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Affected Products (31): Amazon S3 Extension (1), Attach Accounts to Orders Extension (1), CSV Manager Extension (1), Commissions Extension (1), Conditional Success Redirects Extension (1), Content Restriction Extension (1), Core (1), Cross-sell Upsell Extension (1), Digital Store Theme (1), Favorites Extension (1), Free Downloads Extension (1), Invoices Extension (1), Lattice Theme (1), Manual Purchases Extension (1), PDF Invoices Extension (1), PDF Stamper Extension (1), Per Product Emails Extension (1), Pushover Notifications Extension (1), QR Code Extension (1), Quota Theme (1), Recommended Products extension (1), Recount Earnings Extension (1), Recurring Payments Extension (1), Shoppette Theme (1), Simple Shipping Extension (1), Software Licensing Extension (1), Stripe Extension (1), Twenty-Twelve Theme (1), Upload File Extension (1), Wish Lists Extension (1), htaccess Editor Extension (1)

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