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07/26/2016 CVE-2016-3992 cronic cronic.trace.$$ privilege escalation
07/26/2016 CVE-2015-5738 Cavium SDK RSA-CRT Side-Channel information disclosure
07/26/2016 CVE-2016-6259 XenSource Xen SMAP Safety Check Crash denial of service
07/26/2016 CVE-2016-6258 XenSource Xen PV Pagetable Updater privilege escalation
07/26/2016 CVE-2016-6152 CA eHealth privilege escalation
07/26/2016 CVE-2016-6151 CA eHealth privilege escalation
07/25/2016 CVE-2016-1238 Perl Module Loader privilege escalation
07/25/2016 CVE-2014-9862 FreeBSD bsdiff Integer buffer overflow
07/25/2016 CVE-2016-6293 International Components for Unicode uloc.cpp uloc_acceptLanguageFromHTTP buffer overflow
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-6250 libarchive ISO9660 Archive Handler iso9660.c isoent_gen_joliet_identifier buffer overflow
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-6224 eCryptfs ecryptfs-setup-swap information disclosure
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-6204 Siemens SINEMA Remote Connect Server Web Server cross site scripting
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-5874 Siemens SIMATIC NET PC-Software TCP Packet Handler denial of service
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-5744 Siemens SIMATIC WinCC Station File Handler information disclosure
07/22/2016 CVE-2016-5743 Siemens SIMATIC Packet Handler buffer overflow
07/22/2016 CVE-2015-8946 eCryptfs ecryptfs-setup-swap information disclosure
07/21/2016 CVE-2016-6297 PHP php_stream_zip_opener buffer overflow
07/21/2016 CVE-2016-6296 PHP XMLRPC simplestring.c simplestring_addn buffer overflow
07/21/2016 CVE-2016-6295 PHP SNMP snmp.c buffer overflow
07/21/2016 CVE-2016-6290 PHP Session Handler session.c unserialize buffer overflow