Code of Conduct

We truly believe in fairness. Our Code of Conduct guarantees a fair treatment of our employees, partners, and customers.

Compliance with Law

VulDB is a service provided by pyxyp inc. which is a Swiss company. We respect Swiss law which is known to guarantee a fair and equal treatment of all employees. The same holds true for our employees working in other countries. The physical and metal health of our employees is very important as well as their financial security.

Quality and Pricing

Our services are of high quality and provided with a fair pricing structure. This means that we are able to make some revenue from the investments we made over the decades.

Our employees are paid well to compensate them for their involvement. Paid vacations, maternity leave, and health insurance is guaranteed to every one.

Price dumping is not what we aim for. This hurts the revenue and therefore the overall quality of our services and salaries of our employees.

What we expect from our Customers

We do expect a certain level of fairness from our partners and customers as well. Our employees shall be treated with respect. If this is not followed, we cannot accept somebody as a customer. In this case please evade to similar services by other vendors instead. We are happy to send you a list of recommended organizations.

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