Under certain circumstances your access capabilities to the service will be limited temporarily or permanently. There are different throttling and blacklisting mechanisms available:

Signup Blacklistinghours/dayswebmalicious signup requests by servicesmalicious signups
Signup Throttlingminutes/hourswebmany signup requests for user accountsautomated signups, flooding
Access Blacklistinghoursweb, apimalicious request/etc/passwd, <script>
Submit Throttlingdays/weekswebmany weak vulnerability submissionsbad data quality, duplicates, rejects
Web Throttlingminutes/hourswebmany web requests to entriesscraping, mirroring
API Throttlingseconds/minutesapimajority of network trafficflooding, denial of service
Credits ExhaustionhoursapiAPI credits exhaustedregular behavior, rogue script
Account Lockoutpermanentweb, api, mailmalicious behaviorrude comments, malicious commits, attack attempts
Support Blockingpermanentsupport, mailmalicious behaviorflooding, rude behavior

If you think you are affected by non-regular behavior, please contact us via web form or email.

更新済み: 2024年05月02日

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