VulDB has a certain amount of moderators which are adding, updating and maintaining vulnerabilities and data. It is also possible for registered users to submit new entries, commit changes and add comments to existing entries. Such community activity is honored by points which have an influence on the individual user rank.

Activity Points

Every community activity is honored by activity points. Such points can be collected with the following activities:

Comment5Commenting an existing entry. Every comment is worth 5 points. Votes or reach do not yet influence the value of comments.
Commit1-3Commit a change to an existing entry. More important fields and more valuable data guarantees higher points per commit.
Submit3-20Submit a new vulnerability to add to the database. More detailed information guarantees higher points per submission.

All activities are moderated by the specific moderation team. This might take some time but is necessary to guarantee the expected level of quality. If an activity is rejected the user will get a reason for the reject and is able to re-submit the activity.

If an activity is accepted by the moderation team it becomes visible to the other users. From then on it counts to the points collected by the user. The higher the amount of points the more active is a user in the community.

User Ranks

All users have an user rank. This rank reflects the activity within the community. More collected activity points earn higher user ranks. The available ranks are:

  • 0 Points: Passive
  • 1-49 Points: Novice
  • 50-99 Points: Advanced
  • 100-199 Points: Competent
  • 200-499 Points: Proficient
  • 500-999 Points: Expert
  • 1000-1999 Points: Senior Expert
  • 2000-4999 Points: Master
  • 5000-9999 Points: Senior Master
  • 10000-19999 Points: Grand Master
  • 20000-49999 Points: Guru
  • 50000+ Points: Superguru

更新済み: 2024年02月05日

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