Tools 2007

86656Legion of the Bouncy Castle Local Privilege Escalation
86592WordPress link-import.php cross site scriting
86591Visionsoft Audit on Demand Service information disclosure
86590Visionsoft Audit on Demand Service information disclosure
86589AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro temp.php cross site scriting
86588AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise ufriends.php information disclosure
86587AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise groups_home.php information disclosure
86586AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise uvideos.php information disclosure
86585AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise channel_detail.php information disclosure
86584AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise uprofile.php information disclosure
86583SuSE Linux privileges management
86582SuSE Linux privileges management
86581SuSE Linux privileges management
86580Live for Speed ply Local Privilege Escalation
86579Undernet ircu denial of service
86578Undernet ircu denial of service
86570GlobalLink Local Privilege Escalation
86564Siemens Gigaset SE361 WLAN router cross site scriting
86563Ipswitch IMail Server subscribe Local Privilege Escalation
86562LimeSurvey BIFFwriter.php privileges management
86561LimeSurvey Format.php privileges management
86560LimeSurvey Workbook.php privileges management
86559LimeSurvey Parser.php privileges management
86558LimeSurvey Worksheet.php privileges management
86557LimeSurvey PPS.php privileges management
86556LimeSurvey Writer.php privileges management
86555LimeSurvey Root.php privileges management
86554PHPIDS cross site scriting
86548Der Dirigent backend.php Local Privilege Escalation
86547Der Dirigent frontend.php Local Privilege Escalation
86546Der Dirigent class.filemanager.php Local Privilege Escalation
86545Der Dirigent fnc.type.php Local Privilege Escalation
86544Der Dirigent fnc.type_forms.php Local Privilege Escalation
86543First Encounter Assault Recon format string
86542awrate topbar.php Local Privilege Escalation
86541PeopleAggregator Local Privilege Escalation
86540PeopleAggregator VideosMediaGalleryModule.php Local Privilege Escalation
86539PeopleAggregator UploadMediaModule.php Local Privilege Escalation
86538PeopleAggregator NewestGroupsModule.php Local Privilege Escalation
86537PeopleAggregator MembersFacewallModule.php Local Privilege Escalation
86536PeopleAggregator ImagesMediaGalleryModule.php Local Privilege Escalation
86535Boost Module Local Privilege Escalation
86534PHP JackKnife G_Display.php information disclosure
86533Cisco IOS memory corruption
86532SAXON information disclosure
86531SAXON information disclosure
86530SAXON information disclosure
86529SAXON edit-item.php information disclosure
86523Ossigeno CMS common.php Local Privilege Escalation
86522Ossigeno CMS uninstall_module.php Local Privilege Escalation
86521Ossigeno CMS install_module.php Local Privilege Escalation
86520Ossigeno CMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
86519Ossigeno CMS uninstall_module.php Local Privilege Escalation
86514IBM WebSphere Application Server Local Privilege Escalation
86513Flat PHP Board path traversal
86512Flat PHP Board path traversal
86511Anon Proxy Server diagdns.php privileges management
86510Kvaliitti subcategory.asp sql injection
86509CARE2X smarty_care.class.php privileges management
86508CARE2X privileges management
86507CARE2X class_ward.php privileges management
86506CARE2X class_imclass_product.phpage.php privileges management
86505CARE2X class_config.php privileges management
86504CARE2X class_department.php privileges management
86503CARE2X class_access.php privileges management
86502CARE2X ar_copyrite.php privileges management
86501CARE2X vi_copyrite.php privileges management
86500MP3 Allopass allopass-error.php Local Privilege Escalation
86499JContentSubscription reports.html.php Local Privilege Escalation
86498Mobile Spy Local Privilege Escalation
86497JContentSubscription list.user.sub.html.php Local Privilege Escalation
86496JContentSubscription list.sub.html.php Local Privilege Escalation
86495JContentSubscription register.php Local Privilege Escalation
86494JContentSubscription history.php Local Privilege Escalation
86493JContentSubscription add.php Local Privilege Escalation
86492NFN Address Book Local Privilege Escalation
86491SimpNews evsearch.php information disclosure
86490SimpNews heading.php information disclosure
86489SimpNews dbg_infos.php information disclosure
86488Linksys WAG54GS setup.cgi cross-site request forgery
86487Stride detail.php sql injection
86486Stride shop.php sql injection
86485phpTrafficA plotStatPie.php Local Privilege Escalation
86483myphpPagetool help9.php Local Privilege Escalation
86482myphpPagetool help8.php Local Privilege Escalation
86481myphpPagetool help7.php Local Privilege Escalation
86480myphpPagetool help6.php Local Privilege Escalation
86479myphpPagetool help5.php Local Privilege Escalation
86478myphpPagetool help4.php Local Privilege Escalation
86477myphpPagetool help3.php Local Privilege Escalation
86476myphpPagetool help2.php Local Privilege Escalation
86475Webmedia Explorer sidebar.tpl.php Local Privilege Escalation
86474Webmedia Explorer folder_messages_link_message_name.tpl.php Local Privilege Escalation
86473Webmedia Explorer main.tpl.php Local Privilege Escalation
86466SwiftView Viewer Plug-In memory corruption
86464LScube libnemesi rtsp_transport.c Local Privilege Escalation
86463LScube libnemesi rtsp_send.c Local Privilege Escalation
86460geoBlog listcomment.php Local Privilege Escalation
86459geoBlog deleteblog.php Local Privilege Escalation
86458CMS Made Simple cross site scriting
86457TuMusika Evolution languages.php path traversal
86456TuMusika Evolution languages_f.php path traversal
86455TuMusika Evolution languages_n.php path traversal
86454Ability Mail Server denial of service
86453I Hear U Player.cpp ring denial of service
86452AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro downloadbackup.php path traversal
86451AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro Local Privilege Escalation
86450Btitracker usercp.php cross site scriting
86449Btitracker account.php cross site scriting
86448Btitracker recover.php cross site scriting
86447Btitracker moresmiles.php cross site scriting
86446VLC Media Player privileges management
86445GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86444GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86443GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86442GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86441GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86440GIMP Local Privilege Escalation
86439GIMP denial of service
86438GIMP denial of service
86437GIMP denial of service
86436Plone Local Privilege Escalation
86435Cactusoft Cactushop Local Privilege Escalation
86434VooDoo cIRCle Local Privilege Escalation
86433PHP Project Management list.php path traversal
86432PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86431PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86430PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86429PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86428PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86427PHP Project Management list.php path traversal
86426PHP Project Management path traversal
86425PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
86424PHP Project Management path traversal
86423PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86422PHP Project Management privileges management
86421PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86420PHP Project Management list.php privileges management
86419PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86418PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86417PHP Project Management searchsimilar.php privileges management
86416PHP Project Management list.php privileges management
86415PHP Project Management privileges management
86414PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86413PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86412PHP Project Management loadsplash.php privileges management
86411PHP Project Management birthday.php privileges management
86410PHP Project Management events.php privileges management
86409PHP Project Management help.php privileges management
86408PHP Project Management index.php privileges management
86407JFreeChart cross site scriting
86406JFreeChart cross site scriting
86405Miranda Local Privilege Escalation
86404Miranda Local Privilege Escalation
86403Miranda Local Privilege Escalation
86401MKPortal index.php sql injection
86400MKPortal index.php sql injection
86399MKPortal index.php sql injection
86398MKPortal index.php sql injection
86397Gallery cross site scriting
86396Gallery cross site scriting
86395Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86394Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86393Gallery information disclosure
86392Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86391Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86390Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86389Gallery Local Privilege Escalation
86388IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scriting
86387Adobe Integrated Runtime AIR cross site scriting
86386CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup memory corruption
86385CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup memory corruption
86384SiteBar index.php cross site scriting
86383SiteBar command.php cross site scriting
86382SiteBar cross site scriting
86381SiteBar cross site scriting
86380Xen xenq-shm privileges management
86379Invision Power Board class_gw_safshop.php Local Privilege Escalation
86378Invision Power Board class_gw_paypal.php Local Privilege Escalation
86377Invision Power Board class_gw_nochex.php Local Privilege Escalation
86376Invision Power Board class_gw_authorizenet.php Local Privilege Escalation
86375OpenBiblio custom_marc_form_fields.php information disclosure
86374OpenBiblio mbr_fields.php information disclosure
863731024 CMS news.php path traversal
863721024 CMS forum.php path traversal
863711024 CMS download.php path traversal
863701024 CMS search.php path traversal
86369WebCalendar search.php cross site scriting
86368WebCalendar pref.php cross site scriting
86367RunCMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
86366RunCMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
86365RunCMS forum_config.php Local Privilege Escalation
86364RunCMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
86363RunCMS edituser.php cross site scriting
86362RunCMS index.php cross site scriting
86361RunCMS brokenlink.php sql injection
86360RunCMS modlink.php sql injection
86359RunCMS ratelink.php sql injection
86358RunCMS ratefile.php sql injection
86357RunCMS visit.php sql injection
86356TikiWiki tiki-g-admin_shared_source.php Local Privilege Escalation
86355TikiWiki tiki-list_games.php Local Privilege Escalation
86354Parallel denial of service
86353Parallel denial of service
86352Parallel denial of service
86350Microsoft Windows denial of service
86349ClanLite conf-php.php Local Privilege Escalation
86348Microsoft Visual Basic Local Privilege Escalation
86347IBM DB2 Universal Database Local Privilege Escalation
86346Falcon Series One CMS errors.php Local Privilege Escalation
86345IBM DB2 memory corruption
86344IBM Lotus Notes privileges management
86343Linksys WAG54GS setup.cgi cross-site request forgery
86342Sun SPARC eXtended System Control Facility denial of service
86341Sun SPARC eXtended System Control Facility denial of service
86340Sun Solaris denial of service
86339PHP Image xarg_corner_top.php Local Privilege Escalation
86338PHP Image xarg_corner_bottom.php Local Privilege Escalation
86337SimpGB cfginfo.php information disclosure
86336Absolute News Manager default.aspx cross site scriting
86335Feng RTSP_Play parse_play_time_range denial of service
86334IBM AIX bos.clvm.enh memory corruption
86333IBM AIX memory corruption
86332Social Engine header_album.php path traversal
86331Social Engine header_blog.php path traversal
86330Social Engine header_group.php path traversal
86329Social Engine admin_header_album.php path traversal
86328Social Engine admin_header_blog.php path traversal
86327Wallpaper Site editadgroup.php sql injection
86326Monitor bridge.cpp monitor_bridge denial of service
86320Form Tools client_page_open.php Local Privilege Escalation
86319OTSTurntables Local Privilege Escalation
86318CGI RESCUE Shopping Basket Professional list2.cgi information disclosure
86317PDFedit StreamPredictor Local Privilege Escalation
86316Subversion path traversal
86315SiteSys Local Privilege Escalation
86314MeGaCheatZ ViewItem.php sql injection
86313MeGaCheatZ view.php sql injection
86312Pragmatic Utopia PU Arcade index.php sql injection
86311OpenBiblio theme_preview.php cross site scriting
86310OpenBiblio theme_del_confirm.php cross site scriting
86309IPortalX blogs.asp cross site scriting
86308Imager bmp.c read_4bit_bmp Local Privilege Escalation
86307TeamCal statistics.php path traversal
86306TeamCal login.php path traversal
86305TeamCal register.php path traversal
86304TeamCal tcuseroption.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86303TeamCal tcusergroup.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86302TeamCal tctemplate.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86301TeamCal tcmonth.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86300TeamCal tclogin.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86299TeamCal tcholiday.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86298TeamCal tcgroup.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86297TeamCal tcdaynote.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86296TeamCal tcconfig.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86295TeamCal tcannouncement.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86294TeamCal tcallowance.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86293TeamCal tcabsencegroup.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86292TeamCal tcabsence.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86291TeamCal Local Privilege Escalation
86290TeamCal Local Privilege Escalation
86289TeamCal joomlajack.tcpro.php Local Privilege Escalation
86288TeamCal Local Privilege Escalation
86287TeamCal functions.tcpro.php Local Privilege Escalation
86286TeamCal csvhandler.class.php Local Privilege Escalation
86285TeamCal Local Privilege Escalation
86284TeamCal Local Privilege Escalation
86283Logaholic profiles.php cross site scriting
86282Logaholic index.php sql injection
86281MyPHP Forum member.php sql injection
86280Ip Reg nodelist.php sql injection
86279Ip Reg assetclassgroupview.php sql injection
86278Ip Reg vlandel.php sql injection
86277Ip Reg vlanedit.php sql injection
86276zBlog index.php sql injection
86275Dokeos work.php cross site scriting
86274Dokeos viewforum.php cross site scriting
86273Trend Micro Antivirus privileges management
86272Plogger plog-rss.php sql injection
86271LiveCart remindComplete cross site scriting
86270LiveCart cross site scriting
86269PsychoStats server.php information disclosure
86268PHPDirector videos.php sql injection
86267PHPDirector videos.php information disclosure
86266OlateDownload fldm.php cross site scriting
86265tellmatic privileges management
86264PHP Content Architect xml_file.php path traversal
86263PHP Content Architect js_file.php path traversal
86262phpFFL signup.php Local Privilege Escalation
86261phpFFL profile.php Local Privilege Escalation
86260phpFFL my_team.php Local Privilege Escalation
86259phpFFL login.php Local Privilege Escalation
86258phpFFL common.php Local Privilege Escalation
86257phpFFL livedraft.php Local Privilege Escalation
86256phpFFL leagues.php Local Privilege Escalation
86255phpFFL faq.php Local Privilege Escalation
86254phpFFL draft.php Local Privilege Escalation
86253phpFFL custom_pages.php Local Privilege Escalation
86252AdultScript links.php sql injection
86251SuSE Linux privileges management
86250XMMS-Control privileges management
86249WeeChat privileges management
86248Diskeeper DkService.exe) denial of service
86247Ganglia get_context.php cross site scriting
86246Ganglia graph.php cross site scriting
86245AXIS 2100 Network Camera cross site scriting
86244AXIS 2100 Network Camera cross site scriting
86243AXIS 2100 Network Camera cross site scriting
86242AXIS 2100 Network Camera cross-site request forgery
86241Flyspray getHistory cross site scriting
86240Centreon MakeXML4statusCounter.php privileges management
86239MMS Gallery PHP get_file.php path traversal
86238Bitweaver index.php cross site scriting
86237SpeedTech PHP Library stphpxmlelement.php code injection
86236SpeedTech PHP Library stphpxmldoc.php code injection
86235SpeedTech PHP Library stphpwindow.php code injection
86234SpeedTech PHP Library stphptoolbar.php code injection
86233SpeedTech PHP Library stphptextareawithcaption.php code injection
86232SpeedTech PHP Library stphptextarea.php Local Privilege Escalation
86231SpeedTech PHP Library stphptabtitle.php code injection
86230SpeedTech PHP Library stphptabpanel.php code injection
86229SpeedTech PHP Library stphptablerow.php code injection
86228SpeedTech PHP Library stphptablecell.php code injection
86227SpeedTech PHP Library stphptable.php code injection
86226SpeedTech PHP Library stphpspacer.php Local Privilege Escalation
86225SpeedTech PHP Library stphprichbutton.php code injection
86224SpeedTech PHP Library stphpradiogroup.php code injection
86223SpeedTech PHP Library stphpradiobuttonwithcaption.php code injection
86222SpeedTech PHP Library stphpradiobutton.php code injection
86221SpeedTech PHP Library stphppanel.php Local Privilege Escalation
86220SpeedTech PHP Library stphplocale.php Local Privilege Escalation
86219SpeedTech PHP Library stphplistboxwithcaption.php code injection
86218SpeedTech PHP Library stphplistbox.php code injection
86217SpeedTech PHP Library stphplabel.php code injection
86216SpeedTech PHP Library stphpimagewithcaption.php Local Privilege Escalation
86215SpeedTech PHP Library stphpimage.php code injection
86214SpeedTech PHP Library stphphr.php code injection
86213SpeedTech PHP Library stphpeditwithcaption.php Local Privilege Escalation
86212SpeedTech PHP Library stphpedit.php code injection
86211SpeedTech PHP Library stphpcontrolwithcaption.php code injection
86210SpeedTech PHP Library stphpcomponent.php Local Privilege Escalation
86209SpeedTech PHP Library stphpcheckgroup.php input validation
86208SpeedTech PHP Library stphpcheckboxwithcaption.php code injection
86207SpeedTech PHP Library stphpcheckbox.php code injection
86206SpeedTech PHP Library stphpbutton.php code injection
86205Joomla CMS section.php sql injection
86204Joomla CMS category.php sql injection
86203DM Guestbook ch_lng.php path traversal
86202DM Guestbook glob_new.php path traversal
86201DM Guestbook admin.guestbook.php path traversal
86200Joomla CMS Output.php information disclosure
86199Joomla CMS TemplateCache.php information disclosure
86198Joomla CMS Reader.php information disclosure
86197Joomla CMS Modifier.php information disclosure
86196Joomla CMS OutputCache.php information disclosure
86195Joomla CMS OutputFilter.php information disclosure
86194IT!CMS titletext-ed.php cross site scriting
86193IT!CMS lang-en.php cross site scriting
86192IT!CMS menu-ed.php cross site scriting
86191F5 FirePass 4100 my.logon.php3 cross site scripting
86190X-Cart auth.php code injection
86189X-Cart auth.php code injection
86188X-Cart smarty.php code injection
86187X-Cart prepare.php code injection
86186sPHPell spellcheckwindowframeset.php Remote Code Execution
86185sPHPell spellcheckwindow.php Remote Code Execution
86184sPHPell spellchecktext.php Remote Code Execution
86183Buddy Zone video_gallery.php sql injection
86182Buddy Zone view_events.php sql injection
86181QuickTicket qti_ind_topic.php sql injection
86180QuickTicket qti_usr.php sql injection
86179QuickTicket qti_ind_post_prt.php sql injection
86178QuickTicket qti_ind_post.php sql injection
86177b1gBB showboard.php sql injection
86176ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
86175ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
86174ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
86173ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
86172ManageEngine OpManager cross site scriting
86171PowerPhlogger get_userdata.php sql injection
86170SpeedTech PHP Library stphpform.php code injection
86169SpeedTech PHP Library stphpbtnimage.php code injection
86168Claroline campusProblem.php cross site scripting🔒
86167Claroline advancedUserSearch.php cross site scripting🔒
86166Charrays CMS markdown.php input validation
86165Chupix CMS download.php path traversal
86164PHP JackKnife G_Display.php cross site scriting🔒
86163PHP JackKnife index.php cross site scriting🔒
86162Grani cross site scriting [CVE-2007-6002]
86161Supasite backend_site.php code injection
86160Supasite admin_settings.php privileges management
86159Supasite site_news.php Local Privilege Escalation
86158Supasite site_comment.php Local Privilege Escalation
86157Supasite admin_utilities.php Local Privilege Escalation
86156Supasite admin_users.php Local Privilege Escalation
86155Supasite admin_topics.php Local Privilege Escalation
86154Supasite admin_news.php memory corruption
86153Supasite admin_mods.php memory corruption
86152Supasite admin_auth_cookies.php Local Privilege Escalation
86151Exponent CMS file_modules.php information disclosure
86150OneOrZero Helpdesk tupdate.php cross site scripting
86149Netjuke explore.php sql injection
86148Dora Emlak kategorisirala.asp sql injection
86147Dora Emlak haber_detay.asp sql injection
86146TalkBack my-comments-display-tpl.php code injection
86145vSupport Integrated Ticket System vBSupport.php sql injection🔒🔒
86144Kravchuk unsubs.php Remote Code Execution
86143Kravchuk subs.php Remote Code Execution
86142AXIS 2100 Network Camera wizard_main_first.shtml cross site scripting
86141Swmenu Component Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-1699]
86140PBSite formstyles.php Local Privilege Escalation
86139PBSite admin.php Local Privilege Escalation
86138PBSite admin2.php Local Privilege Escalation
86137PBSite board.php Local Privilege Escalation
86136PBSite confirm.php Local Privilege Escalation
86135PBSite delpm.php Local Privilege Escalation
86134PBSite delpost.php Local Privilege Escalation
86133PBSite editpost.php Local Privilege Escalation
86132PBSite error.php Local Privilege Escalation
86131PBSite forum.php Local Privilege Escalation
86130PBSite help.php Local Privilege Escalation
86129PBSite index.php Local Privilege Escalation
86128PBSite login.php Local Privilege Escalation
86127PBSite logout.php Local Privilege Escalation
86126PBSite memberlist.php Local Privilege Escalation
86125News PBSite news.php Local Privilege Escalation
86124PBSite nreply.php Local Privilege Escalation
86123PBSite ntopic.php Local Privilege Escalation
86122PBSite pm.php Local Privilege Escalation
86121PBSite pmpshow.php Local Privilege Escalation
86120PBSite post.php Local Privilege Escalation
86119PBSite profile.php Local Privilege Escalation
86118PBSite register.php Local Privilege Escalation
86117PBSite search.php Local Privilege Escalation
86116PBSite sendpm.php Local Privilege Escalation
86115PBSite setcookie.php Local Privilege Escalation
86114PBSite ucu.php Local Privilege Escalation
86113Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4189]🔒🔒
86112Joomla CMS content.php) cross site scriting🔒🔒
86111Btitracker usercp.php cross site scriting
86110Btitracker recover.php cross site scriting
86109Btitracker moresmiles.php cross site scriting
86108X7 Chat upgradev1.php cross site scripting
86107JiRos Banner System login_confirm.asp sql injection
86106IDMOS menu_operation.php Local Privilege Escalation
86105IDMOS menu_add.php Local Privilege Escalation
86104PhpBB Plus lang_admin_album.php code injection🔒
86103PhpBB Plus lang_main_album.php code injection🔒
86102PHP-Blogger information disclosure [CVE-2007-4157]🔒
86101Fatwire Content Server Search cross site scripting
86100PHP Local Privilege Escalation
86099ELSEIF CMS usrdepot.php cross site scripting
86098ELSEIF CMS usrarticles.php Local Privilege Escalation
86097ELSEIF CMS fonctions.php cross site scripting
86096ELSEIF CMS fonctions.php cross site scripting
86095ELSEIF CMS coeurusr.php cross site scripting
86094ELSEIF CMS commentaire.php cross site scripting
86093ELSEIF CMS enregistrement.php cross site scripting
86092ELSEIF CMS espaceperso.php cross site scripting
86091ELSEIF CMS votes.php cross site scripting
86090ELSEIF CMS adminforum.php cross site scripting
86089ELSEIF CMS votesresultats.php cross site scriting
86088CMS Creamotion save_config.php code injection
86087TipiWiki index.php cross site scriting
86086IDMOS ia.php cross site scriting
86085Borland Interbase expand_filename2 memory corruption🔒
86084Borland Interbase jrd8_attach_database memory corruption🔒
86083Borland Interbase memory corruption [CVE-2007-5243]🔒
86082Borland Interbase memory corruption [CVE-2007-5243]🔒
86081phpwcms config_PHPLM.php code injection
86080mosMedia code injection [CVE-2007-5362]
86079mosMedia code injection [CVE-2007-5362]
86078fsplib fsplib.c fsp_readdir denial of service🔒🔒
86077NetClassifieds Mysql_db.php information disclosure🔒
86076NetClassifieds imageresizer.php information disclosure🔒
86075NetClassifieds imageresizer.php information disclosure🔒
86074JBlog recherche.php cross site scriting
86073e-Ark email_inc.php Local Privilege Escalation
86072GodSend Local Privilege Escalation
86071Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2007-4676]🔒🔒
86070Vonage Motorola Phone Adapter improper authentication [CVE-2007-5791]
86069BEA BEA WebLogic Portal privileges management
86068eGov Manager Index.exe cross site scripting
86067Vortex Portal checklogin.php code injection
86066Backupwordpress Plugin Reader.php code injection
86065Backupwordpress Plugin Writer.php code injection
86064Backupwordpress Plugin Predicate.php code injection
86063e-Vision CMS show_img.php path traversal🔒
86062PcP-Guestbook faq.php path traversal
86061PcP-Guestbook gb.php path traversal
86060SkaDate online_list.php path traversal
86059Ripe Website Manager do_new_page.php cross site scriting
86058Ripe Website Manager do_new_nav.php cross site scriting
86057Ripe Website Manager do_new_item.php cross site scriting
86056Ripe Website Manager delete_item.php cross site scriting
86055Ripe Website Manager delete_menu.php cross site scriting
86054phpBG forum.php input validation
86053phpBG key_2.php input validation
86052phpBG member_add.php input validation
86051phpBG input validation [CVE-2007-4636]
86050Weblogicnet es_offer.php code injection
86049Weblogicnet es_custom_menu.php code injection
86048auraCMS teman.php sql injection
86047auraCMS pesan.php sql injection
86046auraCMS lihat.php sql injection
86045auraCMS cetak.php sql injection
86044Netjuke hidden.php cross site scripting
86043Netjuke random.php cross site scripting
86042eBASE ED Engine viewitem.php code injection
86041eBASE ED Engine view.php code injection
86040eBASE ED Engine post.php code injection
86039Txx CMS mailbox.php code injection
86038Txx CMS index.php code injection
86037Txx CMS sidebar.php code injection
86036ACTi NVR Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4582]
86035PHPLive footer.php cross site scriting
86034PHPLive info.php cross site scriting
86033PHPLive header.php cross site scriting
86032PHPLive help.php cross site scriting
86031PHPLive chat.php cross site scriting
86030php(Reactor) Local Privilege Escalation
86029php(Reactor) Local Privilege Escalation
86028php(Reactor) Local Privilege Escalation
86027Linker index.php cross site scriting
86026SAXON archive-display.php Local Privilege Escalation
86025Zindizayn Okul Web Sistemi ogretmenkontrol.asp sql injection
86024WIYS index.php cross site scriting
86023RealPlayer smlprstime.cpp parseWallClockValue memory corruption🔒🔒
86022myEvent myevent.php information disclosure
86021gxine server.c privileges management
86020lighttpd mod_auth http_auth.c denial of service🔒🔒
86019lighttpd mod_auth http_auth.c denial of service🔒🔒
86018lighttpd mod_auth http_auth.c denial of service🔒🔒
86017RSA KEON cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5703]
86016Streamline PHP Media Server search_footer.php code injection
86015Streamline PHP Media Server account_footer.php code injection
86014Streamline PHP Media Server browse_footer.php code injection
86013Streamline PHP Media Server theme_footer.php code injection
86011Streamline PHP Media Server info_footer.php code injection
86010pSlash privileges management
86009phpSyncML Encoder.php code injection
86008gnuedu lom.php code injection🔒
86007gnuedu login.php code injection🔒
86006gnuedu index.php code injection🔒
86005gnuedu help.php code injection🔒
86004gnuedu logout.php code injection🔒
86003gnuedu weigh_keywords.php code injection🔒
86002gnuedu check-lom.php code injection🔒
86001gnuedu lom_update.php code injection🔒
86000telltarget CMS lay.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85999telltarget CMS lay.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85998telltarget CMS referenz.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85997telltarget CMS ref_kd_rubrik.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85996telltarget CMS surfer_aendern.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85995telltarget CMS produkte_nach_serie_alle.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85994telltarget CMS surfer_anmeldung_NWL.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85993telltarget CMS hg_referenz_jobgalerie.php Local Privilege Escalation
85992telltarget CMS ref_kd_rubrik.php Local Privilege Escalation
85991telltarget CMS produkte_nach_serie.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85990telltarget CMS class.csv.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85989eNdonesia banners.php sql injection
85988LedgerSMB privileges management
85987Digium Asterisk memory corruption [CVE-2007-5358]
85986DAR crypto.cpp make_ivec information disclosure🔒🔒
85985WebCit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3821]
85984WebCit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3821]
85983WebCit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3821]
85982WebCit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3821]
85981Codewidgets Online Event Registration sql injection
85980GreenSQL cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5059]
85979Frequency Clock cp2.php Remote Code Execution
85978Scallywag template.php Local Privilege Escalation
85977Scallywag template.php Local Privilege Escalation
85976SimpGB gbdownload.php Local Privilege Escalation
85975SimpGB emoticons.php Local Privilege Escalation
85974SimpGB comments.php Local Privilege Escalation
85973SimpGB ccode.php Local Privilege Escalation
85972SimpGB avatars.php Local Privilege Escalation
85971SimpGB mailer.php Local Privilege Escalation
85970SimpGB search.php Local Privilege Escalation
85969libarchive archive_read_support_format_tar.c denial of service🔒🔒
85968Mazens PHP Chat IT.php privileges management
85967Mazens PHP Chat IT_Error.php privileges management
85966vBulletin vbgsitemap-vbseo.php Remote Code Execution
85965Adobe Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-2244]
85964Adobe Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-2244]
85963Adobe Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-2244]
85962Adobe Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-2365]🔒
85960FirmWorX Remote Code Execution
85959FirmWorX Remote Code Execution
85958FlaP login.php Remote Code Execution
85957OpenBase development.php Remote Code Execution
85956OpenBase download.php Remote Code Execution
85955OpenBase email_subscribe.php Remote Code Execution
85954Scallywag template.php Local Privilege Escalation
85953Scallywag template.php Local Privilege Escalation
85952Norman Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2007-3951]
85951Pegasus Imaging ImagXpress CompactFile path traversal
85950Build it Fast widget.BifWarning.php Remote Code Execution
85949Build it Fast widget.BifRoot3.php Remote Code Execution
85948Build it Fast widget.BifRoot2.php Remote Code Execution
85947Build it Fast widget.BifRoot.php Remote Code Execution
85946Build it Fast widget.BifContainer.php Remote Code Execution
85945Build it Fast Footer.php Remote Code Execution
85944com_yanc Add-On index.php sql injection🔒🔒
85943SquirrelMail path traversal [CVE-2005-1924]🔒🔒
85942InnovaPortal msg.jsp cross site scripting
85941PHPGlossar add.php Remote Code Execution
85940SquirrelMail gpg_recv_key privileges management🔒🔒
85939MW6 Technologies QRCode ActiveX path traversal [CVE-2007-4982]🔒
85938DotClear user_prefs.php cross-site request forgery
85937DotClear redacteur.php cross-site request forgery
85936Maia Mailguard xlogin.php path traversal
85935Maia Mailguard internal-init.php path traversal
85934WebDesktop wsk.php code injection
85933AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise uplaylist.php sql injection
85932AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise ufriends.php sql injection
85931AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise ufavour.php sql injection
85930AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise uprofile.php sql injection
85929AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise ugroups.php sql injection
85928AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise uvideos.php sql injection
85927AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro temp.php sql injection
85926AlstraSoft SMS Text Messaging Enterprise edituser.php cross site scriting
85925SQL-Ledger sql injection [CVE-2007-5372]
85924Hitachi JP1-HiCommand Suite cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3623]
85923Citrix Access Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2007-0011]
85922Citrix Access Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2007-0011]
85921ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer customReport.jsp cross site scripting
85920ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer selectDevice.jsp cross site scripting
85919ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer index.jsp cross site scripting
85918ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer appConfig.jsp cross site scripting
85917ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer cross site scriting
85916ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer cross site scriting
85915ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer cross site scriting
85914ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer cross site scriting
85913OpenVMS SYS$EI1000_MON.EXE memory corruption
85912bbs100 v*printf memory corruption
85911Ripe Website Manager admin_header.php privileges management
85910PHPLojaFacil ftp.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85909PHPLojaFacil db.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85908Persism CMS headerfile.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85907Persism CMS headerfile.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85906Persism CMS latest_news.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85905Persism CMS headerfile.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85904Persism CMS links.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85903Persism CMS headerfile.php memory corruption
85902Persism CMS latest_posts.php memory corruption
85901Persism CMS headerfile.php memory corruption
85900Persism CMS latest_files.php memory corruption
85899access2asp contactsList.asp cross site scriting
85898IAMCE ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2007-3829]
85897Friendly _load.php memory corruption
85896Friendly _load.php Remote Code Execution
85895Friendly _load.php Remote Code Execution
85894TorrentTrader browse.php cross site scripting
85893MailBee WebMail default.asp cross site scripting
85892Xythos Products cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3254]
85891Xythos Products cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3254]
85890Xythos Products cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3254]
85889Xythos Products cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3254]
85888Open-gorotto _fri33.html cross site scriting
85887Open-gorotto _friends.html cross site scriting
85886Open-gorotto _top.html cross site scriting
85885Open-gorotto _inv66.html cross site scriting
85884Open-gorotto _fri66.html cross site scriting
85883Open-gorotto _cir66.html cross site scriting
85882Open-gorotto _circletop.html cross site scriting
85881Open-gorotto _access.html cross site scriting
85880Mambo Calendar mod_calendar.php Remote Code Execution
85879AjPortal2Php Remote Code Execution
85878AjPortal2Php Remote Code Execution
85877AjPortal2Php Remote Code Execution
85876AjPortal2Php Remote Code Execution
85875AjPortal2Php Remote Code Execution
85874AjPortal2Php Local Privilege Escalation
85873Papoo CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3269]
85872Papoo CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3269]
85871GPL PHP Board login.php Local Privilege Escalation
85870GPL PHP Board privileges management
85869eHelpDesk index2.jsp cross site scripting
85868Musoo SoundImporter.php privileges management
85867Musoo MusooTemplateLite.php privileges management
85866MyServer post.mscgi cross site scriting
85865Ingres Database Data Access Server iigcd.exe) Local Privilege Escalation🔒
85864OpenWiki wantedpages.php code injection🔒
85863LANAI CMS sql injection [CVE-2007-4210]
85862LANAI CMS sql injection [CVE-2007-4210]
85861W2B Online Banking sql injection
85860UebiMiau Webmail error.php cross site scriting🔒
85859Jetbox CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2732]
85858AlstraSoft Text Ads Enterprise website_page.php cross site scriting
85857AlstraSoft Text Ads Enterprise search_results.php cross site scriting
85856WebSlider modules.php privileges management
85855WebSlider highlight.php Remote Code Execution
85854WebSlider pdf.php Local Privilege Escalation
85853mosMedia Joomla Remote Code Execution
85852mosMedia info.html.php Local Privilege Escalation
85851Sunshop Shopping Cart checkout.php code injection
85850Ohesa Emlak Portali detay.asp sql injection
85849VLC Media Player format string [CVE-2007-3316]🔒🔒
85848VLC Media Player format string [CVE-2007-3316]🔒🔒
85847VLC Media Player Theora format string🔒🔒
85846Vikingboard search.php cross site scriting
85845Vikingboard topic.php cross site scriting
85844Vikingboard post.php cross site scriting
85843Vikingboard user.php cross site scriting
85842Astaro Security Gateway denial of service [CVE-2007-3253]
85841Firebird Local Privilege Escalation🔒
85840WordPress wptable-button.php path traversal
85839WordPress functions.php cross site scriting
85838AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise muser.php cross site scriting
85837AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise channels.php cross site scriting
85836AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise groups.php cross site scriting
85835AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise compose.php cross site scriting
85834AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise video.php cross site scriting
85833AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise search_result.php cross site scriting
85832AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise signup.php cross site scriting
85831Madoa Poll admin.php Remote Code Execution
85830Madoa Poll vote.php Remote Code Execution
85829IT!CMS titletext-ed.php cross site scriting
85828IT!CMS menu-ed.php cross site scriting
85827YaBB privileges management
85826DFD Cart code injection
85825DFD Cart customer.browse.list.php code injection
85824ClassWeb survey.php Remote Code Execution
85823PHP DB Designer session.php Remote Code Execution
85822PHP DB Designer about.php Remote Code Execution
85821Drupal CCK Nodereference Module cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4363]
85820KwsPHP index.php sql injection
85819Prototype of an PHP application Remote Code Execution
85818Prototype of an PHP application index.php Remote Code Execution
85817Prototype of an PHP application index.php Remote Code Execution
85816Prototype of an PHP application Remote Code Execution
85815Prototype of an PHP application menuprincipal.php Remote Code Execution
85814Prototype of an PHP application menuadministration.php Remote Code Execution
85813Prototype of an PHP application Local Privilege Escalation
85812Prototype of an PHP application index.php Local Privilege Escalation
85811Prototype of an PHP application loginmodif.php Remote Code Execution
85810Prototype of an PHP application loginliste.php Remote Code Execution
85809Prototype of an PHP application disconnect.php Remote Code Execution
85808Prototype of an PHP application identification.php Remote Code Execution
85807FuseTalk comfinish.cfm cross site scripting🔒
85806FuseTalk comfinish.cfm cross site scripting🔒
85805Webyapar sql injection [CVE-2007-4068]
85804GL-SH Deaf Forum bottom.php Local Privilege Escalation
85803AlstraSoft Pro Search search.php sql injection
85802AlstraSoft AskMe Pro register.php cross site scriting
85801phpFFL admin.php code injection
85800Webace-Linkscript start.php sql injection
85799phpRealty u_ins.php code injection
85798phpRealty p_ins.php code injection
85797Jasmine CMS news.php sql injection
85796Oliver Library Management System cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3569]
85795Oliver Library Management System cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3569]
85794Blixed Theme index.php cross site scriting
85792WordPress searchloop.php cross site scriting🔒
85789Plesk auth.php3 sql injection
85788TLM CMS mod_forum/messages.php sql injection
85787TLM CMS mod_forum/afficher.php sql injection
85786TLM CMS affichage.php sql injection
85785TLM CMS file.php sql injection
85784TLM CMS goodies.php sql injection
85783Focus/SIS code injection
85782PHP Live! footer.php cross site scriting
85781PHP Live! info.php cross site scriting
85780PHP Live! header.php cross site scriting
85779PHP Live! help.php cross site scriting
85778ezDatabase cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0592]
85777Linkscript rubrik.php sql injection
85776Online Fantasy Football League functions.php code injection
85775Interact login.php cross site scriting
85774Interact secureaccounts.php cross site scriting
85773Interact journalview.php cross site scriting
85772Interact journalview.php cross site scriting
85771Interact byname.php cross site scriting
85770Interact forum.php cross site scriting
85769Interact quiz.php cross site scriting
85768Interact runquiz.php cross site scriting
85767SSL-Explorer memory corruption
85766Vikingboard post.php cross site scriting
85765Vikingboard cp.php information disclosure
85764Aigaion publicationactions.php cross site scriting
85763netjukebox ridirect.php cross site scriting
85762Logitech VideoCall memory corruption [CVE-2007-2918]
85761Logitech VideoCall memory corruption [CVE-2007-2918]
85760Logitech CallManager memory corruption [CVE-2007-2918]
85759Logitech VideoCall SetTarget memory corruption
85758Madirish Webmail index.php privileges management
85757Madirish Webmail compose.php privileges management
85756InterWorx SiteWorx prefs.php cross site scriting
85755InterWorx SiteWorx cron.php cross site scriting
85754InterWorx SiteWorx httpd.php cross site scriting
85753InterWorx SiteWorx restore.php cross site scripting
85752InterWorx SiteWorx backup.php cross site scripting
85751InterWorx SiteWorx stats.php cross site scriting
85750InterWorx SiteWorx scriptworx.php cross site scripting
85749InterWorx SiteWorx htaccess.php cross site scripting
85748InterWorx SiteWorx domains.php cross site scripting
85747InterWorx SiteWorx mysql.php cross site scripting
85746InterWorx SiteWorx ftp.php cross site scripting
85745InterWorx SiteWorx users.php cross site scripting
85744InterWorx SiteWorx siteworx.php cross site scripting
85743InterWorx NodeWorx cluster.php cross site scriting
85742InterWorx NodeWorx rrd.php cross site scripting
85741InterWorx NodeWorx updates.php cross site scripting
85740InterWorx NodeWorx firewall.php cross site scripting
85739InterWorx NodeWorx ip.php cross site scripting
85738InterWorx NodeWorx cron.php cross site scripting
85737InterWorx NodeWorx nfs.php cross site scripting
85736InterWorx NodeWorx sshd.php cross site scripting
85735InterWorx NodeWorx mysql.php cross site scripting
85734InterWorx NodeWorx ftp.php cross site scripting
85733InterWorx NodeWorx mail.php cross site scripting
85732InterWorx NodeWorx http.php cross site scripting
85731InterWorx NodeWorx reseller-packages.php cross site scriting
85730InterWorx NodeWorx resellers.php cross site scriting
85729InterWorx NodeWorx scriptworx.php cross site scriting
85728InterWorx NodeWorx import.php cross site scripting
85727InterWorx NodeWorx backup.php cross site scripting
85726InterWorx NodeWorx packages.php cross site scriting
85725InterWorx NodeWorx siteworx.php cross site scripting
85724InterWorx NodeWorx setup.php cross site scriting
85723InterWorx NodeWorx themes.php cross site scriting
85722InterWorx NodeWorx lang.php cross site scriting
85721InterWorx NodeWorx users.php cross site scripting
85720InterWorx NodeWorx nodeworx.php cross site scripting
85719Toms Gästebuch header.php cross site scripting
85718F-Secure Anti-Virus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3300]
85717F-Secure Anti-Virus denial of service
85716ACG News printable.php sql injection
85715Free LAN In(tra|ter)net Portal FLIP inc.text.php cross site scriting
85714Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85713Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85712Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85711Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85710Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85709Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85708Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85707Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85706Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85705Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85704Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
85703PsychoStats weapons.php cross site scriting
85702PsychoStats register.php cross site scriting
85701PsychoStats login.php cross site scriting
85700Makit News Poster news_page.asp sql injection🔒
85699PhP Generic Library / Framework membreManager.php Remote Code Execution
85698TorrentTrader functions.php sql injection
85697TorrentTrader account-settings.php sql injection
85696olbookmarks frames1_center.php code injection
85695olbookmarks frames1_left.php code injection
85694olbookmarks test6.php code injection
85693olbookmarks test5.php code injection
85692olbookmarks test4.php code injection
85691olbookmarks test3.php code injection
85690olbookmarks test2.php code injection
85689olbookmarks frames1_top.php code injection
85688olbookmarks frames1.php code injection
85687olbookmarks default.php code injection
85686olbookmarks blackorange.php code injection
85685QuickTalk forum qtf_j_exists.php path traversal
85684QuickTalk forum qtf_j_birth.php path traversal
85683Digirez week.asp cross site scriting
85682StoreSprite login.php cross site scriting
85681StoreSprite register.php cross site scriting
85680StoreSprite editshipdetails.php cross site scriting
85679Bilder Galerie anzagien.php code injection
85678Bilder Galerie galerie.php code injection
85677Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-2399]🔒
85676Bilder Uploader profil.php Local Privilege Escalation
85675Bilder Uploader online.php Local Privilege Escalation
85674Bilder Uploader mitglieder.php Local Privilege Escalation
85673Bilder Uploader feed.php Local Privilege Escalation
85672Bilder Uploader bild.php Local Privilege Escalation
85671VisionProject cross site scriting
85670VisionProject cross site scriting
85669VisionProject cross site scriting
85668Web News news.php Remote Code Execution
85667Web News feed.php Remote Code Execution
85666File Uploader datei.php Remote Code Execution
85665PHPCentral Poll Script pollarchive.php Local Privilege Escalation
85664eMeeting Online Dating Software gallery.php sql injection
85663Claroline index.php cross site scriting
85662SERWeb mail_prepend.php Local Privilege Escalation
85661PHP JackKnife DisplayResults.php sql injection
85660Sun Board doctype.php Remote Code Execution
85659eSyndiCat page.php sql injection
85658Dating Gold secure.admin.php privileges management
85657Dating Gold footer.php privileges management
85656activeWeb contentserver cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3014]
85655activeWeb contentserver transaction.asp cross site scriting
85653Mini Web Shop sendmail.php cross site scriting🔒
85652SunLight CMS startup.php privileges management
85651phpMUR phpinfo.php cross site scriting🔒
85650CubeCart index.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2550]
85649ACP3 index.php cross site scriting
85648ACP3 index.php cross site scriting
85647ACP3 index.php cross site scriting
85646ACP3 download.php cross site scriting
85645ACP3 index.php cross site scriting
85644ACP3 index.php sql injection
85643ACP3 index.php sql injection
85642ACP3 index.php sql injection
85641American Cart libsecure.php Local Privilege Escalation
85640American Cart checkout.php Local Privilege Escalation
85639Comersus Cart comersus_message.asp cross site scriting🔒
85638Symantec Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-0447]🔒
85637eVisit Analyst sql injection
85636eVisit Analyst sql injection
85635Login Manager memberlist.php sql injection
85634WinImage path traversal [CVE-2007-2758]
85633EQdkp stats.php cross site scriting🔒
85632TeamSpeak Server ok_box.html cross site scriting
85631LeadTools Raster Thumbnail Object Library BrowseDir memory corruption🔒
85630PhpConcept Library pcltar.lib.php code injection
85629Docebo index.php cross site scripting
85628TaskDriver notes.php sql injection
85627Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating Bar rpc.php sql injection
85626AllMyGuests index.php privileges management
85625AllMyGuests privileges management
85624AllMyGuests index.php privileges management
85623AllMyGuests privileges management
85622AllMyGuests signin.php privileges management
85621TutorialCMS search.php sql injection
85620TutorialCMS editListing.php sql injection
85619TutorialCMS topFrame.php sql injection
85618TutorialCMS openTutorial.php sql injection
85617TutorialCMS browseSubCat.php sql injection
85616TutorialCMS search.php cross site scriting
85615TutorialCMS editListing.php cross site scriting
85614TutorialCMS topFrame.php cross site scriting
85613TutorialCMS openTutorial.php cross site scriting
85612TutorialCMS browseSubCat.php cross site scriting
85611SquirrelMail cross site scripting [CVE-2007-1262]🔒🔒
85610CGX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2611]🔒
85609CGX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2611]🔒
85608CGX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2611]🔒
85607CGX logingecon.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85606CGX login.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85605CGX ltdialogo.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85604Coppermine Photo Gallery filename_to_title sql injection🔒
85603Coppermine Photo Gallery db_ecard.php sql injection🔒
85602Coppermine Photo Gallery usermgr.php sql injection🔒
85601Coppermine Photo Gallery albmgr.php sql injection🔒
85600PortailPHP mod_news/goodies.php path traversal
85599Papoo kontakt.php sql injection
85598Tropicalm Crowell Resource printfriendly.php privileges management
85597OTRS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-2524]🔒🔒
85596Trend Micro ServerProtect Local Privilege Escalation
85595Trend Micro ServerProtect EarthAgent EarthAgent.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
85594GD Graphics Library gdPngReadData denial of service🔒🔒
85593PMECMS index.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85592PMECMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
85591PMECMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation
85590PMECMS index.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85589Wap Portal Server Local Privilege Escalation
85588miniBB configuration.php Remote Code Execution
85587PortailPHP index.php Remote Code Execution
85586PortailPHP goodies.php Local Privilege Escalation
85585cPanel objcache code injection
85584FireFly config.php privileges management
85583Calendarix information disclosure
85582Calendarix yearcal.php information disclosure
85581Calendarix cal_week.php information disclosure
85580Calendarix calendar.php cross site scriting
85579Calendarix cross site scriting
85578Calendarix cal_search.php sql injection🔒
85577Exponent CMS cross site scriting
85576Exponent CMS magpie_slashbox.php cross site scriting
85575Exponent CMS magpie_simple.php cross site scriting
85574BibTeX about.php Local Privilege Escalation
85573BibTeX aboutinfo.php Local Privilege Escalation
85572BibTeX clear.php Local Privilege Escalation
85571BibTeX clearinfo.php Local Privilege Escalation
85570BibTeX examplefile.php Local Privilege Escalation
85569BibTeX import.php Local Privilege Escalation
85568BibTeX importinfo.php Local Privilege Escalation
85567BibTeX index.php Local Privilege Escalation
85566BibTeX indexinfo.php Local Privilege Escalation
85565BibTeX latex.php Local Privilege Escalation
85564BibTeX log.php Local Privilege Escalation
85563BibTeX source.php Local Privilege Escalation
85562AFFLIB memory corruption [CVE-2007-2053]
85561AFFLIB vnode_s3.cpp memory corruption
85560b2evolution Local Privilege Escalation
85559PHP-Generics include.php privileges management
85558PHP-Generics include.php privileges management
85557phpChess layout_t_top.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85556phpChess layout_cfg.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85555phpChess layout_admin_cfg.php Remote Code Execution🔒
85554Apple QuickTime JVTCompEncodeFrame memory corruption🔒
85553CafeLog B2 Weblog/News Publishing Tool b2mail.php Local Privilege Escalation
85552CafeLog B2 Weblog/News Publishing Tool b2categories.php Local Privilege Escalation
85551MyBB event.php information disclosure
85550MyBB captcha.php information disclosure
85549DVDdb listmovies.php cross site scriting🔒
85548PHPChain cat.php cross site scriting
85547Frogss viewtopic.php sql injection
85546Frogss forum.php sql injection
85545MyDNS update.c denial of service🔒🔒
85544Invision Power Board module_table.php cross site scriting🔒
85543Invision Power Board module_link.php cross site scriting🔒
85542Invision Power Board module_image.php cross site scriting🔒
85541Invision Power Board module_email.php cross site scriting
85540Invision Power Board module_div.php cross site scriting🔒
85539CodeBB privileges management [CVE-2007-1839]
85538Extreme phpBB2 functions_portal.php Local Privilege Escalation
85537My Little Forum timedifference.php privileges management
85536Download-Engine colorpicker.php Local Privilege Escalation
85535Download-Engine class.phpmailer.php Local Privilege Escalation
85534Sitebar Integrator.php Local Privilege Escalation
85533AccuSoft ImageGear memory corruption [CVE-2007-2209]
85532phpwebnews bukutamu.php cross site scriting
85531phpwebnews index.php cross site scriting
85530Microsoft Internet Explorer navcancl.htm memory corruption🔒🔒
85529Cisco IOS access control [CVE-2007-2586]🔒🔒🔒
85528CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup mediasvr.exe denial of service
85527Post Revolution preview_post_completo.php Local Privilege Escalation
85526Pagode navigator_ok.php privileges management
85525iXon_CMS archives.php path traversal
85524iXon_CMS single.php path traversal
85523iXon_CMS search.php path traversal
85522iXon_CMS page.php path traversal
85521Company WebSite Builder cls_viewpastorders.php privileges management
85520Company WebSite Builder cls_listorders.php privileges management
85519Aardvark TopSites new_day.php Local Privilege Escalation
85518Aardvark TopSites settings_sql.php Local Privilege Escalation
85517SLAED CMS index.php Local Privilege Escalation WebAPP cross site scriting
85515Mozilla Browser memory corruption [CVE-2007-1362]🔒
85514PMB Services edit.php code injection
85513PMB Services cart.php code injection
85512PMB Services account.php code injection
85511PMB Services autorites.php code injection
85510PMB Services code injection
85509PMB Services rec_panier.php code injection
85508PMB Services code injection
85507PMB Services code injection
85506PMB Services code injection
85505PMB Services code injection
85504PMB Services clean.php code injection
85503PMB Services iimport_expl.php code injection
85502PMB Services options_text.php code injection
85501PMB Services options_query_list.php code injection
85500PMB Services options_list.php code injection
85499PMB Services options_date_box.php code injection
85498PMB Services options_comment.php code injection
85497PMB Services options.php code injection
85496PMB Services options_text.php code injection
85495PMB Services options_query_list.php code injection
85494PMB Services options_list.php code injection
85493PMB Services options_file_box.php code injection
85492PMB Services options_date_box.php code injection
85491PMB Services code injection
85490Premod SubDog logger_engine.php Local Privilege Escalation
85489Premod SubDog themen_portal_mitte.php Remote Code Execution
85488Coppermine Photo Gallery pluginmgr.php privileges management
85487Coppermine Photo Gallery index.php privileges management
85486Coppermine Photo Gallery privileges management
85485Coppermine Photo Gallery privileges management
85484Coppermine Photo Gallery functions.php privileges management
85483Phorum admin.php sql injection
85482Phorum admin.php sql injection
85481Phorum admin.php cross site scriting
85480Fantastico mysqlconfig.php path traversal
85479SSH Tectia Server privileges management
85478Rezervi Generic Local Privilege Escalation
85477Rezervi Generic Local Privilege Escalation
85476Rezervi Generic Local Privilege Escalation
85475Rezervi Generic Remote Code Execution
85474Rezervi Generic stylesheets.php Remote Code Execution
85473Rezervi Generic Remote Code Execution
85472Rezervi Generic Remote Code Execution
85471Rhapsody IRC Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-1503]
85470Rhapsody IRC server Local Privilege Escalation
85469StoreFront ui_functions.php Local Privilege Escalation
85468WB News comment.php Local Privilege Escalation
85467WB News themes.php Local Privilege Escalation
85466WB News directory.php Local Privilege Escalation
85465DBImageGallery values.php code injection
85464DBImageGallery utils.php code injection
85463DBImageGallery images.php code injection
85462DBImageGallery db_utils.php code injection
85461DBImageGallery attributes.php code injection
85460DBImageGallery scan.php code injection
85459DBImageGallery images.php Local Privilege Escalation
85456Crea-Book uninstall_table.php sql injection
85455Crea-Book uninstall.php sql injection
85454Crea-Book modif.php sql injection
85453Crea-Book modif-message.php sql injection
85452Crea-Book modif-infos.php sql injection
85451Crea-Book membres.php sql injection
85450Crea-Book infos.php sql injection
85449Crea-Book index.php sql injection
85448Crea-Book delete2.php sql injection
85447Crea-Book delete.php sql injection
85446Crea-Book connect.php sql injection
85445TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85444TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85443TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85442TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85441TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85440TaskHopper Mambo code injection🔒
85439Jetbox CMS opentree.php information disclosure
85438Jetbox CMS index.php information disclosure
85437Jetbox CMS outputs.php information disclosure
85436Jetbox CMS open_tree.php information disclosure
85435PHP php_sprintf_appendstring memory corruption🔒🔒
85434Samba memory corruption [CVE-2007-2446]🔒🔒
85433Samba memory corruption [CVE-2007-2446]🔒🔒
85432Samba memory corruption [CVE-2007-2446]🔒🔒
85431PHP ibase_modify_user memory corruption🔒🔒
85430PHP ibase_add_user memory corruption🔒🔒
85429PHP ibase_delete_user memory corruption🔒🔒
85428PHP mail memory corruption🔒🔒
85427PHP str_replace memory corruption🔒🔒
85426PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-0906]🔒🔒
85425PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-0906]🔒🔒
85424PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-0906]🔒🔒
85423PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-0906]🔒🔒
85422PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-0906]🔒
85421SonicBB members.php information disclosure
85420SonicBB viewforum.php information disclosure
85419SonicBB viewforum.php information disclosure
85418AROUNDMe default.tpl.php Local Privilege Escalation
85417AROUNDMe maint_contact_view.tpl.php Local Privilege Escalation
85416TagIt Tagboard wordfilter.php privileges management
85415TagIt Tagboard updatefilter.php privileges management
85414TagIt Tagboard updateconf.php privileges management
85413TagIt Tagboard readconf.php privileges management
85412TagIt Tagboard index.php privileges management
85411TagIt Tagboard verify.php privileges management
85410TagIt Tagboard manageTagmins.php privileges management
85409TagIt Tagboard editTag.php privileges management
85408TagIt Tagboard editTagmin.php privileges management
85407TagIt Tagboard delTag.php privileges management
85406TagIt Tagboard delTagmin.php privileges management
85405TagIt Tagboard ban_watch.php privileges management
85404TagIt Tagboard addTagmin.php privileges management
85403TagIt Tagboard privileges management
85402TagIt Tagboard tag_process.php privileges management
85401Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85400Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85399Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85398Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85397Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85396Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85395Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85394Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85393Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85392Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85391Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85390Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85389Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85388Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85387Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85386Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85385Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85384Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85383Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85382Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85381Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85380Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85379Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85378Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85377Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85376Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85375Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85374Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85373Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85372Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85371Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85370Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85369Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85368Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85367Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85366Kaqoo Auction Software privileges management
85365Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85364Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85363Kaqoo Auction Software code injection
85362CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85361CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85360CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85359CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85358CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85357CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85356CipherTrust IronMail cross site scriting
85355Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite create_account.asp cross site scriting🔒
85354Nokia Intellisync Mobile Suite registerAccount.asp cross site scriting🔒
85353MangoBery footer.sample.php privileges management
85352aBitWhizzy whizzylink.php cross site scriting
85351aBitWhizzy whizzylink.php information disclosure
85350WebMplayer filecheck.php sql injection🔒
85349FileZilla format string [CVE-2007-2318]🔒
85348NullSoft WinAmp memory corruption [CVE-2007-1921]🔒
85347PHPX gallery.php sql injection
85346PHPX news.php sql injection
85345PHPX users.php sql injection
85344PHPX forums.php sql injection
85343PHPX search.php cross site scriting
85342w-Agora browse_avatar.php Local Privilege Escalation
85341w-Agora search.php information disclosure
85340w-Agora index.php information disclosure
85339w-Agora change_password.php cross site scriting
85338w-Agora search.php cross site scriting
85337Advanced Guestbook index.php path traversal
85336WinDVD IASystemInfo.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-0348]
85297DynaTracker action.php Local Privilege Escalation
85296Cisco Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-2037]
85295Plesk login_up.php3 path traversal🔒
85294PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
85293PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
85292PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
85291PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
85290PHProjekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
85289CARE2X config_options_gui_template.php privileges management
85288CARE2X chg-color.php privileges management
85287CARE2X barcode-labels.php privileges management
85286CARE2X config_options_mascot.php privileges management
85285CARE2X diagnostics-report-index.php privileges management
85284CARE2X inc_checkdate_lang.php privileges management
85283CARE2X inc_news_save.php privileges management
85282CARE2X inc_load_copyrite.php privileges management
85281CARE2X inc_init_crypt.php privileges management
85280CARE2X inc_front_chain_lang.php privileges management
85279CARE2X inc_environment_global.php privileges management
85278CARE2X inc_diagnostics_report_fx.php privileges management
85277CARE2X inc_db_makelink.php privileges management
85276CARE2X inc_currency_set.php privileges management
85275CARE2X inc_config_color.php privileges management
85273HP HP-UX memory corruption [CVE-2006-2574]🔒
85272miniBB Local Privilege Escalation
85271miniBB bb_functions.php Local Privilege Escalation
85270Zend Platform php.ini privileges management
85269Advanced Guestbook index.php information disclosure🔒
85268Advanced Guestbook image.php Local Privilege Escalation
85267aWebNews visview.php code injection
85266Dropbear Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1099]🔒
85265WordPress post.php cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
85264TurboFTP denial of service [CVE-2007-1075]
85263PhotoStand index.php information disclosure
85262Browser Local Privilege Escalation
85261PhpWebGallery Search.php cross site scripting
85260Shop Kit Plus stylecss.php information disclosure
85259MediaWiki Chick.deps.php information disclosure
85258MediaWiki MySkin.deps.php information disclosure
85257MediaWiki MonoBook.deps.php information disclosure
85256PHP-Nuke sql injection
85255PHP-Nuke sql injection
85254PHP-Nuke sql injection
85253PHP-Nuke index.php sql injection
85252Allons_voter admin_supprimer.php cross site scriting
85251AgerMenu Remote Code Execution
85250XOOPS table_broken.php sql injection🔒
85249XOOPS group.php sql injection🔒
85248Phoenix Evolution CMS index.php cross site scriting
85247Wap Portal Serve index.php Local Privilege Escalation
85246WS_FTP Server memory corruption
85245Ublog Reload users.asp cross site scriting
85244Ublog Reload polls.asp cross site scriting
85243Ublog Reload badword.asp cross site scriting
85242LedgerSMB Remote Code Execution🔒
85241SQL-Ledger Local Privilege Escalation
85240MAXdev MD-Pro index.php sql injection
85239OpenEMR login_frame.php code injection
85238Telligent Community Server denial of service
85237Bitweaver rankings.php cross site scriting
85236Bitweaver list_blogs.php cross site scriting
85235Bitweaver list.php cross site scriting
85234liens_dynamiques modif.php3 Local Privilege Escalation
85233Kayako eSupport Staff cross site scripting
85232Macrovision InstallShield memory corruption [CVE-2007-0320]🔒
85231Hitachi JP1/Cm2/Network Node Manager Utility Local Privilege Escalation
85230eFiction get_session_vars.php Remote Code Execution
85229LoveCMS index.php code injection
85228DBGuestbook utils.php code injection
85227DBGuestbook guestbook.php code injection
85226SupportSoft memory corruption [CVE-2006-6490]🔒
85225Ezboxx knowledgebase.asp information disclosure
85224Ezboxx user-upload.asp cross site scriting
85223Ezboxx newscomments.asp cross site scriting
85222Ezboxx piczoom.asp cross site scriting
85221Ezboxx ShowAppendix.asp sql injection
85220Snort DecodeGRE Local Privilege Escalation
85219WGS-PPC ppcclick.php privileges management
85218WGS-PPC ppcbannerclick.php privileges management
85217WGS-PPC registration.php privileges management
85216WGS-PPC index.php privileges management
85215PayPal WGS-PPC ipnprocess.php privileges management
85214WGS-PPC index.php privileges management
85213WGS-PPC admin.php privileges management
85212WGS-PPC mysql_config.php privileges management
85211WGS-PPC config_member.php privileges management
85210WGS-PPC config_main.php privileges management
85209Magic Photo Storage Website user_membership_password.php privileges management
85208Magic Photo Storage Website user_extend.php privileges management
85207Magic Photo Storage Website user_email.php privileges management
85206Magic Photo Storage Website user_catelog_password.php privileges management
85205Magic Photo Storage Website upload_photo.php privileges management
85204Magic Photo Storage Website register.php privileges management
85203Magic Photo Storage Website logout.php privileges management
85202Magic Photo Storage Website login.php privileges management
85201Magic Photo Storage Website index.php privileges management
85200Magic Photo Storage Website delete_category.php privileges management
85199Magic Photo Storage Website couple_profile.php privileges management
85198Magic Photo Storage Website couple_milestone.php privileges management
85197Magic Photo Storage Website change_catalog_template.php privileges management
85196Magic Photo Storage Website add_news.php privileges management
85195Magic Photo Storage Website add_category.php privileges management
85194Magic Photo Storage Website db_config.php privileges management
85193Magic Photo Storage Website config.php privileges management
85192Magic Photo Storage Website send_email.php privileges management
85191Magic Photo Storage Website membership_pricing.php privileges management
85190Magic Photo Storage Website list_members.php privileges management
85189Magic Photo Storage Website index.php privileges management
85188Magic Photo Storage Website delete_member.php privileges management
85187Magic Photo Storage Website approve_member.php privileges management
85186PayPal Photo Storage Website admin_paypal_email.php privileges management
85185Magic Photo Storage Website add_templates.php privileges management
85184Magic Photo Storage Website admin_email.php privileges management
85183Magic Photo Storage Website add_welcome_text.php privileges management
85182Magic Photo Storage Website admin_password.php privileges management
85181EditTag Local Privilege Escalation
85180EditTag edittag_mp.cgi Local Privilege Escalation
85179EditTag Local Privilege Escalation
85178EditTag mkpw.cgi cross site scriting
85177EditTag cross site scriting
85176iG Shop page.php code injection
85175NewsBin memory corruption [CVE-2007-1074]
85174phpTrafficA banref.php path traversal
85173openmedia search_form.php path traversal
85167MyCalendar cross site scripting [CVE-2007-1050]
85166MyCalendar cross site scripting [CVE-2007-1050] WebAPP information disclosure [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1174]
85157SendStudio Remote Code Execution
85156cPanel WebHost Manager objcache code injection
85155ZebraFeeds controller.php Remote Code Execution
85154WebTester POST sql injection
85153MailEnable Web Mail list.asp cross site scriting🔒
85152MailEnable Web Mail right.asp cross site scriting🔒
85151SiteX calendar_events.php cross site scriting
85150SiteX redirect.php cross site scriting
85149SiteX search.php cross site scriting
85148sitex calendar_events.php information disclosure
85147ActiveCalendar y_3.php cross site scriting
85146ActiveCalendar y_2.php cross site scriting
85145ActiveCalendar xmlevents.php cross site scriting
85144ActiveCalendar m_4.php cross site scriting
85143ActiveCalendar m_3.php cross site scriting
85142ActiveCalendar m_2.php cross site scriting
85141ActiveCalendar mysqlevents.php cross site scriting
85140ActiveCalendar js.php cross site scriting
85139Magic News Plus n_layouts.php cross site scriting
85138STLport Rope memory corruption🔒🔒
85137EncapsCMS gallery_head.php Remote Code Execution
85136EncapsCMS blogs.php Remote Code Execution
85135Hitachi Web Server cross site scriting
85134HTTP Commander Default.aspx cross site scriting
85133PGP Desktop PGPServ.exe memory corruption🔒
85132Symantec Web Security cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0563]🔒🔒
85131phpXMLDOM parser.php Local Privilege Escalation
85130phpXMLDOM dtd.php Remote Code Execution
85129myBloggie login.php cross site scriting
85128Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85127Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85126Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85125Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85124Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85123Oracle Database Local Privilege Escalation
85122Oracle Containers for J2EE Local Privilege Escalation
85121Oracle Containers for J2EE information disclosure
85120Oracle Containers for J2EE Local Privilege Escalation
85119Oracle E-Business Suite Local Privilege Escalation
85118Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure
85117Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure
85116Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure
85115Oracle HTTP Server information disclosure
85114Oracle HTTP Server denial of service
85113Oracle HTTP Server denial of service
85112Oracle HTTP Server Local Privilege Escalation
85111Oracle HTTP Server Local Privilege Escalation
85110Oracle Enterprise Manager Local Privilege Escalation
85109Oracle Enterprise Manager Local Privilege Escalation
85108InstantForum.NET Members1.aspx cross site scriting
85107Indexu login.php cross site scriting
85106Indexu mailing_list.php cross site scriting
85105Indexu modify.php cross site scriting
85104Indexu new.php cross site scriting
85103Indexu power_search.php cross site scriting
85102Indexu register.php cross site scriting
85101Indexu search.php cross site scriting
85100Indexu send_pwd.php cross site scriting
85099Sendmail sendmail.php cross site scriting
85098Indexu tell_friend.php cross site scriting
85097Indexu user_detail.php cross site scriting
85096Indexu suggest_category.php cross site scriting
85095Indexu upgrade.php path traversal
85094Jax Petition Book smileys.php Local Privilege Escalation
85093Ezboxx Portal newscomments.asp cross site scriting
85092Ezboxx Portal user-upload.asp cross site scriting
85091All In One Control Panel cp_authorization.php sql injection
85090PHP odbc_result_all format string🔒
85088F5 FirePass index.php cross site scriting
85087F5 FirePass index.php cross site scriting
85086F5 FirePass webyfiers.php cross site scriting
85085F5 FirePass my.activation.php cross site scriting
85084F5 FirePass cross site scriting
85083F5 FirePass eval cross site scriting
85082Fastilo index.php cross site scriting
85081Apple Mac OS X iodbcadmintool privileges management
85080Apple Mac OS X kcproxy privileges management
85079Apple iChat denial of service [CVE-2007-0614]🔒
85078Rampus HTTP Service Local Privilege Escalation🔒
85077Fix/Chips CMS client-results.php cross site scriting
85076Fix/Chips CMS search.php cross site scriting
85075Fix/Chips CMS new_customer.php cross site scriting
85074Fix/Chips CMS staff.php cross site scriting
85073Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2007-0099]🔒
85072OpenOffice enhwmf.cxx memory corruption🔒
85071HP DECnet-Plus SYSMGR]CTF$STARTUP.COM privileges management
85070HP DECnet-Plus privileges management
85069HP DECnet-Plus SYSMSG]CTF$MESSAGES.EXE privileges management
85068The Address Book save.php sql injection🔒
85067The Address Book search.php sql injection🔒
85066The Address Book search.php cross site scriting🔒
85065The Address Book index.php cross site scriting🔒
85064AShop Deluxe salesadmin.php cross site scriting
85063AShop Deluxe editcatalogue.php cross site scriting
85062AShop Deluxe shipping.php cross site scriting
85061AShop Deluxe search.php cross site scriting
85060AShop Deluxe basket.php cross site scriting
85059Joomla CMS user.php sql injection
85058Joomla CMS sections.php sql injection
85057Joomla CMS categories.php sql injection
85056Joomla CMS contacts.php sql injection
85055Joomla CMS weblinks.php sql injection
85054Joomla CMS content.php sql injection
85053Joomla CMS menu.php information disclosure
85052Joomla CMS ldap.php information disclosure
85051Joomla CMS example.php information disclosure
85050Joomla CMS gmail.php information disclosure
84979Drupal CMS cross site scriting
84978Drupal CMS privileges management [CVE-2007-0658]🔒
84977Mozilla Products memory corruption [CVE-2007-0008]🔒
84976ac4p Mobile index.php cross site scriting
84975ac4p Mobile up.php cross site scriting
84974ac4p Mobile send.php cross site scriting
84973ac4p Mobile polls.php cross site scriting
84972ac4p Mobile MobileNews.php cross site scriting
84970Xero Portal admin_users.php privileges management
84969Xero Portal admin_attachments.php privileges management
84968Xero Portal admin_board.php privileges management
84967Xero Portal admin_extensions.php privileges management
84966Xero Portal admin_forum_prune.php privileges management
84965phpEventMan common.function.php Remote Code Execution
84964Microsoft Internet Explorer Blnmgrps.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-0219]🔒🔒
84963Microsoft Internet Explorer Htmlmm.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
84962MoinMoin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0857]🔒🔒
84961MoinMoin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0857]🔒🔒
84960MoinMoin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0857]🔒🔒
84959@lex Guestbook index.php path traversal🔒
84956w-Agora index.php information disclosure
84955Enthusiast show_owned.php sql injection
84953Sun Solaris rpcbind denial of service [CVE-2007-0165]
84940NUNE News Script archives.php Remote Code Execution
62251Gomlab GOM Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-5162]
53353Frederico Caldeira Knabben FCKeditor.Java resource management🔒
50104vtiger CRM Access Restriction ListViewUtils.php access control
47424Anonymityanywhere TorK Configuration File config [CVE-2007-6723]
47386Bouncycastle Bouncy-castle-crypto-package Remote Code Execution
44537Plone Search Module cross site scripting [CVE-2008-4571]
44322Debian xsabre sabre.log denial of service
44321Debian xsabre link following [CVE-2008-4406]
43837IBM DB2 Universal Database access control [CVE-2008-3858]🔒
43640Psi-labs psipuss Login categories.php sql injection
42878PHP Error Message php_imap.c rfc822_write_address memory corruption🔒🔒
42508Red Hat Network Satellite Server Search Feature cross site scripting🔒
42312Wordpress Access Restriction vars.php access control
42269Red Hat Enterprise Linux resource management [CVE-2007-5001]🔒🔒
42109Perl resource management [CVE-2008-1927]🔒🔒
42056Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2007-6715]
42055DBMail Active Directory improper authentication [CVE-2007-6714]🔒🔒
41849gnome screensaver getpwuid denial of service🔒🔒
41670FreeWebshop customer.php access control
41552Gentoo Linux docert cryptographic issues🔒🔒
41501Linksys WAG54GS Default Password access control [CVE-2007-6709]
41500Linksys WAG54GS User Account setup.cgi cross-site request forgery
41499Linksys WAG54GS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6707]
41382IBM Lotus Notes nlnotes.dll code injection [CVE-2007-6706]
41381IBM WebSphere MQ Client for Windows access control [CVE-2007-6705]
41338F5 FirePass 4100 my.activation.php3 cross site scripting
41335ImageMagick GraphicsMagick readpcximage resource management🔒🔒
41334ImageMagick GraphicsMagick load_tile memory corruption🔒🔒
41319Goahead Software FS4104-AW information disclosure [CVE-2007-6702]
41090MySQL Mysql Community Server access control [CVE-2007-6313]
40848IBM AIX bos.clvm.enh memory corruption🔒
40823SwiftView Viewer OCX ActiveX Control svocx.ocx memory corruption🔒
40808AOL Ygp Piceditor Activex Control ActiveX Control ygppicedit.dll memory corruption
40790WebCalendar User Authentication pref.php cross site scripting
40698ELOG cross site scripting [CVE-2008-0444]🔒
40691Novemberborn sIFR Font Rendering cross site scripting [CVE-2008-0438]
40595Funkwerk System Software input validation [CVE-2008-0331]
40586Menalto Gallery Webcam Module cross site scriting [CVE-2007-6693]🔒🔒
40585Menalto Gallery link following [CVE-2007-6692]🔒🔒
40584Menalto Gallery information disclosure [CVE-2007-6691]🔒🔒
40583Menalto Gallery access control [CVE-2007-6690]🔒🔒
40582Menalto Gallery File Upload input validation [CVE-2007-6689]🔒🔒
40581Menalto Gallery Installation cross site scriting [CVE-2007-6688]🔒🔒
40580Menalto Gallery cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6687]🔒🔒
40579Menalto Gallery cross site scriting [CVE-2007-6686]🔒🔒
40578Menalto Gallery Publish Xp Module access control [CVE-2007-6685]🔒🔒
40576VideoLAN VLC Browser Plugin format string [CVE-2007-6683]🔒🔒
40575VideoLAN VLC httpd.c httpd_filecallback memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
40574VideoLAN VLC subtitle.c memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
40525Ingate Firewall resource management [CVE-2008-0263]
40453WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6677]
40451xfce xfce_mkdirhier memory corruption🔒🔒
40418OpenPegasus management server pamcallback memory corruption🔒🔒
40401Uber Uploader Default Configuration config [CVE-2007-6676]
40394Instantsoftwares Dating Site Login login_form.asp sql injection
40391Mortbay Jetty path traversal [CVE-2007-6672]🔒🔒
40390Instantsoftwares Dating Site Login login_form.asp sql injection
40383Phpcredo PHCDownload search.php sql injection
40382Phpcredo PHCDownload search.php cross site scripting
40381Peergoal MySpace Content Zone File Upload uploadgames.php access control
40378MyPHP MyPHP Forum faq.php sql injection
40377ZenPhoto rss.php sql injection🔒🔒
40376Netchemia oneSCHOOL login.asp sql injection
40375WebPortal WebPortal CMS index.php sql injection
40374Pragmatic Utopia PU Arcade puarcade.php sql injection
40373Cutephp CuteNews file.php path traversal
40369CustomCMS CCMS Console vars.php sql injection
40368Mihalism Multi Host load_forum.php code injection
40367CMS Made Simple content_css.php sql injection🔒
40366Matpo Bilder Galerie Kontakt Formular function.php code injection
40365Macrovision Update Service ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
40364Mihalism Multi Host download.php path traversal
40363XCMS cpie.php code injection
40362Bitweaver edit.php path traversal🔒
40361Bitweaver R2 CMS htaccess upload.php access control
40360MatPo Bilder Galerie tumbnail.php code injection
40359SanyBee Gallery index.php path traversal
40358w-Agora index.php sql injection
40351Integry Systems LiveCart cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6646]
40350Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2007-6645]🔒🔒
40349Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2007-6644]🔒🔒
40348Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6643]🔒🔒
40347Joomla CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-6642]🔒🔒
40346milliscripts dir.php cross site scripting
40345SourceForge Creammonkey gm_xmlhttprequest access control
40344Iptbb Team IPTBB index.php sql injection
40343March Networks 3204 Dvr access control [CVE-2007-6638]
40342Bitflu access control [CVE-2007-6636]
40340Netbizcity FAQMasterFlexPlus faq.php sql injection
40339Netbizcity FAQMasterFlexPlus faq.php cross site scripting
40338xml2owl showcode.php code injection
40337LScube libnemesi rtsp_handlers.c handle_rtsp_pkt memory corruption
40336Feng url.c url_init denial of service
40335Feng rtsp_utils.c denial of service
40334Feng rtsp_setup.c parse_transport_header denial of service
40333Feng rtsp_lowlevel.c rtsp_remove_msg numeric error
40332Feng rtsp_state_machine.c rtsp_valid_response_msg memory corruption
40331Novell Identity Manager format string [CVE-2007-6625]
40330PNphpBB printview.php path traversal
40329ZeusCMS image_viewer.php path traversal
40328ZeusCMS security.php sql injection
40327joovili joovili.images.php path traversal
40326Joovili path traversal
40325Atlassian JIRA Setup Wizard access control [CVE-2007-6619]🔒
40324Atlassian JIRA cross site scriting [CVE-2007-6618]🔒
40323Atlassian JIRA Error Message 500page.jsp cross site scripting🔒
40321Agares Media phpAutoVideo block.php code injection
40320Agares Media phpAutoVideo frontpage_right.php code injection
40317mongrel handlers.rb path traversal [CVE-2007-6612]🔒🔒
40316Mantis view.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
40315Debian unp privileges management [CVE-2007-6610]🔒🔒
40314CoolPlayer cpi_playlistitem.c cpli_readtag_ogg memory corruption
40313OpenBiblio staff_del_confirm.php cross site scripting
40312OpenBiblio Error Message footer.php information disclosure
40311OpenBiblio phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
40310SkyFex SkyFex Client ActiveX Control skyfexclient.ocx memory corruption
40309XCMS index.php path traversal
40308Hotscripts Hot/Not Clone backup.php access control
40307NoseRub Login identity.php sql injection
40306IPortalX login_user.asp cross site scripting
40305SourceFire ClamAV input validation [CVE-2007-6596]🔒🔒
40304SourceFire ClamAV cli_gentempfd link following🔒🔒
40303SourceFire ClamAV bzlib_private.h Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6337]🔒🔒
40302IBM Lotus Notes access control
40301IBM Lotus Notes l123sr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-6593]🔒
40300Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-6592]
40299KDE Konqueror authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-6591]
40297Mozilla before Protocol cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6589]
40296Phpcredo PHCDownload cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6588]
40295Plogger plog-rss.php sql injection🔒
40294nicLOR sezione_news.php sql injection
40293NmnNewsletter confirmunsubscription.php code injection
402921024 CMS news.php path traversal
402911024 CMS search.php sql injection
40290C97net mBlog index.php path traversal
40289Social Engine header_album.php path traversal
40288Wallpaper Wallpaper Complete Website category.php sql injection
40287Ip Reg vlanview.php sql injection PHP ZLink go.php sql injection
40285Zsuite zBlog index.php sql injection
40284AdultScript videolink_count.php sql injection
40283Brand039 MMSLamp default.php sql injection
40282Dokeos Open Source Learning And Knowledge Management Tool viewthread.php cross site scripting
40281Qksoft QK SMTP Server 3 input validation [CVE-2007-6573]
40280Sun Java System Web Proxy Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6572]
40279Sun Java System Web Proxy Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6571]
40278Sun Java System Web Proxy Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6570]
40277Sun Java System Web Proxy Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6569]
40276XZero Community Classifieds code injection
40275XZero Community Classifieds index.php path traversal
40274XZero Community Classifieds post.php sql injection
40273Blakord Blakord Portal sql injection [CVE-2007-6565]
40272Limbo CMS admin.php cross site scripting
40271WinAce memory corruption [CVE-2007-6563]
40270TCPreen sockprot.cpp connect memory corruption🔒🔒
40269PDFLib pdc_fsearch_fopen memory corruption🔒🔒
40268Logaholic profiles.php cross site scripting
40267Logaholic index.php sql injection🔒
40266TotalPlayer input validation [CVE-2007-6558]
40265MeGaCheatZ comments.php sql injection
40264websihirbazi default.asp sql injection
40263Phil Taylor mosDirectory mod_pxt_latest.php code injection
40262George Lewe TeamCal Pro Login index.php path traversal
40261George Lewe TeamCal Pro Login tcuser.class.php code injection
40260AuraCMS index.php path traversal
40259Mail Machine MailMachine Pro showmsg.php sql injection
40258Pmos Helpdesk form.php code injection🔒
40257RunCMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6549]
40256RunCMS admin.php code injection
40255RunCMS Change Password Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6547]
40254RunCMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-6546]
40253RunCMS submit.php cross site scripting
40252RunCMS brokenfile.php sql injection🔒
40251eSyndiCat eSyndiCat Link Exchange suggest-link.php sql injection
40250Agares Media Arcadem frontpage_right.php code injection
40249neuron news cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6541]
40248neuron news patch sql injection
40247IDevspot iSupport index.php code injection
40246Meeting Room Booking Software mrbs view_entry.php sql injection
40245WinUAE zfile.c zfile_gunzip memory corruption
40244Google Toolbar Redirector information disclosure
40243Yahoo! Toolbar ActiveX Control yshortcut.dll memory corruption🔒
40242Microsoft Publisher input validation [CVE-2007-6534]
40241Inmatrix Zoom Player Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2007-6533]
40240Groove Virtual Office OCX ActiveX Control xupload.ocx AddFolder memory corruption🔒🔒
40239TikiWiki tiki-edit_css.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
40238TikiWiki tiki-listmovies.php path traversal🔒🔒
40237Rickard Andersson PunBB uploadimg.php input validation
40236TikiWiki tiki-special_chars.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
40235IBM Db2 Content Manager Toolkit Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6525]
40234Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2007-5342]🔒🔒
40233IBM Domino Web Access inotes6.dll installbrowserhelperdll memory corruption🔒🔒
40232Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2007-6524]🔒🔒
40231Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2007-6523]🔒🔒
40230Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6522]🔒🔒
40229Opera Web Browser Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-6521]🔒🔒
40228Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6520]🔒🔒
40227HP Tru64 File System denial of service [CVE-2007-6519]
40226WoltLab Burning Board Lite search.php sql injection
40225Aeries Aeries Browser Interface lostpwd.asp sql injection
40224HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2007-6419]🔒🔒
40223RavWare Flic ActiveX Control masflc.ocx memory corruption
40222SiteScape Sitescape Forum St dispatch.cgi code injection
40221Apache HTTP Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-6514]🔒
40220HP eSupportDiagnostics ActiveX Control hpediag.dll information disclosure
40219PHP MySQL Banner Exchange access control [CVE-2007-6512]
40218Websense Enterpise Content Filtering privileges management [CVE-2007-6511]
40217ProWizard ProWizard 4 PC memory corruption [CVE-2007-6510]
40216Appian Business Process Management Suite input validation [CVE-2007-6509]
40215xeCMS view.php path traversal
40214Linux Kernel ipv6_hop_jumbo input validation🔒🔒
40213Trend Micro ServerProtect RPC Interface spntsvc.exe access control
40212HP Software Update hprulesengine.contentcollection.1 Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
40211Sun Solaris Auditing config [CVE-2007-6505]🔒
40210Perforce P4Web p4webs.exe resource management
40209Net Dns dns memory corruption🔒🔒
40208Ingres access control [CVE-2007-6334]
40207Red Hat Enterprise Linux config [CVE-2007-6285]🔒🔒
40206Hosting Controller access control [CVE-2007-6504]
40205Hosting Controller access control [CVE-2007-6503]
40204Hosting Controller Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-6502]
40203Hosting Controller access control [CVE-2007-6501]
40202Hosting Controller GatewayVariables.asp access control
40201Hosting Controller access control [CVE-2007-6499]
40200Hosting Controller sql injection [CVE-2007-6498]
40199Hosting Controller Profiles access control [CVE-2007-6497]
40198Hosting Controller Login access control [CVE-2007-6496]
40197Hosting Controller inc_newuser.asp access control
40196Hosting Controller addreseller.asp input validation🔒
40195iMesh ActiveX Control imweb.dll input validation🔒
40194iMesh ActiveX Control imweb.dll input validation
40193Kvaliitti Webdoc Cms webd categories.asp sql injection
40192Falcon Series One CMS index.php cross-site request forgery
40191Falcon Series One CMS index.php cross site scriting
40190Falcon Series One CMS sitemap.xml.php input validation
40189Plain Black WebGUI Admin Account access control [CVE-2007-6487] LineShout shout.php cross site scripting
40187Centreon Monitoring makexml.php code injection🔒
40186phpRPG index.php sql injection
40185SafeNet Sentinel Protection Server path traversal [CVE-2007-6483]🔒🔒
40184Sun Ray Server Software denial of service [CVE-2007-6482]
40183Sun Ray Server Software unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-6481]
40182Sun Management Center Default Account memory corruption [CVE-2007-6480]🔒
40181Dokeos File Upload access control [CVE-2007-6479]
40180Rosoftengineering Rosoft Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-6478]
40179Gf 3xplorer phpinfo information disclosure
40178Gf 3xplorer Updater updater.php path traversal
40177Gf 3xplorer index_3x.php cross site scripting
40176Texas Imperial Software WFTPD Pro Explorer memory corruption
40175phpMyRealty search.php sql injection
40174libexif exif-data.c exif_data_load_data_thumbnail numeric error🔒🔒
40173Curtis Galloway libexif exif_loader.c exif_loader_write denial of service🔒🔒
40172Cisco Firewall Services Module denial of service [CVE-2007-5584]
40171exiv2 exif.cpp numeric error🔒🔒
40170SourceFire ClamAV memory corruption [CVE-2007-6336]🔒🔒
40169SourceFire ClamAV numeric error [CVE-2007-6335]🔒🔒🔒
40168Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-6245]🔒🔒
40167Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control navigatetourl cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
40165phPay main.php path traversal
40164phpRPG access control [CVE-2007-6470]
40163phpRPG index.php sql injection
40162Hammer of Thyrion huffman.c huffdecode memory corruption
40161MKPortal index.php sql injection
40160FreeWebshop index.php sql injection
40159ganglia host_gmetrics.php cross site scripting
40158Form tools admin_page_open.php code injection
40157Php Real Estate Script Classifieds Admin Panel cross site scripting
40156PHP Real Estate Classifieds Php Real Estate Classifieds Premium Plus fullnews.php sql injection
40155Flyspray index.php JavaScript cross site scripting🔒🔒
40154Anon Proxy Server log.php cross site scripting
40153Anon Proxy Server diagdns.php code injection
40152My123tkshop E-commerce-suite admin.php sql injection
40151Netwin SurgeMail memory corruption [CVE-2007-6457]
40150Planamesa NeoOffice Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6456]
40149Mambo index.php cross site scripting
40148PeerCast servhs.cpp handshakehttp memory corruption🔒🔒
40147Raiden Professional Servers raidenhttpd Admin Function workspace.php webadmin path traversal🔒
40146Stbernard Open File Manager ofmnt.exe memory corruption
40145Linux Kernel hrtimer_start numeric error🔒🔒
40144kdebase denial of service [CVE-2007-5963]🔒🔒
40143Wireshark CIP Dissector resource management [CVE-2007-6451]🔒🔒
40142Wireshark infinite loop [CVE-2007-6450]🔒🔒
40133Wireshark access control [CVE-2007-6441]🔒🔒
40131Wireshark resource management [CVE-2007-6439]🔒🔒
40130Wireshark SMB Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2007-6438]🔒🔒
40129Balabit Syslog-ng Open Source Edition input validation [CVE-2007-6437]🔒🔒
40128Apple Mac OS X Software Update cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5863]🔒🔒
40127Apple Mac OS X Spotlight resource management [CVE-2007-5861]🔒🔒
40126Apple Mac OS X Trace memory corruption [CVE-2007-5860]🔒🔒
40125Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2007-5859]🔒🔒
40124Apple Mac OS X cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5858]🔒🔒
40123Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-5857]🔒🔒
40122Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-5856]🔒🔒
40121Apple Mac OS X improper authentication [CVE-2007-5855]🔒🔒
40120Apple Mac OS X Launch Services cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5854]🔒🔒
40119Apple Mac OS X Partition memory corruption [CVE-2007-5853]🔒🔒
40118Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-5851]🔒🔒
40117Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-5850]🔒🔒
40116Easy Software Products CUPS Backend asn1_get_string numeric error🔒🔒
40115Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-5848]🔒🔒
40114Apple Mac OS X race condition [CVE-2007-5847]🔒🔒
40113Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2007-4710]🔒🔒
40112Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork path traversal [CVE-2007-4709]🔒🔒
40111Apple Mac OS X Address Book format string [CVE-2007-4708]🔒🔒
40110Apple Mac OS X smbfs memory corruption [CVE-2007-3876]🔒🔒
40109JustSystem Ichitaro jsgci.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-6436]
40108Novell GroupWise memory corruption [CVE-2007-6435]
40107jboss seam 2.0.0.cr3 input validation🔒
40106Aertherwide exiftags resource management [CVE-2007-6356]🔒🔒
40105Aertherwide exiftags numeric error [CVE-2007-6355]🔒🔒
40104Aertherwide exiftags denial of service [CVE-2007-6354]🔒🔒
40103apple Mac OS X Keychain improper authentication [CVE-2007-5862]🔒🔒
40102Fonality Trixbox Registry access control
40101Red Hat Fedora Core information disclosure [CVE-2007-6283]🔒🔒
40100Debian Debian_linux information disclosure [CVE-2007-6418]🔒🔒
40099Linux Kernel shmem.c shmem_getpage resource management🔒🔒
40098Linux Foundation Xen copy_to_user access control🔒🔒
40097AdultScript credentials management [CVE-2007-6414]
40096Gesytec Easylon OPC Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4473]
40095Bitweaver index.php code injection
40094Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger gg.exe handleemotsconfig memory corruption
40093Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger User Account cross-site request forgery
40092Gadu-Gadu Instant Messenger Protocol config [CVE-2007-6409]
40091IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express Error Message information disclosure
40090IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Express tpmx cross site scripting
40089CA eTrust Threat Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6406]
40088Sergey Lyubka HTTPD CGI Program information disclosure [CVE-2007-6405]
40087Sergey Lyubka HTTPD path traversal [CVE-2007-6404]
40086Winamp Nullsoft Winamp memory corruption [CVE-2007-6403]
400853ivx Mpeg-4 Codec Media Player mplayerc.exe memory corruption🔒
400843ivx Mpeg-4 Codec Windows Media Player mplayer2.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
40083PolDoc Poldoc Document Management System download_file.php path traversal
40082Myupb Flat PHP Board User Account index.php credentials management
40081Flat PHP Board improper authentication [CVE-2007-6398]
40080Flat PHP Board User Account index.php path traversal
40079Myupb Flat PHP Board User Account index.php code injection
40078Flat PHP Board User Account username].php access control
40077P3mbo Content Injector index.php sql injection
40076Ace Image Hosting Script albums.php sql injection
40075Dominion Web DWdirectory search sql injection
40074SH-News sql injection [CVE-2007-6391]
40073Serendipity cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-6390]
40072GNOME screensaver information disclosure [CVE-2007-6389]🔒🔒
40071Intuit QuickBooks ActiveX Control awapi4.dll memory corruption🔒
40070Trend Micro Trend Micro Internet Security Pro sfctlcom.exe memory corruption
40069Kerio WinRoute Firewall improper authentication [CVE-2007-6385]
40068BEA WebLogic Mobility Server improper authentication [CVE-2007-6384]
40067Chandler Server access control [CVE-2007-6383]
40066Robocode memory corruption [CVE-2007-6382]
40065e-Xoops sql injection [CVE-2007-6380]
40064BadBlue Error Message config [CVE-2007-6379]
40063BadBlue upload.dll path traversal [CVE-2007-6378]
40062BadBlue ext.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-6377]
40061Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke autohtml.php path traversal
40060Bitweaver sql injection [CVE-2007-6375]
40059Bitweaver register.php cross site scripting
40058GestDown catdownload.php sql injection
40057Juniper Junos input validation [CVE-2007-6372]
40056Nokia N95 Firmware input validation [CVE-2007-6371]
40054WordPress PictPress resize.php path traversal
40053ezContents index.php path traversal
40052SineCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6367]
40051SineCMS sql injection [CVE-2007-6366]
40050bcoos Event Calendar cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6365]
40049JLMForo System modificarperfil.php cross site scripting
40048IBM Tivoli Netcool Security Manager LDAP Authentication cross site scripting
40047Rs Gallery2 index.php sql injection
40046Gekkoware Gekko htaccess access control [CVE-2007-6361]
40045Sun Extended System Control Facility Xcp 1040 Firmware memory allocation
40044Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel hashes numeric error🔒🔒
40043Glyph And Cog pdftops symlink🔒🔒
40042Microsoft Access memory corruption [CVE-2007-6357]
40041Trivantis CourseMill Enterprise Learning Management System userlogin.jsp sql injection
40040Gentoo Portage information disclosure [CVE-2007-6249]🔒🔒
40039HP HP-UX Software Distributor sw_rpc_agent_init memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
40038Linux Kernel isdn_common.c isdn_ioctl memory corruption🔒🔒
40037Cisco CiscoWorks Server Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5582]
40036Cisco Security Agent memory corruption [CVE-2007-5580]🔒
40035Apple QuickTime Flash Media memory corruption [CVE-2007-4707]🔒
40034scponly svnserve access control [CVE-2007-6350]🔒🔒
40033SquirrelMail code injection [CVE-2007-6348]🔒🔒
40032ViArt Shop Free Help block_site_map.php code injection
40031Rainboard cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6346]
40030aurora framework MySQL db_mysql.lib pack_var sql injection
40029Mcms Easy Web Make index.php path traversal
40028HP OpenView Network Node Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6343]🔒
40027David Castro Apache Authcas sql injection [CVE-2007-6342]
40026HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovlogin.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
40025Samba send_mailslot memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
40024HP Quick Launch Button ActiveX Control hpinfodll.dll information disclosure🔒
40023HP Quick Launch Button ActiveX Control hpinfodll.dll Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
40022HP Quick Launch Button ActiveX Control hpinfodll.dll path traversal🔒🔒
40021Meridian Software Prolog Manager cleartext storage [CVE-2007-6330]
40020Microsoft Office ZIP Container credentials management [CVE-2007-6329]
40019DOSBox Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2007-6328] [Disputed]
40018Avs Media AVSMJPEGFILE.DLL ActiveX Control avsmjpegfile.dll memory corruption
40017Sergey Lyubka Simple HTTPD aux input validation
40016Fastpublish Fastpublish CMS designconfig.php code injection
40015City Writer CityWriter head.php code injection
40014MMS Gallery MMS Gallery PHP get_image.php path traversal
40013xml2owl filedownload.php path traversal
40012Red Hat Enterprise Linux config [CVE-2007-5964]🔒🔒
40011GNOME balsa IMAP Server ir_fetch_seq memory corruption🔒🔒
40010RoundCube Webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6321]🔒🔒
40009Drupal Feature Module cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-6320]
40008Real Time Logic Barracudadrive Web Server Home Server path traversal
40007Real Time Logic Barracudadrive Web Server Home Server cross site scripting
40006Real Time Logic Barracudadrive Web Server Home Server memory corruption
40005Real Time Logic Barracudadrive Web Server Home Server input validation
40004Microsoft DirectX DirectShow quartz.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
40003Websense Enterpise cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6312]🔒
40002Falt4 Cms Falt4 Extreme Rc4 index.php sql injection
40001Falt4 Cms Falt4 Extreme Rc4 index.php cross site scripting
40000webSPELL index.php cross site scripting
39999HttpLogger cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6308]
39998Jfree Jfreechart clickstats.php cross site scripting
39997JFree JFreeChart cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6306]🔒
39996S9Y serendipity cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6205]🔒🔒
39995IBM Hardware_management_console memory corruption [CVE-2007-6305]
39994MySQL Federated denial of service [CVE-2007-6304]🔒🔒
39993MySQL denial of service [CVE-2007-6303]🔒🔒
39992Novell NetMail avirus.exe memory corruption
39991MySQL denial of service [CVE-2007-5970]🔒
39989Open Newsletter compose.php cross site scripting
39988Fusion News cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-6300]
39987Drupal taxonomy_select_nodes input validation🔒🔒
39986Drupal Shoutbox cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6298]
39985PHP Heaven PHPMyChat cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6297]
39984phpMyChat users_popupl.php3 code injection
39983IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6295]
39982IBM Hardware_management_console access control [CVE-2007-6294]
39981IBM Hardware Management Console Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6293]
39980MWOpen E-Commerce leggi_commenti.asp sql injection
39979Xigla Absolute Banner abm.aspx sql injection
39978IPTel SERWeb get_js.php path traversal
39977IPTel SerWeb load_lang.php code injection TCExam sql injection [CVE-2007-6288]
39975Lxlabs HyperVM Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6287]
39974FLAC libFLAC resource management [CVE-2007-6279]
39973FLAC libFLAC access control [CVE-2007-6278]
39972FLAC libFLAC memory corruption [CVE-2007-6277]🔒🔒
39971Apple Mac OS X Server accept_connections numeric error🔒🔒
39970bcoos sql injection [CVE-2007-6275]
39969bcoos cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6274]
39968SonicWALL Global VPN Client Configuration File format string🔒
39967Joomla CMS index.php sql injection
39966Xigla Absolute News Manager.NET Error Message getpath.aspx input validation
39965Xigla Absolute News Manager.NET xlaabsolutenm.aspx cross site scripting
39964Xigla Absolute News Manager.NET xlaabsolutenm.aspx sql injection
39963Xigla Absolute News Manager.NET default.aspx path traversal
39962Citrix Edgesight For Endpoints Configuration File credentials management
39961bcoos sql injection [CVE-2007-6266]
39960GNU emacs format memory corruption🔒🔒
39959Ext2 Filesystems Utilities e2fsprogs Filesystem numeric error🔒🔒
39958netkit ftp ftpd.c dataconn input validation🔒🔒
39957Heimdal gss_userok.c gss_userok memory corruption🔒🔒
39956Intel Pro Wireless 3945abg iwl3945-base.c iwl_set_rate numeric error🔒🔒
39955netkit ftp ftp.c getreply memory corruption
39954VideoLAN VLC Media Player ActiveX Control axvlc.dll setvariable memory corruption🔒
39953Apple Mac OS X Mach-O Loader mach_loader.c load_threadstack numeric error
39952Oracle Database Server Default Password credentials management
39951HP Select Identity Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6194]
39950MIT Kerberos kdb_default.c krb5_def_store_mkey memory corruption🔒🔒
39949MIT Kerberos k5sealv3.c gss_krb5int_make_seal_token_v3 resource management🔒🔒
39948MIT Kerberos svc_auth_gss.c svcauth_gss_get_principal numeric error🔒🔒
39947MIT Kerberos g_initialize.c gss_indicate_mechs resource management🔒🔒
39946MIT Kerberos ftpd.c reply Remote Code Execution [Disputed]🔒🔒
39945Beehive Forum Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6241]
39944Snitz Forums 2000 active.asp sql injection
39943Beehive Forum post.php sql injection
39942Mortbay Jetty code injection [CVE-2007-5615]🔒🔒
39941Mortbay Jetty cross site scriting [CVE-2007-5614]🔒🔒
39940Mortbay Jetty dump.jsp cross site scripting🔒🔒
39939Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2007-6238]
39938DeluxeBB cp.php improper authentication
39937Microsoft Windows Media Player numeric error [CVE-2007-6236]
39936RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control input validation [CVE-2007-6235]
39935FTP Admin index.php improper authentication
39934FTP Admin index.php path traversal
39933FTP Admin Error Page index.php cross site scripting
39932tellmatic htaccess code injection
39931Rayzz Rayzz Script class_HeaderHandler.lib.php path traversal
39930Rayzz Rayzz Script class_headerhandler.lib.php code injection
39929Yahoo! Toolbar ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-6228]
39928QEMU memory corruption🔒🔒
39927APC Switched Rack Pdu improper authentication [CVE-2007-6226]
39926Real RealPlayer ActiveX Control rmoc3260.dll input validation
39925phpBB garage garage.php sql injection
39924Crm Ctt Interleave Access Restriction functions.php checkcustomeraccess access control
39923TuMusika Evolution phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
39922typespeed numeric error [CVE-2007-6220]
39921Ossigeno CMS install_module.php input validation
39920Irola My-Time Login login.asp sql injection
39919Sun Solaris Filesystem race condition [CVE-2007-6216]🔒
39918Web-MeetMe play.php path traversal
39917LearnLoop path traversal [CVE-2007-6214]
39916WebED index.php path traversal
39915Google KML region.php path traversal
39914sing access control [CVE-2007-6211]
39913Zabbix zabbix_agentd config [CVE-2007-6210]🔒🔒
39912zsh access control
39911claws mail tools link following🔒🔒
39910Linux Foundation Xen input validation [CVE-2007-6207]🔒🔒
39909Red Hat Enterprise Linux denial of service [CVE-2006-7226]🔒🔒
39908Perl PCRE input validation [CVE-2006-7225]🔒🔒
39907Neocrome Seditio plug.php sql injection🔒
39906Wesnoth denial of service [CVE-2007-6201]🔒
39905rsync access control [CVE-2007-6200]🔒🔒
39904rsync config [CVE-2007-6199]🔒🔒
39903BEA AquaLogic Interaction information disclosure [CVE-2007-6198]🔒
39902BEA AquaLogic Interaction information disclosure [CVE-2007-6197]
39901Calacode @mail Webmail util.php cross site scripting
39900Wesnoth path traversal [CVE-2007-5742]🔒🔒
39899OpenSSL FIPS Object Module cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5502]
39898Red Hat Enterprise Linux Kernel Patch resource management [CVE-2007-5494]🔒🔒
39897Citrix NetScaler Web Management Interface information disclosure🔒🔒
39896Citrix NetScaler Web Management Interface cryptographic issues🔒🔒
39895Pmapper p.mapper code injection [CVE-2007-6191]
39894Cisco Unified IP Phone HTTP Daemon information disclosure [CVE-2007-6190]
39893BitDefender Online Anti-Virus Scanner ActiveX Control oscan8.ocx memory corruption
39892TuMusika Evolution languages_n.php path traversal
39891NoAh css_file.php path traversal
39890Digium Asterisk pgsql sql injection [CVE-2007-6171]
39889Digium Asterisk Logging sql injection [CVE-2007-6170]🔒🔒
39888FreeBSD information disclosure [CVE-2007-6150]🔒
39887Red Hat Cairo read_png numeric error🔒🔒🔒
39886PHPDevShell Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6186]
39885Eurologon CMS files.php path traversal
39884Project Alumni index.php path traversal
39883Ruby Gnome2 rbgtkmessagedialog.c mdiag_initialize format string🔒🔒
39882Growth ISPmanager access control [CVE-2007-6182]
39881cygwin scp.exe memory corruption🔒
39880Kinson Chan Charray CMS markdown.php input validation
39879Easy Hosting Control Panel dbutil.bck.php input validation
39878Php Con include.php code injection
39877Amensa-Soft KB-Bestellsystem kb_whois.cgi input validation
39876Lhaplus memory corruption [CVE-2007-6175]
39875PHPDevShell access control [CVE-2007-6174]
39874Liferay Liferay Enterprise Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6173]
39873Wire Plastic Design wpQuiz viewimage.php sql injection
39872Symantec Backupexec System Recovery bengine.exe numeric error🔒
39871Symantec Backupexec System Recovery bengine.exe resource management🔒
39870GOUAE DWD Realty index2.asp sql injection
39869vu Case Manager default.asp sql injection
39868SuSE Linux access control [CVE-2007-6167]
39867Eurologon CMS reviews.php sql injection
39866GOUAE DWD Realty sql injection [CVE-2007-6163]
39865Wsdeluxe FMDeluxe index.php cross site scripting
39864Tilde CMS index.php information disclosure
39863Tilde CMS index.php cross site scripting
39862Tilde CMS index.php sql injection
39861Proverbs Proverbs Web Calendar sql injection
39860SimpleGallery index.php cross site scripting
39859Secureideas Basic Analysis And Security Engine base_qry_main.php cross site scripting
39858Iaprcommence IAPR COMMENCE code injection [CVE-2007-6147]
39857Hitachi Jp1 File Transmission Server FTP Command input validation
39856Hitachi Jp1 File Transmission Server improper authentication
39855Xunlei Web Thunder ActiveX Control pplayer.dll_1_work memory corruption
39854vu Case Manager Login Page default.asp sql injection
39853Salims Softhouse JAF CMS index.php cross site scripting
39852vBTube vbtube.php cross site scripting
39851Dora Emlak emlak_detay.asp sql injection
39850Mp3 ToolBox index.php code injection
39849vu Mass Mailer Login Page redir.asp sql injection
39848P3mbo Content Injector news.php sql injection
39847M2Scripts My Space Scripts Poll Creator index.php cross site scripting
39846phpslideshow phpslideshow.php cross site scripting
39845PHPKIT sql injection [CVE-2007-6134]
39844DevMass Devmass Cart initialise.php input validation
39840Mozilla Firefox CSRF Protection path traversal [CVE-2007-5960]🔒🔒
39839scanbuttond config
39838gnu gnump3d Password Protection improper authentication [CVE-2007-6130]🔒
39837Amber Script show_content.php input validation
39836Flor De Utopia WorkingOnWeb events.php sql injection
39835project alumni sql injection
39834project alumni cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6126]
39833Softbiz Freelancers Script search_form.php sql injection
39832Softbiz Freelancers Script signin.php cross site scripting
39831IRC Services Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6123]
39830IRC Services encrypt.c default_encrypt input validation🔒🔒
39829Wireshark input validation [CVE-2007-6121]🔒🔒
39828Wireshark Bluetooth SDP Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2007-6120]🔒🔒
39827Wireshark DCP ETSI Dissector denial of service [CVE-2007-6119]🔒🔒
39826Wireshark MEGACO Dissector denial of service [CVE-2007-6118]🔒🔒
39825Wireshark HTTP Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2007-6117]🔒🔒
39824Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2007-6116]🔒🔒
39823Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2007-6115]🔒🔒
39822Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2007-6114]🔒🔒
39821Wireshark numeric error [CVE-2007-6113]🔒🔒
39820Wireshark PPP Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2007-6112]🔒🔒
39819Wireshark NCP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2007-6111]🔒🔒
39818htdig cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6110]🔒🔒
39817AlstraSoft E-Friends index.php sql injection
39816TalkBack comments-display-tpl.php code injection
39815FileMaker Web Publishing Feature cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6104]
39814IHU I Hear U player.cpp processpacket input validation
39813Feed2JS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6102]
39812Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server input validation [CVE-2007-6101]🔒
39811Ingate SIParator Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6099]
39810Ingate SIParator Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6098]
39809Ingate SIParator Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6097]
39808Ingate SIParator credentials management [CVE-2007-6096]
39807Ingate SIParator information disclosure [CVE-2007-6095]
39806Ingate SIParator input validation [CVE-2007-6094]
39805Ingate SIParator input validation [CVE-2007-6093]
39804Ingate SIParator memory corruption [CVE-2007-6092]
39803JiRo Banner System login_confirm.asp sql injection
39802Nuked-Klan index.php cross site scripting
39801meBiblio index.php code injection
39800phpBBViet functions_mod_user.php code injection
39799VigileCMS index.php cross-site request forgery
39798VigileCMS index.php path traversal
39797VigileCMS index.php cross site scripting
39796HotScripts Clone Script software-description.php sql injection
39795IceBB index.php sql injection
39794Sciurus Sciurus Hosting Panel code injection [CVE-2007-6082]
39793AdventNet EventLog Analyzer access control [CVE-2007-6081]
39792bcoos sql injection [CVE-2007-6080]
39791bcoos path traversal [CVE-2007-6079]
39790SkyPortal nc_top.asp sql injection
39789IBM Director resource management [CVE-2007-5612]
39787Rails race condition [CVE-2007-6077]🔒🔒
39786ngIRCd irc-channel.c input validation
39785Audacity deadlock [CVE-2007-6061]🔒🔒
39784AhnLab V3 Internet Security input validation [CVE-2007-6060]
39783Sun Javamail resource management [CVE-2007-6059] [Disputed]
39782ProfileCMS index.php sql injection
39781datecomm Social Networking Script index.php code injection
39780Aida-orga Aida-Web frame.html access control
39779Liferay portal cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6055]
39778Aruba Networks Mc-800 Management Interface screens cross site scripting
39777IBM DB2 Universal Database File Descriptors resource management🔒
39776IBM DB2 Universal Database denial of service [CVE-2007-6052]🔒
39775IBM DB2 Universal Database access control [CVE-2007-6051]🔒
39774IBM DB2 Universal Database access control [CVE-2007-6050]🔒
39773IBM DB2 Universal Database access control [CVE-2007-6049]🔒
39772IBM DB2 Universal Database DB2DART access control [CVE-2007-6047]🔒
39771IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2007-6046]🔒
39770IBM WebSphere MQ resource management [CVE-2007-6044]
39769Microsoft Windows cryptgenrandom information disclosure
39768SWSoft Confixx Professional code injection
39767Rigs Of Rogs sequencer.cpp queuemessage memory corruption
39766Belkin F5D7230-4 TCP SYN Packet resource management [CVE-2007-6040]
39765PHP ngettext input validation🔒🔒
39764PHP output_add_rewrite_var information disclosure🔒🔒
39763Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX denial of service [CVE-2007-5361]
39762PHP denial of service [CVE-2007-5898]🔒🔒
39761Joomlaequipment JUser xajax_functions.php code injection
39760LIVE555 Media Server parsertsprequeststring input validation🔒🔒
39759Cacti graph.php sql injection🔒🔒
39757Wonderware InTouch access control [CVE-2007-6033]
39756Aleris Web Publishing Server page.asp sql injection
39755Van Dyke Technologies VShell denial of service [CVE-2007-6031]
39754Weird Solutions BOOTPTurbo Sales Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-6030]
39753SourceFire ClamAV code injection [CVE-2007-6029]
39752ComponentOne FlexGrid ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-6028]
39751Justjoomla Carousel Flash Image Gallery admin.jjgallery.php code injection
39749Microsoft Windows msjet40.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-6026]🔒🔒🔒
39748Wpa Supplicant driver_wext.c memory corruption🔒🔒
39747Wordpress improper authentication [CVE-2007-6013]🔒🔒
39746Gatesoft DocuSafe searchr.asp sql injection
39745Samba WINS Server reply_netbios_packet memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39744Bug Software BugHotel Reservation System main.php improper authentication
39743pioneers input validation [CVE-2007-6010]🔒
39742Acdsee Photo Manager memory corruption [CVE-2007-6009]
39741Autonomy Keyview Filter Sdk emlsr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-6008]
39740TestLink Authorization improper authentication [CVE-2007-6006]
39739Webex Communications Webex Gpccontainer Activex Control ActiveX Control resource management
39738Toko Instan index.php sql injection
39737Thomson SpeedTouch cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6003]
39736Fenrir Sleipnir cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6002]
39735Bandersnatch index.php cross site scripting
39734KDE Konqueror resource management [CVE-2007-6000]
39733Softbizscripts Softbiz Auctions Script product_desc.php sql injection
39732Softbizscripts Ad Management plus Script ads.php sql injection
39731Softbizscripts Banner Exchange Network Script campaign_stats.php sql injection
39730Softbizscripts Link Directory Script searchresult.php sql injection
39729Php-tools patBBcode code injection [CVE-2007-5995]
39728yappa-ng check_noimage.php code injection
39727VTLS vtls.web.gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5993]
39726datecomm Social Networking Script index.php sql injection
39725Exo ExoPHPdesk index.php sql injection
39724Exo ExoPHPdesk register.php cross site scripting
39723Adobe ColdFusion credentials management [CVE-2007-5905]
39722Linux Kernel tcp_sacktag_write_queue resource management🔒🔒
39721PCRE numeric error [CVE-2006-7230]🔒🔒
39720Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-4701]🔒
39719Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-4700]🔒
39718Apple Mac OS X Default Configuration access control [CVE-2007-4699]🔒
39717Apple Mac OS X Browser History memory corruption [CVE-2007-4697]🔒
39716Apple Mac OS X race condition [CVE-2007-4696]🔒
39715Apple Mac OS X File Upload input validation [CVE-2007-4695]🔒
39714Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-4694]🔒
39713Apple Mac OS X improper authentication [CVE-2007-4693]🔒
39712Apple Mac OS X File System access control [CVE-2007-4691]🔒
39711Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2007-4690]🔒
39710Apple Mac OS X Networking resource management [CVE-2007-4689]🔒
39709Apple Mac OS X Networking information disclosure [CVE-2007-4688]🔒
39708Apple Mac OS X config [CVE-2007-4687]🔒
39707Apple Mac OS X ttioctl numeric error🔒
39706Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-4685]🔒
39705Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-4684]🔒
39704Apple Mac OS X path traversal [CVE-2007-4683]🔒
39703Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-4682]🔒
39702Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2007-4681]🔒
39701Apple Mac OS X SSL Certificate improper authentication [CVE-2007-4680]🔒
39700Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-4679]🔒
39699Apple Mac OS X null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-4678]🔒
39698Apple Mac OS X Networking numeric error [CVE-2007-4269]🔒
39697Apple Mac OS X Networking numeric error [CVE-2007-4268]🔒
39696Apple Mac OS X Networking memory corruption [CVE-2007-4267]🔒
39695Apple Mac OS X setuid Program memory corruption [CVE-2007-3749]🔒
39694Bti-tracker User Account shoutbox_block.php access control
39693Bti-tracker details.php access control
39692Btiteam BTI-Tracker sql injection [CVE-2007-5986]
39691Bti-tracker account.php cross site scripting
39690Justin Hagstrom AutoIndex PHP Script Url.php input validation
39689Justin Hagstrom AutoIndex PHP Script index.php cross site scripting
39688X7 Group X7 Chat frame.php cross site scripting
39687Lantronix SCS3200 denial of service [CVE-2007-5981]
39686eggblog cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5980]
39685F5 Firepass 4100 download_plugin.php3 cross site scripting
39684XOOPS mylinks module brokenlink.php sql injection
39683phpMyAdmin db_create.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
39682TorrentStrike index.php sql injection
39681JPortal Jportal Web Portal mailer.php sql injection
39680JPortal Jportal Web Portal articles.php sql injection
39679Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4698]🔒
39678Apple Safari improper authentication [CVE-2007-4692]🔒
39677Ubuntu Linux skge Driver resource management [CVE-2006-7229]🔒🔒
39676Getmiro Broadcast Machine login.php cross site scripting
39675PCRE numeric error [CVE-2006-7228]🔒🔒
39674PCRE numeric error [CVE-2006-7227]🔒🔒
39673IBM Informix Dynamic Server denial of service [CVE-2007-5957]
39672IBM Informix Dynamic Server path traversal [CVE-2007-5956]
39671updir UPDIR.NET updir.php cross site scripting
39670JLMForo System buscador.php cross site scripting
39669Really Simple CalDAV Store information disclosure [CVE-2007-5953]
39668Helios Calendar index.php cross site scripting
39667E-Vendejo articles.php sql injection
39666NetCommons cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5950]
39665Script-fun SF-Shoutbox main.php cross site scripting
39664Mozilla Firefox Protocol cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5947]🔒🔒
39663HP HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5946]🔒🔒
39662USVN access control [CVE-2007-5945]
39661Simple Machines Forum Search Module config [CVE-2007-5943]
39660Bandersnatch Error Message index.php information disclosure
39659Adobe Shockwave Player ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-5941]
39658Ruby Libraries ftptls improper authentication🔒🔒
39657AOL Radio ActiveX Control ampx.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
39656Novell Client input validation [CVE-2007-5667]
39655Microsoft Windows config [CVE-2007-3898]🔒
39654Sun Remote Services Net Connect format string [CVE-2007-3880]🔒
39653Red Hat Conga denial of service [CVE-2007-4136]🔒🔒
39652Tug TeXLive 2007 link following🔒🔒
39651Nss Ldap race condition [CVE-2007-5794]🔒🔒
39650teTeX dvi2xx.c memory corruption🔒🔒
39649teTeX access control [CVE-2007-5936]🔒🔒
39648teTeX hpc.c memory corruption🔒🔒
39647PEAR Structures Datagrid Datasource Mdb2 information disclosure🔒🔒
39646Pioneers input validation [CVE-2007-5933]🔒🔒
39645Fatwire Fatwire Content Server search cross site scripting
39644OrangeHRM repviewcontroller.php redirect access control
39643Cerberus FTP Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5930]
39642OpenBase Stored Procedure memory corruption
39641OpenBase memory corruption [CVE-2007-5928]
39640OpenBase Stored Procedure path traversal
39639OpenBase Stored Procedure input validation
39638CA eTrust SiteMinder cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5923]🔒
39637BitchX Backdoor mdop.m information disclosure🔒
39636PicoFlat CMS Administrative Script index.php path traversal
39635MyWebFTP access control [CVE-2007-5919]
39634MS TopSites edit.php cross-site request forgery
39633Skalinks cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5917]
39632phphelpdesk Login Page sql injection [CVE-2007-5916]
39631phphelpdesk Help index.php path traversal
39630Jean Charles JBC Explorer post.php code injection
39629Jean Charles JBC Explorer auth.php improper authentication
39628jPORTAL Jportal Web Portal mailer.php sql injection
39627Viewpoint Media Player ActiveX Control axmetastream.dll memory corruption
39626Autonomy Keyview Filter Sdk wp6sr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5910]🔒
39625Autonomy Keyview Filter Sdk kpagrdr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5909]🔒🔒
39624Red Hat mcstrans input validation [CVE-2007-4570]🔒🔒
39623Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2007-5908]
39622Linux Foundation Xen access control [CVE-2007-5907]🔒🔒
39621Linux Foundation Xen denial of service [CVE-2007-5906]🔒
39620Oracle Database Server TRANSFORM memory corruption
39619Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2007-5896]
39618Oracle E-Business Suite okxlov.jsp sql injection
39617Oracle Database Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4517]🔒
39615CoolKey .pk11ipc1 link following🔒🔒
39614gforge link following [CVE-2007-3921]🔒🔒
39613Alhem C++ Sockets Library httpsocket.cpp input validation
39612SSReader Ultra Star Reader ActiveX Control pdg2.dll Register memory corruption
39611ManageEngine OpManager cross site scripting🔒
39610easyGB index.php path traversal
39609IDMOS admin.php file inclusion
39608Cisco Unified MeetingPlace mpx.dll cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5581]
39607Link Grammar tokenize.c separate_word memory corruption🔒🔒
39606Foo Labs Xpdf reset memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39605Larry Wall Perl regcomp.c memory corruption🔒🔒
39604PCRE infinite loop [CVE-2007-4767]🔒🔒
39603PCRE numeric error [CVE-2007-4766]🔒🔒
39602PCRE denial of service [CVE-2007-1662]🔒🔒
39601Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2007-1661]🔒🔒
39600PCRE memory corruption [CVE-2007-1660]🔒🔒
39599PCRE memory corruption [CVE-2007-1659]🔒🔒
39598Coppermine Photo Gallery displayecard.php cross site scripting
39597Infuseum ASP Message Board sql injection [CVE-2007-5887]
39596Plone code injection [CVE-2007-5741]🔒🔒
39595net-snmp SNMP Agent snmp_agent.c resource management🔒🔒
39594GuppY error.php code injection
39593GuppY path traversal [CVE-2007-5844]🔒
39592scWiki common.php code injection
39591Vortex Portal secure.php code injection
39590nuBoard code injection [CVE-2007-5841]
39589SyndeoCMS Themes code injection
39588Red Hat Certificate Server Certificates credentials management
39587Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution config [CVE-2007-5838]🔒
39586Altiris Deployment Solution path traversal [CVE-2007-3874]🔒
39585yarssr code injection [CVE-2007-5837]🔒🔒
39584Amazing Flash AFCommerce sql injection [CVE-2007-5836]
39583BosDev BosNews install.php access control
39582BosDev BosNews cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5834]
39581BosDev BosMarket Business Directory System cross site scripting
39580SSL-Explorer input validation
39579SSL-Explorer Filesystem path traversal
39578Avaya Messaging Storage Server Networking input validation [CVE-2007-5830]
39577Symantec Norton_internet_security access control [CVE-2007-5829]
39576Django Default Configuration cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5828] [Disputed]
39575iscsitarget access control [CVE-2007-5827]
39574EDraw Flowchart ActiveX ActiveX Control edimage.ocx HttpDownloadFile path traversal
39573Firefly Media Server Authorization webserver.c ws_addarg format string🔒🔒🔒
39572Firefly Media Server Authorization webserver.c ws_getheaders input validation🔒🔒
39571Scribe forum.php path traversal
39570Scribe forum.php register code injection
39569DM Guestbook guestbook.php path traversal
39568Ax Developer CMS index.php path traversal
39567IBM Tivoli_continuous_data_protection_for_files access control
39566sBlog blocks_edit_do.php cross-site request forgery
39565CONTENTCustomizer dialog.php cross site scripting
39564CONTENTCustomizer dialog.php information disclosure
39563SonicWall Ssl Vpn 200 ActiveX Control path traversal [CVE-2007-5815]
39562SonicWall SSL VPN ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-5814]🔒
39561SonicWall SSL VPN ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-5603]🔒🔒
39560ISPworker download.php path traversal🔒
39559ModuleBuilder loadmodule path traversal [CVE-2007-5812]🔒
39558phpMyConferences pagetraitedownload.php path traversal [Disputed]
39557Hitachi Ucosminexus Developer Standard input validation [CVE-2007-5810]
39556Hitachi Ucosminexus Developer Standard cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5809]
39555Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Portal Web Client information disclosure
39554SSReader Ultra Star Reader ActiveX Control register memory corruption
39553ILIAS class.ilUtil.php cross site scripting
39552IBM AIX swcons link following [CVE-2007-5805]
39551IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5804]
39550Citrix Access Gateway Advanced Access Control information disclosure
39549IBM AIX bellmail sendrmt memory corruption🔒
39548IBM AIX dns_name_fromtext numeric error🔒
39547IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4621]🔒
39546IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4513]🔒
39545Firewolf Technologies Synergiser index.php duplicate path traversal
39544WORK system e-commerce Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5801]
39543Tom Willmot Backupwordpress Plugin Archive.php code injection
39542IBM WebSphere Application Server cross-site request forgery🔒
39541IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting🔒
39540Apache Geronimo improper authentication [CVE-2007-5797]
39539Blue Coat ProxySG Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5796]
39538Novell BorderManager clntrust.exe memory corruption
39537MacroVision Update Service ActiveX Control isusweb.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39536Mono memory corruption [CVE-2007-5197]🔒🔒
39535CPAN Archive Tar Perl Module tar path traversal🔒🔒
39534Stonesoft StoneGate IPS denial of service [CVE-2007-5793]
39533Vonage Motorola Phone Adapter Vt2142-vd cryptographic issues
39532Vonage Motorola Phone Adapter Vt2142-vd improper authentication
39531Globe7 cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5790]
39530Grandstream Ht488 denial of service [CVE-2007-5789]
39529Grandstream Ht488 memory corruption [CVE-2007-5788]
39528Phptoys Micro Login System access control [CVE-2007-5787]
39527A-enterprise GoSamba html_oben.php code injection
39526Jobsiteprofessional JobSite Professional file.php code injection CaupoShop Pro index.php code injection
39524Emagic-cms emagiC CMS.Net emc.asp code injection
39523FireConfig dl.php path traversal
39522sige code injection [CVE-2007-5781]
39521Telematic Lab teatro code injection [CVE-2007-5780]
39520GOM Player ActiveX Control gomweb3.dll memory corruption🔒
39519Mobile-spy Registry cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5778]
39518Blue-Collar Productions i-Gallery access control [CVE-2007-5777]
39517Blue-Collar Productions i-Gallery igallery.asp path traversal
39516BitDefender Total Security memory corruption [CVE-2007-5775]🔒🔒
39515Flatnuke3 Error Message index.php information disclosure
39514Flatnuke3 index.php cross-site request forgery
39513Flatnuke3 code injection
39512Flatnuke3 access control [CVE-2007-5771]
39511Globe7 cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5768]
39510cups ippreadio numeric error🔒🔒
39509McAfee E-Business Server numeric error [CVE-2007-2957]
39508phpFaber urlinn code injection [CVE-2007-5754]
39507Light FMan PHP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5753]
39506Agtc Websolutions Php-agtc Membership System adduser.php improper authentication
39505Liferea access control [CVE-2007-5751]🔒🔒
39504RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2007-5081]🔒🔒🔒🔒
39503RealNetworks RealPlayer numeric error [CVE-2007-5080]🔒🔒
39502RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2007-4599]🔒🔒
39501IPSwitch IMail Server Mail Client memory corruption [CVE-2007-4345]🔒
39500RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2007-2264]🔒🔒🔒
39499RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2007-2263]🔒🔒🔒
39498Vergenet Perdition Mail Retrieval Proxy Format String Protection format string🔒🔒
39497Ghlab Korean GHBoard download.jsp path traversal
39496Ghlab Korean GHBoard input validation [CVE-2007-5738]
39495Ghlab Korean GHBoard File Upload upload.jsp code injection
39494SeeBlick File Upload upload.php Stored input validation
39493eFileMan access control [CVE-2007-5735]
39492eFileMan File Upload upload.cgi input validation
39491Japanese PHP Gallery Hosting File Upload upload.php code injection
39490eLouai Force Download downloadfile.php path traversal
39489Apache Jakarta Slide path traversal [CVE-2007-5731]🔒
39488Fabrice Bellard QEMU memory corruption [CVE-2007-5730]🔒🔒
39487Fabrice Bellard QEMU memory corruption [CVE-2007-5729]🔒🔒
39486Fabrice Bellard QEMU numeric error [CVE-2007-1321]🔒🔒
39485phpPgAdmin redirect.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
39484OneOrZero OneOrZero Helpdesk common.php stripscripts cross site scripting
39483Smart-Shop index.php cross site scripting
39482Omnistar Interactive Omnistar Live kb.php cross site scripting
39481NuFW sasl.c samp_send memory corruption GlobalLink ActiveX Control glchat.ocx memory corruption🔒
39479MySpacePros MySpace Resource Script breadcrumb.php code injection
39478ProfileCMS File Upload code injection [CVE-2007-5720]
39477miniBB bb_func_search.php sql injection
39476vobcopy link following [CVE-2007-5718]🔒🔒
39475Quirm SAXON example.php sql injection
39474Quirm SAXON cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4862]
39473Quirm SAXON Error Message news.php information disclosure
39471DenyHosts config [CVE-2007-5715]
39470Gentoo Mldonkey Ebuild Default Password improper authentication🔒🔒
39469Valve Software Half-Life Dedicated Server Error Message geoip_code3 numeric error
39468Django resource management [CVE-2007-5712]🔒🔒
39467Massive Entertainment World in Conflict input validation [CVE-2007-5711]
39466Sony SonicStage CONNECT Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-5709]
39465OpenLDAP resource management [CVE-2007-5708]🔒🔒
39464OpenLDAP resource management [CVE-2007-5707]🔒🔒
39463IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4348]
39462Jeeblestechnology Jeebles Directory download.php path traversal
39461Jeeblestechnology Jeebles Directory Administration code injection
39460CodeWidgets Online Event Registration Template sql injection
39459RSA KEON Registration Authority Web Interface cross site scripting
39458Novell OpenSUSE SWAMP Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5702]
39457HP OpenView Configuration Management Configuration Manager information disclosure
39456IBM Lotus Notes Copy Function nnotes.dll tagattributelistcopy memory corruption🔒🔒
39455IBM Lotus Domino Admin Panel cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5701]
39454IBM Lotus Domino information disclosure [CVE-2007-5700]
39453eIQNetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer memory corruption [CVE-2007-5699]
39452CREApark GOLD KOY PORTALI default.asp cross site scripting
39451Phpimage PHP Image xarg_corner.php code injection
394503proxy FTP Proxy ftpprchild resource management🔒🔒
39449IBM Lotus Notes Shared Memory access control [CVE-2007-5544]🔒🔒
39448Compiz memory corruption [CVE-2007-3920]🔒🔒
39447IBM Lotus Domino IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2007-3510]🔒🔒🔒
39446phpBasic includes.php code injection
39445SiteBar command.php link following🔒🔒
39444SiteBar translator.php path traversal🔒🔒
39443SiteBar translator.php code injection🔒🔒
39442SiteBar integrator.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
39441Mozilla Firefox parseftplist.cpp input validation🔒
39440Asterisk Zaptel sethdlc.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
39439Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2007-5689]🔒🔒
39438phpBB directory.php sql injection
39437JustSystem Ichitaro jstaro4.ocx memory corruption
39436rPath Linux initscripts access control [CVE-2007-5686]
39435Serverkit shttp safe_path path traversal
39434Linux Foundation xen link following [CVE-2007-3919]🔒🔒
39433TikiWiki tiki-index.php path traversal🔒🔒
39432TikiWiki tiki-remind_password.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
39431TikiWiki Whitelist tiki-graph_formula.php access control🔒🔒
39430Btglobalservices Bt Consumer Webhelper ActiveX Control btwebcontrol.dll memory corruption
39429DeeEmm Dmcms index.php sql injection
39428phpBasic sql injection [CVE-2007-5678]
39427Hackish cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5677]
39426Futurenuke Platinum code injection [CVE-2007-5676]
39425MultiXTpm Application Server debugprint memory corruption
39424InstaGuide Weather index.php path traversal
39423ifnet webif cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5673]
39421Mozilla Firefox Sidebar information disclosure [CVE-2007-5335]🔒🔒
39420Litespeed Technologies LiteSpeed Web Server php%00.txt information disclosure🔒
39419PHP ActiveX Control os command injection🔒🔒
39418Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-5651]🔒
39417ReloadCMS system.php path traversal
39416SocketMail lostpwd.php cross site scripting
39415rnote rnote.php cross site scripting
39414SocketKB cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5647]
39413Simple Machines Forum sql injection [CVE-2007-5646]🔒
39412Lussumo Vanilla access control [CVE-2007-5644]
39411Lussumo Vanilla sql injection [CVE-2007-5643]
39410Phppm PHP Project Management index.php path traversal
39409Phppm PHP Project Management index.php code injection🔒🔒
39408Nortel Business Communications Manager authentication spoofing
39407Nortel IP Softphone 2050 denial of service [CVE-2007-5639]
39406Nortel Business Communications Manager cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5638]
39405Nortel Business Communications Manager information disclosure
39404Nortel IP Softphone 2050 Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2007-5636]
39403Sitracker Support Incident Tracker Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5635]
39402Almico Speedfan memory corruption [CVE-2007-5634]
39401Almico Speedfan privileges management [CVE-2007-5633]
39400PeopleAggregator AudiosMediaGalleryModule.php code injection
39399BBsProcesS BBPortalS tnews.php sql injection
39398CandyPress CandyPress Store logon.asp cross site scripting
39397TOWels code injection [CVE-2007-5628]
39396SocketMail code injection [CVE-2007-5627]
39395Bacula Bacula_backup cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5626]🔒🔒
39394Simongibson ASP Site Search SearchSimon Lite filename.asp cross site scripting🔒🔒
39393Red Hat Enterprise Linux denial of service [CVE-2007-4574]🔒🔒
39392Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2007-3850]🔒🔒
39391Drupal Paypal Node Module cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5621]
39390Zehnet Zz Flashchat help.php path traversal
39389Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista Webclient.php cross site scripting
39388VMware Server cleartext storage [CVE-2007-5619]🔒
39387VMware Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-5618]🔒
39386VMware Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-5617]🔒🔒
39385Mozilla SeaMonkey Javascript Engine input validation [CVE-2007-5340]🔒🔒🔒
39384Artmedic CMS index.php code injection
39383awrate 404.php code injection
39382Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5598]
39381Drupal Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-5597]🔒🔒
39380Drupal Whitelist cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5596]🔒🔒
39379drupal drupal_goto response splitting🔒🔒
39378Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5594]🔒🔒
39377Drupal install.php code injection🔒🔒
39376awzMB adminhelp.php code injection
39375Nortel VoIP-Core-CS Telephony denial of service [CVE-2007-5591]
39374Miranda-im Miranda memory corruption [CVE-2007-5590]
39373phpMyAdmin Libraries server_status.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
39372mnoGoSearch search.cgi cross site scripting
39371David Hansson Ruby on Rails Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5380]🔒🔒
39370David Hansson Ruby on Rails simple) information disclosure🔒🔒
39369Macrovision SafeDisc memory corruption [CVE-2007-5587]🔒
39367xscreensaver resource management [CVE-2007-5585]🔒🔒
39366Pligg Pligg CMS Login login.php credentials management
39365Secureideas Basic Analysis/Security Engine base_main.php improper authentication🔒
39364Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5577]🔒🔒
39363BEA Weblogic Workshop information disclosure [CVE-2007-5576]
39362Treble Designs 1024 CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5575]
39361PHPDJ djpage.php code injection
39360LimeSurvey Core code injection [CVE-2007-5573]
39359SPHPBlog add_block.php cross-site request forgery
39358Cisco Firewall Services Module access control [CVE-2007-5571]
39357Cisco Firewall Services Module input validation [CVE-2007-5570]
39356Cisco Pix 500 input validation [CVE-2007-5569]
39355Galmeta Galmeta Post upload_config.php code injection [CVE-2007-5567]
39354PHPBlog code injection [CVE-2007-5566] [Disputed]
39353phpSCMS code injection [CVE-2007-5565] [Disputed]
39352Simple PHP Forum cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5564]
39351VirtueMart input validation [CVE-2007-5563]
39350Netgear SSL312 Error Page cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5562]
39349Oracle OPMN daemon Logging logging format string🔒
39348Juniper HTTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2007-5560]
39347IBM ThinkVantage TPM memory corruption [CVE-2007-5559]
39346LG LG Mobile handset numeric error [CVE-2007-5558]
39345NEC mobile handset input validation [CVE-2007-5557]
39344Avaya VoIP Handset input validation [CVE-2007-5556]
39343Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution information disclosure [CVE-2007-5555]
39342Oracle Database Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-5554]🔒
39340Cisco IOS numeric error [CVE-2007-5552]
39339Cisco IOS off-by-one [CVE-2007-5551]
39338Cisco IOS Network Service information disclosure [CVE-2007-5550]🔒
39337Cisco IOS information disclosure [CVE-2007-5549]🔒
39336Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2007-5548]🔒
39335Cisco IOS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5547]🔒
39334TIBCO Smart Pgm Fx memory corruption [CVE-2007-5546]
39333TIBCO Smart Pgm Fx format string [CVE-2007-5545]
39332PTC Mathcad access control [CVE-2007-4600]
39331OpenSSH Audit Log linux_audit_record_event unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
39330Mono staticfilehandler.cs information disclosure
39329Cisco Unified Intelligent Contact Management Enterprise Remote Privilege Escalation
39328Cisco Unified Communications Manager memory corruption [CVE-2007-5538]
39327Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2007-5537]
39326OpenSSL denial of service [CVE-2007-5536]🔒🔒
39325RunCms Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5535]
39324Microsoft Windows Mobile SMS access control [CVE-2007-5493]
39323Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5534]
39322Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5533]
39321Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5532]
39320Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5531]🔒
39319Oracle Database Server Enterprise Manager Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
39318Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5529]
39317Oracle E-Business Suite Human Resources Remote Code Execution
39316Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library Remote Code Execution
39315Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5526]
39314Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5525]
39313Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5524]
39312Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5523]
39311Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5522]
39310Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5521]
39309Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5520]🔒
39308Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5519]
39307Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5518]
39306Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5517]
39305Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5516]
39304Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5515]🔒
39303Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5514]🔒
39302Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-5513]🔒
39301Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5512]🔒
39300Oracle Database Server Workspace Manager sql injection [CVE-2007-5511]🔒🔒
39299Oracle Database Server Workspace Manager Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
39298Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-5509]🔒
39297Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-5508]🔒
39296Oracle Database Server TNS Listener memory corruption [CVE-2007-5507]🔒
39295Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS resource management [CVE-2007-5506]🔒🔒🔒
39294Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5505]🔒
39293Oracle Database Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-5504] [Disputed]🔒
39292Asterisk-Addons MySQL sql injection [CVE-2007-5488]
39291SiteBar translator.php code injection🔒🔒
39290SiteBar translator.php path traversal🔒🔒
39289Okulumunsitesi Portal default.asp sql injection
39288Artmedic Webdesign Artmedic CMS index.php path traversal
39287COWON America jetAudio memory corruption [CVE-2007-5487]
39286dotProject access control [CVE-2007-5486]
39285KwsPHP index.php sql injection
39284WWWISIS wxis.exe path traversal
39283Sun StorageTek 3510 Management Interface Stored denial of service
39282Distributed Checksum Clearinghouse DCC denial of service [CVE-2007-5481]
39281InnovaAge InnovaShop msg.jsp cross site scripting
39280Xcomputer search.asp cross site scripting
39279Nabh Information Systems Stringbeans Portal cross site scripting
39278Valve Software Half-Life Dedicated Server cross site scripting
39277SuSE Linux denial of service [CVE-2007-5471]
39276OpenSER access control [CVE-2007-5469] [Disputed]
39275eXtremail memmove numeric error
39274eXtremail Admin Interface ifProcImapAuth1 memory corruption
39273Mydoop doop CMS path traversal [CVE-2007-5465]
39272Lfs Live for Speed memory corruption [CVE-2007-5464]
39271ViArt Shop Error Message ideal_process.php path traversal
39270Sun Solaris Filesystem input validation [CVE-2007-5462]🔒🔒
39269Microsoft ActiveSync Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5460]
39268Itirou Maruta MouseoverDictionary cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5459]
39267Alorys-hebergement KwsPHP index.php sql injection
39266Michael Dempfle Joomla Flash Uploader install.joomla_flash_uploader.php code injection🔒
39265Microsoft Internet Explorer Download Security code injection
39264WWWISIS wxis.exe cross site scripting
39263PHP File Sharing System index.php path traversal
39262Php-Stats Backup Restore admin.php eval code injection
39261php-stats php-stats.recjs.php sql injection
39260com_colorlab admin.color.php code injection🔒
39259Softbiz Recipes Portal Script searchresult.php sql injection
39258Madwifi net80211 input validation [CVE-2007-5448]🔒🔒
39257PHP ioncube_loader_win_5.2.dll ioncube_read_file access control🔒🔒
39256Perfection Bytes PBEmail ActiveX Control pbemail7ax.dll path traversal
39255DB Software Laboratory VImpX ActiveX Control vimpx.ocx memory corruption
39254CMS Made Simple information disclosure [CVE-2007-5444]
39253CMS Made Simple cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5443]
39252CMS Made Simple access control [CVE-2007-5442]
39251CMS Made Simple Administrative access control
39250Novell openSUSE link following [CVE-2007-5200]🔒🔒
39249SuSE Linux cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5196]🔒
39248SuSE Linux cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5195]🔒
39247CRS Manager index.php input validation [Disputed]
39246CA Etrust Integrated Threat Management access control [CVE-2007-5439]
39245VMware Workstation/Player/ACE/Server ActiveX Control vmount2.exe ConnectPopulatedDiskEx input validation🔒
39244CA Etrust Integrated Threat Management Web Console link following
39243Gdata Antivirus ActiveX Control scanobjectbrowser.dll SelectPath memory corruption
39242CA ERwin Process Modeler Process Model resource management [CVE-2007-5435]
39241OpenSSL numeric error [CVE-2007-4995]🔒🔒
39240ca BrightStor ARCServe BackUp resource management [CVE-2007-5332]🔒🔒
39239CA BrightStor ARCServe BackUp Message Queuing Service lqserver.exe code injection🔒
39238ca BrightStor ARCServe BackUp resource management [CVE-2007-5330]🔒🔒
39237CA BrightStor ARCServe BackUp resource management [CVE-2007-5329]🔒🔒
39236CA BrightStor ARCServe BackUp File System "privileged access control🔒🔒
39235CA BrightStor ARCServe BackUp RPC Interface mediasvr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
39234CA BrightStor ARCServe BackUp rpcx.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5326]🔒🔒
39232hp Linux Imaging/Printing Project input validation [CVE-2007-5208]🔒🔒🔒
39231Pro.setun PRO-search cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5434]
39230Siteup index.cgi cross site scripting
39229Scottmanktelow Stride Cms login.php information disclosure
39228Javaatwork MyFTPUploader module imageupload.js information disclosure
39227Scottmanktelow Stride Cms main.php sql injection
39226Nucleus index.php cross site scripting
39225UMI CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5428]
39224Interspire ActiveKB NX activekb cross site scripting
39223Interspire ActiveKB index.php code injection
39222PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-5424]🔒🔒
39221TikiWiki tiki-graph_formula.php code injection🔒🔒🔒
392193Com 3crwe554g72t Remote Management information disclosure [CVE-2007-5420]
392183Com 3crwe554g72t Web Management Interface config [CVE-2007-5419]
39217CARE2X 2G en_copyrite.php code injection
39216boastMachine index.php path traversal
39215Drupal drupal_eval numeric error
39214Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5415]
39213Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5414]
39212Kaspersky Online Scanner ActiveX Control kavwebscan.dll format string🔒
39211Quoc-Huy MP3 Allopass allopass.php code injection🔒
39210Linksys SPA941 cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5411] Flash RSS Reader admin.wmtrssreader.php code injection🔒
39208Nuhit NuSEO PHP Enterprise code injection [CVE-2007-5409]
39207Cplinks cpDynaLinks category.php sql injection
39206Joomlaequipment JContentSubscription jcs.function.php code injection
39205HP Select Identity improper authentication [CVE-2007-5391]
39204PicoFlat CMS index.php code injection
39203Swmenupro swMenuFree preview.php code injection [Disputed]
39202WebDesktop apps.php code injection
39201Pindorama client.php code injection
39200Alcatel SpeedTouch 7G router cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5385]
39199Alcatel SpeedTouch 7G router cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5384]
39198Alcatel SpeedTouch 7G router improper authentication [CVE-2007-5383]
39197Cisco Wireless Control System Administrator Account access control
39196Tcl Tk Tk Toolkit tkimggif.c readimage memory corruption🔒🔒
39195GNU tramp link following [CVE-2007-5377]🔒🔒
39194Sun Java Virtual Machine input validation [CVE-2007-5375]
39193LightBlog cp_memberedit.php improper authentication
39192ldapscripts cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5373]🔒🔒
39191LedgerSMB sql injection [CVE-2007-5372]
39190MODX CMS mutate_content.dynamic.php sql injection
39189NetWin dnewsweb News Server cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5370]
39188Massive Entertainment World in Conflict getmagicnumberstring numeric error
39187Fujitsu Interstage Application Server Error Message path traversal
39186Adobe PageMaker maipm6.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5169]🔒
39185Wesnoth server.cpp truncate_message format string🔒🔒
39184ViArt Shopping Cart Transaction createCertFingerprint path traversal [Disputed]
39183Panoramic Picture Viewer Mambot Plugin admin.panoramic.php code injection🔒
39182Mambo mediad credits.html.php code injection
39181EMC RepliStor recv memory corruption
39180Firebird SQL Server fbserver.exe process_packet memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39179Microsoft Visual FoxPro ActiveX Control fpole.ocx FoxDoCmd os command injection🔒🔒
39178Verlihub Control Panel index.php path traversal
39177Pegasus Imaging ImagXpress ActiveX Control pegasusimaging.activex.thumnailxpress1.dll compactfile path traversal
39176Electronic Arts SnoopyCtrl ActiveX Control npsnpy.dll memory corruption🔒
39175TYPOlight webCMS preview.php input validation
39173Softbizscripts Softbiz Jobs/Recruitment Script browsecats.php sql injection
39172Softpedia LiveAlbum common.php code injection
39171xKiosk xKiosk WEB xkurl.php code injection Picturesolution config.php code injection
39169TorrentTrader css.php cross site scripting
39168TorrentTrader Backend admin-functions.php path traversal wmtportfolio admin.wmtportfolio.php code injection🔒 Flash Image Gallery admin.wmtgallery.php code injection🔒
39165PHP Homepage M galerie.php sql injection
39164Yannick Tanguy ELSEIF CMS code injection [CVE-2007-5307]
39163Yannick Tanguy ELSEIF CMS votesresultats.php path traversal
39162Yannick Tanguy ELSEIF CMS contenus.php code injection
39161Yannick Tanguy ELSEIF CMS vousetesbannis.php cross site scripting
39160SnewsCMS SnewsCMS Rus news_page.php cross site scripting
39159HP HP-UX System management cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5302]🔒
39158AlsaPlayer vorbis_stream_info memory corruption🔒🔒
39157wzdftpd do_login_loop memory corruption🔒🔒
39156SkaDate Skadate Online Dating Software featured_list.php path traversal
39155Creamotion CMS Administration securite.php code injection
39154Minki index.php cross site scripting
39153Livio Siri dblist dblisttest.asp cross site scripting
39152Wikepage Opus index.php code injection
39151IDMOS Core aural.php code injection
39150IDMOS error.php cross site scripting
39149Splitside Directory Image Gallery photos.cfm cross site scripting
39148Daniel Broadbent DB Manager edit.asp cross site scripting
39147Afterlogic MailBee WebMail login.php cross site scripting
39141Hitachi TPBroker Object Transaction Monitor input validation
39140Hitachi Cosminexus Agent input validation [CVE-2007-5282]
39139Hitachi Ucosminexus Client input validation [CVE-2007-5281]
39138AppFuse Error Message messages.jsp cross site scripting
39137ConeXware PowerArchiver memory corruption [CVE-2007-5279]
39136Zomplog Default Configuration upload access control
39135Microsoft Internet Explorer Connection authentication spoofing
39134Opera Web Browser unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-5276]
39133Sun JDK/JRE memory corruption [CVE-2007-5274]🔒🔒
39132Sun JDK/JRE memory corruption [CVE-2007-5273]🔒🔒
39131Furkan Tastan Blog kategori.asp sql injection
39130Trionic Cite CMS code injection [CVE-2007-5271]
39129Bendiken Boost Module For Drupal cross site scriting [CVE-2007-5270]
39128libpng pngrtran.c denial of service🔒🔒
39127libpng CC Profile pngset.c png_set_iccp numeric error🔒🔒
39126Dawnoftime Dawn of Time websrv.cpp format string
39125Battlefront Dropteam information disclosure [CVE-2007-5264]
39124Battlefront Dropteam memory corruption [CVE-2007-5263]
39123Battlefront Dropteam format string [CVE-2007-5262]
39122OpenH323 Session Initiation Protocol input validation [CVE-2007-4924]🔒🔒
39120iScripts MultiCart categorydetail.php sql injection
39119ASP-CMS access control [CVE-2007-5260]
39118Ilient SysAid cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5259]
39117phpFreeLog log.php input validation
39116EDraw Office Viewer Component ActiveX Control officeviewer.ocx memory corruption🔒
39115Mcdu FSD Help Function exechelp memory corruption
39114Mcmurtrey Whitaker And Associates Cart32 c32web.exe input validation🔒
39113NetSupport Netsupport Manager Client memory corruption [CVE-2007-5252]🔒
39112Webhost Automation Helm Web Hosting Control Panel domain.asp cross-site request forgery
39111America's Army numeric error [CVE-2007-5250]
39110America's Army Logging logging memory corruption
39109ID Software Quake 4 format string [CVE-2007-5248]
39108Monolith Productions First Encounter Assault Recon format string
39107Firebird SQL Server isc_attach_database memory corruption🔒🔒
39106Firebird SQL Server svc_attach memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39105Borland InterBase open_marker_file memory corruption🔒
39104Borland InterBase pwd_db_aliased memory corruption🔒
39103HP OpenVMS sys$ei1000.exe denial of service
39102HP OpenVMS net$csmacd.exe memory corruption
39101Sun JDK/JRE Java Runtime Environment memory corruption [CVE-2007-5240]🔒🔒
39100Sun JDK/JRE Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-5239]🔒🔒
39099Sun JDK/JRE Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-5238]🔒🔒
39098Sun JDK/JRE Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-5237]🔒🔒
39097Sun JDK/JRE Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-5236]🔒🔒
39096Uebimiau index.php cross site scripting
39095Ossigeno code injection [CVE-2007-5234]
39094Deonixscripts Web Template Management System index.php sql injection🔒
39093Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-5232]🔒🔒
39092Zomplog File Upload input validation [CVE-2007-5231]
39091Zomplog access control [CVE-2007-5230]
39090FeedBurner FeedSmith cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-5229]
39089Drupal Drupal Project Issue Tracking cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5228]
39088GForge cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3918]🔒🔒
39087dircproxy irc_server.c input validation🔒🔒
39085Jimmac Original Photo Gallery exec code injection🔒
39084AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro backupstart.php access control
39083MAXdev MDPro index.php sql injection
39082Poppawid code injection
39081ASP Product Catalog catalog.asp sql injection
39080CyberLink PowerDVD ActiveX Control clavsetting.dll path traversal
39079Don Barnes DRBGuestbook index.php cross site scripting
39078Altnet Altnet Download Manager ActiveX Control adm4.dll Install memory corruption🔒
39077eGov Manger center.exe cross site scripting
39076e-Ark vcard_inc.php code injection
39075Jacob Hinkle GodSend cmdline code injection [Disputed]
39074AXIS 2100 Network Camera view cross site scripting
39073AXIS 2100 Network Camera SMTP Server cross-site request forgery
39072AXIS 2100 Network Camera cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5212]
39071Arbor Networks Peakflow SP cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5211]
39070Arbor Networks Peakflow SP Access Restriction access control
39069CenterTools DriveLock drivelock.exe memory corruption🔒
39068Apple QuickTime os command injection [CVE-2007-4673]🔒
39067Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-4133]🔒🔒
39066Debian guilt link following [CVE-2007-5207]
39065Duplicity information disclosure [CVE-2007-5201]🔒🔒
39064Rpath rMake access control [CVE-2007-5194]
39063twiki htaccess information disclosure [CVE-2007-5193]
39062Debian loop-aes-utils access control [CVE-2007-5191]🔒🔒
39061x-script GuestBook mes_add.php sql injection
39060XOOPS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5188]
39059PHP-Fusion Expanded Calendar Module show_single.php sql injection
39058Segue CMS index.php code injection
39057Phpwcms-xt config_html_menu.php code injection
39056SmbFTPD dirlist.c smbdirlist format string🔒🔒
39055Megasol OdysseySuite cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5183]
39054Netkamp Netkamp Emlak Scripti mail.asp cross site scripting
39053Netkamp Netkamp Emlak Scripti detay.asp sql injection
39052Ohesa Emlak Portali satilik.asp sql injection
39051Y/k Iletisim Formu iletisim.asp cross site scripting
39050mxBB Mx Glance Security Check mx_glance_sdesc.php code injection
39049Mambo index.php sql injection
39048GroupLink eHelpDesk rf_create.jsp cross site scripting
39047actSite base.php code injection [CVE-2007-5175]
39046actSite news.php path traversal
39045phpBB BBStore.php code injection
39044Quicksilver Forums Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-5172]
39043Quicksilver Forums access control [CVE-2007-5171]
39042CA BrightStor Hierarchical Storage Manager Agent Service sql injection🔒🔒
39041CA BrightStor Hierarchical Storage Manager Agent Service memory corruption🔒🔒
39040CA BrightStor Hierarchical Storage Manager Agent Service memory corruption🔒🔒
39039CA Protection Suites Command improper authentication [CVE-2007-5006]🔒🔒
39038CA Protection Suites rxrpc.dll path traversal [CVE-2007-5005]🔒🔒
39037CA Protection Suites numeric error [CVE-2007-5004]🔒🔒
39036CA Protection Suites rxrpc.dll GetUserInfo memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
39035Pidgin denial of service [CVE-2007-4996]🔒🔒
39034ClanLite serveur_jeux.php input validation [Disputed]
39033phpLister code injection [CVE-2007-5167]
39032SiteSys code injection
39031myIpacNG-stats init.php code injection [Disputed]
39030UniversiBO topic_review.php code injection [Disputed]
39029Nexty code injection [CVE-2007-5163] [Disputed]
39028I-systems Inc. Feedreader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5161]
39027Restaurant Management System global.php code injection
39026ntfs-3g access control [CVE-2007-5159]🔒🔒
39025PHP Fidonet Tosser phfito-post.php code injection
39024FCKeditor incomplete blacklist [CVE-2007-5156]
39023ICEOWS icegui.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5155]
39022Aimluck Aipo race condition [CVE-2007-5154]
39021Sun Java System Access Manager code injection [CVE-2007-5153]🔒
39020Sun Java System Access Manager improper authentication [CVE-2007-5152]🔒
39019Nukescripts nukesentinel Admin Function abget_admin sql injection
39018Nukescripts nukesentinel is_god sql injection
39017North Country Public Radio Public Media Manager newstopic_inc.php code injection
39016FrontAccounting Purchasing code injection [CVE-2007-5148] [Disputed]
39015Puzzle Apps CMS people.lib.php code injection [CVE-2007-5147]
39014Der Dirigent inc.generate_code.php code injection [Disputed]
39013Microsoft Windows explorer.exe memory corruption
39012Microsoft Windows Live Messenger doc memory corruption
39011F-Secure Anti-Virus unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-5143]🔒
39010Solidweb Novus buscar.asp cross site scripting
39009SiteX SiteX CMS search.php sql injection
39008IntegraMOD Nederland code injection [CVE-2007-5140]
39007chupix Chupix Cms code injection [CVE-2007-5139]
39006lustig lustig.cms code injection [CVE-2007-5138]
39005TCL TK readimage memory corruption🔒🔒
39004Dragonfrugal DFD Cart cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5136]
39003Apple iPhone Safari config [CVE-2007-3759]
39002Apple iPhone Safari input validation [CVE-2007-3757]
39001OpenSSL ssl_get_shared_ciphers numeric error🔒🔒🔒
39000Cisco CatOS access control [CVE-2007-5134]🔒
38999Microsoft Windows explorer.exe resource management
38998Interspire ActiveKB index.php sql injection
38997Boesch-it SimpGB Error Message input validation [CVE-2007-5130]
38996Boesch-it SimpGB information disclosure
38995Boesch-it SimpNews Error Message events.php mktime input validation
38994Boesch-it SimpGB admin cross site scripting
38993Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-5126]
38991AOL Instant Messenger code injection [CVE-2007-5124]
38990Simplenews access control [CVE-2007-4873]
38989Simplenews Error Message index.php information disclosure
38988Solidweb Novus notas.asp sql injection
38987Softbizscripts Classifieds Plus Script store_info.php sql injection
38986JSPWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5121]
38985JSPWiki newgroup.jsp cross site scripting
38984JSPWiki input validation [CVE-2007-5119]
38983FrontAccounting code injection [CVE-2007-5117]
38982Ekke Doerre Mods 4 Xoops Contenido eZ publish main_mod_edit.php main_upl.php code injection [Disputed]
38981phpmyProfiler block.t.php code injection [Disputed]
38980Roi Revolution Urchin report.cgi improper authentication
38979Roi Revolution Urchin Login Page session.cgi cross site scripting
38978Eb Design Pty Ltd EBCRYPT ActiveX Control ebcrypt.dll denial of service🔒
38977Eb Design Pty Ltd EbCrypt ActiveX Control ebcrypt.dll path traversal🔒
38976FlatNuke index.php cross-site request forgery Ask Toolbar Remote Code Execution Ask Toolbar ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
38973WordPress wp-register.php cross site scripting
38972WordPress wp-register.php cross site scripting
38971bcoos index.php sql injection
38970Wordsmith path traversal
38969Wordsmith code injection
38968Furquim ChironFS access control [CVE-2007-5101]
38967phpBB phpBB Plus lang_admin_album.php code injection🔒
38966David Watters Helplink Help show.php code injection
38965Dragonfrugal DFD Cart product.control.config.php code injection
38964Online Fantasy Football League offl offl_nflteam.php code injection [Disputed]
38963guanxiCRM guanxiCRM Business Solution rfc822.php code injection
38962Microsoft Windows Media Player input validation [CVE-2007-5095]
38961Ipswitch IMail iaspam.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-5094]
38960Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2007-5093]🔒🔒
38959Multimedia Dance Music module for phpNuke index.php path traversal
38958eGroupWare cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5091]
38957Microsoft SQL Server access control [CVE-2007-5090]
38956sk.log Login code injection
38955Sisd Freeside cust_bill_event.cgi cross site scripting
38954Boesch-it SimpNews cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4874]
38953Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2007-5087]
38952Apache Geronimo improper authentication [CVE-2007-5085]
38951Linux Kernel snd_mem_proc_read information disclosure🔒🔒
38950Red Hat Linux Access Restriction Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
38949Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog user_style.php cross site scripting
38948Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog htaccess upload_img_cgi.php config
38947Quiksoft EasyMail MessagePrinter Object ActiveX Control emprint.dll memory corruption
38946Massimo Chioni Mobile Entertainment Module path traversal [CVE-2007-5069]
38945phpFullAnnu index.php sql injection
38944Webmin input validation [CVE-2007-5066]🔒
38943Joomla CMS admin.slideshow1.php code injection
38942Xunlei Web Thunder ActiveX Control dapplayer_now.dll memory corruption🔒
38941Adam Scheinberg Flip Login users.txt credentials management
38940Adam Scheinberg Flip account.php access control
38939Clansphere index.php sql injection
38938XCMS index.php cross-site request forgery
38937GreenSQL Admin Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5059]
38936NetSupport NetSupport Manager Client improper authentication🔒
38935CMS Made Simple code injection🔒
38934iziContents path traversal [CVE-2007-5055]
38933iziContents code injection [CVE-2007-5054]
38932iziContents code injection [CVE-2007-5053]
38931ImageMagick blob.c readblobstring numeric error🔒🔒
38930ImageMagick numeric error [CVE-2007-4986]🔒🔒
38929Itcms Vigile CMS index.php cross site scripting
38928PhpGedView ancestry.php cross site scripting🔒
38927Neuron News index.php path traversal
38925Lhaplus memory corruption [CVE-2007-5048]
38924Symantec Norton Internet Security Function ntopenevent input validation
38923IceWarp Merak Mail Server Webmail Interface cross site scripting🔒
38922Apple QuickTime code injection [CVE-2007-5045]
38921ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Function (ssdt) access control
38920Kaspersky Internet Security Function avp.exe (ssdt) access control
38919Agnitum Outpost Firewall Function (ssdt) access control
38918Gdata InternetSecurity 2007 Function (ssdt) input validation
38917Ghostsecurity Ghost Security Suite Function (ssdt) access control
38916Ghostsecurity Ghost Security Suite Function (ssdt) access control
38915Mozilla Bugzilla WebService offer_account_by_email access control🔒🔒
38914inotify inotify-tools inotifytools.c inotifytools_snprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
38913AirDefense Airsensor HTTPS Service adlog.cgi memory corruption
38912openEngine main.php input validation [Disputed]
38911Skk Openlab SKK Tools skkdic-expr.c main link following🔒🔒
38910ELinks information disclosure [CVE-2007-5034]🔒🔒
38909phpBB XS profile.php cross site scripting
38908Francisco Burzi PHP-Nuke admin.php cross-site request forgery
38907Dibbler SrvOptIA_NA.cpp rebind input validation
38906Dibbler decoderelayrepl numeric error
38905Dibbler SrvMsg.cpp tsrvmsg memory corruption
38904Dibbler dibbler information disclosure [CVE-2007-5028]
38903Level One WBR3404TX Web Management cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5027]
38902dBlog CMS access control [CVE-2007-5026]
38901VMware ACE Stored memory corruption [CVE-2007-5025]🔒
38900EMC VMware Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-5024]🔒
38899Microsoft ISA Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-4991]
38898KDE KDM access control [CVE-2007-4569]🔒🔒
38897VMware Server access control [CVE-2007-4497]🔒🔒
38896Xiph.Org libvorbis oggenc.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
38895Xiph.Org libvorbis vorbisfile.c infinite loop [CVE-2007-4065]🔒🔒
38894VMware Workstation DHCP Server numeric error [CVE-2007-0063]🔒🔒
38893IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client information disclosure [CVE-2007-5022]🔒🔒
38891Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2007-5020]🔒🔒🔒
38890Sun JRE Java Runtime Environment memory corruption [CVE-2007-5019]🔒🔒
38889David Harris Mercury 32 memory corruption [CVE-2007-5018]🔒
38888Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control ft60.dll path traversal🔒
38887Insane Visions OneCMS userreviews.php sql injection
38886Streamline htaccess admin_footer.php code injection
38885Derek Leung pSlash code injection [Disputed]
38884Phormer index.php cross site scripting
38883PhpWebGallery picture.php cross site scripting
38882Wilson Windowware webbatch webbatch.exe information disclosure
38881Wilson Windowware WebBatch webbatch.exe cross site scripting
38880Phpbb2 Phpbb2 Plus lang_main_album.php code injection🔒🔒
38879Ktauber StylesDemo index.php sql injection
38878Cowon America JetAudio ActiveX Control jetaudio.exe path traversal🔒🔒
38877MW6 Technologies QRCode ActiveX ActiveX Control mw6qrcode.dll path traversal🔒
38876Oblius Obedit save cross site scripting
38875gcaldaemon Listener numeric error [CVE-2007-4980]
38874KwsPHP index.php sql injection
38873phpSyncML decoder.php code injection
38872Coppermine Photo Gallery mode.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
38871b1g b1gMail hilfe.php cross site scripting
38870Automated Solutions Modbus Slave ActiveX Control MiniHMI.exe diagnostic memory corruption🔒
38869Avaya IP Soft Phone ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-3286]
38868Mega-nerd libsndfile Copy Function flac_buffer_copy memory corruption🔒🔒
38867Sysinternals RegMon SSDT Function access control [CVE-2007-4972]
38866Isecsoft ProSecurity SSDT Function input validation [CVE-2007-4971]
38865Diamondcs ProcessGuard SSDT Function input validation [CVE-2007-4970]
38864Sysinternals Process Monitor SSDT Function input validation [CVE-2007-4969]
38863Privacyware Privatefirewall SSDT Function input validation [CVE-2007-4968]
38862Online Armor Personal Firewall SSDT Function access control [CVE-2007-4967]
38861GForge sql injection [CVE-2007-4966]🔒
38860Python imageop.c numeric error🔒🔒
38859WinImage input validation [CVE-2007-4964]
38858WinImage path traversal [CVE-2007-4963]
38857WinImage path traversal [CVE-2007-4962]
38856Linden Lab Second Life Protocol cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4961]
38855osCMax catalog_products_with_images.php cross site scripting
38854TinyWebGallery index.php cross site scripting
38853Data-vision RemoteDocs R-Viewer cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4751]🔒
38852Data-vision RemoteDocs R-Viewer cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4750]🔒
38851Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX input validation [CVE-2007-3010]🔒
38850Chupix Chupix CMS download.php path traversal
38849KwsPHP login.php sql injection
38848Flash Fun Component admin.joomlaflashfun.php code injection
38847SimpCMS index.php sql injection
38846Omnistar Interactive OmniStar Article Manager article.php sql injection
38845YaPiG sample.php code injection [Disputed]
38844PHPortal code injection [CVE-2007-4950] [Disputed]
38843php(Reactor) code injection [Disputed]
38842Webmedia Explorer htaccess rss.class.php code injection
38841myphpPagetool help1.php code injection🔒
38840PhotoChannel Pni Digital Media Upload Plugin Activex Control ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
38839Jasmine Technologies LetterGrade Installation information disclosure
38838Jasmine Technologies LetterGrade cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4945]
38837Opera Web Browser canvas.createpattern information disclosure🔒🔒
38836BaoFeng Storm ActiveX Control sparser.dll memory corruption
38835Focus-sis Focus Sis SIS code injection
38834KDE KMPlayer resource management [CVE-2007-4941]
38833mympc CD-Storm Media Player numeric error [CVE-2007-4940]
38832mympc CD-Storm Media Player mplayerc.exe memory corruption
38831MPlayer aviheader.c memory corruption🔒🔒
38830Comscripts CS Guestbook access control [CVE-2007-4937]
38829Office Efficiencies SafeSquid Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4936]
38828Trolltech Qt tounicode memory corruption🔒🔒
38827Red Hat Enterprise Linux ipv6_getsockopt_sticky numeric error [Disputed]
38826Linux Kernel race condition [CVE-2007-0997]
38825Red Hat Enterprise Linux File Permission access control [CVE-2007-0004]
38824phpFFL admin.php code injection
38823phpFFL livedraft.php code injection
38822Shop-Script code injection [CVE-2007-4933]
38821Shop-Script Admin Panel admin.php input validation🔒
38820HP System_management_homepage unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4931]
38819AXIS 207w Network Camera cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-4930]
38818AXIS 207w Network Camera cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4929]
38817AXIS 207w Network Camera Configuration File cryptographic issues
38816axis 207w Network Camera input validation [CVE-2007-4927]
38815AXIS 207W camera cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4926]
38814ewire Payment Client ewirepcfunctions.php ewirepc_decrypt input validation
38813radio admin.joomlaradiov5.php code injection🔒
38812KwsPHP play.php sql injection
38811Ajax File Browser code injection
38810PHP Webquest soporte_derecha_w.php sql injection
38809JBlog index.php sql injection
38808Gelatocms index.php sql injection
38807PHP-Stats tracking.php cross site scripting
38806hp Photo And Imaging Gallery mfc42.dll findfile memory corruption🔒
38805Boa Boa Webserver Stored input validation [CVE-2007-4915]
38804Invision Power Services IP.Board class_gw_2checkout.php input validation
38803Invision Power Services IP.Board code injection [CVE-2007-4913]
38802Invision Power Services IP.Board cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4912]
38801Cowon America JetCast Server jsmp3oggwt.dll input validation
38800netInvoicing Security Check Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4910]
38799WinSCP Protocol access control [CVE-2007-4909]🔒
38798NetBSD vga_allocattr input validation
38797Red Hat Enterprise Linux get_gate_vma denial of service
38796AuraCMS index.php path traversal
38795Qualiteam X-Cart config.php code injection
38794NuclearBB send_queued_emails.php code injection
38793AuraCMS File Upload contak.php input validation
38792RealNetworks RealPlayer numeric error [CVE-2007-4904]
38791Ultra Shareware Ultra Crypto Component ActiveX Control cryptox.dll memory corruption🔒
38790Ultra Shareware Ultra Crypto Component ActiveX Control cryptox.dll path traversal🔒
38789RSA EnVision cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4900]
38788Berkeley Boinc Forum forum_forum.php cross site scripting
38787XWiki information disclosure [CVE-2007-4898]
38786Ekiga vsprintf resource management🔒🔒 Toms Gästebuch header.php cross site scripting
38784Sisfo Kampus dwoprn.php path traversal
38783Wordpress RPC Interface sql injection [CVE-2007-4894]🔒🔒
38782Microsoft Visual Studio ActiveX Control pdwizard.ocx os command injection🔒🔒
38781PHP MySQL memory corruption [CVE-2007-4889]🔒🔒
38780Samba access control [CVE-2007-4138]🔒🔒
38779Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2007-3740]🔒🔒
38778Red Hat Enterprise Linux resource management [CVE-2007-3739]🔒🔒
38777XWiki Error information disclosure [CVE-2007-4888]
38776PHP dl input validation🔒🔒
38775AuraCMS index.php code injection
38774Avnex AV MP3 Player denial of service [CVE-2007-4885]
38773Media Player Classic denial of service [CVE-2007-4884]
38772MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4883]
38771TechExcel CustomerWise cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4882]
38770psi-labs Social Networking Script Psisns myprofile.php sql injection
38769Autodesk Backburner Utility config [CVE-2007-4749]
38768Apache HTTP Server mod_autoindex.c cross site scripting🔒🔒
38767Callisto PhotoParade Player ActiveX Control phpctrl.dll memory corruption🔒
38766XWiki access control [CVE-2006-7223]
38765Mozilla SeaMonkey Certificates memory corruption [CVE-2007-4879]🔒🔒
38764One Laptop Per Child OLPC Linux access control [CVE-2007-4849]🔒🔒
38763Microsoft Internet Explorer res URI File information disclosure
38762Google Picasa Stored information disclosure [CVE-2007-4847]
38761Webace Webace-Linkscript start.php sql injection Rw Download Lite index.php download sql injection
38759X-Diesel Unreal Commander input validation [CVE-2007-4844]
38758X-Diesel Unreal Commander path traversal [CVE-2007-4843]
38757Enriva Development Magellan Explorer path traversal [CVE-2007-4842]
38756PHP iconv_strlen input validation🔒🔒
38755IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4839]
38754Immersion Games CellFactor Revolution memory corruption [CVE-2007-4838]
38753Proxy Anket anket.asp sql injection
38752phpMyQuote index.php cross site scripting
38751phpMyQuote index.php sql injection
38750phpRealty index.php code injection
38749Immersion Games CellFactor Revolution format string [CVE-2007-4832]
38748TorrentTrader account_settings.php cross site scripting
38747DirectAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4830]
38746Deutsche Post Stampit Web denial of service [CVE-2007-3871]
38745Quagga null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-4826]🔒🔒
38744PHP dl path traversal🔒🔒
38743OpenSSH input validation [CVE-2007-4752]🔒🔒
38742Trend Micro ServerProtect tmreg.dll tmregchange memory corruption🔒
38741Adobe Connect Enterprise Server access control [CVE-2007-4651]🔒
38739ISC BIND DNS Cache unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2930]🔒🔒
38738Google Picasa Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4824]
38737Google Picasa memory corruption [CVE-2007-4823]
38736Buffalotech AirStation WHR-G54S Device Management Interface cross-site request forgery
38735EDraw Office Viewer Component ActiveX Control officeviewer.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
38734Sisfo Kampus blanko.preview.php path traversal
38733Txx CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4819]
38732Txx CMS Sidebar plugin.php code injection
38731Detodas Restaurante Component For Joomla File Upload php.jpg code injection
38730BaoFeng Storm ActiveX Control mps.dll memory corruption
38729Markus Iser ED Engine channeledit.php code injection
38728Microsoft SQL Server Enterprise Manager sqldmo.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
38727Domino Blogsphere cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4813]
38726Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2007-4812]
38725Netjuke alphabet.php cross site scripting
38724Netjuke explore.php sql injection
38723Online Fantasy Football League OFFL header.php code injection
38722TLM CMS afficher.php sql injection
38721Focus Sis SIS code injection
38720Focus Sis SIS code injection
38719fuzzylime getgalldata.php path traversal
38718AuraCMS hal.php sql injection
38717Atomix Productions AtomixMP3 pls memory corruption GlobalLink ActiveX Control glitemcom.dll memory corruption
38715IBM AIX access control [CVE-2007-4799]
38714IBM AIX access control [CVE-2007-4798]
38713IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4797]🔒
38712IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4796]🔒
38711IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4795]🔒
38710IBM AIX memory corruption
38709IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4793]
38708IBM AIX memory corruption🔒
38707IBM AIX bos.rte.console memory corruption🔒
38706Microsoft Internet Explorer foxtlib.ocx FoxDoCmd memory corruption🔒🔒
38705Cisco Content Switching Modules config [CVE-2007-4789]
38704Cisco Content Switching Modules denial of service [CVE-2007-4788]
38703Cisco ASA credentials management [CVE-2007-4786]
38702Sony Micro Vault Fingerprint Access Software Malware Detection Remote Code Execution
38701PHP setlocale input validation🔒🔒
38700PHP iconv_substr input validation🔒🔒
38699PHP fnmatch code injection🔒🔒
38698Joomla CMS Installer index.php input validation
38697Joomla CMS tmpl input validation
38696Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4779]
38695Joomla CMS archive.php sql injection
38694Joomla CMS archive.php sql injection
38693Microsoft Visual Basic memory corruption [CVE-2007-4776]🔒🔒
38692ER Mapper Image Web Server Ecw Jpeg 2000 Plug-in View ActiveX Control ncsview.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
38691debian debian-goodies access control [CVE-2007-3912]🔒🔒
38690pawfaliki pawfaliki.php path traversal
38689Tim Jackson PHPOF DB_adodb.class.php code injection
38688E-smart Cart login.asp sql injection
38687Matteo Barbo91 File Upload upload.php input validation
38686Hitachi Ucosminexus Service Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4760]
38685Hitachi Ucosminexus Application Server Standard memory corruption
38684Hitachi Ucosminexus Application Server Standard memory corruption
38683phpMytourney menu.php input validation
38682Ghisler Total Commander path traversal [CVE-2007-4756]🔒
38681Cor Entertainment Alien Arena 2007 input validation [CVE-2007-4755]
38680Cor Entertainment Alien Arena 2007 acebot_cmds.c safe_bprintf format string
38679Thomson ST 2030 SIP phone denial of service [CVE-2007-4753]
38678PPStream ActiveX Control powerplayer.dll memory corruption🔒
38677Cisco Video Surveillance Sp Isp Telnet Service improper authentication
38676Cisco Video Surveillance Sp Isp Default Password access control
38675Mambo Site Server sign cross site scripting
38674AnyInventory environment.php code injection
38673MIT Kerberos Administration svc_auth_gss.c memory corruption🔒🔒
38672Broderbund Expressit 3DGreetings Player ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒🔒
38671Gforge input validation [CVE-2007-3913]🔒🔒
38670Claroline Error Message adminusers.php input validation
38669Claroline cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4741]
38668Telecom Italy Alice Messenger ActiveX Control hp.revolution.registrymanager.dll access control
38667Debian reprepro access control [CVE-2007-4739]🔒🔒
38666SpeedTech STPHPLibrary stphpimage_show.php code injection
38665SpeedTech STPHPLibrary stphpapplication.php code injection
38664CartKeeper CKGold Shopping Cart category.php sql injection
38663Next Generation Software Virtual DJ memory corruption [CVE-2007-4735]
38661Aztech DSL600EU Web Interface access control [CVE-2007-4733]
38660Weboddity path traversal [CVE-2007-4726]
38659Igor Pavlov 7-zip 7-zip32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-4725]
38658Apache Tomcat cal2.jsp cross-site request forgery Ragnarok Online Control Panel path traversal [CVE-2007-4723]
38656Move Networks Inc Move Media Player ActiveX Control qsp2ie07051001.dll memory corruption
38654Hitachi Jp1 Cm2 Network Node Manager code injection [CVE-2007-4720]
38653212cafe 212cafeBoard read.php sql injection
38652Claroline language.lib.php path traversal [CVE-2007-4718]🔒
38651Claroline adminusers.php cross site scripting
38650PHD Help Desk sql injection [CVE-2007-4716]
38649Weblogicnet es_desp.php code injection
38648Yvora error_view.php sql injection
38647Roi Revolution urchin urchin.cgi cross site scripting
38646eNetman index.php code injection Toms Gaestebuch form.php cross site scripting
38644Intuit QuickBooks ActiveX Control path traversal [CVE-2007-4471]🔒🔒🔒
38643Intuit QuickBooks ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-0322]🔒🔒
38642MIT Kerberos Administration svr_policy.c kadm5_modify_policy_internal access control🔒🔒🔒
38641GNU tar safer_name_suffix memory corruption🔒🔒
38640NFSv4 nfsidmap getpwnam_r Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
38639Red Hat Enterprise Linux access control [CVE-2007-3849]🔒🔒
38638PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-4670]🔒🔒
38637Firebird SQL Server access control [CVE-2007-4669]🔒
38636Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4668]🔒
38635Firebird SQL Server denial of service [CVE-2007-4667]🔒
38634Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4666]🔒
38633Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4665]🔒
38632Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4664]🔒
38631PHP glob path traversal🔒🔒
38630PHP OpenSSL php_openssl_make_req memory corruption🔒🔒
38629PHP string.c chunk_split resource management🔒🔒
38628PHP chunk_split resource management🔒🔒
38627PHP zend_alter_ini_entry format string🔒🔒
38626PHP money_format format string🔒🔒
38625PHP strcspn memory corruption🔒🔒
38624Backup Manager cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4656]🔒🔒
38623Cgi-rescue Shopping Basket Professional list.cgi path traversal
38622Teamf1 SSHield resource management [CVE-2007-4654]🔒
38621phpBB links.php sql injection
38620PHP Session Extension link following [CVE-2007-4652]🔒🔒
38619PHP wordwrap input validation🔒🔒
38618PHP mysqli access control [CVE-2007-3997]🔒🔒
38617Bharat Mediratta Gallery access control [CVE-2007-4650]🔒🔒
38616MicroWorld eScan Anti-Virus traysser.exe access control
38615Norman Virus Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-4648]
386142coolcode Our Space uploadmedia.cgi access control
38613Hexamail Hexamail Server POP3 Service code injection [CVE-2007-4646]🔒🔒
38612NMDeluxe index.php code injection
38611Doomsday Console cl_main.c cl_getpackets code injection🔒🔒
38610Doomsday sv_main.c sv_handlepacket memory corruption🔒🔒
38609Doomsday d_net.c netsv_readcommands memory corruption🔒🔒
38608Pakupaku CMS index.php path traversal
38607Pakupaku Pakupaku CMS File Upload index.php access control
38606EnterpriseDB EnterpriseDB Advanced Server Listener pldbg_ code injection
38605Blizzard Entertainment StarCraft Brood War memory corruption
38604xGB xgb.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4637]
38603phpBG backup.php input validation
38602Yahoo! Messenger ym8bug.exe memory corruption
38601Cisco Call Manager sql injection [CVE-2007-4634]
38600Cisco Call Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4633]
38599Cisco IOS improper authentication [CVE-2007-4632]
38598QGit dataloader.cpp dostart link following🔒🔒
38597Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control yverinfo.dll fvCom memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
38596Novell Client nwspool.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2954]🔒🔒
38595Microsoft MSN Messenger memory corruption [CVE-2007-2931]🔒🔒
38594Xigla Absolute Poll Manager XE xlaapmview.asp cross site scriting
38593University of Minnesota MapServer maptemplate.c memory corruption🔒🔒
38592phpns shownews.php sql injection
38591Algera ABC eStore index.php sql injection
38590Polipo denial of service [CVE-2007-4626]
38589Polipo denial of service [CVE-2007-4625]
38588AbleDesign Dynamic Picture Frame pframe.php cross site scriting
38587BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2007-4618]
38586BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2007-4617]
38585BEA WebLogic Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-4616]
38584BEA WebLogic Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4615]
38583BEA WebLogic Server access control [CVE-2007-4614]
38582BEA WebLogic Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-4613]
38581Dale Mooney Contact Form contact.php input validation
38580Dale Mooney Calendar Events viewevent.php sql injection
38579Dale Mooney Moon Gallery File Upload access control [CVE-2007-4610]
38578eyeOS access control [CVE-2007-4609] ePersonnel protection.php code injection
38576Quicksoft Easymail Objects ActiveX Control emsmtp.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
38575PHPNuke-Clan code injection [CVE-2007-4606]
38574VWar Virtual War code injection [CVE-2007-4605] DL PayCart viewitem.php sql injection
38572Altercoder ACG News index.php sql injection
38571Implied by Design Micro CMS revert-content.php sql injection
38570Oracle JInitiator ActiveX Control beans.ocx input validation🔒🔒🔒
38569Ubuntu Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2007-4601]🔒🔒
38568Red Hat Fedora extract.c path traversal🔒🔒
38567Red Hat Network Satelite Server XMLRPC memory corruption [CVE-2007-4132]🔒
38566IBM SurePOS 500 Default Password credentials management [CVE-2007-4598]
38565Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart index.php sql injection
38564PHP eval code injection
38563The Seasar Foundation Mayaa cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4595]
38562Entrust Entelligence Security Provider credentials management
38561VMWare Workstation denial of service [CVE-2007-4593]
38560HP Ignite-UX unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4590]🔒
38559InterWorx Web Control Panel htaccess.php index.php cross site scripting
38558InterWorx Web Control Panel index.php cross site scripting
38557The Seasar Foundation escafeWeb option.nopage.create cross site scripting
38556PHP php_iisfunc.dll iis_getservicestate memory corruption🔒🔒
385552532gigs activateuser.php path traversal
38554ACTi Network Video Recorder ActiveX Control nvutility.dll path traversal
38553ACTi Network Video Recorder ActiveX Control nvunifiedcontrol.dll memory corruption
38552WBB2-Addon acrotxt acrotxt.php sql injection
38551Motorola Timbuktu memory corruption [CVE-2007-4221]🔒🔒
38550Motorola Timbuktu path traversal [CVE-2007-4220]🔒🔒
38549Trustware BufferZone IOCTL memory corruption [CVE-2007-4580]
38547Sophos Anti-Virus numeric error [CVE-2007-4578]🔒
38546Sophos Anti-Virus resource management [CVE-2007-4577]🔒
38545TortoiseSVN Stored path traversal [CVE-2007-3846]
38544Alpha Centauri Software SIDVault LDAP Server memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
38543fetchmail sink.c denial of service🔒🔒
38542Hitachi Cosminexus_application_server_standard access control
38541Hitachi Cosminexus_application_server_standard access control
38540Hitachi DABroker denial of service [CVE-2007-4562]
38539RealNetworks Helix DNA Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-4561]🔒🔒
38538SourceFire ClamAV os command injection [CVE-2007-4560]🔒🔒🔒
38537Python path traversal [CVE-2007-4559]
38535Novell Groupwise Webaccess WebAccess cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4557]
38534OpenSymphony XWork memory corruption [CVE-2007-4556]
38533Digium Asterisk denial of service [CVE-2007-4521]
38532Guliverkli Media Player Classic flicsource.cpp _deltachunk memory corruption
38531Ipswitch WS_FTP Administration Interface cross site scripting
38530Tikiwiki tiki-remind_password.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
38529Thomson ST 2030 SIP phone denial of service [CVE-2007-4553]
38528Agares Media Arcadem index.php sql injection
38527Agares Media Arcadem index.php code injection
38526Altools ALPass format string [CVE-2007-4550]
38525Altools ALPass memory corruption [CVE-2007-4549]
38524Apache Geronimo improper authentication [CVE-2007-4548]
38523X-diesel Unreal Commander information disclosure [CVE-2007-4547]
38522X-diesel Unreal Commander privileges management [CVE-2007-4546]
38521X-diesel Unreal Commander path traversal [CVE-2007-4545]
38520WordPress WordPress mu wp-newblog.php cross-site request forgery
38519Mozilla Bugzilla enter_bug.cgi cross site scripting🔒🔒
38518University of Minnesota MapServer CGI Program maptemplate.c writeerror cross site scripting🔒🔒
38517Olate Olatedownload uim.php cross-site request forgery
38516Olate Olatedownload download.php sql injection
38515Mozilla Bugzilla WebService access control [CVE-2007-4539]🔒🔒
38514Mozilla Bugzilla sendmail privileges management🔒🔒
38513Skulltag heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-4537]
38512GNU gimp memory allocation [CVE-2007-3741]🔒🔒
38511Sylpheed POP3 Server inc_put_error memory corruption🔒🔒
38510xterm unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2797]🔒
38509TorrentTrader Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4536]
38508Vavoom str.cpp resize denial of service🔒🔒
38507Vavoom p_thinker.cpp broadcastprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
38506Vavoom sv_main.cpp BroadcastPrintf memory corruption🔒🔒
38505Michal Marcinkowski Soldat game server denial of service [CVE-2007-4532]
38504Michal Marcinkowski Soldat game server denial of service [CVE-2007-4531]
38503TeamSpeak CMS error_box.html cross site scriting
38502TeamSpeak CMS Server Privileges privileges management [CVE-2007-4529]
38501PHP kernel32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-4528]🔒
38500phphq phUploader File Upload phuploader.php memory corruption
38499Novell Client Login Extension (cle) Identity Manager credentials management
38498SPIP inc-calcul.php3 code injection [Disputed]
38497PhPress adisplay.php file inclusion
38496Ripe Website Manager delete_page.php cross site scriting
38495Ripe Website Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4522]
38494GNU tar contains_dot_dot symlink🔒🔒
38492Sun Java System Application Server denial of service [CVE-2007-4511]
38491SourceFire ClamAV cli_html_normalise denial of service🔒🔒
38490EventList index.php sql injection
38489Rebellion Rogue Trooper stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-4508]
38488PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-4507]🔒🔒
38487NeoRecruit index.php sql injection
38486Mambo RemoSitory index.php sql injection
38485RSfiles index.php path traversal
38484Nice Talk index.php sql injection
38483BibTeX Component index.php sql injection
38482SSHKeychain Passphrase information disclosure [CVE-2007-4501]
38481SSHKeychain Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4500]
38480American Financing eMail Image Upload File Upload output.php memory corruption
38479Grandstream SIP Phone Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-4498]
38478Sun Solaris ATA Disk Driver ioctl denial of service🔒
38477Ez Systems eZ publish tipafriend denial of service
38476Ez Systems eZ publish policy Remote Code Execution
38475Gurur haber uyeler2.php sql injection
38474Trend Micro ServerProtect earthagent.exe rpc memory corruption🔒
38473eCentrex VOIP Client module ActiveX Control uacomx.ocx memory corruption
38472Siemens Gigaset SE361 WLAN router Login Page denial of service D22-Shoutbox cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4487]
38470Linkliste index.php file inclusion
38469Butterfly visitor.php file inclusion
38468My Referer Login login.php file inclusion
38467WordPress Wordpressclassic index.php cross site scriting
38466Pool index.php cross site scriting
38465WordPress Blix index.php cross site scriting
38464Sirius index.php cross site scriting Search Engine Builder Professional search.html cross site scriting
38462Microsoft Internet Explorer URI cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4478]
38461Planet Technology Corp VC-200M VDSL2 Administration Interface denial of service
38460Trend Micro ServerProtect spntsvc.exe rpcfn_sync_task numeric error🔒
38459Trend Micro PC-Cillin Internet Security 2007 vstlib32.dll stack-based overflow
38458Digium Asterisk Channel Driver memory allocation [CVE-2007-4455]
38457Ghisler Total Commander fileinfo code injection [CVE-2007-4464]
38456Ghisler Total Commander fileinfo address denial of service
38455Po4a symlink [CVE-2007-4462]🔒🔒
38454NuFW Packet Filter privileges management [CVE-2007-4461]
38449id3lib tag_file.cpp RenderV2ToFile symlink🔒🔒
38448Firesoft Cache class_tpl.php code injection
38447Florian Mahieu Dalai Forum forumreply.php path traversal
38446Mambo index.php sql injection🔒
38445EMC Legato Networker nsrexecd nsrexecd.exe stack-based overflow🔒
38444Olate Olatedownload environment.php attr_server_version memory corruption
38443Jelsoft vBulletin index.php cross site scriting [Disputed]
38442Check Point ZoneAlarm input validation [CVE-2007-4216]
38441Palm Palm OS denial of service [CVE-2007-4213]
38440Toribash denial of service [CVE-2007-4452]
38439Toribash denial of service [CVE-2007-4451]
38438Toribash input validation [CVE-2007-4450]
38437Toribash denial of service [CVE-2007-4449]
38436Toribash denial of service [CVE-2007-4448]
38435Toribash memory corruption [CVE-2007-4447]
38434Toribash memory corruption [CVE-2007-4446]
38433rFactor denial of service [CVE-2007-4445]
38432rFactor memory corruption [CVE-2007-4444]
38431Epic Games Unreal engine images denial of service
38430Epic Games Unreal engine images logging stack-based overflow
38429PHP win32std php_win32std.dll win_browse_file memory corruption🔒🔒
38428Pmail Mercury Mail Transport System SMTP Server memory corruption🔒🔒
38427Lighthouse Development Squirrelcart popup_window.php file inclusion
38426Ampache improper authentication [CVE-2007-4438]🔒🔒
38425Ampache albums.php sql injection🔒🔒
38424Drupal Project issue tracking module access control [CVE-2007-4436]
38423TorrentTrader account-inbox.php sql injection
38422Aspindir Text File Search textfilesearch.asp cross site scriting
38421Aspindir Text File Search textfilesearch.aspx cross site scriting
38420SuSE Linux ld_library_path Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4432]
38419Apple Safari Same Origin Policy Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4431]
38418Skype denial of service [CVE-2007-4429]
38417Lhaz gzip memory corruption [CVE-2007-4428]
38416InterSystems Cache Database Login Page unknown vulnerability
38415Live for Speed denial of service [CVE-2007-4426]
38414Live for Speed memory corruption [CVE-2007-4425]
38413InterSystems Cache Database loop.csp cross site scriting
38412Apple Safari unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4424]
38411IBM DB2 Universal Database auth_list_groups_for_authid memory corruption🔒
38410Symantec Enterprise Firewall Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4422]
38409Olate Olatedownload admin.php sql injection
38408EDraw Office Viewer Component ActiveX Control officeviewer.ocx path traversal🔒
38407Olate Olatedownload admin.php improper authentication
38406IBM DB2 Universal Database Authorization memory corruption [CVE-2007-4418]🔒
38405IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2007-4417]🔒
38404Jemjabella BellaBook captcha.php Remote Code Execution [Disputed]
38403Cisco VPN Client cvpnd.exe privileges management🔒
38402Cisco VPN Client privileges management [CVE-2007-4414]🔒
38401Headstart Solutions DeskPRO user_help.php unknown vulnerability
38400Headstart Solutions DeskPRO techs.php cross site scriting
38399Universal Ircd ircu Monitoring silence information disclosure
38398Universal Ircd ircu privileges management [CVE-2007-4410]
38397Universal Ircd ircu Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4409]
38396Universal Ircd ircu privileges management [CVE-2007-4408]
38395Universal Ircd ircu unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4407]
38394Universal Ircd ircu Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4406]
38393Universal Ircd ircu denial of service [CVE-2007-4405]
38392Universal Ircd ircu denial of service [CVE-2007-4404]
38391mIRC Plug-in for Winamp access control [CVE-2007-4403]
38390mIRC memory corruption [CVE-2007-4402]
38389mIRC Advanced Integration Plugin privileges management [CVE-2007-4401]
38388Konversation Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4400]🔒🔒
38387irssi privileges management [CVE-2007-4399]
38386irssi privileges management
38385irssi privileges management [CVE-2007-4397]
38384irssi privileges management
38383IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2007-4276]🔒
38382IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2007-4275]🔒
38381IBM DB2 Universal Database format string [CVE-2007-4273]🔒
38380IBM DB2 Universal Database memory corruption [CVE-2007-4272]🔒
38379IBM DB2 Universal Database path traversal [CVE-2007-4271]🔒
38378IBM DB2 Universal Database symlink [CVE-2007-4270]🔒
38377SuSE Linux denial of service [CVE-2007-4394]
38376SuSE Linux Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4393]
38375NullSoft WinAmp denial of service [CVE-2007-4392]
38374Bluecat_networks Adonis access control [CVE-2007-4390]
383732wire 2071 Router Mapping xslt cross-site request forgery
383722wire 1701hg Router improper authentication [CVE-2007-4388]
383712wire 1701hg Router xslt cross-site request forgery
38370GetMyOwnArcade search.php sql injection
38369OWASP Stinger privileges management [CVE-2007-4385]
38368Stephane Pineau VOTE depouilg.php3 file inclusion
38367Trackeur tracking.php file inclusion [Disputed]
38366CounterPath X-Lite denial of service [CVE-2007-4382]
38365Sun JDK memory corruption [CVE-2007-4381]🔒🔒
38364Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution privileges management [CVE-2007-4380]🔒
38363Rndlabs Babo Violent denial of service [CVE-2007-4379]
38362Rndlabs Babo Violent memory corruption [CVE-2007-4378]
38361Netwin SurgeMail IMAP Service stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-4377]🔒
38360Szymon Kosok Best Top List File Upload banner-upload.php Remote Code Execution
38359Diskeeper Address Space Layout Randomization dkservice.exe comparison memory corruption
38358Rndlabs Babo Violent authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-4374]
38357Rndlabs Babo Violent Password Protection Remote Code Execution
38356NetWin SurgeMail Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4372]
38355Hotscripts Neuron Blog File Upload blog-add.php Remote Code Execution
38354Racer memory corruption [CVE-2007-4370]🔒🔒
38353SOTE SOTEeSKLEP path traversal [CVE-2007-4369]
38352IBM Rational ClearQuest main sql injection
38351Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2007-4367]🔒🔒
38350ESRI ArcGIS sprintf memory corruption
38349Wengo WengoPhone denial of service [CVE-2007-4366]
38348eXV2 Content Management System cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4365]
38347Commons improper authentication [CVE-2007-4364]
38346Drupal Content Construction Kit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4363]
38345Prozilla Webring category.php sql injection
38344NETGEAR ReadyNAS RAIDiator Login privileges management [CVE-2007-4361]
38343Dell Remote Access Card SSH Daemon denial of service [CVE-2007-4360]
38342SkilMatch Staffing Systems JobLister3 index.php sql injection
38341Zoidcom denial of service [CVE-2007-4358]
38340Lenovo Access Support ActiveX Control acpcontroller.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
38339Lenovo Access Support ActiveX Control acpcontroller.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
38338Lenovo Access Support ActiveX Control acpcontroller.dll authentication spoofing🔒🔒
38337Motive Incorporated Service Activation Manager ActiveX Control activeutils.dll stack-based overflow🔒🔒
38336Mozilla Firefox Status Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-4357] [Disputed]
38335IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4355]
38334IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4354]🔒
38333IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4353]🔒
38332Microsoft Windows Gadgets memory corruption [CVE-2007-3891]🔒
38331Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2007-3385]🔒🔒
38330Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2007-3382]🔒🔒
38329Microsoft Windows cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3033]🔒🔒
38328Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2007-3032]🔒
38327Microsoft Virtual PC heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-0948]🔒
38326Microsoft Windows attemptwrite numeric error🔒🔒
38325PHPCentral Login include.php code injection
38324Omnistar Lib2 Php Library my_statistics.php file inclusion
38323phpDVD index.php file inclusion
38322PHPCentral Poll Script poll.php code injection
38321Haudenschilt Family Connections Cms index.php access control
38320Streamripper http.c httplib_parse_sc_header memory corruption🔒🔒
38319Microsoft DirectX Media ActiveX Control dxtlipi.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
38318Qbik WinGate SMTP Server denial of service [CVE-2007-4335]🔒
38317Php-stats whois.php cross site scriting
38316Article Dashboard signup.php cross site scriting
38315Article Dashboard article.php sql injection
38314sysstat access control🔒🔒
38313Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-3848]🔒🔒
38312Ctw Design FindNix index.php cross site scriting
38311Mapos Scripts shoutbox shoutbox.php file inclusion
38310Mapos Scripts Web News index.php file inclusion
38309Mapos Scripts Bilder Galerie index.php code injection
38308Mapos Scripts File Uploader File Upload index.php file inclusion
38307Mapos Scripts Bilder Uploader gruppen.php file inclusion
38306Mapos Scripts Gaestebuch index.php file inclusion
38305DenyHosts denial of service [CVE-2007-4323]🔒🔒
38304Ac Zoom BlockHosts denial of service [CVE-2007-4322]
38303fail2ban denial of service [CVE-2007-4321]🔒🔒
38302Ncaster archive.php file inclusion
38301Zyxel Zywall 2 Management Interface cross-site request forgery
38300Zyxel Zywall 2 Management Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4318]
38299Zyxel Zywall 2 Management Interface General_1 cross-site request forgery
38298Zyxel Zywall 2 Management Interface improper authentication [CVE-2007-4316]
38297AMD ATI atidsmxx.sys access control🔒
38296pixlie pixlie.php denial of service
38295Php Blue Dragon CMS activecontent.php file inclusion
38294Php Blue Dragon CMS index.php sql injection
38293Linux Kernel Random Number Generator xfer_secondary_pool cryptographic issues🔒🔒
38292Sun Solaris Finger Daemon information disclosure [CVE-2007-4310]
38291IBM Lotus Notes notes.ini cleartext storage
38290StoreSprite addaddress.php cross site scriting
38289phpMyAdmin tbl_export.php cross site scriting
38288Todd Miller sudo Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4305]
38287Cerb CerbNG Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4304]
38286Cerb CerbNG log-exec.cb Local Privilege Escalation
38285Freshmeat Generic Software Wrappers Toolkit Local Privilege Escalation
38284WebCart Management Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4301]
38283Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2007-3851]🔒🔒
38282pfstools readradianceheader stack-based overflow🔒🔒
38281Aspindir Dersimiz Haber Ekleme Modulu yorumkaydet.asp cross site scriting
38280Anti-Spam SMTP Proxy Server Remote Code Execution
38278Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2007-4295]🔒
38277Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-4293]🔒
38276Cisco IOS memory leak [CVE-2007-4292]🔒
38275Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2007-4291]🔒
38274Stadtaus Guestbook Script delete.php code injection [Disputed]
38273Sun Java System Portal Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4289]🔒
38272Microsoft Windows Media Player wmplayer.exe denial of service
38271FishCart file inclusion [CVE-2007-4287]
38270Coppermine Photo Gallery file inclusion
38269serendipity Password Protection serendipity_event_entryproperties.php privileges management
38268KnowledgeTree Open Source Login Page cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4281]
38267Digium Asterisk Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-4280]
38266FrontAccounting config.php file inclusion
38265Linux Kernel authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3843]🔒🔒
38264HP OpenView Operations stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3872]🔒🔒
38263Visionera Ab VisionProject cross site scriting
38262Kai Blankenhorn Bitfolge simple/nice index file index.php cross site scriting
38261Ez Photo Sales File Upload cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4262]🔒
38260Ez Photo Sales credentials management [CVE-2007-4261]🔒
38259Ez Photo Sales cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4260]🔒
38258Ez Photo Sales User Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4259]🔒
38257Prozilla Prozilla Pub Site Directory directory.php sql injection
38256LFS Live for Speed ply memory corruption
38255YNP Portal Systems showpage.cgi path traversal
38254PHP msql_connect memory corruption🔒🔒
38253Microsoft Visual Studio ActiveX Control vdt70.dll NotSafe stack-based overflow
38252Envolution modules.php sql injection
38251Chilkat Software ASP String ActiveX Control ckstring.dll path traversal
38250OpenOffice denial of service [CVE-2007-4251]
38249Advanced Searchbar toolbar.dll ischecked denial of service
38248ExportNation ExportNation toolbar toolbar.dll ischecked denial of service
38247Toolbar Gaming toolbar_gaming.dll callcmd denial of service
38246Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2007-4247]
38245Justsystem Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2007-4246]
38244DiMeMa CONTENTdm search.php cross site scripting
38243J Reactions langset.php code injection
38242Astaro Security Gateway denial of service
38241Astaro Security Gateway privileges management [CVE-2007-4242]
38240HP HP-UX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4241]
38239Help Center Live auth.php check_logout improper authentication🔒
38238C-SAM oneWallet Admin Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4239]
38237IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-4238]
38236IBM AIX memory corruption🔒
38235IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4236]🔒
38234VietPHP functions.php file inclusion
38233Camera Life privileges management [CVE-2007-4234]
38232Camera Life denial of service [CVE-2007-4233]
38231Andreas Robertz PHPNews file inclusion [CVE-2007-4232]
38230IDevSpot PhpHostBot Login login.php file inclusion
38229Jems Scripts BellaBiblio Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4230] [Disputed]
38228KDE Konqueror denial of service [CVE-2007-4229]
38227Microsoft Internet Explorer JPG Image explorer.exe denial of service
38226BlueCat Networks Adonis path traversal [CVE-2007-4226]
38225KDE Konqueror URL Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-4225]🔒🔒
38224KDE Konqueror URL Address Bar link following [CVE-2007-4224]🔒🔒
38223Phpnuke PHP-Nuke Search Module cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4212]
38222Dovecot path traversal [CVE-2007-4211]🔒🔒
38221Redline Software LANAI CMS module.php sql injection
38220Aceboard Aceboard forum recherche.php sql injection
38219Morgan Ids Next Gen Portfolio Manager default.asp sql injection
38218Kerberosdev Gallery In A Box Console index.asp sql injection
38217BlueCat Adonis DNS/DHCP Appliance denial of service [CVE-2007-4205]
38216Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Web Client information disclosure
38215Mambo CMS improper authentication [CVE-2007-4203]
38214Guidance Software EnCase authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-4202]
38213Guidance Software EnCase Partition denial of service [CVE-2007-4201]
38212Brian Carrier The Slueth Kit ntfs.c denial of service
38211Brian Carrier The Slueth Kit ntfs_dent.c denial of service
38210Brian Carrier The Slueth Kit ntfs.c fs_data_put_str denial of service
38209Brian Carrier The Slueth Kit denial of service [CVE-2007-4197]
38208Brian Carrier The Slueth Kit denial of service [CVE-2007-4196]
38207Brian Carrier The Sleuth Kit ext2fs.c use after free
38206Guidance Software EnCase File System memory allocation [CVE-2007-4194]
38205IDE Group DVD Rental System DRS Installation index.php cross-site request forgery
38204IDE Group DVD Rental System DRS Installation cross site scriting
38203Joomla CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4190]🔒🔒
38202Joomla CMS mod_login cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4189]🔒🔒
38201Joomla CMS improper authentication [CVE-2007-4188]🔒🔒
38200Joomla CMS com_search default_results.php code injection🔒🔒
38199Tour de France Pool admin.tour_toto.php file inclusion
38198Joomla CMS Error Message stat.php information disclosure
38197Joomla CMS sql injection [CVE-2007-4184]
38196PHP Arena paBugs main.php sql injection
38195WikiWebWeaver File Upload index.php Remote Code Execution
38194Pluck file inclusion [CVE-2007-4181] [Disputed]
38193Pluck path traversal [CVE-2007-4180] [Disputed]
38192HP Address And Routing Parameter Area(arpa) Transport denial of service🔒🔒
38191Amg Soft WebDirector index.php cross site scriting
38190Interact cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4177]
38189EQDKP EQDKP Plus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4176]
38188OpenRat OpenRat CMS index.php cross site scriting
38187Mozilla Thunderbird Filetype privileges management [CVE-2007-3845]🔒🔒🔒
38186Mozilla Thunderbird cross site scriting🔒🔒
38185Apache Tomcat Error Message CookieExample cross site scriting🔒
38184Atheros 802.11 ABG Wireless Adapter Driver denial of service
38183Hunkaray Okul Portaly duyuruoku.asp sql injection
38182Open Webmail cross site scripting
38181auraCMS Modul Forum Sederhana komentar.php sql injection
38180AL-Athkar main.php file inclusion
38179vgallite functions.php code injection [Disputed]
38178AL-Caricatier cat_viewed.php file inclusion
38177WordPress Unamed Theme Se index.php cross site scriting
38176WordPress index.php cross site scriting
38175Sun Java System Web Server obj.conf Remote Code Execution🔒
38174Index Script utils.php sql injection
38173TIBCO Rendezvous authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-4162]
38172TIBCO Rendezvous denial of service [CVE-2007-4161]
38171TIBCO Rendezvous Default Configuration information disclosure
38170TIBCO Rendezvous HTTP Administration Interface index.html information disclosure
38169TIBCO Rendezvous resource management [CVE-2007-4158]🔒
38168PHPBlogger pref.db cleartext storage🔒
38167wolioCMS member.php sql injection
38166EMC VMware ActiveX Control vielib.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38165WordPress options.php sql injection🔒🔒
38164WordPress Admin Panel options.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
38163Visionsoft Audit Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4152]🔒
38162Visionsoft Audit information disclosure [CVE-2007-4151]🔒
38161Visionsoft Audit Configuration File information disclosure [CVE-2007-4150]🔒
38160Visionsoft Audit denial of service [CVE-2007-4149]🔒
38159Visionsoft Audit heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-4148]🔒
38158Interspire ArticleLive NX Safe Mode Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4147]
38156BlueSky BlueSkychat ActiveX Control v2.ocx heap-based overflow
38155MitriDAT Form Processor Pro cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4144]
38154phpCoupon Control Panel user.php path traversal🔒
38153IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4142]
38152Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2007-3743]
38151Apple Safari link following [CVE-2007-3742]🔒
38150Trolltech qt Error Message qtextedit.cpp sql injection🔒🔒
38149Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2007-2408]🔒
38148OpenRat OpenRat CMS Error Message index.php cross site scriting
38147LFS Live For Speed S2 memory corruption [CVE-2007-4140]
38146Apple iChat memory corruption [CVE-2007-3748]🔒
38145Apple Ichat memory corruption [CVE-2007-3747]🔒
38144Apple Ichat memory corruption [CVE-2007-3746]🔒
38143Apple Core Audio Technologies memory corruption [CVE-2007-3745]🔒
38142Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-3744]🔒🔒
38141Apple WebCore cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2410]🔒
38140Apple WebCore information disclosure [CVE-2007-2409]🔒
38139Samba server File Sharing denial of service [CVE-2007-2407]🔒
38138Apple Quartz Composer memory corruption [CVE-2007-2406]🔒
38137Apple PDFKit memory corruption [CVE-2007-2405]🔒
38136Apple Mac OS X cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2404]🔒
38135Apple CFNetwork FTP Command Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2403]🔒
38134Firestorm Technologies GMaps index.php sql injection🔒🔒
38133Le Ralf Ralf Image Gallery Locking check_entry.php file inclusion [Disputed]
38132Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2007-4126]🔒
38131HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2007-4125]🔒
38130Hitachi Ucosminexus Developer failover information disclosure
38129Hitachi Groupmax Groupware Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-4123]
38128Hitachi Jp1-cm2-hierarchical Viewer denial of service [CVE-2007-4122]
38127E-commerce Solutions Multi-Vendor E-Shop Script admin.aspx sql injection
38126Jelsoft vBulletin file inclusion [CVE-2007-4120] [Disputed]
38125Berthanas Ziyaretci Defteri yonetici.asp sql injection
38124Jx Development phpVoter file inclusion
38123Platon phpWebFileManager index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
38122Metyus Forum Portal philboard_forum.asp sql injection
38121IT!CMS lang-en.php cross site scriting
38120SuskunDuygular SuskunDuygular Uyelik Sistemi unuttum.asp sql injection
38119Advanced Webhost Billing System information disclosure [CVE-2007-4113]
38118Advanced Webhost Billing System cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4112]
38117Codewidgets Real Estate listing website application template Logging sql injection
38116Codewidgets Threaded Discussion Forum Application sign_in.aspx sql injection
38115Codewidgets Online Event Registration Template sign_in.aspx sql injection
38114Codewidgets Online Event Registration Template sign_in.aspx sql injection
38113phpMyForum editpost.php sql injection
38112CodeWidgets Punch Card login.asp sql injection
38111Baidu Soba Search Bar ActiveX Control baidubar.dll memory corruption
38110WP-FeedStats Wordpress Plugin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4104]
38109Digium Asterisk IAX2 Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-4103]🔒🔒
38108sBlog search.php cross site scriting
38107Global Centre Aplomb Poll index.php file inclusion
38106MLDonkey privileges management [CVE-2007-4100]
38105Tor information disclosure [CVE-2007-4099]
38104Tor unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4098]
38103Tor information disclosure [CVE-2007-4097]
38102Tor memory corruption [CVE-2007-4096]
38101BSM Store Dependent Forums Login login.asp sql injection
38100IDevSpot PhpHostBot authorize.php file inclusion
38099Minb Is Not a Blog users.db information disclosure
38098Apple iFoto index.php path traversal
38097Vikingboard screen.php cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4090]
38096Vikingboard forum.php information disclosure
38095Vikingboard cp.php cross site scriting
38094AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise view_video.php cross site scriting
38093AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise gmembers.php sql injection
38092AlstraSoft AskMe Pro forum_answer.php sql injection
38091AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro index.php sql injection
38090AlstraSoft AskMe Pro search.php cross site scriting
38089AlstraSoft Article Manager Pro contact_author.php cross site scriting
38088AlstraSoft Affiliate Network Pro index.php cross site scriting
38087AlstraSoft E-Friends index.php cross site scriting
38086AlstraSoft SMS Text Messaging Enterprise membersearch.php cross site scriting
38085AlstraSoft Text Ads Enterprise forgot_uid.php cross site scriting
38084AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise view_video.php cross site scriting
38083Asp Indir Alisveris Sitesi Script index.asp sql injection
38082Asp Indir Alisveris Sitesi Script index.asp cross site scriting
38081CSTR Festival Default Configuration config [CVE-2007-4074]🔒🔒
38080Tincan Webbler CMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4073]
38079Tincan Webbler CMS Installation index.php information disclosure
38078Tincan Webbler CMS index.php cross site scriting
38077Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2007-4070]🔒
38076Index Script show_cat.php sql injection
38075Webyapar sql injection [CVE-2007-4068]
38074Clever Components Internet ActiveX Suite ActiveX Control clinetsuitex6.clwebdav path traversal
38073Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4064]🔒
38072Drupal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-4063]🔒
38071Nessus Vulnerability Scanner ActiveX Control scan.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38070Nessus Vulnerability Scanner ActiveX Control scan.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38069Frank Yaul corehttp http.c HttpSprockMake memory corruption
38068VMware Workstation ActiveX Control intraprocesslogging.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38067EMC VMware ActiveX Control vielib.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38066Neocrome Seditio File Upload pfs.php Remote Privilege Escalation
38065Adult Directory directory.php sql injection Simple Blog comments_get.asp sql injection
38063PHP123 Top Sites category.php sql injection
38062LinPHA img_view.class.php sql injection🔒
38061BakBone NetVault Reporter clsscheduler.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
38060nukedit login.asp cross site scriting
38059UltraDefrag findfiles heap-based overflow
38058ADempiere Bazaar WebUI Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4050]
38056phpSysInfo index.php cross site scriting🔒
38055geoBlog deletecomment.php information disclosure
38054Pony Gallery index.php sql injection
38053Easy Software Products CUPS denial of service [CVE-2007-4045]🔒🔒
38052Red Hat Linux privileges management [CVE-2007-4044] [Disputed]
38051Secure Computing SecurityReporter file.cgi improper authentication
38050Netscape Navigator Telnet privileges management [CVE-2007-4042]
38049Microsoft Internet Explorer os command injection [CVE-2007-4041]🔒
38048Microsoft Outlook Express cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4040]
38047Mozilla cross site scripting [CVE-2007-4039]
38046Mozilla Thunderbird thunderbird.exe code injection
38045Guidance Software EnCase Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2007-4037] [Disputed]
38044Guidance Software EnCase Filesystem resource management [CVE-2007-4036] [Disputed]
38043Guidance Software EnCase Filesystem unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-4035] [Disputed]
38042Yahoo! Widgets ActiveX Control ydpctl.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
38041PHP t1env.c imagepsloadfont memory corruption🔒🔒
38040Crystal Reality Llc CrystalPlayer Pro memory corruption [CVE-2007-4032]
38039Nessus Vulnerability Scanner ActiveX Control scan.dll path traversal🔒🔒
38038NVIDIA Video Driver access control [CVE-2007-3532]🔒🔒
38037Linux Kernel Random Number Generator transfer memory corruption🔒🔒
38036Red Hat Fedora Core wpa_printf memory corruption🔒🔒
38035JBoss JBoss Application Server privileges management [CVE-2007-1354]
38034libvorbis info.c read memory corruption🔒🔒
38033IBM AIX FTP Client gets memory corruption🔒
38032IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-4003]🔒
38031IBM AIX Terminal memory corruption [CVE-2007-3333]🔒
38030libvorbis info.c _01inverse resource management🔒🔒
38029Webspell index.php path traversal
38028Areca cli memory corruption [CVE-2007-4027]
38027Telaxus Llc epesi Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4026]
38026Sun Java System Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2007-4025]
38025W1L3D4 Philboard w1l3d4_aramasonuc.asp cross site scriting
38024Aruba Mobility Controller CGI Program cross site scriting [CVE-2007-4023]
38023cPanel changepro.html cross site scriting
38022Brain Book Software Software Secure login.php cross site scriting
38021Brain Book Software AdMan login.php cross site scriting
38020Borland InterBase ibserver.exe stack-based overflow🔒
38019Citrix Access Gateway Firmware Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-4018]
38018Citrix Access Gateway Administration Console cross-site request forgery
38017Citrix Access Gateway memory corruption [CVE-2007-4016]
38015WordPress Blix Installation index.php cross site scriting
38014Mozilla Firefox Helper net6helper.dll memory corruption
38013Cisco Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-4012]
38012Cisco Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-4011]
38011PHP win_shell_execute privileges management🔒🔒
38010Parallels Confixx code injection [CVE-2007-4009]
38009Entertainment Cms custom.php path traversal
38008Article Directory index.php file inclusion
38007Mike Dubman Windows RSH daemon memory corruption [CVE-2007-4006]🔒
38006Mike Dubman Windows RSH daemon memory corruption [CVE-2007-4005]🔒
38005CA Unicenter Network And Systems Management arclib.dll denial of service🔒
38004CA eTrust Intrusion Detection ActiveX Control caller.dll Remote Code Execution🔒
38003CA Unicenter Network And Systems Management cam.exe stack-based overflow🔒🔒
38001Kerio MailServer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3993]🔒
38000iExpress Property Pro Login vir_login.asp sql injection
37999Asp Indir cvmatik cv.asp cross site scriting
37998Asp Indir Dora Emlak default.asp sql injection
37997Asp Indir Dora Emlak default.asp cross site scriting
37996Virtual Hosting Control System improper authentication [CVE-2007-3988]🔒
37995Junction Quest Image Racer searchresults.asp sql injection
37994Secure Computing SecurityReporter file.cgi path traversal🔒
37993Secure Computing SecurityReporter file.cgi path traversal🔒
37992Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control sasatl.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
37991Datadynamics ActiveReports ActiveX Control arpro2.dll path traversal
37990Datadynamics ActiveReports ActiveX Control actrpt2.dll path traversal
37989WSN Links index.php sql injection
37988RCMS Pro RGameScript Pro page.php file inclusion
37987Netart Media Blog System index.php sql injection
37986bwired credentials management [CVE-2007-3978]
37985bwired cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3977]
37984bwired index.php sql injection
37983Elite Forum index.php cross site scriting
37982JBlog ajoutaut.php Remote Code Execution
37981JBlog index.php cross site scriting
37980ESET NOD32 Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2007-3972]🔒
37979ESET NOD32 Antivirus integer coercion [CVE-2007-3971]🔒
37978ESET NOD32 Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2007-3970]🔒
37977dirLIST Dirlist Php index.php access control
37976dirLIST Dirlist Php index.php path traversal
37975Iexpress Munch Pro admin sql injection
37974uFMOD Ufmod Xm Player Library Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3965]
37973Itaka screenshot information disclosure
37972UseBB upgrade-0-2-3.php cross site scriting
37971fsplib fsplib.c fsp_readdir_native memory corruption🔒🔒
37970fsplib fsplib.c fsp_readdir_r off-by-one🔒🔒
37969Citrix Access Gateway ActiveX Control npctxcao.dll unknown vulnerability
37968Gentoo NVClock Backend set_default_speeds symlink🔒🔒
37967Apache Tomcat Error Message sendmail.jsp cross site scriting🔒🔒
37966Panda AdminSecure heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-3026]🔒🔒
37965fsplib fsplib.c memory corruption [CVE-2006-7221]
37964IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3960]🔒
37963Ipswitch Collaboration Suite denial of service [CVE-2007-3959]🔒
37962Microsoft Internet Explorer GIF File explorer.exe denial of service
37961Nipun Jain xserver memory corruption [CVE-2007-3957]
37960TeamSpeak CMS memory allocation [CVE-2007-3956]
37959LinkedIn Toolbar ActiveX Control linkedinietoolbar.dll memory corruption
37958Mozilla SeaMonkey seamonkey.exe cross site scripting
37957Norman Virus Control denial of service [CVE-2007-3953]
37956Norman Antivirus Malware Detection Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3952]
37955Norman Virus Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-3951]
37954ISC BIND Random Number Generator unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2926]🔒🔒
37953ISC BIND Access Control List authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-2925]🔒🔒
37952lighttpd mod_scgi denial of service [CVE-2007-3950]🔒🔒
37951lighttpd mod_access.c denial of service🔒🔒
37950lighttpd connections.c denial of service🔒🔒
37949lighttpd request.c denial of service🔒🔒
37948lighttpd mod_auth http_auth.c memory leak🔒🔒
37947RSBAC Rule Set Based Access Control unchecked unknown vulnerability
37946Apple WebKit Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2007-3944]🔒🔒
37945Centennial Discovery privileges management [CVE-2007-2950]
37944Adaptive Business Design Infinite Responder sql injection [CVE-2007-3943]
37943Simple Machines Forum index.php path traversal [Disputed]
37942Jasmine CMS profile.php cross site scriting
37941QuickerSite default.asp cross site scriting
37940SpoonLabs Vivvo Article Management CMS index.php sql injection
37939MAXdev MDPro index.php sql injection🔒
37938A-shop sql injection [CVE-2007-3937]
37937A-shop path traversal [CVE-2007-3936]
37936phpBB SupaNav link_main.php file inclusion
37935BBS E-Market postscript.php file inclusion
37934QuickEStore insertorder.cfm sql injection🔒
37933Expose Error Message uploadimg.php Remote Code Execution🔒
37932Samsung Scx-4200_driver wrap_setuid_third_party_application Local Privilege Escalation
37931DokuWiki spellcheck.php spell_utf8test cross site scriting🔒🔒
37930Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2007-3929]🔒🔒
37929Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite memory corruption [CVE-2007-3927]🔒🔒
37928Ipswitch IMail Server denial of service [CVE-2007-3926]🔒
37927Ipswitch Ipswitch Collaboration Suite IMAP Service imapd32.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37926Netscape navigator Protocol netscape.exe privileges management
37925Cisco Wide Area Application Services denial of service [CVE-2007-3923]
37924Sun JDK Java Runtime Environment Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3922]🔒🔒
37923Linux Kernel config [CVE-2007-3380]🔒🔒
37922Bandersnatch Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3910]
37921Bandersnatch index.php sql injection
37920HP ServiceGuard Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3908]
37919LedgerSMB privileges management
37918Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Check Point FireWall denial of service🔒
37917Zoph photos.php sql injection🔒🔒
37916Insanely Simple Blog index.php sql injection
37915Insanely Simple Blog index.php cross site scriting
37914ASP Ziyaretci Defteri mesaj_formu.asp cross site scripting
37913Netimage Media Element CMS default.asp cross site scriting
37912Aspindir husrevforum philboard_search.asp cross site scriting
37911Aspindir husrevforum philboard_forum.asp sql injection
37910Datadynamics ActiveBar ActiveX Control actbar3.ocx Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒 Expert Advisor index.php sql injection
37908Pictures Rating index.php sql injection
37907CA Threat Manager alert.exe stack-based overflow🔒
37906IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Os Deployment rembo.exe denial of service🔒
37905Oracle Peoplesoft_enterprise Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3870]🔒
37904Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Marketing Remote Code Execution🔒
37903Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
37902Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
37901Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
37900Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Intelligence Remote Code Execution🔒
37899Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3864]🔒
37898Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3863]🔒
37897Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3862]🔒
37896Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3861]🔒
37895Oracle APEX Application Express wwv_flow_security.check_db_password sql injection🔒🔒
37894Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3859]🔒🔒
37893Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3858]🔒🔒
37892Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3857]🔒🔒
37891Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3856]🔒
37890Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3855]🔒🔒🔒
37889Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools sql injection [CVE-2007-3854] [Disputed]🔒🔒
37888Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-3853]🔒🔒
37887Digium Asterisk denial of service [CVE-2007-3765]
37886Digium Asterisk Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-3764]🔒🔒
37885Digium Asterisk IAX2 Channel Driver null pointer dereference🔒🔒
37884Digium Asterisk IAX2 Channel Driver stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3762]🔒🔒
37883Mozilla Firefox Wrapper memory corruption [CVE-2007-3738]🔒🔒🔒
37882Mozilla Firefox Event memory corruption [CVE-2007-3737]🔒🔒🔒
37881Mozilla Firefox settimeout cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
37880Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2007-3735]🔒🔒🔒
37879Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2007-3734]🔒🔒🔒
37878libcURL Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3564]🔒🔒
37877MailMarshal MailMarshal SMTP Password Reset information disclosure🔒
378768e6 R3000 Enterprise Filter block.cgi cross site scriting
37875Pidgin Sales Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3841]
37874Sitetrafficstats referralurl.php sql injection
37873TBDev.NET DR takeprofedit.php cross site scriting
37872TBDev.NET DR takeprofedit.php cross site scriting
37871HydraIRC heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-3837]
37870HydraIRC denial of service [CVE-2007-3836]
37869Exlibris Group MetaLib cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3835]
37868Exlibris Group ALEPH cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3834]
37867Cerulean Studios Trillian Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2007-3833]🔒
37866Cerulean Studios Trillian Protocol aim.dll memory corruption🔒
37865IBM Proventia Network IPS GX5108 main.php file inclusion
37864IBM Proventia Network IPS GX5108 alert.php cross site scriting
37863Interactual Technologies InterActual Player ActiveX Control iamce.dll stack-based overflow
37862Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-3828]🔒🔒
37861Mozilla Firefox document.cookie information disclosure
37860Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒🔒🔒
37859Mehmet Zati Karahan MzK Blog katgoster.asp sql injection
37858IPSwitch WS_FTP Logging logsrv.exe denial of service🔒🔒
37857Citadel WebCit cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3822]
37856Citadel WebCit cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3821]
37855KDE konqueror Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒
37854Opera Web Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3819]🔒🔒
37853Drupal LoginToboggan module cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3818]
37852Drupal LoginToboggan module Installation cross site scriting
37851Brics JWIG denial of service [CVE-2007-3816] [Disputed]
37850Republike Slovenije pirs pirs32.exe memory corruption
37849MKPortal Downloads Module index.php slide_update sql injection
37848MKPortal Noboard Module user.php file inclusion
37847CMScout forums.php sql injection
37846eSyndiCat Esyndicat Directory news.php sql injection
37845It747 Realtor 747 index.php sql injection
37844Prozilla Prozilla Directory Script directory.php sql injection
37843PHP Arena paFileDB search.php sql injection🔒🔒
37842activeWeb contentserver unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3018]
37841activeWeb contentserver worklist_edit.asp unknown vulnerability
37840Clavister CorePlus Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-3805]
37839Clavister CorePlus access control [CVE-2007-3804]
37838Clavister CorePlus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3803]
37835Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition privileges management [CVE-2007-3800]🔒
37834PHP session_start input validation🔒🔒
37833Hitachi Tpi Server Base denial of service [CVE-2007-3795]
37832Hitachi Cosminexus Developer memory corruption [CVE-2007-3794]
37831Hitachi Jp1-netm-dm Manager sql injection [CVE-2007-3793]
37830Azerbaijan AzDGDating header.php file inclusion
37829policyd sockets.c w_read memory corruption🔒🔒
37828PHP com_print_typeinfo denial of service🔒🔒
37827Inmostore index.php sql injection
37826eSoft InstaGate EX2 UTM information disclosure [CVE-2007-3788]
37825eSoft InstaGate EX2 UTM cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3787]
37824eSoft InstaGate EX2 UTM cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3786] [Disputed]
37823EldoS SecureBlackbox ActiveX Control pgpbbox.dll path traversal
37822Belkin F5D7231-4 DHCP Client cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3784]
37821activeWeb contentserver rights.asp cross site scriting
37820activeWeb contentserver picture_real_edit.asp sql injection
37819Envivosoft enVivo!CMS default.asp sql injection
37818MySQL Community Server access control [CVE-2007-3782]🔒🔒
37817MySQL Community Server Create Table information disclosure [CVE-2007-3781]🔒🔒
37816MySQL Community Server input validation [CVE-2007-3780]🔒🔒
37815Squirrelmail GPG Plugin gpg_pop_init.php file inclusion
37814Squirrelmail GPG Plugin gpg_check_sign_pgp_mime privileges management
37813Grisoft AVG Anti-Virus privileges management [CVE-2007-3777]🔒
37812Cisco Unified Communications Manager information disclosure [CVE-2007-3776]
37811Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2007-3775]
37810Dvbbs Dvbbs7.mdb information disclosure
37809Generic YouTube Clone Script code injection [CVE-2007-3773]
37808PsNews show.php path traversal
37807Symantec Norton Antivirus stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3771]
37806Red Hat Enterprise Linux XFS Font Server link following [CVE-2007-3103]🔒🔒
37805Cisco Unified Communications Manager risdc.exe heap-based overflow
37804Squirrelmail Gpg Plugin Help path traversal [CVE-2006-4169]🔒🔒🔒
37803Os-cillation Xfce Terminal terminal.c terminal_helper_execute privileges management🔒🔒
37802Netwin SurgeFTP Error Message Reflected cross site scriting
37801Netwin SurgeFTP denial of service [CVE-2007-3768]
37800Symantec Norton_internet_security Local Privilege Escalation🔒
37799libarchive archive_read_support_format_tar.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
37798RSA Authentication Manager mprosrv.exe heap-based overflow
37797Apple QuickTime information disclosure [CVE-2007-2402]🔒🔒
37796Cisco Unified Communications Manager Certificate Trust List ctlprovider.exe heap-based overflow
37795libarchive archive_read_support_format_tar.c denial of service🔒🔒
37794libarchive archive_read_support_format_tar.c memory corruption🔒🔒
37793HP OpenVMS Default Configuration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3730]
37792HP OpenVMS Default Configuration information disclosure [CVE-2007-3729]
37791silc SILC Toolkit client_notify.c memory corruption [CVE-2007-3728]
37790Valarsoft Webmatic Administration Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3727]
37789Rarlab unrar rarvm.cpp set_value denial of service
37788ClamAV unrarvm.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
37787Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2007-3724]
37786Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2007-3723]
37785FreeBSD denial of service [CVE-2007-3722]
37784FreeBSD denial of service [CVE-2007-3721]
37783Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-3720]
37782Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-3719]
37781Apple Safari Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3718]
37780Sun Solaris privileges management [CVE-2007-3717]🔒🔒
37779Symantec Veritas Backup Exec Subsystem heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-3509]🔒
37778McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator/ProtectionPilot Management Agent integer coercion🔒
37777McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator/ProtectionPilot Management Agent heap-based overflow🔒
37776McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator/ProtectionPilot Management Agent stack-based overflow🔒
37775McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator/ProtectionPilot Management Agent memory corruption🔒
37774Sun JDK input validation [CVE-2007-3716]🔒🔒
37773Sun Java System Web Server input validation [CVE-2007-3715]🔒
37772Ada ImgSvr path traversal [CVE-2007-3714]
37771Konst CenterICQ memory corruption [CVE-2007-3713]🔒🔒
37770HiddenChest Yb ve Bayi Babvuru Formu cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3712]
377693com Tippingpoint Ips Tos input validation [CVE-2007-3711]
37768PHP Comet-Server inc.functions.php file inclusion
37767CodeIgniter Helper url_helper.php redirect unknown vulnerability
37766CodeIgniter xss_clean cross site scriting
37765CodeIgniter index.php path traversal🔒
37764CodeIgniter _sanitize_globals unknown vulnerability
37763FuseTalk index.cfm sql injection
37762Entertainment CMS privileges management [CVE-2007-3704]
37761Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control sasatl.dll stack-based overflow🔒
37760Mail Machine mailmachine.cgi load path traversal
37759TippingPoint Tipping Point input validation [CVE-2007-3701]
37758Sun Java_system_access_manager information disclosure [CVE-2007-3700]🔒
37757Gobi And Helma search cross site scriting
37756Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2007-3698]🔒🔒
37755Tufat FlashBB sendmsg.php memory corruption
37754CA ERwin Data Model Validator denial of service [CVE-2007-3696]
37753CA ERwin Process Modeler Process Model licrcmd.exe memory corruption
37752KDDI Ezfactory Download Cgi download.cgi path traversal
37751Av Scripts AV Tutorial Script changepw.php sql injection
37750Drupal Forward module privileges management [CVE-2007-3690]
37749Drupal Print module privileges management [CVE-2007-3689]
37748DotClear tools.php cross-site request forgery
37747Inferno Technologies RPG Inferno inferno.php sql injection
37746Masuga Design Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating Bar db.php cross site scriting
37745Masuga Design Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating Bar rpc.php cross site scriting
37744Masuga Design Unobtrusive Ajax Star Rating Bar db.php sql injection
37743Aigaion pagetopic.php sql injection
37742OpenLD index.php sql injection
37741Maxsi eVisit Analyst Error Message sql injection
37740Adobe Flash Player cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3457]🔒🔒
37739Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2007-3030]🔒🔒🔒
37738Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2007-3029]🔒🔒🔒
37737DotClear tools.php cross site scriting
37736Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2007-3671]
37735Innovasys DockStudioXP OCX ActiveX Control innovadsxp2.ocx SaveToFile denial of service
37734Numedia Soft Inc Nmsdvdx Dvd Burning Sdk Partition nmsdvdxu.dll denial of service
37733ActiveReportsExcelReport exclexpt.dll denial of service [CVE-2007-3667]
37732Symantec Norton Ghost remotecommand.dll Connect memory corruption
37731Symantec Norton Ghost filebackup.dll denial of service [CVE-2007-3665]
37730Eltima Software RunService ActiveX Control runservice.dll denial of service
37729Media Player Classic memory corruption [CVE-2007-3663]
37728Media Player Classic memory corruption [CVE-2007-3662]
37727Eltima Software Virtual Serial Port ActiveX Control vsport.dll certain denial of service
37726Nonnoi Solutions Asp Barcode ActiveX Control nonnoi_aspbarcode.dll SaveBarcode Remote Code Execution
37725FreeWRL dobrowseraction memory corruption
37724Microsoft Register Server denial of service [CVE-2007-3658]
37723Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2007-3657] [Disputed]
37722Sun JRE javaws.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37721GIMP numeric error [CVE-2006-4519]🔒🔒
37720hp Photo Digital Imaging Activex Control ActiveX Control hpqvwocx.dll path traversal
37719Valarsoft Webmatic sql injection [CVE-2007-3648]
37718Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA isloggedin Remote Code Execution
37717FlashGameScript index.php sql injection
37716Av Scripts AV Arcade index.php Remote Code Execution
37715Linux Kernel nf_conntrack_h323_asn1.c decode_choice numeric error🔒🔒
37714Adobe Adobe Air writeUTFBytes cross site scriting
37713WordPress wp-pass.php wp_nonce_ays information disclosure🔒🔒
37712Yahoo! Messenger Address Book memory corruption [CVE-2007-3638]
37711MKPortal sql injection [CVE-2007-3637]
37710Squirrelmail privileges management [CVE-2007-3636]
37709Squirrelmail Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3635]
37708Squirrelmail Gpg Plugin Passphrase gpg_sign_attachment privileges management
37707Chilkat Software Chilkat Zip ActiveX control ActiveX Control chilkatzip2.dll path traversal
37706LimeSurvey Spreadsheet File.php file inclusion
37705GameSiteScript index.php sql injection
37704Av Scripts AV Tutorial Script Change Password changepw.php improper authentication
37703SAP SAPLPD denial of service [CVE-2006-7220]
37702Levent Veysi Portal oku.asp sql injection
37701PEAR Structures Datagrid Datasource Mdb2 fetch mdb2.php unknown vulnerability
37700PHP Lite Calendar Express Login login.php sql injection🔒🔒
37699Hitachi TPBroker denial of service [CVE-2007-3626]
37698Hitachi Jp1-hicommand Tiered Storage Manager Replication cross site scriting
37697Alt-N MDaemon denial of service [CVE-2007-3622]🔒
37696AsteriDex callboth.php memory corruption🔒
37695Maia Mailguard login.php path traversal
37694Maia Mailguard login.php path traversal🔒
37693vtiger CRM information disclosure [CVE-2007-3617]
37692vtiger CRM index.php Remote Privilege Escalation
37691Visual IRC stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3612]
37690VRNews admin.php privileges management
37689Vastal I-tech phpVID categories_type.php sql injection
37688eMeeting Online Dating Software b.php sql injection
37687SAP EnjoySAP ActiveX Control unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3608]
37686SAP EnjoySAP ActiveX Control denial of service [CVE-2007-3607]
37685SAP EnjoySAP ActiveX Control LaunchGui heap-based overflow
37684Sap EnjoySAP ActiveX Control kwedit.dll PrepareToPostHTML stack-based overflow🔒
37683vtiger CRM Dashboard information disclosure [CVE-2007-3604]
37682vtiger CRM Dashboard SearchUtils.php sql injection
37681vtiger CRM WebService unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3602]
37680vtiger CRM information disclosure [CVE-2007-3601]
37679vtiger CRM Integration COM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3600]
37678vtiger CRM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3599]
37677vtiger CRM Error Message index.php unknown vulnerability
37676eZ publish access control [CVE-2006-7219]
37675eZ publish module access control
37674Zen Cart improper authentication [CVE-2007-3597]
37673Izzysoft phpVideoPro cross site scriting
37671AdventNet Manageengine Netflow Analyzer traceroute cross site scriting
37670Adventnet ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer applicationList.jsp cross site scripting
37669Elite Bulletin Board pm.php Remote Privilege Escalation
37668Elite Bulletin Board Authorization profile.php unknown vulnerability
37667b1g b1gBB visitenkarte.php cross site scriting
37666b1g b1gbb showthread.php sql injection
37665Debian gfax privileges management [CVE-2007-2839]🔒🔒
37664VBZooM reply.php sql injection
37663MyCMS memory corruption [CVE-2007-3587]
37662MyCMS Login games.php code injection
37661MyCMS games.php file inclusion
37660PNphpBB2 viewforum.php sql injection
37659Girlserv Girlserv ads details_news.php sql injection
37658Inforest Communications SuperCali index.php sql injection
37657Jedox Palo cleartext storage [CVE-2007-3581]
37656PHPIDS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3580]
37655PHPIDS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3579]
37654PHPIDS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3578]
37653PHPIDS certain cross site scriting
37652Microsoft Internet Explorer URI Scheme cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3576] [Disputed] Clone Login sql injection
37650Linksys WAG54GS setup.cgi cross site scripting
37649akocomment sql injection [CVE-2007-3573]
37648Yoggie Pico runDiagnostics.cgi privileges management
37647Apache Derby Authorization unknown vulnerability [CVE-2006-7217]🔒
37646Apache Derby denial of service [CVE-2006-7216]
37645Novell GroupWise information disclosure [CVE-2007-3571]
37644Novell Access Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3570]
37643Softlink Europe Oliver Library Management System gateway.exe cross site scriting
37642imlib _loadbmp denial of service🔒🔒
37641MySQLDumper htaccess privileges management [CVE-2007-3567]
37640Fujitsu PRIMERGY BX300 information disclosure [CVE-2007-3012]
37639Fujitsu ServerView privileges management [CVE-2007-3011]🔒
37638Avscripts AV Arcade index.php sql injection
37637PHP Director videos.php sql injection
37636Webixir Efendy Blog ara.asp cross site scriting
37635Esqlanelapse Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3560]
37634PHP-Fusion shoutbox_panel.php cross site scriting
37633Wheatblog login.php sql injection
37632Doubleflex Liesbeth base CMS information disclosure [CVE-2007-3556]
37631Moodle index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
37630HP Instant Support ActiveX Control sdd.dll queryHub stack-based overflow🔒🔒
37629bbs100 StringIO.c shift_StringIO denial of service
37628bbs100 state_login.c state_login_prompt memory corruption
37627Microsoft Internet Explorer Zone code injection [CVE-2007-3550] [Disputed]
37626Vastal I-tech Buddy Zone view_sub_cat.php sql injection
37625W3Filer stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3548]
37624GNU C Library rtld.c process_envvars numeric error [Disputed]🔒🔒
37623Intel X6800/E6000 denial of service [CVE-2006-7215]
37622Qt-cute QuickTicket qti_checkname.php path traversal
37621Nessus cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3546]🔒
37620Warzone Warzone 2100 Resurrection memory corruption [CVE-2007-3545]
37619WordPress File Upload wp-app.php Remote Privilege Escalation
37618Pluxml auth.php cross site scriting
37617Kurinton sHTTPd cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3541]
37616Rainworx rwAuction Pro search.asp cross site scriting
37615Qt-cute QuickTicket qti_ind_post.php sql injection
37614Qt-cute QuickTalk guestbook qtg_msg_view.php sql injection
37613IBM OS400 privileges management [CVE-2007-3537]
37612AMX Netlinx Vnc Activex Control ActiveX Control amxvnc.dll memory corruption
37611Frank Karau GL-SH Deaf Forum functions.php path traversal
37610Daniel Toma WebChat Login login.php sql injection
376093Com 3NJ220 denial of service [CVE-2007-3533]
37608PHPDirector config.php information disclosure
37607PHPDirector Error Message videos.php information disclosure
37606DAR Crypto make_ivec information disclosure🔒🔒
37605Firebird SQL Server integer coercion [CVE-2007-3527]🔒
37604Vastal I-tech Buddy Zone view_news.php sql injection
37603Ripe Website Manager phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
37602Ripe Website Manager author_panel_header.php file inclusion XCMS Galerie.php path traversal
37600sPHPell spellcheckpageinc.php file inclusion
37599ArcadeBuilder Game Portal Manager sql injection [CVE-2007-3521]
37598Easybe 1-2-3 Music Store process.php sql injection
37597Wesmo phpEventCalendar eventdisplay.php sql injection
37596HispaH YouTube Clone Script msg.php sql injection
37595Claroline index.php cross site scriting
37594Gorki Online Santrac Sitesi kayit.asp cross site scripting
37593Sweetphp TotalCalendar view_event.php sql injection
37592fireflier fireflier.rules symlink🔒🔒
37591Apple Safari Same Origin Policy document.domain unknown vulnerability
37590Linux Kernel usblcd.c lcd_write memory allocation🔒🔒
37589Wakwak Lhaca File Archiver stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3512]
37588Mozilla Firefox File Upload cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3511]🔒🔒
37587GSAMBAD populate_conns symlink🔒🔒
37586unicon-imc2 cce_pinyin.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
37585flac123 vorbiscomment.c local__vcentry_parse_value stack-based overflow🔒🔒
37584FreeType ft_bitmap_assure_buffer memory corruption
37583Qt-cute QuickTalk forum qtf_checkname.php path traversal
37582Hiki path traversal [CVE-2007-2836]🔒
37581Sun JRE java.policy path traversal🔒
37580Sun JDK cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3503]🔒🔒
37579Kaspersky Anti-Spam aslic_status.cgi information disclosure🔒
37578DirectAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3501]
37577eTicket open.php cross site scripting
37576XEForum access control [CVE-2007-3500]
37575SlackRoll denial of service [CVE-2007-3499]
37574Htmlpurifier configForm.php cross site scriting
37573Microsoft Internet Explorer History information disclosure [CVE-2007-3497]
37572SAP Netweaver Nw04s cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3496]
37571SAP SAP Basis component 700 Error Page cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3495]
37570Papoo Administration plugin.php information disclosure
37569Nctsoft Products NCTWavChunksEditor2.dll ActiveX Control nctwavchunkseditor2.dll CreateFile privileges management🔒
37568Conti FtpServer denial of service [CVE-2007-3492]
37567Progress OpenEdge TCP/IP memory corruption [CVE-2007-3491]
37566Microsoft Excel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3490]
37565Check Point VPN-1 UTM Edge Administrator Account WizU.html cross-site request forgery
37564Sony Network Camera Snc-p5 ActiveX Control heap-based overflow
37563HP Photo Digital Imaging Activex Control ActiveX Control hpqxml.dll path traversal🔒🔒
37562Firebird SQL Server denial of service [CVE-2006-7214]🔒
37561Firebird SQL Server denial of service [CVE-2006-7213]🔒
37560Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2006-7212]🔒
37559Firebird SQL Server Locking denial of service [CVE-2006-7211]🔒
37558AltaVista search engine cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3486]
37557Yandex Yandex.Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3485]
37556Google Custom Search Engine search.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
37555RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Default Configuration Remote Code Execution
37554Apple Safari Same Origin Policy document.domain cross site scripting
37553Microsoft Internet Explorer document.domain memory corruption [Disputed]
37552PCSoft WinDEV denial of service [CVE-2007-3480]
37551PCSoft WinDEV stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3479]
37550libgd GD Graphics Library gdft.c race condition🔒🔒
37549libgd GD Graphics Library resource management [CVE-2007-3477]🔒🔒
37548libgd GD Graphics Library gd_gif_in.c numeric error🔒🔒
37547libgd GD Graphics Library denial of service [CVE-2007-3475]🔒🔒
37546libgd GD Graphics Library denial of service [CVE-2007-3474]🔒🔒
37545libgd GD Graphics Library gdimagecreatexbm denial of service🔒🔒
37544libgd GD Graphics Library gdimagecreatetruecolor numeric error🔒🔒
37543Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2007-3470]
37542eTicket Error Message index.php information disclosure
37541VideoLAN VLC Media Player input.c denial of service🔒🔒
37540VideoLAN VLC Media Player stats.c __status_update integer coercion🔒🔒
37539SofaWare Safe@Office 500 Utm Default Password improper authentication
37538SofaWare Safe@Office 500 Utm cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3464]
37537Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2007-3463] [Disputed]
37536elkagroup Image Gallery property.php sql injection
37535EVA-Web index.php3 file inclusion
37534Civiltech Avax Vector Activex ActiveX Control avaxswf.dll privileges management
37533Xythos Enterprise Document Manager authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3256]
37532Xythos Enterprise Document Manager cross-site request forgery
37531Xythos Enterprise Document Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3254]
37530Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2007-3458]🔒
37529Vincent Hor Calendarix Error Message calendar.php information disclosure
37528Apple Mac OS X Server mod_cache cache_util.c denial of service🔒🔒🔒🔒
37527Symantec Mail Security filter-hub.exe denial of service🔒
37526Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2006-7210]
37525Papoo sql injection [CVE-2007-3453]
37524eDocStore doc.php sql injection
37523Gorani Network 6ALBlog index.php file inclusion
37522Gorani Network 6ALBlog member.php sql injection
37521Gorani Network 6ALBlog member.php sql injection
37520BugMall Shopping Cart index.php cross site scripting
37519BugMall Shopping Cart sql injection [CVE-2007-3447]
37518BugMall Shopping Cart improper authentication [CVE-2007-3446]
37517SJ Labs SJphone memory corruption [CVE-2007-3445]
37516RIM Blackberry Software denial of service [CVE-2007-3444]
37515Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry 7270 denial of service
37514Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry 7270 denial of service
37513Aastra Telecom 9112i SIP Phone Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-3441]
37512Snom Snom 320 Linux unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3440]
37511Snom Snom 320 Linux information disclosure [CVE-2007-3439]
37510Nortel Sip Softphone Header Parsing memory corruption [CVE-2007-3438]
37509AOL Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2007-3437]
37508Microsoft MSN Messenger denial of service [CVE-2007-3436]
37507RKD Software Barcode Activex ActiveX Control barcodeax.dll BeginPrint stack-based overflow🔒🔒
37506Netart Media Pharmacy System Error Message index.php information disclosure
37505Netart Media Pharmacy System index.php sql injection
37504Pluxml File Upload images.php Remote Code Execution
37503Valerio Capello Dagger - The Cutting Edge cal.func.php file inclusion
37502Simple Invoices index.php sql injection
37501e107 CMS File Upload signup.php Remote Code Execution
37500Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA plotstatbar.php Remote Code Execution
37499Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA index.php sql injection
37498Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA index.php cross site scriting
37497Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA index.php path traversal
37496ekg memory leak [CVE-2007-1665]🔒🔒
37495ekg null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-1664]🔒🔒
37494ekg memory leak [CVE-2007-1663]🔒🔒
37493Zoneo-soft phpTrafficA Search Engine cross site scriting [CVE-2006-7209] WebAPP moveim Remote Code Execution WebAPP imview3 Remote Code Execution WebAPP Printing getcgi Remote Code Execution WebAPP Capabilities Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3421] WebAPP loaduser Remote Code Execution WebAPP editprofile3 Remote Code Execution WebAPP displaypost Remote Privilege Escalation WebAPP show_recent_searches cross site scriting WebAPP Administration cross-site request forgery
37483phpRaider index.php sql injection
37482access2asp supplierslist.asp cross site scriting
37481Bitego bosDataGrid cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3413]
37480Clicktech ClickGallery edit_image.asp cross site scriting
37479Clicktech ClickGallery edit_image.asp sql injection
37478Adam van Dongen Com Forum download.php input validation🔒
37477RealNetworks RealPlayer smlprstime.cpp parsewallclockvalue memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
37476MIT Kerberos rename_principal_2_svc memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
37475MIT Kerberos svc_auth_unix.c gssrpc__svcauth_unix memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
37474MIT Kerberos gssrpc__svcauth_gssapi memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
37473Nlnet Labs Net Dns dns denial of service🔒🔒
37472Dia Libraries Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3408]
37471Sergey Lyubka Simple HTTPD information disclosure [CVE-2007-3407]🔒
37470Microsoft Internet Explorer File path traversal [CVE-2007-3406]
37469Linux Kernel sysfs_readdir resource management🔒🔒
37468kvirc IRC Client parseircurl privileges management🔒🔒
37467Red Hat Enterprise Linux Desktop denial of service [CVE-2007-0773]🔒🔒
37466Lebisoft Lebisoft zdefter defter_yaz.asp cross site scripting
37465SiteDepth CMS showimage.php path traversal
37464dreamLog File Upload upload.php Remote Code Execution
37463pagetool index.php sql injection
37462B1G b1gBB file inclusion
37461Nctsoft NCTAudioStudio ActiveX Control nctwmafile2.dll input validation🔒
37460Phpee Power Phlogger Login get_userdata.php sql injection
37459Perception LiteWEB denial of service [CVE-2007-3398]
37458Key Focus KF Web Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3396]
37456eNdonesia Publisher mod.php sql injection
37455Vincent Hor Calendarix Error Message calendar.php information disclosure
37454Vincent Hor Calendarix calendar.php sql injection🔒
37453Vincent Hor Calendarix calendar.php cross site scriting
37452Frank Mancuso MyNews admin.php sql injection
37451Wireshark off-by-one [CVE-2007-3393]🔒🔒
37450Wireshark infinite loop [CVE-2007-3392]🔒🔒
37449Wireshark input validation [CVE-2007-3391]🔒🔒
37448Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2007-3390]🔒🔒
37447Wireshark input validation [CVE-2007-3389]🔒🔒
37446Nlnet Labs Net Dns dns authentication spoofing🔒🔒
37445Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2007-3376]
37444Lhaca File Archiver memory corruption [CVE-2007-3375]🔒
37443Red Hat Cluster Suite daemon.c process_client memory corruption🔒🔒
37442Red Hat Cluster Suite daemon.c memory corruption
37441Apple Mac OS X WebCore setRequestHeader cross site scripting🔒
37440Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2007-2400]
37439Apple Mac OS X WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2007-2399]🔒
37438Avahi denial of service [CVE-2007-3372]🔒🔒
37437Powl Widgets htmledit.php file inclusion
37436Kim Kyoung Min Sun Board include.php file inclusion
37435Polycom SoundPoint IP 601 memory corruption [CVE-2007-3369]🔒
37434Polycom Soundpoint IP 650 memory corruption [CVE-2007-3368]
37433cPanel Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-3367]
37432cPanel CGI Wrapper cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3366]
37431MyServer information disclosure [CVE-2007-3365]
37430MyServer post.mscgi cross site scriting
37429ageet AGEphone Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3363]
37428ageet AGEphone denial of service [CVE-2007-3362]
37427Nortel Pc Client Soft Phone Sip denial of service [CVE-2007-3361]
37426IPTel SerWeb load_apu.php file inclusion
37425IPTel SerWeb load_lang.php file inclusion NetClassifieds Encryption Stored missing encryption NetClassifieds Error Message common.php information disclosure NetClassifieds cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3355] NetClassifieds viewcat.php sql injection🔒
37420Mywebland MyEvent template.php file inclusion [Disputed]
37419Stephen Ostermiller Contact Form cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3352]
37418Sj Labs SJPhone denial of service [CVE-2007-3351]
37417AOL Instant Messenger denial of service [CVE-2007-3350]
37416Aastra Telecom 9112i SIP Phone Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-3349]
37415D-Link DPH-540 denial of service [CVE-2007-3348]
37414D-Link DPH-540 authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3347]
37413PHPAccounts index.php path traversal
37412PHPAccounts index.php sql injection🔒
37411netjukebox Installation index.php cross site scriting
37410RaidenHTTPD cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3343]
37409Ingres database server uuid_from_char memory corruption🔒🔒
37408Ingres database server symlink [CVE-2007-3337]🔒
37407Ingres database server memory corruption [CVE-2007-3336]🔒
37406ageet AGEphone memory corruption [CVE-2006-7207]
37405Microsoft Internet Explorer SysFreeString denial of service
37404Six Apart Movable Type cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3342]
37403Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Client privileges management
37402BugHunter HTTP SERVER httpsv.exe memory corruption
37401Ingres Database Server iigcc.exe heap-based overflow🔒🔒
37400FuseTalk autherror.cfm cross site scripting🔒
37399Debian Linux Emacs denial of service [CVE-2007-2833]🔒🔒
37398PHPEcho CMS Admin Panel sql injection [CVE-2007-3335]
37397Php-nuke Satel Lite modload satellite.php path traversal
37396STphp EasyNews cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-3331]
37395STphp EasyNews news Stored cross site scriting
37394Interact kb.php cross site scriting
37393Bughunter HTTP Server httpsv.exe information disclosure
37392Jelsoft vBulletin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3326]
37391LMS LAN Management System language.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-3325]
37390Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart comersus_customerauthenticateform.asp cross site scriting
37389Comersus Open Technologies Comersus Cart comersus_optreviewreadexec.asp sql injection🔒
37388Avaya 4602SW IP Phone Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-3322]
37387Avaya 4602SW IP Phone Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-3321]
37386Avaya 4602SW IP Phone Firmware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3320]
37385Avaya 4602SW IP Phone Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3319]
37384Avaya one-X Session Initiation Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2007-3318]
37383Avaya one-X Session Initiation Protocol denial of service [CVE-2007-3317]
37382VideoLAN VLC Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2007-3316]🔒🔒🔒
37381YourFreeScreamer bodytemplate.php file inclusion
37380Altap Portable Executable Viewer stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3314]
37379Efstratios Geroulis Jasmine CMS Login login.php sql injection🔒
37378Efstratios Geroulis Jasmine CMS plugin_manager.php path traversal
37377Xoops Articles Module print.php sql injection🔒🔒
37376Apple Safari settimeout cross site scriting🔒
37375TDizin arama.asp cross site scriting
37374Simple Machines Forum Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3309]
37373Simple Machines Forum privileges management [CVE-2007-3308]
37372Solar Empire game_listing.php sql injection🔒
37371Ultrize MiniBill crontab run_billing.php file inclusion
37369Apache HTTP Server Prefork MPM denial of service [CVE-2007-3304]🔒🔒
37368Apache HTTP Server Prefork MPM code injection [CVE-2007-3303]🔒
37367FuseTalk autherror.cfm sql injection🔒
37366F-Secure anti-virus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3300]
37365AWFFull cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3299]
37364Spey sql injection
37363Cybozu Labs Musoo msdb.php file inclusion
37362xunlei Web Thunderbolt ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution
37361LiveCMS categoria.php sql injection🔒
37360LiveCMS File Upload Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3292]
37359LiveCMS article.php cross site scripting
37358LiveCMS Error Message categoria.php information disclosure
37357XOOPS Wiwimod Module spaw_control.class.php file inclusion🔒
37356skeltoac Automattic Stats cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3288]
37355Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2007-3285]🔒🔒
37354Apple Safari CoreFoundation corefoundation.dll denial of service
37353Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3283]🔒
37352Microsoft Office DataSourceControl memory corruption [CVE-2007-3282]
37351Php Hosting Biller index.php cross site scriting
37350PostgreSQL Libraries system Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
37349PostgreSQL (plpgsql) Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
37348PostgreSQL access control [CVE-2007-3278]🔒🔒
37347WIKINDX Capabilities privileges management [CVE-2007-3277]
37346Siteatschool index.php cross site scriting
37345MailWasher MailWasher Server Active Directory dopost Stored credentials management
37344Apple Safari resource management [CVE-2007-3274]
37343FuseTalk index.cfm sql injection🔒🔒
37342MiniBB index.php path traversal
37341YourFreeScreamer bodyTemplate.php file inclusion
37340phpMyInventory file inclusion
37339Papoo CMS Light cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3269]
37338Utopia News Pro login.php cross site scriting
37337RealNetworks GameHouse ActiveX Control ghdlctl.dll memory corruption
37336Fuzzylime Forum low.php cross site scriting
37335ifnet webif webif.cgi path traversal
37334IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3265]
37333dKret widget_search.php cross site scriting
37332HP System Management Homepage System management Remote Privilege Escalation
37331IBM WebSphere Portal content.php sql injection🔒
37330IBM WebSphere Portal Error Message content.php information disclosure
37329GNOME Evolution IMAP Server camel-imap-folder.c memory corruption🔒🔒
37328Astaro Security Gateway HTTP Proxy denial of service [CVE-2007-3253]
37327PortalApp information disclosure [CVE-2007-3252]
37326e-Vision CMS functions.php path traversal
37325Elxis CMS mod_banners.php sql injection🔒
37324Letterman Subscriber mod_lettermansubscribe.php cross site scriting
37323Sun Solaris Interfaces denial of service [CVE-2007-3248]
37322VirtueMart Parser virtuemart_parser.php sql injection
37321Novell NetWare NFS Mount Daemon memory corruption [CVE-2007-3207]
37320Apache MyFaces Tomahawk cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3101]🔒
37319Novell exteNd Director ActiveX Control localexec.ocx launch privileges management🔒
37318IRC Services set.c do_set_password information disclosure
37317IRC Services denial of service [CVE-2007-3245]
37316bbPress formatting-functions.php sql injection🔒
37315bbPress bb-login.php cross site scriting WebAPP access control [CVE-2007-3242]
37313WordPress blogroll.php cross site scriting
37312WordPress 404.php cross site scriting
37311WordPress searchform.php cross site scriting
37310XOOPS Tinycontent Module spaw_control.class.php file inclusion🔒
37309XOOPS Horoscope Module footer.php file inclusion
37308Fuzzylime Forum low.php cross site scriting🔒
37307Fuzzylime Forum low.php sql injection
37306TEC-IT TBarCode OCX OCX ActiveX Control tbarcode7.ocx SaveImage privileges management🔒
37305IBM TotalStorage DS400 Telnet Daemon Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3232]
37304MeCab memory corruption [CVE-2007-3231]
37303Simian Systems Inc Sitellite phphtml.php html file inclusion
37302Singapore Image Gallery Web Application Error Message index.php information disclosure
37301Simian Systems Inc Sitellite CMS htaccess bug-559668.php file inclusion
37300dotProject cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3226]
37299Sun Java System Directory Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-3225]🔒
37298Sun Java System Directory Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-3224]🔒
37297Sun Solaris NFS Server denial of service [CVE-2007-3223]
37296XOOPS Xfsection Module modify.php file inclusion🔒
37295XT-Conteudo module spaw_control.class.php file inclusion🔒
37294XOOPS Cjay Content Module spaw_control.class.php file inclusion🔒🔒
37293Corel ActiveCGM Browser ActiveX Control acgm.dll memory corruption🔒
37292Apache Tomcat cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2449]🔒🔒
37291Subversion information disclosure [CVE-2007-2448]🔒🔒
37290Invision Power Services IP.Board xmlout.php unknown vulnerability
37289PHP Live request.php cross site scriting
37288Prototype of an PHP application Administration index.php file inclusion
37287PHPMailer class.phpmailer.php sendmailsend privileges management🔒🔒
37286e-Vision CMS style.php sql injection🔒
37285Sporum Forum comments.cgi cross site scriting
37284Beehive Forum links.php cross site scriting
37283Domain Technologie Control 404.php cross site scriting
37282Cellosoft Tokens Object RemoveChr stack-based overflow
37281Nongnu Mail Notification information disclosure [CVE-2007-3209]
37280YaBB memory corruption
37279Red Hat open-iscsi Shared Memory log.c denial of service🔒🔒
37278Red Hat Enterprise Linux Management Interface mgmt_ipc.c denial of service🔒🔒
37277libexif exif_data_load_data_entry heap-based overflow🔒🔒
37276Apple Safari windows.settimeout cross site scripting
37275Hardened-php Project Subhosin memory corruption [CVE-2007-3205]
37274JFFNMS Just For Fun Network Management System auth.php sql injection🔒
37273Software602 602Pro LAN SUITE SMTP Service smtpdll.dll stack-based overflow
37272Bruce Corkhill Web Wiz Rich Text Editor cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3202]
37271WinPT authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3201]
37270Novell Modular_authentication_service information disclosure
37269American Financing Link Request Contact Form Remote Code Execution
37268Maran PHP Blog comments.php cross site scriting
37267Jelsoft Vbsupport Integrated Ticket System vbsupport.php sql injection🔒
37266Jelsoft Vbsupport Integrated Ticket System vbsupport.php sql injection🔒
37265ERFAN WIKI index.php cross site scriting
37264Mywebland myBloggie config.php file inclusion [Disputed]
37263PhpWiki ldap.php improper authentication [CVE-2007-3193]🔒🔒
37262JFFNMS Just For Fun Network Management System setup.php unknown vulnerability🔒
37261JFFNMS Just For Fun Network Management System test.php phpinfo cross site scriting🔒🔒
37260JFFNMS Just For Fun Network Management System auth.php sql injection🔒🔒🔒
37259JFFNMS Just For Fun Network Management System auth.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
37258GeometriX Download Portal down_indir.asp sql injection🔒
37257Firebird SQL Server fbserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
37256Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2007-3187]
37255Apple Safari access control [CVE-2007-3186]🔒
37254Apple Safari resource management [CVE-2007-3185]
37253Microsoft Internet Explorer Language Packet Installation memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37252Microsoft Windows File System access control [CVE-2007-2229]🔒🔒
37251Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2007-2218]🔒🔒
37249Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS memory corruption [CVE-2007-1750]🔒🔒🔒🔒
37248Microsoft Visio Packaging memory corruption [CVE-2007-0936]🔒🔒
37247Arris Cadant C3 CMTS denial of service [CVE-2007-2796]
37246HP Help/Support Center memory corruption [CVE-2007-3180]
37245Particle Blogger archives.php sql injection🔒
37244Linux Kernel ip_conntrack_proto_sctp.c sctp_new null pointer dereference🔒🔒🔒🔒
37243SpamAssassin symlink [CVE-2007-2873]🔒🔒
37242Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-2453]🔒🔒🔒
37241Zindizayn Okul Web Sistemi mezungiris.asp sql injection🔒
37240Ingate Ingate Siparator improper authentication [CVE-2007-3177]
37239Ingate Ingate Siparator information disclosure [CVE-2007-3176]
37238W2B Online Banking sql injection [CVE-2007-3175]🔒
37237w2b Online Banking cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3174]
37236Almnzm index.php information disclosure
37235Uebimiau error.php path traversal🔒
37234Uebimiau Error Message error.php information disclosure🔒
37233Uebimiau redirect.php cross site scriting🔒
37232EDraw Office Viewer Component ActiveX Control edrawofficeviewer.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
37231EDraw Office Viewer Component ActiveX Control edrawofficeviewer.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37230Vivotek MjpegControl ActiveX Control mjpegdecoder.dll stack-based overflow
37229Qualcomm Eudora IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-3166]
37228Tor information disclosure [CVE-2007-3165]🔒🔒
37227Frederico Caldeira Knabben FCKeditor $data unknown vulnerability
37226Westbyte Internet Download Accelerator ActiveX Control idaiehlp.dll notsafe memory corruption
37225Visicom Media Ace-FTP memory corruption [CVE-2007-3161]
37224PHP Real Estate Classifieds header.php file inclusion
37223MiniWeb Http Server http.c denial of service
37222Tenyearsgone ASP Folder Gallery download_script.asp information disclosure
37221SafeNET Softremote VPN Client denial of service [CVE-2007-3157]
37220eGroupWare Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3155]
37219eGroupWare Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3154]
37218Daniel Stenberg c-ares ares_init:randomize_key authentication spoofing🔒🔒
37217Daniel Stenberg c-ares Random Number Generator authentication spoofing🔒🔒
37216Packeteer PacketShaper Web Management Interface rpttop.htm denial of service🔒🔒
37215Zoomify Zoomify Viewer ActiveX control ActiveX Control zactivex.dll stack-based overflow🔒
37214Linux Kernel cpuset_tasks_read numeric error🔒🔒🔒
37213Google Desktop Stored Remote Code Execution
372123Com 3cr860-95 cross site scriting [CVE-2006-3974]
37211Todd Miller sudo Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3149]
37210Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control ywcvwr.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37209Zen Help Desk Software information disclosure [CVE-2007-3146]
37208Galeon Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3145]
37207Mozilla authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3144]
37206KDE Konqueror authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3143]
37205Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3142]🔒🔒
37204phpWebThings file inclusion [CVE-2007-3141]
37203BlueCoat K9 Web Protection k9filter.exe memory corruption
37202Open Solution Quick.Cart Login admin.php memory corruption
37201Open Solution Quick.Cart index.php path traversal
37200WebMaster Solutions WmsCMS 4print.asp cross site scripting
37199newsSync nuke_include.php file inclusion
37198atom PhotoBlog atomphotoblog.php cross site scriting
37197atom PhotoBlog atomphotoblog.php cross site scriting
37196W1L3D4 WEBmarket urunbak.asp sql injection🔒
37195Symantec Ghost Solutions Suite denial of service [CVE-2007-3132]
37194Public Warehouse Light Blog add_comment.php cross site scriting
37193JD-Wiki dwpage.php code injection🔒
37192Gimp denial of service [CVE-2007-3126]🔒
37190FreeVMS Backup Utility memory corruption [CVE-2007-3124]
37189ClamAV isurl denial of service🔒
37188ClamAV cli_gentempstream memory corruption🔒🔒
37187ClamAV unrar.c heap-based overflow🔒🔒
37186ClamAV memory corruption [CVE-2007-3122]🔒🔒
37185Zapping Zapping VBI Library ntsc-cc.c ccdecode memory corruption
37184AIOCP Control Panel cross site scriting
37183Kartli Alisveris Sistemi news.asp sql injection🔒
37182K-letter action.php file inclusion
37181ADPLAN SEO cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3117]
37180MaraDNS MaraDNS.c resource management🔒🔒
37179MaraDNS MaraDNS.c resource management🔒🔒
37178MaraDNS MaraDNS.c resource management🔒🔒
37177Cacti graph_image.php denial of service🔒🔒
37176Cacti graph_image.php denial of service🔒🔒
37175Provideo Camimage ActiveX control ActiveX Control isscamcontrol.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
37174Beatnik Beatnik Player cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3110]
37173Microsoft Office htimage.exe unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-3109]
37172ClamAV unsp.c memory corruption🔒🔒
37171Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2512]
37170Castle Rock Computing SNMPc crserv.exe denial of service🔒
37169F5 FirePass 4100 SSL VPN my.activation.php3 privileges management
37168PBLang login.php path traversal🔒
37167Symantec Norton Antivirus Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3095]🔒
37166E-Book Systems FlipViewer ActiveX Control flipviewerx.dll stack-based overflow🔒🔒
37165Sun Solaris Solaris Management Console memory corruption [CVE-2007-3094]🔒
37164Microsoft Internet Explorer authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-3092]
37163Microsoft Internet Explorer race condition [CVE-2007-3091]🔒🔒🔒
37161Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2007-3089]🔒🔒
37160CA Unicenter Network And Systems Management stack-based overflow🔒
37159CA Anti-Virus Enterprise stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2863]🔒
37158IBM Lotus Domino Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-0068]
37157Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface gdiplus.dll denial of service
37156Gaya Design Comicsense index.php sql injection🔒
37155Peercast Browser History cleartext storage [CVE-2007-3087]
37154Agnitum Outpost Firewall denial of service [CVE-2007-3086]
37153PBSite useronline.php file inclusion
37152Comdev Web Blogger sampleblogger.php file inclusion
37151Rainbowsoft Z-Blog information disclosure [CVE-2007-3083]
37150sendcard sendcard.php path traversal
37149Comdev ecommerce sampleecommerce.php file inclusion
37148Hunkaray Okul Portaly haberoku.asp sql injection🔒
37147EQdkp listmembers.php information disclosure
37146Aigaion authoractions.php cross site scriting
37145EQdkp listmembers.php sql injection🔒
37144Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control sasatl.dll DownloadFile memory corruption🔒
37143Microsoft Internet Explorer path traversal [CVE-2007-3075]
37142Mozilla Firefox Installation information disclosure [CVE-2007-3074]
37141Mozilla Firefox path traversal [CVE-2007-3073]🔒🔒
37140Mozilla Firefox path traversal [CVE-2007-3072]
37139Digital River eSellerate SDK ActiveX Control eselleratecontrol365.dll getwebstoreurl memory corruption
37138BDigital Web Solutions WebStudio CMS index.php cross site scriting
37137Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3069]🔒🔒
37136Numara Asset Manager xferwan.exe stack-based overflow
37135Macrovision FLEXnet Connect ActiveX Control boisweb.dll memory corruption
37134IBM Lotus Domino Web Server denial of service [CVE-2007-0067]
37133Dvd X Studios DVD X Player stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-3068]
37132EQdkp Attunement/Key index.php cross site scriting
37131php(Reactor) file inclusion
37130Particle Soft Particle Gallery viewimage.php sql injection🔒
37129Mealex My Datebook diary.php cross site scripting
37128Mealex My Datebook Diary diary.php sql injection🔒
37127HP System Management Homepage System management cross site scriting🔒
37126Cactusoft Cactushop credentials management [CVE-2007-3061]
37125Osi Codes Inc. PHPLive chat.php cross site scriting
37124SendCard Error Message sendcard.php information disclosure
37123Madirish Webmail calendar.php file inclusion
37122XOOPS Icontent Module spaw_control.class.php file inclusion🔒
37121WebSVN filedetails.php cross site scripting
37120Codelib Linker index.php cross site scriting
37119Codelib Linker search.php cross site scriting
37118Calimero.CMS calimero.cms Remote Code Execution
37117PNphpBB index.php sql injection🔒🔒
37116RevokeSoft RevokeBB class_users.php sql injection🔒
37115chameleon cms Session improper authentication [CVE-2007-3050]
37114Buttercup Wfm index.php cross site scriting
37113GNU screen Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-3048] [Disputed]
37112Vonage VoIP Telephone Adapter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3047]
37111Advanced Software Production Line Vortex Library Listener memory corruption
37110Hitachi Tp1 Net Osi-tp-extended denial of service [CVE-2007-3045]
37109Hitachi Xp W denial of service [CVE-2007-3044]
37108Hitachi Groupmax Collaboration Web Client File Sharing cross site scriting
37107Meneame cross site scriting [CVE-2007-3042]
37106Symantec Norton Antivirus information disclosure [CVE-2007-3022]🔒
37105Symantec Norton Antivirus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-3021]🔒
37103Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server Logging logevent denial of service
37102Mbedthis AppWeb HTTP Server Trace information disclosure [CVE-2007-3008]🔒🔒
37101PHP readfile access control🔒🔒
37100Acoustica MP3 CD Burner memory corruption [CVE-2007-3006]🔒
37097Mywebland myBloggie index.php sql injection🔒
37096PHP JackKnife Error Message index.php information disclosure
37095PHP JackKnife Authenticate.php cross site scriting
37094PHP JackKnife g_display.php sql injection🔒
37093Microsoft Windows Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-2999]
37092HP OpenVMS pas$rtl.exe denial of service
37091SalesCart Shopping Cart reorder2.asp sql injection [Disputed]🔒
37090IBM AIX WebSM denial of service [CVE-2007-2995]🔒
37089Dian Gemilang DGNews news.php sql injection🔒
37088Apple Xserve Lights-Out Management Firmware privileges management
37087Omegasoft INterneSErvicesLosungen omegamw7.asp cross site scriting
37086Omegasoft INterneSErvicesLosungen omegamw7.asp sql injection🔒
37085Evenzia Evenzia CMS cross site scriting
37084Novell GroupWise information disclosure [CVE-2007-2513]🔒
37083GNU findutils locate.c visit_old_format heap-based overflow🔒🔒
37082Symantec Veritas Storage Foundation vxschedservice.exe access control🔒🔒
37081Symantec Veritas Volume Replicator resource management [CVE-2007-1593]
37080Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2007-2989]🔒
37079Inout Scripts Inout Meta Search Engine memory corruption [CVE-2007-2988]
37078Zenturi ProgramChecker ActiveX Control sasatl.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
37077Nexen AdminBot MX live_status.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-2986]
37076Pheap settings.php access control
37075Media Technology Group CDPass ActiveX control ActiveX Control cdpass.dll memory corruption
37074bt Business Connect webhelper ActiveX control ActiveX Control btbconnectwebcontrol.dll memory corruption
37073LEAD Technologies LEADTOOLS Raster OCR Document Object Library ActiveX Control ltrdc14e.dll memory corruption🔒
37072Lead Technologies Leadtools Raster Isis Object ActiveX Control ltris14e.dll memory corruption🔒
37071Techno Dreams Web Directory information disclosure [CVE-2007-2979]
37070eggblog link following [CVE-2007-2978]
37069DOMjudge submitcommon.c receive memory corruption
37068Cetrinity Server/Internet Services cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2976]
37067Ignite Realtime Openfire Admin Console access control [CVE-2007-2975]🔒
37066Avira Antivir Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2007-2974]🔒
37065Avira Antivir Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2007-2973]🔒
37064Greg Neustaetter gCards getnewsitem.php sql injection🔒
370638e6 Technologies R3000 Internet Filter block.cgi cross site scriting
37062WAnewsletter newsletter.php file inclusion
37061cpCommerce register.php cross site scriting
37060Logitech VideoCall ActiveX Control vibecontrol.dll Start stack-based overflow🔒
37059Authentium Command Antivirus ActiveX Control odapi.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
37058Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-2871]🔒🔒🔒
37057Mozilla Firefox Event Listener cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2870]🔒🔒🔒
37056Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2007-2869]🔒🔒🔒
37055Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine code injection [CVE-2007-2868]🔒🔒🔒
37054Mozilla Firefox Layout Engine memory corruption [CVE-2007-2867]🔒🔒🔒🔒
37053Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2007-1362]🔒🔒🔒
37052Macrovision FLEXnet Connect ActiveX Control agent.exe privileges management🔒
37051F-Secure Internet Security input validation [CVE-2007-2967]
37050F-Secure Internet Security memory corruption [CVE-2007-2966]
37049F-Secure Internet Security Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2965]
37048F-Secure Policy Manager fsmsh.dll denial of service [CVE-2007-2964]🔒🔒
37047Invision Power Services IP.Board module_bbcodeloader.php cross site scriting🔒
37046Particle Gallery search.php cross site scriting🔒
37045FileCloset File Upload Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2961]
37044Scallywag template.php path traversal
37043cpCommerce manufacturer.php sql injection🔒
37042David Branco OpenBASE index.php file inclusion
37041Lead Technologies Leadtools Raster Dialog File Object ActiveX Control ltrdfd14e.dll memory corruption🔒
37040RMForum information disclosure [CVE-2007-2945]
37039RMForum access control [CVE-2007-2944]
37038Webavis class.php file inclusion
37037My Little Homepage My Little Forum user.php sql injection🔒
37036Michael Brandon vBGSiteMap vbgsitemap-config.php file inclusion
37035FlaP Login table.php file inclusion
37034Mazens PHP Chat itx.php file inclusion
37033Ademco ATNBaseLoader100 Module atnbaseloader100.dll memory corruption
37032TROforum admin.php file inclusion
37031Frequency Clock conf.php file inclusion
37030Fundanemt spellcheck.php privileges management
37029Windy Road Vistered Little common.css.php path traversal
37028Phil-a-Form index.php sql injection🔒
37027BoastMachine index.php cross site scriting🔒
37026Dian Gemilang DGNews footer.php cross site scriting🔒
37025Dian Gemilang DGNews news.php cross site scriting🔒
37024Dian Gemilang DGNews Error Message news.php information disclosure
37023myEvent Error Message login.php information disclosure
37022GMTT Music Distro showown.php cross site scriting🔒
37021RM EasyMail Plus cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2915]
37020PsychoStats awards.php cross site scripting🔒
37019ClonusWiki index.php cross site scriting🔒
37018Jelsoft vBulletin information disclosure [CVE-2007-2912]
37017Jelsoft vBulletin attachment.php sql injection🔒
37016Jelsoft vBulletin cross site scripting [CVE-2007-2910]
37015Jelsoft vBulletin calendar.php cross site scriting🔒
37014SSL-Explorer memory corruption
37013Sun Java Embedding Plugin denial of service [CVE-2007-2906]
370122z Project rating.php sql injection🔒
37011Sun Java System Messaging Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2904]🔒
37010Microsoft Office ActiveX Control ouactrl.ocx memory corruption🔒
37009Dokeos my_progress.php sql injection🔒
37008Dokeos editor.php cross site scriting🔒
37007Scallywag template.php code injection
37006NavBoard admin_config.php code injection
370052z Project rating.php sql injection🔒
37004Microsoft IIS memory corruption [CVE-2007-2897]🔒
37003Lead Technologies LeadTools Raster Dialog File Object ActiveX Control ltrdf14e.dll memory corruption🔒
37002Bochs denial of service [CVE-2007-2894]🔒🔒
37001Bochs rx_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
37000ASP-Nuke news.asp cross site scriting🔒
36999FirmWorX file inclusion
36998cpCommerce category.php sql injection🔒
36997Dokeos Open Source Learning And Knowledge Management Tool courseLog.php sql injection🔒
36996Ezb Systems UltraISO stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2888]
36995Web Icerik Yonetim Sistemi index.php cross site scriting
36994Microsoft Visual Database Tools Database Designer ActiveX Control vdt70.dll notsafe denial of service
36993Microsoft Visual Basic resource management [CVE-2007-2884]
36992Credant Mobile Guardian Shield cleartext storage [CVE-2007-2883]
36991Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2007-2389]🔒
36990Apple QuickTime access control [CVE-2007-2388]🔒
36989GForge cvsweb.php privileges management🔒🔒
36988Sun Java System Web Proxy Server SOCKS Proxy stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36987Digiappz Digirez info_book.asp cross site scriting🔒
36986GNUTurk GNUTurk Portal System mods.php cross site scriting
36985Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2007-2878]🔒🔒
36984Linux Kernel geode-aes.c information disclosure🔒🔒
36983PHPEcho CMS gallery.php sql injection🔒
36982phpPgAdmin sqledit.php cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
36981Apache Tomcat JK Web Server Connector mod_jk path traversal [CVE-2007-1860]🔒🔒
36980Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-2390]🔒🔒
36979Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-2386]🔒🔒🔒🔒
36978Apple Mac OS X format string [CVE-2007-0753]🔒🔒
36977Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0752]🔒🔒
36976Apple Mac OS X Filesystem tmp denial of service🔒🔒
36975Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics integer coercion [CVE-2007-0750]🔒🔒
36974Apple Mac OS X Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-0740]🔒🔒
36973CubeCart sql injection🔒
36972SAXON news.php file inclusion
36971BoastMachine user.php Remote Privilege Escalation
36970SimpGB guestbook.php file inclusion
36969phpBB IP-Tracking IP-Search sql injection
36968Zakkis Technology Php Excel Parser file inclusion [CVE-2007-2857]
36967Dart PowerTCP ZIP Compression ActiveX Control dartzip.dll quickzip memory corruption
36966Dart Dart ZipLite Compression ActiveX Control dartziplite.dll quickzip memory corruption
36965Bti-tracker account_change.php sql injection🔒🔒
36964H%2bh Virtual CD ActiveX Control vc9api.dll VCDLaunchAndWait privileges management
36963Lead Technologies LeadTools Raster Variant Object Library ActiveX Control ltrvr14e.dll privileges management🔒
36962Citrix MetaFrame privileges management [CVE-2007-2850]
36961KnowledgeTree Document Management Active Directory privileges management
36960Sky Software Shell MegaPack ActiveX ActiveX Control shcmb80.ocx setpath stack-based overflow
36959hlstats hlstats.php cross site scriting🔒
36958avast! Antivirus memory corruption [CVE-2007-2846]🔒
36957PHP crypt memory corruption🔒🔒
36956Apple Safari Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2843]
36955PHP URI fopen memory corruption🔒🔒
36954MadWifi net80211 ieee80211_wireless.c memory corruption🔒🔒
36953MadWifi if_ath.c ath_beacon_config denial of service🔒🔒
36952MadWifi net80211 ieee80211_input.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
36951MicroWorld Technologies eScan Agent Service mwagent.exe stack-based overflow🔒
36949file assert numeric error🔒🔒
36948Johntp adsense-deluxe adsense-deluxe.php cross-site request forgery
36947LEAD Technologies LEADTOOLS ISIS ActiveX Control ltisi14e.ocx memory corruption
36946Madirish Webmail Addressbook addressbook.php code injection
36945Atmail @mail Webmail readmsg.php cross site scriting🔒
36944AlstraSoft E-Friends paypal.php sql injection🔒
36943HT Editor memory corruption [CVE-2007-2823]
36942Wavelink Media TutorialCMS login.php privileges management
36941KSign KSignSWAT ActiveX Control axksignswat.dll stack-based overflow
36940Track+ cross site scriting🔒
36939CactuSoft Parodia cand_login.asp cross site scriting🔒
36938ol bookmarks index.php sql injection🔒
36937ol bookmarks Themes test1.php code injection
36936Microsoft Internet Information Services Authentication Mechanism webhits.dll access control🔒🔒
36935Pegasus Imagn Activex Control ActiveX Control imw32o40.ocx stack-based overflow
36934Cisco Ios Transmission Control Protocol denial of service [CVE-2007-2813]🔒
36933hlstats hlstats.php cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
36932OSK Advance-Flow cross site scripting [CVE-2007-2811]
36931Gazi Download Portal down_indir.asp sql injection🔒
36930Yngve Svendsen gnatsweb cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
36929Eggheads Eggdrop IRC Bot servrmsg.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36928GaliX index.php cross site scriting🔒
36927ClientExec index.php cross site scriting🔒
36926CandyPress CandyPress Store prodList.asp cross site scriting🔒
36925Vizayn Urun Tanitim Sitesi default.asp sql injection🔒
36924RM RM EasyMail Plus Login cross site scriting🔒
36923Jetbox CMS index.php cross site scriting🔒
36922PEAR Installation path traversal [CVE-2007-2519]🔒🔒
36921PHP imap_body information disclosure
36920RSA Bsafe Crypto-c Libraries denial of service [CVE-2006-3894]🔒
36919Geeklog imageimagemagick.php file inclusion
36918Com Yanc index.php sql injection🔒🔒
36917VP-ASP VP-ASP Shopping Cart shopcontent.asp cross site scriting🔒
36916Sun JDK Java Runtime Environment resource management [CVE-2007-2789]🔒🔒🔒
36915Lead Technologies LeadTools Raster Thumbnail Object Library ActiveX Control ltrtm14e.dll browsedir stack-based overflow
36914ircd-ratbox denial of service [CVE-2007-2786]
36913Esyndicat_pro manage-admins.php Remote Code Execution
36912globus Globus Toolkit denial of service [CVE-2007-2784]
36911Rational Software Hidden Administrator memory corruption [CVE-2007-2783]
36910Packeteer PacketShaper Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2782]
36909WikyBlog sessionRegister.php cross site scriting🔒
36908PsychoStats Error Message server.php information disclosure
36907Libstats template_csv.php file inclusion
36906MolyX MolyX BOARD index.php path traversal
36905AlstraSoft Template Seller File Upload addsptemplate.php Remote Code Execution
36904AlstraSoft Template Seller changeinfo.php Remote Code Execution
36903AlstraSoft Live Support managesettings.php Remote Code Execution
36902SunLight CMS connect.php file inclusion
36901Zomplog mp3playlist.php sql injection🔒
36900ca Brightstor Arcserve Backup caloggerd.exe denial of service
36899LEAD Technologies LeadTools JPEG 2000 ActiveX Control ltj2k14.ocx stack-based overflow🔒
36898Qualcomm Eudora SMTP Server stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2770]🔒
36897OPeNDAP BES privileges management [CVE-2007-2769]
36896OpenBSD OpenSSH User Account information disclosure [CVE-2007-2768]🔒
36895OPeNDAP BES Filesystem information disclosure [CVE-2007-2767]
36894Jetbox CMS Login index.php sql injection🔒
36893Jetbox CMS Error Message main_page.php sql injection🔒
36892Apache Tomcat hello.jsp cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
36891MySQL Manager credentials management [CVE-2007-2766]
36890Ac Zoom blockhosts Logging denial of service [CVE-2007-2765]
36889Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2007-2764]
36888Sienzo Digital Music Mentor ActiveX Control ltmm15.dll unlocksupport memory corruption
36887Build it Fast Widgets Application.php file inclusion
36886MagicISO stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2761]
36885Adempiere canupdate Remote Privilege Escalation
36884Adempiere insert sql injection
36883WinImage stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2758]
36882Adobe Version Cue CS3 Server Installation privileges management
36881PrecisionID Barcode ActiveX Control precisionid_barcode.dll savetofile privileges management
36880RunawaySoft Haber portal xice.mdb information disclosure
36879RunawaySoft Haber portal devami.asp sql injection🔒🔒
36878PHPGlossar change_action.php file inclusion
36877SimpNews print.php sql injection🔒
36876FAQEngine question.php sql injection🔒
36875PHP affected information disclosure🔒🔒
36874rdiffWeb Helper browse path traversal
36873Plain Black WebGUI viewlist information disclosure
36872vDesk Webmail cross site scripting🔒
36871Yet Another Telephony Engine input validation [CVE-2007-1693]
36870PrecisionID Barcode ActiveX Control precisionid_barcode.dll stack-based overflow
36869GlossWord custom_vars.php file inclusion w2box File Upload php.jpg Remote Code Execution
36867Littlecms lcms CC Profile memory corruption [CVE-2007-2741]🔒🔒
36866xajax cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2740]
36865xajax cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2739]🔒🔒
36864Xoops Xoops Glossaire Module glossaire-p-f.php sql injection🔒
36863Xoops Myconference Module index.php sql injection🔒
36862Achievo index.php file inclusion
36861Touteresa ResManager edit_day.php sql injection🔒
368603Com 3crx506-96 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2734]
36859access Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2733]
36858Jetbox CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2732]
36857Jetbox CMS formmail.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2731]
36856Check Point ZoneAlarm Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2730]
36855Microsoft Personal Firewall Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2729]
36854PHP SOAP access control [CVE-2007-2728]🔒🔒
36853PHP Encryption Key mcrypt_create_iv missing encryption🔒🔒
36852BitsCast denial of service [CVE-2007-2726]
36851Db Soft Lab DeWizardX ActiveX Control dewizardax.ocx SaveToFile privileges management🔒
36850fotolog all_photos.html cross site scriting🔒
36849Media Player Classic denial of service [CVE-2007-2723]
36848NewzCrawler denial of service [CVE-2007-2722]
36847VCDGear stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2568]
36846Jetbox CMS formmail.php unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-1898]
36845Jasper JPEG-2000 jpc_cs.c jpc_qcx_getcompparms denial of service🔒🔒
36844Symantec Norton Personal Firewall ActiveX Control islalert.dll Get memory corruption🔒
36843Group-Office Group-office Groupware message.php information disclosure
36842HP Systems Insight Manager improper authentication [CVE-2007-2719]
36841Stalker CommuniGate Pro cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2718]🔒
36840iGeneric Ig Shop page.php sql injection
36839EQdkp listmembers.php cross site scriting🔒
36838Caucho Technology Resin information disclosure [CVE-2007-2441]
36837Caucho Technology Resin path traversal [CVE-2007-2440]🔒
36836Caucho Technology Resin denial of service [CVE-2007-2439]
36835Snaps Gallery Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2715]
36834Matt Mullenweg akismet akismet.php Remote Code Execution
36833Ifusionservices ifdate admin Remote Code Execution
36832MH Software Connect Daily Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2712]
36831Tinyirc TinyIdentD stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2711]
36830NagiosQL prepend_adm.php file inclusion
36829Feindt Computerservice News-Script newsadmin.php file inclusion
36828linksnet Newsfeed linksnet_linkslog_rss.php file inclusion
36827Geeklog Media Gallery ftpmedia.php file inclusion
36826BEA WebLogic Workshop Console path traversal [CVE-2007-2705]
36825BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2704]
36824BEA WebLogic Portal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2703]
36823BEA WebLogic Portal Rich Text Editor cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2702]
36822BEA WebLogic Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2701]
36821BEA WebLogic Server Configuration File information disclosure
36820BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console Remote Privilege Escalation
36819BEA WebLogic Server Administration Console cleartext storage
36818BEA WebLogic Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2697]
36817BEA WebLogic Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2696]
36816BEA WebLogic Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2695]
36815BEA WebLogic Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2694]
36814MySQL information disclosure [CVE-2007-2693]🔒
36813mysql db_access Stored denial of service🔒🔒
36812MySQL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2691]🔒🔒
36811ISS Proventia M Series Xpu denial of service [CVE-2007-2690]
36810Check Point Web Intelligence denial of service [CVE-2007-2689]
36809Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-2688]
36808Mutt memory corruption [CVE-2007-2683]🔒🔒
36807b2evolution Core path traversal [CVE-2007-2681]
36806Canon Network Camera Server VB100 Management Interface cross site scriting
36805Simple Php Scripts Gallery index.php file_exists file inclusion🔒
36804Netsprint toolbar toolbar.dll ischecked memory corruption
36803phpChess language.php file inclusion [Disputed]🔒
36802Open Translation Engine header.php file inclusion🔒
36801Pre Classifieds Listings search.php sql injection
36800Pre Shopping Mall detail.php sql injection
36799Censura censura.php sql injection🔒🔒
36798Thinc4orce Marketing Group PHP Coupon Script index.php sql injection
36797Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2007-2671]🔒🔒
36796Globalmegacorp PHPChain Installation settings.php cross site scriting🔒
36795Globalmegacorp PHPChain settings.php cross site scriting
36794webdesproxy webdesproxy.c process_connection_request memory corruption
36793Db Soft Lab Vimp X ActiveX Control vimpx.ocx memory corruption
36792PHP Firstpost block.php file inclusion🔒
36791Tomasz Rekawek Yet Another Asterisk Panel common.php __autoload file inclusion🔒
36790Beacon splash.lang.php file inclusion🔒
36789EfesTECH Haber default.asp sql injection
36788Drumster BlogMe archshow.asp sql injection
36787CJG EXPLORER PRO pcltrace.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-2660] [Disputed]🔒
36786Bugada Andrea PHP Advanced Transfer Manager index.php path traversal
36785ID Automation Linear Barcode ActiveX Control idautomationlinear6.dll denial of service🔒
36784PrecisionID Barcode ActiveX Control precisionid_datamatrix.dll denial of service
36783HP hpqvwocx.dll View ActiveX Control stack-based overflow🔒
36782NetWin SurgeMail format string [CVE-2007-2655]
36781xfsdump race condition [CVE-2007-2654]🔒🔒
36779Free-SA r_index.c memory corruption
36778VooDoo cIRCle off-by-one [CVE-2007-2651]
36777T-com Speedport W 700v information disclosure [CVE-2007-2649]
36776Clever Components Clever Database Comparer ActiveX Control comparerax.ocx ConnectToDatabase stack-based overflow🔒
36775Monalbum admin_configuration.php Remote Privilege Escalation
36774yEnc32 heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-2646]
36773Samba smb.conf samrchangepassword privileges management🔒🔒🔒
36772Samba memory corruption [CVE-2007-2446]🔒🔒🔒🔒
36771Samba Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2444]🔒🔒
36770SonicBB search.php cross site scriting🔒
36769SonicBB search.php sql injection
36768SonicBB Error Message search.php information disclosure
36767Apple QuickTime Sample Table heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-0754]🔒🔒
36766MyBB Error Message member.php information disclosure
36765Linux Kernel Compatibility Mode compat_sys_mount null pointer dereference🔒🔒
36764Morovia Barcode Activex Control ActiveX Control unknown vulnerability🔒
36763PinkCrow Designs Designs Gallery Magazin phpthumb.php path traversal
36762R2K R2K Gallery galeria.php path traversal
36761W1L3D4 Philboard w1l3d4_bolum.asp sql injection
36760Heiko Stamer LibTMCG information disclosure [CVE-2007-2640]
36759Prosysinfo TFTPdWin path traversal [CVE-2007-2639]
36758eFileCabinet information disclosure [CVE-2007-2638]
36757MoinMoin path traversal [CVE-2007-2637]🔒🔒
36756Jason Frisvold phpTodo index.php privileges management
36755Interchange denial of service [CVE-2007-2635]
36754Agner Fog aForum errormsg.php file inclusion🔒
36753Positive Software SiteStudio path traversal [CVE-2007-2633]
36752PHP Multi User Randomizer configure_plugin.tpl.php cross site scriting🔒
36751SquirrelMail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-2631]
36750Apple Darwin Streaming Server proxy.c is_command stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36749Apple Darwin Streaming Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-0748]🔒🔒
36748ActiveCampaign Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2630]
36747Bradford CampusManager Network Control Application Server runtime information disclosure
36746Justin Koivisto PHPSecurityAdmin logout.php file inclusion🔒
36745WordPress sidebar.php cross site scriting🔒
36744Free Php Scripts SchoolBoard admin.php sql injection [Disputed]
36743AIOCP Control Panel cp_authorization.php cross site scriting🔒
36742AIOCP Control Panel cp_config.php cross site scriting🔒
36741Fruit2004 Remote Display Development Kit rcontrol.dll connect memory corruption🔒
36740TaskDriver login.php sql injection
36739Extrovert Software Thyme Calndar event_view.php sql injection🔒
36738Jakub Steiner original file inclusion
36737Symantec pcAnywhere Memory information disclosure [CVE-2007-2619]
36736Drake CMS index.php cross site scriting
36735Sun Net Connect Software File Permission privileges management🔒
36734Crie Sue PHPLojaFacil ftp.php file inclusion🔒
36733phpHtmlLib widget8.php file inclusion🔒
36732WikkaWiki Configuration File unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2613]
36731WikkaWiki Installation Wakka.class.php sql injection
36730CGX Login mtdialogo.php file inclusion🔒
36729OpenLD Search Feature cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2610]
36728gnu gnuedu Login lom.php code injection🔒
36727Miplex2 smartyfu.class.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-2608]🔒
36726LaVague printbar.php file inclusion🔒
36725Firebird configfile.cpp memory corruption🔒
36724Brujula Toolbar getpropertybyid denial of service
36723Brew City FlexLabel ActiveX denial of service [CVE-2007-2604]
36722Audio Cd Tools Audio CD Ripper OCX ActiveX Control audiocdripperocx.ocx init denial of service🔒
36721Ipswitch mibextra.exe memory corruption
36720Divx City GDivX Zenith Player ActiveX Control fix.dll memory corruption🔒
36719Wavelink Media TutorialCMS browsecat.php cross site scriting🔒
36718Wavelink Media TutorialCMS browsecat.php sql injection
36717SimpleNews print.php sql injection
36716Telltargetcms telltarget CMS site_conf.php file inclusion🔒
36715Agner Fog aForum func.php file inclusion🔒
36714Rscript RSAuction privileges management [CVE-2007-2595]
36713phpMyPortal file inclusion🔒
36712Symantec Norton System Works ActiveX Control navopts.dll code injection🔒🔒
36711Microsoft Terminal Server Remote Desktop Protocol Remote Code Execution
36710Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Express dev_logon.asp cross site scriting🔒
36709Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Express User Account userList.asp denial of service
36708Nokia Intellisync Wireless Email Express userStatusList.asp information disclosure
36707SquirrelMail compose.php cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
36706CA Integrated Threat Management inocore.dll stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36705CA Etrust Pestpatrol Web Console memory corruption [CVE-2007-2522]🔒🔒🔒
36704PoPToP PPTP Server pptpgre.c denial of service🔒🔒
36703Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2007-2587]🔒🔒
36702BarCodeWiz Barcode Activex Control ActiveX Control barcodewiz.dll verify stack-based overflow🔒
36701McAfee VirusScan ActiveX Control mcsubmgr.dll isoldappinstalled memory corruption🔒
36700MySQL set numeric error🔒🔒
36699Adobe RoboHelp windowmanager.dll cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1280]🔒
36698Apache Tomcat cal2.jsp cross site scripting🔒🔒
36697Apache Tomcat implicit-objects.jsp cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
36696Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2007-2580]
36695ACP3 index.php cross site scriting🔒
36694ACP3 index.php Remote Code Execution
36693ACP3 feeds.php sql injection
36692East Wind Software advdaudio.ocx ActiveX Control memory corruption
36691Vm Watermark watermark.php code injection🔒
36690Archangelmgt Weblog index.php path traversal
36689PHPtree cms2.php file inclusion🔒
36688NoAh mfa_theme.php code injection🔒
36687XOOPS Wfquotes Module index.php sql injection
36686Guilain Omont Wikivi5 show.php file inclusion🔒
36685Practical Creative And Code Friendly Core file inclusion
36683Taltech Tal Bar Code ActiveX control ActiveX Control savebarcode memory corruption
36682Taltech Tal Bar Code ActiveX control savebarcode denial of service
36681Cdelia Software ImageProcessing denial of service [CVE-2007-2565]
36680Sienzo Digital Music Mentor ActiveX Control dskernel2.dll UnlockModule stack-based overflow
36679VersalSoft HTTP File Upload ActiveX control ActiveX Control ufileuploaderd.dll addfile memory corruption🔒
36678Kayako eSupport index.php cross site scriting🔒
36677Fipsasp fipsCMS index.asp sql injection
36676Mentiss Acgv ACGVannu acgv.php path traversal
36675american cart index.php file inclusion🔒
36674Netsliver pfa CMS index.php file inclusion [Disputed]🔒
36673Mambo information disclosure [CVE-2007-2557]
36672Nuked-klaN nk sql injection
36671Mambo CMS dofreepdf information disclosure
36670Podium CMS default.aspx improper authentication🔒
36669MySQL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2554]
36668HP Tru64 UNIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-2553]
36667Advanced Guestbook htaccess path traversal [CVE-2007-0609]🔒
36666Advanced Guestbook Installation codes-english.php information disclosure
36665Advanced Guestbook picture.php cross site scriting🔒
36664WikkaWiki information disclosure [CVE-2007-2552]
36663WikkaWiki usersettings.php cross site scriting🔒
36662Devellion CubeCart cart.php cross site scriting
36661Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart index.php sql injection
36660Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart index.php unknown vulnerability
36659Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart index.php cross site scriting🔒
36658Simple Machines Forum improper authentication [CVE-2007-2546]
36657Persism CMS headerfile.php file inclusion🔒
36656PHP TopTree BBS tpl_message.php file inclusion🔒
36655XOOPS Flashgames Module game.php sql injection🔒
36654workbench survival guide header.php file inclusion🔒
36653Versado CMS ajax_listado.php file inclusion🔒
36652PMECMS index.php file inclusion🔒
36651RunCms show_files information disclosure🔒
36650RunCms debug_show.php sql injection🔒🔒
36649NPDS mainfile.php sql injection
36648PicoZip denial of service [CVE-2007-2536]
36647WinAce denial of service [CVE-2007-2535]
36646Picozip unzoo.c resource management
36645phpHoo3 Login admin.php sql injection [Disputed]🔒
36644Trend Micro ServerProtect stcommon.dll rpcfn_activerollback memory corruption
36643Obie Website Mini Web Shop sendmail.php cross site scriting🔒
36642berylium Berylium2 berylium-classes.php file inclusion🔒
36641Tropicalm Tropicalm Crowell Resource dosearch.php denial of service🔒
36640Sun Solaris acl denial of service
36639PHP user_filter_factory_create memory corruption🔒🔒
36638PHP make_http_soap_request memory corruption🔒🔒
36637PHP FTP Command ftp_putcmd input validation🔒🔒
36636PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-1864]🔒🔒
36635avast antivirus denial of service [CVE-2007-1672]🔒
36634Trend Micro ServerProtect agrpccln.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2528]🔒
36633DynamicPAD dp_logs.php file inclusion🔒
36632SmartCode VNC Manager ActiveX Control scvncctrl.dll connectasyncex heap-based overflow🔒
36631Linux Kernel memory leak [CVE-2007-2525]🔒🔒
36630OTRS cross site scripting🔒🔒
36629Microsoft Internet Explorer mdsauth.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2221]🔒🔒🔒
36628Microsoft Word winword.exe input validation🔒🔒
36627Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2007-0947]🔒🔒
36626Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2007-0946]🔒🔒
36625Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2007-0945]🔒🔒🔒🔒
36624Microsoft Internet Explorer onpropertychange uninitialized resource🔒🔒🔒🔒
36623Microsoft BizTalk Server ActiveX Control capicom.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
36622RIM TeamOn Import Object ActiveX control ActiveX Control toimport.dll setlanguage memory corruption🔒🔒
36621Microsoft Exchange Server numeric error [CVE-2007-0221]🔒🔒🔒
36620Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook Web Access cross site scriting🔒
36619Microsoft Exchange Server MIME memory corruption [CVE-2007-0213]🔒🔒
36618Microsoft Exchange Server null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-0039]🔒🔒🔒
36617Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2007-1214]🔒🔒
36616Microsoft Works input validation [CVE-2007-0035]🔒🔒
36615E-GADS common.php code injection🔒
36613Digium Asterisk IAX2 Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-2488]🔒🔒
36612Linux Kernel nl_fib_lookup resource management🔒🔒
36611Treble Designs 1024 CMS download.php path traversal
36610Progress WebSpeed cgiip.exe denial of service
36609InterVations MailCOPA stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2505]
36608PHP Turbulence Core file inclusion [CVE-2007-2504] [Disputed]🔒
36607PHP Turbulence Core turbulence.php path traversal [Disputed]
36606Fernando M.a.d.s. codepress codepress.html eval memory corruption
36605GNU Flash Player sprite_definition.cpp memory corruption🔒
36604Globalmegacorp DVDdb loan.php cross site scriting🔒
36603NullSoft WinAmp libmp4v2.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2498]🔒
36602RealNetworks RealPlayer memory leak [CVE-2007-2497]
36601mxBB RULES faq.php file inclusion🔒
36600Postnuke V4bjournal Module index.php Comment sql injection
36599VMware Server Power Management denial of service [CVE-2007-2491]
36598LiveData Iccp Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2490]🔒
36597LiveData Protocol Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-2489]
36596Atomix Productions AtomixMP3 stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2487]
36595Motobit download.asp path traversal
36594Ruben Boelinger myflash myflash-button.php file inclusion
36593Ruben Boelinger wp-Table wptable-button.php file inclusion🔒
36592Ruben Boelinger wordtube wordtube-button.php path traversal
36591Ruben Boelinger wordtube wordtube-button.php file inclusion🔒
36590Linux Kernel udp_lib_get_port _udp_lib_get_port Local Privilege Escalation
36589Cerulean Studios Trillian Pro information disclosure [CVE-2007-2479]🔒
36588Cerulean Studios Trillian Pro heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-2478]🔒
36587phpMyChat phpmychat.php3 file inclusion [Disputed]
36586Novell SecureLogin Active Directory Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2476]🔒
36585Novell SecureLogin Utility Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2475]🔒
36584Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart file inclusion [CVE-2007-2474]🔒
36583CMS Made Simple stylesheet.php sql injection🔒
36582sendcard sendcard.php cross site scriting🔒
36581sendcard sendcard.php path traversal
36580FileRun index.php cross site scriting
36579FileRun index.php sql injection🔒
36578HP OpenVMS denial of service [CVE-2007-2468]
36577ZoneLabs ZoneAlarm Device Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-2467]
36576Sun Java System Directory Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2466]🔒
36575Sun Solaris Auditing audit_savepath denial of service🔒
36574Cisco PIX Clientless SSL VPN denial of service [CVE-2007-2464]
36573Cisco PIX denial of service [CVE-2007-2463]
36572Cisco PIX LDAP Authentication Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2462]
36571Cisco PIX DHCP Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2461]
36570Cerulean Studios Trillian Pro rendezvous.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
36569Linux Kernel ptrace-thrash.c denial of service🔒🔒
36568Apple Mac OS X Server Configuration File unknown vulnerability
36567XScreenSaver getpwuid improper authentication🔒🔒
36566VMware Workstation denial of service [CVE-2007-1877]🔒
36565VMware Workstation path traversal [CVE-2007-1876]🔒
36564VMware Workstation Shared Folders backdoor [CVE-2007-1744]🔒
36563VMware Workstation denial of service [CVE-2007-1337]🔒
36562VMware Workstation denial of service [CVE-2007-1069]🔒
36561FireFly file inclusion [CVE-2007-2460]🔒
36560Tony Cook Imager bmp.c memory corruption🔒🔒
36559Pixaria Pixaria Gallery psg.smarty.lib.php code injection [CVE-2007-2458]🔒
36558Pixaria Pixaria Gallery class.Smarty.php file inclusion🔒
36557MicroWorld Technologies eScan Agent Service mwagent.exe privileges management
36556FireFly localize.php file inclusion
36555Parallels Desktop denial of service [CVE-2007-2455]
36554Parallels Desktop heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-2454]
36553Fabrice Bellard QEMU denial of service [CVE-2007-1366]🔒🔒
36552Fabrice Bellard QEMU denial of service [CVE-2007-1322]🔒🔒
36551Fabrice Bellard QEMU cirrus_invalidate_region memory corruption🔒🔒 Xserver X Window XRender denial of service🔒🔒
36548Sun JRE access control [CVE-2007-2435]🔒🔒
36547Aventail Aventail Connect asnsp.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2434]
36546Ariadne CMS index.php cross site scriting
36545nukedit search.asp cross site scriting TCExam cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2431] TCExam path traversal [CVE-2007-2430]
36542ManageEngine PasswordManager Pro Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2429]
36541Ahhp-Portal page.php code injection
36540pnFlashGames index.php sql injection🔒
36539Wildbits mygallery mygallerybrowser.php file inclusion🔒
36538Blackdot Imageview fileview.php path traversal
36537The Merchant Help index.php file inclusion
36536MoinMoin index.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
36535Comdev Modules Builder config-bak.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36534Hitachi Groupmax Mobile Option memory corruption [CVE-2007-2421]
36533Burak Yilmaz Blog bry.asp sql injection🔒
36532E-Annu home.php sql injection🔒
36531Pi3Web Web Server resource management [CVE-2007-2415]
36530MyServer denial of service [CVE-2007-2414]
36528Seir Anphin path traversal [CVE-2007-2412] [Disputed]
36527Sphider index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36526Yahoo! Ui Library UI Framework denial of service [CVE-2007-2385] information disclosure [CVE-2007-2384]
36524prototypejs Prototype Framework denial of service [CVE-2007-2383]🔒🔒
36523Mad4milk Moo.fx information disclosure [CVE-2007-2382]
36522MochiKit framework information disclosure [CVE-2007-2381]
36521Microsoft Atlas framework information disclosure [CVE-2007-2380]
36520jQuery JSON Reflected cross site scriting
36519Google Web Toolkit information disclosure [CVE-2007-2378]
36518Getahead Direct Web Remoting information disclosure [CVE-2007-2377]🔒🔒
36517Dojo Toolkit information disclosure [CVE-2007-2376]
36516Symantec Enterprise Security Manager memory corruption [CVE-2007-2375]
36515Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2007-2374]
36514WF-Links viewcat.php sql injection🔒
36513Gregory Kokanosky phpMyNewsletter Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2372]
36512Gregory Kokanosky phpMyNewsletter denial of service [CVE-2007-2371]
36511XOOPS John Mordo Jobs Module index.php sql injection🔒🔒
36510WebSPELL picture.php path traversal
36509WebSPELL picture.php information disclosure
36508Wserve HTTP Server wserve_console.exe memory corruption
36507EMC RSA Security SiteKey Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-7201]
36506EMC RSA Security SiteKey Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-7200]
36505EMC RSA Security SiteKey Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-7199]
36504Corel Paint Shop Pro memory corruption [CVE-2007-2366]
36503Adobe Photoshop memory corruption [CVE-2007-2365]🔒
36502Burnstone burnCMS mysql.class.php file inclusion
36501IrfanView memory corruption [CVE-2007-2363]
36500Don Moore MyDNS update.c stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36499Symantec Backup information disclosure [CVE-2007-2361]
36498Symantec Backup Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2360]
36497Symantec BackupExec System Recovery Service Manager memory corruption
36496b2evolution a_noskin.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36495SineCms result.php cross site scriting
36494Gimp sunras.c set_color_table memory corruption🔒🔒
36493OPeNDAP Server3 get_url privileges management
36492Progress Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2007-2354]
36491Apache Axis Installation javaioFileNotFoundException information disclosure
36490AFFLIB s3.cpp memory corruption [CVE-2007-2352]
36489HP Power Manager Remote Agent memory corruption [CVE-2007-2351]
36488freePBX config.php privileges management
36487Invision Power Services IP.Board class_upload.php cross site scriting
36485AFFLIB afconvert.cpp get_parameter privileges management
36484AFFLIB s3.cpp memory corruption [CVE-2007-2054]
36483AFFLIB s3.cpp stack-based overflow
36482ClamAV PDF resource management [CVE-2007-2029]🔒🔒
36481IBM WebSphere Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2006-7198]
36480Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2006-4520]
36479Alexander V. Lukyanov lftp privileges management [CVE-2007-2348]🔒🔒
36478OneClick CMS komentar.php file inclusion
36477PHP-Generics include.php file inclusion
36476CodeWand phpBrowse file inclusion [CVE-2007-2345]
36475Enterasys NetSight Inventory Manager Console denial of service
36474Enterasys NetSight Inventory Manager Console stack-based overflow
36473CreaScripts CreaDirectory error.asp sql injection🔒
36472phpBandManager index.php file inclusion
36471phporacleview code injection
36470Phorum pm.php sql injection
36469Phorum banlist.php cross-site request forgery
36468Oicgroup CMS magpie_debug.php cross site scripting
36467InterVations NaviCOPA Web Server denial of service [CVE-2007-2336]
36466Lunascape cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2335]
36465Nortel Contivity Administration Interface Remote Code Execution
36464Nortel Contivity Default Account Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2333]
36463Nortel Vpn Router 1700 LDAP Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2332]
36462Shop-Script cart.php file inclusion
36461DynaTracker includes_handler.php file inclusion
36460Searchactivity searchbot.php file inclusion
36459phpMYTGP addvip.php file inclusion
36458HTMLeditbox editor.php file inclusion
36457Goldcoders Manager smarty.class.php file inclusion
36456MyNewsGroup MyNews include.php file inclusion
36455Julmajanne JulmaCMS file.php path traversal
36454InterVideo Home Theater ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2007-2323]
36453Nero Mediahome CE nmmediaserver.exe input validation
36452SilverStripe Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2321]
36451Papoo kontakt.php sql injection
36450Autostand Category mod_as_category.php code injection🔒
36449Tosmo Mambo bb_plugins.php file inclusion
36448Open Business Management Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2316]
36447Crea-Book configurer.php sql injection
36446mxBB Mx Shotcast getinfo1.php file inclusion
36445VWar Virtual War sql injection [CVE-2007-2312]
36444BlooFoxCMS file inclusion [CVE-2007-2311] [Disputed]
36443BloofoxCMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2310]
36442FloweRS cas.php cross site scriting
36441FloweRS cas.php cross site scriting
36440WebKalk2 file inclusion
36439VWar Virtual War cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2306]
36438QDBlog authenticate.php sql injection
36437QDBlog categories.php path traversal
36436News Manager Deluxe footer.php path traversal
36435Expow autoindex.php file inclusion
36434arash audioCMS file inclusion
36433Surat kabar phpwebnews iklan.php cross site scriting
36432Frogss CMS katalog.php sql injection
36431Gforge Garennes index.php file inclusion
36430Digium Asterisk Channel Driver denial of service [CVE-2007-2297]🔒🔒
36429Digium Asterisk Manager Interface manager.conf null pointer dereference🔒🔒
36428Digium Asterisk Parser chan_sip.c process_sdp stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
36427Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2007-2292]🔒🔒
36426Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2291]
36425IncrediMail IMMenuShellExt ActiveX control ActiveX Control imshext.dll dowebmenuaction stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36424CafeLog B2 b2archives.php file inclusion
36423Download-Engine file inclusion [CVE-2007-2289] info.php file inclusion
36421comus accept.php file inclusion
36420Built2Go PHP Link Portal config.php file inclusion
36419Jack Slocum Ext JS feed-proxy.php path traversal
36418ABC-View Manager memory corruption [CVE-2007-2284]
36417Freshdevices Freshview memory corruption [CVE-2007-2283]
36416Cisco NetFlow Collection Engine Default Password improper authentication
36415DCP-Portal common.lib.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-2278]
36414Plogger improper authentication [CVE-2007-2277]
364133Com TippingPoint IPS resource management [CVE-2007-2276] [Disputed]
36412HP StorageWorks Command View privileges management [CVE-2007-2275]
36411Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2007-2274]
36410Alessandro Lulli wavewoo loading.php file inclusion
36409Advanced Webhost Billing System cart2.php file inclusion
36408Rajneel Lal TotaRam USP FOSS Distribution download.php path traversal
36407Linksys SPA941 denial of service [CVE-2007-2270]
36406SWsoft Plesk top.php3 path traversal
36405SWsoft Plesk Login login.php3 path traversal🔒
36404Sun Cluster denial of service [CVE-2007-2267]🔒
36403Progress Webspeed Messenger wsisa.dll Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2266]
36402Phpee YA Book index.php cross site scriting
36401CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2139]🔒🔒🔒
36400Apache Tomcat mod_jk cross site scriting [CVE-2006-7197]🔒
36399Sinato jmuffin detail.php code injection
36398C-Arbre file inclusion [CVE-2007-2261]
36397bibtex mase unavailable.php code injection
36396EsForum forum.php sql injection
36395PHPMyBibli file inclusion [CVE-2007-2258]
36394Fully Modded phpBB2 subscp.php file inclusion
36393TJSChat you.php cross site scriting
36392Alexscriptengine Download-Engine addmember.php file inclusion
36391Deltascripts PHP Classifieds level2.php file inclusion
36390Exponent CMS formcontrol.php information disclosure
36389Exponent CMS iconspopup.php path traversal
36388Xaraya Permission Check privileges management [CVE-2007-2251]
36387Phorum admin.php information disclosure
36386Phorum users.php Remote Privilege Escalation
36385Phorum Settings Module admin.php cross site scripting
36384phpMySpace article.php sql injection
36383Adobe Photoshop memory corruption [CVE-2007-2244]
36382OpenBSD OpenSSH improper authentication [CVE-2007-2243]🔒
36381PunBB footer.php cross site scriting
36380PunBB misc.php cross site scriting
36379PunBB ini_get sql injection
36378cosign Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2233]
36377Cosign Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2232]
36376Dovecot path traversal [CVE-2007-2231]🔒🔒
36375CA Cleverpath Portal sql injection [CVE-2007-2230]
36374DmCMS File Upload upload_file.php Remote Code Execution
36373IPswitch WS_FTP initialize denial of service
36372MyBB calendar.php sql injection
36371MyBB calendar.php sql injection
36370Netsprint Ask IE Toolbar ActiveX Control askpopstp.dll memory corruption
36369Corel Paint Shop Pro clp memory corruption
36368Extreme PHPBB functions.php file inclusion
36367Ripe Website Manager index.php sql injection
36366Ripe Website Manager index.php cross site scripting🔒
36365LAN Management System rtmessageadd.php file inclusion
36364GPL PHP Board mysqli file inclusion
36363Big Blue Guestbook cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2203]
36362ACVSWS ACVSWS_PHP5 Web Services file inclusion [CVE-2007-2202]
36361Post Revolution Themes common.php file inclusion
36360Pagode navigator_ok.php path traversal
36359phpSiteBackup pcltar.lib.php code injection [CVE-2007-2199]
36358Oracle E-Business Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2170]🔒
36357PostgreSQL access control [CVE-2007-2138]🔒🔒
36356Oracle E-Business Suite adi_display_report information disclosure🔒
36355LAN Management System druk.php cross site scriting
36354Brettle NeatUpload information disclosure [CVE-2007-2197]
36353jambook jambook.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36352Alvaro Alvaros Messenger denial of service [CVE-2007-2195]
36351Acd Systems Photo Editor stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2193]🔒
36350Antonio Da Cruz Photofiltre Studio memory corruption [CVE-2007-2192]
36349freePBX asterisk-full-log.php Stored cross site scriting
36348Eba News file inclusion [CVE-2007-2190]
36347MX Smartor Full Album Pack file inclusion [CVE-2007-2189]
36346eXtremail authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-2188]
36345eXtremail stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2187]
36344Foxit PDF Reader denial of service [CVE-2007-2186]
36343Supasite common_functions.php code injection
36342jchit counter imgsrv.php path traversal
36341PHP-Ring Webring System index.php sql injection
36340Maran PHP Forum File Upload forum_write.php memory corruption
36339Webinsta FM Manager login.php file inclusion
36338NullSoft WinAmp memory corruption [CVE-2007-2180]
36337Raiden Professional Servers RaidenFTPD raidenftpd.dll null pointer dereference
36336Objective Development Sharity denial of service [CVE-2007-2178]
36335Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0747]🔒
36334Apple Mac OS X heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-0746]🔒
36333Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0744]🔒
36332Apple Mac OS X Filesystem information disclosure [CVE-2007-0743]🔒
36331Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2007-0742]🔒
36330Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-0741]🔒
36329Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0739]🔒
36328Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0738]🔒
36327Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0737]🔒
36326Apple Mac OS X integer coercion [CVE-2007-0736]🔒
36325Apple Mac OS X use after free [CVE-2007-0735]🔒
36324Microgaming Download Helper ActiveX control ActiveX Control dlhelper.dll stack-based overflow🔒
36323Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2007-2176]
36322Apple Safari QuickTime Java qtjava.dll toQTPointer memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
36321Check Point ZoneAlarm ioctl memory corruption [CVE-2007-2174]
36320Double Precision Incorporated courier-imap Login privileges management🔒🔒
36319Linux Kernel copy_from_user stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36318Apple Mac OS X Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-0732]🔒
36317Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2007-0729]🔒
36316Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2007-0725]🔒
36315Gracenote CDDBControl ActiveX control Configuration Parameter memory corruption🔒
36314Linux Kernel dn_fib.c input validation🔒🔒
36313Mozzers SubSystem add.php memory corruption
36312AimStats process.php privileges management
36311AimStats process.php privileges management
36310OpenSurveyPilot Administration file inclusion
36309ProFTPD mod_sql cleartext storage [CVE-2007-2165]🔒🔒
36308KDE Konqueror denial of service [CVE-2007-2164]
36307Apple Safari denial of service [CVE-2007-2163]
36306Mozilla Firefox denial of service [CVE-2007-2162]
36305Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2007-2161]
36304Drupal Database Administration Module cross-site request forgery
36303Drupal Database Administration Module cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2159]
36302IBM Tivoli Monitoring Express Enterprise Portal kde.dll heap-based overflow🔒
36301BMC Patrol Perform Agent bgs_sdservice.exe stack-based overflow
36300BMC Performance Manager Configuration File patrolagent.exe memory corruption [Disputed]
36299Kooijman-design jGallery index.php file inclusion
36298Zomplog force_download.php path traversal
36297Rezervi Generic file inclusion
36296phpFaber TopSites template.php path traversal
36295Cabron Connector inclusionService.php file inclusion
36294atmail @mail Webmail atmail.php cross site scriting
36293BlueArc Titan Firmware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-2150]
36292Stephen Craton Chatness Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2149]
36291Stephen Craton Chatness Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2148]
36290Stephen Craton Chatness Configuration File Remote Code Execution
36289MiniGal classes.php imagecomments Remote Code Execution
36288MiniGal classes.php imagecomments Remote Code Execution
36287JoomlaPack Installer code injection [CVE-2007-2144]🔒
36286Bonoestente Joomla Template Be2004-2 index.php file inclusion
36285AjPortal2Php file inclusion
36284ShoutPro shoutbox.php Remote Code Execution
36283Franklin Huang Flip everything.php file inclusion
36282Second Sight Software ActiveMod ActiveX Control activemod.ocx stack-based overflow🔒
36281Second Sight Software ActiveGS ActiveX Control activegs.ocx stack-based overflow🔒
36280Macrovision InstallAnywhere Enterprise Local Privilege Escalation
36279Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2134]
36278Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2133]
36277Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
36276Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Remote Code Execution
36275Oracle Application Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2130]🔒
36274Oracle Enterprise Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2129]🔒
36273Oracle E-Business Suite Sales Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2128]🔒
36272Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
36271Oracle E-Business Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2126]🔒
36270Oracle Collaboration Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2125]
36269Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2124]
36268Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2123]
36267Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2122]
36266Oracle Application Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2121]
36265Oracle Application Server resource management [CVE-2007-2120]
36264Oracle Database Server boundary_rules.jsp cross site scriting🔒🔒
36263Oracle Database Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-2118] [Disputed]🔒
36262Oracle Database Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-2117] [Disputed]🔒🔒
36261Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-2115] [Disputed]🔒
36260Oracle Database Server dbms_cdc_ipublish.chgtab_cache memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
36259Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-2113] [Disputed]🔒🔒
36258Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2112] [Disputed]🔒
36257Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-2111] [Disputed]🔒🔒
36256Oracle Database Server Access Control List memory corruption [Disputed]🔒
36255Oracle Database Server sql injection [CVE-2007-2109] [Disputed]🔒🔒
36254Oracle Database Server acceptsecuritycontext access control [Disputed]🔒
36253Rha7 Downloads visit.php sql injection
36252Kai Content Management System index.php path traversal
36251Monkey CMS index.php path traversal
36250iXon CMS index.php path traversal
36249My Little Homepage forum admin.php file inclusion
36248My Little Homepage weblog weblog.php cross site scriting
36247FAC Guestbook information disclosure [CVE-2007-2101]
36246FAC Guestbook information disclosure [CVE-2007-2100]
36245OpenConcept Back-End CMS php.php cross site scriting
36244Wabbit PHP Gallery showpic.php cross site scriting
36243OpenConcept Back-End CMS click.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36242Hinton PHPHD Download System common.php file inclusion
36241MySpeach chat.php file inclusion
36240Anthologia index.php file inclusion
36239Limesoft Guestbook index.php memory corruption
36238Limesoft Guestbook index.php Remote Code Execution
36237tsdisplay4xoops tsdisplay4xoops_block2.php code injection
36236TuMusika Evolution index.php cross site scriting
36235Jx Development Article Component com_articles.php file inclusion
36234Sitebar index.php file inclusion
36233CNStats htaccess who_r.php file inclusion
36232CNStats who_r.php file inclusion
36231oe2edit CMS oe2edit.cgi cross site scriting
36230MobilePublisherphp Publisher index.php code injection [Disputed]
36229Republique Francaise Agora file inclusion [CVE-2006-7194]
36228Check Point ZoneAlarm ssdt memory corruption
36227MyBlog Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-2082]
36226MyBlog settings.php Remote Code Execution
36225XAMPP Apache Distribution sql injection [CVE-2007-2080]
36224XAMPP Apache Distribution adodb.php connect memory corruption🔒
36223Maian Weblog index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36222Maian search search.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36221Maian Gallery index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36220ScramDisk 4 Linux privileges management [CVE-2007-2075]
36219ScramDisk 4 Linux privileges management [CVE-2007-2074]
36218Ivan Gallery Script index.php file inclusion
36217Ivan Gallery Script index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36216Open-gorotto _top.html cross site scriting
36215Turnkey Web Tools SunShop Shopping Cart index.php code injection
36214openMairie soustab.php path traversal
36213StoreFront Gallery business_functions.php file inclusion
36212WebSlider index.php file inclusion
36211UseBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-2066]
36210ActionPoll file inclusion [CVE-2007-2065]
36209ActionPoll actionpoll.php file inclusion
36208VCDGear stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-2062]
36207AfterLogic MailBee WebMail check_login.asp cross site scriting
36206Wizz Computers Wizz RSS Reader cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2060]
36205eIQnetworks Enterprise Security Analyzer memory corruption [CVE-2007-2059]🔒
36204PicoZip path traversal [CVE-2007-2058]
36203Akamai Technologies Manager downloadmanagerv2.ocx stack-based overflow🔒
36202Akamai Technologies Download Manager ActiveX Control downloadmanagerv2.ocx getprivateprofilesectionw stack-based overflow🔒🔒
36201lighttpd null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-1870]🔒🔒
36200Paul Vixie Vixie Cron database.c denial of service🔒🔒
36199Python strxfrm numeric error🔒🔒
36198bftpd parsecmd memory corruption
36197RicarGBooK header.php path traversal
36196Mambo Calendar mod_calendar.php com_calendar.php file inclusion
36195webMethods Glue Management Console console path traversal
36194Openads Media Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2047]
36193Openads adclick.php Remote Code Execution
36192Antonis Ventouris Weather module mod_weather.php file inclusion
36191Avant-Garde Solutions MOSMedia mediad file inclusion
36190Avant-Garde Solutions MOSMedia support.html.php file inclusion
36189APOP protocol information disclosure [CVE-2007-1558]🔒🔒
36188Cisco 2100 Wireless LAN Controller Access Restriction unknown vulnerability
36187Cisco Aironet improper authentication [CVE-2007-2040]
36186Cisco Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-2039]
36185Cisco 2100 Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-2038]
36184Cisco Wireless LAN Controller denial of service [CVE-2007-2037]
36183Cisco Wireless LAN Controller SNMP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2036]
36182Cisco Wireless Control System information disclosure [CVE-2007-2035]
36181Cisco Wireless Control System User Account privileges management
36180Cisco Wireless Control System User Account privileges management
36179Cisco Wireless Control System Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2032]
361783proxy Proxy Service memory corruption [CVE-2007-2031]🔒🔒🔒
36177ClamAV stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1997]🔒🔒🔒
36176lha lharc.c information disclosure🔒🔒
36175freeRADIUS memory leak [CVE-2007-2028]🔒🔒
36174Elinks add_filename_to_string format string🔒🔒
36173file Regular Expression denial of service [CVE-2007-2026]🔒🔒
36172PhpWiki File Upload upload.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
36171PhpWiki File Upload upload.php Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
36170Secustick USB flash drive usb20.dll Local Privilege Escalation
36169mephisto cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1873]
36168Toenda Software Development toendaCMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1872]
36167chcounter cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1871]
36166Apache HTTP Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1743]🔒
36165Apache HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-1742]🔒
36164Apache HTTP Server race condition [CVE-2007-1741]🔒
36163Pineapple Lore function.html_checkboxes.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-2021]
36162xodagallery Administration administration.php memory corruption [Disputed]
36161Tomex phpGalleryScript file inclusion
36160AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise msg.php sql injection
36159AlstraSoft Video Share Enterprise Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2017]
36158phpMyAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-2016]
36157Request It index.php file inclusion
36156MyNews week_events.php file inclusion
36155JEx-Treme Einfacher Passworschutz index.php cross site scriting
36154MimarSinan CompreXX path traversal [CVE-2007-2012]
36153DeskPro login.php cross site scriting
36152bftpd memory corruption [CVE-2007-2010]
36151SimpCMS index.php file inclusion
36150pL-PHP admin.php path traversal
36149pL-PHP admin.php Remote Code Execution
36148pL-PHP Login login.php sql injection
36147Mambo Taskhopper Component contact_type.php code injection🔒
36146InoutMailingListManager changename.php sql injection
36145InoutMailingListManager Authorization Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2003]
36144InoutMailingListManager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-2002]
36143Raphael Limbach Crea-Book configurer2.php Remote Privilege Escalation
36142Raphael Limbach Crea-Book admin.php sql injection Weatimages index.php file inclusion
36140Hiox India Guest Book gb.php memory corruption
36139Smarty test_cases.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36138codebreak codebreak.php code injection
36137Quagga input validation [CVE-2007-1995]🔒🔒
36136HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2007-1994]🔒🔒
36135Mamboxchange Com Zoom exif_makernote.php file inclusion
36134YoungZSoft CmailServer cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1991]
36133Sam Crew MyBlog games.php file inclusion
36132DotClear cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1989]
36131PHPEcho CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1988]
36130PHPEcho CMS file inclusion [CVE-2007-1987] [Disputed]
36129barnraiser AROUNDMe core_profile.header.php file inclusion
36128phpexplorator phpexplorator.php file inclusion
36127lite-cms index.php file inclusion
36126Cyboards Cyboards PHP Lite default_header.php file inclusion
36125Really Simple PHP/Ajax file inclusion [CVE-2007-1982]
36124Metamod-P safevoid_vsnprintf denial of service
36123Nick Jones Topliste Module index.php sql injection
36122Xoops Xoops Popnupblog index.php get_blogid_from_postid sql injection
36121Php Fusion Arcade Module index.php sql injection
36120holaCMS index_cms.php cross site scriting
36119Xoops Xoops Virii Info Module index.php checksuperglobals file inclusion [Disputed]
36118SLAED CMS admin.php file inclusion
36117WF-Sections wfsarticle.php getarticle sql injection🔒
36116Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2007-1973]
36115Roxio CinePlayer sonicdvddashvrnav.dll stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1559]
36114DropAFew Authorization editlogcal.php information disclosure
36113DropAFew search.php sql injection
36112Adobe installer privileges management [CVE-2007-1279]
36111Gazi Okul Sitesi fotokategori.asp sql injection
36110Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2007-1970]
36109Sam Crew MyBlog cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1969]
36108Sam Crew MyBlog Core games.php file inclusion
36107stat12 index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36106eXV2 Content Management System improper authentication [CVE-2007-1966]
36105eXV2 Content Management System archive.php cross site scriting
36104MyBB Change Password member.php information disclosure
36103MyBB class_session.php create_session sql injection
36102XOOPS WF-Snippets index.php sql injection
36101phpBB mutant mutant_functions.php file inclusion
36100XOOPS Rha7 Downloads Module visit.php sql injection
36099TinyMUX Buffer Overflow Protection command.cpp process_cmdent memory corruption
36098TinyMUX memory corruption [CVE-2007-1958]
36097Guernion Sylvain Portail Web Php index.php file inclusion
36096Ubbcentral UBB.threads ubbthreads.php sql injection
36095SignKorea Skcommax ActiveX Control stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1955]
36094ArchiveXpert path traversal [CVE-2007-1954]
36093onelook courts on-line improper authentication [CVE-2007-1953]
36092onelook onebyone CMS improper authentication [CVE-2007-1952]
36091onelook obo Shop improper authentication [CVE-2007-1951]
36090WebBlizzard scripti index_cms.php cross site scriting
36089WebBlizzard Content Management System improper authentication
36088IrfanView memory corruption [CVE-2007-1948]🔒🔒
36087Parakey Inc. Firebug certain memory corruption
36086Microsoft Windows BMP Image integer coercion [CVE-2007-1946]🔒🔒
36085IBM WebSphere Application Server denial of service [CVE-2007-1945]🔒
36084Acd Systems ACDSee Photo Manager integer coercion [CVE-2007-1943]🔒🔒
36083FastStone Image Viewer integer coercion [CVE-2007-1942]🔒🔒
36082IBM Lotus Notes Domino Web Access cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1941]
36081IBM Tivoli Business Service Manager cleartext storage [CVE-2007-1940]
36080Linux Kernel atalk_sum_skb denial of service🔒🔒
36079Daniel Naber LanguageTool Error Message cross site scriting
36078Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2007-1938]
36077Dreamcodes Scorp Book smilies.php file inclusion ScarAdController scaradcontrol.php file inclusion ScarAdController index.php file_exists file inclusion
36074PHP-Nuke Eboard Module member.php path traversal
36073Dreamcodes PcP-Guestbook index.php path traversal
36072Scar4u scarnews path traversal
36071SmodCMS SSID index.php sql injection
36070cattaDoc download2.php path traversal
36069Gna Beryo downloadpic.php path traversal
36068witshare index.php path traversal
36067YoungZSoft CmailServer signup.asp cross site scriting
36066JBMC Software DirectAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1926]
36065Tru-Zone Nukeet index.php borrado Remote Privilege Escalation
36064phpContact contact_business.php file inclusion [Disputed]
36063DWS SQL-Ledger Access Control List Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1923]
36062NullSoft WinAmp in_mod.dll input validation [CVE-2007-1922]🔒🔒
36061NullSoft WinAmp Sound libsndfile.dll memory corruption🔒
36060SmodBIP index.php sql injection
36059Arizona-dream Livre D Or Livor index.php cross site scriting
36058SAP RFC Library rfc_set_reg_server_property denial of service
36057SAP RFC Library system_create_instance memory corruption
36056SAP RFC Library rfc_start_gui memory corruption
36055SAP RFC Library rfc_start_program memory corruption
36054SAP RFC Library rfc_start_program information disclosure
36053SAP RFC Library trusted_system_security information disclosure
36052Microsoft Windows heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-1912]🔒
36051Microsoft Word file798-1.doc memory corruption
36050Microsoft Word file789-1.doc memory corruption🔒
36049Ryan Haudenschilt Clan Script Login login.php sql injection
36048php121 PHP121 Instant Messenger php121db.php file_exists file inclusion
36047Pathos Content Management System warn.php file inclusion Hot Editor keyboard.php path traversal
36045Pineapple Technologies QuizShock auth.php cross site scripting
36044AOL Instant Messenger path traversal [CVE-2007-1904]
36043Ipsec-tools isakmp_info_recv denial of service🔒🔒
36042Apple Mac OS X Password Protection memory corruption [CVE-2007-0734]🔒
36041Microsoft .NET Framework cross site scriting [CVE-2006-7192]🔒
36040Microsoft Content Management Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0939]🔒
36039Microsoft Content Management Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-0938]🔒🔒🔒
36038PHP Mail Filter FILTER_VALIDATE_EMAIL unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
36037Internet Pictures iPIX Image Well ActiveX Control ipix-imagewell-ipix.dll memory corruption🔒
36036Debian Linux man-db memory corruption [CVE-2006-4250]🔒🔒
36035WordPress xmlrpc.php sql injection🔒🔒
36034Sky GUNNING MySpeach chat.php file inclusion
36033WordPress wp_title cross site scriting🔒
36032WordPress Access Restriction xmlrpc.php access control🔒
36031PHP msg_receive integer coercion🔒🔒
36030PHP _zend_mm_alloc_int memory corruption🔒🔒
36029PHP Installation encode.c sqlite_decode_binary sql injection🔒🔒
36028PHP sqlite_udf_decode_binary sql injection🔒🔒
36027PHP str_replace integer coercion🔒🔒
36026PHP str_replace integer coercion🔒🔒
36025PHP php_sprintf_appendstring memory corruption🔒🔒
36024PHP Error iptcembed sql injection🔒🔒
36023SolidWorks sldimdownload ActiveX control ActiveX Control sldimdownload.dll run privileges management🔒🔒
36022Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control yacscom.dll createandjoinconference stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
36021Ubuntu Linux LibXfont fontfileinittable integer coercion🔒🔒
36020OpenBSD bdfread.c bdfreadcharacters numeric error🔒🔒
36019MIT Kerberos k5unseal.c memory corruption [CVE-2007-1216]🔒🔒
36018X.Org X11 procxcmiscgetxidlist integer coercion🔒🔒
36017MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center krb5_klog_syslog stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
36016MIT Kerberos Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-0956]🔒🔒
36015Kaspersky Internet Security memory corruption [CVE-2007-1881]🔒
36014Kaspersky Anti-Virus _ntsetvaluekey integer coercion🔒
36013Kaspersky Internet Security ActiveX Control axklsysinfo.dll startuploading memory corruption🔒
36012VMware ESX Server memory corruption [CVE-2007-1271]
36011VMware ESX Server numeric error [CVE-2007-1270]
36010Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security ActiveX Control axklprod60lib.kav60info memory corruption🔒🔒
36009PHP wbmp.c numeric error🔒🔒
36008Kaspersky Lab Anti-Virus heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-0445]🔒🔒
36007IBM Tivoli Provisioning Manager Os Deployment memory corruption🔒🔒
36006dproxy dns_decode.c dns_decode_reverse_name stack-based overflow
36005Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface memory corruption🔒🔒
36004Microsoft Windows uninitialized memory corruption🔒🔒
36003Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2007-1212]🔒🔒🔒
36002Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2007-1211]🔒🔒
36001Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2006-5586]🔒🔒
36000Webasyst_llc smarty file inclusion [CVE-2007-1855]
35999Hitachi uCosminexus Developer information disclosure [CVE-2007-1854]
35998Hitachi Jp1-hicommand Tuning Manager information disclosure [CVE-2007-1853]
35997Ben3w 2BGal index.php file inclusion [Disputed]
35996Really Simple PHP/Ajax controller_v4.php path traversal
35995Drake CMS Installation path traversal [CVE-2007-1850]
35994Drake CMS 404.php path traversal
35993Drake CMS cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1848]
35992Xoops Repository module viewcat.php sql injection
35991Xoops Malaika System Myads Module index.php sql injection🔒
35990Php Fusion Expanded Calendar Module show_event.php sql injection
35989Avatic Topsites PHP file inclusion [CVE-2007-1844]
35988Maptools MapLab params.php code injection
35987JSBoard login.php path traversal
35986Qt qutfcodec.cpp cross site scriting🔒🔒
35985LDAP Account Manager cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1840]🔒🔒
35984CodeBB pass_code.php file inclusion
35983Xoops Friendfinder Module view.php sql injection
35982MangoBery CMS quotes.php file inclusion
35981Data Domain OS privileges management [CVE-2007-1836]
35980PHP format string [CVE-2007-1835]🔒🔒
35979Cisco Unified CallManager denial of service [CVE-2007-1834]
35978Cisco Unified CallManager denial of service [CVE-2007-1833] WebAPP unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-1832] WebAPP Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-1831] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1830] WebAPP Admin Account Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1829] WebAPP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1828] WebAPP memory corruption [CVE-2007-1827]
35971LDAP Account Manager cross site scriting🔒🔒 WebAPP viewnews cross site scriting WebAPP Log Viewer cross site scriting [CVE-2006-7189] WebAPP search information disclosure WebAPP show_recent_searches cross site scriting WebAPP information disclosure [CVE-2006-7186]
35965Cisco Unified CallManager denial of service [CVE-2007-1826]
35964PHP IMAP imap_mail_compose memory corruption🔒🔒
35963PHP php_stream_filter_create memory corruption🔒🔒
35962T-Mobile Voice Mail System authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1823]
35961Alcatel-Lucent Voice Mail System authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1822]
35960Sprint Voice Mail System authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1821]
35959Nortel Meridian Mail authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1820]
35958Forum picture/META tags mod_forum_fields_parse.php file inclusion
35957Lykoszine Lykos Reviews Module index.php sql injection
35956Xoops Tutoriais module viewcat.php sql injection
35955Xoops Library module viewcat.php sql injection
35954Xoops Core module viewcat.php sql injection
35953Inconnueteam eCal display.php sql injection
35952BT-Sondage gestion_sondage.php file inclusion
35951Chapi Tiny Event index.php sql injection
35950Kaotik Kshop product_details.php sql injection
35949Grafx Software Company WebSite Builder cls_headline_prod.php file inclusion
35948Camportail show.php sql injection
35947Peak Xoops Myalbum P viewcat.php sql injection
35946Red Mexico RM+Soft Gallery categos.php sql injection
35945Myxoops debaser genre.php sql injection
35944PulseAudio denial of service [CVE-2007-1804]🔒🔒
35943MailDwarf input validation [CVE-2007-1803]
35942MailDwarf cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1802]
35941sBLOG lang.php path traversal
35940Cisco Trust Agent authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1800]
35939Joris Guisson KTorrent torrent.cpp path traversal🔒🔒
35938IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2007-1798]
35937JCcorp URLshrink privileges management [CVE-2007-1796]
35936JCcorp URLshrink privileges management [CVE-2007-1795]
35935Symantec Norton Internet Security Function ssdt input validation
35934Aol ActiveX Control arbitrary memory corruption🔒
35933Alexscriptengine Picture-Engine wall.php sql injection
35932Kaqoo Auction Software Interfaces code injection
35931Flyspray information disclosure [CVE-2007-1789]
35930Flyspray Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1788]🔒🔒
35929Softerra Time-Assistant timesheet.class.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-1787]
35928Hitachi Cosminexus Collaboration Portal Web Client sql injection
35927CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup mediasvr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
35926IBM Lotus Sametime ActiveX Control stjniloader.ocx loadLibrary memory corruption
35925CMSmelborp file inclusion [CVE-2006-7185]
35924Photography-on-the-net Exhibit Engine 2 fetchsettings.php file inclusion🔒🔒
35923Photography-on-the-net Exhibit Engine 2 styles.php file inclusion🔒
35922CruiseWorks privileges management [CVE-2007-1782]
35921Minna De Office privileges management [CVE-2007-1781]
35920Overlay Weaver cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1780]
35919MNews noticias.php file inclusion
35918Morcego CMS morcegocms.php code injection [Disputed]
35917Advanced Website Creator MySQL sql injection [CVE-2007-1779]
35916Eve-Nuke Forum MySQL mysql.php file inclusion
35915PHP malloc zip_read_entry integer coercion🔒🔒
35914Design For Joomla D4J eZine index.php sql injection
35913JBrowser File Upload upload.php3 Remote Code Execution aBitWhizzy whizzypic.php cross site scripting aBitWhizzy whizzypic.php path traversal
35910HP JetDirect Print Server denial of service [CVE-2007-1772]
35909Ay System Solutions Web Content System formjavascript.php file inclusion
35908ESRI ArcGIS memory corruption [CVE-2007-1770]
35906Mephisto Mephisto Edge application_helper.rb cross site scriting
35905MadWifi ieee80211_output.c authentication spoofing🔒🔒
35904MadWifi ieee80211_input.c denial of service🔒🔒
35903MadWifi ieee80211_input denial of service🔒🔒
35902AOL Client Software deskbar.dll denial of service [CVE-2007-1767]
35901Msxstudios Advanced Login profiledit.php file inclusion
35900Microsoft Windows GDI memory corruption [CVE-2007-1765]🔒🔒
35899FastStone Image Viewer stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1764]
35898Mozilla Firefox privileges management [CVE-2007-1762]
35897NetBSD clnp_route memory corruption
35896Apache Apache Test mod_perl resource management [CVE-2007-1349]🔒🔒
35895IBM Lotus Domino cross site scriting [CVE-2006-4843]
35893IBM Lotus Domino LDAP Server heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-1739]🔒
35892TrueCrypt Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2007-1738]
35891Opera Web Browser privileges management [CVE-2007-1737]
35890Mozilla Firefox privileges management [CVE-2007-1736]
35889Corel WordPerfect Core memory corruption [CVE-2007-1735]
35888Linux Kernel do_dccp_getsockopt denial of service🔒
35887InterVations Navicopa Web Server cgi-bin memory corruption
35886IBM Lotus Domino Authentication Mechanism nimap.exe EasyBee memory corruption🔒🔒
35885WordPress admin.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
35884hpaftpd FTP Command stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1731]
35883Linux Kernel do_dccp_getsockopt denial of service🔒🔒
35882Revolutionproducts Flexbb sql injection [CVE-2007-1729]
35881Sony Playstation 3 denial of service [CVE-2007-1728]
35880HP OpenView Network Node Manager privileges management [CVE-2007-1727]
35879IceBB File Upload index.php avatar memory corruption
35878IceBB index.php avatar sql injection
35877ReactOS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1724]
35876CipherTrust IronMail Administration Console cross site scripting
35875SignKorea SKCommAX ActiveX control ActiveX Control downloadcertificateext memory corruption
35874Realink C-Arbre file inclusion
35873Jason W. Bacon mcweject eject.c memory corruption🔒🔒
35872PHP mail memory corruption🔒🔒
35871PHP mail memory corruption🔒🔒
35870Sendmail authentication spoofing [CVE-2006-7176]🔒🔒
35869Sendmail Encryption missing encryption [CVE-2006-7175]
35868pam_console Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-1716]🔒🔒
35867Free Php Scripts Free Image Hosting Login frontpage.php file inclusion
35866CcCounter index.php cross site scriting
35865B21Soft BASP21 bsmtp.dll authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1713]
35864Active Web Softwares Active Auction House default.asp sql injection
35863PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-1711]🔒🔒
35862PHP readfile memory corruption🔒
35861phpdoc confirm_phpdoc_compiled memory corruption🔒
35860ttCMS ttForum ez_sql.php file inclusion [CVE-2007-1708] Net Side Content Management System index.php file inclusion
35858eWebQuiz ewebquiz.asp sql injection
35857Active Trade default.asp sql injection
35856Car Manager index.php sql injection
35855Rwcards Component index.php sql injection🔒
35854Mambo flatmenu mod_flatmenu.php file inclusion🔒
35853PHP Serialization deserialization [CVE-2007-1701]🔒🔒
35852PHP Session Extension memory corruption [CVE-2007-1700]🔒🔒
35851Mambo Swmenu Component file inclusion [CVE-2007-1699]
35850Philex download.php information disclosure
35849Philex file inclusion
35848Active Web Softwares Active Newsletter viewnewspapers.asp sql injection
35847phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2007-1695] [Disputed]
35846Microsoft Windows Default Configuration config [CVE-2007-1692]
35845Horde Groupware cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1679] [Disputed]
35844Fizzle URI cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1678]
35843Sun ONE Directory Server LDAP Server uninitialized resource [CVE-2006-4175]🔒
35842X.Org libx11 imutil.c xinitimage numeric error🔒🔒
35837DataRescue IDA Pro perform_request input validation
35836dproxy dproxy.c stack-based overflow
35835Python file_compress stack-based overflow
35834Katalog Plyt Audio index.php sql injection
35833TinyMUX funmath.cpp fun_ladd memory corruption🔒🔒
35832NetSieben SSH Library SFTP Server ne7ssh_sftp.cpp addopenhandle memory corruption
35831GlowWorm denial of service
35830OpenID Cache Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1652]
35829OpenID Restore cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-1651]
35828pcapsipdump pcapsipdump.cpp null pointer dereference
35827PHP information disclosure [CVE-2007-1649]🔒🔒 0irc null pointer dereference [CVE-2007-1648]
35825Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2007-1647]🔒
35824SubHub search cross site scriting
35823FutureSoft TFTP Server 2000 memory corruption [CVE-2007-1645]
35822Microsoft Windows Proxy Server denial of service [CVE-2007-1644]
35821LAN Management System userpanel.php code injection
35820ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer information disclosure [CVE-2007-1642]
35819PortailPHP index.php sql injection
35818ClassWeb language.php file inclusion
35817PHPprojekt cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1639]🔒🔒
35816PHPprojekt check_csrftoken cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
35815Ipswitch IMAIL ActiveX Control imailapi.dll memory corruption🔒
35814RoseOnlineCMS index.php path traversal
35813Net Portal Dynamic Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2007-1635]
35812Net Portal Dynamic grab_globals.php sql injection
35811Giorgio Ciranni Splatt Forum bbcode_ref.php path traversal
35810TYPOlight webCMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1632]🔒
35809CLBOX signup.php file inclusion [Disputed]
35808Active Web Softwares Active Link Engine default.asp sql injection
35807Active Web Softwares Active Photo Gallery default.asp sql injection
35806Studiewijzer WebService file inclusion
35804PHP-NUKE iFrame Module iframe.php file inclusion
35803realGuestbook save_entry.php cross site scriting
35802realGuestbook save_entry.php sql injection
35801realGuestbook welcome_admin.php cross site scriting
35800WordPress Administration Interface cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1622]🔒
35799Lbstone Active PHP Bookmark Notes head.php file inclusion
35798PHP DB Designer help.php file inclusion
35797ScriptMagix ScriptMagix Photo Rating viewcomments.php sql injection
35796ScriptMagix ScriptMagix FAQ Builder index.php sql injection
35795ScriptMagix ScriptMagix Recipes index.php sql injection
35794ScriptMagix ScriptMagix Lyrics index.php sql injection
35793ScriptMagix ScriptMagix Jokes index.php sql injection🔒
35792ZZIPlib zzip_open_shared_io stack-based overflow🔒🔒
35791MPM Chat view.php path traversal
35790Katalog Plyt Audio index.php sql injection🔒
35789SOURCENEXT IKANARI JIJYOU cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1611]
35788Glue Software NewsGlue cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1610]
35787Oracle Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1609]
35786w-Agora search.php information disclosure🔒
35785w-Agora profile.php cross site scriting
35784w-Agora Error Message rss.php information disclosure
35783w-Agora File Upload Stored memory corruption
35782Weekly Drawing Contest Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1603]
35781Weekly Drawing Contest check_vote.php sql injection🔒
35780Weekly Drawing Contest check_vote.php path traversal [Disputed]
35779Digital Eye Gallery module.php file inclusion
35778WordPress wp-login.php information disclosure🔒🔒
35777InterVations FileCOPA stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1598]
35776Unclassified NewsBoard Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2007-1597]
35775Mambo NFN Address Book file inclusion [CVE-2007-1596]
35774Digium Asterisk Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1595]🔒🔒
35773Linux Kernel tcp_ipv6.c memory corruption🔒🔒
35772Zope cross site scriting [CVE-2007-0240]🔒🔒
35771Grandstream BudgeTone 200 denial of service [CVE-2007-1590]
35770TrueCrypt Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2007-1589]
35769MyServer CGI Program server.cpp setuid Remote Code Execution
35768Tim Soderstrom StatsDawg Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1587]
35767ZyXEL ZynOS denial of service [CVE-2007-1586]
35766Linksys WAG200G Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2007-1585]
35765PHP this memory corruption🔒🔒
35764PHP mb_parse_str memory corruption🔒🔒
35763PHP Error memory corruption [CVE-2007-1582]🔒
35762PHP Stream hash_update_file code injection🔒🔒
35761FTPDMIN memory corruption [CVE-2007-1580]
35760Atrium Mercur Messaging 2005 MCRIMAP4.EXE memory corruption🔒
35759Atrium MERCUR IMAPD IMAP4 mcrimap4.exe stack-based overflow🔒🔒
35758GeBlog index.php path traversal
35757Evolution Shared Memo write_html memory corruption🔒🔒
35756X MultiMedia System timed stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-0654]🔒🔒
35755X MultiMedia System timed integer coercion [CVE-2007-0653]🔒🔒
35754PHProjekt cross site scripting [CVE-2007-1576]🔒🔒
35753PHProjekt sql injection [CVE-2007-1575]🔒🔒
35752CARE2X phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
35751Jelsoft vBulletin attachment.php sql injection🔒
35750SourceForge JGBBS search.asp sql injection🔒
35749Radical Designs Activist Mobilization Platform file inclusion
35747NewsBin Pro stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1569]
35746DaanSystems NewsReactor stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1568]
35745WarFTPD stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1567]
35744phpBB file inclusion [CVE-2006-7174]
35743NetVIOS sql injection [CVE-2007-1566]🔒
35742KDE Konqueror denial of service [CVE-2007-1565]🔒
35741KDE Konqueror information disclosure [CVE-2007-1564]🔒🔒
35740Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2007-1563]🔒
35739Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2007-1562]🔒🔒
35738Inkscape memory corruption [CVE-2007-1464]🔒🔒
35737NETxAutomation NETxEIB read input validation
35736w-agora Error Message index.php msgform information disclosure
35735Intervideo WinDVD ActiveX Control iasysteminfo.dll memory corruption🔒
35734OpenOffice privileges management [CVE-2007-0239]🔒🔒
35733OpenOffice Parser scflt.cxx memory corruption🔒🔒
35732F-Secure Anti-Virus denial of service [CVE-2007-1557] Creative Files kommentare.php sql injection
35730Minerva forum.php sql injection🔒
35729Guestbara configuration.php Remote Code Execution
35728Guestbara Admin Account configuration.php unknown vulnerability
35727MetaForum File Upload usercp.php memory corruption
35726phpx search.php cross site scriting
35725phpx gallery.php sql injection🔒
35724phpx File Upload gallery.php memory corruption
35723Webwizguide Web Wiz Forums Filters functions_filters.asp formatSQLInput sql injection🔒
35722Radscan Network Audio System readrequestfromclient null pointer dereference🔒🔒
35721Radscan Network Audio System compileinputs denial of service🔒🔒
35720Radscan Network Audio System addresource denial of service🔒🔒
35719Radscan Network Audio System procauwriteelement integer coercion🔒🔒
35718Radscan Network Audio System accept_att_local stack-based overflow🔒🔒
35717Cisco 7960 Router Firmware denial of service [CVE-2007-1542]
35716SQL-Ledger path traversal
35715SQL-Ledger path traversal
35714pragmaMX Landkarten map.func.php path traversal
35713McAfee VirusScan Enterprise Password Protection Remote Code Execution [Disputed]
35712Microsoft Windows NdisTapiDispatch denial of service🔒
35711PHP-Stats admin.php Remote Code Execution
35710php-stats php-stats.recphp.php sql injection🔒
35709file file_printf numeric error🔒🔒
35708Microsoft Windows Teredo Address privileges management [CVE-2007-1535]
35707Microsoft Windows Meeting Space dfsr.exe Remote Code Execution
35706Microsoft Windows authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1533]
35705Microsoft Windows authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1532]
35704Microsoft Windows ARP resource management [CVE-2007-1531]
35703Microsoft Windows LLTD Mapper denial of service [CVE-2007-1530]
35702Microsoft Windows LLTD Responder authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1529]
35701Microsoft Windows LLTD Mapper authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1528]
35700Microsoft Windows LLTD Mapper authentication spoofing [CVE-2007-1527]
35699Sun Java System Web Server Authorization Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
35698Dayfox Designs Dayfox Blog postpost.php Remote Code Execution
35697Zomplog path traversal [CVE-2007-1524]
35696NetBSD heap-based overflow [CVE-2007-1523]
35695PHP Session Identifier memory corruption [CVE-2007-1522]🔒🔒
35694PHP Error session_regenerate_id memory corruption🔒🔒
35693Phpnuke PHP-Nuke cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-1520]
35692Phpnuke PHP-Nuke Downloads Module modules.php cross site scripting
35691Woltlab Burning Board usergroups.php sql injection🔒
35690Paul Knierim WSN Guest comments.php sql injection🔒
35689W-Agora information disclosure [CVE-2007-0607]
35688Cicoandcico CcMail update.php file inclusion
35687Horde IMP thread.php cross site scriting
35686ViperWeb Portal index.php file inclusion
35685GraFX Company Website Builder Pro comanda.php file inclusion
35684Microsoft Visual Studio mfc42u.dll afxoleseteditmenu stack-based overflow
35683FrontBase Relational Database Server Stored Procedure memory corruption
35682Particle Blogger post.php sql injection🔒
35681Holtstraeter Rot 13 enkrypt.php path traversal
35680Jbmc Software DirectAdmin cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1508]
35679OpenAFS Default Configuration config [CVE-2007-1507]🔒🔒
35678QEMU Qemu Monitor access control [CVE-2007-0998]🔒🔒
35677Koan Software Mega Mall Installation product_review.php input validation🔒
35676Koan Software Mega Mall product_review.php sql injection🔒
35675Ultimate PHP Board file inclusion [CVE-2006-7169]
35674PHP file inclusion [CVE-2006-7168]
35672IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-7166]
35671IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-7165]
35670IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2006-7164]
35669Oracle Application Server Portal cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1506]
35668Fujitsu Systemwalker Desktop Encryption information disclosure
35667Fujitsu Interstage Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1504]
35666Rhapsody IRC comm.c create_ctcp_message memory corruption
35665Rhapsody IRC memory corruption [CVE-2007-1502]
35664Avant Force Avant Browser stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-1501]
35663Gentoo Linux Auditing lsat1.lsat symlink🔒🔒
35662Takebishi Devicexplorer Opc Server removegroup memory corruption
35661Lookup symlink [CVE-2007-0237]🔒🔒
35660CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup RPC denial of service🔒
35659CA BrightStor ARCserve Backup memory corruption [CVE-2007-1447]🔒🔒
35658McAfee ProtectionPilot Management Console sitemanager.dll swprintf stack-based overflow🔒🔒
35657Symantec Norton Personal Firewall denial of service [CVE-2007-1495]
35656Nukescripts NukeSentinel cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1494]
35655Nukescripts nukesentinel nukesentinel.php Remote Code Execution🔒
35654Microsoft Windows winmm.dll mmioread denial of service
35653Avaya S8300 Apache Tomcat unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-1491]
35652Avaya Communication Manager privileges management [CVE-2007-1490] WebAPP cross-site request forgery [CVE-2007-1489]
35650Sun Java System Web Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1488]🔒
35649Cyber Inside WebLog index.php path traversal
35648Carbonize Lazarus Guestbook template.class.php file inclusion
35647Ftplib set_umask memory corruption [Disputed]
35646PHP array_user_key_compare memory corruption🔒🔒
35645K5n WebCalendar Login login.php code injection
35644Liqua WBBlog index.php cross site scripting
35643Liqua WBBlog index.php sql injection🔒
35642Creative Guestbook createadmin.php improper authentication
35641Creative Guestbook guestbook.php cross site scriting
35640McGallery download.php input validation
35639osCommerce PHP Point Of Sale Installation index.php path traversal [Disputed]
35638Symantec Norton Internet Security Device Driver input validation
35637PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-1475]
35636Horde Application Framework cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1474]🔒🔒
35635Horde Application Framework Login Page selection cross site scriting🔒🔒
35634T-Systems groupit code injection [CVE-2007-1472]
35633Orion-Blog Remote Code Execution [CVE-2007-1471]
35632Netsw LIBFtp FtpChmod memory corruption
35631Xigla Absolute Image Gallery Xe gallery.asp sql injection🔒
35630IBM Rational ClearQuest cross site scripting [CVE-2007-1468]
35629Cisco Acs Solution Engine Security Device Manager presearch.html cross site scriting
35628SourceForge Wordperfect Document Importer-exporter _readcontents numeric error🔒🔒
35627libwpd _readcontents memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
35626Adobe JRun Updater denial of service [CVE-2007-1278]
35625conga information disclosure [CVE-2007-1462]
35624PHP Wrapper access control [CVE-2007-1461]🔒🔒
35623PHP zip Extension access control [CVE-2007-1460]🔒🔒
35622WebCreator file inclusion [CVE-2007-1459]
35621CARE2X inc_checkdate_lang.php file inclusion
35620Christian Scheurer URARFileLib urarlib_get memory corruption PHP Photo Album common.php file inclusion [Disputed]
35618cPanel path traversal [CVE-2007-1455]
35617PHP cross site scriting [CVE-2007-1454]🔒🔒
35616PHP memory corruption [CVE-2007-1453]🔒🔒
35615PHP Filters format string [CVE-2007-1452]🔒🔒
35614GuppY unknown vulnerability [CVE-2007-1451]
35613Phpnuke PHP-Nuke mainfile.php sql injection🔒
35612Phpnuke PHP-Nuke mainfile.php path traversal
35611Danny Ho OES code injection
35610Betaparticle BP Blog default.asp sql injection🔒
35609netperf symlink [CVE-2007-1444]
35608Woltlab Burning Board register.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
35607RIM BlackBerry input validation [CVE-2007-1441]
35606JGBBS search.asp sql injection🔒
35605bitesser MySQL Commander dbopen.php file inclusion
35604X-Ice News System devami.asp sql injection🔒
35603Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2007-0733]🔒
35602Apple Mac OS X stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-0731]🔒
35601Apple Mac OS X Server Manager denial of service [CVE-2007-0730]🔒
35600Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2007-0728]🔒
35599Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2007-0726]🔒
35598Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2007-0724]🔒
35597Apple Mac OS X denial of service [CVE-2007-0723]🔒
35596Apple Mac OS X integer coercion [CVE-2007-0722]🔒
35595Apple Mac OS X Helper memory corruption [CVE-2007-0721]🔒
35594CUPS resource management [CVE-2007-0720]🔒🔒
35593Apple Mac OS X stack-based overflow [CVE-2007-0719]🔒
35592LedgerSMB SQL-Ledger error Remote Privilege Escalation
35591LedgerSMB Re