XXE File format string [CVE-2005-3262]
1783Sun Java System Directory Server HTTP Admin Interface memory corruption🔒
1782Mozilla Firefox HTML infinite loop [CVE-2005-4720]
1781Microsoft Windows Wireless Zero Configuration WZCQueryInterface information disclosure
1780HP OpenView Event Correlation Service privileges management
1779Citrix MetaFrame Policy Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-3134]
1778Squid Proxy NTLM Authentication denial of service [CVE-2005-2917]🔒🔒🔒
1777IBM AIX memory corruption
1776Linux Kernel NetFilter ipt_recent.c denial of service🔒🔒
1775Linux Kernel USB URB Driver input validation [CVE-2005-3055]🔒🔒
1774Sun Solaris Xsun/Xprt memory corruption [CVE-2005-3099]🔒
1773PHP opendir_basedir information disclosure🔒🔒
1772RealNetworks Helix Player Error Message format string [CVE-2005-2710]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1771RealNetworks RealPlayer Error Message format string [CVE-2005-2710]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1770Qpopper poppassd privileges management [CVE-2005-3098]
1769Check Point Firewall-1 CIFS Group Rule privileges management
1767Mozilla Firefox Window Open heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2701]🔒🔒🔒
1766Mozilla Firefox Chrome Page about heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1765Mozilla Firefox Javascript heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2701]🔒🔒
1764Mozilla Firefox XBL Control DOM Object heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2701]🔒🔒
1763Mozilla Firefox XMLHttpRequest heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1762Mozilla Firefox Unicode zero-width non-joiner heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1761Mozilla Firefox XBM Image heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2701]🔒🔒
1760Sun Solaris Unix File System deadlock [CVE-2005-3071]🔒
17597-zip ARJ Archive memory corruption [CVE-2005-3051]🔒🔒
1758Mozilla Firefox URL Call privileges management [CVE-2005-2968]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1757Mozilla Firefox URL Call privileges management [CVE-2005-2968]🔒🔒🔒
1756Usermin PAM Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2005-3042]🔒🔒🔒
1755Jamie Cameron Webmin PAM Authentication improper authentication🔒🔒
1754Veritas StorageCentral DCOM Server stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2996]
1753Veritas Storage Exec DCOM Server stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-2996]
1752Sun Solaris tl Driver serializer_enter denial of service🔒
1751IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting
1750IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting
1749Sun Java System Access Manager information disclosure
1748XFree86 Pixmap Generator numeric error [CVE-2005-2495]🔒🔒 X11 Pixmap Generator numeric error [CVE-2005-2495]🔒🔒
1746Microsoft Internet Explorer Embedded Content cross site scriting
1745Snort Verbose Mode PrintTcpOptions denial of service
1744Linux Kernel raw_sendmsg stack-based overflow🔒🔒
1743Linux Kernel sendmsg stack-based overflow🔒🔒
1742Mozilla Firefox Host URL BuildNormalizedSpec memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1740Netscape Browser Host URL BuildNormalizedSpec memory corruption🔒🔒
1739Mozilla Firefox Host URL BuildNormalizedSpec memory corruption🔒🔒
1738Cisco Content Services Switch SSL privileges management
1737Microsoft Exchange IMAP4 Service Store.exe denial of service
1736GNU FreeRADIUS LDAP rlm_ldap.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
1735GNU FreeRADIUS xlat.c strftime memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
1734GNU FreeRADIUS xlat.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
1733GNU FreeRADIUS sql_unixodbc.c denial of service [Disputed]🔒🔒
1732GNU FreeRADIUS token.c denial of service [Disputed]🔒🔒
1731GNU FreeRADIUS exec.c radius_exec_program memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
1730Cisco IOS Authentication Proxy memory corruption [CVE-2005-2841]🔒🔒
1729Squid Proxy storeBuffer denial of service🔒🔒
1728mod_ssl SSLVerifyClient Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
1727Symantec LiveUpdate Local Password missing encryption [CVE-2005-2766]
1726Microsoft Windows Privilege Escalation
1725Novell NetMail IMAP Daemon continuation memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1724OpenBSD OpenSSH GSSAPIDelegateCredentials denial of service🔒🔒
1723OpenBSD OpenSSH Dynamic Port Forwarding denial of service [CVE-2005-2797]🔒🔒
1722Squid Proxy sslConnectTimeout denial of service🔒🔒
1721Nikto cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2860]
1720Chris Sullo Nikto Web Server Reply HTTP Header cross site scriting
1719DameWare Mini Remote Control User ID lstrcpyA memory corruption🔒🔒
1718Novell NetWare CIFS CIFS.NLM memory corruption
1717ntpd Group Permission Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2496]🔒🔒
1716AWStats Config Privilege Escalation
1715Veritas File System access control [CVE-2003-1575]
1714Apache HTTP Server HTTP Header denial of service [CVE-2005-2728]🔒🔒🔒
1713Linux Kernel ELF File syscall32_setup_pages access control🔒🔒
1712Linux Kernel setsockopt resource management🔒🔒
1711Symantec Client Security Help Function Remote Code Execution
1710Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition Help Function Remote Code Execution
1709pam_ldap Authentication passwordPolicyResponse Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1708Sun Solaris DHCP Client memory corruption [CVE-2005-2870]🔒🔒
1707Cisco CiscoWorks Management Center for IDS Sensors improper authentication
1706Cisco CiscoWorks Management Center for IDS Sensors improper authentication
1705BEA WebLogic Portal URL config.xml privileges management
1704Microsoft IIS privileges management [CVE-2005-2678]🔒
1703Cisco Intrusion Prevention System Command Line Interface Remote Code Execution
1702Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2005-2127]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1701Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Document Parser memory corruption🔒🔒
1700Apple Mac OS X cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1769]🔒🔒
1699Veritas Backup Exec Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2611]🔒🔒🔒
1698Linux Kernel XDR Array xdr_xcode_array2 memory corruption
1697Novell eDirectory iMonitor memory corruption [CVE-2005-2551]🔒🔒🔒
1696Nortel Contivity VPN Client GUI cmd.exe Remote Code Execution
1695Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX COM Object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1694Microsoft Internet Explorer WebDAV URL cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1989]🔒
1693Microsoft Internet Explorer JPEG Image memory corruption [CVE-2005-1988]🔒🔒🔒
1692Microsoft Windows Print Spooler memory corruption [CVE-2005-1984]🔒🔒🔒
1691Microsoft Windows Kerberos memory corruption [CVE-2005-1982]🔒
1690Microsoft Windows Kerberos denial of service [CVE-2005-1981]🔒🔒
1689Microsoft Windows Plug-and-Play Service memory corruption [CVE-2005-1983]🔒🔒🔒
1688Linux Kernel Keyring Privilege Escalation
1687Microsoft Windows Telephony Application Programming Interface memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1686Linux Kernel Keyring memory leak [CVE-2005-2098]🔒
1685Sun Solaris printd privileges management [CVE-2005-4797]🔒🔒🔒
1684Wine privileges management
1683Mozilla Thunderbird Long String Privilege Escalation
1682Mozilla Firefox String unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2602]🔒
1681Linux Kernel XFRM xfrm_user_policy memory corruption🔒🔒
1680unzip File Decompression race condition [CVE-2005-2475]🔒🔒
1679CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Backup Agent memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1678Microsoft ActiveSync Communication denial of service
1677Microsoft ActiveSync Equipment ID Reader Privilege Escalation
1676MySQL Eventum Class sql injection
1675MySQL Eventum get_jsrs_data.php cross site scriting
1674MySQL Eventum list.php cross site scriting
1673MySQL Eventum view.php cross site scriting
1672Novell eDirectory Modular Authentication Service improper authentication
1671Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G Router SSL Private Key Encryption unknown vulnerability
1670Cisco IOS IPv6 Stack denial of service [CVE-2005-2451]🔒
1669Microsoft Word Shared Sections denial of service
1668Microsoft PowerPoint Shared Sections denial of service
1667Microsoft Outlook Shared Sections denial of service
1666Microsoft Office Shared Sections denial of service
1665Microsoft Excel Shared Sections denial of service
1664Microsoft Access Shared Sections denial of service [CVE-2005-2429]
1663Opera Web Browser Image Drag / Drop cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2406]🔒
1662Sophos Anti-Virus heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-2768]🔒
1661IBM Lotus Domino Public Address Book information disclosure [CVE-2005-2428]🔒
1660MySQL Eventum PEAR XML_RPC Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1659Opera Web Browser Download Content-Disposition authentication spoofing🔒🔒
1658Network Associates MvAfee Webshield improper authentication
1657Alt-N MDaemon Attachment Virus path traversal
1656FreeBSD IPsec Authentication missing encryption [CVE-2005-2359]🔒🔒
1655eMule Client KAD Packet denial of service
1654Novell GroupWise memory corruption [CVE-2005-2346]
1653Microsoft Windows USB Driver memory corruption [CVE-2005-2388]
1652Apache HTTP Server mod_ssl cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2088]🔒🔒🔒
1651Apache HTTP Server HTTP Header unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2088]🔒🔒
1650ProFTPD mod_sql format string [CVE-2005-2390]🔒🔒
1649ProFTPD Shutdown Message format string [CVE-2005-2390]🔒🔒
1648Sun Solaris libmle memory corruption [CVE-2005-4795]🔒🔒
1647SAP R/3 path traversal [CVE-2005-1691]🔒
16463com OfficeConnect Wireless 11g Access Point improper authentication
1645Veritas NetBackup NDMP Mover Agent denial of service [CVE-2005-2389]
1644Sun MySQL denial of service [CVE-2005-0799]🔒
1643zlib inflate.h denial of service🔒🔒
1642FreeBSD Jail information disclosure [CVE-2005-2218]🔒🔒
1641F5 3-DNS Controller Telnet Client SLC slc_add_reply memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1640F5 BIG-IP Telnet Client SLC slc_add_reply memory corruption🔒🔒
1639Check Point Firewall-1 SecureClient/SecuRemote information disclosure
1638Oracle Database desformat Form rwservlet path traversal
1637Oracle Database desformat Report rwservlet path traversal
1636Oracle Database desformat File rwservlet path traversal
1635Oracle Database desformat File rwservlet path traversal
1634Oracle Database Customized XML File rwservlet path traversal
1633Oracle Database cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2379]
1632Apple AirPort WLAN Encryption unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-2196]🔒
1631Alt-N MDaemon IMAP Server denial of service🔒
1630Sun Management Center denial of service [CVE-2003-0993]🔒🔒
1629Novell GroupWise cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2276]🔒
1628Skype skype_profile.jpg privileges management
1627Check Point SecuRemote NG VPN Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2313]
1626NullSoft WinAmp ID3v2 Tag memory corruption [CVE-2005-2310]🔒🔒
1625Sophos Anti-Virus ZIP Archive infinite loop [CVE-2005-1530]🔒
1624Cisco ONS 15216 Telnet denial of service [CVE-2005-2279]
1623Microsoft Windows Network Connectivity netman.dll denial of service🔒
1622IBM Lotus Domino HTML Attachment information disclosure [CVE-2005-2175]
1621Microsoft Windows Kernel denial of service [CVE-2005-1218]🔒🔒🔒
1620Cisco Security Agent IP Packet denial of service [CVE-2005-2280]
1619ClearSwift MIMEsweeper for Web XML Encapsulation privileges management
1618Oracle JDeveloper information disclosure [CVE-2005-2292]🔒
1617Apple Mac OS X Dashboard CFBundleIdentifier privileges management
1616Apple Mac OS X TCP/IP Stack null pointer dereference [CVE-2005-2194]🔒
1615Mozilla Firefox Base Object memory corruption [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒🔒
1614Mozilla Firefox XHTML DOM Node Name Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1613Mozilla Firefox XHTML DOM Node Name Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1612Mozilla Firefox External Application cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1611Mozilla Firefox InstallVersion.compareTo cross site scriting🔒🔒
1610Mozilla Firefox InstallVersion.compareTo cross site scriting
1609Mozilla Firefox Sidebar data URI cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1608Mozilla Firefox InstallTrigger.install Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1607Mozilla Firefox InstallTrigger.install Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1606Mozilla Firefox Set as Wallpaper cross site scriting
1605Mozilla Firefox Javascript Disabled XBL Control Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1604Mozilla Firefox Javascript Disabled XBL Control Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1603Mozilla Firefox Javascript Disable XBL Control Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1602Mozilla Firefox Output memory corruption [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1601Mozilla Firefox Output memory corruption [CVE-2005-2260]🔒🔒
1600MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center memory corruption [CVE-2005-1174]🔒🔒🔒
1599MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center denial of service [CVE-2005-1174]🔒🔒
1598MIT Kerberos krb5_recvauth memory corruption🔒🔒
1597Microsoft Word Font Parser memory corruption [CVE-2005-0564]🔒🔒
1596Microsoft Windows Color Management memory corruption [CVE-2005-1219]🔒🔒🔒
1595F5 BIG-IP SSL Authentication denial of service [CVE-2005-2245]
1594Microsoft ASP.NET SOAP Message ReadReferencedElements resource management
1593IBM AIX ftpd denial of service [CVE-2005-2238]
1592Linux Kernel IA32 Compatibility execve memory corruption🔒🔒
1591dhcpcd DHCP Reply client.c memory corruption🔒🔒
1590Novell NetMail HTML File cross site scriting [CVE-2005-2176]
1589IBM Tivoli Management Framework denial of service [CVE-2005-2170]
1588McAfee IntruShield Security Management System improper authentication
1587McAfee IntruShield Security Management System fullAccess improper authentication
1586McAfee IntruShield Security Management System fullAccessRight improper authentication
1585McAfee IntruShield Security Management System SystemEvent.jsp cross site scriting
1584zlib inftrees.c memory corruption🔒🔒
1583net-snmp TCP input validation [CVE-2005-2177]🔒🔒
1582Adobe Acrobat Reader Filespec UnixAppOpenFilePerform memory corruption🔒🔒
1581pam_ldap Passwort Change missing encryption [CVE-2005-2069]🔒🔒
1580OpenLDAP Password Change Server Redirect missing encryption [CVE-2005-2069]🔒🔒
1579NetBSD Sourd Driver ioctl denial of service
1578Microsoft Internet Explorer COM Object javaprxy.dll denial of service
1577Blue Coat CacheOS/SGOS TCP/IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒
1576RealNetworks RealPlayer/RealOne Player rtffplin.cpp Privilege Escalation🔒
1575Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional login.asp sql injection🔒🔒
1574SpamAssassin Message Header Processor denial of service [CVE-2005-1266]🔒🔒
1573Adobe Acrobat File Handler information disclosure🔒🔒
1572Microsoft Outlook Express News Reader memory corruption [CVE-2005-1213]🔒🔒🔒
1571Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0563]🔒🔒🔒
1570Microsoft Windows SMB memory corruption [CVE-2005-1206]🔒🔒🔒
1569Microsoft Windows Web Client Service memory corruption [CVE-2005-1207]🔒
1568Microsoft Windows Agent Internet Content cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
1567Microsoft Windows HTML Help Input heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1208]🔒🔒🔒
1566Microsoft Internet Explorer XML information disclosure [CVE-2002-0648]🔒🔒
1565Microsoft Internet Explorer PNG Image memory corruption [CVE-2005-1211]🔒🔒🔒
1564Sun J2SE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1974]🔒🔒
1563Sun Java Web Start Sandbox Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1973]🔒🔒
1562Adobe Macromedia Products Licensing Service memory corruption
1561Linux Kernel Address mmap resource management🔒🔒
1560Linux Kernel Segment ptrace denial of service🔒🔒
1559Apple Mac OS X vpnd infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1558Apple Mac OS X NFS infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1557Apple Mac OS X MCX Client infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1556Apple Mac OS X MIME Type infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1555Apple Mac OS X Temporary Files infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1554Apple Mac OS X System Files infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1553Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1552Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1551Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1550Apple Mac OS X AFP Server infinite loop [CVE-2005-0524]🔒🔒
1549Apple Mac OS X AFP Server security check for standard [CVE-2005-1726]🔒
1548Sun ONE Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-1889]
1547Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop mstlsapi.dll improper authentication🔒🔒
1546Sun Solaris C Library libc Remote Code Execution🔒
1545Camino authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0717]🔒🔒
1544Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2004-0717]🔒🔒
1543Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1937]🔒🔒
1542IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration Console Authentication memory corruption🔒🔒
1541HP OpenView Application Manager Notify Daemon stack-based overflow🔒
1540HP OpenView Application Manager Notify Daemon nvd_exec stack-based overflow
1539Sun Solaris Hyper-Threading information disclosure [CVE-2005-0109]🔒🔒🔒
1538Qmail commands.c commands memory corruption
1537Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript onload window resource management🔒🔒
1536Nortel VPN Router IKE ISAKMP Header denial of service [CVE-2005-1802]
1535F5 BIG-IP TCP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1534Alwil Software Avast! Antivirus Device Driver memory corruption
1533Cisco 3800 Content Engine Module denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]🔒
1532Cisco 3700 Content Engine Module denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1531Cisco 3600 Content Engine Module denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1530Cisco 2800 Content Engine Module denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1529Cisco 2600 Content Engine Module denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1528Cisco 4600 Content Distribution Manager denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1527Cisco Content Router denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1526Cisco 7300 Content Engine denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1525Cisco 500 DNS Packet Decompressor denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1524Cisco Unity Express DNS Packet Compression denial of service
1523Cisco Analog Telephone Adaptor DNS denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1522Cisco Analog Telephone Adaptor DNS infinite loop [CVE-2005-0036]
1521Cisco IP Phone DNS Packet Compression denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1520Cisco IP Phone DNS Packet Compression denial of service [CVE-2005-0036]
1519Cisco IP Phone DNS Packet Compression containing denial of service🔒
1518BEA WebLogic memory corruption [CVE-2005-1742]🔒🔒
1517BEA WebLogic LDAP denial of service
1516BEA WebLogic Input Fields denial of service [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1515BEA WebLogic Clustering denial of service [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1514BEA WebLogic Control UserLogin improper authentication [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1513BEA WebLogic Security Settings unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1512BEA WebLogic Auditing denial of service [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1511BEA WebLogic JDBC Connection Reset cleartext storage [CVE-2005-1742]🔒
1510ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll integer coercion🔒
1509net-snmp fixproc privileges management [CVE-2005-1740]🔒🔒
1508CA eTrust EZ Armor Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll memory corruption🔒
1507CA eTrust EZ Armor Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll memory corruption🔒
1506CA eTrust Antivirus Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll memory corruption🔒
1505CA eTrust Intrusion Detection VetE.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-1693]🔒
1504CA eTrust Secure Content Manager VetE.dll memory corruption [CVE-2005-1693]🔒
1503CA eTrust Antivirus Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll memory corruption🔒
1502CA InoculateIT VetE.dll integer coercion [CVE-2005-1693]🔒
1501CA eTrust Antivirus Vet Antivirus Engine VetE.dll integer coercion🔒
1500ZyXEL ZyNOS IP Fragmentation denial of service [CVE-2005-1717]
1499Sun Solaris in.ftpd memory corruption [CVE-2005-0256]🔒🔒
1498bzip2 bzip2 Archive Decompressor infinite loop [CVE-2005-1260]🔒🔒
1497Netscape Browser InstallTrigger.install Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
1496Netscape Browser IFRAME Javascript URL cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1476]🔒🔒
1495Apple Mac OS X Kernel Search information disclosure [CVE-2005-1472]🔒
1494Apple Mac OS X Safari Widget path traversal [CVE-2005-1333]🔒🔒
1493OpenBSD TCP Connection Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1492Cisco MGX8200 WAN Switch TCP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1491Cisco MGX8200 WAN Switch TCP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1490Cisco MGX8200 WAN Switch TCP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1489Cisco Aironet Wireless Access TCP Timestamp denial of service🔒🔒
1488Cisco Aironet Wireless Access TCP Timestamp denial of service🔒🔒
1487Cisco Content Services Switch TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1486Cisco Storage Router TCP Timestamp denial of service [CVE-2005-0356]🔒🔒
1485Sun MySQL Installation mysql_install_db privileges management🔒🔒
1484GNU FreeRADIUS rlm_sql.c radius_xlat sql injection🔒🔒
1483GNU FreeRADIUS rlm_sql.c sql_escape_func memory corruption🔒🔒
1482Simon Tatham NASM stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-1194]🔒
1481IBM HTTP Server mod_include memory corruption [CVE-2004-0940]🔒🔒🔒
1479Linux Kernel pkt_ioctl memory corruption🔒
1478Linux Kernel raw_ioctl memory corruption🔒
1477FreeBSD information disclosure [CVE-2005-0109]🔒🔒
1476Apple QuickTime MOV Movie information disclosure [CVE-2005-1579]🔒
1475Mozilla Firefox HTTP Content-Type unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1575]
1474Mozilla Firefox HTTP Content-Type unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1575]
1473Cisco Firewall Services Module Blacklist Filter Remote Code Execution
1472Linux Kernel ELF File elf_core_dump memory corruption🔒🔒
1471Squid Proxy DNS Lookup authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-1519]🔒🔒🔒
1470Sun Solaris automountd denial of service [CVE-2005-1518]
1469Apple Mac OS X Mail Account Wizard cleartext storage [CVE-2005-1505]
1468RSA Authentication Agent for Web heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-1471]🔒🔒
1467Mozilla Firefox IFRAME Javascript URL cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1477]🔒🔒
1466Sun Solaris rpc.nisd denial of service [CVE-2005-1591]
1465Mozilla Firefox IconURL Installation InstallTrigger.install Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1464Mozilla Firefox IFRAME cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1476]🔒🔒🔒
1463FreeBSD i386_get_ldt denial of service🔒🔒
1462FreeBSD Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2005-1406]🔒🔒
1461FreeBSD iir Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1460Adobe SVG Viewer PNG memory corruption [CVE-2004-0597]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1459Adobe SVG Viewer NPSVG3.dll information disclosure [CVE-2005-0918]
1458Microsoft ASP.NET denial of service [CVE-2005-1665]🔒🔒
1457Microsoft ASP.NET denial of service [CVE-2005-1664]
1456Apple Mac OS X vpnd Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-1343]🔒
1455Apple Mac OS X Terminal privileges management [CVE-2005-1342]🔒🔒
1454Apple Mac OS X sudo privileges management [CVE-2004-1051]🔒🔒
1453Apple Mac OS X HTTP Proxy Server privileges management [CVE-2005-1340]🔒
1452Apple Mac OS X Netinfo Setup Tool memory corruption [CVE-2005-0594]🔒
1451Apple Mac OS X XFree86 parse.c xpmParseColors memory corruption🔒🔒
1450Apple Mac OS X LDAP ldap_extended_operation missing encryption🔒
1449Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2005-1336]🔒
1448Apple Mac OS X Foundation memory corruption [CVE-2005-1336]🔒
1447Apple Mac OS X Finder integer coercion [CVE-2005-1331]🔒
1446Apple Mac OS X Directory Services memory corruption [CVE-2005-1335]🔒
1445Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth path traversal [CVE-2005-1333]🔒
1444Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth File Exchange memory corruption [CVE-2005-1332]🔒
1443Apple Mac OS X AppleScript URI memory corruption [CVE-2005-1331]🔒
1442Apple Mac OS X AppKit TIFF Image denial of service [CVE-2004-1308]🔒🔒
1441Apple Mac OS X AppKit TIFF Image memory corruption [CVE-2004-1308]🔒🔒
1440Apple Mac OS X Apache htdigest memory corruption [CVE-2004-0687]🔒🔒
1439Apple Mac OS X Non-setuid root pty unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-1430]🔒
1438PostgreSQL tsearch2 denial of service🔒🔒
1437PostgreSQL SQL Command Character Converter denial of service🔒🔒
1436HP OpenView Event Correlation Services memory corruption [CVE-2005-1433]
1435HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2005-1434]
1434HP OpenView OS Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1370]🔒
1433Symantec Norton AntiVirus RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1432Symantec Norton Internet Security RAR Archive denial of service
1431Symantec Norton AntiVirus RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1430Symantec Mail Security RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1429Symantec SAV/Filter RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1428Symantec Web Security RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1427Symantec Mail Security RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1426Symantec AntiVirus RAR Archive denial of service [CVE-2005-1346]
1425Oracle Database Web Cache File Blacklist unknown vulnerability🔒🔒🔒
1423Oracle Application Server Web Cache webcacheadmin cross site scriting🔒
1422Oracle Application Server Web Cache webcacheadmin cross site scriting🔒
1421BEA WebLogic Administration Server Console cross site scriting🔒🔒
1420Perl Uulib memory corruption🔒🔒
1419Sun Solaris libtiff memory corruption [CVE-2004-0803]🔒🔒
1418Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent Shortcut memory corruption
1417Citrix Program Neighborhood Agent memory corruption [CVE-2004-1077]
1416Netscape Browser Netscape Extension memory corruption [CVE-2005-0399]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
1415Macromedia ColdFusion HTTP 404 Error Message cross site scriting
1414F5 3-DNS Controller login_radius improper authentication
1413F5 BIG-IP login_radius improper authentication
1412IBM WebSphere Application Server HTTP Error Message cross site scriting
1411Microsoft Windows Image denial of service
1410GNU gzip path traversal [CVE-2005-1228]🔒🔒
1409F5 BIG-IP Cache improper authentication
1408Sun Java System Web Proxy Server memory corruption [CVE-2005-1232]🔒
1407Microsoft Windows Web View webvw.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
1406RealNetworks RealPlayer Enterprise RAM File heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
1405Netscape Browser Search Plugin security check for standard [CVE-2005-1156]🔒
1403Sun Solaris Service/Port Privilege Escalation
1402Sun Solaris Xprt Server font.alias memory corruption🔒🔒
1401Sun Solaris Xsun Server font.alias memory corruption🔒🔒
1400McAfee Internet Security Suite File privileges management [CVE-2005-1107]
1399Mozilla Firefox PopUp Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒🔒
1398Mozilla Firefox Blocked Popup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1397Mozilla Firefox UI Code DOM Node Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1396Mozilla Firefox UI Code DOM Node Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1395Mozilla Firefox Plugin-Installation XPInstall cross site scriting🔒🔒
1394Mozilla Firefox Plugin-Installation InstallTrigger cross site scriting🔒🔒
1393Mozilla Firefox Plugin Installation XPInstall cross site scriting🔒🔒
1392Mozilla Firefox Plugin Installation InstallTrigger cross site scriting🔒🔒
1391Mozilla Firefox Sidebar cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1390Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1389Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1388Mozilla Firefox Favicon cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1387Mozilla Firefox Favicon cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1386Mozilla Firefox Cleaning before Navigation race condition [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1385Mozilla Firefox Cleaning before Navigation race condition [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1383Mozilla Firefox javascript URI Popup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1382Mozilla Firefox javascript URI Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1381Mozilla Firefox Plugin Installation Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0752]🔒🔒
1380Apple Safari Executables Parser denial of service [CVE-2005-0976]🔒
1379Apple Mac OS X Executable Files Parser denial of service [CVE-2005-0975]🔒
1378Apple Mac OS X NFS nfs_mount denial of service🔒
1377Apple Mac OS X setsockopt denial of service🔒
1376Apple Mac OS X searchfs memory corruption🔒
1375Apple Mac OS X semop memory corruption🔒
1374Apple Mac OS X SUID/SGID access control [CVE-2005-0970]🔒
1373Apple Mac OS X Kernel Syscall Emulation integer coercion [CVE-2005-0969]🔒
1372Sun Solaris GSS-API Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-1124]
1371FreeBSD Network Device List ifconf resource management🔒
1370RSA Authentication Agent for Web IISWebAgentIF.dll cross site scriting🔒🔒
1369IBM WebSphere Application Server HTTP Host-Header information disclosure🔒
1368Sun Java System Web Server denial of service [CVE-2005-1150]
1367Sun ONE/Java System Directory Server LDAP Query memory corruption🔒
1366WatchGuard Firebox ICMP Error Message denial of service
1365Juniper Junos ICMP Error Message denial of service
1364Juniper Junos ICMP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0790]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1363Oracle Database cross site scriting [CVE-2005-3202]🔒
1362Apache OpenOffice DOC Document Load heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1361IBM AIX ICMP Error Message entropy [CVE-2004-0230]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1360Sun Solaris ICMP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0790]🔒🔒🔒
1359Cisco IOS ICMP Error Message denial of service [CVE-2004-0790]🔒🔒🔒
1358Microsoft Windows CSRSS memory corruption [CVE-2005-0551]🔒
1357Microsoft Windows Objekt Manager memory corruption [CVE-2005-0550]🔒
1356Microsoft Windows Kernel Access memory corruption [CVE-2005-0061]🔒
1355Microsoft Windows Font File memory corruption [CVE-2005-0060]🔒
1354Microsoft Internet Explorer Content Advisor Rating memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1353Microsoft Internet Explorer URL memory corruption [CVE-2005-0554]🔒🔒
1352Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Object race condition [CVE-2005-0553]🔒🔒
1351Microsoft Exchange SMTP Service heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0560]🔒🔒🔒
1350Microsoft Windows Shell MSHTA.EXE memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1349Microsoft Windows RPC Message Queue memory corruption [CVE-2005-0059]🔒🔒🔒
1348Microsoft MSN Messenger GIF Image memory corruption [CVE-2005-0562]🔒🔒
1347Matthias Ettrich KDE kdelibs memory corruption [CVE-2005-1046]🔒🔒
1346Microsoft Jet Database Engine MDB Database msjet40.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
1345KDE Kmail HTML authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0404]
1344Sun Java JDK/SDK Jar Archive path traversal [CVE-2005-1080]🔒🔒
1343IBM Lotus Domino @SetHTTPHeader unknown vulnerability
1342IBM Lotus Domino NOTES.INI memory corruption
1341IBM Lotus Domino NRPC Authentication format string [CVE-2005-1405]
1340IBM Lotus Domino Web Data Fields memory corruption [CVE-2005-1101]🔒
1339Macromedia ColdFusion Updater information disclosure [CVE-2005-1022]
1338IBM Lotus Domino Web Service cgi-bin denial of service🔒🔒
1337Linksys WET11 Password changepw.html information disclosure🔒
1336Cisco IOS SSHv2 TACACS+ improper authentication [CVE-2005-1020]🔒
1335Cisco IOS ISAKMP Profile Attribute improper authentication [CVE-2005-1057]🔒
1334Cisco IOS XAUTH IKE Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2005-1058]🔒
1333FreeBSD Hardware Initiation sys_amd64 information disclosure
1332FreeBSD sendfile information disclosure🔒🔒
1331CA eTrust Intrusion Detection CPImportKey denial of service🔒
1330SonicWALL SOHO Web Administration Login cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1006]🔒🔒
1329SonicWALL SOHO/Pro URL Path cross site scriting [CVE-2005-1006]🔒🔒
1328Microsoft Windows Print Color Adjustment denial of service
1327Microsoft Windows SMB denial of service
1326Netscape Browser Javascript Lambda Symbol memory corruption [CVE-2005-0989]🔒🔒🔒
1325Linux Kernel AIO is_hugepage_only_range denial of service🔒
1324Adobe Acrobat LoadFile Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1323Mozilla Firefox Javascript Lambda Symbol memory corruption [CVE-2005-0989]🔒🔒
1322Mozilla Firefox Javascript Lambda Symbol memory corruption [CVE-2005-0989]🔒🔒
1321phpMyAdmin index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
1320PHP swf_definepoly infinite loop🔒🔒
1319PHP unserialize infinite loop🔒🔒
1318PHP getimagesize infinite loop🔒🔒
1317Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator HTTPS SSL denial of service [CVE-2005-0943]
1316Sylpheed Email MIME memory corruption [CVE-2005-0926]🔒🔒
1315Kerio Personal Firewall Process Privilege Escalation
1314OpenBSD Telnet Client env_opt_add memory corruption🔒🔒
1313OpenBSD Telnet Client slc_add_reply memory corruption🔒🔒
1312FreeBSD Telnet Client env_opt_add memory corruption🔒🔒
1311FreeBSD Telnet Client slc_add_reply memory corruption🔒🔒
1310MIT Kerberos Telnet Client env_opt_add heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒🔒
1309Sun Solaris Telnet Client env_opt_add memory corruption🔒🔒
1308MIT Kerberos Telnet Client slc_add_reply heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
1307Sun Solaris Telnet Client slc_add_reply memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1306Symantec Norton AntiVirus Auto-Protect Module denial of service
1305Symantec Norton AntiVirus Share Scan Stored denial of service
1304Mozilla Firefox Netscape Extension memory corruption [CVE-2005-0399]🔒🔒🔒
1303Mozilla Thunderbird Netscape Extension memory corruption [CVE-2005-0399]🔒🔒🔒
1302Mozilla Firefox Netscape Extension memory corruption [CVE-2005-0399]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1301Mozilla Firefox Sidebar memory corruption [CVE-2005-0402]🔒🔒🔒
1299Mozilla Firefox XUL information disclosure [CVE-2005-0401]🔒🔒
1298Mozilla Firefox XUL Local File heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0399]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1297Apple Mac OS X Directory race condition [CVE-2005-0712]🔒
1296Apple Mac OS X Environment Variable memory corruption [CVE-2005-0716]🔒
1295Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth Setup Assistant privileges management🔒
1294Apple Mac OS X AFP Server information disclosure [CVE-2005-0715]🔒
1293Apple Mac OS X AFP Server denial of service [CVE-2005-0340]🔒
1292Mozilla Thunderbird javascript URI Drag / Drop memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1291Microsoft Windows EMF File GetEnhMetaFilePaletteEntries resource management🔒🔒
1290Linux Kernel ISO9660 File System denial of service [CVE-2005-3105]🔒🔒
1289Linux Kernel SCSI Device denial of service [CVE-2005-3105]🔒🔒
1288Linux Kernel ROSE denial of service [CVE-2005-3105]🔒🔒
1287McAfee Antivirus LHA Archive memory corruption [CVE-2005-0643]🔒🔒
1286Novell NetWare Xsession HTTP-Redirect improper authentication
1285KDE Konqueror Download Dialogbox Privilege Escalation
1284phpMyAdmin Wildcard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0653]🔒🔒
1283Matthias Ettrich KDE Desktop Communication Protocol denial of service🔒🔒
1282Citrix MetaFrame Secondary Application unknown vulnerability
1281Linux Kernel PPP Server LCP ppp_async.c denial of service🔒🔒
1280Symantec Gateway Security DNS Proxy Cache unknown vulnerability🔒
1279Linux Kernel sys_epoll_wait memory corruption🔒
1278IBM WebSphere Commerce Privilege Escalation
1277Apache Jakarta Tomcat AJP12 Protocol denial of service [CVE-2005-0808]🔒
1276Mozilla Thunderbird HTML Link Table Target Privilege Escalation
1275Mozilla Firefox HTML Link Table authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-4809]
1274Mozilla Firefox HTML Link Table Target Privilege Escalation
1273Sun MySQL MS DOS Device Name denial of service [CVE-2005-0799]🔒
1272Sun MySQL Temporary Table code injection [CVE-2005-0709]🔒🔒🔒
1271Sun MySQL udf_init code injection🔒🔒🔒
1270Perl Sub-Directory rmtree race condition🔒🔒
1269Microsoft Exchange Sub-Directories Store.exe resource management
1268Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2004-0790]🔒🔒🔒
1267Sylpheed Email Reply Header memory corruption [CVE-2005-0667]🔒🔒 X11 XPM Image libXpm memory corruption🔒🔒
1265TYPO3 CMW Linklist Extension sql injection [CVE-2005-0658]🔒
1264Squid Proxy Netscape Set-Cookie information disclosure [CVE-2005-0626]🔒🔒
1263RealNetworks RealPlayer SMIL File smlparse.cpp testattributefailed memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1262RealNetworks RealPlayer WAV File memory corruption [CVE-2005-0455]🔒🔒
1261Mozilla Firefox Download Content-Disposition denial of service🔒🔒
1260Mozilla Firefox javascript URI Drag / Drop cross site scriting
1259Mozilla Firefox SSL View memory corruption [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1258Mozilla Firefox URF8 to Unicode Converter memory corruption [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1257Mozilla Firefox Installation Username denial of service [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1254Mozilla Firefox Form AutoComplete information disclosure🔒🔒
1253Mozilla Firefox XLS Include/Import denial of service [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1252Mozilla Firefox .lnk File Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1251Mozilla Firefox Other Tab .htaccess denial of service [CVE-2005-0255]🔒🔒
1250Mozilla Firefox Plugin Temporary Folder privileges management🔒🔒
1249Matthias Ettrich KDE kppp 2.1.2 privileges management [CVE-2005-0205]🔒🔒
1248OpenBSD Copy Function unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0637]
1247Symantec Firewall/VPN Appliance SMTP Routing security check for standard
1246PHP readfile denial of service🔒🔒
1245wu-ftpd wu_fnmatch memory corruption🔒🔒
1244Sun Solaris stfontserverd unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0576]
1243Trend Micro Norton AntiVirus ARJ Archive security check for standard🔒🔒🔒
1242phpMyAdmin Error Message database_interface.lib.php information disclosure🔒🔒
1241phpMyAdmin PHP Document cross site scripting [CVE-2005-0543]🔒🔒
1240Sun Solaris kcms_configure privileges management [CVE-2004-0481]
1239Microsoft Internet Explorer Popup Window authentication spoofing🔒
1238Simon Tatham PuTTY sftp.c sftp_pkt_getstring memory corruption🔒🔒
1237Simon Tatham PuTTY sftp.c fxp_readdir_recv memory corruption🔒🔒
1236Microsoft ASP.NET Unicode Converter security check for standard🔒
1235Microsoft Internet Explorer Link Privilege Escalation
1234Linux Kernel netfilter/iptables memory corruption [CVE-2005-0124]🔒🔒
1233Linux Kernel nls_ascii.c memory corruption🔒
1232Linux Kernel setsid race condition🔒
1231Linux Kernel setsid resource management🔒🔒
1230VMware Workstation gdk-pixbuf memory corruption [CVE-2005-0444]🔒🔒
1229BEA WebLogic cross site scriting [CVE-2005-0432]🔒
1228Linux Kernel file.c reiserfs_copy_from_user_to_file_region heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1227Linux Kernel addr.c atm_get_addr heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1226Linux Kernel n_tty.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1225Linux Kernel locks_read_proc heap-based overflow🔒🔒
1224Linux Kernel i2c-viapro Driver heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0529]🔒🔒
1223Linux Kernel Radeon Driver radeon_check_and_fixup_offset race condition🔒🔒
1222Sun Solaris ARP denial of service [CVE-2005-0447]
1221Sun Solaris FTP Server denial of service [CVE-1999-0079]🔒🔒
1220Squid Proxy FQDN Lookup denial of service [CVE-2005-0446]🔒🔒🔒
1219Matthias Ettrich KDE kdelibs privileges management [CVE-2005-0365]🔒🔒
1218IBM WebSphere Application Server JSP Source Code information disclosure🔒
1217Check Point Integrity Client NtConnectPort denial of service
1216ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm NtConnectPort null pointer dereference
1215F-Secure Anti-Virus ARJ Archive heap-based overflow [CVE-2005-0350]🔒🔒
1214IBM DB2 Universal Database Privilege Escalation
1213IBM DB2 Universal Database Federated Support Database Privilege Escalation
1212IBM DB2 Universal Database XML Extender Privilege Escalation
1211IBM DB2 Universal Database Network Connection Privilege Escalation
1210IBM DB2 Privilege Escalation
1209Netscape Browser URI memory corruption [CVE-2005-0232]🔒🔒🔒
1208Netscape Browser URI Drag / Drop memory corruption [CVE-2005-0231]🔒🔒
1207Netscape Browser Drag / Drop HTTP Content-Disposition privileges management🔒🔒🔒
1206IBM AIX auditselect format string [CVE-2005-0250]
1205Symantec AntiVirus DEC2EXE Module UPX Parser heap-based overflow
1204Sun Java JRE/SDK 8dot3 File Name unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0471]
1203Microsoft Internet Explorer Stored memory corruption [CVE-2005-0055]🔒
1202Microsoft Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
1201Microsoft Internet Explorer Internet Zone Remote Code Execution🔒
1200Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript createControlRange memory corruption
1199Microsoft Internet Explorer CDF CHANNEL Tag cross site scriting🔒
1198Microsoft Internet Explorer Encoded URL memory corruption [CVE-2005-0054]🔒🔒
1197Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag / Drop Remote Code Execution🔒
1196Microsoft Windows Drag / Drop memory corruption [CVE-2005-0053]🔒🔒
1195Microsoft Windows OLE File memory corruption [CVE-2005-0047]🔒
1194Microsoft Windows/Office COM File Remote Code Execution [CVE-2005-0047]🔒
1193Microsoft Windows License Logging Server input validation [CVE-2005-0050]🔒🔒🔒
1192Microsoft Office URL memory corruption [CVE-2004-0848]🔒🔒
1191Microsoft Windows Hyperlink Object Library memory corruption🔒🔒
1190Microsoft Windows Named Pipe Connection memory corruption [CVE-2005-0051]🔒
1189Microsoft Windows SMB memory corruption [CVE-2005-0045]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1188Microsoft Exchange Outlook Web Access owalogon.asp information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
1187Mozilla Firefox URI memory corruption [CVE-2005-0232]🔒🔒
1186Mozilla Firefox Plugin URI Handler Loader memory corruption [CVE-2005-0232]🔒🔒
1185Mozilla Firefox javascript URI Drag / Drop memory corruption🔒🔒
1184Mozilla Firefox javascript URI Drag / Drop denial of service🔒🔒
1183Mozilla Firefox Image Drag / Drop privileges management [CVE-2005-0230]🔒🔒
1182Mozilla Firefox Image Drag / Drop privileges management [CVE-2005-0230]🔒🔒
1181Netscape Browser IDN International Domain Name Privilege Escalation
1180Apple Safari IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing
1179OmniGroup OmniWeb IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing
1178Opera Web Browser IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒
1177KDE Konqueror IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒
1176Mozilla Firefox IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒🔒
1175Mozilla Firefox IDN International Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒
1174Linux Kernel NTFS ntfs_error denial of service
1173Python memory corruption [CVE-2005-0089]🔒🔒
1172Perl memory corruption [CVE-2005-0156]🔒🔒
1171Perl privileges management [CVE-2005-0612]
1170RealNetworks RealPlayer RM File Privilege Escalation
1169PostgreSQL plpgsql code injection🔒🔒
1168PostgreSQL intagg code injection🔒🔒
1167PostgreSQL EXECUTE code injection🔒🔒
1166PostgreSQL Library LOAD code injection🔒🔒
1165Squid Proxy Reply Header unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0241]🔒🔒🔒🔒
1164Cisco IOS IPv6 Stack denial of service [CVE-2005-0195]🔒
1163Sun Solaris UDP End Point denial of service [CVE-2005-0426]
1162Cisco IOS BGP denial of service [CVE-2005-0196]🔒
1161GNU Openswan XAUTH/PAM stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0162]🔒
1160Cisco IOS MPLS Packet config [CVE-2005-0197]🔒
1159ISC BIND memory corruption [CVE-2005-0033]🔒🔒
1158ISC BIND DNSSEC authvalidated denial of service🔒🔒
1157Sun Solaris DHCP Administration Utility Privilege Escalation
1156Sun Java Multiple Applets Privilege Escalation
1155Sun Java Javascript Privilege Escalation
1154Microsoft Office RC4 IV unknown vulnerability
1153Cisco IOS CME/SRST Skinny Call Control Protocol denial of service🔒
1152Apple Mac OS X Mach-O Loader parse_machfile stack-based overflow🔒
1151Apple Mac OS X at -f Job Output stack-based overflow [CVE-2005-0971]🔒
1150Apple Mac OS X searchfs integer coercion🔒
1149KDE kpdf makeFileKey2 memory corruption🔒🔒
1148Squid Proxy LDAP Username privileges management [CVE-2005-0173]🔒🔒
1147Easy Software Products CUPS xpdf makeFileKey2 memory corruption🔒🔒
1146Oracle E-Business Suite/Applications sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1145Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1144Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1143Oracle Database denial of service [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1142Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1141Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1140Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1139Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1138Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1137Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1136Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1135Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1134Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1133Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1132Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1131Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1130Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1129Oracle Database memory corruption [CVE-2005-0297]🔒
1128Sun Solaris Kerberos V5 libkadm5srv memory corruption🔒🔒
1127Kazaa sig2dat Protocol memory corruption
1126Sun MySQL mysqlaccess privileges management🔒🔒
1125RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Mobile Data Service WML denial of service
1124GNU Midnight Commander denial of service [CVE-2004-1174]🔒🔒
1123Apache HTTP Server denial of service
1122Squid Proxy gopherToHTML memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1121Squid Proxy Web Cache Communication Protocol denial of service🔒🔒
1120ISS Proventia RFC2397 Detector privileges management
1119Check Point Firewall-1 NG SmartDefense privileges management
1118TippingPoint UnityOne Intrusion Prevention System RFC2397 Detector privileges management🔒🔒
1117Linux Kernel race condition [CVE-2005-0001]🔒🔒
1116OpenBSD TCP Retransmission denial of service [CVE-2005-0740]
1115Mozilla Firefox Modal Dialogbox authentication spoofing [CVE-2005-0591]🔒🔒
1114Apple AirPort Wireless Distribution System denial of service
1113Opera Web Browser data URI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2005-0456]🔒🔒
1112Netscape Directory Server LDAP memory corruption [CVE-2004-1236]🔒
1111NullSoft WinAmp libmp4v2.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1150]🔒🔒
1110NullSoft WinAmp enc_mp4.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1150]🔒
1109NullSoft WinAmp in_mp4.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1150]🔒
1108NullSoft WinAmp in_cdda.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2004-1150]🔒
1107Microsoft Windows Indexing Service memory corruption [CVE-2004-0897]🔒
1106Linux Kernel mlockall privileges management🔒
1105Linux Kernel moxa.c memory corruption🔒
1104Linux Kernel scsi_ioctl.c sg_scsi_ioctl memory corruption🔒
1103Linux Kernel random.c poolsize_strategy memory corruption🔒
1102Squid Proxy NTLM Type 3 Message fakeauth_auth memory leak🔒🔒🔒🔒
1101Novell NetWare CIFS Packet CIFS.NLM denial of service
1099Microsoft Internet Explorer Embedded HTML memory corruption [CVE-2004-1043]🔒🔒🔒
1098Microsoft Internet Explorer HHK File unknown vulnerability [CVE-2004-1043]🔒🔒
1097Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag / Drop Media File unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
1096Apache Jakarta Tomcat Messenger functions.jsp cross site scripting🔒
1095Apache HTTP Server File race condition [CVE-2005-0182]🔒🔒
1094Exim Internet Mailer SPA Authentication spa_base64_to_bits memory corruption🔒🔒
1093Exim Internet Mailer IPv6 Address host_aton memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
1092Mozilla Firefox Download Dialogbox Privilege Escalation
1022Netegrity SiteMinder Login smpwservicescgi.exe privileges management
1021Novell GroupWise WebAccess webacc improper authentication
1020Novell GroupWise WebAccess webacc improper authentication

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