VulDB is the number 1 vulnerability database worldwide. To handle the enormous amount of custromer requests we have a Global Reseller Network (GRN) which allows partners to purchase our services/data and resell them to their customers. Such local distributors are able to address the demanding flexibility of international markets.

Your Benefits as a Reseller

Our reselling partners profit from a wide variety of benefits:

  • Emerging Market: You are able to participate in the growing market of VulDB customers
  • Extended Margin: You are able to purchase services for a lower price and resell them with a margin
  • First Reservation: You are able to make a reservation for newly acquired customers to get an even better margin
  • Support Handling: You do not have to handle technical support queries as these are processed by our established support team
  • Regular Updates: You will receive regular updates about strategic outlines, new technical changes, and upcoming features
  • Tier Support: You will climb the tier levels by increasing your revenue to gain additional benefits
  • Certification: You are able to become certified partner to increase visibility and credibility
  • Talks and Events: You are able to invite our lead personnel to events to give talks about our research, development, and services

Who is Eligible as a Reseller

All information technology companies world wide are eligible as resellers. It is a strong advantage if your company is active in the field cyber security. Additional professionality provides better customer interaction.

It is mandatory that there is no legal restrictions which affect a cooperation. VulDB is based in Switzerland and has certain import/export restrictions.

It is not allowed for companies to become a reseller to enforce a discount for their own purchase or affiliated entities (e.g. assigned departments, subsidiaries).

A partner is eligible as a reseller starting from the 2nd license that gets purchased and falls in the revenue categories. We will not provide a reseller discount for one-time purchases.

It is required that the customer approached the reseller first and the reseller handles full processing from the beginning. If the customer approaches VulDB first (e.g. ask for technical details, negotiate pricing structures, demand a quote) and contacts the partner afterwards to just execute the purchase, the processing is not eligible as a reselling order because VulDB handled acquisition and pre-sales already. In this case regular end-user prices are provided to the purchasing company which has to negotiate their fees with their customer on their own.

Margin Calculation

Margin for resellers depends on the revenue per quote they provide for VulDB. Margin starts with an extraordinary 20% for a revenue of USD 10'000 (equals USD 2'000). It is increased until it reaches 30% for a revenue of USD 1'000'000 (equals USD 300'000).

USD 0 - 9'9990%❌ not eligible
USD 10'000 - 49'99920%🤎 Bronze
USD 50'000 - 199'99923%🩶 Silver
USD 200'000 - 499'99926%💛 Gold
USD 500'000 - 999'99928%🩵 Platinum
more than USD 1'000'00030%💎 Diamond

Margins are assigned per quote and calculated based on the base price. It is not possible to cumulate margins over multiple quotes over a period of time. Resellers are able to use a margin to provide competitive pricing on the market. Underpricing and overpricing is limited.

Existing contracts before becoming a reseller remain as they are even if a subscription plan is renewed. Margin calculcations might be subject to change and such will be communicated.

First Reservation Advantage

Acquiring new customers is a challange. To reward resellers which are capable of doing so, they will receive an additional first reservation bonus of 10% of the base price.

This requires the reseller to inform us about a potential new customer. This is only possible for the first reseller and not for competing resellers after the customer has opened a bidding. We need the following information about the potential customer to associate such reservations properly:

  • Company (name and postal address)
  • Contact person (name and mail address)
  • Project type (e.g. vulnerability management, cyber threat intelligence)
  • Estimated VulDB license (e.g. commercial, enterprise)
The additional reservation margin will only be provided if other resellers are informing us that they are also bidding for the same customer and the same project. First reservation advantage is not possible if competing resellers are part of the same corporation/holding or commercially affiliated with the customer in any way.

The number of first reservations is limited to 4 reservations per month and requires a revenue of at least USD 9'000 per reservation.

Underpricing and Overpricing Limitations

To establish a fair competition between reselling partners and to prevent cartel structures underpricing and overpricing is limited:

  • Underpricing: The minimum sub-price is less than 85% of the base price offered to the reseller by VulDB. For example:
  • If a VulDB license costs USD 10'000 the minimum price offered to the customer can be USD 8'500.
  • Overpricing: The maximum price is more than 150% of the base price offered to the reseller by VulDB. For example:
  • If a VulDB license costs USD 10'000 the maximum price offered to the customer can be USD 15'000.
Therefore, for a project with a base price of USD 10'000 a possible price range to offer to the customer is between USD 8'500 and USD 15'000. Resellers violating this guidelines will be excluded from the partner program.

Purchase Processing

Resellers have to negotiate a quote with their customer based on our quote to the reseller. In this case the reseller has to send invoices and handle the customer payments. As soon as we receive the payment for our quote to the reseller, we will handle all further tasks.

Processing is very simple:

1ResellerDiscusses VulDB service/data with a customer.
2CustomerDefines requested service/data. We may support in finding the best solution.
3ResellerRequests quote for defined service/data.
4VulDBProvides a quote for the requested service/data to the reseller. Margin subtracted already.
5ResellerUsing our quote to him for a competitive quote to the customer within the allowed price range. Must include certain service details for clarification.
6ResellerPurchases service/data by paying invoice to VulDB.
7VulDBEnables purchased services to the customer if a payment was successful.

Required Service Details in Quotes

When we are providing a quote for a specific service, some details must be re-used in the quote sent to the customer. This prevents misunderstanding and confusion of the agreement.

  • License Level
  • Runtime, start and end date
  • Onboarding agreement
  • Support Tickets
  • Status Meetings
  • Communication Languages

Additional Services

Some additional efforts and services might be requested by a customer. These must be negotiated to define expectations and responsibilities properly.

Support Handling

Resellers do not have to provide any technical customer support whatsoever. All such requests are handled by our certified support team at VulDB. The amount of support tickets is defined in the contracts negotiated with the customer.

It is possible that a certified reselling partner is able to provide additional support for customers (e.g. in your local language). Responsibilities and interfaces must be negotiated.

Supplier Onboarding

The reselling partner is responsible to handle the supplier onboarding with the customer. Our Knowledge Base provides an article discussing the required details.

Reseller Kit

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