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85793ac4p Mobile polls.php cross site scriting
85335Campsite LocalizerLanguage.php privileges management
85334Campsite LocalizerConfig.php privileges management
85333Campsite db_connect.php privileges management
85332Campsite configuration.php privileges management
85331Campsite UserType.php privileges management
85330Campsite User.php privileges management
85329Campsite UrlType.php privileges management
85328Campsite Topic.php privileges management
85327Campsite TimeUnit.php privileges management
85326Campsite Template.php privileges management
85325Campsite SystemPref.php privileges management
85324Campsite SubscriptionSection.php privileges management
85323Campsite SubscriptionDefaultTime.php privileges management
85322Campsite Subscription.php privileges management
85321Campsite ShortURL.php privileges management
85320Campsite Section.php privileges management
85319Campsite Publication.php privileges management
85318Campsite LoginAttempts.php privileges management
85317Campsite Log.php privileges management
85316Campsite Language.php privileges management
85315Campsite IssuePublish.php privileges management
85314Campsite Issue.php privileges management
85313Campsite Image.php privileges management
85312Campsite IPAccess.php privileges management
85311Campsite Event.php privileges management
85310Campsite DatabaseObject.php privileges management
85309Campsite Country.php privileges management
85308Campsite Attachment.php privileges management
85307Campsite ArticleTypeField.php privileges management
85306Campsite ArticleType.php privileges management
85305Campsite ArticleTopic.php privileges management
85304Campsite ArticlePublish.php privileges management
85303Campsite ArticleIndex.php privileges management
85302Campsite ArticleImage.php privileges management
85301Campsite ArticleData.php privileges management
85300Campsite ArticleComment.php privileges management
85299Campsite ArticleAttachment.php privileges management
85298Campsite Article.php privileges management
85274Ace Helpdesk ticket.php cross site scriting
85172Secure Login Manager members.asp sql injection🔒
85171Secure Login Manager content.asp sql injection🔒
85170Secure Login Manager login.asp sql injection🔒
85169Secure Login Manager list.asp sql injection🔒
85168Secure Login Manager send_password_preferences.asp sql injection🔒
85089A-Cart Pro search.asp sql injection
85049PHP iCalendar preferences.php cross site scriting
85048PHP iCalendar print.php cross site scriting
85047PHP iCalendar index.php cross site scriting
85046PHP iCalendar search.php cross site scriting
85045PHP iCalendar week.php cross site scriting
85044PHP iCalendar year.php cross site scriting
85043PHP iCalendar month.php cross site scriting
85042Iono information disclosure
85041Iono index.tpl.php information disclosure
85040phpProfiles code injection
85039phpProfiles code injection
85038phpProfiles code injection
85037phpProfiles code injection
85036phpProfiles code injection
85035phpProfiles code injection
85034phpProfiles code injection
85033phpProfiles code injection
85032phpProfiles code injection
85031phpProfiles code injection
85030phpProfiles code injection
85029phpProfiles code injection
85028phpProfiles code injection
85027PhotoPost PHP adm-menu.php privileges management
85026PhotoPost PHP search.php privileges management
85025PhotoPost PHP uploadphoto.php privileges management
85024PhotoPost PHP useralbums.php privileges management
85023PhotoPost PHP showmembers.php privileges management
85022PhotoPost PHP showgallery.php privileges management
85021PhotoPost PHP register.php privileges management
85020PhotoPost PHP editphoto.php privileges management
85019PhotoPost PHP ecard.php privileges management
85018PhotoPost PHP cookies.php privileges management
85017PhotoPost PHP adm-userg.php privileges management
85016PhotoPost PHP adm-templ.php privileges management
85015PhotoPost PHP adm-style.php privileges management
85014PhotoPost PHP adm-purge.php privileges management
85013PhotoPost PHP adm-photo.php privileges management
85012PhotoPost PHP adm-pa.php privileges management
85011PhotoPost PHP adm-order.php privileges management
85010PhotoPost PHP adm-options.php privileges management
85009PhotoPost PHP adm-move.php privileges management
85008PhotoPost PHP adm-modcom.php privileges management
85007PhotoPost PHP adm-index.php privileges management
85006PhotoPost PHP adm-inc.php privileges management
85005PhotoPost PHP adm-editcfg.php privileges management
85004PhotoPost PHP adm-db.php privileges management
85003PhotoPost PHP adm-cinc.php privileges management
85002PhotoPost PHP adm-cats.php privileges management
85001PhotoPost PHP adm-backup.php privileges management
85000PhotoPost PHP adm-approve.php privileges management
84999PhotoPost PHP adm-admlog.php privileges management
84998SignKorn Guestbook admin.php privileges management
84997SignKorn Guestbook config.php privileges management
84996SignKorn Guestbook index.php privileges management
84995SignKorn Guestbook log.php privileges management
84994SignKorn Guestbook preview.php privileges management
84993SignKorn Guestbook entry.php privileges management
84992SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp3.php privileges management
84991SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp2.php privileges management
84990SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp1.php privileges management
84989SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp0.php privileges management
84988SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp3.php privileges management
84987SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp2.php privileges management
84986SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp1.php privileges management
84985SignKorn Guestbook adminhelp0.php privileges management
84984SignKorn Guestbook smile.php privileges management
84983SignKorn Guestbook help.php privileges management
84982SignKorn Guestbook privileges management
84981SignKorn Guestbook functions.admin.php privileges management
84980SignKorn Guestbook privileges management
84971tDiary conf.html cross site scriting
84958phpCommunityCalendar event.php cross site scriting
84957phpCommunityCalendar month.php cross site scriting
84954Check Point Firewall-1 information disclosure🔒
84952ActiveNews Manager default.asp sql injection
84951BirdBlog user.php cross site scriting
84950BirdBlog index.php cross site scriting
84949YACS populate.php cross site scriting
84948YACS user.php cross site scriting
84947YACS populate.php cross site scriting
84946YACS populate.php cross site scriting
84945YACS section.php cross site scriting
84944YACS file.php cross site scriting
84943YACS populate.php cross site scriting
84942YACS populate.php cross site scriting
84941YACS category.php cross site scriting
84939SolidState DeleteInvoicePage.class.php privileges management
84938SolidState DeleteHostingServicePage.class.php privileges management
84937SolidState DeleteDomainServicePage.class.php privileges management
84936SolidState DeleteAccountPage.class.php privileges management
84935SolidState ConfigureUsersPage.class.php privileges management
84934SolidState ConfigureNewUserReceiptPage.class.php privileges management
84933SolidState ConfigureNewUserPage.class.php privileges management
84932SolidState BrowseAccountsPage.class.php privileges management
84931SolidState BillingPaymentPage.class.php privileges management
84930SolidState BillingPage.class.php privileges management
84929SolidState AssignProductPage.class.php privileges management
84928SolidState AssignHostingPage.class.php privileges management
84927Plume CMS index.php privileges management
84926Plume CMS upgrade.php privileges management
84925Plume CMS index.php privileges management
84924Plume CMS lib.text.php privileges management
84923Plume CMS class.template.php privileges management
84922Plume CMS xmedia.php privileges management
84921Plume CMS users.php privileges management
84920Plume CMS subtypes.php privileges management
84919Plume CMS sites.php privileges management
84918Plume CMS prefs.php privileges management
84917Plume CMS news.php privileges management
84916Plume CMS categories.php privileges management
84915SolidState SolidStateModule.class.php privileges management
84914SolidState RegistrarModule.class.php privileges management
84913SolidState WelcomeEmailPage.class.php privileges management
84912SolidState ViewServerPage.class.php privileges management
84911SolidState ViewProductPage.class.php privileges management
84910SolidState ViewOrderPage.class.php privileges management
84909SolidState ViewLogMessagePage.class.php privileges management
84908SolidState ViewHostingServicePage.class.php privileges management
84907SolidState ViewAccountPage.class.php privileges management
84906SolidState ViewDomainServicePage.class.php privileges management
84905SolidState TransferDomainPage.class.php privileges management
84904SolidState TaxesPage.class.php privileges management
84903SolidState SettingsPage.class.php privileges management
84902SolidState ServicesWebHostingPage.class.php privileges management
84901SolidState ServicesPage.class.php privileges management
84900SolidState ServicesNewHostingPage.class.php privileges management
84899SolidState ServicesHostingServicesPage.class.php privileges management
84898SolidState ServersPage.class.php privileges management
84897SolidState RegisteredDomainsPage.class.php privileges management
84896SolidState RegisterDomainPage.class.php privileges management
84895SolidState ProductsPage.class.php privileges management
84894SolidState PrintInvoicePage.class.php privileges management
84893SolidState PendingOrdersPage.class.php privileges management
84892SolidState PendingAccountsPage.class.php privileges management
84891SolidState OutstandingInvoicesPage.class.php privileges management
84890SolidState NewProductPage.class.php privileges management
84889SolidState NewDomainServicePage.class.php privileges management
84888SolidState NewAccountPage.class.php privileges management
84887SolidState ModulesPage.class.php privileges management
84886SolidState LogPage.class.php privileges management
84885SolidState EditServerPage.class.php privileges management
84884SolidState EmailInvoicePage.class.php privileges management
84883SolidState ExecuteOrderPage.class.php privileges management
84882SolidState ExpiredDomainsPage.class.php privileges management
84881SolidState FulfilledOrdersPage.class.php privileges management
84880SolidState HomePage.class.php privileges management
84879SolidState GenerateInvoicesPage.class.php privileges management
84878SolidState InactiveAccountsPage.class.php privileges management
84877SolidState IPManagerPage.class.php privileges management
84876SolidState LoginPage.class.php privileges management
84875SolidState EditDomainServicePage.class.php privileges management
84874SolidState EditDomainPage.class.php privileges management
84873SolidState EditAccountPage.class.php privileges management
84872SolidState DomainsPage.class.php privileges management
84871SolidState DomainServicesPage.class.php privileges management
84870SolidState DeleteServerPage.class.php privileges management
84869Limbo CMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
84868Limbo CMS imanager.php Local Privilege Escalation
84867Limbo CMS initglobals.php Local Privilege Escalation
84866Limbo CMS content.php Local Privilege Escalation
84865Limbo CMS antihack.php Local Privilege Escalation
84864Limbo CMS forum.php Local Privilege Escalation
84863Limbo CMS forum.html.php Local Privilege Escalation
84862Limbo CMS Local Privilege Escalation
84861Limbo CMS Local Privilege Escalation
84860Limbo CMS Local Privilege Escalation
84859Limbo CMS Local Privilege Escalation
84858e107 CMS download.php cross site scriting
84857e107 CMS user.php cross site scriting
84856e107 CMS submitnews.php cross site scriting
84855e107 CMS signup.php cross site scriting
84854e107 CMS search.php cross site scriting
84853e107 CMS news.php cross site scriting
84852e107 CMS fpw.php cross site scriting
84851e107 CMS admin.php cross site scriting
84850Monkey Boards information disclosure
84849Active News Manager activenews_search.asp sql injection
84848Active News Manager activeNews_comments.asp sql injection
84847CA Personal Firewall privileges management [CVE-2006-6952]
84846Dragon Internet Events Listing venue_detail.asp sql injection
84845Dragon Internet Events Listing event_searchdetail.asp sql injection
84844Frisk F-Prot Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2006-6294]🔒🔒
84843cPanel newuser.html cross site scriting
84842Aigaion pageactionauthor.php privileges management
84841phpJobScheduler phpjobscheduler.php privileges management
84840phpJobScheduler modify.php privileges management
84839phpJobScheduler delete.php privileges management
84838Status Ultraseek urlstatusgo.html information disclosure
84837Verity Ultraseek index.html information disclosure🔒
84836abarcar Realty Portal slistl.php sql injection
84835Soholaunch shared_functions.php privileges management
84834Cyberfolio incl_voir_compet.php privileges management
84833phpDynaSite connection.php privileges management
84832phpDynaSite function_balise_url.php privileges management
84831Free File Hosting send.php privileges management
84830Free File Hosting register.php privileges management
84829phpProfiles privileges management
84828phpProfiles code injection
84827QnECMS sitemapheader.php privileges management
84826QnECMS sitemapfooter.php privileges management
84825QnECMS headermain.php privileges management
84824QnECMS footermain.php privileges management
84823QnECMS footerhome.php privileges management
84822QnECMS headerscripts.php privileges management
84821QnECMS footermain.php privileges management
84820QnECMS footerhome.php privileges management
84819imlib2 loader_tiff.c denial of service🔒🔒
84818imlib2 loader_jpeg.c denial of service🔒🔒
84817imlib2 loader_lbm.c denial of service🔒🔒
84816imlib2 loader_png.c denial of service🔒🔒
84815Open Meetings mail.php privileges management
84814Open Meetings session.php privileges management
84813Open Meetings session.php privileges management
84812Trawler Web CMS index.php privileges management
84811Trawler Web CMS insert1.php privileges management
84810Trawler Web CMS newfile.php privileges management
84809Trawler Web CMS lese_inc.php privileges management
84808Trawler Web CMS farbpalette.php privileges management
84807Trawler Web CMS extras_menu.php privileges management
84806Trawler Web CMS colorpik3.php privileges management
84805Trawler Web CMS colorpik2.php privileges management
84804Trawler Web CMS addtort.php privileges management
84803Der Dirigent table_rowprop.php privileges management
84802Der Dirigent table_prop.php privileges management
84801Der Dirigent table_cellprop.php privileges management
84800Der Dirigent insert_table.php privileges management
84799Der Dirigent insert_link.php privileges management
84798Der Dirigent changecase.php privileges management
84797Der Dirigent fullscreen.php privileges management
84796Der Dirigent find.php privileges management
84795Der Dirigent insert_page.php privileges management
84794WiClear history.lib.php code injection
84793WiClear boxes.lib.php code injection
84792WiClear code injection
84791WiClear index.php code injection
84790WiClear index.php code injection
84789WiClear tools.lib.php code injection
84788WiClear boxes.lib.php code injection
84787RSSonate xml2rss.php privileges management
84786RSSonate sql2xml.php privileges management
84785RSSonate rssonate.php privileges management
84784AirMagnet cross site scriting
84783AirMagnet cross site scriting
84782OpenDock index_sw.php privileges management
84781OpenDock find.php privileges management
84780OpenDock lib_comment.php privileges management
84779OpenDock find_comment.php privileges management
84778OpenDock comment.php privileges management
84777OpenDock txt_info_cart.php privileges management
84776OpenDock lib_sys_cart.php privileges management
84775OpenDock lib_read_cart.php privileges management
84774OpenDock lib_cart.php privileges management
84773IBM DB2 Universal Database denial of service
84772DotClear template.php information disclosure
84771DotClear post.php information disclosure
84770DotClear list.php information disclosure
84769DotClear form.php information disclosure
84768DotClear class.xblogpost.php information disclosure
84767DotClear class.xblogcomment.php information disclosure
84766DotClear class.xblog.php information disclosure
84765DotClear append.php information disclosure
84764DotClear class.blogpost.php information disclosure
84763DotClear class.blogcomment.php information disclosure
84762DotClear information disclosure
84761DotClear session.php information disclosure
84760DotClear index.php information disclosure
84759DotClear index.php information disclosure
84758DotClear index.php information disclosure
84757DotClear index.php information disclosure
84756DotClear edit_link.php information disclosure
84755DotClear index.php information disclosure
84754osCommerce zones.php cross site scriting
84753osCommerce tax_rates.php cross site scriting
84752osCommerce tax_classes.php cross site scriting
84751osCommerce stats_products_viewed.php cross site scriting
84750osCommerce stats_products_purchased.php cross site scriting
84749osCommerce specials.php cross site scriting
84748osCommerce reviews.php cross site scriting
84747osCommerce products_expected.php cross site scriting
84746osCommerce products_attributes.php cross site scriting
84745osCommerce orders_status.php cross site scriting
84744Newsletters newsletters.php cross site scriting
84743osCommerce manufacturers.php cross site scriting
84742osCommerce languages.php cross site scriting
84741osCommerce currencies.php cross site scriting
84740osCommerce countries.php cross site scriting
84739osCommerce banner_statistics.php cross site scriting
84738AFGB Guestbook re.php privileges management
84737AFGB Guestbook look.php privileges management
84736AFGB Guestbook admin.php privileges management
84735Redaction System sesscheck.php privileges management
84734Redaction System conn.php privileges management
84733Redaction System sesscheck.php privileges management
84732Redaction System index.php privileges management
84731PHP Web WebYep WYShortTextElement.php privileges management
84730PHP Web WebYep WYMenuElement.php privileges management
84729PHP Web WebYep WYLoopElement.php privileges management
84728PHP Web WebYep WYLongTextElement.php privileges management
84727PHP Web WebYep WYLogonButtonElement.php privileges management
84726PHP Web WebYep WYImageElement.php privileges management
84725PHP Web WebYep WYGuestbookElement.php privileges management
84724PHP Web WebYep WYGalleryElement.php privileges management
84723PHP Web WebYep WYTextArea.php privileges management
84722PHP Web WebYep WYSelectMenu.php privileges management
84721PHP Web WebYep WYPopupWindowLink.php privileges management
84720PHP Web WebYep WYPath.php privileges management
84719PHP Web WebYep WYLink.php privileges management
84718PHP Web WebYep WYLanguage.php privileges management
84717PHP Web WebYep WYImage.php privileges management
84716PHP Web WebYep WYHTMLTag.php privileges management
84715PHP Web WebYep WYFile.php privileges management
84714PHP Web WebYep WYElement.php privileges management
84713PHP Web WebYep WYEditor.php privileges management
84712PHP Web WebYep WYDocument.php privileges management
84711PHPLibrary sqlsearch.lib.php memory corruption
84710PHPLibrary sqlcompose.lib.php memory corruption
84709Bugzilla showdependencygraph.cgi cross site scriting
84708Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2006-5453]🔒🔒
84707Bugzilla cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5453]🔒🔒
84706Microsoft Internet Explorer dxtmsft3.dll input validation [CVE-2006-4301]
84705POWERGAP index.php memory corruption
84704POWERGAP s04.php memory corruption
84703POWERGAP s03.php memory corruption
84702POWERGAP s02.php memory corruption
84701Microsoft Internet Explorer msoe.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-4193]
84700Microsoft Internet Explorer chtskdic.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-4193]
84699Comdev Newsletter include.php privileges management
84698Comdev Vote Caster include.php privileges management
84697Comdev Contact Form include.php privileges management
84696Comdev Helpdesk include.php privileges management
84695Comdev eCommerce include.php privileges management
84694Comdev Links Directory include.php privileges management
84693Comdev Guestbook include.php privileges management
84692Comdev CSV Importer include.php privileges management
84691Comdev Web Blogger include.php privileges management
84690Comdev News Publisher include.php privileges management
84689Comdev Photo Gallery include.php privileges management
84688Comdev Events Calendar include.php privileges management
84687CubeCart cross site scriting
84686CubeCart cross site scriting
84685CubeCart cross site scriting
84684CubeCart image.php cross site scriting
84683CubeCart nav.php cross site scriting
84682CubeCart view_order.php cross site scriting
84681Pie Cart Pro error.php privileges management
84680Pie Cart Pro registry.php privileges management
84679Pie Cart Pro search.php privileges management
84678Pie Cart Pro sitemap.php privileges management
84677Pie Cart Pro contact.php privileges management
84676Pie Cart Pro sitesearch.php privileges management
84675Pie Cart Pro certificates.php privileges management
84674Pie Cart Pro weblinks.php privileges management
84673Pie Cart Pro wholesale.php privileges management
84672Pie Cart Pro catalog.php privileges management
84671Pie Cart Pro guestbook.php privileges management
84670Pie Cart Pro faqs.php privileges management
84669Pie Cart Pro articles.php privileges management
84668Pie Cart Pro index.php privileges management
84667Pie Cart Pro events.php privileges management
84666Pie Cart Pro orders.php privileges management
84665phpMyAgenda agenda2.php3 privileges management🔒
84664phpMyAgenda infoevent.php3 privileges management🔒
84663phpMyAgenda agendaplace2.php3 privileges management🔒🔒🔒
84662JD-WordPress wp-trackback.php privileges management
84661JD-WordPress wp-feed.php privileges management
84660PHP-Post cross site scriting
84659PHP-Post loginline.php cross site scriting
84658PHP-Post template.php cross site scriting
84657PHP-Post dropdown.php cross site scriting
84656PHP-Post profile.php sql injection
84655PHP-Post header.php sql injection
84654Site@School privileges management🔒
84653aeDating privileges management
84652Microsoft Internet Explorer daxctle.ocx spline memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
84651Shadowed Portal header.php privileges management
84650vCAP RegisterPage.cgi cross site scriting
84649Mosets Tree index.php eval Remote Code Execution
84648Tagger LE sign.php eval Remote Code Execution
84647Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_textarea.php privileges management
84646Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_stylesheet.php privileges management
84645Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_rating.php privileges management
84644Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_radios.php privileges management
84643Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_options.php privileges management
84642Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_mtpath.php privileges management
84641Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_modify.php privileges management
84640Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_listingname.php privileges management
84639Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_listalpha.php privileges management
84638Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_javascript.php privileges management
84637Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_input.php privileges management
84636Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_image.php privileges management
84635Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_form.php privileges management
84634Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_editor.php privileges management
84633Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_dateformat.php privileges management
84632Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_cycle.php privileges management
84631Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_checkbox.php privileges management
84630Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefvisit.php privileges management
84629Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefreview.php privileges management
84628Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefreport.php privileges management
84627Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefrecommend.php privileges management
84626Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefrating.php privileges management
84625Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefprint.php privileges management
84624Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefownerlisting.php privileges management
84623Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefmap.php privileges management
84622Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahreflistingimage.php privileges management
84621Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahreflisting.php privileges management
84620Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahrefcontact.php privileges management
84619Mosets Tree Savant2_Plugin_ahref.php privileges management
84618Mosets Tree Savant2_Filter_trimwhitespace.php privileges management
84617Mosets Tree Savant2_Filter_colorizeCode.php privileges management
84616Mosets Tree Savant2_Error_stack.php privileges management
84615Mosets Tree Savant2_Error_pear.php privileges management
84614miniBB whosOnline.php privileges management
84613miniBB search.php privileges management
84612iManage CMS purple.php privileges management
84611iManage CMS portal.php privileges management
84610iManage CMS original.php privileges management
84609iManage CMS simple.php privileges management
84608iManage CMS bizz.php privileges management
84607iManage CMS mod_weather.php privileges management
84606iManage CMS mod_stats.php privileges management
84605iManage CMS mod_online.php privileges management
84604iManage CMS mod_counter.php privileges management
84603iManage CMS mod_browser_prefs.php privileges management
84602iManage CMS mod_calendar.php privileges management
84601iManage CMS bb_plugins.php privileges management
84600iManage CMS bb_admin.php privileges management
84599iManage CMS index.php privileges management
84598iManage CMS com_forum.php privileges management
84597iManage CMS com_calendar.php privileges management
84596iManage CMS whosOnline.php privileges management
84595iManage CMS registration.php privileges management
84594iManage CMS news.php privileges management
84593iManage CMS mainbody.php privileges management
84592iManage CMS faq.php privileges management
84591iManage CMS displaypage.php privileges management
84590iManage CMS contact.php privileges management
84589iManage CMS articles.php privileges management
84588Rigter Portal System files.php memory corruption
84587runCMS xoopsuser.php sql injection
84586BLOG:CMS NP_Referrer.php sql injection
84585BLOG:CMS NP_Poll.php sql injection
84584photokorn ext_cats.php privileges management
84583SoftBB moveto.php sql injection
84582SimpleBoard file_upload.php code injection🔒
84581Dolphin vkiss.php privileges management
84580Dolphin video_pop.php privileges management
84579Dolphin unregister.php privileges management
84578Dolphin terms_of_use.php privileges management
84577Tellfriend tellfriend.php privileges management
84576Dolphin story_view.php privileges management
84575Dolphin story.php privileges management
84574Dolphin stories.php privileges management
84573Dolphin sound_pop.php privileges management
84572Dolphin shoutbox.php privileges management
84571Dolphin service.php privileges management
84570Dolphin search_result.php privileges management
84569Dolphin sdating.php privileges management
84568Dolphin result.php privileges management
84567Dolphin rate.php privileges management
84566Dolphin profile_video.php privileges management
84565Dolphin profile_sound.php privileges management
84564Dolphin profile_photos.php privileges management
84563Dolphin profile_edit.php privileges management
84562Dolphin profile_customize.php privileges management
84561Dolphin profile_activate.php privileges management
84560Dolphin profile.php privileges management
84559Dolphin privacy.php privileges management
84558Dolphin polls.php privileges management
84557Dolphin poll.php privileges management
84556Dolphin photos_gallery.php privileges management
84555Dolphin outbox.php privileges management
84554Dolphin news_view.php privileges management
84553Dolphin news.php privileges management
84552Dolphin messages_outbox.php privileges management
84551Dolphin messages_inbox.php privileges management
84550Dolphin membership.php privileges management
84549Dolphin logout.php privileges management
84548Dolphin join_aff.php privileges management
84547Dolphin index.php privileges management
84546Dolphin freemail.php privileges management
84545Dolphin compose.php privileges management
84544Dolphin click.php privileges management
84543Dolphin cart_pop.php privileges management
84542vtiger CRM cross site scriting
84541php-revista busqueda_tema.php sql injection
84540php-revista lista.php cross site scriting
84539php-revista articulo.php sql injection
84538php-revista lista.php sql injection
84537php-revista autor.php sql injection
84536Indexu user_search.php privileges management
84535Indexu user_detail.php privileges management
84534Indexu top_rated.php privileges management
84533Indexu send_pwd.php privileges management
84532Indexu review.php privileges management
84531Indexu rating.php privileges management
84530Indexu power_search.php privileges management
84529Indexu pick.php privileges management
84528Indexu new.php privileges management
84527Indexu mailing_list.php privileges management
84526Indexu get_rated.php privileges management
84525Indexu fav.php privileges management
84524Indexu bad_link.php privileges management
84523Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
84522Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
84521Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
84520Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
84519Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
84518Webmin/Usermin cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
84517ezContents whatsnew.php privileges management
84516ezContents toprated.php privileges management
84515ezContents search.php privileges management
84514ezContents review_summary.php privileges management
84513ezContents showpoll.php privileges management
84512ezContents shownews.php privileges management
84511ezContents showlinks.php privileges management
84510ezContents showguestbook.php privileges management
84509ezContents gallery_summary.php privileges management
84508ezContents calendar.php privileges management
84507Shadows Rising RPG privileges management
84506PHP Local Privilege Escalation
84505MiniBill initPlugins.php privileges management
84504Ay System WCS impressum.php privileges management
84503phpCOIN session_set.php privileges management🔒
84502phpCOIN redirect.php privileges management🔒
84501phpCOIN db.php privileges management🔒
84500phpCOIN custom.php privileges management🔒
84499phpCOIN core.php privileges management🔒
84498phpCOIN common.php privileges management🔒
84497auraCMS index.php cross site scriting
84496ATutor index_list.php cross site scriting
84495phpShop mosproductsnap.php privileges management
84494phpShop mod_product_categories.php privileges management
84493phpShop mod_phpshop_latestprod.php privileges management
84492phpShop mod_phpshop_featureprod.php privileges management
84491phpShop mod_phpshop_cart.php privileges management
84490phpShop mod_phpshop_allinone.php privileges management
84489Zen Cart ot_coupon.php sql injection🔒
84488Zen Cart sql injection [CVE-2006-4214]🔒
84487Zen Cart add_cart sql injection🔒
84486Zen Cart whos_online_session_recreate sql injection🔒
84485VistaBB functions_portal.php privileges management
84484Cisco VPN 3000 Concentrator privileges management
84483Cscope memory corruption [CVE-2006-4262]🔒🔒
84482Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption
84481Alt-N WebAdmin path traversal [CVE-2006-4371]🔒
84480UHP uninstall.uhp.php privileges management
84479UHP functions.php privileges management
84478UHP install.uhp.php code injection🔒
84477mtg_myhomepage mtg_homepage.php privileges management
84476FreeQboard history.php privileges management
84475FreeQboard features.php privileges management
84474FreeQboard faq.php privileges management
84473FreeQboard delete.php privileges management
84472FreeQboard contact.php privileges management
84471FreeQboard about.php privileges management
84470phpHtmlLib TextNav.php privileges management
84469phpHtmlLib NavTable.php privileges management
84468phpHtmlLib localinc.php privileges management
84467phpHtmlLib InfoTable.php privileges management
84466phpHtmlLib HTMLPageClass.php privileges management
84465phpHtmlLib FooterNav.php privileges management
84464phpHtmlLib localinc.php privileges management
84463phpHtmlLib html_utils.php privileges management
84462phpHtmlLib form_utils.php privileges management
84461phpHtmlLib divtag_utils.php privileges management
84460cPanel showfile.html cross site scriting
84459cPanel editit.html cross site scriting
84458Tutti Nova class.novaRead.mysql.php privileges management
84457CubeCart login.php cross site scriting🔒
84456CubeCart confirmed.php sql injection🔒
84455Portal Search search.php cross site scriting
84454Chaussette My_Smarty.php privileges management
84453Chaussette My_Log.php privileges management
84452Chaussette Event_for_week.php privileges management
84451Chaussette Event_for_month.php privileges management
84450Chaussette Event.php privileges management
84449MVCnPHP BaseView.php privileges management
84448MVCnPHP BaseLoader.php privileges management
84447Alsaplayer cdda_engine.c cddb_lookup memory corruption🔒🔒
84446Alsaplayer PlaylistWindow.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
84445MIT Kerberos ksu resource management🔒🔒
84444MIT Kerberos v4rcp resource management🔒🔒
84443docpile:we privileges management
84442docpile:we privileges management
84441docpile:we privileges management
84440docpile:we privileges management [CVE-2006-4075]
84439docpile:we document.class.php privileges management [CVE-2006-4075]
84438docpile:we privileges management [CVE-2006-4075]
84437NEWSolved Lite news_theme3.php privileges management
84436NEWSolved Lite news_theme2.php privileges management
84435NEWSolved Lite news_theme1.php privileges management
84434NEWSolved Lite newsscript_get.php privileges management
84433PHP Simple Shop header.php privileges management
84432PHP Simple Shop menu.php privileges management
84431PHP Simple Shop login.php privileges management
84430PHP Simple Shop adminglobal.php privileges management
84429PHP Simple Shop adminindex.php privileges management
84428ME Download System datei.php privileges management
84427ME Download System sett_smilies.php privileges management
84426Jetbox CMS cross site scriting
84425Jetbox CMS cross site scriting
84424IBM Informix Dynamic Server ifx_file_to_file memory corruption🔒
84423IBM Informix Dynamic Server getname memory corruption🔒
84422IBM Informix Dynamic Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-3853]🔒
84421IBM Informix Dynamic Server FILETOCLOB memory corruption🔒
84420IBM Informix Dynamic Server LOTOFILE memory corruption
84419PHP Blue Dragon forum_admin.php privileges management
84418PHP Blue Dragon manual_admin.php privileges management
84417PHP Blue Dragon rss_admin.php privileges management
84416Security Images server.php code injection🔒
84415Security Images client.php code injection🔒
84414Security Images lang.php code injection🔒
84413UHP footer.php code injection🔒
84412BomberClone denial of service [CVE-2006-4005]🔒🔒
84411GeoClassifieds Enterprise index.php cross site scriting
84410GeoClassifieds Enterprise register.php cross site scriting
84409QaTraq products_copy_search.php cross site scriting
84408QaTraq products_copy_content.php cross site scriting
84407QaTraq phase_view_search.php cross site scriting
84406QaTraq phase_modify_search.php cross site scriting
84405QaTraq phase_modify_content.php cross site scriting
84404QaTraq phase_delete_search.php cross site scriting
84403QaTraq phase_copy_content.php cross site scriting
84402QaTraq login.php cross site scriting
84401QaTraq download.php cross site scriting
84400QaTraq design_new_search.php cross site scriting
84399QaTraq design_new_content.php cross site scriting
84398QaTraq design_modify_content.php cross site scriting
84397QaTraq design_copy_plan_search.php cross site scriting
84396QaTraq design_copy_content.php cross site scriting
84395QaTraq components_new_content.php cross site scriting
84394QaTraq components_modify_content.php cross site scriting
84393QaTraq components_copy_content.php cross site scriting
84392Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam path traversal [CVE-2006-4013]🔒
84391PHPProbid categories.php sql injection
84389eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer Topology.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
84388eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer syslogserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
84387eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer syslogserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
84386LinksCaffe cross site scriting
84385LinksCaffe links.php cross site scriting
84384mcGuestbook lire.php code injection
84383mcGuestbook ecrire.php code injection
84382PHP Live! header.php privileges management
84381Top XL index.php cross site scriting
84380Eskolar CMS upd_doc.php sql injection
84379Eskolar CMS set_14.php sql injection
84378Eskolar CMS set_12.php sql injection
84377Eskolar CMS restore.php sql injection
84376Eskolar CMS navig.php sql injection
84375Eskolar CMS download_backup.php sql injection
84374Eskolar CMS del.php sql injection
84373Eskolar CMS esa.php sql injection
84372Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
84371Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
84370Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
84369Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
84368Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
84367Mail2Forum m2f_cron.php privileges management
84366Mail2Forum m2f_mailinglist.php privileges management
84365Mail2Forum m2f_forum.php privileges management
84364Microsoft PowerPoint mso.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-3590]🔒
84363BosClassifieds Classified Ads search.php privileges management
84362BosClassifieds Classified Ads classified.php privileges management
84361BosClassifieds Classified Ads account.php privileges management
84360BosClassifieds Classified Ads recent.php privileges management
84359ActionApps zids.php3 privileges management
84358ActionApps xml_rssparse.php3 privileges management
84357ActionApps xml_fetch.php3 privileges management
84356ActionApps um_util.php3 privileges management
84355ActionApps um_uedit.php3 code injection
84354ActionApps tv_misc.php3 code injection
84353ActionApps tv_email.php3 code injection
84352ActionApps tabledit_util.php3 code injection
84351ActionApps tabledit.php3 code injection
84350ActionApps stringexpand.php3 code injection
84349ActionApps slicewiz.php3 code injection
84348ActionApps sliceobj.php3 code injection
84347ActionApps slicedit.php3 code injection
84346ActionApps searchlib.php3 code injection
84345ActionApps searchbar.class.php3 code injection
84344ActionApps profile.php3 code injection
84343ActionApps perm_sql.php3 code injection
84342ActionApps pagecache.php3 code injection
84341ActionApps itemview.php3 code injection
84340ActionApps javascript.php3 code injection
84339ActionApps mail.php3 code injection
84338ActionApps mailman.php3 code injection
84337ActionApps menu.php3 code injection
84336ActionApps notify.php3 code injection
84335ActionApps extauthnobody.php3 code injection
84334ActionApps feeding.php3 code injection
84333ActionApps fileman.php3 code injection
84332ActionApps formutil.php3 code injection
84331ActionApps item.php3 code injection
84330ActionApps item_content.php3 code injection
84329ActionApps itemfunc.php3 code injection
84328ActionApps extauth.php3 code injection
84327ActionApps event_handler.php3 code injection
84326ActionApps event.class.php3 code injection
84325ActionApps discussion.php3 privileges management
84324ActionApps csn_util.php3 privileges management
84323ActionApps constants.php3 privileges management
84322ActionApps auth.php3 privileges management
84321ActionApps view.php3 privileges management
84320ActionApps sql_update.php3 privileges management
84319ActionApps slice.php3 privileges management
84318ActionApps search.php3 privileges management
84317ActionApps post2shtml.php3 code injection
84316ActionApps offline.php3 code injection
84315ActionApps live_checkbox.php3 privileges management
84314ActionApps jsview.php3 code injection
84313ActionApps cached.php3 code injection
84312ActionApps hiercons.php3 privileges management
84311ActionApps go.php3 privileges management
84310ActionApps fillform.php3 code injection
84309ActionApps filler.php3 privileges management
84308ActionApps filldisc.php3 code injection
84307ActionApps discussion.php3 code injection
84306ActionApps cron.php3 privileges management
84305ActionApps privileges management [CVE-2006-2686]
84304BandSite CMS dispxls.php privileges management
84303BandSite CMS disphtmltbl.php privileges management
84302BandSite CMS addwearmerchform.php code injection
84301BandSite CMS addshowsform.php privileges management
84300BandSite CMS addreviewsform.php privileges management
84299BandSite CMS addrelmerchform.php code injection
84298BandSite CMS addmembioform.php code injection
84297BandSite CMS addreleasepicform.php code injection
84296BandSite CMS addreleaseform.php privileges management
84295BandSite CMS addphotosform.php code injection
84294BandSite CMS addnewsform.php privileges management
84293BandSite CMS addmerchpicform.php code injection
84292BandSite CMS addmerchform.php code injection
84291BandSite CMS addlyricsform.php privileges management
84290BandSite CMS addlinksform.php privileges management
84289BandSite CMS addinterviewsform.php privileges management
84288BandSite CMS addgenmerchform.php privileges management
84287BandSite CMS addfliersform.php privileges management
84286BandSite CMS addbioform.php privileges management
84285Ovidentia calday.php privileges management
84284Ovidentia approb.php privileges management
84283Ovidentia artedit.php privileges management
84282Ovidentia articles.php privileges management
84281Directory directory.php privileges management
84280Ovidentia event.php privileges management
84279Ovidentia index.php privileges management
84278Ovidentia faq.php privileges management
84277Ovidentia fileman.php privileges management
84276Ovidentia flbchart.php privileges management
84275Ovidentia frchart.php privileges management
84274Ovidentia login.php privileges management
84273Ovidentia options.php privileges management
84272Ovidentia posts.php privileges management
84271Ovidentia search.php privileges management
84270Ovidentia statart.php privileges management
84269Ovidentia vacadm.php privileges management
84268Ovidentia vacadma.php privileges management
84267Ovidentia vacadmb.php privileges management
84266Pearlinger Products poll.php privileges management
84265Pearlinger Products adminSmileys.php privileges management
84264Pearlinger Products adminPolls.php privileges management
84263Pearlinger Products adminForums.php privileges management
84262Pearlinger Products adminBanned.php privileges management
84261Pearlinger Products adminBackupdatabase.php privileges management
84260Pearlinger Products adminAvatars.php privileges management
84259Pearlinger Products adminAttachments.php privileges management
84258Pearlinger Products adminBoards.php privileges management
84257Pearlinger Products adminSensored.php privileges management
84256Phorum control.php privileges management
84255Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2006-1316]🔒
84254Ruby 'alias' privileges management🔒🔒
84253CMS Mundo sql injection
84252CMS Mundo index.php sql injection
84251CMS Mundo sql injection
84250CMS Mundo sql injection
84249Pivot photo.php cross site scriting
84248Pivot edit_menu.php cross site scriting
84247HiveMail read.markas.php cross site scriting
84246HiveMail cross site scriting
84245HiveMail index.php cross site scriting
84241Lazarus Guestbook picture.php cross site scriting
84239AdPlug u6m.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
84238AdPlug s3m.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
84237AdPlug dmo.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
84236AdPlug mtk.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
84235WebEx Downloader Plug-In privileges management
84234TTCalc mortgage.php cross site scriting
84233Glendown Shopping Cart editshop.php cross site scriting
84232ATutor fix_content.php cross site scriting
84231ATutor browse.php cross site scriting
84230ATutor password_reminder.php cross site scriting
84229ATutor index.php cross site scriting
84228PHPMailList information disclosure
84227Buddy Zone view_group.php cross site scriting
84226Buddy Zone edit_event.php cross site scriting
84225Buddy Zone delete_event.php cross site scriting
84224Buddy Zone view_event.php cross site scriting
84223Buddy Zone view_ad.php cross site scriting
84222Classifieds view_classifieds.php cross site scriting
84221Buddy Zone view_group.php sql injection
84220Buddy Zone edit_event.php sql injection
84219Buddy Zone delete_event.php sql injection
84218Buddy Zone view_event.php sql injection
84217Buddy Zone view_ad.php sql injection
84216Classifieds view_classifieds.php sql injection
84215newsPHP index.php sql injection
84214Joomla CMS getUserStateFromRequest cross site scriting
84213Joomla CMS cross site scriting
84212Joomla CMS sql injection
84211Joomla CMS sql injection
84210phpRaid users.php privileges management
84209phpRaid view.php privileges management
84208phpRaid roster.php privileges management
84207phpRaid register.php privileges management
84206phpRaid raids.php privileges management
84205phpRaid profile.php privileges management
84204phpRaid permissions.php privileges management
84203phpRaid lua_output.php privileges management
84202phpRaid login.php privileges management
84201phpRaid locations.php privileges management
84200phpRaid index.php privileges management
84199phpRaid guilds.php privileges management
84198phpRaid rss.php privileges management
84197MF Piadas admin.php cross site scriting
84196aeDating forgot.php cross site scriting
84195aeDating join_form.php cross site scriting
84194Bee-hive Lite index.php privileges management
84193Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84192Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84191Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84190Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84189Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84188Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84187Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84186Bee-hive Lite privileges management
84185Ralf Image Gallery admin_util.php cross site scriting
84184Ralf Image Gallery admin_image.php cross site scriting
84183Ralf Image Gallery admin_album.php cross site scriting
84182SmartSiteCMS comedit.php privileges management
84181SmartSiteCMS inc_adminfoot.php privileges management
84180SmartSiteCMS index.php privileges management
84179SmartSiteCMS test.php privileges management
84178thinkWMS printarticle.php sql injection
84177MAILsweeper for SMTP Exchange denial of service
84176Docebo CMS scorm_utils.php privileges management
84175Docebo CMS lib.php privileges management
84174Docebo CMS privileges management
84173Docebo CMS content_class.php privileges management
84172phpTRADER confirm_newad.php sql injection
84171phpTRADER abuse.php sql injection
84170phpTRADER browse.php sql injection
84169phpTRADER askseller.php sql injection
84168phpTRADER newad.php sql injection
84167phpTRADER write_newad.php sql injection
84166phpTRADER login.php sql injection
84165phpTRADER buynow.php sql injection
84164phpTRADER showmemberads.php sql injection
84163phpTRADER note_ad.php sql injection
84162Clubpage news_more.php cross site scriting
84161Clubpage sites.php cross site scriting
84160Ad Manager Pro common.php privileges management
84159phpMyDirectory admin_index.php cross site scriting
84158phpMyDirectory index.php cross site scriting
84157Cisco CallManager logon.asp cross site scriting
84156Xtreme login.php privileges management
84155Xtreme index.php privileges management
84154Xtreme add_allow.php privileges management
84153Xtreme category.php privileges management
84152Xtreme manager.php privileges management
84151CMS Faethon footer.php cross site scriting
84150Bookmark4U function.php privileges management
84149Bookmark4U common.php privileges management
84148Bookmark4U config.php privileges management
84147APBoard main.php sql injection
84146Tamber Forum post_message.asp sql injection
84145Tamber Forum browse_forum_cat.asp sql injection
84144Tamber Forum index.asp sql injection
84143Tamber Forum forum_search.asp sql injection
84142myBloggie Search sql injection
84141myBloggie index.php Local Privilege Escalation
84140Adobe Reader Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3093]🔒🔒
84139Calendarix Basic cal_popup.php sql injection🔒
84138iPostMX 2005 account.cfm cross site scriting
84137Horde cross site scriting🔒🔒
8413635mm Slide Gallery popup.php cross site scriting
84135PictureDis wallpapr.php privileges management
84134PictureDis wpfiles.php privileges management
84133Five Star Review Script cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3061]
84132Five Star Review Script search_reviews.php cross site scripting
84131Five Star Review Script report.php cross site scripting
84130Event Registration event-registration.php cross site scriting
84129PhpMyFactures ajouter_remise.php information disclosure
84128PhpMyFactures footer.php information disclosure
84127PhpMyFactures modifier_cat.php cross site scriting
84126PhpMyFactures ajouter_cat.php cross site scriting
84125PhpMyFactures ajouter_pays.php cross site scriting
84124PhpMyFactures ajouter.php cross site scriting
84123PhpMyFactures ajouter_tva.php cross site scriting
84122PhpMyFactures ajouter_produit.php cross site scriting
84121PhpMyFactures ajouter_remise.php cross site scriting
84120PhpMyFactures index.php sql injection
84119PhpMyFactures index.php sql injection
84118PhpMyFactures index.php sql injection
84117PhpMyFactures index.php sql injection
84116PhpMyFactures index.php sql injection
84115PhpMyFactures modifier_client.php sql injection
84114PhpMyFactures modifier_cat.php sql injection
84113PhpMyFactures ajouter.php sql injection
84112PHP zend_hash_del cross site scripting🔒🔒
84111DeluxeBB newpm.php privileges management
84110DeluxeBB posting.php privileges management
84109DeluxeBB postreply.php privileges management
84108DeluxeBB newpm.php privileges management
84107DeluxeBB posting.php privileges management
84106EvGenius Counter daily.php cross site scriting
84105DwZone Shopping Cart VerifyUserLog.asp cross site scriting
84104Xtreme ASP Photo Gallery displaythumbs.asp cross site scriting
84103phpCMS class.layout_phpcms.php privileges management
84102phpCMS class.lib_indexer_universal_phpcms.php privileges management
84101phpCMS class.search_phpcms.php privileges management
84100phpCMS class.cache_phpcms.php privileges management
84099Indexer class.http_indexer_phpcms.php privileges management
84098phpCMS class.edit_phpcms.php privileges management
84097phpCMS class.session_phpcms.php privileges management
84096phpCMS class.parser_phpcms.php privileges management
84095phpCMS parser.php privileges management
84094CS-Forum index.php sql injection
84093CS-Forum ajouter.php cross site scriting
84092EZGallery upload.asp cross site scriting
84091EZGallery pupload.asp cross site scriting
84090ePhotos subLevel2.asp sql injection
84089ePhotos photo.asp sql injection
84088Content*Builder privileges management
84087Content*Builder headlineBox.php privileges management
84086Content*Builder privileges management
84085Content*Builder privileges management
84084Content*Builder privileges management
84083Content*Builder privileges management
84082Content*Builder code injection
84081Content*Builder code injection
84080Content*Builder code injection
84079Content*Builder code injection
84078Content*Builder shoutBox.php code injection
84077Content*Builder code injection
84076Content*Builder code injection
84075Content*Builder privileges management
84074Content*Builder privileges management
84073Content*Builder privileges management
84072Content*Builder privileges management
84071Content*Builder code injection
84070Content*Builder code injection
84069WebprojectDB lang.php privileges management
84068Ringlink list.cgi cross site scriting
84067Ringlink stats.cgi cross site scriting
84066NPDS user.php cross site scriting
84065NPDS editpost.php cross site scriting
84064NPDS viewforum.php cross site scriting
84063NPDS meta.php cross site scriting
84062NPDS cluster-E.php path traversal
84061NPDS forum_extender.php information disclosure
84060NPDS contact.php information disclosure
84059My Photo Scrapbook Details_Photo_bv.asp sql injection
84058KAPhotoservice albums.asp cross site scriting
84057myNewsletter validatelogin.asp sql injection
84056SelectaPix view_album.php cross site scriting
84055SelectaPix member.php sql injection
84054SelectaPix popup.php sql injection
84053SelectaPix index.php sql injection
84052CMS-Bandits img.php privileges management
84051Open Business Management company_index.php sql injection
84050Open Business Management list_index.php sql injection
84049Open Business Management user_index.php sql injection
84048Open Business Management group_index.php sql injection
84047Open Business Management company_index.php cross site scriting
84046Open Business Management list_index.php cross site scriting
84045Open Business Management user_index.php cross site scriting
84044Open Business Management group_index.php cross site scriting
84043MiraksGalerie galsecurity.lib.php privileges management
84042MiraksGalerie galimage.lib.php privileges management
84041Knowledgetree Open Source simpleSearch.php cross site scriting
84040DreamAccount privileges management
84039DreamAccount privileges management
84038Fastpublish CMS admin.php privileges management
84037Fastpublish CMS search.php privileges management
84036Fastpublish CMS rechnung.php privileges management
84035Fastpublish CMS email_an_benutzer.php privileges management
84034Fastpublish CMS drucken2.php privileges management
84033AssoCIateD gallery_functions.php privileges management
84032AssoCIateD cache_mngt.php privileges management
84031AssoCIateD users.php privileges management
84030AssoCIateD profile.php privileges management
84029Enigma Haber admin_sil.asp sql injection
84028Enigma Haber e_mesaj_yaz.asp sql injection
84027Enigma Haber haber_ekle.asp sql injection
84026Enigma Haber kategori_d.asp sql injection
84025Enigma Haber haber_sil.asp sql injection
84024Enigma Haber detay_yorum.asp sql injection
84023Enigma Haber reklam_detay.asp sql injection
84022Enigma Haber y_admin.asp sql injection
84021Enigma Haber arsiv.asp sql injection
84020Enigma Haber yorum.asp sql injection
84019Enigma Haber yazdir.asp sql injection
84018Enigma Haber haber_devam.asp sql injection
84017Enigma Haber edi_haber.asp sql injection
84016F@cile Interactive Web cross site scriting
84015F@cile Interactive Web privileges management
84014F@cile Interactive Web p-editbox.php privileges management
84013CosmicShoppingCart product_details.php cross site scriting
84012CosmicShoppingCart search_price.php cross site scriting
84011CosmicShoppingCart search_cat.php cross site scriting
84010Pre Shopping Mall products.php cross site scriting
84009Pre Shopping Mall detail.php cross site scriting
84008Pre News Manager send_comments.php sql injection
84007Pre News Manager tella_friend.php sql injection
84006Pre News Manager printable_view.php sql injection
84005Pre News Manager thankyou.php sql injection
84004Pre News Manager email_story.php sql injection
84003Pre News Manager news_detail.php sql injection
84002Pre News Manager send_comments.php cross site scriting
84001Pre News Manager tella_friend.php cross site scriting
84000Pre News Manager printable_view.php cross site scriting
83999Pre News Manager thankyou.php cross site scriting
83998Pre News Manager email_story.php cross site scriting
83997Pre News Manager news_detail.php cross site scriting
83996TikiWiki tiki-admin_chat.php cross site scriting
83995TikiWiki tiki-admin_content_templates.php template\' cross site scriting
83994TikiWiki tiki-admin_dsn.php cross site scriting
83993TikiWiki tiki-admin_notifications.php cross site scriting
83992TikiWiki tiki-admin_modules.php cross site scriting
83991TikiWiki tiki-admin_hotwords.php cross site scriting
83990TikiWiki tiki-adminusers.php cross site scriting
83989TikiWiki tiki-adminusers.php cross site scriting
83988TikiWiki tiki-syslog.php cross site scriting
83987TikiWiki tiki-admin_rssmodules.php cross site scriting
83986TikiWiki tiki-admin.php cross site scriting
83985TikiWiki tiki-remind_password.php cross site scriting
83984TikiWiki tiki-listpages.php cross site scriting
83983TikiWiki tiki-orphan_pages.php cross site scriting
83982iFlance project.php cross site scripting
83981BlueShoes Framework Bs_Wse_Profile.class.php privileges management
83980BlueShoes Framework Bs_Ml_User.class.php privileges management
83979BlueShoes Framework privileges management [CVE-2006-2864]
83978BlueShoes Framework privileges management [CVE-2006-2864]
83977BlueShoes Framework privileges management [CVE-2006-2864]
83976BlueShoes Framework privileges management [CVE-2006-2864]
83975WebspotBlogging code injection
83974WebspotBlogging global.php code injection
83973WebspotBlogging code injection
83972dotWidget CMS printfriendly.php privileges management
83971dotWidget CMS feedback.php privileges management
83970Ottoman main_class.php privileges management
83969Ottoman error.php privileges management
83968phpListPro addsite.php privileges management
83967phpListPro in.php privileges management
83966Realty Pro One request_info.php cross site scriting
83965Realty Pro One images.php cross site scriting
83964Realty Pro One searchlookup.php cross site scriting
83963phpwcms Local Privilege Escalation
83962Stylish Text Ads advertise.php cross site scriting
83961Invision Power Board class_post.php preg_replace cross site scriting
83960ASPBB profile.asp cross site scriting
83959Cosmoshop bestmail.cgi path traversal
83958Avactis Shopping Cart store.php cross site scriting
83957Avactis Shopping Cart product_info.php cross site scriting
83956Avactis Shopping Cart product_info.php sql injection
83955Avactis Shopping Cart store.php sql injection
83954Avactis Shopping Cart cart.php sql injection
83953Mobotix IP Network Camera cross site scriting
83952Mobotix IP Network Camera cross site scriting
83951BoastMachine index.php cross site scriting
83950Florian Amrhein NewsPortal poll.php privileges management
83949freeFTPd memory corruption [CVE-2006-2407]🔒🔒
83948PHP-Fusion setup.php privileges management
83947Azboard admin_ok.asp sql injection
83946FlexChat chat.cfm cross site scriting
83945GPhotos affich.php cross site scriting
83944GPhotos diapo.php cross site scriting
83943AliPAGER elementz.php sql injection
83942Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional DeviceSelection.asp cross site scripting🔒🔒
83941Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional ToolResults.asp cross site scripting🔒🔒
83940Dynamic Galerie galerie.php cross site scriting
83939Novell Novell Client DPRPCW32.DLL ndps_xdr_array memory corruption🔒
83938SaphpLesson index.php information disclosure
83937SaphpLesson showcat.php information disclosure
83936SaphpLesson misc.php sql injection
83935IA-Calendar calendar_detail.asp sql injection
83934IA-Calendar default.asp sql injection
83933Ocean12 Calendar Manager Pro edit.asp sql injection
83932Ocean12 Calendar Manager Pro view.asp sql injection
83931FlexCustomer index.php sql injection
83930EImagePro view.asp sql injection
83929EImagePro imageList.asp sql injection
83928Claroline privileges management🔒
83927Claroline privileges management🔒
83926Claroline privileges management
83925Claroline privileges management
83924Claroline privileges management
83923Claroline privileges management
83922Claroline privileges management
83921Claroline privileges management
83920XM Easy Personal FTP Server format string
83919Creative Community Portal DiscReply.php sql injection
83918Creative Community Portal PollResults.php sql injection
83917Creative Community Portal EventView.php sql injection
83916Creative Community Portal Discussions.php sql injection
83915Creative Community Portal DiscView.php sql injection
83914CuteNews information disclosure
83913Kerio WinRoute Firewall privileges management
83912FtrainSoft Fast Click top.php privileges management
83911Web4Future Portal Solutions view.php cross site scriting
83910Web4Future Portal Solutions view.php sql injection
83909CMScout cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2188]
83908Albinator showpic.php cross site scriting
83907Albinator forgot.php privileges management
83906Albinator eshow.php privileges management
83905CyberBuild result.asp cross site scriting
83904CyberBuild browse0.htm cross site scriting
83903CyberBuild browse0.htm sql injection
839024images member.php sql injection
83901OrbitHYIP members.php cross site scriting
83900PHP Newsfeed searchnews.php sql injection
83899PHP Newsfeed delete.php sql injection
83898PHP Newsfeed manualsubmit.php sql injection
83897PHP Pro Publish art.php sql injection
83896PHP Pro Publish search.php sql injection
83895PHP Pro Publish cat.php sql injection
83894MyBB templates.php sql injection
83893Kmail calendar.php cross site scriting
83892Kmail webdisk.php cross site scriting
83891Kmail compose.php cross site scriting
83890Leadhound cross site scriting
83889Leadhound cross site scriting
83888Leadhound cross site scriting
83887Leadhound cross site scriting
83886Leadhound cross site scriting
83885Leadhound cross site scriting
83884Leadhound cross site scriting
83883Leadhound cross site scriting
83882Leadhound cross site scriting
83881Leadhound cross site scriting
83880Leadhound cross site scriting
83879Leadhound cross site scriting
83878Leadhound cross site scriting
83877Leadhound cross site scriting
83876Leadhound cross site scriting
83875Leadhound cross site scriting
83874Leadhound cross site scriting
83873Leadhound cross site scriting
83872Leadhound cross site scriting
83871Leadhound cross site scriting
83870Leadhound cross site scriting
83869Leadhound cross site scriting
83868Leadhound cross site scriting
83867Leadhound cross site scriting
83866Leadhound cross site scriting
83865Leadhound cross site scriting
83864Leadhound cross site scriting
83863Leadhound cross site scriting
83862Leadhound cross site scriting
83861Leadhound sql injection
83860Leadhound sql injection
83859Leadhound sql injection
83858Leadhound sql injection
83857Leadhound sql injection
83856Leadhound sql injection
83855Invision Power Board cross site scriting
83854Invision Power Board cross site scriting
83853Invision Power Board cross site scriting
83852Invision Power Board cross site scriting
83851Invision Power Board cross site scriting
83850Invision Power Board index.php cross site scriting
83849Microsoft Office privileges management [CVE-2006-2055]
83848Instant Photo Gallery portfolio_photo_popup.php sql injection
83847photokorn print.php sql injection
83846photokorn postcard.php sql injection
83845QuickEStore shipping.cfm sql injection
83844QuickEStore checkout.cfm sql injection
83843QuickEStore proddetail.cfm sql injection
83842QuickEStore index.cfm sql injection
83841Cartweaver ColdFusion Details.cfm information disclosure
83840Cartweaver ColdFusion Details.cfm sql injection
83839ampleShop detail.cfm sql injection
83838ampleShop category.cfm sql injection
83837ampleShop youraccount.cfm sql injection
83836MWNewsletter subscribe.php sql injection
83835Comments comments.php sql injection
83834Simplog archive.php sql injection
83833Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-1439]🔒
83832phpLDAPadmin template_engine.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
83831phpLDAPadmin search.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
83830phpLDAPadmin delete_form.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
83829phpLDAPadmin rename_form.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
83828phpLDAPadmin copy_form.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
83827PMTool sql injection
83826PMTool sql injection
83825Net Clubs Pro viewcat.cgi cross site scriting
83824Net Clubs Pro login.cgi cross site scriting
83823Net Clubs Pro imessage.cgi cross site scriting
83822TotalCalendar auth.php privileges management
83821FreeBSD FPU x87 Register information disclosure🔒
83820CommuniMail templates.cgi cross site scriting
83819IntelliLink Pro edit.cgi cross site scriting
83818myEvent event.php privileges management🔒
83817myEvent del.php sql injection🔒
83816Visale pblsmb.cgi cross site scriting
83797Visale pblscg.cgi cross site scriting
83796MyBB init.php privileges management
83795vBulletin ImpEx Module ImpExDisplay.php file inclusion
83794vBulletin ImpEx Module ImpExController.php file inclusion
83793amaya memory corruption🔒
83792Indexu invoice.php file inclusion
83791Adobe Document Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1627]🔒
83790Sun Solaris LDAP2 Directory Server Password information disclosure
83789Sun Solaris LDAP2 Directory Server Password information disclosure
83788Sun Solaris LDAP2 Directory Server Password information disclosure
83787Sun Solaris LDAP2 Directory Server Password information disclosure
83786Sun Solaris LDAP2 Directory Server Password information disclosure
83785Simplog archive.php sql injection🔒
83784WebCalendar index.php Path information disclosure
83783WebCalendar pref.php Path information disclosure
83782WebCalendar popups.php Path information disclosure
83781WebCalendar export_import.php Path information disclosure
83780WebCalendar edit_layer.php Path information disclosure
83779WebCalendar edit_entry.php Path information disclosure
83778WebCalendar admin.php Path information disclosure
83777WebCalendar settings.php.orig Path information disclosure
83776WebCalendar settings.php Path information disclosure
83775WebCalendar index.php Path information disclosure
83774WebCalendar init.php Path information disclosure
83773WebCalendar all_tests.php Path information disclosure
83772WebCalendar add_duration_test.php Path information disclosure
83771WebCalendar nonusers.php Path information disclosure
83770JetPhoto detail.php cross site scriting
83769JetPhoto slideshow.php cross site scriting
83768JetPhoto gallery.php cross site scriting
83767Shopweezle SQL Query Path information disclosure
83766Shopweezle memo.php sql injection
83765Shopweezle index.php sql injection
83764interact userinput.php cross site scriting
83763Cisco ONS 15000 OSPF Packet denial of service
83762Cisco ONS 15000 IP Packet denial of service
83761SKForum user.View.action cross site scriting
83760SKForum planning.View.action cross site scriting
83759SQuery vietcong.php file inclusion
83758SQuery ut2004.php file inclusion
83757SQuery unreal.php file inclusion
83756SQuery sof2.php file inclusion
83755SQuery sof1.php file inclusion
83754SQuery simracer.php file inclusion
83753SQuery savage.php file inclusion
83752SQuery rvbshld.php file inclusion
83751SQuery rene.php file inclusion
83750SQuery q3a.php file inclusion
83749SQuery qworld.php file inclusion
83748SQuery q2a.php file inclusion
83747SQuery pkill.php file inclusion
83725SQuery old_hlife.php file inclusion
83724SQuery netpanzer.php file inclusion
83723SQuery hlife2.php file inclusion
83722SQuery main.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-1610]
83721SQuery igi2.php file inclusion
83720SQuery hlife.php file inclusion
83719SQuery halo.php file inclusion
83718SQuery gsvari.php file inclusion
83717SQuery gore.php file inclusion
83716SQuery gameSpy2.php file inclusion
83715SQuery gameSpy.php file inclusion
83714SQuery flashpoint.php file inclusion
83713SQuery et.php file inclusion
83712SQuery doom3.php file inclusion
83711SQuery devi.php file inclusion
83710CzarNews dpost.php sql injection
83709CzarNews news.php sql injection
83708Softbiz Image Gallery images.php sql injection
83707Softbiz Image Gallery insert_rating.php sql injection
83706Softbiz Image Gallery suggest_image.php sql injection
83705Softbiz Image Gallery template.php sql injection
83704phpBB admin_ranks.php cross site scriting
83703phpBB admin_styles.php cross site scriting
83702phpBB New Group admin_groups.php cross site scriting
83701aWebBB search.php sql injection
83700aWebBB reply_log.php sql injection
83699aWebBB reply.php sql injection
83698aWebBB post.php sql injection
83697aWebBB ndis.php sql injection
83696aWebBB login.php sql injection
83695aWebBB list.php sql injection
83694aWebBB fpass.php sql injection
83693aWebBB feedback.php sql injection
83692aWebBB editac.php sql injection
83691aWebBB dpost.php sql injection
83690aWebBB changep.php sql injection
83689aWebBB editac.php cross site scriting
83688aWebBB register.php cross site scriting
83687aWebNews visview.php sql injection
83686aWebNews fpass.php sql injection
83685Bugzero edit.jsp cross site scriting
83684Andy's Php Knowledgebase Script aphpkb submit_question.php cross site scriting
83683Andy's Php Knowledgebase Script aphpkb submit_article.php cross site scriting
83682Analysis Console for Intrusion Databases ACID PrintFreshPage cross site scriting
83681RedCMS register.php sql injection
83680RedCMS profile.php sql injection
83679Claroline rqmkhtml.php cross site scriting🔒 WebAPP index.cgi cross site scriting
83677VNews news.php sql injection
83676PhpNewsManager poll.php sql injection
83675PhpNewsManager gallery.php sql injection
83674PhpNewsManager category.php sql injection
83673MPlayer AVI aviheader.c memory corruption🔒
83672Null News unsub.php sql injection
83671Null News sub.php sql injection
83670@1 Event Publisher eventpublisher_usersubmit.htm cross site scriting
83669NetOffice sendpassword.php sql injection
83668Arab Portal download.php cross site scriting
83667phpPgAds/phpAdsNew Login Form cross site scriting
83666PHP Live Helper blank.php file inclusion🔒
83665PHP Live Helper checkchat.php file inclusion🔒
83664PHP Live Helper javascript.php file inclusion🔒
83663PHP Live Helper index.php file inclusion🔒
83662PHP Live Helper welcome.php file inclusion🔒
83661PHP Live Helper waiting.php file inclusion🔒
83660ActiveCampaign SupportTrio pdf.php Path information disclosure
83659phpCOIN mod.php cross site scriting
83658Connect Daily ViewWeek.html cross site scriting
83657Connect Daily ViewCal.html cross site scriting
83656Connect Daily ViewYear.html cross site scriting
83655Connect Daily ViewSearch.html cross site scriting
83654CONTROLzx HMS register_domain.php cross site scriting
83653CONTROLzx HMS server_management.php cross site scriting
83652CONTROLzx HMS dedicated_order.php cross site scriting
83651CONTROLzx HMS shared_order.php cross site scriting
83650Pixel Motion Blog index.php sql injection
83649gtd-php checklistReport.php cross site scriting
83648gtd-php projectReport.php cross site scriting
83647gtd-php listReport.php cross site scriting
83646gtd-php newGoal.php cross site scriting
83645gtd-php newCategory.php cross site scriting
83644gtd-php newContext.php cross site scriting
83643gtd-php newChecklist.php cross site scriting
83642gtd-php newWaitingOn.php cross site scriting
83641gtd-php newList.php cross site scriting
83640Cisco PIX Embryonic State Machine denial of service
83639EZHomepagePro users_mgallery.asp cross site scriting
83638EZHomepagePro users_profiles.asp cross site scriting
83637EZHomepagePro users_calendar.asp cross site scriting
83636EZHomepagePro users_search.asp cross site scriting
83635Web Quiz student.asp cross site scriting
83634Helm Control Panel default.asp cross site scriting
83633@1 File Store folder.php sql injection
83632Quick 'n Easy Web Server File Name code injection
83631EasyMoblog img.php cross site scriting
83630ASP Download add_edit_download.asp sql injection
83629ASP Portal poll_list.asp sql injection
83628ASP Portal add_edit_poll.asp sql injection
83627ASP Portal contactus_add_edit.asp sql injection
83626ASP Portal add_edit_news.asp sql injection
83625ASP Portal add_edit_cat.asp sql injection
83624ASP Portal banner_add_edit.asp sql injection
83623ASP Portal add_edit_user.asp sql injection
83622ASP Portal News_Item.asp sql injection
83621AdMan viewPricingScheme.php Path information disclosure
83620XHP CMS Filemanager standalonemanager.php privileges management
836191WebCalendar mainCal.cfm sql injection
836181WebCalendar newsView.cfm sql injection X11 File privileges management [CVE-2006-0745]🔒
83616GuppY Filter path traversal
83615myBloggie del.php cross site scriting
83614myBloggie delcat.php cross site scriting
83613myBloggie add.php cross site scriting
83612myBloggie editcat.php cross site scriting
83611myBloggie adduser.php cross site scriting
83610myBloggie edituser.php cross site scriting
83609myBloggie addcat.php cross site scriting
83608DCP-Portal mycontents.php cross site scriting
83607DCP-Portal lostpassword.php cross site scriting
83606DCP-Portal inbox.php cross site scriting
83605DCP-Portal forums.php cross site scriting
83604DCP-Portal calendar.php cross site scriting
83603myBloggie deluser.php cross site scriting
83602myBloggie delcomment.php cross site scriting
83601MusicBox cart.php cross site scriting
83600betaparticle bp blog template_permalink.asp sql injection
83599txtForum view_topic.php cross site scriting
83598txtForum reply.php cross site scriting
83597txtForum profile.php cross site scriting
83596txtForum new_topic.php cross site scriting
83595Maian Weblog mail.php sql injection
83594Milkeyway Captive Portal authuser.php cross site scriting
83593Milkeyway Captive Portal traffic.php sql injection
83592Milkeyway Captive Portal userstatistics.php sql injection
83591Milkeyway Captive Portal authuser.php sql injection
83590Milkeyway Captive Portal Cookie chgpwd.php sql injection
83589Netcool/NeuSecure cms-3.0.236.buildconf Password information disclosure
83588DSDownload downloads.php sql injection
83587DSNewsletter unconfirm.php sql injection
83586DSNewsletter confirm.php sql injection
83585DSPoll pollit.php sql injection
83584DSPoll topolls.php sql injection
83583Apple Safari File Type privileges management🔒
83582CGI::Session cgisess.db db_file information disclosure
83581@1 File Store download.php sql injection
83580@1 File Store confirm.php sql injection
83579@1 File Store delete.php sql injection
83578@1 File Store edit.php sql injection
83577@1 File Store delete.php sql injection
83576@1 File Store access.php sql injection
83575@1 File Store edit.php sql injection
83574@1 File Store delete.php sql injection
83573@1 File Store edit.php sql injection
83572@1 File Store delete.php sql injection
83571@1 File Store edit.php sql injection
83570@1 File Store user.php sql injection
83569@1 File Store functions.php sql injection
83568WMNews wmcomments.php cross site scriting
83567WMNews footer.php cross site scriting
83566VBZooM contact.php cross site scriting
83565Woltlab Burning Board Datenbank MOD database.php cross site scriting
83564Woltlab Burning Board Datenbank MOD database.php sql injection🔒
83562QwikiWiki recentchanges.php cross site scriting
83561QwikiWiki pageindex.php cross site scriting
83560QwikiWiki login.php cross site scriting
83559sBlog POST Request comments_do.php cross site scriting
83558HitHost viewuser.php cross site scriting
83557Manas Tungare Site Membership default.asp cross site scriting
83556Xerox CopyCentre/WorkCentre PostScript File denial of service🔒
83555Gregarius search.php sql injection
83554Gregarius tags.php cross site scriting
83553Mambo mambo.php sql injection🔒
83552NOCC html_bottom_table.php cross site scriting🔒
83551NOCC no_mail.php cross site scriting🔒
83550NOCC filter_prefs.php cross site scriting🔒
83549NOCC error.php cross site scriting🔒
83548NOCC information disclosure🔒
83547NOCC index.php File path traversal🔒
83546NOCC HTTP Field functions.php file inclusion🔒
83545NOCC common.php File path traversal🔒
83544Skate Board logged.php sql injection
83543Skate Board login.php sql injection
83542Netcool/NeuSecure ns_archiver.log Password information disclosure
83541Gallery util.php file inclusion
83540CPG Dragonfly CMS MSAnalysis Module index.php sql injection
83539Mantis view_all_set.php cross site scriting🔒
83538dotProject gantt.php file inclusion🔒
83537dotProject date_format.php file inclusion🔒
83536dotProject calendar.php file inclusion🔒
83535dotProject vw_usr_roles.php file inclusion🔒
83534dotProject vw_files.php file inclusion🔒
83533dotProject gantt2.php file inclusion🔒
83532dotProject gantt.php file inclusion🔒
83531dotProject session.php file inclusion🔒
83530dotProject db_connect.php file inclusion🔒
83529dotProject db_adodb.php file inclusion🔒
83528dotProject check.php information disclosure🔒
83527XMB Forums u2u_mod_delete sql injection
83526IBM Lotus Domino iNotes Client JavaScript Filter privileges management
83525PHP Event Calendar users.php denial of service
83524Verity KeyView Viewer SDK Link htmsr.dll memory corruption🔒
83523Verity KeyView Viewer SDK TAR Archive tarrdr.dll memory corruption🔒
83522Verity KeyView Viewer SDK UUE File uudrdr.dll memory corruption🔒
83521NOOFS noofsd Local Privilege Escalation
835202200net Calendar System adminlogin.php sql injection
83519phphd sql injection
83518FarsiNews show_archives.php File path traversal
83517FarsiNews index.php File path traversal
83515Hosting Controller IPManager.asp sql injection
83514php-fusion comments_include.php cross site scriting
83513QNX Neutrino RTOS libAP ApFindTranslationFile memory corruption
83512QNX Neutrino RTOS su memory corruption
83511cPanel detailbw.html cross site scriting
83510cPanel diskusage.html cross site scriting
83509cPanel dodelpop.html cross site scriting
83508Zen Cart move_product_confirm.php Path information disclosure
83507Zen Cart delete_product_confirm.php Path information disclosure
83506Zen Cart copy_to_confirm.php Path information disclosure
83505Zen Cart category_product_listing.php Path information disclosure
83504Zen Cart attributes_preview.php Path information disclosure
83503Zen Cart application_bottom.php Path information disclosure
83502Zen Cart banner_monthly.php Path information disclosure
83501Zen Cart banner_yearly.php Path information disclosure
83500Zen Cart banner_infobox.phpDirect Path information disclosure
83499SPIP Session sql injection🔒
83498SPIP forum.php3 sql injection🔒
83497Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2006-0586]
83496Calendarix cal_login.php sql injection
83495E-post Products IMAP Command privileges management
83494E-post Products IMAP Command denial of service
83493E-post Products POP3 Command memory corruption
83492Microsoft Internet Explorer IMG/XML Tag denial of service
83491FreeBSD Kernel Memory information disclosure [CVE-2006-0379]
83490Phpclanwebsite pollresults.php cross site scriting
83489Oracle Products PL/SQL Gateway privileges management
83488IdeoContent Manager index.php cross site scriting
83487e-moBLOG index.php sql injection
83485TYPO3 tables.php Path information disclosure
83484TYPO3 showpic.php Path information disclosure
83483Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2006-0283]
83482Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2006-0283]
83481Oracle Database CTXSYS.CTX_QUERY sql injection
83480Oracle Database CTXSYS.CTX_DOC sql injection
83479Oracle Database sql injection [CVE-2006-0283]
83478Oracle Database Data Pump Metadata sql injection [CVE-2006-0283]
83477Cisco CallManager Connection Saturation Window Message Queue resource consumption
83476Oracle Database rpc Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-0283]
83475Oracle Database rpc Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-0283]
83474Ultimate Auction cross site scriting
83473Sun Solaris lpsched denial of service
83472PDFdirectory index.php sql injection
83471PDFdirectory anniv.php sql injection
83470PDFdirectory group.php sql injection
83469PDFdirectory member.php sql injection
83468PDFdirectory org.php sql injection
83467PDFdirectory page.php sql injection
83466PDFdirectory stats.php sql injection
83465PDFdirectory team.php sql injection
83464PDFdirectory title.php sql injection
83463PDFdirectory uploadfrm.php sql injection
83462PDFdirectory user.php sql injection
83461PDFdirectory userpref.php sql injection
83460sBlog search.php cross site scriting
83459TankLogger livestock.php sql injection
83456Apple QuickTime JPEG Processor memory corruption
83455Apple QuickTime PICT Processing memory corruption
83454MyPhPim Login Page sql injection
83452OpenBSD Perl sprintf memory corruption🔒
83451OnePlug CMS details.asp cross site scriting
83450OnePlug CMS details.asp sql injection
83449ADN Forum verpag.php sql injection
83447vBulletin reminder.php cross site scriting
83446Lizard Cart CMS detail.php sql injection
83445B-net Software guestbook.php cross site scriting
83441Primo Cart search.php sql injection
62103Com Weblinks sql injection [CVE-2006-7247]
57018Softwebsnepal Ananda Real Estate list.asp sql injection
44818YourFreeWorld Scrolling Text Ads Script tr1.php sql injection
36950PHP array_fill memory allocation🔒🔒
35673ProRat Server Authentication Mechanism Remote Code Execution
35490miniBB Keyword Replacer addon_keywords.php file inclusion
35427BSQ Sitestats rssfeeds.php file inclusion
35424Linksys Spa921 denial of service [CVE-2006-7121]
35418PHPKit include.php sql injection🔒
35274Rigter Portal System add_art.php cross site scriting
35272Rigter Portal System index.php path traversal
35271Rigter Portal System images.php Remote Code Execution
35261Geodesicsolutions GeoClassifieds Enterprise index.php cross site scriting
35259Etomite File Upload rfiles.php rename input validation
35255Microsoft Internet Explorer null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-7066]🔒
35232Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0780]🔒🔒🔒
35230Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Cache information disclosure [CVE-2007-0778]🔒🔒🔒
35203kmail Error Message calendar.php information disclosure
35199Sphider cross site scriting [CVE-2006-7058]
35196Sweetphp TotalCalendar index.php memory corruption
35192Linux Kernel posix-timers.c sys_timer_create memory allocation
35190WikkaWiki Access Restriction wikka.php Method Remote Code Execution🔒
35189Claroline file inclusion
35187Clan Manager Pro code injection
35186Cmpro Team Clan Manager Pro file inclusion
35185Cmpro Team Clan Manager Pro file inclusion
35159Sangwan Kim Bookmark4U config.php sql injection🔒
35033phpjobboard admin.php Remote Code Execution
34981Joomla CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-7010]
34979Joomla CMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-7008]
34978H. Nomura Tiny FTPd memory corruption [CVE-2006-7007]
34977Robin de Graff Somery team.php file inclusion [Disputed]
34975Php Script Tools PSY Auction email_request.php cross site scriting Ozzywork Galeri Security Check add.asp 7pk security
34909centipaid centipaid_class.php code injection [Disputed]
34883Btitracker torrents.php sql injection🔒
34860SGI ProPack information disclosure [CVE-2006-1167]
34662Docebo class.definition.php file inclusion
34660WebRoot Spy Sweeper Malware Detection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6961]
34659WebRoot Spy Sweeper Malware Detection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6960]
34657phpBlueDragon Phpbluedragon Cms team_admin.php code injection
34656Docebo body.php code injection
34419Pensacola Web Designs Xtremeasp Photogallery displaypic.asp sql injection🔒
34223MySQL sql injection🔒🔒
34222Civica display.asp sql injection
34221BrightStor BrightStor ARCserve Backup tapeeng.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
34220Getahead Direct Web Remoting denial of service [CVE-2006-6916]
34219IBM AIX denial of service [CVE-2006-6915]🔒
34218phpMyFAQ sql injection [CVE-2006-6913]🔒
34217phpMyFAQ sql injection [CVE-2006-6912]🔒
34215Fersch Formbankserver formbankcgi.exe denial of service
34214Karl Dahlke Edbrowse http.c stack-based overflow
34213Widcomm Bluetooth Stack stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6908]
34212Bluesoil Bluetooth stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6907]
34211Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6906]
34210Broadcom Bluetooth stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6905]
34209Broadcom Bluetooth stack unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6904]
34208Toshiba Bluetooth stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6903]
34207Microsoft Windows Mobile Pocket PC Bluetooth Stack Remote Code Execution
34206Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6901]
34205Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth Stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6900]
34203Widcomm Bluetooth information disclosure [CVE-2006-6898]
34202Widcomm Bluetooth path traversal [CVE-2006-6897]
34201Plantronic Headset unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6896]
34200Sony Ericsson T60 information disclosure [CVE-2006-6895]
34199SPINE Database Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6894]
34198Tor information disclosure [CVE-2006-6893]
34197Jonathon Freeman OvBB online.php getlocation cross site scriting
34196Vz Forum information disclosure [CVE-2006-6891]
34195Voodoo chat information disclosure [CVE-2006-6890]
34194FreeStyle Wiki information disclosure [CVE-2006-6889]
34193P-News information disclosure [CVE-2006-6888]
34192logahead UNU File Upload code injection [CVE-2006-6887]
34191phpwcms Error Message information disclosure
34190Macromedia Shockwave ActiveX Control swdir.dll denial of service🔒
34189WinZip memory corruption [CVE-2006-6884]
34188Phpirc Bot php4you.php file inclusion [Disputed]
34187golden book cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6882]
34186ATMEL Linux PCI PCMCIA USB Driver cofvnet.c get_wep memory corruption
34185PHP-Update sql injection [CVE-2006-6880]🔒
34184PHP-Update File Upload privileges management [CVE-2006-6879]
34183PHP-Update Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6878]
34182Matteo Lucarelli 3editor CMS index.php path traversal
34181OpenSER libsms_getsms.c fetchsms memory corruption
34180OpenSER validateospheader memory corruption
34179eNdonesia friend.php cross site scriting
34178eNdonesia mod.php sql injection🔒
34177eNdonesia mod.php path traversal
34176eNdonesia mod.php cross site scriting
34175avahi consume_labels denial of service🔒🔒
34174MAXdev mdforum path traversal [CVE-2006-6869]
34173Zen Cart Web Shopping Cart cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6868]
34172Vladimir Meshakov bubla Cache file inclusion [CVE-2006-6867]
34171STphp EasyNews information disclosure [CVE-2006-6866]
34170SoftArtisans FileUp path traversal [CVE-2006-6865]
34169Enigma2 Coppermine Bridge file inclusion
34168Enigma WordPress Bridge enigma2.php file inclusion [Disputed]
34167Outfront Spooky Login cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6862]
34166Outfront Spooky Login sql injection [CVE-2006-6861]🔒
34165MythControl mythcontrolserver.c sendtomythtv memory corruption
34163Miredo Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6858]
34162Docebolms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6857]
34161WebText Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6856]
34160AIDeX Mini-WebServer denial of service [CVE-2006-6855]
34159De Marchi Daniele QuickCam Device Driver qcamvc.c qcamvc_video_init memory corruption
34158Mozilla Durian Web Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6853]
34157tDiary i.conf.rhtml input validation
34156Mobilelib Mobilelib gold contact_us.php cross site scriting
34155Shadowed Works Shadowed Portal mod_root include.php file inclusion
34154Cahier de texte privileges management [CVE-2006-6849]
34153ASPTicker admin.asp sql injection
34152RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control ierpplug.dll denial of service
34151Cybercoded While You Were Out Inout Board Login phonemessage.asp sql injection🔒
34149CMS Made Simple cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6844]
34148Be It Easypartner Component file inclusion [CVE-2006-6843]
34147Codemonkeyx Acronym Mod sql injection [CVE-2006-6842]🔒
34146phpBB cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-6841]🔒🔒
34145phpBB cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-6840]🔒🔒
34144phpBB cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-6839]🔒🔒
34143Rediff Bol Downloader Activex Ocx Control information disclosure🔒
34142Sergey Oblomov Iso Wincmd stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6837]
34141IBM OS400 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6836]
34140Neocrome Land_down_under sql injection🔒
34139Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6834]🔒🔒
34138Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6833]🔒🔒
34137Joomla CMS poll.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
34136Alan Ward A-faq faqdsp.asp sql injection🔒
34135CafeLog b2 Blog b2verifauth.php file inclusion
34134Efkan Forum information disclosure [CVE-2006-6829]
34133Efkan Forum admin.asp sql injection🔒
34132Macromedia Flash Player flash8b.ocx denial of service
34127Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-5755]🔒🔒
34126Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2006-5574]
34125Microsoft Dynamics GP memory corruption [CVE-2006-5266]🔒
34124Microsoft Dynamics GP input validation [CVE-2006-5265]🔒
34122Microsoft Office Web Components code injection [CVE-2006-4695]🔒🔒
34111Personal .NET Portal privileges management [CVE-2006-6826]
34110Mxmania Calendar MX BASIC information disclosure [CVE-2006-6825]
34109PHP iCalendar day.php cross site scripting
34108Yrch file inclusion [CVE-2006-6823]
34107Enthrallweb eClassifieds myprofile.asp unknown vulnerability
34106Enthrallweb eNews myprofile.asp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6821]
34105Enthrallweb eCoupons myprofile.asp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6820]
34104AlstraSoft Webhost Directory information disclosure [CVE-2006-6819]
34103AlstraSoft Webhost Directory privileges management [CVE-2006-6818]
34102AlstraSoft Webhost Directory Error Message information disclosure
34101DMXReady Secure Login Manager Admin Panel set_preferences.asp sql injection🔒
34100DMXReady Secure Login Manager Admin Panel set_preferences.asp cross site scriting
34099Hosting Controller path traversal [CVE-2006-6814]
34098Mxmania Mxmania File Upload Manager detail.asp sql injection🔒
34097myPHPCalendar admin.php file inclusion🔒
34095DB Hub clear_user_list memory corruption
34094Vladimir Menshakov buratinable templator process.php file inclusion
34093WordPress get_file_description cross site scriting🔒🔒
34092Softwebs Nepal Ananda Real Estate list.asp sql injection🔒
34091Enthrallweb eMates newsdetail.asp sql injection🔒
34090Enthrallweb eJobs newsdetail.asp sql injection
34089Enthrallweb Dragon Business Directory Pro bus_details.asp sql injection🔒
34087Enthrallweb ePages actualpic.asp sql injection🔒
34086SH-News misc.php file inclusion
34085Limbo CMS event module eventcal/mod_eventcal.php file inclusion
34084Cacti cmd.php popen sql injection🔒🔒🔒🔒
34083Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook elogd.c show_elog_list null pointer dereference🔒🔒
34082Microsoft Windows Subsystem csrss.exe ntraiseharderror denial of service🔒🔒
34081MTCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-6796]
34080myPHPNuke Myphpnuke My Egallery file inclusion [CVE-2006-6795]🔒
34079Efkan Forum default.asp sql injection🔒
34078Okul Merkezi Okul Merkezi Portal ataturk.php file inclusion
34077Mxmania Calendar MX BASIC calendar_detail.asp sql injection🔒
34076chatwm selgrufra.asp sql injection🔒
34075Ultimate PHP Board Login Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6790]🔒
34074Phpbbxtra file inclusion [CVE-2006-6789]
34073LuckyBot run.php file inclusion
34072Mxmania Newsletter MX sql injection [CVE-2006-6787]🔒
34071Open Newsletter subscribe.php Remote Privilege Escalation
34070Open Newsletter settings.php memory corruption
34069Netbula Anyboard Login Form sql injection [CVE-2006-6784]
34068logahead UNU improper authentication [CVE-2006-6783]
34067pnamazu cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6782]
34066HLstats Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6781]🔒🔒
34065HLstats Login Form sql injection [CVE-2006-6780]🔒🔒
34064Jelsoft vBulletin ActionScript cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6779]
34063TimberWolf shownews.php cross site scriting
34062Future Internet index.cfm cross site scriting
34059Future Internet Portal.Showpage sql injection🔒
34058acFTP denial of service [CVE-2006-6775]
34057Ciberia Content Federator file inclusion [CVE-2006-6774]
34056Fishyshoop Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6773]
34055Irokez Irokez CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-6771]
34054Jinzora popup.php file inclusion🔒
34053PHP Live cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6769]
34052PWP Technologies The Classified Ad System default.asp cross site scriting
34051Cwm-design cwmExplorer sql injection [CVE-2006-6766]
34050Pagetool file inclusion [CVE-2006-6765]
34049Keep It Simple Guest Book Themes authenticate.php file inclusion
34048Keep It Simple Guest Book Themes authenticate.php file inclusion
34047Novell NetMail IMAP Daemon denial of service [CVE-2006-6762]
34046Novell NetMail IMAP Daemon stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6761]
34045Phpmymanga template.php code injection
34044RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control realplayer.initialize denial of service
34043Http explorer Http Explorer Web Server path traversal [CVE-2006-6758]
34042Cwm-design cwmExplorer index.php path traversal
34041Ixprim CMS Administration Panel install.fct.php code Remote Code Execution
34040Ixprim CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6755]
34039Ixprim CMS ixm_ixpnews.php sql injection🔒
34038Microsoft Windows Event Viewer eventvwr.exe unknown vulnerability
34037Novell NetMail IMAP Daemon stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6425]🔒
34036Novell NetMail stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6424]🔒
34035FTPRush memory corruption [CVE-2006-6752]
34034Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server format string [CVE-2006-6751]
34033Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6750]
34032OpenSER parse_expression memory corruption
34031Newxooper i-accueil.php code injection
34030Dreaxteam Xt-News show_news.php sql injection🔒
34029Dreaxteam Xt-News add_comment.php cross site scripting
34028phpProfiles index.php information disclosure
34027phpProfiles information disclosure [CVE-2006-6743]
34026HP LaserJet 5100 Print Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6742]
34025MKPortal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-6741]
34024phpProfiles code injection
34023Paristemi buycd.php code injection
34022Cwm-design cwmCounter statistic.php code injection
34021Sun JDK Java Runtime Environment memory corruption [CVE-2006-6737]🔒🔒
34020Obie Website Mini Web Shop Error Message information disclosure
34019Obie Website Mini Web Shop cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6734]
34018osTicket STS cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6733]
34017Cwm-design cwmVote archive.php code injection
34016OpenBSD Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6730]
34015a-blog cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6729]
34013inertianews inertianews_class.php code injection
34012inertianews inertianews_main.php code injection
34011PHPBuilder htm2php.php path traversal [CVE-2006-6725]
34010BolinTech Dream FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6724]
34009Jelle De Vos Bandwebsite admin.php privileges management
34008Knusperleicht ShoutBox shout.php cross site scriting
34007Azucar CMS code injection [CVE-2006-6720]
34006GNU wget ftp-basic.c ftp_syst denial of service🔒🔒
34005Alliedtelesyn At-9000 24 Ethernetswitch Default Password improper authentication
34004Alliedtelesyn At-9000 24 Ethernetswitch privileges management
34003Eric GUILLAUME Upload Download De Fichiers Administration sql injection🔒
34002Powerscripts PowerClan file inclusion
34001Hitachi Hitachi Directory Server 2 memory leak [CVE-2006-6714]
34000Hitachi Hitachi Directory Server 2 memory corruption [CVE-2006-6713]
33999SugarCRM cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6712]
33998Newxooper file inclusion [CVE-2006-6711]
33997Matteolucarelli PgmReloaded index.php code injection
33996MGinternet Property Site Manager detail.asp sql injection🔒
33995MGinternet Property Site Manager listings.asp cross site scriting
33994McAfee NeoTrace ActiveX Control neotraceexplorer.dll stack-based overflow
33993Soumu Soumu Workflow sql injection [CVE-2006-6706]
33992Soumu Soumu Workflow Authentication Mechanism improper authentication
33991@mail Webadmin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6704]
33990Oracle Oracle10g cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6703]
33989@mail Webmail cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6702]🔒
33988@Mail WebMail cross-site request forgery🔒
33987@Mail WebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6700]
33986Oracle Application Server Portal calendardialog.jsp unknown vulnerability
33985Gnome GConf denial of service [CVE-2006-6698]
33984Oracle Application Server Portal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6697]
33983Carsen Klock TextSend index.php cross site scriting E-Uploader Pro path traversal [CVE-2006-6694]
33981Zabbix memory corruption [CVE-2006-6693]
33980Zabbix memory corruption [CVE-2006-6692]
33979Valdersoft Shopping Cart file inclusion [CVE-2006-6691]
33978Paristemi code injection [CVE-2006-6689] WebAPP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6688] WebAPP cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6687]
33975TextSend klock sender.php file inclusion
33974Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd memory corruption [CVE-2006-6685]
33973Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd main memory corruption
33972Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd User Account access control [CVE-2006-6683]
33971Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd Error Message 7pk error [CVE-2006-6682]
33970Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd resource management [CVE-2006-6681]
33969Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd information disclosure [CVE-2006-6680]
33968Pedro Lineu Orso chetcpasswd access control [CVE-2006-6679]🔒
33967Netrik form-file.c edit_textarea privileges management🔒🔒
33966Eset Software NOD32 Antivirus chm denial of service🔒
33965Eset Software NOD32 Antivirus doc numeric error🔒
33964Ozeki HTTP-SMS Gateway Registry cryptographic issues [CVE-2006-6674]
33963WinFtp Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6673]
33962Maxiasp Burak Yilmaz Download Portal haberler.asp sql injection🔒
33961Maxiasp Burak Yilmaz Download Portal down.asp sql injection🔒
33960Nortel Callpilot Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6670]
33959WebCalendar export_handler.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
33958VerliAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6668]
33957VerliAdmin repass.php sql injection🔒
33956VerliAdmin index.php file inclusion
33955Astonsoft DeepBurner memory corruption [CVE-2006-6665]
33954Marathon Aleph One Logging logmessagev memory corruption
33953Marathon Aleph One denial of service [CVE-2006-6663]
33952novell Open Enterprise Server access control [CVE-2006-6662]
33951PHP-Update blog.php extract memory corruption🔒
33950KDE libkhtml nodetype denial of service
33949Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control ole32.dll denial of service
33948Inktomi Inktomi Search Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6658]
33947NetBSD if_clone_list information disclosure
33946NetBSD ptrace memory leak [CVE-2006-6656]
33945NetBSD Filesystem null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-6655]
33944NetBSD sendmsg denial of service
33943NetBSD accept input validation
33942Apple Mac OS X glob.c memory corruption🔒🔒
33941mxBB Mxbb Charts Chart charts_constants.php file inclusion
33940HyperVM display.php cross site scriting RateMe file inclusion
33938Drupal MySite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6647]
33937Drupal Project check_plain cross site scriting
33936mxBB Mxbb Web Links file inclusion [CVE-2006-6645]
33935mxBB Mxbb Meeting file inclusion [CVE-2006-6644]
33934Fightersoft Multimedia Star FTP server denial of service [CVE-2006-6643]
33933Contra Haber Sistemi haber.asp sql injection🔒
33932Mandiant First Response fragent.exe denial of service🔒
33931Mandiant First Response Daemon Mode fragent.exe denial of service🔒
33930Mandiant First Response Daemon Mode fragent.exe denial of service🔒
33929apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-5681]🔒
33928Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-6505]🔒🔒🔒
33927Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird LiveConnect use after free [CVE-2006-6502]🔒🔒🔒
33926Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Javascript access control🔒🔒🔒
33925Unicenter Management Portal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6641]
33924Omniture SiteCatalyst Login Page search.asp cross site scriting
33923chetcpasswd Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6639]
33922NeoScale Systems Cryptostor Tape 700 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3896]
33921JumbaCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-6635]
33920Mambo Extcalthai Module admin_events.php file inclusion
33919yapbb file inclusion [CVE-2006-6633]
33918genepi genepi.php file inclusion
33917Ibiblio osprey getrecord.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-6631]
33916Ibiblio osprey listrecords.php file inclusion
33915WeBWorK Program Generation Language iopl Remote Code Execution
33914OpenOffice 12122006-djtest.doc integer coercion
33913Softwin BitDefender heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-6627]
33912Moodle cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6626]
33911Moodle cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6625]
33910Sambar Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6624]🔒
33909Infoprocess Antihook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6623]
33908Infoprocess Antihook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6622]
33907Infoprocess Antihook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6621]
33906Infoprocess Antihook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6620]
33905Infoprocess Antihook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6619]
33904Infoprocess AntiHook authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6618]
33903w00t Gallery Installation index.php privileges management
33902mxBB Activity Games Module file inclusion [CVE-2006-6615]
33901Debian Linux File Permission save_log_local privileges management
33900phpAlbum language.php path traversal
33899PhpMyCms file inclusion
33898Barman interface.php file inclusion
33897Alientrap Nexuiz Remote Console memory corruption [CVE-2006-6610]🔒🔒
33896Alientrap Nexuiz denial of service [CVE-2006-6609]🔒🔒
33895HP Proliant Integrated Lights Out Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6608]
33894IBM Tivoli Identity Manager information disclosure [CVE-2006-6607]
33893Clarens jclarens sql injection [CVE-2006-6606]
33892DWS SQL-Ledger Login input validation🔒🔒
33891TorrentFlux downloaddetails.php path traversal
33890Microsoft Windows Explorer explorer.exe denial of service
33889Microsoft Windows Media Player resource management [CVE-2006-6601]
33888TorrentFlux torrentflux-b4rt dir.php cross site scriting
33887TorrentFlux torrentflux-b4rt maketorrent.php privileges management
33886TorrentFlux torrentflux-b4rt viewnfo.php path traversal
33885Hilgraeve HyperAccess Telnet Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6597]
33884Hilgraeve HyperAccess Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6596]
33883ScriptMate User Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-6595]
33882ScriptMate User Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-6594]🔒
33881phpBB AMAZONIA MOD zufallscodepart.php file inclusion
33880Bloq index.php file inclusion
33879EXlor file inclusion [CVE-2006-6591]
33878AR Memberscript usercp_menu.php file inclusion
33877Apache Opentaps cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6589]🔒
33876Apache Open For Business Project Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6588]
33875Apache Open For Business Project cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6587]🔒
33874vBlog secure.php file inclusion
33873Mozilla Firefox unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6585]
33872italkplus memory corruption [CVE-2006-6584]
33871ScriptMate User Manager Search Box information disclosure [CVE-2006-6583]
33870ScriptMate User Manager Search Box cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6582]
33869Vernet Loic Php Debug input validation [CVE-2006-6581]
33868Scriptphp ProNews unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6580]
33867Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6579]
33866Microsoft IIS Web Directory com privileges management
33865Neocrome Seditio polls.php sql injection🔒🔒
33864Kmint21 Golden FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6576]🔒🔒
33863Brian Drawert yaplap ldap.php file inclusion
33862Mantis information disclosure [CVE-2006-6574]🔒🔒
33861Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Access Control privileges management
33860GenesisTrader form.php cross site scriting
33859GenesisTrader File Upload upload.php memory corruption
33858GenesisTrader form.php information disclosure
33857mxBB Kb Mods path traversal [CVE-2006-6568]
33856mxBB Kb Mods file inclusion [CVE-2006-6567]
33855mxBB Control Panel file inclusion [CVE-2006-6566]
33854FileZilla Server null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-6565]🔒🔒
33853FileZilla Server null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-6564]🔒
33852McAfee VirusScan Libraries memory corruption [CVE-2006-6474]🔒🔒
33851Microsoft Word 12122006-djtest.doc memory corruption🔒🔒
33850MxBB modsdb file inclusion [CVE-2006-6560]
33849Lotfian Request For Travel productdetails.asp sql injection🔒
33848Crob FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6558]🔒
33847Skulls Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6557]
33846EyeOS eyehome memory corruption
33845EasyFill sql injection [CVE-2006-6555]
33844Kerio MailServer denial of service [CVE-2006-6554]🔒
33843mxBB Mxbb Newssuite file inclusion [CVE-2006-6553]
33842Blog Cms file inclusion [CVE-2006-6552]
33841tucows Client Code Suite file inclusion [CVE-2006-6551]
33840Phorum common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33839Rad Inks Rad Upload upload.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33838cPanel WebHost Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6548]
33837Mlipod Winamp iPod Plugin read_aa.cpp readaa memory corruption
33836cutenews aj-fork file inclusion [CVE-2006-6546]
33835ErrorDocs file inclusion [CVE-2006-6545]
33834CM68 News cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6544]
33833AppIntellect SpotLight CRM Spotlight login.asp sql injection
33832Fantastic News news.php sql injection🔒
33831Animated Smiley Generator file inclusion [CVE-2006-6541] [Disputed]
33830Bluetrait bt-trackback.php sql injection🔒 Winamp Web Interface security.cpp download memory corruption
33828D-LINK DWL-2000AP+ Firmware denial of service [CVE-2006-6538]
33827IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6537]
33826Cilem Cilem Haber hata.asp cross site scriting
33825osCommerce cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6534]
33824osCommerce Error Message path traversal [CVE-2006-6533]
33823Vt-Forum Vt-Forum Lite vf_info.asp cross site scriting
33822Drupal Help Tip module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6531]
33821Drupal Help Tip module sql injection [CVE-2006-6530]
33820Drupal Chatroom Module information disclosure [CVE-2006-6529]
33819Drupal Chatroom Module Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6528]
33818Gizzar guest.php file inclusion
33817Gizzar index.php file inclusion
33816EzHRS HR Assist vdateusr.asp sql injection🔒
33815EzHRS HR Assist vdateusr.asp sql injection
33814cPanel cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6523]
33813WikiTimeScale TwoZero cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6522]
33812Scriptphp Messageriescripthp lire-avis.php sql injection🔒
33811Scriptphp Messageriescripthp existepseudo.php cross site scriting
33810Scriptphp ProNews lire-avis.php sql injection🔒
33809Scriptphp ProNews cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6518]
33808KDPics index.php3 cross site scriting
33807KDPics index.php3 file inclusion
33806Mantis Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6515] Winamp Web Interface information disclosure [CVE-2006-6514] Winamp Web Interface download information disclosure Winamp Web Interface browse path traversal
33802dadaIMC htaccess memory corruption [CVE-2006-6511]
33801SiteKiosk information disclosure [CVE-2006-6510]🔒
33800SiteKiosk cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6509]🔒
33799phpBB cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-6508]🔒🔒
33798D-Bus match_rule_equal denial of service🔒🔒
33797Enemies of Carlotta privileges management [CVE-2006-5875]🔒
33796Ubuntu Linux denial of service [CVE-2006-5648]🔒🔒
33795Microsoft Windows Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2006-4702]🔒🔒
33794EasyPage sql injection [CVE-2006-6486] [Disputed]🔒
33793ShopSite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6485]
33792Adobe ColdFusion cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6483]🔒
33791Microsoft Internet Explorer script memory corruption🔒🔒
33790Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag/Drop information disclosure🔒
33789Mailenable Enterprise stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6423]🔒🔒
33787Scriptphp AnnonceScriptHP information disclosure [CVE-2006-6480]
33786Scriptphp AnnonceScriptHP erreurinscription.php cross site scriting
33785Scriptphp AnnonceScriptHP email.php sql injection🔒
33784l2tpns cluster.c cluster_process_heartbeat memory corruption🔒
33783Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-5871]🔒🔒
33782Xerox WorkCentre Error Message Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6473]
33781Xerox WorkCentre httpd.conf Remote Code Execution
33780Xerox WorkCentre Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6471]
33779Xerox WorkCentre Security Feature Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6470]
33778Xerox WorkCentre unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6469]
33777Xerox WorkCentre SSL Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-6468]
33776Xerox WorkCentre File System unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6467]
33775WikyBlog wbmap.php cross site scriting
33774WikyBlog wbmap.php path traversal [Disputed]
33773Midicart Software Midicart Php Shopping Cart unknown vulnerability
33772Midicart Software Midicart Php Shopping Cart File Upload Remote Privilege Escalation
33771CM68 News code injection [CVE-2006-6462]
33770Yourfreeworld Stylish Text Ads Script Error Message tr1.php information disclosure Short Url / Url Tracker Error Message information disclosure
33768PhpBB toplist toplist.php cross site scriting
33767Tikiwiki Error Message tiki-wiki_rss.php information disclosure
33766Microsoft Word memory corruption [CVE-2006-6456]🔒🔒
33765DUware DUdirectory sql injection [CVE-2006-6455]
33764J-OWAMP Web Interface execinbackground.php exec privileges management
33763J-OWAMP Web Interface jowamp_showpage.php file inclusion
33762MyArticles topics.php cross site scriting
33761SWsoft Plesk get_password.php cross site scripting
33760Novell Zenworks Patch Management Server sql injection [CVE-2006-6450]🔒🔒
33759Vt-Forum Vt-Forum Lite information disclosure [CVE-2006-6449]
33758Vt-Forum memberd vf_memberdetail.asp sql injection🔒
33757Vt-Forum Vt-Forum Lite vf_info.asp cross site scriting
33756iWare iWare Professional index.php sql injection🔒
33755Envolution error.php path traversal
33754DivX DivX Player stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6444]
33753Novell Client ndppnt.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-6443]🔒
33752PHP Restriction input validation [CVE-2006-6383]🔒🔒
33751CA Brightstor Arcserve Backup memory corruption [CVE-2006-6379]🔒🔒🔒
33750AOL Client Software ActiveX Control cddbcontrolaol.cddbaolcontrol setclientinfo memory corruption🔒
33749Xerox WorkCentre Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6441]
33748Xerox WorkCentre Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6440]
33747Xerox WorkCentre Audit Log information disclosure [CVE-2006-6439]
33746Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6438]
33745Xerox WorkCentre denial of service [CVE-2006-6437]
33744Xerox WorkCentre cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6436]
33743Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6435]
33742Xerox WorkCentre Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6434]
33741Xerox WorkCentre Audit information disclosure [CVE-2006-6433]🔒
33740Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6432]🔒
33739Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6431]🔒
33738Xerox WorkCentre Web Services information disclosure [CVE-2006-6430]🔒
33737Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6429]🔒
33736Xerox WorkCentre information disclosure [CVE-2006-6428]🔒
33735Xerox WorkCentre User Interface os command injection [CVE-2006-6427]🔒
33734thinkedit file inclusion [CVE-2006-6426]
33733Agileco AgileBill denial of service [CVE-2006-6422]
33732phpBB privmsg.php cross site scriting🔒
33731Ryan Demmer Joomla Content Editor jce.php cross site scriting🔒
33730Ryan Demmer Joomla Content Editor jce.php cross site scriting🔒
33729HP Tru64 memory corruption [CVE-2006-6418]
33728b2evolution file inclusion [CVE-2006-6417]
33727PhpLeague - Univert file inclusion [CVE-2006-6416]
33726phpAdsNew file inclusion [CVE-2006-6415] [Disputed]
33725dol storye dettaglio.asp sql injection🔒
33724Amateras sns cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6413]
33723MadWifi net80211 stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6332]🔒🔒
33722Linksys WIP 330 Wireless-G IP Phone phonectrl.exe denial of service
33721VMWare Workstation ActiveX Control Initialize memory corruption
33720F-Secure Anti-Virus denial of service [CVE-2006-6409]
33719Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6408]
33718F-Prot F-Prot Antivirus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6407]
33717ClamAV denial of service [CVE-2006-6406]🔒🔒
33716Softwin BitDefender Mail Protection unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6405]
33715mystats Error Message mystats.php information disclosure🔒
33714mystats mystats.php sql injection
33713mystats mystats.php cross site scripting
33712JustSystem Hanako memory corruption [CVE-2006-6400]
337112X ThinClientServer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6221]🔒
33710ClamAV null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-5874]🔒🔒
33709Superfreaker Studios UPublisher login.asp sql injection
33708Superfreaker Studios UPublisher sendarticle.asp sql injection🔒
33707FreeBSD/OpenBSD/NetBSD memory corruption [CVE-2006-6397] [Disputed]
33706BlazeVideo HDTV Player memory corruption [CVE-2006-6396]
33705Ulrik Petersen Emrdos Database Engine memory leak [CVE-2006-6395]
33704Jonas Gauffin Publicera sql injection [CVE-2006-6394]
33703Jonas Gauffin Publicera getstring cross site scriting
33702plx Web Studio plx Pay index.php path traversal
33701Open Solution Quick.Cart quick.cart path traversal
33700Open Solution Quick.Cart quick.cart path traversal
33699ac4p ac4p Mobile up.php cross site scriting
33698LINK Content Management Server naprednapretraga.php cross site scriting
33697LINK Content Management Server navigacija.php sql injection🔒
33696Drupal Cvs Management And Tracker cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6386]
33695John Goodman abitwhizzy abitwhizzy.php path traversal
33694Plone unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4249]🔒🔒
33693Positive Software H-Sphere Control Panel symlink [CVE-2006-6382]
33692Ultimate HelpDesk Help getfile.asp path traversal
33691Ultimate HelpDesk index.asp cross site scriting
33690Widcomm BTSaveMySql MySQL information disclosure [CVE-2006-6378]
33689Uploadscript password.txt information disclosure
33688ONEdotOH Simple File Manager fm.php memory corruption
33687Simple Machines SMF display.php cross site scriting
33686PhpMyAdmin Libraries cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6374]
33685PhpMyAdmin Error Message common.lib.php information disclosure
33684James Barnsley JAB Guest Book pbguestbook.php cross site scriting
33683James Barnsley JAB Guest Book pbguestbook.php cross site scriting
33682Invision Power Services Invision Gallery sql injection [CVE-2006-6370]🔒
33681Invision Power Services Invision Community Blog entry_reply_entry.php sql injection🔒
33680awrate file inclusion
33679DUware DUdownload detail.asp sql injection🔒🔒
33678Cerberus Helpdesk cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6366]
33677DUware DUpaypal detail.asp sql injection🔒🔒
33676Inside Systems error.php cross site scriting
33675BlueSocket Bsc 2100 cross site scriting
33673Bitflux Upload Progress Meter uploadprogress.c uploadprogress_php_rfc1867_file memory corruption
33672Sergey Korostel PHP Upload Center activate.php file inclusion
33671Stefan Frech online-bookmarks cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6359]🔒🔒
33670Stefan Frech online-bookmarks Login login sql injection🔒🔒
33669PHPNews cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6357]
33668PHPNews cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6356]
33667DuWare DuClassmate default.asp sql injection🔒
33666DuWare Duarticle detail.asp sql injection🔒🔒
33665Apple Mac OS X Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6353]
33664FRISK Software F-Prot Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2006-6352]🔒🔒
33663KhaledMuratList Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6351]
33662Iisworks listpics information disclosure [CVE-2006-6350]
33661PWP Technologies The Classified Ad System Search Engine sql injection🔒
33660mowdBB board.php cross site scriting
33659Tft Gallery File Upload Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6347]
33658SAP Internet Graphics Server Configuration File denial of service
33657SAP Internet Graphics Server path traversal [CVE-2006-6345]
33656Neocrome Seditio sql injection [CVE-2006-6344]🔒
33655Neocrome Seditio polls.php sql injection🔒
33654KLF-DESIGN KLF-REALTY search_listing.asp sql injection🔒
33653Mg.blattl mg.applanix file inclusion [CVE-2006-6341]
33652nVIDIA nView keystone.exe denial of service
33651Devilz Clanportal sql injection [CVE-2006-6339]
33650Devilz Clanportal File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6338]
33649Aspindir Aspee Ziyaretci Defteri giris.asp sql injection🔒
33648LifeType Error Message class information disclosure
33647TorrentFlux metainfo.php privileges management
33646TorrentFlux index.php privileges management
33645TorrentFlux index.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6329]
33644TorrentFlux index.php path traversal
33643Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-6311]
33642Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-6310]
33641IBM Tivoli Storage Manager denial of service [CVE-2006-6309]
33640Symantec Livestate Agent shstart.exe privileges management [Disputed]
33639Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby read_multipart resource management🔒🔒
33638fail2ban Logging denial of service [CVE-2006-6302]🔒🔒
33637DenyHosts Logging denial of service [CVE-2006-6301]🔒🔒
33636Adobe Download Manager dm.ini stack-based overflow🔒🔒
33635IBM Tivoli Storage Manager smexecutewdsfsession memory corruption🔒🔒
33634Cutephp CuteNews cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6300]
33633Novell ZENworks Asset Management msg.dll heap-based overflow🔒🔒
33632Maxiasp Yonetimi uye_giris_islem.asp sql injection🔒
33631kde kdegraphics Konqueror resource management [CVE-2006-6297]🔒🔒
33630MxBB Mx Tinies file inclusion [CVE-2006-6295]
33629FRISK Software F-Prot Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2006-6294]🔒🔒
33628Apple Airport Extreme Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2006-6292]🔒
33627MailEnable Enterprise meimaps.exe memory corruption🔒
33626MailEnable Enterprise meimaps.exe stack-based overflow🔒
33625Woltlab Burning Board Lite information disclosure [CVE-2006-6289]🔒
33624SquirrelMail webmail.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
33623Niek Albers CoolPlayer cpi_playlist.c main_skin_open memory corruption
33622Atomix Productions AtomixMP3 stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6287]
33621Kai Blankenhorn Bitfolge simple/nice index file index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33620Vikingboard admin.php path traversal
33619Vikingboard cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6283]
33618Vikingboard members.php information disclosure
33617dicshunary check_status.php file inclusion Oxygen viewthread.php sql injection🔒
33615Alexphpteam Alex Guestbook Error Message index.php information disclosure
33614Alexphpteam Alex Guestbook index.php cross site scriting
33613ContentServ path traversal [CVE-2006-6277]
33612Sun One Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6276] Inews Publisher articles.asp cross site scriting🔒
33610Paul Griffin Simple PHP Gallery Error Message sp_index.php information disclosure
33609Paul Griffin Simple PHP Gallery sp_index.php cross site scriting
33608PHPOLL index.php cross site scriting
33607Kervancilar ASPMForum forum2.asp sql injection🔒
33606Infinity Technologies Infinitytechs Restaurants CM rating.asp sql injection🔒
33605Neocrome Land Down Under sql injection [CVE-2006-6268]🔒🔒
33604PostNuke Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6267]
33603Microsoft Teredo Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6266]
33602Microsoft Teredo Mapping unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-6265]
33601Microsoft Teredo Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6264]
33600Microsoft Teredo Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6263]
33599PHPJunkYard mboard mboard.php path traversal
33598Quinnware Quintessential Player memory corruption [CVE-2006-6261]
33597Redbinaria Siap Cms login.asp sql injection
33596AlternC path traversal [CVE-2006-6259]
33595AlternC cleartext storage [CVE-2006-6258]
33594AlternC information disclosure [CVE-2006-6257]
33593AlternC cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6256]
33592NukeAI EAI util.php memory corruption
33591Cahier De Textes Administration path traversal [CVE-2006-6254]
33590Cahier De Textes Administration information disclosure [CVE-2006-6253]
33589Microsoft Windows Live Messenger denial of service [CVE-2006-6252]
33588VUPlayer stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6251]🔒
33587Songbird Songbird Media Player Unicode Converter denial of service
33586Chama Cargo cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6249]
33585GPhotos Error Message index.php information disclosure
33584Uapplication UPhotoGallery slideshow.asp sql injection🔒
33583Photo Organizer Camera privileges management [CVE-2006-6246]
33582Photo Organizer sql injection [CVE-2006-6245]
33581Coalescent Systems freePBX privileges management [CVE-2006-6244]
33580Fipsasp FipsSHOP index.asp sql injection🔒
33579CASIO Photo Loader ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2006-3893]
33578s9y Serendipity path traversal [CVE-2006-6242]🔒
33577Sorin Chitu Telnet-FTP Server input validation [CVE-2006-6241]
33576Sorin Chitu Telnet-FTP Server FTP Command path traversal [CVE-2006-6240]
33575Apple Safari Input Fields information disclosure [CVE-2006-6238]
33574Woltlab Burning Board Lite thread.php decode_cookie sql injection🔒🔒
33573Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2006-6236]🔒🔒
33572KDE KOffice Filters heap-based overflow🔒🔒
33571Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2006-6234]🔒
33570PostNuke Downloads Module dl-downloaddetails.php viewdownloaddetails sql injection
33569Dreamcost DreamAccount index.php file inclusion
33568vuBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6231]
33567vuBB index.php sql injection
33566Codewalkers ltwCalendar information disclosure [CVE-2006-6229]
33565Codewalkers ltwCalendar cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6228]
33564NeoEngine iMessage core.cpp receive null pointer dereference
33563NeoEngine Console render memory corruption
33562GeekLog memory corruption [CVE-2006-6225]🔒🔒
33561Puntal Installation file inclusion [CVE-2006-6224]
33560Google Mini Search Appliance cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6223]
33559TWiki information disclosure [CVE-2006-6071]
33558Recipes Complete Website recipe.php sql injection🔒
33557dev4u CMS index.php cross site scriting
33556dev4u CMS index.php sql injection🔒
33555PHP-Nuke Mermaid Module formdisp.php file inclusion
33554Nivisec Hacks List admin_hacks_list.php sql injection🔒
33553Wallpaper Wallpaper Complete Website Login process.php sql injection🔒
33552wallpaper Wallpaper Complete Website wallpaper.php sql injection🔒
33551PEGames index.php extract file inclusion
33550Webwiz Site News centre.php code injection
33549BirdBlog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6211]
33548Iisworks ASP ListPics listpics.asp sql injection🔒
33547Midicart Software Midicart Asp Plus Shopping Cart item_show.asp sql injection🔒
33546Enthrallweb eClassifieds ad.asp sql injection🔒
33545Lynx Internet Solutions Evolve Merchant products.asp sql injection [Disputed]🔒
33544WarHound WarHound General Shopping Cart item.asp sql injection🔒
33543Enthrallweb eHomes result.asp cross site scriting
33542Enthrallweb eHomes dircat.asp sql injection🔒
33541Krishan Flyspray startdown.php path traversal
33540NukeAI file inclusion [CVE-2006-6202]
33539Borland C++ Builder idsql32.dll DbiQExec heap-based overflow
33538Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2006-6200]🔒
33537BlazeVideo Blaze Dvd memory corruption [CVE-2006-6199]
33536cPanel WebHost Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6198]
33535b2evolution cross site scriting
33534Fixit Knowledge Solutions iDMS Pro Image Gallery cross site scriting
33533Fixit Knowledge Solutions iDMS Pro Image Gallery filelist.asp sql injection🔒 Ultimate Survey Pro index.asp sql injection🔒
33531BasicForum edit.asp sql injection🔒 Simple Blog Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6192] Simple Blog sql injection [CVE-2006-6191]🔒
33528Anna^ IRC Bot sql injection
33527ClickTech Clickblog displaycalendar.asp sql injection🔒
33526ClickTech Clickgallery view_search.asp cross site scriting
33525ClickTech Clickgallery view_gallery.asp sql injection🔒
33524enomphp Restore config.php path traversal
33523Wabbit Wabbit PHP Gallery script.php path traversal
335213Com 3CTftpSvc memory corruption [CVE-2006-6183]🔒🔒🔒
33520Gabriele Teotino GNotebook information disclosure [CVE-2006-6182]
33519ClickTech ClickContact default.asp sql injection🔒 iNews Publisher articles.asp cross site scriting
33517Trend Micro OfficeScan Console cgiremoteinstall.exe memory corruption🔒
33516Trend Micro OfficeScan Console wizard.exe memory corruption🔒
33515libgsf ole_init_info memory corruption🔒🔒
33514Neocrome Seditio sql injection [CVE-2006-6177]🔒
33513Blogn admin.php cross site scriting
33512Horde Kronolith fbview.php path traversal [CVE-2006-6175]🔒🔒
33511tDiary cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6174]🔒🔒
33510Apple Mac OS X shared_region_make_private_np memory corruption🔒
33509Apple Mac OS X WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2006-4412]🔒
33508Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4411]🔒
33507Apple Mac OS X Security Framework Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4410]🔒
33506Apple Mac OS X Security Framework unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4409]🔒
33505Apple Mac OS X Security Framework denial of service [CVE-2006-4408]🔒
33504Apple Mac OS X Security Framework missing encryption [CVE-2006-4407]🔒
33503Apple Mac OS X PPOE memory corruption [CVE-2006-4406]🔒
33502Apple Mac OS X Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4404]🔒
33501Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2006-4403]🔒
33500Apple Mac OS X Finder heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-4402]🔒
33499Apple Mac OS X FTP Command Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4401]🔒
33498Apple Mac OS X stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4400]🔒
33497Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-4398]🔒
33496Apple Mac OS X symlink [CVE-2006-4396]🔒
33495ProFTPD Configuration File affected denial of service [Disputed]🔒🔒
33494TikiWiki tiki-register.php input validation
33493Active PHP Bookmarks apb_common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33492Ryan Demmer Joomla Content Editor jce.php cross site scriting🔒
33491FreeBSD Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6165] [Disputed]
33490TikiWiki tiki-setup_base.php cross site scripting
33489TikiWiki tiki-edit_structures.php cross site scripting
33488Doug Luxem Liberum Help Desk sql injection [CVE-2006-6161]🔒
33487Doug Luxem Liberum Help Desk details.asp sql injection🔒
33486DeskPRO newticket.php cross site scripting
33485Pmos Helpdesk ticketview.php cross site scriting
33484Michaelis Freunde ContentNow index.php sql injection🔒
33483Hscripts HIOX Star Rating System Script cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6156]
33482Hscripts HIOX Star Rating System Script addrating.php sql injection🔒
33481Hscripts HIOX Star Rating System Script addcode.php file inclusion Classified System cat.asp cross site scriting Classified System cat.asp sql injection🔒
33478Messagerie Locale centre.php file inclusion
33477OWLLib owllib_root file inclusion [CVE-2006-6150]
33476JiRos FAQ Manager index.asp sql injection🔒
33475JiRos Links Manager submitlink.asp cross site scriting
33474JiRos Links Manager openlink.asp sql injection🔒
33473Takeshi Kanno Haru Free PDF Library hpdf_page_operator.c hpdf_page_circle memory corruption
33472CRYPTOCard CRYPTO-Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-6145]🔒
33471James Greenwood Monkey Boards Error Message class.compiler.php information disclosure
33470Qbik WinGate denial of service [CVE-2006-4518]🔒🔒
33469Philippe Jounin Tftpd32 memory corruption [CVE-2006-6141]🔒
33468Sisfo Kampus index.php file inclusion
33467Sisfo Kampus downloadexcel.php path traversal
33466Sisfo Kampus download.php path traversal
33465Sisfo Kampus index.php file inclusion
33464IBM WebSphere Application Server Eal4 Authentication Remote Code Execution
33463IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-6135]
33462Business Objects Crystal Reports XI memory corruption [CVE-2006-6133]🔒🔒
33461Softacid Link Exchange Lite Search Engine search.asp sql injection🔒
33460Kerio WebServer memory corruption [CVE-2006-6131]
33459Apple Mac OS X AppleTalk denial of service [CVE-2006-6130]🔒
33458REMLAB Web Mech Designer Error Message calculate.php information disclosure
33457JBoss JBoss Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-5750]🔒
33456Apple Mac OS X Server fatfile_getarch2 integer coercion🔒
33455Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2006-6128]
33454Apple Mac OS X Server kevent denial of service🔒
33453Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6126]
33452NetGear WG311v1 Wireless Driver wg311nd5.sys memory corruption
33451Biba Software SeleniumServer Web Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6124]
33450Coppermine Photo Gallery cross site scriting
33449TIN memory corruption [CVE-2006-6122]
33448Acer LunchApp.APlunch ActiveX Control privileges management [CVE-2006-6121]🔒🔒
33447PassGo SSO Plus privileges management [CVE-2006-5965]
33446mmgallery Error Message thumbs.php information disclosure
33445mmgallery thumbs.php cross site scriting
33444Fipsasp fipsGallery index1.asp sql injection🔒
33443Fipsasp fipsForum default2.asp sql injection🔒
33442Fipsasp fipsCMS index.asp sql injection🔒
33440Alan Ward A-Cart product.asp sql injection🔒
33439BPG-InfoTech Content Management System publications_list.asp sql injection🔒
33438CandyPress CandyPress Store openpolicy.asp sql injection🔒
33437EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6108]
33436pstotext privileges management [CVE-2006-5869]🔒🔒
33435Dotnetindex Active News Manager activenews_search.asp cross site scripting
33434Dotnetindex Active News Manager activenews_view.asp sql injection🔒
33433Dotnetindex Active News Manager activenews_categories.asp sql injection🔒
33432PicturesPro PicturesPro Photo Cart adminprint.php file inclusion
3343120 20 Applications 20 20 Auto Gallery vehiclelistings.asp sql injection🔒
33430GrimBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6091]
33429BaalAsp Smart Form Portal rlogin adminlogin.asp sql injection
33428BaalAsp BaalAsp forum addpost1.asp cross site scriting
33427Blue-collar Productions i-Gallery igallery.asp cross site scriting
33426My Little Homepage my little weblog weblog.php cross site scriting
33425e-Ark code injection [CVE-2006-6086]
33424Kile information disclosure [CVE-2006-6085] abitwhizzy abitwhizzy.php path traversal
33422CreaScripts Creadirectory search.asp sql injection
33421CreaScripts Creadirectory addlisting.asp cross site scriting
33420Telaen smarty_compiler.class.php file inclusion
33419Gazatem Technologies gNews Publisher categories.asp sql injection
33418Imendio Ab LoudMouth admin.loudmouth.php file inclusion
33417a-ConMan file inclusion
33416CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup tapeeng.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
33415BaalAsp Smart Form Portal addpost1.asp cross site scriting
33414Enthrallweb eShopping Cart reviews.asp sql injection
33413Enthrallweb eShopping Cart productdetail.asp sql injection
33412BPG-InfoTech Easy Publisher sql injection [CVE-2006-6072]
33410My Firewall Plus privileges management [CVE-2006-3973]
33409ASP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2006-6070]
33408mAlbum Installation index.php information disclosure
33407mAlbum Cache functions.php cached_album path traversal
3340620 20 Applications 20 20 Datashed sql injection [CVE-2006-6067]
33405Dragon Internet Events Listing admin_login.asp sql injection
33404MxBB CalSnails Module file inclusion [CVE-2006-6065]
33403Fuzzball MUCK memory corruption [CVE-2006-6064]
33402Un4seen XMPlay stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6063]
33401Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6062]🔒
33400apple Mac OS X Server denial of service [CVE-2006-6061] [Disputed]🔒
33399Linux Kernel __find_get_block_slow denial of service🔒🔒
33398NetGear Ma521 Driver ma521nd5.sys memory corruption
33397Linux Kernel minix_bmap numeric error🔒🔒
33396Linux Kernel init_journal null pointer dereference🔒🔒
33395Linux Kernel superblock_doinit null pointer dereference🔒🔒
33394D-Link DWL-G132 stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6055]
33393Linux Kernel ext2 File System denial of service [CVE-2006-6054]🔒🔒
33392Linux Kernel ext3fs_dirhash denial of service🔒🔒
33391Imagemagick memory corruption [CVE-2006-5868]🔒🔒
33390NetEpi Case Manager Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-6052]
33389Mamboxchange MosReporter reporter.logic.php file inclusion
33388ClickTech Texas Rankem player.asp sql injection
33387Phil Taylor shambo2 shambo2.php file inclusion
33386Etomite index.php sql injection🔒🔒
33385Etomite path traversal [CVE-2006-6047]
33384Epic Designs eggblog cross site scripting [CVE-2006-6046]
33383Comdev Comdev One Admin Pro adminfoot.php file inclusion
33382PHPQuickGallery file inclusion
33381Oliver/Webshare Login loginform-inc.php file_exists file inclusion
33380phpWebThings Core file inclusion [CVE-2006-6042]🔒🔒
33379Laurent Van den Reysen WORK system e-commerce Administration index.php code injection
33378Jelsoft vBulletin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6040]
33377Powie PHP MatchMaker matchdetail.php sql injection
33376Powie pForum editpoll.php sql injection
33375Leinir Travelsized CMS index.php cross site scripting
33374Emreturk OpenHuman sql injection [CVE-2006-6036]
33373F-art Agency Blog Cms list.php cross site scripting
33372SitesOutlet E-commerce Kit-1 catalogue.asp sql injection
33371SPHPBlog Login index.php path traversal
33370SPHPBlog add_block.php cross site scriting
33369GCIS ASPCart prodetails.asp sql injection
33368Futuretec E-Calendar Pro Search Engine sql injection [CVE-2006-6030]
33367Property Pro Login vir_login.asp sql injection
33366Anton Vlasov DoSePa textview.php path traversal
33365RealNetworks Helix DNA Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-6026]🔒
33364Qualcomm Eudora WorldMail denial of service [CVE-2006-6025]
33363Qualcomm Eudora Worldmail stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-6024]
33362Bloo phoo.base.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33361BestWebApp Dating Site login_form.asp cross site scriting
33360BestWebApp Dating Site sql injection [CVE-2006-6021]
33359Blog Torrent Preview announce.php cross site scriting
33358Bloo cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6019]
33356WordPress Serialization denial of service [CVE-2006-6017]
33355WordPress information disclosure [CVE-2006-6016]
33354Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-6015]
33353NetBSD Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6014]
33352MGinternet Car Site Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-6012]
33351SAP SAP Web Application Server enserver.exe denial of service
33350SAP Base information disclosure [CVE-2006-6010]
33349Netkit Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-6008]
33348WebEvents Online Event Registration Profiles save_profile.asp unknown vulnerability
33347Cactusoft CactuShop prodtype.asp sql injection
33346VMWare VirtualCenter input validation [CVE-2006-5990]
33345ASPintranet default.asp sql injection
33344Extreme CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5986]
33343Extreme CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5985]
33342Webhost Automation Helm Web Hosting Control Panel users.asp cross site scriting
33341JBMC Software DirectAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5983]
33340Biba Software SeleniumServer FTP Server cryptographic issues
33339Biba Software SeleniumServer FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-5981]
33338Renasoft NetJetServer adm_lgn_admin.asp privileges management
33337Renasoft NetJetServer information disclosure [CVE-2006-5979]
33336E-Xoopport Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5978] MultiCalendars rss_out.asp sql injection
33334Drumster BlogMe admin_login.asp sql injection
33333Drumster BlogMe comments.asp cross site scriting
33332Timo Sirainen Dovecot off-by-one [CVE-2006-5973]🔒🔒
33331NetGear Wg111v2 Driver wg111v2.sys stack-based overflow
33330Apple Remote Desktop admin Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4413]
33329Verity Ultraseek path traversal [CVE-2006-5971]🔒🔒
33328Verity Ultraseek Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-5970]🔒
33327Verity Ultraseek information disclosure [CVE-2006-5819]🔒
33326fvwm evalfolderline privileges management🔒🔒
33325Panda ActiveScan ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2006-5967]
33324Panda ActiveScan ActiveX Control resource management [CVE-2006-5966]
33323Hpecs Shopping Cart insearch_list.asp sql injection
33322Pegasus Mercury Mail Transport System memory corruption [CVE-2006-5961]🔒🔒🔒
33321Web Inhabit A+ Store E-Commerce account_login.asp cross site scriting
33320Web Inhabit A+ Store E-Commerce browse.asp sql injection
33319INFINICART login.asp cross site scriting
33318INFINICART browse_group.asp sql injection [Disputed]
33317XLineSoft PHPRunner phprunner.ini cleartext storage
3331620 20 Applications 20 20 Datashed listings.asp sql injection
33315NetVIOS page.asp sql injection
33314Lynx Internet Solutions Evolve Merchant viewcart.asp sql injection
33313ASP Smiley sql injection [CVE-2006-5952]
33312Exophpdesk pipe.php file inclusion
33311ALTools ALFTP FTP Server Installation information disclosure
33310ALTools ALFTP FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-5949]
33309Ringsworld phpPeanuts Inspect.php file inclusion
33308Conxint Conxint FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-5947]
33307FunkyASP glossary sql injection [CVE-2006-5946]
33306MGinternet Car Site Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-5945]
33305MGinternet Car Site Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5944]
33304Website Designs for Less Inventory Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-5943]
33303Website Designs For Less Inventory Manager cross site scriting
33302Grisoft AVG Antivirus numeric error [CVE-2006-5940]
33301Grisoft AVG Antivirus divide by zero [CVE-2006-5939]
33300Grisoft AVG Antivirus input validation [CVE-2006-5938]
33299SiteXpress SiteXpress E-Commerce System dept.asp sql injection
33298ShopSystems SSID index.php sql injection
33297Iexpress Estate Agent Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-5934]
33296UltraSite update.asp sql injection
33295Kahua User Account Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5932]
33294Aigaion file inclusion [CVE-2006-5931]
33293Aigaion basicfunctions.php file inclusion
33292phpJobScheduler firepjs.php file inclusion
33291phpJobScheduler add-modify.php file inclusion
33290ASP Scripter Easy Portal cplogin.asp sql injection
33289Vallheru mail.php sql injection
33288Links memory corruption [CVE-2006-5925]🔒🔒
33287Efficientip iPmanager index.php cross site scriting
33286Chris Mac GimeScripts Shopping Catalog index.php file inclusion
33285Wheatblog Error Message index.php information disclosure
33284Wheatblog add_comment.php cross site scriting
33283Yuuki Yoshizawa Exporia common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33282ActiveCampaign KnowledgeBuilder file inclusion [CVE-2006-5919]
33281PHP Rapid Kill File Upload Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5918]
33280Omnistar Interactive OmniStar Article Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-5917]
33279Intego VirusBarrier Virus Protection privileges management [CVE-2006-5916]
33278SAMEDIA LandShop ls.php cross site scriting
33277SAMEDIA LandShop ls.php sql injection
33276Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar sslnavcancel.htm unknown vulnerability Campsite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5912] Campsite alias.php file inclusion Campsite file inclusion [CVE-2006-5910]
33272Paul Tarjan Stanford Conference And Research Forum User Account generaloptions.php access control
33271Lucas Rodriguez San Pedro Yet Another News System Login yans.func.php login_user sql injection
33270Jean-Christophe Ramos PLS-Bannieres sql injection [CVE-2006-5907]
33269Jean-Christophe Ramos PLS-Bannieres file inclusion [CVE-2006-5906] [Disputed]
33268Web Directory Pro privileges management [CVE-2006-5905]
33267MWChat Pro Help about.php file inclusion
33266Rahul Jonna GSpace Filesystem 2174|1|1|1|gs: Remote Code Execution
33265viksoe GMail Drive Filesystem Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5902]
33264Hawking Technology Wr254-ca Wireless Router DNS Server denial of service
33263Zend Zend Framework Preview cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5900]
33262Acid Stats Installation install.php3 file inclusion [Disputed]
33261Phpheaven PhpMyChat languages.lib.php3 path traversal [CVE-2006-5898]
33260Phpheaven PhpMyChat Plus Help avatar.php path traversal
33259EncapsCMS Core core.php file inclusion
33258Rama CMS lang.php path traversal
33257iWonder Designs Storystream mysql.php sql injection
33256The Net Guys ASPired2Poll moreinfo.asp sql injection
33255Superfreaker Studios UStore detail.asp sql injection
33254Superfreaker Studios USupport detail.asp sql injection
33253BrewBlogger printlog.php sql injection
33252Superfreaker Studios UPublisher viewarticle.asp sql injection
33251Dynamic Dataworx NuSchool campusnewsdetails.asp sql injection
33250Dynamic Dataworx NuRealestate propertysdetails.asp sql injection
33249Dynamic Dataworx NuStore products.asp sql injection
33248Avahi authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-5461]🔒🔒
33247Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control danim.dll Remote Code Execution
33246WinZip ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2006-5198]🔒🔒
33245Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Rendering memory corruption🔒
33244PowerDNS Recursor denial of service [CVE-2006-4252]🔒
33243cPanel seldir.html cross site scriting
33242Linksys WPC300N Wireless-n Notebook Adapter Driver Device Driver memory corruption🔒
33241Dynamic Dataworx NuCommunity cl_catlisting.asp sql injection
33240Isystems Munch Pro switch.asp sql injection
33239ASPPortal default1.asp sql injection
33238Edgewall Software Trac cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-5878]🔒🔒
33237PowerDNS Recursor memory corruption [CVE-2006-4251]🔒🔒
33236phpManta view-source path traversal [CVE-2006-5866]
33235Damien Benier MyAlbum code injection
33234GNU gv ps.c ps_gettext memory corruption🔒🔒
33233Otterware LetterIt session.php file inclusion
33232Network Administration Visualized path traversal [CVE-2006-5862]
33231Citrix Metaframe Presentation Server Independent Management Architecture imasrv.exe denial of service
33230Marshal MailMarshal SMTP path traversal [CVE-2006-5487]
33229Immediacy Immediacy .NET CMS logon.aspx cross site scriting
33228OpenBase Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5852]
33227OpenBase link following [CVE-2006-5851]
33226Essen Essentia Web Server stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-5850]
33225IrayoBlog file inclusion [CVE-2006-5849]
33223FreeWebshop index.php cross site scripting
33222FreeWebshop index.php path traversal
33221Speedywiki File Upload index.php unrestricted upload
33220Speedywiki index.php information disclosure
33219Speedywiki index.php cross site scripting
33218Unicore Unicore Client information disclosure [CVE-2006-5842]
33217Dodos Scripts dodosmail dodosmail.php file inclusion
33216Abarcar Realty Portal newsdetails.php sql injection [Disputed]
33215PHPAdventure ad_main.php file inclusion
33214NewP News Publication System class.database.php file inclusion
33213SimpleChat chat_panel.php memory corruption
33212Opendarwin Darwin kernel syscall denial of service🔒
33211OpenSolution Quick.Cms.Lite general.php path traversal
33210GreenBeast CMS memory corruption [CVE-2006-5833]
33209AIOCP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-5832]
33208AIOCP Control Panel file inclusion [CVE-2006-5831]
33207AIOCP Control Panel cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5830]
33206AIOCP Control Panel cp_dpage.php sql injection
33205DeltaScripts PHP Classifieds detail.php sql injection
33204phpComasy index.php cross site scriting
33203Texas Imperial Software WFTPD memory corruption [CVE-2006-5826]🔒
33202Kayako SupportSuite index.php cross site scriting
33201FreeBSD Filesystem ffs_rdextattr heap-based overflow
33200Linux Kernel zlib_inflate memory corruption🔒🔒
33199FreeBSD denial of service [CVE-2006-5680]🔒🔒
33198Parallels Desktop prl_dhcpd .dhcpd_configuration privileges management
33197Dmitry Sheiko Business Card Web Builder file inclusion [CVE-2006-5816]
33196Novell eDirectory memory corruption [CVE-2006-5814]
33195Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2006-5813]
33194Kerio MailServer denial of service [CVE-2006-5812]
33193OpenEMR file inclusion [CVE-2006-5811]
33192XOOPS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5810]
33191Jonathon J. Freeman OvBB Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5809]
33190Cisco Secure Desktop Installation privileges management [CVE-2006-5808]
33189Cisco Secure Desktop Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5807]
33188Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar invalidcert.htm unknown vulnerability
33187Mozilla Thunderbird Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5463]🔒🔒
33186Mozilla Thunderbird Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2006-5748]🔒🔒
33185Mozilla Thunderbird JavaScript memory corruption🔒🔒
33184GNU texinfo readline memory corruption🔒🔒
33183Advanced Guestbook admin.php file inclusion
33182mxBB Smartor Album file inclusion [CVE-2006-5803]
33181The Web Drivers Simple Forum message_details.php sql injection
33180owfs denial of service [CVE-2006-5801]
33179xenis xenis.creator CMS default.asp cross site scriting
33178xenis xenis.creator CMS default.asp cross site scriting
33177Xenis Xenis.creator CMS default.asp sql injection
33176Xenis Xenis.creator CMS default.asp sql injection
33175Soholaunch Soholaunch Pro Edition file inclusion
33174OpenEMR billing_process.php file inclusion
33173Xlink Technology Omni-nfs X Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2006-5792]
33172Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook Error Message elogd.c send_file_direct cross site scriting🔒🔒
33171Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook elogd.c memory corruption🔒🔒
33170Jgaa WarFTPd resource management [CVE-2006-5789]🔒
33169IPrimal IPrimal Forums index.php code injection
33168IPrimal IPrimal Forums sql injection [CVE-2006-5787]
33167e107 CMS class2.php path traversal🔒
33166SAP SAP Web Application Server enserver.exe denial of service
33165Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-5783] [Disputed]
33164iodine handshake stack-based overflow
33163DigiOz DigiOz Guestbook Error Message list.php information disclosure
33162Xlink Technology Omni-NFS Server nfsd.exe stack-based overflow🔒
33161linux-ftpd Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5778]🔒🔒
33160Creasito Creasito E-Commerce Content Manager addnewcont.php Remote Code Execution
33159Ariadne Ariadne Cms Installation loader.cmd.php file inclusion [Disputed]
33158Enlightenment imlib2 loader_pnm.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
33157Enlightenment imlib2 loader_tga.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒
33156Enlightenment imlib2 loader_tga.c memory corruption🔒🔒
33155Enlightenment imlib2 loader_argb.c integer coercion🔒🔒
33154FunkBoard profile.php cross site scriting
33153Hyper NIKKI System cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5774]
33152FreeWebshop Installation index.php path traversal
33151FreeWebshop index.php sql injection
33150Arkoon SSL360 cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5771]
33148Fixpunkt Gmbh admin.tool CMS 3 admintool cross site scriting
33147Cyberfolio view.php file inclusion
33146Drake Team Drake CMS code injection [CVE-2006-5767]
33145Article System volume.php file inclusion
33144Article Script rss.php sql injection
33143Free Php Scripts Free File Hosting File Upload contact.php code injection
33142Free Php Scripts Free File Hosting File Upload login.php file inclusion
33141Free Php Scripts Free File Hosting File Upload forgot_pass.php code injection
33140Rhadrix If-CMS index.php cross site scriting
33139phpDynaSite function_log.php file inclusion
33138Rhadrix If-CMS Error Message index.php information disclosure
33137AirMagnet Enterprise Certificates unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5746]
33136Mobilesecure Highwall Enterprise Management Interface endpoint_edit.cfm sql injection
33135Mobilesecure Highwall Endpoint Management Interface endpoint_edit.cfm cross site scriting
33134AirMagnet Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5742]
33133AirMagnet Enterprise Web Interface xh cross site scriting
33132Leicestershire communityPortals file inclusion [CVE-2006-5739]
33131PunBB sql injection [CVE-2006-5738]
33130PunBB Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5737]
33129PunBB Installation search.php sql injection🔒
33128PunBB common.php path traversal🔒🔒
33127Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor file inclusion [CVE-2006-5734]
33126PostNuke error.php path traversal
33125Tgs Cms logout.php sql injection
33124Lithium CMS Stored path traversal [CVE-2006-5731]
33123MODX CMS Thumbnail.php file inclusion🔒🔒
33122Yazd Yazd Discussion Forum privileges management [CVE-2006-5729]
33121Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server resource management [CVE-2006-5728]
33120sazcart cart.php file inclusion
33119Aep Networks Smartgate Ssl Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-5725]
33118Mirabilis ICQ Registry service" heap-based overflow
33117DataparkSearch Search Engine sql injection [CVE-2006-5723]
33116Middlebury College Segue CMS themesettings.php file inclusion
33115Agnitum Outpost Firewall deviceiocontrol denial of service
33114Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2006-5720]
33113BytesFall Explorer sessions.lib.php sql injection [CVE-2006-5719]
33112Zend Zend Google Data Client Library Preview basedemo.php cross site scriting
33111FreeNews aff_news.php path traversal
33110EFS Easy Address Book NTFS File System $data information disclosure
33109EFS Web Server NTFS File System $data information disclosure🔒🔒
33108EFS Web Server File Sharing cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5713]🔒
33106ECI Telecom B-focus Wireless 802.11bg Adsl2+ Router Configuration File information disclosure
33105Opendarwin Darwin kernel memory corruption [CVE-2006-5710]🔒
33104Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient memory leak [CVE-2006-5708]
33103PHPEasyData Pro index.php sql injection
33102PHP memory corruption [CVE-2006-5706]🔒🔒
33101WordPress path traversal [CVE-2006-5705]🔒🔒
33100HP NonStop Server privileges management [CVE-2006-5704]
33099Tikiwiki tiki-featured_link.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
33098Tikiwiki Error Message tiki-listpages.php information disclosure🔒🔒
33097Novell eDirectory Security Service berdecodelogindatarequest denial of service
33096FreeBSD Filesystem ffs_mountfs numeric error🔒
33095phpMyConferences file inclusion [CVE-2006-5678] [Disputed]
33094Cluster Resources TORQUE Resource Manager symlink [CVE-2006-5677]🔒🔒
33093Uni-Vert PhpLeague sql injection [CVE-2006-5676]
33092Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite MySQL sql injection [CVE-2006-5675]
33090miniBB bb_func_txt.php file inclusion🔒🔒
33089MySource CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5672]
33088Free Php Scripts Free Image Hosting contact.php file inclusion
33087Free Php Scripts Free Image Hosting forgot_pass.php file inclusion
33086Gepi file inclusion [CVE-2006-5669]
33085Ampache privileges management [CVE-2006-5668]
33084P-Book admin.php file inclusion
33083Asmir Alic E Annu Login sql injection [CVE-2006-5666]
33082Spider Friendly modules_data.php file inclusion
33081IBM Informix Dynamic Server Installation symlink [CVE-2006-5664]
33080Informix Dynamic Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5663]
33079Evandor easy notesManager login.php sql injection
33078VIRtech Netquery nquser.php cross site scriting
33077PAM_extern information disclosure [CVE-2006-5659]
33076Studio Achtundachtzig BlooMooWeb ActiveX control ActiveX Control aidematl.dll denial of service
33075Vilistextum off-by-one [CVE-2006-5657]
33074Vilistextum push_align resource management
33073OpenDocMan index.php sql injection
33072Sun Java System Messenger Express errorhtml cross site scriting
33071Sun iPlanet Messaging Server Messenger Express (css) cross site scriting
33070Sophos Anti-Virus memory corruption [CVE-2006-5647]
33069Sophos Anti-Virus memory corruption [CVE-2006-5646]
33068Sophos Anti-Virus memory allocation [CVE-2006-4839]
33067Microsoft Visual Studio .net ActiveX Control wmiscriptutils.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
33066Novell iManager resource management [CVE-2006-4517]🔒
33065foresite CMS search_de.html cross site scriting
33064NmnLogger Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5642]
33063Techno Dreams Announcement Script mainannounce2.asp sql injection
33062Techno Dreams Techno Dreams Guest Book guestbookview.asp sql injection
33061OpenWBEM Random Number Generator privileges management [CVE-2006-5639]
33060PHPMyRing cherche.php sql injection
33059Faq Administrator faq_reply.php file inclusion
33058SWS Simple Website Software common.php file inclusion
33057Web Wiz Forums sql injection [CVE-2006-5635]
33056phpProfiles code injection
33055Mozilla Seamonkey denial of service [CVE-2006-5633]
33054iG Shop change_pass.php cross site scriting
33053iG Shop change_pass.php cross site scriting
33052Hosting Controller disableforum.asp Remote Code Execution
33051Hosting Controller disableforum.asp sql injection🔒
33050Unisor Cms login.asp sql injection
33049QnECMS headerscripts.php file inclusion
33048phpFaber phpFaber Content Management System cross site scriting
33047nx N X Wcms file inclusion [CVE-2006-5625]
33046MPCS include.php file inclusion
33045EE Tool file inclusion
33044Coppermine Photo Gallery picmgr.php sql injection
33043Ask Rave end.php code injection
33042MiniBILL file inclusion [CVE-2006-5620]
33041BytesFall Explorer sql injection [CVE-2006-5606]
33040Acme Labs thttpd symlink [CVE-2006-4248]🔒🔒
33039Netref path traversal [CVE-2006-5618]
33038Thepeak Thepeak File Upload Manager index.php path traversal
33037SuSE Linux memory corruption [CVE-2006-5616]🔒🔒
33036Textpattern publish.php file inclusion
33035MP3 Streaming DownSampler Core file inclusion
33034Michel Pradel GestArt aide.php3 code injection
33033Toshiba Bluetooth Stack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5611]
33032Fully Modded phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-5610]
33031TorrentFlux dir.php path traversal
33030Drupal Extended Tracker sql injection [CVE-2006-5608]
33029INCA Im-204 Adsl Router path traversal [CVE-2006-5607]
33027phpcards phpcards.footer.php cross site scriting
33026phpcards phpcards.header.php path traversal
33025Snitz Forums 2000 pop_mail.asp sql injection
33024xsupplicant memory leak [CVE-2006-5602]🔒
33023xsupplicant eap.c eap_do_notify memory corruption🔒🔒
33022server keytool.config information disclosure
33021Oracle Application Express cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5599] [Disputed]
33020Webgeneius GOOP Gallery index.php cross site scriting
33019MiniHTTP Web Forum File Sharing Sever Powerpack User Account join.asp privileges management
33018Aep Networks Smartgate Ssl Server path traversal [CVE-2006-5596]
33017Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2006-5595]🔒
33016Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2006-5469]🔒🔒
33015Wireshark off-by-one [CVE-2006-4574]🔒🔒
33014wvWare MSWordView wvgetlfo_records integer coercion🔒🔒
33013Wireshark LDAP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2006-5740]🔒🔒
33012Wireshark HTTP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2006-5468]🔒🔒
33011Wireshark memory allocation [CVE-2006-4805]🔒🔒
33010University of British Columbia iPeer file inclusion [CVE-2006-5594]
33009Neo Japan Desknets memory corruption [CVE-2006-5593]
33008Pacos Drivers PacPoll Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5592]
33007Pacos Drivers PacPoll sql injection [CVE-2006-5591]
33006ArticleBeach ArticleBeach Script index.php file inclusion
33005LedgerSMB sql injection [CVE-2006-5589]
33004CMS Faethon file inclusion [CVE-2006-5588]
33003MDweb file inclusion [CVE-2006-5587]
33002Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby resource management [CVE-2006-5467]🔒🔒
33001Kynoslogic CruiseWorks stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-5571]
33000Kynoslogic CruiseWorks path traversal [CVE-2006-5570]
32999Datawizard FtpXQ unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5569]🔒🔒
32998Datawizard FtpXQ resource management [CVE-2006-5568]
32997Webasyst Llc Shop-Script Logging unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5566]
32996MAXdev MD-Pro index.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5565]
32995MAXdev MD-Pro user.php cross site scriting
32994Open Source Technology Group SourceForge file inclusion [CVE-2006-5562]
32993Discuz Discuz Gbk admincp.php sql injection
32992Boesch It-consulting ProgSys heading.php cross site scripting
32991HP HP-UX memory corruption [CVE-2006-5558]
32989HP HP-UX localtime_r memory corruption
32988EPNadmin file inclusion
32987Blackdot Imageview index.php path traversal
32986Revilloc Solutions RevilloC MailServer memory corruption [CVE-2006-5552]
32985Qksoft QK SMTP stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-5551]🔒
32984Adobe Adobe Php Ria Sdk Libraries file inclusion [CVE-2006-5549] [Disputed]
32983OTSCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5548]
32982OTSCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5547]
32981OTSCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5546]
32980PGOSD file inclusion [CVE-2006-5543]
32979PostgreSQL denial of service [CVE-2006-5542]🔒🔒
32978PostgreSQL denial of service [CVE-2006-5541]🔒🔒
32977UeberProject Management System secure.php file inclusion
32976D-Link DSL-G624T Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2006-5538]
32975D-Link DSL-G624T cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5537]
32974D-Link DSL-G624T Firmware path traversal [CVE-2006-5536]
32973cPanel cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5535]
32972Zwahlen Informatik Online Shop index.htm cross site scripting
32971AROUNDMe file inclusion [CVE-2006-5533]
32970Xoops Xoops Rmsoft Gallery System cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5532]
32969Ascended Development Ascended Guestbook embedded.php file inclusion
32968Boesch It-consulting SimpNews cross site scripting [CVE-2006-5530]
32967SchoolAlumni Portal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5529]
32966SchoolAlumni Portal mod.php path traversal
32965Intelimen InteliEditor file inclusion [CVE-2006-5527]
32964Fully Modded phpBB faq.php file inclusion
32963Phpnuke PHP-Nuke mainfile.php sql injection
32962PHPList index.php cross site scriting
32961EZ-Ticket common.php file inclusion
32960Johannes Erdfelt Kawf main.php file inclusion
32959Net_DNS RR.php file inclusion
32958DeltaScripts PHP Classifieds functions.php file inclusion
32957MambWeather code injection [CVE-2006-5519]🔒🔒
32956Christopher Fowler RSSonate xml2rss.php file inclusion
32955Rhode Island Secretary Of State Open Meetings Filing System session.php code injection
32954WikiNi cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5516]
32953phpPgAds Admin Interface Stored cross site scriting
32952Web Group Communication Center quiz.php sql injection
32951GeoNetwork opensource sql injection [CVE-2006-5513]
32950Zwahlen Informatik Online Shop article.htm cross site scriting
32949JaxUltraBB delete.php memory corruption
32948Bluevirus-design PH Pexplorer explorer_load_lang.php path traversal
32947WoltLab Burning Book addentry.php sql injection
32946WoltLab Burning Book addentry.php sql injection
32945Der Dirigent Backend find.php code injection
32944WiClear code injection
32943Ben3w 2BGal file inclusion [CVE-2006-5505]
32941Simple Machines Forum index.php cross site scriting
32940AOL ActiveX Control ygppicdownload.dll heap-based overflow
32939AOL ActiveX Control ygppicdownload.dll memory corruption
32938XchangeBoard checkuser sql injection
32937Serendipity Administration Page cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5499]
32936Middlebury College Segue CMS path traversal [CVE-2006-5498]
32935Middlebury College Segue CMS file inclusion🔒🔒
32934Timothy Claason KnowledgeBank index.php cross site scriting
32933Trawler Trawler Web CMS index.php file inclusion
32932PHP-Nuke displayCategory.php code injection
32930Maarch information disclosure [CVE-2006-5492]
32929Ceary UltraCMS sql injection [CVE-2006-5491]
32928Middlebury College Segue Cms sql injection [CVE-2006-5490]
32927XchangeBoard sql injection [CVE-2006-5488]
32926Sun iPlanet Messaging Server cross site scripting [CVE-2006-5486]
32925SpeedBerg entrancepage.tpl.php file inclusion
32924SSH Tectia Manager Certificates unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5484]
32923FreeBSD Scheduler p1003_1b.c denial of service
32922Castor code.php code injection [CVE-2006-5481]
32921Castor PHP Web Builder rs.php code injection [CVE-2006-5480]
32920Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2006-5479]
32919Drupal information disclosure [CVE-2006-5477]
32918Drupal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-5476]
32917Drupal XML Parser cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5475]
32916OneOrZero OneOrZero Helpdesk Password Reset password" Remote Code Execution
32915Softerra PHP Developer Library description.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32914Softerra PHP Developer Library registry.lib.php file inclusion
32913Softerra PHP Developer Library grid3.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5471]
32912Novell eDirectory LDAP Service evtfilteredmonitoreventsrequest memory corruption
32911GNU screen encoding.c utf8_handle_comb denial of service🔒🔒
32910Hinton Design phpht Topsites index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32909Alex Downloadengine file inclusion [CVE-2006-5459]
32908Hinton Design phpht Topsites common.php file inclusion
32907Casinosoft Casino Script cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5457]
32906ImageMagick readpalmimage memory corruption🔒🔒
32905Mozilla Bugzilla editversions.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
32904Mozilla Bugzilla attachment.cgi cross site scriting🔒🔒
32903Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5453]🔒🔒
32902TorrentFlux admin.php cross site scripting
32901Kinesis Kinesis Interactive Cinema System index.asp sql injection
32900Horde Ingo H3 privileges management [CVE-2006-5449]🔒🔒
32899Microsoft Windows Digital Rights Management drmstor.dll storelicense memory corruption
32898DEV Web Management System index.php cross site scriting
32897Casinosoft Casino Script sql injection [CVE-2006-5446]
32896Digium Asterisk Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2006-5445]🔒🔒
32895XIAO Gang WWW Interactive Mathematics Server unknown vulnerability
32894ViewVC cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5442]
32893Comdev Web Blogger adminfoot.php file inclusion
32892Comdev Form Designer adminfoot.php file inclusion
32891Comdev Misc Tools adminfoot.php code injection
32890Comdev Forum adminfoot.php file inclusion
32889phpAdsNew upgrade.php path traversal [Disputed]
32888FreeFAQ index.php file inclusion
32887phpBB groupcp.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32886p-news p-news.php file inclusion
32885Timm Maass Alice Cms file inclusion [CVE-2006-5433]
32884Marc Giombetti phpPowerCards file inclusion
32883Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus Device Driver memory corruption [CVE-2006-4926]🔒
32882PHPOutsourcing Zorum file inclusion [CVE-2006-5431]
32881db-central CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5430]
32880Barry Nauta BRIM Sidebar template.tpl.php file inclusion
32879Cerberus Helpdesk rpc.php information disclosure🔒
32878Php AMX file inclusion [CVE-2006-5427]
32877LoCal Calendar System lcuser.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5426]
32876XORP eXtensible Open Router Platform denial of service [CVE-2006-5425]
32875Justsystem Ichitaro resource management [CVE-2006-5424]
32874Lou Portail file inclusion [CVE-2006-5423]
32873Lodel CMS calcul-page.php file inclusion
32872WSN Forum prestart.php file inclusion
32871Kerio WinRoute Firewall denial of service [CVE-2006-5420]
32870University of Glasgow Specimen Image Database client.php file inclusion
32869phpBB SearchIndexer Search Engine code injection [CVE-2006-5418]🔒
32868McAfee Personal Firewall Plus mcnasvc.exe denial of service
32867News Defilante Horizontale file inclusion [CVE-2006-5415]
32866Barry Nauta BRIM information disclosure [CVE-2006-5414]
32865SuperMod offline.php file inclusion
32864PHP Outburst Easynews admin.php memory corruption
32863Justin White FreeWPS File Upload upload.php privileges management
32862BoonEx Dolphin file inclusion [CVE-2006-5410]
32861Mobilesecure Highwall Enterprise Management Interface sql injection
32860Mobilesecure Highwall Enterprise Management Interface cross site scriting
32859osTicket open_form.php file inclusion
32858Passgo Defender privileges management [CVE-2006-5406]
32857Toshiba Bluetooth wireless device driver Device Driver memory corruption
32856Symantec Automated Support Assistant ActiveX Control information disclosure
32855Symantec Automated Support Assistant ActiveX Control stack-based overflow
32854PHPmybibli cart.php code injection
32853AROUNDMe file inclusion [CVE-2006-5401]
32852CyberBrau file inclusion [CVE-2006-5400]
32851PHPRecipeBook code injection [CVE-2006-5399]
32850Simplog comments.php sql injection
32849Microsoft Class Package Export Tool clspack.exe memory corruption
32848Cisco Secure Desktop information disclosure [CVE-2006-5394]
32847Cisco Secure Desktop information disclosure [CVE-2006-5393]
32846OpenDoc FullCore cart.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5392]
32845Xfire denial of service [CVE-2006-5391]
32844phpBB Acp User Registration Module includes/functions_mod_user.php code injection🔒
32843Wyana PHP-Wyana Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-5389]
32842WebSPELL index.php sql injection
32841Phpbb Plusxl PlusXL file inclusion [CVE-2006-5387]
32840NuralStorm NuralStorm Webmail process.php file inclusion
32839SpamOborona file inclusion [CVE-2006-5385]
32838CDS Software Consortium CDS Agenda file inclusion [CVE-2006-5384]
32837Def-Blog comadd.php sql injection
32836Digia Qt HTML Library numeric error [CVE-2006-4811]🔒🔒
32835Contenido CMS conlib sql injection [CVE-2006-5381]
32834Contenido CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5380] [Disputed]
32833NVIDIA Binary Graphics Driver memory corruption [CVE-2006-5379]🔒🔒
32832Oracle EnterpriseOne Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5378]🔒
32831Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5377]
32830Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Privilege Escalation
32829Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution🔒
32828Oracle Pharmaceutical MACE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5374]🔒
32827Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5373]
32826Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Privilege Escalation
32825Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5371]
32824Oracle E-Business Suite iStore Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5370]
32823Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
32822Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5368]🔒
32821Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
32820Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5366]
32819Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5365]
32818Oracle Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-5364]
32817Oracle Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-5363]
32816Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5362]
32815Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5361]
32814Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5360]
32813Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5359] [Disputed]
32812Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5358]
32811Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5357]🔒
32810Oracle Collaboration Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5356]🔒
32809Oracle Collaboration Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5355]🔒
32808Oracle Collaboration Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5354]🔒
32807Oracle Collaboration Suite mod_rewrite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5353]🔒
32806Oracle APEX Application Express Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5352]🔒
32805Oracle APEX Application Express cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5351]🔒🔒
32804Oracle E-Business Suite/Applications Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
32803Oracle HTTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5349]🔒🔒
32802Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5348]🔒
32801Oracle HTTP Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5347]🔒🔒
32800Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5346]🔒🔒
32799Oracle Database Server relate Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
32798Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-5344] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32797Oracle Database Server Scheduler Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
32796Oracle Database Server EXTENT_OF sql injection [Disputed]🔒🔒
32795Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-5341] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32794Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-5340]🔒🔒🔒
32793Oracle Database Server relate Remote Privilege Escalation [Disputed]🔒🔒
32792Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS sql injection [CVE-2006-5338] [Disputed]🔒
32791Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
32790Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-5336] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32789Oracle Database Server bump_sequence sql injection [Disputed]🔒🔒
32788Oracle Database Server relate sql injection [Disputed]🔒🔒
32787Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-5333] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32786OpenBase symlink [CVE-2006-5328]
32785OpenBase memory corruption [CVE-2006-5327]
32784Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2006-4819]🔒🔒
32783Phpbb Prillian French Language Pack file inclusion [CVE-2006-5326]
32782Dimitri Seitz Security Suite IP Logger mkb.php file inclusion
32781IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5324]
32780Tincan PHPList sql injection [CVE-2006-5322]
32779Tincan PHPList cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5321]
32778Morian Album Photo Sans Nom getimg.php readfile path traversal
32777Toxi Foafgen redir.php path traversal
32776Nayco JASmine index.php file inclusion
32775Jhjgubbels eboli index.php file inclusion
32774Phplibre registroTL usuarios.dat information disclosure
32773Phplibre registroTL main.php file inclusion
32772Phplibre TribunaLibre ftag.php file inclusion
32771Hastymail SMTP Server crlf.crlf input validation
32770Red Hat Enterprise Linux shmat deadlock🔒
32769phpBB Ajax Shoutbox shoutbox.php file inclusion
32768Buzlas file inclusion [CVE-2006-5311]
32767phpMyConferences code injection [CVE-2006-5310]🔒
32766phpBB Prillian French file inclusion [CVE-2006-5309]
32765Open Conference Systems file inclusion [CVE-2006-5308]🔒
32764AFGB AFGB GUESTBOOK add.php file inclusion
32763phpBB Journals System module code injection [CVE-2006-5306]🔒
32762phpbb lat2cyr lat2cyr.php file inclusion
32761Inccms Technology IncCMS Core file inclusion [CVE-2006-5304]
32760Secure Computing SafeWord RemoteAccess login.conf missing encryption
32759Redaction System conn.php code injection
32758phpBB SpamBlockerMOD code injection [CVE-2006-5301]🔒
32757HP Version Control Agent privileges management [CVE-2006-5300]
32756Gcontact index.php cross site scriting
32755ClamAV HTML Help denial of service [CVE-2006-5295]🔒🔒
32754Ciphertrust Ironmail path traversal [CVE-2006-5210]🔒
32753ClamAV heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-4182]🔒🔒
32752mutt mail client safe_fopen unknown vulnerability🔒
32751Mutt mail client safe_open memory corruption🔒🔒
32750Tincan PHPList index.php cross site scriting
32749PhpOutsourcing Noahs Classifieds index.php cross site scriting
32748Exhibit Engine photo_comment.php file inclusion
32747Alex Downloadengine code injection [CVE-2006-5291]
32746Xerox Workcentre 275 ess memory corruption🔒
32745Vtiger CRM file inclusion [CVE-2006-5289]🔒🔒
32744Cisco 2700 Wireless Location Appliance Remote Code Execution🔒
32743Xeobook sign.php sql injection
32742XeoPort index.php sql injection
32741PHP News Reader file inclusion [CVE-2006-5284]
32740Minichat ftag.php file inclusion
32739SH-News report.php file inclusion
32738Navyism N At Board naboard_pnr.php file inclusion
32737Cuttlefish Multimedia Ltd. Leicestershire communityPortals import-archive.php code injection
32736MysqlDumper sql.php cross site scriting
32735phpMyAgenda path traversal [CVE-2006-5263]
32734Hastymail IMAP Server session.php privileges management
32733PHPMyNews disp_form.php3 file inclusion
32732compteur compteur.php file inclusion
32731Compteur param_editor.php file inclusion
32730Asbru Software Asbru Website Manager code injection [CVE-2006-5258]
32729Ciamos CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5257]
32728claroline import.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5256]
32727Greg Neustaetter gCards addnews.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32726Mamboxchange Extended Registration file inclusion
32725Dayana Networks phpOnline strload.php file inclusion
32724Webmedia Explorer core.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5252]
32723Deep CMS index.php file inclusion
32722Linux Kernel __block_prepare_write memory corruption🔒🔒
32721BlueShoes Blueshoes Framework googlesearch.php file inclusion🔒
32720TagIt Tagboard file inclusion [CVE-2006-5249]
32719Eazy Cart information disclosure [CVE-2006-5248]
32718Eazy Cart easycart.php cross site scriting
32717Eazy Cart easycart.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5246]
32716Eazy Cart Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5245]
32715OpenDock Easy Blog down_stat.php file inclusion
32714OpenDock Easy Doc down_stat.php file inclusion
32713Etomite sql injection [CVE-2006-5242]
32712OpenDock Easy Gallery file.php file inclusion
32711Docmint CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5240]
32710eXpBlog kalender.php cross site scripting
32709Blue Smiley Organizer File Upload Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5238]
32708Blue Smiley Organizer sql injection [CVE-2006-5237]
327064homepages 4images search.php sql injection
32705Dimension of phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-5235]
32704phpWebSite init.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32703Polycom SoundPoint IP 301 HTTP Daemon denial of service [CVE-2006-5233]
32702iSearch index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32701Grandstream GXP-2000 Firmware denial of service [CVE-2006-5231]
32700FreeForum forum.php file inclusion
32698AOL Ygp Pic Downloader Activex Control ActiveX Control ygppicdownload.dll memory corruption
32697AOL Ygp Screensaver Activex Control ActiveX Control memory corruption
32696Adobe Breeze Licensed Server path traversal [CVE-2006-5200]🔒
32695Adobe Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-5199]🔒
32694Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2006-4696]🔒🔒
32693Microsoft Word memory corruption [CVE-2006-4693]🔒
32692Microsoft XML Core Services memory corruption [CVE-2006-4686]🔒
32691Microsoft XML Core Services memory corruption [CVE-2006-4685]🔒
32690Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2006-3877]🔒🔒
32689Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2006-3875]🔒🔒
32688Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2006-3867]🔒🔒
32687Microsoft Word memory corruption [CVE-2006-3651]🔒
32686Microsoft Office numeric error [CVE-2006-3647]🔒🔒
32685Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2006-2387]🔒🔒
32684Rob Hensley ackerTodo Login login.php sql injection
32683TorrentFlux admin.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
32682Freenews Login file inclusion [CVE-2006-5226]
32681Aai-portal AAIportal sql injection [CVE-2006-5225]
32680Dimitri Seitz Security Suite IP Logger file inclusion [CVE-2006-5224]
32679Nivisec User Viewed Posts Tracker file inclusion [CVE-2006-5223]
32678Dimension of phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-5222]
32677Cahier De Textes lire.php sql injection
32676Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2006-3876]🔒🔒
32675Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2006-3435]🔒🔒
32673Objective Development WebYep WYApplication.php code injection
32672Moodle sql injection [CVE-2006-5219]🔒
32671OpenBSD systrace_preprepl integer coercion
32670Emek Portal giris_yap.asp sql injection
32669Sergey Lyubka Simple HTTPD stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-5216]
32668NetBSD Xsession symlink [CVE-2006-5215]🔒
32667Sun Solaris Permission Check authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-5213]🔒
32666Trend Micro OfficeScan CGI Program format string [CVE-2006-5212]🔒
32665phpBB Logging file inclusion [CVE-2006-5209]
32664Deltascripts PHP Classifieds search.php sql injection
32663phpMyTeam smileys_packs.php file inclusion
32662Invision Power Services Invision Gallery index.php sql injection
32661Invision Power Services Invision Gallery index.php path traversal
32660Invision Power Services IP.Board cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-5204]
32659Invision Power Services IP.Board Control Panel cross site scriting
32658Linksys WRT54g Firmware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5202]
32657Sun JRE Certificates unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5201]🔒
32656PDshopPro pdshoppro.mdb information disclosure
32655Motorola SURFboard denial of service [CVE-2006-5196]
32654Wheatblog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5195]
32653net2ftp index.php cross site scriting
32652WikyBlog index.php file inclusion
32651phpGreetz file inclusion [CVE-2006-5192]
32650phpBB functions_static_topics.php code injection
32649osCommerce banner_manager.php cross site scriting
32648klinza klinza professional cms show_hlp.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-5189]
32647webGENEius GOOP Gallery download.php path traversal
32646Bulletin Board Ace file inclusion [CVE-2006-5187]
32645phpMyProfiler functions.php file inclusion
32644HAMweather Weather template.php eval memory corruption🔒
32643PKR Internet Taskjitsu sql injection [CVE-2006-5184]
32642Dayfox Designs Dayfox Blog adminlog.php file inclusion
32641Dan Jensen Travelsized CMS frontpage.php file inclusion
32640Joshua Muheim phpMyWebmin change_preferences2.php file inclusion
32639Baumedia Newswriter file inclusion [CVE-2006-5180]
32638Intoto iGateway SSL-VPN Certificates denial of service [CVE-2006-5179]
32637Mailenable Enterprise NTLM Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2006-5177]🔒🔒
32636Mailenable Enterprise NTLM Authentication memory corruption [CVE-2006-5176]🔒🔒
32635Buffalotech TeraStation HD-HTGL cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-5175]
32634PowerPortal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5169]
32633Simon Brown Pebble cross site scripting [CVE-2006-5168]
32632CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup Backup Agent dbasvr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
32631CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup memory corruption [CVE-2006-5142]🔒🔒
32630Novell Mono system.codedom.compiler symlink🔒🔒
32629Python repr memory corruption🔒🔒
32628BasiliX Basilix Webmail bsx_libdir file inclusion [CVE-2006-5167]
32627PHP Web Scripts Easy Banner Free functions.php file inclusion
32626Skrypty PPA Gallery file inclusion [CVE-2006-5165]
32625Sum Effect Software digiSHOP cart.php cross site scriting
32624IBM Informix Dynamic Server symlink [CVE-2006-5163]
32623Microsoft Internet Explorer wininet.dll denial of service [CVE-2006-5162]
32622IBM Client Security Password Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5161]
32621Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-5160] [Disputed]
32620Mozilla Firefox stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-5159] [Disputed]
32619VideoDB file inclusion [CVE-2006-5155]
32618DeluxeBB sig.php file inclusion
32617Kerio Personal Firewall denial of service [CVE-2006-5153]
32616Microsoft Internet Explorer Error Message cross site scriting
32615HP HP-UX Ignite-UX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5151]
32614OpenBiblio sql injection [CVE-2006-5150]
32613OpenBiblio Help path traversal [CVE-2006-5149]🔒
32612Forum82 forum82lib.php3 file inclusion [CVE-2006-5148]
32611VAMP Webmail file inclusion [CVE-2006-5147]
32610Yblog funk.php cross site scriting
32609Olate OlateDownload details.php sql injection
32608Olate OlateDownload userupload.php cross site scriting
32606Lappy512 PHP Krazy Image Host Script display.php sql injection
32605MkPortal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5139]
32604Ubbcentral UBB.threads Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-5138]
32603Ubbcentral UBB.threads Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5137]🔒
32602Ubbcentral UBB.threads file inclusion🔒
32601A-Blog file inclusion [CVE-2006-5135]
32600HP Mercury SiteScope denial of service [CVE-2006-5134]
32599Steve Poulsen GuildFTPd memory corruption [CVE-2006-5133]
32598phpMyAgenda agendaplace.php3 file inclusion
32597Salims Softhouse JAF CMS memory corruption [CVE-2006-5131]
32596Salims Softhouse JAF CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5130]
32595Salims Softhouse JAF CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5129]
32594ConPresso CMS index.php sql injection
32593ConPresso CMS detail.php cross site scriting
32592PowerPortal index.php file inclusion
32591Joshua Muheim phpMyWebmin window.php opendir information disclosure
32590Joshua Muheim phpMyWebmin window.php file inclusion
32589PHProjekt lib_path file inclusion [CVE-2006-5123]
32588HP Mercury SiteScope cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5122]
32587PostNuke sql injection [CVE-2006-5121]🔒🔒
32586Scott Metoyer Red Mombin index.php cross site scriting
32585Zen Cart cross site scripting [CVE-2006-5119]
32584PHPSelect Web Development Division index.php3 file inclusion
32583phpMyAdmin Libraries information disclosure [CVE-2006-5117]🔒🔒
32582KGB kgcall.php path traversal
32581Yuuki Yoshizawa Exporia common.php path traversal
32580InterVations NaviCOPA Web Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-5112]🔒
32579libksba library denial of service [CVE-2006-5111]🔒
32577Devellion CubeCart Error Message link_navi.php information disclosure
32576Devellion CubeCart print_order.php cross site scriting
32575Devellion CubeCart sql injection [CVE-2006-5107]
32574FacileForms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5106]
32573Forum One SyntaxCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5105]
32572Jelsoft vBulletin lsof global.php sql injection
32571bbsNew file inclusion [CVE-2006-5103]
32569Comdev Comdev CSV Importer Contact Form include.php code injection
32568Netwin webnews Parser file inclusion [CVE-2006-5100]
32567Apple Mac OS X unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4399]🔒
32566Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4397]🔒
32565Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager memory corruption [CVE-2006-4395]🔒
32564Apple Mac OS X LoginWindow Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4394]🔒
32563Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4393]🔒
32562Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4392]🔒
32561Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2006-4391]🔒
32560Apple Mac OS X missing encryption [CVE-2006-4390]🔒
32559Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4387]🔒
32558Andreas Gohr DokuWiki fetch.php privileges management [CVE-2006-5099]🔒🔒
32557Andreas Gohr DokuWiki fetch.php denial of service [CVE-2006-5098]🔒🔒
32556net2ftp index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32555VirtueMart Virtuemart Joomla Ecommerrce Edition Cms index.php cross site scriting
32554MyPhotos index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32553phpBB XS file inclusion [CVE-2006-5094]
32552Paul Schudar Tagmin Control Center index.php code injection
32551A-Blog menu.php file inclusion
32550HP HP-UX privileges management [CVE-2006-5091]
32548My-BIC mybic_server.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32547phpHeaven phpMyChat connected_users.lib.php3 file inclusion [CVE-2006-5088]
32546evoBB track.php file inclusion
32545Plone Password Reset denial of service [CVE-2006-4247]
32544Pixel Motion Pixel Motion Blog insere_base.php sql injection
32543Pixel Motion Pixel Motion Blog config.php memory corruption
32542Phpbb Security Importal file inclusion [CVE-2006-5083]
32541SugarCRM Sugar Suite memory corruption [CVE-2006-5082]
32540Jl Webworks QuickBlogger acc.php file inclusion
32539Six Apart Movable Type search cross site scripting🔒🔒
32538PHP Arena paBugs MySQL class.mysql.php file inclusion
32537Polaring file inclusion [CVE-2006-5078]
32536Minerva Logging file inclusion [CVE-2006-5077]
32535Back-End Back-end Cms file inclusion [CVE-2006-5076]
32534Sun Solaris Proxy Service denial of service [CVE-2006-5075]
32533PHP Invoice home.php cross site scriting
32532OpenBSD OpenSSH packet.c denial of service🔒🔒
32531eyeOS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5071]🔒🔒
32530faceStones fs_form_links.php file inclusion
32529Typo3 class.tx_indexedsearch.php cross site scriting🔒
32528Brudaswen BrudaNews BrudaGB file inclusion
32527PHP System Administration Toolkit loader.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32526DanPHPSupport index.php cross site scriting
32525ZoomStats MySQL file inclusion [CVE-2006-5065]
32524BirdBlog comment.php cross site scriting
32523Stefan Ritt Elog Web Logbook cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5063]🔒🔒
32522PBLang file inclusion [CVE-2006-5062]
32521Advanced-Clan-Script mcf.php file inclusion
32520Jamroom login.php cross site scriting
32519Wired Community Software WWWthreads dosearch.php cross site scriting
32518Activision Call of Duty 2 memory corruption [CVE-2006-5058] PhotoStore details.php cross site scriting
32516Opial Opial Audio Video Download Management index.php cross site scriting
32515Forum One syntaxCMS code injection [CVE-2006-5055]
32514iyzi Forum sql injection [CVE-2006-5054]
32513Web-News template.php file inclusion
32512OpenBSD OpenSSH information disclosure [CVE-2006-5052]🔒🔒
32511Rob Landley BusyBox path traversal [CVE-2006-5050]
32510Classifieds Component Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5049]
32509Waltercedric Com Securityimages configinsert.php code injection🔒
32508RS Gallery2 rsgallery2.html.php memory corruption
32507RS Gallery2 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5046]
32506JoomlaXT Com PollXT conf.pollxt.php code injection🔒
32505Prince Clan Chess Component Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5044]
32504Joomlaboard file_upload.php code injection🔒
32503mosMedia Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5042]
32502Hot Properties Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5041]
32501SEF404x Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5040]
32500Events Module Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5039]
32499FiWin Ss28s Wifi Voip Sip Skype Phone Firmware Remote Code Execution
32498Squiz MySource Matrix HTTP Proxy Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5037] [Disputed]
32497Squiz Mysource Classic HTTP Proxy Server cross site scriting [Disputed]
32496Paul Smith Computer Services vCAP registerpage.cgi cross site scriting
32495Paul Smith Computer Services vCAP path traversal [CVE-2006-5034]
32494Paul Smith Computer Services vCAP storesandcalendarslist.cgi denial of service
32493PHPartenaire dix.php3 file inclusion
32492Cakefoundation CakePHP path traversal [CVE-2006-5031]🔒
32491exV2 Content Management System sql injection [CVE-2006-5030]
32490WoltLab Burning Board thread.php sql injection [Disputed]
32489SWsoft Plesk path traversal [CVE-2006-5028]
32488Jeroen Vennegoor JevonCMS Error Message information disclosure
32487Paisterist Simple HTTP Scanner Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5026]
32486Paisterist Simple HTTP Scanner Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5025]
32485Paisterist Simple HTTP Scanner Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-5024]
32484Aspindir xweblog kategori.asp sql injection
32483Pnews Systems pNews file inclusion [CVE-2006-5022]
32482RedBLoG imgen.php file inclusion
32481SolidState DeleteProductPage.class.php file inclusion
32480Google Mini Search Appliance Error Message search information disclosure
32479Contentkeeper Technologies ContentKeeper cleartext storage [CVE-2006-5018]
32478e-Vision e-Vision CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-5017]
32477e-Vision e-Vision CMS File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5016]
32476Kietu hit.php file inclusion
32475cPanel Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5014]
32474IBM AIX privileges management [CVE-2006-5011]🔒
32473IBM AIX privileges management [CVE-2006-5008]🔒
32472IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5007]🔒
32471IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2006-5006]🔒
32470IBM AIX privileges management🔒
32469IBM AIX unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5004]🔒
32468IBM Inventory Scout unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-5002]🔒
32467IPswitch WS FTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-5001]
32466IPswitch WS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-5000]🔒
32465JoomlaLib Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4996]
32464BSQ Sitestats file inclusion [CVE-2006-4995]
32463Apache FileZilla filezillaserver.exe Local Privilege Escalation
32462Voice Of Web AllMyGuests file inclusion [CVE-2006-4993]
32461JD-WordPress wp-comments-post.php file inclusion
32460RSA Keon Certificate Authority Manager check unknown vulnerability
32459PhotoPost PHP Pro addfav.php file inclusion
32458Patrick Michaelis Wili-CMS Error Message thumbnail.php information disclosure
32457Patrick Michaelis Wili-CMS relocate.php cross site scriting
32456Patrick Michaelis Wili-CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4987]
32455Grayscale BandSite CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-4986]
32454Grayscale BandSite CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2006-4985]
32453Grayscale BandSite CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4984]
32452Cisco Network Access Control Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4983]
32451Cisco Network Access Control authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-4982]
32450Symantec Sygate NAC Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4981]
32449FreeBSD bzero denial of service
32448Walter Beschmout phpquiz memory corruption [CVE-2006-4979]
32447Walter Beschmout PhpQuiz Core score.php sql injection
32446Walter Beschmout PhpQuiz File Upload path traversal [CVE-2006-4977]
32445John Lim Adodb Date Library Error Message server.php sql injection
32444Yahoo! Messenger unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4975]
32443Ipswitch WS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-4974]
32442DotNetNuke default.aspx cross site scriting
32441MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4972]
32440MyBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-4971]
32439WAHM E-Commerce Pie Cart Pro file inclusion [CVE-2006-4970]
32438WAHM E-Commerce Pie Cart Pro Certificates affiliates.php file inclusion
32437PNphpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-4968]🔒
32436NextAge Nextage Shopping Cart index.php cross site scriting
32435chumpsoft phpQuestionnaire file inclusion [CVE-2006-4966]
32434MAXdev Md-pro pnvarcleanfrominput cross site scriting
32433Exponent CMS index.php path traversal🔒
32432Blue Dragon Php Blue Dragon pbd_engine.php path traversal
32431Blue Dragon Php Blue Dragon getmoduleconfig sql injection
32430Blue Dragon Php Blue Dragon Error Message index.php Reflected cross site scriting
32429Sun Secure Global Desktop taarchives.cgi information disclosure🔒
32428The Myreview System MyReview functions.php getmember sql injection🔒
32427Neosys Neon WebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4956]
32426Neosys Neon WebMail File Servlet path traversal [CVE-2006-4955]
32425Neosys Neon WebMail privileges management [CVE-2006-4954]
32424Neosys Neon WebMail sql injection [CVE-2006-4953]
32423Neosys Neon WebMail Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4952]
32422Neosys Neon WebMail Stored memory corruption [CVE-2006-4951]
32421Drupal Site Profile Directory Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4949]
32420ProSysInfo TFTP Server TFTPDWIN tftpd.exe stack-based overflow🔒🔒
32419Drupal Search Keyword Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4947]
32418CMSDevelopment Business Card Web Builder file inclusion [CVE-2006-4946]
32417Cardway DigitalWebShop rechnung.php file inclusion
32416Boesch It-consulting ProgSys code injection [CVE-2006-4944]
32415Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2006-4943]
32414Moodle Filters Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4942]
32413Moodle cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4941]
32412Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2006-4940]
32411Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2006-4939]
32410Moodle Error Message help.php information disclosure
32409Moodle Error Reporting setup.php information disclosure
32408Moodle input validation [CVE-2006-4936]
32407Moodle input validation [CVE-2006-4935]
32406CA eTrust Audit Datatools etsapisend.exe API authentication spoofing
32405CA eTrust Security Command Center Audit getadhochtml path traversal
32404CA eTrust Security Command Center Error Message piprofile information disclosure
32403eSyndiCat Portal System search.php cross site scriting
32402Siteatschool File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4922]
32401Siteatschool include.php file inclusion🔒
32400Siteatschool slideshow.php file inclusion🔒
32399Siteatschool path traversal [CVE-2006-4919]
32398Simple Discussion Board blank.php file inclusion
32397PT News search.php cross site scriting
32396Asp Indir Tekman Portal uye_profil.asp sql injection
32395Innovate Portal index.php cross site scriting
32394A.l-Pifou choix_langue.php path traversal
32393AlstraSoft E-friends memory corruption [CVE-2006-4913]
32392PHP DocWriter file inclusion [CVE-2006-4912]
32391Ohio State University Osu Httpd information disclosure [CVE-2006-4908]
32390Ohio State University Osu Httpd Error Message information disclosure
32389Marc Logemann More.groupware sql injection [CVE-2006-4906]
32388Artmedic Webdesign Artmedic Links index.php readfile file inclusion
32387Qualiteam X-Cart cmpi.php file inclusion
32386Doctor Web Ltd Dr.Web heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-4438]
32385guanxiCRM Guanxicrm Business Solution file inclusion [CVE-2006-4898]
32384CMtextS information disclosure [CVE-2006-4897]
32382IDevSpot Nixieaffiliate delete.php Remote Code Execution
32381iDevSpot NixieAffiliate cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4894]
32380phpBB XS bb_usage_stats.php file inclusion
32379Techno Dreams FAQ Manager Package faqview.asp sql injection
32378Techno Dreams Articles And Papers Package articlestableview.asp sql injection
32377UNAK CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4890]
32376Telekorn SignKorn Guestbook index.php file inclusion
32375Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-4888]
32374Apple Mac OS X privileges management [CVE-2006-4887]
32373McAfee VirusScan Enterprise privileges management [CVE-2006-4886]
32372Shadowed Portal footer.php file inclusion
32371IDevSpot iSupport cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4884]
32370IDevSpot BizDirectory feed.php cross site scriting
32369Charon Internet Charon Cart review.asp sql injection
32368David Bennett PHP-Post pm.php cross site scriting
32367David Bennett PHP-Post Error Message footer.php information disclosure
32366David Bennett PHP-Post profile.php sql injection
32365David Bennett PHP-Post footer.php path traversal
32364David Bennett PHP-Post index.php extract unknown vulnerability
32363Jupiter CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-4876]
32362Jupiter CMS File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4875]
32361Jupiter CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4874]
32360Jupiter CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-4873]
32359Keyvan1 ECardPro search.asp sql injection
32358Keyvan1 EShoppingPro search_run.asp sql injection
32357gzip unlzh.c huft_build infinite loop🔒🔒🔒
32356gzip make_table memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
32355gzip unpack.c build_tree memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
32354gzip unlzh.c make_table memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
32353gzip denial of service [CVE-2006-4334]🔒🔒🔒
32351GNU Mailman memory corruption [CVE-2006-2191] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32350Aewebworks AEDating file inclusion
32349Perlunity Phpunity Postcard phpunity-postcard.php code injection
32348GNUTurk Gnuturk Portal System mods.php sql injection
32347Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-4866]
32346PhpQuiz information disclosure [CVE-2006-4865]
32345All Enthusiast Inc ReviewPost PHP Pro index.php file inclusion
32344Marc Cagninacci mcLinksCounter login.php code injection [Disputed]
32343Easypagecms default.aspx sql injection
32342Mohammed Mehdi Panjwani Complain Center Login loginprocess.asp sql injection
32341Limbo Cms index.php Remote Code Execution
32340Limbo Cms File Upload contact.html.php memory corruption🔒
32339Mamboxchange Serverstat Component install.serverstat.php code injection🔒
32338ClickTech ClickBlog Login Page default.asp sql injection
32337Roller WebLogger cross site scriting
32336Zope information disclosure [CVE-2006-4684]🔒🔒
32335Usermin unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4246]🔒🔒
32334Haberx kategorix.asp sql injection
32333QuadComm Q-Shop browse.asp sql injection
32332BolinOS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4851]
32331BolinOS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4850]
32330MobilePublisherPHP Publisher header.php file inclusion
32329Hitweb index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32328Ipswitch WS FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-4847]
32327George Lewe TeamCal Pro file inclusion [CVE-2006-4845]
32326Claroline code injection [CVE-2006-4844]🔒
32325Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4838]
32324Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal Error Message lib.php information disclosure
32323Codeworx Technologies DCP-Portal login.php sql injection
32322Bluview Blue Magic Board Error Message footer.php information disclosure
32321phpQuiz index.php file inclusion
32320Verso NetPerformer Frame Relay Access Device Act denial of service
32319Verso NetPerformer Frame Relay Access Device Act Telnet Service memory corruption
32318iodine Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4831]
32317Blojsom path traversal
32316Blojsom cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4829]🔒
32315PhotoPost PHP Pro zipndownload.php file inclusion
32314Vmist Downstat admin.php file inclusion
32313Shadowed Portal bottom.php file inclusion
32312SoftComplex PHP Event Calendar cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4825]
32311Quicksilver Forums activeutil.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-4824]
32310Reamday Enterprises Magic News Pro file inclusion [CVE-2006-4823]
32309eMuSOFT emuCMS index.php cross site scriting
32308Drupal Userreview module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4821]
32307HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-4820]🔒
32306Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-4570]🔒🔒🔒
32305Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Certificates authentication spoofing🔒🔒🔒
32304Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird denial of service [CVE-2006-4566]🔒🔒🔒
32303Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-4565]🔒🔒🔒
32302Novell Identity Manager privileges management [CVE-2006-4803]
32301Symantec Client Security memory corruption [CVE-2006-4802]🔒
32300Roxio Toast race condition [CVE-2006-4801]
32299ffmpeg dtsdec.c memory corruption🔒🔒
32298Venture Nine Tagger LE tags.php eval Remote Code Execution
32297FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2006-4799]🔒🔒
32296Dws Systems Inc. SQL-Ledger Browser History information disclosure
32295Cj Design CJ Tag Board tag.php cross site scriting
32294Snitz Forums 2000 forum.asp cross site scriting
32293HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-4795]🔒
32292e107 CMS contact.php cross site scriting
32291TualBLOG icerik.asp sql injection
32290Gnu GnuTLS Certificates verify.c unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
32289Open Movie Editor memory corruption [CVE-2006-4789]
32288Telekorn SignKorn Guestbook file inclusion [CVE-2006-4788]
32287AlphaMail Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-4787]
32286Moodle help.php information disclosure🔒
32285Moodle insert_record Stored sql injection🔒
32284Moodle cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4784]🔒
32283WebSPELL squads.php sql injection
32282WebSPELL Stored information disclosure [CVE-2006-4782]
32281FutureSoft TFTP Server Multithreaded heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-4781]
32280Phpbbxs phpBB XS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4780]
32279Vitrax Premodded phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-4779]
32278ccHost sql injection [CVE-2006-4778]
32277Microsoft Internet Explorer daxctle.ocx KeyFrame memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
32276Cisco IOS VLAN Trunking Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2006-4776]
32275Sun Storedge 6130 Arrays Firmware Stored denial of service
32274HotPlug CMS information disclosure [CVE-2006-4772]
32273JBC ForumJBC haut.php cross site scriting
32272Miniportal menu.php file inclusion
32271Gtasoft p4CMS abf_js.php file inclusion
32270Stefan Ernst Newsscript add_go.php Stored privileges management
32269Stefan Ernst Newsscript modify.php path traversal
32268Stefan Ernst Newsscript print.php path traversal
32267NETGEAR DG834GT Firmware denial of service [CVE-2006-4765]
32266WTools common.php file inclusion
32265IBM Lotus Domino Web Access Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4763]
32264RssReader cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4762]
32263Luke Hutteman SharpReader cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4761]
32262Benjamin Pasero and Tobias Eichert RSSOwl cross site scriting
32261PunBB admin_options.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4759] [Disputed]🔒🔒
32260phpBB Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4758]🔒🔒
32259e107 CMS links.php sql injection [Disputed]
32258Accomplishtechnology phpMyDirectory alpha.php sql injection
32257Accomplishtechnology phpMyDirectory alpha.php cross site scripting
32256Comscripts PHProg Error Message index.php cross site scriting
32255Comscripts PHProg index.php path traversal
32254Laurentiu Matei Expandable Home Page Cms Installation information disclosure
32253Laurentiu Matei Expandable Home Page Cms index.php cross site scriting
32252OPENi-CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4750]
32251Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager activate.php file inclusion
32250F-art Agency Blog Cms NP_Log.php CMS sql injection
32249IdevSpot TextAds delete.php cross site scriting
32248Comscripts Web Server Creator file inclusion [CVE-2006-4746]🔒
32247ScaryBear PocketExpense Pro unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4745]
32246Abidia Abidia Wireless cleartext storage [CVE-2006-4744]
32245WordPress Error Message 404.php information disclosure [Disputed]
32244IDevSpot PhpLinkExchange user_add.php cross site scriting
32243IDevSpot PhpLinkExchange bits_listings.php memory corruption
32242Jetbox CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-4740]
32241Jetbox CMS phpthumb.php cross site scriting
32240Jetbox CMS phpthumb.php file inclusion
32239Jetbox CMS index.php sql injection
32238CMS.R. index.php sql injection
32237Kellan Elliott-McCrea MagpieRSS Error Message information disclosure
32236Tikiwiki tiki-g-admin_processes.php sql injection
32235sips file inclusion [CVE-2006-4733]
32234Microsoft Visual Basic msgbox Remote Code Execution
32233XFree86 X scan_cidfont integer coercion🔒🔒
32232Dws Systems Inc. SQL-Ledger Terminal path traversal🔒🔒
32231Adobe Flash Player Access Protection access control [CVE-2006-4640]🔒🔒
32230Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-4389]🔒🔒🔒
32229Apple QuickTime integer coercion [CVE-2006-4386]🔒🔒🔒
32228Microsoft Internet Explorer urlmon.dll heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-3873]🔒🔒🔒
32227Adobe Flex Sdk Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2006-3311]🔒🔒
32225raidenhttpd WebAdmin file inclusion [CVE-2006-4723]🔒
32224OpenBB index.php file inclusion
32223CCleague Pro Sports CMS admin.php path traversal
32222Mcgallery Pro random2.php file inclusion
32221MyABraCaDaWeb index.php file inclusion
32220KorviBlog livre_or.php cross site scriting
32219Drupal Drupal Pubcookie Module authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-4717]🔒🔒
32218Fire Soft Board demarrage.php file inclusion
32217SpoonLabs Vivvo Article Management CMS pdf_version.php sql injection
32216SpoonLabs Vivvo Article Management CMS index.php file inclusion
32215PSYWERKS PUMA config.php file inclusion
32214Sage cross site scripting [CVE-2006-4712]
32213Sage cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4711]
32212NewsGator FeedDemon cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4710]🔒
32211Vikingboard topic.php sql injection
32210Vikingboard help.php cross site scriting
32209MyBB Login Form cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4707]
32208MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4706]
32207Dominic Gamble Timesheet.php Login login.php sql injection
32206SuSE Linux mod_mono path traversal [CVE-2006-2658]
32204IBM Director Trace information disclosure [CVE-2006-4683]
32203IBM Director denial of service [CVE-2006-4682]
32202IBM Director path traversal [CVE-2006-4681]
32201Canon Imagerunner 9070 Address Book information disclosure [CVE-2006-4680]
32200Andreas Gohr DokuWiki doku.php information disclosure🔒🔒
32199Comscripts News Evolution install.php file inclusion
32198PHPOpenChat php file inclusion [Disputed]
32197TIBCO RendezVous information disclosure [CVE-2006-4676]
32196Andreas Gohr DokuWiki File Upload media.php information disclosure🔒🔒
32195Andreas Gohr DokuWiki doku.php Stored information disclosure🔒🔒
32194PHP-Fusion maincore.php extract sql injection🔒
32193profitCode ppalCart index.php code injection
32192Fscripts Fantastic News headlines.php code injection
32191Gtasoft PhotoKorn Gallery file inclusion
32190Somery file inclusion [CVE-2006-4669]
32189Rob Hensley AckerTodo index.php cross site scriting
32188RunCMS sessions.class.php sql injection
32187Stefan Ernst Newsscript article.php code injection
32186MKPortal index.php cross site scriting
32185Premod Shadow file inclusion [CVE-2006-4664]
32184Linux Kernel Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4663] [Disputed]
32183ICQ Toolbar options2.html unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4661]
32182ICQ Toolbar toolbaru.dll cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4660]
32181Panda Panda Platinum Internet Security Classification cross-site request forgery
32180Panda Panda Platinum Internet Security information disclosure
32179Web-provence Sl Site file inclusion [CVE-2006-4656]
32178EFS Easy Address Book Web Server denial of service [CVE-2006-4654]🔒
32177Amazing Little Poll lp_settings.php improper authentication
32176Amazing Little Poll Default Credentials lp_admin.php hard-coded credentials Php Download Script path traversal [CVE-2006-4651]
32174TWiki path traversal [CVE-2006-4294]🔒
32173BinGo News bp_news.php code injection
32172BinGo News bp_ncom.php file inclusion
32171Sponge News news.php file inclusion
32170Drupal Drupal Pathauto Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4646]
32169akarru Social BookMarking Engine file inclusion [CVE-2006-4645]
32168phpFullAnnu file inclusion [CVE-2006-4644]
32167Uni-Vert PhpLeague sql injection [CVE-2006-4643]
32166AuditWizard cleartext storage [CVE-2006-4642]
32165Muratsoft Haber Portal kategori.asp sql injection
32164Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4379]🔒🔒
32163Pentaware PentaZip memory corruption [CVE-2006-2482]
32162C-News formulaire_commentaires.php code injection
32161ACGV News article.php file inclusion
32160ACGV News header.php code injection
32159SZEWO PhpCommander path traversal [CVE-2006-4636]
32158Squiz MySource Classic file inclusion [CVE-2006-4635]
32157VBZooM index.php cross site scriting
32156SoftBB Installation index.php information disclosure
32155SoftBB addmembre.php sql injection
32154SoftBB save_opt.php Remote Privilege Escalation
32153Sky GUNNING MySpeach jscript.php file inclusion
32152C-News commentaires.php file inclusion
32151VCD-db cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4628]
32150Microsoft System Information ActiveX control ActiveX Control msinfo.dll savefile denial of service
32149GNU Mailman code injection [CVE-2006-4624]🔒🔒
32148Comscripts AnnonceV annonce.php file inclusion
32147Bare Concept Media Pheap Cms settings.php file inclusion
32146Alt-N WebAdmin User Account privileges management [CVE-2006-4620]🔒
32145John Lim adodb file inclusion
32144vtiger CRM File Upload fileupload.html Remote Code Execution
32143MailEnable Standard SMTP Service denial of service [CVE-2006-4616]🔒🔒
32142Shape Services IM+ Mobile Instant Messenger implus.cfg cleartext storage
32141Pocket PC Registry cleartext storage [CVE-2006-4614]
32140Secure Computing Snapgear Sg710 denial of service [CVE-2006-4613]
32139John Andersson ZIXForum replynew.asp sql injection
32138dsocks dsocks.c _tor_resolve memory corruption
32137Graphiks GrapAgenda index.php file inclusion
32136PHPprojekt file inclusion [CVE-2006-4609] [Disputed]
32135Longino Jacome php-Revista busqueda.php cross site scriting
32134Longino Jacome php-Revista index.php Remote Code Execution
32133Longino Jacome php-Revista busqueda_tema.php sql injection
32132Longino Jacome php-Revista index.php file inclusion
32131Lanifex access_manager.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-4604]
32130Nch Software Swift Sound Web Dictate Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4603]
32129TikiWiki File Upload jhot.php unrestricted upload🔒🔒🔒
32128Annuaire 1Two index.php sql injection
32127Autentificator sql injection
32126ssLinks links.php sql injection
32125ICBlogger devam.asp sql injection
32124MyBace Light file inclusion [CVE-2006-4596]
32123muforum information disclosure [CVE-2006-4595]
32122Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager confirm.php file inclusion
32121SoftBB index.php cross site scriting Simple Blog default.asp sql injection
32119AlstraSoft Template Seller file inclusion [CVE-2006-4591] JS ASP Faq Manager default.asp sql injection
32117DynCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4589]
32116vtiger CRM Settings Module index.php Remote Code Execution
32115vtiger CRM cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4587]
32114Tr Forum modif_profil.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4586]
32113Tr Forum editer.php sql injection
32112Tr Forum insert_admin.php Remote Code Execution
32111Darrens 5-dollar Script Archive FlashChat code injection [CVE-2006-4583]
32110KDE Kdebase Login Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3742]🔒
32109Simplemachines SMF sql injection [CVE-2006-4564]
32108Phpnuke MyHeadlines modules.php cross site scriting
32107Symantec Gateway Security Default Configuration information disclosure [Disputed]
32105Microsoft Internet Explorer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4560]
32104Bernard Pacques Yet Another Community System Cms populate.php file inclusion
32103DeluxeBB mod_mime newpost.php Remote Code Execution
32102Robert Jewell Discloser file inclusion [CVE-2006-4557] [Disputed]
32101JIM Component index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32100Retro64 CR64Loader ActiveX control ActiveX Control memory corruption
32099BeCubed Compression Plus readfile stack-based overflow🔒
32098Mambo Com Comprofiler Component plugin.class.php code injection🔒
32097CHXO Feedsplitter cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4552]🔒
32096CHXO Feedsplitter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4551]🔒
32095CHXO Feedsplitter Security Check path traversal [CVE-2006-4550]🔒
32094CHXO Feedsplitter feedsplitter.php showsource information disclosure🔒
32093e107 CMS tinymce_imglib_include Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4548]
32092Lyris List Manager sql injection [CVE-2006-4547]
32091Lyris List Manager Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4546]
32090ModuleBased CMS Profiles file inclusion [CVE-2006-4545] [Disputed]
32089ExBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-4544]
32088HLStats index.php cross site scriting
32087Digi International Inc Anywhere Usb5 integer coercion [CVE-2006-4459]
32086ISC BIND denial of service [CVE-2006-4096]🔒🔒
32085GNU Mailman cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3636]🔒🔒
32084Julian Pawlowski capi4hylafax privileges management [CVE-2006-3126]🔒🔒
32083GNU Mailman denial of service [CVE-2006-2941]🔒🔒 learncenter learncenter.asp cross site scriting
32081Cerberus Helpdesk Widgets information disclosure [CVE-2006-4539]
32080OpenVMS net$session_control.exe information disclosure
32079CMS Frogss sql injection [CVE-2006-4536]
32078Plume CMS tools/htaccess/index.php articles.php code injection
32077Bernard Pacques Yet Another Community System Cms file inclusion
32076Bare Concept Media Pheap CMS config.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-4531]
32075membrepass memory corruption [CVE-2006-4530]
32074membrepass recherchemembre.php sql injection
32073membrepass recherchemembre.php cross site scriting
32072Devellion CubeCart file inclusion [CVE-2006-4527]🔒
32071Devellion CubeCart sql injection [CVE-2006-4526]🔒
32070Devellion CubeCart cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4525]🔒
32069Digiappz Freekot Login login_verif.asp sql injection
320682Wire HomePortal Management Interface denial of service [CVE-2006-4523]
32067Novell Identity Manager privileges management
32066NX5 NX5Linx links.php cross site scriting
32065NX5 NX5Linx sql injection [CVE-2006-4504]
32064NX5 NX5Linx link.php path traversal
32063ztml Ezportal Ztml Cms Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4502]
32062ztml Ezportal Ztml Cms index.php sql injection
32061ztml Ezportal Ztml Cms index.php cross site scriting
32060Moderngigabyte ModernBill SSL Certificate information disclosure
32059PhpAlbum mod_phpalbum sommaire_admin.php file inclusion
32058IwebNegar comments.php sql injection
32057IwebNegar comments.php cross site scriting
32056Microsoft Internet Explorer msdxm.ocx memory corruption
32055Microsoft Visual Studio tcprops.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-4494]
32054xbiff2 File Permission privileges management [CVE-2006-4493]
32053Cybozu Cybozu Office information disclosure [CVE-2006-4492]
32052Cybozu Mailwise ag.exe path traversal
32051Cybozu Share 360 path traversal [CVE-2006-4490]
32050Ultrize MiniBill ipn.php file inclusion
32049ExBB ExBB Italia userstop.php file inclusion
32048DUware DUpoll information disclosure [CVE-2006-4487]
32047PHP numeric error [CVE-2006-4486]🔒🔒
32046PHP stripos memory corruption🔒🔒
32045PHP GD Extension gd_gif_in.c lwzreadbyte_ memory corruption🔒🔒
32044PHP memory corruption [CVE-2006-4483]🔒🔒
32043PHP memory corruption [CVE-2006-4482]🔒🔒
32042Nuked-Klan nuked.php nk_css cross site scriting
32041Visualshapers ezContents loginreq2.php cross site scriting
32040Visualshapers ezContents headeruserdata.php sql injection
32039Visualshapers ezContents event_list.php file inclusion
32038gtetrinet tetrinet.c memory corruption🔒🔒
32037Joomla CMS htaccess globals.php include_once access control🔒
32036Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2006-4475]🔒
32035Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4474]🔒
32034Joomla CMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4473]🔒
32033Joomla CMS User Authentication Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4472]🔒
32032Joomla CMS privileges management [CVE-2006-4471]🔒
32031Joomla CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4470]🔒
32030Joomla CMS pear.php Remote Code Execution🔒
32029Joomla CMS globals.php authentication spoofing🔒
32028Simple Machines Forum path traversal [CVE-2006-4467]
32027Joomla CMS input validation [CVE-2006-4466]🔒
32026Microsoft Terminal Server Client Connection Manager memory corruption [Disputed]
32025Nokia Symbian denial of service [CVE-2006-4464] JS ASP Faq Manager Control Panel sql injection LinksCaffe Administration Remote Code Execution
32022Paessler IPCheck Server Monitor Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4461]
32021Clemens Wacha PHP iAddressBook Addressbook cross site scriting
32020phpGroupWare path traversal [CVE-2006-4458]🔒
32019phpECard index.php file inclusion
32018phpECard functions.php file inclusion
32017SQL-Ledger improper authentication [CVE-2006-4244]🔒🔒
32016Xchat denial of service [CVE-2006-4455] [Disputed]
32015hlstats hlstats.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
32014PmWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4453]
32013Web3king Web3news file inclusion
32012Cj Design CJ Tag Board tag.php Remote Code Execution
32011PHPBB Web Proxy usercp_avatar.php privileges management🔒
32010MyBB attachment.php cross site scriting
32009Interact Learning Community Environment interact file inclusion
32008SAP DB memory corruption [CVE-2006-4305]🔒🔒🔒
32007Cutephp CuteNews show_news.php file inclusion [Disputed]
32006Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2006-4444]
32005AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise myajaxphp.php file inclusion
32004Clemens Wacha PHP iAddressBook Addressbook cross site scriting
32003Ay System Solutions CMS home.php file inclusion
32002Ay System Solutions CMS main.php file inclusion
32001PHP Session Identifier Stored memory corruption🔒
32000Zend Zend Platform Session Identifier path traversal [CVE-2006-4432]
31999Cisco Clean Access Authentication Mechanism unknown vulnerability [Disputed]
31998PHlyMail Lite mod.output.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31997Jupiter CMS index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31996eFiction index.php Remote Code Execution
31995AlberT AlberT-EasySite file inclusion [CVE-2006-4426]
31994Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN api.php file inclusion🔒
31993Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN constants.php file inclusion🔒
31992Bigace file inclusion [CVE-2006-4423]
31991Jetbox CMS search_function.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31990YaPIG cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4421]🔒
31989Phaos include_lang.php path traversal
31988ProManager note.php sql injection
31987Wikepage index.php path traversal
31986Xoops edituser.php sql injection
31985MySQL Replication denial of service [CVE-2006-4380]🔒🔒
31984CropImage component admin.cropcanvas.php file inclusion
31983Dieselscripts Diesel Paid Mail getad.php cross site scriting
31982Dieselscripts Diesel Job Site forgot.php cross site scriting
31981Drupal E-Commerce Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4360]
31980Trident Software PowerZip stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4359]
31979Dieselscripts Diesel Pay index.php cross site scriting
31978Dieselscripts Diesel Smart Traffic file inclusion [CVE-2006-4357]
31977Drupal Easylinks Module sql injection [CVE-2006-4356]
31976Drupal Easylinks Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4355]
31975Phome Empire CMS CheckLevel.php file inclusion
31974Rssxt component Pinger pinger.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31973Guder und Koch Netzwerktechnik Eichhorn Portal sql injection
31972Guder und Koch Netzwerktechnik Eichhorn Portal cross site scriting
31971Mambo Contacts Xtd Component contxtd.class.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31970IrfanView memory corruption [CVE-2006-4374]
31969Derek Leung pSlash file inclusion [CVE-2006-4373]
31968Constructor component admin.lurm_constructor.php lurm file inclusion
31967Alt-N WebAdmin path traversal [CVE-2006-4371]🔒
31966Alt-N WebAdmin path traversal [CVE-2006-4370]🔒
31965IntegraMOD IntegraMOD Portal path traversal [CVE-2006-4369]
31964IntegraMOD IntegraMOD Portal file inclusion [CVE-2006-4368]
31963All Topics All Topics Hack alltopics.php sql injection
31962RedBLoG index.php file inclusion
31961VistaBB includes/functions_mod_user.php file inclusion
31960Streamripper Header Parsing memory corruption [CVE-2006-3124]🔒🔒
31959Cisco Content Services Switch 11000 information disclosure [CVE-2006-4352]
31958ImageMagick sun.c DecodeBitmap numeric error🔒🔒
31957ImageMagick memory corruption [CVE-2006-3743]🔒🔒
31956Fuji Xerox Docuprint 211 Embedded HTTP Server improper authentication🔒
31955Fuji Xerox Docuprint 211 access control [CVE-2006-2112]
31954OneOrZero index.php cross site scriting
31953OneOrZero index.php sql injection
31952Toenda Software Development ToendaCMS index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31951Kochsuite Component config.kochsuite.php file inclusion
31950Jiran Cool Messenger Office School Server cool_coold.exe sql injection
31949Digium Asterisk record path traversal🔒🔒
31948CGI-Rescue Mail F W System authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-4344]
31947Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-4333]🔒🔒
31946Wireshark glib denial of service [CVE-2006-4332]🔒🔒
31945Wireshark off-by-one [CVE-2006-4331]🔒🔒
31944Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2006-4330]🔒🔒
31943Shadows Rising RPG Core file inclusion
31942CloudNine Interactive Links Manager admin.php sql injection
31941CloudNine Interactive Links Manager add_url.php cross site scriting
31940Justsystem Ichitaro Government memory corruption [CVE-2006-4326]
31939Doika Doika guestbook gbook.php cross site scriting
31938CityForFree indexcity add_url2.php cross site scriting
31937CityForFree indexcity list.php sql injection
31936Bits-dont-bite estateagent estateagent.php file inclusion
31935Coppermine Photo Gallery cpg.php file inclusion
31934OpenSEF sef.php file inclusion
31933Sun Solaris System management memory corruption [CVE-2006-4319]🔒🔒
31932WoltLab Burning Board attachment.php cross site scriting
31931Tectia SSH Tectia Management Agent privileges management [CVE-2006-4316]
31930Tectia SSH privileges management [CVE-2006-4315]
31929Sonium Enterprise Adressbook file inclusion [CVE-2006-4311]
31928Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2006-4310]🔒🔒
31927AK-Systems Windows Terminal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4309]
31926Blackboard cross site scripting [CVE-2006-4308]
31925Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-4307]🔒
31924Linux Kernel restore_all denial of service🔒
31923cscope memory corruption [CVE-2006-4262]🔒🔒
31922Sun Solaris TCP Fusion denial of service [CVE-2006-4303]🔒
31921Sun Java Web Start access control [CVE-2006-4302]🔒
31920Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation Simple Blog comments.asp sql injection
31918TikiWiki tiki-searchindex.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
31917osCommerce Installation cache.php path traversal
31916osCommerce shopping_cart.php sql injection🔒
31915Mambo bigAPE-Backup component Joomla file inclusion
31914Panda Panda ActiveScan ascan_6.asp cross site scriting
31913cPanel dohtaccess.html cross site scriting
31912PHlyMail Lite file inclusion [CVE-2006-4291]
31911Sony VAIO Media Server path traversal [CVE-2006-4290]
31910Sony VAIO Media Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-4289]
31909mambo a6mambocredits component admin.a6mambocredits.php code injection🔒
31908NES Game Widgets includes.php file inclusion
31907Mambo Publisher contentpublisher.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31906Fscripts Fantastic News news.php code injection
31905LBlog comments.asp sql injection
31904SOLMETRA SPAW Editor img_library.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-4283]
31903Mamboxchange MamboWiki Login mambologin.php file inclusion
31902Arthur Konze Webdesign akocomment akocomments.php file inclusion
31901Mambo Anjel Component Configuration File anjel.index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31900XennoBB topic_post.php sql injection
31899SportsPHool plain.footer.php file inclusion
31898Tutti Nova class.novaAdmin.mysql.php file inclusion
31897Tutti Nova MySQL class.novaEdit.mysql.php file inclusion
31896Mambo CatalogShop component catalogshop.php file inclusion
31894Jelsoft vBulletin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4273]
31893Jelsoft vBulletin register.php denial of service [Disputed]
31892Jelsoft vBulletin upgrade_301.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31891Mambo mambelfish component mambelfish.class.php code injection🔒
31890x-shop component admin.x-shop.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31889Devellion CubeCart preview.php cross site scriting🔒
31888Devellion CubeCart confirmed.php sql injection🔒
31887Symantec Norton Personal Firewall nisprod.dll unknown vulnerability
31886Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky Anti-Hacker information disclosure [CVE-2006-4265]
31885Mambo Mtg Myhomepage Component install.lmtg_homepage.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31884Product Scroller Module mod_phpshop.php file inclusion
31883Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-4093]🔒🔒
31881Jake Olefsky Fotopholder index.php path traversal
31880Jake Olefsky Fotopholder index.php cross site scriting
31879John Hanna Anti-spam Smtp Proxy Server SMTP Proxy path traversal
31878Horde Application Framework index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
31877horde cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4255]🔒
31876Apple Xsan Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2006-3506]
31875Jim Instant Messaging Component install.jim.php file inclusion
31874Mamboxchange reporter file inclusion [CVE-2006-4241]
31873Fusionphp Fusion News index.php file inclusion
31872Outreach Project Tool Opt Max file inclusion [CVE-2006-4239]
31871WTcom Web Torrent torrents.php sql injection
31870Invisionix Systems Invisionix Roaming System Remote file inclusion
31869POWERGAP Powergap Business s01.php file inclusion
31868Sony SonicStage Mastering Studio memory corruption [CVE-2006-4235]
31867dotProject file inclusion [CVE-2006-4234]🔒
31866Globus Toolkit Certificates tmp symlink🔒🔒
31865Globus Toolkit information disclosure [CVE-2006-4232]🔒🔒
31864IrfanView denial of service [CVE-2006-4231]
31863Lizge Lizge Web Portal index.php file inclusion
31862mosListMessenger Component archive.php file inclusion
31861Symantec Veritas NetBackup PureDisk Remote Office Edition Management Interface Remote Privilege Escalation
31860MySQL input validation [CVE-2006-4227]🔒🔒
31858VWar Virtual War calendar.php cross site scriting
31857IBM WebSphere Application Server ThreadIdentitySupport information disclosure
31856IBM eGatherer ActiveX Control stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4221]🔒🔒
31855Microsoft Internet Explorer Terminal Service tsuserex.dll memory corruption
31854Zen Cart path traversal [CVE-2006-4218]
31853WEBInsta CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-4217]
31851Zen Cart index.php code injection🔒🔒
31850Zen Cart ipn_main_handler.php add_cart Stored sql injection🔒
31849David Kent Norman Thatware config.php file inclusion
31848b0zz and Chris Vincent Owl Intranet Engine sql injection [CVE-2006-4212]🔒
31847b0zz and Chris Vincent Owl Intranet Engine cross site scriting🔒
31846Andreas Kansok phPay unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4210]
31845WEBInsta Mailing List Manager install3.php file inclusion Wp-db Backup Plugin For Wordpress wp-db-backup.php path traversal
31843Bob Jewell Discloser file inclusion [CVE-2006-4207]
31842ASPPlayground.NET calendar.asp cross site scriting
31841WebDynamite ProjectButler Cache classes file inclusion
31840PHProjekt specialdays.php code injection [CVE-2006-4204]🔒
31839Mamboxchange Mambo Email Publisher Help help.mmp.php file inclusion
31838Spidey Blog Spidey Blog Script proje_goster.php sql injection
31837Soft3304 04WebServer User Authentication Remote Code Execution
31836Soft3304 04WebServer Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4199]
31835Wheatblog file inclusion [CVE-2006-4198]
31834musicbrainz Libmusicbrainz Svn http.cpp download memory corruption🔒🔒
31833WEBInsta CMS index.php file inclusion🔒
31832Mamboxchange peoplebook allow_url_fopen param.peoplebook.php code injection🔒
31831ScatterChat Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2006-4021]
31830Cisco PIX Session Initiation Protocol unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4194] [Disputed]
31829Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control imskdic.dll memory corruption🔒
31828MODPlug Tracker load_it.cpp readitproject memory corruption🔒🔒
31827XMB Extreme Message Board Apache HTTP Server memcp.php path traversal
31826PHP-Nuke AutoHTML module modload autohtml.php path traversal
31825Boonex Dolphin index.php file inclusion
31824IBM Informix Dynamic Database Server privileges management [CVE-2006-3860]🔒🔒
31823IBM Informix Dynamic Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3859]
31822IBM Informix Dynamic Database Server Error Message memory corruption🔒
31821High Availability Linux Project heartbeat Subsystem cl_netstring.c peel_netstring resource management🔒🔒
31820HP HP-UX lp Subsystem denial of service [CVE-2006-4188]🔒
31819HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-4187]🔒
31818Novell eDirectory information disclosure [CVE-2006-4186]
31817SmartLine DeviceLock Access Control List information disclosure
31816TinyWebGallery image.php file inclusion
31815NetCommons cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4165]
31814phpPrintAnalyzer file inclusion [CVE-2006-4164]
31813myWebland miniBloggie cls_fast_template.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31812Cpg-nuke Dragonfly CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4162]
31811XennoBB profile.php path traversal
31810MVCnPHP basecommand.php file inclusion
31809Chaussette classes code injection
31808Spaminator Login login.php file inclusion
31807YaBB index.php cross site scriting
31806pearlabs mafia moblog big.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31805Invision Power Services IP.Board func_topic_threaded.php Remote Code Execution
31804Gallery information disclosure [CVE-2006-4030]🔒🔒
31803ImageMagick sgi.c readsgiimage heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
31802Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-2446]🔒🔒
31801Netgear FVG318 Firmware denial of service [CVE-2006-4143]
31800VWar Virtual War sql injection [CVE-2006-4142]
31799VWar Virtual War news.php sql injection
31798IPCheck Server Monitor path traversal [CVE-2006-4140]🔒
31797Microsoft Windows File Viewer winhlp32.exe memory corruption
31796IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-4137]
31795Vincent Hor Calendarix file inclusion [Disputed]
31794SAP Internet Graphics Server denial of service [CVE-2006-4134]
31793ArcSoft MMS Composer denial of service [CVE-2006-4132]
31792ArcSoft MMS Composer m-retrieve.conf memory corruption
31791Matt Smith Remository For Mambo admin.remository.php code injection🔒
31790Webring Component file inclusion
31789DConnect DConnect Daemon cmd.user.c privmsg memory corruption
31788DConnect DConnect Daemon cmd.dc.c dc_chat null pointer dereference
31787DConnect DConnect Daemon main.c listen_thread_udp stack-based overflow
31786LessTif libXm privileges management [CVE-2006-4124]
31785Boite de News file inclusion [CVE-2006-4123]
31784Simple one-file guestbook guestbook.php Remote Code Execution
31783See-Commerce owimg.php3 file inclusion
31782Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4120]
31781Chaossoft GeheimChaos gc.php sql injection
31780Chaossoft GeheimChaos gc.php sql injection
31779Lhaz Error Message stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4116]
31778E-zest Solutions PgMarket file inclusion
31777PHPMyRing view_com.php sql injection
31776hitweb genpage-cgi.php file inclusion
31775Ruby on Rails denial of service [CVE-2006-4112]🔒🔒
31774Ruby on Rails File Upload code injection [CVE-2006-4111]🔒🔒
31773Drupal Bibliography Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4109]
31772Drupal Bibliography Module sql injection [CVE-2006-4108]
31771Drupal Job Search Search Module sql injection [CVE-2006-4107]
31770blursoft blur6ex cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4106]
31769Fill Threads Database cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4105]
31768mojoscripts mojoGallery admin.cgi cross site scriting
31767Jason Alexander phNNTP article-raw.php file inclusion
31766Falko Timme and Till Brehm SQLiteWebAdmin sql injection
31765ncompress compress42.c decompress memory corruption🔒🔒
31764SquirrelMail compose.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4019]🔒🔒
31763Red Hat Enterprise Linux unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3813]🔒
31762Internet Explorer cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4092]
31761Archangelmgt Weblog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4091]
31760Webligo BlogHoster previewcomment.php cross site scriting
31759Andy Lo-A-Foe AlsaPlayer http.c reconnect memory corruption🔒🔒
31758CivicSpace cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4088]
31757mojoscripts mojoGallery admin.cgi cross site scriting
31756OZJournals index.php cross site scriting
31755Olaf Noehring The Search Engine Project pagenavigation.php file inclusion
31754David Walker phpAutoMembersArea Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4084]
31753myWebland myEvent viewevent.php file inclusion
31752Barracuda Spam Firewall privileges management [CVE-2006-4082]🔒
31751Barracuda Spam Firewall preview_email.cgi privileges management🔒
31750Novell GroupWise WebAccess Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3818]
31749DeluxeBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4080]
31748DeluxeBB newpost.php cross site scriting
31747DeluxeBB pm.php privileges management
31746Comet Comet Webfile Manager checkupload.php file inclusion
31745Wim Fleischhauer Docpile We file inclusion [CVE-2006-4076]
31744Wim Fleischhauer Docpile We folder.class.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-4075]
31743JD-Wiki main.php code injection [CVE-2006-4074]🔒
31742phpCC Login login.php file inclusion
31741Club-Nuke haber_detay.asp sql injection
31740Imendio Planner memory corruption [CVE-2006-4070]
31739OZJournals index.php cross site scriting
31738pswd.js credentials management [CVE-2006-4068]
31737Cakefoundation CakePHP Error Page error.php Reflected cross site scripting
31736Microsoft Windows gdiplus.dll denial of service [CVE-2006-4066]
31735Dmitry Sheiko SAPID Gallery file inclusion [CVE-2006-4065]
31734YenerTurk YenerTurk Haber Script default.asp sql injection
31733Csaba Godor SAPID Blog Beta 2 file inclusion [CVE-2006-4063]
31732Dmitry Sheiko SAPID Shop file inclusion [CVE-2006-4062]
31731Thomas Pequet phpPrintAnalyzer index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31730Web-scripts Visual Events Calendar calendar.php file inclusion
31729USOLVED NEWSolved Lite newsscript_lyt.php file inclusion
31728Simplog archive.php cross site scriting
31727Mitch Murray Eremove gui.cpp preview_create memory corruption
31726Address Book Reloaded sql injection [CVE-2006-4056]
31725TSEP Search Engine file inclusion [CVE-2006-4055]
31724Ehmig ME Download System sett_style.php file inclusion
31723Ehmig ME Download System header.php file inclusion
31722Turnkey Web Tools PHP Simple Shop index.php file inclusion
31721Turnkey Web Tools PHP Live Helper global.php file inclusion🔒🔒
31720David Walker phpAutoMembersArea auto_check_renewals.php file inclusion
31719Sun Ray Server Software unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-4049]🔒
31718Netious CMS Administration Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-4048]
31717Netious CMS index.php sql injection
31716Open Cubic Player load stack-based overflow
31715Torbstoff Torbstoff News news.php file inclusion
31714Brad Fears phpCodeCabinet Core file inclusion [CVE-2006-4044]
31713myWebland myBloggie Error Message index.php information disclosure
31712myWebland myBloggie trackback.php sql injection
31711Pike sql injection [CVE-2006-4041]🔒🔒
31710myWebland myevent myevent.php file inclusion
31709Chaossoft GaesteChaos eintragen.php sql injection
31708Chaossoft GaesteChaos eintragen.php cross site scripting
31707Fenestrae Faxination Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-4037]
31706ZoneMetrics ZoneX Publishers Gold Edition Publisher file inclusion
31705counterchaos counterchaos.php sql injection
31704ModernGigabyte ModernBill file inclusion [CVE-2006-4034]
31703Lhaplus lhaplus.exe heap-based overflow
31702Ageet AGEphone sipd.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-4029]
31701WordPress privileges management [CVE-2006-4028]🔒🔒
31700MIT Kerberos access control [CVE-2006-3084]🔒🔒
31699MIT Kerberos resource management [CVE-2006-3083]🔒🔒
31698Redgraphic SAPID CMS code injection [CVE-2006-4026]
31697XennoBB profile.php sql injection
31696Festalon festahes_load memory corruption
31695PHP index.php ip2long sql injection🔒
31694Intel 2100 PRO Wireless Network Connection Driver Local Privilege Escalation🔒
31693Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2006-3640]🔒
31692Microsoft PowerPoint memory corruption [CVE-2006-3449]🔒
31691Microsoft Hyperlink Object Library hlink.dll object memory corruption🔒🔒
31690Jetbox CMS index.php sql injection
31689Jetbox CMS index.php cross site scriting
31688Jetbox CMS index.php Remote Code Execution
31687Jetbox CMS improper authentication [CVE-2006-3583]
31686Microsoft Internet Explorer javascript input validation🔒🔒
31685IBM Informix Dynamic Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3862]🔒🔒
31684IBM Informix Dynamic Server denial of service [CVE-2006-3861]🔒🔒
31683IBM Informix Dynamic Server denial of service [CVE-2006-3858]🔒🔒
31682IBM Informix Dynamic Database Server getname memory corruption🔒🔒
31681IBM Informix Dynamic Server denial of service [CVE-2006-3856]🔒🔒
31680IBM Informix Dynamic Server _init denial of service🔒🔒
31679IBM Informix Dynamic Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-3853]🔒🔒
31678AntiVir AntiVirus Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3114]
31677ClamAV pefromupx memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
31676Inter Network Marketing Ag G3 Content Management System Search Module cross site scriting
31675Toenda Software Development toendaCMS toendacms cross site scriting
31674HP Procurve Switch 6200yl memory leak [CVE-2006-4015]
31673Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam denial of service [CVE-2006-4014]🔒
31672Symantec Brightmail AntiSpam path traversal [CVE-2006-4013]🔒
31671Savewebportal Web Portal file inclusion [CVE-2006-4012]
31670Kayako esupport autoclose.php file inclusion
31669Vwar Virtual War war.php sql injection
31668Vwar Virtual War war.php cross site scriting
31667Knusperleicht Faq index.php file inclusion
31666Knusperleicht Guestbook index.php file inclusion
31665BomberClone packets.c send_pkg information disclosure🔒🔒
31664BomberClone pkgcache.c rscache_add denial of service🔒🔒
31663vbPortal Apache HTTP Server index.php path traversal
31662Hobbit monitor information disclosure [CVE-2006-4003]🔒
31661Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4002]🔒🔒
31660Matt Blaze Cryptographic File System cfs_fh.c integer coercion🔒🔒
31659Barracuda Spam Firewall information disclosure [CVE-2006-4001]🔒
31658Barracuda Spam Firewall path traversal [CVE-2006-4000]🔒
31657BlackICE PC Protection 3.6.cpj Local Privilege Escalation
31656WoWRoster conf.php file inclusion
31655WoWRoster hslist.php file inclusion
31654Apple Mac OS X Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-0395]🔒🔒
31653Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor index.php sql injection
31652User Home Pages uhp_config.php code injection🔒
31651XMB Forum u2u_send_recp sql injection
31650Olaf Noehring TSEP Search Engine copyright.php file inclusion
31649Intel 2915abg Proset Wireless memory corruption [CVE-2006-3992]🔒
31648Voodoo chat index.php file inclusion
31647Phpsavant Savant2 savant2_plugin_stylesheet.php file inclusion
31646Knusperleicht Shoutbox index.php file inclusion
31645Knusperleicht newsReporter index.php file inclusion
31644Knusperleicht FileManager index.php file inclusion
31643Knusperleicht Newsletter index.php file inclusion
31642ConeXware PowerArchiver dzips32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-3985]🔒
31641Gianluca Baldo Phpauction file inclusion [CVE-2006-3984]
31640Ekilat Llc php(Reactor) editprofile.php file inclusion
31639Knusperleicht quickie quickie.php file inclusion
31638Mambo Mambo Gallery Manager about.mgm.php file inclusion
31637Mambo Mambo Gallery Manager help.mgm.php code injection🔒
31636Symantec On-Demand Agent missing encryption [CVE-2006-3457]
31635CA eTrust Antivirus WebScan memory corruption [CVE-2006-3977]🔒
31634CA eTrust Antivirus WebScan memory corruption [CVE-2006-3976]🔒
31633CA eTrust Antivirus WebScan memory corruption [CVE-2006-3975]🔒🔒
31632Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-3634]🔒
31631Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-3505]🔒
31630Apple Mac OS X LaunchServices Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3504]🔒
31629Apple Mac OS X ImageIO integer coercion [CVE-2006-3503]🔒
31628Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2006-3502]🔒
31627Apple Mac OS X ImageIO integer coercion [CVE-2006-3501]🔒
31626Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-3500]🔒
31625Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-3499]🔒
31624libtiff memory corruption [CVE-2006-3465]🔒🔒
31623libtiff numeric error [CVE-2006-3464]🔒🔒
31622libtiff estimatestripbytecounts memory corruption🔒🔒
31621libtiff memory corruption [CVE-2006-3462]🔒🔒
31620libtiff heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-3461]🔒🔒
31619libtiff JPEG Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2006-3460]🔒🔒
31618libtiff tif_dirread.c tifffetchshortpair memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
31617Apple Mac OS X OpenSSH denial of service [CVE-2006-0393]🔒
31616Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-0392]🔒
31615Scott Weedon Ajax Chat operator_chattranscript.php path traversal
31614Scott Weedon Ajax Chat chat.php cross site scriting
31613Apple Mac OS X bootpd stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3498]🔒
31612Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-3497]🔒
31611Apple Mac OS X AFP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-3496]🔒
31610Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-3495]🔒
31609Apple Mac OS X AFP Server integer coercion [CVE-2006-1473]🔒
31608Apple Mac OS X AFP Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-1472]🔒
31607lmo lmo.php file inclusion
31606Colophon admin.colophon.php file inclusion
31605Sun Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3968]
31604moskool file inclusion [CVE-2006-3967]
31603Carlos Sanchez Valle MyNewsGroups code injection
31602Banex information disclosure [CVE-2006-3965]
31601Banex MySQL members.php file inclusion🔒
31600Banex signup.php sql injection
31599Mambo bayesiannaivefilter file inclusion [CVE-2006-3962]
31598X-Scripts X-Poll top.php sql injection
31597X-Scripts X-statistics protect.php sql injection
31596Pkr Internet Taskjitsu cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3958]
31595BosDev BosDates payment.php file inclusion
31594Total Online Solutions Advanced Webhost Billing System contact.php cross site scriting
31593MiniBB news.php file inclusion
31592MyBB usercp.php path traversal
31591MyBB usercp.php cross site scriting
31590EFS FTP Server File Sharing stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3952]🔒🔒
31589Mam-moodle alpha component moodle.php file inclusion
31588X-Scripts x-statistics x-statistics.php sql injection
31587Mambo Artlinks component artlinks.dispnew.php code injection🔒
31586PHP-Nuke INP modules.php cross site scriting
31585Mambo mambatstaff mambatstaff.php code injection🔒
31584Apple Mac OS X poponeblock memory corruption🔒
31583Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2006-3945]
31582Microsoft Internet Explorer integer coercion [CVE-2006-3944]
31581Microsoft Internet Explorer stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3943]
31580Sun N1 Grid Engine memory corruption [CVE-2006-3941]🔒
31579phpbb-Auction auction_room.php sql injection
31578ScriptsCenter ezUpload Pro filter.php Remote Code Execution
31577DotClear Error Message edit_cat.php information disclosure
31576xGuestBook Error Message post.php information disclosure
31575Alkacon OpenCms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3936]🔒
31574Alkacon OpenCms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3935]🔒
31573Alkacon OpenCms downloadtrigger.jsp path traversal🔒
31572Alkacon OpenCms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3933]🔒
31571Gonafish LinksCaffe links.php sql injection
31570Tuomas Airaksinen midirecord daemon memory corruption
31569Mamboxchange a6mambohelpdesk admin.a6mambohelpdesk.php file inclusion🔒
31568Zyxel Prestige 660H-61 cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3929]
31567Mikael Software WMNews index.php file inclusion
31566Php Pro Bid auctionsearch.php cross site scriting
31565Php Pro Bid viewfeedback.php sql injection
31564Brian Wotring Osiris memory corruption [CVE-2006-3120]🔒🔒
31563VMware ESX Server credentials management [CVE-2006-2481]
31562Tamarack Consulting Tamarack MMSd denial of service [CVE-2006-1178]
31561Interactual Technologies InterActual Player ActiveX Control iarecord.dll stack-based overflow🔒
31560Dokeos cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3924]
31559Fire-Mouse Fire-Mouse Toplist add.php cross site scriting
31558PortailPHP inscription.php file inclusion
31557Sun Java System Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-3921]🔒
31556Intervations FileCOPA filecpnt.exe stack-based overflow
31555database information disclosure [CVE-2006-3675]
31554SD Studio CMS index.php sql injection
31553R. Corson PHP Forge file inclusion [CVE-2006-3917]
31552Solucija snews snews.php cross site scriting
31551Microsoft Internet Explorer window.alert denial of service
31550Blackboard Blackboard Academic Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3914]
31549Freeciv handle_unit_orders memory corruption🔒🔒
31548Rarlab WinRAR memory corruption [CVE-2006-3912]
31547PHP Live Help help.php file inclusion
31546Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object newdefaultitem denial of service
31545Cimmetry Systems AutoVue SolidModel Professional stack-based overflow
31544Wired Community Software WWWthreads calendar.php cross site scriting
31543Gillius Programming Game Networking Engine consolestreambuf.cpp flush_output denial of service
31542Siemens Speedstream Wireless Router denial of service [CVE-2006-3907]
31541Cisco VPN 3060 Concentrator denial of service [CVE-2006-3906]
31540Mywebland MyBloggie index.php search sql injection
31539Etomite CMS index.php sql injection
31538myWebland MyBloggie index.php cross site scriting
31537phpFaber TopSites index.php cross site scriting
31536Red Hat Enterprise Linux Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2933]🔒
31535Mozilla Firefox object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
31534Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine "string numeric error🔒🔒🔒
31533Mozilla Thunderbird heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-3804]🔒🔒🔒
31532Mozilla Firefox new memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
31531Tumbleweed Mailgate Email Firewall MMSDecompose stack-based overflow
31530Tobias Kloy TP-Book guestbook.php cross site scriting
31529Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object cenroll.cenroll.2 stringtobinary denial of service
31528Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object Click denial of service
31527Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31526MusicBox sql injection [CVE-2006-3886]
31525Gonafish LinksCaffe links.php sql injection
31524Gonafish LinksCaffe counter.php cross site scriting
31523MusicBox phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
31522MusicBox index.php cross site scriting
31521Microsoft Windows IP Stack denial of service [CVE-2006-3880] [Disputed]
31520Miod Vallat mikmod load_gt2.c loadchunk numeric error
31519Opsware Network Automation System information disclosure [CVE-2006-3878]
31518TWiki configure privileges management🔒🔒🔒
31517OSSP shiela input validation [CVE-2006-3633]
31516Phptoys Micro GuestBook index.php cross site scriting
31515X7 Group X7 Chat upgradev1.php sql injection🔒
31514Lussumo Vanilla upgrader.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31513Pumpkin Studios Warzone Resurrection multiplay.c netrecvfile stack-based overflow🔒🔒
31512Krischan Jodies IP Calculator CGI Wrapper cross site scriting
31511Canebluem MoSpray newtask admin.php code injection
31510Mambo MultiBanners extadminmenus.class.php code injection🔒
31509Pablo Software Solutions Quick N Easy FTP Server memory corruption
31508Mambo Calendar com_calendar.php file inclusion
31507Adventnet Zoho Virtual Office cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3842]
31506OWASP WebScarab Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3841]
31505fbi Postscript Command Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3119]🔒🔒
31503Professional Home Page Tools Professional Home Page Tools Guestbook delcookie.php unknown vulnerability
31502UNIDOmedia Chameleon LE index.php path traversal
31501EJ3 TOPo index.php cleartext storage
31500EJ3 TOPo index.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3833]
31499Gerrit van Aaken Loudblog index.php sql injection🔒
31498Kailash Nadh boastMachine information disclosure [CVE-2006-3831]
31497Kailash Nadh boastMachine Admin Interface privileges management
31496Kailash Nadh boastMachine User Account cross-site request forgery
31495Kailash Nadh boastMachine sql injection [CVE-2006-3828]
31494Kailash Nadh boastMachine sql injection [CVE-2006-3827]
31493Kailash Nadh boastMachine Admin Interface register.php cross site scriting
31492GeodesicSolutions GeoClassifieds Basic index.php sql injection
31491GeodesicSolutions GeoAuctions Enterprise index.php sql injection
31490Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor index_list.php cross site scriting
31489Gerrit Van Aaken loudblog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3820]
31488Krusader cleartext storage [CVE-2006-3816]
31487Linux-ha heartbeat Shared Memory heartbeat.c access control🔒🔒
31486Cheese Tracker loader_xm.cpp load_instrument_internal memory corruption🔒🔒
31485Amazing Flash Commerce AFCommerce Shopping Cart cross site scriting
31484DeluxeBB Login sql injection [CVE-2006-3799]
31483DeluxeBB extract unknown vulnerability
31482DeluxeBB sql injection [CVE-2006-3797]
31481DeluxeBB Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3796]
31480DeluxeBB header.php cross site scriting
31479Amazing Flash Commerce AFCommerce Shopping Cart sql injection [Disputed]
31478SiteDepth SiteDepth CMS constants.php file inclusion
31477UFO2000 server_protocol.cpp recv_packet sql injection🔒🔒
31476UFO2000 server_transport.cpp resize denial of service🔒🔒
31475UFO2000 server_transport.cpp decode_stringmap denial of service🔒🔒
31474UFO2000 multiplay.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
31473UFO2000 multiplay.cpp recv_add_unit/ memory corruption🔒🔒
31472Kerio Personal Firewall kpf4ss.exe api denial of service
31471Symantec pcAnywhere CIF File privileges management [CVE-2006-3786]
31470Symantec pcAnywhere GUI Textbox missing encryption [CVE-2006-3785]
31469Keyifweb Keyif Portal information disclosure [CVE-2006-3780]
31468IDevSpot PhpLinkExchange index.php code injection
31467IDevSpot AutoHost index.php code injection
31466MyBB class_session.php init sql injection🔒
31465perForms Component performs.php code injection🔒
31464Mambo SMF-Forum smf.php code injection🔒
31463PHP-Post privileges management [CVE-2006-3772]
31462Imaginex-resource iManage CMS modules/mod_calendar.php component.php file inclusion
31461phpFaber TopSites index.php sql injection
31460Top XL add.php cross site scriting
31459Planet Concept planetGallery gallery_admin.php Remote Code Execution
31458Darrens 5-dollar Script Archive osDate showprofile.php cross site scriting
31457Darrens 5-dollar Script Archive osDate unknown vulnerability
31456Huttenlocher Webdesign hwdeGUEST new_entry.php cross site scriting
31455Till Gerken phpPolls phppolladmin.php3 sql injection
31454Dieselscripts Diesel Joke Site category.php sql injection
31453Touch Control ActiveX control Execute Remote Code Execution
31452MyBB cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3761]
31451MyBB sql injection [CVE-2006-3760]
31450MyBB unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3759]
31449MyBB index.php extract sql injection
31448Zen Cart Error Message index.php information disclosure
31447Geeklog lib-comment.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
31446FlushCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-3755]
31445FlushCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-3754]
31444Professional Home Page Tools Guestbook Administration setcookie.php unknown vulnerability
31443Professional Home Page Tools Guestbook class.php sql injection
31442HTMLArea3 eManager code injection [CVE-2006-3751]🔒
31441Hashcash server.php code injection🔒
31440Mambo sitemap sitemap.xml.php code injection🔒
31439Mamboxchange LoudMouth code injection [CVE-2006-3748]🔒
31438SWsoft Plesk Control Panel filemanager.php cross site scriting
31437Mambo videodb file inclusion [CVE-2006-3736]
31436Mail2Forum m2f_phpbb204.php file inclusion
31435Cisco CS-MARS Command Line Interface privileges management [CVE-2006-3734]
31434Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis/Response System access control
31433Cisco CS-MARS Default Account information disclosure [CVE-2006-3732]
31432Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-3731]
31431Microsoft Internet Explorer DataSourceControl integer coercion
31430Eskolar CMS Restore index.php sql injection
31429Intervations FileCOPA memory corruption [CVE-2006-3726]
31428Symantec Norton Personal Firewall denial of service [CVE-2006-3725]
31427Oracle EnterpriseOne Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3724]🔒
31426Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Enterprise Portal sql injection
31425Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Enterprise Portal Remote Code Execution🔒
31424Oracle Enterprise Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3721]🔒
31423Oracle Enterprise Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3720]🔒
31422Oracle Enterprise Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3719]🔒
31421Oracle Exchange Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3718]🔒
31420Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
31419Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
31418Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3715]🔒
31417Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3714]🔒
31416Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3713]🔒
31415Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3712]🔒
31414Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3711]🔒
31413Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3710]🔒
31412Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3709]🔒
31411Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3708]🔒
31410Oracle Application Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3707]🔒
31409Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3706]🔒🔒
31408Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3705] [Disputed]🔒🔒
31407Oracle Database Server ODBC Driver Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3704]🔒🔒
31406Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3703]🔒🔒
31405Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3702] [Disputed]🔒🔒
31404Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3701]🔒🔒
31403Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3700]🔒🔒
31402Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
31401Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-3698]🔒🔒
31400Microsoft Personal Firewall explorer.exe access control
31399Agnitum Outpost Firewall mshta.exe denial of service
31398Edgewall Software Trac cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3695]🔒🔒
31397Yukihiro Matsumoto Ruby Safe Level alias unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
31396Rocks Clusters mount-loop.c system memory corruption
31395Silentweb listmessenger listmessenger.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31394VBZooM ignore-pm.php sql injection
31393MiniBB Forum com_minibb.php file inclusion
31392Codeworks Gnomedia SubberZ user-func.php file inclusion [Disputed]
31391Francisco Charrua Photo-Gallery room.php sql injection
31390D-Link DI-624 stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3687]
31389HP OpenVMS sysexe]smputil.exe denial of service
31388Czaries Network CzarNews cn_config.php file inclusion
31387SoftComplex PHP Event Calendar calendar.php extract file inclusion
31386Flipper Poll poll.php file inclusion
31385awstats Installation cross site scriting🔒🔒
31384photocycle cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3680]
31383FatWire FatWire Content Server Access Restriction privileges management
31382Wireshark NFS Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2006-3632]🔒🔒
31381Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3631]🔒🔒
31380Wireshark numeric error [CVE-2006-3630]🔒🔒
31379Wireshark Mount Dissector memory allocation [CVE-2006-3629]🔒🔒
31378Wireshark format string [CVE-2006-3628]🔒🔒
31377Wireshark resource management [CVE-2006-3627]🔒🔒
31376MySQL Error Message date_format format string🔒🔒🔒
31375FreeType numeric error [CVE-2006-3467]🔒🔒
31373Merak Mail Server php path traversal🔒
31372Merak Mail Server include.php securepath path traversal🔒
31371Armagetron Armagetron Advanced nnetobject.cpp id_req_handler denial of service
31370Armagetron Armagetron Advanced nnetobject.cpp denial of service
31369KDE Konqueror replaceChild denial of service🔒
31368Hyper Estraier estmaster.c communicate cross-site request forgery
31367Rabox Winlpd stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3670]
31366Mercury Messenger users information disclosure
31365Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque DUMB it_read_envelope memory corruption🔒🔒
31364Sybase Financial Fusion Consumer Banking Solution Remote Code Execution AjaxPortal sql injection [CVE-2006-3666]
31362SquirrelMail cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3665]🔒
31361Finjan Vital Security Appliance Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3663]
31360Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor index.php sql injection [Disputed]
31359Cutephp CuteNews index.php cross site scriting
31358Microsoft PowerPoint powerpnt.exe denial of service
31357Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31356Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Check denial of service
31355Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31354Microsoft PowerPoint memory corruption [CVE-2006-3656]🔒
31353Microsoft Works Spreadsheet wksss.exe memory corruption
31352Microsoft Works Spreadsheet wksss.exe denial of service
31351Microsoft ISA Server Filters Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3652]
31350Pixelated By Lev Pixelated By Lev Guestbook pblguestbook.php sql injection
31349FLV FLV Player Error Message paginate.php information disclosure🔒
31348FLV FLV Player player.php cross site scriting
31347McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator agent path traversal [CVE-2006-3623]🔒
31346Dream4 Koobi Pro Error Message sql injection [CVE-2006-3622]
31345Dream4 Koobi Pro sql injection [CVE-2006-3621]
31344Dream4 Koobi Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3620]
31343Pixelated By Lev Pixelated By Lev Guestbook pblguestbook.php cross site scriting
31342Carbonize Lazarus Guestbook codes-english.php cross site scriting
31341Phorum pm.php file inclusion
31340Orbitcoders OrbitMATRIX index.php sql injection
31339Chamberland Technology Ezwaiter Online Login Form item.php cross site scriting
31338Phorum cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3612]
31337Phorum pm.php path traversal
31336Orbitcoders OrbitMATRIX index.php information disclosure
31335Orbitcoders OrbitMATRIX index.php cross site scriting
31334Flatnuke memory corruption [CVE-2006-3608]
31333Softbiz Banner Exchange insertmember.php cross site scriting
31332LibVNCServer auth.c improper authentication🔒🔒
31331Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31330Seyeon FlexWATCH Network Camera Access Restriction path traversal
31329Seyeon FlexWATCH Network Camera index.php cross site scriting
31328FarsiNews inews path traversal [CVE-2006-3602]🔒
31327DotNetNuke Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3601]🔒
31326libtunepimp lookup memory corruption🔒🔒
31325PHP-Nuke Advanced Classified Module sql injection [CVE-2006-3599]
31324PHP-Nuke Sections module sql injection [CVE-2006-3598]
31323Ubuntu passwd Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3597]🔒
31322Cisco Unified CallManager memory corruption [CVE-2006-3594]
31321Cisco Unified CallManager Command Line Interface unknown vulnerability
31320Cisco Unified CallManager Command Line Interface privileges management
31319Microsoft Internet Explorer null pointer dereference [CVE-2006-3591]
31318Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-1309]🔒🔒
31317Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-1308]🔒🔒
31316Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-1301]🔒🔒
31315Adobe Flash Player swf denial of service🔒🔒
31314Hotwebscripts CMS Mundo Search Module index.php sql injection
31313Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-2388]🔒
31312Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-1306]🔒🔒
31311Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2006-1304]🔒🔒
31310Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2006-1302]🔒
31309Audacious Media Player Team AdPlug cff.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
31308Audacious Media Player Team AdPlug dtm.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
31307ASP Stats Generator pages.asp sql injection
31306Fujitsu ServerView cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3579]
31305Fujitsu ServerView path traversal [CVE-2006-3578]
31304LifeType index.php sql injection🔒
31303SenseSites CommonSense CMS search.php sql injection
31302McAfee VirusScan Buffer Overflow Protection memory corruption
31301Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Web Client File Sharing cross site scriting
31300Milan Mimica Sparklet agl_text.cpp writetext format string
31299Papoo forumthread.php sql injection
31298Papoo hilfe.php cross site scripting
31297Drupal Webform Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3570]
31296NetApp ONTAP privileges management [CVE-2006-3569]
31295Fantastic Scripts Fantastic Guestbook guestbook.php cross site scriting
31294Juniper DX Web Administration Interface login cross site scriting
31293HiveMail Installation search.results.php information disclosure
31292HiveMail search.results.php sql injection
31291HiveMail Addressbook addressbook.view.php cross site scriting
31290Winged Gallery cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3563]
31289plume cms index.php code injection
31288BT Voyager 2091 Wireless Adsl Router access control
31287Blue Dojo Graffiti Forums topics.php sql injection
31286Arif Supriyanto auraCMS sql injection [CVE-2006-3559]
31285Arif Supriyanto auraCMS teman.php cross site scriting
31284MT Orumcek MT Orumcek Toplist information disclosure [CVE-2006-3557]
31283extcalendar extcalendar.php code injection🔒🔒
31282PHP-Fusion submit.php cross site scriting
31281MKPortal index.php path traversal
31280PlaNet Concept planetNews memory corruption [CVE-2006-3553]
31279Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite data unknown vulnerability
31278NCP Secure Enterprise Client unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3551]
31277F5 FirePass 4100 cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3550]
31276Horde Application Framework cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3549]🔒🔒
31275Horde Application Framework cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3548]🔒🔒
31274VMware Player denial of service [CVE-2006-3547] [Disputed]
31273ADA ImgSvr denial of service [CVE-2006-3546]
31272Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3545] [Disputed]
31271Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php which sql injection [Disputed]
31270Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php which sql injection [Disputed]
31269Boxcar Media Shopping Cart editshop.php cross site scriting
31268ZoneLabs Zonealarm Security Suite these denial of service
31267DKScript Dragons Kingdom Script cross site scripting
31266BeatificFaith Eprayer demo.php cross site scriting
31265Randshop index.php file inclusion
31264EJ3 TOPo Stored privileges management [CVE-2006-3536]
31263Nullsoft SHOUTcast DSP path traversal [CVE-2006-3535]🔒🔒
31262Nullsoft SHOUTcast Server Filters path traversal [CVE-2006-3534]🔒🔒
31261Pivot blogroll.php cross site scriting
31260Pivot edit_new.php file inclusion
31259Pivot insert_image.php Remote Code Execution
31258Pc Cookbook code injection [CVE-2006-3530]🔒
31257Samba memory allocation [CVE-2006-3403]🔒🔒
31256Juniper Junos memory leak [CVE-2006-3529]
31255Mamboxchange Simpleboard image_upload.php code injection🔒
31254Bosdev BosClassifieds Classified Ads index.php file inclusion
31253Sport-slo Sport-slo Advanced Guestbook guestbook.php cross site scriting
31252Phpcredo PHCDownload category.php sql injection
31251SIPfoundry sipXtapi memory corruption [CVE-2006-3524]🔒🔒
31250Clearswift MIMEsweeper for Web denial of service [CVE-2006-3523]
31249Simian Systems Inc SiteForge Collaborative Development Platform cross site scriting
31248Sabdrimer Cms advanced1.php file inclusion
31247Native Solutions The Banner Engine top.php cross site scriting Webvizyon Portal sayfalaaltlist.asp sql injection Rw Download stats.php download file inclusion
31244FreeHost sql injection [CVE-2006-3516] AjaxPortal ajaxp.php loginadp sql injection
31242Phpblogger PHP-Blogger cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3514]
31241Microsoft Internet Explorer danim.dll null pointer dereference
31240Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31239Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3511]
31238Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3510]
31237Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2006-2389]🔒
31236Microsoft Windows information disclosure [CVE-2006-1315]🔒🔒
31235Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2006-0033]🔒🔒
31234Vastal I-tech Buddy Zone view_classifieds.php cross site scripting
31233Microsoft Office mso.dll lscreateline memory corruption🔒🔒
31232MICO set_answer_invoke denial of service
31231Christophe Thibault Kaillera stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-3491]
31230VirtuaStore administrador.asp path traversal
31229VirtuaStore information disclosure [CVE-2006-3487]
31228MySQL Configuration File complete_initialization numeric error [Disputed]🔒
31227AstroDog Press Some Chess board.php sql injection
31226Adaptive Technology Resource Centre ATutor create_course.php cross site scriting
31225PHPMailList information disclosure [CVE-2006-3483]
31224PHPMailList maillist.php cross site scriting
31223Joomla CMS Blink me" sql injection
31222Joomla CMS getuserstatefromrequest cross site scriting
31221Nuked-Klan del_block cross-site request forgery
31220MyPHP CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-3478]
31219Stalker CommuniGate POP Service denial of service [CVE-2006-3477]🔒
31218PhpWebGallery comments.php cross site scriting
31217free QBoard index.php file inclusion
31216Belchior Foundry vCard gbrowse.php sql injection
31215Drupal Form Mail Module Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3473]
31214Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3472]
31213Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3471]
31212Dell Openmanage CD Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3470]
31211Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2006-2936]🔒🔒
31210Qbik WinGate IMAP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-2917]🔒
31209eBay Enhanced Picture Services memory corruption
31208Zope information disclosure [CVE-2006-3458]🔒🔒
31207Novell ZENworks checkprofile.asp sql injection🔒
31206Tigertom Scripts Ttcalc Script loan.php cross site scriting
31205Tigertom Scripts Ttcalc Script loan.php cross site scriting
31204Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service🔒
31203Novell ZENworks path traversal [CVE-2006-3426]🔒
31202Novell ZENworks Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3425]🔒
31201Webex Communications WebEx Downloader ActiveX Control memory corruption
31200Webex Communications Downloader Java ActiveX Control input validation🔒🔒
31199WonderEdit WonderEdit Pro CMS user_bottom.php file inclusion
31198SmartSiteCMS comment.php file inclusion
31197MyBB editpost.php cross-site request forgery
31196Tor OpenSSL information disclosure [CVE-2006-3419]
31195Tor authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-3418]
31194Tor unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3417]
31193Tor denial of service [CVE-2006-3416] [Disputed]
31192Tor unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3415]
31191Tor information disclosure [CVE-2006-3414]
31190Tor Configuration File information disclosure [CVE-2006-3413]
31189Tor Access Restriction unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3412]
31188Tor Encryption Key missing encryption [CVE-2006-3411]
31187Tor information disclosure [CVE-2006-3410]
31186Tor integer coercion [CVE-2006-3409]
31185tor denial of service [CVE-2006-3408]
31184Tor authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-3407]
31183qto QTOFileManager qtofm.php path traversal
31182qto QTOFileManager qtofm.php cross site scriting
31181VirtuaStore Logging sql injection [CVE-2006-3402]
31180ID Software Quake 3 Engine memory corruption [CVE-2006-3401]
31179Raven Software Soldier of Fortune 2 cg_servercommand stack-based overflow
31178MoniWiki Error Message wiki.php Reflected cross site scriting
31177Pkr Internet Taskjitsu Change Password information disclosure
31176Pkr Internet Taskjitsu cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3397]
31175Miro International galleria galleria.html.php code injection🔒
31174Webdesignhq SiteBuilder-FX top.php code injection🔒
31173BXCP index.php sql injection
31172Electronic Arts NASCAR Racing denial of service [CVE-2006-3393]
31171iMBC iMBCContents ActiveX Control file URI execute memory corruption
31170WordPress Installation privileges management [CVE-2006-3390]🔒🔒
31169WordPress Error Message index.php information disclosure [Disputed]🔒🔒
31168Fusionphp Fusion News path traversal [CVE-2006-3387]
31167Vincent Leclercq News Installation index.php information disclosure
31166Vincent Leclercq News divers.php cross site scriting
31165Vincent Leclercq News divers.php sql injection
31164mAds index.php cross site scriting
31163mAds search.php cross site scriting
31162SturGeoN Upload privileges management [CVE-2006-3381]
31161FreeStyle FreeStyle Wiki denial of service [CVE-2006-3380]
31160Hiki Wiki denial of service [CVE-2006-3379]🔒🔒
31159Ubuntu shadow Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3378]🔒
31158JMB Software AutoRank search.php cross site scriting
31157Wvware libwmf player.c integer coercion🔒🔒
31156Randshop file inclusion [CVE-2006-3375]
31155Randshop index.php file inclusion
31154Hobbit privileges management [CVE-2006-3373]
31153Apple Safari setattributenode denial of service
31152Eupla Foros information disclosure [CVE-2006-3371]
31151Bb-news Blueboy information disclosure [CVE-2006-3370]
31150Iduprey Kamikaze-QSCM information disclosure [CVE-2006-3369]
31149Efone information disclosure [CVE-2006-3368]
31148Mp3NetBox information disclosure [CVE-2006-3367]
31147V3 Chat cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3366]
31146V3 Chat Installation information disclosure [CVE-2006-3365]
31145F-art Agency Blog Cms index.php sql injection
31144Xoops Xoops Glossaire Module index.php file inclusion
31143Geeklog mod_mime Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3362]🔒
31142Stud.IP file inclusion [CVE-2006-3361]
31140NewsPHP index.php sql injection
31139NewsPHP Error Page index.php cross site scriting
31138Apple Mac OS X Server ImageIO tifffetchanyarray null pointer dereference
31137mpg123 httpdget.c strncpy heap-based overflow🔒🔒
31136Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Object denial of service
31135Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2006-3353]
31134Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-3352] [Disputed]🔒
31133Microsoft Windows explorer.exe memory corruption🔒
31132TWiki memory corruption [CVE-2006-3336]🔒🔒
31131Cowon America jetAudio memory corruption [CVE-2006-2910]
31130SmS Script cat.php sql injection
31129Swsoft HSPcomplete report.php sql injection
31128Devilz Clanportal index.php sql injection
31127Carlos Sanchez Valle MyNewsGroups tree.php sql injection
31126Ajax Softwares AliPAGER cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3345]
31125Siemens Speedstream Wireless Router access control [CVE-2006-3344]
31124Crisoft Ricette file inclusion [CVE-2006-3343]
31123Olate Arctic index.php Search cross site scriting
31122MyAds annonces-p-f.php sql injection
31121Pearlinger Pearl For Mambo functions_cms.php file inclusion
31120Atlassian JIRA Error Message ConfigureReleaseNote.jspa information disclosure
31119Atlassian JIRA Error Page ConfigureReleaseNote.jspa cross site scriting
31118cPanel cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3337]
31117HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3335]🔒
31116Greg Roelofs libpng pngrutil.c png_decompress_chunk memory corruption🔒🔒
31115Phpoutsourcing Zorum Error Message index.php Reflected cross site scriting
31114Phpoutsourcing Zorum index.php sql injection🔒
31113Opera Web Browser SSL Certificate authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-3331]🔒
31112Deltascripts PHP Classifieds addasset1.php cross site scriting
31111Deltascripts PHP Classifieds search.php sql injection
31110Starflow Software Hostflow new_ticket.cgi cross site scriting Custom dating biz dating script cross site scriting
31108Joesph Leung QuickZip path traversal [CVE-2006-3326]
31107ID Software Quake 3 Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3325]
31106ID Software Quake 3 Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3324]
31105Mastersfusion MF Piadas admin.php cross site scriting
31104Linux Kernel ip_conntrack_proto_sctp.c resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
31103Spiffyjr phpRaid Logging log_hack sql injection
31102Canonical spread bind denial of service
31101OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2006-3117]🔒🔒
31100OpenOffice Java Sandbox memory corruption [CVE-2006-2199]🔒🔒
31099OpenOffice access control [CVE-2006-2198]🔒🔒
310982enetworx openforum openforum.asp cross site scriting
31097SiteBar command.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
31096PHP iCalendar cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3319]
31094Apple iTunes Sample Table numeric error [CVE-2006-1467]🔒🔒
31093Spiffyjr phpRaid Authorization register.php sql injection
31092Spiffyjr phpRaid announcements.php memory corruption
31091Spiffyjr phpRaid logs.php memory corruption
31090Spiffyjr phpRaid configuration.php memory corruption
31089Spiffyjr phpRaid view.php sql injection
31088RahnemaCo page.php file inclusion
31087RahnemaCo page.php file inclusion
31086Netsoft smartNet search.jsp cross site scriting
31085QaTraq queries_view_search.php cross site scriting
31084Internet Scout Project Scout Portal Toolkit spt--forumtopics.php sql injection🔒
31083Zoid Technologies Project EROS bbsengine cross site scriting
31082Zoid Technologies Project EROS bbsengine sql injection [CVE-2006-3307]
31081Zoid Technologies Project EROS bbsengine common.php cross site scripting
31080UebiMiau index.php cross site scriting
31079DeluxeBB cp.php sql injection
31078DeluxeBB pm.php cross site scriting
31077cbsms Mambo Module mod_cbsms.php file inclusion
31076phpQLAdmin user_add.php cross site scriting
31075PhpMySms gateway.php file inclusion
31074Metalheadws Usenet index.php cross site scriting
31073UebiMiau error.php cross site scriting
31072George Currums Open Guestbook view.php sql injection
31071George Currums Open Guestbook header.php cross site scriting
31070cbsms Mambo Module mod_cbsms_messages.php file inclusion
31069Proton Energymech Irc Bot denial of service [CVE-2006-3293]🔒🔒
31068Jaws sql injection [CVE-2006-3292]🔒
31067Cisco Wireless Control System information disclosure [CVE-2006-3290]
31066Cisco Wireless Control System Login Page cross site scriting
31065Cisco Wireless Control System unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3288]
31064Cisco Wireless Control System Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3287]
31063Cisco Wireless Control System cleartext storage [CVE-2006-3286]
31062Cisco Wireless Control System Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3285]
31061Datetopia Dating Agent PRO cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3284]
31060Datetopia Dating Agent PRO picture.php sql injection
31059Datetopia Dating Agent PRO requirements.php phpinfo information disclosure
31058Microsoft Internet Explorer Drag/Drop input validation [CVE-2006-3281]🔒🔒
31057Aewebworks aeDating index.php cross site scriting
31056Positive Software H-Sphere psoft.hsphere.CP cross site scriting
31055Mailenable Professional SMTP Service resource management [CVE-2006-3277]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
31054RealNetworks Helix DNA Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-3276]
31053YaBB profile.php sql injection
31052Astrodog Press Some Chess menu.php cross site scriting
31051Astrodog Press Some Chess menu.php cross-site request forgery
31050Softbiz Dating Script search_results.php sql injection
31049THoRCMS cms_admin.php sql injection
31048THoRCMS functions_cms.php file inclusion
31047Claroline cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3257]
31046Woltlab Burning Board report.php sql injection
31045Woltlab Burning Board showmods.php sql injection
31044Woltlab Burning Board newthread.php sql injection
31043Jelsoft vBulletin member.php cross site scriting [Disputed]
31042MiMMS memory corruption [CVE-2006-2200]🔒🔒
31041Linux Kernel strnlen_user denial of service🔒🔒
31040Apple Mac OS X launchd cf_syslog format string🔒
31039Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2006-1470]🔒
31038Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2006-1469]🔒
31037Infinite Core Technologies ICT index.php sql injection
31036Magnet Bee-hive Lite file inclusion
31035Qdig index.php cross site scriting
31034Namo DeepSearch mclient.cgi cross site scriting
31033Mambo weblinks.php sql injection🔒🔒
31032Mambo weblinks.php sql injection🔒🔒
31031Virtual Design Studios vlbook index.php cross site scriting
31030e107 CMS search.php cross site scriting
31029BNBT EasyTracker index.html cross site scriting
31028CA eTrust PestPatrol memory corruption [CVE-2006-3223]
31027Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-1468]🔒
31026Algorithmic Research Privatewire Gateway memory corruption [CVE-2006-3252]
31025hashcash hashcash.c array_push memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
31024Microsoft Windows Live Messenger heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-3250]
31023GraceNote CDDBControl ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2006-3134]🔒🔒🔒
31022Phorum search.php sql injection [Disputed]
31020GL-SH Deaf Forum show.php cross site scriting
31019GL-SH Deaf Forum show.php cross site scriting
31018mvnForum cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3245]🔒
31017Anthill buglist.php sql injection
31016MyBB usercp.php sql injection
31015Mutt IMAP Server browse_get_namespace stack-based overflow🔒🔒
31014XennoBB messages.php cross site scriting
31013dotProject cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3240]
31012VBZooM message.php sql injection
31011VBZooM rank.php sql injection
31010Senokian Solutions Enterprise Groupware Systems index.php cross site scriting
31009Thinkfactory thinkWMS index.php sql injection
31008Looknet FineShop index.php cross site scriting
31007Looknet FineShop index.php sql injection
31006Open WebMail cross site scriting
31005IBM WebSphere Application Server UserNameToken Cache Remote Code Execution
31004Azureus Tracker cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3230]
31003Open WebMail cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3229]
31002Microsoft Internet Explorer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3227]🔒🔒
31001Cisco Secure Access Control Server Session Management Remote Code Execution
31000Sun Java System Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3225]
30999Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2006-3224]
30998New Atlanta Communications Bluedragon Server Jx Error Page cross site scriting🔒
30997New Atlanta Communications Bluedragon Server Jx denial of service🔒
30996pinball Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2196]🔒🔒
30995Fortinet FortiOS FTP Proxy privileges management [CVE-2006-3222]
30994Softnews Media Group DataLife Engine index.php sql injection
30993Woltlab Burning Board studienplatztausch.php sql injection
30992Woltlab Burning Board thread.php sql injection
30991Woltlab Burning Board profile.php sql injection
30990Jaguarsoft JaguarEdit ActiveX Control information disclosure
30989Clearswift MAILsweeper for SMTP Security Service denial of service
30988Hitachi Groupmax Address Server denial of service [CVE-2006-3214]
30987WeBBoA sql injection [CVE-2006-3213]
30986cjGuestbook sign.php cross site scriting
30985cjGuestbook sign.php cross site scriting
30984Le Ralf Ralf Image Gallery check_entry.php code injection
30983Microsoft Windows at.exe Local Privilege Escalation [Disputed]
30982Ultimate PHP Board admin_chatconfig.php Stored Remote Privilege Escalation
30981Ultimate PHP Board newpost.php path traversal
30980Ultimate PHP Board register.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3206]
30979Ultimate PHP Board information disclosure [CVE-2006-3205]
30978Ultimate PHP Board Logging cleartext storage [CVE-2006-3204]
30977Ultimate PHP Board Installation credentials management [CVE-2006-3203]
30976Lanap BotDetect Captcha access control [CVE-2006-2918]
30975NetBSD ip6_savecontrol denial of service
30974HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-3201]🔒
30973Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-3200]
30972Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2006-3199]
30971DeluxeBB sql injection [CVE-2006-2915]
30970DeluxeBB postreply.php memory corruption
30969Linux Kernel infinite loop [CVE-2006-3085]🔒🔒
30968Linux Kernel signal_64.c denial of service🔒🔒
30967Invision Power Services IP.Board cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3197]
30966singapore Error Message index.php information disclosure
30965singapore index.php cross site scriting
30964singapore index.php path traversal
30963Grayscale BandSite CMS contact_content.php code injection
30962Php Web Scripts Ad Manager Pro common.php file inclusion
30961Tpvgames MPCS comment.php cross site scriting
30960HotPlug CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-3190]
30959HotPlug CMS Administration login1.php cross site scriting
30958Sharky e-shop search_prod_list.asp sql injection
30957Sharky e-shop search_prod_list.asp cross site scriting
30956CMS Faethon footer.php cross site scriting
30955CMS Faethon file inclusion [CVE-2006-3185]
30954ASP Stats Generator settings_skin.asp Stored unknown vulnerability
30953MobeScripts Mobile Space Community Error Message index.php cross site scriting
30952MobeScripts Mobile Space Community index.php path traversal
30951MobeScripts Mobile Space Community index.php sql injection
30950Swsoft Confixx ftp_index.php cross site scriting
30949Swsoft Confixx tools_ftp_pwaendern.php cross site scriting
30948Jed Wing CHM Lib path traversal [CVE-2006-3178]🔒🔒
30947Bible Portal Project rtf_parser.php file inclusion
30946xaran cms xarancms_haupt.php sql injection
30945mcGuestbook Installation admin.php code injection
30944SquirrelMail search.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
30943Content*Builder Libraries file inclusion [CVE-2006-3173]
30942Content*Builder code injection
30941Comscripts CS-Forum ajouter.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-3171]
30940Comscripts CS-Forum Error Message index.php information disclosure
30939Comscripts CS-Forum read.php cross site scriting
30938Comscripts CS-Forum read.php sql injection
30937Free Realty Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-3167]
30936Free Realty propview.php cross site scriting
30935Free Realty propview.php sql injection
30934TPL Design tplShop category.php sql injection
30933IMGallery galeria.php sql injection
30932SmartSiteCMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-3162]
30931Saphp SaphpLesson misc.php sql injection
30930ONEdotOH Simple File Manager fm.php cross site scriting
30929Sun One Messaging Server Error Message symlink [CVE-2006-3159]
30928Eduha Meeting Security Check index.php privileges management
30927Thinkfactory UltimateGoogle index.php cross site scriting
30926Thinkfactory Ultimate eShop index.cgi cross site scriting
30925Thinkfactory Ultimate Estate cross site scriting
30924Thinkfactory Ultimate Estate sql injection
30923Thinkfactory Ultimate Estate cross site scriting
30922Bluehouse Project phpTRADER Login login.php sql injection
30921AssoCIateD Associated Cms index.php cross site scriting
30920CavoxCms index.php sql injection
30919phpMyForum topic.php cross site scriting
30918Open-Realty sql injection
30917Hosting Controller privileges management [CVE-2006-3147]🔒
30916Toshiba Bluetooth Stack memory corruption [CVE-2006-3146]
30915NetPBM off-by-one [CVE-2006-3145]🔒
30914IBD Micro CMS microcms-include.php code injection
30913Maximus SchoolMAX icue_login.asp cross site scriting
30912VBZooM forum.php sql injection
30911Dpivision Tradingeye Shop details.cfm cross site scriting
30910openCI index.php sql injection
30909VWar Virtual War war.php sql injection
30908Accomplishtechnology phpMyDirectory offers-pix.php cross site scripting
30907Cutting Edge Computing Edge eCommerce Shop productdetail.asp cross site scriting
30906Nucleus CMS dir_libs code injection [CVE-2006-3136] [Disputed]
30905qto QTOFileManager qtofm.php4 cross site scriting
30904Clubpage index.php cross site scriting
30903Clubpage index.php sql injection
30902NC LinkList index.php cross site scriting
30901easy-CMS mod_mime choose_file.php privileges management
30900Sun Java Enterprise System Network Security Service resource management
30899Hotwebscripts CMS Mundo Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2931]
30898Hotwebscripts CMS Mundo sql injection [CVE-2006-2911]
30897Chipmailer php.php phpinfo information disclosure
30896Chipmailer main.php sql injection
30895Chipmailer main.php cross site scriting
30894Cisco Call Manager phonelist.asp cross site scriting
30893EmailArchitect Email Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3108]
30892Docebo news_class.php file inclusion
30891Fredi Bach Phpmydesktop Arcade index.php cross site scriting
30890Bitweaver index.php cross site scriting
30889Bitweaver Error Message index.php information disclosure
30888Bitweaver index.php cross site scriting
30887Bitweaver mod_mime edit.php Stored Remote Code Execution
30886Cisco Secure Access Control Server logonproxy.cgi cross site scriting
30885TWiki privileges management [CVE-2006-2942]
30884HP HP-UX Support Tools Manager denial of service [CVE-2006-3097]🔒
30883iPostMX 2005 messagepost.cfm sql injection
30882iPostMX 2005 userlogin.cfm cross site scriting
30881Vincent Hor Calendarix Basic magic_quotes_gpc cal_event.php sql injection🔒
30880PhpMyFactures Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-3092]
30879PhpMyFactures Installation verif.php information disclosure
30878PhpMyFactures magic_quotes_gpc modifier_pays.php sql injection
30877PhpMyFactures header.php cross site scriting
30876Cescripts Car Classifieds index.php cross site scriting
30875EZGallery galleries.asp cross site scripting
30874mysql str_to_date denial of service🔒🔒
30873aXent aXentForum viewposts.cfm cross site scriting
30872SSPwiz SSPwiz Plus index.cfm cross site scriting
30871APBoard SSID board.php sql injection
30870aXent aXentGuestbook guestbook.cfm cross site scriting
30869PhpBlueDragon PhpBlueDragon CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-3076]
30868PictureDis PictureDis Professional photoalbum file inclusion
30867Symantec Security Information Manager privileges management [CVE-2006-3072]
30866Anton Belev Mp3 Search Archive Search Box index.php cross site scriting
30865Zeroboard mod_mime write_ok.php memory corruption
30864Iglooweb DoubleSpeak index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30863IBM DB2 Universal Database resource management [CVE-2006-3068]
30862IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2006-3067]
30861Blursoft blur6ex sql injection [CVE-2006-3065]
30860Coppermine Photo Gallery add_hit sql injection
30859myPHP Guestbook index.php cross site scriting
30858myPHP Guestbook index.php cross site scriting Five Star Review Script Search Box index2.php cross site scripting
30856Webexceluk P.A.I.D Input Fields index.php cross site scriting phpBannerExchange resetpw.php information disclosure phpBannerExchange stats.php sql injection
30853dhcdbd memory corruption [CVE-2006-3057]
30852VBZooM language.php sql injection
30851VBZooM meaning.php sql injection
30850VBZooM show.php sql injection
30849PHORUM common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30848Cescripts Event Registration Paypal view-event-details.php cross site scriting
30847Six Offene Systeme Gmbh SixCMS list.php cross site scriting
30846Six Offene Systeme Gmbh SixCMS detail.php path traversal
30845Mole Group Ticket Booking Script booking3.php cross site scriting
30844TikiWiki sql injection [CVE-2006-3048]🔒🔒
30843TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2006-3047]🔒🔒
30842Subtext Login Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-3046]
30841Teake Nutma Foing manage_songs.php file inclusion
30840LogiSphere Error Page Reflected cross site scriting
30839Cfxe-cms search.cfm cross site scriting
30838PicoZip infod zipinfo.dll stack-based overflow🔒
30837ISPConfig Installation file inclusion [Disputed]
30836Codewalkers Ltwcalendar calendar.php include file inclusion [Disputed]
30835Amr Talkbox talkbox.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30834Cescripts Realty Home Rent index.php cross site scriting
30833Cescripts Realty Room Rent index.php cross site scriting
30832Site Trade ST AdManager Lite publish.php cross site scriting
30831Andy Mack 35mmslidegallery index.php cross site scriting
30830MyScrapbook addwords.php cross site scriting
30829MyScrapbook Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-3034]
30828MyScrapbook singlepage.php cross site scriting
30827Pensacola Web Designs Xtreme ASP Photo Gallery displaypic.asp cross site scriting
30826Fipsasp fipsCMS index.asp cross site scriting
30825DwZone DwZone Shopping Cart productdetailsform.asp cross site scriting
30824ClickTech Clickcart default.asp cross site scriting
30823Minerva module.php file inclusion
30822Enthrallweb ePhotos subphotos.asp sql injection
30821Clicktech ClickGallery gallery.asp cross site scriting
30820Lucid Designs Lucid Calendar cal.php3 cross site scriting
30819EvGenius EvGenius Counter monthly.php cross site scriting
30818Uapplication Uphotogallery thumbnails.asp cross site scriting
30817Fipsasp fipsGallery zoom.php cross site scriting
30816Blue-collar Productions i-Gallery login.asp cross site scriting
30815Planete Afrique WS-Album fullphoto.asp cross site scriting
30814phpCMS counter.php code injection
30813Linux setuid Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
30812Wvware wv2 numeric error [CVE-2006-2197]🔒🔒
30811horde test.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
30810PHP Session Extension cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3018]🔒
30809PHP zend_hash.c unset Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
30808WinSCP code injection [CVE-2006-3015]🔒
30807Aliacom Open Business Management index.php sql injection
30806Aliacom Open Business Management publication_index.php cross site scriting
30805Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2006-2385]🔒
30804Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar information disclosure🔒
30803Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30802Microsoft Windows MrxSmbCsIoctlCloseForCopyChunk resource management🔒
30801Microsoft Windows Connection Manager stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2371]🔒🔒🔒
30800PHP tempnam cross site scriting🔒🔒
30799Microsoft Windows Rendering Engine polypolygon numeric error🔒
30797NullSoft SHOUTcast Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3007]🔒🔒
30796iFoto cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3006]
30795Gentoo Media-libs Jpeg memory allocation [CVE-2006-3005]🔒🔒
30794Scriptsez Ez Ringtone Manager player.php cross site scriting
30793Easy Ad-Manager Error Message details.php cross site scriting
30792Easy Ad-Manager Error Message details.php Reflected cross site scriting
30791OkScripts OkMall Error Message search.php Reflected cross site scriting
30790OkScripts OkArticles search.php cross site scriting
30789OkScripts QuickLinks search.php cross site scriting
30788free QBoard file inclusion [CVE-2006-2998]
30787ZMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2997]
30786LoveCompass aePartner file inclusion [CVE-2006-2996]
30785WebprojectDB nav.php file inclusion
30784Christian Becher phazizGuestbook index.php cross site scripting
30783My Photo Scrapbook displayview.asp sql injection
30782My Photo Scrapbook display.asp cross site scriting
30781Ringlink next.cgi cross site scriting
30780VanillaSoft VanillaSoft Helpdesk default.asp cross site scriting
30779Iisworks listpics listpics.asp cross site scriting
30778Chemical Dictionary dictionary.php cross site scriting
30777Dominios Europa PICRATE index.php sql injection
30776Baby Katie Media very Simple Car Lister index.php cross site scriting
30775IntegraMOD index.php sql injection
30774IntegraMOD index.php cross site scriting
30773Enterprise Payroll Systems cal.php file inclusion
30772Enterprise Payroll Systems footer.php file inclusion
30771MyBB preg_replace Remote Code Execution
30770Arantius Vice Stats vs_search.php sql injection
30769ViArt Shop block_forum_topic_new.php sql injection
30768ViArt Shop forum.php cross site scriting
30767Mafia Moblog Error Message big.php information disclosure
30766Mafia Moblog big.php sql injection
30765Coppermine Photo Gallery usermgr.php privileges management
30764PBL Guestbook pblguestbook.php cross site scriting
30763EmailArchitect Email Server default.asp cross site scriting
30762PHP Lite Calendar Express month.php sql injection
30761Arantius Vice Stats vs_resource.php sql injection
30760Overkill recv_packet integer coercion
30759L0j1k tinyMuw Error Message videopage.php information disclosure
30758L0j1k tinyMuw quickchat.php cross site scriting
30757PHP Labware LabWiki search.php cross site scriting
30756Syworks SafeNET denial of service [CVE-2006-2967]
30755Particle Soft Particle Wiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2966]
30754Particle Soft Particle Whois index.php cross site scriting
30753Xtreme Scripts Download Manager download.php file inclusion
30752It-direkt Cabacos Web CMS suchergebnisse.asp cross site scriting
30751Oxfam Australia Emergencies Personnel Information System sql_fcnsold.php file inclusion
30750ACLogic CesarFTP stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2961]🔒🔒
30749Joomla CMS file inclusion [CVE-2006-2960]
30748Snitz Forums 2000 inc_header.asp sql injection
30747FilZip path traversal [CVE-2006-2958]
30746Skoom i.List add.php cross site scriting
30745Skoom i.List search.php cross site scriting
30744KAPhotoservice edtalbum.asp cross site scriting
30743Primoris Software OfficeFlow files.asp sql injection
30742Primoris Software OfficeFlow default.asp cross site scriting
30741Net Portal Dynamic System header.php path traversal
30740NPDS header.php cross site scripting
30739NPDS Error Message header.php information disclosure
30738MyBB private.php cross site scriting
30737Alan Ward A-CART information disclosure [CVE-2006-2948]
30736Dmx Forum sql injection [CVE-2006-2947]
30735Dmx Forum information disclosure [CVE-2006-2946]
30734Andreas Gohr DokuWiki Access Control List information disclosure
30733CGI-RESCUE FORM2MAIL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2944]
30732CGI-RESCUE WebFORM Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2943]
30731Grid Engine Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2930]🔒
30730OpenEMR C_FormEvaluation.class.php file inclusion🔒
30729CMS-Bandits td.php file inclusion
30728Xfairguy CodeAvalanche FreeForum post.asp cross site scriting
30727Qbik WinGate Proxy Server stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2926]🔒🔒
30726Ingate SIParator Web Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2925]
30725Ingate Ingate Siparator denial of service [CVE-2006-2924]
30724LoudHush iax_net_read memory corruption🔒🔒
30723Miraks MiraksGalerie pcltar.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-2922]
30722Cmpro Team Clan Manager Pro file inclusion
30721Out Of The Trees Web Design SelectaPix popup.php cross site scriting
30720Out Of The Trees Web Design SelectaPix view_album.php sql injection
30719Sylpheed input validation [CVE-2006-2920]
30718Particle Soft Particle Links Error Message page_footer.php information disclosure
30717Particle Soft Particle Links index.php sql injection
30716Particle Soft Particle Links admin.php cross site scriting
30715Particle Soft Particle Links path traversal [CVE-2006-2902]
30714D-Link DWL-2100ap cfg information disclosure
30713Microsoft Internet Explorer File Upload information disclosure🔒
30712ESTsoft InternetDISK Blink memory corruption [CVE-2006-2899]
30711FunkBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2897]
30710FunkBoard profile.php improper authentication
30709MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2895]
30708GANTTy index.php information disclosure
30707GANTTy index.php cross site scriting
30706Pixelpost cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2891]
30705Pixelpost Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2890]🔒
30704Pixelpost index.php sql injection🔒
30703Wikiwig file inclusion [CVE-2006-2888]
30702Aspburst myNewsletter Login validatelogin.asp sql injection
30701Jam Warehouse KnowledgeTree Error Message view.php cross site scriting
30700KnowledgeTree view.php cross site scriting
30699Kke Info Media Kmita FAQ index.php sql injection
30698Kke Info Media Kmita FAQ search.php cross site scriting
30697ASPScriptz ASPScriptz Guest Book submit.asp cross site scriting
30696Dreamcost DreamAccount file inclusion
30695PyBlosxom cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2880]
30694Alex News-Engine newscomments.php sql injection
30693Andreas Gohr DokuWiki spellcheck.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
30692Sangwan Kim Bookmark4U htaccess dbase.php file inclusion
30691Deltascripts PHP Pro Publish cat.php cross site scriting
30690ID Software Quake 3 Engine cl_parsedownload stack-based overflow
30689OSADS Alliance Database cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2874]
30688Enigma Haber hava.asp cross site scriting
30687Rumble config.php file inclusion
30686CyBoards CyBoards PHP Lite common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30685Intelligent Solutions ASP Discussion Forum forum_search.asp cross site scriting
30684Claroline file inclusion🔒
30683CoolForum editpost.php sql injection
30682DotClear file_exists file inclusion
30681phpBB template.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30680BlueShoes BlueShoes Framework bs_faq.class.php file inclusion
30679CS-Cart class.cs_phpmailer.php file inclusion
30678Particle Soft Particle Gallery viewimage.php sql injection
30677Particle Soft Particle Wiki index.php sql injection🔒
30676Webspot Webspotblogging Logging code injection
30675Mywebland MyBloggie admin.php file inclusion [Disputed]
30674Locazo LocazoList Classifieds viewmsg.asp sql injection
30673LifeType index.php sql injection🔒
30672ActiveState ActivePerl lib memory corruption [CVE-2006-2856]
30671xueBook index.php sql injection
30670iBWd iBWd Guestbook index.php sql injection
30669abarcar Realty Portal content.php sql injection
30668dotWidget dotWidget CMS index.php code injection
30667dotProject index.php cross site scriting
30666PHP Labware LabWiki recentchanges.php cross site scriting
30665Andrew Godwin Bytehoard server.php file inclusion
30664Full Revolution aspWebLinks links.asp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2848]
30663Full Revolution aspWebLinks links.asp sql injection
30662VisionGate VisionGate Portal System print.php cross site scriting
30661Redaxo file inclusion [CVE-2006-2845]
30660Redaxo file inclusion [CVE-2006-2844]
30659Redaxo file inclusion [CVE-2006-2843]
30658SquirrelMail magic_quotes_gpc file inclusion [CVE-2006-2842] [Disputed]🔒🔒
30657AssoCIateD Associated Cms menu.php file inclusion
30656PmWiki uploads.php cross site scriting
30655WeBWorK path traversal [CVE-2006-2839]
30654Techno Dreams Techno Dreams Guest Book guestbookadd.asp cross site scriting
30653Pineapple Technologies Lore comment.php sql injection
30652Arabless saphplesson SSID add.php sql injection
30651gnopaste file inclusion [CVE-2006-2834]
30650Drupal Taxonomy Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2833]🔒🔒
30649Drupal loadmodule cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2832]🔒🔒
30648Drupal htaccess memory corruption [CVE-2006-2831]🔒🔒
30647TIBCO Runtime Agent memory corruption [CVE-2006-2830]🔒🔒
30646TIBCO Runtime Agent Monitoring memory corruption [CVE-2006-2829]
30645PHP-Nuke Ev index.php import_request_variables file inclusion
30644Qualiteam X-Cart search.php sql injection [Disputed]
30643PHPLib sql injection [CVE-2006-2826]
30641Logicalware MailManager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2824]
30640a.shopKart a.shopkart information disclosure
30639Xfairguy CodeAvalanche FreeForum sql injection [CVE-2006-2822]
30638DeltaScripts Pro Publish art.php cross site scriting
30637HotWebScripts Weblog Oggi cross site scriting
30636Barnraiser Igloo wiki.php file inclusion
30635Cameron McKay Informium common-menu.php file inclusion
30634tekno.Portal bolum.php sql injection
30633coolphp coolphp magazine index.php cross site scripting
30632Two Shoes Mambo Factory SimpleBoard Administration cross site scripting
30631iShopCart easy-scart.c memory corruption
30630iShopCart easy-scart.cgi path traversal
30629Dominios Europa PICRATE index.php cross site scriting
30628Cantico Ovidentia index.php file inclusion
30627Belchior Foundry vCard toprated.php cross site scriting
30626ar-blog index.php cross site scriting
30625Lycos htmlGEAR guestGEAR cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2808]
30624ASPwebSoft Speedy Asp Discussion Forum profileupdate.asp Remote Code Execution
30623Apache James SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-2806]
30622Jelsoft VBulletin sql injection [CVE-2006-2805]
30621Goss iCM index.cfm cross site scriting
30620Deltascripts PHP ManualMaker index.php cross site scripting
30619xine xine-lib memory corruption [CVE-2006-2802]🔒🔒
30618Unak CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-2801]
30617Unak CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2800]
30616Toenda Software Development toendaCMS content_footer.php cross site scriting
30615phpCommunityCalendar week.php cross site scriting
30614phpCommunityCalendar month.php sql injection
30613New-place Captivate Error Message gallery.php Reflected cross site scripting
30612XiTi XiTi Tracking Script cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2795]
30611ASPSitem hesabim.asp information disclosure
30610ASPSitem anket.asp sql injection
30609Woltlab Burning Board misc.php sql injection
30608Net Art Media iBoutique.MALL index.php path traversal
30607Sun StorADE memory corruption [CVE-2006-2790]
30606GNOME Evolution Addressbook camel-internet-address.c denial of service🔒
30605Mozilla Firefox getrawder memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30604Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2787]🔒🔒🔒
30603Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Proxy Server cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
30602Mozilla Firefox cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2785]🔒🔒🔒
30601Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2006-2784]🔒🔒🔒
30600Mozilla Thunderbird cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2783]🔒🔒🔒
30599Mozilla Seamonkey File Upload input validation [CVE-2006-2782]🔒🔒🔒
30598Mozilla Thunderbird nsvcard.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30597Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird code injection [CVE-2006-2780]🔒🔒🔒
30596Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird code injection [CVE-2006-2779]🔒🔒🔒🔒
30595Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Crypto crypto.signtext memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30594Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2006-2777]🔒🔒🔒
30593Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2776]🔒🔒🔒
30592QontentOne QontentOne CMS search.php cross site scriting
30591Hogstorps hogstorp Guestbook privileges management [CVE-2006-2773]
30590Hogstorps hogstorp guestbook add.asp cross site scriting
30589Hogstorps hogstorp guestbook privileges management [CVE-2006-2771]
30588pppBLOG randompic.php path traversal
30587Ipw Systems METAjour file inclusion [CVE-2006-2768]
30586Ottoman error.php code injection
30585VMware Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2662]🔒
30584Interlink Advantage news_information.php cross site scriting
30583Xander Ladage GuestbookXL guestwrite.php cross site scriting
30582Pre News Manager index.php sql injection
30581WebCalendar index.php includedir file inclusion🔒🔒
30580Hitachi HITSENSER3 sql injection [CVE-2006-2761]
30578jetty jsp information disclosure
30577jetty path traversal [CVE-2006-2758]
30575Eitsop My Web Server denial of service [CVE-2006-2756]
30574Ubbcentral Ubb.threads index.php cross site scriting🔒
30573EType EServ HTTP Service information disclosure [CVE-2006-2309]
30572EType EServ IMAP Service path traversal [CVE-2006-2308]
30571SuSE Linux Configuration File unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2752]
30570Open Searchable Image Catalogue search.php cross site scriting
30569Open Searchable Image Catalogue Error Message core.php do_mysql_query Reflected cross site scriting
30568Open Searchable Image Catalogue search.php sql injection
30567Open Searchable Image Catalogue core.php do_mysql_query sql injection
30566Fredi Bach Phpmydesktop Arcade index.php path traversal
30565Facile Interactive Web index.php cross site scriting
30564Facile Interactive Web Themes p-editpage.php file inclusion
30563Facile Interactive Web p-popupgallery.php file inclusion
30562Drupal mod_mime sql injection [CVE-2006-2743]🔒🔒
30561Drupal sql injection [CVE-2006-2742]🔒🔒
30560Epic Designs tinyBB Error Message forgot.php cross site scriting
30559Epic Designs tinyBB forgot.php sql injection
30558Epic Designs tinyBB footers.php file inclusion
30557Open-Xchange Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2738]
30556Nukedit privileges management [CVE-2006-2737]
30555Phpbb-portal Blend Portal Blend_common.PHP file inclusion
30554Activity MOD Plus Lang_Activity.PHP file inclusion
30553Mini-Nuke enter.asp information disclosure
30552Mini-Nuke membership.asp cleartext storage
30551Mini-Nuke your_account.asp sql injection
30550Enigma Haber e_mesaj_yas.asp sql injection
30549Hot Open Tickets lib_action_step.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-2730]
30548Jan Chmelik Photoalbum Bandw index.php cross site scriting
30547Jan Chmelik Photoalbum Bandw Index.PHP cross site scriting
30546Epic Designs Eggblog privileges management [CVE-2006-2727]
30545Fastpublish Fastpublish CMS drucken.php file inclusion
30544Epic Designs Eggblog sql injection [CVE-2006-2725]
30543SuSE Linux SSL Certificate information disclosure [CVE-2006-2703]
30542ZipCentral memory corruption [CVE-2006-2439]🔒
30541PunBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2724]
30540Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-2723]
30539Out Of The Trees Web Design SelectaPix view_album.php sql injection
30538VARIOMAT news.php cross site scriting
30537VARIOMAT news.php sql injection
30536Microsoft SQL Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-2719]
30535JIWA Financials Stored Procedure information disclosure
30534Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management path traversal
30533Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Remote Code Execution
30532Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Administration Console Remote Code Execution
30531Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management unknown vulnerability
30530Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management information disclosure
30529Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management unknown vulnerability
30528Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management missing encryption
30527Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management Installation information disclosure
30526Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management memory corruption
30525Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management memory corruption
30524Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management privileges management
30523Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management denial of service
30522Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management denial of service
30521Secure Elements C5 Enterprise Vulnerability Management cleartext storage
30520typespeed addnewword memory corruption🔒🔒
30519WordPress vars.php authentication spoofing🔒🔒
30518Geeklog sql injection [CVE-2006-2701]
30517Geeklog sql injection [CVE-2006-2700]🔒
30516Geeklog getimage.php cross site scriting
30515Geeklog Installation information disclosure [CVE-2006-2698]
30514Easy-Content Forums userview.asp sql injection
30513Easy-Content Forums userview.asp cross site scriting
30512DGNews memory corruption [CVE-2006-2695]
30511Scriptscenter EzUpload Pro form.php file inclusion
30510Nivisec Hacks List Admin_hacks_list.PHP path traversal
30509aMule path traversal [CVE-2006-2692]
30508aMule information disclosure [CVE-2006-2691]
30507EVA-Web index.php information disclosure
30506EVA-Web article-album.php3 cross site scriting
30505Achievo sql injection [CVE-2006-2688]
30504Agtc Websolutions PHP-AGTC Membership System adduser.php cross site scriting
30503ActionApps cached.php3 code injection
30502Kevin Johnson Basic Analysis/Security Engine base_qry_common.php code injection🔒
30501Hotwebscripts CMS Mundo Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2684]
30500open-medium Open-medium Cms 404.php file inclusion
30499Back-End Back-End CMS be_config.php file inclusion
30498SocketMail index.php code injection
30497Php4script AZ Photo Album Script Pro index.php cross site scriting
30496Pre News Manager index.php cross site scriting
30495SiteScape Forum information disclosure [CVE-2006-2677]
30494SiteScape Forum information disclosure [CVE-2006-2676]
30493Weonlydo Sftp ActiveX Control unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1175]🔒🔒
30492Ubbcentral Ubb.threads file inclusion
30491Tamber Forum show_forum.asp sql injection
30490e-Board Elite-Board Search Box search.html cross site scriting
30489Interquest Internet Services Realty Pro One images.php cross site scriting ChatPat sql injection [CVE-2006-2671] ChatPat fastchat.php cross site scriting
30486Pre Shopping Mall Search Box search.php cross site scripting
30485Docebolms file inclusion [CVE-2006-2668]
30484WordPress privileges management [CVE-2006-2667]🔒🔒🔒
30483V-Webmail file inclusion [CVE-2006-2666]🔒
30482V-Webmail file inclusion [CVE-2006-2665]
30481iFdate cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2664]
30480Ifusionservices iFlance acc_verify.php cross site scripting
30479Freetype ftutil.c denial of service🔒🔒
30478Double Precision Incorporated Courier MTA denial of service [CVE-2006-2659]🔒🔒
30477libtiff memory corruption [CVE-2006-2656]🔒🔒
30476D-Link DSA-3100 Airspot Gateway login_error.shtml cross site scriting
30475WikiNi cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2652]
30474Vacation Rental Script index.php cross site scriting
30473Cosmicphp CosmicShoppingCart search.php sql injection
30472Cosmicphp CosmicShoppingCart search.php cross site scripting
30471ASPBB perform_search.asp cross site scriting
30470Alt-N MDaemon memory corruption [CVE-2006-2646]
30469Plume CMS code injection [CVE-2006-2645]
30468Circle R Monster Top List index.php cross site scriting
30467Php-residence cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2642]
30466John Frank Asset Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2641]
30465Omegasoft INterneSErvicesLosungen omegamw7a.asp cross site scriting
30464PHPSimpleChoose cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2639]
30463Qjstudios qjForum member.asp sql injection
30462TuttoPhp Pretty Guestbook view.php cross site scriting
30461Katy Whitton NewsCMSLite newsadmin.asp improper authentication
30460Tiki Tikiwiki tiki-lastchanges.php cross site scripting
30459Neocrome Seditio cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2634]
30458Andrew Godwin ByteHoard index.php path traversal
30457Andrew Godwin ByteHoard cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2632]
30456shadow open access control🔒🔒
30455Dia format string [CVE-2006-2453]🔒🔒
30454phpFoX privileges management [CVE-2006-2631]
30452AlstraSoft WebHost Directory cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2618]
30451AlstraSoft WebHost Directory Installation sql injection [CVE-2006-2617]
30450AlstraSoft WebHost Directory index.php sql injection
30449Russcom Network Russcom.Ping ping.php privileges management
30448Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2614]🔒
30447Netscape Navigator Installation information disclosure [CVE-2006-2613]🔒
30446MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2611]
30445Spiffyjr phpRaid view.php cross site scriting
30444Artmedic Webdesign artmedic newsletter newsletter_log.php Remote Code Execution
30443Artmedic Webdesign artmedic newsletter log.php privileges management
30442Vixie cron do_command.c privileges management🔒🔒
30441Chatty cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2606]
30440DSChat send.php cross site scriting
30427DSChat memory corruption [CVE-2006-2592]
30426e107 CMS email.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2591]🔒
30425e107 CMS sql injection [CVE-2006-2590]
30424MyBB rss.php sql injection
30423Russcom Network PHPImages privileges management [CVE-2006-2588]
30422IpLogger cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2586]
30421Greg Donald Destiney Links Script sql injection [CVE-2006-2585]
30420SkyeBox post.php cross site scriting
30419nucleus CMS PLUGINADMIN.php file inclusion🔒🔒
30418RWiki Ruby Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2582]
30417RWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2581]
30416eSyndicat eSyndicat Directory magic_quotes_gpc cron.php memory corruption
30415Docebo bbc_lib_path file inclusion [CVE-2006-2577]🔒🔒
30414Docebo lib.simplesel.php file inclusion [CVE-2006-2576]🔒🔒
30413Pyrosoft Inc NetPanzer surface.hpp setframe denial of service
30412HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2574]🔒
30411Dian Gemilang DGBook magic_quotes_gpc index.php sql injection
30410Dian Gemilang DGBook index.php cross site scriting
30409Alkacon OpenCms search.html cross site scriting
30408CaLogic CaLogic Calendars recon reconfig.php file inclusion
30407Woltlab Burning Board links.php sql injection
30406Ubbcentral UBB.threads addpost_newpoll.php file inclusion🔒
30405Pdf Tools Ag PDF Form Filling/Flattening Tool stack-based overflow
30404Alstrasoft Article Manager Pro submit_article.php cross site scriting
30403Alstrasoft Article Manager Pro Error Message mrarticles.php information disclosure
30402Alstrasoft Article Manager Pro profile.php sql injection
30401AlstraSoft E-Friends index.php cross site scriting
30399PostgreSQL sql injection [CVE-2006-2314]🔒🔒
30398ZyXEL P-335WT router Access Restriction access control [CVE-2006-2562]
30397Edimax Br 6104k Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2006-2561]
30396Sitecom WL-153 router Access Restriction access control [CVE-2006-2560]
30395Linksys WRT54G Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2006-2559]
30394IpLogger cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2558]
30393Florian Amrhein NewsPortal poll.php file inclusion
30392Florian Amrhein NewsPortal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2556]
30391Genecys parse_command denial of service
30390Genecys tell_player_surr_changes memory corruption
30389Jemscripts DownloadControl dc.php cross site scriting
30388Jemscripts DownloadControl Error Message dc.php sql injection
30387Apple Mac OS X Network Service unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1466]
30386HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-2551]🔒
30385perlpodder memory corruption [CVE-2006-2550]
30384Prodder code injection [CVE-2006-2548]
30383Xtreme Scripts Xtreme Topsites stats.php cross site scripting
30382Xtreme Scripts Xtreme Topsites magic_quotes_gpc lostid.php sql injection
30381Xtreme Scripts Xtreme Topsites MySQL join.php sql injection
30380Ti Kan xmcd cddb denial of service [CVE-2006-2542]🔒🔒
30379John Andersson Zixforum settings.asp sql injection
30378Dieselscripts Diesel Job Site install.php information disclosure
30377FreeType bdflib.c read_lwfn numeric error🔒🔒
30376Freetype numeric error [CVE-2006-0747]🔒🔒
30375Sun Solaris getselectedtext information disclosure
30374IE Tab denial of service [CVE-2006-2538]
30373Senile Team Beats of Rage update format string
30372Greg Donald Destiney Links Script index.php cross site scriting
30371Greg Donald Destiney Links Script Error Message index.php information disclosure
30370Greg Donald Destiney Links Script Installation information disclosure
30369Greg Donald Destiney Rated Images Script addweblog.php cross site scriting
30368Greg Donald Destiney Rated Images Script Error Message stats.php sql injection
30367Ipswitch WhatsUp authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-2531]🔒🔒
30366Snitz Avatar MOD avatar_upload.asp access control
30365FCKeditor eManager upload.php unknown vulnerability🔒
30364libspf memory corruption [CVE-2006-1520]
30363Smartisoft phpBazar classified_right.php file inclusion
30362Smartisoft phpBazar admin.php Remote Code Execution
30361Power Place PHP Easy Galerie index.php file inclusion
30360UseBB Search Module sql injection [CVE-2006-2525]
30359UseBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2524]
30358Smartisoft phpListPro magic_quotes_gpc config.php file inclusion
30357Dayfox Designs Dayfox Blog information disclosure [CVE-2006-2522]
30356Accomplishtechnology phpMyDirectory cron cron.php code injection
30355Bitberry Software BitZipper Stored path traversal [CVE-2006-2520]
30354phpwcms spaw_control.class.php path traversal🔒
30353phpwcms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2518]
30352Fujitsu MyWeb Portal Office sql injection [CVE-2006-2517]
30351XOOPS mainfile.php path traversal🔒
30350Hiox India Guest Book index.php cross site scriting
30349Coppermine Photo Gallery mod_mime memory corruption [CVE-2006-2514]🔒
30348Sun Java System Directory Server Installation Remote Code Execution🔒
30347Hitachi EUR Viewer sql injection [CVE-2006-2512]
30346FrontRange iHEAT ActiveX Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2511]
30345YourFreeWorld Short Url And Url Tracker Script cross site scriting
30344YourFreeWorld Short Url And Url Tracker Script Login login.php sql injection
30343YourFreeWorld Stylish Text Ads Script tr1.php sql injection
30342Teake Nutma Foing index.php file inclusion
30341Sphider search.php cross site scripting
30340Oracle Database Server get_v2_domain_index_tables unknown vulnerability
30339Azboard list.asp sql injection
30338DeluxeBB misc.php sql injection
30337Cyrus IMAPD stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2502]🔒
30336Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2006-1858]🔒🔒
30335Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2006-1857]🔒🔒
30334Xfairguy CodeAvalanche News add_news.asp cross site scriting
30333Xfairguy CodeAvalanche News default.asp sql injection
30332Invision Power Services IP.Board moderate.php preg_replace unknown vulnerability
30331AspBB default.asp cross site scriting
30330S9y Serendipity cross-site request forgery [CVE-2006-2495]
30329Lacaveprods IntelliTamper stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2494]
30327BoastMachine index.php cross site scriting
30326Mobotix Mobotix IP Network Camera cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2490]
30325Nagios integer coercion [CVE-2006-2489]🔒🔒
30324Spymac Spymac Web Os index.php cross site scriting
30323Scoznet ScozNews functions.php file inclusion
30322YapBB find.php sql injection
30321Quezza Quezza Bb class_template.php file inclusion
30320IceWarp Web Mail index.html cross site scriting
30319Lighthouse Development Squirrelcart cart_content.php file inclusion🔒
30318Linux Kernel Access Restriction writev path traversal🔒🔒
30317Dia format string [CVE-2006-2480]🔒🔒
30316LiveData ICCP Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-0059]
30315Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager DNS Cache information disclosure [CVE-2006-2479]
30314Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2478]
30313Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2477]
30312Bitrix Bitrix Site Manager information disclosure [CVE-2006-2476]
30311Cosmoshop edit_mailtexte.cgi path traversal
30310Cosmoshop lshop.cgi sql injection
30309OpenWiki ow.asp cross site scriting [Disputed]
30308WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-2472]
30307BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-2471]
30306BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console Remote Code Execution
30305BEA WebLogic Server cleartext storage [CVE-2006-2469]
30304BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console information disclosure
30303BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console information disclosure
30302BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-2466]
30301MP3Info memory corruption [CVE-2006-2465]
30300WebLogic Server Local Privilege Escalation
30299Out Of The Trees Web Design SelectaPix Error Message view_album.php information disclosure
30298BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-2462]
30297SugarCRM path traversal [CVE-2006-2460]🔒
30296PHP-Fusion messages.php sql injection
30295Libextractor parse_trak_atom heap-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
30294Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-1855]🔒🔒
30293knowledgetree environment.php information disclosure
30292kphone Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2442]🔒🔒
30291Pioneers Pioneers meta-server Console denial of service [CVE-2006-2441]
30290ImageMagick ExpandFilenames heap-based overflow🔒🔒
30289Caucho Technology resin File Servlet information disclosure [CVE-2006-2438]🔒
30288Caucho Technology resin File Servlet privileges management [CVE-2006-2437]🔒
30287IBM WebSphere Application Server cleartext storage [CVE-2006-2436]
30286IBM WebSphere Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2435]
30285IBM WebSphere Application Server Trace information disclosure
30284IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2432]
30283IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2431]🔒
30282IBM WebSphere Application Server cleartext storage [CVE-2006-2430]
30281DUware DUbanner add.asp memory corruption
30280Antivir Antivirus Error Message Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2427]
30279PhpRemoteView prv.php cross site scriting
30278ezUserManager ezusermanager_pwd_forgott.php file inclusion
30277Swsoft Confixx cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2423]
30276Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN information disclosure [CVE-2006-2422]
30275Pragma Systems FortressSSH stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-2421]🔒
30274Caucho Technology Resin path traversal [CVE-2006-1953]🔒
30273Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2006-2420]🔒🔒
30272Directory Listing Script index.php cross site scriting
30271phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2418]🔒🔒
30270e107 CMS class2.php sql injection🔒
30269FlexChat index.cfm cross site scriting
30268Timo Sirainen Dovecot path traversal [CVE-2006-2414]🔒🔒
30267GNUnet infinite loop [CVE-2006-2413]
30266raydium network.c raydium_network_read denial of service
30265raydium network.c raydium_network_read memory corruption
30264raydium network.c raydium_network_netcall_exec denial of service
30263raydium Console console.c raydium_log format string
30262Raydium Console log.c raydium_console_line_add memory corruption
30261wodSSHServer ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2006-2407]🔒🔒🔒
30260Unclassified NewsBoard abbc.css.php path traversal [CVE-2006-2406]
30259Unclassified NewsBoard abbc.conf.php path traversal [CVE-2006-2405]
30258RadScripts RadLance popup.php path traversal
30257FileZilla memory corruption [CVE-2006-2403]🔒
30256Outgun servernet.cpp changeregistration memory corruption
30255Outgun denial of service [CVE-2006-2401]
30254Outgun denial of service [CVE-2006-2400]
30253Outgun Networking servnet.cpp incoming_client_data memory corruption
30252GPhotos index.php path traversal
30251GPhotos index.php cross site scriting
30250phpODP odp.php cross site scriting
30249PopSoft Digital PopPhoto code injection
30248Turnkey Web Tools PHP Live Helper chat.php cross site scriting
30247Empire Server client_cmd denial of service
30246Blue Dragon PHP Blue Dragon popup_finduser.php file inclusion
30245EMC Retrospect Client memory corruption [CVE-2006-2391]🔒🔒
30244OZJournals cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2390]
30243VNC RealVNC improper authentication [CVE-2006-2369]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
30242Clansys index.php cross site scriting
30241Clansys index.php search cross site scriting
30240openobex ircp_io.c privileges management
30239Vizra a_login.php cross site scriting
30238Macromedia ColdFusion Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2364]
30237Limbo CMS weblinks.html.php sql injection🔒🔒
30236GNU Binutils tekhex.c memory corruption🔒🔒
30235mxBB Mxbb Portal pafiledb_constants.php file inclusion
30234phpBB Chart charts.php sql injection
30233phpBB Chart charts.php cross site scriting
30232Web-Labs Web-Labs CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2358]
30231Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Console cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2357]🔒🔒
30230Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Console RenderMap.asp information disclosure🔒🔒
30229Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Error Message cross site scriting🔒🔒
30228Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Error Message Login.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
30227Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional Console DeviceSelection.asp access control🔒🔒
30226IPswitch WhatsUp Professional Tools.asp cross site scriting🔒🔒
30225IPswitch WhatsUp Professional Navigation.asp cross site scripting🔒🔒
30222Apple QuickTime ReadBMP memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30221Apple Mac OS X symlink [CVE-2006-1457]🔒
30220Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-1456]🔒🔒
30219Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2006-1455]🔒
30218Apple Mac OS X stack-based overflow [CVE-2006-1452]🔒
30217Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1451]🔒
30216Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-1450]🔒
30215Apple Mac OS X integer coercion [CVE-2006-1449]🔒
30214Apple Mac OS X Finder memory corruption [CVE-2006-1448]🔒
30213Apple Mac OS X LaunchServices information disclosure [CVE-2006-1447]🔒
30212Apple Mac OS X Keychain information disclosure [CVE-2006-1446]🔒
30211Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2006-1445]🔒
30210Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-1444]🔒
30209Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2006-1443]🔒
30208Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2006-1442]🔒
30207Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork integer coercion [CVE-2006-1441]🔒
30206Apple Mac OS X unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1440]🔒
30205Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-1439]🔒
30204Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-1465]🔒🔒
30203Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-1464]🔒🔒
30202Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-1463]🔒🔒
30201Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2006-1462]🔒🔒
30200Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-1461]🔒🔒
30199Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2006-1460]🔒🔒
30198Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2006-1459]🔒🔒
30197Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2006-1458]🔒🔒
30196Apple QuickTime QuickDraw memory corruption [CVE-2006-1454]🔒🔒
30195Apple QuickTime QuickDraw memory corruption [CVE-2006-1453]🔒🔒
30194Oasyssoft E-Business Designer cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2349]
30193Oasyssoft E-Business Designer form_grupo.html cross site scriting
30192Oasyssoft E-Business Designer form_grupo.html sql injection
30191Inter7 vpopmail cleartext storage [CVE-2006-2346]
30190Roostercode Ajax Softwares AliPAGER elementz.php cross site scriting
30189Roostercode Ajax Softwares AliPAGER magic_quotes_gpc sql injection
30188Adventnet ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
30187Lethal Penguin PassMasterFlex cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2340]
30186Evo-dev evoTopsites Pro index.php sql injection
30185Linux Kernel lease_init denial of service🔒
30184PlaNet Concept plaNetStat admin.php privileges management
30183D-Link DSL-G604T Modem path traversal [CVE-2006-2337]
30182MyBB showthread.php sql injection
30181Jelsoft vBulletin memory corruption [CVE-2006-2335]
30180Microsoft Windows ntdll.dll api denial of service
30179MyBB usercp.php sql injection
30178Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2006-2332]
30177PHP-Fusion last_seen_users_panel.php path traversal
30176PHP-Fusion Apache HTTP Server .php.gif privileges management
30175AngelineCMS Error Message information disclosure
30174AngelineCMS server.php sql injection [CVE-2006-2328]
30173Novell NetWare C Library ndps_xdr_array numeric error🔒 Online Universal Payment System Script index.php path traversal Online Universal Payment System Script index.php cross site scriting
30170180solutions Zango memory corruption
30169SmartISoft phpListPro editsite.php file inclusion🔒
30168Cisco Application Velocity System 3110 Default Configuration unknown vulnerability
30167Ideal Science Ideal BB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2321]🔒
30166Ideal Science Ideal BB Stored Procedure sql injection🔒
30165Ideal Science Ideal BB .asp cross site scriting🔒
30164Ideal Science Ideal BB .asp cross site scriting🔒
30163Ideal Science Ideal BB Filesystem cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2317]🔒
30162Intel Proset Wireless Shared Memory s24evmon.exe denial of service
30161ISPConfig code injection [Disputed]
30160Verisign i-Nav ActiveX Control .cab memory corruption🔒🔒
30159Website Baker cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2307]
30158Keyvan Janghorbani EPublisherPro moreinfo.asp cross site scriting
30157Jadu Limited Jadu CMS register.php cross site scriting
30156Duware DUGallery Login admin_default.asp sql injection
30155OzzyWork Galeri Login admin_default.asp sql injection
30154Keyvan1 EImagePro geli sublist.asp sql injection
30153ID Software Quake 3 engine path traversal [CVE-2006-2082] EDirectoryPro search_result.asp sql injection
30151Timobraun Dynamic Galerie index.php path traversal
30150Timobraun Dynamic Galerie index.php cross site scriting MultiCalendars all_calendars.asp sql injection
30148Inhouse Associates IA-Calendar calendar_new.asp sql injection
30147Inhouse Associates IA-Calendar calendar_new.asp cross site scriting 2005-Comments-Script kommentar.php cross site scriting
30145avahi memory corruption [CVE-2006-2289]
30144Avahi denial of service [CVE-2006-2288]
30143Vision Source Vision Source Cms cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2287]
30142Dokeos Dokeos community release code injection🔒
30141Dokeos Open Source Learning And Knowledge Management Tool LDAP authldap.php file inclusion
30140Dokeos LDAP file inclusion🔒
30139SpiffyJr phpRaid auth.php file inclusion
30138X7 Group X7 Chat register.php cross site scriting
30137X-Scripts X-Poll code injection [CVE-2006-2281]
30136openEngine website.php path traversal
30135Arabless SaphpLesson search.php sql injection
30134Arabless SaphpLesson show.php information disclosure
30133Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2006-2277]
30132Quagga resource management [CVE-2006-2276]🔒🔒
30131Microsoft Windows Distributed Transaction Coordinator denial of service🔒🔒🔒
30130Microsoft Secure Access Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-0561]
30129lksctp Stream Control Transmission Protocol deadlock [CVE-2006-2275]🔒
30128lksctp Stream Control Transmission Protocol sctp_skb_pull denial of service🔒🔒
30127Adobe Dreamweaver Server Mode sql injection [CVE-2006-2042]
30126lksctp Stream Control Transmission Protocol skb_pull denial of service🔒🔒
30125Jetbox CMS config.php memory corruption
30124myWebland MyBloggie cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2269]
30123FlexCustomer index.php sql injection
30122Kerio WinRoute Firewall denial of service [CVE-2006-2267]
30121Chirpy sql injection [CVE-2006-2266]
30120Ocean12 Technologies Calendar Manager Pro main.asp cross site scriting
30119Ocean12 Technologies Calendar Manager Pro main.asp sql injection
30118Virtual Programming VP-ASP shopcurrency.asp sql injection
30117singapore index.php cross site scriting
30116ACal day.php file inclusion🔒🔒
30115Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2260]
30114Maxxcode MaxxSchedule logon.asp sql injection
30113Maxxcode MaxxSchedule logon.asp cross site scriting
30112Faktorystudios easyEvent index.php cross site scriting
30111EQdkp dbal.php file inclusion
30110Creative Software Community Portal articleview.php sql injection
30109Intervations FileCOPA filecpnt.exe memory corruption
30108Otterware Statit visible_count_inc.php file inclusion
30107OpenFAQ submit.php cross site scriting
30106Invision Power Services Invision Community Blog mod.php do_mmod sql injection
30105Cutephp CuteNews Error Message information disclosure
30104Cutephp CuteNews search.php cross site scriting
30103Northern Solutions Xeneo Web Server privileges management [CVE-2006-2248]
30102WebCalendar Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-2247]🔒🔒
30101Uapplication UBlog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2246]
30100phpbb-Auction auction_common.php code injection🔒
30099Web4Future News Portal comentarii.php sql injection
30098Web4Future News Portal comentarii.php cross site scriting
30097acFTP denial of service [CVE-2006-2242]
30096FtrainSoft Fast Click show.php file inclusion
30095Fujitsu Netshelter Fw-m Web Cache denial of service [CVE-2006-2240]
30094Tuomas Airaksinen Newsadmin readarticle.php sql injection
30093Erik Dienske Abakt memory corruption [CVE-2006-2161]
30092TDC Cryptomathic Cenroll ActiveX Control createpkcs10 stack-based overflow
30091ID Software Quake 3 Engine memory corruption [CVE-2006-2236]🔒🔒
30090CodeMunkyX Simple Poll admin Remote Code Execution
30089TyroCMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2234]
30088BankTown Btcxctl20com Activex Control SetBannerUrl memory corruption
30087Scriptsez Cute Guestbook guestbook.php cross site scriting
30086Big Webmaster Big Webmaster Guestbook Script addguest.cgi cross site scriting
30085xine setuid Program denial of service [CVE-2006-2230]🔒🔒
30084OpenVPN Management Interface cleartext storage [CVE-2006-2229]🔒
30083w-Agora cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2228]
30082PunBB misc.php cross site scriting
30081Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2226]🔒
30080Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2225]🔒
30079Quagga Routing Software Suite improper authentication [CVE-2006-2224]🔒🔒
30078Quagga Routing Software Suite input validation [CVE-2006-2223]🔒🔒
30077Norz zawhttpd memory corruption [CVE-2006-2222]
30076BitRock Install Builder Installer symlink [CVE-2006-2221]
30075Invision Power Services IP.Board index.php sql injection
30074Devsyn Open Bulletin Board misc.php information disclosure
300724images Image Gallery Management System top.php sql injection
30071Hostapd denial of service [CVE-2006-2213]🔒🔒
30070KarjaSoft Sami FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2212]
30069321soft PhP-Gallery index.php path traversal
30068321soft PhP-Gallery index.php cross site scriting
30067PHP Arena paCheckBook index.php sql injection
30066Planetluc mynews cross site scriting
30065UltraVNC Challenge Response Mechanism missing encryption [CVE-2006-2206]
30064NetBSD audio_write denial of service
30063Invision Power Services IP.Board func_mod.php (post_delete sql injection
30062Kerio MailServer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2203]
30061MySQL open_table memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
30060MySQL Error Message information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
30059Linux Kernel hooks.c memory corruption🔒🔒
30058Invision Power Services Invision Gallery post.php sql injection
30057Manager privileges management [CVE-2006-2201]
30056Open Webmail cross site scriting
30055Servous sBLOG search.php sql injection🔒
30054CMScout cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2188]
30053ZenPhoto i.php cross site scriting
30052ZenPhoto Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2006-2186]
30051Chadha Software Technologies PHPKB Knowledge Base search.php cross site scriting [Disputed]
30050Truecrypt execvp privileges management
30049Albinator eday.php file inclusion🔒
30048Albinator dlisting.php cross site scripting
30047Kmint21 Software Golden FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2180]🔒
30046Smartwin Technology Cyberoffice Warehouse Builder login.asp sql injection
30045Smartwin Technology Cyberoffice Warehouse Builder login.asp cross site scripting
30044Bitdamaged geoBlog viewcat.php cross site scriting
30043Php Design X PHP Linkliste links.php cross site scriting
30042FtrainSoft Fast Click show.php file inclusion
30041Virtual Hosting Control System cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2174]
30040FileZilla Filezilla Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2173]🔒
30039Gene6 G6 FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2172]🔒
30038Jgaa WarFTPD wdm.exe memory corruption
30037ArgoSoft FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2170]🔒
30036Best Practical Solutions Request Tracker Error Message information disclosure
30035FileProtection Express Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2168]
30034SloughFlash SF-Users register.php cross site scriting
30033Cisco Unity Express HTTP Management Interface denial of service
30032Pentasoft Avactis Shopping Cart store_special_offers.php cross site scriting
30031Pentasoft Avactis Shopping Cart store_special_offers.php sql injection
30030Desert Dog Software Pinnacle Cart index.php cross site scriting
30029Nagios memory corruption [CVE-2006-2162]🔒🔒🔒
30028Russcom Network Loginphp register.php cross site scriting
30027Russcom Network Loginphp help.php authentication spoofing
30026Stadtaus Guestbook Script index.php file inclusion🔒🔒
30025Plogger gallery.php sql injection
30024X7 Group X7 Chat Help index.php path traversal🔒🔒
30023EMC Retrospect File Permission retrospect.exe memory corruption
30022EMC Retrospect memory corruption [CVE-2006-2154]
30021Jbmc Software DirectAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2153]
30020phpBB Advanced Guestbook file inclusion [CVE-2006-2152]🔒
30019phpBB TopList toplist.php file inclusion
30018phpBB TopList list.php file inclusion
30017Avatic Aardvark Topsites PHP lostpw.php file inclusion🔒🔒🔒🔒
30016CGIIRC client.c memory corruption🔒🔒
30015resmgr unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-2147]🔒🔒
30014Harold Bakker HB-NS index.php cross site scriting
30013Harold Bakker HB-NS index.php sql injection
30012DMCounter kopf.php file inclusion
30011Jcink TextFileBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2143]
30010Limbo CMS sql.php file inclusion🔒🔒
30009Collaborative Portal Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2141]
30008Orbitscripts OrbitHYIP signup.php cross site scriting
30007Wilsonncareabusinesses PHP Newsfeed deltables.php sql injection
30006neomail cross site scriting
30005OpenPHPNuke master.php file inclusion🔒
30004AZNEWS news.php sql injection
30003Ruperts News Login login.php sql injection
30002PHPbb file inclusion [CVE-2006-2134]🔒
30001JSBoard login.php parse_query_str cross site scriting
30000BoonEx Barracuda index.php sql injection
29999Duware DUclassified detail.asp sql injection
29998Advanced Poll authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-2131]
29997Advanced Poll class_poll.php sql injection
29996Deltascripts Pro Publish set_inc.php Stored memory corruption
29995Deltascripts Pro Publish login.php sql injection
29994Blog Mod weblog_posting.php sql injection
29993Avalon Ltd MaxTrade pocategories.php sql injection
29991Turnkey Solutions Sunshop Shopping Cart index.php cross site scriting
29990Network Administration Visualized sql injection [CVE-2006-2123]
29989CoolMenus index.php code injection
29988I-RATER I-RATER Platinum Config_settings.TPL.PHP memory corruption
29987libtiff tifftorgb memory corruption🔒🔒
29986Artmedic Webdesign Artmedic Event index.php memory corruption
29985Jmk Web Scripts Jmk Picture Gallery admin_gallery.php3 Remote Code Execution
29984Extrosoft Thyme cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2117]
29983Planet Concept planetGallery Gallery_admin.PHP Remote Code Execution
29982SWS Sws Simple Web Server syslog memory corruption
29981SWS Sws Simple Web Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2114]
29980Vserver privileges management [CVE-2006-2110]🔒🔒
29979ClamAV HTTP Client get_database memory corruption🔒🔒
29978Oce North America 3122 Printer parser.exe memory corruption
29977BL4 SMTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-2107]
29976Edgewall Software Trac cross site scriting [CVE-2006-2106]🔒
29975Jupiter CMS index.php path traversal
29974kmail main.php cross site scriting
29973MyBB adminfunctions.php sql injection
29972PowerISO path traversal [CVE-2006-2102]
29971WinISO path traversal [CVE-2006-2101]
29970Magic Iso Maker path traversal [CVE-2006-2100]
29969Ezb Systems UltraISO path traversal [CVE-2006-2099]
29968Php Thumbnail Autoindex readme.html include file inclusion
29967Invision Power Services IP.Board func_msg.php sql injection
29966Neocrome Land Down Under Error Message plug.php information disclosure
29965Phex access control [CVE-2006-2095]
29964Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control race condition [CVE-2006-2094]
29963Nessus 'split' resource management🔒
29962HP Storageworks Secure Path Windows denial of service [CVE-2006-2092]
29961VWar Virtual War Error Message admin.php information disclosure
29960MySmartBB misc.php sql injection
29959MySmartBB misc.php cross site scriting
29958Devsyn Open Bulletin Board board.php cross site scriting
29957Hitachi Groupmax World Wide Web Mail Client denial of service
29956Juniper Junipersetup Control screen junipersetup.ocx memory corruption
29955SpeedProject SpeedCommander cxace60.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-2085]
29954FarsiNews index.php cross site scripting
29953Andrew Tridgell rsync xattr.c receive_xattr integer coercion🔒🔒
29952Verosky Media Instant Photo Gallery portfolio_photo_popup.php count_click cross site scriting
29951Verosky Media Instant Photo Gallery portfolio.php cross site scriting
29950Furukawa Electric FITELnet denial of service [CVE-2006-2078]
29949pdnsd memory corruption [CVE-2006-2077]🔒🔒
29948pdnsd memory leak [CVE-2006-2076]🔒🔒
29947Don Moore MyDNS denial of service [CVE-2006-2075]
29946Juniper JUNOSe Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-2074]
29945DeleGate denial of service [CVE-2006-2072]🔒
29944Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2006-2071]🔒
29943Mybb DevBB member.php cross site scriting
29942PowerDNS resource management [CVE-2006-2069]🔒
29941Hitachi Jpi Performance Management denial of service [CVE-2006-2068]
29940MKPortal vb_board_functions.php sql injection
29939MKPortal pm_popup.php cross site scripting
29938PHPSurveyor save.php sql injection
29937abcmidi drawtune.c memory corruption🔒🔒
29936Leadhound Network Leadhound Full cross site scriting
29935Leadhound Network Leadhound Full sql injection
29934Invision Power Services IP.Board Taskmanager func_taskmanager.php sql injection🔒
29933Invision Power Services IP.Board paysubscriptions.php path traversal🔒
29932Invision Power Services IP.Board search.php preg_replace cross site scriting🔒
29931Avant Force Avant Browser Scheme information disclosure [CVE-2006-2058]
29930Mozilla Firefox Scheme information disclosure [CVE-2006-2057]
29929Microsoft Internet Explorer Scheme information disclosure [CVE-2006-2056]
299283Com 3C16486 Firmware denial of service [CVE-2006-2054]
29927QuickEStore shipping.cfm sql injection
29926Verosky Media Instant Photo Gallery member.php cross site scriting
29925NextAge NextAge Shopping Cart index.php cross site scriting
29924DCScripts DCForumLite dcboard.cgi sql injection
29923DCScripts DCForumLite dcboard.cgi cross site scriting
29922phpWebFTP index.php cross site scriting
29921Application Dynamics Cartweaver ColdFusion Error Message results.cfm sql injection
29920Application Dynamics Cartweaver ColdFusion results.cfm sql injection
29919IP3 IP3 Netaccess 75 information disclosure [CVE-2006-2045]
29918IP3 IP3 Netaccess 75 Default Password improper authentication
29917IP3 IP3 Netaccess 75 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2043]
29916PhpWebGallery picture.php privileges management
29915photokorn index.php sql injection
29914Ubertec Help Center Live sql injection [CVE-2006-2039]🔒
29913Amplecom ampleShop customeraddresses_recordaction.cfm sql injection
29912Thwboard index.php cross site scriting
29911Linux Kernel Filesystem path traversal [CVE-2006-1864]🔒🔒
29910iOpus Secure Email Attachments missing encryption [CVE-2006-2036]
29909Websense Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-2035]
29908FlexBB showprofile.php sql injection
29907CoreNews Core privileges management [CVE-2006-2033]
29906CoreNews Core preview.php sql injection
29905phpMyAdmin index.php cross site scriting
29904Alliedtelesyn AT-9724TS Management Interface denial of service
29903Simplog preview.php sql injection
29902Simplog imagelist.php cross site scriting
29901Pablo Software Solutions Quick N Easy FTP Server memory corruption
29900Francesco Stablum tcpick memory corruption [CVE-2006-0048]
29899libtiff tif_jpeg.c memory corruption🔒🔒
29898libtiff tif_dirread.c tifffetchdata integer coercion🔒🔒🔒
29897libtiff tif_dirread.c tifffetchanyarray denial of service🔒🔒
29896Ls3 Fenice rtsp_msg_len integer coercion🔒
29895Ls3 Fenice parse_url memory corruption🔒
29894Asterisk@Home Web Interface audio.php path traversal🔒
29893Asterisk@Home main.conf information disclosure🔒
29892Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2006-2019]
29891Jelsoft vBulletin calendar.php sql injection [Disputed]
29890Dnsmasq DHCP Client denial of service [CVE-2006-2017]
29889phpLDAPadmin compare_form.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
29888Web-provence Sl Site recherche.php cross site scriting
29887Web-provence Sl Site Error Message gallerie.php cross site scriting
29886Web-provence Sl Site Error Message page.php cross site scriting
29885Skulltag denial of service [CVE-2006-2012]
298844homepages 4images member.php cross site scriting
29883Paras Chopra Bloggage Login check_login.asp sql injection
29882phpMyAgenda agenda.php3 file inclusion🔒🔒🔒
29881Built2Go Movie Review movie_cls.php file inclusion
29880Winny heap-based overflow [CVE-2006-2007]
29879Ivan Zahariev IZArc path traversal [CVE-2006-2006]
29878ClanSys index.php file inclusion
29877Michael Romedahl RI Blog sql injection [CVE-2006-2004]
29876Community Architect Community Architect Guestbook cross site scriting
29875MyGamingLadder stats.php file inclusion
29874Scry Gallery index.php cross site scriting
29873logMethods a2z.jsp cross site scriting
29872OpenTTD denial of service [CVE-2006-1999]🔒🔒
29871OpenTTD denial of service [CVE-2006-1998]🔒🔒
29870Sybase Pylon Anywhere information disclosure [CVE-2006-1997]
29869Scry Gallery Error Message index.php information disclosure
29868Scry Gallery index.php rtrim path traversal
29867dForum Login about.php file inclusion
29866Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2006-1940]🔒🔒
29865Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2006-1939]🔒🔒
29864Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2006-1938]🔒🔒
29863Ethereal denial of service [CVE-2006-1937]🔒🔒
29862Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2006-1936]🔒🔒
29861Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2006-1935]🔒🔒
29860Ethereal memory corruption [CVE-2006-1934]🔒🔒
29859Ethereal infinite loop [CVE-2006-1933]🔒🔒
29858Ethereal Printing off-by-one [CVE-2006-1932]🔒🔒
29857abc2ps memory corruption [CVE-2006-1513]🔒🔒
29856GNOME gdm race condition [CVE-2006-1057]🔒🔒
29855Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine information disclosure [CVE-2006-0232]🔒🔒
29854Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine Installation unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
29853Symantec Antivirus Scan Engine Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-0230]🔒🔒🔒
29851PHP string.c substr_compare resource management🔒🔒
29850WinAgents TFTP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-1952]
29849SolarWinds TFTP Server path traversal [CVE-2006-1951]
29848Beagle Helper code injection [CVE-2006-1865]🔒
29847Apple Safari drawtext denial of service🔒
29846Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2006-1987]🔒
29845Apple Safari kwqlistiteratorimpl denial of service🔒
29844Apple Safari Helper BOMStackPop memory corruption🔒🔒
29843Apple Mac OS X ImageIO _cg_tiffsetfield denial of service🔒🔒
29842Apple Mac OS X ImageIO cfallocatorallocate memory corruption🔒🔒
29841Apple Mac OS X ImageIO lzwdecodevector memory corruption🔒🔒
29840Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2006-1981]
29839W2B Online Banking index.php cross site scriting
29838Manic Web mwguest mwguest.php cross site scriting
29830FlexBB sql injection [CVE-2006-1978]
29829FlexBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1977] Prayer Request Board addrequest.php cross site scriting PHP-Gastebuch guestbook_newentry.php cross site scriting
29826MyBB index.php sql injection🔒
29825Linksys RT31P2 Session Initiation Protocol denial of service
29824Wingnut EasyGallery easygallery.php cross site scriting
29823KRANKIKOM ContentBoxX login.php cross site scriting
29822KCScripts Portal Pack viewcat.cgi cross site scriting
29821KCScripts Portal Pack Search Engine search.cgi cross site scriting
29820KCScripts Portal Pack NsVisitor.cgi cross site scriting
29819KCScripts Portal Pack Visitor.cgi cross site scriting
29818Fortinet Fortinet28 Protection Feature denial of service [CVE-2006-1966] [Disputed]
29817aasi media Net Clubs Pro sendim.cgi cross site scriting
29816ASPSitem haberler.asp sql injection
29815PCPIN PCPIN Chat main.php path traversal
29814PCPIN PCPIN Chat Login main.php sql injection
29813Cisco Ethernet Subscriber Solution Engine Command Line Interface privileges management
29812Cisco Wireless LAN Solution Engine User Interface archiveapplydisplay.jsp cross site scriting
29811ActualScripts ActualAnalyzer direct.php memory corruption🔒🔒
29810Wired Community Software WWWThreads register.php sql injection
29809Mambo rss.php input validation
29808Mambo Error Message rss.php information disclosure RechnungsZentrale authent.php4 file inclusion RechnungsZentrale authent.php4 sql injection
29805Perlcoders Group BannerFarm banners.cgi cross site scriting
29804NicPlex plexcart sql injection
29803IBM Lotus Notes Address Book unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1948]
29802NicPlex plexum plexum.php sql injection
29801Visale pbpgst.cgi cross site scriting
29800awstats cross site scriting🔒🔒
29799SibSoft CommuniMail mailadmin.cgi cross site scriting
29798Smarter Scripts IntelliLink Pro addlink_lwp.cgi cross site scriting
29797Neon Software Neon Responder denial of service [CVE-2006-1941]
29795Hoito Green Minute userscript.php sql injection [Disputed]
29794I-Rater I-Rater Platinum common.php file inclusion
29793Cisco IOS XR denial of service [CVE-2006-1928]
29792Cisco IOS XR denial of service [CVE-2006-1927]
29791ThWboard showtopic.php sql injection
29790Cutephp CuteNews cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1925]
29789LinPHA db_api.php sql injection
29788LinPHA RSS.php cross site scriting
29787Sweetphp TotalCalendar about.php file inclusion
29786PHP Net Tools nettools.php privileges management
29785PMTool index.php sql injection
29784Thomas Voecking Internet Photoshow index.php file inclusion
29783Papoo index.php cross site scripting
29782Blackorpheus ClanMemberSkript member.php sql injection
29781DbbS profile.php cross site scriting
29780DbbS topics.php sql injection
29779DbbS topics.php information disclosure
29778jax guestbook jax_guestbook.php cross site scriting
29777MyBB global.php cross site scriting🔒
29776MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1911]
29775S9Y Serendipity config.php Stored Remote Code Execution
29774Coppermine Photo Gallery index.php path traversal🔒🔒
29773Mywebland myEvent addevent.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
29772Mywebland myEvent addevent.php sql injection🔒🔒
29771jjgan852 phpLister index.php cross site scriting
29770xine main.c print_formatted memory corruption🔒🔒
29769AnimeGenesis Gallery index.php cross site scriting
29768UserLand Manila cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1903]
29767GNU gcc fold-const.c memory corruption
29766Mozilla Camino denial of service [CVE-2006-1901]
29765W3C Amaya memory corruption [CVE-2006-1900]🔒🔒
29764dev Neuron Blog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1899]
29763Ralph Capper Tinyphpforum profile.php cross site scripting
29762talentsoft Web+Shop Error Message webplus.exe information disclosure
29761phpBB Administration Panel code injection [CVE-2006-1896]🔒🔒
29760phpBB memory corruption [CVE-2006-1895]
29759RevoBoard cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1894]
29758ar-blog print.php cross site scriting
29757Martin Scheffler betaboard cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1891]
29756myWebland myEvent event.php code injection🔒🔒🔒 Boardsolution index.php cross site scriting
29754phpGraphy index.php access control
29753Oracle EnterpriseOne information disclosure [CVE-2006-1887]
29752Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
29751Oracle Enterprise Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1885]
29750Oracle Collaboration Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1884]🔒
29749Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution
29748Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
29747Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1881]
29746Oracle E-Business Suite Receivables Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1880]
29745Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1879]
29744phpFaber TopSites index.php cross site scriting
29743Oracle Database Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1877]🔒
29742Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-1876] [Disputed]🔒
29741Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-1875] [Disputed]🔒
29740Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2006-1874] [Disputed]🔒🔒
29739Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1873]🔒🔒
29738Oracle Database Server Enterprise Manager Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
29737Oracle Database Server delete_from_table sql injection🔒🔒
29736Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1870]🔒
29735Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1869]🔒
29734Oracle Database Server Replication memory corruption [CVE-2006-1868]🔒🔒
29733Oracle Database Server Replication Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1867]🔒
29732Oracle Database Server Replication sql injection [CVE-2006-1866]🔒
29731BluePay BluePay Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1854] [Disputed]
29730Moderngigabyte ModernBill user.php sql injection
29729Scriptsfrenzy Article Publisher Pro category.php sql injection
29728Skymarx Solutions xFlow Installation information disclosure [CVE-2006-1851]
29727Skymarx Solutions xFlow cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1850]
29726Skymarx Solutions xFlow sql injection [CVE-2006-1849]
29725LinPHA stats_view.php cross site scriting
29724Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2006-1847]
29723Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1846]
29721Debian installer information disclosure [CVE-2006-1844]
29720Cynical Games ShoutBOOK global.php cross site scriting
29719Cynical Games ShoutBOOK global.php cross site scriting
29718Kailash Nadh boastMachine search.php cross site scriting
29717Empire Server format string [CVE-2006-1840]
29716PHP Album language.php file_exists memory corruption🔒 Fuju News edit_kategorie.php Remote Code Execution Fuju News archiv2.php sql injection
29713Symantec LiveUpdate Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1836]
29712Vincent Hor Calendarix Advanced yearcal.php cross site scriting
29711Opera Web Browser numeric error [CVE-2006-1834]🔒🔒
29710Coder-world sysinfo Installation sysinfo.cgi privileges management🔒
29709Coder-world sysinfo sysinfo.cgi privileges management🔒
29708Sun Java Studio Enterprise privileges management [CVE-2006-1830]
29707Sybase EAServer Profiles Stored information disclosure
29706php121 Php121 Instant Messenger Login php121language.php sql injection
29705Digium Asterisk format_jpeg.c memory corruption🔒🔒
29704Debian Linux cron symlink [CVE-2006-1753]🔒🔒
29703Snipegallery Snipe Gallery view.php cross site scripting
29702PHP Links index.php cross site scriting
29701PhpGuestbook phpguestbook.php cross site scriting
29700FarsiNews Error Message index.php path traversal
29699FarsiNews search.php cross site scriting
29698MODX CMS index.php path traversal🔒
29697MODX CMS index.php cross site scriting🔒
29696phpWebSite index.php loadconfig path traversal🔒🔒
29695The War Forge warforge.NEWS myaccounts.php cross site scriting
29694The War Forge warforge.NEWS magic_quotes_gpc authcheck.php sql injection
29693Jelsoft VBulletin impexmodule.php memory corruption
29692Tritanium Bulletin Board register.php cross site scriting
29691phpWebFTP index.php path traversal🔒🔒
29690phpWebFTP information disclosure [CVE-2006-1812]🔒🔒
29689FlexBB index.php sql injection
29688FlexBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1810]
29687Lifetype Error Message index.php information disclosure
29686Lifetype index.php cross site scriting
29685Musicbox index.php sql injection
29684Musicbox index.php cross site scriting
29683Powerscripts PowerClan member.php sql injection
29682phpMyAdmin sql.php sql injection🔒🔒
29681TinyWebGallery index.php cross site scriting
29680Planet Concept planetSearch+ planetsearchplus.php cross site scriting
29679Simplemedia SimpleBBS posts.php Stored path traversal
29678Adcentrix censtore censtore.cgi privileges management
29677rateit rateit.php sql injection
29676Wordpress template-functions-links.php cross site scriting
29675UPDI Network Enterprise At1 Event Publisher tablepublisher.cgi cross site scriting
29674Mambo content.php showcategory sql injection🔒🔒
29673runCMS class.forumposts.php path traversal
29672UPOINT At1 Event Publisher information disclosure [CVE-2006-1437]
29671UPOINT At1 Event Publisher eventpublisher_admin.htm cross site scriting
29670Mailenable Professional memory corruption [CVE-2006-1792]🔒
29669Jl Webworks QuickBlogger acc.php cross site scriting
29668Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2006-1790]🔒🔒🔒
29667Mozilla Thunderbird denial of service [CVE-2006-1738]🔒🔒🔒
29666Mozilla Thunderbird numeric error [CVE-2006-1737]🔒🔒🔒
29665Mozilla Thunderbird Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2006-1742]🔒🔒🔒
29664Mozilla Thunderbird access control [CVE-2006-1735]🔒🔒🔒
29663Mozilla Thunderbird internal memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
29662Mozilla Thunderbird cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
29661Mozilla Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-1723]🔒🔒
29660Mozilla Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-1531]🔒🔒
29659Mozilla Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-1530]🔒🔒
29658Mozilla Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2006-1529]🔒🔒🔒
29657Georges Auberger pajax pajax_call_dispatcher.php path traversal🔒🔒🔒
29656Adobe Document Server Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1788]🔒🔒
29655Adobe Document Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1787]🔒🔒
29654Adobe Document Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1786]🔒🔒
29653Adobe Document Server cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1785]🔒🔒
29652Sphider file inclusion [CVE-2006-1784]🔒
29651Georges Auberger pajax pajax_call_dispatcher.php memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
29650Adobe Livecycle Form Manager information disclosure [CVE-2006-1628]
29649Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1627]🔒🔒
29648PatroNet CMS Index.PHP cross site scriting
29647Circle R Monster Top List functions.php code injection🔒🔒
29646Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2006-1780]🔒
29645Simplog login.php cross site scriting🔒
29644Simplog index.php sql injection🔒
29643Simplog index.php path traversal🔒🔒
29642Simplog index.php file inclusion🔒🔒
29641phpBB admin_board.php cross site scriting
29640HP System Management Homepage System management Remote Code Execution
29639PHPKIT include.php sql injection🔒
29638Debian debconf Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1772]
29637SAXoTECH SAXoPRESS pbcs.dll path traversal [CVE-2006-1771]🔒
29636Azerbaijan AzDGVote vote.php file inclusion
29635UserLand Manila cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1769]
29634Tritanium Scripts Tritanium Bulletin Board register.php cross site scriting
29633nicecoder INDEXU file inclusion
29632Papoo index.php sql injection
29631JBook index.php cross site scriting
29630Hosting Controller information disclosure [CVE-2006-1764]
29629Blursoft blur6ex index.php sql injection
29628Blursoft blur6ex index.php cross site scriting
29627Blursoft blur6ex Error Message index.php cross site scriting JetPhoto thumbnail.php cross site scripting
29625SWSoft Confixx allgemein_transfer.php cross site scriting
29624Bill Shupp Vegadns index.php sql injection
29623Bill Shupp Vegadns index.php cross site scriting
29622Matthew Dingley MD News Admin.PHP privileges management
29621Matthew Dingley MD News admin.php sql injection
29620SWSoft Confixx index.php sql injection
29619Linux Kernel signal.c __group_complete_signal memory corruption🔒🔒
29618Michiel Van Baak MvBlog cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1752]
29617Michiel Van Baak MvBlog sql injection [CVE-2006-1751]
29616Jmb Software Autogallery index.php cross site scripting
29615Smartisoft phpListPro config.php code injection🔒🔒
29614XMB Forum ActionScript geturl cross site scriting
29613VWar Virtual War Admin.PHP file inclusion
29612Tincan PHPList path traversal [CVE-2006-1746]🔒
29611Bitweaver login.php cross site scriting
29610Joey Hess BSDgames pl_main.c scanf memory corruption🔒🔒
29609JBook form.php sql injection
29608Microsoft Data Access Components memory corruption [CVE-2006-0003]🔒🔒🔒
29607ShopXS suche.htm cross site scriting
29606Cyrus SASL digestmd5.c input validation🔒🔒
29605Arabless SaphpLesson search.php cross site scriting
29604Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2006-1719]
29603Clever Copy information disclosure [CVE-2006-1718]🔒
29602MyBB newthread.php cross site scriting
29601MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1716]
29600TUGZip gzip path traversal [CVE-2006-1715]
29599phpMyForum index.php cross site scriting
29598phpMyForum index.php cross site scriting
29597Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar input validation [CVE-2006-1192]🔒🔒
29596Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-1191]🔒
29595Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2006-1190]🔒
29594Microsoft Internet Explorer urlmon.dll memory corruption [CVE-2006-1189]🔒🔒
29593Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2006-1188]🔒🔒
29592Microsoft Internet Explorer ActiveX Control mdt2gddr.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
29591GNU Mailman cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1712]🔒🔒
29590Plone unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1711]🔒🔒
29589Design Nation DNGuestbook admin.php sql injection
29588interaktiv shop_main.cgi cross site scriting
29587Clansys member.php sql injection
29586Kansok Communications Shopweezle index.php unknown vulnerability
29585Kansok Communications Shopweezle Login login.php sql injection
29584Oracle Database unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1705]🔒🔒
29583Hubert Plisson Sire upload.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1704]
29582Hubert Plisson Sire lire.php file inclusion
29581spip Login spip_login.php3 file inclusion
29580Shadowed Portal load.php cross site scriting
29579Aweb Scripts Seller buy.php Remote Code Execution
29578Aweb Banner Generator index.php cross site scriting
29577Matt Wright Matt Wright Guestbook cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1698]
29576Matt Wright Matt Wright Guestbook cross site scriting
29575Gallery cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1696]
29574Fbida symlink [CVE-2006-1695]🔒🔒
29573XBrite XBrite Members members.php sql injection
29572Globalscape Secure FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2006-1693]🔒
29571Manic Web MWNewsletter unsubscribe.php sql injection
29570Manic Web MWNewsletter unsubscribe.php sql injection
29569Manic Web MWNewsletter subscribe.php cross site scriting
29568xzgv memory corruption [CVE-2006-1060]🔒🔒
29567HP HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1689]🔒
29566SQuery ase.php code injection
29565APT APT-webshop-system cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1687]
29564APT APT-webshop-system modules.php information disclosure
29563APT APT-webshop-system modules.php sql injection
29562ecotwo Shopsystem news.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1684]
29561Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Guestbook Index.PHP sql injection
29560TalentSoft Web+Shop webplus.exe cross site scriting
29559Cherokee HTTPD Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1681]🔒
29558Jupiter CMS online.php information disclosure
29557Jupiter CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1679]
29556MAXdev Md-pro information disclosure [CVE-2006-1677]
29555MAXdev MD-Pro pnuserapi.php display sql injection
29554PHP resource management [CVE-2006-1549]🔒🔒
29553PHPWebGallery category.php cross site scriting
29552PHPWebGallery search.php cross site scriting
29551zlib file.c copy cross site scriting🔒
29550Tony Cook Imager resource management [CVE-2006-0053]🔒🔒
29549nod32 GUI nod32.exe memory corruption
29548Jelsoft vBug Tracker vbugs.php cross site scriting
29547Cisco Transport Controller memory corruption [CVE-2006-1672]
29546Cisco ONS 15327 Networking denial of service [CVE-2006-1671]
29545Cisco ONS 15327 Networking memory allocation [CVE-2006-1670]
29544phpHeaven PHPMyChat eval sql injection
29543Crafty Syntax Image Gallery newimage.php privileges management
29542Crafty Syntax Image Gallery slides.php sql injection
29541Arab Portal forum.php sql injection
29540Arab Portal forum.php cross site scriting
29539xine xine-lib memory corruption [CVE-2006-1664]🔒🔒
29537Limbo CMS index.php Remote Code Execution🔒
29536Sk Soft SKForum cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1661]
29535Softbiz Image Gallery image_desc.php cross site scriting
29534Softbiz Image Gallery image_desc.php sql injection
29533Chucky A. Ivey N.T. ticker.db.php memory corruption
29532Chucky A. Ivey N.T. index.php cross site scriting
29531ClamAV cli_bitset_set denial of service🔒🔒
29530ClamAV format string [CVE-2006-1615]🔒🔒
29529ClamAV Header Parser cli_scanpe integer coercion🔒🔒
29528util-vserver Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1656]
29527HP Color Laserjet 2500tn path traversal [CVE-2006-1654]
29526AngelineCMS loadkernel.php file inclusion🔒
29525UltraVNC reallyprint memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
29524Microsoft ISA Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1651] [Disputed]
29523Mozilla Firefox Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-1650]
29522NOD32 privileges management [CVE-2006-1649]🔒
29521Smart Technologies SynchronEyes memory allocation [CVE-2006-1648]
29520Smart Technologies SynchronEyes denial of service [CVE-2006-1647]
29519Internet Key Exchange isakmp_agg.c denial of service
29518ReloadCMS Administration Panel cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1645]
29517Interact Login login.php information disclosure
29516Interact Login login.php sql injection
29515Interact search.php cross site scriting
29514Czaries Network CzarNews cn_auth.php sql injection
29513Czaries Network CzarNews news.php cross site scriting
29512Wire Plastik Design wpBlog index.php sql injection
29511Aweb Labs aWebBB accounts.php sql injection
29510Aweb Labs aWebBB post.php cross site scriting
29509VWar Virtual War get_header.php code injection🔒
29508LucidCMS Error Message translator.php information disclosure
29507LucidCMS index.php cross site scriting
29506MyBB cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1625]
29505Linux Kernel Default Configuration denial of service [CVE-2006-1624]
29504Andries Bruinsma FleXiBle Development named main.php cross site scriting
29503PHPSelect linklist.php cross site scriting
29502Hosting Controller saveuploadfiles.asp path traversal
29501Hosting Controller AccountActions.asp information disclosure
29500IBM WebSphere Application Server denial of service [CVE-2006-1619]
29499Doomsday printf Functions con_main.c memory corruption🔒🔒
29498Advanced Poll comments.php cross site scriting
29497Advanced Poll comments.php sql injection
29496Kaffeine Player fetch playlistimport.cpp http_peek memory corruption🔒🔒
29495Aweb Labs aWebNews Login login.php sql injection
29494Aweb Labs aWebNews visview.php cross site scriting
29493KGB Archiver path traversal [CVE-2006-1611]
29492SQuery armygame.php code injection [CVE-2006-1610]
29491Hitachi Xfit S Zengin denial of service [CVE-2006-1609]
29490Exponent CMS privileges management [CVE-2006-1607]
29489Exponent CMS information disclosure [CVE-2006-1606]
29488Exponent CMS memory corruption [CVE-2006-1605]
29487Exponent CMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-1604]
29486phpBB profile.php cross site scriting
29485Phpnuke-clan functions_common.php file inclusion
29484BusyBox information disclosure [CVE-2006-1058]🔒
29483PhpWebGallery category.php sql injection v-creator OpenSSL vcengine.php enrypt privileges management
29481AN AN-HTTPd information disclosure [CVE-2006-1598]
29480Andy Grayndler Andys Php Knowledgebase index.php cross site scriting
29479Accounting Receiving and Inventory Administration ARIA genmessage.php cross site scriting
29478Annuaire Directory inscription.php cross site scriting
29477Annuaire Directory Installation lang-en.php information disclosure
29476Claroline file inclusion🔒🔒
29475Claroline rqmkhtml.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
29474Claroline memory corruption [CVE-2006-1594]🔒🔒
29473X-Doom sv_main.cpp resource management
29472X-Doom w_wad.cpp is_client_wad_ok memory corruption
29471Microsoft Windows Help winhlp32.exe heap-based overflow🔒
29470Kevin Johnson Basic Analysis/Security Engine base_graph_main.php printfreshpage cross site scriting
29469NetBSD elf_load_file denial of service
29468Internet Solutions Professionals Site Man Login admin_login.asp sql injection
294673dsrc MonAlbum index.php sql injection
29466Juliusz Julas Gonera Warcraft III Replay Parser PHP File Upload index.php fopen memory corruption
29465Juliusz Julas Gonera Warcraft III Replay Parser PHP index.php cross site scriting
29464Blanknberg index.php cross site scriting
29463Blanknberg index.php path traversal
29462Websina Bugzero query.jsp cross site scriting
29461DbbS topics.php sql injection
29460Index Data Aps Keystone Digital Library Suite Search Module sql injection
29459Mantis view_all_set.php cross site scriting🔒🔒 QLnews config.php Remote Code Execution QLnews news.php cross site scriting
29456Hitachi Groupmax World Wide Web Scheduler cross site scriting MediaSlash Gallery index.php file inclusion Oxygen post.php sql injection
29453R2xdesign qliteNews Login loginprocess.php sql injection
29452Esqlanelapse cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1570]
29451RedCMS login.php sql injection
29450RedCMS register.php cross site scriting
29449SiteSearch Indexer searchresults.asp cross site scriting
29448libtunepimp-perl Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1566]
29447libgpib-perl Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1565]
29446libapache2-svn Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1564]
29445vscripts VBook config.php Remote Code Execution
29444vscripts VBook index.php cross site scriting
29443vscripts VBook index.php sql injection
29442SkinTech phpNewsManager browse.php sql injection
29441PHP Script Index sql injection [CVE-2006-1559]
29440PHP Script Index search.php cross site scriting
29439Skintech X-Changer index.php sql injection
29438AL-Caricatier view_caricatier.php cross site scriting
29437Tachyon VSNS Lemon improper authentication [CVE-2006-1555]
29436Tachyon VSNS Lemon cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1554]
29435Tachyon VSNS Lemon magic_quotes_gpc final_functions.php sql injection
29434Apple Safari numeric error [CVE-2006-1552]🔒
29432Dia xfig-import.c memory corruption🔒🔒
29431Apache Struts Error Message cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1548]
29430Apache Struts denial of service [CVE-2006-1547]
29429Apache Struts org.apache.struts.taglib.html.constants.cancel Remote Code Execution
29428vscripts VNews config.php Stored Remote Privilege Escalation
29427vscripts VNews news.php cross site scriting
29426vscripts VNews admin.php sql injection
29425Python Software Foundation realpath stack-based overflow🔒
29424EzASPSite default.asp sql injection
29423Microsoft Office excel.exe code injection🔒🔒🔒
29422bsd-games tetris-bsd scores.c checkscores memory corruption🔒🔒
29421Enova X-Wall ASIC missing encryption [CVE-2006-1538]
29420WebCalendar Error Message groups.php information disclosure PhxContacts carnet.php sql injection PhxContacts login.php cross site scriting
29417Null news lostpass.php sql injection
29416Sourceworkshop newsletter newsletter.php sql injection
29415Deltascripts PHP Classifieds search.php cross site scriting
29414Microsoft .NET Framework memory corruption [CVE-2006-1511]
29413HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2006-1509]🔒
29412MH Software Connect Daily Web Calendar viewday.html cross site scriting
29411PHPKIT include.php cross site scriting🔒
29410Grid Engine Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-1506]🔒
29409Basic Analysis and Security Engine base base_maintenance.php AuthenticateNoCookie information disclosure🔒
29408Arab Portal online.php cross site scriting
29407VWar Virtual War functions_install.php code injection🔒
29406OneOrZero index.php sql injection
29405Tilde CMS index.php sql injection
29404Source Workshop vCounter vcounter.php sql injection
29403MediaWiki cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1498]🔒🔒
29402ViHor Vihordesign index.php path traversal
29401ViHor Vihordesign Error Message index.php cross site scriting
29400NetOffice Login sendpassword.php sql injection🔒🔒
29399Will Estes and John Millaway flex memory corruption [CVE-2006-0459]🔒🔒
29398Nikolay Avrionov Explorer XP dir.php cross site scriting
29397Nikolay Avrionov Explorer XP dir.php path traversal
29396FusionZONE CouponZONE local.cfm sql injection
29395ActiveCampaign SupportTrio Error Message index.php information disclosure
29394ActiveCampaign SupportTrio Search Module cross site scriting
29393fusionZONE realestateZONE index.cfm cross site scriting
29392Greymatter gm-upload.cgi memory corruption
29391Genius VideoCAM NB Driver privileges management [CVE-2006-1484]
29390Desiderata Software Blazix Web Server privileges management [CVE-2006-1483]
29389ConfTool index.php cross site scriting
29388PHP Ticket search.php sql injection
29387Duda WebAlbum start.php path traversal🔒🔒
29386Serge Rey gtd-php newproject.php cross site scriting
29385Turnkey Web Tools PHP Live Helper initiate.php Stored path traversal
29384Turnkey Web Tools PHP Live Helper initiate.php file inclusion🔒
29383Microsoft Windows unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1476]
29382Microsoft Windows unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-1475]
29381Raindance Web Conferencing Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1474]
29380fusionZONE couponZONE information disclosure [CVE-2006-1432]
29379fusionZONE couponZONE local.cfm cross site scriting
29378CONTROLzx HMS dedicated_order.php cross site scriting
29377fusionZONE classifiedZONE accountlogon.cfm cross site scriting
29376Coinsoft Technologies phpCOIN mod_print.php mod.php cross site scriting WebAPP index.cgi cross site scriting
29374Pixel Motion Pixel Motion Blog index.php sql injection
29373phpmyfamily track.php cross site scriting
29371Ubbcentral UBB.threads showflat.php sql injection
29370Jjwwebdesign Phpbookingcalendar details_view.php sql injection
29369Arthur Konze Webdesign akocomment magic_quotes_gpc akocomment.php sql injection
29368Arabless SaphpLesson SSID print.php sql injection
29367nuked-klan Calendar Module index.php sql injection
29366Caloris Planitia Technologies E-School Management System default.asp cross site scriting
29365Caloris Planitia Technologies Web Quiz pro prequiz.asp cross site scripting
29364Xigla Absolute FAQ Manager .NET Search Module afmsearch.aspx cross site scriting
29363dotNetBB Dotnetbb Forums iforget.aspx cross site scriting
29362Toast Forums toast.asp cross site scriting
29361Htmljunction EZHomepagePro email.asp cross site scriting
29360TFT Gallery information disclosure [CVE-2006-1412]
29359Xigla Absolute Image Gallery XE Search Module gallery.asp cross site scriting
29358XIGLA Absolute Live Support XE cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1410]
29357Vavoom memory corruption [CVE-2006-1409]
29356Vavoom infinite loop [CVE-2006-1408]
29355Webhost Automation Helm Web Hosting Control Panel domains.asp cross site scriting
29354uniForum wbadmlog.aspx cross site scriting
29353Sheer Vision Technologies ssCMS search.aspx cross site scriting
29352Industrial Imagination BlankOL bol.cgi (2) cross site scriting
29351csDoom Console c_console.cpp printstring privileges management
29350csDoom sv_setupuserinfo memory corruption
29349Php Lite Calendar Express search.php cross site scriting
29348Metisware Instructor PersonalTaskEdit.asp cross site scriting
29347Php Lite Meeting Reserve searchresult.php cross site scriting
29346Sixal G-Book guestbook.php cross site scriting
29345phpPgAds Login Form cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1397]
29344Veritas NetBackup memory corruption [CVE-2006-0991]🔒
29343Veritas NetBackup Volume Manager Daemon sscanf stack-based overflow🔒🔒
29342Linux Kernel do_debug denial of service🔒🔒
29341Cholod MySQL Based Message Board cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1396]
29340Cholod MySQL Based Message Board mb.cgi sql injection
29339University of Washington Pubcookie cross site scriting [CVE-2006-1394]🔒
29338University of Washington pubcookie mod_pubcookie cross site scriting🔒
29337University of Washington Pubcookie index.cgi cross site scriting🔒