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The analysis of the timeline helps to identify the required approach and handling of single vulnerabilities and vulnerability collections. This overview makes it possible to see less important slices and more severe hotspots at a glance. Initiating immediate vulnerability response and prioritizing of issues is possible.

Vendor »

Identifying all affected vendors is a good starting point for an overview. This makes it possible to determine an homogeneous landscape or the most important hotspots in heterogeneous landscapes.

Product »

Grouping vulnerabilities by products helps to get an overview. This makes it possible to determine an homogeneous landscape or the most important hotspots in heterogeneous landscapes.

Remediation »

Vendors and researchers are eager to find countermeasures to mitigate security vulnerabilities. These can be distinguished between multiple forms and levels of remediation which influence risks differently.

Exploitability »

Researcher and attacker which are looking for security vulnerabilities try to exploit them for academic purposes or personal gain. The level and quality of exploitability can be distinguished to determine simplicity and strength of attacks.

Access Vector »

The approach a vulnerability it becomes important to use the expected access vector. This is typically via the network, local, or physically even.

Authentication »

To exploit a vulnerability a certail level of authentication might be required. Vulnerabilities without such a requirement are much more popular.

User Interaction »

Some attack scenarios require some user interaction by a victim. This is typical for phishing, social engineering and cross site scripting attacks.

C3BM Index »

Our unique C3BM Index (CVSSv3 Base Meta Index) cumulates the CVSSv3 Meta Base Scores of all entries over time. Comparing this index to the amount of disclosed vulnerabilities helps to pinpoint the most important events.

CVSSv3 Base »

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) is an industry standard to define the characteristics and impacts of security vulnerabilities. The base score represents the intrinsic aspects that are constant over time and across user environments. Our unique meta score merges all available scores from different sources to aggregate to the most reliable result.

CVSSv3 Temp »

The Common Vulnerability Scoring System (CVSS) uses temp scores to reflect the characteristics of a vulnerability that may change over time but not across user environments. This includes reporting confidence, exploitability and remediation levels. We do also provide our unique meta score for temp scores, even though other sources rarely publish them.

VulDB »

The moderation team is always defining the base vector and base score for an entry. These and all other available scores are used to generate the meta score.


The National Vulnerability Database (NVD) is also defining CVSS vectors and scores. These are usually not complete and might differ from VulDB scores.

Vendor »

Some vendors are willing to publish their own CVSS vectors and scores for vulnerabilities in their products. The coverage varies from vendor to vendor.

Research »

There are sometimes also security researcher which provide their own CVSS vectors and scores for vulnerabilities they have found and published.

Exploit 0-day »

The moderation team is working with the threat intelligence team to determine prices for exploits. Our unique algorithm is used to identify the 0-day prices for an exploit, before it got distributed or became public. Calculated prices are aligned to prices disclosed by vulnerability broker and compared to prices we see on exploit markets.

Exploit Today »

The 0-day prices do not consider time-relevant factors. The today price does reflect price impacts like disclosure of vulnerability details, alternative exploits, availability of countermeasures. These dynamic aspects might decrease the exploit prices over time. Under certain circumstances this happens very fast.

Exploit Market Volume »

Our unique calculation of exploit prices makes it possible to forecast the expected exploit market volume. The calculated prices for all possible 0-day expoits are cumulated for this task. Comparing the volume to the amount of disclosed vulnerabilities helps to pinpoint the most important events.

🔴 CTI Activities »

Our unique Cyber Threat Intelligence aims to determine the ongoing research of actors to anticipiate their acitivities. Observing exploit markets on the Darknet, discussions of vulnerabilities on mailinglists, and exchanges on social media makes it possible to identify planned attacks. Monitored actors and activities are classified whether they are offensive or defensive. They are also weighted as some actors are well-known for certain products and technologies. And some of their disclosures might contain more or less details about technical aspects and personal context. The world map highlights active actors in real-time.

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09/16/20216.36.3Wuzhi CMS card.php sql injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.88CVE-2021-40670
09/16/20216.36.3Wuzhi CMS index.php sql injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.05CVE-2021-40669
09/16/20213.53.4SITA Azur CMS Parameter aouCustomerAdresse cross site scriptingAzur CMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.02-CVE-2021-28901
09/16/20213.53.4MetInfo cross-site request forgeryMetInfoNot DefinedNot Defined0.99-CVE-2020-21126
09/16/20213.53.5Jfinal CMS db.properties&config=filemanager.config.js access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.02-CVE-2021-40639
09/16/20213.53.4S-CMS cross site scriptingS-CMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.88-CVE-2020-19158
09/16/20213.53.4Jfinal CMS profile.html cross site scriptingCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.82-CVE-2020-19148
09/16/20216.36.1MetInfo sql injectionMetInfoNot DefinedNot Defined1.06-CVE-2020-21127
09/16/20216.36.1Jfinal CMS FileManagerController.java FileManager.rename access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.97-CVE-2020-19155
09/16/20214.34.2Jfinal CMS FileManagerController.java FileManager.editFile access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.91-CVE-2020-19154
09/16/20216.36.1Jfinal CMS HTML Template File list command injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.91-CVE-2020-19151
09/16/20216.36.1Jfinal CMS FileManagerController.java FileManager.delete access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.09-CVE-2020-19150
09/16/20214.34.2Jfinal CMS FileManager.java getFolder access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.96-CVE-2020-19147
09/16/20214.34.2Jfinal CMS list access controlCMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.03-CVE-2020-19146
09/16/20215.55.5JIZHICMS JPG File unrestricted uploadJIZHICMSNot DefinedNot Defined1.13CVE-2020-21483
09/16/20215.55.5Feehi CMS unrestricted uploadCMSNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.64CVE-2020-21322
09/16/20215.04.8Pligg CMS admin_update_module_widgets.php sql injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.64CVE-2020-21121
09/16/20213.53.4Wenku CMS cross site scriptingCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.76CVE-2020-19157
09/14/20215.55.3Kooboo CMS unrestricted uploadCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2021-36581
09/14/20216.36.1Kooboo CMS reverse-shell.aspx unrestricted uploadCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.06CVE-2021-36582
09/10/20215.25.1WordPress Bug Library Plugin Parameter bug-library.php cross site scriptingBug Library PluginNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.29CVE-2021-38355
09/10/20217.87.6WordPress wp-publications Plugin Archive bibtexbrowser.php path traversalwp-publications PluginNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.43CVE-2021-38360
09/10/20216.36.3Fuel CMS items sql injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.06CVE-2021-38727
09/10/20215.25.1WordPress User Activation Email Plugin user-activation-email.php cross site scriptingUser Activation Email PluginNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.00CVE-2021-38325
09/10/20215.55.5WordPress Widget Editor cross site scriptingWordPressNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.06CVE-2021-39202
09/10/20215.55.5WordPress Editor cross site scriptingWordPressNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.12CVE-2021-39201
09/10/20214.94.9WordPress Private Post information disclosureWordPressNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.00CVE-2021-39203
09/10/20214.54.4WordPress wp_die information disclosureWordPressNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.43CVE-2021-39200
09/09/20213.53.4Fuel CMS login.php cross-site request forgeryCMSNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.06CVE-2021-38721
09/09/20216.36.3Fuel CMS items sql injectionCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.06CVE-2021-38723
09/09/20213.73.6Fuel CMS Login.php excessive authenticationCMSNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.00CVE-2021-38725
09/09/20213.53.4Yakamara Media Redaxo CMS Import information disclosureRedaxo CMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2021-39458
09/09/20216.36.1Yakamara Media Redaxo CMS Privilege EscalationRedaxo CMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2021-39459
09/09/20216.36.3dotCMS CMSFilter.java unrestricted uploaddotCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2020-19138
09/02/20214.34.1Adobe Connect Form Field cross site scriptingConnectNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.04CVE-2021-36063
09/02/20214.34.1Adobe Connect Form Field cross site scriptingConnectNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.00CVE-2021-36062
09/02/20215.45.2Adobe Connect Recording denial of serviceConnectNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.00CVE-2021-36061
09/02/20216.36.1S-CMS function.php sql injectionS-CMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2020-20340
08/31/20213.53.4S-CMS cross site scriptingS-CMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.12CVE-2020-19046
08/31/20213.53.4MyBB Add New Forum Page cross site scriptingMyBBNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2020-19049
08/31/20213.53.4MyBB Add New Forum Page cross site scriptingMyBBNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2020-19048
08/31/20213.53.5WordPress Real Media Library Plugin Folder.php cross site scriptingReal Media Library PluginNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2021-34668
08/28/20215.55.5DeDeCMS dede unrestricted uploadDeDeCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.06CVE-2020-18114
08/27/20214.44.4BigTree CMS Tags Page cross site scriptingCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2020-18467
08/26/20213.53.5feehicms Filter cross site scriptingfeehicmsNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2020-19709
08/26/20216.36.1zzcms template_user.php code injectionzzcmsNot DefinedNot Defined0.06CVE-2020-19822
08/26/20213.53.5PopojiCMS cross-site request forgeryPopojiCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2021-28070
08/26/20213.53.5PopojiCMS Edit Menu cross site scriptingPopojiCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.00CVE-2020-18065
08/26/20215.55.5PopojiCMS Parameter admin.php pathname traversalPopojiCMSNot DefinedNot Defined0.03CVE-2020-19547
08/25/20213.53.4baserCMS Management System cross site scriptingbaserCMSNot DefinedOfficial Fix0.06CVE-2021-39136

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