Vendor Xigla


The data in this chart does not reflect real data. It is dummy data, distorted and not usable in any way. You need you unlock this view to get access to more details of real data.

Affected Products (20): Absolute Banner Manager (2), Absolute Banner (2), Absolute Content Rotator (1), Absolute Control Panel XE (2), Absolute Control Panel Xe (1), Absolute FAQ Manager .NET (1), Absolute Faq Manager .net (1), Absolute Form (1), Absolute Form Processor XE (2), Absolute Image Gallery XE (4), Absolute Image Gallery Xe (1), Absolute Live Support .NET (1), Absolute Live Support XE (3), Absolute News Feed (1), Absolute News Manager.NET (5), Absolute News Manager XE (2), Absolute Newsletter (1), Absolute (1), Absolute Poll Manager XE (3), Absolute Poll Manager Xe (2)

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