One of the major challenges of vulnerability management is data quality. Quite often data about vulnerabilities are not available, are weak, contradictory or cannot be validated. To help our customers to understand how certain we aere about our data, we provide different confidence indicators.

Vulnerability Entry Complete

Every vulnerability entry shows the completeness of the entry. This is a value ranging from 0 to 100. Every datapoint has a weight which and all the available fields are accumulated. Entries with a lot of datapoints available have an increased completeness level.

CVSS Vector Confidence

All CVSS vectors populated by our own VulDB team have a reliability rating. This is based on the certainty of the used CVSS vectors. If only a few of the vector attributes were known for a high level of certainty, the overall reliability of the CVSS data might be low.

Commit Confidence

Every change of a vulnerability entry in the monoblock is stored with a commit confidence level and an approve confidence level. These range from 0 to 100 and indicate how certain the moderators were, when they handled the change.

更新済み: 2024年05月20日

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