Tools 2011

91990Adium Messenger File Names / Extension cross site scriting
91989Adium Messenger Profile Title cross site scriting
91988Adium Messenger MessageBox Title cross site scriting
91987osCommerce administrators.php cross-site request forgery
91986osCommerce orders_status.php Reflected cross site scriting
91985osCommerce customers.php Reflected cross site scriting
91984osCommerce countries.php Reflected cross site scriting
91983osCommerce currencies.php Reflected cross site scriting
91982Hyperic HQ Enterprise Section UserAdmin Password Change cross-site request forgery
91981Hyperic HQ Enterprise Escalation Schemes Configuration Client cross site scriting
91980Hyperic HQ Enterprise Exception cross site scriting
91979Hyperic HQ Enterprise Indikators cross site scriting
91978Hyperic HQ Enterprise HQ Process Information / Diagnostics cross site scriting
91977Hyperic HQ Enterprise Roles cross site scriting
91976Facebook WebSite Bugbounty cross site scriting
91975European Union Newsletter cross site scriting
91974Twitter WebSite Groups 31-twitter-basics cross site scriting
91973Sky ICQ RTF File MUIMessage.dll denial of service
91972Sky ICQ denial of service
91971Microsoft Skype denial of service
91970Sky ICQ Feeds Index Persistent cross site scriting
91969Sky ICQ Profile Persistent cross site scriting
91968eFront CMS student.php sql injection
91962Argus Surveillance DVR cross site scriting
91961Argus Surveillance DVR cross site scriting
91960byRemote Surveillance Center Group Information cross site scriting
91959byRemote Surveillance Center redirect
91958byRemote Surveillance Center devicegroups.jsp sql injection
91957byRemote Surveillance Center events.jsp sql injection
91956AirBerlin WebSite pressreleases_dr.php sql injection
91955DIC INT Banking CMS Login index2.html sql injection
91954Skype Profile Persistent cross site scriting
91953Skype Profile Persistent cross site scriting
91952Netgear DIR-100 URL Filter privileges management
91951Click/Rank admin_dblayers.asp sql injection
91950Click/Rank admin.asp sql injection
91949Click/Email admin_dblayers.asp sql injection
91948Click/Email admin.asp sql injection
91947Click/BaneX admin_dblayers.asp sql injection
91946Click/BaneX admin.asp sql injection
91945Mozilla Prism memory corruption CMS user_info.php sql injection
91943HTC HD2 Mobile Phone Lock Screen privileges management
91942Gallery 3 search.php cross site scriting
91941IW Messenger messages_listing.asp cross site scriting
91940IW Guestbook badwords_edit.asp sql injection
91939IW Guestbook messages_edit.asp sql injection
91938IW Newsletter iGroup groups_edit.asp sql injection
91937IM Gallery pictures_edit.asp sql injection
91936IM Gallery password.asp sql injection
91935IM Gallery details.asp sql injection
91934Adobe Flash memory corruption
91933Woltlab Burning Board Path information disclosure
91932AiCart Shopping CMS Admin Interface privileges management
91931AiCart Shopping CMS search Persistent cross site scriting
91930AiCart Shopping CMS pager.php Persistent cross site scriting
91929AiCart Shopping CMS store sql injection
91928AiCart Shopping CMS pager.php sql injection
91927Rogers CA Website Press Release sql injection
91926Feng Office Generate Reports cross site scriting
91925Zoho ManageEngine OpManager Password information disclosure
91924Zoho ManageEngine OpManager sql injection
91923Forumer / IPB Board Show Topic index.php sql injection
91807SonicWALL ViewPoint Schedule Reports scheduleProps.jsp sql injection
91806SonicWALL Viewpoint Security Dashboard Reflected cross site scriting
91805SonicWALL Viewpoint Description Reflected cross site scriting
91804SonicWALL Viewpoint Show Logs Reflected cross site scriting
91803SonicWALL Viewpoint FTP Usage/Top Users of FTP/Web Usage Top Sites Reflected cross site scriting
91802SonicWALL Viewpoint SonicToday Log Title Persistent cross site scriting
91801SonicWALL Viewpoint SonicToday Pagetitle Persistent cross site scriting
91800SonicWALL Viewpoint SonicWall Today Persistent cross site scriting
91799SonicWALL Viewpoint Custom Report – Website Filtering Persistent cross site scriting
91798SonicWALL Viewpoint Security Dashboard Persistent cross site scriting
91797SonicWALL Viewpoint Scheduled Reports Persistent cross site scriting
91796SonicWALL Viewpoint Report Layout/Template Persistent cross site scriting
91795SonicWALL Viewpoint Add Componente Persistent cross site scriting
91794SonicWALL Viewpoint Current Sessions Persistent cross site scriting
91793SonicWALL Viewpoint SonicWall Training Persistent cross site scriting
91488Astaro Gateway Certificate cross site scriting
91487Evo CMS All Topics Search Reflected cross site scriting
91486Evo CMS Story on News Topic Persistent cross site scriting
91485Evo CMS Pool Topic Persistent cross site scriting
91484Medical Center Columbia WebSite Profiles profiles.php sql injection
91483TRUSTe WebSite pvr.php sql injection
91482Sony Playstation 3 Browser Freeze denial of service
91481Apple Safari JavaScriptCore.dll denial of service
91480Mozilla Firefox JavaScriptCore.dll denial of service
91479HTC HD2 Mobile Phone Lock Screen information disclosure
91478Skype memory corruption
91477Skype Status Bar cross site scriting
91476Skype Notification Module denial of service
91475Skype Input Mask memory corruption
91474Adobe Flash Player npswf32.dll memory corruption
91398Barracuda IMFirewall SMTP Mail Persistent cross site scriting
91396Pandora FMS index.php sql injection
91334Human Rights Resource Center listings.php sql injection
91333Human Rights Resource Center listings.php sql injection
91332DB S-Bahn Berlin artikel_anzeige.php sql injection
91331DB S-Bahn München public_main_modul.php sql injection
91330Bild WebSite DSL-Anbieter.asp sql injection
91328UltraFXP Manual Download memory corruption
91327UltraFXP Create Server-Container UltraFxp.exe memory corruption
91326Hagebaumarkt CMS index.php File path traversal
91325Camtasia Studio camproj File denial of service
91324AOK Gesundheitskasse sql injection
91322Parallels Plesk Control Panel Updater Persistent cross site scriting
91321Micro CMS Comments cross site scriting
91320GMX Service Center Guest DFS Blind sql injection
91318BitDefender Internet Security File Vault Creation bdfvcl.exe memory corruption
91317Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Appliance Edit Device Group Reflected cross site scriting
91316Fortinet FortiAnalyzer Appliance Filter Value on Log Access IPS Attack Listing Persistent cross site scriting
91310T-Online Browser clickjacking
91309sNews unrestricted upload
91308Strato Control Panel Output Display DOM cross site scriting
91307Strato Control Panel DNS Editor DOM cross site scriting
91286EGroupware CMS index.php file inclusion
91285EGroupware CMS index.php sql injection
91284EGroupware CMS index.php sql injection
91283Collabtive managesearch.php Reflected cross site scriting
91282Collabtive managemessage.php Persistent cross site scriting
91281ClusterMaps index2.php cross site scriting
91280ClusterMaps maps.php cross site scriting
91279CartStore eCommerce orders.php cross site scriting
91278CartStore eCommerce orders.php cross site scriting
91277CartStore eCommerce orders.php cross site scriting
91276Yahoo! Mail cross site scriting
91275Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security CFG Import basegui.ppl memory corruption
91274SmartFTP memory corruption
91273Simple Member member.php sql injection
91272MODX CMS index.php cross site scriting
91271MODX CMS cross site scriting
91270MODX CMS index.php cross site scriting
91269MODX CMS index.php cross site scriting
91268DrayTek WebSite SupportLiveDemoDetail.php sql injection
91267Freenet SMS Service cross site scriting
91266SolveDirect SDcall List.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
91265SolveDirect SDcall Download.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
91264SolveDirect SDcall Download.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
91263FlashFXP memory corruption
91262VVMessenger JID denial of service
91261VVMessenger History denial of service
91260SolveDirect SaaS main.jart sql injection
91259SolveDirect SaaS main.jart sql injection
91258SolveDirect SaaS main.jart sql injection
91257Simple Machine Forum ManageMembers.php sql injection
91256Group Office Summery Listing Persistent cross site scriting
91255Group Office Calender Persistent cross site scriting
91254Group Office Tasks Persistent cross site scriting
91253OpenEMR pnotes_full.php sql injection
91252OpenEMR add_edit_event.php sql injection
91251OpenEMR demographics.php sql injection
91250OpenEMR immunizations.php sql injection
91249OpenEMR add_edit_event.php sql injection
91245ITROM Cart catalog.php sql injection
91244Trojan Poison Ivy null pointer dereference
91243INetCash Finance Service extern.php cross site scriting
91242INetCash Finance Service index.php cross site scriting
91241INetCash Finance Service bankdetails.php cross site scriting
91240GCI Trader MetaTrader Access Violation memory corruption
91239FTP Explorer memory corruption
91238Didactum SensorProbe Policy ID wiznotify.php cross site scriting
91237IceBB CMS index.php sql injection
91236HijackThis Log Analysis analyzer.php Persistent cross site scriting
91235HijackThis Log Analysis rating.php Persistent cross site scriting
91234iGuard Player JPG Convert Pointer memory corruption
91233Pandora FMS Monitoring Notes sql injection
91232Pandora FMS Monitoring File privileges management
91231Pandora FMS Monitoring cross-site request forgery
91230Pandora FMS Monitoring cross site scriting
91229iGuard Biometric Access Control Employee Record Reflected cross site scriting
91228iGuard Biometric Access Control Department Persistent cross site scriting
91227iGuard Biometric Access Control New Access Record ID Persistent cross site scriting
91226iGuard Biometric Access Control Select Month Persistent cross site scriting
91225PHP Finance setup.php cross site scriting
91224PHP Finance Group group.php cross site scriting
91223PHP Finance Group group.php sql injection
91222CodeLock Encrypter PHP Encrypter codelock_goenc.php cross site scriting
91221CodeLock Encrypter PHP Encrypter index.php cross site scriting
91220CodeLock Encrypter codelock_gohtml.php unrestricted upload
91219OmniSecure AddUrlShield index.php sql injection
91218OmniSecure SignupCode index.php sql injection
91217OmniSecure Add Banners index.php sql injection
91216OmniSecure Add User index.php sql injection
91215OmniSecure Login Edit index.php sql injection
91214Vodafone EasyBox A600 WLAN Router cross site scriting
91213Google SketchUp DAE File memory corruption
91212Ventrilo memory corruption
91211Spider Player memory corruption
91210PGP WebSite pgp cross site scriting
91209Rosoft MediaPlayer memory corruption
91208ServersCheck Monitoring smstest.html privileges management
91207ServersCheck Monitoring Settings cross-site request forgery
91206ServersCheck Monitoring bulkedit.html cross site scriting
91205ServersCheck Monitoring addwizard3.html cross site scriting
91204ServersCheck Monitoring smssettings.html cross site scriting
91203ServersCheck Monitoring checks3other.html cross site scriting
91202ServersCheck Monitoring enterprisesettings2.html cross site scriting
91201ServersCheck Monitoring msnsettings.html cross site scriting
91200ServersCheck Monitoring windowsaccountsedit.html cross site scriting
91199ServersCheck Monitoring usersedit.html cross site scriting
91198ServersCheck Monitoring teamsedit.html cross site scriting
91197ServersCheck Monitoring smstest1.html cross site scriting
91196ServersCheck Monitoring devicedetails.html cross site scriting
91195ServersCheck Monitoring bandwidthreporting2.html cross site scriting
91194ServersCheck Monitoring reporting2.html cross site scriting
91193ServersCheck Monitoring devicescan1.html cross site scriting
91192ServersCheck Monitoring timeline_generate.html cross site scriting
91191ServersCheck Monitoring viewgraphs.html cross site scriting
91190ServersCheck Monitoring devicegraphs.html cross site scriting
91189ServersCheck Monitoring timeline.html cross site scriting
91188ServersCheck Monitoring downtime.html cross site scriting
91187ServersCheck Monitoring viewalerts.html cross site scriting
91186ServersCheck Monitoring checks2def.html cross site scriting
91185SpamTitan Setup-Network cross site scriting
91184SpamTitan Setup-Relay cross site scriting
91183SpamTitan Auth-Settings cross site scriting
91182WebspotBlogging showpost.php sql injection
91176XING Network Website cross site scriting
91175Wordpress Audio Player cross site scriting
91174dotProject index.php sql injection
91173eClime eCommerce JE login.php sql injection
91172eClime eCommerce JE manufacturers.php sql injection
91171EGroupware Premium Line index.php sql injection
91170Mozilla Prism memory corruption
91169Free PBX Phone System miscdests sql injection
91168Free PBX Phone System music sql injection
91167Free PBX Phone System trunks Reflected cross site scriting
91166Free PBX Phone System did/rnavsort Reflected cross site scriting
91165Free PBX Phone System announcement Reflected cross site scriting
91164Free PBX Phone System findmefollow Reflected cross site scriting
91163Free PBX Phone System music Persistent cross site scriting
91162Free PBX Phone System ringgroups Persistent cross site scriting
91161Free PBX Phone System Add Incoming Route Description Persistent cross site scriting
91160StarMoney Banking Software sfmuidetailadmin.dll denial of service
91159StarMoney Banking Software Kontoname/Institut / Name cross site scriting
91158Subsembly Banking Wertpapier/Depot cross site scriting
91157McAfee Web Gateway Incident Manager cross site scriting
91156McAfee Web Gateway E-Mail Gateway / HTTP Method Filter List cross site scriting
91155McAfee Web Gateway cross site scriting
91154McAfee Web Gateway HMS AGENTS - Private Key Handler/Remote Service cross site scriting
91153McAfee Web Gateway Account Overview - Allows to manage the accounts cross site scriting
91152McAfee UTM Firewall Appliance Filter Persistent cross site scriting
91151McAfee UTM Firewall Appliance Display/Modify Device Configuration Persistent cross site scriting
91150McAfee UTM Firewall Appliance Debug Inseration Persistent cross site scriting
91149McAfee UTM Firewall Appliance View Local System Log Persistent cross site scriting
91148McAfee UTM Firewall Appliance Diagnostics - Email System Log Delivery Persistent cross site scriting
91147Bitweaver Framework list.php sql injection
91146Bitweaver Framework list_events.php sql injection
91145Bitweaver Framework ShoutBox - Message Validation cross site scriting
91144Bitweaver Framework Stencil Records - Search Options cross site scriting
91143Bitweaver Framework Graph options - Site usage Chart cross site scriting
91142Dell KBOX SM Appliance Settings Linking Persistent cross site scriting
91141Dell KBOX SM Appliance Report Schedule Persistent cross site scriting
91140Dell KBOX SM Appliance Report List Persistent cross site scriting
91139Dell KBOX SM Appliance Queue Persistent cross site scriting
91138Dell KBOX SM Appliance Patch2 Persistent cross site scriting
91137Dell KBOX SM Appliance MSP Inventory Persistent cross site scriting
91136CARE2X Hospital System headline-read.php cross site scriting
91135CARE2X Hospital System editor-pass.php cross site scriting
91134CARE2X Hospital System calendar-options.php cross site scriting
91133CARE2X Hospital System newscolumns.php sql injection
91132SMPlayer URL Stream memory corruption
91131ESecurityServices GPS Login sql injection
91130ESecurityServices GPS Session Password information disclosure
91129ESecurityServices GPS User Password Persistent cross site scriting
91128ESecurityServices GPS Group Administration / Track ID Persistent cross site scriting
91127ESecurityServices GPS Userdata Form allows Persistent cross site scriting
91126ESecurityServices GPS Calender integer coercion
91125Cyberoam UTM Appliance Controller sql injection
91121SMPlayer denial of service
91120flatfiler ONE CMS cross site scriting
91119flatfiler ONE CMS print_me.php path traversal
91118flatfiler ONE CMS vads.php path traversal
91117flatfiler ONE CMS starting_download.php path traversal
91116Google Picasa Text Slide memory corruption
91115FTPRush memory corruption
91114GateProtect Command Center denial of service
91113NagiosAdministrator privileges management
91112Geovision DVR Remote View MPG4 Converter Password information disclosure
91111LightNEasy LightNEasy.php file inclusion
91110aWebDAP cross site scriting
91109cPanel WHM cross site scriting
91108Drupal CMS cross site scriting
91107BugGenie TS sql injection
91106SmarterMind sql injection
91105XTB Trade Brokers xtb_v4.x Pointer memory corruption
91104Netgear C DSL Router Persistent cross site scriting
91103Zibepla Hotel Booking CMS login.php sql injection
91102Vermillion ftpd memory corruption
91101Fish Encryption IRC memory corruption
91100Zoho ManageEngine Desktop Central cross site scriting
91098Barracuda Archiver cross site scriting
91097Barracuda Link Balancer privileges management
91096Barracuda Control Center Persistent cross site scriting
91095Barracuda Backup cross site scriting
91094Barracuda Web Firewall privileges management
91093Barracuda Web Filter Local Privilege Escalation
91091Barracuda IMFirewall Local Privilege Escalation
91090FTPRush memory corruption
91089Kaspersky Antivirus/Internet Security memory corruption
91088Textpattern cross-site request forgery
91087Bank of America Web Site cross site scriting
91085WebWatchBot Monitor divide by zero
91084Axence nVision memory corruption
91083Asterisk2Billing cross site scriting
91081AlegroCart any-article.html sql injection
910798pixel Blog CMS cross site scriting
87119qooxdoo delay.php path traversal
87118qooxdoo jsonp_primitive.php cross site scriting
87117eyeOS delay.php path traversal
87116BackWPup Plugin options-runnow-iframe.php path traversal
87115WP Forum Server Plugin feed.php sql injection
87114TaskFreak print_list.php cross site scriting
87113Zoho ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus cross site scriting
87112MediaWiki StubObject.php factory path traversal
87111Bugzilla quips.cgi cross-site request forgery
87110Bugzilla colchange.cgi cross-site request forgery
87109Bugzilla chart.cgi cross-site request forgery
87108Bugzilla sanitycheck.cgi cross-site request forgery
87107Bugzilla votes.cgi cross-site request forgery
87106PivotX timwrapper.php cross site scriting
87105OpenVAS Manager manage_sql.c Email privileges management
87104ScrumWorks Basic Server information disclosure
87103Oracle OpenSSO Local Privilege Escalation
87102Sun Java System Message Queue denial of service
87101VaM Shop orders.php cross site scriting
87100VaM Shop customers.php cross site scriting
65422WikiWig spell-check-savedicts.php cross site scripting
62639Limny preview.php path traversal🔒
62617SocialCMS Administrator Account cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-1416]
62615BackWPup options-view_log-iframe.php path traversal🔒
62611BackWPup wp_xml_export.php code injection
62186Geeklog configuration.php cross site scripting
62185Geeklog CSRF Protection configuration.php cross site scripting
61043qemu improper authentication [CVE-2011-0011]🔒🔒
59863Steve J Baker PLIB Error Message ulSetError memory corruption🔒🔒
59862Virtualenv link following [CVE-2011-4617]🔒🔒
59861Novell XTier framework numeric error [CVE-2011-1710]🔒
59860Jjwdesign PHP Booking Calendar details_view.php cross site scripting🔒
59859SopCast Diagnose.exe access control
59858TomatoSoft Free Mp3 Player input validation [CVE-2011-5043]
59857Gphemsley SASHA lib.base.php cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5042] [Disputed]
59856Pulse CMS index.php cross site scripting
59855Infoproject Biznis Heroj nalozi_naslov.php cross site scripting
59854Infoproject Biznis Heroj login.php sql injection
59853hitCode hitAppoint index.php sql injection
59852Google V8 input validation [CVE-2011-5037]🔒🔒🔒
59851Rack cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-5036]🔒🔒🔒
59850Apache Geronimo input validation [CVE-2011-5034]🔒
59849JRuby input validation [CVE-2011-4838]🔒🔒🔒
59848Ruby input validation [CVE-2011-4815]🔒🔒🔒
59847Plone input validation [CVE-2011-4462]🔒
59846Mortbay Jetty cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4461]🔒🔒
59844ConfigServer Configserver Security Firewall Admin Server CFS.c memory corruption
59843WinMount null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-5032]🔒
59842Shilpisoft capexweb sql injection [CVE-2011-5031]
59841Valthbald Meta tags quick cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5030]
59840Alexander Palmo Simple PHP Blog delete.php cross site scripting
59839novell Sentinel Log Manager path traversal [CVE-2011-5028]
59838Zabbix cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5027]🔒🔒
59837Zabbix hostgroups.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
59836HP Database Archiving Software memory corruption [CVE-2011-4165]
59835HP Database Archiving Software memory corruption [CVE-2011-4164]🔒
59834HP Database Archiving Software memory corruption [CVE-2011-4163]🔒
59833Yaws Web Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5025]
59832GNU Mailman cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5024]
59831Pligg CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5023]
59830Pligg CMS search.php sql injection
59829Winn Winn GuestBook addPost cross site scripting
59828PHPIDS code injection [CVE-2011-5021]
59827GoAhead WebServer resource management [CVE-2009-5111]
59826dhttpd resource management [CVE-2009-5110]
59825Apache HTTP Server mod_reqtimeout resource management [CVE-2007-6750]🔒🔒
59824Google IDAPython idapython input validation [CVE-2011-4783]
59823Wpsymposium WP Symposium cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3841]
59822NVIDIA Stereoscopic 3D driver input validation [CVE-2011-4784]
598217T IGSS memory corruption [CVE-2011-4537]
59820WellinTech KingView HistorySvr.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
59819HP Managed Printing Administration denial of service [CVE-2011-4169]🔒🔒🔒
59818hp Managed Printing Administration path traversal [CVE-2011-4168]🔒🔒🔒
59817HP Managed Printing Administration Default.asp memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
59816HP Managed Printing Administration path traversal [CVE-2011-4166]🔒🔒🔒
598157T IGSS memory corruption [CVE-2011-4050]
59814Attachmate Reflection rftpcom.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-5012]🔒
59813xt:Commerce cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-5011]
59812Ctekproducts SkyRouter access control [CVE-2011-5010]🔒
598113ssoftware CoDeSys Control Service CmpWebServer.dll null pointer dereference🔒
598103ssoftware CoDeSys numeric error [CVE-2011-5008]🔒
598093ssoftware CoDeSys memory corruption [CVE-2011-5007]🔒
59808QQPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-5006]🔒
59807Claudio Klingler QuiXplorer File Upload index.php memory corruption🔒
59806Fabrikar Com Fabrikar File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2011-5004]
59805Avid Media Composer AvidPhoneticIndexer.exe memory corruption🔒
59804Finaldraft memory corruption [CVE-2011-5002]
59803Trend Micro Control Manager CmdProcessor.exe AddTask memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
59802Pidgin Protocol Plugin family_feedbag.c input validation🔒🔒
59801Mini-Stream RM-MP3 Converter memory corruption [CVE-2010-5081]🔒
59799lighttpd http_auth.c base64_decode numeric error🔒🔒
59798Wuzly Administration access control [CVE-2011-3839]
59797Wuzly fp.php sql injection
59796Wuzly path traversal [CVE-2011-3837]
59795Wuzly cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-3836]
59794Wuzly cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3835]
59793RPM headerLoad code injection🔒🔒
59792Cyrus IMAPd improper authentication [CVE-2011-3372]🔒🔒
59791OpenStack Compute Manifest path traversal [CVE-2011-4596]🔒🔒
59790.bbsoftware BB FlashBack ActiveX Control Recorder.dll code injection🔒🔒🔒
59789.bbsoftware BB FlashBack ActiveX Control Recorder.dll code injection🔒🔒
59788.bbsoftware BB FlashBack ActiveX Control Recorder.dll code injection🔒🔒
59787Tor information disclosure [CVE-2011-4897]
59786Tor Monitoring information disclosure [CVE-2011-4896]
59785Tor information disclosure [CVE-2011-4895]
59784Tor fetch information disclosure [CVE-2011-4894]
59783Tor information disclosure [CVE-2011-2769]🔒🔒
59782Tor access control [CVE-2011-2768]🔒🔒
59781phpMyAdmin Libraries display_export.lib.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
59780phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4634]🔒🔒
59779PukiWiki Pukiwiki Plus! cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3990]
59778PmWiki PageListSort code injection🔒
59777Moodle code injection [CVE-2011-4203]
59776Sielcosistemi Winlog PRO memory corruption [CVE-2011-4037]🔒
59775Mozilla Thunderbird Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3666]🔒🔒
59773Unbound DNS Server resource management [CVE-2011-4869]🔒🔒
59772D-Link DIR-300 cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4723]
59771zFTPServer zFTPServer Suite path traversal [CVE-2011-4717]
59770Unbound DNS Server resource management [CVE-2011-4528]🔒🔒
59769Schneider Electric Quantum Ethernet Module 140noe77100 Firmware 125 access control
59768Schneider Electric Quantum Ethernet Module 140noe77100 ComputePassword improper authentication
59767Schneider Electric Stb Dio Ethernet Module Stbnic2212 Remote Code Execution
59766Pidgin Protocol Plugin ops.c silc_channel_message input validation🔒🔒
59765Pidgin XMPP Protocol Plugin input validation [CVE-2011-4602]🔒🔒
59764RSA SecurID Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4141]🔒
597637T IGSS Configuration File cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3339]
59762NullSoft WinAmp in_mod.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-4857]🔒
59761NullSoft WinAmp in_avi.dll numeric error [CVE-2011-3834]🔒🔒🔒
59760Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4856]
59759Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4855]
59758Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4854]
59757Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4853]
59756Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4852]
59755Parallels Plesk Panel credentials management [CVE-2011-4851]
59754Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel help.php information disclosure
59753Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel help.php information disclosure
59752Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4848]
59751Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel sql injection [CVE-2011-4847]
59750Parallels Plesk Panel preferences.html cross site scripting
59749Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4776]
59748Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4768]
59747Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4767]
59746Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4766] [Disputed]
59745Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4765]
59744Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4764]
59743Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel sql injection [CVE-2011-4763]
59742Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4762]
59741Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4761]
59740Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4760]
59739Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4759]
59738Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4758]
59737Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel credentials management [CVE-2011-4757]
59736Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4756]
59735Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel input validation [CVE-2011-4755]
59734Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4754]
59733Parallels Plesk Small Business Panel sql injection [CVE-2011-4753]
59732SmarterTools SmarterStats frmCustomReport.aspx Remote Code Execution🔒
59731SmarterTools SmarterStats frmGettingStarted.aspx information disclosure🔒
59730SmarterTools SmarterStats Default.aspx cross site scripting🔒
59729Parallels Plesk Panel credentials management [CVE-2011-4749]
59728Parallels Plesk Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4748]
59727Parallels Plesk Panel cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4747]
59726Parallels Plesk Panel cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4746]
59725Parallels Plesk Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4745]
59724Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4744]
59723Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4743]
59722Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4742]
59721Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4741]
59720Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4740]
59719Parallels Plesk Panel credentials management [CVE-2011-4739]
59718Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel get_password.php information disclosure
59717Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel information disclosure [CVE-2011-4737]
59716Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel login_up.php3 cryptographic issues
59715Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4735]
59714Parallels Plesk Panel Control Panel file-manager sql injection
59713Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel Remote Code Execution
59712Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel Remote Code Execution
59711Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel information disclosure
59710Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel credentials management
59709Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel login_up.php3 information disclosure
59708Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel login_up.php3 information disclosure
59707Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel admin input validation
59706Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel cross site scripting
59705Parallels Plesk Panel Administration Panel login_up.php3 sql injection
59704HomeSeer HomeSeer HS2 ctrl cross-site request forgery🔒
59703HomeSeer HomeSeer HS2 cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4836]🔒
59702HomeSeer HomeSeer HS2 path traversal [CVE-2011-4835]🔒
59701HP Application Lifestyle Management Configuration Tool GetInstalledPackages access control
59700SugarCRM index.php sql injection
59699Caupo CaupoShop Pro path traversal [CVE-2011-4832]🔒
59698David Azoulay Web File Browser webFileBrowser.php path traversal🔒
59697Barter-sites Com Listing index.php cross site scripting🔒
59696Barter-sites Com Listing index.php sql injection🔒
59695Autosectools V-CMS File Upload code injection [CVE-2011-4828]🔒
59694Autosectools V-CMS redirect.php cross site scripting🔒
59693Autosectools V-CMS session.php sql injection🔒
59692Phpletter Ajax File/Image Manager code injection [CVE-2011-4825]🔒
59691Cacti Login auth_login.php sql injection🔒🔒
59690Extensionsforjoomla Com Vikrealestate index.php sql injection
59689Atlassian FishEye cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4822]
59688Artsoft Rocks 'n' Diamonds Cache access control [CVE-2011-4606]🔒🔒
59687Digium Asterisk handle_request_info information disclosure🔒🔒
59686Digium Asterisk information disclosure [CVE-2011-4597]🔒🔒
59685Corey Minyard OpenIPMI access control [CVE-2011-4339]🔒🔒
59683EMC RSA Adaptive Authentication On-Premise access control [CVE-2011-2742]
59682EMC RSA Adaptive Authentication On-Premise access control [CVE-2011-2741]
59681Dolibarr index.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
59680WHMCS WHMCompleteSolution clientarea.php path traversal
59679Bst BestShopPro nowosci.php cross site scripting
59678Bst BestShopPro pokaz_podkat.php sql injection
59677WHMCS WHMCompleteSolution submitticket.php path traversal
59676Joomlaextensions Com Hmcommunity index.php cross site scripting
59675Joomlaextensions Com Hmcommunity index.php sql injection
59674phpAlbum main.php path traversal🔒
59673phpAlbum main.php cross site scripting🔒
59672SAP Crystal Reports Server pubDBLogon.jsp cross site scripting
59671Foobla Com Obsuggest index.php path traversal🔒🔒
59670Bravenewcode wptouch JAXP sql injection [CVE-2011-4803]
59669Dolibarr sql injection [CVE-2011-4802]🔒
59668Authenex Authenex Strong Authentication System Server sql injection🔒
59667Serv-U path traversal [CVE-2011-4800]🔒
59666Microsoft Publisher "Publisher code injection🔒🔒🔒
59665Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3917]🔒🔒
59664Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3916]🔒🔒
59663Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3915]🔒🔒
59662Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3914]🔒🔒
59661Google Chrome SVG Filter resource management [CVE-2011-3912]🔒🔒
59660Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3911]🔒🔒
59659Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3910]🔒🔒
59658Google Chrome view-source input validation [CVE-2011-3907]🔒🔒
59657Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3904]🔒🔒
59656FFFTP README.exe untrusted search path🔒
59655Restorepoint access control [CVE-2011-4202]
59654Restorepoint Restore remote_support.cgi code injection
59649Brandon Long Clearsilver Error Message p_cgi_error format string🔒🔒
59648Freedesktop colord cd-mapping-db.c sql injection🔒🔒
59647Red Hat Network Satellite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4346]🔒
59646Google Cr-48 Chromebook Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4719]
59645nginx memory corruption [CVE-2011-4315]🔒🔒
59644gnu gnutls gnutls_session.c gnutls_session_get_data memory corruption🔒🔒
59643MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center do_tgs_req.c process_tgs_req resource management🔒🔒
59642BlackBerry Blackberry Tablet Os Configuration File information disclosure
59641Dream-multimedia-tv Dreambox Dm800 Hd Se path traversal [CVE-2011-4716]
59640koha path traversal [CVE-2011-4715]🔒
59639Vvertex Muster path traversal [CVE-2011-4714]🔒
59638osCSS path traversal [CVE-2011-4713]
59637Monoxide0184 Oxide WebServer path traversal [CVE-2011-4712]
59636namazu namazu.cgi path traversal🔒🔒
59635Getpixie Pixie sql injection [CVE-2011-4710]
59634Hotaru CMS Search Plugin Hotaru.php cross site scripting
59633IBM Rational Asset Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4708]
59632SAP Netweaver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4707]
59631Mambo sql injection [CVE-2011-2917]
59630ISC dhcp dhcpd.conf input validation🔒🔒
59629phpWebSite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4265]
59628Etomite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4264]
59627CA SiteMinder cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4054]🔒🔒
59626Red Hat FreeIPA Management Interface cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
59625Novell GroupWise Messenger information disclosure [CVE-2011-3179]🔒🔒
59624Novell ZENworks Asset Management rtrlet path traversal [CVE-2011-2653]
59623Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-4695]
59622Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-4694]🔒
59621Apple WebKit Browser Cache access control [CVE-2011-4692]🔒
59620Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-4691]🔒
59619Opera Web Browser Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-4690]🔒
59618Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2011-4689]🔒
59617Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-4688]🔒🔒
59616Opera Web Browser resource management🔒🔒
59615Opera Web Browser Web Workers denial of service [CVE-2011-4686]🔒🔒
59614Opera Web Browser input validation🔒🔒
59613Opera Web Browser cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4684]🔒🔒
59612Opera Web Browser Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4683]🔒🔒
59611Opera Web Browser Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-4682]🔒🔒
59610Opera Web Browser Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-4681]🔒🔒
59609vtiger CRM cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4680]
59608vtiger CRM Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-4679]
59607APC PowerChute cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4263]🔒
59606Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-2462]🔒🔒🔒🔒
59605Mozilla SeaMonkey Layout Engine race condition [CVE-2010-5074]🔒🔒
59604Google Chrome access control [CVE-2010-5073]🔒
59603Opera Web Browser access control [CVE-2010-5072]🔒
59602Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2010-5071]🔒
59601Apple Safari access control [CVE-2010-5070]🔒
59600Google Chrome information disclosure [CVE-2010-5069]🔒
59599Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2010-5068]🔒
59598Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2002-2437]🔒
59597Mozilla Firefox information disclosure [CVE-2002-2436]🔒
59596Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2002-2435]🔒
59595One Click Orgs Error Message credentials management [CVE-2011-4678]
59594One Click Orgs improper authentication [CVE-2011-4677]
59593One Click Orgs User Account credentials management [CVE-2011-4555]
59592One Click Orgs input validation [CVE-2011-4554]
59591One Click Orgs input validation [CVE-2011-4553]
59590One Click Orgs cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4552]
59589ProFTPD resource management [CVE-2011-4130]🔒🔒🔒
59588Widelands Filesystem path traversal [CVE-2011-4675]
59587osCommerce path traversal [CVE-2011-4543]🔒
59586Celery access control [CVE-2011-4356]🔒🔒
59585HP Protecttools Device Access Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-4162]
59584InduSoft Web Studio CEServer.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
59583InduSoft Web Studio CEServer.exe improper authentication🔒🔒
59582Ironmountain Connected Backup Agent Service System.getRunTime.exec input validation
59581Widelands Filesystem path traversal [CVE-2011-1932]
59580Zabbix popup.php sql injection🔒🔒
59579Automattic Jetpack sql injection [CVE-2011-4673]
59578Valid tiny-erp partner_list.php sql injection
59577adrotate sql injection [CVE-2011-4671]
59576vTiger CRM Calendar Module phprint.php cross site scripting🔒
59575WordPress Wordpress-users wp-users.php sql injection
59574IBM Tivoli Netcool/Reporter code injection [CVE-2011-4668]
59573Prestashop code injection [CVE-2011-4545]
59572Schneider Electric Citectscada Reports path traversal [CVE-2011-4036]
59571Schneider Electric Citectscada Reports cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4035]
59570Schneider Electric Citectscada Reports ActiveX Control memory corruption
59569Schneider Electric Citectscada Reports ActiveX Control memory corruption
59568Prestashop cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4544]
59567AtMail AtMail Open ldap.php cross site scripting
59566HP Laserjet M9040 Default Configuration access control [CVE-2011-4161]
59565CloudBees Jenkins Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4344]
59564Mawashimono Nikki path traversal [CVE-2011-4001]
59563Adobe Flex SDK cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2461]🔒🔒🔒
59562Geeklog cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4647]
59561Lesterchan wp-postratings wp-postratings.php code injection
59560Hastymail Hastymail2 sql injection [CVE-2011-4542]🔒
59559Namazu cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4345]🔒
59558Novell NetWare xdrDecodeString memory corruption🔒
59557Mawashimono Nikki os command injection [CVE-2011-4002]
59556Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy input validation [CVE-2011-3639]🔒🔒
59555Novell Iprint Open Enterprise Server 2 nipplib.dll GetDriverSettings memory corruption🔒🔒
59554Namazu memory corruption [CVE-2009-5028]🔒
59553Canonical Linux input validation [CVE-2011-4405]🔒🔒
59552Arora-browser Arora input validation [CVE-2011-3367]🔒🔒
59551Adjam Rekonq input validation [CVE-2011-3366]🔒🔒
59550KDE SC Wrapper input validation [CVE-2011-3365]🔒🔒
59549Canonical Linux Certificates input validation [CVE-2011-3150]🔒🔒
59548Codefuture CF Image Hosting Script cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4572]
59547Eaimproved Com Estateagent index.php sql injection🔒
59546Takeaweb Com Timereturns index.php sql injection
59545Tom K Forum Userbar Plugin userbarsettings.php sql injection🔒
59544Foliovision Fv Wordpress Flowplayer Plugin cross site scripting
59543Zen Cart cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4567]
59542PHP exif.c exif_process_IFD_TAG numeric error🔒🔒🔒
59541Zen Cart cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4547]
59540Hastymail Hastymail2 index.php cross site scripting🔒
59539XOOPS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4565]🔒
59538Active CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4564]
59537JAKCMS index.php cross site scripting
59536John Godley Redirection plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4562]
59535Phorum admin.php cross site scripting🔒
59534Drupal Petition Node module cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4560]
59533vTiger CRM Calendar Module index.php sql injection🔒
59532Contao CMS index.php cross site scripting🔒
59531Dolibarr cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4329]🔒
59530Ruby on Rails Helper Method cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4319]🔒
59529IBM Ts3100 Tape Library User Interface improper authentication
59528Combodo iTop UI.php cross site scripting
59527Sunplus-tech DVR Remote ActiveX control ActiveX Control DVRobot.dll code injection
59526IBM WebSphere MQ Authorization access control [CVE-2011-1378]
59525RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4262]🔒🔒🔒
59524RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4261]🔒🔒
59523RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4260]🔒🔒
59522RealNetworks RealPlayer numeric error [CVE-2011-4259]🔒🔒🔒
59521RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4258]🔒🔒
59520RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4257]🔒🔒
59519RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4256]🔒🔒
59518RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4255]🔒🔒🔒
59517RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4254]🔒🔒🔒
59516RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4253]🔒🔒
59515RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4252]🔒🔒🔒
59514RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4251]🔒🔒
59513RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4250]🔒🔒
59512RealNetworks RealPlayer input validation [CVE-2011-4249]🔒🔒
59511RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4248]🔒🔒
59510RealNetworks RealPlayer code injection [CVE-2011-4247]🔒🔒
59509RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4246]🔒🔒
59508RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4245]🔒🔒
59507RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-4244]🔒🔒
59506Google Cr-48 Chromebook Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-4548]
59505Reviewboard Review Board cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4312]🔒🔒
59504HP Operations Agent Access Restriction unknown vulnerability
59503Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4332]
59502Joomla CMS Password Reset cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4321]
59498RSStatic index.php sql injection
59497Internet-works NUs Newssystem Nus.php sql injection
59496CMScout index.php sql injection
59495Alephsystem CMS Ariadna detResolucion.php sql injection
59494Alephsystem CMS Ariadna detResolucion.php sql injection
59493Gbu Grafici Com Gbufacebook index.php sql injection
59491JAMWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5054]🔒
59490Php-shop-system Com Xobbix index.php sql injection🔒
59489GetSimple CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5052]
59488razorCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5051]
59486Zabbix events.php sql injection🔒
59485JoomlaTune Com Jcomments admin.jcomments.php cross site scripting
59482Dlink DIR-685 cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4507]
59481Technicolor Tg585 Router config [CVE-2011-4506]
59480Alcatel Speedtouch 5x6 Router config [CVE-2011-4505]
59479Genmei Mori Pseudoics config [CVE-2011-4504]
59478Sitecom WL-111 config [CVE-2011-4503]
59477Edimax 6114wg Router os command injection [CVE-2011-4502]
59476Edimax 6114wg Router config [CVE-2011-4501]
59475Linksys WRT54GX Firmware config [CVE-2011-4500]
59474Cisco Linksys Wrt54gs Router config [CVE-2011-4499]
59473Zenprise Zenprise Device Manager cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-4498]
59472ASUS Rt-n56u QIS_wizard.htm information disclosure🔒
59471Aviosoft DTV Player plf memory corruption
59470NJStar NJStar Communicator memory corruption [CVE-2011-4040]
59469IBM Lotus Mobile Connect cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4465]
59468VMware vCenter Update Manager Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-4404]🔒
59467Montala ResourceSpace input validation [CVE-2011-4311]
59466HP Event Monitoring Service System Administration Local Privilege Escalation
59465CA Directory denial of service [CVE-2011-3849]🔒
59464owasp-java-html-sanitizer information disclosure [CVE-2011-4457]
59463Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3900]🔒🔒
59462FreeBSD openpam_configure.c pam_start path traversal🔒🔒
59461phpMyAdmin Libraries simplexml_load_string information disclosure🔒🔒
59460Openswan IKE Daemon resource management [CVE-2011-4073]🔒🔒
59459phpmyadmin Error Message phpmyadmin.css.php input validation🔒🔒
59458SourceFire ClamAV numeric error [CVE-2011-3627]🔒🔒
59457Openswan Error handling null pointer dereference🔒🔒
59456Robert Luberda man2html Error Message man2html.cgi.c cross site scripting🔒
59455HP Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4156]🔒
59454HP Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4155]🔒🔒
59452HP Directories Support for ProLiant Management Processors information disclosure
59451HP SAN/iQ Login hydra.exe memory corruption🔒
59450Apple Mac OS X Sandbox Profiles access control [CVE-2008-7303]🔒
59449Mahara access control [CVE-2011-4118]
59448Mahara information disclosure [CVE-2011-2774]
59447Mahara cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-2773]🔒🔒
59446Mahara file.php get_dataroot_image_path input validation🔒🔒
59445Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2771]🔒🔒
59444Dell Kace K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance Administrative Web Interface cross site scripting🔒
59443Dell Kace K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance Default Credentials credentials management🔒
59442Dell Kace K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance code injection [CVE-2011-4047]🔒
59441Dell Kace K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance cryptographic issues🔒🔒
59440IBM DB2 Tools for zOS Analysis Engine access control [CVE-2011-4435]
59439Microsoft Windows Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-4434]🔒
59438Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2011-3376]🔒
59437IBM AIX access control [CVE-2011-1375]🔒
59436Apple iOS resource management [CVE-2011-3442]🔒
59435Apple iOS information disclosure [CVE-2011-3441]🔒🔒
59434Apple iOS Passcode Lock access control [CVE-2011-3440]🔒
59433Apple iOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2011-3439]🔒🔒
59432Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2460]🔒🔒
59431Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2459]🔒🔒
59430Adobe Flash Player access control [CVE-2011-2458]🔒🔒
59429Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2457]🔒🔒
59428Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2456]🔒🔒
59427Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2455]🔒🔒
59426Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2454]🔒🔒
59425Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2453]🔒🔒
59424Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2452]🔒🔒
59423Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2451]🔒🔒
59422Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2450]🔒🔒
59421Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-3898]🔒🔒
59420Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3897]🔒🔒🔒
59419Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3896]🔒🔒
59418Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3895]🔒🔒
59417Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3894]🔒🔒
59416Google Chrome Media memory corruption [CVE-2011-3893]🔒🔒
59415Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3892]🔒🔒
59414Merethis Centreon cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-4432]
59413Merethis Centreon main.php path traversal
59412Plume CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3985]
59411EMC Rsa Key Manager Appliance access control [CVE-2011-2740]
59410EMC Documentum eRoom Locking access control [CVE-2011-2739]
59409IBM DB2 denial of service [CVE-2011-1373]🔒🔒 Iwate Portal Bar cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3999]
59407Apple WebObjects cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3998]
59406Opengear Img4000 Console Server improper authentication [CVE-2011-3997]
59405Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2011-3655]🔒🔒
59404Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-3654]🔒🔒
59403Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2011-3653]🔒🔒
59402Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-3652]🔒🔒
59401Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-3651]🔒🔒
59400Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-3650]🔒🔒
59399Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2011-3649]🔒🔒
59398Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3648]🔒🔒
59397Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-3647]🔒🔒
59396Nara Institute Of Science And Technology ChaSen memory corruption🔒🔒
59395Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2449]🔒🔒
59394Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2448]🔒🔒
59393Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2447]🔒🔒
59392Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2446]🔒🔒
59391Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2011-2016]🔒🔒🔒
59390Apache HTTP Server mod_setenvif apr_pcalloc input validation🔒🔒
59389Apache HTTP Server mod_setenvif ap_pregsub numeric error🔒🔒
59388HP TCP-IP Services denial of service [CVE-2011-3169]
59387HP TCP-IP Services information disclosure [CVE-2011-3168]
59386Sir Gnuboard sql injection [CVE-2011-4066]
59385FFFTP untrusted search path [CVE-2011-3991]🔒
59384Hiroyuki Oyama DBD::mysqlPP MySQL sql injection
59383Conky getSkillname link following🔒🔒
59382Pidgin libpurple g_markup_escape_text memory corruption🔒🔒
59381Nlnetlabs ldns ldns_rr_new_frm_str_internal memory corruption🔒🔒
59380GNOME ifcfg-rh plug-in svEscape privileges management🔒🔒
59379Schneider Electric Telemecanique Driver Pack Device Driver memory corruption
59378Pureftpd pure-FTPd path traversal [CVE-2011-3171]🔒
59377HP HP-UX Containers Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-3164]
59376e107 CMS Installation install_.php os command injection
59375CourseForum ProjectForum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4277]
59374Controlsystemworks CSWorks resource management [CVE-2011-3996]
59373SKYARC AutoTagging cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-3994]
59372SKYARC AutoTagging Uploader access control [CVE-2011-3993]
59371Dlink Dwl-3200ap memory corruption [CVE-2011-3992]
59370Daemon-tools DAEMON Tools resource management [CVE-2011-3987]
59369Pligg CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3986]
59368Wireshark erf_read_header memory corruption🔒🔒
59367Wireshark dissect_infiniband_common null pointer dereference🔒🔒
59366Wireshark csnStreamDissector resource management🔒🔒
59365Roundcube Webmail resource management [CVE-2011-4078]🔒
59364PHP __autoload code injection🔒🔒
59363Ark-web A-Form PC cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4274]
59362GoAhead Webserver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4273]🔒
59361Cisco Small Business Srp520 Configuration Utility cross-site request forgery
59360Tasofro Touhou-hisouten denial of service [CVE-2011-3995]
59359Ark-web A-Form improper authentication [CVE-2011-2676]
59358Sellatsite Smart ASP Survey cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5045]
59351Groonesworld Simple Contact Form code injection [CVE-2010-5038]
59350Michau Enterprises SenseSites CommonSense CMS article.php sql injection
59346Fusebox ProductList.cfm sql injection
59344fileNice Search Box index.php cross site scripting
59343Codefabrik Ecomat CMS index.php cross site scripting
59342Codefabrik Ecomat CMS index.php sql injection
59338CuteSITE CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5025]
59337CuteSITE CMS sql injection [CVE-2010-5024]
59336Cramerdev Digital Interchange Calendar index.asp sql injection
59335Harmistechnology Com Jesubmit index.php sql injection
59330Eliteladders Elite Gaming Ladders stats.php sql injection
59329Eliteladders Elite Gaming Ladders matchdb.php sql injection
593282daybiz Network Community Script view_photo.php sql injection
59327Eliteladders Elite Gaming Ladders standings.php sql injection
59322Ut-files UTStats index.php sql injection
59321Denaliintranet BrightSuite Groupware sql injection [CVE-2010-5008]
59320Ut-files UTStats cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5007]
59319Emophp EMO Realty Manager sql injection [CVE-2010-5006]🔒
59318Rayzz Photoz cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5005]
593172daybiz Polls Script searchvote.php sql injection
59313VideoWhisper PHP 2 Way Video Chat index.php cross site scripting
59312Deon George phpLDAPadmin functions.php masort code injection🔒🔒
59311Deon George phpLDAPadmin cmd.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
59310GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian cross site scripting
59309HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-3167]🔒🔒🔒
59308HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-3166]🔒🔒🔒
59307HP OpenView Network Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-3165]🔒
59306GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian License Manager PRProficyMgr.exe memory corruption
59305GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Historian memory corruption🔒
59303Exponentcms CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-5002]
59302esoftpro Online Contact Manager view.php sql injection
59301esoftpro Online Photo Pro index.php sql injection
59299Neojoomla Com Neorecruit index.php sql injection
59298Instantphp Jobs Pro search_jobs.html sql injection
59297Kay Messerschmidt Com Eventcal index.php sql injection
59296Paymentsplus Payments Plus add.html sql injection
59295Ninjaforge NinjaMonials index.php sql injection
59294B-elektro Com Addressbook Address Book index.php sql injection
59293Farsi-cms Ziggurat Farsi CMS main.asp sql injection
59292Familycms Family Connections Who is Chatting mod_chatting/themes/default/header.php code injection
59291KMSoft Guestbook default.asp sql injection
59290Cafuego Simple Document Management System detail.php sql injection
59289Mykazaam Notes Management System notes.php cross site scripting
59288Mykazaam Notes Management System notes.php sql injection
59286Mykazaam Address / Contact Organizer sql injection [CVE-2010-4982]
59283Nicholas Berry CANDID sql injection [CVE-2010-4979]🔒
59282Nicholas Berry CANDID cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4978]🔒
59277Sourcefabric Campsite Search Feature cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4973]
59275Wikiwebhelp Wiki Web Help sql injection [CVE-2010-4970]🔒
59274BrotherScripts Business Directory articlesdetails.php sql injection
59273webmaster-tips Com Wmtpic index.php sql injection
59272Investintech Absolute PDF Server memory corruption🔒
59271Investintech Able2Extract memory corruption🔒
59270Investintech Able2Doc memory corruption🔒
59269Investintech SlimPDF Reader unspecified access control🔒
59268Investintech SlimPDF Reader resource management🔒
59267Investintech SlimPDF Reader resource management🔒
59266Investintech SlimPDF Reader access control🔒
59265Investintech SlimPDF Reader access control🔒
59264OneOrZero AIMS ooz_access.php sql injection [CVE-2011-4215]🔒
59263OneOrZero AIMS improper authentication [CVE-2011-4214]
59262phpMyAdmin Setup Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4064]🔒🔒
59261Infor Enspire Distribution Management Solution sql injection
59260Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2011-0941]
59259Google App Engine Python SDK Access Restriction access control
59258Google App Engine Python SDK Access Restriction access control
59257Google App Engine Python SDK Access Restriction access control
59256Google App Engine Python SDK cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1364]
59255IBM WebSphere MQ input validation [CVE-2009-0905]
59254IBM WebSphere MQ memory corruption [CVE-2009-0900]🔒
59253IBM Rational AppScan privileges management [CVE-2011-1367]
59252IBM Rational AppScan Console privileges management [CVE-2011-1366]
59251IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration Console cross site scripting🔒🔒
59250IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2009-2747]🔒🔒
59249IBM Lotus Sametime Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-1370]
59248IBM WebSphere Application Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-1368]🔒🔒
59247IBM WebSphere MQ resource management [CVE-2010-0780]
59246Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-3251]🔒🔒
59245Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2011-3250]🔒🔒🔒
59244Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-3249]🔒🔒
59243Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2011-3248]🔒🔒🔒
59242Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2011-3247]🔒🔒
59241Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2830]🔒🔒
59240IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1371]
59239IBM HTTP Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1360]🔒
59238Cisco WebEx Recording Format Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-4004]🔒
59237Cisco WebEx Recording Format Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-3319]🔒
59236Cisco Video Surveillance Software resource management [CVE-2011-3318]
59235Cisco Unified Communications Manager path traversal [CVE-2011-3315]
59234Cisco Unified Computing System Software access control [CVE-2011-2569]🔒
59233OpenLDAP UTF8StringNormalize numeric error🔒🔒
59232Puppetlabs Puppet Enterprise Users input validation [CVE-2011-3872]🔒🔒
59231Puppetlabs Puppet access control [CVE-2011-3871]🔒🔒
59230Puppetlabs Puppet link following [CVE-2011-3870]🔒🔒
59229Puppetlabs Puppet Login link following [CVE-2011-3869]🔒🔒
59228Puppetlabs Puppet path traversal [CVE-2011-3848]🔒🔒
59227Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-3891]🔒🔒
59226Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3890]🔒🔒
59225Google Chrome Web Audio memory corruption [CVE-2011-3889]🔒🔒
59224Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3888]🔒🔒
59223Google Chrome Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3887]🔒🔒
59222Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-3886]🔒🔒
59221Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3885]🔒🔒
59220Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-3884]🔒🔒
59219Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3883]🔒🔒
59218Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-3882]🔒🔒
59217Google Chrome Same Origin Policy cross site scriting [CVE-2011-3881]🔒🔒
59216Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-3880]🔒🔒
59215Google Chrome cross site scriting [CVE-2011-3879]🔒🔒
59214Google Chrome race condition [CVE-2011-3878]🔒🔒
59213Google Chrome cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3877]🔒🔒
59212Google Chrome cross site scriting [CVE-2011-3876]🔒🔒
59211Google Chrome Drag/Drop input validation [CVE-2011-3875]🔒🔒
59210Simplemachines SMF cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-4173]
59209Webcreate Webforum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4172]
59208IBM WebSphere ILOG Rule Team Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4171]
59207Webcreate Webforum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3984]
59206Webcreate Webforum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3983]
59205Simplemachines SMF sql injection [CVE-2011-3615]
59204Webcreate Webforum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3383]
59203Novell ZENworks Handheld Management ZfHSrvr.exe memory corruption🔒
59202Novell ZENworks Handheld Management ZfHSrvr.exe memory corruption🔒
59201GNOME empathy empathy-theme-adium.c theme_adium_append_message cross site scripting🔒🔒
59200GNOME empathy empathy-theme-adium.c theme_adium_append_message cross site scripting🔒🔒
59199HP Multifunction Peripheral Digital Sending Software information disclosure🔒
59198Linux Kernel napi_reuse_skb null pointer dereference🔒🔒
59197Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2011-2060]
59196Cisco IOS Printing information disclosure [CVE-2011-2059]
59195Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-2058]
59194Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-2057]
59193Cisco CiscoWorks Common Services information disclosure [CVE-2011-2042]
59192Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-1640]
59191Xia Zuojie NexusPHP thanks.php sql injection
59190OCS Inventory NG cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4024]🔒🔒
59189Lockon EC-CUBE sql injection [CVE-2011-3988]
59188Sun OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2011-2713]🔒🔒
59187Cybozu Office Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2677]
59186Digium Asterisk Channel Driver chan_sip.c input validation🔒🔒🔒
59185ATCOM Netvolution sql injection [CVE-2011-3340]
59184RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server User Account access control
59182ATCOM Netvolution default.asp cross site scripting
59181ATCOM Netvolution cross site scripting [CVE-2009-5103]
59180ATCOM Netvolution default.asp sql injection
59179MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center krb5_db2_lockout_audit input validation🔒🔒
59178MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center lookup_lockout_policy input validation🔒🔒
59177MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center krb5_ldap_lockout_audit input validation🔒🔒
59176MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center input validation [CVE-2011-1527]🔒🔒
59175Cisco CiscoWorks Common Services code injection [CVE-2011-3310]🔒
59174Cisco Show/Share code injection [CVE-2011-2585]
59173Cisco Show/Share Administration Page access control [CVE-2011-2584]
59172Oracle JRE information disclosure [CVE-2011-3561]🔒🔒
59171Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3560]🔒🔒
59170Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3558]🔒🔒
59169Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3557]🔒🔒
59168Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3556]🔒🔒
59167Sun JRE unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3555]🔒🔒
59166Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3554]🔒🔒
59165Oracle JRockit memory corruption [CVE-2011-3553]🔒🔒
59164Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3552]🔒🔒
59163Oracle JRockit memory corruption [CVE-2011-3551]🔒🔒
59162Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3550]🔒🔒
59161Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3549]🔒🔒
59160Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3548]🔒🔒
59159Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3547]🔒🔒
59158Sun JRE unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3546]🔒🔒🔒
59157Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3545]🔒🔒
59156Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3544]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
59155Sun JRE memory corruption [CVE-2011-3521]🔒🔒
59154Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3516]🔒🔒
59153Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Servers Software Login Page cross site scripting
59152HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3162]🔒
59151HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3161]
59150HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3160]
59149HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3159]
59148HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3158]
59147HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3157]🔒
59146HP Data Protector for Personal Computers memory corruption [CVE-2011-3156]🔒
59145Django CSRF Protection cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-4140]🔒🔒
59144Django Cache input validation [CVE-2011-4139]🔒🔒
59143Django input validation [CVE-2011-4138]🔒🔒
59142Django Libraries resource management [CVE-2011-4137]🔒🔒
59141django Session Identifier django.contrib.sessions Stored input validation🔒🔒
59140Oracle Industry Applications unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2323]
59139Oracle Java System Application Server Web Container denial of service🔒🔒
59138Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-3543]
59137Sun Solaris Backend denial of service [CVE-2011-3542]🔒
59136Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology denial of service🔒
59135Oracle Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-3539]
59134Oracle Virtualization Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3538]
59133Oracle Solaris Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2011-3537]
59132Oracle Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-3536]
59131Oracle Sun Products Suite denial of service [CVE-2011-3535]🔒
59130Oracle Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-3534]🔒
59129Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Profile Manager unknown vulnerability
59128Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite Agile Product Supplier Collaboration for Process information disclosure
59127Oracle PeopleSoft Products HRMS information disclosure [CVE-2011-3530]
59126Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Talent Acquisition Manager information disclosure
59125Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3528]
59124Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Candidate Gateway unknown vulnerability
59123Oracle Siebel CRM User Interface information disclosure [CVE-2011-3526]
59122Oracle Database Server Application Express Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
59121Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Services Manager unknown vulnerability
59120Oracle Sun Fire X4270 Integrated Lights Out Manager CLI information disclosure
59119Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools unknown vulnerability
59118Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Framework information disclosure
59117Oracle Siebel CRM User Interface unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3518]
59116Oracle Sun Products Suite denial of service [CVE-2011-3517]
59115Sun Solaris Process File System unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3515]
59114Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
59113Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3512]🔒
59112Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3511]🔒
59111Oracle Fusion Middleware Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition unknown vulnerability
59110Sun Solaris Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3508]🔒
59109Oracle Sun Products Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3507]🔒
59108Oracle Sun Products Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-3506]
59107Oracle Sun Products Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-2327]
59106Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2322]🔒
59105Oracle Fusion Middleware information disclosure [CVE-2011-2320]
59104Oracle Fusion Middleware information disclosure [CVE-2011-2319]
59103Oracle Fusion Middleware information disclosure [CVE-2011-2318]
59102Oracle Siebel CRM Marketing unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2316]
59101Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools unknown vulnerability
59100Oracle Fusion Middleware JavaServer Pages unknown vulnerability
59099Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2313]
59098Oracle Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2011-2312]
59097Oracle Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2311]
59096Oracle Sun Products Suite Administration Remote Code Execution
59095Oracle Industry Applications Help unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2309]
59094Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
59093Oracle Linux unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2306]🔒
59092Oracle Solaris Network Service information disclosure [CVE-2011-2304]
59091Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
59090Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
59089Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2301]🔒🔒
59088Oracle Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2292]🔒
59087Oracle Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2286]🔒
59086Oracle Fusion Middleware Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2255]
59085Oracle Fusion Middleware Web Services Manager unknown vulnerability
59084FreeBSD memory corruption [CVE-2011-4062]🔒🔒
59083IBM db2 untrusted search path [CVE-2011-4061]🔒🔒
59082QNX Neutrino RTOS Runtime Linker link following [CVE-2011-4060]
59081Dlink DCS-2121 Firmware credentials management [CVE-2010-4965]
59080Dlink DCS-2121 Firmware recorder_test.cgi code injection
59079Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-3437]🔒🔒
59078Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2011-3436]🔒🔒
59077Apple Mac OS X credentials management [CVE-2011-3435]🔒🔒
59076Apple iOS WiFi credentials management [CVE-2011-3434]🔒
59075Apple iOS resource management [CVE-2011-3432]🔒
59074Apple iOS screen information disclosure [CVE-2011-3431]🔒
59073Apple iOS cross site scriting [CVE-2011-3430]🔒
59072Apple iOS credentials management [CVE-2011-3429]🔒
59071Apple iOS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3426]🔒🔒
59070Apple iOS Spreadsheet code injection [CVE-2011-3261]🔒
59069Apple iOS code injection [CVE-2011-3260]🔒
59068Apple iOS resource management [CVE-2011-3259]🔒
59067Apple iOS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3257]🔒
59066Apple iOS CoreGraphics code injection [CVE-2011-3256]🔒🔒
59065Apple iOS CFNetwork credentials management [CVE-2011-3255]🔒
59064Apple iOS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3254]🔒
59063Apple iOS Calendar Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-3253]🔒
59062Apple iOS credentials management [CVE-2011-3245]🔒
59061Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3243]🔒🔒
59060Apple Safari Private Browsing information disclosure [CVE-2011-3242]🔒🔒
59059Apple Safari code injection [CVE-2011-3231]🔒🔒
59058Apple Safari access control [CVE-2011-3230]🔒🔒
59057Apple Safari path traversal [CVE-2011-3229]🔒🔒
59056Apple Mac OS X code injection [CVE-2011-3228]🔒🔒
59055Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2011-3227]🔒🔒
59054Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2011-3226]🔒🔒
59053Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2011-3225]🔒🔒
59052Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-3224]🔒🔒
59051Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-3223]🔒🔒
59050Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-3222]🔒🔒
59049Apple Mac OS X code injection [CVE-2011-3221]🔒🔒
59048Apple Mac OS X Data information disclosure [CVE-2011-3220]🔒🔒
59047Apple Mac OS X cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3218]🔒🔒
59046Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-3217]🔒🔒
59045Apple Mac OS X access control [CVE-2011-3216]🔒🔒
59044Apple Mac OS X Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3215]🔒🔒
59043Apple Mac OS X Sleep Mode access control [CVE-2011-3214]🔒🔒
59042Apple Mac OS X File System access control [CVE-2011-3213]🔒🔒
59041Apple Mac OS X CoreStorage cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3212]🔒🔒
59040Apple Mac OS X Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-0260]🔒🔒
59039Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2011-0231]🔒🔒
59038Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0230]🔒🔒
59037Apple Mac OS X Type 1 Fonts memory corruption [CVE-2011-0229]🔒🔒
59036Apple Mac OS X CoreMedia code injection [CVE-2011-0224]🔒🔒
59035Apple Mac OS X format string [CVE-2011-0185]🔒🔒
59034Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3252]🔒🔒
59033Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3244]🔒🔒
59032Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3241]🔒🔒
59031Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3239]🔒🔒
59030Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3238]🔒🔒
59029Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3237]🔒🔒
59028Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3236]🔒🔒
59027Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3235]🔒🔒
59026Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-3233]🔒🔒
59025Apple iTunes CoreMedia memory corruption [CVE-2011-3219]🔒🔒
59024Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2831]🔒🔒
59023Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2820]🔒🔒
59022Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2817]🔒🔒
59021Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2816]🔒🔒
59020Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2815]🔒🔒
59019Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2814]🔒🔒
59018Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2813]🔒🔒
59017Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2811]🔒🔒
59016Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2809]🔒🔒
59015Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2356]🔒🔒
59014Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2354]🔒🔒
59013Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2352]🔒🔒
59012Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2341]🔒🔒
59011Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-2339]🔒🔒
59010Apple iTunes CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2011-0259]🔒🔒
59009HP Onboard Administrator Access Restriction unknown vulnerability🔒
59008Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway input validation [CVE-2011-2012]🔒🔒🔒
59007Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-2011]🔒🔒
59006Microsoft Windows Media Center TV Pack memory corruption [CVE-2011-2009]🔒🔒🔒
59005Microsoft Host Integration Server input validation [CVE-2011-2008]🔒🔒
59004Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2011-2003]🔒🔒🔒
59003Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-2002]🔒🔒
59002Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-2001]🔒🔒🔒
59001Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-2000]🔒🔒🔒
59000Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-1999]🔒🔒🔒
58999Microsoft Internet Explorer Jscript9.dll input validation [CVE-2011-1998]🔒🔒🔒
58998Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-1997]🔒🔒🔒
58997Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-1996]🔒🔒🔒
58996Microsoft Internet Explorer OLEAuto32.dll input validation [CVE-2011-1995]🔒🔒🔒
58995Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway code injection [CVE-2011-1969]🔒🔒🔒
58994Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
58993Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
58992Microsoft .NET Framework access control [CVE-2011-1253]🔒🔒
58991Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2011-1247]🔒🔒🔒
58990Plone CMFEditions access control [CVE-2011-4030]
58989Adam Kennedy Crypt-DSA cryptographic issues🔒🔒
58988Zope privileges management [CVE-2011-3587]🔒
58987Quagga bgp_ecommunity.c ecommunity_ecom2str memory corruption🔒🔒
58986Quagga ospf_flood.c ospf_flood resource management🔒🔒
58985Quagga ospf_packet.c resource management🔒🔒
58984Quagga ospf6_lsa.c ospf6_lsa_is_changed resource management🔒🔒
58983Quagga memory corruption [CVE-2011-3323]🔒🔒 Enkai cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2675]
58981Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-2189]🔒🔒
58980Hulihanapplications Hulihan BXR sql injection [CVE-2010-4963]
58979Dev-team Typoheads webkitpdf WebKit privileges management [CVE-2010-4962]
58978Dev-team Typoheads webkitpdf WebKit sql injection [CVE-2010-4961]
58975Pradoportal Prado Portal index.php sql injection
58972Php-programs APBoard Developers APBoard sql injection [CVE-2010-4955]
58971Gambio xt:Commerce Gambio product_reviews_info.php sql injection
58970JW Calendar memory corruption [CVE-2010-4953]
58969Joachim Ruhs festat sql injection [CVE-2010-4952]
58968Thomas Mammitzsch Vx Xajax Shoutbox cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4951]
58967Joachim Ruhs Event sql injection [CVE-2010-4950]
58964Allpcscript ALLPC advanced_search_result.php cross site scripting
58963Allpcscript ALLPC product_info.php sql injection
58962Com Camelcitydb2 index.php sql injection🔒
58961Com Elite Experts index.php sql injection
58960Brothersoft CMS file.php code injection
58959E-Xoopport Samsara location.php sql injection
58957WAnewsletter index.php sql injection
58956Scripts.bdr130 MailForm index.php code injection
58955Com Weblinks index.php sql injection
58953Webmaster-tips Com Slideshow index.php sql injection
58952Khader Abbeb Entrans poll.php sql injection
58951Svcreation Get Tube video.php sql injection
58950Geeklog sql injection [CVE-2010-4933]
58949Khader Abbeb Entrans search.php cross site scripting
58946Joostina-cms Com Ezautos Helper index.php sql injection🔒
58945Photoindochina Com Restaurantguide cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4928]🔒
58944Photoindochina Com Restaurantguide index.php sql injection🔒
58940Virtuenetz Virtue Book Store sql injection [CVE-2010-4923]
58939Allinta Allinta CMS contentAE.asp sql injection
58935iJoomla Com Magazine magazine.functions.php code injection
58934A-Blog sql injection [CVE-2010-4917]🔒
58931Deltascripts PHP Classifieds code injection [CVE-2010-4914]
58929Discuz UCenter Home shop.php sql injection
58928Sellatsite PHP Classifieds Ads sql injection [CVE-2010-4911]
58926Mechbunny PaysiteReviewCMS search.php cross site scripting
58925Virtuenetz Virtue Shopping Mall detail.php sql injection
58924ZenPhoto cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4907]
58923ZenPhoto sql injection [CVE-2010-4906]
58920CubeCart index.php sql injection🔒
58917WebManager-Pro CMS WebManager-Pro c.php input validation
58916WebManager-Pro CMS WebManager-Pro c.php sql injection
58909phpPgAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3598]🔒🔒
58908Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2011-2663]🔒🔒
58907Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent numeric error [CVE-2011-2662]🔒🔒
58906Novell GroupWise WebAccess cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2661]🔒
58905Novell Identity Manager User Application cross site scripting
58904Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent denial of service [CVE-2011-2219]🔒
58903Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent denial of service [CVE-2011-2218]🔒
58902Novell Identity Manager User Application cross site scripting
58901Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent gwia.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
58900Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent gwwww1.dll ParseSelf memory corruption🔒
58899VMware Player Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2011-3868]🔒🔒
58898Alex Kellner powermail cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4892]
58897Andreas Kiefer Ke Yac sql injection [CVE-2010-4891]
58896Andreas Kiefer Ke Yac cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4890]
58895Marco Hezel Hm Tinymarket memory corruption [CVE-2010-4889]
58894Marco Hezel Hm Tinymarket sql injection [CVE-2010-4888]
58893Raphael Zschorsch commentsbe Backend sql injection [CVE-2010-4887]
58892Peter Proell tweetbutton cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4886]
58891Peter Proell XING cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4885]
58890Hinnendahl Gaestebuch code injection [CVE-2010-4884]
58888Ventics Auto CMS autocms.php cross site scripting
58887ApPHP ApPHP Calendar calendar.class.php cross-site request forgery
58886ApPHP ApPHP Calendar calendar.class.php cross site scripting
58883Insanevisions OneCMS index.php cross site scripting🔒
58882Got Milk mBlogger viewpost.php sql injection
58878Pilotcart Pilot Cart newsroom.asp sql injection
58875Cherokee cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-2191]🔒🔒
58874Cherokee Random Number Generator generate_admin_password cryptographic issues🔒🔒
58873Iceni Argus memory corruption [CVE-2011-3332]
58872Cisco Nac Manager path traversal [CVE-2011-3305]
58871Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2011-3304]🔒
58870Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3303]🔒
58869Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3302]🔒
58868Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3301]🔒
58867Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3300]🔒
58866Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3299]🔒
58865Cisco Firewall Services Module Software improper authentication🔒
58864Cisco Firewall Services Module Software improper authentication
58863Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-3296]
58862Cisco Unified Presence resource management [CVE-2011-3288]
58861Cisco Jabber Extensible Communications Platform resource management
58859W-Agora search.php3 cross site scripting🔒
58858W-Agora search.php3 path traversal🔒
58857Chipmunk-scripts Chipmunk Board index.php sql injection
58855Danieljamesscott Com Clubmanager index.php sql injection
58854GetSimple CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4863]
58851Galaxyscriptz MyPhpAuction product_desc.php sql injection
58850WebAsyst Shop-Script index.php sql injection
58849Joerg Risse DNET Live-Stats team.rc5-72.php path traversal🔒
58848Curtiss Grymala CAG CMS click.php sql injection
58845Zuitu sql injection [CVE-2010-4854]
58844Chillcreations Com Ccinvoices index.php sql injection
58843IBM AIX Channel Driver resource management [CVE-2011-3982]
58842Check Point Connectra Ngx ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-1827]🔒
58841exim dkim_exim_verify_finish format string🔒🔒
58840Tedfelix acpid acpid.c input validation🔒🔒
58839Linux Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1076]🔒🔒
58838Cyber-Ark Password Vault Web Access cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0459]
58837Netshinesoftware Com Netinvoice netinvoice.php sql injection
58836Sclek jSite sql injection [CVE-2008-7301]
58835Sun OpenSolaris Networking access control [CVE-2008-7300]
58834Apache jserv Default Configuration jserv.conf config
58833RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control cross site scripting🔒
58832Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3873]🔒🔒
58831Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2881]🔒🔒
58830Google Chrome v8 Bindings resource management [CVE-2011-2880]🔒🔒
58829Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2879]🔒🔒
58828Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2878]🔒🔒
58827Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2877]🔒🔒
58826Adobe Photoshop Elements memory corruption [CVE-2011-2443]
58825Likno Allwebmenus plugin actions.php code injection
58824Jerome Schneider Ameos Dragndropupload privileges management
58823Zikula Application Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3979]🔒
58822LightNEasy LightNEasy.php cross site scripting
58821NoMachine NX Node Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
58820AmmSoft ScriptFTP memory corruption [CVE-2011-3976]🔒🔒
58819Quassel-irc Quassel packedReply resource management🔒🔒
58818VMware SpringSource Spring Security Serialization access control
58817Sitaram Chamarty gitolite path traversal [CVE-2011-1572]🔒🔒
58816Cisco IOS XE denial of service [CVE-2011-3282]🔒
58815Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-3281]🔒
58814Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-3280]🔒
58813Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-3279]🔒
58812Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-3278]🔒
58811Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-3277]🔒
58810Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-3276]🔒
58809Cisco IOS XE resource management [CVE-2011-3275]🔒
58808Cisco IOS XE denial of service [CVE-2011-3274]🔒
58807Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-3273]🔒
58806Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-3270]🔒
58805Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2011-2072]🔒
58804Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-0946]🔒
58803Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-0945]🔒
58802Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-0944]🔒
58801Cisco IOS XE denial of service [CVE-2011-0939]🔒
58800HTC ThunderBolt Thunderbolt information disclosure [CVE-2011-3975]
58799FFmpeg cavsdec.c decode_residual_inter numeric error🔒🔒
58798FFmpeg cavsdec.c resource management🔒🔒
58797PunBB cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3371]
58796libav cavsdec.c decode_residual_block numeric error🔒🔒
58795HP Nonstop Server Software memory corruption [CVE-2011-2411]
58794E-catchup BaserCMS access control [CVE-2011-2674]
58793E-catchup BaserCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2673]
58792Symantec IM Manager Management Console code injection [CVE-2011-0554]🔒🔒🔒
58791Symantec IM Manager Management Console sql injection [CVE-2011-0553]🔒🔒🔒
58790Symantec IM Manager Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0552]🔒🔒
58789IceWarp Mail Server server phpinfo information disclosure🔒
58788IceWarp Mail Server resource management [CVE-2011-3579]🔒
58787Juan Toledo EtherApe conversations.c get_rpc null pointer dereference🔒🔒
58786TWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3010]🔒
58785Mozilla Firefox numeric error [CVE-2011-2998]🔒🔒
58783Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2011-3866]🔒🔒
58782FFmpeg code injection [CVE-2011-3504]🔒🔒
58781Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2011-3232]🔒🔒
58780Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-3005]🔒🔒
58779Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-3004]🔒🔒
58778Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-3003]🔒🔒
58777Mozilla Firefox GrowAtomTable memory corruption🔒🔒
58776Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3001]🔒🔒
58775Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2011-3000]🔒🔒🔒
58774Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2999]🔒🔒
58773Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2997]🔒🔒
58772Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-2996]🔒🔒
58771Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2995]🔒🔒
58770Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2372]🔒🔒
58769Ulyssesonline Black-LetterHead index.php cross site scripting
58768Somadesign The Erudite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3864]
58767Post-scriptum RedLine cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3863]
58766Adazing Morning Coffee index.php cross site scripting
58765Webminimalist Web Minimalist 200901 index.php cross site scripting
58764Onedesigns Cover WP cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3860]
58763Themehybrid Trending cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3859]
58762Zespia Pixiv Custom cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3858]
58761Antisocialmediallc Antisnews cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3857]🔒
58760Atastypixel Elegant Grunge cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3856]
58759Graphpaperpress F8 Lite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3855]🔒
58758Quirm ZenLite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3854]
58757Themehybrid Hybrid cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3853]
58756Theme4press EvoLve cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3852]
58755Devpress News cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3851]
58754Bytesforall Atahualpa cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3850]🔒
58753NetSaro Enterprise Messenger Server Administration Console information disclosure🔒
58752NetSaro Enterprise Messenger Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3693]🔒
58751NetSaro Enterprise Messenger Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3692]🔒
58750Foxit Reader dwmapi.dll untrusted search path [CVE-2011-3691]🔒
58749PlotSoft PDFill PDF Editor mfc70enu.dll untrusted search path🔒
58748Wibu CodeMeter WebAdmin Licenses.html cross site scripting🔒
58747Sonexis ConferenceManager sql injection [CVE-2011-3688]
58746Sonexis ConferenceManager HostLogin.asp cross site scripting
58745Sonexis ConferenceManager myAddressBook.asp cross site scripting
58744Tembria Server Monitor cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3685]🔒
58743Tembria Server Monitor Monitoring logbook.asp cross site scripting🔒
58742Newgensoft OmniDocs Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-3645]
58741Zoho ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer cross site scripting
58740Zoho ManageEngine EventLog Analyzer Eventlog SysEvttCol.exe memory corruption
58737Diferior cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4850]
58736Alibabaclone Alibaba Clone B2B countrydetails.php sql injection
58735AXScripts AxsLinks addlink.php cross site scripting
58730Phpwebscripts Ad Manager Pro website-page.php sql injection
58727Zikula Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3826]
58726Zend Framework Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3825]
58725YOURLS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3824]
58724Yamamah Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3823]
58723XOOPS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3822]🔒
58722xajax Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3821]
58721Webmastersite WSN Software Error Message information disclosure🔒
5872053x11 WoW Server Status Error Message information disclosure
58719WordPress Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3818]🔒🔒
58718Websitebaker2 Website Baker Error Message information disclosure
58717WEBinsta mailing list manager Error Message information disclosure
58716WeBid Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3815]
58715K5n WebCalendar Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3814]
58714VWar Virtual War Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3813]
58713Vanilla Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3812]
58712TomatoCart Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3811]
58711TinyWebGallery Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3810]
58710TheHostingTool Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3809]
58709Thebuggenie The Bug Genie Error Message information disclosure
58708Textpattern Error Message txplib_db.php information disclosure
58707Tecnick TCExam Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3806]
58706Taskfreak! Multi-mysql Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3805]
58705Basic-cms SweetRice Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3804]
58704SugarCRM Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3803]
58703Status StatusNet Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3802]
58702SimpleTest Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3801]
58701S9y Serendipity Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3800]
58700Elazos ReOS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3799]
58699Rapidleech Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3798]
58698ProjectPier Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3797]
58697PrestaShop Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3796]
58696Betella Podcast Generator Error Message information disclosure
58695Pligg CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3794]
58694Getpixie Pixie Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3793]
58693Pixelpost Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3792]
58692Piwik Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3791]
58691Piwigo Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3790]
58690phpwcms Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3789]
58689PhpSec PhpSecInfo Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3788]
58688Nick Korbel phpScheduleIt Error Message information disclosure
58687PHProjekt Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3786]
58686Phppointofsale PHP Point Of Sale Error Message information disclosure
58685PHP-Nuke Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3784]
58684phpMyFAQ Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3783]
58683Phplinkdirectory phpLD Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3782]
58682PHPIDS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3781]
58681Phpicalendar PHP iCalendar Error Message information disclosure
58680Idevspot PhpHostBot Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3779]
58679PhpGedView Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3778]
58678phpFreeChat Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3777]
58677Musawir Ali phpFormGenerator Error Message information disclosure
58676Litoweb PHPfileNavigator Error Message information disclosure
58675Bishop Bettini phpESP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3774]
58674PHPDevShell Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3773]
58673Php-collab phpCollab Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3772]
58672GNU phpBook Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3771]
58671phpAlbum Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3770]
58670Blondish PHPads Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3769]
58669Phorum Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3768]
58668osCommerce Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3767]
58667OrangeHRM Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3766]
58666Open-Realty Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3765]
58665OpenDocMan Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3764]
58664OpenCart Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3763]
58663Open-blog OpenBlog Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3762]
58662Dietrich Ayala NuSOAP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3761]
58661Nucleuscms CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3760]
58660MyBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3759]
58659Moundlabs ::mound:: Error Message smarty_internal_template.php :mound: information disclosure
58658Moodle Error Message locallib.php information disclosure
58657MicroBlog Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3756]
58656MantisBT Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3755]🔒🔒
58655Mambo Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3754]
58654LinPHA Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3753]
58653LimeSurvey Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3752]
58652LifeType Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3751]
58651kPlaylist Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3750]
58650Maptools ka-Map Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3749]
58649Kamads Classifieds 2 B3 Error Message information disclosure
58648Joomla CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3747]
58647Jcow Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3746]
58646Hycus CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3745]
58645Htmlpurifier HTML Purifier Error Message information disclosure
58644Hesk Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3743]
58643Helpcenterlive HelpCenter Live Error Message information disclosure
58642Ganglia Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3741]
58641FrontAccounting Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3740]
58640Openfreeway Freeway Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3739]🔒
58639Fengoffice Feng Office Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3738]🔒
58638eyeOS Error Message SMTP.php information disclosure🔒
58637Exoscripts ExoPHPDesk Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3736]🔒
58636Escortwebsitedesign escort-agency-cms Error Message information disclosure
58635Energine Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3734]
58634Elgg Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3733]
58633eggBlog Error Message spellchecker.php information disclosure
58632e107 CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3731]🔒
58631Drupal Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3730]🔒
58630dotproject Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3729]🔒
58629Boonex Dolphin Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3728]🔒
58628DokuWiki Error Message index.php information disclosure🔒🔒
58627Docebo DoceboLMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3726]
58626DeluxeBB Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3725]
58625CubeCart Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3724]
58624Craftysyntax Crafty Syntax Error Message information disclosure
58623Coppermine-gallery Photo Gallery Error Message information disclosure
58622Concrete5 concrete Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3721]
58621conceptcms Error Message information disclosure
58620CodeIgniter Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3719]
58619CMS Made Simple Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3718]
58618Clip-bucket ClipBucket Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3717]
58617Claroline Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3716]
58616ClanTiger Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3715]
58615Csphere ClanSphere Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3714]
58614Powerdrummer cFTP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3713]
58613Cakefoundation CakePHP Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3712]
58612BIGACE Error Message information disclosure
58611bbPress Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3710]
58610b2evolution Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3709]
58609Automne Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3708]
58608JanRain php-openid Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3707]
58607ATutor Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3706]
58606Michael Armbruster Arctic Fox CMS Error Message information disclosure
58605appRain Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3704]
58604AneCMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3703]
58603Anantasoft Ananta Gazelle Error Message information disclosure
58602AlegroCart Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3701]
58601Anelectron Advanced Electron Forum Error Message information disclosure
58600John Lim ADOdb Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3699]
58599AdaptCMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3698]
58598Achievo Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3697]
5859760cycle CMS Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3696]
58596111WebCalendar Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-3695]
58595Sven Verdoolaege FCGI Fast improper authentication🔒🔒
58594Cisco Telepresence Mxp Software Change Password cross site scripting
58593Cisco Telepresence Codec C60 memory corruption [CVE-2011-2543]
58592OpenSSL resource management [CVE-2011-3210]🔒🔒
58591OpenSSL access control [CVE-2011-3207]🔒🔒
58590Mercator SENTINEL sql injection [CVE-2011-1913]
58589Adobe Flash Player cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2444]🔒🔒🔒
58588Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-2430]🔒🔒
58587Adobe Flash Player Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2429]🔒🔒
58586Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-2428]🔒🔒
58585Adobe Flash Player ActionScript memory corruption [CVE-2011-2427]🔒🔒
58584Adobe Flash Player ActionScript memory corruption [CVE-2011-2426]🔒🔒
58583MantisBT bug_actiongroup_ext_page.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58582MantisBT bug_report_page.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58581MantisBT bug_actiongroup_ext_page.php path traversal🔒🔒
58580MantisBT config_defaults_inc.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58579Cisco Identity Services Engine Software credentials management
58578MantisBT filter_api.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58577Roundcube Webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2937]🔒🔒
58576HP Business Service Automation Essentials memory corruption [CVE-2011-2412]
58575IBM WebSphere Commerce improper authentication [CVE-2011-3577]
58574Wireshark unxorFrame input validation🔒🔒
58573Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-3483]🔒🔒
58572Wireshark csnStreamDissector resource management🔒🔒
58571Wireshark Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3360]🔒🔒🔒
58570Christian Weiske SemanticScuttle cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2672]
58569Jasperforge JasperReports Server Community Project cross-site request forgery
58568Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus cross site scripting🔒
58567Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus Encryption encryptPassword cryptographic issues🔒
58566Red Hat Enterprise Mrg improper authentication [CVE-2011-2925]🔒
58565IBM Lotus Domino cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3576]🔒
58564IBM Lotus Domino WebAdmin Nnotes.dll NSFComputeEvaluateExt memory corruption🔒🔒
58563TIBCO Managed File Transfer Internet Server session fixiation
58562TIBCO Managed File Transfer Internet Server cross site scripting
58561OpenFabrics Enterprise Distribution memory corruption [CVE-2011-3345]
58560Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-3234]🔒🔒
58559Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2875]🔒🔒
58558Google Chrome cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2874]🔒🔒
58557Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2864]🔒🔒
58556Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-2862]🔒🔒
58555Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2861]🔒🔒
58554Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2860]🔒🔒
58553Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-2859]🔒🔒
58552Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2858]🔒🔒
58551Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2857]🔒🔒
58550Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2856]🔒🔒
58549Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2855]🔒🔒
58548Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2854]🔒🔒
58547Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2853]🔒🔒
58546Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2011-2852]🔒🔒
58545Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2851]🔒🔒
58544Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2850]🔒🔒
58543Google Chrome WebSockets null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-2849]🔒🔒
58542Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2848]🔒🔒
58541Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2847]🔒🔒
58540Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2846]🔒🔒
58539Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2844]🔒🔒
58538Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2843]🔒🔒
58537Google Chrome Installer input validation [CVE-2011-2842]🔒🔒
58536Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2841]🔒🔒🔒
58535Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2840]🔒🔒
58534Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2838]🔒🔒
58533Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2837]🔒🔒
58532Google Chrome Windows Media Player access control [CVE-2011-2836]🔒🔒
58531Google Chrome race condition [CVE-2011-2835]🔒🔒
58530Cisco Unified Service Monitor memory corruption [CVE-2011-2738]🔒🔒
58529EMC Avamar access control [CVE-2011-1740]
58528Interactivedata eSignal JRS_UT.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-3503]🔒
58527Cogentdatahub Cogent DataHub information disclosure [CVE-2011-3502]
58526Cogentdatahub Cogent DataHub numeric error [CVE-2011-3501]🔒
58525Cogentdatahub Cogent DataHub path traversal [CVE-2011-3500]🔒
58524Progea Movicon Powerhmi memory corruption [CVE-2011-3499]🔒
58523Progea Movicon Powerhmi memory corruption [CVE-2011-3498]🔒
58522Measuresoft ScadaPro service.exe XF information disclosure🔒
58521Measuresoft ScadaPro service.exe input validation🔒
58520Measuresoft ScadaPro service.exe path traversal🔒
58519Interactivedata eSignal WinSig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
58518Cogentdatahub Cogent DataHub DH_OneSecondTick memory corruption🔒
58517Azeotech DAQFactory memory corruption [CVE-2011-3492]
58516Progea Movicon Powerhmi memory corruption [CVE-2011-3491]🔒
58515Measuresoft ScadaPro service.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
58514Rockwellautomation RSLogix Utility RsvcHost.exe memory corruption
58513Equis MetaStock Chart resource management [CVE-2011-3488]
58512Carel PlantVisor CarelDataServer.exe path traversal
58511Beckhoff TwinCAT memory corruption [CVE-2011-3486]
58510Siemens SIMATIC Wincc Runtime C Runtime memory corruption [CVE-2011-3321]
58509Bcfg2 input validation [CVE-2011-3211]🔒🔒
58508Scadatec Procyon SCADA Coreservice.exe memory corruption Megalith Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2671]
58506Myrephp MYRE Real Estate Software findagent.php sql injection🔒
58505Myrephp MYRE Real Estate Software findagent.php cross site scripting🔒
58504Adobe Acrobat input validation [CVE-2011-2442]🔒🔒🔒
58503Adobe Acrobat CoolType.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2441]🔒🔒🔒
58502Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2011-2440]🔒🔒🔒
58501Adobe Acrobat resource management [CVE-2011-2439]🔒🔒🔒
58500Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2438]🔒🔒🔒
58499Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2437]🔒🔒🔒
58498Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2436]🔒🔒🔒
58497Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2435]🔒🔒🔒
58496Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2434]🔒🔒🔒
58495Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2433]🔒🔒🔒
58494Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2432]🔒🔒🔒
58493Adobe Acrobat access control [CVE-2011-2431]🔒🔒🔒
58492Microsoft SharePoint Server Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1990]🔒🔒🔒
58491Microsoft Office Spreadsheet input validation [CVE-2011-1989]🔒🔒🔒
58490Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Spreadsheet memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
58489Microsoft Office Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1987]🔒🔒🔒
58488Microsoft Office input validation [CVE-2011-1982]🔒🔒🔒
58487Microsoft SharePoint Foundation cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1893]🔒🔒🔒
58486Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
58485Microsoft SharePoint Foundation EditForm.aspx cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
58484CMU Cyrus IMAP Server index.c index_get_ids null pointer dereference🔒🔒
58483CMU Cyrus IMAP Server nntpd.c split_wildmats memory corruption🔒🔒
58482ACDSee FotoSlate memory corruption [CVE-2011-2595]🔒🔒
58481Cisco NX-OS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2581]
58480Mark Stosberg Data::FormValidator access control [CVE-2011-2201]🔒🔒
58473Pentaho BI Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-5101]🔒
58472Pentaho BI Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-5100]🔒
58471Pentaho BI Server cross site scripting [CVE-2009-5099]🔒
58470HP Palm Pre WebOS resource management [CVE-2009-5098]
58469HP Palm Pre WebOS code injection [CVE-2009-5097]
58467Apache libcloud Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4340]🔒
58466Apple Mac OS X Keychain input validation [CVE-2011-3422]🔒🔒
58465Google Cr-48 Chromebook Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3421]
58464Google Cr-48 Chromebook Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3420]
58462Cmsfaethon CMS Faethon info.php sql injection🔒
58461Php4scripte Gastebuch gastbuch.php path traversal
58460Microsoft FAST ESP Management Interface cross site scripting
58459Vlinks page.php sql injection
58458Daman371 Bloggeruniverse editcomments.php sql injection🔒
58454Phorum control.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58453IBM Rational Build Forge File access control
58452Sage cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3384]
58451Phorum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3382]🔒
58450Phorum cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-3381]🔒
58449OpenTTD memory corruption [CVE-2011-3343]🔒🔒
58448OpenTTD memory corruption [CVE-2011-3342]🔒🔒
58447OpenTTD order_cmd.cpp numeric error🔒🔒
58446Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2011-3388]🔒🔒
58445Geoff Wong hammerhead link following
58444rsyslog parseLegacySyslogMsg memory corruption🔒🔒
58443Samba check_mtab input validation🔒🔒
58442suse Linux Enterprise Desktop input validation [CVE-2011-2660]🔒
58441Linux Kernel keyctl null pointer dereference
58440Linux Kernel is_gpt_valid memory corruption🔒🔒
58439Linux Kernel cifs_close null pointer dereference🔒🔒
58438IBM OpenAdmin Tool index.php cross site scripting🔒
58437Linux Kernel skb_gro_header_slow resource management🔒🔒
58436Linux Kernel si4713_write_econtrol_string memory corruption🔒🔒
58435Novell Cloud Manager input validation [CVE-2011-2654]
58434IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration Console path traversal🔒🔒
58433Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0258]🔒🔒🔒
58432GTK GTK+ uxtheme.dll Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4833]
58431GTK GTK+ Wintab32.dll untrusted search path [CVE-2010-4831]
58430IBM Java input validation [CVE-2011-3387]🔒
58429Medtronic Paradigm wireless insulin pump denial of service [CVE-2011-3386] [Disputed]
58428GNOME NetworkManager WorkMan improper authentication [CVE-2011-2176]🔒🔒
58427fuse Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-0543]🔒🔒
58426fuse access control [CVE-2011-0542]🔒🔒
58425fuse link following [CVE-2011-0541]🔒🔒
58424IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2011-0311]🔒
58423Websitebaker2 WebsiteBaker cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3385]
58422Juniper IDP Configuration Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2009-5086]
58421TIBCO Spotfire Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-3134]🔒
58420TIBCO Spotfire Server session fixiation [CVE-2011-3133]🔒
58419TIBCO Spotfire Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3132]🔒
58418Rhythm tcptrack memory corruption [CVE-2011-2903]🔒🔒
58417LifeSize Lifesize Room Appliance Software LSRoom_Remoting.doCommand input validation
58416LifeSize Lifesize Room Appliance Software gateway.php LSRoom_Remoting.authenticate improper authentication
58415KMPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2594]🔒
58414InduSoft Web Studio ActiveX Control ISSymbol.ocx memory corruption
58413Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2011-3190]🔒🔒
58412Red Hat system-config-printer SMB Server input validation [CVE-2011-2899]🔒🔒
58411Cisco Telepresence Mxp Software denial of service [CVE-2011-2577]🔒
58410GNOME libsoup soup-uri.c path traversal🔒🔒
58409Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor napi_reuse_skb memory corruption🔒🔒
58408libpng pngwutil.c embedded_profile_len resource management🔒🔒
58407libpng pngwutil.c resource management
58406SystemTap numeric error [CVE-2011-1781]🔒🔒
58405SystemTap numeric error [CVE-2011-1769]🔒🔒
58404Cisco Telepresence Recording Server Software Administrator Account credentials management
58403Ruby on Rails remote_ip.rb input validation [CVE-2011-3187]
58402Ruby on Rails response.rb code injection [CVE-2011-3186]🔒🔒
58401Ruby on Rails output_safety.rb cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2932]🔒🔒
58400Ruby on Rails strip_tags node.rb cross site scripting🔒🔒
58399Ruby on Rails ActiveRecord connection_adapters sql injection🔒🔒
58398Ruby on Rails resolver.rb input validation [CVE-2011-2929]🔒🔒
58397Linux Kernel l2cap_config_req numeric error🔒🔒
58396Linux Kernel inet_diag_bc_audit resource management🔒🔒
58395Pidgin gtkutils.c input validation🔒🔒
58394Pidgin Protocol Plugin httpconn.c msn_httpconn_parse_data resource management🔒🔒
58393phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3181]🔒🔒
58392Linux Kernel befs_follow_link input validation🔒🔒
58391Google Chrome library input validation🔒🔒
58390Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2011-2829]🔒🔒
58389Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2828]🔒🔒
58388Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2827]🔒🔒
58387Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2826]🔒🔒
58386Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2825]🔒🔒
58385Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2824]🔒🔒
58384Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2823]🔒🔒
58383Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2822]🔒🔒
58382OTRS information disclosure [CVE-2011-2746]🔒🔒
58381Apache Wicket cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2712]
58380Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2011-2564]
58379Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2011-2563]
58378Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2011-2562]
58377Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2011-2561]
58376Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2011-2560]
58375Cisco Unified Communications Manager information disclosure [CVE-2011-1643]
58374PHP crypt memory corruption🔒🔒
58373PHP error_log resource management🔒🔒
58372PHP crypt cryptographic issues🔒🔒
58371PHP parse_date.c null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-3182]🔒🔒
58370stunnel memory corruption [CVE-2011-2940]🔒🔒
58369RSA enVision information disclosure [CVE-2011-2737]
58368RSA enVision cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2736]
58367PHP cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2483]🔒🔒
58366PHP addGlob resource management🔒🔒
58365T-Dreams Job Career Package sql injection [CVE-2010-4830]
58363SolarWinds Orion Network Performance Monitor MapView.aspx cross site scripting🔒
58359Wireshark Protocol Dissector proto_tree_add_item resource management🔒🔒
58358EMC AutoStart memory corruption [CVE-2011-2735]🔒🔒
58357Wireshark elem_cell_id_aux numeric error🔒🔒
58356Marcus Schafer Kiwi cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2652]
58355Marcus Schafer Kiwi memory corruption [CVE-2011-2651]
58354Marcus Schafer Kiwi cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2650]
58353Marcus Schafer Kiwi FileUtils input validation
58352Marcus Schafer Kiwi memory corruption [CVE-2011-2648]
58351Marcus Schafer Kiwi memory corruption [CVE-2011-2647]
58350Marcus Schafer Kiwi memory corruption [CVE-2011-2646]
58349Marcus Schafer Kiwi memory corruption [CVE-2011-2645]
58348Marcus Schafer Kiwi cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2644]
58347Marcus Schafer Kiwi cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2226]
58346Marcus Schafer Kiwi Remote Code Execution
58345Zabbix popup.php information disclosure🔒🔒
58344Zabbix Error Message popup.php information disclosure🔒🔒
58343Zabbix zabbix_agentd vfs.file.cksum resource management🔒🔒
58342Zabbix acknow.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58341Aimluck Aipo sql injection [CVE-2011-1342]
58340Aimluck Aipo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1341]
58339Symantec NetBackup PureDisk File System vxsvc.exe vxveautil.kv_binary_unpack numeric error🔒🔒
58338Linux Foundation Xen xc_dom_bzimageloader.c resource management🔒🔒
58336Apple CUPS gif_read_lzw memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
58335Apple CUPS GIF Decoder giftoppm.c LZWReadByte memory corruption🔒🔒
58334libXfont LibXfont BufCompressedFill memory corruption🔒🔒
58333HP OpenView Performance Insight cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2410]🔒🔒
58332RealNetworks RealPlayer resource management [CVE-2011-2955]🔒🔒
58331RealNetworks RealPlayer resource management [CVE-2011-2954]🔒🔒
58330RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-2953]🔒🔒
58329RealNetworks RealPlayer resource management [CVE-2011-2952]🔒🔒
58328RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2951]🔒🔒
58327RealNetworks RealPlayer qcpfformat.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2950]🔒🔒🔒
58326RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2949]🔒🔒🔒
58325RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2948]🔒🔒🔒
58324RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
58323RealNetworks RealPlayer ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-2946]🔒🔒
58322RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2945]🔒🔒
58321EMC RSA Adaptive Authentication On-Premise improper authentication
58320Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2993]🔒🔒
58319Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2992]🔒🔒
58318Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2991]🔒🔒
58317Mozilla Firefox Content Security Policy credentials management🔒🔒
58316Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2989]🔒🔒
58315Mozilla Firefox WebGL Shader memory corruption [CVE-2011-2988]🔒🔒
58314Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-2987]🔒🔒
58313Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2011-2986]🔒🔒
58312Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2985]🔒🔒
58311Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2011-2984]🔒🔒
58310Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2011-2983]🔒🔒
58309Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2982]🔒🔒
58308Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy config [CVE-2011-2981]🔒🔒
58307Mozilla Firefox Startup Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒🔒
58306Mozilla Firefox appendChild code injection🔒🔒🔒
58305Cisco IOS race condition [CVE-2011-1625]
58304Mozilla Firefox SVGTextElement.getCharNumAtPosition code injection🔒🔒🔒
58303Controlmicrosystems ClearSCADA cross site scripting [CVE-2011-3144]
58302Controlmicrosystems ClearSCADA resource management [CVE-2011-3143]🔒
58301WellinTech KingView ActiveX Control KVWebSvr.dll memory corruption🔒
58300Invensys Wonderware InBatch ActiveX Control memory corruption
58299IBM G400 Ips-g400-ib-1 Appliance aspx access control
58298ISC DHCP input validation [CVE-2011-2749]🔒🔒
58297ISC DHCP input validation [CVE-2011-2748]🔒🔒🔒
58296Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2011-2729]🔒🔒
58295Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2011-2481]🔒🔒
58294Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2424]🔒🔒
58293Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2011-0257]🔒🔒🔒
58292Apple QuickTime numeric error [CVE-2011-0256]🔒🔒🔒
58291CA ARCserve D2D BaseServiceImpl.class information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
58290Clusterresources TORQUE Resource Manager improper authentication🔒🔒
58289Symantec Endpoint Protection cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0551]🔒
58288Symantec Endpoint Protection cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0550]🔒🔒
58287VMware vFabric tc Server Stored improper authentication [CVE-2011-0527]🔒
58286Google Android startActivity input validation
58285Linux Foundation Xen access control [CVE-2011-1898]🔒🔒
58284Linux Foundation Xen xc_dom_bzimageloader.c numeric error [CVE-2011-1583]🔒🔒
58283IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway unknown vulnerability
58282IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway Management Console Remote Code Execution
58281IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway Management Console Remote Code Execution
58280IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway Remote Code Execution
58279IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager access control [CVE-2009-5085]
58278IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-5084]
58277IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager improper authentication
58276IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager input validation [CVE-2008-7299]
58275Adobe Shockwave Player msvcr90.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2423]🔒🔒
58274Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2422]🔒🔒
58273Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2421]🔒🔒
58272Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2420]🔒🔒
58271Adobe Shockwave Player IML32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2419]🔒🔒
58270HP Palm webOS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2409]
58269HP Palm webOS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2408]
58268HP OpenView Performance Insight unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2407]🔒
58267HP OpenView Performance Insight cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2406]🔒
58266HP Proliant Sl Advanced Power Manager Firmware input validation
58265HP Easy Printer Care Software ActiveX Control HPTicketMgr.dll code injection🔒🔒
58264Adobe RoboHelp Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2133]🔒
58263Adobe Flash Media Server memory corruption [CVE-2011-2132]🔒🔒
58262Adobe Creative Suite memory corruption [CVE-2011-2131]🔒🔒🔒
58261IBM WebSphere Service Registry/Repository agentDetect.jsp cross site scripting
58260Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4309]🔒🔒
58259Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4308]🔒🔒
58258Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2425]🔒🔒
58257Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2417]🔒🔒
58256Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2416]🔒🔒
58255Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2415]🔒🔒
58254Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2414]🔒🔒
58253Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2140]🔒🔒🔒
58252Adobe Flash Player Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2139]🔒🔒
58251Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2138]🔒🔒🔒
58250Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2136]🔒🔒
58249Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2135]🔒🔒
58248WordPress sql injection [CVE-2011-3130]🔒🔒
58247WordPress File Upload access control [CVE-2011-3129]🔒🔒
58246WordPress information disclosure [CVE-2011-3128]🔒🔒
58245WordPress Login Page input validation [CVE-2011-3127]🔒🔒
58244WordPress information disclosure [CVE-2011-3126]🔒🔒
58243WordPress Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3125]🔒🔒
58242Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2137]🔒🔒
58241Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2134]🔒🔒
58240Microsoft Visio input validation [CVE-2011-1979]🔒🔒🔒
58239Microsoft Visual Studio cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1976]🔒🔒🔒
58238Microsoft Windows Data Access Components memory corruption [CVE-2011-1975]🔒🔒🔒
58237Microsoft Visio input validation [CVE-2011-1972]🔒🔒🔒
58236Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack resource management [CVE-2011-1965]🔒🔒🔒
58235Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1964]🔒🔒🔒
58234Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1963]🔒🔒🔒
58233Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1962]🔒🔒
58232Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-1961]🔒🔒🔒
58231Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1960]🔒🔒🔒
58230IBM InfoSphere DataStage access control [CVE-2011-3124]
58229IBM InfoSphere DataStage access control [CVE-2011-3123]
58228McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection ActiveX Control myCIOScn.dll code injection🔒🔒
58227McAfee SaaS Endpoint Protection ActiveX Control MyASUtil.SecureObjectFactory.CreateSecureObject MyASUtil.InstallInfo.RunUserProgram access control🔒🔒
58226Red Hat libvirt numeric error [CVE-2011-2511]🔒🔒
58225Red Hat libvirt virSecurityManagerGetPrivateData information disclosure🔒🔒
58224Novell Data Synchronizer access control [CVE-2011-3014]
58223Novell Data Synchronizer cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3013]
58222UUSee UUPlayer ActiveX control ActiveX Control input validation🔒
58221UUSee UUPlayer ActiveX control ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒
58220Novell Data Synchronizer cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2224]
58219Novell Data Synchronizer cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2223]
58218Novell Data Synchronizer session fixiation [CVE-2011-2222]
58217Novell Data Synchronizer Admin Authentication access control
58216Worldofpadman World of Padman input validation [CVE-2011-3012]🔒🔒
58215Mozilla Bugzilla cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-2979]🔒🔒
58214Mozilla Bugzilla input validation [CVE-2011-2978]🔒🔒
58213Mozilla Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2011-2977]🔒🔒
58212Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2976]🔒🔒
58211Mozilla Bugzilla code injection [CVE-2011-2381]🔒🔒
58210Mozilla Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2011-2380]🔒🔒
58209Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2379]🔒🔒
58208Google Android access control [CVE-2008-7298]
58207Opera Web Browser access control [CVE-2008-7297]🔒
58206Apple Safari access control [CVE-2008-7296]🔒
58205Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2008-7295]🔒
58204Google Chrome access control [CVE-2008-7294]🔒
58203Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2008-7293]🔒
58202Mozilla Bugzilla information disclosure [CVE-2008-7292]
58201Ruby cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-3009]🔒🔒
58200Avaya Secure Access Link Gateway Default Configuration config
58199shttpd Embedded Web Server mongoose.c _shttpd_put_dir memory corruption🔒🔒
58198SourceFire ClamAV matcher-hash.c cli_hm_scan numeric error🔒🔒
58197GLPI information disclosure [CVE-2011-2720]🔒🔒
58196Ruby securerandom.rb SecureRandom.random_bytes input validation🔒🔒
58195Ruby cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2686]🔒🔒
58194Provideo Gmax Activex Control ActiveX Control AXPlayer.ocx memory corruption
58193plone cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1340]
58192Tremulous namei FS_CheckFilenameIsNotExecutable input validation🔒🔒
58191FreeRADIUS rlm_eap_tls.c ocsp_check improper authentication🔒🔒
58190ioQuake3 engine input validation [CVE-2011-1412]🔒🔒
58189Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0252]🔒🔒
58188Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0251]🔒🔒
58187Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0250]🔒🔒🔒
58186Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0249]🔒🔒🔒
58185Apple QuickTime Time ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-0248]🔒🔒🔒
58184Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0247]🔒🔒🔒
58183Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0246]🔒🔒
58182Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0245]🔒🔒
58181Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2819]🔒🔒🔒
58180Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2818]🔒🔒🔒
58179Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2805]🔒🔒🔒
58178Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2804]🔒🔒🔒
58177Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2803]🔒🔒🔒
58176Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2802]🔒🔒🔒
58175Google Chrome Frame Loader resource management [CVE-2011-2801]🔒🔒🔒
58174Google Chrome information disclosure [CVE-2011-2800]🔒🔒🔒
58173Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2799]🔒🔒🔒
58172Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-2798]🔒🔒🔒
58171Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2797]🔒🔒🔒
58170Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2796]🔒🔒🔒
58169Google Chrome Access Restriction "cross-frame access control🔒🔒🔒
58168Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2794]🔒🔒🔒
58167Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2793]🔒🔒🔒
58166Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2792]🔒🔒🔒
58165Google Chrome International Components for Unicode memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
58164Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2790]🔒🔒🔒
58163Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2789]🔒🔒🔒
58162Google Chrome Serialization memory corruption [CVE-2011-2788]🔒🔒🔒
58161Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2787]🔒🔒🔒
58160Google Chrome Speech input validation [CVE-2011-2786]🔒🔒🔒
58159Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2785]🔒🔒🔒
58158Google Chrome information disclosure [CVE-2011-2784]🔒🔒🔒
58157Google Chrome Installation input validation [CVE-2011-2783]🔒🔒🔒
58156Google Chrome Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2782]🔒🔒🔒
58155Lars Hjemli cgit ui-diff.c print_fileinfo cross site scripting🔒🔒
58154Google Chrome improper authentication [CVE-2011-2361]🔒🔒🔒
58153Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-2360]🔒🔒🔒
58152Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2359]🔒🔒🔒
58151UMN MapServer mapsymbol.c msAddImageSymbol resource management
58150phpMyAdmin swekey.auth.lib.php input validation [CVE-2011-2719]🔒🔒
58149phpMyAdmin Libraries path traversal [CVE-2011-2718]🔒🔒
58148UMN MapServer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2704]🔒🔒
58147UMN MapServer sql injection [CVE-2011-2703]🔒🔒
58146phpMyAdmin sql.php path traversal🔒🔒
58145phpMyAdmin tbl_printview.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
58144HP Network Automation sql injection [CVE-2011-2403]🔒
58143HP Network Automation cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2402]🔒
58142HP Data Protector denial of service [CVE-2011-2399]🔒🔒
58141EMC Captiva eInput access control [CVE-2011-1744]
58140EMC Captiva eInput cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1743]
58139EMC Data Protection Advisor Configuration File cryptographic issues
58138Linux Foundation foomatic Filters foomaticrip.c code injection🔒🔒
58137hp Linux Imaging And Printing Project input validation [CVE-2011-2697]🔒🔒
58136Samba Web Administration Tool chg_passwd cross site scripting🔒🔒
58135Samba Web Administration Tool cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-2522]🔒🔒
58134HP SiteScope Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2401]🔒
58133HP SiteScope cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2400]🔒
58132Progea Movicon TCPUploadServer.exe improper authentication🔒
58131Invensys Wonderware Information Server ActiveX Control memory corruption
58130Sunwayland pNetPower AngelServer.exe memory corruption
58129Sunwayland ForceControl httpsvr.exe memory corruption🔒
581287t IGSS Odbcixv9se.exe memory corruption🔒
58127Linux Kernel numeric error [CVE-2011-2695]🔒🔒
58126Linux Kernel gfs2_fallocate resource management🔒🔒
58125CA Gateway Security Icihttp.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
58124Cisco IOS XR denial of service [CVE-2011-2549]
58123Cisco SA 500 Software Management Interface access control [CVE-2011-2547]
58122Cisco SA 500 Software Management Interface sql injection [CVE-2011-2546]
58121Linux Kernel rfcomm_sock_getsockopt_old information disclosure🔒🔒
58120Ecava IntegraXor cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2958]🔒
58119Rockwellautomation FactoryTalk Diagnostics Viewer Configuration File memory corruption
58118AzeoTech DAQFactory improper authentication [CVE-2011-2956]🔒
58117Google Picasa code injection [CVE-2011-2747]🔒🔒
58116Jan Wolter Mod Authnz External mod_authnz_external sql injection🔒🔒
58115Google Search Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1339]
58114IBM Lotus Symphony Spreadsheet resource management [CVE-2011-2893]🔒🔒
58113Joomla CMS input validation [CVE-2011-2892]
58112Joomla CMS Error Message index.php information disclosure
58111Joomla CMS view.html.php MediaViewMedia information disclosure
58110Joomla CMS Installation information disclosure [CVE-2011-2889]
58109IBM Lotus Symphony resource management [CVE-2011-2888]🔒🔒
58108IBM Lotus Symphony resource management [CVE-2011-2887]🔒
58107IBM Lotus Symphony docx resource management🔒🔒
58106IBM Lotus Symphony resource management [CVE-2011-2885]🔒🔒
58105IBM Lotus Symphony Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2884]🔒🔒
58104Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2710]🔒
58103Joomla CMS index.php cross site scripting
58102Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2011-2488]
58100Chyrp upload_handler.php access control
58099Mega-nerd libsndfile memory corruption [CVE-2011-2696]🔒🔒🔒
58098Drupal Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-2687]🔒🔒
58097VideoLAN VLC Media Player libavi.c AVI_ChunkRead_strf memory corruption🔒🔒
58096VideoLAN VLC Media Player real.c DemuxAudioSipr memory corruption🔒🔒
58095Nrl opie opielogin.c input validation🔒🔒
58094Nrl opie opiesu.c numeric error🔒🔒
58093Likewise Likewise Open LSASS sql injection [CVE-2011-2467]🔒🔒
58092Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3.0.CP05 access control🔒
58091Fabfile Fabric link following [CVE-2011-2185]🔒🔒
58090Debian APT input validation [CVE-2011-1829]🔒🔒
58089Red Hat Network Satellite Server cross-site request forgery [CVE-2009-4139]🔒
58088GIMP file-psp.c read_channel_data memory corruption🔒🔒
58087Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 4.3.0.CP04 access control🔒
58086Citrix Access Gateway ActiveX Control nsepa.ocx input validation🔒
58085Citrix Access Gateway ActiveX Control nsepa.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
58084LibreOffice memory corruption [CVE-2011-2685]🔒🔒
58083Red Hat system-config-firewall access control [CVE-2011-2520]🔒🔒
58082Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-1797]🔒🔒
58081Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2011-1774]🔒🔒🔒
58080Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-1462]🔒🔒
58079Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-1457]🔒🔒
58078Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-1453]🔒🔒🔒
58077Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-1288]🔒🔒
58076Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0255]🔒🔒🔒
58075Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0254]🔒🔒🔒
58074Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0253]🔒🔒
58073Apple Safari information disclosure [CVE-2011-0244]🔒🔒
58072Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0242]🔒🔒
58071Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0241]🔒🔒
58070Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0240]🔒🔒
58069Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0238]🔒🔒
58068Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0237]🔒🔒
58067Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0235]🔒🔒
58066Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0234]🔒🔒
58065Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0233]🔒🔒
58064Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0232]🔒🔒🔒
58063Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0225]🔒🔒
58062Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0223]🔒🔒
58061Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0222]🔒🔒🔒
58060Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0221]🔒🔒🔒
58059Apple Safari Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-0219]🔒🔒
58058Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-0218]🔒🔒
58057Apple Safari Address Book information disclosure [CVE-2011-0217]🔒🔒
58056Apple Safari numeric error [CVE-2011-0216]🔒🔒
58055Apple Safari input validation [CVE-2011-0215]🔒🔒
58054Apple Safari cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0214]🔒🔒
58053Apple Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2010-1420]🔒🔒
58052Oracle Netra Sparc T3-1b Integrated Lights Out Manager Remote Code Execution
58051Oracle VM VirtualBox Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2305]🔒🔒
58050Oracle VM VirtualBox privileges management [CVE-2011-2300]🔒🔒
58049Oracle Sparc Enterprise M4000 Server XSCF Control Package Remote Code Execution
58048Sun Solaris KSSL denial of service [CVE-2011-2298]
58047Oracle Solaris Cluster Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2297]
58046Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2296]
58045Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2295]🔒
58044Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2294]
58043Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2293]
58042Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2011-2291]
58041Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2290]
58040Sun Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2289]🔒
58039Oracle Netra Sparc T3-1b Integrated Lights Out Manager Remote Code Execution
58038Sun Solaris Fingerd denial of service [CVE-2011-2287]🔒
58037Sun Solaris Installer Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2285]🔒
58036Oracle PeopleSoft Products ePerformance information disclosure
58035Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise FMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2283]
58034Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2282]
58033Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2281]
58032Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2280]
58031Oracle PeopleSoft Products Talent Acquisition Manager unknown vulnerability
58030Oracle PeopleSoft Products Talent Acquisition Manager information disclosure
58029Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM Purchasing unknown vulnerability
58028Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2275]
58027Oracle PeopleSoft Products unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2274]
58026Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-2273]
58025Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM eProcurement unknown vulnerability
58024Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology denial of service
58023Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology stack-based overflow🔒🔒
58022Oracle Sun Fire X4270 Integrated Lights Out Manager information disclosure
58021Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2261]🔒🔒
58020Oracle Sun Products Suite Administration unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
58019Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-2259]
58018Sun Solaris Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2258]🔒
58017Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒
58016Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
58015Oracle Secure Backup Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2252]
58014Oracle Secure Backup cross site scriting [CVE-2011-2251]🔒
58013Oracle PeopleSoft Products Receivables unknown vulnerability
58012Sun Solaris TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2011-2249]
58011Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒
58010Oracle E-Business Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2246]
58009Oracle Sun Products Suite Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2245]
58008Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Security Framework unknown vulnerability🔒
58007Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2243]🔒
58006Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS information disclosure [CVE-2011-2242]🔒
58005Oracle Fusion Middleware Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition denial of service
58004Oracle Database Server Installer information disclosure [CVE-2011-2240]🔒
58003Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
58002Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2238]🔒
58001Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-2232]🔒
58000Oracle Database Server denial of service [CVE-2011-2231]🔒
57999Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS denial of service [CVE-2011-2230]🔒
57998Oracle Sun Products Suite Administration memory corruption [CVE-2011-1511]🔒🔒🔒🔒
57997Oracle Fusion Middleware denial of service [CVE-2011-0884]
57996Oracle Fusion Middleware Servlet Runtime unknown vulnerability
57995Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒
57994Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57993Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
57992Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57991Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57990Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57989Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57988Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
57987Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒
57986Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Security Framework Remote Code Execution🔒
57985Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution
57984Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0838]🔒
57983Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
57982Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
57981Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57980Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57979Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
57978Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control unknown vulnerability🔒
57977Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control information disclosure🔒
57976Apple iOS access control [CVE-2011-0227]
57975FreeType CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2011-0226]🔒🔒
57974Chyrp gz.php path traversal [CVE-2011-2780]🔒
57973HP Arcsight C1300 Appliance access control [CVE-2011-2779]
57972Chyrp cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2743]🔒
57971Chyrp path traversal [CVE-2011-2744]🔒
57970Zope Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2528]
57969OTRS access control [CVE-2011-2385]
57968EMC Documentum eRoom ftserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57967IBM WebSphere Application Server Administration Console information disclosure🔒🔒
57966IBM WebSphere Application Server input validation [CVE-2011-1355]🔒🔒
57965HP Arcsight C1300 Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0770]
57964Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2761]🔒
57963JustSystems Ichitaro Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1331]🔒
57962Linux Kernel dccp_rcv_state_process null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57961Linux Kernel do_task_stat input validation🔒🔒
57960Symantec Data Loss Prevention File Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2011-0548]🔒
57959IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross-site request forgery🔒
57958Linux Kernel iowarrior_write memory corruption🔒🔒
57957Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2010-4655]🔒🔒
57956Brocade BigIron RX switch access control [CVE-2011-2760]
57955IBM Tivoli Directory Server Web Administration Tool information disclosure🔒
57954IBM Tivoli Directory Server Web Administration Tool improper authentication🔒
57953Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus FileDownload.jsp path traversal🔒🔒
57952Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus FileDownload.jsp improper authentication🔒
57951Zoho ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus FileDownload.jsp path traversal🔒
57950IBM WebSphere Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2754]
57949SquirrelMail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-2753]🔒🔒
57948SquirrelMail code injection [CVE-2011-2752]🔒🔒
57947Parodia sql injection [CVE-2011-2751]
57946Novell File Reporter NFRAgent.exe resource management
57945libpng pngrutil.c png_handle_sCAL memory corruption🔒🔒
57944libpng pngerror.c denial of service🔒🔒
57943libpng png_set_expand memory corruption🔒🔒
57942libpng pngerror.c png_format_buffer off-by-one🔒🔒
57941IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-1223]🔒
57940IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-1222]🔒
57939Apache Tomcat Access Restriction input validation [CVE-2011-2526]🔒🔒
57938phpMyAdmin Libraries display_tbl.lib.php path traversal🔒🔒
57937phpMyAdmin Libraries server_synchronize.lib.php code injection🔒🔒
57936phpMyAdmin ConfigGenerator.class.php code injection [CVE-2011-2506]🔒🔒
57935phpMyAdmin swekey.auth.lib.php code injection [CVE-2011-2505]🔒🔒
57934Novell File Reporter NFREngine.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57933SquirrelMail cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2023]🔒🔒
57932RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express Administration denial of service🔒
57931SquirrelMail cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4555]🔒🔒
57930SquirrelMail input validation [CVE-2010-4554]🔒🔒
57929Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1888]🔒🔒
57928Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1887]🔒🔒
57927Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1886]🔒🔒
57926Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1885]🔒🔒
57925Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1884]🔒🔒
57924Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1883]🔒🔒
57923Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1882]🔒🔒
57922Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1881]🔒🔒
57921Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1880]🔒🔒
57920Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1879]🔒🔒
57919Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1878]🔒🔒
57918Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1877]🔒🔒
57917Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1876]🔒🔒
57916Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1875]🔒🔒
57915Microsoft Windows numeric error [CVE-2011-1870]🔒🔒
57914Microsoft Windows Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem numeric error🔒🔒
57913Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2011-1283]🔒🔒
57912Microsoft Windows Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem unspecified memory corruption🔒🔒
57911Shibboleth Shibboleth-sp numeric error [CVE-2011-2516]🔒🔒
57910HP HP-UX denial of service [CVE-2011-2398]🔒
57909Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2011-2064]
57908Balabit syslog-ng logmatcher.c resource management [CVE-2011-1951]🔒🔒
57907HP User Access Manager iNodeMngChecker.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57906MIT Kerberos Access Restriction ftpd.c access control🔒🔒
57905XnView untrusted search path [CVE-2011-1338]🔒🔒
57904Symantec Web Gateway forget.php sql injection🔒🔒
57903Bestsoftinc Advance Hotel Booking System index1.php sql injection
579016kbbs ajaxadmin.php sql injection
579006kbbs ajaxmember.php cross site scripting
57899AWCM AR Web Content Manager code injection [CVE-2010-4810]🔒
57898Liberologico DBSite index.php sql injection
57897Valarsoft Webmatic index.php sql injection
57896Check Point Multi-domain Management Provider-1 Installation privileges management
57895ISC BIND denial of service [CVE-2011-2465]🔒🔒
57894ISC BIND denial of service [CVE-2011-2464]🔒🔒
57893Google Android cryptographic issues
57892Google Android SDK input validation [CVE-2011-1001]
57891cURL/libcURL http_negotiate.c Curl_input_negotiate credentials management🔒🔒
57890Hongli Lai libgnomesu Error Message setuid access control🔒
57889VideoLAN VLC Media Player sp5xdec.c memory corruption🔒🔒
57888Apache HttpClient Authorization information disclosure [CVE-2011-1498]🔒🔒
57887IBM WebSphere MQ access control [CVE-2011-1224]
57886IBM Rational DOORS Web Access User Account resource management
57885IBM Rational DOORS Web Access input validation [CVE-2011-2681]
57884IBM Rational DOORS Web Access Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2680]
57883IBM Rational DOORS Web Access cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2679]
57882Cisco VPN Client cvpnd.exe privileges management
57881Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-2597]🔒🔒
57880ESTsoft ALZip memory corruption [CVE-2011-1336]🔒🔒
57879Digium Asterisk Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-2666]🔒🔒
57878Digium Asterisk Channel Driver reqresp_parser.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57877Digium Asterisk Channel Driver chan_sip.c information disclosure🔒🔒
57876Digium Asterisk IAX2 Channel Driver chan_iax2.c input validation🔒🔒
57875Digium Asterisk Channel Driver chan_sip.c memory corruption🔒🔒
57874Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2641]🔒🔒
57873Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2640]🔒🔒
57872Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2639]🔒🔒
57871Opera Web Browser denial of service🔒🔒
57870Opera Web Browser denial of service🔒🔒
57869Opera Web Browser Firmware denial of service [CVE-2011-2636]🔒🔒
57868Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2635]🔒🔒
57867Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-2634]🔒🔒
57866Opera Web Browser multicert-ca-02.crl denial of service🔒🔒
57865Opera Web Browser input validation🔒🔒
57864Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-2631]🔒🔒
57863Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-2630]🔒🔒
57862Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2629]🔒🔒
57861Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-2628]🔒🔒
57860Opera Web Browser denial of service🔒🔒
57859Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2626]🔒🔒
57858Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2625]🔒🔒
57857Opera Web Browser Print Preview resource management [CVE-2011-2624]🔒🔒
57856Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2623]🔒🔒
57855Opera Web Browser Web Workers denial of service [CVE-2011-2622]🔒🔒
57854Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2621]🔒🔒
57853Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2620]🔒🔒
57852Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2619]🔒🔒
57851Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2618]🔒🔒
57850Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2617]🔒🔒
57849Opera Web Browser memory allocation [CVE-2011-2616]🔒🔒
57848Opera Web Browser denial of service🔒🔒
57847Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2614]🔒🔒
57846Opera Web Browser resource management [CVE-2011-2613]🔒🔒
57845Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-2612]🔒🔒
57844Opera Web Browser Printing denial of service [CVE-2011-2611]🔒🔒
57843Opera Web Browser cross site scriting [CVE-2011-2610]🔒🔒
57842Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2609]🔒🔒
57841HP Operations Agent HP OpenView ovbbccb.exe input validation🔒
57840HP OpenView Storage Data Protector omniinet.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57839HP OpenView Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2011-1865]🔒🔒🔒
57838HP OpenView Storage Data Protector resource management [CVE-2011-1515]🔒🔒
57837HP OpenView Storage Data Protector null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1514]🔒🔒
57836Opera Web Browser Error Page resource management [CVE-2011-1337]🔒🔒
57835IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2607]
57834IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2606]
57833Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction SetCookieStringInternal code injection🔒🔒
57832Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-2377]🔒🔒
57831Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2376]🔒🔒
57830Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2375]🔒🔒
57829Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2374]🔒🔒
57828Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2011-2373]🔒🔒
57827Mozilla Firefox numeric error [CVE-2011-2371]🔒🔒🔒
57826Mozilla Firefox Installation access control [CVE-2011-2370]🔒🔒
57825Mozilla Firefox cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2369]🔒🔒
57824Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2011-2368]🔒🔒
57823Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2011-2367]🔒🔒
57822Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2365]🔒🔒
57821Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-2364]🔒🔒
57820Mozilla Firefox AppendElement resource management🔒🔒🔒
57819Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2362]🔒🔒
57818Mozilla Firefox Updater nsXULCommandDispatcher resource management🔒🔒🔒
57817Mozilla Firefox ReplaceItem resource management🔒🔒🔒
57816Intel G41 driver Test Page lots-of-polys-example.html resource management
57815NVIDIA 9400M driver Test Page lots-of-polys-example.html resource management
57814NVIDIA Geforce 310 driver Test Page lots-of-polys-example.html resource management
57813Apple Mac OS X Test Page lots-of-polys-example.html access control
57812Microsoft Windows lots-of-polys-example.html access control
57811Google Chrome information disclosure [CVE-2011-2599]🔒
57810Mozilla Firefox SVG Filter information disclosure [CVE-2011-2598]🔒🔒
57809Mozilla Thunderbird WebGL input validation [CVE-2011-2366]🔒🔒
57808Ruby on Rails cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2197]🔒🔒
57807GNU groff mktemp link following🔒🔒
57806GNU groff tempfile link following🔒🔒
57805GNU groff link following [CVE-2009-5080]🔒🔒
57804GNU groff link following🔒🔒
57803GNU groff 7pk security [CVE-2009-5078]🔒🔒
57802Reallysimplechat Really Simple Chat cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2470]🔒
57801Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2351]🔒🔒
57800Google Chrome HTML Parser input validation [CVE-2011-2350]🔒🔒
57799Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2349]🔒🔒
57798Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2348]🔒🔒
57797Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2347]🔒🔒
57796Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2346]🔒🔒
57795Apache Tomcat information disclosure [CVE-2011-2204]🔒🔒
57794Reallysimplechat Really Simple Chat sql injection [CVE-2011-2181]🔒
57793Reallysimplechat Really Simple Chat dereferer.php cross site scripting🔒
57792Cybozu Office Address Book cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1335]🔒
57791Cybozu Dezie cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1334]🔒
57790Cybozu Office cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1333]🔒
57789Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1332]🔒
57788Linux Kernel add_del_listener resource management🔒🔒
57787Clusterresources TORQUE Resource Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-2193]🔒🔒
57786Foxit Reader numeric error [CVE-2011-1908]🔒🔒
57785Linux Kernel dccp_parse_options numeric error🔒🔒
57784Ulli Horlacher fex improper authentication [CVE-2011-1409]🔒🔒
57783Apple Mac OS X null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1132]🔒🔒
57782Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0213]🔒🔒
57781Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2011-0212]🔒🔒
57780Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0211]🔒🔒🔒
57779Apple Mac OS X Sample Table memory corruption [CVE-2011-0210]🔒🔒
57778Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0209]🔒🔒🔒
57777Apple Mac OS X QuickLook memory corruption [CVE-2011-0208]🔒🔒
57776Apple Mac OS X cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0207]🔒🔒
57775Apple Mac OS X International Components for Unicode memory corruption🔒🔒
57774Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0205]🔒🔒
57773Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0204]🔒🔒
57772Apple Mac OS X path traversal [CVE-2011-0203]🔒🔒
57771Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics numeric error [CVE-2011-0202]🔒🔒
57770Apple Mac OS X CoreFoundation numeric error [CVE-2011-0201]🔒🔒
57769Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0200]🔒🔒🔒
57768Apple Mac OS X Certificate Trust Policy input validation [CVE-2011-0199]🔒🔒
57767Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0198]🔒🔒
57766Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2011-0197]🔒🔒
57765Apple Mac OS X resource management [CVE-2011-0196]🔒🔒
57764GNU groff link following [CVE-2009-5044]🔒🔒
57763Linux Kernel clusterip_proc_write memory corruption🔒🔒
57762Freedesktop DBus link following [CVE-2011-2533]🔒🔒
57761Brad Fitzpatrick DJabberd resource management [CVE-2011-2206]
57760Freedesktop dbus dbus-marshal-header.c _dbus_header_byteswap input validation🔒🔒
57759Kbs WeblyGo cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1330]
57758Linux Kernel econet_sendmsg information disclosure🔒🔒
57757Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2011-1172]🔒🔒
57756Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2011-1171]🔒🔒
57755Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2011-1170]🔒🔒
57754Prosody json.decode resource management
57753Prosody resource management [CVE-2011-2531]
57752Rockwellautomation RSLinx Classic Installation RSHWare.exe memory corruption
57751Prosody resource management [CVE-2011-2205]
57750Matthewwild LuaExpat resource management [CVE-2011-2188]🔒
57749Brad Fitzpatrick DJabberd resource management [CVE-2011-1757]🔒
57748Citadel resource management [CVE-2011-1756]🔒🔒
57747jabber jabberd2 resource management [CVE-2011-1755]🔒🔒
57746jabberd jabberd14 resource management [CVE-2011-1754]🔒🔒
57745Process-one ejabberd expat_erl.c resource management🔒🔒
57744PHP-Nuke mainfile.php cross-site request forgery🔒
57743PHP-Nuke modules.php cross site scripting🔒
57742PHP-Nuke Administration admin.php sql injection🔒
57741Simplemachines SMF Search.php PlushSearch2 information disclosure🔒
57740Simplemachines SMF QueryString.php constructPageIndex input validation🔒
57739Simplemachines SMF ManageNews.php EditNews cross site scripting🔒
57738Simplemachines SMF Load.php loadUserSettings cryptographic issues🔒
57737Simplemachines SMF SSI.php access control🔒
57736PHP rfc1867_post_handler access control🔒🔒
57735Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2128]🔒🔒
57734Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2127]🔒🔒🔒
57733Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2126]🔒🔒
57732Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapix.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2125]🔒🔒
57731Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2124]🔒🔒
57730Adobe Shockwave Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2123]🔒
57729Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2122]🔒🔒
57728Adobe Shockwave Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2121]🔒🔒🔒
57727Adobe Shockwave Player numeric error [CVE-2011-2120]🔒🔒🔒
57726Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2119]🔒🔒🔒
57725Adobe Shockwave Player input validation [CVE-2011-2118]🔒🔒🔒
57724Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2117]🔒
57723Adobe Shockwave Player IML32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2116]🔒🔒
57722Adobe Shockwave Player IML32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2115]🔒🔒
57721Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2114]🔒🔒🔒
57720Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2113]🔒🔒🔒
57719Adobe Shockwave Player IML32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2112]🔒🔒🔒
57718Adobe Shockwave Player IML32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-2111]🔒🔒🔒
57717Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll numeric error [CVE-2011-2109]🔒🔒🔒
57716Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2108]🔒🔒
57715Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2106]🔒🔒
57714Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2105]🔒🔒🔒
57713Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2104]🔒🔒
57712Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2103]🔒🔒
57711Adobe Acrobat Access Restriction memory corruption [CVE-2011-2102]🔒🔒
57710Adobe Acrobat code injection [CVE-2011-2101]🔒🔒
57709Adobe Acrobat untrusted search path [CVE-2011-2100]🔒🔒
57708Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2099]🔒🔒
57707Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2098]🔒🔒🔒
57706Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2097]🔒🔒
57705Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2096]🔒🔒🔒
57704Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2095]🔒🔒🔒
57703Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2011-2094]🔒🔒🔒
57702Adobe LiveCycle input validation [CVE-2011-2093]🔒
57701Adobe LiveCycle Serialization input validation [CVE-2011-2092]🔒
57700Adobe ColdFusion denial of service [CVE-2011-2091]🔒
57699Adobe ColdFusion cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0629]🔒
57698Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0335]🔒🔒🔒
57697Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0320]🔒🔒
57696Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0319]🔒🔒
57695Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0318]🔒🔒
57694Adobe Shockwave Player Dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0317]🔒🔒
57693Microsoft Forefront Threat Management Gateway NSPLookupServiceNext memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57692Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1869]🔒🔒🔒
57691Microsoft SQL Server Web Service information disclosure [CVE-2011-1280]🔒🔒🔒
57690Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1279]🔒🔒🔒
57689Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1278]🔒🔒🔒
57688Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1277]🔒🔒🔒
57687Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1276]🔒🔒🔒
57686Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1275]🔒🔒🔒
57685Microsoft Excel Array Access memory corruption [CVE-2011-1274]🔒🔒🔒
57684Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet memory corruption [CVE-2011-1273]🔒🔒🔒
57683Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1262]🔒🔒🔒
57682Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1261]🔒🔒🔒
57681Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1260]🔒🔒🔒
57680Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1258]🔒🔒
57679Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1256]🔒🔒🔒
57678Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1255]🔒🔒🔒🔒
57677Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1254]🔒🔒🔒
57676Microsoft Internet Explorer SafeHTML cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒🔒
57675Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1251]🔒🔒🔒
57674Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1250]🔒🔒🔒
57673Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0873]🔒🔒
57672Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0872]🔒🔒
57671Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0871]🔒🔒
57670Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0869]🔒🔒
57669Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0868]🔒🔒
57668Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0867]🔒🔒
57667Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0866]🔒🔒
57666Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0865]🔒🔒
57665Sun JRE denial of service [CVE-2011-0864]🔒🔒
57664Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0863]🔒🔒🔒
57663Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0862]🔒🔒🔒
57662Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0817]🔒🔒🔒
57661Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0815]🔒🔒
57660Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0814]🔒🔒
57659Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0802]🔒🔒🔒
57658Sun JRE Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0788]🔒🔒
57657Icinga config.c cross site scripting
57656Coppermine-gallery Photo Gallery cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2476]
57655Icinga config.c cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
57654libnm-util nm-setting-vpn.c destroy_one_secret information disclosure🔒🔒
57653Tor Directory Authority policy_summarize memory corruption🔒🔒
57652HP OpenView Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2011-1864]🔒🔒
57651HP Service Manager code injection [CVE-2011-1863]
57650HP Service Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1862]
57649HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2011-1861]
57648HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2011-1860]
57647HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2011-1859]
57646HP Service Manager Access Restriction Local Privilege Escalation
57645HP Service Manager Access Restriction Remote Privilege Escalation
57644GNOME gdm Gnome Display Manager access control [CVE-2011-1709]🔒🔒
57643Coppermine-gallery Photo Gallery cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4667]
57642Sybase OneBridge Mobile Data Suite ECTrace.dll format string
57641Sybase EAServer path traversal [CVE-2011-2474]🔒
57640Maynard Johnson OProfile do_dump_data link following🔒🔒
57639Maynard Johnson OProfile path traversal [CVE-2011-2472]🔒🔒
57638Maynard Johnson OProfile access control [CVE-2011-2471]🔒🔒
57637Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1708]🔒🔒🔒
57636Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2342]🔒🔒
57635Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-2332]🔒🔒
57634Google Chrome cross site scriting [CVE-2011-1819]🔒🔒
57633Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1818]🔒🔒
57632Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1817]🔒🔒
57631Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1816]🔒🔒
57630Google Chrome cross site scriting [CVE-2011-1815]🔒🔒
57629Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1814]🔒🔒
57628Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1813]🔒🔒
57627Google Chrome Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-1812]🔒🔒
57626Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1811]🔒🔒
57625Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-1810]🔒🔒
57624Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1809]🔒🔒
57623Maynard Johnson OProfile code injection [CVE-2011-1760]🔒🔒
57622Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1707]🔒🔒🔒
57621Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1706]🔒🔒🔒
57620Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1705]🔒🔒🔒
57619Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1704]🔒🔒🔒
57618Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1703]🔒🔒🔒
57617Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1702]🔒🔒🔒
57616Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1701]🔒🔒🔒
57615Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1700]🔒🔒🔒
57614Novell iPrint nipplib.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1699]🔒🔒🔒
57613Google Android Volume Manager Daemon handlePartitionAdded numeric error
57612Google Android information disclosure [CVE-2010-4804]
57611AnyMacro AnyMacro Mail System path traversal [CVE-2011-2468]
57610Cisco IOS config [CVE-2011-2395]
57609Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2107]🔒🔒🔒
57608Novell Data Synchronizer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-1711]
57607Creloaded CRE Loaded improper authentication [CVE-2009-5077]🔒
57606VisiWave Site Survey VisiWaveReport.exe code injection🔒🔒
57605Dotclear updateFile access control🔒
57604CMS Made Simple Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4663]
57603Creloaded CRE Loaded login.php improper authentication🔒
57602Digium Asterisk Channel Driver reqresp_parser.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57601Wireshark visual_read numeric error🔒🔒
57600Wireshark tvb_uncompress resource management🔒🔒
57599VMware Player Host Guest File System information disclosure [CVE-2011-2146]🔒🔒
57598VMware Player Host Guest File System access control [CVE-2011-2145]🔒🔒
57597Wireshark snoop_read memory corruption🔒🔒
57596Wireshark null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1958]🔒🔒
57595Wireshark dissect_dcm_main resource management🔒🔒
57594Wireshark bytes_repr_len null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57593Postrev Post Revolution ajax-weblog-guardar.php cross-site request forgery
57592Postrev Post Revolution common.php cross site scripting
57591Postrev Post Revolution common.php resource management
57590plone access control [CVE-2011-1950]
57589Plone cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1949]
57588Plone cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1948]🔒
57587Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn access control [CVE-2011-1921]🔒🔒
57586VMware Player Host Guest File System race condition [CVE-2011-1787]🔒🔒
57585Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn resource management [CVE-2011-1783]🔒🔒
57584Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1752]🔒🔒
57583GNU GIMP file-pcx.c load_image numeric error🔒🔒
57582Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall cross site scripting
57581Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-0082]🔒🔒
57580Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-2382]🔒🔒
57579HP Intelligent Management Center img.exe numeric error
57578IBM Tivoli Management Framework access control [CVE-2011-2330]
57577Apache Rampart-C Access Restriction rampart_timestamp_token_validate access control🔒
57576HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2011-2328]
57575Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client access control [CVE-2011-2041]🔒
57574Cisco CNS Network Registrar Central Configuration Management credentials management🔒
57573Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol Software access control🔒
57572Cisco Media Processing Software credentials management [CVE-2011-1623]
57571Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol Software access control🔒
57570Cisco Skinny Client Control Protocol Software access control🔒
57569IBM Tivoli Management Framework lcfd.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57568Apache Archiva cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1077]🔒🔒
57567Apache Archiva cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1026]🔒🔒
57566Nlnetlabs Unbound resource management [CVE-2009-4008]🔒🔒
57565Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Downloader vpndownloader.exe input validation🔒🔒
57564Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client ActiveX Control vpndownloader.exe input validation🔒🔒🔒
57563fetchmail resource management [CVE-2011-1947]🔒🔒
57562Eucalyptus input validation [CVE-2011-0730]🔒🔒
57561Walrus Digit WalRack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2215]
575607T IGSS memory corruption [CVE-2011-2214]
57559OpenSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-1945]🔒🔒
57558PHP socket_connect memory corruption🔒🔒
57557Webmin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1937]🔒🔒
57556Wouter Verhelst nbd nbd-server.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57555Nlnetlabs Unbound Error resource management [CVE-2011-1922]🔒🔒
57554Cisco IOS XR resource management [CVE-2011-1651]
57553Cisco Content Delivery System resource management [CVE-2011-1649]
57552Cisco WRVS4400N Web Management Interface information disclosure
57551Cisco WRVS4400N Web Management Interface code injection [CVE-2011-1646]
57550Cisco WRVS4400N Backup Configuration File config [CVE-2011-1645]
57549IBM Lotus Notes Spreadsheet xlssr.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
57548Red Hat libvirt Error Reporting resource management [CVE-2011-1486]🔒🔒
57547Red Hat PolicyKit setuid Program race condition [CVE-2011-1485]🔒🔒
57546Walrus Digit WalRack File Upload php.zzz access control
57545IBM Lotus Notes kvarcve.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1218]🔒🔒
57544IBM Lotus Notes kpprzrdr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1217]🔒🔒
57543IBM Lotus Notes Spreadsheet assr.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
57542IBM Lotus Notes mw8sr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1215]🔒🔒
57541IBM Lotus Notes rtfsr.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1214]🔒🔒
57540IBM Lotus Notes lzhsr.dll numeric error [CVE-2011-1213]🔒🔒🔒
57539Cisco IOS XR resource management [CVE-2011-0949]
57538Cisco IOS XR resource management [CVE-2011-0943]
57537Erlang OTP Random Number Generator cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0766]🔒🔒
57536Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-0628]🔒🔒
57535Symantec Backup Exec input validation [CVE-2011-0546]🔒🔒
57534TigerVNC processMsg input validation🔒🔒
57533SSSD Security Service krb5_save_ccname_done improper authentication🔒🔒
57532Daniel Friesel feh input validation [CVE-2010-2246]🔒🔒
57531IBM WebSphere Portal resource management [CVE-2011-2173]
57530IBM WebSphere Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2172]
57529Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1807]🔒🔒
57528Google Chrome GPU Command memory corruption [CVE-2011-1806]🔒🔒
57527Google Chrome renderBox input validation [CVE-2011-1804]🔒🔒🔒
57526Linux Kernel bond_select_queue input validation🔒🔒
57525IBM Web Content Manager race condition [CVE-2010-4807]
57524IBM Web Content Manager access control [CVE-2010-4806]
57523Linux Kernel sk_add_backlog resource management🔒🔒
57522Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2010-4251]🔒🔒
57521Google Chrome OS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2171]
57520Google Chrome OS input validation [CVE-2011-2170]
57519Google Chrome OS chromeos-aliases.conf access control [CVE-2011-2169]
57518OpenBSD numeric error [CVE-2011-2168]
57517Dovecot Login path traversal [CVE-2011-2167]🔒🔒
57516Dovecot Access Restriction config [CVE-2011-2166]🔒🔒
57515Dovecot input validation [CVE-2011-1929]🔒🔒
57514rdesktop disk.c disk_create path traversal🔒🔒
57513Python resource management [CVE-2011-1521]🔒🔒
57512EMC SourceOne Email Management Default Configuration Web.config
57511RADVISION iVIEW Suite sql injection [CVE-2011-1328]
57510Pureftpd Pure-FTPd input validation [CVE-2011-0418]🔒🔒
57509WatchGuard XCS access control [CVE-2011-2165]🔒🔒🔒
57508CMU Cyrus IMAP Server access control [CVE-2011-1926]🔒🔒
57507NetBSD link following [CVE-2011-1920]🔒
57506MediaWiki improper authentication [CVE-2011-1766]🔒🔒
57505MediaWiki shtml cross site scripting🔒🔒
57504Pureftpd Pure-FTPd ftp_parser.c resource management🔒🔒
57503ViewVC resource management [CVE-2009-5024]🔒🔒
57502IBM Systems Director Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2163]
57501MPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-2162]🔒
57500FFmpeg ape.c ape_read_header resource management🔒🔒
57499FFmpeg input validation [CVE-2011-2160]
57498SmarterTools SmarterStats Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2159]🔒
57497SmarterTools SmarterStats Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2158]🔒
57496SmarterTools SmarterStats access control [CVE-2011-2157]🔒
57495SmarterTools SmarterStats information disclosure [CVE-2011-2156]🔒
57494SmarterTools SmarterStats Login.aspx improper authentication🔒
57493SmarterTools SmarterStats login.aspx information disclosure🔒
57492SmarterTools SmarterStats Browser History Login.aspx information disclosure🔒
57491SmarterTools SmarterStats information disclosure [CVE-2011-2152]🔒
57490SmarterTools SmarterStats cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-2151]🔒
57489SmarterTools SmarterStats input validation [CVE-2011-2150]🔒
57488SmarterTools SmarterStats sql injection [CVE-2011-2149]🔒
57487SmarterTools SmarterStats os command injection [CVE-2011-2148]🔒
57486Openswan IPsec access control [CVE-2011-2147]🔒🔒
57485TIBCO iProcess Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-2021]
57484TIBCO iProcess Engine cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2020]
57483TWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1838]🔒
57482keepalived pidfile_write access control🔒🔒
57481Apache Tomcat Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-1582]🔒🔒
57480Trendmicro Trend Micro Internet Security Encryption cryptographic issues
57479Cisco CiscoWorks Common Services path traversal [CVE-2011-0966]🔒
57478cisco Unified Operations Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0962]🔒🔒🔒
57477Cisco CiscoWorks Common Services cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0961]🔒🔒🔒
57476Cisco Unified Operations Manager sql injection [CVE-2011-0960]🔒🔒
57475Cisco Unified Operations Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0959]🔒🔒
57474FFmpeg resource management [CVE-2011-0723]🔒🔒
57473FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2011-0722]🔒🔒
57472FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2010-3908]🔒🔒
57471Zeacom Chat Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2010-0217]
57470Monkey's Audio resource management [CVE-2009-5075]
57469Monkey's Audio resource management [CVE-2006-7245]
57468IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture resource management [CVE-2011-2144]
57467IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture access control [CVE-2011-2143]
57466IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture Web Client Service cryptographic issues
57465IBM Datacap Taskmaster Capture sql injection [CVE-2011-2141]
57464HP Business Availability Center cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1856]
57463Evan Dandrea usb-creator Helper access control [CVE-2011-1828]🔒🔒
57462Exim Filesystem input validation [CVE-2011-1407]🔒🔒
57461CA eHealth cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1899]
57460Google Chrome SVG Filter numeric error [CVE-2011-1800]🔒🔒
57459Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1799]🔒🔒
57458Adobe Audition memory corruption [CVE-2011-0615]🔒🔒🔒🔒
57457Adobe Audition memory corruption [CVE-2011-0614]🔒🔒🔒
57456Adobe RoboHelp wf_status.htm cross site scripting🔒
57455Adobe Flash Media Server resource management [CVE-2011-0612]🔒🔒
57454Mahara config [CVE-2011-1406]🔒🔒
57453Mahara lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1405]🔒🔒
57452Mahara access control [CVE-2011-1404]🔒🔒
57451Mahara cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1403]🔒🔒
57450Mahara Access Restriction mahara.php access control🔒🔒
57449Search.cpan libwww-perl SSL Certificate HTTPS input validation🔒🔒
57448Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-0627]🔒🔒🔒
57447Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-0626]🔒🔒
57446Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-0625]🔒🔒
57445Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-0624]🔒🔒
57444Adobe Flash Player input validation [CVE-2011-0623]🔒🔒
57443Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0622]🔒🔒
57442Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0621]🔒🔒
57441Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0620]🔒🔒
57440Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0619]🔒🔒
57439Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-0618]🔒🔒
57438Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2011-0579]🔒🔒
57437ICONICS GENESIS32 ActiveX Control GenVersion.dll memory corruption🔒
57436OpenSymphony WebWork information disclosure [CVE-2011-2088]🔒
57435Apache Struts cross site scripting
57434HP Network Node Manager i Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-1855]
57433HP Intelligent Management Center Exception resource management🔒🔒
57432HP Intelligent Management Center tftpserver.exe input validation🔒🔒
57431HP Intelligent Management Center tftpserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57430HP Intelligent Management Center tftpserver.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57429HP Intelligent Management Center Logging dbman.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57428HP Intelligent Management Center tftpserver.exe input validation🔒
57427HP Intelligent Management Center img.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57426MartiniCreations PassmanLite Password Manager cryptographic issues
57425Apache Struts cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1772]🔒
57424HP Palm webOS Filesystem access control [CVE-2011-1738]
57423HP Palm webOS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1737]
57422Postfix memory corruption [CVE-2011-1720]🔒🔒🔒
57421Lockon EC-CUBE cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1325]
57420Microsoft PowerPoint memory corruption [CVE-2011-1270]🔒🔒🔒
57419Rubyforge rubygem-sqlite3 access control [CVE-2011-0995]
57418Perl telldir null pointer dereference🔒🔒
57417Artifex MuPDF pdfmoz_onmouse memory corruption
57416Inventivetec MediaCAST information disclosure [CVE-2011-2081]
57415Inventivetec MediaCAST sql injection [CVE-2011-2080]
57414Inventivetec MediaCAST input validation [CVE-2011-2079]
57413Inventivetec MediaCAST cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2078]
57412Inventivetec MediaCAST Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-2077]
57411Inventivetec MediaCAST information disclosure [CVE-2011-2076]
57410Microsoft .NET Framework Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-1271]🔒🔒
57409Inventivetec MediaCAST Error Message authenticate_ad_setup_finished.cfm cryptographic issues
57408Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2075]🔒
57407Opera Web Browser AddLine input validation🔒🔒🔒
57406David King vino rfbserver.c rfbSendFramebufferUpdate memory corruption🔒🔒
57405David King vino rfbserver.c rfbSendFramebufferUpdate memory corruption🔒🔒
57404ISC BIND resource management [CVE-2011-1907]🔒
57403VMware vCenter cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-1789]🔒
57402VMware vCenter vCenter Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-1788]🔒
57401Linux Kernel raw_release input validation🔒🔒
57400Linux Kernel bcm_release input validation🔒🔒
57399Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_s3m.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57398Python information disclosure [CVE-2011-1015]🔒🔒
57397VMware VirtualCenter vCenter Server path traversal [CVE-2011-0426]🔒
57396Samsung Data Management Server Authentication Form sql injection
57395Linux Kernel agp_generic_remove_memory input validation🔒🔒
57394Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-1747]🔒🔒
57393Linux Kernel numeric error [CVE-2011-1746]🔒🔒
57392Linux Kernel agp_generic_insert_memory numeric error🔒🔒
57391Buffalotech Whr-amg54 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1324]
57390Yamaha Rt58i Firmware input validation [CVE-2011-1323]
57389Linux Kernel __nfs4_proc_set_acl resource management🔒🔒
57388OpenBSD Direct Rendering Manager drm_modeset_ctl numeric error🔒🔒
57387HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe path traversal🔒🔒
57386HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57385HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57384HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57383HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57382HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57381HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57380HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
57379HP OpenView Storage Data Protector OmniInet.exe memory corruption🔒
57378Liferay Portal privileges management [CVE-2011-1571]🔒
57377Liferay Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1570]🔒
57376Liferay Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1504]🔒
57375Liferay Portal information disclosure [CVE-2011-1503]🔒
57374Liferay Portal information disclosure [CVE-2011-1502]🔒
57373Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0081]🔒🔒
57372Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0080]🔒🔒
57371Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0079]🔒🔒
57370Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0078]🔒🔒
57369Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0077]🔒🔒
57368Mozilla Firefox Access Restriction cross site scriting [CVE-2011-0076]🔒🔒
57367Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0075]🔒🔒
57366Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0074]🔒🔒
57365Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-0073]🔒🔒🔒
57364Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0072]🔒🔒
57363Mozilla Firefox path traversal [CVE-2011-0071]🔒🔒
57362Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0070]🔒🔒
57361Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0069]🔒🔒
57360Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-0067]🔒🔒
57359Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2011-0066]🔒🔒🔒
57358Mozilla Firefox resource management [CVE-2011-0065]🔒🔒🔒🔒
57356Trustwave WebDefend MySQL Database credentials management [CVE-2011-1906]
57355Proofpoint Protection Server cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1905]
57354Proofpoint Protection Server unspecified os command injection
57353Proofpoint Protection Server unspecified sql injection
57352Proofpoint Protection Server path traversal [CVE-2011-1902]
57351Proofpoint Protection Server improper authentication [CVE-2011-1901]
57350CA Arcot WebFort Versatile Authentication Server Administrative Console input validation
57349CA Arcot WebFort Versatile Authentication Server Administrative Console cross site scripting
57348EMC Data Loss Prevention Enterprise Manager cross site scripting
57347IBM solidDB null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1208]🔒🔒
57346IBM Rational System Architect ActiveX Control ActBar.ocx access control🔒
57345Trustwave WebDefend credentials management [CVE-2011-0756]
57344InduSoft Web Studio path traversal [CVE-2011-1900]🔒🔒
57343IBM WebSphere Application Server Encryption Algorithm cryptographic issues🔒🔒
57342Red Hat Enterprise Linux svc_xprt_received resource management🔒🔒
57341InduSoft Web Studio ActiveX Control ISSymbol.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
57340Likewise Likewise Open Active Directory Enterprise resource management🔒🔒
57339VMware ESXi resource management [CVE-2011-1785]🔒🔒
57338Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software denial of service [CVE-2011-1613]
57337Cisco Unified Communications Manager xmldirectorylist.jsp sql injection
57336Cisco Unified Communications Manager sql injection [CVE-2011-1609]🔒
57335Cisco Unified Communications Manager path traversal [CVE-2011-1607]
57334Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2011-1606]
57333Cisco Unified Communications Manager denial of service [CVE-2011-1605]
57332Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2011-1604]
57331Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1456]🔒🔒
57330Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1455]🔒🔒
57329Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1454]🔒🔒
57328Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1452]🔒🔒
57327Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1451]🔒🔒
57326Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1450]🔒🔒
57325Google Chrome WebSockets resource management [CVE-2011-1449]🔒🔒
57324Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1448]🔒🔒
57323Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1447]🔒🔒
57322Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1446]🔒🔒
57321Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1445]🔒🔒
57320Google Chrome race condition [CVE-2011-1444]🔒🔒
57319Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1443]🔒🔒
57318Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1442]🔒🔒
57317Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1441]🔒🔒
57316Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1440]🔒🔒🔒
57315Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1439]🔒🔒
57314Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-1438]🔒🔒
57313Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2011-1437]🔒🔒
57312Google Chrome X Window input validation [CVE-2011-1436]🔒🔒
57311Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1435]🔒🔒
57310Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1434]🔒🔒
57309Google Chrome race condition [CVE-2011-1305]🔒🔒
57308Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1303]🔒🔒
57307IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2011-1847]🔒🔒
57306IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2011-1846]🔒🔒
57305FreeBSD Access Restriction mountd.c makemask input validation🔒🔒
57304HP SiteScope cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1727]🔒
57303HP SiteScope cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1726]🔒🔒
57302Linux Kernel next_pidmap numeric error🔒🔒
57301Doctrine modifyLimitQuery sql injection🔒🔒
57300LibTIFF tiffdump.c ReadDirectory numeric error🔒🔒
57299Microsoft Silverlight Grid Control resource management [CVE-2011-1845]🔒🔒
57298Microsoft Silverlight resource management [CVE-2011-1844]🔒🔒
57297HP Virtual Server Environment privileges management [CVE-2011-1724]🔒
57296Linux Kernel is_gpt_valid memory corruption🔒🔒
57295HP Insight Control Performance Management cross-site request forgery🔒
57294HP Insight Control Performance Management cross-site request forgery🔒
57293HP Proliant Support Pack information disclosure [CVE-2011-1539]
57292HP Proliant Support Pack input validation [CVE-2011-1538]
57291HP Proliant Support Pack cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1537]
57290Nagios statusmap.c cross site scripting🔒🔒
57289Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2011-1495]🔒🔒
57288Linux Kernel _ctl_do_mpt_command numeric error🔒🔒
57287Linux Kernel asihpi_hpi_ioctl input validation🔒🔒
57285Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0610]🔒
57284Banu Tinyproxy Access Restriction conf.c numeric error🔒🔒
57283Ubuntu language-selector input validation [CVE-2011-1842]🔒
57282Mojolicious cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1841]🔒🔒
57281Mojolicious input validation [CVE-2010-4803]🔒🔒
57280Mojolicious input validation [CVE-2010-4802]🔒🔒
57279Mojolicious Static Remote Code Execution
57278Wireshark NFS Dissector numeric error [CVE-2011-1592]🔒🔒
57277Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-1591]🔒🔒🔒
57276Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-1590]🔒🔒
57275Mojolicious path traversal [CVE-2011-1589]🔒🔒
57274HP Systems Insight Manager cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1543]
57273HP Systems Insight Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1542]
57272HP System Management Homepage Access Restriction memory corruption🔒🔒
57271HP System Management Homepage memory corruption [CVE-2011-1540]🔒🔒
57270HP Performance Insight information disclosure [CVE-2011-1536]🔒
57269HP Insight Control for Linux denial of service [CVE-2011-1535]
57268Banu Tinyproxy HTTP Proxy Server acl.c config🔒🔒
57267Ubuntu language-selector Backend access control [CVE-2011-0729]🔒🔒
57266IBM Rational Build Forge Browser History information disclosure
57265CA Output Management Web Viewer ActiveX Control PPSView.ocx memory corruption
57264CA SiteMinder Web Agents input validation [CVE-2011-1718]
57263HP Network Automation information disclosure [CVE-2011-1725]
57262Digium Asterisk Manager Interface manager.c input validation🔒🔒
57261MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1587]🔒🔒
57260KDE SC isValidNameAttr path traversal🔒🔒
57259MediaWiki input validation [CVE-2011-1580]🔒🔒
57258MediaWiki checkCss input validation🔒🔒
57257MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1578]🔒🔒
57256Digium Asterisk Interfaces resource management [CVE-2011-1507]🔒🔒
57252OrangeHRM index.php path traversal🔒
57250PHPYun search.php sql injection
57246Openit OverLook title.php cross site scripting🔒
57244In-mediakg FilterFTP path traversal [CVE-2010-4790]
57243Orbeon forms access control [CVE-2010-3260]
57242MediaWiki Parser MediaWikiParserTest.php code injection🔒🔒
57241MediaWiki profileinfo.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
57240MediaWiki Access Restriction api.php information disclosure🔒🔒
57239Best Practical RT credentials management [CVE-2011-1690]🔒🔒
57238Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1689]🔒🔒
57237Best Practical RT path traversal [CVE-2011-1688]🔒🔒
57236Best Practical RT information disclosure [CVE-2011-1687]🔒🔒
57235Best Practical RT sql injection [CVE-2011-1686]🔒🔒
57234Best Practical RT cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1685]🔒🔒
57233HP Network Node Manager i Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-1534]🔒
57232EMC RSA Adaptive Authentication On-Premise cross site scripting
57231EMC NetWorker access control [CVE-2011-1421]
57230IBM Tivoli Directory Server credentials management [CVE-2011-1822]
57229IBM Tivoli Directory Server resource management [CVE-2011-1821]
57228IBM Tivoli Directory Server Audit Log information disclosure🔒
57227ibm Tivoli Directory Server ibmslapd.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57226Google Android Shared Memory access control [CVE-2011-1149]
57225IBM Tivoli Directory Server Paged Search resource management
57224IBM Tivoli Directory Server Paged Search input validation [CVE-2010-4788]
57223IBM Tivoli Directory Server Paged Search resource management
57222IBM Tivoli Directory Server Paged Search resource management
57221ibm Tivoli Directory Server do_extendedOp resource management
57220IBM Tivoli Directory Server resource management [CVE-2009-5073]
57219IBM Tivoli Directory Server ldap_explode_dn resource management
57218IBM Tivoli Directory Server many resource management
57217IBM Tivoli Directory Server input validation [CVE-2008-7289]
57216IBM Tivoli Directory Server resource management [CVE-2008-7288]
57215IBM Tivoli Directory Server many resource management
57214IBM Tivoli Directory Server resource management [CVE-2007-6743]
57213IBM Tivoli Directory Server get_filter_list resource management
57212Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0861]
57211Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0860]
57210Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0859]
57209Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Talent Acquisition Manager unknown vulnerability
57208Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Administration unknown vulnerability
57207Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2011-0856]
57206Oracle Industry Applications unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0855]
57205Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS ePerformance unknown vulnerability
57204Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS ePerformance unknown vulnerability
57203Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise ELS Enterprise Learning Mgmt unknown vulnerability
57202Oracle Peoplesoft Enterprise Customer Relationship Management unknown vulnerability
57201Oracle Java Dynamic Management Kit unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0849]🔒
57200Oracle Sun Products Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-0847]
57199Oracle Sun Java System Access Manager Policy Agent denial of service
57198Oracle Sun Products Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0844]
57197Oracle Siebel CRM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0843]
57196Sun Solaris TCP/IP denial of service [CVE-2011-0841]
57195Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise File Processing information disclosure
57194Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-0839]🔒
57193Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-0837]
57192Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite unknown vulnerability
57191Oracle Siebel CRM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0834]
57190Oracle Siebel CRM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0833]
57189Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-0829]
57188Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0828]
57187Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite unknown vulnerability
57186Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0826]
57185Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC Remote Code Execution
57184Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC unknown vulnerability
57183Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC unknown vulnerability
57182Sun Solaris uucp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0821]🔒
57181Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-0820]
57180Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC unknown vulnerability
57179Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC denial of service
57178Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-0813]🔒
57177Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2011-0812]🔒
57176Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC denial of service
57175Oracle E-Business Suite unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0809]
57174Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology vswk6.dll memory corruption🔒
57173Oracle GlassFish Server memory corruption [CVE-2011-0807]🔒🔒🔒
57172Oracle Database Server denial of service [CVE-2011-0806]🔒
57171Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0805]🔒
57170Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0804]🔒
57169Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Enterprise Infrastructure SEC unknown vulnerability
57168Sun Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0801]🔒
57167Sun Solaris Administration Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0800]🔒
57166Oracle Database Server User Account Remote Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
57165Oracle Fusion Middleware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0798]
57164Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-0797]
57163Oracle E-Business Suite information disclosure [CVE-2011-0796]
57162Oracle Fusion Middleware Administration unknown vulnerability
57161Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology sccut.dll memory corruption🔒
57160Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0793]🔒
57159Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0792]🔒
57158Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library information disclosure
57157Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2011-0790]🔒
57156Oracle Fusion Middleware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0789]
57155Oracle Database Server Enterprise Manager unknown vulnerability🔒
57154Oracle Fusion Middleware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0785]🔒
57153Redmine base.rhtml cross site scripting
57152Webempoweredchurch WEC Discussion sql injection [CVE-2011-1722]
57151Obspm WebJaxe Administration administration.php cross-site request forgery
57150Sun Solaris credentials management [CVE-2011-0412]🔒
57149HP Palm Pre WebOS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-5071]
57148Skype for Android Encryption access control [CVE-2011-1717]
57147Xymon cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1716]🔒
57146QooxDoo jsonp_primitive.php path traversal🔒
57145QooxDoo jsonp_primitive.php cross site scripting
57144OTRS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1518]🔒🔒
57143Nicholas Marriott tmux access control [CVE-2011-1496]🔒🔒
57142RealNetworks RealPlayer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1426]🔒🔒🔒
57141KDE sc htmlError cross site scripting🔒🔒
57140RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server Express cross site scripting🔒
57139Novell ZENworks Configuration Management path traversal [CVE-2010-4229]
57138Red Hat spice-xpi memory corruption [CVE-2011-1179]🔒🔒
57137Novell Linux access control [CVE-2011-0988]🔒
57136Red Hat spice-xpi link following [CVE-2011-0012]🔒🔒
57135Red Hat Network Satellite access control [CVE-2010-1171]
57134Red Hat Network Satellite Server information disclosure [CVE-2009-0788]
57133CA Total Defense Web Service cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-1655]🔒
57132CA Total Defense Web Service CA.Itm.Server.ManagementWS.dll path traversal🔒
57131CA Total Defense Stored Procedure sql injection🔒
57130Microsoft Internet Explorer msxml.dll information disclosure🔒
57129Mozilla Firefox XSLT txMozillaXPathTreeWalker.cpp getXSLTId information disclosure🔒🔒
57128Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1302]🔒🔒
57127Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1301]🔒🔒
57126Google Chrome libGLESv2.dll getActiveUniformMaxLength numeric error🔒🔒
57125Google Chrome CSSComputedStyleDeclaration.cpp counterToCSSValue null pointer dereference🔒
57124HP ENVY 100 D410 cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1533]
57123HP ENVY 100 D410 Embedded Web Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-1532]
57122HP ENVY 100 D410 Embedded Web Server information disclosure [CVE-2011-1531]
57121HP Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0898]
57120HP Network Node Manager i information disclosure [CVE-2011-0897]
57119HP NFS/ONCplus denial of service [CVE-2011-0896]🔒🔒
57118MIT Kerberos schpw.c process_chpw_request input validation🔒🔒
57117Cisco IOS cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0935]
57116Novell Moonlight resource management [CVE-2011-0992]🔒🔒
57115Novell Moonlight resource management [CVE-2011-0991]🔒🔒
57114Novell Moonlight Array.Copy race condition🔒🔒
57113Novell Moonlight RuntimeHelpers.InitializeArray access control🔒🔒
57112Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1242]🔒🔒
57111Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1241]🔒🔒
57110Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1240]🔒🔒
57109Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1239]🔒🔒
57108Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1238]🔒🔒
57107Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1237]🔒🔒
57106Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1236]🔒🔒
57105Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1235]🔒🔒
57104Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1234]🔒🔒
57103Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1233]🔒🔒
57102Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1232]🔒🔒
57101Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1231]🔒🔒
57100Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1230]🔒🔒
57099Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1229]🔒🔒
57098Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1228]🔒🔒
57097Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1227]🔒🔒
57096Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1226]🔒🔒
57095Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1225]🔒🔒
57094Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-0677]🔒🔒
57093Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-0676]🔒🔒
57092Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0675]🔒🔒
57091Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0674]🔒🔒
57090Microsoft Windows null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-0673]🔒🔒
57089Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0672]🔒🔒
57088Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0671]🔒🔒
57087Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1245]🔒🔒🔒
57086Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2011-1244]🔒🔒
57085Microsoft Windows msgsc.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1243]🔒🔒🔒
57084Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0670]🔒🔒
57083Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0667]🔒🔒
57082Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0666]🔒🔒
57081Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-0665]🔒🔒
57080Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0660]🔒🔒🔒
57079Microsoft PowerPoint input validation [CVE-2011-0656]🔒🔒🔒
57078Microsoft Office docx Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
57077Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2011-0105]🔒🔒🔒
57076Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2011-0104]🔒🔒🔒
57075Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2011-0103]🔒🔒🔒
57074Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2011-0101]🔒🔒🔒
57073Microsoft Excel numeric error [CVE-2011-0098]🔒🔒🔒
57072Microsoft Excel numeric error [CVE-2011-0097]🔒🔒🔒
57071IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2011-1683]🔒
57070Tincan PHPList cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1682]
57069Kevinmehall Pithos access control [CVE-2011-1500]
57068dhcpcd input validation [CVE-2011-0996]🔒🔒
57067Tincan PHPList Administrator Account cross-site request forgery
57066ZyXEL O2 DSL Router Classic cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0746]
57065Perl access control [CVE-2011-1487]🔒🔒
57064ikiwiki Default Stylesheet cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1401]🔒🔒
57063Mark Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1158]🔒🔒
57062Mark Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1157]🔒🔒
57061Mark Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser resource management [CVE-2011-1156]🔒🔒
57060Mark Pilgrim Universal Feed Parser cross site scripting [CVE-2009-5065]🔒🔒
57059vmware Open Virtual Machine Tools vmware-hgfsmounter config [CVE-2011-1681]🔒🔒
57058ncpfs access control [CVE-2011-1680]🔒🔒
57057ncpfs config [CVE-2011-1679]🔒🔒
57056Samba smbfs mount.cifs config🔒🔒
57055Linux Kernel config [CVE-2011-1677]🔒🔒
57054Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2011-1676]🔒🔒
57053Linux Kernel config [CVE-2011-1675]🔒🔒
57052NetGear ProSafe WNAP210 recreate.php improper authentication
57051NetGear ProSafe WNAP210 Configuration File BackupConfig.php cryptographic issues
57050Dell KACE K2000 Systems Deployment Appliance information disclosure🔒
57049GNU C Library eval access control🔒🔒
57048GNU C Library addmntent config🔒🔒
57047Novell File Reporter NFRAgent.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
57046pWhois Layer Four Traceroute memory corruption [CVE-2011-0765]🔒🔒
57045Getontracks Tracks cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1671]
57044A.kulikov InTerra Blog Machine cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1670]
57043Mikoviny WP Custom Pages wp-download.php path traversal🔒
57042AWCM AR Web Content Manager search.php cross site scripting🔒
57041Xmedien Anzeigenmarkt index.php sql injection
57040Metaways Tine Installation information disclosure [CVE-2011-1666]
57039PHPBoost access control [CVE-2011-1665]
57038Icanlocalize Translation Management cross-site request forgery
57037Icanlocalize Translation Management sql injection [CVE-2011-1663]
57036Icanlocalize Translation Management cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1662]
57035Nicholas Thompson Node Quick Find Access Restriction access control
57034GrapeCity Data Dynamics Reports cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1660]
57033Linux Kernel osf_partition input validation🔒🔒
57032Novell openSUSE Build Service Access Restriction access control
57031Linux Kernel ocfs2_prepare_page_for_write input validation🔒🔒
57030Novell openSUSE Build Service Login Page cross site scripting
57029GNU C Library numeric error [CVE-2011-1659]🔒🔒
57028GNU C Library access control [CVE-2011-1658]🔒🔒
57027Roundcube Webmail input validation [CVE-2011-1492]🔒🔒
57026Roundcube Webmail Login Form input validation [CVE-2011-1491]🔒🔒
57025Apache Tomcat input validation [CVE-2011-1475]🔒🔒
57024Apache Tomcat Access Restriction information disclosure [CVE-2011-1183]🔒🔒
57023ISC DHCP input validation [CVE-2011-0997]🔒🔒🔒
57022Red Hat Enterprise Linux Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0536]🔒🔒
57021X11 XDMCP xrdb.c input validation🔒🔒
57014Microsoft Windows Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-1652] [Disputed]🔒
57013HP Network Node Manager i information disclosure [CVE-2011-0895]
57012RealNetworks RealPlayer rvrender.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-1525]🔒🔒🔒
57011Douran Portal download.aspx information disclosure🔒
570107t IGSS IGSSdataServer.exe logText format string🔒
570097t IGSS fileinfo IGSSdataServer.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
570087t IGSS dc.exe path traversal🔒🔒
570077t IGSS IGSSdataServer.exe path traversal🔒🔒
57006RealFlex RealWin numeric error [CVE-2011-1564]🔒
57005RealFlex RealWin memory corruption [CVE-2011-1563]🔒🔒
57004Ecava IntegraXor sql injection [CVE-2011-1562]
57003IBM AIX ldap.cfg improper authentication🔒
57002IBM solidDB solid.exe credentials management🔒🔒
57001IBM WEBi Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-1559]
57000IBM WEBi cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1558]
56999Aleksey XML Security Library xslt.c access control🔒🔒
56998Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-1083]🔒🔒
56997Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-1082]🔒🔒
56996HP Operations Access Restriction unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0894]
56995HP Operations cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0893]
56994HP HP-UX OS-Core.CORE2-KRN denial of service🔒🔒
56993ICloudCenter ICJobSite sql injection [CVE-2011-1557]
56992Aphpkb pdfgen.php sql injection
56991Aphpkb saa.php sql injection
56990Aphpkb a_viewusers.php sql injection🔒
56989VMware VIX API access control [CVE-2011-1126]🔒
56988Novell openSUSE access control [CVE-2011-0468]🔒
56987Novell openSUSE aaa_base link following [CVE-2011-0461]🔒
56986Horde IMP fetchmailprefs.php cross site scripting🔒
56985RealNetworks Helix Server memory corruption [CVE-2010-4596]🔒
56984RealNetworks Helix Server format string [CVE-2010-4235]🔒
56981Foo Labs Xpdf numeric error [CVE-2011-1554]🔒🔒
56980Foo Labs Xpdf resource management [CVE-2011-1553]🔒🔒
56979Foo Labs Xpdf memory corruption [CVE-2011-1552]🔒🔒
56978Digium Asterisk tcptls.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56977Digium Asterisk manager.c resource management🔒🔒
56976Cisco Nac Guest Server Default Configuration access control [CVE-2011-0963]🔒
56975Foo Labs Xpdf input validation [CVE-2011-0764]🔒🔒
56974GNOME gdm Gnome Display Manager link following [CVE-2011-0727]🔒🔒
56973Horde IMP fetchmailprefs.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
56972Novell openSUSE Factory User Account access control [CVE-2011-1551]🔒
56971Gentoo logrotate Default Configuration access control [CVE-2011-1550]
56970Gentoo logrotate Default Configuration access control [CVE-2011-1549]🔒🔒
56969Gentoo logrotate Default Configuration access control [CVE-2011-1548]🔒🔒
56968Gentoo logrotate logrotate.c writeState resource management🔒🔒
56967Gentoo logrotate logrotate.c shred_file input validation🔒🔒
56966Gentoo logrotate logrotate.c createOutputFile race condition🔒🔒
56965Samba rsync memory corruption [CVE-2011-1097]🔒🔒
56964GNU C Library LD_LIBRARY_PATH access control [CVE-2009-5064] [Disputed]🔒🔒
56963Nokia E75 Firmware improper authentication [CVE-2011-1472]
56962IBM Rational Clearquest memory corruption [CVE-2011-1205]🔒
56961Steinar H Gunderson mpm-itk itk.c config🔒🔒
56960HP Diagnostics cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0892]
56959Michael Hudson-doyle Loggerhead cross site scripting🔒🔒
56958PHP crond link following [CVE-2011-0441]🔒🔒
56957Quagga resource management [CVE-2010-1675]🔒🔒
56956Quagga null pointer dereference [CVE-2010-1674]🔒🔒
56955Symantec LiveUpdate Administrator Admin cross site scripting🔒
56954EMC Data Protection Advisor Collector access control [CVE-2011-1420]
56953Adminofsystem WP Related Posts wp-relatedposts.php cross-site request forgery
56952Symantec LiveUpdate Administrator Admin cross-site request forgery🔒
56951Google Picasa Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0458]🔒🔒
56950Mahara cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0440]🔒🔒
56949Mahara cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0439]🔒🔒
56948Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-0024]🔒🔒
56947VideoLAN VLC Media Player libdirectx_plugin.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56946IBM Lotus Domino Default Configuration improper authentication🔒
56945IBM Lotus Domino Remote Console improper authentication [CVE-2011-1519]🔒
56944Debian tex-common Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-1400]🔒🔒
56943Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1296]🔒🔒
56942Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1295]🔒🔒
56941Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1294]🔒🔒
56940Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1293]🔒🔒
56939Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1292]🔒🔒
56938HP Discovery / Dependency Mapping Inventory Default Configuration information disclosure🔒
56937Pre Pre Online Tests Generator takefreestart.php sql injection
56935AuraCMS pdf.php sql injection
56929Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0194]🔒🔒
56928Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0193]🔒🔒
56927Apple Mac OS X Installer input validation [CVE-2011-0190]🔒🔒
56926Apple Mac OS X Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-0189]🔒🔒
56925Ruby bigdecimal.c VpMemAlloc numeric error🔒🔒
56924Apple Mac OS X Same Origin Policy information disclosure [CVE-2011-0187]🔒🔒
56923Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0183]🔒🔒
56922Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2011-0182]🔒🔒
56921Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0181]🔒🔒
56920Apple Mac OS X Bootstrap numeric error [CVE-2011-0180]🔒🔒
56919Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0179]🔒🔒
56918Apple Mac OS X information disclosure [CVE-2011-0178]🔒🔒
56917Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0177]🔒🔒
56916Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0176]🔒🔒🔒
56915Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2011-0175]🔒🔒
56914Apple Mac OS X OpenType Font memory corruption [CVE-2011-0174]🔒🔒
56913Apple Mac OS X format string [CVE-2011-0173]🔒🔒
56912Apple Mac OS X numeric error [CVE-2011-0172]🔒🔒
56911Kerio MailServer input validation [CVE-2011-1506]🔒🔒
56910IBM Lotus Quickr Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-1505]
56909TIBCO tibbr cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1414]
56908Balbir Singh libcgroup cgre_receive_netlink_msg access control🔒🔒
56907Balbir Singh libcgroup parse_cgroup_spec memory corruption🔒🔒
56906Blaenkdenum WP-reCAPTCHA cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0759]
56905Honeywell ScanServer ActiveX control ActiveX Control addOSPLext resource management🔒
56904Novell NetWare memory corruption [CVE-2010-4228]🔒🔒
56903IBM Lotus Quickr resource management [CVE-2009-5062]
56902IBM Lotus Quickr denial of service [CVE-2009-5061]
56901IBM Lotus Quickr denial of service [CVE-2009-5060]
56900IBM Lotus Quickr denial of service [CVE-2009-5059]
56899IBM Lotus Quickr denial of service [CVE-2009-5058]
56898IBM Lotus Quickr input validation [CVE-2008-7286]
56897IBM Lotus Quickr denial of service [CVE-2008-7285]
56896IBM Lotus Quickr resource management [CVE-2008-7284]
56895PHP zip Extension zip_stream.c zip_fread numeric error🔒🔒
56894PHP zip Extension stream_get_contents input validation🔒🔒
56893PHP HTTP Proxy denial of service [CVE-2011-1469]🔒🔒
56892PHP openssl_encrypt resource management🔒🔒
56891PHP setSymbol denial of service🔒🔒
56890PHP SdnToJulian numeric error🔒🔒
56889Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1465]🔒
56888PHP strval memory corruption🔒🔒
56887OpenLDAP modrdn.c resource management🔒🔒
56886Lars Hjemli cgit html.c convert_query_hexchar numeric error🔒🔒
56885OpenLDAP Access Restriction bind.cpp improper authentication🔒🔒
56884OpenLDAP chain.c access control🔒🔒
56883PHP exif.c memory corruption🔒🔒
56882PHP zip Extension zip_name_locate.c FL_UNCHANGED null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56881MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center do_as_req.c prepare_error_as resource management🔒🔒
56880OTRS cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-1433]🔒
56879OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4768]
56878OTRS input validation [CVE-2010-4767]
56877OTRS Mail Client input validation [CVE-2010-4766]
56876OTRS FileWrite race condition🔒
56875OTRS credentials management [CVE-2010-4764]
56874OTRS access control [CVE-2010-4763]🔒
56873OTRS cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4762]
56872OTRS access control [CVE-2010-4761]
56871OTRS information disclosure [CVE-2010-4760]
56870OTRS input validation [CVE-2010-4759]
56869OTRS Installer cryptographic issues
56868OTRS cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-5057]🔒
56867OTRS Access Restriction input validation [CVE-2009-5056]🔒
56866OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-5055]🔒
56865OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7283]
56864OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7282]
56863OTRS information disclosure [CVE-2008-7281]🔒
56862OTRS input validation [CVE-2008-7280]🔒
56861OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7279]🔒
56860OTRS input validation [CVE-2008-7278]🔒
56859OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7277]
56858OTRS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2008-7276]🔒
56857OTRS cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7275]🔒
56856PHP substr_replace resource management🔒🔒
56855SCO SCOoffice Server command injection [CVE-2011-1432]🔒🔒🔒
56854Frederik Vermeulen netqmail qmail-smtpd.c command injection🔒🔒🔒
56853Ipswitch IMail input validation [CVE-2011-1430]🔒🔒🔒
56852Mutt SMTP Server input validation [CVE-2011-1429]🔒🔒
56851Flashtux WeeChat input validation [CVE-2011-1428]🔒🔒
56850PHP phar_object.c format string🔒🔒🔒
56849Red Hat kdelibs input validation [CVE-2011-1094]🔒🔒
56848HP Client Automation Enterprise memory corruption [CVE-2011-0889]🔒🔒
56847Nazgul Nostromo path traversal [CVE-2011-0751]🔒
56846SugarCRM index.php input validation
56845EMC Avamar Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0648]
56844EMC Avamar cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0442]
56843Postfix access control [CVE-2011-0411]🔒🔒🔒
56842RSA Access Manager Server privileges management [CVE-2011-0322]
56841Kodak InSite cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1427]🔒
56840Red Hat libvirt libvirt.c access control🔒🔒
56839PHP shmop.c shmop_read numeric error🔒🔒
56838Linux Kernel cm_work_handler race condition🔒🔒
56837e107 CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0457]
56836Arthurdejong nss-pam-ldapd improper authentication [CVE-2011-0438]
56835Mj2 Majordomo 2 lp Command _list_file_get path traversal🔒🔒
56834Zaal tgt iscsi_rx_handler resource management🔒🔒
56833e107 CMS submitnews.php cross site scripting
56832Apache Tomcat Access Restriction information disclosure [CVE-2011-1419]🔒🔒
56831Pidgin Yahoo! Protocol Plugin libymsg.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56830Apache Tomcat Access Restriction privileges management [CVE-2011-1088]🔒🔒
56829WordPress Uploader information disclosure [CVE-2011-0701]🔒🔒
56828WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0700]🔒🔒
56827Simon Pamies PyWebDAV sql injection [CVE-2011-0432]🔒🔒
56826HP Power Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0280]🔒
56825Apple Apple TV Networking information disclosure [CVE-2011-1418]
56824Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-0715]🔒🔒
56823Apple Safari Same Origin Policy window.console._inspectorCommandLineAPI cross site scripting🔒🔒
56822Apple Safari Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-0167]🔒🔒
56821Apple Safari Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-0166]🔒🔒
56820Apple iOS input validation [CVE-2011-0163]🔒🔒
56819Apple Apple TV input validation [CVE-2011-0162]
56818Apple iOS Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-0161]🔒🔒
56817Apple iOS input validation [CVE-2011-0160]🔒🔒
56816Apple iOS input validation [CVE-2011-0159]
56815Apple iOS URL input validation [CVE-2011-0158]
56814Apple iOS memory corruption [CVE-2011-0157]
56813GNU Patch util.c path traversal🔒🔒
56812Apple iOS OfficeArt numeric error [CVE-2011-1417]🔒🔒🔒
56811RIM Blackberry Torch 9800 Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2011-1416]
56809OTRS os command injection🔒🔒
56808VMware ESXi slp_v2message.c infinite loop🔒🔒
56807Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2011-1413]🔒
56806Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1286]🔒🔒
56805Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1285]🔒🔒
56804Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1204]🔒🔒
56803Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1203]🔒🔒
56802Google Chrome libxslt functions.c xsltGenerateIdFunction information disclosure🔒🔒
56801Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1201]🔒🔒
56800Google Chrome Text Rendering denial of service [CVE-2011-1200]🔒🔒
56799Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1199]🔒🔒
56798Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1198]🔒🔒
56797Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1197]🔒🔒
56796Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1196]🔒🔒
56795Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1195]🔒🔒
56794Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1194]🔒🔒
56793Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-1193]🔒🔒
56792Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1192]🔒
56791Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1191]🔒🔒
56790Google Chrome Error Message access control [CVE-2011-1190]🔒🔒
56789Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1189]🔒🔒
56788Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1188]🔒🔒
56787Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1186]🔒
56786Microsoft Internet Explorer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-1347]🔒🔒
56785Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1346]
56784Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2011-1345]🔒🔒🔒
56783Apple Safari resource management [CVE-2011-1344]🔒🔒
56782IBM Tivoli Netcool/OMNIbus Web GUI sql injection [CVE-2011-1343]
56781FocalMedia.Net Quick Polls index.php path traversal🔒
56780Novell Vibe OnPrem memory corruption [CVE-2011-0464]
56779Microsoft Windows Stream Buffer Engine SBE.dll input validation🔒🔒🔒
56778IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management [CVE-2011-1322]🔒🔒
56777IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2011-1321]🔒🔒
56776IBM WebSphere Application Server input validation [CVE-2011-1320]🔒🔒
56775IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management [CVE-2011-1319]🔒🔒
56774IBM WebSphere Application Server org.apache.jasper.runtime.JspWriterImpl.response resource management🔒🔒
56773IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management🔒🔒
56772IBM WebSphere Application Server Session Initiation Protocol resource management🔒🔒
56771IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management [CVE-2011-1315]🔒🔒
56770IBM WebSphere Application Server resource management [CVE-2011-1314]🔒🔒
56769IBM WebSphere Application Server getACRWorkElementPtr resource management🔒🔒
56768IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console access control🔒🔒
56767IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2011-1311]🔒🔒
56766IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Script information disclosure🔒🔒
56765IBM WebSphere Application Server input validation [CVE-2011-1309]🔒🔒
56764IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1308]🔒🔒
56763IBM WebSphere Application Server access control [CVE-2011-1307]🔒🔒
56762Google Chrome OS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-1306]
56761Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista path traversal [CVE-2011-0345]
56760Alcatel-Lucent OmniPCX Embedded Web Server memory corruption
56759Gplhost Domain Technologie Control access control [CVE-2011-0437]🔒🔒
56758Gplhost Domain Technologie Control register_user cryptographic issues🔒🔒
56757Gplhost Domain Technologie Control improper authentication [CVE-2011-0435]🔒🔒
56756Gplhost Domain Technologie Control sql injection [CVE-2011-0434]🔒🔒
56755HP Multifunction Peripheral Digital Sending Software improper authentication🔒
56754Pango OpenType Font hb-buffer.c hb_buffer_ensure null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56752FreeBSD crontab crontab.c information disclosure
56751FreeBSD crontab crontab.c link following
56750Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0191]🔒🔒
56749Apple iTunes CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2011-0170]🔒🔒
56748Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0168]🔒🔒
56747Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0165]🔒🔒
56746Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0156]🔒🔒
56745Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0155]🔒🔒
56744Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0154]🔒🔒🔒
56743Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0153]🔒🔒
56742Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0152]🔒🔒
56741Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0151]🔒🔒
56740Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0150]🔒🔒
56739Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0149]🔒🔒🔒
56738Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0148]🔒🔒
56737Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0147]🔒🔒
56736Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0146]🔒🔒
56735Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0145]🔒🔒
56734Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0144]🔒🔒
56733Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0143]🔒🔒
56732Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0142]🔒🔒
56731Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0141]🔒🔒
56730Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0140]🔒🔒
56729Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0139]🔒🔒
56728Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0138]🔒🔒
56727Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0137]🔒🔒
56726Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0136]🔒🔒
56725Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0135]🔒🔒
56724Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0134]🔒🔒
56723Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0133]🔒🔒🔒
56722Apple iTunes resource management [CVE-2011-0132]🔒🔒
56721Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0131]🔒🔒
56720Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0130]🔒🔒
56719Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0129]🔒🔒
56718Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0128]🔒🔒
56717Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0127]🔒🔒
56716Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0126]🔒🔒
56715Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0125]🔒🔒
56714Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0124]🔒🔒
56713Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0123]🔒🔒
56712Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0122]🔒🔒
56711Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0121]🔒🔒
56710Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0120]🔒🔒
56709Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0119]🔒🔒
56708Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0118]🔒🔒
56707Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0117]🔒🔒
56706Apple iTunes resource management [CVE-2011-0116]🔒🔒🔒
56705Apple iTunes Event Listener memory corruption [CVE-2011-0115]🔒🔒🔒
56704Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0114]🔒🔒
56703Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0113]🔒🔒
56702Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0112]🔒🔒
56701Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0111]🔒🔒
56700PEAR Installer link following [CVE-2011-1144]🔒🔒
56699Wireshark NTLMSSP dissector null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-1143]🔒🔒
56698Wireshark dissect_ber_choice resource management🔒🔒🔒
56697Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-1141]🔒🔒🔒
56696Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-1140]🔒🔒🔒
56695Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-1139]🔒🔒
56694Wireshark packet-6lowpan.c dissect_6lowpan_iphc numeric error🔒🔒
56693PEAR Installer link following [CVE-2011-1072]🔒🔒
56692Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-0713]🔒🔒
56691Thingslabo Things BBS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0455]
56690Beasts vsftpd ls.c vsf_filename_passes_filter resource management🔒🔒🔒
56689Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0062]🔒🔒
56688Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-0061]🔒🔒
56687Mozilla Firefox cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0059]🔒🔒
56686Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2011-0058]🔒🔒
56685Mozilla Firefox Web Workers resource management [CVE-2011-0057]🔒🔒
56684Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0056]🔒🔒
56683Mozilla Firefox js3250.dll js_HasOwnProperty resource management🔒🔒
56682Mozilla Firefox Javascript Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0054]🔒🔒
56681Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-0053]🔒🔒
56680Mozilla Firefox input validation [CVE-2011-0051]🔒🔒
56679GNU C Library resource management [CVE-2010-4756]🔒
56678OpenSSH sftp-glob.c process_put resource management🔒
56677FreeBSD resource management [CVE-2010-4754]
56676Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1125]🔒🔒
56675Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1124]🔒🔒
56674Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1123]🔒🔒
56673Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1122]🔒🔒
56672Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2011-1121]🔒🔒
56671Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1120]🔒🔒
56670Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1119]🔒🔒
56669Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1118]🔒🔒
56668Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1117]🔒🔒
56667Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1116]🔒🔒
56666Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1115]🔒🔒
56665Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1114]🔒🔒
56664Google Chrome Serialization memory corruption [CVE-2011-1113]🔒
56663Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1112]🔒🔒
56662Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-1111]🔒🔒
56661Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1110]🔒🔒
56660Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1109]🔒🔒
56659Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-1108]🔒🔒
56658Google Chrome authentication spoofing [CVE-2011-1107]🔒🔒
56657IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1106]🔒
56656Linux Kernel ldm_frag_add memory corruption🔒🔒
56655Linux Kernel ldm_parse_vmdb input validation🔒🔒
56654Linux Kernel mac_partition memory corruption🔒🔒
56653Samba File Descriptors memory corruption [CVE-2011-0719]🔒🔒
56652Linux Kernel xfs_fs_geometry information disclosure🔒🔒
56651Iij SEIL-X1/SEIL-X2/SEIL-B1 Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2011-0454]
56650HP Web Jetadmin Access Restriction Local Privilege Escalation
56649LightNEasy Error Message LightNEasy.php cross site scripting
56648LightNEasy LightNEasy.php sql injection
56645pmwiki pmwiki.php cross site scripting🔒
56643Mutare EVM cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1105]
56642Mutare EVM cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-1104]
56641Linux Kernel proc access control🔒🔒
56640Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2011-1016]🔒🔒
56639Bestpractical RT Logging access control [CVE-2011-1008]🔒🔒
56638Bestpractical RT Login Form credentials management [CVE-2011-1007]🔒🔒
56637Cisco Secure Desktop ActiveX Control CSDWebInstaller.ocx input validation🔒
56636F-Secure Policy Manager Error Message information disclosure🔒🔒
56635F-Secure Policy Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1102]🔒
56634logwatch input validation🔒🔒
56633Red Hat Network Satellite Server improper authentication [CVE-2011-0718]🔒
56632Red Hat Network Satellite Server session fixiation [CVE-2011-0717]🔒
56631Novell Netware xdrDecodeString memory corruption🔒🔒
56630CA Internet Security Suite 2011 ActiveX Control unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
56629Cisco Secure Desktop ActiveX Control CSDWebInstaller.ocx input validation🔒
56628Microsoft Windows Live OneCare Malware Protection Engine input validation🔒
56627Pixelpost sql injection [CVE-2011-1100]
56626Cisco Pix Firewall 520 access control [CVE-2011-0396]🔒
56625Cisco Pix Firewall 520 Proxy Function resource management [CVE-2011-0395]🔒
56624Cisco Firewall Services Module Software resource management [CVE-2011-0394]🔒
56623Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2011-0393]🔒
56622Cisco Telepresence Recording Server Software improper authentication
56621Cisco Telepresence Recording Server Software resource management
56620Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch resource management [CVE-2011-0390]🔒
56619Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch resource management [CVE-2011-0389]🔒
56618Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch RMI Interface resource management🔒
56617Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch Administrative Web Interface access control🔒
56616Cisco Telepresence Recording Server Software code injection [CVE-2011-0386]
56615Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch Administrative Web Interface memory corruption🔒
56614Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch improper authentication🔒
56613Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch improper authentication🔒
56612Cisco Telepresence Recording Server Software Subsystem os command injection
56611Cisco TelePresence Manager RMI Interface os command injection
56610Cisco TelePresence Manager improper authentication [CVE-2011-0380]
56609Cisco TelePresence Manager memory corruption [CVE-2011-0379]🔒
56608Cisco Telepresence System 3000 os command injection [CVE-2011-0378]
56607Cisco Telepresence System 3000 resource management [CVE-2011-0377]
56606Cisco Telepresence System 3000 tftp information disclosure [CVE-2011-0376]
56605Cisco Telepresence System 3000 os command injection [CVE-2011-0375]
56604Cisco Telepresence System 3000 os command injection [CVE-2011-0374]
56603Cisco Telepresence System 3000 os command injection [CVE-2011-0373]
56602Cisco Telepresence System 3000 os command injection [CVE-2011-0372]
56601Red Hat policycoreutils seunshare_mount access control🔒🔒
56600Lunascape script untrusted search path
56598Microsoft Windows Azure Sdk input validation [CVE-2011-1068]
56597389 Directory Server input validation [CVE-2011-1067]
56596SourceFire ClamAV vba_extract.c vba_read_project_strings resource management🔒🔒
56595Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-0999]🔒🔒
56594Sebastian Heinlein Aptdaemon path traversal [CVE-2011-0725]🔒🔒
56593389 Directory Server LD_LIBRARY_PATH access control [CVE-2011-0532]
56592389 Directory Server Setup Script resource management [CVE-2011-0022]
56591Red Hat Directory Server input validation [CVE-2011-0019]
56590389 Directory Server resource management [CVE-2010-4746]
56589Reyero Messaging cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1066]
56588PIPI PIPI Player ActiveX Control PIWebPlayer.ocx memory corruption🔒
56587qibosoft Qi Bo CMS sql injection [CVE-2011-1064]
56586Cherry-software Photopad files.php cross site scripting
56585TaskFreak! index.php cross site scripting
56584Webmastersite WSN Guest memberlist.php sql injection
56583Webmastersite WSN Guest member sql injection
56582Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1059]🔒
56581IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1038]🔒🔒🔒
56580avahi socket.c resource management🔒🔒
56579GNU Mailman cross site scripting🔒🔒
56577Wouter Verhelst nbd nbd-server.c mainloop memory corruption🔒🔒
56576MoinMo MoinMoin cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1058]🔒🔒
56574Metasploit MSF Framework Installation access control [CVE-2011-1056]🔒
56573Lingxia273 Lingxia I.C.E CMS ice_media.cfc sql injection
56572Hex-Rays IDA File Loader Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-1054]🔒
56571Hex-Rays IDA File Loader denial of service [CVE-2011-1053]🔒
56570Hex-Rays IDA File Loader numeric error [CVE-2011-1052]🔒
56569Hex-Rays IDA File Loader numeric error [CVE-2011-1051]🔒
56568Hex-Rays IDA User Interface Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-1050]🔒
56567Hex-Rays IDA File Loader memory corruption [CVE-2011-1049]🔒🔒
56566MihanTools product.php sql injection
56565VastHTML Forum Server index.php sql injection
56564Gareth Watts PHPXref nav.html cross site scripting
56563IBM FileNet P8 Content Engine access control [CVE-2011-1046]
56562IBM FileNet P8 Content Manager privileges management [CVE-2011-1045]
56561RealNetworks RealPlayer OpenURLinPlayerBrowser memory corruption🔒
56560Ruby on Rails Access Restriction resolver.rb access control🔒🔒
56559Ruby on Rails limit sql injection🔒🔒
56558Dell DellSystemLite.Scanner ActiveX control ActiveX Control DellSystemLite.ocx access control🔒
56557Dell DellSystemLite.Scanner ActiveX control ActiveX Control DellSystemLite.ocx path traversal🔒
56556PivotX Password Reset credentials management [CVE-2011-1035]🔒🔒
56555Freedesktop Telepathy Gabble jingle-factory.c input validation🔒🔒
56554ubuntu Live DVD Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0724]🔒
56553Debian shadow input validation [CVE-2011-0721]🔒🔒
56552Sun JDK access control [CVE-2011-0706]🔒🔒
56551OpenAFS afs_linux_lock input validation🔒🔒
56550OpenAFS resource management [CVE-2011-0430]🔒🔒
56549PHP grapheme_extract null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56548Cisco Security Agent Management Console webagent.exe code injection🔒🔒
56547Cgiirc CGI:IRC Interfaces cross site scripting🔒🔒
56546novell Iprint Open Enterprise Server memory corruption [CVE-2010-4328]
56545novell ZENworks Configuration Manager novell-tftp.exe memory corruption🔒
56544Linux Kernel ib_uverbs_poll_cq memory corruption🔒🔒
56543Linux Kernel snd_usb_caiaq_midi_init memory corruption🔒🔒
56542Linux Kernel task_show_regs information disclosure🔒🔒
56541Linux Kernel br_mdb_ip_get null pointer dereference🔒
56540Linux Kernel ib_uverbs_poll_cq numeric error🔒🔒
56539Moinejf abcm2ps Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4744]🔒🔒
56538Moinejf abcm2ps abc2ps.c getarena memory corruption🔒🔒
56536Moxa MDM Tool MDMTool.exe memory corruption🔒
56535Google Chrome OS resource management [CVE-2011-1042]
56534F-Secure Internet Gatekeeper improper authentication [CVE-2011-0453]🔒🔒
56533Moinejf abcm2ps memory corruption [CVE-2010-3441]🔒🔒
56532Sun JDK information disclosure [CVE-2010-4475]🔒🔒
56531Sun JDK information disclosure [CVE-2010-4474]🔒🔒
56530Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4473]🔒🔒
56529Sun JDK denial of service [CVE-2010-4472]🔒🔒
56528Sun JDK Font.createFont information disclosure🔒🔒
56527Sun JDK denial of service [CVE-2010-4470]🔒🔒
56526Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4469]🔒🔒
56525Sun JDK unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4468]🔒🔒
56524Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4467]🔒🔒
56523Sun JDK information disclosure [CVE-2010-4466]🔒🔒🔒
56522Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4465]🔒🔒🔒
56521Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4463]🔒🔒
56520Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4462]🔒🔒🔒
56519Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4454]🔒🔒
56518Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4452]🔒🔒🔒🔒
56517Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4451]🔒🔒
56516Sun JDK LD_LIBRARY_PATH Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2010-4450]🔒🔒
56515Sun JDK unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4448]🔒🔒
56514Sun JDK information disclosure [CVE-2010-4447]🔒🔒
56513Sun JDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4422]🔒🔒
56512Apache Continuum cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0533]🔒
56511Cisco 1000V Virtual Ethernet Module (vem) resource management🔒
56510Zoho ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus Search Engine cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
56509Zoho ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus User Account input validation
56508Zoho ManageEngine ADSelfService Plus User Account input validation🔒
56507IBM Rational Build Forge cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1034]
56506Scadaengine BACnet OPC Client csv memory corruption🔒
56505Aretimes Com Maianmedia index.php sql injection🔒
56503HotWebScripts HotWeb Rentals resorts.asp sql injection
56502GateSoft DocuSafe ECO.asp sql injection🔒
56499VMware vCenter Server Configuration File credentials management🔒🔒
56498IBM Informix Dynamic Server memory corruption [CVE-2011-1033]🔒🔒
56497IBM Lotus Connections access control [CVE-2011-1032]
56496IntelliCom Netbiter Serial Ethernet Server Ss100 credentials management
56495IntelliCom Netbiter Serial Ethernet Server Ss100 code injection
56494IntelliCom Netbiter Serial Ethernet Server Ss100 path traversal
56493IntelliCom Netbiter Serial Ethernet Server Ss100 path traversal
56492IBM WebSphere Application Server input validation [CVE-2008-7274]🔒🔒
56491Daniel Friesel feh utils.c feh_unique_filename link following🔒🔒
56490IBM Lotus Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1030]
56489IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1029]
56488phpMyAdmin Libraries bookmark.lib.php PMA_Bookmark_get input validation🔒🔒
56487phpMyAdmin Installation input validation [CVE-2011-0986]🔒🔒
56486Daniel Friesel feh utils.c feh_unique_filename link following🔒🔒
56485Django path traversal [CVE-2011-0698]🔒🔒
56484Django File Upload cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0697]🔒🔒
56483Django Browser Plugin cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0696]🔒🔒
56482Ruby on Rails Browser Plugin cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0447]🔒🔒
56481Ruby on Rails cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0446]🔒🔒
56480Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0985]🔒🔒
56479Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0984]🔒🔒
56478Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0983]🔒🔒
56477Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-0982]🔒🔒
56476Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0981]🔒🔒
56475Microsoft Office access control [CVE-2011-0980]🔒🔒🔒
56474Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack Spreadsheet input validation🔒🔒🔒
56473Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack memory corruption [CVE-2011-0978]🔒🔒🔒
56472BMC Performance Assurance for Virtual Servers Agent Service memory corruption
56471CA Gateway Security ECSQdmn.exe numeric error
56470EMC Replication Manager irccd.exe RunProgram input validation
56469Adobe Acrobat Reader rt3d.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0606]🔒🔒
56468Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0605]🔒🔒
56467Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0604]🔒🔒🔒
56466Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0603]🔒🔒
56465Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0602]🔒🔒🔒
56464Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0600]🔒🔒🔒
56463Adobe Acrobat Reader rt3d.dll input validation [CVE-2011-0599]🔒🔒🔒
56462Adobe Acrobat Reader ACE.dll numeric error [CVE-2011-0598]🔒🔒🔒
56461Adobe Acrobat Reader 2d.dll input validation [CVE-2011-0596]🔒🔒🔒
56460Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0595]🔒🔒🔒
56459Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0594]🔒🔒
56458Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0593]🔒🔒🔒
56457Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0592]🔒🔒🔒
56456Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0591]🔒🔒🔒
56455Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0590]🔒🔒🔒
56454Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0589]🔒🔒🔒
56453Adobe Acrobat Reader Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0588]🔒🔒🔒
56452Adobe Acrobat Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0587]🔒🔒🔒
56451Adobe Acrobat Reader input validation [CVE-2011-0586]🔒🔒
56450Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0585]🔒🔒
56449Adobe Acrobat Reader untrusted search path [CVE-2011-0570]🔒🔒🔒
56448Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0568]🔒
56447Adobe Acrobat Reader AcroRd32.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0567]🔒🔒
56446Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0566]🔒🔒
56445Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0565]🔒🔒
56444Adobe Acrobat Reader access control [CVE-2011-0564]🔒🔒
56443Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-0563]🔒🔒
56442Adobe Acrobat Reader untrusted search path [CVE-2011-0562]🔒🔒🔒
56441Apache Tomcat resource management [CVE-2011-0534]🔒🔒
56440MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center null pointer dereference🔒🔒🔒
56439MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56438MIT Kerberos Key Distribution Center cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0281]🔒🔒
56437Novell eDirectory denial of service [CVE-2010-4327]🔒🔒
56436MIT Kerberos do_standalone input validation🔒🔒
56435Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0608]🔒🔒
56434Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0607]🔒🔒
56433Adobe ColdFusion cross site scriting [CVE-2011-0584]🔒
56432Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0583]🔒
56431Adobe ColdFusion Administrator Console information disclosure🔒
56430Adobe ColdFusion input validation [CVE-2011-0581]🔒
56429Adobe ColdFusion Administrator Console login.cfm cross site scripting🔒
56428Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0578]🔒🔒
56427Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0577]🔒🔒
56426Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0575]🔒🔒
56425Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0574]🔒🔒
56424Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0573]🔒🔒
56423Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0572]🔒🔒
56422Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0571]🔒🔒
56421Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0569]🔒🔒🔒
56420Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0561]🔒🔒
56419Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0560]🔒🔒
56418Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0559]🔒🔒🔒🔒
56417Adobe Shockwave Player numeric error [CVE-2011-0557]🔒🔒🔒
56416Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0556]🔒🔒🔒
56415Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0555]🔒🔒🔒
56414Microsoft Visio ELEMENTS.DLL code injection [CVE-2011-0093]🔒🔒🔒
56413Microsoft Visio Exception ORMELEMS.DLL code injection🔒🔒
56412Microsoft Internet Explorer IEShims.dll Remote Code Execution🔒🔒🔒
56411Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2011-0036]🔒🔒🔒
56410Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2011-0035]🔒🔒🔒
56409Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4307]🔒🔒
56408Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4306]🔒🔒
56407Adobe Shockwave Player input validation [CVE-2010-4196]🔒🔒
56406Adobe Shockwave Player input validation [CVE-2010-4195]🔒🔒
56405Adobe Shockwave Player dirapi.dll input validation [CVE-2010-4194]🔒🔒
56404Adobe Shockwave Player input validation [CVE-2010-4193]🔒🔒
56403Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4192]🔒🔒🔒
56402Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4191]🔒🔒
56401Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4190]🔒🔒
56400Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4189]🔒🔒🔒
56399Adobe Shockwave Player dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2010-4188]🔒🔒🔒
56398Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4187]🔒🔒
56397Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2010-4093]🔒🔒
56396Adobe Shockwave Player dirapi.dll numeric error [CVE-2010-2589]🔒🔒
56395Adobe Shockwave Player dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2010-2588]🔒🔒
56394Adobe Shockwave Player dirapi.dll memory corruption [CVE-2010-2587]🔒🔒
56393HP Data Protector input validation
56392HP Data Protector input validation [CVE-2011-0923]🔒🔒
56391HP Data Protector input validation [CVE-2011-0922]🔒
56390HP Data Protector Cell Manager crs.exe input validation
56389HP Power Manager Admin cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
56388Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0090]🔒🔒
56387Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0089]🔒🔒
56386Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0088]🔒🔒
56385Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0087]🔒🔒
56384Microsoft Windows memory corruption [CVE-2011-0045]🔒🔒
56383Microsoft Windows input validation [CVE-2011-0040]🔒🔒🔒
56382IBM Lotus Domino Remote Console improper authentication [CVE-2011-0920]🔒🔒
56381IBM Lotus Domino IMAP Service memory corruption [CVE-2011-0919]🔒
56380IBM Lotus Domino memory corruption [CVE-2011-0918]🔒
56379IBM Lotus Domino nLDAP.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56378IBM Lotus Domino SMTP Service memory corruption [CVE-2011-0916]🔒🔒
56377IBM Lotus Domino nrouter.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
56376IBM Lotus Domino ndiiop.exe numeric error🔒🔒
56375IBM Lotus Domino ndiiop.exe memory corruption🔒
56374Zikula Application Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0911]🔒
56373SMC Networks Smcd3g-ccr Firmware Web Management cryptographic issues
56372SMC Networks Smcd3g-ccr Firmware cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0886]
56371SMC Networks Smcd3g-ccr Firmware Default Password credentials management
56370Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-0538]🔒🔒
56369Zikula Application Framework index.php cross-site request forgery🔒
56368Zikula Application Framework cross-site request forgery [CVE-2010-4729]🔒
56367Zikula Application Framework cryptographic issues [CVE-2010-4728]🔒
56366Vanilla Forums User Account authentication spoofing [CVE-2011-0910]
56365Vanilla Forums cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0909]
56364Vanilla Forums input validation [CVE-2011-0908]
56363Vanilla Forums index.php cross site scripting
56362AWCM AR Web Content Manager index.php path traversal🔒
56361Oracle Sun Microsystems SunScreen Firewall LD_LIBRARY_PATH untrusted search path
56360Erick Woods Terminal Server Client support.c tsc_launch_remote memory corruption🔒
56359Erick Woods Terminal Server Client support.c tsc_launch_remote memory corruption🔒
56358Johan Lindskog AES encryption module cleartext storage [CVE-2011-0899]
56357VideoLAN VLC Media Player mkv.hpp input validation🔒🔒
56356VideoLAN VLC Media Player StripTags memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56355Topaz SigPlus Pro ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-0324]🔒🔒
56354Topaz SigPlus Pro ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2011-0323]🔒🔒
56353Oracle Passlogix V-go Self-service Password Reset And Oem SSL Certificate cryptographic issues
56352Red Hat IcedTea input validation [CVE-2011-0025]🔒🔒
56351Google Chrome race condition [CVE-2011-0784]🔒🔒
56350Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2011-0783]🔒🔒
56349Google Chrome Libraries denial of service [CVE-2011-0782]
56348Google Chrome Autofill input validation [CVE-2011-0781]🔒🔒
56347Google Chrome Event denial of service [CVE-2011-0780]🔒🔒
56346Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0779]🔒🔒
56345Google Chrome Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2011-0778]🔒🔒
56344Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-0777]🔒🔒
56343PivotX Error Message module_image.php information disclosure
56342PivotX Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-0774]
56341PivotX module_image.php cross site scripting🔒
56340PivotX blogroll.php cross site scripting🔒
56339Janrain RPX input validation [CVE-2011-0771]
56338TIBCO Silver BPM Service Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2011-0649]
56337MediaWiki Language.php factory path traversal🔒🔒
56336Mj2 Majordomo 2 _list_file_get path traversal🔒🔒🔒
56335MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0047]🔒🔒
56334Tsugio Okamoto LHA memory corruption [CVE-2004-0694]🔒🔒
56333Plone Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0720]🔒🔒
56332Smarty input validation [CVE-2010-4727]
56331Smarty Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4726]
56330Smarty php.ini Remote Code Execution
56329Smarty Parser Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4724]
56328Smarty access control [CVE-2010-4723]
56327Smarty fetch Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4722]
56326Smarty Access Restriction access control [CVE-2009-5054]
56325Smarty Cache Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-5053]
56324Smarty Remote Code Execution [CVE-2009-5052]
56323Lockon EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0451]
56321IBM DB2 access control [CVE-2011-0757]🔒
56320Cisco WebEx Meeting Center memory corruption [CVE-2010-3270]
56319Cisco Webex Advanced Recording Format Player memory corruption🔒
56318Cisco Webex Advanced Recording Format Player atas32.dll memory corruption
56317Cisco Webex Advanced Recording Format Player memory corruption
56316Cisco Webex Advanced Recording Format Player memory corruption
56315Cisco Webex Advanced Recording Format Player atas32.dll memory corruption
56314PHP mt_rand numeric error🔒🔒
56313PHP Symbolic Links getType link following🔒🔒
56312PHP Signal race condition [CVE-2011-0753]🔒🔒
56311PHP Access Restriction extract input validation🔒🔒
56310Novell ZENworks Handheld Management ZfHIPCND.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
56309MODX Evolution cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0741]
56308Pleer RSS Feed Reader magpie_slashbox.php cross site scripting🔒
56307Mikel Lindsaar Mail sendmail.rb deliver input validation🔒🔒
56306NCSA MyProxy input validation [CVE-2011-0738]🔒🔒
56305HP OpenView Performance Insight doPost memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56304ProFTPD contrib/mod_sql.c) sql_prepare_where memory corruption🔒🔒
56303PostgreSQL gettoken numeric error🔒🔒
56302MODX Evolution path traversal [CVE-2010-3930]🔒
56301MODX Evolution sql injection [CVE-2010-3929]
56300Apache CouchDB Web Administration Interface cross site scripting🔒🔒
56299Symantec IM Manager IMAdminSchedTask.asp ScheduleTask code injection🔒🔒🔒
56295Lyften Com Lyftenbloggie index.php cross site scripting🔒
56292Adobe ColdFusion Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2011-0737] [Disputed]
56291Adobe ColdFusion information disclosure [CVE-2011-0736] [Disputed]
56290Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0735]
56289Adobe ColdFusion Event cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0734]
56288Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0733]
56287IBM Tivoli Common Reporting Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0732]
56286EMC NetWorker nsrexecd librpc.dll access control🔒🔒🔒
56285Symantec Antivirus improper authentication [CVE-2011-0688]🔒🔒
56284Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-0687]🔒🔒
56283Opera Web Browser denial of service [CVE-2011-0686]🔒🔒
56282Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-0685]🔒🔒
56281Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2011-0684]🔒🔒
56280Opera Web Browser access control [CVE-2011-0683]🔒🔒
56279opera Web Browser opera.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0682]🔒🔒
56278Opera Web Browser unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0681]🔒🔒
56277Symantec AntiVirus HDNLRSVC.EXE input validation🔒🔒
56276Google Android information disclosure [CVE-2011-0680]
56275Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2010-4717]🔒
56274Novell GroupWise cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4716]
56273Novell GroupWise WebAccess path traversal [CVE-2010-4715]🔒🔒
56272Novell GroupWise Internet Agent gwpoa.exe memory corruption🔒
56271Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent gwia.exe numeric error🔒
56270Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent gwia.exe memory corruption🔒
56269Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent resource management🔒
56268Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-0350]🔒
56267Cisco IOS denial of service [CVE-2011-0349]
56266Cisco IOS Access Restriction access control [CVE-2011-0348]🔒
56265Sun OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2010-4643]🔒🔒
56264Sun OpenOffice memory corruption [CVE-2010-4253]🔒🔒
56263Sun OpenOffice LD_LIBRARY_PATH access control [CVE-2010-3689]🔒🔒
56262Sun OpenOffice ReadFromMem numeric error🔒🔒
56261Sun OpenOffice WW8ListManager memory corruption🔒🔒
56260Sun OpenOffice resource management [CVE-2010-3452]🔒🔒
56259Sun OpenOffice resource management [CVE-2010-3451]🔒🔒
56258Sun OpenOffice path traversal [CVE-2010-3450]🔒🔒
56257Novell GroupWise cross site scripting [CVE-2010-2779]
56256Novell GroupWise cross site scripting [CVE-2010-2778]
56255Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2010-2777]🔒
56254Lomtec ActiveWeb File Upload EasyEdit.cfm unrestricted upload
56253Yahoo! YUI cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4710]
56252Novell GroupWise GroupWise Internet Agent gwwww1.dll memory corruption🔒
56251Looknstop Look 'n' Stop Firewall input validation [CVE-2011-0652]
56250Icon-labs Iconfidant SSL Server memory corruption [CVE-2011-0651]
56249Greenbone Security Assistant cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0650]🔒
56248MaraDNS Compress.c compress_add_dlabel_points memory corruption🔒🔒
56247Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0048]🔒🔒
56246Mozilla Bugzilla buglist.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
56245OpenVAS OpenVAS Manager manage_sql.c email input validation🔒
56243Mozilla Bugzilla Chart chart.cgi code injection🔒🔒
56242Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4570]🔒🔒
56241Mozilla Bugzilla User Account cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4569]🔒🔒
56240Mozilla Bugzilla srand access control🔒🔒
56239Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4567]🔒🔒
56238Anserv PHP LOW BIDS viewfaqs.php sql injection
56237PHPCMS PHPCMS 2008 data.php sql injection
56236PHPCMS PHPCMS 2008 model_field.class.php sql injection
56235Phplinkdirectory PHP Link Directory conf_users_edit.php cross-site request forgery
56234Network-13 N-13 News admin.php cross-site request forgery🔒
56233VideoLAN VLC Media Player cdg.c memory corruption🔒🔒
56232Bestpractical RT cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0009]🔒🔒
56231Linux Kernel pipe_fcntl input validation🔒🔒
56230udev Default Configuration config [CVE-2011-0640]
56229Apple Mac OS X config [CVE-2011-0639]
56228Microsoft Windows config [CVE-2011-0638]🔒
56227IBM AIX denial of service [CVE-2011-0637]
56226Menalto gallery File Upload item.php memory corruption
56225SSSD pam_parse_in_data_v2 resource management🔒🔒
56224Linux Foundation Xen handle_gdt_ldt_mapping_fault denial of service🔒🔒
56223Linux-PAM information disclosure [CVE-2010-4708]🔒🔒
56222Linux-PAM pam_xauth pam_xauth.c check_acl resource management🔒🔒
56221Linux-PAM pam_xauth pam_xauth.c pam_sm_close_session information disclosure🔒🔒
56220CollabNet ScrumWorks scrumworks.log cryptographic issues
56219HP Business Availability Center cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0274]
56218pango pangoft2-render.c pango_ft2_font_render_box_glyph memory corruption🔒🔒
56217Lunascape Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2010-3927]
56216Linux-PAM setuid Program pam_namespace.c Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
56215Linux-PAM User Account symlink [CVE-2010-3435]🔒🔒
56214Linux-PAM symlink [CVE-2010-3431]🔒🔒
56213Linux-PAM symlink [CVE-2010-3430]🔒🔒
56212Linux-PAM pam_xauth pam_xauth.c run_coprocess unknown vulnerability🔒🔒
56211NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit cudaHostAlloc information disclosure
56210Simploo Simploo CMS Ini.php code injection [CVE-2011-0635]
56209Miloslav Trmac libuser User Account cryptographic issues [CVE-2011-0002]🔒🔒
56208FFmpeg vorbis_residue_decode_internal numeric error🔒🔒
56207FFmpeg input validation [CVE-2010-4704]🔒🔒
56206Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2010-4243]🔒🔒
56205Linux Foundation Xen vbd_create access control🔒🔒
56204FUSE Filesystem link following [CVE-2010-3879]🔒🔒
56202Gallarific PHP Photo Gallery script gallery.php sql injection
56201LotusCMS Fraise index.php path traversal
56200Sielcosistemi Winlog Pro memory corruption [CVE-2011-0517]🔒
56199Epromptc BetMore Site Suite mainx_a.php sql injection
56198Kingsoftsecurity Kingsoft AntiVirus denial of service [CVE-2011-0515]🔒
56197HP Data Protector Manager rds.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
56196SecurStar DriveCrypt input validation [CVE-2011-0513]🔒
56195Jikaka Teams Structure module team.php sql injection🔒
56194AWBS Advanced Webhost Billing System cart.php sql injection
56193Vaadin Index Page cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0509]🔒
56192Contao CMS Comments.php Stored cross site scripting
56191Blackmoonftpserver BlackMoon FTP Server FTPService.exe null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56190Tsixm AxDCMS user.php path traversal🔒
56189Remi Jean Zwii system.php path traversal
56188Vamshop VaM Shop cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0504]
56187Vamsoft VaM Shop cross-site request forgery [CVE-2011-0503]
56186Musanim Music Animation Machine MIDI Player denial of service
56185Musanim Music Animation Machine MIDI Player memory corruption
56184Verytools VideoSpirit Pro memory corruption [CVE-2011-0500]
56183Verytools VideoSpirit Pro memory corruption [CVE-2011-0499]
56182Nokia Multimedia Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-0498]🔒
56181Sybase WorkSpace Replication path traversal [CVE-2011-0497]
56180Sybase WorkSpace memory corruption [CVE-2011-0496]
56179Todd Miller sudo Authorization parse.c privileges management🔒🔒
56178HotWebScripts HotWeb Rentals default.asp sql injection
56177Fxwebdesign Com Jradio sql injection [CVE-2010-4702]
56175Red Hat IcedTea access control [CVE-2010-4351]🔒🔒🔒
56174Jwilk ocrodjvu link following [CVE-2010-4338]
56173Seopanel index.ctrl.php cross site scripting🔒
56172hp Linux Imaging And Printing Project hpmud_get_pml memory corruption🔒🔒
56170Rocomotion Pplog 2 cross site scripting [CVE-2010-3931]
56169Wayneeseguin Ruby Version Manager Terminal privileges management
56168Oracle Sun Convergence unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4464]
56167Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite ePerformance unknown vulnerability
56166Sun Solaris unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4460]
56165Sun Solaris sockfs denial of service [CVE-2010-4459]
56164Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2010-4458]
56163Sun Solaris CIFS denial of service [CVE-2010-4457]
56162Sun Java System Communications Express unknown vulnerability
56161Oracle Fusion Middleware unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4455]
56160Oracle Fusion Middleware Servlet Container unknown vulnerability
56159Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2010-4446]
56158Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Talent Acquisition Manager information disclosure
56157Sun Java System Access Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4444]🔒🔒
56156Sun Solaris Kernel/NFS denial of service [CVE-2010-4443]
56155Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2010-4442]
56154Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Talent Acquisition Manager unknown vulnerability
56153Sun Solaris denial of service [CVE-2010-4440]
56152Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite information disclosure
56151Oracle Java System Message Queue Java Message Service Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
56150Oracle SunMC Web Console information disclosure [CVE-2010-4436]🔒
56149Sun Solaris CDE Calendar Manager Service Daemon rpc.cmsd memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56148Sun Solaris information disclosure [CVE-2010-4433]
56147Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite UI Infrastructure information disclosure
56146Sun Java System Portal Server information disclosure [CVE-2010-4431]
56145Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Absence Management information disclosure
56144Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite Web Client unknown vulnerability
56143Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite Absence Management information disclosure
56142Oracle Fusion Middleware BI Publisher unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4427]
56141Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite PIA Core Technology unknown vulnerability
56140Oracle Fusion Middleware BI Publisher unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4425]
56139Oracle Database Server Cluster Verify Utility Local Privilege Escalation🔒
56138Oracle Database Server Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4421]🔒
56137Oracle Peoplesoft And Jdedwards Product Suite unknown vulnerability
56136Oracle Beehive Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4417]🔒
56135Oracle Fusion Middleware GoldenGate Veridata memory corruption🔒
56134Sun SunOS Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2010-4415]🔒
56133Oracle VM VirtualBox Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2010-4414]🔒🔒
56132Oracle Database Server Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2010-4413]🔒
56131Oracle Fusion Middleware ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2010-3599]🔒🔒🔒
56130Oracle Fusion Middleware Utility memory corruption [CVE-2010-3598]🔒
56129Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Technology denial of service
56128Oracle Fusion Middleware ActiveX Control emsmtp.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56127Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control sql injection [CVE-2010-3594]🔒
56126Oracle Argus Safety Login Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-3593]
56125Oracle Fusion Middleware Internal Operations memory corruption🔒
56124Oracle Fusion Middleware Internal Operations empop3.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
56123Oracle Database Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-3590]🔒
56122Oracle E-Business Suite Oracle Application Object Library unknown vulnerability
56121Oracle Fusion Middleware Discoverer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-3588]
56120Oracle E-Business Suite User Management unknown vulnerability
56119Sun SunOS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-3586]
56118Oracle Supply Chain Products Suite information disclosure [CVE-2010-3505]
56117IBM Tivoli Access Manager for e-business path traversal [CVE-2011-0494]🔒
56116Tor numeric error [CVE-2011-0493]🔒🔒
56115Tor resource management [CVE-2011-0492]🔒🔒
56114tor tor_realloc input validation🔒🔒
56113Tor Log denial of service [CVE-2011-0490]🔒🔒
56112Tor memory corruption [CVE-2011-0427]🔒🔒
56111Tor resource management [CVE-2011-0016]🔒🔒
56110Tor input validation [CVE-2011-0015]🔒🔒
56109PHP mysqli mysqli_fetch_assoc sql injection🔒🔒
56108PHP iconv_mime_decode_headers numeric error🔒🔒
56107PHP GD Extension imagepstext memory corruption🔒🔒
56106PHP resource management [CVE-2010-4697]🔒🔒
56105Objectivity Objectivity/db improper authentication [CVE-2011-0489]
56104InduSoft Web Studio Web Service NTWebServer.exe memory corruption
56103ICQ fetch code injection [CVE-2011-0487]🔒
56102IBM Cognos 8 Business Intelligence cognos.cgi cross site scripting
56101libpng pngrtran.c png_do_rgb_to_gray memory corruption
56100HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2011-0272]🔒
56099Todd Miller sudo check.c access control🔒🔒
56098Joomla CMS index.php sql injection
56097Hastymail Hastymail2 cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4646]🔒
56096Muscle PCSC-Lite atrhandler.c ATRDecodeAtr memory corruption🔒🔒
56095Muscle PCSC-Lite ccid_serial.c numeric error🔒🔒
56094Linux Kernel igb_receive_skb null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56093Joomla CMS index.php sql injection
56092Hastymail Hastymail2 config [CVE-2009-5051]🔒
56090Hypermail cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4339]
56088Cakefoundation CakePHP Cache unserialize input validation🔒
56087Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2010-3086]🔒🔒
56086Symantec Web Gateway Management Console login.php sql injection🔒
56085MySQL init_from_wkb denial of service🔒🔒
56084MySQL Stored Procedure denial of service🔒🔒
56083MySQL denial of service [CVE-2010-3838]🔒🔒
56082MySQL resource management [CVE-2010-3837]🔒🔒
56081MySQL Optimizer resource management [CVE-2010-3836]🔒🔒
56080MySQL Stored numeric error [CVE-2010-3835]🔒🔒
56079MySQL denial of service [CVE-2010-3834]🔒🔒
56078MySQL Create Table resource management [CVE-2010-3833]🔒🔒
56077Catb gif2png CGI Program gif2png.c memory corruption🔒🔒
56076Catb gif2png CGI Program gif2png.c memory corruption🔒🔒
56075Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0485]🔒🔒🔒
56074Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0484]🔒🔒🔒
56073Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0483]🔒🔒🔒
56072Google Chrome numeric error [CVE-2011-0482]🔒🔒🔒
56071Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-0481]🔒🔒🔒
56070Google Chrome vorbis_dec.c memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56069Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0479]🔒🔒🔒
56068Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0478]🔒🔒🔒
56067Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0477]🔒🔒🔒
56066Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-0476]🔒🔒🔒
56065Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-0475]🔒🔒🔒
56064Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0474]🔒🔒🔒
56063Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0473]🔒🔒🔒
56062Google Chrome Printing input validation [CVE-2011-0472]🔒🔒🔒
56061Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0471]🔒🔒🔒
56060Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-0470]🔒🔒🔒
56059Catb gif2png CGI Program gif2png.c memory corruption🔒🔒
56057HP OpenView Network Node Manager os command injection [CVE-2011-0271]🔒🔒🔒
56056HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe format string🔒🔒🔒
56055HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56054HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56053HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56052HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56051HP OpenView Network Node Manager nnmRptConfig.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56050HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovutil.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56049HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovas.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56048HP OpenView Network Node Manager ovwebsnmpsrv.exe stringToSeconds memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56047HP OpenView Network Node Manager jovgraph.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
56046Eclipse IDE cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4647]🔒🔒🔒
56045CrawlTrack Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4537]🔒
56044Linux Kernel irda_getsockopt numeric error🔒🔒
56043Linux Kernel load_mixer_volumes memory corruption🔒🔒
56042GNU C Library proftpd.gnu.c resource management🔒🔒
56041GNU C Library proftpd.gnu.c denial of service🔒🔒
56040Wb-i Contents-Mall credentials management [CVE-2010-3925]
56039Aimluck Aipo sql injection [CVE-2010-3924]
56038Eclipse IDE cross site scripting [CVE-2008-7271]🔒
56037Wireshark resource management [CVE-2011-0445]🔒🔒
56036Wireshark memory corruption [CVE-2011-0444]🔒🔒
56035tinybb index.php sql injection🔒
56034Novell Linux Configuration File credentials management [CVE-2010-3912]🔒
56033RIM Blackberry Software denial of service [CVE-2010-2599]
56032PolyVision RoomWizard Administrator Account credentials management
56031IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console access control🔒🔒
56030IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0315]🔒🔒
56029IBM WebSphere MQ memory corruption [CVE-2011-0314]
56028Microsoft Data Access Components input validation [CVE-2011-0027]🔒🔒🔒
56027Wb-i SGX-SP Final Shop.cgi cross site scripting🔒
56026PolyVision RoomWizard Active Directory information disclosure
56025MySQL denial of service [CVE-2010-3683]🔒🔒
56024MySQL store null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56023MySQL denial of service [CVE-2010-3681]🔒🔒
56022MySQL denial of service [CVE-2010-3680]🔒🔒
56021MySQL resource management [CVE-2010-3679]🔒🔒
56020MySQL resource management [CVE-2010-3678]🔒🔒🔒
56019MySQL resource management [CVE-2010-3677]🔒🔒
56018mysql Configuration Parameter denial of service [CVE-2010-3676]🔒🔒
56017phenotype CMS image1,1.html store sql injection
56016WellinTech KingView HistorySvr.exe memory corruption🔒
56015PhpGedView module.php path traversal🔒
56014NetSupport NetSupport Manager Agent memory corruption [CVE-2011-0404]🔒
56013ImgBurn ImgBurn.exe untrusted search path
56012Debian dpkg link following [CVE-2011-0402]🔒🔒
56011Troglobit pimd Cache pimd.cache link following🔒🔒
56010Com Search Search Module index.php cross site scripting🔒
56009MediaWiki input validation [CVE-2011-0003]🔒🔒
56007PHP strtod.c zend_strtod numeric error🔒🔒
56006Linux Kernel sctp_icmp_proto_unreachable race condition🔒🔒
56005Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2010-4525]🔒🔒
56004Linux Foundation xen do_block_io_op input validation🔒🔒
56003Linux Kernel hci_uart_tty_open null pointer dereference🔒🔒
56002mono mod_mono aspx information disclosure🔒🔒
56001Linux Kernel rds_cmsg_rdma_args numeric error🔒🔒
56000Linux Kernel rds_rdma_pages numeric error🔒🔒
55999Kobi Zamir pyfribidi pyfribidi.c log2vis_utf8 memory corruption🔒🔒
55998Debian dpkg path traversal [CVE-2010-1679]🔒🔒
55997Piwik Stored access control [CVE-2011-0401]
55996Piwik Cookie.php config
55995Piwik Login Form unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0399]
55994Piwik Proxy Server getIP access control
55993Piwik cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0004]
55992django Password Reset django.contrib.auth input validation🔒🔒
55991django django.contrib.admin access control🔒🔒
55990Apple Mac OS X Software Update format string🔒🔒
55989Microsoft Internet Explorer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0347]🔒
55988Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML.DLL ReleaseInterface resource management🔒🔒
55987Cisco ASA denial of service [CVE-2010-4692]
55986Cisco ASA denial of service [CVE-2010-4691]
55985Cisco ASA improper authentication [CVE-2010-4690]
55984Cisco ASA Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4689]
55983Cisco ASA SIP Inspection Feature denial of service [CVE-2010-4688]
55982Novell Vibe OnPrem cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4322]
55981CA ARCserve Replication/High Availability Replication mng_core_com.dll memory corruption🔒
55980FreeType numeric error [CVE-2010-3311]🔒🔒
55979NetWin Surgemail cross site scripting [CVE-2010-3201]🔒🔒
55978A51dev ActiveCollab Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-0215]
55977GNU GIMP file-psp.c read_channel_data memory corruption🔒🔒
55976GNU gimp Configuration File gfig-style.c gfig_read_parameter_gimp_rgb memory corruption🔒🔒
55975GNU GIMP Configuration File sphere-designer.c loadit memory corruption🔒🔒
55974GNU GIMP Configuration File lighting-ui.c load_preset_response memory corruption🔒🔒
55973opensc card-acos5.c memory corruption🔒🔒
55972Cisco IOS Telephony denial of service [CVE-2010-4687]
55971Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2010-4686]
55970Cisco IOS Cache cryptographic issues [CVE-2010-4685]
55969Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2010-4684]
55968Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2010-4683]
55967Apache Subversion rev_hunt.c resource management🔒🔒
55966Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn repos.c walk resource management🔒🔒
55964TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager unknown vulnerability
55963TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager information disclosure
55962TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager cross site scripting
55961TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager sql injection [CVE-2010-4496]
55960Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module cross site scripting
55959GNU C Library access control [CVE-2010-3856]🔒🔒
55958GNU C Library link following [CVE-2010-3847]🔒🔒
55957Red Hat Evince Font Parser numeric error [CVE-2010-2643]🔒🔒
55956Red Hat Evince Font Parser memory corruption [CVE-2010-2642]🔒🔒
55955Red Hat Evince Font Parser input validation [CVE-2010-2641]🔒🔒
55954Red Hat Evince Font Parser input validation [CVE-2010-2640]🔒🔒
55953Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2009-5040]
55952Cisco IOS gk_circuit_info_do_in_acf resource management
55951Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2009-5038]
55950Cisco ASA LDAP Authentication resource management [CVE-2010-4682]
55949Cisco ASA Remote Code Execution [CVE-2010-4681]
55948Cisco ASA Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4680]
55947Cisco ASA input validation [CVE-2010-4679]
55946Cisco ASA Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4678]
55945Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2010-4677]
55944Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2010-4676]
55943Cisco ASA Access Restriction access control [CVE-2010-4675]
55942Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2010-4674]
55941Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2010-4673]
55940Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2010-4672]
55939Cisco IOS IPv6 Stack resource management [CVE-2010-4671]
55938Cisco ASA IPv6 Stack resource management [CVE-2010-4670]
55937Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2010-4669]
55936Pidgin Protocol Plugin directconn.c input validation🔒🔒
55935Linux Kernel l2tp_ip_sendmsg numeric error🔒🔒
55934Cisco ASA Software resource management [CVE-2009-5037]
55933Linux Kernel blk_rq_map_user_iov resource management🔒🔒
55932WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4536]🔒🔒
55931MHonArc cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4524]🔒🔒
55930MantisBT path traversal [CVE-2010-4350]🔒🔒
55929MantisBT Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2010-4349]🔒🔒
55928MantisBT cross site scripting [CVE-2010-4348]🔒🔒
55927Linux Kernel x25_parse_facilities numeric error🔒🔒
55926Linux Kernel blk_rq_map_user_iov resource management🔒🔒
55925Linux Kernel numeric error [CVE-2010-4162]🔒🔒
55924Linux Kernel get_name information disclosure🔒🔒
55923Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2010-3876]🔒🔒
55922Linux Kernel ax25_getname information disclosure🔒🔒
55921Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2010-3873]🔒🔒
55920Linux Kernel access control [CVE-2010-3448]🔒🔒
55919MHonArc resource management [CVE-2010-1677]🔒🔒
12440Apache Tomcat Malicious Request input validation [CVE-2013-4286]🔒🔒
12336WordPress press-this.php Security Bypass access control🔒
12146Cisco Secure Access Control System Web Interface Authentication Bypass credentials management
11764Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Group Description cross site scripting
11763Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform UIFormDateTimeInput cross site scripting
11762Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform RSS Reader Gadget cross site scripting
11761Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Node Label cross site scripting
11760Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Portlet Title cross site scripting
11759Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform Portlet to Category UIApplicationList.gtmpl cross site scripting
11513Free Software Foundation libiconv gentranslit.c memory corruption
10630Cisco Router/Security Device Manager improper authentication
9978PHP Sessions Subsystem session_regenerate_id access control🔒🔒
9783FFmpeg vp3.c memory corruption
9782Cisco WRT54G cross site scriting
9781Cisco WRT54G UPnP Remote Privilege Escalation
9749Squid Proxy NCSA Authentication Helper improper authentication
9686Google Android Preferred Network List information disclosure
8183WebkitGTK+ HTML Render Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-1791]
7826Juniper Secure Access SSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2009-3555]🔒🔒
7825Juniper Works Local Privilege Escalation
7054IBM WebSphere WS ILOG RTS cross site scriting
6962Mozilla Bugzilla WebService information disclosure
5692X.Org access control [CVE-2011-4613]🔒🔒
5358Microsoft Windows TrueType Font Handling memory corruption [CVE-2011-3402]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4994Apple Mac OS X LDAP Authentication improper authentication
4959VideoLAN VLC Media Player MP4 Demuxer Local Privilege Escalation
4890FreePBX config.php cross site scriting
4880Metasploit Web UI cross site scriting
4807Python Hash Collision Form Parameter Parser cryptographic issues🔒🔒
4712Linux Kernel socket.c _sys_sendmsg denial of service🔒🔒
4706Perl XML::Atom Module information disclosure [CVE-2012-1102]
4694Apple Safari WebKit @font-face resource management🔒🔒
4510Mozilla Firefox HTML5 Engine Drop cross site scriting
4509Microsoft .NET Framework Forms Authentication Ticket Caching access control🔒🔒
4508Microsoft .NET Framework Username Parser access control [CVE-2011-3416]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4507Microsoft .NET Framework Forms Authentication input validation🔒🔒🔒
4506Microsoft .NET Framework ASP.NET Hash resource management [CVE-2011-3414]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4505FreeBSD pam_ssh privileges management
4504FreeBSD encrypt.c encrypt_keyid memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4503Linux Kernel SG_IO SCSI IOCTL access control [CVE-2011-4127]🔒🔒
4502Google Android Browser IFRAME Rendering authentication spoofing
4501IBM Lotus Domino RPC Authentication denial of service [CVE-2011-1393]🔒🔒
4500phpMyAdmin Setup Interface ConfigFile.class.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
4499VideoLAN VLC Media Player ty.c get_chunk_header memory corruption🔒
4498Mozilla Firefox OGG Video resource management [CVE-2011-3665]🔒🔒
4497Mozilla Firefox DOM null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-3664]🔒🔒
4496Mozilla Firefox SVG accessKey Event information disclosure [CVE-2011-3663]🔒🔒
4495Mozilla Firefox SVG Element DOMAttrModified resource management🔒🔒🔒
4494Mozilla Firefox GetData memory corruption🔒🔒
4493Mozilla Firefox YARR Regular Expression Library resource management🔒🔒
4492WhatsApp Messenger privileges management
4491Adobe Acrobat Reader PDF Engine memory corruption [CVE-2011-4369]🔒🔒🔒
4490Tor buffers.c buf_pullup memory corruption🔒🔒
4489TYPO3 AbstractController.php code injection🔒🔒
4488Linux Kernel i8254.c create_pit_timer denial of service🔒🔒
4487Nagios XI login.php cross site scriting
4486Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform cross site scripting
4485Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform input validation [CVE-2011-2941]
4484Microsoft Windows Phone SMS Service cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-2993]
4483Adobe ColdFusion Remote Development Service cross site scripting🔒
4482Microsoft Word Document Parser resource management [CVE-2011-1983]🔒🔒🔒
4481Microsoft Windows Media Player ENCDEC.DLL code injection🔒🔒🔒
4480Microsoft Excel code injection [CVE-2011-3403]🔒🔒🔒
4479Microsoft Windows CSRSS access control [CVE-2011-3408]🔒🔒
4478Microsoft Windows OLE Objects Memory Management code injection🔒🔒🔒
4477Microsoft PowerPoint OfficeArt code injection [CVE-2011-3413]🔒🔒🔒
4476Microsoft Internet Explorer DATIME.DLL code injection [CVE-2011-3397]🔒🔒🔒
4475Microsoft Windows Kernel Exception access control [CVE-2011-2018]🔒🔒
4474Microsoft Windows Active Directory Query memory corruption [CVE-2011-3406]🔒🔒
4473Microsoft PowerPoint DLL-Loader untrusted search path [CVE-2011-3396]🔒🔒🔒
4472Microsoft Office Input Method Editor access control [CVE-2011-2010]🔒🔒
4471Microsoft Office Publisher input validation [CVE-2011-3410]🔒🔒🔒
4470Microsoft Office code injection [CVE-2011-3411]🔒🔒🔒
4469Microsoft Office Publisher code injection [CVE-2011-3412]🔒🔒🔒
4468Linux Kernel OMAP4 Bridge Networking Interface denial of service🔒🔒
4467Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1992]🔒🔒🔒
4466Microsoft Internet Explorer DLL-Loader path traversal [CVE-2011-2019]🔒🔒🔒
4465Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-3404]🔒🔒
4464Google Chrome Regex Module memory corruption [CVE-2011-3903]🔒🔒
4463Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2463]🔒
4462Google Chrome libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2011-3905]🔒🔒
4461Google Chrome PDF Parser memory corruption [CVE-2011-3906]🔒🔒
4460Google Chrome SVG Parser memory corruption [CVE-2011-3908]🔒🔒
4459Google Chrome CSS Parser memory corruption [CVE-2011-3909]🔒🔒
4458Microsoft Windows Apple Safari win32k.sys input validation🔒🔒🔒
4457Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-4693]🔒
4456Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-2445]🔒🔒
4455Microsoft Windows Keyboard Layout win32k.sys denial of service
4454Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1992]🔒🔒
4453Microsoft Excel Record Parser code injection [CVE-2011-3403]🔒🔒
4452Microsoft Windows Adctive Directory Query memory corruption [CVE-2011-3406]🔒🔒
4451Microsoft Windows Kernel Exception access control [CVE-2011-2018]🔒🔒
4450Microsoft Windows OLE Objects Property code injection [CVE-2011-3400]🔒🔒
4449Microsoft Windows CSRSS Device Event Message access control [CVE-2011-3408]🔒🔒
4448Microsoft Windows Media DVR-MS Parser code injection [CVE-2011-3401]🔒🔒
4447Microsoft Windows Time ActiveX Control code injection [CVE-2011-3397]🔒🔒
4446Microsoft Office OfficeArt Record Parser code injection [CVE-2011-3413]🔒🔒🔒
4445Microsoft Office Word Document Parser resource management [CVE-2011-1983]🔒🔒
4444Barracuda Web Filter Script cross site scriting
4443ISC BIND Recursive Query Processor denial of service [CVE-2011-4313]🔒🔒
4442Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2445]🔒🔒
4441Apple iOS information disclosure [CVE-2011-3246]🔒🔒
4440Microsoft Windows Active Directory improper authentication [CVE-2011-2014]🔒🔒🔒
4439Microsoft Windows True Type Fonts input validation [CVE-2011-2004]🔒🔒
4438Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Reference Counter numeric error [CVE-2011-2013]🔒🔒
4437Apple Mac OS X Mail denial of service
4436Microsoft Windows True Type Fonts win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4435Squid Proxy DNS Reply resource management [CVE-2011-4096]🔒🔒
4434Linux Kernel XFS xfs_vnodeops.c xfs_readlink memory corruption🔒🔒
4433Linux Kernel ext4 extents.c Extent Splitting denial of service🔒🔒
4432Google Chrome NSS untrusted search path [CVE-2011-3640] [Disputed]🔒🔒
4431Microsoft Windows SSL/TLS IV input validation🔒🔒
4430Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreement resource management [CVE-2011-3272]🔒
4429Apple TV memory corruption [CVE-2011-0192]🔒🔒
4428Apple iOS memory corruption [CVE-2011-0184]🔒🔒
4427Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2011-2338]🔒🔒
4426Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2010-0097]🔒🔒
4425Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2011-0164]🔒🔒
4424Microsoft Host Integration Server input validation [CVE-2011-2007]🔒🔒🔒
4423Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2011-1993]🔒🔒🔒
4422Microsoft Windows Driver win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
4421Microsoft Windows Ancillary Function Driver access control [CVE-2011-2005]🔒🔒
4420Microsoft Forefront Unified Access Gateway code injection [CVE-2011-1895]🔒🔒🔒
4419RIM BlackBerry Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2130]🔒🔒
4418Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-2876]🔒🔒
4417Cisco IOS Smart Install memory corruption [CVE-2011-3271]🔒
4416Linux Kernel CIFS DFS input validation [CVE-2011-3363]🔒🔒
4415Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2011-1353]🔒🔒🔒
4414Microsoft SharePoint cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0653]🔒🔒🔒
4413Microsoft SharePoint XML/XLS information disclosure [CVE-2011-1892]🔒🔒🔒
4412Microsoft Office Library Loader untrusted search path [CVE-2011-1980]🔒🔒🔒
4411Microsoft Excel resource management [CVE-2011-1986]🔒🔒🔒
4410Microsoft Windows Library Loader untrusted search path [CVE-2011-1991]🔒🔒🔒
4409Microsoft Windows WINS access control [CVE-2011-1984]🔒🔒🔒
4408Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Flexible Tag Simulator memory corruption
4407Squid Proxy Gopher memory corruption [CVE-2011-3205]🔒🔒
4406Linux Kernel CIFSFindNext numeric error🔒🔒
4405Citrix Access Gateway cross site scriting
4404Cisco IOS SSH2 Session resource management [CVE-2011-1624]
4403Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2806]🔒🔒
4402Pidgin null pointer dereference [CVE-2011-2943]🔒🔒
4401Apple Safari credentials management [CVE-2010-1383]🔒🔒
4400RIM Blackberry PNG/TIFF Image memory corruption [CVE-2010-1205]🔒🔒
4399Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2130]🔒🔒
4398Microsoft Internet Explorer IFRAME Rendering input validation🔒🔒
4397Microsoft .NET Framework Chart Control information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
4396Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack resource management [CVE-2011-1871]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4395Microsoft Windows Client/Server Run-Time Subsystem access control🔒🔒
4394Microsoft Windows DNS Service Domain Lookup memory corruption🔒🔒
4393Microsoft Windows DNS Service input validation [CVE-2011-1966]🔒🔒🔒
4392Microsoft Windows Remote Access Service access control [CVE-2011-1974]🔒🔒
4391Microsoft .NET Framework Socket Restriction information disclosure🔒🔒
4390Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Web Access cross site scripting🔒🔒
4389Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Protocol resource management🔒🔒
4388Microsoft Windows File Metadata Parser resource management [CVE-2011-1971]🔒🔒
4387Apple QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2011-0186]🔒🔒
4386Microsoft Windows denial of service
4385Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2011-2358]🔒🔒🔒
4384Apple iOS X.509 Certificate Chain Validation input validation🔒
4383Microsoft Internet Explorer race condition [CVE-2011-1257]🔒🔒🔒
4382Microsoft Windows CSRSS memory corruption [CVE-2011-1281]🔒🔒
4381Microsoft Windows Bluetooth Driver Object code injection [CVE-2011-1265]🔒🔒
4380Microsoft Windows Driver win32k.sys resource management🔒🔒
4379DokuWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2011-2510]🔒🔒
4378Pidgin gdk_pixbuf__gif_image_load denial of service🔒🔒
4377Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2010-0740]🔒🔒🔒
4376Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-2345]🔒🔒
4375vsftpd Sources privileges management
4374Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2011-2110]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
4373Microsoft Windows MHTML cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1894]🔒🔒🔒
4372Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2011-1246]🔒🔒
4371Microsoft Windows Distributed File System memory corruption [CVE-2011-1868]🔒🔒🔒
4370Microsoft .NET Framework Array input validation [CVE-2011-0664]🔒🔒🔒
4369Microsoft Excel input validation [CVE-2011-1272]🔒🔒🔒
4368Microsoft Internet Explorer VML Vector Markup Language memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4367Microsoft Windows Hyper-V VMBus resource management [CVE-2011-1872]🔒
4366Microsoft Windows OLE Automatisation numeric error [CVE-2011-0658]🔒🔒🔒
4365Microsoft Windows OpenType Font input validation [CVE-2011-1873]🔒🔒
4364Microsoft Windows Active Directory cross site scripting [CVE-2011-1264]🔒🔒🔒
4363Microsoft Windows SMB Client input validation [CVE-2011-1268]🔒🔒🔒
4362Microsoft Windows resource management [CVE-2011-1267]🔒🔒🔒
4361Microsoft Windows Ancillary Function Driver access control [CVE-2011-1249]🔒🔒
4360Sun Java JDK/JRE/SDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-0786]🔒🔒
4359Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2011-1808]🔒🔒
4358VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4357ISC BIND Negative Caching numeric error [CVE-2011-1910]🔒🔒🔒
4356Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1801]🔒🔒
4355Apache HTTP Server APR apr_fnmatch resource management🔒🔒
4354SonicWALL SSL-VPN VirtualOffice Webfrontend cross site scriting
4353NetBSD fnmatch resource management🔒🔒🔒
4352Apache HTTP Server APR apr_fnmatch resource management🔒🔒🔒
4351Citrix XenServer denial of service
4350FON La Fonera+ denial of service [CVE-2011-1326]
4349Microsoft Office Presentation File Parser input validation [CVE-2011-1269]🔒🔒🔒
4348Microsoft PowerPoint input validation [CVE-2011-1269]🔒🔒
4347Microsoft Windows WINS Service input validation [CVE-2011-1248]🔒🔒🔒
4346Skype Client Message Processor memory corruption [CVE-2011-2074]🔒
4345WordPress File Upload privileges management [CVE-2011-3122]🔒🔒
4344Horde IMP Webmail cross site scriting
4343VideoLAN VLC Media Player libmodplug numeric error [CVE-2011-2194]🔒🔒
4342Adobe Photoshop Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-2164]🔒
4341Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1304]🔒🔒
4340Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2011-0094]🔒🔒🔒
4339Microsoft Windows JScript/VBScript numeric error [CVE-2011-0663]🔒🔒
4338Microsoft Windows DNS input validation [CVE-2011-0657]🔒🔒🔒
4337Microsoft Windows OpenType Font memory corruption [CVE-2011-0034]🔒🔒🔒
4336Microsoft Windows Driver win32k.sys resource management🔒🔒
4335Microsoft Windows GDI+ numeric error [CVE-2011-0041]🔒🔒🔒
4334Microsoft .NET Framework JIT Compiler input validation [CVE-2010-3958]🔒🔒
4333Microsoft Windows Wordpad code injection [CVE-2011-0028]🔒🔒🔒
4332Microsoft PowerPoint input validation [CVE-2011-0655]🔒🔒🔒
4331Microsoft Windows SMB Transaction Parser input validation [CVE-2011-0661]🔒🔒🔒
4330Adobe Flash Player SharedObject memory corruption [CVE-2011-0611]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4329VideoLAN VLC Media Player MP4_ReadBox_skcr memory corruption🔒🔒
4328VideoLAN VLC Media Player libmodplug memory corruption
4327NetBSD IPComp Payload Decompression memory corruption [CVE-2011-1547]
4326Juniper IVE OS Network Connect Credential Provider privileges management
4325Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2011-1291]🔒🔒
4324VideoLAN VLC Media Player Video Dimension memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4323Apple iOS information disclosure [CVE-2011-0195]🔒🔒
4322Apple Mac OS X input validation [CVE-2006-7243]🔒🔒
4321Adobe Acrobat Reader authplay.dll memory corruption [CVE-2011-0609]🔒🔒🔒🔒
4320Adobe Flash Player AVM2 Instruction Sequence memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4319Google Chrome Style numeric error [CVE-2011-1290]🔒🔒
4318Apple TV memory corruption [CVE-2010-3855]🔒🔒
4317Apple iOS memory corruption [CVE-2010-1792]🔒🔒🔒
4315Google Chrome access control [CVE-2011-1185]🔒🔒
4314Microsoft Windows DirectShow/Windows Media untrusted search path🔒🔒🔒
4313Microsoft Windows Remote Desktop Client untrusted search path🔒🔒🔒
4312Apple iTunes memory corruption [CVE-2010-1205]🔒🔒
4311Google Chrome LightNEasy.php sql injection
4310Citrix Secure Gateway Remote Privilege Escalation
4309Foxit Reader ICC Processing numeric error [CVE-2011-0332]🔒🔒
4308GNU C Library fnmatch resource management🔒🔒
4307Sumatra PDF memory corruption
4306Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop XML Service Remote Privilege Escalation
4305ISC BIND IXFR/DDNS Update resource management [CVE-2011-0414]🔒🔒
4304Digium Asterisk UPDTL memory corruption [CVE-2011-1147]🔒🔒🔒
4303Ruby FileUtils.remove_entry_secure link following🔒🔒
4302Ruby Safe Level #to_s access control🔒🔒
4301Microsoft Windows SMB Browser memory corruption [CVE-2011-0654]🔒🔒🔒
4300TYPO3 cross site scriting
4299Adobe Flash Player numeric error [CVE-2011-0558]🔒🔒
4298Microsoft Windows JScript/VBScript Engine information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
4297Microsoft Windows OpenType Compact Font Format Driver input validation🔒🔒🔒
4296Microsoft Windows LSASS improper authentication [CVE-2011-0039]🔒🔒
4295Microsoft Windows Kerberos improper authentication [CVE-2011-0091]🔒🔒🔒
4294Microsoft Windows Driver win32k.sys input validation🔒🔒
4293Microsoft Windows Kerberos CRC32 Checksum cryptographic issues🔒🔒
4292Microsoft Windows CSRSS Logoff access control [CVE-2011-0030]🔒🔒
4291OpenSSL ClientHello Handshake resource management [CVE-2011-0014]🔒🔒
4290ProFTPD mod_sftpd numeric error [CVE-2011-1137]🔒🔒
4289Microsoft Excel Shape Data Parser resource management [CVE-2011-0977]🔒🔒🔒
4288IBM Lotus Notes cai URI input validation [CVE-2011-0912]🔒
4287Check Point Endpoint Security Web Directory information disclosure
4286Microsoft PowerPoint OfficeArt Container Parser access control🔒🔒🔒
4285Apache Tomcat JVM getLocale cross site scripting🔒🔒
4284Apache Tomcat HTML Manager infinite loop [CVE-2010-4476]🔒🔒🔒
4283Apache Tomcat ServletContect privileges management [CVE-2010-3718]🔒🔒
4282OpenSSH Legacy Certificate access control [CVE-2011-0539]🔒🔒
4281Google Chrome information disclosure [CVE-2011-0776]
4280Exim Server open_log link following🔒🔒
4279Microsoft Windows MHTML cross site scripting [CVE-2011-0096]🔒🔒
4278IBM DB2 Administration Server receiveDASMessage memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4277RealNetworks RealPlayer AVI Header Parser vidplin.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
4276Symantec AntiVirus Alert Originator iao.exe memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4275Symantec AntiVirus pagehndl.dll memory corruption [CVE-2010-0110]🔒🔒🔒
4274Symantec AntiVirus IHDNLRSVC.EXE memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4273Symantec AntiVirus Intel AMS2 memory corruption [CVE-2010-0110]🔒🔒🔒
4272Symantec AntiVirus AMSLIB.dll AMSSendAlertAct memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
4271ISC DHCP Message Processor input validation [CVE-2011-0413]🔒🔒
4270Novell GroupWise Internet Agent memory corruption [CVE-2010-4325]🔒🔒
4269Panda Internet Protection Driver APPFLT.SYS memory corruption
4268HP OpenView Storage Data Protector denial of service [CVE-2011-0275]
4267Opera Web Browser Clear All Passwords privileges management [CVE-2011-0450]🔒🔒
4266Opera Web Browser File privileges management [CVE-2011-0450]🔒🔒
4265Opera Web Browser HTTP memory corruption [CVE-2011-0450]🔒🔒
4264Opera Web Browser opera: Scheme privileges management [CVE-2011-0450]🔒🔒
4263Opera Web Browser Integer unknown vulnerability [CVE-2011-0450]🔒🔒
4262syslog-ng Log File access control [CVE-2011-0343]
4261Linux Kernel dvb_ca_ioctl numeric error🔒🔒
4260IBM WebSphere information disclosure [CVE-2011-0679]
4259SAP Crystal Reports Server ActiveX scriptinghelpers.dll privileges management
4258SAP Crystal Reports Server InfoViewApp cross site scriting
4257WordPress StatPressCN Plugin admin.php cross site scripting
4256Linksys WRT54GC Web Management Interface memory corruption [CVE-2011-0352]
4255HP OpenView Storage Data Protector Cell Manager memory corruption🔒🔒
4254IBM WebSphere MQ Message memory corruption [CVE-2011-0310]
4253Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal information disclosure
4252Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Security Module denial of service
4251Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PIA Core Technology memory corruption
4250Oracle WebLogic Servlet Container unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-4437]🔒
4249Oracle WebLogic Server Node Manager memory corruption [CVE-2010-3510]
4248Citrix Provisioning Services Network Communication memory corruption🔒
4247Oracle Database Server mdsys.reset_inprog_index sql injection🔒
4246Oracle Database Server Cluster Verify Utility Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
4245Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control privileges management🔒
4244Oracle Secure Backup mod_ssl unknown vulnerability [CVE-2010-3596]
4243Joomla CMS allCineVid index.php sql injection
4242Oracle OpenOffice numeric error [CVE-2010-2935]🔒🔒
4241Oracle Audit Vault av av.action unknown vulnerability🔒
4240Digium Asterisk ast_uri_encode memory corruption🔒🔒
4239RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server PDF Distiller memory corruption🔒
4238Microsoft Windows Data Access Components numeric error [CVE-2011-0026]🔒🔒🔒
4237Microsoft Windows Thumbnail Bitmap Parser memory corruption [CVE-2010-3970]🔒🔒🔒
4236VideoLAN VLC Media Player Real Demuxer Array Indexing numeric error🔒🔒

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