Tools 2013

144128HuntCCTV/CaptureCCTV/Hachi/NovusSec/Well Vision DVR Config improper authentication
88143Microsoft Outlook S/MIME EmailAddress authentication spoofing
88142Alt-N MDaemon IMAP over TLS privileges management🔒
88141Alt-N MDaemon WebAdmin User Account Import privileges management🔒
88140Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient Credentials information disclosure🔒
88139Alt-N MDaemon Worldclient user session🔒
67286GNU C Library getaddrinfo denial of service [Disputed]🔒🔒
65925Barebones Yojimbo Software Update input validation [CVE-2013-3667]
65924Ubnt UniFi cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3572]
65923op5 Monitor access control [CVE-2012-0264]🔒
65922op5 Monitor Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2012-0263]
65921op5 Monitor code injection [CVE-2012-0262]🔒
65920op5 system-portal license.php code injection🔒
65919Mislav Marohnic Will Paginate cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6459]🔒
65918CloudBees Jenkins cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5573]🔒
65917ZenPhoto sql injection [CVE-2013-7242]
65916ZenPhoto export cross site scripting
65915Cisco Unified Presence Server sql injection [CVE-2013-6983]
65914JForum cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-7209]
65913ESRI ArcGIS sql injection [CVE-2013-7232]
65912ESRI ArcGIS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7231]
65911ESRI ArcGIS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5222]
65910HOT HOTBOX router input validation [CVE-2013-5220]
65909HOT HOTBOX router path traversal [CVE-2013-5219]
65908HOT HOTBOX router wlanAccess.asp cross site scripting
65907ADTRAN Netvanta 7060 Login Page cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5210]
65906HOT HOTBOX router cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5039]
65905HOT HOTBOX router improper authentication [CVE-2013-5038]
65904HOT HOTBOX router credentials management [CVE-2013-5037]
65903HP Service Manager Web Tier cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6198]
65902HP Service Manager Web Tier memory corruption [CVE-2013-6197]
65901HP Application Information Optimizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-6189]
65900Matrix42 Service Store cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2504]
65899Cybozu Garoon sql injection [CVE-2013-6929]
65898Nextdc ONEDC Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6812]
65897Zend ZendTo NSSDropoff.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6808]
65896EMC Replication Manager unquoted search path [CVE-2013-6182]
65895EMC Watch4Net Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6181]
65894Cybozu Garoon improper authentication [CVE-2013-6006]
65893OpenStack Havana Certificates access control [CVE-2013-2030]🔒🔒
65892Linux Kernel denial of service [CVE-2011-2519]🔒🔒
65890Apple QuickTime CoreGraphics CoreVideo.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
65889Telligent Systems Zimbra Collaboration Remote Code Execution🔒
65888Etoshop Classifieds Creator sql injection [CVE-2013-7216]
65887FFmpeg av_probe_input_buffer memory corruption🔒
65886FFmpeg ffserver.c prepare_sdp_description denial of service
65885FFmpeg mov_text_decode_frame memory corruption
65884FFmpeg ff_ass_split_override_codes null pointer dereference
65883Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Configuration File access control
65882Duckcorp Bip connection.c cryptographic issues🔒
65881ownCloud Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6403]🔒
65880Duckcorp Bip cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4550]🔒🔒
65879OptimizePress File Upload media-upload.php input validation
65878ZNC znc-msvc fish.cpp memory corruption
65877SuSE WebYaST access control [CVE-2013-3709]🔒🔒
65876Debian Linux improper authentication [CVE-2013-6890]🔒🔒
65875Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager Configuration File improper authentication🔒
65874IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On access control
65873Digia Qt input validation [CVE-2013-4549]🔒🔒
65872Red Hat Enterprise MRG sql injection [CVE-2013-4461]🔒
65871Red Hat Enterprise MRG cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4414]🔒
65870Red Hat Enterprise MRG cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4405]🔒
65869Red Hat Enterprise MRG access control [CVE-2013-4404]🔒
65868Idleman Leed Authorization action.php input validation
65867IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On cross site scripting
65866IBM Security Access Manager for Enterprise Single Sign-On cross site scripting
65864Cisco Unified Communications Manager Disaster Recovery System information disclosure
65863HP Autonomy Ultraseek cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6196]🔒
65862IBM Sterling File Gateway improper authentication [CVE-2013-5413]
65861IBM Sterling File Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-5411]
65860IBM Sterling File Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-5409]
65859IBM Sterling File Gateway Access Restriction input validation
65858IBM Sterling File Gateway MHTML Protocol cross site scripting
65857IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5405]
65856IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosure
65855IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosure
65854IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services input validation [CVE-2013-4046]
65853IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services cross site scripting
65852IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services information disclosure
65851NovaTech Orion5r Dnp Slave input validation [CVE-2013-2822]
65850NovaTech Orion5r Dnp Slave input validation [CVE-2013-2821]
65849Efrontlearning eFront cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7194]
65848Etoshop C2C Forward Auction Creator sql injection [CVE-2013-7193]
65847Etoshop Dynamic Biz Website Builder Quickweb Login sql injection
65846Tenmiles Helpdesk Pilot cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7191]
65845TYPO3 Flow Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7082]
65844LiveZilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7002]🔒🔒
65843Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6162]
65842Idleman Leed action.php cross-site request forgery
65841Idleman Leed action.php sql injection
65840iScripts AutoHoster Parser path traversal [CVE-2013-7190]🔒
65839iScripts AutoHoster checktransferstatus.php sql injection🔒
65838Hostbillapp HostBill cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7188]
65837Ncrafts FormCraft form.php sql injection
65836Steinberg MyMp3PRO memory corruption [CVE-2013-7186]
65835Quickheal AntiVirus Pro pepoly.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-6767]🔒
65834UPC Ireland Cisco Epc2425 Passphrase cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-7136]
65833Wireshark create_ntlmssp_v2_key memory corruption🔒🔒
65832Wireshark input validation [CVE-2013-7113]🔒🔒
65831Wireshark SIP Dissector dissect_sip_common input validation🔒🔒
65830Digium Asterisk unpacksms16 memory corruption🔒🔒
65829Cisco EPC3925 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6976]
65828IBM Content Navigator input validation [CVE-2013-5462]
65827IBM FileNet Business Process Framework information disclosure
65826IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaboration Server improper authentication
65825IBM Rational Clearcase Web Client information disclosure [CVE-2013-5422]🔒
65822webbynode notify.rb message code injection
65821Mike Stefanello OG Features Access Restriction access control
65820D-Link DSR Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2013-7005]🔒
65819D-Link DSR Firmware credentials management [CVE-2013-7004]🔒
65818No-margin-for-errors prettyPhoto setTimeout cross site scripting
65817GNOME Gnumeric ms_escher_get_data memory corruption🔒🔒
65816Zabbix code injection [CVE-2013-6824]🔒🔒
65815IBM Rational ClearCase memory corruption [CVE-2013-5416]
65814IBM Rational ClearCase memory corruption [CVE-2013-5415]
65813IBM Maximo for Utilities cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5402]
65812IBM Rational Focal Point Access Restriction information disclosure🔒🔒
65811IBM Rational Focal Point Access Restriction information disclosure🔒🔒
65810ThemeBeans Blooog theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7129]
65809Cru-inc Ditto Forensic Fieldstation cross-site request forgery
65808Cru-inc Ditto Forensic Fieldstation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6882]
65807IBM Security Access Manager For Web cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6329]🔒
65806IBM Sterling Connect Enterprise Http Option cross site scripting
65805Trimble SketchUp Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-6038]
65804Cooperindustries SMP 4/DP/16 Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-2816]
65803Cooperindustries DNP3 Master OPC Server input validation [CVE-2013-2814]
65802Cooperindustries SMP 4/DP/16 Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-2813]
65801Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6966]
65800Siemens Ruggedcom Rugged Operating System access control [CVE-2013-6926]
65799Siemens Ruggedcom Rugged Operating System random values [CVE-2013-6925]
65798HP Operations Orchestration cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6192]
65797HP Operations Orchestration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6191]
65796Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-3140]🔒🔒🔒
65795Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6973]
65794Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6972]
65793Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6971]
65792Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Error Message information disclosure
65791Cisco WebEx Training Center input validation [CVE-2013-6969]
65790Cisco WebEx Training Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-6968]
65789Cisco WebEx Sales Center Subsystem input validation [CVE-2013-6967]
65788Cisco WebEx Training Center Access Restriction access control
65787Cisco WebEx Meeting Center access control [CVE-2013-6964]
65786Cisco WebEx Training Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6963]
65785Cisco WebEx Meeting Center Subsystem cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6962]
65784Cisco WebEx Meeting Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6961]
65783Cisco WebEx Meeting Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6960]
65782Cisco WebEx Sales Center input validation [CVE-2013-6959]
65781Cisco WebEx Sales Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6711]
65780Cisco WebEx Training Center cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6710]
65779Cisco WebEx Training Center Access Restriction information disclosure
65778IBM Flex System Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5438]
65777IBM Cognos Command Center Authorization improper authentication
65776IBM Cognos Command Center cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4000]
65775IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager path traversal
65774IBM Rational Software Architect Design Manager path traversal
65773Fujitsu Interstage Application Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-7105]
65772XMLSoft libxslt xslt.c denial of service🔒
65771McAfee Email Gateway os command injection [CVE-2013-7104]🔒
65770McAfee Email Gateway os command injection [CVE-2013-7103]🔒
65769Devscripts Devel Team devscripts input validation [CVE-2013-7085]🔒🔒
65768Beyondgrep ack code injection [CVE-2013-7069]🔒🔒
65767OpenStack Heat access control [CVE-2013-6428]
65766OpenStack Heat Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6426]
65765OpenTTD aircraft_cmd.cpp HandleCrashedAircraft memory corruption🔒🔒
65764OpenStack Keystone access control [CVE-2013-6391]🔒🔒
65763Quagga bgp_attr.c bgp_attr_unknown denial of service🔒🔒
65762RockMongo Login index.php path traversal🔒
65761Zabbix rlogin user.login improper authentication🔒🔒
65760SAP EMR Unwired sql injection [CVE-2013-7096]
65759SAP Customer Relationship Management XML Parser information disclosure
65758SAP NetWeaver RSDDCVER_COUNT_TAB_COLS sql injection
65757SAP Network Interface Router improper authentication [CVE-2013-7093]🔒
65756GNU libmicrohttpd MHD_digest_auth_check memory corruption🔒
65755GNU libmicrohttpd MHD_http_unescape memory corruption🔒
65754Philippe Jounin Tftpd32 format string [CVE-2013-6809]
65753Munin Node input validation🔒🔒
65752Munin get_group_tree input validation🔒🔒
65751Sonarsource Jenkins Plugin cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5676]
65750McAfee Email Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-7092]🔒
65749Telligent Systems Zimbra path traversal [CVE-2013-7091]🔒🔒🔒
65748Devscripts Devel Team devscripts get_main_source_dir code injection🔒🔒
65747Percona XtraBackup Crypto cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6394]🔒
65746MediaWiki information disclosure [CVE-2013-4569]🔒🔒
65745MediaWiki checkCss incomplete blacklist🔒🔒
65744Novell openSUSE thttpd.c access control🔒
65743MediaWiki CentralAuth Extension cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5394]🔒🔒
65742InstantSoft InstantCMS sql injection [CVE-2013-6839]
65741Cybozu Dezie Cancel Button cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6005]
65740IcoFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-4988]
65739Oracle Fusion Middleware Outside In Maintenance memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
65738sprout unpack_zip code injection
65737OpenJPEG memory corruption [CVE-2013-6054]🔒🔒
65736OpenJPEG information disclosure [CVE-2013-6052]🔒🔒
65735OpenJPEG memory corruption [CVE-2013-6045]🔒🔒
65734Red Hat Enterprise Linux mod_nss access control [CVE-2013-4566]🔒🔒
65733GNU C Library getaddrinfo memory corruption🔒
65732NETGEAR RAIDiator cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2752]
65731NETGEAR RAIDiator code injection [CVE-2013-2751]🔒
65730Red Hat Enterprise Linux X Window file-xwd.c read_xwd_cols memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
65729Red Hat Enterprise Linux X Window file-xwd.c load_image numeric error🔒🔒
65728Janrain ruby-openid resource management [CVE-2013-1812]🔒🔒
65727OpenJPEG memory allocation [CVE-2013-1447]🔒🔒
65726Memcached numeric error [CVE-2011-4971]🔒🔒
65725ZippyYum Subway Ordering For California cryptographic issues
65724EMC Connectrix Manager code injection [CVE-2013-6810]🔒🔒
65723Microsoft Windows Authenticode WinVerifyTrust input validation🔒🔒🔒
65722Cisco Scientific Atlanta Dpr/epr2320 cross-site request forgery
65721IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5404]
65720Cisco Scientific Atlanta Dpr362 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3047]
65719Novell SUSE Lifecycle Management Server access control [CVE-2013-7042]
65718Siemens COMOS access control [CVE-2013-6840]
65717Islonline ISL Light information disclosure [CVE-2013-6237]
65716Novell SUSE Lifecycle Management Server Installation cryptographic issues
65715LiveZilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6224]🔒🔒
65714Supermicro Intelligent Platform Management Intelligent Platform Management Interface memory corruption🔒
65713Supermicro Intelligent Platform Management Intelligent Platform Management Interface logout.cgi memory corruption
65711Cisco Cloud Portal access control [CVE-2013-6708]
65710IBM Forms Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5447]🔒🔒
65709Linux Kernel ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init memory corruption🔒🔒
65708Enorth Webpublisher CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-6985]
65707NagiosQL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6039]
65706Sharetronix cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5355]
65705Sharetronix sql injection [CVE-2013-5354]
65704CMS Made Simple cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3929]
65703Dell Sonicwall Universal Management Appliance E5000 ematStaticAlertTypes.jsp cross site scripting
65702FFmpeg jpeg2000_decode_tile memory corruption🔒
65701FFmpeg ff_combine_frame memory corruption🔒
65700FFmpeg g2m_init_buffers memory corruption🔒
65699FFmpeg filter_frame resource management🔒
65698FFmpeg read_header memory corruption🔒🔒
65697FFmpeg get_cox input validation🔒
65696FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2013-7018]🔒
65695FFmpeg null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-7017]🔒
65694FFmpeg get_siz memory corruption🔒
65693FFmpeg flashsv_decode_frame input validation🔒🔒
65692FFmpeg add_bytes_l2_c numeric error🔒🔒
65691FFmpeg g2m_init_buffers numeric error🔒
65690FFmpeg get_siz memory corruption🔒
65689FFmpeg read_header memory corruption🔒
65688FFmpeg numeric error [CVE-2013-7010]🔒🔒
65687FFmpeg rpza_decode_stream memory corruption🔒
65686FFmpeg decode_slice_header deadlock🔒
65685Quassel IRC access control [CVE-2013-6404]🔒
65684Dovecot improper authentication [CVE-2013-6171]
65683x2go X2Go Server Wrapper libx2go-server-db-sqlite3-wrapper.c code injection🔒
65682AutoTrace input-bmp.c input_bmp_reader numeric error🔒🔒
65681openSIS JAXP ajax.php code injection
65680FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2011-4351]🔒🔒
65679FFmpeg dirac_decode_data_unit denial of service🔒🔒
65678FFmpeg dirac_unpack_idwt_params denial of service🔒🔒
65677FFmpeg ff_h264_decode_sei resource management🔒🔒
65676FFmpeg smacker_decode_header_tree Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
65675FFmpeg decode_mb memory corruption🔒🔒
65674ffmpeg ffmpeg.c codec_get_buffer denial of service🔒🔒
65673FFmpeg vp3_update_thread_context resource management🔒🔒
65671NowSMS SMS / MMS Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-7001]
65670NowSMS SMS / MMS Gateway input validation [CVE-2013-7000]
65669FFmpeg wavpack_decode_frame numeric error🔒🔒
65668Apache Solr Updater denial of service [CVE-2012-6612]🔒🔒
65667Wouter Verhelst nbd Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6410]🔒🔒
65666Debian adequate access control [CVE-2013-6409]
65665Apache Solr denial of service [CVE-2013-6408]🔒🔒
65664Apache Solr Updater denial of service [CVE-2013-6407]🔒🔒
65663Apache Solr ResourceLoader path traversal [CVE-2013-6397]🔒🔒🔒🔒
65662Supmua sup message_chunks.rb code injection [CVE-2013-4479]🔒🔒
65661Supmua Sup code injection [CVE-2013-4478]🔒🔒
65660Steven Jones context json_decode code injection🔒🔒
65659Steven Jones Context access control [CVE-2013-4445]🔒🔒
65658Apache roller code injection [CVE-2013-4212]🔒
65657Apache Roller cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4171]
65656IBM SmartCloud Provisioning access control [CVE-2013-5455]
65655Microsoft Windows IsHandleEntrySecure null pointer dereference [Disputed]
65654Siemens Sinamics S120 Access Restriction improper authentication
65653Ruby-i18n cross site scripting🔒🔒
65652Ruby on Rails translation_helper.rb cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4491]🔒🔒
65651Jamroom Search module Search Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6804]
65650Chamilo LMS Installation check_user_password sql injection
65649Ganglia Web header.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
65648Dokeos index.php sql injection🔒
65647Claroline cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6267]
65646RockMongo Login Page index.php xn cross site scripting🔒
65645Easytimestudio Easy File Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-3921]
65644Cybozu Garoon User Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6916]
65643Cybozu Garoon Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6915]
65642Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6914]
65641Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6913]
65640Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6912]
65639Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6911]
65638Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6910]
65637Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6909]
65636Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6908]
65635Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6907]
65634Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6906]
65633Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6905]
65632Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6904]
65631Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6903]
65630Cybozu Garoon Space cross site scripting
65629Cybozu Garoon Space cross site scripting
65628Cybozu Garoon Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6900]
65627Cybozu Garoon access control [CVE-2013-6004]
65626Cybozu Garoon input validation [CVE-2013-6003]
65625Cybozu Garoon resource management [CVE-2013-6002]
65624Cybozu Garoon Space sql injection
65623Tattyan Tattyan Hptown path traversal [CVE-2013-6000]
65622OSEHRA VistA access control [CVE-2013-6945]
65621Elecsyscorp Director Industrial Communication Gateway input validation
65620MyBB Ajax forum stat ajaxfs.php sql injection🔒
65619VideoCharge Watermark Master memory corruption [CVE-2013-6935]🔒
65618att Connect Participant Application memory corruption [CVE-2013-6029]
65617IBM FileNet Content Manager workingSet.jsp cross site scripting
65616VideoCharge Watermark Master memory corruption [CVE-2013-6937]
65615Cisco Prime Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6690]
65614Samba Access Restriction winbind_name_list_to_sid_string_list input validation🔒🔒
65610DjVuLibre code injection [CVE-2012-6535]🔒🔒
65609Novell SUSE Cloud cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-0434]
65608Novell openSUSE access control [CVE-2012-0427]🔒
65607Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications race condition
65606Opensuse Zypper Wrapper Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2012-0420]🔒
65605Novell SUSE Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2012-0414]
65604novell Open Enterprise Server input validation [CVE-2013-3707]
65602Alstom e-terracontrol input validation [CVE-2013-2818]
65601IBM Advanced Management Module cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6718]
65600Satechi Smart Travel Router Access Restriction access control
65599Codeaurora Android-msm genlock.c genlock_dev_ioctl resource management
65598IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager cross site scripting
65597IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager Access Restriction access control
65596IBM Qradar Security Information And Event Manager cross site scripting
65595AMD 16h Model 00h Processor resource management [CVE-2013-6885]🔒🔒
65594HP Service Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-4844]
65593CiviCRM sql injection [CVE-2013-5957]🔒
65592Jahia xCM Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4624]
65591Jahia xCM information disclosure [CVE-2013-4617]
65590Jahia xCM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3920]
65589Cisco Prime Network Registrar cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3394]
65588Nagios Nagios XI NagiosQL sql injection [CVE-2013-6875]🔒
65587Vortexgroup Light Alloy memory corruption [CVE-2013-6874]
65586Testa Online Test Management System sql injection [CVE-2013-6873]
65585SavySoda WiFi Free Hd path traversal [CVE-2013-3923]
65584Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4525]
65583Moodle Filesystem lib.php path traversal
65582Moodle lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4523]
65581Moodle Proxy Server filelib.php information disclosure
65580Jenkins-ci Exclusion access control [CVE-2013-6373]
65579MediaWiki index.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
65578Gummy Bear FTP Drive + HTTP Server path traversal [CVE-2013-3922]
65577Elastix cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6608]🔒
65575SAP NetWeaver SRTT_GET_COUNT_BEFORE_KEY_RFC sql injection
65574Novell openSUSE Default Configuration credentials management🔒🔒
65573Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6868]
65572Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2013-6867]🔒
65571Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise code injection [CVE-2013-6866]
65570Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise code injection [CVE-2013-6865]
65569Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise path traversal [CVE-2013-6864]
65568Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise access control [CVE-2013-6863]
65567Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service [CVE-2013-6862]🔒
65566Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6861]
65565Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise information disclosure [CVE-2013-6860]
65564Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise Authorization improper authentication🔒
65563Robert Ancell LightDM AppArmor access control [CVE-2013-4459]🔒🔒
65562OpenFabrics ibutils link following [CVE-2013-2561]🔒🔒
65560Canonical maas cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1058]🔒🔒
65559FFmpeg aac_decode_init memory corruption🔒🔒
65558FFmpeg avcodec_decode_audio4 memory corruption🔒🔒
65557Novell openSUSE alloca memory corruption🔒🔒
65556Augeas transform.c transform_save path traversal🔒
65555Augeas transfer.c rename information disclosure🔒🔒
65554Augeas transform.c transform_save link following🔒🔒
65553OpenStack Horizon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6858]🔒🔒
65552OpenStack Image Registry And Delivery Service (glance) input validation
65551FFmpeg av_reallocp_array null pointer dereference🔒🔒
65550FFmpeg kempf_decode_tile memory corruption🔒🔒
65549GraphicsMagick export.c ExportAlphaQuantumType denial of service🔒
65548Red Hat Enterprise Linux untrusted search path [CVE-2013-4482]🔒
65547Red Hat Enterprise Linux luci.ini race condition [CVE-2013-4481]🔒
65546Poppler extractPages input validation🔒🔒
65545Poppler extractPages memory corruption🔒🔒
65544BusyBox access control [CVE-2013-1813]🔒🔒
65543Clusterlabs Pacemaker resource management [CVE-2013-0281]🔒
65542Quassel-irc Quassel Irc ctcphandler.cpp resource management🔒🔒
65541Tweet-blender cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6342]
65539IBM Rational Performance Tester information disclosure [CVE-2013-6312]
65538Kingsoft KDrive Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5999]
65537GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Ifix input validation
65536GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Ifix input validation
65535EMC Document Sciences xPression Dashboard path traversal [CVE-2013-6177]
65534EMC Document Sciences xPression Dashboard sql injection [CVE-2013-6176]
65533EMC Document Sciences xPression cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6175]
65532EMC Document Sciences xPression input validation [CVE-2013-6174]
65531EMC Document Sciences xPression cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6173]
65530LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5996]
65529LOCKON EC-CUBE Helper information disclosure [CVE-2013-5995]
65528LOCKON EC-CUBE Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2013-5994]
65527LOCKON EC-CUBE cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5993]
65526LOCKON EC-CUBE displaySystemError cross site scripting
65525LOCKON EC-CUBE displaySystemError information disclosure
65524PineApp Mail-SeCure 5099SK access control [CVE-2013-6831]
65523PineApp Mail-SeCure 5099SK Networking code injection [CVE-2013-6830]🔒
65522PineApp Mail-SeCure Networking code injection [CVE-2013-6829]🔒
65521PineApp Mail-SeCure improper authentication [CVE-2013-6828]
65520PineApp Mail-SeCure path traversal [CVE-2013-6827]🔒
65519Mozilla SeaMonkey Netscape Portable Runtime PL_ArenaAllocate numeric error🔒🔒
65518SAP NetWeaver Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6823]
65517SAP NetWeaver GRMGApp Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-6822]
65516SAP NetWeaver path traversal [CVE-2013-6821]
65515SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure memory corruption [CVE-2013-6820]
65514SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6819]
65513SAP NetWeaver Logviewer Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-6818]
65512SAP Network Interface Router memory corruption [CVE-2013-6817]
65511SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6816]
65510SAP NetWeaver SHSTI_UPLOAD_XML input validation
65509SAP NetWeaver Passport input validation [CVE-2013-6814]
65508Debian Linux resource management [CVE-2013-4560]🔒🔒
65507Debian Linux clone access control🔒🔒
65506Adaptivecomputing TORQUE Resource Manager send_the_mail code injection🔒🔒
65505Gnu GnuTLS numeric error [CVE-2013-4487]🔒🔒
65504Theforeman Foreman sql injection [CVE-2013-4386]
65503Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6074]🔒
65502Zkoss ZK Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5966]
65501FOSCAM Wireless IP Camera cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5215]
65500Linux Kernel do_ip_vs_get_ctl memory corruption🔒🔒
65499Linux Kernel ath9k_htc_set_bssid_mask cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65498CollectiveAccess Pawtucket cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4507]
65497Dlink Dir865l Remote Management hedwig.cgi cross-site request forgery
65496Sunil Nanda Blue Wrench Video Widget bluewrench-video-widget.php cross-site request forgery
65495Google Chrome jdmarker.c get_dht numeric error🔒🔒
65494Softaculous Webuzo cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6042]🔒
65493Dlink DSL-2760U sntpcfg.cgi cross site scripting
65492Reviewboard Review Board cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4519]🔒🔒
65491Percipientstudios Imagen cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0741]
65490Mozilla Network Security Services Network Security Service input validation🔒🔒
65489Cisco Unified Communications Manager File Permission input validation
65488Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enterprise License Manager path traversal
65487IBM Cognos Business Intelligence access control [CVE-2013-4034]
65486Cisco Server Provisioner access control [CVE-2013-3407]
65485Cisco Service Portal input validation [CVE-2013-3406]
65484IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Servlet Gateway input validation
65483Apple Mac OS X memory corruption [CVE-2013-6799]🔒
65482SPIP code injection [CVE-2013-4557]🔒🔒
65481SPIP cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4556]🔒🔒
65480SPIP cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4555]🔒🔒
65479Tryton path traversal [CVE-2013-4510]🔒🔒
65478Red Hat Network Satellite Administrator Account access control🔒
65477Osirix-viewer OsiriX Listener credentials management [CVE-2013-4425]
65476Google Web Toolkit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4204]
65475MediaWiki File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2013-2114]🔒🔒
65474MediaWiki access control [CVE-2013-2032]🔒🔒
65473MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2031]🔒🔒
65472Canonical maas Configuration File input validation [CVE-2013-1057]🔒🔒
65471Olat Calendar Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6794]
65470Olat Calendar Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6793]
65469AjaXplorer path traversal [CVE-2013-6226]🔒
65468Zikula Application Framework index.php cross site scripting🔒
65467ProjeQtOr sql injection [CVE-2013-6164]
65466ProjeQtOr cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6163]
65465appRain sql injection [CVE-2013-6058]
65464JustSystems Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2013-5990]
65463IBM Security Network Protection Management Interface cross site scripting
65462SilverStripe Browser History information disclosure [CVE-2013-6789]
65461SilverStripe rlogin input validation [CVE-2013-2653]
65460Qualcomm Quic Mobile Station Modem Kernel Access Restriction goodix_tool.c input validation
65459Qualcomm Quic Mobile Station Modem Kernel goodix_tool.c race condition
65458OpenVZ vzkernel compat_quotactl access control🔒🔒
65457Cisco NX-OS memory corruption [CVE-2013-5566]🔒
65456Cisco TelePresence VX Clinical Assistant credentials management🔒
65455Cisco Wide Area Application Services Mobile path traversal [CVE-2013-5554]🔒
65454PineApp Mail-SeCure access control [CVE-2013-4987]
65453Tattyan Tattyan Hptown cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4716]
65452Cisco Security Monitoring Analysis/Response System cross site scripting
65451Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution HTTP Service memory corruption
65450IBM Platform Symphony memory corruption [CVE-2013-5387]
65449TikiWiki sql injection [CVE-2013-4715]
65448TikiWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4714]
65447Attachmate Verastream Host Integrator path traversal [CVE-2013-3626]
65446EMC Documentum eRoom cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3286]
65445EMC Documentum Digital Asset Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3281]
65443AjaXplorer index.php path traversal🔒
65442OpenAFS cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4135]🔒🔒
65441OpenAFS Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4134]🔒🔒
65440Tuxfamily Chrony sed Command cmdmon.c handle_client_accesses information disclosure🔒🔒
65439Tuxfamily Chrony pktlength.c PKL_ReplyLength numeric error🔒🔒
65438Juniper Junos J-Web input validation [CVE-2013-6618]🔒
65437Opsview cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5695]
65436Opsview sql injection [CVE-2013-5694]
65435OpenStack Havana Backend access control [CVE-2013-4497]🔒🔒
65434Ldap-account-manager LDAP Account Manager cross site scripting
65433Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server access control [CVE-2013-4419]🔒🔒
65432Smackcoders WP Ultimate Email Marketer plugin access control
65431Smackcoders WP Ultimate Email Marketer plugin cross site scripting
65430SaltStack salt access control [CVE-2013-6617]🔒
65429Roundcube webmail sql injection [CVE-2013-6172]🔒🔒
65428S9y Serendipity spell-check-savedicts.php cross site scripting
65427SaltStack Salt access control [CVE-2013-4439]🔒🔒
65426SaltStack Salt code injection [CVE-2013-4438]🔒
65425SaltStack salt tmp. Remote Code Execution🔒
65424SaltStack salt Default Configuration input validation [CVE-2013-4436]🔒
65423SaltStack Salt improper authentication [CVE-2013-4435]🔒
65421VMware Hyperic HQ Console Runtime.getRuntime(.exec Runtime.getRuntime.exec code injection
65420Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution memory corruption
65419HP LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2013-4839]🔒
65418HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4838]🔒🔒
65417HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4837]🔒🔒
65416HP Alm Synchronizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-4836]
65415HP SiteScope memory corruption [CVE-2013-4835]🔒🔒
65414HP Application LifeCycle Management memory corruption [CVE-2013-4834]
65413Apple Motion parseElement numeric error🔒
65412Linux Kernel ipc_rcu_putref numeric error🔒🔒
65411McAfee Email Gateway code injection [CVE-2013-6349]🔒
65410Apache Struts cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6348]🔒
65409Modpagespeed Mod Pagespeed mod_pagespeed cross site scripting🔒
65408TVT Dvr Firmware path traversal [CVE-2013-6023]🔒
65407OpenStack Grizzly access control [CVE-2013-4477]🔒🔒
65405Red Hat Enterprise Linux reds_handle_ticket memory corruption🔒🔒
65404NAS4Free exec.php code injection
65403Openbravo Openbravo ERP Interfaces access control [CVE-2013-3617]
65402EMC Unisphere Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3287]
65401EMC NetWorker Management Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3285]🔒🔒
65400OpenStack Folsom File System resource management [CVE-2013-4469]🔒🔒
65399Thoughtbot Cocaine os command injection [CVE-2013-4457]
65398Andrew Simpson WebCollab cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2652]🔒
65397Cart66 Cart66 Lite plugin Cart66Product.php cross-site request forgery
65396Md-systems Simplenews cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4447]
65395Linksalpha Social Sharing Toolkit plugin cross-site request forgery
65394Cisco Unified Communications Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-5555]
65393IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager Business Gateway input validation
65392I-O DATA Rockdisk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4713]
65391Varnish memory corruption [CVE-2013-4484]🔒🔒
65390Moodle code injection [CVE-2013-3630]🔒🔒🔒
65389Red Hat OpenStack Backend memory corruption [CVE-2013-4261]🔒🔒
65388Red Hat OpenStack cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4185]🔒🔒
65387Triplc Nano-10 PLC Firmware input validation [CVE-2013-5741]
65386Apache Solr cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6289]
65385Apache Solr Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-6288]
65384Fengoffice Feng Office cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5744]🔒
65383Ubuntu Developers systemd Configuration File SetX11Keyboard access control🔒🔒
65382Ubuntu Developers systemd resource management [CVE-2013-4393]🔒
65381Ubuntu Developers systemd File Permission access control [CVE-2013-4392]
65380Ubuntu Developers systemd valid_user_field numeric error🔒🔒
65379Novell libzypp cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3704]🔒
65378OpenText OpenText/IXOS ECM for SAP NetWeaver Remote Code Execution
65377Andreas Krennmair tpp code injection [CVE-2013-2208]🔒🔒
65376KTH WaveSurfer GetWavHeader memory corruption🔒🔒
65375Drupal access control [CVE-2012-0827]🔒🔒
65374Drupal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-0826]🔒🔒
65373Drupal information disclosure [CVE-2012-0825]🔒🔒
65372Aircrack-ng memory corruption [CVE-2010-1159]🔒
65371Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Portal Platform input validation [CVE-2013-2186]🔒🔒
65370Tylertech TaxWeb information disclosure [CVE-2013-6285]
65369Tylertech TaxWeb User Account passwordRequestPOST.jsp information disclosure
65368Tylertech TaxWeb cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6019]
65367Tylertech TaxWeb login.jsp cross-site request forgery
65366OpenStack Grizzly Registry access control [CVE-2013-4428]🔒🔒
65365CMU Cyrus-SASL crypt numeric error🔒🔒
65364nginx Default Configuration access control [CVE-2013-0337]🔒🔒
65363F5 Big-ip Protocol Security Module Accelerator input validation🔒
65362PolarSSL ssl_tls.c ssl_read_record memory corruption🔒🔒
65361Dlitz PyCrypto Pseudo-Random Number Generator Crypto.Random.atfork cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65360Binarymoon TimThumb Cache timthumb.php input validation🔒
65359VideoLAN VLC Media Player m3u File input validation [CVE-2013-6283]🔒🔒
65358Puppetlabs Puppet Access Restriction improper authentication🔒
65357Puppetlabs Puppet Dashboard code injection [CVE-2013-4957]🔒
65356Simplemachines Forum File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2013-4465]
65355Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server Error Message numeric error🔒
65354Matt Johnston Dropbear SSH Server packet.c buf_decompress numeric error🔒🔒
65353Canonical Linux Setuid access control [CVE-2013-1067]🔒🔒
65352WellinTech KingView ActiveX Control KChartXY.ocx access control
65351WellinTech KingView ActiveX Control SuperGrid.ocx path traversal
65350IBM Flex System Manager Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-5424]
65349dhtmlx dhtmlxSpreadsheet cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6281]
65348Linksalpha Social Sharing Toolkit plugin cross site scripting
65347Cisco Identity Services Engine Software improper authentication
65346Cisco Identity Services Engine Software os command injection
65345Cisco Identity Services Engine Software access control [CVE-2013-5521]
65343Dell Quest One Password Manager access control [CVE-2013-6246]
65342Apache Sling Auth Core input validation [CVE-2013-4390]
65341Red Hat JBoss Operations Network input validation [CVE-2013-4373]
65340Apache Shindig information disclosure [CVE-2013-4295]
65339Red Hat JBoss Operations Network cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4293]
65338Quagga ospf_api.c new_msg_lsa_change_notify memory corruption🔒🔒
65337Landing Pages Plugin index.php sql injection🔒
65336Quassel-irc Quassel IRC sql injection [CVE-2013-4422]🔒🔒
65335BoltWire index.php cross site scripting🔒
65334DrayTek Vigor 2700 router os command injection [CVE-2013-5703]
65333Mozilla Network Security Services Network Security Service denial of service🔒🔒
65332Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2013-5550]
65329Cisco ASA resource management [CVE-2013-5542]🔒
65328Cisco Unified Computing System cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4115]
65327vBulletin access control [CVE-2013-6129]🔒
65326Cisco Unity Connection Web Service path traversal [CVE-2013-5534]
65325I-O DATA HDL-A/HDL2-A Firmware resource management [CVE-2013-4712]
65324Cisco Unified Computing System Certificates input validation
65323Cisco Unified Computing System information disclosure [CVE-2012-4116]
65322Cisco Unified Computing System cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4114]
65321Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4113]
65320Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4112]
65319Juniper Junos input validation [CVE-2013-6170]🔒
65318Process-one ejabberd cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-6169]🔒🔒
65317Feep libtar block.c th_read numeric error🔒🔒
65316Apache Mod Fcgid mod_fcgid fcgid_bucket.c fcgid_header_bucket_read memory corruption🔒🔒
65315rubygems version.rb ANCHORED_VERSION_PATTERN cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65314rubygems version.rb VERSION_PATTERN cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65313Apache Sling deepGetOrCreateNode memory corruption
65312IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Software cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5376]
65311Ruby on Rails format string [CVE-2013-4389]🔒🔒
65310IBM Rational Focal Point cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3025]
65309IBM Storwize V7000 Unified Software input validation [CVE-2013-0500]
65308EMC Atmos credentials management [CVE-2013-3279]
65307Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scripting
65306Cisco Identity Services Engine Software resource management [CVE-2013-5540]
65305Cisco Identity Services Engine Software input validation [CVE-2013-5539]
65304Cisco Identity Services Engine Software access control [CVE-2013-5538]
65303Cisco Video Surveillance 4300e Ip Camera Hardcoded Credentials credentials management
65302IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring input validation [CVE-2013-5394]
65301IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring Remote Code Execution
65300IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale Monitoring cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5390]
65299Infohr Hr Human Resource Information System cryptographic issues
65298Ruckus Wireless Zoneflex 2942 configuration access control
65297HP Service Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4833]
65296HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4832]
65295HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4831]
65294HP Service Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4830]
65293Oxid-esales eShop recommlist.php getRecommSearch cross site scripting
65292HP Intelligent Management Center sql injection [CVE-2013-4827]🔒🔒
65291HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-4826]🔒🔒
65290HP Intelligent Management Center Access Restriction access control🔒
65289HP Intelligent Management Center improper authentication [CVE-2013-4824]🔒🔒
65288HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2013-4823]🔒🔒
65287HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2013-4822]🔒🔒
65286IBM Business Process Monitor memory corruption [CVE-2013-4804]
65284IBM InfoSphere Information Server cross-site request forgery
65283Alstom e-terracontrol input validation [CVE-2013-2787]
65281IBM Business Process Monitor memory corruption [CVE-2013-2366]
65279Invensys Wonderware InTouch memory corruption [CVE-2012-4709]
65278Cisco Unified Computing System os command injection [CVE-2012-4108]
65277Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4107]
65276Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-4106]
65275Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4105]
65274MostGear Easy LAN Folder Share Registry memory corruption [CVE-2013-6079]
65273Adaptivecomputing TORQUE Resource Manager access control [CVE-2013-4319]🔒🔒
65272Red Hat Enterprise Mrg input validation [CVE-2013-4255]🔒
65271Richard Cook rgpg Helper gpg_helper.rb self.run_gpg code injection
65270xymon path traversal [CVE-2013-4173]🔒
65269CMS Made Simple cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4167]
65268Status StatusNet sql injection [CVE-2013-4137]
65267Red Hat Enterprise Mrg input validation [CVE-2009-5136]
65266RSA Bsafe Crypto-c Me Mfp Psos cryptographic issues [CVE-2007-6755]
65265Kwoksys Information Server hardware-list.dll sql injection [CVE-2013-5028]
65264Ovislink Airlive Poe200hd cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-3687]
65263Ovislink AirLive WL2600CAM Camera access control [CVE-2013-3686]
65262TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware access control [CVE-2013-2581]
65261TP-Link TL-SC3130G File Upload unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-2580]
65260TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware credentials management [CVE-2013-2579]
65259TP-Link TL-SC3130G Firmware os command injection [CVE-2013-2578]
65258Cisco Unified Communications Manager Administrative Web Interface path traversal
65257Cisco Identity Services Engine Software sql injection [CVE-2013-5525]
65256Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scripting
65255Cisco Identity Services Engine Software input validation [CVE-2013-5523]
65254Symantec Management Platform Encryption Key information disclosure
65253Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution File Permission credentials management
65252IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite cross-site request forgery
65251IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite access control
65250IBM Infosphere Optim Data Growth For Oracle E-business Suite Access Restriction access control
65249Eucalyptus Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4767]
65248Red Hat Enterprise Linux access control [CVE-2013-4342]🔒🔒
65247Restlet Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-4271]
65246Restlet Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-4221]
65245Menalto gallery Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2241]🔒🔒
65244Menalto Gallery flowplayer.swf.php information disclosure [CVE-2013-2240]🔒🔒
65243Menalto Gallery input validation [CVE-2013-2138]🔒🔒
65242GNOME Librsvg input validation [CVE-2013-1881]🔒🔒
65241Cartpauj Mingle-forum cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0736]
65240Sebastien Corbin Make Meeting Scheduler module Access Restriction access control
65239AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management radar-iso27001-potential.php sql injection🔒🔒
65238Call-cc CHICKEN memory corruption [CVE-2013-4385]🔒🔒
65237Google Site Search module Search Module cross site scripting🔒
65236Red Hat Enterprise MRG resource management [CVE-2013-4284]🔒
65235Radscan Network Audio System osLogMsg format string🔒🔒
65233Radscan Network Audio System osLogMsg memory corruption🔒🔒
65232Python ssl.match_hostname resource management🔒🔒
65219McAfee Agent FrameworkService.exe resource management🔒
65218ASUS RT-N10E improper authentication [CVE-2013-3610]🔒
65217Philips Xper Information Management Physiomonitoring 5 Monitoring memory corruption
65216Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface cross-site request forgery
65215Brickom 100ap Device Firmware access control [CVE-2013-3689]🔒
65214AXIS Media Control Activex Control ActiveX Control AxisMediaControlEmb.dll access control
65213Ovislink AirLive WL2600CAM path traversal [CVE-2013-3541]
65212Ovislink Airlive Poe200hd cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3540]
65210vTiger CRM CalendarCommon.php sql injection🔒
65209IconCool PDFCool Studio PDFAX0722_IconCool.dll memory corruption
65208Django this cross site scripting🔒🔒
65207Citrix Netscaler Application Delivery Controller input validation🔒
65206PolarSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5915]🔒🔒
65205rsyslog Search Plugin writeDataError resource management
65204Apache Camel code injection [CVE-2013-4330]🔒
65203Django cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4249]🔒🔒
65202Red Hat Storage Server limits.conf link following🔒
65201Wernerd ZRTPCPP getEpHash memory corruption🔒🔒
65200Wernerd ZRTPCPP findBestSASType memory corruption🔒🔒
65199Wernerd ZRTPCPP storeMsgTemp memory corruption🔒🔒
65198HP Color LaserJet CM4540 information disclosure [CVE-2013-4829]
65197HP Color LaserJet CM4540 cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4828]
65196Accelatech BizSearch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4711]
65195IBM Tivoli Storage Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-2964]🔒
65194Corel PDF Fusion wintab32.dll untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3248]🔒🔒
65193Corel PDF Fusion memory corruption [CVE-2013-0742]🔒🔒
65192Canonical Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4327]🔒🔒
65191Red Hat Enterprise Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4326]🔒🔒
65190Red Hat spice-gtk Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4324]🔒🔒
65189Red Hat Enterprise Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4311]🔒🔒
65188polkit Authorization race condition [CVE-2013-4288]🔒🔒
65187Ubuntu Developers language-selector Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
65186Martin Pitt Jockey Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-1065]🔒🔒
65185Ubuntu Developers apt-xapian-index Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
65184Canonical Linux Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-1063]🔒🔒
65183Michael Vogt ubuntu-system-service Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
65182Marc Deslauriers Software-properties Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
65181Wearegumball Comment-attachment cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6010]
65180Open-Xchange AppSuite code injection [CVE-2013-6009]🔒
65179Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5690]🔒
65178Siemens Scalance X-200irt Management Interface improper authentication🔒
65177Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Management Interface cross site scripting🔒
65176Baramundi Management Suite Encryption Key credentials management
65175Baramundi Management Suite Data Storage cryptographic issues
65174Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Hardcoded Credentials credentials management
65173Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management information disclosure
65172Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management access control
65171Emerson Dl 8000 Remote Terminal Unit Process Management code injection
65170Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface access control
65169Springsignage Xibo index.php path traversal🔒
65168Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Web Framework sql injection
65167IBM InfoSphere Information Server access control [CVE-2013-4067]
65166IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console input validation
65165Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4111]
65164Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4110]
65163Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4109]
65162Cisco Unified Computing System path traversal [CVE-2012-4104]
65161Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4103]
65160Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4102]
65159Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4095]
65157F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager Access Policy Logout Page cross site scripting
65156F5 BIG-IP Access Policy Manager access control [CVE-2013-5975]
65154MongoDB resource management [CVE-2013-3969]🔒🔒
65153OpenStack python-keystoneclient information disclosure [CVE-2013-2013]🔒🔒
65152MongoDB nativeHelper input validation🔒🔒
65151Barton ngIRCd conn.c Handle_Write input validation🔒🔒
65150Grandstream Gxv Device cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3963]🔒
65149Grandstream Gxv Device cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3962]🔒
65148Brickom OB-100Ae cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3690]🔒
65147David King vino vino-server.c vino_server_client_data_pending input validation🔒🔒🔒
65146Iij SEIL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4708]
65145Arubanetworks ClearPass Guest Access Restriction access control
65144Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Supplementary Crafted Program resource management🔒🔒
65143MariaDB MySQL credentials management [CVE-2012-5627]🔒🔒
65142RubyGems SSL Certificate cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-2126]🔒🔒
65141RubyGems Installation unknown vulnerability [CVE-2012-2125]🔒🔒
65140Linux Foundation Xen resource management [CVE-2011-2901]🔒🔒
65139IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction privileges management
65138IBM Maximo Asset Management access control [CVE-2013-5383]
65137IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-5382]
65136IBM Maximo Asset Management privileges management [CVE-2013-5381]
65135IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-5380]
65134IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction access control
65133IBM Maximo Asset Management memory corruption [CVE-2013-4021]
65132IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction information disclosure
65131IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4019]
65130IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-4018]
65129IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-4017]
65128IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4014]
65127IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-4013]
65126IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-3973]
65125IBM Maximo Asset Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-3972]
65124IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction access control
65123IBM Maximo Asset Management Access Restriction privileges management
65122IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3048]
65121IBM Maximo Asset Management privileges management [CVE-2013-3047]
65120IBM Maximo Asset Management sql injection [CVE-2013-0451]
65119IBM Maximo Asset Management access control [CVE-2012-3323]
65118Zabbix Console access control [CVE-2013-5572]🔒🔒
65117IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services memory corruption
65116IBM SPSS Collaboration/Deployment Services memory corruption
65115EMC VPLEX Geo Configuration File credentials management [CVE-2013-3278]
65114Metaclassy Byword access control [CVE-2013-5725]
65113Cisco TelePresence Multipoint Switch resource management [CVE-2013-5516]
65112IBM Rational ClearQuest Web Client information disclosure [CVE-2013-3041]🔒
65111Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4096]
65082X2Engine X2CRM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5693]🔒
65081X2Engine X2CRM path traversal [CVE-2013-5692]🔒
65080PolarSSL x509parse_crt input validation🔒🔒
65079Werner Baumann davfs2 File System kernel_interface.c "system" access control🔒🔒
65078OpenStack Keystone credentials management [CVE-2013-4222]🔒🔒
65077FreeSWITCH switch_regex.c switch_perform_substitution memory corruption🔒
65076Debian txt2man link following [CVE-2013-1444]🔒🔒
65075libarchive archive_write_set_format_zip.c archive_write_zip_data numeric error🔒🔒
65074Cdsincdesign Simple Dropbox Upload Form File Upload multi.php unrestricted upload
65073Envato Complete Gallery Manager plugin File Upload memory corruption
65072Danny Morris Lazy SEO File Upload lazyseo.php Remote Code Execution
65071Emeric Vernat JavaMelody cross site scripting
65070Simone Tellini Mod Accounting mod_accounting.c sql injection
65069Red Hat libvirt virBitmapParse memory corruption🔒🔒
65068Jean-paul Calderone pyOpenSSL input validation [CVE-2013-4314]🔒🔒
65067Red Hat libvirt virFileNBDDeviceAssociate memory corruption🔒🔒
65066Canonical Linux remoteDispatchDomainMemoryStats memory corruption🔒🔒
65065Red Hat libvirt resource management [CVE-2013-4292]🔒🔒
65064Red Hat libvirt virSecurityManagerSetProcessLabel access control🔒🔒
65063Red Hat libvirt xenDaemonListDefinedDomains memory corruption🔒
65062Red Hat libvirt input validation [CVE-2013-2230]
65061Red Hat libvirt Interfaces resource management [CVE-2013-2218]
65060Adcisolutions Node View Permissions hook_query_alter access control
65059Joachim Noreiko Flag module Administration Page cross site scripting
65058Red Hat JBoss Fuse Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4372]
65057Phusion Passenger link following [CVE-2013-4136]🔒🔒
65056OWASP Enterprise Security API Default Configuration cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65055Cisco Identity Services Engine Software Administration Page cross site scripting
65054Cisco Identity Services Engine Software Mobile Device Management cross site scripting
65053Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager Administrative Web Interface improper authentication
65052Bluecoat Proxysgos memory corruption [CVE-2013-5959]🔒
65051Little CMS Color Engine Utility memory corruption [CVE-2013-4276]🔒
65050Jgroups JGroup information disclosure [CVE-2013-4112]🔒
65049Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine path traversal [CVE-2013-2068]
65048Apple iOS Passcode Lock access control [CVE-2013-5161]
65047IBM Rational ClearQuest cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0598]🔒
65046IBM Websphere Datapower Xc10 Appliance access control [CVE-2013-5403]
65045Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2012-1313]
65044Graphite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5943]
65043Graphite Whitelist code injection
65042Graphite renderLocalView code injection🔒🔒🔒
65041Marketpress BackWPup Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4626]
65037Cisco Unified Computing System Management Interface input validation
65036Cisco Unified Computing System User Account credentials management
65035Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4079]
65034Click2Sell Click2Sell Suite module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5938]
65033Click2Sell Click2Sell Suite module cross-site request forgery
65032WikkaWiki wikka.php cross site scripting🔒
65031Open-Xchange AppSuite Network Configuration information disclosure🔒
65030Open-Xchange AppSuite Interfaces information disclosure [CVE-2013-5935]🔒
65029Open-Xchange AppSuite credentials management [CVE-2013-5934]🔒
65028Google Android sub_E110 memory corruption
65027Friends Of Symfony Project FOSUserBundle Login Form resource management
65026IBM Rational ClearCase access control [CVE-2013-5373]
65025Open-Xchange AppSuite improper authentication [CVE-2013-5200]🔒
65024Google Android config [CVE-2013-4777]
65023Linux Kernel and cryptographic issues🔒🔒
65022IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager access control
65021IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager information disclosure
65020IBM Optim Performance Manager Configuration Manager credentials management
65019Cisco Unified Computing System Setup Script config [CVE-2012-4086]
65018Tenable SecurityCenter devform.php cross site scripting🔒
65017Esri ArcGIS input validation [CVE-2013-5221]
65016KnowledgeView KnowledgeView Editorial/Management application cross site scripting
65015Optimalpayments Neteller Direct Payment Api None access control
65014Cisco Unified Computing System Smart Call Home memory corruption
65013Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4089]
65012Cisco Unified Computing System Setup Script input validation
65011Cisco Unified Computing System Intelligent Platform Management Interface input validation
65010Cisco Unified Computing System improper authentication [CVE-2012-4078]
65009Real-estate-php-script Real Estate PHP Script property_listings_detail.php sql injection
65008Real-estate-php-script Real Estate PHP Script search_residential.php cross site scripting
65007OpenStack Keystone Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4294]🔒🔒
65006Red Hat Enterprise Linux Cache link following [CVE-2013-2217]🔒🔒
65005Simon Mcvittie Telepathy Gabble input validation [CVE-2013-1431]🔒🔒
65004Cgi HotScan memory corruption [CVE-2012-2624]
65002JForum Login input validation [CVE-2012-5338]
65001Platinum SEO plugin platinum_seo_pack.php cross site scripting
65000Rodrigo Coimbra NOSpam PTI wp-comments-post.php sql injection🔒
64999Cisco MediaSense access control [CVE-2013-5502]
64998Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager information disclosure🔒
64997Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager information disclosure🔒🔒
64996Cisco Prime Data Center Network Manager processImageSave.jsp os command injection🔒🔒
64995HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-4821]🔒🔒
64994HP IceWall File Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4820]
64993HP IceWall SSO Agent Option information disclosure [CVE-2013-4819]
64992HP IceWall File Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-4818]
64991HP IceWall SSO Agent Option information disclosure [CVE-2013-4817]
64990HP Xp 9000 Command View cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4814]
64989HP Linux Imaging And Printing Project Access Restriction check_permission_v1 access control🔒🔒
64988GLPI Installation cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5696]🔒🔒
64987Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance Web Framework improper authentication
64986Cisco Unified Computing System input validation [CVE-2012-4082]
64985Cisco Unified Computing System memory corruption [CVE-2012-4081]🔒
64984Cisco MediaSense cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5501]
64983Cisco MediaSense cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5500]
64982Cisco Unified Computing System Smart Call Home input validation🔒
64981Cisco Unified Computing System Administrative Web Interface memory corruption
64980Cisco Unified Computing System Subsystem credentials management🔒
64979Cisco Unified Computing System KVM Subsystem cryptographic issues
64978Cisco Unified Computing System KVM Subsystem input validation
64977Iij SEIL PPP Access Concentrator memory corruption [CVE-2013-4709]
64976Dlink DES-3810 SSH Implementation access control [CVE-2013-4707]
64975Dlink Dwl-2100ap SSH Implementation access control [CVE-2013-4706]
64974Apple iTunes ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-1035]🔒🔒
64973Mozilla SeaMonkey drawLineLoop memory corruption🔒🔒
64972Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Authorization access control [CVE-2013-5754]
64971Siemens Scalance X204irt numeric error [CVE-2013-5709]🔒
64956Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 credentials management [CVE-2013-3615]
64955Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 access control [CVE-2013-3614]
64954Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Telnet improper authentication [CVE-2013-3613]
64953Dahuasecurity Dvr5408 Authorization credentials management [CVE-2013-3612]
64952SUBNET SubSTATION Server input validation [CVE-2013-2788]
64951Slickremix Design Approval System plugin cross site scripting
64950Eucalyptus information disclosure [CVE-2013-4766]
64949Eucalyptus EuStore Default Configuration credentials management
64948Eucalyptus Authorization access control [CVE-2013-2296]🔒🔒
64947Eucalyptus resource management [CVE-2012-4067]🔒🔒
64946OpenStack Compute access control [CVE-2013-4278]🔒🔒
64945Ansibleworks ansible access control [CVE-2013-4260]🔒🔒
64944Ansibleworks Ansible access control [CVE-2013-4259]🔒🔒
64943Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_abc.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
64942Konstanty Bialkowski libmodplug load_abc.cpp abc_set_parts numeric error🔒🔒
64941OpenStack Compute resource management [CVE-2013-4202]🔒🔒
64940OpenStack Cinder clear_volume information disclosure🔒🔒
64939Theforeman Foreman access control [CVE-2013-4182]
64938Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization addAlert cross site scripting🔒
64937Theforeman Foreman input validation [CVE-2013-4180]
64936OpenStack Compute memory corruption [CVE-2013-4179]🔒🔒
64935OpenStack Havana access control [CVE-2013-2256]🔒🔒
64934Exactcode ExactImage input validation [CVE-2013-1441]🔒🔒
64933libraw JPEG Decoder null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1439]🔒🔒
64932IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management code injection [CVE-2013-5369]
64931IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management File Upload resource management
64930IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management cross site scripting
64929IBM SPSS Analytical Decision Management cross site scripting
64928Moodle code injection [CVE-2013-5674]🔒
64927Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4341]
64926Moodle sql injection [CVE-2013-4313]
64925Cisco NX-OS input validation [CVE-2013-5496]🔒
64924Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5495]
64923Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5494]
64922ChamaNet ChamaCargo cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4704]
64921PHP Parser information disclosure [CVE-2013-1824]🔒🔒
64920HP ProCurve Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4813]
64919HP ProCurve Manager Certificates input validation [CVE-2013-4812]🔒
64918HP ProCurve Manager input validation [CVE-2013-4811]🔒
64917HP ProCurve Manager code injection [CVE-2013-4810]🔒🔒
64916HP ProCurve Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-4809]
64915Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 6000 Access Restriction input validation
64914Cisco SocialMiner Administration administration.jsp cryptographic issues
64913Cisco SocialMiner Browser History access control [CVE-2013-5489]
64912Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution access control [CVE-2013-5482]🔒
64911Intel C204 Chipset Trusted Execution Local Privilege Escalation
64910CapaSystems Performance Guard path traversal [CVE-2013-5216]
64909Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2940]
64908Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2939]
64907Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2938]
64906Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2937]
64905Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2936]
64904Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2935]
64903Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager access control [CVE-2013-2934]
64902Citrix CloudPortal Services Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-2933]
64901Debian Phpbb3 Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-5724]🔒🔒
64900Cisco Unified Service Monitor input validation [CVE-2013-5488]
64899Cisco Digital Media Manager input validation [CVE-2013-3446]
64898IBM Rational Requirements Composer improper authentication [CVE-2013-3039]
64897IBM Rational Requirements Composer credentials management [CVE-2013-3038]
64896IBM Rational Requirements Composer access control [CVE-2013-3037]
64895IBM Rational Requirements Composer input validation [CVE-2013-3036]
64894IndiaNIC Testimonial plugin testimonial.php sql injection
64893IndiaNIC Testimonial plugin cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5672]
64892ImageMagick gif.c ReadGIFImage memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
64891389 Directory Server input validation [CVE-2013-4283]🔒🔒
64890Kingsoft Writer 2012 memory corruption [CVE-2013-3934]🔒🔒
64889Cybozu Cybozu Office cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4703]
64888Gomlab Gom Player input validation [CVE-2013-5716]
64887Gomlab Gom Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5715]
64886VideoWhisper Live Streaming Integration plugin cross site scripting
64885Twilight CMS path traversal [CVE-2013-4900]🔒
64884Twilight CMS gallery cross site scripting
64883Prosoft-technology RadioLinx ControlScape Passphrase cryptographic issues
64882Trianglemicroworks SCADA Data Gateway Libraries memory corruption
64881Trianglemicroworks SCADA Data Gateway Libraries memory corruption
64880MatrikonOPC SCADA DNP3 OPC Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-2791]
64879IBM Rational Policy Tester Jazz Team Server cryptographic issues
64878IBM Rational Policy Tester improper authentication [CVE-2013-4061]
64877IBM solidDB Stored Procedure memory corruption🔒🔒
64876Advanceprotech Advanceware access control [CVE-2013-3596]
64875IBM Security AppScan Encryption Algorithm cryptographic issues
64874Cisco SocialMiner bookmarklet.jsp cross site scripting
64873Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface PrivilegeCallBack input validation
64872Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface config_date_time.cgi input validation
64871Supermicro H8dgu-f Intelligent Platform Management Interface login.cgi memory corruption
64870Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross-site request forgery
64869Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross site scripting
64868Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System Error Message cross site scripting
64867Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross-site request forgery
64866Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System cross site scripting
64865Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System Error Message cross site scripting
64864Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System admindocumentworker.jsp sql injection
64863Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System JSP access control
64862Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System input validation
64861Trivantis Coursemill Learning Management System userlogin.jsp input validation
64860Cisco Jabber Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1228]
64859Cisco WebEx Recording Format Player Exception memory corruption
64858Cisco Prime Network Control System Login Page cross site scripting🔒
64857Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5698]
64856HtmlCleaner race condition [CVE-2013-5035]
64855Open-Xchange AppSuite IMAP Server credentials management [CVE-2013-4790]
64854Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3106]
64853Open-Xchange AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2583]
64852Open-Xchange Server code injection [CVE-2013-2582]
64851Open-Xchange Server Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1651]🔒
64850Open-Xchange Server Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-1650]🔒
64849Open-Xchange Server credentials management [CVE-2013-1649]
64848Open-Xchange Server Gopher input validation [CVE-2013-1648]🔒
64847Open-Xchange Server code injection [CVE-2013-1647]🔒
64846Open-Xchange Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1646]🔒
64845Open-Xchange Server path traversal [CVE-2013-1645]
64844Cisco Global Site Selector cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5471]
64843ShareThis cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3479]
64842Cisco Mobility Services Engine Replication information disclosure
64841Palo Alto PAN-OS API Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5664]🔒
64840Palo Alto PAN-OS access control [CVE-2013-5663]🔒
64839Palo Alto NetConnect Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6606]
64838Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6605]🔒
64837Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6604]🔒
64836Palo Alto PAN-OS Web Management improper authentication [CVE-2012-6603]🔒
64835Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6602]🔒
64834Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6601]🔒
64833Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6600]🔒
64832Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6599]🔒
64831Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6598]🔒
64830Palo Alto PAN-OS input validation [CVE-2012-6597]🔒
64829Palo Alto PAN-OS credentials management [CVE-2012-6596]🔒
64828Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6595]🔒
64827Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6594]🔒
64826Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6593]🔒
64825Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6592]🔒
64824Palo Alto PAN-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-6591]🔒
64823Palo Alto PAN-OS information disclosure [CVE-2012-6590]🔒
64822LOCKON EC-CUBE doApiAction path traversal
64821Lulusoftware Soda PDF dwmapi.dll Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-3485]🔒
64820Cisco Wireless LAN Controller memory corruption [CVE-2013-3474]
64819Cisco Unified Computing System 6120xp Fabric Interconnect resource management
64818Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scripting
64817iD libdigidoc Parser DigiDocSAXParser.c handleStartDataFile path traversal🔒
64816Adam Zaninovich sounder Sound sound.rb code injection
64815Roundcube webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5646]
64814Roundcube webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5645]🔒
64813cacti sql injection [CVE-2013-5589]🔒🔒
64812Cacti cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5588]🔒🔒
64811IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4003]
64810Cisco Unified Communications Manager Enterprise License Manager cross-site request forgery
64809Cisco Identity Services Engine Software credentials management
64808Fail2ban apache-auth.conf input validation🔒🔒
64807Red Hat hawtjni code injection [CVE-2013-2035]🔒
64806Erikwebb Password Policy password_policy_admin_view cross site scripting
64805BOTCHA information disclosure [CVE-2013-4272]
64804Stage File Proxy denial of service [CVE-2013-4139]
64803Alienwp Hatch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4138]
64802Fast Permission Administration Administration Module access control
64801Login Security memory corruption [CVE-2013-2197]
64800Nodeaccess Userreference Module User Account access control [CVE-2013-2123]
64799Novell openSUSE input validation [CVE-2013-4111]🔒🔒
64798Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization resource management [CVE-2013-2176]🔒
64797HP StoreOnce D2D denial of service [CVE-2013-2353]
64796SearchBlox path traversal [CVE-2013-3598]🔒
64795SearchBlox information disclosure [CVE-2013-3597]🔒
64794SearchBlox File Upload code injection [CVE-2013-3590]🔒
64793Samsung Smart Viewer improper authentication [CVE-2013-3586]🔒
64792Samsung Smart Viewer Web View credentials management [CVE-2013-3585]🔒
64791Corporater EPM Suite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3584]
64790Corporater EPM Suite Change Password saveProperties.html cross-site request forgery
64789Softwaretoolbox TOP Server input validation [CVE-2013-2804]
64788Schneider Electric Tburjr900 Encryption Key cryptographic issues
64785IBM Cognos Business Intelligence path traversal [CVE-2013-2988]
64784IBM Cognos Business Intelligence path traversal [CVE-2013-2978]
64783IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0586]
64782StarUML ActiveX Control WINGRAPHVIZLib.NEATO memory corruption
64781Intel WiMAX Network Service L5SocketsDispatcher.c numeric error
64780Intel WiMAX Network Service InitMethodAndPassword cryptographic issues
64779Intel WiMAX Network Service OSAL_Crypt_SetEncryptedPassword cryptographic issues
64778Intel WiMAX Network Service Trace_OpenLogFile access control
64777Cisco Unified Communications Manager memory corruption [CVE-2013-3462]🔒
64776Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3461]🔒
64775Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3460]🔒
64774Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3459]🔒
64773Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource management
64772Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource management
64771Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource management
64770Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance resource management
64769Myrephp MYRE Business Directory search.php cross site scripting
64768Myrephp MYRE Business Directory links.php sql injection
64767Myrephp MYRE Vacation Rental cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6587]
64766Myrephp MYRE Vacation Rental sql injection [CVE-2012-6586]
64765Myrephp MYRE Realty Manager search.php cross site scripting
64764Myrephp MYRE Realty Manager sql injection [CVE-2012-6584]
64763IncrediMail ActiveX Control INCREDISPOOLERLib.Pop memory corruption
64762Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5587]🔒
64761Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine code injection [CVE-2013-4172]
64760Best Practical RT File information disclosure🔒🔒
64759Best Practical RT code injection [CVE-2013-3373]🔒🔒
64758Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3372]🔒🔒
64757Best Practical RT cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3371]🔒🔒
64756Best Practical RT access control [CVE-2013-3370]🔒🔒
64755Best Practical RT Administration Page cross site scriting [CVE-2013-3369]🔒🔒
64754Best Practical rt link following [CVE-2013-3368]🔒🔒
64753Cacti snmp.php code injection🔒🔒
64752Cacti Utility api_poller.php sql injection🔒🔒
64751Best Practical RT credentials management [CVE-2012-4733]🔒🔒
64750Simon Tatham PuTTY memory corruption [CVE-2011-4607]🔒🔒
64749Axel Jung Js Css Optimizer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5570]
64748Heiko Sudar Slideshare sql injection [CVE-2013-5569]
64747Imagemenu cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6583]
64746Cisco Unified Communications Manager resource management [CVE-2013-3453]🔒
64745OSIsoft PI Interface memory corruption [CVE-2013-2801]
64744OSIsoft PI Interface resource management [CVE-2013-2800]
64743Kepware KEPServerEX Communications Platform resource management
64742Advantech WebAccess cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2299]
64741Sixnet UDR Firmware via code injection
64740Janrain Php-openid memory allocation [CVE-2013-4701]🔒🔒
64739Yahoo! Japan Shopping Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4700]
64738Yahoo! Yafuoku! Certificates cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4699]
64737IBM Global Console Manager 32 ping.php input validation🔒🔒
64736Monster Menus access control [CVE-2013-4230]
64735Monster Menus cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4229]
64734Puppetlabs Puppet nodes credentials management🔒
64733Puppetlabs Puppet access control [CVE-2013-4964]🔒
64732Puppetlabs Puppet credentials management [CVE-2013-4962]🔒
64731Puppetlabs Puppet information disclosure [CVE-2013-4961]🔒
64730Puppetlabs Puppet Browser Cache information disclosure [CVE-2013-4959]🔒
64729Puppetlabs Puppet improper authentication [CVE-2013-4958]🔒
64728Puppetlabs Puppet access control [CVE-2013-4956]🔒🔒
64727Puppetlabs Puppet Login Page input validation [CVE-2013-4955]🔒
64726Puppetlabs Puppet input validation [CVE-2013-4762]🔒
64725Puppetlabs Puppet File System Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4761]🔒🔒
64724OpenStack Swift memory corruption [CVE-2013-4155]🔒🔒
64723SPICE resource management [CVE-2013-4130]🔒🔒
64722Apache XML Security for C++ memory corruption [CVE-2013-2210]🔒🔒
64721OpenStack Grizzly code injection [CVE-2013-2161]🔒🔒
64720OpenStack Keystone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2157]🔒🔒
64719Apache XML Security for C++ memory corruption [CVE-2013-2156]🔒🔒
64718Apache XML Security for C++ verify input validation🔒🔒
64717Apache XML Security for C++ getURIBaseTXFM memory corruption🔒🔒
64716Apache XML Security for C++ cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2153]🔒🔒
64715Stanislas Rolland Static Info Tables cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5323]
64714Jan Bednarik CoolURI sql injection [CVE-2013-5322]
64713Spambot cross site scripting
64712AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management sql injection
64711Sourcetreesolutions mojoPortal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5320]
64710Atlassian JIRA Admin Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5319]🔒
64709Benjamin Arnaudetr Ginkgocms index.php sql injection
64708RiteCMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5317]
64707RiteCMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5316]
64706Alcatel-Lucent Omnitouch 8460 Advanced Communication Server Reflected cross site scripting
64705ows Scald cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5315]
64704Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization denial of service [CVE-2013-4236]🔒
64703Ows Scald scald_image_scald_prerender cross site scripting
64702Novell Suse Linux Enterprise Server input validation [CVE-2013-3567]🔒🔒
64701Apache CXF XML Parser resource management [CVE-2013-2160]🔒🔒
64700Apache CloudStack cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2136]
64699Mesa3d Mesa Array Access remove_dead_constants memory corruption🔒🔒
64698Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization denial of service [CVE-2013-0167]🔒
64697Red Hat Jboss Fuse Esb Enterprise WS-Security cryptographic issues🔒
64696S9y serendipity serendipity_admin_image_selector.php cross site scripting
64695BigTree CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5313]🔒
64694Vastal phpVID browse_videos.php cross site scripting
64693Vastal phpVID browse_videos.php sql injection
64692BigTree CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4881]🔒
64691Canonical Linux config [CVE-2013-2175]🔒🔒
64690HP Service Manager privileges management [CVE-2013-4808]
64689Happyworm Jplayer ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2022]
64688Pip-installer pip link following [CVE-2013-1888]🔒🔒
64687Mauro Lorenzutti wfqbe sql injection [CVE-2013-5310]
64686Ilia Alshanetsky FUDforum cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5309]
64685Juralsulek realurlmanagement cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5308]
64684Kennziffer Ke Search cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5307]
64683Die-netzmacher Browser sql injection [CVE-2013-5306]
64682Joachim Ruhs Locator cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5305]
64681Joachim Ruhs Locator sql injection [CVE-2013-5304]
64680Joachim Ruhs Locator Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5303]
64679Kennziffer Ke Search sql injection [CVE-2013-5302]
64678Trustport Webfilter help.php path traversal🔒🔒
64677Henri Wahl Nagstamon credentials management [CVE-2013-4114]🔒🔒
64676Cybozu Mailwise information disclosure [CVE-2013-4698]
64675IBM Advanced Management Module adv_sw.php cross site scripting
64674IBM InfoSphere Information Server User Account information disclosure
64673IBM InfoSphere Information Server Web Console cross site scripting
64672IBM InfoSphere Information Server User Interface cross site scripting
64671AlienVault Open Source Security Information Management cross site scripting
64670MongoDB null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-2132]🔒🔒
64669Happyworm Jplayer ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2023]
64668ownCloud ActionScript cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1942]
64667Apache Open For Business Project input validation [CVE-2013-2250]🔒
64666Apache Open For Business Project cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2137]
64665PHPFox sql injection [CVE-2013-5121]
64664LibRaw memory corruption [CVE-2013-2127]🔒🔒
64663LibRaw libraw_cxx.cpp unpack resource management🔒🔒
64662BigTree CMS add.php cross site scripting🔒
64661BigTree CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-4879]🔒🔒
64660IOServer driver19.exe input validation
64659HP H3c Ethernet Switch denial of service [CVE-2013-4806]🔒
64658Cisco Finesse Web Interface path traversal [CVE-2013-3457]
64657Cisco Finesse credentials management [CVE-2013-3455]
64656IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface cryptographic issues
64655IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface unknown vulnerability
64654IBM System X3250 M4 Intelligent Platform Management Interface credentials management
64653Selinc SEL-3530 input validation [CVE-2013-2798]
64652Schneider Electric CitectSCADA access control [CVE-2013-2796]
64651Selinc SEL-3530 input validation [CVE-2013-2792]
64650IBM Sterling B2B Integrator resource management [CVE-2013-0494]
64649IBM Informix Open Admin Tool cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0492]
64648Moxa Oncell Gateway G3211 Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-3039]
64647Franz Holzinger Static Methods t3lib_div::quoteJSvalue cross site scripting
64646SilverStripe cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6458]
64645Anchor CMS article.php cross site scripting
64644Mikejolley Download Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5098]
64643Cotonti Cotonti Siena sql injection [CVE-2013-4789]🔒
64642Magnolia Form module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4759]
64641NetWin SurgeFTP memory corruption [CVE-2013-4742]
64640Cory Lamle Duplicator Installer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4625]
64639OpenEMR cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4620]
64638OpenEMR sql injection [CVE-2013-4619]
64637Alkacon OpenCms cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4600]
64636YARD RADIUS log.c build_version format string
64635Mikejolley Download Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3262]
64634XnView memory corruption [CVE-2013-2577]🔒🔒🔒
64633B-e-soft Artweaver memory corruption [CVE-2013-2576]🔒
64632Sagelight numeric error [CVE-2013-3480]
64631Xhanch My Twitter cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3253]
64630Jason A Donenfeld cgit Filesystem ui-summary.c cgit_parse_readme path traversal🔒🔒
64629Siemens COMOS access control [CVE-2013-4943]
64628Nttdocomo overseas usage improper authentication [CVE-2013-3659]
64626Shareaholic SexyBookmarks cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3256]
64625Cisco TelePresence System Software Default Password credentials management
64624Ni lookout ActiveX Control lookout650.ocx memory corruption
64623ni LabWindows ActiveX Control exlauncher.dll denial of service
64622NI Measurementstudio ActiveX Control NationalInstruments.Help2.dll information disclosure
64621NI Diadem ActiveX Control denial of service [CVE-2013-5023]
64620Ni Teststand ActiveX Control cw3dgrph.ocx path traversal
64619Ni Teststand ActiveX Control cwui.ocx path traversal
64618IBM InfoSphere BigInsights input validation [CVE-2013-3996]
64617IBM InfoSphere BigInsights cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3995]
64616IBM InfoSphere BigInsights cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3992]
64615Python setuptools input validation [CVE-2013-1633]🔒🔒
64614Guillaume Gauvrit pyshop input validation [CVE-2013-1630]
64613Pip-installer pip input validation [CVE-2013-1629]🔒🔒
64612HP Integrated Lights-out Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4805]
64611Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgery
64610Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgery
64609Cisco Unified Communications Manager Web Portal information disclosure
64608Cisco Unified Computing System access control [CVE-2013-1190]
64607Monkey HTTP Daemon mk_request.c mk_request_header_process input validation🔒
64605Cisco Wide Area Application Services Web Framework os command injection
64604Cisco Wide Area Application Services Web Service Framework input validation
64603Cisco Vc240 Network Bullet Camera denial of service [CVE-2012-3913]
64602Siemens WinCC input validation [CVE-2013-4912]
64601Siemens WinCC cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4911]
64600Siemens Scalance W788-1pro Management Interface memory corruption
64599Siemens Scalance W788-1pro Installation credentials management
64598MiniBB bb_admin.php cross site scripting
64597Vector Ultra Mini HTTPD memory corruption [CVE-2013-5019]
64596Novell Client numeric error [CVE-2013-3697]🔒
64595GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Cimplicity CimWebServer.exe memory corruption
64594CA Service Desk Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2630]
64593Radius Extension radius_get_vendor_attr memory corruption🔒🔒
64592389 Directory Server access control [CVE-2013-2219]🔒🔒
64591Reviewboard Review Board cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2209]🔒🔒
64590Red Hat Openstack code injection [CVE-2013-2121]
64589Red Hat Openstack access control [CVE-2013-2113]
64588Red Hat Network Satellite improper authentication [CVE-2013-2056]🔒
64587EMC NetWorker information disclosure [CVE-2013-0943]
64586Wdc My Net Firmware main_internet.php credentials management🔒🔒
64585Hitachi IT Operations Director Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-4697]
64584HP SiteScope SOAP memory corruption [CVE-2013-2367]🔒🔒
64583Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2013-1377]🔒
64582phpMyAdmin Error Message config.default.php information disclosure🔒
64581phpMyAdmin Error Message Error.class.php information disclosure🔒
64580Wireshark Netmon File Parser netmon_open memory corruption🔒🔒
64579Genetechsolutions Pie-Register wp-login.php cross site scripting
64578Topgames Top Games Script play.php sql injection
64577Elemata Elemata CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-4952]
64576Mintboard cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4951]
64575Appnitro Machform view.php cross site scripting
64574Appnitro Machform File Upload view.php unrestricted upload
64573Appnitro Machform view.php sql injection
64572Sawmill Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4947]🔒
64571BMC Service Desk Express QV_admin.aspx cross site scripting
64570BMC Service Desk Express Dashboard DashBoardGUI.aspx sql injection
64569Drupalisme TinyBox cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4140]
64568Fusedpress Buddypress-extended-frienship-request cross site scripting
64567Monkey HTTP Daemon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2181]
64566Kingsoft Spreadsheets 2012 etxrw.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-0723]
64565HP Network Node Manager I Enterprise Portal Platform denial of service🔒
64564TrustGo Antivirus / Mobile Security input validation [CVE-2013-3580]
64563IBM Tivoli Remote Control sql injection [CVE-2013-3033]
64562Moodle flashuploader.swf cross site scripting
64561Moodle uploader.swf cross site scripting
64560Moodle io.swf cross site scripting
64559Moodle io.swf cross site scripting
64558Moodle mod_form access control [CVE-2013-4938]
64557Moodle lib.php access control [CVE-2013-2246]🔒🔒
64556Moodle improper authentication [CVE-2013-2245]🔒🔒
64555Moodle conditionlib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2244]🔒🔒
64554Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-2243]🔒🔒
64553Moodle Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2242]🔒🔒
64552HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4801]🔒🔒
64551HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4800]🔒🔒
64550HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4799]🔒
64549HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4798]🔒
64548HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-4797]🔒
64547HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-2370]🔒
64546HP LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2013-2369]🔒
64545HP LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2013-2368]🔒
64544HP Application Lifecycle Management cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4802]🔒
64543Cisco Identity Services Engine access control [CVE-2013-3445]
64542Liftweb Lift memory corruption [CVE-2013-3300]
64541Cisco Video Surveillance Manager improper authentication [CVE-2013-3431]🔒
64540Cisco Video Surveillance Manager improper authentication [CVE-2013-3430]🔒
64539Cisco Video Surveillance Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-3429]🔒
64538IBM Social Media Analytics cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3999]
64537IBM Star Command Center Web Client cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3979]
64536Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing Access Restriction access control
64535Best Practical Request Tracker Stored access control [CVE-2012-6581]🔒
64534Best Practical Request Tracker Encryption cryptographic issues🔒
64533Best Practical Request Tracker Encryption cryptographic issues🔒
64532Best Practical Request Tracker cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6578]🔒
64530Cisco Unified Operations Manager Administrative Web Interface cross site scripting
64529Cisco Unified Operations Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3439]
64528Cisco Unified Operations Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3437]🔒
64527Cisco Unified IP Conference Station 7937G Networking resource management
64525HP Database/Middleware Automation information disclosure [CVE-2013-2365]
64524HP System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2364]🔒🔒
64523HP System Management Homepage information disclosure [CVE-2013-2363]🔒🔒
64522HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2362]🔒🔒
64521HP System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2361]🔒🔒
64520HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2360]🔒🔒
64519HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2359]🔒🔒
64518HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2358]🔒🔒
64517HP System Management Homepage denial of service [CVE-2013-2357]🔒🔒
64516HP System Management Homepage information disclosure [CVE-2013-2356]🔒🔒
64515HP System Management Homepage Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
64514HP System Management Homepage Access Restriction access control🔒🔒
64513Markus Blaschke Tq Seo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4871]
64512News Search sql injection [CVE-2013-4870]
64511Cybozu Cybozu Office improper authentication [CVE-2013-3656]
64510Nashtech Easy PHP Calendar index.php cross site scripting
64509Apache ActiveMQ scheduled.jsp cross site scripting🔒
64508WordPress swfupload.swf "ExternalInterfacecall" cross site scripting🔒
64507EMC Avamar Server input validation [CVE-2013-3275]
64506EMC Avamar Server Authorization access control [CVE-2013-3274]
64505IBM API Management information disclosure [CVE-2013-0559]
64504Parallels Plesk Panel Default Configuration access control [CVE-2013-4878]🔒🔒
64502IBM Lotus Notes Parser memory corruption [CVE-2012-6349]
64501Verizon Wireless Network Extender improper authentication [CVE-2013-4877]
64500Verizon Wireless Network Extender Login Prompt credentials management
64499Verizon Wireless Network Extender Login Prompt improper authentication
64498Verizon Wireless Network Extender improper authentication [CVE-2013-4874]
64497Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch os command injection [CVE-2013-4781]
64496Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch information disclosure [CVE-2013-4780]
64495Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4779]
64494Siemens Enterprise OpenScape Branch information disclosure [CVE-2013-4778]
64493ubnt Aircam Mini Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2013-1606]🔒
64492Cisco Unified Communications Manager Encryption Key credentials management
64491Cisco Unified Communications Manager untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3434]
64490Cisco Unified Communications Manager Local Privilege Escalation
64489Cisco Unified Communications Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3412]
64488Cisco Unified Communications Manager sql injection [CVE-2013-3404]
64487Cisco Unified Communications Manager untrusted search path [CVE-2013-3403]
64486Cisco Unified Communications Manager unspecified code injection
64485Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-2135]🔒🔒🔒
64484Quade Edit Limit access control [CVE-2013-2122]
64483Drupal Chaos Tool Suite access control [CVE-2013-1925]
64482Acquia Commons Commons Module access control [CVE-2013-1908]
64481Acquia Commons Commons Module access control [CVE-2013-1907]
64480Drupal File System access control [CVE-2013-0246]🔒
64479Drupal access control [CVE-2013-0245]🔒🔒
64478Anshul Sharma Category-grid-view-gallery cross site scripting🔒
64477Mdolon Sharebar cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3491]
64476Wave Embassy Remote Administration Server Help Desk sql injection
64475Wave Embassy Remote Administration Server Help Desk sql injection
64474HP Network Node Manager i denial of service [CVE-2013-2351]🔒
64473Metin Saylan Dropdown Menu Widget cross-site request forgery
64472Sharp Aquos Hn-pp150 Networking denial of service [CVE-2013-3655]
64471BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform memory corruption
64470BlackBerry QNX Software Development Platform bpe_decompress memory corruption
64469Cisco Unified MeetingPlace Web Conferencing cross site scripting
64468Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Management Interface resource management
64467Apache Geronimo code injection [CVE-2013-1777]
64466Apache OpenJPA Serialization access control [CVE-2013-1768]🔒🔒
64465Alstom MiCOM S1 Studio access control [CVE-2013-2786]
64464Triplc Nano-10 PLC Networking cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2784]
64463HP SAN/iQ credentials management [CVE-2013-2352]🔒
64462Lookout Security / Antivirus denial of service [CVE-2013-3579]
64461Cisco Unified Service Monitor Web Framework cross site scripting
64460Cisco Virtualization Experience Client 6000 access control [CVE-2013-3408]
64459Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager cross site scripting
64458Cisco Telepresence Tc Software access control [CVE-2013-3405]
64457Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-2115]🔒🔒🔒
64456VideoLAN VLC Media Player ASF Demuxer asf.c memory corruption🔒🔒
64455XMLSoft libxml2 parser.c memory corruption🔒🔒
64454SPIP privileges management [CVE-2013-2118]🔒🔒
64453OpenStack Grizzly File System resource management [CVE-2013-2096]🔒🔒
64452strongSwan Encryption atodn memory corruption🔒🔒
64451Openswan Encryption atodn memory corruption🔒🔒
64450HP Integrated Lights-out Bmc improper authentication [CVE-2013-4784]
64449Supermicro BMC improper authentication [CVE-2013-4782]
64448EMC Replication Manager credentials management [CVE-2013-3272]
64447WordPress Default Configuration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2205]🔒🔒
64446WordPress input validation [CVE-2013-2204]🔒🔒
64445WordPress Error Message access control [CVE-2013-2203]🔒🔒
64444WordPress information disclosure [CVE-2013-2202]🔒🔒
64443WordPress Installation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2201]🔒🔒
64442WordPress Capabilities access control [CVE-2013-2200]🔒🔒
64441WordPress access control [CVE-2013-2199]🔒🔒
64440WordPress cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0236]🔒🔒
64439Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console information disclosure
64438Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console cross site scripting
64437Symantec Security Information Manager Management Console sql injection
64436HP Procurve Switch memory corruption [CVE-2013-2341]🔒
64435HP Procurve Switch memory corruption [CVE-2013-2340]🔒
64434IBM Business Process Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0581]
64433MongoDB access control [CVE-2013-4650]🔒
64432Lianja Lianja SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-3563]
64431Cisco Identity Services Engine Software cross site scripting
64424Freedesktop dbus _dbus_printf_string_upper_bound input validation🔒🔒
64423Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2013-2144]🔒
64422Remotesensing libtiff tiff2pdf t2p_write_pdf_page memory corruption🔒🔒
64421Remotesensing libtiff tiff2pdf t2p_process_jpeg_strip memory corruption🔒🔒
64420IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-3020]
64419IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-2987]
64418IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-2985]
64417IBM Sterling File Gateway path traversal [CVE-2013-2984]
64416IBM Sterling File Gateway Remote Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-2982]
64415IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0568]
64414IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0567]
64413IBM Sterling File Gateway sql injection [CVE-2013-0560]
64412IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0558]
64411IBM Sterling File Gateway credentials management [CVE-2013-0539]
64410IBM Sterling File Gateway Console information disclosure [CVE-2013-0481]
64409IBM Sterling File Gateway Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-0479]
64408IBM Sterling File Gateway FTP Command privileges management [CVE-2013-0476]
64407IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0475]
64406IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0468]
64405IBM Sterling File Gateway information disclosure [CVE-2013-0463]
64404IBM Sterling File Gateway unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-0456]
64403IBM Sterling B2B Integrator cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5936]
64402IBM Sterling B2B Integrator screen sql injection [CVE-2012-5766]
64401HP LeftHand Virtual SAN Appliance hydra memory corruption [CVE-2013-2343]🔒
64396IBM IMS Enterprise Suite SOAP privileges management [CVE-2013-3003]
64395IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2983]
64394IBM Sterling File Gateway cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0455]
64393Cisco TelePresence TC Software unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3401]
64392Cisco Desktop Collaboration Experience memory corruption [CVE-2013-3399]
64391Choice Wireless WIXFMR-111 ajax.cgi improper authentication
64390Usertask Center Messaging cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4749]
64389Georg Ringer News sql injection [CVE-2013-4748]
64388Kasper Skarhoj Accessible Is Browse Results cross site scripting
64387Kurt Gusbeth myquizpoll cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4746]
64386Kurt Gusbeth myquizpoll sql injection [CVE-2013-4745]
64385PHPUnit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4744]
64384Atlassian Crowd Backdoor command injection [CVE-2013-3926] [Disputed]
64383Atlassian Crowd input validation [CVE-2013-3925]🔒
64382Services cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2158]
64381TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6148]🔒
64380TYPO3 cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6147]🔒🔒
64379TYPO3 History Module cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6145]🔒🔒
64378TYPO3 History Module sql injection [CVE-2012-6144]🔒🔒
64377LOCKON EC-CUBE Search Feature cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3653]
64376LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3652]
64375Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Default Password access control🔒
64374Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4734]
64373Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS access control [CVE-2013-4733]
64372Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS credentials management [CVE-2013-4732] [Disputed]
64371Choice-wireless WIXFMR-111 ajax.cgi improper authentication
64370Monroe Electronics R189 One-Net EAS Default Configuration cryptographic issues🔒
64369LOCKON EC-CUBE path traversal [CVE-2013-3654]
64368LOCKON EC-CUBE code injection [CVE-2013-3651]
64367LOCKON EC-CUBE lfCheckFileName path traversal
64366HP StoreOnce D2D Default Password credentials management [CVE-2013-2342]🔒
64365HP Smart Zero Core denial of service [CVE-2013-2339]
64364DS3 Authentication Server input validation [CVE-2013-4098]
64363DS3 Authentication Server Error Message path traversal [CVE-2013-4097]
64362DS3 Authentication Server input validation [CVE-2013-4096]
64361Imperva SecureSphere input validation [CVE-2013-4095]
64360Imperva SecureSphere input validation [CVE-2013-4094]
64359Imperva SecureSphere Error Message path traversal [CVE-2013-4093]
64358Imperva SecureSphere Browser History secsphLogin.jsp credentials management
64357Imperva SecureSphere Login Page secsphLogin.jsp credentials management
64356KENT-WEB CLIP-MAIL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3649]
64355KENT-WEB POST-MAIL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3648]
64354Indra EDItran Communications Platform lsConnectionCached memory corruption
64353JS-YAML input validation [CVE-2013-4660]
64352HP Nonstop Sql/mx Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-2323]
64351HP Nonstop Sql/mx information disclosure [CVE-2013-2322]
643423ds Push2rss 3ds sql injection [CVE-2013-4721]
64341Webempoweredchurch WEC Discussion sql injection [CVE-2013-4720]
64340Lina Wolf Seo Pack For Tt News sql injection [CVE-2013-4719]
64339Typoheads Formhandler sql injection [CVE-2012-6577]
64338Antti Alamki PRH Search Search Module cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6576]
64337Mobile4social Exposed Filter Data cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6575]
64336Soprano Fonecta verify cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6574]
64335Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Web Framework information disclosure
64334Cisco Unified Communications Manager cross-site request forgery
64333Cisco Virtualization Experience Media Engine input validation
64332Christophe Balisky Meta Feedit sql injection [CVE-2013-4683]
64331Bas Van Beek Multishop sql injection [CVE-2013-4682]
64330Michael Staatz sofortueberweisung2commerce sql injection [CVE-2013-4681]
64329Urs Maag Maag Form Captcha unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-4680]
64328Kristof De Jaeger Display Suite cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2177]
64327Jordan De Laune MP3 Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1971]
64326Alejandro Garza Apachesolr Autocomplete cross site scripting
64325Nathan Haug Webform Webform Module cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2129]
64324Yoran Brault Filebrowser cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2036]
64323Alexey Sukhotin elFinder cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1972]
64322Wolfgang Ziegler Rules cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1906]
64321PHP fileinfo mget input validation🔒🔒
64320WordPress WP Maintenance Mode plugin cross-site request forgery
64319Kong Inf08 template.php phptemplate_preprocess_node cross site scripting
64318IBM Tivoli Monitoring Basic Services input validation [CVE-2013-2961]
64317IBM Sterling Connect Direct User Interface access control [CVE-2013-0529]
64316IBM Sterling Connect Direct User Interface Console information disclosure
64315Cisco TelePresence TC Software access control [CVE-2013-3379]🔒
64314Cisco Telepresence Te Software input validation [CVE-2013-3378]🔒
64313Cisco Telepresence Quick Set C20 resource management [CVE-2013-3377]🔒
64312WordPress cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2173]🔒🔒
64311Raphael Zschorsch rzautocomplete sql injection [CVE-2013-4634]
64310Catalin Florian Radut Zeropoint cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1905]
64309CurvyCorners cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1393]
64308Huawei Seco Versatile Security Manager access control [CVE-2013-4633]
64307Huawei S3700 cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6571]
64306Huawei S3700 memory corruption [CVE-2012-6570]
64305Huawei S3700 memory corruption [CVE-2012-6569]
64304Huawei UTPS Configuration File memory corruption [CVE-2012-6568]
64303Huawei E200E-X1 Stored cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4960]
64302IBM Sterling Control Center cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2969]
64301IBM Sterling Control Center memory corruption [CVE-2013-2968]
64300Siemens COMOS Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-3927]
64299Cybozu Live webView Class information disclosure [CVE-2013-3647]
64298Cybozu Live code [CVE-2013-3646]
64297JustSystems Ichitaro memory corruption [CVE-2013-3644]
64296REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4612]
64295REDCap Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4611]
64294REDCap Utility Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-4610]
64293REDCap Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-4609]
64292REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4608]
64291IBM Data Studio Web Console path traversal [CVE-2013-2981]
64290IBM Data Studio cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2980]
64289Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scripting🔒
64288Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scripting🔒
64287Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scripting🔒
64286Novell ZENworks Configuration Management Login Page fwdToURL input validation🔒
64285REDCap input validation [CVE-2012-6567]
64284REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6566]
64283REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6565]
64282REDCap cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6564]
64281Adgjm Galapagos Browser webView Class information disclosure
64280Adgjm Angel Browser webView Class information disclosure [CVE-2013-3642]
64279IBM Lotus Quickr for Domino ActiveX Control memory corruption🔒🔒
64278SoftBank Android smartphone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2310]
64277Tejimaya OpenPNE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2309]
64276Faircom c-treeACE Default Configuration cryptographic issues
64275libchromeXvMC numeric error [CVE-2013-1994]🔒🔒
64274Mesa3d Mesa numeric error [CVE-2013-1993]🔒🔒
64273libXext numeric error [CVE-2013-1982]🔒🔒
64272Siemens WinCC User Account information disclosure [CVE-2013-3959]
64271Siemens WinCC credentials management [CVE-2013-3958]
64270Siemens WinCC screen sql injection [CVE-2013-3957]
64269IOServer input validation [CVE-2013-2783]
64268HP Integrated Lights-out 3 Firmware memory corruption [CVE-2013-2338]🔒
64267HP System Management Homepage os command injection [CVE-2013-3576]🔒🔒
64266HP Service Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2337]
64265HP Service Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-2336]
64264Orchard Orchard.Comments cross site scripting
64263Cisco Video Surveillance Operations Manager input validation
64262Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scripting
64260Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution resource management [CVE-2013-3381]
64259Pizzahut Pizza Hut Japan Official Order application Certificates cryptographic issues
64258FileMaker Filemaker Pro Advanced Publish cross site scripting
64257FileMaker Filemaker Pro Advanced Certificates cryptographic issues
64256Linux Kernel kvm_vm_ioctl_assign_device access control🔒🔒
64255Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2011-4098]
64254Linux Kernel br_parse_ip_options resource management🔒🔒
64253Linux Kernel apparmor_setprocattr input validation🔒🔒
64252Red Hat Enterprise Linux vlan_hwaccel_do_receive resource management🔒🔒
64251Red Hat Enterprise Linux Promiscuous Mode denial of service [CVE-2011-3347]🔒🔒
64250Red Hat Enterprise Linux Subsystem denial of service [CVE-2011-2693]
64249Linux Kernel sctp_sock_migrate null pointer dereference🔒🔒
64248Linux Kernel cifs_find_smb_ses access control🔒🔒
64247Linux Kernel iriap_getvaluebyclass_indication memory corruption🔒🔒
64246QNAP Viostor Network Video Recorder cross-site request forgery🔒
64245QNAP Surveillance Station Pro code injection [CVE-2013-0143]🔒
64244QNAP Surveillance Station Pro credentials management [CVE-2013-0142]🔒
64243Linux Kernel tcp_read_sock memory corruption🔒🔒
64242Linux Kernel bat_socket_read memory corruption🔒🔒
64241HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2335]🔒🔒
64240HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2334]🔒🔒
64239HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2333]🔒🔒
64238HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2332]🔒🔒
64237HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2331]🔒🔒
64236HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2330]🔒🔒
64235HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2329]🔒🔒
64234HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2328]🔒🔒
64233HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2327]🔒🔒
64232HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2326]🔒🔒
64231HP Storage Data Protector memory corruption [CVE-2013-2325]🔒🔒
64230Jig MovatwiTouch Paid Authorization access control [CVE-2013-2318]
64229IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors memory corruption
64228IBM Tivoli Netcool System Service Monitors Manifest memory corruption
64227IBM QRadar Security Information/Event Manager privileges management
64226Fenrir-inc Sleipnir Mobile Address Bar authentication spoofing
64225Yahoo! Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2316]
64224IBM SPSS Data Collection cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0464]🔒
64223Photogallerycreator Flash-album-gallery cross site scripting
64222Mutiny Mutiny Virtual Appliance path traversal [CVE-2013-0136]🔒
64221TIBCO Silver Mobile access control [CVE-2013-3315]
64220Cisco Prime Infrastructure cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1247]
64219Cisco TelePresence System Software resource management [CVE-2013-1246]
64218PsychoStats awards.php sql injection
64217Feedweb widget_remove.php cross site scripting
64216Algisinfo aiContactSafe cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3719]
64215LOCKON EC-CUBE reminder input validation
64214LOCKON EC-CUBE Authorization adminAuthorization cross site scripting
64213LOCKON EC-CUBE improper authentication [CVE-2013-2313]
64212LOCKON EC-CUBE cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2312]
64211MIT Kerberos schpw.c input validation🔒🔒
64210Red Hat livecd-tools access control [CVE-2013-2069]🔒🔒
64209Red Hat libvirt remoteDispatchStoragePoolListAllVolumes resource management🔒🔒
64208IBM Sterling Connect access control [CVE-2013-2989]
64207IBM Rational Directory Server information disclosure [CVE-2013-0599]🔒
64206IBM Tivoli Monitoring Enterprise Portal cross site scripting
64205IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite credentials management
64204IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite cross site scripting
64203IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Console sql injection
64202IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Stored cross site scripting
64201IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite improper authentication
64200IBM InfoSphere Optim Data Growth for Oracle E-Business Suite Certificates cryptographic issues
64199Wireshark tvb_unmasked numeric error🔒🔒
64198Wireshark MySQL Dissector numeric error [CVE-2013-3561]🔒🔒
64197Wireshark MPEG DSM-CC Dissector dissect_dsmcc_un_download format string🔒🔒
64196Wireshark PPP CCP Dissector dissect_ccp_bsdcomp_opt numeric error🔒🔒
64195Wireshark dissect_ber_choice memory corruption🔒🔒
64194Wireshark fragment_add_seq_common input validation🔒🔒
64193Wireshark GTPv2 Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-3555]🔒🔒
64192Moodle formslib.php input validation [CVE-2013-2083]🔒🔒
64191Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2082]🔒🔒
64190Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2081]🔒🔒
64189Moodle access control [CVE-2013-2080]🔒🔒
64188Moodle locallib.php access control [CVE-2013-2079]🔒🔒
64187Microsoft Windows bFlatten path traversal🔒
64186Microsoft Windows pprFlattenRec memory corruption🔒🔒
64185Siemens Scalance X204irt Firmware input validation [CVE-2013-3634]🔒
64184Siemens Scalance X204irt access control [CVE-2013-3633]🔒
64183TURCK Bl20 Programmable Gateway credentials management [CVE-2012-4697]
64182MICROSYS PROMOTIC ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2011-4520]🔒
64181MICROSYS PROMOTIC ActiveX memory corruption [CVE-2011-4519]🔒
64180MICROSYS PROMOTIC path traversal [CVE-2011-4518]🔒
64179Elgg Cache access.php access control
64178Elgg useradd users.php access control
64177Elgg views.php cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6561]🔒
64176FreeNAC deviceadd.php input validation🔒
64175FreeNAC stats.php cross site scripting🔒
64174HeavenTools PE Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2012-6558]
64173Zodiacdm Aboutme-plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6557]
64172Jspautsch FirstLastNames cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6556]
64171Sahotataran LatestComment cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6555]
64170A51dev Activecollab Chat Module preg_replace input validation
64169Angusj Resource Hacker memory corruption [CVE-2012-6553]
641683s-software Codesys Gateway-server Server App resource management
64167Infotecs ViPNet Client access control [CVE-2013-3496]
64166Web2py cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2311]
64165OpenStack Keystone improper authentication [CVE-2013-2059]🔒🔒
64164OpenStack Keystone Debug Mode information disclosure [CVE-2013-2006]🔒🔒
64163OpenStack devstack keystone.conf access control
64162Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Aus credentials management [CVE-2012-6137]🔒🔒
64161Canonical Linux input validation [CVE-2007-6746]🔒🔒
64160EMC Celerra Control Station access control [CVE-2013-3270]
64159Vercot Serva32 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0145]
64158Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-2728]🔒🔒
64157Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Maintenance Service access control [CVE-2013-1673]🔒🔒
64156Cisco Telepresence Supervisor Mse 8050 Software input validation🔒
64155Cisco Unified Communications Manager improper authentication
64154Wesley Destailleur forum todooforum.php cross site scripting
64153Wesley Destailleur forum todooforum.php sql injection
64152WHMCS Group Pay functions_hash.php gp_LoadUserFromHash sql injection
64151Themelogik CMSLogik cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3535]
64150Algisinfo aiContactSafe cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3534]
64149Linux Foundation Xen access control [CVE-2013-1922]🔒🔒
64148389 Directory Server do_search access control🔒🔒
64147Cisco IOS Encryption resource management [CVE-2013-1136]
64146Virtualaccess Virtual Access Monitor sql injection [CVE-2013-3533]
64145Webdorado Spider Video Player settings.php sql injection
64144RadioCMS meneger.php sql injection
64143Fabricio Zuardi XSPF Player plugin playlist.php sql injection
64142Smartypantsplugins Wp-funeral-press cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3529]
64141Vanilla Forums Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3528]
64140Vanilla Forums sql injection [CVE-2013-3527]
64139Wptrafficanalyzer Trafficanalyzer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3526]🔒
64138Best Practical Request Tracker Approvals sql injection [Disputed]
64137Simpilotgroup Pop Up News popupnewsitem sql injection
64136Gajennings This sql injection [CVE-2013-3523]
64135vBulletin sql injection [CVE-2013-3522]
64134phpVMS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-6552]
64133Wppa.opajaap Wp-photo-album-plus cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3254]
64132Netweblogic Login With Ajax cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2707]
64131Cisco Unified Presence Server Web Framework resource management
64130EMC AlphaStor memory corruption [CVE-2013-0946]🔒
64129EMC Documentum Webtop input validation [CVE-2013-0939]
64128EMC Documentum Webtop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0938]
64127EMC Documentum Webtop improper authentication [CVE-2013-0937]
64126IBM Sterling Selling/Fulfillment Foundation improper authentication
64125IBM Sterling Secure Proxy input validation [CVE-2013-0520]
64124IBM Sterling Secure Proxy information disclosure [CVE-2013-0519]
64123IBM Sterling Secure Proxy input validation [CVE-2013-0518]
64122Softbanktech Online Service Gate information disclosure [CVE-2013-2308]
64121Symantec Brightmail Gateway Management Console cross site scripting
64120Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal access control [CVE-2013-1225]
64119Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal path traversal [CVE-2013-1224]
64118Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Log Viewer input validation
64117Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal config [CVE-2013-1222]
64116Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal Web Management config [CVE-2013-1221]
64115Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal denial of service [CVE-2013-1220]
64114Invensys Wonderware Information Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0688]
64113Invensys Wonderware Information Server input validation [CVE-2013-0686]
64112Invensys Wonderware Information Server access control [CVE-2013-0685]
64111Invensys Wonderware Information Server sql injection [CVE-2013-0684]
64110Juniper SmartPass cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3498]
64109Juniper Junos Space Virtual Appliance screen credentials management🔒
64108Gwos GroundWork Monitor cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3513]
64107Gwos GroundWork Monitor Authorization input validation [CVE-2013-3512]
64106Gwos GroundWork Monitor input validation [CVE-2013-3511]
64105Gwos GroundWork Monitor sql injection [CVE-2013-3510]
64104Gwos GroundWork Monitor access control [CVE-2013-3509]
64103Gwos GroundWork Monitor code injection [CVE-2013-3508]
64102Gwos GroundWork Monitor Configuration File information disclosure
64101Gwos GroundWork Monitor Server Side Includes access control [CVE-2013-3506]
64100Gwos GroundWork Monitor Configuration File credentials management
64099Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch.cgi path traversal
64098Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch.cgi access control
64097Gwos GroundWork Monitor monarch_scan.cgi credentials management
64096Gwos GroundWork Monitor cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3501]
64095Gwos GroundWork Monitor Admin Interface access control [CVE-2013-3500]🔒
64094Gwos GroundWork Monitor Forms Authentication access control [CVE-2013-3499]🔒
64093Crunchify Facebook Members cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2703]
64092Thulasidas Easy-adsense-lite cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2702]
64091Novell ZENworks Desktop Management ZenRem32.exe Local Privilege Escalation
64090Hexagon ERDAS ER Viewer ermapper_u.dll ERM_convert_to_correct_webpath memory corruption
64089Cisco 2504 Wireless Lan Controller denial of service [CVE-2013-1235]
64088Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3267]🔒
64087Joomla CMS remember.php input validation🔒
64086Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3059]🔒
64085Joomla CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3058]🔒
64084Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2013-3057]🔒
64083Joomla CMS access control [CVE-2013-3056]🔒
64082Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2017]🔒🔒
64081EMC Avamar input validation [CVE-2013-0945]
64080EMC Avamar information disclosure [CVE-2013-0944]
64079EMC NetWorker access control [CVE-2013-0940]🔒
64078Novell iPrint memory corruption [CVE-2013-1091]🔒🔒
64077IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0535]
64076strongSwan improper authentication [CVE-2013-2944]🔒🔒
64075Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1884]🔒🔒
64074Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1849]🔒🔒
64073Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-1847]🔒🔒
64072Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1846]🔒🔒
64071Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-1845]🔒🔒
64070Django numeric error [CVE-2013-0306]🔒🔒
64069Django information disclosure [CVE-2013-0305]🔒🔒
64068Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4481]🔒🔒
64067GNU C Library svc_run resource management🔒🔒
64066GNU C Library __tzfile_read numeric error🔒🔒
64064HP Service Manager Web Tier cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2321]
64063HP Service Manager Web Tier information disclosure [CVE-2012-5222]
64062Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager memory corruption
64061Cisco TelePresence Management Suite TMSSNMPService.exe input validation
64060Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scripting
64059Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution cross site scripting
64058Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Monitoring cross site scripting
64057Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution Servlet Container cross site scripting
64056Cisco Prime Central for Hosted Collaboration Solution path traversal
64055Galilmc Rio-47100 Plc input validation [CVE-2013-0699]
64054MatrikonOPC MatrikonOPC A/E Historian path traversal [CVE-2013-0673]
64053MatrikonOPC MatrikonOPC Security Gateway Configuration Utility resource management
64052IBM Lotus Notes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0538]🔒
64051IBM Lotus Notes access control [CVE-2013-0127]🔒
64050Dentrix G5 Installation credentials management [CVE-2012-4952]
64049IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2012-5947]🔒🔒
64048IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control C1sizer.ocx memory corruption🔒🔒
64047IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2012-5945]🔒🔒
64046Canonical Linux memory corruption [CVE-2013-1927]🔒🔒
64045Canonical Linux Class Loader information disclosure [CVE-2013-1926]🔒🔒
64044Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager Web Framework cross site scripting
64043IBM Lotus Sametime Web Client unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-0553]
64042IBM Lotus Sametime cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0533]
64041HP Managed Printing Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5219]🔒🔒
64040IBM SPSS SamplePower ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-0593]🔒🔒
64039IBM Application Support Facility cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0572]
64038IBM Application Support Facility cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0571]
64037IBM Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0569]
64036tinc VPN net_packet.c receive_tcppacket memory corruption🔒🔒
64035Crunchify Foursquare-checkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2709]
64034Yahoo! Browser Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2307]
64033Jb+ jigbrowser+ Address Bar authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2306]
64032Bluemarblegeo Global Mapper dwmapi.dll Local Privilege Escalation
64031HP Storage Data Protector privileges management [CVE-2012-5220]🔒
64030Blinkwebeffects social-media-widget unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-1949]
64029Rob Westgeest md2pdf privileges management [CVE-2013-1948]
64028Kelly D. Redding kelredd-pruview os command injection [CVE-2013-1947]
64027Documentcloud karteek-docsplit text_extractor.rb extract_from_ocr os command injection
64026Plataformatec Devise Security Check resource management [CVE-2013-0233]🔒
64025Grape input validation [CVE-2013-0175]🔒🔒
64024Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4466]🔒🔒
64023Ruby access control [CVE-2012-4464]🔒🔒
64022Crunchify All-in-on-webmaster cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2696]
64021Cybozu Cybozu Office cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-3269]
64020Cybozu Cybozu Office Change Password cross-site request forgery
64019Lexmark Markvision access control [CVE-2013-3055]🔒
64018Hexagon ERDAS APOLLO ECWP NCSAddOn.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-0728]
64017Cisco Unified Contact Center Express access control [CVE-2013-1214]
64016HP ElitePad access control [CVE-2012-5218]
64015IBM InfoSphere Replication Server User Account information disclosure🔒
64014IBM Lotus Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0503]
64013IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5950]
64012IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5949]
64011IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform gantt-jws.jnlp cross site scripting
64010Ruby on Rails MySQL Database Stored input validation
64009Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC memory corruption [CVE-2013-2780]🔒
64008Siemens SIMATIC S7-1200 PLC memory corruption [CVE-2013-0700]🔒
64007Bitberry Software BitZipper memory corruption [CVE-2013-0138]🔒
64006Apache ActiveMQ improper authentication [CVE-2013-3060]🔒
64005Apache ActiveMQ Default Configuration resource management [CVE-2012-6551]🔒
64004Apache ActiveMQ cross site scripting🔒
64003Opera Web Browser missing encryption [CVE-2013-3211]🔒🔒
64002Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2013-3210]🔒🔒
64001Mitsubishi-automation Mitsubishi MX Component ActiveX Control ActUWzd.dll memory corruption
64000Lester Chan WP-DownloadManager cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2697]
63999pd-admin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0129]
63998Cisco Network Admission Control Manager And Server System Software sql injection🔒
63997Cisco Telepresence Mcu Mse Series Software input validation [CVE-2013-1176]🔒
63996Arecont Vision AV1355DN MegaDome camera denial of service [CVE-2013-0139]
63995Chatelao PHP Address Book edit.php cross site scripting
63994Chatelao PHP Address Book edit.php sql injection
63993Rockwell RSLinx Enterprise LogReceiver.exe memory corruption
63992Schneider Electric MiCOM S1 Studio Configuration File access control
63991Rockwell FactoryTalk Services Platform RNADiagReceiver.exe numeric error
63990Rockwell FactoryTalk Services Platform RNADiagReceiver.exe numeric error
63989Rockwell RSLinx Enterprise LogReceiver.exe input validation
63988Google Chrome OS Whitelist access control [CVE-2013-2835]
63987Bestwebsharing Groovy Media Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-2760]
63986Fenrir-inc Sleipnir Mobile access control [CVE-2013-2304]
63985Fenrir-inc Sleipnir authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2303]
63984phpMyAdmin tbl_gis_visualization.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
63983Cisco Unified Presence XML Parser input validation [CVE-2013-1197]
63982IBM XIV Storage System Gen3 cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4829]
63981Canarylabs TrendLink ActiveX Control TrendDisplay.dll access control
63980ZAPms sql injection [CVE-2013-3050]
63979OpenStack Folsom Access Restriction improper authentication [CVE-2013-0282]🔒🔒
63978OpenStack Folsom memory corruption [CVE-2013-0270]
63977XMLSoft libxslt keys.c xsltDocumentFunction null pointer dereference🔒🔒
63976IBM Sterling File Gateway privileges management [CVE-2012-5937]
63975Cisco Asr 1023 Router input validation [CVE-2013-2779]🔒
63974Splunk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2766]🔒
63973Puppetlabs Puppet Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2716]🔒
63972HAProxy memory corruption [CVE-2013-1912]🔒🔒
63971Red Hat Openstack Folsom credentials management [CVE-2013-1815]
63970Red Hat Openstack Folsom access control [CVE-2012-6120]🔒
63969Digineo thumbshooter thumbshooter.rb code injection [CVE-2013-1898]
63968Dan Kubb extlib access control [CVE-2013-1802]
63967John Nunemaker httparty access control [CVE-2013-1801]
63966John Nunemaker crack access control [CVE-2013-1800]🔒
63965Poppler lookChar memory corruption🔒🔒
63964Poppler arbitraryTransformMask null pointer dereference🔒🔒
63963Poppler memory corruption [CVE-2013-1788]🔒🔒
63962nori gem input validation [CVE-2013-0285]
63961Newrelic Ruby agent information disclosure [CVE-2013-0284]
63960Apache Maven Default Configuration config [CVE-2013-0253]
63959Intridea omniauth-oauth2 gem cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6134]
63958Fedorahosted cronie crontab information disclosure [CVE-2012-6097]🔒
63957Red Hat Storage Server Management Console access control [CVE-2012-5635]
63956Chatelao PHP Address Book cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2778]
63955Chatelao PHP Address Book sql injection [CVE-2013-0135]
63954AirDroid cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0134]
63953Todd Miller sudo File Descriptors access control [CVE-2013-2777]🔒🔒
63952Todd Miller sudo File Descriptors proc sysctl access control🔒🔒
63951Novell Kanaka Installation input validation [CVE-2013-2770]
63950IBM Scale Out Network Attached Storage access control [CVE-2012-0706]
63949Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub config [CVE-2013-0683]🔒
63948Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub memory corruption [CVE-2013-0682]🔒
63947Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub input validation [CVE-2013-0681]🔒
63946Cogentdatahub OPC DataHub memory corruption [CVE-2013-0680]🔒
63945Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Service Manager memory corruption
63944IBM IMS Enterprise Suite cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-0483]
63943IBM Netezza Performance Portal config [CVE-2013-0470]
63942TransWARE Active! mail information disclosure [CVE-2013-2302]
63941TigerText credentials management [CVE-2013-0128]
63940C2enterprise C2 WebResource fileview.asp cross site scripting
63939Invensys Wonderware Win-XML Exporter input validation [CVE-2012-4710]
63938Schneider Electric Modicon M340 memory corruption [CVE-2013-2763] [Disputed]
63937Schneider Electric Magelis XBT HMI Access Restriction credentials management
63936Schneider Electric Modicon M340 FTP Client memory corruption
63935Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum Plc memory corruption [CVE-2013-0664]
63934Schneider Electric Modicon Quantum Plc cross-site request forgery
63933pixman pixman-sse2.c pixman_fill_sse2 numeric error🔒🔒
63932Mark Burns ldoce word.rb input validation [CVE-2013-1911]
63928Transmissionbt Transmission utp.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
63927Red Hat Enterprise Linux Default Configuration config [CVE-2012-4546]🔒🔒
63926Red Hat Subscription Asset Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1823]🔒
63925Candlepin access control [CVE-2012-6119]🔒
63924Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php phpinfo information disclosure🔒
63923Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php improper authentication🔒
63922Ithemes BackupBuddy Restore importbuddy.php Remote Code Execution🔒
63921Ithemes BackupBuddy importbuddy.php improper authentication🔒
63920ZeroClipboard ZeroClipboard.swf cross site scripting🔒
63919Gnome Gnome Online Accounts SSL Certificate cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63918ZeroClipboard cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6550]
63917Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System cross site scripting
63916Cisco Connected Grid Network Management System sql injection
63915Siemens Cp 1604 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0659]
63914Coreftp memory corruption [CVE-2013-0130]🔒
63913OMRON OpenWnn Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-2301]
63912Novell Identity Manager Roles Based Provisioning Module Remote Code Execution🔒
63911Novell ZENworks Mobile Management DUSAP.php path traversal🔒
63910Novell ZENworks Configuration Management ActiveX Control ISProxy.dll path traversal
63909IBM Rational Policy Tester cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0532]
63908IBM Rational Policy Tester privileges management [CVE-2013-0513]
63907IBM Rational Policy Tester memory corruption [CVE-2013-0512]
63906IBM Security AppScan access control [CVE-2013-0510]
63905IBM Rational Policy Tester information disclosure [CVE-2013-0474]
63904Novell Sentinel Log Manager access control [CVE-2012-6534]🔒
63903Synchroweb SynConnect Login index.php sql injection
63902Aruba Networks ArubaOS Administration cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2290]
63901ngIRCd channel.c denial of service🔒🔒
63900EMC Smarts Network Configuration Manager Remote Code Execution
63899EMC Smarts Server Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0936]
63898EMC Smarts Network Configuration Manager improper authentication
63897Views cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1887]
63896Thomas Seidl Search API cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2715]
63895Chris Desautels Node Parameter Control access control [CVE-2013-1859]
63894Devsaran Corporate cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1787]
63893Devsaran Company cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1786]
63892Devsaran Responsive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1785]
63891Devsaran Clean Theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1784]
63890Devsaran Business page--front.tpl.php cross site scripting
63889Devsaran Responsive Blog cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1782]
63888Devsaran Professional theme cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1781]
63887Devsaran Best Responsive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1780]
63886Devsaran Fresh cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1779]
63885Devsaran Creative cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1778]
63884Varnish cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0325]
63883Tomasbarej Menu Reference cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0324]
63882Display Suite Project Ds cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0323]
63881Ubercart cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0322]
63880Ubercart Views Project Uc Views cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0321]
63879Mattias Hutterer Taxonomy Manager cross-site request forgery
63878Yandex Metrics cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0319]
63877Banckle Chat access control [CVE-2013-0318]
63876Joe Haskins Og Manager Change cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0317]
63875Drupal resource management [CVE-2013-0316]🔒
63874Elliot Pahl Drush Debian Packaging information disclosure [CVE-2013-0260]
63873Boxes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0259]
63872Google Authenticator Login Project Ga Login improper authentication
63871David Alkire email2image access control [CVE-2013-0257]
63870Bart Feenstra Payment Payments access control [CVE-2013-0182]
63869Thomas Seidl Search API Error Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0181]
63868Pm9 FlickWnn Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-2300]
63867Cob's COBIME Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0720]
63866Codedesign ArtIME Japanese Input Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0719]
63865Simeji Filesystem access control [CVE-2013-0718]
63864Cisco Jabber IM XML Parser input validation [CVE-2013-1161]
63863Moodle access control [CVE-2013-1836]🔒🔒
63862Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-1835]🔒🔒
63861Moodle access control [CVE-2013-1834]🔒🔒
63860Moodle cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1833]🔒🔒
63859Moodle WebDAV lib.php information disclosure🔒🔒
63858Moodle setuplib.php information disclosure [CVE-2013-1831]🔒🔒
63857Moodle Google Search access control [CVE-2013-1830]🔒🔒
63856Moodle information disclosure [CVE-2013-1829]
63855Terillion Terillion Reviews plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2501]
63854OpenStack Keystone Folsom Access Restriction improper authentication🔒🔒
63853OpenStack Compute Backend information disclosure [CVE-2013-1840]🔒🔒
63852OpenStack Compute addFixedIp resource management🔒
63851OpenStack Compute access control [CVE-2013-0335]🔒
63850MailUp Wp-mailup ajax.functions.php access control🔒
63849MailUp Wp-mailup ajax.functions.php access control
63848Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2636]🔒
63847Linux Kernel rtnl_fill_ifinfo resource management🔒🔒
63846Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2013-2634]🔒🔒
63845Piwik Logging input validation [CVE-2013-2633]
63844Piwik cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1844]
63843ASKIA askiaweb Administration Interface AskiaExt.dll cross site scripting
63842ASKIA askiaweb Administration Interface sql injection [CVE-2013-0123]
63841Verizon Fios Actiontec Mi424wr-gen31 Router Administration index.cgi cross-site request forgery
63840IBM Rational ClearQuest Web Client cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5757]🔒
63839SSSD Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-0287]🔒🔒
63838Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 path traversal [CVE-2013-0679]
63837Siemens WinCC credentials management [CVE-2013-0678]
63836Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 information disclosure [CVE-2013-0677]
63835Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 access control [CVE-2013-0676]
63834Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0675]
63833Siemens SIMATIC PCS7 ActiveX Control memory corruption [CVE-2013-0674]🔒
63832Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0672]
63831Siemens Wincc Tia Portal path traversal [CVE-2013-0671]
63830Siemens Wincc Tia Portal input validation [CVE-2013-0670]
63829Siemens Wincc Tia Portal input validation [CVE-2013-0669]
63828Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0668]
63827Siemens Wincc Tia Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0667]
63826Selinc AcSELerator QuickSet access control [CVE-2013-0665]
63825Siemens Wincc Tia Portal credentials management [CVE-2011-4515]
63824Rubygems curl curl.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2617]
63823Rubygems Mini Magick mini_magick.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2616]
63822Rubygems fastreader entry_controller.rb code injection [CVE-2013-2615]
63821Rubygems Command Wrap code injection [CVE-2013-1875]
63817Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0716]🔒
63816Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0715]🔒
63815Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0714]🔒
63814Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0713]🔒
63813Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0712]🔒
63812Windriver VxWorks input validation [CVE-2013-0711]🔒
63811Puppetlabs Puppet Default Configuration memory corruption [CVE-2013-2275]🔒🔒
63810Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-2274]🔒🔒
63809Puppetlabs Puppet input validation [CVE-2013-1655]🔒🔒
63808Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-1653]🔒🔒
63807Puppetlabs Puppet Cache access control [CVE-2013-1652]🔒🔒
63806Puppetlabs Puppet memory corruption [CVE-2013-1640]🔒🔒
63805TYPO3 resource management [CVE-2013-1843]🔒🔒
63804TYPO3 Extbase Framework sql injection [CVE-2013-1842]🔒🔒
63803Red Hat libvirt access control [CVE-2013-1766]🔒🔒
63802ZoneMinder path traversal [CVE-2013-0332]🔒🔒
63801ZoneMinder setDeviceStatusX10 privileges management🔒🔒
63800Apple iOS Passcode Lock access control [CVE-2013-0980]🔒
63799NEC AtermWR9500N cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0717]
63798IBM Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Foundation cross site scripting
63797IBM Sterling Selling And Fulfillment Foundation input validation
63794CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2013-0331]🔒
63793CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0330]🔒
63792CloudBees Jenkins CSRF Protection cross-site request forgery🔒
63791CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0328]🔒
63790CloudBees Jenkins cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0327]🔒
63789Debian latd memory corruption
63788Mathijs Koenraadt Search API Sorts cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0227]
63787Zugec Ivan Keyboard Shortcut Utility access control [CVE-2013-0226]
63786User Relationships cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0225]
63785Video config [CVE-2013-0224]
63784Leighton Whiting Mark Complete cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0207]
63783Guy Bedford Live CSS File Upload memory corruption [CVE-2013-0206]
63782restws cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-0205]
63781Firebird SQL Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-2492]🔒🔒🔒
63780TIBCO Spotfire Web Player access control [CVE-2013-2373]
63779TIBCO Spotfire Web Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2372]
63778TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services information disclosure [CVE-2013-2371]
63777Foscam Fi8919w path traversal [CVE-2013-2560]🔒🔒
63776Apache Commons FileUpload Default Configuration javax.servlet.context.tempdir access control
63775Linux Kernel crypto_report_one cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63774Linux Kernel crypto_report_one cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63773Linux Kernel library cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63772Linux Kernel isofs_export_encode_fh information disclosure🔒🔒
63771Linux Kernel udf_encode_fh information disclosure🔒🔒
63770Linux Kernel __tun_chr_ioctl information disclosure🔒🔒
63769Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2012-6546]🔒🔒
63768Linux Kernel Bluetooth RFCOMM information disclosure [CVE-2012-6545]🔒🔒
63767Linux Kernel Bluetooth Protocol Stack information disclosure🔒🔒
63766Linux Kernel l2tp_ip6_getname information disclosure
63765Linux Kernel af_llc.c llc_ui_getname information disclosure🔒🔒
63764Linux Kernel ccid3.c ccid3_hc_tx_getsockopt information disclosure🔒
63763Linux Kernel ip_vs_ctl.c do_ip_vs_get_ctl information disclosure🔒🔒
63762Linux Kernel socket.c dev_ifconf information disclosure🔒🔒
63761Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c copy_to_user_auth information disclosure🔒
63760Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c information disclosure🔒🔒
63759Linux Kernel xfrm_user.c information disclosure
63758OpenAFS numeric error [CVE-2013-1795]🔒🔒
63757OpenAFS memory corruption [CVE-2013-1794]🔒🔒
63756Piwigo cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1468]🔒
63755FusionForge File Permission link following [CVE-2013-1423]🔒🔒
63754Debian cfingerd ident Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-1049]🔒🔒
63753Ganglia Ganglia-web cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0275]🔒
63752Red Hat Enterprise MRG input validation [CVE-2012-4462]🔒
63751Apache qpid Buffer memory corruption
63750Apache qpid checkAvailable numeric error🔒
63749Apache Qpid numeric error [CVE-2012-4458]🔒
63748Apache Qpid Default Configuration improper authentication [CVE-2012-4446]🔒
63747Apache Rave User Account information disclosure [CVE-2013-1814]🔒
63746Piwigo install.php path traversal🔒
63745389 Directory Server numeric error [CVE-2013-0312]🔒🔒
63744Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2013-0168]🔒
63743Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager credentials management🔒
63742Red Hat Automatic Bug Reporting Tool access control [CVE-2012-5660]🔒🔒
63741Red Hat Automatic Bug Reporting Tool untrusted search path [CVE-2012-5659]🔒🔒
63740Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Default Configuration access control🔒
63739FreeRADIUS User Authentication credentials management [CVE-2011-4966]🔒🔒
63738David King Vino denial of service [CVE-2011-1165]🔒🔒
63737David King Vino config [CVE-2011-1164]🔒🔒
63736boost utf_traits input validation🔒🔒
63735Red Hat Aeolus Conductor access control [CVE-2012-6118]
63734Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Engine Configuration Server access control
63733Inkscape access control [CVE-2012-6076]🔒🔒
63732Red Hat CloudForms Cloud Engine Configuration Server access control
63731bitcoin bitcoind FetchInputs Stored resource management
63730bitcoin bitcoind resource management [CVE-2013-2292]
63729bitcoin bitcoind information disclosure [CVE-2013-2273]
63728bitcoin bitcoind accept information disclosure
63727bitcoin Bitcoin-Qt resource management [CVE-2012-4684]
63726Novell ZENworks Mobile Management MDM.php path traversal🔒🔒
63725Emerson Deltav Ve3005 Controller Md resource management [CVE-2012-4703]
63724Advantech Advantech Studio NTWebServer.exe CreateFileW path traversal
63723360systems Image Server Maxx credentials management [CVE-2012-4702]
63722Microsoft Windows Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-2553]
63721HP Service Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5214]
63720HP Intelligent Management Center information disclosure [CVE-2012-5213]🔒🔒🔒
63719HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5212]🔒🔒🔒
63718HP Intelligent Management Center User Access Manager denial of service🔒🔒🔒
63717HP Intelligent Management Centertacacs+ Authentication Manager denial of service🔒
63716HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2012-5209]🔒🔒🔒
63715HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5208]🔒🔒🔒
63714HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5207]🔒🔒🔒
63713HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5206]🔒🔒🔒
63712HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5205]🔒🔒🔒
63711HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5204]🔒🔒🔒
63710HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5203]🔒🔒🔒
63709HP Intelligent Management Center denial of service [CVE-2012-5202]🔒🔒🔒
63708HP Intelligent Management Center memory corruption [CVE-2012-5201]🔒🔒🔒
63707HP Intelligent Management Center cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5200]🔒🔒
63706gnome Gnome Screensaver Default Configuration access control🔒🔒
63705jQuery cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4969]🔒🔒
63704XFree86 x11perf untrusted search path [CVE-2011-2504]🔒🔒
63703Git input validation [CVE-2013-0308]🔒🔒
63702OpenStack Folsom Configuration File race condition [CVE-2013-0266]
63701OpenStack Folsom Installer access control [CVE-2013-0261]
63700GNOME Evolution information disclosure [CVE-2011-3201]🔒🔒
63699spree access control [CVE-2013-2506]
63698stunnel NTLM Authentication code injection [CVE-2013-1762]🔒🔒
63697Spree constantize input validation
63696Eucalyptus improper authentication [CVE-2012-4066]🔒🔒
63695Cisco 500 Series Stackable Managed Switches resource management
63694Cisco Prime Infrastructure cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1153]
63693Wireshark dissect_hartip resource management🔒🔒
63692Dovecot input validation [CVE-2011-4318]🔒🔒
63691Trimble Infrastructure GNSS Series Receivers User Interface cross site scripting
63690HP Linux Imaging And Printing Project link following [CVE-2013-0200]🔒🔒
63689IBM Tivoli Application Dependency Discovery Manager User Interface cross site scripting
63688RSA Authentication Agent config [CVE-2013-0931]🔒
63687Freedesktop Dbus-glib dbus_g_proxy_manager_filter input validation🔒🔒
63686Arthurdejong nss-pam-ldapd File Descriptors memory corruption🔒🔒
63685Thekelleys Dnsmasq Interfaces denial of service [CVE-2013-0198]🔒🔒
63684Thekelleys Dnsmasq Interfaces denial of service [CVE-2012-3411]🔒🔒
63683GNU GDB access control [CVE-2011-4355]🔒🔒
63682Kingsoft Writer 2010 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0710]
63681IBM Cognos Business Intelligence input validation [CVE-2012-4858]
63680IBM Cognos Business Intelligence code injection [CVE-2012-4840]
63679IBM Cognos Business Intelligence information disclosure [CVE-2012-4837]
63678IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Stored cross site scripting
63677IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4835]
63676IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2193]
63675IBM Cognos Business Intelligence Search Feature cross site scripting
63674Linux Kernel config.c perf_config Local Privilege Escalation🔒🔒
63673Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-2491]🔒🔒
63672Linux Kernel resource management [CVE-2011-2479]🔒🔒
63671Linux Kernel authentication spoofing [CVE-2011-1182]🔒🔒
63670Linux Kernel dev_load access control🔒🔒
63669Bayashi Dopvstar cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0709]
63668Bayashi Dopvcomet cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0708]
63667JustSystems Hanako Police memory corruption [CVE-2013-0707]
63666Ruby cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0256]🔒🔒
63665Rack AbstractRequest denial of service🔒🔒
63664Rack memory corruption [CVE-2013-0183]🔒🔒
63663Ryan Davis Ruby Parser gauntlet_rubyparser.rb diff_pp access control🔒
63662katello katello-configure Bootstrap access control [CVE-2012-6116]🔒
63661rack multipart.rb infinite loop [CVE-2012-6109]🔒🔒
63660Red Hat Cloudforms Active Directory access control [CVE-2012-5604]🔒
63659Red Hat Enterprise Linux Shared Libraries denial of service [CVE-2012-1568]🔒🔒
63658Linux Kernel scsi_ioctl.c access control🔒🔒
63657Cisco Unified Presence Server memory corruption [CVE-2013-1137]🔒
63656Cisco Prime Central For Hosted Collaboration Solution Assurance Monitoring input validation
63655Cisco Unified Communications Manager improper authentication🔒
63654Cisco Unified Communications Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1133]🔒
63653IBM InfoSphere Guardium Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2013-0490]
63652IBM Lotus Domino cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4844]🔒
63651IBM Lotus Domino resource management [CVE-2012-4842]🔒
63650FFmpeg h264_ps.c ff_h264_decode_seq_parameter_set memory corruption🔒🔒
63649FFmpeg utils.c avcodec_decode_audio4 memory corruption
63648IBM TS3500 Tape Library privileges management [CVE-2012-5767]
63647Cisco Cloud Portal access control [CVE-2013-1139]
63646Apache HTTP Server mod_proxy_balancer.c balancer_handler cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
63645Red Hat openshift lockwrap access control🔒
63644CloudBees Jenkins Crypto information disclosure [CVE-2013-0158]🔒
63643CloudBees Jenkins cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6074]🔒
63642CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2012-6073]🔒
63641CloudBees Jenkins input validation [CVE-2012-6072]🔒
63640Red Hat OpenShift Origin Debug Mode cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5658]
63639Canonical Linux Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2013-0212]🔒🔒
63638Roundcube Webmail cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6121]🔒🔒
63637Red Hat OpenShift Origin Restore input validation [CVE-2012-5647]
63636Red Hat OpenShift Origin Restore input validation [CVE-2012-5646]
63635Red Hat Enterprise Linux automount input validation [CVE-2012-2697]🔒🔒
63634jforum cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5337]🔒
63633OpenStack Grizzly resource management [CVE-2013-0247]🔒🔒
63632SSSD Security Service ssh_cmd_parse_request memory corruption🔒🔒
63631SSSD Security Service access control [CVE-2013-0219]🔒🔒
63630Infradead OpenConnect http.c memory corruption🔒🔒
63629Digia Qt sslErrors cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63628Mozilla Bugzilla Error Message build_subselect information disclosure🔒🔒
63627Dell PowerConnect 6248P input validation [CVE-2013-0120]
63626CS-Cart Payments config [CVE-2013-0118]🔒
63625Nuance Pdf Reader Plus PDF Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-0113]🔒
63624Honeywell SymmetrE ActiveX Control HscRemoteDeploy.dll code injection🔒🔒
63623BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server AntDS.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
63622BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server improper authentication [CVE-2012-6274]🔒🔒
63621BigAntSoft BigAnt IM Message Server sql injection [CVE-2012-6273]🔒🔒
636203s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server memory corruption [CVE-2012-4708]🔒
636193s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server code injection [CVE-2012-4707]🔒
636183s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server numeric error [CVE-2012-4706]🔒
636173s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server path traversal [CVE-2012-4705]🔒
636163s-software CODESYS Gateway-Server input validation [CVE-2012-4704]🔒
63615Novell GroupWise ActiveX Control gwcls1.dll code injection🔒🔒
63614Google Chrome International Components for Unicode race condition🔒🔒
63613Google Chrome Padding opus_packet_parse_impl numeric error🔒🔒
63612Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2013-0898]🔒🔒
63611Sourcefabric Newscoop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0730]
63610NEC Universal RAID Utility access control [CVE-2013-0706]
63609IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-0472]🔒
63608IBM Tivoli Storage Manager denial of service [CVE-2013-0471]🔒
63607IBM Data Studio access control [CVE-2013-0467]🔒
63606IBM Maximo Asset Management Essentials cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0457]
63605IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6357]
63604IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6356]
63603IBM SmartCloud Control Desk access control [CVE-2012-6355]
63602IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5941]
63601IBM Netezza improper authentication [CVE-2012-5940]
63600IBM Netezza cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-5763]
63599IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5762]
63598IBM Netezza cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5761]
63597IBM Netezza WebAdmin sql injection [CVE-2012-5760]
63596IBM Tivoli Service Request Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3328]
63595IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3327]
63594IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3322]
63593IBM SmartCloud Control Desk Access Restriction access control
63592IBM SmartCloud Control Desk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3316]
63591Cisco Network Services Manager Identity Services input validation
63590IBM SAN Volume Controller improper authentication [CVE-2012-6354]
63589Symantec PGP Desktop Encryption memory corruption [CVE-2012-6533]🔒
63588Stone-ware webNetwork cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4352]🔒
63587Linux Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2013-0160]🔒🔒
63586Linux Kernel kmod.c __request_module input validation🔒🔒
63585Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1128]
63584Cisco Unified MeetingPlace cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1123]
63583LSI 3ware Disk Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-0705]
63582GREE information disclosure [CVE-2013-0704]
63581Big imgboard cross site scripting
63580Schneider Electric Accutech Manager RFManagerService.exe memory corruption🔒
63579Moxa EDR-G903 Firmware information disclosure [CVE-2012-4712]
63578WellinTech KingView kingMess.exe memory corruption🔒
63577Tridium Niagra AX Framework path traversal [CVE-2012-4701]
63576Moxa EDR-G903 Installation cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-4694]
63575Digitiliti DigiLIBE information disclosure [CVE-2013-1402]
63573Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0702]
63572Cybozu Garoon Logging sql injection [CVE-2013-0701]
63571Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2013-0641]🔒🔒🔒
63570Adobe Acrobat memory corruption [CVE-2013-0640]🔒🔒🔒🔒
63569Labelgate mora Downloader Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-5188]
63568Cisco Unity Express Software cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1114]🔒
63567Cisco IOS resource management [CVE-2013-1100]
63566HP Nonstop Server Software denial of service [CVE-2012-3280]
63565Zend Zend Framework resource management [CVE-2012-6532]🔒🔒
63564Zend Zend Framework SOAP input validation [CVE-2012-6531]🔒
63563OpenStack Folsom access control [CVE-2013-0208]🔒🔒
63562Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0029]🔒🔒🔒
63561Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0028]🔒🔒🔒
63560Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0027]🔒🔒🔒
63559Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0026]🔒🔒🔒
63558Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0025]🔒🔒🔒
63557Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0024]🔒🔒🔒
63556Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-1455]🔒
63555Joomla CMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-1454]🔒
63554Joomla CMS sql injection [CVE-2013-1453]🔒
63553Bitbucket xnbd Wrapper xnbd_common.c redirect_stderr access control
63552Red Hat Enterprise Linux Workstation resource management [CVE-2013-0241]🔒🔒
63551IRCD-Hybrid hostmask.c try_parse_v4_netmask input validation🔒🔒
63550QEMU Device Driver e1000_receive memory corruption🔒🔒
63549Featurific-for-wordpress cached_image.php cross site scripting [Disputed]
63548Marcel Brinkkemper lazyest-backup lazyest-backup.php cross site scripting
63547SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5263]
63546SonicWALL Aventail Sra Ex7000 prodpage.cfm sql injection🔒
63545Axis M1054 Network Camera serverreport.cgi cross site scripting
63544SAP NetWeaver cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5260]
63543OrangeHRM CentralController.php sql injection [CVE-2011-5259]
63542OrangeHRM index.php cross site scripting
63541Appthemes Classipress cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5257]
63540LimeSurvey cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5256]
63537Cubecart _basket input validation
63536Rack Cookie memory corruption🔒🔒
63535rack File) path traversal🔒🔒
63534Squid Proxy cachemgr.cgi memory corruption🔒🔒
63533Canonical Linux Message Queue virNetMessageFree resource management🔒🔒
63532Bouncycastle Legion-of-the-bouncy-castle-java-crytography-api cryptographic issues
63531yaSSL CyaSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1623]🔒🔒
63529PolarSSL SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-1621]🔒🔒
63528Gnu GnuTLS cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1619]🔒🔒
63527Opera Web Browser cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1618]🔒🔒
63526Opera Web Browser CSRF Protection cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
63525Opera Web Browser code injection [CVE-2013-1638]🔒🔒🔒
63524Ecava IntegraXor ActiveX Control PE3DO32A.ocx memory corruption
63523Doryphores Audio Player cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1464]🔒🔒
63522Tobias Bathge WP-Table Reloaded cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1463]
63521Cisco Unity Express Software cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-1120]🔒
63520Cisco Webex Social search information disclosure
63519Weathernews Touch access control [CVE-2012-5187]
63518Fleugel myu-s cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5186]
63517HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3285]🔒🔒
63516HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3284]🔒🔒
63515HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3283]🔒🔒
63514HP SAN/iQ memory corruption [CVE-2012-3282]🔒🔒
63513HP XP P9000 Command View Advanced Edition denial of service [CVE-2012-3281]
63512HP Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2012-3279]
63511libssh publickey_from_privatekey resource management🔒🔒
63510Red Hat JBoss Enterprise BRMS Platform Authorization access control🔒🔒
63509Google Android memory corruption [CVE-2011-1352]
63508Google Android information disclosure [CVE-2011-1350]
63507Fortinet FortiMail Encryption cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1471]🔒
63506Wireshark resource management [CVE-2013-1589]🔒🔒
63505Wireshark dissect_pft_fec_detailed memory corruption🔒🔒
63504Wireshark dissect_rohc_ir_packet denial of service🔒🔒
63503Wireshark DTLS Dissector fragment_set_tot_len denial of service🔒🔒
63502Wireshark input validation [CVE-2013-1585]🔒🔒
63501Wireshark dissect_version_5_and_6_primary_header input validation🔒🔒
63500Wireshark dissect_version_4_primary_header input validation🔒🔒
63499Wireshark dissect_clnp numeric error🔒🔒
63498Wireshark dissect_pft_fec_detailed input validation🔒🔒
63497Wireshark dissect_cmstatus_tlv input validation🔒🔒
63496Wireshark RTPS Dissector rtps_util_add_bitmap resource management🔒🔒
63495Wireshark dissect_pw_eth_heuristic input validation🔒🔒
63494Wireshark SIP Dissector dissect_sip_p_charging_func_addresses input validation🔒🔒
63493Wireshark SDP Dissector dissect_sdp_media_attribute cryptographic issues🔒🔒
63492Wireshark dissect_r3_cmd_alarmconfigure input validation🔒🔒
63491Wireshark dissect_bthci_eir_ad_data input validation🔒🔒
63490Wireshark csnStreamDissector input validation🔒🔒
63489Wireshark dissect_oampdu_event_notification input validation🔒🔒
63488Samba Web Administration Tool input validation [CVE-2013-0213]🔒🔒
63487IBM Sterling Connect memory corruption [CVE-2012-6352]
63485Palemoon Pale Moon xman fast_composite_scaled_bilinear numeric error🔒🔒
63484MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction numeric error🔒
63483MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction null pointer dereference🔒
63482MiniUPnPd SOAPACTION ExecuteSoapAction memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
63481MiniUPnPd SDP minissdp.c ProcessSSDPRequest denial of service🔒🔒🔒
63480portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63479portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63478portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63477portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63476portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63475portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
63474portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63473portable SDK for UPnP unique_service_name memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
63472EMC AlphaStor memory corruption [CVE-2013-0930]🔒
63471Oracle JRE Sandbox unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-1490]🔒
63470Cisco Unified Communications Domain Manager cross site scripting
63469Cisco Carrier Routing System input validation [CVE-2013-1112]
63468IBM InfoSphere Information Server Login Page information disclosure
63467IBM InfoSphere Information Server Administration cross site scripting
63466IBM InfoSphere Information Server input validation [CVE-2012-0705]
63465IBM Infosphere Information Server Information Services Framework input validation
63464IBM Infosphere Information Server Information Services Framework Authorization improper authentication
63463IBM InfoSphere DataStage access control [CVE-2012-0701]
63462IBM InfoSphere FastTrack Access Restriction credentials management
63461IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench Access Restriction access control
63460IBM InfoSphere Information Server untrusted search path [CVE-2012-0204]
63459IBM InfoSphere Metadata Workbench cross site scripting [CVE-2012-0203]
63458Sysax Multi Server memory corruption [CVE-2012-6530]
63457Marinet Marinet CMS galleryphoto.php sql injection
63456ATutor cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6528]🔒
63455Joedolson My-calendar cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6527]
63454Vastal Freelance Zone show_code.php sql injection
63453Phpbridges Dev Team PHPBridges members.php sql injection
63452Powie pGB kommentar.php sql injection
63451w-CMS getMenus cross site scripting
63450w-CMS getContent path traversal
63449X3 CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2011-5255]🔒
63448Cstech webConductor default.php sql injection
63446Beijerelectronics H-Designer memory corruption [CVE-2012-4696]
63445TinyMCE Spellchecker Php access control [CVE-2012-6112]🔒🔒
63444Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6106]
63443Moodle rsslib.php information disclosure [CVE-2012-6105]
63442Moodle rsslib.php information disclosure [CVE-2012-6104]
63441Moodle cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6103]
63440Moodle lib.php access control [CVE-2012-6102]
63439Moodle input validation [CVE-2012-6101]
63438Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6100]
63437moodle lib.php input validation [CVE-2012-6099]
63436Moodle access control [CVE-2012-6098]
63435GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Process Systems input validation🔒
63434GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Process Systems Subsystem path traversal🔒
63433GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Real-Time Information Portal access control
63432GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Real-Time Information Portal Configuration File access control
63431Red Hat FreeIPA cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-5484]🔒🔒
63430CoolPDF memory corruption [CVE-2012-4914]🔒
63429TP-LINK TL-WR841N Management Interface path traversal [CVE-2012-6276]
63428SUSE WebYaST information disclosure [CVE-2012-0435]🔒
63426HP Diagnostics Server magentservice.exe memory corruption🔒
63425Dell OpenManage Server Administrator cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6272]🔒🔒
63424Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software denial of service [CVE-2013-1102]🔒
63423Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6442]
63422Rockwell ControlLogix controllers information disclosure [CVE-2012-6441]
63421Rockwell ControlLogix controllers improper authentication [CVE-2012-6440]
63420Rockwell ControlLogix controllers denial of service [CVE-2012-6439]
63419Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6438]
63418Rockwell ControlLogix controllers improper authentication [CVE-2012-6437]
63417Rockwell ControlLogix controllers memory corruption [CVE-2012-6436]
63416Rockwell ControlLogix controllers resource management [CVE-2012-6435]
63415FreeType _bdf_parse_glyphs memory corruption🔒🔒
63414Elefantcms cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6521]
63413Wikidforum sql injection [CVE-2012-6520]🔒
63412DIY-CMS sql injection [CVE-2012-6519]
63411DiY-CMS mod.php cross-site request forgery
63410DiY-CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6517]
63409Shawn Bradley PHP Ticket System index.php sql injection
63408eFront Error Message index.php information disclosure
63407Netshinesoftware Com Netinvoice cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6514]
63406gpEasy CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6513]
63405Organizer Plugin plugin_hook.php Path information disclosure
63404Organizer Plugin admin.php cross site scripting
63403Netartmedia Car Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6510]
63402Netartmedia Car Portal File Upload php%00.jpg Remote Code Execution
63401Netartmedia Car Portal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6508]
63400Jason Sexauer ChurchCMS admin.php sql injection
63399Zingiri Zingiri Web Shop cross site scripting🔒
63398Shawn Bradley PHP Volunteer Management cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6505]
63397Shawn Bradley PHP Volunteer Management sql injection [CVE-2012-6504]
63396Ninjaforge Com Ninjaxplorer JAXP Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-6503]
63395Wikidforum cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2099]🔒
63394Sitecom WLM-2501 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-1922]
63393Simplerealtytheme Advanced Text Widget plugin advancedtext.php cross site scripting
63392Sixapart Movable Type core_drop_meta_for_table improper authentication🔒🔒
63390Activision Call of Duty Elite SSL Certificate input validation
63389MariaDB Replication sql injection [CVE-2012-4414]🔒🔒
63388Linux Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2012-3364]🔒🔒
63387Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2012-6502]🔒
63386Cisco WebEx Training Center access control [CVE-2013-1110]
63385Cisco WebEx Training Center access control [CVE-2013-1108]
63384Siemens SIMATIC RF-MANAGER 2008 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0656]
633833s-software CODESYS Runtime System Listener path traversal [CVE-2012-6069]🔒
633823s-software CODESYS Runtime System access control [CVE-2012-6068]🔒
63381Schneider Electric Interactive Graphical SCADA System memory corruption🔒
63380Schneider Electric Software Update Utility input validation [CVE-2013-0655]
63379PHP openssl_encrypt information disclosure🔒🔒
63378Cisco NX-OS Interfaces resource management [CVE-2012-6396]
63377Olivetoast Documents Pro File Viewer path traversal [CVE-2012-5185]
63376Olivetoast Documents Pro File Viewer cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5184]
63375uTorrent memory corruption [CVE-2009-5134]
63374JustSystems ATOK Screen Lock Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2009-4738]
63373Cisco Asa 1000v Cloud Firewall Firmware input validation [CVE-2012-6395]
63372IBM Intelligent Operations Center cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6360]
63371IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager access control [CVE-2012-6359]
63370Cisco ASA Firmware access control [CVE-2012-5717]🔒
63369rpm package.c rpmpkgRead credentials management🔒🔒
63368Fireflymediaserver Firefly Media Server null pointer dereference🔒
63367Inkscape access control [CVE-2012-5656]🔒🔒
63366Red Hat Enterprise Linux resource management [CVE-2012-2124]🔒🔒
63365EMC NetWorker memory corruption [CVE-2012-4607]🔒
63364IBM Tivoli Federated Identity Manager credentials management
63363Cisco VPN Client denial of service [CVE-2012-5429]🔒
63362SpecView path traversal [CVE-2012-5972]🔒
63361GE Intelligent Platforms Proficy Hmi/scada Cimplicity CimWebServer.exe numeric error
63360Cisco WebEx Training Center cross-site request forgery
63359Cisco Quad cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6397]
63358Cisco Prime LAN Management Solution input validation [CVE-2012-6392]🔒🔒🔒
63357Cisco Telepresence Video Communication Servers Software access control
63356Oracle JDK access control [CVE-2012-3174]🔒🔒
63355HP PKI ActiveX control ActiveX Control HPPKI.ocx input validation🔒
63354Pragyan CMS download.lib.php path traversal [CVE-2012-6500]
63353Age Verification age-verification.php input validation
63352Elite-board Elite Bulletin Board checkuser.php sql injection🔒
63351Connections Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-5254]
63350Thegr Dl Authorization improper authentication [CVE-2011-5253]
63349Orchard input validation [CVE-2011-5252]
63348Ettercap ec_scan.c scan_load_hosts memory corruption🔒🔒
63346Pizzashack rssh incomplete blacklist [CVE-2012-2252]🔒🔒
63345Pizzashack rssh input validation [CVE-2012-2251]🔒🔒
63344Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0618]🔒🔒
63343Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0614]🔒🔒
63342Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0612]🔒🔒
63341Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0611]🔒🔒
63340Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2013-0609]🔒🔒
63339Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0608]🔒🔒
63338Adobe Acrobat Reader code injection [CVE-2013-0607]🔒🔒
63337Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-0603]🔒🔒
63336Microsoft XML Core Services numeric error [CVE-2013-0006]🔒🔒🔒
63335Maxtom Atomymaxsite File Upload index.php unrestricted upload
63334Apache CXF WS-Security access control [CVE-2012-2378]🔒🔒
63333libav Remote Code Execution [CVE-2011-3937]🔒🔒
63332Red Hat CloudForms Cache access control [CVE-2012-5605]
63331Red Hat CloudForms Certificates access control [CVE-2012-5603]🔒
63330Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager information disclosure🔒
63329Red Hat CloudForms pulp.conf credentials management
63328Red Hat Certificate System input validation [CVE-2012-4556]🔒
63327Red Hat Certificate System null pointer dereference [CVE-2012-4555]🔒
63326Red Hat Certificate System cross site scripting [CVE-2012-4543]🔒🔒
63325Red Hat CloudForms credentials management [CVE-2012-3538]
63324Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2012-2696]🔒
63323Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager SSL Certificate cryptographic issues🔒
63322Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager untrusted search path🔒
63321Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager access control [CVE-2011-4316]🔒
63320Centrify Centrify Suite centrify.cmd.0 link following
63319Foswiki numeric error [CVE-2012-6330]🔒🔒
63318Perl Maketext code injection🔒🔒
63317SWI-Prolog expand memory corruption🔒🔒
63316SWI-Prolog canoniseFileName memory corruption🔒🔒
63315Ruby on Rails information disclosure [CVE-2012-6497]🔒🔒
63314Ruby on Rails Finder sql injection [CVE-2012-6496]🔒🔒
63313e107 CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6434]
63312e107 CMS cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6433]
63311MoinMo MoinMoin path traversal [CVE-2012-6495]🔒🔒
63310MoinMo MoinMoin rsslink cross site scripting🔒🔒
63309MoinMo MoinMoin File Upload unrestricted upload [CVE-2012-6081]🔒🔒🔒
63308MoinMo MoinMoin _do_attachment_move path traversal🔒🔒
63307ownCloud cross site scripting [CVE-2012-5666]🔒
63306ownCloud settings.php access control🔒
63305Steven Jones Context access control [CVE-2012-5655]🔒🔒
63304Nodewords information disclosure [CVE-2012-5654]
63303Drupal File Upload input validation [CVE-2012-5653]🔒🔒
63302Drupal information disclosure [CVE-2012-5652]🔒🔒
63301Drupal access control [CVE-2012-5651]🔒🔒
63300ELinks http_negotiate_create_context improper authentication🔒🔒
63299Apache CXF WS-Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2012-2379]🔒🔒
63298WP PHP widget Error Message wp-php-widget.php information disclosure
63297Opera Web Browser Configuration File access control [CVE-2012-6472]🔒🔒
63296Opera Web Browser authentication spoofing [CVE-2012-6471]🔒🔒
63295Opera Web Browser Error Page information disclosure [CVE-2012-6469]🔒🔒
63294Opera Web Browser information disclosure [CVE-2012-6466]🔒🔒
63293Opera Web Browser code injection [CVE-2012-6465]🔒🔒
63292Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6464]🔒🔒
63291Opera Web Browser cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6463]🔒🔒
63290Opera Web Browser input validation [CVE-2012-6461]🔒🔒
63289ConnMan Bluetooth information disclosure [CVE-2012-6459]
63288LemonLDAP::NG access control
63287ircd-ratbox null pointer dereference [CVE-2012-6084]🔒🔒
63286IBM SPSS Modeler memory allocation [CVE-2012-5769]
63285Polycom Hdx System Software Web Management Interface cross site scripting
13133Cisco Unified Communications Manager Command Line Interface input validation
13078TinyMCE bbcode Plugin access control [CVE-2012-4230]🔒🔒
12731Linux Kernel ioctx_alloc resource management
12619Microsoft Internet Explorer XMLDOM ActiveX Control resource management
12220cPanel WHM XML/JSON API getpkginfo information disclosure
12219IrfanView Folder Name memory corruption [CVE-2013-6932]🔒
12216QEMU KVM libspice memory corruption [CVE-2010-0430]🔒🔒
12156Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Account Activation access control
12155Cisco WebEx SPI Call Arbitrary File Enumeration access control
12154Cisco WebEx One-Click Client Password Encryption missing encryption
12153Cisco WebEx Social Authentication Session Hijacking cross-site request forgery
12152Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Event Center Module Password and Host Keys improper authentication
12151Cisco WebEx Certificate input validation [CVE-2012-6399]
12150Cisco WebEx Social Post URL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1244]
12149Cisco WebEx Social Input Field input validation [CVE-2013-1245]
12148Cisco WebEx Meetings Server/WebEx Node Uninitialized Memory input validation
12147Cisco WebEx User Input Sanitizer input validation [CVE-2013-1231]
12133Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-1376]🔒🔒
12132Horde Groupware Util Library variables.php code injection🔒🔒
12131Tripwire Enterprise Reflected cross site scripting
12088Python ZipExtFile._read2 input validation🔒🔒
12087Google V8 Runtime_TypedArrayInitializeFromArrayLike integer coercion
12075Python Software Foundation BaseHTTPServer HTTP Request denial of service
12074Linux Kernel farsync.c fst_get_iface resource management🔒🔒
12073Linux Kernel yam.c yam_ioctl resource management🔒🔒
12072Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization SPICE service untrusted search path🔒
12071Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Local Privilege untrusted search path🔒
12069Cisco Linksys Restore Router Configuration privileges management
12068Linux Kernel wanxl.c wanxl_ioctl Memory resource management🔒🔒
12049Apple Safari URL authentication spoofing
12048Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner Remote Privilege Escalation [Disputed]
12047Google Chrome WebRTCIdentityServiceHost use after free [CVE-2013-6644]🔒🔒
12046MediaWiki Upload XmlTypeCheck.php Stored cross site scripting🔒🔒
12043Check Point Endpoint Security X.509 Certificate Validator cryptographic issues
12042Check Point Security Gateway Email security check for standard
12041Check Point Security Gateway VMWare OVF Template improper authentication
12040Check Point Security Gateway File Scanner security check for standard
12039Check Point Security Gateway SIP/MGCP Packet cleartext storage
12038Check Point Application Control Engine SSH Encapsulated Packet Detection security check for standard
12037Check Point VSX Virtual System Virtual System Policy Installation cpstart security check for standard
12036Check Point Security Gateway VSX Mode cpstart Policy privileges management
12035Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit XML External Entity information disclosure
12034Red Hat JBoss Web Framework Kit Seam Remoting InterfaceGenerator access control
12033Fluke Visual UpTime Select Analysis Service Element Authentication hard-coded credentials
12032Juniper Web Device Manager Authentication hard-coded credentials
12020Google Chrome AccessibilityTable.cpp isDataTable denial of service🔒🔒
12019Google Chrome PopUp Invisible Popup Dialog privileges management🔒🔒
12018Google Chrome PolygonShape.cpp shapePaddingBounds memory corruption🔒🔒
12017Google Chrome CreateView Invisible Popup Dialog memory corruption🔒🔒
12016Google Chrome LazyFeatureProvider Class denial of service🔒🔒
12015Google Chrome MultiProfile Lockscreen Bypass improper authentication🔒🔒
12014Google Chrome Bitmap Clipboard memory corruption [CVE-2013-6644]🔒🔒
12013Google Chrome Media Thread Safety HTMLMediaElement.cpp denial of service🔒🔒
12012MediaWiki Sanitizer.php Stored cross site scripting🔒🔒
12011MediaWiki Upload UploadBase.php input validation🔒🔒
12003libvirt libxl_driver.c libxlDomainGetNumaParameters Invalid Free access control🔒🔒
12002MediaWiki Deleted Page ApiQueryLogEvents.php information disclosure🔒🔒
12001SuSE openSUSE aaa_base Image Creation Configuration shadow Password information disclosure🔒
11995libvirt virnetserverclient.c virNetServerClientStartKeepAlive race condition🔒🔒
11987Google Chrome SVG Context Elements use after free [CVE-2013-6644]🔒🔒
11986Google Chrome SVG Matrix use after free [CVE-2013-6644]🔒🔒
11985Google Chrome Frame Viewer Document.cpp updateLayout use after free🔒🔒
11984Google Chrome Parent Tear-Off SVGPropertyTearOff.h use after free🔒🔒
11965Google Chrome Forms use after free [CVE-2013-6644]🔒🔒
11963Google Chrome VP8X Flag Parser demux.c memory corruption🔒🔒
11962Google Chrome Form Control FormAssociatedElement.cpp formRemovedFromTree resource management🔒🔒
11960Google Chrome Speech Input OnWindowRemovingFromRootWindow resource management🔒🔒
11803Linux Kernel dgram.c dgram_recvmsg information disclosure🔒🔒
11779Valve SteamOS Authentication hard-coded credentials
11767Linux Kernel af_x25.c x25_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11766Linux Kernel af_packet.c packet_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11765Linux Kernel af_netrom.c nr_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11758Linux Kernel datagram.c pn_recvmsg memory leak🔒🔒
11757Linux Kernel socket.c mISDN_sock_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11756Linux Kernel ddp.c atalk_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11755Linux Kernel l2tp_ip.c l2tp_ip_recvmsg input validation🔒🔒
11754D-Link DSL-275OU Authentication config improper authentication
11727FFmpeg hevc.c hevc_decode_free memory corruption
11726FFmpeg lagarith.c lag_decode_zero_run_line Remote Code Execution
11725FFmpeg wc3movie.c wc3_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11724FFmpeg siff.c siff_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11723FFmpeg alsdec.c revert_channel_correlation Remote Code Execution
11722FFmpeg iff.c get_metadata Remote Code Execution
11721FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_extradata Remote Code Execution
11715Netgear Router Port tcp/32764 backdoor
11714Cisco Router Port tcp/32764 backdoor
11713Python Generator denial of service
11712Linux Kernel recvmsg af_ipx.c ipx_recvmsg uninitialized resource🔒
11711Google webapp2 denial of service
11710Huawei AR Router SSH Module denial of service
11709Django django.contrib.auth method_decorator information disclosure
11708Tor Crafted Create/Relay Cell relay_lookup_conn denial of service
11707Tor Pending Destroy Cell connection_or_flushed_some denial of service
11706Linux Kernel lp.c lp_do_ioctl memory corruption
11705OpenSSL DTLS Message Retransmission d1_both.c cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11704IBM Lotus Notes Traveler cross-site request forgery
11703D-Link DI-624S Admin Password tools_admin.htm missing encryption
11702NTP Project ntpd monlist Functionality ntp_request.c query input validation🔒🔒🔒
11699FFmpeg dxa.c decode_frame Remote Code Execution
11698FFmpeg dxa.c decode_13 Remote Code Execution
11697FFmpeg dxa.c dxa_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11696FFmpeg rpl.c rpl_read_header Remote Code Execution
11695FFmpeg iff.c decode_byterun Remote Code Execution
11694FFmpeg nistspheredec.c nist_read_header Remote Code Execution
11693FFmpeg interplayvideo.c ipvideo_decode_block_opcode_0xA unknown vulnerability
11692FFmpeg interplayvideo.c ipvideo_decode_block_opcode_0x9 Remote Code Execution
11691FFmpeg swfdec.c swf_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11690FFmpeg End of Packet swfdec.c swf_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11689FFmpeg flashsv.c decode_hybrid Remote Code Execution
11688FFmpeg ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Execution
11687FFmpeg ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Execution
11685FFmpeg Timestamp pva.c read_part_of_packet Remote Code Execution
11684FFmpeg pva.c read_part_of_packet Remote Code Execution
11683FFmpeg smacker.c smka_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
11682FFmpeg Header Size nistspheredec.c nist_read_header Remote Code Execution
11681FFmpeg sierravmd.c vmd_read_header Remote Code Execution
11680FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_read_audio_stream_info Remote Code Execution
11679FFmpeg rv34.c rv34_decoder_alloc Remote Code Execution
11678FFmpeg vqavideo.c decode_format80 Remote Code Execution
11677FFmpeg 4xm.c fourxm_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11676FFmpeg isom.c ff_mp4_read_dec_config_descr Remote Code Execution
11675FFmpeg wavpack.c wv_unpack_stereo Remote Code Execution
11674Tor Relay/Hidden Service Identity Key Generator cryptographic issues🔒
11673Microsoft Windows Live Movie Maker WAV File input validation🔒
11672Palo Alto PAN-OS IP Packet denial of service
11671Palo Alto PAN-OS Zone Protection IP Spoofing Check privileges management
11670Palo Alto PAN-OS GlobalProtect Pre-logon Mode improper authentication
11669Linux Kernel vm86 Syscall denial of service
11668Tor INTRODUCE2 Cell Parser denial of service
11667Tor DNS Reply dns.c cached_resolve_add_answer denial of service
11666Tor SENDME denial of service
11665Tor Directory Authority dirserv.c router_counts_toward_thresholds denial of service
11664Tor ClientDNSRejectInternalAddresses Rule privileges management
11663Python CGIHTTPRequestHandler path traversal
11662RealVNC User Mode vncserver access control🔒
11661RealVNC vncserver-x11 access control🔒
11660RealVNC Xvnc access control [CVE-2013-6886]🔒
11659FFmpeg dirac_dwt.c ff_spatial_idwt_init2 Remote Code Execution
11658FFmpeg nuv.c decode_frame Remote Code Execution
11657FFmpeg isom.c mp4_read_dec_config_descr Remote Code Execution
11656FFmpeg gifdec.c gif_read_image Remote Code Execution
11655FFmpeg vc1dec.c ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables Remote Code Execution
11654FFmpeg wmalosslessdec.c decode_tilehdr Remote Code Execution
11653FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_major_sync Remote Code Execution
11649FFmpeg psxstr.c str_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11648FFmpeg iff.c iff_read_packet memory leak
11647FFmpeg msmpeg4dec.c msmpeg4_decode_dc Remote Code Execution
11646FFmpeg id3v2.c id3v2_parse Remote Code Execution
11645FFmpeg bink.c init_bundles Remote Code Execution
11644FFmpeg oggparsetheora.c theora_header Remote Code Execution
11643Microsoft Visio memory corruption
11642NetBSD IPv6 Routing Prefix ICMPV6CTL_ND6_PRLIST denial of service
11641NetBSD ELF Binary denial of service
11640Apple Safari PhishingAlert Functionality security check for standard [Disputed]
11639WebkitGTK+ RenderBoxModelObject.cpp willBeDestroyed memory corruption
11638Courier MTA Webmail Server External File System denial of service
11637Tor Pluggable Transport Helper util.c format_helper_exit_status memory corruption
11636Linux Kernel Stack Frame process.c get_wchan denial of service
11634VMware ESX/ESXi vCenter Server File access control🔒🔒
11627Cisco IOS XE Packet Processor MPLS input validation🔒
11626cPanel WHM Reseller Login Cookie cross site scripting🔒🔒
11625cPanel WHM Login Security cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11624cPanel WHM Branding Subsystem cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11623cPanel WHM counter cross site scripting🔒🔒
11622cPanel WHM Daily Process Log Screen Stored cross site scripting🔒🔒
11621cPanel WHM cPAddons Upgrade Password cross site scripting🔒🔒
11620cPanel WHM Edit DNS Zone Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11619cPanel WHM SSH Authentication cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11618cPanel WHM X3 Theme countedit.cgi cross site scripting🔒🔒
11617cPanel WHM Bandmin passwd cross site scripting🔒🔒
11616cPanel WHM cpsrvd cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11613cPanel WHM Bandmin Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
11612cPanel WHM API Call dynamicincludelist cross site scripting🔒🔒
11611cPanel WHM Database cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11610cPanel WHM Backup Archive cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11609cPanel WHM Config cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11608cPanel WHM Translatable Phrase Maketext cross site scripting🔒🔒
11607cPanel WHM CSRF Protection cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11606cPanel WHM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11605cPanel WHM Logaholic Session File tmp cross site scripting🔒🔒
11604cPanel WHM Virtualhost Installation cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6780]🔒🔒
11603RealNetworks RealPlayer RMP File memory corruption [CVE-2013-7260]🔒🔒🔒
11602Cisco IOS XE VTY Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-6979]
11601cPanel WHM XML/JSON getpkginfo information disclosure
11600OpenSSL TLS Cipher s3_lib.c ssl_get_algorithm2 cryptographic issues🔒🔒🔒
11599FFmpeg Uninitialized Data iff.c iff_read_packet Remote Code Execution
11598FFmpeg Uninitialized Data mov.c mov_read_extradata Remote Code Execution
11597FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory vc1.c bitplane_decoding memory corruption
11596FFmpeg Uninitialized Data vc1dec.c vc1_draw_sprites Remote Code Execution
11595FFmpeg Uninitialized Data vc1dec.c vc1_decode_sprites Remote Code Execution
11594FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Execution
11593FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory asfdec.c asf_parse_packet Remote Code Execution
11592FFmpeg Uninitialized Memory mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof Remote Code Execution
11591FFmpeg Uninitialized Data ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk uninitialized resource
11590XMLSoft libxml2 xpath.c xmlXPathCompOpEval denial of service
11589Nagios daemonchk.c process_cgivars input validation🔒🔒🔒
11588Nagios statuswml.c process_cgivars input validation🔒🔒
11587D-Link DIR-645 Cookie service.cgi privileges management
11586D-Link DIR-645 Admin Password missing encryption
11585D-Link DIR-645 getfile path traversal
11584D-Link DIR-645 version.php security check for standard
11583D-Link DIR-645 Widget Function improper authentication
11582D-Link DIR-645 router_info.xml information disclosure
11581D-Link DIR-645 Authentication __ajax_explorer.sgi security check for standard
11580libpng pngrtran.c png_read_transform_info null pointer dereference🔒🔒
11576XMLSoft libxml2 tree.c xmlStaticCopyNodeList denial of service
11575IBM WebSphere Portal Content Template Catalog administrative PAA Installation/Execution access control
11574IBM WebSphere Portal Referenced WCM Components access control
11573IBM WebSphere Portal axonomy Individual Categories access control
11572IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6328]
11571Synology DiskStation Manager file_sharing.cgi path traversal🔒
11570Synology DiskStation Manager file_download.cgi Access path traversal🔒
11569Synology DiskStation Manager file_share.cgi File Listing path traversal🔒
11568Synology DiskStation Manager file_MVCP.cgi path traversal🔒
11567Synology DiskStation Manager file_rename.cgi Rename path traversal🔒
11566Synology DiskStation Manager html5_upload.cgi Upload path traversal🔒
11565Synology DiskStation Manager file_delete.cgi Delete path traversal🔒
11564Novell Client Vba32 AntiRootKit input validation [CVE-2013-3705]🔒
11562IBM WebSphere Portal Web Content Manager access control [CVE-2013-6735]🔒
11561Synology DiskStation Manager SliceUpload imageSelector.cgi access control🔒🔒
11560Cisco NX-OS Command Line tar path traversal
11559OpenX XML-RPC Delivery Invocation Script axmlrpc.php sql injection🔒
11558WordPress Comment Status options-discussion.php cross-site request forgery
11557WordPress options-discussion.php denial of service
11556WordPress edit-tags.php Reflected cross site scriting
11555WordPress edit-tags.php privileges management cURL CN/SAN Name Field input validation [CVE-2013-6422]🔒🔒
11553RSA Archer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6178]
11552Apple Safari Javascript Stack Memory JavaScriptCore.dll memory corruption
11551IBM iNotes Ultra-light Mode Reflected cross site scripting🔒
11550IBM iNotes Ultra-light Mode Stored cross site scripting🔒
11549IBM iNotes Email Message cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4063]🔒
11548Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface path traversal [CVE-2012-4135]
11547GnuPG Computer Processor Acoustic Side-Channel Attack credentials management🔒🔒
11546Google Chrome PPAPI Message Submenu Entries ReadMenu memory corruption🔒🔒
11545Google Chrome Pepper UDP Socket RecvFrom denial of service🔒🔒
11544Google Chrome WebInputEvent Class WriteData information disclosure🔒🔒
11543Google Chrome PPAPI Message OnMsgCreate denial of service🔒🔒
11542Google Chrome IPC Layer PpapiHostMsg_PPBVideoDecoder_Decode denial of service🔒🔒
11541Google Chrome IPC Layer denial of service [CVE-2013-0892]🔒🔒
11540RealNetworks RealPlayer RMP File memory corruption [CVE-2013-6877]🔒🔒🔒
11539Valve Steam OS Bug Reporter .valve-bugreporter.cfg cryptographic issues
11538USP Secure Entry Server cookie-check privileges management
11537WordPress Credentials options-writing.php backdoor
11536Digium Asterisk SMS Message memory corruption
11535Digium Asterisk Dialplan Function privileges management
11534Cisco ONS 15454 Transport Node Controller Traffic Saturation input validation
11533Cisco EPC3925 Web Frontend Quick_setup cross-site request forgery
11532WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5228]🔒🔒🔒
11531WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5225]🔒🔒
11530WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5199]🔒🔒
11529WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5198]🔒🔒
11528WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5197]🔒🔒
11527WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5196]🔒🔒
11526WebkitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-5195]🔒🔒
11525Apple Safari Autofill access control [CVE-2013-5227]🔒🔒
11524IBM DB2 OLAP Query Engine denial of service [CVE-2013-6717]🔒
11523IBM DB2 XSLT Library denial of service [CVE-2013-5466]🔒🔒
11522IBM InfoSphere Information Server Installation information disclosure
11521IBM WebSphere Service Registry/Repository Widgets cross site scripting🔒
11520IBM Classic Sametime Meeting Server Reflected cross site scripting
11519Red Hat JBoss Portal URL Escape cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4424]🔒
11518Irfan Skiljan IrfanView LZW Compression memory corruption [CVE-2013-5351]🔒
11517Irfan Skiljan IrfanView Japanese Language Local Privilege Escalation
11516WebkitGTK+ Scrollbar RenderScrollbar.cpp updateScrollbarPart memory corruption
11515Invision Power Services IP.Board Search cross site scriting
11514Invision Power Services IP.Board BBcode cross site scriting
11512PHP Timestamp Converter openssl_x509_parse memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11511Alcatel Lucent-7750 SR Default Account improper authentication
11510Linux Kernel lapic.c apic_cluster_id numeric error🔒🔒
11509Linux Kernel lapic.c kvm_lapic_sync_to_vapic input validation🔒🔒
11508Linux Kernel lapic.c apic_get_tmcct numeric error🔒🔒
11507Linux Kernel Bounds-Check kvm_main.c kvm_vm_ioctl_create_vcpu input validation🔒🔒
11506Evernote Authentication .pref.xml improper authentication
11505Evernote Backup com.evernote_preferences.xml improper authentication
11504Google Android APK Signature Validator security check for standard
11503Linux Kernel File Permission sysctl_net.c net_ctl_permissions input validation🔒🔒
11502HP LaserJet Pro/Color LaserJet denial of service [CVE-2013-6193]
11501Apple Safari Restore Browser Sessions LastSession.plist cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11500Cisco Unified Communications Manager TFTP Service SPDefault.cnf.xml cryptographic issues [Disputed]
11499Microsoft Windows Media Player SND File memory corruption
11498Juniper IVE OS Feature Page Rewriting cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6956]🔒
11497Juniper ScreenOS Ping of Death Screen denial of service [CVE-2013-6958]🔒
11496Juniper IDP75/IDP250/IDP800/IDP8200 ACM Webserver cross site scripting
11495HP Officejet Pro cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4845]🔒
11494Microsoft .NET Framework MAC Authentication privileges management
11493Linux Foundation Xen Multiple Hypercall Implementations improper authentication
11492Snes9x DLL Loader codec_mpeg.dll memory corruption
11491Linux Kernel shm.c race condition🔒🔒
11490Google Android :android:show_fragment intent extra privileges management
11489TYPO3 (Old) Form Content Element access control [CVE-2013-7081]🔒🔒
11488TYPO3 Table Administration Library security check for standard🔒🔒
11487TYPO3 OpenID Extension input validation [CVE-2013-7079]🔒🔒
11486TYPO3 Extbase ActionController errorAction cross site scripting🔒🔒
11485TYPO3 Backend User Administration Interface Reflected cross site scripting
11484TYPO3 Extension Manager Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
11483TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard Unserialize cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11482TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard cross site scripting [CVE-2013-7074]🔒🔒
11481TYPO3 Content Editing Wizard access control [CVE-2013-7073]🔒🔒
11480Plone Remote Path information disclosure
11479Plone CMF CatalogTool access control
11478Plone Session Reflected cross site scriting
11477Plone Image Tag Reflected cross site scriting
11476D-Link DIR Router platform.cgi sql injection🔒
11475D-Link DIR Router platform.cgi os command injection🔒
11474Linux Foundation Xen IOMMU TLB Flush access control [CVE-2013-6400]🔒🔒
11473TYPO3 Flow ActionController cross site scriting
11472Linux Kernel IPv6 Socket IOCTL ip6_fib.c fib6_add access control🔒🔒
11471Philips Hue Lighting System Token Generation improper authentication
11470Philips Hue Lighting System Token improper authentication
11469SquirrelMail Request Path information disclosure
11468Microsoft Exchange cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5072]🔒🔒
11467Microsoft ASP .NET SignalR cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5042]🔒🔒
11466Microsoft Office File Response information disclosure [CVE-2013-5054]🔒🔒
11465Microsoft Windows Local Remote Procedure Call Server memory corruption🔒
11464Mozilla Firefox GetElementIC Typed Array access control [CVE-2013-5615]🔒🔒
11463Mozilla Firefox GetHoverGeneration use after free
11462Mozilla Firefox DispatchSynthMouseMove resource management🔒🔒
11461Mozilla Firefox Ordered List IsLTR code injection🔒🔒
11460Mozilla Firefox JavaScript Binary Search numeric error [CVE-2013-5619]🔒🔒
11459Mozilla Firefox LastRelease resource management🔒🔒
11458Mozilla Firefox Event Listener HandleEventSubType resource management🔒🔒
11457Microsoft SharePoint Server/Office Web Apps W3WP Service Account code injection🔒
11456Microsoft Windows Scripting Runtime Object Library resource management🔒🔒🔒
11454Mozilla Firefox Nested Object Element access control [CVE-2013-5614]🔒🔒
11453Mozilla Firefox Character Set Encoding cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5612]🔒🔒
11452Mozilla Firefox Web App Installation authentication spoofing🔒🔒
11451Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2013-5610]🔒🔒
11450Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2013-5609]🔒🔒
11449Mozilla Firefox EV Certificate Validation cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11448Microsoft Office Address Space Layout Randomization access control🔒🔒
11447Mozilla Firefox Selection Paste Clipboard information disclosure🔒🔒
11446Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys resource management🔒🔒
11445Microsoft Windows win32k.sys input validation🔒🔒
11444Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys numeric error🔒🔒
11443Microsoft Windows Driver Memory Object portcls.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
11442Microsoft Windows True Type Font win32k.sys input validation🔒🔒
11441Linux Kernel Ping Socket Read Call ping.c ping_recvmsg null pointer dereference🔒🔒
11440Samba DCE-RPC Fragment Length Field dcerpc_util.c dcerpc_read_ncacn_packet_done memory corruption🔒🔒
11439VMware Zimbra Collaboration Suite Ajx%20TemplateMsg.js.zgz path traversal🔒🔒
11438EMC RSA Security Analytics User Agent access control [CVE-2013-6180]
11437Palo Alto PAN-OS Radius privileges management
11436Microsoft Internet Explorer Permission input validation [CVE-2013-5046]🔒🔒
11435Microsoft Internet Explorer Permission input validation [CVE-2013-5045]🔒🔒
11434Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5052]🔒🔒🔒
11433Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5051]🔒🔒🔒
11432Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5049]🔒🔒🔒
11431Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5048]🔒🔒🔒
11430Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-5047]🔒🔒🔒
11429Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5332]🔒🔒
11428Adobe Flash Player Type code injection [CVE-2013-5331]🔒🔒🔒
11427Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5334]🔒🔒
11426Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5333]🔒🔒
11425Asus WL520g Basic_Goperation_Content.asp privileges management
11424Cisco ASA Management Session Requests resource management [CVE-2013-6707]
11423SuSE openSUSE vhosts.d access control🔒
11422Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform EJB Invocation for Method-Level Authorization JAX-WS access control🔒
11421D-Link DSL-6740U CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgery
11420HP HPLIP code injection🔒🔒
11419D-Link DAP-2553 CSRF Token cross-site request forgery
11418D-Link DAP-2553 Config Remote Privilege Escalation
11417D-Link DAP-2553 cross site scriting
11416D-Link DAP-2553 Session Management security check for standard
11415Zend Framework Configuration File application.ini information disclosure
11413BlackBerry Enterprise Server Encryption Key information disclosure
11412SonicWALL GMS/Analyzer/UMA E5000 ematStaticAlertTypes.jsp value_1 Stored cross site scriting
11411McAfee Email Gateway 18 sql injection
11410McAfee Email Gateway Systems Tab TestFile privileges management
11409D-Link DIR Router _show_info.php privileges management
11408Cisco Adaptive Security Device Manager Web Login Portal Lockout Mechanism Failure Brute Force Vulnerability improper authentication
11407TP-LINK TL-WR740N HTTP Server denial of service
11406NetBSD uipc_socket.c null pointer dereference
11405NetBSD Socket Credentials tcp_usrreq.c denial of service
11404FFmpeg h264_refs.c build_def_list memory corruption
11403FFmpeg log.c format_line memory corruption
11402FFmpeg g2meet.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruption
11401FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_load_cursor memory corruption
11400FFmpeg indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Local Privilege Escalation
11399FFmpeg ac3dec.c ac3_decode_transform_coeffs_ch information disclosure
11398FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_packets information disclosure
11397FFmpeg Coded Frame hnm4video.c hnm_decode_frame memory corruption
11396FFmpeg Dimension hnm4video.c hnm_decode_init memory corruption
11395FFmpeg hnm4video.c decode_interframe_v4 memory corruption
11394FFmpeg hnm4video.c decode_interframe_v4 memory corruption
11393FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_targa_y216 memory corruption
11392FFmpeg Uninitialized Data ipmovie.c process_ipmovie_chunk Remote Code Execution
11391FFmpeg rv10.c rv20_decode_picture_header memory corruption
11390Google Chrome Mouse Event Document.cpp updateHoverActiveState use after free🔒🔒
11389Google Chrome Audio Track memory corruption [CVE-2013-6637]🔒🔒
11388Google Chrome WebRTCIdentityService Request Existence denial of service🔒🔒
11387Google Chrome Shutdown denial of service🔒🔒
11386Google Chrome Media Subsample Calculation/Conversion integer coercion🔒🔒
11385Google Chrome Alias URL Prerendering denial of service🔒🔒
11384Google Chrome DB Dispatcher Callback Shutdown memory corruption🔒🔒
11383Google Chrome Empty Inline RenderBlockLineLayout.cpp handleEndOfLine use after free🔒🔒
11382Google Chrome Array Indices memory corruption [CVE-2013-6640]🔒🔒
11381Google Chrome Array Indices DehoistArrayIndex memory corruption🔒🔒
11380Google Chrome Array Length Runtime_TypedArrayInitialize memory corruption🔒🔒
11379Google Chrome Modal Dialog FrameLoader.cpp notifyIfInitialDocumentAccessed input validation🔒🔒
11378Google Chrome javascript Protocol Script ReplaceSelectionCommand.cpp doApply resource management🔒🔒
11377Google Chrome 302 Redirect ShowInfoBarIfPossible improper authentication🔒🔒
11376David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Third-Party Libraries access control🔒🔒
11375David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails simple_format helper cross site scripting🔒🔒
11374David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Action View input validation🔒🔒
11373David Heinemeier Hansson Ruby on Rails Validation number_to_currency cross site scripting🔒🔒
11372Cisco ONS 15454 Controller Card input validation [CVE-2013-6702]
11371Cisco ONS 15454 Controller Card input validation [CVE-2013-6703]
11370Cisco IOS/IOS XE IP Device Tracking input validation [CVE-2013-6705]🔒
11369Cisco IOS XE TFTP resource management [CVE-2013-6704]🔒
11368NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Privileges privileges management [CVE-2013-5987]🔒
11367ZyXEL GS1510-16 Authentication webctrl.cgi information disclosure
11366Linux Kernel ptrace.c __ptrace_may_access access control🔒🔒
11365Linux Kernel trace_event_perf.c perf_trace_event_perm access control🔒🔒
11364Linux Kernel radiotap.c ieee80211_radiotap_iterator_init denial of service
11363VMware ESX/ESXi Windows 32-bit Guest OS lgtosync.sys access control🔒🔒
11362Google Android Authentication Verification access control
11361FFmpeg Bounds-Check jpeg2000dec.c get_siz denial of service
11360FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header denial of service
11359FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_cox memory corruption
11358FFmpeg Bounce Error Message jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_tile memory corruption
11357FFmpeg Bounds-Check parser.c ff_combine_frame memory corruption
11356FFmpeg Array g2meet.c g2m_init_buffers memory corruption
11355FFmpeg Array g2meet.c g2m_init_buffers memory corruption
11354FFmpeg Fifo vf_fps.c filter_frame memory corruption
11353FFmpeg Size dsputil.c Remote Code Execution
11352FFmpeg pngdsp.c add_bytes_l2_c memory corruption
11351FFmpeg ffv1dec.c read_header Remote Code Execution
11350FFmpeg ffv1dec.c read_header memory corruption
11349FFmpeg jpeg2000.c ff_jpeg2000_init_component Remote Code Execution
11348FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_siz memory corruption
11347WordPress Media Library multi_resize Installation Path information disclosure [Disputed]
11346WordPress comment_form Installation Path information disclosure [Disputed]
11345Twibright Labs Links Graphical Mode numeric error [CVE-2013-6050]🔒🔒
11344Cisco Secure Access Control System support-bundle Downloader access control
11343Cisco Secure Access Control System Packet Saturation input validation
11342Cisco ASA DNS Error Response input validation [CVE-2013-6696]
11341Check Point Media Encryption Login unlock.exe credentials management
11340D-Link DAP 1522 Default Credentials improper authentication
11339PHP OBJECT parse_iso_intervals.c DateInterval memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11338Novell iPrint Client id1.getprinterurllist memory corruption🔒🔒
11337Linux Kernel socket.c memory leak
11336Linux Kernel Socket Calls recvmmsg(2) memory leak🔒🔒
11335Linux Kernel fbdev arcfb_write memory corruption
11334Google Android Flash Message denial of service
11333Microsoft Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit EMET ASLR information disclosure🔒
11332Cisco IOS XE Express Forwarding Processing Module input validation🔒
11331Cisco IOS XR SNMP Module input validation [CVE-2013-6700]
11330Linux Foundation Xen XEN_DOMCTL_getmemlist memory corruption🔒🔒
11329Linux Foundation Xen Guest Hypercall Privilege Check access control🔒🔒
11328Palo Alto PAN-OS import.certificate.php improper authentication
11327Palo Alto PAN-OS Firewall Web Interface Stored cross site scriting
11326Microsoft Windows NDProxy.sys input validation🔒🔒🔒
11325Apache Subversion mod_dontdothat access control [CVE-2013-4505]🔒🔒
11324Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn input validation [CVE-2013-4558]🔒🔒
11323TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request RestoreDefaultCfgRpm.htm Stored improper authentication
11322TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request WlanSecurityRpm.htm improper authentication
11321TP-LINK WR740N Wireless N Router HTTP Request SysRebootRpm.htm improper authentication
11320Instagram/Flattr HTTP Photo Upload missing encryption
11319Valve Steam Client Friend Message memory corruption
11318QNAP Photo Station list.php information disclosure
11317Linux Kernel Adaptec RAID Controller Support commctrl.c aac_send_raw_srb input validation🔒🔒
11316Apple iOS/Safari Authorization information disclosure
11315Linux Kernel Marvell Bxxx Libertas WLAN Driver Support debugfs.c lbs_debugfs_write numeric error🔒🔒
11314Linux Kernel Gigabit Ethernet Device Support qeth_core_main.c qeth_snmp_command memory corruption🔒🔒
11313Linux Kernel Adaptec RAID Controller Support linit.c aac_compat_do_ioctl access control🔒🔒
11310IBM InfoSphere Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4036]
11309Cisco IOS IPSec Tunnel Implementation input validation [CVE-2013-6694]
11308TRENDnet TEW-691GR Telnet Local Privilege Escalation
11307Thomson Reuters Velocity Analytics Vhayu Analytic Server Input Sanitizer VhttpdMgr code injection
11306IBM Sterling Order Management Reflected cross site scripting
11305phpMyFAQ ajaxfilemanager.php privileges management
11304Now Wireless NowSMS MM4 Connection denial of service
11303Now Wireless NowSMS MM1 denial of service
11302Linux Kernel xfs_ioctl32.c xfs_attrlist_by_handle memory corruption🔒🔒
11301OpenStack Ceilometer Log Entry information disclosure
11300Google Caja Escape Sequence cross site scriting
11296Rackspace Windows Agent/Updater Signature Check code injection
11295D-Link DES-3800 SSH Implementation denial of service [CVE-2013-5997]
11294D-Link DES-3800 SSH Implementation denial of service [CVE-2013-5998]
11293FFmpeg hnm4video.c hnm_decode_frame memory corruption
11292FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_packet denial of service
11291FFmpeg mjpegdec.c mjpeg_decode_app denial of service
11290FFmpeg PCM Block h264_cavlc.c ff_h264_decode_mb_cavlc denial of service
11289FFmpeg gifdec.c gif_read_image denial of service
11288FFmpeg h264.c decode_nal_units denial of service
11287FFmpeg matroskadec.c ebml_read_ascii denial of service
11286FFmpeg matroskadec.c matroska_read_header Local Privilege Escalation
11285FFmpeg motionpixels.c mp_get_vlc denial of service
11284FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame denial of service
11283FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_header denial of service
11282FFmpeg truemotion1.c denial of service
11281FFmpeg pcx.c pcx_decode_frame denial of service
11280EMC Data Protection Manager Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3288]
11279EMC Data Protection Manager Appliance SSL/TLS Handshake cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11278Novell Identity Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1096]🔒
11277Samsung Galaxy S4 Downloader privileges management
11276Apple IOS Safari Browser privileges management
11275Staden index_tar.c main memory corruption
11274Novell Identity Manager Password Reset security check for standard
11273Novell Identity Manager cross site scriting
11272Novell Identity Manager cross site scriting
11271Novell Identity Manager cross site scriting
11270Novell Identity Manager cross site scriting
11266Ruby memory corruption [CVE-2013-4164]🔒🔒
11265Cisco IOS XE Function Crafted AAA Packet DHCP resource management🔒
11264Cisco IOS MLDP Processing memory corruption [CVE-2013-6693]
11263Red Hat 389 Directory Server/Directory Server Get Effective Rights Engine input validation🔒🔒
11262Robert Sandell and Tomas Westling Build Failure Analyzer Plugin Validation cross site scripting
11261Cisco Wireless LAN Controller CAPWAP Packet memory corruption
11260Cisco Wireless LAN Controller JavaScript Restriction access control
11259Appologics UG AirBeam privileges management
11258Appologics UG AirBeam delete cross site scriting
11257Linux Foundation Xen TLB Flush dma_pte_clear_one access control🔒🔒
11256Linux Kernel filter.c sk_attach_filter memory corruption
11255Splunk cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6870]🔒
11254FreeBSD nand_geom.c nand_ioctl information disclosure
11253WHMCS WHMCompleteSolution Input Sanitizer class.admin.php unserialize cross site scriting
11252Check Point Endpoint Security Password Policy Unlock.exe credentials management
11251Cortexa Automation 7202 Home Automation Controller Default Credentials hard-coded credentials
11250HP 2620 Switch HTTP Request json.html cross-site request forgery
11249MIT Kerberos Request do_tgs_req.c input validation🔒🔒🔒
11248Avira Secure Backup memory corruption [CVE-2013-6356]
11247FreeBSD Input Sanitizer ql_ioctl.c ql_eioctl input validation
11246FreeBSD Input Sanitizer qls_ioctl.c qls_eioctl input validation
11245cURL ssluse.c ossl_connect_step3 cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11244Drupal Random Number Generator mt_rand cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11243Drupal CSRF Prevention Filter code injection [CVE-2013-6385]🔒🔒
11242Drupal URL Validator input validation [CVE-2013-6389]🔒🔒
11241Drupal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-6388]🔒🔒
11240Drupal Input Sanitizer Stored cross site scripting🔒🔒
11239Drupal Security Token Validation drupal_valid_token security check for standard
11238Drupal Code Execution Prevetion .htaccess security check for standard
11237nginx URI String access control [CVE-2013-4547]🔒🔒🔒
11236LG Smart TV Collection of Watching Info cleartext storage
11233MediaWiki HTTP Header Caching improper authentication [CVE-2013-4572]🔒🔒
11232Cisco NX-OS install all iso Command access control [CVE-2013-5556]🔒
11231RIM BlackBerry Link Peer Manager access control [CVE-2013-6798]🔒
11230Microsoft Word DOC Document resource management [CVE-2013-6801]
11229MIT Kerberos KDC Request setup_server_realm null pointer dereference🔒🔒
11228MediaWiki Blacklist Filter checkCss incomplete blacklist🔒🔒
11227Nagios Core Config Manager index.php sql injection
11225Microsoft Windows NULL Pointer win32k.sys IsHandleEntrySecure memory corruption
11224Linux Kernel UDP Packet udp_offload.c udp6_ufo_fragment numeric error🔒🔒🔒
11223Google Chrome OnWriteObjectsSync access control🔒🔒
11222Apple IOS App Store Authentication credentials management [CVE-2013-5193]
11220VMware Workstation/Player Shared Libraries access control [CVE-2013-5972]🔒
11219Google Chrome integer numeric error [CVE-2013-6632]🔒🔒🔒
11218Fortinet Manager SYSAdminUserDialog cross-site request forgery🔒
11217Apple IOS Credential Deletion information disclosure
11216IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5417]🔒🔒
11215IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
11214IBM WebSphere Application Server Reflected cross site scripting🔒
11213IBM WebSphere Application Server Permission cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11212IBM WebSphere Application Server Migration Functionality access control🔒🔒
11211Cisco IOS SSL VPN Implementation input validation [CVE-2013-6686]
11210Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Permission access control [CVE-2013-6685]
11209Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Configuration Parameter input validation🔒
11208Cisco NX-OS IPv6 Neighbor Table Processor input validation [CVE-2013-6683]🔒
11207Mozilla Network Security Services Size Validation numeric error🔒🔒
11206Mozilla Network Security Services certvfy.c CERT_VerifyCert access control🔒🔒
11205Mozilla Network Security Services Handshake Packet ssl3con.c Null_Cipher memory corruption🔒🔒
11204Cisco ASA IPv6 Network Address Translation input validation [CVE-2013-5560]
11203Cisco IOS Parse Error Drop access control [CVE-2013-5552]
11202IBM Security AppScan Enterprise URL credentials management [CVE-2013-5450]
11201IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Temporary Report File information disclosure
11200Google Chrome RenderBlock.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
11199Google Chrome Graphics3D Destructor memory corruption🔒🔒
11198Google Chrome Mutation Event Handlers memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]🔒🔒
11197Google Chrome Touch Event WebPluginContainerImpl.cpp handleEvent memory corruption🔒🔒
11196Google Chrome Address Bar authentication spoofing🔒🔒
11195Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]🔒🔒
11194Google Chrome IndexedDB memory corruption🔒🔒
11193Google Chrome SVGPropertyTearOff.h memory corruption🔒🔒
11192Google Chrome Text Offset VisibleUnits.cpp nextBoundary denial of service🔒🔒
11191Google Chrome memory corruption [CVE-2013-2931]🔒🔒
11190Google Chrome HarfBuzzShaper.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
11188Google Chrome SVGElement.cpp isOutermostSVGSVGElement use after free🔒🔒
11186Google Chrome SVG Node Resources memory corruption [CVE-2013-6623]🔒🔒
11185Google Chrome id Attribute strings resource management [CVE-2013-6624]🔒🔒
11184Google Chrome ContainerNode.cpp willRemoveChildren resource management🔒🔒
11183Google Chrome Interstitial Warning AttachInterstitialPage authentication spoofing🔒🔒
11182Google Chrome HTTP 1xx Parsing QuickGetNext memory corruption🔒🔒
11181Google Chrome TLS Renegotiation Certificate Validation privileges management🔒🔒
11180Google Chrome/Chrome WebRTC DeRegisterExternalTransport use after free🔒🔒
11179Google Chrome Speech Input resource management [CVE-2013-6621]🔒🔒
11178Google Chrome HTMLMediaElement.cpp didMoveToNewDocument resource management🔒🔒
11177IBM WebSphere Portal URL information disclosure [CVE-2013-5454]🔒
11176Samba Access Control access control [CVE-2013-4475]🔒🔒
11174Samba Private Key Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4476]🔒
11172IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5378]🔒
11171IBM WebSphere Portal Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5379]🔒
11170Linux Kernel bt8xx Video Driver copy_from_user memory corruption
11169RIM BlackBerry Link Peer Manager %APPDATA% cross-site request forgery🔒
11167Microsoft Windows DirectAcccess Server input validation [CVE-2013-3876]🔒
11166HP Integrated Lights-Out improper authentication [CVE-2013-4843]🔒🔒
11165HP Integrated Lights-Out Input Validator cross site scripting🔒🔒
11164Linux Foundation Xen Permission Check Dereferrer VMRESUME input validation🔒🔒
11163OpenVAS Manager/Administrator OAP Authentication improper authentication🔒
11162OpenVAS Manager OMP Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-6765]🔒🔒
11161Apple Mac OS X Hard Link denial of service
11160Linux Kernel au1200fb.c au1200fb_fb_blank numeric error🔒🔒
11159Linux Kernel au1100fb.c au1100fb_fb_rotate numeric error🔒🔒
11158Linux Kernel Size Checker uio.c uio_mmap_physical memory corruption🔒🔒
11156Adobe ColdFusion access control [CVE-2013-5328]🔒
11155Adobe ColdFusion CFIDE Directory Sanitizer Reflected cross site scripting🔒
11154Adobe Flash Player/AIR memory corruption [CVE-2013-5330]🔒🔒
11153Adobe Flash Player/AIR memory corruption [CVE-2013-5329]🔒🔒
11152Microsoft Windows Ancillary Function Driver afd.sys information disclosure🔒🔒
11151Microsoft Outlook S/MIME Certificate Metadata Expansion information disclosure🔒🔒
11150Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Data Structure Value access control🔒🔒
11149Microsoft Office WordPerfect Document epsimp32.flt memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11148Microsoft Office WordPerfect Document epsimp32.flt memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11147Microsoft Windows X.509 Certificate Processor Wcrypt32.dll input validation🔒🔒
11146Microsoft Office epsimp32.flt memory corruption🔒🔒
11145Microsoft Windows Graphics Device Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-3940]🔒🔒🔒
11144Microsoft Internet Explorer CSS information disclosure [CVE-2013-3909]🔒🔒
11143Microsoft Internet Explorer Print Preview information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
11142Microsoft Internet Explorer CHtmlEditor Object memory corruption🔒🔒
11141Microsoft Internet Explorer CCaret Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-3916]🔒🔒🔒
11140Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3915]🔒🔒🔒
11139Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3914]🔒🔒🔒
11138Microsoft Internet Explorer CTreePos Object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11137Microsoft Internet Explorer CEditAdorner Object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
11136Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3910]🔒🔒🔒
11135IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Domain Variable Application Cookie access control
11134IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Link access control
11132IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Link Library input validation
11131IBM Lotus Sametime Enterprise Meeting Server Chat access control
11130Cisco ASA Phone Proxy Untrusted Certificate input validation
11129Cisco ASA Auto-Update Data input validation [CVE-2013-5568]
11128Microsoft Internet Explorer InformationCardSigninHelper icardie.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
11127Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure
11125IBM Lotus Sametime WebPlayer Sametime Audio Visual memory corruption
11124OpenSSH Post Authentication sshd process initialize mm_newkeys_from_blob access control🔒🔒
11123OWASP Java Encoder Input Sanitizer security check for standard
11121MailEnable security check for standard
11120IBM Java security check for standard [CVE-2013-5375]🔒
11119IBM Java security check for standard [CVE-2013-4041]🔒
11118IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5458]🔒
11117IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5457]🔒
11116IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-5456]🔒
11115Joomla CMS Newsfeed com_newsfeed cross site scriting
11114Joomla CMS Web Links Form com_weblinks cross site scriting
11113Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scriting
11112Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scriting
11111Joomla CMS Contact Form com_contact cross site scriting
11110Cisco IOS XR Open Shortest Path First Version 3 memory corruption🔒
11109IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross-site request forgery🔒
11108IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross site scripting🔒
11107IBM Domino Web Application webadmin.nsf cross site scripting🔒
11106MIT Kerberos Multi-Realm KDC main.c setup_server_realm null pointer dereference🔒🔒🔒
11105Google Android Package Signature Verification getInputStream improper authentication
11104ISC BIND WSAloctl Winsock API access control [CVE-2013-6230]🔒
11103Cisco IOS Session Initiation Protocol resource management [CVE-2013-5553]🔒
11102Ffmpeg/Libav GEOB Data Size decrypt_init Local Privilege Escalation
11101Ffmpeg/Libav Leaf Table decrypt_init Local Privilege Escalation
11100Ffmpeg/Libav Stream Playback rmdec.c null pointer dereference
11099Ffmpeg/Libav Channel Mapper ac3dec.c ac3_decode_frame denial of service
11098Apache Tomcat HTTP Request cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-6357] [Disputed]
11097lighttpd ssl.cipher-lister cryptographic issues🔒🔒
11096Google Chrome Autofill information disclosure
11095Linux Kernel Length Variables keystore.c write_tag_3_packet memory corruption
11094Linux Kernel Structure Member Bcmchar.c information disclosure🔒🔒
11093Linux Kernel Station Name wl_priv.c memory corruption🔒🔒
11092Linux Kernel Write syscal ozcdev.c memory corruption🔒🔒
11091Linux Kernel AACRAID Driver security check for standard
11090Linux Kernel Write Syscall exitcode.c memory corruption🔒🔒
11089Linux Kernel sb_pci_mp.c information disclosure🔒🔒
11088Wireshark TCP Dissector packet-tcp.c input validation🔒🔒
11087Wireshark Active MQ dissect_openwire_type input validation🔒🔒
11086Wireshark NBAP Dissector denial of service [CVE-2013-6337]🔒🔒
11085Wireshark SIP Dissector packet-sip.c dissect_sip_common input validation🔒🔒
11084SAP NetWeaver Cookie improper authentication
11083Linux Kernel IHL IP Header flow_dissector.c skb_flow_dissect resource management🔒🔒
11082Novell ZENworks Configuration Management improper authentication🔒
11081Microsoft Windows TIFF Image code injection [CVE-2013-3906]🔒🔒🔒🔒
11080Novell ZENworks Configuration Management CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgery🔒
11079Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross-site request forgery🔒
11078Novell ZENworks Configuration Management cross site scripting🔒
11077Facebook Attachment information disclosure
11076Zend Framework Verification security check for standard
11075Wireshark IEEE 802.15.4 Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-6336]🔒🔒
11074strongSwan IKE daemon charon null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-6076]🔒🔒
11073Cisco ASA CX Context-Aware Security Safe Search Enforcement Component input validation
11072Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client VPN API COM Active Template Library memory corruption🔒
11071Linux Foundation Xen Lock Order grant_alloc_lock input validation🔒🔒
11070Tapbots Tweetbot Authentication cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5726]
11069strongSwan identification.c compare_dn memory corruption🔒🔒
11068Horde IMP Search Screen User-Defined Flag Label cross site scriting
11067Xerox WorkCentre Default Account improper authentication
11066Novell ZENworks Configuration Management zenworks-unmaninv path traversal🔒🔒
11065Cisco IOS XE EoGRE Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5547]🔒
11064Cisco IOS XE TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5546]🔒
11063Cisco IOS XE PPTG ALG Feature input validation [CVE-2013-5545]🔒
11062Cisco IOS XE Zone Based Firewall input validation [CVE-2013-5543]🔒
11061Cisco IOS IPsec Phase 2 SA Anti-Replay access control [CVE-2013-5548]
11060Cisco ASA SSL VPN Portal memory corruption [CVE-2013-5551]
11059Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird HTML Document ContentIsHostIncludingDescendantOf use after free🔒🔒
11058Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird SetEventListener memory corruption🔒🔒
11057Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird SetEventHandler use after free🔒🔒
11056Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Blob URL NewChannelFromURIWithProxyFlags use after free🔒🔒
11055Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Canvas GetPresContext use after free🔒🔒
11054Mozilla Firefox/Firefox ESR IFRAME PDF.js access control🔒🔒
11053Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird doStopDocumentLoad use after free🔒🔒
11052Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Image memory corruption [CVE-2013-5596]🔒🔒
11051Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5595]🔒🔒
11050Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird getBaseURI memory corruption🔒🔒
11049Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Element input validation [CVE-2013-5593]🔒🔒
11048Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5592]🔒🔒
11047Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Input Sanitizer use after free [CVE-2013-5591]🔒🔒
11046Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-5590]🔒🔒
11045Linux Foundation Xen Ocaml xenstored Implementation Stored memory corruption🔒🔒
11044Apache Struts showConfig.action Reflected cross site scriting
11043Apache Struts actionNames.action Reflected cross site scriting
11042Horde Groupware Webmail Edition Authentication Manager basic.php improper authentication
11041Netgear WNDR3700v4 sprintf memory corruption
11040FFmpeg Table metasound_data.c denial of service
11019What.CD Gazelle Invite Parameter Sanitizer index.php privileges management
11018cPanel WHM Apache mod_userdir Tweak Interface privileges management
11017cPanel WHM SSL Certificate denial of service
11016cPanel WHM Configure Customer Contact Interface security check for standard
11015cPanel WHM security check for standard
11014cPanel WHM File Upload security check for standard
11013cPanel WHM POST Request privileges management
11012cPanel WHM Permission information disclosure
11011cPanel WHM LogMeIn improper authentication
11010cPanel WHM logaholic_lang Cookie privileges management
11009cPanel WHM Mailman Pickle File privileges management
11008cPanel WHM Permission Logaholic improper authentication
11007cPanel WHM Manage SSL Hosts Interface cross-site request forgery
11006Google Gmail for iOS Attachment Stored cross site scriting
11005Avira Internet Security avipbb.sys security check for standard
11004Microsoft Windows RDP Restricted Admin Mode improper authentication
11003Avira Internet Security avipbb.sys memory corruption
11002GNU C Library elf_machine_rel denial of service
11001SAP ERP Central Component Financial Services Module memory corruption
11000Netgear WNDR3700v4 ping6_traceroute6_hidden_info.htm cmd_ping6 privileges management
10999libvirt virt-login-shell access control🔒
10998Linux Kernel UDP_CORK Socket Option access control [CVE-2013-4470]🔒🔒
10997libvirt virt-login-shell.c main access control🔒🔒
10996libvirt virlog.c virLogParseOutputs access control🔒🔒
10995libvirt XML virConnectDomainXMLToNative access control🔒🔒
10994GnuTLS DANE Library Entry memory corruption [CVE-2013-4466]🔒🔒🔒
10993CA SiteMinder cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5968]
10992Cisco IOS Service Module access control [CVE-2013-5522]🔒
10991GNOME Shell Lock Screen security check for standard
10990SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise privileges management [CVE-2013-6245]🔒
10989RSA Authentication Agent access control [CVE-2013-3280]🔒🔒
10988Netgear WNDR3700v4 BRS_02_genieHelp.html improper authentication
10987SAP NetWeaver XML External Entity Data LUP information disclosure
10986Apple Remote Desktop Admin Authentication information disclosure🔒
10985Citrix XenDesktop Policy Rule Permission access control [CVE-2013-6077]🔒
10984IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Enterprise Source Database cryptographic issues
10983IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Jazz Team Server credentials management
10982Cisco IOS XR Fragmented Packet denial of service [CVE-2013-5549]🔒
10981Cisco Content Security Management Appliance HTTP/HTTPS Request input validation
10980FFmpeg Bitstream Input vcr1.c vcr1_decode_frame memory corruption
10979FFmpeg sgidec.c read_uncompressed_sgi Local Privilege Escalation
10978phpFox Input Sanitizer view_ sql injection
10977Apple Safari URL cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5131]🔒
10976Apple Safari Web Inspector information disclosure [CVE-2013-5130]🔒🔒
10975Apple Safari Drag / Drop cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5129]🔒
10974Apple Safari XSSAuditor information disclosure [CVE-2013-2848]🔒🔒
10973Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5128]🔒
10972Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5127]🔒
10971Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5126]🔒
10970Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5125]🔒
10969Apple Safari WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-2842]🔒🔒
10968Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1047]🔒
10967Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1046]🔒
10966Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1045]🔒
10965Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1044]🔒
10964Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1043]🔒
10963Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1042]🔒
10962Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1041]🔒
10961Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1040]🔒
10960Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1039]🔒
10959Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1038]🔒
10958Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1037]🔒
10957Apple Safari XML File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1036]🔒
10956Apple Keynote Presentation Mode access control [CVE-2013-5148]🔒
10955Apple Mac OS X Server Server App missing encryption [CVE-2013-5143]🔒
10954Apple Mac OS X Server FreeRADIUS memory corruption [CVE-2012-3547]🔒🔒🔒
10953Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1857]🔒🔒
10952Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1856]🔒🔒
10951Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1855]🔒🔒
10950Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-1854]🔒🔒
10949Apple Mac OS X Server Profile Manager input validation [CVE-2013-0269]🔒🔒
10948Apple Mac OS X USB Hub Controller input validation [CVE-2013-5192]🔒
10947Apple Mac OS X syslog access control [CVE-2013-5191]🔒
10946Apple Mac OS X Screen Sharing Server format string [CVE-2013-5135]🔒
10945Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-5188]🔒
10944Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-5187]🔒
10943Apple Mac OS X Smart Card Service access control [CVE-2013-5190]🔒
10942Apple Mac OS X Authorization access control [CVE-2013-5189]🔒
10941Apple Mac OS X X.509 Certificate Handling information disclosure🔒
10940Apple Mac OS X Ruby cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4073]🔒🔒
10939Apple Mac OS X Python cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-1150]🔒🔒
10938Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0876]🔒🔒
10937Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0845]🔒🔒
10936Apple Mac OS X Python access control [CVE-2011-4944]🔒🔒
10935Apple Mac OS X Python input validation [CVE-2011-3389]🔒🔒
10934Apple Mac OS X Python cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-1150]🔒🔒
10933Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0876]🔒🔒
10932Apple Mac OS X Python resource management [CVE-2012-0845]🔒🔒
10931Apple Mac OS X Python access control [CVE-2011-4944]🔒🔒
10930Apple Mac OS X Python input validation [CVE-2011-3389]🔒🔒
10929Apple Mac OS X Power Management access control [CVE-2013-5186]🔒
10928Apple Mac OS X Perl resource management [CVE-2013-1667]🔒🔒
10927Apple Mac OS X OpenLDAP cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5185]🔒
10926Apple Mac OS X Mail Networking information disclosure [CVE-2013-5183]🔒
10925Apple Mac OS X Mail Header Display cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5182]🔒
10924Apple Mac OS X Mail Account cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5181]🔒
10923Apple Mac OS X Libc srandomdev cryptographic issues🔒
10922Apple Mac OS X LaunchServices access control [CVE-2013-5178]🔒
10921Apple Mac OS X Kext Manager access control [CVE-2013-5145]🔒
10920Apple Mac OS X Kernel Socket Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-5141]🔒
10919Apple Mac OS X IPv6 ICMP Packet input validation [CVE-2011-2391]🔒
10918Apple Mac OS X Multicast Packet resource management [CVE-2013-5184]🔒
10917Apple Mac OS X Kernel input validation [CVE-2013-3954]🔒
10916Apple Mac OS X Kernel numeric error [CVE-2013-5177]🔒
10915Apple Mac OS X Kernel numeric error [CVE-2013-5176]🔒
10914Apple Mac OS X Mach-O File input validation [CVE-2013-5175]🔒
10913Apple Mac OS X TTY Read numeric error [CVE-2013-5174]🔒
10912Apple Mac OS X Kernel Random Number Generator cryptographic issues🔒
10911Apple Mac OS X Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2013-5142]🔒
10910Apple Mac OS X IPsec numeric error [CVE-2013-5172]🔒
10909Apple Mac OS X IOSerialFamily memory corruption [CVE-2013-5139]🔒
10908Apple Mac OS X IOKitUser IOCatalogue null pointer dereference🔒
10907Apple Mac OS X dyld openSharedCacheFile memory corruption🔒
10906Apple Mac OS X curl information disclosure [CVE-2013-1944]🔒🔒
10905Apple Mac OS X curl memory corruption [CVE-2013-0249]🔒🔒🔒
10904Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics access control [CVE-2013-5171]🔒
10903Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2013-5170]🔒🔒
10902Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics access control [CVE-2013-5169]🔒
10901Apple Mac OS X Console input validation [CVE-2013-5168]🔒
10900Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork SSL input validation [CVE-2011-3389]🔒🔒
10899Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork config [CVE-2013-5167]🔒
10898Apple Mac OS X Bluetooth denial of service [CVE-2013-5166]🔒
10897Apple Mac OS X App Sandbox access control [CVE-2013-5179]🔒
10896Apple Mac OS X Application Firewall access control [CVE-2013-5165]🔒
10895Apple iOS Passcode race condition [CVE-2013-5164]🔒
10894Apple iOS Passcode access control [CVE-2013-5162]🔒
10893Apple iOS Passcode access control [CVE-2013-5144]🔒
10892GNU C Library getaddrinfo.c gethosts memory corruption
10891IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager Authentication privileges management
10888Cisco ASA IKE resource management [CVE-2013-5544]🔒
10887IBM iNotes Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5389]
10886IBM iNotes Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5388]
10885D-Link Router webs RuntimeDiagnosticPing memory corruption
10884VMware Hyperic HQ Groovy Script Console Request cross-site request forgery
10883F5 BIG-IP Analytics Session Cookie cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-7408]
10882FFmpeg Next/Last Picture Initialization h264.c memory corruption
10881FFmpeg Reference Pictures Matching Parameters error_resilience.c ff_er_frame_end array index
10880FFmpeg Packed RGB MJPEG mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof denial of service
10879FFmpeg Scratch Buffer Allocation h264.c memory corruption
10878FFmpeg Timecode Track mov.c mov_read_header memory corruption
10877FFmpeg cook.c cook_decode_init memory corruption
10876FFmpeg Block Size Signedness Comparison shorten.c read_header Remote Code Execution
10875FFmpeg Block Size Signedness Comparison shorten.c shorten_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
10874FFmpeg Slice Header Decoder vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame denial of service
10873FFmpeg Samples Per Pixel tiff.c tiff_decode_tag denial of service
10872FFmpeg Palette Size bmp.c bmp_decode_frame memory corruption
10871Oracle MySQL MyISAM Engine init_search denial of service
10870WatchGuard XTM cluster_id/name Parameter device Reflected cross site scripting
10868Mozilla Firefox Cookie browser.cookie cross-site request forgery🔒
10867Google Chrome browser.cookie cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
10866IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Access Control access control [CVE-2013-5428]
10865IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 Session improper authentication
10864WatchGuard XTM Cookie Request memory corruption [CVE-2013-6021]
10863WatchGuard XTM cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5702]
10859Node.js Pipelined Request input validation [CVE-2013-4450]🔒🔒🔒
10858VMware ESXi/ESX hostd-vmdb input validation [CVE-2013-5970]🔒🔒
10857VMware vCenter Server Web Client Server access control [CVE-2013-5971]🔒🔒
10856IBM WebSphere Message Broker XML Parser resource management [CVE-2013-5372]🔒 X11 Server denial of service [CVE-2013-1056]🔒🔒
10854Mozilla Bugzilla cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1743]🔒🔒
10853Mozilla Bugzilla editflagtypes.cgi cross site scripting🔒🔒
10852Mozilla Bugzilla CSRF Token process_bug.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒
10851Mozilla Bugzilla CSRF Token attachment.cgi cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
10850McAfee Email Gateway privileges management
10849OpenLDAP slapd denial of service
10848SAP Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise XML External Entity XMLParse code injection🔒
10847MobileIron Device Registration reg.html cross site scriting
10846Google Chrome HTMLFormElement.cpp submit use after free🔒🔒
10845Google Chrome SliderThumbElement.cpp dragFrom denial of service🔒🔒
10844Google Chrome IndentOutdentCommand.cpp tryIndentingAsListItem resource management🔒🔒
10843Google Chrome HTMLFormElement.cpp prepareForSubmission resource management🔒🔒
10842Google Chrome XMLHttpRequest.cpp internalAbort resource management🔒🔒
10841Panda Security AdminSecure Communications Agent Pagent.exe path traversal
10840Red Hat Linux Device Mapper information disclosure [CVE-2013-4299]🔒🔒
10839Red Hat JBoss Portal JGroups Diagnostics Service improper authentication🔒
10838FFmpeg Negative Coded Block Pattern cavsdec.c decode_residual_inter array index
10837FFmpeg Negative Coded Block Pattern cavsdec.c decode_mb_i array index
10836WebkitGTK+ DisplayRefreshMonitor.cpp fireDisplayRefreshIfNeeded use after free
10835FFmpeg h263dec.c ff_h263_decode_frame denial of service
10833IBM DB2 UDB Statement denial of service
10832IBM DB2 UDB Procedure Storage Stored denial of service
10831IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer memory corruption
10830IBM DB2 UDB Query denial of service
10829IBM DB2 UDB ESE Monitoring memory corruption
10828IBM DB2 UDB Name denial of service
10827Cisco WebEx Meetings Center Virtual Machine Deployment input validation
10826Apache Struts File privileges management
10825FFmpeg Band Block Size indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Remote Code Execution
10824FFmpeg Quantization Matrix indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Remote Code Execution
10823FFmpeg Run Level proresdec.c decode_ac_coeffs Remote Code Execution
10822Oracle MySQL Server Locking denial of service [CVE-2013-5770]🔒
10821Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-5793]🔒
10820Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-5767]🔒
10819Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3839]🔒🔒
10818Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2012-2750]🔒🔒
10817Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-5786]🔒
10816Oracle MySQL Server Replication unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5807]🔒🔒
10815Oracle MySQL Enterprise Monitor Service Manager input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
10814Oracle VM VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2013-3792]🔒🔒
10813Oracle Secure Global Desktop ttaauxserv denial of service [CVE-2013-3834]🔒
10812Oracle Solaris User Utility denial of service [CVE-2013-5865]🔒
10811Oracle Solaris Configuration Manager information disclosure [CVE-2013-3842]🔒
10810Oracle SPARC Enterprise T / M Series Servers Sun System Firmware/Hypervisor denial of service
10809Oracle Solaris Kernel/KSSL denial of service [CVE-2013-5861]🔒
10808Oracle Solaris Cacao denial of service [CVE-2013-3837]🔒
10807Oracle Solaris Java Web Console unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5839]🔒
10806Oracle Solaris IPS Repository Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-5863]🔒
10805Oracle Solaris USB Hub Driver denial of service [CVE-2013-5864]🔒
10804Oracle Solaris CPU Performance Counters Drivers denial of service🔒
10803Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-5866]🔒
10802Oracle Sun Blade 6000 Platform Software denial of service [CVE-2013-0149]🔒🔒
10801Oracle SPARC Enterprise T4 Servers Integrated Lights Out Manager Local Privilege Escalation
10800Oracle Java SE/JavaFX information disclosure [CVE-2013-5854]🔒
10799Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded JGSS cross site scriting🔒🔒
10798Oracle Java SE jhat cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5772]🔒🔒
10797Oracle Java SE/JRockit/JavaFX Javadoc cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5797]🔒🔒
10796Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5784]🔒🔒
10795Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded BEANS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5790]🔒🔒
10794Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded AWT information disclosure [CVE-2013-5849]🔒🔒
10793Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JGSS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5800]🔒🔒
10792Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10791Oracle Java SE/JavaFX Deployment memory corruption [CVE-2013-5848]🔒
10790Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10789Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10788Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JAXP information disclosure [CVE-2013-5851]🔒🔒
10787Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JAX-WS cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5820]🔒🔒
10786Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10785Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10784Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10783Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10782Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D memory corruption [CVE-2013-5801]🔒
10781Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5778]🔒🔒
10780Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Security cross site scriting🔒🔒
10779Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded denial of service [CVE-2013-4002]🔒🔒
10778Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5825]🔒🔒
10777Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5783]🔒🔒
10776Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10775Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10774Oracle Java SE/JRockit Javadoc cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5804]🔒🔒
10773Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5775]🔒
10772Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded JAXP cross site scriting🔒🔒
10771Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10770Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5777]🔒
10769Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5844]🔒
10768Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5810]🔒
10767Oracle Java SE/JavaFX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5846]🔒
10766Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing memory corruption [CVE-2013-5806]🔒🔒
10765Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Swing memory corruption [CVE-2013-5805]🔒🔒
10764Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10763Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10762Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10761Oracle Java SE/JavaFX/Java SE Embedded 2D memory corruption [CVE-2013-5843]🔒
10760Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10759Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded JNDI cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5817]🔒🔒
10758Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10757Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10756Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10755Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded Deployment memory corruption🔒
10754Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded CORBA cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5814]🔒🔒
10753Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5829]🔒🔒
10752Oracle Java SE/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting [CVE-2013-5809]🔒🔒
10751Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded Libraries cross site scriting🔒🔒
10750Oracle Java SE/JRockit/Java SE Embedded 2D cross site scriting🔒🔒
10749Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Access unknown vulnerability
10748Oracle Instantis EnterpriseTrack information disclosure [CVE-2013-5859]
10747Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking input validation [CVE-2013-2251]🔒🔒🔒
10746Oracle Health Sciences InForm Cognos information disclosure [CVE-2013-5837]
10745Oracle Siebel CTMS SC-OC Integration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5762]
10744Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web information disclosure [CVE-2013-5811]
10743Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5857]
10742Oracle Health Sciences InForm Web unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5856]
10741Oracle Retail Invoice Matching System Administration unknown vulnerability
10740Oracle iLearning Learner Administration unknown vulnerability
10739Oracle iLearning Learner Administration Remote Code Execution
10738Oracle Siebel CRM UI Framework unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5768]
10737Oracle Siebel CRM Server Remote unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3832]
10736Oracle Siebel CRM EAI information disclosure [CVE-2013-3840]
10735Oracle Siebel CRM EAI denial of service [CVE-2013-5769]
10734Oracle Siebel CRM EAI denial of service [CVE-2013-5796]
10733Oracle Siebel CRM Server Infrastructure denial of service [CVE-2013-5867]
10732Oracle Siebel CRM EAI information disclosure [CVE-2013-3841]
10731Oracle Siebel CRM Server BizLogic Script unknown vulnerability
10730Oracle Siebel CRM UI Framework Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5835]
10729Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Core Technology information disclosure
10728Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS eCompensation information disclosure
10727Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Career's Home information disclosure
10726Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools XML Publisher denial of service
10725Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal information disclosure
10724Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal information disclosure
10723Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker information disclosure
10722Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlink information disclosure
10721Oracle Agile PLM Framework Security unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5799]
10720Oracle Transportation Management Installation denial of service
10719Oracle E-Business Suite Techstack information disclosure [CVE-2013-5792]🔒
10718Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Storage Management unknown vulnerability🔒
10717Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Storage Management unknown vulnerability🔒
10716Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Schema Management unknown vulnerability🔒
10715Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform DB Performance Advisories/UIs unknown vulnerability🔒
10714Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Maintenance cryptographic issues
10713Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters stack-based overflow🔒🔒🔒
10712Oracle Security Service cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-0169]🔒🔒
10711Oracle Web Cache ESI/Partial Page Caching information disclosure
10710Oracle Security Service input validation [CVE-2011-3389]🔒🔒
10709Oracle Identity Manager End User Self Service unknown vulnerability🔒
10708Oracle GlassFish Server Metro cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2172]🔒🔒
10707Oracle Containers for J2EE Servlet Runtime cross site scriting🔒
10706Oracle Access Manager Authentication Engine unknown vulnerability🔒
10705Oracle WebLogic Server Web Container path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]🔒
10704Oracle Web Services Test Page information disclosure [CVE-2013-3828]🔒🔒
10703Oracle JDeveloper Java Server Faces path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]🔒
10702Oracle GlassFish Server Metro denial of service [CVE-2013-5816]🔒
10701Oracle GlassFish Server Java Server Faces path traversal [CVE-2013-3827]🔒
10700Oracle WebCenter Content Content Server unknown vulnerability🔒
10699Oracle Portal Demos sql injection [CVE-2013-3831]🔒🔒
10698Oracle Identity Analytics Security Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-5815]
10697Oracle Database Server Security Service cryptographic issues🔒🔒
10696Oracle Database Server Security Service input validation [CVE-2011-3389]🔒🔒
10695Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS information disclosure [CVE-2013-3826]🔒🔒
10694Oracle Database Server XML Parser unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-5771]🔒🔒
10693D-Link Router alpha_auth_check access control🔒
10692IBM DB2 UDB XML denial of service
10691Juniper Junos Configuration Validator improper authentication🔒
10690Juniper Junos memory corruption [CVE-2013-6013]🔒
10689Juniper Junos TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-6015]🔒
10688Juniper Junos PIM Message denial of service
10687Juniper Junos ARP information disclosure [CVE-2013-6014]🔒
10686IBM DB2 UDB memory corruption
10685IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer MON_GET_PAGE_ACCESS_INFO memory corruption
10684IBM DB2 UDB Input Sanitizer SQLERGETFMPIPC memory corruption
10683FFmpeg Block Lenghts jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_packet Local Privilege Escalation
10682FFmpeg Cursor vmnc.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
10681FFmpeg vmnc.c Local Privilege Escalation
10680Dreambox Webcontrol Authentication improper authentication
10679FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_seek Local Privilege Escalation
10678FFmpeg avidec.c avi_read_packet Local Privilege Escalation
10677FFmpeg Array shorten.c decode_subframe_lpc memory corruption
10676Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 input validation [CVE-2013-5532]
10675Cisco Unified IP Phone 9900 Image Upgrade Facility input validation
10674Linux Foundation Xen QEMU Disk Backend xen_disk.c resource management🔒🔒
10673Juniper Junos CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgery🔒 X.Org Server Service dixfonts.c doImageText resource management🔒🔒
10671OpenPGP Compressed Packet Parser denial of service
10670BlackBerry BlackBerry Enterprise Service Jboss Hosting Environment access control🔒
10669libpng Data png_create_write_struct denial of service
10668Linux Foundation Xen Initialization traps.c information disclosure🔒🔒
10667Linux Foundation Xen Pointer xenctrl_stubs.c xc_vcpu_getaffinity memory corruption🔒🔒
10666Linux Foundation Xen VIF Parser libxlu_vif.c xlu_vif_parse_rate null pointer dereference🔒🔒
10665Linux Foundation Xen libxl.c libxl_list_cpupool resource management🔒🔒
10664Cisco NX-OS os command injection [CVE-2012-4075]
10663Cisco Appliance LDAP Packet Parser improper authentication [CVE-2013-5510]🔒
10662Cisco Appliance Certificate access control [CVE-2013-5509]🔒
10661Cisco ASA ASDM improper authentication [CVE-2013-5511]🔒
10660Cisco ASA HTTP Deep Packet Inspection race condition [CVE-2013-5512]🔒
10659Cisco ASA DNS Application Layer Protocol Inspection Engine memory corruption🔒
10658Cisco ASA AnyConnect SSL VPN Client memory corruption [CVE-2013-3415]🔒
10657Cisco ASA Clientless SSL VPN memory corruption [CVE-2013-5515]🔒
10656Cisco ASA IPSec VPN Tunnel cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5507]🔒
10655Cisco Firewall Services Module access control [CVE-2013-5506]🔒
10654Cisco ASA SQL*Net Inspection Engine input validation [CVE-2013-5508]🔒
10653Cisco IP Phone SDP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-5526]
10652Cisco IOS/IOS XE OSPF Link State input validation [CVE-2013-5527]🔒
10651Adobe Acrobat PDF File code injection [CVE-2013-5325]🔒🔒
10650Adobe RoboHelp mdbms.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-5327]🔒
10649Microsoft Silverlight Access Protection input validation [CVE-2013-3896]🔒🔒🔒
10648Microsoft Word Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3892]🔒🔒
10647Microsoft Word Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3891]🔒🔒🔒
10646Microsoft Office Excel Excel File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3890]🔒🔒
10645Http-body Project Perl Temp File Name Multipart privileges management🔒🔒
10643Microsoft SharePoint Server Input Sanitizer memory corruption🔒🔒
10642Microsoft SharePoint Server Content Display in Frames access control🔒
10641Microsoft Windows Comctl32.dll DSA_InsertItem resource management🔒🔒
10640Microsoft .NET Framework JSON Data input validation [CVE-2013-3861]🔒🔒🔒
10639Microsoft .NET Framework XML External Entity input validation🔒🔒🔒
10638Microsoft Windows TrueType Font code injection [CVE-2013-3894]🔒🔒
10637Microsoft Windows DirectX Graphics Kernel Subsystem dxgkrnl.sys resource management🔒🔒
10636Microsoft Windows NULL Page win32k.sys resource management🔒🔒
10635Microsoft Windows App Container access control [CVE-2013-3880]🔒🔒
10634Microsoft Windows win32k.sys resource management🔒🔒
10633Microsoft Windows USB Descriptor code injection [CVE-2013-3200]🔒🔒
10632Microsoft Windows OpenType Font input validation [CVE-2013-3128]🔒🔒🔒
10631FFmpeg Return Value Checker asfdec.c asf_read_header Remote Code Execution
10629Cisco IOS DHCP Server denial of service [CVE-2013-5499]🔒
10628WhatsApp Messenger RC4 Encryption missing encryption
10627Microsoft Internet Explorer Event mshtml.dll resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
10626Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3886]🔒🔒🔒
10625Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3885]🔒🔒🔒
10624Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3882]🔒🔒🔒
10623Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3875]🔒🔒🔒
10622Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3874]🔒🔒🔒
10621Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3873]🔒🔒🔒
10620Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2013-3872]🔒🔒
10619Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3871]🔒🔒🔒
10618IBM DB2 UDB Concurrent Sampled Index Runstat denial of service
10617IBM DB2 UDB JOIN SQLDROWFETCH denial of service
10616IBM DB2 UDB Query Sub-select OLAP Function denial of service
10615IBM DB2 UDB Query Compiler memory corruption
10614GnuPG Compressed Packet Parser input validation [CVE-2013-4402]🔒🔒
10613Apple iOS Find My iPhone security check for standard
10612Fabrice Bellard QEMU memory corruption
10607Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4099]
10606Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4098]🔒
10605Cisco NX-OS BGP Component input validation [CVE-2012-4097]
10604Cisco NX-OS Stream Editor Filter access control [CVE-2012-4077]
10603Cisco NX-OS Output input validation [CVE-2012-4076]
10602Cisco NX-OS RIP Service input validation [CVE-2012-4091]
10601Cisco NX-OS Nexus 7000 Management Interface access control [CVE-2012-4090]
10600Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface Parser access control [CVE-2012-4141]
10599Cisco NX-OS Command Line Interface input validation [CVE-2012-4122]
10598Cisco NX-OS Stream Editor access control [CVE-2012-4121]
10597libxml2 valid.c xmlValidateElementContent null pointer dereference
10596libxml2 Socket nanohttp.c xmlNanoHTTPConnectAttempt memory leak
10595libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlFARegExecRollBack null pointer dereference
10594libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlRegExecPushStringInterna null pointer dereference
10593libxml2 xmlregexp.c xmlRegExecGetValues null pointer dereference
10592libxml2 tree.c xmlDOMWrapCloneNode null pointer dereference
10591IBM DB2 UDB Table Loader SQLUCONVDATATOTARGET denial of service
10590IBM DB2 UDB DBMS_ALERT.SET_DEFAULTS denial of service
10589IBM DB2 UDB DB2FMP denial of service
10588IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime Recursive Query SQLRIMOVEDATALEN denial of service
10587IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime DPF Environment Access Plan null pointer dereference
10586IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime DPF Environment XML memory corruption
10585IBM DB2 UDB Codegen/Runtime Array Element memory corruption
10584IBM DB2 UDB File Event Monitor Private Memory information disclosure
10583GNU C Library File System pt_chown access control🔒🔒
10582Google Chrome Gesture Event denial of service
10581Citrix Netscaler Nsconfigd Daemon denial of service
10580Apple Mac OS X Directory Services improper authentication [CVE-2013-5163]🔒
10579IBM AIX memory corruption [CVE-2013-5419]🔒
10578Tor Correlation Path missing encryption
10577VideoLAN VLC Media Player mpeg4audio.c LOASParse memory corruption🔒🔒
10576Linux Foundation Xen SCSI Reporting REPORT LUNS memory corruption🔒🔒
10575Cisco IOS XR UDP Packet resource management [CVE-2013-5503]🔒
10574Linux Kernel ansi_cprng.c numeric error🔒🔒
10573Google Chrome Private Browsing Search History information disclosure
10572Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10571Google Chrome Subframe Loader ContainerNode.cpp removeChildren memory corruption🔒🔒
10570Google Chrome Escaped Character memory corruption [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10569Google Chrome Transaction IDBTransaction.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
10568Google Chrome CanvasRenderingContext2D.cpp setFont memory corruption🔒🔒
10567Google Chrome SVGUseElement.cpp instanceRoot memory corruption🔒🔒
10566Google Chrome Lifetime SVGPropertyTearOff use after free🔒🔒
10565Google Chrome Different Frame User Gesture Event use after free🔒🔒
10564Google Chrome Popup Blocker MaybeBlockPopup use after free🔒🔒
10563Google Chrome File Permission FileAPIMessageFilter use after free🔒🔒
10562Google Chrome Quota Dispatcher Termination RequestQuotaDispatcher use after free🔒🔒
10561Google Chrome FileReader Abort FileReader.cpp use after free🔒🔒
10560Google Chrome Observer Object Type use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10559Google Chrome GPU Video Accelerator use after free🔒🔒
10558Google Chrome SMIL Animations SVGAnimationElement.cpp startedActiveInterval use after free🔒🔒
10557Google Chrome Popup Blocker AddBlockedPopup use after free🔒🔒
10556Google Chrome Form Element use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10555Google Chrome TreeScope Object use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10554Google Chrome Service openFile use after free🔒🔒
10553Google Chrome Author Shadow Root use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10552Google Chrome Service SVGTextLayoutEngine.cpp dumpTextBoxes use after free🔒🔒
10551Google Chrome Web Audio API use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10550Google Chrome SSL Request use after free [CVE-2013-2923]🔒🔒
10549Google Chrome Template Element HTMLTemplateElement.cpp m_host resource management🔒🔒
10548Google Chrome Resource Loader resourcefetcher.cpp didloadresource resource management🔒🔒
10547Google Chrome URL Parser DoResolveRelativeHost memory corruption🔒🔒
10546Google Chrome V8 memory corruption [CVE-2013-2919]🔒🔒
10545Google Chrome DOM renderblock.cpp collapseanonymousblockchild resource management🔒🔒
10544Google Chrome Web Audio reverbconvolverstage.cpp reverbconvolverstage memory corruption🔒🔒
10543Google Chrome 204 No Content Status Code authentication spoofing🔒🔒
10542Google Chrome Scheme use after free [CVE-2013-2915]🔒🔒
10541Google Chrome Dialog resource management🔒🔒
10540Google Chrome XML Document xmldocumentparser.cpp append resource management🔒🔒
10539Google Chrome PPAPI sendtohost resource management🔒🔒🔒
10538Google Chrome Web Audio audioscheduledsourcenode.cpp resource management🔒🔒
10537Google Chrome Inline-Block Rendering resource management [CVE-2013-2909]🔒🔒
10536Google Chrome 204 No Content Status Code use after free [CVE-2013-2908]🔒🔒
10535Google Chrome Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-2907]🔒🔒
10534VideoLAN VLC Media Player ASF File denial of service
10533Linux Foundation Xen Live Migration access control [CVE-2013-4356]🔒
10532Linux Foundation Xen I/O Instruction Emulator information disclosure🔒🔒
10531Linux Foundation Xen fbld Instruction Emulation information disclosure🔒🔒
10530Red Hat Remoting for SOA Platform Service org.jboss.remoting.transport.socket.ServerThread denial of service🔒
10529IBM DB2 Fast Communications Manager input validation [CVE-2013-4032]🔒
10528Linux Kernel IPv6 Packet ip6_output.c ip6_ufo_append_data memory corruption🔒🔒
10525Apple iOS SIRI privileges management
10524Apple iOS Call Button access control [CVE-2013-5160]
10523FFmpeg Invalid Sample Rate vqf.c vqf_read_header denial of service
10522FFmpeg Packet Data avidec.c read_gab2_sub memory corruption
10521FFmpeg Invalid Bits-Per-Coded-Sample xwma.c xwma_read_header denial of service
10520FFmpeg lpc_order Validation alac.c lpc_prediction memory corruption
10519FFmpeg Audio Frame Size mvi.c read_header denial of service
10518FFmpeg Sample Rate riffdec.c ff_get_wav_header denial of service
10517FFmpeg electronicarts.c ea_read_header Remote Code Execution
10516FFmpeg Video Packet bfi.c bfi_read_packet denial of service
10515FFmpeg Sample Count mov.c mov_read_stts Remote Code Execution
10514FFmpeg Deflate Decoding pngdec.c png_decode_idat denial of service
10513FFmpeg Palette pcx.c pcx_decode_frame denial of service
10512FFmpeg xan.c xan_wc3_decode_frame memory corruption
10511FFmpeg Huffman Decoding xan.c Remote Code Execution
10510FFmpeg Data Decoding xxan.c xan_decode_init memory corruption
10509FFmpeg Color Filling rpza.c rpza_decode_stream Remote Code Execution
10508FFmpeg pcx.c memory corruption
10507FFmpeg Audio Data Deplanarization lxfdec.c Remote Code Execution
10506FFmpeg Audio Stream lxfdec.c Remote Code Execution
10505Cisco IOS XR input validation [CVE-2013-5498]
10504Linux Foundation Xen XRSTOR information disclosure🔒🔒
10503Blue Coat Security Gateway OS HTTP RW Pipeline Pre-Fetch Requests memory leak
10502Fabrice Bellard QEMU virtio-blk-device resource management [CVE-2013-4377]🔒🔒
10501D-Link DIR-865L router_info.xml section privileges management
10500D-Link DIR-865L register_send.php improper authentication
10499D-Link DIR-865L SMB Server symlink [CVE-2013-4855]
10498D-Link DIR-865L bsc_lan.php improper authentication
10497Cisco Linksys EA6500 cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3065]
10496TP-LINK TL-WDR4300/TL-1043ND SMB Server symlink [CVE-2013-4654]
10495TP-LINK TL-WDR4300 CSRF Prevention Filter cross-site request forgery
10494Cisco IOS/IOS XE NTP input validation [CVE-2013-5472]🔒
10493Cisco IOS ZFW input validation [CVE-2013-5476]🔒
10492Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5481]🔒
10491Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5480]🔒
10490Cisco IOS NAT input validation [CVE-2013-5479]🔒
10489Cisco IOS VFR race condition [CVE-2013-5474]🔒
10488Cisco IOS/IOS XE IKE resource management [CVE-2013-5473]🔒
10487Cisco IOS/IOS XE RSVP Feature input validation [CVE-2013-5478]🔒
10486Cisco IOS/IOS XE DHCP Server input validation [CVE-2013-5475]🔒
10485Cisco IOS T1/E1 Driver Queue input validation [CVE-2013-5477]🔒
10484Ruby on Rails CookieStore improper authentication
10483Splunk Test/Troubleshoot Script path traversal [CVE-2013-6771]🔒
10482Linksys EA6500 Redirect unsecured.html authentication spoofing
10481Linksys EA6500 Configuration Validator privileges management
10480Netgear WNDR4700 Wireless Setup Page Stored cross site scripting
10479Netgear WNDR4700 USB_advanced.htm Stored cross site scripting
10478F5 BIG-IP APM Access Policy Logout Page cross site scriting
10477F5 BIG-IP APM privileges management
10476Good Technology Good for Enterprise iOS Email Body cross site scripting
10475WebkitGTK+ CSS Parser CSSParser.cpp parseFontFaceValue privileges management
10474Dell iDRAC6 Web Application cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3589]🔒
10473Apple iOS TouchID security check for standard
10472Apple iOS SIRI security check for standard
10471Dell Web Interface testurls.html backdoor🔒
10470Dell iDRAC6 Intelligent Platform Management Interface denial of service
10469Dell iDRAC6 Intelligent Platform Management Interface improper authentication
10468FFmpeg DTS utils.c avformat_find_stream_info Remote Code Execution
10467FFmpeg Packet Size electronicarts.c ea_read_packet memory corruption
10466FFmpeg Input Packet Size wnv1.c decode_frame memory corruption
10465FFmpeg Error ff_vc1_decode_init_alloc_tables denial of service
10464FFmpeg Initialization vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
10463FFmpeg Initialization vc1dec.c vc1_decode_skip_blocks Remote Code Execution
10462FFmpeg Slice Header Decoder vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
10461Adobe ColdFusion Password Authentication credentials management
10460Apache Struts Action Mapping Mechanism access control [CVE-2013-4310]🔒
10459Apache Struts Dynamic Method Invocation config [CVE-2013-4316]🔒🔒
10458Apple iOS Lockscreen security check for standard
10457Cisco Intrusion Prevention System Management Interface improper authentication🔒
10456Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client Subversion access control🔒
10455HP ArcSight Enterprise Security Manager cross site scripting
10454IBM Domino/iNotes memory corruption [CVE-2013-4068]🔒
10453FFmpeg Dimensions jpeg2000dec.c array index
10452FFmpeg rpza.c rpza_decode_stream memory corruption
10451OWASP ESAPI Symmetric Crypto cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-5679]🔒🔒
10449Sophos Unified Threat Management WebAdmin Remote Code Execution
10448FFmpeg Block Parameters flashsv.c flashsv_decode_frame array index
10447FFmpeg Sample Rate matroskadec.c matroska_read_header denial of service
10446Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1718]🔒🔒
10445Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1719]🔒🔒
10444Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird HTML5 Tree Builder resettheinsertionmode memory corruption🔒🔒
10443Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Animation Manager Stylesheets buildanimations resource management🔒🔒
10442Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird NativeKey Widget memory corruption🔒🔒
10441Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Element isdefaultsubmitelement resource management🔒🔒
10440Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird OBJECT IsObjectInContextCompartment memory corruption🔒🔒
10439Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Mozilla Updater access control [CVE-2013-1726]🔒🔒
10438Mozilla Firefox file:/ cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1727]🔒
10437Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird IonMonkey JavaScript Engine memory corruption🔒🔒
10436Mozilla Firefox NVIDIA Graphic Driver information disclosure🔒
10435FFmpeg Video Stream idroqdec.c roq_read_packet Remote Code Execution
10434FFmpeg Dimensions rv10.c rv10_decode_init Remote Code Execution
10433FFmpeg svq3.c svq3_decode_mb Remote Code Execution
10432FFmpeg Channel mace.c mace_decode_init Remote Code Execution
10431FFmpeg RealAudio Codec Parameters matroskadec.c matroska_read_header Remote Code Execution
10430FFmpeg Return Value Checker rv30.c rv30_loop_filter Remote Code Execution
10429FFmpeg Return Value Checker rv40.c rv40_loop_filter Remote Code Execution
10428FFmpeg oggparseogm.c ogm_header Remote Code Execution
10427FFmpeg Negative Duration mov.c Remote Code Execution
10426FFmpeg Color Planes ivi_common.c ff_ivi_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
10425FFmpeg Dimensions mpeg4videodec.c mpeg4_decode_sprite_trajectory denial of service
10424FFmpeg truemotion2.c decode_init Remote Code Execution
10423FFmpeg Reference Frame eacmv.c cmv_decode_inter Remote Code Execution
10422FFmpeg Slice Context ffv1_init_slice_contexts denial of service
10421FFmpeg Header Parsing jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_read_main_headers Remote Code Execution
10420FFmpeg Value Truncation xmv.c xmv_read_header denial of service
10419FFmpeg Bitrate Per Channel twinvqdec.c twinvq_decode_init Remote Code Execution
10418FFmpeg Frame Rate rmdec.c ff_rm_read_mdpr_codecdata Remote Code Execution
10417FFmpeg Position omadec.c nprobe Remote Code Execution
10416FFmpeg Frame Size sierravmd.c vmd_read_header memory corruption
10415FFmpeg Mid-Stream Codec Parameter Updater vocdec.c ff_voc_get_packet Remote Code Execution
10414FFmpeg Picture Decoder cavsdec.c decode_pic Remote Code Execution
10413FFmpeg Index proresdec.c unpack_alpha Remote Code Execution
10412FFmpeg Frame Rate vp3.c theora_decode_header Remote Code Execution
10411FFmpeg avpacket.c packet_alloc Remote Code Execution
10410FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_read_metadata denial of service
10409FFmpeg mmsh.c mmsh_open_internal memory corruption
10408FFmpeg Index matroskadec.c matroska_read_seek memory corruption
10406Mozilla Firefox Shared Object Library Loader input validation🔒
10405Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird XBL-Backed Node DoInitJSClass memory corruption🔒🔒
10404Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird GetFlowArea memory corruption🔒🔒
10403Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird ScrollbarActivity input validation🔒🔒
10402Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird IsLTR memory corruption🔒🔒
10401Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird DOM Proxy access control [CVE-2013-1737]🔒🔒
10400Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird JS_GetGlobalForScopeChain resource management🔒🔒
10399Apple Mac OS X Wiki Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1034]🔒
10398Cisco NX-OS Border Gateway Protocol resource management [CVE-2013-1121]
10397TP-LINK TL-WR740N/TL-WR741N Firmware Local Privilege Escalation
10396TP-LINK TL-WA850RE/TL-WA730RE/TL-WA750RE Range Extender Local Privilege Escalation
10395TP-LINK TL-WR740N Firmware Local Privilege Escalation
10394Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5131]🔒
10393Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5129]🔒
10392Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2013-2848]🔒🔒
10391Apple iOS WebKit cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1012]🔒🔒
10390Apple iOS WebKit input validation [CVE-2013-0926]🔒🔒
10389Apple iOS WebKit access control [CVE-2013-5159]
10388Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5128]🔒
10387Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5127]🔒
10386Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5126]🔒
10385Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-5125]🔒
10384Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-2842]🔒🔒
10383Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1047]🔒
10382Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1046]🔒
10381Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1045]🔒
10380Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1044]🔒
10379Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1043]🔒
10378Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1042]🔒
10377Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1041]🔒
10376Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1040]🔒
10375Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1039]🔒
10374Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1038]🔒
10373Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1037]🔒
10372Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1010]🔒🔒
10371Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1008]🔒🔒
10370Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1007]🔒🔒
10369Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1006]🔒🔒
10368Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1005]🔒🔒
10367Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1004]🔒🔒
10366Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1003]🔒🔒
10365Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1002]🔒🔒
10364Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-1001]🔒🔒
10363Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-1000]🔒🔒
10362Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-0999]🔒🔒🔒
10361Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0998]🔒🔒🔒
10360Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0997]🔒🔒🔒
10359Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0996]🔒🔒
10358Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0995]🔒🔒
10357Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0994]🔒🔒
10356Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0993]🔒🔒
10355Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0992]🔒🔒
10354Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2013-0991]🔒🔒
10353Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2013-0879]🔒🔒
10352Apple iOS Twitter access control [CVE-2013-5157]🔒
10351Apple iOS Telephony access control [CVE-2013-5156]🔒
10350Apple iOS Lost Mode access control [CVE-2013-5153]🔒
10349Apple iOS Twitter Activity access control [CVE-2013-5158]🔒
10348Apple iOS Sandbox random input validation🔒
10347Apple iOS Sandbox access control [CVE-2013-5154]🔒
10346Apple iOS Safari input validation [CVE-2013-5152]🔒
10345Apple iOS Safari cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5151]🔒
10344Apple iOS Safari forward information disclosure🔒
10343Apple iOS Safari memory corruption [CVE-2013-1036]🔒
10342Apple iOS Push Notification Registration access control [CVE-2013-5149]🔒
10341Apple iOS Personal Hotspot credentials management [CVE-2013-4616]🔒
10340Apple iOS Passcode Lock race condition [CVE-2013-5147]🔒
10339Apple iOS libxslt type conversion [CVE-2012-2871]🔒🔒
10338Apple iOS libxslt resource management [CVE-2012-2870]🔒🔒
10337Apple iOS libxslt input validation [CVE-2012-2825]🔒🔒
10336Apple iOS libxml memory corruption [CVE-2012-5134]🔒🔒
10335Apple iOS libxml numeric error [CVE-2012-2807]🔒🔒
10334Apple iOS libxml resource management [CVE-2012-0841]🔒🔒
10333Apple iOS libxml numeric error [CVE-2011-3102]🔒🔒
10332Apple iOS Kext Management access control [CVE-2013-5145]🔒
10331Apple iOS posix_spawn API input validation [CVE-2013-3954]🔒🔒
10330Apple iOS mach_port_space_info API information disclosure [CVE-2013-3953]🔒
10329Apple iOS msgctl/segctl API information disclosure [CVE-2013-5142]🔒
10328Apple iOS IPv6 ICMP Packet input validation [CVE-2011-2391]🔒
10327Apple iOS Kernel Socket Interface numeric error [CVE-2013-5141]🔒
10326Apple iOS Packet Fragmentation input validation [CVE-2013-5140]🔒
10325Apple iOS IPSec input validation [CVE-2013-1028]🔒
10324Apple iOS IOSerialFamily memory corruption [CVE-2013-5139]🔒🔒
10323Apple iOS IOKitUser IOCatalogue null pointer dereference🔒
10322Apple iOS IOKit access control [CVE-2013-5137]🔒
10321Apple iOS PDF Image memory corruption [CVE-2013-1026]🔒
10320Apple iOS File System input validation [CVE-2013-3955]🔒
10319Apple iOS dyld openSharedCacheFile memory corruption🔒
10318Apple iOS Data Security authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-5134]
10317Apple iOS Data Protection access control [CVE-2013-0957]🔒
10316Apple iOS CoreMedia memory corruption [CVE-2013-1019]🔒
10315Apple iOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2013-1025]🔒
10314Apple iOS Certificate Trust Policy improper authentication
10313Microsoft Internet Explorer HTML Rendering Engine mshtml.dll SetMouseCapture resource management🔒🔒🔒🔒
10312NetBSD Kernel Local Privilege Escalation
10311Django Authentication Framework improper authentication [CVE-2013-1443]🔒🔒
10310SAP NetWeaver Web Application path traversal [CVE-2013-5751]
10309Microsoft Internet Explorer InsertSplice resource management🔒🔒
10308GnuPG Subkeys cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4351]🔒🔒
10307VMware Zimbra Collection Suite Web Application improper authentication
10306Apple Mac OS X Installer access control [CVE-2013-1027]🔒
10305Apple Mac OS X IPSec Hybrid Auth Server input validation [CVE-2013-1028]🔒🔒
10304Apple Mac OS X IGMP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-1029]🔒
10303Apple Mac OS X Mobile Device Management mdmclient information disclosure🔒
10302Apple Mac OS X Power Assertion Lock access control [CVE-2013-1031]🔒
10301Apple Mac OS X QuickTime Movie memory corruption [CVE-2013-1032]🔒
10300Apple Mac OS X Screen Lock access control [CVE-2013-1033]🔒
10299Apple Mac OS X Browser memory corruption [CVE-2013-1025]🔒🔒
10298Apple Mac OS X Browser memory corruption [CVE-2013-1026]🔒🔒
10297Opera Web Browser Page Encoding Settings cross site scripting🔒🔒
10296D-Link DSL-2740B Web Interface cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-5730]
10295Django path traversal🔒🔒
10294GNU C Library memalign numeric error🔒🔒
10293GNU C Library valloc numeric error🔒🔒
10292Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service Packet input validation🔒
10291Juniper Junos Pulse Secure Access Service SSL VPN Web Server cross site scripting🔒
10290IBM WebSphere Application Server privileges management [CVE-2013-3305]
10289Linux Kernel tun.c TUNSETIFF resource management🔒🔒
10288IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross site scripting🔒🔒
10287IBM WebSphere Application Server XML input validation [CVE-2013-4053]🔒
10286IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative Console cross site scripting🔒🔒
10285Wireshark ASSA R3 Dissector infinite resource management🔒🔒
10284Wireshark RTPS Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2013-5720]🔒🔒
10283Wireshark MQ Dissector input validation [CVE-2013-5721]🔒🔒
10282Wireshark LDAP Dissector resource management [CVE-2013-5722]🔒🔒
10281Wireshark Netmon File Parser input validation [CVE-2013-5717]🔒🔒
10280Wireshark Bluetooth HCI ACL dissector input validation [CVE-2013-5717]🔒🔒
10279FFmpeg Video File shorten.c decode_wave_header privileges management
10278FFmpeg Missing FMT Chunk shorten.c decode_wave_header Remote Code Execution
10277FFmpeg Seektable ape.c ape_read_header Remote Code Execution
10276FFmpeg zmbv.c decode_frame memory corruption
10275FFmpeg mpc8.c mpc8_parse_seektable Remote Code Execution
10274FFmpeg Stream mpc8.c mpc8_parse_seektable Remote Code Execution
10273FFmpeg aic.c aic_decode_coeffs Remote Code Execution
10272FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_load_cursor memory corruption
10271FFmpeg Negative Frame Size dsicin.c cin_read_frame_header Remote Code Execution
10270FFmpeg smacker.c smacker_read_packet Remote Code Execution
10269FFmpeg Frame Size smacker.c smacker_read_packet integer coercion
10268FFmpeg Huffman Codes smacker.c smacker_decode_header_tree Remote Code Execution
10267FFmpeg dv.c avpriv_dv_produce_packet memory corruption
10266Wireshark NBAP Dissector access control [CVE-2013-5718]🔒🔒
10265Linux Kernel Perf Tool access control [CVE-2013-1060]🔒🔒
10264WordPress functions.php get_allowed_mime_types input validation🔒🔒
10263WordPress post.php access control🔒🔒
10262WordPress Restrictions input validation [CVE-2013-4339]🔒🔒
10261WordPress functions.php code injection🔒🔒
10260WordPress functions.php get_allowed_mime_types cross site scripting🔒🔒
10259ProFTPD mod_sftp/mod_sftp_pam kbdint.c resp_count numeric error🔒🔒
10258FreeBSD Link access control [CVE-2013-5710]🔒🔒
10257FreeBSD sys_netinet6/sys_netatm Modules access control [CVE-2013-5691]🔒🔒
10256Synology DiskStation Manager uistrings.cgi privileges management
10255Synology DiskStation Manager Web Interface info.cgi Reflected cross site scriting
10254Synology DiskStation Manager Web Interface uistrings.cgi privileges management
10253Synology DiskStation Manager externaldevices.cgi privileges management
10252Synology DiskStation Manager wallpaper.cgi Remote Privilege Escalation
10251Linux Foundation Xen HVM Passthrough libxl access control🔒🔒
10250Microsoft SharePoint Server W3WP Process input validation [CVE-2013-0081]🔒🔒
10249Microsoft SharePoint Workflow input validation [CVE-2013-1330]🔒🔒
10248Microsoft SharePoint Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3180]🔒🔒
10247Microsoft SharePoint Server Online Cloud cross site scripting🔒
10246Microsoft Internet Explorer Table Tree use after free
10245Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3850]🔒🔒🔒
10244Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3856]🔒🔒🔒
10243Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3855]🔒🔒
10242Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3854]🔒🔒🔒
10241Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3853]🔒🔒
10240Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3852]🔒🔒🔒
10239Microsoft Office Word File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3851]🔒🔒
10238Microsoft Excel XML External Entity Data memory corruption [CVE-2013-3158]🔒🔒
10237Microsoft Excel XML External Entity Data input validation [CVE-2013-3159]🔒🔒
10236Microsoft Word/Office XML External Entity Data information disclosure🔒🔒
10235Microsoft Excel/Office/SharePoint Office File memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
10234Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3858]🔒🔒
10233Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3857]🔒🔒
10232Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3849]🔒🔒
10231Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3848]🔒🔒🔒
10230Microsoft Word/Sharepoint Office File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3847]🔒🔒
10229Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3155]🔒🔒🔒
10228Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3157]🔒🔒🔒
10227Microsoft Access Access File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3156]🔒🔒🔒
10226Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10225Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10224Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10223Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys Kernel Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
10222Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10221Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10220Microsoft Windows Memory Object win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
10219Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3202]🔒🔒🔒
10218Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3201]🔒🔒🔒
10217Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3207]🔒🔒🔒
10216Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3206]🔒🔒🔒
10215Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3845]🔒🔒🔒
10214Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3208]🔒🔒🔒
10213Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3209]🔒🔒🔒
10212Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3205]🔒🔒🔒🔒
10211Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3204]🔒🔒🔒
10210Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript Engine memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
10209Adobe Shockwave Player Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3360]🔒
10208Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3359]🔒🔒
10207Adobe Acrobat Reader Read numeric error [CVE-2013-3358]🔒🔒
10206Adobe Acrobat Reader Read numeric error [CVE-2013-3357]🔒🔒
10205Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3356]🔒🔒
10204Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3353]🔒🔒🔒
10203Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3355]🔒🔒🔒
10202Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3354]🔒🔒
10201Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3352]🔒🔒🔒
10200Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-3351]🔒🔒🔒
10199Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-5324]🔒🔒
10198Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3363]🔒🔒
10197Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3362]🔒🔒
10196Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3361]🔒🔒
10195FreeBSD Sendfile Length information disclosure [CVE-2013-5666]
10194Microsoft FrontPage XML DTD information disclosure [CVE-2013-3137]🔒🔒🔒
10193Microsoft Windows Service Control Manager resource management🔒
10192Microsoft Windows Windows Theme File code injection [CVE-2013-0810]🔒🔒🔒
10191Microsoft Windows OLE Object memory corruption [CVE-2013-3863]🔒🔒🔒
10190Microsoft Windows Active Directory input validation [CVE-2013-3868]🔒🔒🔒
10189Microsoft Outlook S/MIME resource management [CVE-2013-3870]🔒🔒🔒
10188Microsoft Office Chinese IME access control [CVE-2013-3859]🔒
10187VMware ESX/ESXi path traversal [CVE-2013-3658]🔒
10186VMware ESX/ESXi CIM Broker memory corruption [CVE-2013-3657]🔒
10185Watchguard Server Center Path wlcollector.exe access control
10184Cisco WebEx WRF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1119]
10183Cisco WebEx WRF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1118]
10182Cisco WebEx ARF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1116]
10181Cisco WebEx ARF Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-1115]
10179Cisco ASA x509 Certificate memory corruption [CVE-2013-3458]🔒
10178Apple AirPort Frame numeric error [CVE-2013-5132]🔒
10177Sophos Web Protection Appliance Shell sblistpack get_referers os command injection🔒🔒🔒
10176Sophos Web Protection Appliance Privileges close_connections os command injection🔒
10175Check Point Gateway CCP Package denial of service
10174Bitcoin-Qt Bloom Filter numeric error [CVE-2013-5700]
10173TRENDnet TEW-751DR UPnP Remote Privilege Escalation
10172IBM Security AppScan Enterprise Session access control [CVE-2013-2997]
10171GNOME Display Manager Directory link following [CVE-2013-4169]🔒🔒
10170Drupal CSS Selectors Local Privilege Escalation
10169Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform PicketBox Vault cryptographic issues🔒
10168IBM WebSphere Application Server JAX-WS Web Services input validation🔒🔒
10167IBM WebSphere Application Server JAX-WS Web Services Local Privilege Escalation
10166Belkin F5D7234-4 wireless_WPS_Enroll.exe memory corruption
10165Google Chrome provideInput race condition🔒🔒
10164Google Chrome ConvolverNode.cpp tailTime race condition🔒🔒
10163Google Chrome AudioDSPKernelProcessor.cpp race condition🔒🔒
10162Google Chrome HRTFElevation.cpp audioBusMap race condition🔒🔒
10161Google Chrome ConvolverNode.cpp latencyFrames race condition🔒🔒
10160Apache Subversion handle_options link following🔒
10159Apache Subversion svnserve write_pid_file access control🔒🔒
10158Apache Subversion daemonize link following🔒
10157Apache Subversion FSFS Repository access control [CVE-2013-4246]🔒🔒
10156Microsoft Internet Explorer Sandbox privileges management
10155FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c mpeg_motion_internal Remote Code Execution
10154FFmpeg Max Samples Per Frame alac.c alac_set_info memory corruption
10153FFmpeg Interlaced Video mjpegdec.c ff_mjpeg_decode_sof Remote Code Execution
10152FFmpeg Channel Decoding Offset alac.c alac_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
10151FFmpeg Track Value 4xm.c parse_strk Remote Code Execution
10150FFmpeg .lang matroskadec.c matroska_convert_tag Remote Code Execution
10149FFmpeg APE Demuxer ape.c ape_read_header Remote Code Execution
10148FFmpeg Bits Per Sample 4xm.c parse_strk denial of service
10147FFmpeg utils.c estimate_timings_from_bit_rate integer coercion
10146FFmpeg pictordec.c privileges management
10145FFmpeg pictordec.c memory corruption
10144FFmpeg vcr1.c privileges management
10143FFmpeg vcr1.c privileges management
10142DokuWiki Fetch denial of service
10141TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer access control [CVE-2013-4320]🔒
10140TYPO3 File Abstraction Layer access control [CVE-2013-4320]🔒
10139MediaWiki ResourceLoader information disclosure [CVE-2013-4301]🔒🔒
10138MediaWiki ApiBlock.php access control🔒🔒
10137MediaWiki api.php cross site scriting🔒🔒
10136MediaWiki CentralAuth Extension CentralAuthHooks.php improper authentication🔒
10135MediaWiki SyntaxHighlight_GeSHi Extension example.php cross site scripting🔒
10134MediaWiki CheckUser Extension ApiQueryCheckUser.php getAllowedParams cross-site request forgery🔒
10133MediaWiki cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4307]🔒🔒
10132Liquidthreads Project MediaWiki LiquidThreads Extension TalkpageHistoryView.php cross site scripting🔒
10131SAP NetWeaver sql injection [CVE-2013-5723]
10130Red Hat Jboss NULL Character input validation [CVE-2013-2185] [Disputed]🔒
10129cPanel WHM cross site scriting
10128cPanel WHM Input Sanitizer sql injection
10127cPanel WHM brandingimg.cgi improper authentication
10126cPanel WHM improper authentication
10125cPanel WHM privileges management
10124cPanel WHM Temporary File race condition
10123cPanel WHM Access Control privileges management
10122cPanel WHM countedit.cgi cross site scriting
10121Cisco Secure Access Control System TACACS+ Socket input validation
10120Infraware Polaris Office/Viewer XML Validation denial of service
10119EMC RSA Archer GRC User Management access control [CVE-2013-3276]
10118EMC RSA Archer GRC input validation [CVE-2013-3277]
10117Linux Kernel LED State hid-sony.c buzz_set_leds memory corruption🔒
10116Linux Kernel steelseries HID Driver hid-steelseries.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10115Linux Kernel patherlord HID Driver hid-pl.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10114Linux Kernel lg/lg3/lg4 Drivers hid-lg*ff.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10113Linux Kernel lenovo-tpkbd HID Driver hid-lenovo-tpkbd.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10112Linux Kernel logitec-dj HID Driver hid-logitech-dj.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10111Linux Kernel ntrig HID Driver hid-ntrig.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10110Linux Kernel Report Index hid-multitouch.c input validation🔒🔒
10109Linux Kernel sensor-hub HID Driver hid-sensor-hub.c input validation🔒🔒
10108Linux Kernel picolcd HID Driver hid-picolcd_core.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10107Linux Kernel Report ID Field hid-core.c input validation🔒🔒
10106Linux Kernel zeroplus HID Driver hid-zpff.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10105Apple MacOS X/iOS CoreText API denial of service
10104LibTIFF GIF to TIFF Convertor gif2tiff.c readgifimage memory corruption🔒🔒
10103IBM WebSphere Commerce Search Feature input validation [CVE-2013-2992]
10102WebkitGTK+ Root Node EventRetargeter.h eventTargetRespectingTargetRules denial of service
10101Cisco IOS TCP Stack memory corruption [CVE-2013-5469]
10100VMware ESX NFC Protocol input validation [CVE-2013-1661]🔒🔒
10099Citrix XenClient NDVM Connection privileges management [CVE-2013-2601]
10098Adobe Acrobat Reader Input Sanitizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3346]🔒🔒🔒
10097Cisco IOS XR RIP input validation [CVE-2013-3470]
10096Cisco ASA Idle Timeout access control [CVE-2013-3463]
10095Linux Kernel Namespace scm.c access control🔒🔒
10094Instagram Command missing encryption
10093Instagram Signature Key missing encryption
10092Digium Asterisk SIP Channel Termination memory corruption [CVE-2013-5641]🔒🔒🔒
10091Digium Asterisk SIP Request input validation [CVE-2013-5642]🔒🔒🔒
10090Drupal cross site scriting
10089Cisco Unified IP Phone PNG Decoder input validation [CVE-2013-3468]
10088Cisco Secure Access Control System EAP-FAST Authentication Module improper authentication🔒
10087IBM DB2/DB2 Connect User Privilege access control [CVE-2013-4033]🔒
10086LibTIFF LAZ Decompressor gif2tiff.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10085LibTIFF Integer td_samplesperpixel memory corruption
10084RealNetworks RealPlayer Filename memory corruption [CVE-2013-4973]🔒🔒
10083RealNetworks RealPlayer RealMedia File memory corruption [CVE-2013-4974]🔒🔒
10082IBM WebSphere Commerce Administration Console cross site scripting
10081IBM WebSphere Commerce Organisation Administration Console cross site scripting
10080IBM WebSphere Commerce Accelerator cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0566]
10079IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0595]
10078IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0595]🔒
10077IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0591]
10076IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0590]
10075IBM WebSphere Extended Deployment Compute Grid information disclosure
10074VideoLAN VLC Media Player M3U input validation [CVE-2013-6283]🔒🔒
10073Linux Kernel Virtual Machine Support arm.c KVM_GET_REG_LIST resource management🔒🔒
10072NOD32 Archive Support Module v.1160 Local Privilege Escalation
10071NOD32 Archive Support Module v.1160 Local Privilege Escalation
10070NOD32 Advanced Heuristic Module v.1139 Local Privilege Escalation
10069NOD32 Local Privilege Escalation
10068NOD32 Local Privilege Escalation
10067NOD32 Local Privilege Escalation
10066Google Chrome PDF Viewer containing memory corruption🔒🔒
10065VMware Workstation/Player Mount vmware-mount access control
10064BitDefender Antivirus memory corruption
10058FreeBSD SCTP Packet information disclosure [CVE-2013-5209]🔒🔒
10057FreeBSD IP_MSFILTER numeric error [CVE-2013-3077]🔒🔒
10056IBM InfoSphere Optim Performance Manager path traversal [CVE-2013-2979]
10055IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative cross site scripting🔒🔒
10054IBM WebSphere Application Server Administrative cross site scripting🔒🔒
10053WebkitGTK+ Baseline JIT denial of service
10051Check Point Firewall-1 OSPF denial of service
10050Irfan Skiljan IrfanView DCX File i_view32.exe denial of service
10049FFmpeg g2meet.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruption🔒🔒
10048FFmpeg Corrupted Blocks wmavoice.c Remote Code Execution
10047FFmpeg Packet af_earwax.c filter_frame memory corruption
10046FFmpeg mem.c av_reallocp_array memory corruption🔒🔒
10045FFmpeg utils.c avformat_find_stream_info denial of service
10044FFmpeg paf.c read_packet memory corruption
10043FFmpeg vf_vignette.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10042FFmpeg vf_showinfo.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10041FFmpeg vf_pad.c memory corruption🔒🔒
10040FFmpeg vf_lut.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10039FFmpeg vf_kerndeint.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10038FFmpeg vf_hflip.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10037FFmpeg vf_gradfun.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10036FFmpeg vf_fieldorder.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10035FFmpeg vf_fieldmatch.c copy_fields memory corruption🔒🔒
10034FFmpeg vf_delogo.c filter_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
10033FFmpeg vf_boxblur.c kempf_decode_tile memory corruption🔒🔒
10032IBM WebSphere Portal Request access control [CVE-2013-3016]🔒
10031Netgear Prosafe Switch /filesystem/ Script denial of service🔒
10030Netgear Prosafe Switch Filesystem startup-config information disclosure
10029Avaya IP Office Customer Call Reporter index.htm cross site scriting
10028McAfee Email Gateway Email Scanner denial of service
10027SolarWinds Serv-U SSL denial of service
10026SolarWinds Serv-U LDAP Local Privilege Escalation
10025WebkitGTK+ RenderTextControlSingleLine.cpp layout Local Privilege Escalation
10024NetBSD Entropy Bits Provider Remote Privilege Escalation
10023Linux Foundation Xen MSI Interrupt access control [CVE-2013-3495]🔒
10022EMC RSA Authentication Agent for PAM Lockout Mechanism credentials management
10021Google Chrome document::finishedparsing resource management🔒🔒
10020Google Chrome htmlmediaelement.cpp didmovetonewdocument resource management🔒🔒
10019Google Chrome XSLT resource management [CVE-2013-2902]🔒🔒
10018Google Chrome create access control🔒🔒
10017Google Chrome referencesparent path traversal🔒🔒
10016Linux Kernel armpmu_event_init memory corruption
10015Linux Kernel perf_event.c perf_event_open input validation🔒🔒
10014NetBSD Sysctl denial of service
10013NetBSD Netstat information disclosure
10012Google Chrome ANGLE renderer9.cpp numeric error🔒🔒
10011Google Chrome Text Rendering memory corruption [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10010Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10009Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10008Google Chrome Webstore privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10007Google Chrome Webstore cross site scriting [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10006Google Chrome GPU GLSL denial of service [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
10005Google Chrome Printing denial of service🔒🔒
10004Google Chrome CSSParser-in.cpp parseValue privileges management🔒🔒
10003Google Chrome Speech Recognition SessionStart denial of service🔒🔒
10002Google Chrome MediaStreamType media_stream_messages.h denial of service🔒🔒
10001Google Chrome Get denial of service🔒🔒
10000Google Chrome Prerendering privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
9999Google Chrome Signin Page Extension privileges management [CVE-2013-2887]🔒🔒
9998Google Chrome Synchronous XHR Path Mixed Content DocumentThreadableLoader.cpp loadRequest privileges management🔒🔒
9997NetBSD ktrace uipc_syscalls.c sendmsg denial of service
9996NetBSD Kqueue denial of service
9995FFmpeg h261dec.c h261_decode_mb Remote Code Execution
9994FFmpeg dxa.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9993Google Chrome GraphicsLayer.cpp setContentsTo memory corruption
9992Google Chrome XSLStyleSheetLibxslt.cpp compileStyleSheet resource management🔒🔒
9991Google Chrome HTML Import denial of service
9988FFmpeg nuv.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9987FFmpeg LZO Output nuv.c Local Privilege Escalation
9986FFmpeg nuv.c codec_reinit Local Privilege Escalation
9985FFmpeg Buffer Decompression nuv.c Local Privilege Escalation
9984FFmpeg oggparsevorbis.c vorbis_header Local Privilege Escalation
9983FFmpeg segafilm.c film_read_header Local Privilege Escalation
9981Dell BIOS Value rbu_packet.pktSize memory corruption
9980Linux Kernel Common Internet File System numeric error [CVE-2013-4247]🔒🔒
9977Juniper Junos Space access control [CVE-2013-5097]🔒
9976Juniper Junos Space RBAC Implementation access control [CVE-2013-5096]🔒
9975Juniper Junos Space cross site scripting [CVE-2013-5095]🔒
9972Cisco Linksys WRT54GL cross site scriting
9971PHP SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-4248]🔒🔒
9970McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Session improper authentication
9969McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention entropy [CVE-2004-0230]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9968McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention SSH Key privileges management
9967McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention MySQL privileges management
9966McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Password missing encryption
9965McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention entropy [CVE-2004-0230]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9964McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Java Stack Trace information disclosure
9963McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Audit Log information disclosure
9962McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Single User Mode privileges management
9961McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Partition Mount privileges management
9960McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Field Autocomplete privileges management
9959McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Cookie privileges management
9958Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Remote-Naming Connection Cache config🔒
9957Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Remote EJB Invocation Connection Cache config🔒
9956Python SSL Module input validation [CVE-2013-4238]🔒🔒
9955IBM WebSphere Portal Themes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0587]🔒
9954Google Chrome Password missing encryption [Disputed]
9953Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro Driver Sandbox.sys memory corruption
9952Agnitum Outpost Security Suite Pro Named Pipe acs.exe path traversal
9951LibTIFF Raster File Count gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
9950LibTIFF TIFF File Name rgb2ycbcr.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
9949LibTIFF TIFF File Raster Image Data tiff2pdf.c resource management🔒🔒
9948LibTIFF GIF File Extension Block gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
9947LibTIFF GIF Raster File Datasize gif2tiff.c memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
9946ISC BIND SRTT Algorithm privileges management
9945Simon Tatham PuTTY Modular Multiplication modmul memory corruption🔒🔒
9944Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Stack memory corruption [CVE-2013-3183]🔒🔒
9943Microsoft Windows NAT Driver memory corruption [CVE-2013-3182]🔒🔒🔒
9942Microsoft Windows Asynchronous RPC Request access control [CVE-2013-3175]🔒🔒
9941Microsoft Windows Unicode Scripts Processor USP10.DLL memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9940Microsoft Internet Explorer EUC-JP Character Encoding cross site scripting🔒🔒🔒
9939Microsoft Internet Explorer Process Integrity Level Assignment msdt.exe access control🔒🔒
9938Microsoft Internet Explorer Undo Command memory corruption [CVE-2013-3199]🔒🔒🔒
9937Microsoft Internet Explorer Page Destruction DisconnectTreePos memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9936Microsoft Internet Explorer selectAll/RemoveFormat Command memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9935Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3191]🔒🔒🔒
9934Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3190]🔒🔒
9933Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3189]🔒🔒🔒
9932Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3188]🔒🔒🔒
9931Microsoft Internet Explorer SVG Element Text Element memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9930Microsoft Internet Explorer CFlatMarkupPointer Object memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9929Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services information disclosure🔒🔒
9928Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value memory corruption [CVE-2013-3196]🔒🔒
9927Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value memory corruption [CVE-2013-3197]🔒🔒
9926Microsoft Windows Kernel Address Value Handlin memory corruption🔒🔒
9925Gentoo Linux Nullmailer remotes access control
9924Cisco IOS XR ICMP memory corruption [CVE-2013-3464]
9923Bitcoin Random Number Generator improper authentication
9922cPanel WHM Suspend denial of service
9921cPanel WHM SSL Certificate privileges management
9920cPanel WHM Web Host Manager WHM privileges management
9919cPanel WHM Web Host Manager WHM privileges management
9918FreeBSD ftpd GLOB_LIMIT denial of service🔒🔒🔒
9917Google Chrome WebVTTParser.cpp createDocumentFragmentFromCueText denial of service
9916Google Chrome DocumentStyleSheetCollection.cpp addStyleSheetCandidateNode Remote Code Execution
9915Google Chrome SliderThumbElement.cpp setPositionFromPoint Local Privilege Escalation
9914Google Chrome SpellChecker.cpp didSucceed memory corruption
9913Linux Kernel el0_sync_compat entry.S denial of service
9912Google Chrome NavigationScheduler.cpp scheduleLocationChange information disclosure
9911FFmpeg qdm2.c synthfilt_build_sb_samples memory corruption
9910FFmpeg Frame Skip rv10.c memory corruption
9909FFmpeg mss2dsp.c upsample_plane_c memory corruption
9908FFmpeg shorten.c read_header memory corruption
9907FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_init memory corruption
9906FFmpeg asfdec.c get_tag Local Privilege Escalation
9905Nagios rss-newsfeed.php link following
9904Nagios IPXPING_COMMAND link following [CVE-2013-4215]
9903Lenovo ThinkPad QCtray.exe unknown vulnerability
9902Simon Tatham PuTTY information disclosure [CVE-2013-4208]🔒🔒
9901Simon Tatham PuTTY DSA Signature memory corruption [CVE-2013-4207]🔒🔒
9900OpenX Source ZIP Container backdoor [CVE-2013-4211]🔒🔒🔒
9899Linux Kernel User Namespace user_namespace.c resource management🔒🔒
9898McAfee Superscan cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4884]
9897FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_mc_4mv_chroma Local Privilege Escalation
9896Huawei B153 3G/UMTS Router WPS Protocol improper authentication
9895Nmap http-domino-enum-passwords.nse unrestricted upload🔒🔒
9894Juniper Junos OSPF denial of service [CVE-2013-0149]🔒🔒
9893WebkitGTK+ FormAssociatedElement.cpp formAttributeChanged denial of service
9892WebkitGTK+ CSSParser.cpp parseValue denial of service
9891Apache HTTP Server suEXEC Feature .htaccess information disclosure
9890Mozilla Firefox Stub Installer/Full Installer untrusted search path🔒🔒
9889Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird XMLHttpRequest Calls access control🔒🔒
9888Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Javascript access control [CVE-2013-1713]🔒🔒
9887Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Mozilla Updater updater.exe untrusted search path🔒🔒
9886Mozilla Firefox XBL Scope cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1711]🔒🔒
9885Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird CRMF Request crypto.generateCRMFRequest input validation🔒🔒🔒🔒
9884Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Frame cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1709]🔒🔒
9883Mozilla Firefox WAV File CharAt denial of service🔒🔒
9882Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Updater memory corruption [CVE-2013-1707]🔒🔒
9881Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Pathname maintenanceservice.exe memory corruption🔒🔒
9880Mozilla Firefox CRMF Request cryptojs_interpret_key_gen_type memory corruption🔒🔒
9879Mozilla Firefox GetParentNode resource management🔒🔒
9878Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1702]🔒🔒
9877Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird memory corruption [CVE-2013-1701]🔒🔒
9876Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Java Plugin File Origin Policy access control🔒🔒
9875phpMyAdmin Clickjacking Protection input validation [CVE-2013-5029]🔒🔒
9874Joomla! Libraries example.php Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9873iNotes Integer numeric error [CVE-2013-3027]🔒
9872FFmpeg Quantization Matrix bink.c read_dect_coeffs Local Privilege Escalation
9871FFmpeg vc1dec.c vc1_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9870IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3990]
9868FFmpeg Crypted File omadec.c oma_read_packet memory corruption
9867IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3032]
9866FFmpeg omadec.c memory corruption
9865FFmpeg aasc.c aasc_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
9864FFmpeg Small Packet Size Checker xl.c decode_frame Remote Privilege Escalation
9863FFmpeg 8bps.c decode_frame memory corruption
9862FFmpeg Dimensions 4xm.c Remote Code Execution
9861FFmpeg Clipping Range alsdec.c read_channel_data Remote Code Execution
9860Simon Tatham PuTTY SSH Handshake Message Length sshdss.c getstring numeric error🔒🔒
9859Samba Packet nttrans.c read_nttrans_ea_list numeric error🔒🔒🔒
9858D-Link DIR-645 bsc_sms_send.php cross site scripting🔒
9857D-Link DIR-645 bind.php cross site scripting🔒
9856D-Link DIR-645 authentication.cgi cross site scripting🔒
9855D-Link DIR-645 hedwig.cgi cross site scripting🔒
9854D-Link DIR-645 post_login.xml cross site scripting🔒
9853Symantec Backup Exec cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4676]🔒
9852Symantec Backup Exec cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4676]🔒
9851Symantec Backup Exec NMDP information disclosure [CVE-2013-4678]🔒
9850Symantec Backup Exec File Permission access control [CVE-2013-4677]🔒
9849Symantec Backup Exec Bounds-Check memory corruption [CVE-2013-4575]🔒
9848Linksys WVC54GCA/WVC80N snapshot.cgi sub_AE64 information disclosure
9847Joomla CMS File Upload media.php input validation🔒
9846Symantec PGP/Encryption Desktop RDDService untrusted search path🔒🔒
9845D-Link DIR-645 info.php cross site scripting🔒
9844Cisco IOS OSPF Link State Advertisment Database privileges management🔒🔒
9843HP LaserJet Pro Access Control privileges management [CVE-2013-4807]🔒
9842TYPO3 Backend File Upload privileges management [CVE-2011-3642]🔒🔒
9841FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_cell Local Privilege Escalation
9840FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_frame_headers information disclosure
9839FFmpeg indeo3.c decode_frame_headers information disclosure
9838FFmpeg Motion Vector svq1dec.c svq1_decode_frame information disclosure
9837FFmpeg rmdec.c rm_assemble_video_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9836FFmpeg svq1dec.c svq1_decode_frame information disclosure
9835FFmpeg rv10.c rv20_decode_picture_header denial of service
9834FFmpeg xmv.c xmv_read_header Local Privilege Escalation
9833FFmpeg bmv.c decode_bmv_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9832FFmpeg id3v2.c read_apic Local Privilege Escalation
9831FFmpeg dfa.c decode_wdlt Local Privilege Escalation
9830FFmpeg utils.c avformat_free_context denial of service
9829FFmpeg Lace Parsing matroskadec.c matroska_parse_block memory corruption
9828strongSwan XAuth/EAP asn1.c is_asn1 memory corruption🔒🔒
9826Apache Subversion mod_dav_svn memory corruption [CVE-2013-4131]🔒🔒
9825Splunk X-Frame-Options Remote Code Execution
9824Google Chrome BaseMultipleFieldsDateAndTimeInputType.cpp destroyShadowSubtree resource management🔒🔒
9823Google Chrome RadioInputType.cpp handleKeydownEvent memory corruption🔒🔒
9822Google Chrome ApplyStyleCommand.cpp removeInlineStyle memory corruption🔒🔒
9821Google Chrome RenderListItem.cpp updateMarkerLocation denial of service🔒🔒
9820Google Chrome Destruction of Style Elements memory corruption🔒🔒
9819Google Chrome Unload Event resource management [CVE-2013-2885]🔒🔒
9818Google Chrome Node.cpp unregisterMutationObserver resource management🔒🔒
9817Google Chrome apinatives.js denial of service🔒🔒
9816Google Chrome V8WindowCustom.cpp indexedSecurityCheckCustom access control🔒🔒
9815Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro Database Local Privilege Escalation
9814Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro WinDbg Plugin Local Privilege Escalation
9813Microsoft Internet Explorer Garbage Collection jscript9.dll ProcessMark information disclosure
9812Google V8 Polymorphic Array HandlePolymorphicElementAccess Local Privilege Escalation
9811FreeBSD NFS Server vfs_export.c vfs_hang_addrlist access control🔒🔒
9810SAP NetWeaver DI Lof Viewer improper authentication
9809SAP NetWeaver DevInfPage improper authentication
9808Lenovo PC Backdoor improper authentication [Disputed]
9807Dovecot Input Sanitizer privileges management
9806TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Input Sanitizer setNTP.cgi os command injection
9805TRENDnet TEW-812DRU Request Validation cross-site request forgery
9804phpMyAdmin Version Information version_check.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9803phpMyAdmin Request information disclosure🔒
9802phpMyAdmin TextLinkTransformationPlugin TextLinkTransformationsPlugin.class.php applyTransformation cross site scripting🔒
9801phpMyAdmin schema_export.php dieSchema cross site scripting🔒🔒
9800phpMyAdmin display_tbl.lib.php cross site scripting [CVE-2013-4995]🔒🔒
9799phpMyAdmin index.php cross site scripting🔒
9798phpMyAdmin tbl_chart.js cross site scripting🔒🔒
9797phpMyAdmin server_status.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9796phpMyAdmin NavigationHeader.class.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9795phpMyAdmin validate.lib.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9794phpMyAdmin Parameter Validation schema_export.php sql injection🔒🔒
9793phpMyAdmin Parameter Validation pmd_pdf.php sql injection🔒🔒
9792IBM WebSphere Commerce Request Validation improper authentication
9791IBM WebSphere Commerce REST Session input validation [CVE-2013-2994]
9790IBM WebSphere Application Server Property privileges management
9789IBM WebSphere Application Server Security Domain initialize privileges management
9788IBM WebSphere Application Server File Permission privileges management
9787IBM WebSphere Application Server Cookie information disclosure
9786IBM WebSphere Application Server PFBC Configuration missing encryption
9785IBM WebSphere Application Server File Permission information disclosure
9784IBM WebSphere Application Server Log unknown vulnerability
9780Wireshark DIS Dissector packet-dis-pdus.c parseFields numeric error🔒🔒
9779Wireshark Bluetooth SDP Dissector packet-btsdp.c get_type_length numeric error🔒🔒
9778Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c input validation🔒🔒
9777Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c dissect_dcom_ActivationProperties resource management🔒🔒
9776Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c numeric error🔒🔒
9775Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c input validation🔒🔒
9774Wireshark DVD-Cl Dissector packet-dvbci.c dissect_dvbci_tpdu_hdr input validation🔒🔒
9773Wireshark Bluetooth OBEX Dissector packet-btobex.c dissect_headers numeric error🔒🔒
9772Wireshark GSM RR Dissector proto.c resource management🔒🔒
9771Wireshark GSM A Common Dissector packet-gsm_a_common.c input validation🔒🔒
9770Wireshark PROFINET Real-Time Dissector packet-smtp.c dissect_smtp null pointer dereference🔒🔒
9769Wireshark Netmon File Parser netmon.c netmon_open memory corruption🔒🔒
9768Wireshark ASN.1 PER Dissector packet-per.c dissect_per_length_determinant numeric error🔒🔒
9767Wireshark DCOM ISystemActivator Dissector packet-dcom-sysact.c dissect_dcom_ActivationProperties resource management🔒🔒
9766Wireshark P1 Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2013-4920]🔒🔒
9765Wireshark Radiotap Dissector packet-ieee80211-radiotap.c dissect_radiotap numeric error🔒🔒
9764ISC BIND RDATA rdata.c denial of service🔒🔒🔒
9763Apache OpenOffice XML memory corruption [CVE-2013-4156]🔒
9762Apache OpenOffice PLCF Data memory corruption [CVE-2013-2189]🔒
9761Symantec Web Gateway Input Sanitizer nameConfig.php os command injection🔒
9760Symantec Web Gateway SWG Console input validation [CVE-2013-4673]🔒
9759RIM BlackBerry POP/IMAP information disclosure
9758Symantec Web Gateway networkConfig.php os command injection🔒🔒
9757Symantec Web Gateway Transaction cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-4671]🔒
9756Symantec Web Gateway edit_alert.php sql injection🔒
9755Symantec Web Gateway feedback_report.php sql injection🔒🔒
9754Symantec Web Gateway Command sudoers access control🔒
9753Symantec Web Gateway blocked.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9752Symantec Web Gateway feedback_report.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
9751Microsoft Internet Explorer Elevation Policy access control [CVE-2013-4015]🔒
9748Cisco ASA cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3414]🔒
9747GnuPG L3 Cache information disclosure [CVE-2013-4242]🔒🔒
9746Opera Web Browser memory corruption
9745VideoLAN VLC Media Player PNG File denial of service
9744Linux Foundation Xen vmx_set_uc_mode memory corruption🔒🔒
9743WhatsApp Messenger Payment authentication spoofing
9742Linux Kernel Field voluntary_ctxt_switches status information disclosure
9741McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis privileges management
9740McAfee Network Threat Behavior Analysis Zebra Service privileges management
9739Bitcoin Project bitcoind RPC Authentication Mechanism information disclosure
9738SAP NetWeaver GetComputerSystem information disclosure🔒
9737Linux Kernel IPv6 Packet resource management [CVE-2013-4163]🔒🔒
9736Linux Kernel IPv6 resource management [CVE-2013-4162]🔒🔒
9735Django Password Reset information disclosure
9733FFmpeg omadec.c oma_read_header Local Privilege Escalation
9732FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header information disclosure
9731FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header information disclosure
9730FFmpeg id3v2.c read_apic information disclosure
9729FFmpeg aacps.c stereo_processing information disclosure
9728FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c gmc1_motion information disclosure
9727FFmpeg wmv2.c ff_mspel_motion denial of service
9726FFmpeg h264_refs.c ff_h264_execute_ref_pic_marking denial of service
9725FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_filter_params Local Privilege Escalation
9724FFmpeg h264_cavlc.c decode_residual Local Privilege Escalation
9723FFmpeg utils.c estimate_timings_from_bit_rate memory corruption
9722FFmpeg electronicarts.c process_video_header_vp6 Local Privilege Escalation
9721FFmpeg vp3.c theora_decode_header Local Privilege Escalation
9720FFmpeg wavpack.c wv_get_value Local Privilege Escalation
9719Microsoft Internet Explorer Status Bar authentication spoofing
9718Symantec Encryption Management Server Encrypted Attachment cross site scripting
9717Samsung PS50C7700 HTTP Request denial of service [CVE-2013-4890]
9716Barracuda Networks Appliance index.cgi cross site scriting
9715Microsoft PowerPoint DirectShow Runtime quartz.dll GetMaxSampleSize memory corruption🔒
9714FFmpeg dsicinav.c Local Privilege Escalation
9713FFmpeg dsicinav.c cin_decode_rle information disclosure
9712FFmpeg utils.c avformat_find_stream_info memory corruption
9711FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_mdhd Local Privilege Escalation
9710FFmpeg mov.c mov_read_default Local Privilege Escalation
9709FFmpeg ivi_common.c ff_ivi_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9708FFmpeg ivi_common.c ivi_init_tiles Local Privilege Escalation
9707FFmpeg ivi_common.c ff_ivi_init_planes function Local Privilege Escalation
9706FFmpeg ivi_common.c ivi_mc function Local Privilege Escalation
9705FFmpeg riff.c ff_read_riff_info denial of service
9704FFmpeg bitstream.c ff_init_vlc_sparse information disclosure
9703FFmpeg mpegvideo_motion.c MPV_motion_internal denial of service
9702FFmpeg qdm2.c qdm2_decode_init Local Privilege Escalation
9701FFmpeg utils.c read_frame_internal denial of service🔒🔒
9700FFmpeg dcadec.c dca_subframe_header Local Privilege Escalation
9699FFmpeg dcadec.c dca_subsubframe Local Privilege Escalation
9698FFmpeg pcm.c pcm_decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9697FFmpeg mlpdec.c read_restart_header Local Privilege Escalation
9696FFmpeg pcx.c pcx_rle_decode information disclosure
9695FFmpeg wmavoice.c Local Privilege Escalation
9694FFmpeg iff.c information disclosure
9693FFmpeg adpcm.c Local Privilege Escalation
9692FFmpeg imc.c denial of service
9691FFmpeg atrac3.c Local Privilege Escalation
9690FFmpeg atrac3.c atrac3_decode_init Local Privilege Escalation
9689FFmpeg atrac3.c decode_channel_sound_unit Local Privilege Escalation
9688FFmpeg qdm2.c Local Privilege Escalation
9687Redhat Tomcat Init-scripts link following [CVE-2013-1976]🔒🔒
9685Cisco Aironet 3600 Wireless LAN Controller FlexConnect/Standalone Mode memory corruption
9684Oracle Java SE sun.tracing.ProviderSkeleton privileges management
9683Apache HTTP Server mod_session_dbd denial of service [CVE-2013-2249]🔒🔒
9682libvirt qemuAgentGetVCPUs resource management
9681libvirt qemu_agent.c qemuAgentCommand denial of service
9680McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention denial of service
9679McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention Local Privilege Escalation
9676McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention information disclosure
9675McAfee Network Data Loss Prevention information disclosure
9674KDE KDM/KCheckPass glibc crypt cryptographic issues🔒
9672Oracle MySQL Server XA Transactions denial of service [CVE-2013-3810]🔒
9671Oracle MySQL Server Server Replication denial of service [CVE-2013-3812]🔒🔒
9670Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-3811]🔒
9669Oracle MySQL Server Server Privileges unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3807]🔒
9668Oracle MySQL Server Server Partition Stored denial of service🔒🔒
9667Oracle MySQL Server Server Parser denial of service [CVE-2013-3783]🔒🔒
9666Oracle MySQL Server Server Options Stored denial of service🔒🔒
9665Oracle MySQL Server Server Options denial of service [CVE-2013-3808]🔒🔒
9664Oracle MySQL Server Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-3796]🔒
9663Oracle MySQL Server Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2013-3804]🔒🔒
9662Oracle MySQL Server Prepared Statement Stored denial of service🔒🔒
9661Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2013-3806]🔒
9660Oracle MySQL Server Full Text Search denial of service [CVE-2013-3802]🔒🔒
9659Oracle MySQL Server Data Manipulation Language denial of service🔒
9658Oracle MySQL Server Data Manipulation Language denial of service🔒🔒
9657Oracle MySQL Server Audit Log information disclosure [CVE-2013-3809]🔒🔒
9656Oracle MySQL Server MemCached unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3798]🔒
9655Oracle MySQL Server GIS memory corruption [CVE-2013-1861]🔒🔒🔒
9654Oracle Secure Global Desktop Web UI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3782]
9653Oracle Secure Global Desktop Web UI Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3779]
9652Oracle Solaris Libraries/Libc denial of service [CVE-2013-3745]🔒
9651Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-3787]🔒
9650Oracle Solaris Service Management Facility SMF denial of service🔒
9649Oracle Solaris Filesystem/DevFS denial of service [CVE-2013-3797]🔒
9648Oracle Solaris Kernel/VM denial of service [CVE-2013-3765]🔒
9647Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2013-3799]🔒
9646Oracle Solaris Utility/Remote Execution Server in.rexecd denial of service🔒
9645Oracle SPARC Enterprise M Series Servers XSCF Control Package XCP denial of service
9644Oracle Solaris Libraries/PAM-Unix unknown vulnerability🔒
9643Oracle Solaris Kernel privileges management [CVE-2013-3786]🔒
9642Oracle Solaris SMF/File Locking Service denial of service🔒
9641Oracle Solaris Cluster Zone Cluster Infrastructure Local Privilege Escalation🔒
9640Oracle Solaris Cluster HA for TimesTen privileges management
9639Oracle Solaris Kernel/VM Local Privilege Escalation🔒
9638Oracle Solaris Driver/IDM iSCSI Data Mover denial of service🔒
9637Oracle Solaris Kernel/STREAMS Framework denial of service [CVE-2013-3753]🔒
9636Oracle Policy Automation Determinations Engine information disclosure🔒
9635Oracle iLearning Learner Pages unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3775]
9634Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise Portal Saved Search information disclosure
9633Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Rich Text Editor unknown vulnerability
9632Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Portal unknown vulnerability
9631Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Search Functionality unknown vulnerability
9630Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools PIA Core Technology unknown vulnerability
9629Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlink denial of service
9628Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HRMS Time/Labor unknown vulnerability
9627Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Mobile Applications unknown vulnerability
9626Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker unknown vulnerability
9625Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Business Interlinks unknown vulnerability
9624Oracle Agile PLM Framework Security information disclosure [CVE-2013-3823]
9623Oracle Agile Product Collaboration Folder/File Attachment information disclosure
9622Oracle Agile Collaboration Framework Manufacturing/Mfg Parts unknown vulnerability
9621Oracle Agile PLM Framework Web Client CS unknown vulnerability
9620Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library Stored information disclosure🔒
9619Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack information disclosure🔒
9618Oracle E-Business Suite iSupplier Portal unknown vulnerability🔒
9617Oracle E-Business Suite Applications Technology Stack unknown vulnerability🔒
9616Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library unknown vulnerability🔒
9615Oracle E-Business Suite Application Object Library unknown vulnerability🔒
9614Oracle E-Business Suite Landed Cost Management unknown vulnerability🔒
9613Oracle Enterprise Grid Manager User Interface Framework unknown vulnerability
9612Oracle Enterprise Grid Manager Schema Management unknown vulnerability🔒
9611Oracle Hyperion BI+ Intelligence Service path traversal [CVE-2013-3803]
9610Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters denial of service🔒🔒
9609Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters denial of service🔒🔒
9608Oracle WebCenter Content Web Forms unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3772]🔒
9607Oracle WebCenter Content Site Studio unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3769]🔒
9606Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener information disclosure [CVE-2010-0434]🔒🔒🔒
9605Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener memory corruption [CVE-2005-3352]🔒🔒
9604Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2011-0419]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9603Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2011-3348]🔒🔒🔒
9602Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2012-2687]🔒🔒
9601Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2007-5000]🔒🔒
9600Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scripting [CVE-2007-6388]🔒🔒
9599Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener cross site scriting [CVE-2006-5752]🔒🔒
9598Oracle Access Manager SSO Engine unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3755]
9597Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener memory corruption [CVE-2010-0425]🔒🔒🔒
9596Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener resource management [CVE-2008-2364]🔒🔒
9595Oracle HTTP Server Web Listener denial of service [CVE-2007-3847]🔒🔒
9594Oracle HTTP Server Proxy Plug-In mod_proxy_http.c information disclosure🔒🔒
9593Oracle Oracle WebCenter Content Content Server missing encryption🔒
9592Oracle Oracle Endeca Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3764]🔒
9591Oracle Oracle Endeca Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3763]🔒
9590Oracle Oracle JRockit Java Runtime Environment integer coercion🔒🔒🔒
9589Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-3790]🔒
9588Oracle Database Server Core RDBMS Remote Privilege Escalation🔒
9587Oracle Database Server Oracle Executable Local Privilege Escalation🔒
9586Oracle Database Server Oracle Executable Local Privilege Escalation🔒
9585Oracle Database Server Network Layer Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3774]🔒
9584Oracle Database Server XML Parser privileges management [CVE-2013-3751]🔒
9583Cisco IOS Group Encrypted Transport VPN Group Domain of Interpretation access control
9582Symantec Workspace Virtualization fslx.sys NtQueryValueKey memory corruption🔒
9581Red Hat rpcbind libtirpc svc_dg_getargs resource management🔒🔒
9580Samsung Galaxy S3 SMS Restore sCloudBackupProvider.apk information disclosure
9579Samsung Galaxy S4 SMS Restore sCloudBackupProvider.apk information disclosure
9578IBM AIX ibstat privileges management🔒
9577IBM AIX .arp.ib. privileges management🔒
9576IBM Java denial of service [CVE-2013-4002]🔒🔒
9575IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3012]🔒
9574IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3011]🔒
9573IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3010]🔒
9572IBM Java memory corruption [CVE-2013-3009]🔒
9571IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3008]🔒
9570IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3007]🔒
9569IBM Java Remote Code Execution [CVE-2013-3006]🔒
9568Apache Struts DefaultActionMapper input validation [CVE-2013-2248]🔒
9567Apache Struts DefaultActionMapper input validation [CVE-2013-2251]🔒🔒🔒
9566Cisco IDSM-2 IDSM-2 Drivers denial of service [CVE-2013-3411]🔒
9565Cisco IPS NME IP Packet memory corruption [CVE-2013-3410]🔒
9564Cisco Intrusion Prevention System IP Packet memory corruption🔒
9563Cisco Intrusion Prevention System IP Stack memory corruption🔒
9562GNU C Library longjmp input validation🔒🔒
9561Red Hat Enterprise Linux Filesystem namei.c do_filp_open access control🔒
9560Autodesk AutoCad 2014 DWG File memory corruption [CVE-2013-3665]🔒
9559Google Glass QR Code Reader access control [CVE-2013-4872]
9558Novell GroupWise Client Javascript/Active X Script cross site scripting🔒
9557Tumblr Credential Transmission credentials management [CVE-2013-4873]
9556Cisco Unified IP Phone Serviceability Servlet access control
9555Cisco Identity Services Engine Web Interface cross-site request forgery
9554SolarWinds Serv-U FTP Server SSL Renegotiation Request denial of service
9549Huawei E587 3G Mobile Hotspot SMS Message cross site scriting
9548Huawei E587 3G Mobile Hotspot time Remote Code Execution
9547Squid Proxy HTTP Request input validation [CVE-2013-4123]🔒🔒🔒
9546Linux Kernel ip6_fib.c fib6_add_rt2node resource management🔒🔒
9545Linux Kernel net.c vhost_net_flush resource management🔒🔒
9544Linux Kernel timer.c br_multicast_del_pg input validation
9543F5 FirePass User Input Sanitizer path traversal [CVE-2013-0150]🔒
9542Apple iOS Preferred Network List information disclosure
9541RIM BlackBerry Preferred Network List information disclosure
9540Cisco Secure Access Control System Output information disclosure
9539Cisco Secure Access Control System Request Validation cross-site request forgery🔒
9538Cisco Secure Access Control System cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3423]🔒
9537Cisco Secure Access Control System cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3422]
9536Cisco Secure Access Control System cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3421]
9535PHP _pdo_pqsql_error memory corruption
9534McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator sql injection🔒🔒
9533McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9532McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9531McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9530McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9529McAfee ePolicy Orchestrator Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
9528Cisco Linksys WRT110 Web Interface cross-site request forgery
9527DD-WRT Web Interface cross-site request forgery [CVE-2012-6297]
9526Squid Proxy idnsALookup memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9525Hex-Rays SA IDA .NET Processor Module Local Privilege Escalation
9524Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform RichFaces access control🔒
9523PHP xml.c xml_parse_into_struct memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9522FFmpeg qdm2.c synthfilt_build_sb_samples Local Privilege Escalation
9521WebkitGTK+ AccessibilityRenderObject.cpp computeAccessibilityIsIgnored Local Privilege Escalation
9520Red Hat Linux Tomcat 6 DIGEST Authentication Functionality access control🔒🔒
9519FFmpeg Bounds-Check Local Privilege Escalation
9518FFmpeg indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Local Privilege Escalation
9517FFmpeg indeo4.c decode_band_hdr Local Privilege Escalation
9516FFmpeg indeo4.c decode_mb_info Local Privilege Escalation
9515Google Android classes.dex File unknown vulnerability
9514Juniper Junos Ethernet Packet resource management [CVE-2013-4690]🔒
9513Juniper Junos Flow Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-4688]🔒
9512Juniper Junos Flow Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-4687]🔒
9511Juniper Junos Flow Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-4686]🔒
9510Juniper Junos HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2013-4685]🔒
9509Juniper Junos Flow Daemon denial of service [CVE-2013-4684]🔒
9508Google Chrome Extension URL privileges management [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9507Google Chrome OnDataReceivedACK denial of service🔒🔒
9506Google Chrome BeginRequest denial of service🔒🔒
9505Google Chrome StylePropertySerializer.cpp getLayeredShorthandValue denial of service🔒🔒
9504Google Chrome CSS Parser denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9503Google Chrome Zero Dimension Texture denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9502Google Chrome CheckClientDownloadRequest memory corruption🔒🔒
9501Google Chrome CSSParser.cpp parseFillShorthand denial of service🔒🔒
9500Google Chrome denial of service🔒🔒
9499Google Chrome Element.cpp denial of service🔒🔒
9498Google Chrome HTMLMediaElement.cpp removedFrom denial of service🔒🔒
9497Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9496Google Chrome Line Box denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9495Google Chrome Text Render denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9494Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9493Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9492Google Chrome Thread race condition [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9491Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9490Google Chrome Float privileges management [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9489Google Chrome AccessibilityRenderObject.cpp determineAccessibilityRole denial of service🔒🔒
9488Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9487Google Chrome WebPageSerializerImpl.cpp endTagToString denial of service🔒🔒
9486Google Chrome RenderBox.cpp positionLineBox memory corruption🔒🔒
9485Google Chrome Bidi denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9484Google Chrome Text Splitting denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9483Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9482Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9481Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
9480Google Chrome Index characterAt denial of service🔒🔒
9479WordPress users.php information disclosure
9478Google Chrome XMLHttpRequest.cpp setRequestHeader authentication spoofing
9477FFmpeg mimic.c mimic_decode_update_thread_context race condition
9476FFmpeg shorten.c shorten_decode_frame information disclosure
9475FFmpeg dxa.c decode_13 information disclosure
9474FFmpeg dxa.c decode_13 information disclosure
9473FFmpeg h264.c decode_slice_header Local Privilege Escalation
9472FFmpeg evrcdec.c bl_intrp memory corruption
9471FFmpeg wmaprodec.c decode_packet denial of service
9470FFmpeg h264_refs.c ff_h264_decode_ref_pic_marking denial of service
9469FFmpeg id3v2.c id3v2_parse memory corruption
9468FFmpeg eamad.c decode_frame information disclosure
9467FFmpeg ansi.c execute_code Local Privilege Escalation
9466FFmpeg apedec.c ape_decode_value_3900 denial of service
9465FFmpeg h264.c decode_frame Local Privilege Escalation
9464Google Chrome Text memory corruption [CVE-2013-2878]🔒🔒
9463Google Chrome IFRAME information disclosure
9462Google Chrome access control🔒🔒
9461Google Chrome SVGInlineTextBox.cpp dirtyLineBoxes memory corruption🔒🔒
9460Google Chrome GL Texture access control [CVE-2013-2874]🔒🔒
9459Google Chrome Resource resource management [CVE-2013-2873]🔒🔒
9458Google Chrome Renderer Process information disclosure [CVE-2013-2872]🔒🔒
9457Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2013-2871]🔒🔒
9456Google Chrome HTTP over SSL information disclosure [CVE-2013-2853]🔒🔒
9455Google Chrome Network Socket resource management [CVE-2013-2870]🔒🔒
9454Google Chrome JPEG2000 File memory corruption [CVE-2013-2869]🔒🔒
9453Google Chrome information disclosure🔒🔒
9452Google Chrome Renderer Process information disclosure [CVE-2013-2879]🔒🔒
9451Google Chrome Pop-under Window information disclosure [CVE-2013-2867]🔒🔒
9450Cisco NX-OS License Installation Module input validation [CVE-2013-3400]
9449Oracle Solaris Update Manager link following
9448VideoLAN VLC Media Player libmkv_plugin.dll memory corruption [Disputed]🔒🔒
9447McAfee Data Loss Prevention information disclosure
9430Adobe ColdFusion JRun Application Server denial of service [CVE-2013-3349]🔒
9429Adobe ColdFusion CFC Methods privileges management [CVE-2013-3350]🔒
9428Adobe Shockwave Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3348]🔒🔒
9427Adobe Flash Player PCM Buffer numeric error [CVE-2013-3347]🔒🔒
9426Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3345]🔒🔒
9425Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3344]🔒🔒
9424Microsoft Windows Pathname access control [CVE-2013-3154]🔒🔒
9423Microsoft Windows Microsoft WMV Codec code injection [CVE-2013-3127]🔒🔒
9422Microsoft Windows GIF DirectShow code injection [CVE-2013-3174]🔒🔒🔒
9421Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3166]🔒🔒
9420Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3115]🔒🔒🔒
9419Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3164]🔒🔒🔒
9418Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3163]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9417Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3162]🔒🔒
9416Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3161]🔒🔒
9415Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3153]🔒🔒🔒
9414Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3152]🔒🔒🔒
9413Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3151]🔒🔒🔒
9412Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3150]🔒🔒🔒
9411Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3146]🔒🔒🔒
9410Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3149]🔒🔒
9409Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3148]🔒🔒🔒
9408Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3147]🔒🔒🔒
9407Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3145]🔒🔒🔒
9406Microsoft Internet Explorer code injection [CVE-2013-3144]🔒🔒🔒
9405Microsoft Internet Explorer CMarkup..Remove¬≠Pointer¬≠Pos code injection🔒🔒🔒
9404Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
9403Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
9402Microsoft Windows win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
9401Microsoft Windows win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
9400Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
9399Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
9398Microsoft Windows TTF code injection [CVE-2013-3129]🔒🔒
9397Microsoft .NET Framework Array code injection [CVE-2013-3131]🔒🔒
9396Microsoft Silverlight code injection [CVE-2013-3178]🔒🔒🔒
9395Microsoft .NET Framework Object Delegation code injection [CVE-2013-3171]🔒🔒
9394Microsoft .NET Framework Array code injection [CVE-2013-3134]🔒🔒
9393Microsoft .NET Framework Permission code injection [CVE-2013-3133]🔒🔒
9392Microsoft .NET Framework Permission code injection [CVE-2013-3132]🔒🔒
9391Barracuda Backup cross site scriting
9390Barracuda Backup cross site scriting
9389FFmpeg array index
9388FFmpeg wavpack.c wavpack_decode_block Local Privilege Escalation
9387FFmpeg jpeglsdec.c ff_jpegls_decode_picture memory corruption
9386FFmpeg vc1.c ff_vc1_parse_frame_header_adv array index
9385FFmpeg srtdec.c get_pts memory corruption
9384FFmpeg vorbisdec.c vorbis_parse_setup_hdr_codebooks denial of service
9383FFmpeg cdgraphics.c cdg_decode_frame uninitialized resource
9382FFmpeg Integer lcldec.c decode_init integer coercion
9381Paolo Bacchilega file-roller fr-archive-libarchive.c extract_archive_thread path traversal🔒🔒
9380EMC RSA Authentication Manager Log File credentials management
9378FFmpeg qdm2.c synthfilt_build_sb_samples Local Privilege Escalation
9377FFmpeg westwood_vqa.c wsvqa_read_header privileges management
9376FFmpeg vqavideo.c vqa_decode_init memory corruption
9375FFmpeg wtv.c get_attachment denial of service
9374AOL Instant Messenger null pointer dereference
9373D-Link Router soap.cgi privileges management
9372FFmpeg kmvc.c Local Privilege Escalation X.Org Server BigReq Header array index
9370FFmpeg h264.c xchg_mb_border array index
9369cPanel WHM prep_logs_path privileges management
9368FFmpeg sonic.c modified_levinson_durbin off-by-one
9367FFmpeg JPEG2000 File Parser jpeg2000dec.c memory corruption
9366FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_tile null pointer dereference
9365FFmpeg ivi_common.c ivi_process_empty_tile null pointer dereference
9364Irfan Skiljan IrfanView ANI File integer coercion
9363FFmpeg smacker.c smacker_read_header Local Privilege Escalation
9362FFmpeg smacker.c smacker_decode_header_tree off-by-one
9361cPanel WHM Web Host Manager privileges management
9360FFmpeg 4xm.c decode_i_frame memory corruption
9359FFmpeg 4xm.c decode_p_block memory corruption
9358FFmpeg 4xm.c memory corruption
9357FFmpeg Frame 4xm.c Local Privilege Escalation
9356phpMyAdmin Error Message view_create.php CREATE cross site scripting🔒
9355FFmpeg Header Parser 4xm.c memory corruption
9354FFmpeg 4xm.c decode_p_block memory corruption
9353FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_qcx memory corruption
9352cPanel WHM Restore Full Backup symlink
9351FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_siz Local Privilege Escalation
9350FFmpeg YUV mjpegdec.c ljpeg_decode_yuv_scan Local Privilege Escalation
9349Parallels Plesk Authentication improper authentication
9348cPanel WHM ssh_doaddkey Remote Code Execution
9347Cryptocat Group Chat Private Key Generator multiparty.js missing encryption
9346phpMyAdmin GIS Visualisation Page cross site scriting
9345Linux Kernel af_key.c key_notify_policy_flush memory corruption🔒🔒
9344Avast Internet Security memory corruption
9342Avast! Antivirus memory corruption
9341FFmpeg Array Index ivi_common.c ivi_decode_coded_blocks memory corruption
9340FFmpeg Array Index ivi_common.c ivi_process_empty_tile memory corruption
9339IBM AIX tftp Client access control [CVE-2013-3005]🔒
9338Google Chrome Element.cpp setAttributeNode resource management🔒🔒
9337RealNetworks RealPlayer HTML input validation [CVE-2013-3299]🔒
9336Linux Kernel CEPH auth_reply Messages libceph null pointer dereference🔒🔒
9335Microsoft Skype Lockscreen improper authentication
9334Linux Kernel AF_INET6 Socket ip6_output.c ip6_sk_dst_check input validation🔒🔒
9333Bitcoin bitcoind/Bitcoin-Qt Message memory allocation [CVE-2013-4627]
9332OpenX Admin Function plugin-preferences.php path traversal
9331OpenX plugin-preferences.php path traversal
9330OpenX plugin-settings.php path traversal
9329OpenX plugin-index.php cross site scripting
9328OpenX plugin-settings.php cross site scripting
9327Nokia 1280 SMS memory corruption
9326Cisco Linksys Router backdoor [CVE-2013-5122]
9325IBM WebSphere Application Server Transaction administrative cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
9324IBM WebSphere Application Server Oauth cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0597]🔒🔒
9323IBM WebSphere Application Server cleartext storage [CVE-2013-2975]🔒
9322IBM WebSphere Application Server Process access control [CVE-2013-3024]🔒
9321IBM WebSphere Application Server cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2967]🔒🔒
9320IBM WebSphere Application Server Cache information disclosure🔒🔒
9319NullSoft WinAmp gen_ff.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-4695]🔒
9318NullSoft WinAmp gen_jumpex.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-4694]🔒🔒
9317NullSoft WinAmp ml_local.dll memory corruption [CVE-2013-4694]🔒🔒
9316phpMyAdmin import.php access control🔒
9315Google Android APK Package Signature cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-4787] [Disputed]
9314Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Parameter cross site scriting
9313Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Parameter cross site scriting
9312Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Parameter cross site scriting
9311Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Parameter cross site scriting
9310Barracuda SSL VPN 680Vx Parameter cross site scriting
9309Fortinet FortiOS System functions shutdown cross-site request forgery🔒
9308Cisco Content Security Management Appliance cross-site request forgery🔒
9307IBM WebSphere MQ Setuid memory corruption [CVE-2013-3028]
9306Motorola Droid X2 Cloud Service information disclosure
9305Linux Kernel IP_REPOPTS denial of service [CVE-2013-2224]🔒🔒
9304Linux Kernel AF_KEY key_notify_policy_flush memory corruption🔒🔒
9303Google Chrome PDF Viewer authentication spoofing
9302Facebook App Sync information disclosure
9301Nagios Enterprise Authorization status.c access control🔒🔒
9299Ruby SSL Module ssl.rb SSL.verify_certificate_identity cryptographic issues🔒🔒
9298Mozilla Firefox ResetDir resource management🔒🔒
9297Mozilla Firefox Internationalized Domain Name cryptographic issues🔒🔒
9296Mozilla Firefox User Input Sanitizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-1682]🔒🔒
9295Mozilla Firefox User Input Sanitizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-1683]🔒🔒
9294Mozilla Firefox LookupMediaElementURITable resource management🔒🔒
9293Mozilla Firefox GetRootElement resource management🔒🔒
9292Mozilla Firefox System Only Wrapper access control [CVE-2013-1687]🔒🔒
9291Mozilla Firefox Chrome Object Wrappers cross site scriting
9290Mozilla Firefox code injection [CVE-2013-1688]🔒🔒
9289Mozilla Firefox onreadystatechange memory corruption🔒🔒🔒🔒
9288Mozilla Firefox XHR HEAD Request XMLHttpRequest (XHR) HEAD access control🔒🔒
9287Mozilla Firefox SVG access control [CVE-2013-1693]🔒🔒
9286Mozilla Firefox PreserveWrapper preserved-wrapper input validation🔒🔒
9285Mozilla Firefox iFrame Sandbox access control [CVE-2013-1695]🔒🔒
9284Mozilla Firefox X-Frame-Options access control [CVE-2013-1696]🔒🔒
9283Mozilla Firefox XrayWrappers defaultValue access control🔒🔒
9282Mozilla Firefox getUserMedia access control [CVE-2013-1698]🔒🔒
9281Mozilla Firefox Mozilla Maintenance Service access control [CVE-2013-1700]🔒🔒
9280Google Chrome AnalyserNode.cpp AnalyserNode memory corruption🔒🔒
9279Cisco Web/Mail Security Appliance Web Framework resource management🔒
9278Cisco SMA cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3396]🔒
9277Cisco ASA NGFW Fragmented Traffic input validation [CVE-2013-3382]🔒
9276Cisco Web/Mail Security Appliance Web Framework code injection🔒
9275Cisco Mail Security Appliance Web Framework resource management🔒
9274Cisco Web Security Appliance Web Framework code injection [CVE-2013-3383]🔒
9273Linux Foundation Xen Page Reference Counting resource management🔒🔒
9265LG Optimus/Mach/Prada/Lollipop Backup memory corruption [CVE-2013-3685]
9264TRENDnet TE100-P1U Print Server Config improper authentication
9263Samsung Galaxy S4 Cloud Backup authentication spoofing cURL escape.c curl_easy_unescape memory corruption🔒🔒
9261Linksys X3000 apply.cgi Add_Account_Password memory corruption
9260Cisco Linksys X3000 apply.cgi cross site scriting🔒
9259Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript denial of service
9258FFmpeg vp3.c vp3_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
9255libpng User Input Sanitizer memory corruption
9254Linux Foundation Xen Xenstore Keys libxenlight access control🔒🔒
9253Oracle VM VirtualBox Tracepath Call denial of service [CVE-2013-3792]🔒🔒
9252Oracle VM VirtualBox rdesktop-vrdp missing encryption
9251Linux Kernel SCTP null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-2206]🔒🔒🔒
9250VideoLAN VLC Media Player Local Privilege Escalation
9249Linux Foundation Xen Elf Parser User Input Sanitizer libelf numeric error🔒🔒
9248Linux Xen Elf Parser User Input Sanitizer libelf numeric error🔒🔒
9247HTC Droid Incredible 3g Mobile Hotspot WPA2 PSK Passphrase credentials management
9246TP-LINK TL PS110U Print Server information disclosure
9245GNOME Shell Resume Function XIQueryDevice access control🔒
9244IBM Notes Password Manager credentials management [CVE-2013-0534]🔒
9243IBM WebSphere Cast Iron Appliance Offering access control [CVE-2013-2972]
9242Canon MX340/MP495/MX870/MX890/MX920/MG3100/MG5300/MG6100 HTTP Request cgi_lan.cgi input validation🔒
9241Canon MX340/MP495/MX870/MX890/MX920/MG3100/MG5300/MG6100 Admin Interface access control🔒
9240Canon MX340/MP495/MX870/MX890/MX920/MG3100/MG5300/MG6100 Admin Interface wls_set_content.html credentials management🔒
9239Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Management Console secars.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
9238FreeBSD Trace Process Address Space access control [CVE-2013-2171]🔒🔒
9237Google Chrome Flash Element Opacity access control [CVE-2013-2866]🔒🔒
9236IBM Tivoli Monitoring KDSMAIN memory corruption [CVE-2013-2960]
9235IBM Tivoli Monitoring Web Server access control [CVE-2012-2203]🔒
9234IBM Tivoli Monitoring Basic Services cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0548]
9233IBM Tivoli Monitoring JAVA SDK input validation [CVE-2013-0551]
9232IBM Cognos TM1 API denial of service [CVE-2013-0484]
9231IBM WebSphere Commerce Encryption Algorithm information disclosure
9230Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-1500]🔒🔒
9229Oracle Java Networking privileges management [CVE-2013-2451]🔒🔒
9228Oracle Javadoc integer coercion [CVE-2013-1571]🔒🔒🔒
9227Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2449]🔒🔒
9226Oracle Java Serviceability integer coercion [CVE-2013-2412]🔒🔒
9225Oracle Java Serialization integer coercion [CVE-2013-2456]🔒🔒
9224Oracle Java Serialization integer coercion [CVE-2013-2450]🔒🔒
9223Oracle Java Networking integer coercion [CVE-2013-2447]🔒🔒
9222Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2455]🔒🔒
9221Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2452]🔒🔒
9220Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2443]🔒🔒
9219Oracle Java JMX integer coercion [CVE-2013-2453]🔒🔒
9218Oracle Java JMX integer coercion [CVE-2013-2457]🔒🔒
9217Oracle Java Deployment memory corruption [CVE-2013-3744]🔒🔒
9216Oracle Java Deployment unknown vulnerability [CVE-2013-2400]🔒🔒
9215Oracle Java Deployment information disclosure [CVE-2013-2437]🔒🔒
9214Oracle Java CORBA integer coercion [CVE-2013-2446]🔒🔒
9213Oracle Java AWT denial of service [CVE-2013-2444]🔒🔒
9212Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2458]🔒🔒
9211Oracle Java JDBC integer coercion [CVE-2013-2454]🔒🔒
9210Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2407]🔒🔒
9209Oracle Java Install privileges management [CVE-2013-2467]🔒🔒
9208Oracle Java Library integer coercion [CVE-2013-2461]🔒🔒
9207Oracle Java Deployment privileges management [CVE-2013-2442]🔒🔒
9206Oracle Java Sound integer coercion [CVE-2013-2448]🔒🔒
9205Oracle Java Hotspot integer coercion [CVE-2013-2445]🔒🔒
9204Oracle Java Serviceability integer coercion [CVE-2013-2460]🔒🔒🔒
9203Oracle Java Deployment privileges management [CVE-2013-2462]🔒🔒
9202Oracle Java AWT privileges management [CVE-2013-3743]🔒🔒
9201Oracle Java Deployment privileges management [CVE-2013-2466]🔒🔒
9200Oracle Java Deployment privileges management [CVE-2013-2468]🔒🔒
9199Oracle Java AWT integer coercion [CVE-2013-2459]🔒🔒
9198Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2469]🔒🔒
9197Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2465]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9196Oracle Java 2D privileges management [CVE-2013-2464]🔒🔒
9195Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2463]🔒🔒🔒
9194Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2473]🔒🔒🔒
9193Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2472]🔒🔒🔒
9192Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2471]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
9191Oracle Java 2D integer coercion [CVE-2013-2470]🔒🔒🔒
9190Fortinet FortiOS Permission access control [CVE-2013-4604]🔒
9189Microsoft Outlook S/MIME missing encryption
9188Apple iOS Mobile Hotspot generateDefaultPassword credentials management
9187Cisco ASA CX TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2013-1203]
9186RIM BlackBerry Authentication access control [CVE-2013-3692]
9185Google Android information disclosure
9184Apache Qpid SSL input validation [CVE-2013-1909]🔒
9183IBM Notes Multi User Profile Cleanup Service access control [CVE-2013-0536]🔒
9179FFmpeg Chunk Size vmdav.c vmdaudio_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
9178FFmpeg Decoding vmdav.c vmd_decode Remote Code Execution
9177FFmpeg Packet Size wavpack.c wavpack_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
9176FFmpeg wavpack.c wavpack_decode_block denial of service
9175FFmpeg aic.c aic_decode_coeffs privileges management
9174FFmpeg shorten.c shorten_decode_frame off-by-one
9173FFmpeg j2kdec.c decode_packet denial of service
9172FFmpeg j2kdec.c decode_codestream denial of service
9171FFmpeg TPsot jpeg2000dec.c get_sot privileges management
9170FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_sot Remote Code Execution
9169FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_read_main_headers denial of service
9168FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_packet denial of service xdm Authentication crypt cryptographic issues🔒
9151Avira AntiVir PDF Scanner Engine denial of service [CVE-2013-4602]
9150TP-LINK TL-SC3171 Access Control access control [CVE-2013-3688]
9149Sony IP Camera Transaction user.cgi cross-site request forgery
9148Samsung IP Camera URL Validator cross site scripting [CVE-2013-3964]
9147MobileIron Virtual Smartphone Platform show privileges management
9146Juniper IVE/UAC OS Secure Access/Pulse Access Control Service cryptographic issues
9145VMware vCenter Chargeback Manager File Validation code injection🔒
9144Google Android Device Administrator Privileges Registration denial of service
9143Google Android AndroidManifest.xml unknown vulnerability
9142IBM Domino information disclosure [Disputed]
9141IBM Domino Authentication improper authentication [Disputed]
9140Medical Devices Authentication improper authentication
9139Apple iOS Lockscreen improper authentication
9138FFmpeg smvjpegdec.c smvjpeg_decode_frame Remote Code Execution
9137FFmpeg tiff.c tiff_unpack_strip Remote Code Execution
9136FFmpeg Decoded Picture smvjpegdec.c smvjpeg_decode_frame denial of service
9135FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_cod Remote Code Execution
9134FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_decode_tile denial of service
9133FFmpeg SOT Marker jpeg2000dec.c jpeg2000_read_main_headers Remote Code Execution
9132FFmpeg Jpeg2000Tile jpeg2000dec.c denial of service
9131FFmpeg compno jpeg2000dec.c get_qcc denial of service
9130FFmpeg jpeg2000dec.c get_siz Function denial of service
9129FFmpeg nreslevels2decode jpeg2000.c ff_jpeg2000_init_component denial of service
9128FFmpeg GIF gifdec.c gif_decode_frame memory corruption🔒🔒
9127FFmpeg Graphics Video Data Parser cdgraphics.c cdg_decode_frame input validation🔒🔒
9126FFmpeg LucasArts Smush Video Data sanm.c process_frame_obj input validation🔒🔒
9125FFmpeg mmvideo.c mm_decode_inter input validation🔒🔒
9124FFmpeg vmdav.c rle_unpack memory corruption🔒🔒
9123FFmpeg log.c format_line numeric error🔒🔒
9122IBM Informix Dynamic Server SQLIDEBUG denial of service
9121IBM Informix Dynamic Server Multiset memory corruption
9120IBM Informix Dynamic Server Memory Block Header memory corruption
9119IBM Informix Dynamic Server DRDA Protocol memory corruption
9118IBM Informix Dynamic Server User Input Sanitizer memory corruption
9117IBM Informix Dynamic Server TimeSeries Putset Function memory allocation
9116Google Chrome Dragout Function authentication spoofing
9115GNOME TrackerIndexingTree Filter Rule tracker-indexing-tree.c memory corruption
9114VideoLAN VLC Media Player XML Service memory allocation [CVE-2013-3564]🔒
9113VideoLAN VLC Media Player XML Service memory allocation [CVE-2013-3564]🔒
9112Cisco Secure Access Control System Request information disclosure
9111Linux Kernel KVM race condition [CVE-2013-1935]🔒🔒
9110Linux Kernel KVM kvm_set_memory_region input validation🔒🔒
9109FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_decode_frame array index
9108FFmpeg g2meet.c g2m_decode_frame null pointer dereference
9107FFmpeg smvjpegdec.c smv_img_pnt array index
9106Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3343]🔒🔒
9105Microsoft Office PNG File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1331]🔒🔒🔒🔒
9104Microsoft Windows Print Spooler resource management [CVE-2013-1339]🔒🔒
9103Microsoft Windows TCP/IP Driver numeric error [CVE-2013-3138]🔒🔒🔒
9102Microsoft Windows System Call resource management [CVE-2013-3136]🔒🔒
9101Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3126]🔒🔒🔒
9100Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3142]🔒🔒🔒
9099Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3141]🔒🔒🔒
9098Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3139]🔒🔒🔒
9097Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3125]🔒🔒🔒
9096Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3124]🔒🔒🔒
9095Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3123]🔒🔒🔒
9094Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3122]🔒🔒🔒
9093Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3121]🔒🔒🔒
9092Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML Detach memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9091Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3119]🔒🔒🔒
9090Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3118]🔒🔒🔒
9089Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3117]🔒🔒🔒
9088Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3116]🔒🔒🔒
9087Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3114]🔒🔒🔒
9086Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3113]🔒🔒
9085Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3112]🔒🔒🔒
9084Microsoft Internet Explorer _UpdateButtonLocation memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9083Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-3110]🔒🔒🔒
9082Netgear WPN824v3 NETGEAR_wpn824v3.cfg information disclosure
9081Apple iOS USB Charger privileges management
9080TP-LINK WR842ND information disclosure
9079Wireshark Assa Abloy R3 Dissector packet-assa_r3.c dissect_r3_upstreamcommand_queryconfig memory corruption🔒🔒
9078Wireshark Ixia IxVeriWave File Parser vwr.c vwr_read memory corruption🔒🔒
9077Wireshark CAPWAP Dissector packet-capwap.c dissect_capwap_data numeric error🔒🔒
9076Wireshark HTTP Dissector packet-http.c http_payload_subdissector memory corruption🔒🔒
9075PHP denial of service
9074Wireshark GSM CBCH Dissector packet-gsm_cbch.c dissect_schedule_message memory corruption🔒🔒
9073Wireshark DCP ETSI Dissector packet-dcp-etsi.c dissect_pft input validation🔒🔒
9072Wireshark NBAP Dissector nbap.cnf memory corruption🔒🔒
9071Mozilla Firefox SetOffsets resource management🔒🔒
9070Mozilla Firefox GetSpacingInternal resource management🔒🔒
9069Mozilla Firefox IPC Channel resource management [CVE-2013-1674]🔒🔒
9068Mozilla Firefox FTP Service resource management [CVE-2013-1674]🔒🔒
9067HP Insight Diagnostics Perl pageview.php input validation
9066HP Insight Diagnostics recon saveCompareConfig.php input validation
9065HP Insight Diagnostics input validation [CVE-2013-3573]
9064Linux Xen Elf Parser ELF Parser libelf Remote Code Execution🔒🔒
9063Debian Linux MySQL Configuration File mysql-server-5.5.postinst race condition🔒🔒
9062PHP Mimetype quot_print.c php_quot_print_encode memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
9061PHP String quot_print.c php_quot_print_encode memory corruption🔒🔒
9060Perl CPAN Module::Signature Module input validation [CVE-2013-2145]🔒🔒
9059Google Android Debug Mode local.prop privileges management
9057Linux Kernel genhd.c format string🔒🔒
9056Linux Kernel main.c format string🔒🔒
9055Linux Kernel cdrom.c mmc_ioctl_cdrom_read_data information disclosure🔒🔒
9054Linux Kernel blkback.c dispatch_discard_io input validation🔒🔒
9053Linux Kernel cpqarray.c ida_locked_ioctl resource management🔒🔒
9052Linux Kernel fanotify_user.c resource management🔒🔒
9051IBM AIX arp.ib privileges management
9050IBM AIX ibstat Command privileges management
9049Red Hat JBoss Application Server Password Transmission credentials management
9048HP LaserJet Pro P1606dn ip_password.htm improper authentication
9046FFmpeg Channel aacdec.c che_configure memory corruption
9045FFmpeg aacdec.c aac_decode_frame_int denial of service🔒🔒
9044FFmpeg Initial Skip utils.c avcodec_decode_audio4 denial of service🔒🔒
9043FFmpeg Luma/Chrome Depth h264_ps.c ff_h264_decode_seq_parameter_set denial of service🔒🔒
9042FFmpeg h264.c denial of service🔒🔒
9041FFmpeg h264_cabac.c decode_cabac_residual_internal denial of service🔒🔒
9040FFmpeg Thread mpegvideo.c ff_mpeg_update_thread_context denial of service🔒🔒
9039FFmpeg Frame Threads mpegvideo.c denial of service🔒🔒
9038FFmpeg Context pthread.c frame_thread_free denial of service🔒🔒
9037FFmpeg mpegvideo.c ff_MPV_frame_start denial of service🔒🔒
9036FFmpeg h264.c decode_frame denial of service🔒🔒
9035FFmpeg Start Time oggparseskeleton.c skeleton_header denial of service🔒🔒
9034FFmpeg DTS utils.c avformat_find_stream_info denial of service🔒🔒
9023Apple iOS Enterprise Deployment Process input validation [CVE-2013-3948]
9022Apache Struts OGNL Expression code injection [CVE-2013-2134]🔒🔒
9021PHP User Input Sanitizer SndToJewish numeric error🔒🔒🔒
9020Apple iOS XNU Kernel/msdosfs Filesystem get_xattrinfo input validation
9019Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel posix_spawn input validation🔒🔒
9018Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel posix_spawn input validation🔒🔒
9017Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel mach_debuf.c mach_port_space_info information disclosure🔒🔒
9016Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel sys_pipe.c PROC-PIDFDPIPEINFO access control🔒
9015Apple Mac OS X Setuid stack_protector.c RANDOM_HEX_STR input validation🔒🔒
9014Apple iOS Cache dyld.cpp openSharedCacheFile memory corruption🔒
9013Apple Mac OS X XNU Kernel posix_spawn access control🔒
9012Parallels Plesk Request php input validation [Disputed]🔒🔒🔒🔒🔒
9011IBM AIX IPv6 Packet input validation [CVE-2013-3035]🔒
9010Linux Kernel perf/x86/intel/lbr PERF_SAMPLE_BRANCH_KERNEL information disclosure
9009Linux Kernel LBR Address lbr information disclosure
9008Apple Mac OS X CoreMedia Playback DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct input validation🔒
9007Apple Mac OS X DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct access control🔒
9006Apple Mac OS X Disk Management DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct improper authentication🔒
9005Apple Mac OS X DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct memory corruption🔒
9004Apple Mac OS X CoreAnimation DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct memory corruption🔒
9003Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct information disclosure🔒
9002Apple Mac OS X QuickDraw Manager DSTCPEndpoint.cpp AllocFromProxyStruct memory corruption🔒🔒
9001Apple Safari XSS Auditor input validation [CVE-2013-1013]🔒🔒
9000Apple Safari IFRAME cross site scripting [CVE-2013-1012]🔒🔒
8999Apple Safari User Input Sanitizer memory corruption [CVE-2013-1023]🔒🔒
8998Apple Safari memory corruption [CVE-2013-1009]🔒🔒
8997ISC BIND Recursive Resolver resolver.c denial of service🔒🔒
8996WebkitGTK+ RenderBlock.cpp exclusionShapeOutsideInfo memory corruption
8995Google WebkitGTK+ RefPtr use after free [CVE-2013-2880]🔒🔒
8994Google Chrome Editor.cpp dispatchEditableContentChangedEvents memory corruption🔒🔒
8993Linux Kernel signal.c tgkill resource management🔒🔒
8992Linux Kernel SNB/SNB-EP input validation [CVE-2013-2146]🔒🔒
8991Google Chrome StyleElement.cpp collectMatchingRulesForList memory corruption🔒🔒
8989Google Chrome Render Engine RenderQuote.cpp updateText heap-based overflow
8988Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8987Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8986Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8985Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8984Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8983Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8982Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8981Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8980Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8979Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8978Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8977Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8976Google Chrome HTMLLinkElement.cpp shouldLoadLink memory corruption🔒🔒
8975Google Chrome CLD CheapSqueezeInplace memory corruption🔒🔒
8974Google Chrome TransportDIB SkBitmap Pixel Data WidgetDidReceivePaintAtSizeAck privileges management🔒🔒
8973Google Chrome Notification CancelAllByProfile memory corruption🔒🔒
8972Google Chrome NavigationEntry Binding privileges management [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8971Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2865]🔒🔒
8970Google Chrome Frame FrameLoader.cpp stopForUserCancel privileges management🔒🔒
8969Google Chrome DoClearCache race condition🔒🔒
8968Google Chrome Clip Board OnMsgWriteData denial of service🔒🔒
8967Google Chrome Frame FrameSelection.cpp directionOfSelection privileges management🔒🔒
8966Google Chrome JPEG Decoder JPEGImageDecoder.cpp decode privileges management🔒🔒
8965Google Chrome Node.cpp didMoveToNewDocument privileges management🔒🔒
8964Google Chrome FrameView.cpp performPostLayoutTasks privileges management🔒🔒
8963Google Chrome RenderBlock.cpp moveRunInUnderSiblingBlockIfNeeded privileges management🔒🔒
8962Google Chrome HTMLTextFormControlElement.cpp setSelectionRange privileges management🔒🔒
8961Google Chrome IndexedDB Module privileges management [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8960Google Chrome Background Tabs Pop-up Blocker privileges management🔒🔒
8959Google Chrome NewFunction privileges management🔒🔒
8958Google Chrome operator[] privileges management🔒🔒
8957Google Chrome RenderFrameSet.cpp computeEdgeInfo denial of service🔒🔒
8956Google Chrome Frame Interleave RunDecodeLoop memory corruption🔒🔒
8955Google Chrome GPU Video Decoder memory corruption [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8954Google Chrome DevToolsWindow privileges management [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8953Google Chrome NaCl Loader privileges management🔒🔒
8952Google Chrome PDF Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2013-2864]🔒🔒
8951Google Chrome SSL Socket memory corruption [CVE-2013-2863]🔒🔒
8950Google Chrome GPU memory corruption [CVE-2013-2862]🔒🔒
8949Google Chrome SVG resource management [CVE-2013-2861]🔒🔒
8948Google Chrome Database API Worker resource management [CVE-2013-2860]🔒🔒
8947Google Chrome authentication spoofing [CVE-2013-2859]🔒🔒
8946Google Chrome HTML5 Audio WebMediaPlayerClientImpl.cpp resource management🔒🔒
8945Google Chrome Image resource management [CVE-2013-2857]🔒🔒
8944Google Chrome resource management [CVE-2013-2856]🔒🔒
8943Google Chrome InjectedScriptHost memory corruption🔒🔒
8942Google Chrome denial of service🔒🔒
8941Netgear DGN1000/DGN2200 setup.cgi memory corruption
8940Linux Foundation Xen XSETBV input validation🔒🔒
8939Linux Foundation Xen XRSTOR access control🔒🔒
8938Linux Foundation Xen XRSTOR information disclosure🔒🔒
8937Microsoft Windows Kernel pprFlattenRec privileges management
8936PHP Zend Server input validation [CVE-2013-3735] [Disputed]🔒🔒
8935Apache Subversion FSFS Format Repository denial of service [CVE-2013-1968]🔒🔒
8934Apache Subversion Svnserve Server denial of service [CVE-2013-2112]🔒🔒
8933Apache Subversion svnlook input validation🔒🔒
8932Apache Subversion svnlook changed input validation🔒🔒
8931IBM DB2 Audit Facility memory corruption [CVE-2013-3475]🔒🔒
8930Horde Groupware Turba Smartphone Contacts cross site scriting
8929Horde Application Framework Smartphone Portal cross site scriting
8928Horde Groupware IMP Smartphone Message cross site scriting
8927Horde Groupware Ingo Email Filter Rules Manager Smartphone Rule cross site scriting
8926Linux Kernel iscsi_target_parameters.c iscsi_add_notunderstood_response memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
8925IBM WebSphere Portal Web Content Viewer Portlet cross site scripting🔒
8924Splunk cross site scripting [CVE-2012-6447]🔒
8923GnuTLS gnutls_cipher.c gnutls_ciphertext2compressed input validation🔒🔒🔒
8922Cisco NX-OS Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-1209]
8921Cisco NX-OS VEM Kernel Driver memory corruption [CVE-2013-1210]
8920Cisco NX-OS Traffic Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1208]
8919Cisco NX-OS Certificate cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-1212]
8918Cisco NX-OS STUN Packet improper authentication [CVE-2013-1211]
8917Cisco NX-OS VSM/VEM Heartbeat Message resource management [CVE-2013-1213]
8916EMC RSA Authentication Manager Log credentials management [CVE-2013-0947]
8915IBM WebSphere Portal HTTP code injection [CVE-2013-2950]🔒
8914Novell Client IOCTL Request ncim.sys access control🔒
8913TP-LINK TL-SC 3130G/3171G/4171G/3130 Default Credentials improper authentication
8912TP-LINK TL-SC 3130G/3171G/4171G wireless_mft.cgi memory corruption
8911Barracuda SSL VPN 680 Remote Code Execution
8910Novell NetIQ login cross site scriting
8909Novell NetIQ sso cross site scriting
8908LG Optimus G E973 HiddenMenu User access control
8907Google Chrome NotificationView Class ButtonPressed memory corruption
8906X.Org libX11 XGetImage numeric error🔒🔒
8905Google Chrome ChannelEstablished Messages memory corruption🔒🔒
8904Trustwave ModSecurity null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-2765]🔒🔒
8903Google Chrome gpu_channel_host.h GpuChannelHostFactory denial of service🔒🔒
8902WebkitGTK+ ApplyStyleCommand splitAncestorsWithUnicodeBidi memory corruption🔒🔒
8901Invision Power Services IP.Gallery index.php sql injection
8900HTC One/Sense Mail Client improper authentication
8899X.Org libXfixes Graphical Library XFixesGetCursorImage numeric error🔒🔒
8898X.Org libXi Graphical Library XListInputDevices numeric error🔒🔒
8897X.Org libXinerama Graphical Library XineramaQueryScreens input validation🔒🔒
8896X.Org libXp Graphical Library XpQueryScreens numeric error🔒🔒
8895X.Org libXrandr Graphical Library XRRQueryProviderProperty numeric error🔒🔒
8894X.Org libXrender Graphical Library XRenderQueryPictIndexValues numeric error🔒🔒
8893X.Org libXRes Graphical Library XResQueryClientResources numeric error🔒🔒
8892X.Org libXtst Graphical Library XRecordGetContext numeric error🔒🔒
8891X.Org libXv Graphical Library XvCreateImage numeric error🔒🔒
8890X.Org libXvMC Graphical Library XvMCListSubpictureTypes numeric error🔒🔒
8889X.Org libXxf86dga Graphical Library XDGASetMode numeric error🔒🔒
8888X.Org libdmx Graphical Library DMXGetInputAttributes numeric error🔒🔒
8887X.Org libxcb Graphical Library read_packet numeric error🔒🔒
8886X.Org libXi Graphical Library XListInputDevices memory corruption🔒🔒
8885X.Org libFS Graphical Library FSOpenServer memory corruption🔒🔒
8884X.Org libX11 Graphical Library _XkbReadModifierMap memory corruption🔒🔒
8883X.Org libXi Graphical Library XQueryDeviceState memory corruption🔒🔒
8882X.Org libXv Graphical Library XvQueryPortAttributes memory corruption🔒🔒
8881X.Org libXvMC Graphical Library XvMCGetDRInfo memory corruption🔒🔒
8880X.Org libXxf86dga Graphical Library XDGASetMode memory corruption🔒🔒
8879X.Org libXxf86vm Graphical Library XF86VidModeGetGammaRamp memory corruption🔒🔒
8878X.Org libXt Graphical Library XtResourceConfigurationEH numeric error🔒🔒
8877X.Org libXcursor Graphical Library XcursorFileHeaderCreate numeric error🔒🔒
8876X.Org libX11 Graphical Library _XimParseStringFile memory corruption🔒🔒
8875X.Org libXt Graphical Library HandleSelectionReplies memory corruption🔒🔒
8874WebkitGTK+ RenderBlock.cpp addChildIgnoringAnonymousColumnBlocks denial of service
8873Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-1965]🔒🔒
8872Apache Struts code injection [CVE-2013-1966]🔒🔒🔒
8871Google Chrome DeleteEntryData denial of service🔒🔒
8870WebkitGTK+ DOMSelection.cpp containsNode memory corruption
8869Google WebkitGTK+ Service RenderInline.cpp splitInlines use after free🔒🔒
8868Google Chrome RenderTextTrackCue.cpp repositionCueSnapToLinesSet denial of service🔒🔒
8866Apple QuickTime DREF Atom memory corruption [CVE-2013-1017]🔒🔒
8865Apple QuickTime H.264 memory corruption [CVE-2013-1018]🔒🔒
8864Apple QuickTime MP3 File memory corruption [CVE-2013-0989]🔒
8863Apple QuickTime Sorenson Codec memory corruption [CVE-2013-1019]🔒🔒
8862Apple QuickTime JPEG resource management [CVE-2013-1020]🔒🔒
8861Apple QuickTime QTIF File resource management [CVE-2013-0987]🔒
8860Apple QuickTime JPEG memory corruption [CVE-2013-1021]🔒
8859Apple QuickTime ENOF Atom memory corruption [CVE-2013-0986]🔒🔒
8858Apple QuickTime FPX File memory corruption [CVE-2013-0988]🔒
8857Apple QuickTime MVHD Atom memory corruption [CVE-2013-1022]🔒🔒
8856Apple QuickTime TeXML File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1015]🔒🔒
8855Apple QuickTime H.263 memory corruption [CVE-2013-1016]🔒
8854Cisco IOS XR SNMP Packet resource management [CVE-2013-1204]
8853Google Chrome SVG resource management [CVE-2013-2837]🔒🔒
8852Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2013-2836]🔒🔒
8851Google Chrome cross site scripting [CVE-2013-2849]🔒🔒
8850Google Chrome XSS Auditor information disclosure [CVE-2013-2848]🔒🔒
8849Google Chrome Worker race condition [CVE-2013-2847]🔒🔒
8848Google Chrome Media Loader resource management [CVE-2013-2846]🔒🔒
8847Google Chrome Web Audio memory corruption [CVE-2013-2845]🔒🔒
8846Google Chrome Style Resolution resource management [CVE-2013-2844]🔒🔒
8845Google Chrome Speech resource management [CVE-2013-2843]🔒🔒
8844Google Chrome Widget resource management [CVE-2013-2842]🔒🔒
8843Google Chrome Pepper Resource resource management [CVE-2013-2841]🔒🔒
8842Google Chrome Media Loader resource management [CVE-2013-2840]🔒🔒
8841Google Chrome Clip Board resource management [CVE-2013-2839]🔒🔒
8840Google Chrome v8 memory corruption [CVE-2013-2838]🔒🔒
8839IBM WebSphere DataPower cross site scripting [CVE-2013-0499]
8838Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro Btree Database Engine qrealloc memory corruption
8837Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro IDB File memory corruption
8836Hex-Rays SA IDA Pro qrealloc_or_throw memory corruption
8835Trend Micro DirectPass InstallWorkspace.exe denial of service
8834Trend Micro DirectPass Master Password Setup Module InstallWorkspace.exe memory corruption
8833Trend Micro DirectPass InstallWorkspace.exe cross site scriting
8832SAP SAProuter User Input Sanitizer memory corruption
8831Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Authorization Module Class Name access control🔒
8829Microsoft Windows pprFlattenRec memory corruption
8828SAP NetWeaver Gateway SOAP Interface information disclosure
8827SAP NetWeaver Gateway SXPG_CALL_SYSTEM RFC authentication spoofing
8826SAP NetWeaver Gateway SXPG_COMMAND_EXEC RFC authentication spoofing
8825SAP NetWeaver Gateway RFC_READ_TABLE RFC information disclosure
8824SAP NetWeaver Gateway RFC_ABAP_INSTALL_AND_RUN RFC privileges management
8823SAP NetWeaver Gateway Request information disclosure
8822SAP NetWeaver Gateway Lockout Mechanism denial of service
8821Wireshark PPP CCP Dissector packet-reload.c numeric error🔒🔒
8820Wireshark ASN.1 BER Dissector packet-reload.c numeric error🔒🔒
8819Wireshark GTPv2 Dissector packet-reload.c numeric error🔒🔒
8818Wireshark MPEG DSM-CC Dissector packet-reload.c numeric error🔒🔒
8817Wireshark ETCH Dissector packet-etch.c numeric error🔒🔒
8816Wireshark MySQL Dissector packet-mysql.c numeric error🔒🔒
8815Wireshark DCP ETSI Dissector numeric error [CVE-2013-2486]🔒🔒
8814Wireshark DCP ETSI Dissector numeric error [CVE-2013-3559]🔒🔒
8813thttpd WebService information disclosure
8812Linux Foundation Xen xc_vcpu_setaffinity memory corruption🔒🔒
8811Sony Playstation 3 Save Game PARAM.SFO privileges management
8810WebKitGTK+ HTTPS/SSL Certificate input validation [CVE-2013-1014]🔒🔒
8809WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1011]🔒🔒
8808WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1010]🔒🔒
8807WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1008]🔒🔒
8806WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1007]🔒🔒
8805WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1006]🔒🔒
8804WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1005]🔒🔒
8803WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1004]🔒🔒
8802WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1003]🔒🔒
8801WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1002]🔒🔒
8800WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-1001]🔒🔒
8799WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-1000]🔒🔒
8798WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0999]🔒🔒
8797WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0998]🔒🔒
8796WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0997]🔒🔒
8795WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0996]🔒🔒
8794WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0995]🔒🔒
8793WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0994]🔒🔒
8792WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0993]🔒🔒
8791WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0992]🔒🔒
8790WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2013-0991]🔒🔒
8789WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0961]🔒🔒
8788WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0960]🔒🔒
8787WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0959]🔒
8786WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0958]🔒
8785WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0956]🔒
8784WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0955]🔒
8783WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0954]🔒
8782WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0953]🔒
8781WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0952]🔒
8780WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0951]🔒
8779WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0950]🔒
8778WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0949]🔒
8777WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0948]🔒
8776WebKitGTK+ code injection [CVE-2013-0912]🔒🔒🔒
8775WebKitGTK+ memory corruption [CVE-2013-0879]🔒🔒
8774WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2012-5112]🔒🔒
8773WebKitGTK+ race condition [CVE-2012-3748]🔒🔒🔒
8772WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2012-2857]🔒🔒
8771WebKitGTK+ resource management [CVE-2012-2824]🔒🔒
8770Huawei Quidway Switch Firewall Module information disclosure🔒
8769Huawei Video Conference System Session credentials management🔒
8768Apache Struts EL/OGNL Interpreter memory corruption
8767EMC RSA Authentication API Encryption Key Stored cryptographic issues
8765Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird RemoveScriptBlocker memory corruption🔒🔒
8764Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird FirstChild resource management🔒🔒
8763Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird _geturlnotify memory corruption🔒🔒
8762Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph resource management🔒🔒
8761Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird GetNextSegment memory corruption🔒🔒
8760Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird User Input Sanitizer _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph memory corruption🔒🔒
8759Mozilla Firefox User Input Sanitizer _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph memory corruption🔒🔒
8758Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird Chrome Object Wrappers _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph access control🔒🔒🔒
8757Mozilla Firefox input input validation🔒🔒
8756Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph access control🔒🔒
8755Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird _cairo_xlib_surface_add_glyph resource management🔒🔒
8754Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird DOMSVGZoomEvent memory corruption🔒🔒
8753Mozilla Firefox/Thunderbird SetOffsets resource management🔒🔒
8752WordPress Newsletter Plugin page.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
8751Ruby Fiddle / DL modules access control [CVE-2013-2065]🔒🔒
8750Cisco Application Control Engine SSL Logging Daemon denial of service
8749Cisco Secure Access Control System Web Interface improper authentication
8748Python ssl.match_hostname denial of service🔒
8747Microsoft Malware Protection Engine File Scan memory corruption🔒
8746Apache HTTP Server Log File Terminal Escape Sequence Filtering mod_rewrite.c do_rewritelog cryptographic issues🔒🔒
8744Linux Kernel core.c perf_swevent_init numeric error🔒🔒
8743Adobe ColdFusion memory corruption [CVE-2013-1389]🔒🔒
8742Microsoft Windows win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
8741Microsoft Windows win32k.sys memory corruption🔒🔒
8740Microsoft Windows DirectX Graphics Kernel Subsystem memory corruption🔒🔒
8739Microsoft Windows Essentials Windows Writer access control [CVE-2013-0096]🔒🔒🔒
8738Microsoft Visio XML Parser information disclosure [CVE-2013-1301]🔒🔒🔒
8737Microsoft Word 2003 Shape Data Parser code injection [CVE-2013-1335]🔒🔒
8736Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File numeric error [CVE-2013-1329]🔒🔒
8735Microsoft Publisher PUB File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1328]🔒🔒
8734Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File numeric error [CVE-2013-1327]🔒🔒
8733Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File code injection [CVE-2013-1323]🔒🔒
8732Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1322]🔒🔒
8731Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File input validation [CVE-2013-1321]🔒🔒
8730Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1320]🔒🔒
8729Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File memory corruption [CVE-2013-1319]🔒🔒
8728Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File input validation [CVE-2013-1318]🔒🔒
8727Microsoft Publisher 2003 PUB File numeric error [CVE-2013-1317]🔒🔒
8726Microsoft Publisher PUB File input validation [CVE-2013-1316]🔒🔒
8725Microsoft Lync memory corruption [CVE-2013-1302]🔒🔒
8724Microsoft .NET Framework WCF Authentication Endpoint Setup improper authentication🔒
8723Microsoft .NET Framework XML File input validation [CVE-2013-1336]🔒🔒
8722Microsoft Windows HTTP.sys memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
8721Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2013-2551]🔒🔒🔒🔒
8720Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1313]🔒🔒🔒
8719Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1312]🔒🔒🔒
8718Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1311]🔒🔒🔒
8717Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1310]🔒🔒🔒
8716Microsoft Internet Explorer InsertSiblingNode resource management🔒🔒🔒
8715Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1308]🔒🔒🔒
8714Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-1307]🔒🔒🔒
8713Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML InsertSiblingNode resource management🔒🔒🔒
8712Microsoft Internet Explorer resource management [CVE-2013-0811]🔒🔒
8711Microsoft Internet Explorer JSON Data Files information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
8710Adobe Acrobat Reader Perl input validation [CVE-2013-3342]🔒🔒
8709Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2013-2729]🔒🔒🔒
8708Adobe Acrobat Reader numeric error [CVE-2013-2727]🔒🔒🔒
8707Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-2733]🔒🔒
8706Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-2730]🔒🔒
8705Adobe Acrobat Reader Read memory corruption [CVE-2013-2724]🔒🔒
8704Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript API information disclosure [CVE-2013-2737]🔒🔒
8703Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3341]🔒🔒
8702Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3340]🔒🔒
8701Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3339]🔒🔒
8700Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3338]🔒🔒
8699Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-3337]🔒🔒
8698Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2736]🔒🔒
8697Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2735]🔒🔒
8696Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2734]🔒🔒
8695Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2732]🔒🔒
8694Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2731]🔒🔒
8693Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2726]🔒🔒
8692Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2013-2725]🔒🔒
8691Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2723]🔒🔒
8690Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2722]🔒🔒
8689Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2721]🔒🔒
8688Adobe Acrobat Reader Service use after free [CVE-2013-2720]🔒🔒
8687Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2719]🔒🔒
8686Adobe Acrobat Reader Service memory corruption [CVE-2013-2718]🔒🔒
8685Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3335]🔒🔒
8684Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3334]🔒🔒
8683Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3333]🔒🔒
8682Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3332]🔒🔒
8681Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3331]🔒🔒
8680Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3330]🔒🔒
8679Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3329]🔒🔒
8678Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3328]🔒🔒
8677Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3327]🔒🔒
8676Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3326]🔒🔒
8675Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3325]🔒🔒
8674Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3324]🔒🔒
8673Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2013-3324]🔒🔒
8672Libreswan Openswan Encryption atodn memory corruption
8671nginx proxy_pass access control [CVE-2013-2070]🔒🔒🔒
86703com OfficeConnect VPN Firewall Default Credentials improper authentication
8669ZyXEL ZyWALL Default Credentials improper authentication
8668SonicWALL Firewall Default Credentials improper authentication
8667EMC RSA Authentication Agent User Input Sanitizer cross site scripting
8666Apache Tomcat AsyncListener information disclosure [CVE-2013-2071]🔒🔒
8665Apache Tomcat Chunked Transfer Encoding Extension Size input validation🔒🔒
8664Apache Tomcat FORM Authentication improper authentication [CVE-2013-2067]🔒🔒
8663IBM InfoSphere Information Server Session Identifier improper authentication
8662Google WebkitGTK+ Service Frame.cpp deviceOrPageScaleFactorChanged use after free🔒🔒
8661Google WebkitGTK+ Web Audio pull memory corruption🔒🔒
8660WebkitGTK+ HTMLMediaElement.cpp removedFrom denial of service
8659KDE http.cpp m_request.url.url information disclosure🔒🔒
8658FFmpeg movtextdec.c mov_text_decode_frame denial of service
8657Linux Kernel TUN/TAP Devices CONFIG_TUN ioctl(TUNSETQUEUE) denial of service
8649IBM Notes Client Single Logon information disclosure [CVE-2013-0522]🔒
8638Adobe ColdFusion download.cfm information disclosure🔒🔒🔒
8637OpenVPN Admin Web Interface cross-site request forgery [CVE-2013-2692]
8636Spotify Stream Encryption information disclosure
8635Brother MFC-9970CDW Firmware general_setup.html cross site scripting
8634Brother MFC-9970CDW Firmware profile_settings_net.html cross site scripting
8633Cisco IOS ISM Module ISR G2 improper authentication [CVE-2013-1241]🔒
8632PostgreSQL PQprintTuples libpq memory corruption
8631Microsoft Security Essentials Registry memory corruption
8630SAP ERP Central Component RFC/SOAP-RFC Call CJDB_FILL_MEMORY_FROM_PPB code injection
8629Cisco Linksys E4200 HTML Charset memory corruption [CVE-2013-2684]
8628Cisco Linksys E4200 Network information disclosure [CVE-2013-2680]
8627Cisco Linksys E4200 Password Field AutoComplete improper authentication
8626Cisco Linksys E4200 information disclosure [CVE-2013-2683]
8625Cisco Linksys E4200 cross site scriting [CVE-2013-2682]
8624Cisco Linksys E4200 apply.cgi cross site scriting
8623Cisco Linksys E4200 apply.cgi cross site scriting
8622IBM Lotus Notes PNG Image numeric error [CVE-2013-2977]🔒🔒
8621IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 memory corruption [CVE-2013-0600]
8620IBM Java SDK memory corruption
8619Huawei AR Router 150/200/1200/2200/3200 SNMPv3 memory corruption
8618nginx ngx_http_parse.c ngx_http_parse_chunked numeric error🔒🔒🔒🔒
8617Linux Foundation Xen qemu-ga qga-fsfreeze-hook.log access control🔒🔒
8616OpenVPN openvpn_decrypt information disclosure🔒🔒
8615PostgreSQL pg_dump denial of service
8614PostgreSQL DELETE RETURNING denial of service
8613D-Link DSL-320B login.xgi information disclosure
8612D-Link DSL-320B home_parent.xgi cross site scriting
8611D-Link DSL-320B adv_dns.xgi privileges management
8610D-Link DSL-320B status_log.sys information disclosure
8609D-Link DSL-320B config.bin information disclosure
8608EMC RSA Archer GRC Access Restriction access control [CVE-2013-0934]
8607EMC RSA Archer GRC User Input Sanitizer cross site scripting
8606EMC RSA Archer GRC File Upload php access control