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Software TypeVoces
Access Management Software221
Accounting Software24
Advertising Software109
Android App Software253
Anti-Malware Software1399
Anti-Spam Software71
Application Server Software2125
Appointment Software17
Artificial Intelligence Software56
Asset Management Software217
Atlassian Confluence Plugin11
Atlassian Jira App Software21
Auction Software146
Audio Processing Software64
Automation Software744
Backup Software631
Banking Software486
Big Data Software17
Billing Software86
Blog Software311
Bug Tracking Software919
Business Process Management Software637
Calendar Software352
Chat Software350
Chip Software789
Cloud Software1990
Communications System180
Connectivity Software458
Content Management System6961
Continuous Integration Software210
Customer Relationship Management System372
Data Loss Prevention Software96
Database Administration Software302
Database Software2684
Digital Media Player867
Directory Service Software554
Document Management Software36
Document Processing Software187
Document Reader Software2724
Domain Name Software242
E-Commerce Management Software372
e107 Plugin7
Ebook Software71
Endpoint Management Software170
Enterprise Resource Planning Software776
Feedback Software88
File Compression Software106
File Transfer Software927
Financial Software271
Firewall Software2144
Firmware Software36
Forum Software1827
Game Console9
Groupware Software1692
Hardware Driver Software412
Health Information Software46
Hospitality Software274
Hosting Control Software653
Human Capital Management Software2
Image Processing Software1970
Information Management Software89
iOS App Software115
IP Phone Software136
JavaScript Library598
Jenkins Plugin529
Joomla Component271
Knowledge Base Software204
Learning Management Software536
Library Management System Software33
Log Management Software908
Mail Client Software387
Mail Server Software569
Mailing List Software79
Marketing Software109
Medical Device Software155
Messaging Software497
Multimedia Player Software3043
Multimedia Processing Software886
Network Attached Storage Software210
Network Authentication Software275
Network Camera Software163
Network Encryption Software628
Network Management Software900
Network Routing Software34
Network Utility Software108
NPM Package11
Office Suite Software632
Operating System12846
Operating System Utility Software47
Packet Analyzer Software948
Peer-to-Peer Software91
Photo Gallery Software707
Policy Management Software268
Presentation Software73
Printing Software329
Product Lifecycle Management Software88
Programming Language Software3788
Programming Tool Software1193
Project Management Software479
Remote Access Software107
Reporting Software399
Risk Management System70
Router Operating System2688
Ruby Gem81
Rust Package138
SCADA Software770
Security Testing Software60
Server Management Software107
Service Management Software279
Smartphone Operating System6829
Smartwatch Operating System657
Social Network Software232
Software Library565
Software Management Software335
Solution Stack Software242
Spreadsheet Software194
SSH Server Software99
Supplier Relationship Management Software27
Supply Chain Management Software529
Survey Software244
Tablet Operating System19
Testing Software118
Ticket Tracking Software226
Transport Management Software50
Unified Communication Software927
Vehicle Software27
Versioning Software103
Video Surveillance Software88
Virtualization Software1830
Warehouse Management System Software97
Web Browser9045
Web Server1239
Windowing System Software80
Wireless LAN Software782
Word Processing Software190
WordPress Plugin1584

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