Tools 2016

134389ABUS Secvest RFID Clone cryptographic issues
129094Apple macOS Keychain information disclosure [CVE-2016-4644]🔒🔒
129093Apple tvOS Keychain information disclosure [CVE-2016-4644]🔒🔒
129092Apple macOS 407 Response information disclosure [CVE-2016-4643]🔒🔒
129091Apple tvOS 407 Response information disclosure [CVE-2016-4643]🔒🔒
129090Apple macOS Proxy Authentication 7pk security [CVE-2016-4642]🔒🔒
129089Apple tvOS Proxy Authentication 7pk security [CVE-2016-4642]🔒🔒
129034Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7576]
129033Apple iOS Keychain information disclosure [CVE-2016-4644]🔒🔒
129032Apple iOS 407 Response information disclosure [CVE-2016-4643]🔒🔒
129031Apple iOS Proxy Authentication 7pk security [CVE-2016-4642]🔒🔒
128763Microsoft Exchange Server memory corruption [CVE-2019-0586]🔒
98928SAP NetWeaver privileges management
98355MONyog Ultimate Cookie privileges management
97204FileZilla Client Installer privileges management
96897Tesla Model S Gateway ECU command injection [CVE-2016-9337]
94926SoftMaker Office Service Pack Installer ofw16_763.exe privileges management
94911libpng png_set_text_2 null pointer dereference🔒🔒
94910QNAP NAS mediaGet.cgi null termination
94909QNAP NAS jc.cgi null termination
94908QNAP NAS cgi.cgi heap-based overflow
94807ZyXEL P660HN-T v2 hard-coded password
94806ZyXEL P660HN-T v2 logSet.asp command injection
94805ZyXEL Billion 5200W-T hard-coded password
94804ZyXEL Billion 5200W-T tools_time.asp command injection
94803ZyXEL Billion 5200W-T adv_remotelog.asp command injection
94802ZyXEL P660HN-T v1 hard-coded password
94801ZyXEL P660HN-T v1 ViewLog.asp command injection
94800Apache Wicket Deserialize DiskFileItem deserialization🔒
94798LibVNCServer LibVNCClient ultra.c memory corruption🔒🔒
94797LibVNCServer LibVNCClient rfbproto.c memory corruption🔒🔒
94796Ruckus Wireless H500 Web Management Interface os command injection
94795wpsolr-search-engine Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000155]
94794Whizz Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000154]
94793tidio-gallery Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000153]
94792tidio-form Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000152]
94791tera-charts Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000151]
94790simplified-content Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000150]
94789simpel-reserveren Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000149]
94788s3-video Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000148]
94787recipes-writer Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000147]
94786pondol-formmail Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000146]
94785pondol-carousel Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000145]
94784photoxhibit Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000144]
94783photoxhibit Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000143]
94782parsi-font Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000142]
94781page-layout-builder Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000141]🔒
94780new-year-firework Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000140]
94779infusionsoft Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000139]
94778indexisto Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000138]
94777hero-maps-pro Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000137]
94776heat-trackr Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000136]
94775hdw-tube Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000135]
94774hdw-tube Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000134]
94773forget-about-shorcode-buttons Plugin Reflected cross site scripting
94772enhanced-tooltipglossary Plugin Reflected cross site scripting
94771e-search Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000131]
94770e-search Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000130]
94769defa-online-image-protector Plugin Reflected cross site scripting
94768anti-plagiarism Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000128]
94767ajax-random-post Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000127]
94766admin-font-editor Plugin Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000126]
94765Pagure Raw File Endpoint cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000007]
94764Mirror Manager Checkin code injection [CVE-2016-1000003]🔒🔒
94763Flask-oidc redirect [CVE-2016-1000001]
94762Zotpress Plugin zp_get_account sql injection
94761Huge-IT Gallery cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000114]
94760Huge-IT Gallery sql injection [CVE-2016-1000113]
94759TP-LINK Web Site 7pk security
94758Ipswitch Whatsup Gold WrFreeFormText.asp Blind sql injection🔒
94757csv2wpec-coupon Plugin unrestricted upload [CVE-2015-1000013]
94756mypixs Plugin information disclosure [CVE-2015-1000012]
94755DukaPress Plugin Blind sql injection [CVE-2015-1000011]
94754simple-image-manipulator Plugin access control [CVE-2015-1000010]
94753google-adsense-and-hotel-booking Plugin Proxy access control
94752mp3-jplayer Plugin Path information disclosure [CVE-2015-1000008]
94751wptf-image-gallery Plugin improper authorization [CVE-2015-1000007]
94750recent-backups Plugin path traversal [CVE-2015-1000006]
94749candidate-application-form Plugin path traversal [CVE-2015-1000005]
94748filedownload Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2015-1000004]
94747filedownload Plugin Blind sql injection [CVE-2015-1000003]
94746filedownload Plugin Proxy input validation [CVE-2015-1000002]
94745fast-image-adder Plugin unrestricted upload [CVE-2015-1000001]
94744mailcwp Plugin unrestricted upload [CVE-2015-1000000]
94743SAP Hybris Management Console Java information disclosure
94742SAP Hybris Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6858]
94741SAP Hybris Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6857]
94740SAP Hybris Management Console cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6856]
94739Linux Kernel CVE-2016-9576 Fix bsg.c use after free🔒🔒
94738Zend Framework zend-mail setFrom command injection🔒
94737Apple iOS iMessage Freeze input validation
94736Piwigo languages.php access control🔒
94735Piwigo batch_manager.php access control🔒
94734Piwigo Error plugin.php cross site scripting🔒
94733Serendipity include access control🔒
94732SwiftMailer mail command injection🔒🔒
94731SoftMaker FreeOffice Installer freeoffice2016.exe privileges management
94730SoftMaker FreeOffice Installer freeoffice2016.exe privileges management
94729QEMU Proxy Backend 9p-proxy.c resource consumption🔒🔒
94728QEMU Handle Backend 9p-handle.c resource consumption🔒🔒
94727QEMU FileOperations 9p.c resource consumption🔒🔒
94726QEMU Resource Cleanup 9p.c v9fs_device_unrealize_common resource consumption🔒🔒
94725DotClear media.php cross site scripting
94724QEMU Virtio GPU Device Emulator update_cursor_data_virgl memory corruption🔒🔒
94723QEMU GPU Device Emulator VIRTIO_GPU_CMD_GET_CAPSET_INFO Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94722QEMU ColdFire Fast Ethernet Controller Emulator mcf_fec_receive resource management🔒🔒
94721QEMU USB EHCI Emulation null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-2198]🔒🔒
94720QEMU IDE AHCI Emulation null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-2197]🔒🔒
94719QEMU e1000 NIC Emulation resource management [CVE-2016-1981]🔒🔒
94718QEMU TPR Optimization null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-1922]🔒🔒
94717Shutter Run a Plugin shutter data processing🔒
94716QEMU VMWARE VMXNET3 Paravirtual NIC Emulator access control [CVE-2015-8745]🔒🔒
94715QEMU VMWARE VMXNET3 Paravirtual NIC Emulator input validation🔒🔒
94714QEMU NE2000 Device Emulation ioport out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94713QEMU Rocker Switch Emulation tx_consume numeric error🔒🔒
94712Shutter Show in Folder data processing🔒🔒
94711Squid Proxy Header Comparison information disclosure [CVE-2016-10003]🔒🔒
94710Squid Proxy Request information disclosure [CVE-2016-10002]🔒🔒
94709Pivotal Spring Framework ResourceServlet path traversal [CVE-2016-9878]🔒🔒
94708Pivotal RabbitMQ password access control🔒🔒
94707VMware Workstation Pro/Workstation Player Installer setup64.exe access control🔒🔒
94706HP ThinPro Keyboard Layout Control Panel access control [CVE-2016-2246]
94705Apache Qpid Broker for Java SCRAM-SHA-1/SCRAM-SHA-256 User information disclosure🔒🔒
94704PHPMailer CVE-2016-10033 Patch command injection [CVE-2016-10045]🔒🔒
94703Linux Kernel af_netlink.c netlink_dump double free🔒🔒
94702Linux Kernel ALSA Subsystem pcm_lib.c snd_pcm_period_elapsed use after free🔒🔒
94701Linux Kernel sock.c sock_setsockopt memory corruption🔒🔒
94700Linux Kernel KVM out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-9777]🔒🔒
94699Linux Kernel Code Segment Initialization emulate.c information disclosure🔒🔒
94698Linux Kernel Netfilter Subsystem nf_conntrack_reasm.c out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
94697Linux Kernel XFS File System xfs_attr_list.c resource consumption🔒🔒
94696Linux Kernel BP/OF Exception vmx.c 7pk error🔒🔒
94695Linux Kernel blk-map.c blk_rq_map_user_iov use after free🔒🔒
94694Linux Kernel Performance Subsystem core.c access control🔒🔒
94693Linux Kernel Performance Subsystem core.c access control🔒🔒
94692Linux Kernel Mount namespace.c resource consumption🔒🔒
94691Linux Kernel sock.c sock_setsockopt memory corruption🔒
94690WampServer File Permission unins000.exe access control [Disputed]
94689WampServer wampapache/wampmysqld access control [CVE-2016-10031] [Disputed]
94688Image Slider Plugin File denial of service
94687PHPMailer command injection [CVE-2016-10033]🔒🔒🔒
94686Cisco CloudCenter Orchestrator Docker Engine access control [CVE-2016-9223]
94685Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Business Database Connection improper authorization🔒
94684Joomla CMS com_blog_calendar index.php sql injection
94683XAMPP Control Panel Memory denial of service
94682Serendipity Directory Name cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9681]🔒
94681Serendipity Category Name cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9681]🔒
94680libxml2 use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
94679libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4658]🔒🔒
94678Sprecher Automation SPRECON-E Service Program maintenance access control
94677OWASP AntiSamy Library Protections XSS cross site scripting
94676QEMU chardev Backend Support use after free [CVE-2016-9923]🔒
94675QEMU Cirrus CLGD 54xx VGA Emulator divide by zero [CVE-2016-9921]🔒🔒
94674QEMU Virtio GPU Device Emulator resource consumption [CVE-2016-9912]🔒🔒
94673QEMU USB EHCI Emulation resource consumption [CVE-2016-9911]🔒🔒
94672QEMU Virtio GPU Device Emulator Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94671QEMU USB Redirector resource consumption [CVE-2016-9907]🔒🔒
94670Tarantool xrow_header_decode out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94669Tarantool Msgpuck Library mp_check out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94668ImageMagick Convert Utility out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-8707]🔒🔒
94667KMail QWebEngine Viewer code injection [CVE-2016-7968]🔒🔒
94666KMail QWebEngine Viewer code injection [CVE-2016-7967]🔒🔒
94665KMail Plaintext Viewer code injection [CVE-2016-7966]🔒🔒
94664kdesu Command Line code injection [CVE-2016-7787]🔒
94663Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Notification Listener information disclosure
94662plasma-workspace/kscreenlocker 7pk security [CVE-2016-2312]🔒🔒
94661MODX Revolution index.php Local path traversal🔒
94660MODX Revolution index.php Local path traversal🔒
94659MODX Revolution index.php Local path traversal🔒
94658F5 BIG-IP TMM iRule input validation [CVE-2016-5024]🔒
94657Tiki Wiki CMS article_image.php cross site scripting
94656Tiki Wiki CMS tiki-setup.php cross site scriting
94655OpenJPEG CVE-2013-6045 Patch memory corruption [CVE-2016-9675]🔒🔒
94654FFmpeg MOV File aacdec_template.c che_configure resource management🔒🔒
94653perl-Image-Info SVG File xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-9181]🔒
94652perl-XML-Twig xml external entity reference🔒
94651Lynx URL input validation [CVE-2016-9179]🔒🔒
94650Siemens Desigo PX Web Module HTTPS Certificate Generation entropy
94649FFmpeg AVI File gsm_parser.c gsm_parse input validation
94648Bundler Gem Name code injection [CVE-2016-7954]
94647FFmpeg AVI File avidec.c read_gab2_sub null pointer dereference🔒
94646FFmpeg AVI File avidec.c avi_read_seek input validation🔒
94645FFmpeg AVI File cga_data.c ff_draw_pc_font memory corruption🔒
94644FFmpeg AVI File avidec.c avi_read_header information disclosure🔒
94643FFmpeg cavsdsp.c cavs_idct8_add_c out-of-bounds read🔒
94642FFmpeg AIFF File intmath.h ff_log2_16bit_c out-of-bounds read🔒
94641FFmpeg AVI File avidec.c avi_read_nikon resource management🔒
94640Todd Miller sudo readline information disclosure [CVE-2016-7091]🔒🔒
94639FFmpeg SWF File swfdec.c zlib_refill resource management
94638FFmpeg SWF File rawdec.c raw_decode Memory memory corruption
94637Cloud Foundry UAA Log improper authentication [CVE-2016-6659]
94636copy-me Plugin cross-site request forgery
94635Netgear WNR2000v3/WNR2000v4/WNR2000v5 uhttpd apply.cgi stack-based overflow
94634Netgear WNR2000v3/WNR2000v4/WNR2000v5 apply_noauth.cgi privileges management
94633Netgear WNR2000v3/WNR2000v4/WNR2000v5 BRS_netgear_success.html information disclosure
94632php-ssh2 DSA-3732-1 null termination
94631Cisco Jabber Guest Server input validation [CVE-2016-9224]
94630Xen VMFUNC Emulation null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-10025]🔒🔒
94629Xen Interrupt Maskin input validation [CVE-2016-10024]🔒🔒
94628libcURL curl_mprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
94627Apache HTTP Server mod_auth_digest input validation [CVE-2016-2161]🔒🔒
94626Apache HTTP Server mod_session_crypto Padding cryptographic issues🔒🔒
94625Apache HTTP Server Response Split data processing🔒🔒
94624NetApp Snap Creator Framework information disclosure [CVE-2016-7172]
94623python-docx xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-5851]
94622BMC Remedy AR System Server Reset password recovery
94621Microsoft ASP.NET Core Header injection
94620VMware vSphere Data Protection SSH Key credentials management🔒🔒
94619VMware ESXi Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7463]🔒🔒
94618Rapid7 Nexpose Create Tags Page cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9757]
94617IMP Horde Groupware/Horde Groupware Webmail Edition data:text/html cross site scripting
94616RoundCube Webmail area Tag cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4552]
94615Xen SYSCALL Singlestep Exception access control [CVE-2016-10013]🔒🔒
94614Samba winbindd access control [CVE-2016-2126]🔒🔒
94613Samba Kerberos input validation [CVE-2016-2125]🔒🔒
94612Samba NDR Parsing ndr_pull_dnsp_name memory corruption🔒🔒
94611OpenSSH Access Control privileges management [CVE-2016-10009]
94610OpenSSH Shared Memory Manager memory corruption [CVE-2016-10012]🔒🔒
94609OpenSSH Privilege Separation key management [CVE-2016-10011]🔒🔒
94608OpenSSH Unix-Domain Socket access control [CVE-2016-10010]🔒🔒
94607OpenSSH Forwarded Agent Channel untrusted search path [CVE-2016-10009]🔒🔒
94606Glype Hotlinking Prevention privileges management
94605dotCMS REST API 1 sql injection🔒
94604Samsung DVR Web Viewer Cookie missing encryption
94603SAP Solman caf~eu~gp~example~timeoff~wd information disclosure
94602McAfee VirusScan Enterprise HTML File null pointer dereference
94601Red Hat Single Sign-On Keycloak improper authentication [CVE-2016-8609]
94600Apache ActiveMQ Administration Console cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6810]🔒🔒
94599Exim key management [CVE-2016-9963]🔒🔒
94598Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2016-5193]🔒🔒
94597Google Chrome Blink Origin access control🔒🔒
94596Google Chrome Bookmark cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5191]🔒🔒
94595Google Chrome Shutdown use after free [CVE-2016-5190]🔒🔒
94594Google Chrome access control [CVE-2016-5189]🔒🔒
94593Google Chrome Blink input validation [CVE-2016-5188]🔒🔒
94592Google Chrome Full Screen Mode input validation [CVE-2016-5187]🔒🔒
94591Google Chrome DevTools out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-5186]🔒🔒
94590Google Chrome Blink updateLifecyclePhasesInternal use after free🔒🔒
94589Google Chrome PDFium KillFocusForAnnot use after free🔒🔒
94588Google Chrome PDFium use after free [CVE-2016-5183]🔒🔒
94587Google Chrome Blink memory corruption [CVE-2016-5182]🔒🔒
94586Google Chrome v8 cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5181]🔒🔒
94585SPIP info_plugin.php Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
94584SPIP puce_statut.php Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
94583Apport access control [CVE-2016-9951]🔒🔒
94582Apport path traversal [CVE-2016-9950]🔒🔒
94581Apport code injection🔒🔒
94580Siemens SIMATIC WinCC/SIMATIC PCS 7 ActiveX Component 7pk security
94579Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PN/SIMATIC S7-400 PN Protection Level 2 Credentials information disclosure🔒
94578Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 PN/SIMATIC S7-400 PN input validation🔒
94577NVIDIA GeForce Experience Helper.exe path traversal
94576NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvidia.ko resource management🔒🔒
94575NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape memory corruption🔒
94574NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
94573NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape memory corruption🔒
94572NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape input validation🔒
94571NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
94570NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape input validation🔒
94569NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgkDdiEscape Local Privilege Escalation🔒
94568NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape input validation🔒
94567NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape memory corruption🔒
94566NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape array index🔒
94565NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape array index🔒
94564NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape null pointer dereference🔒
94563NVIDIA GPU Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape null pointer dereference🔒
94562Technicolor TC dpc3941T cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-7454]
94561apt Signature Validation path error [CVE-2016-1252]🔒🔒
94560IBM AIX bellmail access control [CVE-2016-8972]🔒
94559libupnp memory corruption [CVE-2016-8863]🔒🔒
94558libupnp Server File access control🔒🔒
94557Quiz and Survey Master Plugin Stored cross-site request forgery
94556Microsoft Internet Explorer Move­To­Gap use after free
94555XenForo privileges management [Disputed]
94554MailChimp Module admin.php Reflected cross site scriting
94553Microsoft Internet Explorer ReloadInCompatView use after free
94552Samsung Note Telecom 7pk error [CVE-2016-9967]
94551Samsung Note Telecom 7pk error [CVE-2016-9966]
94550Samsung Note Telecom 7pk error [CVE-2016-9965]
94549Bottle redirect crlf injection🔒🔒
94548Joomla CMS registration.php access control🔒🔒
94547Joomla CMS default.php access control🔒🔒
94546Nagios logging.c access control🔒🔒
94545Nagios MagpieRSS fetch access control🔒🔒
94544Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime redirect [CVE-2016-6657]
94543Pivotal Greenplum GPHDFS command injection [CVE-2016-6656]
94542BlackBerry Good Enterprise Mobility Server GEMS privileges management
94541SISCO MMS-EASE/AX-S4 ICCP SNAP Lite resource management [CVE-2015-6574]
94540Apache Tika tika-server File information disclosure🔒
94539xrdp sesman_${username}_passwd credentials management🔒🔒
94538Adobe RoboHelp cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7891]🔒🔒
94537Adobe Digital Editions XML information disclosure [CVE-2016-7889]🔒🔒
94536Adobe Digital Editions Memory information disclosure [CVE-2016-7888]🔒🔒
94535Adobe ColdFusion Builder information disclosure [CVE-2016-7887]
94534Adobe InDesign/InDesign Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-7886]🔒
94533Adobe Experience Manager cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-7885]
94532Adobe Experience Manager DAM Create Assets cross site scripting
94531Adobe Experience Manager Create Launch wizard cross site scripting
94530Adobe Experience Manager WCMDebug Filter cross site scripting
94529Adobe Animate memory corruption [CVE-2016-7866]🔒
94528Adobe DNG Converter memory corruption [CVE-2016-7856]🔒
94527Adobe Experience Manager Forms/LiveCycle PMAdmin cross site scripting
94526Adobe Experience Manager Forms/LiveCycle AACComponent cross site scripting
94525Open-Xchange OX Guard Inline PGP Signature cross site scripting
94524Open-Xchange OX Guard PGP Public Key cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6853]
94523Open-Xchange OX AppSuite RSS Reader File information disclosure🔒
94522Open-Xchange OX Guard guest Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6851]
94521Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Profile Picture cross site scripting🔒
94520Open-Xchange OX AppSuite API Reflected 7pk security🔒
94519Open-Xchange OX AppSuite SVG File cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6847]🔒
94518Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Email cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6845]🔒
94517Open-Xchange OX AppSuite SVG File cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6844]🔒
94516Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Contact Name cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6843]🔒
94515Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Template Folder cross site scripting🔒
94514Open-Xchange OX AppSuite ical Attachment cross site scripting🔒
94513Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Login Screen Message clickjacking [CVE-2016-4048]🔒
94512Open-Xchange OX AppSuite DOCS/XLSX File Access xml external entity reference🔒
94511Open-Xchange OX AppSuite API server-side request forgery [CVE-2016-4046]🔒
94510Open-Xchange OX AppSuite RSS Feed cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4045]🔒
94509Open-Xchange OX Guard Padding credentials management [CVE-2016-4028]
94508Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Cookie Stored information disclosure🔒
94507Open-Xchange OX AppSuite cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4026]🔒
94506Open-Xchange OX AppSuite defer Servlet redirect [CVE-2016-3174]
94505Open-Xchange OX AppSuite Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3173]
94504Open-Xchange OX Guard Key Download getprivkeybyid key management
94503Xen CMPXCHG16B Emulation information disclosure [CVE-2016-9932]🔒🔒
94502Mozilla Firefox ESR EnumerateSubDocuments denial of service
94501Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-9893]🔒🔒
94500Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-9080]🔒🔒
94499Mozilla Firefox Add-Ons SDK cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9903]🔒🔒
94498Mozilla Firefox Pocket Server Data Origin origin validation🔒🔒
94497Mozilla Firefox Pocket Server Data input validation [CVE-2016-9901]🔒🔒
94496Mozilla Firefox Shared Atom information disclosure [CVE-2016-9904]🔒🔒
94495Mozilla Firefox SVG Image External 7pk security🔒🔒
94494Mozilla Firefox Editor use after free [CVE-2016-9898]🔒🔒
94493Mozilla Firefox libGLES memory corruption [CVE-2016-9897]🔒🔒
94492Mozilla Firefox WebVR use after free [CVE-2016-9896]🔒🔒
94491Mozilla Firefox Marquee Tag Content Security Policy 7pk security🔒🔒
94490Mozilla Firefox DOM Event use after free [CVE-2016-9899]🔒🔒
94489Mozilla Firefox SkiaGL memory corruption [CVE-2016-9894]🔒🔒
94488Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs memory corruption [CVE-2016-9035]
94487Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs memory corruption [CVE-2016-9034]
94486Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs memory corruption [CVE-2016-9033]
94485Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs memory corruption [CVE-2016-9032]
94484Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs integer overflow [CVE-2016-9031]
94483Joyent SmartOS Hyprlofs integer overflow [CVE-2016-8733]
94482Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Manager engine-setup Key log file🔒
94481SAP Download Manager Key Generation hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-3685]
94480SAP Download Manager Key Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-3684]
94479Mailcwp File Upload command injection [CVE-2016-1000156]
94478TigerVNC XRegion null pointer dereference [CVE-2014-8241]🔒🔒
94477Adobe Flash Player 7pk security [CVE-2016-7890]🔒🔒
94476Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7876]🔒🔒
94475Adobe Flash Player integer overflow [CVE-2016-7875]🔒🔒
94474Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7874]🔒🔒
94473Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7873]🔒🔒
94472Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7871]🔒🔒
94471Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7870]🔒🔒
94470Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7869]🔒🔒
94469Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7868]🔒🔒
94468Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-7867]🔒🔒
94467Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7892]🔒🔒
94466Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7881]🔒🔒
94465Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7880]🔒🔒
94464Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7879]🔒🔒
94463Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7878]🔒🔒
94462Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7877]🔒🔒
94461Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7872]🔒🔒
94460Microsoft .NET Framework cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-7270]🔒🔒
94459Microsoft Windows Log File System Driver information disclosure🔒🔒
94458Microsoft Windows Kernel Memory Address information disclosure🔒🔒
94457Microsoft Windows Win32k access control [CVE-2016-7260]🔒🔒
94456Microsoft Windows PFB Font win32k.sys data processing🔒🔒
94455Microsoft Windows Secure Kernel Mode access control [CVE-2016-7271]🔒🔒
94454Microsoft Windows Installer data processing [CVE-2016-7292]🔒🔒
94453Microsoft Windows Crypto Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-7219]🔒🔒
94452Microsoft Office untrusted search path [CVE-2016-7300]🔒
94451Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7263]🔒🔒
94450Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7298]🔒🔒
94449Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7291]🔒🔒
94448Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7290]🔒🔒
94447Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7289]🔒
94446Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7277]🔒🔒
94445Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7276]🔒🔒
94444Microsoft Office OLE DLL Loader data processing [CVE-2016-7275]🔒🔒
94443Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7268]🔒🔒
94442Microsoft Office input validation [CVE-2016-7267]🔒🔒
94441Microsoft Office input validation [CVE-2016-7266]🔒🔒
94440Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7265]🔒🔒
94439Microsoft Office out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7264]🔒🔒
94438Microsoft Office input validation [CVE-2016-7262]🔒🔒
94437Microsoft Windows Uniscribe LoadUvsTable data processing🔒🔒
94436Microsoft Windows Graphics data processing [CVE-2016-7273]🔒🔒
94435Microsoft Windows Graphics data processing [CVE-2016-7272]🔒🔒
94434Microsoft Windows GDI information disclosure [CVE-2016-7257]🔒🔒
94433Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7297]🔒🔒
94432Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7296]🔒🔒
94431Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7288]🔒🔒
94430Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7287]🔒🔒
94429Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7286]🔒🔒
94428Microsoft Edge cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7282]🔒🔒
94427Microsoft Edge 7pk security [CVE-2016-7281]🔒🔒
94426Microsoft Edge cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7280]🔒🔒
94425Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-7279]🔒🔒
94424Microsoft Edge cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7206]🔒🔒
94423Microsoft Edge JSON memory corruption [CVE-2016-7181]🔒🔒
94422Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
94421Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-7284]🔒🔒
94420Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7283]🔒🔒
94419Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7282]🔒
94418Microsoft Internet Explorer 7pk security [CVE-2016-7281]🔒🔒
94417Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7279]🔒
94416Microsoft Internet Explorer Hyperlink Object Library information disclosure🔒🔒
94415Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7202]🔒🔒
94414Apple Transporter iTMSTransporter User information disclosure
94413Apple macOS syslog access control [CVE-2016-7660]🔒🔒
94412Apple macOS Security certificate validation [CVE-2016-7662]🔒🔒
94411Apple macOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-7636]🔒🔒
94410Apple macOS Security inadequate encryption [CVE-2016-4693]🔒🔒
94409Apple macOS Power Management access control [CVE-2016-7661]🔒🔒
94408Apple macOS OpenSSL resource management [CVE-2016-6304]🔒🔒
94407Apple macOS OpenSSL out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-6303]🔒🔒
94406Apple macOS OpenPAM information disclosure [CVE-2016-7600]🔒🔒
94405Apple macOS OpenLDAP RC4 cryptographic issues🔒🔒
94404Apple macOS LibreSSL resource management [CVE-2016-6304]🔒🔒
94403Apple macOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-7619]🔒🔒
94402Apple macOS kext tools memory corruption [CVE-2016-7629]🔒🔒
94401Apple macOS Kernel use after free [CVE-2016-7644]🔒🔒
94400Apple macOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7637]🔒🔒
94399Apple macOS Kernel use after free [CVE-2016-7621]🔒🔒
94398Apple macOS Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-7615]🔒🔒
94397Apple macOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-7607]🔒🔒
94396Apple macOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7612]🔒🔒
94395Apple macOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7606]🔒🔒
94394Apple macOS IOSurface Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94393Apple macOS IOKit Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94392Apple macOS IOKit input validation [CVE-2016-7657]🔒🔒
94391Apple macOS IOHIDFamily use after free [CVE-2016-7591]🔒🔒
94390Apple macOS IOHIDFamily out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-1823]🔒🔒
94389Apple macOS IOAcceleratorFamily Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94388Apple macOS IOFireWireFamily information disclosure [CVE-2016-7608]🔒🔒
94387Apple macOS Intel Graphics Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-7602]🔒🔒
94386Apple macOS ImageIO out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7643]🔒🔒
94385Apple macOS ICU memory corruption [CVE-2016-7594]🔒🔒
94384Apple macOS Grapher memory corruption [CVE-2016-7622]🔒🔒
94383Apple macOS Foundation memory corruption [CVE-2016-7618]🔒🔒
94382Apple macOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4688]🔒🔒
94381Apple macOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4691]🔒🔒
94380Apple macOS Disk Images memory corruption [CVE-2016-7616]🔒🔒
94379Apple macOS Directory Services use after free [CVE-2016-7633]🔒🔒
94378Apple macOS curl input validation [CVE-2016-8625]🔒🔒
94377Apple macOS curl input validation [CVE-2016-8624]🔒🔒
94376Apple macOS curl use after free [CVE-2016-8623]🔒🔒
94375Apple macOS curl out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-8622]🔒🔒
94374Apple macOS curl out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8621]🔒🔒
94373Apple macOS curl out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8620]🔒🔒
94372Apple macOS curl double free [CVE-2016-8619]🔒🔒
94371Apple macOS curl double free [CVE-2016-8618]🔒🔒
94370Apple macOS curl out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-8617]🔒🔒
94369Apple macOS curl credentials management [CVE-2016-8616]🔒🔒
94368Apple macOS curl 7pk security [CVE-2016-8615]🔒🔒
94367Apple macOS curl integer overflow [CVE-2016-7167]🔒🔒
94366Apple macOS curl improper authentication [CVE-2016-7141]🔒🔒
94365Apple macOS curl use after free [CVE-2016-5421]🔒🔒
94364Apple macOS curl improper authorization [CVE-2016-5420]🔒🔒
94363Apple macOS curl cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-5419]🔒🔒
94362Apple macOS CoreText memory corruption [CVE-2016-7595]🔒🔒
94361Apple macOS CoreStorage null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7603]🔒🔒
94360Apple macOS CoreMedia Playback memory corruption [CVE-2016-7588]🔒🔒
94359Apple macOS CoreMedia External Displays type conversion [CVE-2016-7655]🔒🔒
94358Apple macOS CoreGraphics null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7627]🔒🔒
94357Apple macOS CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2016-7663]🔒🔒
94356Apple macOS CoreCapture null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7604]🔒🔒
94355Apple macOS Bluetooth type conversion [CVE-2016-7617]🔒🔒
94354Apple macOS Bluetooth null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7605]🔒🔒
94353Apple macOS Bluetooth memory corruption [CVE-2016-7596]🔒🔒
94352Apple macOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7659]🔒🔒
94351Apple macOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7658]🔒🔒
94350Apple macOS Assets access control [CVE-2016-7628]🔒🔒
94349Apple macOS AppleGraphicsPowerManagement null pointer dereference🔒🔒
94348Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-7418]🔒🔒
94347Apple macOS apache_mod_php input validation [CVE-2016-7417]🔒🔒
94346Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-7416]🔒🔒
94345Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-7414]🔒🔒
94344Apple macOS apache_mod_php use after free [CVE-2016-7413]🔒🔒
94343Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-7412]🔒🔒
94342Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-7411]🔒🔒
94341Apple iCloud Windows Security Memory information disclosure🔒
94340Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94339Apple iCloud WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7599]🔒🔒
94338Apple iCloud WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7598]🔒🔒
94337Apple iCloud WebKit Javascript Remote Code Execution
94336Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94335Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94334Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94333Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94332Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94331Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94330Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94329Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94328Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94327Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94326Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94325Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94324Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94323Apple iCloud WebKit State information disclosure🔒🔒
94322Apple iCloud WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4743]🔒🔒
94321Apple iCloud WebKit State memory corruption
94320Apple iCloud WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7652]
94319Apple iCloud WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7635]
94318Apple iCloud WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4692]
94317Apple Safari Safari Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7650]🔒🔒
94316Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7632]🔒🔒
94315Apple Safari WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7599]🔒🔒
94314Apple Safari WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7598]🔒🔒
94313Apple Safari WebKit Javascript information disclosure🔒🔒
94312Apple Safari WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94311Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7654]🔒🔒
94310Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7649]🔒🔒
94309Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7648]🔒🔒
94308Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7646]🔒🔒
94307Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7645]🔒🔒
94306Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7642]🔒🔒
94305Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7641]🔒🔒
94304Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7640]🔒🔒
94303Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7639]🔒🔒
94302Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7611]🔒🔒
94301Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7610]🔒🔒
94300Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7587]🔒🔒
94299Apple Safari WebKit State information disclosure🔒🔒
94298Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4743]🔒🔒
94297Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7656]🔒🔒
94296Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7652]🔒🔒
94295Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7635]🔒🔒
94294Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4692]🔒🔒
94293Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7632]🔒🔒
94292Apple tvOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7599]🔒🔒
94291Apple tvOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7598]🔒🔒
94290Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7656]🔒🔒
94289Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7589]🔒🔒
94288Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7654]🔒🔒
94287Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7649]🔒🔒
94286Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7648]🔒🔒
94285Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7646]🔒🔒
94284Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7645]🔒🔒
94283Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7642]🔒🔒
94282Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7641]🔒🔒
94281Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7640]🔒🔒
94280Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7639]🔒🔒
94279Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7611]🔒🔒
94278Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7610]🔒🔒
94277Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7587]🔒🔒
94276Apple tvOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7586]🔒🔒
94275Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4743]🔒🔒
94274Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7652]🔒🔒
94273Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7635]🔒🔒
94272Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4692]🔒🔒
94271Apple tvOS syslog access control [CVE-2016-7660]🔒🔒
94270Apple tvOS Security certificate validation [CVE-2016-7662]🔒🔒
94269Apple tvOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-7636]🔒🔒
94268Apple tvOS Security inadequate encryption [CVE-2016-4693]🔒🔒
94267Apple tvOS Power Management access control [CVE-2016-7661]🔒🔒
94266Apple tvOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-7619]🔒🔒
94265Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7637]🔒🔒
94264Apple tvOS Kernel use after free [CVE-2016-7621]🔒🔒
94263Apple tvOS Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-7615]🔒🔒
94262Apple tvOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-7607]🔒🔒
94261Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7612]🔒🔒
94260Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7606]🔒🔒
94259Apple tvOS IOKit input validation [CVE-2016-7657]🔒🔒
94258Apple tvOS IOHIDFamily use after free [CVE-2016-7591]🔒🔒
94257Apple tvOS ImageIO out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7643]🔒🔒
94256Apple tvOS ICU memory corruption [CVE-2016-7594]🔒🔒
94255Apple tvOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4688]🔒🔒
94254Apple tvOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4691]🔒🔒
94253Apple tvOS Disk Images memory corruption [CVE-2016-7616]🔒🔒
94252Apple tvOS CoreText memory corruption [CVE-2016-7595]🔒🔒
94251Apple tvOS CoreMedia Playback memory corruption [CVE-2016-7588]🔒🔒
94250Apple tvOS CoreMedia External Displays type conversion [CVE-2016-7655]🔒🔒
94249Apple tvOS CoreGraphics null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7627]🔒🔒
94248Apple tvOS CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2016-7663]🔒🔒
94247Apple tvOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7659]🔒🔒
94246Apple tvOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7658]🔒🔒
94245Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7632]🔒🔒
94244Apple iTunes WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7599]🔒🔒
94243Apple iTunes WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7598]🔒🔒
94242Apple iTunes WebKit Javascript information disclosure🔒🔒
94241Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7589]🔒🔒
94240Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7654]🔒🔒
94239Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7649]🔒🔒
94238Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7648]🔒🔒
94237Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7646]🔒🔒
94236Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7645]🔒🔒
94235Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7642]🔒🔒
94234Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7641]🔒🔒
94233Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7640]🔒🔒
94232Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7639]🔒🔒
94231Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7611]🔒🔒
94230Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7610]🔒🔒
94229Apple iTunes WebKit State memory corruption🔒🔒
94228Apple iTunes WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7586]🔒🔒
94227Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4743]🔒🔒
94226Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7656]🔒🔒
94225Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7652]🔒🔒
94224Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7635]🔒🔒
94223Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4692]🔒🔒
94222Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7623]🔒🔒
94221Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7632]🔒🔒
94220Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7599]🔒🔒
94219Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-7598]🔒🔒
94218Apple iOS WebKit Javascript information disclosure🔒🔒
94217Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7656]🔒🔒
94216Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7589]🔒🔒
94215Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7654]🔒🔒
94214Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7649]🔒🔒
94213Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7648]🔒🔒
94212Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7646]🔒🔒
94211Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7645]🔒🔒
94210Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7642]🔒🔒
94209Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7641]🔒🔒
94208Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7640]🔒🔒
94207Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7639]🔒🔒
94206Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7611]🔒🔒
94205Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7610]🔒🔒
94204Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7587]🔒🔒
94203Apple iOS WebKit State information disclosure🔒🔒
94202Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4743]🔒🔒
94201Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7652]🔒🔒
94200Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7635]🔒🔒
94199Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4692]🔒🔒
94198Apple iOS syslog access control [CVE-2016-7660]🔒🔒
94197Apple iOS Security certificate validation [CVE-2016-7662]🔒🔒
94196Apple iOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-7636]🔒🔒
94195Apple iOS Security inadequate encryption [CVE-2016-4693]🔒🔒
94194Apple iOS Safari Reader cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7650]🔒🔒
94193Apple iOS Power Management access control [CVE-2016-7661]🔒🔒
94192Apple iOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-7619]🔒🔒
94191Apple iOS Kernel use after free [CVE-2016-7644]🔒🔒
94190Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7637]🔒🔒
94189Apple iOS Kernel use after free [CVE-2016-7621]🔒🔒
94188Apple iOS Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-7615]🔒🔒
94187Apple iOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-7607]🔒🔒
94186Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7612]🔒🔒
94185Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7606]🔒🔒
94184Apple iOS IOKit input validation [CVE-2016-7657]🔒🔒
94183Apple iOS IOHIDFamily use after free [CVE-2016-7591]🔒🔒
94182Apple iOS ImageIO out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7643]🔒🔒
94181Apple iOS ICU memory corruption [CVE-2016-7594]🔒🔒
94180Apple iOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4688]🔒🔒
94179Apple iOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4691]🔒🔒
94178Apple iOS Disk Images memory corruption [CVE-2016-7616]🔒🔒
94177Apple iOS CoreText memory corruption [CVE-2016-7595]🔒🔒
94176Apple iOS CoreMedia Playback memory corruption [CVE-2016-7588]🔒🔒
94175Apple iOS CoreMedia External Displays type conversion [CVE-2016-7655]🔒🔒
94174Apple iOS CoreGraphics null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7627]🔒🔒
94173Apple iOS CoreFoundation memory corruption [CVE-2016-7663]🔒🔒
94172Apple iOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7659]🔒🔒
94171Apple iOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-7658]🔒🔒
94170Cisco Unified Communications Manager Upload Tool File path traversal🔒
94169Cisco FirePOWER TCP 7pk security [CVE-2016-9209]
94168Cisco Emergency Responder File Management Utility path traversal
94167Cisco IOS XR HTTP 2.0 Request resource management [CVE-2016-9205]🔒
94166Cisco Intercloud Fabric credentials management [CVE-2016-9204]
94165Cisco Prime Collaboration Assurance Web Framework cross site scripting🔒
94164Oracle MySQL File-based Logging mysqld_safe link following🔒🔒
94163Cisco IOS Layer 2 Storm injection🔒
94162Cisco Hybrid Media Service access control [CVE-2016-6470]
94161Cisco Web Security Appliance HTTP URL Parser resource management🔒
94160Cisco Emergency Responder Web-based Management Interface cross-site request forgery
94159Cisco FireAMP Connector Endpoint System management access control
94158Intel Graphics Driver igdkmd64 access control [CVE-2016-5647]
94157nGrinder cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5060]
94156BMC BladeLogic Server Automation improper authentication [CVE-2016-4322]🔒
94155Cisco Email Security Appliance Update cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-1411]🔒
94154DTH DT Register Extension index.php sql injection
94153wolfSSL RSA cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-7439]
94152wolfSSL ECC cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-7438]
94151ImageMagick property.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94150ImageMagick profile.c integer overflow🔒🔒
94149ImageMagick DCM Reader input validation [CVE-2016-5691]🔒🔒
94148ImageMagick DCM Reader ReadDCMImage null pointer dereference🔒🔒
94147ImageMagick DCM Reader null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-5689]🔒🔒
94146ImageMagick WPG Parser SetPixelIndex memory corruption🔒🔒
94145ImageMagick DDS Coder VerticalFilter out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94144PCRE pcre_compile.c find_fixedlength memory corruption🔒🔒
94143Apple tvOS Profiles memory corruption [CVE-2016-7626]
94142Apple watchOS Profiles memory corruption [CVE-2016-7626]
94141Apple watchOS Accounts improper authorization [CVE-2016-7651]
94140Apple iOS SpringBoard 7pk security [CVE-2016-7597]
94139Apple iOS SpringBoard Lockscreen Bypass 7pk security
94138Apple iOS Profiles memory corruption [CVE-2016-7626]
94137Apple iOS Media Player Contact information disclosure
94136Apple iOS Mail 7pk security [CVE-2016-4689]
94135Apple iOS Local Authentication 7pk security [CVE-2016-7601]
94134Apple iOS Image Capture input validation [CVE-2016-4690]
94132Apple iOS Find My iPhone 7pk security [CVE-2016-7638]
94131Apple iOS Accounts improper authorization [CVE-2016-7651]
94130Apple iOS Accessibility information disclosure [CVE-2016-7664]
94129Apple iOS Accessibility Password information disclosure
94128Apache Tomcat Error 7pk error [CVE-2016-8745]🔒🔒
94127Netgear R6250/R6400/R6700/R7000/R7100LG/R7300/R7900/R8000 URL cross-site request forgery🔒🔒🔒
94126Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m resource management [CVE-2016-9633]🔒🔒
94125Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9632]🔒🔒
94124Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9631]🔒🔒
94123Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9630]🔒🔒
94122Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9629]🔒🔒
94121Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9628]🔒🔒
94120Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9627]🔒🔒
94119Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9626]🔒🔒
94118Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9625]🔒🔒
94117Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9624]🔒🔒
94116Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9623]🔒🔒
94115Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9622]🔒🔒
94114Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9443]🔒🔒
94113Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9442]🔒🔒
94112Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9441]🔒🔒
94111Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9440]🔒🔒
94110Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9439]🔒🔒
94109Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9438]🔒🔒
94108Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9437]🔒🔒
94107Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9434]🔒🔒
94106Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-9433]🔒🔒
94105Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9432]🔒🔒
94104Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9431]🔒🔒
94103Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9430]🔒🔒
94102Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m formUpdateBuffer memory corruption🔒🔒
94101Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m addMultirowsForm memory corruption🔒🔒
94100bdwgc integer overflow [CVE-2016-9427]🔒🔒
94099Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m renderTable integer overflow🔒🔒
94098Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m addMultirowsForm memory corruption🔒🔒
94097Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m Value memory corruption [CVE-2016-9424]🔒🔒
94096Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m memory corruption [CVE-2016-9423]🔒🔒
94095Tatsuya Kinoshita w3m Table Span feed_table_tag memory corruption🔒🔒
94094Google Analytics Counter Tracker Plugin code injection
94093Social Pug - Easy Social Share Buttons admin.php Reflected cross site scriting
94092Multisite Post Duplicator cross-site request forgery
94091IBM Bluemix privileges management [Disputed]
94090Microsoft Internet Explorer Javascript HasFlag memory corruption [Disputed]
94089Dual DHCP DNS Server memory corruption
94088RoundCube mail privileges management
94087GStreamer ID3v2 Tag memory corruption
94086Splunk Enterprise Server server-side request forgery
94085Symantec VIP Access Desktop Startup Library privileges management
94084phpMyAdmin CSRF Protection cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-9866]🔒🔒
94083phpMyAdmin PMA_safeUnserialize deserialization🔒🔒
94082phpMyAdmin Username sql injection [CVE-2016-9864]🔒🔒
94081phpMyAdmin Table Partition input validation [CVE-2016-9863]🔒🔒
94080phpMyAdmin Login Page BBcode code injection🔒🔒
94079phpMyAdmin URL Matching 7pk security🔒🔒
94078phpMyAdmin AllowArbitraryServer HAndler input validation [CVE-2016-9860]🔒🔒
94077phpMyAdmin Import input validation [CVE-2016-9859]🔒🔒
94076phpMyAdmin Saved Search input validation [CVE-2016-9858]🔒🔒
94075phpMyAdmin Regex cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9857]🔒🔒
94074phpMyAdmin PMASA-2016-10 Patch cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9856]🔒🔒
94073phpMyAdmin PHP Error Message Path information disclosure🔒🔒
94072phpMyAdmin PHP Error Message Path information disclosure🔒🔒
94071phpMyAdmin PHP Error Message Path information disclosure🔒🔒
94070phpMyAdmin PHP Error Message Path information disclosure🔒🔒
94069phpMyAdmin Logout Timeout 7pk security [CVE-2016-9851]🔒🔒
94068phpMyAdmin Username Match Rules 7pk security [CVE-2016-9850]🔒🔒
94067phpMyAdmin AllowRoot Restriction access control [CVE-2016-9849]🔒🔒
94066phpMyAdmin phpinfo.php information disclosure🔒🔒
94065phpMyAdmin Cookie cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-9847]🔒🔒
94064phpMyAdmin code injection [CVE-2016-6633]🔒🔒
94063phpMyAdmin ESRI File Temporary resource management🔒🔒
94062phpMyAdmin os command injection🔒🔒
94061phpMyAdmin Password Change input validation [CVE-2016-6630]🔒🔒
94060phpMyAdmin ArbitraryServerRegexp Reuse 7pk security🔒🔒
94059phpMyAdmin SVG File 7pk security [CVE-2016-6628]🔒🔒
94058phpMyAdmin url.php Location information disclosure🔒🔒
94057phpMyAdmin 7pk security [CVE-2016-6626]🔒🔒
94056phpMyAdmin information disclosure [CVE-2016-6625]🔒🔒
94055phpMyAdmin IP-based Authentication 7pk security [CVE-2016-6624]🔒🔒
94054phpMyAdmin input validation [CVE-2016-6623]🔒🔒
94053phpMyAdmin AllowArbitraryServer HAndler resource management [CVE-2016-6622]🔒🔒
94052phpMyAdmin Unserialization unserialize deserialization🔒🔒
94051phpMyAdmin User Interface Preference sql injection [CVE-2016-6619]🔒🔒
94050phpMyAdmin Transformation denial of service [CVE-2016-6618]🔒🔒
94049phpMyAdmin Database Name sql injection [CVE-2016-6617]🔒🔒
94048phpMyAdmin User Group sql injection [CVE-2016-6616]🔒🔒
94047phpMyAdmin Database Name cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6615]🔒🔒
94046phpMyAdmin SaveDir/UploadDir path traversal [CVE-2016-6614]🔒🔒
94045phpMyAdmin information disclosure [CVE-2016-6613]🔒🔒
94044phpMyAdmin LOAD LOCAL INFILE File information disclosure🔒🔒
94043phpMyAdmin Database/Table Name sql injection [CVE-2016-6611]🔒🔒
94042phpMyAdmin Export Error Path information disclosure🔒🔒
94041phpMyAdmin Database Name command injection [CVE-2016-6609]🔒🔒
94040phpMyAdmin Remove Partitioning cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6608]🔒🔒
94039phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6607]🔒🔒
94038phpMyAdmin Cookie cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-6606]🔒🔒
94037phpMyAdmin 7pk security [CVE-2016-4412]🔒🔒
94036Cisco TelePresence input validation [CVE-2016-9207]🔒
94035Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM/Presence Service Header information disclosure🔒
94034Cisco Identity Services Engine cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9214]🔒
94033Cisco Unified Communications Manager ccmadmin Page cross site scripting🔒
94032Cisco Email Security Appliance TAR File input validation [CVE-2016-6465]🔒
94031Cisco Email Security Appliance cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9202]🔒
94030Cisco FireSIGHT Malware Detection input validation [CVE-2016-9193]🔒
94029Cisco IOS IOx Application-Hosting Framework File path traversal🔒
94028Cisco IOS/IOS XE X.509v3 SSH Authentication improper authentication🔒
94027Cisco IOS/IOS XE Zone-Based Firewall input validation [CVE-2016-9201]🔒
94026Cisco IOS XR access control [CVE-2016-9215]🔒
94025Cisco ASR 5000 IPv6 Fragmentation resource management [CVE-2016-6467]
94024Cisco Identity Services Engine PAP Request Authentication resource management🔒
94023Cisco ASR 5000 ipsecmgr memory corruption [CVE-2016-9203]
94022Cisco FirePOWER Management Center Password information disclosure🔒
94021Cisco ONS 15454 TCP Port Management input validation [CVE-2016-9211]
94020Cisco Web Security Appliance input validation [CVE-2016-9212]🔒
94019Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client access control [CVE-2016-9192]🔒
94018QEMU IO Vector 9p.c v9fs_write resource management🔒🔒
94017QEMU 9p.c v9fs_link resource management🔒🔒
94016QEMU 9p.c v9fs_xattr_write out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94015QEMU 9p.c v9fs_xattrcreate Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
94014QEMU Txattrcreate Message 9p.c v9fs_xattrcreate resource management🔒🔒
94013QEMU i8255x NIC Device eepro100.c resource management🔒🔒
94012QEMU hcd-ehci.c ehci_process_itd resource management🔒🔒
94011QEMU virtio-gpu.c virtio_gpu_resource_create_2d resource management🔒🔒
94010QEMU hcd-xhci.c usb_xhci_exit resource management🔒🔒
94009QEMU IO Descriptor Buffer virtio.c virtqueue_map_desc null pointer dereference🔒🔒
94008QEMU vmw_pvscsi.c pvscsi_ring_pop_req_descr resource management🔒🔒
94007QEMU vmware_vga.c vmsvga_fifo_run out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
94006QEMU mptconfig.c mptsas_config_ioc_0 input validation🔒🔒
94005QEMU vmw_pvscsi.c pvscsi_convert_sglist resource management🔒🔒
94004QEMU Page Count vmw_pvscsi.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
94003QEMU Export 9p.c path traversal🔒🔒
94002QEMU net_tx_pkt.c net_tx_pkt_init integer overflow🔒🔒
94001QEMU vmxnet3.c vmxnet3_complete_packet Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
94000QEMU IP Header Length vmxnet_tx_pkt.c vmxnet_tx_pkt_parse_headers memory corruption🔒🔒
93999QEMU Fragment Length net_tx_pkt.c net_tx_pkt_do_sw_fragmentation resource management🔒🔒
93998QEMU vmxnet3.c vmxnet3_io_bar0_write use after free🔒🔒
93997Openstack Deployment/Trove Barclamp Trove Service hard-coded credentials
93996DotClear Media Manager media.php cross site scripting
93995JFrog Artifactory LDAP Attribute input validation [CVE-2016-6501]
93994QEMU Descriptor virtio.c virtqueue_map_desc input validation🔒🔒
93993BusyBox NTP Packet ntpd.c recv_and_process_client_pkt resource management🔒
93992QEMU mptsas.c mptsas_fetch_requests input validation🔒🔒
93991RabbitMQ Management Plugin resource management [CVE-2015-8786]🔒
93990Digium Asterisk Invite Request improper authorization [CVE-2016-9938]🔒🔒
93989Digium Asterisk SDP Offer res_format_attr_opus.c sdp_fmtp_get memory corruption🔒🔒
93988Microsoft Desktop Client for Mac privileges management
93987RoundCube Webmail Sendmail access control🔒🔒
93986Linux Kernel Fragmented IPv6 Packet icmp.c icmp6_send input validation🔒🔒
93985BlueZ Dump File packet.c packet_hexdump out-of-bounds read
93984BlueZ Dump File hcidump.c read_n memory corruption
93983GNOME Structured File Library TAR File gsf-infile-tar.c tar_directory_for_file null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93982MapServer OGR Driver Connection information disclosure🔒🔒
93981Linux Kernel ion.c ion_ioctl use after free
93980Linux Kernel af_packet.c use after free🔒🔒
93979Intel PROSet/Wireless Software iframewrk.exe memory corruption
93978Intel NUC Kit SMM access control [CVE-2016-8103]
93977Intel Wireless Bluetooth Driver access control [CVE-2016-8102]🔒
93976Linux Kernel Strict Page Permission sys.c access control🔒🔒
93975Linux Kernel fcntl64 System Call sys_oabi-compat.c access control🔒🔒
93974PwC ACE Software for SAP Security injection [CVE-2016-9832]
93973FreeBSD bhyve integer overflow [CVE-2016-1889]🔒
93972FreeBSD telnetd login(1) improper authentication🔒
93971GNU C Library link_ntoa memory corruption🔒
93970Xen Array access control [CVE-2016-9637]🔒🔒
93969Fortinet FortiOS Password information disclosure [CVE-2016-7542]🔒🔒
93968Microsoft Windows PowerShell xml external entity reference
93967LibTIFF BMP File bmp2tiff.c input validation🔒🔒
93966Sony IPELA ENGINE IP Camera backdoor
93965Google Android GPS access control [CVE-2016-5341]
93964Microsoft Windows Excel Starter 2010 xml external entity reference
93963Microsoft Windows Authorization Manager msxml3.dll File information disclosure
93962Microsoft Windows Event Viewer File information disclosure
93961Joomla CMS File Scanning isFileSafe access control🔒🔒
93960SPIP plonger.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
93959NetApp Plug-in for Symantec NetBackup Server Certificate certificate validation
93958Apache HTTP Server mod_http2 h2_stream.c input validation🔒🔒
93957Zikula jcss.php command injection🔒
93956Siemens SICAM PAS input validation [CVE-2016-9157]
93955Siemens SICAM PAS input validation [CVE-2016-9156]
93954Microsoft Windows NFO File MSINFO32.EXE xml external entity reference
93953Microsoft Windows Media Center MCL File ehshell.exe xml external entity reference
93952BlueZ Dump File csr.c commands_dump memory corruption🔒
93951BlueZ hci.c le_meta_ev_dump out-of-bounds read
93950BlueZ Dump File packet.c l2cap_packet memory corruption
93949BlueZ Dump File l2cap.c set_ext_ctrl memory corruption🔒
93948BlueZ Array hci.c pin_code_reply_dump memory corruption🔒
93947BlueZ Dump File btsnoop.c pklg_read_hci memory corruption
93946BlueZ Dump File l2cap.c conf_opt use after free
93945BlueZ Dump File l2cap.c l2cap_dump out-of-bounds read
93944Alcatel-Lucent OmniVista 8770 GIOP access control [CVE-2016-9796]🔒
93943BMC Patrol access control [CVE-2016-9638]
93942b2evolution Lost Password credentials management [CVE-2016-9479]
93941IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2938]🔒
93940IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5884]🔒
93939IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6113]🔒
93938IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5882]🔒
93937IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2939]🔒
93936IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5880]🔒
93935D-Link DAP-1360 cross-site request forgery
93934WinPower UPSmonitor privileges management
93933Eagle Speed USB Modem Software ZDServ privileges management
93932Opera Web Browser removeChild use after free
93931Mozilla Firefox SVG Animation NotifyTimeChange use after free🔒🔒🔒
93930HPE Network Automation RPCServlet deserialization [CVE-2016-8511]🔒🔒
93929e107 CMS Backend admin_log.php cross site scriting
93928e107 CMS Session Cookie improper authentication
93927e107 CMS CSRF Prevention privileges management
93926Apple iOS Lockscreen Lockscreen Bypass memory corruption
93925Serendipity SSRF Protection server-side request forgery [CVE-2016-9752]
93924Piwigo Search Front End cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9751]🔒
93923IBM FileNet Workplace xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-3055]
93922IBM FileNet Workplace redirect [CVE-2016-3047]
93921IBM PowerKVM Linux Kernel input validation [CVE-2016-3044]🔒
93920IBM AppScan xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-3033]
93919IBM API Connect Credentials information disclosure [CVE-2016-3012]
93918IBM UrbanCode Deploy cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2994]
93917IBM Lotus Protector for Mail Security cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2991]
93916IBM Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2955]
93915IBM Tivoli Monitoring memory corruption [CVE-2016-2946]
93914IBM TRIRIGA Applications Notification Password access control
93913IBM IMS Enterprise Suite Data Provider access control [CVE-2016-2887]
93912IBM Forms Experience Builder cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2884]
93911IBM QRadar SIEM 7pk security [CVE-2016-2881]
93910IBM QRadar SIEM cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2878]
93909IBM QRadar SIEM Web permission [CVE-2016-2877]
93908IBM QRadar SIEM Process os command injection [CVE-2016-2876]
93907IBM QRadar SIEM Authorization access control [CVE-2016-2874]
93906IBM QRadar SIEM sql injection [CVE-2016-2873]
93905IBM QRadar SIEM Password Storage credentials management [CVE-2016-2871]
93904IBM QRadar SIEM cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2869]
93903Boa Webserver HTTP GET send_redirect input validation
93902Lenovo ThinkPad Kernel Driver access control [CVE-2016-8222]
93901IBM Maximo Asset Management Error Message input validation [CVE-2016-5987]
93900IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5905]
93899IBM Sterling B2B Integrator Password credentials management [CVE-2016-5890]
93898IBM Sterling B2B Integrator cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3057]
93897IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93896IBM Connections cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-3009]
93895IBM Connections cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-3004]
93894IBM Connections Cache information disclosure [CVE-2016-3002]
93893IBM BigFix Remote Control cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2963]
93892IBM Connections information disclosure [CVE-2016-2958]
93891IBM Connections Stack Trace information disclosure [CVE-2016-2957]
93890IBM Connections cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2953]
93889IBM BigFix Remote Control HSTS information disclosure [CVE-2016-2952]
93888IBM BigFix Remote Control cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2951]
93887IBM BigFix Remote Control sql injection [CVE-2016-2950]
93886IBM BigFix Remote Control Web Page Cache information disclosure
93885IBM BigFix Remote Control hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-2948]
93884IBM BigFix Remote Control Login improper authentication [CVE-2016-2944]
93883IBM BigFix Remote Control Log File log file [CVE-2016-2943]🔒
93882IBM BigFix Remote Control information disclosure [CVE-2016-2940]
93881IBM BigFix Remote Control POST Request input validation [CVE-2016-2937]
93880IBM BigFix Remote Control Password Storage credentials management
93879IBM BigFix Remote Control Broker Application input validation🔒
93878IBM BigFix Remote Control cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2934]🔒
93877IBM BigFix Remote Control path traversal [CVE-2016-2933]🔒
93876IBM BigFix Remote Control XML xml injection [CVE-2016-2932]🔒
93875IBM BigFix Remote Control information disclosure [CVE-2016-2931]🔒
93874Apache Subversion mod_dontdothat resource consumption [CVE-2016-8734]🔒🔒
93873Xen ARM Memory Mapped Hardware denial of service
93872Eir D1000 Modem TR-069 privileges management
93871Exponent CMS expCommentController.php showComments sql injection🔒
93870libdwarf dwarf_util.c memory corruption🔒🔒
93869Lenovo Notebook/ThinkServer Intel Management Engine cryptographic issues
93868Lenovo System Interface Foundation access control [CVE-2016-8223]
93867Dell iDRAC7/iDRAC8 injection [CVE-2016-5685]🔒
93866DBD-mysql use after free [CVE-2016-1251]🔒🔒
93865Zurb Foundation Tooltip Plugin foundation.tooltip.js cross site scriting
93864Google Chrome Node heap-based overflow [Disputed]
93863Insert Html Snippet Plugin cross-site request forgery
93862Guidance Software EnCase Forensic Imager/EnCase Forensic ReiserFS Image heap-based overflow
93861Guidance Software EnCase Forensic Imager/EnCase Forensic Disk Image denial of service
93860D-Link TD-W8961ND DHCP cross site scriting
93859Burden Add Task worker.php cross site scriting
93858Schoolhos CMS sql injection
93857Mozilla Firefox data URI redirect [CVE-2016-9078]🔒🔒
93856Micro Focus Host Access Management Administrative Server File path traversal
93855Apache Hadoop HDFS Service access control [CVE-2016-5393]🔒
93854Core FTP LE Server Response memory corruption
93853Apache OpenOffice Search Path untrusted search path [CVE-2016-6803]🔒🔒
93852Linux Kernel uaccess.h __get_user_asm_ex access control🔒🔒
93851Linux Kernel big_key.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93850Linux Kernel cgroup Hang input validation🔒🔒
93849Linux Kernel uaccess.h __get_user_asm_ex information disclosure🔒🔒
93848Linux Kernel vfio_pci_intrs.c kzalloc integer overflow🔒🔒
93847Linux Kernel vfio_pci.c integer overflow🔒🔒
93846Linux Kernel mpi-pow.c mpi_powm input validation🔒🔒
93845Linux Kernel algif_hash.c hash_accept null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93844Linux Kernel net.c memory corruption🔒🔒
93843Linux Kernel msg.c tipc_msg_build memory corruption🔒🔒
93842Linux Kernel KVM emulate.c x86_decode_insn access control🔒🔒
93841Linux Kernel algif_skcipher.c lrw_crypt null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93840Ubuntu Linux overlayfs access control [CVE-2015-1328]🔒🔒
93839HMI UCanCode denial of service
93838HMI UCanCode AddDWordUserProperty memory corruption
93837HMI UCanCode Write Methods File privileges management
93836HMI UCanCode Save Methods File privileges management
93835HMI UCanCode Export Methods File privileges management
93834Monolith EASY HOME Alarmanlagen-Set RFID improper authentication
93833Multi Kon Trade M2B GSM Wireless Alarm System improper authentication
93832Drupal Transliterate input validation [CVE-2016-9452]🔒🔒
93831Drupal Confirmation Form redirect [CVE-2016-9451]🔒🔒
93830Drupal User Password Reset insufficient verification of data authenticity🔒🔒
93829Drupal Taxonomy Module information disclosure [CVE-2016-9449]🔒🔒
93828Google Android Framework API access control [CVE-2016-6715]
93827IBM BigFix Remote Control Password Policy access control [CVE-2016-2929]🔒
93826IBM BigFix Remote Control Error Log log file [CVE-2016-2928]🔒🔒
93825IBM BigFix Remote Control Encryption Algorithm information disclosure🔒
93824IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93823IBM Jazz Reporting Service Lifecycle Query Engine access control
93822IBM Jazz Reporting Service Lifecycle Query Engine access control
93821IBM Jazz Reporting Service Lifecycle Query Engine access control
93820IBM Jazz Reporting Service Lifecycle Query Engine cross site scripting
93819TP-LINK HS-110 improper authentication
93818Microsoft Internet Explorer HasGeneratedSVGMarker type confusion
93817Blaupunkt Smart GSM Alarm SA 2500 Kit authentication replay
93816Less Compiler Javascript Compiler Less.js privileges management
93815Multi Kon Trade M2B GSM Wireless Alarm System privileges management
93814Image Gallery Plugin Stored cross site scriting
93813Xen Privilege Check access control [CVE-2016-9378]🔒🔒
93812Xen Privilege Check calculation [CVE-2016-9377]🔒🔒
93811Xen pygrub Validator input validation [CVE-2016-9380]🔒🔒
93810Xen pygrub Validator input validation [CVE-2016-9379]🔒🔒
93809Xen Register Operand Processor Host input validation🔒🔒
93808Xen QEMU Shared Ring Processor Host race condition🔒🔒
93807Xen 32-bit ELF Symbol Table Loader Host information disclosure🔒🔒
93806Xen x86 Register Write Emulation input validation [CVE-2016-9385]🔒🔒
93805Xen SVM access control [CVE-2016-9382]🔒🔒
93804Xen x86 Null Segment Access Control Guest access control🔒🔒
93803Linux Kernel SCTP sm_statefuns.c sctp_sf_ootb out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93802Memcached process_bin_sasl_auth integer overflow🔒🔒
93801Memcached process_bin_update integer overflow🔒🔒
93800Memcached process_bin_append_prepend integer overflow🔒🔒
93799Apache Tomcat JmxRemoteLifecycleListener access control [CVE-2016-8735]🔒🔒
93798Apache Tomcat JmxRemoteLifecycleListener privileges management🔒🔒
93797Apache Tomcat HTTP Split input validation🔒🔒
93796Apache Tomcat HTTP/2 Header Parser memory corruption [CVE-2016-6817]🔒🔒
93795VMware vCenter Server Sign-On xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-7460]🔒🔒
93794VMware vCenter Server Log Browser xml external entity reference🔒🔒
93793VMware vSphere Client xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-7458]🔒🔒
93792VMware vRealize Automation Single Sign-On xml external entity reference🔒🔒
93791VMware vRealize Automation Identity Manager WEB-INF File access control🔒
93790IBM Sterling Connect denial of service [CVE-2016-5992]
93789IBM Sterling Connect access control [CVE-2016-5991]
93788IBM FileNet Workplace cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5981]
93787IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Replay Server server-side request forgery
93786IBM Rational Asset Analyzer Installation Credentials log file
93785IBM Rational Doors Next Generation cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5955]
93784GE Bently Nevada 3500-22 Serial Port improper authorization [CVE-2016-5788]
93783IBM Security Access Manager for Web os command injection [CVE-2016-3028]
93782IBM Security Access Manager Login Brute Force 7pk security
93781IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager input validation [CVE-2016-2996]
93780IBM Tivoli Storage Manger for Virtual Environments TSM Credential access control🔒
93779IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93778IBM Spectrum Scale/General Parallel File System access control
93777IBM Spectrum Scale/General Parallel File System access control
93776IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management information disclosure
93775IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93774IBM WebSphere Application Server Exception information disclosure🔒
93773IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management Session Cookie 7pk security
93772IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager Session Cookie 7pk security
93771IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management os command injection
93770IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93769IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management XML Parser xml external entity reference
93768IBM iNotes cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0282]🔒🔒
93767IBM Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management cross site scripting
93766IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience information disclosure [CVE-2015-4961]
93765SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA icman denial of service
93764Monolith EASY HOME Alarmanlagen-Set Radio authentication replay
93763Olympia Protect 9061 Radio authentication replay
93762TP-LINK TDDP Debugging Service memory corruption
93761TP-LINK TDDP Debugging Service Credentials improper authentication
93760Apple iOS Video Decoding input validation [CVE-2016-7665]
93759Samsung Mobile S7 mDNIe System Service Screen information disclosure
93758SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA BC-BMT-BPM-DSK bpemuwlconn access control
93757SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA myServlet null pointer dereference
93756VIM input validation [CVE-2016-1248]🔒🔒
93755Microsoft Internet Explorer Ls­Find­Span­Visual­Boundaries memory corruption
93754WonderCMS editinplace.php Reflected cross site scriting
93753LibTIFF tiffcp.c cpStripToTile out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
93752LibTIFF tiffcrop.c readContigTilesIntoBuffer out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93751LibTIFF tiffcrop.c readContigStripsIntoBuffer integer overflow🔒🔒
93750LibTIFF tiffcrop.c out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
93749LibTIFF tiff2pdf.c t2p_process_jpeg_strip out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
93748LibTIFF Debug Mode/Release Mode tif_predict.c memory corruption🔒🔒
93747LibTIFF tif_write.c TIFFFlushData1 memory corruption🔒🔒
93746LibTIFF tif_pixarlog.c out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
93745ntpd UDP Packet input validation [CVE-2016-7434]🔒🔒
93744Siemens CCMW/CCPW/CCMD/CCID/CFIS/CCIS Credentials access control
93743Soap Lite XML Entity Hendler resource management [CVE-2015-8978]🔒
93742policycoreutils Sandbox access control [CVE-2016-7545]🔒🔒
93741Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 Web Interface cross-site request forgery
93740Siemens SIMATIC S7-400 Session Cookie httponly information disclosure
93739SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA BC-BMT-BPM-DSK bpemuwlconn xml external entity reference
93738HPE Integrated Lights-Out 3/Integrated Lights-Out 4 cross site scripting🔒
93737PuTTY Proxy Password cleartext storage
93736Zoho ManageEngine OpManager Cookie missing encryption
93735Zoho ManageEngine OpManager Notes index.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
93734Zoho ManageEngine OpManager Packet Loss Graph index.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
93733Zoho ManageEngine OpManager index.jsp Reflected cross site scriting
93732Zoho ManageEngine OpManager DNS Name cross site scriting
93731Zoho ManageEngine OpManager EncryptPassword API denial of service
93730Atlassian Doxygen for Atlassian Confluence renderContent Persistent cross site scriting
93729Atlassian Doxygen for Atlassian Confluence renderContent Path information disclosure
93728Atlassian Doxygen for Atlassian Confluence getTemporaryDirectory path traversal
93727K2 Plugin File Upload cross-site request forgery
93726K2 Plugin privileges management
93725WP Canvas Shortcodes Plugin Stored cross site scriting
93724Instagram Feed Plugin Persistent cross site scriting
93723Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery Plugin cross site scriting
93722Check Email Plugin cross site scriting
93721Relevanssi Premium Plugin Import/Export privileges management
93720FUDforum Login cross-site request forgery
93719FUDforum Signature index.php cross site scriting
93718FUDforum Forum Post cross site scriting
93717FUDforum Private Message cross site scriting
93716SAP NetWeaver AS ABAP path traversal
93715FUDforum hlplist.php file inclusion
93714Jaws CMS Cookie httponly privileges management
93713Jaws CMS Serialized privileges management
93712Jaws CMS redirect
93711Jaws CMS File Upload Filter privileges management
93710Lepton CMS Password MD5 missing encryption
93709Lepton CMS Password Reset missing encryption
93708Lepton CMS Bruteforce Protection privileges management
93707Lepton CMS logout.php redirect
93706Lepton CMS cross-site request forgery
93705Lepton CMS Media Tab File Upload index.php privileges management
93704Symantec Norton Security DLL Library Path privileges management🔒
93703Symantec Endpoint Protection DLL Library Path privileges management🔒
93702Lepton CMS Droplet Permission Manager tool.php Blind sql injection
93701Lepton CMS Create Page add.php Blind sql injection
93700Lepton CMS Search index.php sql injection
93699SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA Telnet Console path traversal
93698Huawei Flybox B660 indexdefault.asp improper authentication
93697MyLittleForum cross-site request forgery
93696Mezzanine CMS File Upload Persistent cross site scriting
93695Mezzanine CMS Comment Persistent cross site scriting
93694SPIP Cookie httponly privileges management
93693SPIP Password Reset Reflected privileges management
93692SPIP Message Edit Reflected cross site scriting
93691SPIP Internal Forum Persistent cross site scriting
93690Post Indexer Plugin cron.postindexerrebuild.php sql injection
93689Post Indexer Plugin class.model.php sql injection
93688MyLittleForum CSS privileges management
93687MyLittleForum Add User Page Reflected cross site scriting
93686Microsoft Internet Explorer iertutil LCIEGetTypedComponentFromThread use after free [Disputed]
93685Reason Core Security privileges management
93684EditMe CMS cross-site request forgery
93683Habari CMS Comment comment Persistent cross site scriting
93682Apple iOS Lockscreen Backup improper authentication
93681Apple iOS Lockscreen improper authentication
93680Apple iOS Lockscreen improper authentication
93679Apple iOS Lockscreen improper authentication
93678Palo Alto PAN-OS Environment Variable access control [CVE-2016-9151]🔒🔒
93677Palo Alto PAN-OS Management Web Interface memory corruption [CVE-2016-9150]🔒🔒
93676Palo Alto PAN-OS Address Object Parser XPath data processing🔒🔒
93675Siemens SIMATIC CP 1543-1 SNMPv1/SNMPv3 input validation [CVE-2016-8562]
93674Siemens SIMATIC CP 1543-1 TIA-Portal access control [CVE-2016-8561]
93673Cisco Unified Communication Manager ccmivr Page cross site scripting🔒
93672Cisco ASR 5000 IPsec resource management [CVE-2016-6466]🔒
93671Cisco Email Security Appliance Email Filter Detection input validation🔒🔒
93670Cisco Email Security Appliance Email Filter Detection input validation🔒🔒
93669Cisco Firepower System Software REST API Detection 7pk security🔒
93668Cisco TelePresence CE/TC os command injection [CVE-2016-6459]🔒
93667Cisco Email Security Appliance Content Filter input validation🔒
93666Cisco NX-OS memory corruption [CVE-2016-6457]🔒
93665HDF5 Array Space Allocator memory corruption [CVE-2016-4333]🔒🔒
93664HDF5 Message Type input validation [CVE-2016-4332]🔒🔒
93663HDF5 H5Z_NBIT Decoding out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4331]🔒🔒
93662HDF5 Array memory corruption [CVE-2016-4330]🔒🔒
93661HPE Helion OpenStack Glance Image Service input validation [CVE-2016-8611]
93660Cisco ASA XML input validation [CVE-2016-6461]🔒🔒
93659Tenable Nessus Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9259]🔒🔒
93658All In One WP Security / Firewall Plugin cross site scriting
93657Wireshark OpenFlow Dissector packet-openflow_v5.c resource management🔒🔒
93656Wireshark DTN Dissector packet-dtn.c input validation🔒🔒
93655Wireshark AllJoyn Dissector packet-alljoyn.c memory corruption🔒🔒
93654Wireshark DCERPC Dissector packet-dcerpc-nt.c use after free🔒🔒
93653Wireshark Profinet I/O Dissector packet-pn-rtc-one.c input validation🔒🔒
93652Symantec Ghost DLL Loader privileges management [CVE-2016-6590]
93651Cisco IOS XE package unbundle File input validation🔒
93650Mozilla Firefox Location Bar input validation [CVE-2016-9076]🔒🔒
93649Mozilla Firefox Location Bar input validation [CVE-2016-9065]🔒🔒
93648Mozilla Firefox Updater File input validation🔒🔒
93647Mozilla Firefox Updater input validation [CVE-2016-5293]🔒🔒
93646Mozilla Firefox CSP History 7pk security🔒🔒
93645Mozilla Firefox Network Security Services information disclosure🔒🔒
93644Mozilla Firefox WebExtension Sandbox access control [CVE-2016-9073]🔒🔒
93643Mozilla Firefox Sidebar access control [CVE-2016-9070]🔒🔒
93642Mozilla Firefox Private Browsing information disclosure [CVE-2016-9062]🔒🔒
93641Mozilla Firefox permission [CVE-2016-9061]🔒🔒
93640Mozilla Firefox permission [CVE-2016-5299]🔒🔒
93639Mozilla Firefox SSL input validation [CVE-2016-5298]🔒🔒
93638Mozilla Firefox Updater access control [CVE-2016-5295]🔒🔒
93637Mozilla Firefox Shortcut File input validation [CVE-2016-5291]🔒🔒
93636Mozilla Firefox Canvas Filter race condition [CVE-2016-9077]🔒🔒
93635Mozilla Firefox mozAddonManager API access control [CVE-2016-9075]🔒🔒
93634Mozilla Firefox Sandbox 7pk security [CVE-2016-9072]🔒🔒
93633Mozilla Firefox Add-On Update certificate validation [CVE-2016-9064]🔒🔒
93632Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-5290]🔒🔒
93631Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-5289]🔒🔒
93630Mozilla Firefox Expat XML_Parse integer coercion
93629Mozilla Firefox Web Animation nsRefreshDriver use after free🔒🔒
93628Mozilla Firefox ReplaceOrInsertBefore use after free🔒🔒
93627Mozilla Firefox nsScriptLoadHandler memory corruption🔒🔒
93626Mozilla Firefox Javascript integer overflow [CVE-2016-5297]🔒🔒
93625Mozilla Firefox URL Parser input validation [CVE-2016-5292]🔒🔒
93624Mozilla Firefox Cairo memory corruption [CVE-2016-5296]🔒🔒
93623VMware vRealize Operations REST API File routine🔒🔒
93622Linux Kernel keyctl Usermode Interface denial of service
93621Linux Kernel EXT4 File System memory corruption
93620Cryptsetup Partition Unlock privileges management
93619libxml2 xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-9318]🔒🔒
93618Exponent CMS notfoundController.php sql injection
93617Little Snitch Kernel API Call memory corruption [CVE-2016-8661]
93616Siemens SIMATIC NET PC-Software access control [CVE-2016-7165]🔒
93615Novell Open Enterprise Server File 7pk security [CVE-2016-5763]🔒
93614Linux Kernel tcp_collapse access control🔒🔒
93613Barco ClickShare CSC-1/ClickShare CSM-1 Firmware Update information disclosure
93612Barco ClickShare CSC-1/ClickShare CSM-1 Wallpaper Parser path traversal
93611Barco ClickShare CSC-1/ClickShare CSM-1 wallpaper.php cross site scripting
93610Barco ClickShare CSC-1/ClickShare CSM-1 privileges management
93609Apache OpenMeetings RMI Registry deserialization [CVE-2016-8736]🔒
93608WHM Panel Mail Delivery Report denial of service
93607I-Panda MPPT Solar Controller SMART2 Connection denial of service
93606I-Panda MPPT Solar Controller SMART2 missing encryption
93605I-Panda MPPT Solar Controller SMART2 improper authentication
93604I-Panda SolarEagle privileges management
93603VMware Workstation/Fusion Drag/Drop memory corruption [CVE-2016-7461]🔒🔒
93602Microsoft Windows cmd.exe privileges management
93601PHP WDDX null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9933]
93600PHP Userspace Stream use after free [CVE-2016-9933]
93599PHP SPL use after free [CVE-2016-9933]
93598PHP IMAP Extension _php_imap_mail integer coercion
93597PHP GD Extension imagefilltoborder memory corruption
93596PHP GD Extension gdImageAALine memory corruption
93595PHP GD Extension dynamicGetbuf memory corruption
93594PHP GD Extension gdImageScaleBilinearPalette integer coercion
93593PHP GD Extension imageline integer coercion
93592Trango hard-coded password
93591F5 BIG-IP Traffic Management Microkernel input validation [CVE-2016-7476]🔒🔒
93590Google Chrome Blink doSerialize privileges management [Disputed]
93589p7zip 7z File 7zIn.cpp ReadAndDecodePackedStreams null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93588Artifex MuJS null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-9294]🔒🔒
93587Exponent CMS navigationController.php DragnDropReRank sql injection
93586Exponent CMS usersController.php User information disclosure
93585Exponent CMS addressController.php User information disclosure🔒
93584Exponent CMS usersController.php getUsersByJSON information disclosure🔒
93583Exponent CMS expRouter.php sql injection🔒
93582Exponent CMS searchController.php sql injection🔒
93581Samsung Note SystemUI integer overflow [CVE-2016-9277]
93580Git git.exe untrusted search path🔒
93579F5 BIG-IP ASM Proactive Bot Defense input validation [CVE-2016-7472]🔒🔒
93578Google Chrome privileges management [CVE-2016-5202]🔒🔒
93577Google Chrome Extensions information disclosure [CVE-2016-5201]🔒🔒
93576Google Chrome v8 memory corruption [CVE-2016-5200]🔒🔒
93575Google Chrome FFmpeg memory corruption [CVE-2016-5199]🔒🔒
93574Exponent CMS Blind sql injection [CVE-2016-9272]
93573W3 Total Cache Plugin Reflected cross site scriting
93572W3 Total Cache Plugin Amazon SNS Message denial of service
93571WP Google Maps Plugin cross-site request forgery
93570Observium Network Monitor port_mac_acc_total Graph sql injection
93569Observium Network Monitor Feed feed.php improper authentication
93568Observium Network Monitor command injection
93567Observium Network Monitor Unserialize privileges management
93566e107 CMS usersettings.php privileges management
93565MyBB Error Reflected cross site scriting
93564MyBB Account Activation Reflected cross site scriting
93563MyBB Post Attachment cross site scriting
93562MyBB Username cross site scriting
93561MyBB Forum Post cross site scriting
93560MyBB Profile Editor modcp.php cross site scriting
93559CA Unified Infrastructure Management download_lar.jsp path traversal🔒🔒
93558CA Unified Infrastructure Management diag.jsp information disclosure🔒🔒
93557CA Unified Infrastructure Management Session ID path traversal🔒🔒
93556CA Service Desk Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9148]
93555Apache Tika jmatio deserialization [CVE-2016-6809]🔒
93554Exponent CMS sql injection
93553DotClear Blog unrestricted upload [CVE-2016-9268]
93552Teradata Studio Express Installation studioexpressinstall access control
93551Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition Temp File access control
93550Teradata Virtual Machine Community Edition pkgmgr access control
93549MoinMoin Page Creation cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7148]🔒🔒
93548MoinMoin Page Creation/Crafted URL cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7146]🔒🔒
93547Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4095]
93546OpenSSL Montgomery Multiplication key management [CVE-2016-7055]🔒🔒
93545OpenSSL CMS Structure null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7053]🔒🔒
93544OpenSSL TLS access control [CVE-2016-7054]🔒🔒
93543Microsoft SQL Server FILESTREAM Path information disclosure [CVE-2016-7252]🔒🔒
93542Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7245]🔒🔒
93541Microsoft Office access control [CVE-2016-7244]🔒🔒
93540Microsoft Excel memory corruption [CVE-2016-7236]🔒🔒
93539Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7235]🔒🔒
93538Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7234]🔒🔒
93537Microsoft Office information disclosure [CVE-2016-7233]🔒🔒
93536IBM AIX LVM lquerylv access control🔒
93535Microsoft Internet Explorer Regex vbscript.dll PnodeParse memory corruption [Disputed]
93533Avira Antivirus Manual Update path traversal
93532Apache Commons Collections Library Java deserialization [CVE-2016-4405]
93531Verint Impact 360 UserSettings_Frames.aspx redirect
93530HPE KeyView Filter SDK memory corruption [CVE-2016-4404]
93529HPE KeyView Filter SDK memory corruption [CVE-2016-4403]
93528HPE KeyView Filter SDK memory corruption [CVE-2016-4402]
93527404 to 301 Plugin Stored cross site scriting
93526Faraznet CMS s_search.php cross site scriting
93525HPE Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4400]🔒🔒
93524HPE Network Node Manager i cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4399]🔒🔒
93523HPE Network Node Manager i deserialization [CVE-2016-4398]🔒🔒
93522HPE Network Node Manager i code injection [CVE-2016-4397]
93521Calendar Plugin cross site scriting
93520WassUp Real Time Analytics Plugin cross site scriting
93519Caldera Forms Plugin cross site scriting
93518Quotes Collection Plugin cross site scriting
93517Google Android Kernel Memory Subsystem race condition [CVE-2016-5195]🔒🔒
93516Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6752]
93515Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6751]
93514Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6698]
93513Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-3907]
93512Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-3906]
93511Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6750]
93510Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6749]
93509Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6748]
93508Google Android Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7917]🔒🔒
93507Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-6753]
93506Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6747]
93505Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-6746]
93504Google Android Kernel race condition [CVE-2016-7916]🔒🔒
93503Google Android Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7915]🔒
93502Google Android Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7914]🔒🔒
93501Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2015-8964]🔒🔒
93500Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-6743]
93499Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-6745]
93498Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-6744]
93497Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-6742]
93496Google Android Qualcomm Bus Driver access control [CVE-2016-3904]
93495Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6741]
93494Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6740]
93493Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6739]
93492Google Android Qualcomm Crypto Engine Driver access control [CVE-2016-6738]
93491Google Android Kernel System-Call Auditing Subsystem race condition🔒🔒
93490Google Android Kernel Performance Subsystem use after free [CVE-2015-8963]🔒🔒
93489Google Android Freetype access control [CVE-2014-9675]🔒🔒
93488Google Android Webview BadKernel injection
93487Google Android Expat numeric error [CVE-2015-1283]🔒🔒
93486Google Android Expat resource management [CVE-2016-5300]🔒🔒
93485Google Android Expat cryptographic issues [CVE-2012-6702]🔒🔒
93484Google Android Expat memory corruption [CVE-2016-0718]🔒🔒
93483Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2016-6727]
93482Google Android Qualcomm privileges management [CVE-2016-6726]
93481Google Android Kernel ION Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-6737]
93480Google Android Kernel Sound Subsystem null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93479Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem use after free [CVE-2016-6828]🔒🔒
93478Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6736]
93477Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6735]
93476Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6734]
93475Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6733]
93474Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6732]
93473Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6731]
93472Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-6730]
93471Google Android Qualcomm Bootloader access control [CVE-2016-6729]
93470Google Android Kernel ION Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-6728]
93469Google Android Kernel USB Driver use after free [CVE-2016-7912]
93468Google Android Kernel Media Driver use after free [CVE-2016-7913]🔒🔒
93467Google Android Kernel SCSI Driver double free [CVE-2015-8962]🔒🔒
93466Google Android Kernel File System use after free [CVE-2016-7911]🔒🔒
93465Google Android Kernel File System use after free [CVE-2016-7910]🔒🔒
93464Google Android Kernel File System use after free [CVE-2015-8961]
93463Google Android Qualcomm Crypto Driver access control [CVE-2016-6725]
93462Google Android Input Manager Service access control [CVE-2016-6724]
93461Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-6722]
93460Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-6721]
93459Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-6720]
93458Google Android Bluetooth access control [CVE-2016-6719]
93457Google Android Account Manager Service information disclosure
93456Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6717]
93455Google Android AOSP Launcher access control [CVE-2016-6716]
93454Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6714]
93453Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6713]
93452Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-6712]
93451Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-6711]
93450Google Android OpenJDK denial of service [CVE-2015-0410]🔒🔒
93449Google Android Bluetooth denial of service [CVE-2014-9908]
93448Google Android Download Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-6710]
93447Google Android Conscrypt information disclosure [CVE-2016-6709]
93446Google Android System UI access control [CVE-2016-6708]
93445Google Android System Server access control [CVE-2016-6707]
93444Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6706]
93443Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6705]
93442Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-6704]
93441Google Android Android Runtime access control [CVE-2016-6703]
93440Google Android libjpeg access control [CVE-2016-6702]
93439Google Android Skia memory corruption [CVE-2016-6701]
93438Google Android libzipfile access control [CVE-2016-6700]
93437Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-6699]
93436Google Android Proxy Auto Config access control [CVE-2016-6723]
93435YITH WooCommerce Compare code injection
93434Verint Impact 360 emp_selector_pu cross site scriting
93433Dlink DIR-823 HNAP Login memory corruption
93432Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7241]🔒🔒
93431Microsoft Internet Explorer cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7239]🔒🔒
93430Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-7227]🔒🔒
93429Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-7199]🔒
93428Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7198]🔒🔒
93427Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7196]🔒
93426Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-7195]🔒🔒
93425Microsoft Windows Secure Boot access control [CVE-2016-7247]🔒🔒
93424Microsoft Windows Kernel API access control [CVE-2016-7216]🔒🔒
93423Microsoft Windows VHD Driver File access control🔒🔒
93422Microsoft Windows VHD Driver File access control🔒🔒
93421Microsoft Windows VHD Driver File access control🔒🔒
93420Microsoft Windows VHD Driver File access control🔒🔒
93419Microsoft Windows NTLM Password Change access control [CVE-2016-7238]🔒🔒
93418Microsoft Windows Local Security Authority Subsystem Service access control🔒🔒
93417Microsoft Windows Virtual Secure Mode information disclosure🔒🔒
93416Microsoft SQL Server Server Agent atxcore.dll access control🔒🔒
93415Microsoft SQL Server MDS API cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7251]🔒🔒
93414Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS Engine access control [CVE-2016-7254]🔒🔒
93413Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS Engine access control [CVE-2016-7250]🔒🔒
93412Microsoft SQL Server RDBMS Engine access control [CVE-2016-7249]🔒🔒
93411Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-7255]🔒🔒
93410Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-7246]🔒🔒
93409Microsoft Windows Browser.sys information disclosure [CVE-2016-7218]🔒🔒
93408Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-7215]🔒🔒
93407Microsoft Windows win32k.sys information disclosure [CVE-2016-7214]🔒🔒
93406Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93405Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93404Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93403Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93402Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93401Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93400Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93399Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93398Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93397Microsoft Windows Common Log File System Driver Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
93396Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7232]🔒🔒
93395Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7231]🔒🔒
93394Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7230]🔒🔒
93393Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7229]🔒🔒
93392Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7228]🔒🔒
93391Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7213]🔒🔒
93390Microsoft Windows Open Type Font access control [CVE-2016-7256]🔒🔒
93389Microsoft Windows Media Foundation memory corruption [CVE-2016-7217]🔒🔒
93388Microsoft Windows Animation Manager Stylesheets memory corruption🔒🔒
93387Microsoft Windows Open Type Font information disclosure [CVE-2016-7210]🔒🔒
93386Microsoft Windows Video Control access control [CVE-2016-7248]🔒🔒
93385Microsoft Windows Task Scheduler access control [CVE-2016-7222]🔒🔒
93384Microsoft Windows DLL IME Loader access control [CVE-2016-7221]🔒🔒
93383Microsoft Windows Image File Upload access control [CVE-2016-7212]🔒🔒
93382Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7243]🔒🔒
93381Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7242]🔒🔒
93380Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7241]🔒🔒
93379Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7240]🔒🔒
93378Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-7239]🔒🔒
93377Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-7227]🔒🔒
93376Microsoft Edge input validation [CVE-2016-7209]🔒🔒
93375Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7208]🔒🔒
93374Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-7204]🔒🔒
93373Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7203]🔒🔒
93372Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7202]🔒🔒
93371Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine chakra.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
93370Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine chakra.dll memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
93369Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-7199]🔒🔒
93368Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-7198]🔒🔒
93367Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-7196]🔒🔒
93366Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-7195]🔒🔒
93365NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvstreamkms.sys memory corruption🔒
93364NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93363NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93362NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape input validation🔒
93361NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93360NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys memcpy access control🔒
93359NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93358NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93357Adobe Flash Player type conversion [CVE-2016-7865]🔒🔒
93356Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7864]🔒🔒
93355Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7863]🔒🔒
93354Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7862]🔒🔒
93353Adobe Flash Player type conversion [CVE-2016-7861]🔒🔒
93352Adobe Flash Player type conversion [CVE-2016-7860]🔒🔒
93351Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7859]🔒🔒
93350Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7858]🔒🔒
93349Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7857]🔒🔒
93348Adobe Connect Events Registration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7851]🔒🔒
93347NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape Kernel Memory access control🔒
93346NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93345NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvidia.ko mmap access control🔒🔒
93344NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys access control🔒
93343NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93342NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape Kernel Memory information disclosure🔒
93341NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93340NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys access control🔒
93339NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys access control🔒
93338NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvidia.ko permission🔒🔒
93337NVIDIA Graphics Driver Kernel Mode Layer nvlddmkm.sys DxgDdiEscape access control🔒
93336NVIDIA Graphics Driver unquoted search path [CVE-2016-5852]🔒🔒
93335NVIDIA Graphics Driver NVAPI Support Layer input validation [CVE-2016-5025]🔒
93334NVIDIA Graphics Driver API NVStreamKMS.sys input validation🔒
93333NVIDIA Graphics Driver API NVStreamKMS.sys input validation🔒
93332NVIDIA Graphics Driver null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4959]🔒
93331NVIDIA Graphics Driver unquoted search path [CVE-2016-3161]🔒🔒
93330Exponent CMS expRatingController.php sql injection🔒
93329Pillow Storage.c access control🔒🔒
93328Pillow Image.core.map_buffer integer overflow🔒🔒
93327Moodle CMS cross site scripting [CVE-2016-9188]🔒
93326Moodle CMS Image Module unrestricted upload [CVE-2016-9187]🔒
93325Moodle File Manager unrestricted upload [CVE-2016-9186]🔒🔒
93324OpenStack Heat LAN information disclosure [CVE-2016-9185]
93323Exponent CMS expHTMLEditorController.php selectObject sql injection🔒
93322Exponent CMS orderController.php selectObjectsBySql information disclosure🔒
93321Exponent CMS access control [CVE-2016-9182]🔒
93320Spark URI path traversal [CVE-2016-9177]
93319Micro Focus RUMBA receive.exe memory corruption
93318Artifex MuJS memory corruption [CVE-2016-9136]
93317Exponent CMS helpController.php Information sql injection
93316Exponent CMS expPaginator.php Information sql injection
93315GitLab Project Import/Export information disclosure [CVE-2016-9086]🔒
93314QEMU rtl8139.c rtl8139_cplus_transmit resource management🔒🔒
93313QEMU intel-hda.c intel_hda_xfer resource management🔒🔒
93312QEMU serial.c serial_update_parameters divide by zero🔒🔒
93311QEMU DMA Buffer Size rocker.c rocker_io_writel out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93310QEMU rc4030.c rc4030_write divide by zero🔒🔒
93309QEMU 9p-iov-marshal.c v9fs_iov_vunmarshal null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93308QEMU 9p.c v9fs_read resource management🔒🔒
93307QEMU Transfer Request Block hcd-xhci.c xhci_ring_fetch resource management🔒🔒
93306Exponent CMS Pixidou Image Editor sql injection [CVE-2016-7453]🔒
93305Exponent CMS Pixidou Image Editor unrestricted upload [CVE-2016-7452]🔒
93304SAP ASE dbcc import_sproc access control [CVE-2016-7402]
93303Samsung Mobile fimg2d Driver null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7160]
93302Exponent CMS Script unrestricted upload [CVE-2016-7095]🔒
93301Cisco ASR 5500 Slowpath resource management [CVE-2016-6455]
93300Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation Fulfillment Web Interface cross-site request forgery
93299Cisco Identity Services Engine Web Framework sql injection [CVE-2016-6453]🔒
93298Cisco Prime Home Web-based GUI improper authentication [CVE-2016-6452]🔒
93297Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning Web Framework cross site scripting🔒
93296Cisco Meeting Server SDP Parser memory corruption [CVE-2016-6448]🔒
93295Cisco IP Interoperability/Collaboration System CLI access control🔒
93294Cisco IP Interoperability/Collaboration System Web Framework cross site scripting🔒
93293git-fastclone command injection [CVE-2015-8969]
93292git-fastclone .gitmodules command injection
93291Piwik Controller.php saveLayout code injection
93290Aruba OS backdoor [Disputed]
93289Intel HD Graphics privileges management
93288Schoolhos CMS Data Siswa index.php sql injection
93287Edusson Robot Don Client cross site scriting
93286Edusson Robot Don Filter privileges management
93285Rapid PHP Editor Internal Debug Server cross-site request forgery
93284LabF Axessh SSH Client denial of service
93283WinaXe FTP Client memory corruption
93282Telus WCB3000N SSH advlocalssh.cgi privileges management
93281Telus WCB3000N Password Reset gotserialnum.cgi privileges management
93280Google Chrome v8 Engine out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-5198]🔒🔒
93279Percona XtraDB Cluster Error Handling access control [CVE-2016-5617]🔒🔒
93278Percona Server Error Handling access control [CVE-2016-5617]🔒🔒
93277MariaDB Error Handling access control [CVE-2016-5617]🔒🔒
93276Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall privileges management
93274Microsoft Internet Explorer Object Nesting CountApes memory corruption
93273Norton Mobile Security mid.dat SD Card information disclosure
93272Norton Mobile Security JavaScript Whitelist privileges management
93271Norton Mobile Security JavaScript channel accessible [CVE-2016-6585]
93269Sophos Web Appliance index.php os command injection
93268Sophos Web Appliance index.php Password information disclosure
93267Lynx URL privileges management
93266Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML GetPlainTextInScope memory corruption
93265Django CMS Host Header DNS access control🔒🔒
93264Django CMS Testing hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-9013]🔒🔒
93263Palo Alto PAN-OS API Token Generation improper authentication
93262Palo Alto PAN-OS Captive Portal cross site scriting
93261libcURL IDNA input validation [CVE-2016-8625]🔒🔒
93260cURL/libcURL Host Name input validation [CVE-2016-8624]🔒🔒
93259cURL/libcURL Cookie Sharing use after free [CVE-2016-8623]🔒🔒
93258cURL/libcURL curl_easy_unescape out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
93257cURL/libcURL curl_getdate out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93256cURL Kerberos out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8620]🔒🔒
93255cURL/libcURL Kerberos double free [CVE-2016-8619]🔒🔒
93254cURL/libcURL curl_maprintf double free🔒🔒
93253cURL/libcURL Username out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-8617]🔒🔒
93252cURL/libcURL Password Reuse credentials management🔒🔒
93251cURL/libcURL Cookie Jar 7pk security [CVE-2016-8615]🔒🔒
93250Citrix Receiver Desktop Lock Screen Lock access control [CVE-2016-9111]
93249ISC BIND DNAME Response db.c input validation🔒🔒
93248Cisco Meeting Server/Meeting App IPv6 Underflow memory corruption🔒
93247Cisco IOS XE Transaction Language 1 memory corruption [CVE-2016-6441]🔒🔒
93246Exponent CMS filedownloadController.php Blind sql injection🔒
93245Exponent CMS helpController.php Blind sql injection🔒
93244Exponent CMS addressController.php activate_address Blind sql injection🔒
93243Exponent CMS eaasController.php Blind sql injection🔒
93242Exponent CMS user.php Blind sql injection🔒
93241Exponent CMS expRouter.php getSection sql injection🔒
93240Exponent CMS expRecord.php Blind sql injection🔒
93239Exponent CMS expConfig.php Blind sql injection🔒
93238Exponent CMS user.php getUserByName Blind sql injection🔒
93237Exponent CMS find_help.php Blind sql injection🔒
93236Spark Sparkjava Framework path traversal
93235Microsoft Internet Explorer CalculateImageImmunity use after free [Disputed]
93234Percona XtraDB Cluster race condition [CVE-2016-6663]🔒🔒
93233Percona Server race condition [CVE-2016-6663]🔒🔒
93232Oracle MySQL race condition [CVE-2016-6663]🔒🔒
93231MariaDB race condition [CVE-2016-6663]🔒🔒
93230Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys NtSetWindowLongPtr Browser privileges management
93229D-Link DIR-300 index.cgi cross-site request forgery
93228D-Link DIR-300 improper authentication
93227Linux Kernel EXT4 Error denial of service
93226dotCMS HTML Pages sql injection [CVE-2016-8908]🔒
93225dotCMS Content Types sql injection [CVE-2016-8907]🔒
93224dotCMS Links Pages sql injection [CVE-2016-8906]🔒
93223dotCMS JSONTags Servlet sql injection [CVE-2016-8905]🔒
93222dotCMS Containers Pages sql injection [CVE-2016-8904]🔒
93221dotCMS Templates Pages sql injection [CVE-2016-8903]🔒
93220dotCMS categoriesServlet sql injection🔒
93219Crowd LDAP input validation [CVE-2016-6496]🔒
93218Ghostscript privileges management
93217Wickr Secret Messenger Siri privileges management
93216Wickr Secret Messenger Conversation Copy and Paste information disclosure
93215Wickr Secret Messenger Audio Memo information disclosure
93214Wickr Secret Messenger Audio Memo Siri privileges management
93213Wickr Secret Messenger Authentication Siri privileges management
93212Wickr Secret Messenger Blacklist race condition
93211Wickr Secret Messenger CFLite.dll denial of service
93210Apache Tomcat ResourceLinkFactory access control [CVE-2016-6797]🔒🔒
93209Apache Tomcat Realm Authentication User access control🔒🔒
93208Apache Tomcat System Property Replacement information disclosure🔒🔒
93207Apache Tomcat Utility Method 7pk security [CVE-2016-5018]🔒🔒
93206Apache Tomcat Configuration 7pk security [CVE-2016-6796]🔒🔒
93205Foxit Reader Thumbnail Shell Extension FoxitThumbnailHndlr_x86.dll out-of-bounds write🔒
93204Foxit Reader BMP Image out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8878]🔒
93203Foxit Reader JPEG2000 Image out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-8877]🔒
93202Foxit Reader TIFF Image out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8876]🔒
93201Foxit Reader ConvertToPDF Plugin out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-8875]🔒
93200Foxit Reader permission [CVE-2016-8856]🔒
93199Samsung Galaxy OMACP Message Config 7pk error
93198Samsung Galaxy OMACP Message integer overflow
93197Samsung Galaxy OTA WAP PUSH SMS wifi-service.jar WifiServiceImpl 7pk security
93196Samsung Galaxy BroadcastReceiver wifi-service.jar permission
93195DokuWiki Password Reset input validation [CVE-2016-7965]🔒
93194DokuWiki Media File Fetching HTTPClient.php HttpClient Port server-side request forgery🔒🔒
93193OpenJPEG convert.c pnmtoimage memory corruption🔒🔒
93192OpenJPEG J2K File convert.c imagetopnm null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93191OpenJPEG J2K File convert.c imagetopnm null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93190OpenJPEG J2K File convert.c imagetotga memory corruption🔒🔒
93189OpenJPEG convert.c imagetopnm null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93188OpenJPEG convertbmp.c imagetobmp null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93187OpenJPEG pi.c opj_pi_next_cprl divide by zero🔒🔒
93186Citrix NetScaler 7pk security [CVE-2016-9028]🔒
93185RealNetworks RealPlayer VRAT Chunk qcpfformat.dll null pointer dereference🔒
93184Artifex MuJS Javasript File jsdump.c jsC_dumpfunction out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93183Bitcoin Knots Debug Console cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-8889]
93182Botan RSA Decryption information disclosure [CVE-2016-8871]
93181Docker Ambient Capability access control [CVE-2016-8867]🔒🔒
93180libcsp zmq Interface csp_if_zmqhub.c memory corruption
93179libcsp SFP Packet csp_sfp.c memory corruption
93178libcsp CSP Packet csp_if_can.c memory corruption
93177Alienvault OSSIM/USM Scan Scheduler Reflected cross site scripting
93176Alienvault OSSIM/USM gauge.php sql injection
93175Alienvault OSSIM/USM Persistent cross site scripting [CVE-2016-8581]
93174Alienvault OSSIM/USM Widget access control [CVE-2016-8580]
93173docker2aci Local Image input validation [CVE-2016-8579]
93172Redis Command memory corruption [CVE-2016-8339]🔒🔒
93171Iceni Argus PDF File ipNameAdd memory corruption
93170Iceni Argus ipfSetColourStroke memory corruption
93169OpenJPEG JPEG2000 Image memory corruption [CVE-2016-8332]🔒🔒
93168LibTIFF TIFF File type confusion [CVE-2016-8331]🔒🔒
93167Moodle Installation panel sql injection
93166Artifex MuJS Sp_replace_regexp out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93165Artifex MuJS divby memory corruption🔒🔒
93164Artifex MuJS Rp_toString use after free🔒🔒
93163HPE Financial Transaction Manager Web UI cross site scripting
93162HPE System Management Homepage memory corruption [CVE-2016-4396]🔒🔒
93161HPE System Management Homepage memory corruption [CVE-2016-4395]🔒🔒
93160HPE System Management Homepage HSTS 7pk security [CVE-2016-4394]🔒🔒
93159HPE System Management Homepage cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4393]🔒🔒
93158IBM Financial Transaction Manager Payments Director access control
93157Apple Xcode Node.js memory corruption🔒🔒
93156Apple Xcode Node.js null pointer dereference🔒🔒
93155Apple Xcode Node.js information disclosure🔒🔒
93154Apple Xcode Node.js🔒
93153Apple Xcode Node.js input validation🔒🔒
93152Apple Xcode Node.js input validation🔒🔒
93151Apple Xcode Node.js information disclosure🔒🔒
93150Apple Xcode Node.js integer overflow🔒🔒
93149Apple Xcode Node.js double free🔒🔒
93148Apple Xcode Node.js memory corruption🔒🔒
93147Apple iCloud WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7578]🔒🔒
93146Apple iCloud WebKit User information disclosure🔒🔒
93145Cisco Prime Infrastructure SQL sql injection [CVE-2016-6443]🔒
93144Cisco Finesse cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6442]
93143Cisco Unified Communications Manager iframe input validation🔒
93142Cisco Wide Area Application Services SSL Session Cache Disk Consumption resource management
93141Cisco IP Interoperability/Collaboration System Config improper authentication🔒
93140Cisco Email Security Appliance/Web Security Appliance Content Filter input validation🔒
93139Cisco Email Security Appliance Advanced Malware Protection input validation🔒
93138Cisco Email Security Appliance FTP Application input validation🔒
93137Cisco Email Security Appliance Security Policy 7pk error [CVE-2016-6357]🔒
93136Cisco Email Security Appliance Message Filter input validation🔒
93135Micro Focus Rumba FTP memory corruption [CVE-2016-5764]
93134NetIQ IDM Identity Applications Role Assignment Page cross site scripting
93133NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager cross site scripting
93132Cisco Email Security Appliance Attachment Scanner data processing🔒
93131Cisco Email Security Appliance Filter input validation [CVE-2016-1481]🔒
93130Cisco Email Security Appliance/Web Security Appliance Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions Scanner 7pk error🔒
93129Cisco Email Security Appliance Messages in Quarantine cross site scripting🔒
93128Huge-IT Joomla Slider Extension sql injection [CVE-2016-1000122]
93127Huge-IT Joomla Slider Extension cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000121]
93126Huge-IT Catalog Extension sql injection [CVE-2016-1000120]
93125NetIQ Designer for Identity Manager cross site scripting
93124HPE EliteBook/ProBook/Pavilion/Pavilion TouchSmart ThinkPwn UEFI Firmware privileges management
93123Shibboleth Service Provider LDAP Data Connector privileges management
93122Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-7578]🔒🔒
93121Apple iTunes WebKit User information disclosure🔒🔒
93120Adobe Flash use after free [CVE-2016-7855]🔒🔒
93119Joomla CMS Registration input validation [CVE-2016-8869]🔒🔒
93118Joomla CMS User Registration input validation [CVE-2016-8870]🔒🔒
93117FreeBSD bhyve Hypervisor Virtualization privileges management
93116GNU tar Extraction Path path traversal [Disputed]🔒🔒
93115Javascript cross site scripting [CVE-2016-8506]
93114Javascript cross site scripting [CVE-2016-8505]
93113Yandex Browser CSRF Prevention cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-8504]
93112Yandex Browser Anti-Phishing Javascript 7pk security
93111Yandex Browser Anti-Phishing Javascript 7pk security
93110Yandex Browser Security WiFi access control [CVE-2016-8501]
93109nginx Log File link following🔒🔒
93108VMware Fusion Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-5329]🔒🔒
93107VMware Tools Kernel 7pk security [CVE-2016-5328]🔒🔒
93106Hangzhou Xiongmai WebCam Mirai IoT Botnet privileges management
93105Digium Asterisk RTP resource consumption
93104WinCVS WinCvs.exe privileges management
93103Ruckus Wireless H500 Web Management Interface denial of service
93102Ruckus Wireless improper authentication [CVE-2016-1000214]
93101Ruckus Wireless cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-1000213]
93099TGCaptcha2 Nonce access control [CVE-2016-1000032]
93098Apache Commons FileUpload access control [CVE-2016-1000031]🔒
93097IBM WebSphere Commerce privileges management [CVE-2016-6090]
93096daloRADIUS sql injection
93095daloRADIUS config-maint-disconnect-user.php os command injection
93094daloRADIUS notificationsBatchDetails.php sql injection
93093Apple watchOS System Boot input validation [CVE-2016-4669]🔒🔒
93092Apple watchOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4665]🔒
93091Apple watchOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4664]🔒
93090Apple watchOS libxpc access control [CVE-2016-4675]🔒🔒
93089Apple watchOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-4679]🔒🔒
93088Apple watchOS Kernel Memory information disclosure🔒
93087Apple watchOS FontParser User information disclosure🔒
93086Apple watchOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4673]🔒🔒
93085Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4677]🔒🔒
93084Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4666]🔒🔒
93083Apple tvOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-4613]🔒🔒
93082Apple tvOS System Boot input validation [CVE-2016-4669]🔒🔒
93081Apple tvOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4665]🔒
93080Apple tvOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4664]🔒
93079Apple tvOS libxpc access control [CVE-2016-4675]🔒🔒
93078Apple tvOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-4679]🔒🔒
93077Apple tvOS Kernel Memory information disclosure🔒
93076Apple tvOS FontParser information disclosure [CVE-2016-4660]🔒🔒
93075Apple tvOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4673]🔒🔒
93074Apple tvOS CFNetwork Proxies User information disclosure🔒🔒
93073OpenSSL Alert s3_pkt.c ssl3_read_bytes Death Alert resource management🔒🔒
93072Apple macOS System Boot input validation [CVE-2016-4669]🔒🔒
93071Apple macOS Security Password credentials management🔒🔒
93070Apple macOS NVIDIA Graphics Drivers memory corruption [CVE-2016-4663]🔒🔒
93069Apple macOS ntfs input validation [CVE-2016-4661]🔒🔒
93068Apple macOS libxpc access control [CVE-2016-4675]🔒🔒
93067Apple macOS libarchive link following [CVE-2016-4679]🔒🔒
93066Apple macOS ImageIO Memory out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
93065Apple macOS ImageIO out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4671]🔒🔒
93064Apple macOS FontParser information disclosure [CVE-2016-4660]🔒🔒
93063Apple macOS FaceTime information disclosure [CVE-2016-4635]🔒🔒
93062Apple macOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4673]🔒🔒
93061Apple macOS CFNetwork Proxies User information disclosure🔒🔒
93060Apple macOS ATS memory corruption [CVE-2016-4674]🔒🔒
93059Apple macOS ATS memory corruption [CVE-2016-4667]🔒🔒
93058Apple macOS AppleSMC null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4678]🔒🔒
93057Apple macOS AppleGraphicsControl memory corruption [CVE-2016-4662]🔒🔒
93056Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4677]🔒🔒
93055Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4666]🔒🔒
93054Apple Safari WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-4613]🔒🔒
93053Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4677]🔒🔒
93052Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4666]🔒🔒
93051Apple iOS Kernel input validation [CVE-2016-4669]🔒🔒
93050Apple iOS Security Password credentials management🔒🔒
93049Apple iOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4665]🔒
93048Apple iOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4664]🔒
93047Apple iOS libxpc access control [CVE-2016-4675]🔒🔒
93046Apple iOS libarchive File link following🔒🔒
93045Apple iOS Kernel Memory information disclosure🔒
93044Apple iOS FontParser information disclosure [CVE-2016-4660]🔒🔒
93043Apple iOS FaceTime information disclosure [CVE-2016-4635]🔒🔒
93042Apple iOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4673]🔒🔒
93041Apple iOS CFNetwork Proxies Phishing 7pk security🔒🔒
93040Puppet Enterprise Web Interface User information disclosure
93039Puppet Enterprise Web Interface redirect [CVE-2016-5715]🔒🔒
93038Mozilla Firefox HTTP Cache information disclosure [CVE-2016-5288]🔒🔒
93037Mozilla Firefox SwapArrayElements use after free🔒🔒
93036Huge-IT Catalog Extension cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000119]
93035Huge-IT SlideShow cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000118]
93034Huge-IT SlideShow cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000117]
93033Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000116]
93032Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1000115]
93031Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7854]🔒🔒
93030Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7853]🔒🔒
93029Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7852]🔒🔒
93028IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor command injection
93027IBM Rational Quality Manager command injection [CVE-2016-0326]
93026IBM Security Guardium information disclosure [CVE-2016-0247]
93025IBM Security Guardium URL cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0246]
93024IBM Security Guardium Error Message information disclosure [CVE-2016-0242]
93023IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor Login access control
93022IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor HSTS 7pk security
93021IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor HTTP Request access control
93020IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor Search command injection
93019EMC Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition input validation🔒
93018SPIP valider_xml is_dir server-side request forgery🔒🔒
93017SPIP Template input validation [CVE-2016-7998]🔒🔒
93016SPIP valider_xml path traversal🔒🔒
93015ISC BIND Packet Option input validation [CVE-2016-2848]🔒🔒
93014EMC Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition PostgreSQL privileges management
93013Linux Kernel Kernel Memory Subsystem Dirty COW race condition🔒🔒
93012Red Hat Storage Console rhcon-ceph credentials management [CVE-2016-7062]
93011Palo Alto PAN-OS Monitor Tab cross site scriting
93010Cisco Meeting Server information disclosure [CVE-2016-6446]🔒
93009Cisco Meeting Server Web Bridge cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6444]🔒
93008HPE ArcSight WINC Connector code injection [CVE-2016-4391]
93007SPIP valider_xml.php Reflected cross site scripting🔒🔒
93006SPIP valider_xml cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
93005OpenSSL ssl_add_clienthello_tlsext heap-based overflow
93004WineBottler Updater channel accessible
93003SAP NetWeaver AS JAVA Deserialize denial of service
93002SAP Adaptive Server Enterprise denial of service
93001dotCMS Captcha access control [CVE-2016-8600]
93000Cisco ASA Firepower Detection Engine resource management [CVE-2016-6439]🔒🔒
92999Cisco ASA Local Certificate Authority input validation [CVE-2016-6431]🔒🔒
92998Cisco ASA Identity Firewall memory corruption [CVE-2016-6432]🔒
92997OpenSSH Key Exchange Initialization kex_input_kexinit resource management [Disputed]🔒
92996Oracle Retail Merchandising Insights Security injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
92995Oracle Retail Customer Insights Security injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
92994Oracle Commerce Platform Dynamo Application Framework injection🔒🔒
92993Oracle Secure Global Desktop Web Services access control [CVE-2016-5580]🔒
92992Oracle Java SE Hotspot access control [CVE-2016-5582]🔒🔒
92991Oracle Java SE AWT access control [CVE-2016-5568]🔒🔒
92990Oracle Java SE 2D access control [CVE-2016-5556]🔒🔒
92989Oracle VM VirtualBox VirtualBox Remote Desktop Extension VRDE access control🔒🔒
92988Oracle Advanced Supply Chain Planning MscObieeSrvlt access control
92987Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Apache Commons Collection deserialization🔒🔒
92986Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Apache Tomcat access control🔒🔒
92985Oracle Retail Xstore Point of Service Xenvironment deserialization🔒🔒
92984Oracle Retail Clearance Optimization Engine General Application deserialization🔒🔒
92983Oracle MICROS XBR Liferay deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
92982Oracle Insurance IStream Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92981Oracle Financial Services Lending/Leasing Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92980Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure Inline Processing Privilege Escalation🔒
92979Oracle Financial Services Analytical Applications Infrastructure Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92978Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5607]
92977Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92976Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92975Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92974Oracle FLEXCUBE Investor Servicing Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92973Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits/Collateral Management Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92972Oracle FLEXCUBE Core Banking Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92971Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Commerce Experience Manager Tools/Frameworks Privilege Escalation🔒
92970Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Commerce Experience Manager Content Acquisition System Privilege Escalation🔒
92969Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Commerce Experience Manager Content Acquisition System deserialization🔒🔒
92968Oracle Transportation Management Install access control [CVE-2016-0714]🔒🔒
92967Oracle Agile PLM Spring Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-0635]🔒
92966Oracle Agile PLM RMIServlet Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5515]
92965Oracle Agile PLM ExportServlet Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5514]
92964Oracle Agile PLM Event Java PX injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
92963Oracle Agile PLM AutoVue Java Applet Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5523]
92962Oracle Agile PLM Apache Commons Collections deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
92961Oracle Java SE Hotspot access control [CVE-2016-5573]🔒🔒
92960Oracle Retail Returns Management Security access control [CVE-2016-1881]🔒
92959Oracle Retail Central Office Security access control [CVE-2016-1881]🔒
92958Oracle Retail Back Office Security access control [CVE-2016-1881]🔒
92957Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5622]
92956Oracle Commerce Service Center access control [CVE-2016-5491]
92955Oracle Commerce Guided Search access control [CVE-2016-5482]
92954Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Mobile Application Platform access control
92953Oracle Sun Ray Operating Software OpenSSL information disclosure🔒🔒
92952Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker access control
92951Oracle E-Business Suite iStore unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5489]🔒
92950Oracle E-Business Suite Email Center access control [CVE-2016-5586]🔒
92949Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Interaction History access control🔒
92948Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Interaction History access control🔒
92947Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Interaction History access control🔒
92946Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Interaction History access control🔒
92945Oracle E-Business Suite Customer Interaction History access control🔒
92944Oracle E-Business Suite CRM Technical Foundation access control🔒
92943Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Kit AK Local Privilege Escalation
92942Oracle E-Business Suite Advanced Pricing access control [CVE-2016-5557]🔒
92941Oracle Primavera P6 Professional Project Management OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92940Oracle Life Sciences Data Hub OpenSSL cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2107]🔒🔒
92939Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92938Oracle Commerce Guided Search/Commerce Experience Manager MDEX cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92937Oracle Transportation Management Install cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92936Oracle E-Business Suite HTTP Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-2176]🔒🔒
92935Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2107]🔒🔒
92934Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5619]
92933Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking Struts command injection [CVE-2016-3081]🔒🔒
92932Oracle Siebel CRM E-Billing command injection [CVE-2016-3081]🔒🔒
92931Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Web Runtime SEC memory corruption🔒🔒
92930Oracle Agile Engineering Data Management webfileservices Remote Code Execution
92929Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5 Property Services OPERA File Upload Download Privilege Escalation🔒
92928Oracle VM VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2016-5501]🔒🔒
92927Oracle Solaris Kernel x86 denial of service [CVE-2016-5544]🔒
92926Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5 Property Services OPERA Xchange Interface OXI access control🔒
92925Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools LDAP access control
92924Oracle E-Business Suite iProcurement access control [CVE-2016-5562]🔒
92923Oracle MySQL Server Encryption resource management [CVE-2016-6304]🔒🔒
92922Oracle VM VirtualBox OpenSSL resource management [CVE-2016-6304]🔒🔒
92921Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Bouncy Castle Java cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92920Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Bouncy Castle Java cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92919Oracle Application Testing Suite Load Testing for Web Apps cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92918Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-7940]🔒🔒
92917Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center access control [CVE-2016-4979]🔒🔒
92916Oracle Hospitality OPERA 5 Property Services OPERA Application Login Privilege Escalation🔒
92915Oracle Retail Xstore Payment Security Local Privilege Escalation
92914Oracle Communications Policy Management OpenSSL code [CVE-2015-0286]🔒🔒
92913Oracle Communications Policy Management OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92912Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat access control🔒🔒🔒
92911Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL missing encryption🔒🔒
92910Oracle Communications Policy Management Glibc memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
92909Oracle Agile PLM Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2016-5526]
92908Oracle MySQL Server Logging access control [CVE-2016-6662]🔒🔒🔒
92907Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Kit AK SMB User access control
92906Oracle MySQL Server Packaging memory corruption [CVE-2016-5625]🔒🔒
92905Oracle MySQL Server MyISAM Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5616]🔒🔒
92904Oracle MySQL Server Error Handling access control [CVE-2016-5617]🔒🔒
92903Oracle VM VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2016-5538]🔒🔒
92902Oracle Retail Xstore Payment Security 7pk security [CVE-2016-5540]
92901Oracle E-Business Suite iRecruitment access control [CVE-2016-5581]🔒
92900Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-3492]🔒🔒
92899Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-5627]🔒🔒
92898Oracle MySQL Server GIS denial of service [CVE-2016-5626]🔒🔒
92897Oracle MySQL Server DML denial of service [CVE-2016-5624]🔒🔒
92896Oracle MySQL Server DML denial of service [CVE-2016-5612]🔒🔒
92895Oracle MySQL Server DML denial of service [CVE-2016-5609]🔒🔒
92894Oracle Siebel CRM Customer Order Management access control [CVE-2016-5534]
92893Oracle JD Edwards World Security GUI/World Vision 7pk security🔒🔒
92892Oracle Agile PLM Security access control [CVE-2016-5521]
92891Oracle E-Business Suite Interaction Center Intelligence access control🔒
92890Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA access control [CVE-2016-5571]🔒
92889Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA access control [CVE-2016-5570]🔒
92888Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA memory corruption [CVE-2016-5567]🔒
92887Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat data processing🔒🔒
92886Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat improper authentication🔒🔒
92885Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Security Framework access control🔒
92884Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones access control [CVE-2016-5606]🔒
92883Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits/Collateral Management INFRA unknown vulnerability
92882Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker unknown vulnerability
92881Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Integration Broker unknown vulnerability
92880Oracle Agile PLM Security cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5512]
92879Oracle Java SE Networking information disclosure [CVE-2016-5597]🔒🔒
92878Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92877Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSH cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92876Oracle Agile PLM Security access control [CVE-2016-5527]
92875Oracle VM VirtualBox access control [CVE-2016-5610]🔒🔒
92874Oracle MySQL Connector Connector/Python access control [CVE-2016-5598]
92873Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL race condition🔒🔒
92872Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92871Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker OpenSSL cryptographic issues🔒🔒
92870Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat improper authentication🔒🔒
92869Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat code injection🔒🔒
92868Oracle VM VirtualBox access control [CVE-2016-5608]🔒🔒
92867Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones access control [CVE-2016-5576]🔒
92866Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Kit AK Services information management
92865Oracle E-Business Suite Applications DBA access control [CVE-2016-5517]🔒
92864Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Team Member access control
92863Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5620]
92862Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5502]
92861Oracle FLEXCUBE Enterprise Limits/Collateral Management access control
92860Oracle Siebel CRM UI Framework access control [CVE-2016-5560]
92859Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise SCM Services Procurement Security access control
92858Oracle Solaris Files denial of service [CVE-2016-5487]🔒
92857Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL information disclosure🔒🔒
92856Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL code [CVE-2015-0286]🔒🔒
92855Oracle Enterprise Session Border Controller OpenSSL null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92854Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker OpenSSL null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92853Oracle Communications Policy Management NTP code [CVE-2014-9296]🔒🔒
92852Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat input validation🔒🔒
92851Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat numeric error🔒🔒
92850Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92849Oracle Solaris Installation access control [CVE-2016-5566]🔒
92848Oracle Communications Policy Management OpenSSL null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92847Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat access control🔒🔒
92846Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat numeric error🔒🔒
92845Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat information disclosure🔒🔒
92844Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat access control🔒🔒
92843Oracle Agile PLM Security information disclosure [CVE-2016-5524]
92842Oracle Agile PLM Folders/Files/Attachments information disclosure
92841Oracle E-Business Suite Shipping Execution access control [CVE-2016-5532]🔒
92840Oracle E-Business Suite One-to-One Fulfillment memory corruption🔒
92839Oracle E-Business Suite Common Applications Calendar access control🔒
92838Oracle MySQL Server Encryption cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-7440]🔒🔒
92837Oracle Solaris Filesystem denial of service [CVE-2016-5553]🔒
92836Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5594]
92835Oracle MySQL Server Audit denial of service [CVE-2016-5635]🔒🔒
92834Oracle MySQL Server RBR denial of service [CVE-2016-5634]🔒🔒
92833Oracle MySQL Server Performance Schema denial of service [CVE-2016-5633]🔒🔒
92832Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-5632]🔒🔒
92831Oracle MySQL Server Memcached denial of service [CVE-2016-5631]🔒🔒
92830Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-5507]🔒🔒
92829Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-5630]🔒🔒
92828Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-3495]🔒🔒
92827Oracle MySQL Server Federated denial of service [CVE-2016-5629]🔒🔒
92826Oracle MySQL Server DML denial of service [CVE-2016-5628]🔒🔒
92825Oracle Communications Policy Management OpenSSH access control🔒🔒
92824Oracle Communications Policy Management Tomcat input validation🔒🔒
92823Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Candidate Gateway access control
92822Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB access control [CVE-2016-8289]🔒🔒
92821Oracle MySQL Server Replication denial of service [CVE-2016-8287]🔒🔒
92820Oracle MySQL Server Performance Schema denial of service [CVE-2016-8290]🔒🔒
92819Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92818Oracle MySQL Server Encryption information disclosure [CVE-2016-5584]🔒🔒
92817Oracle MySQL Server Types denial of service [CVE-2016-8283]🔒🔒
92816Oracle VM VirtualBox access control [CVE-2016-5613]🔒🔒
92815Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92814Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92813Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92812Oracle VM VirtualBox information disclosure [CVE-2016-5611]🔒🔒
92811Oracle Java SE JMX unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5554]🔒🔒
92810Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA access control [CVE-2016-5621]
92809Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA information disclosure
92808Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA information disclosure
92807Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Query information disclosure
92806Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Schedule information disclosure
92805Oracle Agile PLM Security information disclosure [CVE-2016-5522]
92804Oracle Agile PLM File Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-5513]
92803Oracle E-Business Suite CRM Technical Foundation information disclosure🔒
92802Oracle FLEXCUBE Private Banking Admin access control [CVE-2016-5493]
92801Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise HCM Talent Acquisition Manager access control
92800Oracle Solaris Kernel unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5559]🔒
92799Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management for Process Supplier Portal information disclosure
92798Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92797Oracle Communications Policy Management MySQL denial of service🔒🔒
92796Oracle Sun ZFS Storage Appliance Kit AK DNS information disclosure
92795Oracle Solaris Lynx access control [CVE-2016-5615]🔒
92794Oracle Solaris Cluster Cluster check files access control [CVE-2016-5525]
92793Oracle Solaris Cluster Cluster Geo information disclosure [CVE-2016-5508]
92792Oracle FLEXCUBE Universal Banking INFRA information disclosure
92791Oracle Solaris IKE denial of service [CVE-2016-5561]🔒
92790Oracle MySQL Server Privileges information disclosure [CVE-2016-8286]🔒🔒
92789Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB Plugin access control [CVE-2016-8288]🔒🔒
92788Oracle Java SE Libraries unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5542]🔒🔒
92787Oracle Solaris Bash unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5480]🔒
92786Oracle Banking Digital Experience Apache Commons Collections deserialization🔒🔒
92785Oracle MySQL Server Replication denial of service [CVE-2016-8284]🔒🔒
92784Oracle WebLogic Server WLS-WebServices memory corruption [CVE-2016-5531]🔒🔒
92783Oracle WebLogic Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-5535]🔒🔒
92782Oracle WebLogic Server deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
92781Oracle Web Services JAXWS Web Services Stack Remote Code Execution
92780Oracle Big Data Discovery Data Processing injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
92779Oracle Database Server OJVM information disclosure [CVE-2016-5555]🔒🔒
92778Oracle iPlanet Web Server Security memory corruption [CVE-2016-1950]🔒🔒
92777Oracle iPlanet Web Proxy Server Security memory corruption [CVE-2016-1950]🔒🔒
92776Oracle WebLogic Server JavaServer Faces memory corruption [CVE-2016-3505]🔒🔒
92775Oracle GlassFish Server JavaServer Faces memory corruption [CVE-2016-5519]🔒🔒
92774Oracle GlassFish Server Security memory corruption [CVE-2016-1950]🔒🔒
92773Oracle Big Data Graph deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
92772Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters access control
92771Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters access control
92770Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters access control
92769Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters access control
92768Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters GetTxObj access control
92767Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters VwStreamRead access control
92766Oracle BI Publisher Security information disclosure [CVE-2016-3473]🔒
92765Oracle Platform Security for Java Audit Schema access control
92764Oracle Platform Security for Java Audit Reports access control
92763Oracle Discoverer Viewer information disclosure [CVE-2016-5500]
92762Oracle Discoverer EUL Code / Schema access control [CVE-2016-5495]
92761Oracle Database Server RDBMS Security access control [CVE-2016-5497]🔒🔒
92760Oracle Database Server Kernel PDB access control [CVE-2016-5572]🔒🔒
92759Oracle WebLogic Server CIE Related Components access control🔒🔒
92758Oracle Database Server Application Express cross site scripting🔒🔒
92757Oracle Database Server Kernel PDB denial of service [CVE-2016-5516]🔒🔒
92756Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Installation information disclosure🔒🔒
92755Oracle Secure Backup SSL code [CVE-2015-0286]🔒🔒
92754Oracle Secure Backup use after free [CVE-2015-1351]🔒🔒
92753Oracle NetBeans Project Import path traversal [CVE-2016-5537]🔒
92752Oracle Data Integrator Code Generation Engine information disclosure
92751Oracle Database Server RDBMS Programmable Interface information disclosure🔒🔒
92750Oracle WebLogic Server Web Container denial of service [CVE-2016-5488]🔒🔒
92749Oracle WebCenter Sites Security 7pk security [CVE-2016-5511]
92748Oracle Database Server RDBMS Security access control [CVE-2016-5499]🔒🔒
92747Oracle Database Server RDBMS Security information disclosure🔒🔒
92746Oracle Identity Manager App Server access control [CVE-2016-5506]
92745Oracle Data Integrator Code Generation Engine information disclosure
92744Oracle Database Server RDBMS Security/SQL*Plus information disclosure🔒🔒
92743Quagga IPv6 Neighbor Discovery Message memory corruption [CVE-2016-1245]🔒🔒
92742PHP php_pcre_replace_impl heap-based overflow
92741IBM AIX lsmcode access control [CVE-2016-3053]🔒
92740Tor Buffer Chunk denial of service
92739IBM InfoSphere Information Server File Connector information disclosure
92738SAP NetWeaver memory corruption
92737Linux Kernel IP Stack resource consumption [CVE-2016-8666]🔒🔒
92736Linux Kernel XFS Subsystem data processing [CVE-2016-8660]
92735Linux Kernel cfg80211.c brcmf_cfg80211_start_ap memory corruption🔒🔒
92734Linux Kernel arcmsr_hba.c arcmsr_iop_message_xfer memory corruption🔒🔒
92733Linux Kernel Filesystem setxattr improper authorization🔒🔒
92732Linux Kernel gcc Stack Protector proc.c proc_keys_show Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92731Linux Kernel IP Stack resource management [CVE-2016-7039]🔒🔒
92730Linux Kernel SACK State tcp.h tcp_check_send_head use after free🔒🔒
92729Linux Kernel ib_srpt.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92728IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor sql injection
92727IBM Cloud Orchestrator redirect [CVE-2016-0204]
92726Linux Kernel Filesystem Operation copy_up.c resource management
92725Linux Kernel ext2/ext4 data processing [CVE-2015-8952]🔒🔒
92724Linux Kernel Anonymous Page memory.c input validation🔒🔒
92723Apache OpenOffice DLL access control [CVE-2016-6804]🔒🔒
92722Apache OpenOffice Library untrusted search path [CVE-2016-6803]🔒🔒
92721Juniper Junos Command Line Interface command injection [CVE-2016-4922]🔒🔒
92720Juniper JUNOSe IPv6 Reset data processing🔒
92719Juniper Junos IPv6 resource management [CVE-2016-4921]🔒
92717Evernote Library ntmarta.dll privileges management
92716HPE NonStop BackBox cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-0800]🔒🔒
92715Brocade NetIron MLX Line Card IPsec Memory memory corruption🔒
92714Palo Alto PAN-OS Web Interface null pointer dereference [CVE-2014-9708]🔒🔒
92713Cisco IOS XE vty Configuration access control [CVE-2016-6438]🔒
92712systemd Notify Socket manager_dispatch_notify_fd input validation🔒🔒
92711systemd Notify Socket manager_invoke_notify_message input validation🔒🔒
92710Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform JMX Servlet deserialization🔒
92709Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application unquoted search path🔒🔒
92708Red Hat Enterprise Linux Tomcat tomcat access control🔒🔒
92707IBM Business Process Manager Business Space cross site scripting
92706Zend Studio File Permission privileges management
92704Siemens Automation License Manager File access control [CVE-2016-8565]
92703Siemens Automation License Manager ALM Service sql injection
92702Siemens Automation License Manager ALM Service input validation
92701Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 TIA Project File information disclosure
92700Siemens SIMATIC Step 7 TIA Project File 7pk security [CVE-2016-7959]
92699Plone CMS redirect [CVE-2016-7137]🔒
92698Plone CMS path traversal [CVE-2016-7135]🔒
92697Plone CMS Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7140]🔒
92696Plone CMS Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7139]🔒
92695Plone CMS Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7138]🔒
92694Plone CMS Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7136]🔒
92693SAP NetWeaver Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-7437]
92692SAP SLD Registration Program memory corruption [CVE-2016-3638]
92691SAP NetWeaver UCON Security Protection access control [CVE-2016-3635]
92690Acano Server XMPP Authentication input validation [CVE-2016-6445]🔒
92689Cisco Meeting Server XMPP Authentication input validation [CVE-2016-6445]🔒
92688FreeBSD libarchive symlink
92687FreeBSD bspatch integer coercion
92686FreeBSD portsnap privileges management
92685Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript API 7pk security [CVE-2016-6957]🔒🔒
92684Adobe Acrobat Reader Security Control access control [CVE-2016-6958]🔒🔒
92683Adobe Acrobat Reader integer overflow [CVE-2016-6999]🔒🔒
92682Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7019]🔒🔒
92681Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7018]🔒🔒
92680Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7017]🔒🔒
92679Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7016]🔒🔒
92678Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7015]🔒🔒
92677Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7014]🔒🔒
92676Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7013]🔒🔒
92675Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7012]🔒🔒
92674Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7011]🔒🔒
92673Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7010]🔒🔒
92672Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7009]🔒🔒
92671Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7008]🔒🔒
92670Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7007]🔒🔒
92669Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7006]🔒🔒
92668Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7005]🔒🔒
92667Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7004]🔒🔒
92666Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7003]🔒🔒
92665Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7002]🔒🔒
92664Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7001]🔒🔒
92663Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-7000]🔒🔒
92662Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6998]🔒🔒
92661Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6997]🔒🔒
92660Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6996]🔒🔒
92659Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6995]🔒🔒
92658Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6978]🔒🔒
92657Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6977]🔒🔒
92656Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6976]🔒🔒
92655Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6975]🔒🔒
92654Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6974]🔒🔒
92653Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6973]🔒🔒
92652Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6972]🔒🔒
92651Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6970]🔒🔒
92650Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6966]🔒🔒
92649Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6960]🔒🔒
92648Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6959]🔒🔒
92647Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6956]🔒🔒
92646Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6955]🔒🔒
92645Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6954]🔒🔒
92644Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6951]🔒🔒
92643Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6950]🔒🔒
92642Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6948]🔒🔒
92641Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6947]🔒🔒
92640Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6943]🔒🔒
92639Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6942]🔒🔒
92638Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6941]🔒🔒
92637Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6940]🔒🔒
92636Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6994]🔒🔒
92635Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6939]🔒🔒
92634Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6993]🔒🔒
92633Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6988]🔒🔒
92632Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6979]🔒🔒
92631Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6971]🔒🔒
92630Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6969]🔒🔒
92629Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6968]🔒🔒
92628Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6967]🔒🔒
92627Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6965]🔒🔒
92626Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6964]🔒🔒
92625Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6963]🔒🔒
92624Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6962]🔒🔒
92623Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6961]🔒🔒
92622Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6953]🔒🔒
92621Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6952]🔒🔒
92620Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6949]🔒🔒
92619Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6946]🔒🔒
92618Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6945]🔒🔒
92617Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6944]🔒🔒
92616Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-1091]🔒🔒
92615Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-1089]🔒🔒
92614Adobe Flash Player Security Control access control [CVE-2016-4286]🔒🔒
92613Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6990]🔒🔒
92612Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6989]🔒🔒
92611Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6986]🔒🔒
92610Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6985]🔒🔒
92609Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6984]🔒🔒
92608Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6983]🔒🔒
92607Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6982]🔒🔒
92606Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4273]🔒🔒
92605Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6987]🔒🔒
92604Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6981]🔒🔒
92603Adobe Flash Player type conversion [CVE-2016-6992]🔒🔒
92602HP VAN SDN Controller SSLv3 POODLE cryptographic issues🔒🔒🔒
92600OpenSSL x509_name_ex_d2i double free
92599OpenSSL asn1_item_embed_new Free memory corruption
92598Targus Multimedia Presentation Remote missing encryption
92597Logitech Wireless Presenter missing encryption
92596Microsoft Windows Internet Messaging API File information disclosure🔒
92595Microsoft Windows Diagnostics Hub access control [CVE-2016-7188]🔒🔒
92594Microsoft Windows Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-0079]🔒🔒
92593Microsoft Windows Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-0075]🔒🔒
92592Microsoft Windows Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-0073]🔒🔒
92591Microsoft Windows Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-0070]🔒🔒
92590Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-7211]🔒
92589Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-7185]🔒🔒
92588Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-3376]🔒🔒
92587Microsoft Windows Transaction Manager access control [CVE-2016-3341]🔒🔒
92586Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-3266]🔒🔒
92585Microsoft Windows Video Control memory corruption [CVE-2016-0142]🔒🔒
92584Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-7193]🔒🔒
92583Microsoft Windows True Type Font input validation [CVE-2016-7182]🔒🔒
92582Microsoft Windows GDI+ access control [CVE-2016-3396]🔒🔒
92581Microsoft Windows Graphics access control [CVE-2016-3393]🔒🔒
92580Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-3270]🔒🔒
92579Microsoft Windows GDI+ information disclosure [CVE-2016-3263]🔒🔒
92578Microsoft Windows GDI+ information disclosure [CVE-2016-3262]🔒🔒
92577Microsoft Windows True Type Font information disclosure [CVE-2016-3209]🔒🔒
92576Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7194]🔒🔒
92575Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7190]🔒🔒
92574Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-7189]🔒🔒
92573Microsoft Edge access control [CVE-2016-3392]🔒🔒
92572Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3391]🔒🔒
92571Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3390]🔒🔒
92570Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3389]🔒🔒
92569Microsoft Edge access control [CVE-2016-3388]🔒🔒
92568Microsoft Edge access control [CVE-2016-3387]🔒🔒
92567Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3386]🔒🔒
92566Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3382]🔒🔒
92565Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3331]🔒🔒
92564Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3267]🔒🔒
92563Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3391]🔒🔒
92562Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒🔒
92561Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2016-3388]🔒🔒
92560Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2016-3387]🔒
92559Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒🔒
92558Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3384]🔒🔒
92557Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3383]🔒🔒
92556Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
92555Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3331]🔒
92554Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3298]🔒🔒
92553Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3267]🔒🔒
92552VMware vRealize Operations Address Updater access control [CVE-2016-7457]🔒
92551LG PC Suite Updater missing encryption
92550IBM WebSphere Cookie Deserialization access control [CVE-2016-5983]🔒🔒
92549Apache Tomcat access control [CVE-2016-5425]🔒🔒
92548SAP SAPCRYPTOLIB Signature Check access control [CVE-2016-4407]
92547SAP Console credentials management [CVE-2016-3946]
92546SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REFRESH_CONFIG_CTC access control
92545SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REORG_SPOOL access control
92544SAP NetWeaver SCTC_TMS_MAINTAIN_ALOG access control
92543SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REFRESH_IMPORT_USR_CLNT access control
92542SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REFRESH_IMPORT_USR_CLNT access control
92541SAP NetWeaver PREPARE_CHECK_CAPACITY access control
92540Contenido CMS com_adagency main.php Backend cross site scriting
92539Facebook API authorize redirect
92538Billion Router 7700NR4 Telnet Service hard-coded credentials
92537AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR SSL Certificate Verification Service improper authentication
92536AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR PwdGrp.cgi command injection
92535AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR adcommand.cgi command injection
92534AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR CloudSetup.cgi command injection
92533AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR Captcha improper authentication
92532AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR Captcha VerifyCode.cgi improper authentication
92531AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR cgibox information disclosure
92530AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR Config.cgi privileges management
92529AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR Config.cgi privileges management
92528AVTECH DVR Search.cgi privileges management
92527AVTECH DVR Search.cgi information disclosure
92526AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR nobody information disclosure
92525AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR CSRF Protection privileges management
92524AVTECH IP Camera/NVR/DVR Password Storage missing encryption
92523RSA Enterprise Compromise Assessment Tool xml external entity reference
92522Intel SSD Toolbox Updater Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-8101]
92521Intel Integrated Performance Primitives RSA Private Key information disclosure
92520QEMU LSI SAS1068 Host Bus Emulation mptsas_process_scsi_io_request out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
92519Node.js X.509 Certificate tlscheckServerIdentity data processing🔒🔒
92518Node.js ServerResponse#writeHead Split response splitting🔒🔒
92517Linux Kernel HW PMU perf_event.c access control🔒🔒
92516Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver msm-lsm-client.c access control
92515Linux Kernel dma-mapping.c dma_mmap Kernel Memory information disclosure
92514Google Chrome input validation [CVE-2016-5178]🔒🔒
92513Google Chrome v8 use after free [CVE-2016-5177]🔒🔒
92512Fujitsu Wireless Keyboard Set LX901 missing encryption
92511Microsoft Wireless Desktop 2000 Storage Management privileges management
92510Apple iOS Browser Temporary denial of service [Disputed]
92509Apache Tomcat JK ISAPI Connector jk_uri_worker_map.c memory corruption🔒🔒
92508libav MP3 File rnd_template.c put_no_rnd_pixels8_xy2_mmx null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92507Red Hat CloudForms Management Engine Regex access control [CVE-2016-7040]
92506GNU C Library makecontext access control🔒🔒
92505Citrix License Server/License Server VPX denial of service [CVE-2016-6273]
92504Linux Kernel UEFI Secure Boot access control [CVE-2016-3699]🔒🔒
92503Fortinet FortiManager Report Filter cross site scripting [CVE-2015-7363]🔒
92502OpenStack Image Parser resource management [CVE-2015-5162]🔒🔒
92501Symantec Web Gateway new_whitelist.php os command injection🔒🔒
92500VMware Horizon View path traversal [CVE-2016-7087]🔒
92499Wireshark NCP Dissector denial of service
92498Wireshark L2CAP Dissector denial of service
92497Pivotal Cloud Foundry MariaDB audit_plugin information disclosure
92496Cisco HostScan Engine URL cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6436]
92495Cisco FirePOWER Management Center Web Console File information disclosure🔒
92494Cisco FirePOWER Management Center CLI improper authentication🔒
92493Cisco FirePOWER Management Center Threat Management Console input validation🔒
92492Cisco IOS XR access control [CVE-2016-6428]🔒🔒
92491Cisco Unified Intelligence Center cross-site request forgery
92490Cisco Unified Intelligence Center URL cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6425]
92489Cisco IOS ACL input validation [CVE-2016-6422]🔒
92488IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager cross site scripting
92487IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager information disclosure
92486IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager Reuse access control
92485IBM Sterling Secure Proxy Configuration Manager path traversal
92484Cisco NX-OS BGP UPDATE Message input validation [CVE-2016-1454]🔒
92483Zotpress Plugin zp_get_account information disclosure🔒🔒
92482contus-video-comments Plugin File Upload path traversal [CVE-2016-1000112]
92481Ipswitch Whatsup Gold WrFreeFormText.asp Blind sql injection
92480mailcwp Plugin Upload privileges management [CVE-2015-10000]
92479Cisco NX-OS DHCPv4 Relay resource management [CVE-2015-6393]🔒🔒
92478Cisco NX-OS AAA Security Restrictions access control [CVE-2015-0721]🔒🔒
92477Cisco NX-OS OTV GRE memory corruption [CVE-2016-1453]🔒🔒
92476Cisco ASA DHCP Relay Interface resource management🔒 libXvMC Underflow memory corruption [CVE-2016-7953]🔒🔒 libXv out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-5407]🔒🔒 XRecord input validation [CVE-2016-7952]🔒🔒 XRecord out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7951]🔒🔒 libXrender out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7950]🔒🔒 libXrender out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7949]🔒🔒 libXrandr out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7948]🔒🔒 libXrandr out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7947]🔒🔒 libXi access control [CVE-2016-7946]🔒🔒 libXi out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-7945]🔒🔒 libXfixes integer overflow [CVE-2016-7944]🔒🔒 libX11 out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7943]🔒🔒 libX11 out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-7942]🔒🔒
92462XenSource Xen CR0.EM/CR0.TS Memory race condition🔒🔒
92461RealEstate CMS Add cross site scriting
92460Hipchat Plugin Key information disclosure [CVE-2016-6668]
92459Flash Operator Panel User Control Panel Persistent cross site scriting
92458Clean Master privileges management
92457Cyberoam iView UTM AjaxController cross site scriting
92456INDAS Web SCADA path traversal [CVE-2016-8343]
92455QEMU pcnet.c pcnet_rdra_addr resource management🔒🔒
92454QEMU Buffer Descriptor Count mcf_fec.c mcf_fec_do_tx resource management🔒🔒
92453QEMU Buffer Descriptor Count imx_fec.c imx_fec_do_tx input validation🔒🔒
92452Fortinet FortiWLC pam.log information disclosure
92451Fortinet FortiWLC rsyncd Server hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-7560]
92450QEMU ethlite Packet memory corruption [CVE-2016-7161]🔒🔒
92449Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-7020]🔒🔒
92448Pivotal Spring Data JPA Sort sql injection [CVE-2016-6652]🔒
92447Intel Unified Contact Center j_spring_security_switch_user Account input validation
92446Cisco IOS/IOS XE IKEv2 Client resource management [CVE-2016-6423]🔒
92445Cisco FirePOWER Management Center sql injection [CVE-2016-6419]🔒
92444Cisco Videoscape Distribution Suite Service Manager cross site scripting
92443IBM WebSphere Application Server Java access control [CVE-2016-5983]🔒🔒
92442IBM Business Process Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5901]
92441IBM B2B Advanced Communications 10x cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5892]
92440Johnson & Johnson Animas OneTouch Ping Acknowledgement improper authentication
92439Johnson & Johnson Animas OneTouch Ping improper authentication
92438Johnson & Johnson Animas OneTouch Ping Random Number Generator random values
92437Johnson & Johnson Animas OneTouch Ping cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-5084]
92436HPE KeyView Filter SDK privileges management [CVE-2016-4390]
92435HPE KeyView Filter SDK privileges management [CVE-2016-4389]
92434HPE KeyView Filter SDK privileges management [CVE-2016-4388]
92433HPE KeyView Filter SDK privileges management [CVE-2016-4387]
92432American Auto-Matrix Aspect-Nexus Building Automation Front-End Password cleartext storage
92431American Auto-Matrix Aspect-Nexus Building Automation Front-End File information disclosure
92430Cisco NX-OS iptables information disclosure [CVE-2016-1455]🔒
92429Cisco NX-OS IPv4 DHCP Packet resource management [CVE-2015-6392]🔒🔒
92428Beckhoff Embedded PC/ADS TwinCAT access control [CVE-2014-5415]
92427Beckhoff Embedded PC/ADS TwinCAT 7pk security [CVE-2014-5414]
92426U by BB/T App X.509 Certificate Chain Validation cryptographic issues
92425EMC Replication Manager Client input validation [CVE-2016-0913]
92424EMC Unisphere for VMAX Virtual Appliance vApp Manager input validation🔒
92423EMC Unisphere for VMAX Virtual Appliance vApp Manager input validation🔒
92422EMC Replication Manager privileges management
92421Serimux SSH Console Switch systeminfo.asp cross site scriting
92420Serimux SSH Console Switch portconfiguration.asp cross site scriting
92419Serimux SSH Console Switch syslog.asp cross site scriting
92418Serimux SSH Console Switch tcpsettings.asp cross site scriting
92417Serimux SSH Console Switch portconnect.asp cross site scriting
92416Sparkasse Bank WebSite blind.php cross site scriting
92415Sparkasse Bank WebSite index.php cross site scriting
92414Aura DVD Ripper Library privileges management
92413Aura Video Converter Library privileges management
92412OpenSSH SSH2_MSG_NEWKEYS Message packet.c ssh_packet_read_poll2 null pointer dereference
92411Snort Library tcapi.dll untrusted search path
92410Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2016-5343]
92409Google Android Qualcomm integer overflow [CVE-2016-5344]
92408Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2016-6696]
92407Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2016-6695]
92406Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2016-6694]
92405Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2016-6693]
92404Google Android Qualcomm null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-6692]
92403Google Android Qualcomm encoding error [CVE-2016-6691]
92402Google Android Kernel Sound Driver access control [CVE-2016-6690]
92401Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
92400Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-6689]
92399Google Android NVIDIA Profiler information disclosure [CVE-2016-6688]
92398Google Android NVIDIA Profiler information disclosure [CVE-2016-6687]
92397Google Android NVIDIA Profiler information disclosure [CVE-2016-6686]
92396Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-6685]
92395Google Android Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2015-8956]🔒🔒
92394Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-6684]
92393Google Android Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-6683]
92392Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6682]
92391Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6681]
92390Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6680]
92389Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-3902]
92388Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2016-6679]
92387Google Android Motorola USBNet Driver information disclosure
92386Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3860]
92385Google Android Qualcomm Character Driver race condition [CVE-2015-0572]
92384Google Android NVIDIA GPU Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-6677]
92383Google Android Kernel ION Subsystem cross site scripting [CVE-2016-8950]
92382Google Android Kernel Performance Subsystem privileges management
92381Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-5342]
92380Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-6676]
92379Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-6675]
92378Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-3905]
92377Google Android system_server input validation [CVE-2016-6674]
92376Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6673]
92375Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-6672]
92374Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-3940]
92373Google Android Qualcomm Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3939]
92372Google Android Qualcomm Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3938]
92371Google Android MediaTek Video Driver input validation [CVE-2016-3937]
92370Google Android MediaTek Video Driver input validation [CVE-2016-3936]
92369Google Android Qualcomm Crypto Engine Driver integer overflow
92368Google Android Qualcomm Crypto Engine Driver integer overflow
92367Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver improper authentication
92366Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3934]
92365Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-3903]
92364Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3933]
92363Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3932]
92362Google Android Qualcomm QSEE Communicator Driver access control
92361Google Android NVIDIA MMC Test Driver access control [CVE-2016-3930]
92360Google Android Qualcomm Networking race condition [CVE-2016-2059]
92359Google Android Qualcomm Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3929]
92358Google Android Qualcomm Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3927]
92357Google Android Qualcomm Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3926]
92356Google Android Kernel Shared Memory Driver input validation [CVE-2016-5340]
92355Google Android MediaTek Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3928]
92354Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem data processing [CVE-2016-7117]🔒🔒
92353Google Android ASN.1 Decoder integer overflow [CVE-2016-0758]🔒🔒
92352Google Android Wi-Fi access control [CVE-2016-3925]
92351Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3924]
92350Google Android Accessibility Services Interface access control
92349Google Android Telephony access control [CVE-2016-3922]
92348Google Android Framework Listener access control [CVE-2016-3921]
92347Google Android Mediaserver Hang input validation
92346Google Android GPS Hang resource management
92345Google Android Wi-Fi access control [CVE-2016-3882]
92344Google Android AOSP Mail information disclosure [CVE-2016-3918]
92343Google Android Fingerprint Logon access control [CVE-2016-3917]
92342Google Android Camera Service memory corruption [CVE-2016-3916]
92341Google Android Camera Service access control [CVE-2016-3915]
92340Google Android Telephony race condition [CVE-2016-3914]
92339Google Android Framework API access control [CVE-2016-3912]
92338Google Android Zygote access control [CVE-2016-3911]
92337Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3913]
92336Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3910]
92335Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3909]
92334Google Android Lock Settings Service access control [CVE-2016-3908]
92333Google Android ServiceManager access control [CVE-2016-3900]
92332Huawei eSight path traversal [CVE-2016-8280]
92331Huawei USG9520/USG9560/USG9580 URL input validation [CVE-2016-8278]
92330Huawei USG9520/USG9560/USG9580 Command Parameter input validation
92329Huawei USG2100/USG2200/USG5100/USG5500 PPPoE memory corruption
92328Drupal Configuration Export system.temporary access control🔒🔒
92327Drupal HTTP Exception cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7571]🔒🔒
92326Drupal Administer Comments Permission access control [CVE-2016-7570]🔒🔒
92325OpenJPEG convert.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92324Sophos UTM Frontend information disclosure [CVE-2016-7442]
92323ADOdb Library PDO Driver qstr sql injection🔒🔒
92322Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Reverse-Proxy resource management🔒
92321Ceph RGW URL 7pk security🔒🔒
92320GD Graphics Library TGA File gd_tga.c read_image_tga out-of-bounds read🔒
92319MongoDB Client .dbshell information disclosure🔒🔒
92318gdk-pixbuf ICO File io-ico.c OneLine32 out-of-bounds write🔒
92317Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization ovirt-engine-provisiondb Log log file🔒
92316Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Business Process Editor cross site scripting
92315c-ares ares_create_query out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
92314Apache MyFaces Trinidad CoreResponseStateManager deserialization🔒
92313Apache Struts2 Action Name Cleanup cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
92312LibTIFF tiffset tif_dirwrite.c TIFFWriteDirectoryTagLongLong8Array out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
92311LibTIFF Thumbnail Tool tif_dirinfo.c tagCompare out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
92310LibTIFF Thumbnail Tool setrow out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
92309LibTIFF tiff2bw tif_read.c out-of-bounds read🔒
92308LibTIFF rgb2ycbcr cvtClump out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
92307LibTIFF rgb2ycbcr divide by zero [CVE-2016-3623]🔒🔒
92306LibTIFF bmp2tiff tif_dumpmode.c DumpModeEncode out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
92305ClamAV Antivirus 7z File access control [CVE-2016-1372]🔒🔒
92304ClamAV Antivirus Mew Packer File access control [CVE-2016-1371]🔒🔒
92303unADF PDF File extractTree input validation🔒🔒
92302unADF extractTree memory corruption🔒🔒
92301Huawei AR Router inadequate encryption [CVE-2015-8086]
92300Huawei AR Router Password Storage inadequate encryption [CVE-2015-8085]
92299Apache Derby SqlXmlUtil xml external entity reference [CVE-2015-1832]🔒
92298FreeRDP Connection Close null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-4119]🔒
92297FreeRDP null pointer dereference [CVE-2013-4118]🔒🔒
92296TeempIp Multiple Choice cross site scriting
92295SAP NetWeaver Security Audit Log access control [CVE-2016-4551]
92294SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REFRESH_CHECK_ENV access control
92293SAP NetWeaver SCTC_TMS_MAINTAIN_ALOG access control
92292libdbd-mysql-perl Error Message memory corruption [CVE-2016-1246]🔒🔒
92291SAP NetWeaver SCTC_REFRESH_EXPORT_TAB_COMP access control
92290WordPress Patch CVE-2016-6635 denial of service
92289Apache Tomcat input validation [CVE-2016-1240]🔒🔒
92288Cisco Email Security Appliance FTP Throttling memory corruption🔒
92287Cisco Web Security Appliance FTP Throttling memory corruption🔒
92286Cisco Content Security Management Appliance FTP Throttling memory corruption🔒
92285Cisco IOS/IOS XE IP Fragment Reassembly resource management [CVE-2016-6386]🔒
92284Cisco IOS/IOS XE IP Detail Record input validation [CVE-2016-6379]🔒
92283Cisco IOS/IOS XE H.323 Message Validator resource management🔒
92282Cisco IOS/IOS XE DNS Forwarder input validation [CVE-2016-6380]🔒🔒
92281Perixx PERIDUO-710W missing encryption
92280CompTIA WebSite Support Username improper authentication
92279Cherry B.UNLIMITED AES missing encryption
92278Huge-IT Portfolio Gallery Plugin ajax_url.php sql injection
92277Ubiquiti UniFi AP AC Lite access control [CVE-2016-7792]
92276IBM WebSphere Application Server Web UI cross site scripting🔒
92275Cisco FireSIGHT access control [CVE-2016-6420]🔒
92274Cisco FireSIGHT cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6417]🔒
92273Cisco IOS XR OSPF LSA Processing resource management [CVE-2016-6421]🔒
92272F5 BIG-IP CGNAT/NAT64 Config access control🔒🔒
92271Sophos UTM Proxy User Setting Password information disclosure
92270Sophos UTM SMTP User Setting Password information disclosure
92269Logitech M520 Communication missing encryption
92268F5 BIG-IP Proxy/SOCKS access control [CVE-2016-5700]🔒🔒
92267Siemens SCALANCE M-800/SCALANCE S615 Web Server Cookie information disclosure
92266Pivotal Cloud Foundry UAA Endpoint token access control
92265Pivotal Cloud Foundry cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6637]
92264Pivotal Cloud Foundry OAuth redirect [CVE-2016-6636]
92263Google Chrome SafeBrowsing access control [CVE-2016-5176]🔒🔒
92262Aternity getMBeansFromURL resource transfer [CVE-2016-5062]
92261Aternity cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5061]
92260HP Network Automation Serialized Java Object deserialization🔒
92259KeepNote Backup Import path traversal
92258ABUS Security Center FTP Login Persistent cross site scriting
92257Cisco IOS/IOS XE Software Smart Install resource management [CVE-2016-6385]🔒
92256Cisco IOS/IOS XE Multicast Routing resource management [CVE-2016-6392]🔒🔒
92255Cisco IOS/IOS XE Multicast Routing resource management [CVE-2016-6382]🔒🔒
92254Cisco IOS/IOS XE IKEv1 Fragmentation resource management [CVE-2016-6381]🔒🔒
92253Cisco IOS XE NAT resource management [CVE-2016-6378]🔒
92252Cisco IOS Common Industrial Protocol Request resource management🔒🔒
92251Cisco IOS/IOS XE AAA Login resource management [CVE-2016-6393]🔒
92250GD Graphics Library gd_webp.c gdImageWebpCtx integer overflow🔒🔒
92249Microsoft Azure Active Directory Passport improper authentication🔒
92248HPE Network Automation File privileges management [CVE-2016-4386]
92247Huge-IT Catalog ajax_url.php sql injection
92246Huge-IT Video Gallery ajax_url.php sql injection
92245Adobe Flash Sandbox clickjacking
92244Adobe Flash Sandbox privileges management
92243Adobe Flash Sandbox privileges management
92242Microsoft Skype Installer cryptui.dll access control🔒
92241Revive Adserver Reflected cross site scriting
92240Revive Adserver User authentication spoofing
92239Revive Adserver Reflected privileges management
92238Symantec Messaging Gateway Charting doGet path traversal🔒🔒
92237D-Link DWR-932B UPnP privileges management
92236D-Link DWR-932B File Permission netcfg privileges management
92235D-Link DWR-932B FOTA Server Credentials information disclosure
92234D-Link DWR-932B No-IP Credentials information disclosure
92233D-Link DWR-932B WPS Generation improper authentication
92232D-Link DWR-932B WPS Default improper authentication
92231D-Link DWR-932B Telnet Server appmgr backdoor
92230D-Link DWR-932B HTTP Service hard-coded password
92229D-Link DWR-932B SSH Service backdoor
92228D-Link DWR-932B Telnet Service backdoor
92227AVer EH6108H+ Hybrid DVR Password information disclosure [CVE-2016-6537]
92226AVer EH6108H+ Hybrid DVR Config Page access control [CVE-2016-6536]
92225AVer EH6108H+ Hybrid DVR Telnet Service hard-coded credentials
92224EMC ViPR SRM Stored cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6647]
92223ISC BIND Query buffer.c input validation🔒🔒🔒
92222OpenStack Compute Compute Nodes Disk Consumption resource management
92221GnuTLS OCSP Response Length ocsp.c gnutls_ocsp_resp_check_crt access control🔒🔒
92220Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Authentication deserialization
92219SAP TREX NameServer information disclosure [CVE-2016-6146]
92218SAP TREX unspecified command injection
92217Apache ActiveMQ Artemis Broker/REST GetObject deserialization🔒🔒
92216Huawei Policy Center cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4058]
92215Django Cookie Parsing 7pk security [CVE-2016-7401]🔒🔒
92214HPE LoadRunner/Performance Center denial of service
92213Huawei Mate S/Honor 6/Honor 6 Plus Video Driver access control
92212File Roller file-utils.c _g_file_remove_directory input validation🔒🔒
92211InspIRCd m_sasl access control [CVE-2016-7142]🔒🔒
92210GNU wget Recursive Mode/Mirroring Mode race condition [CVE-2016-7098]🔒🔒
92209Adobe Digital Editions use after free [CVE-2016-6980]🔒
92208Huawei AR3600 input validation [CVE-2016-6901]
92207Huawei OceanStor ISM Management Interface doLogin_CgiEntry cross site scripting
92206Huawei FusionCompute Key Store information disclosure [CVE-2016-6827]
92205Huawei AnyMail Compressed Email Attachment access control [CVE-2016-6826]
92204Huawei S9300/S5300/S5700/S6700/S7700/S9700/S12700 resource management
92203OpenSSL DTLS statem_dtls.c resource management🔒🔒
92202OpenSSL State-Machine statem.c resource consumption🔒🔒
92201OpenSSL Certificate Parser s3_srvr.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
92200OpenSSL rec_layer_s3.c ssl3_read_bytes input validation🔒🔒
92199OpenSSL OCSP Status Request Extension t1_lib.c resource management🔒🔒
92198Citrix Linux Virtual Delivery Agent access control [CVE-2016-6276]
92197PowerDNS Authoritative Server AXFR/IXFR Response resource consumption🔒🔒
92196SQLite Temporary File os_unix.c input validation🔒🔒
92195SAP HANA DB Syslog neutralization for logs [CVE-2016-6142]
92194IBM Tivoli Lightweight Infrastructure Eclipse Help path traversal🔒
92193IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web Portal password recovery
92192IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web Portal Policy password recovery
92191IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5978]
92190IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web Portal redirect [CVE-2016-5977]
92189IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web Portal Password information disclosure
92188IBM Tealeaf Customer Experience Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5975]
92187IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager cross site scripting
92186IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager access control [CVE-2016-5972]
92185IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager xml external entity reference
92184IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager URL path traversal [CVE-2016-5970]
92183IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager Updater access control
92182IBM Security Privileged Identity Manager cryptographic issues
92181IBM Spectrum Control input validation [CVE-2016-5947]
92180IBM Spectrum Control URL information disclosure [CVE-2016-5946]
92179IBM Spectrum Control Upload access control [CVE-2016-5945]
92178IBM Spectrum Control Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5944]
92177IBM Spectrum Control access control [CVE-2016-5943]
92176libstorage/libstorage-ng/yast-storage pwdf Password information disclosure🔒
92175Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform Domain Controller access control🔒
92174Apache Ranger Policy cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5395]
92173WildFly Undertow Web Server Header crlf injection🔒
92172OpenStack Murano MuranoPL/UI File input validation [CVE-2016-4972]
92171cJSON Library UTF8/UTF16 cjson.c parse_string memory corruption🔒🔒
92170Red Hat JBoss Web Server mod_cluster input validation [CVE-2016-3110]🔒
92169IBM WebSphere Application Server redirect [CVE-2016-3040]
92168IBM Connections cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-3007]
92167IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3006]
92166IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3003]
92165IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3001]
92164IBM Connections Help Service input validation [CVE-2016-3000]
92163IBM Connections information disclosure [CVE-2016-2999]
92162IBM WebSphere MQ Protocol Flow data processing [CVE-2016-0379]🔒
92161IBM Security Guardium SSL information disclosure [CVE-2016-0248]
92160OpenSSL CRL Sanity Check null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7052]🔒🔒
92159OpenSSL Message use after free [CVE-2016-6309]🔒🔒
92158Epson WorkForce Multi-Function Printer Firmware Update privileges management
92157Google Chrome IPC Message null pointer dereference🔒🔒
92156Google Chrome OS format string [CVE-2016-5169]
92155Apple iTunes WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4769]🔒🔒
92154Apple OS X Server ServerDocs Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-4754]🔒
92153Apple Safari Tabs 7pk security [CVE-2016-4751]🔒🔒
92152Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4765]🔒🔒
92151Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4733]🔒🔒
92150Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4768]🔒🔒
92149Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4767]🔒🔒
92148Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4766]🔒🔒
92147Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4759]🔒🔒
92146Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4737]🔒🔒
92145Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4735]🔒🔒
92144Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4734]🔒🔒
92143Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4730]🔒🔒
92142Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4611]🔒🔒
92141Apple tvOS WebKit input validation [CVE-2016-4728]🔒🔒
92140Apple tvOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-4753]🔒🔒
92139Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4738]🔒🔒
92138Apple tvOS libxml2 use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
92137Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4658]🔒🔒
92136Apple tvOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4778]🔒🔒
92135Apple tvOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4777]🔒🔒
92134Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4775]🔒🔒
92133Apple tvOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4776]🔒🔒
92132Apple tvOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4774]🔒🔒
92131Apple tvOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4773]🔒🔒
92130Apple tvOS Kernel resource management [CVE-2016-4772]🔒🔒
92129Apple tvOS IOAcceleratorFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4726]🔒🔒
92128Apple tvOS IOAcceleratorFamily Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92127Apple tvOS FontParser Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92126Apple tvOS CoreCrypto out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4712]🔒🔒
92125Apple tvOS CFNetwork information disclosure [CVE-2016-4708]🔒🔒
92124Apple tvOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-4702]🔒🔒
92123Apple watchOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4737]🔒🔒
92122Apple watchOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-4753]🔒🔒
92121Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4738]🔒🔒
92120Apple watchOS libxml2 use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
92119Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4658]🔒🔒
92118Apple watchOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4778]🔒🔒
92117Apple watchOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4777]🔒🔒
92116Apple watchOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4775]🔒🔒
92115Apple watchOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4776]🔒🔒
92114Apple watchOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4774]🔒🔒
92113Apple watchOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4773]🔒🔒
92112Apple watchOS Kernel resource management [CVE-2016-4772]🔒🔒
92111Apple watchOS IOAcceleratorFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4726]🔒🔒
92110Apple watchOS IOAcceleratorFamily Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92108Apple watchOS FontParser Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92107Apple watchOS CoreCrypto out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4712]🔒🔒
92106Apple watchOS CFNetwork information disclosure [CVE-2016-4708]🔒🔒
92105Apple watchOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-4702]🔒🔒
92104Apple macOS WindowServer type conversion [CVE-2016-4710]🔒🔒
92103Apple macOS WindowServer type conversion [CVE-2016-4709]🔒🔒
92102Apple macOS Terminal information disclosure [CVE-2016-4755]🔒🔒
92101Apple macOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-4753]🔒🔒
92100Apple macOS Security Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
92099Apple macOS S2 Camera memory corruption [CVE-2016-4750]🔒🔒
92098Apple macOS Perl Taint 7pk security🔒🔒
92097Apple macOS NSSecureTextField Credentials information disclosure🔒🔒
92096Apple macOS mDNSResponder information disclosure [CVE-2016-4739]🔒🔒
92095Apple macOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4738]🔒🔒
92094Apple macOS libxml2 use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
92093Apple macOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4658]🔒🔒
92092Apple macOS libarchive memory corruption [CVE-2016-4736]🔒🔒
92091Apple macOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4778]🔒🔒
92090Apple macOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4777]🔒🔒
92089Apple macOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4775]🔒🔒
92088Apple macOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4776]🔒🔒
92087Apple macOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4774]🔒🔒
92086Apple macOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4773]🔒🔒
92085Apple macOS Kernel resource management [CVE-2016-4772]🔒🔒
92084Apple macOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-4771]🔒🔒
92083Apple macOS Kerberos v5 PAM module User information disclosure🔒🔒
92082Apple macOS IOThunderboltFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4727]🔒🔒
92081Apple macOS IOAcceleratorFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4726]🔒🔒
92080Apple macOS IOAcceleratorFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4725]🔒🔒
92079Apple macOS IOAcceleratorFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4724]🔒🔒
92078Apple macOS Intel Graphics Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-4723]🔒🔒
92077Apple macOS IDS - Connectivity input validation [CVE-2016-4722]🔒🔒
92076Apple macOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4718]🔒🔒
92075Apple macOS File Bookmark denial of service [CVE-2016-4717]🔒🔒
92074Apple macOS DiskArbitration access control [CVE-2016-4716]🔒🔒
92073Apple macOS Date / Time Pref Pane Location information disclosure🔒🔒
92072Apple macOS curl improper authentication [CVE-2016-0755]🔒🔒
92071Apple macOS CoreDisplay Screen access control🔒🔒
92070Apple macOS CoreCrypto out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4712]🔒🔒
92069Apple macOS CommonCrypto input validation [CVE-2016-4711]🔒🔒
92068Apple macOS CFNetwork information disclosure [CVE-2016-4708]🔒🔒
92067Apple macOS CFNetwork data processing [CVE-2016-4707]🔒🔒
92066Apple macOS cd9660 input validation [CVE-2016-4706]🔒🔒
92065Apple macOS Bluetooth memory corruption [CVE-2016-4703]🔒🔒
92064Apple macOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-4702]🔒🔒
92063Apple macOS ATS memory corruption [CVE-2016-4779]🔒🔒
92062Apple macOS Application Firewall input validation [CVE-2016-4701]🔒🔒
92061Apple macOS AppleUUC memory corruption [CVE-2016-4700]🔒🔒
92060Apple macOS AppleUUC memory corruption [CVE-2016-4699]🔒🔒
92059Apple macOS AppleMobileFileIntegrity input validation [CVE-2016-4698]🔒🔒
92058Apple macOS AppleEFIRuntime null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4696]🔒🔒
92057Apple macOS Apple HSSPI Support memory corruption [CVE-2016-4697]🔒🔒
92056Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-6297]🔒🔒
92055Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-6296]🔒🔒
92054Apple macOS apache_mod_php use after free [CVE-2016-6295]🔒🔒
92053Apple macOS apache_mod_php out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-6294]🔒🔒
92052Apple macOS apache_mod_php null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-6292]🔒🔒
92051Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-6291]🔒🔒
92050Apple macOS apache_mod_php use after free [CVE-2016-6290]🔒🔒
92049Apple macOS apache_mod_php integer overflow [CVE-2016-6289]🔒🔒
92048Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-6288]🔒🔒
92047Apple macOS apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-6174]🔒🔒
92046Apple macOS apache_mod_php use after free [CVE-2016-5773]🔒🔒
92045Apple macOS apache_mod_php double free [CVE-2016-5772]🔒🔒
92044Apple macOS apache_mod_php use after free [CVE-2016-5771]🔒🔒
92043Apple macOS apache_mod_php integer overflow [CVE-2016-5770]🔒🔒
92042Apple macOS apache_mod_php integer overflow [CVE-2016-5769]🔒🔒
92041Apple macOS apache_mod_php double free [CVE-2016-5768]🔒🔒
92040Apple macOS Apache Proxy access control🔒🔒
92039Apple iOS WebKit cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-4763]🔒🔒
92038Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4765]🔒🔒
92037Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4733]🔒🔒
92036Apple iOS WebKit access control [CVE-2016-4760]🔒🔒
92035Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4768]🔒🔒
92034Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4767]🔒🔒
92033Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4766]🔒🔒
92032Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4762]🔒🔒
92031Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4759]
92030Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4737]🔒🔒
92029Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4735]🔒🔒
92028Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4734]🔒🔒
92027Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4731]🔒🔒
92026Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4730]🔒🔒
92025Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4729]🔒🔒
92024Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4611]🔒🔒
92023Apple iOS WebKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-4758]🔒🔒
92022Apple iOS WebKit input validation [CVE-2016-4728]🔒🔒
92021Apple iOS Security input validation [CVE-2016-4753]🔒🔒
92019Apple iOS Safari Reader Universal cross site scripting🔒🔒
92018Apple iOS S2 Camera memory corruption [CVE-2016-4750]🔒🔒
92014Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4738]🔒🔒
92013Apple iOS libxml2 use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
92012Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4658]🔒🔒
92010Apple iOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4778]🔒🔒
92009Apple iOS Kernel access control [CVE-2016-4777]🔒🔒
92008Apple iOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4776]🔒🔒
92007Apple iOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4774]🔒🔒
92006Apple iOS Kernel out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4773]🔒🔒
92005Apple iOS Kernel resource management [CVE-2016-4772]🔒🔒
92004Apple iOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-4771]🔒🔒
92003Apple iOS IOAcceleratorFamily memory corruption [CVE-2016-4726]🔒🔒
92002Apple iOS IOAcceleratorFamily Memory memory corruption🔒🔒
92001Apple iOS IOAcceleratorFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4724]🔒🔒
92000Apple iOS IDS Connectivity input validation [CVE-2016-4722]🔒🔒
91998Apple iOS FontParser memory corruption [CVE-2016-4718]🔒🔒
91997Apple iOS CoreCrypto out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-4712]🔒🔒
91996Apple iOS CommonCrypto input validation [CVE-2016-4711]🔒🔒
91995Apple iOS CFNetwork information disclosure [CVE-2016-4708]🔒🔒
91994Apple iOS CFNetwork data processing [CVE-2016-4707]🔒🔒
91993Apple iOS Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-4702]🔒🔒
91991Apple iOS AppleMobileFileIntegrity input validation [CVE-2016-4698]🔒🔒
91922Apple iOS iTunes Backup excessive authentication
91921DEXIS Imaging Suite SQL Server hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-6532]
91920Open Dental MySQL Server credentials management [CVE-2016-6531] [Disputed]
91919Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller access control🔒
91918Cisco IOS/IOS XE Cisco Application-Hosting Framework input validation🔒
91917Cisco FirePOWER Management Center X.509 Certificate input validation🔒
91916Cisco IOS/IOS XE Cisco Application-Hosting Framework input validation🔒
91915Cisco IOS/IOS XE Data in Motion resource management [CVE-2016-6409]🔒
91914Cisco Prime Home xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-6408]🔒
91913Moxa Active OPC Server unquoted search path [CVE-2016-5793]🔒
91912I-O DATA DEVICE HVL cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4845]
91911EMC RSA Identity Management/Governance User Detail information disclosure
91910OpenSSL DTLS dtls1_preprocess_fragment memory allocation
91909OpenSSL tls_get_message_header memory allocation
91908OpenSSL Certificate Message memory corruption [CVE-2016-6306]
91907OpenSSL DTLS Replay Protection denial of service [CVE-2016-2181]
91906OpenSSL DTLS Buffer denial of service
91905OpenSSL DSA Signing Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-2178]
91904OpenSSL Pointer Arithmetic integer overflow [CVE-2016-2177]🔒🔒
91903OpenSSL TS_OBJ_print_bio memory corruption
91902OpenSSL BN_bn2dec memory corruption
91901OpenSSL SHA512 Ticket denial of service [CVE-2016-6302]
91900OpenSSL MDC2_Update memory corruption
91899OpenSSL DES/3DES SWEET32 missing encryption
91898OpenSSL Empty Record SSL_peek Hang denial of service
91897OpenSSL OCSP Status Request Extension memory allocation [CVE-2016-6304]
91896Reganam 3GP Player Library privileges management
91895SecurityXploded DllHijackAuditor Specify Extension memory corruption
91894Huawei AC6003/AC6005/AC6605/ACU2 CAPWAP Packet input validation
91893Huawei USG2100/USG2200/USG5100/USG5500 EAP Packet memory corruption
91892MuPDF Decode Array pdf-shade.c pdf_load_mesh_params memory corruption🔒🔒
91891Cisco IOS/IOS XE IOx os command injection [CVE-2016-6414]🔒
91890Cisco IronPort AsyncOS Enrollment Client access control [CVE-2016-6406]🔒🔒
91889Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100 dnslookup input validation🔒
91888Cisco Cloud Services Platform 2100 Web-based GUI os command injection🔒
91887Red Hat QuickStart Cloud Installer kickstart MD5 7pk security
91886Red Hat QuickStart Cloud Installer answers access control
91885MuPDF PDF File pdf-xref.c pdf_load_xref use after free🔒🔒
91884Mozilla Firefox Preloaded Public Key Pinning input validation🔒🔒
91883Mozilla Firefox Same Origin Policy access control [CVE-2016-5283]🔒🔒
91882Mozilla Firefox Favicon Scheme information disclosure [CVE-2016-5282]🔒🔒
91881Mozilla Firefox SVG Document DOMSVGLength use after free🔒🔒
91880Mozilla Firefox Bidirectional Text RemoveElementFromMap use after free🔒🔒
91879Mozilla Firefox Drag/Drop information disclosure [CVE-2016-5279]🔒🔒
91878Mozilla Firefox Image Data AddImageFrame memory corruption🔒🔒
91877Mozilla Firefox Timeline Destruction Tick use after free🔒🔒
91876Mozilla Firefox Aria-Owns Attribute ProcessInvalidationList use after free🔒🔒
91875Mozilla Firefox Canvas ComputeSourceNeededRegions memory corruption🔒🔒
91874Mozilla Firefox Web Animations Model CaptureFrameState use after free🔒🔒
91873Mozilla Firefox Accessibility GetChildOffset access control🔒🔒
91872Mozilla Firefox Input Element input validation [CVE-2016-5272]🔒🔒
91871Mozilla Firefox CSS GetSpacingInternal out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91870Mozilla Firefox Text Conversion TransformString out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91869Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-5257]🔒🔒
91868Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-5256]🔒🔒
91867Lenovo ThinkCentre/ThinkServer/ThinkStation BIOS Secure Boot 7pk security
91866Mozilla Firefox CSP Referrer Directive IsValidReferrerPolicy out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91865Cisco IOS/IOS XE Zone-Based Firewall input validation [CVE-2014-2146]🔒
91864BT Wi-Fi Extender 1200 webproc Reflected cross site scriting
91863Microsoft Internet Explorer CORS privileges management [Disputed]
91862Huge-IT Video Gallery sql injection
91861HPE Helion OpenStack Glance access control [CVE-2016-4383]
91860Pidgin MXIT Suggested Contacts Memory information disclosure
91859Pidgin MXIT MultiMX Message memory corruption [CVE-2016-2374]
91858Pidgin MXIT Contact Mood denial of service [CVE-2016-2373]
91857Pidgin MXIT File Transfer Memory information disclosure
91856Pidgin MXIT Extended Profiles memory corruption [CVE-2016-2371]
91855Pidgin MXIT Custom Resource denial of service [CVE-2016-2370]
91854Pidgin MXIT denial of service [CVE-2016-2369]
91853Pidgin MXIT g_snprintf memory corruption
91852Pidgin MXIT Avatar Length Memory information disclosure
91851Pidgin MXIT Table Command denial of service [CVE-2016-2366]
91850Pidgin MXIT Markup Command denial of service [CVE-2016-2365]
91849Pidgin Splash Image File privileges management
91848Pidgin MXIT mxit_convert_markup_tx information disclosure
91847Pidgin missing encryption [CVE-2016-2379]
91846Pidgin MXIT get_utf8_string memory corruption
91845Pidgin HTTP Content-Length memory corruption [CVE-2016-2377]
91844Pidgin MXIT memory corruption [CVE-2016-2376]
91843Pidgin X.509 Certificate Import certificate validation [CVE-2016-1000030]🔒🔒
91842irssi memory corruption [CVE-2016-7045]🔒🔒
91841irssi memory corruption [CVE-2016-7044]🔒🔒
91840Kerio Unified Threat Management Login excessive authentication
91839Kerio Unified Threat Management PHP Memory information disclosure
91838Kerio Unified Threat Management Reflected cross site scriting
91837Kerio Unified Threat Management CSRF Prevention privileges management
91836Kerio Unified Threat Management memory corruption
91835Jcraft jsch sftp Client path traversal🔒
91834libarchive Decompression Recursion resource management [CVE-2016-7166]🔒🔒
91833OpenJPEG JP2 File pi.c opj_pi_create_decode out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91832Charybdis m_sasl.c m_authenticate improper authorization🔒🔒
91831Apache Jackrabbit HTTP Header cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6801]🔒🔒
91830flex yy_get_next_buffer memory corruption🔒🔒
91829Huawei WS331a Management Interface LAN improper authentication
91828Huawei WS331a cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6158]
91827libarchive ISO Parser integer overflow [CVE-2016-5844]🔒🔒
91826libarchive Sandbox input validation [CVE-2016-5418]🔒🔒
91825Apache Zookeeper C CLI Shell memory corruption [CVE-2016-5017]🔒🔒
91824Fortinet FortiWan getconn.php cross site scripting
91823Fortinet FortiWan Cookie admin_global information disclosure
91822Fortinet FortiWan cfg_show.php information disclosure
91821Fortinet FortiWan diagnosis_control.php File improper authentication
91820Fortinet FortiWan nslookup diagnosis_control.php os command injection
91819libarchive CPIO Archive archive_read_support_format_cpio.c archive_read_format_cpio_read_header input validation🔒🔒
91818Apache CXF Fediz Application Plugin access control [CVE-2016-4464]
91817libarchive RAR File archive_read_support_format_rar.c parse_codes memory corruption🔒🔒
91816libarchive mtree File archive_read_support_format_mtree.c parse_device memory corruption🔒🔒
91815libarchive 7zip File archive_read_support_format_7zip.c read_SubStreamsInfo integer overflow🔒🔒
91814LibTIFF tiffcrop loadImage out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91813LibTIFF TIFF Image tif_pixarlog.c horizontalDifference8 out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91812LibTIFF tiff2rgba cvt_by_tile out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91811LibTIFF TIFF Image tif_dirinfo.c _TIFFVGetField out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91810OpenJPEG j2k.c opj_j2k_write_mco use after free🔒🔒
91809W3 Total Cache Plugin Performance Menu admin.php Reflected cross site scriting
91792ELNet Energy / Electrical Power Meter hard-coded credentials
91791ELNet Energy / Electrical Power Meter Web Management hard-coded credentials
91790Schneider Electric IOS Smart Meter hard-coded credentials
91789Schneider Electric IOS Smart Meter cross-site request forgery
91788Schneider Electric IOS Smart Meter Management Portal improper authentication
91787unrar RAR Archive memory corruption
91786WordPress Image File Name cross site scriting
91785Apache Shiro Servlet Filter access control [CVE-2016-6802]🔒🔒
91784Dentsply Sirona CDR Dicom hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-6530]
91783HPE Performance Center/LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2016-4384]🔒🔒
91782HPE Performance Center access control [CVE-2016-4382]
91781RSA Adaptive Authentication cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0925]
91780EMC Avamar Server Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition access control🔒
91779EMC Avamar Server Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition command injection🔒
91778EMC VNXe/VNX1 File OE/VNX2 File OE SMB Service access control
91777EMC Avamar Server Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition access control🔒
91776EMC Avamar Server Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition cryptographic issues🔒
91775EMC Avamar Server Avamar Data Store/Avamar Virtual Edition information disclosure🔒
91774TLS Protocol cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-8960]
91773libarchive RAR File archive_read_support_format_rar.c copy_from_lzss_window out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91772libarchive TAR File archive_read_support_format_tar.c archive_read_format_tar_skip integer overflow🔒🔒
91771libarchive TAR File archive_read_support_filter_compress.c compress_bidder_init input validation🔒🔒
91770libarchive mtree File archive_read_support_format_mtree.c get_time_t_min integer overflow🔒🔒
91769libarchive bsdtar input validation [CVE-2015-8930]🔒🔒
91768libarchive TAR File archive_read_extract2.c __archive_read_get_extract memory corruption🔒🔒
91767libarchive mtree File archive_read_support_format_mtree.c process_add_entry out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91766libarchive ZIP Password archive_read_support_format_zip.c trad_enc_decrypt_update out-of-bounds read🔒
91765libarchive RAR File archive_read_support_format_rar.c archive_read_format_rar_read_data null pointer dereference🔒🔒
91764libarchive mtree File archive_read_support_format_mtree.c readline out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91763libarchive TAR File archive_read_support_format_tar.c archive_read_format_tar_read_header out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91762libarchive ZIP File process_extra input validation🔒🔒
91761libarchive 7z File archive_read_support_format_7zip.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
91760libarchive mtree File archive_entry.c ae_strtofflags out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91759libarchive TAR File archive_read_support_format_ar.c _ar_read_header out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91758libarchive LZH/LHA File archive_read_support_format_lha.c lha_read_file_extended_header memory corruption🔒🔒
91757libarchive archive_string.c archive_string_append memory corruption🔒🔒
91756libarchive bsdtar null pointer dereference [CVE-2015-8917]🔒🔒
91755libarchive bsdtar null pointer dereference [CVE-2015-8916]🔒🔒
91754libarchive bsdcpio out-of-bounds read [CVE-2015-8915]🔒
91753Neosense Theme qquploader unrestricted upload
91752OxWall User redirect
91751OxWall Chat cross site scriting
91750OxWall Album Persistent cross site scriting
91749OxWall ping.php Reflected cross site scriting
91748Kajona CMS Image image.php __construct path traversal
91747Kajona CMS Comment Stored cross site scriting
91746Kajona CMS xml.php Reflected cross site scriting
91745Kajona CMS index.php Reflected cross site scriting
91744Kajona CMS index.php Reflected cross site scriting
91743Exponent CMS index.php sql injection
91742Joomla CMS Session ID missing encryption
91741ShoreTel Connect ONSITE authenticate.php Blind sql injection
91740BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Authentication cleartext storage
91739BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Password cleartext storage
91738BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Password cross-site request forgery
91737BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Undocumented improper authentication
91736BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Password improper authentication
91735BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Stored cross site scriting
91734BINOM3 Electric Power Quality Meter Reflected cross site scriting
91733MyBB Template Password information disclosure
91732MyBB index.php sql injection
91731MyBB Password Reset cleartext storage
91730MyBB Password Storage MD5 missing encryption
91729MyBB Login cleartext storage
91728Peel Shopping Cookie produit_details.php denial of service
91727Peel Shopping Cookie produit_details.php privileges management
91726Asus RT-N10/RT-N10E/RT-N10LX/RT-N10U apply.cgi redirect
91725Asus RT-N10/RT-N10E/RT-N10LX/RT-N10U apply.cgi Reflected cross site scriting
91724Asus RT-N10/RT-N10E/RT-N10LX/RT-N10U Main_AdmStatus_Content.asp command injection
91723Mensch und Maschine MapEdit Password Storage System.db Base64 missing encryption
91722Mensch und Maschine MapEdit Upload privileges management
91721Mensch und Maschine MapEdit Web Server privileges management
91720Mensch und Maschine MapEdit path traversal
91719Mensch und Maschine MapEdit DataAccessService.svc sql injection
91718Mensch und Maschine MapEdit Authentication Start.aspx information disclosure
91717Google Search cross site scriting
91716XenForo ToggleME admin.php cross site scriting
91715Woocommerce Plugin Image cross site scriting
91714InfiniteWP Admin Panel privileges management
91713InfiniteWP Admin Panel command injection
91712MailPoet Newsletters Plugin Reflected cross site scriting
91711Digium Asterisk RTP resource consumption
91710Digium Asterisk ACK denial of service
91709Samsung Mobile Phone SystemUI null pointer dereference
91708Airmail file:/ cross site scriting
91707Symantec Message Gateway RAR Decompression memory corruption🔒🔒
91706Symantec Message Gateway RAR Decompression out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91705Symantec Web Gateway RAR Decompression memory corruption [CVE-2016-5310]🔒🔒
91704Symantec Web Gateway RAR Decompression out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-5309]🔒🔒
91703Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange RAR Decompression memory corruption🔒🔒
91702Symantec Mail Security for Microsoft Exchange RAR Decompression out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91701Symantec Mail Security for Domino RAR Decompression memory corruption🔒🔒
91700Symantec Mail Security for Domino RAR Decompression out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91699Symantec Endpoint Protection RAR Decompression memory corruption🔒🔒
91698Symantec Endpoint Protection RAR Decompression out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91693AVer Information EH6108H+ HTTP Cookie Password information disclosure
91692AVer Information EH6108H+ setup access control
91691AVer Information EH6108H+ Telnet Server hard-coded credentials
91690Cisco Fog Director Cartridge Interface input validation [CVE-2016-6405]
91689Cisco Unified Computing System UCS Manager/UCS 6200 Fabric Interconnects access control🔒
91688Rockwell Automation RSLogix Micro Starter Lite RSS Project File memory corruption
91687Yokogawa STARDOM FCN-FCJ Logic Designer improper authentication🔒
91686ABB DataManagerPro Package uncontrolled search path [CVE-2016-4526]
91685Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Account-Validation input validation🔒
91684Trane Tracer SC Web Server Config information disclosure🔒
91683libcURL curl_easy_unescape integer overflow🔒🔒
91682libcURL curl_unescape integer overflow🔒🔒
91681libcURL curl_easy_escape integer overflow🔒🔒
91680libcURL curl_escape integer overflow🔒🔒
91679Google Chrome privileges management [CVE-2016-5175]🔒🔒
91678Google Chrome Popup Blocker input validation [CVE-2016-5174]🔒🔒
91677Google Chrome Extension access control [CVE-2016-5173]🔒🔒
91676Google Chrome v8 Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
91675Google Chrome Blink use after free [CVE-2016-5171]🔒🔒
91674Google Chrome Blink use after free [CVE-2016-5170]🔒🔒
91673Nextcloud Server Gallery share.js cross site scripting🔒
91672Crypto++ Memory information disclosure [CVE-2016-7420]🔒🔒
91671ownCloud Server Gallery share.js cross site scripting🔒
91670International Components for Unicode locid.cpp memory corruption🔒🔒
91669Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-6938]🔒🔒
91668Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-6937]🔒🔒
91667Adobe Air SDK / Copiler Android Runtime-Analytics Transport Security information disclosure🔒
91666EMC Documentum D2 access control [CVE-2016-6644]🔒
91665EMC ViPR SRM cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6643]
91664EMC ViPR SRM cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6642]
91663EMC ViPR SRM cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6641]
91662Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime PHP Buildpack 7pk security
91661Cisco Web Security Appliance HTTP Request resource management🔒
91660Cisco Carrier Routing System IPv6-over-MPLS Packet resource management🔒
91659OpenSSL mdc2dgst.c MDC2_Update out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91658OpenSSL Ticket t1_lib.c tls_decrypt_ticket input validation🔒🔒
91657Open Ticket Request System FAQ Package sql injection [CVE-2016-5843]🔒
91656Adobe Digital Editions use after free [CVE-2016-4263]🔒🔒
91655Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4262]🔒🔒
91654Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4261]🔒🔒
91653Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4260]🔒🔒
91652Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4259]🔒🔒
91651Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4258]🔒🔒
91650Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4257]🔒🔒
91649Adobe Digital Editions memory corruption [CVE-2016-4256]🔒🔒
91648Cisco WebEx Meetings Server os command injection [CVE-2016-1482]🔒
91647Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager vCloud/vSphere race condition
91646Pivotal Cloud Foundry RabbitMQ information disclosure [CVE-2016-0929]
91645Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime redirect [CVE-2016-0928]
91644Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0927]
91643Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime AngularJS cross site scripting
91642EMC ViPR SRM Authentication improper authorization [CVE-2016-0922]
91641Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager vCloud/vSphere SSH cryptographic issues
91640Pivotal Cloud Foundry Elastic Runtime Network Restriction 7pk security
91639Pivotal Cloud Foundry Ops Manager Cookie Key improper authentication
91638Microsoft ASP.NET Core MVC View privileges management
91637Cisco IOS/IOS XE/IOS XR IKEv1 Memory information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
91636EMC RSA BSAFE Micro Edition Suite TLS 1.2 Collision cryptographic issues
91635EMC RSA BSAFE Micro Edition Suite Algorithm Order risky encryption
91634IBM WebSphere Application Server Response information disclosure🔒🔒
91633IBM DB2 Library Loader access control [CVE-2016-5995]🔒🔒
91632PHP memory corruption [CVE-2016-7411]🔒🔒
91631PHP php_wddx_push_element memory corruption🔒🔒
91630PHP wddx_deserialize use after free🔒🔒
91629PHP shm_attach null pointer dereference
91628PHP SplArray input validation [CVE-2016-7417]🔒🔒
91627PHP phar_parse_tarfile memory corruption
91626PHP phar_parse_zipfile memory corruption🔒🔒
91625PHP mysqlnd memory corruption [CVE-2016-7412]🔒🔒
91624PHP Locale Data Processing memory corruption [CVE-2016-7416]🔒🔒
91623PHP imap_mail null pointer dereference
91622PHP zval_delref_p null pointer dereference
91621Cisco IOS/IOS XE Local Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6404]🔒
91620Cisco IOS/IOS XE Data in Motion Application resource management🔒
91619Cisco IOS XR Carrier Routing System OSPFv3 resource management🔒
91618Apple watchOS GeoServices Location information disclosure
91617VMware Tools Graphic Acceleration null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7080]🔒🔒
91616VMware Tools Graphic Acceleration null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-7079]🔒🔒
91615VMware Workstation/Player DLL Hijacking untrusted search path🔒🔒
91614VMware Workstation/Player JPEG2000 Image memory corruption [CVE-2016-7084]🔒🔒
91613VMware Workstation/Player TrueType Font memory corruption [CVE-2016-7083]🔒🔒
91612VMware Workstation/Player Cortado ThinPrint tpview.dll memory corruption🔒🔒
91611VMware Workstation/Player Cortado ThinPrint memory corruption🔒🔒
91610Apple Xcode memory corruption [CVE-2016-4705]🔒
91609Apple Xcode memory corruption [CVE-2016-4704]🔒
91608Apple iOS Sandbox Profiles information disclosure [CVE-2016-4620]
91607Apple iOS Printing UIKit information disclosure [CVE-2016-4749]
91606Apple iOS Messages information disclosure [CVE-2016-4740]
91605Apple iOS Mail information disclosure [CVE-2016-4747]
91604Apple iOS Keyboards information disclosure [CVE-2016-4746]
91603Apple iOS GeoServices Location information disclosure
91602Apple iOS Assets Update 7pk security
91601Adobe Flash Player integer overflow [CVE-2016-4287]🔒🔒
91600Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6924]🔒🔒
91599Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-6922]🔒🔒
91598Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4285]🔒🔒
91597Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4284]🔒🔒
91596Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4283]🔒🔒
91595Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4282]🔒🔒
91594Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4281]🔒🔒
91593Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4280]🔒🔒
91592Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4276]🔒🔒
91591Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4275]🔒🔒
91590Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4274]🔒🔒
91589Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4238]🔒🔒
91588Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4237]🔒🔒
91587Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4182]🔒🔒
91586Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6932]🔒🔒
91585Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6931]🔒🔒
91584Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6930]🔒🔒
91583Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6929]🔒🔒
91582Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6927]🔒🔒
91581Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6926]🔒🔒
91580Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6925]🔒🔒
91579Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6923]🔒🔒
91578Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-6921]🔒🔒
91577Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4279]🔒🔒
91576Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4272]🔒🔒
91575Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2016-4278]🔒🔒
91574Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2016-4277]🔒🔒
91573Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2016-4271]🔒🔒
91572Microsoft Windows Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3375]🔒
91571Microsoft Windows PDF Library information disclosure [CVE-2016-3374]🔒🔒
91570Microsoft Windows PDF Library information disclosure [CVE-2016-3370]🔒🔒
91569Microsoft Windows access control [CVE-2016-3345]🔒🔒
91568Microsoft Windows Secure Kernel Mode information disclosure [CVE-2016-3344]🔒🔒
91567Microsoft Windows Lock Screen access control [CVE-2016-3302]🔒🔒
91566Microsoft Windows Kernel API Registry access control🔒🔒
91565Microsoft Windows Kernel API access control [CVE-2016-3372]🔒🔒
91564Microsoft Windows Kernel API information disclosure [CVE-2016-3371]🔒🔒
91563Microsoft Windows Session Object Hijacking data processing🔒🔒
91562Microsoft Windows Session Object Hijacking data processing🔒🔒
91561Microsoft Windows Object memory corruption [CVE-2016-3368]🔒🔒
91560Microsoft Windows Object memory corruption [CVE-2016-3369]🔒🔒
91559Microsoft Windows NTLM SSO improper authorization [CVE-2016-3352]🔒🔒
91558Microsoft Windows Permission access control [CVE-2016-3346]🔒🔒
91557Microsoft Silverlight memory corruption [CVE-2016-3367]🔒🔒
91556Microsoft Exchange Meeting Invation cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3379]🔒🔒
91555Microsoft Exchange Link input validation [CVE-2016-3378]🔒🔒
91554Microsoft Exchange Email information disclosure [CVE-2016-0138]🔒🔒
91553Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3381]🔒🔒
91552Microsoft Office access control [CVE-2016-3366]🔒
91551Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3365]🔒🔒
91550Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3364]🔒
91549Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3363]🔒🔒
91548Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3362]🔒🔒
91547Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3361]🔒
91546Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3360]🔒🔒
91545Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3359]🔒🔒
91544Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3358]🔒🔒
91543Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3357]🔒🔒
91542Microsoft Office information disclosure [CVE-2016-0141]🔒🔒
91541Microsoft Office APP-V 7pk security [CVE-2016-0137]🔒🔒
91540Microsoft Windows GDI memory corruption [CVE-2016-3356]🔒🔒
91539Microsoft Windows GDI access control [CVE-2016-3355]🔒🔒
91538Microsoft Windows GDI 7pk security [CVE-2016-3354]🔒🔒
91537Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-3349]🔒🔒
91536Microsoft Windows win32k.sys access control [CVE-2016-3348]🔒🔒
91535Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3377]🔒🔒
91534Microsoft Edge PDF Library information disclosure [CVE-2016-3374]🔒🔒
91533Microsoft Edge PDF Library information disclosure [CVE-2016-3370]🔒🔒
91532Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3351]🔒🔒
91531Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3350]🔒🔒
91530Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3330]🔒🔒
91529Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3325]🔒🔒
91528Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3297]🔒🔒
91527Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3295]🔒🔒
91526Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3294]🔒🔒
91525Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3291]🔒🔒
91524Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3247]🔒🔒
91523Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒🔒
91522Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Feature 7pk security [CVE-2016-3353]🔒🔒
91521Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3351]🔒🔒
91520Microsoft Internet Explorer wininet.dll ParseStatusLine information disclosure🔒
91519Microsoft Internet Explorer MSHTML HandleStyleComponentProperty memory corruption🔒🔒
91518Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3297]🔒🔒
91517Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3295]🔒🔒
91516Microsoft Internet Explorer input validation [CVE-2016-3292]🔒🔒
91515Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3291]🔒🔒
91514Microsoft Internet Explorer GetBlockText memory corruption🔒🔒
91513Cisco Application Control Engine Module SSL/TLS input validation🔒
91512Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation Fulfillment Web Interface path traversal
91511Cisco Hosted Collaboration Mediation Fulfillment HTTP Request path traversal
91510IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for Space Management dsmsetpw Tracing Password information disclosure
91509YoruFukurou Emoji Skin-Tone Modifier input validation [CVE-2016-4852]
91508IBM Rational Team Concert cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0331]
91507PerconaDB Logging my.cnf access control🔒🔒🔒
91506MariaDB Logging my.cnf access control🔒🔒🔒
91505Oracle MySQL Logging my.cnf access control🔒🔒🔒
91504Google Chrome Skia SkPath.cpp ChopMonoAtY data processing🔒🔒
91503PHP interface.c memory corruption🔒🔒
91502PHP zend_alloc.c integer overflow🔒🔒
91501PHP wddx.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
91500PHP wddx.c null pointer dereference🔒🔒
91499PHP Base64 Binary wddx.c php_wddx_pop_element null pointer dereference🔒🔒
91498PHP ISO 8601 Time wddx.c php_wddx_process_data input validation🔒🔒
91497PHP TIFF Image exif.c exif_process_IFD_in_TIFF Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
91496PHP gd.c imagegammacorrect out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91495PHP gd.c imagetruecolortopalette out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91494PHP Session Name session.c injection🔒🔒
91493PHP var_unserializer.c deserialization🔒🔒
91492Cisco Wireless LAN Controller IAPP Packet resource management🔒🔒
91491Google Chrome denial of service [CVE-2016-5167]🔒🔒
91490Google Android Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3877]
91489Cisco SPA300/SPA500/SPA51x HTTP Request resource management [CVE-2016-1469]🔒
91473Cisco FireSIGHT/Firepower Management Center Session access control🔒
91472Cisco FireSIGHT/Firepower Management Center Malware Detection Evasion input validation🔒
91471Cisco FireSIGHT/Firepower Management Center cross site scripting🔒
91470Google Android Qualcomm Networking access control [CVE-2016-2059]
91469Google Android Kernel Shared Memory Subsystem Permanent input validation
91468Google Android Qualcomm Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-2469]
91467Google Android Qualcomm Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-2469]
91466Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem WiFi code🔒🔒
91465Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem memory corruption🔒🔒
91464Google Android Qualcomm DMA information disclosure [CVE-2016-3894]
91463Google Android Qualcomm Sound Codec information disclosure [CVE-2016-3893]
91462Google Android libutils information disclosure [CVE-2016-3892]
91461Google Android Kernel ext4 File System Permanent race condition🔒🔒
91460Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem resource management🔒🔒
91459Google Android Kernel Networking Subsystem code [CVE-2015-1465]🔒🔒
91458Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-3874]
91457Google Android NVIDIA Kernel access control [CVE-2016-3873]
91456Google Android Kernel eCryptfs Filesystem memory corruption [CVE-2016-1583]🔒🔒
91455Google Android Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-3869]
91454Google Android Qualcomm Power Driver access control [CVE-2016-3868]
91453Google Android Qualcomm IPA Driver access control [CVE-2016-3867]
91452Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver access control [CVE-2016-3866]
91451Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-3859]
91450Google Android Synaptics Touchscreen Driver access control [CVE-2016-3865]
91449Google Android Kernel Networking Driver use after free [CVE-2016-4805]🔒🔒
91448Google Android Qualcomm Subsystem Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3858]
91447Google Android Qualcomm Radio Interface Layer access control
91446Google Android Kernel ASN.1 Decoder cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2053]🔒🔒
91445Google Android Kernel Sound Subsystem numeric error [CVE-2014-4655]🔒🔒
91444Google Android Kernel USB Driver double free [CVE-2016-3951]🔒🔒
91443Google Android Kernel Netfilter Subsystem memory corruption [CVE-2016-3134]🔒🔒
91442Google Android Kernel Security Subsystem use after free [CVE-2013-7446]🔒🔒
91441Google Android Kernel Security Subsystem use after free [CVE-2016-4470]🔒🔒
91440Google Android Kernel Security Subsystem race condition [CVE-2014-9529]🔒🔒
91439Google Android Telephony Emergency access control
91438Google Android Wi-Fi information disclosure [CVE-2016-3897]
91437Google Android AOSP Mail information disclosure [CVE-2016-3896]
91436Google Android Mediaserver integer overflow [CVE-2016-3895]
91435Google Android Java Debug Wire Protocol access control [CVE-2016-3890]
91434Google Android Settings access control [CVE-2016-3889]
91433Google Android SMS access control [CVE-2016-3888]
91432Google Android Settings access control [CVE-2016-3887]
91431Google Android UI Tuner access control [CVE-2016-3886]
91430Google Android Debuggerd access control [CVE-2016-3885]
91429Google Android Notification Manager Service access control [CVE-2016-3884]
91428Google Android Telephony access control [CVE-2016-3883]
91427Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3881]
91426Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3880]
91425Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3879]
91424Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3878]
91423Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3899]
91422Google Android Settings access control [CVE-2016-3876]
91421Google Android Boot access control [CVE-2016-3875]
91420Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3872]
91419Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3871]
91418Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3870]
91417Google Android MediaMuxer access control [CVE-2016-3863]
91416Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3862]
91415Google Android libutils memory corruption [CVE-2016-3861]🔒
91414NetMRI netmri_help.tdf Reflected crlf injection
91413NetMRI index.tdf Reflected crlf injection
91412NetMRI login.tdf Reflected crlf injection
91411NetMRI Split crlf injection [CVE-2016-6484]
91410IBM WebSphere Portal File Upload access control [CVE-2016-5954]🔒🔒
91409PowerDNS Authoritative Server Query resource management [CVE-2016-5427]🔒🔒
91408PowerDNS Authoritative Server Query resource management [CVE-2016-5426]🔒🔒
91407Wireshark IPMI Trace Dissector packet-ipmi-trace.c use after free🔒🔒
91406Wireshark Catapult DCT2000 Dissector packet-catapult-dct2000.c memory corruption🔒🔒
91405Wireshark UMTS FP Dissector packet-umts_fp.c out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91404Wireshark Catapult DCT2000 Dissector memory corruption [CVE-2016-7177]🔒🔒
91403Wireshark H.225 Dissector packet-h225.c snprintf memory corruption🔒🔒
91402Wireshark QNX6 QNET Dissector packet-qnet6.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91401Drupal Views Module Stats information disclosure🔒🔒
91400Drupal User Module access control [CVE-2016-6211]🔒🔒
91399Fortinet FortiSwitch FSW Managed Mode access control [CVE-2016-4573]
91393HPE XP7 Command View RepMgr/DevMgr access control [CVE-2016-4381]
91392HPE Operations Manager AdminUI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4380]
91391HPE Integrated Lights-Out 3 TLS cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-4379]🔒
91390HPE Integrated Lights-Out privileges management [CVE-2016-4375]🔒
91389XenSource Xen event_fifo.c cleanup_event_array use after free🔒🔒
91388XenSource Xen sh_ctxt memory corruption🔒🔒
91387XenSource Xen Instruction Pointer access control [CVE-2016-7093]🔒🔒
91386XenSource Xen L3 Pagetable mm.c get_page_from_l3e access control🔒🔒
91385cURL/libcURL TLS Certificate nss.c SelectClientCert improper authentication🔒🔒
91384Huawei Unified Maintenance Audit code injection [CVE-2016-7110]
91383Huawei Unified Maintenance Audit code injection [CVE-2016-7109]
91382Huawei Unified Maintenance Audit Hash information disclosure
91381Huawei Unified Maintenance Audit Password access control [CVE-2016-7107]
91380Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Dashbuilder cross-site request forgery
91379Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7033]
91378Huawei Server Intelligent Baseboard Management Controller resource management
91377Huawei Server Intelligent Baseboard Management Controller cryptographic issues
91376Huawei E9000 Hyper Management Module access control [CVE-2016-6898]
91375Eye of GNOME GMarkup out-of-bounds write [CVE-2016-6855]🔒🔒
91374Huawei FusionAccess response splitting [CVE-2016-6839]
91373Huawei Server SSH cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-6838]
91372Huawei XH620 V3/XH622 V3/XH628 V3 Login Brute Force improper authorization
91371Huawei S7700/S9300/S9700/S12700 Random Number Generator Private Key information disclosure
91370QEMU ESP/NCR53C9x Controller Emulation esp.c esp_do_dma out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91369RESTEasy GZIPInterceptor denial of service [CVE-2016-6346]🔒
91368RESTEasy Async Job information disclosure [CVE-2016-6345]
91367Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Set-Cookie information disclosure [CVE-2016-6344]
91366CrackLib fascist.c FascistGecosUser memory corruption🔒🔒
91365Ruby on Rails Action Record Query access control🔒🔒
91364Ruby on Rails Action View cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6316]🔒🔒
91363GNU libidn nfkc.c stringprep_utf8_nfkc_normalize out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91362GNU libidn out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-6262]🔒🔒
91361GNU libidn idna.c idna_to_ascii_4i out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91360Huawei Honor 4C Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6184]
91359Huawei Honor 4C Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6183]
91358Huawei Honor 4C Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6182]
91357Huawei Honor 4C Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6181]
91356Huawei Honor 4C Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-6180]
91355Huawei Honor6 WiFi Driver access control [CVE-2016-6179]
91354Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Web Console access control [CVE-2016-5422]
91353FreeIPA cert_revoke access control [CVE-2016-5404]🔒🔒
91352F5 BIG-IP access control [CVE-2016-5022]🔒🔒
91351Tryton file_open File information disclosure🔒🔒
91350Tryton Hash information disclosure [CVE-2016-1241]🔒🔒
91349GNU libidn out-of-bounds read [CVE-2015-8948]🔒🔒
91329Alcatel-Lucent OmniAccess Certificate information disclosure [Disputed]
91303Opera Web Browser HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91302Mozilla Firefox HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91301Microsoft Edge HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91300Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91299Google Chrome HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91298Apple Safari HTTP/2 HEIST information disclosure
91297Opera Web Browser HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91296Mozilla Firefox HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91295Microsoft Edge HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91294Microsoft Internet Explorer HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91293Google Chrome HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91292Apple Safari HTTPS HEIST information disclosure
91291Siemens SIPROTEC/SIPROTEC Compact EN100 Ethernet Module improper authentication
91290Siemens SIPROTEC/SIPROTEC Compact EN100 Ethernet Module resource management
91289Siemens SIPROTEC/SIPROTEC Compact EN100 Ethernet Module improper authentication
91078Cisco Virtual Media Package Media Origination System Suite Software improper authentication
91077jose-php RSA JWE.php JOSE_JWE cryptographic issues
91076jose-php HMAC Comparison JWS.php information disclosure
91075Cisco WebEx Meetings Player WRF File input validation [CVE-2016-1464]🔒
91074Cisco WebEx Meetings Player WRF File resource management [CVE-2016-1415]🔒
91073Malware Information Sharing Platform Serialization populate_event_from_template_attributes.ctp code injection
91072Malware Information Sharing Platform template-creation ajaxification.js cross site scripting
91071Malware Information Sharing Platform TemplatesController.php Remote Code Execution
91070Google Chrome Extension Access Web 7pk security🔒🔒
91069Google Chrome Save As Samba information disclosure🔒🔒
91068Google Chrome DevTools cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5165]🔒🔒
91067Google Chrome DevTools Universal cross site scripting🔒🔒
91066Google Chrome Address Bar 7pk security [CVE-2016-5163]🔒🔒
91065Google Chrome Extension Access Web 7pk security🔒🔒
91064Google Chrome Blink type conversion [CVE-2016-5161]🔒🔒
91063Google Chrome PDFium integer overflow [CVE-2016-5159]🔒🔒
91062Google Chrome PDFium integer overflow [CVE-2016-5158]🔒🔒
91061Google Chrome PDFium memory corruption [CVE-2016-5157]🔒🔒
91060Google Chrome Event Binding use after free [CVE-2016-5156]🔒🔒
91059Google Chrome Address Bar 7pk security [CVE-2016-5155]🔒🔒
91058Google Chrome PDFium memory corruption [CVE-2016-5154]🔒🔒
91057Google Chrome Blink Use-After-Destruction data processing🔒🔒
91056Google Chrome PDFium integer overflow [CVE-2016-5152]🔒🔒
91055Google Chrome PDFium use after free [CVE-2016-5151]🔒🔒
91054Google Chrome Blink use after free [CVE-2016-5150]🔒🔒
91053Google Chrome Extension code injection [CVE-2016-5149]🔒🔒
91052Google Chrome Blink Universal cross site scripting🔒🔒
91051Google Chrome Blink Universal cross site scripting🔒🔒
91050Cisco IOS Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol Server Memory information disclosure🔒
91049FormatFactory task File memory corruption
91048GNU Mailman cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-7123]🔒🔒
91047GNU Mailman cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6893]🔒🔒
91046IBM MQ Appliance MQCLI input validation [CVE-2016-5879]
91045CPython HTTP Header HTTPConnectionputheader response splitting🔒🔒
91044CPython zipimport.c get_data integer overflow🔒🔒
91043QEMU MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2 Host Bus Adapter Emulation megasas_lookup_frame out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91042QEMU MegaRAID SAS 8708EM2 Host Bus Adapter Emulation megasas.c megasas_dcmd_set_properties out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
91041QEMU megasas.c megasas_dcmd_cfg_read Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
91040QEMU VMWARE PVSCSI Paravirtual SCSI Bus Emulation out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
91039CPython smtplib Library protection mechanism [CVE-2016-0772]🔒🔒
91038Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Adaptive Wireless Intrusion Prevention System resource management🔒🔒
91037jwcrypto RSA information disclosure🔒🔒
91036NetApp OnCommand System Manager denial of service [CVE-2016-5047]
91035AKABEi SOFT2 Game Save Game os command injection [CVE-2016-4853]
91034Let's PHP! Simple Chat cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4851]
91033ClipBucket cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4848]🔒
91032IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3010]
91031IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3008]
91030IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3005]
91029IBM Connections cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2998]
91028IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2997]
91027IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2995]
91026IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2956]
91025IBM Connections Web UI cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2954]
91024Cisco Small Business 220 SNMP Service information disclosure🔒
91023Cisco Small Business 220 Web-based Management Interface input validation
91022Cisco Small Business 220 cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1471]
91021Cisco Small Business 220 cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-1470]
91020Adobe ColdFusion XML xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-4264]🔒🔒
91019F5 BIG-IP RESOLV::lookup iRule Command resource management [CVE-2016-6876]🔒🔒
91018Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance cgi_main memory corruption🔒
91017Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance cgi_main os command injection🔒
91016Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance _nvr_status___.php information disclosure🔒
91015Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance cgi_system Password improper authorization🔒
91014Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance handle_daylightsaving.php input validation🔒
91013Netgear ReadyNAS Surveillance _debugging_center_utils___.php input validation🔒
91012DotNetNuke User-Profile Biography cross site scripting [CVE-2016-7119]🔒
91011linux-image package F_SETFL fcntl Call fcntl.c null pointer dereference🔒
91010MAC-Telnet MT_CPTYPE_PASSSALT Control Packet mactelnet.c handle_packet memory corruption🔒
91009vBulletin moderation.php sql injection🔒
91008NUUO NVRmini cgi_main memory corruption🔒
91007NUUO NVRmini cgi_main os command injection🔒
91006NUUO NVRmini/NVRsolo hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-5678]🔒
91005NUUO NVRmini/NVRsolo _nvr_status___.php information disclosure🔒
91004NUUO NVRmini/NVRsolo cgi_system Password improper authorization🔒
91003NUUO NVRmini/NVRsolo/Crystal handle_daylightsaving.php input validation🔒
91002NUUO NVRmini/NVRsolo _debugging_center_utils___.php input validation🔒
91001Linux Kernel MDSS Driver mdss_compat_utils.c integer overflow
91000Linux Kernel Qualcomm Innovation Center wcnss_wlan.c wcnss_wlan_write Header memory corruption
90999VMware vRealize Log Insight path traversal [CVE-2016-5332]🔒🔒
90998NetApp Clustered Data ONTAP information disclosure [CVE-2016-3064]
90997IBM BigFix Platform WebReports information disclosure [CVE-2016-0397]🔒
90996IBM Forms Experience Builder cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0370]
90995IBM BigFix Platform beswrpt File cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0293]🔒🔒
90994IBM BigFix Platform WebReports Password information disclosure🔒
90993Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security Driver Memory information disclosure🔒
90992Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security Driver Access Violation access control🔒
90991Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security Driver Access Violation access control🔒
90990Kaspersky Anti-Virus/Internet Security Driver Access Violation access control🔒
90989Synacor Zimbra Collaboration deserialization [CVE-2016-3415]🔒
90988Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3409]🔒
90987Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3411]🔒
90986Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3410]🔒
90985Synacor Zimbra Collaboration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3404]
90984Synacor Zimbra Collaboration unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3405]
90983Synacor Zimbra Collaboration information disclosure [CVE-2016-3413]🔒
90982Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3412]🔒
90981Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3407]🔒
90980Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scriting [CVE-2016-3407]
90979Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3407]🔒
90978Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3407]🔒
90977Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-3406]
90976Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scriting [CVE-2016-4019]
90975Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scriting [CVE-2016-3999]
90974Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5721]
90973Synacor Zimbra Collaboration cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5721]🔒
90972OpenVPN 64-bit Block Cipher SWEET32 cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90971ReadyDesk SQL Server SQL_Config.aspx Credentials xml external entity reference
90970Accellion Kiteworks URI path traversal [CVE-2016-5664]
90969Accellion Kiteworks oauth_callback.php cross site scripting
90968Accellion Kiteworks cli default permission
90967Red Hat CloudForms Web UI access control [CVE-2016-5383]
90966ReadyDesk File Upload sendfile.aspx unrestricted upload
90965ReadyDesk openattach.aspx path traversal
90964ReadyDesk default.aspx sql injection
90963HPE XP P9000 Command View/XP7 Command View information disclosure
90962Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4270]🔒🔒
90961Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4269]🔒🔒
90960Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4268]🔒🔒
90959Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4267]🔒🔒
90958Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4266]🔒🔒
90957Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4265]🔒🔒
90956Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4119]🔒🔒
90955F5 BIG-IP Configuration Utility information disclosure [CVE-2016-1497]🔒🔒
90954PHPVibe cross site scripting [CVE-2015-5399]
90953Micro Focus Novell Groupwise WebAccess/Post Office Agent integer overflow
90952Micro Focus Novell Groupwise Email Persistent cross site scripting
90951Micro Focus Novell Groupwise Administrator Console Reflected cross site scripting
90950Kaspersky Safe Browser iOS X.509 Certificate information disclosure
90949D-Link DIR-800 Session Cookie Login memory corruption
90948UltraVNC Repeater access control [CVE-2016-5673]
90947RoundCube Webmail cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4069]🔒🔒
90946Apple iOS WebKit Trident Pegasus memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
90945Apple iOS Kernel Trident Pegasus access control🔒
90944Apple iOS Kernel Trident Pegasus information disclosure🔒
90943Alienvault USM/OSSIM reload.php DOM cross site scripting
90942Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client INF File access control🔒
90941OpenSSL DTLS Replace Protection Sequence Number numeric error🔒🔒
90940OpenSSL DTLS Fragment Memory resource management🔒🔒
90939OpenSSL 64-bit Block Cipher SWEET32 information disclosure🔒🔒
90938Splunk redirect
90937OpenSSL bn_print.c BN_bn2dec out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
90936VMware vRealize Automation privileges management [CVE-2016-5336]🔒🔒
90935VMware vRealize Automation/Identity Manager privileges management🔒🔒
90934Microsoft Windows FON Font File win32k.sys divide by zero
90933DotClear RSS Feed Postscan privileges management
90932DotClear File Upload privileges management
90931DotClear ZIP Download media.php Directory privileges management
90930Watchguard Rapidstream ifconfig Command access control [CVE-2016-7089]
90929Fortinet FortiOS Cookie Parser memory corruption [CVE-2016-6909]🔒🔒
90928Moxa OnCell Config File information disclosure [CVE-2016-5812]
90927Moxa OnCell improper authorization [CVE-2016-5799]
90926ZModo ZP-NE14-S/ZP-IBH-13W access control [CVE-2016-5650]
90925Rockwell MicroLogix SNMP Service access control [CVE-2016-5645]🔒
90924ZModo ZP-NE14-S/ZP-IBH-13W Telnet hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-5081]
90923ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 HTTP Header null pointer dereference
90922ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 URL obihai-xml null pointer dereference
90921ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 Header null termination
90920ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 HTTP Digest Authentication Implementation improper authentication
90919ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 cross-site request forgery
90918ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 obiapp wifi memory corruption
90917ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 GET Request strcpy denial of service
90916ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 WiFi Config wifi privileges management
90915ObiHai ObiPhone 1032/ObiPhone 1062 URL free memory corruption
90914ownCloud Windows Client plugins privileges management
90913SAP HANA information disclosure
90912Doorkeeper Gem OAuth Token Revocation 7pk security [CVE-2016-6582]
90911Jaws CMS cross-site request forgery
90910phpCollab CMS edituser.php cross-site request forgery
90909AVS Audio Converter memory corruption
90908ISPConfig database_user_edit.php Stored cross site scriting
90907WordPress cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-6897]🔒🔒
90906WordPress ajax-actions.php wp_ajax_update_plugin path traversal🔒🔒
90905Cisco FirePOWER Management Center cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6365]🔒
90904Cisco Transport Gateway Installation Software cross site scripting
90903Cargotec Navis WebAccess sql injection [CVE-2016-5817]🔒
90902HPE Smart Update privileges management [CVE-2016-4377]🔒
90901HPE FOS 7pk security [CVE-2016-4376]
90900Cisco Identity Services Engine cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1485]🔒
90899Cisco IP Phone 8800 HTTP Request input validation [CVE-2016-1479]🔒
90898Cisco Connected Streaming Analytics Notification Service Password information disclosure
90897Cisco Unified Communications Manager UDS API information disclosure🔒
90896Cisco WebEx Meetings Server input validation [CVE-2016-1484]🔒
90895Cisco Aironet CLI access control [CVE-2016-6362]
90894Cisco Aironet 802.11 Rate Limiting memory corruption [CVE-2016-6363]
90893Cisco Aironet AMPDU input validation [CVE-2016-6361]
90892IBM WebSphere Application Server HttpSessionIdReuse memory corruption🔒🔒
90891IBM WebSphere Application Server CSRF Token information disclosure🔒
90890MantisBT Filter API view_all_bug_page.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
90889Foreman host_edit_interfaces.js cross site scripting🔒
90888Foreman Plugin form_helper.rb cross site scripting🔒🔒
90887collectd network.c parse_packet memory corruption🔒🔒
90886Foreman API interfaces Config information disclosure🔒
90885Foreman Preview Provisioning Template Config information disclosure🔒🔒
90884Foreman API 7pk security [CVE-2016-4475]🔒
90883Foreman API 7pk security [CVE-2016-4451]🔒🔒
90882Fortinet FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer Web-UI cross site scripting🔒
90881Fortinet FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer Address Page cross site scripting🔒
90880Fortinet FortiManager/FortiAnalyzer cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3193]🔒
90879Apache OpenMeetings SWF Panel cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3089]🔒
90878Apache Sentry Blacklist Filter java_method access control
90877DBD::mysql my_login use after free🔒🔒
90876DBD::mysql use after free [CVE-2014-9906]🔒🔒
90875TeamSpeak Server clientinit Command denial of service
90874TeamSpeak Server inINITPacket_SolvePuzzle memory corruption
90873TeamSpeak Server cmd_clientsetserverquerylogin race condition
90872TeamSpeak Server cmd_permget race condition
90871TeamSpeak Server sendRemoteDebuggingInfo race condition
90870TeamSpeak Server getChannelGroupInherited race condition
90869TeamSpeak Server getpermission_fileTransferInitDownload File information disclosure
90868TeamSpeak Server qlz Library heap-based overflow
90867TeamSpeak Server decodeBase64 information disclosure
90866TeamSpeak Server sendCommandLowPacket use after free
90865php-gettext npgettext privileges management
90864Email Users Plugin cross-site request forgery
90863Ajax Load More Plugin file inclusion
90862Link Library Plugin Persistent cross site scriting
90861Magic Fields Plugin cross site scriting
90860Juniper Junos IPv6 Packet input validation [CVE-2016-1409]🔒🔒
90859SAP HANA information disclosure [CVE-2016-3639]
90858Cisco FirePOWER Management Center Web-based GUI access control🔒
90857Cisco APIC-EM Grapevine Update input validation [CVE-2016-1365]🔒
90834Cisco ASA FirePOWER Services access control [CVE-2016-1457]🔒
90833Cisco ASA SNMP Service memory corruption [CVE-2016-6366]🔒🔒🔒🔒
90832Cisco ASA Command Line Interface EpicBanana/JetPlow privileges management🔒🔒
90831GnuPG Random Number Generator information disclosure [CVE-2016-6313]🔒🔒
90830NASdeluxe NDL-2400r /usr/usrgetform.html privileges management
90829D-Link DNS-320/DNS-320L/DNS-325/DNS-327L/DNS-340L/DNS-345 SMB Login cross site scriting
90740phpCollab CMS emailusers.php Local Privilege Escalation
90739Taser Axon Dock set-passwd.lua privileges management
90738F5 BIG-IP Configuration Utility access control [CVE-2015-8022]🔒🔒
90737VMware Photon OS SSH Public Key hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-5333]
90736F5 BIG-IP Traffic Management Microkernel access control [CVE-2016-5023]🔒🔒
90735HPE integrated Lights Out 3 jQuery cross site scripting [CVE-2011-4969]🔒🔒
90734F5 BIG-IP IKE Phase 1 access control [CVE-2016-5736]🔒🔒
90733PostgreSQL CREATEDB/CREATEROLE Role code injection [CVE-2016-5424]🔒🔒
90732PostgreSQL CASE/WHEN null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-5423]🔒🔒
90731GD Graphics Library TGA File gd_tga.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90730GD Graphics Library gd_interpolation.c _gdContributionsAlloc out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
90729GD Graphics Library Image gd_gif_out.c output out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90728GD Graphics Library TGA File gdImageCreateFromTgaCtx out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90727SAP SAPCAR Permission access control [CVE-2016-5847]
90726SAP SAPCAR File Extraction return value [CVE-2016-5845]
90725fontconfig Cache File double free [CVE-2016-5384]🔒🔒
90724Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite Pivotal Spring Framework memory corruption🔒🔒
90723Cisco IP Phone 8800 cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1476]🔒
90722Cisco IOS XR Route Processor resource management [CVE-2016-6355]🔒🔒
90721Sophos EAS Proxy Lotus Traveler 7pk security [CVE-2016-6597]
90720Red Hat Enterprise Linux Squid Proxy cachemgr.cgi munge_other_line memory corruption🔒🔒
90719Redis linenoise .rediscli_history information disclosure🔒🔒
90718EMC RSA Authentication Manager Prime Self-Service Portal access control
90717Adobe Experience Manager Backup information disclosure [CVE-2016-4253]
90716Adobe Experience Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4170]
90715Adobe Experience Manager Audit Log information disclosure [CVE-2016-4169]
90714Adobe Experience Manager cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4168]
90713Microsoft Windows NetBIOS access control [CVE-2016-3299]🔒🔒
90712Microsoft Windows Universal Outlook information disclosure [CVE-2016-3312]🔒🔒
90711Microsoft Windows PDF access control [CVE-2016-3319]🔒🔒
90710Microsoft Windows Netlogon access control [CVE-2016-3300]🔒🔒
90709Microsoft Windows Kerberos access control [CVE-2016-3237]🔒🔒
90708Microsoft Windows Secure Boot access control [CVE-2016-3320]🔒🔒
90707Microsoft OneNote information disclosure [CVE-2016-3315]🔒🔒
90706Microsoft Office Graphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-3318]🔒🔒
90705Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3317]🔒🔒
90704Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3316]🔒🔒
90703Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3313]🔒🔒
90702Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k access control🔒🔒
90701Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k access control🔒🔒
90700Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k access control🔒🔒
90699Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k access control🔒🔒
90698Microsoft Windows Graphics input validation [CVE-2016-3304]🔒🔒
90697Microsoft Windows Graphics input validation [CVE-2016-3303]🔒🔒
90696Microsoft Windows Graphics input validation [CVE-2016-3301]🔒🔒
90695Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3329]🔒🔒
90694Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3327]🔒🔒
90693Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3326]🔒🔒
90692Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3322]🔒🔒
90691Microsoft Edge PDF access control [CVE-2016-3319]🔒🔒
90690Microsoft Edge Script Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3296]🔒🔒
90689Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3293]🔒🔒
90688Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3289]🔒🔒
90687Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3329]🔒
90686Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3327]🔒🔒
90685Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3326]🔒
90684Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3322]🔒🔒
90683Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3321]🔒🔒
90682Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3293]🔒🔒
90681Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3290]🔒🔒
90680Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3289]🔒🔒
90679Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3288]🔒🔒
90678vBulletin Media Upload server-side request forgery [CVE-2016-6483]🔒
90677Docker Join resource management [CVE-2016-6595]
90676Google Android Qualcomm GPU Driver ashmem.c is_ashmem_file QuadRooter input validation
90675Google Android Qualcomm Kernel Module ipc_router_core.c msm_ipc_router_bind_control_port QuadRooter race condition
90674WordPress ajax-actions.php wp_ajax_wp_compression_test cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
90673WordPress Network Settings Page cross site scripting [CVE-2016-6634]🔒🔒
90672Linux Kernel ioctl.c ioctl_file_dedupe_range memory corruption
90671OpenSSH auth-passwd.c auth_password input validation🔒🔒
90670Wireshark WBXML Dissector packet-wbxml.c resource management🔒🔒
90669Wireshark packet-wap.c tvb_get_guintvar input validation🔒🔒
90668Wireshark OpenFlow Dissector proto.c resource management🔒🔒
90667Wireshark RLC Dissector packet-rlc.c numeric error🔒🔒
90666Wireshark LDSS Dissector packet-ldss.c input validation🔒🔒
90665Wireshark RLC Dissector packet-rlc.c resource management🔒🔒
90664Wireshark MMSE Dissector packet-mmse.c resource management🔒🔒
90663Wireshark WSP Dissector packet-wsp.c resource management🔒🔒
90662Wireshark packet-packetbb.c divide by zero🔒🔒
90661Wireshark NDS Dissector null pointer dereference🔒🔒
90660Wireshark CORBA IDL Dissector input validation [CVE-2016-6503]🔒🔒
90659Siemens SINEMA Server Application Folder access control [CVE-2016-6486]🔒
90658Linux Kernel commctrl.c ioctl_send_fib race condition🔒🔒
90657Linux Kernel Filesystem Layer namei.c access control🔒🔒
90656Linux Kernel OverlayFS Filesystem dir.c input validation🔒🔒
90655Linux Kernel AppArmor lsm.c apparmor_setprocattr memory corruption
90654Linux Kernel skbuff.c input validation
90653Linux Kernel cros_ec_dev.c ec_device_ioctl_xcmd race condition🔒🔒
90652SAP HANA Multi-Tenant Database Container access control [CVE-2016-6150]
90651SAP HANA EXPORT Statement information disclosure [CVE-2016-6149]
90650SAP HANA DB IMPORT Statement input validation [CVE-2016-6148]
90649SAP TREX Interface os command injection [CVE-2016-6147]
90648SAP HANA SQL Interface User information disclosure
90647SAP HANA SQL Interface access control [CVE-2016-6144]
90646SAP TREX RFC-Gateway File access control
90645SAP TREX File information disclosure [CVE-2016-6139]
90644SAP TREX path traversal [CVE-2016-6138]
90643Linux Kernel auditsc.c audit_log_single_execve_arg race condition🔒🔒
90642GD Graphics Library gd_crop.c gdImageCropThreshold input validation🔒🔒
90641IBM FileNet Workplace redirect [CVE-2016-5878]
90640Moxa SoftCMS sql injection [CVE-2016-5792]
90639PHP zip Extension php_zip.c use after free🔒🔒
90638PHP wddx Extension wddx.c php_wddx_process_data double free🔒🔒
90637PHP SPL Extension spl_array.c use after free🔒🔒
90636PHP SPL Extension spl_directory.c fread integer overflow🔒🔒
90635PHP mcrypt Extension mcrypt.c integer overflow🔒🔒
90634PHP php_mbregex.c _php_mb_regex_ereg_replace_exec double free🔒🔒
90633GD Graphics Library gd.c gdImageCreate integer overflow🔒🔒
90632GD Graphics Library gd_gd2.c _gd2GetHeader integer overflow🔒🔒
90631Linux Kernel tcp_input.c information disclosure🔒🔒🔒🔒
90630Linux Kernel book3s_hv_rmhandlers.S resource management🔒🔒
90629Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Kubernetes information disclosure🔒
90628Wireshark WBXML Dissector packet-wbxml.c memory corruption🔒🔒
90627Wireshark Ethernet Dissector packet-pktap.c input validation🔒🔒
90626Wireshark Netscreen File Parser netscreen.c sscanf input validation🔒🔒
90625Wireshark CoSine File Parser cosine.c memory corruption🔒🔒
90624Wireshark Toshiba File Parser toshiba.c sscanf input validation🔒🔒
90623Wireshark USB Subsystem null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-5354]🔒🔒
90622Wireshark UMTS FP Dissector packet-umts_fp.c input validation🔒🔒
90621Wireshark IEEE 802.11 Dissector airpdcap.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90620Wireshark IEEE 802.11 Dissector airpdcap.c input validation🔒🔒
90619Wireshark SPOOLS packet-dcerpc-spoolss.c resource management🔒🔒
90618Linux Kernel ashmem.c is_ashmem_file input validation
90617Google Chrome OpenJPEG tcd.c opj_tcd_init_tile memory corruption🔒🔒
90616GD Graphics Library gd_xbm.c memory corruption🔒🔒
90615PHP fpm_log.c out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90614PHP file.c fread integer overflow🔒🔒
90613PHP html.c php_escape_html_entities_ex integer overflow🔒🔒
90612PHP html.c htmlspecialchars integer overflow🔒🔒
90611PHP locale_methods.c get_icu_value_internal out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90610Apache POI XLSX2CSV Example xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-5000]
90609Dashbuilder sql injection
90608HPE Release Control server-side request forgery [CVE-2016-4374]
90607WordPress Intranet Address improper authorization [CVE-2016-4029]🔒🔒
90606Google Android Conscrypt access control [CVE-2016-3840]
90605SAP HANA Extended Application Services information disclosure
90604Fortinet FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager Upload cross site scripting🔒
90603PHP spl_dllist.c offsetSet double free🔒🔒
90602Red Hat Satellite spacewalk-java cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3097]🔒
90601Red Hat Satellite spacewalk-java cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3080]🔒
90600Linux Kernel writeback.h null pointer dereference🔒🔒
90599IBM Tivoli Storage Manager MMC GUI information disclosure [CVE-2016-3059]
90598IBM FileNet Workplace File Upload cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3054]
90597IBM WebSphere Portal Connections Portlets access control [CVE-2016-2989]
90596IBM Rational Publishing Engine Document Builder unrestricted upload
90595IBM Rational Publishing Engine Document Builder cross site scripting
90594IBM Security QRadar SIEM command injection [CVE-2016-2875]
90593Linux Kernel msm-audio-effects-q6-v2.c out-of-bounds write
90592Linux Kernel msm-audio-effects-q6-v2.c out-of-bounds read
90591Linux Kernel supply_lm_core.c supply_lm_input_write memory corruption
90590Netscape Portable Runtime prprf.c PR_*printf integer overflow🔒🔒
90589Cisco Prime Infrastructure IFRAME access control [CVE-2016-1474]🔒
90588Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Expressway Administrative Web Interface os command injection🔒
90587Cisco Unified Communications Manager IM/Presence Service SIP Packet resource management🔒
90586Cisco RV180/RV180W HTTP Request input validation [CVE-2016-1430]
90585Cisco RV180/RV180W Web Interface path traversal [CVE-2016-1429]
90584Apache ActiveMQ Administration Web Console cross site scripting🔒🔒
90583IBM Sterling Connect access control [CVE-2016-0380]
90582IBM Information Server Framework cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0280]
90581OpenShift Origin credentials management [CVE-2015-8945]
90580PHP SAPI.c header cross site scripting🔒🔒
90579Cisco RV110W/RV130W/RV215W Login Session improper authentication🔒
90578Cisco RV110W/RV130W/RV215W CLI Command Parser os command injection🔒
90577Google Android access control
90576Linux Kernel tsc.c null pointer dereference
90575Linux Kernel msm_camera.c msm_set_crop use after free
90574Linux Kernel msm_vfe31.c vfe31_proc_general memory corruption
90573GD Graphics Library gd_interpolation.c imagescale out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90572GNU C Library libresolv resource management [CVE-2016-5417]🔒🔒
90568VMware Workstation/Player DLL Library untrusted search path [CVE-2016-5330]🔒🔒
90567VMware ESXi Server Header crlf injection [CVE-2016-5331]🔒🔒
90566VMware ESXi Server DLL Library untrusted search path [CVE-2016-5330]🔒🔒
90565VMware vCenter Server Header crlf injection [CVE-2016-5331]🔒🔒
90564Google Chrome privileges management [CVE-2016-5146]🔒🔒
90563Google Chrome DevTools access control [CVE-2016-5144]🔒🔒
90562Google Chrome DevTools access control [CVE-2016-5143]🔒🔒
90561Google Chrome Blink 7pk security [CVE-2016-5145]🔒🔒
90560Google Chrome pdfium memory corruption [CVE-2016-5140]🔒🔒
90559Google Chrome Blink use after free [CVE-2016-5142]🔒🔒
90558Google Chrome Address Bar input validation [CVE-2016-5141]🔒🔒
90557Google Android Qualcomm data processing [CVE-2016-3856]
90556Google Android Qualcomm out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-3855]
90555Google Android Qualcomm out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-3854]
90554Google Android Kernel Sound information disclosure [CVE-2016-4578]🔒🔒
90553Google Android Kernel Sound information disclosure [CVE-2016-4569]🔒🔒
90552Google Android Kernel Networking information disclosure [CVE-2016-4578]🔒🔒
90551Google Android Framework API memory corruption [CVE-2016-2497]
90550Google Android Google Play Services access control [CVE-2016-3853]
90549Google Android Qualcomm Components access control [CVE-2014-9901]
90548Google Android USB driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-4482]🔒🔒
90547Google Android MediaTek Wi-Fi Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3852]
90546Google Android Kernel Scheduler information disclosure [CVE-2014-9903]
90545Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9900]🔒🔒
90544Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9899]
90543Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9898]
90542Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9897]
90541Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9896]
90540Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9895]🔒🔒
90539Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9894]
90538Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9893]
90537Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2015-8944]🔒🔒
90536Google Android Qualcomm information disclosure [CVE-2014-9892]
90535Google Android LG Electronics Bootloader access control [CVE-2016-3851]
90534Google Android Kernel Performance Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-3843]
90533Google Android Qualcomm Bootloader access control [CVE-2016-3850]
90532Google Android ION Driver access control [CVE-2016-3849]
90531Google Android NVIDIA Media Driver access control [CVE-2016-3848]
90530Google Android NVIDIA Media Driver access control [CVE-2016-3847]
90529Google Android Serial Peripheral Interface Driver access control
90528Google Android Kernel Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3845]
90527Google Android Mediaserver access control [CVE-2016-3844]
90526Google Android Kernel Filesystem integer overflow [CVE-2012-6701]🔒🔒
90525Google Android Kernel Sound integer overflow [CVE-2014-9904]🔒🔒
90524Google Android Kernel Sound race condition [CVE-2016-2546]🔒🔒
90523Google Android Kernel Sound race condition [CVE-2016-2544]🔒🔒
90522Google Android Kernel Memory 7pk security [CVE-2016-3672]🔒🔒
90521Google Android Kernel Memory access control [CVE-2015-1593]🔒🔒
90520Google Android Kernel access control [CVE-2016-3857]🔒🔒
90519Google Android Qualcomm Performance access control [CVE-2016-3843]
90518Google Android Qualcomm GPU Driver access control [CVE-2016-3842]
90517Google Android Qualcomm GPU Driver QuadRooter access control
90516Google Android Kernel Networking use after free [CVE-2016-3841]🔒🔒
90515Google Android Kernel Networking access control [CVE-2015-2686]🔒
90514Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9890]
90513Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9891]
90512Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8943]
90511Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8942]
90510Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8941]
90509Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8940]
90508Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8939]
90507Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8938]
90506Google Android Qualcomm data processing [CVE-2015-8937]
90505Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9889]
90504Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9888]🔒🔒
90503Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2014-9887]
90502Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9886]
90501Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9885]
90500Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9884]
90499Google Android Qualcomm integer underflow [CVE-2014-9883]
90498Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2014-9882]
90497Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9881]
90496Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9880]
90495Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9879]
90494Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9878]
90493Google Android Qualcomm data processing [CVE-2014-9877]
90492Google Android Qualcomm numeric error [CVE-2014-9876]
90491Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9875]
90490Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2014-9874]
90489Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9873]
90488Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9872]
90487Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2014-9871]
90486Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9870]
90485Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9869]
90484Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9868]
90483Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9867]
90482Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9866]
90481Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2014-9865]
90480Google Android Qualcomm input validation [CVE-2014-9864]
90479Google Android Qualcomm integer overflow [CVE-2014-9863]
90478Google Android Conscrypt memory corruption [CVE-2014-9902]
90477Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver memory corruption [CVE-2014-9902]
90476Google Android Bluetooth access control [CVE-2016-3839]
90475Google Android System UI access control [CVE-2016-3838]
90474Google Android Wi-Fi information disclosure [CVE-2016-3837]
90473Google Android SurfaceFlinger information disclosure [CVE-2016-3836]
90472Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3835]
90471Google Android Camera API information disclosure [CVE-2016-3834]
90470Google Android OpenSSL memory corruption [CVE-2016-2842]🔒🔒
90469Google Android Shell access control [CVE-2016-3833]
90468Google Android Framework API access control [CVE-2016-3832]
90467Google Android System Clock input validation [CVE-2016-3831]
90466Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-3830]
90465Google Android Mediaserver encoding error [CVE-2016-3829]
90464Google Android Mediaserver encoding error [CVE-2016-3828]
90463Google Android Mediaserver encoding error [CVE-2016-3827]
90462Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-3826]
90461Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3825]
90460Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3824]
90459Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3823]
90458Google Android libjhead memory corruption [CVE-2016-3822]🔒🔒
90457Google Android Mediaserver null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-3821]
90456Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3820]
90455Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3819]
90454Apple iOS IOMobileFramebuffer memory corruption [CVE-2016-4654]
90453IBM WebSphere Application Server SIP access control [CVE-2016-2960]🔒
90452Cisco IOS NTP Interface Queue input validation [CVE-2016-1478]🔒🔒
90451Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop Memory 7pk security [CVE-2016-6493]
90450libcURL use after free [CVE-2016-5421]🔒🔒
90449cURL/libcURL TLS Connection improper authorization [CVE-2016-5420]🔒🔒
90448cURL/libcURL TLS Session Resumption Client Certificate cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90447Mozilla Firefox Resource Timing API information disclosure [CVE-2016-5250]🔒🔒
90446Mozilla Firefox Error Page 7pk security [CVE-2016-5268]🔒🔒🔒
90445Mozilla Firefox Address Bar input validation [CVE-2016-5267]🔒
90444Mozilla Firefox Drag/Drop access control [CVE-2016-5266]🔒🔒
90443Mozilla Firefox Local File cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5265]🔒🔒
90442Mozilla Firefox SVG Effect NativeAnonymousChildListChange use after free🔒🔒
90441Mozilla Firefox Display Transformation HitTest type conversion🔒🔒
90440Mozilla Firefox ClearKey Content Decryption Module memory corruption🔒🔒
90439Mozilla Firefox Marquee Tag cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5262]🔒🔒
90438Mozilla Firefox WebSocket Data Buffer integer overflow [CVE-2016-5261]🔒🔒
90437Mozilla Firefox Form Input Type information disclosure [CVE-2016-5260]🔒🔒
90436Mozilla Firefox Service Worker CanonicalizeXPCOMParticipant use after free🔒🔒
90435Mozilla Firefox WebRTC Session use after free [CVE-2016-5258]🔒🔒
90434Mozilla Firefox Javascript Garbage Collector sweep use after free🔒🔒
90433Mozilla Firefox Toplevel Menu KeyDown use after free🔒🔒
90432Mozilla Firefox Updater access control [CVE-2016-5253]🔒🔒
90431Mozilla Firefox Expat XML Parser memory corruption [CVE-2016-0718]🔒🔒
90430Mozilla Firefox 2D Graphics Rendering BasePoint4d memory corruption🔒🔒
90429Mozilla Firefox Location Bar input validation [CVE-2016-5251]🔒🔒
90428Mozilla Firefox Cairo Graphics Library _cairo_surface_get_extents input validation🔒🔒
90427Mozilla Firefox SVG Bidirectional Content AddOpening memory corruption🔒🔒
90426Mozilla Firefox Favicon information disclosure [CVE-2016-2830]🔒🔒
90425Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-2836]🔒🔒
90424Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-2835]🔒🔒
90423ImageMagick enhance.c ContrastStretchImage out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90422ImageMagick Image File property.c Get8BIMProperty out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90421Lenovo Ultraslim Dongle AES Counter KeyJack cryptographic issues
90420KArchive KNewsstuff Download path traversal [CVE-2016-6232]🔒🔒
90419Huawei P8 Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-6193]
90418Huawei P8 Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-6192]
90417Huawei CloudEngine 12800 Control Plane input validation [CVE-2016-6178]
90416Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-5671]
90415Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR Web Management Interface credentials management
90414Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR X.509 Certificate Test hard-coded key
90413Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR JSON API Call missing authentication
90412Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR index.html direct request
90411Crestron DM-TXRX-100-STR Client Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-5666]
90410Crestron AirMedia AM-100 rftest.cgi command injection🔒
90409Crestron AirMedia AM-100 login.cgi path traversal🔒
90408Atlassian Bamboo XStream Serialization access control [CVE-2016-5229]🔒
90407Nofollow Links Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4833]
90406Red Hat JBoss Operations Network Server input validation [CVE-2016-3737]🔒🔒
90405OpenSSH sshd information disclosure
90404OpenSSH sshd information disclosure
90403OpenSSH sshd resource consumption
90402Pulse Secure Desktop access control [CVE-2016-2408]
90401Intel Crosswalk X.509 Certificate input validation [CVE-2016-5672]
90400Google Chrome mali_kbase_vinstr.c kbasep_vinstr_attach_client integer overflow🔒
90399Seed Coupon Plugin sql injection [CVE-2016-4837]
90398vTiger CRM Save.php access control🔒
90397HPE Operations Manager AdminUI access control [CVE-2016-4373]
90396OpenSSL ts_lib.c TS_OBJ_print_bio out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90395Novell Filr access control🔒
90394Novell Filr email-template Feature path traversal [CVE-2016-1610]🔒
90393Novell Filr User Profile cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1609]🔒
90392Novell Filr vaconfig/time Request access control [CVE-2016-1608]🔒
90391Novell Filr vaconfig/time Request cross-site request forgery🔒
90390NetIQ Sentinel ReportViewServlet path traversal [CVE-2016-1605]🔒
90389Cisco Email Security Appliance Malware Detection input validation🔒
90388IBM Tivoli Storage Manager Server Flexera InstallAnywhere Third Party untrusted search path🔒
90387IBM AIX mustendd Device Driver input validation [CVE-2016-0281]🔒
90386XenSource Xen Virtio Request resource management [CVE-2016-5403]🔒🔒
90385Apache Archiva addProxyConnector_commit.action cross site scripting🔒
90384Apache Archiva addProxyConnector_commit.action cross-site request forgery🔒
90383Apache OpenOffice Impress File out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-1513]🔒🔒
90382IBM AIX TLS 7pk security [CVE-2016-0266]🔒
90381IBM AIX TLS data processing [CVE-2015-7575]🔒🔒
90380IBM DB2 LUW Spectrum Scale GUI Password information disclosure
90379IBM WebSphere Portal cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2925]🔒🔒
90378Rockwell FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix Logout improper authorization
90377Rockwell FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix sql injection [CVE-2016-4522]
90376Cisco Videoscape Session Resource Manager resource management
90375Cisco NX-OS Discovery Protocol Packet resource management [CVE-2016-1465]🔒
90374Cisco FireSIGHT System Software Snort Rule input validation [CVE-2016-1463]🔒
90373Cisco Prime Service Catalog Web Management Interface cross site scripting
90372Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Wireless Management Frame resource management🔒
90371Cisco Unified Computing System Web Framework input validation
90370cronic cronic.trace.$$ access control🔒
90369Cavium SDK RSA-CRT information disclosure [CVE-2015-5738]🔒
90368XenSource Xen SMAP Safety Check input validation [CVE-2016-6259]🔒🔒
90367XenSource Xen PV Pagetable Updater Host access control🔒🔒
90366MIT Kerberos 5 KDC Service validate_as_request null pointer dereference🔒🔒
90365Perl Module Loader access control [CVE-2016-1238]🔒🔒
90364FreeBSD bsdiff integer overflow [CVE-2014-9862]🔒🔒
90363International Components for Unicode uloc.cpp uloc_acceptLanguageFromHTTP memory corruption🔒🔒
90357CA eHealth privileges management [CVE-2016-6152]
90356CA eHealth privileges management [CVE-2016-6151]
90355Linux Kernel mb86a20s.c mb86a20s_read_status memory corruption🔒🔒
90266OX Software Open-Xchange OX Documents Spreadsheet cross site scripting🔒
90265OX Software Open-Xchange Adobe Flash File cross site scripting🔒
90264OX Software Open-Xchange Image cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5124]🔒
90263Apache Archiva Header resource consumption [CVE-2016-5004]
90262Apache Archiva Deserialize deserialization [CVE-2016-5003]🔒
90261Apache Archiva XML DTD Connection xml external entity reference🔒
90260Cisco ASR 5000 ASN1C asn1rt_a.lib rtxMemHeapAlloc integer overflow
90248Palo Alto PAN-OS root_reboot input validation🔒🔒
90247libarchive ISO9660 Archive iso9660.c isoent_gen_joliet_identifier integer overflow🔒🔒
90246Google Chrome privileges management [CVE-2016-1705]🔒🔒
90245Google Chrome HSTS/CSP History information disclosure🔒🔒
90244Google Chrome Extension use after free [CVE-2016-5136]🔒🔒
90243Google Chrome Content Security Policy input validation [CVE-2016-5135]🔒🔒
90242Google Chrome PAC Script URL information disclosure🔒🔒
90241Google Chrome Proxy Authentication Origin improper authentication🔒🔒
90240Google Chrome Service Worker 7pk security [CVE-2016-5132]🔒🔒
90239Google Chrome libxml use after free [CVE-2016-5131]🔒🔒
90238Google Chrome URL access control [CVE-2016-5130]🔒🔒
90237Google Chrome v8 memory corruption [CVE-2016-5129]🔒🔒
90236Google Chrome v8 7pk security [CVE-2016-5128]🔒🔒
90235Google Chrome Blink use after free [CVE-2016-5127]🔒🔒
90234Google Chrome Blink improper authorization [CVE-2016-1711]🔒🔒
90233Google Chrome Blink improper authorization [CVE-2016-1710]🔒🔒
90232Google Chrome Sfntly memory corruption [CVE-2016-1709]🔒🔒
90231Google Chrome Extension use after free [CVE-2016-1708]🔒🔒
90230Google Chrome URL input validation [CVE-2016-1707]🔒🔒
90229Google Chrome PPAPI Sandbox input validation [CVE-2016-1706]🔒🔒
90228eCryptfs ecryptfs-setup-swap input validation [CVE-2016-6224]🔒🔒
90227Siemens SINEMA Remote Connect Server Web Server cross site scripting
90226Siemens SIMATIC NET PC-Software TCP Packet input validation [CVE-2016-5874]
90225Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Station File information disclosure [CVE-2016-5744]
90224Siemens SIMATIC Packet input validation [CVE-2016-5743]
90223eCryptfs ecryptfs-setup-swap input validation [CVE-2015-8946]🔒🔒
90222PHP php_stream_zip_opener memory corruption🔒🔒
90221PHP XMLRPC simplestring.c simplestring_addn memory corruption🔒🔒
90220PHP SNMP snmp.c use after free🔒🔒
90219PHP Session session.c unserialize use after free🔒🔒
90218PHP ps_files_cleanup_dir heap-based overflow
90217PHP PCRE proc_open heap-based overflow
90216PHP mdecrypt_generic heap-based overflow
90215PHP MBString use after free
90214PHP mbc_to_code memory corruption
90213PHP locale_methods.c locale_accept_from_http out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
90212PHP _gdContributionsAlloc integer coercion
90211PHP imagegif/output memory corruption
90210PHP gdImageTrueColorToPaletteBody Access memory corruption
90209PHP imagecropauto memory corruption
90208PHP gdImageAALine Access Remote Code Execution
90207PHP exif.c exif_process_user_comment null pointer dereference🔒🔒
90206PHP exif.c exif_process_IFD_in_MAKERNOTE memory corruption🔒🔒
90205PHP cURL heap-based overflow
90204PHP variant_date_from_timestamp null pointer dereference
90203PHP Error bzread out-of-bounds write🔒🔒
90202PHP php_bz2_filter_create type confusion
90201PHP unserialize use after free🔒🔒
90200PHP ZIP Archive tsrm_virtual_cwd.c virtual_file_ex integer overflow🔒🔒
90199PHP String-Typed ZVAL integer coercion
90198PHP url.c php_url_parse_ex memory corruption🔒🔒
90197NetBSD mail.local link following [CVE-2016-6253]
90196Tenable Nessus Stored cross site scriting [CVE-2016-1000029]🔒
90195Tenable Nessus Stored cross site scriting [CVE-2016-1000029]🔒
90194Tenable Nessus Stored cross site scriting [CVE-2016-1000028]🔒
90193Tenable Nessus Expat XML Parser memory corruption [CVE-2016-0718]🔒🔒
90192IBM Lotus Notes information disclosure [CVE-2016-3674]🔒🔒
90191Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4653]🔒🔒
90190Apple watchOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4653]🔒🔒
90189Apple Mac OS X Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4653]🔒🔒
90188Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4653]🔒🔒
90143Django Admin Interface cross site scripting🔒🔒
90142Misys FusionCapital Opics Plus X.509 Certificate Chain Validation certificate validation
90141Misys FusionCapital Opics Plus access control [CVE-2016-5654]
90140Misys FusionCapital Opics Plus sql injection [CVE-2016-5653]
90139HarfBuzz hb-ot-layout-gpos-table.hh memory corruption🔒🔒
90138ASN1C asn1rt_a.lib rtxMemHeapAlloc integer overflow
90137Oracle MySQL Server Encryption information disclosure [CVE-2016-3452]🔒🔒
90136Oracle MySQL Server Connection information disclosure [CVE-2016-5444]🔒🔒
90135Oracle MySQL Server Connection denial of service [CVE-2016-5443]🔒🔒
90134Oracle MySQL Server Encryption denial of service [CVE-2016-5442]🔒🔒
90133Oracle MySQL Server Replication denial of service [CVE-2016-5441]🔒🔒
90132Oracle MySQL Server RBR denial of service [CVE-2016-5440]🔒🔒
90131Oracle MySQL Server Privileges denial of service [CVE-2016-5439]🔒🔒
90130Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-3424]🔒🔒
90129Oracle MySQL Server Log denial of service [CVE-2016-5437]🔒🔒
90128Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-3459]🔒🔒
90127Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB denial of service [CVE-2016-5436]🔒🔒
90126Oracle MySQL Server Encryption denial of service [CVE-2016-3614]🔒🔒
90125Oracle MySQL Server DML denial of service [CVE-2016-3615]🔒🔒
90124Oracle MySQL Server InnoDB memory corruption [CVE-2016-3588]🔒🔒
90123Oracle MySQL Server Types denial of service [CVE-2016-3521]🔒🔒
90122Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-3518]🔒🔒
90121Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-3501]🔒🔒
90120Oracle MySQL Server FTS denial of service [CVE-2016-3486]🔒🔒
90119Oracle MySQL Server Option information disclosure [CVE-2016-3471]🔒🔒
90118Oracle MySQL Server Encryption numeric error [CVE-2016-2105]🔒🔒
90117Oracle MySQL Server Optimizer denial of service [CVE-2016-3440]🔒🔒
90116Oracle MySQL Server Parser Local Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-3477]🔒🔒
90115Oracle VM VirtualBox denial of service [CVE-2016-3597]🔒🔒
90114Oracle VM VirtualBox SSL/TLS information disclosure [CVE-2016-3612]🔒🔒
90113Oracle Secure Global Desktop X Server numeric error [CVE-2013-2064]🔒🔒
90112Oracle Secure Global Desktop OpenSSL privileges management [CVE-2016-3613]🔒
90111Oracle Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch cryptographic issues🔒🔒🔒
90110Oracle Sun Data Center InfiniBand Switch 36 cryptographic issues🔒🔒🔒
90109Oracle Cluster information disclosure [CVE-2016-3480]
90108Oracle ILOM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3451]
90107Oracle SPARC Enterprise M Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-2808]🔒🔒
90106Oracle Fujitsu M Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-0800]🔒🔒
90105Oracle Fujitsu M Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2013-2566]🔒🔒
90104Oracle Solaris Verified Boot information disclosure [CVE-2016-5452]🔒
90103Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-5471]🔒
90102Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-5469]🔒
90101Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-3497]🔒
90100Oracle Solaris Kernel denial of service [CVE-2016-3453]🔒
90099Oracle Sun Network 10GE Switch 72p cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-3197]🔒🔒
90098Oracle Sun Blade 6000 Ethernet Switched NEM 24P 10GE cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90097Oracle Switch ES1-24 information disclosure [CVE-2015-3197]🔒🔒
90096Oracle 40G 10G 72/64 Ethernet Switch cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-3197]🔒🔒
90095Oracle Solaris Verified Boot denial of service [CVE-2016-5454]🔒
90094Oracle Solaris Kernel Zones resource management [CVE-2015-8104]🔒🔒
90093Oracle SPARC Enterprise Server input validation [CVE-2015-3183]🔒🔒
90092Oracle ILOM 7pk security [CVE-2015-1793]🔒🔒
90091Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5448]
90090Oracle Solaris Libadimalloc denial of service [CVE-2016-3584]🔒
90089Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5446]
90088Oracle ILOM unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3585]
90087Oracle ILOM denial of service [CVE-2016-5449]
90086Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5447]
90085Oracle ILOM denial of service [CVE-2016-3481]
90084Oracle ILOM access control [CVE-2015-5600]🔒🔒
90083Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5445]
90082Oracle ILOM memory corruption [CVE-2012-3410]🔒🔒
90081Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5457]
90080Oracle Sun Network QDR InfiniBand Gateway Switch memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
90079Oracle Sun Data Center InfiniBand Switch 36 memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
90078Oracle ILOM privileges management [CVE-2016-5453]
90077Oracle Java SE Networking unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3485]🔒🔒
90076Oracle Java SE Hotspot information disclosure [CVE-2016-3550]🔒🔒
90075Oracle Java SE CORBA memory corruption [CVE-2016-3458]🔒🔒
90074Oracle Java SE JAXP denial of service [CVE-2016-3508]🔒🔒
90073Oracle Java SE JAXP denial of service [CVE-2016-3500]🔒🔒
90072Oracle Java SE JavaFX denial of service [CVE-2016-3498]🔒🔒
90071Oracle Java SE Install memory corruption [CVE-2016-3503]🔒🔒
90070Oracle Java SE Deployment memory corruption [CVE-2016-3511]🔒🔒
90069Oracle Java SE Install memory corruption [CVE-2016-3552]🔒🔒
90068Oracle Java SE Libraries memory corruption [CVE-2016-3610]🔒🔒
90067Oracle Java SE Libraries memory corruption [CVE-2016-3598]🔒🔒
90066Oracle Java SE Hotspot memory corruption [CVE-2016-3606]🔒🔒
90065Oracle Java SE Hotspot memory corruption [CVE-2016-3587]🔒🔒
90064Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90063Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Project manager cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90062Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90061Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90060Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90059Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90058Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90057Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access unknown vulnerability
90056Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access improper authentication🔒🔒
90055Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web Access unknown vulnerability
90054Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Project manager race condition🔒🔒
90053Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access Privilege Escalation🔒
90052Oracle Primavera P6 Enterprise Project Portfolio Management Web access deserialization🔒🔒
90051Oracle Primavera Contract Management PCM web services Privilege Escalation🔒
90050Oracle Primavera Contract Management PCM application deserialization🔒🔒
90049Oracle Policy Automation for Mobile Devices Mobile Application deserialization🔒🔒
90048Oracle Policy Automation Connector for Siebel Determinations Server deserialization🔒🔒
90047Oracle Policy Automation Determinations Engine deserialization🔒🔒
90046Oracle In-Memory Policy Analytics Analysis Server deserialization🔒🔒
90045Oracle Utilities Work/Asset Management Integrations deserialization🔒🔒
90044Oracle Utilities Network Management System deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90043Oracle Utilities Framework deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90042Oracle Retail Order Broker System Administration unknown vulnerability
90041Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management SIMINT deserialization🔒🔒
90040Oracle Retail Service Backbone Install Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5475]
90039Oracle Retail Order Broker System Administration Privilege Escalation
90038Oracle Retail Integration Bus Install Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-5476]
90037Oracle MICROS Retail XBRi Loss Prevention command injection [CVE-2016-3081]🔒🔒
90036Oracle Retail Service Backbone RSB Kernel Privilege Escalation
90035Oracle Retail Service Backbone Install deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90034Oracle Retail Order Broker Order Broker Foundation Privilege Escalation🔒
90033Oracle Retail Integration Bus Install Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-0635]🔒
90032Oracle Retail Central/Back Office/Returns Management Install deserialization🔒🔒
90031Oracle MICROS Retail XBRi Loss Prevention deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90030Oracle Retail Store Inventory Management SIMINT injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
90029Oracle Retail Service Backbone Install injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
90028Oracle Retail Order Broker System Administration injection [CVE-2015-3253]🔒🔒
90027Oracle Retail Integration Bus Install Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3444]
90026Oracle Insurance Rules Palette Architecture Privilege Escalation🔒
90025Oracle Insurance Rules Palette Architecture deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90024Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2EE Architecture Privilege Escalation🔒
90023Oracle Insurance Policy Administration J2EE Architecture deserialization🔒🔒
90022Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine Architecture Privilege Escalation🔒
90021Oracle Insurance Calculation Engine Architecture deserialization🔒🔒
90020Oracle Documaker Development tools Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-0635]🔒
90019Oracle Documaker Development tools deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90018Oracle Healthcare Master Person Index Internal operations Privilege Escalation🔒
90017Oracle Healthcare Analytics Data Integration Self Service Analytics deserialization🔒🔒
90016Oracle Health Sciences Information Manager Health Policy Monitor Privilege Escalation🔒
90015Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center Installation/configuration deserialization🔒🔒
90014Oracle Health Sciences Clinical Development Center Installation/configuration injection🔒🔒
90013Oracle Banking Platform OPS memory corruption [CVE-2016-1181]🔒🔒
90012Oracle FLEXCUBE Direct Banking Base unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3589]
90011Oracle Financial Services Lending/Leasing Admin/setup cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90010Oracle Banking Platform Rules collections deserialization [CVE-2015-7501]🔒🔒
90009Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker GUI information disclosure
90008Oracle Communications Session Border Controller System 7pk time and state🔒🔒
90007Oracle Communications Policy Management Security cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90006Oracle Communications Session Border Controller Encryption information disclosure🔒🔒
90005Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker GUI null pointer dereference🔒🔒
90004Oracle Communications Messaging Server Multiplexor information disclosure
90003Oracle Communications Unified Session Manager Routing information disclosure🔒🔒
90002Oracle Communications Network Charging/Control DAP/OSD/PI cryptographic issues🔒🔒
90001Oracle Communications EAGLE Application Processor APPL unknown vulnerability
90000Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker GUI information disclosure
89999Oracle Communications Operations Monitor Infrastructure information disclosure
89998Oracle Enterprise Communications Broker Crash/network/system/admin information disclosure
89997Oracle Communications Core Session Manager Routing null pointer dereference🔒🔒
89996Oracle Communications ASAP Service request translator deserialization🔒🔒
89995Oracle Communications Messaging Server Security memory corruption🔒🔒
89994Oracle Communications EAGLE Application Processor memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
89993Oracle Siebel Core Workspaces information disclosure [CVE-2016-5462]
89992Oracle Siebel Core Services information disclosure [CVE-2016-3469]
89991Oracle Siebel Core Services information disclosure [CVE-2016-5466]
89990Oracle Siebel Core Services information disclosure [CVE-2016-5460]
89989Oracle Siebel Core Services information disclosure [CVE-2016-3450]
89988Oracle Siebel UI Framework SWSE Server unknown vulnerability
89987Oracle Siebel UI Framework SWSE Server unknown vulnerability
89986Oracle Knowledge Information Manager Console information disclosure
89985Oracle Siebel UI Framework UIF Open UI unknown vulnerability
89984Oracle Siebel Core iHelp unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5459]
89983Oracle Siebel Core Services information disclosure [CVE-2016-5456]
89982Oracle Siebel UI Framework EAI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5468]
89981Oracle Siebel Engineering Web Server information disclosure [CVE-2016-3472]
89980Oracle Siebel Core Object Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-5461]
89979Oracle Knowledge Information Manager Console unknown vulnerability
89978Oracle Siebel UI Framework EAI unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-5451]
89977Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Tools Enterprise Infrastructure SEC cryptographic issues🔒🔒
89976Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise FSCM eProcurement unknown vulnerability
89975Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Security information disclosure🔒🔒
89974Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools File Processing unknown vulnerability
89973Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Application Designer information disclosure
89972Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools File Processing unknown vulnerability
89971Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Install/Packaging Local Privilege Escalation
89970Oracle PeopleSoft Enterprise PeopleTools Panel Processor unknown vulnerability
89969Oracle Transportation Management Database information disclosure
89968Oracle Agile PLM File Folders/Attachment information disclosure
89967Oracle Agile PLM PC/Notification information disclosure [CVE-2016-3531]
89966Oracle Agile PLM WebClient/Admin unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3507]
89965Oracle Agile PLM PC/Get Shortcut unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3517]
89964Oracle Agile PLM SDK information disclosure [CVE-2016-3560]
89963Oracle Agile PLM PC Core unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3553]
89962Oracle Agile PLM File Folders/URL Attachment unknown vulnerability
89961Oracle Agile PLM SDK information disclosure [CVE-2016-3529]
89960Oracle Agile Engineering Data Management Install information disclosure🔒🔒
89959Oracle Agile PLM PGC/Excel Plugin unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3555]
89958Oracle Agile PLM PC/Get Shortcut unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3519]
89957Oracle Agile PLM File Load unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3557]
89956Oracle Agile PLM File Folders/Attachment information disclosure
89955Oracle Transportation Management Install unknown vulnerability
89954Oracle Agile PLM PGC/Import unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3530]
89953Oracle Agile PLM File Folders/Attachment unknown vulnerability
89952Oracle Agile PLM File Folders/Attachment unknown vulnerability
89951Oracle Agile PLM SDK Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3561]
89950Oracle Agile PLM SDK information disclosure [CVE-2016-3526]
89949Oracle Transportation Management Web Container deserialization🔒🔒
89948Oracle Agile PLM PC/BOM/MCAD/Design Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-3554]
89947Oracle Demand Planning ODPDA Servlet unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3527]
89946Oracle Agile PLM EM Integration Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3556]
89945Oracle Agile Engineering Data Management Install Remote Code Execution
89944Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator Application Service information disclosure🔒
89943Oracle Knowledge Management Search information disclosure [CVE-2016-3533]🔒
89942Oracle Installed Base Engineering Change Order information disclosure🔒
89941Oracle Email Center Agent Console information disclosure [CVE-2016-3559]🔒
89940Oracle Email Center Agent Console information disclosure [CVE-2016-3558]🔒
89939Oracle Application Object Library AOL Diagnostic tests information disclosure🔒
89938Oracle One-to-One Fulfillment Content Manager information disclosure🔒
89937Oracle Marketing Activity Collateral information disclosure [CVE-2016-3548]🔒
89936Oracle E-Business Suite Secure Enterprise Search Search Integration Engine information disclosure🔒
89935Oracle Application Object Library Web based help screens information disclosure🔒
89934Oracle Applications Manager Cookie Management information disclosure🔒
89933Oracle Knowledge Management Search/Browse information disclosure🔒
89932Oracle Applications Technology Stack Configuration information disclosure🔒
89931Oracle Internet Expenses Expenses Admin Utilities denial of service🔒
89930Oracle Web Applications Desktop Integrator Application Service information disclosure🔒
89929Oracle Marketing Deliverables cross site scriting [CVE-2016-3536]🔒
89928Oracle Customer Interaction History Function Security information disclosure🔒
89927Oracle CRM Technical Foundation Wireless Framework cross site scriting🔒
89926Oracle CRM Technical Foundation Remote Launch cross site scriting🔒
89925Oracle Advanced Inbound Telephony SDK client integration cross site scriting🔒
89924Oracle Common Applications Calendar Tasks information disclosure🔒
89923Oracle Common Applications Calendar Notes information disclosure🔒
89922Oracle Advanced Collections Report JSPs information disclosure🔒
89921Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Update Provisioning input validation🔒🔒
89920Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform UI Framework information disclosure🔒
89919Oracle Enterprise Manager for Fusion Middleware SOA Topology Viewer information disclosure
89918Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Networking cryptographic issues🔒🔒
89917Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Discovery Framework information disclosure🔒🔒
89916Oracle Enterprise Manager Base Platform Security Framework information disclosure🔒
89915Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center OS Provisioning denial of service
89914Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Networking input validation🔒🔒
89913Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Framework Privilege Escalation🔒
89912Oracle Enterprise Manager Ops Center Enterprise Controller Install deserialization🔒🔒
89911Oracle Hyperion Financial Reporting Security Models Remote Code Execution
89910Oracle HTTP Server SSL/TLS Module information disclosure [CVE-2016-3482]🔒
89909Oracle BI Publisher Security information disclosure [CVE-2016-3474]
89908Oracle WebLogic Server Web Container denial of service [CVE-2016-3445]🔒🔒
89907Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Analytics Web Administration unknown vulnerability
89906Oracle BI Publisher Web Server unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3432]
89905Oracle GlassFish Server Administration information disclosure🔒🔒
89904Oracle GlassFish Server Administration information disclosure🔒🔒
89903Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure Base Image information disclosure🔒🔒
89902Oracle Access Manager Web Server Plugin information disclosure🔒🔒
89901Oracle WebCenter Sites Privilege Escalation [CVE-2016-3502]
89900Oracle GlassFish Server Administration input validation [CVE-2015-3237]🔒🔒
89899Oracle Exalogic Infrastructure Base Image data processing [CVE-2016-1548]🔒🔒
89898Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Analytics Web General unknown vulnerability
89897Oracle WebCenter Sites Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3487]
89896Oracle TopLink JPA-RS Remote Code Execution [CVE-2016-3564]
89895Oracle Portal User/Group Security memory corruption [CVE-2016-1181]🔒🔒
89894Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition Analytics Web Administration Remote Code Execution
89893Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89892Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89891Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89890Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89889Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89888Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89887Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89886Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89885Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89884Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89883Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89882Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89881Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89880Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89879Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89878Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89877Oracle Outside In Technology Outside In Filters memory corruption🔒
89876Oracle JDeveloper ADF Faces memory corruption [CVE-2016-3504]🔒
89875Oracle WebLogic Server Web Container memory corruption [CVE-2016-3499]🔒🔒
89874Oracle WebLogic Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-3586]🔒🔒
89873Oracle WebLogic Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-3510]🔒🔒
89872Oracle GlassFish Server Web Container memory corruption [CVE-2016-3607]🔒🔒
89871Oracle Directory Server Enterprise Edition Admin Server memory corruption🔒🔒
89870Oracle Database Server Database Vault memory corruption [CVE-2016-3484]🔒🔒
89869Oracle Database DB Sharding memory corruption [CVE-2016-3488]🔒🔒
89868Oracle Database RDBMS cryptographic issues [CVE-2015-0204]🔒🔒🔒
89867Oracle Database Application Express denial of service [CVE-2016-3467]🔒🔒
89866Oracle Database Application Express unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-3448]🔒🔒
89865Oracle Database Server Data Pump Import memory corruption [CVE-2016-3489]🔒🔒
89864Oracle Database Server Portable Clusterware denial of service🔒🔒
89863Oracle Database Server JDBC memory corruption [CVE-2016-3506]🔒🔒
89862Oracle Database Server OJVM memory corruption [CVE-2016-3609]🔒🔒
89850ISC BIND Lightweight Resolution named.conf input validation🔒🔒
89849nginx RFC 3875 Namespace Conflict access control [CVE-2016-5387]🔒🔒🔒
89848Apple tvOS WebKit Page Loading cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4585]🔒🔒
89847Apple tvOS WebKit Page Loading memory corruption [CVE-2016-4584]🔒🔒
89846Apple tvOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2016-4592]🔒🔒
89845Apple tvOS WebKit access control [CVE-2016-4591]🔒🔒
89844Apple tvOS WebKit Memory memory corruption🔒
89843Apple tvOS WebKit race condition [CVE-2016-4583]🔒🔒
89842Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4624]🔒🔒
89841Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4623]🔒🔒
89840Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4622]🔒🔒
89839Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4589]🔒🔒
89838Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4588]🔒🔒
89837Apple tvOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4586]🔒🔒
89836Apple tvOS Sandbox Profiles input validation [CVE-2016-4594]🔒🔒
89835Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4612]🔒🔒
89834Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4610]🔒🔒
89833Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4609]🔒🔒
89832Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4608]🔒🔒
89831Apple tvOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4607]🔒🔒
89830Apple tvOS libxslt integer overflow [CVE-2016-1684]🔒🔒
89829Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4619]🔒🔒
89828Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4616]🔒🔒
89827Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4615]🔒🔒
89826Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4614]🔒🔒
89825Apple tvOS libxml2 out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4483]🔒🔒
89824Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4448]🔒🔒
89823Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4447]🔒🔒
89822Apple tvOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-1836]🔒🔒
89821Apple tvOS libxml2 User input validation🔒🔒
89820Apple tvOS Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-1865]🔒🔒
89819Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4582]🔒🔒
89818Apple tvOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-1864]🔒🔒
89817Apple tvOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-1863]🔒🔒
89816Apple tvOS IOHIDFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4626]🔒🔒
89815Apple tvOS IOAcceleratorFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4627]🔒
89814Apple tvOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4631]🔒🔒
89813Apple tvOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4632]🔒🔒
89812Apple tvOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4637]🔒🔒
89811Apple watchOS Sandbox Profiles input validation [CVE-2016-4594]🔒🔒
89810Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4612]🔒🔒
89809Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4610]🔒🔒
89808Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4609]🔒🔒
89807Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4608]🔒🔒
89806Apple watchOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4607]🔒🔒
89805Apple watchOS libxslt integer overflow [CVE-2016-1684]🔒🔒
89804Apple watchOS libxml2 User input validation🔒🔒
89803Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4619]🔒🔒
89802Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4616]🔒🔒
89801Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4615]🔒🔒
89800Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4614]🔒🔒
89799Apple watchOS libxml2 out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4483]🔒🔒
89798Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4448]🔒🔒
89797Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4447]🔒🔒
89796Apple watchOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-1836]🔒🔒
89795Apple watchOS Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-1865]🔒🔒
89794Apple watchOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4582]🔒🔒
89793Apple watchOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-1864]🔒🔒
89792Apple watchOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-1863]🔒🔒
89791Apple watchOS IOHIDFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4626]🔒🔒
89790Apple watchOS IOAcceleratorFamily Kernel Memory out-of-bounds read
89789Apple watchOS IOAcceleratorFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4627]🔒
89788Apple watchOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4631]🔒🔒
89787Apple watchOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4632]🔒🔒
89786Apple watchOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4637]🔒🔒
89785Apple Mac OS X Sandbox Profiles input validation [CVE-2016-4594]🔒🔒
89784Apple Mac OS X Safari Login AutoFill information disclosure [CVE-2016-4595]🔒🔒
89783Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4598]🔒🔒
89782Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4602]🔒🔒
89781Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4600]🔒🔒
89780Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4597]🔒🔒
89779Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4596]🔒🔒
89778Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4599]🔒🔒
89777Apple Mac OS X QuickTime memory corruption [CVE-2016-4601]🔒🔒
89776Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL memory corruption [CVE-2016-2176]🔒🔒
89775Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL resource management [CVE-2016-2109]🔒🔒
89774Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL memory corruption [CVE-2016-2108]🔒🔒
89773Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL information disclosure [CVE-2016-2107]🔒🔒
89772Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL numeric error [CVE-2016-2106]🔒🔒
89771Apple Mac OS X OpenSSL numeric error [CVE-2016-2105]🔒🔒
89770Apple Mac OS X Login Window denial of service [CVE-2016-4639]🔒🔒
89769Apple Mac OS X Login Window input validation [CVE-2016-4641]🔒🔒
89768Apple Mac OS X Login Window memory corruption [CVE-2016-4640]🔒🔒
89767Apple Mac OS X Login Window access control [CVE-2016-4638]🔒🔒
89766Apple Mac OS X libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4612]🔒🔒
89765Apple Mac OS X libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4610]🔒🔒
89764Apple Mac OS X libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4609]🔒🔒
89763Apple Mac OS X libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4608]🔒🔒
89762Apple Mac OS X libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4607]🔒🔒
89761Apple Mac OS X libxslt integer overflow [CVE-2016-1684]🔒🔒
89760Apple Mac OS X libxml2 User input validation🔒🔒
89759Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4619]🔒🔒
89758Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4616]🔒🔒
89757Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4615]🔒🔒
89756Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4614]🔒🔒
89755Apple Mac OS X libxml2 out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4483]🔒🔒
89754Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4448]🔒🔒
89753Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4447]🔒🔒
89752Apple Mac OS X libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-1836]🔒🔒
89751Apple Mac OS X LibreSSL resource management [CVE-2016-2109]🔒🔒
89750Apple Mac OS X LibreSSL memory corruption [CVE-2016-2108]🔒🔒
89749Apple Mac OS X libexpat memory corruption [CVE-2016-0718]🔒🔒
89748Apple Mac OS X libc++abi memory corruption [CVE-2016-4621]🔒🔒
89747Apple Mac OS X Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-1865]🔒🔒
89746Apple Mac OS X Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4582]🔒🔒
89745Apple Mac OS X Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-1864]🔒🔒
89744Apple Mac OS X Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-1863]🔒🔒
89743Apple Mac OS X IOSurface use after free [CVE-2016-4625]🔒🔒
89742Apple Mac OS X IOHIDFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4626]🔒🔒
89741Apple Mac OS X Intel Graphics Driver access control [CVE-2016-4633]🔒🔒
89740Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4631]🔒🔒
89739Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4632]🔒🔒
89738Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4630]🔒🔒
89737Apple Mac OS X ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4629]🔒🔒
89736Apple Mac OS X Graphics Drivers memory corruption [CVE-2016-4634]🔒🔒
89735Apple Mac OS X FaceTime information disclosure [CVE-2016-4635]🔒🔒
89734Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4637]🔒🔒
89733Apple Mac OS X CoreGraphics Kernel Memory out-of-bounds read🔒🔒
89732Apple Mac OS X CFNetwork User information disclosure🔒🔒
89731Apple Mac OS X bsdiff integer overflow [CVE-2014-9862]🔒🔒
89730Apple Mac OS X Audio User information disclosure🔒🔒
89729Apple Mac OS X Audio Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
89728Apple Mac OS X Audio memory corruption [CVE-2016-4647]🔒🔒
89727Apple Mac OS X Audio null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4649]🔒🔒
89726Apple Mac OS X apache_mod_php memory corruption [CVE-2016-4650]🔒
89725Apple iOS WebKit Page Loading memory corruption [CVE-2016-4584]🔒🔒
89724Apple iOS WebKit Page Loading cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4585]🔒🔒
89723Apple iOS WebKit JavaScript Bindings cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4651]🔒🔒
89722Apple iOS WebKit resource management [CVE-2016-4592]🔒🔒
89721Apple iOS WebKit input validation [CVE-2016-4590]🔒🔒
89720Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4624]🔒🔒
89719Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4623]🔒🔒
89718Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4622]🔒🔒
89717Apple iOS WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4589]🔒🔒
89716Apple iOS WebKit User access control🔒🔒
89715Apple iOS WebKit race condition [CVE-2016-4583]🔒🔒
89714Apple iOS WebKit Memory memory corruption🔒
89713Apple iOS Web Media 7pk security [CVE-2016-4603]
89712Apple iOS Siri Contacts information disclosure [CVE-2016-4593]
89711Apple iOS Sandbox Profiles input validation [CVE-2016-4594]🔒🔒
89710Apple iOS Safari redirect [CVE-2016-4604]
89709Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4612]🔒🔒
89708Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4610]🔒🔒
89707Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4609]🔒🔒
89706Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4608]🔒🔒
89705Apple iOS libxslt memory corruption [CVE-2016-4607]🔒🔒
89704Apple iOS libxslt integer overflow [CVE-2016-1684]🔒🔒
89703Apple iOS libxml2 User input validation🔒🔒
89702Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4619]🔒🔒
89701Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4616]🔒🔒
89700Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4615]🔒🔒
89699Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4614]🔒🔒
89698Apple iOS libxml2 out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4483]🔒🔒
89697Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4448]🔒🔒
89696Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-4447]🔒🔒
89695Apple iOS libxml2 memory corruption [CVE-2016-1836]🔒🔒
89694Apple iOS Kernel null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-1865]🔒🔒
89693Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-4582]🔒🔒
89692Apple iOS Kernel information disclosure [CVE-2016-1864]🔒🔒
89691Apple iOS Kernel memory corruption [CVE-2016-1863]🔒🔒
89690Apple iOS IOHIDFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4626]🔒🔒
89689Apple iOS IOAcceleratorFamily null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4627]🔒
89688Apple iOS IOAcceleratorFamily out-of-bounds read [CVE-2016-4628]
89687Apple iOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4631]🔒🔒
89686Apple iOS ImageIO memory corruption [CVE-2016-4632]🔒🔒
89685Apple iOS FaceTime information disclosure [CVE-2016-4635]🔒🔒
89684Apple iOS CoreGraphics memory corruption [CVE-2016-4637]🔒🔒
89683Apple iOS Calendar null pointer dereference [CVE-2016-4605]
89682Apple Safari WebKit Page Loading memory corruption [CVE-2016-4584]🔒🔒
89681Apple Safari WebKit Page Loading cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4585]🔒🔒
89680Apple Safari WebKit JavaScript Bindings cross site scripting🔒🔒
89679Apple Safari WebKit input validation [CVE-2016-4590]🔒🔒
89678Apple Safari WebKit User access control🔒🔒
89677Apple Safari WebKit resource management [CVE-2016-4592]🔒🔒
89676Apple Safari WebKit race condition [CVE-2016-4583]🔒🔒
89675Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4586]🔒🔒
89674Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4624]🔒🔒
89673Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4623]🔒🔒
89672Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4622]🔒🔒
89671Apple Safari WebKit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4589]🔒🔒
89670Apache Tomcat CGI Servlet access control [CVE-2016-5388]🔒🔒🔒
89669Apache HTTP Server RFC 3875 Namespace Conflict access control🔒🔒🔒
89668Google Go net/http access control [CVE-2016-5386]🔒🔒🔒
89667PHP RFC 3875 Namespace Conflict access control [CVE-2016-5385]🔒🔒🔒
89622OpenSSH Authentication Username information disclosure🔒🔒
89621IBM Traveler xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-3039]
89620Cisco WebEx Meetings Server cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-1448]
89619IBM Maximo Asset Management Log File information disclosure [CVE-2016-0393]
89618IBM Personal Communications PowerShell information disclosure
89595Cisco IOS/IOS XE BGP Attribute resource management [CVE-2016-1459]🔒🔒
89484Apache Qpid Proton Library certificate validation [CVE-2016-4467]
89483Tollgrade LightHouse SMS access control [CVE-2016-5807]
89482Moxa MGate MB3270 improper authentication [CVE-2016-5804]🔒
89481Tollgrade LightHouse SMS Error Message Authentication information disclosure
89480Tollgrade LightHouse SMS improper authentication [CVE-2016-5790]
89479General Electric Digital Proficy HMI/SCADA CIMPLICITY Service DACL access control
89478Accela Civic Citizen Access Portal access control [CVE-2016-5661]
89477Accela Civic Citizen Access Portal AttachmentsList.aspx cross site scripting
89476libbpg BPG Image restore_tqb_pixels memory corruption
89475Schneider Electric SoMachine HVAC ActiveX Control privileges management
89474Schneider Electric Pelco Digital Sentry Video Management System hard-coded credentials
89473HPE iMC PLAT/EAD/APM/iMC NTA/iMC BIMS/iMC UAM_TAM Apache Commons Collections Library input validation🔒
89472IBM Rational Team Concert Git information disclosure [CVE-2016-2865]
89471Cisco ASR 5000 SNMP 7pk security [CVE-2016-1452]🔒
89470Cisco Meeting Server cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1451]🔒
89469Cisco WebEx Meetings Server input validation [CVE-2016-1450]
89468Cisco WebEx Meetings Server cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1449]
89467Cisco WebEx Meetings Server Admin Interface cross site scripting
89466Cisco WebEx Meetings Server sql injection [CVE-2016-1446]
89465IBM Security Identity Manager access control [CVE-2016-0357]
89464IBM Security Identity Manager Session access control [CVE-2016-0340]
89463IBM Security Identity Manager Session Identifier access control
89462IBM Security Identity Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-0338]
89461IBM Security Identity Manager Password credentials management
89460IBM BigFix Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0269]🔒
89459IBM Tivoli Directory Server Web Administration Tool information disclosure
89326Cisco IOS XR access control [CVE-2016-1456]🔒🔒
89248Juniper Junos Request System Software Command improper authentication🔒🔒
89247Juniper Junos ICMP input validation [CVE-2016-1277]🔒🔒
89246Juniper Junos Application Layer Gateway resource management [CVE-2016-1276]🔒🔒
89245Juniper Junos UDP input validation [CVE-2016-1263]🔒🔒
89244Juniper Junos Common Name Verificator certificate validation🔒🔒
89243Juniper Junos J-Web improper authentication [CVE-2016-1279]🔒🔒
89242Juniper Junos IPv6 MAC Address Ethernet resource management [CVE-2016-1275]🔒🔒
89219Cisco IOS XR Packet Timer Leak resource management🔒
89218Huawei HiSuite File ACL SspiCli.dll access control
89217Citrix Worx Home/XenMobile MDX Toolkit Authentication access control
89216Fortinet FortiWeb Autolearn path traversal [CVE-2016-5092]🔒
89215libvirt Password Checker Empty access control🔒🔒
89214Fortinet FortiWeb cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4066]🔒
89213KDE Frameworks kinit xauth-xxx-_y information disclosure🔒
89212GraphicsMagick GIF Image gif.c DecodeImage memory corruption🔒🔒
89145Invision Power Board content.php privileges management🔒🔒
89144Huawei Public Cloud Solution Volume Backup Service cross site scripting
89143Blue Coat PacketShaper HTTPS Server cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-5774]
89142Ceph handle_command input validation🔒🔒
89141OpenStack Ironic ironic-api Service vendor_passthru information disclosure
89140OpenStack Dashboard Dashboard Form cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4428]🔒🔒
89139Adobe Acrobat Reader use after free [CVE-2016-4255]🔒🔒
89138Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4254]🔒🔒
89137Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4252]🔒🔒
89136Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4251]🔒🔒
89135Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4250]🔒🔒
89134Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4249]🔒🔒
89133Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4248]🔒🔒
89132Adobe Flash Player race condition [CVE-2016-4247]🔒🔒
89131Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4246]🔒🔒
89130Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4245]🔒🔒
89129Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4244]🔒🔒
89128Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4243]🔒🔒
89127Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4242]🔒🔒
89126Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4241]🔒🔒
89125Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4240]🔒🔒
89124Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4239]🔒🔒
89123Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4238]🔒🔒
89122Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4237]🔒🔒
89121Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4236]🔒🔒
89120Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4235]🔒🔒
89119Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4234]🔒🔒
89118Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4233]🔒🔒
89117Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2016-4232]🔒🔒
89116Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4231]🔒🔒
89115Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4230]🔒🔒
89114Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4229]🔒🔒
89113Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4228]🔒🔒
89112Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4227]🔒🔒
89111Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4226]🔒🔒
89110Adobe Flash Player type confusion [CVE-2016-4225]🔒🔒
89109Adobe Flash Player type confusion [CVE-2016-4224]🔒🔒
89108Adobe Flash Player type confusion [CVE-2016-4223]🔒🔒
89107Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4222]🔒🔒
89106Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4221]🔒🔒
89105Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4220]🔒🔒
89104Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4219]🔒🔒
89103Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4218]🔒🔒
89102Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4217]🔒🔒
89101Adobe XMP Toolkit for Java XMPCore xml external entity reference
89100Adobe Acrobat Reader Javascript API access control [CVE-2016-4215]🔒🔒
89099Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4214]🔒🔒
89098Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4213]🔒🔒
89097Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4212]🔒🔒
89096Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4211]🔒🔒
89095Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4210]🔒🔒
89094Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4209]🔒🔒
89093Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4208]🔒🔒
89092Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4207]🔒🔒
89091Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4206]🔒🔒
89090Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4205]🔒🔒
89089Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4204]🔒🔒
89088Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4203]🔒🔒
89087Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4202]🔒🔒
89086Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4201]🔒🔒
89085Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4200]🔒🔒
89084Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4199]🔒🔒
89083Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4198]🔒🔒
89082Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4197]🔒🔒
89081Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4196]🔒🔒
89080Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4195]🔒🔒
89079Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4194]🔒🔒
89078Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4193]🔒🔒
89077Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4192]🔒🔒
89076Adobe Acrobat Reader memory corruption [CVE-2016-4191]🔒🔒
89075Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4190]🔒🔒
89074Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4189]🔒🔒
89073Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4188]🔒🔒
89072Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4187]🔒🔒
89071Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4186]🔒🔒
89070Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4185]🔒🔒
89069Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4184]🔒🔒
89068Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4183]🔒🔒
89067Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4182]🔒🔒
89066Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4181]🔒🔒
89065Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4180]🔒🔒
89064Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4179]🔒🔒
89063Adobe Flash Player information disclosure [CVE-2016-4178]🔒🔒
89062Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4177]🔒🔒
89061Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4176]🔒🔒
89060Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4175]🔒🔒
89059Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4174]🔒🔒
89058Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4173]🔒🔒
89057Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4172]🔒🔒
89055Pivotal Spring Framework Inline DTD Declaration memory corruption🔒🔒
89054Microsoft Windows Secure Boot 7pk security [CVE-2016-3287]🔒🔒
89053Microsoft Windows File System Security information disclosure🔒🔒
89052Microsoft Windows File System Security race condition [CVE-2016-3258]🔒🔒
89051Microsoft Windows .NET Framework information disclosure [CVE-2016-3255]🔒🔒
89050Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
89049Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
89048Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
89047Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys information disclosure🔒🔒
89046Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
89045Microsoft Windows Kernel-Mode Driver win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
89044Microsoft Windows Secure Kernel Module information disclosure🔒🔒
89043Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3284]🔒🔒
89042Microsoft Word Viewer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3283]🔒🔒
89041Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3282]🔒🔒
89040Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3281]🔒🔒
89039Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3280]🔒🔒
89038Microsoft Office Security Feature 7pk security [CVE-2016-3279]🔒🔒
89037Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3278]🔒🔒
89036Microsoft Windows Print Spooler ntprint.dll PSetupDownloadAndInstallLegacyDriver access control🔒🔒
89035Microsoft Windows Print Spooler ntprint.dll PSetupDownloadAndInstallLegacyDriver 7pk security🔒🔒
89034Microsoft Windows JScript/VBScript memory corruption [CVE-2016-3204]🔒🔒
89033Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3277]🔒🔒
89032Microsoft Edge access control [CVE-2016-3276]🔒🔒
89031Microsoft Edge access control [CVE-2016-3274]🔒🔒
89030Microsoft Edge information disclosure [CVE-2016-3273]🔒🔒
89029Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine information disclosure [CVE-2016-3271]🔒🔒
89028Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3269]🔒🔒
89027Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3265]🔒🔒
89026Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3264]🔒🔒
89025Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3260]🔒🔒
89024Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3259]🔒🔒
89023Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3248]🔒🔒
89022Microsoft Edge memory corruption [CVE-2016-3246]🔒🔒
89021Microsoft Edge Security Feature access control [CVE-2016-3244]🔒🔒
89020Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3277]🔒🔒
89019Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2016-3276]🔒🔒
89018Microsoft Internet Explorer access control [CVE-2016-3274]🔒🔒
89017Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3273]🔒
89016Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3264]🔒
89015Microsoft Internet Explorer information disclosure [CVE-2016-3261]🔒🔒
89014Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒🔒
89013Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3259]🔒
89012Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3248]🔒🔒
89011Microsoft Internet Explorer Security Feature access control [CVE-2016-3245]🔒🔒
89010Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3243]🔒🔒
89009Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3242]🔒🔒
89008Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3241]🔒🔒
89007Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3240]🔒🔒
89006Microsoft Internet Explorer Script Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3204]🔒🔒
89005Apache Qpid AMQP JMS Client getObject input validation
89004util-linux libblkid dos.c parse_dos_extended resource management🔒🔒
89003WECON LeviStudio File memory corruption [CVE-2016-5781]
89002LINE/LINE Installer access control [CVE-2016-4831]
89001WECON LeviStudio File memory corruption [CVE-2016-4533]
89000Moxa 5232-N Web Console improper authentication [CVE-2016-4503]
88999Symantec Workspace Streaming/Workspace Virtualization Management Console access control
88998Symantec Workspace Streaming/Workspace Virtualization Management Console path traversal
88997Cisco ASA ICMP Echo Reply ACL Firewall input validation🔒🔒
88996Google Android Libc access control [CVE-2016-3818]
88995Google Android MediaTek Display Driver information disclosure
88994Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3815]
88993Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3814]
88992Google Android Qualcomm USB Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3813]
88991Google Android MediaTek Video Codec Driver information disclosure
88990Google Android Kernel Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3811]
88989Google Android MediaTek Wi-Fi Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3810]
88988Google Android Networking information disclosure [CVE-2016-3809]
88987Google Android Serial Peripheral Interface Driver access control
88986Google Android Serial Peripheral Interface Driver access control
88985Google Android MediaTek Display Driver access control [CVE-2016-3806]
88984Google Android MediaTek Power Management Driver access control
88983Google Android MediaTek Power Management Driver access control
88982Google Android Kernel Filesystem access control [CVE-2016-3803]
88981Google Android Kernel Filesystem access control [CVE-2016-3802]
88980Google Android MediaTek GPS Driver access control [CVE-2016-3801]
88979Google Android MediaTek Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3800]
88978Google Android MediaTek Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3799]
88977Google Android MediaTek Hardware Sensor Driver access control
88976Google Android Qualcomm WiFi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-3797]
88975Google Android MediaTek Power Driver access control [CVE-2016-3796]
88974Google Android MediaTek Power Driver access control [CVE-2016-3795]
88973Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-3793]
88972Google Android Qualcomm WiFi Driver wlan_hdd_hostapd.c access control
88971Google Android Kernel Filesystem access control [CVE-2016-3775]
88970Google Android MediaTek Driver access control [CVE-2016-3774]
88969Google Android MediaTek Driver access control [CVE-2016-3773]
88968Google Android MediaTek Driver access control [CVE-2016-3772]
88967Google Android MediaTek Driver access control [CVE-2016-3771]
88966Google Android MediaTek Driver access control [CVE-2016-3770]
88965Google Android NVIDIA Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-3769]
88964Google Android Qualcomm Performance access control [CVE-2016-3768]
88963Google Android MediaTek Wi-Fi Driver resource management [CVE-2016-3767]
88962Google Android Mediaserver MPEG4Extractor.cpp input validation
88961Google Android Mediaserver impeg2d_bitstream.c information disclosure
88960Google Android Mediaserver MetadataRetrieverClient.cpp Pointer input validation
88959Google Android Proxy Auto-Config Credentials input validation
88958Google Android Sockets Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-3762]
88957Google Android NFC information disclosure
88956Google Android Bluetooth input validation [CVE-2016-3760]
88955Google Android Framework API Backup information disclosure
88954Google Android DexClassLoader OptInvocation.cpp memory corruption
88953Google Android lsof.c print_maps input validation
88952Google Android Mediaserver res012.c input validation
88951Google Android Mediaserver ih264d_parse_pslice.c input validation
88950Google Android Mediaserver resource management [CVE-2016-3754]
88949Google Android Mediaserver information disclosure [CVE-2016-3753]
88948Google Android ChooserTarget Service data processing
88947Google Android libpng 1.6.19 privileges management [CVE-2016-3751]
88946Google Android Parcels Framework API Parcel.cpp input validation
88945Google Android LockSettingsService credentials management
88944Google Android Sockets Subsystem access control [CVE-2016-3748]
88943Google Android mm-video-v4l2 use after free [CVE-2016-3747]
88942Google Android Mediaserver use after free [CVE-2016-3746]
88941Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-3745]
88940Google Android Bluetooth btif_hh.c create_pbuf memory corruption
88939Google Android Mediaserver ih264d_api.c input validation
88938Google Android Mediaserver ih264d_process_intra_mb.c input validation
88937Google Android H.264 Decoder input validation [CVE-2016-3741]
88936Google Android Mediaserver GenericSource.cpp memory corruption
88935Google Android Mediaserver h264bsd_storage.c memory corruption
88934Google Android Mediaserver DRMExtractor.cpp memory corruption
88933Google Android Mediaserver ATSParser.cpp memory corruption
88932Google Android Qualcomm GPU Driver QuadRooter access control
88931Google Android Qualcomm USB Driver f_serial.c access control
88930Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-2501]
88929Google Android MSM QDSP6 Audio Driver AUDIO_EFFECTS_READ memory corruption
88928Google Android Qualcomm Innovation Center QuIC kgsl.c access control
88927Google Android aboot.c memory corruption
88926Google Android Qualcomm boot_verifier.c access control
88925Google Android Qualcomm aboot.c numeric error
88924Google Android Qualcomm partition_parser.c access control
88923Google Android Qualcomm access control [CVE-2015-8889]
88922Google Android Qualcomm aboot.c access control
88921Google Android Linux Kernel 3.15-rc5 pgtable.h data processing
88920Google Android Qualcomm fdt.c access control
88919Google Android Qualcomm fdt_rw.c numeric error
88918Google Android Qualcomm heap.c access control
88917Google Android Qualcomm makefile access control
88916Google Android Qualcomm Bootloader dev_tree.c access control
88915Google Android Qualcomm aboot.c access control
88914Google Android Qualcomm aboot.c numeric error
88913Google Android Qualcomm mmc.c 7pk security
88912Google Android Qualcomm ipc_router.c numeric error
88911Google Android Qualcomm debugfs.c access control
88910Google Android API msm_audio_ion.c free access control
88909Google Android Qualcomm memory corruption [CVE-2014-9788]
88908Google Android Qualcomm qseecom.c numeric error
88907Google Android msm_actuator.c memory corruption
88906Google Android Qualcomm qseecom.c access control
88905Google Android diag_debugfs.c memory corruption
88904Google Android Qualcomm msm_cci.c access control
88903Google Android msm_actuator.c access control
88902Google Android fbcmap.c memory corruption
88901Google Android mdp3_ctrl.c access control
88900Google Android msm_audio_ion.c Kernel Memory access control
88899Google Android vdec.c vid_dec_set_h264_mv_buffers memory corruption
88898Google Android vdec.c vid_dec_set_meta_buffers memory corruption
88897Google Android Qualcomm privileges management [CVE-2013-7457]
88830Perl XSLoader XSLoader_pm.PL access control🔒🔒
88829Symantec Norton Antivirus Client IDS Driver memory corruption🔒
88828Symantec Endpoint Protection Client IDS Driver memory corruption🔒
88827Apache Xerces-C++ DTD memory corruption [CVE-2016-4463]🔒🔒
88826LibreOffice RTF File input validation [CVE-2016-4324]🔒🔒
88825PuTTY putty.exe untrusted search path🔒
88824IBM WebSphere Application Server API Discovery access control🔒
88823IBM WebSphere Application Server JAX-RS API Cookie information disclosure🔒
88822IBM Jazz Reporting Service cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2889]
88821IBM Jazz Reporting Service Report Builder/Data Collection Component cross site scripting
88820Samba Client-Signing Protection smbXcli_base.c smb2cli_session_set_session_key access control🔒🔒
88819Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Mobile/Remote Access input validation🔒🔒
88818Cisco AMP Threat Grid Appliance Virtual Network Stack 7pk security
88817Cisco Prime Infrastructure Admin Web Interface input validation🔒
88816IBM WebSphere Application Server Admin Center information disclosure🔒
88815IBM Jazz Reporting Service Report Builder/Data Collection Component cross site scripting
88814IBM Jazz Reporting Service Report Builder/Data Collection Component access control
88813IBM Jazz Reporting Service Report Builder/Data Collection Component clickjacking
88812IBM Jazz Reporting Service cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0313]
88811IBM i Access Registry Password 7pk security
88810IBM UrbanCode Deploy JMS Session access control [CVE-2016-0271]
88809IBM Control Center/Sterling Control Center Master Key information disclosure
88808IBM Power Hardware Management Console access control [CVE-2016-0230]
88752ISC BIND UPDATE Message input validation [CVE-2016-6170]🔒🔒
88751ISC BIND IXFR Response input validation [CVE-2016-6170]🔒🔒
88750ISC BIND AXFR Response input validation [CVE-2016-6170]🔒🔒
88749Rexroth Bosch BLADEcontrol-WebVIS cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4508]
88748Rexroth Bosch BLADEcontrol-WebVIS sql injection [CVE-2016-4507]
88747Apache HTTP Server mod_http2 resource management [CVE-2016-1546]🔒🔒
88746EMC Avamar Web-Restore Interface access control [CVE-2016-0906]
88668GIMP xcf-load.c xcf_load_layer_props use after free🔒🔒
88667Apache HTTP Server mod_http2 access control [CVE-2016-4979]🔒🔒
88633Google Android Full Disk Encryption KeyMaster missing encryption
88610Siemens SICAM PAS Database Config information disclosure
88609Siemens SICAM PAS Password credentials management [CVE-2016-5848]
88608Apache Struts URLValidator input validation🔒🔒
88607Apache Struts REST Plugin input validation [CVE-2016-4438]🔒🔒
88606Apache Struts Restriction input validation [CVE-2016-4433]🔒🔒
88605Apache Struts Restriction input validation [CVE-2016-4431]🔒🔒
88604Apache Struts Token Validator cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4430]🔒🔒
88603Apache Commons FileUpload MultipartStream input validation🔒🔒
88602Apache Struts input validation🔒🔒
88601Apache Struts Multithreading memory corruption🔒🔒
88600Apache Struts MultiPageValidator input validation🔒🔒
88577Palo Alto Web Interface cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2219]🔒🔒
88576Linux Kernel sclp_ctl.c sclp_ctl_ioctl_sccb Kernel Memory race condition🔒🔒
88575Trend Micro Deep Discovery Inspector hotfix_upload.cgi input validation🔒
88574phpMyAdmin Transformation Header.php CSRF information disclosure🔒🔒
88573phpMyAdmin preg_replace code injection [CVE-2016-5734]🔒🔒
88572phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5733]🔒🔒
88571phpMyAdmin Partition-Range display_partitions.phtml cross site scripting🔒🔒
88570phpMyAdmin OpenID Error Message openid.php cross site scripting🔒🔒
88569phpMyAdmin FormDisplay.php information disclosure🔒🔒
88568Lenovo BIOS EFI Driver access control [CVE-2016-5729]
88567phpMyAdmin get_scripts.js.php resource management🔒🔒
88566phpMyAdmin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5705]🔒🔒
88565phpMyAdmin Table-Structure Page cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5704]🔒🔒
88564phpMyAdmin Central Column Query central_columns.lib.php sql injection🔒🔒
88563phpMyAdmin Cookie 7pk security [CVE-2016-5702]🔒🔒
88562phpMyAdmin BBcode injection🔒🔒
88561Huawei AR3200 MPLS Packet resource management [CVE-2016-5368]
88560HAProxy reqdeny Rule Deny memory corruption [CVE-2016-5360]🔒🔒
88559libtorrent parse_chunk_header input validation🔒
88558Lenovo Solution Center LSC.Services.SystemService StartProxy access control
88557Lenovo Solution Center LSC.Services.SystemService StopProxy access control
88556Huawei Mate8 memory corruption [CVE-2016-5232]
88555Huawei Mate8 access control [CVE-2016-5231]
88554Huawei Mate8 access control [CVE-2016-5230]
88553Micro Focus RUMBA WdMacCtl.ocx PlayMacro memory corruption
88552Linux Kernel Netfilter memory corruption [CVE-2016-4998]🔒🔒
88551dotCMS crlf injection [CVE-2016-4803]🔒
88550Flexera InstallAnywhere untrusted search path [CVE-2016-4560]🔒
88549Eaton ELCSoft ELCSimulator memory corruption [CVE-2016-4512]
88548Eaton ELCSoft File elcsoft.exe memory corruption
88547Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Image Build Processor 7pk security
88546expat Overflow Protection memory corruption [CVE-2016-4472]🔒🔒
88545Symphony CMS race condition [CVE-2016-4309]🔒
88544Huawei HiSuite privileges management [CVE-2016-4086]
88543Huawei FusionCompute resource management [CVE-2016-4057]
88542Meinberg IMS-LANTIME NTP Time Server access control [CVE-2016-3989]🔒
88541Meinberg IMS-LANTIME NTP Time Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-3988]🔒
88540Meinberg IMS-LANTIME NTP Time Server memory corruption [CVE-2016-3962]🔒
88539mpm CLI information disclosure [CVE-2016-3956]
88538Linux Kernel usbip_common.c usbip_recv_xbuff memory corruption🔒🔒
88536IBM Security QRadar Incident Forensics access control [CVE-2016-2968]🔒
88535IBM WebSphere Message Broker Integration Server Version information disclosure
88534IBM Spectrum Protect information disclosure [CVE-2016-2894]🔒🔒
88533IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2883]
88532IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform HTTP Response information disclosure
88531IBM Security QRadar SIEM/QRadar Incident Forensics path traversal🔒
88530IBM WebSphere DataPower XC10 appliance CLI memory corruption🔒
88529IBM Security QRadar SIEM xml external entity reference [CVE-2016-2868]🔒
88528IBM Streams/InfoSphere Streams runAsUser 7pk security [CVE-2016-2867]
88527IBM WebSphere Commerce cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2863]
88526IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale information disclosure [CVE-2016-2861]
88525JGroups Node Join access control [CVE-2016-2141]🔒
88524VMware vRealize Log Insight cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2082]🔒🔒
88523VMware vRealize Log Insight cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2081]🔒🔒
88522VMware NSX Edge/vCNS Edge SSL-VPN information disclosure [CVE-2016-2079]🔒🔒
88521Open vSwitch ovs-vswitchd flow.c memory corruption🔒🔒
88520Google Chrome privileges management [CVE-2016-1704]🔒🔒
88519Micro Focus RUMBA iconfig.dll Load memory corruption
88518Cisco Cloud Network Automation Provisioner GET API Call input validation
88517Cisco Prime Collaboration Provisioning LDAP Authentication access control
88516Cisco Prime Infrastructure HTTP Request input validation [CVE-2016-1408]🔒
88515Cisco RV110W/RV215W HTTP Request memory corruption [CVE-2016-1398]🔒
88514Cisco Firepower System Software CLI access control [CVE-2016-1394]🔒
88513Cisco EPC3928 Boot access control [CVE-2016-1337]
88512Cisco EPC3928 goform/Docsis_system input validation [CVE-2016-1336]
88511Cisco EPC3928 goform/WClientMACList input validation [CVE-2016-1328]
88510Cisco Prime Infrastructure API memory corruption [CVE-2016-1289]🔒
88509NTT East-West Hikari Denwa PR-400MI/RT-400MI/RV-440MI cross-site request forgery
88508NTT East-West Hikari Denwa PR-400MI/RT-400MI/RV-440MI os command injection
88507IBM WebSphere eXtreme Scale crlf injection [CVE-2016-0400]
88506IBM Maximo Asset Management cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0399]
88505IBM Cognos Analytics CA Content input validation [CVE-2016-0398]
88504IBM Watson Developer Cloud Random Generator access control [CVE-2016-0391]
88503IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0387]
88502IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-0386]
88501IBM MessageSight JMS Client access control [CVE-2016-0375]
88500IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform Builder Tools access control
88499IBM UrbanCode Deploy Agent-Relay Codestation Artifact Cache information disclosure
88498IBM UrbanCode Deploy Logging information disclosure [CVE-2016-0364]
88497IBM TRIRIGA Application Platform server-side request forgery
88496IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0346]
88495IBM Cognos Business Intelligence cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0221]
88494Dnsmasq Reply input validation [CVE-2015-8899]🔒🔒
88493AuYou Wireless Smart Outlet Socket Remote Control Straisand improper authentication [Disputed]
88448IBM WebSphere Commerce Store Pages cross site scripting [CVE-2016-2862]
88403Symantec Endpoint Protection ZIP Archive input validation [CVE-2016-3646]🔒🔒
88402Symantec Endpoint Protection TNEF numeric error [CVE-2016-3645]🔒🔒
88401Symantec Endpoint Protection MIME Message input validation [CVE-2016-3644]🔒🔒
88400Symantec Endpoint Protection CAB Archive memory corruption [CVE-2016-2211]🔒🔒🔒
88399Symantec Endpoint Protection Dec2LHA memory corruption [CVE-2016-2210]🔒🔒
88398Symantec Endpoint Protection Dec2SS memory corruption [CVE-2016-2209]🔒🔒🔒
88397Symantec Endpoint Protection RAR Archive Access Violation input validation🔒🔒
88396Symantec Endpoint Protection SEP Client Device Control Restriction access control🔒🔒
88395Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Management Console path traversal🔒🔒
88394Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Port 8445 7pk security [CVE-2016-5306]🔒🔒
88393Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager PHP Script DOM cross site scripting🔒🔒
88392Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager PHP Script redirect [CVE-2016-5304]🔒🔒
88391Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager cross-site request forgery🔒🔒
88390Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager PHP JSESSIONID cross site scripting🔒🔒
88389Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-3651]🔒🔒
88388Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Credentials 7pk security🔒🔒
88387Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-3649]🔒🔒
88386Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Lockout 7pk security [CVE-2016-3648]🔒🔒
88385Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager Authentication Interface server-side request forgery🔒🔒
88384Opera Mail Email Message access control [CVE-2016-5101]
88383Linux Kernel nfsd nfs4acl.c nfsacld_proc_setacl access control🔒🔒
88382IBM Business Process Manager REST API access control [CVE-2016-0349]
88381IBM Connections cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0322]
88380Linux Kernel ALSA Subsystem compress_offload.c snd_compr_allocate_buffer integer overflow
88379Linux Kernel IOCTL Call hiddev.c hiddev_ioctl_usage memory corruption🔒🔒
88378Linux Kernel process.c start_thread input validation🔒🔒
88377Linux Kernel MIC VOP Driver vop_vringh.c vop_ioctl Stored memory corruption🔒🔒
88376Linux Kernel RDS Message recv.c rds_inc_info_copy Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
88375Linux Kernel Netlink Message netlink_compat.c tipc_nl_compat_link_dump Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
88374Linux Kernel key.c key_reject_and_link use after free🔒🔒
88373Linux Kernel APICv State vmx.c mt_rand access control🔒🔒
88372Siemens SIMATIC S7-300 resource management [CVE-2016-3949]🔒
88371Linux Kernel IOCTL Call mtrr.c msr_mtrr_valid access control🔒🔒
88370Linux Kernel ICMP Echo Request icmp.c icmp_check_sysrq access control🔒
88369Linux Kernel kthread.c ecryptfs_privileged_open memory corruption🔒🔒
88368IBM Domino Java Console access control [CVE-2016-0304]🔒🔒
88367IBM Security Guardium Database Activity Monitor information disclosure
88366IBM UrbanCode Deploy information disclosure [CVE-2016-0267]
88365IBM Spectrum Scale/General Parallel File System mmapplypolicy Command access control
88364IBM WebSphere MQ Queue-Manager Agent resource management [CVE-2016-0260]🔒
88363IBM Marketing Platform sql injection [CVE-2016-0233]
88362IBM Marketing Platform cross site scripting [CVE-2016-0229]
88361IBM Marketing Platform sql injection [CVE-2016-0224]
88360CA Release Automation cross site scripting [CVE-2015-8699]
88359CA Release Automation xml external entity reference [CVE-2015-8698]
88358Linux Kernel ALSA Subsystem compress_offload.c snd_compress_check_input integer overflow🔒🔒
88357Linux Kernel core.c sched_read_attr information disclosure
88334Cisco Web Security Appliance FTP resource management [CVE-2016-1440]🔒
88333IBM WebSphere Application Server HTTP Response Splitting crlf injection🔒🔒
88138Linux Kernel setsockopt access control🔒🔒
88137Linux Kernel compat_setsockopt access control🔒🔒
88136mDNSResponder CopyNSEC3ResourceRecord memory corruption
88135mDNSResponder rfc3110_import memory corruption
88134mDNSResponder GetValueForMACAddr memory corruption
88133Alertus Desktop Notification Config File access control [CVE-2016-5087]
88132Collne Welcart e-Commerce Plugin Session data processing [CVE-2016-4828]
88131Collne Welcart e-Commerce Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4827]
88130Collne Welcart e-Commerce Plugin cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4826]
88129Collne Welcart e-Commerce Plugin input validation [CVE-2016-4825]
88128Corega CG-WLR300GNV/CG-WLR300GNV-W WPS 7pk security [CVE-2016-4824]
88127Corega CG-WLBARAGM denial of service [CVE-2016-4823]
88126Corega CG-WLBARGL command injection [CVE-2016-4822]
88125Schneider Electric PowerLogic PM8ECC cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4513]
88124Cybozu Garoon E-Mail information disclosure [CVE-2016-1193]🔒
88123Cybozu Garoon MultiReport Reading access control [CVE-2016-1190]🔒
88122Cybozu Garoon Portlet privileges management [CVE-2016-1189]🔒
88121Cybozu Garoon E-Mail Message authentication spoofing [CVE-2016-1188]🔒
88120IBM WebSphere MQ runmqsc information disclosure [CVE-2016-0259]🔒
88119mDNSResponder handle_regservice_request Remote Code Execution🔒
88118mDNSResponder GetValueForIPv4Addr memory corruption
88117IBM WebSphere MQ runmqsc access control [CVE-2015-7473]🔒
88116Huawei FusionInsight HD access control [CVE-2016-5723]
88115Huawei OceanStor Session information disclosure [CVE-2016-5722]
88114SolarWinds Virtualization Manager shadow information disclosure
88113Huawei IPS Module/NGFW Module Hot Standby resource management
88112F5 BIG-IP iControl REST Service information disclosure [CVE-2016-5021]🔒🔒
88111Advantech WebAccess DLL File memory corruption [CVE-2016-4528]🔒
88110Advantech WebAccess ActiveX Control privileges management [CVE-2016-4525]🔒
88109Unitronics VisiLogic OPLC IDE VLP File memory corruption [CVE-2016-4519]
88108GNU wget HTTP Redirect File 7pk security🔒🔒
88107IBM WebSphere Portal cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-2901]🔒
88106WordPress File Name sanitize_file_name privileges management🔒🔒
88105WordPress Password credentials management [CVE-2016-5838]🔒🔒
88104WordPress Category denial of service [CVE-2016-5837]🔒🔒
88103WordPress oEmbed denial of service [CVE-2016-5836]🔒🔒
88102WordPress Revision History information disclosure [CVE-2016-5835]🔒🔒
88101WordPress URL redirect [CVE-2016-5832]🔒🔒
88100WordPress Attachment Name cross site scripting [CVE-2016-5834]🔒🔒
88099WordPress Attachment Name Stored cross site scripting🔒🔒
88098Cisco Unified Contact Center Enterprise Management Interface cross site scripting
88097Cisco AsyncOS ZIP Archive Spam input validation🔒
88096Cisco Prime Collaboration Deployment SQL Database sql injection
88095Cisco ASR 5000 GTPv1 memory corruption [CVE-2016-1436]
88094EMC Documentum Administrator IAPI/IDQL Interface access control
88093Cisco IOS SSH Service resource management [CVE-2015-6289]🔒
88092Cisco 8800 IP Phone Filesystem File access control
88091Cisco 8800 IP Phone File path traversal [CVE-2016-1434]
88090Apple AirPort DNS memory corruption [CVE-2015-7029]
88089bzip2 bzip2recover use after free🔒🔒
88088Cisco IOS XE SNMP Subsystem resource management [CVE-2016-1428]🔒
88087NTT Broadband Platform Japan Connected-Free Wi-Fi Application API access control
88086OSIsoft PI SQL Data Access Server Message input validation [CVE-2016-4530]
88085OSIsoft PI AF Server Message input validation [CVE-2016-4518]
88084Moxa PT-7728 Config access control [CVE-2016-4514]
88083Fonality Chrome HUDweb Plugin cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-2364]
88082Fonality surun access control
88081Fonality FTP Server/SSH Server hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-2362]
88080OpenSSL s3_srvr.c integer overflow🔒🔒
88079Apple iOS XSS Auditor information disclosure [CVE-2016-1864]🔒🔒
88078Apple Mac OS X Intel Graphics Driver Kernel Memory 7pk security🔒
88077Apple Mac OS X NVIDIA Graphics Drivers Subsystem memory corruption🔒🔒
88076Apple Mac OS X Intel Graphics Driver Kernel Memory 7pk security🔒
88075Trend Micro Internet Security cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1226]🔒
88074Trend Micro Internet Security File information disclosure [CVE-2016-1225]🔒
88073Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1197]🔒
88072Cybozu Garoon API access control [CVE-2016-1196]🔒
88071Cybozu Garoon unknown vulnerability [CVE-2016-1195]🔒
88070Cybozu Garoon Logging path traversal [CVE-2016-1192]🔒
88069Cybozu Garoon Files path traversal🔒
88068EMC Data Domain OS Password Change access control [CVE-2016-0912]
88067EMC Data Domain OS NFS Export access control [CVE-2016-0911]
88066IBM GPFS Storage Server/Elastic Storage Server General Parallel File System access control
88065Netgear D3600/D6000 Key Recovery passrec.asp Password credentials management
88064Netgear D3600/D6000 Private Key hard-coded key [CVE-2015-8288]
88063Cybozu Garoon IMG Loader Track information disclosure🔒
88062Cybozu Garoon cross site scripting [CVE-2015-7775]🔒
88061IBM Lotus Domino Keyview PDF memory corruption [CVE-2016-0301]🔒🔒
88060IBM Lotus Domino Keyview PDF access control [CVE-2016-0279]🔒🔒
88059IBM Lotus Domino Keyview PDF access control [CVE-2016-0278]🔒🔒
88058IBM Lotus Domino Keyview PDF access control [CVE-2016-0277]🔒🔒
88057Citrix iOS Receiver TLS Certificate input validation [CVE-2016-5433]
88056OpenStack Neutron IPTables Firewall 7pk security [CVE-2016-5363]
88055OpenStack Neutron IPTables Firewall 7pk security [CVE-2016-5362]
88054I-O DATA DEVICE ETX-R Webserver denial of service [CVE-2016-4821]
88053I-O DATA DEVICE ETX-R cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4820]
88052Takumi Yamada DX Library for Borland C++ printfDx format string
88051H2O HTTP2 Connection connection.c use after free
88050Buffalo WZR-600DHP3/WZR-S600DHP Credentials information disclosure
88049Buffalo WZR-600DHP3/WZR-S600DHP path traversal [CVE-2016-4815]
88048GSI Old_GSI_Maps kml2jsonp.php File path traversal
88047NetCommons access control [CVE-2016-4813]
88046HP Service Manager Software cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4371]🔒
88045SolarWinds Virtualization Manager sudo config [CVE-2016-3643]
88044SolarWinds Virtualization Manager RMI Service deserialization🔒🔒
88043Cisco IOS XE SNMP Request resource management [CVE-2016-1432]
88042Cisco FirePOWER Management Center cross site scripting [CVE-2016-1431]🔒
88041Cisco Prime Network Registrar SCP Core Messaging Interface improper authentication
88040Cisco IOS LLDP Packet memory corruption [CVE-2016-1424]🔒🔒
88039Cisco RV110W/RV130W/RV215W Web Management Interface memory corruption🔒
88038Cisco RV110W/RV130W/RV215W Web Management Interface cross site scripting🔒
88037Cisco RV110W/RV130W/RV215W Web Management Interface input validation🔒
88036Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security HTTP Header cross site scripting🔒
88035Trend Micro Office Scan File path traversal [CVE-2016-1223]🔒
88034NTT DATA TERASOLUNA Server Framework File Extension Protection access control
88033OpenStack Neutron IPTables Firewall 7pk security [CVE-2015-8914]
88032QNAP cross site scripting [CVE-2015-5664]🔒
88031F5 BIG-IP EAV Monitor access control [CVE-2016-5020]🔒🔒
88030Cisco IOS LLDP Processor memory corruption [CVE-2016-1425]🔒
88029VMware vCenter Server Reflected cross site scripting [CVE-2015-6931]🔒🔒
88028Libreswan UDP Packet ikev1.c input validation🔒🔒
88027expat XML Parser resource management [CVE-2016-5300]🔒🔒
88026Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4171]🔒🔒
88025Adobe DNG Software Development Kit memory corruption [CVE-2016-4167]
88024Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4166]🔒🔒
88023Adobe Brackets Extension Manager input validation [CVE-2016-4165]🔒
88022Adobe Brackets cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4164]🔒
88021Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4163]🔒🔒
88020Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4162]🔒🔒
88019Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4161]🔒🔒
88018Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4160]🔒🔒
88017Adobe ColdFusion cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4159]🔒🔒
88016Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application access control [CVE-2016-4158]🔒🔒
88015Adobe Creative Cloud Desktop Application access control [CVE-2016-4157]🔒🔒
88014Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4156]🔒🔒
88013Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4155]🔒🔒
88012Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4154]🔒🔒
88011Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4153]🔒🔒
88010Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4152]🔒🔒
88009Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4151]🔒🔒
88008Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4150]🔒🔒
88007Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4149]🔒🔒
88006Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4148]🔒🔒
88005Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4147]🔒🔒
88004Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4146]🔒🔒
88003Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4145]🔒🔒
88002Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4144]🔒🔒
88001Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4143]🔒🔒
88000Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4142]🔒🔒
87999Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4141]🔒🔒
87998Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4140]🔒🔒
87997Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4139]🔒🔒
87996Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4138]🔒🔒
87995Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4137]🔒🔒
87994Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4136]🔒🔒
87993Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4135]🔒🔒
87992Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4134]🔒🔒
87991Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4133]🔒🔒
87990Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4132]🔒🔒
87989Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4131]🔒🔒
87988Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4130]🔒🔒
87987Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4129]🔒🔒
87986Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4128]🔒🔒
87985Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4127]🔒🔒
87984Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4126]🔒
87983Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4125]🔒🔒
87982Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4124]🔒🔒
87981Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4123]🔒🔒
87980Adobe Flash Player privileges management [CVE-2016-4122]🔒🔒
87979Adobe Flash Player use after free [CVE-2016-4121]🔒🔒
87978Adobe Flash Player memory corruption [CVE-2016-4120]🔒🔒
87977F5 BIG-IP APM redirect [CVE-2016-3687]🔒
87976Ffmpeg/Libav MP4 File mov.c mov_read_dref memory corruption🔒🔒
87975QEMU NE2000 NIC Emulation ne2000.c ne2000_receive input validation🔒🔒
87974QEMU USB Net Device Emulator dev-network.c is_rndis null pointer dereference🔒🔒
87973QEMU USB OHCI Emulation hcd-ohci.c ohci_bus_start null pointer dereference🔒🔒
87972expat srand cryptographic issues🔒🔒
87971Microsoft Internet Explorer WPAD access control [CVE-2016-3213]🔒
87970Microsoft Internet Explorer XSS Filter cross site scripting [CVE-2016-3212]🔒🔒
87969Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-3211]🔒🔒
87968Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒🔒🔒
87967Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
87966Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
87965Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
87964Microsoft Internet Explorer Scripting Engine memory corruption🔒
87963Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-0200]🔒🔒
87962Microsoft Internet Explorer memory corruption [CVE-2016-0199]🔒🔒
87961Microsoft Windows Search input validation [CVE-2016-3230]🔒🔒
87960Microsoft Windows Active Directory access control [CVE-2016-3226]🔒🔒
87959Microsoft Windows PDF information disclosure [CVE-2016-3215]🔒🔒
87958Microsoft Windows PDF input validation [CVE-2016-3203]🔒🔒
87957Microsoft Windows PDF information disclosure [CVE-2016-3201]🔒🔒
87956Microsoft Exchange Oracle Outside In Libraries information disclosure🔒🔒
87955Microsoft Exchange Oracle Outside In Libraries privileges management🔒🔒
87954Microsoft Exchange Oracle Outside In Libraries privileges management🔒🔒
87953Microsoft Exchange Oracle Outside In Libraries privileges management🔒🔒
87952Microsoft Windows Diagnostic Hub data processing [CVE-2016-3231]🔒🔒
87951Microsoft Windows WPAD data processing [CVE-2016-3236]🔒🔒
87950Microsoft Windows WPAD access control [CVE-2016-3213]🔒🔒
87949Microsoft Windows Netlogon input validation [CVE-2016-3228]🔒🔒
87948Microsoft Windows SMB Server access control [CVE-2016-3225]🔒🔒
87947Microsoft Windows Adobe Type Manager Font Driver atmfd.dll access control🔒🔒
87946Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
87945Microsoft Windows Graphics Component information disclosure [CVE-2016-3216]🔒🔒
87944Microsoft Windows Virtual PCI Memory information disclosure🔒🔒
87943Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
87942Microsoft Windows Kernel win32k.sys access control🔒🔒
87941Microsoft Windows Group Policy access control [CVE-2016-3223]🔒🔒
87940Microsoft Windows DNS Server use after free [CVE-2016-3227]🔒🔒
87939Microsoft Office OLE DLL access control [CVE-2016-3235]🔒🔒
87938Microsoft Office information disclosure [CVE-2016-3234]🔒🔒
87937Microsoft Office memory corruption [CVE-2016-3233]🔒🔒
87936Microsoft Office input validation [CVE-2016-0025]🔒🔒
87935Microsoft Windows VBScript/JScript input validation [CVE-2016-3207]🔒🔒
87934Microsoft Windows VBScript/JScript input validation [CVE-2016-3206]🔒🔒
87933Microsoft Windows VBScript/JScript input validation [CVE-2016-3205]🔒🔒
87932Microsoft Edge PrivateQueryInterface memory corruption🔒🔒
87931Microsoft Edge Windows PDF information disclosure [CVE-2016-3215]🔒🔒
87930Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3214]🔒🔒
87929Microsoft Edge Windows PDF input validation [CVE-2016-3203]🔒🔒
87928Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine input validation [CVE-2016-3202]🔒🔒
87927Microsoft Edge Windows PDF information disclosure [CVE-2016-3201]🔒🔒
87926Microsoft Edge Scripting Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-3199]🔒🔒
87925Microsoft Edge 7pk security [CVE-2016-3198]🔒🔒
87924Huawei Honor WS851 information disclosure [CVE-2016-5367]
87923Huawei Honor WS851 Config Data access control [CVE-2016-5366]
87922Huawei Honor WS851 access control [CVE-2016-5365]
87921QEMU Information Transfer Buffer esp.c input validation🔒🔒
87920QEMU Device Control Information megasas.c megasas_ctrl_get_info information disclosure🔒🔒
87919QEMU Non-DMA Mode esp.c get_cmd memory corruption🔒🔒
87918Citrix XenServer Active Directory Account access control [CVE-2016-5302]🔒
87917Huawei VP9660/VP9650/VP9630 memory corruption [CVE-2016-5234]
87916libimobiledevice/libusbmuxd IPv4 TCP Socket socket.c socket_create access control🔒🔒
87915OpenStack Identity Fernet Token Provider access control [CVE-2016-4911]
87914Libksba _ksba_ber_parse_tl input validation🔒🔒
87913Libksba dn.c append_utf8_value numeric error🔒🔒
87912atheme xmlrpclib.c xmlrpc_char_encode memory corruption🔒🔒
87911Quassel coreauthhandler.cpp onReadyRead null pointer dereference🔒🔒
87910Libksba DN Decoder dn.c append_utf8_value memory corruption🔒🔒
87909Libksba BER Data ber-decoder.c memory corruption🔒🔒
87908Libksba BER Data ber-decoder.c memory corruption🔒🔒
87907Libksba BER Data ber-decoder.c input validation🔒🔒
87906Huawei Hilink App SSL Certificate cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-4005]
87905NetworkManager libndp 1.5 access control [CVE-2016-3698]🔒🔒
87904Huawei Wear App SSL Certificate insufficient verification of data authenticity
87903Liferay Profile Search users.jsp cross site scripting🔒
87902Mozilla Firefox Network Security Services 3.22 memory corruption🔒🔒
87901Mozilla Firefox Java Applet Content Security Policy cross site scripting🔒🔒
87900Mozilla Firefox CSS Pseudo-Class Plugin information disclosure🔒🔒
87899Mozilla Firefox access control [CVE-2016-2831]🔒🔒
87898Mozilla Firefox Permission Notification access control [CVE-2016-2829]🔒🔒
87897Mozilla Firefox WebGL use after free [CVE-2016-2828]🔒🔒
87896Mozilla Firefox Maintenance Service access control [CVE-2016-2826]🔒🔒
87895Mozilla Firefox data URI access control [CVE-2016-2825]🔒🔒
87894Mozilla Firefox TSymbolTableLevel memory corruption🔒🔒
87893Mozilla Firefox SELECT Element access control [CVE-2016-2822]🔒🔒
87892Mozilla Firefox DOM Element use after free🔒🔒
87891Mozilla Firefox SVG Element memory corruption [CVE-2016-2819]🔒🔒
87890Mozilla Firefox Browser Engine memory corruption [CVE-2016-2818]🔒🔒
87889Mozilla Firefox memory corruption [CVE-2016-2815]🔒🔒
87888Apache Ranger Policy Admin Tool eventTime sql injection
87887BMC BladeLogic Server Automation RSCD Agent access control [CVE-2016-1543]🔒
87886BMC BladeLogic Server Automation RSCD Agent input validation🔒
87885OCamel Sign Extension String.copy memory corruption🔒🔒
87884atheme Anope Flag flags.c access control🔒
87883Splunk cross site scriting
87882Splunk cross site scriting
87881EMC RSA Archer eGRC Backup File web.config Password information disclosure
87880IBM WebSphere MQ mqcertck Password credentials management🔒
87879OpenSSL DSA Signing dsa_ossl.c information disclosure🔒🔒
87878Google Android Activity Manager information disclosure [CVE-2016-2500]
87877Google Android Mediaserver AudioSource.cpp information disclosure
87876Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver information disclosure [CVE-2016-2498]
87875Google Android Framework UI access control [CVE-2016-2496]
87874Google Android Mediaserver SampleTable.cpp input validation
87873Google Android sdcard.c access control
87872Google Android Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver access control [CVE-2016-2493]
87871Google Android MediaTek Power-Management Driver access control
87870Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-2491]
87869Google Android NVIDIA Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-2490]
87868Google Android Qualcomm Video Driver access control [CVE-2016-2489]
87867Google Android Qualcomm Camera Driver access control [CVE-2016-2488]
87866Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-2487]
87865Google Android Mediaserver SoftMP3.cpp input validation
87864Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2485]
87863Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2484]
87862Google Android mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2483]
87861Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2482]
87860Google Android mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2481]
87859Google Android mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-2480]
87858Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2479]
87857Google Android Mediaserver omx_vdec_msm8974.cpp input validation
87856Google Android Mediaserver omx_vdec_msm8974.cpp input validation
87855Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2476]
87854Google Android Broadcom Wi-Fi Driver input validation [CVE-2016-2475]
87853Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2474]
87852Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2473]
87851Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2472]
87850Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2471]
87849Google Android Qualcomm Wi-Fi Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2470]
87848Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2469]
87847Google Android Qualcomm GPU Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2468]
87846Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2467]
87845Google Android Qualcomm Sound Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2466]
87844Google Android Qualcomm Video Driver privileges management [CVE-2016-2465]
87843Google Android Mediaserver input validation [CVE-2016-2464]
87842Google Android Mediaserver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2463]
87841Linux Kernel MSM QDSP6 Audio Driver memory corruption [CVE-2016-2066]
87840Linux Kernel MSM V4L2 Video Driver msm_isp_axi_create_stream access control
87839Huawei Mate 8 Signal information disclosure [CVE-2016-5233]
87838GNU C Library ICMP/UDP Packet clnt_udp.c clntudp_call input validation🔒🔒
87837Data Format Extension XmlMapper xml external entity reference🔒🔒
87836GNU C Library getaddrinfo.c getaddrinfo input validation🔒🔒
87835Apache CloudStack SAML-based Authentication improper authentication
87834Puppet pxp-agent input validation [CVE-2016-2786]🔒
87833Puppet URL Decoder auth.conf access control🔒
87832Trihedral Directory WAP Interface path traversal [CVE-2016-4532]
87831ABB PCM600 Password credentials management [CVE-2016-4527]
87830ABB PCM600 Password access control [CVE-2016-4524]
87829Trihedral VTScada WAP Interface memory corruption [CVE-2016-4523]
87828ABB PCM600 Password information disclosure [CVE-2016-4516]
87827ABB PCM600 cryptographic issues [CVE-2016-4511]
87826Trihedral VTScada WAP Interface improper authentication [CVE-2016-4510]
87825KMC Controls BAC-5051E access control [CVE-2016-4495]🔒
87824KMC Controls BAC-5051E cross-site request forgery [CVE-2016-4494]🔒
87823libxml2 parser.c xmlStringLenDecodeEntities input validation🔒🔒
87822libxml2 format string [CVE-2016-4448]🔒🔒
87821libxml2 parser.c xmlParseElementDecl memory corruption🔒🔒
87820HPE Project/Portfolio Management Center privileges management
87819MEDHOST Perioperative Information Management System hard-coded credentials
87818Chef Manage Add-On Cookie deserialization [CVE-2016-4326]
87817GE Multilink ML Web Interface hard-coded credentials [CVE-2016-2310]
87816SPICE Memory access control [CVE-2016-2150]🔒🔒
87815lsd Privileged Mode information disclosure [CVE-2016-1582]🔒🔒
87814lxd zfs.img access control [CVE-2016-1581]🔒🔒
87813Cisco IP 8800 Web Application memory corruption [CVE-2016-1421]🔒
87812Cisco Application Policy Infrastructure Controller Installation privileges management🔒🔒
87811Cisco Access Point ARP Packet input validation [CVE-2016-1419]
87810EMC NetWorker improper authentication [CVE-2016-0916]🔒
87809EMC Data Domain OS Session File access control [CVE-2016-0910]
87808SPICE Smartcard memory corruption [CVE-2016-0749]🔒🔒
87807Idera Uptime Infrastructure Monitor up.time Agent File information disclosure🔒
87806HPE Discovery/Dependency Mapping Inventory Apache Commons Collections Library access control
87805HPE Universal CMDB Apache Commons Collections Library input validation🔒🔒
87804HPE Universal CMDB Discovery information disclosure [CVE-2016-4367]🔒
87803HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-4366]
87802HPE Insight Control Server Deployment information disclosure
87801HPE Insight Control Server Deployment privileges management [CVE-2016-4364]
87800HPE Insight Control Server Deployment cross site scripting [CVE-2016-4363]
87799HPE Insight Control Server Deployment privileges management [CVE-2016-4362]
87798HPE LoadRunner denial of service [CVE-2016-4361]🔒🔒
87797HPE LoadRunner privileges management [CVE-2016-4360]🔒🔒
87796HPE LoadRunner memory corruption [CVE-2016-4359]🔒🔒
87795HPE Matrix Operating Environment privileges management [CVE-2016-4358]
87794HPE Matrix Operating Environment privileges management [CVE-2016-4357]
87793Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise STI Build access control [CVE-2016-3738]🔒
87792Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise/OpenShift Origin Cookie IP Address information disclosure🔒
87791Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Multi-Tenant SDN access control🔒
87790Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise API access control [CVE-2016-3703]🔒
87789Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise/OpenShift Origin access control🔒
87788Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise Log File information disclosure🔒
87787Red Hat OpenShift Enterprise master-config.yaml Credentials information disclosure🔒
87786HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2030]
87785HPE Matrix Operating Environment information disclosure [CVE-2016-2029]
87784HPE Matrix Operating Environment information disclosure [CVE-2016-2028]
87783HPE Matrix Operating Environment information disclosure [CVE-2016-2027]
87782HPE Matrix Operating Environment information disclosure [CVE-2016-2026]
87781HPE Insight Control privileges management [CVE-2016-2024]
87780HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2022]
87779HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2021]
87778HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2020]
87777HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2019]
87776HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2018]
87775HPE Systems Insight Manager privileges management [CVE-2016-2017]
87774Cisco Aironet Access Point CLI Command Documentation input validation
87773Symantec Critical System Protection/Data Center Security injection🔒
87772Symantec Critical System Protection/Data Center Security Management Server path traversal🔒
87771Symantec Critical System Protection/Data Center Security Management Server path traversal🔒
87770Symantec Critical System Protection/Data Center Security Management Server sql injection🔒
87769XenSource Xen Driver Domain p2m.c p2m_teardown null pointer dereference🔒🔒
87768Apache Shiro Cipher Key access control [CVE-2016-4437]
87767Katello api_controller.rb scoped_search sql injection🔒
87766Zend Framework PDO Adapter sql injection [CVE-2015-7695]🔒
87765Apache James Server os command injection [CVE-2015-7611]🔒
87764Doctrine Annotation access control [CVE-2015-5723]🔒🔒