Alexa Skill

VulDB provides an Amazon Alexa Skill with Artificial Intelligence capabilities. This skill can be used to ask the database, to access entries and details.

The skill is free to use and can be enabled on the Amazon Skill store or on your Alexa device. The intelligence quality and human interface definition is based on the Interdisciplinary Artificial Intelligence Quotient Scale (IAIQS).

Launching the Skill

After enabling the skill it is possible to launch it with the following commands:

  • Alexa, open "Vulnerability Database"

Accessing the Database

After opening the skill it is possible to access entries, lists and further data of the database.

Open Vulnerability Entries

Vulnerability entries can be accessed by referencing them via their unique ID. If you want to open the ID 200, you may use:

  • Open ID 200
  • Show ID 200

List by Vendor and/or Product

It is possible to show the latest and most important entries for vendors and products:

  • List Microsoft
  • List Windows
  • List Microsoft Windows

Show Recent

It is also possible to show the most recent entries. You may specify the number of items which will be listed.

  • Show recent
  • Recent 3

Show Details

Whenever a list is or an entry is show, it is possible to access further details.


In most cases accessing an entry will just show a quick overview. If you want to show more details, just ask which one of the following commands:

  • Explain
  • Summary
  • Details


If you want to know something about the availability and possibility of the countermeasures, just use the following command:

  • Countermeasures

Exploit Details

It is also possible to get some information about the availability, structure and even pricing of exploits for an entry:

  • Exploit

Connections to other Entries

The artificial intelligence is able to determine (hidden) connections between entries. For example if a code fragment is also used in another product. To reveal such connections the following commands may be used:

  • Connections
  • See also

Aktualizacje: 2022-05-11

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