Submit #270175: 60IndexPage 60IndexPage <=v1.8.5 SSRFinfo

Title60IndexPage 60IndexPage <=v1.8.5 SSRF
DescriptionThe 60IndexPage system, specifically in the file /include/file.php, contains a Pre-Authentication Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF) vulnerability. The flaw resides in the fact that the system accepts a URL parameter and downloads from it without proper validation, thereby allowing an attacker to manipulate the request to read local files or send raw TCP packets. This vulnerability, which affects versions up to and including v1.8.5, can be exploited to gain unauthorized access to internal systems or data, posing a significant security risk.
Userglzjin (ID 59815)
Submission01/19/2024 08:47 AM (5 months ago)
Moderation01/26/2024 01:44 PM (7 days later)
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