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To use our API you have to purchase API credits. Every valid API request consumes at least 1 API credit. Within the Vulnerability API if details are enabled, every item in a response will consume 1 API credit. CTI API requests consume 5 API credits for requests without details and 10 API credits for requests with details enabled. More details are available in the official API Documentation.

Within a Commercial License it is possible to purchase packages which contain 200 API credits per day. These can be stacked until you have reached a total of 800 API credits. If you need more API credits than that, you have to switch to an Enterprise License.

Process New Vulnerability Items

Recommended: 400 or 600 API Credits purchase onlinerequest quote

The smallest amount of API credits that can be purchased is 200 API credits per day. Therefore, a maximum of 200 new vulnerability entries can be accessed per day.

At the moment on average more than 100 new vulnerability entries are added to the database on a daily basis. You may find current average data in our statistical overview. On certain days there are much more new entries populated. If these must be requested within the same day, an increase of the API credits is recommended. During Microsoft or Oracle patchdays there are sometimes even more than 400 new entries disclosed per day.

You may take a look at our historical data to see when and how such peaks happen. This helps you to decide what level of API credits is necessary for your use-case. Customers establishing a commercial license tend to purchase 400 or 600 API credits for an ongoing vulnerability management only.

Ingest Vulnerability Updates

Recommended: +200 or +400 API Credits purchase onlinerequest quote

On regular days we usually update between 200 to 400 vulnerability entries per day. The amount of updated entries depends on the activities in the community (e.g. are new exploits published). If you want to ingest all updates as well, then you might have to purchase additional API credit packages.

In this case as well our historical data helps you to understand the update availability and requirements.

Vulnerability Analysis, Research, and Enrichment

Recommended: Enterprise License with 10'000 API Credits request quote

Doing vulnerability analysis and research is highly individual. Therefore, we cannot provide a recommendation for all use-cases. Usually an enterprise license with 10'000 API credits is necessary to deploy the expected amount of flexible Vulnerability API queries.

CTI Data Processing

Recommended: Enterprise License with 10'000 API Credits request quote

The usage of the CTI API demands additional API credits. Simple use-cases to analyze specific items might be possible with an elevated commercial license. But to unfold the true advantage of our unique predictive CTI approach you might have to upgrade to an enterprise license to prevent API credit limitation.

Security Vendors and Reseller

Recommended: Custom API Endpoint contact support

We provide custom, flexible, and efficient API possibilities for security vendors using our data to enrich their products or members of our Global Reseller Network. Please contact us to discuss your individual use-case.

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