Service Level Agreement

VulDB provides a basic Service Level Agreement (SLA) for enterprise customers. They are able to establish additionally custom SLA options. SLA for other account types (e.g. commercial) require always a custom agreement.

An overview of the current and upcoming availability is shown here.

Vulnerability Moderation

Default SLA

VulDB aims at the following SLA for processing new vulnerabilities and moderate commits for existing entries:

  • New Entries: Coverage after technical confirmation within 48 hours after a CVE with product information is assigned and/or within 24 hours after we have receive a vulnerability/exploit as a submission.
  • Submits and Commits: Enterprise customers have an high priority queue access at on the web site which will be handled within 4 business hours.
The delays mentioned are needed to guarantee the expected level of quality (e.g. prevent duplicates, identify false-positives, determine malicious exploits, etc.).

Usual Processing

In most cases processing is much faster for all subscription levels:

  • New Entries: 2-4 hours
  • Submits and Commits: 30-45 min
You are able to verify the timing behavior in real-time on different overview pages (e.g. Recent and Updates in Live views), commit histories, and vulnerability timelines for specific entries on the web site.

Contact and Support

VulDB guarantees the following SLA contact and support requests for enterprise customers with additional support SLA options enabled:

Support requests outside SLA options are handled with best-effort. Reachability is guaranteed via web form and email.

All communication is possible in English and German. Other languages are possible on request.

Individual Needs

Please contact our sales team if you have other requirements in regards of time, coverage, or communication.

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