Submit #333477: SourceCodester Online Discussion Forum Site V1.0 Unrestricted Upload情報

TitleSourceCodester Online Discussion Forum Site V1.0 Unrestricted Upload
DescriptionCece Chen from Wuhan University found that the file upload operation was triggered in registerH.php, and the _FAILES variable was used to receive the payload. After receiving the attack vector from a remote attacker, it will result in unrestricted uploads, and remote attacks may lead to RCE. The input obtained from line 16 of the "registerH.php" file is used in line 20 of the "registerH.php" file to determine the location of the file to be written, which may allow attackers to change or damage the content of the file, or create a brand new file.
UserCece Chen from Wuhan University (ID 68577)
Submission2024年05月13日 18:24 (2 months ago)
Moderation2024年05月15日 13:32 (2 days later)
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