Tools 2009

91080A2 Player Pro memory corruption
86903SBD Directory Software logindialogue.php cross site scriting
86902Glitter Central Script submitlink.php cross site scriting
86893CommonSense CMS search.php cross site scriting
86892FreePBX cross site scriting
86891Hasta Blog yorumyaz.php cross site scriting
86890Joomulus Module tagcloud_rus.swf cross site scriting
86889Joomulus Module tagcloud_por.swf cross site scriting
86888Joomulus Module tagcloud_eng.swf cross site scriting
86887MYPS Plugin for MyBB myps.php cross site scriting
86886Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange Script register.php cross site scriting
86885Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange Script faq.php cross site scriting
86884Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange Script index.php cross site scriting
86883cPanel fileop.html cross site scriting
86882Ignition view.php path traversal
86880OSSIM storage_graphs4.php privileges management
86879OSSIM storage_graphs3.php privileges management
86878OSSIM storage_graphs2.php privileges management
86877OSSIM storage_graphs.php privileges management
86876iSupport function.php cross site scriting
86875iSupport index.php cross site scriting
86874iSupport ticket_function.php cross site scriting
86873iDevCart index.php cross site scriting
86866F5 Products Local Privilege Escalation
86865Million Pixel Script index.php cross site scriting
86864TestLink eventviewer.php sql injection
86863TestLink resultsMoreBuilds_buildReport.php cross site scriting
86862TestLink eventviewer.php cross site scriting
86861TestLink attachmentupload.php cross site scriting
86860TestLink staticPage.php cross site scriting
86859JBoss Web Console createThresholdMonitor.jsp cross site scriting
86849SweetRice news_modify.php privileges management
86842NaSMail cross-site request forgery upload.php path traversal getcsslocal.php path traversal getjs.php path traversal deleteComment.php Local Privilege Escalation deletePage.php Local Privilege Escalation
86836httpdx HTTP Server tolog format string
86835PHD Help Desk caso_insert.php cross site scriting
86834PHD Help Desk atributo_list.php cross site scriting
86833PHD Help Desk atributo.php cross site scriting
86832PHD Help Desk area_list.php cross site scriting
86831PHD Help Desk solic_display.php cross site scriting
86830Google Chrome privileges management
86829Deliantra Local Privilege Escalation
86828Organic Groups cross site scriting
86827OpenDocMan view_file.php cross site scriting
86826OpenDocMan user.php cross site scriting
86825OpenDocMan search.php cross site scriting
86824OpenDocMan rejects.php cross site scriting
86823OpenDocMan profile.php cross site scriting
86822OpenDocMan department.php cross site scriting
86821OpenDocMan category.php cross site scriting
86820OpenDocMan admin.php cross site scriting
86819OpenDocMan index.php cross site scriting
86818OpenDocMan toBePublished.php cross site scriting
86817IBM Rational RequisitePro searchView.jsp cross site scriting
86816Hyperic HQ cross site scriting
86815Hyperic HQ cross site scriting
86814FMyClone edit.php sql injection
86813FMyClone index.php sql injection
86812PaoBacheca index.php cross site scriting
86811Horde Application Framework cross site scriting
86810Datemill search.php cross site scriting
86809Datemill photo_search.php cross site scriting
86808Match Agency BiZ report.php cross site scriting
86807An image gallery main.php cross site scriting
86806Xstate Real Estate lands.html cross site scriting
86805RASH sql injection
86804RASH sql injection
86803PHP-Lance advanced_search.php path traversal
86802Adobe ColdFusion Server enter.cfm cross site scriting
86801Adobe ColdFusion Server _authenticatewizarduser.cfm cross site scriting
86800Adobe ColdFusion Server _logintowizard.cfm cross site scriting
86799Stiva Forum include_forum.php cross site scriting
86798ViArt CMS forum_topic_new.php cross site scriting
86797ViArt CMS forum.php cross site scriting
86796ViArt Helpdesk products_search.php cross site scriting
86795ViArt Helpdesk forum.php cross site scriting
86794ViArt Helpdesk reviews.php cross site scriting
86793ViArt Helpdesk product_details.php cross site scriting
86792ViArt Helpdesk article.php cross site scriting
86791IsolSoft Support Center rempass.php path traversal
86790IsolSoft Support Center newticket.php path traversal
86789Apache Portable Runtime apr_pools.c Local Privilege Escalation
86788x10 Adult Media Script video_listing.php cross site scriting
86787x10 Adult Media Script header1.php cross site scriting
86786x10 Adult Media Script linkvideos_listing.php cross site scriting
86785PHP Open Classifieds Script tellafriend.php cross site scriting
86784PHP Open Classifieds Script contact.php cross site scriting
86783Celepar Module index.php cross site scriting
86782Celepar Module categoria.php sql injection
86781Celepar Module imprimir.php sql injection
8678068 Classifieds viewmember.php cross site scriting
8677968 Classifieds viewlisting.php cross site scriting
8677868 Classifieds toplistings.php cross site scriting
8677768 Classifieds searchresults.php cross site scriting
8677668 Classifieds login.php cross site scriting
86775SkaDate file_uploader.php cross site scriting
86774PG Roommate Finder Solution viewprofile.php cross site scriting
86773Clone2009 gallery.php sql injection
86772Clone2009 showcategory.php sql injection
86771phpGroupWare path traversal
86770HotScripts PHP Website Script lostpassword.php cross site scriting
86769HotScripts PHP Website Script feedback.php cross site scriting
86768HotScripts Type PHP Clone Script lostpassword.php cross site scriting
86767HotScripts Type PHP Clone Script index.php cross site scriting
86766Programs Rating postcomments.php cross site scriting
86765DragDropCart productdetail.php cross site scriting
86764DragDropCart login.php cross site scriting
86763DragDropCart search.php cross site scriting
86762DragDropCart index.php cross site scriting
86761DragDropCart getstate.php cross site scriting
86760MyWeight user_login.php cross site scriting
86759MyWeight user_forgot_pwd_form.php cross site scriting
86758Freelancers post_resume.php cross site scriting
86757Oracle WebLogic Server authentication spoofing
86756LibTIFF cvt_whole_image Local Privilege Escalation
86755Apple Safari handling cross site scriting
86754WordPress Plugin Configuration Module cross site scriting
86752KerviNet Forum message.php cross site scriting
86751CMS Chainuk admin_new.php Local Privilege Escalation
86750CMS Chainuk admin_delete.php information disclosure
86749CMS Chainuk admin_delete.php path traversal
86748CMS Chainuk admin_edit.php path traversal
86747CMS Chainuk index.php path traversal
86746IBM Tivoli Identity Manager cross site scriting
86745ForumPal FE login.asp sql injection
86743Sun Solaris denial of service
86742FretsWeb charts.php path traversal
86741All-in-One members.php sql injection
86740fuzzylime CMS display.php privileges management
86739FretsWeb song.php sql injection
86738Mozilla Firefox jsinterp.c memory corruption
86737Mozilla Firefox jsxml.c memory corruption
86736Mozilla Firefox memory corruption
86735Mozilla Firefox SetCursor memory corruption
86734Mozilla Firefox HideResizers memory corruption
86733DB Top Sites contact.php path traversal
86732DB Top Sites index.php path traversal
86731Pivot user.php cross site scriting
86730Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure
86729ACollab add_event.php cross site scriting
86728Small Pirate index.php sql injection
86727Small Pirate rss-pic-comment.php sql injection
86726Small Pirate rss-comment_post.php sql injection
86725Small Pirate pag1-guest.php sql injection
86724Novell GroupWise memory corruption
86723Sun Java System Communications Express search.xml cross site scriting
86722Sun Solaris sasl_encode64 Local Privilege Escalation
86721WebSPELL awards.php sql injection
86720Google Chrome Read Local Privilege Escalation
86719FreePBX index.php cross site scriting
86718FreePBX config.php cross site scriting
86717GlassFish Enterprise Server jdbcResourceEdit.jsf cross site scriting
86716GlassFish Enterprise Server httpListenerEdit.jsf cross site scriting
86715GlassFish Enterprise Server auditModuleEdit.jsf cross site scriting
86714GlassFish Enterprise Server webServicesGeneral.jsf cross site scriting
86713GlassFish Enterprise Server registration.jsf cross site scriting
86712GlassFish Enterprise Server resources.jsf cross site scriting
86711GlassFish Enterprise Server customMBeans.jsf cross site scriting
86710GlassFish Enterprise Server configuration.jsf cross site scriting
86709TemaTres index.php sql injection
86708IBM Tivoli Storage Manager dsmagent.exe Local Privilege Escalation
86707Icewarp Merak Mail Server item.php cross site scriting
86706QuickTeam qte_init.php privileges management
86705WebPortal CMS index.php path traversal
86704Mahara cross site scriting
86703IBM BladeCenter Advanced Management Module file_management.ssi cross site scriting
86702Microsoft ISA Server denial of service
86701Linux Kernel af_x25.c x25_sendmsg Local Privilege Escalation
86700Linux Kernel af_netrom.c nr_sendmsg Local Privilege Escalation
86699Web Help Desk cross site scriting
86698Web Help Desk cross site scriting
86696Mozilla Firefox moveToEdgeShift Local Privilege Escalation
86695HP Embedded Web Server config cross-site request forgery
86694HP Embedded Web Server config cross-site request forgery
86693PHPRunner Administrator_list.php sql injection
86692PHPRunner users_list.php sql injection
86691PHPRunner orders_list.php sql injection
86690Content Construction Kit cross site scriting
86689YAP index.php sql injection
86688Evolution Data Server camel-mime-utils.c Local Privilege Escalation
86687Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation
86686NovaNET DtbClsLogin Local Privilege Escalation
86683Page Engine CMS privileges management
86682Page Engine CMS statistics_include.php privileges management
86681Page Engine CMS login_include.php privileges management
866804Site CMS index.shtml sql injection
866794Site CMS index.shtml sql injection
866784Site CMS print.shtml sql injection
86677FlatnuX CMS filemanager.php privileges management
86676AJA FANCYNLOptions.php path traversal
86672PHPFootball login.php cross site scriting
66828Jgaa warftpd format string [CVE-2009-5141]
64065Nextapp Echo XML Parser input validation [CVE-2009-5135]
63226GNOME Display Manager Gnome Display Manager messages credentials management
62587Joomla CMS input validation [CVE-2011-4911]
62586Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4910]
62585Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4909]
61023Dell Wyse Device Manager hagent.exe improper authentication🔒
59800Mini-Stream Ripper memory corruption [CVE-2009-5109]🔒
59300esoftpro Online Guestbook Pro ogp_show.php sql injection
58885Digitaljunkies dompdf dompdf.php code injection
58468Khalid Baheyeldin Flag Content cross site scripting [CVE-2009-5096]
58463Ea-style gBook index_inc.php code injection🔒
58457IdeaCart index.php path traversal
58456IdeaCart index.php sql injection
58455Geovision Digital Surveillance System path traversal [CVE-2009-5087]
56753Symantec Altiris Notification Server ActiveX Control AeXNSPkgDLLib.dll DownloadAndInstall memory corruption🔒🔒
55576Webwiz Web Wiz NewsPad NewsPad.mdb access control
54804e-soft24 Banner Exchange Script click.php sql injection
54488Scripteen Free Image Hosting Script header.php improper authentication
54163Kelvin Mo SimpleID index.php cross site scripting🔒
54153Adammo Fat Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-4962]
54112Thetricky Com Messaging index.php path traversal
54099Atutor ACollab profile.php cross site scripting
54096Atutor ACollab sign_in.php cross site scripting
54094Impactsoftcompany AdPeeps index.php cross site scripting🔒
54092SPirate Small Pirate cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4937]
54091SPirate Small Pirate pag1.php sql injection
53814Dootzky oBlog article.php cross site scripting
53813Dootzky oBlog cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4907]
53812Accscripts Acc PHP eMail Change Password index.php cross-site request forgery
53811Accscripts Acc Statistics index.php cross-site request forgery
53809Dootzky oBlog index.php cross site scripting
53540Nskate PHortail poster.php cross site scripting
53355Plainblack WebGUI cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4877]
53354Netrix Netrix CMS cikkform.php access control
53352Scripts.oldguy TalkBack comments.php access control
53133Matt Wright Simple Search search.cgi cross site scripting🔒
53132I-Escorts I-Escorts Directory Script escorts_search.php sql injection
53124Ecomstudio PHP Photo Vote1.3f login.php cross site scripting
53123Ecomstudio PHP Easy Shopping Cart subitems.php cross site scripting
53096Awingsoft Awakening Winds3D Viewer plugin SceneURL memory corruption
53092Deliantra c_party.C command_gsay memory corruption
53047Moviephp Movie PHP Script init.php code injection
52947OpenX Administrator Account improper authentication [CVE-2009-4830]🔒
52946James Glasgow autologout cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4829]
52945Phpwebscripts Ad Manager Pro admins.php cross-site request forgery
52944Scriptez Mail Manager Pro admin.php cross-site request forgery
52943ScriptsEz Mini Hosting Panel admin_ac.php cross-site request forgery
529428pixel Simple Blog sb.mdb access control
52941Kolab Kolab Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4824]🔒🔒
52937Aspindir Angelo-Emlak angelo.mdb access control
52936Stoverud PHPhotoalbum File Upload upload.php unrestricted upload
52935PHPSimplicity Simplicity oF Upload File Upload upload.php Remote Code Execution
52934Element-IT Ultimate Uploader File Upload upload.php memory corruption
52933Andy Stedemos The Uploader download_checker.php path traversal
52931Wolfram webMathematica cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4814]
52876Sysax Multi Server path traversal [CVE-2009-4800]
52872glFusion listfactory.class.php ExecuteQueries sql injection🔒
52855TUKEVA Password Reminder credentials management [CVE-2009-4781]
52853Robert Garrigos NukeHall blocks.php code injection
52851Hitachi JP1/Automatic Job Management System denial of service
52850Hitachi Cosminexus Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-4776]
52829Ubercart cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4773]
52828Ubercart Payments information disclosure [CVE-2009-4772]
52827Ubercart Payments input validation [CVE-2009-4771]
52825Jasper httpdx tolog format string🔒🔒
52823Plohni Shoutbox index.php cross site scripting
52614JustSystems Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2009-4737]🔒
52412Mercuryaudio Audio Player pls memory corruption
52397Phppower Swinger Club Portal start.php code injection
52396Phppower Swinger Club Portal start.php sql injection
52395Phppower Top Paidmailer home.php code injection
52389Oicgroup CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4744]
52388AfterLogic WebMail Pro history-storage.aspx cross site scripting🔒
52384SkaDate Online Dating Software index.php code injection
52237X10media Adult Script video_ad.php cross site scripting
52230Limny functions.php CheckLogin sql injection
52228gnudip gnudip.cgi sql injection
52193EDGEPHP EZWebSearch results.php cross site scripting
52192Phpscriptsnow Real Time Currency Exchange rates.php cross site scripting
52191Alexandre Amaral XOOPS Celepar cadastro_usuario.php cross site scripting🔒
52190Alexandre Amaral XOOPS Celepar categoria.php cross site scripting🔒
52189Tukanas Easyclassifieds Script index.php sql injection
52177SkaDate Online Dating Software index.php path traversal
52176SkaDate Online Dating Software auth.php cross site scripting
52175Alexandre Amaral XOOPS Celepar aviso.php sql injection🔒
52142Radscripts RadNICS index.php cross site scripting
52141Radscripts RadNICS index.php sql injection
52140RadScripts RadLance index.php sql injection
52139RadScripts RadLance index.php cross site scripting
52137RadScripts RadLance index.php cross site scripting
52135YourFreeWorld Programs Rating Script rate.php cross site scripting
52131phplemon AdQuick account.php cross site scripting
52130Phpscriptsnow Astrology celebrities.php cross site scripting
52129Edgephp EZodiak index.php cross site scripting
52128Scriptsez Good-Bad Vote vote.php path traversal
52127Scriptsez Good-Bad Vote vote.php cross site scripting
52095inertialFATE Com If Nexus index.php path traversal
52094Winn Winn Guestbook index.php cross site scripting
52093Frank-karau phpFK PHP Forum search.php cross site scripting
52053Fwbuilder Firewall Builder link following [CVE-2009-4664]🔒🔒
51999Systemsoftware Erotik Auktionshaus news.php sql injection
51987Novell eDirectory Web Service cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-4655]🔒
51938Iptechinside Com Jquarks index.php sql injection
51929Onnogroen Com Webeecomment index2.php sql injection
51722Enanocms comment.php sql injection
51611TemplatePlaza com TPDugg sql injection
51608Tamlyncreative Com Bfsurvey Profree index.php updateOnePage sql injection🔒
51603Joomloc Com Joomloc index.php sql injection
51552Netartmedia Real Estate Portal loginaction.php sql injection
51524Canon IT ACCESSGUARDIAN cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4608]
51522South River Technologies WebDrive access control [CVE-2009-4606]🔒
51496Fernando Soares Com Mamboleto mamboleto.php code injection
51492Netartmedia Media Real Estate Portal loginaction.php sql injection
51491Joomshark Com Jsjobs index.php sql injection🔒
51490Corephp Com Jphoto index.php sql injection
51489Phpwares PHP Inventory index.php sql injection🔒
51488Phpwares PHP Inventory index.php cross site scripting🔒
51478Novell iManager memory corruption [CVE-2009-4486]
51454MediaWiki MediaWik SpecialBlockip.php getContribsLink cross site scripting🔒
51448Aspindir UranyumSoft Listing Service db.mdb access control
51447dB Masters Multimedia Links Directory admin.php improper authentication
51446Com Dhforum index.php sql injection
51445XOOPS Xoops Dictionary detail.php sql injection
51444RoseOnlineCMS admincp.php path traversal
51441Facileforms index.php cross site scripting
51440MAXdev MDForum index.php sql injection
51439Cmstactics Com Beeheard index.php sql injection
51438Qproje Com Qpersonel index.php cross site scripting
51437I-Escorts I-Escorts Directory Script country_escorts.php sql injection
51436Joomlabear Mod Joomulus mod_joomulus tagcloud_ell.swf cross site scripting
51432elkagroup Image Gallery sql injection [CVE-2009-4569]
51430Viscacha editprofile.php cross site scripting
51428ZenPhoto index.php sql injection
51425ZenPhoto admin-options.php cross site scripting
51424ZenPhoto admin.php cross site scripting
51420Unleashedmind Img Assist access control [CVE-2009-4558]
51419Unleashedmind Img Assist cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4557]
51410ViArt Helpdesk products.php cross site scripting
51409ViArt CMS forums.php cross site scripting
51403IsolSoft Support Center lsof newticket.php code injection
51400Valenok Mongoose information disclosure [CVE-2009-4535]🔒🔒
51399Nanwich FAQ Ask unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-4534]
51398Nathan Haug Webform Webform Module information disclosure [CVE-2009-4533]
51397Nathan Haug Webform Webform Module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4532]
51396Jasper httpdx information disclosure [CVE-2009-4531]
51395Sergey Lyubka Mongoose :$DATA information disclosure🔒
51394InterVations NaviCOPA Web Server index.html%20 information disclosure🔒🔒
51393Moshe Weitzman Og Vocab Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-4528]
51392Niif Shib Auth access control [CVE-2009-4527]
51391Joao Ventura Print access control [CVE-2009-4526]
51390Joao Ventura Print cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4525]
51389Nancy Wichmann RealName cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4524]
51388Zainu index.php cross site scripting
51387Bloofox CMS search.5.html cross site scripting🔒
51385Kristof De Jaeger Commentreference Access Restriction access control
51384Ortro Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4519]🔒
51383Mark Burton Insertnode cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4518]
51382Nanwich FAQ Ask cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4517]
51381Nanwich FAQ Ask cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4516]
51380Speedtech Storm access control [CVE-2009-4515]
51379Astha Bhatnagar Shindigintegrator cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4514]
51378John Vandyk Workflow cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4513]
51377Indymedia Oscailt index.php path traversal
51376Zabbix net.c NET_TCP_LISTEN access control
51375Zabbix zbx_get_next_field memory corruption🔒🔒
51374Zabbix process_trap memory corruption
51373Zabbix send_history_last_id sql injection🔒🔒
51372Zabbix node_process_command os command injection🔒🔒🔒
51371Pedro Lineu Orso Sarg cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7250]🔒
51370Pedro Lineu Orso Sarg memory corruption [CVE-2008-7249]🔒
51368MailSite LDAP3A.exe denial of service
51367TVersity MediaServer.exe memory corruption
51365AzeoTech DAQFactory Web Service memory corruption [CVE-2009-4480]
51364MailSite LDAP3A.exe resource management
51363Xstate Real Estate home.html cross site scripting
51362Xstate Real Estate page.html sql injection
51361HAURI ViRobot Desktop memory corruption [CVE-2009-4476]
51360Joomlub Com Joomlub index.php sql injection
51359Mikedeboer Com Zoom index.php sql injection
51358Ektron ekformsiframe.aspx cross site scripting🔒
51357PHPope code injection [CVE-2009-4472]
51356FreeSchool bib_form.php code injection
51355DVBBS boardrule.php sql injection
51354Giombetti phpPowerCards cross site scripting
51353DeluxeBB misc.php cross site scripting🔒
51352DeluxeBB misc.php input validation🔒
51351DeluxeBB Error Message misc.php information disclosure🔒
51350DeluxeBB templates access control🔒
51349Active Web Softwares Active Business Directory searchadvance.asp cross site scripting
51348Intellicom Netbiter Webscada Ws200 Network Configuration credentials management
51347Intellicom NetBiterConfig NetBiterConfig.exe memory corruption
51346FlatPress contact.php cross site scripting🔒
51345Ljscripts Auto-Surf Traffic Exchange Script index.php cross site scripting
51344Redmine cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4459]
51343FreePBX config.php cross site scripting
51342Provider4u Vsftpd Webmin module Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4457]
51341Greendesktiny Green Desktiny news_detail.php sql injection
51340Cisco ASA 5500 Default Configuration access control [CVE-2009-4455]
51339Saini VideoCache link following [CVE-2009-4454]
51338Microsoft IIS asp:.jpg input validation
51337SoftCab Sound Converter ActiveX ActiveX Control sndConverter.ocx SaveFormat unknown vulnerability
51336Kaspersky Anti-Virus access control [CVE-2009-4452]🔒
51335Php.html kandalf upper File Upload upper.php memory corruption
51334LiveZilla map.php cross site scripting🔒
51333MyBB path traversal [CVE-2009-4449]
51332MyBB resource management [CVE-2009-4448]
51331Jax Guestbook guestbook.admin.php improper authentication
51330Ikemcg phpInstantGallery admin.php cross site scripting
51329MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center prep_reprocess_req null pointer dereference🔒🔒
51328Sun Java System Directory Server Proxy Server denial of service🔒🔒
51327Sun Java System Directory Server Proxy Server config [CVE-2009-4442]🔒🔒
51326Sun Java System Directory Server Proxy Server denial of service🔒🔒
51325Sun Java System Directory Server Proxy Server race condition🔒🔒
51324IBM DB2 Query Compiler denial of service [CVE-2009-4439]🔒🔒
51323IBM DB2 Query Compiler access control [CVE-2009-4438]🔒🔒
51322OpenTTD train_cmd.cpp NormaliseTrainConsist denial of service🔒🔒
51321APC Network Management Card cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1798]🔒
51320APC Network Management Card cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1797]
51319Active Web Softwares Active Auction House wishlist.asp sql injection
51318Active Web Softwares eWebquiz questions.asp sql injection F3Site path traversal [CVE-2009-4435]🔒
51316IDevSpot iSupport index.php path traversal
51315IDevSpot iSupport ticket_function.php cross site scripting
51314CodeMight VideoCMS index.php sql injection
51313Anything-digital Com Jcalpro cal_popup.php code injection
51312VirtueMart index.php sql injection
51311Alexander Hass Sections module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4429]
51310Joomplace Com Joomportfolio index.php sql injection
51309Deon George phpLDAPadmin cmd.php path traversal🔒🔒
51308Launchpad Ignition comment.php path traversal
51307Idevspot iDevCart index.php cross site scripting
51306Imotta Pyrmont plugin results.php sql injection
51305Weentech weenCompany index.php sql injection
51304Aditus jpgraph jpgraph.php GetURLArguments cross site scripting🔒
51303Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog languages_cgi.php path traversal
51302F5 Big-IP Protocol Security Manager Application Security Manager memory corruption
51301Intel Q45 Chipset Trusted Execution config [CVE-2009-4419]
51300PHP unserialize numeric error🔒
51299Zend Framework shutdown access control
51298phpGroupWare login.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
51297phpGroupWare csv_import.php path traversal🔒🔒
51296phpGroupWare login.php sql injection🔒🔒
51295Pps.jussieu Polipo client.c httpClientDiscardBody numeric error🔒🔒
51294S9y Serendipity File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-4412]🔒
51293XFS acl Symbolic Links access control [CVE-2009-4411]🔒🔒
51292Linux Kernel kunmap denial of service🔒🔒
51291Piwik _eval input validation🔒🔒
51290Pps.jussieu Polipo http_parse.c httpParseHeaders input validation🔒
51289Iij SEIL/B1 (PPPAC) improper authentication
51288PyForum cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4408]
51287PyForum Change Password cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4407]
51286APC Ap7932 B2 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4406]
51285Edgewall Trac Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4405]🔒🔒
51284GNOME NetworkManager WorkMan information disclosure [CVE-2009-4145]🔒🔒
51283GNOME NetworkManager cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-4144]🔒🔒
51282Jochen Striepe t-prot denial of service [CVE-2009-4404]
51281Rumbacms Rumba XML index.php cross site scripting
51280SQL-Ledger Default Configuration config [CVE-2009-4402]🔒🔒
51279Condor Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4133]🔒🔒
51278SQL-Ledger config [CVE-2009-3584]🔒
51277SQL-Ledger path traversal [CVE-2009-3583]🔒
51276SQL-Ledger sql injection [CVE-2009-3582]🔒
51275SQL-Ledger Receivables cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3581]🔒
51274SQL-Ledger cross-site request forgery🔒
51273Fr. Simon Rundell Ste Parish Admin Administration sql injection
51272Fr. Simon Rundell Ste Parish Admin Administration cross site scripting
51271Fr. Simon Rundell Hs Religiousartgallery sql injection [CVE-2009-4399]
51270Fr. Simon Rundell Hs Religiousartgallery cross site scripting
51269Fr. Simon Rundell Pd Resources cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4397]
51268Fr. Simon Rundell Pd Resources sql injection [CVE-2009-4396]
51267Fr. Simon Rundell Ste Prayer2 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4395]
51266Fr. Simon Rundell Ste Prayer2 sql injection [CVE-2009-4394]
51265Daniel Ptzinger Danp Documentdirs sql injection [CVE-2009-4393]
51264TYPO3 XDS Staff sql injection [CVE-2009-4392]
51263Daniel Regelein Dr Blob cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4391]
51262Jochen Rieger Car sql injection [CVE-2009-4390]
51261Robert Puntigam Aba Watchdog information disclosure [CVE-2009-4389]
51260Frank Krger Nl Listman cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4388]
51259ManageEngine Password Manager Pro6.1 cross site scripting
51258Bookingcentre Booking System for Hotels Group hotel_tiempolibre_ext.php sql injection
51257Scriptsez Ez Poll Hoster index.php cross-site request forgery
51256Scriptsez Ez Poll Hoster index.php cross site scripting
51255Rocomotion P forum Pforum.php path traversal
51254PHPFABER Phpfaber Content Management System module.php cross site scripting🔒
51253texmedia Million Pixel Script index.php cross site scripting
51252Valarsoft Webmatic sql injection [CVE-2009-4380]🔒
51251Valarsoft Webmatic cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4379]🔒 Open Flash Chart File Upload ofc_upload_image.php memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
51249PHP-Calendar update08.php path traversal🔒🔒
51248Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-4378]🔒🔒
51247Wireshark null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-4377]🔒🔒
51246Wireshark daintree_sna_read memory corruption🔒🔒
51245kde kdegraphics Libraries parse code injection🔒🔒
51244AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management repository_attachment.php sql injection
51243AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management path traversal
51242AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management File Upload memory corruption
51241AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management wcl.php input validation
51240Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4371]
51239Drupal Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4370]🔒🔒
51238Drupal Contact Form cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4369]🔒
51237Merethis Centreon Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4368]🔒
51236Sitecore Staging Module Webservice api.asmx improper authentication
51235ScriptsEz Ez Blog index.php cross site scripting
51234ScriptsEz Ez Blog admin.php cross-site request forgery
51233ScriptsEz Ez Blog index.php cross site scripting
51232Horde Application Framework Xss.php cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4363]🔒🔒
51231IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2009-4362]
51230IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2009-4361]
51229ghostscript Logging gsmisc.c errprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
51228Roman Marxer Ganeti path traversal [CVE-2009-4261]🔒
51227PHP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4143]🔒🔒
51226PHP htmlspecialchars cross site scripting🔒🔒
51225Adobe Flash Media Server path traversal [CVE-2009-3792]🔒🔒
51224Adobe Flash Media Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3791]🔒🔒
51223Horde Application Framework Administration Interface phpshell.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
51222Handcoders Content module sql injection [CVE-2009-4360]🔒
51221Marc-andre Lanciault SmartMedia folder.php cross site scripting
51220freebsd freebsd-update access control [CVE-2009-4358]
51219GNU Automake race condition [CVE-2009-4029]🔒🔒
51218IBM Rational Clearcase information disclosure [CVE-2009-4357]
51217NullSoft WinAmp Filters numeric error [CVE-2009-4356]🔒🔒
51216NullSoft WinAmp IN_MOD.DLL memory corruption [CVE-2009-3996]🔒🔒
51215Fahlstad WP-Forum wpf.class.php remove_topic sql injection
51214Cisco WebEx WRF Player atrpui.dll memory corruption
51213Cisco WebEx WRF Player atas32.dll memory corruption
51212Cisco WebEx WRF Player atas32.dll memory corruption
51211Cisco WebEx WRF Player ataudio.dll memory corruption
51210Cisco WebEx WRF Player atas32.dll memory corruption
51209Cisco WebEx WRF Player atas32.dll memory corruption
51208HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Cell Manager rds.exe _ncp32._NtrpTCPReceiveMsg numeric error🔒🔒
51207HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51206NullSoft WinAmp IN_MOD.DLL numeric error [CVE-2009-3997]🔒🔒
51205NullSoft WinAmp IN_MOD.DLL memory corruption [CVE-2009-3995]🔒🔒
51204TransWARE Active! mail credentials management [CVE-2009-4354]
51203TransWARE Active! mail unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-4353]
51202TransWARE Active Mail 2003 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4352]
51201WSCreator loginaction.php sql injection
51200Boldfx Arctic Issue Tracker index.php sql injection
51199Phpwebscripts Link Up Gold Administration cross-site request forgery
51198Haroldbakker HB-NS index.php cross site scripting
51197Liran Tal daloradius cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4347]🔒
51196Toni Milovan Fe Rtenews cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4346]
51195Jonas Renggli vShoutbox cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4345]
51194Tobias Sommer ZID Linklist cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4344]
51193Dominic Eckart trainincdb cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4343]
51192Melvin Mach jobexchange sql injection [CVE-2009-4342]
51191Mischa Heissmann No indexed Search sql injection [CVE-2009-4341]
51190Mischa Heissmann No indexed Search cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4340]
51189Stephan Vits Mf Subscription sql injection [CVE-2009-4339]
51188Jean-david Gadina SlideShow sql injection [CVE-2009-4338]
51187Simon Rundell Pd Calendar Today sql injection [CVE-2009-4337]🔒
51186Simon Rundell Pd Calendar Today cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4336]
51185Mozilla Firefox Registry GeckoActiveXObject information disclosure🔒🔒
51184Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2009-3986]🔒🔒
51183Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3985]🔒🔒
51182Mozilla Firefox authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3984]🔒🔒
51181Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3983]🔒🔒
51180Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3982]🔒🔒
51179Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3981]🔒🔒
51178Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine resource management [CVE-2009-3980]🔒🔒
51177Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3979]🔒🔒
51176Mozilla Firefox numeric error [CVE-2009-3389]🔒🔒
51175Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-4138]🔒🔒
51174IBM DB2 Stored Procedure Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
51173IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2009-4334]🔒🔒
51172IBM DB2 Relational Data Services information disclosure [CVE-2009-4333]🔒🔒
51171IBM db2 null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-4332]🔒🔒
51170IBM DB2 Authorization access control [CVE-2009-4331]🔒🔒
51169IBM db2 Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4330]🔒🔒
51168IBM DB2 denial of service [CVE-2009-4329]🔒🔒
51167IBM DB2 Stored Procedure denial of service🔒🔒
51166IBM DB2 input validation [CVE-2009-4327]🔒🔒
51165IBM DB2 Partition scalar information disclosure🔒🔒
51164IBM DB2 Interfaces input validation [CVE-2009-4325]🔒🔒
51162Moodle sql injection [CVE-2009-4305]🔒🔒
51161Moodle config.php credentials management🔒🔒
51160Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2009-4303]🔒🔒
51159Moodle cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-4302]🔒🔒
51158Moodle lib.php access control [CVE-2009-4301]🔒🔒
51157Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2009-4300]🔒🔒
51156Moodle access control [CVE-2009-4299]🔒🔒
51155Moodle User Account information disclosure [CVE-2009-4298]🔒🔒
51154Moodle cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4297]🔒🔒
51153Ruby on Rails input validation [CVE-2008-7248]🔒🔒
51152PostgreSQL index memory corruption🔒🔒
51151PostgreSQL cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-4034]🔒🔒
51150Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Twiddle information disclosure🔒
51149Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2.0.CP08 cross site scripting🔒
51148Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2.0.CP08 cross site scripting🔒
51147Zen Cart Installation information disclosure [CVE-2009-4323]
51146Zen Cart Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-4322]
51145Zen Cart curltest.php input validation🔒🔒
51144Lythgoes The Next Generation of Genealogy Sitebuilding searchform.php cross site scripting
51143eoCMS bbcode-form.php code injection
51142Realestatephp Real Estate Manager index.php cross site scripting
51141ScriptsEz Ez Cart index.php cross site scripting
51140Zeeways ZeeLyrics searchresults_main.php cross site scripting
51139Nuggetz CMS ajaxsave.php path traversal
51138Sun Ray Server Software access control [CVE-2009-4314]🔒
51137Mozilla Firefox nsGlobalWindow.cpp MakeScriptDialogTitle authentication spoofing🔒
51136Mozilla Firefox race condition [CVE-2009-4129]🔒
51135Microsoft Windows ir32_32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-4313]🔒🔒
51134Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-4312]🔒🔒
51133Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-4311]🔒🔒
51132Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2009-4310]🔒🔒
51131Linux Kernel ext4_decode_error resource management🔒🔒
51130Linux Kernel ext4_fill_flex_info numeric error🔒🔒
51129Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2009-4306]🔒🔒
51128Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-4210]🔒🔒
51127Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2009-4131]🔒🔒
51122Brian Miller Taxonomy Timer sql injection [CVE-2009-4296]
51121Sun Ray Server Software Firmware cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-4295]🔒
51120Sun Ray Server Software Authentication Manager memory corruption🔒
51119GNU coreutils tmp link following🔒🔒
51118Ruby string.c rb_str_justify memory corruption🔒🔒
51117Symantec Veritas Command Central Storage Change Manager Management Console VRTSweb.exe improper authentication🔒🔒
51116Iij SEIL-X1/SEIL-X2/SEIL-B1 Firmware config [CVE-2009-4293]
51115Iij SEIL-X1/SEIL-X2/SEIL-B1 URL Filter filtering memory corruption
51114Teamst TestLink navBar.php sql injection [CVE-2009-4238]🔒
51113Teamst TestLink login.php cross site scripting🔒
51112HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-0898]🔒🔒
51111HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovwebsnmpsrv.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51110HP OpenView Network Node Manager snmpviewer.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51109HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovalarm.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
51108HP OpenView Network Node Manager OvWebHelp.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
51107HP OpenView Network Node Manager webappmon.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51106HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovsessionmgr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51105HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
51104HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe vsprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
51103HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-3847]🔒🔒
51102HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovlogin.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
51101HP OpenView Network Node Manager privileges management [CVE-2009-3845]🔒🔒
51100Adobe Flash Player ActiveX Control information disclosure [CVE-2009-3951]🔒🔒
51099Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3800]🔒🔒
51098Adobe Flash Player Exception parseExceptionHandlers numeric error🔒🔒🔒
51097Adobe Flash Player resource management [CVE-2009-3798]🔒🔒
51096Adobe AIR resource management [CVE-2009-3797]🔒🔒
51095Adobe Flash Player code injection [CVE-2009-3796]🔒🔒
51094YABSoft Advanced Image Hosting Script search.php cross site scripting🔒
51093Pointdev Ideal Administration 2009 memory corruption [CVE-2009-4265]🔒🔒
51092AROUNDMe Core connect.php code injection
51091PTCPay GeN3 main_forum.php sql injection
51090Haroldbakker HB-NS Control Panel admin.php access control
51089Truesolution AlefMentor cource.php sql injection🔒
51088Youjoomla You!Hostit! index.php cross site scripting
51087Phpee pphlogger Error Message information disclosure
51086Phpee Pphlogger dspStats.php cross site scripting🔒
51085Clixint Image Hosting Script DPI images.php cross site scripting🔒
51084Corel Paint Shop Pro memory corruption [CVE-2009-4251]
51083Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews register.php cross site scripting🔒
51082CutePHP CuteNews index.php cross site scripting🔒
51081IBM InfoSphere Information Server Subsystem memory corruption
51080IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console cross site scripting
51079CA Service Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4149]
51078Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-3674]🔒🔒🔒
51077Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-3673]🔒🔒🔒
51076Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-3671]🔒🔒🔒
51075Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-2509]🔒🔒🔒
51074Microsoft Office numeric error [CVE-2009-2506]🔒🔒🔒
51073Microsoft Windows improper authentication [CVE-2009-2505]🔒🔒
51072EC-CUBE EC-CUBE Ver2 LC_Page_Admin_Customer_SearchCustomer.php process information disclosure
51071HP OpenView Data Protector Application Recovery Manager memory corruption🔒🔒
51070Novell iPrint memory corruption [CVE-2009-1569]🔒🔒🔒
51069Novell iPrint Client ienipp.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
51068Linux Kernel ip_frag_reasm memory corruption🔒🔒
51067Tim Hockin acpid access control [CVE-2009-4235]🔒🔒
51066Micronet Network Access Controller SP1910 cross site scripting
51065Youjoomla YJ Whois modules/mod_yj_whois.php cross site scripting
51064Jonijnm Com Kide index.php improper authentication
51063Basic-cms SweetRice plugins.php path traversal [CVE-2009-4231]
51062Ruven Pillay IIPImage Server CGI Program run memory corruption
51061Active Web Softwares Active Bids default.asp sql injection
51060Tim Hockin acpid open access control🔒🔒
51059Xfig u_bound.c readfp_fig resource management🔒🔒
51058Xfig f_readold.c read_textobject memory corruption🔒🔒
51057Sun OpenSolaris tcp_do_getpeername race condition
51056CA eTrust PestPatrol ActiveX Control ppctl.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
51055Frank Yaul CoreHTTP numeric error [CVE-2009-3586]🔒
51054Denton Woods DevIL GetUID memory corruption🔒🔒
51053apple Mac OS X Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2843]🔒🔒
51052IBM WebSphere Application Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2749]
51051Basic-cms SweetRice post.php input validation
51050Gianni Tommasi Kr-php Web Content Server krgourl.php code injection
51049Smartisoft phpBazar access control [CVE-2009-4222]🔒
51048Smartisoft phpBazar classified.php sql injection🔒
51047Raphael Mazoyer PointComma pctemplate.php code injection
51046Haihaisoft Haihaisoft Universal Player ActiveX Control MyActiveX.ocx memory corruption
51045Jiros JBSX sql injection [CVE-2009-4218]
51044Itamar Elharar Com Musicgallery index.php sql injection
51043klinza klinza professional cms menulast.php path traversal [CVE-2009-4216]
51042Pandasecurity Panda Antivirus access control [CVE-2009-4215]🔒
51041Ruby on Rails strip_tags node.rb Tokenizer cross site scripting🔒🔒
51040DISA Srr For Solaris access control [CVE-2009-4211]🔒
51039Linux Kernel hfs_readdir memory corruption🔒🔒
51038James Clark expat xmltok.c doProlog memory corruption🔒🔒
51037moziloCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4209]🔒
51036Open-school index.php sql injection
51035Nathan Haug Webform Webform Module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4207]
51034Cmsnx Million Dollar Text Links sql injection
51033Ringsworld Flashlight Free Edition admin.php path traversal🔒
51032Ringsworld Flashlight Free Edition read.php sql injection🔒
51031Arab Portal index.php sql injection
51030Omilenitsolutions Com Omphotogallery index.php path traversal
51029Assistanttools Mp3 Tag Assistance Professional memory corruption
51028Vollmar Com Seminar index.php sql injection
51027Mamboforge Com Mosres index.php sql injection
51026Cupidsystems MyMiniBill my_orders.php sql injection
51025Daz3d DAZ Studio ActiveX Control WScript.Shell code injection
51024GForge link following [CVE-2009-3304]🔒🔒
51023Huawei Mt882 Modem Firmware rpwizPppoe.htm information disclosure
51022Huawei Mt882 V100t002b020 Arg-t Forms cross site scripting
51021Adobe Illustrator memory corruption [CVE-2009-4195]🔒🔒
51020Stonesoft StoneGate Clientless SSL VPN access control [CVE-2009-2631]
51019Kmint21 Golden FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2009-4194]🔒
51018Merkaartor link following [CVE-2009-4193]🔒🔒
51017Interspire Knowledge Manager path traversal [CVE-2009-4192]
51016Roxio Creator numeric error [CVE-2009-1566]🔒
51015Sun Solaris Kernel Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4191]
51014Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-4190]
51013HP Operations Manager Servlet Container manager credentials management
51012HP Operations Dashboard Servlet Container manager credentials management
51011Sun Java System Portal Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4187]🔒
51010Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-4186]🔒
51009Lateral Arts Photobox Uploader ActiveX Control memory corruption
51008Novell eDirectory numeric error [CVE-2009-0895]🔒
51007Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews Error Message search.php information disclosure🔒
51006Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews access control [CVE-2009-4174]🔒
51005Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews index.php cross-site request forgery🔒
51004Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews index.php cross site scripting🔒
51003Yahoo! Messenger ActiveX Control YahooBridgeLib.dll memory corruption🔒
51002FreeBSD LD_LIBMAP _rtld access control🔒
51001Wikipedia Wikipedia Toolbar eval code injection
51000Roytanck WP-Cumulus Error Message wp-cumulus.php information disclosure
50999Roytanck wp-cumulus wp-cumulus.php cross site scripting
50998Roytanck WP-Cumulus tagcloud.swf cross site scripting
50997FreeBSD _rtld access control🔒
50996Lukas Taferner It Basetag Cache authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-4167]
50995Michal Hadr mchtrips sql injection [CVE-2009-4166]
50994simple Glossar sql injection [CVE-2009-4165]
50993simple Glossar cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4164]
50992TW Productfinder Finder sql injection [CVE-2009-4163]
50991Mauro Lorenzutti wfqbe privileges management [CVE-2009-4162]
50990An Searchit cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4161]
50989Kurt Kunig Kk Downloader information disclosure [CVE-2009-4160]
50988Ivan Kartolo Direct Mail cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4159]
50987Mario Matzulla Cal sql injection [CVE-2009-4158]
50986Joomlatune Com Proofreader Error Page index.php cross site scripting
50985Ciamos CMS index.php code injection
50984Eshopbuilder CMS home-f.asp sql injection
50983Elxis CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-4154]
50982IBM WebSphere Portal Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-4153]
50981IBM WebSphere Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4152]
50980Bestpractical RT Session Identifier improper authentication [CVE-2009-4151]🔒🔒
50979Linux Kernel race condition [CVE-2009-4027]🔒🔒
50978Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2009-4026]🔒🔒
50977Bestpractical RT Session Identifier improper authentication [CVE-2009-3585]🔒🔒
50976HP Nonstop Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2686]
50975IBM DB2 Universal Database User Account access control [CVE-2009-4150]🔒
50974Digium s800i rtp.c denial of service🔒🔒
50973GNU Grub 2 improper authentication [CVE-2009-4128]🔒
50972PHP Restore zend_ini.c ini_restore denial of service🔒🔒
50971Opensolution Quick.CMS cross-site request forgery
50970Opensolution Quick.Cart cross-site request forgery
50969Alex Barth Feed Element Mapper cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4119]
50968CutePHP CuteNews path traversal [CVE-2009-4116]🔒
50967CutePHP CuteNews ipban.php code injection🔒
50966Kaspersky Anti-Virus input validation [CVE-2009-4114]🔒
50965Korn19 UTF-8 CuteNews code injection [CVE-2009-4113]🔒
50964Cacti access control [CVE-2009-4112]🔒🔒
50963MySQL Create Table link following [CVE-2009-4030]🔒🔒
50962MySQL Certificates viosslfactories.c vio_verify_callback input validation🔒🔒
50961mysql GeomFromWKB denial of service🔒🔒🔒🔒
50960MySQL Access Restriction link following [CVE-2008-7247]🔒🔒
50959DotNetNuke cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4110]🔒🔒
50958DotNetNuke Install Wizard information disclosure [CVE-2009-4109]🔒
50957Dxm2008 XM Easy Personal FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-4108]🔒
50956Amplusnet Invisible Browsing memory corruption [CVE-2009-4107]
50955Ohloh Agoko CMS File Upload input validation [CVE-2009-4106]
50954TYPSoft FTP Server input validation [CVE-2009-4105]🔒🔒
50953Lyften Com Lyftenbloggie index.php sql injection🔒
50952Robo-FTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-4103]🔒
50951Sage.mozdev Sage input validation [CVE-2009-4102]🔒🔒
50950Didier Ernotte infoRSS input validation [CVE-2009-4101]
50949Yoono Event input validation [CVE-2009-4100]
50948G4j.laoneo Com Gcalendar index.php sql injection🔒
50947OpenX File Upload banner-edit.php input validation🔒
50946Malsmith Serenity Audio Player plgui.c MplayInputFile memory corruption🔒
50945Scriptlerim Radio Isetek Scripti credentials management [CVE-2009-4096]
50944PEAR Mail code injection [CVE-2009-4111]🔒🔒
50943Dag.wieers dstat Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4081]🔒
50942Sun OpenSolaris LDAP Client getldap_lookup denial of service🔒
50941Dag.wieers dstat memory corruption [CVE-2009-3894]🔒🔒
50940GNU Libtool ltdl.c memory corruption🔒🔒
50939PEAR traceroute Traceroute.php os command injection🔒🔒
50938PEAR Ping.php ping code injection🔒🔒
50937PEAR Send code injection🔒🔒
50936Companionway myPhile improper authentication [CVE-2009-4095]
50935Designforjoomla Com Ezine code injection [CVE-2009-4094]
50934Simplog comments.php cross site scripting
50933Simplog Change Password user.php cross-site request forgery
50932Simplog comments.php access control
50931telepark File Upload addComment.php input validation🔒
50930telepark Authorization improper authentication
50929telepark slocal getjs.php path traversal🔒
50928telepark index.php cross site scripting🔒
50927Javascript Xerver HTTP Server input validation [CVE-2009-4086]🔒🔒
50926Jabba Laci Phptraverser Assets mp3_id.php code injection🔒
50925e107 CMS Search Feature sql injection [CVE-2009-4084]
50924e107 CMS submitnews.php cross site scripting🔒
50923Lanifex Outreach Project Tool index.php code injection🔒
50922Cacti graph.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
50921Linux Kernel do_insn_fetch input validation🔒🔒
50920PHP LD_LIBRARY_PATH proc_open access control🔒🔒
50919Redmine cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4079]
50918Redmine cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4078]
50917Roundcube Webmail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4077]🔒🔒
50916Roundcube Webmail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4076]🔒🔒
50915Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-4075]🔒
50914Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scriting [CVE-2009-4074]🔒🔒
50913ISC BIND DNS Cache unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-4022]🔒🔒
50912Linux Kernel fuse_direct_io resource management🔒🔒
50911Symantec Altiris Notification Server ActiveX Control AeXNSConsoleUtilities.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
50910Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2009-4073]🔒
50909Opera Web Browser cross site scriting [CVE-2009-4072]🔒🔒
50908Opera Web Browser Error Message config [CVE-2009-4071]🔒🔒
50907GForge sql injection [CVE-2009-4070]🔒🔒
50906GForge cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4069]🔒🔒
50905nginx path traversal [CVE-2009-3898]🔒🔒
50904Dovecot Installation access control [CVE-2009-3897]🔒🔒
50903nginx memory corruption [CVE-2009-3896]🔒🔒
50902Autodesk Autodesk Maya code injection [CVE-2009-3578]
50901Autodesk 3ds Max code injection [CVE-2009-3577]
50900Autodesk Autodesk Softimage Xsi ActiveX Control WScript.Shell code injection
50899GForge cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3303]🔒🔒
50898Paul Beaney PHPList cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4066]
50897Jeff Miccolis Strongarm module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4065]
50896Puntolatinoclub Gallery Assist module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4064]
50895Ezra Barnett Gildesgame Og Subgroups cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4063]
50894Anon-design Printfriendly cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4062]
50893Yuriy Babenko Agreement module cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4061]
50892CubeCart sql injection🔒🔒
50891.joomclan Com Joomclip index.php sql injection
50890Telebidauctionscript Telebid Auction Script allauctions.php sql injection
50889inertialFATE Com If Nexus index.php sql injection
50888Betsy CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-4056]
50887PHP denial of service [CVE-2009-4017]🔒🔒
50886HP Operations Manager File Upload org.apache.catalina.manager.HTMLManagerServlet access control🔒
50884Downstairs.dnsalias Home FTP Server File Upload path traversal🔒
50883IBM Rational Application Developer for WebSphere cross site scripting
50882Downstairs.dnsalias Home FTP Server input validation [CVE-2009-4051]🔒
50881phpMyBackupPro get_file.php path traversal
50880avast Avast Antivirus Home memory corruption [CVE-2009-4049]🔒
50879Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2009-4048]🔒
50878P-hd PHD Help Desk area.php cross site scripting
50877PHP Wrapper Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3559] [Disputed]🔒🔒
50876PHP htaccess posix_mkfifo access control🔒🔒
50875PHP tempnam access control🔒🔒
50874FrontAccounting bank_accounts.php sql injection🔒
50873FrontAccounting sql injection [CVE-2009-4045]🔒
50872Bruno Massa Web Services access control [CVE-2009-4044]
50871Patrick Przybilla AddToAny cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4043]
50870Marek Sotak RootCandy cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4042]
50869UseBB denial of service [CVE-2009-4041]🔒
50868phpMyFAQ cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4040]🔒
50867Piwigo cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4039]
50866NCH Axon Virtual PBX cross site scripting [CVE-2009-4038]🔒🔒
50865FrontAccounting Purchasing sql injection [CVE-2009-4037]🔒
50864Philippe Jounin Tftpd32 race condition [CVE-2005-4883]
50862Curtis Galloway libexif exif-entry.c exif_entry_fix memory corruption
50861HP Color LaserJet CP3525 Printer Firmware denial of service [CVE-2009-3842]
50860Mozilla Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2009-3386]🔒🔒
50859Linux Kernel gdth_read_event denial of service🔒🔒
50858Serv-U memory corruption [CVE-2009-4006]🔒🔒
50857Linux Kernel collect_rx_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
50856Linux Kernel kvm_vcpu_ioctl_x86_setup_mce memory corruption
50855Apple cups cupsdDoSelect resource management🔒🔒
50854Mozilla Firefox GifWrite null pointer dereference🔒🔒
50853HP OpenView Network Node Manager ActiveX Control ActiveDom.ocx memory corruption
50852GIMP psd-load.c read_channel_data numeric error🔒🔒
50851HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovdbrun.exe denial of service🔒🔒
50850Labtam-inc ProFTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-3976]🔒
50849Moagallery Moa index.php sql injection
50848Invisionpower IP.Board sql injection [CVE-2009-3974]🔒
50847Turnkeyarcade Turnkey Arcade Script index.php sql injection
50846Qproje Com Siirler index.php sql injection
50845jTips Com Jtips index.php sql injection
50844Phpdirsubmit PHP Dir Submit index.php sql injection
50843Faslo Faslo Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3969]🔒
50842Itechscripts ITechBids feedback.php sql injection
50841Ed Charkow SuperCharged Linking browse.php sql injection
50840Arcade Trade Script improper authentication [CVE-2009-3966]
50839Maniacomputer New5starrating rating.php sql injection
50838Ninjaforge Com Ninjamonials index.php sql injection
50837XOOPS cross site scriting [CVE-2009-3963]🔒🔒
508362wire 1700HG Management Interface input validation [CVE-2009-3962]
50835Jos De Ruijter superseriousstats user.php sql injection
50834Bestpractical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3892]
50833WordPress press-this.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
50832WordPress mod_mime functions.php wp_check_filetype code injection🔒🔒
50831HP Discovery / Dependency Mapping Inventory memory corruption
50830Bract SunTrack newprofile.html cross site scripting
50829VivaPrograms Infinity Script access control [CVE-2009-3949]
50828Cowonamerica Cowon Media Center-jetaudio resource management🔒
50827Tandberg Tandberg Mxp Endpoints FTP Service memory corruption
50826Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2009-3946]
50825Joomla CMS Front-End Editor unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3945]
50824RIM BlackBerry Browser denial of service [CVE-2009-3944]
50823Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2009-3943]🔒
50822Martin Lambers msmtp cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3942]🔒🔒
50821Martin Lambers mpop cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3941]
50820Sun xVM VirtualBox memory allocation [CVE-2009-3940]🔒🔒
50819Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2009-3939]🔒🔒
50818Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2009-3889]🔒🔒
50817Linux Kernel do_mmap_pgoff resource management🔒
50816IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross-site request forgery🔒
50814Poppler Utility endWord memory corruption🔒🔒
50813Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-3937]
50812Citrix Online Plug-in cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3936]🔒
50811Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-3676]🔒🔒🔒
50810McAfee IntruShield Network Security Manager Session Identifier cross site scripting
50809McAfee IntruShield Network Security Manager Login.jsp cross site scripting
50808Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-3384]🔒🔒
50807Apple Safari cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2842]🔒🔒
50806Apple Safari loadResource information disclosure🔒🔒
50805Apple Safari cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2816]🔒🔒
50804HP Nonstop Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-2678]
50803GIMP bmp-read.c ReadImage numeric error🔒🔒
50802Apache Tomcat Default Password credentials management [CVE-2009-3548]🔒🔒🔒
50801Netgear Wndap330 Wireless Driver memory corruption [CVE-2009-0052]
50800Linksys WAP4400N Wireless Driver memory corruption [CVE-2007-5475]
50799IBM Advanced Management Module Firmware Remote Code Execution
50798Google Chrome dispatchDidChangeLocationWithinPage denial of service🔒🔒
50797WebKit CurrentTime.cpp currentTime resource management🔒🔒
50796Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2009-3932]🔒🔒
50795Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2009-3931]🔒🔒
50794Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3134]🔒🔒🔒
50793Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3133]🔒🔒🔒
50792Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3132]🔒🔒🔒
50791Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3131]🔒🔒🔒
50790Microsoft Office Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2009-3130]🔒🔒🔒
50789Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3129]🔒🔒🔒
50788Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3128]🔒🔒🔒
50787Microsoft Office Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2009-3127]🔒🔒🔒
50786Microsoft Windows llssrv.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50785Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-2514]🔒🔒🔒
50784Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-2513]🔒🔒
50783Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-2512]🔒🔒🔒
50782Christos Zoulas file numeric error [CVE-2009-3930]
50781Apple Mac OS X unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-2840]🔒🔒
50780Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2009-2839]🔒🔒
50779Apple Mac OS X QuickLook numeric error [CVE-2009-2838]🔒🔒
50778Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-2837]🔒🔒
50777Apple Mac OS X Password Authentication race condition [CVE-2009-2836]🔒🔒
50776Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2009-2835]🔒🔒
50775Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth access control [CVE-2009-2834]🔒🔒
50774Apple Mac OS X International Components for Unicode memory corruption🔒🔒
50773Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2832]🔒🔒
50772Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2831]🔒🔒
50771Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2830]🔒🔒
50770Apple Mac OS X credentials management [CVE-2009-2829]🔒🔒
50769Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2009-2828]🔒🔒
50768Apple Mac OS X Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2009-2827]🔒🔒
50767Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2009-2826]🔒🔒
50766Apple Mac OS X cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2825]🔒🔒
50765Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2824]🔒🔒
50764Apple Mac OS X cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2823]🔒🔒
50763Apple Mac OS X cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2820]🔒🔒
50762Apple Mac OS X AFP Server resource management [CVE-2009-2819]🔒🔒
50761Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2009-2818]🔒🔒
50760Apple Mac OS X Launch Services memory corruption [CVE-2009-2810]🔒🔒
50759Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2808]🔒🔒
50758Digium s800i Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-3727]🔒🔒
50757PunkBuster pbsv.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-3924]
50756ViewVC Printing cross site scriting [CVE-2009-3619]🔒🔒
50755viewvc cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3618]🔒🔒
50753Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure improper authentication [CVE-2009-3923]🔒
50752Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3886]🔒🔒🔒
50751Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2009-3885]🔒🔒
50750Sun OpenJDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-3884]🔒🔒🔒
50749Sun JDK Swing information disclosure [CVE-2009-3883]🔒🔒🔒
50748Sun JDK Swing information disclosure [CVE-2009-3882]🔒🔒🔒
50747Sun OpenJDK information disclosure [CVE-2009-3881]🔒🔒🔒
50746Sun OpenJDK access control [CVE-2009-3880]🔒🔒🔒
50745Sun OpenJDK Subsystem getConfigurations memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50744Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2009-3729]🔒🔒🔒
50743Sun OpenJDK path traversal [CVE-2009-3728]🔒🔒🔒
50742Linux Kernel nfs4_proc_lock resource management🔒🔒
50741Chad Phillips Userprotect cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-3922]
50740Ezra Barnett Gildesgame Smartqueue Og access control [CVE-2009-3921]
50739Sean Robertson crmngp Administration Page access control [CVE-2009-3920]
50738Sean Robertson crmngp cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3919]
50737Karim Ratib Zoomify cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3918]
50736Greg Knaddison S5 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3917]
50735Ronan Dowling Nodehierarchy cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3916]
50734John C Fiala Link cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3915]
50733Wolfgang Ziegler Temporary Invitation cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3914]
50732Xerox Fiery Webtools summary.php sql injection
50731TFTgallery index.php path traversal🔒
50730TFTgallery settings.php cross site scripting🔒
50729e-Courier CMS Wizard_tracking.asp cross site scripting🔒🔒
50728CubeCart access control [CVE-2009-3904]🔒🔒
50727ManageEngine Netflow Analyzer index.jsp cross site scripting🔒🔒
50726Cherokee httpd path traversal [CVE-2009-3902]🔒
50725e-Courier CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3901]
50724IBM PowerHA unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3900]🔒
50723Sun Solaris resource management [CVE-2009-3899]🔒
50722Blender code injection [CVE-2009-3850]🔒🔒
50721Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2009-3725]🔒🔒
50720Internet2 Service Provider cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3300]🔒🔒
50719HP Power Manager Login Form memory corruption [CVE-2009-2685]🔒🔒🔒🔒
50718Sun Java System Web Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3878]🔒
50717Sun JRE/JDK resource management [CVE-2009-3877]🔒🔒
50716Sun JRE/JDK resource management [CVE-2009-3876]🔒🔒🔒
50715Sun JRE/JDK MessageDigest.isEqual cryptographic issues🔒🔒🔒
50714Sun JRE/JDK numeric error [CVE-2009-3874]🔒🔒🔒
50713Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-3873]🔒🔒🔒
50712Sun JRE/JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3872]🔒🔒🔒
50711Sun JRE/JDK setBytePixels memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50710Sun JRE/JDK setDiffICM memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50709Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-3868]🔒🔒🔒
50708Sun JRE/JDK Parser HsbParser.getSoundBank memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50707Sun JRE/JDK access control [CVE-2009-3866]🔒🔒
50706Sun JRE/JDK code injection [CVE-2009-3865]🔒🔒🔒
50705Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-3864]🔒🔒
50704Novell Groupwise ActiveX Control gxmim1.dll memory corruption🔒
50703Novell eDirectory improper authentication [CVE-2009-3862]🔒🔒
50702Safenet-inc SoftRemote memory corruption [CVE-2009-3861]🔒🔒
50701Idefense COMRaider access control [CVE-2009-3860]
50700eEye Retina WiFi Scanner memory corruption [CVE-2009-3859]🔒
50699GejoSoft cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3858]
50698Softonic SciTE memory corruption [CVE-2009-3857]
50697Twiglight CMS news cross site scripting
50696IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-3855]🔒
50695IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-3854]🔒
50694IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-3853]🔒🔒
50693Linux Kernel race condition [CVE-2009-3547]🔒🔒
50692Adobe Shockwave Player resource management [CVE-2009-3466]🔒🔒
50691Adobe Shockwave Player code injection [CVE-2009-3465]🔒🔒
50690Adobe Shockwave Player code injection [CVE-2009-3464]🔒🔒
50689Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3463]🔒🔒
50688IBM Lotus Notes Intellisync ActiveX Control lnresobject.dll memory corruption🔒
50687IBM Runtimes for Java Technology Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3852]🔒
50686Sun Solaris Screen Lock Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-3851]🔒
50685James Clark expat xmltok_impl.c updatePosition denial of service🔒🔒
50684Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3299]🔒🔒
50683Mahara access control [CVE-2009-3298]🔒🔒
50682Symantec Altiris Notification Server ActiveX Control AeXNSConsoleUtilities.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50681Sun OpenSolaris memory corruption [CVE-2009-3839]🔒
50680PMail Pegasus Mail Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2009-3838]🔒
50679Eureka Email Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2009-3837]🔒
50678Aruba Networks ArubaOS denial of service [CVE-2009-3836]
50677Whorl Ltd JShop index.php sql injection
50676Webguerilla Com Photoblog index.php sql injection
50675TFTgallery index.php cross site scripting🔒
50674VMware Server path traversal [CVE-2009-3733]🔒🔒
50673TYPO3 Install Tool cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3636]🔒🔒
50672TYPO3 Install Tool improper authentication [CVE-2009-3635]🔒🔒
50671TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3634]🔒🔒
50670TYPO3 t3lib_div::quoteJSvalue cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
50669TYPO3 sql injection [CVE-2009-3632]🔒🔒
50668TYPO3 Backend code injection [CVE-2009-3631]🔒🔒
50667TYPO3 Backend cross site scriting [CVE-2009-3630]🔒🔒
50666TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3629]🔒🔒
50665TYPO3 Encryption Key information disclosure [CVE-2009-3628]🔒🔒
50664Linux Kernel this cryptographic issues🔒🔒
50663Poppler numeric error [CVE-2009-3605]🔒🔒
50662Opera Web Browser User Interface input validation [CVE-2009-3832]🔒🔒
50661Opera Web Browser code injection [CVE-2009-3831]🔒🔒
50660Microsoft SharePoint Server input validation [CVE-2009-3830]🔒
50659Wireshark numeric error [CVE-2009-3829]🔒🔒
50658Linux Kernel handle_dr access control🔒🔒
50657Linux Kernel lookup_cb_cred improper authentication🔒
50656Wireshark SMB Dissector packet-smb.c dissect_negprot_response numeric error🔒🔒
50655Wireshark null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-3550]🔒🔒
50654Wireshark packet-paltalk.c input validation🔒🔒
50653Everfocus EDR1600 improper authentication [CVE-2009-3828]
50652Linux Kernel update_cr8_intercept input validation🔒🔒
50651Linux Kernel kvm_dev_ioctl_get_supported_cpuid numeric error🔒🔒
50650Derrick Oswald HTML-Parser util.c decode_entities input validation🔒🔒
50649Perl denial of service [CVE-2009-3626]🔒
50648Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3383]🔒🔒
50647Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3382]🔒🔒
50646Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3381]🔒🔒
50645Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3380]🔒🔒
50644Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3379]🔒🔒
50643Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3377]🔒🔒
50642Mozilla Firefox config [CVE-2009-3376]🔒🔒
50641Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy documentgetSelection access control🔒🔒
50640Mozilla Firefox VariantDataToJS access control🔒🔒
50639Mozilla Firefox Parser memory corruption [CVE-2009-3373]🔒🔒
50638Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3372]🔒🔒
50637Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-3371]🔒🔒
50636Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3370]🔒🔒
50634squidGuard Locking memory corruption [CVE-2009-3826]🔒🔒
50633squidGuard sgLog.c memory corruption🔒🔒
50632Snort denial of service [CVE-2009-3641]🔒🔒
50631ProFTPD mod_tls cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3639]🔒🔒
50630Thomas Graber GenCMS show.php path traversal
50629Michael J Greenwood PHP Content Manager path traversal [CVE-2009-3824]
50628Ac4p Mobilelib GOLD myhtml.php path traversal
50627Fijiwebdesign Com Ajaxchat code injection [CVE-2009-3822]
50626Apache Solr cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3821]
50625Flagbit Fb Filebase sql injection [CVE-2009-3820]
50624Urs Maag Maag Randomimage Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3819]
50623Stanislas Rolland Sr Freecap Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3818]
50622Ordasoft Com Booklibrary code injection [CVE-2009-3817]
50621IBM Lotus Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3816]
50620RunCMS Error Message preg_match information disclosure
50619RunCMS code injection [CVE-2009-3814]
50618RunCMS sql injection [CVE-2009-3813]
50617Otslabs Otsav Tv memory corruption [CVE-2009-3812]
50616Assistanttools Music Tag Editor memory corruption [CVE-2009-3811]
50615Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer memory corruption [CVE-2009-3810]
50614Acoustica MP3 Audio Mixer memory corruption [CVE-2009-3809]
50613Kramware MixSense DJ Studio memory corruption [CVE-2009-3808]
50612MixVibes memory corruption [CVE-2009-3807]
50611DeDeCMS feedback_js.php sql injection
50610Gpg4win gpg2.exe denial of service🔒
50609RunCMS store sql injection
50608Amiro.CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3803]
50607Amiro.CMS Error Message input validation [CVE-2009-3802]
50606OpenDocMan index.php sql injection🔒
50605Cutepdf FormMax memory corruption [CVE-2009-3790]🔒
50604OpenDocMan add.php cross site scripting🔒
50603OpenDocMan index.php sql injection🔒
50602Vivvo files.php path traversal
50601Moshe Weitzman Og Vocab cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3786]
50600Sjoerd Arendsen Simplenews Statistics cross-site request forgery
50599Sjoerd Arendsen Simplenews Statistics cross-site request forgery🔒
50598Sjoerd Arendsen Simplenews Statistics cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3783]
505972bits Userpoints information disclosure [CVE-2009-3782]
50596Quicksketch filefield Core filefield_file_download access control
50595Ashok Modi Abuse cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3780]
50594Stefan Auditor vCard theme_vcard cross site scripting
50593Adam Gerson Moodle Courselist sql injection [CVE-2009-3778]
50592Sahana path traversal [CVE-2009-3625]🔒
50591Le-web backintime access control [CVE-2009-3611]🔒🔒
50590OpenLDAP Libraries tls_o.c cryptographic issues🔒🔒
50589mutt mutt_ssl.c cryptographic issues🔒
50588mutt mutt_ssl.c cryptographic issues
50587WordPress wp-trackback.php mb_convert_encoding cryptographic issues🔒
50586QEMU vnc.c resource management🔒🔒
50585UMN MapServer cgiutil.c readPostBody memory corruption🔒🔒
50584Novell openSUSE link following [CVE-2009-1297]🔒🔒
50583Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3409]
50582Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution
50581Oracle Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3407]
50580Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2009-3406]
50579Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3405]
50578Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Enterprise Portal unknown vulnerability
50577Oracle BEA Product Suite JRockit information disclosure [CVE-2009-3403]🔒
50576Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework information disclosure
50575Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack information disclosure
50574Oracle E-Business Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3400]
50573Oracle BEA Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3399]
50572Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library information disclosure
50571Oracle BEA Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3396]
50570Oracle E-Business Suite AutoVue denial of service [CVE-2009-3395]
50569Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
50568Oracle E-Business Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3392]
50567Oracle BEA Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-2002]
50566Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-2001]🔒
50565Oracle Database Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-2000]🔒
50564Oracle Application Server Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition unknown vulnerability
50563Oracle Industry Applications unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1998]
50562Oracle Database Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-1997]🔒
50561Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1995]🔒
50560Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-1994]🔒
50559Oracle Database Server Application Express unknown vulnerability🔒
50558Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1992]🔒
50557Oracle Database Server ctxsys.drvxtabc.create_tables sql injection🔒🔒🔒
50556Oracle Application Server Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition information disclosure
50555Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1985]🔒
50554Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1979]🔒🔒
50553Oracle Database Server Auditing unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1972]🔒
50552Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1971]🔒
50551Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1965]🔒
50550Oracle Database Server Workspace Manager unknown vulnerability🔒
50549Oracle Database Server Workspace Manager unknown vulnerability🔒
50548Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-1007]🔒
50547Citrix XenCenterWeb code injection [CVE-2009-3760]
50546Citrix XenCenterWeb cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-3759]
50545Citrix XenCenterWeb login.php sql injection
50544Citrix XenCenterWeb cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3757]
50543Kreotek phpBMS Error Message footer.php information disclosure
50542Kreotek phpBMS index.php cross site scripting
50541Kreotek phpBMS sql injection [CVE-2009-3754]
50540Opial File Upload register.php input validation
50539Opial home.php sql injection
50538Opial home.php cross site scripting
50537Santostefano Giovanni ToyLog read.php sql injection
50536Websense Personal Email Manager STEMWADM.EXE denial of service🔒
50535Websense Personal Email Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3748]🔒
50534TBmnetCMS index.php cross site scripting
50533Sun Solaris config [CVE-2009-3746]🔒
50532ocaml postgresql-ocaml PQescapeStringConn Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
50531mysql-ocaml MySQL mysql_real_escape_string Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
50530pygresql Python PQescapeStringConn Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
50529SystemTap access control [CVE-2009-2911]🔒🔒
50528IBM Rational AppScan cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3745]
50527EMC RepliStor rep_serv.exe denial of service🔒
50526Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2009-3621]🔒🔒
50525Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2009-3620]🔒🔒
50524Boxalino path traversal [CVE-2009-1479]
50523EMC Documentum Applicationxtender Workflow Manager Agent Service aws_tmxn.exe path traversal
50522EMC Documentum ApplicationXtender Agent Service aws_tmxn.exe memory corruption
50521Poppler ImageStream numeric error🔒🔒
50520Poppler ObjectStream numeric error🔒🔒
50519Poppler create_surface_from_thumbnail_data numeric error🔒🔒
50518Poppler doImageL1Sep numeric error🔒🔒
50517Poppler drawImage resource management🔒🔒
50516Poppler SplashBitmap numeric error🔒🔒
50515IBM Rational RequisitePro Web Client workingSet.jsp cross site scripting🔒
50514Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa aria2 Logging onAbort format string🔒🔒
50513Pidgin Protocol Plugin resource management [CVE-2009-3615]🔒🔒
50512Gallium.inria Camimages tiffread.c numeric error🔒🔒
50511Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2009-2910]🔒🔒
50510Linux Kernel ax25_setsockopt numeric error🔒🔒
50509Adobe Acrobat Reader Debug Mode memory corruption [CVE-2009-3462]🔒🔒
50508Adobe Acrobat access control [CVE-2009-3461]🔒🔒🔒
50507Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2009-3460]🔒🔒🔒
50506Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-3458]🔒🔒🔒
50505Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-2998]🔒🔒🔒
50504Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-2997]🔒🔒🔒
50503Adobe Acrobat Reader resource management [CVE-2009-2996]🔒🔒🔒
50502Adobe Acrobat numeric error [CVE-2009-2995]🔒🔒
50501Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-2994]🔒🔒🔒
50500Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-2993]🔒🔒🔒
50499Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX Control input validation [CVE-2009-2992]🔒🔒
50498Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-2991]🔒🔒🔒
50497Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2009-2990]🔒🔒🔒🔒
50496Adobe Acrobat numeric error [CVE-2009-2989]🔒🔒🔒
50495Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-2988]🔒🔒
50494Adobe Acrobat Reader ActiveX Control denial of service [CVE-2009-2987]🔒🔒
50493Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-2986]🔒🔒🔒
50492Adobe Acrobat Reader resource management [CVE-2009-2985]🔒🔒🔒
50491Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-2984]🔒🔒🔒
50490Adobe Acrobat Reader resource management [CVE-2009-2983]🔒🔒🔒
50489Adobe Acrobat Reader cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2982]🔒🔒🔒
50488Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-2981]🔒🔒🔒
50487Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2009-2980]🔒🔒🔒
50486Adobe Acrobat Reader denial of service [CVE-2009-2979]🔒🔒
50485Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-3613]🔒🔒
50484Linux Kernel tcf_fill_node information disclosure🔒🔒
50483PHP gd_gd.c _gdGetColors memory corruption🔒🔒
50482Linux Kernel tc_fill_tclass information disclosure🔒🔒
50481UiTV UiPlayer ActiveX Control UiCheck.dll GetUiDllVersion memory corruption
50480Innovationdp FDR/UPSTREAM denial of service [CVE-2006-6404]
50479Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2005-4881]🔒🔒
50478ZoIPer denial of service [CVE-2009-3704]🔒🔒
50477Davethewebguy Battle Blog comment.asp cross site scripting
50476Davethewebguy Battle Blog authenticate.asp sql injection
50475LucVil PatPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-3717]
50474Maniacomputer MCshoutbox File Upload admin.php access control
50473Maniacomputer MCshoutbox scr_login.php sql injection🔒
50472Maniacomputer MCshoutbox admin_login.php cross site scripting🔒
50471MorcegoCMS fichero.php sql injection
50470Ebayclonescript Ebay Clone feedback.php sql injection
50469Jasper httpdx http.cpp h_handlepeer memory corruption🔒🔒
50468RioRey RIOS credentials management [CVE-2009-3710]🔒
50467Konae Alleycode HTML Editor memory corruption [CVE-2009-3709]🔒
50466Konae Alleycode HTML Editor memory corruption [CVE-2009-3708]🔒
50465VMware Server vmware-authd.exe format string🔒🔒
50464Sun Solaris Filesystem Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-3706]🔒
50463Achievo Debugger debugger.php code injection
50462phpMyAdmin sql injection [CVE-2009-3697]🔒🔒
50461phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3696]🔒🔒
50460VMware Fusion numeric error [CVE-2009-3282]🔒
50459VMware Fusion File Permission access control [CVE-2009-3281]🔒
50458Cisco Unified Presence Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2874]
50457Achievo dispatch.php get_employee sql injection🔒
50456Achievo Administration Page dispatch.php cross site scripting
50455IBM AIX rpc.cmsd memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50454Symantec SecurityExpressions Audit/Compliance Server Error Message cross site scripting🔒
50453Symantec SecurityExpressions Audit/Compliance Server Error Message cross site scripting🔒
50452Google Android unspecified denial of service
50451Microsoft Windows GDI+ numeric error [CVE-2009-3126]🔒🔒🔒
50450Google Android denial of service [CVE-2009-2999]
50449Microsoft Windows EducatedScholar code injection [CVE-2009-2532]🔒🔒🔒
50448Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-2530]🔒🔒🔒
50447Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-2529]🔒🔒🔒
50446Microsoft Windows Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2527]🔒🔒🔒
50445Microsoft Windows EducatedScholar resource management [CVE-2009-2526]🔒🔒🔒
50444Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service numeric error🔒🔒🔒
50443Microsoft PowerPoint numeric error [CVE-2009-2518]🔒🔒🔒
50442Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-2517]🔒🔒
50441Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-2516]🔒🔒
50440Microsoft Windows numeric error [CVE-2009-2515]🔒🔒
50439Microsoft Windows numeric error [CVE-2009-2511]🔒🔒🔒
50438Microsoft Windows cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2510]🔒🔒🔒
50437Microsoft .NET Framework GDI+ numeric error [CVE-2009-2504]🔒🔒🔒
50436Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2009-2503]🔒🔒🔒
50435Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2009-2502]🔒🔒🔒
50434Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2009-2501]🔒🔒🔒
50433Microsoft Internet Explorer numeric error [CVE-2009-2500]🔒🔒🔒
50432Microsoft .NET Framework code injection [CVE-2009-2497]🔒🔒
50431Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-0555]🔒🔒🔒
50430Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-0091]🔒🔒🔒
50429Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2009-0090]🔒🔒🔒
50428Django denial of service [CVE-2009-3695]🔒🔒
50427Jdtmmsm ezRecipe-Zee config.php path traversal
50426HP LoadRunner ActiveX Control XUpload.ocx path traversal🔒
50425Sun VirtualBox Configuration Tool privileges management [CVE-2009-3692]🔒🔒
50424IBM Informix Connect Runtime setnet32.exe numeric error
50423Nlnetlabs Unbound cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3602]🔒🔒
50422CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2009-3588]🔒🔒
50421CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2009-3587]🔒🔒
50420Linux Kernel d_delete null pointer dereference🔒🔒
50419SpringSource Hyperic HQ cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2898]
50418SpringSource Hyperic HQ Exception cross site scripting
50417HP Laserjet 4240 Embedded Web Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2684]🔒
50416Ksplayer KSP Sound Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3670]
50415foobla Com Foobla Suggestions index.php sql injection
50414Promosi-web ardguest ardguest.php cross site scripting
50413AdsDX sql injection [CVE-2009-3667]
50412Nullam Nullam Blog index.php cross site scripting🔒
50411Nullam Nullam Blog index.php sql injection🔒
50410Nullam Blog index.php path traversal🔒
50409Jasper httpdx http.c h_readrequest format string
50408Filecopa-ftpserver FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3662]🔒
50407Blueconstantmedia Com Djcatalog index.php sql injection
50406eFront Libraries code injection [CVE-2009-3660]🔒
50405Stanback BS Counter sql injection [CVE-2009-3659]
50404AOL Sb.superbuddy.1 Active X Control ActiveX Control sb.dll resource management🔒
50403Tim Nelson Shared Sign-On improper authentication [CVE-2009-3657]
50402Tim Nelson Shared Sign-On cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-3656]
50401Serv-U FTP Command denial of service [CVE-2009-3655]🔒
50400316solutions Boost unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3654]
50399Darren Oh XML Sitemap cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3653]
50398Moshe Weitzman Organic Groups cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3652]
50397Mikeryan Browscap cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3651]
50396David Strauss Dex cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3650]
50395PBBoard cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3649]
50394Apsivam Service Links cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3648]🔒🔒
50393YABSoft Mega File Hosting Script emaullinks.php cross site scripting
50392InterVations NaviCOPA Web Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-3646]🔒
50391JoomlaCache Com Cbresumebuilder index.php sql injection
50390Soundset Com Soundset Sound index.php sql injection
50389Dxmsoft XM Easy Personal FTP Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3643]🔒
50388FrontRange HEAT Logging Feature sql injection [CVE-2009-3642]
50387Scriptsez Ultimate Poll demo_page.php cross site scripting
50386Freewebscriptz HUBScript phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
50385Freewebscriptz HUBScript single_winner1.php cross site scripting FormXP survey_result.php cross site scripting
50383Digitaldesign Ddcms access control [CVE-2009-3597]
50382JoxTechnology Ajox Poll access control [CVE-2009-3596]
50381Vspanel VS PANEL results.php sql injection
50380BLOB Blog System bpost.php cross site scripting🔒
50379Freewebscriptz Freelancers placebid.php cross site scripting
50378Qtmsoft X-Cart cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3592]
50377Ben Webb Dopewars input validation [CVE-2009-3591]🔒🔒
50376Vspanel VS PANEL showcat.php sql injection
50375Inotify incron access control [CVE-2009-3589]
50374Samba mount.cifs access control🔒🔒
50373Samba infinite loop [CVE-2009-2906]🔒🔒
50372Mortbay Jetty cross site scripting🔒🔒
50371Tatsuhiro Tsujikawa aria2 memory corruption🔒🔒
50370FreeBSD close race condition
50369Tony Million Tuniac pls memory corruption
50368EMC Captiva PixTools Distributed Imaging ActiveX Control PDIControl.dll Remote Code Execution🔒
50367OpenBSD denial of service [CVE-2009-3572]
50366OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2009-3571]🔒
50365OpenOffice Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3570]🔒
50364OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2009-3569]🔒
50363Gabor Hojtsy Commentrss access control [CVE-2009-3568]🔒
50362Kayako SupportSuite Control Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3567]
50361Reductivelabs puppet access control [CVE-2009-3564]🔒🔒
50360Xerver cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3562]
50359Xerver path traversal [CVE-2009-3561]🔒
50358DataWizard Ftpxq Server input validation [CVE-2009-3545]🔒
50357Xerver :$DATA information disclosure🔒
50356Linux Foundation Xen grub.conf access control🔒🔒
50355HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2009-2679]🔒🔒
50354phenotype CMS login.php sql injection
50353Kneuro LittleSite.php ls.php path traversal
50352PHPGenealogy CoupleDB.php code injection🔒
50351YourFreeWorld Ultra Classifieds Pro listads.php cross site scripting
50350YourFreeWorld Ultra Classifieds Pro subclass.php cross site scripting
50349Allisclear Clear Content thumb.php path traversal
50348EpicDJ memory corruption [CVE-2009-3537]
50347EpicDJSoftware EpicVJ memory corruption [CVE-2009-3536]
50346Allisclear Clear Content image.php path traversal
50345LionWiki index.php path traversal
50344John Beranek Meeting Room Booking System report.php sql injection🔒🔒
50343LogRover screen login.asp sql injection🔒🔒
50342Universe CMS vnews.php sql injection
50341RadScripts RadBids storefront.php cross site scripting
50340RadScripts RadBids index.php sql injection
50339Al4us MyMsg Profile.php sql injection🔒
50338avast Antivirus Professional ashWsFtr.dll privileges management🔒🔒
50337avast Antivirus Professional input validation [CVE-2009-3523]🔒🔒
50336Avast Antivirus Professional memory corruption [CVE-2009-3522]🔒🔒
50335IBM Tivoli Composite Application Manager For Wesbsphere cross site scripting
50334Jean-michel Wyttenbach CMSphp cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-3520]
50333Sun Solaris resource management [CVE-2009-3519]🔒
50332IBM Installation Manager IBMIM.exe code injection🔒🔒
50331IBM AIX Access Restriction Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3517]🔒
50330IBM AIX Access Restriction credentials management [CVE-2009-3516]🔒
50329OpenSSH Configuration File config [CVE-2009-2904]🔒🔒
50328OSIsoft PI Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0209]
50327Marcin Manek CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-3515]
50326Marcin Manek CMS index.php sql injection
50325Pilotgroup Pg Etraining courses_login.php cross site scripting
50324Phplemon MyWeight user_addfood.php cross site scripting
50323Fh54 justVisual code injection [CVE-2009-3511]
50322Dataspheric linkSpheric viewListing.php sql injection🔒
50321Cj-design CJ Dynamic Poll admin_index.php cross site scripting
50320Fcgphilipp Mujecms admin.php path traversal
50319Jean-michel Wyttenbach CMSphp mod_file modules.php path traversal
50318Jean-michel Wyttenbach CMSphp index.php cross site scripting
50317Vastal MMORPG Zone view_news.php sql injection
50316Alibabaclone Alibaba Clone offers_buy.php sql injection
50315BPowerHouse BPHolidayLettings search.aspx sql injection
50314BPowerHouse BPMusic music.php sql injection
50313BPowerHouse BPStudents students.php sql injection
50312BPowerHouse BPGames main.php sql injection
50311BPowerHouse BPLawyerCaseDocuments employee.aspx sql injection
50310HBcms sql injection [CVE-2009-3498]
50309Vastal Agent Zone view_listing.php sql injection
50308Vastal DVD Zone view_mag.php cross site scripting
50307Vastal DVD Zone view_mag.php sql injection
50306Todor Lazarov T-HTB Manager index.php sql injection
50305Zenas PaoBacheca Guestbook scrivi.php cross site scripting
50304Gotdns Loggix Project Calendar.php code injection
50303Kinfusion Com Sportfusion index.php sql injection
50302GNU wget cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3490]🔒🔒
50301Adobe Photoshop Elements config [CVE-2009-3489]
50300Ron Jerome Bibliography cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3488]
50299Juniper Junos scripter.php cross site scripting
50298Juniper Junos cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3486]
50297Juniper Junos cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3485]
50296Coreftp Core FTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-3484]
50295GlobalSCAPE CuteFTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-3483]🔒
50294TrustPort PC Security access control [CVE-2009-3482]
50293Isygen Com Icrmbasic improper authentication [CVE-2009-3481]
50292Isygen iCRM Basic index.php sql injection
50291Ron Jerome Bibliography cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3479]
50290Nightlight FireFTP code injection [CVE-2009-3478]
50289RIM BlackBerry Device Software cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3477]
50288Internet2 Shibboleth-sp memory corruption [CVE-2009-3476]
50287Internet2 Shibboleth-sp cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3475]🔒🔒
50286Internet2 Shibboleth-sp Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3474]🔒🔒
50285IBM DB2 Authorization Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3473]🔒🔒
50284IBM DB2 Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-3472]🔒🔒
50283IBM DB2 drop Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
50282IBM Informix Dynamic Server resource management [CVE-2009-3470]
50281IBM Lotus Connections cross site scripting
50280Sun Solaris privileges management [CVE-2009-3468]🔒🔒
50279Fedorahosted newt textbox.c memory corruption🔒🔒
50278Cisco ACE XML Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2009-3457]
50277Google Chrome cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3456]🔒
50276Apple Safari cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3455]
50274IBM Lotus Quickr cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3453]
50273HP Remote Graphics Software memory corruption [CVE-2009-2683]
50272HP ProCurve Identity Driven Manager Local Privilege Escalation
50271RADactive I-Load Core information disclosure [CVE-2009-3452]
50270RADactive I-Load Core path traversal [CVE-2009-3451]
50269RADactive I-Load cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3450]
50268Collectorz MP3 Collector denial of service [CVE-2009-3449]
50267BakBone NetVault npvmgr.exe malloch input validation
50266RADactive I-Load File Upload race condition [CVE-2009-3447]
50265Rick Estrada Com Mytube index.php sql injection
50264Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3445]🔒🔒
50263e107 CMS email.php cross site scripting🔒
50262Fastballproductions Com Fastball index.php sql injection
50261Ariel Barreiro Meta tags access control [CVE-2009-3442]
50260Alienvault OSSIM improper authentication [CVE-2009-3441]🔒
50259Alienvault OSSIM cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3440]
50258Alienvault OSSIM repository_document.php sql injection
50257Witchakorn Kamolpornwijit Com Facebook index.php sql injection
50256Henriksjokvist Markdown Preview cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3437]
50255MaxWebPortal forum.asp sql injection
50254Moshe Weitzman Devel cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3435]
50253Onestopjoomla Com Tupinambis index.php sql injection
50252Sun Cluster Configuration Utility Local Privilege Escalation🔒
50251Sun OpenSolaris information disclosure [CVE-2009-3432]🔒
50250Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2873]🔒
50249Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2872]🔒
50248Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2871]🔒
50247Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2870]🔒
50246Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2869]🔒
50245Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2868]🔒
50244Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2867]🔒
50243Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-2866]🔒
50242Cisco IOS memory corruption [CVE-2009-2865]🔒
50241Cisco Unified Callmanager denial of service [CVE-2009-2864]
50240Cisco IOS Authentication Proxy Feature improper authentication🔒
50239Cisco IOS Access Control List access control [CVE-2009-2862]🔒
50238Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-3431]🔒🔒
50237Allomani Mobile Login login.php sql injection
50236Pirateradio Destiny Media Player pls memory corruption
50235Otbcode Easy Music Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3428]
50234Kayako SupportSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3427]🔒
50233Databay MaxCMS code injection [CVE-2009-3426]
50232Databay MaxCMS path traversal [CVE-2009-3425]
50231Databay MaxCMS code injection [CVE-2009-3424]
50230Zenas PaoLink login.php improper authentication
50229Zenas PaoLiber login.php improper authentication
50228Zenas Pao-bacheca Guestbook login.php access control
50227Intesync Miniweb index.php cross site scripting
50226Intesync Miniweb index.php sql injection
50225Plume CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-3418]
50224Idojoomla Com Idoblog index.php sql injection🔒
50223Sun OpenSolaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-3390]🔒🔒
50222Apple iTunes pls memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
50221HP HP-UX Role-Based Access Control access control [CVE-2009-2682]🔒🔒
50220Craig Barratt BackupPC Restore ClientNameAlias access control🔒🔒
50219Joomlahbs Com Hbssearch index.php cross site scripting
50218Plohni An image gallery index.php cross site scripting🔒
50217Plohni An image gallery navigation.php path traversal🔒
50216Traza Aurora code injection [CVE-2009-3365]
50215FTPShell memory corruption [CVE-2009-3364]🔒
50214Ufku Bayburt BUEditor cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3363]
50213SZNews printnews.php3 code injection
50212Paul Gibbs PHP-IPNMonitor index.php sql injection
50211Datemill photo_view.php cross site scripting
50210Datetopia Match Agency BiZ edit_profile.php cross site scripting
50209Tourismscripts Adult Portal escort listing profile.php sql injection
50208Joomlahbs Com Hbssearch longDesc.php sql injection
50207Plohni Image voting index.php sql injection
50206Datetopia Buy Dating Site profile.php cross site scripting
50205Andrew Sterling Hanenkamp Rest API module Remote Code Execution
50204Steve Lockwood Node2Node Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3353]
50203Roshan Shah Quota by role Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3352]
50202Kristy Frey Node Browser module Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3351]
50201Roshan Shah Subdomain Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3350]
50200Datavore Gyro sql injection [CVE-2009-3349]
50199Datavore Gyro cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3348]
50198D-Link DIR-400 memory corruption [CVE-2009-3347]
50197SAP Crystal Reports Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3346]
50196SAP Crystal Reports Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3345]
50195SAP Crystal Reports Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3344]
50194Hotwebscripts HotWeb Rentals details.asp sql injection
50193Alphaplug Com Alphauserpoints Assets sql injection [CVE-2009-3342]
50192Linksys WRT54GL memory corruption [CVE-2009-3341]
50191FreeSSHD denial of service [CVE-2009-3340]🔒
50190McAfee Email/Web Security Appliance information disclosure [CVE-2009-3339]
50189EffectMatrix Magic Morph memory corruption [CVE-2009-3338]
50188S9Y Serendipity Freetag-plugin sql injection [CVE-2009-3337]
50187Phpprobid PHP Pro Bid auction_details.php sql injection
50186TurtuS TurtuShout sql injection [CVE-2009-3335]
50185HP Storageworks Msl4048 Tape Library Management Interface denial of service
50184Lhacky Com Jinc index.php sql injection
50183Alibasta Com Koesubmit koesubmit.php code injection
50182Sopinet Com Jbudgetsmagic index.php sql injection
50181DDL CMS header.php code injection
50180Cpecreator cP Creator index.php sql injection🔒
50179Exeter Winplot memory corruption [CVE-2009-3329]
50178Webilix WX-Guestbook sign.php cross site scripting
50177Webilix WX-Guestbook search.php sql injection
50176CMScontrol index.php sql injection🔒
50175Focusdev Com Surveymanager index.php sql injection
50174Andres G Aragoneses prodler code injection [CVE-2009-3324]
50173Robig BAROSmini lib_users.php code injection [CVE-2009-3323]
50172Siemens Gigaset SE361 WLAN router denial of service [CVE-2009-3322]🔒
50171SaphpLesson sql injection [CVE-2009-3321]
50170Zenas PaoLink scrivi.php cross site scripting
50169Dimofinf Dawaween poems.php sql injection
50168Breedveld Com Album index.php path traversal
50167Thecodeweasel OpenSiteAdmin code injection [CVE-2009-3317]
50166Jforjoomla Com Jreservation index.php sql injection
50165NeLogic Nephp Publisher sql injection [CVE-2009-3315]
50164Eliteladders Elite Gaming Ladders ladders.php sql injection
50163FMyClone index.php sql injection
50162Tomex phpPollScript init.poll.php code injection
50161RSSMediaScript index.php cross site scripting
50160Shalwan Zainu index.php sql injection
50159Cfshopkart CF ShopKart index.cfm sql injection
50158FanUpdate show-cat.php sql injection
50157Frank Lichtenheld FSphp FSphp.php code injection
50156Richrumble ClearSite code injection [CVE-2009-3306]🔒
50155PHP C Runtime _fdopen format string🔒🔒
50154PHP imagecolortransparent Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
50153PHP denial of service [CVE-2009-3292]🔒🔒
50152PHP Certificates php_openssl_apply_verification_policy input validation🔒🔒
50151Linux Kernel kvm_emulate_hypercall resource management🔒🔒
50150GNOME glib Copy Function g_file_copy access control🔒🔒
50149Linux Kernel sg_build_indirect memory corruption🔒
50148Macournoyer thin connection.rb input validation [CVE-2009-3287]
50147Linux Kernel do_open_permission access control🔒🔒
50146phpspot webshot path traversal [CVE-2009-3284]
50145phpspot webshot cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3283]
50144Linux Kernel find_ie memory corruption
50143QNAP Ts-239 Pro Turbo Nas Partition cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3279]
50142QNAP Ts-239 Pro Turbo Nas Firmware library cryptographic issues
50141Xenu By DataVault denial of service [CVE-2009-3277]
50140NASD corenet1 denial of service [CVE-2009-3276]
50139Microsoft Enterprise Library format string [CVE-2009-3275]🔒
50138Mozilla Firefox tmp memory corruption🔒🔒
50137Apple iPhone OS Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3273]
50136Apple Safari WebKit.dll resource management [CVE-2009-3272]🔒🔒
50135Apple iPhone OS input validation [CVE-2009-3271]
50134QNAP Ts-239 Pro Turbo Nas Passphrase cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3200]
50133postfix link following [CVE-2009-2939]🔒🔒
50132IBM WebSphere Application Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2744]🔒
50131IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-2743]🔒
50130IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2742]🔒
50129Go-oo memory corruption [CVE-2009-2140]🔒🔒
50128Microsoft Internet Explorer window.print resource management🔒
50127Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2009-3269]🔒
50126Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2009-3268]🔒
50125Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-3267]🔒
50124Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3266]🔒🔒
50123Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3265]🔒🔒
50122Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2009-3264]🔒🔒
50121Google Chrome cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3263]🔒🔒
50120NetBSD access control [CVE-2009-2793]
50119IBM WebSphere Business Events memory corruption [CVE-2009-2741]
50118Google Chrome Printing window.print resource management🔒
50117Opera Web Browser Printing window.print resource management🔒
50116Mozilla Firefox Printing window.print resource management🔒
50115IBM Tivoli Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3262]
50114LiveStreet improper authentication [CVE-2009-3261]
50113LiveStreet cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3260]
50112Thomas Cuchta RASH sql injection [CVE-2009-3259]
50111vtiger CRM access control [CVE-2009-3258]
50110vtiger CRM access control [CVE-2009-3257]
50109LiveStreet cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3256]
50108Thomas Cuchta RASH sql injection [CVE-2009-3255]
50107Ultimatevideosite Ultimate Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3254]
50106TriceraSoft Swift Ultralite memory corruption [CVE-2009-3253]
50105Dave Robinson Rock Band CMS news.php sql injection
50103vtiger CRM input validation [CVE-2009-3250]
50102vtiger CRM Dashboard graph.php path traversal🔒
50101vtiger CRM index.php cross-site request forgery
50100vtiger CRM phprint.php cross site scripting
50099MyBuxScript Pts-bux spnews.php sql injection
50098Adobe Shockwave Player ActiveX Control SwDir.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
50097Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-3243]🔒🔒
50096Wireshark packet.c denial of service🔒🔒
50095Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-3241]🔒🔒
50094Ohwada XF-Section cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3240]
50092Linux Kernel cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3238]🔒🔒
50091Intertwingly Planet cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2937]🔒🔒
50090Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2707]🔒🔒
50089Linux Kernel z90crypt_unlocked_ioctl access control🔒🔒
50088MODX CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-7243]
50085Linuxwebshop php User Base path traversal [CVE-2008-7240]
50084Horde Application Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3237]🔒🔒
50083Horde Groupware cross site scriting [CVE-2009-3236]🔒🔒
50082Dovecot memory corruption [CVE-2009-3235]🔒🔒
50081Linux Kernel perf_copy_attr memory corruption
50080Cameron Morland changetrack os command injection [CVE-2009-3233]🔒🔒
50079Ubuntu Linux improper authentication [CVE-2009-3232]🔒🔒
50078PostgreSQL LDAP Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2009-3231]🔒🔒
50077PostgreSQL Authorization access control [CVE-2009-3230]🔒🔒
50076PostgreSQL Libraries denial of service [CVE-2009-3229]🔒🔒
50075AlmondSoft Almond Classifieds index.php cross site scripting
50074AlmondSoft Almond Classifieds index.php sql injection
50073AlmondSoft Almond Classifieds index.php cross site scripting
50072Classified-software Super Mod System index.php sql injection
50071Inoutscripts Inout Adserver ppc-add-keywords.php sql injection
50070FreeWebScriptz Honest Traffic index.php cross site scripting Audio Lib Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3221]
50068Tecnick AIOCP Control Panel cp_html2txt.php code injection
50067The-ghost AR Web Content Manager a.php path traversal
50066The-ghost AR Web Content Manager login.php sql injection
50065Wiccle iWiccle index.php sql injection
50064Wiccle iWiccle index.php path traversal
50063Php-shop-system IXXO Cart sql injection [CVE-2009-3215]
50062Photodex ProShow Gold Sound memory corruption [CVE-2009-3214]🔒
50061broid memory corruption [CVE-2009-3213]
50060Dimofinf Infinity Script sql injection [CVE-2009-3212]
50059Dimofinf Infinity Script path traversal [CVE-2009-3211]
50058Joao Ventura Print cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3210]
50057Raizlabs PHP eMail Manager remove.php sql injection
50056Prakashatma Mishra phpfreeBB permalink.php sql injection
50055Drewish ImageCache File System access control [CVE-2009-3207]
50054Drewish ImageCache cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3206]
50053CBAuthority main.php sql injection
50052Stiva Forum demo.php cross site scripting
50051Ajsquare Aj Auction Pro-oopd store.php sql injection
50050ULoKI ULoKI PHP Forum search.php cross site scripting
50049Rob Schultz Media Player Classic numeric error [CVE-2009-3201]🔒
50048Mozilla Bugzilla Browser History token.cgi credentials management🔒🔒
50047Mozilla Bugzilla WebService Bug.create sql injection🔒🔒
50046Mozilla Bugzilla WebService sql injection🔒🔒
50045Stanford WebAuth Browser History credentials management [CVE-2009-2945]
50044Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-2903]🔒🔒
50043nginx memory corruption [CVE-2009-2629]🔒🔒🔒
50042Apple Xsan screen cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2201]
50041Uebimiau information disclosure [CVE-2009-3199]🔒
50040JCE-Tech Affiliate Master Datafeed Parser search.php cross site scripting
50039JCE-Tech PHP Calendars Script search.php cross site scripting
50038JCE-Tech PHP Video Script index.php cross site scripting
50037JCE-Tech Auction RSS Content Script rss.php cross site scripting
50036JCE-Tech SearchFeed Script index.php cross site scripting
50035Uwix Com Digifolio index.php sql injection
50034LinkorCMS index.php cross site scripting
50033PAD Site Scripts rss.php cross site scripting
50032PAD Site Scripts list.php sql injection
50031DigiOz DigiOz Guestbook search.php cross site scripting
50030David Frohlich phpSANE save.php code injection🔒
50029Standalonearcade Saa gamelist.php cross site scripting
50028VideoGirls VideoGirls BiZ forum.php cross site scripting
50027Comsenz Crazy Star plugin plugin.php sql injection
50026Grapari E-gold Game Series:pirates Of The Caribbean index.php sql injection
50025Sun OpenSolaris memory corruption [CVE-2009-3183]🔒🔒
50024Xapian Omega cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2947]🔒🔒
50023Apple Mac OS X Server Wiki Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2814]🔒🔒
50022Samba User Account access control [CVE-2009-2813]🔒🔒
50021Apple Mac OS X Launch Services memory corruption [CVE-2009-2812]🔒🔒
50020Apple Mac OS X Launch Services code injection [CVE-2009-2811]🔒🔒
50019Apple Mac OS X ImageIO code injection [CVE-2009-2809]🔒🔒
50018Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2807]🔒🔒
50017Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2009-2805]🔒🔒
50016Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2009-2804]🔒🔒
50015Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2009-2803]🔒🔒
50007Netplex-tech xtacacsd report memory corruption
50006Meridio Document/Records Management cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7231]
50000Foxit WAC Server memory corruption [CVE-2008-7225]
49997RunCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7222]
49996RunCMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-7221]
49994Horde Kronolith H3 access control [CVE-2008-7219]🔒🔒
49991Claudio Matsuoka Extended Module Player dtt_load memory corruption🔒🔒
49990Claudio Matsuoka Extended Module Player code injection [CVE-2007-6731]🔒🔒
49989Anantasoft Gazelle CMS File Upload access control [CVE-2009-3182]
49988Anantasoft Gazelle CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-3181]
49987Anantasoft Gazelle CMS Password Reset renew.php credentials management
49986Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution memory corruption [CVE-2009-3179]
49985Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution mm.exe denial of service
49984Kaspersky Kaspersky Anti-virus Scanner Remote Code Execution
49982Boldfx Model Agency Manager PRO view.php sql injection
49981Odelao OBOphiX fonctions_racine.php code injection
49980Theratstudios The Rat CMS File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-3173]
49979Hitachi Groupmax Groupware Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3172]
49978Anantasoft Gazelle CMS user.php cross site scripting
49977AIMP AIMP2 Audio Converter pls memory corruption🔒
49976Hitachi Jp1 File Transmission Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3169]
49975Mevin Basic-php-events-lister reset.php improper authentication
49974Anantasoft Gazelle CMS index.php path traversal
49973Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2800]🔒🔒
49972WordPress Peter's Math Anti-spam for Wordpress access control
49967Soundblaster Ensoniq Pci Es1371 Wdm Driver Local Privilege Escalation
49966Ming Han AJchat directory.php sql injection
49959Valvesoftware Counter-Strike resource management [CVE-2008-7203]
49958Sun OpenSolaris Networking denial of service [CVE-2009-3164]🔒
49957Silcnet Silc Toolkit command.c format string [CVE-2009-3163]🔒🔒
49956Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2009-3079]🔒🔒🔒
49955Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2009-3078]🔒🔒🔒
49954Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2009-3077]🔒🔒🔒
49953Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3076]🔒🔒🔒
49952Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine js_StringReplaceHelper memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
49951Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3074]🔒🔒🔒
49950Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3073]🔒🔒🔒
49949Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3072]🔒🔒🔒
49948Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3071]🔒🔒🔒
49947Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3070]🔒🔒🔒
49946Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2009-3069]🔒🔒🔒
49945Apple iPhone OS Telephony resource management [CVE-2009-2815]
49944Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-2798]🔒🔒🔒
49943Apple iPhone OS information disclosure [CVE-2009-2797]🔒🔒
49942Apple iPhone OS UIKit information disclosure [CVE-2009-2796]
49941Apple iPhone OS memory corruption [CVE-2009-2795]
49940Apple iPhone OS race condition [CVE-2009-2794]
49939Apple iPhone OS Spotlight access control [CVE-2009-2207]
49938Apple iPhone OS memory corruption [CVE-2009-2206]
49937Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-2203]🔒🔒
49936Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-2202]🔒🔒
49935Silcnet Silc Toolkit silchttpserver.c silc_http_server_parse format string🔒🔒
49934Silcnet Silc Toolkit silcasn1_encode.c silc_asn1_encoder format string🔒🔒
49933Multi-website Multi Website cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3162]
49932IBM WebSphere MQ denial of service [CVE-2009-3161]
49931IBM WebSphere MQ unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3160]
49930IBM WebSphere MQ rriDecompress denial of service
49929Carsten Wulff simplePHPWeb improper authentication [CVE-2009-3158]
49928Karen Stevenson Calendar Calendar Module cross site scripting
49927Karen Stevenson Date cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3156]🔒🔒
49926Almondsoft Com Aclassf gmap.php cross site scripting
49925Almondsoft Com Aclassf index.php sql injection
49924X10media MP3 Search engine Search Engine cross site scripting
49923NT BBS E-Market cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3152]
49922Ultrize TimeSheet path traversal [CVE-2009-3151]
49921Multi-website Multi Website index.php sql injection
49920Curveriderhq Elgg path traversal [CVE-2009-3149]
49919PortalXP calendar.php sql injection
49918Allenthusiast ReviewPost PHP Pro showproduct.php cross site scripting
49917ArticleFriend ArticleFriend Script search_advance.php cross site scripting
49916Silcnet Silc Toolkit client_entry.c format string [CVE-2009-3051]🔒🔒
49908Fujitsu Interstage Application Server denial of service [CVE-2008-7195]
49907Fujitsu Interstage Application Server denial of service [CVE-2008-7194]
49906ZyXEL P-330W router Web Management Interface cross-site request forgery
49905ZyXEL P-330W router Web Management Interface cross site scripting
49904Ipmotor QuarkMail get_message.cgi path traversal
49903Visavi Wap-Motor gallery.php path traversal
49902Chris Shattuck Ajaxtable access control [CVE-2009-3122]
49901Chris Shattuck Ajaxtable cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3121]
49900BIGACE cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3120] Download System mSF screen screen.php sql injection
49898Danneo CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-3118]
49897Snowhall Silurus System category.php sql injection
49896Uiga Church Portal index.php sql injection
49895SolarWinds TFTP Server input validation [CVE-2009-3115]🔒
49894Apple Java 1.6 memory corruption [CVE-2009-2205]🔒🔒
49893Oxid eShop unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-3113]🔒
49892Oxidforge OXID eShop Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3112]🔒
49890WoltLab Burning Board index.php cross-site request forgery🔒
49889FreeRADIUS rad_decode denial of service🔒🔒🔒
49888OXID eShop information disclosure [CVE-2009-2266]🔒
49884Clip-share ClipShare access control [CVE-2008-7188]
49883Coppermine-gallery Photo Gallery Error Message information disclosure
49882Coppermine-gallery Photo Gallery update.php access control
49881Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution race condition [CVE-2009-3110]🔒
49880Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution privileges management [CVE-2009-3109]🔒
49879Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution access control [CVE-2009-3108]🔒
49878Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution access control [CVE-2009-3107]🔒
49877CMU Cyrus IMAP Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-2632]🔒🔒
49876Sun OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2009-2139]🔒🔒
49875Cisco NX-OS denial of service [CVE-2009-0627]🔒
49874GNOME Rhythmbox g_hash_table_lookup input validation
49873Diigo Diigolet cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7184]
49872eva CMS code injection [CVE-2008-7183]
49871IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction access control🔒
49870IBM Domino Web Access cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3105]
49869Symantec Norton Internet Security resource management [CVE-2009-3104]
49868VMware Player vmnc.dll code injection [CVE-2009-2628]🔒🔒
49867Microsoft Media Format Runtime code injection [CVE-2009-2499]🔒🔒🔒
49866Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-1925]🔒🔒
49865VMware Player vmnc.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-0199]🔒🔒
49864Zmanda Zrm For My Sql input validation🔒
49863Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-3101]
49862Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-3100]
49861HP Operations Manager HP OpenView Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3099]🔒
49860HP Operations Dashboard Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3098]
49859HP Performance Insight information disclosure [CVE-2009-3097]
49858HP Performance Insight Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3096]
49857Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp access control [CVE-2009-3095]🔒🔒
49856Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_ftp ap_proxy_ftp_handler null pointer dereference🔒🔒
49855ASUS ASUS WL-500W Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3093]
49854ASUS ASUS WL-500W memory corruption [CVE-2009-3092]
49853ASUS ASUS WL-330gE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-3091]
49852IBM Tivoli Directory Server denial of service [CVE-2009-3090]
49851IBM Tivoli Directory Server Administration Server ibmslapd.exe null pointer dereference
49850ibm Tivoli Directory Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3088]
49849Ruby on Rails information disclosure [CVE-2009-3086]🔒🔒
49848Pidgin XMPP Protocol Plugin denial of service [CVE-2009-3085]🔒🔒
49847Pidgin Protocol Plugin msn_slp_process_msg input validation🔒🔒
49846Pidgin Protocol Plugin msn_slp_sip_recv memory corruption🔒🔒
49845Ruby on Rails cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3009]🔒🔒
49844Pidgin Protocol Plugin memory corruption [CVE-2009-2703]🔒🔒
49843KDE kdelibs cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2702]🔒🔒
49842Zope ZODB Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-2701]
49841Digium Asterisk memory corruption [CVE-2009-2346]🔒🔒
49840NetWin Surgemail IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2008-7182]🔒🔒
49839Butterflymedia Butterfly Organizer category-delete.php access control
49838Rittwick Banerjee Telephone Directory 2008 del_query1.php input validation
49837OTManager CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-7179]
49836XOOPS Uploader index.php path traversal
49835NASM memory corruption [CVE-2008-7177]🔒🔒
49834Celina Jorge Facil CMS index.php path traversal
49832Juracapecoffee Internet Connectivity Kit printf Functions memory corruption
49830Yanick Bourbeau Lightweight news portal admin.php access control
49829Yanick Bourbeau Lightweight news portal show_photo.php cross site scripting
49828Gameservers GSC access control [CVE-2008-7170]
49827Jabode Com Jabode index.php sql injection
49826UUSee UUUpgrade.ocx ActiveX Control Remote Code Execution
49825Sami Ekblad Page Manager File Upload upload.php access control
49824Snowhall Silurus System wcategory.php sql injection
49823Uiga Church Portal index.php sql injection
49822Devscripts Devel Team devscripts Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2946]🔒🔒
49821GNOME GDM Gnome Display Manager improper authentication [CVE-2009-2697]🔒🔒
49820Adobe RoboHelp Server Web Directory access control [CVE-2009-3068]🔒🔒🔒
49815Heroshare Hero Super Player 3000 memory corruption [CVE-2008-7162]
49814Fortinet FortiOS URL Filter access control [CVE-2008-7161]
49813Webformatique Reservation Manager index.php cross site scripting
49812PropertyWatchScript Property Watch cross site scripting
49811Rein Velt Vedit code injection [CVE-2009-3065]
49810Rein Velt Vedit Debugger path traversal [CVE-2009-3064]
49809Indianpulses Com Gameserver index.php sql injection
49808Phplivesupport. PHP Live! message_box.php sql injection🔒
49807Alqa6ari Script Q R lesson.php sql injection
49806Allpublication JBoard editform.php cross site scripting
49805Allpublication JBoard Core sql injection [CVE-2009-3059]
49804Aksoft akPlayer plt memory corruption
49803Aom-software Beex news.php cross site scripting
49802Bas Bloemsaat KingCMS code injection [CVE-2009-3056]
49801Dlecms DLE code injection [CVE-2009-3055]
49800Artetics Com Artportal sql injection
49799Jvitals Com Agora index.php path traversal
49798Absoluteanime Prime Quick Style sql injection [CVE-2009-3052]
49797HTMLDOC util.cxx set_page_size memory corruption🔒🔒
49796Opera Web Browser Internationalized Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒
49795Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2009-3048]🔒🔒
49794Opera Web Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3047]🔒🔒
49793Opera Web Browser Certificates access control [CVE-2009-3046]🔒🔒
49792Opera Web Browser Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3045]🔒🔒
49791Opera Web Browser cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3044]🔒🔒
49790Linux Kernel tty_ldisc_hangup resource management
49789VMware Studio path traversal [CVE-2009-2968]
49788Digia Qt input validation [CVE-2009-2700]🔒🔒
49787OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2009-0201]🔒🔒🔒
49786OpenOffice numeric error [CVE-2009-0200]🔒🔒🔒
49784EkinBoard File Upload access control [CVE-2008-7157]
49783EkinBoard Authorization backup.php improper authentication
49782Phprisk NetRisk access control [CVE-2008-7155]🔒
49781Docebo Error Message lib.domxml5.php information disclosure
49779Thekelleys dnsmasq tftp.c tftp_request resource management🔒🔒🔒
49778Thekelleys dnsmasq tftp.c tftp_request memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
49777OCS Inventory NG machine.php sql injection
49776SPIP Installation access control [CVE-2009-3041]
49775OCS Inventory NG download.php sql injection🔒
49774IBM Lotus Notes connector ActiveX Control lnresobject.dll denial of service
49773IBM Lotus Notes File Viewer xlssr.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
49772Simon Rycroft SID client.php code injection
49771Gurpartap Singh Live cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-7151]
49770Ber Kessels Refine by Taxo cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7150]
49761Alexphpteam @lex Poll setup.php cross site scripting
49760Alexguestbook @lex Guestbook setup.php cross site scripting
49756ICQ ICQ Toolbar toolbaru.dll input validation [CVE-2008-7136]🔒
49755ICQ ICQ Toolbar toolbaru.dll input validation [CVE-2008-7135]🔒
49754RedGalaxy Download Center cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7134]
49753onlinetools EasyImageCatalogue index.php cross site scripting
49752Nuked-Klan index.php cross site scripting
49751Pidgin Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3026]🔒🔒
49750Pidgin denial of service [CVE-2009-3025]🔒🔒
49749IO-Socket-SSL SSL) cryptographic issues🔒🔒
49748Itd-inc bingo!CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-3022]
49747Yoshinori Tahara mycaljp cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3021]
49746ikiwiki information disclosure [CVE-2009-2944]🔒🔒
49745Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2009-3020]🔒
49744Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2009-3019]🔒
49743Maxthon Maxthon Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3018]🔒
49742Orcabrowser Orca Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3017]🔒
49741Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3016]🔒
49740QtWeb cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3015]
49739Mozilla cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3014]🔒
49738Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3013]🔒🔒
49737Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3012]🔒
49736Google Chrome cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3011]🔒
49735Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2009-3010]🔒
49731XySSL ssl_parse_client_key_exchange access control
49725Evansprogramming Registry Pro ActiveX Control epRegPro.ocx Remote Code Execution
49724Christophe Thibault K-Meleon Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒
49723Mozilla Firefox Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3007]🔒
49722Maxthon Maxthon Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3006]🔒
49721Lunascape Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-3005]🔒
49720Avant Force Avant Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒
49719Microsoft Internet Explorer Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒
49718Linux Kernel raw_getname information disclosure🔒🔒
49717Linux Kernel llc_ui_getname information disclosure🔒🔒
49716Sun OpenSolaris Accelerator nl7c_http_log resource management🔒
49715Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2009-2695]🔒🔒
49714Mrcgiguy Hot Links SQL-PHP cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7121]
49713Mrcgiguy Hot Links SQL-PHP news.php sql injection
49712WeBid item.php sql injection
49711WeBid access control [CVE-2008-7118]
49710WeBid eledicss.php access control
49709WeBid Admin Panel sql injection [CVE-2008-7116]
49708Belkin F5D7632-4 statusprocess.exe access control
49707Ifusionservices iFdate members_search.php sql injection
49706Kyoceramita Scanner File Utility Listener cryptographic issues
49705Kyoceramita Scanner File Utility Listener input validation [CVE-2008-7112]
49704Kyoceramita Scanner File Utility Listener access control [CVE-2008-7111]
49703Kyoceramita Scanner File Utility Listener path traversal [CVE-2008-7110]
49702Kyoceramita Scanner File Utility Authorization improper authentication
49701phpCart phpcart.php cross site scripting
49700ESET Smart Security input validation [CVE-2008-7107]🔒
49699Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange Installation denial of service
49698Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange EdgeTransport.exe denial of service🔒
49697Sophos PureMessage for Microsoft Exchange Message Queue PMScanner.exe denial of service🔒
49688SugarCRM sql injection [CVE-2009-2978]
49686Cisco CS-MARS Monitoring cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2977]
49685Cisco Aironet AP1200 cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2976]
49684Mozilla Firefox Protocol of memory allocation🔒
49683Google Chrome of denial of service🔒
49682Google Chrome cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2973]🔒
49681Sun Solaris exec resource management🔒
49680Linux Kernel udp_sendmsg null pointer dereference🔒🔒
49679Google Chrome access control [CVE-2009-2935]🔒🔒
49678Cisco Aironet AP1200 denial of service [CVE-2009-2861]
49677Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2009-2054]
49676Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2009-2053]
49675Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2009-2052]
49674Cisco Unified Communications Manager sipSafeStrlen denial of service🔒
49673Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2009-2050]
49672Buildbot cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2967]🔒🔒
49665PhotoPost PhotoPost vBGallery File Upload upload.php input validation
49663Maianscriptworld Maian Greetings improper authentication [CVE-2008-7086]🔒
49662TheHockeyStop HockeySTATS Online index.php sql injection
49660Kaspersky Internet Security avp.exe resource management
49659Radvision Scopia cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2965]
49658SquirrelMail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2964]🔒🔒
49657Decomputeur Toolbar Uninstaller memory corruption [CVE-2009-2963]
49656Kolmck KOL Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2961]
49655CuteFlow access control [CVE-2009-2960]
49654Buildbot cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2959]🔒🔒
49653ReVou Micro Blogging Twitter clone Logging sql injection [CVE-2008-7083]
49651RaidSonic ICY BOX NAS userHandler.cgi improper authentication
49648Maxum Rumpus memory corruption [CVE-2008-7078]
49647Relative SailPlanner sql injection [CVE-2008-7077]
49643Ekkaia Pie Web rss.php code injection [CVE-2008-7073]
49642Chipmunk-scripts Chipmunk Topsites index.php cross site scripting
49641Chipmunk-scripts Chipmunk Topsites Login authenticate.php sql injection
49640KVIrc URI code injection [CVE-2008-7070]🔒
49639Paul Arbogast ACCMS information disclosure [CVE-2008-7069]
49637Pagetreecms Page Tree Cms code injection [CVE-2008-7067]
496362enetworx OpenForum access control [CVE-2008-7066]🔒
49633Ocean12tech FAQ Manager Pro information disclosure [CVE-2008-7063]
49631Google chrome resource management [CVE-2008-7061]🔒
49630One-News User Authentication add.php cross site scripting
49629Aled Owen One-News index.php sql injection
49628Grayscalecms CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-7058]
49627Grayscalecms CMS merchandise.php cross site scripting
49626Grayscalecms CMS access control [CVE-2008-7056]
49625Visualshapers ezContents module.php str_replace path traversal
49623LogMeIn RACtrl.dll ActiveX Control resource management
49622IBM WebSphere Commerce Suite Configuration File Net.Commerce information disclosure
49621Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2009-2955]🔒
49620Microsoft Internet Explorer JavaScript input validation [CVE-2009-2954]🔒
49619Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-2953]🔒
49618Sun OpenSolaris pollwakeup denial of service🔒
49617Phenotype CMS Password Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2951]
49616Pre Pre Real Estate Listings File Upload profile.php input validation
49615Ajsquare AJ Article user.php improper authentication
49613NatterChat Login login.asp sql injection🔒
49611NatterChat improper authentication [CVE-2008-7047]🔒
49608Ajsquare Free Polling Script sql injection [CVE-2008-7044]
49606FreshScripts Fresh Email Script url.php code injection
49605Ajsquare AJ Classifieds improper authentication [CVE-2008-7041]
49601ITN ITN News Gadget input validation [CVE-2008-7037]
49599phpRaider cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7035]
49592TikiWiki improper authentication [CVE-2003-1574]🔒
49591Programmedintegration PIPL xaudio.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-2934]
49590Piwigo comments.php sql injection
49589SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2932]
49588SlideShowPro Director p.php path traversal
49587Elkagroup Elkapax Cms Search Feature cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2930]
49586TGS cms sql injection [CVE-2009-2929]
49585TGS CMS login.php cross site scripting
49584DigitalSpinners DS CMS DetailFile.php sql injection PHP Competition System show_matchs.php sql injection
49582Webdav neon cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2474]🔒🔒
49581Webdav neon resource management [CVE-2009-2473]🔒🔒
49580Cisco IOS XR access control [CVE-2009-2056]
49579Adobe Flex index.template.html cross site scripting🔒🔒
49578Cisco IOS XR memory corruption [CVE-2009-1154]
49577Aves Rpg Board improper authentication [CVE-2008-7028]
49576Libra File Manager Php Filemanager improper authentication [CVE-2008-7027]
49574Check Point ZoneAlarm vsmon.exe denial of service
49571Chilkatsoft Chilkat Imap Activex Control ActiveX Control ChilkatMail_v7_9.dll Remote Code Execution
49570AvailScript Jobs Portal Script File Upload editlogo.php memory corruption
49569McAfee SafeBoot Device Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-7020]
49568Esqlanelapse improper authentication [CVE-2008-7019]
49567NashTech Easy PHP Calendar index.php cross site scripting
49566CAcert analyse.php cross site scripting
49564DJcalendar DJcalendar.cgi path traversal
49563Videosbroadcastyourself Videos Broadcast Yourself videoint.php sql injection
49562BitmixSoft PHP-Lance show.php path traversal
49561pixaria Pixaria Gallery pixaria.image.php path traversal
49560Mocdesigns PHP News login.php sql injection
49559Elvinbts buglist.php cross site scripting
49558Boonex Orca cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2919]
49557TheGreenBow VPN Client input validation [CVE-2009-2918]🔒
49556ImTOO MPEG Encoder memory corruption [CVE-2009-2917]
495552kgames Vietcong 2 logs.dll CNS_AddTxt format string
495542fly Gift Delivery System 2fly_gift.php sql injection
49552Xzeroscripts Community Classifieds index.php cross site scripting
49551Xzeroscripts Community Classifieds index.php cross site scripting
49550Sun OpenSolaris Sendfile vnode denial of service🔒
49549ntop Authorization http.c checkHTTPpassword memory corruption🔒
49548Pidgin msn_slplink_process_msg resource management🔒🔒
49547Cisco Firewall Services Module denial of service [CVE-2009-0638]🔒
49546KDE KMplayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-2896]
49545Phpsugar Ultimate Regnow Affiliate rss.php sql injection
49544Clone2009 Ebay Clone product_desc.php sql injection
49543Xzeroscripts Community Classifieds index.php cross site scripting
49542Scripteen Free Image Hosting Script header.php sql injection🔒
49541Phpscriptsnow Riddles list.php sql injection
49540Phpscriptsnow Riddles results.php cross site scripting
49539Phpscriptsnow Hangman index.php cross site scripting
49538Phpscriptsnow Hangman index.php sql injection
49537Phpscriptsnow President Bios bios.php cross site scripting
49536Phpscriptsnow President Bios bios.php sql injection
49535Phpscriptsnow World's Tallest Buildings bios.php sql injection
49534Phpscriptsnow World's Tallest Buildings bios.php cross site scripting
49533Arabless SaphpLesson CleanVar sql injection
49532Datingpro MatchMaking browse_ladies.php cross site scripting
49531Artis.imag Basilic index.php sql injection
49530IBM db2 denial of service [CVE-2009-2860]🔒🔒
49529IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2009-2859]🔒🔒
49528IBM DB2 resource management [CVE-2009-2858]🔒🔒
49527Sun OpenSolaris Filesystem resource management [CVE-2009-2857]🔒
49526CA Host-Based Intrusion Prevention System resource management🔒
49525Acer Lunchapp.aplunch ActiveX Control acerctrl.ocx code injection🔒
49524Cisco IOS XR input validation [CVE-2009-2055]
49523Bzip Compress-Raw-Bzip2 bzinflate numeric error🔒🔒
49522CA Internet Security Suite input validation [CVE-2009-0682]
49520fhttpd Authorization denial of service [CVE-2008-7014]
49516SkaLinks Exchange Script access control [CVE-2008-7010]
49509The-rat-cms Login login.php sql injection
49508PHP Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7002]🔒🔒
49507Creative Mind Creator CMS File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2008-7001]
49506PHPAuction index.php code injection
49499Siemens Gigaset WLAN Camera Default Password cryptographic issues
49493eZoneScripts Dating Website script File Upload memory corruption
49487phpAdultSite CMS Error Message index.php information disclosure
49482MicroTik RouterOS input validation [CVE-2008-6976]
49481Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure information disclosure [CVE-2009-2856]🔒
49480Adobe ColdFusion improper authentication [CVE-2009-1878]
49479Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1877]
49478Adobe ColdFusion information disclosure [CVE-2009-1876]🔒
49477Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1875]🔒
49476Adobe JRun Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1874]🔒🔒
49475Adobe JRun JRun Application Server logviewer.jsp path traversal🔒🔒🔒
49474Adobe ColdFusion searchlog.cfm cross site scripting🔒
49473Squid Proxy strListGetItem input validation🔒🔒🔒
49472Wordpress Capabilities edit-comments.php access control🔒🔒
49471Ryan.mcgeary WP-Syntax call_user_func_array input validation🔒
49470WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2851]🔒🔒🔒
49469Nasa Goddard Space Flight Center Common Data Format ReadAEDRList64 memory corruption🔒🔒
49468Linux Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-2849]🔒🔒
49467Linux Kernel execve memory corruption🔒🔒
49466Linux Kernel do_sigaltstack information disclosure🔒🔒
49465Linux Kernel eisa_eeprom_read access control🔒🔒
49464Linux Kernel is_mesh resource management
49462Joshua Oliver Really Simple CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-2792]
49461WebDynamite ProjectButler pda_projects.php code injection🔒
49460SoftBiz Dating Script cat_products.php sql injection
49459Permis Com Groups index.php sql injection
49458Mobilelib Mobilelib GOLD sql injection [CVE-2009-2788]
49457reputation rep_profile.php path traversal
49456reputation reputation.php sql injection
49455Classifiedphpscript PHP Open Classifieds Script buy.php cross site scripting
49454dit.cms path traversal
49453XOOPS viewpmsg.php cross site scripting
49452JFusion Com Jfusion index.php sql injection
49451Arab Portal forum.php sql injection
4945068 Classifieds category.php cross site scripting
49449Ajsquare AJ Matrix DNA index.php sql injection
49448Garagesalesjunkie GarageSales Script cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2778]
49447Garagesalesjunkie GarageSales Script view.php sql injection Smart ASP Survey showresult.asp sql injection
49445PHPArcadeScript linkout.php sql injection
49444Php-paid4mail paidbanner.php sql injection
49443Shop-020 PHP Paid 4 Mail Script home.php code injection
49442Realtysoft Pg Roomate Finder Solution quick_search.php cross site scripting
49441Freearcadescript Free Arcade Script index.php cross site scripting
49440PowerUpload access control [CVE-2009-2770]
49439Ultrize timesheet code injection [CVE-2009-2769]
49438Linux Kernel load_flat_shared_library memory corruption
49437Linux Kernel init_posix_timers memory corruption🔒🔒
49436DD-WRT httpd.c access control
49435DD-WRT httpd.c input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
49434Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2009-2764]
49433Linux Kernel all memory corruption🔒🔒
49432Linux Kernel mm_for_maps information disclosure🔒🔒
49431HP Insight Control Suite For Linux cross-site request forgery
49430cURL/libcURL OpenSSL Module ssluse.c cryptographic issues🔒🔒
49429snom snom 370 improper authentication [CVE-2009-1048]
49428DD-WRT Administration apply.cgi cross-site request forgery
49427DD-WRT Administration apply.cgi cross-site request forgery
49426IBM WebSphere Commerce Trace information disclosure [CVE-2009-2094]
49425IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway Console sql injection [CVE-2009-2093]
49424IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction access control🔒
49423IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2009-2091]🔒
49422IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction denial of service🔒
49421IBM WebSphere Application Server config [CVE-2009-2089]🔒
49420IBM WebSphere Application Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-2088]🔒
49419IBM WebSphere Application Server Password Encryption credentials management🔒
49417IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction improper authentication🔒
49415IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction improper authentication
49414IBM WebSphere Commerce Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-6973]
49413WordPress Password Reset wp-login.php credentials management🔒🔒🔒
49412Avira AntiVir sched.exe CreateProcess Local Privilege Escalation🔒
49407Pligg CMS submit.php sql injection
49405AJ Square AJ Auction access control [CVE-2008-6966]
49404AJ Square AJ Auction site.php improper authentication
49403X7 Group X7 Chat Login Page sql injection [CVE-2008-6964]
49401Avira AntiVir input validation [CVE-2008-6962]
49400Mozilla Thunderbird documentURI information disclosure🔒🔒
49399Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-2200]🔒🔒
49398Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-2199]🔒🔒
49397Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-2196]🔒🔒
49396Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-2195]🔒🔒🔒
49395Microsoft Office Office Web Components memory corruption [CVE-2009-2496]🔒🔒🔒
49394Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-2494]🔒🔒🔒
49393Microsoft Windows credentials management [CVE-2009-1930]🔒🔒🔒
49392Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2009-1929]🔒🔒🔒🔒
49391Microsoft Windows Avifil32.dll numeric error [CVE-2009-1546]🔒🔒🔒
49390Microsoft Office Office Web Components memory corruption [CVE-2009-1534]🔒🔒🔒
49389Microsoft Office Office Web Components resource management [CVE-2009-0562]🔒🔒🔒
49388gnu gnutls cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2730]🔒🔒
49387Digium Asterisk Channel Driver resource management [CVE-2009-2726]🔒🔒🔒
49386HP Hpux denial of service [CVE-2009-1427]🔒🔒
49382Crossday Discuz! member.php access control
49376Cms.maury91 MauryCMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6951]
49375Webhost-panel Bankoi WebHosting Control Panel login.asp sql injection
49374Collabtive cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6949]
49373Collabtive File Upload input validation [CVE-2008-6948]
49372Collabtive admin.php improper authentication
49371Collabtive manageproject.php cross site scripting
49366TurnkeyForms Web Hosting Directory Login sql injection [CVE-2008-6941]
49362Joe Fuhrman Exodus code injection [CVE-2008-6937]
49361Joe Fuhrman Exodus code injection [CVE-2008-6936]
49358MiniGal index.php path traversal
49352FreeNAS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2739]
49351FreeNAS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2738]
49350XMLSoft libxml resource management [CVE-2009-2416]🔒🔒
49349XMLSoft libxml memory corruption [CVE-2009-2414]🔒🔒
49348Apache Xerces-C++ memory corruption [CVE-2009-1885]🔒🔒
49347Toni Mueller Roundup EditCSVAction access control🔒🔒
49346sun-jester OpenNews admin.php code injection
49345sun-jester OpenNews admin.php sql injection
49344Sun J2EE access control [CVE-2009-2705]
49343Sun J2EE access control [CVE-2009-2704]
49342Mirbsd MirOS Packet Filter pf_test_rule resource management
49341IBM AIX ToolTalk _tt_internal_realpath memory corruption🔒
49340Sun Java SE race condition [CVE-2009-2724]🔒🔒
49339Sun Java SE Serialization Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2723]🔒🔒
49338Sun Java SE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2722]🔒🔒
49337Sun Java SE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2721]🔒🔒
49336Sun Java SE javax.swing.plaf.synth.SynthContext.isSubregion denial of service🔒🔒
49335Sun Java SE memory corruption [CVE-2009-2719]🔒🔒
49334Sun Java SE access control [CVE-2009-2718]🔒🔒
49333Sun Java SE access control [CVE-2009-2717]🔒
49332Sun Java SE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2716]🔒🔒
49330Netenberg Fantastico De Luxe autoinstall4imagesgalleryupgrade.php path traversal
49329ZenPhoto function.php cross site scripting
49327Sun OpenJDK access control [CVE-2009-2690]🔒🔒
49326Sun OpenJDK Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-2689]🔒🔒
49325Sun OpenJDK Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-2476]🔒🔒
49324Sun OpenJDK ImageIO information disclosure [CVE-2009-2475]🔒🔒
49323memcached numeric error [CVE-2009-2415]🔒🔒
49322CA Unicenter Software Delivery searching memory corruption
49321Sun OpenJDK access control [CVE-2009-1896]🔒🔒
49320Com Content index.php sql injection
49316TaskDriver profileedit.php improper authentication
49314Subversion numeric error [CVE-2009-2411]🔒🔒
49313Zope ZODB improper authentication [CVE-2009-0669]🔒🔒
49312Zope ZODB code injection [CVE-2009-0668]🔒🔒
49311Sun VirtualBox input validation [CVE-2009-2715]🔒
49310Sun VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2009-2714]🔒
49309Sun Java System Access Manager information disclosure [CVE-2009-2713]🔒🔒
49308Sun Java System Access Manager access control [CVE-2009-2712]🔒🔒
49307Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2009-2711]🔒
49306fetchmail socket.c cryptographic issues🔒🔒
49305Exoscripts ExoPHPDesk admin.php sql injection
49303Zeeways ZEEPROPERTY view_prop_details.php cross site scripting
49302Zeeways ZEEPROPERTY File Upload viewprofile.php access control
49301Zeeways ZEEJOBSITE File Upload editresume_next.php input validation
492952532gigs checkuser.php sql injection🔒
49294BabbleBoard index.php cross site scripting
49292Apple Mac OS X File Descriptors denial of service [CVE-2009-2194]🔒🔒
49291Apple Mac OS X AppleTalk memory corruption [CVE-2009-2193]🔒🔒
49290Apple Mac OS X credentials management [CVE-2009-2192]🔒🔒
49289Apple Mac OS X format string [CVE-2009-2191]🔒🔒
49288Apple Mac OS X launchd resource management [CVE-2009-2190]🔒🔒
49287Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2009-2188]🔒🔒
49286Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-1728]🔒🔒
49285Apple Mac OS X Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1727]🔒🔒
49284Sun JRE access control🔒🔒
49283Apache APR-util apr-util apr_rmm.c apr_rmm_realloc numeric error🔒🔒
49282Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork information disclosure [CVE-2009-1723]🔒🔒
49281Apple Mac OS X Locking Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0151]🔒🔒
49280Sophos Anti-Virus memory corruption [CVE-2008-6904]
492782532gigs File Upload upload_flyer.php code injection🔒
492772532gigs settings.php path traversal🔒
49276AvailScript Article Script File Upload code injection [CVE-2008-6900]
49275FreeSSHD FTP Command memory corruption [CVE-2008-6899]
49273Andres Garcia Getleft Getleft.exe memory corruption
49272XEmacs glyphs-eimage.c jpeg_instantiate numeric error🔒🔒
49271PHP exif_read_data input validation🔒🔒
49270Sun JRE/JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2676]🔒🔒
49269Sun JRE/JDK access control [CVE-2009-2675]🔒🔒🔒
49268Sun JRE/JDK javaws.exe access control🔒🔒🔒
49267Sun JRE/JDK access control [CVE-2009-2673]🔒🔒
49266Sun JRE/JDK access control [CVE-2009-2672]🔒🔒
49265Sun JRE/JDK information disclosure [CVE-2009-2671]🔒🔒
49264Sun JRE/JDK access control [CVE-2009-2670]🔒🔒
49263IBM AIX LIB_INIT_DBG access control [CVE-2009-2669]🔒
49262Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-2668]🔒
49261IBM TKLM Password Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2667]
49260CS-Cart sql injection
49259Mozilla Firefox SetScriptGlobalObject code injection🔒🔒
49258Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine js_watch_set resource management🔒🔒
49257Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-2663]🔒🔒
49256Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine snapshot memory corruption🔒🔒
49255strongSwan Certificates asn1_length cryptographic issues🔒🔒
49254Jun Furuse CamlImages gifread.c numeric error🔒🔒
49253Django Media path traversal [CVE-2009-2659]🔒🔒
49252ZNC DCC SEND path traversal [CVE-2009-2658]🔒🔒
49251nilf nilfs access control [CVE-2009-2657]
49250Mozilla Firefox Proxy Server input validation [CVE-2009-2470]🔒🔒
49249Apple GarageBand access control [CVE-2009-2198]🔒
49248Google Android denial of service [CVE-2009-2656]
492473CX Phone System Installation login.php information disclosure
492463CX Phone System denial of service [CVE-2008-6895]
49242Microsoft Internet Explorer mshtml.dll input validation [CVE-2009-2655]🔒
49241Mozilla Firefox Address Bar input validation🔒🔒
49240Microsoft Windows NtUserConsoleControl access control [Disputed]🔒
49239Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-2652]
49238Mozilla Network Security Services Network Security Service cert_TestHostName memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
49237Codetoad ASP Forum Script new_message.asp cross site scripting
49236Codetoad ASP Forum Script messages.asp sql injection
49234Pre Classified Listings signup.asp cross site scripting
49233Pre Classified Listings detailad.asp sql injection
49229Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2009-1870]🔒🔒
49228Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2009-1869]🔒🔒🔒
49227Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1868]🔒🔒
49226Adobe Flash Player link following [CVE-2009-1867]🔒🔒
49225Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1866]🔒🔒
49224Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1865]🔒🔒
49223Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1864]🔒🔒
49222Adobe Flash Player access control [CVE-2009-1863]🔒🔒
49221Linux Kernel parse_tag_3_packet memory corruption🔒🔒
49220Linux Kernel parse_tag_11_packet memory corruption🔒🔒
49219OpenEXR memory corruption [CVE-2009-1722]🔒🔒
49218OpenEXR hufUncompress config🔒🔒
49217OpenEXR PreviewImage numeric error🔒🔒
49216Digium Asterisk rtp.c resource management🔒🔒
49215Joompolitan Com Livechat getChatRoom.php sql injection🔒🔒
49214Sorcerersoftware MultiMedia Jukebox memory corruption [CVE-2009-2650]
49213FreeBSD dev access control
49212FlashDen Guestbook phpinfo.php phpinfo access control
49211Kaspersky Internet Security privileges management [CVE-2009-2647]🔒🔒
49210RIM BlackBerry Professional Software PDF Distiller memory corruption
49209Mozilla SeaMonkey Network Security Service input validation [CVE-2009-2408]🔒🔒
49208Joompolitan Com Livechat HTTP Proxy xmlhttp.php input validation
49207Joompolitan Com Livechat getChat.php sql injection🔒🔒
49203Fedorahosted sssd local_handler_callback improper authentication🔒🔒
49202Cisco IOS config [CVE-2009-2049]🔒
49201Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2009-1168]🔒
49200Sun OpenSolaris Subsystem race condition [CVE-2009-2644]🔒
49199Firebird SQL Server input validation [CVE-2009-2620]🔒🔒🔒
49198Microsoft Visual Studio information disclosure [CVE-2009-2495]🔒🔒
49197Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2009-1919]🔒🔒🔒
49196HP Proliant Ml115 denial of service [CVE-2009-1426]
49195Cisco Cisco 4200 Wireless Lan Controller denial of service [CVE-2009-1167]🔒
49194Cisco Catalyst Administrative Web Interface denial of service🔒
49193Cisco Cisco 4200 Wireless Lan Controller resource management🔒
49192Cisco Cisco 4200 Wireless Lan Controller Administrative Web Interface resource management🔒🔒
49191Microsoft Visual Studio Error code injection [CVE-2009-0901]🔒🔒🔒
49190ISC BIND db.c dns_db_findrdataset config🔒🔒🔒🔒
49189RIM BlackBerry Professional Software PDF Distiller memory corruption🔒
49188Desiscripts Desi Short URL Script index.php improper authentication
49187Rich White School Data Nav code injection [CVE-2009-2641]
49186Interlogy Profile Manager sql injection [CVE-2009-2640]
49185MRCGIGUY The Ticket System admin.php sql injection
49184Konze Com Akobook index.php sql injection
49183Ordasoft Com Booklibrary toolbar_ext.php code injection
49182Kerio MailServer cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2636]🔒🔒
49181Ordasoft Com Realestatemanager toolbar_ext.php code injection
49180Ordasoft Com Medialibrary com_media toolbar_ext.php code injection
49179Ordasoft Com Vehiclemanager toolbar_ext.php code injection
49178Squid Proxy input validation🔒🔒🔒
49177Squid Proxy memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
49176Datachecknh V-SpacePal Login login.asp sql injection
49175Maxdev MDPro modules.php sql injection🔒
49174BaoFeng Storm medialib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-2617]🔒
49173Datachecknh SitePal Login z_admin_login.asp sql injection
49172Datachecknh SitePal z_admin_login.asp cross site scripting
49171Datachecknh LinkPal Login z_admin_login.asp sql injection
49170Datachecknh LinkPal z_loginfailed.asp cross site scripting
49169ProSMDR Login login.aspx sql injection
49168Gander MyFusion path traversal [CVE-2009-2611]
49167Scott Courtney Links Package cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2610]
49166Amotools Com Amocourse index.php sql injection
49165Chatelao PHP Address Book delete.php sql injection🔒
49164Pinme Com Pinboard index.php sql injection
49163Brainjar ASP Football Pool access control [CVE-2009-2606]
49162Traidnt Traidnt Up adminquery.php sql injection
49161Zenhelpdesk Zen Help Desk Login adminlogin.asp sql injection
49160E-supportportal Escon SupportPortal Pro index.php sql injection
49159R2newsletter R2 Newsletter Pro access control [CVE-2009-2602]
49158Joomlaequipment JUser index.php sql injection
49157Akiva Webboard view.php path traversal
49156Radscripts RadCLASSIFIEDS index.php sql injection
49155Onlinegrades Online Grades index.php sql injection
49154Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent denial of service🔒
49153Sun Solaris Subsystem denial of service [CVE-2009-2596]🔒
49150Editeurscripts EsPartenaires login.php cross site scripting
49149Censura productSearch.html cross site scripting
49148censura censura.php cross site scripting
49147censura censura.php sql injection
49146PHPJunkYard GBook guestbook.php sql injection
49145Runcms MyAnnonces index.php sql injection
49144Resalecode Hutscripts PHP Website Script showcategory.php sql injection
49143Resalecode Hutscripts PHP Website Script feedback.php cross site scripting
49142Resalecode Hotscripts Type PHP Clone Script feedback.php cross site scripting
49141DragDropCart ddcart.php cross site scripting
49140EDGEPHP EZArticles articles.php cross site scripting
49139Mlffat index.php sql injection
49137Aspsiteware autoDealer sql injection [CVE-2008-6874]
49136Linux Kernel options_write numeric error🔒
49135IBM Tivoli Identity Manager input validation [CVE-2009-2583]
49134Akamai Technologies Download Manager manager.exe memory corruption🔒
49133Adobe Flash Player authplay.dll code injection [CVE-2009-1862]🔒🔒🔒
49132EditeurScripts EsNews modifier.php cross site scripting
49130Active Web Softwares Active Web Mail Addressbook popaccounts.aspx sql injection
49127Merlix Educate Server config.asp access control
49126Oramon Monitoring access control [CVE-2008-6869]
49125EditeurScripts EsBaseAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6868]🔒
49124Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2009-2578]🔒
49123Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2009-2577]🔒
49122Microsoft Internet Explorer Unicode Character resource management🔒
49121RIM BlackBerry 8800 resource management [CVE-2009-2575]
49120Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2472]🔒🔒🔒
49119Mozilla Firefox setTimeout cross site scriting🔒🔒🔒
49118Mozilla Firefox __defineSetter__ resource management🔒🔒🔒
49117Mozilla Firefox CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2009-2468]🔒🔒🔒
49116Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-2467]🔒🔒🔒
49115Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine nsDOMClassInfo.cpp resource management🔒🔒🔒
49114Mozilla Firefox nsHTMLContentSink.cpp Reflow resource management🔒🔒🔒
49113Mozilla Firefox CheckIsSeparator resource management🔒🔒🔒
49112Mozilla Firefox base64.c numeric error [CVE-2009-2463]🔒🔒🔒
49111Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine CreateFloatingLetterFrame resource management🔒🔒🔒
49110Bioscripts MiniTwitter index.php access control
49109Bioscripts MiniTwitter index.php sql injection
49108Lullabot Fivestar Module For Drupal cross-site request forgery
49107VerliAdmin index.php cross site scripting
49106Verlihub Control Panel index.php cross site scripting
49105Sorinara Streaming Audio Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2568]🔒
49104Almondsoft Almond Classifieds index.php sql injection
49103TFM MMPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-2566]🔒
49102T-okada shiromuku(fs6)DIARY cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2565]
49101Adobe Acrobat Reader Installation getPlus_HelperSvc.exe access control🔒🔒
49100Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-2563]🔒🔒
49099Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-2562]🔒🔒
49098Wireshark memory allocation [CVE-2009-2561]🔒🔒
49097Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2009-2559]🔒🔒
49096Adminnewstools Admin News Tools access control [CVE-2009-2558]🔒
49095Adminnewstools Admin News Tools download.php path traversal🔒
49094Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2009-2556]🔒🔒
49093Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2009-2555]🔒🔒
49092Olle Johansson jobline jobline.class.php searchJobPostings sql injection
49091Supersimple Super Simple Blog Script comments.php sql injection🔒
49090Supersimple Super Simple Blog Script comments.php path traversal
49089ScriptsEz Easy Image Downloader main.php cross site scripting Hamster Audio Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2550]🔒
49087Bistudio Arma 2 memory corruption [CVE-2009-2549]
49086Bistudio Arma 2 Error Message format string [CVE-2009-2548]
49085Bistudio Arma 2 numeric error [CVE-2009-2547]
49084Anelectron Advanced Electron Forum Error Message path traversal
49083Anelectron Advanced Electron Forum sql injection [CVE-2009-2545]
49082Marcelo Costa FileServer path traversal [CVE-2009-2544]🔒
49081IBM Proventia Network Mail Security System Vitual Appliance Remote Code Execution
49080Netscape Navigator resource management [CVE-2009-2542]🔒
49079Sony Playstation 3 Web Browser resource management [CVE-2009-2541]
49078Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2009-2540]🔒🔒
49077Aigo Aigo Md P8860 numeric error [CVE-2009-2539]
49076Nokia N810 Internet Tablet resource management [CVE-2009-2538]
49075KDE Konqueror resource management [CVE-2009-2537]🔒🔒
49074Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-2536]🔒
49073Mozilla Thunderbird numeric error [CVE-2009-2535]🔒🔒
49072RealNetworks Helix Server input validation [CVE-2009-2534]🔒🔒
49071RealNetworks Helix Server input validation [CVE-2009-2533]🔒🔒
49070Linux Kernel tun_chr_poll memory corruption🔒🔒
49069Six Apart Movable Type mt-wizard.cgi cross site scripting
49068Google Android Manifest.permission.CAMERA code injection
49067PulseAudio race condition [CVE-2009-1894]🔒🔒
49066ISC dhcp configtest link following🔒🔒
49065ISC dhcp config [CVE-2009-1892]🔒🔒
49064Sun Ray Server Software utaudiod privileges management [CVE-2009-2491]🔒
49063Sun Ray Server Software denial of service [CVE-2009-2490]🔒
49062Sun Ray Server Software unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-2489]🔒
49061Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-2488]🔒🔒
49060Sun OpenSolaris Subsystem frpr_icmp resource management🔒🔒
49059Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-2486]
49058Tingan HT-MP3Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2485]
49057NetBSD numeric error [CVE-2009-2483]
49056NetBSD access control [CVE-2009-2482]
49055Six Apart Movable Type Access Restriction mt-wizard.cgi improper authentication
49054Movabletype Six Apart Movable Type mt-wizard.cgi cross site scripting🔒
49053Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-2479]🔒🔒
49052Mozilla Firefox numeric error [CVE-2009-2478]🔒🔒
49051Cisco Unified Ccx Administration Interface cross site scripting
49050Cisco Unified Ccx Administration Interface path traversal [CVE-2009-2047]
49049Linux Kernel config [CVE-2009-1895]🔒🔒
49048Mozilla Firefox escape code injection🔒🔒🔒
49047Microsoft Virtual Server access control [CVE-2009-1542]🔒🔒
49046Microsoft Windows quartz.dll code injection [CVE-2009-1539]🔒🔒🔒
49045Microsoft Windows quartz.dll input validation [CVE-2009-1538]🔒🔒🔒
49044Microsoft ISA Server access control [CVE-2009-1135]🔒🔒🔒
49043Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1989]
49042Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Profile Manager information disclosure
49041Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1987]🔒
49040Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Manager information disclosure
49039Oracle E-Business Suite Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-1984]
49038Oracle E-Business Suite iStore unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1983]
49037Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework unknown vulnerability
49036Oracle Siebel Enterprise Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1981]
49035Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Privilege Escalation
49034Oracle Secure Backup login.php memory corruption🔒
49033Oracle Secure Backup login.php Remote Code Execution🔒
49032Oracle Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1976]
49031Oracle BEA Product Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1975]🔒
49030Oracle BEA Product Suite Servlet Container Remote Code Execution
49029Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1973]🔒
49028Oracle Database Server Listener denial of service [CVE-2009-1970]🔒
49027Oracle Database Server Auditing information disclosure [CVE-2009-1969]🔒
49026Oracle Database Server cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1968]🔒🔒
49025Oracle Enterprise Manager configHistory unknown vulnerability🔒
49024Oracle Enterprise Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1966]🔒
49023Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1963]🔒
49022Oracle Database Server Replication REPCAT_RPCVALIDATE_REMOTE_RC unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
49021Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-1020]🔒
49020Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1019]🔒🔒
49019Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1015]🔒
49018Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0987]🔒
49017Forkosh mathtex mathtex.cgi access control
49016Forkosh mathtex mathtex.cgi memory corruption
49015Forkosh mimeTeX memory corruption [CVE-2009-2459]🔒🔒
49014Sun Sun Fire Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2458]
49013Novell eDirectory code injection [CVE-2009-2457]🔒🔒
49012Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2009-2456]🔒🔒
49011libtiff tiffcvt numeric error🔒🔒
49010HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Module denial of service🔒
49009HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Module denial of service🔒
49008HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Module denial of service🔒
49007HP ProCurve Threat Management Services zl Module Remote Code Execution🔒
49006Forkosh mathtex mathtex.cgi getdirective code injection🔒
49005Forkosh mimetex mimetex.cgi memory corruption🔒🔒
49004ISC DHCP DHCP Server dhclient.c script_write_params memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
49003Novell eDirectory iMonitor numeric error [CVE-2009-0192]🔒🔒
49002Atmail @mail cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2455]🔒🔒
49001Citrix Licensing Management Console Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2452]🔒
49000Mim.infinix InfiniX index.php sql injection
48996Xigla Absolute Live Support .NET improper authentication [CVE-2008-6864]
48995Xigla Absolute Form improper authentication [CVE-2008-6863]
48994Xigla Absolute Content Rotator improper authentication [CVE-2008-6862]
48993Xigla Absolute Newsletter improper authentication [CVE-2008-6861]
48992Xigla Absolute Poll Manager XE improper authentication [CVE-2008-6860]
48991Xigla Absolute Control Panel XE improper authentication [CVE-2008-6859]
48990Xigla Absolute Banner improper authentication [CVE-2008-6858]
48988Xigla Absolute News Manager.NET improper authentication [CVE-2008-6856]
48987Xigla Absolute News Feed improper authentication [CVE-2008-6855]
48986Xigla Absolute Faq Manager .net improper authentication [CVE-2008-6854]
48985Tallemu Personal Firewall memory corruption [CVE-2009-2450]
48984ADbNewsSender path traversal [CVE-2009-2449]
48983Esoftpro Online Guestbook Pro ogp_show.php cross site scripting
48982Esoftpro Online Guestbook Pro ogp_show.php cross site scripting
48981MySQL dispatch_command format string🔒🔒🔒
48980Sun Java System Web Server jsp::$DATA information disclosure🔒🔒
48979ADbNewsSender path traversal [CVE-2009-2444]
48978Siteframe CMS phpinfo.php phpinfo access control
48977Linea21 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2442]
48976Esoftpro Online Guestbook Pro ogp_show.php cross site scripting
48975Jnmsolutions Guestbook index.php cross site scripting
48974Web Development House Alibaba Clone category.php sql injection
48973ClanSphere Search Module index.php cross site scripting
48972Rentventory index.php cross site scripting
48971Phponlinedatingsoftware MyPHPDating page.php sql injection
48970IBM Lotus Instant Messaging/Web Conferencing Error Message credentials management
48969IBM AIX syscall memory corruption🔒
48968Microsoft Internet Explorer URL AddFavorite memory corruption🔒
48967WordPress Error Message wp-settings.php access control🔒
48966WordPress input validation [CVE-2009-2431]🔒
48965WordPress User Account config [CVE-2009-2336]🔒🔒
48964WordPress User Account config [CVE-2009-2335]🔒🔒
48963WordPress Configuration File admin.php improper authentication🔒🔒🔒
48962Sun OpenSolaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-2430]🔒🔒
48961McAfee SmartFilter credentials management [CVE-2009-2429] Tausch Ticket Script suchauftraege_user.php sql injection
48959Jobbr co-profile.php sql injection
48958Tor relay.c connection_edge_process_relay_cell_not_open denial of service🔒
48957Tor input validation [CVE-2009-2425]🔒
48956Clone2009 Ebay Clone search.php cross site scripting
48955Ebayclonescript Ebay Clone category.php sql injection
48954David Hansson Ruby on Rails improper authentication [CVE-2009-2422]🔒🔒
48953Awingsoft Awakening Winds3D Viewer plugin input validation [CVE-2009-2386]
48952Apache HTTP Server mod_deflate resource management [CVE-2009-1891]🔒🔒
48951OCS Inventory NG memory corruption [CVE-2009-0667]🔒🔒
48950Apple Safari CoreFoundation CoreFoundation.dll input validation🔒🔒
48949Apple Safari Protocol input validation [CVE-2009-2420]🔒🔒
48948Apple Safari servePendingRequests resource management🔒🔒
48947Shinji-chiba SCMPX memory corruption [CVE-2009-2403]
48946PHPEcho CMS index.php sql injection
48945PHPEcho CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2401]
48944Fijiwebdesign Com Php index.php sql injection
48943Dutchmonkey DM FileManager code injection [CVE-2009-2399]🔒
48942PHP-Sugar path traversal [CVE-2009-2398]
48941Audioarticledirectory Audio Article Directory download.php path traversal
48940Dutchmonkey DM Album code injection [CVE-2009-2396]
48939Joomlaworks Com K2 index.php sql injection🔒
48938SMSPages cat.php sql injection
48937Virtuenetz Virtue Online Test Generator access control [CVE-2009-2393]
48936Virtuenetz Virtue Online Test Generator text.php sql injection
48935Virtuenetz Virtue Online Test Generator text.php cross site scripting
48934F-cimag-in Com Bookflip index.php sql injection
48933USOLVED NEWSolved newsscript.php sql injection
48932Shalwan Opial index.php sql injection
48931Sun OpenSolaris Filesystem ldt_rewrite_syscall deadlock
48930Fustrate Member Awards awardsMembers sql injection
48929Mathi PEamp amp.exe memory corruption
48928Blogtrafficexchange Related-sites JAXP BTE_RW_webajax.php sql injection
48927Jay-jayx0r phpMyBlockchecker admin.php improper authentication
48926Gizmo5 Gizmo SSL Certificate credentials management [CVE-2009-2381]🔒
489254homepages 4images functions.php cross site scripting
48924BIGACE Bigace Cms index.php path traversal
48923Jtr Jax FormMailer code injection
48922AVAX-software Avax Vector ActiveX ActiveX Control avPreview.ocx memory corruption
48921TangoCMS Html.php textarea cross site scripting
48920Photo DVD Maker memory corruption [CVE-2009-2375]
48919Drupal credentials management [CVE-2009-2374]🔒🔒
48918Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2373]🔒🔒
48917Drupal code injection [CVE-2009-2372]🔒🔒
48916Michelle Cox Advanced Forum access control [CVE-2009-2371]
48915Michelle Cox Advanced Forum cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2370]
48914wxWidgets image.cpp Create numeric error🔒🔒
48913Matteo Ricchetti Ss5 Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2368]
48912Iomega StorCenter Pro cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2367]
48911Datachecknh ForumPal FE Login login.asp sql injection
48910Datachecknh GalleryPal FE Login login.asp sql injection
48909Mp3-Nator plf memory corruption
48908Yukudr AudioPLUS pls memory corruption
48907Yukudr AudioPLUS memory corruption [CVE-2009-2362]
48906osTicket class.staff.php sql injection
48905Horde passwd cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2360]🔒🔒
48904Yasinkaplan TekRADIUS sql injection [CVE-2009-2359]
48903Yasinkaplan TekRADIUS TekRADIUS.ini credentials management
48902Yasinkaplan TekRADIUS Default Configuration config [CVE-2009-2357]
48901Dan Cahill NullLogic Groupware pgsql pgsqlQuery memory corruption🔒
48900Dan Cahill NullLogic Groupware fmessagelist numeric error🔒
48899NullLogic Groupware Login Page auth_checkpass sql injection🔒
48898eAccelerator encoder.php code injection🔒🔒
48897Google Chrome cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2352]🔒🔒
48896Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2351]🔒
48895Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2350]🔒
48894Microsoft Windows msvidctl.dll code injection [CVE-2008-0020]🔒🔒🔒
48893ClanSphere sql injection [CVE-2009-2345]
48892Sourcefire Defense Center Management Interface access control
48891Zoph people.php cross site scripting
48890Hans Oesterholt CMME admin.php cross site scripting
48889Shalwan Opial albumdetail.php sql injection
48888Opial index.php sql injection
48887Rentventory index.php sql injection
48886FreeWebshop path traversal [CVE-2009-2338]🔒
48885W3bcms Gaestebuch Guestbook Module sql injection
48884NetCat sql injection [CVE-2008-6853]
48883Ice Gallery index.php sql injection
48882PHP Link Directory page.php sql injection CMS Chainuk admin_menu.php path traversal CMS Chainuk Error Message index.php information disclosure CMS Chainuk settings.php code injection CMS Chainuk admin_menu.php cross site scripting
48874Max Kervin KerviNet Forum Error Message information disclosure
48873Max Kervin KerviNet Forum improper authentication [CVE-2009-2328]
48872Max Kervin KerviNet Forum add_voting.php cross site scripting
48871Max Kervin KerviNet Forum index.php sql injection
48870Clicknet CMS index.php path traversal🔒
48869FCKeditor cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2324]
48868Axesstel MV 410R cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2323]
48867Axesstel MV 410R cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2322]
48866Axesstel MV 410R Restore sysconf.cgi denial of service
48865Axesstel MV 410R input validation [CVE-2009-2320]
48864Axesstel MV 410R Default Configuration cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2319]
48863Axesstel MV 410R input validation [CVE-2009-2318]
48862Axesstel MV 410R credentials management [CVE-2009-2317]
48861IBM Tivoli Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2316]
48859Sun Lightweight Availability Collection Tool race condition [CVE-2009-2314]
48858Jun Furuse CamlImages read_png_file_as_rgb24 numeric error🔒🔒
48857Dillo Png_datainfo_callback numeric error🔒🔒
48856FCKeditor Connector Module path traversal [CVE-2009-2265]🔒🔒🔒
48855SuSE Linux Network Service config [CVE-2009-1648]🔒🔒
48854Linux Kernel do_coredump race condition🔒🔒
48853IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction access control🔒
48852XMB Forum cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6728]
48851Max Kervin KerviNet Forum topic.php sql injection
48850Jinzora index.php path traversal🔒
48849McAfee SmartFilter cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2312]
48848Selbstzweck rGallery plugin index.php sql injection
48847Bow Der Kleine X-BLC sql injection [CVE-2009-2310]
48846Codice CMS index.php sql injection
48845Punres Affiliates Mod affiliates.php sql injection
48844MAXdev CWGuestBook modules.php sql injection
48843Armassa Ard-9808 Software Camera dvr.ini access control
48842Armassa Ard-9808 Software input validation [CVE-2009-2305]
48841Avatic Aardvark Topsites PHP Error Message index.php input validation
48840Avatic Aardvark Topsites PHP Error Message index.php input validation
48839Avatic Aardvark Topsites PHP index.php cross site scripting
48838radware Gateway input validation [CVE-2009-2301]
48837phion airlock Web Application Firewall resource management [CVE-2009-2300]
48836Artofdefence Hyperguard input validation [CVE-2009-2299]
48835HP OpenView Network Node Manager webappmon.exe memory corruption
48834Sun OpenSolaris Kernel Patch crgetlabel denial of service🔒
48833Sun OpenSolaris Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2296]🔒
48832HP ONCplus denial of service [CVE-2009-1421]🔒
48831Pre ASP Job Board cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6847]
48827cPanel index.php path traversal
48826Pluck CMS path traversal [CVE-2008-6842]
48825Tutorial-share Tutorial Share access control [CVE-2009-2293]
48824Appleple a-News cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2292]
48823Chad Phillips LoginToboggan Access Restriction access control
48822Kim Eckert Com Bsadv index.php sql injection
48821Arcade Trade Script index.php cross site scripting
48820Nagios traceroute statuswml.cgi os command injection🔒🔒🔒
48819Linux Kernel kvm_arch_vcpu_ioctl_set_sregs input validation🔒🔒
48818James Ashton compface memory corruption [CVE-2009-2286]🔒
48817libtiff LZWDecodeCompat memory corruption🔒🔒
48816phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2284]🔒🔒
48815Sun Java Web Console cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2283]🔒🔒
48814Sun OpenSolaris Terminal Server access control [CVE-2009-2282]🔒
48813Biglle Vote For Us extension voteforus.php sql injection
48812cPanel path traversal [CVE-2009-2275]
48811Huawei D100 Router lan_status_adv.asp information disclosure
48810Huawei D100 Router Default Configuration cryptographic issues
48809Huawei D100 Router cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2272]
48808Huawei D100 Router Default Password credentials management [CVE-2009-2271]
48807DeDeCMS File Upload code injection [CVE-2009-2270]
48806Phome Empire CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-2269]
48805Sun Java System Access Manager Domain Controller cross site scripting🔒
48804Pidgin resource management [CVE-2009-1889]🔒🔒
48803Gmitc Com Dbquery code injection [CVE-2008-6841]🔒
48802Christof Bruyland V-webmail code injection [CVE-2008-6840]🔒
48801Awesomephp Mega File Manager index.php path traversal
48800Myiosoft AjaxPortal Installation code injection [CVE-2009-2262]🔒
48799Giorgio Tani PeaZIP input validation [CVE-2009-2261]🔒🔒
48798stardict information disclosure [CVE-2009-2260]🔒🔒
48796Netgear DG632 Administrative Web Interface path traversal [CVE-2009-2258]
48795Netgear DG632 Administrative Web Interface improper authentication
48794Netgear DG632 Administrative Web Interface input validation [CVE-2009-2256]🔒
48793Zen Cart record_company.php improper authentication🔒🔒🔒
48792Zen Cart sqlpatch.php sql injection🔒🔒🔒
48791Aaronoutpost ASP Inline Corporate Calendar active_appointments.asp sql injection
48790Aaronoutpost ASP Inline Corporate Calendar active_appointments.asp sql injection
48789Aaronoutpost ASP Inline Corporate Calendar search.asp cross site scripting
48788AD2000 free-sw leger cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2240]
48787Com Casinobase index.php sql injection
48786DMXReady Registration Manager File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-2238]
48785Karim Ratib Views Bulk Operations Access Restriction privileges management
48784Yourarticlesdirectory Your Articles Directory sql injection [CVE-2009-2236]
48783Yourarticlesdirectory Your Articles Directory page.php sql injection
48782VICIDIAL Call Center Suite admin.php sql injection🔒🔒
48781TGS CMS login.php cross site scripting
48780Zoph search.php cross site scripting
48779Zoph sql injection [CVE-2008-6837]
48776AWScripts Gallery Search Engine Admin Interface improper authentication
48775Softbiz Banner Ad Management Script image.php sql injection MIDAS improper authentication [CVE-2009-2231]
48773MyBB sql injection [CVE-2009-2230]
48772Kasseler CMS engine.php path traversal
48771Kasseler CMS engine.php cross site scripting
48770Blabsoft Bopup Communication Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-2227]🔒🔒
48769Red Hat Enterprise Linux numeric error [CVE-2009-1887]🔒🔒
48768Unisys Business Information Server mnet.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
48767Motorola Timbuktu Pro memory corruption [CVE-2009-1394]🔒🔒🔒
48766Php.s3 Tree BBS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2226]
48765SureThing CD/DVD Labeler memory corruption [CVE-2009-2225]
48764AN Guestbook path traversal [CVE-2009-2224]🔒
48763Teozkr LightOpenCMS path traversal [CVE-2009-2223]🔒
48762Php.s3 PHP-I-BOARD path traversal [CVE-2009-2222]
48761Php.s3 PHP-I-BOARD cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2221]
48760Tribiq CMS path traversal
48759David Degner phpCollegeExchange home.php cross site scripting
48758David Degner phpCollegeExchange i_head.php code injection
48757Phantom-inker NBBC cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2217]
48756Jbmc-software DirectAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2216]
48755Urdland URD Error Page cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2215]
48754Citrix Secure Gateway resource management [CVE-2009-2214]🔒
48753Citrix Netscaler Access Gateway Default Configuration config
48752IBM Rational ClearQuest information disclosure [CVE-2009-2212]
48751IBM Rational ClearQuest cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2211]
48750Mozilla Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2009-2210]🔒🔒
48749Cisco ASA CIFS Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-1203]🔒🔒
48748Cisco ASA +CSCO cross site scripting🔒🔒
48747Cisco ASA crafted cross site scripting🔒🔒
48746RS-CMS rscms_mod_newsview.php sql injection
48745FreeBSD Interfaces access control [CVE-2009-2208]
48744strongswan IKE Daemon input validation [CVE-2009-2185]🔒🔒
48743Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-2187]
48742Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-2186]🔒
48741Cisco Video Surveillance 2500 Series IP Camera Embedded Web Server information disclosure🔒
48740Cisco Video Surveillance Stream Manager Firmware denial of service🔒
48739Samba Access Control List acl_group_override access control🔒🔒
48738Samba format string [CVE-2009-1886]🔒🔒
48737Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1860]🔒🔒🔒
48736Cisco Physical Access Gateway resource management [CVE-2009-1163]🔒
48735IBM WebSphere Application Server Access Restriction information disclosure🔒
48734Gravy-media Media Photo Host forcedownload.php path traversal Campsite ad.php path traversal🔒 Campsite ad_popup.php code injection🔒 Campsite list_dir.php cross site scripting🔒
48730Pc4arb Pc4 Uploader index.php path traversal
48729W2b phpDatingClub search.php sql injection🔒
48728W2b phpDatingClub website.php cross site scripting🔒
48727fuzzylime cms display.php path traversal🔒
48726fuzzylime cms confirm.php path traversal🔒
48725Henning Makholm xcftools flatten.c flattenIncrementally memory corruption🔒🔒
48724GUPnP denial of service [CVE-2009-2174]🔒🔒
48723Gameis Carom3D resource management [CVE-2009-2173]
48722Dream Radio/TV Player addon for vBulletin cross site scripting
48721Foxit Reader resource management [CVE-2009-0691]🔒🔒
48720Mahara Permission Check access control [CVE-2009-2171]🔒🔒
48719Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2170]🔒🔒
48718Edraw PDF Viewer Component ActiveX Control pdfviewer.ocx code injection🔒
48717EgyPlus 7ammel improper authentication [CVE-2009-2168]
48716EgyPlus 7ammel sql injection [CVE-2009-2167]
48715OCS Inventory NG cvs.php path traversal🔒
48714SerendipityNZ Serene Bach Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2165]
48713Kjtechforce mailman activate.php sql injection
48712Sitecore CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2163]🔒
48711fuzzylime cms path traversal [CVE-2008-6834]
48709Ishii PukiWikiMod cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2162]
48708TorrentTrader Classic Backend path traversal [CVE-2009-2161]🔒
48707TorrentTrader Classic phpinfo.php access control🔒
48706TorrentTrader Classic backup-database.php improper authentication🔒
48705TorrentTrader Classic account-recover.php credentials management🔒
48704TorrentTrader Classic account-inbox.php sql injection🔒
48703TorrentTrader Classic requests.php cross site scripting🔒
48702WebNMS cross site scripting Impleo Music Collection sql injection [CVE-2009-2154] Impleo Music Collection index.php cross site scripting
48699Isabela Gasparini AdaptWeb a_index.php sql injection🔒
48698AdaptWeb index.php path traversal
48697Campus Virtual-LMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2150]
48696Campus Virtual-LMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2149]
48695Campus Virtual-LMS sql injection [CVE-2009-2148]
48694phpWebThings fdown.php sql injection
48693SugarCRM File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-2146]
48692Pantha transLucid cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2145]
48691Edgewall FireStats sql injection [CVE-2009-2144]🔒🔒
48690firestats firestats-wordpress.php code injection🔒🔒
48689Zipstore Zip Store Chat sql injection [CVE-2009-2142]
48688TBDev TBDev.NET makepoll.php cross site scripting
48687TBDev TBDev.NET login.php input validation
48686Sun OpenSolaris Device Driver resource management [CVE-2009-2137]🔒
48685Sun OpenSolaris TCP/IP Networking denial of service [CVE-2009-2136]
48684Sun Solaris Event Port API race condition [CVE-2009-2135]
48683pivot Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-2134]🔒
48682Pivot index.php cross site scripting🔒
486814homepages 4images global.php path traversal
486804homepages 4images member.php cross site scripting
48679Elvinbts inc information disclosure
48678Elvinbts login.php cross-site request forgery
48677Elvinbts close_bug.php sql injection
48676Elvinbts show_activity.php cross site scripting
48675Elvinbts close_bug.php cross site scripting
48674Elvinbts Access Restriction delete_bug.php access control
48673Elvinbts page.php path traversal
48672Elvinbts sql injection [CVE-2009-2123]
48671Paolo Palmonari Photoracer Plugin For Wordpress viewimg.php sql injection🔒
48670Apple iPhone OS resource management [CVE-2009-1692]🔒🔒🔒
48669Apple iPhone OS Telephony denial of service [CVE-2009-1683]
48668Apple iPhone OS information disclosure [CVE-2009-1680]
48667Apple iPhone OS Password Policy access control [CVE-2009-1679]
48666Apple iPhone OS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0961]
48665Apple iPhone OS information disclosure [CVE-2009-0960]
48664Apple iPhone OS input validation [CVE-2009-0959]
48663Apple iPhone OS information disclosure [CVE-2009-0958]
48662TekBase TekBase All-in-One admin.php sql injection
48661F5 Rising my.logon.php3 cross site scripting
48660IrfanView screen code injection [CVE-2009-2118]🔒
48659phPortal uye_paneli.php improper authentication
48658SkyBlueCanvas admin.php path traversal
48657SkyBlueCanvas Error Message admin.php information disclosure
48656SkyBlueCanvas admin.php cross site scripting
48655Daan Sprenkels FretsWeb player.php sql injection
48654Frank-karau phpFK page_bottom.php path traversal
48653Jnmsolutions DB Top Sites add_reg.php code injection
48652Jnmsolutions DB Top Sites full.php path traversal
48651Daan Sprenkels FretsWeb charts.php path traversal
48650Git resource management [CVE-2009-2108]🔒🔒
48649FreeBSD pipe_build_write_buffer numeric error
48648Webmediaexplorer Webmedia Explorer Event index.php cross site scripting🔒
48647Projektseminar Proservice Wwu Virtual Civil Services sql injection
48646Kasper Skrhj References database sql injection [CVE-2009-2105]
48645Udo Von Eynern Modern Guest Book Commenting System cross site scripting
48644Steve Grundell Frontend MP3 Player sql injection [CVE-2009-2103]
48643Com Jumi index.php sql injection🔒
48642Castro Xl TorrentVolve archive.php path traversal🔒
48641JoomlaPraise Com Projectfork index.php path traversal
48640iJoomla Com Rssfeeder index.php sql injection
48639Micheal Glazer phPortal topicler.php sql injection
48638Zokisoft Zoki Catalog sql injection [CVE-2009-2097]
48637David Degner phpCollegeExchange sql injection [CVE-2009-2096]
48636Mundi King Mundi Mail allow_url_fopen code injection [CVE-2009-2095]
48635Llnl Slurm credentials management [CVE-2009-2084]🔒🔒
48634CA ARCserve Backup input validation [CVE-2009-1761]🔒
48633Sun JRE apple.laf.CColourUIResource code injection🔒🔒🔒
48632Paul Marquess Compress-raw-zlib Perl Module Downloader Zlib.xs Zlib numeric error🔒🔒
48631Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2009-1389]🔒🔒
48630Mattias Hutterer Taxonomy manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2083]
48629Creative Web Solutions Multi-Level CMS insidepage.php sql injection
48628dxstudio DX Studio Player Javascript API shell.execute os command injection🔒🔒🔒
48627Mutt mutt_ssl.c improper authentication🔒🔒
48626Apache Tomcat Access Restriction path traversal [CVE-2008-5515]🔒🔒
48625phpWebThings help.php path traversal🔒
48624MRCGIGUY The Ticket System admin.php access control
48623Drupal Taxonomy manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2079]
48622Heine.familiedeelstra Booktree cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2078]
48621Angrydonuts Views Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-2077]
48620Drupal Views cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2076]
48619Angrydonuts Nodequeue access control [CVE-2009-2075]
48618Drupal Nodequeue cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2074]
48617Cisco WRT160N cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2073]
48616Apple Safari improper authentication [CVE-2009-2072]🔒
48615Google Chrome Proxy Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-2071]🔒🔒
48614Opera Web Browser Proxy Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-2070]🔒🔒
48613Microsoft Internet Explorer Certificate improper authentication
48612Google Chrome improper authentication [CVE-2009-2068]🔒
48611Opera Web Browser improper authentication [CVE-2009-2067]🔒🔒
48610Apple Safari improper authentication [CVE-2009-2066]
48609Mozilla Firefox improper authentication [CVE-2009-2065]🔒🔒
48608Microsoft Internet Explorer improper authentication [CVE-2009-2064]
48607Opera Web Browser improper authentication [CVE-2009-2063]🔒🔒
48606Apple Safari improper authentication [CVE-2009-2062]🔒
48605Mozilla Firefox cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-2061]🔒🔒
48604Google Chrome Proxy Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-2060]🔒🔒
48603Opera Web Browser Proxy Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-2059]🔒🔒
48602Apple Safari improper authentication [CVE-2009-2058]🔒
48601Microsoft Internet Explorer Host Header improper authentication
48600Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2009-2044]🔒🔒
48599Mozilla Firefox nsViewManager.cpp input validation🔒🔒
48598Mozilla Firefox xpcwrappedjsclass.cpp code injection🔒🔒🔒
48597Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-1840]🔒🔒🔒
48596Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-1839]🔒🔒🔒
48595Mozilla Firefox Event code injection [CVE-2009-1838]🔒🔒🔒
48594Mozilla Firefox Wrapper xul.dll NPObjWrapper_NewResolve race condition🔒🔒🔒
48593Mozilla Firefox Proxy Server improper authentication [CVE-2009-1836]🔒🔒🔒
48592Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2009-1835]🔒🔒🔒
48591Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2009-1834]🔒🔒🔒
48590Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine jsinterp.c code injection🔒🔒🔒
48589Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2009-1832]🔒🔒🔒
48588Mozilla Thunderbird Browser Engine GetContentState code injection🔒🔒🔒
48587libpng information disclosure [CVE-2009-2042]🔒🔒
48586activeCollab cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2041]
48585Grestul improper authentication [CVE-2009-2040]
48584osCommerce Luottokunta privileges management [CVE-2009-2039]
48583osCommerce Finnish Bank Payment privileges management [CVE-2009-2038]
48582Onlinegrades Online Grades index.php path traversal🔒
48581Geekbill Open Biller index.php sql injection
48580Drupal Services Module For Drupal unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-2035]🔒
48579Ricardo Alexandre De Oliveira Staudt Yogurt writemessage.php sql injection
48578Ricardo Alexandre De Oliveira Staudt Yogurt index.php cross site scripting
48577Pagedowntech PDshopPro search.asp cross site scripting
48576Sun OpenSolaris smbfs information disclosure [CVE-2009-2031]
48575Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2030]
48574Ruby numeric error [CVE-2009-1904]🔒🔒
48573Rasterbar Software libtorrent path traversal [CVE-2009-1760]🔒🔒
48572Microsoft PowerPoint FL21WIN.DLL code injection [CVE-2009-0202]
48571Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-2029]🔒🔒
48570Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-2028]🔒🔒
48569Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-1861]🔒🔒
48568Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2009-1859]🔒🔒
48567Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2009-1858]🔒🔒
48566Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2009-1857]🔒🔒
48565Adobe Acrobat numeric error [CVE-2009-1856]🔒🔒🔒
48564Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-1855]🔒🔒🔒
48563HP OpenView Network Node Manager stack-based overflow [CVE-2009-1420]🔒
48562Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0889]🔒🔒
48561Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0888]🔒🔒
48560Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0512]🔒🔒
48559Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0511]🔒🔒
48558Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0510]🔒🔒
48557Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0509]🔒🔒
48556Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0198]🔒🔒
48555Apple Safari Installation access control [CVE-2009-2027]🔒🔒
48554Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2009-1134]🔒🔒🔒
48553Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-1126]🔒🔒
48552Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-1125]🔒🔒
48551Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-1124]🔒🔒
48550Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-1123]🔒🔒
48549Microsoft IIS improper authentication [CVE-2009-1122]🔒🔒🔒
48548Microsoft Office numeric error [CVE-2009-0561]🔒🔒🔒
48547Microsoft Office resource management [CVE-2009-0560]🔒🔒🔒
48546Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2009-0559]🔒🔒🔒
48545Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2009-0558]🔒🔒🔒
48544Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2009-0557]🔒🔒🔒
48543Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2009-0549]🔒🔒🔒
48542Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-1718]🔒🔒
48541Apple Safari access control [CVE-2009-1716]🔒🔒
48540Apple Safari Web Inspector cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1715]🔒🔒
48539Apple Safari Web Inspector cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1714]🔒🔒
48538Apple Safari document information disclosure🔒🔒
48537Apple Safari code injection [CVE-2009-1712]🔒🔒
48536Apple Safari resource management [CVE-2009-1711]🔒🔒🔒
48535Apple Safari authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-1710]🔒🔒
48534Apple Safari Set.targetElement resource management🔒🔒🔒
48533Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-1708]🔒🔒
48532Apple Safari Stored race condition [CVE-2009-1707]🔒🔒
48531Apple Safari Private Browsing information disclosure [CVE-2009-1706]🔒🔒
48530Apple Safari CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2009-1705]🔒🔒
48529Apple Safari code injection [CVE-2009-1704]🔒🔒
48528Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-1703]🔒🔒
48527Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1702]🔒🔒
48526Apple Safari resource management [CVE-2009-1701]🔒🔒🔒
48525Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-1700]🔒🔒
48524Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-1699]🔒🔒
48523Apple Safari attr code injection🔒🔒🔒
48522Apple Safari Same Origin Policy input validation [CVE-2009-1697]🔒🔒
48521Apple Safari cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1696]🔒🔒
48520Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1695]🔒🔒
48519Microsoft Works memory corruption [CVE-2009-1533]🔒🔒
48518Microsoft ADAM Active Directory resource management [CVE-2009-1139]🔒🔒
48517Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-1138]🔒🔒🔒
48516Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2009-0568]🔒🔒
48515Microsoft Office Word Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0565]🔒🔒🔒
48514Microsoft Office Word Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0563]🔒🔒🔒
48513Microsoft Windows Search cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0239]🔒🔒
48512Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2009-0230]🔒🔒
48511Microsoft Windows information disclosure [CVE-2009-0229]🔒🔒
48510Apple Safari cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1694]🔒🔒
48509Apple Safari cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1693]🔒🔒
48508Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1691]🔒🔒
48507Apple Safari Event resource management [CVE-2009-1690]🔒🔒
48506Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1689]🔒🔒
48505Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1688]🔒🔒
48504Apple Safari Javascript Garbage Collector resource management🔒🔒
48503Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2009-1686]🔒🔒
48502Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1685]🔒🔒
48501Apple Safari Event cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1684]🔒🔒
48500Apple Safari credentials management [CVE-2009-1682]🔒🔒
48499Apple Safari Same Origin Policy cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1681]🔒🔒
48498Microsoft IIS Password Protection improper authentication [CVE-2009-1535]🔒🔒🔒
48497ubuntu Installation information disclosure [CVE-2009-1296]🔒🔒
48496eBay Enhanced Picture Uploader ActiveX control ActiveX Control EPUWALcontrol.dll os command injection🔒
48495Dutchmonkey DM FileManager access control [CVE-2009-2025]🔒
48494Vt.rovno ASP VT Auth access control [CVE-2009-2024]
48493Shop-Script index.php sql injection
48492Fipsasp fipsCMS Light access control [CVE-2009-2022]
48491Virtuenetz Virtue Classifieds search.php sql injection
48490Virtuenetz Virtue News Manager news_detail.php cross site scripting
48489Virtuenetz Virtue News Manager news_detail.php sql injection
48488Jaredeckersley MyCars sql injection [CVE-2009-2018]
48487Virtuenetz Virtue Book Store products.php sql injection
48486Virtuenetz Virtue Shopping Mall products.php sql injection
48485Ideal Com Moofaq path traversal [CVE-2009-2015]
48484Com School SSID index.php sql injection
48483Frontisgroup Frontis sql injection [CVE-2009-2013]
48482Sun OpenSolaris CIFS Server denial of service [CVE-2009-2012]
48481Apple CUPS resource management [CVE-2009-1196]🔒🔒
48480Apple cups IPP Request ippReadIO resource management🔒🔒
48479Apple CUPS Decrypt.cxx numeric error🔒🔒
48478Haudenschilt Family Connections CMS messageboard.php sql injection
48477Dokeos cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2009]
48476Dokeos sql injection [CVE-2009-2008]
48475Dokeos Hotspot path traversal [CVE-2009-2007]
48474Dokeos cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2006]
48473Dokeos cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-2005]
48472Dokeos sql injection [CVE-2009-2004]🔒
48471Ascadnetworks Password Protector SD improper authentication [CVE-2009-2003]
48467VicFTPS input validation [CVE-2008-6829]🔒
48466Symantec Altiris Deployment Solution cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6828]🔒
48463Debian Linux link following [CVE-2009-1962]🔒🔒
48462Linux Kernel race condition [CVE-2009-1961]🔒🔒
48461DokuWiki code injection [CVE-2009-1960]🔒🔒
48460irssi event_wallops numeric error🔒🔒
48459strongSWAN resource management [CVE-2009-1958]🔒🔒
48458strongSWAN resource management [CVE-2009-1957]🔒🔒
48457IBM AIX Portmapper denial of service [CVE-2009-1954]
48456IBM FileNet Content Manager access control [CVE-2009-1953]
48455HP Discovery / Dependency Mapping Inventory information disclosure🔒
48454Propertymaxpro PropertyMax Pro FREE sql injection [CVE-2009-1952]
48453Propertymaxpro PropertyMax Pro FREE index.php cross site scripting
48452Ahmet Donmez WebEyes Guest Book yorum.asp sql injection
48451Unclassified NewsBoard Error Message import_wbb1.php information disclosure
48450Unclassified NewsBoard forum.php path traversal
48449Unclassified NewsBoard database.lib.php UnbDbEncode sql injection
48448AdaptBB latestposts.php code injection
48447Tzo webCal webCal3_detail.asp sql injection
48446AIMP memory corruption [CVE-2009-1944]🔒
48445Safenet-inc SoftRemote ireIke.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
48443Drupal Quiz cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1942]
48442Phpeasycode PAD Site Scripts access control [CVE-2009-1941]
48441Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1940]🔒🔒
48440Joomla CMS JA_Purity Template ja_templatetools.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
48439Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1938]🔒🔒
48438LightNEasy cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1937]🔒
48437cpCommerce functions.php input validation
48436Sun Java System Web Server Proxy Plug-In cross site scripting🔒🔒
48435Sun Solaris Kerberos credentials management [CVE-2009-1933]🔒
48434Apple Mac OS X Terminal numeric error [CVE-2009-1717]🔒🔒🔒
48433Cisco IronPort AsyncOS Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1162]
48432Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2009-0783]🔒🔒
48431Apache Tomcat j_security_check information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
48430Apache Tomcat mod_jk input validation [CVE-2009-0033]🔒🔒🔒
48429GStreamer Good Plug-ins gstpngdec.c numeric error [CVE-2009-1932]🔒🔒
48428GScripts DNS Tools dig.php os command injection🔒🔒
48427ICQ ICQToolBar.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-1915]🔒
48426Linux Kernel pci_register_iommu_region input validation🔒🔒
48425LuxBum manager.php sql injection
48424webSPELL language.php path traversal
48423TinyWebGallery path traversal [CVE-2009-1911]🔒🔒
48422Rafal Kucharski RTWebalbum index.php sql injection🔒
48421Openskip Skip sql injection [CVE-2009-1909]
48420Openskip Skip cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1908]
48419claroline cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1907]🔒
48418OpenSSL dtls1_retrieve_buffered_fragment resource management🔒🔒
48417OpenSSL null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-1386]🔒🔒
48416Intel e1000 e1000 Driver e1000_main.c e1000_clean_rx_irq numeric error🔒🔒
48415A-LINK WL54AP2 Management Interface cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6824]
48412IBM DB2 DRDA Services memory corruption [CVE-2009-1906]🔒🔒
48411IBM DB2 Password Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2009-1905]🔒🔒
48410IBM DB2 memory corruption [CVE-2008-6821]🔒🔒
48407ModSecurity Protection Feature config [CVE-2009-1903]🔒🔒
48406ModSecurity null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-1902]🔒🔒
48405IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1901]🔒
48404IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console information disclosure🔒
48403IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-1899]🔒
48402IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console information disclosure🔒
48401IBM WebSphere Application Server IBM WebSphere Portal access control🔒
48400IBM WebSphere MQ memory corruption [CVE-2009-0896]🔒
48399Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0957]🔒🔒🔒
48398Apple QuickTime resource management [CVE-2009-0956]🔒🔒
48397Apple QuickTime code injection [CVE-2009-0955]🔒🔒🔒
48396Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0954]🔒🔒🔒
48395Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0953]🔒🔒🔒
48394Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0952]🔒🔒🔒
48393Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0951]🔒🔒🔒
48392xvid Windows Media Player decoder_create memory corruption🔒
48391xvid Windows Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0893]🔒
48390Apple QuickTime resource management [CVE-2009-0188]🔒🔒
48389Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0185]🔒🔒
48388ImageMagick xwindow.c XMakeImage numeric error🔒🔒
48387MT312 IMG-BBS model.php cross site scripting
48386MT312 REP-BBS model.php cross site scripting
48384Sun iPlanet Web Server Default Configuration config [CVE-2004-2763]
48383sun J2EE sql injection [CVE-2003-1573]
48382Sun JMF denial of service [CVE-2003-1572]🔒
48380Cmsnx Million Dollar Text Links improper authentication [CVE-2009-1854]
48379Kenseiboard Kensei Board index.php sql injection
48378Graphiks MyForum sql injection [CVE-2009-1852]
48377Benjamin Curtis phpBugTracker include.php sql injection🔒
48376Benjamin Curtis phpBugTracker index.php sql injection🔒
48375Paessler Prtg Traffic Grapher6.0.5.416 Monitor_Bandwidth cross site scripting🔒
48374JoomlaMe Com Agoragroup index.php sql injection
48373Easy PX 41 CMS index.php path traversal
48372Bjsintay SiteX Themes path traversal [CVE-2009-1846]🔒
48371Lussumo Vanilla cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1845]🔒
48370VMware Workstation me Account denial of service [CVE-2009-1805]🔒🔒
48369Microsoft Windows race condition [CVE-2008-6819]🔒
48368Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1844]🔒
48367Glenn Mcgurrin Flash Quiz Core num_questions.php sql injection
48366PHP-Nuke sql injection [CVE-2009-1842]🔒
48365Mole-group Real Estate Script credentials management [CVE-2008-6818]
48364Mole-group Lastminute Script credentials management [CVE-2008-6817]
48363NullSoft WinAmp gen_ff.dll numeric error [CVE-2009-1831]🔒🔒
48362Slsknet Soulseek memory corruption [CVE-2009-1830]
48361Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-1829]🔒🔒
48360Mozilla Firefox Event resource management [CVE-2009-1828]🔒🔒
48359Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-1827]🔒
48358Collector myGesuad improper authentication [CVE-2009-1826]
48357Collector myColex improper authentication [CVE-2009-1825]
48356ArcaBit ArcaVir 2009 System Protection Virus Protection input validation🔒
48355StoneTrip S3DPlayer StandAlone system.openURL os command injection🔒
48354Drupal Print cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1823]
48353Gonzalo Maser Com Artforms Assets imgcaptcha.php code injection
48352DMXReady Registration Manager access control [CVE-2009-1821]
483512daybiz Custom T-shirt Design Script product.php cross site scripting
483502daybiz Custom T-shirt Design Script product.php sql injection
48349MaxCMS sql injection [CVE-2009-1818]
48348Digimode10 Maya memory corruption [CVE-2009-1817]
48347Mygamescript My Game Script admin.php sql injection
48346Sonicspot Audioactive Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1815]🔒
48345Jevontech PHPenpals mail.php sql injection
48344Submitterscript index.php sql injection
48343Collector myGesuad sql injection [CVE-2009-1812]
48342Collector myGesuad cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1811]
48341Collector myColex sql injection [CVE-2009-1810]
48340Collector myColex cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1809]
48339Microsoft Windows denial of service [CVE-2009-1808]🔒
48338BaoFeng Storm Config.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-1807]🔒
48337IBM Hardware Management Console Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1806]
48336Linux Kernel cifs_readdir memory corruption🔒🔒
48335Eyrie Pam-krb5 User Account improper authentication [CVE-2009-1384]🔒🔒
48334Apache HTTP Server htaccess shtml config🔒🔒
48333VideoScript YouTube Video Script sql injection [CVE-2009-1804]
48332FreePBX Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-1803]
48331FreePBX cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1802]
48330FreePBX reports.php cross site scripting
48329Chinagames iGame ActiveX Control CGAgent.dll memory corruption🔒
48328Sebastian-thiele ST-Gallery getGalleryImage sql injection
48326MyKtools mykdownload.php improper authentication
48325Jan De Graaff Com Simpleboard File Upload image_upload.php input validation
48324ATEN KN9116 IP KVM switch cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1477]
48323ATEN KN9116 IP KVM switch Firmware cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1474]
48322ATEN KH1516i IP KVM switch Firmware cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1473]
48321ATEN KN9116 IP KVM switch Encryption Key cryptographic issues
48320Red Hat Certificate System Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0588]
48319Sun Java System Portal Server Error Page cross site scripting
48318Sun Solaris numeric error [CVE-2008-3870]🔒🔒🔒
48317Sun Solaris memory corruption [CVE-2008-3869]🔒🔒🔒
48316NullSoft WinAmp memory corruption [CVE-2009-1791]🔒🔒
48315CGI RESCUE cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1790]
48314Eggheads Eggdrop servrmsg.c denial of service🔒🔒
48313NullSoft WinAmp memory corruption [CVE-2009-1788]🔒🔒
48312Phpdirsubmit PHP Dir Submit sql injection [CVE-2009-1787]
48311IBM AIX Subsystem race condition [CVE-2009-1786]🔒
48310Google Android Installation PackageManagerService improper authentication
48309Novell GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2009-1636]🔒🔒
48308Novell GroupWise Session Management Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1634]
48307Darren Reed IPFilter load_http.c memory corruption [CVE-2009-1476]
48306Pidgin Protocol numeric error [CVE-2009-1376]🔒🔒
48305Pidgin memory corruption [CVE-2009-1375]🔒🔒
48304Pidgin decrypt_out memory corruption🔒🔒
48303Pidgin memory corruption [CVE-2009-1373]🔒🔒
48302Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop header.php cross site scripting
48301AVG AVG anti-virus Malware Detection input validation [CVE-2009-1784]🔒
48300F-Prot Antivirus Malware Detection input validation [CVE-2009-1783]🔒
48299F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper Malware Detection Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
48298Roboform Php Recommend admin.php code injection
48297Roboform Php Recommend admin.php access control
48296Roboform Php Recommend admin.php code injection
48295BigACE BigACE CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-1778]
48294Matt Wright FormMail input validation
48293Matt Wright FormMail cross site scripting🔒
48292Ulteo Open Virtual Desktop cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1775]
48291SquirrelMail ypmatch map_yp_alias privileges management🔒🔒
48290Strawberry path traversal [CVE-2009-1774]
48289activeCollab Error Message input validation [CVE-2009-1773]
48288activeCollab cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1772]
48287Flyspeck CMS index.php access control
48286Flyspeck CMS Addressbook path traversal [CVE-2009-1770]🔒
48285OCS Inventory NG Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-1769]🔒🔒
48284Ramazeiten Ramazaitencms0.9.7.6 download.php path traversal
482832daybiz Template Monster Clone access control [CVE-2009-1767]
48282Teozkr LightOpenCMS index.php sql injection
48281Pluck-cms pluck path traversal [CVE-2009-1765]
48280Bokecc MaxCMS sql injection [CVE-2009-1764]
48279Sun OpenSolaris Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2009-1763]
48278Novell GroupWise Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1762]
48277Novell GroupWise Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1635]🔒
48276Emn Coccinelle link following [CVE-2009-1753]🔒🔒
48274Rahul dTorrent BuildFromMI memory corruption🔒🔒
48273Linux Foundation Xen hypervisor_callback resource management🔒🔒
48272Transmission cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1757]🔒🔒
48271Simone Rota SLiM Simple Login Manager app.cpp information disclosure🔒🔒
48270Nlnetlabs nsd packet.c packet_read_query_section numeric error🔒🔒
48269exJune Office Message System configure.asp access control
48268Realtywebware Realty Web-base list_list.php sql injection
48267Omnisoftsol VidSharePro File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-1750]
48266Joost Horward Catviz index.php cross site scripting
48265Joost Horward Catviz index.php path traversal
4826426thavenue bSpeak index.php sql injection
48263Surat Kabar phpWebNews MySQL index.php sql injection
48262Surat Kabar phpWebNews MySQL bukutamu.php sql injection
48261Diangemilang DGNews berita.php sql injection
48260Armorlogic Profense Web Application Firewall credentials management
48259IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2009-0897]
48258Sun Java System Communications Express Address Book cross site scripting🔒
48257Armorlogic Profense Web Application Firewall access control [CVE-2009-1594]
48256Armorlogic Profense Web Application Firewall cross site scripting
48255Cisco Ciscoworks Voice Manager TFTP Service path traversal [CVE-2009-1161]🔒🔒
48254Pinnaclesys Pinnacle Studio InstallHFZ.exe path traversal
48253Pinnaclesys Pinnacle Studio InstallHFZ.exe path traversal
48252PC4Arb Pc4 Uploader code.php filter_sql sql injection
48251Dutchmonkey DM FileManager login.php sql injection🔒
48250Dlink MPEG4 Viewer ActiveX Control csviewer.ocx SetFilePath memory corruption
48249Phpeasycode PAD Site Scripts input validation [CVE-2009-1739]
48248Ivanjaros Feed Block cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1738]
48247Diqiye MyPic bom.php path traversal
48246Com Gsticketsystem index.php sql injection
48245Omnisoftsol VidSharePro search.php cross site scripting
48244Omnisoftsol VidSharePro listing_video.php sql injection
48243Richard Ellerbrock IPplan cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1733]
48242Richard Ellerbrock IPplan cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1732]🔒🔒
48241MLFFAT sql injection [CVE-2009-1731]
48240NetMechanica NetDecision TFTP Server path traversal [CVE-2009-1730]🔒
48239HP System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1418]🔒🔒
48238OpenSSL d1_both.c dtls1_retrieve_buffered_fragment resource management🔒🔒
48237OpenSSL dtls1_process_out_of_seq_message resource management🔒🔒
48236OpenSSL dtls1_buffer_record memory corruption🔒🔒
48235ntp ntp_crypto.c crypto_recv memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
48234Bitweaver saveFeed path traversal🔒
48233Bitweaver saveFeed code injection🔒
48231ElectraSoft 32bit FTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-1675]🔒
48230Microchip MPLAB IDE cof memory corruption
48229Sun Solaris fstat denial of service🔒
48228Sun JRE ActiveX Control deploytk.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
48227Sun JRE ActiveX Control deploytk.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
48226TCPDB index.php improper authentication🔒
48225smarty function.math.php smarty_function_math input validation🔒🔒
48224TYPSoft FTP Server input validation [CVE-2009-1668]🔒🔒
48223Mini-stream CastRipper memory corruption [CVE-2009-1667]🔒
48222CycloMedia CycloScopeLite infod CM_ADOConnection.dll memory corruption
48221HP Remote Graphics Software memory corruption [CVE-2009-0721]🔒
48220Easy-scripts Answer/Question Script User Account myaccount.php access control
48219Easy-scripts Answer/Question Script myaccount.php improper authentication
48218Easy-scripts Answer/Question Script File Upload myaccount.php memory corruption
48217Recipescript Recipe Script sql injection [CVE-2009-1662]
48216Anoldman utopic sql injection [CVE-2009-1661]
48215Urusoft ViPlay3 memory corruption [CVE-2009-1660]🔒
48214Intelliants eLitius Access Restriction Remote Code Execution
48213Realtywebware Realty Web-Base admin.php sql injection🔒
48212b2evolution Starrating plugin sql injection [CVE-2009-1657]
48211Instinct e-Commerce Plugin File Upload image_processing.php memory corruption
48210Bookingcentre Booking System for Hotels Group sql injection [CVE-2008-6810]
48209Bookingcentre Booking System for Hotels Group hotel_habitaciones.php sql injection
48208Xerox WorkCentre privileges management [CVE-2009-1656]🔒
48207Easy-scripts Answer/Question Script myaccount.php sql injection
48206Easy-scripts Answer/Question Script questiondetail.php cross site scripting
48205TinyButStrong path traversal [CVE-2009-1653]
482042daybiz Business Community Script adminaddeditdetails.php access control
482032daybiz Business Community Script member_details.php sql injection
48202Tenfourzero Shutter photos.php sql injection
48201Bicluc beLive arch.php path traversal
48200Ultrafunk popcorn POP3 Server popcorn.exe memory corruption
48199Mini-stream Mini-stream RM Downloader memory corruption [CVE-2009-1646]
48198Mini-stream Easy RM-MP3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2009-1645]🔒
48197Sorinara Streaming Audio Player pla memory corruption🔒
48196Sorinara Soritong MP3 Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1643]🔒
48195Mini-stream Mini-stream To Mp3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2009-1642]🔒
48194Mini-stream Ripper memory corruption [CVE-2009-1641]🔒
48193Nucleustechnologies Kernel Recovery memory corruption [CVE-2009-1640]
48192Nucleustechnologies Kernel Recovery memory corruption [CVE-2009-1639]
48191T-dreams Job Career Package improper authentication [CVE-2009-1638]
48190Simplecustomer Simple Customer profile.php access control
48189Carnegie Mellon University Cyrus-SASL saslutil.c sasl_encode64 memory corruption🔒🔒
48188Ipsec-tools User Authentication eay_check_x509sign resource management🔒🔒
48187GNOME Evolution evolution access control🔒🔒
48186Linux Kernel nfs_permission access control🔒🔒
48185Antony Lesuisse ajaxterm improper authentication [CVE-2009-1629]🔒🔒
48184SquirrelMail User Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1581]🔒🔒
48183SquirrelMail improper authentication [CVE-2009-1580]🔒🔒
48182SquirrelMail ypmatch map_yp_alias code injection🔒🔒🔒
48181Klinzmann Application Access Server aas.ini cryptographic issues🔒
48180Klinzmann Application Access Server Default Password credentials management🔒🔒
48179Klinzmann Application Access Server cross-site request forgery🔒
48178HP Data Protector Express dpwingad.exe denial of service🔒🔒
48177Apple Safari code injection [CVE-2009-0945]🔒🔒🔒
48176Apple Mac OS X Spotlight code injection [CVE-2009-0944]🔒🔒
48175Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer input validation [CVE-2009-0943]🔒🔒
48174Apple Mac OS X Help Viewer input validation [CVE-2009-0942]🔒🔒
48173Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0162]🔒🔒
48172Apple Mac OS X OCSP input validation🔒🔒
48171Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager code injection [CVE-2009-0160]🔒
48170Apple Mac OS X Telnet Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-0158]🔒🔒
48169Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0157]🔒🔒
48168Apple Mac OS X Launch Services input validation [CVE-2009-0156]🔒🔒
48167Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2009-0155]🔒🔒
48166Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0154]🔒🔒
48165Apple Mac OS X International Components for Unicode cross site scripting🔒🔒
48164Apple Mac OS X config [CVE-2009-0152]🔒🔒
48163Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0150]🔒🔒
48162Apple Mac OS X code injection [CVE-2009-0149]🔒🔒
48161Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics code injection [CVE-2009-0145]🔒🔒
48160Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork config [CVE-2009-0144]🔒🔒
48159Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager numeric error [CVE-2009-0010]🔒🔒🔒
48158Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2008-1517]🔒🔒
48157Microsoft PowerPoint Sound memory corruption [CVE-2009-1137]🔒🔒
48156Microsoft PowerPoint memory corruption [CVE-2009-1131]🔒🔒🔒
48155Microsoft PowerPoint Notes Container memory corruption [CVE-2009-1130]🔒🔒🔒
48154Microsoft PowerPoint Sound PP7X32.DLL memory corruption🔒🔒
48153Microsoft PowerPoint Sound code injection [CVE-2009-1128]🔒🔒🔒
48152Microsoft PowerPoint PP4X32.DLL memory corruption [CVE-2009-0227]🔒🔒🔒
48151Microsoft PowerPoint memory corruption [CVE-2009-0226]🔒🔒
48150Microsoft PowerPoint Sound code injection [CVE-2009-0225]🔒🔒
48149Microsoft PowerPoint code injection [CVE-2009-0224]🔒🔒
48148Microsoft PowerPoint Sound code injection [CVE-2009-0223]🔒🔒🔒
48147Microsoft PowerPoint Sound code injection [CVE-2009-0222]🔒🔒
48146Microsoft PowerPoint numeric error [CVE-2009-0221]🔒🔒
48145Sdp Multimedia Streaming Download Project Downloader memory corruption🔒
48144Will Kraft EZ-Blog sql injection [CVE-2009-1626]
48143Davlin Thickbox Gallery index.php path traversal
48142Dew-code Dew-NewPHPLinks index.php path traversal
48141Dew-code Dew-NewPHPLinks index.php cross site scripting
48140EcShop user.php sql injection
48139OpenCart index.php path traversal🔒
48138Mata MataChat input.php cross site scripting
48137Teraway FileStream improper authentication [CVE-2009-1619]
48136Teraway LiveHelp improper authentication [CVE-2009-1618]
48135Teraway LinkTracker improper authentication [CVE-2009-1617]
48133Ibiblio osprey ListRecords.php code injection
481327-shop 7Shop File Upload input validation [CVE-2008-6806]
48131Coppermine Photo Gallery showdoc.php cross site scripting🔒
48130Gowondesigns Leap File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2009-1615]🔒
48129Gowondesigns Leap cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1614]🔒
48128Gowondesigns leap leap.php sql injection🔒
48127BaoFeng Storm ActiveX Control mps.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
48125Tribiq CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6804] [Disputed]
48124Yigit Aybuga Dizi Portali diziler.asp sql injection
48123ElectraSoft 32bit FTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-1611]🔒
48122Jobscript Job Script Job Board Software changepassword.php access control
48121Battle Blog File Upload input validation [CVE-2009-1609]
48120Microchip MPLAB IDE Filters memory corruption [CVE-2009-1608]
48119LinkBase cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1607]
48118Dafolo DafoloControl ActiveX Control DafoloFFControl.dll memory corruption
48117Krzysztof Kowalczyk SumatraPDF loadexponentialfunc memory corruption
48116LimeSurvey Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1604]🔒🔒
48115OpenSC cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1603]🔒🔒
48114Pablosoftwaresolutions Quick 'n Easy Mail Server memory corruption🔒
48113Ubuntu Linux Access Restriction clamav-milter.init access control🔒🔒
48112Apple Safari JavaScript Restriction document.domain access control🔒
48111Opera Web Browser JavaScript Restriction document.domain access control🔒
48110Google Chrome JavaScript Restriction document.domain access control🔒
48109Mozilla Firefox JavaScript Restriction document.domain access control🔒
48108pango glyphstring.c pango_glyph_string_set_size numeric error🔒🔒🔒
48107GARMIN Garmin Communicator Plugin ActiveX Control npGarmin.dll access control
48106Igniterealtime Openfire Console config [CVE-2009-1596]🔒🔒
48105Igniterealtime Openfire improper authentication🔒🔒
48104ElectraSoft 32bit FTP memory corruption [CVE-2009-1592]🔒
48103CGI RESCUE Cgi Web Mailer cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1591]
48102CGI RESCUE FORM2MAIL unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1590]
48101CGI RESCUE CGI RESCUE MiniBBS22 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1589]
48100CGI RESCUE CGI RESCUE MiniBBS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1588]
48099Kalptarudemos PHP Site Lock index.php improper authentication
48098Shemes GrabIt memory corruption [CVE-2009-1586]🔒
48097R020 TemaTres login.php sql injection🔒
48096R020 TemaTres index.php sql injection🔒
48095R020 TemaTres index.php cross site scripting🔒
48094Kalptarudemos Million Dollar Text Links admin.home.php access control
48093Phpexplorer phPhotoGallery index.php sql injection
48089Pre Pre Real Estate Listings Login login.php sql injection
48088Mitel Mitel NuPoint Messenger cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6797]
48087Cscope find.c (1) memory corruption🔒🔒
48086Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2009-1442]🔒🔒
48085Pre Pre Real Estate Listings sql injection [CVE-2008-6796]
48084nicLOR Vibro-School-CMS view_news.php sql injection
48080Drupal Search Box cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1576]🔒🔒
48079Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1575]🔒🔒
48078ipsec-tools null pointer dereference [CVE-2009-1574]🔒🔒
48077Branden Robinson xvfb-run access control [CVE-2009-1573]🔒🔒
48076Quagga bgp_aspath.c denial of service🔒🔒
48075Cisco WRT54GC Administration administration.cgi cross-site request forgery
48074Cisco WVC54GC Firmware pass_wd.htm cryptographic issues
48073Cisco WVC54GCA Firmware path traversal [CVE-2009-1559]
48072Cisco WVC54GCA Firmware path traversal [CVE-2009-1558]
48071Cisco WVC54GCA main.cgi cross site scripting
48070Cisco WVC54GCA Firmware main.cgi information disclosure🔒
48069Cisco WVC54GCA Setup Wizard SetupWizard.exe information disclosure
48068Sun Woodstock Error Page cross site scripting🔒
48067Oracle GlassFish Server Admin Console applications.jsf cross site scripting🔒
48066SCO UnixWare denial of service [CVE-2009-1552]
48065Qt-cute QuickTeam qte_web.php code injection
48064Zakkis ABC Advertise Login access control
48063AGTC AGTC MyShop improper authentication [CVE-2009-1549]
48062Qsix BluSky CMS index.php sql injection
48061Jbmc-software DirectAdmin link following [CVE-2009-1526]
48060Jbmc-software DirectAdmin input validation [CVE-2009-1525]
48059IceWarp eMail Server code injection [CVE-2009-1469]🔒🔒
48058IceWarp eMail Server webmail.php sql injection🔒🔒
48057IceWarp eMail Server getHTML cross site scripting🔒🔒
48056Linux Kernel selinux_ip_postroute_iptables_compat config🔒🔒
48055McAfee GroupShield input validation [CVE-2009-1491]🔒
48054Sendmail memory corruption [CVE-2009-1490]🔒🔒
48053Mortbay Jetty cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1524]🔒🔒
48052Mortbay Jetty path traversal [CVE-2009-1523]🔒🔒
48051IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client information disclosure [CVE-2009-1522]🔒
48050IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Client Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1521]🔒
48049IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express memory corruption [CVE-2009-1520]🔒
48048HP OpenView Network Node Manager code injection [CVE-2009-0720]🔒🔒
48047Cscope memory corruption [CVE-2009-0148]🔒🔒
48046IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Express Agent Service dsmagent.exe memory corruption🔒
48045Pecio CMS index.php path traversal
48044Beltane cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1518]
48043Klever PumpKIN input validation [CVE-2008-6791]🔒
48042MindDezign Photo Gallery index.php input validation
48041MindDezign Photo Gallery Login index.php sql injection
48039Symantec Norton Ghost ActiveX Control EasySetupInt.dll memory corruption
48038IceWarp Merak Mail Server ActiveX Control api.dll memory corruption🔒
48037Christos Zoulas file cdf.c cdf_read_sat memory corruption🔒🔒
48036Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2009-1514]🔒
48035Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_pat.c PATinst memory corruption🔒🔒
48034Keir Davis X-Forum Config.php code injection
48033Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2009-1511]🔒
48032KoschtIT KoschtIT Image Gallery ki_makepic.php path traversal🔒
48031MyioSoft AjaxPortal Backend ajaxp_backend.php sql injection🔒
48030Keir Davis X-Forum Common.php xforum_validateUser sql injection
48029Jeremy Powers Lizardware CMS sql injection [CVE-2008-6787]
48027Galaxyscripts Mini File Host File Upload name.php code injection
48026Drupal Nodeaccess Userreference Access Restriction access control
48025Intelliants eLitius sql injection [CVE-2009-1506]
48024Drupal News Page sql injection [CVE-2009-1505]
48023Xigla Absolute Control Panel Xe improper authentication [CVE-2009-1504]
48022Tigerdms login.php sql injection🔒
48021Matteoiammarrone S-Cms plugin.php path traversal
48020Exif cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1501]
48019ProjectCMS index.php sql injection
48018Adobe Flash Media Server ActionScript privileges management [CVE-2009-1365]🔒🔒
48017Francis James Franklin libwmf resource management [CVE-2009-1364]🔒🔒
48011PHP-Nuke Sarkilar module modules.php sql injection
48009MyPHP MyPHP Forum member.php sql injection
48007Joomla CMS MailTo index.php sql injection [Disputed]
48006iDB path traversal [CVE-2009-1498]🔒
48005Gomlab GOM Player srt2smi.exe memory corruption
48004Ijobid Com Cmimarketplace index.php path traversal
48003Webfileexplorer Web File Explorer access control [CVE-2009-1495]
48001Mozilla Firefox ClearTextRun resource management🔒🔒🔒
48000Memcached process_stat information disclosure🔒🔒
47999Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript API customDictionaryOpen resource management🔒🔒🔒
47998Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript API getAnnots resource management🔒🔒🔒
47997Foswiki cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1434]🔒
47996Symantec AntiVirus input validation [CVE-2009-1432]🔒
47995gnu gnutls Certificates verify.c _gnutls_x509_verify_certificate cryptographic issues🔒🔒
47994gnu gnutls Certificates gnutls_pk.c Stored cryptographic issues🔒🔒
47993gnu gnutls pk-libgcrypt.c credentials management [CVE-2009-1415]🔒🔒
47992McAfee Internet Security Suite Email Gateway input validation🔒🔒
47991Debian libdbd-pg-perl quote.c Pg information disclosure🔒🔒
47990TWiki cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1339]🔒
47989Ubuntu config [CVE-2009-1295]🔒🔒
47988TIBCO Enterprise Message Service Libraries memory corruption
47987MemcacheDB Memcached ps Command process_stat information disclosure🔒🔒
47986CMU DBD::Pg memory corruption🔒🔒
47985Rens Rikkerink Fungamez improper authentication [CVE-2009-1489]
47984Rens Rikkerink FunGamez path traversal [CVE-2009-1488]
47983Rens Rikkerink FunGamez Login sql injection [CVE-2009-1487]
47982Ninjadesigns Flatchat pmscript.php path traversal🔒
47981eMule Plus Logging Feature denial of service [CVE-2009-1485]
47980Gecad AXIGEN Mail Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1484]🔒🔒
47979Studiolounge Address Book upload-file.php memory corruption
47978MoinMoin upload_form cross site scripting🔒🔒
47977Pjhome Puterjams Blog action.asp sql injection
47976Pragyan CMS index.php sql injection
47975Peterselie YourPlace access control [CVE-2008-6774]
47974Peterselie YourPlace code injection [CVE-2008-6773]
47973Peterselie YourPlace Access Restriction input validation [CVE-2008-6772]
47972Peterselie YourPlace phpinfo access control
47971Peterselie YourPlace access control [CVE-2008-6770]
47970Peterselie YourPlace File Upload upload.php memory corruption
47968Sun Solaris IOCTL denial of service [CVE-2009-1478]🔒🔒
47967Symantec AntiVirus XFR.EXE memory corruption🔒
47966Symantec AntiVirus IAO.EXE memory corruption🔒🔒
47965Symantec AntiVirus CreateProcessA code injection🔒🔒
47964Symantec Norton Internet Security Log Viewer ccLgView.exe cross site scripting
47963HP HP-UX useradd unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0719]🔒🔒
47962razorCMS code injection [CVE-2009-1463]
47961razorCMS User Account access control [CVE-2009-1462]
47960razorCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1461]
47959razorCMS admin_config.php access control
47958razorCMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1459]
47957razorCMS index.php cross site scripting
47956Evolution-extreme Nuke Evolution Xtreme player.php cross site scripting
47955Stephane Rajalu Malleo admin.php path traversal
47954Andrew Simpson WebCollab cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1455]
47953Andrew Simpson WebCollab tasks.php cross site scripting
47952Anoochit Chalothorn Tiny Blogr class.eport.php sql injection
47951Bluevirus-design SMA-DB code injection [CVE-2009-1452]
47950WordPress denial of service [CVE-2008-6767]🔒🔒
47948ViArt Shop information disclosure [CVE-2008-6765]
47944China-on-site Flexcustomer0.0.6 Installation code injection [CVE-2008-6761]
47939HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovalarmsrv.exe numeric error🔒🔒
47938Bluevirus-design SMA-DB startpage.php cross site scripting
47937Bluevirus-design SMA-DB format.php code injection
47936CoolPlayer skin.ini memory corruption
47935LovPop apricot apricot.php cross site scripting
47934Sun JDK java.util.regex.Pattern.compile resource management
47933ZoneMinder access control [CVE-2008-6756]
47932ZoneMinder User Account access control [CVE-2008-6755]🔒
47931e-cart Free Shopping Cart memory corruption [CVE-2009-1447]
47930Elkagroup Image Gallery File Upload upload.php input validation
47929Ivano Culmine CMS Libraries help.php path traversal
47928WebPortal CMS indexk.php code injection
47927OCS Inventory NG Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1443]
47925amule DownloadListCtrl.cpp Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
47924Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2009-1439]🔒🔒
47923Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_med.cpp ReadMed numeric error🔒🔒
47922CoolPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-1437]
47921FreeBSD input validation [CVE-2009-1436]🔒🔒
47920Trendmicro OfficeScan NTRtScan.exe resource management🔒
47919Freedesktop dbus dbus-marshal-validate.c _dbus_validate_signature_with_reason input validation🔒🔒
47918SilverStripe sql injection [CVE-2008-6753]
47917SilverStripe Filesystem find sql injection
47916Google Chrome access control [CVE-2009-1414]🔒
47915Google Chrome access control [CVE-2009-1413]🔒
47914Google chrome Protocol information disclosure [CVE-2009-1412]🔒🔒
47913Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2009-1192]🔒🔒
47912Tim Hockin acpid resource management [CVE-2009-0798]🔒🔒
47911Apple CUPS input validation [CVE-2009-0164]🔒🔒
47910Symantec Brightmail Gateway Appliance Administrative Script information disclosure
47909Symantec Brightmail Gateway Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0063]
47908Neocrome Seditio sql injection
47907Opensolution Quick.Cms.Lite index.php sql injection
47906e107 CMS usersettings.php sql injection
47905webSPELL cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1408]
47904Wonko NotFTP config.php path traversal🔒
47903Sweetphp TotalCalendar cms_detect.php path traversal
47902Pastel CMS index.php path traversal
47901Pastel CMS admin.php sql injection
47900Creloaded CRE Loaded product_info.php sql injection
47894Poppler SplashBitmap numeric error🔒🔒
47893Poppler numeric error🔒🔒
47892Foo Labs Xpdf JBIG2 Decoder numeric error [CVE-2009-0165]🔒🔒
47891Sun Java System Delegated Administrator Login input validation🔒🔒
47890Apple CUPS resource management [CVE-2009-1183]🔒🔒
47889Apple CUPS memory corruption [CVE-2009-1182]🔒🔒
47888Apple CUPS resource management [CVE-2009-1181]🔒🔒
47887Apple CUPS resource management [CVE-2009-1180]🔒🔒
47886Apple CUPS numeric error [CVE-2009-1179]🔒🔒
47885Apple CUPS input validation [CVE-2009-0800]🔒🔒
47884Apple CUPS memory corruption [CVE-2009-0799]🔒🔒
47883Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0664]🔒🔒
47882Plone PlonePAS Login Form improper authentication [CVE-2009-0662]
47881Foo Labs Xpdf memory corruption [CVE-2009-0195]🔒🔒🔒
47880Apple CUPS resource management [CVE-2009-0166]🔒🔒
47879Apple CUPS _cupsImageReadTIFF numeric error🔒🔒
47878Apple CUPS readSymbolDictSeg numeric error🔒🔒
47877Apple CUPS setBitmap memory corruption🔒🔒
47875Horde Turba H3 cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6746]
47874BlogPHP index.php input validation
47872SourceFire ClamAV phishcheck.c cli_url_canon memory corruption🔒🔒
47871SourceFire ClamAV input validation [CVE-2009-1371]🔒🔒
47870Xilisoft Xilisoft Video Converter ape_plugin.plg memory corruption🔒
47869moziloCMS Error Message gallery.php input validation
47868moziloCMS index.php path traversal
47867moziloCMS index.php cross site scripting🔒
47866DotNetNuke paypalipn.aspx cross site scripting
47864chCounter Administration sql injection [CVE-2009-1362]
47863GScripts DNS Tools dig.php input validation🔒
47862Mozilla Firefox config [CVE-2009-1312]🔒🔒
47861Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2009-1311]🔒🔒
47860Mozilla Firefox Search Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1310]🔒🔒
47859Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy config [CVE-2009-1309]🔒🔒
47858Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1308]🔒🔒
47857Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy input validation [CVE-2009-1307]🔒🔒
47856Mozilla Firefox config [CVE-2009-1306]🔒🔒
47855Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine resource management [CVE-2009-1305]🔒🔒
47854Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine resource management [CVE-2009-1304]🔒🔒
47853Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine BindToTree config🔒🔒
47852Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine xslt_attributeset_ImportSameName.html Run resource management🔒🔒
47851RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server ConfigureStatistics cross site scripting🔒
47850Linux Kernel __inet6_check_established null pointer dereference🔒🔒
47849Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-1359]
47848Linux Kernel kill_something_info access control🔒🔒
47847Linux Kernel exit_notify access control🔒🔒
47846Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2009-1336]🔒🔒
47845Debian apt Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1358]🔒🔒
47844Gofoxy Foxy input validation [CVE-2008-6742]
47843Simple Machines Forum Load.php PHP sql injection🔒
47842HoMaP code injection [CVE-2008-6740]
47841Todd Woolums ASP Download setupdownload.asp improper authentication
47840Mark Girling MyShoutPro improper authentication [CVE-2008-6738]
47837ThaiQuickCart path traversal [CVE-2008-6735]
47836Keller Web Admin Kwa path traversal [CVE-2008-6734]
47833Mark Girling MyShoutPro cross site scripting [CVE-2006-7238]
47832Elecard Elecard AVC HD Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1356]🔒
47831IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2009-1355]🔒
47830Sergey Lyubka Mongoose path traversal [CVE-2009-1354]
47829Sebastian Fernandez Zervit misc.c http_parse_hex memory corruption🔒
47828Dawningsoft PowerCHM memory corruption [CVE-2009-1352]
47827Heikki Ylinen Apollo memory corruption [CVE-2009-1351]
47826Novell Netidentity Client1.2.3 xtagent.exe input validation🔒🔒🔒
47825Red Hat Stronghold cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1349]
47824Wireshark format string [CVE-2009-1266]🔒🔒
47823HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring memory corruption [CVE-2009-0718]
47822HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring denial of service [CVE-2009-0717]
47821HP StorageWorks Storage Mirroring denial of service [CVE-2009-0716]
47820HP Storage Essentials Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0715]
47819chCounter Login sql injection [CVE-2009-1347]
47818Interguias NetHoteles CHAP ficha.php sql injection
47817cpCommerce document.php sql injection
47816Drupal Localization client cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1344]
47815Drupal Print cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1343]
47814Drupal CCK comment reference cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1342]
47808Microsoft Internet Explorer Document denial of service [CVE-2009-1335]🔒
47807IBM Tivoli Continuous Data Protection For Files FilepathLogin.html cross site scripting
47806HP Deskjet 6840 refresh_rate.htm cross site scripting
47805Sun Java System Directory Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-1332]🔒🔒
47804Microsoft Windows Media Player numeric error [CVE-2009-1331]🔒
47803udev libudev-util.c util_path_encode memory corruption🔒🔒
47802udev input validation [CVE-2009-1185]🔒🔒
47801Apache Geronimo Administration Console cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
47800Apache Geronimo Administration Console cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0038]🔒🔒
47799Apache Geronimo Administration Console path traversal [CVE-2008-5518]🔒🔒
47798Mini-stream Easy RM to MP3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2009-1330]🔒
47797Mini-stream Shadow Stream Recorder memory corruption [CVE-2009-1329]🔒
47796Mini-stream RM-MP3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2009-1328]🔒
47795Mini-stream WM Downloader memory corruption [CVE-2009-1327]🔒
47794Mini-stream RM Downloader memory corruption [CVE-2009-1326]🔒
47793Mini-stream Ripper memory corruption [CVE-2009-1325]🔒
47792Mini-stream ASX to MP3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2009-1324]🔒
47791Webfileexplorer Web File Explorer body.asp sql injection🔒
47790Humayun Shabbir Bhutta ASP Product Catalog access control [CVE-2009-1322]
47789Humayun Shabbir Bhutta ASP Product Catalog search.asp cross site scripting
47788Zazzle Store Builder cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1320]
47787GuestCal Guest Cal path traversal [CVE-2009-1319]
47786Jamroom index.php path traversal
47785Aqua CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-1317]
47784Abk-soft AbleSpace events_view.php sql injection
47783Abk-soft AbleSpace groups_profile.php cross site scripting
47779Webfileexplorer Web File Explorer body.asp memory corruption
47778FreeType numeric error [CVE-2009-0946]🔒🔒
47777Danskebank DanskeSikker.ocx ActiveX Control logging memory corruption
47776mpg123 store_id3_text numeric error🔒🔒
47775Debian apt input validation [CVE-2009-1300]🔒🔒
47774Novell Teaming cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1294]
47773Novell Teaming Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-1293]🔒
47772Linux-PAM access control [CVE-2009-0579]🔒
47771Ghostscript jbig2_symbol_dict.c big2_decode_symbol_dict memory corruption🔒🔒
47770DivX DivX Web Player numeric error [CVE-2008-5259]🔒🔒
47769SAP SAP GUI ActiveX Control KWEDIT.DLL memory corruption🔒
47768EMC RepliStor ctrlservice.exe memory corruption🔒
47767Oracle Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-1017]
47766Oracle BEA Product Suite SSL Certificate stack-based overflow🔒🔒
47765Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1014]🔒
47764Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1013]🔒
47763Oracle Bea Product Suite integer coercion [CVE-2009-1012]🔒🔒
47762Oracle Application Server Outside In Technology integer coercion🔒
47761Oracle Application Server Outside In Technology Local Privilege Escalation🔒
47760Oracle Application Server Outside In Technology Local Privilege Escalation🔒
47759Oracle Application Server Outside In Technology Local Privilege Escalation🔒
47758Oracle JRockit Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1006]🔒
47757Oracle BEA Product Suite Data Services Platform Local Privilege Escalation🔒
47756Oracle BEA Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1004]🔒
47755Oracle BEA Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1003]🔒
47754Oracle Bea Product Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1002]🔒
47753Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework credentials management🔒🔒
47752Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library Remote Code Execution🔒
47751Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0998]🔒
47750Oracle Database Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0997]🔒🔒
47749Oracle Application Server 10g information disclosure [CVE-2009-0996]
47748Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework unknown vulnerability🔒
47747Oracle Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0994]🔒
47746Oracle Application Server 10g memory corruption [CVE-2009-0993]🔒
47745Oracle Database 11g sql injection [CVE-2009-0992]🔒
47744Oracle Database 11g Listener ncrfintn denial of service🔒🔒🔒
47743Oracle Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0990]
47742Oracle Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0989]🔒
47741Oracle Database 11g Password Policy information disclosure [CVE-2009-0988]🔒🔒
47740Oracle Database 10g Workspace Manager Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
47739Oracle Database 10g Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0985]🔒🔒
47738Oracle Database 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0984]🔒🔒
47737Oracle Application Server 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0983]
47736Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0982]🔒
47735Oracle Database 11g Application Express information disclosure🔒🔒
47734Oracle Database 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0980]🔒🔒
47733Oracle Database 9i Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0979]🔒🔒
47732Oracle Database 10g Workspace Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0978]🔒
47731Oracle Database 10g sql injection [CVE-2009-0977]🔒🔒
47730Oracle Database 10g Workspace Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0976]🔒🔒
47729Oracle Database 10g Workspace Manager unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0975]🔒🔒
47728Oracle Application Server 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0974]🔒
47727Oracle Database 10g denial of service [CVE-2009-0973]🔒🔒
47726PGP Desktop input validation [CVE-2009-0681]🔒🔒
47725HP ProCurve Manager information disclosure [CVE-2007-4514]🔒
47724Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-0554]🔒🔒🔒
47723Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-0553]🔒🔒🔒
47722Microsoft Internet Explorer Web Page code injection [CVE-2009-0552]🔒🔒🔒
47721Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2009-0551]🔒🔒🔒
47720Microsoft Internet Security And Acceleration Server Forms Authentication cookieauth.dll cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
47719Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2009-0235]🔒🔒🔒
47718Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet resource management [CVE-2009-0100]🔒🔒🔒
47717Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0089]🔒🔒
47716Microsoft Office Converter Pack WPFT632.CNV input validation🔒🔒🔒
47715Microsoft Windows Wordpad memory corruption [CVE-2009-0087]🔒🔒🔒
47714Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0080]🔒🔒
47713Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2009-0079]🔒🔒
47712Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2009-0078]🔒🔒
47711IBM Rational ClearCase information disclosure [CVE-2009-1292]
47710Ghostscript icc.c numeric error🔒🔒
47707Ajsquare AJ Article index.php sql injection
47706ntp ntpq.c cookedprint memory corruption🔒🔒
47705IBM Advanced Management Module Web Administration Interface cross-site request forgery
47704IBM BladeCenter User Account information disclosure [CVE-2009-1289]
47703IBM BladeCenter cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1288]
47702Cisco Subscriber Edge Services Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1287]
47701IBM Lotus Domino denial of service [CVE-2009-1286]
47700Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-1269]🔒🔒
47699Wireshark input validation [CVE-2009-1268]🔒🔒
47698Wireshark LDAP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2009-1267]🔒🔒
47697Sun OpenJDK numeric error [CVE-2009-0794]🔒🔒
47696Particlesoftware IntraLaunch ActiveX Control IntraLaunch.ocx memory corruption
47695Filestream TurboZIP HP OpenView DZIP32.DLL memory corruption🔒
47694DeltaScripts PHP Links sql injection [CVE-2008-6720]
47693Uochm JustListIt admin improper authentication
47692Uochm JustBookIt admin improper authentication
47691Uochm Signup admin improper authentication
47690Pre ADS Portal improper authentication [CVE-2008-6716]
47689Pre ADS Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6715]
47688xeCMS admin.php improper authentication
47675Butterflymedia Butterfly Organizer view.php cross site scripting
47659Yourfreeworld Apartment Search Script File Upload editimage.php input validation
47658Yourfreeworld Apartment Search Script listtest.php cross site scripting
47657BibTeX memory corruption [CVE-2009-1284]🔒🔒
47656glFusion Forms Authentication cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1283]
47655glFusion lib-session.php sql injection [CVE-2009-1282]
47654glFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1281]
47653Joomla CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1280]
47652Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1279]
47651Gravity Board X code injection [CVE-2009-1278]
47650Gravity Board X index.php sql injection🔒
47649Sun OpenSolaris information disclosure [CVE-2009-1276]🔒
47648Apache Tiles cross site scriting [CVE-2009-1275]🔒
47647Cisco PIX Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-1160]
47646Cisco PIX denial of service [CVE-2009-1159]
47645Cisco PIX denial of service [CVE-2009-1158]
47644Cisco PIX memory leak [CVE-2009-1157]🔒
47643Cisco PIX SSL VPN denial of service [CVE-2009-1156]
47642Foo Labs Xpdf code injection [CVE-2009-1144]🔒🔒
47641Sun OpenJDK Profiles cmsxform.c input validation🔒🔒
47640Apache Struts cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6682]🔒🔒
47639Dojo cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6681]
47638Apache Tomcat mod_jk information disclosure [CVE-2008-5519]🔒🔒
47637Apache Struts cross site scripting [CVE-2008-2025]🔒🔒
47636Apache Struts xip_client.html cross site scripting
47635James Stone Tunapie input validation [CVE-2009-1254]🔒🔒
47634James Stone Tunapie link following [CVE-2009-1253]🔒🔒
47633OpenAFS memory corruption [CVE-2009-1251]🔒🔒
47632OpenAFS numeric error [CVE-2009-1250]🔒🔒
47631MIT Kerberos asn1buf_imbed numeric error🔒🔒
47630MIT Kerberos DER Encoding asn1_decode.c asn1_decode_generaltime input validation🔒🔒🔒
47629MIT Kerberos get_input_token memory corruption🔒🔒
47628xine xine-lib parse_trak_atom memory corruption🔒🔒
47627Andrew J.korty pam_ssh Error Message credentials management [CVE-2009-1273]🔒🔒
47626PHP php_zip.c php_zip_make_relative_path input validation🔒🔒
47625PHP JSON_parser denial of service🔒🔒
47624SourceFire ClamAV untar.c code injection🔒🔒
47623SourceFire ClamAV numeric error [CVE-2008-6680]🔒🔒
47622Ghostscript memory corruption [CVE-2008-6679]🔒🔒
47621Ghostscript cf_decode_2d memory corruption🔒🔒
47619QuickerSite File Upload code injection [CVE-2008-6677]
47616QuickerSite mailPage.asp access control
47615QuickerSite access control [CVE-2008-6673]
47614Vertex4 SunAge numeric error [CVE-2008-6672]
47611Dirk Bartley nweb2fax viewrq.php os command injection
47610Dirk Bartley nweb2fax comm.php path traversal
47609Marc Melvin A+ PHP Scripts News Management System improper authentication
47607Anantasoft Ananta CMS change.php code injection
47606Yarck SH-News action.php improper authentication
47605PHPAuctions profile.php sql injection
47604Linux Kernel numeric error [CVE-2009-1265]🔒🔒
47602Stanislas Rolland Sr Feuser Register access control [CVE-2009-1264]
47601Alikonweb Com Bookjoomlas sub_commententry.php sql injection
47600Fortinet FortiClient format string [CVE-2009-1262]🔒
47599Web Help Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1261]
47598Ezbsystems UltraISO memory corruption [CVE-2009-1260]🔒
47597Insanevisions AdaptBB sql injection [CVE-2009-1259]
47596Rd-media Com Rdautos index.php sql injection
47595Magic ISO Maker memory corruption [CVE-2009-1257]🔒
47594FlexCMS sql injection [CVE-2009-1256]
47593Apache Mod Perl perl-status Status cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
47590Ozerov bigdump File Upload bigdump.php memory corruption
47585Comscripts Gedcom To Mysl cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6655]
47582Insanevisions OneCMS asd.php sql injection
47581OxYProject OxYBox edithistory.php code injection
47580Mywebland miniBloggie del.php access control
47576CoronaMatrix phpAddressBook Addressbook index.php cross site scripting
47574DotNetNuke Default.aspx cross site scripting
47571Aspindir Shader TV kanal.asp sql injection
47570Aspindir BatmanPorTaL uyeadmin.asp sql injection
47568Versalsoft Http File Upload Activex Control ActiveX Control UUploaderSvrD.dll config🔒
47566Geody Dagger code injection [CVE-2008-6636]
47565Geody Dagger code injection [CVE-2008-6635]🔒
47564Beaussier RoomPHPlanning weekview.php sql injection
47562MercuryBoard sql injection [CVE-2008-6632]
47549Netlab ClassSystem File Upload access control [CVE-2008-6619]
47547SiteXS CMS File Upload access control [CVE-2008-6617]
47546Zen Cart index.php cross site scripting
47545Zen Cart index.php sql injection
47543Drupal Feedapi Mapper cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1249]
47542Acutecp Control Panel container.php code injection
47541Acutecp Control Panel login.php sql injection🔒
47540Blogplus Login path traversal [CVE-2009-1246]
47539Cccp-common-clan-portal-pasterbin Cccp Pastebin insert_to_pastebin sql injection
47537Abweb Minimal-ablog File Upload code injection [CVE-2008-6612]
47535Ott phpcksec phpcksec.php path traversal
47534Ott phpcksec phpcksec.php cross site scripting
47533VMware Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-1147]🔒🔒
47532VMware Player denial of service [CVE-2009-1146]🔒🔒
47531VMware ACE memory corruption [CVE-2009-0910]🔒🔒
47530VMware ACE memory corruption [CVE-2009-0909]🔒🔒🔒
47529VMware ACE Host Guest File System memory corruption [CVE-2009-0908]🔒
47528VMware Server Device Driver denial of service [CVE-2008-4916]🔒🔒
47527Linux Kernel config [CVE-2009-1243]
47526Linux Kernel vmx_set_msr access control🔒🔒
47524MatPo MatPo Link view.php cross site scripting
47523MatPo MatPo Link view.php sql injection
47521PicoFlat CMS index.php path traversal
47520SourceFire ClamAV RAR Archive input validation [CVE-2009-1241]🔒🔒
47519IBM Network Multi-Function Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1240]
47518IBM DB2 information disclosure [CVE-2009-1239]🔒🔒
47511Phpcredo PHCDownload cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6597]
47510Phpcredo PHCDownload sql injection [CVE-2008-6596]
47501Vuze cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6587]
47497Bsplayer BS.player memory corruption🔒
47496Apple Mac OS X race condition [CVE-2009-1238]
47495Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2009-1237]
47494Apple Mac OS X Networking memory corruption [CVE-2009-1236]
47493Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2009-1234]🔒🔒
47492Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2009-1233]🔒
47491Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2009-1232]🔒
47490IBM DB2 Content Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1231]🔒
47489Podcast Generator index.php code injection🔒
47488Arcadwy Arcade Script sql injection [CVE-2009-1229]
47487Arcadwy Arcade Script CMS register.php cross site scripting
47486Check Point Firewall-1 PKI Web Service Authorization memory corruption [Disputed]
47485Podcast Generator access control [CVE-2009-1226]
47484Platinumprofitzone Turnkey Ebook Store index.php cross site scripting
47483Scivox vsp stats processor Themes sql injection [CVE-2009-1224]
47482Fullrevolution aspWebCalendar access control [CVE-2009-1223]
47481webEdition index.php path traversal🔒
47480Miniweb2 Miniweb Login index.php sql injection
47478Funscripts Red Reservations access control [CVE-2008-6580]
47469Cisco ASA cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1220]🔒
47468Sun ONE Calendar Server input validation [CVE-2009-1219]🔒
47467Sun ONE Calendar Server command.shtml cross site scripting🔒
47466SAP SAPgui ActiveX Control webviewer3d.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
47465Microsoft Windows GDI+ gdiplus.dll SetData numeric error🔒
47464Microsoft Windows unlzh.c memory corruption
47463Ezbsystems UltraISO memory corruption [CVE-2008-4825]
47462Ezbsystems UltraISO format string [CVE-2008-3871]
47461GNU GNU screen race condition [CVE-2009-1215]🔒🔒
47460GNU screen access control [CVE-2009-1214]🔒🔒
47459Mozilla Bugzilla attachment.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
47458PrecisionID Data Matrix Barcode Activex Control ActiveX Control PRECIS~2.DLL unknown vulnerability
47457Wireshark format string [CVE-2009-1210]🔒🔒
47456W3 Amaya memory corruption [CVE-2009-1209]
47455auth2db MySQL mysql_real_escape_string sql injection🔒🔒
47454Sun Solaris race condition [CVE-2009-1207]🔒🔒
47453futomi CGI Cafe Access Analyzer CGI Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1206]
47451Strongswan IKE Daemon input validation [CVE-2009-0790]🔒🔒
47450TrendMicro Internet Security resource management [CVE-2009-0686]
47449TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1204]🔒
47447IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1178]
47446UMN MapServer maptemplate.c memory corruption🔒🔒
47445UMN MapServer mapserv.c memory corruption🔒🔒
47444Debian nss-ldap LDAP Server access control [CVE-2009-1073]🔒🔒
47443UMN MapServer Error Message msLoadQuery input validation🔒🔒
47442UMN MapServer Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2009-0842]🔒🔒
47441UMN MapServer mapserv.c path traversal🔒🔒
47440UMN MapServer cgiutil.c readPostBody memory corruption🔒🔒
47439UMN MapServer mapserv.c memory corruption🔒🔒
47438IBM Tivoli Storage Manager denial of service [CVE-2004-2762]
47437IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Console Mode improper authentication
47433Yehe File Upload input validation [CVE-2008-6568]
47430Invision Power Services IP.Board cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6565]🔒
47427jax Jax LinkLists jax_linklists.php cross site scripting
47426Citrix Presentation Server Client Client for Windows information disclosure
47425Vidalia bundle Configuration File config [CVE-2007-6724]
47423Vidalia bundle Configuration File config [CVE-2007-6722]
47422Ixprim-cms Ixprim Libraries Theme_Manager.class.php code injection
47421Jax Guestbook access control [CVE-2005-4880]
47420jax guestbook jax_guestbook.php cross site scripting
47419Banshee Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1175]
47418IBM WebSphere Application Server Web Services Security cryptographic issues🔒
47417IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2009-1173]🔒
47416IBM WebSphere Application Server Web Services Security input validation🔒
47415IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console improper authentication🔒
47414Red Hat CMAN cluster.conf memory corruption🔒🔒
47413Moodle input validation [CVE-2009-1171]🔒🔒
47406Sun OpenSolaris memory corruption [CVE-2009-1170]
47405Christophe.varoqui multipath-tools Device Mapper access control🔒🔒
47404Impliedbydesign Micro-CMS microcms-admin-home.php improper authentication
47402e-Vision CMS path traversal [CVE-2008-6551]🔒
47401Davidbourrier glossaire glossaire.php cross site scripting
47394ComScripts Quick Classifieds index.php3 code injection
47390Holger Schurig DeStar code injection [CVE-2008-6539]
47389Holger Schurig DeStar input validation [CVE-2008-6538]
47384OpenSSL numeric error [CVE-2009-0789]🔒🔒
47383Cisco IOS scp Server access control [CVE-2009-0637]🔒🔒
47382Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-0636]🔒
47381Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2009-0635]🔒🔒
47380Cisco IOS Subsystem path traversal [CVE-2009-0634]🔒🔒
47379Cisco IOS Subsystem path traversal [CVE-2009-0633]🔒🔒
47378Cisco IOS Authentication Proxy denial of service [CVE-2009-0630]🔒
47377Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2009-0629]🔒🔒
47376Cisco IOS information disclosure [CVE-2009-0628]🔒🔒
47375Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2009-0626]🔒🔒
47374OpenSSL CMS_verify improper authentication🔒🔒
47373OpenSSL ASN1_STRING_print_ex memory corruption🔒🔒
47372Cisco IOS Session Initiation Protocol denial of service [CVE-2009-0631]🔒
47371Mozilla Firefox TransformToDoc resource management🔒🔒🔒
47365eZoneScripts Living Local File Upload editimage.php Remote Privilege Escalation
47364eZoneScripts Living Local listtest.php cross site scripting
47363Siemens Gigaset Se461 Wimax Router denial of service [CVE-2009-1152]
47362phpMyAdmin Configuration File setup.php code injection🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
47361phpMyAdmin display_export.lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1150]🔒🔒
47360phpMyAdmin bs_disp_as_mime_type.php input validation🔒🔒
47359phpMyAdmin bs_disp_as_mime_type.php path traversal🔒🔒
47358TmaxSoft JEUS :$DATA input validation
47346Randomsoftware Icarus memory corruption [CVE-2009-1071]
47345ExpressionEngine cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1070]🔒
47344Drupal Content Construction Kit cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1069]🔒🔒
47343bsplayer BS.Player memory corruption🔒
47342Getpixie Pixie CMS index.php cross site scripting
47341Getpixie Pixie CMS lib_logs.php referral sql injection🔒
47340Getpixie Pixie CMS index.php sql injection
47339Orbitdownloader Orbit Downloader ActiveX Control orbitmxt.dll code injection🔒
47338Brother Soft eXeScope memory corruption [CVE-2009-1063]
47337FreeBSD memory corruption [CVE-2009-1041]🔒
47336Citadel WebCit format string [CVE-2009-0364]🔒🔒
47335Sun JRE/JDK unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1107]🔒🔒🔒
47334Sun JRE/JDK input validation [CVE-2009-1106]🔒🔒🔒
47333Sun JRE/JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-1105]🔒🔒🔒
47332Sun JRE/JDK config [CVE-2009-1104]🔒🔒🔒
47331Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-1103]🔒🔒🔒
47330Sun JRE/JDK code injection [CVE-2009-1102]🔒🔒🔒
47329Sun JRE/JDK denial of service [CVE-2009-1101]🔒🔒🔒
47328Sun JRE/JDK denial of service [CVE-2009-1100]🔒🔒🔒
47327Sun JRE/JDK numeric error [CVE-2009-1099]🔒🔒🔒
47326Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-1098]🔒🔒🔒
47325Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-1097]🔒🔒🔒
47317Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-1096]🔒🔒🔒
47316Sun JRE/JDK numeric error [CVE-2009-1095]🔒🔒🔒
47315Sun JRE/JDK memory corruption [CVE-2009-1094]🔒🔒🔒
47314Sun JRE/JDK config [CVE-2009-1093]🔒🔒🔒
47313SystemTap race condition [CVE-2009-0784]🔒🔒
47312GeoVision Liveaudio Activex Control LIVEAU~1.OCX resource management
47311Rapidleech upload.php cross site scripting
47310Rapidleech upload.php path traversal
47309Rapidleech upload.php path traversal
47308Hannonhill Cascade code injection [CVE-2009-1088]
47307PPLive PPLive.exe input validation🔒
47306Nlnetlabs ldns ldns_rr_new_frm_str_internal resource management🔒🔒
47305Piwik access control [CVE-2009-1085]
47304GO4I Asp Forum forum.asp sql injection
47303BosDev Bos Classifieds index.php sql injection
47302Nice PHP FAQ Script sql injection [CVE-2008-6525]
47301Cale Dunlap openInvoice resetpass.php credentials management
47300Cale Dunlap openInvoice auth.php improper authentication
47299Devraj Mukherjee OpenTerracotta ContentRender.class.php RenderFile path traversal
47298Devraj Mukherjee OpenTerracotta Error Message index.php information disclosure
47297Imatix Xitami shtm sendfmt format string🔒
47296Imatix Xitami sendfmt format string🔒
47295VidiScript code injection [CVE-2008-6518]
47294Nick Jenkin NewsHOWLER sql injection [CVE-2008-6517]
47293phpKF Portal baslik.php path traversal
47292Sun Java System Identity Manager access control [CVE-2009-1084]
47291Sun Java System Identity Manager code injection [CVE-2009-1083]
47290Sun Java System Identity Manager input validation [CVE-2009-1082]
47289Sun Java System Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1081]
47288Sun Java System Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1080]
47287Sun Java System Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1079]
47286Sun Java System Identity Manager access control [CVE-2009-1078]
47285Sun Java System Identity Manager access control [CVE-2009-1077]
47284Sun Java System Identity Manager information disclosure [CVE-2009-1076]🔒
47283Sun Java System Identity Manager credentials management [CVE-2009-1075]🔒
47282Sun Java System Identity Manager cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-1074]
47281IBM Access Support ActiveX control IbmEgath.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
47280Linux Kernel config [CVE-2009-1072]🔒🔒🔒
47279Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2009-1062]🔒🔒
47278Adobe Acrobat input validation [CVE-2009-1061]🔒🔒
47277Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-0928]🔒🔒
47276HP Network Node Manager ov.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-0921]🔒🔒🔒🔒
47275IBM WebSphere Application Server Stored improper authentication🔒
47274Linux Kernel ecryptfs_write_metadata_to_contents numeric error🔒🔒
47273HP HP-UX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0207]🔒🔒
47272Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0193]🔒🔒
47271Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-1060]
47270PowerZip memory corruption [CVE-2009-1059]🔒
47269ZipGenius memory corruption [CVE-2009-1058]
47268MicroSmarts ZipItFast! memory corruption [CVE-2009-1057]
47267IBM Rational AppScan information disclosure [CVE-2009-1056]
47266Sitecore CMS information disclosure [CVE-2009-1055]🔒
47265Ichitaro Ichitaro viewer memory corruption [CVE-2009-1054]🔒
47264chaozz chaozzDB access control [CVE-2009-1053]
47263Chaozz FireAnt access control [CVE-2009-1052]
47262Chaozz FubarForum access control [CVE-2009-1051]
47261Kamads Bloginator improper authentication [CVE-2009-1050]
47260Kamads Bloginator articleCall.php sql injection
47259Vclcomponents yappa-ng cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6515]
47258Compiz Compiz Fusion access control [CVE-2008-6514]🔒🔒
47257aphpkb saa.php code injection
47256Google Gears allowCrossOrigin privileges management
47255Drupal Print cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1047]
47254Ghostscript icc.c numeric error🔒🔒
47253Ghostscript icc.c memory corruption🔒🔒
47252Igniterealtime Openfire login.jsp input validation🔒🔒
47251Igniterealtime Openfire login.jsp cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
47250Igniterealtime Openfire sipark-log-summary.jsp sql injection🔒🔒🔒
47249Igniterealtime Openfire path traversal [CVE-2008-6508]🔒🔒🔒
47248Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-1046]🔒🔒
47247VideoLAN VLC Media Player input validation [CVE-2009-1045]🔒
47246phpBB information disclosure [CVE-2008-6507]
47245phpBB access control [CVE-2008-6506]🔒
47244Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2009-1043]
47243Apple Mac OS X Safari memory corruption [CVE-2009-1042]
47242GIMP ReadSetOfCurves memory corruption🔒🔒
47241GIMP numeric error [CVE-2009-0723]🔒🔒
47240GIMP resource management [CVE-2009-0581]🔒🔒
47239Apache Struts struts path traversal🔒🔒🔒
47238OpenSymphony XWork input validation [CVE-2008-6504]
47237WinAsm WinAsm Studio memory corruption [CVE-2009-1040]🔒
47236Cdexos CDex memory corruption [CVE-2009-1039]
47235YAP YAP Blog comments.php sql injection🔒
47234Drupal Print unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-1037]
47233Drupal Plus1 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-1036]
47232Jake Gordon Tasks cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1035]
47231Drupal Tasklist sql injection [CVE-2009-1034]
47230DeluxeBB misc.php sql injection🔒
47229YABSoft Advanced Image Hosting Script gallery_list.php sql injection🔒
47228PrestaShop cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6503]
47227Pro Chat Rooms sendData.php path traversal🔒
47226Pro Chat Rooms cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6501]🔒
47225CodeToad ASP Shopping Cart Script cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6500]
47224Serv-U FTP Server path traversal [CVE-2009-1031]🔒🔒
47223WordPress WordPress MU choose_primary_blog cross site scripting🔒🔒
47222Poppeeper POP Peeper Imap.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-1029]🔒
47221ediSys eZip Wizard memory corruption [CVE-2009-1028]🔒
47220OpenCart sql injection [CVE-2009-1027]
47219Kimwebsites Kim Websites login.php sql injection
47218Beerwin PHPLinkAdmin linkadmin.php code injection
47217Beerwin PHPLinkAdmin edlink.php sql injection🔒
47216phpComasy index.php sql injection
47215GOMlab GOM Encoder Preview Segment memory corruption
47214Apachefriends xampp code injection [CVE-2008-6499]🔒
47213Apachefriends xampp htaccess cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6498]🔒
47212TP Neostrada Livebox ADSL Router input validation [CVE-2008-6497]
47211VISAGESOFT eXPert PDF EditorX VSPDFEditorX.ocx access control🔒
47210Zirkon Box yappa-ng index.php cross site scripting
47209Robs-projects ASP User Engine.NET access control [CVE-2008-6494]
47208Easy-news Easy Content Management Publishing access control [CVE-2008-6493]
47207Tizag Tizag Countdown Creator process.php input validation
47206futomi Access Analyzer CGI cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0971]
47205Phpprobid PHP Pro Bid code injection [CVE-2009-0970]
47204phpFoX cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0969]
47203Fahlstad fMoblog plugin fmoblog.php sql injection
47202Serv-U FTP Server resource management [CVE-2009-0967]🔒🔒
47201YABSoft Mega File Hosting Script cross.php code injection
47200Ismail Fahmi Ganesha Digital Library sql injection [CVE-2009-0965]
47199Xlinesoft PHPRunner UserView_list.php credentials management
47198Xlinesoft PHPRunner UserView_list.php sql injection
47197Adobe Acrobat input validation [CVE-2009-0927]🔒🔒🔒🔒
47196Flashtux WeeChat input validation [CVE-2009-0661]🔒🔒
47195Denis Moinel PHPGKit connexion.php code injection
47194Flysforum FLABER input validation [CVE-2008-6490]
47193Huseyin Bora Abaci Com Myalbum index.php sql injection
47192Futomi MP Form Mail CGI privileges management [CVE-2009-0962]
47191HP Laserjet 4240 access control [CVE-2009-0941]
47190HP Laserjet 4240 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0940]
47189Symantec pcAnywhere CHF File format string [CVE-2009-0538]🔒🔒
47188SoftComplex PHP Image Gallery index.php sql injection
47187Digiappz DigiAffiliate login.asp sql injection
47186Shatm SharedLog slideshow_uploadvideo.content.php code injection
47185SoftComplex PHP Image Gallery index.php sql injection
47184Mole-group Taxi Calc Dist Script login.php sql injection
47183Virtuemart-solutions Com Googlebase admin.googlebase.php code injection
47182Justjoomla Com Treeg admin.treeg.php code injection
47181Miranda IM memory corruption [CVE-2007-5543]
47180Miranda IM memory corruption [CVE-2007-5542]
47179Tor denial of service [CVE-2009-0939]🔒🔒
47178Tor denial of service [CVE-2009-0938]🔒🔒
47177Tor denial of service [CVE-2009-0937]🔒🔒
47176Tor denial of service [CVE-2009-0936]🔒🔒
47175Linux Kernel inotify_read resource management
47174Process-one ejabberd cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0934]🔒🔒
47173Dotclear cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0933]
47172Horde Groupware path traversal [CVE-2009-0932]🔒🔒
47171Horde Groupware cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0931]🔒🔒
47170Horde IMP smime.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
47169Nucleus CMS path traversal [CVE-2009-0929]
47168Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-0926]
47167Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-0925]
47166Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-0924]
47165Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0923]
47164Joomprod Com Versioning index.php sql injection
47163PostgreSQL Error Message resource management [CVE-2009-0922]🔒🔒
47162Apachefriends XAMPP credentials management [CVE-2009-0919]
47161DFLabs PTK privileges management [CVE-2009-0918]
47160DFLabs PTK cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0917]
47159Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2009-0916]🔒🔒
47158Opera Web Browser memory corruption [CVE-2009-0915]🔒🔒
47157Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2009-0914]🔒🔒
47156IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0508]🔒
47155Softnews Media Group Datalife Engine cross-site request forgery
47154Parallels Virtuozzo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6479]
47153Parallels Virtuozzo Containers cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6478]
47152Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0913]🔒
47151Mandriva Mandrake Linux Corporate Server input validation [CVE-2009-0912]🔒🔒
47150Mumbojumbo OP4 index.php sql injection
47149Dotnetblogengine BlogEngine.NET cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6476]
47148Drake CMS sql injection [CVE-2008-6475]
47147F5 BIG-IP code injection [CVE-2008-6474]🔒
47146Blogator-script credentials management [CVE-2008-6473]
47145SlySoft AnyDVD memory corruption [CVE-2009-0824]🔒
47144Go-evolution evolution-data-server e-vcard.c numeric error [CVE-2009-0587]🔒🔒
47143gstreamer gst-plugins-base gst_vorbis_tag_add_coverart numeric error🔒🔒
47142Joe Shaw libsoup soup-misc.c soup_base64_encode numeric error🔒🔒
47141Gnome evolution-data-server ntlm_challenge input validation🔒🔒
47140Apple iTunes information disclosure [CVE-2009-0143]🔒🔒
47139Apple iTunes input validation [CVE-2009-0016]🔒🔒
47138Wireshark resource management [CVE-2008-6472]🔒🔒
47137Gnome glib gbase64.c numeric error [CVE-2008-4316]🔒🔒
47136MountainGrafix easyLink detail.php sql injection
47135ClanSphere information disclosure [CVE-2008-6470]
47134PlainCart index.php sql injection
47133Dieselscripts Diesel Pay index.php sql injection
47132Dieselscripts Diesel Job Site sql injection [CVE-2008-6467]
47131Akirapowered Image Gallery image_gallery.php sql injection
47130Parallels H-Sphere login.php cross site scripting
47129Mevin Basic-php-events-lister event.php sql injection
47128Fr. Simon Rundell Pd Churchsearch sql injection [CVE-2008-6463]
47127Kurt Gusbeth myquizpoll sql injection [CVE-2008-6462]
47126Fr. Simon Rundell Ste Prayer2 sql injection [CVE-2008-6461]
47125Mirko Werner Mw Random Objects sql injection [CVE-2008-6460]
47124TYPO3 autobeuser sql injection [CVE-2008-6459]
47123Dieter Mayer FE address edit sql injection [CVE-2008-6458]
47122Walnutstreet cgswigmore sql injection [CVE-2008-6457]
47121Martin Helmich HBook sql injection [CVE-2008-6456]
47120Edikon phpShop improper authentication [CVE-2008-6455]
471196rbScript section.php sql injection
471186rbScript section.php path traversal
47117Oceandir show_vote.php sql injection
47116jPORTAL humor.php sql injection
47115Linux-PAM _pam_StrTok numeric error🔒🔒
47114OneOrZero OneOrZero Helpdesk login.php path traversal🔒🔒
47113Mediacommands Media Commands memory corruption [CVE-2009-0885]
47112FileZilla FileZilla Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-0884]🔒🔒
47111Amunak Blue Eye CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-0883]
47110Roman Bogorodskiy nForum showtheme.php sql injection🔒
47109Josema Enzo isiAJAX sql injection [CVE-2009-0881]
47108IBM Director CIMListener path traversal🔒
47107IBM Director CIMListener input validation🔒
47106Wesnoth read_game_map resource management
47105Sun Java System Communications Express cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0877]
47104Sun xVM VirtualBox link following [CVE-2009-0876]
47103Sun OpenSolaris race condition [CVE-2009-0875]🔒
47102Sun OpenSolaris resource management [CVE-2009-0874]🔒
47101Linux Kernel icmp_send denial of service🔒🔒
47100Wesnoth uncompress_buffer resource management🔒🔒
47099Sun OpenSolaris access control [CVE-2009-0873]🔒🔒
47098Sun OpenSolaris access control [CVE-2009-0872]🔒🔒
47097Digium Asterisk input validation [CVE-2009-0871]🔒🔒
47096dash os command injection [CVE-2009-0854]🔒🔒
47095OpenSUSE os command injection [CVE-2009-0848]🔒🔒
47094HP Systems Insight Manager information disclosure [CVE-2009-0713]🔒🔒
47093HP WMI Mapper Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0712]🔒🔒
47092Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0660]🔒🔒
47091Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0234]🔒🔒
47090Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0233]🔒🔒
47089Microsoft Windows authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-0094]🔒🔒🔒
47088IBM Tivoli Storage Manager dsmsvc.exe memory corruption🔒
47087OpenTTD memory corruption [CVE-2008-3547]🔒🔒
47086Sun Solaris resource management [CVE-2009-0870]🔒
47085IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Hsm memory corruption [CVE-2009-0869]🔒
47084Foxit Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-0837]🔒🔒🔒🔒
47083Foxitsoftware Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-0836]🔒🔒🔒🔒
47082Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0083]🔒🔒
47081Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0082]🔒🔒
47080Fujitsu Jasmine2000 input validation [CVE-2009-0868]
47079Fujitsu Enhanced Support Facility information disclosure [CVE-2009-0867]
47078pHNews access control [CVE-2009-0866]
47077GeoVision Livex Activex Control LIVEX_~1.OCX path traversal
47076Matteoiammarrone S-Cms improper authentication [CVE-2009-0864]
47075Matteoiammarrone S-Cms sql injection [CVE-2009-0863]
47074TangoCMS hook_cntrlr_error_output cross site scripting🔒
47073Denorastats phpDenora cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0861]
47072Netcordia NetMRI cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0860]
47071Linux Kernel shm_get_stat input validation🔒🔒
47070Daniel J. Bernstein djbdns response.c response_addname input validation🔒🔒
47069Sun Management Center cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0857]🔒
47068IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0856]🔒🔒
47067IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0855]🔒🔒
47066Torben Sorensen TinX-CMS sql injection [CVE-2009-0825]🔒
47065Apache Tomcat cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0781]🔒🔒
47064OpenBSD fts.c fts_build numeric error🔒
47063Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2.0.CP06 input validation🔒
47062Stewart Howe CelerBB login.php improper authentication
47061Stewart Howe CelerBB showme.php information disclosure
47060Stewart Howe CelerBB viewforum.php sql injection
47059BitDefender Internet Security cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0850]🔒
47058NovaStor NovaNET Authentication nnwindtb.dll DtbClsLogin memory corruption🔒
47057Under Construction Baby PC2M cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6450]
47056Centurysys XR-730 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6449]
47055SKYARC MTCMS WYSIWYG Editor install.cgi cross site scripting
47054QuikSoft Easymail Mailstore Object ActiveX Control emmailstore.dll Stored memory corruption🔒
47053Geniuscyber MAXSITE code injection [CVE-2008-6446]
47050phpKF forum_duzen.php sql injection
47049Sina DLoader ActiveX Control unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-6442]
47047Sun OpenSolaris Device Driver vmem_hash_delete resource management🔒
47046Webgroupmedia Helpdesk Help display improper authentication
47045AbleDating search_results.php cross site scripting
47041phpSQLiteCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6435]
47023Linux Kernel __secure_computing access control🔒🔒
47022Linux Kernel audit_syscall_entry access control🔒🔒
47021YoungZSoft CCProxy memory corruption [CVE-2008-6415]🔒🔒🔒
47020Aj Square AJ Auction detail.php sql injection
47019Ticklespace Answers module cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6413]
47018Vignette Vignette Content Management privileges management [CVE-2008-6412]
47017Explay CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6411]
47016Brian Wilson ol bookmarks manager show.php path traversal
47015Brian Wilson ol bookmarks manager index.php sql injection
47014Brian Wilson ol bookmarks manager frame.php code injection
47013Brian Wilson ol bookmarks manager frame.php path traversal
47012Datalifecms DataLife Engine admin.php cross site scripting
47011Greatclone Hotscripts Clone showcategory.php sql injection
47010Extrosoft Thyme add_calendars.php cross site scripting
47009OpenRat Themes code injection [CVE-2008-6403]
47008Muskatli Sofi WebGui mod_dir code injection [CVE-2008-6402]
47007JETIK JETIK-WEB sayfa.php sql injection
47006dkim dkim-milter denial of service [CVE-2009-0770]🔒🔒
47005QIP Rich Text Format resource management [CVE-2009-0769]🔒
47004YapBB forumhop.php sql injection
47003Bookelves Kipper access control [CVE-2009-0767]
47002Bookelves Kipper default.php path traversal
47001Bookelves Kipper index.php path traversal
47000Bookelves Kipper index.php cross site scripting
46999Bookelves Kipper default.php cross site scripting
46998ScriptsEz Ez PHP Comment cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0762] Board 1.0.2 online.asp cross site scripting
46996Team5 Team Board access control [CVE-2009-0760]
46995Myplugins Gen Msn gen_msn.dll memory corruption [CVE-2009-0833]🔒
46994Ausimods E-Cart items.php sql injection
46993PHP-Fusion Members Cv Module members.php sql injection
46992Andrew Freed QuoteBook quotesadd.php cross site scripting
46991Andrew Freed QuoteBook quotes.php sql injection
46990Freedville QuoteBook access control [CVE-2009-0828]
46989Freedville PollHelper access control [CVE-2009-0827]
46988Freedville BlogHelper access control [CVE-2009-0826]
46987refbase show.php cross site scripting
46986DotNetNuke User Account access control [CVE-2008-6399]
46985Mozilla Firefox window.print(window.print) resource management🔒
46984Php.brickhost phpScheduleIt reserve.php code injection
46983MySQL ExtractValue denial of service🔒
46982Drupal Taxonomy Theme module index.php taxonomy_theme_admin_table_builder cross site scripting
46981Drupal Protected Node module index.php protected_node_enterpassword cross site scripting
46980TYPO3 User Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0816]🔒🔒
46979TYPO3 Error Message class.tslib_fe.php information disclosure🔒🔒
46978Blogsa Widgets.aspx cross site scripting
46977Imera TeamLinks ActiveX Control ImeraIEPlugin.dll input validation🔒
46976Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird input validation [CVE-2009-0777]🔒🔒🔒
46975Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird information disclosure [CVE-2009-0776]🔒🔒🔒
46974Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird resource management [CVE-2009-0775]🔒🔒🔒
46973Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Layout Engine resource management🔒🔒🔒
46972Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Javascript Engine jsarray.cpp ResizeSlots resource management🔒🔒🔒
46971Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Layout Engine GetOwnerNode resource management🔒🔒🔒
46970Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Layout Engine resource management🔒🔒🔒
46969Cisco Session Border Controller denial of service [CVE-2009-0619]🔒
46968Ubuntu Linux access control [CVE-2009-0578]🔒🔒
46967Wesnoth Whitelist access control [CVE-2009-0367]🔒🔒
46966Ubuntu Linux Request nm-applet.conf access control🔒🔒
46965Mega-nerd libsndfile numeric error [CVE-2009-0186]🔒🔒🔒
46964curl cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0037]🔒🔒
46963Bpsoft Hex Workshop memory corruption [CVE-2009-0812]🔒
46962SopCast SopCore ActiveX control ActiveX Control sopocx.ocx code injection🔒
46961Xatrix xGuestbook login.php sql injection
469603ds ENOVIA SmarTeam access control [CVE-2009-0809]
46959Simple Cmms SimpleCMMS sql injection [CVE-2009-0808]
46958zFeeder admin.php access control🔒
46957OpenGoo access control [CVE-2009-0806]
46956Mihai Bazon piCal index.php cross site scripting
46955Eric Raymond sng link following [CVE-2008-6398]
46954AlcoveBook sgml2x link following [CVE-2008-6397]
46953Celerondude Uploader account.php cross site scripting
469523Com Wireless 8760 Dual-radio Web Management Interface format string
46951CS-Cart Core sql injection [CVE-2008-6394]
46950Ziproxy access control [CVE-2009-0804]🔒🔒
46949SmoothWall NetworkGuardian access control [CVE-2009-0803]
46948Qbik WinGate access control [CVE-2009-0802]🔒
46947Squid Proxy access control [CVE-2009-0801]🔒🔒
46946OpenBSD rde_attr.c aspath_prepend denial of service
46945IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2009-0779]🔒
46944ZNC Configuration File znc.conf code injection🔒🔒
46943avahi avahi-daemon originates_from_local_legacy_unicast_socket resource management🔒🔒
46942MPFR GNU MPFR printf Functions memory corruption [CVE-2009-0757]🔒🔒
46941Poppler readSymbolDictSeg denial of service🔒🔒
46940Poppler loadDefaults denial of service🔒🔒
46939PHP htaccess format string [CVE-2009-0754]🔒🔒
46938MLDonkey path traversal [CVE-2009-0753]🔒🔒
46937Psi-im PSI numeric error [CVE-2008-6393]🔒🔒
46936Sixapart Movable Type Password Recovery Remote Code Execution
46935Yaws Web Server resource management [CVE-2009-0751]🔒🔒
46934Tombstone smNews Login login.php sql injection
46933OpenSC cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0368]🔒🔒
46932Cosmin Truta OptiPNG gifread.c realloc resource management🔒🔒
469311scripts Z1Exchange showads.php sql injection
46930Nexusjnr Jbook main.asp sql injection
46928Aliensoftcorp Rae Media Contact Management sql injection [CVE-2008-6389]
469274u2ges Rapid Classified access control [CVE-2008-6388]
46926Active Web Softwares Quick Tree View .NET information disclosure
469251scripts Z1Exchange showads.php cross site scripting
46924W3matter RevSense index.php cross site scripting🔒
46922SpeedTech Organization/Resource Manager sql injection [CVE-2008-6383]
46919Active Web Softwares Active Web Helpdesk Help default.aspx sql injection
46918Mxmania Gallery MX pics_pre.asp sql injection
46917Mxmania Calendar Mx Professional calendar_Eventupdate.asp sql injection
46916Phpbb-seo Multi SEO phpBB code injection [CVE-2008-6377]
46915Nexusjnr Jbook main.asp sql injection
46914Nexusjnr JBook access control [CVE-2008-6375]
46913Codefixer MailingListPro access control [CVE-2008-6374]
46912Ocean12tech FAQ Manager Pro default.asp sql injection
46907Socialgroupie Social Groupie File Upload input validation [CVE-2008-6367]
46906Adserversolutions Affiliate Software Java logon.jsp sql injection
46905Adserversolutions Ad Management Software logon.jsp sql injection
46904Adserversolutions Banner Exchange Software logon_process.jsp sql injection
46903Capilano DesignWorks cct memory corruption🔒
46902Ezonelink Multiple Membership Script sitepage.php sql injection
46901Insun Podcast Feedcms index.php path traversal
46900ImpressCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6360]
46898Socialgroupie Social Groupie group_index.php sql injection
46897Donnafontenot MyCal Personal Events Calendar access control [CVE-2008-6357]
46896Donnafontenot evCal Events Calendar access control [CVE-2008-6356]
46895The Net Guys ASPired2Protect access control [CVE-2008-6355]
46894The Net Guys ASPired2poll access control [CVE-2008-6354]
46893ASP-CMS index.asp sql injection
46892Xpoze Xpoze Pro home.html sql injection
46891TurnkeyForms Local Classifieds listtest.php cross site scripting
46890TurnkeyForms Local Classifieds listtest.php sql injection
46889TurnkeyForms Business Survey Pro survey_results_text.php sql injection
46888DevelopItEasy Photo Gallery gallery_category.php sql injection
46887Luigi Massa Onguma Time Sheet onguma.class.php code injection🔒
46886Linux Kernel ext4_fill_super input validation🔒🔒
46885Linux Kernel ext4_isize resource management🔒🔒
46884Linux Kernel make_indexed_dir input validation🔒🔒
46883Linux Kernel ext4_group_add input validation🔒🔒
46882Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2009-0744]🔒
46881Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0743]
46880Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2009-0028]🔒🔒
46879Dennis Royer DR Wiki cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6346]
46878Cms.maury91 SolarCMS Forum.php sql injection
46877TYPO3 TU-Clausthal Staff sql injection [CVE-2008-6344]
46876TYPO3 TU-Clausthal ODIN cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6343]
46875Lobacher Patrick simplefilebrowser information disclosure [CVE-2008-6342]
46874TYPO3 SB Universal Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6341]
46873Mathieu Vidal Mv Vox Populi cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6340]
46872Weber-ebusiness Wes Facilities sql injection [CVE-2008-6338]
46871Joomlaapps Com Volunteer index.php sql injection
46870Rightscripts Text Lines Rearrange Script download.php path traversal
46869eMetrix Online Keyword Research Tool download.php path traversal
46868eMetrix Extract Website download.php path traversal
46867Matthew General RSS Simple News news.php sql injection
46864Jaia Interactive MyTopix index.php sql injection
46863Pre ASP Job Board Login sql injection [CVE-2008-6329]
46862Butterflymedia Butterfly Organizer view.php sql injection🔒
46861Manzovi ProQuiz index.php sql injection🔒
46859Softbiz Classifieds Script showcategory.php cross site scripting🔒
46858CFMSource Cf Forum forummessages.cfm sql injection
46857CFMSource Cf Auction forummessages.cfm sql injection
46856CFMSource CFMBlog index.cfm sql injection
46855CFMSource CF Shopkart access control [CVE-2008-6321]
46854CFMSource CF Shopkart index.cfm sql injection
46853CFMSource Cf Calendar calendarevent.cfm sql injection
46852PHPmyGallery code injection [CVE-2008-6318]
46851PHPmyGallery Core path traversal [CVE-2008-6317]
46850PHPmyGallery Core path traversal [CVE-2008-6316]
46849PHPmyGallery Core code injection [CVE-2008-6315]
46847phpAddEdit addedit-render.php path traversal
46846Manzovi ProQuiz index.php sql injection🔒
46845Butterflymedia Butterfly Organizer view.php sql injection
46844W3matter RevSense index.php sql injection
46843W3matter AskPert index.php sql injection
46842PunBB Private Messaging System functions_navlinks.php path traversal
46841HP Virtual Rooms code injection [CVE-2009-0208]🔒
46839Softbizscripts Classifieds Script signinform.php cross site scripting
46837xt:Commerce sql injection [CVE-2008-6304]
46836ToursManager Tours Manager tourview.php sql injection
46835TurnkeyForms Local Classifieds access control [CVE-2008-6302]🔒
46834Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2008-4308]🔒
46833Cisco ACE 4710 cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0742]
46832Cisco ACE 4710 code injection [CVE-2009-0625]🔒
46831Cisco ACE 4710 denial of service [CVE-2009-0624]🔒
46830Cisco ACE 4710 denial of service [CVE-2009-0623]🔒
46829Cisco ACE 4710 Command Line Interface Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
46828Cisco ACE 4710 Web Management config [CVE-2009-0621]🔒
46827Cisco Application Control Engine Module Web Management credentials management🔒
46826Cisco Application Networking Manager Configuration File denial of service🔒
46825Cisco Application Networking Manager credentials management [CVE-2009-0617]🔒
46824Cisco Application Networking Manager Default User Credentials credentials management🔒
46823Cisco Application Networking Manager path traversal [CVE-2009-0615]🔒🔒
46822Cisco Meetingplace Web Confrencing improper authentication [CVE-2009-0614]🔒
46821Adobe RoboHelp cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0524]
46820Adobe RoboHelp cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0523]🔒
46819Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0522]🔒🔒
46818Adobe Flash Player For Linux information disclosure [CVE-2009-0521]🔒🔒
46817Adobe Flash Player File Processing memory corruption [CVE-2009-0520]🔒🔒🔒
46816IBM WebSphere Process Server Administrative Console config [CVE-2009-0507]
46815Orbitdownloader Orbit Downloader memory corruption [CVE-2009-0187]🔒🔒
46814Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0114]🔒🔒
46813Prezmo Small ShoutBox shoutbox_view.php sql injection
46812gwm Galatolo WebManager improper authentication [CVE-2008-6300]
46811Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6299]
46810Rocketeer.dip sISAPILocation Access Restriction input validation
46809DHCart order.php cross site scripting🔒
46808Maran PHP Shop admin.php access control
46807Camera Life search.php cross site scripting
46806Accscripts Acc Statistics access control [CVE-2008-6294]
46805Accscripts Acc Real Estate access control [CVE-2008-6293]
46804Accscripts Acc Autos access control [CVE-2008-6292]
46803Accscripts Acc PHP eMail access control [CVE-2008-6291]
46802nicLOR Include Sito includefile.php path traversal
46801Toursmanager Tours Manager cityview.php sql injection
46800Dmitry Baryshev ksquirrel-libs getHdrHead memory corruption🔒
46799Interface-medien ibase download.php path traversal
46798Getmiro Broadcast Machine MySQLController.php code injection
46797Active Web Softwares Active Newsletter SubscriberStart.asp sql injection
46796Businessvein PHP TV Portal index.php sql injection
467951scripts Z1Exchange edit.php sql injection
46792Bluo CMS index.php sql injection
46791Cisco WRT160N apply.cgi cross site scripting
46784Craftsilicon Banking@Home Login Login.asp sql injection
46783Frankmancuso BlueBird login.php sql injection
46782Frankmancuso MyNews login.php sql injection
46781Frankmancuso Auth Php login.php sql injection
46780MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0737]🔒🔒
46779Simon Brown Pebble cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0736]
46778Papoo message_class.php path traversal [CVE-2009-0735]
46777Nokia Nokia PC Suite timed MultimediaPlayer.exe memory corruption
46776Magentocommerc Magento Downloader admin cross site scripting🔒
46775Insightinformatics Libero cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0540]
46774IBM WebSphere Application Server Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0506]🔒
46773IBM TXSeries denial of service [CVE-2009-0505]🔒
46772MyKtools configuration_script.php path traversal
46771Miticdjd Apoll sql injection [CVE-2008-6272]🔒
46770TBmnet TBmnetCMS index.php path traversal
46769Miticdjd Apoll sql injection [CVE-2008-6270]
46768Joovili improper authentication [CVE-2008-6269]
46766Sadi Samami Multi Languages WebShop Online detail.php cross site scripting
46765Appstate phpWebSite links.php sql injection
46764Lingx Downloadcenter access control [CVE-2009-0732]
46763Freearcadescript Free Arcade Script path traversal [CVE-2009-0731]
46762GigCalendar Com Gigcalendar index.php sql injection🔒
46761Lingx Page Engine CMS recent_poll_include.php path traversal
46760MAXdev My Egallery index.php sql injection
46759Tony Iha Kazungu taifajobs jobdetails.php sql injection🔒
46758GigCalendar Com Gigcalendar index.php sql injection🔒
46757Potato-scripts Potato News admin.php path traversal
46756Cyberfolio path traversal [CVE-2008-6265]🔒
46755E-topbiz Slide Popups sql injection [CVE-2008-6264]
46754Infireal SaturnCMS t_user.php _userLoggedIn sql injection
46753Infireal SaturnCMS meta_url.php translate sql injection
46752E-topbiz AdManager view.php sql injection
46751Ultrastats index.php sql injection
46750QuadComm Q-Shop search.asp cross site scripting
46749QuadComm Q-Shop users.asp sql injection
46748Openasp default.asp sql injection
46747vBulletin sql injection [CVE-2008-6256]🔒
46746vBulletin sql injection [CVE-2008-6255]🔒
46745Jadu Jadu Galaxies sql injection [CVE-2008-6254]
46744Pluck-cms Pluck pcltar.lib.php path traversal [CVE-2008-6253]
46742Scripts phpFan code injection [CVE-2008-6251]
46741IBM WebSphere MQ Authorization access control [CVE-2009-0439]
46740HP Mercury Quality Center access control [CVE-2007-5289]
46739Comdev Web Blogger sql injection [CVE-2008-6250]
46738Gwm Galatolo WebManager sql injection [CVE-2008-6249]
46737Galatolo Galatolo WebManager all.php cross site scripting
46736Scripts-for-Sites EZ Top Sites topsite.php sql injection
46735Scripts-for-Sites EZ Webring category.php sql injection
46734Scripts-for-Sites EZ BIZ PRO track.php sql injection
46733Scripts-for-Sites EZ Gaming Cheats view_reviews.php sql injection
46731Scripts-for-Sites EZ e-store SearchResults.php sql injection🔒
46730Vlad Alexa Mancini PHPFootball filter.php information disclosure🔒
46729Vlad Alexa Mancini PHPFootball login.php cross site scripting
46728Vlad Alexa Mancini PHPFootball Login login.php sql injection
46727SemanticScuttle cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0708]
46726Powerscripts PowerClan index.php sql injection
46725Simple-review Com Simple Review index.php sql injection
46724PowerScripts PowerNews news.php sql injection
46723Webmastersite WSN Guest search.php sql injection
46722ASPThai.Net Webboard bview.asp sql injection
46721Phoca Com Phocadocumentation index.php sql injection
46720Cybershade CMS index.php code injection
46719Plunet Business Manager Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-0700]
46718Plunet Business Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0699]
46717xine xine-lib numeric error [CVE-2009-0698]🔒🔒
46716China-on-site FlexPHPSite sql injection [CVE-2008-6241]
46712Scripts-for-Sites Hotscripts-like Site software-description.php sql injection🔒
46711Netgear SSL312 path traversal [CVE-2009-0680]
46710Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0679]
46709Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke Error Message information disclosure
46708Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke Web Services avatarlist.php preg_replace code injection
46707Linux Kernel sock_getsockopt access control🔒🔒
46706Linux Kernel skfp_ioctl access control🔒🔒
46705Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke Error Message code injection [CVE-2009-0674]
46704Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke Web Services admin.php code injection
46703Ravenphpscripts RavenNuke Web Services modules.php sql injection
46701IBM WebSphere Partner Gateway improper authentication [CVE-2009-0440]
46700Cafuego Simple Document Management System login.php sql injection
46699vim os command injection [CVE-2008-6235]🔒🔒
46698vim System functions os command injection [CVE-2008-3076]🔒🔒
46697Vim zipPlugin.vim Mapping shellescape code injection🔒🔒
46696Vim tar.vim Mapping shellescape os command injection🔒🔒
46695Com Musica index.php sql injection
46694Fivedollarscripts Drinks index.php sql injection
46693Pre Shopping Mall credentials management [CVE-2008-6232]
46692Pre Classified Listings credentials management [CVE-2008-6231]
46691Pre Podcast Portal Tour.php sql injection
46690Drupal Content Construction Kit cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6229]🔒🔒
46689Pre Multi-Vendor Shopping Malls credentials management [CVE-2008-6228]
46688Pre Multi-Vendor Shopping Malls buyer_detail.php sql injection
46687PHP Auto Listings Script moreinfo.php sql injection
46685Samelinux Way Of The Warrior visualizza.php path traversal
46684WOTW Way Of The Warrior visualizza.php code injection
46683Joomlashowroom Pro Desk Support Center index.php path traversal
46682Dada Mail Manager config.dadamail.php code injection
46681Cafuego Simple Document Management System login.php sql injection
46680TPTEST GetStatsFromLine memory corruption🔒🔒
46679Toshiba Face Recognition Stored credentials management [CVE-2009-0657]
46678Asus SmartLogon Stored credentials management [CVE-2009-0656]
46677Lenovo Veriface improper authentication [CVE-2009-0655]
46676Tor Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-0654]🔒
46675OpenSSL Certificates improper authentication [CVE-2009-0653]🔒
46674Mozilla Firefox Internationalized Domain Name authentication spoofing🔒🔒
46673Apple CUPS WriteProlog numeric error🔒🔒
46672Symantec Veritas Netbackup Server/Enterprise Server input validation🔒
46671TPTEST GetStatsFromLine memory corruption🔒🔒
46670Nokia Symbian S60 Browser denial of service [CVE-2009-0649]
46669EMC Networker Client nsrexecd nsrexecd.exe resource management
46668libpng pngrutil.c png_handle_tEXt resource management🔒🔒
46667Extrakt Extrakt Framework index.php cross site scripting
46664Harlandscripts Pro Traffic One poll_results.php sql injection
46663Harlandscripts Pro Traffic One mypage.php sql injection
46662Dminnich Simple PHP News post.php code injection
46661Ruby OpenSSL OCSP_basic_verify improper authentication🔒🔒
46660FreeBSD Telnet Client sys_term.c access control🔒
46659Swannsecurity DVR4-SecuraNet vy_netman.cfg path traversal
46658DreamCost HostAdmin index.php cross site scripting
46657OpenX sql injection [CVE-2008-6163]🔒🔒
46656Bux Clone script improper authentication [CVE-2008-6162]
46655Php-Stats admin.php cross site scripting
46654Mcgallerypro mcGallery admin.php cross site scripting
46653dream4 Koobi index.php sql injection
46652Vastal Software Zone view_product.php sql injection
46651e107 CMS submitnews.php cross site scripting
46650PHPG Upload File Upload form_upload.php input validation
46649RobotStats graph.php code injection
46648Xaaaaav38 URLStreet seeurl.php cross site scripting
46647SuperNET SuperNET Shop sql injection [CVE-2008-6204]
46646Jakob-persson CoBaLT adminler.asp sql injection
46645Jakob-persson CoBaLT urun.asp sql injection
46644KwsPHP Help help.php path traversal
46643wiki Swiki cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6200]
466422532gigs backup.php access control
46641Mybboard Custom Pages Plugin pages.php sql injection
46640KwsPHP galerie module index.php sql injection
46639Philippe CROCHAT EasySite browser.php code injection
46638LANDesk LANDesk Management Suite TFTP Service PXEMTFTP.exe path traversal
46637Microsoft Windows DNS Server resource management [CVE-2008-6194]🔒
46636MyBlog MySQL Database cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6193]
46635Sun Java System Portal Server cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6192]🔒
46634Intrinsic Swimage Encore Core Conductor.exe credentials management
46633Eeb-welt EEBCMS index.php cross site scripting
46632GForge sql injection [CVE-2008-6189]🔒🔒
46631Gforge sql injection [CVE-2008-6188]
46630Gforge sql injection [CVE-2008-6187]
46629RaidenFTPD memory corruption [CVE-2008-6186]🔒
46628NoticeWare NoticeWare Email Server NG input validation [CVE-2008-6185]🔒
46627Medialab-karlsruhe OwnBiblio index.php sql injection
46626Myphpindexer My PHP Indexer index.php path traversal
46625ignitegallery index.php sql injection🔒
46624Mad4media Com Mad4joomla index.php sql injection
46623NewLife Blogger sql injection [CVE-2008-6180]
46622IndexScript sug_cat.php sql injection
46621Falt4 Falt4 Extreme Change Password cross-site request forgery
46620Microsoft Windows Live Messenger msnmsgr.exe input validation🔒
46619PHPList File Upload code injection [CVE-2008-6178]
46618Publicwarehouse LightBlog view_member.php path traversal
46616K2sxs SilverSHielD FTP Command input validation [CVE-2008-6175]
46615Jetbox CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6174]
46614Clip-share ClipShare fullscreen.php cross site scripting
46613Weberr RWCards path traversal [CVE-2008-6172]
46612D.j.bernstein djbdns race condition [CVE-2008-4392]🔒🔒
46611Drupal Bootstrap input validation [CVE-2008-6171]🔒
46610Drupal cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6170]🔒🔒
46609Drupal Localization client cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-6169]
46608miniPortail search.php cross site scripting
46607miniPortail search.php path traversal
46606Jmds Com Kbase index.php sql injection
46605Easy-script CSPartner gestion.php sql injection
466044Site 4Site CMS Login sql injection
46603Jaws index.php path traversal🔒🔒
46601Swannsecurity DVR4-SecuraNet credentials management [CVE-2009-0644]
46600phpyabs index.php code injection [CVE-2009-0639]
46599Novell openSUSE memory corruption [CVE-2009-0310]🔒🔒
46598SourceForge WOW Raid Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6161]🔒
46597Drupal Semantically Interconnected Online Communities access control
46596Hans Oesterholt CMME info.php phpinfo information disclosure
46595Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Suite access control [CVE-2009-0613]🔒
46594Trend Micro InterScan Web Security Virtual Appliance Windows Media Player information disclosure
46593Novell Open Enterprise Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0611]
46592Dminnich Simple PHP News post.php code injection
46591Sun Java System Directory Server Proxy Server input validation🔒
46590Android Android SDK fake_log_device.c showLog numeric error
46589Openhandsetalliance Android SDK malloc malloc_leak.c numeric error
46588Openhandsetalliance Android SDK File Descriptors link_image input validation
46587Linux Kernel do_page_fault memory corruption🔒
46586IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0504]🔒
46585BarnOwl zcrypt.c memory corruption
46584Nongnu Samizdat cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0359]
46583W3bcms w3b>cms Backend Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-6158]
46582SepCity Classified Ads cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6157]
46581IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management [CVE-2008-4285]
46580PHP Director index.php sql injection
46579Drupal Link module index.php cross site scripting
46578WikkiTikkiTavi File Upload upload.php input validation
46577Wireshark format string [CVE-2009-0601]🔒🔒
46576Wireshark input validation [CVE-2009-0600]🔒🔒
46575Wireshark netscreen.c memory corruption🔒🔒
46574Formfields AdMan editCampaign.php sql injection
46573Hispah Text Links Ads index.php sql injection
46572Hispah Text Links Ads index.php sql injection
46571PhpMesFilms index.php sql injection
46570W3bcms w3b>cms index.php sql injection
46569Apmuthu phpSkelSite Login path traversal [CVE-2009-0596]
46568Apmuthu phpSkelSite code injection [CVE-2009-0595]
46567Apmuthu phpSkelSite index.php cross site scripting
46566Plxwebdev plx Auto Reminder members.php sql injection
46565PNphpBB PNphpBB2 admin_words.php path traversal
46564Jayeshp Pixel8 Web Photo Album Photo.asp sql injection
46563SepCity Faculty Portal deptdisplay.asp sql injection
46562SepCity Shopping Mall shpdetails.asp sql injection
46561SepCity Classified Ads classdis.asp sql injection
46559Raven-worx liveticker index.php sql injection
46558Aspapp ForumApp access control [CVE-2008-6147]
46557DeluxeBB pm.php sql injection
46556TYPO3 WEC Discussion Forum sql injection [CVE-2008-6145]
46555TYPO3 WEC Discussion Forum cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6144]
46554Owentechkenya OwenPoll improper authentication [CVE-2008-6143]
46553China-on-site FlexPHPic UserCheck sql injection [CVE-2008-6142]
46552Avaya IP Softphone resource management [CVE-2008-6141]
46551Avaya one-X Session Initiation Protocol denial of service [CVE-2008-6140]
46550WebBiscuits Modules Controller path traversal [CVE-2008-6139]
46549WebBiscuits Modules Controller adminhead.php code injection
46548Drupal EveryBlog Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-6137]
46547Drupal EveryBlog access control [CVE-2008-6136]
46546Drupal EveryBlog cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6135]
46545Drupal EveryBlog sql injection [CVE-2008-6134]
46544Ozsari Full PHP Emlak Script arsaprint.php sql injection
46542moziloWiki improper authentication [CVE-2008-6131]
46541moziloWiki index.php cross site scripting
46540moziloWiki print.php path traversal
46539moziloCMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6128]
46538moziloCMS index.php cross site scripting
46537moziloCMS download.php path traversal
46536Sun Java System Directory Server denial of service [CVE-2009-0576]🔒
46535Drupal Views Bulk Operations theme_views_bulk_operations_confirmation cross site scripting
46534CafeEngine Easycafeengine index.php sql injection
46533Fotoware FotoWeb cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0573]
46532flatnux flatnux.php code injection
46531Ninjadesigns Mailist admin.php access control
46530Ninjadesigns Mailist send.php path traversal
46529IBM WebSphere Message Broker credentials management [CVE-2009-0503]
46528Eyrie pam-krb5 Setuid access control [CVE-2009-0361]🔒🔒
46527Eyrie pam-krb5 Configuration File improper authentication [CVE-2009-0360]🔒🔒
46526GE Fanuc iFIX Access Restriction credentials management [CVE-2009-0216]
46525Rimarts. Becky! Internet Mail memory corruption [CVE-2009-0569]🔒
46524Fail2ban improper authentication [CVE-2009-0362]🔒🔒
46523Moodle access control [CVE-2008-6125]🔒
46522Moodle report.php hotpot_delete_selected_attempts sql injection🔒🔒
46521Apple Mac OS X xterm access control [CVE-2009-0141]🔒🔒
46520Apple Mac OS X File System resource management [CVE-2009-0140]🔒🔒
46519Apple Mac OS X File System numeric error [CVE-2009-0139]🔒🔒
46518Apple Mac OS X improper authentication [CVE-2009-0138]🔒🔒
46517Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2009-0137]🔒🔒
46516Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2009-0020]🔒🔒
46515Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0019]🔒🔒
46514Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0018]🔒🔒
46513Apple Mac OS X Printing memory corruption [CVE-2009-0017]🔒🔒
46512Apple Mac OS X Filesystem credentials management [CVE-2009-0015]🔒🔒
46511Apple Mac OS X Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-0014]🔒🔒
46510Apple Mac OS X credentials management [CVE-2009-0013]🔒🔒
46509Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0012]🔒🔒
46508Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2009-0011]🔒🔒
46507Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-0009]🔒🔒
46506ESET Remote Administrator cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0548]🔒🔒
46505Evolution cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0547]🔒🔒
46504NewsGator FeedDemon memory corruption [CVE-2009-0546]🔒
46503ZeroShell Oauth input validation [CVE-2009-0545]
46502Apple Mac OS X AFP Server race condition [CVE-2009-0142]🔒🔒
46501PyCrypto ARC2 memory corruption [CVE-2009-0544]🔒🔒
46500ProFTPD mod_sql_mysql sql injection [CVE-2009-0543]🔒🔒
46499ProFTPD mod_sql sql injection [CVE-2009-0542]🔒🔒🔒
46498net-snmp Net Snmp Access Restriction snmpUDPDomain.c netsnmp_udp_fmtaddr input validation🔒🔒
46497IBM AIX bos.rte.cron access control🔒
46496Extrosoft Thyme export.php path traversal
46495FlexCMS sql injection [CVE-2009-0534]
46494Scripts-for-Sites EZ Reminder password.php cross site scripting
46493Scripts-for-Sites EZ Baby password.php cross site scripting
46492Ontarioabandonedplaces A Better Member-Based ASP Photo Gallery sql injection
46491Electrictoad Snippetmaster Webpage Editor g_pcltar_lib_dir code injection
46490Electrictoad SnippetMaster Webpage Editor index.php cross site scripting
46489Rhadrix If-CMS frame.php sql injection
46488AdaptCMS code injection [CVE-2009-0527]
46487AdaptCMS index.php cross site scripting🔒
46486Modernmethod sajax sajax_get_common_js cross site scripting
46485libvirt libvirt_proxy.c proxyReadClientSocket memory corruption🔒🔒
46484Netgear WGR614 Web Management Interface input validation [CVE-2008-6122]
46483SocialEngine SSID input validation [CVE-2008-6121]
46482SocialEngine profile_comments.php sql injection
46481Goople CMS input validation [CVE-2008-6119]
46480Goople CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6118]
46479Pilotgroup PG Job Site Pro homepage.php sql injection
46478Extrosoft Com Thyme index.php sql injection
46477Prozilla Hosting Index directory.php sql injection
46476Mytipper Zogo Shop product_details.php sql injection
46475SemanticScuttle cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6113]
46474Scriptsez Ez Ringtone Manager main.php path traversal
46473NetArt Media Vlog System blog.php sql injection
46472SemanticScuttle profile.php Remote Code Execution
46471phpSlash index.php generic code injection🔒
46470BusinessSpace classified.php sql injection
46469YANOCC check_lang.php path traversal
46468WebFrame path traversal [CVE-2009-0514]
46467WebFrame code injection [CVE-2009-0513]
46466Android OpenCORE Huffman Decoding pvmp3_huffman_parsing.cpp numeric error
46465glFusion lib-comment.php cross site scripting
46464Shelter Manager Animal Shelter Manager Access Restriction access control
46463IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2009-0438]🔒
46462IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0437]
46461ibm WebSphere Application Server mod_ibm_ssl access control [CVE-2009-0436]
46460IBM WebSphere Application Server Java Message Service denial of service🔒
46459IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0434]🔒
46458IBM WebSphere Application Server denial of service [CVE-2009-0433]🔒
46457IBM WebSphere Application Server config [CVE-2009-0432]🔒
46456Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry Application Web Loader ActiveX Control AxLoader.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
46455Microsoft Exchange Server input validation [CVE-2009-0099]🔒🔒🔒
46454Microsoft Exchange Server resource management [CVE-2009-0098]🔒🔒🔒
46453Microsoft Visio resource management [CVE-2009-0097]🔒🔒🔒
46452Microsoft Visio resource management [CVE-2009-0096]🔒🔒🔒
46451Microsoft Visio resource management [CVE-2009-0095]🔒🔒🔒
46450ibm WebSphere Application Server link following [CVE-2008-4284]🔒
46449IBM WebSphere Application Server input validation [CVE-2008-4283]
46448GWM Galatolo WebManager result.php cross site scripting
46447IBM Workplace Web Content Management cross-site request forgery
46446IBM Workplace Web Content Management cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6105]
46445A4Desk A4desk Flash Event Calendar sql injection [CVE-2008-6104]
46444A4Desk A4desk Flash Event Calendar index.php code injection
46443Ezonescripts Link Trader Script ratelink.php sql injection
46442Ezonescripts Adult Banner Exchange Website click.php sql injection
46441BerliOS Discussion Forum 2k RSS1.php sql injection
46440RPortal index.php code injection
46439Futomis Cgi Cafe Fulltext search CGI access control [CVE-2009-0469]
46438Armorlogic Profense Web Application Firewall ajax.html cross-site request forgery
46437Armorlogic Profense Web Application Firewall proxy.html cross site scripting
46436Vivvo cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0466]
46435Synactis All In The Box.ocx ActiveX Control ALL_IN_THE_BOX.OCX input validation🔒
46434Groonesworld GBook header.php code injection
46433Groonesworld GLinks code injection [CVE-2009-0463]
46432ClickTech ClickCart customer_login_check.asp sql injection
46431Whole Hog Password Protect improper authentication [CVE-2009-0461]
46430Whole Hog Ware Support improper authentication [CVE-2009-0460]
46429Whole Hog Password Protect login_submit.php sql injection
46428Whole Hog Ware Support login_submit.php sql injection
46427Magtrb AJA Portal case.php path traversal
46426Sourdough code injection [CVE-2009-0456]
46425DMXReady Online Notebook Manager sql injection [CVE-2009-0454]
46424Onlinegrades Online Grades phpinfo.php phpinfo information disclosure
46423Onlinegrades Online Grades login.php sql injection
46422SkaLinks sql injection [CVE-2009-0451]🔒
46421BlazeVideo HDTV Player plf memory corruption🔒
46420Kaspersky Anti-Virus memory corruption [CVE-2009-0449]🔒
46419Syntax Desktop path traversal [CVE-2009-0448]🔒
46418Aspindir MyDesign Sayac default.asp sql injection
46417Web-album WEBalbum photo.php sql injection
46416Dreampics Gallery Builder index.php sql injection
46415sirini GRBoard code injection [CVE-2009-0444]
46414Elecard Elecard AVC HD PLAYER memory corruption [CVE-2009-0443]
46413PHPbbBook bbcode.php path traversal
46412Technote body_default.php code injection🔒
46411Agavi gen(null) cross site scripting
46410Magic2003 StorageCrypt cryptographic issues [CVE-2008-6073]
46409GraphicsMagick denial of service [CVE-2008-6072]🔒🔒
46408GraphicsMagick DecodeImage memory corruption🔒🔒
46407GraphicsMagick ReadPALMImage memory corruption🔒🔒
46406123flashchat eChat plugin e107chat.php sql injection
46405Web Design Hero JoomlaDate index.php sql injection
46404Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0502]🔒🔒
46403Moodle User Account information disclosure [CVE-2009-0501]🔒🔒
46402Moodle lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0500]🔒🔒
46401Moodle post.php cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46400Minitdesign Virtual GuestBook access control [CVE-2009-0498]
46399Igniterealtime Openfire log.jsp path traversal🔒🔒
46398Ignite Realtime Openfire logviewer.jsp cross site scripting🔒🔒
46397It747 REALTOR 747 code injection [CVE-2009-0495]
46396Mivaco Com Portfol index.php sql injection
46395Martin Unzner IT!CMS Login login.php sql injection
46394SimpleIrcBot improper authentication [CVE-2009-0492]
46393Elecard Elecard MPEG Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0491]🔒
46392Audacity strparse.cpp get_nonspace_quoted memory corruption🔒🔒
46391David Paleino Wicd Configuration File config [CVE-2009-0489]🔒🔒
46390Phorum cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0488]
46389Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0487]
46388Mozilla Bugzilla quips.cgi access control🔒🔒
46387Mozilla Bugzilla mod_perl srand cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46386Mozilla Bugzilla editflagtypes.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46385Mozilla Bugzilla Saved Search buglist.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46384Mozilla Bugzilla editkeywords.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46383Mozilla Bugzilla process_bug.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
46382Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0481]🔒🔒
46380Juniper NetScreen ScreenOS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6096]🔒
46379OpenNMS surveillanceView.htm cross site scripting
46378Celoxis cross site scripting
46377Noname CMS index.php sql injection
46376phpscripts Ranking-script improper authentication [CVE-2008-6092]
46375BMForum plugins.php sql injection
46374Sun Solaris numeric error [CVE-2009-0480]🔒
46373Onlinegrades Online Grades admin_login.php sql injection
46372Squid Proxy HttpMsg.c input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
46371AREVA e-terrahabitat Server App Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0214]
46370AREVA e-terrahabitat denial of service [CVE-2009-0213]
46369AREVA e-terrahabitat Server App denial of service [CVE-2009-0212]
46368AREVA e-terrahabitat Server App denial of service [CVE-2009-0211]
46367AREVA e-terrahabitat memory corruption [CVE-2009-0210]
46366Sun OpenSolaris Filesystem access control [CVE-2009-0477]
46365Multimediasoft Audio Dj Studio For .net AdjMmsEng.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
46364RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0376]🔒🔒🔒
46363HP ONCplus denial of service [CVE-2009-0206]🔒
46362HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2008-4562]🔒🔒
46361HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe information disclosure🔒
46360HP OpenView Network Node Manager webappmon.exe input validation🔒
46359Rockwell Automation Controllogix 1756-ENBT/A Ethernet/IP Bridge Web Interface Internal information disclosure
46358Rockwell Automation Controllogix 1756-ENBT/A Ethernet/IP Bridge link following
46357Rockwell Automation Controllogix 1756-ENBT/A Ethernet/IP Bridge cross site scripting
46356Cisco IOS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0471]
46355ScriptsEz Mini Hosting Panel members.php path traversal
46354ScriptsEz Easy Image Downloader main.php path traversal
46353Joomtracker Com Joomtracker index.php sql injection
46352Camera Life topic.php cross site scripting
46351Camera Life album.php sql injection
46350GoAhead WebServer input validation [CVE-2003-1569]
46349GoAhead WebServer websSafeUrl input validation
46348GoAhead WebServer sockGen.c socketInputBuffered Remote Code Execution
46347GoAhead WebServer resource management [CVE-2002-2430]
46346GoAhead WebServer webs.c input validation
46345GoAhead WebServer webs.c input validation
46344GoAhead WebServer Security improper authentication [CVE-2002-2427]
46343F-Secure Anti-Virus numeric error [CVE-2008-6085]🔒🔒
46342.matteoiammarrone Iamma Simple Gallery File Upload input validation
46341TXTshop header.php path traversal
46339Simplecustomer Simple Customer contact.php sql injection
46338Codecall Com Ionfiles download.php path traversal
46337Enlightenment imlib2 Imlib2 integer coercion [CVE-2008-6079]🔒🔒
46336Limbo CMS Com Privmsg open.php sql injection
46335loudblog JAXP sql injection [CVE-2008-6077]
46334Jlleblanc Com Dailymessage index.php sql injection
46333Rasihbahar Bahar Download Script aspkat.asp sql injection
46332phpcrs frame.php path traversal
46330Meet#Web modules.php code injection
46329Oracle Database Server access control [CVE-2008-6065]
46328DomPHP sql injection [CVE-2008-6064]
46327Microsoft Word information disclosure [CVE-2008-6063]🔒
46326Adobe Dreamweaver ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6062]
46325Techsmith Camtasia Studio ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6061]🔒
46324Infosoftglobal Fusion Charts ActionScript cross site scripting
46323Codefixer LinksPro Default.asp sql injection
46322Active Web Softwares Active Bids search.asp cross site scripting
46321Active Web Softwares Active Bids search.asp sql injection
46320DMXReady Secure Document Library sql injection [CVE-2009-0428]
46319DMXReady Member Directory Manager sql injection [CVE-2009-0427]
46318DMXReady Classified Listings Manager sql injection [CVE-2009-0426]
46317Blue Eye CMS index.php sql injection
46316AN Guestbook sign1.php cross site scripting
46315Kevin Walker Php Photo Album index.php path traversal
46314Tincan PHPList code injection [CVE-2009-0422]🔒🔒
46313Com Eventing index.php sql injection🔒
46312Rd-media RD-Autos index.php sql injection
46311Cisco Wireless LAN Controller access control [CVE-2009-0062]
46310Cisco Catalyst 7600 Series Wireless Lan Controller input validation
46309Cisco Wireless LAN Controller login.html input validation
46308Cisco Wireless LAN Controller input validation [CVE-2009-0058]
46307WebKit access control [CVE-2008-6059]
46306Syslserve input validation [CVE-2008-6058]
46295HP 9200C Digital Sender Web Administration Interface path traversal🔒
46294Microsoft XML Core Services access control [CVE-2009-0419]🔒
46293HP HP-UX IPv6 Neighbor Discovery input validation [CVE-2009-0418]🔒
46292TightVnc ClientConnection.cpp CheckBufferSize numeric error🔒🔒
46291Mozilla Thunderbird Javascript Engine resource management [CVE-2009-0353]🔒🔒
46290Liberum Liberum Help Desk access control [CVE-2008-6057]
46289Ex-designs World Recipe emailrecipe.aspx cross site scripting
46288Pre Classified Listings access control [CVE-2008-6055]
46287Pre Courier/Cargo Business access control [CVE-2008-6054]
46286Pre Resume Submitter access control [CVE-2008-6053]
46285Pre E-Learning Portal access control [CVE-2008-6052]
46284Metalinks MetaCart access control [CVE-2008-6051]
46283Ircmaxell Tech Article index.php sql injection
46280ADbNewsSender cross site scripting [CVE-2008-6047]
46279ADbNewsSender sql injection
46278Standards Based Linux Instrumentation sblim-sfcb SSL Certificate link following🔒🔒
46277Monkey trickle memory corruption [CVE-2009-0415]🔒🔒
46276Tor resource management [CVE-2009-0414]🔒🔒
46275RoundCube Webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0413]🔒🔒
46274Interspire Shopping Cart class.auth.php ProcessLogin improper authentication
46273Google Chrome access control [CVE-2009-0411]🔒🔒
46272Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2009-0410]🔒
46271Mzbservices Max.Blog offline_auth.php sql injection
46270osCommerce cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0408]
46269Humayun Shabbir PHP-CMS Project sql injection [CVE-2009-0407]
46268Community CMS index.php sql injection
46267smartSite CMS articles.php sql injection
46266Bioinformatics htmLawed cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0404]
46265Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Blogger sql injection [CVE-2009-0403]
46264Gplhost Domain Technologie Control new_account.php sql injection
46263Ephpscripts E-Php CMS browsecats.php sql injection
46262SocialEngine blog.php sql injection🔒
46261Chipmunk Scripts Chipmunk Blogger Installation access control
46260Google Chrome Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2009-0276]🔒🔒
46259Novell GroupWise WebAccess information disclosure [CVE-2009-0274]
46258Free Download Manager memory corruption [CVE-2009-0184]🔒🔒
46257Free Download Manager Authorization memory corruption [CVE-2009-0183]🔒🔒
46256GStreamer Plug-ins gst_qtp_trak_handler memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
46255GStreamer Good Plug-ins qtdemux_parse_samples memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
46254Xt-commerce shopping_cart.php improper authentication
46253Xt-commerce advanced_search_result.php cross site scripting
46251NetArtMedia Real Estate Portal Search Module index.php sql injection
46250Dataspade Index.asp cross site scripting
46249Agares Media Arcadem Pro index.php sql injection
46248BLUEPAGE CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-6039]
46247MapCal index.php sql injection
46246AvailScript Article Script view.php sql injection
46245BaseBuilder code injection
46244Achievo dispatch.php cross site scripting
46243Achievo dispatch.php cross site scripting
46242WSN Links comments.php sql injection
46241WSN Links comments.php sql injection
46240WSN Links vote.php sql injection
46239NetArtMedia Jobs Portal Search Module index.php sql injection
46238BuzzyWall search.php sql injection
46237University of Queensland Fez list.php sql injection
46236BLUEPAGE CMS index.php cross site scripting
46235BlueCUBE CMS tienda.php sql injection
46234openElec path traversal [CVE-2008-6025]
46233Sony Ericsson K660i input validation [CVE-2009-0396]
46232Netartmedia Car Portal sql injection [CVE-2009-0395]
46231Ple Cms Login login.php sql injection
46230Motorola CPEi300 sysconf.cgi cross site scripting
46229Motorola CPEi300 Modem sysconf.cgi path traversal
46228IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0391]
46227Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform code injection [CVE-2009-0390]
46226Novell GroupWise cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0273]🔒
46225Novell GroupWise WebAccess cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0272]
46224Enomaly Elastic Computing Platform link following [CVE-2008-4990]
46223Eztools-software Web On Windows Activex ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
46222Sun OpenSolaris automountd resource management [CVE-2008-6024]🔒
46221Xnova code injection [CVE-2008-6023]
46220Xnova code injection [CVE-2008-6022]
46219Attachmate Reflection for Secure IT Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-6021]🔒🔒
46217DO-CMS index.php sql injection
46216MyPHPSite index.php path traversal
46215I-Rater I-Rater Basic messages.php sql injection
46214GStreamer Good Plug-ins qtdemux_parse_samples memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
46213GStreamer Good Plug-ins qtdemux_parse_samples memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
46212FFmpeg fourxm_read_header numeric error🔒🔒🔒
46211Adam Tomecek OwnRS autor.php sql injection
46210Mzbservices Max.Blog delete.php access control
46209Drupal Internationalization Access Restriction access control
46208BazaarBuilder Ecommerce Shopping Cart index.php sql injection
IDTitleNessusOpenVASSnortSuricataTippingPoint SOBI2 index.php sql injection [Disputed]
46206Com Pcchess index.php sql injection
46205Com Beamospetition index.php cross site scripting
46204Com Beamospetition index.php sql injection
46203Google Chrome unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0374] [Disputed]🔒
46202ElearningForce Flash Magazine Deluxe index.php sql injection
46201MemHT Portal File Upload index.php input validation
46200SiteXS CMS post.php path traversal
46199IBM AIX Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0370]🔒
46198Microsoft Internet Explorer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2009-0369]🔒
46197HP Select Access cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0204]
46196Todd Miller sudo Authorization parse.c access control🔒🔒
46195Red Hat Dogtag Certificate System verifyProof improper authentication
46194Editeurscripts EsFaq questions.php sql injection
46193Editeurscripts EsFaq search.php sql injection
46192Rianxosencabos CMS sql injection [CVE-2008-6014]
46191Openfreeway Freeway sql injection [CVE-2008-6013]
46190Hardkap Pritlog index.php path traversal
46189SG Real Estate Portal index.php sql injection
46188SG Real Estate Portal index.php path traversal
46187SG Real Estate Portal improper authentication [CVE-2008-6009]
46186Herongyang hyBook access control [CVE-2008-6008]
46185QuidaScript BookMarks Favourites Script view_group.php sql injection
46184Minbank Micronation Banking System Utility utdb_access.php code injection
46183WinFTP Server WFTPSRV.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
46182Merak Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0350]
46181FTPShell FTPShell Server Licensing memory corruption [CVE-2009-0349]🔒
46180Sun Java System Access Manager information disclosure [CVE-2009-0348]🔒
46179Autonomy Ultraseek Search Engine cs.html link following
46178Sun OpenSolaris IP Stack cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0346]🔒
46177Sun Fire X2200 M2 Embedded Lights Out Manager access control
46176Sun Fire X2200 M2 Embedded Lights Out Manager access control
46175Niels Provos Systrace Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-0343]🔒🔒
46174Provos Systrace Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-0342]🔒🔒
46173Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0341]🔒
46172Quirm Simple PHP Newsletter mail.php path traversal
46171DMXReady Blog Manager inc_webblogmanager.asp sql injection
46170DMXReady Blog Manager inc_webblogmanager.asp cross site scripting
46169Katy Whitton BlogIt! index.asp sql injection
46168Katy Whitton BlogIt! access control [CVE-2009-0336]
46167Katy Whitton BlogIt! index.asp cross site scripting
46166Katy Whitton BlogIt! index.asp sql injection
46165Com Waticketsystem index.php sql injection
46164Avbooklibrary book_search.php sql injection [CVE-2009-0332]
46163Quirm ESPG path traversal [CVE-2009-0331]
46162Wss-pro SCMS index.php path traversal
46161PcCookBook index.php sql injection
46160ROBS-PROJECTS Digital Sales IPN access control [CVE-2009-0328]
46159Seraphimtech Free Bible Search PHP Script readbible.php sql injection
46158Dark Age CMS Login login.php sql injection
46157Ninjadesigns Ninja Blog path traversal [CVE-2009-0325]
46156BibCiter sql injection [CVE-2009-0324]
46155W3C Amaya Web Browser html2thot.c memory corruption🔒🔒
46154W3C Amaya Web Browser CheckUniqueName memory corruption
46153Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-0322]🔒🔒
46152Apple Safari link following [CVE-2009-0321]🔒
46151Microsoft Windows information disclosure [CVE-2009-0320]🔒
46150Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0319]🔒🔒
46149SAP NetWeaver Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2008-3358]🔒
46148Aj Square AJ Auction search.php cross site scripting
46147Aj Square AJ Auction sellers_othersitem.php sql injection
46146web-cp Sendfile sendfile.php path traversal
46145Adnforum index.php access control
46144Gdata TotalCare 2008 KeSetEvent resource management
46143Drupal Ajax Checklist cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5999]
46142Drupal Ajax Checklist ajax_checklist_save sql injection
46141Ocp2 Omnicom Content Platform path traversal [CVE-2008-5997]
46140Link3 Simplenews cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5996]
46139TYPO3 Freecap Captcha Extension cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5995]
46138Check Point Connectra NGX index.php cross site scripting
46137Barcodephp Barcodegen 1d image.php path traversal
46136Jetik Jetik Emlak Sistem A diger.php sql injection
46135MailWatch docs.php path traversal🔒
46134Eduforge emergecolab path traversal [CVE-2008-5990]
46133PHPcounter defs.php path traversal
46132Jadu Jadu CMS for Government sql injection [CVE-2008-5988]
46131GNOME Gnumeric Wrapper PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46130GNOME nautilus-python PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒
46129Vim PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46128xchat PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46127GNOME gedit PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46126GNOME eog PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46125Csound PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒
46124GNOME Epiphany PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46123Dia PySys_SetArgv memory corruption🔒🔒
46122Kegel winetricks link following [CVE-2009-0313]🔒🔒
46121Python API memory corruption🔒🔒
46120MoinMoin cross site scripting🔒🔒
46119CA Anti-Virus for the Enterprise arclib.dll Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
46118Ipswitch IMail IMailsec.dll memory corruption [CVE-2007-2795]🔒🔒🔒🔒
46117EMC AutoStart ftbackbone.exe input validation
46116BMC PATROL Agent format string [CVE-2008-5982]
46115Sun OpenSolaris SunOSipv6.c denial of service🔒
46114Web Help Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0303]
46113PHP-Nuke Downloads module Downloads Module modules.php sql injection
46112Grid2000 FlexCell Grid Control ActiveX Control FlexCell.ocx Remote Code Execution🔒
46110Groonesworld GLinks index.php sql injection
46109MW6 Technologies Barcode ActiveX ActiveX Control Barcode.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
46108Clicktech ClickAuction login_check.asp sql injection
46107Gempar Script Toko Online shop_display_products.php sql injection🔒
46106ITLPoll Itpoll index.php sql injection
46105Webmobo Wbnews search.php code injection
46104Wazzum Wazzum Dating Software profile_view.php sql injection
46103SHOP-INET show_cat2.php sql injection
46102OpenX fc.php path traversal🔒
46101Apple CUPS link following [CVE-2009-0032]🔒🔒
46100SIR GNUBoard common.php path traversal
46099TFTPUtil input validation [CVE-2009-0289]
46098TFTPUtil path traversal [CVE-2009-0288]🔒
46097KEEP Toolkit patUser.php sql injection [CVE-2009-0287]
46096OpenGoo index.php path traversal
46095BBSXP error.asp cross site scripting
46094Flaxweb Flax Article Manager category.php sql injection
46093Aobosoft Oblog err.asp cross site scripting
46092Ralinktech RT73 numeric error [CVE-2009-0282]🔒🔒
46091WarHound Walking Club Login login.aspx sql injection
46090Asp-project improper authentication [CVE-2009-0280]
46089Pardalcms comentar.php sql injection
46088Sun Java System Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0278]🔒🔒
46087Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0277]
46086Pacosdrivers PacPoll access control [CVE-2008-5981]
46085Ocean12 Technologies Mailing List Manager access control [CVE-2008-5980]
46084Ocean12 Technologies Mailing List Manager default.asp cross site scripting
46083Ocean12 Technologies Mailing List Manager default.asp sql injection
46082PHP JOBWEBSITE PRO sql injection [CVE-2008-5977]
46081PHP JOBWEBSITE PRO cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5976]
46080Active Web Softwares Active Price Comparison links.asp sql injection
46079Active Web Softwares Active Price Comparison Login login.aspx sql injection
46078Active Web Softwares Active Web Mail Login login.aspx sql injection
46077Active Web Softwares Active Business Directory default.asp sql injection
46076I-netsolution Orkut Clone profile_social.php cross site scripting
46075I-netsolution Orkut Clone profile_social.php sql injection
46074Sunbyte e-Flower popupproduct.php sql injection
46073Ryneezy phoSheezy admin.php code injection
46072phpicalendar print.php path traversal🔒
46071Phpicalendar improper authentication [CVE-2008-5967]🔒
46070globsy globsy_edit.php input validation
46069LokiCMS index.php path traversal
46068Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite TFTP Service path traversal [CVE-2009-0271]🔒🔒
46067Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite PXEService.exe memory corruption🔒
46066Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2009-0269]🔒🔒
46065Sun OpenSolaris Terminal race condition [CVE-2009-0268]🔒🔒
46064Sun OpenSolaris input validation [CVE-2009-0267]🔒🔒
46063Trilogic Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0266]
46062ISC BIND EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒🔒
46061Fujitsu SystemcastWizard Lite Registry memory corruption [CVE-2009-0264]🔒
46060Axis AXIS Camera Control ActiveX Control CamImage.CamImage.1 memory corruption🔒
46059NullSoft WinAmp memory corruption [CVE-2009-0263]🔒🔒🔒
46058Trilogic Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-0262]
46057EffectMatrix Total Video Player DefaultSkin.ini memory corruption🔒
46056MoinMoin cross site scripting🔒🔒
46054Gravity-gtd input validation [CVE-2008-5963]
46053Gravity-gtd path traversal [CVE-2008-5962]
46052Tribiq CMS index.php cross site scripting
46051Tribiq CMS index.php sql injection
46048Mydyngallery index.php sql injection
46047PHPSTREET Webboard access control [CVE-2008-5956]
46046PHPSTREET Webboard show.php sql injection
46045KTP Computer Customer Database sql injection [CVE-2008-5954]
46044KTP Computer Customer Database path traversal [CVE-2008-5953]
46043KTP Computer Customer Database sql injection [CVE-2008-5952]
46042Aspapps Template Creature access control [CVE-2008-5951]
46041Aspapps Template Creature sql injection [CVE-2008-5950]
46040Tiddlywiki ccTiddly index.php code injection🔒
46039BNCwi index.php path traversal
46038OpenOffice resource management [CVE-2009-0259]🔒
46037TYPO3 Search Engine input validation [CVE-2009-0258]🔒🔒
46036TYPO3 Search Engine cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0257]🔒🔒
46035TYPO3 improper authentication [CVE-2009-0256]🔒🔒
46034TYPO3 Encryption Key cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0255]🔒🔒
46033easyHDR memory corruption [CVE-2009-0254]
46032Mozilla Firefox Status Bar Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-0253]🔒
46031Cisco Unified Communications Manager Certificate Authority Proxy Function input validation
46030Apple QuickTime MPEG-2 Playback Component input validation [CVE-2009-0008]🔒🔒
46029Cisco Security Manager Event Viewer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-3820]🔒
46028Joey Schulze Mod Auth Mysql mod_auth_mysql.c sql injection🔒🔒
46027Enthrallweb eReservations Login default.asp sql injection
46026Ryneezy phoSheezy admin.php code injection
46025Ryneezy phoSheezy access control [CVE-2009-0250]
46024Katywhitton RankEm access control [CVE-2009-0249]
46023Katywhitton RankEm rankup.asp cross site scripting
4602253KF Web IM 2009 cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0247]
46021easyHDR memory corruption [CVE-2009-0246]
46020yapbb code injection [CVE-2008-5947]
46019PHP-Fusion readmore.php sql injection
46018Nukevietcms Nukeviet improper authentication [CVE-2008-5945]
46017NavBoard modules.php cross site scripting
46016NavBoard admin_modules.php path traversal
46015MODX CMS preserveUrls cross site scripting
46014MODX CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2008-5941]
46013MODX CMS index.php sql injection
46012MODX CMS index.php cross site scripting
46011MODX CMS code injection [CVE-2008-5938]
46010Usagi MyNETS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0245]
46009Zkesoft AyeView input validation [CVE-2008-5937]
46008mini-pub information disclosure [CVE-2008-5936]
46007Microsoft Windows Mobile FTP Service path traversal [CVE-2009-0244]
46006Microsoft Windows config [CVE-2009-0243]🔒
46005SquirrelMail PHP Interface webmail.php improper authentication🔒🔒
46004Apache Jackrabbit search.jsp cross site scripting🔒
46003Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0007]🔒🔒🔒
46002Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2009-0006]🔒🔒🔒
46001Apple QuickTime resource management [CVE-2009-0005]🔒🔒
46000Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0004]🔒🔒
45999Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0003]🔒🔒🔒
45998Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0002]🔒🔒🔒
45997Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2009-0001]🔒🔒
45996Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 Password Protection TmPfw.exe improper authentication🔒
45995Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 TmPfw.exe ApiThread memory corruption🔒
45994Trend Micro Internet Security 2008 TmPfw.exe ApiThread input validation🔒
45993Factosystem Factosystem Weblog access control [CVE-2008-5935]
45992Cmsisweb CMS ISWEB index.php sql injection
45991Cmsisweb CMS ISWEB index.php cross site scripting
45990CodeAvalanche FreeForum access control [CVE-2008-5932]
45989The Net Guys ASPired2Blog access control [CVE-2008-5931]
45988The Net Guys ASPired2Blog sql injection [CVE-2008-5930]
45987Vpasp VP-ASP Shopping Cart access control [CVE-2008-5929]
45986FLDS redir.php sql injection
45985China-on-site FlexPHPNews UserCheck sql injection [CVE-2008-5927]
45984ASP-DEv Internal E-Mail System Login login.asp sql injection
45983ASP-DEv XM Events Diary access control [CVE-2008-5925]🔒
45982ASP-DEv XM Events Diary diary_viewC.asp sql injection🔒
45981ASP-DEv XM Events Diary default.asp sql injection🔒
45980CFAGCMS Themes code injection [CVE-2008-5922]
45979Umerinc Songs Portal albums.php sql injection
45977Ganglia process_path memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
45976Tigris WebSVN listing.php access control🔒🔒
45975Linux Kernel keyctl_join_session_keyring resource management🔒🔒
45974Tigris WebSVN preg_replace code injection🔒
45973Tigris WebSVN rss.php path traversal🔒🔒
45972Tigris WebSVN index.php getParameterisedSelfUrl cross site scripting🔒🔒
45971Horde Application Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5917]🔒🔒
45969Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry Unite PDF Distiller resource management🔒
45968VUPlayer pls memory corruption🔒🔒
45967VUPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0181]🔒
45966nfs-utils Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-0180]🔒🔒
45965Igno Saitz libmikmod denial of service [CVE-2009-0179]🔒🔒
45964IBM Hardware Management Console Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-0178]
45963Google Chrome unspecified authentication spoofing🔒
45962Apple Safari unspecified authentication spoofing🔒
45961Mozilla SeaMonkey Random Number Generator Math.random authentication spoofing🔒🔒
45960Microsoft Internet Explorer unspecified authentication spoofing🔒
45959Git access control [CVE-2008-5516]🔒🔒
45958Symantec AppStream Client ActiveX Control launcher.dll input validation🔒🔒
45957Red Hat Certificate System Installer credentials management [CVE-2008-2368]
45956Red Hat Certificate System Configuration File password.conf access control
45955Igno Saitz libmikmod denial of service [CVE-2007-6720]🔒🔒
45954vmware Player vmware-authd vmware-authd.exe resource management🔒🔒
45953Research In Motion Limited BlackBerry Unite PDF Distiller memory corruption🔒
45952Heathcosoft MP3 TrackMaker memory corruption [CVE-2009-0175]
45951VUPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0174]🔒
45950RealNetworks Helix Server NTLM Authentication memory corruption🔒🔒
45949IBM DB2 Universal Database input validation [CVE-2009-0173]🔒
45948IBM DB2 Universal Database input validation [CVE-2009-0172]🔒
45947Sun Sparc Enterprise Server access control [CVE-2009-0171]
45946Sun Java System Access Manager access control [CVE-2009-0170]🔒
45945Sun Java System Access Manager access control [CVE-2009-0169]🔒
45944Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0168]🔒
45943Sun OpenSolaris lpadmin denial of service [CVE-2009-0167]🔒
45942Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance Administration Interface cross-site request forgery🔒
45941Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance Administration Interface cross-site request forgery🔒
45940Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance credentials management [CVE-2009-0054]🔒
45939Cisco IronPort Encryption Appliance cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-0053]🔒
45938Sun OpenSolaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2008-5910]
45937Sun OpenSolaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2008-5909]
45936Sun OpenSolaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2008-5908]
45935Cisco Unified Ip Phone 7940g Firmware input validation [CVE-2008-4444]🔒
45934Cisco ONS input validation [CVE-2008-3818]🔒🔒
45933Amarok readTag numeric error🔒🔒
45932Amarok readTag memory corruption🔒🔒
45931Share2 Easy Grid Control ActiveX Control EasyGrid.ocx denial of service
45930Microsoft HTML Help Workshop memory corruption [CVE-2009-0133]🔒
45929Sun Solaris aio_suspend numeric error🔒🔒
45928Sun OpenSolaris denial of service [CVE-2009-0131]
45927OpenSSL crypto_drv.c DSA_do_verify improper authentication [Disputed]🔒
45926Perl-openssl libcrypt-openssl-dsa-perl improper authentication🔒🔒
45925Llnl Slurm EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒
45924Heikkitoivonen M2Crypto improper authentication [CVE-2009-0127] [Disputed]🔒
45923Berkeley Boinc Client crypt.cpp RSA_public_decrypt improper authentication🔒🔒
45922Finkproject libnasl this improper authentication [Disputed]🔒🔒
45921ARRL tqsllib openssl_cert.cpp EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒
45920Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2009-0123]🔒
45919hp hplip Configuration File access control [CVE-2009-0122]🔒🔒
45918Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2009-0029]🔒🔒
45917libpng pngwutil.c png_check_keyword unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
45916KTorrent input validation [CVE-2008-5906]🔒🔒
45915KTorrent Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-5905]🔒🔒
45914xrdp rdp_rdp_process_color_pointer_pdu input validation🔒🔒
45913xrdp xrdp_bitmap_def_proc numeric error🔒🔒
45912xrdp xrdp_bitmap_invalidate memory corruption🔒🔒
45911Microsoft Windows Domain Controller link following [CVE-1999-1593]
45910Goople CMS frontpage.php sql injection
45909IBM WebSphere DataPower XML Security Gateway XS40 Firmware input validation
45907Microsoft Windows chm memory corruption🔒
45906Digium Asterisk User Account information disclosure [CVE-2009-0041]🔒🔒
45905Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2008-4835]🔒🔒🔒
45904Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2008-4834]🔒🔒🔒
45903Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5463]🔒
45902Oracle BEA Product Suite access control [CVE-2008-5462]🔒🔒
45901Oracle BEA Product Suite access control [CVE-2008-5461]🔒🔒
45900Oracle BEA Product Suite information disclosure [CVE-2008-5460]🔒🔒
45899Oracle BEA Product Suite access control [CVE-2008-5459]🔒🔒
45898Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability🔒
45897Oracle BEA Product Suite memory corruption [CVE-2008-5457]🔒🔒🔒
45896Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5456]🔒
45895Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise ePerformance unknown vulnerability🔒
45894Oracle E-business Suite 12 unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5454]🔒
45893Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5452]🔒
45892Jdedwards EnterpriseOne information disclosure [CVE-2008-5451]🔒
45891Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure [CVE-2008-5450]🔒
45890Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control 10g unknown vulnerability🔒
45889Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework information disclosure🔒
45888Oracle Secure Backup observiced.exe null pointer dereference🔒
45887Oracle Secure Backup denial of service [CVE-2008-5443]
45886Oracle Application Server 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5438]🔒
45885Oracle Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2008-4017]🔒
45884Oracle Collaboration Suite information disclosure [CVE-2008-4016]🔒
45883Oracle Application Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-4014]🔒
45882Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2008-4007]🔒
45881Oracle JDeveloper information disclosure [CVE-2008-2623]🔒
45880Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-5449]🔒🔒
45879Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-5448]🔒🔒🔒
45878Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-5444]🔒
45877Oracle Secure Backup denial of service [CVE-2008-5442]🔒
45876Oracle Secure Backup denial of service [CVE-2008-5441]🔒
45875Oracle Timesten In-memory Database CGI Module format string [CVE-2008-5440]🔒
45874Oracle Database 10g information disclosure [CVE-2008-5439]🔒🔒
45873Oracle Database 11i Job Queue unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5437]🔒🔒
45872Oracle Database 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-5436]🔒🔒
45871Oracle Database 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-4015]🔒🔒
45870Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-4006]🔒🔒🔒
45869Oracle Database 9i denial of service [CVE-2008-3999]🔒🔒
45868Oracle Database 10g denial of service [CVE-2008-3997]🔒🔒🔒
45867Oracle Secure Backup information disclosure [CVE-2008-3981]🔒
45866Oracle Database 10g sql injection [CVE-2008-3979]🔒🔒🔒
45865Oracle Database 10g unknown vulnerability [CVE-2008-3978]🔒🔒
45864Oracle Database 9i denial of service [CVE-2008-3974]🔒🔒🔒
45863Oracle Database 10g information disclosure [CVE-2008-3973]🔒🔒
45862Linux Kernel sys_remap_file_pages access control
45861Git code injection [CVE-2008-5517]🔒🔒
45860DevIL Developers Image Library iGetHdrHeader memory corruption🔒🔒
45859Linux Kernel do_setlk race condition🔒🔒
45858iyziforum iyzi Forum access control [CVE-2008-5901]
45857CodeAvalanche Articles access control [CVE-2008-5900]
45856CodeAvalanche FreeForAll access control [CVE-2008-5899]
45855CodeAvalanche Directory access control [CVE-2008-5898]
45854CodeAvalanche FreeWallpaper access control [CVE-2008-5897]
45853CodeAvalanche RateMySite access control [CVE-2008-5896]
45852Mediatheka connection.php sql injection
45851Mediatheka index.php path traversal
45850Icash Click/Email admin_dblayers.asp cross site scripting
45849Icash Click/Email admin_dblayers.asp sql injection
45848Injader cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5891]
45847Injader feeds.php sql injection
45846Icash Click/Rank user.asp cross site scripting
45845Icash Click/Rank hitcounter.asp sql injection
45844Tincan PHPList input validation [CVE-2008-5887]🔒
45843TAKempis Discussion Web access control [CVE-2008-5886]
45842Thenetguys ASPired2Quote access control [CVE-2008-5885]
45841Zkesoft AyeView denial of service [CVE-2008-5884]🔒
45840mini-pub path traversal [CVE-2008-5883]
45839XStandard attachmentlibrary.php path traversal🔒
45838Expinion Poll Pro cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-0112]
45837Goople CMS frontpage.php sql injection
45836RiotPix read.php sql injection
45835RiotPix index.php sql injection
45834PHPAuctions access control [CVE-2009-0108]
45833PHPAuctions profile.php cross site scripting
45832PHPAuctions profile.php sql injection
45831Se-ed EZpack index.php cross site scripting
45830Se-ed EZpack index.php sql injection
45829PlaySMS Themes function.php code injection
45828Citrix Broadcast Server login.asp sql injection
45827PlaySMS Themes path traversal [CVE-2008-5881]
45826Microsoft Internet Explorer denial of service [CVE-2009-0072]🔒
45825Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-0071]🔒🔒
45824Apple Safari JavaScript numeric error
45823CA Service Metric Analysis access control [CVE-2009-0043]🔒
45822Gobbl CMS improper authentication [CVE-2008-5880]
45821Phpclanwebsite index.php cross site scripting
45820Phpclanwebsite path traversal [CVE-2008-5878]
45819Phpclanwebsite index.php sql injection
45817Joomlahbs Hotel Booking Reservation System index.php sql injection
45816Joomlahbs Hotel Booking Reservation System index.php sql injection
45815Cisco Gss 4492r Global Site Selector denial of service [CVE-2008-3819]🔒
45814HP OpenView Network Node Manager OpenView5.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
45813Yerba access control [CVE-2008-5873]
45812Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100 input validation
45811Nortel Multimedia Communication Server 5100 credentials management
45810FastStone Image Viewer input validation [CVE-2008-5870]
45809Proxim Tsunami MP.11 2411 cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5869]
45808IntelliTamper memory corruption [CVE-2008-5868]
45807Sun OpenSolaris nfs4rename_persistent_fh resource management🔒
45806Yerba path traversal [CVE-2008-5867]
45805Proxim Tsunami MP.11 2411 Firmware code injection [CVE-2008-5866]
45804Freedesktop Xdg-utils code injection [CVE-2009-0068]🔒🔒
45803Intel Trusted Execution Technology Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-0066]
45802Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2009-0065]🔒🔒🔒
45801ZXID DSA_verify improper authentication🔒
45800Entrouvert Lasso DSA_verify input validation🔒🔒
45799eID eidlib EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒🔒
45798OpenEvidence EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒
45797Gale EVP_VerifyFinal cryptographic issues🔒🔒
45796Sun Grid Engine EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒
45795ISC BIND DSA_verify improper authentication🔒🔒
45794NTP EVP_VerifyFinal improper authentication🔒🔒
45793Joomlahbs Hotel Booking Reservation System index.php sql injection
45792Joomlahbs Hotel Booking Reservation System index.php sql injection
45791V-gn Userlocator locator.php sql injection
45790webcamXP path traversal [CVE-2008-5862]🔒
45789FreeLyrics source.php path traversal
45788Constructr CMS path traversal [CVE-2008-5860]
45787Constructr CMS index.php sql injection
45786Knowledgetree Document Management cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5858]
45785Knowledgetree Document Management privileges management [CVE-2008-5857]
45783myPHPscripts Login Session access control [CVE-2008-5855]
45782myPHPscripts Login Session login.php cross site scripting
45781ChiCoMaS backup access control
45780Emefa Guestbook access control [CVE-2008-5852]
45779MyPBS index.php sql injection
45777Check Point VPN-1 information disclosure [CVE-2008-5849]🔒
45776Advantech Adam-6501 Default Password credentials management [CVE-2008-5848]
45775Samba Filesystem input validation [CVE-2009-0022]🔒🔒🔒
45774Constructr CMS MySQL Database credentials management [CVE-2008-5847]
45773Sixapart Movable Type Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-5846]
45772Sixapart Movable Type HTML Sanitization cross site scripting
45771PHP config [CVE-2008-5844]🔒🔒
45770pdfjam Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2008-5843]🔒🔒
45769Fujitsu-Siemens WebTransactions cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5842]
45768Ietf MD5 cryptographic issues [CVE-2004-2761]🔒🔒
45767iGaming CMS previews.php sql injection🔒
45766phpicalendar access control [CVE-2008-5840]
45765Foxmail memory corruption [CVE-2008-5839]🔒
45764Ephpscripts E-shop Shopping Cart search_results.php sql injection
45763Microsoft Windows Live Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2008-5828]🔒
45762Nokia 6131 Nfc Firmware config [CVE-2008-5827]
45761Nokia 6131 Nfc Firmware input validation [CVE-2008-5826]
45760Nokia 6131 Nfc Firmware link following [CVE-2008-5825]
4575968k audiofile msadpcm.c memory corruption🔒🔒
45758Microsoft Money ActiveX Control prtstb06.dll numeric error🔒
45757Mozilla Libxul resource management [CVE-2008-5822]🔒🔒
45756Apple Safari WebKit.dll resource management [CVE-2008-5821]🔒
45755GForge create sql injection🔒🔒
45754eDreamers eDNews eDNews_view.php sql injection
45753eDreamers eDNews eDNews_archive.php path traversal
45752eDreamers eDContainer index.php path traversal
45751Web Scribble Solutions webClassifieds index.php sql injection
45750ILIAS repository.php sql injection
45749phpAlumni Acomment.php sql injection
45748PHP cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5814]🔒🔒
45747SPIP sql injection [CVE-2008-5813]
45746SPIP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2008-5812]
45744Fujitsu-Siemens WebTransactions WBPublish.exe input validation
45743futomi Access Analyzer CGI improper authentication [CVE-2008-5809]
45742Sixapart Movable Type cross site scripting [CVE-2008-5808]
45741Invisible-island xterm code injection [CVE-2008-2383]🔒🔒
45740Invisible-island xterm Default Configuration config [CVE-2006-7236]🔒🔒
45519RoundCube Webmail html2text.php preg_replace code injection🔒🔒🔒
38662Ots Labs OTSTurntables memory corruption [CVE-2007-4734]
20532Snitz Forums 2000 Stored Procedure register.asp sql injection🔒🔒🔒
8182WebkitGTK+ SVGList.h insertItemBefore memory corruption
4778Perl YAML::LibYAML Module perl_libyaml.c format string🔒🔒
4691PHP filter.c privileges management
4669Linux Kernel CLONE_IO io_context input validation🔒🔒
4074Microsoft IIS ASP input validation [CVE-2009-4444]🔒🔒
4073Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-3388]🔒🔒
4072Adobe Acrobat Reader resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
4071Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2009-3794]🔒🔒🔒
4070Microsoft Windows Indeo Codec memory corruption [CVE-2009-4309]🔒🔒🔒
4069Microsoft Project Project Memory Validator resource management🔒🔒🔒
4068Microsoft Windows MS-CHAP Authentication credentials management🔒🔒🔒
4067Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Service credentials management🔒🔒
4066Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem resource management🔒🔒
4065Sumatra PDF pdf_shade4.c memory corruption
4064Cisco VPN Client cvpnd Service denial of service [CVE-2009-4118]🔒🔒
4063Zoho ManageEngine Password Manager Pro cross site scriting
4061Microsoft Internet Explorer Layout code injection [CVE-2009-3672]🔒🔒🔒
4060Microsoft Windows Win32k Kernel Mode Driver input validation🔒🔒
4059Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2009-2799]🔒🔒🔒
4058Microsoft Windows Active Directory resource management [CVE-2009-1928]🔒🔒🔒
4057Microsoft Excel memory corruption
4056Microsoft Word File Information Block Parser memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4055Apple Mac OS X ptrace race condition
4054Wireshark denial of service [CVE-2009-2560]🔒🔒
4053VMware Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-2267]🔒🔒
4052Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2009-3378]🔒🔒
4051Microsoft Windows GDI+ code injection [CVE-2009-2528]🔒🔒🔒
4050Microsoft Windows ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2009-2507]🔒🔒🔒
4049Microsoft Windows ActiveX Controls ATL OleLoadFromStream access control🔒🔒🔒
4048Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS Declaration code injection [CVE-2009-1547]🔒🔒🔒
4047Microsoft Internet Explorer DOM Object code injection [CVE-2009-1547]🔒🔒
4046Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML code injection [CVE-2009-1547]🔒🔒
4045Microsoft Internet Explorer Data Stream Header code injection🔒🔒🔒
4044Microsoft Windows Media Runtime code injection [CVE-2009-2525]🔒🔒🔒
4043Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4042Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4041Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4040Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript Methods cross site scripting🔒🔒
4039Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4038Adobe Acrobat Reader U3D cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4037Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2007-0045]🔒🔒
4036Adobe Acrobat Reader Compact Font Array cross site scripting🔒🔒
4035Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2009-3459]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4034Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2009-0689]🔒🔒
4033Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2008-2079]🔒🔒
4031Microsoft Windows SMB Processor EducatedScholar resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
4030Microsoft Windows Wireless LAN AutoConfig Service memory corruption🔒🔒
4029Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Window Size denial of service [CVE-2009-1926]🔒🔒🔒
4028Microsoft Windows ASF/MP3 Media code injection [CVE-2009-2498]🔒🔒🔒
4026Microsoft Windows DHTML Editing ActiveX Control code injection🔒🔒🔒
4025Microsoft Windows code injection [CVE-2009-1920]🔒🔒🔒
4024Microsoft IIS FTP Server resource management [CVE-2009-2521]🔒🔒🔒
4022IBM Lotus Domino denial of service [CVE-2009-3087]
4021IBM Lotus Notes RSS Widget code injection [CVE-2009-3114]🔒🔒
4020Check Point Connectra Login cross site scriting
4019Microsoft Internet Explorer FTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2009-3023]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
4018WordPress access control [CVE-2009-2853]🔒🔒
4017Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2008-0674]🔒🔒
4016Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Connection memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4015Apple iPhone SMS Message Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2009-2204]
4014Microsoft Windows Workstation Service resource management [CVE-2009-1544]🔒🔒🔒
4013Microsoft Windows Message Queuing Service access control [CVE-2009-1922]🔒🔒
4012Microsoft Windows WINS Service numeric error [CVE-2009-1924]🔒🔒🔒
4011Microsoft Windows WINS Service memory corruption [CVE-2009-1923]🔒🔒🔒
4010Microsoft Windows AVI Movie code injection [CVE-2009-1545]🔒🔒🔒
4009Microsoft NET Framework input validation [CVE-2009-1536]🔒🔒🔒
4004Microsoft Internet Explorer Table code injection [CVE-2009-1918]🔒🔒🔒
4003Microsoft Internet Explorer Deleted Objects resource management🔒🔒🔒
4002Oracle Database authentication spoofing [CVE-2009-0217]🔒🔒🔒
4001Microsoft Windows DirectShow memory corruption [CVE-2008-0015]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4000Microsoft Office Web Components code injection [CVE-2009-1136]🔒🔒🔒
3999Microsoft Office Pointer code injection [CVE-2009-0566]🔒🔒🔒
3998Microsoft Windows Embedded OpenType Font Engine memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
3997Microsoft Windows Embedded OpenType Font Engine numeric error🔒🔒🔒
3996Apple Safari Numeric Page Reference numeric error [CVE-2009-1725]🔒🔒
3995Apple Safari parent/top Object cross site scripting [CVE-2009-1724]🔒🔒
3994VideoLAN VLC Media Player SMB Input Module memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
3993Google Chrome Javascript Regexp memory corruption [CVE-2009-2121]🔒🔒🔒
3992Google Chrome HTTP Response memory corruption [CVE-2009-2121]🔒🔒
3991Foxit Reader JPEG2000/JBIG Decoder numeric error [CVE-2009-0690]🔒🔒
3990Microsoft Windows Print Spooler memory corruption [CVE-2009-0228]🔒🔒🔒
3989Microsoft Windows Print Spooler memory corruption [CVE-2009-0228]🔒🔒
3988Microsoft Windows Print Spooler EnumeratePrintShares memory corruption🔒🔒
3987Microsoft Internet Explorer Row Reference resource management🔒🔒🔒
3986Microsoft Internet Explorer getElementsByTagName resource management🔒🔒🔒
3985Microsoft Internet Explorer Event resource management [CVE-2009-1530]🔒🔒🔒
3984Microsoft Internet Explorer setCapture resource management🔒🔒🔒
3983Microsoft Internet Explorer xmlHttpRequest resource management🔒🔒🔒
3982Microsoft Internet Explorer DHTML Call resource management [CVE-2009-1141]🔒🔒🔒
3981Microsoft Internet Explorer Cache information disclosure [CVE-2009-1140]🔒🔒🔒🔒
3980Apple iTunes Protocol memory corruption [CVE-2009-0950]🔒🔒🔒
3979Microsoft Windows DirectShow memory corruption [CVE-2009-1537]🔒🔒🔒
3978Apple Mac OS X privileges management [CVE-2004-1184]🔒🔒
3977Apple Safari SVGList memory corruption [CVE-2008-3529]🔒🔒🔒
3976Apple Safari feed URI memory corruption [CVE-2008-3529]🔒🔒
3975Apple Safari XML libxml memory corruption🔒🔒
3974Microsoft PowerPoint Sound Data memory corruption [CVE-2009-0220]🔒🔒🔒
3973Microsoft PowerPoint Notes Container memory corruption [CVE-2009-0220]🔒🔒
3972Microsoft PowerPoint BuildList memory corruption🔒🔒
3971Microsoft PowerPoint Object memory corruption [CVE-2009-0220]🔒🔒
3970Microsoft PowerPoint Paragraph memory corruption [CVE-2009-0220]🔒🔒
3969Microsoft PowerPoint Atom memory corruption [CVE-2009-0220]🔒🔒
3968Google Chrome Skia 2D memory corruption [CVE-2009-1441]🔒🔒
3967Linux Kernel ptrace_attach race condition🔒
3965iPassConnect Universal Clien Remote Privilege Escalation
3964Symantec WinFax Pro Fax Viewer ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2009-2570]🔒
3963Citrix Web Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2009-2454]🔒🔒
3962Citrix Presentation Server Access Gateway Filter access control
3961phpMyAdmin Setup Script code injection [CVE-2009-1285]🔒🔒
3960Microsoft Windows DirectShow MJPEG code injection [CVE-2009-0084]🔒🔒🔒
3959Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2009-1235]🔒🔒
3958VMware ESX/ESXi Products Display display denial of service🔒🔒
3957VMware ESX/ESXi Virtual Infrastructure Client information disclosure🔒
3956Oracle BEA WebLogic Portal denial of service [CVE-2008-5345]🔒🔒🔒
3955Oracle BEA WebLogic Portal privileges management [CVE-2009-1001]🔒
3954Microsoft Whale Communication IAG ActiveX Control WhlMgr.dll UpdateComponents memory corruption🔒
3953Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-0972]🔒🔒
3952Microsoft ISA Server denial of service [CVE-2009-0077]🔒🔒
3951Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2009-0550]🔒🔒
3950Microsoft Windows HTTP Service numeric error [CVE-2009-0086]🔒🔒🔒
3949Cisco PIX/ASA improper authentication [CVE-2009-1155]
3948Sun Solaris Kerberos input validation [CVE-2009-0845]🔒🔒
3947Irfan Skiljan IrfanView Format Plugin numeric error [CVE-2009-0197]
3946Microsoft PowerPoint code injection [CVE-2009-0556]🔒🔒🔒
3945Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2009-1044]🔒🔒🔒
3944HP OpenView Network Node Manage memory corruption [CVE-2009-0920]🔒🔒🔒🔒
3943Blue Coat Security Gateway OS SSH Server resource management🔒🔒🔒
3942Symantec Mail Security Appliance Products KeyView memory corruption🔒🔒
3941IBM Lotus Notes File Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2008-4564]🔒
3940Cisco Unified CallManager credentials management [CVE-2009-0632]🔒
3939Microsoft Windows DNS input validation [CVE-2009-0093]🔒🔒🔒
3938Microsoft Windows SSL improper authentication [CVE-2009-0085]🔒🔒🔒
3937Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2009-0081]🔒🔒🔒
3936Foxit Reader code injection [CVE-2009-0191]🔒🔒🔒
3935Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2009-0040]🔒🔒🔒
3934Blue Coat t Security Gateway O HTTP config [CVE-2009-1211]🔒🔒
3933Adobe Flash input validation [CVE-2009-0519]🔒🔒
3932Microsoft Excel Object Reference code injection [CVE-2009-0238]🔒🔒🔒
3931Adobe Acrobat Reader JBIG2 memory corruption [CVE-2009-0658]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
3930Mozilla Firefox HTTP Directive information disclosure [CVE-2009-0358]🔒🔒
3929Mozilla Firefox HTTPOnly Cookie access control [CVE-2009-0357]🔒🔒
3928Mozilla Firefox Shortcut link following [CVE-2009-0356]🔒🔒
3927Mozilla Firefox Tab Restore access control [CVE-2009-0355]🔒🔒
3926Mozilla Firefox Chrome XBL jsobj.cpp cross site scripting🔒🔒
3925Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine resource management [CVE-2009-0352]🔒🔒
3924Mozilla Firefox Design Engine resource management [CVE-2009-0352]🔒🔒
3923RealNetworks RealPlayer IVR code injection [CVE-2009-0375]🔒🔒🔒
3922Google Chrome URI Handler Registration cross site scripting [CVE-2007-3670]🔒🔒🔒
3921Cisco IOS cross site scripting [CVE-2009-0470]🔒
3920VMware ESX Server VMDK Delta Disk denial of service [CVE-2008-4914]🔒
3918Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS zoom resource management🔒🔒🔒
3917Microsoft Internet Explorer Append Object resource management🔒🔒🔒
3916Apple QuickTime JPEG Image JPEG_DComponentDispatch memory corruption
3915Apple QuickTime Cinepak MDAT memory corruption
3914Apple QuickTime H.263 memory corruption
3913Apple QuickTime MPEG-2 MP3 memory corruption
3912Apple QuickTime AVI Movie memory corruption
3911Apple QuickTime QTVR TKHD Atom memory corruption
3910Apple QuickTime RTSP URL memory corruption
3908Oracle Database Remote Privilege Escalation
3907Cisco IOS HTTP cross site scripting [CVE-2008-3821]🔒🔒🔒
3906Cisco IOS HTTP cross site scripting [CVE-2008-3821]🔒🔒🔒
3905NullSoft WinAmp AIFF File memory corruption [CVE-2009-0263]
3904OpenSSL DSA/ECDSA EVP_VerifyFinal input validation🔒🔒
3903SAP GUI TabOne ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2008-4827]🔒🔒🔒
3902VMware Player vmware-authd denial of service [CVE-2009-0177]
3901Nokia S60 SMS denial of service

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